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In vain did tbo rain and the ticket speculator* con- 1
?l>lre sgalust \lr. Booth U?i uigbt. I'tubrellM, Mr.
McYickerand the appreciation the New York public j
tits (or true dramatic art were tit* protectors. The
>iouse was lilted with one of the finest audiences of the j
?easou, aud "Hamlet" was enthusiastically applauded
Irotu the beginning to the end. At the close of ivory
ait Mr. Booth was called before ilie curtuin. and he
deserved that honor.
In our opinion Mr. Booth Is altogether the host
ll .iiiiel on the mayo. Other artists ?urp?3* him iu
cerium Dualities, hut uo one equals bim in tbe realisa
tion ol tbe character. He is. however, the moat un- I
cerluiu of all Hamlets. On ouo nlghl be will be su
perb; tbe noxt night he may bo purely uuioiuatlc.
believe it 18 ono ot the traits ol genius that it cannot ;
always do its tent, but must sometimes be content 1
with its average. l.ait night Mr. Bootn acted with
more energy than we remeuit>er bim to nave displayed
th many years. Ho hi* recovered tno full Uie of hi*
left arm, which was injured last year by an accident; ;
yet "that'* not much." He seemed lo surrender his :
soul lo ilauilel, aud the spirit ol the character was
impressed with truth and beauty. Mr. llootb has
been criticised formerly, aud not without some reuson,
Jor his mechanical acting, hut there was hardly
ft trace of mechanism last night. Tbe study und
thought ho has given to this most difficult ol
?II ol Shakespeare's plays, "tin yeart. that briug the
philosophic mind.'' buve had their due eflert, 11 there
sal a IjuII it was too much energy. I.Ike I.ord Byron
m "Childe Harold," he appeared lo "wreak hliu.-ell
upon expression." A lew yimr* ago his Hamlet was
notable 1 or Its gentleness; but now, while it has lost j
uo teudor leehug lor Ophelia, uo magnanimous
geueroslty toward the Queen aud Iho Kng,
It has acquired a strong passion which never ceases
Trom the urst revelation ol the crime by the iiiiosi lo
the moment when the wrong is punished aud Ihe right
iveuged. Wo Uo not agrco with all ol Mr.
Booth's readings, uor do we eutirely iu- j
dorse his style of reading, hut wo admire ,
ibe sweep and "breadth ol his methods aud tils palpable
routempi for that potty pedantic elocution which ^
would subordinate iho pussiou ol a tragic situation lo '
lo the mere delivery of a sentence. We wero disap- j
pointed when be beguu Ibe famous passage, "1 havo of
late, bul whereioro 1 know not, lost all ray mirth,' 4c.,
but as the naluro was developed the real poetry was
revealed. It was not ibe art ol iho reader, bul 'he
?.Mission of the man. The imagination of tbe play was
more closoly blended wuh its purpose la.-t uiiihi than
lu any other persolialiou ol llauilei that wo
remember. Mr. Booth was especially tinu lu the solilo
luies. That which closes the second act, "Now I am
iloue," was au outburst of power w hich had uo break,
?ut, like a Niagara, poured Its lull Hood
?f passion, sweeping all bcl" re it to i
be end. Tbe quality ol continuity is
i V.rtue wnieh ho has at last commanded, \et even
?his is sometimes carried too lar. Among the changes
it business noted was the transfer ol the auvice lo 1
the pluvers and the speech to Horatio, in tlio third act,
lo a lirsi groove scene, in orderio allow tbe carpenters to .
make arrangement* lor the inimic play. This was |
awkward, but Mr. Itooih gave advice to ihe first player :
and compliments to Horatio much in the ,
Mktne man nor and lone. The rest ul the third j
un wus superb, and especiallv tbe scene wtlh tlio t
liueen. Ibe Matulol ot Mr. Booth is well known, but
;lio changes in us style are well worthy ot the nollce ol j
Shukspereau scholars.
The support of Mr. Booth was lair. Mr. Milne* :
Levick played tne Klug. a villalnou* part, which tbo ,
manager usuaUv give* lo the worst villain of tbe cciu
pauv. In all our experience ol the slage i
we ' remember no lvmg who was wor
thy ot even tha'. slight respect which is
rendered lo triumphant crime. Hut Mr. I.evick
dreated ihe characlcr. Ho read the soliloquy, "O!
my offence is rank; il smells to heaven," with so much
eeliug und lorce that although the sltua
lion was inappropriate lor applause, It was
not restrained. It revealed that guilty i
cousclein i? ot tbe King, while It was the fixed
lie termination ol iiamlei to c^lch, und thus the ugouy
i>t Claudius gavo new ctlect lo tho eutratice ol Bamlot
? pon ins useless prayers lor the mercy ol ihe otleuded
ueuvcu. The tihosl wus lairlv played by Mr.
t'rederlc Robinson, who, however, ucodsiooro weight
lo give the real supernatural effect. Mr. M. > n ker wus a
tapital First (j raved igger. aud displayed gcnuluo
lumor iu tlio dry, quaini discussion with Hatnlel. Mr.
Krank Fterco deserved the ihanks ol tbo audiouce lor
tot making Polouius a hutloon, but the pcr
lormauce was deficient in humor. We were much
pleased with tho sweetness aud poelies
?( tho Ophelia ol Miss Clala Jennings, and the Queeu
of Miss Jennie Carroll was satislactory. I he scenery |
did not work well in all cases, bul It was appropriate i
tud succesalul. The revival of "Hamlet" was alto- j
I'etbor a brilliant success.
Vnder the above tillo there was produced at the ;
I'niou Square Theatre last night a remarkable play?a i
play destined to make on tho American public a deep .
Impression It Is based on ibal tenderost passion ,
st the human nrosst?a mother's lovo for lior j
Children. It is stained, as all human passion :
* likely to be, with gulll?the guilt ol a wile untruo lo |
ser vows, but in truth moie sinned against lhau sin- !
tiing It comes lo us from too French, iu the shape ol
tu adaptation, with considerable additions. The
original Is u masterpiece. and every line
that ha* been added has merely lengthened,
without Improving Ihe slory. Three acts,
which form tbe body of the piece, contain ail
Ibe sterling dramatic elements, and iu adding au intro
ductory and coucludlug act tho adaptors have been
"painting the Illy." They have succeeded only in j
daubing it; they havo blurred but could not spoil the J
beauty ol this dramatic tlowcr. So far as ihe adaptors j
Have confined tbotuselves to translating tbelr author I
iboy have dono their work well, aud even tho added
nailer Is not without merit, but It happen* to bo iU
rup. But notwithstanding tho tampcriugs it ha* been j
lubjected to the public accepted tho ptcco at Its proper
ralue aud prououueed it a greal success. Aud here let
us say that never was success more legitimate |
or better earned; Iho cast is plipnommal,
wo had almost beeu tempted to say perlecl. From
Miss Clara Morris, who, as Miss Multou, achieved a vie
\,ory over her lornier triumphs, lo Miss Sylvoster, who
played a small part, uearly every rolt was filled with a
completeness nnd roundness seldom witnessed outside
>ho walls of tho Theatre Franyaise. With such a cast
i poor play would have a chanco ol life and
t good oue Is ussured of u aweepiug success. The
weight ol tho piece rests upon Miss Morris' shoulders,
and never havo we seen her display such
?uingied lorce and teuderues* as iu her
almost tragic presentation of n mother's
sulterlngs aud troubles. She sweeps tho whole gamnt
of huuiau tooling, and every chord finds au echo lu
the hearts or her audieucc. In iho opening act the
fcey Is pitched low, but as the plcl unrolls Iho voice
o( pass.on swell* to the point where the ,
mother, calling un all her love, makes the
Unal sacrifice, and voluntarily abandons lior children
rather lhau darkon their young lives with tho story of
ber shame. At this point, with masterly dramulic
Instinct, the French authors, Messrs. Nus nnd Bclot^
left the story, leaving tho rost to iho iuis$luatlon ol
the audience. Tho sacrifice was consummated, the
woman aud mother abandoned house, husband
aud children, and wtni lortli lo die broken
hearted all that ti.cse childrcu lo whom her heart
yeurucd might not know tho diahouor tuelr mother
bad brought upon them. and though In her hoari she
knew herself guiltless ot Iho crime the world imputed
to her. Tne adapters wished to "improve"
Ibis euding, nnd have brought us lo the
death scene, whero tho subliioity of tne \
lull sacrifice is degraded by the revelation that the j
Soverneaa who liai1 won their lovo was their guilty -
lulher. Tho improbability and had taste ol bringing !
the second wile to the deathbed ol ihe first must be |
laid at the door ol iho adapters. Il is an ugly blot that j
would not have l*eii suttcrod by the original authors. j
Mr. O'Neil iu the character ol Maurice it* Lalour had .
?Ot a* much to do as could have been wished, bul what
he did fully Justified tho bigl. opiuions that had been
formed of Ills talenia. He was lorcible. self conlaiued
and mamv, aud made a very lavorablo impression in a
part that was not calculated lo obtain a very large sharo
?l public sympathy. Mr. Stoddari, who made Ins
Irst appearance this season, was very amus
ing as Hr^ Osborno, aud Mr. John I'arselle,
as the tutor, Monsieur Belm, awakenod sym
pathy and woa all hearts. rtie remaining char
acter* were filled us follows ? Mathille de l.atoiir,
Mis* bara Jcwett; Jane do Lalour, Miss Bijou lleion;
Paul de Lalour. Mis* Mabel Leonard; Louise. Miss
Helen Vincent; Thomas Wappiug, Mr. C M. Collins.
The children parts were admirably filled by Bijou
Heron and M i*a I>eonard, both ot whom give bright
promise ol lolore greatness.
ino play 1* divided Into five acU, each oue ending
with a good situation. In the llr*t act. added
on, a number ol children ure brought on with
good e It eel to supply tho motlvo lor tho re
turn of Ml*s Million to her abandoned home?that
la where the French play begins The curtain
iu the second %ct lulls on tho mother accepted a* a
governess to her own children, and suddenly con
fronted with the husband she had wronged. The mird
act i* devoted to showing how Mi** Mullon i*
gradually loroed by circumstances to be
tray hereolf to her children and the eeeond
wile. Ihe fourth act to u struggle between
tbe two women, who recognized in caeli other deadly
toe*, uod toe final sacrifice that a mother make* to her
children. The laat aci could well be spared, though It
aOoracd Mis* Morris opportunity for ?ome adtnirablo
Mting. The play i* a great aucces*.
John T. Hayrnond appeared laat night at the Brook
lyn Theatre in hi* popular character of Colonel Heller*, j
W Mark Twain'* play of the "ttilded Age." Tbe au- |
d.raee wu good. It *u respectablo. It .
peisonalittes of <'olooW Sellers with /.wl. And it. is to I
be remarked that iiolwilhstsudin:; lb* opportunity
offered lor tho luluslou ol some political sentiment
into tbo text, ibo repreaentstivo of the character rOU t
tudiclously refrained Irjm using it- Th? performance
wait very acceptably received by the audienco.
The bill lor the ulght at ibis bou?e wai composed of
some of the mala attractions or last week aud a num
ber ot new acta. Notwithstanding the aiorm the bouse
was filled. Mr. Harry Woodson made hit lirst appear
auce at thi? house; tho Wilkinson Brothers, who made
such h lilt last week, were well rocuveu; Tony Pastor, ,
in Ins merry moments ot song and luu. met wilh ,
that wurnith and enthusiasm usuall* accorded to him; ;
tho Austin Broiuers repeated their great rille *hok I
icats; Mr William Court w right a ;
??Klowy Flewy.'' wus heartily applauded, andI.Mr <us
Williams' Dutch .-.ongs brought down roars of I.
tcr. Den Thompson's '?Joshua W hitcoiiib still bolls (
the sta^e and is quito aa pi eat an attrition i
the Urst week. It la a line piece of character acting, ,
and is lully appreciated by all who tct it.
The perlortnanee at thia establubtr.eot last evening
was a varied one, Gangero's ltoyal Japa being one ol
the chief attractions. Schoolcraft aud Coca, ibo Alms
ley* Sam Deveic and the Caw thornes gave some line
representations in their peculiar s,?cialties. Mien
111 lu Dclinay proved '|Uiic .n attraction by her excel
lent vocalization, us did ulso Misa Casticton. Ihe per
'VruiTuu canary birds ol Ciov^nn. are tnae^ren
log and amusiun- The urauia of "Ibe Lost Ship cou
cludedthe night's perlortnanee.
At this house there was quite a good array of talent.
The sketch of-What Is Itr" opened the performance.
Miss Alice Bennett followed In a selection ol songs.
then came Gray, Holdswortli, Griffin aud Leo as -'Tho
Ham town .Student*." Harngsn a I'd Hurl afterwards
performed oae of their sketches, which the \ ictcrollt
brothers flowed in some gymnastic exhibitions. Ihe
portoruiance concluded with -lascaire an Irish
drama, involving a long cast of character* and numer
ous dramatic sltuatious. Everything passed oil well,
and the audience wero well pleased with the enlertain
laent given theiu.
A large attendance at tbo Academy of Music,
Brooklyn, last evening to witness the prestidigltateur
performances of Lo Commandeur Ca/eneuvo waa
hardly to be cxpecteJ. couaidoring the weather. Vet
the Academy waa very luirly tilled, including some
who had witnessed legerdemain of it leg" character In
the City of Churches mouths before. I-e Com
mandeur apoke in French, and was apparently well
understood by some of hia auditors, especially
by the young ladiei ol Packer's Institute, who
understand the lorelgu languages, so far aa
they are Instructed, to perfection. The Com
mandeur is a litbe specnuon ot humanity, who has
with hiui us a lauiilur a homely type
humanity as interpreter. The latter r"*e?^'e* ?
Hampshire liaptist minister trauslormed into a Con
??relational exhorter in tu? Brooklyn 1
tbuich. His interpretations weie interlined with
original sentiments ol questionable wu. Le t.om
inaudour woulu have carried Brooklyn by storm had I
no" been lor the norm. With a moderation ol
woathir the Brooklyn Academy of Music must. be
better Uiled than it waa Ust night by those who
piehauro in leata ol legerdemain.
At the Philadelphia Museum "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
ana '-The Two Orphans" draw crowded houses. j
Mr. George Illgnold couciuded bis "Henry V en- |
go gem en i at tho fheatre Koyal, Sydney, on Scpteni- j
her 23. , , J
Muie. Esslpon plays selections Irom the works of
Beethoven, Liszt and Chopin this afternoon, at Stem
Hartley Cumpboll is In London, and Mra. John Wood
will soou produce his play, "Tho \ Irglnlan," at tho
St. James.
The New York Mozart Club, consisting ol sotno of
the soloists of Theodore Thomas' orchestra, give a
grand conccrt of chamber music to-night at Steinway
Tho Boston burlesque opera of "Evangeline is on
tho bilia at the Walnut Street Theatre, Philadelphia.
Miss Charlotto Thompson begins an engagement next
Mr. C. 1". Coghlan's new comedy of "Brothers, re
cently brought out at the Court Theatre, Is praised by
the London journals lor lu brilliant dialogue, hut la
said to be deficient iu Its action.
On account ot the desire to see tho "Two Orphans*'
it will be played every Saturday eveuiug at the Union
Square Theatre. "Miss Multou" will be giveu live
nights aud at the matinee ou Saturday.
Tbo Centennial Extiibitiou has been closed, but the
?'Siege ol I'aris aud tho Ataassmelion ol the Arih
bishop" are still ou exhibition in Philadelphia near the
Maiu Buildiuit, iu?t out.ldo the Centotiulal grounds.
1 he subscription sales lor Mr. Morritseys thanks
giving Musical Festival, which will be held at tbo
Academy of Music ucxt week, opened yesterday at No.
aSUniou square, whore they will bo couunued until
i.The Sbaughraun" was to liavo been played at the
Adelpbl ou the lbth inst. In reference, to tho litlga.
lion iu tbo Londou courts the Era says:?"What a
pity it is that bo pleasaut a play should bring about
such unpleasant busiuess."
At the new National Theatre, Philadelphia, tho
"Black Crook 'pursues Its triumphant career. 'Ihe
one hundredth night ol tbe spectacle waa celebrated
last week by a reunion ol the managers, tho compauy
and their triendf, Mayor Stokley and other emiuont
persons being among those present.
The Statin Island Philharmonic Poctety give the
tlrst concert ol their season on December 1, tho follow
ing eminent arlista having bceu engagedMiss Autouia
Hetine, contralto; Mrs. Maretzek, harp; Mr. Carl
Hamm', violin, Mr. Hifcbard Hoffman, piano; Mr. C.
Harnrn (Orst violin), Mr. J. Gauubcrg (second violin^
Mr. J. Hisch (viola), and Mr. C. Werner (violoncello),
stringed quartet; Mr. V. Loescher, flute; Ur^J.
Eller, solo oboe of Thomas' orchestra; Mr. L.
necht, contra-basso; Mr. R. Loescher, horn.
To tb? Editor or tuk Herald:?
While thanking you for your brilliant review ol the
first representation ol "As You Liko It ' at the 111th
Avenue Theatre, will you allow mo to suggest to your
crltlo whether his verdict, that tho perlortnanee ol
Kosalind was "dslicicnt in poetry," oots not apply
rather to tho character itself, as drawn by Shakespeare,
thau to Miss Dnvenport's coDcepti^and rendering ol
the part*
"Aa You Liko It" is certainly a poetical play, but I
look In vain to the lines, the adventures and the pro
ceedings of Kosailnd lor ner contributions to its
poetry. She is. by turns, wise, witty aud whimsical,
and a bo Is altogether delicious and piquant; but
Suukespcaro does not make her either poetical or sen
timental aud Miss Davenport, boluly broakiug through
all stage traditiuus, has endcavoreu to represent her
accorumx io Sbakespeai o s model
Fi oBi ibu begmutug to the end of tho play Kosailnd s
proceedings aro eminently practical, rather ihuu poot
icaL When tho curtain rises wo Una mat. aliliough
her lather bas been exilea, she remains eomioruuiy
at the court ol tbe usurper aa tue companion ut Cena.
t\ ben Orlando appears she not only lalis in love Willi
hnu at once, but tells him so, without waiting lor him
to speak ts a mure poctic maideu migbt have done.
When sb'e. too, is exilad, slie adopts male attire, uot to
save her lo\er. like Portia, but lor bur own comloit
ana convenience. Arrivea iu tbe woods, slto docs rot
uwell IU caves, like the poetical banisued Duke, hut
atraiifbtwav puicbauca a luilo innu an l culla^v Aro
tlieso Ihe acta ol a practical or ol a poet tal woman v
The aam<- abaence of poetry is eviacut iu K..auliud s
adviee to Phehe, ill h?r debates witb Jaques. una iu
the clover, but forward trlca by which sue woos ana
win* Orlando. She laints at tho sight ol blood, it is
true- but this weakness is womanish, not poetic; and
sbo has nothing poetical to say auout the Incident ol
her lover's uarrow escspe irom the tiger?an aaten
lure over wbicn Juliet would have raved in immonal
^ tirn*briel, it seems that Shakespeare intended to rep
resent in Ilo.alind a typooi bright and ouxom woman
hood lull ol da?h and vigor, ol animal spirits, ol brill
tant raillery and buoyant nuinor. contrasting w.tn ail
bis other characters lu the play, and tnumpning over
them by ?hoer lorce of womun's wit. Tnis la miss Dav
enport's ooacuptlon of the psrt, alter acaretnl study of
the whole text, and although your crino may clial
lease ihe accuracy of the conception, he mas. ?dmii
that it was admirably realized and embodied, and the
crowded and cnthusiaaiie audience conllrmed tbia
opinion STEPHEN HSK%.
EirTH Avkwc* Tbsatrk, Not. 20.
Another eflort was made last evening to soenro tbe
commutation ol the death aentence on John Henry
Bchwamb, now awaiting execution in the Hudaon
CountV Jail at Jorsey City. A petition signed by
several cltlzena, c.bielly ol Oerman birth, was placed
in the hands of Governor Bedle lor presentation to the
t'ourl ol Pardons. The Governor declines to commit
himself to any opinion on Hie merits of Ihe esse, but
will present the petition to tbe Court, of which be is
me presiding officer. Schwamb's lamily live in * il
liamaburg, where tUey are employed in a lactory.
Chlckerlnf 1UU w.. ailed la?t evening with - highly
tnlelllgent audience, who ??? to listen to Rev. Dr. R
S Storm' lecture on the "Old and New In *
Introuueo a'man'to nSw'yo^
been laboring in the ministry In a neighboring city lor
over thirty years. ?..?*?
After a very cordial reception from the auditory,
lor which the reverend gentleman as coruultyure
turned bis thank., as also lor tbo.r presence OL.uoUa
btorinynlsUi.be comuionced Ul. discourse.
that be did not tutend to discuss ay philosophical
(locutions, but to odor tor their .nstrnetlon or enter
tainment such suSgo.tlon. as might occur to any
traveller loitering In the old capitals or Europe, and
also recalling to the mind, or many certain pleasant
Continent. He hoped alio to throw a little light on many
things that seemed strango to people born on this side o
ihe water. Tbe geologists, continued Dr. Storm, say
that this is the oldest continent; tbat the oldest
pulu'ozoic horse was lound bere-the homeoftbe
Eocene period, with lour iront toea and three behind
and the oldest man was dug up In Natchez, 8Up,)0*8
vu be 75,000 year, old, a lew month, more or lew n
us" he'^resejit ^v^ll?t^n^p^coMern*4
theCc^u'n?nVwa.^iicover^^y^he ^urope.nit^^^?
^kiLndlna tne old Walton house in
fue'Srst^oor and^beJupperjJMMSO^uP'c^***^?^
TfiUrZd Willlam *tr.cU,^ w-^tg,
removed somo time ?R revolved as il oc a i
ghauies. Itostou. the nios? hllu and
the Amertcau Lilies, lias > uroue they go
chunked lis appearance. lhc'j{omiin H.mplre,
back of Ctiarlemugu , culliodral of Strasbourg,
?sf .i.sv-r..
KTw ,- '"n""'? t.
powerful strongholds at ^ ol(j M
Ci u.->a?le and ??w#|i]. WbPU people llrst
the tune . ' ,,,r tliev aro greatly surprised to
visit Europe, 10 - j a0 ,nucji mat Is as lresh
see so many nea building behind. In Liverpool
iu Us uewusss aswliatin) building, ol as
they see streets. dwelling* au v The Ku(J Uo
recent construction as a y ?> Sebaalonol are a.
Kivoll in Par.., the Boulevard de Seh-ugoi'
lresh looking a. the upper part of "roadway, ^
Boi. de Boulogne looks >ue|(g| rulM
Central 1 urW- Iu room tor railway .ta
have been swept away t #r or ^dltterent ob
ttons, .0 *???"?? | bowuhe. to get any
?crvor ui first begins i? ,, , After a longer ?o
thing aneieut he rnu.t lo to be mlpre?sed with
journ, however, bis mind begm. to ? f ^
me actual * the.e owju ?fc wllh ,w
ride irom L'v?^'0\V^op. and "treeu t'bal were
antique wall, and old .nop Romlllli. Part o!
hewn out of the solid roci ^y Conqueror soo year.
London built b> , M(er tbey .bow two monu
Christian Basilica aud *j*a ?trc?w tho same mh
that were standing when A u g usi us was ruliug. TbeM
monuments ????- builtby
thing*in "the present ,n point o. vital energy
S and the ZU, ??
artisans ol past ? storrVhem" .Kite
there aro tbe remai" d 100 |ec, lu belght,
walls ten feet In thlcwnos. aau i hoM,n a8>000
wi?u an atnPbt-h*?l p ol Ario8 there ?
persons. At the t^ q| wtuch WM, once
a portion of th. Templ. ot Vesta Them ^maln^to
uow the CMile or bU ADtu ouaidt 0| lhe VUMnln ,n
I Wow*11 'fbe stouo roof of the tomb of Theodorte, at Ba
ilnriv six leet in horizontal diamoter, and weigh- I
"not like the - miiarsol which when 1 looted
Ager. Uheonranurcn *??? mvmg a description of
KS --'government'""or'' ^
aU1}. <;? ^
only man who hta swilt and
Europe, ab-iolute singlenea. ol purjiose and
B? rSMl,.??.;?-???
I Ola world kl'l iiMii out the doctrine
I tor?. They llaN0 many other foolish ]
1 l oniT'^V urowi'will change slowly, but the change I
1 wl l^sure atd in the music ol the future, Jtoirope
! 3 America will ?mg a Te Deum over a perle^d |
! civilization.
The Prescott House has reduced its terms to $2 60
aud $3 per day.
Poter Scauion, seed thirty-eight, of No. 144 Lewis
street, died suddenly yesterday. Coroner Wolttnan
wus uotillod.
A lair is to be opened at the Academy ol Music on
the lltu ol December In aid ot the Seaside Sanitarium
for sick Children.
Corouor Kllinger yesterday took charge of the caso
of Patrick Conley, aged arty, or No. 330 Kast Seventy
lourth street, wbo died suddenly.
Mr. Vunderbilt was net quite ho well yesterday, but
I toward eveutug was more comfortable, with every
I prospect that be would pass a good night.
! John Wblle, aged thirty-two, ol No. 408 West Thirty
first street, a truck driver, tell Irom a load ol good!
yesterday morning aud broke bis lett icg.
Tbo lollowlna assignments were yesterday tiled In
the County Clerk's olllce:?liernett Crukow to John
brdmberg, and Ueorgu W. Spriugstead to Kicbsrd H.
lu consequence or tbe large number or patients wbo
are unable to attend During tbe day lor treatment the
managers of tue Metropolitan Throat Hospital bavo
determined to opeu ttio dispunsar.v o'lnic on Tuesdays
and Fridays Irom seven to eight o'clock P. M.
John McNamara, aged seventeen, of No. 78 Kast
Broadway, lell off a ladder on tbe 16th inst. wblle ho
was at work aa a mason's apprentice, breaking his
arm. It bad to be amputated and exhaustion followed,
lesulting id death. Coroner Kickholt was uolibed.
In the ease ol Thomas McKlgun, aged thirty-live, or
Na 442 West Forty-second street, who died in a ceil lb
tbe Twenty-second precinct station bouse, Coroner F.t
liuger discovered that death resulted from a Iracture
ol ihe ckuH, caused by a tail while tbe deceased was
IB toxica led.
Hrldget Kclily, of No. 330 Kast Korty-sevunih street
gut into a dilliculty ou Sunday with her husband,'
Charles, during which lio struck her and Unally, as she
alleges, bit her in tbe arm. For tills be was urrested,
aud yosierday, at the Flity-seveulh Street Court, was
Held lor trial.
Coroner Klckhoff yesterday took chsrga ot tbe lol
lowing cases:?Anne Murray, one mouth old, of No. Ill
Wost Houston street; Joseph iloiltns, aged twelve, of
Na 156 Worth streot; Charms Wiedeckor, aged lorty
nine, ot No. 174 Kast Houmou street, and Fraucis
Frceuy, two months old, ot No. 508 Wost Tbirty-lbird
Tblevos cffectod an entranco on Sunday night
to the grocery Na 1,000 Second avenue, by cut
ting a bole Inapanool glass with a diamond. They
were detected by the proprietor, who arrested on* of
them named John Donahue, wbo said he lived st No.
313 Kast MXteeulh street. He was held lor trial at the
Kitty-seventh Street Court.
Ueorge Charier, of New Haven, was detected yester
day. ii the (irand Central depot, In the act ol stealing
a ticket, worth nioety-flve cents, from James (.ally, ol
Stamlord, Conn. He said in the Kilty-seventh Street
Court that it be bad stolen lb? ticket he was not aware
ol It, and pleaded tbe respectability ol his lamily and
liis previous good namo in mmgatiuu ol bis ollence.
11 eg was committed lor trial at tbe speeial Sessions.
A Or* broke oat at an early hour yesterday moralif
at the residence ol Mra. Davis, Na M Pearl strMI*
causing damage to ike extent of about $600. The prop
erly la insured.
Isaac Johnson, a Swedish aallor, of (he crew of the
ship Champion, was held by Justica Walsh yesterday,
to swalt the action of tbe Grand Jury, lor attempting
toatab Nail Aniieraon, male of the veaael named.
"Answer to Popular Objcctious Against the Catholic
Cbnrcb," will be tba sublect ol a lecture to be delivered
tbis evening by lb/Rev. Father Dainrn, & J., at St.
Mary's church, bur of the Sea, Court street, in aid of
said church.
Ella I-arrabe, aged eleven years, wu arraigned yea?
terday beloro Judge Hlely on a charge of burglariously
entering the residence of F. C. Faulkner, No. -ii
Stockton street, and stealing articles ol small value.
The cuse will be examined to-day.
Coroner Siuims held an Inquest yesterday ut ft
Peter's Hospital, Hicks street, upon the body of Kill*,
bulb Condon, aged twenty-three year*, who died Irotn
concussion et the brain, resulting trout a (all dowu
two lligbis of stairs. A verdict in accordance with the
tacts waa rendered.
Yesterday Judge Gilbert, in the Supreme Court,
rendered a decision tn the case of James W. Simoiaon
against the Board of Trustees ol New Brighton, S. L
A temporary injunction bsd been granted heretofore,
restraining the Board iroiu appropriating moneys in
anticipation of the tax receiver lor Ibe fiscal year. The
Judge deules the motlou lor a periuauout Injunction,
witlj $10 costs. .
Cuptaln Oliver Cotter, the agent for the Temperance
Brotherhood of Christian Churches yesterday pre
sonied to the Grand Jury another batch of alleged de
linquent liquor dealers who were detected lu the act of
vioiuting the Sunday clause of the Kxcise law. The
Liquor Healers' Protective Association are moving to
eflect certain amendments to the liquor law belore the
next Legislature.
a cause celebue.
An application was made yesterday by Mr. Winfleld,
counsel tor Mrs. Hansen, alias Mrs. Gibson, the al
leged confidence woman, for trial in the Court of
Special Seasions, In Jersey City. The trial Is set
down lor Friday, when some extraordinary
developments may be expectod. Cardinal
McCloskey is o.o of the witnesses in the
case. in his testimony before Police Justice
Kecseho stated that the woman bad victimized several
clergymen In Pennsylvania by Introducing the names
ol prominent prelates in the Church. She cluimeu 10
be the heiress to a large estate lelt by tbe Archbishop
ol Badeu. Her dupes in Jersey City buve oulTored to
the extent of thousands of dollars. The deleuco will
set lortb that the recipients of ibis womsn's favors
bare received tar more in hospitality, sumptuous
dinners, carriage driving, Ac., than was bestowed ou
bur in the shape ol loans. The motion lor a trial be
fore the Court of Special Sess.ous was regarded as a
shrewd movo, showing a dread of trial oy Jury.
luabo .
Male of Virginia.,
Cliv of Chester ...
Montana :
Stale of Nevada...
P ('aland
City of Richmond.
Tun Queen
State of Indiana...
n r?er
Slate ol Georgia...
City of Berlin
Nov 21.
Nov 22.
Nov 23.
Nov 13.
Nov 25.
Nov 25.
Nov 25.
Nov 25.
Nov 25.
Nov 2B.
Nov M.
Nov 30.
Nov 30.
Dee 2
Dec 2.
Dec 2.
Deu 2.
Dec 12
Dee 13.
Dee ?.
Dee 0.
Dee 14.
Dec It.
Dec 16.
Dec IB
Dec I"
Dec 10.
Dee IB.
Dee 10
Dec 21.
Dee 31.
Dee 23.
I London....
Li verpnol..
It amburg..
Liverpool ,
[Loudon ..
H am bur;?..
4 Bowling Green
150 Broadway
01 Broadwav
37 Broadway
7 Bowling Green
2 Bowling Green
lift* Brondwar
|0W HroaUway
20 Broadway
4 Bowling tireen
?11 Broadway
72 Bruadwav
15 Hroadwav
,37 Broadway
20 Broadway
|7 Bowling Green
7 Bowling lireen
.2 Bowling Greeu
55 Broadway
120 Broadway
[4 Bowllmr Green
72 Broadway
Itil Broadway
5(1 Broadway
15 Broadway
|(Rt Broadway
20 Broadway
4 Bowling lireen
7 Bowling Green
12 Bowling Green
72 Broadway
lil Broadway
37 Broadway
V. Broadway
08 Broadway
'2 Bowling Green
7 Bowling Green
,7 Bowling (ireen
irtl Broadway
172 Broadway
115 Broadway
COASTING AND FOREIGN TRADE.?Captains or officers
of vessels engaged in the coasting and foreign trade obaerv
leg the displacement or removal of sea buoys are requeued
to communicate tbe facts to the UtiuiD. so that it may be
brought publicly to the attention of the proper authorities.
A letter addressed "To the editor of the Hkiiald, New York
city," giving as accurately as possible the number and posi
tion of displaced buoys or the cause ef their removal will
suffice in all catea observed along the Atlantic and PaciQc
coutlsol the American t'ontluent. When Ihey are observed
ou tbe coast ol European countries or In the Mediterranean
it is requested that information be sent either by telegraph
or letter to the London office of the Nsw York Hkkald, 46
Fleet street, London, or to the Paris office, 01 Avenue de
1'Upera. Pari*. Where the telegraph Is used despatches
may be addressed "Bennett, 40 Fleet street. Loudon," or
"Heunett. lil Avenue de l'Opera, Paris." Where rases of
displacement are observed in the waters ol countries beyond
tbe reach of the telegraph, as in Asia or Africa, captains
may communicate with us upon reaching the flrst rouven- ?
iont port. This information wlU be cabled free of charge to
tbe IIkrald and published.
Hkrald has adopted a distinguishing Coeton night signal
tor use en board tbe IIkrald steain yaeht, showing while
burning tjie colors red. green, red, changing from oue to the
other in succession, aud can be seen several miles distant.
Captains of vessels, upon seeing this slgual, will oblige us
by preparing any marine news they may nave (Or tbe Ship
News Department of the IIkrald.
?9-Persous desirous of communicating with vessels arriv
ing at New York can do so by addressing to sueh vessels
rare of IIkrald uewi yacht. Pier No. 1 East River. New
York. Letters received from all parts of tbe world and
promptly delivered. Duplicates are required.
Son rises 6 .">3
Sun toll............ 4 38
Moou *eu eve 0 24
man water
Gov. Island.... worn 12 00
Snndy Hoolc eve 11 45
Hell Wat* .morn 1 44
Steamer Idaho (Hr). Freeman. Liverpool Nor 8 and
Queenatown Oil), with mdse and 51 passengers to Williams
.* (iuloii. 14th Inst, lat '6, Ion 41. paaeeit bark Wa Mile*,
of London, bound K: llth. 2UO miles K of - and} lio>k saw
steamer Kitypt aid an Anchor line steamer, do. Thr Idaho
arrived off ."audy Hook lightship at 7 I'M lttlh iu>t. hut
laid to in couaequeace of tho heavy eaat*rly irnlr until 0
AM 2 <th.
Steamer Helvetia (Br). fMrce, Liverpool Nov 8 and
Queenstuwn Hth, with nidee uod passengers to I'' W J
Steamer Canltua (Hr), I.iddlcnat, Kermuda Nov HI, with
mdae and passengera to At Outerbridge
steamer Huntsville. Wluters. rVriiamfiua Nov 13 ami Fort
Moral loth, with mdse aud passengers to C U Mai lory k
Steamer Klehmond, Kelly, Itlcbmond, with mdse Vo the
Old Dominion Steaiuahin IV
Steamer Wvanoke, I'oucn, Richmond, Cltv Point anibNor
folk, who mdao and passengers to Old Dominion Steamship
Hark Marco Polo (Oer), Schaefer, Bremen Oct 3, in bai
last to 11 Koop & Co.
We had lew arrivals vis Sandy llook to-day, owing to
the stiff ?ale prevailing, ai vessels which mijlit ce iiearintr
the coast would nece^arily keep off tlie land as urtt pos
sible. No accident! have bee.i reported in this vicinitr
thus tar AM the craft anchored in th.> rivers and bays rode
with Loth anchori do* u and good lengtha ol drains oat.
Steamer Neptune. Berry. Boston for New York.
schr Oliver J ameson, Campbell, llillsOoro, .MB, for New
Schr M J CroweII, Bearae. Boston for New York.
Sohr Kalr Wind. Wilson, Pawtucket lor New York.
Schr II P Cuahiug, l'ruewortby, 1'rovidence for New
Sclir Helen. Searle. I'tttldtM* for New York.
Hchr B II Warlord, Sprague, rrovlileace lor New York.
Schr Ull Sheridan, Stewart, Portland, Cl, for New York.
Hkiialp Tn.*..awH mitioj, >
WlllTKXTOHK. LI. Nov 20. 1S78. (
The nortbeait storm to-day I* of uaaaeal severity. No
caaualties or accident* to report from tala vicinity. The
oioubd steamer*, with lew exceptions, panaed the Herald
Ktatlou oa time. The propeller Tlllle, wr.lcli plies between
New York aud New Ixindon. bound out; the bark W A
Karuawurth, before reported alongside Hayiea Wliaif; a
large tbree-maated sceooner, name unknown, aad several
am all river craft are all at anchor off WhiMtlon* aad ridlug
out the gala la apparent aafety.
Bark Talisman (Br), Baker, from Liverpool Oct 99.
Steamer Dakota (Br), Price, Liverpool via QoaaMrn?
Williams A Ouion.
Steamer Alexandria (Br), Mackay, Uiaagow?Henderson
Steamer Alpa (Br). WiUiam*, Port au Priaca, Savaailla.
Ac?i'lui. Korwood A Co.
steamer Leo, iianiala, Naasau aad Havana?Marrar Ker
rla A < e. _ _
Steamer Oetarara, Rev?Ida. Baltimore-?iu Daiael'..
Steamer Anthracite, urumlev. Philadelphia?J a* Head,
ktsamtr haiewia, Braaut. PorUaatd?J T Ajaea.
Ship Varragut, Wilbur. San Fraacltco?Sattoa M Co.
Bark Rufiuit Lfuoia (Fr)t Coretwutdt, Dunkirk?E4*
wvrd I'dkart.
jj?r* Probo (lul), Mirtlco. >apl?i-L?iro, Sijrry k Co.
HrlH Sturm Bird (Br), Piiker. iiobirt Town, Tumaol*?&
>V Cuiurriiti A Co.
Hri^ Roanoke (Br), Mahlmuti, Porto Cabello?Dallett,
Boiiitutt *t ?'o.
Brig Nellie War*. Ashbary, Minatlilau. Mex-J O Ward
A Co.
So'ir Matilda (Br), O'Mahouey. Ciudul Bolivar. Vea?Uto
W GiUett.
Schr Swallow. Carlow, Moutege Bay, Jam-O WmxIi.
Schr Cbatupiou (Br), Baraea, Cbarlott.lowu, PKI-Per
kin* A Job.
Schr J W Scott (Br). Haley. St John, NB?A T Heauey.
Steamer* Laa, lor Havana and Nassau; Albemarle.
Low.*. Del.
Wind at sunset. NE.
Baronetar at tunaet. 29 B7; midulgbt. 'J9 tiK
The purser of tba ? learner Caaima, from Bermuda, baa
our t batik a for favora.
from Coviav Kirtr for Nowcattlo
fa*fi,,1 p, }uio Bermuda in dittreat. was discharging on
* * portion ol har cargo to otuuiu uf dik?(
"-iVU: Ul*rk>".0^'rr pf'r? '"'apt O report. .?IM\ t oo
.MwWveronOrtiHioatba-.Otbtl.a wladluereewd to a
, iF *f lower nialntopaail aud mlsieu staysail:
,i i r ?'",n staysail; H PM quarter bo.I was
wa.lied from tba davit, and carried away ml*.-., ratf: at 7
PM foren.au carried away about three feet Irom tba deck
with maintopiuaat aud maintna.l bead and all near at
tached. and long boat atora; blowiag at this time a hurricane
froui \ to NNW ; at 4 AM wiud decreasing, cleared away
tbe wreck aud cot the vessel under Jury rig.
Bakk I'Iijxticlkkx wa. totally lost ou ti e coaat of Por
tugal Not 13, together with one of her crew Tbe Cbautl
clear wa< built at New York lu IHM, and antll told to Nor
wegian accouut, aoine uiouth. aiuce, waa owned by Tborn*
tou Rollins. of Baltimore, and wa. en paced in the Bait!
more and Klo trade. Sin waa boiulit by a liouae in Bergen
Norway, and trauaferred to the Norwegian Mag. Sue car
ried a cargo of petroleum Iron Baltimore lor .Norwav aud
had a cargo of Norwegian timber Tor Uette, Franc*, when
wrecked. It b believed ?ba waa driven aabore iu a' gale.
> easel aud cargo were Insured.
Bark Sunbkam iBr), Whitney, Irom Londonderry for
Baltimore. la aahoro at Ocean City, nearly oppoalte Berlin
Md. No particular*
? "..C ?l>rung a leak alter (lie wa* nearly
loaded at Honolulu. The leak waa stopped Oct 'M aad tba
voaael sailed JOtli l?r Sau Francisco.
Schb Ahmii C Cook, from Bonaire, a*hore 5 milaa ea*t of
bbinuecock Light, i* bound to Providence. She Ilea head
on ahore with a a tit! 11 anchor out; there was * heavy net
yesterday running nnd breaking all over her; bar cabia and
galley are washed olf and It wa* thought aba would break
up last night; tbe captain, bla wife, child aud crew wera
Sciir S i: Travto.n, from Bath for Du.xbury, Haas. Is tba
veaael aabore on Garnet I'eint. She will probably go to
Hem* 8 C Notks. with 900 bbls Bsh. from Boston lor Phlla
delphia, was aah >re AM Nov JO near Lowes, Del. aud full of
water. Crew saved.
H?'hr Jkmuk S Clark, Coflln, from Pernandina for New
York, which hi into Hampton Koada Nov 17 leaking
slightly, would take stores on board and proceed to destina
tion without repairing.
Hchk Hknut Cubs, from Hobokeu for New Bedford, be
fore reported ashore near Cattle Hill, wa* taken on tne rail
way at Newport. KI. Nov lfl Har keel i* none forward aud
amidships and plank badly chaled. Schr Idabo It loading
the cargo aud will take it to Naw Bedford.
Sloop Clio, with scrap iron for New Bedford, which was
Naaport Nov 10 in diatrasa, had made repair* on
tion and was waiting a lair wind to proceed to deatina
The cargo (tallow) of the brig Veteran, Irom Paynndn for
Rotterdam, belore reported wrecked at St Thomas, bas been
5?0U0 *UCt,on M lh" U,Ur port for *boat *^*->00; expeuses,
A buoy, with red and white horisontal stripes, drifted
ashore between Saady Hook and tba East Beacon Light
yesterday duridg the easterly gale.
Kortrchs Monrok, Nov ->0-The crew of the schr Isabel
L Pierce, sunk yesterdav by the New Vork steamer Rich
mond. were ail saved. No lives were loat,
Qukbbc. Nov 2 ??Steamer Klamborougb, from Plctoa for
Montreal, went ashore in Lake St Peter, but waa hauled off
and proceeded
A crew lor slilp King ol Algeria, from Quebec for London,
bas been despatched ia a steamer to Bic.
Saw Francisco. Nov 12?Bark Constitution wa* foond be
tween the Heads 11th. adrirt and with aall. unbent; no
one on board. She was boarded by two men. who anchored
har In South Bay. where she remaiued up to a late liour;
was afterward towed up to tba city and anchored near brig
Schr Fairy Queea, for Shcalwater Bay, returned to San
rranciaco Nov 12, having apruuir aleak.
SH'PB^LniNG?At Yarmouth. Me. Maater Lorlng baa coo
^1*1!? i? .* brl|r ofas"*"" for-Capt Sinnetl. recently
of ship Lncla lobey, to be off next summer.
Lauxciiap?Tne new brig Ada L White, built by Giles
Loring at Yarmouth, wa* to he launched at high water on
Saturday. She Is all rigged and will be towed to Portland
soon aa launched.
Notice Is hereby given that, on or aoon alter the 1st of
December the nun and caa buoys lis Boston harbor Vine
yard Sound and Bustard's Bay will be removed for tbe
winter, and tpar buoyt of corresponding numbers and col
ors substituted.
By order ot tbe Lighthouae Board.
GKOKOK DKWEY. Commander U8N,
_ .. Lighthouse Inspector Second district.
Bostos. Not 18, 187a
Bark Samuel Welsh, Spear, frem Dant&io
pbla, Nov 12, on Grand Banks,
Merchants, shipping agent* and shipmasters are Informed
that by telegraphing to the Hcbald Londoa Bureau, ad
dressing "Bennett, No. 4>S Fleet street, London,'' or to tba
Paris office, addressing "Bennett, til Avenue de I'Opera,
Paris," tbe arrivals at and departures from Karopean and
Eastern norts of American and all forelgu vessel* trading
with tbe United States, the tame will be cablad to Uils
eountrv free of charge.
Captains arriving at and tailing from Prencb and Medi
terranean porta will Hud the Paris office tba mora economi
se! and expeditiout for telegrapnlng news.
AKTwxur, Nov 20?Arrived, ships Nile (Br). Keweomb,
Philadelphia; Uuful E Wood. Davit. San Francisco; Sort
reign of the Seas, Wood, do; Royal Visitor (Br), Irom ;
barks Slavia (Ana), Dublnovich. Philadelphia; Merger
(Kus)-, XJska, do via Palmoutb; William (Br), Harding,
Baltimore; Admiral, from Lobos de Tierra.
Hailed 20th. ships Peter Maxwell (Br), Philadelphia;
Island Home (Br). Smith Cliarloiton ; barks Gustar Adolf,
Philadelphia; St Cloud, Karmer, New York.
Abxsdal, Nov 20?Arrived, bark Endymloa (Br), Fergu
son, Philadelphia tor Croustadt (see below).
BaLrAtr. Nov *0?Arrived, ship Wm Wilcox, Killman,
Philadelphia; brig Eva, Cann, Boston.
Sailed 20th, bark Presto (Br). Brow?. United States.
Brkkbn, Nov 20?Arrived, bark Alexander (Oor), Jan
sen, New York.
Sailed JOth, barks Adolf (Gar), Broeklemann. New York;
Johannes (Ger). lhlder, do; Cedar (Ger). Kobir*e, do; Ga
telle, lor Pascagoula.
CABOirr, Nov 20? Arrived, brig Papa Giacono (Ital)
Lauro. New York.
Cbtte, Nor 17?Sailed, brig Charlotte, Whlttemor*, New
Corb, Nov 19-Salled. bark Colla (Br), Roblaton, I nlted
Dial, Not 19?Arrived, ship Win Woodbury, Schmidt,
Baltimore for Antwerp; barka BJoretojerne Bjoraen (Nor),
Neilipn, New York for Aerhuua; Iris (tier), Pfeiffer,
Charleston for Rotterdam; Jupiter fOer). hebieldt, Balti
more for do; '20th, Sagitta (Br), Taylor, Charleston for
Hamburg (with Iota of ileck load).
IM'hi.in, Nov 19?Arrived, berka Maud Seammel (Br),
Tboni|iaon, New York; l<ols (Br), Raymond. Philadelphia;
Alpha (Nor), Anderson, Baltimore.
Sailed 19th. ship David Crockett, Anderson. New York.
Ulancow, Nov 19?Hailed, ablp tilenbervle (Br), Camp
bell, United State*.
(fKxlMOct, Nov 20? Arrived, bark Fannie II Loring, Lor
ing, Poitland.
OtOCCUTSB, Nov 1!)?Arrived, briga Alaika (Br), Thicken
Baltimore; Nuovo St Michel* (Itai), Siano, New York.
Sailed 19th, brig Ahto (Una), Wirpi, United States.
Uunoi Dock, Nov 2t)-Arrived, bark Arctnriu (Br),
Bent, New York.
IIavuk, Nov 20?Arrived, bak Klorri Si Ilnlbert, H*ndy,
Charleston; bript I.izxic M Merrill, Call, Savaunah; Valeu- |
luine (Kr), Provost, Charleston.
Hamburg. Nov 20?Arrived, bark Northern Queen (Br),
Dollar, Richmond.
licit.. Nov 2D?Sailed, ablp Privateer (Br), Cox, Savaunah
(not prevloualy).
Livsarool., Nov 19? Arrived, ahips 9 C Blanchard. from
Loboade Tlerra; Wave Queen iBr), Aiideraon, Astoria, O;
barka Poneraa (Bri, linrdua, Cliarleatou : f.eif (Nor). Mar
cussen, Baltimore; -Ot!i. aliip Alexander Marshall, Uardner,
New York; achr Mary K Sowers, Ackley, St Andrewa, VH
Sailed 20th, ship Lora Lytton iBr), Dakin, United States;
bark Carolina (Aua), linrbas, do.
Loudon, Nov 'JO-Arrived, bark John Shepherd, Burgess,
Limkmck, Nov 19?Arrived, bark Aphrodite (Br), Bass, i
Laeiioax?Arrived, achr Marr A Drnry, Baker, New York.
Movill* Nov 19?Arrived, vtearnv Sldoiiian (Br), Ed
warda, New York for (ilaagow taad proeeedod).
Nkwbt, Nov 20-Arrivea, bark Elsinore, Loeberg, Balti
PaxAHrn. Nov 19?Arrived, bark Annie Lorway (Br),
Gales, New York. ,
Paoillac, Nov 19?Sailed, bark Prod'mo (Nor), Jacob
sen, Baltimore.
QCCXXRTOW*, Nov 19?Arrived, bark Conte O Staoary
(Aus), Coeullcb, Baltimore: brig S A Jeukina (Br), Huberts,
Bull River; -Otii. bark Beatrice (Br), Bowley, Sew York.
Also arrived 20th, 3:3U AM, steamer Brltannlo (Br),
Thompson. New York for Liverpool (and proceeded).
Sablks D'oi.oN.tK, Nov 19-Arrivea, bark Cbia Yang (Br),
Haskina, N'i? York,
SriiMA, Not 20?Arrived, achr Mettle A Franklin, Qrlf
?a. Wlscaaaet.
KTrrTiK, Nov IS?Sailed, bark Caeparl (Mot), Byvertsen.
New York.
I aooM. Nov 20?Arrived, brig K H Jeanlngs, Mabony, j
Portia ad.
Wakiikn I'oixt, Nov 19?Ballad, bark Harmony (?r).
Dlasmore, United States. ,
Wiiitiuavkn, Nar 19?Arrived, bark Hagb Rwtag (Br),
Wilson, Boatou.
Arrived at a port la Ua Ualtad KimgAvm Mat 19, "fl* J
aaa," tad troa Ualtad Statei; 30th, kMk
U.1U Keitn (Br). MeDaaald, Bette' Cava, NT.
Sailed from No* IS, enip Una (Don), 6ehtorlag.
t'uiieJ St alee.
CmitiiiJiuio. K? SO?The British bark Radyaaloa,
C*pl Ker*u*ou. froai Pbilutll^hik July !? far Craastadl.
ha* urlTid at Armdal la t le*ky eoadltloa, ???' will
obliged to discharge bar aargu [1h? a bora Teasel baa
beau reported orerdue. ]
BatsTOL. Ho* 30, PM?Halm.
LutRD, Nor SO. PM?Wind H; Saa.
BnauT. Oct 1M?In perl. ?hlpa King Cerdie (Brt. AiuUa
far I'uiied Wisdom or t'onllueut; City at
? ud Exporter. Brook., for Calcutta: Harmon. Dillon. W
liiamoud l*Iand ; Centenuial, Browo. uoc. v
M..IHH. Nor li?Arrived, bark Blisa Lar*a iBr), veaey.
NS?l?dl!ih. brig lta?ar <Br. White. Brunawlek, Oa: 10*k.
achr Racer (Br). Young, Martinique; lilh. brig An
trtm. Mudtrett. St kitt*: Htt bark Suceese iBr). Taylor,
llanipt'iu Roada* 1Mb. brl* A I etienglll. Hall. 'ar.
In port Not Id, bark Towy ?Br>. Irom Cooeaw River for
\ewca*ite E repairing; briica John hherwood, Johusoo,
IYom S?etanilcr for Saw York, do; Tilu. ,Br>. Spragaa.
''"'hatu* B*'Nov><l?-C?e?r?d, bark B.gnen.y (Br),
Korbe*. Whitehaven ; brie Arbitrator (Br).Brabyn. Bwa?
110HOLULU. Not !-lup?rt iblp 8Trao. NawalI. aue.
UiTiJiA No* ?I-Arrirad, ateamer City of Naar Terk.
T\u"r7?*'s?r,W17^..ar.d. achr Llasle Tappar (Br,.
"S^Sjtl/.tiia-r Gao Washington. Whitebaad, Ml
^Madras. No* 20-Arrlrad previously, MP
Holme*. Boston; bark -Siphon. Preble. do (the latter p
^r^tu'^W; Oct 20?lo port bark Maria.., By<tor.
CB. No* 17?Arrirad, brig Qaaeo (Be).
D^nwC^D"^n Nor 4?Cleared, barks Wab?o,W...
berg. Bel fast; 11th. Dllllirentia. Katin. Barrow Dock. 13th,
Uartilierrle, Armstrong, lila??on Dock. Coosabe.
Pi.r*?if?. Nor 19?Arrived. lehr It r it art. "????,
NPo3t?. Oct -1>-Arrirad, brl? Chattanooga, Fry. Balt^
"sVi.xkt, NSW. Oct -6?Arrlred. bark I Sergeant. Lelgh
Thomas'Nor 7-Arrlred bark. Bal*l?in (B'>.
Plymouth (aod tailed tor Oalrestoa); 8th, M B Hassan.
Atberton, Demerara, lelaada for
hailed Jth, brlc M A Doran (Br), Shaw. TJjrtai Islaa? or
New York or Newburg; Bth, echr 0 X lllebardaoa. men
*T^j,OHBa*U"N?*' Nor 17-Arrired. stea'"?,L(*?|?0^IOtl*a
Callao, la ballast.
ASTORIA. O. Nor 12?Arrirad. ahlpe NorrU (Br), iooae
?ALKXA!i0BIAbN?r' 18-Ard"d.'liir.Oeaaa"BaUa. and
w&s?s.-inp^sssrs. ????- a-sas
1'rorldence; Sunlight. Boeton; Ploreaoe Deaa. oad Padre
Wheelan. Urerpool; William Crane. Howe*. Boltloiora ru
Norfolk; ?chr M A Oeombi, Oaomhi. Barbado*.
to loud for Cuba.
Staaiioer PiiMtio?. . n.... Van Dqmd
RILTIMOHE. Nov 18-l/ltwt^ ?chr? Qric? > *n UMI ?
R?ev?a, Button; Woodruff Simi, Beontti. Brooklyn.
Nr7ebiVdisMim?CTU^ Br00'
bark* Nellie T Oue.t (Br?-'Mefwn^V^Mro"7Br) Kut'
isi w
rT^fe^5,GAM)|0SU. Nor 18?Sailad, achr BU Town
A k'i'kbToVnSV 17?Arrlred. atearaar Vldal Sal*
lBn. Koie, Cork lor ordar*; achr Emily* Jennie, uerna?.
?^tnb-Arrir.d. bark Jo*ePhiae (Br). Wet. BowlU* (Scofr
'*0?earad? Barki Matilda ? Smith (Br).
Aaroa Ooudey (Br). ?oren*en. do; brlc Franeiaoo ibp<.
Hosella. Mareeloua: Publlla (Sp). OuardloTa^l
OllliSThK. Pa. Nov 10?Arrived, tleama* Veapar, n ,
NDELAWARE CITY. Del, Nor 18?Sailed, aehr Martha
"ulKkSwfcil. NO* 18?Sailed, achr AWarodo.
ml* Sell?1 onberR, Breman fcr Baltimore. bark yoeeo oi
Sailed?Brlc Altred, O am aire (from
Paued out? Barki Uau** ^Uer|, lor Brameo, Wm Uwan.
laganoll, aad B I Haaard Rowland, haw York; Eleanor,
houlrea. do *la Roanoke i*iand, NC.
("earod?nehr Hattla. Ollihrlat. Bearaport, Ma.
OliOUOKSTKR. No* 17?Arrived, ?chr Rabaoea w
4ej,A<^O^Vu!L*R:N"*-lC-Arrlred. ^hr. Wm H Pb~*
Bdward*. Charl**toa; Uertruda (Ur-.^y. Nawau.
(Maarrd?Schr Alabama, Roaa, New ior?.
NEW OBLBANs. Nov ltt?Arrived, *hipa Oeo BM1 (B?)?
R?o. C.reonock; Kale Davenport. Mallett, Liverpool.
Cleared Scbr Wot M Jonea. Uavia, Hirisa- ?
NEWBl'RYPORT, Nor 18-Want to *aa. aahr Nadah.
a*nd:leh^for^dowlde''!!wakedo 'and aS^wiu7?l
^NKW* LONDON. No* 18?Arrived, brlf Wm H[Parka. Bel
Ikat Mef?ehraSophla Bran., Glouca.ter Vs.^Vori
Ky.Hobuken for Vail River ; Martha M Heath, New Yur*
for Moitou; Klla Strickland. > jrflnla. .. Belli
NEW HAVEN, Nov 18?Arrived, ulir A H Howe, uaiu
"i-aSCAGOULA. Nov 11 a 13-Arrlve.l. aehn Jennle Boaa
tor. IUrri?"?on. Oardenaa: Maria A Pratt. Klmoall. Mo
bile; Forest llomn.^Kent, Greenport. ? i_ft tj
Mth a 16th?Arrived, brlpr Banerama (?p). >?!*?. "a.
vana; nchr Mabel. Albert*. Kev "alt.
.Hatred Bark Sagadahoc, Powers, HiTMi. ,B .
PKNsACOLA. No* 14?Arrived, hark Lady Aaa (Br),
J * 5*h?^"IvedTaehr U?? L Clarke. Lake. Ltoboa *U Kay
?Wmiii?Arrl*ed. HChr Rhoda B Taylor, Oartnor. Baraqa.
riaared-Hcbr Kanny Pike. Aylund. New \|
PETEKSBURU, Nov 18?Arrived. ?chr Jaa L Maloy, Aa
depiUL* DELPHI A. Nor 18-Arrlred bark Porro (Not),
Olaea KII-o-t; ?cl.r kll*abetli Matrr^. Mairee. Boston.
Olaariid?Steamer tt oodbun. (Br). Thompaon, BHatol,
achr Kninft. Hatfield. St John, li B. v?aw Vnrk ?
??otli?Arrived, steamert A 1* Stlinera, Warrcaa. New York,
\"rmnn Nickeraon, Boston; Caltierlii? WUHmg. llHrtiiujr,
Klrharda New Yark; icbra Llixia Young. Youns. Boaton ,K
B I- roerv' Wirk?. do; Ajrnes R Bacon, Haley, do; S P Brown,
Tlnker Sewburyport; Robin Hood. Baker Saybrm.k W
W PhltVo rolli^So,ner.et; A Heaton. Bo^r*. Mobile;
i K.ndnlohin Torbert, St John, NB; B W ttooinson.
Wantoi^ Oardena*; A Bartlett, Smith. Charle.town.
Sailed?ataamen Allentowu. Battle.nake. Berka aad
Al"*ww. Del. Nov ?0?Sailed AM. bark Hngh Cana (Br).
Kldriilee (Irom Bremen), Philadelphia. , -. v?,iar
PORTLAND. Nor 20-0icared, bark Sarah K Frailer,
KpoKTsMOd?TH. Nor 17-Saltod, ^hr Addle M Bird.
ir-l? V? York
PROVIDENCE, No 18?Arrived, ecbri K * I Oakley,
Newman, Roudout for awtucket; Oregon, WbkUar, Mil
den, NY. ?
Sailed ? Steamer Catharine Whiting. Harding. Pblladel
plila; echrs i.uiy Graham, Smttli. Philadelphia; Provi
dence. Rice: John A Griffin, Fuller, and Wm Buck, Millar,
do; Marshall Perrin, Packard, I'ort Johnsou: Alston. Flts
irerald; Sarah Brti"n. Petty; John K llurit. Cook; Isola,
Mayo: Columbia, Donovan ; Alligator, Ail ward- Huntrau,
tiprai-nv. "nd Oregon, Wbltaker, New York. '
HHli?Hailed. ?chr? Robert Pettis. Kobblna. Rappahan
nock lliver; Nancy M Rose, Smith, Philadelphia; I rede
W lud. Rrysint, do.
PAWTUCKKT, Nor 17?Arrived, irhri Joseph Porter,
Burroughs. Philadelphia; Saratoga, Niukerson, Port John
Sailed?Schra Salmon Waahburn, Hathaway, and Willard
Saulsburr, llandy. New York.
isth?Arrived. schrs Klla Malhawi. Reed, Philadelphia!
K A I Oaklev. Newman, Roudout.
Sailed?Sthra J Hurley, Nortbup. and Julia A Crawford,
Hallock, I'hiladalphia; b H Warlord, sprairne, New York.
RICHMOND, Nov 1R?Arrived. bark Candeur (Nor), Sa
vannah; brig Titua, Naw York; schrS P Bunnell, Bunnell,
SAN PRANCIBCO, Nov 11-Arrlved. barka Oakland, Ste
von*, Port Madlaou; Portland, Cage, Columbia Kivar; brig
llasard. Walkor. do.
Sailed?Ship Shirley, Mat newt, Tacorua ; barks Bruntea,
Nordlivre, i'ort Blakely; "hillp r'ltioatrick, Ihelan. Phlla
dolphia; Mansion. Jordan, Port Towneend; acbr John
Bright (Nic), Lavln, Tahiti.
IHtit?OfTtba port, ahip Lnpola iBr), we?t coast of Heath
America (and proceeded to Portland).
Sailed? Shin Fiortford, Taylor, (Jueeuitown. .
SAVANNAH, Nov "JO?Arrived, steamur Rapldan, Kemp*
ton New York.
'Cleared ? Bar* Anglla (Br). Downio, Amsterdam.
Sailed?Barka Oiyuipia (Sp). Barcelona; Alamo (Get),
Bremen. _
SAfll.n RIVER. Nov lO-a-Kailed, brig Mary C Roee
velt. Ilath, Me.
SALhM, Nov 17?Retarnod, schr (ieo D Porry.
lHih?Arrived. ?ehr? Fanny Flint, Warren, Hi John, NB,
fur Philadelphia; Martkua Weeks, Somen, Steuben lor Han
dout; M L Yarnov. Rowe. Hath tor New York.
lHtU?Arrived. brig Maasanllla, Walla, Cal?ia for Appe
nauif: echrs Hero. Baker, New York: Grand Ulead,
Graham, New York fir Hath; Nniato. Small. Machlaa for
New York; Vandatla. Belts, Bangor for New York: Pnel
Hoy Htearoa. aad Speedwell, Khodea, Rockland for New
York; Addie M Bird, Kale* Portsmouth lor Baltimore
In port (3 PM. wind K), eighty-live aail of vessels, honat
south and east, mueliy put in for a harbor. ,
STON'INGTON. Nov 17?Arrived, echrs Ann K SalTord,
?Cetcliniu, Philadelphia for Pawtncket: Xebec, Shropshire,
llobokea for Fall River.
WILMINGTON, NC. Nov 18?Arrived, bark Sirene (G*r>.
Callip. Holland; brig l>r Strnuaberg Hint), Herat. Bermuda;
Helena (Nor), Gunuersen, Bilboa; Emanuel (Nor), OI?au,
1,1 verpool.
Cleared?Steamer Ashland, Donghty, New York; barka
Ocean (Gar). Weli hman. l*oudon; l>le Ha.math (Gen.
Kraoft. l.iverpool; Ylolette iGor), Hoggets, Rotterdam;
MhrNancr W Smith, Davis, New York; tag i.lllie domars.
Pugh (from Charleston). Philadelphia
Vaihih. kiIamhuAts." Ac. " "
' by Horreaholl Manufacturing Company, Hriatol, H, 1.,
and lurnlahcd with their patent safety coil hollar. Can ba
aeen Wednesday, November 'Ji!, at the Savannah pier, tool
Wall St.. brlwaeu 12 and 'J o'clock, alongside ol ateam yaeht
Viola, wbare information can be obtained ofCaptain JOHN
without pnhlicitv; legal every*her*; advlee free; paF
woen divorce granted. NEW YORK LAW AUKNCY, 170
Mioadway. ______
l leases cared. I>r. VAN ItVKh has studied aad analysed
avery form of akin disease In existence ; If yoa have any skia
disease Dr. VAN DYKE oau ueraiaaeatl/ eu/ejoa. OftM
It Wast lUUt aw

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