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Stocks Past and. Present?
The Holiday Speculation.
Wall Stkkbt. )
Mohuat. Dec. 25, 1476. }
The broker'* stronj bow muy be likened to the
Christmas stocking "bung by tbe chimney with care,"
and the broker himself to the child ol apocryphal
goodness who approaches It with mingled feelings of
hope aud apprehension. The toothaomo bonbon and
the tooting trumpet are pretty sure to be touud slowed
?way somewhere in its depths, hut the chuuce of dis
covery is qualified by the dreidtul apparition ot a bun
dle of twigs.
lluppy is the broker who fluda no bundle of twigs ip
bis burglar proof, labelled Wabash, Ohio, C.. C. and 1.
C'., coal stocks el hi emne <jenns, while succulent sweets
01 a sound and dividend paying nature aro in comfort
able preponderance. It is to be Icared that but Tew
strong boxes are Ireo Irout their disagreeable remind
ers ol an unsatisfactory year, and the uitrth of Chnat
mas is likely to be chanted is a minor key struck by
u notch'** purse.
However, brokers, as a class, are wonderfully free
Irotu despondency, have greut faith :n something'
favorable turning up, aud possess a favorable hope
In a good time coming.
It is true they nave been kopt a long time waiting,
but they cull to mind the proverb about tho lane, be
lievo that there is a turning somewhere (perhaps all
the more irom being hidden irom sight), aud jog along
with faith, hope an>1 charity pervading their trature
aud lighting up thu rugged way. Urokers are handy,
too, at expedients, and are not slow tu attempt new
ones where old ones latl. The blundor committed
?bout a year back in advancing tbe rates ot commis
sions, or. In other words, in striking for higher wages,
at a time when the price ol all kinds ol labor was
being reduced the whole country through, has brought
with it the Irult or its own folly.
lhe direct utluct was to legislate away Irom the
Board what little outside business existed. It Is now
proposod to legislate it tack ugsin by a plan of equally
doubtful cQlciuucy.
The project which a sub-committee have in charge
Is to permit speculators, ou puynieut ol $500 per an
num to thu treasury of the Board, to huvo thetr orders
executed at ouc-hall tho prosent charge, thus favorlug
the large operator aud discriminating against tho
small one.
We are not prepared to say how the scheme will
work, though it inuy be worth a trial. The prool of
thepuddlng (plum, with sprigs ol holly, as beflts the
season) is in the outing thereof, and the plan may bo
more palatable than at llrsl appears.
Lp to this time tho tinkering at the CommicsiOD luw
has been to as little purpose as tbe celebrated prom
enade ol tho French King who flrst murched up tbe
hill and then marched duwD ugsiu, and has not been
unlike it in its system ol advance and retreut. Under
toy circumstances it is to bo hoped that next Christ
mas will bo reached under brighter auspices than the
present one, and that tho skies which are now over,
east will clear up undor the rays of more prosperous
p. m U OfentLAslenl. Offered. Anker],
Pacific Mall.. . 24* Mil * St P pt. ijlj, 51
L '"?u '1'>? '? '? C, 0*1.... 37 38*
At A Facie! 14* i;,* C, O * I C 2* :.'J
Fu cks Iver. . 12 , 14 Hid. L X Welt 72', 72L
kuicksilver pf.. 18* 21 Erie 0* si*
RarL* Win I*' R* Hen * St Jo. . 13}' it"
liar 1, 4 Miupf 6Jj II an * St J opt 26 27
JdamsEx .102 101 L s * M So.. . 68); f,8?
inieriean Ex.. 50 5R* Mich Central.. 4?>>i 4o>?
I bExorees... 52* 53* N V 4 Harlem. 13 ? 13.1
Jn L,' ,"r,:t'? ? w If v c * Hud 1H3C id ' v
kill * Alton... trn Mi X J Central.. . 36* 37
tj?v? * 'His.. Ml* tai., Ohio & Mi,a. . ? Ri
F-lli i t 2 i * 4 Panama ? 13 i
Jm ! * S iv ?>f" r**H Tol A Wabash. 5>? 5k
L , ?,<r- 1HB?? I'niiin PaclBc.. 58 till
Mil * St Paul . 20 SO', Ml. Pacific. ... 3 4k
In view of tho fact that tbe Toledo and Wabash Rail
road Company will to-day ho succeeded by the Wabash
Railway Company, the tollowlng statements may be
ol interest to the shareholders:?
Debts and Lease Obligation* of the Toledo, Wabtuh and
Western A'aihray Company, Xoreinber 1, 187C.
First mortgage Toledo and lllluois Railroad
Company. $900 000
First mortgago Lake Erie, Wabash and lit. '
_,Lo,lm 2,500,000
First mortgage Ureal Western, west ol He
vc?lur 4,000
rirsi mortguge Great \vostoro of 1859 2,495.000
First mortgage Quincy aud Toledo 500^000
h irsl mortgago Illinois and Southern Iowa.. 300 000
First mortgage Decatur and E. Su Louis.... 2,7no!000
Second mortgago Toledo and Wabash 1 000,000
Second mortgage Wabash and Western l'soo 000
Becond mortgage Great Western ol 1*5#.... 2 600 000
Consolidated S. F. bonds, 1'., W. & W 2,010,000
Consolidated second mortgage gold bonds.. 2,503 000
Kqnipmcut bonds [[ 000 000
Bank debt, secured by $2,497,000 gold band's '
as collateral, with lutoresL 1 (>00 000
Total of debt $21,112,000
Leased liocs, interest on 3 04-< ggg
Contracts C. B. and y. and T. P. and w!*7 ' "*
per cont on \\ 7W) (i0q
Rental to Equipment Company on'..'.'.".".!"'.". 7oo'ooo
Total of debt, lease, obligations, 4tc $20 454 000
To which add overdue Interest, about. 3,'lb8,427
The debt uud obligations of tho Wabash Ruilwuy
Company at tho samo dale will be as follows:?
Mortgago aett as In tho preceding, deduct
ing $2,503,0L0 gold bonds, the equipment
bonds, $000,000, and bank debt
$ 1,000,000. '$17 009 000
I'juipmenl bonds (contingent) 'ooo'lioo
Bunk debt, io be paid in yearly liitUlmeuts. l.iKkqOOO
Total mortguge and contingent sis tiou ooo
Add overdue interest to November 1, 1870 ' '
uboul '. 2,774,206
Difference In lavor of new company........ s'234'222
St'nV,hr ?Vr0aa ?????? 606 miles
r u .i ! 323 unles
Cupital slock llfl.OOO.OCO
Total slock and debt 37>3,206
Debt, per mile 35 36o
Debt and stock, per mile ...".!!.!!! 62,000
Moxdav. Doc. 29. 1876.
Veals Sheep
? . _ and and
q. ?,L , . Her tee. Cotes. Cult's, Lamb*. Hoy.
Sixtieth street 2,27s 17 540 6 3U0 -
Forty-elglitb street.... ? 4 o i |,a
Fortieth street.... ? _T , 1H.HO-,
Jersey City 3.000 10 - 10,450 I5.1U2
r t, .- ?' '? 647 10,045 29,027
Fresh lo-dey 2.1*4 _ _ u ?i3 8 l77
Itski as. ? I rude on this forenoon waa Arm and hrita on
e verr light ran of horned cattle, ranging Irom com men tu
go..d, 1 roiu 5.? 1 bs. a 58 lbs. bits been showed net. At ;da
tieth street ysr.lt T O. Easimen sold lor ?eir3 . cars horned
cattle; ssles hs tollows.? 218 Kentucky sieere at ?t.c a
l'l'jc. per lb., weight S ewL.acanl; 128 lllluois steers at
10'4c. per IU. weight * cel.; Ill Illinois steers et
lt'S?c. a lOXc. per lb . weignt 8 ewt. W. Wbceler sold
i??r r. Ce Ki$stuiau *441 Illiuot* atoerit at iOc.
at IIMc. per lb., weights ewt. a 10ewt. 8.Mosessold
f..r .ell ??) Illinois stecrf at RJic. per lb., weight H\, ewt. ? M
lllluois steers at Oigc. per lb., weights ewt. ? 81. ewt. ;
B3 Illinois steers at ?kc- per lb., we'ght ?ik ewt. H. Y.
liorchard sold (or AsbrooSe * Green Id Kentucky dry cows
*t Oc. a 10c. per lb., weight 7 ewt. L'lerv *
L'ary rold lor Goff * Go. 33 mixed Kentucky
Cattle at SV_. ? Pc per lb.. weight 7 ewt.;
lor >1 Klrchway 73 llllueia steers at lOjic. a ll?.c. per lb'
" ? J. Rifles
with lop. at 12e. per lb., weight 8\ ewt. J. Rifles sold fur
toll 55 Illinois steers at be tier lu.. we.ghl ok ewt.; 2 state
Ixen at 10Jtc. per lh? li?e weight U.taHO tbe.. to dress >7
lbs. net. U. Kami sold tor li. Kaliu Id Kentucky steers at
"k<\ per lb., with 1 steer at 11 L?c. per lb., weight 7tc ewt
wit* 1 arrival l.7*Ullve weight to dress 58 lbs net; lor li
Becker 15 Kentucky oxen at'Jc. per ib.. weight 7 ewt, i
lor J. Uruwn II Kentucky steers and oaen at Tic. per lb.,
weight 11 ewt. ; for llrowii * Itecker, 30 Kentucky steers at.'
l''kc per lb., weight 8 ewt At Jersey City yards Coney .%
Mcrherson sold lor J A. Uadisiuan 47 Kentucky steers at
ll'ke., with $1 oB per head ou 17 heed a\ lOkc. por lb.,
weight 8 cwl ; for S Hrown. 14 Kentucky steers at
luc. a 11c. per lb., weight 8 CWL ; for lloideruian. no ulile
?leers at lie por lb., with $1 off per hsad. and I Ike. per lb.
wt. ; for Christ, llervvn Jt Cy,. 1*2 Ohio steers si
weight b ewt. . ,f..
1'kc. a ltlc. per lb., weight 7U ewt.: 3 bulls at 4ke,
per lb. on live weight. M Uoldschuiidt sold
foi "
Saddler * Co. 81 Uhlo steers at t?!4c. per
iu.. weight tik ewt.: lor X. Morris, 32 Illinois
steers at lOkc. per lb., weight 7(g ewt. K. Samuels sold Tor
N. Morris 33 Illinois steers at 9)%c- P*r lb., weight ?>t, ewt.
strung: 51 Illinois steera at 9kc. per lb., weigot ?iC ewt.;
4t> Illiuola steers at lOkc. per lb . 7 c-wt. atrnug ToRey *
Huns sold lor X. Morris d?i Illinois steers at 9l4e. per lie,
with $15 off thu lot, weight 61a ewt.; 10 Illinois steers at
ll\c per lb., weight dk ewt.
ouxar aro Lamhs ?The following sales were cbletly ef
fee tail ol lost Saiurday alternoou In anticipation of to-day's
festlvslSheep told at 2%c. a 7c. per Ib.; lambs not quoted:
, -Vac. a (Ike. per Ib. fc. Xtwtou sold 8U Ohio
mixed !lookI, ^ __
twos, weight 78 lbs. per heed, at 3^0. per lb. ; 188 Uliio
ewes, weight 83 lbs per head, at 4c. per Ib.; 3i>8 Ohio sheep
weight 7* lbs per head, et 4c. per Ib.; 7U Ohio sheep,
weight 128 lbs per liesil at per Ib. ; 121 Ohio
theep, weigut 131 IbY p r head, at 7c. per Ib. ; 183 Ken
tucky sheep, weight 111 lbs. per head at o.^c. per lb Judd
* Huckii.gFiam sold 241 1 a nails tbocp, weight 70 lbs per
IU ; 23oiibio sheep, weight 8i lbs per
bead, at per IU ; 23U(ibio sheep, weight 8 i lbs. per
head, at 4',c. por lb.: Id* Ohio ewes, weight 88 lbs. p.r
head, at 4h,c. per IU lluate * Elliott sold 175 State
slirep, weight lo.M4ti Iba, at 4,kc. per lb.; tOO State
eheep. weight 8,38<) Int., si 4\c. per Ib.; 201 State sheep,
weight IA,82UlbS.. st 4k*. per lb.; Stale sheep, weight
HI.24U Ilia, at 5kc. per lb . IHntlhiu sheep, weight 15.MS)
lbs., St >k'*^?rTb . 42 Pennsylvania sheep, weight 3.8UQ
5*u. ?er Uk; 157 renaayivaaia sheep,
weight Ift.ano Tbf.. lit IVt per lb.; 16<1 Can
ada sheep, weight IS.hwi ib? , ?t ,v4e p?r lb.; ?<H
Wisconsin sheep. weight 17.43?> lUe,. at v4c. par lb ; 17*
IRdiaiiU slu-ep. weight I7.?30ll>*.. a: S%C. par ft. -old 'or
U'jpwft etrli rt< live* >i)h?r 23, khfcp auU Imub* *t
$3 !!?? a> ers.-e ; ?r liriu) Davis A llallenbcck whl 9 Canada
sheen. weu-hi <ie*> lb. . at 31,,. par lb.: M Canada sheep,
weight 1 uMllb,.. it r\e. par lb ; 'Jft Obio aheap, weight
0. Ill) lb\, at HVc par lb.; 1UU Ohio sharp weijjin
lit. 1*1 lb*.. at >\c. per lb ; 17i? I 111 uoia sheep
weight 17..'ISO iba.. at 5V,c par lb.; 134
Mate aheap an.I lamb,, weight ll.iro Iba.. at SJ^e par ib;
I'Ai Stale aheap slid lambs weight 7..VS1 |b?, at >\e. pe
1b: OJ aikie abeap anu laiuba a eight S.73o lha , at'* per
lb: "t State aheap anil laiuhe, aeiqhl 3 ">7o Iba.. at ti'.e.
per lb.
Milch Cow*?No eah e
Vjaks a?B CaLvxs?Y'eals aoid at 6c. a He. per lb; calves
a I $9 a a p?r Ueatl.
llooa?Tbere wera noes ou tale.
A T reasonable kaVks-munkv" (is UFfe 'tSb
2A Endowment lnsuraawe Bolide, and M<>ng<Ke, ssiue
bought; insurance of all kind, slfected with boa; companies
J. J, If ABKfCIf A CO.. IIH Broadway.
atlueiital or St. Louis Mutual Lire lu.urance Cuiupauire
will Hint H to th ir advantage conns 1 with the Llle In
| auretire liuellu'eiiue Bureau. CHARLES J IIaHTMA.VS
j -Mauaper. 26:.' Broadway, New York, or b ?* 484 post ofiue.
V , _ ,, 7. H anil 10 per cent
1. ity ami Comity Municipal Honda
I First Mortgage Railroad liouda.
I City Railroad Stocks auii Bonds. Tu.-uiaiire am) liauk
I stocks. c.??.l|{ht siocka and Honda. strictly (lr-t cUai
Set-unties. Intersil* always pruu.ptiy paid, for sale el
desirable price, bi A I.It!.I; I U Nit OLAY A Co..
.. No. 43 Fine St.. New Y'.irk.
N H. ? Investment securities our specialty tor "JO years
Jexpetises, on N w A ork. Hmoklyn and Westchester Klrst
Xorigages; Seconds and Leaseholds at easy term-.
^ Tit >UGh h. sT A K K, 13U Hroad way.
N'oa. lit4 aud G4fl Broailwav. corner Merck' r st.
... . Nkw Yolix. Dec. 22. 1876.
The trii-taca of IUi? inetitulluu hue declared the fifty,
second semi annual dividend 01. all deposit, on the 1st day
I ol January next by the rub a entitle I therein. at the rate
1 ol six per cent per annum on sums nut exceeding $6<aj, and
I five per cent per anuniti on .arger Mima.
Payable on and alter January 13.
K. I SHOWN, President.
C. r. Alvoud, Secretary.
quested to meet at the oflicr ol the undersigned on
tiediiesday, -37111 inat.. at 2 o'clock P. V . io devise sonm
lueaua lor pto?euliiig to the General Assembly a plan for
the adiiuatuiuiit of the -luie deht
JOHN B. MANNING, 7S Broaawnv.
Parties owing mortgages to broken say
nigs banks c m Uuvu them nssigued to an eatate lor live
years at legal rates. H. L. UUANT, 146 Broadway.
ROC II ESTKlt CITY 7'S, 1)1'K I.N 1S0I,
tor Httle by
Daniel a. mokan, no. so wall st? n. y*.
rilKCST I'LNDs TO LO\.v O.N MOIt I ti A1 IE?CI f'T,
JL Brooklyn unci ^iifi'iii comuy.
Lii AVIT1 ft WOLCorr, 10 1'lne Hi.
. Noa. SWti and J'.l>Ciiuat ,1. ? I'be trustees have de
clared their usual dividend, at the rate ol ?.x por cent per
auiiuni, on all su.na that have remained on deposit for the
last three or s.x mouths. .Money dvnosited 011 or before
January 1 will draw interest I rum thai date. ltcmov I.?
Ibis bank will remove to its new hanking house, Hroadway
noil Hlitl St.. on or about Decomher Jli. lr%70. Open dally
from 10 to 3, and Monday evenings, "? to 7.
G. S.^Cu a 1*1 n , J're as. Tpos. Kloyu Juhks, See.
ipiOi'/UHIlrst class reslk-state in l.oinlur. county, Vir
ginia. worth ovor $;it),0O0; best of Now York and Philadel
phia references given. .N. K. JaNNEY". J13 South nth st.,
Philadelphin, Pa.
yjyj v/iiuy uinount; aUo money ut six per cent,
.... ^ M VA1X 146 BrdnUway. .
S-O.IA) > cap secure ? ashiei ship of n leading natiouul
bank In one ol the most prosperous ol' Southern cities. All
ply GBIGGS A OAKLhTO.Y IIH Broudwav.
Apakt.neu wanted wti ii $s?i in good li.gi
tluoato business; clinuco seldom tillered. 17 East 7tli st.
St.-Partncisliln 11 lie red after January I, prox. Address
L.. box 170 Herald ollice
Hotel.?wanted, by an enekgetic. kelFa
ble and thorough hotel uitu, the management id or au
Interest in 1 lirst class city hotel, where $10,0 o to $:!(),(00
and services would innure a permnuent ami good paying
position; only those who can ollur a good position is a good
house need address HOTEL, box 1*3 Herald ollice.
Lady, phopiuetok ok elkothd; TUiis (Im
parts unliual inagn-tism bv tnauipiiiation), tlosirca part
for, with capital; iurnished llooms. 73 West 33lb st.
business; fine loontion; 110 humbug: a rare chance.
__ MA LONE. 5 Dey st,
V V/V/.mliiimuni prohls nnqui stionably $4n,OUO
yrsn.r. Address IE, box Ii'3 Herelil ofllce.
?9hlwVn WAXTKD'-KIVE yeaks, seven"pee
tPsjOjHOVfcsnt, on three largo Houses, worth more
tuan duubie the amount. Address sPKOL'LE, Jot) 1 Ittth st
[From the Donison (Texas) News, Dec. 19 ]
A lew uroekx since Postmaster Webster, ol this city,
called the attontion ol iho thief ol Pol.ctt of Cincin
nati to the Ohio, Kentucky ana Texas Land Compuuy,
doing business In that city, which company claim to
own a large cumber of lots In Mineral City, Grayson
county, Texas, and informed said oillcial that the
Mineral City part was a fraud, there being no such
place. The thiol. It appears, has acted upon this In
formation, the result ol which was that this land com
pauy luruithcd him withu printed copy ofu certitlcuiu
from G. A. Dlckorman, Clerk of this county, stating
mat tho plat ol M ineral City and 1I10 title deeds then to
aro tiled In the Kecorder's oltlce lor the r.ou; ly
which certificate ho forwarded to Mr. Webster. (Jap!
tA'n YV'fbster thereupon lorwurded the same to Mr.
Dickcrman and usked If lliut was the certificate he
made. Mr. Dickcrman replied as lollows:
"hkmaw. Texas. Dec. 14.
DkHikb Wsbktku:?
Dkau Sir- I can't say as to the truth or falsity of my cor
tllicute to the Ohio, Kentucky auu Texas Laud Company
as I hid not retain a copy, but >et it contain what it may, Ii
was only iniendod by m? as a receipt for plat and deeda
filed: Ite publication waa entirely unauthorised
There is a plat of Minrral City tiled in thia ofllce also
deeds, first, from K. K. W ard to N. II. Kedman; second, from
Redman to N. Hoamer. President Ohio. Kentucky and Texas
Land Company, rorapaitol the So. saltan Frauds survey
upon which .Mineral City purports to he located, yet their
title is bad, as there is no deed ol record in this ollice
divesting Frauds or his heirs ot the title.
ft la well kuown by all sbo have put themaelves to the
trouble to inquiie that Mineral City lias 00 existence In
fact. There is nut a house 011 the ground, and no matter
what may be said to the runtrHry.it lias never been sur
veyed and staked off. sod there are citliens living all uliout
and evvu on the ground who are in niter ignorance of
every ruct connected with it. It is known thet the lend
claimed aa tbe location la not 011 lied Hircrnor I) led
Kivcr navigable so high as that point bv mauv' uules. tV u
know there has never been a railroad survey made nearer
that eight to ten miles of the so-called city, yet the com
pany represent that their title Isgood-tbn ii lie No. 1: thoy
repre eut that the city has been surveyed and atukrd oil
lie No. g; that it is bring built up?lie No. 3; that it la 011
lied Itiver?lie No. 4; that the river Is navigable to that
noint?lie No. 3; that It Is on tbe western brauch of the
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Hallway-lie No. 6. lha com
pany has even gone bo lar as to advenlse that an election
would be held tor city officers, without even a house on tbe
ground or a man living In the city so called. The whole
thing It a humbug trom beginning to end. and the company
has persistently, by all manner of misrepresentations, mis
led many people to their hurt.
You are at liberty to uiaae such use of this as you sue
proper, liespectlully your Iriand.
It will be aeen by tho abovo that this Ohio, Kentucky
and Texas Laud Company have 110 title to ?Dy laud re
corded In tbls county.
Wo aro In posacaion or a letter from Stephen Young,
ol MecbanicsTillu, lowa, who is desirous ol locating
here wiib hie family. He says he hag purchased acv
oral Iota in Mineral city of iho Obio, Kentucky and
Toxaa Land Company, and wants to know if 11 would
be advisable to erect tenant bouses on them this coming
spring, and H Mineral City is a larger place than Don
Lon. Mr. Young, like thousands 01 others, have been
victimized, as Mineral City has no oxistcnco only in
the fertile Drain of rogues who have grown rich on ihe
credulity of its victims. This shamoiul swindle bus
been exposed time and ugaiu. and yet wo nonce It is still
being extensively advertised in Eastern cities, and wo
presume the rogues are yet reaping a rich harvest
I hev advertise their headquarters as being in Cincin
nati, but wo understand the parlies engaged 10 the
swindle live In Kentuky. It is estimated that they havo
dmpoeed of over lOb.UOO lots In ibo mythical city of
[From iho Raletgb (N. G.) News, Dec. 23.)
Robert Ham kept a litlle grocery store at Best's sta
tion, on the Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad, six
miles east of Goldsboro. He bad no laiully, and his
meals wore cooked and brought to him by a colored
woman who lived near by Y'esierday morning, as a
pa.-se uger by the North Carolina ttain relates, the col
ored womau carried flam's breaklasl to him at llio
usual hour, but trying the back door, through which
she usually entered, and finding It locked, went awav.
supposing that Hum had not yet waked up, and return
ing a little laier in the morning perceived that the
door was still locked, dhe was surprised. It being con
siderably alter tbe man's usual rising hour, and a
neighbor appearing about this time she remarked upon
Ihe singular circumstance. The neighbor, upon walk
ing around the store, discovered a orsck In the Iront
door, and the door being pulled open the body of Ham
was discovered lying In iba middle of the floor,
drenched in his own gore. An examination revealed
Hist a pistol shot hud passed through the man's head,
enuring too lorohcad and coming out at ibe back of
the bead. The store was not examined lor the purpose
ol aacertaiutug whether or no anything was miaaing
bat the doors wore closed until Coroner Kirk, who was
Immediately sent lor, could arrive from Goldsboru
Tnis wus the situation ard these tho laclstnat bad been
developed when our luiorinant, who arrived here at
hull-past twelve yesterday, passed Best's station In the
morning. .Suspicion rests upon no one thus fur. The
Coroner's inquest may elicit something or it may nou
John Harris, a sen run n, attached to the Unltod States
navy, caused the arrest of John M. f'allun, ubarfender,
residing at No. 234 York street, Brooklyn, on a charge
of knocking nlm down and rohhtng Mm of $36. l'alluu
wua held to unswur boioru Justice Waisb.
President Orton Makes His Return
to the Congressional Subpoena.
He Has No Personal Knowledge of the
Desi'ed Telegrams.
The following correspondence I* furnished by the
Western Uutua Telegraph Company:?
Kxkcctivr Ortick, )
Wkstskx Union Islfukafh OomfaNT, |
York. Dec. 23, 1870 )
don. William K. Morrison, Chairman, Now uncaus.
La :?
Sir?Accompanying this I seud you a cotumuuica
lion made by u>o tbix day 10 tbu Speaker ol Uie House
ol Representatives in rcapucl lo a paper served upon
me. and wbicb requires tbe Sergeautat-Arms ol the
Houaeol Representatives lo summon me lo appear be
lore your comtullleo al New Or eaua ou Ibe goth ol
December. 1 do uol auppuae il m thought 1 possess uuy I
personal ?now.edgo concerning an* ol ibe mutters lo
be inveeilgaied by ilial coiuiuiiloe. 1 am bul now recov
ering troui a long and aeruiuo illneaa, and my UoaJlh 11
in *uch a ilalc Ibal 1 could uoi, wilboul great incou
?ouienee auu risk. as well aa unnecessary expeliao lo
Hie govoruuienl, make ao loug a Journey aa thai lo
New Orleans. 1 trust, tlieroloro, lhal I may be re
lieved Iroui personal aiieudance, and lhal aucb report
as you may ibiuk proper lo tuuko to llio Speaker ol
'.be House may uoi Involve me iu a coulumpl lor a lull
ure to appear personally. 1 possess no knowledge In
iespeci lo any mutter confided lo you lor Investiga
tion, or in respect to the papers which you seek,
which would be ol auy value lo you if I were there. 1
am, very respectfully, Vt'lLl-lAM OKION.
Exkcutivr offick )
Wrsiekn L'kioN TsLKuKaru Cumfanv, >
' Nkw York, Loo. 23, 1870. )
To Hou. Samikl J. Randall, Speaker ol the liouse of
Uuproi-uutiilivos, Washington, I). L'. :?
MR?on i be 19th day ol December a paper, a copy
ol which is hereto unuexed, was handed to me at
Washington, addressed to John G. Thompson," Esq.,
Serceuut-at-Arms, or his sliecial messenger, and signed
by you as Speaker, by which paper tho said Thompson
or hie special messenger is coinuiandod lo produce at
New Orleans, belore the special committee ol the
House ol Representatives ol whicn Hou William U.
Morrison Is chairman, all lologrnms tu hia possession
or uuder his coulrol received or sent by Willlum fc~
Cliuudlcr, Zach Chandler, J. Don Cameron, J. M. Ed
muuds, James Casey, William Rill Kellogg, ?. B.
Packard, John F. Casey, J. R. G- l'ukeu, Houry C.
Dibbell, H. C' Warmolh, Ueorgo W. Carter uud <.olo
rul Auger, trom ubd*ul New Orlouus, La. ; Washington
City, D. C.; New York city, N. Y., siuco the tlrsl day
ol September last. Said paper alio appears lo require .
said Thompson to summon me to appear belore said
select committee at tho same time and place, ihcu and
there lo testily touching matters ol inquiry committed
lo said couimmee. Assuming that said paper is erro
neously supposed to couluin some command addressed
to me, requiring mo to produce belore suid committee
telegrams ol a like description in my possession or
uuder tuy control, 1 beg leave res|>ecilully to intnrui
yon thul, il any such messages have over existed, ol
which 1 have no knowledge, 1 have never had, either
personally or olllcially, auy possession of thoni ; tbat 1
have never hud any conirol over them except as an
agent of Ibe Western Uuiou Telegraph Company,
through and bv the co-operation of subordinate agents;
thut ihu Western Union Telegraph Cpmpauy has, with
out any knowledge or participation on my part, taken
Irom mo all power and couirol over all messages now
lu tho |Kissessiou ol the company. 1 bog leave, tDero
loro, respectlully to bo excused Ironi oompliuuco with
the'ubove-meutionod requirement, Il never huvlng
been nt any tltno siuco the servico of the subpa-tia,
and being not now in my power to comply with tho
same. Very respectlully. Ate., WILLIAM ORION.
an affidavit.
City ami County of AVic York, *?.Personally np
peured before me the 23d day ol December, 1878, Will,
tarn Orion, to me personally known, wbo, being duly
sworn deposed that tho unnoxed statement, addressed
to the Hou. .Samuel J. Randall, Speaker ol tho Houso
of Representatives, is true, and that the sarno is rnudo
as and lor his return io the certain paper purporting
to be a subpuuna relcrrod lo therein.
Notary Public, City and County ol New York.
Tho lollowlug corroapondonce explains itself:?
L'Nitkd Status Sknats Ciiamiiku, I
Warhinuion, Due. IP, 1870. |
To tho lion. Will!ax OBTOX, President ol the Western
Union Telegraph Company:?
You are hereby required lo produce without delay,
belore the Committee ol Privi.egcs and Elections of
the United States Souate, originals and copies of all
telegraphic despatches received at or sent iroin the
telegraph ollloes in Salem and Portland, State of Urogou,
Irom the 1st day ol Novombor, 1870, to tho 19th
day ol Deoomber, i?70, any and all despatches contaiu
ing tho uuuio ol J. N.P. Patrick or J. N. P. Parirlok;
also Charles Diamond or Charles Duuond; also Run
yon k Co.; also l.add Ac Hush; slso Kugeuo Cusscrly ;
also William M. Gwinn, or lo said Uwiun or Irom bun,
and ulI despatches wborethdsom ol $8,000 Is mentioned,
and all despatches ol a political character by whomso
ever seat or received, relerrmg to the electoral vote of
Oregon, the ineligibility of Watts an a Presidential
elector or lo g:viug the certificate lo Cronln as a Presi
dential elector, and ulso all despatches ol a political
character by whomsoever sent or recelvol within tho
portod named herein. O. P. MORION,
Chairman ol Commlltoo ol Privileges and Klectlons.
Wkstkkn Union TkLkuKAFii Company, J
Nkw Yoke, Dec. 23. 1876. )
Tho Hon. 0. P. Morton, Chairman of Committee of
PriVilegea and Kleolions, Wasbtuglon, D. C:?
sir?In response to your notice, dated Washington,
December 19, 1878, whereby 1 em required to produce
without uelay belore the Committee ol Privileges uud
Flections ol tho United Slutes Senate originals and
copies ol sll telegraphic despatches received at or sent
trout the telegraph olllccs at Sulern sud Portland,
State ol Oregou, Irom tho 1st day of No
vember, 1878, to the l?th day of December
1878 auv and all despatches containing the
uaiu'o of'J- N. P. Patrick or J. N. P. Parirlok;
also Charles Dlainoml or Charles Dlmood; also Run
yon At Co. ; also Ludd & llusb; also Eugene CaAerly;
ulso William il. (iwiuu, or to said Owtun
or from him, nnd all despatches where the
sum ol $S,0uQ is mentioned, and all des
patohes of a political churacler by whomsoever sect
or received, relerrmg to the elec oral vole ol Oregon,
tbe ineligibility of Watts as a Presidential elector, and
also all despatches ol a political character by whom
soever sent or rcr.eivod within the period named
herein, I beg leave respectlully to say that I linvo
neither possession nor control ol any messages sent by
the Western Union Telegraph Company, and am
uuablo. thercloru, either to ascertuiii whether such
despatches or messages as you describe hare ever
existed, or to comply with tbe requirement cr said
notice. Very respectlully. W1I.LIAM ORTON.
axotukk affidavit
City and Counly of A en York St.:? I
Personally appeared bcloro me, this 23d day ol De
cember, 1878, William Orion, to mo personally known,
who be'tug dulv sworn, deposed that lbs annexed state
ment addressed to Hon. 0. P. Morton, Chairman of
Committee ol Privileges and Elections, is true, hdi!
that the same is made as and lor his return, to tbe no
tice referred to therein. WILLIAM AKNOLX, ,
Notary Public. City and County of New York.
what tnf. company will do.
The following resolutions wcru adopted by the Board
of Directors ol the Western Union Telegraph Company
at a meeting held December 22, 1878:?
Resolved, Thst the Western Union Telegraph Company
regards Itself as the confidential agent of such of the people
of the Culled states as may wish to employ Its aireueics h.r
the transmission of eommnnlcatlous by telegraph, and
bound to resist by every lawinl means all pabllcation or ex
amination of lis records.
Resolved. That, excepting such messages as may be di
rected bv tho sender to be preserved for a period not exceed
ing six months tho hxeoutivo Committee Is herein- directed
to provide in the future tor such speedy destruction ol all
written ine?sa;-e? as the necessury Keeping ol aceounts be
tween tbe respective offices or tb? company will allow.
Unsolved. Ibal the Hoard of Directors hereby approve the
action of the Executive Cominiiten in removing all mes^
?ages now on band from tbe control or possession of any of
its officers.
On Sunday night James McCaffrey, af No. 75 Orand
street, while intoxicated, entered a saloon In the
basement ol So. 48 Thompson stroel, kept by the no
torious negro James Jackson, who was arreted Ovo
yours ago for thn murder of u white woman, with
whom ho was living, by throwing bur down stairs.
While Mr. McCaffrey was in lbs place ho was robbed ol
$15 and ouu ol ibe liim.tos, Mary ScuHIod, Informed
Officer Mulligan, of tho Eighth precinct, that Jackson
stole the money. He was al ouco arrested, and, on
being arraigned belore Justice Bixby, yosterdsy, was
hold for trial In default ol $1,000 ball.
'trero is at present not a single patient in the Small
t Hospital on Blackwoll's island, a situation of
nrs there which is utterly unprecedented. Dr.
tchcn attributes this very gralilylng fact to the
.rough aud efficient care of the city's health t>y tho
>8oiu Board ol Health.
[From the Fort Scott (Kan.) Monitor, Dec. IL)
IVe hoard s meagre account of a terrible burning case
nch occurred on Tuesday, near Leroy, Barton
uuiy, Missouri, which resulted in tbe deutb ol Mrs.
tin and her little child. It appears tbat Mrs. Hum
>ul out to get u bucket ol water, leaving hor little
lid playing before iho lire. While on her way back
o Itourd the child scrtiim. and dropping ncr bucket,
o run back and saw the child with us clothing m
inca She caught It up and endeavored lo smother
u ure, when it communicated to tier, and there being
assistance near, both were burned to death.
SrittxoriELii, Mass., Dec ffo, 1S.0.
The snowy mantle o! winter which biu. settled down
in such Douulltul abundance in the Connecticut, Housa
ton c and Hoosuc valleys h a brought a decree of in
convenience and suffering w hich none but the afflicted
communities cau lully realise. The entire summer .?a
well as ihe last months ol autumu were favored with
but lew rains, uu>l when winter came It lound nearly
all the streams and wells In the western part of Massa
chusetts either very low or dried up ultogeiher, and
benco the dilemma which the people now hud them
selves in is a very s. nous one. Manufacturing is re
tarded or wholly suspended in many sections, and it Is
only with great difficulty that some neighborhoods can
obtain the aqu.-ou* lluid in sufficient abundance for or
dinary domestic purposes.
In tbe mountain tow ns, where the uuled springs
have given out, the farmers have been obliged to molt
snow to obtain water lor household purposes, and they
have also lound it necessary to drive their cattle and
other stock long distances to enable ibeiu to quench
their thirst As the Uelds and roads are heavily
drifted at this time the task Is quite apevcre oue, and
as there is likely to ho tnoro snow Uelore there Ik any
rain the prospect ol reliel iu the Immediate future is
not very fluttering.' The country grist mills, which tbu
farming community rely largely upon, are also crip
plod or wholly suspended lor wmui ol water power, und
the people find themselves obliged to buy large quali
ties ol meal and produce, which is usually supplied
iroiu their own resources.
The uianuiaciunng interests aru also suffering ter
ribly from Iho unprecedented water laniiue, and
thousands ol operatives are throuteued wub lulencsa
and destitution. The Uwlghl Manulacluring Com
pauy, ol CUlcopce, has Just boeu compelled to shut
dowu two of its largojt nulls, unJ over 3oo pctsotis
have been throwu out of employment In consequence.
As fully one-hall ol these operatives bavu been
uviku raosi uann to mouth
such will be obliged to usk help Irom the town if tlio
mills remain closed for more than a mouth. I he mut
ter has already been made Iho subject of a special
town mooting, at which $1U,000 was appropriated lor
pauper purposes, $7,U0U ol which Is to bo used lor im
mediate relict, rtio river is vory low at Cbicopeo
Kails yet tUe Ch copoe Mauulucturiug win
pany' have thus lur boon able to keep about
hull their machinery ruuuiug. Hio Del. her
mills have boeu lorced to slop altogether, and tbo
others in the town nave been obliged to put in steam
power. From lterkahire couuty there couio iho same
dolelul reports, and ihe towns of Hinsdale, Kiltsueld,
Adaius and Great Uarringtou are (tiled with idle opera
tives, praylug lor a rain or a thaw. It >a ouly a lew
luuuths since the nulls had orders nutUuicnl to warrant
them lu starling, and now it scorns all the more uulor
tuuuie that they ure obliged to stop lor waul ol water
power. This is particularly the caso with the mills of
the l'lunkott Woollen Company in Uiusduto.
The munuiacturers ol iluo pupor iu Dalton and Leo
ura also suffering heavily irom lliu luuuue. I rom Iho
latter towu 1 learu that the streams are almost abso
lutely ury, and ibai winter bus sot in with between
two aud three leel of snow on Iho ground.
Tlio paper makers look blue, as wilhiu the
past wo. k or two orders have been rushing
in from different directions, and. lor the llrst tiuio in
many months, business had begun to look prosperous,
lu most cases the manufacturers can do uoihiug .or
want ol water to start their mills- It is rolalod ol ono
concern that had been bidding lor the trade ol a largo
house lor two y ears, that a lew nays ugo thi-y received
their first aud an extensive order, but the drought
leaves them powerless. All the mills on the Housaloolc
Kivor ure practically shul dowu, as each oue, by pond
ing the wuter, cau ruu ouly a lew hums at u tinio.
The town of lMttstteld, tlio largest in llerkthlro
county, and oue ol the most chatming and euterpris
lDg in iho Stale, was lor a few days almost literally
without a drop ol water, aud il a conflagration had on
sued willious of property would havo been swept
away. Ashley Poud, on Washington Mountain, is
where tbe supply has been derived Irom. und this giv
ing out the towu was lein|a>rarily in a very bud sltua
linu. ludcod, for a wholo week some sections ol tlio
village did not receive a drop of wator Irom the ordi
nary source. Klually steam pumps wero set to work
on Washington Mountain, and Lake Ashley was thus
Ailed from another lake some Ave rollos d.staut Tlio
waior was pumped Irom the iailor lake, thonco forced
through about A00 loci ol hose to tbo bod of a small
stream (then dry), alter which It Inund its wuy to Luke
Ashley through lour miles ol show and Ice, and then
via the pipes to toe anxious aud thirsty inhabitants of
There are fears (well louuded) that in the spring, II
there is a sudden thaw and heavy rains, there tnuy bo
a series ol disastrous lresbels with, perhaps, conse
quences not uuliko those utiondiug tbo Mill Kivor
calamity. There is a heavy body ol show on tho
grouud, and these country towns, or many ol thorn,
are covered by dunis and resorvoirs as vast (and, per
bups as insecure) as the one at Williamsburg. During
tnu excitement ol the Mill lliver disaster there was a
good deal ol talk about making those reservoirs ealo
by legislation, but sinco that ?uil event there have boon
two similar deluges in the Stale. Ouu was at Middlo
ileld, in llami ahtro couuty, and the other neur Wor
cester. Fortunately there was uo lo.-s of llfo lu either
case, but millions of properly was dostroyed. II, by
tho neglect ol the Massachusetts authorities, thero Is
another Mill Kiver slaughter, Il will not bo because
they wero not timely warned by tho Nrw York
Boston. Dec. 23, 1S70.
A most distressing case of misplaced confidence, In
which a Catholic priest bus lost upwurdB ol $18,000 by
a aexton, baa Just beon dovoloped in Ibis city. Some
thirteen years ago liev. Bernard Mctcely came to St.
Joseph's Church, in tho Boston diocese (Uev. Father
Lyndeu being pastor at tho tune), and romaineu there
unlll the lattor was transferred to tbe Cathedral, on
Harrison avenue. The sexton of St. Joseph s church
at this tltue was Peter B. Scott, a man now about flfiy
years ol age, aud hi* deportment was such that ho im
mediately won the admiration and confidence of the
good father. Alter a low years Father McFeely was
transferred to the neighboring city ol Cambridge, where
he remained lor somo lime, and was frequently vlallcd
by bis former sexton, Scott, whoso
PRorsssioN or rki.iuious zkal
scorns to have increased for hnn tho respect of his old
pastor. In November, 1387, Dev. William Hartoldi,
pastor ol a church in Sandwich, Mass., was obliged to
visit Italy, and Father McFeely was appointed to his
place. The latter geullcinau was possessed of consid
erable woallh in United Slates five-twenty bonds and
cash?moro, in iuct, than he deemed il sale lor him to
retain iu his possession. About this tune ho bad a
sudden aitack or slckucsa and cntrustod thirteen
$1.0U0 bonds to Sexton Scott lor sale keeping, the
Isiter representing that bs would deposit them In a
safe belonging to tho laio Oakes Ames, where thero
was $1,000,000 socured anu which ho proteased to
have the custody of. This manner of dis
poait on of his proporty was kuown to Father
MoKoely'w brothor, who, believing lu Scott,
made no objoctlon. About a year later
tbo clergyman decided to go to Ireland, and just bclore
embarking translcrrod to Scott additional wealth in
llie shape of three bank books ou the Franklin Savings
Dank representing deposits of more ttiau $3,000, iho
understanding being that tho rcxton was to forward
the whole amount to Father McFeely whenever he
might deatre. He sailed Novomber Iff, IsCS, in the
uulortunate steamer Hibornia, ol tbe Anchor Line,
which foundered at sea thirtocn days later. Father
MeFeely was among the saved, but
man sOUDixlt
while at bis father's residence near Clandy, 1-oniton
dorry County, Ireland, in May 1171. His brother,
Michael McFeely, became tbe administrator of tbo
clergyman's esiutc, and both boforo and after his ap
poinimoul in tunned Scoil of his brothor's death, aud
?taken lor a settlement ol tbe amouuia.
Scott, as the brother ol the deceased stales, never
took any notice of tbe letters, snd later tie got a couple
Of trlends to call upon Scoit and learn what they could
about tho bonds and money. Scott gave ovasive an
swers, but never denied having received the property
into his possession. When a proper representative
came to biro, be satd, he would settle the mailer. Ac
cordingly the brother came to Dosion last summer,
briugiug letters of administration anil power of attor
ney, pro|>erly signed by ihe American Consul at Lon
don.-erry. I lieso papers ho produced to Buotl, and
the latter asked him if he knew how much tna brother
had lelt with him. Michael told him, and the two
went to Scott's house, and while there flic saino ques
tion was asked by Mra. Neott, tho answer being, "Over
three thousand pounds sterling," which both said was
Mr McFeely tried soverul limes to bring about a
settlement with tbe sexton, but tbe latter positively
refused to do anything oi tho kind, ami (according io
the brother of the deceased) lie mortgaged his house
and all the mouoy in the savings bank the day alter
Ibe interview to a brother-in-law, named Patrick Shea,
T wo or three months ago McFeely wont to see a sou of
the lalo Hakes Ames about Ncoti, ari was informed
that the leilow was ucvor omplojod by nis father;
nsver had nnytblng to do with his father's sale; sad,
furthermore, that be did not know Scott at aik
B?iug pnasess.-d u! lbi* kuowislge. and still falling |
to get Scott to come to a seUlewvul. Mcl.-ety ro
korled to tbe police and courts, and llu r> null ??'
that on Saturday >eott w?* in iictcd for embesxi. meut.
? nd l? da> lie waa surprised by being arrested an I
lodged in jail, but on account ul to-Ua> be.ug Cf.r-.l
mas (a lo?.?l holiday' bis case will not >?? examined ?i
lore to-morrow. The si-xton b?* lately bet-i. ? in
ployed at ? tmall sularv at j.iolioi ot a building on
Waebinglou street McFvely claims ibal ?'o?t *
bouse was built with Ins brother's money rive ?'
the bonds nave bcou traced to ibe Iraukdo savti
Bank and one to tbe New England l'ruat Company M
collateral, but li hac not yot transpired what ban be
come ol the oilier*
Tbe sensation of Nortlioru Michigan la tbe terrlblo
murder at Chesuuiug, near saginaw. Mich A wotum
uamod smith loves a young uian uaiued Alexander.
1 boy ooulinue thoir illicit love lor more than a year. '
Smith, tbe husband, is cross and jealous. They want
Inui out ol the way, and a plot to murder biui Is
planned. Mrs. Smith bus a sister, jusi m.rried to
one Cargln, in Now York Stuto. She bales Smith. anJ ;
SO does her young husband. Correspondence lollows,
lho letters are destroyed. TUev agree to kill tho jeul- |
ous husband, and make a Journey to M.chigun lor tho
purpose Alexander Is to stand by w th a truuk sirup
forC'argin to choke Smith alter he has hceu stunned
with a club. At midnight, while Mrs. Smith Is lying
I with her husband, Alexander loaves bis hotel,
colors an opon window, meets Curgin and
bis wile, who are slopping lu Smith's houso.
Curgin gets the cluh and tails upon tne sleeping Smith,
who gives one groan of despair. The guilty wiio
arises soltly, goes to her babo in an adjoining room,
' and whtlo the blows continue ou her husband's head,
| slid while the truuk strap ih drawn arouud his gaspuig
throat, she puts her fingers lu her oars and presses
' tho babo to Uor bosom. Smith is killed alter a Iright
lul struggle. Once he ones out and moans. Blood
Sows Irorn his nose and mouth. The bed is saturated
wilh tbo blood. To rouiove all traces of vloiouce
Alexander and Curgin cut tbe plastering from the wuh,
put It in tho bed, and carried tho still warm body on
lho mattress to tho burn; tboy pitch a ton of hay upon
It, then set flro to the barn in two piucos. W biio they
arc doing this the two women scrape tho bloody Hour
and headboard in tbo houso with a puir ol scissors.
Suddenly lurid llamos burst from tho roof of the barn,
wild cruis echo ou tho midnight air, the neighbors
hurry irom their bods ouiy to ?ce tho red-hot outlines
I ol the barn sink into a mass ol Hume. The women
scream and pull llmr hair, and in convulsive sobs
1 inlorm the uppallod listeners that poor Mr. Smith wcut
out to look alter lits horses, when a kick Irom one of
them disabled biui, broko tbe lautorn and set tho burn
ou llro On tbe day tollowlug that night of slu and
shamo the remnants ol the mattress were lound aud
other proofs that could not bo explained away. I hen
Alexander, tbo Dou Juau ol tho tragedy, confessed,
Mrs Smith corroborated bis droitdiul story, aud lho
trial began. Curglu lias Just boon convicted of murder
lu tbo first degree. Tuo evtdeueo .iguiust his wile is
uow beloro the jury, alter winch Mrs. Smith aud her
lover, Alexander, will lake the prisonors siand.
Cargm declares lits innocence; also his wile s. sho
says she iH sick aud a bod is allowed her In open court.
Tho lollovriug Is a description ol the strange scene, as
Blven by tbe'Saginaw Courier of December 23:?
Yeslerduy proved to bo an interesting duy In tho
Cargiu-Smith uiuider trial aud considerable progress
was made though Irom proseut upnearaiicc It is not
probable that tho case will go to the Jury heloro Tues
day or Wednesday uexl. Twelve witnesses were called
aud testified ou the pari ol tho people. 1 he crowd of
spectators was smaller than common during the fore
noon. but alter tho uoou recess every available spuco
outside tbo bar was occupied, both ou tho Hour and iu
lho gallorv. Deputy Sheriff Kico hud pletiiy to do to
keep lho crowd Iroiu pressing forward and obstructing
the View of tbo ladies occupying the scuta Tbo do
fendanl is becoming gouerally kuown as mo ?
hi.kui'ixu usauty.
Sbo still occupies her eusy chair and reclines on her
leli side with her loet upon the rounds of suotlier
chair or resting with limbs oxleuded to lull length in
the chair itsell. She Is turned partially tuwurd the
Jury but only tbo pointed rlgbt cheek and lorchoad
aro visible to them. Her eyes are shut uIiiiohi contiu
uallv, so that U is Impossible to get a lair look at tberu,
and during tho whole day sbo did not raisu her beau
irom the pillow except as she r?so to go to Uor cell,
due would naturally wonder what klud ol a unturo sho
must have to remain so unmoved ut the startling and
blood curdling revelations mude aguiiisl ber by lho
witnesses upon the stand. At limes, when no one la
known to h. r to bo observing, sho can bo seen to poep
at tho witness with her right oyo partially opened, tho
left being hidden irom sight by tho pillow. But lho
moment she observes any person looking at her lho
cyo is quickly closed and remains so until sho again
tblnks hcrscll unobserved, and ut no timo as she rlts
or reclines In her easy wuy can tho eager tbrong cutcn
even a glance at her.
Aitor giving the testimony the reporter continues:?
At this point in the testimony Mrs. Cargln was
seized with ono of hor frequently occurring fits, and
? he begun to gasp, stretch, squeal and clutch at empty
nothingness with her outstretched hands, aud at once
William A. Clark, Jr., laid his hand peredudlugly npou
bars and whispered some forcible uUcrauces id be rear,
bv which she was mado to understand that it wash t
tho right lime to pot In a lit to the best ellect and ad
vantage, whereupon she instantly bocuino quiot.
Airs. Smith at the close of court was still on the
staud, and will be again this morning. We could see
no percopttblo change in her tcsttmoqy except as to
now tacts and her demeanor was about the sumo as
on tho lormer trial, except tbal she testified to her
criminul intimacy with Aloxunder with a little more
nerve than on the lorrnt-r trial, though ycsteiday 11
was Interspersed with an occasional giggle.
The work of the Temperance Brotherhood In trying
to exterminate the liquor dealers Is still progressing
in Brooklyn. Tweniy-sovon cases ol violation ol tbo
Sunday law will bo tried on Friday next boforo tho
Excise Board, and twenty will bo brought before tho
Uruud Jury at tho January term.
Mt-puKMV court?Chambers?Held bv Judge Davis.?
233 234 235 24. 52. 80, 98. 98, 174, 218. 228, 231,
Ws Vo 244; 7,17, 73, 76. 79. 102, 105, 110, 119, 137,
1M 171 173, 174. 177. 178, 188. 190, 205. 209, 223,
SS 241, 242, 243, 246, 247,. 248, 249, 250, 251, 262,
^Scpkbmr Court?Oexkral Txrm.? Adjourned until
"KtassifL*. b, j.d8. s.n
TW.I.T..1I?P?rt3?B.ld by Jodgo
Van Brunt.?on d;,y calendar.
Marine Couut?Gkxkkal rsKM-llold by Judges
Shea Alkor and McAdam.?Appeals Irom orders?No*.
1 to U inclusive. Appeals Irom Judgments?Nos. 1 to
^OkSxral'sbswoxs -Fart 1-Ueld by Judge Sutbcr
land?The People vs Daniel Schrun.pf, misdemeauor.
Supreme Court, Special Term; Nuprcmo Court. Cir
cuit I'aiis 1. 2 and 3; Superior Court, t.enoral lerra,
Superior Court, Trial Terms, Parts I and 2; common
Pleas Central Term; Common Pleas, Equity loiiu ;
Common Picas, Trial Terms, Parts 1 and 3; Marino
Court Trial Terms. Parts 1, 2 and 3; and General
Sessions, Part 2.? A.IJournod for the term.
Gortox?Bnowx.?On Mondey. December 25, by the
Rev. A. J. Palmer, William H. UoRTox lo bARAll M ,
daughter ol Abrain F. Brown, nil ot ibis city.
Vaxukrbilt?Pratt.?On Monday, December 26, I y
the itcv. N. D. Burchurd, D. D., Coax*Ti
bilt to Mar* E., youngoet daughter ot J. th 1 Ratt, all
of this city. No cards.
Bachk. ?Od Sunday. December 24 ofbronchUl
pneumonia. Sarah Erra, youngest daughter of tbo
Isle Junoe* T. and Rosabella Bacbo.
Relatives and Iriends of tbe istnlly aro rcspectfnljy
invited to attend tbo tuncral. on Wednesday the 2.lb,
at ouo o'clock. Iroiu the residence ot her brolber-in
luw, W. H. Crossinsn, 103 East 4oth at.
Batkrax. On Monday, tbo 26lh insU, BxkjaMI*
"lleianv'es snd^nondV'of the family are respectfully
invited to ntiend tho funeral services, on Wednesday, .
the 27th insc, at four o'clock P. M. at his 'ate rest
donee. No. 147 Taylor at., Brooklyn. h. D. His re
mams will be Interred in Greenwood on Tburstay ,
"'?/??'i'sit?ax*. J. B. Bkcksrmasx, on Sunday. De- i
comber 24, 1876, ugeil 69 years. i
It. lativus snd Iriends ol the family are rospsotfully
Invited to aiicnl the tuocnt norvimjn, Irom lho houee,
845 Oth ut , South Brooklyn, Decomber Jo, at ten |
O'ClOCiC A. M. ? . ? itr..i |
Brkvoort ? Suddeuly. at Dorking, England, on Weil
nesday, December 20, Mkta C. Brsvoobt, daughter or
the late Henry Br. yoort, ol tntr city.
Cbouiiii. ?At Athons, Greene county. N. *., ,
ber 1, KliikhTA, wifo of Captain John Cloogu, aged no ;
'"ckuoir.? Suddenly, on Sunday, 24lh, Washisotox J
C I h'eTiineral will take place, Irom his late residence,
00 Charlton su, on Wednesday, at oue o'clock.
Dor ft ?On Saturday, December 23, Louisa J.
Duffy, wife of the late Philip Duffy and daughter
ot Mclvlna If. Shumway, aged 34 years.
Relative* and Iriends arc roe|iecilully tnVlied to si
tend the lonersl, on luc.-day, the 20lb, at two P. M.,
Irom the Presbyierian church, corner of Erie ucj
?th sta., Jersey Ciiy.
Dili ukkt.?Od Mlurdiy, Doocmi>or 2?>, 141 ,,cr
late residence, 378 Clasnon av., Brooklyn, M?a?aas*.
wife ol Jeremiah Delubery and sieur ot Dennis Mo
^"rhcrtlatives and friends of the family are requested
to attend tho luncrnl, from the Church ot the Na.lvlly,
corner of Clatson avenuo aud Muckeon street, on
Tuesday, December 2d. at ona o'clock, wkar# ?
quivu; mui will be offered lor the repose a. her eou .
and tbeuce to Calvarv Cemetery lor interment.
Ki.wikov -a; E. ??i?ein, X- J ? Pndev. Deeember
22, 8oi-r.a Joxks D.iwam.s Wile <>; Amory Edwards
and daughter ol <? W Juucs ol fairtleid. Coon.
It,?lain i - mdlr II ? Ol the lami y -re invited to at
tend tin- turn r. ai St John's church, F qzaht-ih X J.
..I. Tuesday. J'III, .11 .'luck I'll" interment will
ink-- p!:ice at Fa rtl- Id, I '?III!., iiii Aednesdny.
Fit/ok. a n -On ?ubday, after i Hidden nine**,
Una. infant u.ugltt.-r -t IMir.-.-k H. aud Mary Ann
aged -'? date, del arte-! t!.t* il< , ?
1 ho friea-is and thn-e oi tUo family ?re respectful.j
invned to aiieud the luiurai, from ner ut? widence,
No. loo Weal ?l, I uoo iay ulternuoo. at one ?> ciocl.
Fiaxa..a> -ou >unu.i>, D- ember 24. Tuomas, son
of .Ion n und Koae Anna Fiaoagsn, u the lltn >?ar ol
Relatives and Irienda are requested to attend the
lunerai. from residence its,i Weal 470' *l. ou J' .'iL'
Deccmrer 2?-. at nine t M : from thence to Twenty
third atreet lorry, t?.v Krta lUiirooi to w . '
Ki-.iN \?.aN.?On Sunday, borotiib r .14 lvrt, fcuwARD
* KolalVvta"ind irleudrof the family arc respectfully
turned to attend the funeral, from tin late residence.
No. 226 Muuroe ?c, on Wedneaday, 2-th mat., at two
' "yivss?Ou the dad mat., ol pneumonia, Jakra
Klynx aged 40 years. . . .
I'tie ' relative* ml friend* ol tho lumily. also his
trienda ol lilt- Kire I>o|iariiueul, are re*|>ect fully ID*
vlled to attend Ina funeral, on lueaday. lie .Ulh
at lou A.M., Ireiu hie late residence, corner o 84th at.
und Sih nr.. thence to tho l tiurcti ol tho Holy Name,
97th at. ilid Broa way. where a solemn mam ol re
quiem will be celebrated. , -
(Iaviokh.?At Elizabeth, N. J., December Ella
II Hi. vkh Wile Ol J Allien ? aylord. daughter of the
late l?r. G. T Blake, and granddaughter ol KoV. w.
W Blauvell, l?. X? . ol Lauiiuglou, S.
Funeral acre cea from her hue residence corner ol
Mary and Walnut als., ul two I M-. Wednesday.
I t rains euro loot of Liberty si ill 1 1' .ti.
1,.Mi.il>- ?In this CUV, on Sunday, December 24, Jamm
Gnoutx, in the '.Till year ol h * age.
Tho irteuda of the lamily are invited to attend tus
i lunerai, on Tnenday morning ut ulno o'clock, Irom si.
i Ann's church, wuure a aoleiuu requiem mas* will he
i ollercd lor the repose ol his soul, aud thence fo Cal
, N ",r;l uoii. -Iii Brooklyn. Sunday. December 21. Caro
j Lias M., wile ol George K. Gultck. lu t .o 45th year ol
1 Funeral services at her late residence, 481 DeKalb
! uv., ou Tuesday, 2tith Hist., ut two o'clock I'. M.
i HAI.sTKAO.-On Monday, December 2n, Naiuaxisi.
W. HalsTKaD, u.-ed 52 years.
Belutives and Irleuds are rospectluily Invited to at
] tend the lunerai, Irom Ilia tale teatdeiice, 1U9 MvslAtb
| ,L. Wednesday 2TtU tuat., one o'elock I*. M
Hatiiokx ?Suddenly, Sunday morning, at hi* resi
dence, No. 52 West 12>th st., Ukokor C. Hathorx, in
bis Od'th year. .. ?
Funeral irotn rosldenco of hit son Hi-law, No. IB
East dUlh si., on Wednesday, at half past twelve o clock
P. M. ... ,
Days ?On Sunday. December 24. Joski-iu.xk, be
loved wife of Julius iluya, aged 24 years.
Funeral will lake place tti* -lav, at leu o'clock, from
875 Lexington uv.
Notu'K. ? The mombers of the Lcse-\ eretn are re
quested to altend the lunerai of tun lute wile of out
worthy member, J. Hays, to take place December 2d,
at ten A. M., Irom coruer Lexington av. aim 6?tb *t.
A. BLI'MKNSTIKL, I'rc-auleuL
lluTCiiixsox.?At Yonkera. Uecciubcr 24, Skymoi'B
A. Hutciiissox. in the 4Ulh year ol his ago.
Funeral ou Wednesday, Deco.nhor 27, at two P. M.,
trout his late residence, South Broadway, honkers.
Carriages will ho lu waiting on arrival oT tho 1
o'clock P. U. tram Irom 20lli sL
Jacotin. On Sunday, Decoralor24, Maet, wile of F.
Funeral ou Wodnesdav, December 27, at ten A. M.,
Irom her late residence, 221 East aim si.
Jacoiis. On Decomber 25, alter a short lllnesa, Wal
tkr S. Jacobs, the son of Jumcs K. uud Emma Jacobs,
aged 3 yeurs and 2 days.
tlio relatives an.l irioudsot the family are respect
fully invited to attend the funeral, at tho residence ol
his parents. 48 2d st., South Brooklyn, on Wednesday,
at two o'clock P. SI.
I'eeki-kiil Democrat please copy.
Jo.ykh.?In Brook vn, Saturday evening. December
22, tuddeuiy, ol heart disease, Koiikrt Jonks, aged 54
ytf:ohit!vcs and fr.onds respectfully Invited to attond
the luuorHl, irom In* late residence, No, 458 Gold su,
Brooklyn, on Tuosduy, 20th lust., at two P. M.
Eklly. On Mouduy, December 25, 1870, ut the resi
dence ol his mother, Odd Greenwich si., Patrick T.
Kkllv, m tho 25i h year of his ago, native ol Fonlono,
county Tyrone. Ireland.
Tho remains will be taken to 3L Joseph's church on
Wednesday morn ng at hall-past nine o'clock, whern
a requiem mass will ho rolobrated, thence to Calvary
I Cemetery. Relativos and frlonds are respectlully in
J vitcd to attend. ?
i Ivnai'P. At Newburg, on Monday, 25th Inst., HaX
Maii Trkvor. widow ol Jeremiah I- Knapiv
Funeral servicos at the residence ol tier aon, Sarauol
T. Kuapp, 849 West 57lb si., on Wodnosday, at three
o'clock P. M. Relatives and friends of the family are
| hAKKKY. On Sunday, December24, 187?, Mart, be
loved wile ol Edward N. Lalloy, aged 32 years.
Tho funeral will tako pi-co on Tuesday, December
26 at hall-past eleven A. M., from tho rosldenco ol
her aunt. Mrs Daly, Tompkinsvtilo, S. 1-, tbenooto
Calvary Cemetery.
Lami-kkx. On Sunday, December 24, 1876, Hbxrt
LaMi RRX. aged 45 yours ami 3 days
The relatives and Irtouds ol the lamlly, the members
of the lleiinann Lodge So. 268, f. A. M., "'so the
New Yorker Scliutxeu Corps, Captain G. Aery, and the
Jersev Schutxen Corps, Capluiu August Ermlsh, are
rospectluily invited to attend his funeral Irom his late
resideuoe, Greouvillo, N. J., on Wedneaday, Diceraher
27 at ton o'clock A. M. and hall-past twelve o'clock I .
M* Irom tho St. John's church lu Christopher st, New
York. IDs remains will bo interred in Lutheran
Lkk.?on the 24th Inst., Joux Lkk, in the 47th year
ol his ago, alter a short illness.
The relatives uud Iriouds ure respectfully Invited Id
attend the lunerai, Irom bis late residence, 81 Hudsod
av Brooklyn, on Wednesday, the 27lh, at half
past nine o'olock. to St. Ann's church, corner ol Front
and Gold sis., whore a solemn mass of requium will M
celebrated; thence to Calvary Cemetery.
Limerick papers ploaso copy. ? .
i.ivisiiHTox.?In Nowark, N. J., December 25, JamkI
Kaxb LivixonTOX, formerly of Rochester, N. Y., in tnd
7l?lii yoar ol his ago.
The relatives and friends ol the family ard Invited to
attend the lunerai, from hi* late residence. No. 17 Weal
Park ?C, Newark, on Wednoaday, Dccemner 27, al
throe o'clock P. M.
Maoixkiss.? On Sunday, December 24, 1876, ol bron
chitis (very short illness), Jans, widow ol Samuel H,
Miigiuums. iu the 78th year ol her age.
Tho relativos and frieuds are invited to attend thn
funeral services, without lurther notice, at the real
donee ol her son-in-law, James E. Serrell, 244 Wosl
40lh st., ou Wednesday, 27th lust., ut three o'clock.
TI e remains will be taken to Tarrytown, lor inter
ment, on Thursday morning. .
Marsu.? At PluiuQcld, N. J., Sunday, December 24,
Klntok Marsh. ... . ,_
funeral servicos Wodnosday, Decomber 27, et hID
late residence, Pleinfleld, at two o'clock P. M.. and af
the First Baptist churcn at hall-past two o'clock.
Train leaves foot ol Liberty st. New York, via Cen
tral Railroad of New Jersoy, at ono o'clock P. M.
Makhbxxkk.?Ou Christmas inornlog, of Bcarlel
fover, Eva Grktciikx, eldest ohlld ol Juines H. H. and
Incite' M. Marreuner, aged 2 years and 6 months.
Relatives aud friends ul tho lamily aro invited to at
tond tho lunerai services, Irom tho house ol her grand
father, D. D. F. Marshall, 157 East 34th at., at one
o'clock P.M., on Tuesday, December 26. Interment
In Greenwood.
Mixrux.? Sunday, December 24, Elixa Mixtox, a na
tive of Katbdowncy, Quocus county, Ireland, aged 31
)lKuueral Tuesday, Dceembor26, at ono o'clock, from
her late residence. 307 East 41st ?L
MuitRow. ?On Saturday morning, Samuxl Morrow,
of Brooklyn, uged 85 years. ......
Relatives und Iriouds ure rospectluily invited to at
tend the lunerai, Irnui his late residence, No. 208 StalD
sl, on Tuesday, the 2rtth lust., at three P. M.
McMili.a*.?On Suuday, Docouibor 24, 1876, Catb
aitixR McMillan, Id the 45th year of bor ago.
Relatives uud frieuds ol the tanuly aro respectfully
Invited to attend the tuuerul. ou Tuesday, thu 26lb, at
one P M., Irom her late residence, 424 2d nv.
Oudks.? Suddenly, on Saturday. December 23, at
Newark, N. J.. Mokoax Lkwis Ouokx, son ol the late
Samuel OoUvcneur Ogdon, of New York, in the 68th
your ol his ago.
Relatives aud friends ol tho lamlly are rospoctfullf
Invitvd to attend his lunerai, Irom his lato residence.
No. 2u7 Belleville uv., Newark, N, J., on Tuesday, th*
26th mat., ut hull-past eioveu o'clock A. M.
O'.Nlil. ? Ou Sunday, December 24, of pneumonia,
Mrs. Mahoarvt O'Nbil. aged ou yeurs.
Funeral will take place irom the residence of her
gou-iu-l.iw, Michael O Neil, -?? Market st , ou Wednes
day. December 27. ut two P. M. No carriages allowed.
Rkillt ?On Moudav, December 25, 1876, Mrs. Mar
okk r Rkillt, in the 2tBh year ol her ago.
The relatives aud Iriouds ol tho lamlly are respect
fully invited to attend iho funeral, Irom her late real
deuce Warren St., between Uuderhlll aud Vunderbill
av#., Brooklyn, ou Wedneaday, Docember 27, at two
o'Jiock P. M.
Smith.?On Monday. Docetnbcr 2o, Mixxin Isidorb,
wile ol ilenry W. Mnilh, aged 38 year*.
Relulivoa and Irleuds ure resixctlully invilod to aU
tend the funeral, on Thursday, December 28, at two P.
M from 209 Wbiion st .Jersoy City.
Sthykkr.? At Elizabeth, N. J., December 24, altera
long and pulnful lllnesa, Haxxam K., wile of Johu S.
htrykcr, aged 44 year*
Funeral ut sl John's church on Thursday, Decomber
28, at two P. M.
TAi.LMAX.-Dn Saturday, Decomber 23, 1876, Anda
man Tai.lmab.
The relatives and friends of the lamlly, the membors
ol Company O, Soveuty-llrst regiuieut, N.Y.4VO.,
also tho members ol Empire H"?o Company Nu. 40,
are resjiectluily invited to attend ma funeral, at No.
313 West 10th st., on Tuesday, Decomber 26th, inaL, at
balf-liasl oue o clock 1'. M.
Vauoban.?In this city, on Sunday, December 24,
Catharink. relict ol the lateTUomas Vsugban, a natlvs
ol Ardoe, county Meath, Ireland, nged 52 year*
The relative! and Irienda ol the lamily and those of
her son-in-law. John llnyes, aro respeollnlly invited to
attend the lonorai, which will take plaoe Irom her lato
residence, nuriliwest corner of 78lh sl and 2-1 av., on
Wednesday, the 27 Hi Hist, at one o'clock P.M., and
from thence to Calvary Cemetery lor iutermeuL
Vkrrii.yx.?At Knglewood. N. J., December 23,
Wasiiixotox R. Vskmilyr, in the ?7th yoar of bis age.
funeral services at Knglewvod Prejhyterian church,
Tuesday, December 26, at hall-past tcu A. M. Rela
tives slid friends are invited to attend without further
notice special tram will leuve Twenty-third street
ferry at 9:16, and loot ol Cbambora su at 9:30 A. M.
Wdi-cil?On -Sunday, December 24, Katn. wiio of
John B. Welch, Jr., ili ihe2Xih year ot ber age.
Relatives and friends are requested to attend thn
funeral, on Wednesday, Decern bur 27, at ten A. X.,
Irom tho residence ol bur uuolo, 128 Forsyth at,

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