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This admirablo organization, composed of members
?f Theodore Thomas' orchestra, gave their second cou
csrt last eveniug, and it was 111 many res; sets more
luti resting thau its predecessor. The octet lor wind
instruments by Mozart, ami Uuinraul's well known
septet were tlio main features of Iho concert. Tho
tort;'at aud b.-uultlul thought* of tho llapbael of music
>u the tormerwork woro cmvoyed with vividness ami
Spirit by the players, w ho seemed to enjoy the vailous
movements with liifluile zest. The octet of artials
istodol the lollowiug:?Two olioes, Messrs J. Kller
t.ttd Cb .sto\vass<r; two clarionets, Messrs. II. iCayser
awl btnjier.iu; two horns, Mc>srs. 11. Scbinitz ami A.
Kller; two bassoons. Meters. It. Router ami Hochstein.
'I lie septet (piauo, tlute, oboe, born, viola, cello ami
b i.-s) was played with remarkablo eliect, by Messrs.
1 buickeo, F. Rietzol. J. Kller, H. Schmitz, A. Koien
bcck< r. W. KOlueceius ami ('. llthof. The lull power of
the seven instruments and the individual excellence of
cucli, e- pecially Mr. Dntckon's brilliant variations on
the subject of tbo A ?</<:/./??, combined with a just
balance ol tone, when undue predominance on tho part
of any one player Is prohibited, Itnt a now charm 10 !
tho performance ol the septet Beethoven's seren
ade lor violin, viola and cello, and some vocal velec
tlons, smer l>y Miss .Villoma Heune, completed this at
tractive bill.
Mr. and Mrst W. J. Florence havo had a great suc
cess in St. I.ouis.
r.sharvi Lowande will contest the championship of
buruhui k riding this evening at llaruum e Circus.
Sothei u is playing this week ill New Orlenus, and
tho Returning Hoard have not yet thrown him out
Tho Yokes family will, as usual, bo the attraction at
the next Drury I,alio Christinas pantomime, London.
l'.it Kouiiey is the luteal constructor of a" grand
combination," and Chicago is his first point of attack.
Louise l'oineroy will play Jubot, Rosalind, Lady
Macbeth aud I'aulino at the Boston Theulro next
A play Illustrating tho terrible scenes ol the Paris
Coiumuue occupies at present the slugo of tho Huston
Heller has an inexhaustible musical repertoire, from
which ho lurulshos choice morceaux ul his Woi.wor
1 hoatrc.
Tho rumor that Mr. Henry Irving, the London
tragedian, intended to visit this country in Junuary Is
" iho Devil's Auction " had but few bidders at tho
Howard Alhcnatum, Boston, uud It was withdrawn
after a letv nights.
An accident to Cuponl caused tho postponement
Of the production ol tho new opera, "Paul et Virgluic,"
xt the Paris Lyriiiuo.
Mils Juna Rive, tho talented youilR pianist, will
make her tirsl appearance In Boston at tlio third Har
vard sy uiphouy coucort on Becember 7.
Mr. James W. Morrisney announces tbo second !
perlortnanco ut the musical leslival ul tbo Acadouiy
ut Music lor this evening, with a host ol attractions.
Mr. Fiuuk Lauglcy, whoso Curate In "Brass" was
one of the lu.aures of tho picco, has been engaged by
Mr. Row a to play that part ut tho Clobe Theatre, Bos
ton, beginning Doco'iibor 4.
Mine, llssipoff plays this evening sonata, opus 30,
No. 2. in C minor; sonata, "Quasi uuu lautasia," opus
i". No. 2, mid sonata, opus 31, No. 2, tu D minor,
I'.iuibovcu. Miss Lilian Norton aud M. Vivleu will also
The Philadelphia journals generally speak well of
Lias Anna Dickinson's play of "The Crown of
Thorns," uow being performed at the Arcb, aud their
criticism ol her Antic Boleyn is more complimentary
than ihaisUo received in the New York uud Boston
pn ss.
Tim vorspicl to "Twilight of tho Gods," from Wag
aer's " Ring of tho Niboluugcn," will be prescuted lor
in i lirst timo in America this uftoruoou ut bteluwuy
Rail, on the occasion of Theodore Thomas' public re
hearsal. it will bo supplemented by Beethoven's
lourth symphony mid Schumann's overture, opus 62
"Forbidden Fruit" will soon bo played ut tbe Critc'.
rlou Theatre, Loudou, uud will accompany "Tho
Great Divorce Cuao" which is now running. The com
pany will nppcar In both plays. Mr. Boucicault gives
this answer to the statement that tho two plays huvu
'.be same origin. They uro placed side by side tb&t tbe
public may see the ditlurence between them.
V.'o learn from Mr. Maurice Strukosch that hlscol
lssnl enterprise lor an International Opera House is
progressing with very ilittcriug results. Already a
large number of subscribers in tho poisons of wealthy
capitalists have put iiown their names uud the Opera
House may new be regarded us a llxed lack It will bo
inaugurated In October, 1878, the year of the Paris
Exposition. Mr. Slrukoitch will olfcr n prlzo ol $5,000
lor tbo best plan ol tho building, wnich will bo worthy
of tho great metropolis.
To mn Editor op tub Hkiiai.u:?
That incro arc uiaay instances in which Shakes
peare's true meaning has been distorted by the sub
stitution of words similar in sound but diflorcnt in
sigudlcaueo is not to be doubted. It seems to mo,
however, that ouo of tho instances given by your cor
respondent o! yesterday is not 0110 of those. ''Junius"
luys that in tho phrase "Tho conoy that you see
dwells where she Is kluuicd," tho last word cannot be
right, uud proposes as a substitute "minded" or
??kuiiod." It he had consulted his dictionary he
sould have found that "kindled" means born (ax up
>lied lu hsres, labbits, cam, Ac.), and tho expression
x ii anticipation ol Goldsmith's tuinous Hues,
\\n, as tho iiare whotu bounds and horns
?u. sue," A;o.. by tho way. in uddition to
.hi instances g.von try "Junius," there in one that
i .i olteu puzzled me. It occurs in "Hamlet:"?"A
Jitin more than km and less than kind."
i. i> generally rend ax it "kind" rhymed to "mind "
Ro Huuiu gives it, thereby giving to/.uni tho meaning
in J ?ml. h ndi r. kc. To tuy Uiind the word is not
i , a- we ordinarily understand it, hut the old
>.nrd Ict'ntl, lu ?Inch me "i" has liio saino sound us in
i.e. and menu I up, as does tho modern German, a child,
i lie expi c-Hion tlieu would mean:?"A little more than
Kid and le.-s than son or child." lhcro is another ox
pr. ssiun in the same play which seems to bear out this
ihtcipruiuliou. ' J. P.
Yesterday evening Mr. C. E. A. McGcachy, better
known as " ban bury News Mac," gave a lecture ou
"Cheek us a Good Thing," in tho First Prosbyterlau
church, liralus were not nt all necessary lor a lec
turer, all he uecded was cheek. The llrsl historical ex
smple of cluvk was tho Empress Josephine, who
durcd to use her handkerchief lu public contrary to
tho thcu ostalillshi il rules of etiquette. That blow she
gave to her handkerchief was heard all over
the world, and emancipated tho handkerchief.
Sir Walter Raleigh also showed a great deal ot ibis
quality when he placed his cloak in the mud lor ilueen
Elizabeth to slop upon when xlio jumped off iho ierry
bout. Had tie not been a cbeekv lellow ha might have
been obliged to tend a cigar stand or bo n ingot cleric
in u hotel all his liio long. New York possessed the
greatest variety ol chock. other cities had nut <>iio
prevailing type. In New Orleans, lor instance, they
would collar you Immediately upon your arrival anil
P..ike vou deposit a vote lor the Governor. I'lnlaUel
phi,ins obliged you to swear that the Centennial w is a
Bigger siiuw than Itanium's, lu (act, in tho manor of
ilie Centennial New Yorkers hud been most shame
fully ouichoeked by a small way station ou liio l'eno
lylvan.a Railroad. To lie respected wall men we must
BC cheeky Moral courage, enterprise, perseverance?*
ill are nothing hut cheek under another oa nr.
Check has been tho making of great men and great
A oonccrt was given last evening nt the Academy of
Music In aid of the Children's Educational Koliel As
sociation of this city. There was a very largo at
tendance, the bouso being crowded to tho doors.
Much Interest was tuatilleslcd lu tho entertainment,
which consisted of musical selections given by tho
Hew fork HalUil and Glee Club, ?t?i?ted by a
chorus of several hundred children. Tho
grouping of the youthful choristers upon tlio
singe was handsomely cllectvd; the scents
being exceedingly gratifying ami picturesque.
Tho programme included several choruses, all of
which wore creditably rendored by the children, the
performance ol tb" gleea elso eliciting general cum
lut ndation. In tbe course of tho evening Rev. Mr.
Mtilth addressed the assemblage, alluding to the o'o
|?ol* ol the association and its great advantage to the
?> IN'ring rlilldt'cu of tho metropolis. Ho explained
Unit ihrougn its agency hundreds of poor children
were clothed uud ma le preseutablo so as to attend tho
petite schools, 't he entertainment was very successful.
The Maryland Poultry and pandora' Association
Save been making arrangomoute for some time past
lor holding a dog show in that city. Kennels In ail
parts oi iba country have beau beard from and indi
cations aro that it will be one of tbe most successful
exhibitions ol the kind thai bas ever takoa plnco in
M my laud. The association have ottered pflSen of over
p'l.MX), and tho hotels, business houses and many
leading citizens have added special prize* of equal
vslne. The show will connneuco on Jauuary 2, and
remain open Ave days. Entries will dose on iieueiu
William J. Austin, of New York, and Harry Howard,
ol Glen Cove, 1. L, tuet In a Urieco-lloinau wrestling
match last evening, at Central Turk Garden, Ftlty
iiinlh street and Seventh aroauo. It was
tlio second time these atnietca had conio
togother, the Hr ;t occasion to March last,
proving a victory (or the Long islander. Not leeling
satisfied with the result, Austin sought another meet
iug, uud iua old opponent being willing the present
lualch was agreed upon. It was for the Unlit weight
championship of America and $-50 a side, best three
fails in lire. Uoth men went Into strict training and
hardened ovory surplus ounce of llosh about thorn, so
they apjieared In the pink of physical condi
tion. Howard is twenty-seven years oid, live feet
tour and a nuurter Inches high, ami weighed last night
137 pounds. Austin is twenty-eight years of ago, Qvo
lect lour and a naif Inches lu height, and tipped the
scale at 133 pounds, Frofossor MscClellan was chosen
Judge lor Austin, Georgo Fisher lur Howard, atpl Mr.
Hichard I'euuoll consented to act as referee. At
twenty minutes of uiuo o'clock tho men were called
together, when they at once commenced business.
Tho grips and hugging, the wrenching and squirming
to get thn advantage, was somelliiug marvellous and
deservedly applauded. At one lime Howard would
ho thrown on his side, then on ins
breast, uud again on his knees; but Ins science and
ability to wriggle relieved bun from the dangc-ruti" po
sitions. Then the tables would bo turned and Austin
was roughly handled iu vbe sumo manner; hut he, too,
was slippery aud tricky, and neither, fur the space oi
fifteen minutes, hud proved hiinsell superior to tho
other. Twice did Austin's judge claim a full lor
him, hut tho rclcreo shook his head and
would quietly sav, "ouly one shoulder touched," I
and the wrestlers would again begin {
their tugging. At last, alter a break from a cioso uud i
interesting straggle Howard ventured the side lock, I
hut Austin was quick as a llasli, and, getting a counter !
bug on bis uppouout, gave him a terrible lurcn, and |
tbe Long Islander was laid on his back uud shoulders.
Time, Join.
Alter tho usual rest the men again began work.
Austin took the initiative bv lifting Howard from the
ground by sheer strength, and, carrying him around
the plHtlorm, tried to throw hun as you would toss u
log; but it was ol no avail. Then Austin was placed in
a mid plight, and Howard hud liis loit -boulder on
the carpet; but the New Yorker squirmed uwuy
skilfully, and, when on his feel, got the chest
lock on Harry and threw hint over his head liko a hug
ol wheat. Howard's bead thumped like the crack oi u
pistol on Ihe stage. This sort ol business continued
lor .-ovi ral minutes, the men working last ami c.ov
erly, when liuallv Austin attempted a Lack hold, but
was caught napping, us Howard got him by ihe side ot
tbe beau uud a mat twist to the right landed Austin
cleanly on his shoulders. It was neatly done and stiook
tin* Yorker considerably. Time, bin. 30s.
The third round evinced tho samecluverness as tho
preceding. With struggle after struggle ol the keenest
nature, and occasionally with much salcnco thrown
in, it progressed. They did more work on their
knees lhau before, and at last, alter a lierco con
test for a grip, Howard had Austin on Ills
hands aud knees, and, gctttug the waist hold,
lie rulsed Austin up and tumbled hitu over very pret
tily on the bread ol his back. Time, lum. fills. Aus
tin's left knee cap was wrenched in this round. Tho
fourth bout was decided lu Austin's luvor. Ho sent
lr.s opponent sprawling on bis buck and shoulders by
tho old waist grip In just bin. It was tho soverest
possible work bolero ihe positions of the wrestlors
were such mat tbe hold could bo secured. It was now
two nnd two, and both looked conlideau The lull re
quired seven minutes to decide, uud Austin was tho
lucky man. It ouly required that tunc lor him to toss
tbe Long Islander*clean over his head, when tho
mulch was decided in his luvor. Howard felt his de
luat keenly.
A gymnastic exhibition of a very superior order was
given last evenlnix at Turn Hall, Nob. 04 and 08 East
Fourth Btroct, uudcr the direction of Professor Louis
Frederick. There wasquito a largo uttendanco, and
the spectators evinced their appreciation of tbo per
formance by frequeut and loud applause. The enter
tainment openod with performances on tho horizontal
bar by the uiembors of tho Now York Turnvervin.
Tho diU'erenl acts on tho bar, such as the g'uut swing,
backward and forward, tho two-arm pluncbe and
othors, were very cleverly performed.
The second number on tbo programmo was the first
round of a Grieco-Homan wrestling mutch between
Messrs. Stud Held and Kircliner. Ktrchner was ratbor
tho lighter tnau of tho two, and alter a closely con
tested bout that lusted about ten mluutos Mr. Ktrchner
won the first fall. Professors Friedrich and Senac
then gave a grand nilat, which they followed with an
us-auTi with the foils. A very clever uud nmuslug
si urriug exhibition wus then given by Masters Tom anif
'obu Lung. Tom was rather at a disadvantage in tho
way ol height, but, nevertheless, be managed to hold
his own very sturdllv and v;ou tho first
knock down. In tbo third aim final
round Torn closed in and back-heeled his long brother,
much to tho amusement ot tho spectators, who sym
pathized with the itttle one. ?fter a good exhibition
of club swinging by Mr. Bergor a very interesting as
sault Willi the broad sword, between 1 rolessor Mc
Gregor and l'roiessor Caton, Instructors ol the English
and French school, delighted the spectators. It was
hard to say who curried oil tho honors, us both experts
acquitted themselves with honor.
Tho second rouud of tho Grxco-Roman wrestlirg
match was then decided and won by Mr. Stadtleld by a
nuptial throw. The first part closed with some clover
tumbling teals bv Messrs. Wallet: and Creed, ol tbo Ex
eel-1 or Club. Alter a short intermission Messrs. Miller
and Winter gavo an exhibition on the trapeze that
would have been u credit to any tlral class variety tbca
\r. Professors Friedrich uud McGregor thon| had a
turu w.th the single slick, after whtcli Professors Aw
lirv and Scuac gave u very iinerosting exhibi
tion ot La Suvute, the French style ol
fl 'httng where hands anil foet aro both brought Into
limy Mr. Scnac was a triflu too active for his oppon
ent but nevertheless tt?ey made a very lively play.
Ii reminded one something of rcul 1 ito in * rmico \%licu
wooden sabots and lists look the place ol light slippers
mid boxing cloves. Tbo Excelsior Club, lour in uum
1^1r?Messrs P. Kline, N. Creed, J. Engel anil H. Wal
lou?-then perlormod some very lively tumbling acts
that elicited enthusiastic, applause. Professm Caaon
aud McGregor then uppeured wnh the lo Is. They
snowed some very pretty fencing, and it would be hard
to suv which gained the advantage. 1 lie wrestlers
theu appeared lor their tinsl bout. They dodged
around lor a couple ol minutes before either obtained a
hold when at last St ad lie Id got a ueck hold and turned
his man over, but be twisted as ho tell and avoided tho
full. It was a rattling good match, although dluilfield
was a trillo tho more poworlul man. Stud
field finally lined Kirchuer up nnd tried
to get a lair throw, hut tho latter slipping
nwav rolled over his heavy antagonist, and gotliug
both shoulders down won tho third round end match.
Mr. Ivi red nor was then uecorated with tho modal which
lie had wou so pluckily.
The entertainment clo-od with a rattling set-to w ilh
the "loves between l'roiessor Long and l'roiessor
Friedrich that gave Immense saiislactiou. On the ,
whole the entertainment was one ol tho best ol its |
kind ever given in this city.
John Manning, bookdealor, of No. 00 New Chambers <
street, was arrested lust evening by Atitbouy Comstock, |
special agent or tho Post tilllce Departiuoul, and Do. I
tcotivo J. A. Brttton, on a warrant issued by Judge
Morgan. Manning is charged with selling obscene
photographs, one of which, it is alleged, he sold to an
a'cut ol Mr. Comstock. He was locked up In the
rhxtli precinct police sinliou, .nil will ba taken to tho
Tombs Court ibis morning.
Christopher Fox. ol No. 6M) Third avenue,charged with
selling oli c ne hi ?ks, was *rie.-ted hu-t evening by Mr.
Corns <>ck Dcieciivo Uritton and Officer Mulvy, ol t'.o
?I w my-sixth precinct, end lodged lur the night in tho
Mxtli procmct station house. He resisiou arrest uud
called lor Ins ??gang1' to lio.p him, but the offlcsr* sue
ciedetl 111 g' t'-iug the prisoner ou a passing car and In
keeping biui. _
Yesterday morning the workmen had completely un
douo what Jacob Sharpo. the President of tho
Twonty-tbird Street Railroad, had nearly completed?
viz. the section ol crosetowu railroad laid to carry
out'a puu ot wnich tho leasing ol the Bloocksr
Street Lino by tho Twenty-third Street Company, of
which he Is president, was a part. Hols building a
large depot at the loot of M ost Twenty third street,
irom which the Blccckor strcol curs are lo start, aud
Irom that point tho now crosstowu cars would run on
the Bleocker street tracks to Hudson street?through
Fourteenth si root on ucw tracks, or using tho opposi
tion tracks part of the way, us tho law would permit
upon payment ol a tair amount?to Fourth uvcnuo aud
ihouce to the lower oast sido ferries on tho tracks of
tho Forty-second street route.
This is the first t.me the Commissioner of Public
Works has as-cried his rights. No railroad company
Is allowed by law to tear up streets without nntliylug
the Department ol Public Works and obtaining per
The lollowiug resolution hearing upon the present
street railroad troubles ou Fourteenth street was
adopted, uud ordered irauiuiltted to ih* force:?
Pcsolvod That any person who shall break lip or In any
mailt or displace or injure anj part ol the paveu.eni or any
at cot or aVdnwala. without permit, assent timnictloiie or
Miithorit v Irom tl? o jDeourtiueitl of Pfibuc W orkv I# guilty of
a misdemeanor ami liable to ?u .arrest thefefor , and H it
the dttty ol any members of the police lorce wuo shall bo
cognisant of any such illegal act to arrosi or csu.e to be tr
......i ths oQeudiux persons cbargsu with lbs offence, tu
pu r?u?ncs of the rales ood regulations of the Polled De
In the suit ot tho People vs. the Twenty-third Street
Kailroad, the Christopher und Tenth Street eDil tho
Htroclcrr Street railroads, Judgo Spcir, In Special
Term ot the Superior Court, granted a temporary in
junction yuKraaf, on the complaint of the Control
Cro-stown Kailroad, restraining detendants trom
buildmgau extension or auv part thereof, to he built
he defendants under authority ?( chapter 109. Laws of
1873. id the streets or public places of New York, and
eujutning ddeudautti front inking any right or privi
lege under n lease ol tho Itleccker street Kailroad to tho
Twenty-third street Kailroad. and to enjoin defendants
from laying down any railroad tracks in the city,
other than such uu they aru operating by
virtuo ol chapter 823, Laws, ol 1800; chapter 21,
Laa a of 1871, as lu the complaint mentioned.
Tuo Attorney General obtaiued trout Judge Law
rence, In Supreme Court, Chambers, yesterday, a sim
ilar lujuuciion against tho llleeckerStreet, Christopher
Street and Twenty-third Street railroads.
An order to show cause, returnable this morning,
was granted by Judge Lawrence yesterday. It com
mands tli<' tbren companies to show cause why a tem
porary injuuetion should not issue against there, and
iu the meantime enjoins them Iroin further tearing up
tho streets and layiug tracks along tho road described
in chapter 107, Laws ol 1873.
The complaint in cucb cage sots forth that tho law of
1873. under which plaint ills assume a right to lay their
tracks iu Kigtceuth street, ts unconstitutional, because It
was u private and local bill, which tbe legislature b id
no power to pars at tho time, and that lurthortnore, the
titue lor acting upon such Iruncliieo had expired and
that it was consequently forfeited.
Wan Depaktmkxt, 1
Orrics or tiik Cuikp Spinal Orncitt, v
Washington, Nov. 20?1 A. 1L J
. 1'ruUabilitics.
For Wednesday, In the South Atlantic States, north
east to southeast winds, risiog barometer, coldor,
cloudy and rainy weather will prevail
For the Gull States, northeast to southeast winds,
siationary or lower temperature, slightly higher pres
sure, purity cloudy weather and occasional light
For Tennessee and tho Ohio Valley, rising barome
ter, cooler northeast winds, partly cloudy and clear
weather, possibly followed by warmer southerly winds.
For tbo Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri val
leys, northeast to southeast winds, rising barometer,
colder, clear weather, except ut Western stations
Coldor, Lorthwost winds nud a slight depression in
Ksn-os and the Missouri Valley.
For the upper luke region, rising barometer, cooler
northwest winds, clear or partly cloudy weather.
For tho lower lakos, southwest veering to colder
northwest wluds, rising barometer, partly cloudy and
clearing weather.
For tho Middle and Eastern States, southwest winds,
veering to colder northwest, witti rising barometer,
partly cloudy or clear weather.
For tho New Vork Canal region tbe temperatures
fall somewhat below freezing.
The rivers will full slightly, oxeept possibly a slight
rise In the Lower Ohio and tributaries.
The following record will snow the changes In the
temperature lor tho past twenty-four hours, In compar
ison with tho corresponding date of last year, as indi
cated by the thermometer at Hudnut's pharmacy,
Hkuald Building:?
1875. 1878. 1875. 1870.
3 A. M 33 34 3:30 P. II.... 44 41
0 A. M 32 34 0 P. M 44 39
0 A. M 33 30 0 P. M 44 36
12 M 37 40 12 P. M 43 35
Average temperature yesterday 30j,'
Average temperature lor corresponding date last
year 33
James Flanagan, aged seven yean, Goorgc Flana
gan, aged Qve years, and John Flanagan, aged ibreo
years, woro louud by the pollee or the Tenth precinct,
yesterday, huddled up In a hallway In Essex
street, having boen abandoned by their
lather, Patrick Flanugan. Tho iacis In the case show
that the lather, up to a low wooks ago, was living iu
Williamsburg In u state ol abject poverty, being out
of employment and his wile a drunkard. Flana
gan moved to this city, but louud no belter
lortuuo than before. ills wile was arrested
and sent to tho Island last week. He appeared before
Justice Smith, at the Essex Market Court, yesterday
mornlug. and asked to have his children sent to tho
cure ol the Commissioners ol Charities nud Corroctlou.
The Court rctused to gruut the request on the
cround that the conscul of the mother wus necossary.
Flaiiugau then lull the court room with the boys, who
an hour alter were found by tho police us described.
1 hey said that their lather hud run away Iroin them.
Justlco Stnitu committed them to the naro of the
Sisters of Mercy In Houston street, anu as'
tho Slaters had no suitable accommodations
ready for the cliildron they requested Matron Webb, of
Police Headquarters, to lake charge of tliem last night.
Tho police are actively engaged searching tor Fluna
Dotcctlvc Bush, of the Ninth precinct, last night
arrested William A. McTaggart, aged twenty-two
years, a delivery clerk in the employ of RadellfT, Bald
win ft Co., of N'o. 72 Broadway, on the charge of em
bezzlement prelerred by his employers. Tho
discovery of tho crlmo was made accidentally
yesterday evening by Mr. Baldwin in looking
over the accounts. To his surprise, ho lound
several discrepancies In the uccount of McTaggart,
shuwiug that the Iruud hud boou of long standing.
At the station house McTaggart confessed hi* guilt,
saying that lie had been embezzling lor ovor a year,
and hinted that other employes ol the llrm wcro also
guilty. He stated that $1,500 of the mouoy wus In tho
handa ol a friend and would bo restored. He wus
locked up In the Charles siroet station. Mr. Baldwin,
who wus present, stated to tho police, that the prisoner
had been leu years in his employ aud was always
lookod upon as thoroughly honest.
of November and dec km her.
4 Howling oro<m
Strawtr. j
Sal in.
1 huh nation
State of Virginia..
30. | Glasgow...
City ol Chester....
Liverpool .
71 a i y
London ...
Am. bona
tililMU'OW.. .
Neck Mr
in. erpool..
i.'in t?n
Stnto at Nevada. .
(Huhkow. .
Hum burg..
1' t 'Miiitin
City of Richmond.
Tin* Qitoeu
Grtlilu. nm
Ni v mi m
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Hamburg. .
1 Dec
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\\ Donndu
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(iel ert
Stnto of Georgia...
Glasgow ..
Oily of Berlin
Glnftut w
Hremen. .
iiatnhury; .
SM -
La -rndor
Havre |
72 Broadway
i:? Kvcudwer
37 Broadway
20 Bro??dw*y
7 Bowlir.ir Green
7 Howling Green
2 Bowliutf Green
j i Broadway
20 Broadway
4 Howhin: Grata
HO KrtMUW ty
72 Broadway
til Bnadway
"ii? Broadway
1 ?> Broadway
OB Broadway
7 howuutr Green
2 Boa ling Onea
21 > Broadway
? Bowling Green
72 Uroudway
t?l Broadway
37 Broadway
.V? Broadway
l?l) Broadway
2 Howling Green
7 Howling Green
7 How I in e Green
2B Broaoway
1 Howling ??reen
.">0 Broadway
hi Broad way
72 Broadway
15 Broadway
?9 Broadway
7 Howling Green
' Bowliii-.: Green
?51 Broadway
17 Broadway
55 Broadway
sr.* isnsoea
Sun rises 7 0.1
Sun sots... 4 35
Moon sets....mum 4 54
Gov. Island....morn 0 09
Sandy Hook...mum 5 24
Hell Gate morn 'i 54
Steamer snn Jacinto. Mutnru. Savanuan 3 daya. with
mdw and pas.rnger. loilw tongc
stvoiuer laaac ell. I. iwrence. ltlchrannd. City Point and
Norlo'k, with ioUa. *ud tu Old Dominion Steam
ship t'u.
Steamer Avne*, Burdlck, Pliil?<lelplila with tudse to 0
A Whitney A Co.
Ship WeluenJ.lm tSw . Siafoerlon, Colombo 158 Rays, with
md.o to Older. Had heavy W ami N\V galei lor 34 days off
lliet'HiM, ill which lost aalla am! marled midaliip buuve.
Pa... <1 tne Capo Sept J, St Helena 2"?h and cmued the
Equator Oct .'>. in Ion .12. Had heavy weatbar ou the coast.
Wa? -Udaye weat of Bermuda.
Hark Arraean (Nor). Aagaard, llamhurg 75 days, la bal
laat to Punch, Kdye .? Co
Hark Mary A ei-oii iHr), Smith. Mverpool 28 daya. In
ballaat to J V Whltuey A Co. > uv H, lat 51 30. I,>n 7 SU,
panned hark bochiuvar (Br), from Ulangow for San Fran
Hark J as It Boyd (Hr), llaker, flnbllii Nov 4. in ballast to
order, Deceived nrnere lor Philadelphia and proceeded
Hark XaaoMIC. Klco, Havana loony., with ?o car to order;
vea.nl to J aniea E Ward A Co. Was to daya north of Hal
ter a? wilt heavy NK wlnde.
Hark r>aga iNor). l.araen. Kotterdam via Delaware Break
water i).' day*. In ballaat to Kuucn, Kdye 4 Co.
Uric Km... ileal). I.atiarano, Uiuuce.ier, 80 daya, with
salt to Punch. Itdya 4 Co
it'lj Chrl-tlna io. Halifax), Hole. Charloltotowa, PKI, 10
day., w ill potatoes to Duryea .* Co.
Miig S P .-mith, Warres, ilaugor. Mo, with lumbar to
S.mptva, Clapp A Co,
Sclir Annie Burr, Simpson, Koulgvberg 90 diyi, la bal
last. to J W 1'arknr A Co. Sept ?">. Geo A Roberts. lenmig,
of Boston, J 1 y ears of >|j?, fell overboard, aud via
Schr Georgia. Robertson. <'adi?77 days, with salt to Brett,
Son A To. Nov li2, lat .H 4*1, lata 71! 4U, bad a heavy NK
pale, la,mug 3d hoora; lost and split sails. labooodlo Boa
ton ; pat into this port abort of provisions and fur ruD.nrs.
Schr S A Pains. Brown, Mlra -o iae lb daya, with trait to
Wnt Douglass; vessel to It J Weuborg.
Schr Jeaae 8 Clark, Klwood, Sarnandlna 10 due*, with
lit in he' to Kppinger, Russell A Co; vcaael to Overton A
Schr Mary A Poaror, Wllley, Pensneola IS days, with lum
ber to the New liuven Steam Sawuilll Co; vessel to Snow A
Schr Samuel L Russell. Smith. Jacksonville 17 daya, with
lumber to It ti Salrcbild; veaaol to Warren Mar.
Safer Althra, liarby. Cedar Keya IN day?. with lumber to
Iaaac Kppingor; vessel to Bentluy, Gildersleevo Co,
Sebr JosMb W Wiisuu, Soroers, Cedar lveys 19 days, with
lumber to Drew ? Hucki; vessel to Overton A Hawkins.
sclir S C Kvana, Urowater, Charleatou S daya, with naval
Itores to A Abbott.
Ifchr Sen Nymph. Dow, Port Royal, SC, 18 daya, with 1am
bertoJoaeph 11 Uialey.
Schr Wm A Levering. Smith, Kichmoud, Va.
Schr IV L Abbott. I.udlam, Richmond, Vn.
Bchr N 11 Burroughs, Taylor, Kichmoud, Va.
Selir Carrie S Hart. Alexandria lor New liuven,
Schr.Mnry June, Buwkur, Virginia.
Schr Chaa Vt Alcott. French. Virginia,
Schr John Vounir. Curtis, \ irginlu.
Schr r ,1(1 Brooke, Lee, Virginia.
Schr O 11 liootb. Burrows, Virginia.
Schr M S Tlbliella, Robins, Virginia.
Schr a A K Benton, Build, Virginia.
Schr M K Tumor, Camp. Virginia,
schr K A LCordory. Hi ghee. i .eurgetown, DC.
Schr Index, (iarrUou Georgetown, DC.
Schr Lulu Aminerman, Piertou, Ualtimoro for Bridgeport,
ff J-Staanitr P (Island (Dntehl. from Kotterduni. which
arrived 27th. reportsNov 35, lat 41 on, lou Mill, spoke
snip Hclloa (Gori,front Pillau lor .sew York. J? days out;
Jinh, AO miles oust of Sandy llook, passed a White Star
?teainer, hound east.
gLjrilark Bine Bird (Br), which was anchored in the
lower bay, camo up to the city 'J8lh, A.M.
Steamer City of Pitchburg, Springer, New Bedford for
New York.
Sclir lonnie M Hammond, Hammond, Prince Edward
Ialuiui for New York.
Sclir Vesta i.Jlr), Banner. Kocklnud, Nil, lor Now York.
Schr E M Sawyer, Driaco, St John. NB, lur Now York.
Bchr I'.ITurt. I,owe. B.iugor lor Now York.
Schr Jed 1 rye. l.augley. Bangor lor Now York,
Schr Henry G King, lirackett. Calais for New York.
Sclir Vundulia, Ellsworth for New York,
Schr Mary K Oliver. Simpson, Georgetown. Me. for New
ScnrGoo D 1'crry, Klynn, Mnchina for New York.
Schr Alaska. Tlinrndlka, Portland, Me. lor Newark, NJ.
Schr Wm Klco, Prossey, Kuckland lor New York.
Sclir Bust l!oy, i'ouutalu. dockland lor New York,
sehr Richmond. Thompson, Thouiaston lor New York.
Schr Ida A Annie Merrill, Wuldnhoro for New York,
Schr Sninuel 1. Crocker, Thrusher, Taunton for Now York.
Sclir Albert It Harding, Harding. WcMlHoet for Now York.
Schr Ocean Ranger, Daws, Welltleel fur Now York.
Schr Honry May, Haicit, i'ro vide nee lor Now York.
Schr Flyaway, Enos. Brovidouce for New York
Schr Calvin S Edwards, Providence for New York.
Schr Mary Stowe. Baker. Brovidouce tor Now York.
Schr Lottie. Green, Brovideiieo for New York.
Sclir K A I Oakley, Nawman, Pawtucket lor New York.
Schr Samuel B Godwin, Williams. Slumlord tor New York.
' Schr Highland, Lynch, Koslyn, lor Albany.
Steamer Eleanora, Johnson. New York for Portlana.
Stoainor Neptune. Borrv. Now York for Bostun.
Sleuiuor Sautee. Davis. New York for Now Bedford,
ling Alice Cnrilon, Nickereou, Amboy lor Host in.
Schr Maria Adelaide, Webb, New York for Newport.
Schr North America (Br), Joyce, New York for si Johns.
schr Alexander (Br), Forbes, Now York for Maitlaud.
Bchr Ganges, Heath. Now York for Providence
schr 11 T Townaeun, Towiiseud, sew York lor Boston.
Schr K H Miller, Jones, Now York for Millstone Point.
Sclir Juliet, Robinson. New York for Bortland, Mo.
Schr Walton, Washburn, Now t ora for Salem.
Schr Soa Bird, Lang-Icy, New York for Newport.
Sclir A G Brown, snow. Now York lor Boston.
Schr Kieuai. Hopkins, liobokon for Newport,
Schr B H Warlord, sprague. ilohokou for Brovidence.
Schr Saratoga. Nickersun, liobokon lor New Loudon.
Sclir B B Phillips. Bhillips. Hoookcii lur Providence.
Sclir Hatlie S Collins, lleauey, liobokon for Brovidence.
Sclir L S Barnes. Baker, Port Johnson for Wareham.
Sclir J J Wortliington, ilanly. Port Johnson for Boston.
Schr S F llowo, Howe. Port Johnson lor Boston.
Bchr Alice C Noyes, Baker, l'ort Johnson lor Broyidouce.
Schr Gen Howard. Port Johnson lor Portland, Mo.
Schr F Plorce, Highland, Nowburg lor Now London.
SchrCurrto S Ilart. Merrill. Alexandria lor Now Haven.
Schr Isaac Rich, Walker, Georgetown, DC, fur Now Ha
schr L W Cottlngham, Coggswoll, Goorgotown, DC, for
Now Haven.
Sclir Jus II lloyt, Lyons, Baltimore for Now Haven.
Schr Free Wind, Frlsble. Hultitu-irc for New Haven.
Schr Ithoda Holmes, Holmes, Ualtimoro for Now liuven.
Schr Grace Vandtison, Reeves, Baltimore for Now Haven.
Schr Thomas Vangllder, Vangllder. Philadelphia for
Sclir Wm H llowo, Rowe. Philadelphia for Brovidence.
Schr Flavilla, Jones, Philadelphia for Brovlncetnwn.
Schr Robin Hood, Stoohuau, Trenton tor Hartford.
Steamer Idaha (Br), Froeruau, Liverpool via Queenstown
? Williams ? Guion.
Steamer Montgomery, Cheater, Fernandiua via Port Royal
?Cli Mallory A Co.
StBuuer (Jen Rarnea, Cheeaman. Savannah?Geo Yonge.
Steamer Martha Stcvoua, Chauco, Baltimore?Wm Dal
Steamer Agnes. Burdick. Philadolphia?Jas Hand.
Steamer Maytiowor. Davidson, I'biladelplilu-Jas Hand.
Steamer Naotuue, Berrv, Boaton?U F Lliiaocfc.
Slop City of Montreal, Mudgstt, Liverpool?Thoa Dun
ham's Nephew A Co.
Ship Mistlcy liail (Br), Mesnard, Liverpool?(J UeutUam
Bark Tlioa 8 Falk (Xor), Facolstad. Liverpool?Benham
t Boyeaen.
Bark Weatfold (Nor), Laraen, London?C Tobias A Co.
Bark Faro (Nor), Tonnoscn, Loudon?O Tobias A Co.
Bark Han Muzuranleb (Aus), Paluuricb, Cork tor orders?
Bloeovich A Co.
Bark Saga (Nor), Olseu, Autwerp?C Tobias A Co. sr
Hark Kdmuud (tier), Lauge, Bremen?Moruianii Koop A
Bark Serrano (Br). Kdvrett, Rouen?J W Parker ,t Co.
Bark Flora (Nor), Hvauoe, Bordeaux?Bockuiaun, Oerieln
A Co.
llrig Wollvllle (Br), KJeldicn. Bilboa?Boyd A lllncken.
Brig Siriua (Br), MeDouald, Poluia-l'ilre. Uuad?Reyual
A Co.
Sciir Impulse (Br), Rouutree, BclUe. lion?Lcaycraft A
Schr Ben Bolt (Br), Drake, St George, NB?Jed Frve A
Sciir Nellie Trim, Drinkwater, Galveston?Tuppor A
scltr Clara Mnrcb, Ireland, Lavaca (Texas)?Tupper A
Sciir ( lias K Sears, Turney, Boston?Jod Frye A Co.
Scur Emma L Gregory, Thorndike, Boston?Clias Twlng.
Sciir Silver Spray, klaloucy, Salem?vt tills II llopea
Schr Only ban, Couiploa, sew lluveu? Cartwrigbt A
Steamers Idaho (Br), tor Liverpool; Montgomery, Fer
n and hi a, ate. lieu Barnes, .Savannah; Wyanoke, Richmond,
Ac; Avno*, Philadelphia; ship Black liu.vk. Sun Francisco;
bark* Francesco Bella imiba dtul). Cork; Celestina (An*;,
do: Jam II Bovd (Br, from Dublin). PhiladelpnU; brigs En
rica (Aus), Cork; Clara Pickens, Corunnu and Cadiz; schrs
Potoni, Kingston, Ja; S tland, Para; Five bisters,
\\ ind at sunset, WNW. *
Barometer at sunset. 29.89; at midnight, 29,96.
93-The Custom House will be closed all day ou Nov 30.
Ntkaxkk Notkltt, while going down the bav yestorday
bound to a Southern port, win run into bv a large three
masted schooner, iiauiu unkowii, knocking off the steamer's
cutwater and .causing her to leak so badly tb it the crew
were obliged to beach her near Kurt Wadsworth, Staten
Island, where the now lies tilluo with water. The damage
to the schooner, if any. is unkiioan. as she proceeded.
(Capi Penrce, of schr Merwin. Irotn Georgetown, l)i', with
coal, reports that his vessel was the one in collision with the
Novelty, and claims that ih.o fault lies with the steamer,
which run into hjs vsssel, striking her near the roainchalns
and carrying away three of the lanyards, breaking main
rail and nearly cutting through the plauk shear, aud caus
ing her to leak.)
Knir Dkxtkr. of Boston, front San I ranAseo, was told to
arrive at yiieenstnwn for ?9.GO sterling. She registers
127* tons, was Guilt at (julncy In 1807, aud was owned by S
ti Heed A Co. oi Boston.
RaUK Maxitol-, Truwer. from Baltimore for Pornambnco.
put into St Thomas 23th Inst dismasted.
Sciiu Danikl VoRxr, of l'arrshnro, N'S. from Canning for
New York, at Newport leaky. Is making o 0 strokes per
hour. She wot ruu aaliotp ou Gravelly Point.
Sena Maht .I. from Perth Amboy for Boston, belnre re
ported in collision with schr Wm Carroll during the late
gale in Vineyard llavsn, arrived at New Bcdtord Nor ?7 lor
Sciir.I H Lockwoop from Jacksonville for New York,
before reported ashore above llaiteras. has gone to pieces.
Sruit Morns. Dixon, tr?>m Cow Hay via Mainadleii for
Halifax, went ashore at Marie Joseph and beeauio a tntal
wreck, she was a vessel of 22 tons register, built at Cata
lone, CB. in 1S73, and owned In that port.
Vkssxl Mlsswo.?Fnuro are euWrtalued f >r the safefy of
the brig M II Morris, Cap! Patterson, which lelt Cuba nn
the 11th of October, the day before the hurricane in the
Wast Indies, lor Hostoti. and has not since been heard of.
She is owned by Me-srs John Taylor A Co.
(JALvrwox, Nov 33? During tho northeaster last night
the schr Litllo Laurie, from the Trinity Itlrur. with cotton,
parted one of hor stern lines and ristt Into ilie elevator
whart, breaking out her bowsprit and sustaining oilier
The bark Messina (Ilr), Stewart, which cleared for Bre
men on tho 7tli Inst with 1025 bales cdton and aino back,
alter uniting to sra. on account u! being liiaulticienllr bal
lasted. was towsd Into the harbor t ils morning. The vessel
will discharge a portion or her cargo and take in mure bal
llariVAX. Ns, Nov 28-Brlg Maggie Wood, from St John,
NB, for Spain, arrived hero to day, and reports that on the
aitli lust. In lat 43 12, Ion (10 uH, the vessel was hoarded by
u heavy sea, and that the mate, Joshua Blnck of Prince
Kdward Island, and lwo seaman, Albert Cogger, of Ncw
buryport. Mass, and John Proctor, of Port llawkesbury,
were wnshed overboard and drowned.
Nkw Loxpox, Not 27?8ehr American Team, Luther, ar
rived here trora Alnxanuria, reports that on the gild lint,
with Fire Fathom Hank lightship hearing west by north,
spoke hark W'ltcll of Boston, 1H4 ilsys from Sin,apore, for
New York, with colTee und canned frnlt*, short of provisions,
all hands having fur six or eight days been limited to s hard
tack and a half per day. The American 1'osm supplied her
with provisions. <
Sr Jmix, NB, Nor 28.?'The wood heat Jenny I,Ind. which
left hern on Saturday last, ran ashore near Van Wart's
Landing, and two men. named MeCnlclieon and I'hoinpson,
were drowned.
Sax Kra*0I8C0, Nor 21?The schr Skylark which went
tslinre on the lsth lust, near Uualalla, lias become a total
VIXKVAttn Havrx. Nov 27?Schr Belle, In going ont to
day, collided with schr Alcora, at anchor, and tort thn let
ter's mainsail badly. _____
A fow weeks since, a committee trow the Philadelphia
Board of Trade, insurance companies and merchant* of
Philadelphia, at the invitation ot, *uU aceo hi puttied oy Capt
tieorge If White, U S N, Inspector ot Lighthouses, Ac.,
for the Fourth district, visited .Sew York harbor, to examine
the aid* to rtaviKattoii in that locality: while there they
vetted at the invitation of Capt .1 I# alker. of the Light
house Board at Washington. an automatic foe signal off
Sand/ IJoor, and aiRo a substantial new li*rtit?hi|> and im
proved t???r horn, which wac then l/in* in the K?*t Kiver,
and nearly completed.
The committe * wuri ro much pleased with the perfect
model of tine latter whip, her great strength aud thorou^n
and effective equipment. that they seut a petition, numer
out!/ klgued, lor a similar ?hip and fo? horu to bo placed at
the entrance to Delaware Bay, on Five Fathom Bank, The
following letter just received will show the remit ?
Tux a,* cur Dkpauwncict, )
Orricie or tmk Lighthouse lioaao, /
WiittlNOTOx, Nov. -'4, 1876. >
Sie?Re/errinir to your letter ??f Nov ti. rnctaeinjr petition
that a mi1 ftfmitial lightship, with a uteam f??g on
hoitrd, lie placed on Five Fathom Hank, entrance to Dela
ware Bay, I have to nay that the matter wa? coitftidereu by
tiie Boara at its meeting of Nov 21. when it w as ordered that
one of the new lightships, with a strain fog signal on hoard,
shall be placed on Five Fattiotu Bank so toon us the vessel
in question can be spared from the present station. Very
respectfully. J. (*. WALKKK, Naval Becretary.
J auks A. Wright, President International Navigation
Company, Philadelphia, Pa.
The lifflit to he shown uext December from the light
house recently erected at the mouth of the Calcasieu
River, hi., will bo catadioptric, of the fourth
order, lighting 1**) degrees of tho horizon. Tho
focal plane is a.'t feet above the ground, ari-j
57 feet above menu low water. The lignt should be seen in
clear weather, from the deck of a vessel. IN feet above the
sea, lb nautical miles. The structure Is a pyramidal Iron
tower, on a screw pile foundation, and painted black. The
approximate position of the position of tho lighthouse, as
taken from the Coast Survey charts, is as follows:?Lai 28
48 N, Ion 83 17 3U W.
Quebec. Nov 28?All tho bum a In the lower St Lawrence
have been removed and brought here by the government
steamer Lady Head.
Failed from New Bedford Nor 37, berk Merlin, StarJet,
for Indian Ocean.
Sailed from Marlon Nor 'J7, echr Wm Wilson. Bantow,
from New Bedford lor Atlantic Ureiui.
A letter (Vol, rapt Ellis. of bark swallow, of N' B, reports
lier at Teneritfo Nov ft, with :> I bbls ?p since leaving Fayal;
41ft bhla *poil all told; all wolL Would .ail next day to
Park Hello. (Her), from Pillaii for New York, 28 daya oat.
Nov 2ft I .t 41. Ion .VJ 10.
Bark Lorcu.i, trom Baltimore for Marseilles, no dete, lat
37.Ion 4ft.
Scnr Washington. Horrv. from New York via Charleston
tor Ualvestpu, Nov 18, 110 mile, west ofl'urtugas.
AXTwmnr. Nor 28?Arrived, .hip l.eadiug Wind, Uinck
lcy. Kail Francisco; barks Aagot (Nor), SehnrfTeiiberg.
Philadelphia; tirace (Br), Wade, do; Hermann Ilclmrlch
CUer), Ueetercich, Wilmington. NO.
Hbi.tol, Nov 28? Kailed, steamer Fomersot (Br), West
ern, New York.
Bbxxkx, Not 28?Arrived, ship Maid of Orloans (Br),
Houston, I'hllsdclphia; harks Robert Godfrey (Br), Chap,
mau. New York; I) 11 Waijen tQor), Dletjen, Baltimore.
Sailed 28th. ship Wellington tUr). O'Brien. New York.
CaBDirr, Nor 20?Kailed, ihlp New Era, Sawyer, llong
Kong; hark Edward Kidder, l'eterson, Singapore.
Falxoutii, Nor 28?Arrived, brig Somerset (Br), Ilaloy,
New York for lluil (see below).
OLOucBSTkK, Nor 27?Arrived, bark Salome (Nor), Thyge
son. Now York.
Cit-A.si.on-, Nov 28?Arrived, stesmor State of Pennsylva
nia (Br), Knight, New York
Arrived 27th, 4 I'M, steamer Castalla (Br), Butler, New
Haxbubg, Nov 28? Arrivod, barks Maria Adelaide (Ital)
Pocatio, Philadelphia; Sagitia (Br), Taylor, Charleston.
Sailed 28th. hark Windward (Br), Baker, New Yoik
Uoxplkub. Nov 27?Arrived, brig Emily Raymond (Br),
Starrett, St John, NH.
Havrk, Nov 28?Arrived, ship John Bunyan (Br), Sco
villc, New Orleans.
Irswtcit, Nov 27?Sailed, bark Tjomo (Nor), Larsan,
United Statu*.
Kii.rusii, Not 28?Sailed, bark Assyrian (Br), MurchUon.
New York.
LiVKpuoOL, Nor 27? Arrived, tbip St John Smith, York,
San Francisco; brig B F Nash, Spauidlug. Purulbe; 28th,
?'lip Xagpore (Br), Venois, New York; bark Formosa.
Pierce, Bangor.
Hailed 23th. steamer Ontario (Br). Bonehette. Philadel
phia via Halifax; 28th. barks Dor Nord (Uer), Langs, Uni
ted States: Velocity (Nor), Olsuc, dn.
London. Nov 28?Sailed. ship New World. Hammond,
New York; bark Mlnnlo Hunter, Woodman. Wilmington.
NC, with loss of decklond.
Cleared 2-th, bark Protestor Nordonskjold (Nor), Berner,
United Statue.
Lakxk, Nov 2G?Sailed, steamer State of Georgia (Br),
Cooper (!rom Glasgow), New York.
Movillh, Nov 28? Arrived, steamer Bolivia (Br), Small,
Now York fur Glasgow (and proceeded).
Maryi-ort, Nov 27?Sailed, bark Gronswar (Nor), Neilsen.
United States.
Malaga, Nov 27?Arrived, brig Belle of the Bay, Wlll
atfls, Newcastle, E.
Newcastle, Nov 28?Sailed, brig Teml (Aus), Tomasslch,
New York.
Nkwry, Nov 27?Sailed, brig Aretes (Br), Roberts,
United States.
Prxauth, Nov 27?Arrived, bark Blomidon (Br), Potter,
New York.
Plymouth, Nov 28?Arrived, bark Gladstone (Br), Bureh
Bull River.
Passed Sctlly Islands 28th. 8 AM. steamer Canada (Pr),
Franguel, from New York for Plymouth and Havre.
Qckkxstowx, Nov 28?Arrived, barks Onnl (Rus), Dahl
berg. Baltimore; Bondevennen "(Nor), Thomassen, New
Arrlvod off Kastnet 28th, 6 AM. steamer Egypt (Br), Ore
gen. New York for Liverpool.
Rotterdam. Nov 27?Arrived, bark Atlas (Nor), Micbel
sen, Philadelphia.
Kio Janeiro, Nov 25? Arrived previously, ship Grey i
Eagle, Lucas, Baltimore.
8r II klkxa Sailed, snip Chas H Southard, Beattle (from
Madras), Havre (having put in leaky).
Texkl, Nov 27?Arrived, brig R vou Benulngaeu (Ger)*
Hosier. Wilmington, NC.
Tualkk, Nov 27?Sailed, bark Ambrosia (Nor), Barresen
United States.
Yokohama, Nov 20-Arrived, bark Ferris S Thompson,
Potter, London. * *
Sailed 26th, steamer City of Peking. Manry, San Fran
Sailed from Nov 28, bark Kalllsto (Nor), Stray,
United States; also tho ?'Velsnd," for do.
London, Nov 38?Brig Somerset (Br). Haley, from New
York lor Hull, put into Falmouth to-day with loss of bow
sprit aud foremast yard. ""
?J?3558?. K?r moderate; barom
PkmouTU, Nov 28. PM?Win i SW; light rain.
Asptnwall, Nov 23?Arrived, steamer Crescont City. Cur
tiB, New lork. "
New Y*Hi U?D' N?T 12?ArrlT0U- br,K Kmily (Br), Hanson,
CNbarfou**" 22-*Arrlved- ,chr David II Tolck, Sawyer,
Cleared 22d. brig Glpsey Queen. Morgan, Pernandlna.
Oh a K LOTtrro wx, PEL Nov 17?Cleared, schrs J C Keed,
Farrell. and Hudson, Mcltes, Newlork; 2uth, Walinlre
S ickens, ilo; ben Bird. Maulev Philadelphia.
Demkiuaha. about Oct -JN-Arrtrod. scl.r Goo W Anderson
8tate-1,port? York (and sailed lor a southern United'
Mr '?l,A51 ,X.0V -^-Sailed, steamer Hibernian (Br), Arch
er (from Baluniero). 8t Johns, NF. and Liverpool.
Kin.iston, J a, Nov 28?Arrived, steamer Claribel (Br)
Fergnson, Now ) ork. '
YoIk"ln?3 da". NOV 13-In port' bllrlt Xlu? O'er), for New
Navassa, Nov "?Sailed, brig Romance. Craig, Baltimore;
Ibtii sthr 1 rule ol toe East. Lord, Fort Royal
v i"4??'1 bT T,Jth Croeoent City, Curtis, from New
\ork lor A.wpinwall.
Aesnuf'o JiuV ld?Arrived- ,!llP Fr""h Austin, Austin,
Panama. Nov 25?Sailed, steamers Costa Rlea. Rathbun,
Central America; (,rannda. Connolly, San Francisco.
bt i iiomas, Nov 2,1?Arrived, oark' Mautteu. Trower, Bal
timoro tor JVrnambuco <ilgujHMted.
BTJoilx. Mi. Nov 23 Arrived, bark Annie Troop (Br),
frit*, 1 roon.
Cleared 25th ship Cumberliind (Br). Karquhar. Liverpool
PlilUdel' lBa " -d' "?'hr I'1'-tia Batcbelder, English,
Frsncl.co1"'0' ?C' 0?8"iIod' burk Miami (Br), for San
SlmnJh"'*' 'N0V 2?-Arr,ved- b?rb ? Aymar, Lapham,
Bailed 20th, steamer Dakota, Morse, San Francisco.
ASTORIA, Nov 20?Sailed, bark Tarn O'Shanter. Patter
lun.Mu r rKr.ci?co.
ei^r.r.'vr;!.U,,M' J'"1" Cochrane (Br), Lelghton, San Fran
I I?v ,!?I i * itl'-'KhlUllii.
ALEXANDRIA. Nov 27?Arrived, nennier KU Knight;
scur- Helen Huibrouck, )iuLoSeu;T .Morris 1'erot (l>om
?|?), UeorMbiwii,
Sailed?Schr Chas F Sampson (from Georgetown), for
P.IKboy,0, -7~Arrlv,d> ,ol,r K p K1,,c'
.^?7 K1tV"Arrir*d. b?fk Fury, Everett. Phlladol
W. ' v.1'", Vul';V fc"lon! Savage. Turk. Island; Neponeet.
}Vllev.\ Irgiiila; Howard W llllsm*. W aiuwri lit, Alexandria:
Luc 11 a A mio?. ''"lehury. Baltimore: A ileafni. Pliliincy;
? \i ?rT?r,i J1 [or#nee N Tower. Actum*. mid Lu
ll# McNicliol, Mtu mug. 1 on Joliiirod *, .lull# E I'ruu, A\ick
V AI t."f0"'n "'?y' r*?"lyoue Friends. Jot
Irojs, Ks.e \ Altkeii, Brower: Mabel Ho.o, Allen; llefrn
A Amea. Knoieott; H II Kverman, Llnvd ; Nellie 8 Jerrlll
Weaver; I) Gilford, Conb; Thorn a Boor., Homers; Tillle
yandcrkerehsn. Jlatoinan; .1 W ilnll. Lowell: A P Koacll
J.*"''* ? .f' ,'r CeHliitthsm. smith: M 11 Rand. Kinuey!
;. . *'? Gage; Rebecca Florence. Richards; Allen
de\7"a C,,url"" K "?/mond, Kelly. Phlla
Also arrived, brig William Robertaon, i'eak, Turk. Island
schrs Dexter clarK, ( itrtl.. Ilnboaen; James .Martin
Crewell. iiitil L lli.lv,- ty. liryaut. It cehawkcn; Ilinmas
llult, sylvc.tsr Romlout; .1 li Rod a ell, Kvans ; Annie let.
ami Whlinm A l'ro#Ker, Kelley, l*ort Jolinnon;
.i?;r> f l/XrinoQ >;ck#riou: l<u l. Lmhini, Potior; J I' Al
!?"*"? Jjewell; ttilliain B Ihomas, Ihtnnae; Mnrtlia
VVel.li, lliiriie; Htepbeit Harding. Harding; Mary A
Irainor, Aakins, J t( Fitspatrlck, Cor ion; F Kt
it mr..: , rJ".\ Ir*ltl!j Alinon Bird. Drinkwater. William
H Whlttaker, t.arll; Mary .Mankin, lliird; llattle G Dow
Nlckerron; iJaunal. R Shuhert. King; L P Whltmore,
tj l tU'nre; J I* lasker. Leeds, and l imothy Field. Leland,
Philadelphia; U \V IItil, tlawiey; We.t Dennis, Croweb,
urilB:.-v- Baltiiuora : Gettysburg, Corson, Dela
ware City , i,o?L Fessenden. Reek, Alexandria.
Cleared-!"earner Wm Crane, Taylor, Baltimore: bark
Asolia, Kevuolda. East l-oinlnn iSnutb Africal : aenrx Al
ttiotia. Mtsgerald. llayti; Vineyard. Hosebrnok, Port an
Prince: U P W hitman, MeDonal.l, St Pierre (MI,,u.lon);
Am... Walker. Poland, Che,lesion.
anao?Hleamers Raltleaiiake, Allentown; barks Coring.,
Asalia. " '
B ti.riMOUK, Nov 37?Cleared (not arrived) barks Xoel
|Br). kouwliun. latndonilerry; Danuabrog (Dan), Iburue,
Bristol, K.
28tlt?Arrived, xteaiuers Falcon, Kirby, Charleston : Geo
8 App.il.l, Lovelaud, Boston: ships Crusader iHr .Durkee,
Yarmouth, Nb, bliss A Kenney (B>), Davis. Livrrpont;
bark- Cecelia (Ital), Nicole, Genoa: Ann* 'Nor). Wahl
Koohelle. achrs Jacob M ilaakell, Crow.it, Traleo; AP
Cranmer, lixard, New Haven; Jennie A Mieinard Kdgett
do; Joe Carleibit. Thoraton, New York; Jes W Uoyle Cub
berly, do; Matthew Kenney, Hheyaan. Boston.
Cleared?Bark* Lmhm (Sot), 9t??, Cork; Geraaanla
(tier . Ever*. Hromen: Bosso (Itali. Poggl. London;
lb-dot, (Nor), Anderson. Hamburg; *ehr? :-arah L Davie,
t ottrell, Bateau ; KM Heed. Krlsry, New llavea; Ida 0
But :ir i. Sin .II. B -ton.
Sailed?Bark* Bergliol, Noel. Dannebry and Gerinanla.
MaT.I. Nov g"t?nailed, ?.t,p iju.'utialoa'a iuow), Puring
ton. New Or loan a.
RKIsTiib No* -3?Arrived, echr ConJova, Ryan, Phila
Jtlth?-Arrived. ?chr Battle K Taber. Brigg. Alexandria,
till A HI,lis I ON. .Nov '-'S?Arrived it amer Seagull. Lock
woo. I, HitUininrii- nark* Ju 1'eake (Bo. Barnard. Liver
pmn via T.vbea: Dnttn .Nur>. Caeparaon Bristol. E: lira
poo. vit l. e". Untie iNor>. I'aaparaon.
nu?. ir..iii Liverpool: H L ItoutU, Young, London via l/Ml
Curloita (Spi. -miners. Havana.
Hailed?M ? ktiier Lucille, Baltimore: harka Fearlesa iHr),
llavm; Ita.ua (Nori, do; sclir Mark L Peter*, Vorl, Liver
Cleared?Bark Flora (Br). Towmond. United Kingdom.
Arrived 33th, soltr Travoller, Hodges. Jacksonville fee
Now York.
CHESTER. Pa, Nov SB?Arrived, echr Thoa O Benton,
Miller, New S ork.
KDGAK'fUWM. Nov 24?Arrived, achrs Leonessa, Achorn,
and E'Un rressev, Prcs?ev New York fur Portimouthi
Allle Oakes, Plilsbury. .1.. 1. r Newcastle.
Thirty-nine vetael* n-.w In p..rt. before reported arrivadl
eight arrived lo-uight ill Inaat harbor, names unknown
25th?Amend, rlc Abby Thaxter, Veaxte. PbiUdelphia
lor Baii.-or: scbr* Mac He Ellen, Liltlejobn, New Turn
for llo-ton; Twilight, ilobluson, Alexandria lo*
Rockland: Anna Holla, Grtfllu, do for Hoiub Thomas
ton: Jeitn Avile*, YYyioan, New York for Portsmouth;
St Hubert, White, do lor Halifax; White Koain, llix,
Perth A in boy fir liosten; 8 I' Hart. Burgess, New
York for .-alom; MayMuuroe, Clarksoa, do for Portland;
an, Stanley, do tur Mutton; .lanio* Henry, Snow, do lor
Salem; Only Son. Mender, liar.liner for New York; H it
Bird. Rhodes, South Amboy lor Portland; F V Turner,
Walker. New York tor Yarmouth, Me ; Equal, Titut, do for
Wlnterport, Me.
2 th ? Arrivod. st-hr* Mary Farrow. Foai, New York fee
Boston; lame* Holme*. Hydar. do lor Portland; Malabar,
Welsh. do for Belfast; Helen M Condon, McCarty. IIrun*
wick, ti 1. lor Scarsnurt; Boas (tor iioa(on): Anulo ribep
herd. M Sewalt, Gen Scott, Llnle Major, and Tarry Not,
bound exit; Wanderer, Coomb*, Llncolnvllle for Now Bad
Most of the fleet tailed tbla morninir find returned.
EAST (1KEBNWICH, Nov -7?Arrived, schr Jennie 0
Rusk, Norton. Ilnbokeu.
Sailed?Schr LUlie I) Well*. Wella. New York.
FALL UIY'KH. Nov S3?Arrived, ?chr? T B Colton,
Prambs, Philadelphia; O W Locke. Bunco: K M Dulfli-ld,
Kay nor: Aloioti, Smith, and Lucy Bloasum, from Port John
son': John Htockuair., Hart, Sou'h Amboy; F Merwin,
Bunco; Kin dove. Switiu; Ann K Martin. Buell; Albert
Treat. Sawyer, anil Revenue, Plilnuev. Iloboken.
27th?Arrived, sehra Highlander. Wood, and Raven, Her
rick. South Ambov: John iloynton, Vfrroll; John Crock
ford. Hart; Gov Cony, Ridley, and N Holme*. Dow, Hobo
GALVESTON. Nor 20-Salled, steamer City of San Anto
nio, Penning on. New York.
JACKSON VII,LR, Nov 24?Arrived, sehr Harbinger,
Dodge. New York. ?
Otesred-Schra W H Pharo, Edward*, New York; Ger
trude Itri, Kelly. Natsart
MollILK. Nov 2S?Arrived, ship Emily Angusta (Br),
Day llio Janeiro: schr Frank Lucas, Hulso. Ruatan.
NEW OKI,HANS. Nov I'M?Arrived, steamer Charlie W
Lord, Coltou. Havana; ship Armstrong, Bryan, Litboni
bark Natvig (Nor). Sunblad, Bristol
?J4tli?Arrived, ship Crescout City, Delano, Havre; berk
EloUa (Spi. Marty. Havana.
2Mb ?Arr.ved, strainer City of Mexico, Sherwood. New
York. Ac.
Cleared?Steamer Jamaican (Br). Winder, Liverpool;
ship Saudnaky. Lowden, Amsterdam; bark Ferda (Nor),
C-ristianseu, Leith.
Southwi.st Pass, Nor 23?Sailed, bark* Triade (An*), for
Havre; Choice (Br). Gloucester, E.
28th?Arrived, ships J A Thomson, Bremen ; John Ruth
erlotd (Br), O'Neal, Bristol, E; Peruvian (Br), Berry, Lite
erpool; bark Moland (Sw), Kmanuclsoti. London.
Sailed?Steamer Ithuriol (Br); bark Kuth Topping (Br),
? ster (Br).
NORFOLK, Nov 28?Sailed ship Winchester (Br). Mo
Donald. Liverpool; brig C 8 Packard, Amesbury, Barbados;
schr Maggie >1 Rivers, Rivera, do.
NEW 11 ('BYPORT, Nov 25?Arrived, steamer Panther;
Mills. Philadelphia.
Hailed?Sehr Ellsa Ann, Mayo. New York.
27th?Sailed, schr Crown Point. Burns Baltimore.
NEW BEDFORD, Nov 2ti?Arrived; achrs Walter F Par
ker, Daniels, Philadelphia; S S Smith, Snow, New Yorkfor
Wari ham (and sailed!.
Sailed?S.?hr A lirrlll, Fisher, New York.
27th?Arrived, schrs Gov Burton, Phinney, Philadelphia;
Mary J Merrill, Perth Amboy for Boston, for repairs; Spray,
irotn I ronton.
NEWPORT, Nov 2.1, PM?Arrived, schrs Hattlo L Cur
tis. Mann. Port Johnson; Urbanna, Alien, New York for
Fall Kiver and Providence (after discharging pint of
cargo" at Fort Adams): C C Smith, Atwood. PertD
A inho v for Taunton and sailed 2Bth; Snriih Jane,
Sleeper, Now York; Dtf Saunders, Molt Port Johnson (at
J aim stown Ferry); L M St rout. Kernald, Perth Ainhoy fol
Fall Klver: Ocean Wave. Dorr. Port Johnson for do; Isetta,
Ilitiks, New York for do (and all sailod 20th).
Also, aclirs John Manlove, Robbins. Port Johnson foi
Wood's Hole; Caroline <k Cornelia, Staples, Hobuken foi
Somerset (and both sailed 27th).
'.'titli?Arrived, schrs Annie P Chase. Poole, Wlscaseet lot
Savannah; Iris, Long, Now York for Harwich.
27th?Arrived, sehrs M A Folsom, Bunker, St Martins for
nostmi (had a stormy passage, and Inst foresail); L B
Wing. Georgetown, DC (collided at Delaware Breakwater,
and stove starboard quarter).
NEW LONDON. Nov 27?Arrived, schr American Team,
Luther. "Alexandria.
NEW HaVKN, Nor 27?Arrived. schrsJ B Carrlngton,
Parker, Baltimore; A If iiurlhnrt, GrifHug, Phlladolphiaj
Jas Mason, Mason. Baltimore.
PORT TOWNS ENL), Nov 19?Arrived, barks Hsrvest
Home, Matson. San Francisco; Roswell Sprague, Nord
berg, do; W II Oawley, Xlcliuirc, do.
21 ith ?Arrived, ship Shirley. Matthews, S?u Francisco|
harks Revere, Mclntyre, do; J B Bell, Fox, do.
PORT GaMHLE. Nov 20?Arrived, bark Roswell
Sprague. Nordberg, San Francisco.
PASCaOODLA. to Nov 22?Cleared, schr Mlra A Pratt,
Kimball, llarrlsburg (Texas).
PKNSACOLA, Nov 23?Arrived, bark Merle (Br), Monrll,
St Kilts; schr Wenonah. Bavley, Havana.
Cleared?Schr Ajax, Saunders, Indiauola.
2-P.h?Arrived, brigs I llowland, Lakeman, Havana; Jets
emiah. Ford, Cardenas.
PORT ROYaL, Nov 2R?Arrived, steamer HnntsvlUe,
Parker, Fernaudina; scbr L A Kommell, Jeffreys, PhilaUel
PHILADELPHIA, Nov 23?Arrived, ate amors Dominion
(Br), Roberts, Liverpool via Halifax: Juniata, Catharine,
Savannah; bark Concordia (Ger). Kastelholdt, Belfast;
schrs Virginia. Bangs, st John, NB; Mair A Cranmer,
Coombs. Boston; Rohocea M Smith. Grace, do; Taylor A
Matbis, Cheesemaii, do; James O'Donohua, Warren, Ban
Also arrived, steamers Equator, Hinckley, Charleston;
Anthracite, Grnnilcy, New York; arhrs W H Hoardraun,
Richards. Itaytl; Decorl. Horton, Stimmeralde, PEI; Phb
lantbrupist. Shea. Bangor; J C Cottinghaiu, Ayres, Boston|
J no D Paige. Haley, do; Tberesa Wolf, Champion, no|
Caroline Young, Jackaway, Cambridge; John Beatty, Mar
shall, James River; Warden A Graves. Primrose, do; Lot
tie Taylor, Boston: R A 3 Corson. Corson, do.
Cloarod?Steamers Lancaster, Mills. Boston; Pottsrllle,
Snow, do: Pcrklonton, Pierce, do; Norfolk. Ford. Fell
River; E C Blddle,Davis. Now York; bark Mohican, Berry,
Liverpool; scbrs Prisrilia Scribner, Dnsey. Cienfuegoa;J A
Griffin. iostor. Providence; John C Cottinghaiu, Ayres.
Lynn: John D Paige, Halsy, Huston; Chas E Gibson,
Emery, do; L N Lovell, Berten. Fall Kiver.
Sailod-Steamers Lancaster, Prrkinmen. and Pottsville.
LlWES. Del. Nov 28?Arriv d. steamer Albemarle, Glbbs,
New York; barkLKCann (Br), Dublin, for orders.
Passed in at :i PM. brig Sagua from Turks Islnnd.
Passed iu last night, bark Meivin. Irotn ; brig Triton
(Nor), from Havana; selir Pecora. St. Andtews.
PORTLAND. Me. Nov 2">?Arrived, srlir Annie P Chase,
Poole, Wiscasset for Philadelphia (and proceeded).
Clear.-d?Schr La Volte. Wliltmore, New York.
Sailed?Scbrs Mahaska, La Volta.
2Hili?Arrived, sclirs Edward Waite, Montana, Frauoonlg
and Margie, from Philadelphia; Odell. from Komlout.
Also arrived, scbrs T J Tralton, John Bird. L A Johnsons
and Hattle K Sampson, from Philadelphia: Mar P Hudson,
and Nellie Chase, Irom South Araboy; May Munroe, ant
Jas llolnies, from N?w York.
PROVIDENCE, Nov 27?Arrived, steamers Johns l(op?
kins, llallctl, Norfolk : Tonitwatida, Sherman, Philadelphia
schrs David Clarkson, Ireland, Geurgotown. DC; S B
Franklin, Tyler, Philadelphia for i'awtuuket; Eliza A
Bcrlbner, Smith. Phllrtlclphia: J it Anderson, Itlggs Phil
adelphia lor Pawtnekot: E B Darling. Hodgkinsun. Phila
delphia for I'awtucket; Foam. O'Connor, Trenton ; Daniel
Webster, Winalow, Port Johnson; Mary E Woodhull, IIor
ton. Port Jolmson; Biacx Diamond. Smith. Port Johnson
for Pawtnekot; Bertha, Cnnover. Perth .anibny; Jane, Hus
kell, Perth Araboy; John Warren. McGar. Perth Amhoy;
Anu Eliza, Cousins, do; Jas M ilaylus. Arnold. Rondont;
Georgo Gnrtiey. (lurnsv, Rondnut; Sarah L Thompson,
Hull. I'OHchkeepsi#; M M Heath, Nichols; Kllas Ross,
Lewis; Lookout. Spragun; J II Burnett. Rnsmussen; Ade
line I'ownaend, Ulsley: Isola, Mayo; Sarah Hruen, Bullock)
Madagascar.fK'llpntrUk: Eureka, Naal.and Delmont Locke,
Pendleton, lloboken ; Henry Remaen, Allen. New York.
Sailed? Stoarn r McClsllan, March. Hallimore via Nets
folk: schrs Kinorson Ro'aes, Ma-ton. Baltimore : Shamrock,
Troy, Haverstraw; Isle of Pines. Lege, ItonJout: J Clark,
Nor'tlirnp: Sarah I'trve*. Lisle, and Horizon,Leet.N'ew Vork
RICHMOND. Nor 215?Arrived, schrs George P Hgllock,
Sharrett, New York: Kate A Luella. Uonsall, do.
27tb?Steamship Richmond, holly. Now York: schrs
noury P Havens, Pearce,do; Oaks Antes, Edmund, do,
SaN FKtNOISCO. Nov 20?Arrived, bark DC Murray,
Fuller, Honolulu: selir Greyhound, Brown. Tahiti.
Sailed ?Barks Discovery, Contior, Honolulu; Menschit
koff. Stewart. Levttka.
?-Btli?Arrived, ship Allear (Br). Harrv, London.
Sailed?Ships Northern Monarch (Br) Gordon, nod Hell
con, Howes, (jr.censtown.
SEATTLE. Nov 19?Arrived, bark Aureola, Malgram,
San Francisco.
SAVANNAH, Nov 28?Arrived, barks Joshua Loring,
Cook, Havre: Bremen (Ger), Leitxe, Bremen; Latona
(Nor). Jorgenscn. Amsterdam ; Nueva, ?, for orders; brig
Anna D Torrev. Grav, Newport.
Cleared?Barks Maggie Millar (Br), Cook, Liverpool;
Cr.valier (B r). Mnrchlson, do.
Sailed? steamer Herman Livingston, Mallory New York]
barks I'nion. Webb, LIVgrpool: Traflk (Nor), Jucohsen, do.
SOMERSET, Nov 2S?Arrived, schrs Oliver Antes, Bab
bitt. Philadelphia; Mary Freeland, Clark, aud Abble, Ad
ams. do.
27th?Arrived, schr Ramn>! C Hart. Kelley, Philadelphia.
-ailed ? Sehrs Theodore Dean, Evans, and Jas A Parsons,
Fcnll. Philadelphia: Pennsylvania, Jones, aud Challeuge,
Norwood, New tork.
HfoMNGTON. Nov 23?Arrived, schrs Jas Dlverty, Oar
roll. Port Johnson; E II Clark, Vars, do: Sarah P Westeott,
Hobuken; Harry A Ned. Chambers, Weehawken: J C Ra
vens. Itallock, Rlverhea i; Joseph E Potts, New York for
T.AOOMA. Nov 20-Arrived, ship Dsshlug Wave, Nicks
els. Han Francisco.
VINEYARD H A YEN, Nov 27?Arrived, brig Manranitla,
Calais for Appanang ; schrs Eva C Yates, Philadelphia tor
llostou; Gamma, Hohoken for do: Traveller, New York lor
Salein : Joseph Koymore. Boston for Philadelphia; Willow
llarp, do for New Haven; Mahaska, Portland for New
York. ?
The schr Fred C Holden did not sail yostsrday as re
Returned?The schr Nancy J. Day.
Sailed? AH vessels before reported, excepting brig Men
sanllla, schrs Raise Stetson, William Carroll, Alcora, L A
L"om in. Mansfield, Joseph Bavm'nre, Nancy J Day and
Willow Harp.
2Stll ? Arrived, brig Clara.M Goodiich, Look, Cadis far
01 fitter sift.
WILMINGTON. Cal, Nov 19-9alled, brig FW Lucas
Ktiarkf. Kmeka. '
WAI1KH AM, Nov 27? Arrtvosd. ehrs J H Perry, Bsker.
ami .lesae Murdock, 81.nam. Philadelphia.
WESTERLY, Nov 2:1?Arrive.t, schr K W Babcoek, 8le
ap n. eehawken.
WARREN. Nov 26?Arrived, schrs Mary H Mifflin, Fsrrie,
Mid Alfred M Howe, Rills, lluboken.
27th -Arrived, schrs J H Vustip, Williams, Philadelphia;
Anna Lolatiil, Homer, Port Johns.in; Luduskie Treeworgr
lfobokrw. ^
L.K. -AT A -Mali, cost of only aj
Divorces quietly; any state-, pay when
? divorced: send for circular. AMERICAN LAW
AGENCY, it Astor House. \
| without publicity; advice fico. FREDERICK I. KING,
Lawyer aud Notary Public, No. 6 St. Mark's place; New
York city.
without publicity, legal everywhere; advice free; pay
when divorce granied.
NEW York LAW AOK.NCY, 170 Broadway.^
Patches. Redness of Nose, Scalp Diseases (crusty and
scabby ), Salt Rheum, Krytlpelas sou all skin dlseaset per
manently cured by Dr. VAN DYKE, ofliue o West itftkafc

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