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A German Holiday and Its
Parks and Picnics, Pastimes and Pleasure
Tbore Is something about the German character,
whether It be represented by an Individual or u com
munity, that commands respect. As an Individual
Mein Horr la industrious, economical, yet prudently
gcuerous; rarely prodigal nnleaa hi* outlay la reason
ably, auro to bring a return, and, in the main, a torn
pirate, law abiding and worthy elllaen. He takos hta
comfort on principle, drlmcs bis lager on the co-opera
tive system, and never oinite hta wlto and children
Iroin the reasonable enjoyments in which ho can uflord
to participate. Pastime le a port of his business, and
so wbon he Joins the restive mullituuo be is ouly a
anil among the thousands who like him are working
out the given sutnol human happiness. Yeslcrduy was
a grout day (or the German population ol the city, It
was their greatest festival of the year?Pflngst Monlag.
This Is anolbor name for Whit Monday, and umotig
the Germans Is made the occasion of festivities similar
to thoso which mark the Christmas and Easier anni
versaries of the English speaking race. Preparations
lor tbo event had been in progress for sevorol wcoks,
and when tho day broke the housewife, with her well
stored baskot of dainties, was roady to lead her train
or littlo ones to the picnic grounds. Tho numorous
?ingtng societies und social organisations, Turnvorelu
and richiitsen clubs hud likewise prepared, In long re.
boureale, to participate In tho pleasures of the occasion.
Tlllt Bast side's glory.
The east side of the oily woro tho aspout of a gala
day. The Bowery woe aglow with the colors ol llugs
and decorations, and wherever a luger beer saloon
(bowed its undiminished head, tboro, bannerol and
gonfalon, streamers and flowers mingled in tbelr tell
tale to the publlo that PUngstcn was at hand.
it was unfortunate that the weather did not con
tinue pleasant?that sunshine was succeeded at noon
by rain?for inuny more thousands than thoro were
would have been preseut In tho various parks. As it
was, however, a more than oomlortable throng gath
ered at each placo of ontcrtaimout, and song, Uanco
and frolic helped to muko "Itmo tread on flowers."
The processioDs of tho various societies began to form
about nlno o'clock In the mormug, and the principal
streets were tberoattor onltvened by the iuumo of tho
many bauds. Somo went In ono direction, some In
another. It is ouly when tho reader makes a mental
map ol the disposition of the various organizations
which are described below that he will realise how
thoroughly Germany yesterduy took possession of New
York und made It tributary to old liuio onjoymout
SCI./.Ka'd KArfT KtVKK PAttK.
Ono of the most interesting auil attractive gather
ings was that at Sulzor's East Klver Park, at liiuth
Street. It was here that tbo inoiubora of the Eleventh
regiment, under command or Colonel Unbokant, 420
strong, utter marching up Broadwuy and talcing the
Hurlemhout at Tenth street,stacked arms, and with their
wivee and ewoetbearta prepared to enter Into tho
toalul fray. This was the only large culinary organi
zation which appeared uufmg tho duy, and it is need
less to say that it addod much to Its (.ctat. Tho pres
ence ol tho uniforms, tho associations of the German
helmet and dress, the music of ths band, the sixty or
seventy veterans ol the war who accoinpuuiod thu
command, the huudrods ol Judies and gcntlomon who
assembled to lend graco and beauty to tho occasion,
tho banquet labia around which gathered tho noblo
soldiers who repre&oated the regiment us U was in tho
war times of 1802?all wero elements ot the supremo
pleasure, which was prolonged until a lato hour.
Dancing and singing were naturally a part or tho occw
Probably three thousand people met bore and at
lour o'clock they presented a scene of unusual guyuty.
even lor a place which is reuownod In German social
circles. Scores ol privuto picnic parties were present
and took porsoastun ol the tatany tables that bad boon
provided, and bctweou bocr and dance und swing and
bowling alleys aud shooting galleries, und the ainglng
by llrst rate clubs ol llrst rate music, bo must, indued,
huvc been u cyuic who resisted the contagion ot enjoy
ment that scorned to possess everybody.
I'ndar the ausplcos ol the Now Yorker Turnvereln
there was u hearty reign or guyoly aud pleusure ut
Jones' Wood trom eleven o clock until midnight,
besides the society there participated In the festivi
ties us Us guests thu Saengerrundo. Saenger bust,
ISuengcr Academic, Korner Eicderiafol, NVuctitol Club,
Khcinisher beltueizenbund, Juhn Turuverciu, Swiss
Turuveroiu and several other coterios. Thu chief
features ol the amusements whloli were to hnvo occu
pied tho day were gymnastic exercises on the green,
hut the Inopportune rata sadly disappointed those wnu
hud pleasant anticipations ol Ibis spectacle. Yosteiday
was the twemy-sevotilU anniversary of the organization
ol thu New Yorker Turnverein, aud lbs luvuibers un
bent themselves in tho true German fashion. About
ton o'clock a procession was formed in Fourth streol,
butweou the Bowery und Second avenue, In the fol
lowing order:?Musical Corps, Hchueizcnbutid, Turner
Cadets, Korner I.ledertaloi, Juhu furnvcreiu, School
ol thu Now York Turnverein and thu Now York
Turnverein. The appcurnuce ol the column was In
teresting to the throngs that usually lrequout tho
Bowery and Third avenue, as it moved gaily up town
to strains of lively music. It flaunted liugu American
aud German flags rn-ur lis front, nnd the untlorms of
lbs "sharpshooters" und the cadets completed a
bright picture, luilofcolor and spirit The routeof tho
march luy through the ilowery, Third avenue uud thu
Eastern liouievurd. The street cars were crowdod, of
courso, with German matrons, maidens nnd ohlldron,
all merry with losttvs anticipation, Tho veraudus, gal
lories ana ballroom in the park were well tilled
throughout the afternoon and in the evening wero
thronged. Altogether thoro wero about nix thousand
people present. The dancing continued until midnight
and was varied with ircuuvol singing by members of
tho musical societies. Thu "sharpshooters" vied in
Skill with the rillc, but no important prizes woro
ottered, and so lUo matches attracted inr less ol in
terest than they do at the annual festival of lbe so
At eleven o'cloek the Deutsche.Soliueizsnbund formed
nt the lower end of avenue A, and moved toward York
villo. At the dchutzen Park, at the corner ol Hixty
third street uud First avenue, they wero jolued by tho
member* and scholars ot the Hi Nicholas' ltomau
Catholic Church nud school, of Second sireet.
Tile socioties were tho.-o of SL Nicholas,
Ht. Paul, Hi. Vincent da Paul and 8t. Kililnn.
The children enjoyod tho day much more than
their eldore end did not eeeth to he muoli depressed by
the rem. A soore of gauiex ot bull wero m progress all
the tlmo ou tho groeu, aud tho balls tn luo bowling
alley were kept incessantly rolling. The swings wuru
kepi busv by tho Ulllo girls und hoys, whose merri
ment in'tho boat ot tnoir pu-tlmc was exceedingly
pleasant to bear. Cuptalu II. Brondas hud Ills Helmet
zenbund on hand in lull untlorm. and tflcy practised
tbclr art before their admiring sweethearts and wives
until thoy wero tired. In the evening tho children
were taken home, aud tho yontb ol Uoih sexes, as well
as tho children of an older growth, Indulged in tho
decoroue exbilnratlon ot the waltz. The festivities
terminated at eleven o'clock.
The chief resort ol thu Deetciio musical soeletles was
Iiellcvun Park, on the East Kiver ahovo Eightieth
Itrott. Out tho unfavorable nature of the day toeme.1
to groatly dampen their euthueinsm, as the grounds
woro nearly ompiy nnd tho dunning pavil
ion contained nut raoro than live hundred
people. But at night the number Iticrou.-cd
nearly to two thousand and there was a perfect uproar
of conversation mud lauchlur. l'ho duucing displayed
all the peculiar traits ol the German art and u inorry
abandon teamed to cbtracturlza tho assembly. Tho
orguiilzstlou which took the lead In the colebration was
the Mosurt Vereln, ol which Mr. Julius Cuisar is Presi
dent. The Deut.-che Mauuorchur. the Harlom Manner
chor, the Medorhain, the.Arion Quartot Club, the Mo
tort Munncrchor, and the Muuuercbor Hsruionia par
Tbo large dancing platlorm, howling alley, shooting
gallery and beer saloons attached to tho Lion Brewery
were iuken possession ol by the members ol tbo Bloom
Ingdale Turn Vereln and their luvitea guests early in
the lorenoon. There was quite a Urge attendance, and
as the rain nut a stop to ths outdoor amusements mo
duucing platform was thickly crowded, Members ot
tho following societies were among tbeir guests;?Ho
bokeh, Union Hill, Greenville, Yonkers, Harlem, Long
Island City, South Brooklyn aud Jersov City Turu
Vereln eluhs, Kureula, Bseihovou, Eoroley, fidollo,
Orpheus and Union Munnerchor singing societies and
lt>e Klvorstde Pleasure Club, limn ing commenced iu
the afiernoon nnd was kept up utiilT near midnight.
The children amused themselves lor the most unit
with the swings mid gymnastic bars that were located
ouder thu danclug platform aud sbellcrod Irurn the
Thero wna a large attendance at Elm 1'ifk at tho
?Ichie given lb aid of lbs school attached to the Ro
man Ostholia Church of the Aasumptiun, Forty-ulnth
street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues. Father A.
Fchwtnnlger, the pastor ol the church, was himself
present aud, uaaislou by the President of the ?ocli ty
(Mr. Petarttmitb), Treasurer fPeter Rrunner) and Heo
retary (Jacob Dux), the guests were enteruiusd us welt
as the weather would permit. During tho afternoon tho
rain was very steady, end the children and young ladies,
mired lu light summer muslins and lawns, looked
rather miserable aa most nl them got a ducking on
their way to tha park. Much iriilos, however, did not
appear to disturb tbam very mueb, as they Joined in
with tbo dancera abd soou forgot their grievances in
the pleasure* ol tbo waits. Toward evening, bow
ever. tbo weather having cieurvd up, hundreds
flocked Into the park and JUne I In the pleasure
seeing tbroug. The picme realized quit* u Uandsouio
sum Tn aid of the school, and the gutsis did not sopa
rale until a late hour.
The Beethoven Mannerchor, one of the moat popu
lar German amging societies In lltu city, gave n wry
ngreeablo cntortsiniueut In the evening tn the Tcrrso*
Garden Tboatre, In Fifly-eignih street, near Third
avent'o. The people eounneucod to arrive shortly be
fore seven o'clock, and by the lime lb* overture wan
beguu tb* ball was very well filled. The entertain
ment was entirely of the musical order, although ul
the cloae ol the oporctta the acuta were removed and
dancing waa indulged in.
Tbo St. NlcbolA* Club eelebraicd the day right
royally. Palms, large tree furus and other choice
piuute were ahundaot la the club rooms. Over tbo
dour ol tbo front room thare was a large hell of grow
ing lews and vlnaa, leatooued with basvy roping of
smilaz and flowers. Tbc chandeliers were decorated
with hunches ol flowers, and tba mirrors wore adorned
with large fsrus. Tbo supper table was elaborately
decorated. The guoais of the olnb were buinerous,
and the goodly company enjoyed themselves to the
"woo tint' hours."
Tbo German workiugmsu celebrated the lestlvul in
true Allemanuiu style at the Sew Kast River Park at
toe fool ol Kant Korty-tblrd strati. Tba organizations
w hich there rendezvoused were the Ihlaud Hnud, tbo
faong Vercin, and the Arbiter Veratu or Laborers' So
elety. They were, bow*v*r,|hat Impvrisetiy repre
scutad. rne entertulntuont consisted of dancing,
singing and speech making, and although tb* mem
ber* wore few, they evidently reopen pionuful and
hourly oujoyinent from tbo ocr.astub.
The day was universally observed by tnc German
citizens of Brooklyn. At an early bour tbo Hag of
Germany, together with tbo Stars and Stripes, was
lloutlug from windows and flagstatls, and the members
ol tbo various Gsrmnu societies wore prompt in arriv
ing OS tbo different halls preparatory 10 tueir march
lug to Myrtle Avenue 1'ark, high Ground Park anil St,
Joseph's Hour* Park. Notwithstanding the weather
lookod threateningly, the societies turned ont in
large numbara. The llubcrtus Jusgnrhunda spout
the day and evening ut High Ground Park, on Uyrtlu
avenue, where shooting, duueing, Ac., tverc indulged
in. One of the leaturvs of the day was a ration buut,
two aoclattes iiarltclpatlng. About u dozeu rabhils
wore act at liberty, and tbo oaptora become the own
ers. Tba following societies which wora diviuou Into
two divisions, formed at Turn Hall, oh Mosorolo
siroet, K. P., nnd mnrclxd to Wohor's Myrtle
Avenue Park. Frank's liaiul, Bluchor Company, No.
2; German Schuuen Hand, Post Motternieti, G. A. It.
122; Veterans' Voreln, Saotigertiuod, Artuu Society, St.
Cecilia. Grand street; Venus quartet Club, Good lull
artel Club, Herman's Sou a Masnuerehor, Orutb-Vor
oin, Concordia Gemiachlerciior, Aiut-Lcher Suenyur
lutnd, Swablseher Suenzerbund, S&ongerunt, Verein
Humor Band, Turn Vuroui, U. U. V. dor Xuaebneitor, !
Slothen Co., G. S. It., No. J; Tailors' Union, No. 2; I
Arbeitcr Parlte; Pfklser Kranlceti, U. V. ; AuroPn Kran
kan, U. V.; Williamsburg K. U. V. ; T. A. dor F. W,
L., N'o. 25; Nordaelts Turn Vcreln. Tbe procession
which mad* a tine appearance arrived at the Park
about- elevon o'clock, and the different so
cieties at oocc entered with zest Into
tbe enjoyments of tbc day. Tho annual pic-uic and
summer night's festival of tbo Arnuuius Lodge,
Friuodly Order of lbs Sons ol Herman, was held m
Boulevard Park. Bushwick aveouo, Tho lodge com
prised about 200 members, and marched from their
rooms In Hollateln's Germanla Halt, preceded by a
band of music. The members of tho Gcrmnn Llodor
k rati a Society assembled at un early bour at tbolr
headquarters, tn Jauscu's Germanla Halt, and with me
(lermnnla Gomlschtercbor and tho Germati-Amenoiin
Quartet, wuui to (he Broadway Park in cars, thine
tog. suiting, Ac., wero the orders of the day, and at
eight o'clock tho "Anvil Chorus" waa given.
The members of tbe LotoaClub gavo yesterday after
noon tho first reception In their new bouso on Fifth
avtnue to tueir lady friends, and, notwltbataudlng tbo
threatening condition of the weather, a large assem
blage of fair lacos bora evidence to the popularity of
tbe club with tbc better half of humanity.
On tbo walla bung some forty pictures by woll
koowu artists, and among thorn works that would do
crodlt to any axhlhitlou. Without muklng Invidious
distinctions it may lie said that those meriting special
mention were a magnificent canvas trum the oasol of
Schroyer, which is sot down in the catalogue as
ilia "Bulgarian Train;" Vlbert's story of tho
"Bull Fight" and a magnlllcont portrait of Mrs. Ray
mond, wile of Colonol Sellers Raymond, painted by
David Noul, a work that in breadth and solidity of
trcatmont Is suggostlve of the groat masters or tho
pant. Tho early arrivals amused themselves criticising
the pictures until tho time cam* lu open tho exercise-,
which Mr. John Brougham did In hit usual happy
style, llis address ot welcome was evenly com
pounded ol wit and blarney, ami it h i did not send
J'U UlaUCU ui vain uuu uaniuv;> nuu is u ; uiu uu? suiitt
tbo ludies iwuy content with thotnselvcs they must
have colder hearts than they appeared to have, tor
they evidently took ovtiry word spoken in thslr prniso
us so much GospeL- Tlio musical programme was
i-elected with rare taste and judgment. It
included two songs, "Ruby" ahd "Noel," which Were
8ui<gwlth excellent ellbct by Mr. Oudtn, and a piano
solo played by Mme. Uarrono-SauroU A pleasing nov
elty was a Horded by Miss Morgan's harp solo. This
young lady performed In a very credttnblo manner tbo
Welsh air, "Ar HyU y non." At tho conclusioa or the
musical programme the ladles were invltod to make
themselves at borne, wblcb they did.
At the regular meeting or the School of Minos, sec
tlon of mtueralogy and geology, of tot Aoudeiuy of
Sciences, held lost night, two very Interesting papara
were read. The Brat by Mr. a a Cbnmbtu-lnln, on
titled "Notes upon Choice Mioorala of the Centonoial
Exhibition," was tllustruted by n series ol water color
drawings. Tho othor paper, by Dr. J. 8. Newberry,
was a geological ciaay on the evolution of tho North
American continent.
Tho auDual reception of the "Association for Be.
frlondiogChlldron and Yoong Girls" will bo given this
afternoon and to-morrow at the House ol tho Holy
Family, No. ISO Second avenue. Music will bo given
by the choir oittt. Aim's Church. The scvontb annual
report shews that while the number ol applicant* lor
admission has Increased tho revenues01 tno institution
have diminished. Tho UoaitDg debt ol $13,44S has liaen
paid oil. The expenses for 1 lie support of tho llouso
during tbo past year wore $4,7i/3 81.
Captain Oliver Cettor, Chief Agont of tha Temperance
Brotherhood of Christian Churches, baa announced his
intention or making a loar of Inrpoeiton of tho liquor
stores of Brooklyn, lor tho purpose of detecting adul
terated liquors una securing tho punishment of dealers
thorein. I'bls movotnent will, bo bulievea, prove even
inoro olflcnciuu* tban the ettouiptod enforcement ol the
hotel, inn uud tavern license cluuso. But twenty-two
licenses were granted to public "inns'' in Brooklyn
lust week, which la ulnily-mght lore thau the number
Issued lor the corresponding week ol 1870. A very
Close inspection is mudo ol the preiuisos ol all appli
cants lor inn licensee by Ihu Kxolse Commissioners,
tho Inspectors nnd police captains. The result is that
tha number of liquor stores Is gradually but surely
diminishing. The Hermans are particularly bitter In
their denunciation ol the Krciro law, and threaten to
wreak vwigcance at tha ballot box against Uio party
A very grava abuso has Just boen discovered In the
town ol Jamaica, Queens county, In oouuoction with
tho rollet extended to tho poor by the town overseers.
This spring there waa plenty of work lor all, but,
strango to say, hundreds of men?tbo groat majority
of thorn nog roes?refused to work at all. During tho
winter thoy obtained support Iroui the charity burouu.
It Is now fourxi that the town oversoers Uavo boen
paying them |t a woou (or years. This was usually
luvested in lager by the reilpieuis. Now they relate]
to go to work, and say that ibu town le bound to sup
port tha 111. 11 has also n discovered that the over
seers are paying board lor motherless children, whtlo
thoir lathers ara earning good wages and spending
thorn for whiskny. List year the town ol Jamaica ex
pended 10,000 lor the support ol those people. Hemp
stead spent tnoro than thut. It Is proposed to aeod the
la ay ones to tho Penitentiary as vagrants.
Very nearly ono bunured Italian laborers who hava
bean engaged tor aomc tlmo peat In laying tho track lor
tho steam railroad on Atlantic avenue, Brooklyn,
?truck yoatorday morning lor an Inereaso of wages.
The police ol tho Twelfth preolnct were ordered out
to prevent violence of any kind, but their pros*
ence was unnecessary, as tho eons of sunny
Italy discussed tbo question in quiet groups along tho
edge of tha gutter. The price demanded by tha labor
ers was |1 lift per dav instead ol $1. Contractor
UodefTVoy inlormed them that he would psy f 1 10.
About Qlty 01 the Itahana decided to tako this and
returned to work. Tbo remainder declined to uccopt
$1 10 and wcro therefore paid tha amount duo thorn,
after which they quiotly loll lor tbetr homes.
.lustlee Dyketnan, of tho Supreme Court, yesiordsy
appointed Thomas d. Rodman, John P. Ralph and
Kdward T. Backhouso Commissioner ? 10 take certain
laud ou James streot, near York, Brooklyn, lor the
bridgo anchorage. Tho property is valued at |!14,00U
Mlsa Mary A. Jasubeoo, about thirty year* old,
daughter of the lata Peter Jacobean, ol Clllton, waa
found imaging by the neck, dead, at ber reaidsuca, on
liollalr road, on Sunday. Mlas Jaeobson was missed
at break last lime, and her mother, going tti search lor
her, found her banging irom the stair baluster. Tbo
Coroner's Jury reuaored a verdiel ol suiuida wbilo
temporarily Insane.
Tho rooem cBaugt la tbo direction of tho Now York
Elevated Uaiiroud la one wlilcb occnaioan muob coin
maul umoug tboae wbo appreciate ttia uocd of rapid
tranall. The energy, commercial pluck uad MK?clty Of
tbe chief of the new management excite antielpaUona
of a livelier wur tbau ever upon tbo opponents of
quick travel tbrougb the city.
Mr. Cyrus W. Field, the newly elected president of
tbe company, though very busy consequent upon tbo
expeoted tarty adjournment of tbe Stale Legislature,
gave yesterday to a reporter of tbe Ushalu the follow
ing Information
"Wo are stoking to obtain just now," said Mr. Field,
"(be continuance of the Legislature In sesaicn in order
that they may consider the bill wo liavo beloro tbcra.
We think it is very desirable, In tbo Internets of tbe
public, that it should bccotnolaw. Ws are usking ouly
that which II lair and reasonable and wbtcb wo ibtuk
should commend itaell 10 tbe approval of the Legisla
ture. All wo ask la this;?It la tbo theory of ail
our law that no uiun shall buvo s Judgment
ugalnst another until be has shown himself
entitled to it. That is also the theory of this bill. It
Interposes no obstacle whatever in the way of any
person, or any number of parsons, (rom gotug into any
court urban, aud as often us they plearo, to obtain dam
ages for any Injury or redress for auy wrong which
they thiuk they have sustained; but, as In all other
suits, it Insists that iboy shall Urst establish tholr right
to tbo Judgment before tboy gel it?luottior words, that
iboy shall ahotv thoinsslvos entitled to uu Injunction
beloro it is awarded to uteia II they desire a prelimi
nary Injunction let thorn gtvo udoquato security first;
|f they are not willing to give such security
let them wtlt until tbe sud of the suit
and see whether they ars untitled to the Injunction at
alt; If thoy are nut they will bu saved trout the dam.
ages to which tholr preliminary injunction would ex
pose them, while thoy are amply protcotod against any
temporary Injury ponding the suit by the boud pro
vided lor in the bilL Thus, while evorybody is pro
tected, the work will go on, and the people will, lu
some rousouublo time, have their long Bought for rapid
truusii. If wo cun get the Legislature to keep lu see
slou a abort time 1 think we ouu got from it legislation
that will bo sotuewhut 01 tlio cnaractor 1 Lave do
tuk cocitT or APPLALS.
"Another matter that wo ure now vary anxious
about is tbo decislou ol the Court of Appeals, which
we expect to receive lu it low days. Briefly stated the
positlou of the Elevated road uud the Ollbsrt Ele
vated road will be all right, aud tbo mum portion of
oar Impediments removed should the Court sustain
the constitutionality ol what la knowu us tbo 'Busted
bill ol 1*75,' uudcr which the Kupld Transit Commis
sion deuiUud on tlio route. 1 think tho Court of Ap
poals wtlt docidc that the hill is oousti tutioiial, and it
that belief I am lortlllod by the following opinions
wuiuh 1 have very lately received."
Otiick or Tuacy, Olnhtkah A Thacy, I
No. Mi Wall Stiikkt, Nkw Yona, April N7, 1M77. 1
Mr. William L. SCoit
Slit?lu pursuance el your requost 1 give my views In
respset el the New York Klevnieu Railroad Cutupauy.
Ifitvin ?{ been counsel In the leriwlusure itlul sales hy which
this company acquired the property aud franchisee el tho
loriuor company, and also lu subsequent litigation* involv
ing i lit) validity of this company's tills anu It* right to ???
loud and complete Its road, ! lu.vs tiecesssrlly considered
all the uuestious wlueli thus huvs boon puhliely ralsuit.
Upon a lull view ol the whole matter I am ot opinion that
the title, right* end franchise* claimed by this company are
well loundod in law. Itespoeitulty yours,
Law Ulricas or Exorr, lluitaurr A Hammond,!
No 120 UhoaUway, New Yona. April :?j, 1*77. f
\V. L. SCOTT, Esq:?
My Diun Mn?As you have been informed by tbe news
papers, tbe appoal from tho order of the Supreiuo Court, c >r.
nrnilnir the report oi the comuiLslousrs that the New York
Elevated Railroad ought to be permitted to extend and con
tinue Its road through I'oorl street, tlowery. Third avenue,
Ac, is now ill the hands of the Court ol Appeals. We baa
ou Thursday la-t a very extended and elaborate argument.
1 am slrrngtbetud lu tuy own roitriclious hv that argu
ment. Alter listening to our adversaries for three hours,
and carefully cou.iderlug sll that they have said, f enter
tain so dnubt whatever of tho constitutionality and validity
ol all the |irovleh>a? ol the ael of 1U7.1, kuuwu as tbe ituptd
Trausit act, width apply to thu Now York Elevated ltatl
road Company. Ku mau can bo sure ol what a court, tout
posed of seven judges, will think or do lu any case, hut I
shall he very creaily surprised it the Cour, ol Appeals havo
any doubt of the constitutional validity nt any of the legte
latiou alTectiug your eompuay. Vary truly Yours,
Nhw York. Mhv 18,1817.
Mr Lisa It Mil. 1'ulo
lii'lerrlnir to -.'ur revout Interview with Mr. Charles
O'i In thu matter ut the legal status of tlm Nuir Vurk
Elevated H* broad Uuutpauy, anil of the right of tlio < om
psny to couitruet Its rouil on the tut ildo ol the city on tlis
route deslsuaieu by the Kauid iruuilt Commission, I beg
to any thai Mr. O'l'onur OotKurred lu the opluluu of JuJ^a
Kmott. u eooy ol whloh you hove, flu ?-u vary oleur on
tliu quell Ion of the coaatltutiuiiHlity of thv ltopid Iruuilt
Hot. mnl atntod lo in tlint the railroad uoiiiininy wai In pm
Ivaaion U'Kully ol tlia right to uxtcud 111 iiu* hi proponed,
n tlio mnttor of ihe iineitloni before the Court of Appettla
lie mid tliitt llm dacliiuiil vus'lt to be III furor of tin rull
roHd company, and tie had bo doubt that they would ho.
Youn, very truly, E. A. WiCKKri.
lu reference to lit# route of llio Now York Elevated
road ou the cast side Mr. Field said It would be an fol
lowsIt would start from llio Buttery, opposite the
Mouth, Hamilton und tftatou Island lurries, irom >'root
street to Locution sills tbeu through l'earl street to
New llowery, RUd along Third uvenue to Harlem ltivsr.
Aloug this routs thsrc would bo several spurts?nine at
Chatham street (o tlio Brooklyn Ilridge, another at
TUirty-lourtb street to tba esst side, miotlior to tlio
Oraml Ceuiral dopot at forty-second Ktreet and an
other to tho-Astoria Ibrry. lioyoud the Hnrlera River
toe company would have running power over tbo Hu
bert Kievuitd rond. and, proceeding along the south
?Ids ol the Uuriam Hirer, would ruu to Kiuusbrldgo
uud ooucocl on the west sido ol tho Elevated road. Ity
this means a complete circuit or the etty would bo
I'KTHIt OOOPSR'h iokas.
Mr. Peter Cooper, who was elected one of tho new
directors lust wouk of tuo KleveteJ ltullroud, was culled
upon yesterday by a IIkkai.o reporter, who hud a very
pleasant conversation with blut concerning the puai
und present of the Rapid Transit (piestluu. During tho
conversation Mr. Cuoper said:?It Is true Hlui tny
name tins been used us such.. I whs asked to bcuonio it
director, but on account of iny ago 1 declined. 1 do
nol want to be subject to such a responsibility at this
stage ol my llio. 1 was told yosterduy by Mr. Cyrus
W. Kieid thai he bad become President of ibe Klcvatcd
rond. He is the moot energetic mau in the eity, and
I sin confident thut lie will push the enterprise
through to its lulUlmsnt H? bus bought a majority
of the stock, so that he controls It by virtue ol posses
sion us well its of ofllce. I da hot know much soout
the plane of the new administration of affairs. Tho
company is now restrained by an lujunctlou
from further construotiun. Tho proooss rests
upou tho argument ihut tlio terms of the
clmrtor have Dot boen rultllteil, bocuuso a I
double truck has not boen built lu the spociffcd time,
but u tuvorabio decision by tbo Court of Appends is ox- I
ported, und if allowed 10 proceed with their work t be- I
huve that the company must he a grout Uouocml sue- j
cosh. 1 own J5.00U worth ol its stock and it owos mo, ;
battdis, |U8,oua
1 think tbo opposition to the elevated system ol rail
road communication depends greatly on peuplo's tau
ciot. Of cour-e, it it not superlatively ugruenbis to
have tho viaduct only ten Idol Irom one's windows;
but 1 do not think thn detriment which It will occu
eioti to property which owes its value to com- |
meroisl convent#iiuo will he very grout. The propurty I
owners may hope to securo duiuages in tliu uud.
Mr. Cooper did not socio to Wluk ihut people could
be so mad as to suppose that rapid irausH could ever !
bo perm tueully interdicted. In spoukitig of ihoong- i
inal pish ui tbo croenwieh sireot viaduct be said it I
was much superior In mauy respects to the modified :
one now in operation. It would not haVo been ob
joetlonablo to poopln living noar the llt.o, since itacro
would have been hum uoiso, no smoko and
no steam. Tho principlo of tho endloss '
chain seoinod to Mr. Cuupur an ihtonauly Interesting
subject, and he recounted all tho experiments by which j
he loroicrly sought to doinouslrato its utility as u
niouus or locomotion on cuuuls und through the streets
ol the city. Tho first effort to cmpiuy It in Urocnwlaii
sireot, lis sold, hud been abortive, because it hud been
III managed, hut us application ntigbt yet provo an itn
moiuo advantage.
Fifty-seven years ago ho had demonstrated the
facility and speed with which boats on the lCrio Cunul j
could bo moved by thu? using the Immense wator
power wasted at tbe lucks. Governor Clinton Uud ,
purchased ol bun tut right to usu tho Invention for
$1UU, hut had abandoned his iniontiou ou realising the
Hitcrilion ol poiluoai popularity which he would make
through the districts bordering the caual unless ho
spont a lortuno In Indemnities. Mr. Cooper said that
lie carried on a cunal heat 1,000 people two miles In
ch'Von minutes by means of an oudl*NS Chain. In dis
cussing the desirability of underground transit bo
stuicd Its objectionable matures in airong terms.
Mr. F. II. Tows, another ol the new directors whom
the reporter met, seld lie could uot furrsnudow with
any diniinmneae tlio policy to bo pursued by tho cor
po'rauon. Ho said that very coufldeut hopes were
eno named of s complete victory in the litigation now
ponding. It It ihouiu ho happen that the Court of
Appoum did not remove llio impediments now lu their
way, he supposed the only resort rsinuiiiing for them
would be tho Legislature, unions the lawyers could
dtvlso soino other practical method of freeing them
from legal trammels.
Notices have boon sent to tho uiembors of tho dif
ferent committees composing the "Commercial Cou
lironoe," requesting thorn to attend the meeting of tho
AlUorrannic Committee on directs next Friday, whereat
the measure* providing for tno use of the belt Hull
road for iroigbt purposes are to bs considered.
Tbe New York Hoard ol Flrd Underwriters bold ihetr
aounal election yostoday. Tho following named on
cers wore elociedPresident, D. A. Houhl; Vlcsl'rcsl
dvnt, K A. Wnlion; decreiary William W. Honshaw;
Asei-tniit ?ocrotafy, John M. Tompkins, nod Trmwa
rer, Marcus F. Hodges.
John T. I'eck, owner of a bonded warehouse, up
peered before the coiummiou vestcrduy at the eeoret
????Ion, and tt la said that h e tustlroony has been vary
bitter against the Custom House.
Jaiuea 3. kloorc, an employ 6 ol the Treasury Depart
ment, located in tho New York Custom House, testified
thut he was preparing and arranging revenue laws, also
collecting statistics; the present laws urecontradictory
and too complicated; consignors abroad have to
undergo the trouble to make triplicate invoice*
and lako an oath before a consul, which Is altogether
unnecessary. A duplicate invoico should be given to
the consul tor statistical usee. The oath of tha im
porter should lie taken after the appraise meat. Da
poooui denounced the check syeutn in uniueeeurod
terms ee ol no service to tho government. The Ices
were Inequitable end usolesi; they should be abol
ished and added to tho duties, suy at tho rate of one
quarter ot one per ocni. The labors ol tbe Appraiser's
department cannot be well done on uoctuui or the
inadequacy ol the quarters; the work was uuovenly
divided; no ouo muu can look after aud oxamme prop
erly tlio various amounts of goods Intrusted to the
Deputy Appraiser, especially that m charge of the
Third division, la the opinion of tho deponent be
tween eight and leu million dollars' worth ot silks are
annually brought to this country cither by under
valuation or smuggling.
Mr. William K. Kent, examiner in the Third divi
sion, testified that ho wua tho examiner of silks, vel
vets and mixed goods; tho Invoices us tltcy uro re
ceived by the Assistant Appraiser aro divided among
tbe examiners, ou wh.uii the appraisements are made;
under valuations are of very raro occurrence among
allk mi porters; atone tuns thero was a greet duel of
smuggling curried on iu this Hue; silk goods si pre
sent do nut realise invoice prices, owing to Urn general
stngnution lu business. Mr. Kent was always present
at reappralaeiuenlri; merchant appraisers usually dis
criminate in lavur of tho Importer, end endeavor to
save him the penally which a ton per cent underval
uation Would locui; the good Judgment of the ex
aminer tu us t oe exercised in extmining goods in ar
riving at tho proper value Ihcreol; quite Irequonily
tho lorulgn correspondence ol I ho Importers Is used as
a golds to form opinions ol values.
The commission then csllod lour men, who had boon
waiting iu the ante.room lor sovorul hour*. Una of
these, John hi. liuggurty, was sworn, and tesliQud
that ho him been employed (or three years us opener
end packer tu tbe Appraiser's stores; lie was dis
charged lu Doceuibei, 1876. on nccouut ol being a
friend ol Wilnatn Haw, Jr., then president of tho
Twonty-llrst District Republican Association, aud for
raluslng to support tho Custom Houso primaries;
Wlluum A. Darling, tho Apprntsor, informed witness
that bo had no latin to find with btui, hut that bis re
moval had been demanded.
i'liy-ou Dwiglit, u companion' of tbe last witness.
I who hud been a Custom House inspector, also related
grievances of e similar kind.
William Day, AisUtunl Appraiser ol tho Fourth
division, wue sworn next, lie testified that he bud
lortuarly hud charge ol the Silk appraisements, aud
fell satisfied that up to wittitn eevurul mouths and lor
snout hull a year tlio undervaluation ol silks usiuo up
to qui to tweuly-Qve per cent; witness, at tho rcqtleal
of tho Treasury ofllctals, made au investigation Into
this silk busiue.-is; he ilnds that the importation of
silk hy A. T. Stewart A Co. hud fallen off troiu
$l,500,c(Hi to (gfiO.OUU; tits reason was that Hike oatt
bo bought noro cheaper than they can ho Imported;
witness assorted that he had kuown mis class ol goods
to be entered *l tnirty-thrvo per ccut less thun In
voices of silks entered by A. T. Stewart A Co. ; he did
not know that the goods were posted at tbia under
Win. 3. Headley, Assistant Appraiser of the PovrnlU
division, leslitled In regard to bis department?whore
drugs und druggists' sundries were examined?lliul
there ure not many Distances where tho goods coming
into tins division huvo to be advanced lu value.
James F. Hall, Assistant Appraiser ol tha Ninth di
vision, testified to the general luofllolency of me art
divistou. Ho considers Mr. Lee wholly lucoiuuoiuiit
to appraise works ot art. Dupoucul was lurmorly in this
division; could not agree with Mr. l.ce, who wus Mr.
w. H. Darling's brother in-law; the openers and pack
ers uiiouid he under one heud, and wueit any dlvlslou
needs euuh laborers they should bo drawn irom hun ;
If this pitta Is udopicd the force can bo reduced at
least twenty per ceut; In laol, tbe entire force of the
Appraiser's department could be reduced. Witness
expounded tho system ol the terllf ou steel end Iron,
and the nluo teohniualuiae prceurihed by statutes ou
articles ot inachluorv.
On iho 6th lusu secretary Sherman Issued a regu
lation governing me discharge ol Htcnmsliips ul night
and tho compenseilau of inspectors therefor. The or
der was iiumadtaloly utter euepoaded on eocouul of
article whicn was not m accordance with the recom
datlon ot the commission. Yesterday the order wsb
renewed, and tbe lollowing is the uluuec adoptod:?
Inspectors nSMK'ied to the ilisehur^r of steumnnlpx will
be allowed extra compensation fur saivlcai ramie red by
them utter sunset aud beloro nuuriso uulv wliuu mglit par
lulls to dUuhar^e hate been obtained. The einuiint of such
extra compeusatlun shall be IIsou by the Collector at a
raw aut exceeding BUI lor such night's service of sii In
spector, slot such cuinpeusaliou shall bn paid to ilia Collec
tor uf Customs by the ran.tor, owner or aneui of such
steamship si the time uf grantlait Iho oermit to dlsuhargo
at night. I'syraetits to Inspectors for extra service, will l>e
maitu by the Collector only at the ciidol tlio in.,nth, utid
wilt be included at it separate Item in the inspector's legu
tar voucher for servient.
The Collector's account nf disbursements on eeenunt tif
expenses for uollectliig the revenue frotu customs will be
eorompnnled by a separate abstract, showing the amount
resolved from each vessel lor extra services uf edleors
which amount will bo credited to the I'utlcd states lu said
account end deposited iu the Treasury.
Tho coal producing companies aro tartly puzzled
over tbo problems preiontod lor tbeir consideration
by ibe depressed coudltloa o( tho trade. Aboai tho
beginulng o( April they concluded that tbo best thing
to do would bo to limit tbo quantity ol coal moving to
tldewutsr, and when tbo Ural ol Juuo came to
advance tbo price ol coal lllljr coma per ton.
Uuo of Ibe parties to this agreement was
Prosldont Uowen, of tbo Hooding Company. Ybo
necessity of tueeiing maturing obligations, It was soon
given out, caused Mr. Uowcu te breuk away from iho
agreement, and coal was sold by hint, right aou lull, at
figures low enough to alarm tbo other companies.
Indued, thoy wore not only alurmed but highly in
consod with Mr. Uowen's action aud tbroatoned all
sorts ol retaliation. PeuCo and harmony tbey kuevv,
however, would b? belter lor tbem than war, so they
have itcadlly applied themsalvos toward ropuiriug tho
breach, but they do not scum to accomplish very
much. Several meetings have oeuu bold, resolutions
adopted, but oothiug practical bus as yut come out ol
all their councils. Yesterday tho principal ofllcera
uiot again, the lollowlug gontlotuen being present;
Messrs. Thomas Dickson, Liolawaro and liud.-ou Csnal
Company; nutuUel Blouu, llulawurc, Laukuwaiinn aud
WeMvrn Railroad; tieorge L)e M. K<im. I'lnludi'lphia
and Reading Railroad; Robert II. Huryu, Lehigh Valley
Railroad; Ur. Liudormau, Lehigh Valley; (ieorgn A.
Hoyt, I'cnusylvsbla coal Company, W. C. Chirk, re
ceiver of the l.onigb and Wiikeahurre, and receiver
Lathrup, ol the New Jersey Couirul.
This meeting, llko iho ones preceding It, was not
opeuloiho represeutativus ol the press. On Its con
clusion, however, Wall street wis uolighleucd re
specting the proceedings had thereat. It was said
lust another resolution nad been auoptod agreeing iou
total suspension ol mining operations from the loth ol
juuu to the 161U of July. t his news caused a lively
udvauco ill Liolawaro and Lnokuwunua stock from 41
to 44. Soon alter It was learned that tho suspension
depended apou the approval ol Mr. Uoweo, ol the
Heading Company, who IS now In London and who,
(bough ID telegraphic communication with the ?t act
ing, did not givu his consent. Jlut then it is slalvd
that Mr. Keim, Who represented the Resiling Company
at the meeting, voted lor tile resolution. When tnu
true condition of allairs became Kliowu on Will street
me Helaware and Lackawanna stock reacted again aud
closed at 4'JJt.
Under the provisions 01 tbo charter the City Chum
berlsiu la oompeiied to furnlali sureties to tba amount
ol $1,000,000. Tba lollowing Is a list 01 Mr. Nelson J.
Tuppau's boudsmen, which were yesterday approved
by Coiuptroilar Koily :?
Horace K. Thurbnr, $100,000; 1*. Van Volkcnburgh,
$100.000; C. C. Baldwin, $.10,000; Rolormo KllovtIton,
$i"?0,OOO; \V llllaiu Woodward, Jr., IMJ.UUU; Mamuei R.
l'lati, goO.OO'J; Inomas Harbour, $'(0,0o0; Rus.-ell Sage,
$KX),ouO; James Urn II, $10o,0ho, William R, lima
more $100,000; Jordan I.. Mutt, $|00,000; John Huey,
$.iii,ooo; .Solomon Mchrbueb, $50,000; Thomas J.
Mecaiuil, $A0,uoo.
The surotios justiucd In double the amount of their
Jlouj tmiu O. Uppauholm has gone Into voluntary
baokruptey, and the matter bae been referred lo livg
liter Allen te take lurlhor proceeding*. His IIhIjiIUius
amount to about 116,000, anu no uucts aro given in
ihe schedule. Tho largest creditor* are:?'I lie Albany
County Uauk, ol Albany, (44,000; Uorsou Opponbeini,
$16,806 Mb; National Mboo and I.eatbor Rank, $4,UOO.
There aro a great number ol creditors lor small
At a meeting of the creditors of I'll Dip l.lppmsn,
bustle luaun'scturor, Into at Ma 7.1 Roane street,
before Register Ketch urn yesterday, John II. I'latt was
appointed assignee m baokruptey. Tho llabihtloe
amount to $'48,000.
The liabilities ol Heitensteln Ik Rtcvens, jewelry, at
No UOJ liriiadway, wbo made an assignment on baler
day, amount to about $'JA,oOO. 1'hc vamo of tba assets
la not known, but sn inventory ts oeing mad*.
A mealing ol ibe creditors ol Milva k Moulin,
brushes, ut No. 00 Kighth avenue, wss held yesterday
at tbo oinco ol Register Kotchuin, to prove debts aud
elect au assignee in bankruptcy. Tbo claims proved
art- ii follows:-?Coho, f.viavln h Co., $0,147 Sit
?Henry Krorlil, f'i.iiaS 31; U. 0. Gerry, $?"'.> uA; A.
llooiicun, Jr., fkO 65; lluestnunn k Co, |101 27;
Brewster k Mills, $dll :n there ???? no choice for
aastftee, and lUo Register u,t|)oiuiuJ Mr. John II.
l'Uit assignee.
The crwoitors of '/.yeblluskl k llippler, coal dealers,
at No. 34 East street. met yesterday at the oltlco ot
Register Dayton. Cla'ma to tin- amount ol over
were proved, uud Frederick rt. Wait, ot No. 44
Wall street, was elected assignee to bankruptcy.
John I.nine ycaterday illeu ms assignment la tUa
County Clerk'a ollUotu ll.ipbuel Low em thai.
PLACED IN TUE CAUL Ol' llF.it PAT 11 hit?A
Argument oo tho returo to the ant ot habeas
corpus hcrctoioro issued in lavor of Moorgtana Morri
son Lopez, the grunting ol wnieb bus been already
noticed in the UnutD, woe board before Judge Bar
roil, iu Supremo Court, Chauibera, yesterday. Tbo
petition ol tho huabanu, on which tlio writ had been
grantod, aiatcd that his wife was of ten ler ago and
weag mind, und that alio was rcrir.una i ol her liberty
by her lather, auJ he. her husband, lurbiddon to aoe
or visit her. la obedieuoo to the writ Mr. Morrison,
Bccompuuied by bis daughter Goorgianu, an older
daughtor and son, aouie Irionda uud bis counsel, Mr.
Lyman W. llaios, appoared In court about coon.
Lopez was also preaent, itcoompanlcd by his counsel,
Mr. Gibbous and an associate.
In reply to the ullagutious lu Lopez's petition two
alUduvits wore read on betiall ot Mr. Morrieun, obo
by himself and una by tbo daughter, Georgians. In
his own aOlduvtt Mr. Morrison sworo that till daugh
ter is not restrained ol her liberty; that ehe Is over
twouty-onu years ol ago, and has always lived with
and been supported by Una; that Ibe piotcndod mar
riago between her and Lopes was ouly ono In lortn;
that sbo never has llvsd with her husband,
and volunutrily lives with her lather; that
tho marring!! was only uu incident to uhd uuri
ol ? plot or uoasptraoy originated by Lonss to extort
money Irom him, aud thai it ia void lor Iraud; that no
Is iniorniod and Dciiavos Lopes hus called hunsoll and
goes by the uumu ol Lopes Uosuhu, und at tne tliuo ot
ibis alleged marriage bad a Uvrlul wllo living.
Uoorguua, the alleged wile, swears that she resides
with her lather and always has resided with him; that
she has uo desire to le.ivu hiiu, nod hits not beon Im
prisoned, detained or restrained ol her liberty. She
nonius a murriugu with Lopes, immediately there
alter reluming to her lather s lioiisa and never living
with l.opus. At thu ttuiu she murried ?ho
did so tu good I'm tit and thought Lopez
equally honest, hut, (rout evidouco wmuh has siuoo
Ooiuo to her and which sue cannot doubt, she buliuvcs
tile oeramony was luisndeil by him only us a means to
extort money trom her lather, aud tbat tie (Lupoz) waa
ut tho time of such uiarrtugo the husband ol another
lu addition to theae affidavits counsel (or Mr. Morri
son asserted that proceedings had already boen insti
tuted to annul tlio marriage, ou lite ground ol Iruud,
uud uounduut uvldeucs would be furthcoming to show
that on the vary day of the marriage, and succeed
ing It, Lopes bud spent lour bours in the privatu
room ol a uourloiuh, aud bail uomo almost directly
Irom lbs arms ol a woman ol siuuiur churucter into
court, counsel ou tbo oilier side sutd they would bo
able to contradict these assert ions whenever the proper
liuie Came. As tu the affidavit of the Wile, ho at
tributed it to tbo iutlueocc ol the liiiber, under whose
oouirol sho was, and suggested Hint she bo pluoed
under aoiue older control until the Court could huvo
a lair opportunity to learn btrowo wishes.
itik nasunr
Although not questioned uu elthor side as to tho re
straint, which was denied in tho daughter's alllduvil,
Judge Barrett interrogated her uiouu iu his private
room on thul point. The rosult wae that she was
promptly givon back to her lumily, und Lopez was
soul ou his louely way.
Four men, tbrco of wiiom were pretty badly cut,
came Into the Jo Iters on Market Court yesterday uioru
lug, accompanied by Delcuiivo Titus, ol tbu Sixteenth
prooinot. Their names wute James Cllllbrd, James
Clark, John llarvoy und Junius Slodmau, I boy uud
all been engaged iu a light which look place in West
.Seventeenth stract, between one and two o'clock Mon
day morning. John llarvoy, who was ovideuily suN
luring Irom tho wounds that he rucuived, tcslilled thai
ClilTord hud stauoed litin in the region of Iho
kidueya. J nines Slcduiuii also tcstiflod that he waa
stubbed by Clillord. Clillord also hud Ins wrist bound
up ou account ol a slab wound. Ills stuioinuoi was
that llarvev uud Slodmaii had insulted his sister, uhd
when he, In company with Olfcrk, und quairolled with
Harvey on account u! this Insult on Monday morning,
tho light became genoial. Judge NVaudoll listeued to
thu testimouy ol all the participants, and detorimnod
to hold Jauiea Clillord In al,buo hail to answer at Ueii
oral sessions. Clark, who was arrested with lnui, was
At the Tombs l'oiice Court yosiorduy Dridgjl Hurko,
or No. 37 Market struct, was charged by Mrs. Corcoran,
of No. 143 Ccdur street, With having abducted trom hor
bourn Mary Itusb, agod eleven years, an orphan. From
the stories of both partlot it appears that two years
ueo Mrs. Itusb, the child's mot tier, Ulod. leaving throo
children. Mesne, ayod twelve; Mury, nino, mm Juliu,
seven. Mary was givon to Mrs. Curuorau and John
wusgivuu to Mrs. toy, ol 37 Market elioeL 'l'ho other
child WuS taenu charge ol by u stranger. The prteoucr
is lu the employ ol Mrs. Foy, aou it is claimed ihut the
cause of the abduction wits that the children have lallon
heir to valuable property, Consisting of three booses
tiiuated In MurkvluiiU Madison etiueta, ol which the
parties are anxious to obtain control. The prisouer
claims relationship with the deceased Mrs. Hush.
J usttco Otterbourg postponed the case lor iurthcr In
Dotccllvo Dunn, of tno Central Oillco, accompanied
by Deteclivo McKcnuu, ol Troy, cdiuii Into Jeflcriou
Market Court yesterday morning Willi JoliD Daley and
Charles Auionio, who toft the Union noted, of Troy, a
lew days ago with a largo quantity ol clothing belong.
Ing to the guests of the hutul and owing about |10U lor
board. Judge Wnudoll consigned the prisoners to ibe
care of Detective McKennu. ami thoy lull Now York
for Troy yestorday afternoon.
Richard Hunt, a farmer from Uroeuvillo, N. J.,
Wbllc Walking through Canal street on riuuday night,
met a young mau wnu Jostled hiui toward the gutter.
Hunt, of lirecnTlllo, suddenly nussud Ins wiitoli and
guvs clime to the young man, and naught linn alter it
run of inruo or lour blocks. The prisoner, whoso
name Is I'utor Dalny, had the watch in hit pogM'ssiou
when arrestod. Ho was urru gimd baioro Jungo Man
dull yesterday and hold In 11.000 Imtl.
K.arly on .Sunday moruiug John Jours, a plumber,
rending in tho neighborhood, eutnrod the lagor bear
saloon dT Frederick Klooppoi, at No. 4fll Third avenue,
and began a eouvofsution wub Kloeppel, which gave
rive to an altercation between tbeiu. Huddoniy Junes
raised a glass of beer and threw li o cuulcuts lu the
other's lace, si which Mrs. Kloeppel, who was behind
the bar, canto up lu remonstrate w.th lulti Jams
culled her an opprobrious uame, and at the saine tunc
struck her lit the I'aco. Flic woman full to ihu door,
striking tho bark ol nor hand ugainst s sale, ami wliilo
In tuis position Jones kicked her twice in the br< ml
and oi.ee n the laoo. I'lie Injured woman was taken
to her room aud Junes wont awuy. Sluue Sondav her
?ondiuon mis bvootne Worso, and yesterday 11 ooi r
Woiiman look livr snls-morteiii staieinenl and issued
a wbruiut tor I lie urrust of Jones.
.... ..
Wliilo Joseph Itouinr and two friends wore returning
from llubokou oil Suuday evemug they were sol upon
by roughs at the comer of Klovcnih avenue aud Forty
second street. Their erles attracted the attention uf
the pullre, ami two ol the assailants, named i.uwreucs
tVadc and Micliinl tluorc, memo-re of a well known
gang ol desperadoes, called the "Forty 1'liluVes," were
arrested. The prisoners wore airaigned lUlOnfiUy.
seventh Sliest Com t yesterday and committed lor
trial. _
Ueorge While, a lad ol eighteen yosrs, was csuslit
yesterday leaving the tobacco uslabiisbii.uut ol Dav d
Ditcher, No. 'Jill Dunne street, with worth ol
smoking tobacco and some 11n foil concealed on his
person Ho was arrsaied ami t ikeu to the Tombs
I'uliur Court, wuere be was held In tl.tsm hail. I'lio
prisoner admitted taking the lot), but vsubewod all
knowledge ol the tobacco.
la the mattsr of the suit brutiglivby Mrs. Mary Ann
Flood In ibe Itrouklyn City Court for limited dlvorcs
against her husband, Michael Flood, Judge Kcynolde
entered a decree lu Isvor uf the plain11il yesterday.
Mrs. Flood appesred last year in tno rote of dnieodaui
lb lbs oourts wlivu she was sued lor dlvoror lit her
liosliuod, the jury at thai Iiiiir der.iding in liar favor.
Flood is possessnii ol cmisidurable properly, and la
several years older than his wild.
I)r. Warren Wcstlako, of llaliwsy, N. J , was held in
|.'i,fMKi hail hy Judge Dairy mpie, in the Unmi County
Court yesterday, on an indictment for ms'pruotloe In
having caused the death of Walter Uwie lu January
j last.
[Notk.?Letters falcnded tor this column must bo
accouipaoiod bjr tbe writer'* lull umbo and address to
luaure attention. Complainants wbo are unwilling to
comply witb tbl* rule simply waste lime In writing-*
Ku Ukral?. J
To TUB Editor or tii* Hkeald:?
Canuot President Merlin or tbe PollM Commlsalon
ert do eomeilung to relieve su fieri ng butnselty tbeae
sultry lung evenings by allowing Keeorvolr Hark to bo
open end lighted at nignt It i* now aloeod at seven,
tbo very hour pooplo wuold like to enjoy tl most.
To tub Editor or tiik Ui.rai.ij:?
Would you b*ve tbe klndueea to urga ea tbe *u
thnritiea tbo neoueaitjr or at unca brioglng tbe free
Uatba up to tbo city. Thousands of tbe sweltering In.
habitant* ul tbe crowded tenoment* ol tbe U eventh
uiid Sovi met nth wards, men and women, boye end
girl*, tire anxiously uwettlug In plvaeureblo unliclpa
llou the lint "dip" ot tbe season. Considering tbe
extremely warm woalber'ol mo putt week ana tbo
exhilarating iniliionce of eilt water bathing, wo fool
that the person* In cbargo of the public bath* need
only 10 have their attention called to It to set unine
dialely. J. C. NcC.
Lt-T i lil'.S VOlt 1)1. AD WOOD CUT.
To tiik Kurrou or rue Hkuam.:?
Kocloai'd please find loiter received a lew days sgo
from Dcndwood City ootnplatnlng about tbe nou
receipt of tatters sent tbsro to him from his wire end
friend*. He ha*. It appears, rocotved but ono letter
truin Hume out of ubout one doseu seat bim, also eev
oral copies ol the WbkklV Ukkalu By inserting tlua
in your "Complaint Book" perhaps tbo 1'ost i Mil go
Department will try nnd see where tbo tioublo Is. and
oblige yours, respectfully, PETER POWERS.
To ru* Editor or tiik Ukuald:?
Now tbnt tbo ball season be* Ulrly commotio**!,
whet is to binder in* Park Commlaaloners from grant
log ua boy* tbe pleasure or playing ou tbe lower
gruuuds in Central Park, on Monday, Thursday and
Saturday, e* they formerly did? 1 huso ground* ur*
In excellent oundittun at present, and bow pleasant it
would bo it wo bad tbo ohuuco tvo formerly bed of
playing on them throe time* ? week
To tiik Editor or tub Ubiuldi?
1 am desiroua of nailing tbo aitenttou of tbo proper
autborltlcs, through tbe medium of tbo Hkiiald, to
tbo coniluuud perpetration of tbo most glaring outrage
ever practised on poilestriuu* in uuy civilized city?
t.e., the ears o. the Dry Dock, East Uroadway und
Battery Railroad Company being ruu agunst the side
walk in Irontol tbo UuiiAi.t) building, tiioborses stand
ing and botng turnnd urouud ou tbo walk, much to tbe
danger and IncoovtUteuaa or pooplo ou tbts particu
larly crowded thorougbtnro. This groat annoyanco
bas boob tolerated about long enough.
To tub Kuiron or tiik Ukuald:?
Why can't tbo pooplo rostdtng up town on tba west
side be aocominodutod with rapid transit 1 Could not
tbe Elevated Road, now running to Pirty-atuUt street,
be oxtnnued n low miles further up * whereas, from all
appoaruncaa, "uionoy" u Keeping the Gilbert Road at
a liliimtslll). Do you think it ngbt that u low bun
drod men (T) should be allowed to disuemraode ihou.
?and* merely btOaUM they Happen to OWB a "ben
roost" or it* equivalent along mo route the anticipated
Gilbert Road is to lakuir
To lUK Koitob uv iiih IIkiialu:?
Tbo Common Council having learned, through the
columns ot your "Complaint Hook," mot ilia com.
in unity regarded Ilia uxu of calcium ligbu as a danger
ou? uud Intolerable nuisance, some days since passed
unanimously an ordinance prohibiting thoir further uss
which orUiuuuco promptly received the Mayor's slg!
n.ituroiinil became a law. In oritur to ascertain how far
It was lining ubuyeii, I started recently ou a round
0 impaction. Mi time allowed me to visit only three
pluoos?viz., the Jhoutru (Jonuquo, Tony l'ssior's and
the livoli?and at each ol these piucea ino lights wore
In lull blaxu aa usnnl. formerly iho use or theiio
lights was a wanton Ueiinnoo ol publio opinion, but now
Ihmr couliuuaucu is a w.intuu dchauoo of law. Ua*
ever ctjy cursed with incilteieucy auub as ibisY '
______ KMCKKltUOUKMa.
Totiik Kiutou or tiik Hkiialu: ?
I urn a resident of Ktghty-sovontb stroot, botwooa
Third and fourth avenues, am a mother and havo
young children. The snout and vicinity In which 1
live la greatly infested by dogs, useless, worth Ions cur*
that prowl around day and night. Persons have boon
bitten by Some ol tbsan uoluiaia, and so numerous art
tlioy that 1 am positive y afraid to allow my children
to go into the stiout lor exorcise und iresh sir or to
play upon the sidowulk in front of uiy house. The
police have beoo apnkeu to, but they appear indiffer
ent, and in my present dilemma I am compelled on
behalf of myseli und neighbors, to tuvukn iho poteul
aid of the Hmrai.ii to remedy this dangerous nuisance.
stfippisro seamen.
To TRO EDITOR or T1IK Hkhalu:?
Please allow ms space in your "Oomplatut Book" to
reply tu a sen captain, lie says it is truo that Iho
bailor has tu pay $b to $10 Ice lor shipping, but that
the captains pay It, not tho sailor, and that he has to
puV Troin |ls to |x. por month wtiero bs ought to pay
$10. I.et this sua captain consider that sailors have ts
pay $7 pur weok for board, the same as thsy did seven
yuars ago, when they could get f3J a mouth vory esay.
The wages are now only Situ and advance, according to
the voyage, ttow inuob will Jack have loll from cm
advance wlieu ho has to pay say two Weeks' board t J
leu and a tew oth r expenses f If this soa oaplain
would uiako a cumpialui to the rfulior'. Home, whlon
in kept up by religious people, to redone their terms to
* i pur week, all the other boarding hou-e keepers
would havo to follow in time and reduce their prices
also, ana sailors could uilord tu go for f 16 par mouth.
Ill tuU way ho would do a Service to tint sailors. I his
csptaln sue ins to know very little how snipping busi
tie** is done in this ally. There arc shipping ngenio
who oiler tho csptani so much per ccnuge to get tho
ohanoe to ship tbo men tor thebi, but tborosro cap
tains that don't do buaiueas in tnnt way. Th? last ad.
vice ol this ana oaptutu is lor married or a ogn. men to
come and snip without adVadca and thai no would give
tlioin llie preference. Hoes this uaplam ihluk that a
tiiurrli'd tnnii oan save money on f jo a mouth, or dnos
hv Huuk a wife cau live on iioihiiig wlieu bor husband
Is aWay on a three or four mouths' voyage ? l,?i bltn
it y It. Of course II would be vorv good if a oallor goes
withuut advance and ia en beard a low uiontba, tbeu
work hi in over time mid abuse him till he Is tired out
end dpigunlud nnd lie will leave the ship, and ol oourae
leave his wages behind. This money goes liod knew*
where, and this utile game is earned ou in insnr shins
that sail out of Now York to tho Knst Indioo. 0. f,
Tu TIIS Koiruu OP tiis Hmrald:?
1 leul inuoh pleased to poruuivo uoily that, through
the columns of your widely circulated Journal, you
have uuJortakou to expose and bring boloro lbs
notieo of tho American public the venders of tbo stud
culled milk. 1 incumber whtu living lb Loodou
during 187J ia leVsr or a most tnaliguant and cob.
lagious nature ritgod throughout the districts ol
Adetpbl, Lsinheth, Yauthail end parts of Usyswsier.
Mttuy physicians endeavored (or oomo months to
trare the disosso to lis original source, until, even,
tuully, a nieiuiier ol the faculty, by unoesaiut obser
vation discovered Its starting point. While aiieudmg
three families sullrring from too same cause he ns
ourtaini d tho laui that they were fornishsd With tank
I rum the .mm company, following up the claw ho
I omul, during hi* iiivu.llpnlloii, that out of elsven
iiimiiius dealing with the same nnn eight had
one or mors members sullunog from fever
An examination by llio sanitary aulhorlttej ol
the premise! of a wealthy farmer, liviug luurtoeu
i miiue iruiu thu city, in tne county ol Surrey, and
, Irmu whom tun Company obtaiuud Uieif moiruiiolluu
I .upplv, revealed the startling laet that seventeen oowa
uui ol a large uumber were not lit fur milking pur
pii.es. Many wuro actually cuv< red witn sons and
vi-rinlo nud suitenng from -ore u iders, while the cow
| sheds, vessel., iuU ? veu the uitoodslil', were found In
mi iiidescrihatila -tale ol llltb. Typhus fever was tbo
natural consequence; sumo of the farmer's lamtly aero
attacked, u servant maid died en tho osiouiiahiueui
aim the dual result wiu that a scourge which ultliciei/
London lor mauy inontna was eommumcatod through
| ilia milk uau. liaviug a youug tamily inyeelt 1 am
< iiutura ly aiixious ioi their aellaro nud boallb during
1 lliu uppruacliiug hot season, from a dairy In Second
i avuua<i, whu n has a urai class repotatiou
| us to its quality of milk and reapoeubllliy
; I get my daily supply. Notwithstanding its
good naiua 1 have tu obasrvo that there Is a
j peculiarity lu the milk whivh I d> uot liko and which
I can not account lor. The smell la strong, oily mm
diSHgruesble, the taste ia like that which might be ex
perienced liy rubbing a piece ol boated fat pork over
i ilia mouth, tongue and lips, and a thlok brown greasy
I mailer like (hot uot) uroam lurma on the top When
bulled a white, IWbby and sticky substance, resembling
pme-er ni Paris, accumulates lb large quaulitloo on the
: b dioui and enioa ol the t easel.
I 1 am hut a abort ituiu iu this country, and therefore
ignorant a. to many advantages and ladllilleo is tbo
w?y ol living, oot If tbroagb tbo medium of publica
I Hon you will be good enough lo auto whore or bow I
cuu havo a sample Of this milk (I loaf swill) anal?red.
? aria il in# Mine nine oiler eorue etitfgeiiiioiie ie vo the
, tuost reliable dairy from wbich in obtain pure end
healthy uiilk, you will grcatlv oblige

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