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Three mora games of tho tournament at Tammany
H.i.I wero played yesterday. The difference of one
sixteenth of an inch in ibe diameter of the bulls bai
fc nl a telling effect oti the runs aud average*, which
(o far hare cot been over hair as large as In tbo last
neeting. Paly sold llie favorite at about Are to lour
aver Slpssou, Kudolphe and Gamier brought even
moucy, and Dion went lor louragalnst three on Shaler.
The above two players came together in the eleventh
regular gatne ol the tournament played yesteruay
afternoon. The first four innings gave them 8 points
each, atid the play for several Innings after gave
promise of an uninteresting game. Alter Daly missed
'rom the atring neither player failed to count for
eleven innings, and yet tho highest score was 59.
sloseon was the first to show any play. He held them
well in band for 32 points on the fourteenth inning, re
tiring on a careless "slip up." Alier fifteen innings,
during which the biggest lead on eilhor aide was 14
points, the game stood
daly, 112; si.ossox, 109.
The next half-dozen Innings gave Daly 18, 8, 21, 23
tnd two amaller run*. Slosson, in the sa:ne plays, two
*uns of 13, one of 14 and three small counts. They
?emed alrald of or.e another, and the game continued
br several moro innings with no bettor exhibition of
'kill than ordinury amateurs. The twenty-seventh
nnlng brought a good opening for Daly and he worked
lie balls tor 42 points. The thirtieth pave .Slosson 60.
vhicti Daly lollowed with 31. Slosson gathered 50
more on his thirty-fourth play and alter three mure
inuiDgcs finished the game a winner by 25 points. Tho
following is
Slos?on?1, 1, 1. 5, 14. 1, 2, 3, 10, 12, 4. 0. 10, 32, 13,
0, 6. 14, 1. 14, 0, 81, 3, 1, 1, 4, 1, 0, 0, 6, 0, 5, 1, 0, 50,
c, o, 3?:wo.
Daly?0, 4, 3, 1. 4, 1 fi, 6, 9, 2, 12, S. 0, 0, 12, 41, 0, 18,
I. 8, 21, 0, 23, 2, 1, 1, 0, 42, 2, 2, 4, 31, 0, 3, 0, 1, 0, 3?
Mosson's average, 8 4-.'t7; Daly's average, 7 16-37.
Tho first game of the evening between the above two
players was considered t ue closest gumn of the tourna
ment, and tho pools on tho result sold at trilling odd*
hi favor ot each at different times. Gamier won the
lead and in his first three plays made two misses and a
score of 8 to 2, 10 and a miss for his opponent. Tho
lourth Inning m-tt'-d tiarnier a good run of 3d points
which he shortened by passing between the red ball
and the cushion, with barely room for the ball to get
through. The balls behaved belter for him on the
.enth inning, and be took them on a journey along the
rail for 57 point*, missing a nuuue be would ordinarily
make easily. The ruu, however, carried him over his
ttrst wire, the gatno standing
CAKNIKK, lot); ItL'DOLPHK, 37.
Kudolphe made a f-riot on his thineenth Inning that
put tbo whole audience in good hmuor. In playing
urouml the table bis ball was "kissed off." but, striking
the cushion, it took a twist, which carried it directly
lo its orlgiual destination, llotb played for a while
with an air of iuditloreuce as to tho result, hazarding
thotR. apparently moro as an exhibition ol skill than
anything else. For thirteen Innings the largest run
made was 22, which was scored on both sides, and
those who expected to seo great things began to
despair of even an ordiuary game. Tbo
playing finally became so poor tbo au
dience laughed at tho vain efforts made
to count Kudolphe alter a while rccovored sufficiently
10 make 18, which put him 202 to 193 for Gamier. Af
ter a safety shot by e:ieh the latter took tho ball* in
band and by a succession ot long and difficult draw,
follow and masse shots took 02 points from them belore
tbey "froze" on him. He inado 4 moro from the
Itnn^ aud missed with but 11 to make. Kudolphe,
who stood at 203, missed, and Gnrnier secured fl of Ins
11. With but 1 to make ou iho fortieth inning the
balls "froze" on Garnter, but he counted nicely lrom
tho spot and woo the game. The following is
T11K SCOR1-.
Gamier?0. 0. 8, 36, 4. 0, 1, 0, 0, 57, 6, 11, 4, 0, 0, 10,
0, 1, 2, 3, I, 0, 22, 6, 4, 1, 3, 4, 1, 0. 1, 0, 1, 0, 1, 96, 6, 1,
0, 2?300.
Kudoii.be?2, 10. 0, 1, 10, 1, 5, 1, 0. 1, 8, 1, 9, 4, 9, 3,
1, 0. 17, 22, 7, 5, O, 26, 0, 1, 4, 2, 0, 25, 1, 2, 0, 18, 1, 0,
11, 0, 2?-17.
Garnier's average, 7 5*'; Hudolphe's average, 5 22-39.
This came opened even worse than iheone preceding
?t, the highest lotal at the end ol twelve innings being
EJ, an exhibit of which tho commonest player would
scarcely boast. Dion's string aiter twenty-seven In
trngs showed a lotal of &8 points. Abater, who on bis
twenty-third inning made 51, stood at 1j1 points. Ho
elosed' the even innings by brimMug tbo balls to tho
upper end rail, where ho liandlud ihi-in with great
tleiicacv, and carried them to the corner for 68 points.
With one shot he turned them nicely lo tho sido
ru-Uion. and worked them quietly along till ho reached
loo points. He was obliged lo wait lor the applause to
c 'use before be could continue, and then held them tor
137 poiuis, winch gave him a lead of 180
tud ielt hut 27 points for htm to mako. Dlou
recovered a Utile aud made 38 oomts, Shalcr fol
lowing with 14. Dion aualn strained himself tor 41
points. Several more dull plays tollowed, and Shalor
went out with Diou at lt'9. itolow is
Shater?0, 0, 1, rt, 2, 0, 1, 1, 18, 1, 0, 2, 0, 1, 6. 0, 7,
0, 8, 0. 3. 10, 61. 7, 4, 2, 137, 6, 14, 0, 0, 8, 0, 0, 4.
C. Dion?4, 3, 0. U, 0, 2, 0, 0, 2, 9, 0, 7, 3, 2, 0, 6,
0. 1, 0, 10, 6, 0, 2, 10, 0, 5, 2, 2, 38, 5, 41, Si, 9, 0,
13, 1?199
abafer's average, 8 1-3. C. Dion's average, 6 19-30.
One ol the evils arising from a ctoso corporation,
?uctt as was the league ol 1878, was their guaranty
system; not their guaranteeing anything, but requiring
guarantee* Irom others. Their association was the
uuly professional national body In the country, and
those who composed it assumed a superiority over all
others in the land; yet oach league club, In a fair con
test with outsiders, was beaten at some tlmo during
the past season. This claim ol pre-eminence wmcli
their national organization enabled them to make with
some chow of reason, was used to co:uDel local clubs
who desired 10 play with league clubs to guaruuteo a
certain amount ol money to be paid the visitors?uo
matter whether their presence did or did not draw to
the enclosure enough people to justily their receiving
such a sum. In this w.iy clubs ol the league had
their collers supplied, while outsiders were made to
suffer in equal proportion. This was similar to tho old
Styie, uulair, pilch and toss game, wherein pro
fe.-siounls said to the outsiders:?" l'ho rule of this
g.nne wnvn we let you play with us Is?heads, wo wiu;
tails, you lose.1'
liuring lust season, by their exchiMveness and
assumptions, the league did or did ntft acquire a draw
ing poster such as to make it peeumaril) prolitablo lor
ou.side clubs to secure games wuh them in their dlflcr
>nt localities, 11 they did uttract multitudes, resulting
iu a large increase in Kale money, tuelr lair share
tbereoi sliouid have satisfied them II, on tho other
hand, their assumed superiority did not enlarge the
r> ceipts sullicieiitly to warrant heavy remuneration
tbete'rom. they hal uo rigtu to claim "bounty" from
the local club, because it the gate Ices did uol cover
en?ense* tin' honors and profits were even. It the
mailer had been properly < oustdored t>y outsiders no
fcucb advantage could bavo been gained by the leaguers.
From their actions, the league ciubs might have ou^tin
their work ol the past season alter having deliberated
In tins manner:?
"It is a ionu journey between Ho,ton nnd Chicago
for an Kastern or Western club to travel, and time and
money are expended iu making tin' trip. Suppose,
tberelore, we try to imprew upo?i the tn:nds ol ouiside
rlubs the beliel that they will be honorud by our con- ?
descenu ng to piuy with thorn?theieiy ciesiug them 1
to guarantee to either an Kastern or Western club of |
the league a nxtd sum for stopping In their various ;
p aces and measuring skill with . heir local clubs. Ujr '
tin- sharp plan oil our part we can play on almcsl ,
?very lair day of the summer, without regard to the
I so of an audience, aud receive a st?ady income. I he '
uieB cowposmg the I.owed, Fall Itiver, Illiode j
l-i.nd, UriUaeport, Besolnte, Olympic, Active, liar- j
ris. urg, Ailegbei.y. Standard. liuekeye, India- ,
Uatioln, .-Kin i, fecain?eh. RooucMer, Auburn, '
Btar, Cricket, K.rio, Klmira, Ithaca and 1 lion ciubs, it is 1
true. may see through our 'utile game,' bui, as wo
lan only lall and tuay succeed, It u woilh a trial, and I
the gr- at protlt if it shall prove a success will warrant '
|be eflort. '
Whether or not tbey rensoued In this waybeforo f
they started out that is tho manner in which they cou- j
Suited themselves in their mwroou'wi with nou-lea
gucrs. 'I no co-<i to local club- was so fur in excess of '
the proliia in their games with the ieanue that there
Is n<' likelihood of a repetition ol this uniair method of
P ay ifat. Another Season the local clubs will roiuse to
?e ??silly flies," meekly walking into mo "pretty little
parlor'' ol the league "spiders. "
1o guard against such an unfair arrangement hereaf
ter?io secure tho adoption and enforcement of the
rery best rules and regulations?in the interest of hon
est play in,', oi lair dealing and only honorable conduct
npoo the field, aud eijuitablo transactions between
ciubs being tho object ol the new movement, it is
quti. gratifying to learn of Its lavorable recognition.
The purpose being to improve tho rules, r?,-*e the j
standard ol the ^aiuo, dostroV "crooked playing'' and
Its kiudred evil, "r< vo:v ng;" remove Ir.m the arena i
?II object Ion ahls features, so that me better portion of
ioc ety can and will return to witness munly, lair con
tests. it is a satisfaction to know that an who favor
these much ueed'd relorms are heartily entering into
the enterprise. If, hefealler, any opposition should
develop usell, it is sale to predict thai it will emanate
Itotn the league, or from their suso.lllos.
Tho last of the series ol games at handball between
Arthur Mctjuide and Michaei l.andv cauie of] at
ilcQuadc'S court, No. 4 it Madison street, yesteiday
atti rnoon Alter a well contested match tho former
won by tho following score:?
tlcWuade 17 121 -1 .1 1(? 21 ? 11.
handy H <* '-'1 i?? IS<?
io-day Ihotnas Curry, n well known Washington
market butcher, au?l l hotnas coos, ?>x-ch iinp.ou ol
America, play against Colonel Iboinas Norton uud
Michael i.andy. lbs oust lour in sewn games lor J-uu
? mm*
Ricnxoso, Nor. 24, 1878.
Tho attendance at the Fair Grounds course this, the
third day ot the meeting, was good. TUo weather was
clear and pleasant, ami tho track in rather bettor con
dlttou thai) on tho two previous days.
was a tlirec-qu irtors o! u mile dash lor two-year-olds.
There were three starters?namely, Tampico. Main
brace and Mora. The horses got away in the order
oa in ad, and held their relative positions to the finish.
Time, 1:25.
was a dash of one unle, lor all ages. Tho entries und
starters were Lady Clipper, Coupon and l.ibbie L. Lady
Clipper was undor a pull ail the way, unu woo the race
ea.-lly in 1:4b)*, With Coupon second and Libbie L
was ono and a half miles, lor all ages. Watereo, Hay
Hum und Starlight slurted. At tho second <|uarter
NVuleree and Hay Hum capped, wuh starlight ?otno
lengtns behind. On the homestretch Hay Hum dn^-ht-d
ulivad ol W'aiorce uud won the race iu 2;42>i1 star
light third.
in the one uud a quarter mile race was won easily by
Tom O'Neil, beating First Cbauce by (our lengths.
The following are tho
Richmond Faik GKOiitu Cocrsk, Nov. 24?Third
Day or the Mektim;.?First Hack?Three-quarters
of a tulle uath lor two year-olds.
C. W. Medingor's cb. g. Tampico, by l'lanet, dam
Miranda 1
W. 1'. Burch's ch. g. Maiuoraco, by 1'russian, dam
by Charley Ball 2
Dr. VYeldou's b. I. Flora, by War Dance, dam Flora
,11c Ivor 3
Time, l:2d.
Sauk Day?Dash oi a mile, lor all ages.
A. B. Lewis & Co. 's cb. I. Lady Clipper, by Hunter's
Lexington, dam Carrie Cosby, 3 years old 1
Dr. t\ eldon's ch. c. Coupon, by Lightning, dam In
crease, 3 years old 2
C. W. Medinger's ch. I. Libbie L., by Bay Dick,
dain by Jo btoner, 3 years old 3
Tune?1:48 V
Sams Day?Dash of a mile aud a hall, lor all a;ea.
M. Callahan's b. c. Bay Hum, by Baywood, dam '
Gonerll, 4 years old 1
It. C. Kberle's b. c. Wsterco. by 1'rusetan, dam by
ChHrisy Ball, 3 years old 2
H. Bradley's ch. jr. Starlight, by Deucalion, dam
Unknown, 6 years old 3
Tune, 2.42V
Samk Day?Unfinished Hack or Thursday?A mile
and a quarter dash, lor all ages.
J. F. Wilson k Co.'s b. g. Tom O'Ntll, by
Lightning, dam Kiugara, 6 years old. 0 0 1
C. W. Modinger's cb. g. First Chance, by Bay
wood, dam Dot, 5 years old 0 0 2
A. B. Lewis & Ca's b. c. l'luto, by Planet, dam
by Voltiguer, 3 years old 3
Time, 2:21?2:23?2:2L
The fall, or, mora properly, the winter, meeting of
the Louisiana Jockey Club, will take place on Satur
day, December 2, and continue four days in all. The
fixtures of the meeting have only tilled indifferently
well. The Slocomb Stakes, lor two-year-olds, ouo
mile, closed with four ou tries; the Howard Stakes, for
two-year-olds, one mile, has the same number, the
entries being the same as In the Slocomb Stakes. The
Orleans Stakes, to^tbroe-year-olds, two tulles, closed
with five nominations. In addition to above stakes,
the usual number oi purses are offered for horsos of
all agos, at different distances.
The line three-yeur-old tilly May 1)., by Enquirer,
datn Florae, by Imported Mickey Free, second dam
Dixie, Herzog's dam, wtiile running out at pasture lost
week, received an injury to her loll hind auklo, which
in all probability will lucapacitute her for the turf
hereafter. Slio is owned by tho Messrs. T. B. and
W. H. Davis.
liudd Doble reached Chicago a few days since en
rnutr to California, having In charge the most formid
able public viable ol trotters that was ever known.
The horses comprise (ioldsunth Maid, 2:14; Bodine,
2:19^; Harus, 2:20; Thorndale, 2:22^; Sam Purdy,
2:20 s, ; Clcmcnlino, 2:21, and Abo Edgtnton, 2:2ti.
The Board of Directors of the National Rifle Associa
tion, who mot on Thursday night to try tho case of
protest entered by tho Seventh regiment rifle team
against the team of the Forty-eighth regimonl(Oswego),
rendered a decision yesterday morning at hall-past one
o'clock, having sat more tnan live hours to bear testi
mony and arguments on both Bides. Aa the reader
will remember, it was charged against the Forty-eighth
regiment team that they had, contrary to tho rules
and regulations of tho National Ride Association, Sled
the sights ol their rules w.th which ibey shot and won
several team matches at Creedmoor in September last.
The case was tried some time ago by the Execullvo
Committee of the Board ol Directors, National Killo
Association, and decided against the Foity-eightli. who
appealed to a hearing ol ttio lull Board. Tho Board
continued the decision ol the Executive Committee,
and the scores made by the men of the Forty>cighih
were, under these circumstances, ruled out.
To Tint Editor or the Hkrald:?
Seems in your issue of tbis morning a challenge
from M. Emtio Kegnicr to the winner of tho wrostling
match on Tuesday next, I wish to stale that two
months ago I challenged him through the St. Louis
pre=>s and have so tar heard nothing from him till tbis
morning. I will wrestle M. Regnier whether 1 win or
lose. Though I do not see why he should object to
New York; he will certainly get lair play Irorn me and
my friends in Hits city, even if 1 am a native. By nu>
t tying no when he can be at the otlleo ol the Sjwrls
man 1 will meet him there to put up a forfeit and ar
range ull preliminaries. Respectlutty,
Last evening Henry Keisor, a truck driver, while
defending bis employer's property from a gang of
thieves, on the corner ot North Eleventh and First
streets, Williamsburg, was assaulted by them and
sustained latal injuries, his skull being tractured in
the struggle. Reiser was delivering liquors lor the
bouse ot W. A. Taylor, in tbis city, and had nearly
completed his task, two demijohns of wbiskoy only re
maining ou his truck. Those wore to be lelt in Will
iamsburg, one lu North Eleventh near First street,
and on that corner he stopped. He was almost
instantaneously attacked by the old First street
"North Side Gang," who attemptod to steal tho
liquor. Reiser seized ou?v tellow, who had;possession
of a demijohn, and was then thrown to the sidewalk,
beaten nnd kicked, wlnlo tho whiskey was carried oil.
The remainder of tho crowd were preparing to follow
tho thieves to sharo their plunder, wliou Owen Mc
Kulty, one of their number, ag?d ulnetcen years,
raised a heavy stone and, after askiug his fellows to get
out of.the way, threw It with ull his might on the
prostrate tu?n. They then ran away, leaving their
victim on the sidewalk with a crushed head.
Reiser was taken * to his residecco, cor
ner of North Tenth and First streets, only
?ne square distant, and there was trepanned by L?r.
Honuerson. 1 tie ooeratiou greatly relieved bun, but
no nope ot his recovery is entertained, tne tracturc
beitut t?o extensive. Immediate search was made tor
the [lerpetralurs, and during tho uiglil McNulty was
arrested by Detective Short at his residence, No. 60
North Eighth street. Officer Hennessy also arrested
John tireuell, aged eighteen years, ol Fourth, near
North Eighth street, and David Shinnlck, ol North
Eighth, neur Fourth strcot All three were drunk
when arrested, tho stolen liquor having been disposed
ot as soon as the crowd got together alter the assault.
Tln> remainder of the gang, who have beou under po
lice surveillance lor some time, are well known, aud
no doubt of their arrest to-duy is expressed by the
O(llcer Robert Sterling, of the Jersey City police,
who was convicted ol assault and battery on Robert
Fltrpatrick, was called up lor sentence in the Court ot
Quarter Sessions yesterday. Judgo llotlman, in
patsing sentence, said that the Court would luQict a |
punishment which would not soon be forgotten, net
stuiply because ol tho ussuull aud battery,
which uould proojb.y have been visited
by a Une, but ou account ol tho lla
grant perjury committed by the prisoner and his
ieltow otilcer Nicholson. The condttiou ol tho country
to.di<y *?? due inanity to the disregard of pertou- lor
their obltgat oils in every position irotn the highest to
the lowest I lie prisoner 10 save lillnaeil from a light
puiiiniiiueut violated the sanctity oi tho oath ho nad
taken A brother otilcer, when arin.gueu before tho
Ponce Commissioner*, comiuitt.it d' noerato perjury
in order to save a day's pay \ more shockiug state
ot tilings tiie Court could not couceivc. 1'he sen
tence ?l the Court w s itiat tho prisoner
be routined in the Penitent ary at uar l laoor tor nino
mouths. Jui.ge II illin ill aildud tn it tt the i'ollce Com
missioner" under*.ooil their duty they would ills
Charge Nicholson immediately from the tone. Ster
ling n id munv sympathizers in ttiu court room. Ho
Was a must lalthfut and < lltclenl no ice othror, and re
ceived on several occasions tne c uimoud*tion ol the
Chief ol Pom e .or important arrests aud amoral at
tention to uuiy.
Mr. J. W. Brutone, the popular comedian, died at
bU residence, No. 148 West Twenty-Qllh street, on
Friday morning, alter a short illuesa.
Brutone'a family name was Barrett. He was the
ion of Aaron Barrett, architect, of Tunbndge Wells,
Kent, England. He was not tntondod by education
for the stage, but early developed a desire for histri
onic last. In 1832, his health being Indifferent, bo
went to Sydney, Australia, whore, shortly alter his
i arrival, he made his deuut. At the theatre be met
Miss Court, also a dtfbutante, and shortly thereaitcr
| their fame and fortunes w< re merged in marriage. Ib
i 1 SO 1 Mr. Hrutoue aud his wife, having visited all the
cities ol Australia, went to Kugland, where thoy re
; Biained in professional occupation until 1807, when
) they came to America. From Iblk time Ktfth until
' his death Mr. Brutone played at different life at res in
New York, winning lor himself golden opinions and
establishing bis claims to popular recognition.
Mrs. Brutoue. mV Court, way ol the lamily famous as
hereditary proprietors of the Shakespeare property in
Sirailora'u|Mjn-Av?i), and had boon 'on the stage but
three mouths wlleu sho married the deceased.
Rev. Charles K. Fisher, rector of St. Paul's church,
Hartford, Conn., died at his residence In Hartford yes
terday morning. He was taken from life very sud
I dsnlv*. Mr. Kmher was tho senior minister ol the city,
and was intimately connected with all its public chan
ties. Ho was greatly esteemed Iiy the mvmuers ol all
parties and denominations. During his ministry he
perlormed the marriago ceremony foi 'J.000 couples.
Rev. Charles 11. Fisher, rector ol St. Paul's church,
Hartford, Cone., died very suddenly yesterday morn
ing. He was the senior minister of tho city, ami was
intimately connected with the city charities. Durtug
Ins lite he perlormed the marriage ceremony for some
2,000 couples.
A spocial socrot meet ing of the Board of Underwriters
was held yesterday at their room, No. 1C7 Broadway, to
take Into consideration tho growing demoralization
among the members, and to provide, if possible, an
effectual remedy. The meetiug was unusually largo,
ana among those prcsont wcro the leading spirits in
tho executive management ol tho National Board of
Underwriters. Alter some discussions on the recent
withdrawal? and the best way to get out ol the uitll
culties occasioned by them, a resolution
was proposed by Mr. McDonald, mo
senior mauager of tho Boyal, to the eflect
that henceforth robaies and commissions be allowed
lobe advisory, not peremptory; that is, that each
company should make rebates ironi tariff ut National
Board rotes and pay such percentage as In the opinion
of each seemed just uud equitable A lively debato
ensued, the resolution meetiug with strong opposi
tion, and an amendluent w.is proposed that tho rates
established sbou.d be considered advisory. No defi
nite conclusion was, however, arrived at, as Mr. Mc
Donald's resolution did not receive a suftlcient number
or votes to carry it. It is thought that a majority ol
the underwriters agree witu the spirit of the resolu
tion and that a final settlement must soon he agreed
The Board will meet again to-d.iy at twoive o'clock.
Mr. Beecher returned to bl? lecture room In Ply
mouth church last night.
Sneak thieves stole $165 worth of clothing from
the residence of C. A. Acton, No. 102 East Eighteenth
street, on Thursday nishL
A lire yesterday morning on the tirst floor or No. 449
West Twenty-seventh street, occupied as a grocery
?lure by M. Vehot, caused a damage ol $600.
Still they comv. Every day strong men and womel
apply to Justice Duffy to be sent to the workhouse lor
the winter, cotupiaiuing thai they aro out ol' work and
Olllcer Btolt, of the Ninth precinct, Jumped Into the
Norm ltivor alter John Cochrane, ol' No. 273 Hudaou
street, who tell overboard, and rescued hltu Ironi
Morris Avery, ? wall known (porting man, was held
for trial by justico Blxby, at tho Washington Place
Court yesterday (or ussaultingJ. W. Johnson, keeper
of the pool rooms, corner of Twenty* oightb street aud
Justice Duffy yesterday gave his decision In tbe ease
of Samuel C. Salmons, tbe youthful Lothario charged
Willi bigamy, holding him in $2,000 ball tor trlul at the
General sessions. Salmon's matrimonial oscapadcs
have been fully reported in the Hkhald.
While Detectives Dilka and Healy, ol tbt Broadway
?quad, were on duty near Twelfth street yesterday
afternoon they saw John Picket and Charles Hoffman,
two boys, pick a lady's pocket of a silk handkerchief.
In their possession were found a number of other auk
handkerchiefs, evidently stolon. The prisoners on be
ing arraigned buloro Justice Bizby. at the Washington
Place Police Court, yesterday wero hold lor trial In de
fault of $1,000 bail each.
Offltors Gonson and Pllklngton brought to tbe
Twenty-fifth precinct station bouso yesterday after
noon an unknown roan about fifty years of age, who
dropped deal in front of No. 10 West Twenty-third
street. Deceased was about five feel eight incbcs In
height and wore a brown overcoat, black diagonal coat,
vest and trousers. The name of henry C. Concklin
was on his pocketbook. He had ou his person $2 10 in
money, a pocket knife, two keys and a ring. Tho
Corouer was notified, and tbe body wus conveyed to
tho Morgue.
At tiio Inquest bold by Coroner Ellingcr In tho ease
of John Motbacbf a man who fell wulie working on a
building In the course of construction at No. 248 West
Fifty-filth street on the lUlu of October, tho Jury ren
dered a verdict censuring th? owner of tbe building,
Tboui'iB Darragh, ol No. 114 West Twenty-tnird street,
for allowing dolectivo timber to be used in the frame
of tho house. Kroin the testimony of somo other
workmen employed on tbe building It appeared that
deceased wus carrying up a beam to tho fourth floor
nud that when he reached that part ol the building be
let fall the beam ho had '>oen couveymg. winch caused
tbe boain on which ho was slauding to break, precip
itating him to the parlor floor, lie struck his head
against oilier bsatns in his fall, aud the wounds thus
received caused his probably instant death.
Su ll*.
Jialtic INov 2.">.
AU*tin Nov 25.
Hermann... V,v *"*?
Helvetia |Nov 2?>.
Mute of Virginia..
City of Cheater ...
Hlatf ot Nevada. .
PC aiano
City of Richmond.
Tue Queen
?17 Broadway
7 Bowling Green
- Howling Groan
?-ll If road war
tftf t> road way
2 Broadway
4 (fowling <>rean
*1 if re ad way
72 Broadway
IT? Broadway
137 nroadway
? ?i Liverpool.. .20 Hroadwav
I London.
2. til an. ow .
2 H re men...
2. Havre
?r>. Liverpool.
*i. Liverpool.
7. Glasgow..
7. Hami.urg.
7. Koticrdain
??. Liverpool
9. Liverpool.
. late ol Indiana .. I Dec 14
Frinia 11 lee 14.
Hm*nnie il'ec IB.
Dec lrt
Due 1H
??ser ll)f
Ethiopia* Irec lrt.
Klysia..., |D
State of Georgi
City of fferiiu..
l>eC 21
Livt rpool.
;.i% e rpool
G la*vow .
H n in burg
Glasgow .
Howling Green
7 Howiing Green
2 Howling Green
o ? Broadway
2# Broadway
4 Bowling Groan
2 Broad way
(fl Br > ad way
15 Broadway
Gtt Broadway
7 Bow ing Green
2 Howling Greeu
29 Bronoway
4 Howling i*reen
72 Broadway
>1 Broauway
if7 Broadway
V> Broadway
<>'.? Broadway
2 Howling l?re#n
7 Howling Gr?on
7 Howling Green
?;i Broadway
72 Broadway
il.r? Broadway
Pommerani >t (Dae 2H. | Hamburg.. 101 Broadway
COASTING AND FOUKIUN TRADE,?Captains or officers
ot vessels engaged in the coasting aud foreign trade observ
ing the displacement or removal of sea bu?>yi are requested
to communicate the facts to the lIxiuLP, bo that it may be
brought publicly to tbe attention ot th*? proper authorities.
A letter addressed **To the editor of the lllRALD, New Vork
city." giving as accurately as possible the iiumoer and posi
tion of displaced buoys or the cause ot their removal will
frufhee in all cases obsjrved along the Atlantic and Pacific
coasts ot the American Continent. Whan they are o -served
on the coast of Kuropoan Countries *?r in the Mediterranean
it is requested that information be si'iit either by telegraph
or letter to the London office of the Nkw Yuuk Hskald, 40
Fleet street, London, or to the 1'aris otlice, til Aveiiue de
1'Opera, Paris. Where the telegraph Is used despatches
may be addressed ' Bennett, 40 Fleet meet, London," or
"iteunett. til Avenue de FOpera. Paris '* Where . ases <?f
displacement are observed in the waters ot countries beyond
ti.e reach of the telegraph, as in Asia or Africa, captains
may communicate with us upon reiicning the llr?t conven
ient port. This Information will be cabled free of charge to
tho likluLt) and published.
TIii. POKT OF NEW YOltK AT MgHT.?The MiwYohk
I1kkai.ii has adopted a distinguishing t'oston iiiaht signal
lor use on hoard the Hkkald steam yacht, showing wiiile
turning the colors red. green, red, changing from one to the
other in succession, and can be seen several miles uistaut.
Captains of vessels, upon seeing this signal, will oblige us
by preparing any marine news they may nave for the Ship
News Department of tho IIkralu.
Persons desirousol coiuiuuuicaflng with vessels arriv
ing at New tork emtio so by addressing to such vessels
care of IlkRALP uews yecht. Pier No. I East Miver. New
Vora. Letters receded from all parts of tho world and
promptly delivered. Duplicates are required
Sun rima 6 fit | Gov. liUua....morn 2 42
SaiMU,,,.. 4 3"> | tMiody Hook...morn 1 67 j
i Moon seta. ...mora 12 30 j Hell Gate......morn 3 27
Steamer Montana illr). Beddoe. Liverpool Nov 15 via
ntrniluwn 16tn, with uidse and passengers to William* Jc
steamer .Neckar (<!?r>. Willlgerod, Hrtmen No* 13 and
Southampton 14ili. with m<li? and 210 vaiimiisri tu U?l
rich* A I.'o. Arrived at Sandy Hook HiO AM. Had varia
ble weather. Nor -I. lat 41 10. loll 55 1<>, passed a steamer
bound east.
I Steamer Hammonla (Oerl. Voai, Hamburg Nov 12, with
1 mdse und passengers to Kunbardt 4 I'o. Nov -3, lit 4<> ill,
| Ion i>S 31, passed steamer Abyssinia (Mr), lience for Liver
j pool.
I Steamer Algiers, Hawthorn. New Orleans Nor IB, with
mdseand psseeiiasrn to Htftrt A .Morgan.
Steauirr Benelactor. loots, Wilmington. St, 3 days, with
rnilse to Wm 1' Civile ,t Cu.
I steamer Old Dominion. Walker, Norfolk, with aidso to
| the Old Dutuiulou steamship Co.
I Steainor Thetis, Norfolk, with mdse to the Old Dominion
i Steamship Co.
ship Hudson, Knight. London Oct 30, with mdse to Grin* |
i nell. Minturn A Co.
! Hark Kngelbrekt (Swe), Eugolbrekton, Leith 33 days, iu
! b n 11 >< h t to riiucli, Edve A Co.
j Brig linrry Virdeu. Collins, Caibarien Oct -7 Tin Deln
| ware llreaku ator, with sugar to Jarnes W 1 .1 well k Co Cut
| int ? Delaware Breakwater leaking, and wai towed from
j there bv steamluK North America
Brig Ne* Era iBr', McPliee, oeoriretown. I'KX, 5 dayi,
! with potatoes to order; vessel to Gerhard A Brewer.
Schr Impulse hr). Uountrtc, Truxillo 31 daya, with mdse
to Le.iycralt Jc Cl?.
Schr Sarah A Keeil. Wuptill, Naguabo US day a. witil sugar,
Ac, to J I) Klvera A Co; veasel In Jed rrye A Co. Nov 6,
ihi I'H .'II. Ion Til 51), plckeu up part of inalnnoom and ?atr;
slso part mainsail anil galltopsail, with gear attached. The
irafT topsail W) marked "H E Saunders, sailmaker, Ma
Schr J Ricardo Jova, Little, Cienfuegos 28 day. with su
gar to llrtstian. HolTmuu .1 Co; Veasel to Kvans. Bail ,t Co,
Schr W li Card. Ko?s, Jacksonville 10 days, with lumber
to Inew k Bucki; vessel to 11 W l.oitd A Co.
Schr Johu (j Wright, Scull, \orfolk.
Schr 11eo H Hent, Smith, Virginia
Schr Flora Curtis. Curtis, Virginia.
Schr R C A Ward. Crane. Virginia.
Schr Harry Landeli. Taylor, Virginia.
Schr Ailelua. Loveland, Virginia.
Sclir '< T Hubbard, Love!and. Virginia.
Sclir T W II White. Smith, Virginia.
Schr M A lyler. Peterson, Virginia.
Sclir .1 osepli A Franklin, HhiikIii, Virginia.
Schr M K Bavard. Camp, Virgiuia. ?
Sclir Napoleon, i'redmore. Virginia.
Scnr Frauds Shubert. Cranmer. Virginia.
Schr Klia Ho'llne. super, Virginia.
Ht-hr Moderator, Bugbei). Virginia.
Schr Maria Pierson, (iraut. Georgetown, DC.
sclir C U Cranmer. Cranmer, Geo'getowu, DC!.
Sclir Louisa llirdsall, Warr n. ' leorgotown, DC.
S<'lir Wm Allen. Lewis, Baltimore.
Schr A II liurlburt. Griltin, Baltimore.
Schr J B Carrington. Parker. Baltimore for Now Haven.
Steatutug North America. Verdeu. l'hiladelphia.
Steamer fleorge Washington, Whitehead. St Johns, NK
via Halifax tor New York. with mdse and passengers to
Clark A Seaman.
Steamer City ot New Bedford, Fish, Mew Bedford ior
hew York.
Schr Olive. Warren. Calais for New Vork.
Schr li B Gibson. Davis, Kali River for New Vork.
Schr Henry Allen, Allen. New Bedford for New I or*.
Schr Annie Tibbits. Katou, Danversnort for New York.
Schr Louisa A Boardman, Norwood, Providence for New
Schr Providence, Rice, Providence for New York.
Schr Krancnula. Short, I'rovideuce tor New York.
Hchr Sarah S Harding, Smith, Providence for New Vork.
Schr .las E Maries, Arnold, Providence lor New York.
Schr Canary, Brown, Newport for New Vork.
Schr John Semes, Heath, Newport for New York.
Sclir Uuickstep. Hutchinson. Newport for New York.
Sclir JD lngrahain. Smith, Connecticut River for New
schr N Shaler, Hnbbard, Connecticut River for New York.
Schr J II W iter. Morton, Digbtoii for New Vork.
Schr Watcliuran, Pendleton, stonihgtoH for New York.
Schr A it l'vasc. Spencer. Portland, Ot, for New York.
Schr Ellen M Baxter, Lauipbler, New Londou for New
Schr ? P Cranmer, Pearsfell, New Haven for New York.
Sclir Baltinore. Francis, New Haven fur New York.
Scnr K A Forsyth. Hobble, Slamtora tor Now York.
Scbr A M Aldridge, Hanson, lluntington tor New York.
Schr Rhode Island, Siu>ih, Sag Harbor tor New York.
Steamer Rieanora, Johnson. New York for Porttana.
Steamer AJbatrnss. Davis. New York ior Fall River.
Stea"?cr Delaware. Sinitn. New York tor Norwich.
fcchr Tarry Not, New Y'ork lor Portsmouth.
schr Wm H Mailler, Muckinau. New York for Boston.
hchr L.tD Kisk, Baker, New Vork for Boston.
Scbr Webster Barnard, Jones, .sew York ior Boston.
Schr 1, M Strout, New York tor Boston.
Schr Helen, Ward, New York for New Bedford.
Schr David G Floyd, Clifford, New York for Plvcsonth.
scbr Raven, Williamson. New Y'ork for Providence.
Sclir E li Clark, Fengur. New York for Westerly.
Sclir G C Smith, Snow, New York for Dighton.
Schr Ida Palmer, Palmer, New York for Stamford.
Sclir Wm Boardman. Adams, New York for Portland, Ct.
bchr A H Uurlburt, Parker, New Vork Tor New Haven.
Sclir K C Buxton, Burton, New York for New London.
Scbr 11 B Metcalf, Hobuken lor Boston.
Schr Henrietta, Jones, lloboken tor Boston.
Sclir Weorgie D Loud. Crowell. lloboken fol Boston.
Schr Lady Antrim, C ricr. lloboken lor Wareham.
Sclir 11 S Bridges. Landrlck. lloboken tor Fall Itiver.
Scnr Alice B. Bassett. lloboken lor Providence.
Schr Iietta. Jones, Hoboken for Providence.
Schr Wm N (Jessner. Egbert, lloboken fur Pawtncket.
Schr Kate & Mary. Coggsweil. Kingston for Providence.
Schr J B Carflugton, Parker, Georgetown, DC, lor New
Schr Reading KR No 34, Adams, Philadelphia for Say
Sclir Veranda. Pond. Atcboy for Providoncs.
Schr Palladium. Ryder, Amboy for Providence.
Schr .Maria Fleming, Williams, Atnhoy for Norwich.
Scnr Florence V Turner, Walker, Port Johnson lor Ports
Schr Jessie Williamson, Frisby, Port Johnson for Fall
Schr Sarah Bruen, Smith, Port Johnson for Providence.
Schr II F Woolsey, Tirrell. Port Johusen lor Providence.
Sclir Sarah U Thoiuas. Arnold. Port Johnson for Provi
Schr Highlander, Wood, Port Johnson for Providence.
Schr Kliia Pliaro. Watson, Port Johnson lor Norwich.
Schr L S Hatch, kelsey. Port Johnson for Hartford.
Scbr Gale, Rlloy, Trenton I'ur I'rovideuce.
Bark Liberia, Fosnett, l'rom sierra Leon w
Steamer Baltic (Br), Kennedy, Liverpool via Queeustowu
?K J Cortis.
Steamer Helvetia (Br), Pearce, Liverpool via (juoent
town? Y W J llurtt.
Steamer Holland (Br), Uealy. London?F W J Ilumt.
Steamer Arrauoii Br, By inont Bristol. K?\V 1> Morgan.
Mourner Carondelet. Paircloth. Kernaudin* via Port
Royal?(' 11 Mallorv A Co.
Steamer t'orlea. Kreeinan, Savannah?(ieo Yonge.
Steamer Nereun. liearso, Savannah?(ieo Tonir.
Steamer Old Dominion, Walker, Norlols?Old Dominion
StcaiueUip Co.
Mt'uiuor \ incland, Bowen, Baltimore?Win Uuliell.
Steamer Octarara, Itevnolds. Baltimore?Win Ualieli.
Steamer Vesper. II all. Wilmington. I>el?A Abbott
Steamer Kleanora. Jonnaop. Portland?J K Aine*
Steamer Ulaucus. Boarse. Boeton?II K Dimoer.
Sinn l??ke Superior (Mr), steWart. Liverpool?Wm Nel
?oii. .Ir.
Slilp Moomouthahlra (Br), Irvine. Liverpool?Andrew Stu
art .V Co.
Ship E W Stetson. Moore, London? Urinnell, Mlnturn A
ship Josephine, Kogera, San Francisco?Slmonion k
Hark Sarpen (Nor), Backer, Belfast, I?Louis Tetcns.
Bark Francitco liellagaiuba iltal), Borxone, Cork, Fal
mouth or Plymouth?Slocovich .V Co.
ilicra lieorge B Ooane (Br), Corning, Antwerp?Bojrd k
lUra Columbia, Dickeraon, Barbados ? ll Trowbridgu'a
Haik Heath Park (Br), Smith, Perth Amboy?Andrew
Briu.iolm H Crandon, Pieice, Bristol, E?Swan ? Sou.
Brig " C Clary, Delano. Barbados?DwIjIh M Piatt.
Brig Kdwiu itowe. Scholia. Curacoa? J Ai;ostiu?
Brig L .k W Arni?lroug, Allen, Ponce, PK? L WAP Arm
Brin Sarah Crowell (Brl, Brown, St Kilts?Jones A
Brl,: 1-xcelelor (Br), Mayor, Hamilton (Bermuda)? Leay
crat'i <* Co.
Schr Carrie D Allen, llardlnir, Marauham ?(} Amslnck JL
Srhr Potosl, Curtis. Kingston.,!*?Thebnud Bros.
Schr Kdwiu J Palmer, Stevens, Savauua la-Mar?A U
So.onion i Co.
M-iir Ida May, Lauison, St 1'ierre. Mart?Simpson, Clapp
& Co.
Schr Silver Spray. Tenney, Xuevitea?II W Loud A Co.
Schr l.iindamla iBn, Paisons, Cbarlottetowu, l'Ll?l'er
kla? h Job.
Schr Nettie iBr). Britt, St John, SB?A T lleeney.
Scbr N ? Far well, Dlier. (ialve?to??Parsons ,t l.otid.
Schr VV II Malller. Kiirainun, Boston?F It Smith & Co.
Sclir Pelro, Kellv. Boston?Master
Sehr Traveller, Young, -jaleui? l liaa Twlng.
Schr Illinois, w ilson. New Haven?Delanoy A Walters.
Schr Dart. Campbell, Bridgeport?MttBiord Mauuiactur
ing Co.
Steamers Carondelet, lor Fernandlna, Ac; Cortes, Raven
| nab; Aaliianu, IVII minion, .NO: ship ??re < t NVemprn, Liv
erpool; barks Margaret he (tier). Klsinore; Krcole
Genoa; Falrjr H?llc <Hrk Kio Janeiro \la Wilmington, NtJ;
A<|Ui1h (Nor>. t'lymouth; r>okrat<s (Nor), Antwerp. V!o
I letlu (Fr). Marseilles; Cuomo Prnno (Ital). tiibraltar;
I Hawthorn?, Liverpool; Carib. St Croix : bri^t Monarca <lel
| Mere dial), l*lra*us; Miclielina (Ital), Gibraltar; J \V Par
I ker. Savannah; schr Nancy It* hmlth, Wilmington, NO.
, Wind nt sunset. N.N IV.
' Barometer ai suuset, 30; at midnight, 29.97.
| Stramkr Cornwall (Hr>, Stamper, from Bristol. E. for
\ New York, took ttts gruuud in piocoedi*w down the river
I I' M Nov 11, and remained nboiit miuutea, but c.tine otT
I without ciaiikM^e and tirou?e<imi.
mkaskk Klm City, from New Haven, berime dlftrthle<l off
| Kast CUehtor Hay ye?iord?y AM, end was towod to New
: York.
A I?aRt*K Stkasikh, ?uppo-?ed frt in Ix>ndou for New York,
whs reported ttl Ileal Nov 1.1 to have grounded on the Brake
l Mind the previous afternoon uariutf a thick log, Imiv floated
i on tii ti?o i tide, wuli lone oi anehur and ciiain (.No tueatmtr
1 having lelt London on or for neveral days previous to the
A'-ove date tor New York, the vesn**i cou.d not have tiven on
the voyage an -t^ied aonve.)
.Sitir OTAfio. before reported at Callao iu distress, will
probably be condemned.
Ship Victohia. IWim Boston for O tlcutta, carried away
her Jibbootn when olT Cape t-od Nov but oroceeded on her
! Bauk Alba ?Bn. Foiwood, troio Philadelphii Sept H f??r
lvigtut. wan beached at the month ot Arknat l*Jo it, tireen
land. Oct 2. Sh-i wa? suo^equi'otly blow i olT and arrived
there again Oct I'i. and tfot within 2omiie?of Iviu ut and
receivetl anaistance trum the stenmer Fox, but. owing to
heavy weather, niie was compelled to anaudon the voyage
and made for Kurope, arriving in ilia Kirth of Forth Nov 1,
Bahk H U Cti*ALi.A (Br), from Quebec lor Antwerp, bo
fore reported a* having arrived at Heal, was in the 1>owii?
Nov i:i very luaky, and would probably be surveyed before
Bauk Faith iBrj.from Troon for Pensacola, before re:
ported as liaving been driven ashore, had a cargo of Coa1
and pig Iron, and while ri ftu^ at aucoor to th? south of
Sauda parted cables and drove ashore at i'olljrwiliiaf Bay,
' about 10 ml 1*1 from Camweiiiown. Ob ?tri king tua snore
tlie mainmast, tnretopgallamm>tet and rnistn tupmut w?r?
curried away ? hull not damaged.
ticm Ku Dirtm, from Ilobnken for Somerset. Km,
with coal, carrisa a war jibstay aud put Into Newport, KI,
Nov 24.
Schk J D McCarthy. lr?ti> Philadelphia tor Portsmouth.
XII, lost anchor* ami chains and ran ailwre below Port
Pehii in the storm ol 18th in?t. Will bare to discharge pari
of cargo to cat off.
Hciik K ll Wuildkh, from Providence for New York, light,
parted leach rope and tore top aud mainsails badly yester
day, and auchored olf Whltestone to repair.
8< iik Tkrksa. Irom Boston Not 14. for Charloltetown.
PHI. put back 24th. and reports21st. In a gale. Cape Ami
bearing weic. iL't miles was dismasted: was taken m tow
off Chatham 23d. I'M. by steamer Pent, from New York lor
Halifax, and taken to Bostou.
Schr S 0 Notki, atbore at Cape flealopen. lies Inside
the Cape, not much damaged. Ttie captain b is made ar
rangements with responsible parties to get her to Philadel
phia tor $4 >U The crow bad been enlaced by the wrecker*
to assist
S*(i? Dklia O Tatu, before reported lunk after colliding,
sailed Ironi l.ivernool No* 4 for Matancas. aud wnlle pro
coedinir d >wn the Channel on th<' Sth ? a< run ? own by the
steamer West Indian, of Liverpool, and sunk In about ten
Sriiu Jon* WgjrrwoRTH, Brown. from Jacksonville. with
lumber lor New York, wan ruu Into bv a 2-tousten sctm 'Her
at 8 I'M. Nov J3. and on 24tn was lylug at anchor. in a sink,
Ing rondltlou. 3 miles from shore. opposite the llfhthrusa,
Barnegal: lives lost. [Another acconnt says the J W
sprung a l?.ik, tillea with water and wt| unable to prooeed,
anil was lyin.' at anchor with the crew on hoard. Assist
ance had b jeii snmmoued from New York. The cr<i? of the
Lite Saving Station No. 18 were ready to give assistance If
nre<led. J
Bosto* Pilot Boat No 7 (before reported), while Irlne
In the Oowynrd at Plymouth, Mass. parted both chains in
the Kale, ami went ashore ou the flats shortly alter 11 o'clock
MonJa.v night. Tuesday. lu tba height of the blow, she ran
fast a^rounil In Town dock, at the hea lot Long wharf, being
destitute ot means to limn up afloat. A larne crowd
gathered and eudeavorad to hail! her off. but. on account of
the violence ot the <ilc. did not succeed. On \Vednesdav
thejr ware more successful, and got her Into dean water
alongside the wharf.
1H-32 of baric John J M:irsh, built at Newburvport in
1*73. 41U ton*. rales Al. ha* been purchased by Mr. John
Zittloseu, of this eity, at the rale of 6IU.DOO for the whole
Additional information received from Provlncetown and
other p riiol the bav ri-uders it pretty certain that no
other disaster* than those previously glv.n have occurred
in that vicinity. It is confirmed that tne fragments ol the
ve>?el washed ashore near Hull belonged to the schr Tag
li'ini, as was supposed, and that sha was tho vessel which
was driven out of Ulnucestor harbor alter the crew ha l
abandoned her, thu* showing that no lives were lost by the
Hatii. Nov 23?The wreck of the bark Andes, burned at
this p 'rt. has been sold to II W A H K Morse, to bo broken
II Ai.tr.tt, NS. Nov'-'4?The steamer Alpha, fr.im Boston
lot >uminHrside with a general cargo, is ashore at Cape
Philadelphia, Nov 24?Bark Ecuador (Br), hence for
Antwerp, touched on Cherry Island Kiats, but came off
without assistance aud proceeded.
Qi'icukc. Nov 24?Hark Spatik*r (Br). Whltehlll, from
Montreal Nov 4 lor iilasgow with grain grounded at 8t
Thomas, was hauled off without damage and proceeded.
_ Hitkrhxad, Ll, Nov .'4?Schr J W Scott, llaiey. from
New York to* St John, with a cago of flour and meal, was
ruu into last nigit bv a propeller, bound west, opposite
llortou I'oint. I he sclir is now lying over the bur opposlta
this place, with sp irs gone aud full of water.
Siili'HiiiLniNG?At Nowburyport. MrUeorire E Currier ha*
a contract lor a bark of 1,in?o tons lor parties In Boston,
and ha will commence work upou her at onco
Wasiunoto*. Nov 24?Tne l.igbt'iou-e Board five* notice
that ou and alter Dec ?, 187tl, a Axed white light will be
shown Irom the lighthouse recently erectcd at the mouth ol
the Calcatieu River, Louisiana.
A letter from Capt Basse:t, or bark l'erry. nf Eilgartown,
reports her at St Michaels Oct 31, having taken 85 bbls ap
oil since last repurt. which had oeen landed and shipped bv
bark Amixade tor this port -1>00 bbls sp and SO do wh oil, all
told. Had shipped Mr Coiborn, recently of bark Spartan,
a* second mate. All well; bound south.
A letter from Capt Marchant, of bark Clarice, of Edgar
town. reports her at St MichaeU Oct 31, ready tor sea, liav
lug (hipped 2U0 sp oil by the Amixade. All well; bound
A letter received from Captain Wm Earle, master of ship
Splendid, now of Port Cualmera NZ, aays hi* owner* con
template buying tha bark William tilQord for tUe whaling
New Bedford, Nov 23?The intention to fit *hlp Daniel
Webster for the Arctic Ocean has been given up, mid she
will sail In April next on a voyage sperm whaling in the
North and South Atlantic oceans, under command of Capt
U B Borden, late of bark Pacific, Swilt A l'orry, agents.
Bark Nevado (Br), from Point Lobo* Cor Cork, 13day*
out, July 17, lat '-'4 12 S. Ion 7H W.
bark Joutsen (Kus), from Liverpool for Philadelphia, Nov
8, lat 49. Ion 10.
Bark Paul Thormann (Oer), from Hamburg for New York,
Oct 21. lat 41) 17, Ion 0 20.
Bark W A Karnsworth (Br). Manchester, from New York
for New Bedford. Nov 22, night, about half way betsrean
Captain'* Island and Sands Point.
Merchant*, shipping agents aud shipmasters are informed
tli.it by telegraphing to tbe Hehalh LouJoi Bureau, ad
dressing "Bennett, No. 48 Fleet street, London," or to tb?
Paris oflire, addressing "Bennett, 61 Avenue de I'Opera,
Paris," tbe arrivals at and departure* from European and
Kastern porta of American and all foreign vessels trading
with tbe United States, tbe earn* will be cabled to ibis
country free of charge.
Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Medi
terranean ports will And the Paris office the mora economi
cal and expoditlous for telegrapning news.
Ancona, Nov 20?Arrived, bark Rosalia (Ital), Peteo, New
Antwerp, Nov 24?Sailed, steamer Swttserland (Belg),
Jackson, New Yoik.
Belfast, Nov *3?Sailed, bark Heela (Br), Gould, United
Bremen, Nov 22?Arrived, barks George ?Jer), Steffens,
NewYora; 24th, ship Carl (Ger), Bockelinann, do; barks
Preclosa (Ger), Stlllman. Baltimore: Atalanta (Gar), Lub
ken, Philadelphia.
Sailed 23d, ship Shakespera (Ger), Fechter, America;
brig Tordenskjold (Nor), Wilmington. NC.
Borheacx. Nov 22-Arrived, bark Vidtjaaen (Nor), Frode
sen. New York.
Sailed from PanlUac 22d, Mllljr. for Wilmington, NC.
CAUDirr, Nov 23?Sailed, bark Esther, Merrill, Havana;
brig Cascatelle, Sparks, d?.
Cadiz?Sailed, brig Uana iGer), for Galveston.
Dublin, Nov 23?Arrived, bark Guiding Star (Br),
Pitiwue, Philadelphia.
Falmouth. Nov 23?Arrived, bark Andrea* (Greek),
Cocklnaas, Philadelphia for Antwerp.
Arrived In th<> English Channel 24th. steamer Aeton (Br),
Robson, New York for Calais; bark Brisbane (Br), Huddle
stone, do for London.
Glasgow, Nov 23?Sailed, bark Nemllo (Br), Sutherland,
United States.
Sailed 21th, bark Harriet S Jackson, Bacon, Cardenas,
Greenock. Nov 23?Sailed, ship Chippewa (Br), Milne,
United States.
llr.LVOKT, Nov 23?Sailed, hark Johanne* Rod (Nor), Moe,
Homo Kong, Nov 23?Arrived previously, Lark Edward
May, Johnson, San Francisco via Honolulu.
Liverpool, Nov 21?Arrived, steamer Istrla (Br), Fltt,
Hulled 23d, barks Fanny M Carvill (Br). Johnson, United
Stntet; 2U!i. Modoc (Br), Marsh, do; Olive Mount (Br),
Smith, New York.
Lo.iuon, Nov 24?Cleared, barks Freden (Nor). Halvor.
sen. United States; John Shepherd. Burgess, do; Wave
Queen (llr), Wilson, do.
Leghorn, Nov 21?Sailed, barks Sophia R Lnhrs, Goo
gins. Now York. Nomad, Jayno, do.
Marseilles. Nov 23?Arrived, bark T C Jonei, McLeod
New York: lirlg A It Stronnch tBr), Munroe, dn.
Mkssina?Arrived, b.-rk Syra. Corning Naples.
Newcastle, Nov 23-Arrived, barks (ilulio (Ital). Pao
llllo. New York; 24th, Northumbrian (Br), l'iggie, Poilu
I'lvhouth. Nov 24?Arrived, steamer St Gerraaino (Fr),
Rlcolonx, New York for Havre tend proceeded).
QCEKNSTOWN, Nov 24?Arrived, ship Winued Hunter.
Pauno, Hau Franeiseo; bark Ligiu Hriirado ,Uri, Aske,
Arrived 2f>th. I AM, steamer Wyoming (Br), Jones, New
York lor Liverpool (and proceeued).
Put In 24th, steamer Minerva iBr), Baser, New Orleans
for Reval, short of coal.
Sailr-1 4th. ?te?mcr City of Richmond (Br), Brooks (from
Liverpool', New York.
Soft ha UPTON, Nov 24?Sailed, bark Jennie Armstrong
(Br>, Thompson, New York.
Steitin, Nov 22?Arrived, bark Farewell (Ger), Neumann,
New York.
Sailed irom ? Nov 2.', ship Dr Berth (Dan), Hansen,
United Stales.
Hot-VrtEAD, Nov 24, PM?Wlud SSE, strong,
Plymouth. Nov 24. PM?Wind S. ligst.
BOttPKAVX. Nov ll>?Silica. nteamer Assyria (Br), Don
aUisou, Sew York.
Coi'KMUi.k?, Nov !? Arrived, steamer Fox. from Ivi>rtui.
Caui/., Nov i*?It) port. bur* VV li ??ei?n, Collins. utic.
CaulTTa. Oct JO-In p?rt, ships BrltUti Knvoy (Br),
8tf?w*ri, lor New Yom ; Andromeda (Br), tor do;
Nat'irnlist (Hn% Nvlftcn, ????; l'udi*b* (Bri, Minn-, for Sao
Francisco; Cora. Cojmbs, for Bombay; bucks II tldee (Br?,
Dickie, for Sun Kraiicuco; Morro Castle, Jewell* for
i Colombo; Carni?*I (i?r), Donald, for do.
| >i*iifd Irom >augor Oct 10, ship Lock?ley Hell 'Br),
I Name*. New Yor*
<?iukai.tak. Nov 1 ?Sailed, bark Macbiavelll (Hal). Ma*
re so a (from l*ejrliorn), New York.
(?kniia, Nov 22-Arrived, bars G Keu*ens, Leiffhlon, New
lloKOlli.l', Nov 5?Arrived, bark Jane A Falkiobur^,
II ii ibnrd, Portland, O
II alirax. NS, Non ?3?Arrived, cabin summer Minia
Cleared --id. bark Tviuplar (Br>, T re fry (from Montreal),
Cork, having repaired. _ ,
| liK.Hons, Nov Arrived, scbr Mary A Dmry, Baker,
i New York. ? U1
I'onck, Nov IH?Arrived, brig Georgia, Thomson. Balti
more. ^ .
Kio .1 axmuo, no date?Arrived, bark Gamoyden, Tooey,
'rii?,,"ok?sd? DO Sii.. no date?Arrived, hark P'PjJ*
(tieri. Uuijeu, Richmond, Va (aud cleared about Nov IS lor
H'st j1>h?, NH. Mot fl CUated, bark Walton (Br), Will
lams, Caernarvon.
D b*rt hM-?? Beltreml (Oer).
_ VICTOBJA,.Nov 14?Arrived, lUtnar Dakota, Morse. 8m
"ZZ2r,:Jrt "V A Hlauchard. Callao.
Uolcomb, San FrVnclsco!''' <B". L?u<lo.; 15th, W A
? fP?" STCAMrB N?C?4R.1
Nor Io-Arrivod, Fanny P. Loodrl, Ne?
K.ikkow, Nov 10- Sailed, Glenola, Horn, Charleston.
Rn?di U " 13_a*"e<1- B?"?. Jbo?Iu. lUmplM
BomiBAVX, Nov 10?Mailed. Jennie Sweeny. Hudson. Gal.
Audre?"? Newurle.n.; Soq^.
:rum,'n.VuXodn.Exr>or,er Brook'
r*m>irr. Nov lO-Olearsd. John Oibaoa Dedd 8t
Dr^N\ IT* l'trS*l"*T A,blu,l?. Dundee
J L^uiw 1 *KU*l"' T,*"?-,ro,u *"?'?>?
Anchored 11th. Spacu'ator. Pitman. Hamburg for \me?
M?.i?Ve?? ?orH*ew'i:!:r^U*beC AOt"*rp; ?*??*
l)rBLiN. Nov 11-?Cleared. Joriren I^orsntc?n i ???
DlM?HK.*HL,CNov0n 1"s KUTi Vt9ir ?**!"*. BalW*e.
I iNKiRk. Nov II?.sailed, Ligtira, Capurro, Baltimore.
York n-Pl,t '"W- Emilia DluJ-le, Peak.. lur N??
<;i.our?STm. Nov 11?Sailed, Ounhllda. Meikle Tvhee
liltinir, N?.v 11 ? Panted, Maria, Nowmau. lioin liull foi
Oi.AMinw, Nov 11?Sailed. Catatonia <s), Lisbon Ac:
Canadian (s), Montevideo via Havre. ?
lrt'ElBK>0v** ^?V ?a-~A^r*vc<*, Phoenician (s), Scott, Moa>
Sailed 11th, Kenilworth, McKeozia, Pensacola.
(jIUraltam, Nov 5~Arrivedt Olympic (?;, Young, Olaa
ffow, Ac (una suited for Aliueria).
Hull, Nov 11? Arrived. Hudson. Nicholas, Pabellon
Pica. w
Havrk. Nov 10?Sailed, Jamestown, Call, New Orleans.
J Cleared 11th, Daniel Draper, Sedglev. Tybee.
Livkkpool. Nov II ?Arrived, Scythla ?). Harris, New
i ork ; 1. th Caspian (?), Trocks, Baltimore; Carrie Hum*
phrey (.rosier, Rangoon; Kith, Nevada (s), Guard New
York: Lake Nepk'ou (*). S;?ott, Montreal.
Milled 13th. kuby. Kobertsou, Mobila, Stratford, Nielsen.
I onnaco a: Glen Grant, Russell, Charleston.
CleHTMi 1 Jtb. C arittsa 11 Carver. Dow. Calcntta; Speed
well, Dow. Havana; John Y ahey, Hyan, Baltimore; Kati
Csnn, Smith. Tyn?e; VValoorjr, llanseu, do.
IjONDOJf, Nov 13?Arrived. Canada <s), Sumner, and Aus
tralia (s), Sidey, New York (an i both entered out to r^
turn): Haiubiirjr, Jorgensen, 9a mi en ay.
Cleared 1 lib, N??rnen. Olsen. Baltimore; Carl Llnck.
Lamn, 2 hilndtdnhia: 13th, Arctic, McDonald. Parsboro
Sailed Irom (iravesond lltli, Tommy, Doboy; Elly, Bean*
fort. N(,; Mariraretha Bluuca, Doboy; 13th, Johanna Mar
iraretha. New York.
L-iWUoadkkrt, Nov 10?Sailed, Bjorgvin. Olsen. Balti
MiuntMBOROooB. Nor 11-Railed. Joee.ih Peat* (?).
Chit ham, New Orleans.
AIala^a, Nov h? Arrived, Glacier, Battle, Lisbon.
felled 7V\. Zeal <?;. Priest. Gibraltar and New York.
MALTA, Nov 2?Arrived, Bengal i), Douirlas*, Yokohama
Ac (and Hailed 3th for Gibraltar and Now York).
I K.VARTff. Nov 11? Sailed. North star, Kot>ert?. Callao.
' *?,v -??Arrlved. Acadia <s), Craig. MlUtio
(and sailed 6th for New ^ ork).
Nailed 4th, Andrea I.ovlc >. Uallo, New York
5"'I,B"? <?'. M?r?eille? (and
?Riled 5th for Ophal.jtla).
UII^M.XSTOWK, Nov 12?Arrived, Prlneeia Alice. Tempi.,
Quebec lor dwantea. K ^
-N"v II?s?iled, Carolina Agnei, for New Of
loans: \\ effR, wr iJoston.
Tuoon. Nov 11 ? Nsllcd, Faith, Uemmell, Darlen (ilnca
reiiorted ashore).
iorrkviiua. Nov 3-Arrived. Belle, Hennossy, Alicante
(and nailed ttth lor flarbor Graced
y hitkhavkji. No? lU?Arrived, Egremont, Kenny, Qua*
A VILA, Cal. Nov 10-Sailed, bark Relna do Honde (Pi.
SarrHii'ii. Kulranuth. *
ALhXANDiUA, Nov 23-Arrived steamer John Gibson.
?/?: schr Tnrrlo S Hart, New London.
Saili-d?Selir* Mabel Thomas, Now Haven; Isaac Orhetou.
Motion: L A Rose (Irom Ueorjiatown), for ; J J Moore
BOSTON, Nov "J4? Arrived, steamers Georg* Appnld.
Love land, Baltimore;; Neptnne. Berry, New York (not pro
r. l? TT :..?ero?,,iP*,n^lt',on: Cet"'I?-<lo. Miller, and Alleiv
town, 1 little. I'liilmlelnhia.
fRrtl,,w"d-!fte*mor" Cb'n" <Hr), mil, Liverpool; Illyrias
(Br). Worthlnrtoii, do ; shlP< Victorii. Baker, do (aee Mia
cellany); Formoaa Rernoids. Melbourne ; harks Rook wood
(Br). Jewell, London: Edward Cuslilnir. Bickmore. Deme>
tf'S.-"t i" J 5 wCb?ter Kute.8tPi.rre. Mlquelon;
Helen A Lock (Br). Rand, 1)aytl; Oriole, Baker, Philaael
?\",eSr.?,llW.V1f,orU *,ld Lottie Warren.
BALTIMORE, Nov 24?Arrived, ?teamors Oeo II Stout.
Plerc. Newbern. M!; barks Bor^ono (Itnli, Ollvarl,
Gloueei.ter,R; Queen of the Kleet (Br). Mllner, Liverpool
Ciearad-Barks llenefattoro (Am). Posehlch. Coik; Ceres
MM vii?^Paladl" (Ar.-). Jones. St John^
i> y 'i.J' L"'1 tle' Londonderry; schr Ocean
PearlFltssrerald. Porto Roilo; 8 W Town send Townsend.
? mi . <1;.!S",nV.e,J5'1,""u- Ke"T. N?w Haven; Hanry
>N ithin^ton. Croweil, Boston.
Sal'ed?Barks Paladin. Sjomand.n and Ounl.
BRUNSWICK. Ga. Nov 18?Cleared, schrs Eagle Rook.
Hammond. Palme (Majorca); StarllCht. Jone^ OamarU
cotta; Mary J Waid, Ward, New York; Annie Jonea. Jones.
BANGOR, Nov 2.'?Cleared, ship R R Thomas, Nichols.
Liverpool via Searaaort to llnlsh ldit.
BriLKASr, Nov 15 - Arrived, schr Geo B Ferguson. Fer
l?u?in. Ellsworth lor New York.
v bK,rk J?h1.C S"lifh- Jone,? Mobll#: ?<-'>" Lolf
;L"iP i'' *fkVnJi l?: ^ h Fer*oson, Fersuaon,
Vo^. iuIk * ? ?n'i u Kdlth, Boston, to load tor New
i- J. J ? Hay ford Pendleton, New York; 2 2d, brlir I
W Co.'hran, Kilbv. St .lohn. NB.
Bi)OTH BAY Nov 22-Cleared, schr Mary E Oliver (new)
Dunham, New York.
BRISTOL. Nov 22?Arrived, sehr J C Nash, Crowley
Providence for New York.
b /N, Nov 22?Cleared, schr Paanio Tracy,
Tilton, Brunswick, to load for Philadelnhia
24th?Sailed, steamer Heleiirh, Baltimore; brijr OHa (So).
* K*Tracy - ^nn'6 Steveus, Montgomery, Jackson*
BaB&tWHfYorkN?T 2I"C,*?r?d. Harriet * Edith. *
FORTRESS MONROE. Nov 24-Passed out. steamer*
Hibernian, and Lake Megantic (Mrt.for Liverpool; barka
Exrn <Nor). for Antwerp: Nellie T Uuest (Br), do- Antoia.
Lnlted Kiiurdom: Impero (Br). London; Troal
(Br). Quecnstou'ii: De.etl Duhrovackl (Am), do; Tlruo.
leoiite (Ttal).do; Skjo dmaen (Nor), Rotterdam; Marlab 4
^nLtr 'iVrih : Ausruste (Gcr). Bremen; Mobil
(tier), Hamburg (all Irom Baltimore).
GLOUCESTER. Ma??, Nov 22 -Arrived schr Elliotts
Dow (.l-mastedi. Daboll. Cadis.
HYANNIS. Nov 22?Arrived at Bass Hirer PM, steamec
Pranconia, Bra^ir, New York for Portland.
JACKSONVILLE. Nov 18?Arrived, schrs Kate Grant
Conroy, New York : Nellie Grant. Jordan, do?Sarah B'
ton Havana: 20th Prcscott llar.rltlu., ivadlln, Boston.
Cleared 17th, achrs Jo?hua (irlndle, Fre-tl:y. Porto Ca.
hello; Annie L Mrheen, McKeen; M L Drew Mahonev ani
DUi^arc^Von a "i n ? tVlearad 2 S stRe,n#U' (S?,)
24th-Cleared ?hlp Atmo.pher. (Br), Wright. Liverpool!
bark Bravo (Nor), Christopbersen. do. '
.M.UTUWKST Paw, Nov 20-Hailed, ship AJa* (Nor).
Apenes. Galveston. \
\*nc"u?" <Br). Oliver. Liverpool!
Acadian (Bri.t auslns. do: Ragnar (Br). Foster, do; Krn<
drlck. Hsli Henry Autwerp; L B Gllchri.t. W?tU l.on
don; Louise (Nor). Bull. do; Orkel Fell* (Frl
Lepere Havre; uia^l Tidlnim (Br>. Dick do
Alexander. Murphy. l(lo Janeiro; Wm Mcd'liv.rr
Nickel.. Dunkirk; harks Comte-se Duchatel (Fr). Dupont!
Bordeaux: Snhra (Nor), Otterbeck, do. Amor (For), fork
ildaen, Dnhlin; l.adv Rowena (Br). Sterling. Live.pool; Al
mathea .Non Krlcksen Ghent: (J P Harbits (Non. Jacob,
sen, ( hrlstiania; Statminiater Slanc (Nor>. Marvuort- bris
Mirittine (Ger), Rio Janeiro; schr Chittoor (Br), Gortlev.
Walled, steamer lludsor. New York.
NO itKOLK. Nov 22?Passed through the Canal, steamel
Nattie, Pollers, from New Vork lor ,\ew Orleans.
NEW BEDFORD, Nov 22?Arrived. sloop Clio, Chase,
New York via Newport, where sh ? put in lo distress.
2nd?Arrived. sehrs Mnxon Rodders, A brains, llaltlmoroi
Idnho, Jam -son Newport, with the cargo of wrecked sclir
Henry itibbs; North America, Fish, New Vork lor Warehain
Sailed?iteamer Leonard. Albertson, Philadelphia; scUl
Ben I'erlev Poor. Chase, Baltimore.
NKWPORT. Nov 23. AM? A'riveil In the nlirht. sclirs Isis
of Pinea, Logic, Roudoat for Providonce (alter discharging
part ofcarit" li<-re).
24th?Arrived, sclir Kva Diverty, lioboken for Somerset,
Was". Willi loss of liobstay.
NEW HAVEN, Nov 23?Arrived, brig Arabella, Hurbley,
Wludsnr, SR.
I'ENSACOLA. Nov IB? Arrived, shin Glasgow (Br!,
Moore. Glasgow; scht Marv E Long. Perglns. Havana.
PORT ROYAL, >C. X?f 24?Arrived, steamer City of
Dallas, Miner Fernandlna.
PHILADELPHIA, Nov 24?Arrived, steamers Ncderland
( Bel?>, .1 ames, Antwiup: Touwiinda. Shermnn, Providencei
Ami Ellin, Rieharas. New Vork: bark Albertlue (Nor),
Glnckstadt, Rotterdam: brig Toll (Nor), Mortensen,
Borderux; s.-hrs Cassia, Jameson, Bilbao, Pintb, Dix,
Also arrived, steamers Acnes. Burdick, New York (and
sailed on return > ; bark Old Dominion, Nichols, Antwerpi
brlir A O Petting)!!, llall, Bermuda; scbrs E M Buehicr,
Mnloy, Boston.
Cleared?Steamers Defiance. Shropshire, I'all RlverJ
Mayflower. Davidson. Now York; bark Providence (Br),
Potter. London; sclirs Edltli I. Steere, Hutcbius. Boston;
II J May, Blackmail, do; Annie V Bergvn, Thompson,
Gloucester; \* H Howe. Whittemore, Provlneetowu;Charles
E Smith, Hanson. Bristol; J I.each, Johnson. 1'rovldene.j;
George n Marts, Mart*. Cardenas; Stephen Bennett. Ben
nett, Laguayra; Hannah Conner, King, Turk's Island;
Sau.ly Hook, rharo, Porisoiomli. Va.
Lkwks, Del, Nov 24?Arrived. 7 AM. steamer Albemarle,
Gihbs. N-w fork (and lelt (or do at 4:30 PM).
Steamer Indiana, lor Liverpool, uas-ed to f# tat 10 AM;
bark Elena, for Bremen, went to sea at noon.
PORTLAND, Me, N>'v 22?Arrived, schr Clara Jones,
Derm itt Rockland for Richmond, Va.
23d?Arrived, brig Ablilt Watson, from an eastern nort
for New Vork; scbrs Vesta. Windsor lor do; Helen G King,
Calais tor do; Se lie II, Kastport (Vir do; Kauuy Mitchell,
do for do; Convoy, St Georgo lor do.
24th?Arrived, schr Kva E l'"ttiiiKill, Philadelphia.
Cleared?Schr R f Hart. Cardenas.
PROVIDEMCH. Nov 23?Amved, schr Horizon, Leet,
S ?ilod - Stenmer Johns Hopkins, Ilallett, Baltimore via
I Norfolk ; seiirs K K Blrdsall, Cramner. Georgetown. DC; S
J l-'o.tks Cralimer, Alexandria; James Alderdice. Rockhlll,
Philadelphia; Eiennrit w Denham, Chase, New York; Mars
Hill. Bowd. it, do. ... . ?
P WVTl CKKT. Nov 22?Sailed, sehrs Joseph Porter. Bur.
roughs. Philadelphia; Hampton. Fletcher, and Ganges,
Keith, New Vork.
ICHMOND. Nov -.'S-Arrlved, steamer Wyanoke, Couch,
"isuil d?Schr J 8 Ivios, Ingersoll, New York via James
"s'n FRANCISCO. Nov 18?Cleared, sehrs L'rique (Mex),
Ga?kio, Mantlan: Kosta S?cranieuto, Roney, Aui*.
Sailed?Brig Orient, Williams, Coos Kay.
33a?Cleared. ship Ambrose (Br), Slutnd, Queonstown;
lirig Hat rrl, Melbourne via Humboldt.
s.i,led-sliir* *'?'? Vork (Br), Irwin, Liverpool; Newman
llafl tBr . Hlaler, yneenstown.
SEATTLE, Nov 1*1?Sailed, ship El Dorado, llayden, San
Franclseo. ......
SAVAJSSAH. Nov 24?Arrived, steamer Herman Living
ston Mai lory. New York; liark H I. Ronth. Vouiiir, London.
Cleared ?Hark Frr.s (Men, JoiKensen, Liverpool,
sroMM'.TON, 23?Arrived, sclirs Fanny Pern,
Eaton, Port Johnson J Spray, Martin. Kali ltiver for Tren
'"vINKYAKD haven, Nov 23?Arrived, sclirs Editli B
Everman, Philadelphia lor Boston; Elbinige (Jerry. New
Vork lor Bangor
gaile?l?Brigs Abhy Thaxtsr and Will Robertson; sclirs
Maggie Ellen, Sainuol Wackrilt, Caledonia (Bo, and El
brid e Oerrjr.
WILMINGTON. MJ, Nov 22?Arrlvon, steamer Pioneer,
Wakely. N?* York: bark Israel (Swnl. Tallin, Antwerp
llelow?nrtv Oanelitn iSori, Aiidi i-en,
Cleared?Bark Lydia I'esi liau (Ger), Kechter, Amster
Went to sei?llaiKs Ocean (Oer), (or Loudon; VloletU
(Cen , tor Uotteril im
231 ?In i.ort, sclir Annie E Glover, Pod^cr, fjr Provi
dence. ids.
WOOD'S HOLE. Nov 23. H AM?Passed by, steamor
Glanciis Irom Boston lor New Vork.
WaKEHAM, .Vov -3?Suited, sclir Thomas Borden, (^hsrs
bucK, Pliilu'leipiiia.
WaRHEN, -Nov Jd?Arrived, sclir Sarah A Kalconer. Wil
son, llobokea.
Divorce.j, legal i-.vkrywhkre. "obtained
without p<iiilic-itv -. ii.lvlce Iree. KltKDKRICK I. KING.
Luwter Md Notary Public, No. ti St. M ark's place, N. V.
divorced; send lor Circular. AMERICAN LAW
AKE.NCV, 71 Astur Hennas

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