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The Stock Market Feverish
ana Generally Lower.
GOLD 1071-S A 107 A 107 1-4
Bailway Bonds Steady?Government Securities
Weak, but in Fair Demand?Money on
? Call 5 a G a 2 a 3 Per Cent.
Wall Strkst, 1
Monday, Dec, 11?0 P. M. J
The Mills party having, by their gerrymandering or
test week., succeeded in transferring the load of Lako
Bhoro irura their own shoulders to tho?e ol the Inno
cents of the Stock Kxchange, stood with their bauds
In their pockets to-day idly contemplating the situa
tion. The market, in the absence or all outside inter
est, lies as dead us the traditional door null, and can
only be made to trend upward by the strenuous exer
tions ol prolossional operator*. Lett to Used, figures
contract, and the artificial strength lades away wuh a
real wcakne-s which is only partially counteracted by
?canty purchases on the part or Ibo shorts.
The unfavorable condition or things political and
oommerciul remain us strongly marked as ever, and
no Inducement Is ollorcd lor the venturers of capital
in nspeculjtlou which lor the lime being Is hopeless
ol results.
In addition to this the startling dcnllno during the
year iu such pre-eminently valuable properties as
Illinois Central, Now Jorsey Central and the other coal
carriers has widely dispelled the lalth ol mveslors in
evon the healthiest class or railroad stock, whilo as to
the sickly sort they ure not to ho touched with a
tongs. Toe discrimination between the sieudy divi
dend-pay tug securities and tho rattle-trap ianciea
that neither divido, nor are likely lor years to
Coiuc? the separation, as it wero, of railway
ihcep and goats?is slowly but surely going
on, with the efi'oct of withdrawing tho former from
?peculation and ot sending the latter to oblivion. It
la potsiblo to posacsa too much of a good tblng, and
Ibe railroads are suffering Irom that very fuck Too
mauy railroads and too little business uro horns of a
dilemma that have tossed dividends to the winds and
given an unpleasant thrust to confidence even In the
bunded debts.
The customary support being withdrawn this morn
ing me whole list ragged.
New Jersey Central was conspicuous In tho decline,
being helped thereto by some Imaginative news from
Philadelphia, to tho clJect that default would be made
upou their Interest, and that the papor of the concern
would be likely to go to protefck
As no interest is duo until January the report was
looked upou with a suspicion, which was shortly after
soufirmed by despatches declaring the previous tele,
(rams to bo forgeries. Upon this a recovery toolc
place, aud tho stock closod noarly up to tho highest
figure of tho day.
Lako Shoro, which sold at the opening at 57fell
oil to 60?i, Bni1 rallied to o0*t'. The granger stocks
were equally weak-kneed, but plucked up some little
strength, tho news that the Supremo Court wore not
yol ready to render a decision, and thut iheSt. Paul
earnings lor tho week had diminished ?'J7,88J, having
no appreciable efl'cct.
Heading was quoted at one time In Philadelphia as
low as 181.', a point of depression which It has not
seen for many years. The old trouble, which bids (air
to become chronic, ol a collapse iu Us coffers, Is al
leged to bo the causo or tho complaint.
There was evidence ol an intention to Ice! the pulse
Of the money market, the rate, which had Lueu quiet
?t 4 a 6, being suddenly run up to 7 per cent.
The advance, however, brought out a superabundant
supply of capital, which, at the close, was offered at
?>4 Pcr cent.
It the dcsiro were to tost tUo possibility of an In.
tended squeeze, in connection with a general bear
movement, tho response was not very satisfactory.
Tlie "Old Lady of Tbreadneedle street" disgorded to
day another lot of ?1(10,000 lor shipment to this port.
Imi cIToct was produced upou tbe gold market, though
additional force was lent by the arrival ot $1,000,opo
by packet lb I# morning.
At tbe close there was a general strengthening of
tbe slock market, the advance being instigated by pur
Chases ol Lake .Shore to cover shorts put out at tho
close of the week by the disciples of "quick turns"
In Exchange court.
The transactions a*, tne Stock Exchango to-dav ag
gregated 109.530 shares:?Now York Central and Hud
yon Rivor, 1,827; Erie, 11,.".00; Lake Shore, 34,400;
North western, 1,400; do. preferred, 1,000; Rock
Island, 0,090; Pacific Mall, 4,600; St. Paul, 2.050; do.
proierred, 7,300; Ohio*, 1,800; Wostcra Union, 6,800;
Wabash, 3,600; C.,C. and I. C.t 950; Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western, 7,000; New Jersey Centra),
1,550; Michigan Central, 6,160.
The following table shows tho opening, highest and
lowest prices ol tho day:?
Opening. Highest. Lowest,
New York Ceutral 103?, lo4 \ 103?;
Harlem 130 139' 130
Erie S'? 8?; 7J?
Luke Shore 66?; 67)* 66?;
Wabash 4?; 5 3;,
Northwestern 36 ?; 36?,' 34?,
Northwestern prclerrcd.. 5S.1; 68i; 67?,
Rock Islauu 90)i 99?; 9S?,
Milwaukee and St. Paul... 19?4 19 !, 18?;
Ml!, and St. Paul |ref.... 62 62 51
Del., Lack, and Western.. 71?,' 71?; 70?;
New Jersey Central 34 34?, 33 >4
C.,C. and L C 3 3 2>,
Ohio nud Mississippi 5 6?; be,
Western Union 72 72', 71?;
Atlantic and PaclUc Tel.. 16 16 16
l'aclllo Mall 24 24 23)*'
Ofne.1. Ashed, Offers I. A,!,eJ.
Pacific Mall ... .34; U.% .Mil .1 st I' pi.. ?>">?' 67L
M est Cn 'lei... 72 72-, C.C, CJtl... ;m an
All A l'nc Tel. 14 l."i?4 l.Va il?, a.U UK
g uliktiivcr ni. 11)i 2" Del. LA M .... Tl'i 71',
i u,ess.???!,... 12?, 10V, Erie 7V ,s
Mar LA Mln 4 412 liana Kja... iuil J2JJ
U i r L 4 11 pi.. 4 414 II .V st J ii pi.. ubH '.6
Aiikui r.A I'4 Iof> L s A M So. .&<;?, ?'<??
Aiucr Is.* 5b 6b?$ ilten Central . 4uf( 4
L b i.xpttu .. 5o?; o3 N V A Harlem. 137 134,'.
M e is- r sign I a mi on ft Ye; a liuu icio:*?; nm?
Chic A A ion lid 90 ft J i VII . .. 34tJ 34'.
I leve A P.ttfc. 99 8?? Ohio A Mis*.. . ?W
tin A .8 W <4% .ft!* Panama ? IgH
t lit A N W pi; Mji ftb , Tot A Wilbaell. 4K 4K
Chi A R I . VH\ ?"?* I niou t'AUittu. 58j? SO!.
Mil A St Paul. 10 In',
advance and decline.
Tbe following are tho changes in closing prlcos com
pared with those of Saturday:?
Advance. ?-Atlantic ?nd Pacific Telegraph, New
ITorkCentral, ?; ; Lake Shore, ?* ; Morris and jCsiex, ?4.
DiCLlNE.?Chicago and Alton, ; C., C. and I. C.,
It* ; Delaware and Hudaoft, *c; brie, ?, ; Hnnniba! and
it. Joaoph, ; do. preferred, %; Illinois Central, ?4;
Mirhlgan Cciural, ?, ; New Jersey Central, ; North
western, >,, do. prelorrod, '*; Ohio miiU Mississippi,
t4 ; Pacific .Mail, ?c; Quicksilver, 1; Hock Island, 1; At,
Paul prelerred. \ ; Wabash, ?, ; American Express.
2>* ; United Alan s, >*.
Tho rost ol the market was stationary.
During the day tnoncy on call In ono or two Instances
loaned up to C and 7 per cent, but the principal busi
ness was on tho basis of 4 and 5, with closing figures at
3 and 2 per cent. 1 he rates >! exenungo on New York at
tho undermentioned cities were:?Savannah, \ offered;
Cincinnati, dull, 1-10 a t* discount; Charleston, easy,
i, a a par; Now Orlcuns, commercial, ?; a 9-16;
bauk ?,;SC Louis, $160 a $2 discount; Chicago,
66 cents discount.
Korcigu exchange was quiet and unchanged. Wo
Sixty day a' sight 4.81?; a 4 32
I), luatal ????????????? 4.83 u4.S4
Cable translert. 4.83?; a 4.84J?
Commercial. 4.79 a 4-86
Sixty oays' sight. 6.22?; a 6.21l;
Remand.' 5.2b a 6. IS?;
Cable transiers 5.18?; u 6.K?a
Commercial 6.27?, a 5.25
Itelcli murks?
Sixty days' sight. 94 a '.'4?;
Demand 95 a 95 ?4
Cuhio translera 95?; n 96
ComuierciaL 93?4 A 93?;
Gold opened at 167?;, declined to 107, rose to 107?;,
?t which price It closed. .The carrying rates wore 4)*,
I, 3. 6)6, 6 an I 6 pur coat. Loans werci also made flat.
The steamship Wcscr, which arrived from Southamp
ton to-day, brought ?181,000 in gold coin. Tho chief
portion of the ?140.000 drawn (Vom the Bank of Eng
land lo-uay was (or shipment to this country.
Gold baanecs $1.471.COO
Currency balance* 1,504,733
Gro-s clearances 26,124,000
Currcnry exchanges $74,530,342
Currency oaiauccs 2,057,818
Gold exchanges 13,413.435
Gold balances 1,288,956
Government bonds closed steady at the following
quotations:?L"nited States currency sixes, 121a 121%;
40. do., 18S1, registered, 112% a 112%; do. da. da,
coupon, 116% a 116; do. da, 1805, registered, 108*, s
10S*i ; da da, da. coupon. 108% a lu?% ; da ilo., da,
new, registered, 108% a 1 OS% ; da do., do., da, cou
pon. Ill a 111%; do. da, 1867, registered, 111 >4 a
111%; do. da, 1881, registered, 114.% a 114%; do. do.,
1863, registered, 112 a 113; do. do., da, coupon,
116 u 110%; do. ten-forties, registered, 111% a 111%;
do. do., coupon, 111'.; a 111;, ; do. Uvea, 1381, reg
istered, 110 '4 a llu% ; do. do., do., coupon, 110% a
110%; do. ua 4 Vs. 1891, registered, 10S.
Tho Assistant Treasurer paid out to-day $13,000
gold on accouat ot interest aud $167,000 in redemption
of live-twenty bonds. The Sub-Treasury released
$3,800 silver coin to-day. Revenue receipts to-day,
$250,000; customs receipts, $690,000; bank notes re
ceived, $700,000.
Consols closed to London ou Saturday at 93% a 94
this is also ibo only price received to day. Unnod
States bunds ttro lngbcr (or all issues dealt in in
London. Krle sold dovru to 8% n 9. Tbo further sum
of ?190,000 bullion was to-day withdrawn from the
Runk ot England on balanca Sterling exchange at
l'arls Is 23.17%, The Imperial Rank ol Germany
gained 7,212,000 marks during tho past week. Stiver
iu I.ondou is 57d. per ounce. At tho New York price
the gold or bulbou value of tbo trade dollar Is $0i9ti07;
tbo gold or bullion value of the old silver doilar would
to-day bo $0.9435; the gold or bullion vatuo of the sub
sidiary silver com Is $0.8825 lor two halves, four quar
ters or ton dimes. Rontes lu Purls arc 104.60; in Frank
fort now fives are 101%.
Railroad bonds wero more active than of late, and
tho lollow-ing woro tho changes iu prices compared
with lust previous sales;?An advance ol 1 per cent in
Milwaukee and St. Paul (G. arid M. division), tho con
solidated sinking funis advanced ???, ,% iu Ohio and
Mississippi consolidated sinking funds, Ohio aud Mis
sissippi consolidated aud Chicago and Northwestern
consols, and % lu Chicago aud Northwestern firsts.
There was a decline of 2 per cent lu Toledo and
Wabash firsts (St. Louis division) and equipment
bonds, 1 per cent in Toledo, Peoria aud Warsaw firsts
(Western division), % in Central Pacific gold bonds j
and Western Pacifies, and %' iu Union Pacific tt'sta.
Ohio and Mississippi consolidated sinking fund do- j
cliued from 81 to 80. New York Central coupon firsts
Bold at 118%.
The latest bids wero as follows:?
Albany and Susq 1st....110 Clove A Tol?f. 100%
Albany and Su. u 2d ...101 Clove, P \ i!le A A. old.. Ii*>
Bos, Ilnrt A Erie 1st... 15 Cleve, P'ville A A utv 107
Hur, C It A M 1st7's g.. 37 liutf A Erie new 100
Chen A Ohio C's 1st 2H ButT A Er o State L 7's.lull
Chicago A Alt sink I'd.. ,1<M Kalamazoo A WP 1st. si
Chicago A Alton 1st ...118% Luke shore dividend.... 104
Juliet A Chicago 1st.... 11" Luke Shore con cuu 1st. 105%
St L. Jack A Chic Int. .101% Mich Cent con 1904.101,'4
Chi, Bur A Q 8 p c 1st 117 Mich C 1st 8's,'82, t f..112
Chic. Bur A t) con 7 s 111% N Y Cen u's, 1883 1 '3
Chi, It I A Puc 1st 7's 110 N Y Centra'K'?. Iss7 100
C. H I A P s 1 in IPs, '95.101 N Y Con U'?, real estate. 10 %
Central oIN J 1st new.. IOO N Y Cen ?!'?. sub 100%
Central of N J 1st con . 78 N Y Ceil Isle lis
.Mil A S I' 1st, ?'s, P II.. 117% IIml It7 s. 3d iu, sf, '85.113
Mil A 8 P 2d, 7 3-10. PD 90 Harlem 1st, 7 s. coup... 11 7
Mil A S 1* 7's. $gid.nl> 101% North Mo 1st..
A SP 1st. LaCdlv.Io3%
Mil A S P 1st, La C div.|o3% lihio A Miss eon s f. 8>
Mil A St P 1st, I A M D !>4 , Ohio A Misscim Ko%
Mil A St P 1st. I A LI... 87 Ohio A Miss V-'U. con.
Mil A si P Ut, II A l> 87 Cen Pacific gold bonds.. Iiw',
Mil A S J' 1st, 0 A M....P 0% Cen Pacific, San J nr... Ill
Mil AS Peons I . .. 88 Cen Puc 1st, 0 A O hr 93
Mil A St P 2d, C A M. . 90% Con Pacific laud gl lids. 9t
Chi A N W sink land....Itltf Western l'ucillo ds ...101%
Chi A N W interest bs. .104 I'lnon Pacific 1st.. 106%
Chi A N W con bus 1U2% In ion Pacific I g, 7's..
Chic ? N VV ex lies loo In Ion I'acidc sink laud. 1 0-4
Chi A XIV cp gold lids.., i 3 At A Pacific I g m.
Chi A N W rcg gold bds I*' Pacific It It ol .no 1st.... *3%
Galena A Clu ex H*> Pacific It It of Mo _d ... 84
Hcl, Lack A West 2d... 107,% Pius. Ft W A Clu 1st. 121
MorrisA Essex 1st lis 1'lcve A Pitts con sld...loll,%
Mor A Ess 1st con g'd.. 00 Cine A I'ltls 4lh ...
Erie 2d, Vs. 1879 lol% C.CAIlsl 37
l-.rio 3d, 7's, 1883 IUO.% Hi Louis A I M 1st 101%
trie 4th, 7"?, ls.su 98 Alton A T II 1st h
Erie 5th, 7's. 1883. 102 AitoiiATll 2(1 pf 8s
Long Llock bds .104% 'Jul, Poo A War, fill 89
Hutf, N Y A r.rio 1st,'77 00 Tol, Pen A War, W 11.. 85
Ran A St Jo lg 110 Tol A W ub 1st, ext ..loo
Run A 8t Jo a's con . . 80% Tol A Wab 1st, St L div
Rub A 8 City 2<1 div KM Great West 1st. 188s... 08
Cedar Kalis sc Minn 1st. 88 yulnry A Tol 1st. 1890.. 115
1ml. Htuoin'u A W 1st . 20 Ran A Ct Mo Ut
XI lull South 7 p c, 2d . , Hli V\ est L'uioti lids. HHX). e. lot %
Mich 8o A 1 s t 7 p c.109 Wc-t Union hda. HAJO.l. 101%
In tUi* department itio only transactions were
' twenty shares ol North America ut 04 and six ot the
I Metropolitan at 123.
static iionus.
I State bonds at tho Board wore 74 higher lor Missouri
j long sixos, yt lor Louisiana sevens consolidated, and
| otherwise steady. District of Columbia 3-65'a brought
I 037;.
ritonccu kbckiits.
The following shows the receipts of produce, &c , at
i Chicago truui December 1 to Docembcr 7, 1875 and
' 1870, six business duys:?
1875. 1870.
Wheat, busho's... 501,403 331,013 Doc.. 200,455
Corn, bushels 113,004 620,356 Inc... 346,451
Outs, bushels. ... 162,055 211,540 Inc... 40,404
live, bushels 14,731 50,555 Inc... 36,814
Barley, bushels... 80,649 106.047 Inc... 24,307
Total bushels... 1.023,743 1,210,424
Not lucreiuo, 1870 195,682 bushels
Flour, barrels.... 77,176 89,728 Inc... 12,662
Hogs, No 120,300 187,171 Inc... 67,865
Kcccipls ol wheat at Milwaukco-lrom December 1
to December 7, 1875 and 1870, six business days:?
1875 972,758 bushels
lb76 300.885 bushels
Decrease, 1876 581,873 ousnols
imiilapklpiiia stocks.
Tho closing prices ot Philadelphia slocks are
A iked.
City sixes, new
109 *4
United Kailroudsol New Jersey...
l'eiiusvlvania Kaiiroad
Keauiug linllioad
18J i
Lehigh Valley Railroad
48 >#
Catawis.su, prclerred
Philadelphia and Kr.e Railroad
Schuylkill Navigation, prelerred..
Northern Central llauroud
Lehigh Navigation
on Creek and Allegheny Railroad..
Hestonvilio Railway
Central Transportation
The following la tno olilcial list of aales to-day, all
prices being in currency:?
200 tlx Alpha. .?IO 37 200?h? Grant c 8>4
50 Belcher sill 14*4 hOUUranTule 3
SOU berliia.... ... ... . 1 ',() in, 3
41 JO <lo. ... a SOU do 2%
200 di 2?2 4.'?0 3
BiJO Beit * Belcher. 10 47?4 loo II A Norcrosa. ..10 7'?
IdO Choilar-Poloil.alO b.i?e a ii Julia Cuniul.. .slo '<!j
In Clove laud. U I'll kvi.uu-k .10 ll??4
10 J du slO MSS 4iNii.uc.riie .0 2,%
3'NI uo . P'? suo do 2',
300 do 1.30 pi, liAl Merriuinc 4','
4 o Con Imperial..ban 3 m o Uu 4%
200 du ?10 274 list Uu.... 4?,
200 Confidence ,...?lo 1j'4 | u ? ,i,, 4*,
1U' i (Jruwu 1'oinl. ..NlO P?4 Id i Mexican sill Sa
lOO Kxrlicqiier. ?lo 14 6-Mlphlr ?IO 4>7,
iOMjuiild at Curry .slU 137, huoKavcze. .. .10 li t.
raNiuraut t-'g 1< o hear d belcher. ?lu 9'
001 uo . ... b 2iAJ du .to SH
2IH? .<? P'. 4.11 Silver Mill alt) II
loo do ba> a1, lo*i bnion Cuuioi.. ..It* 12.14
3 o bJO S', 21*1 Yellow Jacket. bUd iH
100 do 8>, liNJ Uu .10 10
103 .In Alpha 37 ii.'.ln IT .1 Norcron.. 774
2 o Hertbn . 3 2m Lucerne
ItaiCleveiaiiu P'. bisi Vcrriuiac
UNiCruwn Point . I \ I'NiKataKc
aootlraiit 8,7, 100 I nl.in Consul 12'4
too Uranville U liar V.llow Jacket.... 19
Tho following are tno closing gold prices to-day
Alpha 33 Justice 25'4
Bclcner 13 Kossuth 2
Best & Beicner 42.14 Kcutuck 0
Bullion..... an Leopard....- d
Con. Virginia -137,' Mexican 2u
California 4">), Northern Belle 33
Cnollar 78 Overman 110>?
Conuuenco 12'4 Ophtr 35>4
Caledonia 12', Kay mono ft Kly 37*
Crowiigl'oint 8 bnvcr Mill pig
Kxcbequcr 1234 Savage
Gould At 1 urry 12 Segregated Belcher.. 81/
Male & Norcrosa 7>? Sierra Nevada 1174
Imperial 274 Union Consolidated. 11
Juna Consolidateu... 644 Yellow Jnckot I074
Tho lollowlng lublo ol prices ol the prominent gold
and silver mining shares, includiug the opening prices
of to day, aa received by telegraph irotu ban f racclsco,
is lurnishcd by William Ward, Drexal Building. All
prices are in gold:?
7 ih.
?J Ih.
11!!', CAdr.gef.
34 Decreased 1
14 ?
42 Decrensod 3
12 Mecrcfsed 1
48 Decreased 2
70 Der.roased 2
44 Decreased a
, Dtcvm.hr r??.
7Ik. Ht?. Oth. llth. Changes.
Eureka Consolidated... 11 11 11 11 ?
tiould .v Ourrv 18 13 IS 1*1 Deceased 1
Haiu A: Norcrose 8 8 7 7 Decreased 1
Imperial., ...... 3 3 3 3 ?
Justice... 20 27 20 25 ?
Ken luck 10 10 10 0 Decreased 1
Mexican 23 22 22 20 Decreased 8
Ophir 44 42 40 37 Decreased 7
Overman 114 118 117 110 Decreased 4
Kaymond * Ely 4 3 3 3 Decreased 1
Savage 11 11 10 10 Decreased 1
Sierra Nevada 12 IS 12 11 Decreased 1
Silver Hill 10 11 10 ODeereaaed 1
Union Consolidated 12 IS U 11 Decreased 1
If allow Jacket 17 IS 18 10 Decreased 1
The following shows the earnings of the Chicago,
Milwaukee ana St. Paul Hallway Company for the first
week iu December:?
1374 $194,854
1S70 1(17,000
Decrease $27,884
The tallowing show* the earnings of the Chicago,
Burlington and Qulncy Railway Company lor the
month ending October 31
1878 $803,383 60
1875 047.-80 94
Increase . $158,102 5t>
Also from ten months from January 1 to October
1S7C $4,950,002 20
1S75 4,582,042 73
Increase $73,959 53
llox oat, Dec. 11, 1878.
S10OO Long Dock Udi. HJft 200 ths L> ni.MSHR.s3 MS
300sbs >?-?( 0 72 150 i du 50*
80' do *?'? I'**) 88*?
.SOU do 7 >J M l do fttu,
2D.) do >3 721, 15oO on 87
1?>? Par l ull n? .,03 .4 110 do sS 57
1,1*1 do 93* ItOO do 57',
lOONYc .k MR KK.. lt>4 Hi ?) do *3 57
20J liock Island KR... UU1, 31*' do ?3 50yi
4(1 r.ru i.i. 8), 1>K> di OtB,
4100 in, Sm imi on . . .53 57
40.) do *3 8', 200 Mil A St P UK. . llt'4
6ii ? do i>3 8'4 2"i M , t'KKpl... 52
41*) ,t*> ..b ) HI. 1 ?? ?lo ?3 52
Ilk) Mlcb Can ltB... e 4:D? lixi 'l olA oabi.t' 4*
7(1, 43), 3"0 do 5
3i*t do s3 -CD, 2**i Del, l. a tt ltd.... 7I1,
200 CM A N It UR ... 35J, 20 do.. 71>?
10:15 AND 11:30 A. M.
flOCOO U85-2C.e.'66.u 111)* gioouo us a's,i?^o,s. na
SOU) do Uo Mlk 5t**i .In tll'^
SOIKI.1 us 5-2(1, c.'oTlie 111). 6U)> do be III',
1(**J0 do c l.4'4 5)**) do Ill ,
2j(JUU Uo be 114}* 18 tit) do lll?s
F1U81' BOARD?10:.'l0 A. Jl.
$5' 00 I.a 7'? con 5fl 1" ' shs 0 ,k S W KRUc 35
21**) Mo It's.'7a I(i2*; 10 i do ... ?3 31';
loo,'Mo It's lb 100); I |" do :,4
r>i**) do bo Imi', 300 do 8i*?
|(> A)ll A SPS's.Ut 115 2 t>0* NtrRUpl. bc 5?*J
lt*? .tlisr eon ? (. 88* 1'O do 5m.
1. 00 M*SPlst, CAM 101 20 ) Uo 58'4
2LO M b .V - tV dun.. 1< i?IO0 do 68
2t*iO CUI* NtV 1st. . lOti id.) do 57*
600O O *.> \Vc c Kb . 02), 3 n ilc, 67 .,
30 *) Mor * Ka-d I' U.'a 2HO do 5o*
4000 Alb * Sua 2d .. 101 3 O X J t?u KK.... be 34-,
li*K) fcrin 2d 01 101% 3i?i do 34
tOOJ ( hi. It A (J 8's.O 117 30 I do 33%
?J,**) L 8 1st, con r.. lt'6 d o do 33*,
7.*) I k II 1'hc .... !?t.. '"?>% I'83 do 33;,
8,.*) i ? riiPacg'' .. 108 100 do 34
!(?*) (' 1' 1st. > .1 br.. 01), lvO do... a !0 33
loot) Pac of Mo 1st... 9334 400 33'-;
3UUU Pac ot-Mo 2d. 84* 4t)3 33 ??
.'.000 do 84 4o<) do *3 33%
8000 T A tV 1st. St L. 75 5 0 do 3314
1000 rot * W e bda . 20% 2i*) uo :t3%
40O0T.Pitt let, \V D 55 100 do . 33.,
6000 O * M eon ? f 81 80 ? do 3
H* 000 * MUscoin.be 81 : (*? do 33
20i*J tt'eet Phc ltd*. D'l* 100 do ...s3J 32%
]ii H O N YCon lit. c .. 118U Bin do 33 4
30 -lis Del >k tlfuubc 7o , 50 P.FWAO ut spe.be 102
21*1 Mar LA M ic 4 100 Chi X Alt Kit.. be U!)%
309 AH .k Pac Tel..be 13 80 Chi & All lilt pl'oe I 8
3I?| West I'll Tdl.. be V2 1" do Ill)
30Ot:ld K ! it K be 03%
It) I .III u:t W4)j
10 ' flit
M til *>.
? bc.e
. . c
l? U U ? KxpreES
.. .be
:u~> Aiuer Kx. .
it ,V,
2 0
do ...
1<A) Krle
.UC. Ed
8 >4
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2oo Mich Cen UK. be
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700 do.
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24'JO tktt,
lUi do c OS),
100 uo ... . b3 tk?v
0*1 Mil A St I* UK..be ID
.it) do 1,11,
Kill do 18-,
8 1. M A P Kit pr.be .,|i,
.ml do 61 .,
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WUO do....
h?J i do 5| *0
2 ii do ... .stUO 0Oj?
41)0 do 5 1
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iuo" do c 43 tou D.L1W KK ..be 71 ^
1UI) do b.t 43 '? 100.) no 71%
41*1 do b't 43 5 -i ao 71,,
II) 'LS A MS RK.bv.?3 37 200 oo 7l\
300 Uo fi'% do 71 ,'4
5,M di 57 700 do 71
DUO do 5d'i 51*) do.. 7 %
1 , uo id) 5ttv 47 ) do 71
1**1 do.... ?'t 5ti?4 -(-*) do .3 7i
1100 '8 5d-n 3 ?? UO 7(,V
5D.I Uo D *? do 71
10 i uo ... .....b3 50', 10>) uo 71.','
4mi do 3)1/4 DO do 71
700 do 60J, In ' Ohio .v M RR.bc.s3 6*j
IdiUO do 50*, 500 do 5)4
luo do *3 3d*, 1*11 uo al3 5}*
5UO di b3 .0 ?, 300 do ,3 5v,
11**) ao s3 50), 2<*) do 5,J,
18 O UO b3 50), lid) do 5 .
10 > C, C, C A 1 Rk.bc 88 2u> Ohio ,k Mi.s pf..be 10
SdOOO MA 8P e * f.. .. 500 ?b? XJ fen RR.. 33);
2000 C. R I A Ps f... lOJt; 20 Tol <X Wuu U? 3-4
KK*X) C P let. St J 3r. Dl), ft O do *3 4',
Hindu tV Uc Tel.,.bt 71Jg W* do 4i4
10 i Adam* Ex b3 105 21) i Mil i St 1* itK 18',
20 .(iwtTieitu iv* iiDt, T/U.tl.i.8t p Itltpi.... 61);,
6 on to 8*i Uo...... .. b3 .'it
II* < do 6U 6(*) do 5i).
100 US Express *3 51 10J Ohio A Miss RR.... 5).
2.?i, ?c *?*,. .-? >3 23 H 1 (I do ... ... 5',
.(*) N V f *k 11K Rlt.. 113), 700Del, L A W RR... 71
2 0 do... -... *3 103), Id , Uo ... ,.s3 71
10 i Mlcb Cou KK.. ,b3 *3),' loo Uo . .. 71%
10, i Uo *3 20) do SCO I D
21X.I fhl .t It T KK.. .. l8'l 2)iO do 71
HO Erie KK Vi 8oo St L K C A N UK.
IU0 do 7-4 lUOSl L, K C A N pi.. 271*
10 Uo 8 8) .tior .. i'.KH KK .. t)4
40 i ESA M 3 KK. ...b3 6b), lOoC.CAICKR
Im, ..?3 5i), 2i*) do 2),
oOU do 6?*S 10.) do b3 2}|
lOOChl A X W KK ... 34li 100 do 2-,
SjuCUI A SWKKpfbl 57)4 50 do at,
l- i) NJ fen KK 23-, I'*) do 2J,
30 uo.... JJi-, lot) uo. 2),
2 P. M| .
$40 0 US G's, c, '81.... 115)4 $503 I'B 5'S, e, *8R... 110'g
10 00 C8 5-.0. r. '?! ri 1U4*, 20DUO do 110),
3.700O U s 5-20, c.'Gft.n 111 s 33IAA) U S 0*s, eur 121
10/OUao's IU-41.C... Ill;,
40nh? ,;lch f Kit.... 42j;
$1000 m*Col 5.()?','?... 08S
8 00 Chl.R I A P7's.. 110)4
5 Xi LS A SUR.bc.s3
1000 NJ Ceu coav.. 78)4 0*) do.
4000 Chi A X W con.. 103 200 do b3 5o>,
6OUO1; a.NW c * b.. 83 +*) dn ,3 60)4
li**J II A S j 8's.cou. 80)4 lot do bl 5s?,
5i*>> I, Shnrr reg 1st. 1<>5 lb*) co *3 5 ),
4000 NY Cen lit, ?... 118)4 loo uo 5Htj
100D i.ar ,si, 7's, c... 117), 10 0 du *3 5 ),
lOuO O i M eou ? f.... 81 *K)' ,.o 50',
1W*) do, 80* 2<*) III fen KR. ...be tbli,
lot*) do 80,1, 10.1 Chi A NtV RK. .be 35
41.00 do 80 loo uo 34',
10 miPscoi Mo 1st.. . 03* 100 do ...$3 34);
H**> P. Kt tV a C 1st 12j H*jC A N tV KR pf.bo 58
K**) M A St PIst.EU lo-'t* 300 N J Cen KK. be 34
1000T, PA w. W D.. 8.7 I'Aj Uo 3*14
2'*?itttsl I r.l!*?) 1"D4 I'D 24
0?Us Mftrnplt'ii ltk. 123 400 do .... 83?
2-> ilk ol NAuiericabs 04 l<*) i do $3*
100 Mar LA Mill. *3 4 3i do 3:t>,
](*? Mnr L A Miuafbcc 4 CO Ihi A K 1 KK...be 18',
lo,i Quick Mir. be 13 30) do...... 1)8:,
200 Quick Mlu pf... be 18 l'?) do st Ba*
.00 W Un Tel. be 71); 2 l) Ml! A SP KKpfbo 61,
5?i di, ..?3 71), 000 uu.. . 5f?
14 American Bx. be ,i8'4 3O1T0I A tt *t, KR..bc 41,
5*1 P?c be -31, 100 P.l'ltv AC gt...be IOI?,
100 do Sio 23'. 10 do 1 -1*
4 i) jo 23* 10 'D, L A W KK...bo 7
30O si 2 i.'i 4 I) do 71
25 N Yf itlKKK. bc U :t*i IdOOhlo A N It-: .Ih; 6*{
25 du ?j 103), 100 0.CA I C RRbe-8 2-?
3<A) Erie UK be 7', H* 1 at L, kCAX pf..be 27),
b K> ... leu Ltu K. ... be 43;, 5(A) do i7;,
2:30 TU .1 P. Jl.
$30X) 1'8.7-20's, r, '07 111* 15 Oshs LSAM8 KK 50 4
13UUO do HI-4 3?i Uo s8 5))',
4(>J sbs West Uu Tel-. 71), 20) do 50)4
3.*) uo 73 lOO Uo *3 .'oo,
10 1 111 Cen 1.0 (I'M on) do
0U) Pac Mail Ss 13), 2VO do 5?.-,
,i*j do 23S I'*) X J Con KK 1)4
'200 do 131* tot) do 34'4
luU in, 23', -IAJ do 34 ..
3(8) do 23', loo do 84*
200 do bl 23)4 21 *) ilo 84',
100 XT (,* 11 M KK... 100), MX) ? A 81 Jo KK pf.. 28),
27., do 100 -4 loOi.bii 111 tiK. .03 OK'i
| o du 101), 021 do W8J,
lo 1 Eric , 1: . 7-t 3 c, Del. I. .v vt KR.. . 7"),
700 do 7), 200 do ... 71
100 Mich L'eu RR .... 42(, Ion du 71),
2 n du . 42); 3<X> MU A St P RR 18*
200 d<> ..b't 43 100 do I OS,
100Chi A XtV RR. S3 34'. 6 ?>Mil A stP Kit pf . 51
350CUI A NW Kupf 57* IO) Uu 6o){
liX) L S A M o KK. ..sJ 5 k 4*) 00 51),
Monday, Dec. 11?8 P. M.
Trade was unusually slow to-day, the markets being
dull, almost without ezecptlou, while the tendency of
valoea was In muoy cases toward s lower basis. At
the I'roduco Exchange but lltila business was done in
anything. Floor ?u doll. Wheat wal dull *od nomi
nally lower, (lorn vra* quiet and eoay, except new,
which waa tinner. Oau were dull. Wlnxkcy wan
firm. 1'orlc waa quiet but aieady. Lard waa Malar.
Krelghti were quiet but firm. Cotton on the spot wee firm*
Futurea closed iteedy. Coffee wae firmer. Sugar waa dull
aud nominal. Oila were ateady. Petroleum wae firmer.
Hoaiu aud spirits turpentiue were firm.
Corrie.?The market for if 10 waa firmer. We uote aalee
of 340 bags l.io (Saturday. ex I". C. Warwick, on private
terms; 3.101 bags do , ex Kremlin, at ld^r.. and 000 baga
do. at Baltimore, ex Mary Ann. at lS),c. Mild eoffee waa
qniet. Tlie stock of Klo here to night la l,7trj bags, at Sa
vannah. 3.0OJ baga and at Baltimore. 15,1713. We quote
Ordinary cargoes, 18)?c. a 16',c.; fair do., als&c.;
good do., 19c. a !9'?c.; prime, lt'Jie. a lU^c.; extreme range
for lota. lo'jC. a 21c.: Santoa. fair to good, 18c. a lS*4c., gold*
ntuety days; Java, govertimaut baga, 20c. a 22c.; do., graaa
raata. 21c. a 23c.; Singapore, 17c. a IBs.; Ceylon, lK)ic. a
18)jc ; Maraeulbo, lO.'gC. a lSl,c.; Lucuayra, 111 tic. a 18c.;
Jamaica, lfi'-ic. a l~)?e. ; St. Domingo. 14c. a 11\,e.;
Porto Kico, l'Dic. a 18',c.: Costa Kick, l<*>c. a 19c.; Mexi
can. 17c. ? 18c.; Manila. l(i).,c. it r7.'jC.; Angostura 1 IS tic.
a inc. : Sitvauiils. 10c. a 18c. ; Ouraco.t. 1 ?>t>c n lOt^c.
Cotton on ilia aput waa active and firm. Futures openad
with an advance oi about on ?smrdny'i cio.-intr prices.
The advance. however, was entlrelr lo-t on tome ?f the
later laontU, the market closing ateady, with .Inly aud
Litgust quoted at Saturday's closing prices, Juno 1 -32c
ague " " " " "
hi guar, May 1.32c. a l-l< o. higher and tba nearer mouths
1-Vtle. a 3-32c. higher, 7 lie closing prices to-day compare
with Saturday'- a- lollowai ?
?Sulurri y, fidonaitrP. MniuUiy, Dsnudsr 11.
December 12 .1-10 a 12 11-32 December l.,J, u 12 13 32
January.. 12'. a? January.. 12 U-lOa ?
February. 12 11-10 a? Februafy. 12V a 12 25-32
March 12), a 12 20-32 March.... 12 15-18 a 12 31-32
April 13 1-ltla? April 13', a ?
M ay 13 7-32 a 13 '4 M ay 13 9-32 a ?
J11 in* I .1', it 1:1 13 :12 Juno 13 13-12 11 ?
Jul) ... 13 17 32 a 13 9-10 July 13 17 32.. 13 0 10
August... 13', a? August... 13),
?Quotations are based on American -lanuaru 01 classifica
tion and on cutton in store running in qual.iy not mure titau
lutlf a grade above or below the graoo quut
.Y-* rwpio. Cixmiu, Ai'thama -V Orleans. Texas.
Ordinary 19'- 10ij l<ilj liiJ,
Strict ordinary }V?4 JV'* ,** 10V
.d ordinary 11'a 11'a 11', II1
Strict good ordinary. II1, ll'j 11 0-111 11 "9-10
Low middling 11)4 11', 12 12
Strict low middling. 12 12', 12',' 121,
Middling 12U UK 13 7-10 12 7-l(J
Good middling 12', 12', l'.')( 12?4
Strict good middling 1212', 13 13
Middling fair I <? 13', 13),' 13','
Fan 13), 14 14)5
?Stained?Good ordinary. HI1,.'.; strict good ordinary,
1014c. 1 low middling, ll',c,; middling, ll),c. Spot sales
were atlollows:?
TV Oau. Sat. Scorning, Total.
Export 593 1,520 2,119
Consumption 379 220 199
Speculation Ootl 428 1.323
Totnl*. 1.872 2.174 4.046
?Delivered uu contract, 1,'UM) bales. For luluro delivery tbe
sales wero as follows:?Mtturday, after one l'.M.?Deccm
ber, lis i bales at UTnllk;; J uuuary, dtxj m IJ 15.32c.. (Mil
at r.",c.: Fobniary, 2LIP at 1- 11 lllc.: March, 7'X> at 12*,c. ,
April. 1,V*> at 13 I Hie.; May, II0 at 13 3 lib;. Total, 3..ail
bides. To-day. up to two 1'. M.?Ducouibor, lt?i at
13 1 -32c.,3l>) (short notion 13th) at 13 3-lUc., 3isiat 1 -i' ,
3U4 at 13 13.33c., 300 at 13',c . tut) at 13
13 33c., 301) (short notice) at 13 ll-32c.; January,
3.000 at 12?ac? 2.UU4 at 13 10 33c., 3,5i*J at
13 016c., 1,80(1 at 13 I) 33c., 100 ut 13 U-ltfc. : February,
1,300 at 1J 33 33c., UU) at 13,He., 1,300 at 13 25-3-c.;
Match, OK) at 13c.. l.Uxi at 1.' 31-3'e.. 100 at 13 15-lUc..
10O at 13 30 33c.. flU> at 13 13 10c.. 71*4 at 13 3l?J2c., 500
at 13c., 3.1'*) ut 13 31-33c., IU) at 13c.; April. 100 at
13 5-33C.. 31*1 at IS1,#., 31 *1 at 13 5-32c., HOD at I34,c. ; May,
3V> at It ll-HJc.; July, 100 at 13 14-ldc., Hal ut
1.1 10.33c. Total, 23,1**1 bales, 4.1 rand total, 30.UM bales.
The receipts at tile ports were as tollowa;? uahostou,
5,041 bales; Now Orleans. 15,133; Moi lie, 4,085; ttavaii
nail, 3,304; Cliarlosloli, 5,70H; Wilmington. 1,10 ?; Norfolk'
3,133; New York. OH; Huston, 1,363; Philadelphia. 133,
Total, 41.043, This tlav last week. 43.0J0. This day last
year. 40,1136. Total since September 1, 3,0'i7,HO6 naies.
To Saturday night cotton freights closed as lullows:?To ,
Havre, by steam, Kaj compressed. To Hreinen. by steam.
?,c? cu.npressed; by sail, ,?uc. To Llverpuul, 13 33d., bv
steam ; bv sail, ll-33o.
Flo fit a HP Uiiain.?Receipts? Flour, 1.4,010 bbls,; wheat,
107,bun bushels; corn meal. SIO bbls. and 310 sacks;
corn, 37.074 bushels; oats. IK.8B.3 do.; rye. 8,570 do.;
barley. 67.U.X) do., barley mall. 1,012 do. The flour market
was quiet and easy except lor low grades, which were
scarce. The sales include 12..MAI bbls., including State,
Western and Southern, at the annexed limitations. lt.io
flour was steady with sales uf 3511 bbls. at #4 75 a #5 2d
Corn meal ruled iteudv, with sales of 5txibbl.s. at $3 ;>t4 for
llraudy wine, and 82 So a #3 13 lor Western aud Jersey yel
low. M e quote ?
>o. 2 State SI 1-0 a #4 75
Snporliiie Mate 5 (kia 5 41)
KxlraMnte 5 31'a 0 0)4
Choice Mate U 00 a ?1 3D
Snpcrbne Western. 5 oOa 5 4<)
Kxlra Western 5 .aiu#tilX4
Minnesota 0 t)0 a 7 g.i
bound hoop Ohio, shipping brands 5 eii s 5 7-1
Kouud hoop Uhio, tradu braiuls t> oo a 0 30
Family 0 ..O a 7 50
M. bonis, low extra 5 50 a 0 00
St. bonis, straight extra 0 00 a 0 50
St. IjOuis, choice double extra 0 OOa 7 25
St. bouts, choice family 7 60 u 14 1X4
Rye flour, hue to superlino 4 75 a 5 20
Southern, No. 3 4 25 a -1 30
SotUliern. siiperflnu 5 ? ?'
Southern, extra. 5 7.i a 7 2:>
Southern, fatally "> a O l*i
Cora meal. Western '3 85 a .1 1>
Corn meal. Jersey s"? 3 b>
Coin meal, liramlywioe 3 o a 3 35
Corn meal, puncheon. 13 3 ? a ??
?Wlifrtt whs (lull mid iKiminHlly lnwcr, ?ilth??iij;h in iho
ahseuec of sulcs of inoment it is Imposstbln lo give itccuruio
ijuotaiioiis. 'I he sales comprised otily about 43,(k*i bushels,
at #1 27 a $1 28 for new ungraded spring, #1 27 lor new
No. 3 Chicago spring, ft 48 for ant-vr winter Chicago an t
Milwaukee ami rl Oj a #1 38 lor winter red Wostein. Corn
was dull ntnl easy for onl, but Armor lor new. Me uoto
sales of 3( 1,001 lm-li -ls. at 5 I.e. (or new sieamer. t)Oc.
lor No. 1 mixod, 5'd'jc a 00c. lor o.d mixed. 60c. a bOkjC. lor
uugraded Kansas, and 38c. tor old low mixed. Rye was
I steady, with sab s of shout 144,Out) busliols at 83c. a s5e. for
I Western aud U5c. Tor state. llarley was qui-1. barley
| uialt was pulet, and only 70tlbushels two-rowed Slate so.d
at 8.5c., cash. Oats were dull, and tha sales amounted to
I only 30,1*41 bushels, at 33',c. for rejected Western; 33,'aC. a
' 36c. lor ranee ofol Western mixed, 38c. a 42c. lor range of
I Western white, 46J4e. a 30c. for state while, 40)<c. a
48),c. lor State mixed, 38,4^0. lor No. 2 mixed. 30,'jc. Icr
No. 3 mixed, 42c. lor So. 2 white and 3Uc. for No. 3 white.
lltxr and J utk.?Jma butts were puiot but flrmly hdid.
Hemp Wild nl&o Quiet. We uuote Amerlcnn druMied
a #2Ui for single; #2t40 a #22.) lor double and #1211 a #125
lor rougli; Russia, clean. #200 n#2lO. gold; Italian, #275
a #2sO, gold ; Jute. B.'a'e. a V4c., currency ; Jute butts, 3'4c. a
3 5-IUc., casU omt time, currency. .Manila hemp, S,'4c.;
Sisal do , Oc . Istle, 5)?c. * 5*,c.. all g liL
JMoLaSSKS.? New Orleans * as In good demand and higher;
130 bbls. sold with the range. Foreign was dull and
nominal. Wo quote :-Cuos. centrifugal and mixed. 28c. a
34c.; clayed. :toc. a Jllc.; do. muscovado refliilng, 3Bc. a
4'*-.; do. grocery, 37c. a 42c.; Porto Rico tOc. a 58c ;
Knglish Island*. 30c. a 50c.; New Orleaue, good, 3jc. :
prune, 57c. a 38c. ; ciiotce. lie.
Naval Storks.?There wasapulet but firm market lor
both rosin ami spirits turpentine : 50 bbls. spirits turpen
tine (New Turk bbls.) sold at 42,'ic. Mo quotespirits
of turpentine. 414?c. a I c llosin-Strained. #235; good
strained. #J 44). Tar?Washington *3. Fitch, #2 5(1 a *3 75.
Advices from Wilmington were as follows:?Uo.in Arm;
strained, #1 85; good strained, #1 85. Tsr steady, $1 811.
Turpentine Arm; . ard, #2; soil aud virgin, #2 80, Spirits
II rm 38c.
Oil.*.?l-lntoed was a trills low*-. Other kinds were gen
erally steady 4.A4 bbls. humpback so.d at New lledioru at
85c. M'e quote; ?b.useed, caska ami bbls.. Ale. a 02c. ;
cottonseed, crude, Me. a 42.tgc ; Soutliem yellow, -Isc. a
500.; yellow winter, 32c. a 53c ; white winter,
58c aOdc.; lard, present winter, llSc. a u7c.; sperm, crude
#1 45 ; do., bleached winter, #1 7U; do . natural do., *1 65;
whale, crude Northern, 75c.; do.. Southern, 08c. a 7iic.;
bleached winter. 75c. ; extra do. 85c.; winter bleached Ash.
fate, a 5'2c. : crude Ash. 42c. a 45c.
FkraoLkCX.?M'e have to report another sharp advance
and mi active husinots at the advanced tales. Future de
livery, niter 25th J anuary clearance, was quoted at 2He. Tor
New- lora and Philadelphia and Jl^c. for Baltimore. Me
note sales of 50 i or *H*> bids., prompt delivery, to All, at
32'-e. ; 8,ixxi cases at 33c. a ? 5c , 12,1X4.) do. on private
terms, li,'**J bbls.. dellv ry all February, at 27'4e.; 5,tA)0
bbis at Fltilnduiphla. same delivery, at 27c., and 2.20O bbls.
Canada high te?l at 27'-*c. The closing prices were as fol
lows :-Crmle iu iiulk, 1.3),c.; do. In bnN., IS.'jc-; reflned in
bbls., prompt, c2c.; do. in oases. 33c. a Joe.; n iphllia,
140.; reAued at Fhiladflpnln. prompt, 31e.; do. at Haiti
tn'ire, puimpt, ;k)c. Advices front tne creek wero as (al
lows Farker'e. largo transaction; United, between $4 aud
#4 25; shipment iionilnal. quotable at #1 10,
Provision*.? Receipts? Fork. 1.731 bbls.; lard, 5,6144
tierces; cut meats, 4.127 packages; bacon. 22 tierces aud
3,515 boxes; beef. 175 llarces, 8 bbls. and 525 ca.es ; href
hums, 217 bbls. Tlic pork market rotua ned quiet and un
changed. About 3d bbls sold at #l)i 75, casti, ami l,.?tX)
bbls. at #16 80 a #17 for llebriiary aud #17 tor March. The
closing "call" prices were as tollows;?December, *16 3d
hid #i7 25 asked; .lanuarr, #lrt . 0 bid, #17 naked ; reo
raery and Match. #16 75 bid, #i7 asked. Cut meats were
quiet. 25,iAD lbs. pickled bellies, 18 lbs. average, sold
at H's'c. and 1.5(*J loose fiesh hnms at luc. rre.li
lianis were quoted at Fqu. a 12c., fresb bellies at
8?Tc. a 10>4c.. fresh shoulders at Uc., uirkled hams at IIHe
ft 12c., mckled bellies at ?l4v- ? ?Cl4c.. pickled lhoul
Uers at OJ-.c. a 7c. and box bel let at b',c. a lnc Bacon
was Ann. 15') boxes city long clear sold at He. and 1,UUD
boxes long and snort clear at lbs Meat at
H'.c. Mcol was dnll. M'e quoteBarrels, extra
mess, #11 50 a #12 0; plain mess, #10 5o a
#11 50: packet. #14 a #.5; llercedcltv. extra India. #17.
Beef hums were <iinolat#.o for priuie Mesieru. Suioked
meats were quoted at 12c. a l i'vc. lor Hams. Lard was
rather lower, under a luoderato demand. Tho cosing
"call" prices were as follows: ?Recenn cr, flu 25 bid.
#,0 30 asked; January, #1U 32.', bid, #lu 35 asked; leb
ruary, #IO 42H bid, *10 47>, asked. I lio sales wero 7,(*JO
tierces at *10 27',, #10 JO and #10 324, lor December;
* ID 35 a #10 37>, lor January, and #10 45 a *10 47li lor
February. After 'Change 300 tierces February eon! at
#10 42.4,. 25 . tierces do. at *10 45 ,.nd 5o tierces January at
#10 JU Fpot sales wer ? 2<0 tierces city steam
at #10 20 a #1' 25, and about 4bO tierces Western at
fill 27',, *10 30 and fllo 32jw> Reilued was qatet; 300
tierces sold lor tbe Continent at #10 87.',, 2") tierces lor
do. on private terms, aud 100 tierces for Cuba ou privatu
Kick ? Only a moderate business was done but tho mar
ket ruled steady. W e quote : ?Carolina, fatr to prime. 3',c
a ttjgc.; 1-ouitlata, lair to prime, 5c. a tic.; do., common,
4,'ic. a 4Hc.; Rangoon. Talr to good, nominally ti'4c. a (i*,e.;
1'hiiiu, good, 7',c- a 7StC.. currency: Kaugoon. in bund,
yi.e, a .ic.. gold.
SL'UAIL?The inarkot for raw was entirely nominal. RoGued
was qulot. M'e quote : -Fair reAnlng, U*ic.; good do., lO^o.;
Cubs, grocery, lair to choice. l"^,c. a lo*,c.; do., cetitrila
gal. Iihdi. smi boxes. Nos. 8 to 13, ln-jc. a lll4c.; do.,
molasses, hlids. and boxes, Htjc. a f\c.; Forte Kico. reAn
lng, common to prime, li'4c. a ID'sC.; do., grocery,
Isirto ciiolce, lOHc. a lu^e.; rellned, standard A. il '?c. a
ll.'sC.lolT A, lie. a 11", c ; crushed, 12.', c.; powdered.
I l),c. a 114,c; granulated, I!Ha.; do . second quality. 11440.
a 11 ',c.; cut loaf. 11.4,e. a 11 ?,c.
8rkAaiXK. ?itecelpia, 13 tierces anil 6 bbls. The market
was quiet at IU,',c. ler prims ; tl, xxi lbs. No. 1 sold at U.'4r.
Tallow.?Receipts, 21 hints., 114 bbls. suit I5c?sks. fbe
tnarset was dull and Irregular. About 56,001 lbs. sold at
8',c., 7c. were paid for 15 ?XX) lbs. common.
tVtiiskxr?Receipts. 572 bbls. TUu market was qniet, but
Arm ; 50 bbls. sold at *110. , . .
FaKtuiiTO.-Business ail round waa modoralo, checksd
mainly by tho scarciir of deep water touuage, and iu con
nection with tbe petroleum iiioveuieul. also by the paucity
of oil lor prompt use sod a still turihur rapid rise III prices.
The grain chartering movement was rninpletely at a stand
still in the local markri, as It had been lor eonie davs past,
W illi the rate to Cork for orders quoted nominal at 7s. a
7s. 3d. I he engagements were: - fo Uvilpsei. by sal.
1,4*14 bbls. flour. 3s. and. per slcaut, 7,'XJU nushela
grain, to All, at Hd., quoted regularly at
int. per bushel. 2.UOO boxes baron at an open rate. 1,54*)
boxes cheese at o&s., I,(*? bales cotton at J,d. To l- judon.
per steam, 2,1**1 boxes cheese st 45s., 25 tone organs at Ik's.
To tilasgow. per steam, 8.'sx? bushels grain at UH'l.. -'**4
boxes bacon uu prlrule teims. To Bristol, by sail, ;>0 tons
taliow at 3"is. To Antwerp, per steam. 1.31*) boxes starch
at27? tld. the charterecomprised:?A tiermen bark, hence
to Antwerp Bremen or IIainburg. with 3.IJOO bbls. rettued
petroleum at tie.; a Bwediih bor*. hence to Bremen, with
1,5 44 bbls. da at lis. l,',d.; a Norwegian balk
from Baltimore to the Contineni. with 2,1**' hols. do. at Us.;
a Britisb ship (relet). 1,(4*3 tons, hence to Antserp. with
about 6,81144 nbla. do at os. flj., In connection with the oil st
Saturday's price ; a Herman urig, hence to (libra tsr fnr or
ders. With 7.5U4 cases do. et 44e. to tho Mediterranean,
Triosie. itllc., or Adrintie, flftn.; a Norwegian brig (or Fnlla
deiplna to tho Mediterranean, Willi 7,a".) cae-? do
at 27c.; an Amertctn brig, from Baltimore to (lib
raltar for orders. With 2.5.JU qnaricrs grain at lis. Od.;
n Rt???ian bark, r?ported thanre to Cork, for order*, with
3,<* MJ qLtttrten. hi t'? *M . ?n IuIiad l*ark (to arrive?,
t'iriic# with 5.S0O quarter*. <1%. tkt ; ?>tie with ;?.(<*> i|ijnrters
(to irrir#),^. 'M.: ore il?? arrlfoi with 3,'A*(quarter*,
H* ikL , onr. 4o (to *rrlrr>, fl#. 4^d.; a Hriti?h bark,
t ? ?u?| roam ot ItrUnd with b.WK) quarter*, at tnod two
ve?-eU rep- rt?*d thence {to arrive), with about ti.OUt* quar
ters each, lor aamo voyage, ut tit
Mi.?o?r, Dec. 11, 1870.
EhCllFTS rOK run HM tt I) K.
I'ml< SHtep
tin t 'in I
Tiirds. [iff Coict C'tlt'4. L*i "i''i. llogi
Sixtieth street 3,584 33 991 13,739 ?
forty-eighth street.. 30 1JS M U,4U7 ?
Fortieth meet ? ? ? ? 18,798
Jersey Oily 7.113 ? 51 11.409 14,503
Total* 10.730 150 1,137 94.531 33.304
Fresh tn-dnr 3 334 JO 5>4 8.3H0 11.154
lJkKVks ?Trade xii Ilrm. owing there being e moderate
run of horned cattle reused by the delay ou the road ol sev
erul cattle traiui hold hack by struts of weather. The mar
kets cloaed Arm. 1*1 lose were 7c. a II'.c. per lb., weight*
4)4 CWt. n 11 cwt.: Imni 54 Ibi ?(>) lbs. ,h*? been allowed
net. I he quality ol tlieee herd* n< from poor to choice. At
Mxtleth street yards T. 1'. Eastman sold lor sell' 33 car* of
homed cattle, sales as lolluws: - Ninety-four Illinois steers
et ajje. per lb., weight 7'4 cert. ; 77 Illinois steeis at y?,c.
per lb., weight 8 ext. : SI Illinois steers at 1<'c a llJsC. per
In., weight u cwt.; 147 Kentucky steers at OjjC. a to'4c.
per lb., weight 8-4 cwt. J. tlillos sold lor J. Jenkins
4tl Ohio steers at Mj,e. per lo.. weight 6-4 cat.; 11
Ohio heifers at 7)?e. per lb., with 910 off the lot.
weight 4}i cwt.: had due lo. 8. ftidntr 3 care of Ohio
steers. J. Wheeler tola lor T. 0. i.s-tniun 3ii Kentucky
steers at 10c. e l<l:'4c. per lb., weight H-4 cwt.; 3" Illinois
steers at 9!4c a lo-jc. per lb., weight 7cwt. Cooudt Ihnnrp
son had due 14 cu rs of horned cattie. J. W. Vail sold lor self
U State oxen at 8'4c. a !i>e per lb., weight 8-jcwt. ; 1 state
heifer, weight l.Tuu lbs . at 1 Ic. ner lb., to dr,s, du lbs. net.
11, Kabn sold lur tl. Becker 16 Kentucky oxen ut-Jc. per lb.,
weiglit 8', cut.: 14 Kentucky steers at tie. per lb., with 4-10
off the lot, weight 7 cwi. seacti 17 Kentucky steers at lile
per lb., weight 7 s, cwt.; lor J. Hrownl5 Kentucky oxen nt
l-'jc. per lb., wt-1 .tit kW cwt.: 51 Kentucky steers at be tier
lb.. teeight UX cwt : 4ti Kentucky steers at l",c.
per lb.', w eight 7 cwt II K Uurchard sold for O'Day 17
11 iustcers at ti'.c. per lb., weight 6)4 cwt, strung: 71)
Olio steers at 10c. a lie. per lb., weigi.t 8)4 cwt,; lor A.
Vanattu, 317 In lluiitt stc re, ut t))ac. a 1 >*Je. per lb., weight
7 curt., sirens: lor T. Ogdeti, Iti Illinois steers at l>',c. u
O'.c. per lb., weight 7 cwt; t.9 Illinois steeis
at 10)4c. per lb., weight U ewl. _ 1 lery & t'ary
sold lor Lie ry >fc Uoff 33 Kcnuickv steers
nnd oxen inixe-l at Ul.ic al-?.ic. per lb? weight 8 cwt. all
cwt. ; 86 Kentucky steers ut U'^e., with 91 oil pt r head, at
lie. per lh lur tops: for Uoff A Co., 1- Kentucky steers at
b)4c. per lb . weight 8 cwt.; 05 Kentucky act-era at Me. a
u IOV4C. per lh., wi Iglit 7-q cwt. At Jersey City yards Coney
A McJ'hcrsou sold lor I). II. Khcrmsu 31 Illinois
steers at Me. per lh., weight 6), ext.; for A. Ii. Ilvutt
30 Kentucky ateers at Oc. ad.Vo. per lh.. weight 7)4ewt.;
lor N, Wilson. 17 Uhiu steers at Oc. au'^e. per lb., weight
6)3 cwt ; for J. A. Dadlsinnu, ll.l Kentucky steers at be.
a MJ.'jC. per lh., weights P.'io cart. a 1- cwt.: lor Dadisnian
A III,,.. .'ID Dhio ateers at inc. a 10,'4c pur 16 , weight 8
cwt.; ior 11. Hourne, 65 Kentucky steers at He. a U)4e per
lh., weight 7ewt.; (or 11. Meyers, 30 Ohio steers at
1M4C. aW',0 per lb., weight 7)4 ewt. i tor 0. Warner, 4>
Ohio ?te r? at H'jc a 10)40. per lh., weight 7)4 cwt.; for 8.
Sperry, ltiOliio steers at 0)40, a 9*4c. per lb., weight 7
cwt.. M. \\ uixel told for Allcrton and Wnlxel 83 Illinois
steers at H',e. a He. per lb., with SI oil per head on 18
head, weights 6)4 ewt. a 7 cwt.; 43 Illiiiui- steers at 9)4c.
n u)i'c. per lh., w eights 7 ewt., stroag a 7',t cwt., strong;
S. tv. Khertnau sold tor 8. W. Allot-ton X Co. 17 Illinois
steers at h'4c. per Hi., weight 6 ewt.: 13 Illinois stsors at
He. per lb. weight ill4 cwt.; Hi Illinois steers at Hljc. per
lh., weight 61., ewt. It. .V II. Westheimer sold for 4. Seott 17
Dhio steers at 7)4c. a 9'4c. per lb., weights
5 cwt. 11 7-4 cwt. Martin fuller X Co. sold
lor J. Williams .It Co. 50 Virginia steers at
81,0 per lh.. weight 6)4 cwt. H, O'Dnniiell sold for Allcr
tou X Co., 48 Illinois ateers at 8c. a 8-4*. per lh., weight d
cwt.; It! Illinois steers at He. a (1)40. our lu.. with 95 off on
10 head sold at top rate, weights 6)4 cwt. and 6)4
cwt. M. lioldichmidl sold lor Kurd A Co., 46 Illinois steers
at 7e. a 7*4c. per lb., weights .I'g sewt.; for M. Ardle, i,'3
Ohio steers at <3)4o. per lh., welgiit 75, cwt.; for Null A Co.,
16 Virginia steers at tl))4a> per lb., weight 8)4 cwt.. for
Clarke X Co., 3D Ohio stcors at HI4C. a HJ'.-c. per .b., weights
7)4 a 8 cwt.
Siikki' and IjAMUs.?'Trade very slow: quality from coarse
to choice. Sheep sold st #3 75 a 96 80 per ewt. Damh* at
6e. s 7c. perlh. C. f. Houver sold 33 8ta-e sheep, wel.ht
78 lbs. per bead, at 4c. por lb.: 13(1 stste sheep, weight 74
lbs. per head, at 4,'jd. |>"r lb.; 164 State sheet,,
weight 83 lbs. per head, at !>l ,i\ per lb.
Judd X Buckingham Hold 3H7 Ohio sheep,
weight 9ft lbs. per head, at 5)Be. per lh.; 54 State sheep,
weight 113 lha per head, ut tic. per lb.; 157 .Mate lambs,
weight 73 lbs. per head, at 6)40. per lb. lvase X Pideocli
sold 336 Illinois sheep, weight 811 lbs. per head, at 4c. per
lb.; 330 Illinois sheep, weight 76 lb-, per head,
nt 4l4d. per lb.: 360 Ohio shi-ep, weight 87
lbs. per head, at 4\c. per lb.; 97 Ohio sheep, weight
91 II I. per head, at ?>?,?. pur lb ; 136 Dhio sheep, weight
131 lbs. por her.d, nt -TO 80 por cwt. hold for weox ending
December 9. 1876, 5,73'J sheep and lambs, at 81 71 average
per In a 1. K.Newton sold IHH Ohio sheep, weight 73 Ihs.
per liead, nt 3.',je. per lb.; 175 Ohio sheep, weight 64 lbs.
per head, at S-qC. per lh.; 85 Ohio tlio?p, weight 93 lbs.
per head, nt J3i 85 per cwt. Davis X 11 alien beck
sold 3"3 8tat? sheen, weight 17,800 lbs.,st 4jh'e, per lb.;
311 Dhio sheep, weight. I7.7ik) Ihs., at 5c. per In.; 174 Can
ada -lieeu, weight 15,470 lbs., at 4),,c. per lh.; 461 mixed
Canada sheep and laiuba, weight d.l.iiOO II,a., at 0.7?e per
lli.; 173 Canada lambs, weight 14,570 Ihs.. ill 7u per lh.
8old lor week ending December H. 1876,9,336 sheep and
lambs, ut j'3i 40 average per head. J. Isirhy sold
175 Mate ihscp, weight 14,580 lbs, at 51,,c. per lb.;
36 State lambs, weight 1,476 lbs., nt ii'ae. por lu. lluuie X
Elliott sold 441 Michigan sheep, weight 33,400 Ibi., at 4'4e.
peril,.; 810 Ohio sheep, weight 16,040 II,at 4 )4c. per lu.;
313 Ohio sheep,weight 16,000 Ihs., nt tjl.jC. per lb.; 188 Dhio
sheep, weigh; 15,376 lbs. at 5e. per lb.; 18 1 Dhio sheep,
weiglit 1.1,710 lbs., at 5C.e. por Uk: this lead had
a tow lambs mixed in: 7w Ohio sheep, weight 7,600 II*., at
fi^A perttk t 85 Ohl?) shoep, weight 8,ihsi Ihs.. at 6c, per
Hi.; 86 Mate sheep, weight 33.6hi Ihs., at t?,c_
per lh.; 97 Statu sheep, weight V.llio lbs., nt
per lh,, 178 l'smisylvunln slump. weight
17,0 1-1 IPs., nt 5\e. pee lh. ; 177 Canada sheep,
weight 31,070 lbs., at 5-40. per II).: 7 Canada bucks,
weight 1,030 ll,s., at 3\c. per lb. ; 515 Camilla lambs,
weight 41,31011,s., nt He per H, : 63 Canada iambs, weight
8,87o lbs., ut 0'4e. per lb. ; sold I'nr week ending December
tl. 1876, 8.5ot) sheep aud lambs at 91 9oc. average per
Milch Cows.?Thero were 110 fresh quotations on this
VkAM a.vp Calvkx.?Trade slow. Veali told at He. por lb.
Calves st $8 60 n 99 per head.
llouo.?41 Ohio hogs, live weight 343 lbs. per head, sold
ut tic. per lb.: 18H Ohio h?g?, live woights 190 lbs. a 195 lbs.
per bsad, sold at U;'Bc. per lb.
Galvmtox, Dec. 11, 187a
Cotton quiet; middling. ll-,c ; low middling, lie.;
iroud ordinary, 10,'^c. Net receipts, 6,041 bilet; eio-?. 5,ti'J4.
Exports constwise. 02. Soles. ;',154. Stock. 118,887.
N'kw Oklkaxs. Dec. 11, 187a
Cotton nctlve; middling, llj^c. ; low middling,
cooil ordinary. 10'Be. Set rec-lpta, 15,1 - 3 bulcs; grots,
IU.3J3. Export*-To (Irent Britain, 11,688; to France,
1,5j3. Sake, 10.0 -O. Stock, 276,038.
Moitii.K, Doc. 11, 187'J.
Cotton quiet Biid firm; middling. I1)J,\; low middling,
like.; good ordinary, !U.'0c. a 11c. Net receipts, -4,085
b?ln Export* coastwise, 3,030. Seles, 1,500. Stock,
CiiaklxstoN, Dec. 11, 1870.
Cotton firmer; middling, l'J-,c.; low middling, ll'sc.
a 1 lkc ; dud ordinary, lOyjc lie. Net receipt*. .1.7 08
bales. Exports?To Great Britain, 0,738; to tins Conti
nent, 2,5oU; coastwise, 7o7. Sales, 2,900. Mock, 97,330.
Savannah, Dec. 11, 1876.
Cotton firm; middling, like.; low middling, like.;
food ordinary. 111'.,'-:. Sot receipt.*, 6.1104 Pales; gross,
6,610. Exports coastwise, ?-',6:1 >. rales, 1,700. Suit, WI,bUt
Wilxixoton, N. C? Dec. 11, 1870.
Spirits or turpentine firm at 08c. Rosin firm at $1 86 lor
strained. Tar steady at $1 K<>.
Ostrxun, Dec. 11, 187a
Flour stoady; sales, 1,401 bids. Wheat* firm: No. 3
red Wabash, 81 4ti; No. 1! Milwaukee clun. 81 36; No. 1
white Toledo, 81 .VI; extra white Michigan, Si 66. Corn
aluudy: Western mixed at 58c. Hurley iu light demand;
No. 1 Canada held at SI 08; No. 2 do., $1; No. 3 do., 9Uc.
otfeied Corn meal, S.'O lor bolted, S3 > fur unbolted per
ton. Mlllfeed?Shorts. $15; shipstnfli*, $17; middling*. 831
per ton. Railroad sbipmeuts ?Flour, l.40ubbls.
BurVALO, Dec. 11.1870.
No receipts or shipments of groin reported Tor the last
forty-eight hours. Market* quiet. Flour unchanged; sales
Ibklbhis. Wheat?Sales I.iSJj bushels white winter ut $1 38,
6<>i do. tJreon Hay ut SI 33 ; 3.8 *i do. No. 1 Miiwaukeo club
at $1 30; 60 do. No. 3 do. at 91 3U; l.OUD do. bard Duiuth
at St 40. Corn quoted nominally In large lota at 53c.; sines
or 14,600 bushels No. 3, iu lots, at 63c. a 03'jd.; 3 >.0 -o do.
do. to millers at 64.-. Oats neglected, live?Hale* 1.3(10
bushels Western at 83c. Hurley quiet; no sales repo. ted.
Malt In light in julry; prices michunire '. Seeds?Retail
sales ol timothy at S3 a $3 30; rlorerln light Inquiry. High
wines?No sales. Fork and lard quiet: unchanged. Kail
road freights unchanged. I.rain In store iu elevators ?
Wheal, 618,773 bushels; corn. 431,610 do.; oat*. 7<>.8(r I do.;
barley, 608,638 do.; rye, 10,416 do.; mall, 30,166 do. Total,
1,664,319 bushels.
Toiroo. Dec. 11, I8~a
Flour steady. Wheat dull and a shads lower; No. 1
white Michigan. $1 36; No. 3 do., $1 26; extra do , $1 44;
amber do.. Jaiiuary, $1 3'.?; do. February, $1 41M; No. 3
do., $1 23L4; No. 1 red winter. $1 43; No. 3 do., $1 39',;
do. January, $1 31k; ?N3 red, $1 33; rejected,
81 14. Corn steaaly; high mixed, OOJjC.; new, 47c.:
No. 2 do., ?)((.! do., January, 47,'4c.; No. 3 eliitc now,
4tiJ,'c.; damaged, 48>jc.; rejected, 49'4c.; new, 46!jc.
(lata quiet; No. 3 at 34k,c. ; Michigan, 36c.; rejected,
2813 c, Cloeeraeed, $M. Hugs, $?l 76 a $7. Receipts;?
Wheat. 14,ia.ro bushels; corn, bl.lkHi do.; oats, B.UUU do.
??shipment* ? Flour, 1,400 hbls.; wheat, 9,000 bushels; corn,
34.UD < do.
Chicago, Dec.II, 1870.
Flour weaker. Wheat dull, weak : No. j Chicago sprlug.
$t 17 cash; $1 17)4, January; $1 1*', a SI 19, Fetirunry;
No 3 do., $1 00 a SI 0 i),; rejected, hat a 96c. Corn in good
demand at 46'?c. a 4tV?C.. casli; 46e.. January ; rej-cled,
4"',c. Oats easier; No 2 at 3;i)tc.. cash; 33),,e. a33j?c.,
January; rejected JS^t- Rye easier $t 7-'c. bnrley dull,
weak at 630., cash : u2)*0., January. Fork dull, ?.-*x at
$16.16 a <|ii 4", cash; 816 4 .> j a $16 46. J am: try; *16 02',
a $18 66, February. Lard dafl, weak at $;> U7)j a f I". caau ;
$ In 00 a $1U o7S. January: $l>'!?> a $10 I ? - February.
Uulkmeats uuh. uucliaii-ed. DresteU hogs heavy;. heavy,
#6 76; light. $?; SO. Whiskey stcadv at$1 iH!)... Kecsitita
9.000 bbls. flour. 41 (AST bushels wheat, 63,tJUC dig corn,
36.000 do. oats, 8,000 do. rye. 19JSSJ do. barley. .ship
mentt?I6.1AJ ? bols. flour. Irt tavi bushels wheat, 76.80" do.
corn. 18.UIA1 do. oats, 8,oa> do. rye, IH.lXJli rio. bailey. At
the afternoon call of the Hoard ; Wheat steady at $1 17'4
a$I 17k- January; $1 I8!jt February Corn quiet, sliado
firmer at40,'4C., December; 46c. a 1.6',lv. January. Oats
unchanged. roik weak at $IO.!Ou$IO 3J),, January;
$16 jo ?$|il 65 February. J.ard weak at $lo 13,'j, Feb
ruary ; $9 05 December.
, l goU
Havana, Dec. 11, 1876.
Spanish gold 220)? n 321. All ether quotations are tin
I.irxKrooi-. Dec. II, 1878.
Futures quiet; uplands, low middling clause. Decem
ber and .Ineaary delivery, 6^3.: uplands, low middling
cleese. Januaiy and February delivery. 8 31-3.il.; uplands,
low middling clause, April not May delivery, 6 2$>32d. ; up
lands. low midrlliug clause, new crop shipped February and
March, tall, 8 13-lod.
[New York Frodnce Exchange Report,]
A.IVKIII-OOL, Dec. 11, 1878.
Pork?Eastern dull el 77s.: Western dull at 45s. Bacon ?
C. c. dull III 4.6s ; 8. It. dull at 46s.; L. C. dull at 43a. Od.;
S C. dull at 4is. lid. Hams?I*. 0. dull at 48s.; shoulders
dull at 31s Od. Beet?India iness dull at 93s. ; extra do.
dull as lt)7s.; prime do. dull at Mis. Lard flrui; ? estern
dull at 6.<t. 8iL I'allow? Fume city -lull at 43s. ?d. Turpen
lint spirits firm st 31a Rutin-Common dull at 6s. !W.;
line dull at D *. >:d. Cheese?American cliuice firmer at 7"s.
Lard oil steady at 68*. Flour?Extra Mate firm at
Wheat?No. I spring steady at lua 7d.; No. 2 do. steady at
IDs. 3d.: Winter steady at 10s. 5a for Western . do. firm at
IDs. Hsl lor Snnthcru. Corn?Huh mixed steady at 27s. 3d
Kee-dpitof tlie week Wlieat ?From Atlantic ports. 10,760
qtuuters. I'octflc ports, l '..Vaiquarters; Iroiu elhsr sources,
3,600 quarters. Cum, 36,"00 quartsra
I.ivKaruob, Dea 11, 187J.
Refined petroleum, U4d. per gaihoi.
LOXPOX, Dee. II. 1878.
Refined petroleum. 27,t. per gtllon. The market Is exelled
o* ing te New Turk edrtcva
bpirltt ei turpentine, 30t. per cwa
Avrwgnr, Dea 11, 187B
Petmleum -88f. for fine pale American.
* T HKaSo.V V It l.h'"l!AVr.s"- M :a KK A N D
it Kih1o*r?m Ilciraiw P.dic.es ?n 1 Mortgage*. sarue
bought; ir.surunce ul *ii kind. stf.-etej wii:i belt compuuies.
J J. IIABKIUH M CO.. IK Broadway.
xVicIasi Slock Kxenon Privileges; quotation* of s:r 11
di??. single privileges: ul?o explanatory pamphlet* raslie 1
to any address; correspondents in principal cine* in UulteJ
* La Dr. mvsiMi pro pert v. would l- i ic :< the
7VI?aii ol *2<X>, for whifb alio will give good Security. Ad
dress A. A. box likt Hacald t'wm office.
1 loan on Mortgage. T. H YCH'NU, li Hiilll.
New York cltv Property; city Kailr nul Sti ck* and Bend*
bought and mid. H. L GRANT, 14.'i 11 r. ad way.
La mux AiiogXT or 11 > nf.y to ldajTa t u >\v
expenses. on New York, Brooklyn mid Westchester tlrit
Mortgages; Socouda and Leasehold* at easy term*.
GhuKGE IV. STAKE, ISO Broadway.
porccnl; estate mndi: Iraa than the uiual expense and
llhaUll Address P., box I.6IJ1 l'o*t office.
NkW York. Dec. 11, 1873.
The public arc hereby cantloned against negotiating tiro
Certtticaie* nt Indebtedne** of the city of Chicago. III., ol
HI.it" i cacti, No?. 2.777 and 2..'78, which hare boon lo*t iu
their transmission trora Naumkeaif National Bank of Salem,
Man , to Phenix National Hank, lit the mail ol ibo bib iusl.
Payment or the above baa baen ..topped.
hacks' savings BANK.
Having been duly appointed and qualified aa Reeeirar
ol tills bank, all debtors to the earn o are hereby notiOed
to pay to ino ul my ol'ice. So. !>& Barclay at., city of New
York, without delay, all sums due said bank, Dejxnitors
are rciiueated to present their books to bo come ired with
tlie a counts ul the hank and balanced, preparatory to
In ilk i*i |{ a dividend ua coon us the asaeta can be converted
iuto cadi.
SAMUEL B. WHITE, Receiver.
Trust funus to loam"on moktuauk?city,
Brooklyn mid Qnerue county.
_ LB A VII l A WOLCOTT. 10 l'lnsst._
Tor money at kix per cant, l'riucipala only addreae IN.
HUKANUK. Heiald office.
W" AN1EO-A Ults r MORTGAGE OK $11,000 ON
New York or Brooklyn improved Ileal i'roperty (lee or
household) or two ur in.ro u :croit?tluif tlint mini, ill ex
change tor private dweiilug House, New York city. Call,
with particuiara, at 318 Broadway, rooia 3.
lurlv a little bnslues* paper lor a good responsible
manuhicltiriug house In the city, at 1 per ceul per month.
Address M. E., Uptown Herald olllce.
TV 8 per cent on good improved City Property; moderate
charges. JAMES K. GIBSON. Jr., or it ,M. GARRETT
SON, 77 I'udarst. .
?I?AU.l/UvTflrst mortgage lloinla fur aale. Broadway aut
seventh avenue Bonds and Stock watitou. H, L. URANT
14 i Bro adway. ______
ItrEWYoKKT UecT ii." is7H.-Tii w iiuSf~Tf~SX|
1\ concern. ?Notice la hereby given tliat alter Decciiiliet
hU, 1870. all business connection betw een the undersigned
and Mr. Julia Plotter will end.
NATIIAX KAVN, 778 let av.
T younti h031 skss Ni'a$ WoITld in'vest A'J.ouu
i\ ami services in an established business. Adores*, with
nature ol business, WILLI A.MS, box lis Herald office.
lady will take an intknkbt in sons
wa ll located dressmaking eatablislnuuut to do the cut
ting ami litt'tiir or otherwise. Address DRESSMAKER,
Herald Uptowu uOice.
legitimate biialuess; no bonus unkod; c .n make money
fast. FRANCISCO. 17 East 7th at.
*7 l-AKTNIK, WITH 88.(100 AMD MRViciisi IN
Jxestuull died light manufacturing cosiness (no I? <*liili
tlcs) ; kooils staple and active all over the country; capital
to extend bualuaas; rare chance. MANUFACTURING,
llorald office.
? cliants, manufacturer* and otliers; Ileal Batata cx
cnanged for Hnaltiess; Mining Interests, Ac. negotiated;
persons with capital seeking business advised, without
charge, ul approved opportunities. References?West. Brad
Icy A Cary Manufacturing Company, suspenders. Ac., 81
\\ ttlker st.; J nines E Hodges, Esq., boots anil shoes 1211
Dunne st.. Ac. GKIGOS A CAK1.ETUN, financial and
Business Brokers, U< Broadway.
as assistunt, to nltoin Ite will give a peeuuiary interest.
Alldress V. RMONT, Herald Uptown Branch oliico.
I lion ill rights or royalty yevory house should las supplied ;
any euurgctic man can make mis a paying Imsnic-a; re
((inrcs v..ry little capital. Address (NVKNTOK, V.17 Pacido
St., Bruoklyii.
cheap; radioing and altering. HIlAYNE'd Eur Mauutae
tory, Wallack's Theatre.
elegant lour round Piano, entirety new, 7 1-3 octavo
and all modern improvements, will sell the same at a bar
gain and take halt in trade. Address It. II,, box 141 Her
ald (llkos.
I prom.sin" InisiorM; an aa-nred bonanan. One who has
$2,ikk) to Ar>,<kk>. and can L'ive good relercncos, will pleaaa
address BUSINESS, box J.8 Herald oltice
commiskion huuso to take the place of retiring partner.
TRAV EK, f>U (? rout Junes it.
prohti,$N00 monthly; $2,UUO cash, balunro from prollt*.
REED, 2t) Bond at.
business; $i,uUJ per year guariiuteod; ifl.i'aM rciiuired.
11A.NKI.NS. is West 2l)tli st.
dress, to take charge of an nptown branch of u down
town business: pay 1l!> per week : cash deposit of 8250 and
references required. IRON, box 134 Herald ntHce.
a Wholesale cloak and suit liouse; bits an establisuod
trade end intends to enlarge the business. Address, for tea
days, CONFIDENTIAL, llorsIA Uptown office.
engage In a first class busiuess. Address E. B , box
100 Herald Uptown oltice.
?i,V/1/ 1/calu.thle illustrate 1 Book and home in my
Ikuuiy till money invested is returned iu profits. For par
ticulars address MADISUX, Herald Uptowu Branch office.
The annual report of tho Hudson River and Sow
York Central- Railroad Company for tlie year ending
September 30. 1870, as required to bo made to the
State Engineer and Surveyor, has been sent to Albany.
The report includes tbo New York and stream lina
Tho following table shows bow the business of the en
suing year compares with that ol the provious your:?
Gross earnings, 1S75 $30,027,218 i'3
Gross earnings, 1870 28,c40,688 45
? ???.
Decrease $U*0 ?'?-H 58
Transportation espouses, 1875 .$17.383,107 84
Transportation expenses, 1870..... 10,134,173 34
Decrease $1,137,035 30
Gross earnings, 1870 $28,040,588 4 5
Iransportaiiou oxpensca, 1875 10,124,173 34
Net earnings $11,032,410 11
Net earnings, 1875 ..,..$11,785,110 30
Net earnings, 1878 11,022,410 11
Increase $167,305 72
Expenses lor 1875, 50 -iO-100 per cunt of gross earn
Expenses lor 1870, 57 48-100 per cent of gross earn
Freight tonnage In 1875 0,001,054
Freight tonnage In 1870 0,803.080
Increaso 801,720
Tbo Maxim Gas Machine Company, at Not. 2 and $
Kendo struct, has failed, and the olllce was (old out by
tbo Sheriff yesterday to satisfy Judgments (or about
$2,000 In favor of L. P. Hawos and George P. Welch.
The company was organized with a nominal capital of
$250,000, Francis M. Randall being president and J.
\V. Kandall tecrelnry. The paten is have changed
hands and the msnufacturo will be continued by other
liuury .8. Jones, better known as Henry J. Sargent,
tbo theatrical manager, has been adjudicated a volun
tary baukrupi i>v Register Dwlghk Hit liabilities
amount to about $15,1X10, principally duo on losses sus
tained in Cincinnati, Columbus and Wilmington, N. C.
Among the creditors arc Dion lloudcatilt, Emily and
Hetty Rigl, E. D. Davis, Robert Butler sod Harry
John K. Patrchlld, broker, of No. 21 Rroad street,
has gone into bankruptcy, and he ha-< becu adjudicated
a voiuuiary bankrupt by ttegiaior FiteU. Ills liabili
ties nmouut to (7.500; nominal ussots, $3,000; real
assets, nothing. The largest creditor is C. D. Wal
lace? $3,074 27.
A man who gave tbo name of Jamea H. Potter oa>
tercd tho establishment oi George C. Flint, In West
Fourteenth street, In company with a clerk
employed by Sbeppsrd Knnpp, of Sixth avenue.
He purchasod $000 worth of furniture,
and tendered In payment a check for $7M
on tho Newburg National Bank, receiving a cheek
on the Onn ol Flint h t'o. lor $160 as change It was
suspcctod that tho check was forged, and the man was
arrested by Officer Cosklvy, of me Broadway squad.
On being arraigned at tbo Wasbiugton I'inco Pulico
Court, yesterday afternoon. Potter was held lor trial in
dolsu't ol $l,0oo bail. He was recognized by Deleo
tiva Elder, or tho Central olllce, 'oa Ed. l.iuy, alias
Taylor, alias Miller, a noted conildunce operator.
A young man named Clark Turner was yesterday
arrested by Detectivee Ferris and Williamson and
arraigned before Judge Bixby on a charge of highway
robbery, the complainant being Mr. Oeorgo H. Booth,
of No. 114 East Eighty-eerenth street. It appokred
from the aHldavits la the caxo that lost
Juiy Mr. Booth and tbo prisoner were
in company at Forty-second street and Fourth avenue.
Mr. Booth, who was intoxicated at the time, charges
tlio prisouor will, stealing bis watch and chain, vuluod
at $175. Detective Ferris learned that Turner hod
pawned a portion ot the chum with a Jeweller in Sixth
avenue. Turner was committed tor trial in default of

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