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Where Gotham's Sweltering Thousands
Took their Sunday Out.
The People In Central and Pros
pect Parks.
In Jersey and Westchester?At Long
Branch and Rockaway
Ths extremely toot weather of yesterday decided
tens ot thousand* of our citizens, who would not
otherwise have made up their minds so promptly, to
seek Ire-h air wherever It could bo found. The gen
eral impulse was to get out ot doors, but as that Is
only tbo beginning It w.is necessary to cbooso lurthor
between the many Inviting spots by sea and laud
where tbo <t<-*irod cool breeze and rust and, If neces
sary, re l rest) in out wore obtainable. Hence it cams
that the people spread out In all directions?some to
Ceulral Park, sumo to Jersey, some to Prospect Parle,
soiuo to Westchester, some to Long Branch, some to
Kockuwuy, and as it was the first general Sunday's
outing of the seasou it will bo interesting to lollow the
pilgrims ol nature in their journevs after the beauttiul,
the picturesque aud tho com lor table.
Our Central Park never looked more beautiful or
Inviting than It diu yesterday. "For Jo, tbo winter Is
past, tbo rain is over and goue; the flowers appear on
tbccarib; tbo time of tho singing of birds Is come
and tbo voico ot the turtle Is beard In tho land." We
have again opened the utnsl charming chapter of the
year, that winch has violets and Hay flowers us Us
inscriptions and vignettes, lulaut blossoms hung upon
the trees and rose leaves till tho urns. As tho poet
bath It, this Is the mouth whoso robe folds are
valleys, wboso breast bouquet Is gardens and whoso
blush is a verual oveniug. it Is cbictly
tho poor, bowover, wbo, escaping from tbo cages in
w hich they have been imprisoned lor u week, most en
joy Gud's holiday on the broad walks aud among the
ttower-lringoU ruuiblcs of our beauiilu! Park. And it
was a gludsumo sight yesterday to seo so many thou
sands of them?the patoriainilias, with a troop of
household ungcls at his heels; tho mother, with the
Ininni iu her arms, and tho tollors lu the hot work
shops?all taking solid rest and uouiiort. it was a
wise provisiou of our City Fathers, under which, years
ago, wus set apart and beuutiiled u spot for such a
purposo, and though it may bavo been a cosily im
provement, no one will now deny that it has become
one of the most important factors In tbo turn ol me
tropolitan health and pleasure.
On a hot day like yesterday the great bulk of the
throng does not bogln to gather until, say, tour o'clock,
when the sun has partially lost his warmth and the
evouing shades begin to deepen, but alter that hour a
similar spectacle cannot bo witnessedanywhero else In
America. It Is then that one sees our working classes
to tho grcatost advantage?the shop gsrl In her best
attire, the mechanic iu bis good clothes, stela tlcrr
and bis trau, and, In a word, the people ol all tbo na
tionalities that constitute our cosmopolitan popula
tion. Judging (rout nhyi iognomy. It a noteworthy
Item that a majority of Bunday visitors to tho Park
appear to bo Germuns. Ii one wauled to verify tbo
fact it would only bo noccssary to mark tho
contrast between the people who patronize the dairy
aud those who drink boor. And tbe great crowd en
toys its Sunday pleasure superlatively. It passes In
review before Shakespeare, Scott, Humboldt, Morsei
Webster, Bums, Ualiock, and the sturdy soldier of the
Seventh. Tbe children clumber on tho rocks, mingle
with tho flowers uud sport on the luwas. The-swings
tho goat carriages and pomes, tho boats on the lake,
the curiosities allvo and dead lu tbo vino covorod
Muicum, these and a score of otlior attractions at
onco tempt and eutertaln. Of vehicles thore aro also
thousands cm route to aud from tho boulevards beyond
the Park.
To tho stranger as wolt as tho resident tbe picture
must be always suggestive, for Il ls eloquent with that
sptrlt ot municipal charity which lias provided so vast
u breathing spot tor rich and poor alike, and aided
nature in making It boautttul. And the thought never
can bs more impresslvo than on a Summer Sunday,
wbeu Irom overflowing tonosiont bouses, aud the
stench and tilth ot crowded apartments, pour iorib the
processions ol debilitated young and old to Inhale lbs
lresu utr and feiust tbo senses on the treasury ot loliugo
aud flower which God lies so luxuriously tilled
Where, in the luugpuito of tbe poet Musuoy?
All the leave . turlll and sparkle wild as wlnits
Voluptuously ripening lu Hie run:
i lie uieuduws swell their bo ems prompt with life,
lite buttercups spread tiny laps lu take
lite warm gold suowerliur down Iroiu heaven
'lbs birds, lew ? rounini- o'er their sweet spilog luuef,
R'ill touch tin in with o riper luxury.
Tbe blackbird with the winu of Joy ih mellow,
A lib ill his soup keeps laiu;blii;,'; he's so jolly
to think how summer pulps the fruit for htm.
It is estimated that 200,GOu people wore present, and
there is no boiler tribute to tbo orderly character of
tbe crowd than that nut a single arrest was made by
the police.
The warm weu.bur hud the client 01 inducing tbous
an tin ol peoplu to Uud their way to Brooklyn's best
lung?1'ioepect l'arh. Indeed, it may be sulo'ly mated
that Ironi this date the season ol 1877 has buuu (airly
opened there. A deligbtlui breeze swept across the
harbor, and caused the grass and loiiige to wave, us
though In grateful acknowledgment of its balmy carets.
Tho roadways were lined with vohtoles ol every de
scription, and the water carts wero sept In constant
operation 10 lay iho dust. Tho lawn, between the
l'latbusn avenue plaza uud Cottage liill, was crowded
w ith men, women and children during the entire alter
noon, while seats in tho shady nooks were at a pre
mium. Tho only real drawback to tho ptuusuros ol the
people, who have oxpended upward ol eight inilllou
dollars 011 the park, wan the coustant rude warning ol
tlio blue eouUxi police, to '-keep oil tho gruss," at cur
iam points ol progress, there is room lor tho re
moval ol several ol llicso sign-, which should lie lakcu
down at once, and tho iin-.losed sections ol the park
thrown open to the enjoyment of the visitors. On the
lake, winch presents an urea ol lllty-two acres ol
water, Admiral O'ltrteii, ol tho rowboat flotilla, bud
his little fleet constantly engaged. Hie shelter house
and the dairy were well patronized, and the park
'-carryalls'' reaped a harvest of lares.
To the shrine oMliimbriuus, In Westchester county,
thousands wended their vui lous v. ays. Bouse by land
uud some by water sought the sylvan-shades, where,
during the groat excise campaign of 1800, were ini
tiated those Sunday sorvtccs to tho thirsty god, wbt<b
are still religiously ob.-orved. The Second and Third
nvenue cars brought hundreds ol tieruiun laiuMies to
the southorn bunk oi tlio Harlem itiver, beyond which
lies a thousand lanes dedicated to the beer
divinity. All day long there tiled across Hit
narrow bridge at llurlom un incessant line
ul thirsty mortals, who. arriving at ihe
Westchester bank, scuttereu hero and mere each to
Ins iuvnriie garden and brauerei. I.eat uu unjust im
pression ol the luUucnce ol (termini tastes upon
Americuii manners be conveyed, it is but lair to stats
that all the pilgrims were not Herman. Large numbers
ol Americans were among tne pilgrhn*, and their de
votion to special i dles to which Westchester is con
secraied on Sundays was lio whil le-? euroest than Uiut
ol thvir Herman lellow*. The boats ul the Morrieunia
? nd Harieui lines brought a largo quota ol visitors to
Ihe place, nud When ihe cool of evening
succeeded Ihe heat ol noon the doroted
and much adveted pllgrlius began to woiul their
various ways hack to the metropolis, iaiiiih-s
ol Ion uud twi-lvo children were plenty in the ranks,
sud the number of devotees who virued Westchester
tiny uu saleiy elated at 10.000. The nvur Itself at
Iructed many, and all day ions, even during th>- neon
day heat, the streaio wis spotted with row boats,
lull ol deltghied easli and errand hoys nut lor n day's
iport. liuriug ih<- early hours ol evening iboguui.e
uieu who delight In s.rtped shirts ana other appoint*
hizs ol the court ot muscle, Vouchsafed the in triad
ipeelHiors on the bridges aud dock with nu exhibition
ui sculling.
USSR AMO VI .V IX jKttakt.
It was Pdng l-boualag among ihu Uertnuri.s yon
terday. and it is ibetr ui-ual cnsioin to oon-br te the
day by opsn air picnics, excursions and social convivul
parlies, at which .miueiiso quantities ul lager beer are
jrunk. In ihls city the policemen had received m
sirucilona to aee tbut the Sunday Ksclsv law agsiuvt
the telling ol auy k nd ol excisoaoie drink- wero
Curr ed out iu the numerous bee- gardens and ixtrks in
the upper portions ol the oity. Ifkcottartly, therefore,
the exodus ol Hermans, and, indeed, alio Amennuns,
yorlerd.'iy ironi this city to llehot en and Westchester
wur very large, but especially so to Ibu vir.inity ul lio.
bok'd, where mere nr? a number of largo parks and
numerous smaller ones.
Tue dchuoisen Park, which is situated on Union
Hill, West ilobuken, about a half or throu quarters of
it si hour'* ride from ibeicrrynuud Itellevno I'urk are the
principal ones, and are made festive with the usual
pavii una, eoQc-e, rcstuuraut, ice cream him neor
stands, merry-go-roiiuu and kdgnltiabon (bowling
alley). 10 all who sought tne parks on the higher
ground the sultry and oppressive utim.aphoro ol the
city were exohnngt'd fur cooliug broazoa Ir an the river
ami the hoy.
Hobskeu is a Herman city In America. Th#
?ronia of "Has Valeriana" pervades it throughout, j
and as lully seven-tenths 0/ tue luliabitauts are Her- j
mans the Eoglub laaguage ia cot necessary 10 a vis
itor ihere. H heu. nowever, tue Gt-rmuu r<std< ots of
that any are reinforced by large number* ol itiair com
patriots iroin Now Vara, then luJ.-ea the .-.euo t. uu is
it strange one to o Knglish speaking visitor. Them ia
no such troublesome Excise law there a* in New York,
anil one nay nuail ma beer wituout any lear ol moles
l.iiion by the guardians ol the pence. Oueuui ol' lager
were dr jnk iu the park:, and I tie police walked calmly
to and Iro among ton drinkers and occasion ally par
took ol a glare themselves The Germnn, when he
goes out lor a day's pleasure, ia not -ellLb, but take*
his wncle atmly with htm, and the number ol women
and obildran were even greater ibuu tue men. The
aociai aspect of German ple.it ure In one leaturc which
):< highly commoudahlo, and were it nturo generally
loliowc-u uy other nationalities lose riotous conduct at
these large public gatherings would be the result.
The visumb began to arrivo at about una o'clock. At
lirat they were lost in the parks, hut gradually the
throng grew greater, and toward the latter part ol the
alteration the parks were Uited. The rncu distributed
themselves among the dill rent calds and casino-, en
gaged in the rarioas games and amu-emcul*; the chil
dren and youths p.iiroulg-d the murry-go rounds, uud
oil seemed to etijov themselves. The strains ol muaic
gave uu added charui. 1'he glory ol the Elyatau Fields
is in the past. (Street* huvn " been cut
through its groves and lawns, and. with tho
exception or u lew struggling booths and saloons
aud some patches ol green grass, there Is little to re
mind the visitor of the one out ;awu ol' this resort.
There were comparatively low people ut the Klysiun
Fields?evidently those wno resided in tne immediate
neighborhood. A orowa of perhaps a hundred had
gathered around a preacher, who wus, no doutu,
inveighing aguiust the sin ol driuktug beer, but iu
Hobokoa such preaching is not edective. i'robahly
(lily thousand people crossed the lerry to Hobokon.
It is a noticeable tect that among all these people, ol
dtderent sexes, uges aud counlrii.-, with beer at call on
every side, luere wus no dru>.k< unesa Is boor a
moral agent C Does it promote temperance t T hese
are question.-- that excise lawmakers would do wull to
take into consideration. Policemen were on band-?
not numerous, it is true, but even the lew wno wore
present were not called upon to tnterlero With any
To-day Pllngat Montag will be observed by tha nu
merous German associations Picnics and excursions
will abound, and the Wivos and daughters, mothers
aud sisters ot tha members or these societies will ntl
accompany them.
AT U>J?(i Hit ASCII.
It was the first day 01 the season at I.ong Branch
and a very auspicious beginning it was. The steamer
Jesse Hoyt wus announced to uiako an oxcurslou to
ibai inmouB watering place with "a lull view ol tho
oio.u" and "uu opi ortuiuty ol seeing iho wie iked
stoamer Kusiund1' thrown in, but the tiopool a doep
sou excursion thus hsld out proved delusive, tho
trip being only the ordinary journey to and
troiu tho Branch. Tho oxcurslou, however,
couid not have heuu iui.ro agreeable, and It wus
enjoyed by u lurge party. Kven tbuse who want to see
the Kualand w-tre uot dssuppoiuied, lor there was an
opporluuiiy ol going uboaro the wreck, of which many
ot the visitors availed tueinsetves. Already the work
ot breaking up the steamship has been boguu by tho
Boston company winch recently purchased her lor
fctt,UUU, and be ore tho close ol the week the lore part
ol the vessel will bavo illsappoareii. The removal of
tuo wreck will bo a grtttitlcMiiou to tho souaou visitors
at Lung Branch, lor, although some Intoruct may attach
to u steamship struudcu as ucar the shore at this one
was, tho sight could uot tail to prove an eyosuro if the
wreck hud been allowed to remain nil the summer.
Tho hotels ut Long Branch aro uot yet open tor tho
seuson, but two or three ol tbeiu, notably lauch's, the
Pavilion anu Howland's, undertook yesterday to pro
vide lor tbo visitors who might come down. Their
number wus a surprise to the keepers of these houses,
uud with the best intention* it whs no easy matter to
provide lor them. At flow land's, wbcro uot more
than eighteen or twenty guests were expected, mere
thau u bun irod were reoeived ana led, and Mr. How
laud, who has been at lite Bra.Tr.it tor thirty-two
years, says the prospect lor buiiuess this year
is belter than It lias been for several sea
sons. Iho Howlitnd Hotel bus boen enlarged
aud unproved, trout sixty to eighty rooifis having been
added, while the cull has been walled with stoue
abutments and grndod and sodded. Although not
lormally opened iiowland's is already doing a lair
buuluoss, and in a lew auys the other houses will ha
ready to compete with it. The new hotel, to ho called
the Brighton, which occupies thesltool the old Me
tropolitan, has jail been completed, and will bo kept
by Stokes Brothers. Crittenden <k Peabody, who aro
Uuw to the Branch, will manage the Culled gules,
and Plorco &i Butler, who managed tnat house lust
year, will this -eaten have charge ol the Man
sion House. The Lolands will again bavo I he
Ocean House, uud Presbury & Hiiuretb the West
Knd. The hotel keepers inu) enoour..god with the
prospects of tho season, the applications lor rooms by
permanent gnosis being more numerous at so early a
date thun at any time siuco iho "hard times" begau,
while the trausicct visitors are oomlng curlier and iu
greater nuuibora than aver belorc.
Alter all there muy be something In tho boast ol tho
Long Branch real estate ngeuts that tboy know uothlug
about hard tunes at I be Brunch, klore new cottages,
especially In the neighborhood ol Baubriglii and
Moumouih Beach, huvo been built Una yoar
than lor u mini bar ol years beloru, anil u
good many have been erected witbtn sight
ol iho long line ol hotels which extended along mo
beach. At Brown's Park, beyond cx-Pre-bleiit Gratit's
cottage, twelvu new cottages huvo been built, together
with u roriuuruni l?r tha service uud convenience ol
the touuuts. All these coiluges bavo been let uud
nearly all the dosirublo places at Long Biuuch and in
the vicmi.y have already louad tenants. Another
noteworthy algu for the present aea-un is the early
nrrivul ol many ol the cottagers. Nearly ail ol the
little co.eric who used to cluster urouud General Grant
are already lit their summer houses, and in u lew days
the Long Branch season will bo In lull blast,
Something like a ruul r< vival ol prosperity as woll us
gayety Is expect'."!. It must bo conieased that every
year adds to tho beauty ot ibis locality, aud ov<u tho
dreary Journey Iroru Bandy Hook by rait Is becoming
aimest picturesque by meaus ol the inauy pretty cot
tage* and pleasant grounds which are beginning to
tiTiusiorut tho uull anu sandy shores uud iLio low and
unsightly marshes Into habitable laud.
U did not require * prophet, nor the son oi apropbi t,
to lorctell a clamorous rush ol ttie masses to Kuckaway
iteucli. i'Uo curly trains Irotn Long Island City lor
far ltockaway and tbo beach carried out very licavy
loads of Immiiu freight, desttued lor the cool snots
a.vuy down by old Ooeuu. Four trains aero run, and
It ut estimated that fully WO reached the beach by
rail Tho heavy travel, however, was by tbe
steamer Americas, winch yesterday mauo two round
trips its the pioneer ol fourteen vcsscis that
will this summer carry the brave and tho
bcuuitiul, the rich and the poor, tbe blue blood mid
the plebeian to this famous ucurby resort. Kully 1,000
persons were transported thithor und hack ait an with
out accident. A cursory survey of the beach and us
Improvements, tnado s!n<o last season, ahuws that iho
owuers ol hotels, pavilions, bathing hou-es and res
tuurants untictpate o very remunerative season. On
every side wero luund entirely new sltuutures. or
additions to tbe old ones that will enable all who re
tort there to find salts act cry accommodations. He
sides the .Seas.de House, under the uimia-ement ol
Wainwright and liemaen; Uulaod's Seaside Pavilion,
end u lew restaurants, Hiero were no ptic.'s prepurod
to uocomtiiodate the v si crowd who wont down yes
day, end many returned to the city hungry and growl
lug. The Seaalde l'avtllou has been broken into sec
tions, and during the sprlug removed on skids up the
b nch a distance of two mile*. It has beau greatly
enlarged, and can now entertain nearly 1,000 guests in
its dining room at one lime. Ureal preparations have
been uiudo by all the hotels to cnictiaiu summer
hoarders, and tor this purpose wings have
been added to the Seaside House, tho
Kniokeroockcr, the Atlantic Park, the lirighton,
the Pavilion and Humtuel's Hotel. Not uioro
than one-third of those w no required refreshment!
were able to secure loud; but tbe proprietors ol nil
tho leading ro?orts promise by nuxl Sunday to beve all
arrangements tnude to accommodate liiosu who wish to
patronize their larders. On tbe return trip In the
owning the Ainertcus was loaded down to too guards
with over l,(H'0 excursionist*, who reached their re
spective homes ero night. It taalill too early tor bath
ing, and as none of the booth* were opon no one ven
tured to coquet with the wild wbvo*.
To tiik KntTOR or tub ]IkXAi.u:?
N'uw Yokk, May 13. 1877
I enclose you tbo following, Irutn which you can
draw your owu Inlcrenco:?
Looking out of my window a day ago I remarked,
"On, how Ignorant the people are ol truo 'bliss' in a
city resldet.co on o hot day !" Nearly every nouso hud
Its windows wide open ; in nouto the sun was beaming
In great blazes. If person* opened I heir windows be- |
tweeii six and seven A. M. tor ventilation and then
closed Ibutii and also tbo blinds end kept them clored
all dnv, they would, indeed, kuow what "happiness i
sincere" meant. We adopted tbi* plan soma ten year* j
ago, aod our house ha* always been twwuty live or i
tbirty degree* cooler tliuu oat doors. It Is on the same 1
principle us a relrigerator. If the doers ire kept j
tightly closed it will retain Its coldness, but if tbey sro ]
thrown open tbe cold air escapes, the toe tncliR, and i
in a short uuiu Uiu refrigerator has the satno tempera- !
lure us ihcnir without.
I write this that, through your able paper, the pub
lic may be made ciniEani of this tact, which w much
(especially at present) conduces to the pleasure of
mankind. Yours, very respucilaily,
The following passed the Hrkald w'hitcstono to I o
grsph station yesterday: ?
Yacht Comet, N.Y.Y.C., Mr. William 11. l.tngley,
from New London lor New York, and yacht Kudlo,
b.YU., Mr. Cioinwull, Irem New York tor ttyo.
There will be an athluuc uniertainment ut liill's
Variety Theatre this alu-moon, in which Albert kills,
the chntupiuu "Devonshire" WMiMler of America, will
contend wan W. H. Browning lor a gold watch and a
purse, tiauer and Cbrietei are announced lor a
Iriei.dly (.nwu-ilsBiAti wrestling match, and a number
ol noted boxers are on ihe list to put on the glovv.A
Tho cnii'riulnrtient is a testimonial to KHim.
A stabbing nflmy took place In Hoboson yesterday
morning, tu which Loma liunker subbed Herman
Blanc* in tbe beud with a cigsrineker's knife, isilict
ttig a very sovi-ro wound, itunkcr w?- arrested and
cnmiuituid to the Hud?oa t outity Jail In deiuelt of
il.Ck a bail. .Jealousy is asid to huvt boon tbe csuss of
the uasuuit.
Consecration of the Archbishop
of Halifax.
List of Clergy Present and Order
of Procession.
[by Tsvicanxru to the iiebalo. 1
Halifax. Muy SO, 1877.
Thti morning at ten o'clock Si. Mary's Cathedral,
In thin city, presumed a brilliant speeiaois, lor thsr*
wii lathered in IU ?pu aloes ?ancillary and roouiy
aisles a throne of prolatca and priests and a mass ol
of Interested and sympathetic people to take part hi or
bo wituessos ol' the consecration of Dr. Hanuan aa
Archbishop or Halifax.
Nearly a year ago the whole Catholic wo Id was
shocked to learn that Archbishop Couuolly, a won am*
Inent m many ways, hud suddenly been cut off In his
carear by an attack or brain fever. The eager, l?n|iet
uous, almost flereo, prelate, whose life bad bean so lull
of action, was lying, one quiet August night, as still as
stone, and uutoug the tbroogtng people who had been
wuut to regard him with reverential awo iu bis life
time there was much the same solemn tooling as unl
imited the bosom of M'xssillou wheu, in the presence
ol assembled France and over the body ol a departed
monarch he wopt out aloud, "Only tiod la grout."
To-day the scene ts changed. A year ol mourning Is
mere than most of us give to our boat and dearest, and
the Catholic Church, whoso work Is trout the rising of
the sun to the going down thereof, cannot afford to
mourn forever or leave her sheep without shepherds
and hor blerarchs without a head. For some months
there was doubt as to who would bo tbo oca Archbishop.
One naute was publicly menlionol, aevoral names were
privately whispered, but it was known thst a list ol
candidates had gone to Kome, and tbat nt the head ol
that list stood tho name ol Dr. Mlchuol Haanau. Whoa
at last the news cuius that ho was appointod tbero wu*
a geuoral reeling of relie! and gratification. A straugnr
prelate would have been coldly received. This com
munity had all been so accustoinod to look upon Dr.
Haunuu as tbo wisest guido, the utosi active adminis
trator, tbo most acute mind, tbat to have him as Arch
bishop seemed eiuiuentiy ailing una proper.
The new Archbishop, Dr. Hmuan, ts a man about
sixty-three or slxly-four, who loiks not moro than
lllty-clgbt. Uo is an Irishman, and curries his na
tionality not only In his uame, but on his tougoe.
For thirty years and moro ho has labored as u priest in
this city, and during that period he has seen a mere
mission become a bishopric and then un urrubi.-hop
ric. He bas aeon two or three priests ol Halifax be
come ten, uud all uvor tho Province ho has seen tho
little churches grow into large obes, aod with them s
corresponding increase ot the societies wtihiB tho
Church which contribute so greatly to lis success,
and which la thouisolves avideuce Us prosperity.
Much of all this has becu aod is duo to the shrewd
ne.-s, Industry, zeal und devotion ot Dr. Hannnn.
Ha bus boon lot many years one ol tho commissioner*
ot tbo common schools, a delicate position lor a zeal
ous Cuibom: priest in those aayt; but ho was ever tbo
must popular meinour of it, and thoro were many
teachers nil over tlio i'roviuco, as woll as In the city,
who lelt that when he loll the board thoir profession
had lost one of Its boat irionds. He has labored in the
ndimnimr.itlon of the dincese under three suoco.islvo
premie*?Bishop Hughes, Archbishop Walsh and
Archbishop Connolly?and In all that long period uo
bus been most laUhlul to tils work. He Is of good
height, stooping la tho shoulders, with dark buir, lull
and chceriul ooumcnunio, and is a const.ml
walker. Indeed, Ins activity is so great ibal
he did not wish to accept a cirriago uud
horses winch were presoldud to hhn to-day, .
us ho sutd he hod walked lor thirty ysurs us a pr.eal
and could walk a good dual ?s archbishop. Cut tins
was overruled by un enthusiastic people uud the car
riage and horses are at tins uioaeut at His (.race's
service, fie Is not it very eloquent man it. the souse
ol hcing sgood plaltorm .peakor, but bis sermons are
luodois ol practical morul serin.ma and clear exposi
tions of the teuchiogs ol the Church.
Tblu morning ui tuu o'clock llio Bitticfnary was
packed wiui pncsu anil prelates. There were present
Iligbt J lev. Dr. Couroy, HUho.i of Ardugb aud Legato
Apostolic to lue Dominion 01' Canada, who loriuuuidy
happened to be hero; tbu Archbishop 01 To
ronto, tho Archbishop or Quebec, tbu lfnthop
of St John, X. B. j tbu lltabop of Port
land, Mo; lito Ui. bop ol St. Johns, N. >'. ;
the Bishop ol Harbor Urace, X. K. ; the Biabop
ol Cbatb.ttu, too Bishop ol licllopolia in parti tun, Ur j
Ciniuroo. ol Aurhul, a prelalo ol great ability and
scholarship; besides tbu President ol Worcester Col ?
loge, aud Kuv. ticorgo 11. Keouy, eh J., of Now York, i
sou of stir K.dward Kenny, ot Hits rlty. Tbls latter I
geutluuiau preached the eertnoo, wLicb was a very i
bonutuul ellort.
Tbe lA'galo Apostohu was the consecrating prelate, !
and celebrated the high mass, 'fbo assistant bishops
wero Bishop Sweenoy, ot est. John, X. B., and lti-bup .
Mdutyre, ol Cburlollctown, P. K. 1.; tbu Ucucou was '
Canon Power snd tho Bub-Deauori ltov. W. J. Mlhiu ?
About titty priests look part In ibe ceremony or wcro
present at lb Moslol Ihum bud boon educated under
Dr. Uanuau's eye and care, and ail are his loyal uu
inlrers und warm h tends. Tliu ceremony was ( labor
ale, aud tbocuoir o( St. Ma*y's, under ibo direction ot
I'roieesor Uaguriy, periormed Uteir paria wltb ipleudid
Tbu following address will be presented to the new :
Archbishop to-morrow
a una smb.
To His (irnce tbe Most kevcreud .MictlAH, Uaivxa.X, D. D?
Arebbisbop of Halllax Ae. : ?
Mavit PutAaa Yoca Usacs ~We, your faitblul children
and parishioner*. respecttully >nu gladly approach Your
tirade with our sincere cungrstulatluns oil the occasion ol'
your duration to tbe high dignity ol Archbishop of the ine
tropollisu sou ot Halllax.
Wo congratulate you most bcerti.*y on having had the
happiness of using appointed to yoer exalted position
(tilling ibe Illustrious imutitlcatc ol our wise, our gracious
an. il ly Father, Plus IX.; and we eateeni It a lor
tuuute und happy event Ibat so acceptable and well beloved
an Archbishop should hare b-en given us by so noble u
l'outitt; audit must be a source ol gratification to the
llolv Heo to Snow ttint Y our draco's elevation to the hlg i
position ol Archbishop has been received with overv insui
festal ion of nppioval and joy Ly a lultbful priesthood aud
.of I*
ail elfccllouate H.ilholtu people.
During the many years or your priesthood mnoug us we
hutu aiiuosscil with un over increasing gratitude your
H'lallty to tlia Interests ol' the Church, your duvotloii to the
poor, your great aud siicco-siul labors in tbe omuso ot
eiluoulioii, your seal In leuuding anil guiding our religious
aud eeenlsr associations; and alt around us, lu the well
tilled sob Oil.,, Ill Hie lloin isliing convents, lu the Assoc) u.
11 un lor ll.e Propagation ol tbe Faith, lu ttie hncleiy ol .it.
Vint eat lie Paul, lu the active catsciiletlcal societies, an,I
in Hie .treat numbers ol those who, having rec Ived from
your llp-> ihair cai host and bust religious liislrni lion, have
grown up strou t in the Catholic faith, we recognise the
worg of tour hands aud the impress of your unceasing seal
und tried a. II.ty.
Yoiii iiitiuiaie nodualntauee with the opinions and sent I
in ut> ol tbls coinmualty, your association In public labors
wltli other reprewutaUv* men aud your cooperation a lib
the lamented and dial ins tiislnol prelates who bare preceded
you in promoting cordiality and eoulhlence between all do
noiiiifiatious olivines as that the sauiecharitable r.d har
monious fi-eiim;* Will contlnno aiming all classes during
Y'our (Irace's administration, and we huve not lauguuire iu
which to express tbe waiititb ol our aralitudu to Year
tir .ee lor t!i? kiadtiee* and coiiiihreiloti with aluuli you
liava at all times placed yuar time, your c..uuse| un.l your
help at thn service ot nay among us aba aero poor and
nesdeo a, a I stance, who wc-r. in ir ubie aud ueudad advice
or who were in (ilslrcse anil nee-led e.''eolation
In the list ol uniues apponded to tbls addreaa Your liraeo
will flu i those ol in.ui who were tbe witnesses of your (tret
youtbtnl apaslnlic labors In the diocese of Haitian ; of others
wl.o bare iscendnd wilu you. step by step, tho laildnr of
tile ; and ut a younger eruaratlun who have grown u . under
your uyes slid paternal cure-ail of tl.sm Wltu one voice
balling your e.ev alion to this arrbiei-Uoopal sue with ap
preenl and Joy.
lu spprosuhlug Your (iruce with these expressions of our
high rsgard aud with our earnest wishes tii.it yon II.ar lung
!>.? spared In health anu happiness to enjoy and labor lu
your exalted position, we n?g most respectfully Your
Hraee's uturptsnia of a tcstimuuinl heroin ma your rank,
whicli may scguire greater >alue in your sees a* an evl
deece ot our sifectlon an.t ostueiu.
Signed oil ueha.i ot the (iatuslic body,
I) Hilll.NAN Bliairiuuti of public meeting.
A.1,1,1 AM IJOMFTON. ducislsry
M U UAbf, t l.alt man of Homniiltee to Pre
pare Address.
DIsTIXOl'MUnp PKOI'LK riuun.
1 be streets and church weru CDuruiouniy crowded.
The I.ieulonant Governor and ncureiary and latnHy,
ttie Mayor ol the chj, llie (own Mayor ntid rottltsry
oittcnrs'oi two rt-ginii nig, nearly nil tn? pwoiie ollictnia
aud great nuuibiis ol rrolun nui privulu cillzeus were
pre sent. Tho procession ol prelates und prioaia tr on
tbe glebe bouse >o ib? church and ut through the
centre i )>. it *us u splendid spuctnele nnd witnessed by
several liionaabde.
oKiigR or rnoc a. no*
The following wua tit# ordc- o tu? j recosslon
Tburlieri'-iuudcacou, wiiu Clone, between two teo
lylos; u.-sieiuol inaelcr ol cerutnonlsa; revurotid
clergy; the HI hop ol Cortland, with clmpUin; the
Bishop ol Hartford, with cUiipiutn; tho Bishop ol Muo
trenl, Willi chaplain; the Bishop ol Tilopolte, wnh
ci.spiaiii; the Hisliop ol 81. Johns, wtih cti pi.tn , tho
Bishop (>' Havre do Grata, will chaplain; lue
IIinti(> ol Chatham, with obaptgln, the Bishop
of Aricbitf, With chaplain; the Arcomnliop of
Quuh c, Willi chaplain; the Aicbbietiop ol To
ronto, with r.h*pi?in, mister ot c?rcnionl?H to
Ibe Archbinhop-eltct| chapiaiu lor book ol guvpele;
chaplain- to me aasiriuui bishop*; Btehnp ol (ibitiiotto
towu; Areliblthnp-. li ct; Hltliop ot 8(. John: crocrr
bvarcr; miiro ooaior; three book heme re, master of
Cerenioniea; subdencoii of the mints, with nilsnni; dea
con Ol the inaas; oMslMlant priest; the u|kikioIM dele
gate ; croxicr bearer; mitre i.earer, Imok tiearer.
in Tim ct ran on *t..
Thin procession entered at ten o'clock and the res
viccs heBiin promptly. The rani ma s ol people la the
latgc thurcu behaved with soluniii gravity tors long
time, bat at taxi curios ty conquered and soon half tbe
crowd wax standing <>u tbe wau and bucks ut I bo ptwa
and crowding t.]xm tbe window niche*.
rxussxYiBu tuk i'axtoi al ?tarr.
In preventing i:,o now Archbishop with bis pastoral
Stall tbe Legate iivil these Words;?
Take this Mult of the paMoral oMce, that lu corr rtliif
ricu thiol ui.t)vet be ruvrvilu'ly evvvrv, maintaining J'lda
nirnt witUmit augur; thai while vurnurwging virtue tliou
may cm gentlv mnoiie the soul-, of thv hearers nor uvgleet
lu toy caliuueM the due eererttj ofjuatiee. Amen.
tu* saaxoti.
As ths beautiful sermon by Father Kenny, a Josutt
priest of New York, was being preached, bis relrr
cncea to ttn; lulu Archbishop Couumly drew tears from
many of the prelates, priests and people, and bis rolrr
rticne 10 Ibe prnsent Arcubishop Haunati, who was
ibuo being coi.bocratud, were also very uflccttng. foe
services coucludcd at ball-past old without any acci
In the afternoon thore was |>on(1llcal vespers, at
wtiicb Arcbbiebop laschcreuu, of Quebec, was cole
brum, and bishop Ilea lev, of Portland, preached ail
eloquent sermon. Ou both occasions tbu protntueol
people and strangers h >d to be tuKcu through the
sauctusry. so trout was tbe crowd.
In tbe evening :by new Archbishop entertained ths
Legate, the archbishops, bishops and priests at dinner
in ths istate Uou?o to the number of seventy-live.
Ottawa. Hav 'JO, 1877.
Tbe Roman Catholic* of tbi* city and vicinity, num
bering lb.UUO, mulched in procession through
ths principal streets of this city to-day,
iu honor of the dmoth anniversary ot the
Pope's opiHcopucy. Many houses ou the line ol
inarch weru beautifully 'decorated. The procesMoa
halted at ilie several Human Catholic cnurcbem, where
a "l'e Ileum" was chanted uud was followed by Oene.
diction ol the secrumenl. Tbe festivities will be cou>
turned to morrow, when a grand illuiuiuatiou of the
city and Ottawa Klver will take place. A grand peal
of hells announced the starting ol the procession
Clkvki.and, Ohio, May 'dO, 1877.
Tbo twenty second annual mooting ol the Catholic
Herman Central Absoolallon ot tbo United Stales met
in Father Mulhow's 'i'eiapor.tuoe Hall tins moral eg,
UJ4 delegates being proeeitb An uddrass of welojuio
was dcuvorod hy Mayor Uuso uud respouded
to by the president ol the aBsociatlou, Henry
Npourtorst, after which the d< legation went to He Jo
seph's (lerui.ni Cliuich, on Woodland aveuuc, uud as
sisted at a ponlltlcil high muse, celebrated by Bishop
Trobbc, ot Chviugton, Kv. Addresses wuru delivered
by UiaLiopn LHviuger, ol Fort Way ue, 1 ltd., aud Ullmoitr,
oi this city.
To-uiorrow there will he s> grand procession. partici
pated In by the Irish aud German Catholic societies,
ulter which the Couvuuuou will be opened.
It Is undcraoud that among the important measures
to be acted upon by the Convention will bo iba consid
eration of a proposition lu coli-oliduto tbe Ourniau
and Irish Catholic Benevolent unions into one grand
To THK Editor or rag IIakalo:?
Now that mum.igo is on the decline lu this city tbe
Audreys and the Rosalinds rush to tbe columns of
your paper id hopes ol encouraging t bo ?bachelors and
discussing the advantages to bo derived by choosing
euhsr ths city or country girl, lorgotung, however,
that a large number of single men are last turning
mlsogyulsts, not so much from fear that they cannot
meet the demands requisite for a domestic life but
through the established subserviouoy ol mau to
woman in tins country. The indulgence which
bis sun to ptcaso utvca her, tbe conditions u|?m
which she enters the uuutriuiouiul slate and which,
under the conventional customs, bo canuot deny' her,
result iu a Urge number ol ?utiuppy marriages, as is
daily shown in our courts, tboulres, up or a*, slagos
and cars or wherever one goo-.
A foreign prima, who truveHcd extensively through
this country, remarked, "Tbe courtesy of American
inou to tbeir womou I* superlative.,r No truer re
mark was ever mane. To day we bavo the evil result.
"Young mau go and marry," but tin common muni
replies, "What' slave to a wctnan ! No!"
Until recently no epixodo in uottieaUu tllo ha.. given
belter evideuce ol this stale ol affairs, when at the
IYIiiio House the wile ol the Fi undent presumes to
reform the custom of tho country and dictate bow a
Suto dinner shall he given
It may tie added, llie mnrrtigc feusi u spread. Yuung
man, nalk lu uud partuke; but tho guests, 1 (ear, wi.l
ho low hi number until proper ostoein aud i??peot aro
shown the buchvlnr, who in the mapiruy of rases U
happier Htnn those who ridicule celibacy. U. V. J.
New Yoke, May 14, 1877.
an tXEitavric i'hot Ear.
To tbk Editor op tjuc Hmkalu:?
Tbo communication ill your paper of to-day over the
signatureof "Dorea"," having ? tendency to prejudice
country glrle against young rucu fiom New York city,
call* tor a reply.
"Dorcas," to perambulating Broadway, observes
ynuug uiou gazing out ol liotel win town, uUo observes
well dressed loafers walkiug Broadway, end hastily
forms an opinion Hint these uro tin* avenge young
mou of New York. 1 respectfully solicit the atieu
iiuu of Miss "Dorcas" to an error in the ejt
piussluc of her hastily formed opinion. Had
,\l us "Dorcas" a lop tied to llntik Iteioro pulling
Iter thoughts on paper siiu would not hu?u
classed mou stopping ut hotels (generally transient
guusss Ironi towns outside ol New York), or lopptshly
inclined young 111011 out lor a walk, with the young
men whom Audrey auvtao i to seek country girls tor
wives. It Miss D., on tier next visit to New York, will
look Into our manulucturtng establishments. Horns,
Ac., by day; our puolin libraries, leoturc bslls, musi
cal siiieriuiniuctits, At-., by night, sbo might sec a
good many "average New Yorkers'1 who aro well worth
lue love ol any country girl.
One word to the country girls. Do not bo sshsmed
to say that you havu acquaintances among the young
men or Now York, as lliuro are thousands of young
men In this city who aro considered by those who sen
llicro most aud know ilioin best nobio and good young
To TMK Eoiior op tiik Hnrai. d
The picture that "Dorcas" draws ol tbs avsrsge
New Yorker shows too plainly on Ita surface the one
sided view sbo lakes of tbo mailer. To Judge ol tbe
class of youug men in New York she takes a s|wcitnsn
Irotn tbo swell loafers and considers us all like tliu
rumple. Tbc moral and religious young men oI this
city cannot afford to us Judged by tbs class She bus
si?u til to mo tor thai purpose. Hi d should extend
ber observations beloro she gives Iter country friends
such an unlimited iiniuuut ol prelerenca.
We iiiidoebtcdiv liavs neiihor "the heuilsn or hearts"
for a buttermilk loving who. TIio city has plenty ol
true wi'iuen and girls who can appreclulo thu lovo of
one ol eur average young men that their rural sisters
would bo nimble 10 unless It lino a plough and hoe to
hack it. By ber itwlul denunciation ol "tho cuuo" she
plainly shows tbo general luck of civilization of the
average "daughter ol the soil." E. P. C.
To thk Editor op riik Hkrald:
Iluving casually read Iho article of "Dorcas," end
having become Interested In lior ratber caustic re
marks, I beg leave to tska a lew exceptions to tier ideas.
Bits claims Unit the country girls are not so ready to
marry young "cltv chaps, 1 wiln their kul gloves,
canes sua other peculiar, lies. Now, during my
tr, veiling experience through the .States- a.I tlioso
east ol tuo Mississippi?1 havu seldom luunit the coun
try girls eager to wed rural swa ns, but who gu?tiod
ux or every tuilow who name trum New York. Tiich
again limy nave thu liuppy fuculiy ol knowing them ut
hrst sight, probably by their "cigars, kid gloves and
nanos; In loot, Ilia more dashing and fast they aro,
the more anxious thu country girls :iru to becoac ac
i liuve heard tliciu say rcpoiilodly that they became
disgusted Willi the prosaic harmless m-ilo natives, ard
seemed perlecliy willing lo put up Willi oaues, oven
when carried by th >?u of moral or physical weakness.
Miss Kdltb O'tiorinaii djlivored s lecture last sven
tug at the Harvard itoom<>, sixth avenue and Eurty
seeond street, on Ilia subject, "l.lio in a Convent,"
glvins ber Christian >'Xpenen< us, conversion to I'rot- '
ustaiiiisni and bnr escupe. Tbo lecture hosted an hour i
una a hall uud llio uudusiicn OII<-d about three fourths
of the hall. Miss O'tiortnrn sniu she bolieveo bar
uil.-siun was given h?r ny lio.i hiui>ell, aud ih.l sbo
was simply a poor weak woman doing uli tbo good rhc
could under the Uiutiipuieii; ^nldanoe. M.u promised
to coiuinuo in her exposition ol the Iniquities oi con*
vein llle and ihe Catholic ri-iiglou as loirs as sbo lived,
And asked tbo prayers of thu nudism e Tor help tu this
Tbmnas Murruy met Charles Wingaason and Charles
V. Clark In Urosuway, neai Eighth elreol, ycslcrday
morning, aud waa invited lo lake a drink by thorn
Ha accepted the Invitation, a id after coining out of
tne saloon the two men walked wliti linn as far ns
l.alayi'Uc place, when Wingss-on knocked lilin down
ulid hold him no tho ground while Clark rifled Ins
pockets. Tne robbery was witnessed by two senile
men residing In the nenhtioriioed, wno uotilied tbn
police, and Hi' rnffl >ns were subsnqueuily arrested hy
Detectives Dolan and istevin, ol the fifteenth pre
cinet. They were cominilted ny Judge Wundoli in
$'1,000 bah Onc i to answer. Murray wis sent to tho
liunso ol DotouUua.
Feeling Toward the New Administra
tion in the Country.
Growls Over Civil Service Reform
and the Southern Policy.
President Hayes' Chances for an
Effective Support.
WjmuiMiTox, May IV, 1S7T.
The President it rcpultd to believe that iber* are
teveral wayi to relorru the civil service, uud be moans
to irv ih<*u alt He is out at ail averse, tor Instance,
some ol ills triends say. to receiving the recommenda
tion* ol members ol Congress and other influential poli
ticians in iavor ol ibmr Iticnds; bat be mesne to tls
the responsibility upon tbeu wbeuever be makes or
refuses appoiuiuivnis at tbeir solicitation. Wbilo Uj*
Seuuto was still In extra session bo sonl up for cou
flrustiou the names ol two persons ns ludtsn agents.
Two Wostern Senators who, under Of serai Grant's
lordly system, bad been In the babU ol
plaiting out their own persouui adbercuts tor
tbc agencies In question, were mdiguunt, but
did not wish to mslto u fuss so early
with the uew administration. They went to the White
House nod incidentally remarked to Mr. Hayes tbitl
ills two ineu bo had named were druukeu thieve*;
that he bad evidently been deceived by somebody, and
that he had butlor withdraw iho names. Tbo story
goes thai the President asked anxiously If tney were
?ore of what tbey had told blm. They were quite
"Tfien,'! said His JCxoellency, "if you will writ# out
tbo charges you havo made and sign your names to
them 1 will withdraw the uuines of tbo two men at
They declined to do so, and the netnes were not
wiibdrawu?but thoy woro not confirmed either, the
senators privately deuounqtug iho President's sugges
tion as a coulouudcd trick.
Those politicians who saw how quickly, when Mr.
George Butler's appointment caused u fuss In the
newspapers, the names ol Moenrs. Baylor, Cox and
olhsr Congressmen who recommended him were inude
public, nod the exiromty damaging clToct ol the ex
posure, fancy that Mr. Hayes tnuy be as full of tricks
as Ah Sin blmsclt; and It Is prnbablo that Con
greasinen will herenlter be a little careful whom
tbey recominond, for there Is nut tno least
doubt that their letters of rucnmioemdation will he
made publie by the Presldont whenever their lavorilee
misbehave. Secretary Chandler could put the Presi
dent op to another trick of the kind. When a Con
gressman came to him and demanded a place for one
ol his favorites. Chandler used to saud lor tbo Ust In
whiuh appointments are charged to Congressional
"Now, then," he would say, "I'll appoint your
man ; but there Is no vacancy, and you will nave to
tell ine whom In your district I shall turn out."
And that generally ended the dlaonsaion; but 1
believe no one pretends that tbo noble Chandler
lieatad all Congressmen In tbis way.
MFPBUcan DisaaTisracriox.
It la no longer denied hrre that, tbcro In a grunt deal
of dissatisfaction, and evan demoralisation in the
republican ranks, In almost ail tbo .States, one-icca
and tuura enough evideuoe-ou this subject to catbls
him to rnako a study of It; uud I Ibiuk It would bo a
mistake to bellcvo all the grumbling to come from the
office rockers and professional politicians. Theao tuvo
classes ure the most furious; they feei
and say that they have boeu awindlod by
the Prcaldnut; that hud tbey suspcctod what
hla policy would be tbey would have luMen very good
euro ho ahould riot get luto the While House. Indeed,
very prominent and influential men of this kind do not
besltate to own to you in private meeuralon that they
never bel.evod Mr. Hayes was elected; they did not bc
llsvo that ha carried Louisiana, uud they are ihs less
reconcitab'e on Ifcl* account, lor thc.v fael that tbey
curriod ihelr candidal# In iu defiance of right sua now
got nothing, not eveu thanks, lor doing ro. It I*
amns.'ng to sea the rage ol these disappointed political
?peculators who find ihomsaivc# caught iu a trap of
thvir own making.
Rut II Is not tho politicians aloua who grumble. in
auob Slates uaOblo, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, in some
part*of New York, Puunsylvaniu ami Illinois, the rank
and Ola of the party, tbo honest voiersn tbo rural dis
triutH, uro ntua/.ad and indignant at the IT undent's
Southern policy. Thuss simplo aoula cannot acc wbjr
"ibo South" ut Ifff s dangerous now than it was daring
the Presidential campaign, when wrorjr republican
slump apcukor assured them solemnly tbat the t'uiou
waa never in greutur peril. In tbe Northwest the
larmcra unu country people generally believed wbut
blaiuu and Briatow. Ingeraoll and Morton and the
army of oraiore aetit out by Secretwy Chandler told
tbeui about Iba Booth; they took la all lor gospc'
truth, and vote* lor ilayea to save the Colon and kacp
down tbe rebels; In (act they warn qullo read) lor a
new war rather than not pat in Mr. llayoa, and now
they aeo tbnlr President acting as though the South
wan an integral and harmless part of the Union, and
they do not uodersund It.
Whatever trouble the President inay'experience from
tbo disgust ol the a.uiple mlodad cuuiiiry voteia wilt
bo ol his i viu making ol course. He wee silent all the
summer ond frill, while tbe orators who urped hts elec
tion told the country that the L'nion was in daug >r
troin the South. The farmers und uouulrv people
swallowed all this Irulhy campaign trash, un>l are nat
urally alarmed nuw to aco tne President "go buck on
the country," for thai Is whnt It means to iheni.
"It it u very dangerous thing to dwauiee :ho peo
ple," remarked out of lha most as porlenccd
itoliticiaus ol Washington tbe otbur day. What
they onco believe they bold last to. 'lha
old democratic party made this mistake. They
bowled lor (be Union during many years and
lold tbo peoplu that those drsadiul republicans would
break duwu ibe const button and dissolve the Union,
and wusu, alter all tbls Uoiou saving nouMnsa. tbe
highest part of tbo democratic party turned against
tho Uutoii 10 lvdl tho people did not hesitate live
iiiiiiutos, but sal down on tho democrats aod am ubed
??General Ilayea would bave bora a more com
lort.ible man to-day than be is it bo had lot the people
know Uat summer that hg took no stuck in tbo atulf
which Blaine. Morton. Bristow aod all tbe rest of his
speakers ware pouring oat. The politicians ran do
bim so harm. They are mad because bo baa, as ihoy
say, gone buck on the pirly; lull that nobody but the
olllee aeckcrs caiu lor. Cur Iowa (armors say
bo has gone book on the country, and that it
more serious. It'll even tint is not very
serious; lor the people have rommon sense and will
presently find out lor themselves that tbo President Is
on the right irtCK, Wi en they discover this they uro
very Ilkeiy to bo down on tut po iti i m> who havo
misled them, sod the prospect now it that you'll see
n tremendous flock ol republican lame ducks within
elgluaon mouths. '
There teems to me s good deal ol truth la thin. Tho
President will praaontly tind the people on hi.? side ,
but be can hardly help retaining tho enmity of a largo
pari of lha politicians. The republican party leaner*
hnve ceased to be a cnnipaot aud harmonious body
I The voters who ' beliove In It" are all right; bat the
J lander i nr* jealous of each other, ready to tsar each
other to pieces; each extremely uurous lor patronage
| to maintain him*uli and breuk down his rival*; and
Hum# la hardly a northern Stale in which two
or three republican tactions ara not at log
gerheads. The party has boeu In power so
long that ilhaatwo seta of natural lenders; Ibe old
turn, who hang on, aud bara got used to public
lllc, and wno will not give up if they can help It, and
lbs younger generation wuonie ambitious and very
tired ol waiting. There are not o.TK as enough to |t
trouc<1. tad there are lot* ol euinutee tad grudges.
Tliu- w<* tu?y fr< <|MUl)f in-ar here au-'.'iia-iunssBiong
N#w York l who It v<|u -1>11> visit us Which
?bo* Uiat Ni w York icpubllcai.lkin U, eve:. Mrr ihan
that ol Pennsylvania, I lottiiug tt tba mouth. 'Chore i?
t pretty g rural dtlcrnludlN to drive Mr. Coukllug
out ol public lite tt til hazards but when that it dona
the Ismly will be no happier. Morgan. I>ix, Evar'u,
Curtl*?all want to pot ahead, nod each baa a lection .at
Ins back. You eati scarcely pick out a Northern Mite
where a tiai.tr process ol disorganisation it not going
ou lu tbe petty, lu Indiana the Morion moo end Hit
Harrison men are fiercely opposing oeob other. In Olnt
tbe venortble Tad bopea to be nominated aa an oppnaU
tn.11 republican, end bit follower* uud iboee of Stanley
Matthews are making each other unhappy, in llllnoia
tbe party same time aeo got no tired ol I, i^an tbat it
did not wait fur tbe now policy of Hayes to apilt open
in the ba< k. In Marsachusetu there ere?report* hero
say?renewed ev dam us ol t wider spilt between the
Butler-Simmon* and tbo auli-ltuiler-riimtnooa repu'e
I leans.
When Blaine wan here tho oibor day be told bit
fr aud that tbo republican parly was us good as deed.
"That nun tuu ruined us." he said, nodding toward
lh/ White House, und be tnougbl himself lucky to
have a fall denslorl tl term to oerve out. But behold,
Mr. Kugooo Hale coine* out at an "uubosltating" slip
perier of tbu administration. uud ro|>ort says tbat Mr.
I rye Is ol i ho sumo mind with Mr. Hale, tad tun
imkeo a row even in Maine
ru? iiKMucitAiir I'Atrv.
So fur us tbe democratic party appowre here it aU?
Is splitting up Into two camps. There are a fee
proiniuenl democrats wbo are deteruilued M
oppose tbe President lu every way; they say
bo U a ??fraud," tad can do nothing
good; it is a duty to mako bltn unhappy, to place
obstacles In his way, to malco him feel tbut bo has no
right in the Wbltc House, and their policy It to regard
all he does with suspicion ; to attempt extreme legls
ttoa of dlflerent kinds, and. In abort, to be I r recoil
citablet. But a mncli larger proportion of tbe dome.
eratio leaders are of a dlflerent mind, i bey say mat
Ibey wbl support tbo Presideut cordially In all good
measures; tbut party aplrit shall not load or drive
tlu.ni lutn uny blundering or unpatriotic aourae; that
they will hold Iriendly relations with htm, bat that
they will as* no lavont of hlai, aud will at the elec
tions strive to vote down every republican candidate
who dtd not protest against the frauds and wrongi
of tbo election uud the olecioral count. That is to
sav, tbeee democrats make a distinction between
tbo l'lesiuent und the republican party loaders. Mr.
Hayes, thoy sty, was evidently tho victim cf
corrnpt and unpatriotic men; they committed the
most abominable frauds In his uuuie and to forco bltn
into ihu White llouso. Mr. Hayes, being thore. for
tunately does right; It is our duty to the country and
to ourselves to support him in all right measure*.
But wo uro bound to punish tho wicked and corrupt
meu wbo put him In; wherever they stick up their
beads we shall call on the pcoplo to help us vote ihcut
down. Thoy do not denorvo to be in public life, and It
Is our duty (o punish ibum. Tbut Is the platform of
tbe more sensible und tbe most numerous domocratto
tactioa. It bus at least a method lu it.
tuk ragsiog.NT'a cuascks.
Loosing tbo whole fl, lit over it Is plain that the
Pretideut will gel abundant support for any policy
which Is right. What ho may lack among tbo repub
licans ba will pet from tbe democratic aide. He moves
slowly, aud is not likely to ntteinpt very mnob at a
t:mo; ha has uo private axes to grind, and
will not feel insulted or etnburraasod If
tho Senate should relusu to confirm some of his nomi
nations. Ho Is not scheming fur another term, and
has uever contracted the burnt of rewarding either
personal or polittoal favorites, and tho opposition re
publicans will Qua him very ranch like s greased pig,
hard to hold on to. fie probably known that whatever
he does with tho offices will make a bowl ntnoog tbo
politicians. For instance, there has been a very
nriront pressure here tbat tho administration shall get
on moro rap.dly with tho reform ol the New York Cus
tom House. This pressure comes, however, from tho
antl-Conkllog aud anti-Morgau Now York politicians,
and what thoy want Is to have the ConkHng and Mor
gan men rotormod out and their own men rolonned
tu. Meantime, aotue of Mr. Conkiing's adherents
>n oentml New York are makiog an outcry
becauto ooe ol them, tha Klutlra postmaster,
but beau turned out to tnuko room lor tbe prou'giS of
tho reigning Congressman ; and no the confusion goes
on, and a good many people have found out that the
President don't care. If be gets competent men in
ollice be bolievtw he bas done hi* duly to the count t,
and be doea not appear to think that be owoa any duty
to the politicians. He it not unwilling to oblige thru
U it comes In bis way; he is naturally an amiable map,
aud he hi loo eld a party politician not to know what
patronage means; but Congressmen and others' will
find that If they recommend bad men they will be ex
poied without mercy, sud Ibst the President moans to
take the whole country Into his confidence so far aa
his dealings with Congrats relating to offices aro eon
moaners nt a xtw pakty.
That panics should Immediately break op IV
too much to expect, 'lbmi will be ? good
deal of inantruvring, and in tbe Morlb and
' North went ibo republicans are certainly
! going to pieces ranch faster than their opponents,
I while In the South the democrats, baring all ibe offices
j tn their hands, are liable to tall to pteeee alaiont at
j ourn. When the Brestdimt'i* pulley broke down the
! carpet-baggers it at llio name time InHteteda fatal
? blow on llto doniocratio organlaaliuo In tbose .Status.
| I wna struck with tlio remark of a shrewd politician of
I tbe so-called ??Independent" class bere the other day
I on this subject ef tbe breaking down of parties:?
j "I nee," said be, "that Ibe republican party is gone.
; Blame la perfectly right; It le roiaod, nod 1 am glad of
i It. It ought to he mined first, far it baa bran for some
lima tbe moat uaagsroua el parties to the eouoiry. It
' bad got to be too lormidablo and the men who con
trolled it bad coma to tie a rlag who thought they could
do wliut they pleased and were able enough to do a
1 great deal or mischief Tbe party ought to break up
! lor tho goad of the country."
Otioa, N. T.p May 20, 1877.
At tinea o'clock tbn morning Barney McCloskey, aa
eg-conflct, desperailo and experienced burglar;
Sbockey Hbechsn and James Carr. two yonng sneak
thieves, broke into lbs hooae of Mr. John
Rush, on Mnln street. Mbeehan was captured by tbe
luniily sod the others rscap<Ht, but returned and
ssiashed the windows of the house. McCloskey again
entered, and oiler being Urea at by C. II Robinson, a
Central Railroad telegrapher, closed with tbe leiter
They fought In tbe dark twenty mtnutov, Robinson
being badly bitten. McCloskey and Carr again sough1
t<> escape, ibo latter boing now captured by lbs police
MoCloskey swam tbo Moltawk River twice, bat was
finally ran dovru nod raptured by fteiwcltee George
Cuiver two nines from fhe oily. MeClnekey baasvrvud
many lerma at Buffalo and in the Went.
The body of an nnknown man was loond Ism even ing
fleeting iu the North River, el Urn loot ef Lcroy Street,
ilu is about lorty years eld, bas black hair aa<l dark
complexion, and wore a gray suit of clothes, on tbe
rlgbt band is a plain gold ring an J on bla vest a
Masonic badge. Ho mud bare beou several days la
tbo water. It is supposed to l>c the body of Capiat*
Manroo, who bss been missing lor throe weeks
Tbe body of a man was I >un.t In tbo Kast River, at
tbe foot of Broadway. WiillauiaiMirg, yesterday slier
noon. Which la sn|>poted to h? Aduiphe Senilis.
Ticket No. 1,077 of the Young Hon s Christian Associa
tion, bearing the nam" of Sohu x, wea found In Uin
puckers el hw apparel, and bis shirt is mnrkod
fbe raniuisk are m-icb deoom posed.
While some drunken men warn fighting yoslerdny la
' Washington Street, John Haiti.n, of No Id Washing*
ton Mreol, aged 'our yeert, wna accidentally struck oft
i the bead vHih a bnek. the Rule fellow Ret In tbd
I Chambers Street Hospital with a oomponad and de
pressed Iracturo oi the sknil, end la not likely to ro>
I cover.
Will am Vscderwaler, nl No. 590 West T'ourtaeoth
Mreoi. on tbo lath met. entered tbn second-band atom
No. in* Chatham sirei, and represeattng that ha
wished in porchaso a pistol, prevailed upon Ibe Bfcep
keepor to loud It He then shot huuioii in ill" breast
add w*i rctnowd to the Chambers tftruct Uoauttul,
'a hero be died lest evening.

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