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tommltlce. wbieh hid never been consulted in the
Blatter Kefnrrcd to tbe Judiciary Com mil ice
Mr. W^kkkx, (dem.l ot UdM., moved to suapeud
tbe rule* and adopt a resolution instructing the Ju
diciary Committee to inquire whether Judge hood, of
the L'nlted Slates Circuit Court, in his receui action in
lbu discharge of perron* tu custody under the order of
tbe Supreme Court of south Carolina, transcended bis
Jurisdiction or oxercisod It improperly.
Mr. Kashom remarked tbut tuch an inquiry would be
In tho nature oi an appeal trom tbo Circuit Court to
the House of Kenremnt alive*
Tbe motion wa* defeated?yeas 138, naye Tft (not
two-thirds tu the alliriuativei.
Mr. Hale, (repj or Me., uUcrcd a resolution for tbe
prr.iocilon ol citizens in tbo oxerc.se of their right of
pull rage.
Tbe resolution giving rise to debate ft wont over,
under tbe rule
Mr. Baxxixo, (Qcm ) of Ohio, moved to suspend tbe
rales and adopt a resolution calling for Genera. Sheri
dan's report on the removal of Governor Wells, of
Louisiana, in 1SU7. Lost?yeas 13\ nay* 18 (not two
thirds io tbe aUlrmatlve.
Mr. Hi'.vtbk. (rop.| of Ind.. moved to suspend tbe
ruies and adopt the resolution Instructing the Ju
diciary Committee to report on tbe amendment to ma
constitution proUibltluc the payment of war claims to
disloyal persons. Carried?yeat 1??0. nays 63.
The i.ays are ?s followsi?Nr-*r?. fklusworth. A?h?. At
kins. Mooiie. Bradford. ttluuot, 11 right. Itrown of Kentucky,
Caldwell of Tennesao, Caldwell of Alabama, Cart, Cowan,
CooSe, Cabell. Cu'brrtson. Davis, Dibrell. Douglass.a Dur
ham, Fauikner, Keltou. KtuUy. Forney. Franklin. Uense,
Good a, fiuuler, lUrri, of Ueeficia, Harris of Virginia. Hart,
rldga, iiatelior. Hereford. Hewitt ot Alabama. Dili. Hookef.
llunion, Kn'if. Lewis, Lvocb, MUlikeu, Mills, Money,
U'Hrieu, Keiiym. Kiddle. Robbie, of North Carellua, Scales
hrhlaielier. SibbIoIiM, Siemens. Itmltb of Georgia, l orry,
Ttiidckiuurtou, fticker, t am-e of North Caroline, W ?lker of
Virginia, Walsb. Warren. Williams of Alabama. V\ ilshlre,
Wilsou of West Virginia, Wbitihorne and Yale#?Oh
Tbo House then, at tbree o'clock, adjourned.
The Stuck Market Strong?Lake Shore and
Michigan Central at the Front.
GOLD 107 3-4 A 108 A 107 3-4
Money on Call Loaus 0 and 7 Per Cent?Gov
ernment Ponds Active and Firm?
Railway Bonds Steady,
Wall Sthkut, t
Monday, Dec. 1H?0 P. M |
The bull movement established at tbo end ut the
week in certain stock lost cone of its vigor la to-day's
proceedings, and, in fact, begau to purvado tbo rest o(
tbe list pretty generally. AUliougb brokers bud Sun
day as an oO-daj "10 think over it" tburo was no
cbango ol opinion that tbo railway settlement oUcred
a fair and legitimate basis for u further use.
It seoins to be accepted now us u lact that the trunk
roads have In a general souso knocked under to the
views of Mr. Vundcrbilt so lar us un equal tariff on
eastern bound Iralght goes, wbilo thoy buvo obtained
concessions on such as may bo transported (or con
sumption at or near tbc port of delivery.
liul suppose this latter class of freight, carried at
13 u lb per cent cheaper rates to Uaititnoro and Phila
delphia than it is to Now Vork, should by sumo hocus
pocus llnd Itself on shipboard alter all (and ltdoes not
appear that any means buvo bcon devised to prevent
It), wbul avails llio equal rales and tbo equally favor
able position claimed lor this city ?
Produce und grain reaching Philadelphia and Ualtl.
more under tbo lower achudiilo ol charges, aud pur
porting to bo for homo consumption, may, novortlio
toss, bud their way aboard ship, Ihougb not neces
sarily through trick or misrepresentation. Once
shipped, however, tney are borne away costing Just so
much less (cuarges lor handling being equal) than a
corresponding shipment Irom this city would cost, as
tbo tariff by rail is less to Philadelphia and Uulllmoro
tliwu it is to New Vork. This contingency may exist in
a very swiatl way, or it may develop Into u very grout
evil; ut any rate it l* u woaknoss In tbc agrocmcnt
which seems to bo fatal to Its poruiancucy. In this
view of the cuso It remains to bs seen whether tbo
whole matter is not a oasc of groat cry and illllo woo;
after all.
tio fur, however, the inQnenco has bocn boncflclal to
an advance tn prices, und it continued to exert that In
fluence in u still uiore marked degree to-day.
l.uku ttlioie rose to 60% nod Michigan Central lo 48,
with the uutlro list sympathizing m u groator or loss
degree, even too grange slocks, which havo been ex
ceptionally weak lor some duys buck, Improving In
Sympathy, and midur the report irom Washington that
tile dupremo Court had uo decision lo render as yet.
Lute lu the da/ prices yiuldod somewhat undor llio
lead ol Luke Shore, it being rumored lliut the road
Showed u decrease of $00.(101) iu earnings tor tbo ilrst
week tu December, sad under symptoms of selling on
the part of the Twenty-third street bears.
Western Union joined the elect as a fresh convort
this morning, advauciug irom 72\ lo 73)$. flood buy
ers gavo imperunco to the points about higher figures,
and batter quotations are promised and expected.
Three hundred *ud forty-seven thousand pounds
inoru bullion from tho Hank of England to-day, proba
bly for this country, and soven per cent charges for
carrying what it already here, weakened gold irom loS
lo 1U7X. sat which prico it opened und dosed.
Ttm HA I.KM 10-DAT
wero as follows:?New York Central and Hudson,
1,600; Erie, 3,980; Lake s>horo, 63,11)0; Northwestern,
3.800; Northwestern pre I erred, 2,uu?; Kock island,
3,060; Chios, 1,300; Western Union, 10,476; Wabash,
2,330; Union Pacific, 400; Puclllo Mall, 4,IMJ0; St Paul,
1,UU0; St. Haul preferred. 10,360; .Michigan Cquiral,
28,000; Illinois Ceutrul, 1,000; 0. C. C. and L. 1,600;
Mariposa, 1,100; Kansas aud Texas, 1,100.
orKNiao, muiiaar a.m? uowkot imikks
The lollowluit tablo shews tho opening. highest and
lowest prices of the day
Optning. UujUett. LowenL
New York Central 104% 106 104',
Kriu 10', 10% 10',
Lake Shore. lib tilltiu
Wabash 6% 6', 4',
Northwestern 36% w.% 3 a1,
Nui llnvrstorii preferred...... 60', - nut, 60 ,
lteck island 100% lol 100%
Milwaukee and St. I'iiuL 2u% 2114 -0.',
Milwaukee and St. Paul pref.. 6.1% 64', 63',
Delaware, I .ark. and Western. 701,' 70% tlu %
New Jersey Central 33% 34% 33 ',
Union Pacific. oo UIJ 10
C., C. and I. C 3 3 3
Ohio and Mississippi 6% 6', 6%'
Western L'uiou 72% 73', 72%
l'aclhc Mail 24', 24% 34 %
oi.oHi.xu run,Ks?3 r. m.
OJ/nril. AtUil. Off tit I.
Pacific *1 All ... _24% 24% Mil .1 M P pi.. 6u%
m ??M'v .. -a/j ?* " . 4 let t I it ? ? I ? \r i , . iUI-s ild
West Unlet.. 73 .3% C, C. C k I .. :? U 41'U
All a Pue tut. 14% t:. i ( .,1V. n'% u
(.(.clime 13 14 I'll. 1.4 II. . 7li 7ti%
CnuksiiTcr 1)1. lit 21 Lite Hi', in .
Mail. A >liu H.% K% lis. a S J 12% 13%
MmLAMpl.. K.% 8% II a MJopU li .7
AdsiuiKs 01) III) LMII So. . m, ltd %
A inei K* 66 6 >% Mit-li Central 47% 47;,
I f- i'Xpiess .. 62% 64 N V A 11 uiIvin 1 0% 137',
Via Is-1 a seta N4 s*% MO A II II. ...1114% li>4
Clue a A tun Kit tun 6 J I S.I .14%
t in A N W :>?% .,ii% ijiiie .1 Mis. 1
t III A A W pi. iai , .'ill'. I'snsiiis 120 I3H
('III A II I a|ll li |% 'lei .V W shasll 4% 4-,
Mil a lit Paul. 21 21% I uion Pavimc.. 60% ?*'.%
aora.xck axd ukcu.xa.
The following are the changes lu closing prices com*
pared with those of Saturday
Auvasuk.?C, U suit 1. U, % ; C.,C.,C. aud L, 2;
Delaware nud lludsun Canal, %; Kric, %; lllinuls
Central, I, Lake Shore, %; Michigan Ceutral, 1%;
Jersey Central, %; Nurtltwest, 1%, da prelcrrrd,
% , PaciUc Mail, , Kuek Island, % , St. Paul, 1, do.
psclerrrit, % , W'eslcru Union, %.
Uscuiaa.?Now York Central, %; Iielawsru and
Luckawauus, %, Morris and Ci.-ox, %; Utiio auu Mis
sissippi, % ; Wabash, X ; Union I'ai tttc, ,, Adams
kltpiess, %; American hapress, ; Weils-largo,
The test ul the list was unchanged.
run ao.xst Banner.
Money was more active to-duy and loaned up to 7
per ceut, at which the closing transactions were tnade.
The rates of exchange on New Yoik at the under
mentioned cities to-day were:?-Savannah, ,% ollorcii;
Cincinnati, dull aud huuvy, 1-10 a ,% percent discount;
Jl. Louis, $1 60 to $1 "6 discount; Now Orleans, conn
ncrciai, % per cent; hank, % per cent; Churleslun,
rasy, % * % per cunt, ,% u par uud Chicago, 76c. dis
'touul. Puroigri exchange closed firm at about 4.82 for
ime bankers'sixty days' alerting bills and at 4.84
for deninud. Keicliinarks, U3% u 34% and 33% a 93.%.
Cables, 94% a 36, Prime Puna, 6 20 and 6 17%.
tii* uulu UAjtaer.
Cold advanced (ruin 107% to 103, and later reacted
!? the former ttgui e. The decline at the close was due
to tbe heaviness of caih xol?l, which loaned up to 4 per
ocul currcury to 7 per cent gold for cariytoy.
Gold balances $074,111
Currency balances 1.0o3,;i75
Grcgs OlwnMM la.3JU.U00
Currency exchanges $53,212,820
Currency balances l.isu.odd
Gold exchanges 11,300
Gold balanci s 1.125,350
Hi-venue receipts $500,000
Customs receipts 300,000
llaok notes received 1,000,000
Government bouda closed steady at the following
quotationsUnited States currency sixes, 121
'a 121)?; da da, lSsl, registered, 113)4 a 113)4;
da da, do., cuupou, 117>4 s 117)4; do. do.,
1805. registered, 109>4 a 110; da do., da,
coupon, 10014 * HO; da do., do., new, regis
tered, 10.-J4 a 110; do. da, do., da, coupon,
113 a 113)4; da da, 184)7, registered, 112.14 a 112V;
da do., da, coupon, 115)4 a 118; do. da, 1688,
registered. 113V a 113)4; do. do., da, coupon, 117)4
a 117)4; da tcu-fortlce, registered, 112)4 a 113 S ; da
da, coupon, 112)4 a 113)4; da lives, 1881, reg.slercd,
111)4 a 11114; do. do., da. conpon, 111)4 a 111)4;
do. ?Va, 1801, registered, 108>, a 100.
The London advices report consols and United States
bonds firm. In the latter old 18ft5's wore >4 per cent
higher and new lives )4 per corn higher. Erie advanced
to 0)4 lor the cummou and 18*4 for the preferred.
Three hundred and forty-tour thousand pounds sterl
ing buillou was withdrawn from iho Bank of England
to-day 011 nalaneo. The rate 01 discount tor three
months' bills in the open market has advanced to 1)4
a 1)4 per cent. Bar silver declined to 57 a 57)4 pence
per ounce The following are the latest quolatiou*:?
Consols lor money. 03T4 a 04; da lor account, 93*4 a
04; five-twenty bonds, 1SG3, old, 104)4; live-twenty
bonds. 1SQ7. 107)4; ten-forty bonds. 107)4; new fives,
lud'-g; Erie, common sharoa, 8)4 ; do. preierrcd. 18)4;
rente* on Paris are 104.05; new ives in Frankfort,
Killroad bonds were Urm and higher. Colon Pacific
first advanced '.o lort, suiting tunda 10 02, Michigan
Central sevens to 102ft, Harlem. coupon flints to 118ft
and Milwaukee and St. Paul cou.iottiUied sinking
funds to 88ft. Chicago and Northwestern consolidated
gold coupons advanced to 92 bid, with none offering
below 1)3. Michigan Southern sinking funds fell oO' to
108 ft. This afternoon Harlem registered Arsis ad
vanced to 119 and Lehigh and Wilkesbarro consolidated
to Gift. Union Pucilio Urns brought 100, MlUvaukoe
and St. I'uiil consolidated sinking funds 88ft, C
and M. division 101, and Mlciiigan Central sevens
102,1 j. Chicago and N'orthwcstern consolidated gold
bonds continued lu demand at 92, with none od'orlng
below 93. The following wore the cloalng qnotations
of Pacific Railroad bonds:? Union firsts, 105*1 a 100ft;
da land grants, 100^' s 100 ? ^; do. sinking funds, 91ft
a 92; Centrals, 100ft a 109ft.
The following were the luteal bids:?
Albany and Husq 1st....II I Huff A Kris new 100
B"?, ll A K ct 14 itulf A Kr e State L 7'j.loS
Hiir.ll It .V SI IslT'sg.. 38ft Kulninnxoo A VVP let. SO
flu-* A Ohio It's 1 at. ... 2Hft Dei. MAT lit 7?. 1900.106 ft
Chicago A Alt sink I'd.. .Ho 1.else Share dividend.. 104ft
Chicago A Alton let ...118ft Luke Shore con eon let. 106 ft
Chicago A Alton Iiic . ..102 Lake Shore con r ir let.. 104 j
St L .lack A Chic 1st. 104 Mich Cent can 7'?, 1902.102
Clil, Bur A (j 8 p c 1st ll'vft Mich t! 1st 8's, 'S2, * f.. 113ft
Chi. It I A Pec let 7ft 111 V V Cen d's. 1883 H>3ft
CentralofN J let new HlSft N V Ccn 0's, real eatate. 10 ?
Central of N J lat con.. 71) S Y On 8'e. nib 100
Am Dock and Imp Ude . OS N V Ccn letc, 110ft
.Mil A K P 2d. 73-11). I'D HSft N Y Cen let m. r US
Mil A S P 7'e, f Rtd.RO. 102 llud It7'e. 2d m, ?f. 'So. ltd
M II .V S P let. La C div. I "3ft Harlem 1 it, 7'e, reg. 119
MIA St P let, I A M D '.<4 North Mo let 08ft
Mil A St P let, I A H.. K7ft Dlil.i A Mits con ( f. 7H
Mil k St P let. 11 A D S7ft Ohio A Mies 2d. cou 43ft
Mil A S P let, C AM... 101 Cen Pacific gold bonds..Pd)
Mil A S Peon if .. SHft Ccn I'ucltlc, San J hr. . H'2ft
Mil A St P 2d. CAM. 91 ft Cell l'?e 1st, C A O hr . 93
Chi A N IV emk fund... I'll Cen Pacific land gt hds. 94ft
Chi A N W iutercet ha.. lot Western Pa< itlc ds ... 102ft
Chi A N W con hda 103 I'nlon Pacific lat lot)
CliioaN W ex tida 100 Luluii Pacific I g, 7's.. .. luo
Clit A N\V cp gold lide... )>2 I'uion Pacldcaiuk fnud. 91ft
Clil A S W icg gold tide 9 ' At A I'uclHc I g in 10
Uttlcna A Chiex ltsift So Puc hda of Mo 70
Pcuiiisuln lat, cunr lot) Pacific itit ol Mo 1st.... S 3ft
Chicago A Mil let 107 Pllte. Ft \V A Uhl let. 120
C.C.C A 1 let, 7'a, a f. ;(>7ft Pltle, Ft W A Chi 2d... 114
Del. Lack A West 2d.. 108 Pitta, Ft W A Chl 3d. .IdJft
Morris A Keeex let 117 Clcvc A Pitts cun s Id... l"9ft
MorrfeA Keeex 2d KWft Cleie A Pitte 4th. . .HttjJ
Morria A Keecx, conat'n. 92ft C.CAllat 37
Miir A l ee lei con g'd. . 03ft St Louia A I M 1st....... lolft
F.rlo let in. ex 108ft Alton A T II let ....111"
Krle 2d, 7's, IS7U.......101 Tel. I'eo A War, WD.... St)
Krio 3d, 7'e, 1883.102 T?l, Peo A Warauw 2d... .<?
Krle 4lh, 7ft, 18*10 ... 99 ft Tol A Wab let, ext.. .. 101
Hun A St.lo 8's con.... sift Tol A With 1st, St L div. 73
Duh A Sioux City let. ..11*1 Tol .It W equip hds 2oft
Dnli A S City 2d div 100 Tol A Wab, cons, cniiv.. Soft
Mich south <u c, 2d. ...102 Great West let. 1888... 100
M ich So A N IS f 7 p o. 108ft Great West 2d, 1SH.I . (19ft
Clove A Tol of lot) Oulncy A Tol let, 1890.. 03
Clcvc A ltd new b ..llVT West i.'iiiun bds.lOOO.c. 1(1*2
Cleve, P'villu A A. old. I'M West Union hde. lWOO.r. 102
Clove, P'ville A A new 107
llauk shares were dulL Gallatin National sold at
115 and Fourth National at 99ft. The latest bids are
annexedAmerica, 130; City, 250; Commerce, 108;
Contlnoitial, 70; Corn Kxcbunge, 127; First National
200; Fourth National, 09: Fulton, 150; Fifth Avenue,
212; Gerniou American, 65; Importers' and Traders'
187; l.oathor Manufacturers', 167; Markot. Ill; Mer
chants', 117ft; Sew York, 110; Ninth National, 80;
Park, 111; Phoaix, 85; Republic, TO; State of New
York (now), 110ft.
I In Stale bonds Missouri sixes sold at I07,t? u lOTjg,
i and Tennasaoo, ucw series, at 41>?. A W'aabtngton
| despatch states ibut the District of Columbia 3.85
, bonds liavo been declared by the Solicitor ol the Treas
i ury exempt from taxation.
Tbo closing pneos of Philadelphia stocks srs ss
City sixes, now.
lulled Hull roads ot New Jersey...
i'lliludel|itnu and Erie Railroad
Schuylkill Navigation, proierred...
Northern Central Railroad
I.ehlgh Noviga lou
Oil creek and Allegheny Railroad..
Hudon ville Railway
13d 1,
19 N,
s ,
*0 ?*
The following arc the closing official prices of mining
stocks to-day in Ran Francisco:?
Justice 23*i
Ko-euth ll,
Leopard., 0>*
Mexican 10 A
Northern Ilelle 32
Overman lbi'K
Opbtr 31
Raymond A Ely 3
Silver Hill ?
Savage. 11
.-eg belcher StiS"
Sierra Nevada US'
luiou Coti-olidaicd.. 1 tt*4
Yellow Jacket. IdjJ
The following table of prices ol the prominent gold
and ailvcr mining abares, including tbo opening prices
of to-day, us received by teiugrapU from San Francisco
is furnished by William Ward, Drexei Building. Ati
pricea ore in gold:?
. 13.4
licst .v Belcher
Con. Virgiuia
Crown 1'oint
? b'k
12 Vt
tlenKl /i Curry
11.ue A Norcruss...
Julia Consolidnlod.
Tiber- .
Id.'A ISrA Changes.
33 Declined
BeetA Belcher........
. 44
47 Declined
. 81
Consolidated Virginia.
. 44
Crown 1'oiut
. S
Kurnku Consohdatod..
. 11
Could .V Curry
. 12
13 Advanced
tiaio A Norcroes
. 7
8 Advanced
J lint ICO
. 26
24 DecltntM
20 Declined
.14 Declined
Raymond A Ely
. 11
Sierra Nevada
. 12
M Declined
Sliver 11 ilt
I'hum Consolidated...
. 11
Yellow Jacket
. 17
Tb* following is tbt official record of solos to-day
all prices aro in currency):?
?J i1 ?li? Aiplis.. 37*4 3?*) sb* Grant, 8*4
3t?.? Krlelier It., 5'J do t"
:t>ai Bertha if old Co. . . It lb 11 itc r-'L
3 ioo
Utk) Oreuville 3
40 4On Male A Noreroee... &.'(
ecu no 4 V tit* 1 Julia Con *b,
.tn do Sit) 4S't lull do tl'a
tut) du lit) 4ni4 30U
gik) Bullion :i3 l.'>o Justice elO 27 (2
1' Caledonia 1 'M WO do ?it> 27)1
lt>u uv 1:1% 3 U Kcntuck b30 In*,
ll).iCalifornia... htl |ik> Kouuth I?.
lt?J Cliolur I'ctoit . . 1>. 4t?. I.eopard >10 U>,
.(10 SO'i |uu I.tiurrne
I.A) do "10 Hi'!, 10U Mar A Miuere' &
'k) Clereiaad bbO '."a :t " Merrimae..
Itjti ..1. .. t?!e JUtl do 4J,
4 ? 1 Cou fiupcrfal - . Js.u jo
2 0 do 2?i lb Northern Hellenic
II a 1 l.on \ trgluia .elO 4t? US) du. ?pi )i',
likl ito ?10 4'Jt, .V> Overman.. .alt) 122
I.T11 Confidence ft1* ItayuiondAKljr.alO ?>'.
gikl 1 ruwn Puiul .... 0 !?"! do alt) 3*
III 1 .Tier ..alt) I .*i tut) Bnvae* 12
-Ot) viuuld A Carry .... It;* 150 Boar d Helcher.elO Jo
SH'Oraut Hli lUildicrra.NuvaJa.il) I-X
H*) do x',
Tba attention of the iiockliolJori o! ibe old Toledo,
Wabash Bad Western railway is requested to a notice
from Ibo Purchasing Committee which wtil be found
elsewhere. The privilege of subftcilblng to the stock
01 the ucw W abash llui.way Cuinpauy expires on Sat
urday night. Subscriptions are coining iu rapidly,
over 9,000 shares being taken during this ioreuoon
Monday, Dec. IS, ISTflL
8 tha Clalialln N fik. 115 3 O lbs Mich Cea KB..
II*' aha II?r L.Jc M.. ,?d *X It) i u? bJ
IIJO du .but) 8.1* 5 k) do
I' ') ill ?J s , HI) flu ... .
UUO Weal L'n Tel 72?, 1301 do 47 -*
li?i NYC t lilt uR.. I'-4J* t**J do 471,
5tk) Oo 105 USD oo 47 ?
llk'l'ac >lui;?S 24'* I2"l) du 47',
100 do bU 34.X li'iU- *1 a Hit i*)
Ut'l do 34'* 10"0 da OJ ?
114) Chi A Ki KR 1" * 2MJU do D S
10 du 100). 150) no O'X
j 51 I) do 1< I !>" ? do S3 till '*
. I'D do IU"X -Ilk) do miX
i 3*1 do 100 X 1 41 do ,e id,
! llOOErl. .Ik I 18.1 ? do sJ ?>'*
I 01*) do 1"X -II )0 do U i?*
301) do *3 liiX IU 0 do s3 ?)?,'
! JUO do sit) H>X do OOX
t?X> do ... I0-* 40v) Del. L d W lilt.... 7f*
I 1U) do 11", 7 4) .1.. 7" ,
j 11*) Uo ... bJ 1 ?* 2'XI du 7li',
4'*>Chl 4 N W Kllpf. .'alt, 2'*' do 70,
! ad .V.% I'nTol A Wao BH ??
I : id) Mich Coo Bit 4iijJ UK) Mb 4 SI P BK *3 2"?,
1U>' do 47 2'*) At AM I'liUp, f>S ,
51)0 do 4oX '-"Oi do .VI',
MuO do -Hit, l'N) d ? 5 )'*
l)"<.' do 4o?. It*) oo ft.',
7i 0 do 4"X III*) do Ml'*
1 I'lO do 47 2t)u do oil',
!)UU do 473. 1400 do. Ml,
10:15 AS"1> 11:30 A. M.
I 1201)0 US8X, r. 81. I!::?{ $2O0JO L" SM20, c, M7 11 X
I 2U0" I - d ? c -i 117'* U***| ? c M
I 10v*X)5*20. r,'tCi, n.bc 110 I5t>") do ne lll?,
:> 0 I'd 5-21). r v7. .12)4 25 l" do 111,1,
1'IH.SJ BOAUD?10:.*IO A. M.
fl2'*X Mo b.... H.73K v> ?b? L s a Ms rh.. <!?.?,
7l4x) lenil f's.n sarlei 41 , 30 do b3 BO,
8IXWC.0 0 A I lai.be H'7}, .1X1 vj tun*
20.W M I C In. C.....3 ?2), 100) do cOV
1001' XJ Coueom. a3 70 On do 8 >.
1.3IXX' 1- A W U sou.. . CI 1000 tlj b.f BO),
2ix*i r A i) in. i- )u. b'Bk' mo do u>i,
2'XI M .? m I ?oil %I 8H\ a >0 do tP).,
SDaX) Mltfh South * f U'8>, 0 >0 Co ... ..ah CHe_
I'.JO MIchCauT's. . Ioj 1-0 uo o-,..
1 OCXKt do UO 10-t; 0 0 do ..U3 ?.!?,
2'XK>0<t Venn. 78), bi ou .UJ Mil.
4000 Ij Pm a f 0- mx) do Cm,
2lX' i t.T. r?( .... lau. l'e.?; Id XJ do s3 IX)
VAX) do IOH "JO oo Ct/i
tOa OP lat. KU br. f2t, 300 ('hi A It 1 liU U. II (>-,
lixxvi'aao Mi. I at. S3), 1 do..... Iix>',
7<<X) 8 I'm- bd. ol Mo ' 0 400 do lo >t2
IHW" liar 1st. .'?.e.b3 ll*V 10' do 101
I'UOC, C A 1 C 1st 37 IOO ft.. 100';
loxxi r.rA w.ut.KD oo aoot'bt * vvv rii be s'.<
UIXXIT, PA ?,\f l)U3 so ?'?' o UJ 35W
100 I Till * ???'. lat |o|?$ . 'OC A MV KKpt.bc Mlj2
100 do.... 03 501
3am tol A W ?-'d..
lnsbs l-ourth Nat Hit. COJ, 1'?? do
"*?>*? H ?c.c.oiTk-i-::: &
|OOI>A II Oan bo BHV 150 do. 4(
g-7-^.3 }ft g t= ^
2,im i.u.. . .. ? 7 .Ji<( b3 J1(
17'0 do
j, 73 a 4W do 40
v,V. do::::.::.:" io)D.LAwuB...bo p*
do .:;. 1)3 7:? OOO do "o'a
d";; 7 1% I'O do 70,
do "d "" do 70V
tin Pac Mail Hs.bc.bB -4), tbxi do 70),
too Erie HR bo lot, I'XW do . <0*.
i.,t do lull 3 at do #()(,
ilw d"iv uwMAstPRR.bc.b3 btoj
|C Adams Kx be It'l*. lo.' oo ... ..sJ 20
6S) loo', I" ' d" dl.a
"iiIT ft Kvoreaa 8'i1IUO do. . ........
300 Mich Call 11 111...bo d7'i 3<x) Mil A all' UK pf.be
16CW d" *7V a'*' do 53*,
7a' do 47), 10J0 do 53),
ItAX) do d'-la 10' do b3 63J?
?j o do 47*. 10) do 34
do...... 4ia - OJ do.. 34 V
do 47J, Bd) do 31
do 4S 4ai do ; 4V
do 47?; ft*' do a3 64
o? b3 48 l? MJ do 64 V
do 48 46 ) Tol i IVab KK..bo 6
30 do 4M
41 ?> do 53>
o. .
lai N V ' .? illtUU.be 106 10 i Mo, K & Tex.be.b3
200 do ll>4Ji IDOUblo k M ltd...bo 6'2
I'O do H'4-U 4(X) do 6i!
IK) do 104'J 3.X) do .. ?3 5.
100 111 Coo UK. ...lie asv 100 do 51,
loo do ft3 6HJ? li? do 1.3
100 do.... ...3 i!8?i 100 C. CXICBK be 3
IBoO LSI m KRbea'J Bo,',
BEFOUK CALL?12:3fl P. M.
$70 too 17 8 5-20,0.'117 111) 81)1 aba LSA MS Kit. . hoi;
IIX) aba Dot A IJud.a30 US)^ 10) do c Oo'
200 do COV 600 .... ... *"'a8 Bit'
8 O Weal I7n Tol 72 , 3' do.... ion"
I'm Mar L. A Mlu. . .. 8V OK) do ,3 ?(. "
27 Mar 1, A Mill [if. H nil . do .. t;Uj*
| HX) Adauia Expresa. . 100 30 I M A St Pacl Rlt 21t
20 . r.ti? KIC b3 III); 2n All >. r KR pf-.' 54
lail'ae Mail sS....a3U 24', :iOJ do.... 6''
aoo do 24), HI) ? Tol A MabitK. "
;?x) do 24?, r.60 do
lOO .lo . ..as *'41* dial D?i. I tiiiiiit 7,.,
2UOChi? K IT SCB.. 1(10)2 6IX) do f!J>
10 ? III On Kit b3 BO 1U) do ,3 ?!()?'
1U) Mich i.'en 1111 47?i OX) do 70O
4")) Uo 47?, 8(X) #lo 70V
21X) do 47 , 14iX> ...i *
7IX) do 47j; 13oO do......... (3 mi':
I'M) "" 0 " m.,7
; u 0 uo bo
~ 00 ..... ..a') tit)
do.... a3 70
?0t> .bl 36'a l?x) do 60';
l.mniil A XWllltDf... 6i'?? 11X10 Kunxaa A Texas.. H
lOoCblAN WKR.... 30 WW a.. a3
100 do ...?? ?'
iooCblA NWltltpr... 6i'V UXX) Kansas A Texas.. 8
2100 LS A US Kit BO); luu Obio X Miss KK.. 5>;
a P. M.
rwxw U S 6-20.e.'B6 n 113 ffOO O LS5'?.I0-4Oe.. 113
5 0.1 >.?'? " ? 7.. 115?; IOUOO t* 6 U'a, cur 121Jtf
5000 U 8 10-40. r. 113 1
$10000 Mo B ? l b |I)7?; 10 ? lbs .tlleli U lilt... 47V
:.o?i d? bo 107?; 2a) co 47'.
8.00 LAW II eou... (H), 400 oo 48
3' (X) MASK 1st, CAM 101 51. do 481*
3.XX) MA.-I eon si. >8V VX)LSA MS RIt.be.a3 OoV
411S1 Mali Ceil 7's..... 102); 3d i do U>J*
12IXX) liar lat.r ll? (XX) do M,jl
Iissm 1' 1st, > J br.. I'2)$ 1'x) do s3 Bl)',
2000 C, 0 A I C lat 37 2a> do tX>),
j(>?/< II I'ae Ialbc.b3 11X1 7 0 do ..id
llXIsba D A 11 Cbc.stX) t.7); 24 do ttoa
|(?i do s3 09,V 200 do BO'"
100 do alO 68 2l)-0 oo (to',
2 "Marl. A Mln. ... 8)4 Oil do IX)',
iai.MarL.AMlupr.be sOO .llt'cn 1{I{ be IfSC
4 " P?e null .->.1.. be lo' .lo 8,):
30 0 d.. b3 24 *. 1 xi do Cm!
25 Adami lixprcss . ltxj,', la) VJ i ig rt?;.bc.a3 J3',
50 WelU-raryo Ex... 8*.l I'X) do .. , .a3 33',
o" do HSt; 201 Chi A N W KK..bo t'lj*
25 Amor Kx no 55); 3D0 do 3<)
*.'(/) W L'n Tel be 7.", 2oj do Ml';
4>?) do I>3 72H SOU do 3U>;
l'CX) 'in . 71 ?X) do 3li-,
CIS) do b'i '.3 7'XJ do . uL
1(? i do bl'l "?;)< 2.K)0 A .? W RK pf.oo Vi';
2200 .3 3!XI do Ltt',
.V?i do bi 73'; ICIi Mil ? -IP RB..b? 21'.
.IS25 do 7.4*5 ?'i"' d" 21
3 O ilo b3 73'; 2'X) do 21','
110) Uo 73'4 2 II MASl' UK pl bc.83 M'i
2MiX) do b3 73), 7lX) uo 63',
j 2(A) .V rCAH KRR.be tin d'X) do 53',
I uiE l It pf .be Id I'X)Tol A T Hit be ? .
LOtrtaRIt be 10'; "s...-. i*
tiu ......
?j!b?.V Ich 1 ?u
.. J?c
' /%
4H Si
41 HJ
;> u
4 8?,
3 ?
3 t.W
SO) uel.i.A KK0..S1
103 do
I'X) do
31K1 UO
.is) do
7 ,
2a) ilbl" u ...
. bc.s 1
1 11 Jo......
100 do
) *
?' n
4 11 Mor A E? It
(. ...
2 0 ?)" ?
iM) 4
iXV-Sil A ilRR.be 15l
8:30 TO 3 p. M.
flOOOO A M cotiaf.. N) 6>x. shs Li A M S RK a".
21X1 >Us -? c ??!.... 73', 10
.a) do.
(AX) do . .,3
tw uL.::::"" : 73 2 100 < h t > ku
lull d.. b3 73', VXjCANW Rltpf.bS 5B',
lai.MorI.AM S', 3< do .. ........ 6d ,
l") ... 1 , 11 t. It! ... IIX' 10 ' b, b, L 1 1 UK... 41)
2(X) do I I), 2' XI , . rn 1- 24
100 Erie Kit i"*, 300 Tol ,t ?'*!iKU...a3 4,V
2(iu do ,3 li)., 1 Obi A 11 i 1111. mi
:s.? MUb Can IIR... *??. Itw do b3 loi
300 do 4* llx) do la 1?;
I.si a.. 47 700 do IOI
4. ,!? 47V 2 mSIil 3V
40 ? Un Pae UK. (Xi 2' u *><il, LiW UK - 7u ,
3.001,8 A M 8 ItK.ba B '*4 "aI do 71)-4
5 0 da S S I x) oo 11),
|,,i.O uo S3 10.", 200 do s'J 7(1
ta>' do ?????? ' 0 *, 2'.11 *to ..? ? 10 ?
700 uo ?3 a.',V 200 do /u
cotton: spot quilt ; rvtubes closed j
Monday, Doc. IS?f. P. M.
There wm more mormncut Id trade to-day, uotwllb
standing the uuluvorulile weatlior, which had ? ten
dency to restrict transaction* At the Froduoo Ex
change Hour was stoady, with a modoiate inquiry.
Wheat was decidedly Urmer, the adruuee in railway
freight* being the principal cause. Coru was also
higher from the same cause, com blood with a iqieeu
latire inquiry lor prime old. Oats wore likewise Urmer
and In lair request Whiskey was aUo liruior. l'ork
and lard were lu hotter demand and decidedly mghor.
Freights ws?steady. Cotton on the spot was quiet; lulurts
closed stoady. Coffee was Arm. Sugar was nominal. Oils
were generally steady. Petroleum.was dull and irregular.
CoTTY.t..?I lie mnrket for Itlo was quiot hat dim. No
sales were made Iruni ttrst houcla, oil' from second Hands
3.UBI hags mid ex lleta Pries. auppi? .1 to he til?4<'. lor or
dinary. The lollnwlng sres?ei?*rr < ?! at Hampton Roads
Sunday aud Monday. The I'rlnni with i ">10 hags Itlo;
the Northern Mar, with ti.ytll mi,. da., ami the Ml.etas,
wlin ??,II<U bags do. I be Mica here to-nlglit is 1 1.13i hats;
at r-Hvaunuti, J.'ie) do . at llamplon Bonds, ll.Jtll do., and
at Baltimore, ti.if.H do. ?# quote :-lliillnnry i srross,
I0S4C. a lie.; lair do., lS'gu. o lUe. ; good no., Itl^c a
1 Vkt : prims, tM.'*e. a iOe. ; extreme range ior Ids, ItijaC.
a . I.'?c. ; Santos, lair to good, IS at. a Itlo., gold, ninety days;
J*vn, government hags, cue. a A.'e.; do., grass mats, die. a
d lr ; -liigiiporo, lie a ISe. ; I'syluli, III 1,0. a ISJic. ; Mara
t-aibo, lOfjt. a IK'jc.; l.aguayra, iut,e. a ISe.; Jamaica,
l.'ljC. a 11;,c.; nt. Domingo, He. a l.-'jc.; Porto Rico,
IUi,e. a lsy?e.; Costa ittea, Ida. a IWe.; Meaioan, 17e. a
IXr.; Manila. IRt2e. a 17Se.; Ang.wtnra. imfe. ? inc. i
?HMttl, luc ? lac : t'ur.icou. l.'.J.c. a lii'ic.
Canon.-The market lur ?put MtM wa< vary dull, but
price* ?ur- unchanged. II.e ueatlier ?r*e veir ttiilavor
?kit, tud butine** tti re?lrlcted ua thai ????count. KuMira*
opened with ?? advance at 1-ltlc. o:. Saturday's .do?lng
price*. Tlie tuuri.et wj* ur*lty ilrg during the day. and
cl m4 If iky. With * *!iglit iklUN <>n Saturday'* Hpu
price*. Tb( clu*iug price* to-day compare with sturduy*
?? tot I owe*?
NKf./.tiy, Of ruber id. J/.mi'Aiv. Dereml *r IS.
Iieccmb'r 12 5--J2 a 13 3-ld Drcou.h'r 12 7-1.' a ?
Jauunrv.. 12 U-H2 a 13 A Id January . 12 3-IK a ?
Kot.ruary 12 17-32 a 12 (lis February. 12 17-33 a 12 9-ld
Match 12 't a 12 33-32 Marco..., 12k. a ?
April 12 13-10 a 12 31-32 April 12*1 VIC a 1J 31-32
Map 13W a- May 1SU a ?
Juno 13,L a 13 9-32 June 13 11-32 a?
July 13 13-33 a 13 7 Id July 13 1332 a 13 7-ltS
A u gnat. US a? Aupuat... l.'lV* a ?
?'JuuiBlion* are ba?od on American ateiiuaru m claaaiflc-a
tlua.atidou cottoo iu ?tom ruuulutr in quality not oiore
tliiio tia.f a credo above or beloo Hi* grade -|uoied:?
Are (Wm. CpmnU, Al .itnMO. aVcit UrUiuu. TrjcaA
Ordinary |0'a 10'* !? 10 ?
Strict ordinary In-, lt>>, 10*, ItM*
Hood ordinary II , II , II', It',
Strict pood ordinary., lit, i:'J 117-16 lllll
Low miudling I'.S Il>a 11?, Ii%
Strict low middling... 11', 12 12, 1.',
M iddliuy 12-, 12'2 12.-Id 12-10
(loud middling 12 , l.'t, 12*. I'.'K
Strict good luiJdliiig.. l-K 12'? 12Ti 12',
Middling lair lit 1., , 1SJ2 is-'
Kail 1-J'tf UJ| 10 14
?Stained?(Mod ordinary, 10c. . irict good ordinary,
10,c ; low middliug, lie i midullng, ll.'.c. Spot ?ule?
were aa follow*
Jo Day, Hal'i/. ?ne% 2??'<>'.
l/'ou?mnpttou UO U 143
Speculation 12'J 147 '27d
Tot ill* 2ltl 2"J 4JI
?lK-liv*rod o.i cuntrMt, u*1 bulo*. For (uture dolirery I lie
ulti ?m ?? follow*:?tint onlay, ulteronu 1". M.?Decem
ber, 2u<i at I- l.'ci; I Hillary, at 12 H-W2. l,7i>' ?t
12 .'i-ltlc ; February. +H) at 12 17 22c.; Mmvli. 3i?? at
12 12*33*. WW it I'J^C.: April, .mi .it 12 :tt-ljo.; May, i
r.iw.tt I I',c.; J iiue, it> i at I2I4S. Total. bal*K- To
ll ay up 10 two I*. M.?December, 2i?i at 12 5-lt!c., It*' at
HI !>-.i2c.. 100 aliort notice at 13 2-141.' . I>* 1 at 12 W-12c..
Itort notice at 12 2-1 c.; January. l.?a>' at 1-J,c , ?U0 '
:tOO altorl notice at 12 2-1 c.; J.iuuaiv. 1,1*1.1 atl-'.e,*"
at 12 II 2.V.. 1,.iM at 12 ..-itic . February. 200 at 12 Io- <2c
ikK' 111 12?4c.. 1".' at 12 I'J 2.'c . 400 at 12?,0. ?.*?) at 1
12IO-32e .au at 120-1 tic . 40;'at 12 17 2.c . 0.1 at 1 2 ;? Itlc ; |
Maiclt. !*K'ut 12 27-t2c.. 7.*I at 12 I 2-10c.. to W at 12 2 0 22c.; |
April. GuU at 12 l-.'l2i'., 2i*> at 12c., !?>> at 12 21 22c. . May,
700 at 13 7-22C., 100 ?: 12 2-lttc. l lune, :?.?> at 12 0.22c. 1 I
July, 200 at 12 12 22c,: Au:u?'., 2 ?J at 12 17-UJe. Total.
12.x 0 bale*. Orau.l total. 2o.Son 'ntloi Tile receipt* at
llin poitii were ? I'ollcw*Ualveatou, 7.(110 baler: Now
Orlyan*. 12.27ii: Mai.lie. 4.7i>iJ; Savantiuli. S.&77 ; t.'liailer
ton. ?r,,27 I. \\ tluiineton, Hl2. N'arfnlk. 2,1178: llaltiitio 0.
12."i; Now Vnrk. ?17; Hoiton. 401: I'hllail ipnia. 122 To- |
till. 42,702 Till I- ilay taM wrelt. 41.1*42 Till* ilny la>t year.
it'.ftKK Total rlliee September I. 2.261.01V bale?. to Sat
ur lat glglit- i'ultou IreisUt* eiuMd a* tblloa** : ?I'e Havre. |
by iteant, T|C.. cornprctara; to Urciuen. by ?t#aro, 7io.. coin
pie ,red. by tail. V- ?? to Livert>')Ol. 12 220 by ntcani: by 1
?nil. 11-33
Klocii asv Ueaix?Receipts ~ Flour, I2?477bui?: wis* it.
137,0 )0 bushels; curu meal. Uo bbla. aud 5 J sacks; corn.
311,584 hu-mol*. oats. 33. 125 do. : rye. *, 17S do.. Nitrlf.v.
id, 500 Uu.; barley malt. 7,450 J > I'll* flour market wit*
steady. with a moderate inquiry. I he sules were about
'.l. us/bbls . iucl'Kilug Suite. VI clem mi i S;.uioni. nt the
NiitifXcd quotations. Rye tl >ur wu# quiet; the sale* were 1
about 30Q bbU. ('fliu weal was quiet; ?-*?? bbU. sold |
at i-'t 50 for Brandy wine W e quote : ?
Nt. 2 Mat* 84 "0*61 ~><v
Stipertiue State 4 UO a "? -5
Extra Mate 5 4b h 0 no
Choice State ?> 50
Superfine Western 4 00 a f? 25
Extra Western 0 40 a ?? to
Miunuitott 0 ?xj it 7 - >
Hound hoop Ohio, shipping brand*. 5 4b 4 5 75
Round boot* Ohio, trade urautis.,, iokjh tl 50
Family 0 it 7 .*?o
fill. Louis. low extra 5 50 * 6 OJ
St. Louis, straight uxwa 0 00 it M 50
St. Louis, choice douula ostm ti 5o t 7 -5
St. LouIk. choicv tuiuily 7 .To a 0 <H)
lv>v Hour, fine to supcrtitiu,. 4 50 a 5 In
Southern No. 2 4 -T a 4 50
southern, super!!no 5 ou a 5 50
Southern, extrw 5 7.? a 7
Southern, la.oily 7 '23 a D (X)
Corn meal, ?Vattorn - 85 a 0 1<*
Corn tucal, .Jorncy li s**? a 3 10
Com m#al. Hrm.tiywine U 55 a ?
Corn meal, puucheuu* ...15 50a ?
?Wheat wit* in rather hotter demand and price! advanced
Ic. a 2c. per bushel, the ri*o t?t Ireights trum tito Weal Ot'iii?
the chic! cauae of '.ho hunrcveuieut. The aiiio* were about
75.1X10 uiulieU at $1 'XJ a $1 24 for old and new ungraded
curing. $1 25 tor No. i Chicago new, $1 K) a$l 31 tor No. 2
New Vnrk. M 3t4 for No. 2 MilwauKoe, $1 38 tor No. 1 M|n
uecota and $1 30 tor No. 2 Northwcct uov*. Corn was iu
better Jcmutid. part speculative, aud pricea tvere
about 1c. dearer. The tales were about I50.UUO
bushel* at die. for old mixed.57c. a57>t'e, for new. uo crude;
S0)gC. a tile. lor old No. 2 Chicago mixed. rXX*. lor ungraded
Kauii is mixed, tor lo?r mixed aud dOc. for new South*
eru white. Oatt were limner. We note sales of about
10 J.0CX) ousheli* at 37c. a 37 'ae. for rejected, 3 c. a 48^-. for
range of Western tnixud. 4se a 50c. for Stale mixed, new
crop; 50c. for state mixed aud white together, 50c. for No.
1 extra grade t and 4 fV* a 44^c. tor^ No. 2 gradi d white.
Kyu was ouiet, abaul -.53 ? hnstiels No. 2 Wcstcru sold at
81c. Barley and barley malt were quiet.
llxur am> Jutk. ? 1 tic.** was a tirtu market for jute
butts, but not tuuch activity. lloiup was also tlrm but
quiet. We quotes? American dressed. $100 a $JuO
for single: a $225 tor double atnl $120 a $125 for
rough; Russia, clean. $2'*?a$2lo, gold; Italian. $275 a
$280, gold; Juto.d^c. a 5V4c.. currency; |uto butts, 3l4c. a
5 5-1 tic., cash and time, currency; -Manila hemp, S^c.;
Sisal do., tic. ; 1st u. 5>?e. a 54wc.. all gold.
Moi*a*sks.?There waa not a very active demand for Now
Orleans, but prices were steady; lot bids, sold at 50c. a
58c. for good to choice. Kortitrti was dull. We queue: -
Cuba, cuutrifupal and mixec, 28c. a 34c.; clayed, 35c a
30c.; do., tnustfovado refining. Htic. a 4tkr.; grocery, 87c. it
42c.; 1'orto Rico, 40e. a 58c.; Hugdsh islands, 3dc. a 50c.;
New Orleans, good, 50c. a 5Jc.: prime, 54c. a 50c.; choice,
Naval Stoiix.h.?'The market for spirits turpentine, tuflu
' encud by the strong toue of the Loudon and Liverpool ad
vices, siras very tirtu; 200 bbla, merchautablo order, sold
at 45l4c. a 4 >**0. Kosiu was also tinner. Wo quote:?
Spirits of tarpcuttnr. merchantable order, 45fic. Rosin?
Stratued, $2 10 a $2 45; good straiued, $2 4<) a $- 45.
Tar?Washington, $1; pitch, $J 50 a $2 75. \dvic8s from
Wilmington wore as follows:-Kosiu lino; strained, $2 10
bid; good strained. 62 10 bid. Tar steady. $1 80. Turpentine
nim, u? a, tU; sots aud virgtu. e- Sa.i. apirits tirtu, 4-'c.
Stink. VartL JjUxit.
Rosin 75,431 5
l?r t 2.072 . 2
'lurpetitiue 2.502 ?
Spirits 0,731 two
Oils.?The market for oils waa quint, with a steady feel
ing iu uiml all kinds. Liuseod was generally held
at from 02c. to G3c., but some were holding at 05c. We
quoteLinseed, casks mid bbla., 03c. a 03c.; cottonseed,
crude, 38c. a 42f4o . Southern yellow, 48c. a 50c.; yellow
winter. 52c. a 55c.; white winter, 5Hc. a BOc. ; laru. pro tent
winter, 05c. a 07e.; sperm, crude, $1 45; do., bleached win
ter, $1 70; do., natural do . $1 05; whale, crude Northern,
7oe.; do., Southern, 03c. a 7uc.; bleached winter, 75c.;
extra do., 85c.; winter bleached fish. 50c. a 52c.; crude
Usl). 42c. a 45c.
i'xrnuukt/M. ?There *u no liuportunt doinand and Hie
market was dull and uiore or leu irregular Wo note sale ol
3..VJU bbls. naphtha at l/i.'jc. January delivery (1st to 10th)
* as quoted at 3i"?c. for New Yura, 39l^c. lor I'liliadelpuia
and -IN.', for Jleltimuru February delivery (1st to 15th)
was quoted at 'SJ'^e. tor Sew \ .irk and -7c. tur I'iiiladelpliia
and Malum ore. the closing prlcos were as followsCrude,
In bulk. Idc.; do. m bills.. Inc.: rotinau in bbls., prompt,
33c.; do. In cases, :k'tc. a tta; naplulia, l.'ic.; refined at
I'iiiladelpliia, prompt. Sic.: do. at Haltiinore. prompt, UOc.
Advice, (rum tbe crook were as lollows Oil City, luKrkel
quiet, <3 .'i 'ild; United, shipment uoiuiualiyr old Ut);
barker's, not limit doing, dull, slilpiuent about #3 *.)5.
I'ltoriMUNs.? Kcceipts-I'urk, g.343 bbls.; lurd. 4,310
tierees, 33o sags audMboxes; cut inouts, 4.0 111 packages:
bacon, 5 Mid... 5 tierce... 43 bb.s and 4.J3H boxes: beef, lift
Heroes, ltd bills, and 1,03*3 cases; beef limns, 75 bbls.;
dressed boas, l.dtlli. The pork market was dodidu.tly firmer.
and prides were higher ondir a good demand, flic sales
were about 4 ikJU bbls., at <17 '33 a (17 05 lor ce
cash and De
cember. and $17 50 tor February and March. lhe closing
??call" prices were at follows1 'ecomber and Jauaarv. $iH
asked: February. $17 35 bid. <1750 isked; March. $17 45
bid. $17 no asked. Macon was quint: miles 4<>0bo.\en, of which
SMI .exes lung clear In Chicago at Ny . and 3S0 boxes do.
bcic st be. Cut menu were ait very actlvu i'he
sides were ..7 boxes belli.-s. 13 lbs. average, at ;
300 irasn bellies. 10 Iba. average, at IJjqc. . ".'im Iresh haiua.
13 lbs. average, at lO'^o , aim t,Uh( fresh hmus on pilvnta
fruis. Fiesli hams are quoicd st '3'.|ii. a 13c., Irish bel
lies st 8J4C. a lu'.jc., iresh shoulders ut do . iiicsled hams
ut UKa. a 13e.. pickled oellier.it 1C4C. s lUba, pickled
moulders st dlqe. s tJ.'fc. slid box bellies st Sjie. s 10c.
Mil,iked me ns were iiiiel at I3$.,c. a Ide lor hums and
7',c. lor th.oiiilers. Beei was quiet. We quote ,? M irr Is,
? xtr.i nets, ell f*1 s$13.7.,, plain mess, kni .il a $11 .a);
packet. $14 i r'lj; tierced city, ektra India. $17. Heel bums:
Suit bbls. rold nt <30 lof prime Western. iiressed hogs were
quiet at ibr. a 7,'jc for ciljr heavy 'o light, and 7old
slid 714c. asked lor Western, but without business !<ard
wits ocidedly tiriusr and dosed ut the second ' call'' as
follows ??December and J aniiurf, iP> HO hid. flu S3 asked :
February. $10 i4J bid. $10 IT 7 A, a.iked; March. $10 ..id.
$11 10 Ssked. The sales were 4.."a*T tlerues at III) h.1
lor December; 110 75. $10 nil, fio <3? and 110 s,
f..r January, slid $10 HO s $10 9$ for February. Alter
'Change :lir maritrl w?s steady and 7u0 t erces, January,
sold t $lu 7-'),; 350 do. do., at $10 77: >OT do., February.
11 410 3 1. tnd c.TOdo., Marsh, at <11 0.7 kpol sales acre
aimut #<) tierces city steam st lukc., 300 do Western st
Dki 'lo. at * 0 H7'j lie lined was quiet, with
$lll *7. slid U
? ale*, f 10.1 tleriies koutn America on prlvatu terms and .70
ticrccs v'lty No. I at IOI4C.
Kick. ?I titn was a good steady eirana for domestic ?ort>,
and :utl price- weit paid. We jeote 1?t'areilua, lair. 5ka.
s 3J|t'., good. 7J4c. * dc.: prime, rtjjc. s iljjc, , .'holce, d1.,,*.
s 7c.. Louisiana. common .0 fair. 4>,e. a b'^c.. gaud 10
prime, J';c. a dc.. Pallia, 7Jqc ? 714c., uurrousy; liaugoon,
to bond. gj.c s -\',c.. gold
Suuxu.? Ihsre was still s dull and irregular market for
raw sugar Refined a as quiet We quote .? Fair refining,
o'.c. , good do . Inc.; Uuba. grocery, tuif to choice. ItFyc. a
lOtj'c., do centrifugal. hint*. aud boxes. \.?s. * to 13. I 'i,c.
s ll)qr.: lia, molus.es. bllds mid boxes. \l.c a
I'ortu Hiee. rertnlng, common to prune. I*Hjc. s 10'qC..
do., grocery, f.ir to can r?, Hi'.iC, d IMgo. . refined,
Stulidur.l A. ,11'.|C a ll'.c ; oil A. IO?|C. a 11 ',c. ;
crusliedt 13c. a l-),0. ; powdered, II ?c., granulated, |
litis a lls.0 . >lo.. sceouil quality. H.'aC. a tl.'gc.; cut ,
lout. 11 ,'sC
Hrn titixK. ? K, celpts?100 tierces, and 34 bbls. T be mar 1
kei was lirtu lofeet
ThlaW. lte.vipts? I I lituis., 'J.'.b bbls anil 33 cusss. The '
market was quint The sales ware lUObbls at Uqe , and I
t).?'gs) lbs. ai si,,-, s H',e.
\Vutsks.r.- llciclpts?3<il bbls. The mnrkel was firmer; I
IPs' bbls. chain oil hands at 31 13 u $1 lb'!.,
Fiici.itll ? Kates fur toiuutge 011 chi.r.er acre generally ,
he .1 -t-adyanu qui:# a lair business was uccoiiipllslied,
nisiniy la petroleum vessels. Kooui on bsrili lor t rain win. ;
lower per steam to 'llasguw. out ibis was tun 1
only ncileeabie change in hertu accommodation.. ,
Tbe enira fioriu- ware r.> t-lverpuoi, per steam. .70 bales .
cottou, 'e'i.. U..0U0 bushels grulu. oil., ."ay.' box* s bacon. |
4.7s. J eheese, 'u>. >0 London, per steam, I 4100 tuxes ,
cheese, 45a To (Masymw, pgr stcaiu, 33.U?: bushels giniiij
74L, HOIus. The eliarters comprised :?A Mrllisl bark,H4. I
too. roiu .vn bilk tw Lis. rpool 'till iottou, ill *'s ihl. per I
register ton, irec ot stevedore aim compre.s'.ug
barges; a llrlt.sh ship, 1.070 tons, lateli theucs !
lor same voyage. with do.. it same rale, |
Norwegian bark, 3< 5 tons, from Ricfeuioud
a Norwegian bs.k, JO tons, frotu ItlcMionii te
Mains, with fiour at 31 '37: a llrlitsh brig, '.03 ion., hence
to itiibua. I'hssii, ,e? 01 rtan rebasslaa. wl h general.
uialuly crain ion ilia I usis ut 3i>c. pet buitiel) st a lump
into . at. llaltab b irk. .10 tons. Iiciicp to 1 a. seillcs. wit!i
3D..kSi bushels riiiiii at tls 4'f.i. per quarter) an Italian
hark, from Philadelphia In tlor* fordfdars, with 3,t<XT qtiar
. in. ?>,!. ; a Norwegian oark Iroin HaitiitH're t. do,,
with 3.MUU quarters, 'is. Ud., * Norwegian brig.
30b tJU?. hence to the Danish Haltlc.'with l.tkJO bhla
rcllnsd petioloura. on private terms an American ship,
1.3. dl tuns, hence to Liverpool with 7,7a"' bbls rettned petro
loum and residuum at -7s . a Ornish brig, sl'l tuns, henvt
to 1-vlidun. Llturpool or llrlatoi. ? lih 3.iM? 1 bbls. naplitha,
at Tie. 7$j,d.. a Norwegian bark .relet), 457 tons, from Mailt
mors io L'ontliieut. witli 3.UI > bbls. refined peirole 11111. si
tia. i'td ; sn American ship. 71)5 tenv hence to Havre, will:
4,7UO)ibls naplitha. at 5a. 3d., option of crude, 5s. ; an
Americ in barkcntlue, 073 tons, from Baltimore or Havre or
Dunkirk, with 4,tkJl) bbls. ufude petroleum, at lis. 1 ?,'a.; a
Norsveglsn hark dh! tons. Iroin Philadelphia to Uork for
orders to ('lilted Kingdom, with 3,rk$> bbls. reOnsd, at
fit. Ud , optisn of Coniillvti 1. tls. 3d.
VI j.xnav. Dec. Id, 107d
kmikirte eon tint fast wkku.
I'raii Ham
as t
1'ards, Htetrt. ('net Otic*. I,-no'*, llogi.
?Ixtleth street 8,73d 41 Ml tU,?3il -
Km t v.eighth street,. 14 13 11H tl.ls'J ?
Fortieth street ? ? ? ? 1H.47I
Jersey City 6,033 ? 80 0,043 ltt.M3
Totals 0.773 57 735 23.103 3?,3.dl
Wsssah IO-3.W U.73U ? 51 7.165 *060
n?*vr?.-There ?ft? a fair trade In irood qnillt? heeeef on
this lorniiiitiH. Tin* Rrrivuli w?ri mode rale, end were In
general ol cu'oll.ni quditv. I'oor quality herd* rt umint'd
ct*iett> uuM'ld Trices wcr# 7'~c. a per lb.; weights
<;?! n ll'jcwl Al Sixtieth street yard* T O, h*?t
iiu.i sold lot sell 23 car* of burned cattle. suit - a* follows:?
147 Kentucky steer# at iti'4c. a lie. per lb., wiiglilK^ cwt.;
28 Illinois steers at 10,'^c. per lb., weight owl.; 14
Illinois steers at per lb., weight 8?4 cwL; 26 Ill
mots iteaii at 11c. per lb., weight 10 cwt.; 1*0
Illinois steers at 10/8e. a Il'j<v por lb., weight
9V- cwt,; 68 Illinois ateers at lOKc. a I lf|C. per ib.. welcht
i ti. T Wheeler cold tor T. C. Kastmau 93 Kentucky
?! WMjt. a IIKc. per lb., weight h*4 cwt. C. Kdiu
sold far %. Keeker 115 Kentucky steers ai IK*, a Jthif. por
lb . weight 7 cwt. T. UIIIU told for 8. tiidner Hit Ohio steers
at 11c. a 11!4c per lb , weight cwt.; for self 19 Illinois
steers at 10*4c. per lb., weight 7', cwt.; hold on sale 1 car
load of beeves. Ulcry \ ''arysold tor Uotf A* Co. 20 Ken*
tucky steers at lUc a 1"?4C. or lb., wet *ht rtcwi.; 14 Ken
tucky uten it Otic. a l(V. per lb, weight tt cwt.; for
A Ulery t?9 Kentucky steers at 10c. a 1 1c. per lb., with a tew
tal! end steers ai d1?*:. per lb., weight 1)? cwt- ; II clioice
quality Kentucky Oxen at 1- 1 ji\ per lb . to dress d8 lbs. net
on .'t.Utx) J he, live weight. O. IV Evans told lor s0t! 80 In*
diaua steers at n)4c a Oj%C. per lb .weight <?*j cwt.: held on
sale l id Indiana steers. 11. K. Hurcharn sold for W. I*.
.folios 30 t J bio steers at i?*4c. i? I l)?o per lb., wuignt cwt.;
for tj. Roberta, dl Ohio steera at 10 \ u 11 l4c. per 11*.,
weight 8,'4 cwt.; held on sale 191 Ohio steers
ftrom J. O'Day* At Jersey tilt) yards. Coney A
McPberton sold tor J. Hull 14 Kentucky steers at IOV4C. a
ll V|U.per)b, weight KJ? cwt.; for 8. Biown, 9 Kentucky
steers at ll)?c. per lb., weight llj.8 owt ; for J, Murphy 3
Christmas bull*, weight J,345 Its , to dress 3* Ins. net, at
12e. per lb : 8 ?toer?n: H)gC. a l*c. per IK, weight# 7t4 ewt. a
7 4 cwt. ; fur J. Holmes KJ Texas steers at 7',e. p. r lb,
welgta ?-l4 cwt. ; 41 Ohio s eors at Sic. a 10c. per lb., w.th $1
ofl per lieau eu 1 ? head, sold at tup rate, weights 7'4 cwt. a
7lj cwt. ; lor Holmes ?t Eafferty Hi Oltio steers at
lO^c. a lie. per lb., weight 11)4 ewt.; II Ohio heifer'* ut
B?. a UK*. por IK. wetchu d*4 cwt. a 7 cwt.; 4 Ohio oton nt
8)?c. tier ib., weight 8l4 cat.; lor I)adismau .V Ho. 1- Ken
lucky steers at tMtc. per lh? with $1 ofT per head, weight
7' 1 cwt. ; 147 Kentucky steers at 0'4c., with $1 of! per head
on Id h#.?d; with #I on per heud 011 13 head, and 1<>
with tops at ii\V4e. a 111.c. p?r lb., weights 7* | c:wt. a 0l4
cwt.; for Kaylleld it Co 17 Ohio steers at H'.jc per lb.,
weight * 'A* cwt. 1). Waixcl sold for tVatxel A
Allertoii 15 IltiuoU steers at Hl4'e. a 8?4'c. per lb.,
weights <l?4 cwt. a 0.*4 cwt. ; !??.' Illinois steers, a' tc. per
lb. with $1 on per head, a per lb., tops from 10c. a 11c.
per lb., wciirlila Hi4 cwt. a Kt4 cwt. H. A II We?tl?eimer
sold for Will 1 rd A *'o , Id State s;cers. at He. per lb., weight
51? cwt.. S. O'Douuell sold lor 8. IV. Allertoii. 4.? Illinois
steers, at 8)(c. a 0,l?c- per lb., weights d'4 cwt. a 7 cwt.,
scant; for u. V. iUrtlctt. 10 bulls, at 3)?e. por lb. 011
11 \ e weight. M Uoldschmldl sold for It, Moyno*,
97 Ohio steers. at lU*4e. a 11 *4c. per lb.,
wci rhts 8*4 cwi. a 10 cwt. 8. \V. Hbormaii a dd fur
h \V Vllerton. i?4 Illinois steers, at 8c. a n?4c. per lb.,
wet ht? 0 cwt scant a U*4 cwt. II. Eauterbach s??i?l lor
* VVai\#Is A Alleriou, l'J Illinois bulls, at tf9 :ki a $'i oO per
cwt . 79 lllitiois steers, at H '4c. a t?e. per lb , with #1 off per
head o.' ?'? head, weights t'? ewt. a ? *4 cwt. 15. Vogel sold for
Klopfer itCu. "?4 .Vissouri steers at V'c.. with $1 of! por head
011 14 :i? ud, at tM4c. per lb., weights 7 cwt. a 7?4 owl,; for
N Morri# ?? Illiiitd^ steers at B.^c. per lb.. w?Mgtu 7 cwt.
Shkkp a.vp l.iMRs,?Ttade Improved In both sheep ami
lambs, the quality of the flocks being generally choice.
Sheen sold at I\c. u 7?jC. per lb.; lambs, 4?ac. a 7,Lc. per
lb, J Klrbysolu IOI Michigan sheep, weight <.700 10#., at
4 4c. per lb. . 49 Michigan sheep, weight 4.470 lbs., at 0/Mc.
pei lb. . TP Michigan sheep, weight 18.77" lbs., ut 7)4c, per
lb.; 1 .WlcUi.'iih sheep, weight 3 mi |b?., at lOc.
per lb., value received for same. $9.j; these two
best lots were I red b> W. Newton, of Pontine, Mich., and
were bought by l)ewu? A Co.; 94 Canada sheen, weight
4.090 lbs., at ?>\c per its-, 4V? Canada sheep, weight l,87o
lbs., at 7c. per lb t?8 State latubs. weight t?,.Vjo lb#., at
4J#c. per lb. ; 07 State latubs. weight 4,390 los,. at 4,a4c. per
lb.: 4h Mate lambs, weight 9.980 lbs., at uj?c. per ib. ; 93
Slate sheep aud lambs, weight 9,77" lbs . at
per In L)uw? A l!allct:beck sold 03 Mate lambs,
weight d.840 lbs.. M do. per lb.; 50 St.itu
she-p. weight 4,08 > lbs., at .'?l4c per lb. ; >3 State sheep,
weight 7.77 lb* , at 7lBe. per lb.; 19H State sheep ar.d
1 lambs, weight 10,740 th*.. at &l4c. per lb.; 958 State sheep
i and lambs, weight 35,800 lbs., at 5)?c. per lb. ; 352 Canada
: sheet*, weight 34.800 lbs., nt dc. per II*. , sold for week cud
sine Uecember 10. 1870. 5,788 sheep and iambs at 50 aver
age per head. li. Kuowltoti sold 1*?W Ohio sheep, weight
! Id.510 lb*., at 5c. per IK; 102 Ohio sheep, weight
12,10t) lbs., at 5)?o. per lh; 130 Ohio sheen, weight 15,010
lbs., at $5 ho per cwt . 14.' Ohio sheep, w eight 10,010 lbs.,
I aide, per lb. ; 49 Ohio sheep, weight ti.3vKJlbs,. at d)4c. j?r?r
lb.; dd Ohio sheep, weight d,.lHt) lbs,, at 75?e. n;r lb.
i llumo A hlltott sold 913 Ohio sheep, welch*. Id.OiO lbs.,
I at 4ljC f*er lb.; 312 Ohio sheep, weight 10.050 iba., at
! 4\c. per lb ; 04 Ohio sheep, weight 9,540 lbs., at 5??c. per
J lb . l-?7 Ohio sheep, weight 14,7/0 lbs., at 5)8c. per lt>.; l?3
Mate sheep, weight 0,7*0 lbs., at 4^c. per lb.; HI State
, sheen, weicht 79kk) lba., at 5?.,e. per lb.. 100 Canada sheet),
I weight 14,030 lbs., at d'4e. tier lb . ho Canada sheep, weight
11.trio lbs., at d\c. per lb.. -03 Canada sheen, weight
j 30,010 lbs., at 0?4c per Ib., 74 Canada sheep, weight 0,980
I lbs., at d>8c. per Ih.; 124 Canada laiubs, weight 12, 80;bs.,
| at "*4c. per lb.; sold lor week < nding llecuiubcr hi, 1870,
1 7,533 sheep and lambs at $4 80 average por head. E.
; Newton sold 203 Kentucky sheep, woignt 110lbs. per head,
at dc. per lb ; 130 Ohio ftiiuop, w eight 12d lbs. per head, at
*0 85 ikt i-uft. .luilil .V Uitckii!i;liH:ii ?oltl I? Uhiu *hi>U|i,
wulglit Ht lb.<. por head, m &c. i>er lb.; U>M Stntx kbl'cp,
woluht Dtl Iba. por lieud, at U'.o por lb.; MJ MMO
hIici'p, weight I 111 Iba., ut li'.o. pur lb.; I'll.) Siuto
lamba, weiplit *?' lb,, per heinl. at TV,c. per Ib. t'u.e dc
l'ideock aold 111" Ohio ihocp, wmir'.it ;vi Iba per bead, at
4<hc. por lb. ; 415 Ohio aluiep, weight 76 Ilia, a 61 ib?. per
| lioail, at I'jf. per lb.; St) Dbio nbeep, ael.'Ul DO link per
' bead, ?4 4?,c. per Ib. ; auld Tur week ending lleeomber 10,
i 1H7H, i,3ii'J aueep and iamb, at f4 04 averaao per bead.
Milcii Cowe.? Ilio.ti on nand bold up tale.
VgaLa axd CaLVcs.?There aero uu .alea on light at
liuiia.?407 Ohio hog>. aeoraga weight! dlO lbi. , 215 Iba.
per bead, .old at tl'?e. per lb. ; /O Oblo hog!, average weight
27U Iba. per lioad. mid at #11 16', per ewt.: 154 Ohio hogi,
avoraee weigbt 220 Iba. per iiuarl, .old at Si 20 per curt.;
| 2H0 Obio bogn, average woiglit 2UU lb?. per bead, told at
j (0 25 per ewt.
G*LVK<roN. Dec. 18. 187U.
Cotton qulot: tnijrer* and aollera apart; luiilJlliii;, 11 '4o.;
low middling, lOJic.; (ihhI ordinary. lu',u. Net receipia,
7,d;JO balei; tn>?. Et|ioria-Tu tJreat Britain.
8,880; to Franco. 2,170; to tlio t'outlueut. d73; oua?mi?e,
6,61'J. Sales, rod Stock. 114.1)57.
Nk?- Ouu.ii, Dec. IS. 1870.
Cotton tlrm ; middling. 11 )<c. . low middling, 11 ','c.. mind
ordinary, I'i'.c. Not roecipta. I H.-70 bales; grra.. Itl, WIN I.
Export*?To Croat Urlialn, ".881; to Krniico, 1.7UO; to tlia
Coutluent, -!,5Ug, to tlio Chanuel, 1.64-j: coaatwlio, 1,101.
bale* 0.000. Stock. JTJ.JlU.
Monit.il. Dec. 18, 1870.
Cotton t)uiat ami nteady; middling, 1 H?c.; low tuiiltlliuir.
1 good ordinary, lf'ic. Net receipt*. V7.nl bales;
gruaa, 4.757. hxpuria? lo tlio Continent, l.iKH); to tiiu
Channel, 4.UU0; coastwise, 1.587. Sales. t'.'.OU. Stock.
Sara.i.iAii. Dee. 1^ 1870.
Cotton quiet; middling. 111,0.; low middling, lli.e. s
good ordinary. 1U?,jC. Net receipt*, ."?,577 bales; gross,
o.tl.'.'i. Export! coaattrlse, 2,487. bale*. 1.1UU stock,
Ciiaklkjto.i. Dec. 18. 1870.
Cotton qnlot; middling. U:V'-. low middling, ll>?e.
* 11 Jrc. ; goo.I ordinary, lu 'jc. Net rereipts, 5.374 Imi
Exports?To the Continent,-.801; <
coastwise, 12,848. Sales,
I.UUO Stock, 85,550.
Oswki.o. Dec. 18. 18^0.
Hour In fair demand; No. 1 soring. $6 75 ? $7 25; amber
winter, $7 h 97 50; white do., #7 25 a $7 75; double extras,
$7 50a$H; sales 1,200 bbls. Wheat steady ; sales of No. J Mil
waukee club at 91 55; extra white Michigan, $1 55. Corn
unchanged; sales of Western mixed at 5Me. Barley quiet
and nominally lower; No. 1 Canada offered at $1 ik); So,
2do.,D7c. Corn msal unchanged. Mill Iced unchanged.
Railroad shipments?Flour, 1,400 this.
liurrALoJDec 18. 187d.
Railroad receipts?Flour, 2.800 bbls.; corn. 13,2<? bush
els; wheat, 5.8UO do.; oats, 7,(XM do.; barley, HOO do. Kail
road shipments-Flour, 2.-40 bbN ; corn, 10,-It*) bushels;
wheal, \tiJ0 do.; oau. 7,lKM?do.; barley, 800 ao Markets
generally \ery duil; only sales reported 450 bbls. Hour;
prices iiiii'h uiged. Corn?No. 2 mixed Western at 54c.;
2,000 bushels new do. at 52c. Wheat?Males ot 400 bushels
No, 1 white ut$l 37; 1,HOO bushels Green Hay club on un
it 70c.
vale terms. Barley l.'XMj bushels No. 2 .State at
Grain In store lu elevators?Wheat, 4tn> H52 bushels; corn.
420,321 do.; oats, 73,22*5 do.. barley. 510,510 do.; rye, 8,010
do.; malt, 20,155 do. Total, 1,558, llH.
Toledo, Dec. 18, 1878.
Flour steady. Wheat steady; No 3 white Waba h, $1 .6;
No. 1 Wlnte Michtyun. $1 34; amber Michigan, January.
$1 33)?; No. 2 red winter. Fl 28, January. #1 .31; No. 3do..
$! 20, rejected Day too and Michigan red. 81 10. Corn
dull; high mixed held at 47>,c.; no w do., 4tl4c?; new .No.
2, 44c.; now damaged. 42c. . uew rejected. 43Sttc. Oats dull;
rejected, 20c. Clover seed, lis 10 Hogs held at $6 75,
lOOOohered. Receipts?Flour, 300 bids.; wheat, I5,?XXJ
bu lie Is; corn. 5I,i 00 do.; oats, 2.UOO do. Shipment*?
Flour, ."aHi bbls.; wheat, 6,000 bushels, corn, 23,000 do.;
oats. 6,0 JO do.
Chicago. Dec. 18. 1976
Flour In light demand, but hoi'mi flrui. Wheat fairly
avtiye and a shade higher, but un.cUled, No. 1 Chicago
spr.ttg, $1 2D,s? ? J do.. #1 I*.'a, cash; #1 IPV*. Jiiitiarv;
? I -'"J*. February ; N??. 3 do.. #1 a $1 i.*8)a'; rejected, W i',0.
a 90c. Corn in fair de.uaud, hut tower. N??. : at 44l?c.,
cash. 44M'c- b'd. Januar* ; 44i4u. bid.# February; rejected.
33c. Oats dull, weak and lower. No. 3. 35,lfte. ? .i'.il4c ,
easn;33*?c. a 331*4.. January; rejected, 23c. Bye easier
7ite. Barley Armor at tl&e.. cash. tM?? Kebrua
_ ary. Fork
active, but a shade lower. $10 40 a $16 45, cash . $10 45,
January; 118 85 a #18 87)%, February; #18 *7's a
#|H Hvi. March. Lard opened strong _ajid hiuher;
closed at iusldo prtcef. |1U W, cash, $lll 37datiutry;
$10 47,lj a #10 AO, February. Bulk incuts Arm nud un
changed. Dressed hogs mis.
ittted: iiponod active, but
jloscd dull; heavy. #t. MO bid, light. $0 ^). Whiskey quiet
but "tendv at 91 OS. Ileceipts?Fiour. 14JXK> bbls . wheat,
37,114? bushels. c?rn. 70.t><> do.; oau, 30,ou? do., r>r,
7.0U0 do.; barley. 1 tl.it a? do. Hhinments ? Flour, lOjkNJ
bbls. . wheat. 3u.(4X> bushels; corn. itl.UHi do. ; oat *. 25.ii.si
do., rye, 12. (XX) do., barley. 9. oat lo At the alter noon
call *6 toe Hoard?Wheat. #1 llM*. *1 uioary . #1 2'?l, a
#1 20?c, February, t'orn iltuier it 44^,?t. .cash. 41^0 a
4 kc. January. Oats uotuiually uachaagfi. L.ud un
I.in IIrow. Doc. 10. is'.d.
Cotton? Kulurea Stca.lv , upl.inJx, low cluuao,
April and May d* .1 vrru:'l .iJd.
OII.6. ?
Lotwr. Hoc. is. 1S7.V,
I'el.uod petroleum. Jt'd. * SIM. per gwllou t eplrltx of po
troleuui. IUU. * ?.l. Jo. Spir t* of turpuiiliiiu. .11-. tkl. a
b r par cat Tailow. 44? fit i <5*. Ileuter'* Telegram
Company have x ir-patch trom kRtwerp quoting prtro.ir.iBi
at 74f On a call fur a repetition the Bguree agalu entile.
l.lvnirnoi., Dec IS. is.it
helmed petroleum. Jt^.l a Hi p*r gallon; xpirtt* of pe
trol utn. ltd. i I "I Jo spirit, ji turpentine, 3a*. per tat.
Liuectd oli, Jrt*. -id. par cat
[X?t York Produce Exchange ileport. J
Lovmuooi.. Dim:. IS, IS7G.
Pork?Kxxtern dull al 77? ; Weettru ttml at iHJa Haeon?
Ciittiborlanil rut 'lull at 44,. . iliort rlu ilull at 4ut . lung
clear dull <1 48*. i abort clear dull ui 44a. Ilumx-l.ong
cut ilnll it 4h, . rlioiililura dull ill ikia. ?kL Heei?lu-ila
Ittta, .iuil at WUa.. extra do .lull at lii7?. , prime dot
dull at sua. I, II .1 ? Prime Wcalen. dull al 5ll TalloW
Prime oil* dill: at 4;i Gil. Turpentine?spirit! firmer
at J.'ai. Itoxit.? Common -toady at tlx. 9.1. . due tinner
at 11 lid. Chacr- American chotc* xleadr at hsx.
I.a'd oil?None In mmkei Shutr?li\tra State Grin at'.'it
V\ Ileal ? No. i apruig dull al lux. ad.; No. "J do. dull ut
U > lil.. a inter dull al lux. so. lor s 'Ullirrii . do. dull at
lu?. dil. lor W e. tern. Worn?Soil mixed dull at J7?. Ite
celplx nl w .out tor the Week from Atlantic porta. IS.OUO
quarter,: from Pacitlc porlx. JI, J.Vi on.; iroin other tourocv,
I J.jijti do. llacelpt* ol corn, 4'J.O.iu quarter*.
U?DOS, Dec. IS, IsTil.
Tlte Murk hint Zxyrrrf in it? weekly review of the llmixh
corn tra-la xayx report, ol th* tppdarance of the growing
crupe boll: here and on tho Continent continue ?uti,l.:etory.
Some ot our country marueM are firm, iMWillMtatidlng the
Increased xitppllex, hut pr.ivinclnl trade la central.) latitat,
Kic. Conttueoce hex not been xi.ukeu, lioweier. and liolde.i
xuumlt to ibe temporary lull wltlmut endeavoring to preax
ealex. Ibe week ? import! Into luuioiu were 14.1 JI quur
tcrx. whereof ".'A*1 were from Amerluuu Atlantic pert,.
It I, quit* po-xilne trail* will coutiuue quiet for the next few
week! In eonaaqnanr* ol the ho.idnyt and the Indtx pot 111 on
of miller, to acuminate it ckx at the end ol the year b it
th* present condition ?f I role li healthy. Th* rate of im
portation ix certainly below tha country'* esiimuind fit
quliu.uentx CaUlornlau >upplicx are xtllf fa the dl,t in* \
aud the long pending quexti.m ol noace or wr.rln the had
Ix .till undetermined. T lie aw render tho pre,, nt peri id a
critical one in the cram trade. I eo lug etutlt Improved
? mica hut during th* weak, mainly In aun**qii*aea ol Uc
croaeed liitporit of oat* and maitc. Considerable traneae
lion, occurred in the lalt*. lot tuturd delivery. The *hl*f
feature ol the float In; earg.i trado hax bean tho arrival at
tailing portx ol xereral xteamerx laden with vinlrka wheat,
wlueh w.ldpather lower. There hax been, *lw>, eouae re*,
llait in top recent extduale* bualnexa In California wheat
PlKAKrHli. _
AiiXitv iiAHKhr UKt'i>ui ok new voiiiTsfoTTk
Iixebaair* Solos l< published daily ai 4 o'clock 1'. M.,
ami litailuU Irer lu auv address on rreai|)t 01' posiare (->*?. a
nuiniu). Il.o Report will also coutum il>? fiuauclal article#
uf til*
Slew York Herald, Times, Tribune and World,
repriuted same day as published in those papers, containing
luiportaui inrormatiou for stuck speculator*.
L. W. H AMILTOM 4t cq. 37 Bread si.. Xow York.
At rkasox mii.i'.' hati i ioiil y unumd
Endowment Inauranea I'alleles aad Mortgage* r*aine
bought; lusuraucc ul all Mod* effected Willi best companies.
J. J. I) ABKICH a CO.. I i'J Broadway.
irate and very low expenses.
HEM: v ,ioiinm).\, too Brnailarai. nai baiwwd.
Now York city I'ruperly , city Railroad Stocks and Huuda
h>itir*bi and sold. H, L. AULA NT, 1 Mi jjiondwij,
J iclcr sad culture, sti'tiggling will! vicissitudes. Ad
dress cunlulautially, iu good laith, EOUTll'CDli, box lbO
lloruld ultice.
Depositors aic hereby nutilied to letno their passbook*
at ones ut the bank tor comparison u itlt tlio books of the
institution. In euelt ease it card will be given iberelor.
Hank open daily Iroin lu A. .M. to J 1'. M. Evary evening
except Saturday Iroin tl to 8 o'clock.
December 10, 187d, Receiver.
N'utick^?<>yFieK ok tiik Manhattan tklk
UKAl'll COMPANY. No 14A Broadway. New York,
December Id, l*7U.? All nillmiriiod meeting of the stock
holder., ul the Manhattan Telegraph Company will bo he'd
at renin 7. second llnor of No. IJ7 Broadway, New York, at
14 fi. '"It lhuis.il>, 41st Inst., to receive report of commit
ter. relative to proposed lease ut I be muipany's property uud
lnrthetriificlloiii.il such other l.u-l.io** us uiav properly
bo prosetitod. ALFRED NKLSUN, President.
OK HitJE FU UCtlAMl Ml coil mittek7~ W A HAMI
Railway Gouin .tiy. 3'.' tVillimu st., room 10?Now York,
December is, 18,ii.?Mock bidders of the Toledo, Wabash
uud Western (lallwav Company are hereby reminded that
tin* tliue Inr participating in the purcna e ut the now
Wubnsh Railway tkHsnaajr ,toek expires, by tbo liniltationa
of the agreement, ou Saturday, the 444 of December, lust.
O D ashlkV i ,,'l,r<:1"ul"!C
k' K. (lOODNOW, J OoumartteJ
i Urooklru uud Uuocus comity.
_ LKAVIT1 A WOLCOTT._10 l'luo st
SeiwI A MONTH TO ACTIVE urn BXIslslMll iliii
ULettur Copying lions; tto pro.s or water used;
sample copy, worm yd. tree Send stump lor circular.
W VIa.tis.iii and 1J4 Dearborn st.. Chicago.
Cil < HUH Loan at only ? PEU cent
tpIO.U V'Ulur llvo years ou llr.t class e.ty property at no
exiwuse of any kllid oxcept searches of title. Address A.
ARLINGTON, Herald Uptown Hrnnclt office.
aijjtlit H|)|\ W A NTH D?kTvii Yi.AltS. 8KVHN PER
/.I ?V" /cent, on llireu lartro bouse*, worth more
tan double lite amount. Addtc.s 81'IIOULK. 'Ml llUlli st.
j>0/<J fWWI l'? LOAN ON MOltrti Villi AND
VoUOiUU"3jil.HO.l mi life ami endowment policies.
!'. 8. YOUNG. 14 l'luo st.
HI SINKS S III'l'llltTlN II'I Ids.
(ileruianyi, wishes to rcproseut respectable Atnerican
bouses for the sale of American productions; very bo. t rut
? rcii.cs cuu be given; also security It rcipilred. I'or lurthor
particular., address MaXDi-.L X KhaNK, Advertising
dgllb, 47 William st.. New York. >
located out ol town, want a-cnorul city event; #4,000
capital ie-tn 1 red. thill room 44 Cosmopolitan lintel.
AN OLD .VI lilii HAN'T. MUM is VI LANS AND UsUbsMif*
wants responsible position moderately remunerative'
BARTHOLOMEW, Herald ..dice.
All t.'si N Ess MAN WAMT8 tO UO ur AM AOTITS
pnrtuur In good, safe, paying business; iiinniitactiiring
pre It; r rod ; w on id Invest a lew Ii and rod dollars ; bust ol rtltar*
ence g.von and rctiulrad. Hl'Sl.Nr.rtts, box 410 Herald ottlco,
or yeiitleman wliliafcw liniidrod dollars can have an
(merest aim a la ly lu an elegantly, uuwly I'urnialied bouse
In one at the pietticst locations upiuwtu Address EN'TKlt
1'KISK. Ileruld Cptown office.
~\ NY Fekbun or baumons with VKUX Ria.uub
XVlo $:iu,0tXJ. which they wish to Illicit in a well cstab.
lislii'd and prolltahli) banking business id the West, In the
Uianayciiicnt of w hich th. y would lie expected to take nu
active part, can learn of a good opportunity by a ddrrsslng
lock box 4 >4 Bristol, Conn .Satialactory re tsons lor selling.
Onew Lump ilurncr Extinguisher. Aleuts wanted. 7S
Pultun at.
JL a! one ol' the leading lite Insurance companies, iW pro
cured to m.iko all calculations relating to lift* insurance mid
furnish itiformiitlon upon the subject free ot charge. Ad
dress or csll 106 snd 107 Broadway, N. Y.. second tloor,
front- S. M HEDGE*.
TT mil business In Aiuoric?. a partner; filtering walor in
?II pieces liy meitns of .1 patent.d apparatus is the abject.
This apparatus works lilcu suns metro, receives tho wntur
Iroui ilia street, litters it immedi itely, mid distribute. it
lllturad to ull parts ol ilia house without any loss of Its pres
sure power, For more detHlls *ddress DONDKT, No. 2
Market St.. Philadelphia.
TT husiiiess mid sole agency for fcuioptmi products in
Staple dcniuiid, ? partner with JAO.lXW; pones never out of
fashion and uo waste. Apply GRILLS A CAllLKTON, UK
f T good linsiness record; 4f< per cent prillts; tho bushiest
represents flA,Wiyearly. This advertisement representl
a business with no tint lulls and not In debt mid well estab
lished. We want a thorough husinuss inaii as well us tuou 1
to extend the same. THOMPSON A TOUEY.Uduv
SMth st., Brooklyn, N, IT- _____ "ss?_l?ae*^?as
dollars ($'>.!*) M capital. To a part* liavln tho aiuouiit
to invest a splendid business opportunity will be ottered in
nn old established hotel doing 11 good business In Clucih
niiti, Ohio Address Post oOi.o look box &I7, Cincinnati,
?I-lies to buy cut or buy au interest in n flisl cla.-j
l'ancv lirocery house. Address, for tlireu days, W. C. H,, 14
West Washington square, Philadolphia.
tJ)T:?AYy Klxiurus, worth uoubla the tanuuy; Shelving,
Counters, showcase, iron Safe, Desks, Cliairs, Ac.; utiisl bi
sold this wuok. Address STATION EK, boa llli Derail
V? JUU.cit imiuoiliiiloh, with this amount, its treasuier
Tor tlie famous Collar.l .Iiibilro Concerts; must ho oulck
uiaKiiiir change. Address II A RUING, Manager, saijj
(*..)? |t|||t IN CASH ttA.Mfc.D-A OllAND Op.
"Upoituuity to purchase a large and prosper
ous carli retail business; the entire time aud atteatlou id
the present proprietors Is rei|Uirod in their wholesale hush
lies 1. Pintles having cnsti only address E. A. S., Herald
The Emigration Comintliionorn aro busliy engaged
preparing iliotr annuel report, which is ta be sub
united to the Leg.sUluro next tnoulb. This report
will bo moro thub usually Interesting. (J|i to the pros
eat time the arrivals at Castle (lurdoo Tor too past year
loot up a grand total of 10D.VJJ, of whom 7d,t-dU were
aliens. The greater part ol Uioau last weru r t.oiagn
paasoagrra, forming a vory largo percentage o the
total otituuer of steerage passengers, at.en, till
c.-u and lormcrly resident, who were brought to U.irtle
Harden during tho year Oro.it LIiiUhi sent gj'.rdl
emigrants, the Uuruiau Empire 'JU,07'J, and ltus
sia a.dtv, tboso turee nations contributing tiiu
largufl proportion of the emigiauts coming
to ttins country. Tho general character of the emi
grants was lull} up tu tho level of previous years, with
possibly a slight improvement in intelligence and
pecuniary resources. ttoitiOllinee, however, .1 parly of
paupers have Peon shipped over Iron, buropo. us re
cently tu thecasool the Polish emigrants. Other ruses
scarcely tear pitiable lluwi the ease ot these poor Poles
the lejiort will allow of fmpiuui ncourretiuu. It seems
to be u practice lot tpen living ubroad 10 pro. Ul? pas
sages to this port on the emigrant simmer* lor
women whom lliry have seduced uud who aro
annul to heroine inoibors. pour onsen ol tbM
kind have occurred during the past week, two ol
which at least aro very rail stories. This clas*
ol ivuinuu the Emigration Commissioner* generally
sent buck, usually at their own expense, an that, in
?noil Instances, tins cheap and easy mot hod of "repu
tation' which Hie men who send theru hero adopt Is
nut ?- ell,.ctual as they would no doubt wish It to be.
The commission In their report will call lor moro
xtr.ngciit tcgi-latiou, so that those uriwelcome Im
ports ions will be lew sud lar Oetwnon hereafter. A
bill Is now being prepared for tho Congressional Com
mittee 011 t'omiiiene, oy Mr. John Doveliu, the coun
sel lor the Etnigratiou Commission, which the com
mission think will In-ol decided assistance, 11 passed,
toward the ntuitimutit ol tii.s oosirabiu cud. The
bit/ provides II. i-1 a tag of yd a head
shall be onlorned upon cacti emigrant, and will
restrict Hie steamship lines to a tlxed standard as to
what class ol pei-ou- I hoy ship to this cnuulry as em
igrant.-. Mr. Jackson, the secretary at the commis
sion. think* it impracticable to instltutu any restraint
upoD emigrant* on ihu basts of morality, as is pro
posed on Hie otbor side of Hie continent, but is ol tho
opiaiou that the taws prohibiting the importation of
paupurs cuu bo and should he strictly onforcod.
The recent In ervlcw# In tho IIkhald, expo* ng (ha
more ibau caroltas muuuer 10 wbich the ?peeIHeat oil
lor the lotting of tho contract for tho wire e.ibiei have
been prepared. uro now beginulng to wxclto coneid
erwhlo Ul>ca**ioD among nciontitic men. Tho errors
discovered lu tho "ulliin tie break lag itreuglh" and tho
'?total lire left," by Mr. Albert H .11 having received tho
direct liidorioinout ol General Krancla I. Vinton,
frnferaor ol Mil ing end Civil Kugmovring ol Columbia
College, it la generally believed ihul now cpecillca
liuiia will buvu lo bo drawn out, ?elbelO*l?uf tdo
wire lampion ir.nde daring tho pa*t week aro neoeaaa
nly incorrect, being deduced from a lm?e bant*. The
taxpayer* ol Now York autl Urooalyn uro vory much
Intere*ted lu thl* matter, a* they huvo already paid
out revolt m lliotii toward the work and will probably
have to luruiab *01110 fourteen tntliiona more.
Yorlorday tbero wua not much work truiitaclod on
llio oi'idge and duntig tho luoruing ilia tolegrapli wira
between too lower* broku oil. The engineer* engaged
in tasting toe aamplca of wire rurut*b>d by the bidders
ou me contract have not yet acnt lu their report to
ttio Uoaril of Ti uatco*. It waa uudoratood tbata molt
ing ol the II oar a of I'ruetce* wa* lu liavo neon hold
ye>iortiay afturuoon, but, aa thorn waa no engineer*'
report to Cotiaidor, tho uieetiug did uol take placo.
Home aotion will probably bo lakeu on the matter la
the courae of the aaxt two or thrss day a.

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