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The Senats Committee Investigatmg the Charge
Against Superintendent Ellis.
dividends made easy.
Tile Insolvency of the Third Avenue Savings Bank Known
for Years Before It Was Closed.
Tbs Senate Committee resumed tiioir investigation
of the charges against Bank Superintendent Kltis En
rolerence to the Third Avenue Savings Bank yester
day morning at tlio St. Nicholas Hotel. Much impor
tant evidence ofl'orod by the prosecution was rejected
uudcr tlio rulings ot the committee. Kuough was, how
ever, brought forward to hIiow the real rottenness ol the
hank, uud that Hank Superintendent Ellis was ewuro
ot ItscoudltioD. Tbo only excuse that Mr. Kills scorned
to have lor his negltgonce was that by immediately
closing up the bank ho would have Injured other
similar institutions, and would have increased tlio
panicky fecllug.
N. A. Stewart, witness for the defence, was allowed
by courtesy to ho culled heloru all tlio witnesses lor tho
prosecution had been heard, us ho would bo unublc to
be proseut at the investigation Tor any length or
lima. His testimony was therefore Urst heard. Ho
hud been President of tho United states Trust Company
for twelve years; bud been uajuuuitud with Mr. Kills
lrom tlie time or tho latter's appointment totheelllco
of Bank Superintendent. Shortly alter the failure
of Duncan, Sherman K Co., Kllis called upon witness
Slid consulted linn with regard to tlio advisability ol
closing up tho Third Avenue Savings Bank and ap
pointing a recolvor to tuko charge ol Its ttfl'alrs; wit
ness udvised blm to proceed ouutlously ; Kills thought
that the sudden closing of the bauk would badly ullact
other institutions and Huston u panic; Ellis told wit
ness that the bank was insolvent; the uonvorsution
was only general; Mr. Stowurt was m doubt uot about
tho closing up of tho bank, but whotber that lime was
a suitable one lor so doing witnout creating a dlsus.
trous eltcct on tbo public at large; the report ol
1S75 showed tho bunk to be in a worse condition than
the previous your; tho eirect of closing up tlio bank
would buvo boon dangerous us liable to cause n run
upou oilier savings bunks and thereby injuring the in
terests ol depositors. At this polut ot the examina
tion Mr. Chupman was summoned t? the Court IIouso
by suhpoina and tbo exumluation bad to be suspended
for nearly an hour.
After tins onloruod recurs, Mr. Ulmstcud resumed
the calling ol whdcssos tor the prosecution.
.Mr. A. Sellers, who tcatillcd ou Monday, was re
called. llo produced the hooks of the bank, l'roiu
tbo entries ol tho loikgcr u appeared that ,j 100,000 had
been added to tho cost of tho bank property arbitrarily,
in o dor to cover up a deficiency. ihiH llctltlotis sum
wus counted as au asset. Mr. lie id, tho bank exami
ner had nut exuiuiuod these entries. Mr. Chapman
ol>jocted to tl>o reception ol tbo testimony, as it did
hot concern Mr. Kills. .Mr. Held, ho said, was not on
trial. In March, 1ST."!, tit)),1186 05 whs entered on tho
books as tho value ol tbo bunk property, 'ibis was
$100,000 more than it bud cost, and real estato bad de
preciated since tbo property was bought. Mr. Chap
man objected.
.Mr. oituHii'ud?llero is an entry llmpjho bank exam
iner must have Keen when he examined those books.
It was bis duly to tularin bimscll as to the actual cost
ol tbo real estate ol tbo bank. Ho wus bound to l ike
the necessary steps to ascertain tlio oi.ttiul valuo ol
tbo assets ol the bank. It was a case wncru ten min
utes' oxuimnatiou would have revealed tin; tmo condi
tion ui alfuirs. 1 propone to show what are the items
that make up thut $dUu,0'J0. (To witness)?1'ieaso look
al tho uccouut and stale what uro the items that go to
make up that sum.
.Mr. Chapman olijootcd, us lb it would carry tlicui
buck to a time bolero Mr. Kills wus appointed superin
Mr. Omirtead contended that the entry having been
tuauo subsequent to ino examination by Mr. Hold and
loriuiug part ol his repurt to Mr. Kills, no bud u light
to show wImt that entry was bv suowtug the parts ol
woicU it wut composed, although these part* might
have hoeii entuicu prior to the examination lie
snowed by the law el 1875 thut It wus the duly ol tbo
II.ni; Superintendent to thoroughly "xa.uuie every
savings bmiK and that the cost ui ui! tuo securities
sbouid bo embodied in Hie report, .'imeostol tho
property was uiscly slated at .rl'JU.dSi i'6. Any gen
lleiuuu knew that no ilgures would i.e ol any vulue un
less it was siiowu wi.Ml titer Were.
Tbi-comniKteo inter sums deliberation ruled to ad
mit the looting of ?iU0,;w5 07. us the cost ol ihs bank,
as repori. d lo Siipvi'iuleinU nt Kilis, but excluded the
items c! which it was composed on the ground licit
tho dales ol those Iloiiu III Itiu bill.as ol tho batik
was prior to tno examination by Mr. 11 -i t.
Tho profit and loss account was next taken up. Mr.
Chapniun objected. Tho conitnitiee ruled thai no evi
dence could bu takcu Iroui it prior to the examination
ol April, 1878. Mr. Sellers (lien testiUcd ,luul to
cover up ii UeUcirncy the dn colors bad uiailo one bond
lor ?lnti.UpO and another lor ?.lu,i:uu, both in union
were placed lo the credit ot prolit mid loss and coiisid
ois-u as ill asset. Mr. CibipUiuu objected. .Mr. Uuu
Stead offered prove thai libit *115,000, which up
peuied on the books id au asset, was Uaudub ni y
eniored'o cover u ucaciency; that it was otilyueoi
lulcrul, but libit nevertheless ibu oirecior* wentoii
uiul declare 1 u dividend on it wUich ihey could not
otherwise have declared, and thut at present too
directors are coiuseuug their own bonds in the couris
on tbo ground mat Uiey wore only ticiiiious bom s nod
ol no real valuo vkslinr. r. Ohapiuaii OQjnoted
that the quoslikn at issue was:?Dai the iuiik have
$115,000 ol peisonul bo a .is ' lliey v. ere eiiierod ou
ttie hunks iu> an a-seL Did the bank Lavettiem '< ln?
coinunllee could not go bcliiud ib.it i|u?stion. The
original bonus should ou produced.
Mr. t.'oioruuu, Fliuirtnau ol thoeommiitne?the com
mitted rule und wi>h to be under.;loud us euyiuptliut
liuy cannot admit anything except whut uppoars on
the unok.s us an usicl.
Mr. Olinitead?Well, il that Is the ruling ol ihetoiu
nilltoe we will have lo submit to it.
a vr.uv oii.iKb*ipisAiii.k wir.Nkss.
Mr. Ueniaiiiiu A, McDonald was the next wltuo.ss
rallsd. He proved to be a moat important one lor tbo
presecution. ConUniog lininoll strictly 'o ibo rule
laid down by Hie commission nut u> go buck ol ibo
lime ol Mr. Kllia' appointment us bank superintend
ent or subsequent to tno appointment ot the receiver,
ho teatiUcd thut there was a largo deficiency, which
could have been discovered ny tun minutes' examina
tion ol the books. His testimony win us follows: ?
I am it resident ol Wcaube-ter county, an account
ant and expert, have examined the books ol Hie l'lurd
Aveuuo Muvtnga Dunk bnitteeii March. 1873, and Oc
tober, 1875, with a flow ni informing myself ol tho
condition nl tho hunk; I propose to give what 1 found
in a narrative lorm, couhiiing myssll atriciiy to ibo
examiuution ol everything that occurred alter Mr.
Kills entered into uliicu in 1873 dowu to tho lime Mr.
Cur man was appointed receiver. 1 called upon Mr.
Kills nl Albany, and oblainod from hi in tabulated state
ments ol lbs condition nl tho Third Avenue Savings
Hunk from 1870 to 1.873 Inclusive; huulto Inruished ni t
Wtlh u privute uxuiniouliou uiudo by nis capers in
the proceeding March; Mr. Kills sunt thut he knew
the condition ol the batik, ibni thev woro sh rt over
8300,0111); i siinl, "Mr. Kills, why dluu't you e.lose iho
bank?" no s.ud (hut upon advice Irom certain par
lies hu deemed it luoxpvdieul, us it might create it
p i ii to; Mr. Kills presented me '.villi an additional
slaf-meni made by Mr. Lai man ol the coudltlou ol tho
bunk ou tno 1st ol July, 1875; I left Mr. Kins mid
rumo ts New York, but suhmquuntly sent lo nlin lor
the utile ui I reports and cvriiileu cop.is ol tho liuuk ex
hii11n iiion; upon the reception oi tin so reports 1
learned Irom them thut the bank bad been hopelessly
insolvent. (Objection.) I propose to show tlio condi
tion ul the bank dunug Mr. Kills' mltiiin si imp u; 1
had the trusties ol Hie bank arrested iu October, 18,.j.
(Ub.ieolion.) You ciu'l gel at tho tacts 01 this tiling
umess you go ibiu luu uriest ol the trustees and the
exstuinutioii ol the books thai lollowed; 1 will sim
ply atslo Ibut what 1 learned by < xauiiliailun ol
the book-; I learned that during Mr Kills'
administration from July, 1874, to June, 187a, the on
liru dividends were made out ol Iruudutulil entries
made Iroin Daceinbi'r .11, 1 , up to and including
Juae 30, 1874; during n )>eriod ol two and a hull yens
llieso UiVideniis were made wholly out of fraudulent
entries, ol Which 1 can give the amounts and dales;
included as uii as n l lu IS76 ivus the trusties' bond lor
fila.uuo, which never was an asset.
Mr. Coleman?We don't want you to go into that; It
is not ihuiorlsl. It is admitted iu the report as au
Mr. MucDunald?It would m ike a gr. ut dllTe.renro
to yon. If you were a depositor, whether It was an
iistol or not. Tbo roport si owe it uu asset, hut I pro
po-o to show Irom tho books that tbn report to too
Kuperiii'einicut is lalsc. The contingency lor wmen
there bonds woro given never appoars uu the books;
there wus no liability lo uouuturoalanou the asset.
tVnea the bank examiners made their examination in
Marbh, IS",6, iheio tliuu existed upon tho oouks of the
bank R dcllcicucy in tbo pioilt and loss account alter
tho payment ol the dividend.
Mr. Khftpoisn?that has no hearing ru the account.
Mr. MiieDonaid?It lias a bearing ou the uccouut.
Mr Cliapniah?Are you aigulng Hits cu?o or ure you
appearing a* a wittier*','
Mr. Mai UonaiU?I am not arguing tho case, Inn I
am an expert, and 1 will statu hero lor tbo intoi iiiaiiuu
oi tno committee that when tlio examiners make a re
port rt I* to ascertain the condition of the hunk and
the revenue derived Irom lulcred; that statement wax
wholly ffclfifled dtir'n? !Ur. Ell.i' whole sdraln.stru
lion ; "the interest received for tli > (liai ?ix month* of
ihd year 1*74 was $15,001 64; I ha lull nix uio. lli-t
was $ I2, 1'>2 2(1; l hi* di v i Jen ? t pa IJ out on July 1, 1574,
w-i* *10,47:1 18, antl tor iho i*t oi Junuury, 1*76,
$41,020 04;on thulium ol Jour, 1074. there was a luiue
euiry in ad ? in the profit and loan utcouui. ruiuug the
real estate al Tarry town $20,613 62; by that oittry
they wore enabled to declare too iliviUooU ol July 1,
18T4; on ibo 1*1 ol January, 1876, tlio amount duo de
poauora on tint book* was $00,017 3$ less th'in
H should havo Ueo; the h tiger did not
agree within that much with the prutit and
loss ucrount; that was go udd.liouul liability \
which did not appear In the examiner1* report; on the
1st ol June, 1076. there was a debit balance to the
suspense nt' onul ol $37,024 88; thai abould have been I
in the profit and loss account. There is no such j
thing us a suspense account in saving* hunk* ; 1 <.1 is- I
ooverod thnao orrors In less lh?u hull an Inur alter I
csamiuiug the hooks, nod any accouniant could do the
aaino; in regard to Ibo uppointmeni of Mr. Carman as I
receiver, Elite told tne that he had been recuu ins tided ;
by borne very rcspeeiablo parlies; the total tecciiiis ol I
the bang TTom Jnuuary to July, 1874, woro $25,207 63, ]
against winch was charged $r,138 82; tnu gross re- I
cop:* I rum July 1, 1574, to January 1. 1576, wore
$27,442 111, against which wu* uhurged $11,125 10; ut
that ttuiu tho debit against this account would wipo
out ih,i enure amount ol these receipts; 1 will unto
what the dobll west?Ou the 1st of Junuury, 187a,
there should havo bom charged to prolit and loss
*37.024 SO, uu Horn winch stood ou the suspeuse ac
count; they were absolute losses giowlug out of
transactions ol ibo bank; thorn were no suspended
debts In them.
Mr. W. 11. Mauy, I'rasideut pi the .Seamen's Savings
Hank, was called by Mr. Cbupuan. l:e merely cor
roborated tho testimony ot the ether witnesses tor the
dulenco, Ui regard to the panicky fouling ou mo street
and the danger there would havo beou in closing up
iho hank uuudouly.
a ou.NKRAi, xttins our.
Mr. fiederiek K. dmyllt wsscallod hy Mr. Olmstcad.
Ho tesiilied that he was t-ounsul lor Mr Hurd, the sub
sequent receiver ol the hank. Hu produced the di
rector's bonds lor fillo.uuu.
Mr.-Chapman?All Una evidence was ruled out.
Mr. Oluiriead?Ou tho ground thai tro did not have
the original papers. .Now 1 propose lo oiler ihuut.
The committee ruled tho ollor out ot order and the
witness was dismissed.
Mr. J. M. Morrison, President of tho Manhattan
Company, wus called by Mr. Chapman. .Shortly alter
tho luhutu ol liuneau, Mheruwi .V Co. Mr. Ellis cmuu
to him and asked hi . advice in rogurd to the Third
AVuuuo savings Hank; Kills aa!u lie understood tliero
wus a pauicky feeling in tne couuuuniiy; Mr. Morri
son agreed with Mr. Kill* that the panic mould not he
ioorcuacd hy uny immedi.ue aenou whero no li s*
would accrue from uny do ay. Un urusa-cxatuiu iliou
witness .-aid hu hud no id. a of the condition ol iho
hank; Ellis hud shown him no siuiomcnt oi us condi
tion, and ho hiuixcll had no knowioago ol It* ns.-cts.
Mr. A. U. Dunn, former president ul the b.tuk, was
next called hy Mr. Dim-lead. He huil been a triisloo
of tho bunk lor twelve years: he know tho condition
ol lite h iuk in 1872 bcluro he resigned hi* position iu
li; ho had made a stuieinoui to Mr, Howell, tho loimor
Bunk Bnpeituieudout, about II.
.Senator Coleman?i think that is not proper.
Mr. Olmsteud?1 think it is very pro| or. His state
inout wus purt ol the records ol tho banking dcpurl
incut. It wuv tumqd over to Mr. Kilts una he is suu
pu?ud to know the uouditlon ol In* own otllco. 1 pro
poso to prove hy ibis wanes* that in 1871 himseli and
Mr. llt'onessy, acting a* u commmee, made a report
to Iho Haulc Department ut Alt any in which they
showed that the bunk was whollv and entirely in
solvent; tnul tho detluicucy at thut time wus over
$4uQ,u0u, uud (hut Mr. Kll.s must havo known that
luci, wnfcti they could not have lulled to discuver by
the most cursory investigation of tho affairs ol the
bunk ; that tho subject was a mutter oi public notori
ety in tho oity and in all Ibo banking {.litres.
Ruled out by tbc committee at the instanco of Mr.
Mr. nimstcud to witness?In you opinion uouhl two
cxumipcr* huvo examined into the condition oi this
haulc iu two days *
Dejected to by Mr. Chapman and ruled out by the
Mr. Dunn went ou to stalo that he know the
cost of tho banking hou-o aud ulso know thut real
estate had decrousod siuco It was Ooughl. When asked
what the cost, was tho committee would not allow bun
to answer. Mr. oimsuad uguiu tr.ed to got in tho i..a
on the evidence to go beioro tho Menato thut tho prop
erly had occu hctiiiuusly raised $100.UU0 in vaiuo ou a
decreasing tcuiket. \> ituos* was uho n*kud why no
rosignud irom iho hunk, hut was not ullowod to an
Mr. Oluistcad rested hi* side of tho case with Mr.
I MuuDunald1* lusuuiucy. Mr. t'hupmuu asked lor an
I uiijou.ument to Aiuuny, where Mr. Ellis will boexmo
I i no J. Altor brief coiisultatiun between tho Seniuors
i tho luvcsifgattou was adjourned, to bo resumed ut Con
' gross Hull, Alliuny, to-morrow murulug ut ten o'clock.
and o'nkiu
a consultation, without any delinito result?, took
plan* yesterday botwecu the respective couuscl of
Mutigra J. i'. O'Noll uud William It. Grace, the two
appointees to tho receivership ol the CoutinuuHtl Llle
insurance Luittptuty*. It i? ?*io to u?*utuu that tho
only power to decide between them oud determine the i
rlgnt ot uflleu is tho Court ot Appeals. Tho dlsposi- ,
tioa ol tl?e two i.entletiicn inti rested, uud the proba
ble course that rnu l eusuo. may bo obioiveU in the
lo.lowing correspondence
Nkw VouK, May 15. 1877. I
J. P. O'.NtfUL, ikq
Iik.ii; Mil i have! been served with uu order, entitled \
"la 11 ie mailer ??| tlm .Ui.mry tietioiul \>. the Gouii;i?u
tn Ll.o ln*ui?nci' Curiipaiiy," fvoin uhich il appear-, that
y. u have l?etu Mpuoinied revolver ol tlu? aompauy. On the ,
.?ih <?t I'ebruary, IS77. 1 whh, by an o.d r 01 ihe ^tapra.uu
t aurl ??< till* Mnie, duly made and entered hi nil action
in which J?ibn O. llojt wan pmin;i!T mid 1 he Contiirmiai 1
i.Hu luiuraiitJ Coiupmiv tielvnunni*. appoint tu t
receiver ul said conipti.j; and, asaiu, 011 ttie
Uth ? f M-iteli, 1H|7. ? 1 was appointed re
Now Jersey by tie Chancellor ot that State
I lie appointment inade ay Justice iVestluook tuuirao* tlie
i 11 v tidily ot mine, rule ih certainly an nuonialo ih pontim
\ uerelu to place soma twenty ta??u*umi elaimania to the
tu.ul hi my poeaen ion. 1 am iiasuird by uouti*?l of the
U, nlLy ol my Hppoiuuneut. and that 1 cannot, with naiety
to my iMindMoen, volautitriiy and without i llj sanction of
the Uiitticst Cont ol Hie Mute surrender the assets of tlie
co'nriaiiy into lite hamis of any other person. 1 de ply de
plete tie* coul uiou, iu lay and 1 .\peu~c thai tnust result
front tin*, d units hppoltiliiieut. and will gladly do all 111 my
power to hrinir mutters 10 a satisfactory aim prompt teruiT
n ntoii, and to this end 1 wotil I suc.wht that you and your
ci.uiifcul meet uio here wl|h rnv cour^cl to-iuorrow at naif
past two r. M. Your very obedifitt servant,
IV. 11. grace.
Receiver Continental Life Insurance Company.
It K PLY or Alit. o'.SUL.
Mr. O'Ncu'h answer to the above tetter smacks of
mora and uuavoitiabio litigation, ol which the* pour
policy holders havu uircudy liuu a surfeit. It is us ltd*
tows: ?
Nkw Voiik, May 16, IS77
\V. It. tilt AC'.- 1
Oi Att Mil - lii answer Id yottr letter Just now received. I
would kljf that i dcpioro with ton the conhiooii, ftelay and
c.vpeiMt* 1h.1t 111 u <t M .-ult fruin tho t<?ur?ts w >!cu y??ur i? 'ter
Would seem to sitK^e*t. I "hi tctl v join in doinu a.l in
111 > power to hilui; mutters to a satnoAcloi y ami prompt
tmiiilnutioii; but, my dear sir. what can I do . xc.pt
to h o ih it t i" order of tho th-urt Is r*?r?e.-tcd?
II y u nro dusaiisbou with the dot-Lion ol the Coait il i?
lor yon to hook leiiet in tho uppr* pnato way, *o rh a what
ever Uoiay and con in 1 on miii result will mil upon j?u.
T is i? not acwiitcst bciwocu v*?u md mo*, ?in y .mr Icit :t
would seem to a?Mimo; it Ih iietwcmi you and the Court,
and us you have refused to oh ?> tin* order of the mio win. h
has anpoiiitea nie receiver I leave von to emtio 1 wit 1 a
ldtrhei Court and u*mine all ttie i? sponMibhtty yiitc.ua
lonjf and protracted litigation may induce. Yours, respect
fully, .lollN I*. O'.Ni.ILL, Receiver, ?i?.
Judgo Westbrook, ui Albany, yesterday, demod tlio 1
anplication ul' iliu Alkmio Mutual I.no Inouraucu ,
Cumpauy lu dismios the proceeding*, uud ordeicd a
rclerco to take ovideni o a< to tha inaolVandy ol iho |
coinpuny. ua per report ol tho !*upuriuuuiteiii ol tho I
lusuraiiuc Uoparttueol.
On TuoMlae Di^hl Jautoa U. Howard, ol N'laynra
oouuiy, N. V., ?eni with hia brother to ace the curul- 1
vai procoakioD, and wbllo in I'uloo aquara he was ao. {
coated by a alranger who robbed blur ol biiwauh. ;
Howard, who hail be n moody all through the day, ;
aeeiucd very much crievod when be diacovertd hia lo?e
ULd kept inulieriug aboul il all tbe evening. Hia 1
brother, and a iriund or his, accompanied
Itttn to tbo Vandcrbill Houw, in \V rreo ;
a i rue i, \ibcra be took a room lor ihu mgtil.
Vealerday morblng Uonard did not appear, and wlieu
Ins broioer iMiuu to luquire lor bun tl.u clerk waul to
hi. room tu auinuion lum, bat was una'He 10 obtain a
reply, ai d uben be o|H'Bud ibe lunbgbi and .looked >ri
bu aaw Howuid lying on biu bed and graaplcu in lua I
ric'bi bind a revolver, with winch be bad snot
biinaeii iu tbo right temple. siiorily alter (
Howard wua lubUd in L'ui?u aquaro a cuopln
ol K ghtcenth precinct ulllcera uullcod lour
muti acting Mi-pictou-ny. and on approaching tiieiu ot.o
throw a waish aw.tjt, 'Ibo men wero aircgied and
brought to the naiion uouae, and the witicb na? vtta- !
tcrday nlebtili 'd by Howard's i>rotbor as tbe one taken
Irom the nucule. Kvuteucu was yesterday taken in
tbo cu e at tl.e Coroner's < Hire. Tbe* dor eared was K I
Commercial traveller, lonneriy employed by f. H.
Triicdale, but lor tlio Uat low week, bo b is bod no
Annie Uunitou, who was arrested on Monday on a !
charge of robbing Janus M. Cavanngh, ol Nig I'd {
broadwny, said to bo an ai.i.'orig'reasnian Irom Con
necticut, of a gold watch and chain and it e.linuk lor
>.U, 100, was arnngnod bolore Judgo WanJull yusturday
ulu iuuOQ, lor the ton rib Uhie, and was discharged, i
lleteelivo iteilly, wiio made the arrest, lius beeti uii- 1
abla to procure the aitcudanee jI Sir. c.rvaiiigh mi '
court I'ayutoiit ol the check bus bean stopped, and I
tho watch and chain are In the h inds of the put cc.
William Barry, aged lurty years, a tailor, living at
No. ltd Mulberry street, took a holiday oo iueaday lo
aos the Carnival, return.tig tiomo ul a hue hour some
what under the itilloeiiou ?( liquor. On borsyth street .
lie inui Mm v Ana Hngers, an u(a|ualhiiinoe. living ut
No. ..A thai Htroei, uh 1 the |> ttr had a dispute, during {
which ilurrv dtntv li poaket knilu und ursaulicd her,
euiliog tiotn her iiamt- quite suvcioly. lie was pi nnpily 1
arre.U'd. At tlio lootba 1'olito Court yesterday lie waa |
ncid id $1,W0 ball. [
T ho entlius asm that tuaurissled itself on Tuesday Jo
ibo visit oi President Hayes to tbte dtv was continued
yesterday. Jt bud been arranged thai ho ihotild bol
a public reeeptloo in the Governor's Boom t? tb* City
Hull, and nboul ball-past tou o clock ibu 1'ro.identu
panv arrived there >a two open carriage*. lu ibu Ur?t
carriage were the President, i-eoroiary Evans. Sucre- ,
tarvSchurz and Mr. Theodore ltooievelt. lu the sec- j
outi carriage wore Mr. Webb Hayes, tno son ol the
president; Mr. Tburlow Weed, Ueueral MoU'ook and
Mr. Henry M. Tailor. As these distinguished gentlo
tuen alighted Irotu Hie carriages tliey were
recognized hy a large number ol persons
who had congregated in tlio neighborhood, anJ a vig
orous dicer greetotf their uppuurance, wblch the
President graceiutly acknowledged by the rui.mg ol
Ins hub 'ibo party was welcomed by Muyor Ely and
conducted to bis private room. There they lurried tor
alew minute.-;. This mtorval was occupied by ln
epcoior Thorite and-Uaptalu Walsh. of tbo City Ha'
precinct, lonuing ? double Itno of potioomou Iroui the
stujis or tbo hull to Iho piazza. I'y tbts limo the
crowd bad greatly Increased, and a line was loriue
from the vestibule ol the ball wbich extend- d to the
brown stone building ?u tbo Park; ibis wis rubsc
iiuentiy supplemented by a brauolt ibat extended to
tbe l'osl tuhcu building I
The rotunda ol the Ciy Hall was brUUteuod by a
liberal display of burning, and tminodlulciy over tno
entrance to tbo Governor's Room the national ll?S had
been placed, Intertwined with winch was a shield with
tbo arms ol the city puiuiod theieou. t he luicner >'
this rocui, which always presents au impoa.bg appear -
anee, had its attraction* increased by a very urustic
urruugcmetil Ol the Star Npuugled Manner, including
(lugs used at the Inauguration ol Washington. The
writing table used by WaeUinglon was placed lougtUwise
across the chamber, and beuf to tbia were three com
loiiubio aud capacious lounges. When the President
entered arm in una with Mayor Ely ho was evidently
verv much impressed wub iho galaxy ol portraits tl^at
tnoi Ins gaze, and stood lor a lew moments to take an
iniiiiiriiii! survey Tua voice tit the people washoaid
wituoKgmg the ponce to g.ve thorn a chance to
reach the tiovcruor's Itoom.
run visitors.
At eleven o'clock the doors wore tbrown open, and
L'aniaiu Walsh euleied wnb a small body ol police,
w, ?h"e ph'ced .ul.uo Horn tbe door, aud wbeh Uie
President bad taken up his position ?
iuctou's table the hrsl m.m on the lino
wis admitted. lie proved to bo n uuu ol
vorv small stature and very neuiaigbted.
tic was evidently uaaccustoin.-d to such grsuueur
rounding.'; , lie lost his pr? si-uco ol mind and was so
hturtled tuat be lurgot to shake b iuus with tun 1 tesi
demt vvuo. very goSd nutiireuly. came to bis rescue
Hud Uizmg bis baud as he passed gave it.? very hear./
shake aud both laughed at the little odveulure. I hcu
hihowed for nearly two boars, at the rate ol about
s \iv u miouie, a line ot peopio ibat included ?!VJ-ry
Srmfo oi comeiv. 'there were uoue too low.y to do the
Presmcbt honor, !or side by side wuh downtown
merchuu.s and young uieu Ol uU['ua
.1 t ? i.: ..<1 u ni.fi UL'VhSllOVli WI Him
were The bootblacks and newsboys ol the
streets who wore scarcely sulllc.cni clothing
Hticctw, u itr.iii.se ol dccuucy. I he ma
to iiresvut an appear ao?v ot decency. The ma
onty J? loose who were >.united were ev.deally
iroiii utuouu iuo#u who urn known a& iuo working
P? A'tracud no coubl by cursorily loaeeilio (
P.estdent ot the United States, tney nearly all showed
ov tbj nc 'riitiess oi their greeting that the* weie
w iilnul to pay him nil proper rospaot lucre weio a
mi ladies ou the line, .ma m every case when a .tidy
i"ro9cuieU herscll thi President changed his modem j
. I.,, I,., luivvioif V? IV loW ho lOOlv ltd Ui&UU.
do' u.o' urst lady who c.uue bo presQiuod ibu rose that i
\vual n tbe 'mm button,.ol. o. ...scout ^Uumsed j
shall keep lu'i'^us'a helr-moui 'i'h my latnily. Mr. dolm
wue'iciuytnew to whom bo was introduced.
'', ,.l io^IIu UUa-"Md -1sUaid ui the uaimn. Nearly
ah the chiolH ol departments and ibe ole. xslii tnuir
? .-allienvi t Horn the court House uud eouliguuas
Oillces canto oyer II oius 's.)|nulaloJ ?l0lo?, t.y uie ex
nniole ol"Mayor Ely. W hose courteous atleution to the
I'resideul denug hi visit to iuo city met with unani
rnous approval. ^ DmAl>po|NT>u>x.
ALha'l-uj-t twcivoo'clock the President rolired ircro
ihn ioui'i It hud been understood that the reception
Mavor leil the Governors room and ru
sb. -sa .a
f uhiuh t iif i'f (3>uifMi. Hi'creUry Kvaris,
wheu fb.i President rosu lrom nis .-.eat auJ, uueovcriug
hi* head gracolully bowed his nckuowTcdgtiunts. 1 bo
parly win thou rapidly driven up Broadway to tbe
Filth Avenue HoteL
m r?" -?
fb. r carriage*, 'the beautilul toilets ol the ladies ore
?* ?i T."i ?- .<??>?
tft drtSS "ft ?"? K.T*
l.nglllsueti i"?"J ,a . ,..ru iV,s ,,|
Jhc,Bmttn?ontnaud1 were' reer.vsd by tno us.-em
, d cu. sls Uarrn.a.i lollcwcd carnage In rap d
mi.-c.-. on until thero was at-emhl-.l m t. o parlors a
luir rep,orcatalidh u.
v..rk 1 Til ill the rooms iho air w..s reao. at
w"in the fragrance ot llovvrs, and the ctiHt "
Mringed band lent a gentle excitement to the Itshte
retury'schurz and Ml* ft'n.ir*, l.ii lor h drive in the
T'y?KffW. - dinner parn lo
lie rrci.di-ni IU iho ovon?np.
The Presidential party return to Washington this
morning by the UiiiT train, limited expic?s.
hcitoop ntrAins obdebko??jtx cobpoial
The Hoard ul bducatioti mot yesterday, I'rumiunl
Wood in the chair. A latter troin Mr. Tdward i-cUii,
notily init the Hoard ol bis reaiguuiioo uh .1 Ccmutt
sioner, called out a soi'ics ol complimentary rosifu*
tiona. 1 ho rep, est ol tho trustees ol the Ninth
to ciosn Oramnisr School No. to, to muKo repairs, *u*
g r.tbtcd, atiu tin y wcro empowered to close it as *?oii
us they stto Ui. TI.e superintendent* report for the
pu.-1 month thirty.lour schools visited, thiriy of wlich ,
wcro in excellent con.Ill ion ; :iot) classes wort exim
liiu.t, and ID all the diScipllBo was excellent or grid.
The iiiiuilior ol pupils registered oo April M voe
1 ui. 147, und the nverugo attctid.inco for the tnonthvu* 1
It),V Mil
on therecuiiniiehdaliou ol ihoCouunittecou Norml I
College the rules were suspended, to umitiie two price
ol a gold w.itch and two twenty dollar gold piu< csiu
tie couipeti U lor hy too Trench ptlpiia. A rvsolutmi ?
dMiuctiud ihrco unit a ii.nl per oont Irutn taaehes' .
? alarms lor too months of Juno uud July, (lie laliifto
lio added to their December salaries, litlie l.uuncul
condition ol the Uosid will permit, was adopted. Our 1
i.T.ixri wns appropriated lor iiiu eh large inant <d <? ran- i
mar School No Id. aud f.,0,uoo lor slmiNtr work iii
trlatUtll * r c (lOOl No. il'J.
1 In) I'lnuDce Committee submitted tho approprs- |
tlona loi May, June aud July, ua hUteiiw
i or s.ituius ui teuvhers in wuru schools
For ral.'ii tee ol jaoitcrs m ward snboola, gf.Ot)
Tor salaries ol prwlcsaurt, teacher* uuu oilers
ill Noi Dial College und trailing gchool Ill, .10 |
Tor salaries ut uporiulumt, ui uud other
olllccis of tlio Hoard 19,01) 1
For salaries lit teuchersaiid Jain torn In coloied
school*...,, S,00
Tot.I $ddtl OO
Iue Coinmiiteo on ll.vigw* was rn| io?ted lonprt
at t ho in eel, n j ol tlio tl, a ol Juno as to the ml visa hilly
ol restoring cof| oral punishment in the achoola.
Dkfartxkxt or Pi *lio Taw,a, New Vorlc.
TO TlIK EnlfOH or I IIK llKtlALDl ?
In tlio 11 ki: a lb today 1 am set down lor a r?pu
licin. I have always been a domourat unvarying'.
Will you do me the favor to bavu soma siauniol
li' ido liy which this wilt lio corrected ;u your pap.*.
\ cry truly, W. 11. MAK1 IN,
[Park Commissioner Martin's correction adds oo
more to the number and fe.aOO to the annual salnf
land ol democratic heads ol departments and burcus
in the city government. It increase* hy |ust io uxib
the absurdity of tho Aldarinnnlc wall over the crul
partisanship of turulng adult sixteen unuo c, say
democratic city oflltiaU and only two republicans.,
lit). 11 KHALI). J
Tho Couitnsnccmcnt exerciser uf iho Columbia Col
lege Law School attracted last evening uu audience
that tilled to Its fullest extern Hie Academy ol Music. j
Some proui.i>?ul cit./eus ?ud member* ot tho liar be- {
I sides two or three judge* oc. up.od seat* oh Ibe slug*.
A table iu I? out, behind which tbo speakers Hood, .
, held u number ot baskets ol Lenulilnl flower*. Iho
graduating clan* nuniberul _( 4 and marched
down tho teuire pa*?age to Keats reserved j
| lor then) In the orchestra bcloro the exer. (
cues commenced. Whoa they were sealed prayer ;
j wait oRered by lit v. ill. Dully, chaplain ol the college. ,
Prolossor Dwigln then briefly addressed the grad- '
uutiug class, in passing no alluded to the settlement |
! of the title to the Kxeoallve o.ltco ol the nation with- '
out a retort to arms, but uy low, as au evidence ot the
poople's growing resptel tor the law. A still stronger
evidence ol their love tor law rem lined lor tho people,
who, with a frowning eye and tcrrtllc voice, should
drive dishonest legislators from tho halls of
legislation. Some ol hi* hearer* would be
practising lawyers, soma legislators, lie said,
and to guido I ho tit la their way* ol lite ho
gave tLcin .,oino sound advice, The practice of law, lie
said, was not the application of fixed rules and prin
ciples, but the employment of the most mobile forces
to existing and oil. u ctmugo .hie events, in tho course
ol hit address Protestor Dwiglrl twice complimented
Mr. o'Conor in the highest tortus ol praise lor his
creditable coudu.l In Iho legal profession,
pointing to him ns due to be omiilatod
by ell desirous ol attain tig to eminence in
tbo law When he bid thu class farewell
Mr. Charles o'Conor advanced to lliu trout of the plat- |
lor in. Ilusud it had beon suggested to him that it
would bo ngrcioublu lor hitu to suy a lew words to a
graduating iIu-h of three hundred while lie was
i|Uioily reading u redan history in Ins country rest- j
dence. T he number was iiiiiniulely ussoeiated with I
stirring ? varus in thu history ol tireece, unu a sort ol
aiipursilliuii impulled III in to accept Iho charge. Here
totore, lie raid, they tiuu been pupils; now ?
they were to go lot ill us preceptors The
luturo | rosontod many grave consideration*,
but this should not lie u cull-1' for lenr. experience 1
would inspiie in Itiein the (tualilit'S requisite to a mas- i
lery ot these diltlculues. Tiiey should remember that j
judicial uuuiuijiy require* lor it* supportu laittiful, !
diligent and cul gnioncu llur. Ttio career Uoioro you |
demands lutogniy, common *eu*u ami leurntug Vuu
have been provided with tltu last; you woro gilied
with tnu second or the third could not have bucu
tmpuried. It is needles* to omphiislso tltu uocesslty
ol Hie llrst. It is a mere truism that neither in pro
lessionul 11iu uor in any ullier cm piom or satlslactlon
result Irom act* marked by its aosvucc. I'orsoua not
forded iu Jurlsprudenca or government as piuciic.it
sciences ollcu lliiugiuo that tho lawyer and tbo j
parly on one side ol every cusu is ill the wrung, !
uud thcrelore culpable. Mdtb unmerited obloquy !
lias tieeu heaped upon prolesioual advo- ;
cacy hi consequence ol mis ooue.pnoii. It is '
n mistake Juries aru almost IliVunubiy lioncst nml
impartial, yet p. is known that tncy ottcu Uud much
(t illiuuliy :n agreeing upon a v. rdioi. \V so .mil learned
judges ultuu deliver muborule disscuts Hum .luugiuuui*
which ultimately receive universal approbation. It
aeeuis Hence to lollow that tbo advocates and parties
on both sides iu many casus :uuy he poifecUy upngot.
Mr. >t'tionor said, In conciu*ion:?Proceed. then, my
young Irietid*. a* your virtuous predecessors, iu an
honorable aud usjlul pi'olossiou, nave lutbcrio do no.
Champion every sound principle, and allord
every lairly debatable question ol law und
lues the bonolit ol legitimate urgumeut in !
the puliliu loruni. Let your skill and i
labor Dot only prnluct inuoctnca', out secure even to
tho evildoer that oiderly adinimsiralon ol just leu ?
Wbtcb win touch turn to less with reverence mo rod
uhi n ain.tos. May lionor muiutaiued uud duty well [
porloruicil mark the career of every one among you,
I und surround it- close with hu| py mgmorius.
| When iho degrees were couicrrod mil tho parch- I
1 nieuts Ui-iriooled, thu audience dispersed, lire lui
i lowing uro tho name* of the gndiii'tng class:?
I'uomiis Alexander, Jr.. William Heurv Alien, Waller
Hcott Allerion, (leorgu Henry Allison, Walter Wu-hnig- I
ton Appelget, Francis llalnlml Appl lon, Murk A.ii, ,
j William il ury llurrlsou Vasitn, William UaOuucK,
I T no in us Humming' lluoc, Samuel Kossilur He lis, |
j tuaik* August Itiuier. Clarence t runk lliruseye, j
' franklin Julius Ulscboli, l.inal.uoi Watson Lctotniag
| dale, Henry F Jitter Hoardniaii, loliu William ltuotubv, .
; Pruderick Antonio R.my, John f i ancic llreutiau, Jacob 1
Lutiicr Urighi, Alfred Small ilrown,t'liarloa If. Hrown,
j Willittui aiuuu Hryan, tieor.u I'.ederick Hudonbeuder,
I Oourilaiidt 1'. I., iiutb'r, Jr,; Jo oil l.eary Cameron, I
j James ltose Carmiclinel, Thomas Davis t'arnval, Jolm |
' Augnsiiue Carney, I.n est Carpomor, Thomas Carey,
LTedvr.uk Ward Callin, Oideoli fucker Clia.qiell, Carl
T bullion Chester, Juipeu Heck Clark. Corislopoer
CaTvih i airge, Ouutge Drmoud Ula '
Clarke, j nomas sfiuell
Clarke, William Addlaou Clarke. ? narioS Frederics
C.lllu, lie roil Albert Cohen, Jaiialbuu DiCnlu.-oii
Coufict, Crank Martin Conklin, Itoneit Joseph Conk,
I'll,up Coopei, William Hansom Cornell, John H.wuU
Coi ?in, Jaclnlu Hiuiion Co= la, Jr. , Xicho.us Kuinanoll
Coltlnuii, Jnuie* Frederick IKrkuiun Crane, C'.oxar
Augustus c'uppia, Michael Henry Cuiruu, Wiol.itn |
Cdiiiohd Curtis, Jr.; Charles .-loaurl Duvitoi), Wil
liam Aug. Peering', Julili Lewis llovenny. Kdwiu
Hull lf.ckcrinau, Frederick W'lJiaiu Diebl, John '
Itliioclunder It.linn, Warren Roger* f)ix, Wihlsm '
ftoderiek Oulferty, Itugn Francis I'olau, Robert Cla. - I
ence Done.l, Waiter ItuloroOK Dowus, Cmreiica Abruiii
Drew, Jacob W'alioslev Dugro, James Allen Humoni,
Jr.; Leorgu lis-? 1 Dunn, lleui.v I row bridge Dysmau.
Wcrgo Williams Lasimio, frank IV. Klwood, Jolm 1
J.aw*r<l Kuali*, Wiltlual Ferdoh, J.inios M. filisimuus,
Joint(ieoige l iaiiit.ier, William It. fritduerj, Kennedy
H.uiev i ulleriou, l.ou a Midi Fulton, Cornelius Foiguo- |
sou. Jr., Jolm CgJiles fieinoui Card nor, John Anson ,
tiaivtr, Wal'd lladlsou c i/l.ty, Jl , Kvuu I'lllHp 1
Ueur|u, Jr., I Ivuigsion it,Herd, WlllMin Jaiuus C.J- j
llllaiij Daniel liiml Cilmau, f rank -choQh Cms*, Jonn :
JoseMli Cleueon," Kdaard CoMscliniidt, Abruhaiu 1
tlobUmitn. \ en.on Do I.'.-* Crave, Ailsler
Creelc, Cardluer Creeuo, Jr.; i baries Itngo
Horn, Puny Haines, Henry Wager llallvak, !
J inii't Uatnillou, John Henry H.niiltue, t tin- i
ton .tuniurd r. arris, annuel llirri., Itl n/.e Lorrn. 1
? aril lini'svli, Coleridge Alien Jim, siiailu's Hiduey i
Hurt Well, Aogusl CM.He* Hassey, Joiiu Hayes, James
Jl.tdavi. ArtIIor Then. Ilnllih li, Frnuklltl lloherl .
Uogellooiu, Jollti Jaeksou llulibell, Csorgel.iliO Hag
lina, IV11:i.im Hint .iniVo. K.tndoleh Hurry, Frederick .
Wit.Will loekvl. Kdw n W right Ivins. Hoh.rt Jaekaon, i
Jo.-epli A. Jacobs, AI Inct fraud) J Ilk), Patrick Jilt
oiiigs, Arilmr Mailirn Joiiiiion, lfwigiu Ai veil Jonei,
Cewrgt fiodTitk Jon s, John l.nmberi Jones, Jr.,
A ... ii h.iho, Leonard Kalis. I), Thomas Heurv Kearney,
KJmoud Kel.y, Arthur Kilgoie, Henry Atuasa King, j
John Mtndixk Km.'. Waller Frederick Kiiig>l..ud, i
Cimrlce Cuorg'u t.o**, Woil.ung Kuifiier. Kdwaul Hun- '
ter I .udon, Mtchuel Joliu l.ungau, W bb.ir l.srrouiore,
Fiank .siiiiiIoi l.e Cinuntc, Kdwurtl Henry l.eggett,
lie li no l.ewinsnii. Ciia.lc- Ferris I.owls, J unes llrvaiil
I. Haley, fcdgur Logan. )r., John AbraUam Loil. Jr., 1
Wesley Anderson Lyon, Ceorgo It. M.Ciaskcy,
XV ii Inn ii Low in McDonald, Cnurle* Mc.Nainco, 1
bpeucor ?? ill M Nary, D mul Datrpi, It.
Xi inmy, I'homas I'lncknev Maklbbeii, Newell I
Mm mi, Charles Meyers, John Hleockir Mi.l.r,
David Mllllkeb, Jr.; William Doisen Mills, ."'ol A.bel't
Minobv, franklin ltinialiiiii Mitchell, Kuxuo xiiura, 1
Charles I r.uici* Cook Moor, Hur.soo layior Morgan, j
It en i y liorguiiinau, Frank ilurdiek M ? ? r i son. Wii.iiin
Hiruni Morriauu, Itluliard John HoAinuu, w hii .ni
M oer, Jr.; If nr.. tVillctl Xluoge, Deter Lou s
Mminly, Felix I ono Murpi.y, II.?m. r Cross Muiphy,
S unuci C iliiuoii Newtou. r r.ii/. Uesiorreicr, M.irbort
.st.. rw iod Ogdcn, Jai ub X an Vcchien ttlcoti, f ranklin
Maruvllus U.dr. J sines D'NuHl. Joseph Fucilicur tlrit. .
I nomas . atnuel Druiistou, Mnes Cnarluck Palmer, ,
Irving Paris, Jr.; f.dward Forhe* l'arkuiui,, i
Willum IJccaiur Parson-.. John I'liou as I'auy, John |
Piition. Jr ; Charles James Pi'itrsou, Wiiluri Wurreu I
Perrv, thomus W'e.-i Peyton, Diepbeu Ptnloin, Fruucix
Willi.hi Pollock, Willuld Hall Porter, 1 tank Hunter
Potier, riienpl.ilu* D.i lgo Powell. Kdward Wiliurd '
prom, June* I'uniicit, cibson Pin/. I, Mauley a K,?y
tnonil, William ximiat Kciliy, Alon. . lUnjumin Revel, \
Charles Andrew Richardson. John Ridley, J wines Lati
mer Robinson. William Rockwall, William Wash- ;
liigiou ."m lb Itoome, Ueibert lalt Root,
Cliailea llaih, Hiram Mills Rullson, Jr. ; K iwuru Rus
*.ll, Arthur Cbaiubers suiiii.ni, Wilbur fisk m.uior.i,
I rank HeliaelHcr. Winter Jacob Scott, I houias K.y
?e. .r, Dniiel Kdwurit .Scjhci, Ihc .Ucro "heldou,
Archibald Campbell Mieusmne, Ceorgu .Scoti .Shop- ]
p.ird, Andrew ill1 land, Jr ; At/tour. M. hlnmid/,
Michael Uenry "igeraon, K lmupd Muuroo .sm.th, f.d- .
ward Cunt* ^niiih, John Frarrnls Fmlth, Kdwnr.l
j'e.iiiplWlou knelling, f iedcrick Augustus neow, Naga
t mi ."oiuu, lir-orce William ttomurindj ke. Kdwnr.l
Wells soul I. worth, I rial) I'ouli y Hpievr, Henry W,l
rnur Sues pole, c'liun.ecy chirK istarkwe ith'T,
Allied Utecklor, Jacob Mtciiihar.it, Wnilam Si. d
dard. Francis John HuL.vuk. Kl...?r Sw..lu,
J Jin Frederick iajisc'Jix, Henry Herm it, lay
lor, Thomas Funkin Taylor, Davi t Clark I'aili,
Kdward \?o?rhoc* Ib.ruall, frank llioadlieid
Tra.y, fruncik F.d nurd irafloid, Muruu V'.ut
Huron Travis, Joseph I'liruin, Charles Fro.'
rri. lt I'.ldi rhill, II. nrv Mavro Van Dozer,
Wjmint X'i.n '/ tmlt. .Ir Allred l-amh XVaiker, Cu..rg? I
Rnrry Wall, JulinJosof h Walsh, David Leon Waller,
Clair nee Davnl Ward, I'liarle* Dougl ra W u ri'r, t'liai ea ,
Heiny Waison. Pan.lord Weils, Jr.; I.ou'.s Werner,
Henry Wakeniun Wheeler, John rioweri Whillnv, John
Maxwell Willrnu.s, C harles Kill XVdli on, Lew is flavld
Wilson. Il.inry Uoo?lricli Woiooii, Ulin-.ou Wolf, Chai- ,
uieis Wood.
Til K 1'NIKkM.
ihe following pit/iia wero aieo Mr trded to lliu alio
cemiul Opmpetiiira; -
h irai prizo In niunioip.il law, $li,tO, to Joseph t I
nmti, a graduate ol the Ofllogo ot New York.
SitojnU prizo to IIwikIiI A. Jouua, a graduate of Y.tio
ilitrii prize to Charles fi Watson, a grednate of Will,
mm - Collego.
t ointnilttc of A war 4 -1'. 1.. Sietnm, (norgoC. ilolt
and It. I'. lato, Ol the New York li <r.
lu the department til Political .it lenco a pr.ao of f ? 0
i. atvarde I to Jox plt I lintap.
IB international law a prize ol fion la awnr-hd to
Kdntuod M. Mmlh, a gruduuo ol AMlMfat College.
Charles Wciul.ardt, of Clinton atroet, Hohokeo, a
prlv.ito w.1101111111), took Pm i* sre n 1 tat t t uning 10 the
presenceot his family, owing to dnrinteitc troubloe,
He relusrd to take n.ijr einctin nod said he wee dotcr
miued to die. 11,? death l< com-ideicd cerium.
E0YTiBT> M >B . N rt Ci'LI.ECTION*.
Tho flno rolleruou of pu.nnug* by I'M yard Moras,
which bail been u i exhibition lor some days u( Ibo
Kuru Gallery, under the appropriate title or "Laud
uuil Sea," i? to bo sold by auction at Association Hall.
Tbo salo begins lo-uighl and will be continued to-mur
row night wbeu tbo pictures belonging to Mr. Morun,
at ttro-i Dt op exhibition in tbo Academy of Llustgu,
wilt ulao be ottered fur sale.
Tb" members ot the Nalioual Academy o! Design are 1
to be couiplimeotcd on ibo excellent lloanoul condi- 1
tloii in which that institution Inula Itself at the present
hour. t'u Iuosduy the last mortgages were paid oil. aud i
fur llio In si time since tbe ercettou of the pros- 1
cut academy building the iiislltuiion Un<ls itself I
completely irco from debt and occupying a sound !
thwmcial position. Not aloim it tbo National Academy j
I re a iroiu debt, but a comfortable balance i- in buuk \n
tnc credit of the institution, which n?w enters uu a
bopciul career ut prasnor ly. hi view ol tins well
being the fees which during the past low ; ? tir* have
lioen t\tni(il trnin the students in the Irawiug school
have beon abobshud, and the original laieutiou of giv
tug lico inairuetiun In nit will be tnainui.iou.
There was n fair uttundauco lu si night at tho Leuvilt
Art Uoontl ou ttio occasion ot thn sale of puiuttligs ;
belonging to Mr. Jacob Voorhus, but there was very ,
little unitnation among tue buy err The prices ob- i
tinned weru Vi ry low. ana iu aoiit') eases scarcely paid
lor the trained. A number of the lea? important pictures .
sold at prices ranging from $'i to it), unit upon these
works Mi. Voorhlos tnust huvo sustained contldorable
lus.-'. Tito following pictures brought iho best prices :? 1
Tho WurprUe, Kretichmnr. $_'ot> |
b tot aring lor ilia Chase, Walker. lib
Fuou lor Gos.il>, liucto lit) I
it.mJy .soured, \ amterveuoe. l')a '
Stupiduy utiu Suiartuoss, Honoris, (each) K"J
l.nko Dunmoro, Hrlstol "no i
Tbo AinuusuaUt). V.uni l"n
1'oud no.ii lluugiune. l.auibluol JUa I
Mother's Help, Velguao I'-'i |
Preparing lor Dinner. I'd) I
Tho Faillilm Knoud, llerungor JJO |
Klock ol Sheep, Suhenck 'Job
Flirtation, Kscitsura IDS |
L'uprt, linhuet 'Jab I
I'hc Hui't, Carulus Eli
Portrait ol Prayer, Prey or ills lib
Interior ol a Cliutoiu jsb
I'he Art I.usaoii, Carand J no
Jealousy, Uubuer .'lib
Tbo Uejeuaer, Samson li.O
'I bo oruugu Uat buret'., Sam gib
Tbo New Shoos, Cipriani l'.lo
lb the Corutleld, Vau lugun IP)
Landscape and Cattle, Savery 110
Tbe remaining paintings and water comr ..mwiacs
will bo soid this evening, ou Friday iilieruoou tho
Rcuipturo, vases and bric-a-brac will be sold.
The members of ibis uselul organization held tbo
closing reception ol tho sca.-ou ut their rooms on Km It
avenue lust evening. A good many prominent New
York artists exhibited pictures and sketches us
uu eucourasumeal to the studcuts. It was aunouueud
that ttio schools of thu l.eaguo will ho promptly re
opened us lire llrst Monday m October, una that ar
rangements have been nt ido to widen tho lli-ld of
practical instruction by lectures ou Iho higher brunches
ol art. Mr. Milrlow has b.-ea secured as class in
structor for tho corning season.
Tho auuual Convention oi tho diocese ot Rung Island
continued its business yesterduy tu Hie Church ol tho
Holy Trinity, Brooklyn, B>sbop Euiiejohu presiding. j
At the busiuess ses.lou tho ltov. I)r. Scheuok, of Si.
Ann's, read an interesung report ou the institutions
ol tho Church Charity Foundation. Dr. Hnskius pre
sented a canuu ou tho institution ol ministers so as to
givo portusuoacy to tho pastoral olllco. As it Is now
the average pustorutu ot tho clergy does not exceed ,
tbreo yours, uud tie called on u bruihcr wuo hud ro- 1
ccntly come to Brooklyn, but found that alter five '
inouths' pusiorato he liud reslguud aud gotta elsewhere.
Tho Methodists, who have given tho itinursncv a
lilu-loug ti laf, uro tired ol It und uro uow clnuorous
lor a tnuro extended pastorate than three years, and
the Doctor was opposed to thu moving about ut Prot
or.luut Episcopal tuiuisiors Irom cliurcb to church.
Tho K ir. Dr. naively is tho only rector ut lbs uiuceae
who lias been tiisiuutu I tor tcu yearn. It was found
that tbu canon was tu uouihcl with u oanou ot the Hen- ?
erai Convention on tho same subject uud it wu* re
ferred io the Committee ou Cauuus.
i he twllowiiig per.ous weru elected mcuibctsot the
Standing committee ol the dioceseItev. Drs. C. II.
Hah, t, Sudani Diowne. J, a 1'adduQk uuil J. C.
MiutU and Messrs. It K. Pierr.-poat, Judge Gilbert, C. I
It. Marvin and W. Floyd Junes. Meuioers ot tno Mis- |
siuuary Co'Jiiiulloe?Ituvs. i>. V. M. Join.son, D. II. ;
W. A. Snively, S. I. D.; C. W. Homer, C.ii. hllswunn, 1
J. A. Aspmwnll and Messrs. A. V. lllsko, S. D. C. I au
Holtkolvu. J. A. Hewlett, VY. A. Waring auu I.. If
Greene. Deputies to tnc General Convention?lit v.
Drs. C. H. Uuil, N. 11. sotieuuk, If, A. Suivoiy and I.
S. Drew no aud Messrs. J. W. Gilbert, H. E. I'iorropoiil, j
II. E. Prineo uud t A. Towusoud. For Provisional
Deputies?Kev. Drs. J. A. Paddock, W. 11. Moore, e. ,
C>>.\ aud G. tV. Minib uud Mtssrs. Morgan, Towuscud,
Uewluitund C. t. riiniin. Resolutions on leinperauco
weru passed and reierred tu a committee cou. siuig ul 1
live iiiiu stsis and live lav men who urn lo prepare uu
address giviug the sense ol tbo Convention on Hie vieu I
of drunkenness and Iho necessity for limiting the i.Uin
btr ol t pp.ing housos or shutting them up altogether.
Alter the tran.uctiou of some minor mutters the Con
vention adjourned.
Our Jewish oltix.ns will cclcbrnlo to-morrow and
tnu loliowing duv (.Saturday) us ilic Feast ui T'euicooai,
Uie IllHelh day alter I'a.-sovcr. U la icgarded oa a
peculiarly liitcrosiiug Icsiival among' the Hebrew poo
plo, being proDuuucoil as tlio .inn.vort-ary ut tho revolu
tion on .Sinai, tho Inundation ol ail Jewish us well iu ot
much ol the (Jen I lie law. In coioiccpieiior, tho lou
Cuuiiuamlmeou nro rchcarced with becoming devotion
una aacrcdnvss iu a 11 tliu Jewish temple,. una syuu
goyurs. Ilia al?o oilmen lis n proper day iiinnng the
rvioimed noi l ut lUu Jews loi lliu coulirinuliou ot |
tho you lifter members ol the various congtcgniious? ;
u ceremony extremely uilrr??Uti;i. Alio Jewuu piuoi .i
ol worship are usually noooruiod wivn extreme ta?iu
on una occasion, tb? Moral dlalribuliuu* being rare
und lavish, lu Ilia priin'.i| al place* shi moiis will on
delivered by tho loilowlug ranbies.?,u loiuplu Fui,.n
tiel by Dr. tiotihoil; in Temple Ah neat h Onrs*d, Dr.
Jluehsch; in ictnplo lletliel, l?r, Kiuuuru; lu buriy
luui th street dyuagogue, Dr K. do .-om Monde*; in
1 hirty-loitrtb street Synagogue, Air. Jacobs; iu the
Mnvteoiilh stteel Synagogue, |ir. Ileur/ 1*. Ale odea,
who baa recently arrtvod from Kngland. It should no
Mlaieii thul the Pentecost air vices aio hold ill tlio Jew
l.-li lenipica only on one day, Friday, In Ihe ayna
gnguca on hoih days, Friday and Saturday
Tn-day beinr Ascension Day, recording to Ihe Or re It
Church, divine service will be held in the .Slavonic
language lu the (ircck-Hu.islau Chapel, al eleven
In tho Wcaihuid (N J.) churnh cure, alnre tho last
appeal wits tukon to the (to hern I Asaomb'y, u coin
iiiitleo Iroin tho church and congregation waited ou
Be v. Air. MoKclvey and urged llitii, lor the suko ol ibo
peace ol the Church and the best inlotc-U ol all con
cerned, to surrender lliu parsonage to tlio iruslrc-.i
within a reasonable lime, limited tu nine month*.
Mr. MoKclvey, bowevor, refuses to consent to that i>r
any arrangemeut. t'tiero is tin lorminuiiou o> existing
tli:ii..ullioa looked lor now egcept through tin) action
al Chicago in itio liouorul Assembly.
The Nurlhvllle Church troubles, wh ch res itted In the
bur ning ol the church edifice on Atoudny night, were
ol the most hitler cbaratier. There it a story tu the
cfloct that ih.\v grow out ol a pr.vato acandal, but
there appears to bo no proper Inundation loi it.
Immediately allirtho burning ot the chutch tho
opponents ol Mr. Wrigbt made accusations ugainsl bun
ol he I tig tha incendiary, it being alleged Ih u ho hud
undo threali which would war,ant thia conclusion.
On Tuesday ultciuoun, accordingly, w.ur.uU were
Issued by Justice Young lor lliu uirualul Wright and
Ills wile, and they who takeu into custody.
Ttioi'c w.ia mi vxtiainalion iu ihu even
ing at IhoKorihVilin Academy, it which I).strict At
torney Wickliuin appeared tor iho prosecution and N.
l>. I'tniy, ol Kivurunad, lor tuo accused. An iinun-usu
ciowii was present and tho excitement was veiy gic.it,
and lh. ro woro Some tiidlcaunna id a d.aposili ill lu
violence. tlallocg I. l.Uce, one of tlio cluucli trustee-.,
U.vac flatmck, I*. Iiavoll, c.cik ol ihe cbureh, ami
lorry x. lluusnn tostilb it tu tlio thivius ol Wright tu
bin n the i lunch.
ink r.v tok a ai'ATNkkkr.
I lib District Attorney ,ukcU Wrignl iCuuipljr: - '?* J
you *ot tiro lu tho Nurthvi.lo Church " when Wrigbl
answered loudly and with gruat decision, ??So, sir!"
'loom w i cuusldciablu ol Mr. Wright's previous his
tory inisad up in tho eaaiuiuaiMHi that h id uu paruou
lar bearing uii tho rase.. Mr* Wright and her son. ine
Inner about 'uurtwu yours old, corroborated liu tc.tw
Justice Young decided la discharge the defendants
on thoir owu tccnguiaanM. Ilio truaiovs ptopuae to
lay tlio case bojoio thn tiraud Jury, ntid M i ghl pro
poses to sue I he m lur d vihiig*?.
(Sort ?I..'(tern 'trended lor this ro'.uuiu must Pi
accompanied by ins writur's lull uaitio and udilre.ti It
tnaare attention. Cvmpliigiuu who are anwiluog t j
comply with [L a rule a.triply waste Uuo 'D wrlLyg.-a
Kit. HKKAl.lt.]
Bt'NDAY fL.tr foil THE BOY3.
To tiik Elbrus of Tint Hlhii.ii:?
Wny is il thai we working lie)* cannot have I be
bull ground ou Suudayt .' \V# arc not allowed 10 play
any wliure lu (lie eiiv. U would bu no liarn W> tut us
huvo u L'utue ou ?' unJay ustur being couhtiod sll lbs
week. the cliy authorities waul to mako old men of
us before our lime. A utile athletic exercise on Sun*
day would do uu mure no. d than mediums, uud ers ho|te
that "Ohio want Will be iak:n Ity Hid proper an
tborttles to allow u- to have iur ha*rhu|i ground, or
II i.ot 10 allow us to pi i>* lu the Vacant lots upiow n,
wliure nobody livia, and nil Lbnsewauung io play
should huvo ft permit, sigand by ibeir ump<*iyore and
?<une thy <? (Ti 11. l'uo|> o will h iv it would be 4
nuisance 10 ailow us to have the I'arlt, but it would
put use i>i' lit ? s unit u as us. Uo.va, Keep lite ball r?lu
?r>s; aud compel lueui to let us huvo Sundiy lor ball
playtnp WORKLXu BuVA
To rut; Editor or ijik 11 kkai.tt: ?
Cannot the prevailing uaisuuco of women's bate he
uh.ilcd iu tin alios r I visited one the other night hut
could -co uuilnnc but iliu beads of tbo performers in
CoiuMdHuneu u! a hut iu the suat bclum inc.
To tiik Kuitok ok tiik Ukualo: ?
Can you toll me, edibtire,
What bus houjinu of the struct sprick'nlssf
i or in ibis du.iy and warm wnattanire,
An 1 in itiu touii to c.on sunutairc,
The streets all need Soul* Cold walnlM.
Now pray, don't mink I'm an old pruuiblnlrr,
1- or 1 only want to soo Ihiu is dotto .air
SPRINKLE THE Jt. t'j k\ AilDK.
To tuk Koirou of Tun Uhu.u.ii: ?
I bellovu there is a uity ordmaueo cuiniwiltrg lbs
Street or I'ark Commissioners to ku i|? the btulev.ird*
sprinkled certniu months in tbo year, lam I be or
cupsutoi bouse No. 1*411 Hast Itl-ltb street, which Is it
bou.uv.ird, ami tlto saute bis no. becu sprinkled
sinco I nave lived tnoro excupting once, on h Sund iy
morning. The carpets ill tbo House are literally
ruined. JOHN U. 1'aXmiv
hiiuw lOUU HAND.
To thk Kin roil of tiik HRRAhUi
A notice appeared iu your "Complaint Hook" a Tow
days ugo in relerenco to curd playing uu iLie Harb in
bouts, signed J. lluiiiiuu, till West I'.iib stroei. I'lesso
periint iiio to state thui no person by tltul u.une resides
or to tuy knowl dge ever b is resided at the number
given lu my opinion il Mr. lioliuui is bouesi lu Ins
motives ho will not object to giving bin own address
uud assumiug ibu respoiu'.oiluy ol personally proving
bis statement My object in noticing the arltuin
named i-, to call yonriiiirniioo to the maimer in wbrt-.p
yoer "Complaint Book" is abused ny unscrupulous
persona. KeapcQi.ully, HUN CHIT.
To TIIK Glttrop Of TIIK Hkllat.U:-?
Keclng by newspaper accounts tbo destruction of so
many vuluable lives caused by the tailing of Ill-con
siructud buildings aud by urclntcuiuru! blundors, I
would, lor tbo sako of bumuniiy, cull your altention
tiud tno altetiliuu of tbc public at large to a building
in course ol reconstruction on tbo corner of seven
teenth street uud Hro.ulw.iy, tormorly the property of
Dultlel Drew. It is one ol tbo must dangerous aud i'l
constructed buildings ever aruohd in ibis or any other
CI I Its glider is ol spruce and lis dlinousio.is not
aulllolrnt to support a tureo siory bonding. I'lierc is
not onn stirrup irou in ibu truinuwerk of lbi< wliol#
building. ft. C.
To tiik Editor ok tuk IIkiiai.u.?
fine of (be most duiigerous streets for curnieu and
horses is Cliuion strcot, from Mast Uroudway to (South
street. It is in a truly uisgraceinloonditicn. Atrodk
man witli luiuituro or any easily broken material
linds il nearly iinposaiblu to drivo through ilie street
Without injuring ins load or horses. 1 trust lliui,
tUrougn too iiiudium ol your valuable "Complaint
Book," komstlilOi! may be duno lor ibu poor iiritoitii.
natus w ho uavu lo drive ibrougb Id's sircul every day.
Til TUK EldtOit Of TUK libit AMU?
Will you sparc u liuu iu your valuable paper about
tbc condition ol Maiauii blue? There are hundreds of
wagonssluek in the large boles In tbo sircot every
' ? . By inserting tficse (Cw nnnvut will veiy inueti
To tiik Kiiitok or thk Hkualui?
Will y ou, through tne colamns of your valuable pa*
por, o? 11 tbo ultiuiluu ol the proper authorities lo tbo
lernble condition of the paving in Meat Vwettib street,
bciwci n fourth sircct and Qrnouwicb avenue. 1'bo
street Is lull of holes, and numerous largo cobble
s ones .t.v uboui, giving tue street u very nod and
slovenly uppoaruncr. Wo would ub>u be glsd if wo
could, by any possible iiirane, get rid ol tbo tracks,
kit, lelt stauding in the snort
MnUK Nli'il.KCr.
To TIIH tilllTUK OP TII h IIrkauu: ?
Ou .-.alarday fortieth street, between Seventh and
I. gktli avenues, wim swept auil a portion only ot ilia
dirt oorud uway, lor on Muuday morning ilio strcdt
looked m? if h tinii ooi bee n swept (or a month. Tin*
la the second time iftii secimn Ilia public money lias
bocu warned id Una maimer. It costs tin more 10
IVN| SlSBft. MK00M81ICK.
To TUK L III TO It or TIIK tlKRAto: ?
Noticing iu tiro Ui.u.w.o k*ta>mpl*lnt Baok" on tvro
or thru* occasion* article* purporting to muanato from
cil./ams ol Harlem ala'.tns that *#veral ot Uio gisoltue
lamps have exploded, unit lliul too lamps urn Iro
queiitly v x 11 ii x ii iiui <-ti by Ilia least wiud, 1 desire to
suite that, being a resident of Hiutrm. *n>t danroa* of
In lugnm Itio grasping saa ti.ouop.dr to reisoiiubo
lei in*. I nm J'*'! u licw method bail been adopted lor
lighting tr.e *tree l?. mid mnrn tb*-so lamps tiavo been
ill iisu 1 huv" carefully oli-orvad Ihein during the
ti.gbl and luuii.l lli.il they gave a light about c-qu.u la
lbs gaslight. t have also mujo ill I la" JI inquiry u.out
I lis etplmion* .in-ninmed in your article*. nui have
brcu unable lo lind where .my occurred. laid lliul,
however, DBS ol the rust-.- mi-intone*. but ?t< Inkl by
Uio puny t.ving in tlio nouse nppusilu ilio lamp turn it
tin) not etplodo, bci lank tiro irom a leak iu ibo pip*
ainl moixi} burned tb? lop ol ilio lamp.
To tiik Kb iron or run U*kau>:?
Will you bo kind enough to give apace la your rata*
ablo co uions to Uio complaint Of one ol many I a* pay
er* living on wb.it la known at Lenox Hill who are
iudVrors by tUe trilling ol the CornuiLsslonor ol 1'iiblm
Works? ."-oiihi months ago ?? wru blessed wiih *
pressure ol water roachIng to the third atory ol tba
houars in our neighborhood. But withioalow day i
Uio axlraordinury f.ow coawd aud wo ware (lad to
have water al our basement laps. Meantime some
house owner#, deluded by the CommPMIOuer'S luonien
lury energy, removed iboir tatiks aad llHia deprived
thcmac-lvc-s ol Uio ouiy means ot obtaining water in
tlin upper stories ol their dwelling*.
About six Weak* ago, to our surprise and itrhfbt,
wo again received u lull supply ol water. Hut tor
some unaccDuutHbie reason u *u lueniy stopped u*t
Friday, mm), it wc are to be guided by p**l r\f?erH*ne?
iu furiii'UB our Hopes, it will be moiithe before as
? bail have uuothur sucli spasmodic show ol cuergy.
'i ne season i* iipprommrtg when, tnoro iban at air
oilier tune ot the year, uu abuuduut nud iiiuoterrup'.id
supply ol good wutur become* an md.aponaubla nvces
Mty to eleaiillnesa aud llenlUi. i\iu vou not in soma
way impress upon tno Commissioner tbo grout im
portance ot Una matter'* M.
V A Nl>A l.IM.tf.
To tiik Kdito* or tiik IIkksi t? ?
In reply to jour couiuiuuicaliou headed "I'rofoet
Ilia abadc t ress, ' I would say ihai until tba city gov
erumcnt adopt* stringent regulation * on that subject
I would ad Visa evoi vbudy lo i?t Uulit "go lot lis dog*."
I'ltC talugiapb lotupnliiea lu this city auti liolgbburbuod
do with litem what they ilko. Moms iwu or threw
year- ago llioir uivu completely Uc-troyasl almost over/
treo in i'ntv*r*ity plain irom LigbUi streot to four
teenth aucit. lini trees wcra romowbat iii\bo way
of their new liuo ol puloi, mid llioir man either cut
lId;m entirely dosi it or else .-lit ell nh I Bo limb*, so (but
(no trunk* died ml the uc\l ?uinuitr. I own soma
property nour HoiMikim, and *<*1 out, roino ton ye.tr*
ngo. sen s >!u ilies fllry bato grown to bo vorv
lute, sod 1 w.i- auitcipaiiiig great plew-ure Irom Iheni.
I.s-t winter roiin tclcgi ipu poles and wire* were *e|
ui' directly ? v.-r llica., and its soon as the tree* mow a
lew ice) b gbci I n.iicipate tliey will bo cut oil by til*.
IClugiapli people Tlicao inen actually went tt Ur M
Pi enter mm ol my lie glibor'a gardeua *nd comiucnca
to out oil a v.i.uublo tbada trcn because iu brartcboa
luicrt red with tlic.r wlreannd pule*, lha proprietor
Oi Jerod them off, but wits laughed at, and ouiv ?uc
ceaded in <luT:iig Shoot iiway utter lie bad gutbereit
, r. Uiaineo togi-'ber uud urtuotl th?ot with guua und
dog . 'I berelors 1 *sv let tbo trees go to tba dog* until
ilio lei grapti companies nro compelled to pay aom*
utt"ution lo the rights ol property holder-*
Jk. X. u

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