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President Hayes Dnveils the Memorial Statue
to the American Poet
New York Gives the President a
Magnificent Ovation.
The Inauguration yesterday of tho Fitz-Orocno Hallock
memorial statue was an event that will not souu fude
from the minds of those who witnessed It.
Long before the hour uj pointed for the deparluro of
President llaycs aud tho distinguished guests who
were to rendezvous at tho house of General
John Gmnt Wilson, In Suvouty-fourth street, taut
usually quiet neighborhood was luvaded by a crowd of
sightseers, principally ladles, who tool: possession of
the door steps ai d wailed patieutly lor the pageant to
begin. Nearly all tho houses in the street were decor
ated with the American flag in one lorm or another,
giving the street a gay ami animutcd appearance.
It was now close on two o'clock aud carnages be
gan to arrive. Hut lu spuo of all the watching the
Presidential party entered tho house without being
recognized except by a few persons who happened to
?ce them on some other occasion.
A distinguished party was assembled to meet them
at lunch. About lialf-pust two the tap ol the drum
announced ibo approach of tho Seventh regiment,
which was to act us escort during the day.
When President Hayes appeared on tlio doorstop,
?ceompauicd by General Sherman, Mr. Kvarts, Mr.
Garl Scburz and Admiral Rowan, to take up a position
to revlow mo advancing regiment, ho was received with
hearty cheers by the crowd, v.ho now filled the street,
occupying every coignc ot vantage. The differs wero
renewed again and again, and dainty lemiutne en
thusiasm louud expression in ibo waving ot bandker
chials, all ot which marks of luyalty nnd rosjh'ct wore
gravely and graciously acknowledged by tho President
While this little incident was passing on tue stoop
of Gcuerui'Wilsou's house the guliahl Seventh, in all
tbo glory of gray swullow tall aud while punts, had
entered Seventy-lourth street, 'llieir bund, dressed
llko Hungarian hussars, tilling the auiblent
sir with murtlul music. When in Irout
or the President the baud wheeled to the left and con
tinued playing while tho rcgimout marched pust.
Never did the gallant Seventh appear to better ad
vantage. The ranks wcro well filled and tlie inarching
excellent. As the oolor company passed the President
removed his hat, and this tribute elicited renewed
and hearty demonstrations irotn the assembled people.
The Veteran Corps also turned out In forte, and pre
sented a remarkably lino appearance. After the re
view Colonel Gidrke aud Colonel Pond were cougriitu
luted by tbo President ou Die i.umtrabio diacipliuo uud
tino appear.into of their commands.
It was now pust ihreu o'clock, and nine to depart for
for the ceremonial in the Park. President Hs.ves, ac
companied by the venerable poet William Cu libit dry
ant, entered a carriage and look u place at the head ol
the procession. The delay caused by waiting lor too
other guesis gavo the people an opportunity to gather
about the President's carriage uud tuuke themselves
acquainted with the Chief Magistrate. At llrsl ihoy
contented themselves with merely inking u good look
at him; but some bolder person soon set die examplo
ol tinuushuklug, and In a lew minutes a loug line ol
pffople ol all classes was formed, who kepi the Presi
dent busy handshaking, a performance no submitted
to with good humor, until tho procession was rcudy to
roprLAR xxthcsiahji.
Fifth itvenuc was literutly packed with people at this
time, and It was dlflicuit to make much progress, cud
at every step tho crowd seemed to increase um.I the
Mall, where the ceremony of Inauguration was to take
place, was reaobed. Here was assembled a vast con
course, aud wbercver one turned nothing was visible
but a bob ol laces.
Through a lane which had been kept free by tbe
Park pol cc tbe procession readied tbe platform, aud
President Huyce, with nls distinguished company,
took their pianos. Mrs. Hayes onoupied a Seat imme
diately behind her husband. -She was dressed tu biack
silk and wore a bonnet trimmed with winto luce uud
havlug u large white flower Hi I rout. A white camels'
hair shew I, wltn ligured border, was thrown over her
shoulders, notwithstanding the heat ot the day.
There was considerable couluaioii among tbe vast
crowd, for every one was anxious to get within hear
lug distance, and, owing to souio delect in tbe arrange
ments, n considerable crowd was permitted lo picas
la uu tbe suuae in front of the pbuiorm Hat
when tbe venerable pout William Cul on Bryant
ro-e uud prepurcd to spouk there cuuie a bush
ever tbe most turbulent which receded vividly
Virgil's picture:?"Quest virion gravem vitiate uc
meritis silent ijnr atlstanl aneetu a uribim." In n few
happily chosen sentences be told the cause ol lueir as
sembling and introduced to the iiniuili.de tho
President of the United Stales. Aud ugain
there swept a wave ot uninislukablo enthu
siasm through that vast assemblage, us cheer
alter Ctlcel burst Irani leu thousand throats. The
President, When silence Was rcstorco, sposu siowiy
and Willi grscelul diction, presenting the siutuo tu ihu
city ol New York. When lie bad done lie pulled oir
the flug which covered McDonald's statue ol Flit
Greene Halicck and resumed ins pi ce.
Til n STATl'IS.
Tho sculptor tins represented itio poot seated lu au
ariu chair, holding in Ins loti bund a labljl uud lu tils
right u stylus. Ho is dressed in modctu costume, ro
liuvntl somewhat by a kind ol pi ml, v. inch Is thrown
uvor bis lest shoulder ami lalls uu tue right una. Tuo
Mfcture resL'iitolc'S a good ileal tliul ol Itiu Seward sta
iub, but Is ubl so easy. I lie leg-- lire crossed in mc
Initio way. but iho body Is boll upright, probably
Juc to the ctiorl lu express sudden inspiration. I bo
tuOiielliug ol tills work leave.-, uiiicM to b'j degirt'd, and
ivo c.iiiiiul regard it as a great audition lo the artistic
treasures ol the l ark. The modelling is vary rough,
ind*the pioportions ol tbo Ilguro ura certainly not vary
On the part ol tho city Mayor Ely accepted tbo
statue in a Uriel una appropriate speech. General
Wilson read Wuutier's poem, anil an oration uu tlul
If Ik was delivered by .\li. Itutler.
Mr. Bryant said:?1 will not behave that all this
concourse hus bceu attracted by mure curiosity, There
ure ii timbers among j ou wbo liuvo coiiia to tiuuor tliu
metnuiy ol tbu poet whose slaiuo is lo be Ulrpiayuu to
tho public view; ouuibor.- who remember the mlhu.-l
Ufin Willi Which may Urst read llulleck's p.,cm ol
"Marco Bozz.iris," instinct with a tlery innttial spirit;
cumbers wuu recollect in wtuit gm.iuun ? annas he ex
pressed ills uuuiirutiuu ol Uurua; numbers who liuvo
redd with a thrill ol delight his line poem ul mu
"field ul the Grounded Arms," celehiittiujc the tiny
when, uu the plains ol Saiuiogii, the Urilisnihost, with
lis proud coiniuuuder, surrounded by the army ut toe
Kepuulic, were iukcii captive like pigeons in a out.
'In ere are muuy here whose hearts liuvo ie
spoiiiled to the tribute liald by Huheck to
woman as the restorer ol "oariii's lost l'uru
diso lb the green bower ol home." uud
muuy who have aiimired tho genial und p.aylul spirit
lu which he suiirized the lollies ol New York sOCioiy.
My Irlends, you .mull hear to-day a lining expression
ol the itdiuiriiilon wuu which Halleck is regarded
iron) s man ol kindred genius, oyd, nku mm, atiuior
ol a graceful satire levelled at our socim lollies. Vou
?had hear, also, a poetic uibiito 10 Halleck'* memory
by another em neiu poet, composed in ins retirement
lu Massachusetts, and worthy 10 lie placed beside the
noole Verses which iialieck in u moment ol inspira
tion poured lorth lo the memory ol' Horns, lu the
meantime 1 urn to prescm to you n oistlnguisbea per
sonage who bus consented to grace this occasion with
his presence and to luko part lu these ceremonies.
Toe veil wil. now be witbdiawli Ironi the siaiue ol our
departed irlcud aud po.it by tlie President ol tuo
Lulled .states, wbo, m bchuii ol the subscribers to
toe lund lur erecting it, will proseni It lu '.no ctty of
New York.
Hl'KKCII ok tiik phkmdkmt.
Tlie President, who was received with consider iblo
cheering, said:?Mayor Kly, IbO honorable tnd very
agreeable dul.v lias devolved upon mo Oil bellttll ol the
suusuribcm ot i he Halleck statue, to present, tbioiigh
you, to tne uity ol New York tins now complete work.
Halleck, tne early American poet, the lutored of
Anitridtti poets, win ii dltikfu iH ihe State ol N- w
York during lie-year-ol lint active Ine. I In-' is his
statue, uUd, while uunug his lile he was h noreil by
tin-1 city, tins work will honor toe city lorever. tin
belinll oi Hp' nMnoi Ihers I ptesen: tni* sin tuo, tniou h
them to you, 10 the city oi New Ynik. YuU will pro
sirvolt, you will prize it, you wnl keup it lorevii* in
these bcauMlul grouudi, a- uiio ol the very precious
treasures ol iln* otkuiildl city. (I.nkd mm long con
tinued cheering.)
.Mayor Ely suntMr. Pre. ,'tent an I gentlemen of
the committee?on behitll ol the citizens ol tins city I
accept this superb statue to the post Halleck, a man
Who is must thoroughly idontlfl.d in hn> It<o with our
city, and so much mi that we regard linn an our own.
I thank tlie gentlemen ol the committee lor ineir
inost lauduuie eilorts in this manor, and 1 cougrntulaio
Ibrm upon their successlul and plOMSubt duty and Hint
it r,as been so happily couipletru. (I.tiud cheers )
General John Grant WllS'ui was next Introduced,
?Bd read the loltowing poctu by Whiuter; ?
r iTS-eiuiixa rsai.i.) eg.
Anmnir their gr.v.ni >11X00- 10 whom
I by Civil- wieutlis belong.
U, edy of III-love: make mora
I-or Inn! whole gilt was SB tig.
Not Ills the Soldier's s?orl to * i-ld.
Nor hl> the holla ol state,
Nor >lury ul tho strickotl mill.
Nor Iriumnli ill dehsla.
In common ???. with ivmmun msn.
llo 1 <rved his raou ami thus
A- well Its H "I- firth's lion
' Uo n.-ver danced m rhyme.
If, iu to* thrunaml and noisy mart,
1 Uu Atu ss lound their sen.
Conld unv ?nv hit tuneful w|
A dsty I'H oeduhe ?
He tolled tnd sang; mid year by yt.tr
MeM rhuiul their home* tnnr# *w.*ot.
And t?irt?iiah * tenderer atmo* ilium
bunked down tliu lirick-walled ktraat.
Tht Orddk* wild ouiet M ull street ku*w,
T!i? H#U Klma walked Broadway;
And tlnwtvk t'aatls'a ru**i blew
From Palisade* to Bay.
Fair Oily by the Sea! upraise
111* veil with reeereut .ituila;
Ami minglo with thy 11*11 the praise
And prill* of oilitr land*.
l.t t i Ireece hi* flury lyrit breath*
Above her hero urii*;
And r-cntlauii, with bar holly, wreath
The llower he enlied lor Huron.
Oh. atattly *tand thy palace wall*.
Thy tall ?.hip* ride the -ear;
To-day the poet'a mono recalls
A pr-unler thouphi than the*e.
Not le?s the pulse of trade shall beet.
Nor lea* thy tell lleet* *witu.
That ahadad square and dusty street
Are elntalv ground through him.
Alive, he loved. IlIPe all who slug
The echoet nl hit ?nng;
Too l it* the iard> meed we bring.
The prulae delayed *o lonir.
I Too Into, ilit* ! Of nil who knew
Hie living man. to-day
Btlore III* Iimcllril tare, how few
Make hare their lucks ol arm *
Our lips of praise uiu t > nin La uuiub,
< Itir ratelnl eye* lie dim :
O. hr 'there oi the data to come,
fnk ? tender charge ol him I
New hearts th wire* nt mat t.iey sweep.
New voire* eh it eiiKe liinie ;
Bin let no mo** ot r*iir? o'erer-tep
The Hue* of Haltec*'* mime.
! Mr. Duller delivered a wry lengthy address, In the
i courun ol which lie made the lollnwing references to
I the jioet:?
The pnomi which hear the uutno of Fitz-Groeno
I Halleck are comparatively few III nctu or. I bey can
I be r.ud in the compute ol a low hours; those upon
I which hie lamo dually rests u the compass ot a tin
I tie hour. I have lately road, or re-rend, all In* pun
! fished poems? every I mo, every word?in order toil,
j however otherwise uiiluruintiou, 1 might gain lor Hits
I service ol this ocousiuu a trash contact with Ins
, poet 10 ualuro a* It breathes through his written
I works and tpeaks on iliu printed page, and,
pcrhup*, a cleurur insight luio tho sources
ol Ins poetic power. These, tl I rightly
Judge, are not difficult to discern. They did not re
side 1U any special gilt ol creative Imagination or
contemplative thought, hut rather in the r.ru anil
liuppy umou ol the t|uulities ol his nature. It was
ullve at every point with sympathy and feeling; thor
oughly human and humane; responsive lo all out
ward 'itnpressiwns, whether Joyoua or sad; quick m
perception ; keen with mother Wit nud u native sense
ol humor, mid grauc.lul wiih. a iresli idncy. borrowed
Iroui no Held ol song or story or tho thoughts ol other
men?tho Wight consummate llower ol a virgin soil.
Me Were ue mask It lhare was In any act
or word, of Ins a tune or color not
wholly iu accord with Ins true relation to
his own wuiks, aim the world's estlinute ol them, It
was in'His luibitnal. sell-dotvecinthiu. His sportive
protests ugaiiist delayed or poklbumous honors, and
Lis disparagement ol all his c.uims lo them, and ills
hull Jesting appeal lor present recognition, as when
he sang:?
No, If u garland Tor my brow
J* weaving, let uic huv* it now,
While I'm alive to wear It.
And if. In whispering my name.
There's IIIu?lc in the vole* ol famo.
Like tjarcla's. let iue bear it.
These and other kindred lilies end his ulluslon In a
loiter to n Irieud to the possibilities ot a statue to him
veil iu onu ol the tl laugular parks ol New York?an
untlcipatton worn than realized lo day, bulol which ho
would sue only tho grotesque side?ull these may huvu
concealed, though they hull betrayed, a seuso ol unre
quited desert and ol tho conscious right to such honors
as wo now pay, not to the pool's shnuo, hut to the liv
tug memory which survives him.
T huvo reserved Ibr final mention an element In Iho
character ami works ol Hrlleck which must not lie
overlooked or underestimated. I moan his patriot
ism. Love ol country unit loyalty to country were in
the very grain and Here of his being. It whs a youth
ful lustluct, nurtured in the fresh memories of Hie
ltevoltiUoii. It was a uianly sentiment, strengthened
and stimulated by the new dahgers, tno varied for
tunes and the llnul successes, on soa and laud, of ttio
later struggle with Ureal Britain. It was this suuio
love ol conniry which breathea In the closing lines lie
penuod lor the "American Flag," that noble ode, oegiu
mug with iho bold and original metaphor ol Drake,
RustulucU throughout by hi* impassioned gonitis, ami
fitly ending in that Itusb of Halleck's noetic Itro which
seotnn like iho auswerlng llsmo of Llbcriy consuming
tho oil .'ring of her voturies. We dedicate this stufue
to tne memory of Halleck as nn American poet. It is
lortunntn that its dedication, winch marks as era in
the annals ol our literature, should he uiado, In
so conspicuous n tn.inuer, representative ol Iho
unity ol our natlohal lite. The opening words
ol dedication hnvo been fitly spokon by one who, start
ing in the race with Halleck, was liko him a victor ou
the same broad Held, and who still wears on hi* vene
rated brow the laurel with which his country crowned
him in Ins youth uud hers. By the net ol its unveil
ing the stutiio hus been given to the public auzo by
the hand of the nation s Chief Executive, and liy his
gracelul trac.-ler confided to the keeping of the city
where the poet dwell uud whonco bis words nave gone
forth drlii-revor "the hints.of lamo hare Uowu."
Mr. Evarts, In response le loud ches from the ?s
sc-mbly, cnuiu lorward and bowed repeatedly, hut us
there'were loud cries of "Speech!" hesulo:?"1 km
Tory happy, upou the occasion oi the visit ol the
President, upon the occasion of the most aucicut and
distinguished organization of (he merchants of New
York and of the representatives of the literary sec
tion ol this metropolis Iu Ihlsdomitlve act. lh.il ho
has given me un opportunity to make a visit of a few
days to try home und meet you, my Iricuds and leliow
citizens." (Loud cheering.)
Perhaps the most significant demonstration was the
reception tendered to President Hayes In passing
through Fifth avenue on his way to tho Film
Avenue Hotel. Far as tba eve could reach
the uveuue was black with an immense
crowd of people, wliile iho windows and stoops
ot the houses were filled with elegahtly dressed
Indie*, who displuy*d extraordinary ruihushn-m Hi
wolcomlng iho President. Ill* passage lrem the Park
to (he hotel was i no continuous ovation. Nothing
could be heartier lliuu the way the people oi all ciusses
marked their good feeling and respect lor tho I ro*i
dent, and It the Chid Magistrate is not salisll-d wuh
b:s reception in New York he must bj dllllcult to
pli use.
A reception wits held in the Museum ot Natural His
! tory at tho Sixty-third street eutruueo to Central Park
j yesterday eltcri.oon. The expected visit of tho Prosl
] dent drew a largo numlior of persons, who were ad
I mlttoil only by special invitation. Visitors began to
arrive rliortly alter two o'eiock, and the croud In
creased until after lour, the hour llxod lor the
President s reception. A number of cases ol historical
curiosities recently added to the fine collection already
belonging to the rmi?eum were on exhibition and at
tracted general attention. Excellent music was fur
bished by a band of twelve pieces, and served as an
incentive to conversation. Promenading and tho in
spection of Hie Museum collections Were kept up
until after lour o'clock, when u general move--I
Hunt was made for points ?>( vantage to wit- j
uciri thfe nrrivitl of tho President. Ti.o crowd at
that lime numbered several hundred ladles, geuilcmou
and cUildrcn, scattered throu^l.uut the building, hilt
cbiclly ou the Second and ttiir-t Hoots. At i quarter
alter four the President bud not arrived, and lours j
wore expressed that lite program me had been Changed
and bo was not coming at all. tins doubt grew more i
t,Oli? rul when at ball-past four lie wag still missing
und a number ol perrons who bad waited lor en Ward
ol two l.oiiih began to go. Ihrce or tottr btindrtd, |
however, who behoved that President Hayes was not
a man to ubundon his original plan, remained at their ,
posts, mid ut quarter to live had the satisfaction to see
nlm drive up tno avenue tn trout ot the building. The
party consisted ol President Hayes, Hen entries Kvarts
und Hchur*. Mayor Ely u il (icner.il Wilson. Secretary
Bchsrz and Mayor Ely arriving shortly alter the otheti
and luilowtug thetn in tboir tour through the museum.
The President, upon alighting Ifoin the carriage. :
was received witn acclamation by a numerous crowd
In I rout ot the building, and subjected to u process ol >
Initio slinking. He was received by Meserl. Theodore 1
Hoosevelt ami William A. I Is IOCS, Vice President* ol j
tlie Museum Soe.ilty, nutl .Mr. A II Hlekmoie, Snper
Itileuuent. ana made a trip lliiougli the three ,
lloors ol the museum under their i barge.
He walked very rapidly trom one end to the o'lier
scarcely glancing at the show cases, tud loliowerl
every where by un eager crowd, who mad" de-p, r.uu
tHurts to grasp Ills baud, though til- l ipid gull put
anything like a genuine shake out o the quest m. In
ti'u minutes Train the tlmo ot his arrival he hud again
inn I,- ins way through the crowd in irmii of the in i
teum und iegained nl- carriage, which was lui'ior
occupied by fecretaty Evufts, nr. Roosvelt nu Gen
t r;tI Wilson Tho ffwrty then pruc eded to the Filth
Avenue Hotel, escorted lijr Hie Sevuiitli rcgiiuunt, and
| tile visitors ill the museum soon niter wont out to took
ai tin- monkeys and parrots.
The collection)* now on exhibition at too mm, am lor '
the lir-t lime comprise a very hirer- anu valtiabic
quantity ai arciiicoiogicAl specimens, collected by
' Colon11 I'll irh's C Jones, Jr., ol (IftOigia, tibd consist
: inn ol a vast number *H spear and arrow heads, stone
1 u tea, poticry and tuber Indian nupieinoiils; ucoih'ctiou
1 ol stone ttnplctnctitt irorn Denmark, purciiasod ol Mr.
C. . Uoftioiii, ol Philudclphiuj a highly lnioresling and
: valuable collection ol Peruvian antniuitle*, presented
by Mr. Henry Mtugs, ol I,Una, Peru ; an oibnologtcal
collection ironi I'hiua, Formosa and Alaska, present) d
I by Mr. Hearse H. diover, (ieticrui l.egendrc and'hip
i tain John H. Morttfuer rei|id?ttvely, and a rare celiac
Hon of Indian itiiplemoiiis, prosouteit by an oUlcer
under (Jsneral Sully's command; and efctuftoteffhal
collections Irom the Valley ot lite sonitno, e'ranco, and
Irtiin New- Jersey, ih posited by Mr. H. Ue Morgan and
Mr. Ucnjuutin Haitius respectively.
Alter the ceremoniea attending tho nnvi illng of tho
statue at Central Park, President and Mrs. Huyi and
Secretaries Kvarts and Schurt returned to the Fifth
Archuo Hotel, arriving there a little before alt o'clbck.
Mra. Hayes, in a oarrisgo, accompanied by two ladles,
drove up to tlio Ttvoatf-llitrd street entrance ol the
hotoi. Tlie police cleared tho roadway, and the .seventh
Hugiment Baud wneelod In from Hrondway In single
file to Tuventy tblrd street. Then came the regiment
Itself, followed by a carriage containing President
Hayes ami Secretaries Evans anil Scliurx. Tills car
riage was followed by another, containing William
CuPcn Hryanl una another gcniioinuu. following
tbose carriages came the veterans of the Seventh regi
ment marching down Twentv-third atreet. A front
lace was ordered, and too entire regiment, veterans
and band, in double (lies, occupied the whole block
between Filth and Sixth avenues The President
was erected with cheers. He took on his hat anil
bowed several times, having hie right hand lu the
breusi ol hie coat. Calls ware made lor a speech, but
he did not address the people. As tbs Pre.-ldout stood
lu his carriage It was thought tbut he Intended to spenk.
aud the crowd which llllcd Hie street Aud avenue verged
toward linn, but ho simply again bowed, alighted Iroin
the carriage and went to the hotel. The legtmeut
thou took up the nuo of march and passed in review
bctoro the President. Alter the military bad passed
the Presidential party retired to the privacy of their
In Iho evening the President and suite dined at the
residence of ex-Governor K. L>. Morgan.
Mayor Ely has tendered the hospitality of the city
to the President to-day and the use ol liio Governor a
Kouiii lu the City Hall to receive all those citizens
who may desire to rail ujiou liitn. The hour Uxed lor
the reception Is eleven o'clock. Ihe President has no
copied the hospitality, and will bo prepared to receive
Ins Iriunds at that hour. Alls r the reception Mr. and
Mrs. Hayes will be On ten allied by John Jacob Aster,
aud lliu remainder ul the day will be spent in Bight
aeeing, To-morrow the party will returu to Washing
l'roparutloua were yesterday made at iho City Hall
for the rih.'splion to President llayes, who is expected
to go through any uuiount ol haudshakiu.' in theUov
ernor's Iluoiu Hum eleven A. M to two 1'. M. to-day.
A large lorco ol policemen will lie detailed to keep
order. Tne President Is expected to arrive promptly
at eievoii o'clock, when he will take his stand to the
centre ol the apart meat. The crowd will then bo ad
mitted one by one, and no d.sliiicliou Is to be made us
to priority of entrance.
Keeper kioper was engaged during the Afternoon of
yesterday in decora inn; with flags tho Governor's
Koiiiii and tin' stairs leudlug tnereio. Andrew Johnson
was tho last President that trod iho sucrcd precincts
of the Gily Hull,
Watbhtowx, N. Y-. May 15, 1877.
Vice President Wneelor went into the North Woods
today, where lie will remain two weeks fishing.
PhiLAbKLPItiA, May 15, 1877.
Ex-Presldent Grant's stuy in Philadelphia has been
attended by a series of ovations. Attentions are being
showered upon him to an almost embarrassing extent.
To-day in compuuy with Mr. George W, CUilds, Ills
host, Senator Cameron and others ho visited tho Park,
and this uvcnitig he weut to scc'Cur Hoarding House"
nt tho Chestnut Street Theatre, alter w bioh he attended
a rcceptlau nt the Puna Club. To-morrow ho will bold
another levee in InUepeuuence H ill to shake by tno
hand the veteran soldiers and sailors oi the war Who
will call upon him, und in the evening he will bo ser
Tho parly who will oscorl tho ex-President down the
river on Thursday, when he sans lor Europe in tho
American lino steamship Indiana, will he a largo anil
distinguished one. The steamer Twilight will contain
tho inujoiiiy of tho couinany, but tho ux-Prosidout and
his immediate parly will Ituve tlio use ol tho United
Mlates revenue cutter A. Hamilton, which bus, by di
rection of l'retiuotit Hayes, been tcuderod lor that
The party on board will consist of fifty persons and
S baud. Lunch Will lie served. The ludiuna will An
chor half mi hour at New Castle, where the party will
be put on board. As the cdttor dlops away from the
it Burner a Presidential salute ol iwunly-oho guns Will
bu fired, dip colors and give other suitable demonstra
tions of respect. Tho cutter will bojoreed to leave liy
hall-past ten o'clock A. M. A number ol distinguished
gentlemen lu und out of olllcial lilo will ilohic hero
iroin Washington to participate in the pariitig demon
After iho steumer Twilight loaves hor dock at Chest
nut street wliart she will proceed up us far as Crump's
dockyard, view the dry dock uud the Russian corvette
Cruysscr. Mho will then go down as far aa the Girard
Point Elevator, At some convenient point the ex
President \rill be traukftrred to the Hamilton, whh u,
III turn, will trausler tilth to tbc Indiana at Newcastle.
The Indiana will icuvo hor moorings atCbiistlan street
precisely at oito o'clock.
Cauiiriiiom, Muss., Mny 15, 1877.
Hurvurd Collage Is Juit now undergoing un unusual
ordeul ol tribulation und excitement. Ttiut tin ro are
to be uo class day oxercibes this yo*r Is fully under
stood, uud, while the fact Is regarded with sad regret
by tho graduating class, it will ha stilt mcro keenly
deplored by the scores af Boston's society b files who
have lor so long uui!ui|>aied these carnival occasions
us the bright social day of the your.
Apparently the troublo hud its origin not long ago
In the shape of Jealousy between the college societies,
nnd the original cause ul discoru has been nourished
by those org'iiiuatious from year to year uutll it has
Uually ripened into the inuch to be regretted und dis
graceful sirllo ol lo-Uay. Tho trouldu llrst bocatuo
n|iparcnt last October when a selection was made ol
the class aud clnss dsy ufllcers. The persons selected
in many cases, it is alleged, were hardly competent to
serve, and rumors are rile tnut thu election was car
ried by uniaiNiess. For class secretary a gentleman
was chosen who resides In Utiio, white the duties ul |
sacp an ollice would necessitate uu olllcer living in
Canihridcc or ftciulty. The class nay eotllhlllte" was
tifii louud uiou uluctory. and the ruemborH, oun otter
nnotlier, tendered ttieir resifnations, the Hasty 1 'ml
ding-1 taking too lead and III" Pi Kia and Bignul socie
ties lollowiuy itniiiediuteiy alter.
SI) (?O.lfl'ltOMISK.
Efforts were made t? compromise, hut, bclug unsuc
cersiul, the matter ol the choice ol olllcers was li lt
with a purllon ol the Visiting Committee ol the Col
lege, who guvu the .-ccrot ifyslup of tne class to loo
Hasty l'uduing Society, ami divided mo olllcers lor
class day un.org the l il'.ta and Signet or.aui/.illt us
and nou-sociei v men, giving one to each. I his di.-tn- ;
boiion ol ollircrs was not sal.slaetory, and was re- '
Jcctcu by the class, the 1*1 Etas uud .Signets tubing ;
ground' again*! the Hatty Puddings Tne Alumni of
the coile.e seemed determined to h.ivo cl.its dtyexr- j
cisea, nnd interceded with a view ol settling the ililll
culty. I lie selection ol nfllcars was relerrod to thrill, '
hut after tho lapse ul several weeks ihey seut word
that they were nimble to make liny satisfactory agree
ment. In this unsettled condiuon the mutter stands
now, and these tune-honored and pleasing class da)
festivals w ill thorcloie lie omitted.
run oi tdook ami si munts.
During the last lew days a petition has boon circu
lated und numerously signed, asking lor the use ol the
college grounds on the d .y usually seu apart lor ernes
day, with a view ol Ini reducing social amusements,
games and atnletlc spoils. A reiiionatrunco to tins
p< tition lias also been circulated and numerous.y
signed, setting lorlb that the Puddings linvo been tne '
culel instruments in occasioning tin- trouble, and ask- ,
lag tliul us lung as liicy are unwilling to come to a
harmonious solilemclit, un.csa the) are abiindaiitly
supplied with "ollloef",?' it is nnjiisi to recognise t cm .
in their petition, lioth tho peiuiou and the remoti
siruiice wore s ibmlttod to the laculty ol the college
this loom in., but u decision has nut yet becu arrived
nl. There is much excitement in oambridgu over the
matter, and It is generally uutlrlpated that thee rounds
Wdl be given lor the purpose usketi, III which case the
proposed -octal aliiUsOliieilts will be participated in |
by both Harvard ant Yale.
The cominuticciuent exorcises ol the I'ulverMty Haw
School took place la the Academy ol Music lust htght,
In the presence ol a fashionable auulcuco. Attun-h. c*
by several oi the graduates, music, reports ol the com
mittens on prizes and tho oofllcrrtng of the degree ol
1.1*. B. on Illty-sevon ol the students in tdc up the pro
gramme. Tho Urst prize, f'JOO, for the host assay, was
uwurued to Joseph S. Auoruach. The subject of tho
tsiuy was "I'nu New York .System ol Procedure."
The Second p.flko, f i Ml. lor I lie ne-t wruleti e.'irilut
natiou. was cairied oil by Isuac F'. Ru-scli, and too
third, flDD, lor the best oral csuluinatloii, by Herbert
K. Uru kshunk. tho latter grudu.iie delivered the
vuh dietory.
Tne lollowiiig is a list of the graduates:?
Richard Bernard Admits, lluvid F. I well Austen.
H. nigu Henry Alexunder. Joseph Smith Anerb.icli,
Albert Itnurii.m, Kuward WlUluins Bouynge, Isaac
BeiuKOpI, Hubert tlach Uuell, Thomas Francis )I> rue,
riioinas t'oiley, ll-rheit Knight UruiksituoK, Kerii.ih
Carinil, Utl.irles 1'ayutur Curtis, Daniel Jeromo < u-li
ilit,, Flu Morri-. i.ohun, Henry Spencer Cram, Frank
Puberty, Joseph F. Daly, George Fltiotlngton Mould,
J it 11U a Hei Jorniili, l.eoplu Jsrnsiawski, Felix Jellebick,
Joiin Auoipiius K niipiug, l'l-cliai Cauieu Hsnguviu,
Will.iirn Jeremiah l.anluer, Joseph Spencer Lawrence,
I'etei William Lynch. Albert Lewis l.euouuier, Jmnes
M,in,soli I.) ddy, Mux iniliiiii Morgemhuu, Noiinuu I.
Marl,a.ii Med.*, fheedorc M.irtzloll, Michael Philip
Moso.ick, Oi.org" Aloysius McDcrinoit, Allan l-uhguon
McDlfiiildtl, John Stephen .MiHlll, F.Ugetle Mortimer
Milnkeli. Eugene otirrbuurg. Arthur Clinton Palmer,
John O DoiiovuU iK.ssa, Isaac Franklin Itu-scll,
Patrick Henry Ityan, Wlillatn ,-pinks, Mux Aieuiert,
Michael JoSnplt ,-caiilsu, Francis Pago Slade, Jos,
Itutterwurili Shrewsbury, Richard W. Stephenson,
Jnon Uanflelil Tornllntoii, Theodore Vcn llrnrnsen,
Lharle* Nicholas tan II on ten, CulVlli Decker tan
Name, Archibald t'roswell Weeks. Haiert Henry Wet
j?n. John Wlialau, William Dunbar Whiting, Henry
lie /.aval*.
The Isdies attached to .St. Mark's parish ara holding
n fair daily from three until nleran P. M. In the school
room ol the church in aid of lite Kabbstn school
library. Tne lair will close on Thursday evening.
Middi.ktown, Couii., May 13, 1877.
Tbe cbiol feature ol I'al Upsilou contentious ia al
ways its aupper, aud no report whatever ol this alhilr
baa appeared in the New York papers, and the Pal
Upailon fraternity, embracing nearly live thousand of
the thinkers aud writers ol our uge and country, scat
tered over every State aud Territory ol the Union,
think tlio Hkiiai.d should not let tlie affair p iaa oT
without brief mention, tine of tbo New York papers
pretended to give a report of the aupper proceedings,
which did uol tm initiate till after the paper was pub
lished, and Ibey could not have received It by tele
graph, lor tbut instrument in this city Is under the
charge ol two excellent ladles, who bud retired tiefore
tbo young gentleineu had sung their tlrst Invocation
long at the supper table, mid tbo report wus not even
a good guess, lor tbo two leading speakers announced
ua responding to toasts at tbo table ? Professor Pierce,
ol Harvard, and l!r. Warner, of Hartford?Were not
prosent, and tin- telephone Was not walking that night
betvtoon Hartford, Middletown and Cambridge.
TUB (ll'KHTS AXII super R.
At the conclusion of tbo exercises in tbe cbureb the
young gentleineu and their elder guests assembled nt
the Mcliouougb House?named afier the old Coiiimo.
doro, whose family, originally from Delaware, nettled
here. His Excellency Alexander It. Itlee, 1.1.. D.,
Governor ol Massachusetts, presided. On his right
were seated ilou. W. E Kobiu.-on, ol Drooklyn, N. Y. ;
ex Governor llaw ley, Professor iijialin.tr It. Hoyesen,
C. S. Harrlugion aud Judge North fop; on his left Dr.
Strong, professor iu the Drew Theological Seminary;
Professor James 0. Van llcnscboteu, I.L. D., and lion.
Art bur It. Calol, in tbe order named. Tbo bill uf lure,
u very elaborate one, was printed on wlnto satin, and
was elegantly served uud ombraced ovor forty items
01 tempting dishes. During its discussion a variety ol
I'si Upsllon songs and choruses wero sung.
The speaking was opened by a very Interesting
speech from Uovornor Rice. I imvo beard many ?uch
speeches, hut 1 can trutlifully say^ that I have never
listened to a speech Irom uuy one pNtldlnf ut a dinner
table so lull of original ideas tun! suggestions elo
quently expressed. His defcucu ot secret societies iu
colleges, such as tbo l'si t'psiiun fraternity ; his hints to
the young men just aooit to enter upon tha r career
in the world; the changed conditions of trade, com
merce ami business, owing to steam. electricity and
the press, (.?onioned a volume ol wisdom condensed
and clt-elfled into a brlel speech, wlilch received plau
dits Iroin a Very discriminating audience.
Professor C. I Wluchesiar then took Ills place us
toast master, and read a large number ol letters and tcie
gruius from distinguished members ot the (rati roily who
were unable to attend. Cornell University, with gradu
ates resident In Ithaca, seut greeting, assuring the con
vention ol "their lasting and loyal ultuelimcnt to the
principles which the l'si I'pmiIou represents.'' This was
signed by Proiossor WI Hard Disks, Jf. M. Pinch, the
pout, and others. .Similar despatches canto Irom other
l)r. J. G. Holland expressed regret that ho could not
attend. Hn claimed a "passion lor slippers until nino
iu the evening, and lor a pillow alter mat hour," hint
ing Unit iittuuding Into suppers, fancy neckties, tight
hoots, undying devotion thut In-is# month, innocence,
limited pocket money and the lull of life were lor
younger people; that cabullstic Greek latter* do not
go very tar iu Institutions where Uiu prtuutpil ques
tion is whether there is 10 bo stowed beef or Connecti
cut River shud lor break lust; I but secret societies are
not luvuritles with those who tow oil their own buttons,
lie cluiinud to he a member ol another secret society,
whose secrets were not to breamed, mid hinted that
there might he reasons lor Ins nuh-ulloudnnco Ueyoud
those that uppear, though ho would not say thut lie
dare not state them, and concludes:?"X wish you a
nterry umo and express my hunrty interest lit tlio
prosperity ol tlio society."
l'roicssor Goodwin, of Harvard, expressed Ins ro
grcts that the pressing duties of the lecture room pro
ve utod his nticudancu, hut sent his host wishes lor its
"continued pru'uerlly unit tno extension of its bro
therly lovo."
Professor Darkness, of Drown Lnlvcrsity, recipro
cated iruternal greetings, and said?"May the brilliant
record already made by our cherished Irulcrbtly ho
followed ny a still more brilliant future.?'
Mrs. John G. rinxe telegraphed that her husband's
sickness prevented his attendance, and the sympa
thies ut the fraternity flowed hack lo the sultorcr and
his beloved tainlly.
lie v. Dr. Henry M. Dexter wroto from New tied lord
that b fore be knew ol the society's meeting no had
accepted uu 111Vllulion tor the iiiim t-veMUg to au as
semblage intended to welcome bltnscll and futntlv
buck Irutn Kurope, aud expressed "deep tegrel that l
am thus deprived ol the pleasure of Uiiug with In*
society," and "tervid and undiminished interest"
in It.
Professor Pcircc, of Harvard, tologrupbed at lmlf
past eleven A. M. that he ban made arrangement.-, aud
hoped to go by the Ibreo o'clock train, hut ut twenty
minutes to four P. M. said:?"I must give It up, but
tend congratulations uu ; well deserved prosperity of
the iruterulty and host wishes to every member."
With a low happy uud witty remarks Professor Win
chester introduced the tlrst regular toast:?"Our
noble old fraternity ; It binds iu generous cuuipuuion
shij) 4,WK) honored inun. It inspires tlio hrigttl urn
hniotis ut youth and kinuh s tn.it hearty love which
sgv uud distauuu cauuol clnlL It prompts the young
man's vision. litis the old man '* drum" lie called
upon Hon. \V Jv. Ituhin on, of the Vale Chapter, now
ol Drooklyn, N. Y., lo respond. which thut gentleman
Ui i iu u brief speech, which elicited much applause.
The uuxt lost, "l'si Upsilon riiatcsinaii," was re
sponded to by ex-llovcrtiur 11 neley In u very ititer
esnng speech, iu which lie advocated the Idea ol old
men keeping young, uuil recited vary Interesting
memories ol distinguished I'nlludolpbluiis ol eighty
and upward Whom lie It d met on in.toy pleu. uitl occa
sions when age renewed it - youth.
"l'si Upstlnu Clergyilten" t ailed out Rev. George I,.
Wcstgule, oi Ulduistown. ? l'si L pstlou Lawyers"
was responded io by I,. M. Hubbard, of New I! Hfc'ti,
Conn. "l'si I 'psilon riougs" was responded toby Pioles
sor 0. ri Harrington, whose song* arc known mid
loved by the iratcruity, whose heart is wnm, loyal
and toiiug In l'si Up-lioli. "l'si t psilon Ladies"
calico lortli a iirlet and beautiful eulogy irom Proios
sor Doyeseu on tlio sex. who <ind in the mystical
motto of l'si I psilon, when interpreted, ouo secret, at
leant, whieli tuey do not care io allure with another,
' The l'si I jiatlbh KxCcunve Council" was responded
to oy l'foltssdr U ri. ,-tbiley. Ilev. A. K. L.twieuv, of
1! i-sucnusctts. mid others Ittllowotl in hi id sp,i clivs.
I belt folluv/cd ton-Is and ie polities to and front uu'di
chapter, embracing seventeen Mitogen ami mover i
tics livery chapter was represented, aud all wore
reported us lloUtK-biug uud reclutti'd Hum the ablest
young men uttenulng tno several cnaptdrs. The
ii.ones ol tlio cbapiars, designated by Greek lotti rs,
won the colleges in which they are established aud
the delegatus responding, are all I cart give: ?
Chapter. Qtutytt, IMtgalc*.
1 liotu Union C, M. Culver
D.i.ia Now York University..if. If Mucuuluy.
Ileiu Yule. if. Coo.
riiguiu Grown ftiittibutt Gardner.
Gumma.... Amherst H. rt lie iilold,
Kelt Dartmouth. I. H. rim lib,
!, iioudu. ... Looiinhui K. ri. Hangs.
Kappa....,Dowmm Curtis A. Perry,
l'si Hamilton Charles ri lluyl.
XI W os lay ait University... tV. G. Clarke,
Alpha Harvard Professor White.
U psilon .. .Rochester University ..Junes A. II iitlia.
Iota Keuyoit ri. It Axtclk
I'm Ann Arbor* T.J. Wreinpeitnler,
tiiuega Chicago. 11. K. Ilonore.
I'l riyracuso A. C. tiuveu.
CM Cornell H. H. Ivndnle.
\VJ*, won't (to IIOJIK TlI.I. XOKMMI.
When the.-e speeches. toasts, sentiments and songs
were given it Uliull not ho wondered ut that daylight
had .ippoutcd. Thtfo was no wine or lii|Uors upon u.e
tables. Codec, ices, slier bets, fruits, jollies and
cigars; hut, ubovu all, the .-ongs, ol Wlilch uu elegant
Oditiau ol over one liuiidred uud loriy page*, all set io
niusie, is just oill I rout au eminent Dostou publisher,
sujiplicd toe excitement winch, ibleispersvd with
speeches, continued through the night, and as
I tie sun rose these I'm I pilon youths, with their
guest?prulessor-. pi ? aclur*, Rovernois and other
piounneiit men?seemed to Itsvo us kocu a run-it lor
lite .an us WlteU they first sat down. Governor Rice
and cx Governor Hum ley did ttoi go io hud at all, but
returned to Dostou and Httrilord by early trams.
tno ladies ol Middh town, Who were full ?: tlio l'si
I p.-iIon spirit, the prolcssors ot tlio University not
wealthy ctlixcus gave nearly welcome ami wilih d
i tieer to the , nests Irom nhroad. I'rolossm Yun BrII
schoten euic nainotl a goodly company it his nosplltts
bis notno, including Uoventor It Ice, Gdverbbr llawlbv,
fir. Strong, Pro.p-.aor lloyesen. W. K. ltohiu-on and
Others, loo decorations' at the cnuroll nud in lite
dining room were very exioMslve cud tnktelul. '1'ho
l'si I (ihiioii badge, wnn lis initial li tters Mid clasp d
lisuds worked in (lowers, was a prominent feature, and
a piolu-. on ol rare plums ill bloom tna e chur. It aud
b inquoi hull like luiry scenes. An original song by
,ioltii ti. rioxe. act to MUAiC lor this Convention, w .s
sung and encored; ouo ol the verses wuiiih the voting
gi utlriiiuit lo look out .or thctr hats and look out lor
their herds?
Lest von Hun that the lavorits sua* ot y.ntr it.other
tin- u Into* In the One aud an letie in tin- nth ir.
Tlio Pat U'pailou riectoly was Poinded in Union Col
lege in 1844. It wus oaluhlisued by Mr. \Y. Uooiuaon
in Vine, Amherst and Hiown. It now numbers be
tween lour and live tnousund members, and itsedtu
logiio is ru|itfhy swelling. Anew ei.mi.o w ill he pub
I is hod iii it lew weeks which will givo tlio names, oc
cupation i uud residence of every living member, with
their cuuirlbutions as authors, editors, .vo., nt.d the
pi ice iiini data ol deatl. ol uil deceased uiumber-, with
a sPogruphical index
Among its tneiiilior* are John G. rinxe, tlio pool; K.
P. Whipple, Hie essayist; lie Mi lie, the novelist; War
ner, ol "Hack l.og Studies;" Holland, editor, Goodwin,
the Greek scholar; Darkness. (tin Lulihisl, Watson, ihn
astronomer; Marsh, the paleontologist; Aga??lr, tlio
aontomist; Rood, the physieisi: Packard, the ento
| Biologist; the Bishops oi l.ong island, Colorado, St
| viola. Pond do l.aearid Iowa?Rrv. lire. Al*?n, P"rry,
| Dexter, riltttghtoc, dlono and DcKuvan: Governors,
I United males Attorney Generals, Judges, United Male*
i rienalora, member- ol fiongrr-s, prenMenie oi several
I college-, proieseort ami teachers of college*? tour in
Harvard, twenty lo Yale, seven in Amherai, nlno in
Michigan University,* eight in Cornell and others In
1 other college*.
Three of the Committee Exonerate an! Two
Censure the Management
Attack on the Minority by the Counsel
of St John's Guild.
The regulnr monthly meeting of the St. John's
Guild look place luut n.ght at tho rooin. of the Guild
In Union square Apart from the report ol the
?peelal oomuiltiao appointed to InveUlsat* tho nlUira
ol the Umld vvne a dctcrm'imiioii to remove the
rooms ol tho society to No. o Groat Jonog
street. When the report of tho . ommittee came to be
read there was some hesitation a? to what comprised
the report add that ol the accountant, .Mr. Charles K.
ToWbsend, nddrcsted to tho Committee ol Itiqtllry was
issun.sd to be loo real reuort ol tho c imtultisc. 'the
tuaiu points o! Una report, which is dated April H5, are
as follows:?
1 tnund tho nllulr- nt tlio (riiilu arranged under throe
llt Hlls.. Jlr, OlIOWl, vlfc. J ?
Hi.ant of Tm-ioee ol Floating llo-in:.!; William II
<? 111.iti, I rt'tiAitri'r.
H(?nrd fit I ruMet* ol Expense'mil limbling Funds Will
iam II. diluv. li?? usurer.
llniirtl.it 'Jru-feva ot llellel Fund; Andrew W. hoggin
Pre, .surer. "* '
liie limit in a hoapitnl belmr .in Incornorated Instttniloii
and Ita account. not liar lug l.eeu que.tboied. is not I11I
dude l in mv ropui t
,,1,? ?" the Troe.iu or of the J-xpauae
*11.! HulKllug J- un.l connl.l ol l.nt llttl.. morn thin
a :<t item, lit ol cull ccllnu- ol due. trout U'.r ruber..
Mint ot the 'll?bur?(-tit*iir of the arm. In payment
I u ,rel" !^""?.u" '?"""eentli .treat cn, rent oxpeu.ve and
I niliiry ot tin1 Ma-ter. tor which -pmiifle tiurpn-e- the iluo.
I worn received I hoav account. ore??nteil bv Mr. Wlloviire
entirely Correct, itntl ore accompibdod l.t proper Toucher.
I ' ua'anc" unoxp ndo I, aw hi' oraing on ornm.lt u iili the
1 roil 11 u IK Ilk. No 1 Hint una .vet heevi receive.I lor budding
| piirioi-ee.
t he re. orilt or mcrot.er.hlp, kept Ivy tho Scereinry or thl.
I hoard, are quit,, in order una nie iniinil duo ... rnceived
I are turned over to the t reasurer, its ui. account, prove I
! tin 1 lli.it .lucv the reoritaulasthin of the timid In October
I III.I the accounts liuvu been belter kemt In ail r. -peel, loan
] tiler were prior to that date, mm the nyatom >,.l,,p,c,i In dim
( peli.ing relict appears to be tlioroug.i and well adapted 10
I uvmu ?111 position.
| III IIIIIIII point of iny examliintluii lias bean the record!
1 ol tlio rcc'.pu and .li-biir-emctit. ol the Itollof Funn that
being .lie recipient ol nil the c intriblitlims ootli public unit
1 private, oih.tr than those ma le dl'notly 1.1 the Floatlnir
llosnltiil Innd. Ilie rec lpts.il' the Italic' Fund since tie
s'puruiloii :rnm Trinity parish In IK7| have been a. fo|.
low h
From Ho ml of Apportionment nmler*Uste.??
Decern1 I, ls/4..### _ jm
Jurill'ir.V 6, IWTt'a.nnn, ?*.!!'!! '0 K I* I
January -H. 1*170 ' ?
Mitrcli 81, 1H7H ? !.!.!!!!*
October H, 1MV?". ... Z'i.!!,." M :Ui7
Dec*'in>M?r 10. i*7<i >n?
J iiiiitiy 1 .*?, 1M77 lU.lfcM
l-o ruary, 21, 1* 77 mt ,
Interest on daily balances with Xiiilotiftl Trust 3'* W'
Salt* or empty lmrreis ...'.!!!!!'!
Frivuto coutrliiutiuus, proceeds tiC eiitortaitittii'iitH
tftvrii in aid ol ilu? liuild, and lU'Occcds oi sundry
rollectlon*, amoiiiitltiir to about 3T,m .as ilotmlHl
III small siiliscii-iUon books miiutosiml 1 to oil in
your lrt7?b, ami iucln<liug alt xuoucv* ilmtutc I
ami rccoiv d through .?lr*. Ilnjhi. 53 -sj
Balance on hand from previous y wu
[ Kxelu.lye ol ijit.iu.t Vecolvol by~i'roi.VurVr"o'r Flo'iiUila
iliitpltal, and ol ni.out *H,iagiremnlnin;j 10 hands ol com.
mittee u. pioeeodg ol the Martha V?Mliluctoii IteReDti .u
held Febriiurv '."J lint. '
I lie disb.ir.cmehts ol' the Kellet Kia.il huvo been us lot
lows?vIk. :
K'klu Pr^Tl"1<,n", " 'U''. bread, milk ?nd grncerlai or ull
ScaKon of IS71-.*? J*,, ,js.j
Seusoti ol 1K7 VU . 17 440
hudsoii ol' lH7??-7 to date . + 21 H'"?
For dry goods, comiortnbles, Ac.?
."e a son ol 1H74 ?'? ? ??? ny?
vSe iH UI of IH7.MI
Season ol IS7B-7.
Forihoes^ ?- 4,otki
.-'C a sun ol' 1H7I-5
Season t>t IH7."y 4 .V.
Sousort of 1H7B-7
ForconI? "
Heuson of 1H74 5 ?.?!.
season of 1H75-B ^ .,-lS
SauNon oflK7U-7 .HZ'!'.' Will
For ttiodieul ?ittcuduuco and medicines? l?J7tj
>emou ol IM74. ? if???
Season ol !!!".IT* * '*
Season ol 1S7B.7 .443
Funeral expenses? ~
si'Umoii ot 1^74 f.lH.'i
Season of |s7.r?.B ? ? ? ? ^
Season ol JH7U-7 ITI*TT* #TU2
Ca-h disbursed tor labor In serriiu? out prurftions
pHpoi oa/s l?r same, labor stwiuir, rout of relisi
rooirtn In Vm.ek street, trausportlmr pei-onstniii
tuiMilio* to the country or elsewhere. rtNsisiiiiicc in
pay in e nt of rents ot destitute peraota, special nid
lo sak persons and women dining coiiuneinent
delicitt'tck lor the it red Vnd sirs. kc,i numerous
I ousts ot Mid lurtiishea in suiull sums -
Season ot IS74-.') u'| | |S.|
Sen son of Im7."? (( ? .i .X .i .! 18 4.*M
Hehsuit of 187B-7 to dat4 .".I!.!!!! 5.W72 .TO flVJ
1 rotn! , jt?11 (it))
Balance ou deposit Hi I It National trust Co . 'i7
? m.HiA
?. tiik vchji'iii ic
I . -u1.' Ilur('",,"r proper and MifUcieiit
* "t-hj-r. have bran liirnl.!,. d and kept ..r all dl,l.?r?,niei...
, bv the " 11 er. ..I the i.ull.l, 1.ml alill. 111 111
p.irtNiit lint tnc. x the name ?>( ,.n .lanliar l? wiuiinii: to
' i4 "",. .I'lloriii 11# the canon, ni ,1,,.
, ttiuld the leurui evidence of snclt it voti?4i*t' |s in no -.vnr Im
, p .hod .the Duyiuoiii ol the amount beiua duU udmitie.i ui.d
t ...pirt.p.la,s1,iv. ,, I'lld price* PHUJ hi.-tho vhrhufsVr, I
, cles purchased I r distribution appear to mo rensoiiHbie end
lit uiiiUy iiistmiffs low . flu cost ol coal Iirts he oi u??c
rJy hHsed upon tue delivery of it tlirouu rmut tti ? entire city
in quarter ton loud* nnUtn* price paid, t.wrcfnr.-, i consider
. very mason iolo. ' r
Ihn deposit nccmi't wl'h the Viilmal Triiu ''onir.niy
; ??Hntilifrhi tl|.. naniaor Andrew W. LeKy?tv I.sm been Wi
lled wnli nil .nun hi nioUev *110*11 l,y tin? bo..^* to na\t
I belonged to tbe I,Ulld, nud Also to n sjniUl niuotini With
I T'lu9t ".l. ur "2lltmV l,rUl "r %M 1 Ti l , no doubt.
! v us itijuUie ou#, out does not evidence any ertl ?nt r;t u r
I '? ,111 -i gaud 1...th, tur in.* r.'a.uii that no aBcret vrha' ver
h.1.1 In.ell III.I1, ul the lact and becn.im Hie b?,jK* ,,l i.,e
, truxt eniiipnuy i nula nt auy lime b - mte.re.1 i? tl <ieeda<l I
j exaiiiintd the tru.l crupaii) ? pa., bunk, una .ururw.rd.'.m
nppiieiHi.ni. ilie nrcidcnt and .ecretary of ihj auiiiiiani ex
| hiniie l in me their ledger, .in alng the aeamm ni Mr
I ?, ,lt ,nr 1 1 r.'* tllne covering hi. trcM.nix r^lnr.
1 rue anm expended, and for which nn vmiclu.rv are nrn.
diuort umoiiiiiai?. al?i?t#:t.a.?i. ol tl.t?, vou.bo,.
or receipt- are .aid ... nave been teat \i l.otb. r tIII. be II.a
c ue IK 1.1.1, | d,. It'll c.MiM.l.ir tbeir ub'euc.' a. id' .,i,? I, ,,, ,
rnent, he. a ilea in the .ll.trlhutimi ol any eon.id.n.hi,. anm
ol iiiuney In .limit nn.uiil, uiiiouir the Ii.'k ,.r ajed
many lli.ta.ice. mint Imve occurred .here receipt,
uiro eltner not ontniii.ible or were likely to
be ovetluoked In the main endeavor to diatrlhnte
Jiiilicioiulv 1111,1 piniopti.v inonevx donated to t'.m i.mid in
?ill ciiihiiei.ee III the uprtic Illlea. ol it- inauui ' inent and
In toil exporl 'ilco n| j:,c perron, .elected to di.ni iinn i'a
luoan.; anil lii. iher. il receipt, lor uionoy. pnl i li id !.# u
tool; d iipol, under tho clrcuiuataiieo. it. inUNperi.i.b.e. the
nrtleer. ol the tin,Id, II dlilioiie.t. could ca-Uv have had
them writ ton out by the ream, and among tlw thuu.au.1*
who received ...ccnr Iroin I 111. charity detection would have
btfen |.ra? iicnlly imjn ssinla.
ilierw.orc the ah.enee ol ilie.e voucher* to tliacviem
named l. /.i W /u .- evidence m tl?, uood loitli ami lot..,.
1,1 u,<"? who .li.biir.ed ilie I'uhO. and cannot be looked
Upon I. III any .eu.e a betrayal 01 the cohtlderiee ol the
supporter* ot tiic ??iiihl.
Ilie xnine remark, will apply to tin, charge, made tipmi
III' original.a.l, book, wherein the money, paid Into the
band', of tlio M.i.ter and otiiere who ul.peii.eii under him
nie 01,10,. d a. paid to thote |,ur.on. In,livid,inn wher. u- u
irrent rumibrr ol .m ill voucher, .how tout tho.'e eiiui. eeie
I ?Hl'<ei|Ucuily lii.lrlbiueu in lariou. torm. ol reuei
1 II \ i.l.l..? F. I WN.dKXIl
nu'.icr in tiik Majiiuirr or tiik coamiTKK
I rom inloriniilloii gained and trom te.iini.oii tii'.-ee at
our varum, meeting, m- following la.^a. a?,? .1,.nod In
teglird lo Ilie pre.ent management ol tile < 1 ul Id. w filch we
lake to be the .ahjo.t ol tin- invcktlgaiiou. Ilie report < f
our a e.iiintant iuil. Coiitlrlil. tlie knewrh d e thiu oblalnrd
I 1 '?? ontlro control ..I the lliianc. of the HuilU .v.. lind to l.j
ve.ta.l in tlire. boordt ol liu-.ec, each hating It- own
I pinner oiganl/nilon, and without wlu -e "on-eni no ui*.
] linr.emeiit. on,, b. made by the .Manor i.f the (imld ?r
: other.. All piireha-c. w e Mud to hat n i .en made throa -h
l a.'" h 1.7'!". "'!* """"nl'tt-a ?l three, and all ineietian
dl-e trill, .till, iin.ltl.'fl H.-ioro pity in.m
?II Ill-bill., n.cot. from the Kellet Fund, wbetli r y
j motiev. provi-lon- or ri..thing, are made under the llnmeill
h c - ii pa r v i-i > > ii "I the I>l-Iiiir.liig lorn loll too. the M i.t.r
Ol the .Imld having no por.ooal control uvei nut purehaa-e
.a i|iinut di.i.ur.eiiianlt. The coinpreli n-ivo report <,f
! render- nnneeav-ary nnv e*pre.-| ,n ol opin
j ion m- in tue iminer winrh lio li t. examined U ohuo.
eter. apprnteiii. tfotielirklort.. wlil. h are ha., d iihon a titer
: "" -"-'"11.01 ol f ile rd- ol the I.mill, which have
i ai-o received .on cnreliil aiti nfl.oi i hc-e li.o?e? and it,-.
' count., tin ogh .men to crlMci.oi a. to .ivle and form
it' ii ?" dvldenee what etc r of anything dillu nit.t
III ice I Iiinageoieiii Ol tho i.uild. out ailonl ,,ni nu
dence of good faith and hn.lne-. eapneltr in the d'.-trlnu
J ,' ?'?? ?"i";'- Vll.h mgaui t. tn? mi
ll! ? lonelier, o, i yea- ending October, I>17'., end to
wlileli unr Heeoiinlaiil aliud ... we ooulii .y thai the nil,
I -o.il i ?? I ? ri Ol the I,, i - in 11 loi that y i el w a. ill,IV
audit >d, anil the rertlHeata .,i u,e Aitdltinir Oommittae f.
.umcieut - vide thai any receinl. now ml-.ir. -
! then 1,1 uxi.teiiee and wore fully earn,ilncl. We romm
! Ineorporatloii of the i,?|l; under the siutv
' "Ol . II ' I ' II' | I || ? >f a I a.
law a. a mean, ol -elf |,roteetiou and a. Ire leg ruble ??
iiihiiv aecou ii- In our opinion the ri elrt-uuied i,
toe detriment of the Ootid are entire" without lmindmi.it,
I, . r? I- ii,.thing loe-.rr. ho,a , wiem. and Ihe lepoVt . ' o ,
accOtlutam far. lvo,,,?r lull lhdor.em.nl '
?Pier III. .y.tem ,?? looted for the nurcuuae audit
Ihg and pnyineul ol bill.. Ae.. ,imply rudiment r. r iacurtlt
und economy. """'y
In coociu- Ion we ara ni the opinion thai the Onlld and I"
i.Illcer. are entitled to Ibe lulie.t eopfldence Of lb nubllo
and t" hope that ihi- inve.tl tttlimi will re-uit in tip-to
? iea?a I ?uren?. of tin, y,eat volunteer charity valuab <
"ilk. In the poor and to I hoe, who.I, lc?cv..b',,,.,'.a,|
them to eonlribiita toil- .upport. JtMl.s lii.VcK
l> dill l.li'il lib.NO
no: Mix'.iiiitY Rgroitr.
?n 1' appolntod to inve?tigat? tlx
. VOIII .o.'iel,. we loan.I It UIBtcult lor live gentle
man. ?irlinger- to y?ur organUailnn. lo agree and ??
och'tvi! oom."," ",,l,"r"-v " I""1 We dvc.de Hi.I
t, . 1,7. Lie ??"?"re I..I the loo-e manner In whl. I,
J ?te kepi yrmi a, , en ii i - ,. ud I?| ,, ,t llw.y, uuvllii
de I I. ""''."b ,r'"" "fW h""^? "? , -,-h wf
er oi.O, ! y"" *r* ?1'*" ?" 1 '
p nnltlln, tour tieakurvr to .ul -uppllta to
Ja on". . 'he fleet that .nch
o, lame tv market price do. a not roll.-. ,
f.??. Iffi", ''"'"I" thai the can ,a giving Hi. Ma-ter
hia poOilou In pcrpatiilty, ?a ?.e reunited 1,. . two-thlnl
I1H ! 11 w?*ni??trs, should bp reptPlbd. ?? ii pr-utl
t J turns u ciinritnb.s i&tu h closs corporation,
? Mr coin nun a* are unanimen* teat yott snoeia orgeats?
it oictt uoiivr lb? U?? t tUe >l*i? _
J.lkKs MuTT, t'l.atrinan of Commit!**
fcDW %Kf> KtMl'.
>rw Vork. Msy 14, 1*77.
When ihr-e pupera had been roail a motion *m wad? te
accept thorn all and causa ibain 10 be published without
delay, anil although till* resolution was liuailv adopted
Mr. Jobu D. Towuaend managed to slir up quite a III*
He breeze before lis Uual passage. V r. Towusertd do
clared tliat tbe minority report bears on its face lb*
evidence of lalaltjr and unlairnete, and be went so faf
as lo charge ibai Mr Kemp and Mr. Scott went
on I lie com in I Mae lor the purpose of finding mult Mr.
Keuip. bo said, had objected in hi* presence at iha in
vestigation of lUo affairs oi llie liund at Ibe counsel
of ilie ?o< ety, and yst both fietupaml ciaMl Went out
aide and bail conversation* with people wbo were hos
tile to tho Guild. Mr. lownseud eald be looked upon
? this ao-callod imnoriiy report a* a pons 01 impudence,
i and bo moved I bat It should be returned to the perrons
by whom it was Blgued. C dinar counsels prevailed,
howovor and Mr. lowussnd allowed himseu 10 be so
tar appeased ibat tie w ittdrew b>s anieudwSul.
A rosolutuiu was subt-equeuiiy passed strongly lu
dor-uip ibe oillcial eooJuei ot ibe Muster of
the liuild, the Hev. AlTali WisWalL aud a
float denl of feeling was expressed at the l-tter
ol Mr. Kemp, written when the investigation be
am ifKins Mr. Wlswall to resign, and It was oven pro
poiid 10 past, a resolution -aying that the resignation
ol the Musiei ol the tiuild coulil lint t>e accepted.
Mr. Andrew W. Legguti, tlie almouer ol tue Guild,
tendered his resignation and it ?a? ??' opiod.
It wne resolved 10 lake itie Academy ol Music for
February _"2. 1S78, lor tne purpose ol holding a Mar Ibe
iviubingtou reception.
Tho Senate Cotntnlllce contiuued their investigation
of the charge < ugainst Bang Superintendent Kills in
retcrcnco to the Third Avenue Saving* IJnok jester
day morning, at tbo St. Nicholas HotoL
ltoxs' sroitiiw.
Jobu II. Lyons, former President of tbo bant, was
tt,0 Ural witness. He toglilled that be had beeu to
elcctod to the presidency on tbo 1st of Juouury, 187>;
be did not accept the office, but did sign the report of
that year; bo bad, however, taltch no uctiv-- part in
tbo management of tbo bank sinco 1872. au-l, there
fore. knew nothing about tho corn clnoss of tho
papers bo sigued; Mr. Carman, tne Secretary,
brought btm thu report aud lold Inm it was
correct; on his siaien.ent witness signed
tbo report without making auy exaiuiltallou. He
thought luc bank was solvent hoc tune the bonds giveu
by the trustee, fur *110.duo wsru behoved to have
covered.nydcllcieney. He bltnsell was a boud.niau
uud wits now contesting his bonds to recover their
aiiiount. He brought the suit because he did not now
consider tliul Ills bond had anv logs: value He signed
tho report us President, but dm not even know tho
names otitic uctiug president*, although there bad
been several.
kkal krtatk siirixkaiis.
Homer Morgan, reel estate agent, was next called.
He had been ill business siuce UU& Tno depreciation
in real eataio commenced hi 187J anil had continued
down to the present time. Tho depreciation had been
irom thirty-three aud one-third lo forty por emit stm-u
ls7;l. Ho thought lite bank property wus worth trout
siluOboto $11&,000. Three years before, in 1870, It
might liavo bseo worih *1 Ib.Utro. Among the usseu of
tbo*bank lis value bad b vn placed ut 8IHi),iKK).
\ r. K. H. Ludlow, ulso a real est..I# export, was
cuilcd tud gave aa bis opinion that the bauk property
in 1n"A was worm i 110,000.
Mr. Joint H. Hubert*, an employ.- in tho county
Clerk's olllce, staled that lie had searched tbo records
ol the office for tho report of S. H. Hurd, the bunk
receiver, out could net lllid it. probably beeuusc he did
noi know under wil d idle to look tor It. Mr- Olut
stcail proposed to show that tlioro were flM.OOO of
secoud mortgages among tho bank ushoib. w lioreas
Held swore on tho previous day lbul there wore no
Second mortgages.
Mr Oltnsieiid stated at thu point o! examination
that several oilier witui **??* had been subpieliued. but
were not present. He asked miner that Mr. Chapman
ho allow, d to occupy tho ullernoon with witnesses lor
tho defence, hi* witnesses in be heard afterward, or
that tho comtniitce adjourn till to-day. Alter const i
treble delmerutlou the comtniUeo ugruod to adjourn
till ten o'clock this morning.
The Commissioners held a strict executive session
yesterday afternoon in the Naval Officer's apartments,
alter which thoy decided not to tuko any testimony
until to-day, when tbo weighers will be called upon to
testily ae to the efficiency and nseiulnoasol lliatdeptrl
""he Cominlss.cn left tho Custom House at oco
o'clock lor tue Appraisers' Stored on Washington
Street, between LulgUt slid Hubert, ol which llicy pro
posed to uiBko a thorough and minuto inspection.
Tbe Assistant Appraisers und Examiner* will be exutu
tuod by tho Commission at tbe custom House.
Mr. J. I*. O'Nsll, tno appointee ol Judgo Wosibrook
to the Couiitiental receivership, yesterday notified Mr.
William 11. Grace that be had engaged the sorvieee ol
Messrs. Doraheitner, Wingato and Culien as
counsel. Me.srs. Asbltol Green and James
Mi-tlbews wore mentioned us associate t-oun
gel. This formidable array of c mnsellora wal
to havo met tbo repr.sentutlvo* ol Receive t
Grace yesterday with regard to tbo disposition ol the
disputed office. For Some rea-mn, however, Hie con
sultation wus postponed. It la thought nothing one
he accomplished *ivo agreeing upon the terms ol ?
Jiiendly suit. Hold parllo* *?-eiu confident ot s
iled-ion in Utelr tutor ny tbo Court of Appeals, which,
by the way. cuu hardly be obtained belore next Decern
i ber or January.
I Colonel Abeel, the Kssex Connty 1'roeecutor, at
i Newark yesterday received a despatull Irom Detective
! McManus annottoclng thut Governor Hubbard refused
i to tndoreo the requisition ol Governor lledls for tho
surrender to the New Jersey authorities ol A. Good
rich Kay, one of tho indicted New Jersey Mutual direc
tor* and tbe tuan who is alleged to l>e tbo purty
who'drew the mu-ing $U,D?) ol Mutual cash Irom too
Ciiemical itattk. Prior to leaving Newark, Novo*, it n
s.id, displayed a loiter Irom Governor Hubbard, ltd
dressed "My dear old Irlen.l," and declaring that li?
would "nuvtr permit another man to he taken out ol
Ciirinccitcat untler similar circumstances" as those at
tending the removal ol Noyo-.
It w:w tho I'onn Klre Insurance Company, and nol
; the Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Compnuy, In whose
| Interest Judge l'ratt, on Monday. in Brooklyn. refused
, t > vacate an order ?l attach men l at ttio suit ot J. I.
1 Town, ol Davenport, Iowa, to recover fft.ouo on a
i Mock ol goods destroyed in thai city.
The unniial election of thirieen directors for the New
York and lliriei lUllt 'j-id Cnmpa.a.r w&a bold yeau-r
, day afternoon, btlwean the houra of twelve and I Wo,
III the nlllcc of the company, forty-second direct
and Knuilli avenue Ihc billowing director* were
el. ctcd ? William H Yntidcrbilt, Cornoliu* Yandcrbllt,
William K. Valid"!bill, William C. Weiinore, Augustus
I Sclicit. Abraham II. Raylis, .fames li. Hanker, John It
UutcUer, Joseph ll.ukrr, Robert J. Xtvou. Chmiueey
M. Uvpcw, William If. Leonard and Sam no I V. liargcr.
The nnoiinl election of twenty-six governors for tho
Sew York Hospital wan held yesterday In the olltco of
the Hospital, No. S Went Sixteenth atreci. The fol
lowing gentlemen woro elected Itoliert l.ennox Ken
nedy, Sri. ill Nassau street; David (.olden Murray, No.
6J South street; Frederick A. Conkllug. No. lTl! Ilroad
way; Nathaniel P. Huiley, No. U Went Twentv-elglith
?ireet; Junes W. Heck man, No. ft f ast f nirty -fourui
! street; Samuel Wiliata, No. Stilt I'eurl street; J nines M.
I llrowu. No. fttt Wall street; hhoppard (Tnedv, No 'J9
I Wa.latreol, Kobvit J. Livingston, No. lb Last Forty
eighth atreot; Jackson S. S Hiuii/., No ttft Cnir street;
(ieorge Cabot Ward, No ftT Wall street; William II
i IIoiltii <n. No. Is Wed t wenty-second atreot; Kdwnrd
s. JafTrny, No. ll.'Hi llroadwuy , John I'. William*. No.
In* llroiidw.iy; William II. Mucv, No 7J Wall atreot;
! Merrill I'riintile. Coal and Iron Rxohange, mom flo;
ll' iiry J. Davison, No. 7" Llber'y sireot, Theodoras It.
| Woo let jr. No. 'Jfl Front street; Milium M. Mnlsled, Nut
i his UroadwaV; Ht-rinun K. I eroy, No. 17 Wall street;
I William il. Oalioru, No. TJ i'urk avenue; Joseph H.
1 Choate. No. ft'J Wall street; Samuel Thorns, No. 9 F.*st
Forty-mill street; William II. Fogg, No. ,T!f Hurling
j sop. William W. liuppin, Jr., No. nl Liberty street,
and diaries K. Strong, No. fill Wall street.
I mkkcantilk uuuahy election,.
Tho election tor lour director* of tha Mercantllo
j Library Association to servo for tho term of thrco
years was held vostvfdsy nt Clinton Hall, Astor place.
1 The poll* wero open at three o'clork 1*. M. and ro
i m ilnetl opan till eight o'clock It was ex|i?*ted that a
lively contest would take place and that eoualderahia
opposition would be shows to the "regular
ticket, ' winch was nominated bv Hie Kkccti
tiro Committee. I bo attendance was slim, how
ever, and tlie inierrsi Rmnifvstcd was vpry alight. A
lew featured votes wcro cut lor individuals m oppo
sition to the regular ilcket, but uo opposition ticket
was pat in the hold, nor Was hi y coneenirnted eflon
made to dclenl any ouo ot tlie uomiuoea. 1'lie
teders sat withiB the railing in the ball with the ballot
box in Iroat ol tbeni, and the voters dropped
m singly or In group" ol three or lour
and deposited their votes, only su occasional
one be.ng challenged. The excitement ol tho
eiirmvul sormeu to have more attraction tor tho mein
bars of the association than ibeir own election, aud
a together it was a very lame nitair. As th? hour lot
closing Hie pods drew nigh tbo voters began to com*
minorc briskly, but at uo time wui the urowd large.
Tlio following Wero tbo direr-tors electedSam we.
1'iiinuin. John C. I'alratr, Cbarlua Wager ilalt and Job#

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