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Dashing Across the Country
at Lightning Speed.
A Misunderstanding Between the Railroad
and Post Office Officials.
The snow was falling last and the wind whistled Ql
fully through tlio trees in Su Paul's church yard as
the hands m the old clock tower overhead pointed to the
hour ol ball-past one o'clock. The night was dark, and
the scene at tbo Post Office was dreary iu the extreme,
so lar as the weather was concerned, hut t ho bright lights
aud the busy motions or the employes engaged in
arranging for the dopariuro oi the last mail train gave
uniniation to the picture. Two hundred men were em
ployed iu assorting, weighing uud marking the bugo
piles of newspapers and letters destined to go by the
early traiu south and westward.
At last a voice ot authority utters the welcome
WnrJs "All Right," and the tollers cease their
labor U is now 2:15 A. M. and tbo lights grad
ually glowing dimmer. Up trow the subterranean
cellars oi the building comu the later workers, and,
following the example of tboso who went away nearly
an hour before, they, too, disappear as mysteriously
as their predecessors.
Iu an hour or two tho last mail takes us departure,
and the "Truthful James'' of the l'ost office, through
hi- Jucksounu uide-de-cump of the railway mini ser
Tico has issued his ti ll Ibul unless the Ukhald's im
mense oditiou lor Phllauelpblu, Newark, Elizabeth,
New Brunswick, Trenton, Baltimore, Wilmington,
Washington, Uicliuiond and other points further South
and Southwest is In the l'ost Office an hour earlier than
usual. It must remain untouched; that there is some
trouble about getting the mail wugous across the North
River alter throe o'clock lor a lust train that leaves an
hour and thirty minutes later! Tho hint hus been
heeded, l'cu minutes inter the Hsiialu wagons empty
tneir contents into Postmaster Juntos' cellars.
Kor twenty oi thirty miuuies there is a polling shower
ol papers?in mimicry of the pe.ting storm without?
as they lly heller skelter through tho air, reucb their
mars with unerring aim. uud slide smoothly into tho
sacks beneath the hexes Then immense bundles of
HKiiAiusure quickly weighed, the postage reckoned
and the papers hurled into tbo wagous that stand
without the dimly lighten entrance, on top of all uro
tnrowu the light letter sacks, uud the llrsl stage of
llo> postal work is done. Preparing to start at three
o'clock llie muil wugous meet at tne Corllandl Street
Kerry other wagons belonging to the Express company
ladcued with many thousands more of Ukbalds lor
distribution among tlio news agents aluug
the circuitous route ol the last mail train
Al 4:26 the luggurd express wagous uump their last
load Into the ear, uud away the train glides on lis mis
sion ol civilization.
It is dark and dismal. Tho snow patters on the
window panes ol i-puedcr'a cab uuu obscures his
Iisioii, wtiilo tho glaring headlight poiuls the way iu
Ihe race ol the last tram ucro-s lour stales. Ever uud
tiiou as they "slow up" or lly by u station they stop
liiftsorting to discharge uud receive mans.
At Newark, which waa reached a low minutes be
hind tune, about it,000 papers were discharged, and
the train sped on luster tiiuu ever. Near Monmouth
Junction tiio glass of the headlight ol the locomotive
w.is blown out leaving all ill darkness uud doubt. Iu
this dilemma there was no alternative but to run
slowly on upprouchiug the box signals, uud the conse
quence was that Trenton was touched 10 minutes lulu.
Here passengers wore ta. ell III an empty couch that had
been attached at Jersey City, uuil again the iruln sped
awuy lor tho banks oi the Potomac. Arriving In West
Philadelphia 17 iniuules lute, (lie mail and uewspapor
cars were attached to tho regular tost express over
the Puiladelpuiu, Wilmington uud Baltimore Railroad,
and the train lell S minutes lute. Al Wilmington,
Delaware, the train was 12 minutes late, us stops were
mud ? at all stations to receive and discharge uiuils and
papers. Havre du Brace was reucncd 8 minutes behiud
time, Baltimore 6 mluuios lute and Waabiugtott at
1:02?on time!
Considering all the disadvantages ol accident?head
wind, slippery tracks and -inppuges?the Una expert
inuut to make iubi tiuiu between New York uud Wash
ington vraa a dt-cidou success, tho ruu ol 227 rnilea
being made iu eigln hours aud twculy-eeveu uiiuutcs.
aire iio\vh|iujH'i ueltvery iu W mm u nig tun by this oew
arrangement is the same us that m.ido when the
ll kiiai.n ran a special irnin from New York to West
I'll hadi Iph a in connect Willi the morning train lor
YVuahingloU. I!ul tho mails were yesterday put w
Washington nearly livu hours ouilier than ever
bet ore. When tho schedules ou the hues
running to Kiehuiond, Petersburg, Danville,
Lynchburg anil other .Southern cities are changed
to ihuku close connections with this train readers of
the HliKALU iu all tho loading Soul hern cities will
Secure it and llieir correspondence Iroui la to ao hours
euriler than liereiuio^', ucrordlug to the facilities
ottered by I he brunch 1,110s 10 make close connections
W illi mum trunks pointing suumwnrd. Whether ibis
new tyvlem becomes u periiiuueut one depends entirely
upon the liberality ol tho present Congress and the
Sagacity or the Post ?rillce DepartineuL If the ex
press cuuipunies cuu convey papors profitably there
aeerns to be no reason why tho government cannot do
so iu connection with tho transmission ol the letter
The fast mall train, about which so much has been
?aid und wrnten of late and which started on Its In
itial trip yesterday morning, icoins not to ruu so
smoothly as una anticipated. It appears, for some
reason which ut the present writing Is unacconntuhlr,
that u very serious misuiidcrstundiog In regard to the
time ut which the mulls must no delivered on
board the train at Jersey Cliy has arisen butween
tho I'ost Office autlioritirs and the railroad
officials. While iho urraugeincnts lor tho train
were being made, it is shown conclusively bv tho
correspondence that traiu 27, which starts ut twenty
live miuutes past lour o'clock Irom this side ol the
river, was tho one selected nud agreed upon. Nal
u?aliy enough, the I'ost office olllcluis tlionglit that by
pulling tho mail ou the lour o'clock A. M. bout lor
Jersey City they would have aiuplo limo to luaku tho
couneciion. The lienoral Superintendent ol tho l'eun
syivannt Hniliojd Company, however, notitled the
Division Superintendent ol itie Hallway Mull Service
that the mails lor that traiu must col be rocclved later
lliun hall-past three o'clock, over an hour before
the schedule time for tho starting of the
truin. flat this tunc Is clear loss is evident,
as iho lour o'cloi k boat from Now York arrives
at Jersey City In ample nmo lor tho train. As the
bulk 01 tho mail matter is composed ol the morning
edition of (bo daily papers this extra hour Is of tho
utmost imparlance 10 llio journals publishing large
editions, and unless sumo speedy change Is maue will
tend 10 delcat tho very object lor which ihu train was
put on. I'usunusier James has telegraphed to the Post
master General tho lucts ol the case. The immediate
result ol the netlou of the railway olllcials will be to
throw tho carrying sorvico Iroui .ho i'ost Office to tho
express companies, and it is just here, II is clslmod,
that the little joker Is hidden.
' lhe following telegrams, selected out of several that
pissed between the Post Office olllcials ami ihu General
fenperiulendenl of the Pennsylvania itailroad, show
the situation at a glance:?
Sr.vr Yokb, Dec. Id, 137U.
I'. W. Jack<on. Genera1 Superintendent. Jersey oily:?
Our e'e n te understanding of the in ruiigemout is that
postal ear will be run on your limited mall, leaving at 4 :25,
aud uotiDcatiuua issued accordingly.
Jkhskt City. Dec. 10. 1*70.
R. C. Jackson. Superintendent, An.
The enrlv morning iiimII truin Is to have n Boston con
lie,linn, and we here arranged lor It to arrive earlier at
Jersey City en a* to in-iire oar getting off on time. Our
InstructiuBS are in have this tram made up promptly, and It
will be necessary lor yon to send your mails to Jersoy Cliy
by tliell A. M. hunt. The Poet Office lieparimeiit at Wash
ington was advised of the time at which It was necessary
lor the mail- to he delivered In as at Jersey City?not later
than 3:dO A. M. and its we have no host leaving New York
between II and J JU A. M. it will he necessary tor the oiaiie
to come qger uu the 3 o'clock boat. Please so direct.
K. \V. jacksgn.
N'kw Y'iiiik, Dec. III. 1H70.
F. YY. Jacnsox, General Snperiiiieiideiil, Jersey City
Sending malls over l?y the three A. M. boat will practically
annul some of the principal heneflts expected by the new
arrangement, as our understanding lias decidedly been by
the half past four A. M. train, und we cimld not make the
last load earlier than the lour o'clock hunt. Publishers
notified to deliver tuelr mail St the N, w York l'nst office,
nt haif pa-t three. No other arrangement mill answer and
give any mud of salisiaetlon. ll necessary, I will go
~ H JKiO>
once to see yon. K. C. JACKSON.
? N awA uk. Dec. 17, 137<k
R. fl, J Ark.sox .?
I have your menace this I*. M. requeuing a meeting lo
rnnrrna. 1 regret that an appointment HI south Ambny
wi.I prevent my meeting yea at Jersey City. The arrange
tneiit for tile chance ..I hours in running the postal cart
were made Irom Philadelphia with M i \ all. General Sup.r
intend# til nl the Hallway Mail service. Washington, aud
vi were nntllieil that the hour of half-past three A. M. was
given to Mr Vail as llie hour at which the mails slmnld
arrive i.t Jersey City. Please, therefnre. see that the mailt
c> me over un iho three A. M. boat, as was advised yea >es
teiday, as we cannot change our arrangements.
Washington, Dec. 18, 1878L
Tho fast mall train reached Washington on time this
gftemoou?namely, at 12:A?? making the journey from
Jersey City In about oight hours. Tho usual crowd ol
newsdealer* was on hand, nod, as Iho mat! agents were
good onough to eaaort the newspaper packages ?n
route, the bundles were tossed to them nlmoei as noon
as lb* train bad slopped at the bumpers of tlje depot.
A few luuotDU Jsler tbe wbilo sheets were scattered
far and wide over ibe capita!, and lUo Hssai.d was
delivered at the earliest hour on the day oi publication
it has ever been seen tu Washington.
The express tram and the last uia.l, its successor,
have rovulutiouized ibis whole matter of tbeNevv Yorlc
dailies in Washington, where it was unusual to look
lor tUein until about six o'clock, when the day's occu
pations were over and business people bad retired to
their homos, llut now the IIxuam> is taken at ibe
government department! and bureaus and among law
yers ai d merchants throughout the city as extensively
' as (he local tuoruing papers.
It is an wU aavuiL' that Washington never knows
what is going on in Washington until (lie New York
papers get bore, I'ormeriy this knowledge was with
held until fiwe in the evening, hut now it is wtthm
every one's reach at lunch time, thanks to the enter
prise which set the last mail at work and brings ibe
New York papers here early in the afternoon. It is
suppo-ed ILe Post Olliee authorities will continue the
present pian ol distributing the iiowi bundles Irom the
railroad depot u.sieau ol irom the Post (Hhce building.
In this way the t.me of the journey iroui the depot
to the Post Office :s saved, so that the papers
are whisked oil' to the news stand*
aud to the newsboys and distributed by them to the
public by the tune they would, under a strict ob
servance ol red tape requirements, have reached the
Post Offico.
It lias been stated that by the new Post Office de
partment schedule, which weut into operation to-day,
the mails going north, aud especially the Brookiyu
malls, woulu ho delayed lour hours beyond the lime
heretofore required to reach uieir destination. This is
uot the case lu <ny respect. All the northern mails will
go through in the same time as heretofore. The only
changu le iu the truuis. but the lime consumed in their
transit m the suae as heretolorc.
Detective I'nilip Koilly, ol th? Central Olltce, arrivo I
In this city curly yesterday morning, having iu bis
custody William F. Volt man, whom be bail arrested In
Uamtltou, Ontario, Cuuuda, on a charge of lorgery.
Tbe Ucicctivo bud some trouble iu Cauuda, upon the
ttrut arrest ot Vcltmuu, regarding the Extradition
treaty, but when tbo decision of tbe English govern
ment In tbe Brent case was announced Veltmau tele,
graphed to District Attorney l'ltclps ibat bo was will
ing to return to tbis city. on this Detective
Iteilly went back to Cunada and brought bun
here. Tbo charge against Voltman is that on Juno 7
last he lorged the indorsement of Messrs. llryco and
Smith, wholesale liquor dealers at No. 83 Front street,
on several checks amounting to about $30,000, and on
tbe aatuo day with withdrawing $31,000 lrotu the
Merchants' Exchange Bank, No. 369 Broadway. Velt
mun's accomplices, a man named Leitb and another
named Smythe, are held at present iu Ludlow Street
Jatl in delHUlt ol $30,000 bait. Vel'.man was taken to
tbe Court ol Geueral Sessions yesterday und fully com
mitted to tbe Tombs.
Tbo story of this extraordinary caxo is us follows:?
About tbe mouth of May, 1173, Wililum F. Veltman
wss employed as cbiel elerk and bookkeeper by Messrs.
Bryce & Smilti, wholesale liquor dealers, at No. 83
^ront street. In time be gaiued the entire conildcuce
of the ttrui, aud took charge of their bank accounts.
Messrs. Bryce A Smith have a large business, und a
deposit or withdrawal ol irom $10,t>00 to $13,quo was
nothing unusual. About lour years ago Vciluiuii held a
rc.-pousibie position in tbo Foqrib National Bunk, and
here bo uiadu tbo ucquuuiluuce ol un elderly luau
named William 11. Luiih, who then icsided at No. 833
l'acitlc street. Urouklyu, but who at present may be
Iouud in Ludlow sircet Jail. Mr. Leitb, accordiug to
Detective Phil lteihy's stuleiuout, is a notorious
scoundrel, und at present there are lour or live lii
Uictmeuts uguiusl buu iu tbo District Attorney's ollico
tor various olleuccs. Mr. Leltli quietly opened uii ac
count lu the Fourth National Bans, and thus made the
acquaintance ol Veltuiuu. I bey ofteu mot together,
aud tbe result wus that Leah's account was overdrawn
to the amount ol about $8,ouu. Both Veltinuu and
Leilh were arrested, upon the Investigation into Ibis
case, und, alter oeiug locked up lor a long time, they
were released. Leitb, however seems to buvu followed
up Volltnuu, and bu was otlcu seeu iu conversation
with btm when ttio latter oolained bis position In
Bryce A Smith's store. Previous to Juno
last Letlh resided nl No. 863 Paclllc street,
Brooklyn. Nearly opposite the bouse resided I
a Baptist mluitter. .Mr. Leitb cultivated tbo
minister's acquaintance, aud one day tbo lultor stated
that, in iiddiliou to bis uiiuisterlul work, bo also took
a greut interest iu real estate, and quietly lollowcd up
that busiuese iu New York. A lew days later Mr.
Leitb called on tbo minister and stated to him that be
bad a sou who wished to ougage iu the resi esiato
business und be wae willing to give $3,000 cash to "set
ban up," "aud," udded Mr. Leah. "1 think yon are
tbu best man to see in this business.'
Mr. Lcitti introduced bis sou to the minister and
produced $3,000 in cash, which wus to bo invested in
the Business.
The nuuwier brought the young man over to New
York und the money wus deposited In tbe Union Trust
Company. Then, accordiug to Detective Keilly's the
ory, Leah, Sr., in carrying out bis plans, arranged
with Voliman to doposit lorged checks to tbe credit of
Messrs. Bryce A .Smith to the amount of $30,000.
These checks were signed by prominent merchants and
apparently indorsed by Mryca A Smith, und
were deposited in tbu Merchants' Exchange Na
tional Bunk ou tbo morning of June 7 last.
Id tuo ulieruoon ol the sumo nay Volt
uiau presented three withdrawal checks, one
lor $13,000, one for $7,000. uud one for $3,0ju Tbo
paying teller hesitated ubout paving out so great an
uiuouul ol moucy, but ou releruuco to the books bo
noticed tbo $30,000 deposit und, as it was not UliUsUal
lor Messrs. llryde A Smith to withdraw such an
amount, lie handed over the caah. All the checks
were certified, und apparently signod in tbo usual
Later in tbe aricruoon Mr. L. Apgur. tbe casbter of
tbe bauk, while looking over tbo nooks, became suspi
cions regarding the amount of one of tbo checks de
posited iu the inoining. He sent a messenger to tbo
itrm whose nuinu was ullixod, and to Ills greut
coustcrnulion usc< rtuiued that It was a lorgery. 'l'Ueu
bo obtained a coach und drove to tbe olllcu of Messrs.
Bryce A Smith, und tuqinrcd if ihey bud tbat morning
deposited a cbcck lor $13,000. Mr. ltryce re
plied In tho negative. "Well, sir," said Mr. Apgur,
"Your bookkeeper was up ai our bank mis morning,
and deposited one check lor $13,000 and several
others." Mr. Bryce wus ustouuded uud culled tbe
bookkeeper (Veil wan) up to bun and questioned him.
"Wore yoa to tbe hunk io-dHy r" "No. sir. 1 wus not,"
replied VellniaD. Mr. Bryce then said ibat If a check
bad been deposited it would be recorded in the bank
book; but this book could uot be lound. Volt man then
agreed to go to the bunk, una although bo
was positively idchlltiod lis the limn who de
posited the checks bo stoutly domed having
anything to do with tbo transaction. His explana
tions were not satisfactory to M.. Bryco or to tnu bunk
oinciuls, uud be was at oucc given Into tbo custody ol
Oillcer Finn, ol tbe Broauwsy squau. Upon Ins arrest
be admitted that be bud received tbe check lor $13,tX)0
from William H, Leitb, nl tbe Union Trust Company's
oltlcc, aud be was iu meet bun that evening ui South
Ferry to divide tbe money. Voltman was ition taken
?o the Tomb.-, w here be was held by Judge Murray In
default ol $30.cuo bail.
Superintendent Wulllog placed mo case In tho bands
ot Detective l'lnl Keilly, who on ibe same evening,
and accompanied by Mr. Apgar. went to Velliuan's
house, No. lb 8(cmng street, Brooklyn, but alter a
strict search tbey louud notlitug that would eouu ct
bint wttb ibe case. Then Keiilv devoted bis ulientiou
to find Leub, and alter union dltbculiy be succeeded.
On scutchlug Lelth's valise be lound a number
ol lottcrs from Veltiiinu to Leub, and also
the stubs of tbe Identical cnecks deposited
in tbe Merchants' Kxcbuuge lluuk to the
supposed credit of Messrs. ilryce & Smith. Tbe de
tective also lound a genuine signature ol "Bryco ,k
am lib" and about a do/.en slips containing copies of
tbe same, evidently being attempts to copy tbe slgua
turo exactly. Leub was arraigned before Judge Hur
ray and held In f'JO.OOO bail. Tuts lie succeeded In
obtaining and was again tree, but a tew days later was
again arrested on a civil suit Instituted by lLo bank
officials, and anotuer ?90,1)00 bull was required. This
be was untblo to give, so be it now tu Ludlow Street
Detective Koilly, ou questioning Letth, ascertained
that ou Juno 7 (tlie day Veitman tvas arrested) Veil
man bad given hdward D. Smylho, of No. 12N Oelvalb
avenue, Messrs. ltryce & Smith's bank book and $.'>,000
In cash to lake homo. Suiytnu was arrested end on
his person was lound u cipher, which an expert
readily deciphered. It contained tbe amounts ol the
checks, and uitogetner corresponded with the torgery.
Smytho claimed that be got the cipher irom Veitman,
and wits not acquainted with tts purport. Smythe
joined bi> friend's friend In Ludlow Street Jail, and is
still there.
Lellh and Smytbe being now disposed of, tbe story
returns to the principal. \ Oilman. About tbe UStb of
June he was taken beiore one ol the Judges ol the Su
preme Court on a writ ol habeas corpus, tor tlie reduc
tion ol the amount ol bail, and the Court reduced It to
$1u,00Ul Subsequently bo wus again in court to be ad
mitted to bail. Judge Donotiue accepted tlio
surety, ? woman, una be was dlscbaiged. As
soon as ho was lieu be departed lor parts
unknown. Ibe oank ollicials soon ascertained that tlio
bull wus worm less. and they again called on Supertn
tvudent Walling, asking that Veitman might be recap
tured. Detective Keuiy again tooa up the Case, uud,
niter diligent inquiry, learned that ins "man" was
living in V inceDiies, lud. Reilly at oi.ee look the curs,
and on his nrrivul at Vincennus found that his bird bad
Down. All liace ol tbe lugitivv being lost tbe detective
returned to this city, lie did not, however, give up tho
esse, and altor a great deal of perseverance
bo ascertained that a ninu answering Velltnau's de
scription wan living in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Superintendent Walling then wrote to Ibe Cbiel of
Po.ice ol Hamilton, giving a lull description ol Veit
man, and in reply was In formed that eucti n man was
there. The Superintendent again nut Keilly on tho
case, and on tbe latter's urrivul at Hamilton bo quietly
watched for Ins rouu. finally be saw biui coming out
oi the Dominion Hotel, and, having luiiy idem.bed
him tu his own mind, obtained the assistance ol tba
Hamilton police, and aoou afterward VeUtnaa ?u
agiiu under lock and key.
"Then,su d Detective Keilly, "the trouble bessn.
! made ailidavil before the police magistrate that Vert
man w ** arrested iu New York on a charge of forgery,
and alter giving straw bail hM ran awa.r, and thai I
w .m soul on to take bun back for trial." The iiiagis
irate replied that If 1 could produco tbo evidence
betoie their court, within eight day*, that Veiiiuan
had cotnniitied a crime iu tbe United duties which
was extraditable, they would hold him uutil
tbo United Slates government naked
lor him, whethor it w as a day or
u ycur. Sonr<atlt Mcl'bersou made the arrest, and
on bain,' taken 10 the Central Oilice Veltumu would
??>t sneak until be obtaiued lliu advice ol a lawyer.
Alter consultation with his lawyer he ru
le sed to itccouipniiy me buck 10 the Suits. 1 thcu
catue buck to New' York, and roluriiod to Uanada with
a certified copy ot the indiottueuL Then he obtained
another extension of eight days upon the request
of his lawyer. In the no aniline the news arrived
in tills country irorn London regarding the new pbaee
iu the extradition treaty on the Mrcnt case, and District
Attorney Pbtlpi was uolilied by telegraph that Veil
lain would voluntarily return to New York. Turn 1
started lor Canada again and on Friday Yclttuan was
handed over to me. We arrived in ihis city ou Sunday
and he was lo-jay (Monday) taken to Uoueral Suasions
and comuulied to his old i|uurters in tlio Tombs."
Detective Keilly has travelled thousands ol miles in
this case, but he has been successful in the end. Now
that the prisoner is safely iu the hands of New York
justice an early trial is expected, mid sonic interesting
developments will occur in connection with tbe case.
Yeitmun bus u wilo and lour children residing in
liiookiyn, and they are very respectably connected
The miserable ulgtit, with suow. siush aud street eora
blockaded, luroitbcd a good reason for staying at
home, but Mr. Kdwm Booth's Richelieu overruled It.
The Lyceum Theatre lntd a good audience, and it was
as warm as the weather wus cold. Mr. Booth was culled
belore the curtain after each act, and applauded
through the whole course of the play.
the Richelieu of Mr. Booth is well known to the
Now York public, though It Is one ol his later person
i aliens. It has not the grandour of 1'orrcst, who made
| It a niagniliceni work of itnporlal declamation and
i oratory, but it Is more true to the character us Bulwer
described it. Richcl'ou, according to liulwer,
i was '? a inac of two characters." For
rest tnado him a unit. Mr. Booth expresses
the huuior, the weakness, the contradictious and the
Inconsistencies ot the man. Hero Is a statesman who
pretends, and really bolievos, that his sole art by
which ho raised Fruuco was that ol justice, yet who
condescends to deceive Huguol and to delude bis friend
Joseph. An element of treachery existed in ail this
lUHjcsty. It is ibis element which Mr. Booth
develops to <U lull cxicut. Ho makes Richelieu
us maoh of Hi" lux as i ho lion, and
tho subtlety of his methods of expression sro
as true to nature us the ability of Uulwi-r will allow.
Bulwer is nothing II not theatrical. Ho wrote tbo
pluy to make ?n elloct, .and thero is no question but
tbut he succeeded. Shakespeare gives Mr. Booth
superior opportunity, nut while no actor can fully
rise to tho ideal ot Hamlot or Macbeth, Richelieu
uau bo conquered and entirely roalized. Mr.
Booth has mudo It a heautilul piece of realism, lull ol
color, lite and vigor, and, very justly, does not prcseut
Richelieu as a hero without a lault. but as a great man
with sorious faults and weaknesses, combined with
The general performance wus good. Mr. Milnes
Levick played Barudus excellently, and developed the
part to its limits, without seeking lo overweight It
wuh lorced oflects. A clearly drawn and manly sketch
of lie M.xuprut was given by Mr. Frederick Robinson,
hut this actor was altogether loo boisterous. It
may l>e true, as He Muuprat boasts, that
ho lias "a voice within his soul whoso cry could drowu
the thunder," hut that is no reason lor doing it. Mr.
Kobiusou has plenty of force und energy, but be
should moderate his expressiou. Fraucois was well
placed by Mr. Whiteear und Joseph by Mr. Fierce,
and a very pieusiug leprcseututlon of Julio was giveu
by Clara Jcunings.
Peal* of laughter rung through this cosey theatre
last evening, Leila, a time honored favorite, once
again assorting her triumphant away before a well
tilled house. Iq Mr. Brougham's well known adapta
tion Lotta has already made herself famous, and It is
oulv necessary to add that in "LIUlo Xell and the
Marchioness'1 the versatility of this clever and
cheerful little artist was enthusiastically ap
preciated us of yore. Indeed, one might
Imugino that the Inclement weather nerved
the bright and indomitable lady to extra cli'oris
for seldom has sho infused such vim and, at times,
such feeling into her dual rulet, which are now Insepar
ably associated with her name. Considering tbo
limits ol the stage, the piece was admirably presented,
the support oviocntly unuiuiug aatisiacuon, lor it
must be remembered that many euiiucni actors have
already appeared to advantage iu the more prominent
parts. Iu Mr. W. H. Crane, ilio qollickirg Dick Swiv
cller. bad un excellent representative?0110 who evi
dently appreciated the idea ot the genius who created
him. The contortionist Quill, with the proverbial
bandy legs, was personated with appropriate rascality
by Mr. P. A. Anderson, whoso deportment and ges
ticulations were well calculated to excite terror in the
liouri ol uny creditor. Grandfather Trent lell to the
lot of Mr. J. W. Carroll, u carelul and conscientious
actor, wuosc impersonation last uighl won general ad
miration. Altogether the performance was exceedingly
creditable, the lair sceno being particularly attractive,
presenting as It did au opportunity lor the introduc
tion ot udditionai I oh tures ol aiuusemout. Among
those uiiiibl bo mentioned the acrobatic (cats of
Messrs. Hunnols, Murray and Clifford, 'throughout
the pieco the heroine was hailed with warm tokens of
approbation, and there is liltlo doubt tbat "Little Xell
and the Mureniouess" will command attention especially
during the approaching lesiive season, a lime upon
which Charles Dickens?iroin whose "Old Curiosity
Shop" the piece is taken?expended soino oi his
noblest thoughts.
The spectacular drama ol the "Dluck Crook" was
produced, after weoks of preparation, at this eslab.
lishment lust night. The pleco Is given with good
scenery, and for a first night everything worked as
well aa could bo expected. Mr. K. J. Mack played
llertzog in a satisfactory manner; the Rudolph of Mr
Butos was not a retnarkablo eflort, and ucilher was tho
Count Wollcustein of Mr. franco. Miss Tbtresa
Wood was as pert a Carline as ever played that part,
and invested tho character with much mirth and dash,
tier duel with Greppo (Mr. Harrison) caused two re
calls. Miles. Moriacchi and Adrians lairly divided the
honors ol the dunce and wore repeatedly appinuded
in tho ballet, especially the ballot in the third act.
Many of tbo best icaiurus of tho variety entertain
ment were introduced in tho palace scene, ami
were loudly applauuod, the perlormance on the crystal
goblets being particularly good. Tho drama sectus to
have lost none of its old attractions. Ballet, marches,
sensations, special acts and surprises all lollow each
other in rumd succession, and II the "Black Crook."
as now produced, is not given with all tho elaborateness
which distinguished us first representations, it is at
least given In a style worthy ol the reputation of the
theatre. The curiam did not lull until a late hour last
iiigiit on tho translorinatlou sccue at the cioso ot the
The Germania Theatre afforded to tbo German public
last evening two ol the tnost amusing perioriniocoe we
havo ever attended there. The Urol was entitled
"Morning Hours of a ttoubretie," and gave t'rl Cot
trclly au opportunity to rovel In vocal monologues
and piquant inimlcry. The second play was "Nemos!*,
or C'brist and Jew," by Ketch, a product of the roli
gious troubles ol Germany, which Is a clever but rutb
lesn persiflage ol priest rulo and bigotry, llerr Witt,
us the "1'ious Lambkin," was intensely comical, but
hud Ins iinpersonutiou teen given to utt audience of
devout Catholics, he would certainly liuvo been stoned
instead ol being laugbod ut. The eoupleta sung by
>'rl. Cot I roily were Intensely funny umi drowncu by
the laughter of the audience, llerr Keicb's play cele
brates the triumph of civil inarrtugo over the religious
nuptial ceremony and of religious icouoclastn over tho
holy traditions of the Church?coi tal nly a dangerous
subject, that would l>o only palatable to an audienoe
composed of fico thinkers.
OF ntcautiait AMI J A > LAKY.
Struni'r. | .Soih. j j Ofl'-e.
\\ KmilA 11 tec 10. t Liverpool.. i lit? Hroailv
Hatavia ..
W A licllOlteDa,...
Mute of In.liana.
City ut Berlin
Ali.v Mini*
Suir of I'onn'a..
Holt via
XlHllM .....
Clly ol Cheater...
< >der ......
City of Ri?bn<ib(l.
Hoc I Liverpool.. (4 Bowling Green
Dec 21. i Rotterdam. jfiO Broadway
Dec 21.; Hamburg t?l Broadway
Doc 21. .ilamr
Dec 22
Doc 22
Dec 2 1
I >ec 22.
Dec llH.
Dec 27.
Dec 2*.
Dec '*.8.
Dec !K),
Doc 3D.
Dec -tO.
ix?c BO
Dec ;to.
.1 it n 2.
fan H.
J;.n 4.
Jn-i ti.
J Mil H.
J all H.
Jau 13.
72 Broadway
Liverpool.. 16 Broadway
Liverpool. . til) iiroadwa}
lilaatfuw 7 Howlniji Oreeu
Bremen.... 2 Bowl nc Green
Liverpool.. -ii Broadway
Liverpool.. 4 Bow tin .? tJreeu
(lumPurx.. |d| Broadway
ivLiaitiiw.... 7'J Broadway
Lotiuou.,.. 7 Bowling (ireea
L verpool . lit? Broadway
(ilaiirow . "i Bowling Oreen
Bremen.... 2 Howliun (Iteeu
Liverpool . 137 Broadway
Havre .? ? nroadwuy
Liverpool .11 Hmadwav
Liverpool.. 7 Bowliittr<jreeo
llam bury.. ?'?! Broadway
Rotterdam frf) Broadway
Liverpool . 27 Hroadwav
i#ivert>ool.. 16 Hroadwav
Liverpool. . i?'J Broadway
(tlaarow... 7 howitiig ilreen
Bremen.... 2 Bowling Uroee
Liverpool.. 16 Broadway
A uteri que......... iJau ll,|Bim?.**.|^ Broadway
?I'* AXDMOOX I lllfill WATKR
Sao ria?s " -0 | Gov. Island rvo 11 03
Sun ??U 4 3ft j Sandy Hook m 10 is
Uoou act/. eve 8 10 i HolltiaM......tuoru 1- 48
PORT OF NEW YORK, DEC. 18, 1876.
Steamer Clcuartney (Br), UulUui). .Shanifhal Oct 1*3,
Singapore 211th, I'ort Said Sot 17 and Gibraltar 27th, with
tea Xo Hatidersuii Bros. Had heavy weather Irwin 1UU mile*
ii of the Western l*land?.
Kte.iUicr t'iytit. Kennedy, Ilaviua hcc IB, with uiilm and
DA-^engers t?? Win P Clyde ?i ('a Dec 14. i?tl Uaryxfort
Light. parted an American ship, bound N. showing signal*
HH.I1' ..r KB! IV
Steamer II unUville. Winter*. Keriiandina Dee ?2 and
Port Kovul Hill, with tudse and |?asi>eHirers to O II Mallory
A Co.
Steamer NU^nulu. Daggett, Savannah Dec 15, with tndso
and p***?tigcr? to Geo Yong*
Steamer Pioneer. \Vak *ly Wilmington. NC, 3 days, with
unUe and passenger* to Win I' Chde ?! Co.
Ship liuinhiildt itier). Cornelia*. Bremen 5 ? da vs. in bal
last (o rutich, Kdv** A Co. Was 42 day* writ of Bermuda,
with heavy westerly gales; Dec during a heavy N W sale,
lout fore and main lower ipstis; IHth, wn? near Sandy
Hook hghtshh* anu was blown off 60 miles in tne westerly
g*ie of that date.
Bark l:otuai.u<?l (Nor). Saiuuelsen, Liverpool 77 days. In
ballast to Punch. Kdye k Co. Had westerly gale* the eu
tire passage. split a uumlier of sails.
Brig Miletus i.Vori, Olson. Kio JaueimOOdays, with ooffee
to Fundi, Edye A Co. Crossed the Kquutor Nov 7, iu Ion
30 57.
ltrig Gem (of New Haven). Pieice, St Pierre. Mart, 22
(lavs, with sucsr to D Trowbridge A Co. Had heavy X and
N W gale* the whole dubs age.
Sehr Lisxie lleier, Poland. Brum.wick, ii* 9 days, with
lumber to Dodge, Mei|p;i A Co; vessel to II W Loud A Co.
Nchr Lixxie Smith, Dyer. Virginia tor Saieui.
#J-It w,s the Mr berk Marry Btischman (not Buchanan,
u> misprinted) that arrived ITtli Irnin Aberdeen.
Steamer Olaueu*. Bearsc. Boston lor New York.
Schr I'lnluuie ;lir), Mickeus, Chariuttetown, PEI, Tor
New York.
Sclir S W Simmons, Campbell, Boston for Sew York.
Schr Game Cock. Kobinsor., New Bedford tor New York.
?Si.hr Julia A Decker, Cleveland. Welllleet for Now York.
Schr King Dove. .Swain. Kail Hiver for New Vera.
Schr llatletou. Rotters, Fall River fur New York.
Schr hlixa A Scribucr. Smith. Providence .'or New York.
Schr s >1 Tyler, l.urt. Providence for New York.
Schr Atlantic, Craig Providence for New York,
schr David C Floyd, Clifford. Providence far New York,
Schr Gov J Y Smith, Young, Providouc* for New York.
Selir J J Moore. Kaukiu, Providence tor New York.
Schr Sparkle. Shropshire, Provuleuce lor New York.
Schr \Y D Hilton, Hilton. Providence for New York.
Schr Success. Plersou. Providence lor Now York.
Sclir Frank Maria. Alley, Pawtucket for New York.
i-chrJ Hurley. Northrup. Newport for New York.
Schr Anion Falkvuburg. Early, Bristol for New York.
Schr lielle Seaman, Steeimau Noauk lor New York.
Sclir VYm It Huston. New London lor New York.
Schr M W Drew, Koon.-y, New Loudon for New York.
Sclir James Porter. Burrows, New London 'or New York.
Schr Marcus L Kockh.ll, Say lor. New liaveu for New
Schr Rachel Vunainan, llardv. New Haven for New York.
Schr C K Smith, Hanson. New Haven lor New York.
Schr Jessie W ^night. Warren New Haven for New
York. ,
Schr Mary A Lovell, Hamilton. Stonlnuton for New York.
Schr Lixxie I>. Small, Sag Harbor for New York.
Schr Robert Centre, llulse. Port Jefferson tor New York.
Sclir Wave. Hubbard, Southporv for \*w York.
Schr J D Ingrubam. Buckingham, Portland. Ct, for New
Sclir Marcelluf. Fleming, Bridgeport for New York.
Schr Maria L Llearu, Morrell, Slumlord tor New York.
Steamer Krauconia, Bragg. New York lor Portland.
Schr Uiunie tBr), Fluewelling, Now York for St John,
Schr Geo II 1'rigg, Gaimuou. New York for Danversport.
Schr llattie. Perry, New York for New Bedford.
Sclir Henry, Davis, Am boy tor Providence.
The .Sound > oats, on corutn/ up this PM. anchored off
WhiteHtoiio or ill Hart Inland roads, deeming It imprudent,
no doubt, to proceed until daviight, on account of the pre
vailing snowstorm. Wind NW.
Steamer Wisconsin (Br), Eorayth, Liverpool via Queen*,
town?William* A Onion.
Steamer KraucouU. Bimkk Portland ?.1 K Amiu.
Ship Bn-iue rhavvn (Uer>. Iluljet, Bremen -Tueo Kuger.
Brl.- Kodluk, Peter*, Cork or Kaluioutli for order*?f T*l>
boi .t Co.
Kris; t. E Mnnion, Huntley. Cadiz ?E Talbot k Co.
Brti; Kremlin. Wyiuan, Brunswick. Ua?Wurren Kay.
Sclir B E Lowell, stinpmn, Trinidad (Cuba)?J h Ward ft
Scur Joaeph E Bakor. Dnvia. Cienfuegoa?B E Metcalf ft
Sclir J L Crosslev, Croaaley, Morton. NB?C W Bertuux.
Scbr Pointer, Dill, Providence?Periston ft Wood.
Steamer AlbeinarIA for Liewea, Del.
Sailed 17tli, aliipa Martha (tier), Loudon; Galatea (Her),
Bremen; barks E L Carney. Dublin: hd ward D Jowett
iBr). London; Mary A Nelson (Br), Antwerp.
Wind at 7 :3 ) PM NW, with anow.
Barometer at aumutt, 29.8 i; at midnight, 29.96.
Stbaxkr Marina (Br). At Norfolk from Liverpool, met
Willi very severe weather ou the passage. to which the vee
eel received tonic damage. The uuuse for live slock wan
tarried away. The etiocka under the bouts treie washed
overboard, and other portions of the slup were lost. An
sole sesiuau, nAineti David Wbalin. red orerooard Irom
aloft, und although soarch was made for two hours by chief
ollluer Jones and four men he was net found.
Stkauxr Qtanu Sr (Br). Jones, which arrived 17th from
Japan. Ac, while coming up the bay II AM yesterday went
ashore on Oyater island, but will probably come oil at neat
high water.
Stkaxkr TnvHA. ot and from St Croix lor St Thomas, was
abandoned leaking badly, and lay Dec 0 bilged ou au Island
near St Thomas.
Ship J P Wiikxleu. before reported ashore on Governor's
Island, got oil at H AM yesterday without damage, having
discharged a small portion of her cargo.
Kara Maggie Chapman iHr), Irom Philadelphia for Ant
werp. parted hawser while being towed down on the night
o( the lUth Inst and went asboro off Wilmington, Del, but
was afterward got off wilh bowsprit carried away and with
other slight damages, bhe was returning yesterday to
Hark Masitoii, from Baltimore for Pernamhneo, which
put Into St Thomas Dec 25 with loss of foremast and all at
tached, jilihooin, bowsprit, several yards and sails. Ac; was
repairing Dec t).
Baiik Vibii.ia (Br), from Liverpool for New Turk, which
pnt into St Thomas Nov 28 with loss of malumast, was pat
ting in a new one Dec 8.
IIauk Augusta 0 Small (Br), from Malta, with a cargo of
fit, olive o.l. Ac lor Boston, which put into St Thomas
Nov Hli with loss of sails, spar*, leaky, Ac, was waiting in
structions Doc U.
Hauk Apxiral (Oer), from Basseln for Kalmouth, E, with
rice, pnt into St Thomas Nov 18 loakv and with lossofmaiu
mast. Plie was discharging and repairing Dee &
Bark Kobkkt Kxi.lt, reported by cable as lost, went to
sea for the tirst time July 17, 1874; cost, when the pilot's
bill was paid, gd5,2t)8 97. and was Insured when reported
lost lnr$t5,<KN>. She made many rapid passages, and ono
that probably will berer be beaton. Site ielt Yokohama.
Japan, three hours after the mail steamer bound to San
Francisco. and made the passu go in 24 days, tho steamer in
2'> days. Capt Kingman, who commanded the bark, bad
been In her from the time she started.
Bai:k WKVXOtTTtl (of Weymouth. N8>, from Sydney, CB,
for Boston, put Into Southwest Ilarbor, Mount Desert, Dec
18. wilh loss of sulls.
Brig Orbit, which arrived at Philadelphia 18th Inst, en
countered a NtV gsle on the 9th Inst, off llatteras, which
strained tbe vessel and caused her to leak a little.
Brig Wild Horse (Br), MoCumbcr, from New York for
Halifax, NS. was I Allen in with Dec 1 f, SO miles from Seal
Island, dismasted, ller pusseugers and crew were taken off
by steamer D minion snd landed at Yarmouth. NS, Dec is.
The IV II was Ilk I tons register, and was built lu 1894 at
Maitiand. N8. whence site hailed.
Bute Concukst (Br), Outerhridge, from Kortolk via Ber
muda (or Ucrbico. with staves, pnt Into St Johns, Anti
gua. Dec i, leaky, and was discharging cargo on the 2d for
B..tn 0 0 Basrah, from PensacoU for Providence, which
arrived st Newport iuh wltu loss of part of deck load, also
rplil sails ou the voyage.
Sour 'Vkasvs. Glbhs, from Boston, bonnd fishing, was
pulled off Deer Island bar on Saturday. No damage.
Senr \V W flltAINARi). before reported as ashore at New
port. HI, w is got off AM Dee 18 with bottom badly dam
Somt Clues, us she limv lies sunk near Portsmouth
Bridge. Portsmouth, NH, together with her talis, rigging,
chains, anchors and other aopni alns,. also a cargo of coal,
will t>o sold at public unction lieu 2U, at 12 M. '
Sunn Isauki. L PiKUCK.?It Is reported that the owners of
the steamer llichmoml. which ran lulu and snnk the schr
Isabel I. Pierce, ol VYelllleet. have offered her agent St.uii)
lor damages, which he will accept rather than test the case
In law. The schooner was valued at 88.9011.
Sen it X t-rn.K. ashoro In He:too n n * t Itivor, was sold on
Friday. Mr Albert T Heabury bought the hull fnrgll ; l.ieu
teiiaol Governor sisson the cargo, which consisted of pota
toes. lor $h. and the spars, rigging, sails, Ac, were scattered
among a number of purchasers. The vessel was 28 years
old. copper lastened and of 49 tons, n m.
Ni-iiu Ball* Crowki.l of Dennis, Mass, front Portland!
Mo, for Windsor NH. was the vessel which capsitvd loth off
West tjuoddy Head. When two miles wrm of Mnoscaheo
she struck a lodge and became nninsiiagsable. The crew
stood at the puiuns until M o'clock, w hen all hands It-It In a
boat About thi?o nitlos wen of ljuoddv tbev were nicked
up by th-s selir Flash, from Gloucester, and carried Into Last
port. When last seen the vessel was on her beam ends aud
drilling to sea.
Si-nit E L Kami, from Boston for Port Richmond, went
ashore at Nansett, Gape Cod, AM Dec 18. Bhe will prob
abl> come off on a change of weatlior.
Son it foxiODDtx Footk (of Gloucester. Mass), from
Grand Bunks, arrived at Halifax Dae IH with loss of baud
gear, bulwarks and dorv.
The Merrimac Itlter Is now closed with ice. Navigation
on the Verrimac Itas been <|uiic eMensive the last season.
Fioni records kept by George K Mickiicv, draw lender on
> til.? iron hrplge, il appears that 99 vessels have passed
through the draw and 1 2 steamers: 511 of these vessels u ere
loud'd witli coal, IJ willi lumber, 1"> with stone, and id
with lime. The dredger Haiti more, in government employ,
worked most of the -esson between Haverhill and Currier's
Shoals clearing obstructions froiu the channel. The draw
here a as hoisted 25 < times.
Astoria, LI. Dec Hi?Canal boat Fottunate, wilh coal
is sunk at Morris' dock.
CasTINS. Me. Due 18 -Schr Post Boy Is ashore In Goose
Cove The captain and crew were resetted In an exhausted
Druhvaiik CiTr, Dec 17?Schr .lolwi A Curtis, arrived
here to day from Klchulolid, on the lllth lust, in a gale,
blew awuv her mainsail ami Jilt. She hove to and lost pari
ol her decltload. This morning the ice carried her ashore at
llnmhut Hook. The tug Churchman got her off aud brought
liar into port.
Gni LDsRORO, Me, Dec 14?Schr . of Deer Isle, Capt
Norwood, weni ashore In >tenbcn Hay In the snowstorm of
the llth Inst, and bilged lu tbree places. No ellori hat yet
been made to get her off.
llALirsx. Dec 18?Bark Minerva. ofChnrlottetown.be
lore reported anhore at Port Hood, is breaking up. Ilor
second mate was drowned wuLe attempting to reach the
shore _ ....
Hetar Maggie II McLetinon. from Hon no Hay, M-, Is also
w recked at Port II.m L I hreo children and two men were
lust Irom her.
I lie weather lias moderated.
The steamer Newfoundland was off Plctou Sunday, and
conbl n >t go In en account or the Ice.
I ha lollowlng wrecks are reported Irom Cape Breton, re
tolling Irent Saturday ulg.it aud Monday's gate
8 -hr John LatttrUn, general cargo from Halifax for North
Sydn-y, was totally wrecitcd at sit Ann*. ft?# mw were
Hfhr CitltfHn?. r?ial laden, from Port Caledonia for St
Peters, wmi totally wrecked at the mouth of Bras d*Or
iuhr Grizeld* went ashore and ??? badly damaged at the
tamo place.
An en known schooner, from Newfoundland, was totally
wrecked 4 miles north of Bras d* Or.
Nkw BatoroKD. Dec K-8n>iiQtr Cltv of New Bedford,
which should have arrived here yesterday morning, is dis
abled. Duriug her last trip to New York it was *u?pected
mat something was the matter with her machinery. Sat
urday morning en examination was made, and the crank
pin was found to bo btoken. S^aiuer Sautee will leave for
New York this morning, to take her pi ace.
N'kwmikt, Dei IB? Behr Madagascar, from Providence for
New York, which was ashore at Blue Bock, has probably
her bottom damaged
s?rhr Cora, from Africa for Boston (before reported:, is
bmll y ?ireined.
Brig Virginia, trots Turks Islaud, will proceed to New
Haven. No damage.
Sr .John. NR. Dec Id?The brig Lilv (Br). which left
Windsor bound to New York last Tuesday, put in for ajiar
bor at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, .since leaving Wind
*or she had experienced nothing but bead winds, with a
rough sea.
The ship Oisr (Br), wuieh sailed hence some days wince
for Hull, and was supposed to he beating about the bay on
account of unfavorable winds, yesterday morning returned
to port and anchored in the stream.
SiiiPBiti.iHNG-At Belfast, In Carter's vard. the founda
tion on which to build a new steamer Is being laid, und
th?* keel -nude ready,
Mr Hubert Napic has nut down the keel of u vc?s?l of
about * I tons in the yard at the Old Fort, Carieton. N B
rite is intended lor a com pa U v.
At Norfolk, Mr tfoorgc W Deacon is building a steamboat
of l.tfKi tons, to be called the Kocaaway. fi?he i* intended
to run during the ensuing season from New York to Rock
away Beach in connection with the steamers Ameficus and
Neverslnk, and is owned by Mr. K. Corn.'11 W! Ire. Two
new bri;s. of tons each, are also in courss of construc
tion by Mr. Reach lor algnor llrmkl. who has contracted for
them through his agon:* in New York. Mo?*r* (iogorza's
Sons. They will be built especially tor the coffee trade be
tween New York ana the ports of Ouracoa and Maracaibo.
Piiil, DKLrHl,. Deo IK?Ll?rlii?!ii|> X<> 3!>. uuw Id the Sec
ond dl.trU-t, will hd towed to (he Fourth district, .'or tdrifce
on Five Kaioom HkiiIc -tut ion. LiirhMtip X? TO 1ik? a fat
.IkhhI kh I menu wbi.tlu. itnU ttie locution hiubeeucbiiu??d
through the effcrt. of Philutielpliii. .nipper*.
Clouted at Boston Doc 18, tolir Sarali E Levis, Cook. At
Itutic Ocokii.
Ship Paul Revere. Mullen, from Ronton Oct 2 for Sao
Francisco. Nov 1. lut 11 38 N Ion 28 14 W
TUa (iiwiiv Dec 12. Ut3l>O0>t Ion OS IU (tltip Ovwego,
("apt Audenton, muled (rom New Orleans Nor 15 lor Liver
Aktwkbp. Deo IH?Arrived, barks Nellie T Guest (Br),
Messenger. Baltimore: Sokrates (Nor), Asro. New Vork.
Sailed 17th, steamers August Andre (Belgi, Kuudi n,
New Vork: I8tli, Swiuerlaud (Belg), Jackson, do; ship
W m Woodbury. Schmidt, Baltimore; bark Grace (Br),
Wade. New York.
Alvkuia, to Deo 16?Arrived, brig Csrollna (Itul), CI
lento. New York.
Hrkmkx, Deo IS?Arrived, brigs Adonis (Ger)- Breek
wnldt, Gelveston ; Uargaretha (Uer). Dull, do.
Sailed 18th, ship Lllllo Soullard (Br), Qoudy. North
Bordeaux, Dec 16?Arrived, (hip Robena, ilagen. New
York: 17th. bark Llndesnaes (Nor). Tonnesen, New York.
Sailed from l'aniilac 17th, barks Concurrent (Br), for
Now York; San Frrncisco (Fr), San Francisco; schr Wm
llunter (Nor), Galveeton.
Bkistoi.. Dec IS?Arrived, bark Norsk Flag (Nor), Neil
son. New York.
Calcutta, Nov 21?Sailed, ship Naturalist (Br), Nelson
New York. *
Faursuxd, to Deo 18?Pot In, bark Maria Ueyn (Ger),
Beck, New York (or Riga (see below),
Glasgow, Dec 16-Sailed, bark Theodoelns Christian
(Ger), Parnow, United States,
Gibraltar, to Dec IS?Sailed, bark Horace Beats, Fiek
ett (from Marseilles). St Thomas.
Hull, Dec IS?Arrived, bark Figli Acoame (Ital), Plnon
cello. United States.
Hamburg, Doc IS?Arrived, bark Dlvico (Nor), Jorgen
sen, Baltimore; also tbe Mariana, from Philadelphia (t).
Havbe, Dec IS?Arrived, bark Matilda C Smith (Br),
Smith. Charleston.
Sailed 17th. ship Waterloo (Br), Dunbar. Pensacola; also
the James, fordo.
Liverpool, Deo IS?Arrived, steamer City of Santiago
(Br). Darke, New York (tee below); brig Belle Walter*
(Br), Scott, St John. XB.
Sailed 16th, ships Coldstream, Slater, United States;
Saracen (Br), Le Beouf, New York: barks Wild Hunter,
Twambly, United States; 17th, Hervatska (Aut), Paravio,
do: ISth. Kong Oscar (Nor), Rothlng, do.
Lynn, Doe 15?Arrived, bark Milan (Ada), Llllinovich,
Mkssixa, Dec 9?Sailed, brig Ossipee, 11 sake, New York.
Plymoutb, Dee IS?Arrived, eteamer Herder (Ger),
Brandt, Now York for Hamburg (and proceeded).
Portland. Dec IS?Put in, bark Solomon, Fergnson,
from Moulmeln tor Kiel (see below).
Padstow, Deo 18?Arrived, Earn (Nor), J organ sen, Balti
Palermo, Dec 15?Sailed, steamer Croft (Br), Hodgson,
New York via Valencia,
Sailed about Dec 17, eteamer J B Walker (Br), Green
(from Genoa), Valencia and New York.
Quxbxstowx, Dee 17?Arrived, bark Frejr (Nor), Hmlvor
?cn. Wllmiugton, NC.
Also arrived 17tb, midnight, steamer City of Richmond
(Br), Brooks, New York for Liverpool (and proceeded).
Rotterdam, Dee 16?Cleared, bark Atlas (Nor), Michel
sen, United States.
Swansea, Dee 18?Arrlrod, berk Annie B Elliott, Heara
ker. Bell's Cove, XF.
Tribatk, Deo 15?Arrived, berk Gunn (Nor), Wienea, New
Sailed from Dee IS,bark* Tolomeo (Aus).Gladu
lich. United States; Axel (Nor), do.
Liverpool, Dee 18?Steamer City of Santiago (Br), Oapt
Darke, from New York, arrived bere today. She loet her
bridge and rudder, hod bar lifeboat Hove and received other
London, Deo 18?Ship May Queen (Br). Oulton, which
arrived at Antwerp on Saturday last from Philadelphia, Jet
tisoned 2t GO bbls petroleum.
Bark Solomon, Cant Ferguson, from Moulmeln July 22 for
Kiel, has put into Portland in a damaged condition, nevlng
been In collision with an unknown ship.
Hark Maria fleyn (Ger). Capt Beck, from New York Sept
28 for Riga, baa put Into Pahreund, having lost her sails and
Holtbxao, Dec 18. I'll?Wind K. strong.
Axjkk, Oct 20?Pasted, barks Etta Lnring, Lortncr, from
Yokohama lor New York ; Vanola (Br), (.roundwater. Shiga
pore lor do: 21?t, shin Flortwing. (litest, New York for Sum -
nriing; 23d, berk Florence, Smith, Singapore loi Mar
Antioita, Nov 20? arrived, brig Britannic, Ilotehkies
Barbados iand .ailed Dec 1 for ).
Soiled Nov 11. achn Addie Henry. Burros. St Martini;
17tb. Adolim. Libby, Anguilla; Caroline, Uatktll, St Mar
Aiikcibo, Nov 23?In port, brigs Uentliaw, Sylvester, for
New York, Idg sugar and molasses; Ann Elisabeth, Bur
gess. from St Thomas, arrived 13th, lor Baltimore, ldg
Arrived Nov t>. brig W II I.atiiner (Br), Armstrong, Yaba
coa (aud sailed 18th lur Baltimore).
Hai.via, Oct 27?In port barks Chss T Russoll, Itatnil.
ton. Irom Cable Bur, arrived 24tb; U I' Buok, Curtis, Ironi
Calcutta, arrived 21th.
Rabdapos. Nov 11?Arrived, sebr Clara Fletcher. Snr
gent. Philadelphia; 12th. brig Italia .Br). North. Haiti
inore; sulirs Charnbim, I.anlt, no; 22d, A M Clontmaii,
denes, Dominica; 30th, brig Lewis Clark, Smith, New
0?LLiO, Nov 22?Sailed, ship S K llersey. Small, I'abellon
do I'lea; bark Monroe. Ncllson. hien.
In port Nov 28, ships Itouulou. Curtis, from Pamiin*. ar
rived 2Ulh. lor I'unla de Lobos to load Cuttcd Kingdom;
Antoinette (Br). Scott, disg: Bridgewnter. hpuiilding, clear
ing ; Cultivator. Todd, wtir orders: iVIostlal Empire Bar
stow, raidg: Chat Hal (Br), Chapman, do; Otago. Thorn
dike tobe sold: Or/aro dtali. < ortas, for Puget Sound,
clearing; Winifred t Itr?. Aboott, from Montevideo, arrived
loth,clearing; barks iloorge Moon, Brand, disg. for Unano
islands to load for I'nited Kingdom ; Helen Marion (Br),
Mundy, disg: Piskataqea Br.. Scott, do; Scythia iltr),
Nance, from I<|uh|un. arrived 25th, do.
CaHdksas, Dec It?Arrived, bark Knima I. Partridge,
Partridge, (Ireenock: brig Westninroland i Mr). Smith, St
John. NH; scbr tleo s Mart-. Mans. Philadelphia.,
Cu.vrri.oos. Dec 7?Arrived, hark Idaho, Hichardsou,
New York, nth. Mllen Maria. Iloa-e, Bangor: solirs Win
Fredericks, Ames, Philadelphia; Win II Jordan. Richard
son, Liverpool.
Dkukiiaka. Nov lo? Arrived, sclir i.en Connor. Slinte,
Boston (and sailed ltlth lor Honaivc); 11th hark Caibarieu,
Hopkins, New York (And sailed 22d lor Cempano) , 13th,
brig Mississippi. Marcliant, Hallin.ore via Norfolk (and
sailed 22,1 for Baltimore).
Sailed Nov II. senr llarry (3 Sheppard. Sieelrnaii, St
Thomas; 13th, brigs U M Jones, damage, Baltimore; 14th,
Morning Light. Dill. New York
In port Nov 2.'i, harks luiiden Sheaf, Thompson, from
(Hasgow, arriveil loth; l.nralae, Felkius, from Oporto, so
rived 17th: /.eplitruie Drl, Jolinston. Irom Boston, ar
rived 21st; brigs Daylight, Ulbtuu, Irom Trinidad, arrived
8th, for New York ; Alpha (Mr). Rodeniser, irom Bridge
water, NS, arrived Clin, lor Boston or New York; Alpha
(lli i, Neville, irom Port Medway, arrived 17tn 11 - Bo-ton
in New A ork ; Eastern star. Foster, from and lor New York,
arrlvu'l loth: Dart (Br), Colter, Irom Cape Breton, arrived
17th; Mnnson, (iardner. Ironi New Yark, arrived 23d; Siar,
Cook, for Charleston; tchrs Lewis Khrmsn, Fooka, from
Baltimore, arrived Kill; Minnie A Reed. Atrout. from Liver
pool, arrived 17th, for Baltimore; Eva May. Andrew-, irom
Liverpool, arrived IDtb : Alrlvin, Kohcrts. irom North Caro
lina. arriveil D-tli; K II Drummond, iiiggiiis. from Caps
Breton, arrived .Dili; M A Harmon, Mali.man, from Now
York, arrived 21st; L F Warreu, Johusen, Irom Troon, ar
rived 24lh.
DliSoow, Dec 12?Arrived, ship Medora (Br), Downte.
11 it v. k Not: k , Dee 14?Arrived, ship Lotus (Br), Martin,
Havana, Dec D?Arrived, brig Sol (so), Maries, Bridgo
Illll. ' "
S; libit, steamer llussie, Hill Indtunol* tend
ftallod J lilt to return); brig Hary 4J ?arin?r, Tit comb, iVrt
Und, Igth, Meumor M urjfarot, Baker. New Urii'in*,
Key Went, Ac (ami Milled mme day tore mm); Lhaa IV
Lord. Colton, New Orloau* vtriil >uil I4tii to return) ; *d?r
Henry A I'attll, Htranire. Philadelphia; I'ltli, 1* s
Bprav. Kill* com m under, Kfl.v Weil (on li|{Mhoti*a eervlce).
Sailed lot It, bark* .fo*epn (Fr), Luehaud, New Y ?*r .c;
Altagracia op), Mar^oi. .New Orloan*; .lovrii Sard** -sp),
Via*, do; I'iaIina (Hp), ."terra, I'ait-acola brltf Aiiullmi <Br?,
LeHlanc do; IItit, berks County of Richmond (Br). I.e
Klanc, do; Aotela (Hp), Gurordo, Charl<*?toB; Dona Tele?
forn (Hp), Poriuoudo, do; riir Hen June (Hp), I'hnas, sa
VNMtHli; liUi, bark* Lorenclt* (Hp), GonLI. do; brms Shu
Francisco (Hp), Fonda. M Marys: Saga (Uaii), Tliottisett,
.New York *, mitre Nellie Boweti, Spear, i'tneacola; 13th,
C aliform a.
Io port 13th, loading, brig Earhiua (So), L.'>rra, f r Bra
iu. do Santiago i> hr- Chas t Ceel m", Penimore. and
Samuel McM unarm. u il.,. ? ir N'c > York. , _
IIaiiiiv. Dec I- Arrn"J. .'.' amor Deo Cromwell, uo
coo, St K'lint. XK, lot Now Vork.
steamer Sarmatiaa illr', whictt is due from Liverpool, U
not yet reported
Lit kKfouL, aiec 11?Arrived, ship H D Troop (Bn. Mac*.
Sailed atii, ship Empress of India (Br), Karnsworlb, nH
Loan* iik Art-fiu. Oct 31?in port. thip Ilaska. Crttoa
fir Valencia; It 1. Lane (Br). Murray, and Little luiaeb
(Br), amitli. Tor Europe.
Limits Point. Nov IJ ? In port, thip Marnthun (Br). Tur
ner, lor Knrope: Mowell Drown iBr). Andersou. for doj
Peru. Larraliee. for do; bark Colusa. iiawes. for Hampton
.MArAxzA.s. D c u--trrived, schrs (irur Webster, Dales.
New Vork; lltii Addled Xiiite .Itr?, Canoron, StJebtt
MB; I.'tli Mania Unite v. Kimutaln. Keiuai.dlna.
Bailed lfHb, schr (iortrude E Smith. Jameson, New Or
leana: 12th, brig Joven A- tonio iSp,, Huscb. do; 13th. bark
Annie (hr, J*nki:i-, win h of Halteraa.
Nuatirxs, X>oc 'J?Arrived, aebr Silver Spray, Tenuey,
New Vork
I'atachi. Nov 12?In port thip Lizzie O Troop (Br), Corn
int.'. fir Kuro|>e.
Pabkllox Dtb Pica, Nov 12?In port, ships Hagerstown,
Call, lor Kurope ; S S Thomas, Eastman. for do.
Pour Spain, Nov S?Arrived, brlir Stariiirbt. Thompson.
Net, Vork -and bailed 17th tor Turk* Inland); aohr L f
Mabort. Stew n. Annapolis: 10th, brlir dolin Boyd (BrI,
Croweli, (or Norm), Baltimore 'and nailed IStU to return la
ballast): 12th. schr Knitua MsAdam, Mnrch. he man din a
land sailed 25th to return'; 14th, brig liohert Moore. I> ar
borri. New Vork (and sailed 21st lor St Kilts); 1 Tt... si br Pails
Seatev, fining. Baniror: 20th brig Victoria, Uauu .era, Bar
bados (and sailed 24th lor N via).
In port Nov 25. brig ('buretto Buck. Smith, from and
for New York, arrived K'th
In port Dee 15. schr tieorge YValzer, Wilcox, from Nan
York, arrived, for Kern ami In a.
PoixtaPitb*. Nov Id?Sailed, schr Addle Westell,
Joliuson, Sin Bis-: ITtlt, bark Atlantic, Lanfare, New
Vork : loth. -chrs.Ii a Wilder, Heed, St .Martina; 24th, Mary
D Ireland, Leads. Turks [?.land.
In port Nov 24. bdg Princess Beatrice (Br), Simmons,
from and for New Y'ork, arrived I lib.
Sr I'iKKKk, Nov 2"?? Arrived, brig Adeiaido, Stover, Pa t
land: 2dtli. -chr Storm Patrol, Whitmore. Baltimore; 27th,
bark Mnntuzuma. Brlffgi, New Vork (and sailed 30th to re
turn) ; 20th. schr liarbaronl (Br), from Yarmouth.
Sall-d Nov 29. brig Kiting Sun. (iritfing, New Haven.
Sr TiiostAS, Nov IS?Arrived, tiurk Katie Stewart (Br),
Reed Liverpool: J 1st. svhr Yllllie. Athortoa, New York
(and tailed Dec 3 for St Domingo CltT) I '23(1. brig Jessie
Rhyita*. Tucker, Uio Janeiro (and sailed 2Sth lor Turk*
island) ; 25th. seliri Post Boy, iiolilnson. New York (and
sailed Dec 8 for Turks I-laini); J L Cotter (Br). Nnttor,
Barbados >and sailed '(ith lor Fortiaitdina); 3<lth, bark
Ztilina ? Hri, Peterson. Trinidad (and tailed (kith for Areclbo
snd B iltitnorni; achr Eugttt, Bunker, Rarbndot land tailed
TOtli for Crab I-land with inward cargo) : 30th, hark
Josephine 'br'. Read, Llttrptti( brig J Williams (Bf).
Williams. Ber'dce (and tailed Dec (i far Turks island* ana
New York) . Dec 3, sellr Eva May, Andrews, Dcmertra for
Turks islands and Baltimore.
Sailed Nov 23. steamer North Point. Klrby (from New
Y'ork). (iuAdaloitpe; brigs Adelaide (Br), Wolfe, Iungus;
2fth, Wra Mason. Adams. Turks islands.
lu port Dec rt. barks Manitou, Frower. from Baltimore foi
Pernambuvo; Y'iliilla Br:. Kcnney. Liverpool for Sew
Y'ork. Admiral (lie' . Baasein for Kalmotttli, all repg; A 0
Small Hri.Kvan*. Malta for Botton, arrived Nov IfO, wtg
Sr Johns. PR, Nov 13?Arrived, tcbr Jos (lakes, Parker,
Sailed 21st. schr 0 L Bradley. Cblpmau. Brunswick, On.
Saisl'a, Deo 11 ? Arrived, schr Sarah Katun. Dix, New
StJoiix. NB. Dec 15?Arrived, brigs {.aura B iBr). nun
ham, Cardeuas: Lily (Br), Blsgdon, Windier, NS, for New
Y'ork: tchr i.laumire Br), Bradley, Cnuniug lor Philadel
phia (put in (or a harbor).
Returned 15tb, ship Czar (Br). Brotvn, tor Hull.
BOSTON*. Dec 18?Arrived, schr K W Johnson, Outtnn,
Philadelphia (and proceeded to Weymouth).
Cleared?Scbr Caleb Baton (not as misprinted), Savage,
Turks Island.
lSth-Arrived. ste imers General Whitney. Hallott. New
York: Rattlesnake. Wiley: Berks. Pendleton, and Roman.
Crowell. Philadelphia: bark R A Allen. Tyler, Havani;
sclir I.ovl Hart. Ranbett. Turks Island.
Cleared?Steamer Neptune. Berry. New York: echr
Roger Drury. Crowell, Norfolk to load for Barbados.
BALTIMORE. Dec IS,?Arrived. Steamer., Lucille, Ben
nett, Wilmington. NC: Louisa. Walker. Roanoke River;
PC Brnne. Foster, New York: barks Jerbuen (Nor), Sven
sen. latndonderry: Francisco Avegno (Ital). Gazznlo,
Newry; Agoatina Repello .Ital). Antola. i.ondoit; s"lirs
Nellie Shaw, dates. Fernandina; E R Kirk. Bugbee, Now
Haven: klaxon Rogers, Abratns, New York; Enos 15 Phil,
lips. Allen. Boston.
Cleared?Steamer William Lawrence, Howes. Boston;
schrs O D Witherell, Garfield, Boston; William Allen,
Lewis. Jersey City.
Cleared lfltb. sclir E M Sawyer, Drisco, Boston.
BUCK8POKT. Deo 15?Arrived, echr Isabella Jewett,
Fogg, New ) ork.
BATH, Dec 13?In port, bark Endoavor. Monntfort. load
ing for Cuba: brig lluttlo M Hain. Thestrup, for Wl'srasset;
schrs Montana. Hearse, for Norfolk: Telamah. Bennett.
CHARLK-)TON, Dee 15?Arrived, bark Mistletoe (Br),
Dunlap, Dublin.
Cleared?Ship Arlington, Vlckery. Liverpool: schrs F A
Servor. Homers. New York: A A H Hooper, Hoopjr, Phila
delphia: Paragon. Shuts. Portsmouth. NH.
18th?Off port, bsrk John R Boyd (Br), from Dublin.
Cleared?Hark Ashanteo (Br). Robert*. Liverpool,
KAS1TORT, Dec8-Salled, achr Z A Paine, Jones. New
KDGARTOWN, Dee 15?Arrived, schrs Congress. Willard,
New York for Bath; Lookout. Sprague, do for Portsmoutn.
FERNANDINA, Deo 13?Arrived, brig Fernando (BpL
De Aguirre, Matanr.as; schrs Daybreak, Blake, do; Altar
Cole, Mitchell, Ponce.
Cleared?Brig Ernest. Lnnt, Barbados.
14th?Arrived, steamer Carondelet, Falreloth, New York
(and cleared 15th for do).
FORTRESS MONROE, Deo IS?Sailed, (hips B D Vet
call 'Nor). Knudseu (from Antwerp). Norfolk; Ventus,
Theobald (from Lobot). New Y'ork; brig Frits (Swe), Hak.
onsen (from Rio Janeiro), Baltimore.
GALVESTON, Dec 11?Arrlvod, brigTuub (Gcr), Classen'
Rio .1 anelro
Sailed?Ship Bolivia (Br). Mnrphy. Liverpool.
12th?Arrived, bark Elinor (Nor). Thorsen. Lnbeek.
Cleared?Steamer San Jacinto (Br). Ricker. Liverpool.
MOBILE. Dec If?Cleared, ship Win Tanseott, Wyraan,
Liverpool; bsrk Satnboyana (8p). Mas, Barcelona; schrs J
Slmonson, Crawford, Amsterdam; Elizabeth, Bonlo, Gal
lHth?Arrived, bark Drontilnger (Nor), rviemu. htisi
pool: schr E H llerrlmati. Herriman, Boston.
Cleared?Steamer Ter iSp), Battle. Barcelona; brig Isaae
Howlund Lakeman. New \ ork.
NEW ORLEANS, Dec 18?Arrlvod, steamers Abdlel (Br),
Jones, Liverpool via Mexican ports; New York. Quick, New
Yjrk; City of Mexico, Sherwood, do via Mexican ports.
Cleared?Sblps Carondelet, Stetson. Liverpool; Queen of
Beauty (Br), Moulton, do; barks liraato (Nor), federsen,
do; Preciosa (Nor), Jacobsen, Cork.
Arrived at tlio Passes?Barks Angollqne (Fr), Burel,
Havre; Tanerod (Nor). Jnett, Arcndal.
Went to sea?Steamer Cortes, for New York.
N KW BEDFORD. Deo 18?Sailed, steamer Leopard, AN"
bertson, Philadelphia.
17th?In the lower harbor are throe nnknown schooners,
which are unable to come up on account of the Ice.
NEWPORT, Dec 15?Sailed, schr Kate Mitchell, Eastman,
New York for Fall River.
PASCAGOULA, Deof to 11?Arrived, bark II D Stover,
Pierce. Clenfuegos; brig Alice Lea, Foster. Trinidad; schrfl
Enterprise, Mitchell, Martlniqne; Forest Home, Kent, In
Clouted?Schr Geo Soaly, Simpson, Galveston.
PKNSACOLA. Dec 12?Arrived, ship Lady Clarendon
(Br). Walker. Greenoek; bark Zurich (Br), Foster, St No
zaire; brigs David Owen, Cnadhourne, Porto Cabello, t?
load for Rio Janeiro; Richmond, Bryant, Boston; echl
Helen Marta. Look. Port Spain.
Cleared?Srlir Wononah. Bailey. Havana.
PHILADELPHIA. Docember 18?Arrived, steamer Vin
dicator. Rogers. Providence; ship Marietta W (Aus), Po
trata, London; bark Fratelli Arecca (Ital), Areeco, Am
sterdam; schrs Rescue, Uadgins, Port Antonio; Chat W
Moore, Muni, Bath.
Also arrived, steamers Norman, Nlckerson, Boston: Lan
caster, Mills, do; Hercules. Swasey. Pall River; Catherine
Whiting, Harding, Providence; schrs J W Starr, Krlnk,
Charleston; Henry No well. Burgess, Liverpool via Water
Cleared?Steamer Agnes, Bnrdlck, New York; brig Sagun,
Monday, Snirtia.
Chrstkr, Dee 18? Arrived, sehre Pedro A Gran, Lake,
New Bedford: E Slmilcksou. Peuuewell. Boston.
Lawn. Del, Dec 17?Arrived, bark Iride (Ital), Magtlo,
Cork for orders.
Barks Wni Croscnp has been ordered to Wilmington, NO;
nnd Carrier Dove to Baltimore.
Went to sea?Barks Mary Stewart, Harriet Hickman.
Ervlva, schrs K A il W Hinds, Taylor A Msthis, Wm II
Boardninn. and Fanny Flint.
Paired In?Burk Helen Sands. Bosford. from Rotterdam.
18th?Arrived for orders, barks Idea G (Ital), Uallo, Lon
don : 1'hos Cochran (Hr), Taylor. Dublin.
Bark Pcllicano (ItaH, Mansa, from Liverpool for orderly
Is coming in ih? Capes. ,
Dki.awauk Cirr, Dec 17?Arrived, schr John ACnrtle
from Richmond i?ee Mine llanv).
PORTLAND, Me. Dee IS -Cleared, schrs John Bird, for
Cniuaricn : Edward Wulte, Matau.-.a*.
PORTSMOUTH. Dec Hi?Arrived in lower harbor, Elva 8
l'ettiugill. York, Portland for Philadelphia.
PROVINCE I'OWN. Dec IS?In nort, bark Modesto, Dias,
from Flore - for Now H id lord.
PftOflDBKCK. Doc IS?Arrived, schrs John A Becker
man. Hathaway. Turk* Inland: George Averv, Roger-, Bn'*
tltnore; A K Woodward. Woodward. Port Johnson ; Elisa J
Ha.vnor, Mitchell; Kli/.a Ann. Noycs: Adeline Townsend,
Rlsley; Charlie A Willie, Cousins; P M Wheaton. Barrett,
and Surah llrucn. Bullock. Ilobok'ii; Gmlde?. Kelly, and
t'has Carroll, Kelly, do for Pawtucket; Jesse B Allou, Ran
dull. WcellKWken : Veranda. Pood, New York.
Sailed-Sinamtrs Cathurine WhUlng. Ilaruiuir, Philadel
phia; Vindicator, Rogers, do; schr J.ucy Wentworth, l>ow.
New York
17th?Sailed, steamer McClollan, March, Baltimore via
Norfolk: sehre Vapor, Hauler.; Twilight, Cathcart. and
Gale. Itilev. New York.
PAWTUCKET, Dec 16?Balled, sclir Horizon. Leet, New
RICHMOND, Dec 18? Arrived, teles George P Hal lock,
Sliarrett; E A L Cordery, Higher, ana E K W Ihion, Crepoar,
New York.
Sailed -Schr <1 G Crnnmer. Cranmer. New Yorg.
SAN FRANCISCO. Dec ID?Arrived, bark J II Bell, Fo*,
Seattle: Adelaide Cooper. II awes, Port Ludlow.
Sailed?Berk W A Holromb, Dnntae, Nuo-tlmo.
loth?Arrived, ship Hacuah (Hr), Pridaux, San Free
Cleared?Ship Charmer. I.iica-. Liverpool.
Sailed?ship An-irianu (Kr), tilllles. I'allao.
It!:It ? Arrived, h.irk setti Prime (Ital), Antonin, Mor
Cleared?Ships Santonl (Br>, Topham, Qoeenstuon; Fa
vorita. <-errisir. .
sailed?ship- Eric the Red, Smell, Queenstown; Duchess
ol Argvle (Br). Mathias. do.
SAVANNAH, Dec IS?Arrived, -tearnets Haragossa,
Hooper, Baltimore. Rapidm. Krmpton, New Y'ork; scbl
Nellie Langdon, Collin.-. Charleston.
Clouted?Bark Lady Daflerln iBr), Sleeves, Liverpool.
TARPAULIN CuVE, Dec 18?In pori. brig II T Wing.
Small, from Mlllbridge for New S'ork in tull IStli.
Wll.MlNGTiiN, Sc. Dec IH?arrived, hark- Hjemmct
(Nor), Injemundson. Cardiff; Amclle (swe), Christeusen,
Kridgewater. B: brie- 11 ansa (Ger). Brauer, Glasgow;
Bri-k iBri. Trel'ry, Amsterdam; schr Wave Crest, Wtncbeii
bach. Ponce. PR.
ROAfH. WOOD AND M I'.tAl.l.ir, ui.ady'To
still). Ills'. South nt., near Giuivorueur slip.
Am at k i? r workers
can flad everything they desire unit five book* of
beautilnl Design*.
Send He. stump for our new find enlarged catalngne nnd
prlco list tfoiirth edition Just isauoil) to liEO. VV READ A
HO.. 1ml to'dOd Lewi* at., loot 5th to tith at , E. It.. New
J /without publicity . advice free KREDKKICK I. KINO,
Lamer. No. H St. Murk'* place.
ler nt the scalp; tho scalp gets itciiv. taniler and covered we
with line white scales; they loiiil airaln a I last an remorod. *|
rimnlUH, lleahwiirm* and blackheads on tne loreheiid,
cheek* nnd nose: they exude a whitish aubstauco wh?u ^
aqueeied; uflect both *.?***.
Prurigo (hiteiiae Itching begin* na soon aa tho clothing i*
removed: no eruption but that caused by sorateblng.
The above end *11 skin diseases curod by .
Df. YAM UXKJk, ? Weet ??th ft.

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