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Prospects of the ('online Racing Season al
Jerome Park.
How the Club House and Grounds Are
Being Improved.
Jerome Park never looked better at tbla early sea
?ou than low. although the days of bright aunebiuo
vouohaaled the inhabitant* of tin* latitude unco the
departure ol winter can be remembered without much
mental oiertlon. Tim gram i* growing rapidly and in j
a week or ao will be ono bright Hold or waving
emerald; tbo dry leaves and twig*, the accumulation
Of the dreary montha, have all been gathered and re
moved Irom tho ground*; tbo commodious stable*
have been thoroughly cleaned and made Iresli and
pleasant looking by tno proper application ol lubor,
and the track n In excellent condition lor the pre para- ;
lory work which thoroughbred borne* arc now in need
Ol. Never since the organisation of ibe American 1
Jockey Club ban tho truck been in t>uch shape al so j
? early a date In tho spring. It suflerod so little by tho
beating and driving storm* ol the inactive season mat I
It required loss ibau two hours' work to uiiko the lew '
trivial repairs nccossary. Noi only are the grounds I
receiving that caroful attention always given llioiu 111
the spring, but tbo club house has been lu
tbe hands ol a corps ol mccliuu:cs and cleaner*
lor three or lour weeks past. Tins elegant, capacious
and admirably airanged structure never appeared
more attractive lhau at present. It has been newly
puiuled inside and outaide; it bas received new furni
ture, now carpets and new uppoinlmeuls iu every par
ticular. Urcul taste has been displayed in this work, as
the harmony ol colors is so marked it demands iuslunl
recognition by tbe visitor. Kvcu the chuudelicrs have
been taken 1'rotn their places and given a thorough
overhauling, while the old muulelpiecos have been re
placed Witn those ol new and neater uusigns. I bo ball
room. wbicb all Jcrouic 1'urk goers know to bo &U.xlOO
luel, is now undergoing the same systematic retluistung
as tne club bou.->e has been subjected to, aud In a lew
day* It will look as bright us a new sliver dollar,
TUB llull.KM IX TItai.M.SU.
The handsome appearance ol luo grounds aud the
iresh and ueat look of tho club houso are not
alone the present attractions at Jerome Park. Fur
soma tune past there buvo been many prominent rac
ing stables there, the trainers ol ouch taking advan
tage ol every day of pleasant weather to give their
pets the airing aud exercise needed by ibein. Nearly
ninety horses uru already at ilio l'ark, aud tho tiumb r
will be increased as tbo days roll ou to such an extent
thai there admits ol but ltti.o doubt that a lot ol Jul)
or more will be ou tho grounds to lake part in the
ojieiuug meeting. The outlook seems particularly prom
ising, and if Jerome Park ibis year does uol add an- |
oilier biJiliaul page to its turi history there must he a ?
series of unexpected disasters now seemingly impossible !
to occur. Up to luis tliuu the trainers ol tne several es
tablish uiouis noted below have becu breezing their
horses quite lively, but the reul strong work they re- |
quire to be m proper lorin lor Hie early events will
not be commenced lor another week. In these bright
Oiorniugs, sutU a* yesterday ami Wednesday, the pic
ture in ibe curly hours, as firing alter string ol high
mettled rucers were led on thu track, wo* one ol pious*
ant enjoyment, but when, with watches in hand, each
trainer stunds in some convenient p.ace and notes tho
pace ol ibis or lliut horse aud w uu ea.er eyes scans Ins j
action, us mile alter mile is gone over ul cupping
Strides, the sc< ue will be exhilarating uud well worth
the journey ol ninny tunes to witness.
The stable thai heads tbo list ul horses ut the Park
yesterday Is tnul ol Messrs. Carr & Co., thu c: urge of 1
Which is id the hands ol tho veteran An.el William-on.
Bad luck seems to have persistently loliowed this
liable, although its iniuaies arc rich in royal blood.
Better limes are no douol in store lor tho owners, as
their judgmeut has been oi the best iu oruoring a new
broom w hen lliey poind ibu old one was worthless.
Eight burses are in th ring. Next on tbo list is P.
Uuicuhy's two, wbi" . V Miediker's lot id thirteen
present themselves. Fhe are owned by tbo llwyer !
Brothers, it. u. Chew, U J. Buuuaivne uud J. W. Ury
lull. Vigil, ihe lauious w .uner ol 18"t), heads ibe stable,
as It is hi* right to do, tvnlle a single glai.ee will docover
Others almost equally prominent lu the III o ol victors.
A reason of grand results msy bo coiiiideiilly looked
forward lu by r-lu-dlker. I lieu cutties tbo stable ol
Colonel McDaoieL It Is so large thai Vtiis us'.ulu mrl
uisu h.i* divided it into two diVismus, tbo iir.sl being
taken in charge by hliusell, while ihc sccoud Is under
the superintendence ul Kdwurd Wiley, assistant
trainer. Twenty ar ? under the Colonel's care, and
thirteen in the hands ol- Wiley, lieorge Sutcllffe's
s.ring of two loiiow, after wnicn W. Mudf ley's one,
when Major k (iroen's live come under observation.
L. A. Hitchcock's turee-y ear-olds nuxi present them
)*lve?, tiieu lieorge Ayre's three, alter winch come 1).
.cCoun's two, J. II. (juiun's iwo, J. It. Ulbney's lour,
i. W. Bell ,k Co. "s one and K. Stnylbe's s.x?In all
elghty-Uvo horses. The list in detail is as follows:?
rilerma way. b. c., II years, by Mar Uav's?Skedaddle.
Bille, i:b. c, 8 yeurs, by Asteroid?Target.
Viceroy, b. h., 4 years, by 01 rov?Ulster to Ituric.
E<ia Walton, ch. L, 4 years, by War Dance, dutu by
Knight ol St. Ocorge.
Miction, br. I., it yours, by Asteroid?Fairy.
Juno, b. I., J years, by Asteroid?/.one.
Siuiood, b. I.. J years, by W >r Dance?Saratoga.
Plunder, b. c., 8years, by Planet?Sister to Yauxball.
Durango, cb. g., 4 years, by Jack Malone?Fnnuy
Scamp, br. g., aged, by Warminster, dam uy liounio
Vigil, b. h., 4 years, by Virgil?Hugau,
Uiiadaiuuuibui, bl. h., 5 yours, by Leamington?
Broibnr lo Bussott, b. h., 4 years, by Lexington?
Cauarv Bird.
Palmetto, u. L, 3 years, by Nsrragansotl?Mmuio
Galway, oh. h., nged. by Concord?Mmidlna
Odd bocks, cb. c., 4 yours, by King Lear?Solitaire.
Vermonl, b. o., d yuurs, bv Virgil?Nuuu.e Butler.
Vineland. b. U,, 4 years, by Virgil?Cordelia.
Imagination, br. c., 3 years, by Longlolluw?Betuo
flick rasser, ch. c., 3 roars, by Kugeuc?La Hose.
Cb. c., 3 years, by Leamington?Katun.
Fury, cb. a. 2 years, by Narrugunsett?Julio tin.
Baritone, b. c., 2 years, by Houule bcolluiu!?Duetto.
Mr. Sucdiker Is traluer lor Messrs. Dwycr Brothers,
R. It. i hew, D. J. Bannatyne and J. W. Dry.son.
Big Sandy, cb. b., a years, by Aualraliau?Uenerru.
Austral,nd, cb. m., 6 years, by Aualraliau?Doily
Bambino, b. g , 4 years, by Haywood?Goncril.
Sister of Mercy, ch. I., 4 years, by War Daacq?8li- |
wr ol Charity,
l'rincnlon, b. c.,8 years, by Oakland?Wombat.
Glen Dudley, b. e., 3 years, by Glenolg?Madam Dad
Major Barker, b. c., 3 roars, by Asloroid?rithot
St. James, cb. c., 3 years, by Lexington?Banner,
imdy Salyors, b. I., 3 years, by LougleHow?Gonevro.
Ch. f., 3 years, by Glen Aiboi?Sailio Watson.
Princess of 'iliuie, b. I., 3 years, by Leaoiingtoii?
B. c., 3 years, by Melbourne, Jr.?Counterprouf's
CU. I., 3yoira, by War Dance?-uo Dougherty.
Cn. I., 3 years, by Uyaterniuu, Jr.?Spotted Fawn.
Mary MausUeld, ell. I.. 3 yours, by W..r Dance?Mm
aie MubsUelu.
Fawn, ell. L, 2 years, by Bnasett?Spotted Fawn.
Ch. a, 2 years, by Bussed -Bet Arlington.
Huli-doZer, b. c , 2 yean, by Hansen?Kilo Sblppen.
Hrotber lo Uastett, ch. c , 2 years, by Lcxiugtou?
Canary Bird.
B. c., 2 years, by Buy wood?Lazy.
Let lie, b. I., 4 years, by Australian?Little ilia*.
Brageioue, b. it., 4 years, by Bay wood?Lux.
Ch. g., 4 yours, by Kicliequer, dam by Jell Day.s,
Si oil eld. cb it. 3 yeurs, by O iklattd?F. intern Star.
Kugur Dick, cb. C., 3 years, by UyaLirilian?Hut Ar
It. I., 3 yeurs, by Melbourne, Jr- Leisure.
Cb c., 2 years, oy Planet? ailic Lewis.
II. c.. 2 years, by War Dance u.ik Loaf.
Mr I., 2 vears. by Inquirer?Leisure.
it. f.,2 jcais, by Baisbtl-Pei.uy.
If. I., 2 years, by Wai Dance Orange Girl.
Cb I., 2 year*, by Ab>l-el-Kor< c, lain by Blackbird.
Cb. c., 2 yeirs, by Oleuelg?Finesse.
CKOtUlK si Tomi pit's tahlk?ihainui hy uixsklp.
Mori lime, cb. c , 3 y ear by Kclipso?Konel.
Bullet, cb. g.. aged, lit itullcon, nam by Wagner.
Moorhen, gr. ru., 4 year.-, by Dickens?Anna Arun
Stauiord, o. lb, aged, by Day Dick, dam by scyihian.
M lo, ch. In. 4 ; o.irs. by Murrugansetl?Maidstone.
Milluu, cb g., u by I' auet?Mildred.
w ?c^r, 0 years, by rfeiiuoul?Nell Flaherty's
FiotiH*. 8 ye?P*. by I'lanei?Ciiilna.
L. a. uiTcaooca'a si aulk- i.k koy cungRi, irainrr,
M c.,3ye'rs, by Melbourne, Jr. ? L in,'stone's dam.
B c., 3 yeurs, by i'lauel?Magenta.
IS. c, 3 years, by Bay Wood?Gong.
FredencKtowu, b. lb, 4 years, bv Pal Mutiny?Kile
K ii wood, U h., 4 yeara, bp Bay wood?Dot,
Frastus Corning, cu. b., 6y a.irs, by l.igbtiiiug?Nora
n m'cann trai.nk*. ron on. unijray anu otiikph.
Br, I. 3 yeurs, by Leammiflon?km Kobibson.
Ch. b.' Milnur, 6 year?, by Luammgion, dam by Lex
' Itsirlever, br. b., d yaara, by Leumiugiou?Maigurei
Bar Maid, U f,, ( yean, by Leamington? Margaret
l.ove Chase, eh. in., 4 years, tiy Leamington?Henri
etta Welch.
Coupon, cb. h., 4 years, by Lightmug?Income
Wildcats, cb.c., J years, by War Dance, uam by
Hail Columbia, cb. ?, 3 years, by Kentucky?Colum
Bora, b. t., 4 years, by Leamington?Maggie U. H.
Madge, cb. ru., 0 years, by Austral an?Alabama.
Explosion, br. (. 4 years, by Hampton Court?Naph
Wade Hampton, b. c., 2 years, by (Hunelg?Item.
Danlchul)', cb. c.,'2 years, by Ulenolg?Saliua.
Telephone, ch. I., 'i years, by Asteroid?Schotliscbo.
brother to Willie Burke, ch. c., 3 years, by Bay
mokk to cons.
In addition to tbc above the uiubiee In the Imme
diate neighborhood of New York in training lor the
coming season must not bo lost sight uL These are
August Holmoiil's, with a large string; Blorre Lorll
lard's, an establishment ol thorogslibreds second to
none; Heorgo I.. I TlltSTll's. ol well known re path
and many victories; Charles L Lloyd's, it carelul
trainer, in churgu of some ol the bust in tue country,
Kellowcralt being at the bead ol tbe number; D. D.
Wilhors, Willi but ntiporicil stock Irotu England, and
there is no more earliest supporter ol the turf in this
country than tins gemlemau; J. U. I'ryor's lot or nine
or leu, the properly ol Messrs. Grlustiad, Morris and
others; Win. A-.lor's selected few, among them
Vagrant; Charles Heed's preleiHinua establishment,
und others, making a grand total ol uucxceptinnabio
livers. I huse, with the numorous establishments irom i
Maryland uud the South and West, will take a prom- i
loenl part in the opening meeting of Jerome Ibtrk,
wliii.h makes :l uppe.ir beyond a doubt that success
must attend the introduction to the Eastern racing
season Ol 1677.
Mr. Gates 11. Barnard, member ol tbo Atlantic Dis
trict Ifouril of Appeal* of the National Trolling Asso
ciatiua, will, tbo coining season, again assume the
management ol Fleetwood Park. This gentleman dnl
much lust year to' re vivo the fallen lor tuues ol the
Morrltunia truck, but the job bo Ibon look in baud
was ol hucU a character that ouly a man ol nerve
and persistency could hope to succeed, it is univer
sally acknowledged among tbe trotting fraternity in
this vicinity that success did attend Mr. Barnard's
ollorts in 1870, und with Ibis indorsement to bis credit
be goes Into business lor the year 1877, meaning to
give tbe publlo ol New York lirst class trolling sport
without any ol tbo many drawbacks wblcb, unfortu
nately, have done so much lor u long time past to bring
tbo pleasant amusement lulu disrepute. Tbe track und
its surroundings already begin to luko on the appear
unce ol activity. A corps of luborers uro o.can
ing up tbe rubblsb tbat accumulated duriug
tbo winter months. Tbat purl ol tbe Icuco about tbo
courso blown dowu by tbo numorous gales which
ol lute bavo swept over tins portion of tno country
is being repaired, while a project Is on loot to mako
tbe iiiuer bold more attractive tbau it has ever been.
In audition tbo club bouse is to bo thoroughly painted
Insido aud outside, und tne several stands are to be
rnude to present a neut appearance,
First on tbe programme of tbe year's Uztures is the
May irottiug meeting of lour days. Tncso will bo
May 29, 3D, 31 and J uue 1, duriug which eight events
will be douidcd aud $9,000 in prounuuis distributed.
Tbe sports will open with a purse of ?1,000 lor horses
that never beat 2:38, and ibis will doubtless briug a
luige Held to tbe score. Tbe same duy tbo 2:24 purse,
ulsoul $1,000, will occupy the ulteuuou of the spec
tators, tbe iwo events giving thorn ample uuiuseaicnt
lor tun occasion. May 30, tbe second day, ttioro will
be u saddle race, purse of $60 U, lor burses that
never beat 2:30. Although tbo past winter's sad
dle races at (i dm ore'.-, Union were not much .
to boast ol tbey demonstrated that the public
ure interested in trotting events o( ibis character,
while at the same lime It gave mauy drivers coulideocu i
111 their ability to sit tne pigskin with skill and grace.
Under these circumstunces tbo saddle trot at Fleet
wood must have many entries and be u success. I lio
2:34 purse ol $1,000 will follow, closing llie second
day's sport. May 31?the third day?will bring out
tbe 2:27 horses (purse ol $1,000) aud ihe 2:21 class
(purse ol $1,600) Juno 1?the closiug duy?will show
the '30 trutiors (purse ot $l,uoo). tno "tree lor all," {
barring Golosinilh Maid (purse ol $2,000), winding up <
1 be meeting. Kacti of the purses will be divided into
lour parts, tbo divisions being Ulty, twenty -live, tlftoou 1
and teq per cent respectively. Tbo entries lor tbo I
opoulug meeting will ciosu uu tbo 14ih ol May.
Fleetwood's dates in the great circuit trotting ineet- j
ing have been nxed us September 4, 6, 0 uue 7 Eight i
evcuis are on tbe programme and *21,000 bung ui> in I
pin sea The dilloreol classes will be the "Ireo lor
nil" or $3,000; 2:10 ol $3,ooO; 2:21 of $2,300; 2:23 ot j
$2,600 ; 2:26 of $2,600, 2:27 ot $2,600; 2:30 ot $2,000; I
2 34 oi $2.onu There will also be u special purse of
$1,000 oilered lor a .-addle trot, Tbe attractions of
this Hireling will surpass that ot any trotting reuuion j
(bat bus taken place ubout New York for muuy yeurs.
The October truttiug m> eting prounsos to be replete
with interest and exciting struggles. Among the
bvents will be tbo great stuilion purse lor the cham
pionship, open to all stallions, burring Smuggler. !
'lbis will be lor a purse ol $6,000 and an eiogaul gold !
medal to tbo winner. The purse Is so div.uod thai the
winner, besides the gold medal, will rrcoive $2,000,
the second $1,600, tin; thiru $1,000, and tno lourth
$600. The race will be tune beats, three in Uve, in
T hree coll purses, lor three, lour and llve-yeur-olds
are also open, aud will be trotted at this me.-l ng. Hio
ttrsi, purso ol $1,000, Is lor loais of 1874; $600 to tbe
hrsl, $260 to the second, $160 to the third uue $100 to
the fourth; mile beats, in burne.a. Tbo secoud,
ptiisool $1,000, is lor loals ot 1873, tbo money di
vided us In lUo abovu race; mile beats, In harness.
The third, purse ol $1,600, is lor loajs ol 1872; $760 to
too first, $376 to tbo second, $225 to tbe third and .$160
to tbe tourlli; milo beats, three in Uvo, in burness.
All the eutr.es to tbe stallion purses will close ou Mon
day, June 4, at eleveu o'clock P. M.
In audition to tbo above there will be many match
rucrs, whilo several purses ol fair auiouul will be re
peatedly oflured. Ul the loriuer three events ure
ulready determined upon. These are a $3,000 mulsh
bclweeu nurses owned by one ol tno l.orillards u6d
Colonel Kipp, und two mulches of $2,600 eucb between
Foster Dewey's bay geidlng ltlchurd and Kd. Koar
ucy'v gray geidmg nam: bill.
Tbe very urge stall accommodation at Flcolwood In
ulready nearly lakou up uy professional drivers and
trainers. Dan Mare, Don Walton, Wuliain Weeks,
John Murphy, Harry 11 million and Mr, Wallace's
trainer have rented ibe greater number, and It now
looks as it tins truck will kivc the preparatory work to
many ol the tlrst class trotters.
The following aro the weights apportioned to tho
several horses entered lor tho handicap stakes for
tour-year olds; $00 each, hall lorlsit, uiid only $10 if
declared out; the club to add $000, and $100 to the
second horse. The onirics closed on vbe 1st ol March ;
the weights were to he announced on ibo 14th iusU,
and declaration to ho made on or ticiore May 1; tho
race one uulo boats, to bo run on the 23d ol May: ?
1. F. Smythe's b, in. Explosion, by Imp. Hampton
Court, dam Naphtha 00
2. M. Donuliue Jr.'a cn. b. Waco, by Narrugau
sell, dam Juliella 100
3. Fat Mulcahy's ch. g. Durango, by Jack Muione,
dam Fanny Barruw 95
4. T. It. k W. It. Davis'cb. b. Kouiuey, by Curios,
dam Foil 103
& K. A. Clnbaugh's b. g. Cyril, by Planet, daiu
Fairy 103
6. A. It. Brown ? cb. b. Danvil.o, by King l<e?r,
dam ny Planet 07
7. A. ll. Itr.'wn's b. h. I'robleiii, ny Fimlico, dam
by Ausiraliau 03
8. (Icurge L Lonllara's br. b. Ambueb, by Ans
trallan. iluin Dully Mirguu 107
0. George I. I.onilard's cb. b. Wariock, by War
Dunce, dam Cndiuu 110
10. George LoiigsiuH's b h. Freebooter, by Ken
lucky, dam imp. Felucca 112
11. George LougstaU * b. h. Fraud, by Revolver,
dam .Skipper Iu3
12. George Loiig.-uir's ch. ui. Yorkshire, ny King
ol Trumps, cum Itono 101
13. A. Belmont's ch. li. Clematis, by Kentucky,
nam nop. Flciir-de?-t-'hauip? 102
14. A. Belmont's imp. b. nt. Dauutlcss, by Muc
carom, d .in Artless <j7
13. P. Lonllurd'e ch. g. Preston, by Planet, dam
.Mi s Mnrgar 112
It), 1*. Lurillard s l>. g. Bntrley, by Lexington, dam
Alia* Carter 100
17. P. Lorillutd'a ch. h. Barricade, by Australiah,
dam Lavender 104
18. Udeti Howie* ch. m. Mary, by Dickens, dam
My Maryland lOG
10. Thomas W. Do well's U In Outcast, by Lou
m lug ton, u?m Unauua IOC
20. Thoinu* W. Doswell's ch. h. Kuppaliuunock, by
Kind Lear, nam Faiiuy Washington 104
21. Georgy W. Daroeu A Co '* ell. g. Rlepioe, by
Hup, Can won, Uaui Fanny Bugg, by Ambus
Huuor 101
'22 J. J. Beviu'e ch. ni. Uuitie F., by Leamington,
dam llontiy Uoon 06
Mr. William Turtibull has purchased of Lou Morris, ol
Boston, a youug burse ol grout promise and speed, lie
is ny A.ex iuder'1 Miiiubriuu. Pnco, $2,0. 0.
Mr. Naihau Piiliuor, ol ltochester. tins pure based of
Thus. Conner, ol tlile cny, the tlnely bred stulliou
Mm k Anthony. This horse Is by Hamlet, by Volun
teer, by riambielonian; Ins daiu tho dntn ol Mierhug,
by liny Richmond. Mark Autouv is a handKoinn huy,
l.'ihnuds high, loaled in IsOH. It .a sal I lin can trot
In 2:30k He will not he used on the turf. The orlco
I paid lor him was $i,b0Uk
(From til* (London) Medical Press.)
We are glad 10 eee ibm the revival of stage coacblug
bide lair lo be a greater success thuu most people an
ticipated. Not only will the coaches that have been
lately running coutlnuo on the road, but also several
new projects aro in contemplation. The Drat coach of
the seas or is the Guilford one. Tfita tuts already begun
lo run as far as Cobbuiu. and on April 14 will run the
whole diatauce. The Portsmouth team will soou take
a new route through some of the finest scenery of
Surrey and Hants. It will not be luug beloro the
Windsor, Dorking and St. Albans coaches aro on the
roud, while the well known Brighton coach will con
linuo to run daily aa usual. Indeed, we have overy
prospect that other coaches, taking other roulov, will
bo started, not ooly in Loudon, but that the good ex
ample will be followed in some of our largo provincial
From a sanitary point of view, and with respect to i
those who are more in search of health than engaged
ou business, we look upoli this little rcvivul of stage '
couching ss oue of the happiest innovations that could j
bo made upon our usual mode of travelling. There j
can ho no doubt that lu many cases travelling by rail
way goes a good way toward dcleullng il>o very object
for which the jouruey is uudortakou. The time speul I
in the train may nut he lung, hut it more than time I
lost. The great fatigue, the headache, the giddlucss !
or sickness, the shako to the system and other eytup.
toms which tnany people cxperlouco who are in good |
health, aro often not recovered front for two or three !
days alter their arrival at their favorite health resort. !
Consequently the lime they bavo lost, as far us the
improvement of their health is concerned, is much i
longer than the time they would have spent had they !
travelled by coach, and not ono moment ol which !
would nave been turowu away, but, on the coulrary
spent lu the most healthy and enjoyable ol pursuits.'
Besides, if, a* philosophers say, human happiness de- j
peuds upon itie multiplicity of our innocent enjoy- '
uieuts, there must ho a great lallacy iu rushlug down, I
as 80 in ft 11 y ol Uis Uo, 10 .some waieruig !
place lu spend all our too short holiday iu a most
monotonous uud lur front healthy rouud of pleas- !
urea. II John null with h.s wiiuauu family, s.tcriilced
two or tbreo dujs of tho fortnight ho spends iu loung
ing about tho sauds iu tho uioruing and toe prome
nades iu iho ulternoou to a bracing uud deliguttui
i rido ou the top ol a stage coach ihrougU, poi hups, some
ol tho must picturesque scenery ol Kuglaud, woulu not
] his health uud his spirits, and even bis love lor Ins
i native country, be euhuueed thereby 1 We think the
whole proiosMou wdl agree with us ou this point,
i Iho litllo evils resulting to heutlh front railway trav
I elling have heOn exposed by ono or two eminent in um
bers, hut the gr. at oeuulll which persona in search of
; health would derive irom driving or being driven in
i the opeu ulr, uud amid the varied and ever-varying
charms ol rural scenery, instead ol sounding their
| time iu the uiunuerjusl spoken of, has almost entirely
| escaped tho uot.ee of the profession, and is too often
forgutum when wo are sending our patieuts lor a
"utile change ol air." There can, indeed, be nothing
i worse lor hotly and mind thuu to ourry mio our nloas
urcs that haste aud excitement which we uowuduis
throw into our business. And yet u little reflection
will show that tilts had habit is too much prac
tised by both home and continental travellers
Wbuu tueu go ou their uuiuiuuul lours they often
work harder than they uid at homo, uud the
enthusiastic follower of Cook or Cage will bavo lo
spend more thuu half his lime iu the railway carnage.
The great advantages of travelling by coach lu u sani
tary point nl view aro the opportunity ull'orded of ruui
11piling wtibiu a brief spuue of time, und wnh little
fatigue, the sources of our enjoyment, tho agreeable
relaxation winch the nnud exp.-notices iu constantly
passing irom ono scouu to uuother, and Hie luvigor
utiou of the body by contiuuully breathing the pure
air These are advaiila.os Which aro uot within
the reuch ol those who either rush from place to pluco,
or who scramble down by rail to tlio seasido, where
they become us much a llsiure as the "oldest inhabi
tant" ul the place. Even the mere pleasure of being -
conveyed rupnlly through toe c.iuutry ou the top of a '
well appointed coach is much greater thuu mau.v peo- ;
pie -muyiuo. Dr. -Samuel Johnson told Bos we'll ono
day that ho knew of no grouler pleasure thuu that of i
being driven rapidly through a Hue opeu country; out
contrary to what might Have beoeu expected Irom j
the great moralist, ue added, "in the company of a
prcltj' wott.an." I)r Johnson, however, was a grout
though iiiuoceut admirer of female beauty, and who
will dispute bts good taster llis dictuiu ou the mero
pleasure ol driving is none tho less remarkable |
especially when we consider II canto Irom a luuu who
thought one duy in tho Slrund was worth a month 1
spent in the country. But ono of tho chief reasons
why wo, us medical nton, would recommend our
putii'uls to patronize tho coach a little more and the
truiu a litiio less is the bcui-lU tUey would derive Irom
the purity uud Ireshne.-s of the air breathed. The air
ol most tf'the watering places lo which nine-tenths ol
the population resort tor change of uir is, irom its
moisture or some other cause, olton lonnd to do more
burin thuu good, while the drier uir ol tho luluint uis
tricts is generally louud lo agree Willi most constitu
tions. Auu yet fur one persou who resorts lo a larm
bouso or makes an excursion through some flue inland
scenery thousands uow rush dowu to some hishionuhlo
to wu on the coast to return Uoiuo with iheir heuitu vary
little belter than wncn they loll it. We live and work
moreover, ut sucn high pressure, and tho struggles lor
uxlsleuce and competition ol all kinds arc so groat
that we are continent that little uud irequeiitlv re
pealed runs out bf town would be fur more boneilciul
lo many or our city nieu than tho one autumnal hull,
u.iy usually taken when tlio best ol tho summer has I
goue. A lew journeys down to Brighton and back by j
tuc coach In ilie course ol the season would, Iroui a
healthy point ol view, bo tnore than equivalent to
three weeks' residence at that place, simply because
by ineuiiH of these short periodical "outings'- (be
lumd and body are not allowed lo be so completely
Jaded us to be beyoud the luvmorulltig aud restorative
intlueuce of the change ol air aud scene.
For these reusous we think thul the rovlval of slago
co idling, which has been recently inaugurated by a
number ol enterprising uoblemou and gentlemen, is to
bo commenced ou more grounds than tbut oi tho sport
uud pleasure it affords. In our opinion It offers to iho
Invalid, or lo ibe inuu whose brum has been over
taxed, a new or ruiher revived means ol recruiting bis
health, and we hope we shall hour that there will be an
uonually In creased supply ol a medicine which will
uot only invigorate the ooay, but will even "adminis
ter to s mind diseased."
Nkw Oklkanh, April 12, 1877.
Tho races of tlio Louisiana Jockey Club, wliicti were
to have come oil' to day, tiave been postponed on ac
count ol the wcainer.
8** Francisco, April 11, 1877.
At the Oakland Park lo-dav a running race, two
mites and ropcat, caruo ol butwecn Council Ulufls.
Lady Atnandu, Wucailey and Jako. Tbu raco was
won by Lady Amanda in two straglit beats. Time,
3:U8\?3:tl*4. Council Blulfs was second, Wheatlcy
tbird. Juke was distanced lu ibe tlrst beak Tbe race
was luvored by n good uay and truck.
[From tbe San Francisco Chronicle, April &.]
Tnoro was yesterday a slight attendance at the Ray
District Groauds to witness u trot lor u $150 purse bo
tween Uiue Mouutuiu Boy, i'uiohen Ctrl, l.llley and
Hub Hoy. Tbo former was, all through tbo race, a
favorite agulust tbo Ucld lu the lew and untinporiaut
pools sold, although previous to tbe tbird bout Pateh?n
Cirl sold ultnosi evco with In in. Blue .Mountain Boy
took tbu tlrst beat In 2:40, utter a pretty struggle
j with I'atcbcn Girl, and Li I ley a poor third.
I In tbe second boat Hub Hoy cut out
tbe pace and at tbe ball-mile led by u length, but tben
breaking time, and again Mountutu Boy, who bad been
I in close attendance, came to the Ironl and sou with
j the greatest ease in 2:43. In tbe tbird brat Llllcy weul
1 to tin' lore, but at tbe druwgate all were even save Hob
. Hoy, uud tben tbe three leaders broke in succession,
Patched Girl leading oil (be dance, Llliey lollowing
suit, uud Mountain liny leaving his leet just at tue wiru.
l.llley was just slightly ahead, but having indulged 111
lou lengthy a run 1 tie heat and ruco were properly given
to Blue Mountain Buy. Time, 2:40
Ei.mika, N. Y., April 12. 1877.
Tbe trotting horse Luther, woll known throughout
the Statu, became Irigblcucd this alternoon at the
; little steamer on the Susquehanna at Owegn, where
his owucr lives, and w,e so seriously injured by bis
ellnrta to gel away that be cannot live.
Nkw York, April 12, 1877.
To tiik Editor or thk Hkuai.d:?
Having beard a grout deal ol talk ol several well,
known vclocipodo riders concerning tbe endurauco
tbey possess, 1 uow challenge any ol those would-bu
1 cnampioi.s or any man in America 10 compete with
me in u raco ol iweuly-Uvu miles up to one hundred,
i for tlub to $250 a side, I lie race to lake place
' miiIiiu lour weeks Iroui dale of signing urucles ol
agree men I,
Anxiously uwalliug a reply Irani uliv ol those sell
styled cbiiiiipmiis, I will be at the Clipper oiTlco on
Moudsy, tbu Ifilb mat., to make the much It -pect
luliy, yours, A. P. MK.SstK.NGKK.
A number ol property owners have asked to be
beard beioru tbo Alderiiianic Uomuuttee on Streets
rclutlvo to the petition ef tbu Cheap I raiiHporiatlon
Association to allow uno of dummy engines belonging
to the Coniriil road on the Hell Kailroad ol ibis city.
Tim proposition was up lor cons delation belore, but
deieaic.j. Another utirnipt is now to bu mads to uu*;i
it through tbe Common Couuuii.
To thk Editor or run Hkkai.o:?
History teaches us that great results ure seldom ac
complished save through persistent uud uuiiriog
eflorl. Since tue Hck.w.d stsnd* pre-eminent. having
lor lis erccd Justice to all ourties, it is fitting uiat It
should lake trout r ok lu the war against Murmouiam.
With its characteristic energy and promptness it a?
mined uu altitude o( hostility without waiting to Me
how lU contemporaries would take up the question,
and 1 hope It will not cease its a.sault* anlil polygamy
Is so ellcclually disponed ot on to preclude all p?? eibil
liy ol ile ovci coining to |||o again; lor, look at it as
we may, logically, ludillorciitly or otherwise, we inuat,
If wo allow our uioru) laculuee a purl lu the debate,
couie to the inuvltable conclueiou that ul the heal II ig
a deluiloo and ehould ho treated accordingly. We
have abundant medical teatiiuouy to provo that ihoro
are uuiueroua lorma uud degreee ol mcutul uberratiou,
and that the viciima ol' thuee disorders cling to a hal
lucination in the bcllol ihut their theory la the only
correct one, or tbeir grievance the only mutter lor
complaint, an the cxen may be. What dues the law suy
lu relereuco to the moral ros|K>ii*ibility und the ro
siruiiii ueeessury lor the protect ion ol a community
agaiust auch persons?
1 bud occaaiou to reler, In a loriuor article, to the
doctrine of "Iree lovo" tut udvooated by a low depraved
Individuals not long since. The prose was pretty gen
erally of one mind at that time, uud the scathing con
tempt and relentless eurcueme ol which lie promul
gators were the recipients soon consigned (hem to the
depths ol universal condemnation. The result was,
that tuetcud ol finding followers us corrupt as them
selves, they sunk buck into that obscurity so tnercllully
provided Tor such us oll'eud all souse ol decency. Public
opinion, in the long run, is apt to prove u very impar
tial tribunal, uud wu have cause lo thunk that mighty
power, the press ol our country, for suviug us Irum a
fully developed obscenity whose internal teachings
could only be mulched by this olhur obscenity culled
Mormon ism.
We must all uduiil the close reluliouslup existing
between the two, except in the advantage (il advan
tage it cull be culled) p?Hsesseo by the Mormon brethren j
ill Inul they deny the weaker sex the privilege uc
... ...... / * - ?~ r "v
corded to Hie leuiuuuo "ireo lovorift"?uameJy, Uio 1
choice ot more thuu uuu mate. Suppose this class to
have gone out lulo tenitory contiguous to that occu
pied by UrigUutu ami his disciples, and to have uslub- :
iished it coiouy. What u wouderlul "uflliiiiy of souls" !
we should ho called upou to udimro! 1 have never
entered into the probability ul iwo holy sou is being '
druwu simultaneously utter the suuiu object) but 1
dale suy, had any Might discrepancy ol tuts kind 00- .
currcti, :t could nave beeu amicably adjusted accord- 1
mg to their elastic coutacuiiuus scruples. Vet these j
"spiritual minded" people, instead ul going wueru ihero :
were uoue to molest or tu ike them uiruld, cuntiuue lo i
dwell lu our must sua ?uller ui>probriuui, and lor this ,
let us do them llio jusilce lo tniuK ihut they Were ;
somewnat under tLu lullueiicu ul better oiuouous, or j
else ihut they were Uut sufficiently convinced ol the j
soundness ol their doctrine lo justuy thuiu in tbiow- |
lug oil ull legal resiraiul aud braving that same public !
opinion which wields such power lor good when per
suaded in the right direction. That Urighaui Young
bus prospered lluanoiuliy, it uul spiritually, is evinced
by ibo estimate lormcd ol his wealth, which is repre
sented as being ueurly #7,uud UUD, exclusive of the
uiouey value utiuchlog lo nis wive..'
Let me uut bo understood us casting oue re
uroucfi upon his uu.ortuiiuiu victims. Couviuced
as wo are that there are souls under his dominion
lougiug with all me power ol utter despair lor a purer
religion, how can we let any opporiuuuy pass without
pleading in their behull? It is the institution we abhor,
not the innocent xulterer*. 1 um aud have ever beeu
a passive advocate ol woniuu suffrage, but 1 am willing
loiuicgoull the Uonors uud privileges supposed,lo bo
wrapped up tu the new uruor ul things until that
notour liucrty of being permuted to act according lo
the dictates ul their cuusciuuces in regard to religious
mailers shall he gruuiid my uuwiinugly degraded
sisters. Ihut they do, many ol them, leel the degra
dation ol such u Inu 1 am us Urtniy couviuced as though
1 lived umoug them and was laimhar with mo secrets
ol their hearts. Away, then, with caul uud hypocrisy.
I.ul us IniVe u universal religion, diguilled, at least,
und Irco trout the luiut ol imbecility. 1 make this
becuud appeal lu tuu iclcro.Ms ul decency and humanity,
and in boi.ulf oi that Christianity which descended
to us trorn the shadow ol llto cross, uud which
we ure commanded to keep pure. Let us not, a lew
yeurs heuce, look upon this blot upon our uatiou's
honor uud iululngoucc. hut lot us say. as wo cauuol
truthfully suy uuul polygamy is abolished, we are a
free country ; we own no slaves, wnile or black, and
we place no restraint U)tou the religious priucipics ol
Its inhabitants. tt'ti cannot, as Ibo Washington Capi
tol mildly suggests, "tYuil patiently for the Lord lo
work out ibruugh tho luws ol our nature a correction
ol IhO evil."
Tho disease is one that requires tho surgeou's knife,
instead ol tno mild poulticing prescribed by Ibo Capi
tol. Had Muruu Luiliur remained a inere spectator,
alter having couto into the light ol a holier uud butter
bclict lu the Word ol God. who would have sown the
seeds ol the Reformation ? .Shall vto sit dumb und in
different when men iu our generation are bringing
shame upon tbe cause ho labored lo purity, and muko
no effort to rouse tuum to a consciousness of their
Nouwalk, April 12, 1877.
A meeting or tbo Public Ho.ilth Association was held
in the rooms of the Academy of Medtcino lad evening.
Tbo principal object of tbo meeting was to bear tbo re
port ol a special committee uppointod to consider tbo
pructlonblllty of Introducing the provident dispensary
system into ibis city. Mr. Juines C. Buyles, on behalf
ol tbo committee, submitted tbe report. It considered
tbo bestowal or indiscriminate charities as lujnrtous
aud calculated to make two paupers in helping one.
Tbo groat medical charities are in no rospoct less hurt
ful lu their intiuence upon tbe tnorulo o! tbe poorer
classes. Tboy seem to bo peculiarly liablo to abuse,
since sickness and sullering touch tbe sympathies more
deeply than even tbo pica of hunger. There are thou
sands or laiuillos peculiarly liuhlo to sickneBs who uow
have no resourco lor medical usslstunce except tbo tree
dispensaries. The report proceeds to urgue lu lavor of
a combination of the true and piovideut systems of
dispensaries as being calculated to relieve tbo charita
bly deposed from uu excessive and unnecessary bur.
deu, and to make the expense of furnishing medicine
reasonable to those who uro abundantly able to pay for
It, aul still retain tbe lealurc of helping those who are
not. The dally experience of physicians in free dis
pensaries, in luuooraud outdoor practice, gives abun
dant evidence ol shuweless imposition on tbo part of
applicants. The hygienic advantages ol the provident
over tbe free system were presented.
The provident dispensary la not a charity, but a
sell supporting mutual ben tilt society, somewhat uu
llio principle of an accident insurance company. By
tbe payment ol a small sum weekly, lu sickness aud ia
health tbe members are uulttlud to medical attend
ance and mediciufs without additional charge when
they noed them. Tbo success of similar institutions
lu Kuglaud was described, where ibey are tbo out
growth el tbo Ireu dlspelisuriea, aud are fouud el im
portant benotit tn relieving tbese institutions or a p.irl
ol their burdens. The rale is a peony a week, uud
wUolu families are required to join where one becomes
a member. The dues ure collected weekly by
agents. Three-fourths ol ibe money is divided among
the medical stall' ol ibe dispensury in proportion lu tbo
number of patieula trualod by each. The rest covers
cxpeuaes. It Is proposeu to require tor membership
ol dispensaries here the sum ul Uvo cuuh-per week,
which, with u.OOti members, will give a total Income
of $13,000 per uunum. Deducting twenty per cent lor
collecting, Ac., $13,400 is leit. giving each of the lour
physicluaa $3,000 per annum lor bis services aud leav
ing $3,400 lor medicines and expenses
The report proceeds to give uii extract Irom the ro
port ol tbe ritutu Board ol Charities, by Mr Theodora
Roosevelt, with a copy of a letter Irom Dr. C. It Ag
now on the "abuse ol tbo dispemury system by un
worthy applicants und plans lor rcmeuylug abuse,"
and coucludrs with the hope that this Hs.-uciaiion will
solicit tbo co-operntion >ol other societies, medical
an'd benevolent, in submitting n plan of provident
dispensaries lor practical trial in ibis city.
Gordon A. W iddell, a broker at No. 4.1 New iitraot, |
was arrested about a week ago on a chargepreleried by
bis wife ol abandonment of her and their child ailice 1
tho 2'Jd ot December, 1870. Mr*. Wadilell la said to
live woll. Her husband was wealthy aome years ago.
He aaya be la nuw pen line.*. lie cluima that when lie
was rich bis wile was kind, but when be grew pour her
ullecliouutu wanner was chaugeu to neglect, ihoy
were married iu Philadelphia ttlleou years ago, and
llicir boy is seven years ol age. Charioa K. onss, of
tne (th ubain Motel, and It. Uennul, ol the Stevon*
House, becumeMr. Wuddrll's bondsmen, und llio cuse,
alter uue or two postponements, cumo up bclore Judge
.Smith at tho t iliy-Heveuih Street Court yeateiday.
Several wlluossrs were eXutninud. Thomas Snleck, a
bookkeeper at tho SiurteValit House, tosliUi d that Mr.
WudUell spotii ho hi a tune tlieio, but bis board bills
wcro paid by llr. Ityiler. Mrs. Waddell said alio had
not been supported by her husband lor a long lime;
be bail looked alter iieitlier her child nor hersell,
hi.iking them go io relatives lor lood aud lodging
Tho cxaiuinatloii was then postponed to Another day.
Richard Vao Uouton, a builder, living at Woodlawn,
was arr .igued yesterday at ino Klity-seventb Street
Court, on complaint ol bis wile Atuoliu, who charges
I him with abandonment. Mr. Vuli Mouion said be
owned two hoiisos lu Woinllawu and was will.ug to
support bis wi.o ll she woulu only I ve wnb linn hi ins
'? house, but that ho would not pay lor her board whilo
, aim remained away from none. Her ami, bo explained,
j was qUal'tulOd upon III III, und tills was (lie reason lliey
?Inhi rdled. lu douuii ol oail no was ooutuiliud tor
I trial.
Conclusion of the Inquest and Verdict
of the Jurv.
Mr. Taintor's Astonishing Dul
ness of Hearing.
Tbe most remarkuhle inquest that bus taken place
since itio time ol the Nuiban murder wue brought to a
conclusion yoslvrday by u verdict which, II not quite, :
was almost all that could have been desired bv the
Iriends of ltie deceased. Several peculiar circum
stances deserve to bo noticed. l'ho inquest was Ueid
ou llie bodies ol George W. and Orvillc I). Jewell, wbo
wore killed in a very mysterious manner on tho otb
Inst. Notwithstanding ibis tbo jury never viewed tbo
body of Orvillo Jewell, us tbey were by law requlrod
to do. Captain Holly was called on tbe luquesl, but
was excused Iroin testifying alter a whispered consul
tation with the Coroner. Mr. Dean's statement was
lukon privately at Ins bouse. All the questions asked
of witnesses appeurud to point aioue toward bringing
out uud establishing tbo suicide theory Tbo develop
mouth ol yesterday, however, surpassed iu mystery all 1
I lie previous details that could be gleaned concerning
tne ufluir.
Mr. Charles relator waa tne tirsl wiliioss called. Ills
testimony on all points relating immediately to tbe
tragedy was very contused. He said Ihui be bad
been counectod Willi the tlrin ol John Jewell & Sous
lor leu years. Orville U. Jewell kept lbs books ol tUo
while load llrui uud wituess kept tbe books of ine oil
business. Allcrwurd, iu response to a demaud lor
explauuliou by u juror in rolereuce to some accounts,
be prolossed biiuseli to be unable to expiaiu very
clearly ou uccoutil of bis wuul of experience ol book
keeping. Tbo day before Hie catastrophe be said bo
bad beua informed that lie wus 10 have a sbare in tnu
business. Mr. George Juwoit told hnu so, at the sauio
time suying that Orville wits going out 01 tho Arm.
Mr. Taintor continued us follows:?lu last November
1 Ursl learned iroin Mr. Dean mat tbey Intended to get
Orvillo out of the brni; tbo ronson tor tbls was tbut
Orville bad acted so uugemlotnuiily toward both Mr.
Doau and Georgn W Jewell, uud tboy could not ugroo
nor get ulong with bun; I lived in tbo same bouse with
uiy latber-in-iaw; wo both caiuo to tbo oillco together
on tbe day 01 tbe tragedy.
George W. Jewott went inio tbo rear office and there
were present iu there Orvilie, Mr. Duau and Mr.
Powers; 1 could not understand what was said as 1 was
In the centre olllce with Charles Hoilock and young
Dean; Mr. Powers und Mr. Dean passed out of tbe rear
olllce; shortly alter Mr. Doau returned; Charles H.
Jewell also loltlbo rear olllce; Mr. George Jewell ulso
came out and went out into tbe tront olllce with sotne
letters and sat down on tbe desk for about live min
utes; tills oillco was occupied by Charles Jewell; Or
ville followed weorge W. to toe (rout olllce; Georgo W.
then wont back lUlo tbe rear olllce, but Orvillo fol
lowou bltn shortly alter; in about, I think, itirce or
lour minutes Mr. Duau uppearod at the door una
walked right by mo out of ibo gate; 1 didn't bear tne
explosion; 1 turned right around uud saw tho sout.
Coroner Ellmger?You didn't bear the explosion at
all ?
Mr. Taintor?1 did not.
TheOurouer? What then?
Mr. Tuiulor?1 wuul lu tbo door and looked in,
George called "CharleyI Charley!"
Tbe corouur?What was yuui'iuipression then?
Mr. Talulor? 1 don't know tfiat 1 had uu impression.
Witness then continued us follows:?Mr. Dean
loosed very pale, but spoke not a word; the door wus
opeued uud my nnnio was called; 1 rusbod luto the
room, which was itllud with smoke, but 1 could not
see auyihiug; 1 heard tho report ol lour shots, and I
OlV 1*11 aV k> *S I | * Hum U ?MV ? v poi V wi l"U? auwtn, II II U A
suppo-ed that Orville was ilriug at Geoige W. Jewell;
1 tueu turned to see if auy ouo was neur or coming
Into tbe room; on looking again toward wnero 1 ucurd
the shots I saw two men, Georgo W. uud Orvillo D.
Jewell lying ou tbo Hour.
Mr. Taintor hero explained to the jury tbe position
ol the bodies. He said that George wus dead.
By the Coroner?liow uld you know be was deadf
A. Well, 1 supposed he wus; he looked luce it, hut 1 did
not leel of bis pulse or heart; Orvillo was not dead lor
I saw him struggling.
y Were you uwure that Orville offered to sell bis In
terest out to Mr. Dean raiber than lo any other mem
ber of tbe Arm f A. No, sir; 1 was uwuro that it was
tuieuded lor Mr. Doau to buy out Orviiio's interest in
tbo husiuess.
y. Did you ever see any member ol tbo llrm curry
uuy wnupous? A. Yes; about six years ago 1 saw Or
villo Jewett with a revolver in bis pocket; it was ou
?Slulou Islaud.
lly a Juror?How do you account for not hearing the
explosion ? A. 1 don't kuow, except that 1 was so ab
sorbed tbut I did nut take notice ol n.
Q. Are you sure Mr. Deau wus out ol tbo rear olllce
beloro tbe pistol shots were bred V A. Yes, be was; I
saw bun come out boloro 1 weut In; tbe glass partition
bolween the couiie and roar otUcu is ground so that 1
could not distinguish anything through It when tbe
door wus closed.
By counsol?Do you moan to say that you did not
boar tbo explosion und that Ibo first you beard about
the all air waa wbeu Mr. Doun cauie lo tbe door alter
coming out ol tbe rear office ?
A. I uo.
y. An explosion beard distinctly at Fulton forry, and
also at the Soveutb tVurd Bank, 400 feet away, uud yet
you prelcud to say you did not bear it and you wvro
iiuiiwouiy leet Irum itr A. 1 do not recollect having
bear J It; perhaps the sound wont out of the window.
(Derisive laughter )
y. Were you siuuned, er are you deal, Mr. Taintor?
A. No; I am not deul, nor was I stunned or fright
cued when 1 saw Mr. Dean come out looking so white;
1 must have boon greatly absorbed in wbut 1 was do
Counsel?Well, 1 should think so, not to hear an ex
plosion iliui blew out the windows close by you uud
was beard several blocks ofl.
Witness staled b>- bad neurd that Orville bad spoken
ol tbe other nieniburs ol the llrm in ungeutleiiianly
terms; bis recollection on tbls poiut was vory cou
Itv counsel?Wliil were (bono ungontlemanly words
thulOrvillo used toward llio oLber members ot tbo
Arm? A. I dou'i remember.
Q .Were tbey uol lo Una effect, tbut Orvllle bad
said, "VVe bavu picked Deau up out of the gutter unit
will send bun back tbere again?" A. I believe 1 beard
aotne sucli wards.
I'lie waicb aud other articles or jewelry belonging to
Orville Jewell were here produced. They were banded
to the wiluesa by the Uieuieu or policotnon, aud ho
placed ibetu in Mr. Charles Jewell s desk.
The Corouor?What did you do iheu? A. I decided
to go down to Stuluu lalucd to uolily the tauiily ol
George Jewell ol the cittastropha; I iutended to tiavo
uu iin)Uusi on the bbdy ol Goorge W. Jewutlt, aud liavo
It held in the ottlce; 1 spoke to Mr. Hill, and about au
hour alteraard saw Mr Lieaii down stairs, and spoke
to unit ou the subject; it was then 1 first discovered
that Mr. Dean was wounded; I went to Stolen Island,
antl did not return until Monday; the explosion oc
curred on Thursday morning.
Q. Then you wcul uwayund lot Orville O. Jewell and
Mr. Oeun lake cure ol themselves, and thought you
hud done enough to go to Staleu Isluud una notify the
family of your laihor-in-law of the explostou aud
eatuairopbe? A. 1 knew the oilier parties were takeu
euro ol, aud I heard ol their condlltou dally.
The next wituoss called was Mr. James W. Sellock,
the guueral houkkeeper ol Jewell A Sons. He said:?
1 a in not aware ol uny trouble or dispute between the
members of the llrni; lor several da> s previous to the
explosion orville appeared lo be troubled about some
mulicr; I do not know whetber be was out ol bis
mind or not; I cnmiot ray whether the small pistol
which was lound Is the one I saw with Orville tome
ttuie ago.
Charles 11. Jewell next tesillled us lollows:?1 am a
member 01 the Itrm ol J. Jewell & .Sons, and bavo
been since 1857; Mr. Dean was at that time uu em
ploy d ol the llrtn, but was not a member, George
Jewelt said lu nte one day in lust November:?
"Charley, I can't stand ibis any longer; Orville has
treated me outrageously aud I would preiur to leuvo
the tirm lhau put up with it-''
This wus at limner ouo day, when my brother
George, Orville aud tnysoli diced up stairs ur the office
together; 1 left thuui .it the table together;
Orville was olieu dissatisfied ut thu Arm be
cause they were not making money enough; I gunl to
in a
liiin that he had not tne right to speuk in tho manner
be did to the senior partners; he replied:?
?'Ou, well, I have my rights; but don't you be
Iriuhtoned, li'sall right."
W believer Ills opiniun was asked about any contracts
he would not say whulhct iliuy please I mm or not;
nrvlliu went uwuy ou a suooting excursion about the
middle ol last .November, aud my brother Geurg. told
me that lie had concluded to leave the tlrui on me 1st
ol January; 1 I ben spoke to Orville aud asked bun
II he had uuy pruposule to make about buyiug out tho
other members ol tho Hi in, but lie would give mo uu
satisfactory answer; in be latter part ol Juuuary a
consultation was held between members ol the litni,
and a letter waa written mid sont io Orville which
Slated that they had made tho lollowing propositions
lo cither buy or sell tho property ol tho firm hi I'ort
ltlchmuuil, anil If lie disagreed they would icaffc ihe
price io be paid to bo settled by his uncle; Orville's
temper was very chaugo ,ble, ami be oltcn used violent
olid ungenllemiiiny language when iu these moons.
I b<-witness thou gave a number ol luunieuis show
ing Orville lo be insane, Irom tho laci that ho wore
Ins overcoat III the office. Orville appeared to have
two moods?one pleasant aud the other irritable.
A recess was llieu at two o'clock takeu lor hall ao
hour. It was noticed as a remarkable luoi th.it Mr.
Charles 11. Jewett wus not questioned at all witu re
gard to his knowledge ol the tragedy. Although oh*
wu. at lb* moment ol the explosion be returned 100a
The followirg is a copy of (he loiter referred to fa
Mr. Charles 11. Juwoti'e testimony
New iiiui roll. 5. 1*77.
Mr. Omvill? JtwKTr:?
fir sit Sin - It I as her ,me apnarsiit to in. ami wo think It
rinet i>,. to y o. that tliu iirin ?i which you and we are
members run a longer on. Vuurttlss? ilafaetimi with
the coinlacl ol Ih,* uiiiuui ami the aom-ral waul ol har
mony which prevails to iha flnu re.id. rs s coutlnasiiue of
tin- business tug-ether Imiiractlceble.
Willi ri view ol soiling tlie difficulties referred to we
Uiake ihe lollowiu propositions ?
firm Thai as to the loctory property (rosl estate and
buildings III Port Kuliinumll. we will either buy or sell at
the rule you purchased y. ur mleresi at. adding tlio moueys
expeudeil tllO'.iu loi improvements of the same.
,V4xi/>,(- That wo will aether buy or sell the good will of the
Urm ami the exclusive rljrlst to use the llrm name ami trade
uii.rk thereol lor tho sum ol ?? dollars
Thirit?Wo will either buy or ell the lock ol the Arm,
whether loauulartured or not, at a price which maybe
realised troru the sale of the same
ffoerfA-All other assets we will i itlier hoy or sell at the
pneo at which they stand on the hooks ol tlio firm, except
bills reeeiv hie or amounts considered douhtmi or uasseu to
secouut ol profit and loss.
Should these terms oe disapproved by you we further
offer to bey or sell the entire property and assets of the
llrm including the exclusive rip lit to use the firm name of
Julio Jewett A Sous and the trade mark ol the firm, and in
cludinir the Isclory pruperti at Port itlchinoud, at such pries
and on such terms as your Mend aod uncle. Mr. I ter 0.
Cornell, after luvestlKStion, tuay determluo to he just and
fair. ?ti wo will leave it to two competent p irsons. you tu
cnoose one we another, and In the event oi disagreement
between them, then these two to cboosu a third person, and
their decision snail be bind.up on us and yourself.
I he above proposals to remain open lor one week from th?
date ol your receiving the same Yours, Ac., ?
liKUUlili W. JEWETT,
Mr. Charles B. Pollock, Jr., was iho first wltnoss
called nltor the recess. Mr. Talutor urns at bis desk at
the titan ol the explosion. Witness did not know
whether Mr. Taintor was at bis desk ui the itmo ol tlio
second explosion; didn't sou Mr. Taluior itl all for
some time ul lor ward; the second explosion was a
sor es ol three or lour detonations that sounded liko
firecrackers goiug oil; itiu clothes of Mr. Urviilo L>.
Jewell were exhibited and identified by witness; wit
ness did not no Into the rear office until alter tlio
bodies of Urville and George liad been taken out.
By Mr. .-Sutherland?You were, of course, very much
excited ? A. 1 Was not cxcilud at all.
Mr. Sutherland?Oh, you look it as a matter o?
course, did you? A. I did not, sir.
To Mr. Kawson's questions wituess stated that 0r?
vilio's lam.ly consisted ol his wile and uiothur, "an in
valid wito nud aged inulbor" us the counsel expressed
It. Witness also stated that when Orvlile come into
the room about twenty minutes past ten ho particu
larly noticud that Orv.llu was currying so'ncthlug to
his pockets which be evidently tried to conceal.
Mr. Uuwsou, nuo ot tnu counsel utteudlug the trial,
wus next placed on the stand. Lit- testified in regard
to me arrangements for the Unit's dissolution, und to
meeting Urviilo on the momma of tho explosion in
company with Major Barrett. He had beeu employed
as counsel by Urville. The luttor fancied that the
other members ol tho Arm were trying to "Iroezo him
out," aud complained that ho dId not have access to
the books, that his share in tho business wus not large
enough, und that the firm sotnoimies loaned consider
able sums ot money without any security. Mr. Haw
sun iben wont on to rolute many particulars that
tended to show that Urviilo wus not always exactly in
his right mind.
identifying (?) tub weapons.
Daniol Ford, an eroployfl ot the deceased, was next
called lor the purpose ol identifying the small pistol.
Ho tu-dilled that he hud olion beeu out yuchliug with
Mr. Urville Jewell; had ollou seon him shoot; ho had
a white Handled four-shooter. The one that had been
found wus showu witness, but us it did not have a par
ticular murk on the ivory haudlu he refused to identity
It. Counsel questioned him closely, but ul 1 ne could
gel witness to admit was that tho pistol was ol the
same make as the one Urville had.
Mujor Clarence T. Barrett was tho lost witness. Ho
had been an uittmule iriend of Urviilo; the largo
navy revolver was shown io linn ami lie ?uid that It
bclougotl to Orvilte lu concluding his testimony ho
said:?"1 think that is his pisioi; tie cart toil one very
much Iiko that." Mr. Burroit, who appuurea to bo
very much grieved at the Ucuih ol his Irleud, said that
lie remembered inuuy circumstances that led nhn to
tbiuk Urvtllu wus not per ectly saue; at ono lime,
speaking to Mr llaw.-on ol Urville's ulJuirs, be said
I bat unless ltawson gave Urville some immediate as
surance that lie was losing nothing by leaving tho llrm
be would go crazy; witness had told Urvilie that Mr.
Tuintor was to have uu interest in the Urm, and ob
served that Urville seomcd to become very oxciiod on
rocuiving ibis luieiligenco.
Coroner Ellinger then delivered Ins charge to tho
Jury. Tho death of Goorgo, ho said, wus duo to too
oil cot of tho explosion ol the shell. Orville uiod irout
shock. Mr. Beau w is wounded. No cue but these
tnrco were present, l'ho jury were to determine, first,
who threw the missile. As to the pistol shot wounds,
they wero to Und who of the pursuits in tho room fired
tnom, or whether, imiuuUluiuly alter the explosion,
any one entered and Ured them. Tho positions oi Mr.
Dean, Urviilo uud George were next described. Mr.
Dcuii wuswouudod in the bund. The testimony of tbo
fireman, who came over thero so quickly and heard the
lasi snoi. shows that there was uu one in there who
could have inflicted the wounds without his seeing it.
Then im-ru was another question?-whether the person
or persons who commuted thui act were in tboir right
senses or laboring under an uberruliou ol mind,
Tbo Jury then retired lor consultation. They re
turned. in about tweuty minutes with the loi,owing
\\ e find that George Jewott came to Ills death by the ex?
plosion ?f It Imud gr.-uade. at No. 1*11 Front street, oif
Thursday, April 5, 1*77, bruugnl lu the office by Urville 1\
J i-Wat I. . .
We Und thai Orville If Jewett came to his death by pistol
?bat wound* canted by the Urln; ol a pistol by tbe said
Urville if. Jewett, at No. IKf Front street. Thursday/April
o, 1*77.
The Coroner then thanked the Jury for their verdict,
and alter signing '.ue papers they were di-cburged.
After the jury hud delivered tuoir verdict, Mr. Raw
son, counsel lor Mr. Jewell, asked the Hkkalu re
purter to publish tliut the jury baa told him, alter de
livering tin- verdict, "That they cousidcrod tho man
insane, but did not considor It u part or their duty to
find that us a part ol ill* verdict, it being simply tor
theui io stato the manner lu winch the parties Ouinii to
their dealb." Mr. Kuwsou sanl thai by the publication
ol this the (i lends ol the deceased would feci very much
The trial trlpoftho Untied Siatos steam sloop-of-war
Kungof was made yestorday morning uuder very Isvor
able circumstances, aud proved u complete success. The
object ol the trip was to usccrluiu Iter speed under
steam alone. i'Ue sails wore not used at any time. The
rate of speed was ascertained by several experiments,
conducted by Cuplsin James 1L Utllis and Chlel Eu
giueers A. 11. Henderson aud Ueorge W. Magce. Tnoy
touuiTlttobo about eleven knots un bour, with suv
enty-ilvu rovolutlous. Experiments to uacertuin bor
endurance were couducled by Engineers W. U. iiucli
ler. Jotui U Loug and Cbiel Engineer Emmons, wtio is
attached to the Hanger. Tlioy touud that the vessel
could easily ruu ten and a bull knots uu hour loir six
consecutive hours. The course run was irom tno
Hruoklyu Navy Yard, til(y miles up tl.e North Itiver
aud back agaiu. I be macuitiory ol the Hauger was de
signed oy tbn llureau ol (Steam Engineering, Navy
Department, Washington, and was constructed by
John Kuacli, ol New York. Tbo vessol is in seagoing
condiilou, and will suil In a lew days lor the coast o'
Janitor John Slopcr, of the City Hall, iu company
wltu two olticers Iroiu the Twenty-sixth precinct, cams
to Ksnex Market Court yestorduy morning, urniedwilh
a letter Iroui Mr. Ailuu Cumphell, Commissioner of
l'ubilc Works, to dispossess John C. Lorey, tlio janitor
appointed by the pollco Justices four yoars ago. Tbo
letter read us follows:?
The benrer it II.is. John Slopnr, Is hereby authorised to
place Iu.' elWl> ol .1 ebii t). Lurry. liow Illegally occupying
the prumisvs UU Hsecx street, oil luu-Idewalk in Irout of
said premises. UlJiAN CAMPBELL,
t'ounnlsslonrr ol Public Works.
This loiter Mr. Lorey would uot accept us a legal
notice to quit, und ull the parties camo butoro Judge
W andell, tlieti sitting 111 tbo court room. The matter
was relerred to Mayor K>y. 1 lie Mayor Indited n nolo
to Mr. Csuipbell, asking liitn to take no iurilter pro
ceedings ugaiust Mr. Lorey till next Monday. Edward
Hruclis -was appointed Janitor ol K -ox Market t.'oort
tiuilillug some liine Hgo by tbn Coraiinssioncr of l'ub
ilc Works, but Mr. l.oroy contends that bis appoint
ment by the Justices is Just as good.
Mr. Henry Myers wss called upon at tbn Tombs
Police Court yesterday to oxplalu some discrepancies
In slaicuieuts on which he received divers sums ol
money. It appears that on the 'J4lh of last Juno Myers
called upon Iluggcrly Brother? a. Co., aud repre
sented himself us u member ol the tlrm of Myor
Brothers h Co., ol Hi. Louts, tie was in town to
purchase goods. Would ihuy kindly loau him JdO
until be got bis dralt cashedT the loan win inane, but
the dralt wua never casbod, aim Myers mysteriously
disappeared. Iteconily ne went into the store of
Charles T lla> nobis .V Co., No. 10t? Fulton street.
Where lie tried tbo samo gumo. Myers was held lib
il.iiiio baiL
Tbo prisonors arrested by Captain Allaire, of tbo
Fourteen.b preuinut, on suspicion ol beiug the coon
terleitors of the forged f44,000 New Yors Lllo
Insurance Coinpauy's check were arraigned at ibo
tombs Police Court yesterday for the third time, und
the examination was again adjourned, the captain ex
plaining that lbe evidence was not sudlciently com
tnetu to uiiubie bim to prefer a charge, i be police are
still us reticent about ibe case us i.vur. Tno pit.-oners
were all remanded back to tno Mulberry street station
Five large bottles ol Inghly valuable essential olio,
smuggled by sumo ul the crew ol the steamship Italy,
were seiaod yesterday iu a West street store by cus
toms oihcors. 1 hero were also 400 iiavaua tngaco
, Mlsod In nnoUior piAQOt

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