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Redaction of a Hundred and Sixty Thousand
Dollars in Canal Expenses.
Morrissey Cudgelling Tammany for New
York's Defects.
A Measure to Break Up the Re
cent Agreement.
, ALtusr, April 12,18TT.
The Oasal Appropriation bill was the cblul subject
01 dlsooaalon m tbo Assembly to-day. Tbe principal
amendment made to It wan ouo reducing tbo appropri
ation lor lock teuding aud ordinary repairs on tbo com
pleted canals from $800,000 to $040,000. When debiuo
was exhausted the bill was ordered to a third road lug.
Prior to tbls another of those lively scenes that bavo
t almost daily marked tbo proceed tngs of the Assembly
occurred. Mr. Spinola raised several points or order,
which were decided by the Chair (Mr. Hayes) as not
being well taken, and Mr. Spinola, getting Incensed at
the repeated rulings all one way, exclaimed that the
Chair did not' know upon wnut he was deciding,
thereupon Mr. Strahan jumped up and said tboy hud
tolerated this kind ot thing too long, thai It was Uino
to shut down upon it, and that buffoonery bad had its
Mr. Mitchell sailed lor the words to be read, and the
?Id aoeues were enacted over again.
Mr. Rugglos, of Steuben, moved to lay the whole sub
ject on the table, and there was sense enough left to
ngree with the motion.
The Sergeani-at-Arina (George Goes) tells mo that
Whenever he hears this kind of wrangling of late be
keeps hnssell conveniently posted, feeling as if a
catastrophe was ulways Impending aud his services
ready to be invoked. lie is confident the session
cannot end without s?mo terrlfle and dtsgraeelul ex
nxarroRTioNixo tux stats.
There is n strong feeling among the democrats, who
ere the only ones Interested, at the delay on the part
of the republicans In moving to reapportion tbe State.
Tbo reapportionment would give the counties of New
York and ltiobmond two additional Senators and about
Ave Assemblymen, almost a clear democratic spin, and
uaturally enough tbe republicans don't want It. and
will keep putting oil the inevitable as long as possible,
ttoveruor Robinson most also leel strongly In this
manor, not alono on the score of party, but in the In
terest o! securing a democratic Senate next year which
would be more In burmony with his views than the
present one. Should no actiou l>e taken by tbe re
publican chairmen ol tbo Apportionment committees
the Governor, it Is thought, will call an extra session
?f the Legislature.
down ox uoNOPues.
The coal companies entered into a combination on
the 8ih of this mouth to keep up tbe prices of coal
and prevent lbs public from reaping uny benefit by tbe
excess ot production. To-day Mr. O'Huro introduced
S bill having fur Ha main object the breaking up of this
combination. Everybody is uwaro of tbo disastrous col
lapse of last yeur's combination aud tbe henetlctal re
mits that followed to consumers. This year, Uowpvor,
the combination lias been reformed, atreugtliened^aud
Bade much more formidable. The representatives
s( tbe companies recently adopted resolutlona
to mino 8,000,000 tons of coal Instead of 21,1.00.000,
is in past years, and to raise tbe prtco tlfly
cents a ton on tbe 1st of June next. The blU pro
poses to accomplish Its end by forfeiting tbe charters
ol any oompanios organized under the laws of this
State, and tbo privileges and immunities or lereigo
corporations doing businoss In this Slate when thoy
conspire to cheat and defraud the public.
The rosoiuttou instructing tbo Judiciary Committoo
to luveatlgate tbe charges of alleged mental Incapacity
?n tbo part of Judge Ransom lialcom, of the Sixth
Judicial district, wus called from tbo table and adopted.
The bill introduced somo weeks ago by Mr. Morris
* My supplemental to tbo act to reorgauizo the local
government of New York was ordered 10 a third read
lug In tbo Senuto, but not without u sharp aud spicy
< debate. Tbe third section of the bill provides lor tbo
* election ot a Comptroller, Mayor, Corporuilou Coun
sel and Board ol Aldermen tn April, 1878. Mr. Star
buck made a motion to except the Comptroller and de
nounced Itae bill as an atiompt to break duwu the dem
ocratic majority In the city ol New York. Tbo pur
pose was one of misetilet, aud this effort to legislate
an oAluat out ol office might be called a conspiracy
against the majority. He was sorry to see the Senator
Irorn tbo Fourth striking hands with the enemies of
tbe democratic party. Mr. Morrtssey replied that f i a
legislative career ol alx years he had done uolbiug
against his party.
The Senator was speaking lor Tammany Hall, but be
IMorrlssey) carta nothing lor Tumuiauy when it got
In tho way of the people. It was Tama
ammuoy that lu
the dark and In tbe dead of tho night stole away iho j
right Irani tbo people io elect their own Comptroller, i
ana inserted a provision lu the Supply bill thut bo j
?hould be appointed so that the man to do tho stealing ;
for the Ring might be put in as ho wua put in, aud you !
know the rest. Thero was no ateullug when tho peoplo {
aiccied the Comptroller. Tbo bill wus not I
?lined nt Johu nor any other luun, and the
Comptroller anyhow would bo democratic, whether
?ppointod or elected. Mr. Bixby said the bill provid
ing lor tbo election of olUcers by the peoplo was emi
nently democratic, Sorno measure ol relief must bo
adopted lor Now Yorx or else tbe taxpayers will be
driveu into tbe Insane asylums uud mo poor peoplo
Into tuo pauper houses. Another principle ol democ
racy was economy in tbe admiuistrutiou of govern
ment. and when be (Mr. Slarbuck) assumed lu the
Dame of democracy to inveigh ug oust retrenchment
In expenditures he threw off the mask ol democracy
aad assumed that of the Bouroou. He called
Upon tho Senator to sustain the bill because It wus
democratic, aud If be did not he (tbo speakor) aud tho
Senator irom tho Fourth (Morrtssey) wouid bo com- |
polled to read him out of tho democratic party.
(Laughter.) He called on tbo 'Senators Irom the Ftlih
and Seventh (Wagstall and Gerard) to sustain tbo bill
because it wus democratic, assuring them ul tbo sumo
time that It wuuid have tho effect ot taking John
Kelly out ol office, but that tliev had bettor sacrifice
fllty Kellys than Ibeir democracy.
Mr. McCarthy (rcpuolicun) lurorud the bill nn<i Mr.
Robortsou (republican) made a stroug point lu lavor ot
It by reminding tbo Bunator from tbe Eighteenth
(Starbuck) that ainoe be bad baon in the Menate
tbo leader ol tbe democracy in thu .Scnato
bad moved to make the olllco ol Comptroller elective,
and every democrat in tbe scnato had voted wnu linn.
(That true when Ureuu waa Comptroller.)
Mosers. Kcuuuduy and Wageiatf beld out witb Star
buck, but when Woodin reminded Kennaday that tbe
Comptroller ol Brooklyn was au elective o 111 cor and
gave great aalleluctiou on llial account, ibe Held was
won and the bill wan ordered to a third ruadiug.
Mr. Illxby's bill providing lor the paymont ol arrears
?I luxea extending tbo time ono year and tbo rate
ol mtcreit eight per caut, was reported favorably to
tbe Senate
TtiK BurrtY nu,
Mr. Harris, from tne 1 in mice Commit loo, reportod
tbe Supply bill. It appropriates $1,000,000 toward l ho
erecttou 01 tbo now Capitol; provides thai ihn work
?bull bo continued uccording to tbe old pluus, uud re
duces the aalury ol tbo .Suporiiitouuuni Iroiu $10,000 to
$7,600. It gives to the Commissioner* ol Emigration,
for payment ol current expenses, $160,0110; to tbo
Commissioners ol Quarantine, lor the inatuionance ol
tbe Quarantine omaUlisbment, $10,000; lor tbe pur
cbaeo uud erection of a inouumeut In Saratoga county
ID conimcmoratiou of a decisive battle during
tbe revolution, $10,000. provided a like sum is
raised by subscription; to tbe city of Kiugatou lor tbo
erection ul u memorial in commemoration ol the lor
motion of Sims government, llu.uoo, provided a liko
auin bu raised by uMSTlptlSs; lor tbo erection ol a
monument at Fort (ireon, city of Brooklyn, over tbo
remains ul the martyrs ul ihe prison ship, $10,000,
provided $60,000 Ou raised hy subscription; to thu
New York Catholic Protectory, tor the sup
port and mniutcuauce ol' )uvenllu delinquents,
$26,000; lor the establishment or a law li
brary at Cautou, Si. Lawrence county, lor tho
use of the Suprumc Court, $2,000; lor tho advertise
ment lor the sale ol lands lor unpaid taxes, $22,000; I
lor dellcieucy in the rent of Him tiovornor's house,
$6, .>00; to the Atloiuey Ucneral, lor the preparation jf
cases beloro the Hourd of t ndu, $1,600; to Ihu Hoard
ol Audit, to uieot awards. $'.).4oO. and u gratuity io ibe
wuou ul Kov. kh.iho l Sharpe, who was killed by the
falling ol a cuuul bridge, $0,000.
Tun bill was mudu tbe special order lor Taosduy I
A communication was received in tun Senate from i
tbe Sunday liquor deulera ol New Y rk. protesting !
against the mil truiislerrlng tlto Kacl u Buioau lu tbu ;
Folico Board.
To l.leiitcnant Unveruor Dorshelirer, whose zeal for !
roirenchmont lias been a marked leuturu ul bis dun- I
Dectiuu with the Canal Board, may ho attributed the |
circumstance that at III* recent meeting ol Hie Hoard
the ollicvs oi thlrtreu collectors an I tbiriy clerks were
abolished, saving to the State u sum ol $;io,uoo yearly.
Mr. Tbomus (>. Alvord made Ins Drat appearance lor
D week In the Assembly Chamber to-day alter a se
rious attack ol Illness. Ho is sti.l fee bio, hut quiet uud
retirement will soon reatore thu old man eloquent to
bis pristine health.
Both bouses were in session ibn evening without
if ansae ting any business ol note. Tbe House passed
the time discussing that everlasting Insurance bill ot
Graham's without making any amend mcuu except to
provide a committee ot llftrou to take the whole sub
ject Into consideration.
The following reports were made in the Senate:?
By Mr. Woodin, from the Committee on Cities?
Favorably, with some snieo<lmeuie, on the bill lb rela
tion to arrears of uxos in tho city ot New York, and
to provide for the reissuing of revouue bonds in anti
cipation ot aucb taxes.
Alto, without amendment, on the bill In relation to
countersigning wurruuts fur payment Iroin the treas
ury of the cuv ot New York.
By Mr. Vcdder, Irom the Comouiteo ou Internal
Allaire?For consideration of the bill tg> legalise the
acta ot the Board of kxcise throughout the Stale.
Mr. Carpenter, irom the Committee on Cities, re
ported favorably ou tbe hill amending the act to
reorganise tbe local government of the city of New
Also ou the bill to provide a hotter supply of pure
i and wholesome water in tho Twenty-third and I'wcuty
tourlh wards of the city of New York.
When tbe House assembled, at eight o'clock, the
Governor's private secretary brought iu two vetoes.
Tbe lirst was on the bin providing lor the construction
ol lishways In Stale dams ?cr?m the Oswego, Oneida
and Seneca rivers. He cites other appropriations ucd
says that with the appropriation In this bill there would
be"$22,000 appropriated this year lor a similar purpose.
He thinks there can be uo "pressing necessity for tho
j bill, and that a duo regard lor ecouoiny is opposed to
It j besides, if the work is to be doue upou the dams
constructed for canal purposes it should he paid lor
Irom the caual fund and not by direct taxation.
The Governor bos also returned without bis approval
the bill in relation 10 collectors and receivers of taxes.
The bill makes it tbe duty of collectors and receiver!
el taxes iu the towua of thebaic to receive at pur, in
payment of town, county and Stule taxes, or
ders Issued by tbe Hoard ol Supervisors
upou the Treasurer ol the county iu
which such towns are located, providing the orders
aliall have been issued in due oonlorur.ty with luw.
Tbe Governor says the eiabarrasstneui and injustice of
requiring tax collectors to pass upon the validity of
supervisors' urders must be apparent to every one. It
Is doubtlul it collectors in large towns could procure
?urettea Were this bill to become a law uuuoytng lltl
gutlons would be the certain aud speedy result. There
would be too great opportunity lor Iraud aud error.
paoracTio.v vol*, vomer uoloi.as.
Wbon tbe House had Inlrlv settled down to discuss
Mr. Graham's bill above relerredlo, to secure better
protection to holdors of insurance policies, Mr. Moiey
was about to move that the committee report progress,
but gave wuy to Mr. Muated, who took occasion to
deny Hihicmouts publicly made that he was the paid
attorney of insurance companies ou this tluur. He
denied these statements in lolo. He had uo connec
tion whatever with any Insurance compuny.
Ho then said be wanted Una bill perieoted,
as It now stood It contaiued several clauses subject 10
vetoes, uod thorc were unconstitutional provisions In
It which hud been moved alter tbe bill cume Irom the
committee. lie had several amendments which he
wanted incorporated in tbe bill, which would uiuku it
more poriect la Its object ou behalf ot the policy hold
ers. Further discussion was had, In winch it wus
made apparent that the Committee ol the Whole
would ncvor bo abio to perfect the bill, wucreupon Mr.
Pish moved that ihu committee report progress, so
that a motion could be made to refer tbe bill to a special
committee to perfect It The motion was carried.
Mr. HuBted thou tuovod that the committee referred
to be a select committee of fliieen, nine ol whom shall
consist ol tbe Insurance Committee.
Mr. Flab moved as an amendment that It be a com
mittee or twenty-one, nine of whom shall consist of
tho Insurance Commltteo, the committee to report
within one week. He suid il tho committee consist ot
only Ulleen tbe bill might as well bo referred to the
Insurance Committee.
Tbe amondmeut was lost, 37 to 44.
Mr. llustcd'a motion was then carried.
The Chair announced as the members of the commlt
teo In addition to the Insurance Committee, Messrs.
Gilbert, Pock, Kisb, Purdy, Kcclesine and U. H. Rock
There Is a fearful boat ol politicians uud others on
politics bent here this evening. Most of them repre
sent tbey are here on business with iho Court of Am
poule, unit if so the caleudar this month will be enor
mously swelled. It Is noticeable, however, that quite a
number ol thorn oall on Senator Woodln, who, per
haps, is a Court ol Appeals No. 2?a law unto himself.
Tom K. Stewart is here with business at the Court ol
Appeals; Owen Urcnuen, dlttu. Pat Jouos, the
ltrgistcr, has a big argument to deliver In the morn
ing, and he is big with his argumeuL Ed. Donnelly,
Treasurer or Tammany Hall, has his briefs ready;
Diclc Ftanagun will astonish tbo Court by bis re
searches In too old English common law; A. U. Cor
nell the Oliver Cromwell of the republican
party iu the Btato, is expected to bull
doze the Court In the alternoon; George
IIIish, ex-United States District Attorney, wno
carries about htm suob an air of prolundlty and Impor
tance will make the learned Chiel Justice Church leel
extremely small; "Nick" Muller will muke his ddbul;
Alderman Tuomoy carries his legal papers In his nsl,
and Is bound, liko the rest, for the Court or Appeals.
David Dudley Field, 1 believe, has lelt tor New York,
but he, 100, had bustneas In the Court, though the
weuknoss of human nature is such bo bad to call on
I senator Woodin first; Kd. Kearney, the universal
citent; Ashbel Green, groat in insurance matters, bad
a case lor the Court; James Daily. Dick Morrison,
i United States District Attorney Stewart L. Woodlord,
j Sheriff Daggett, ol Brooklyn; Senator Coo, of Kings;
j Jlin Richtnoud. even Charley Swan?all bavo itn
I portanl cases ponding before the Court ol Appeals.
I How coofinit'Dt is Ibat Court of Appoili! But thero
> Is ooe man hero this week who says he has no inter
locutory motion nor appeal to argue, nod that U
Horatio Soympar. v.noacciwrt of appeals In the great
court ot nature, where he pleads lor the propagation or
brook trout, shad and other interesting inhabitants of
tho flowing rivers ol the State.
1'hiLAoKLrutA, April l'J, 1877.
It appears that the difllcultles beiwocu the Heading
Railroad and the Brotherhood otf Locomotive Engi
neers will be of a more acrlous nature than was at
first anticipated, extending to and sffecttog the main
lluo of the road. On tho Germantown and Morrlatown
branch, where the trouble originated. Iwonly-Uve en
gineers were employed, of whom twenty belonged to
tho Brotherhood. All of tho twenty have loft the
road. Tho company employs altogether about 400
eugineers, most of whom belong to the Urotherbood.
On the main lino eleven engineers have lelt. Many
Qroutcn not moniDon ol tho Hrotiiorhood have gone
with the eugineers Irom sympathy. In an tuterviow
with a committee ol tho Brotherhood, now in session
in this city, the toporter ol the IIkrald was assured
of their hope of ultimato success.
Tbey rely on tho hearty support of the Brotherhood
throughout the country, uud their membership has
largely increased since the contest commenced. The
mombcrs of tho Brotherhood express a lack of conU
dence In the promises of the Heading Railroad and
view lie action as the result of concert among tho
railroad companies. Tbey denounce mo statement or
General Mauuger Woollen In regurU to the lusurunco
scheme which the company proposes to substitute lor
lltu tMuellclal louturon ol tbeir society. I ho affairs ol
their Ltlo lnsuraoce Association are eullroly
in thoir own Hands. Uudor tho system proposed
by tlio Heading lUiirond Company tho uugiuuers
would huvo nothing to sny ubout the management of
tlieir own Insurance funds, the entiro control of thoiu
being placed In the haDds ol the officers of the com
pany. AU engineer who may contribute to this pro
p mod fund lor years will ou being discharged irom
tho company cease to have nny claim on its accumula
tions wmlo In tho Brotherhood, on tho contrary, no
remains entitled to all beneffls, no mailer to wtiul rail
road company ho may become attached. Beyond this
objection tho committee assert Hint toe bcuellls to bo
derived irom tbo company's tohoino ure noi as grout
as those received uuder their present orguuntutlou.
From present appeurancos tlio wur botwceii thu
Broiberbood uud Hie rsilroud has scarcely begun. Oniy
Iclnts and skirmishes here vakon place ssyel prepara
tory to tho ureal battle, ill which the Brotherhood
ihluks Iho sympathies ol the public will bo on its side.
As lur us argument goes it looks at prosont us II the
engineers usd iho best of It.
Officer Fenton, of tho 'I bird precinct, Jersey City,
touud two children, a boy and a girl, at elevon o'clock
ou Wednesday uighl, wnndonug uloug Central aveuue.
The girl wus dressed lu boy's clothing. They had been
sent to school in the morning and did not return us
usual. Too police ol the several precincts wero noltUed
of ttielr diuuppeurauco by tueir luiher, Henry T.#Bruud.
Tlio girl, wno is thirteen year* ol ago, tola uu extraor
dinary Nlurv to tho police. Sho said alio lost her bro
ther in Hudson City and then crossed to New York,
wli.ro H.o threw uef clothes away uud pur
chased a boy's suit. rfbo also weot to u
barber's and Lad tier hair cut short. r1 bo
took a tib her twenty dollars she hud saved
in u little bank at her boms. Tuo strnugnsl leaturo ol
Ibo < ass is thai wli-u lUo girl was coulroulud with Iter
mollier she ignored her, nut nllerwurd acknowledged
the relationship. She tried lo mislead the polico by
stating that situ bourdca lu No. 120 Kulion strout, New
York, aud that sue earned it living by soiling papers.
A man named I'etors, who the police say is a bad j
character, was arrested by Captain Allaire, on Wednes
day night, lor supposed complicity in the Sixth Netlonul
Hunk burglary. He has been turned over to Captain
Williams, in whose precinct the offence w?? c.oui
untied. As ho could not be luentilled, however, ho
was returned lo Ills captor, end is how held in the
Fourteenth precinct nihiiuu liou?e. ilisouunsui yes
terday served u writ upuu Captain Allaire, who will
produce the prisoner in court lu-dav.
Detective Slevin. of tho Filtoenth precinct, yester
day airestod Samuel Bergeu, ol No. 12* Ohrystio street,
and Michael Madden, ol No. 1*7 Elisabeth street, ou a
charge ol having broken the-how w indow ol No. On"
Broadway and stealing Ove pieces of cloth vaiuod at
Wasiiixutox, April 13, 18TT.
The Speakership of the coming extra teuton of
Congress It gouerallv conceded to Mr. Randall, 11 no
combination should be made meantime tn tbo internet
of President Hayes and Irs Soul hern policy. Tbore
will be alivelr contest lor tbe position of doorkeeper.
The candidates Include the present tucumbeut, Mr.
Patterson, Major WeJderburn, of Virginia, and ex
Alderman Kugeno Durum, of New York, but tbe last
cays be will decline If Mr. a a Cox, who la from tbe
same State, la a candidate lor tbe Speakership. Other
names mentioned for the position art Messrs. Jewell,
of Louisiana and Polk, of Missouri.
Now that itie South Carolina question baa been
tallied, end Uauiptou duly installed as Governor of tbo
State, It la said that tbe administration in lu
lutura dealings wltb Southern men in ibetr relation to
lederal otltces in the Soutb will cousider tbe claima
first ol those who have not been Identified positively
and oxolusively with the democratic party, other things
being equal as to competency and Omasa. The Irieuds
of the President say that the democratic party hue re
ceived, in bis adoption of measures which allowed
Hampton to onter upon the Governorship ol South
Carolina, all that the party could hope to
get at his bauds, when tbe dispute or
matter at issue brought to blm for settlement was of a
political character. Hereuiter, wbeu there le to be a
choice betweeu Southern uatlvo politicians, be wilt,
they say, moke his solecilon trorn those who were Iden
tified with the whig party.
Sir Edward Thornton returned to Washington to
night Irotu a trip to Canada, where be wus the guest ol
Lord DaU'erln, with whom he had some business to
transact, partly of a private and partly ol a publto
nature. There Is uo truth in tbe assertions made in
tbe proas that hie visit to Ottawa had to do with tbe
llsherlea question. This question la in taet something
with which Sir Edward has nothing to do, as it la In
tbe bands of other official*, to whom it la exclusively
commuted. It can also be said tbat so tar as be knows
there 1b no Intention on the part of Iter Britannic
Majesty's government to mako any change In tbo
Governor Generalship of Canada or In the person ol bor
dlplomatte representative at Washington.
An Important series ol experiments to sseertain tbo
exact velocity ol llgbt bas been Instituted by Professor
Newcomb, of tbe Naval Observatory, Washing
ton. Tbe rate |ier second ie as tins a calculation
as has thus far been considered necessary by
astronomers, and the commonly accepted standard of
spoed lor thie division of time Is hot regarded as ac
curate as would be desirable for purposes of exact
scieuce. Professor Newcomb has therefore oonceivod
tbo idea of reducing to a very small fraction of a
second the rate of speed of luminary rays.
For this purpose ho bas placed a small
circular mirror on Capitol Hill, near tbo Capitol build
ing, two and a quarter in ilea away irom tbo Observa
tory, and will use this mirror as a ball-way point la
tbe distance serving lor the experiments, tbs entire
dtstanco being four and a holt miles, lbs
roflecitug principle Is employed lor two pur
poses; first, of economising distance or of
rendering It lees cumbcrsouto In conducting tbs
trials, and, second, of ensuring an exaot compu
tation of time. This enables tbo experimenter to
use only ouo chronometer, whereas with a single,
continuous sight two tlmepioees would be required
and an opening thus presented lor variation,
which might seriously Interfere wltb the
ascertainment of tbo desired standard. A preliminary
test of tbe apparatus to bo uoed in tbe experiments
was made last night, with quite favorable results.
Tbe oporators found but little difficulty In gauging or
poising the mirror wltb sufficient nicely to throw
back to tbo lous ol tne telescope at tho Ob
servatory tbe feint llgbt of tbe torch used
at the latter point. The telescope employed tn last
night's trial Is ono of the Instruments used by Profes
sor Newcomb and bis assistants in obeerviug tbe
transit of Venus. Tbo exporlmaot will prob
ably consume several days, tbs Urns de
pending to some extent upon the state of
the weatber. Professor Newcomb intends to cover tne
grounds or bis new solentifie venturo very elaborately,
and is confidout that he will bo able to present to tbs
sstrouomlcal world a new and valuable table ol light
Wabjiinoton, April 12. 1877.
Secretary bchurx to-day appointed Dr. tioorge
Kwiug, of but own office, and Colonol S. K. Warren, of
the Bureau of Education, to bo tuemoere of tbe civil
service Board of Inquiry of tbe Interior Department
for the quarter ending Juno SO next. Iho tbird mom
bur of tbe Board will from tlmo to tlmo be one of tbe
lollowiug named gootlemeu appointed to ca-operate
with tbe two quoit permanent mouthers In tbe investi
gation of sucb questions relating to removals, now
appointments, or promotions as may come from tbe
various bureaus tbey respectively represent:?W. A.
Bartletl of tbe Hulenl Office, J. H. llobbs of tho ten
sion Bureau, George W. Smith of tbe Indian Bureau,
and James M. Armstrong of tbe Geuoral Land Office.
Mr. Bartletl Is a "principal examiner;" tbeolber pro
visional members of tbe board are clerks of tbo high
est grado. These appointments have been made in
ouch instance on tbe recommendation of tba ohteis ol
tbe bureaus concerned.
Tbe commission soon to bo appointed by tbe Secre
tary of tbo Treasury to inquiro into alleged irregulari
ties In tbe New York Custom House, and tbe alleged
perpetration ol Irauds in tbo Importation ol goods, will i
consist of one apecial Troasury ugent, one New Yurk ,
merchant and one or more gentlemen wnoso private i
characters and business quallllcatioos lit them for tbo
position. Although formal instructions bave not yet I
boen prepared, tbey wilt bo required to report lo tbo ,
Secretary and mako sucb rscommondatlons as ths >
lacts may domand.
The Treasury Departmant baa made tba following
Heretofore It was bold that l'atna and Slam rloe of
which the hull and luucr cuticle or skill bad beou re
moved vtus subject to classification aa cleaned rice,
but, owing to legal decisions iu Sun Francisco, Boston
aud New York, the department reverses Us previous >
rulings and holds Ihut rico ol the churactor nuuliouvd .
is subject is classiIInation us tiucieuuoJ rice uu<l la I
ch'irgeuble accordiugly. Auy duties which have been 1
exscied and received contrary to ibis ruling or which .
tnuy have been paiu under pretest and appeal aud suit
duly instltuied will be refunded by the department
upon the lurwarding ol corttlled statements lor repay
Chromes should be classified aa sngravlaga, at a duty
Of '.'a per cent ad valorem.
Tlte teams ol Immigrants trom contiguous foreign
territory lor bottajidr purposes ol immigration are tree
oi duty. ?
\ etaela engaged in trading upon wntera wholly
wuhln iho hums of u State duo not having a navigable
outlet, are not subject to the navigation laws ol the
United Stales.
Orange mineral should be classed under tho pro- 1
vlalou iu schedule M, lor points or painters' eolors.
I ho duty on scrap Uermau sliver is si tbo rate of 65
per cent ad valorem.
The administration may not lor a week or moro '
consider the subject ol loroign appointments. It is 1
already known that tbe resignation of Mr. Wasbburne,
Minister to France, wilt take place on tbe appointment
ol his successor, aud tho samo condition attaches to
the resignation of Caleb Cushlng as Minister to Spain
There are no indications us to what porsona will rue*
cced the anovo named Ministers. The salary of tbe
Minister lo France Is (17,600, and to Spam, 912.000.
The .Secretary of tbe Treasury bos Instructed As
slntunt Secretary Froncb to make out ? list of twonty
special custom agents for sasigument to uuly in vari
ous portions ol lbs couutrv under bis Immediate con
trol From this it would aeem that tbo Socretsry has
abandoned the Idea of consolidating tbo customs agents
and the secret service foroe of the Treasury and the
Int'-rual reveuue agsut* into out organization.
Assistant Secretary French, to a lio in atata proposi
tion was referred, reported mat it would bs highly
inexpedient to adopt il
The number ot customs agents waa reduced by the
last Congress trotn fifty-two to twenty as the maxi
Tue Secretary of the Treasury has decided In re
sponse to a question submitted to him by tho Commis
sioner ol the Ccnerst Laud Office, that silver com ten
dered In payment tor government lands cannot be re
ceived in any onepayraent to a greater amount Ibau $o
Tho Board of Engineers appointed to investigate the
sufficiency ot the foundation ot the Washington monu
ment Usve completed their report. Although it is as
yat withheld from publication, there Is good authority
lor slating that the roport will condemn the founda
tion as lusufficioul to warrant the completion of the
monument on the present sue, and the whole ques
tion as to what shall be dons with the undntshod
structure will therefore have to be again remitted to
Cong rasa
NiwOklkans, April 12, 1877.
Tho commission remained in scssiou until the small
hours last uight uud consequently did not get to work
very early this tnoruing In arranging the terms ol their
formal proposition. About uoon tbey were visited by
a committee ol twelve planters?old Union men?con
sisting of Colouel W. 11. Brown, formerly of Phila
delphia; K. J. (lav, John A. Stevenson, E.
U. Lombard and others, who testidod to a
largo negro roio having beou cast in their
respective parishes, sua all uuiting In tho opinion that
the recognition of N'lcholls was vital to the interests of
tho State. Alter this the commission announced that
they would hold no more interviews, but proceed at
once with the business in band; but tney were exceed
ingly reticent In regard to lurnlshlng tnlormatlon.
It sppsars that the members ot the commission aro
vory much divided in opinion as to what course to pur
sue. Tho moro conservative think they are not ea
pccted to examine into any matters savo tho situation
per it. Others regard tho commission in the light ot
a Board ol Arbitration. Two ol them doeuf It highly
important that ibo work should be expedited and the
commission return to Washington as soon as possible.
Messrs llarlan and Haw ley think tbey should remain
on the grouud until tho whole affair Is adjusted.
These gentlemen still cling to the lusion Legislature
project, and express the opinion that no United States
Senator will bo admitted who is not elected by a full
Legislature, consolidated upon that basis.
The protracted session last night, which was pro
longed until three A. M., was devoted to the prepara
tion ol a letter to Mr. Bay es and bis Csblnet so'ting
forth tbo difficulties ot the situation and asking lor an
onlurgement ol their powers or advice bow to act. Its
phraseology was discussed at length and with a con
siderable show of partisanship, tho majority believing
that with power to re-opeu all the old sores the
NiobolU party can yet be lorcod to ucccpt the proposed
terms, ana in the letter tbo opinion was expressod
that Packard had the legal right to tue office. Tho
more moderate opposed this view of tbo case, but
With what effect does not yet appear. At tbo requust
of tho latter class another letter was also prepared by
Hulchlnsou, addressed to denator Stanley Matthews,
requesting his Immediate presuoco or a letter of ad
The serviced of General Augur were also called Into
roquisitloa iur reduciug the tellers to cypher, aud it was
lour o'olock A. M. belore tbey were pUceo upon the
wiro. Everything was consequently ut a dead-luck to
waiting instructions from Without
d"7. uwaitiDK lusiruotious from Washington. It is
slgDlBoaut, however, that at tbu tutervivw held this
alternooc with the committee ol planters tbo coutmis
slou inquired Itrto alk-god bull-doxiug on Iran on, dec., in
the Hauie inauaer aad lorm oh was pursued by tbo Cou
greasioaal Investigating Co turn it loo.
While It is believed that l'ackard Is In perfect accord
with the course thus adopted, Nicbulla and bis friends
see in uiom deteriuloud tbau ever to reject all trading
compromises. The coruinlssiou Iiuh been In Hocrel con
sultation throughout the day, but as yet it Is not
known whether the expected advices have been re
ceived or not.
The commission la now considering a still farther
modilleaiioa of their project?the organisation of u
new legislature on the boeis ol the Commissioners of
Klecliuns returns, wbicb would give the democrats four
majority in the Senalo aud two in the liouae. This
would prove more acceptable, still thcro are almost
Insuperable difficulties In tbe way, as tbo preliminary
steps would involvo the repudiation of the present
titles und status of both bodies.
Packard, In an Interview to-day, says that there are
et loasl two of tbe commissioners who will shtnd by
bim to the last, and Will not see him saeriliced. He la
?till very bonelul and talks very dsUaully,
PiXCUHAt'KS siioiit mkthou
Ptncbback was at the hotel lo-uigbt waiting to call
on the commission, aud lu response to inquiries gave
it aa bis opiuiou that they would bo unable to eliect
any settlement, that the only feasible plan was to
withdraw tbo troops as was done In Mouth Carolina,
lie said "II it were done ut six o'clock in tbe morning,
by noou pooplo would have forgotten that such u body
as Packard's l.ogislaturo evor bad existence." He do
precalod the plan mi opted by the President and said
that iu any event tbo commission could only repuit
that Nlcholls is do facto Governor of lbs Slat. ?a good
enough adjustment In the absence ol any raoro dctlullo.
Up to ten o'clock to-night no answer bad bo?u re
ceived to the despatch sent tp the President. In an
interview with Uuvcrnor Urown, just held, he seys
thorn are now no differences ol opinion among the
members of tbe commission, and although uoihing in
, tbe way of un official proposition has been decided
j upon, they have expectations of an amicable and
speedy settlement.
From other relluble sources It appears that tbe plan
Dearly agreed upon Is as follows:?All tbe legis
lators elected by tbo lace ol the returns
, aro to be udindtcd to tbo Xtcbolls Legis
lature, wben a resolution will be passed confirming
all its acta; this lo be followed hy tbe immediato with
I druwal or the troops. It Is said tbsl ibis plan was at
, dr*l opposed by Hawlcy and Harlan. Tbe lormer has
since given In blsadbeaiou, aud Harlan will not oppose.
1 In a very quiet way the Packard people were ilven to
I understand, this evening, that this woald probably be
tbu wevltuble, with tho assurance that the commission
would remain hero to see tbeui protected lu all tbolr
rights, Ac.
Tbo Bllalr bus been conducted with the striclasl
secrrsy, but I lie loug laces of tbe republicans and tho
ainiiou ol tbu Nlcholls people uru uutnlatukuble and
give ussuraucu that tbe luiermiusble vexations sod
complicated Louisiana muddle Is ut last reaching it
happy solution. It Is now probnblo ibat tbe Presi
dent's reply will bo received early to-ninrrnw and no
time will be lost in carry lug out the conditions.
Wahiiinuton, April lit, 1877.
The Louisiana Commissioners to-day sent lo the
President a long despatch In clpber, tbo llrst ol any
courequsuco Irout tbeui. It came dlroctly to tbe Ex
ecutive Mansion, and waa recelvod by tbe instrument
there in a private room. The President, up to a Istu
hour to-night, bad not decidod wnoiner be would
make tbo contents public.
[hy telegraph to the herald. ]
Charlkstun, April U, 1877.
The Information that Governor Hampton baa
formally taken possession of tbe Mtato House
bus been received bere with very little
lluitcr of excitement. Tbe negroes,
as a mass, have already become wonderfully recon
ciled to tbe change, and so strong Is their inclination
to be ou tbe winning sido tbat II an election for Gov.
cruor were to be bold to-morrow, with Hampton and
Chamberlain as candidates, Hampton would uudoubt
uuly bu oiecled by over go,000 majority.
Tbo colored railitin of Charleston, comprising nine
companies und aggregating about one thousand men,
bold a meeting to-night and passed resolutions tender
ing tneir allogianco to Governor Hampton and
asking for bis recognition ol their organiza
tion. It la highly probable that Governor
lluinpton will lorm two regimouis from the
soldiery of this city. one ol which will
he made op of tin* wtu* ride clubs, and tbu other will
ho composed ol tbe colored compemes. Kvi-ry effort
will bo made to organise a mdiiia throughout the
State, composod of whilo mid colored regiments,
wnicli, while tbrlr social relations will, of course, bu
separate and dlaunct, will both rally to tbe post ol
duty in (be hour ol necessity.
Kxieneivo proparniions are uerng made (or the
celebration of the delurred Washington'* birthday
ceremonies ou the lsih lost. The Governor will N
present noil all the city companies will parade.
WASHINGTON, April l'J, 1*77.
Senator Patterson, of South Carolina, In an Inter*
view with the President yesterday, informed him that
he thought be had made a mistake in hn cour-o toward
that Elate. The 1'realilent replied that It was an ox
poriment, bat rum ibe representations received and
pledgee made to bim by Governor Hampton, and aub
soquent devulopmenta, there was roaaou to believe It
would be successful. The Senator said tbat he would
as soon have Hampton aa Chamberlain for Governor,
provided his acoession to that once should bring pros
perity to the State, and Hampton abould treat all eiti
sens alike and provide :be mean* lor a lair election as
be promised to dg.
run aaNAToa'a vutvhs cocas*.
In the course of a private convereatluu to-day Sen
ator Palter sou remarked that as a republican, hut be
hoving in the right ol instruction. If the legislature of
South Carolina should Instruct buu to vote in lavor of
thu admission ol Butler or auy other democrat to llw
Senate he would do so, and besides bo would vote tor
the admission of democratic Seuatnr* from Louisiana.
This would lulerlere with his lopublicauisui, hut his
actiou would lie based ou the ground that a Stale ought
to he represented accord.ug to the wtahosol the people
aa rupre?enied iu their Stulu government.
It can he stated oo authority that tho I'resldeut made
no bargain whatever with Chamberlain a- a condition
ot his reiiracy from thu Governorship, and lliut there
lore the report mat ho ottered h-m tho pout ol Monster
to France or In any other place lu couaidorulion ol
such rotlracy is without the luast foundation.
Yesterday morning, soon alter seven o'clock, the
French Canadian pilgrims arrived at tho Grand Cen
tral Depot in this city. Mgr. Kaclne, Bishop ol Sher
brooke, Province of (Juobec, uccompaoled by ubout
100 clergymen and laymen from different parts of
C-nada, was met at tho depot by a delegation of
the St John tho Iiaptlst Benevolent Society of New
York, composed of Messrs. L. J. II. Normaudcuu, Vice
President, and El Lo Hoi. Secretary ot tho society.
An address was presented by iho delegation lo his
grace, Mgr. Racine, who thankod tho guntlcmon ol tho
society lor their utioniione.
It Is expected tbut on the occasion of tbo flftiotb an
niversary ot tbe Pope's elevation to the episcopacy,
which takes place on tbe 21st ol next month, a more
nuineruua band of pilgrims Irom the United Stales
will be present than was looked lor. I-ooal Italian com
mittees sent invitations to tbe faithful In ull lanes,
asking them lo ho In Home on tho mem
orable occasion, and It Is suggested that offerings be
made in lavor ol those clergymen who for opiuion's
nuke have been obliged to go into oxile. The Canadian
pilgrims, who arrived buru yesterday, take with them
(lio.oou and a lurge suoi in gilts ol bulfalo roues, lurs,
specimens ol gold aud silver ores, cloaks and maullca
ol rare loathors, tho offerings 61 Christian Indians.
Mrs General Sherman. who wus appointed one ol
tbe ladies to orguuizo tbo Jubilee movement In Amer
ica, has put lonh grout energy in the mutter, and her
eflorts liuve been eminently successful. The ptivatc
contributions from tho dincoso ol Now York will,
It has been stated, exceed $0u,uuo; that of Sun Fran
cisco, $7ii.OJO; Philadelphia, $30,000; Ualttiuore,
$2.'i,UHU; Brooklyn. $20,<J00; Now Jersey, fcjo.ooo.
Besides these vast aiuouuls, large numbers of Hue
articles manufactured In tbe Unltod -Slates are on tbeir
way lo Kerne.
The Arcbbtsnops of Plilladelpbia and Baltimore are
to be at Kouio ou tbia remarkable occasion. Tbe Meat
Kev. Dr. Uayiey, wbo is now in Now York, will leave
lor Europo In u few daysL The Most Kev. Dr. Wood,
who will be accomunuled by Fathers Luna, Sullivan,
Dornhege and Wuleb, Is expected lo sail frntn
Philadelphia. Some stgnitlcanue Is attached to Dr.
Haytey's visit lo Koine at tUla particular Juncture
when the number ol cardinals is about to bo In
creased. It Is also thought that the Archbishop
ol linlllmoro will not ugmn resume the dunes
ol bis dloccse. The Itigbl Kev. I)r. Clbboun, of Klch
mood. Vs., has a good chanun ol belog culled to the
plnoe. The Right Kev. Dr. McNIerny, Bishop of Al
buuy, sailed on Wednesday for Kuropo on tho steamer
Russia. Albany sends to Home the huiii ot $6,000, ex
clusive ol $5,000, gold, contributed by Ibe pastors to
dolray thelrSuporior's expenses while abroad.
Kixostox, April 12, 1877.
Tho closing of Uio Now York Conference last night
woa Impressive and Interesting. t'p to foor o'clock
Ibo sessions worn all In private, wnen a public session
was commenced. Rev. C. H. Brown was appolntod
treasurer lor next year. The cblef attraction, however,
wax the evening <oocting. beginning at hair.paat (even.
Ibo cbureb wax crowded at an early hour no lull
tnal It win almost Impossible lor the members who
wore lute to crowd tbrougb. There was sumo tine
singing by Rev. Messrs. F1 & Bishop, Travis and
Kern. During a lull word come that Rov. J. P. Hcr
[cauco was wanted at the parvonage. This was greetod
with auplauso, which continued as Mr. Hormance
aroso aud elbowed his way out, as it wus pretty well
known that this was a call (or tbo Presiding Kldorship
ot the district that has created so much trouble lately.
Religious services were led by Rev. A. M. Osbou.
lie made a Que prayer, during which he said, "Lord,
when these appointments bavo boeu announced by
the Bishop there will ho great satisfaction in some
miuds; there will be great grlel aud sorrow iu other
; minds. Coiuo to us aud lortlly our minds mid our
hearts lor all that Is beiore us lor the ycargio come,"
?rid loud responses of "Amen I" were heard all over
Ibo house.
Rev. A. K. Haulord read a memorial minute on tho
den ill or Bishop Janet. Complimentary resolutions
! were then read, thanks being tendered to the presid
ing Hl.ibop, to the residents ol Kingston lor llioir hos
pitality, to the Uommiiteo of KutertalRutcot, to ihe
pnelor and ofllcers ol the Second Metbodlet Kplscopui
Church, aud to tUe secretary and Ula associates, ull or
1 winch were carried by a lull vote. A resolution com
plimentary to the New York Conference Tern iterance
Society was ulso carried. The names ol the officers ol
one ol Ihe societies were road. Rev. Mr. (isbon, whoso
mime appeared as president, wanted to know what Uio
duties wore.
t he Bishop?You read the discipline and you will
hud out. (lircat upplauso aud laughier.)
Religious services were then uonductod by Rev. Mr.
I Id)wis, aud the business ol the Couiereucu closed.
I The largo audience now rat with Intense Interest
I waiting lor tho announcement of tho uppolnimente.
' The Bishop was very norrous, and it was hard work
I lor him to begin. He dallied wltli tbo roll ol papor lor
i some lima, bat Dually urosu and spoke ut length n, re
gard to ihe manner in which the presiding eiders uud
Inuirolf find decided upon Ihe appointment*; said that
liiev n?"l douo what they cousidored lor the boat, llo
dreuitod to road tho appoinlinentx, hut it was his duly
au<l lie would no it. Tho tollowing appointments were
then announced lor the Now York riistrict:
m n. c. orawvoro, PRaernmo ei.urh.
Now York:?
Bethel Ship To bo (applied
Five Points Mission ...C. s. Brown
D. M. Kggirstou
Wmhingtun squaro J. M. Klug
J. A. Kdmomis
tt. ittord street K. ti. o-bon
I'erry street Steven Merrill
Juno street ?.W, IV. Sever
central I'. S. Hsrrowur
Kigliteenih street W. F. HatOclJ
M. Paul's "? II. Tinauy
Tweniv-lourth street 11. H. Bnrcn
Tli.rileth street U. 1L Corey
Free Taberuaclo. J. Johns
tit. Lake's W. P. Abbott
Forty-lUtm street. O. 11. Gregory
Foriy-iourth street ti. J. 1 ergusou
Lexington avouuo Xf. H. Micklo
Ml John's J. 1'. McClelland
Highly sixth street... A. J. Palmer
nub street Deo. H. Mmun
l'J5lh siroci fo bo supplied
ML James' IV. K Davis
\Vasliingtou square T. laidgo t
Momsania . D. W. (X Van Gaa?l>eek .
Fremont D. 1.. Marks
Kordham ? Mteveos
City Missions:?
Tbiriy-llfth, Frankllu aod Molt sta.j. F. Richmond
Ml. Mark's 11 W. M. Peek
Mixty-elgbt street, (Irace, tit Stephen's
and Woodlawu N. O. Lout
Yonkors? ,
First Church P. Haiubltn
Central K. Tinker
Tuckahne O. Hsvilsud
Uarisdaie ??.....J. 11. Lent
White PUIDr?
First Church .....T. W. C'badwtck
Motnortnl J. Y. Bales
Ashlord Acer Vail
Dobbs' Ferry A. P. Lyon
lrviugion J. P. Bnekattea
larryiown F. Bottnmu
Norm larryiown U. It Crooks
Ming tillig A. Mcl ean
North tiing Mug . J. H. lluwxhumt
keusico and Arinobck. A. Dnvia
Pieaa.ihiviilo It it. Kelly
Newcastle J W. Ackerly
Croton hake J. h. laxnms
Croion and Uoetobel U 11. Reynolds
Bed lord. Middle Patent and Chestnut
Kidge J. M. Burger
Katouah ~ onoik Lewi*.
First Church ???B. H. Barkis
M. Foot's C. W. Miliar*
Putnam Valley T. Carter
NUrub (lake u. D. Utllespi*
SI on 111 /ion K. Athios
Gulden's Bridge and Crone River K. U. V. B*rds?
I.*Ke Mahopac M. M. CuflW
Puray's station A. a Burroughs
The lollowlug presiding elder* were alto appointed:?
Poughkcepsie district. Dalo* Sail; 1'raiuvilte district,
Johu E. Garir; KHonvMe district, p. It Hswiborst;
Neuimr,' district, J. P. Hermetic*.
.Uterine Conference bed adjourned there ni much
congratulation among lome of the member*, Ml t iter*
*er? otucrs who looked anxious aud one eeemed par
ticularly troubled and went to the Btsuop and aaked
him to change his pluoe. He **id he bad atx hill*
children to provide lor and h* leered that be would not
bud enough for them to eat. The Bishop could do
nothing, and bo left with n heavy heart.
At Emmanuel Kefortned Episcopal Church, is 'New
ark, yesterday. the Synod of the Ho for Died Episcopal
L'hurcb of Now Jersey, New York and Connecticut met,
litsuop Yellows, of Chicago, opening tb* services and
acting ss presiding oftloer of tbo banlnonn proceedings.
Among tboee prenent and invited to lakeaeatnaa dele
gates were cx-Ooveroor Stewart U Woodford, of Brook
lyn; Colonel Aycrlgg, of i'aseatc, and all clergymen of
Lbe Retormod Episcopal Cburcb, all the lay dotogslns
to General Council sud ell in misters of otker evan
gelical churches. The roll being called tb* following
cnurunes were found to he represented : Plrst Kefortned
KplSOOPOlOhoroti, New York city ; Emmanuel Kelormed
Kplsconsi Cburcb, New York city; Church of Incarna
tion, Brooklyn; Cburcb of Atonement, Brooklyn;
Church of Redemption, Brooklyn; Churob of Corner
Stone, Newburg, N Y.; Christ Cburcb, itnbway, N.
J.; Emmanuel Cburcb, Newark, N. J.; Emmanuel
Churcu. Jersey City Heights. Very oncourngiag re
ports were received from tbo several niiorches in regard
to their prog res-. 1 ho day wan devoted tnalnly to a
consideration ui the proposed synodlcal constitution.
In the ovuulug there was u lurgely uticuded missionary
To an outsider tbo diversity of belief and oplotoa
among Baptists Is something very remarkable, and, to
be appreciated, one rouat attend a council such aa that
which sat yesterday afternoon upon Emory J. Hay nee,
lata pastor of .Seventh avenuo Meihodtat Episcopal
Church, Brooklyn.
It was fur tb* purpose of examining Mr. Haynes aa
to his Christian experiouce, bit call to lbe ministry
soil bis boiicl and acceptance ol lbe doctrines and gov
ernment of the Baptist Cburcb that lb* society whose
call bo bas accepted convened tbe council yesterday.
Thirty-two churches wcro invited and were present by
their pastors and Isy delegates.
mr. Aavxxh or ran rack.
For two and a half boors the council kept Mr. Rarnn*
on tbo rack examining him nut merely on experience,
call to tbe inlufstry and doctrines, but on ntoa tneo
logtcal and metaphysical point* wbiob some of the
councillors wished settled lor ibeinsolvoa. Much, for
lusiunce, us whether Justification precedes regenera
tion or follows it; whether tbe utouemeut of
Christ includes in Its sweep all tbo doacendantn
ol Adam or only "the elect;" how Cbrtat
shall conte again, and whuu and . wnul
form ol Invitation to lite l.ord'a Supper Mr.
llaynes would give. Dr. Thomas did not
see what relevancy this question bad to lbs
three great topics wblob the council bad been called
together to inquire into. Dr. Bright was willing to
trust Urotbor Hsynes alter his excellent examination,
but Or. Pulton was evidently not quite satisfied, aud bn
varied bis queallon so us to get Irotn Mr. Haynes an
answer us to whetbnr bo would Invite all baptized (im
mersed) bedevers, uecuuso il be would that
would Include those who walk "trrogularly," tuat
Is, are members ol pedo-Haptist churches. But
In this tbe doctor was uguin luilod, by a motion to
arrest tbo examination, which was earned, bo that Mr.
Haynes esuuped from tbat close communion trap. In
deed, ho urns shrowd enough tbrougUout his examina
tion to evado answers to quosllons until they were
made so plain by repetition tbat he oald nay, "Yes"
or "No,'' or, as iu one esse be did to Dr. Hodge, "Yog
bave put It very happily," which created laughter
and applauae. The Uoctrlnes of election and
tbe extent of tbo atonement wcro tboee
on which bo was pressed most closely and
those wbose details hu most cleverly avoided.
He guvo eomo very excellent exogeeea ol tb*
Greek word translated "baptise," wntcii drew forth
the applunao of bis brethren, since, of course, be took
tbo purely Baptist ground on this word and ooctnn*.
At the close of the examination Mr. Haynes retired
aud tbe council Went into secret session, discus-ed lb*
merits of the examination, approved tbo same and
made provision lor tbe candidate'* reordlnation in tbo
At tbo eveniug service tbe church was literally
packed with people. Tbe occ.iatou was an event
utnong Baptists, lor so far as could l>o ascertained Mr.
Huynea is the llrst of half a score or more Baptist
nnuislers Iu Brooklyn who were lorinerly methodise
ministers who hue utterly Ignored hie past mtuiMry
ami accepted Baptist or ituatiou us a qualification tor the
pastorate. And if Dr. Fulton's pred cttou in giving tbn
baud 01 fellowship be correct, Mr. Haynes is but tbn
Bdvnnco^ilckoi of a host of Metbodlsl, Prot-byiermg
and other mHunters who are to go Into lb? Baptist
(old. For, as tbo Doctor put It, "ilia Lord Jesus
Christ Is going to Inive bis way on this eurlh and to
plunl Baptist churches nil over the world." In lbe
programme of ordination service the Rev. William Reed
mitde the opening prayer, Dr. Buries, tbn ordaining
Prayer, Dr. Arntltage preached lite sermon. Rev. Dr.
niton gave tbo band of fellowship and Rev. Mr. Law
son the charge to thn pastor, and Dr. Dnntel Read,
Revs. Hughes, Folwell aud other mlumtera look other
purls of tbo service, which was prolonged until nearly
ten o'clock. Mr. Haynca begins bta pastorate xexl
In September, 1875, Uio (junior of the South I'rceby
tcrian ChurcU resigned and the congregation nought a
union with the K?mi?n street Presbyterian Church.
In November ol tho samo year a union was
eflectod and siooe that tiuio setvioea have been
hold alternately In both odltlces. The South
Prusbyterlan peoplo acoopted tho pastor ol the Remsea
struct people, und now claim it was dono with tba un
derstanding that the Clinton Straet Church, as tba new
.-orabluation is called, should take the South
Church udtflco lor u (ilaco ol worship^ This
I'iHt couilitiou of the coniriici w.m, however,
dotorrod until last nlgbl, whou the new organization
met to decide '.ho nuttier. Mr. Stranabun was elected
Moderator, and the llrat business brought up for con*
rtderetlun was presented in tho shape of a motion,
the sense ol which was that the Clinton Street
rrosbytertan Church selocta Hio South Presbyterian
edittoe ae a permanent plaoe of worship, in anpport
of tbla motion Kev. dr. Spier mede a long speech. In
winch ho claimed that it was but Justice la ths
people of the Souib Church that the motion should
prevail. He explained that It waa accepted
by a large number ol the people Interested ae part ol
the contract which waa the basis of tba union. Tho
combined debt of the two bodies now embraced under
ooo name, he said, was $47,000; both eaideas
hud been put in the market far aale;
tlie price asked (or the one on Rem sen
street was $00,000. that lor ibo South Church, $33,000.
The speaker argued that If the Kern sen street property
was sold the cburoli would be without dobt and
have a surplus of $13,000, while. If the other
structure was deeded away, a debt of fldooO
would still remain nnsatislled. He claimed
further that the South Church was geographically the
runire of the church district, and that tho Kemsen
street Church wes only the social centre of the
district. The phrase "social contra" wu need
with irony by aeveral ot the advocate# of
the South Church, nud tba "beet families" also
came in for a share of satire. About twenty gentle,
mon apoke on tho motion, all thoee from Kemeef
street denying any knowledge ol an implied agreti
mont, and all from tba so nib Cbnrch aaaertlng tbit
there was such an ugrei'iuont.
The motion waa Dually put, and the "drat families
from the "soui .1 centre" voted it down by a raajorll
of 55, the vote being 111 to Wl. The result of this vol
la that the Clinton Street Presbyterian Cbcroh wt
heucaiorib worship In the Kemsen street edUlce.
A lingular occurrence took plaoe In Juatlee Klllottfl
court room, Brooklyn, yesterday. The facta leadieg te
the action taken are these:?Un Sunday evening, March
25, there was some laughter end other eauoyance daring
the services in the Appleion Mission, corner ol Hewee
stroet nud Kent avenue, Williamsburg. Three yanng
men named George Myers, Goorge Ah reus and Charles
J. Kviuia were arretted for making the disturbance,
but no evidence being aguinst them they were not
held at the station house, Sulme<|uently they wern
rearrested on a warrant, and on tho ftth mat. had
a partial examination before Justice Klnoti. The ooca
sloo, It appears, was an uxperieeoo luocllng sod Use
witnesses ror tho proeecation toatlded that the Utter,
nnuos of the speskeis who took part In tho services
were amusing and some of tho witnesses had smiled
during ihu evening, as had the accused. The managers
of the Mission decided not in appear in oourt yester
day I ail to lei i lie matter go by default. Justice Klllott
bad an Inkling of this, though no oOtcinl notice had
? been given, and as the Assistant District Attorney.
, Henry buell appeared to prosecute un behalf of tan
? people, he roused to allow tlie default, but ad
' joui ned tne ease one week and issued subpoenas for
the emu plaining witnesses, William T. Jordan and
| Thomas C. spencer to appear, on the ground that the
cose had attained such notoriety that the young man
. were entitled to enner an honorable dbtciiargo tl tho
i caso waa not proved or merited punishment should it
! prove otherwise. The court room waa densely
crowded, und as the people commeoced to withdraw
one of tun spectators fed in a hi, causing i(uUe a Utile
excitement among the young lady wttnaeeoa in the
case, ol whom there were thirty or lorty present. The
removal of tba sick man restored quiet, however, and
alter i tie wituesaee bed been aotitted te ay peer ea
Thursday neat thnysem mm slewed.

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