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rami ii cnira.lL
The Stock Market More Active,
but Irregular.
Government Stocks Firm and
Railroad Bonds Irregular.
GOLD 107 A 107 1-8 A 107.
Money on Call Easy at
2 1-2 Per Cent.
Wau Stkkkt. J
WrtmiSDAY, May Hi?0 P. M. )
There was iiULor more animation in I ho stock mar
ket this morning, ami the sales list shows an lucreaKa
ol SO,000 iharos over yesterday's business. A part ol
this was due to a fresh excitement in Western Union,
which proved to be exceptionally wouk and sold down
nearly two points iroin the best figures ol yesterday.
A day or two since it was tbe favorite of the market,
the hulls in -naiite protending to foresee u euro protlt in
its purchase, and even the bears conlessing that It was
a dun. orous property to soil short. This morning it
turner! out ns Hut as small beer, with cousidcruble mure
eagerness to pour out long stock through the hung
thuu through the spigot. As u reason tor this suddou
chance ol base the report was widely circulated tliet
the business ot the company bad seriously lulleu oil
and thai the extcusiou ot the Atlautic uud Pacific
hues to New Orleuas and other Southern cities
would scon be an accomplished fact and u lurtlior
source of opposition. It is a little curious thut this
Information should only havo boon obtainod within
the last lorty-eicht hours, when iho "talk" hae been
all the other way for the lust month. A further causo
tor the Increase of transactions was the return to the
market of several ol tbo large operators, who did soma
lively skirmishing, particularly in Luke Shore and the
coal stocks, but changed sides so frequently, to all ap
pearances, that tbe most experienced scalpers failed
to make out whether they were short or long?friends
or foes, lu curly dealings the anthracites were Ucaiy
and lower; the uctton at tbe meeting being taken to
foreshadow* an abandonment ot tbo compact promised
for the 1st of June, while much doubt was expressed
us to Air. iloweu's consent to stop production
for a month, us was suggested oy the con! representa
tives. In tbe afternoon, however, u strong
t ally set in, which was started and kept going by a
report thut Air. Gowen had cabled ever bis approbation
ol the project. Any steps taken to limit production
and thereby to assist in working oil'the superabundant
supply, with u consequent improvement in prices,
seem to ho in uccorduncc with commercial coininuu
sense?a commodity which the managers of these cor
porations havo not recently been much troublod with, i
There remain, however, tbe domestic difficulties at
taching to tbo closing ol mines, the support of miners |
out ol work, and, perhaps the need of ready money, |
which may prove embarrassing. A lurther source of
the curly depression, which should have been noted
tbovc, sprung from a rumor thai Ibol'enusylvaniaCoal
lompuuy had contracted with the Krlo Kuilwuy for
(be conveyance ol their coal to tidewater at rates so
luvorahio thut they would bo enabled to materially un
der ell their competitors. Whether such arrangements
have bocn made or not It is quite cerium that tbo
Pennsylvania having stuck to Its legitimate business
and kept out of the mongrel condition ol the other com
panies is uiono capable of ussum.ug uu antagonistic
po itioii uad ot keeping 11. The general railway list,
In sympathy with tbe coal shares, grow boiler toward
ino eloso and llnisbod nearly up to tbo highest figures
in Hie day.
Tho sales of octlvo stocks to-day aggregated 183,449 j
shares, which wero distributed us follows:?.Vow York i
Central, 10,780; Marlem, 310; Krle, 100; Lake Shore, j
.If?li; Northwestern, 100; Northwestern preferred, j
1.400; Keck Island, 0,000; Milwaukee and St. Paul, I
lull; Milwaukee and St. 1'aul preferred, 4,000; Defu- I
ware, Lackawanna and Western, 07,8,>0; New Jorsoy
Central, gOU; Delaware and Hudson Canal, 0,722; Mor- j
rlsar.il Ksaox, 8,700; .Michigan Conllal, 3,835; Illinois i
Zuutral, 000; C.,C. and I. U, 300; Hannibal und St.
Josupb, hub; Hannibal and St. Joseph preferred, 100:
Ohio and Aflsslsslppi, 1,500; Western Union, 43,700; i
Pacific Mail, 1,800; American Merchants' Union K.t- I
press, 5U7.
The following tablo shows the opening, highest und I
lowest prices ot mo uay
Opening. Hiyh'tt. Lmvrst.
New York Central U-'.i '??- ' t U2
Hurlein ? ? ....... . 14u 'a 14UJ. 140
Kri i 0;", 0 I) '?
l.uko dtioro 62 62'j 61 \
N oribwosiurii prelerred 10 ? 46,^ 46
liock Island !?_' Ug;,
Miiwuukeo and 81. 1'aul 18.1,, 1S'4 IS?.t
Ml.waukei- utid M. 1'aul prof.. IS 4S'4 4
Delaware, Luck, and Western 42,'., 46}$' 42 )?
Ohio and Mississippi 6 d
Western I'ulon UUi'4 fii. -4 02,sn
Pacific Mull 20'j 21'4 20'4
1 lie following allows tlic iidvuucc nud decline In the
closing prices of the principal active etocus to auy as
Bo in pared with those of yesterday:?
AnVANCK.? Lake >hore, }.j; 8t. I'aul, 1 a; Delaware,
LauKHWauna unit Western, 2; Delaware and iluusou,
1;?; Michigan Central, >. ; Pacitlc Mail,
Hkci.ixk. ?Now York Central, Kno. ; North
Western. ; Northwestern, prelerred, ; ltoek Island,
; Pittsburg, ; Western I uion, ,.
ctiUaixo paicaa?i> p. y.
The lollowlng were tno closing prtuue at three P.
Ili't. A.-l.'l. Vi,l a*M.
At it Hue Tel.. I'-' i 2' 1*4 Kan A Texas ?
Nortliw, sterti. 2")j 21 i..ike Shore.., ."eg1, ?
>ii,iu... -i |? t. I.. ; i.i j .Mich < eatrsl. s.: 42'x
line. I lane on Morris a Kt* . no',' nti' ?
i:.. B. a y .tun', lnt', .Mil Jt st i*unl. in'| IK',
- (1, AM ... I , 2 Mil A St P ,,l . 4M'tl 4*'4
r., I!., i'. A I. 27'j 28 Mariposa u 5
I'lilsburg. s.'i'j 88 Mariposa pf... u'-a
lib'.t Vitnn.. K2 M '8 N 1 i i in ml HI1, 01
v Vlt.pl .. KM ? N .1 Central... s " n',
nii.nl ileal... dJi'j 113 M J Soutaera. u '?
uiitoii .. 2H 26 OhioA Mis- .. Ptl, .
I> i. AM .. 11 4 Paclfle Mull. . 21 21
I .v II l.'au. to Panama 00 ' Jimo
AUams r.x... 1*U, IDO p.irt Wayne.. PAUlt'.,
ii t.xprsns., -I'.'', .'in I'ur A Mn-uu. t'a 4
i rdied .tales, in;, 41 (JniCMsltrer.., I I'., ljr,
Weils-t urgo Kl'. ki , Unick prtf.... 21'.. 22'.
ton'. .. ' ', hi I. A I VI ... ., ?,
Ilariciu. . llloti 111 Mli K 11 N... ?!? I',
II ..n A M I H 12', 111 St L K 0 N pi. 27),. 28)2
ll ., 0 Ill's) 24 21', I Iltnll Pile! lie. I IT1 , llh
Dili.i ? i en. 1,7', Weat Cnloa... ikl UH'2
him Pacific .. 1', ll
Moucv on call waa easy all day at 2 a 21, per cent,
Tho loliowmg woro the rates oi exchange on New
York at iho undermentioned cities to-daySavun
nnh, buying 4-16, selling 6-16; Charleston easy, ollsr
lug Iroely, <4-10 a premium; St i.ualt, 1 lopremium ;
Cincinnati euty, buying pir, soil log MO; New Orleans,
commercial (?? u V-152, bank *t, uni t.iucigo tirra, 60
premium. Foreign cxclieayo i* rm and tho nominal
tsuiugratci unchanged, * ,'b :.<!vo buairio a ui4.87
tor i inkers' sixty davssurlmg nud 4.69 tor doinaud.
mi uoi.n MAi.i.i.,.
Oold opon'd at 107, advanced to 107 and reacted at
the close to 10". 1 bp carrying rates were 1 and 2 per
out. Lontia woro mIxo tnado flit. I'uu specie ship
Menu to-day aiiipunt to 1460,000, gold coin, the
Steamer Krmcs having 62UU,uoo an I lbs liu
< 2",o,i mo on board.
<.oid cloarlnge at the National Dank ol tho Mate ot
Ni vv York:?
Oold balances 11.171.47 I
Currency balances. l,24'. .-oi
Orota 10.1?6;,W0
cuuaixa uwchk utathxuxt.
Curit iicy o trh.nigu*. $011,680,111
Curruh' y bulam t s 3,726,14d
Hold exulutngto 6.222,278
bobl balaucus 822,421
covi.iixHi.sr mitna
Government bonds were firm uud m the uftornooii
aCvauocd slightly. Tit# toilow i.g wore tho closing
quotationsI'niisd Slates currsoey sixes, 126,'< a
J%f>\ ; do. do., 1881, reglfctcrod, 114*, a 114 ; do. do.,
du, coui" u, 116,'v ? n/.?, ; do. do., 1806, new, regis
tored, lll>g a 111 V! do., coapOD, llltg a
111 '4 ; do. do., 1867, regbtored, JU'4 a 114^, ; do. do.,
do., coupon, 1X4,'4 a 114'i; do. do., lies, registered,
118: do. do., do., coupon, ltd; do., teBdortles, r gis
H2\ a 112 1; do. d coupon, 11.1alia."*}
do. Utcs, 1111, rcg etercd, 1IIJ4 a 113; do. do., coupon,
Ill* *11*; da 4V?, 1891, reglitsred, 107ft a 107ft'; I
do. da, coupou,- 108ft a 108ft.
The London advices report consols ft a ft per cent
lower and United State* bond* a shade weaker than ut \
the cloao yeeterday. Krie common waa slightly lower, j
but the prolorred was steady. Now Vorlt Contrel j
dropped 1, and Illinois Central lft per cent. This !
it "fortnightly settling day" at the London Stock I
Exchange. There waa but lltllo business doing
at the Stock Exchange, three failures were an
nounced in connection with the settling. Tne
closing price* in London were:?Consols tor money
and account, 03 ft' a Do'*; new lour and a hall per
cent bonds, 102ft, ex coupon; tlvo-twenty bonds
ol 1897, 108ft; tan-lorly bonds, 108ft a 108ft;
now fives, 106 ft a 106ft; Erie common shares,
Oft a 6ft; do. preferred shares, 17; New York
Ccutral, 89; Illinois Central. .14. In I'uris rentes lell '
trout 1021. 40c. to 102r. 20c., and exchange on Londou
was quoted et 26 f. ltic. Oar silver was quoted at
91 9-lod. per ounce.
Revenue receipts to-day were $350,000
customs receipt* 280,000
Dank notes rsoeivcd 1,000,000
Stato bonds at the Bo.-ird were steady lor Tennessee
sixes, ucw series, and Missouri long sixes, to which
dealings wero confined.
Tho fellow lug wero tbo latest bids:?
Alabama.I s, IW 'Hift Mo U'i. II.k Kt J i*s.'M. 100
Mabmiia 0'?, . . 39'. ,\lii 11 IJASt.l i??. '*7 loo
Alabama H ?, lSdO Jtuv N Y d's. gold loan, '91. 120
Alabama b's, IB48 .... 3'Jft X C lift, old, J A J 21
Alabama t 1 4l?2 20 S 0 (l'?, uld, A A M 21
Alabama H's, 1*93 IP? N C il'?, NO ItR, JAJ... It".
Arksuoat lift. funded . 2lift N C On, XC 111!, A.tO.. ttl 't
Art 7'?, L K .t Ft S Wi 0 X C Hft, X'0 Kit, .1AJ.. 47'.
Ark 7A, Mem ,t Lit It.. bft X C lift, SO UK. AA'b 47ft
Ark 7V Ark t'su Kit... 5 N C Funding Act.lXdO. 12
Connecticut <i'? tin X T Kundinir Acl.lXdS. 12
Di? ut Ool :c*krt's, ll'g4. 74 'ft X O uew,.i X J 1*1 .a
DIh of Ool 3.lt,V?. r 71ft. X 0 Itnw, A A O Il'ft
lleorul* it's 07ft N 0 Special Tux.claio.I 2
Oourgia 7A. iiaw 1117 X O ouecial Ta*.clit?2 2
Georgia 7'?. indoraod .. 104 X O Special Tux.clus'-J 2
Ooiira'a 7'a. void bonds |o7ft' (ihioilH.lKi.il 114
lllliiom cull tl'a, 1870.. Ill.'i Rhode Ikluud lift Ill)
lllliiol* war loan 103 South Cnrolina ?)'? 44
Kentucky H's II *t So Oar I) h. J A J 4<J
LoiiUluna U'a It So Curb's, A 1 0 40
Louisiana H's, now 41 So ('ir Fund Aft, IHOd. 4o
Louisiana H's. n* FltO -14 So Oar Lunil O'.'HU.J ,tJ 00
Louisiana H'o, levuu.... 44 So OarLand O.btO.AAO 5"
Loaiaiana s'a, levee... 44 So Oar 7'o, 1X88 40
l.oiiisi.iiia 7'a, i-oiisol . Xtl So Oar noli fund hdi. . 2ft
.Miclilgan tl'a, 1878-79. 102 Tennessee OA, new.... 40ft
Mich lean <!'?, Imxh :.. 1(17 Ten ne wee H'a. u serins. 43.ft
Michigan 7'?, ISUO 112 Viririnia Oft, old 22
Missouri <Vs, 1S77 102ft Virginia Oft, rcw, 1800 82
Missourill'?. 1K7S. l"2ft Virginia <>'?, con-ol Sift
Funding ha*. 1X04-5... 1<i7 Virginia il'n, ox-iuat cp 70ft
Long bila'HU lo'ht). incl. 100ft Virginia Oft, con, 2d sc. 42
Mo U's, Any or L'n, '02. 11*1
Railroad bonds were irregular, with the following
changes in prices compared with last previous sales:?
An advanco of 1 per cent In Ohio and Mississippi con
solidated, ft in Mllwuukeo and St. Paul (I. und M.
division) und Pacific Railroad of Missouri seconds, and
ft In New York Central firsts registered, Union Pacific
firsts and sluklug lunds. There was a doclino of ft
in Lehigh aud Wilkosburre consols, ft In Michigan
! Ccotial sevons uud New Jersey Central convertibles,
and ft it Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific sevens.
ritODUCB KX0K11T8.
i Receipts ol produce, &o., at Chicago from Muy 1 to
| 14, 1876 aud 1877, twelve business days:?
1876. 187*.
Bushels. Bushel*. Bushels.
, Wheat 440,1.'>5 82,970 Dec..357,185
I Corn 1,319,377 1,940,979 Inc. .621,602
(bits 693,72fi 619,4.77 Ilea, 34,263
I Rye 22,u67 37,033 Inc.. 14,081
Barley 60,702 66,330 I)oc.. 4,372
1 Totals 2,390.016 2,633,774 Net Inc.240,708
Flour(tibls.) ... 126,304 116.113 Dec.. 10.2S1
Hogs 122,200 137,972 Inc.. 16,772
Uccolpts of wheat at Mllwuukoe from May 1 to 14,
1870 and 1877. twelve business days:?
1S70 495,774
1k:" 482,054
Decrease . 13,720
The closing prices ol Philadelphia stocks wero:?
Bid Asked.
City sixos, ucw . 112 ft 113
1'nited.Uuilroudn ol New Jersey 130 130J
Pennsylvania Railroad 33ft S3,1
Reading lift 11.1
Lihigh Valley 34 34;
Cutuwtfcsu Railroad, preferred 30 31
Philadelphia uud Krle 8 9
Schuylkill Navigation, preferred..... 7 8
Nurtheru,Central Railroad 17ft 18ft
Lehigh Navigalton 18ft 19
mi Crock ami Allegheuy Railroad.... 6 6ft
Hcstonville Ruilwuy 14ft 15
Central Transportation 34 35
Tito following were tho opeuittg quotations for min
ing slocks at Suu Francisco to-dayGould A Curry,
4ft; Sivage, 2ft; Choliar I'otost, 18ft; Ophlr, 7ft;
Halo & Norcross, lift; Crown Point, 4; Yellow Jacket,
6; Belcher, 3; Imperial, ft; Virginia Consolidated, 24;
California, 24; Ovormau, 4.ft'; Raymond k Kly, 2ft;
Eureka G. V., 3; Rest k Belcher, 9ft; Kentuck, 2;
I uion CousoLdated, 2ft; Alpha, 7; Meadow Valley,
lft; Sierra Nevada, 1; Mexican, 6; Caledonia, lft;
Silver Hill, lft; Kuroka Consolidated, lift; Justice,
4; Juliu Consolidulcu, 1.
Tho closing quotations In San Francisco were:?
Crown I'oiuL....
Rx chequer
Gould .V Curry....
- 'a
4 u
? ft
Northern Belle
i H
24 ft
? '4
IS ft
Raymond fi Kly
Sog. Belcher.
Sierra Nevada
Union consolidated..
2 ft
Yellow Juckct
Eureka consolidated.
14 ft
The sales ol mining shares in New York, us olhcially
reported, wore:?
li*>*hs Alpha. x 10(1 she Gould A 11. *30 4A^
tOO do ' >31 ? 7*? ??? do ?3(> ?*
2i*J on, *30 71<*J llnle,t.\olcru>.-.b3i> 1;',
lou do *30 7)s 100 da I>3 In
M> Belcher 3'i I'*" <1? *10 l-i,
tl ij ili> . . .. b30 3?, If ?> J iimIc) 4",
3(1 Ileal ?(: Belcher ... 1" 1"" Mrrrnnac 7
100 do ?30 11* KHi <1o c *>?;?
1<*> Caliluriila 3H'., loo Kenluok .
|(*l Cleveland 7 * 1'Ml .Surtlu rn Helle.. 13 ,,
31 * I do .. 7)I*I do L30 Id',,
liu do 7', 1(R) 0|?hlr f*iJ
li*i uo 7', K*i Overmen *3? ?>
;!!*? do bOO 7', KM) <lo ,b30 5'a'
iiki Crown I'oint... .*30 (I*,, liki Raymond A Ely.. . ?t
li*i Exchu<|iior *30 I'ii 100 <tu *3J 3
it*) do b3i) 1;'.,
hkcond board?1:30 r. m.
2Ci*h* Beet A Bel CI') l>",
HKM' i. It T< i in I jv b3(i 3Mj
It*) do ado -'ii?
liOCholliir I'otu.i ID'.
li*i l'.'i
Iiki do *13 ID,'*
KM) Ill'
Iik.i Cleviditnd b:td 7
|i*l do b.'l 7
11N) do 7
100 1 111t>?*li 1*1. .*:ill 1
11*1 do *3' I I
101 I'oriMil. Vh . b30
li*i do ...bUO
3'*l Crown I'oint 3
li*i do b:?> 4
1IJ0 Eureka b3ti 10
The IoIIiiwido Is the oflloial report of sales at tlio
Now York Uiien Stock sod Hold Exchange May 10.
FIRST CALL ?0:40 A. M.
fOOOOO Am gold IU7'| '.'(*) ?ln l.nho Rhnr*..*3 33*J
11*1 all* ulilo A 3% 1INI UocK Island 03-.
II*) .N V Centre) ....CM 03',i 31*) Went Lnlou b3 ().:'?
3i*li.itke hhor* 33 1I*| do 03'?
too do-........... -'3'., 1i*i l.rio b;i i? .,
300 do. 33.', 11") 1), I. A We*. 13
MKCO.M* CALL?13:30 P. X.
S.7'**) Am told 1)3 107', 3'* > th, Luke Shore .. 521.
jii* i do ,4 107 I Hi 3(*i do U3 53',
2'*h*.( do. ... I>4 11)7 I-10 I'll do b3 32'.,
|i*)sh" Erie.. i'*. '31*1 do b3 33'.,
OH N Y Central in:? j 31" Itoek Island b3 H31,
)i*i do b3 Da'., t'?l do H3;i
I ID I. A W ?>i.....b3 41', 3011 West Lnlou 03
lot) .st Paul prel.... bB 4x'4 loo do *3 03
2'*i l.eko 8hnt*. ... *3 52 ,
Til IUD CALL?3:15 I'. M.
ICO the Oblo A Ml** bM I, 30) ?b* 1). I. A We? 45X
H*'i.ake Mvvie S31, l(?i do b!l Ai',,
; ' i Jo *3 52), 10) l- 'i
I"0 Erie. ?lA, 100 V V Cenfrel t>3>4
I'M .,!?* Kurckn ..
U*i tiould .V Carry
1(3) lio
ion do
11*1 do
K?i .Northern hello ...
11*1 do
ll?i do
b 15
i \
|i*i Ophir
liat Overman
11*) do
' * -4
en savage
. 1)3
U*i healou
L '.<
KM) do
Ml do
11?) do
IV i uxraiD**. May Id. 1877.
FlKFuItti Al.i.?"> A. il.
$7<>' i NVV Cos a g b....
3<* 1) do
?'* ** I do ,3
20',*) Cedar F A M l?l
dlj' *? L- I' land gruni*
I'.rl t li Fat 111
:***) do..
so n Inim db ii let..
2>*'*b* VNi-aUlll till..
. ....
?ll M)
Uo.. ...
h Hi
.. ....
; J- m
1 :*?
? l?? . ..
mo Pwifio Mull.
UUU Do! A 11 ml .
.. 'ii
do ....
1UO Michigan I'vatrul..
do. ....
sitt L:iko ahure. .
:>i h
do. ..
%>i l4,
Uo. ..
;n o
do ..
'.} 1;,
n>\ i
i ? ?,
ii) O
i? 1 4
Al t
i??? ohm \ Si i-m .
o'* ?'[
ItN> Moh ih .W 1
.iMHX ....
do ..
? if,.
t?^ .?
*??!, n
?;;t ,
97 1 j
li' ?" 1
? H
'2H F}a
do. ,
no Pnc U i M??
'.Ms ,
I'M Del.
.V W...e
4 : .' ?
Hi . |
\'2' v
.*?(?! 1
I oo
:ih? r
100 KW
... 45'f
53 1 X V
C A Hud ....
.. 32%
.. 32%
. 82
.. 32%
* ?) St Paul pi
du ..... ?
id Lake Shore
.. 53
400 do 431,'
2t?) tig 43
503 (III c 43
4 *1 , o 42?f
MO du e 43
100 ||g (3 42 %
?-"?"I U') . c 43
17X) do 42%
4oo Koca UUud *?*?
low U> 83)4
130 do 32%
700 do DBJi
400 do..! f-'V
i ??* I'
600 do *30 U2'f
10:11 \fll> 11:34) A.
$1000 l'S.V20c.!86712 114',- 10030 v a 0'a, cur, 13.. 125*4
noou t'S4>?r.iaui,i3x I07?,
FIUSI' ItOAim?l():Mn A. M.
fl XMMoO'*, lbda..... 106V 4<>o?li* I'ac Mall SH.... 21?f
11**1 do b3106% 100 Hariou KK bo 14t>%
SXX) Teuu 43*i OX) NY C 4 lilt KB.l? o- ?
1<***1 do alW 43', 3Xi do ?2%
oniuiC U > O f?? onii 1 !(>?_ 7(11 <1.-. !C'W'
2000 0, U A0 7'?.cou 110% 7O0 ,i0 82%
1*100 C A KI *P7'i.. 1001, 500 do *3 82%
2000 NJ Oeu. eon 81 If loo do *3 62%
21**1 M A St 1'. ?? ? ?' 60 21" I Mich Cell KJl.. .bo 41!,
5x*>MA StP.lAMdlv KS 100 d > 41%
2U3.I Chi A N 5Y, ?ou.. 106 10 1 do 42
1000 CAN \Y ec( lube oi 300 d 41V
1000 liorrt* A B*2d . 104W 2 *1 do 4! ',
!<*.**' li A WB c?n..be 20 100 do 41'
2300 Mich Oen 7'*.... lOOif 100 do 41',
a??i do 100% 000 do 4 !%
2UUO do 100U 5uo 1*8 A MS Bit....be .''2
51 X) NY Ccu ?'?, '63. 103,'J HOU do 51%'
loOONY Ceo r o?iule. 101% 300 do 82
1000 Ohio A M eon. 80% 1200 do 62%
? **) do 90If loo do.... 13 52%
fioou NY Oen l*t. r?r.. 120 2*00 do 52 V
n***> 0 I'acl?l,eJbait) ttHtf 4"X( du 6J
imrm; r?ci?i,r<;uAaV ^-4 uu ............ yj
LC'XI Uu PhD 1*1 105% 2'*J do *3 51%
10000 I n l'ac ? I. tl'? 200 do *3 61%
1 MX> Pao of Mo Ut... 0U% 300 do 51%
1<*10 f.out M. 2d.... 88 500 do
2'*i0 \Y U Tel, c.Tl**) 102 2i*t do o fll.'f
IUU0 Ua Se l*t. c on.. .51 1"0 do
51X10 Del A 11 c 7N. 04 6'Tf 1(*| 111 Con RK.. .be. *3 57
25 *lu PlienJx Ulc..... HMJe 100 do 57%
do H*4 100 do
103 Ma* L A Mln pf... 3 100 do 57%
100 Can lull Co lie 20 100 do .57'7
100 Lei A 11 udkou..Uo 3S% looCUi A NWliJtpl.be 45%
11*1 do Q 3H% 400 do 45%
9u(i do 3s% lui do.
500 do . 38% 100 do
17 do 3s% 1'*) Chi A KI Kit.... bo
l(iO do ...*3 36% 5*1 do
100 du %f -"'1 (1? !'2
lxi do .38% 21*1 do 02*
100 do 06% UO do 92 V
i... .1.. v.ui? if** P. M turn* II..1* !...,'( JHi
lno do HSJi 10OC,MASPRUuf.l?:*3 4"',
... .1 _ Uu'l ' Kill .1. llll/
, do 38% lotl do 481
SOU do 35% 800 ilu ..... s3 48
28 do 50% 100 do IW'.,
10 Wella-Eargu Ex... 83% 503 Cel. L A M Kli.bc 42
?5 Aduuib Lx belt*) 1100 do 40
17 do 00.% 51*I do ...c 43
25 do 00% 100 do 43%
?no Won Uu Tel...be 63% 600 do 43%
31*1 do 63,% 11*1 do *30 42
01X1 Uo 63% 000 do 43;
01*1 do 63% 100 do.
61*1 do *3 63% 100 du...........e 431
.?*j| I IhJ UU.. ??????... .C 1'),'i|
4<*l do 63% 800 (io 43%
1700 do.; 63% 1100 Uo 43%
3'Ki do 03% HOO do 43%
KXXl do.... 63% 7i*l do 43
lt*X> do 63 100 do 43',
too I'uc Mail S3 be 20,', H*> Ohio A M KK.lr.b3
2U) do 20% 300 do.....
300 do 21%
?12000 ree 6'i, '81. ..b3 114%
2i* 0 U ft 4% re|( 107%
5000 0 PC A ?>br.... 00)f
4000 41 P.M.J 1?r?... _W4J^
4(X*I MAStPHj, UtLll 102%
300(1 Erie 4tli nil|(.... 103
:5 bbs Ilk Commerce. 105%
10 Cent Nat ilk 100%
10 llnnoeer Hunk..,. 30
10-) Mich Central. ...b3 41%
UN) do 41%
H XI do 42
20 do 41% 2i*l do c 44
l(*i Qnlclxilvcr 14% 4X1 do 44
310 ah? Lake .' hore....
do *3
52' t
do *3
52 %
do 1)3
52 %
1IX) Nortliwehtcrii .. .
1>( l*,X
1x1 Del,
Luck A W....
do ?3U
23 J
30) do 62,% 1X1 do *3 11
HI*) do 63 2'*l du 44%
HXX) do 02% 400 do 44-?
li * I do 1.3 ti l 2 *1 41%
6 || do 63 OX) do 44'
llNYCAIIud 02% 200 do 44'
li*i do c 82% 5X) .Morris A Eneex
11X1 du 02% 2(K> do 68>
"XI do 92% 5X1 do 63
2X) Del A Hud 38% 2X1 do 634
li*l dc b8 38 % 500 Rock III and 32?
1>io do 38% 3 ?l do 92?
:ti*l do 33% 1X1 Ohio A .Mis* *3
)l*i do ..... 33 11*1 do 54
jli'l do 3.1% 100 do .. *3 .1?
5i*iLake Shore 52% !?*) 11 A St J ?3 12'
8i*l do 52% 11*3 St L, If C A N 4'
OX) do *3 .52',, 100 do ?3 4,'
2 1'. M.
$:ii*XX)L' 85-20c. Win 111% 15003TT8 5% lil-4ric.be 113 ,,
14*i mi U 8 5-20 r 1807. 114 % 5301)3 C S 5%, o, 1881.. 111%
30X1 r Pao It l*t III... 105% 21*1 CANW plil be 45
IHJOO 8t Lpul* A 1 M lit 38 51) C C, 0 ik 1 K ... be 28
20300 W I lid 1303... 1X2 203Cou It ol N J. ..be 8%
2IXX1T. P A W, K dtv.. 06 5X1 cbir A It 1 be 32%
4i* *i CP lid m.SJ lir.be 68% 11*1 do
UXifbeDAIICCo,.be 86% llX) do..., 02%
.-*?! do 33 IDOC.MAStl* l(..Uc.k8 18%
IX) do,... ?3 33 7X1 <J,MAstP pld....bc 48
do 47*
171*) do
lxi Ameiicaii Ex..
. .he
1X1 Mich C?a K ...
200 do
3X1 do
2( * 1 do
11 ?
(**) do
2.513 W U l ei
. . be
4t*) do
62 %
430 (Io
UX) do ..... ..
14"0 do
6*1 do
KX*> du
. .?3
till* .
703 do
X*i L S A M So It..
? bo
1**1 du
33X1 . do
ft -
1100 do
ft -1.1
13,1 NYC A ll.nl 11 K.bc
200 do.
IX) do
11 * 1 do
UU ln
,5X1 do
5X1 do
1X1 do
630 do
UU' ,
41*1 do 0 44',
5X) do 41V
44 ,
iXJ do a3 44
2Xi du 44'
28"* i du 44'
2.5113 du 41%
506 do e 44'
Hi*I do ?3 44%
2X1 Ohio A M 1*9 bo 5
2X1 do 5%,
lim do 5!.,
lxi C, C A 1 C lie 2
li X) Murri* .t E be 63%
103 do 08%
3X1 U'J .. 118%
11X1 do 60
503 du 63%
833 St L, K C A N . bc ?%%
SVif) TO :l P. JI.
Ill) du 38V 1X1 stli, 1.11 A Si> Kit.. 5;!*
10 American Ex 3iX) Mor A Es KK.. be 08
51.% 200 do 'W.%
51 1130 do 08
10 do be 00% 23.) do 65%
2600 do 62% 11X) do .
100 do l3 62% 600 do. ..
11*1 do e 62?, 21*) do 43%
13X) do 62% 10 NY,Ml A li bc.*3 15(>%
21*) do *6 62 - lWiStL.KCANUK.be 4%
.... il.lf ? ?-? w'a I L.M *. V* ..?? I... *K1'. 7
23i*) do 62% 5 *1 StL. KC A N pf.be 28%
21XX) do 62% 2i*l llan X 8t JoHU.bO 12%
.5 L S l.X|ire?a 40% 700 du '13%
30 do ..d3 4 I), 1.5X) do 41
HXX) Wetteru Lulnu... 62,% 4IX) do 4-1%
1500 do 62;% 12 Kl 44
S(rj do 32% 833 do 4-1%
300 do *3 32% 4(H) do 41%
2X1X1 U S 5 20c, '67... 114% 50.XJ0 Us 6's, c, '81..1)3 111;,,
.***) U 8 13-10. r 112%
SlXd.ND BOAIiri-1 r M.
$.5030 CAB1A P7'i,... 1X.)% 2X) the NYCAIIudR. 32%
in**) do be IX'% I'*' du 02%
ItfOO do 47%
11*1 fl ASt J pfd.. .be.h i 24%
1733 D, LA W It.... bo 44%
5009 do 4 i %
1360 du 44 '4
?h i do.41%
703 do. c 41'
503 do 44%
$:tO'?> N W c c If l> no'? -?> iluDIilWIlll. 44?0
:;<XK) do t'l IlKJO do 45
iuxx> c & put* cat... lm1; hmj <ti> -?r?=u
1000 U I'll Grant..,. 11)1!* IPX) 45
UUD) Mich Ceil 7's HUM, 10 ) clo 44,'i
5*Xm W'n l'l bus ? l?):i II,X) tlu . f ,
HHi ?li? Del X llud. Mti4,, Hoi (It, ... 45','
HOD do *?? WW do 45'.,
ami do bd 4" HOO do 4.'ra
Its) ;inj, 1)00 do 4:.',
1100 do I" 1 h: hj 41 ,
4HII do 4n'.i I'isi do 4>'^
1(H) do 401d I)i<> do *3 4.*?1 ?
I'M do in IKK) do 4>;.t
f2.> American Ex ?'?O ,'HI do *5 4..
!?K) Western Union.. . UH', nisi do 45',
KK) do. bll Ii-", HI HI do 45',
HKl <12?-, loo ilo 45
5tXl do bU WO do 4.V.,
2'M do ?:i IV n I do 45'u
loo N Y C ,1 II UK 112',' -"Kl do *4 45
Kill) do t'H'j lo Hock Island Ilk... (?
ido i:rlv iti: :#*) ua-.,
1 111 llarlom Kit bit 140 hi,, ,j(1 112'4
10 ) Mich Ceut KR. ... 41',' lO'i 4t Paul prcf h.l 4^
UK) do 42',t 2tK) Ohio A MI|> K)t... 5\
51K1 Lake Shore lilt..,. 52'o loo St L A K I'pref.... 27 4
li'KI 00 52 ? alio Morris Jc h'xitlt.. B'l'.,
aoo do ?3 5a.', UK) do lI'.Oj
170.1 5a,11 no lb .. iirv,
l'Kl do *7 M', 5m) do 7n
loo Nortbwe- u pre!'... 45't dOO do lilt".
iu.i i', c, c \ i iti: .. a7'a I'ki d? ,:t ofi'
17O0 l)el 1. ii W KK. .. 44k, aim do 7o
tin do 44', 2<KtCUAiU 1?,
ld(X) do 44,'.
Wkdskbdat, May 10?6 1'. M.
Uulluoss was light m mom commodities to-day. and
the markets were quiet at liregular and in many cases
nominal values. On 'Cbunga bu.lness was liijlit.
Flour wns dull. Wheat dull nnd lower lo soil. Pork
decidedly fower, bat fairly active, closing Armor.
Oats wcro quiet. Wlrtskcy firm. I'ork sud lard dull
nod lower. Freights were aclive. Cotton on the spot was
steady; futureselused weak. Coffee wus quiet. Sugar was
firm. Oil* and petroleum were steady. Resin was quiet.
Spirits turpentine wae weak.
Corrais.?The market lor Klu we* very qulot and easy.
The visible supply U further incrcosod by the arrival nt
Baltimore or the Aqulduevk, Adalalde end tiroy Eagle,
with about JO.ugO bags all told .Mild outl'ec war quiet.
During the pest week the sale, were Id,'Jill mats Macas
sar, sold heloro arrival ou pilvato terms, wild S.D KI mats
?lava, a,757 bags Maracaibo, 1,0111 do. lloeta Rica, 27H de.
Mc-sleen,'AX) dor Laguayi a and KKi do. Angostura sold. In
lots, lor consuuiptleu within our range. Tho stock of inild
coffee in first Hands ie i?,OX> grass mats Java, ati,a')7 do.
Singapore, 1,'JHN hugs Maracuiho, 'J, lllj do. Laguayra, :M4
Uo. J ameica, U.'IBft do. St. Douiiugo, 4,54.4 do. Uoeta Itica,
1,'XK) do. Macassar and A.") do. Angostura. Total stuck,
ld,7d)l begs, 5,'XS) mats Java and 2li,2o7 do. .Singsporo. We
quotu:-Ordinary cargoes, lt'\c. a 17c: lair do., in.'jc.;
good do., at)c. ; priuie do., "JO.'aC. a aii'^c.; cxliemo range lor
lots. lD^c. a 22)gO.; Santos, lair to good, It'Qc. a 1I>',C.,
gold. IK) 'lays; Java, government bags, HJe a 2H<\; do.,
gran mats, 'Jitc. a 24c.; Singapore, I'.l.'^c. a golgu.; Ceylon,
Jl'c. a Hie.; Maracaibo, lH'jc. a ale ; Eagunyrt, IIH-. a
ai",c.; Jamaica. I He aanc., nt. Domingo, H)),o. a lll'ac.;
I'orto Jltco, 14,',c. aalc. . Uosta Kica, lHc. ?21u.; Mexican,
lS'nc. a 2'>c.; Macassar, |!K:. aalc.: Angostura, l!>c. a2lc.i
Suvaiillla. IHJfc. a 21c. i Oinaeoa. 17c. a J"?.
U on us nu i,v spot was 'taint and Mondy at late prices
Elvi ipo"! came dull and unchanged for spot o.ittnn; uplanos
nuotcd at i III I'ld aud iiiioaus at )I<1 Arrivals opened
l-liad. better, but the advance was subsaquentl) lost, llur
market opened qulel at about I point decline, remained
quiet end declined J points adotltunaliy by noon. About one
o'clock iho market became weaker and wltU (roe sellers
gradually iiecllu*<l <1 fiointe. closing week at tba lowest prl< c
of the dev. The closing prices lo de) couipere with Tues
day's a* follows:?
7W.vf.iv. l/ w 1.1. WmittfUup, Jkiv 10.
May I" 84 a 10 85 May 10.".! a 10.75
Juno l'l.USa _ June 10.78 a 10.711
Jnlv 111.08 a ? July In M l a lo Ik)
August 10.08 H 10.00 August lU.UH a ?
September II.'C a 11.118 September 10.1*7 e In.iim
October 1U.H.5 a lti.07 October,....... 10.H7 a 10.8:1
.V.-veiiiber. .... l'l.Hft a 1U87 November 10l7m a 10. Mi
December l(i.?7 a I0..39 December ln.8Helo.Kj
Jauaary 11.04 a 11.UJ Jeuaary 10.92 a 1D.D5
February 11.10 a 11.18 February I l.tM it 11.in
.March 11.18 a 11.23
?Qjutatioua are baaed ou American eteadard of elasslltca
tlou end ou cot'ou in 'lore running In quulitv not turro
tliau half n grnde above or below the grade quoted.
l/i'iiL. AUih.ima. Jftit Uritxi'tK TlXfUi.
Ordinary i)',' Si'. o'i n'i
strict ord lu ery 9C l''i life ?''?
(jood ordiuury lljJ H?4 10 Id
.Strict rood ordinary. lo1,. lo', 10W 10.'.;
Low middling 10 5-18 10 516 111 7.10 lo 710
Strict low middling 10 II 16 to 11-111 lull 10 1011-10
Mi.Idling 10 10 10 10 13-18 10 15.10 10 15.10
tjood middling U MO 11 1 -10 11 :t lO 11 8 10
Sirlctgoodiulddliug.il 5 10 11 5-10 11 7-10 11 7-10
Middling utir 111110 1111-14 1118-10 1118 10
Fair... 12 7-10 12 7-lil 12 ti 10 12 0 10
?stained?tluinl ordlnnry, H?$c.; etrict good ordinary, 0', c.;
low middling, SI II 10c. 1 middling, 10 3 1 tic. Spot sules
wore us follows: ?
Xu-Oap. Lajtt Kf 'g. Tote L
Kxpart ? 738 ' 738
Consumption 210 iki 3. Ui
Total 246 828 1,0/4
-De lvcrcd tut cniitraet, 503 bulei. For future delivery tlie
?ale* were us follow* yesterday alter 2 I'. Ms?May,
30.1 bale# at 10.84c.; J ane. 400 at 10.84c., fiDO at 10.Hie.,
4IIO at 111.80c.. 8'XJ at 10.s7o.. 50O at 10.88c. t July, 1.300 at
10.04c., 200 at 1U970., 1.200 at 10.08c.. 2U0 at 10.0.1c.; Au
gust, 100 at 11.05c., 300 at lLOUo.. 100 at 11.07c.. 1,700 at
11.08c., not I at U.QUc.. 400 at ll.O'o.: September, P)Out
11.05c . 200 at ll.06e., -810 at 11.08c., 100 at 11.07.: Do
cernbor, 200 at 111 Kmc. : total, 10,500 Dales. In-day up to 2
1". M.May, 200 bales at 10.81c; June, 400 at
10.87c., 300 at ltXHKc.. 500 at 10.88c . 1,400 at
10.85c., 300 at lo.Hdc., loi at 10 HOC., 200 at l'JvKdo., 2.6O0
at 11183c., ]??' at lo.sJc.; July. SilW itt 101>7c.. to I at
lO.tISc . 1,0-?i.it lU.tflc., l.Mkiat 10.9fic., 700 ut lit.U-lc., 900
at 10.80c., UOO at 10.95c., 1,000 at 10.94c.. 1.400 at lO.tttic.
1,3 rt at lO'.Wc.; August, lOOat lt.07u. QUO at 11.Hoc.. 200
at 11.01. 200 at 11.08c., 1.000 at 11.07c.. SoO at 11.03c.,
4oo at 11,04c., 4oo at U.oJe., 2 ?j at 11.02c. 1 beptewbor,
1"*)at 11.03c.. loo at 11.ode.. 4(>d at 11.03c.: October. 2 xi
at 10.03c., 100 at 10 04c.; November, 100 at 10,.8.Ic.:
Oocaiuber, JOO at 19.8.5c. t Jauuary, 100 at 10. Of hi.
Total, 21.100 bales. I.rand total. 32.30O bales.
Tlie receipts at the ports wt-re ua followsGalveston, Ill;
New Orleans, 250; Mobile. "H; Savatmab. 151 ; Ohurloatou,
435; Wilmington, 85; Norfolk, 407; Now fork, 72; Boston,
252: Philadelphia. 15i>. Total. 1,988, This day Inst week.
2.did. I bis day last year. 2.80*. Total since nuptemIter 1,
3.S40.5S8 bales'to lust uigtit. Cotton freights closed as lul
lows:?To Havre, by steam, Ji'c.. compressedi to Hamburg,
by strain. 7,0.. coiiipresscd: to Brotueu, be ateuiu, $Be. a ij-.,
cotupiessed; to Liverpool, 3-ltid. by strain; by sail, 0-32d.,
compressed. Market unlet.
Fi.oilt AM) Gk-u.-i. ?itcoeipU?Floor. H.173 bbls.; wheel,
4,400 bushels: c.oru meal. 1.617 bhU. and 541 bags; com,
00.300 bushels; oats, 39,300 do.; rye, no receipts: barb y.
Olkl bualieis; barley malt, 8,1XJO do. Flour was dull und
lower to sell; tho sales, Including State. \\ rsturu and
Southern. were 5.300 bbls. at the annexed limitations.
Ilye liour was unlet, sales being c ulined to ubout 200 buls.
Ooru ineul was quiot; the sales were only about 1,000 bbls.
aud bags.
No. 2 state $5 biiifi 70
Suuertliie Stute 7 2.5 a 7 Ho
Lxtra State 7 .50 a 8 20
Choice state 8 2.5 a 8 75
Siiporhue Western 7 2.5 a 7 75
Kxtra Western 7 30 a 8 2.5
Mihueeula 8 25 a 10 00
Round lioop Ohio, shipping brands h 25 a 8 7.5
Round hoop Ohio, trade brands II 00 a 10 UO
Family O 00 a 10 -50
St. Louts, low extra 8 50 u II OO
St. Louis, straight extra O 50 a 10 O l
St. Louis, choice doubts oxlra ..... 10 00 a 10 ? ><?
8t. Louis, choice family 10 50 u 12 OO
liye Hour 5 75 a H oo
>outlieru. No. 2 8 50 a 7 oo
Southern, superfine 7 oo a 7 75
Southern, extra 8 eiiu 10 AO
Southern, lauiily .,10 7-5 a 12 ta>
Corn meal, Western 3 25 u 3 50
Corn nieul, Jersey 3 50 a 3 0.7
Corn meal. Hruridywine 3 8.5 a 3 DO
Corn meal, puncheons 18 OO a 1H 25
?Wheat was dull and noraiuul. Sales wore ouly N.Ooo
bushels ungraded spring at HI 02! j end 2,000 Lusd ils No. 2
Chicago spring ou private terms. Corn was Uecidcoly
lower, but closed tirm. The e-tles wore about Itxi.UOU
bushels ou the spot at 07c. a 63c. tor steamer mi .el; 117! ,c.
a OHc. fur No. 2, and (J7!,c. a 08a. for o:d Western mixed
iiilniit. For forward liolivcty the sulcs were 75,t*X) bushe.s
steamer mixed, tor May, aiR'iiqc. a 04c.; lUUJXKJ bushels
I. Ill lllc a 01 'Jc.; 100.000 bushels No. 2, May. at
Italic, u titic- ; 2OO,l/J0 do., Juuc. at 03c. u 04e.; .f.issi bush
els No. 2. first halt Juuc, at OdJ.'c.. and .5,1 K O husiels. last
hull Juno, at 041,c. Itye was quial at U5c. a Hi lor West
ern. Hurley ami hurley molt were dull Outs fairly uctlvo
and steady. 'The sales were about 60.000 bushels ut 51c. a
52c. for No. 2 white: 17C,c. a 48c. tor No. 3 white, aud
47'Jc. lor So. 3 mixed.
tikMP AND J Ilk? Jute butts were Urm but not active
Sales yesterday were 200 bales, on spot, at 3 ?c. aud 30 )
h iles do . at 3 'i'c.. curtoncy, cush, and 2,0;Xl bales, to arrive
by tho J. B. iirowu, at 3;,e.. gold, to-day; 150 bale., ou
spot, at 3,sbC., curieucv, cash. Ileum was tlrm. We quote
Aiiierican dressed, ^175aH180 I'or single. H2H> a 821.? lor
double and $133 a $1.15 lor iimliesscu; Russia, clean,#20o u
$210. gold; Italian. $270 a 8275, gold; Jute. 4!,c. it He., cur
rency ;,|ute butts. a 3'\c., currency, cash, oa spi t, and
:>V., quid, to arrive ; Manila hemp, be.; Hisal do., tJc.; lstle,
tic., all gold.
LlflSkkb.?Wf note sale of 6.2'JO bugs, on the spot, ex
ldeiiieiii, ou private terms.
Mu boss as.?New Uricans was tirm and tuirly active. Tho
slack Is 14 MX) t,bis. foreign was also tirm. The stock is
30 I Itlids. Cuba aud 347 libds. 1'orto Hie >. We quote: t.libit,
centrifugal au-1 mixed, 3 b). a 44e. ; clayed, 45c. a 50c.; do.
muscovado ictluiug. 4'ic. a 52c. giocery, 4 >u. it 53c. ; i'orto
co, .'illr. a 00c ; Kugltsli Islands. 45c. a 55c.; Now Or
leans, good, .54e.; pi lute, 57a.: choice, 80c.
Nxvui. Kioitks. There was a weak and dull market for
spirits turpuntiue. Tho saloa to-day Were coniined lo small
johhiug lots and comprised about IfiObtiL. at 35c ; 200 bbis,,
soiler June, sold Into lust evening at 31c. itosin was quiul,
but nominally unchungetl. We quote : -Spirits turptiutiae,
m. icliatilahle ordnr. llusiu-Strained. Hi U>; good do..
HI 05. I'itch. I!2 2.5. i ur, $3 3 >. Advices front Wilmiug
tun were as follow*Rutin lilju; alrniucd, $1 45; good do,
$1 53. Tur steady, $1 55. Turpentine unchanged. Spirits
tirm at 30c.
Oils.? Cotton send oil, n-tined, summer yellow. May, was
quoted ut 4U!,c. bi<l and 52>?u. asked; June, 5Jc. bid, 52',c.
askeit; July. 52e. bid, 55c. atkeu ; Au.'Ust. 5 'e. bid. .5 >e.
asked; seller year, 4i',c. bid, 4Ml,e. atkrd. Linseed oil
w as very tirm, and holders were selling ouly to the triple.
We quote :-Linseod <.'<? u 78c.; lard, prime winter 85c. a
HOC.; sperm, crude, f! 30; do., blenched winter, $1 00; do.,
natural do.. $1 55; whale, crude Northern, 73c.: do .
Southern. t?5c,; bleached winter, 77c.; naitn ai tlo.. 7 Ic. a
75c.: extra do.. KOc. j winter bleached Halt, 43c. a otic.;
crude Hall, 88c. a 40c.
I'krutiLs Lot.--Thoro w as a lair movement lit milue 1 and
tbr miirkvt closed stuiidy. fite sales were 12.0 K) bbls. at
1 IV , 3,000bulk tor Mny delivery ut I4t,c. und 5,0.11 bbls.
Ibr June delivery nt I l;'tc- add ?1,500 bbls. tilgii test at
14!'4C. 3.1KX) bbls. low test sold at Italtnuore at lie Of
crude. 5.tVXi bbls. United sold at $2 14 ',. roqutar. Crndo,
in bu:k.8'.pv ; do., in bbls., lo),e.; rehncd. iu bbls., 141.,v.
a 14V.; do.. In cases, 17!._, ; oa. Iithi, 10c. lor pi me city;
retineil at Fliiladnlpliiu. 14',a; do at ilmiiuiorc, 14c.
Fbl'LrkT.-Maikct tlrm utiJ tuirly active. We quote: ?
Live IowIh State and Jersey. 10c a 17c. per lb.; Mate and
Western, 16c. Turkeys?,-tuto and Jersey. 15c. ii 17c.;
Western, 15c. a lUc, tkew -Jersey. $2 a $2 .50 uer pair;
Western. $1 25 per pair. Oueks?Jersey, K7c. it $i 25 par
pair; Western, 70.. a MOc. per pair. Dressed poultry?Tur
keys were qnoied at 17c. a 10c. Tor good to pritun Wostcru.
and 15c. a 17c. iur lair to good do Lliickcus were quolvil
at 12c. a 15c for fair to good Western.
Fitovistoiia.?Aaooipte? Fork, 30 bbls.; htrd. 427 tierocs
and 233 kegs; cut meats, 1,283 packages ; bucou.21 tierces
aud 808 noxes; beel, 41 l erccs aud 1,1 o7 cat s; dressed
bogs, 316. l'ork was dull and lower und closed at <he set'
oud "cail" as follows: ?May, sil l ho hid, 814 '5 naked,
June, $14 85 bid. $14 35 asked; July, $14 W) hid, $1.. us... d;
August, $l.> bid. $15 lo uske I. The talcs were about 5.500
bbls., at $1-5 for May und $1530 down lo $15 o.'i lur .Inly.
Mess was quoted at $15 cash. Out moms were quiet.
Smoked liuius were quiet ut lie.. tl'..c,, and sttio .eil
shuultlert at K',c. iiacoit was qui -t at 7 ,c. ? He. lur city
loug clO'tr and i?^e. lor Westorn. Ii el was qui t, with sales
nf 4o hbts. within tho tango. Wo quale ; -Lxtru mess,
$11.50 a $1150, pliliu iners, $12 a $13 50; packet heel,
$l>:. tierced, city extra ludia mets, $2.j a $28.
Hcef hums were ilitil at $22 for choice Western. Dressed
7,7.50 ties ces at $0 50 a $0 f i.'J a $0 *10 tor June, and $3
a ID 07,', lor July. Kpot sales were l&t) tierces city at D
ii '3,'yC. ; otxi do. old VI est ro at $9 55, noil .50 do. now do ut
$D >i>. Itellued was quiet; ltM tierces .South Anieiiuau sold
at lol.jC.; 1.50 do. L'uha at 8'.,c., and 200do Contln nt ut
lllc. Huttar?tveeeipts, 4,034 packages. Market liritt ut
ttli'slistti ed prices: common to Hue State loc. u 25, .. and
cotntn n to Hi e Western at llJc. a 20c. Cheese K. culms.
4,70.5 boxes. State wits quoted at 13c. u 15c. for new . aud
Western ut 12,'jC. a 14,',c. Market hrui at tltuse tig ores
t.?Tho ruurkol rcmuinotl tirm aiul trade was lulriy
active. Wb quote Carolina, fair. a tic ; rood, 0'nc.
aiij.c.: prime. t>S,c. a H,c.: I.oiilsian.i, fulr. 5J,je. a lie.;
good ORe. u o'.ic.; l'atoa, 7',c. a 7V,c , ciirreury. Run
good. Cgc. ? .. .
goon, ill botld, 2'V. a 3y,e., gold.
Hvaah.?There wits un impuriaut tnovBtueut in r .w sugitr,
but holders wore still very tirm iu their views Rellnod Wei
unchanged. VV e quote Fair roliulug. lo',c.; good do ,
e. ; t'uba. grocery, fair 10 choice, 10',e. a ltl/Je.; do.,
ocu'irilugal, hiids. and hoxes, .No. 9 to No. 13. 13,'., a 11 \.c. ;
ucutrllugltl, linos, hiiu noxes, no. o to on. ?... i",-, . i ? ,ie.,
do., molasses, blios and boxes. s?#e. a t",e.; I'ofto Itieo,
rctinlng. common to prime, I8,c. a 1o'bc. ; do., grocery, fair
to choice. 10,' je. a 13'?c.; rellnod. standard A. 11 ,,e. a 12c.;
fit A li^,c. a ir?o ; crushed, I2)?c a I2;',jc ; powdered,
12",c. a 12 \,c.; granulated, IJj^c. a 12!-,e.; cut loaf, I2\e.
a 13c ; white estra C's, l";'ic. a 1 l\e.; ye.lev axtra i
10'jC. a l(f!,c.; other grudrs, Itieluding C's, 10'?e. a 10?,c.
'Tne tollnwlug shows tke stallstleal position ol
ti'.uit. iloxfiI. hic ulu
Stock (ascertained by ac
tual count, Including
speculation). May I. 1*77 41.5:15 DU35 1'JSIH I 14:1
Ueteipis since M.i.v 1.. .. 34,1)75 1,1st) It 11.Ill) :>t;u
Totals OVOID UhUW ait7.lt ?* 7(Ti
Sales since M.,y L. 23.1(17 3.IJI BH.VI7 17.)
Stock t Ills day, .May It), '77. 4a.44a 7.I):>:| 14 >,:.7i ;VJ4
Comparing with slock Mar
is. is7ii tn.KCt ao,i.?4:i aaa,54? 5,atw
Comparing with Mock May
an, is?.) tia.iwu au.ium mt.'ii.i i.muii
Comparing with stuck Jdav
ai. tn74 ll(i,377 70.0<iH lao.rxju a.iati
St; miss. Uoctlpli?43 Demos. Tl.o market writs dull
mid noiiiliisl ut Hi'lo. u 1<>3>?
1A1.COW. ? Koosl|iis?Us hints., 80 lisr. OS, 13 i.b ?. mid II
ciinks 'llioss ps wire lit/USJO lbs. It Mjf si! lhti.
WniSkkT.? Keiulpls-117.1 iilils. Th? market was liriu,
with miles ot 300 bhls. at 4)1.10',
Ktikidtirs.? Toirolcum tonnage wssln tctlfo demand iind
rules were hold stoutly lor nil hinds 01 cbat taring tunnugu,
and lor bcriu room per steam to lirltlsl. ports closed
tinner hug n;emetitsTo lavcrpvol, per steam, .'111,DUO
hti-hel* grain, Including ltt.is.it) bushels nt o\,tl. and
Itl.lMX) buabvll ut lid.; 20.' bo.v s bacon m 4(ts.;
fi.iSSJ boxes cheese ut 6 Tut,, which Is also the
llgnro Used tor the ipianlity In otn lust
To Ulasgiiwr, per steitm, art.ilOtl bushels Bruin hi 4.1, stand
aril; 3,tDO boxes chouse ut His. I'o llfiatol, lijr sail. 8.HKJ
busbul* wheat at 4s. lid. per iiuurtir, and H.Ds 1 bush As
wheat or hurley ittku thinners A Itritlxh brig, .it>7 loos,
hence to U011011, with H utu bhls crude pet -oleum nt Is ; 11
Itrilish burk, trolii l'hiliiuoiphla to the Adriatic with
III,tun cases rebuud petroleum on privntu terms; 11 Itrit. 11
hark. hence to Havre, with a.HHO bhls. crude ut
4s. I',!! ; a ItritIall burk, bunco 10 Motion, with 12,11011 cases
rvllned patiolauiu at 35*4c , it >orwo*ian bark, front itnlrt
inerc te the llullic, wlili 1.4(10 bbls. do. at 4s. Oil.; an Ainoi i
can brtii, hence to toe i.rvant, with H.otit) cases do on
private terms; a Itrltish burk, .'i'.IO lous, hpn.-o
to Japan, with In,tKJO vases do. on private
terms; an American burk. 734 tons. Iicnco to
Hhunghoe, with general cargo on private term ;
a Norwegian hark, hence to Ancooit, with H.I). 11 esses 1111.I
.VK> bbls. rutiited petroleum attta. end :tic.; tho Americ.in
ship In our last tu struuicn, with 7,501) hols, rclined petro
leum. should I'uve i con crude potrolulim at Us.'.id., hay
d urance; a Herman tuirk, Irom rliiltluima to Ktcni 11.
with It.**) libls. roll 11 ml rotrolcum. 4a., Juttu 111 clcuruncu ; a
Norwegian hark, hence to a Danish 01 Norwegian pert, with
3,3111 hlils. tell nod petroleum at 5s. lid., June I clearance;
tin American schooner, 2W I tons he neo to M alt a for toilers
to a port no| be.votid t oiiktantiiioulu, win. lO.tssi cases
rsrtttsd potrolmtn at UTc.; a llritlsli brig, 4HH tons, hcttcc
to Cork lor orders, wltlt deals at Htis.; an American burk,
4 .0 trots, hance to < 1 onus, with getters! cargo ut .1 lump
sum; mi American bark, 5HH tins banco in Uuenus Yyrcs,
Willi general cargo at current rales; a .Norwegian s.tlp,
1,111) tons, lionet to Cork for ordnts, with 4.0 1) liulus rot
ton at VlHd. to the United Kingdom; Continent, Il.ll'dil.,
or ilaltic, ;'?d.; an Atuuricau schooner, 371 tuns, Iruut i'oiut
Wolf. N. B.. to Pork for order*, with deal* to Bait 0??l of
lrolaud or W cat Coast of fcugland at Too.
May 10. 1877.
us <
kSCEIPti rou TWO lisY*
I Bo4'JM. CW??
I bUtioth street 1 yj_? Lo.<7
]'or tit-ti? street*?. ?
j Jo fey City ...\\\\\# 9!.!??:?
I Totulo . a out I.liHiT
! . *?*><%k*?. ? opened aUw. *t *|<. per lb. reduotiou on
Usl NujHUy * r'ltoi tiiitl dtued weak at a further reduction
. oi .0. per lb ; several herd* remained untold at noun
I }. OA-^\ro 11 ??? !>??* In., weight* rai. aW'^cwL
rrom M> His. it >7 has been allowed net, with a few heud
I of Ntiveted steers on .>? |bs net. At Sixtieth etreot y*ru*
i.e. hastmau bald for ?oli .11 cars of horned cattle, *ui*?#
? A* lol|ows:-?119 Illinois steers at KMifl. per lb., weight
-i^nlT f !?teer? at lo-^c. per lb., weight Ha. cwt.;
! V n,,,4?itH He per lb., auiubt U cwt. ;HU Illinois
steers at IK. per lb., weight 7}? cwt.; K'Jl Illinois steers
fj.v *ic l,or, weigtit 7 cwt,; t*? Illinois steers at
1 4fi i ')0r woi?ht 73* cwt.; t#> Illinois htturs
j ac iy per !h.. weight 7\ cwt.; ??."> JllhioH ateere
i U! in fC* f/jf ? weight 7',| rrt. : Hti Illinois steers
I - ?i i-c" H , "*! '*??? wdigbi*i?a' CWI. Coon A i'Uompsou
! ^ur **cj1 v*??s 33 riflnoiii steers at W'\{a, per lb., weight
| h a cwt. scant, Ule.v A I'ary si lJ lor *t*ivc* Jilt 4i11u?? ia
stoers at ly .a 11 l1c. per Hi.. wHli fi off per head, weight
I i4i<f,v^f*\ tlM'tol* steeis at JOj?? per lb? weli;ht 7 cw t.;
I ? i? Illinoissteeri at U ^e. p ?r |h? weight H?j cwt. Seigel .t
j My or sold lor selves u;j Uiiuoi* steors at IO'jO per lb.,
wui*yii| 0 4 Cwt.; 32 liliuoU steers at 11c, per lb., weisrht
' it wt*: TtectH at 11 '^c. per lb., weights 7 cwt.
a 7 4 cwt. ; <?0 1iead on private terms. IJ. K. Hurchard sold
on coram nun 011 ??!> Illinois steer;, at lie. per lb., weights
t? , cwt. h 74a cwt.: * 1 Ihnois neer* ut ll1 |C. per lb..?weight
tj,\i cw|.; 111 Illinois steers at I'Jo oer lb., weight B*? cwl
'\l ,,V.rMtT ly ywde t'opoy A Mcl'Uerinon soid for N. Morris
; .f '5?. !*' 1 lc * 4C. per lb., weight 7K ewf.;
lor If. Kloptiir 7-i iiliiteis steers at 1H-Lc. a il-Kc, per lb.,
we ftt f 4 CWt. K. Vogel sold lor X. Morris 48 Illinois steers
| At I'' 1 c. a lie. per lb., w light ti>? cwt. strong; Ii stillfed
i lo\a;i buKs.live weight l.:K?> lbs. per heal, at d'4c. per
j lb. :?> still led lex an nulls, live weight 1.2.10 Iba. per head,
at -K.|C. per lb. II. J. Kagan sold for VV. V. Wood J10 Illinois
' sLl1|,r? ut 11,4c a 11 ?4'". i?er lb., weivht H iwt.,
. acout. M. Kaut rbach sold for Wafxel A Aller
! V!n 1 lbnoia "teure at U^e. per lb. with
I Ji on per l ead, weight d\. ewt.; 8 Illinois steers at
j 1-e. jn*r lb . weignt 7 cwt., stroug: lor II. IClupfer JM 1 IIIiioih
aioers at !<?? ,|C.. with ?0c. m par head a He. per lb., with
per head, wolght Ol4' cwt. D. Walx ?! s ?ld for Walxel
A, Allcrtou HI stillfVd JIHiimU steers hi 1 H4C. per lb., weight
h cwt, , strong. L. Ue ;oiistcin sold lor self and Meyer JH
Illinois j?t"ers at 10V',,;. pur lb , weight H ewt,; 48 Illinois
SL*?"! Kf |C. per In., with .fl tin prr head, meight 8 ewt.;
t?i Illinois at ears ut He. per lb., weight 7 cwt. S. O, i?ou
neil sold lor Wiiixel ?t Aflei ton h.'l Colorado stoers at
per In., with ->Hc. 011 per heail 011 17 head and f I ou per head
011 IH head weights .Y^cwt. a? ewt,; 111 Colorado steer*
ut 10c. por lb., weight f??4 ewt.; 17 11 dnoie *<*er? at lOKe.
per lb., weight 7 ewt., seant; 68 Illinois steers utile, per
J n, with $1 off par head on 10 head, weight* i\\ ewt a
7 t cwt. h. Samuoia sold for X. Morris 70 still ten Illinois
Htot-rs ?it 10 ,t\ a 117*4e. per lb., weight 0*-' ewt., strong; 47
Illinois Hteur* at lie. per lb., weiahts ewt. a 7 cwt.
scant. 1 olioy A :m-iu sold lor N. Morris JRi Illinois rleers at
H? ucr II. with ru)<!. off per head, wolght*oC < wt. a
Arw/# k '4. at 10V p?r lb., weight cu t.
? \1 Dudley mid lor N, Morris 3f? Illinois steers at lUKc.
per lb., weight 0)i ewt.; 33 iriiiois steer* at lie. per lb.,
with ;pl off per head, weight cwt., strong, h. W.
Sherman sold lor Walxel ?Y AUcrtOli 3d Illinois steer* at
t? V4c. a 10c. per lu., weight* 0^ cwl. a d*t' cwt.; 7H Illinois,
sieor* ut lOjjc. per lb., weights cwt. a 0*4 ewt., strong.
oiikkp x\ii Kamii.s. ?Trade slow; uitality goueraily iab.
E. Nuwton sold 217 Olito sheep, w. lent lM.ti70 lbs., at ?."> 0."?
per cwt.; 44 Virginia lambs, wolght U.770 lb*., at be. per
''L ..)r9Il,*.u IH..I.JS, wei.ht 1,2">H I * . at P'.e. per lb.
ha hp> A iidcock Hold J*H) sheen, weiu-ht 10,120 lo*., nt 5c'
per lb.; 133 sheep, weight ) 1,3H0 lb*., at J>*4'c. per lb.;
102 sheep, wolght 0,4.70 lbs., at 534c. por lb.; 40 slieen
i ^ Ht P?f ' 421 sheep*
1 weight dj;3i40 lb*., t* rtu* not obtained, 3 ?hcup!
weight ' lbs., at 7c. per lb,; 83 lambs, weight
"ie. per lb.; '17 liiuibi, wrl^bt l.bDClbi.iu
II ac. pur lb. J. Ivlrby Noltl an ?buep. w?l-bt lH Ibo. por
lie. , .c r,(>?' lb.; lei rhoup, weight H.*j Ib., por bond I;
i??,c. por lb ; 1M dhoep. woiaht H3 lb,, per bead, at 6L'c.
nor lb.; ll<> ulieop, wombu otl lb?. u. Ill lb*, por bond ut
S>.1 H.) por_cwt.; 77 >itaillnon. weUht, (If lb,, u lid ibi. per
bct.'l. dl <o. per III.: 31 yciirliup, w. isbt tU lbs. per bund.
wt.,'b.. *11 (|iioted from Ohio, liunio, Rlllott X Co.
!" .V.'.''11" sl,CL'P. woltrbt 7.1 lbs. por bead, ai ai.o. p.?r
lb.; .10 Ohio fbenp, iveiiilit 117 lbs. pur bead, ut ,WB.
per lb.; 7(1 Ohio sheep, ivoitht 111) lbs. por liea I. ut r.?,c. per
lb. ; II, Ohio ?ho p, welplils l?l lbs. ii J'rj por hu^J ,it
be. pur lb.; .>.>(1 \ iriinia Iambi, weldjn lbs. per head, at
8V,o. per lb.; Iti State lambs, wciitlits 4ft lbs. a .VUb*. per
head. I a per lb. Davis 1 llullanbeuk sold si Illinois,been,
well;lit H., lbs. per head, at SKI?? per cwt.; !>7 Illinois sheep,
we Kjit H7 bs per bead, at 6<;c. per lb.; 17U Illinois ehuep.
*;fl h-1 ????? at per lb.; 0 .veailinne, wolglit
lb) lbs per bead, at S'4u. j,er p,.. nil woolly shuep
I Cows?Quotations merely nominal, i.eiiiji from
SW ; a ?'tii'J per bead. Calves peneraUy soli! separate.
I. |;,V'\AN" (' I'-.VKS.? Onars. quality calves 4c. a OUe. per
lb. teals ol medium qtiullty. 7c. per lb.
I lloi. v-riiree c,.r loads or Ohio hon? were disposed of on
live weight, terms not obtained.
_ . Galvkstox, Mav 1(1, 1877.
| Cotton weak: middling, ln\e.: low middling. H; good
ordinary,l)V?c. -Net receipts, 111 bales. Sales, Oil. Stock
Jo.OiiU '
I ,, >>'kw Orleans. May ill, 1877.
fcltoB quiet; middling. 10'ic.; low uiitidlmg. JOc.; good
j.rdlnary. He. bet receipts, 3b'i bales: gross, l.xports?
lo'lreit Britain. 7,835; coastwise, 4U3. Sales, 3,r,(*i. htock
Wobiuk. May 10. 1H77.
Cotton weak and irregular; middling, 10?,e.; law mid
<IU 11 g. H'sC.; good ordinary, tB*c, Nut reeeipts. 70 bales,
exports coastwise, 3. Sales, 700, Slock. 20,1)1.1.
SivAlfssn, May 16, 1H77.
Cottou mi let; middling, lll.J,'c ; low middling, IIT,c.; good
ordinary, Net ruceliits, 1.71 bales, kxports cue
wise. a4H. sales. Stuck, 4.037.
CiiaitLKsTo.y. May 10,1877.
t ott n steady: middling. ir?'?c ; |,.w middling, luo.; good
oriliniiry, if0c. Iict receipt*. 4!l.? bales, sales, 7H0. Stock.
.... . . Wu-uiXGrox, x, a. May Id. 1S77.
Spirits ol turpentine steady at JOc. Itosin quiet at 81 47
for str.imcd. ( rude turp-nttue steady atifl Od t.,r hard
S3 27 for yellow dip and i?2 70 lor virgin, far steady a t
bl Od.
, ? , , Oswk'id, May 10. 1877.
Hour dull and unchanged: sal s l.OUl bbls. Wheat
utiiet ; sa>0s ol No 1 .Milwaukee club el sol 115; No. 2 do.
?' , . Coru iu demand: uiirket easier: sale* U.OUO
b"' bolt old mixed West or n at 7(>c. ; car lots. new. BSc ?
.14.'Kill do. oil private terms, *iip,,o<rd ut Oir. Bui lev
quiet: No. 2 Cenadu held at flue, a U5c. Corn meal T2H
lor bolted; $27 lor unbolted, per ton Mill feed?Shorts
*2.1: shlpstulls, *24; middlings, $27 a *27 por Ion. Canal
IrelghiS?\\ boat. 7e ; corn and rye, 4!?e. to New York"
luuibor, *1 7u to Troy, $2 2<i to New York. N.. reeeipts!
I anal ?Oilpnient*?l.umber. Oao.'WO feet. Hour shipped bv
rail 1,1'K) bljls. Grain nlloat on canal from iluif.ilo and')*
wego lor tidewater veslerday noon Was?M beat 120 U)h
biiahele; Corn. OOgpsri do.; oats, :f"2ti.lXX> do., burlov
30,000 tto.; rye, 52,00H do. ?
- , Borrsi.o, May 10. 1877.
Markuts dull and heavy, with a wruker reeling" No 2
ro a quotable In < ar lot* at 7:ie. a OUc.: cargo lots W.c a
.nl' .e. Wheat nominally unchanged. Ostr dull. Rye and
barley neglected. .Mult in light trade inquiry, heeds ?
Small sale* at unchanged price . l'ork and lard cits tr and
nominal:? unchanged: nuly a Ugbl trade Inquiry. Jllgli
wi lt s uiicuaugeil. .-ales ot 4(Xi bbls. Hour at prices uom
iuallv uneliangad. totidlng downward; corn, 12 cars on
track iit ;die. a OOc. lor No. 2; wheat, 2,0 H bushels re
Jetted ( hlcugo at .fl MO; oats, two cars Ohio on track at
>.le. Receipts by l*ke?1'leur, 4.700 bid*.: com. Oil,' 24
bushels; wheat, 70.MO0 do.; oats, 3.80O do. ; peas 108 bbls
Receipt ! b\ rail?Kl.mr. H.7IKI olds ; wlioat, 11,Hi*J bushel* ?
corn 22,400 du.; outs, tl.SIJO do.; barley. 2,000 do.: rve
2.200 do. hliipaien'* by vuuat to tldoa'ater?Coin, lfl.loo
bimuols; wheat. 17 (ill do. To Intermediate points?Corn
?DO bushels; wlieut, 7,01*4 do. Hy rail ? I'lonr. 7.7/0 bbls. ?
wheal, 11.000 bushels; corn, SH,2(Xi do.; <<ats. 0.100 do. ?
l a b v. 2.(100 do. ; rye, 8,2 ?l do. Canal and railroad freights'
i ?? tm ? .. .. Tolkdo, .May l(i, 1877.
Hour dull. Wlioat doll: No. 2 white Michigan, fl IX);
extra do., $2 10: amber Michigan, spot f2 01: June, fc o|!
Ne. 2 do., fl 8.i; No. 2 red wititar. June, $1 07'.. Corn
opened weak and lower; closed linn at the outside figures;
high mixeil. ajiot, ?"x43j|0 ; Jiiua, 56c.; Augfiiit, ."iHK'c ; No*
2, spot, .st ye ; J ane. 74,July, .'a|)4e ; August, ..e ye. ;
.No. 1 v.hho, oH .^o,; rt'iecieff. 52c.: dumi(){ecl. 4i3u?'. Outs
"l! l:.'N.8.rj.17.r- Het-eipt?1U0 ubis. Hour, M.ltOJ bnihel*
wheat, .1.1.0 si do. corn, issi do. oats. Hhipnient* loobbln
llonr. :i.iidi busiiols wheal. M4.1XXI do. corn, HJXtO olo. out*.
At 4 I. M. wheat dull and lower; amber Michigan, snot
s"r 'v-'; N"",- ro" wl,utcr. sDot, $1 !*l Corn tinner, active;
lii tlii mixed, spot. ?4,,c.; August held at tX>!.,e.; ROc. bid.
No. 2, s|iot, .i4c a.it'jc.; June, July, Ore.; August,
u9;ac.; rejected, 12c
... . . . CniUAdO, May 111, 1877.
Hour quiet and unchanged Whe tl active; No. 2 spring
$1 H_lt, cash; 81 04. Juno; *1 til. July; No. U do.. $1 48t"
( orn unsettled at fyi^'c., cash; 71V-. June; 7lJ,e. July
(latsjluil at dl.'yc.. c rati and June llye easier at Har*
0-7, <ec. Mav. l'ork,dull and weuk at $14 a $14 O.7. cash;
cl4 o?/a lone ; $14 20 July, l^nrd dull and week at -U 17'.,
cash ; ft) 1 a ftt 20, June; $.1 27'.. a $1) 30, July. BnU
m "at. quiet nnfl weak Wnl.scy dull at $1 07. Itecelpts
lour. !?..8? bbls.; wheat, 17,0(X) bushel*; corn 182(xkj
do. ; osts, :ki.l) 1 > do.; rve, 381 do. ; barler. 4.10 1 do. 8hln
"V)0O . his.; wjmat, 30,000 Imslicls; corn,
Jfijlxi dol 0lU"' (,0'i r,e" 1 (100 do.: barley.
I'HortPKXCK. i:. I., Ma.v 10. 1*77.
I'rint clothe?The market in witnout any reported trim*
action*; holder* ere Brut, relating effort o( 4)?c. for Monit
or,! and extra 04x4 gaode.
Havana. May It}. 1X77.
Spanish Hold. -UB a Exchange firm; on th?
United Stain-. OH day*. currency, ll.'e' a !l ditcnuni; thort
alirlit <io.. IJ, ? 1 dllcount; HO ilaye, B"lil 0 a premium ;
short *i.bi do., ft'* a 0 proinluin. Un l.ondon, IBt^ a 17
premium. On Pari*, I a 4'i premium, Sugar* llat.
IrivKUroot, May ltt?r? P. M.
f Otlun?Future i xtea.lv: upload*. lew Huddling olaiieo,
.....I a. ? .1.1........ \ I'l It!.I . ...I. I..... ... I.l.lll n . ?
July and AU/litt delivery. 5 tit-IHd. . upland*, low middling'
ciaum, new crop, elilpped November and December, tall,
0 1-1 tM.
Lom'on, May IS-3 *10 P, M.
Produce?llelinod petroleum, lii^d. per gallon
Axtwkrp, May IB, 1877.
Petroleum, ill'.f. lor Hue pale American.
CIlasoow, May 11.1, 1877.
Sugar It ltd. a (Id. higher.
mtW voitK i-Koncra uchixH kkpout.
I.ivvui-iniL, May IB. 1"77.
Pe'K Kaataru dull at 7B?.; Wevteru dull it i?*. Ilacou?
Cumberland cut dull at IHJa., aliurt rte dull at Hit*., lung
elt;ur dull at SSe. (Id., ?liort clear dull a!40a. limn*?Letg
tui dull at 4N<, t "iiouider* dull at i-H*. Beef?India lue-t
dull hi n"*., extra meat dull at 111*, prime tuoee dull at
IVJ*. I anl Prime metlern dull ut 47*. Tallow?Prime
city dull at 4iK 8d. Turpentine?-Spirit* dull at SRt*.
K.udu?iJimnn.M. dull at ... Ha. t Hue dull at 111*. lid.
(Ticeso?,\uiurle in cbuli'o firmer at 7b.. Lard oil tlotidy
at i lour Extra State dull at Hie. 6d. Wheat .Nrt. 1
apriug dull at l it Ud-i Sin. J do. dull at 111*.: winter south
cm, uoiiu i > tho tun. bet; western, none lu tlie market.
Corn dull m kiit.
LOXDOS, May IB. 1M77.
Console, ill! 13*10 for both money nud tho ncoouut.
I'ami.*. May IB, 1S77.
Exchange un London i!5f. IBc. fur eliort tight.
Lomuin. Slav IB, I>'77.
Silver it quoted hi >1 lulilrl. per ounce India Council
bill* were allotted to .lay at .Vi. per ropeo docllno.
t I Ui'.AUNAhT.II iLv'rks?'MOSiitV it.V LIKE \s3
J\ !? ndowinunl Inauranca 1'idtcio* aii'l Murl ;aae*: ? uu i
bedglU; Insurance of all Kin I- elected .villi bom cuiuunulet
.1. J. II A It K 7011 V CO.. Ill* Broadway.
^VN 'w York, May II, 1S77.?The iraritfer booxa id' tbii
oomnnny will be voted from "J o'clock P. M. on too 17th of
May In the morniui; ol June
J. 0. B.VBCOCK, Troniitrer.
A 1 STOCK PKIVILlillKS H )l <?.IT A I 0I? iSiHT
?aYmarUut rate* anil operation* ma l? ngalnut cum.-. Sto.tki
bought uu moderate mar.lue. Explanatory pamphlet Irea.
TlSllil.luiil. A CO., B inkers, ilrokers, 00 Broad at., N. Y.
A-stocks" noifuiii' and SOI.U iifiBTHRftS
? rate ut Commission bv
. (uiemb r* Sew York Stock Kxelisny.),
. Mulic u snailiilty ol Itallrosd mill other Bund* of ull kin It '
! lor wbich there U no reenter market.
>it every kind stored or nut on sale et our sloruce uu 1
tule* room*, IHI to IU7 Wert :? M st. k
tlOXXKCI'ioi'T WKMiillN BA11 ,Kt i AD.~A J ,SO POUT
J Royal lt*llro?d Bond* wanted, O. W. M.YKKHAM. 1UJ
IjlHTATK MONEY ???'..*'.'i i' on VOKTUAOkT " AMD
J7 per cent ItKC h I \ 1 11, ri oni I . i'<?| Htiinline.
J1 mid Int. ut sucritlce. <|uick. LINK. 252 lir.adwuy.
" Slnok. Address li. B. U . ruotu >o 12, U12 Nassau kt.
mi real estate ut tlx per cent
I ad vT"T accukto si k d to Hi;sin BBS, but late.
Jly robbeu, wnn:? to meet an elilerlv /entleman willing
lo u-sl.t I.er. Aildre** NlN'i.i' ''. 1 nx 12'.t llcrnill olticc.
.I'llNEY ill LO A N ?OX BUM) AN i' M >nl<?\UH, At
rX'l uud 7 per rent ; New York or llrnoklyu 1'ropertv.
A. WAKNKR PLATT. ITS Broadway. r?nm ?.
nil York nml Brooklyn improved Property.
(1. STAKE. 130 Broadway.
V/fcN'tNi; SMC Ili S. ~~ "
IflWe buy and sell .Milling Stock* ut the American Mining
and Stnok Kxcliauuo. or alsowhoro, on commission,
our Mr. A. II. Xlrolay is a member nftlio liourd.
Bankers, Broker* anil Auctioneer*. No. Ill fine at.. N. Y,
OrwuH oJr
Commission Stock Broker*.
No. lid liuu.it> St., Nkw York, -May 10, 1H77.
Wonted ?
Proxies on Michigan Central Railroad stock, to be ued at
tbe nc'.l an n on I election.
Wo ivill pay for sunt" one-h ilfnf one per cent
A Published ovi r.v Thursday ut UO Broadway.
Proeont Issue contain* u complete Tabic ol tbe
.Mine* of Nevada, California and Colorado,
Extent of loot of Mineral Vein*, number of
Share*. I npital Stock, par Value, A**u*-ment* aiij
Dividends Paid to SbaroUolder* In each to dale.
,\. ii GlllVOLM, Proprietor.
tragi* given on Piano 'nuici. Household Pnrn tore,
Piiintln.'N, Ac ; worth ?l\ time* th<? amount; ton tier cent
interest paid in advance; tin broker*. Address LOAN, ilrr'
at i < i die I.
Minontit drawln.r 7; Bund en I Moitirage. Principal* ail
dret* lllilH Oil AltACTBlt, Herald olilcc.
A"7 (Will $ i.ikll. $iO.'i<k). #23.<?iO. WAibimSa
<p I .Uv/v'.tn loan on Hrit Mortgage, tit it und 7 per
lout in Hum* to suit. Call between ID anil 12 o'clock,
or address J OSKPH P. HI,ACT, 2t>R Broadway, room H.
*(MlA |UVA AT Six Mi OK XT poll KfVB
V-dv/t??Ul/x/yeiir?. to loan on mortgage, in (nine to
*ult, on llrat clusa city Properti.
II. L. lilt ANT. llo Brounwav.
A "'"NY 'LADY'"Wl'Tli'$2,0110 CASH' (AN BUY TKjf.
year*' a?tnbll?han ba*ineea, idea iiiir SSli.tNjO yearly: lur.
tiituro worth Ifl.ikt.i; full invostta'ut.on duaired ; itup.iratUe
reason* lor selling. S.vCKiPIC.'.. Iler.ild Uptown ulllce.
a a'ood buiincs*, best stand In Brooklyn, lor sale cheap.
MUCHKLO, 77 Cedar M.
JA tbinn, perltap* u fortune ; no hntubu^. Imiulre 73 South
otb or.
tebilslu'd business, with cupital ?2,o00. Cull at 72
Cortlandt at.
xXtnouey liy January 1 on a now article lor tint drnsr and
notion trale: the strietest and clo>est iuve*tli;atlon invited
Principal only need address E. A. S . nasi 1H7 Herald nlllc*'
able, old established business or would still; account,
healtlH about ml,300. Address M., Herald ollice.
^V.lnlliiencu with cuyiiallsts, to nr;;nnIre a small stoeS
cumpauy to miinul'actiiru a iirntttablo staiile itrtic'o in urent
demand. Address MANlTPACTL'iiElt, Newark, N. .1.
xxPfoniTetary Modlclno Busltioss, cnmpleto In every do.
tall anil In Hill operation ? it Is lo^.tliuuto und prolliauloi
owner must sucrlllc t it for cash ; price Addro** PoK
MULA, kit (aid sflM,
flit.. Man. WITH iwxk WANTED?TO assist
gieratiU!! a machlue; Sis ually proiits. 401 Sth uv.,
\ on
to 43,1V ' on ynoil -cciirlty ; Inrn'o bouut, with inlerost.
Addicsa SUHid, 700 Oil uv.
"\ genFiXmTnT w"lfiTsm aiTl capTFal, CAN AS.
JA soclate himself with n tiarty who lie.* the highest rci.'r
enace. in a tdeuaaut. easy huainoaa, paylup very luruo pro.
lit*, mid which will beat the closest investimation. Call lor
PRKUHICKS, 13 West 20th st.
Owoll estublisheit; would coutributd several thnu*und
? I dltir* cash; lu st rcloronces and business oxpericu.c. Ad
dress noittiA. Heraldeftlce.
'Jtuhlisliod Orcssurikin^ Businoss at \ury reasonitblo
tcnus. Address N. S., lie. aid Uptown ollice. Anonyinnui
letters not answered.
Halp "inteiiest jnFmanupaofuiuno RU.sijfk5r7
established soven yems, will Inventory nk'i.lkltl; price,
Sl.fi'Xk Address MaNUPACTI UKtl, box 130 Herald ollice.
Oeiilcnninl mi iTil i a rare chance. Address L'llL A
/.UUii.liii, 1MB Canal rt.. New York.
I wanted; capital f IV) to IJ.'iSi; business |irolttublo; ruler*
cucu roi|ulieil. Addruss M. It., Ilctuld Uptown ollice.
i Patented invention.) ('.pitallal n6. dcil lo make up*
plication ; lame Interest ulven. Mmiot at UIH Wouster st.
bllustness. csluhll h.'d 12 tears; chesn to p iiiiipt t n.vr.
? inly tlinse mcanlnt, bualue is apply to MIN V,E.sll El M Kit,
ltKI h o 37th st.
Oi du established house ; ml doublo money in short tituo.
INV KbTlUA I ION. IL-ruld.
I mo CAP ITA LIST.d. ? A ' STh \ M POWER v'a'm'.'VaC*.
L turiut; K*tabl|shment. nit thu Potomac, near llmpcr'a
Koiry, iiiiicliiiiury nearly new, stock for runnliin. cnuvi n.
lent und low, prospects lor n roniunerntlv - business of
$10,00 i prollt yearly, will be disposed ol at n bur,.nin or ex.
cliai'ired lor i'hiladulpliia cttv property an I $'10.001 to
$23,1 MS) cash ; one with auiotint untned ol cash can piircbasd
or bvooiuu Intoiestcd with prnscnt owner*. Aildrnss !'. !?.
EM KICY, southeast corner 4th and Walnut st*.. Phila
1 chant in lii^li resp ctubllitv and inalure experience in
nu .toil* in return to nctn c business, and I* tvlllin : to invest
a lair amount id a.ipital, which can be iuorcaaed it do ilrahlu.
rlnin d. Address MEK*
Duly llrst ciass prniHisltioii* cute
CllAN f, box 3.2IS New Y rk Pdst
l ollice.
rno It UN I ?1,'IUAK mTAXO is KiHSr ULAHfl Ufc-STAl'
1 runt uii Brua'Jw*y. Address ClIlAit, box liK) .Icruld
ini>n 11 aoturo it good [>n n t.
J ACOB Ili'.lM. SO North Moore.
com wand rJ1""' or tkl.lum, to parektu *n intemllli
uodtuko the liiulnoii management ot n well catablislied
newspaper ?uil Job printing establishment In ti n Smith sent;
n r?r?' Viuoce lb.it will l-esr (lie closest Investigation. Ad
dress ?vdINKH^, Lenderoffice. to. tin. I'nxat.
W~ TsTTn-i-AW n is it wTfi t ? kw iVu nTiTbed urn"
liirn ittiearricnl lU-intMl to trnr I during mnuniir.
Address BUHINKSS, Herald nlAci:.
TV t:> go to California and control a legitimate mid well
established business guaranteed to |>ity n not prollt ol $VKl
per inontli; tlio investment wi.l bo secured; portion* unit
loinn .1 furnish references noon not mmwor. Addrurs, for
three days, B. B. s.. Herald offien.
iP.L.UV/U.protlts flO.OtS) yearly. Knr interview address
I'ltOPRlR'l(IB, bon lit! Herald Uptown ollice.
A"7? jiM/1 To"$8.1*Kb?I WOtTUTBK PLBA8KI) TO
tpD.UlM Ipr.'sent fail particulars ol n money making
biitiuen*. thin aitv. to it gonial gentleman competent tor tlio
office department: I now have nn lot 'ro?t end o?n purchase
wbolo for nboiil (15.000; one desiring a euro small fortune
(not In a week; address L\OKAtV'ANNA, Herald office.
glI">UU"?f * specialty In *t*plo bariiwara; good*
lunde on order. Hnii sold u, I).; s ?? mrlty will l.o ,-lvou for
the amount. STAl'LE H AKIHA'A KE, Herald office.
Ucorgo Morlot, Jacob Sicttholmor and tfoloraoa
Nordhugcr, composing tho Arm of Morlot, Stcttbcimor
A Co., ribbon manufacturers, Into of No. 473 Broad
wtiy, and at Paierson, N. J., huvo beou udjudlcatod In*
voluntary bankrupts on mo petitions ol their creditors'
and tbo mutter line been inferred to itfffiMcr Fitau
to tuko turtber proceeding*. ilia creditors who
umto In the petition nro thn lollotvlng:?A. A.
Low A Brothers, $14,104 10; II. Fogg le Co.,
(10,081 88; JoUn T. Walker, $l,tl50 4J; Alcxiilidol
King li Co., $4,885 7T; Lot 1 A Moving, $1,595 ot>,
(H fiord, Sbertnuu .A lntiis, $3,015 HI. Judge BUtch
lord has li.tu I uu h piucth.n agonist Sheriff Uoillv
mid lladden & Co., on) ol their creditors, restraining
ttiuut irom soixing or deposing ot any oi the property
ol the bankrupt*. The iirst mooting of craniiors to
prof* 4cbis uud oleel un usatgbee in bankruptcy liae
been culled tor lliu 28th Inst,
A mooting of Hie creditors ot Coerce C. llrogory.
builder, of No. !4h !iast Forty-ninth street, was helu
yuxferduy, ut tba ottloa o! Registrar Alton, to uct on
tbo offer ot cotupotitluti niudo by the bankrupt to Set
tle at it it coins ou tlio dollar, lib, liabilities being ueui ly
$toii,oou. the ioiiow.ua creditors proved tuuir
claims:?Ogden A Co., $1,771 dJ; John Ash, (5,1177 liO;
l.eaudi r Blone, $4,404 l>4; Frederick Swuru. $740;
Isaac K. Smith k Son, $3,414 05; Ilicbard K. Middle*
toii, (471; Israel Uudolph, $l,ii00; David Hoy l.
(1,1138 oh. Sevnu oinar creditors proved claims lor
$847. Dpposiiion WM tn.iuo (o ibo composition and
turiher proceedings w ore ndjourned.
Tho application ol T'uhiit \ llunce, printers, of So.
131 William street, lor a dituttarge Irora bankruptcy,
came beloru Hegistoi Kotcliom yesterday, uud as none
ol tho creditors o; posod tho dlschirgo It will bo
g rented.
Rapro.-'entauvc men front the various railroad ootn*
pan es met yo.ii iday ut tba St, Junius liolol lor tbo
purposo ol UifiiHHing n nroposition to nool alt Iroight
Huppod to or Irom ihnciiy by tho trunk lines?that
Is, to have each road carry a KperiRod proportion of it.
A special agent, who ha. juat leiuriicd from a tour ol
Inspection lurougi, ttiu W. gi, d> horiood ilio condliioii
uud pros; eel* oi railroad tn at tors in thai rogion and
the probable bcneilu to he il trlvo.l Irom the proposed
'?pooling'' ol the lrol|hts. No doilnUo uoitnu wui
taken by tbo meeting, which was uujourncd until 4hi*

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