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Ai.BA.vr, Apr:: ?8, XS77.
Money matters receive great alienlion la the Legis
lature nowadays. fceldom have tho llcioi of lb* Supply
kill been no closely scrutinized. Banks and insurance
companies are to be called upon lo pay more lazes.
Arrangements may yet be taade 10 compel the street
raiiroad <:oiupan:oa of New York city to pay up their
arrears, although these concerni usually gel a liilie m
advance of legislation. Now we buvc an attempt to cut
liowti lite pay of ibe legislators themselves Honder
lui rclorm ! When tbe Stephenson bill lor amending tbo
Brooklyn charter was bclore tbe Assembly ibis morn
ing quite a young panic wn-. started by tbe introduc
tion of a concurrent resolution to amend tbe cousutu
Hon, section 4, article 3, so as to fix the salaries of
members of tbo Legislature ai i 1,000 a session, instead
ol H.ioO, a.i now. Nacbimaim Jumped upas though be
bad boen bidding ai an auction sale, and askod to have
U made $Jj i. I'hia would cuil him. Spinola and b:s
collar ??riz'' immediately. He could not see ibe use
ol paying mctnbor* at all. lie looreiore Mauled ,
tbe resolution sent back lo the Committee ol Ways and
Means to have il amended, ibat hereafter members
should ervclor love. He whs in lavor ol this to the I
last. Mr. Flab adopted a course more pleasing to the j
country members by pro|to?iug thai the resolution
should read, "salary 11,000 annually and $4 tor eucb j
day ol actual attendance." 1'rogreaa was reported, aud i
finally Spinolu's uo-pay Idea u?- adopted and the ;
mailer referred back.
Business in the Senate uiay be characterized us mis- ;
ccllaueoua. Kills were reported as lollows:?
iiy Mr. Uarrls, Irom tuu K! nance Committee?Fa? ,
vorably on tlie Assembly bill authorizing the .State i
Treasurer and oilier Slate o Ulcers to publish in me i
Slate paper moiitnly statements ol bank balances.
Alio to provide !or the adjustment and payment ol the j
deficiency lu tbo Stale tax arising out of the unnexa- j
lion ol the towns of Morrisamo, West Farms aud j
Kingsbridgo, Westchester county, lo ibe city of New
Cincinnati, April i:S, 187". j
Frod. Starrberg aud John achwarz. notorious coun> I
terleiters, were arrested on Lock street, in this city,
last night, and eleven moulds, several hundred dollars |
In counterfeit half dollars, electric batteries, \c, were |
8an Francisco, April 29, 1877.
Lost night rovenue oMccra seized In the Chinese j
quarter about (1,000 worlb ol smuggled opium. It
was found on the promises ol Ye Ho, a prominent j
Chinese dealer in general merchandise. No uluimant ,
to the property bus appeared.
Coli/h'ius, Ohio. April 28, 1877.
The long bridge of the Columbus, Springfield and
Cincinnati Railroad Company over Scioto Hiver, west
of this city, was destroyed by flro this ovemng. Tbe
loss la about ten iboustnd dollars.
Boston, April 28, 1877.
Sam Freeman (colored) commuted aii indecent aa>
sault on a girl aged twelve yoars named Barrett while
on her way home from school ai Lancaster, Mass.,
which r/Diulied in ibe death ol the vlciitn.
Hrovidenck, It. I., April 28, 1877.
Bertha Yon Hillurn completed at lorty-nino minutes
past ten lo-nighl her walk o! 146 miles in fllty hours,
with oleven minutes to spare. Her last mile was
made In 11m. 12s. The hall was -densely packed and
there was great enthusiasm.
Chicago. April 28, 1S77.
The managers of Eastern lines of railroad met here
to-day, and. Incidentally lo other businexa, Instructed
Iraight agents to incroase rates on Eastern business on j
? basis of lurty cents to New York lor fourth ciass '
freight This is an advance of five cents.
Hktkoit, April 28, 1877.
A despatch from Alpena reports that the steamer C.
& Baldwin. Iron laden, is ashore on the reel near Thun
der Bay Light. Sho is lull of water, but lies easy, and
liope* are cniurtalned of saving her.
Cixcis.vati, April 28, 1877.
Reports Inalcato tbnt tho hail and mow storm of
last night und this morning uus very gcneraLtbrough
oui Iowa and Id tbe greater purl ol Illinois. *he darn
age was out very grout.
Omaha, April 28. 1877.
Passengers who arrived from tho Rust this morning
report several inches of snow at Avoca and Crestoo,
Iowa. It snowed hurd here nil this afternoon, hut is
now clcar. Tho storm u general throughout this sue*
Wah Dkpartxrnt, )
O/rics or tuk Ckikp ?ional Okkickr, J
WasiiimiTun, April Xi)?1 A. M. )
For New England falling, (ollowed by rising barome
ter, northaast to southeast, smiting at western stations
to colder high north and woat winds, with cloudy and
rainy weather.
J>'or tbe Middle Atlantic States, northeast and south
east, shifting to colder northwest wind*, with cloudy
weather ana rain. followed by rising barometer, and at
western stations by clearing weulbor.
For the Soul!) Atluntic states, southwest to north*
west winds, cloudy weather with rain areas, (ailing
temperature ami rising barometer, followed by tjurtly
Cloudy or clenring weather.
Kor the f.ulf Slates, north_ to west winds, lulling
temperature, partly cloudy or clearing weaiheraud
rising barometer, preceded in the East Gulf by rain
urea.'i und followed by rising temperature at tho north,
western stations.
Kor Tennessee and tho Ohio Valley, rising barometer,
tailing temperature, north to west winds, with partly
cloudy or threuteulug weather, with occasional areas of
light rain.
Kor tbo !oko region, rising baromoicr, falling tem
perature, northeast to northwest winds, cloudy
weather and rain.
Kor the Upper Mississippi aud I?wer Missouri val
leys, rising barometer, cold northoa?t to northwest
winds, cloudy weather, with ureas oflight minorsuow.
lollowod by lulling barometer, slight rise ol temperature
and clearing weather und winds at western stations
?billing to warmer east and south,
Tho Tennessee and Cumberland rivers will rise rnp.
Idly , tbe Lower Missouri will rise slow ly. Cautionary
signals continue at MiiitLville, Wilmington, Lookout,
Hatioras, Kitty Hawk, Capo Henry, Norfolk, Cape May,
Atluntic City, llurnegut. Handy iiook, New York, New
tiaven, New London, Newport, Wood's Hole, lloston,
Thatcher's Island, Oswego, ltocboster, llullulo, Erte,
Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, I'ort Huron, Alpena. Grund
Hfen, Chicago, Milwaukee, Kscaoabu and Marquette,
and are ordered for rortlun<i ana Kustport
Tbe following record will show the changes In the
temperuiuro for tho pusi twenty-lour hours, In com
parison with the corresponding dute ol last your, as
luUicated l>y ttio thermometer at Uudnut's pharmacy,
Hkkalu Uulluing:?
Isiti. 18T7. 1S70. 18*7.
a A. M ill in a.rjo I'. M,?. (17 60
OAM ill 48 C 1'. M O'i 4V
tl A. M. 00 iij y f. M i>6 4H
12 M ?; M 12 r. M 64 46
Av-rugo leinperaturs yesterday 49S
Average temperature for corresponding date last
year 6(1
INTO. 1S77.
Weekly average. 61 67 17
Tbero is a livoly renewal ol the temperance agita
tion in Jersey City and other parts of lludsou county.
I'bo movement embraces gentlemen of every religious
itenomiDuiion. Ouo ol tho promiuent leaders in tbo
cause Informed a Hkkald reporter yesterday that
the agnation Is not iulerit.ud to secure total
abstinence but to regulate the sal" of tiiiuor
witbin proper restrictions, and e-pccially to secure a
die otoaervance ol the .Sabbath. Dunns the jJast vear
906 license" were gran mo lor saloons ami restaurants
at f'26 each and litre* for tuns und taverns si $iO'
each The nuinMBof persons u no -old liquor without
B lieense was 27u|Plly co'itiuuig ltn movement to the
purposes above Wit forth it is likely to he attended
Willi some success.
Acting Captain Kut. ol tho Tomb precinct, ?ti yes
j icrday informed by la male* of No. 64 F.ldridge street
I that a boarder named Krueai liurch bad remained in
hi* room iroui the previous evening, and lhai re
poaiec knocks ai tbe door bad tailed to elicit any
response. Od breaking open tbe door tbe police
lor.i.j tbe tnaa banging by tbe neck by a small towel
lied to tbe Iron bedpost. Lite wai extinct. Tbe de
feased wui covered with blood, and tbe bed
clotbiog and floor were completely satu
rated. It would seem from tbe position
of tbe body wben found mat death urns
caused by tbe bursting ol a blood vessel u:.c not by
asphyxia. Tbe deceased wan about fifty year* ol age
urn! k native of Germany. lie was a cigar packer by
ocecpatioc bui out of employment No cause could be
assigned lor tbe act.
Frederick Sdywle, aged forty-nine years, a carpen
ter, residing at No. 578 First avenue, left his bouse
yesterday, bidding bis wite and cblldreu farewell. Il? j
proceeded to tbe pier at tbe loot of Kubi Thirty-third
street, and after drinking something from a vial, jumped
from tbe dock into tbe river, lioutidsman Haves, ol
tbe Twenty-llrst precwet, succeeded with diilicully in
rescuing hnn. lto was takeu to Ueilevue Hospital. |
where, on being examined by Dr. Norris, De was ;
found to be sullering from opium poisoning, ills con- I
ditluB is critical.
Some lime since Jennie Curry, ol No. 144 Scco 4 j
avenue, bad occasion to threaten a relative ol bers !
named Jotin Bennett, who resides at No. 44 Ludlow
street. Domestic difficulties were tbe causes of the mis
understanding between tbeu, and Jennie, being a
self-reliant person, gave John to understand that she
intended to deal with him vory summarily?in fact, to
cowbidohiinon sight. Jobn Bennett claims to boas
brave as ordinary mortals, but this threat ol Tennlo's
wan so lull of hostile signillcance tbai he concluded 10 !
Invoke the promotion of the police und veiuuru upon
the thoroughfare which Jonnie frequents only while *
accompanied by a motubcr of the force. Acting Cap.
lain Cass, to whom bo made known his difficulties,
detailed Odlccr Cronln, who, in citizen's attire,
last night followed Bennett through the !
si reets ready to pounce upon any belligerent i
female wno might present herself. None such, j
however, appeared till Grand street was reached, when
Jenuie loomed up with fury in ner eyes and a cowhulo
In her hand. She quickly began applying the lash,
but her ferocity wna cbeckcd by the timely arrival of
the policeman, who look her lo tho Eldredge street
station bouse.
?ditb Andersou, who recently made three desperate
attempts at suicide, tried lo escape Irom Bellovuo
Hospital yesterday, but was not Fuccosslul. She stated
when discovered thai the uext tune she attempts to
euo her life she would not lalU ller next attempt, sho
added, will be to otirn herself, having lulled to end ber
life by either water or poison.
A large number of blank commitments, tax bills,
subpoenas, also Common Council records and records
of Justice Wulsb's court were found yesterday in the
junk shop of Frederick 1'almer. No. 35j Adams street,
Brooklyn. Palm or staled that he had bouubt tho
blanks us old paper from George Weir, a young um
who has been eugaeeU in assisting the Janitor ol the
llrooklvn City Hail in cleaning the building. Weir
was arrested on suspicion of having committed tho
theft, and 1'almer was arrested lor recoiving stolen
Tbe members of tbo now Board of Chosen Free
holders of Hudson county, N. J., were sworn In at tbe
Court House. In Jersoy City, yesterday, by Judge
Ktiapp. each giving bonds In $10,QUO. The now Hoard
l* composed of the following gonileuien:?James F. W.
ilangles, James F. Conroy, Bernard McCarty, Michael
Desmond, John McLaughlin, George Soinroer. Feter
Hanck, John Bull. William Cox, Adam J. liupp,
William Frost, tfatnuel McRurney. James Curran,
Jaii.es Pallister, Frederick W. Mollcr und Timothy
Several disorderly bouses in Eldrldgc and Forsyth
streets wero closed last night by Acting Capiain Kass,
of ihe Tenth precinct A large number of attests
wero made.
A special cable despatch to the Hkhald, Irom its
.Home correspondent, announces tbo death, yestorday
afternoon, of Cardinal Trevlsanto.
Scr'bntr'i for May is an unusually rich number.
It Is tho clergymen of England who aro ut present
<.#rillng of operas and Ihe theatre.
Mr. Stoddard contributes a charming Bohemian song
to tbe May Appleton, and John Morun a timely spring
Wbittier. Story. Elizabeth Akcrs Allen, E. C. Siod
mau und U. W. Longfellow all have poems In the May
llarfwr't for Mny is full of good reading and bright
with pictures.
T. Wntttaker has in press a second volnmo ol Dr.
Muhlenberg's papers, compiled by Anne Ayres.
Tli* Vegetable Garden. A Complete Gnlde to the Culti
vaiinn of ' testable*. iDlek's Garden Hand Hooks Series.)
B? Jaiuen Hong. Messrs. Dick Si Fitzgerald, No. 1H Ann
street, -New V
DicK '* lieeitatiuns mid Leadings. (No. 4. i By William
B. Dick Messrs. UieK A Kilxgerald, No. IH Ann street,
New \ ork.
The SKullariiin andOriran ol the Medico-Legs! Society
(Monthly magazine.) tlfllee of publication, No. 82 Nassau
street. Sew \ eric.
The Chemist'* Manual. A i'raetleal Treatise on Chem
istry. liy Henry Mott, Jr.. K. M., I'll. D. 1). Van Nostrand,
No*. lilt .Murray and 27 W'urren street, New Ycrk.
The Dlnim; Kooin Manasine. iFor .May. paper cover.) The
Union Publishing Company, No. 171 Duatio street. New
Will It He? By Helen J.Ford. Luring * Tales of tho
Day. (Paper cover.) lairing. publisher, Boston.
Minn Corson's Cooking Manual. DodU. Meail A Co.
Alcohol us a r'ood ano Medicine By l>r. ilunl. National
Temperance .-oeleiy and Publication House.
kirjraved Gems I bird Place In the History of Art.
Maxwell .-oniuierville. Messrs. Purler A Coatea, Phila
Labrador ...
8tui? .'I Peuu'a..
City >il Chester...
Canada. .. ..
I' i eland
11: liannlc
(111 IT
.Neva da
I ratio
State of Nevada.
City .if Klchm. n.i
Si.lie uf Oeorgia..
lie- m >nl?
link. la
Slut# of Indiana
N11in, | DiMtimiiiOH |
M My
M it v
M ay
M ay
V ?v
VI av
M ny
I.omO.'II. .. .
! I ntiiUurif..
(ilaagow ...
I.lverp "I .
i Kotterdatu
1.1 verpoul.
I?. Havre
? ?lu*|(OW
II itnburir
Bremen ..
i >1 as cow .
'Jit. I Liverpool..
Ml llilasgnw
iJtme 2J.iLiverpool..
111' I Broadway
l-l It..wiiii... lireen
,.V> Itroailway
Ml) Broadway
'M Broadway
7'J Broadway
|:<7 i.roadway
j I'? Broad wav
ii'.' H road way
ll.iwliiii; i.reen
2 Bowling lireen
?t M<.ii'l!tiir i iieuu
V> Broadway
v. Mroadway
? '.I Broadway
:<7 Broadway
7 Rowling lireen
Iluwliut! tireuu
2V Broadway
4 How iue ?.reen
72 Broadway
<rl Broadwa)
7 Howling i lyeo
1 j Broad* a>
V Bowling ureen
7 Bowling (ireea
?<!? Broadway
V. Broadway
1 Broadway
01 Broadway
.17 Broadwiy
J20 Broadway
172 Broadway
121' liroudwuv
COAHTINO ANI? FOREIGN TRADE.?Captains or ofticers
of vrwu'ln unrated In ll.e coasting an I rorulifii trade observ
ing tlic displace meat or removal ol tea buoy* are requested
|o communicate the tact to ttia 11 Kit alii, so that It maybe
brought publicly to the attention of the proper authorities.
A letter addreeeed "To tlio editor of the Hf.kalp. New York
city." giving as accurately aa possible the number and posi
tion ot displaced buoys or the caimo of their removal, will
aiifUce In ell case* observed along the Atlantic and I'aclllc
coasts of the American Continent When they are ohs?rvod
on tlir cnem or European conntrlei or In the Mediterranean
It Is requeued that Information be sent either by telegraph
or letter to the London ofllce of Ilia Nkw Yona Hi.iulii, 40
Fleet street. London, or to the I'arts nflco. til Avenue da
I'Opera. I'arli SVhere the telegraph it u?od despatches
may bo addressed "Bennett, ?<i Meet street. London." or
"Benuett. til Avenue do I'Opera furli." Where case* of
displacement aro obaerved lu the water* of countries beyond
the reach of (be telegraph, aa in Anla or Air lea. captains
may communicate with na upon reaching the first eonveil
ent port. This loforinatlon will bo cabled free of charge to
the 'Ikiialp and published.
liiKii.p hai adopted a distinguishing Coaton ulgnt signal
for use on board the II ikai.d strain teniit, showing while
burning ths colors rod. nno, rod, changlnf from om to lb*
other Id succession. and can bo mod uvertl mi In 9 distant.
Captain* of vessels. upon seeing this signal. will oblige us
by preparing any marine news they may have (ur tb? Ship
News Department of the Herald.
?jp-I'trsons desirous of communicating with vessels arriv
ing at New York can ilo to by addressing to such vessels
care of Hmiald newi yacht. Pier No 1 Eul River. New
York. Letters received irom a part* of the would and
prumptly delivered. Duplicates are required.
?try axd xoux : high waiii.
Sun rise? ^ 01 { Gov. bland... inoru J>
Stn set* ti 64 | Sandy Hook...morn fc 27
Moon rises eve 0 40 | Hell Gate morn 11 07
April 2S, 1S77.
ilar. lYher,
Hour. [inches. Dcg.
h I'M
au.CJOl 4*
4 I'M 8#.?i 4"
2K1VSI 4?>
12 I'M 30.10 4ti
| "'tale of
Wind.I Weather.
8S K*j Raining
ENK'I tUlulug
KXK?I Foggy
Handy Hook.
bandy Hook.
"? VresU
Steamer Vosel (Ger>. Neynuber, Bremen April 14 and
Southampton 17th. with mdse and 430 passengers to pel
noil. A ' o April 21. lai 48 15. Ion 3'J 28. i?w a British bar*
hound W, showing signals MSGP; --'1, lilt 40 23, Ion 37 54,
hpoka bark Aunie Troop (Br). from Si John, NB, for Heel*
Steamer New Yoric. Quick, New Orleans 0 days, with
mrtsc and passengers to Hogert A Motgan.
Steajier Aibnnarle, Glbos, Lewes, Del. with mdso to the
Old Dominion steamship Co.
Hark Chattanooga. Freeman, 1'adanir 121 days, with
colfce 10 V II Brown A Co Passed Capo of liood Hope Feb
17. and crossed the Equator March 24 In Ion .vi 10; !iu<l
light SK trades and a (accession of Kales from lat 20 N ; was
H duvs N of llatteras. with strong NK und NVV gules: March
21, lat 5 50. ion 2H 40. spoke I.ark ArbutUi (Brl. rroro fan
Francisco for (juoeiistown; April 14, lat 20. Ion &> 80. during
a heavy gale from WSW, passed* schooner yacht, steerin r
south, under storm sail: l*tli, lat 30 54, Ion 71 20, slilp Lord
jjV11 on l'n. irom 'ialveslou for Liverpool; 22d, lat .'17 01,
Ion " dorellot sohoouer.
Hark 1 uisLo (Gerl, Vo# Tliuten, Liverpool via Tyboe S'l
days. In ballast to H Koop A Co, April 2*. while coming
up the b?v collided with ship Abraham Lincoln (swi. an*
ctrnred off Ciliton. receiving some slight damages; the ship
lost Jlbboom and was chatcd some.
nark Ceo 11 .leukitis (of Yarmouth, NS), Ross. Hottordam
50 davs, with mdte to Punch, lidye ,v i'o. Wan 7 days N of
Huttera*. with strong ijaios from SK and NW
IfurU San Lulifi (ital). Trapanl. Caittollemiire 70 days,
with salt 10 or.ler passed tiibraltar March 12.
Hark Dlrutto Ital), Crovetto. Trapanl 71 nays, with salt
to Slocovich .t Co. i'aised Utbraltai March 12.
Hark Albion 'of Liverpool. NS). Wyman, Kio Janeiro 47
dav., with coffec to L K llrlKham; i-ro?,-.ed the Kquator
March 28 in ion 30; had moderate weather.
Bark Idaho Itichardaon. ClonfucKoa 14 days, with supar
to Tucker A Llehtbourue.
Bark Knchnntross (Br), McCarty, Matanzag 14 days, with
su ;ar to Uossler A <'0.
Hark St Bede (Br), Altkenhead, Ouantanamo April 5,
with Mitrur to J S Tucker A Co,
Hri^- Daylteht. Olbson, Demorara April 0, with sugar to
L W A H Armstrong Was 0 days N of Hnttorcg with
ktrnnv norttierly winds.
liriu Heroort .1 Ollvo (Br), Stewart, Cardenas 12 day*,
with suir:?r to S A W Welsh; vi-hhoI to ^cuniinell Bros.
Hrlx Stella Lod|;e (Hr>, Klbby. Uuaiituiiamo 22 davs,
with suirsr to (lerhard A Brewer. April 14, lut 34, Ion 73,
liad a hoavy WSW gale, veering to WJTW, lastl"ir 3 days;
lost an entire suit of sails aud deck flooded with wat'or;
20th, "IT llatteras, had a heavy hSE L-ale, lasttTitr 3 days;
wa? 5 days N of II atteras witli strong N VV and N K iralox.
Brig Lydla II Colo, Kosp, Matanzas April 1H, with sugar
to Waydell A Co.
Hehr Monsita (of St John, NB). Willingate. Ulo .1 aneiro
SO days, with coffee to K 1? Morgan; crossed tho Kquator
March 20, In Ion 39; from lat -i had strong NW and NU
Schr Wm Thompson 'of Harwich). Doarie, Monaca, Hon,
14 days, with fruit to Wm Douglas; vessel to B J Wenborg.
Schr Charlie Cobb 101 Rockland). Rudd. Ragged Island,
Hon. 13 days, with suit to J 1' Brown A Co; vessel to II I'
Brown A Co. Was 8 days N of Hatteras with strong XW
and XE gales. ,
Schr Isaac Oliver, I'ennell. An* Caycs 17days, with log
wood to A Nones A Co: vessel to Jas K Ward A Co. Wus 5
dnvs N of llatteras. with NK and NW (rales.
ichr E A De Hart (of Bootn H.ty), Kamham, Anuin 16
dnvs. withlogwool, to A Nones A Co: vessel to J U Staples.
Schr Wave Crest (of Sag Harbor). Wluchenbach, Cariienas
12 days, with molasses to II II Howell. Son .<t Co; vessel to
(111 Soutres. Wus 6 davs X o! llatlerai with strong XW
and XE gains.
Schr Annie Bliss (of Thoniaaton), Pitsslmmoui, Carde
nas li davs. with sugar to Snow A Burgers.
Schr II ii OriRin. McKcnny, Baracoa 12 days, with frnit
loOnmi'i: A i'earsall 1 vessel to B J Wenberg.
Schr (ico 1' llallock, Sharrott, Charleston S days, with
lumber to O 11 Kisley.
Schr W II Rntiin. wooley. Virclnla.
Scbr Rebecca Knight. Leak. Virginia.
ScnrT W II White. Smith, Virifinia.
Schr M .' Granger, Nelson. Virginia.
Schr M E Bayard, ('amp, Vliglnla.
Schr Maggie." Van Dosen. Virginia.
Schr llattle t'oomlis, Bisliop. \ irginla.
Sciir Caroline nail. Camp, Ylrglula.
Schr A li Moore. Virginia.
Scbr M (i Arnold, Burl, Georgetown. DC.
Sch; Win B Thomas. Craniner, (Jeorgetown, DC, for
r>chr llattie Ijollis, Lollis, Baltimore for Sanlordport,
Muss. Put in tor a harbor.
Schr Henry Whitney. Shepard, ChrlsQeld, Md, for Boston.
1'nt in lor a harbor.
t"chr Ltda llabcock, Babcock. Philadelphia for Boston.
Put in for a harbor.
Schr Kdftlu I'ost, Austin, with cargo from steamer Rus
land. ash#re at Long Branch,
Schr .Meteor, Williams, with cargo from steamer Kusland,
ushure at Long liruueh.
Steamer City of New Bedtord, Fish. New Bedford for
New York.
steamerOalatea. W alden, Providence lor New York.
Schr Freddie L> Porter. Chase, Weutworth, NS, fur New
M'lir Viola May, Itobliisou, Windsor. XS, lor New York.
Schr Bertbn J Fellows, Smith, Windsor, NS, lor New
M-hr Anna Krv, Snith, Rockland, Nil, tor New York.
Schr Clias L Rogers. Mayo, Kockport lor Nuw York.
Schr C Heath, Warren, Machius tor New York
Sciir Kmll.v, (iroert.v. Kliswortii, Me. lor New Vork.
Schr Heurv Coin, ChxdwlcK, Plymouth for Baltimore.
Schr L A Hoardman. Johnson lioston for Now York.
Sciir G L Level I, lUstoii tor New York.
Sciir .Marshall Perrin. Packard, Boston for Now York.
Schr Salmon Washburn, Uathnway, Taunton tor New
Schr Sam Welter, Brockway, New Bedford for New York,
f-ci'r .Ytlsntlc, Coombs, New Bedford lor New York.
Schr Laura A Marlon, Howes, Salom for New Yoi'K
Schr Island City, Allen, Glnuce<it?r lor New York.
Schr Li/iio J Jones, Grilliu, Gloucester, on u fishing
*cbr Samuel Mouson, Monon, Gloucester, onaflshlnit
.-clir Fanny Ilanmer, Wiggins, Nantncket for Xew York.
Schr Helen, Perry, Providence tor Now York.
^chr Sa'ioa. Wilson, Providence lor New York.
Schr K il Wilson, Clark, Providence for New York.
fclir A:iios Hrlirgs. Kaapp. Provtaence lor Mew York.
Schr J oh 11 Croc ic ford. II art. Providence lor Now York.
Schr Palladium, livdur, Proviuonce for New York.
Sch' Wm Mulllir, I'rovidence lor New York.
Schr D W Sanuders, Molt Providence tor New York.
Schr Geo Gurucy, Providence tor .New )'ork.
Sciir Boston, Mokersort, Providence for New York.
Schr Sandy Point, Y'oung, Providence lor New York.
Schr Fred Tjlor. Parker, Pawtscket lor Xew York.
Schr Imogene Divorly, Gundy, Piiwtuekct lor New York.
N lir T P A bell, liogun, Newport tor New York.
Schr Jennie Rogers, Rogers, Millstone Pclut for Now
M-nr Kred Hall, Smith, Portland. Ct, for New York.
.-clir Jos-pb Rogers, Rogers, Portland, Ct, for New York.
Schr Georgo Gllluiu, IIHinllton, Mlddletowi:, Ct, lor New
hchr Lamartlne, Smith, Stonington for New York.
Schr Frankli* Pierce. New London lor New York.
Schr A S Camion. Mulberry, New Haven for New York.
Schr Rodney Parker, Parker. New Haven tor baltunora.
Schr Samuei I' Dai is. Smith. Nurthport lor Now York.
Steamer Gen Whitney. 11 allot t. New York fur Bostok
bchi Maria, Chadwick, Now York for Westerly.
bark Florence L Qenuvar. Simmons, from Mataniaa
Steamer Baltic (Br). Jeiiulnys. Liverpool via Ouoonstowu
? K J Curtis.
HMmuerl'ltj of Berlin (Br), Kenned/, Liverpool via
Queeuslown?John (i Dale.
Stnaua-r Klysi'i (Hr), .U.ciiitchle, London?Henderson
Steamer Victoria i Hr). Younjt. Glusirxw?Henderson Bros.
Steamer Weser (tier;, Von Hulow. Bremen via Southamp
ton?0>'ii?h? ? Co.
SttmuirClyda, Kelly, Hiivuun?W m 1' Clyde A Co,
Suaiiter Uirm, Freeman, llalila.v Nt>, uudStJobna,
NK?Clark A ?eamnn.
steamerCity of Snu Antonio, Pennington. Galveston via
Ke> vv. Kt? c II Mitllorv Ji Co.
steamer Hudson. liauor, New Orleans?Clark A Seaman.
Steamer Morgan City, Head, New Orleans?bo|;ert A Mor
Steamer Han Salvador, Nlckerson. Savannah?George
St.'auiet Charleston. Lock w ood, Charleston?J W (julntard
.1 Co.
steamer Keifiilntor, Doane, \\ iiuiinjjion and Moreheaa
Cltv. NC-Wm )' Civile A t a
Steamer Old HoWinton, Walker, Norfolk, City I'oint and
RlchmouiWQld Doinlniou Steamship Co.
Steamer J?iin Gibson. Musing". Georgetown, DC, via
Alexandria?.J L Ronnie, Jr.
Steamer Josephine Thoiupeon, Moore. Baltimore?Win
Unit. II.
Steiimwr Aenes. Smith, fhlladelplila?Bo,i'it ,V Mnricuu.
Meiinier Chesapeake. Maiiifum. I'ortlaiiii -J F Amu.
Steamer f.ten Whitney. Hallett. Boston?I' K Himnci:.
Bark Moss <)leii (Bri, .\icli..|ls. Penarth Roads lor orderi
?CI:as V. Wrluiil Jt C<>
Bark Ann ( \ust. Poaclileli, Cork, Falmouth or Plymouth
for orders?SluC"vieh A Co.
B.nk Vdun .Nor), llaireuianu. Cork or Falmouth?Fuuch,
Ldve A Co.
Bark Protperllio I'alasso lltal), Dragn, Cork or Falmouth
?Kdu-d I'nkart.
Bark Can Jo.uinn (Nor), Oclund, Cork or Falmouth (or
order#?Fundi. h<iye A t!>.
Bnrk Independent i'eriivlano (luil). 1'alumbo, Cork or
Falmouth t?r orders? Flinch, Kilye \ Co
Bark Washington (Ital), Callero, Cork or Falmouth lor
orders? rnncn. l-.dye A Co.
Hi irk Altem-Jemeu (Nor), Kotlilujt, Gibraltar for orders?
Ueniium it Boyeseu.
Bark Atlanta. Itavls. Buenos Ayrct?John Norton Jr A
Bark G de Xalilo. Miller, St Ja^oand Gnantanamo?Way
dell A Co
Hark Aukathnr (Nor), Heurlcksen, 1'hilailclDhla?C 'lo
bin- A Co.
tirlK l>rnen(Nor), Ilortemen, lixeier, K?Beuhain A Boy
Brig Georg.na (Br), Hurtling. Liverpool, .NS-J W Parker
A Co
htilir Emma L C Wintor, Atw.iod, Baraooa?B J Wenberg
A Co.
Srhr O M Marrett, Keed, Biiracoa? B J Neither it A < o.
-ehr Kobt .Vlylian, Duma. Governor's harbor?B J Wen
be rj.' A tie.
Schr liudsun (Br), Mcitas. Harbor Grace, NP? Perkins A
Mhr L A Edwards, Millar, Fernandlna?Ablel Abbolt.
^rhr .Nellie Crowall. Hewitt, M Augustine. Fla? Warren
>clir Kieanor. ?<|ulrea, Georgetown and Poll Bluff, SC?
B L> Hurlbut A Co.
Dtki AaiMt Hearn. Moore, Richmond, T?-T?i Brqnt A
>ihr Henry II Urtnl. Larder. naltlinoie-Wm Chalmers.
Hctir Laura Kobll.sur., K*!!y. I'litludvtphll ?ii? Ctrtller
Iihu' K Mnplri. _
bihr ?>us>in B ilnr, Endicoti, Philadelphia?Brett. Son A
fchr Grace Webster, Otlti, Newark?J 1! Winchester A
Schr Lncian. Nortuu. Derby. Ct? Rackett A Bro
Steamers Baltic (Br\ f? r Liverpool: City of Herlin (Br),
do . Victoria Brl, Glasgow; Klvsia (Hr.. Londor.: Weser
(i>er/ KretnMi: Clyde. Havana Klnii (Bri, Port ?u Prinee,
ii 1 Clti of San Ai.tonlo. Galveston via Key \Ve?l: Huuson.
\'?w <>rle?I?f: Morgan City . do ; Sun MtlvaOur. Savannah:
C'hariinon.Charleston; Regulator, Wilmington: Old Do
minion. Kichmond. Ac, John Gibson, Georgetown, DC;
Agues Philadelphia.
vessels anchored at the Southwest Suit outward bound ?
Steamer John Gibson, t'or iieoretowu lit"; barks vnrle
((?er>. Klsmort: t'oluit.biu. Hnrbados. brws Ad.-lle MrLo.>r.,
<"lfnfuego?; <i t iioarv, do; Jennie A Cheney. Laguuyra.
whr Ji nuie A Sliepard. Huston.
There were it> the port of New York yesterday a total of
639 vessels. us followsSteamer*. 58; (hips, S8; barks.
251: btl?.Ml schooners. I7n
??h:p l'K;niii'r thk Pott*. now !:i Boston. 1200tous regis
ter, built in ImU, hai bean suM !or Bremen account at a
pri vs u price.
Bine Hue UK, Sylvia. wtiile leaving Detuerara. Man-It 22.
fur Purl Pragu. run into a punt named Maeouria. sinning
the latter und knocking one af the crew overboard, who
was drowned. Some uf the Rescue's plunks were novo In
and the lost head gear. In oousequence or which the had to
jiut back Captain Sylvia *u arretted on h charge of
manslaughter and released on rlndtug ball It. flu1'. Ctvi!
proceedings were also to be taken tu recover damages for
tr.r loss ol the punt.
Senk Maiiv Tayloii, of Rancor, was found Abandoned,
wutcr logged. and mainmast gone above the duck, ttnmtit
standing and sails all pone, by selir Lewis Khrtuun, at
Baltimore April 2*. trum Sagua.
i-CHii Ukokck C A TllAvmt*. Mitchell. with the cargo of
the stranded bark .VirthwojU in Coan Uiver, i? ashore At
the mouth ol the Potomac.
Sen* JesriCH. from New York, sunk at Xarracnnsett
Pier: will, with her cargo. oe ? total loss : possibly the
spurs and rigging will be saved: uu Insurance. The
wreckers hare abandoned her.
Semi Gkorgk Pkaiioiiv. MuCabon, from Richmond. Va,
April 11. Is ashore In the harbor of Cardenas.
Slim Johanna Doli.kt v. from Baltimore April 12 for
Galveston. trot ashore on Bahumas and afterward gut off
and proceeded.
semi L A Lkcxa.v. from Pascugotita for Corpus Chrlstl,
wu? wrecked April 10 on Joseph's Island.
Seni< MiilutlKO Star (l!r). Porter, from Barbados March
1*> for Bostou, put Into Liverpool. S3. April 20. leaky.
Ill the suit of the ship Harvest Qneen v? the steamer
Adriatic (Hr), the libel has been dismissed, with costs.
Caul II vim. of steaiutuv John 3 Smith, reports: ? April 28.
4 AM, off the Scotland lightship, was run into bv pllotbont
Mary E Pish. .No 4. striking the tun amidships on starboard
side, starting planks and dock, carried away pilot house and
causing a bad leak: damage to the pilotboat itnknowu.
Halifax. April 27? Brljr Doltle (Br>, from Bay of islaids
with a iiirK" ol herring, is ashore near the entrance to this
Sehr Lontellu* fBri, fitted out at Herring Neck, New.
foutidland. for the seal fishery, has been wrecked at Bur
net Island. The cow numbered IS, 14 of whom were
drowned. During a heavy rale the schooner ran for shelter
up (ireon Bay mid was capsized by the heavy irrouud swell.
A lile bout beloiiuitijf to the wrecked steamer Geo Crom
well was picked up on the east coast of Miqticlon. March 2t>.
It !< made of tfulvaniiod Iron and was marked " .no
Cromwell" on tho stern and "So U" on the bow,
Vi.vs.yaRD H>vex. April 27?Schr Alice H has completed
ber repairs and is reloading her eargo.
Lalschkd?At Chester. Pa. April 28, steamer Nlasara,
before noticed.
NKwroRT. April 27?Thj t'S Uithlboni* steamer Cactus
Is euKtt;red in tukitit; up the winter buuys in Providence
River, Narrau'nnsett Bay and vicinity, and putting those
nscdin sutumur in their places.
Sailed (rom Desolation March 20, schr Emma Jane,
Bullev, lor New London.
At Sandv Point March 5, schr Francis Allvn. Class, of
NL. with 2014 fur seal skins. Would stop on the coast of
Patagonia a few dujs to paint up aud then conie direct
A letter dated St Helena March 20. roporjs barlts Eliza,
beth, Wicks, of St Helena, a few days previous with MIX)
btils sp oil since leaving there In December; lien Scot'.,
Uobbins. NH. nothing since Inst roport.
Spoken?No tlatu, Iut H.'t S, Ion 50 W. burlc Thus Pope, La
vors, ot MI. bound to Honolulu.
Ship Hertfordshire (Br), Irom Astoria tor Cork, Feb 0,
lat r?:i 22 S. Ion :?U 1H \V.
Ship Helen Hums, of and t'rum Swansea for San Pranrisco.
2d da.vs out, Murch 7. lat S 43 N. Inn 27 \V.
Ship Hospodar, id St John, NB, under jury, main and
mUxen topmasts nnd no fore royal masts, from l.obos
Island lor Kuglisb Channel, March 6, lat 5 43 N, Ion 24 24
Ship Agotn?r >Hr). Groves, from Liverpool tor Miramlchi,
April H, lut 51. Ion 11
Ship Ardnsora (Br), from Liverpool for Montreal, April
111. oil the Kastuet.
A ship shnwing riVilO, Irom New Orleans for Liverpool,
April 7. lat 44. Ion 45.
Bark Lnigla P (Aus), K'.rian, from London for Philadel>
plila. April 8, lat 51, Ion 11.
Hark Abbio II i Hr). Coilill, irom Bremen lor North Amer
ica. April 7, lat 50. Ion t*i.
A Dutch brig, showing "LKCR." from Bantos tor New
York, iurch 24. lat 0 8. Ion 3-4 W.
K vessel showing J Kl'G. from Liverpool for Sandy llook,
April 10, lat 50 10, Ion 11 23.
Barcelona, April 23?Arrived, brig Prudente (Sp), Ho
ma, Vobile.
Cadiz, April 21-8ailed, brijrs J William* (Br). Williams,
Bomon s Wesley A Seymour (Br), SoutlierKreon, do,
Coru-nna, April 28?Arrived previously,bark Tuck Sins
(Uri. Marshall, Now York.
Daxtzic, April 25?Arrived, bark Lalf Ericsson (Nor),
Harnion, New York.
<*knoa, April 23?Arrived, bark Frauce et Chill (Fr). Ma
rin. Savannah.
II atrk, April 28-Sailod, steamer Franco (Kr), Trudelle,
New York via Plymouth,
L.iv>.iti'our., April 27?Arrived, bark Wave Queen (Br)
Wilson, Dnrien; 28th. steamer* Illyrlnn (Kr), Worthington,
Booton: Lake Champlaln (Br). lteiinou. Daltimoie.
Sailed 2rtth, steamer Massachusetts (Br), Walters, Bos
Malaga, April 21-Arrived, bark Dictator (Nor), Thorne>
son, New Orleans.
Plymouth, April 28?Arrived, steamer 8t Lnnront (Kr),
Lachesnt'S, New Yorfefor Havre (and proceeded).
Palkiimo, April 20?Sailed, steamer Castalla (Br), Butler,
Now York.
Qukksstowx. April 28, 3 AM?Arrived, steamers Montana
(Br), Beddoo, New York for Liverpool (bad strong easterly
winda the whole passage): 11 AM, Alport* (Br), Watson,
do lor do (and both proceeded),
llorrKRKAM, April 28?Sailed, steamer Rotterdam
(Dutch). Vis, New York via Vils?tu?cn.
MotTiiAMPTOv. April 28?Arrived, steamer W A fcholton
(Duicn), J an ton, New York for Rotterdam.
?Singapore, March 28-Salled, bark Star ol the Hast (Br),
Pomroy. Now Vork.
Vico, April 19?Arrived, brig Typhoon (Nor), Thomas.>n,
New York.
Asimnwau*. April 1>?Arrived, (learner Colon, Urlflin,
Mew York.
AC* April H>?Id port, brljf Win l'lilppi (Hay),
Hr?iidtl,ern. Tor Now Voi k in 0 dav*.
0 ii a x n kl, S'K. April US?An Allan Line steamer nmtid
ln? urd lit S o'clock tli < 1 moru'.nx. The (iulf Is I - n r of Ice.
D).vkhai;a. April 0 - In p rt. Imrk Zephrrlue, Johnson,
I'rom Boston; brltf Echo. Carter. from Baltimore; ?< ln- l( K
flart. Coombs, from Plymouth, E, ill?if; Mali Gray,
Hodgrius. Irom .Norfolk, ilo: Walter B Cheater, Hrowii, do,
do ; IC !1 I*riiinri<>ntl, liiirutns, for Baltimore, to anil nth.
Sillied to ill h, bark Reindeer. Decker, New York.
Kloiiks, April 7 ?Iri ihirt, bark II A Hurnbsta, Karnes,
from Boston. arrived bih;tclir Pildo of the West, Green
nek. irorn England
Omiui.TAIl, April 0?Towed through the Strain Hth. brig
Janet 11? int. 'lanseii. from Xeasini tor Philadelphia; 7th,
bark Abd el-Kader, Sparrow. Irom Palermo lor Hontotl.
llO.Vii Komi. April l>?Sailed. steamer L'lljr of Toklo,
Maury. Yokohama md San KrancUco.
II ai an a. April I'M?Sailed, ?.learner City of Havana,
Slierwoml from Vera Cru.'.. ,tei. Sew York.
Il.it. rai. April iff*?Arrived, steamer Dominion (Br), Glb
ton. Liverpool lor Philadelphia.
La Havk, N'H. April 143?Mailed, bark Ellershau?en (Ur),
Orecll. Liverpool.
Locisacitii. N8, April 30?Arrlvod. brltr Najarlne, from
New York for St John'*, NK, three week? om; had a hard
Pa*a*?, April IS?Arrivad. ?tenmer Co*:a Itlca, White
berry. Central \merlc.i'
Sailed --M. aUameis Salvador, llussell. Central Amorlcai
?Jlitli. Granada. Connolly, nan /rancNco.
I'kksaxhi'i'o, April -T?Arrived previously, brie Bogota,
John-on, llaltlin.ire.
nr Jims, Ml. April 20? Arrived, ship fllnd Tiding*. Dick,
Llverpw1. Imrk John lloyd, Grant, do; *chr George K
Knu'd. Starkey, Philadelphia.
Arrived J^lli, tchrs Magirle L. anil Teal, dale, New York.
Cleared ?ith, ahtp Kurvdice, Edwards. Loud, n : '.11th. ship
Herbert Keeci;. Cro-bv, Liverpool! bark Torryburn. Luary,
I'eiiarth Roads.
nailed a&th. bark Toledo, I'ltman, I.lveroool; -tith, ship*
Emily A Auguda, Day. do; Knrydloe. K.lwardi, London
-ailed 'Jntii. slitp Charlotte W White, C-liant, Liverpool.
Vai.i xi ia. April ID?Arrived, ship 8 S Thomas, c.aatmau,
I'alieiloi. de i'l a.
Vkim I'M'*, April 17? In port, bark .Io*? It Lone'., Mo
I). mil.I. fruui Liverpool, arrived March 21, tor Alvarado, to
load lor 11 avre.
Yokohama, April 34?Sailed.steamer City of l'ekin^. Tan
ner (from san Kranoiwol, floii^ Kuiiz.
II'kh Stkamkh Mosm.1
A himiossan, April 14?Salted, t/ueen of Heart*, lor Mira
AMWKiiF. April K<-Sal!od, Emerald. 1'erderion, Halifax;
Luc-ill Till hot, Cardiff.
Arrived ai Fl'.islutiir 14th. Trowbridge. Stapletoii, San
Asi'KNmoll. March 24-Pamd, Royal Alfred. Kl?her. from
Calcutta tor New York.
Avium, I- oil 37 ?Passed. I'nanlma. Cain, from ll?nig Kong
?or New York; March 3 Highlander, iiutchlnmni, Irom
Boston for Hons Kongl 4th. New Era. Sawyer, Irom Car
diff for do.
Kkistul, April 15-Arrlved. Leon I'ancaldo, Homo, Phila
Hi.kimtiiiVKN, April CI?Arrived, Oder (*). Lel*t, New
Sailed IHtli, Kate Mellek. Eraser. America.
Hum'WKitsiiAVKN. April 14 ?Sailed, Andbild. Madsen
(lr'Hii reiisacolai. Durdt
It11.iMA. Aoril II?Arrived. Mocart, Albrechtsen. Now
Ha?m:i?i, March III? Cleared. A*torta, Poller, l-almoiith.
CaJU'I>?. April I Cleared. Mai .|ul? of linte, Lowlr, i^ua
bcr (and sailed IHtlil,
(JaPit.. April l<>?Arrived. J Williams, Will jam*,.Seville.
Sailed loth, l-.ndoia, lor N? wloiindland.
Cai.ci'tta, March "Jl? Sailed, W U Putnam. Pitts, Cochin
and I'alicut.
Dual, April 1.">-Passed. Konjtdsenr I!, i.hrlstenion. Irom
I^iiidnn lor City Point.
Ilt-M.1*. April 11 ?nailed, M A K Cann. lor <Jii.-t.ec.
DL'SklliK April l.'t?Hallod, Kioto. Lona, New York (and
passed Duniceiiai* HtliJ j Mtii, Adelaide linker, ltowes,
Klsisorx. April U-Ill the Sound, l.'nkel Brae*li{, Scrib
nui, from Wlliuinittoii, NC, for dtocklioini.
! Palhocth. April 14-Salled. Virjto. Micbeleen. Liverpool.
IULObCksTKtt. Aprl. 14?Arrived, Adeleua, Cia^uer. Phila
i.auaxoc*. April M?Sailed. SatidriUKham. MeCheioej.
Quebve: Mary ocou. <Jo. Assyria i>). ?i eJI terra oean.
j Arrived loth. hobt Hurler. lioodel!, !'*?? irotuiu.
i lillWKXii, April ?? ?Arrived, OleiiUaie, Coukllu, and-*e
dekln. 11 u it lit lu llil. N.lplet>
sailed 7ih, Mam* t.tlatola. MahcIuo, New York.
. 1.4|.litem. ADUl :t?Cleared. T 1'. .Villcdge. tiaUat-ber,
Qibec: lit it, Ajrenoria. CuiUul- do.
i,K.vo?, April 13?Arrived. Alexandria (*). McKay. ??!??
oiiikaltiu, April 8?Arrived, Margaretha iilanca. Tram
bur,:. Darien (uud cleared Uifc fur Genua).
II I'LL. April 14?(tailed, L Cotjoielta. Poirffl. Baltimore
Hamiii'uu. April 1J?Arrived, Peter lioUedroy, Weudt,
>*a.leil irotn Cuxhavi n April IS. Arito. Par?en New York ;
Anna Vidrtliel.. and Silo. T>li.-|?en. do. Deiflno P L.iudlnl,
Philadelphia: 14th. Jtur Si ini n*. Porte Cai>cilo
I llaviiK April 18-Miie l Kuima. Lepeve. New Orleans;
I Centennial, Klplcy. Philadelphia; (ieo W Duncan. Jordan,
Sandy Mooa.
lai.h or U'icht. -April 14? I'a'ted. Cromwell. Richardson,
i Iron. Hull lor KimoU.
Livkrcool. April 14? Arrived. Prince Edward it). Kra/er.
| (iUa.'iiir; 1,'itli. Xovit >entlan i?j, HicltariUnu. Baltimore;
I Vt aaditie. Bley. S??j Kiai.cisi'u; IMh, KeLus. Petersen,
i Milled 14th. Kloanur. Piirteloiv, Wilntlnslou: Edith 1'ar
I n.lchiiel, McKrteliorn, Shediae; Prancle Herbert. MiKeusie,
Kiver Joint, .\S, Lady Kusseil, Mmidle.xQuubec; Mount
I'llHj.iii, Wallace, do: Yietory. Watson, dj; Soo?d?n,
Roberts, Mirumlchl; loth, Henrietta. Woicken. San i'1 run
Cleared 14th, I'arriet 11 Mciillverv, Hlaku. Bombay;
Iris. hum. do: Scotia, I'urks. and Alibotsford. .Mi:William,
Qtirlec: Lottie. Jnms. MirauilclUi L'niesio llorien?e. IJa
fcllvcira. Kiiyal.
Lovi/o.n. A;iril 14?Cleared. Lewis Smith. Wright. Pug.
wa?h: Anna Dellus. Iversen, Quebec; I'ith, Yuba, Mey.r,
-MIrarnlchi; illlding. Jnruenscii. Wilmington, XO.
Arrived at liravu.eud ltltli. WUnelm. hoed. Baltimore,
sailed loth. Maria Casaboua, Costa, New \ or*; Ueurl,
for St John.
Lu<Kh. Aorll 10?Passed. It L Lane. Murray, trom Lobes
lur Kaltnoi.th
Ltui kick, April 14?Arrived, Nellie-M Slade, Heckinan.
Su:. Prmiclsco.
l.isaux Auril 10-Sallud. Aspasla Ainalil. Ku?so. New
V AaSLi*i?. April 13?Sailed. Helen San da, lioalord, Phila
delphia i I4'.li Vl.lor, SvuriiruD, .Vbw Yort.
MaLAiia. April tf?Sailed, Tlior liwen, Uuptlll, Maraellloai
11th, A-'ur. Bip.??tili:h New York
V.Alim.v .March JCI?Sailed, Silu> Cur ia. Oa^Uton, coast
Mk*MXa, April 11?Arrived prevlonaly, Scandluavlnu (a),
Hani-ey. Altueria utud ?aiied 11th lor Palermo).
Nawcuur. April 14-Sailed. Svra. tlill, Mariiniqiie.
Nkwiiv. April IJ?Saileo. I.'rbaiici, (lliiari. Sitw Vork
Pohii.aMP, Aprt: 14-Put Into the lloads, John U iupper.
Hattle. Huenoi Ayre? lor Antwerp.
I'tuo'Lk April 14-1'iitaed, Prince Arthur, of 6t
John. Mi, bound \V,
I'l ymiii'TH. to April 14?Off. Albula (ol St Jobu), from
Dundee lor Carill!)
PoitTiMorrii. April l&-l'uwi|, Kilon Auttln, Goodburn,
from Antwerp lor .Sew York ; UluiiuiDit P. Paicorlull. from
llaniiuiiv for do: Stadt. Jacobaen, from Philadelphin for
1'Ai.HiJao. April 7?Arrlvoil. Arch Drnld (a). Carnilchital,
Moaaiuu (and nalicd luih lor New York); 8th, b W Porter.
<>rnoa; lot It. M ii Cuza. Haylia. Malta.
Sailed 7th. J llaiii.uet, Pedone, Uoaton.
(^I'Kk.NsiOWN, April 15?Arrived. Krounewiti, Burchurd,
Sntiila ltiver.
Kottkkpam, April 1H?Cleared. Prof Llotuer, Mnthloaen,
i.a.mudON. March 10?Arrived. Bella Mudga, Maion, Ani
SitiKLUg, April 16?Arrived, Etuma, Anderaon, New Or
Scii.lt, April II?Off, lion ilo. Murphy, from Baltltnnre for
SwiNKUCXDS, April 11?Sailed. Iloluia, Boruwaldt, New
Siiant.iui. Keb 23? Arrived. Kate Pllckini;er. Oilman,
Durrard Inlet.
SaMaiiang, March J?Arrived. Aurora Australia, Sjocron,
liat avIh.
Tauicacoka, April 8?Arrived. Jenso C'trll. Underhlll. Bar
V Al.k'NCU, Ai>ril 8? Arrived. Caledonia (?), Allison, Pa
lermo (iind ialled Huh for New York. Xc); 10th. S s TUo
tuiif. Eastmilll, and ltuaka. Cotton, Callao.
Cowks, April 13?The Oruen, Larson, Trom Ontend for
New York, which put in here J in 14 with damage, ivm
launched iron: the slip lUtU lusl , iiaviuu completed her re
?SlIOKDUKVNli.H. April 18. 9 AM?A full ricked ?liip, ap
parently in ballast, drove from anchor on Shoebury &aml:
iiuinr unknown: two tup) gone to axtkL
1^:41! I'M?'Ibe !>lilp previously reported on Hhoebury
Sand trot off with u? intanco of two tuira. Droppod up on
Yantlct and anchored. Name male out by luluocopo Dou
Quixoto, of lioatoti, irom Loudon for Cardiff.
i',A.i'MXAXr>v?IA,M?r" 27rArnved, ?clir? Wra R Huston,
1 rovldeme; Mary 1) Lonjr. Boston; A W I.oclte New Vok
1 assed up tor Wasbl'iiitoii- tichr j J 0 Oottiiiirhaui Muri
Haley. Sarah Oullon L AW Showell. Fannio fischnb*.t
Jennie I'.osnline, mid Win 1' Phelps. '
Mailed?KchrC \V Locke, New Haven.
Passed down Irom tieorcetoan-Schrs 8 J For. BO
rcrry. und MorciU'S Demi. ?
UU.SI'i/N. April 2H-Ariivod. steamer Victoria (Hr) Wil
Hums.Liverpool; brijr Olaraliell, Perkins. Kaltltnore;' schrs
Adelaide <Bri rowers. rurks l*;aiid; Harold, Hanson. uud
(diaries ]-. Moodv, I'.iisiinan. BtirbaJnes; L una M Know'ei.
Harrington, and M A Dolt, Stanwood. Sa^ua; Lucv (Jra*
nam, Smith, Mutiin/.iiis; Vrokn, Moore, Atix Cave* * K T Ca
bodti, Swain. Wilmington, NO: <ioorire S Marts Mart,
Brunswick, On; K K McDonald, Kjiiiu, I'cnsacola; Chariot
Morrison. Lavender. Alexandria; Lulu Amruertnan.
I earson; Iru > Stance'. Johnson; Katie U itobinson. Clin mi
iJoii: Cora. Hsk, and (Jeoiire Tanlaue. Adams. Haiti
'l"?!"5,-. 01l*r,('? ,f- Hanson; Jonnln X ||ud
dell, trimmer; Mary Wearer. Weaver; A II Edwards
Hartlett; C B Wood, Oondy; nllvcr Ames, Babbitt, and
James II 11uddolI. Jr, Sharp. Philadelphia; John tirlftin
Weeks; hniinft Heather. Hudson; Union, <Jolt; L A Bcr
llniraine. Iliirlin^aino: Bram.K, Tyrou; Keno r'osti-r and
Julia A Martha, llopps, Port Johnson; Sardinian, Holbrook
an I Thomas llox, 11 all. Rondout ? Frolic. Dillingham. Ulen
Cose; Campbell, Marshall: John lioynton, Tirrull; Pavilion
Robinson, and J, A Buruiiam c.orham. Weehawkcn ; Leud.'
II ?i 11 <>?.?<? 11; Maud Mal.ocb, Bradford; Kaliuar, Colbath and
Marin Piersou, (.rani. Ho oken; Klval. Fletcher; It Loach
londlof.il; A Peters. lorrey; U W (Hover. Morton, and
Senator (.rime*, Cassldy, New Vork; Swallow, Carlan Man
hattan villc. '
Also arrived bark Leoanto, Hunker,. Matanxaa; brlir
ChanoB. Paine. Barbados; schrs II li Wellmitu. (iove. and
Sarah Bnien. (Jullai., Hoboken; A Tlrretl. Flsherport;
.. ."OH' Jol,D 1 Malign, Manson, and .Noriuan. Soiiih
Is'i It tin on*. ?
Cleared -Stoamet* Seiulnole, Matthews, Savannah:
John* llopkinr, lUllett, Haiti more: (iiancos Beaise New
York; Roman, Crowell, Philadelphia; b.irk iltizird
Kar.tena, Anjer anil a market; brlj.-. Matllu B Itus.ell'
Atiiertnn, Hanua; Annie (Hri. Smith, Antwerp- ?chri
Nettie Walker. iiiKallK. Barbados; Belle. Mott New York I
Charles K Raymond, Kelley. Phlladuluhia; Kdwtu K Morn'
son. l.uvoiM'.or, Alexandria.
Sailed?Hteamer? Somiuola. Roman, iierki. and Harrl*
BALTIMORE, April as?Arrived, steamers tJeorgo Ap
liold, l.i.velau.i. Providence; W Woo.iwt.rd Vouu* N'ew
York; l.arks Ma;?le V Henry. Steed. Rio Janei o; Kvvlva
(Nor), I'llarii, >t Thoniaa; Cattarlna S (ltali, siiuoiietli
I.eitb; briKa Induitry (Mr). Ullford, RIo Janeiro; Oroaalier
coiiin Anna lOvr), Schmidt. Liverpool; achre Aleit (Hr)
Wluchetter Inairua; Lewis Ehrman. Cotlln.on, Sa?ua; \V
L HIklits. Letdman, Bruiuwlck, ^a; Albeit Maaou, RJle
w ilmintrton, NO.
Cleared?nteamara Sea Hull. Marshman. Charleston;
America, Blllups, Savannah; 1) J Foley. Price, Wilmlnul
ton. NC; Experiment. Pierce. Newbern. NO ; Martha Ste
vena, Chance, .New Yora ; scbrs Miml A Read, Strout, Hath.
Me; I' it Bairu, Mayhew, Button; tt A Price. Price
Nhhvhu. ? '
BATH..April ?-'(>-Arrived. schrs Ajjnei. Hodgson. Marble,
head, to load lor Richiiiond, Va; P ll Odiorne Crowell
Boston, to load lor linoreetown, DC. ' *
y BRISTOL, April a7?bailed, ?cbr Cornelia, Lyon. Now
CHARLESTON, April JH?Sailed, steamers Cltv of At
lanta, Uoudhull, New York; Virginia, Humor, l'hiladel
ptl i
CaSTIN'E, April 23?Arrived, schrL M Strout. Fernald
New turk. ?
"ARIKN. April 24-Airlved. barks Helnrloti Von Schro
der (t.erj, lllllol, Rotterdam; Alette (Nor). Nustiom Ha
vana. '
Cleared?Bark Aaron (ioudey (Hr), Sorenson, Havre
a.ttli?Arrived. tmrKs W I VVhitlnir (Br), Uroves. Ipswichs
Rhoa (Her), llrueniiorp'. Wlliuluiiton.
Cleared?Hark Krookvllle (Mri. Barry, Liverpool
I^Hth-Otfarod, bark Sataina (Ilus), Fllnkcnlwrc. G las son
1)1 ri'll ISLAND IIARBOlb, April 36-Arrlrfd schr
ri"i1'.J^il.li0,.A",l!lo-?;lo: I'rovtdenee (and sailed .'7th).?
l-Afifl OU1, April -.i-Arrhiil, t?li11> Kntiytuiou, Furrar.
J4t h?Arrived, sciir Lucy, Coal well. Sow York.
i iju.VIt IOW N Anril 2.*? Arrh'??d, nchr Souutor Grimes,
.sow V ? rk t??r Honton (and gulled 36io>; R i' UH
clue, Kreeile, do for Haverhill.
Kaitn AMU .n A. April a4? Arrived, ?cbr Charlotte Jame
son. I iinii*soii. Mimaita.
(LOE.- A?r,l 2^-Arrl??d. brlB Bmellne 5
>chr A II ttaite, Drisk", Irom Cutia for orders
FALL ItlV t*.It, April a7?Below, sdtr E H Wheaton, from
Brunswick, On.
.1ACKSONV1LLE, April 24?Cleared, schr 11 8 Williams.
? ilsun, .Now \ urk
MO It I I.E. April 2)?Cleared, bark Margaret (Br). Barkor.
Liivoriiool. ?
MIl.LHIi'IDOE, April 2))-Sailed, schr Kate Poster. Wal
lace._S..w Utrk.
MS STIC, Atirll IV-Arrived, schrs Jsne Maria. Ilnlse
Ilnmioiit; Henrietta. Hillard, Weehawken; sloop Corn
mvrea, Tyler, do "
NEW OIILKANS, April 24?Arrived, b.trk Christian (Nor),
I Irunseu, Hreinen; bri< Maria W Norwood. Andrews. Har
Cleared?Schr? Lady Woodbury. Woodbnrv. Rnatan ; Co
tace in, do.
? Arrived, ichrt John At wood. Avcla. Rnatan; Carrie
Jones, Di-rmot, h almoinb. Ja.
Cle .red?Srhr May Eveline. McCloarn, Ruatan.
2MtU?Arrived, steamers New Orleans, llearbom. New
lurk; AlKlers. Hawthorn, do.
Clear ?l -steamer City of Mexico. Reynolds. Vora Crui,
Ac; bark hiiima ? Itai). Costatiso, falls.
NiHlFOLK, April 20?Cleared, bark IUt>a y Cannon (Sti),
Marlslauv, Cadis.
NEW 111 ft I I'OBT, April 27?Arrived, steamer Hercules,
Swtisev, Philadelphia.
NiV-V BKi'FOltD, April 20-Sailo.l, schr. John U Perry,
>v? odrt, 111 i 1 i\t e 1 p 111 a.
27ih-Sailed, schrs Emma Arty Hall, Philadelphia! Cyn
thla.Une, ("irdner. New York; / I WorthlnirtoVi. Mtcti,
do; vv I) vian^iiin. Chase, do.
NKWPOItI, April 211?Arrived, schrs Joseph R Potts.
Rowland, llol.oaen ; Itlensi. llasard. do; John Balcli. Hau
liali. ami Aiuos llri)r??, Dunn, Providence lor .New York ;
Nellie Rich, VVharl. Weiltleel for do.
2 lib-Mailed, sehrs LamartltK*, French. Phtladelphin or
>ev? ?<?rk . I nice Cot)h, Talliuan. IIverton ; Samuel L
Crocker, IhrHMier, W arrsn lor New York.
VNM> I.O.N DON, April ^7?Arrived, schrs Wra M Kvarts,
.Nov \ >rk tor Norwich; XVnrron ?iHte/?. Hobokcn; Kaio
; alHhiin. do; M oiltor. New York; C A llayden, Portland
lor New \orkj Mary Nutt, I'rovideuc ior do.
?w,UVV17;t!c.,M* ,s ^Opltftfute, Now York. Alpha, do.
April *27 irrivo.j, >chr A II Hurlbnrt,
( riltiri^ Alexandria; A T Miner, Clarlt. KluabeiiiDort;
sloops I nitv. N. w \ork: Kmpeior. do.
iired?Schrs Addie VVarsoti, Wanton, New York ; Sarah.
Benton, do *
APr1'4 -?*?Arrived, bnrks Freinlid (.Nor),
s>tlcliselsen. Liverpool $ Monona <Mf), i'ra, lla^na; schr
l/ha? Lawiencc. Lako, Philadelphia.
iMe ired-Khip Htielhurne .Hrj, tourphy. Liverpool; schr
Aimed i W iilev, VMIIey. New York.
PORT lt()\ A(?, St', April SIR?Sailed, schrs Oolllsta.Whit*
tier lloston .; C II l o.ter. t*oomhs, do
1'u I I.ApKLPH I A. April 28?Arrived, steamers Ellio
KiiUl.t MiCroary, New York ; A C Ml mors U'atKOQ, do;
1 .'v,. v*llariford; schrs Clara L Dyer, Hoers. Una*
tan. 1 \\ Demi. I'utlon, iJornwaliin. NS, hlecia Hailev
hnittii. New Hrciford Marsii?ll 0 W ells, Case, HortoiPs
1 oinl; Manila1! W illftt>, UettHdjre. Count.
Arr.ved?Hark tJhii-rinin. Kulton. Mamburpr; brig John
I ierct*. rownseiid, Oardenan; schrs J (J Stover. Clay. Maya*
(MiCft: Mair t ranmer, Comtios, Boston; H Vhux. Jiohlnfun.
Sailed? Steamer* Equator. Lancaster, Vorman. datha
riot Whiting. Vindicator, L^upara. and Kuigltt.
LkU't.a. De , April 2S? Arrived Lark Guiseppe Mazione
dull, Morellu. Ovuna ; brie Go. V Chate. Patterson. Ma
lanras (both fur Philadelphia : Starliirlit, Tucker Sairua
(.?rd. red to Mew York); achr Zingu ,Brj. Uhler, Port An*
luiiir t >r Philadelphia.
Reported p???n1 in. bark S It Bearte. Sweetaer, frosj Gal
veston tor Philadelphia
PORTLAND. Me, April 27?Arrived, bark John J Marsh.
Kicked. New York, tchrt S I' Adams Mouth Am boy-'. Ruth
11 llaker. Philadelphia, Litiin Brewster, Souib A in boy.
2*tb?Arnva.l. bark Oeo KIujtidhii. Iloae*. Cadit: brt*
Edltb Hull. New York; schra King Dove, and A Armstrong,
Philadelphia, M C Taylor. Taylor, Cedar Keyi; S L Burnt.
Cro?hy. Segue: C Jamison. New York
Cleared?Steamer Ca-plnu Hr), Troeka, Liverpool (and
t?lied>. bark Novena. lUvnua
PORTSMOUTH. April 27?Sailed, steamer Allcntowc.
Willi, Philadelphia.
PROVlDhXCE. April 27?Arrived. ?ramer> McClellnit,
Tuylor, Baltimore vin Norfolk ; Tonawauda, Sherman.
Philadelphia; aclirs Heading Ksilro-td No. 41. Thompson,
Port Joltnaon for Pawtuekel; Lldie (> Weill. Wellt. New.
burg; Triiumer. Kllto. Albany: Highlander, Wood, lloi>,i.
ken; John Price, Nickeiaon, do; Win Mayo, Wliltaker,
Maiden, NY.
mailed?ticbrt Kacbel Santnau, Seaman, Georgetown. DOj
!< W Ilnddell. Deputy, New York or do, llenry Allen,
Taiem. 1'lilladelpbia; Martha P King. Jar vis, I'outih
keepaie: Kaeliel Jane. Lynch; All-la, Cousins; Albert
I'liaro. Bingham; Klyawajr, fcr.ot, and John E I In rot. Cook,
New York: tloop Mary Rlltiihotli. Lewit, Per'.b Am boy.
1'AW TUCKET. April 27 ? Arrived. ?lir? E Flower, I)lck.
euann. ami VatMir, lUrtluit, Port Johnson; Isle of Pine*,
Legg. Kondoui.
Sailed?Sclirt Shamrock, Troy, 11 nverstraw: S fl Tvler,
Rnahnell; J ames. Stiles. and Curtis Goodwin, Crowley,
New York
SAN FRANCISCO. April 2H?Arrived, steamer Collma,
Scarle, Pniiaiua; alup Oracle. Humphreys, Baltimore, bark
brier Holme fllr). Johnson, Sunderland
Cleared?Ship Loch Cree iBr>, Tel fir, Cork.
SAVANNAH. April 28?Cloared, brig Sol (Sp), Marie*,
Barceloua: a?dir? N It Drury. Bath. Ma: J S Heacham,
Washington, DO.
sailed?Meainer* Wni Kennedy. Potter. Baltimore: Cleo
patra. Ilu'.kley, Nassau; Sun Jacinth, llaiard New York.
SATILLA, Ga. April 10?Arrived, brig .tophi a Cook (llr).
Covert, New York.
Sal ?d22d. bark iliuo Wave (Br>, Urown, Whitehaven, El
23d. briti American (.'nioii. Collins, Philadelphia.
SOUTHWEST IIAKBOH, April 18-ArrWed, tchra G 9
Talril. Starkey. I'biiiidelphla lor St John. N'B.
SaIjKM. April 27?Arrived, ateamer Wllliaia?porl, Will
ett?. l'lilliKicluhia.
SOMERSET, April 30?Arrived, achrt Wild Piieon. Bray;
Alex Youim, Blake, and Sldnoy Price. Godfrey, Philadei
27th?Sillied, achr li II Murkle, Shropshire. NeVYork.
SToNIN'GTON'. April 20?Arrived, ichra Bellu Peek,
Avery. Purl Jidmaoii; llaltlmnre. Wood, South Ambuy;
&uaan li Nu'h. Brown Wet'huwkitu.
VINI-.VARD IIAVBN. Ad'I! 27 ? Arrived, tchrt Onward,
Mayo, Port Jolinaon for Por tmouth : War Sieud. (iookln,
P r'lund (V>r Portiraonth ; PrMatiaii (iuneral (Br), lit ubjr,
Windsor, NS, for do : Aimer Taylor. Dodire, Calait for do.
Scnr Blackbird haa been ordurxu to Proviilencu.
Si hr Coin Kearney did not aail aa reported.
Salb'd?Srhra Mail. Itcd Kovcr, Hero, Mag(;io Cummlna,
Priuxian (ieii.'rai (Br).
2Stb?Arrived, tebrt Wm Mnrthall, Cain, Ualtlmore for
Ui'atou, H II Gibson, Dow. Hoboken for 1'nrtamoiitb; BenJ
lieed. Ilbblta. Potomac River for Bath; Lucy Amt-a,
Richards, Rocklund for tilehmond, Ya; aloop 0 J Derry, Tib*
bitts. Button lor Block laliuid.
WILMINGTON. NC. April 28-Arrived. bark Bertha
(N?ri. Hantun. St Ubea.
Cleared?Brig Hiram AbilT, Brown, Demerara.
WAREllAM, April 27?Sailed, achr Wlilte Swan, Willi am
ton. New York.
WICKKOKD, April 20?Sailed, achr Breeze, L'udlko, Now
York. .
WhSTKRLY. April 20?Arrived, tchra Sarah EllCabelh,
Lewis. Port Johnson (and tailed 27th for Jiew Yurki; S IS
Nash. Bro?n. IJoboken.
27th?Sailed, achr* Itipple, Kllev, auJ E A Cbeaobro,
Robinson. Now York.
'* IIt'MURED BOAT.^ CHEAP?rtfii6LLS,'"ciLt,K
Whit hull Mntallle l.lleboatt; also Spoon Oart. IliW
South >t.. nearGoiiverneur tllii. STEPHKN ROBERTS.
saie: null luu'id and In cood order; price low. Addreat
drawer 14 Post ollice, Norwalk, Conn.
Yachts In tla market for aalcor charter are in the hand*
ol MANNING'S Yacht Aireney, His Broait??ay. Till' Yacht*
Iiil' Circular, dla'.ributed gratultoutly, coutalnt deacriptiuna
and urices
ill, 10 feel beam, cabin 2i> feet lontr. 10 feet wide: state
rooms, pantriea, bedding and all equipments complete; new
tail! and boat; litted ut> in iirat class style . very fast sailor;
centreboard, dranirnt 4 feet; will he aold low. Apply to
OVhlllOM A IUWKIMS, ion Maiden Laue. N. Y.
with two ?et> aatla and apart. W. U. JOHNSON, SIM
Wiiahinirton Market.
J? cat riffled Boat, about 2."ixl0; has roomy cabin, it fast.
In irood order and well fonnd. Addreat box 1,171 Pott ofllce.
Providence, R. I.
For-sale very cheap-three mimatvrk
Yai'iita; laivoot H feet oi tailing qualitlea tested. 211
East Mst st.
'schooner Mary Jauo. lying at Bird A Bog'a Hallway,
Greenpoint, lirooklyn , will carry 200 tons
r boats. 75 to 2.10 lent koel : Freight Propellers, Steam and
Sail Yachts. Launches. Steam Canal Boats, Tujboata, Ac.
GEORGE K. PLl'MEE, 39 Sontb tt.
leet long; fully furnlabed. Apviy to T. LINDSAY. 103
Atlantic at.. Brooklyn.
' guge Sloop yacht Selene, 42 feet, well found.
WOOD, .18 Washington tt.. New York.
F" ljt)ATfNTli UOAT UOUSE~22X30, KoR SALE. 433
East 110t.h?l:
Ariiried Boat, new last turing, ptlce $2.10. Addrett W. 0.
GASPER, 01 Wall.
Ac., by the late Kitch, fo( tale at a sacrifice. S3 Bond.
t/clieap. 90 Man gill tt JaMES MOSS.
serving and beautifying the spars and bright woodwork
on yachta. steamers. vpsa?lt, Ac., it the best article for the
purpose ever invented. SEELEY A STEVENS Sole Manu
facturers. 32 Burling alip. Mew York.
fuet ltnig and '.bree leet draught. Addreta C. B.. carl
Poat ollice box I s\>, Mating price and wliero to be teen.
a yacht. Addreas S., box 2.440 Pott ollice.
] Yacht: uiutt have private accommodations and a good
Inventory; tnnrt be a Que >ea boat, capable of croating tb?
Atlantic, and tlioroti.-hly found and ready for tea. Addrett
li., box 1,077 l'utl ofllce, New York city.
.11 ISC l? i, L.V xkous.
ita unequalled variety. together with books of decani de.
sikiis. hand three cent stamp tor latest catalogue mid prico
Libeisl discount to wholesale buyers.
20J Lewis st., corner citi st.. east River. New York.
DiuKcrour fou advertisers.
UERaLD BRANCH OFFICE, 1,205 broadway.?
amusements?4th paok 1st, 2d, 3<l and 4th cols.
astrology?3d i'auk -2d nol.
billlabds? lu'ii Fauk?t'.th jol.
BOARDERS WANTED? istii i'AUK-lst. 2.1. 3d ?ad 4th
BOA i! it and LODGING WANTED?18th face?4th and
nth cols.
brooklyn BOAltD?istii Pack?nth col
brooklyn HEAL KM'ate fok SALE?otu pagk? ul
ami 2d cols . and 3d Fauk?1st cot.
business opportunities?13tii Fauk.
BUSINESS NOTICES?11th paui ?<jtli eol.
CITY KBAL ESTATE foe SALE?otu Fauk?lit col.,
mid 3d Fauk ?1st col.
CLERKS AND SALESMEN?2d Fauk?4th and 5th cols.
CLOTHING? 2n Fauk -otli col.
coachmen AND GAR den ERR?2d l*AUK-5th coL
COASTWISE steamships- !7tu pauk-ohi cols.
cflfait'l'ners111fs? i3th Fauk.
COUNTRY BOARD?lstu Fauk?5th and Uth col*., and
linn Fauk?1st col.
DANCINO academies-lom 1'age?5th ool.
dbntlstry?3d Fauk?(itli col.
o.ly <iOOI'S?1st Fauk-ui, 2d. 3d, 4th, 5th aud 6th col(.|
lt>rn Fauk?(itli col., m d 20th i'auk.
D WE i.li NO UOl'seri TO let. FURNISHED AND UN
furnished?10?n i'auk?2d aud 3d colt., and 30
Fauk?3d mid 4th cols.
EUROPEAN steamshifs-17t? I*au?-5th and 01 h coll.
exchange inni I'auk?ul col.
EXCURSIONS?17th l\\u?-0ib col
FINANCIAL? 13tn fauk.
FINE ARTS-iotii PAUB-Sth eol.
FO it S v lk -17tii Fa<.k?4th and 5th coin.
furnished ucomrt and A FA utmbntb TO LET?
id. >? Fauk?till and 5vli cols., und 3d Fauk-4th and
5th .'oln.
FURNITURE? ltfrn "sou?1th and 5th col*.
IIELF WANTED-IBM ales?2d Fauk?3d and 4th coll.
HI'.I.F WANTED?m u.Es-2i> pauk-&th and Uth cull.
HORSES. carriages, AC.?17tu Fauk-isi, 2d, 3d and
4th c?l i.
HOTELS?ihtii I'auk?5th jol.
HOU'sr:-!. ROOMS, AC., WANTED?13TB Faob?5th and
utii coin.
INSTRUCTION?istii i'aak-Bth mi.
jersey city, hoboken. hudson cjr* and ber
LECTU BE SEASON?13th Fauh?litli col.
lost and found?4tii i'Au?-oth coi.
maciiinert?17ril PAUK-5tti col.
marble mantei.s-4iu paok nth coi.
matrimonial -llvrn i'auk?3d col.
MEDICAL?3d Pack??th col.
millinery AND dressmaking?lttrn Paok?5th and
mil coin.
misgellan EOUS advertisements-14th Pao*?
hill c il.
MISCELLANEOUS?3d pack?2d col.
MUSICAL?4fil i'auk?.'itli col.
NEW fuiilicationb-iith 1'AUK-Cth coL
person AL? 1ST fauk?1st col.
pianofortes. ORGANS. ac.-4ni Paue?4th and Sib
PROPOSALS? 10th Pack?1st col.
professional situations WANTED?females?
HhXT-mil PauK-2u, lid, 4th aud slh okii., nud 3d
I'auk? lsl ana 2il cols.
REAL ESTATE id F.XCIIANGE-5t? i'acs-oiu col,
mid 3n l'ao?-2d col.
REAL E.VTATE \VANTED-3p ptoh-2d col.
kei.lGlOl'S N'OTD'Eh?1st Fauk?1st col
he.MoV \LS?iutii faui;?.'id col.
restaurants?ritii I'auk-h)ui col,
reward"?itii i'AUK titll o*l.
hales AT auctlon-oni faub?otli col., and 19r?
fmik?2(1 and 3d cols.
SITUATIONS WAN ! ED-females-2d PAOm-lit aad
2il COls.
situations WANTED-MALES?2d Paoe-4ui col
i> fecial notices?4tii PAUK-Oth col.
ki'oki ING?DOGS, BIRDS. AC.?iotii PAC*-3d eol.
wtorahb?1wth Paijk?5th col
SI MMER RESORTS -lllfii pauh-wi coL
THE titades--2n PAUR -ritti col.
THE I't'llF -17t.i i'AUK-lm
to LET FOR BUSINESS PUKI'OftBB?16rfl pao??1??
smt 2<l cols., and In P.tuK?3d col.
TRAVELLERS' guide ?17'in Fauk?tlth col.
istii I'auk &tli and tith cols., and 3d Paue?5th and
litli colt.
wanted To purchase?4tii pack?fitli col.
watches, .ifwelry, ac.-2i> ha<.k-oui?oi. _ _
10 LE i? .'.tii P.tuk-'jri ciil., and 3d Fauk?1st cot.
WHITESTONE property FOR SALE or TO lk*?
3d Fauk 1m col.
WINES, llouoits, ac. ?3d paok?Cth ool. _ .
yaci1tb, sfhamboatb, ac.-14W fa??-?th mk

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