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The Stock Market Active and
GOI/D 106 3-4 A 107 A 10G 7-8.
Corernment Stpeki Qniet sod Firm?Rail
read Bonds Strong and lligher.
Wall Strkrt, I
Moxday. May 21?1> P. M. (
To-day haa offered another opportunity to chroulcla
the small boar of a broker's market. The symptoms of
aucb market are uomlatakablo and consist of that
feverisb condition of flutter which, though it tnay in
crease business, limits fluctuations. Accordingly the
240,000 shares dealt in to-day are more formidablo as
an array of figures than as an ihdox of the real stale of
trade, since tbey record the trausit from band to band
of the same Identical shares which go tho rounds and
come back to the starting point with all me immu
tability of a olrcus horse. In this way a lew thousand
shares may, like stock actors, bo msdo to "play many
pnrts," producing the impression of an active market
end a largo business, and Oiling up tho columns of the
newspapers with a mass oi figures which astound
outsiders, but make the knowing ones laugh
in their sleoves. This bogus business, which
Is, in fact, a stmplo matter of betting on
prices, as one dooB upon the main In chicken hazard,
was carried ou to-day to tho extent noted, aud was
based upen a market which had as inauy shades as
Joseph's ooat and was quits as irrogulur as lus broth
rem 80 much so that It is impossible to make a
diagnosis of a market that was at tiinca stroug, at
times wosk aud at times nothing lu particular. In tho
early hours the anthracite stocks were dlsposod to
feebleness, but In tbo afternoon, when It was reported
tbat tbo ooal companies' representatives bad met and
loaded upon a suspension of mining from tbo IStb of
June to tbe Ifith of July, a stronger leoliug was uiani
lesled. Later on It turned out tbut the story hud boon
only nail told, Inasmuch as Mr. Keiin, who had voted
affirmatively for the Reading road, hud douo so sub.
)ect to the approval of bis obief, Mr. Qowon. Upon this
a reaction succeeded aud pretty muob all that hud been
gained was lost. News ooines from Washington that
the Secretary of tbe Troasury will make a llrsi coil for
$10,000,000 live- twenties na against the same amount
triour and a hall per cents taken by the syndicate.
Xbe old 18(15'a having been all called lu, tbe present
draft will be upon tbo new '06's, or "Andy's," ?a tbey
are called In the argot ol tbe street, ot which there are
$202,603,000 outstanding. Pacific Mall set sail again
to-day on -one of Us spasmodic excursions, logging off
4,300 shares In Its five hours' run. The aununl election
is appointed for the 30th Inst,and this event may pos
sibly have had something to do with advancing the
stock from 21 to 23Jf, though It did noi qulto succeed
lu holding It there.
Tbe salos of active slocks to-day aggregated 246,118
shares, which ware distributed as follows;?New York
Central, 7,225; Lake Shore, 24.740; Northwestern,
10,450; do. preferred, 14,310; Rock Island, 24,525;
Fort Wayne, 100; Milwaukee and St. l'aul, 2,810; do.
preferred, 15,300; Dolaware, Laoknwaonaand Wostcrn,
84,000; Naw Jersey Central, 263; Delaware and Hudson
Caual, 0,415; Morns and Essex, 6,240; Michigan Cen.
tral, 18,000; Illinois Central, 200; Union Paclfio, 100;
Hannibal SDd St. Josspb, 1,050; do. preferred, 200;
Obio and Mississippi, 600; Puuama, 150; Western
(Jnion. 20,100; Atlsnilo and Paolllc Telegraph, 100;
Paoitlc Mall, 4,300; Amerioan Merchants' Union Ex
press, 350.
Tli# following tablo shows the opening, highest and
lowest price# of tho day i?
Ofieniny. lit ah tit. Lowrtl.
New York Central. Wl 9414 0314'
Lake Shore M'. 631,' 63 '4
Northwestern 23), 24), 22',
Nurtbwostern preferred 40,', 60)4 4014
llock Island 06 96)4 9414
Mllwaukuoaod.il. 1'aul 20 201,' 19)4
Ml.'waukeo and St. I'aul prof. 60)4 61)4 60
Delaware, Lack, and W#aiern 4214 41 41)4
Now Jersey Contral 8), 8)4 0),
Union fuoiQc..., 60 60 00
Ohio and Mississippi 6)4 &% 6\
Western Union 6.1 6.1 02>4
PaoiAc Mail 21)4 --K '41)4
t'l.oaixo tricbb?3 p. u.
Tho closing prlcu# at three 1*. M. wure:?
Uiil. A'k-l in,i
N" 1 Central.. U3?4 03)4 Mich Contral. 43*4 4'1'i
ilnrlem 14" , 141 lIllnnD Cm,.. 3n'4 fin',
Nile 6)4 <>\ Union I'nclfL. (18 7"
Krispref ? 1? Han A st J#.. 18?; 1:1)4
Lake Shore... .VJ'4 62*4 II A ft .1 prof.. 26*5 211
IVal>a?li ? 4 Ohio A Miss... 614 6)4
Korlliwentern. 22)4 24 Panama "7 ?
Sort Invent pf. Ml', 6"', Went t'nlun... 62*4 H2V
Kvok lalaiiU.. 0-1)4 Ol'i At * I'nu l'el.. 2l)t? 21',
Kurt \>ajno.. Ikl 0U'4 Part6c Mall... 22'4 22),
Mil A St Paul. 10*4 1II?, Qineaillver... 14 16
Mil A St P pf . 5(1 0"', l)ulck prof.... 22*4 23
littvhurg 85)4 st))4 Ail.inn. Kx... 06 1)7
D.L* W..... 42X 43 Woila-Karxo.. Kt St
N.I IVntrul .. H 0 Ant Kxnreai.. 45 4<l)4
l)ol A II CaiT.. .1M-, 3s?4 Unitod Statea. 40 41
Murrta A Kss.. 60 00*4
advabcb and drci.inil
The following abow# tho adra io# tod dccllno tn the
Bioslng prices o( tho principal active stock# to-day as
compared with thoso of Saturday:?
Advabcb.?l'acitio Mail, \, Illinois Central, )4;
N'urinwcstoru, 1:SU Paul, preferred, >4; liaunlhal and
St. Josoph, ?, ; Hannibal aud lit. Joseph, preferred, *4;
Michigan Contral, ),.
Dkci.ikk.?Wostaro Union, .14; New Yoric Contral, ),';
Lake Snore, >4; Hock Island, >4; at Paul, )4.
Money was easy st 2 a 2)4 pur cent, and fell oft
daring the day, so that on call it cloaod at 1)4 a 2
per cent. The following were tho rates of exennngo on
Now York at the undermentioned oitles to dayaavau
nab, buying 3-1A, selliui 6-16; Charleston, easier, offer
ing Iroeiy, 3-16 a )%' premium; St. Louie, 1-10 premium;
New Orleaus, commercial \ a 9 32, bank )4; Cm
0 cnatl, easy, haying per, selling 1-10, and Cbicugo,
flrnt, 60 premiam. Foreign oxehango is unchnnged,
with actual buslnoss at 4.87)4 a 4.87)4 lor hnnkera'
?ixty days sterling and 480)4 s 4 90 lor demand.
Tllk 001.11 MARKKT.
Gold opened at 106)4, advanced to 107 and closed at
106)4, at which most ol tho transactions ol liie day
took place. The rate* paid lor borrowing wero flat, 1,
3 and 2 per oent, with 1 per cent lor carrying.
Gold clearing# at tho National Bank of the Slate of
Now York:?
Gold balaacea $1,001, Alio
Currency balances 1.073.364
Gross clearances 23,450,000
C'.BAKIXO no unit ?TATKKK.Tr.
Currency exchangee. 960,46:4676
Currency b ilancoa 2,699,280
(.old exchanges 10,1.89,212
Gold balances 2,123,487
Government bonds wore quiet and steady, and tboy
closed firm at the following quotations:?Lulled
Slates currency slxos, 126 a 126)4; 6a do., 1881, regis
tered, 114)4 a 114)4; do. do., da, coupon, 116)4 a 11A ;
da do., 1866, new, registered, 111)4 a 111)4; ,l0- >>6.,
da, coupon, 111)% a 111)4; da do., 1807, registered,
114)4 s 116)4; da do., do., coupon, 114', a 114),; do.
da, 1868, registered, 110)4 i do. do., da, coupon, 11614;
da ton-lortlos, regtslored, 112)4 a 113)4; do do.,
coupon, 113)4 a 113)4; da lives, 1881, reglstorod, 111)4
a 112; da do., do., coupon, 111), a 112; do 4 Vs, 1891,
registered, 107)4 a 107)f; do. do., do., coupon, 108)4
a 108)4
thk roRxian makkrt.
To-day being Wbit-Moudsy thore aro no reports
from the foreign markets, as tho day is kept in London
M a strict holiday.
Tho revenuo receipts to-day were $700,000; customs
reeeipts. $360,009; bauk notes, $1,000,000. The dec
retory of the Treasury has Just issued a call lor ten
atlll'ons now 1866 bonds. Tho following are tho num
hereCoupon?$60, Noe. 1 to 3.Qui); $100, Nos. 1 to
a,000, $600, No#. 1 to 6,000; $1,000, Nos. 1 to 11,000.
Reglttored?$60, Nos. 1 to 100; $100, Not. 1 to 700;
$600, Nos. 1 to 700; $1,000, Nos. I to 2,800; $6,000, Nos.
1 to 11,000; $10,000, Nos. 1 to 1,181, all numbers In
statb nouns.
Bute bonds et the Board were 1)4 per cent lower for
Louisiana sevens, consols, and steady lor Tonnussuos,
Missouri like* (Hannibal and t)b Joseph issue) and
Arkansas Sevang (Mississippi, Ohio and Red River
Railroad), to whisk dealings were conliuad.
The following were the latest bids:?
Alabama 5's, 1HH3 41) NO ?'?, old. J A J 20%
Alabama ft'., IHbti. *N C tl'?, old. A A O.... 2"%
Alabama ft'a. ihmii 4u II OWs.NOHH, JAJ... ui
Alobauta H's. IHHH 40 N O li t. NO UK. AAO.. Ul
Alabama H's, WJ 20 N O ?!'?, NO KH.ofTJ AJ 47
Alabama H'a. lrtB I JO N C H's, NO KK.ull \AO 47
Arkansas B'e, lunilsd.. 27 N 0 Kuuiiing Act.lHMH. 12
Ark 7'?. LR1 I'lSIa 0 N 0 Funding AvS.lHtiO. 12
Ark 7 a, Alera A LitRk. 8 NCnew.JAJ JO*
Ark 7'x, L H. 1* II A N O ft N C new, A A O log
Ark T*. MlsvO A R Rlv 9 X 0 Spsrlui Tnx.clnssl 2
Dit of Col 3-Oft'e, 1924. 74% N C Soecial Tax.ciassJ 2
Ceorgia fl's 98 N C rtpoolnl Tax.elasall 2
Georgia 7'?, new 1<)7 Ohio H's. 1 AMI 107
lieorgla 7'?. indorsed .. H>4 Ohio Ue, IHtlll 114
i-e rgia 7'a. sold bauds 1177% libade Island O'a Ho
Illinois eou B's, 1878.. |o.'l bnuili Carolina tie..... 43
Illluols war loan....... M3 Ho Oar ti's, J A J 40
Ktniucky H's 1"3 Ho Oar H's, A AO 44)
Louisiana U'e 4ft Bo Oar Food Act, 1HBU. 40
Louiaiaua ti's. new.... 4ft Bo Car Laud 0,'HO.J AJ 50
Louisiana ti's, nw PltD 4ft So CarLand C. Hb.AAO fto
Louisiana 7's. I'sii'ry. 4ft So Car 7's, 1H8H....,... 40
Louisiuua 0's, lava#..., 4-ft Bo Car non-fund lids... 2)4
Louisiana H's. levee .. 4ft Tennessee ti's, old 43V
Louiaiana H's. lev,'73. 46 Tenueseee H's, uew.... 43%
Louisiana 7's. consot.. U >)? Virginia ti's, old....... HI
funding bos. lHw4-.ft... IOTtZ Virginia ti's. consul ... ti'Jk
Long bils'H2 to'PO. incU l<>7% Virginia ti's, ex-mat ep 7<?k
Mo ti's, Aer or Un,'92. 107 Virginia fl's. con. 3d ?e, 4o
Mori's, 11A sit J Iss.'Hti. 107% Virginia fl'?, deferred.. 5%
Mo ti'?, U A Bt J lea..'87 107%
Railroad bonds wsre strong, with the largest trans
actions in Chicago aud Northwestern consolidated gold
?evens, which advsucod to 01 The largoat advance
wis 3 per cent in New Jersey Central convertibles, do.
firsts consolidated advanced 1%, aud Lehigh and
Wilkosbarra consols and Milwaukee end Hi. Paul gold
sevens 1 per cent ssch. The other changes were as
follows:?An advanao or % in C., C. and L C. firsts, %
in Union PnciQo sinking fund, % In do. Orsta, Chicago
aud Northwestern Orsta and Milwaultoo and 8k Paul
consolidated sinking lands, % in Ohio and Mississippi
consolidated, and % In Chicago, Roclt Island and Pacific
sevons. 'l'ho only decline was % in Central Pacific
gold bonds.
The latest bldB wero as follows: ~
Albauy A Hnsqu'a 1st...110% Clov A Toledo I f 110
Albany A 8iixi|u'? 2d.... 03 Clev A Tslede uwbds.lOH
It, C K A Mmii tut 7? g. 4ft Olev.P'vill,. A Aeh old 10.'.%
Chmp'ke A Ohio H'e 1st. 22 Cl?v,l"ville A Ash new. 107
Juliet A Cblc 1st 112 Buffalo A iirie, new....Il?l%
La A Mo 1st g'd .... Hft Knlainaxuu A W P 1st.. Ill
St L. J A Cbic 1st 104 LI, M & T Ut 7's, I80U..10UM
Cilia, tin r A u H |I e let .1 Iti Lake shore divide nil... 11*1)4
Chic, Bur A Q eon 7's.. 110), Luke Hhure eon cp l?t.. lOHtt
Chtc, Bar A Q A'ss f? Hit', Lake Shorn oon rg let.. 107%
Obi. Kk 1 A Pan Ut 7'I.IIIU', Lake Hliore eon oou 2d.ltri%
C.ltlAP * f in (I'e. 1895.. 101 % Lax? Shore con reg 2d. 07
Central N J lit new... IOH% Mich ten run 7'?, 1902.100%
Central N J let con.... 1)7% N V Central U'a, r * 101
Central N J eouVsrt.,,, ft*', N V Cen ON, s .bsc'n... 10) %
LehAWB'econ g'd.... 26* N V Ct-n him, coup.. 119%
Aui H'k A linpiu't bds.. 35% Hud It 7'a 2d ni. ? f, H.?. 114%
Mil A St Plat Ha, PD. .117 lliirlem Lt, 7'e, euup... 117*4
MIIAHtP 24 7 8-H) PI).. ftt llurlam 1*1, 7's, rrg... .11H *
MilAStP 7'a $gld KD... 05% North Mleeourl Ut J01
MllAStP 1st La c Dtv...l02% Ohio A Miaa cou * f 01
MllAHtP let. I A M 1).. Mil, Ohio A Miaa cou 01
MiUSlP Ut. HAD HO Ohio A Miaa 2u eon ftl)
MIIAHtP Ut, CAM 09% luu i'nc gold bonds ,.,109%
MilAHtPcon, <f. H7% On INc. Hen Jiioii br.. Hl>%
MllAHtP 2d i*) Cen Pro, CalAOre Ut.. HI
ChiAMV sinking fund.. I lo Western PuciHc bonda. 103%
CiiiANWint bonis 103% .I'nioii Puc ltt 107
ChiANWeon bonde ...loo Union Pao Id gt* 7's....101%
CiiiA.NW oxton bonds.. 101 Union Pac sink fund... HUN
Pnc KR of Mo let UH)
Pitt., Ft \V A Chi lat... 120
I'lttx Pt W A Chi 2d...114
. ? Pitts, Ft W A Obi Hd.. ,108
Peninsula 1st Con 102!, CleveAI'ilts ecu ? f.... .1 1<)'%
CliiA.Mllwankee 1st,.. 10H% Clev A Pittsburg 4th... 103%
WinonaAtitPetors 1st.. 70 Col, CtuA ind'ps 1st .. 20
C, C,CAInd 1st. 7's, if. 107% ht Louis A Iron M Ut.. OH
Del, L A West 2d 107'a Alton A I Hunts 1st...,10H
Del, L A West 7's. eou.. lOilC Alton A T U 2d pref.... H7V
Morris A Knaox Ut 114*,, Tnj.Peo A Warsaw, KD H7
Morris A Ksiex2d ..104K Tol.PeoAH'arsaw, )V D H7
~ ~ Tol A W*b 1st, ?xt 102
lei A Web ex coupon . iio'J
Tol A Wab Ut,8t L dlv. 74)2
_ . Tol A Wab 2d Oti
Krie 3d, 7'x. 1HHH 1(111)2 Tol A Wab con conv.... Hft
Krle 4th, 7's. IHMo lO'l Hannibal A Naples 1st. Ho
Krie .'ith. 7's, IrtHH 103% Ureal West 1st, lHHH...f(rj
Long Dook bands 11H) tlreat \Ve?t, ex uniip,. Ho%
ChiANW 1st loOV
Chi AN W cp gld hils.... 01 %
OlitANW gld reg lids... Ikl
llan A M Jo convi HI), ll-sat West 2,1, lHtiil Bft
Dal.qAHioux C 2d iliv. .lot Oniticv A Tol Ut, 1H!K|. 70 -
Ind,Blounilugtot>A)Vlsl l.ft iliineln A 8o Iowa 1st,. Ho
.Mlcbduuthern 7 p e 2d.l0l'.t West Uu bda, 190>), rg. .102
MicUboaiUANl sf7 p c. 100%
The closlDg prices ol Philadelphia slocks were:?
Hid. Atk-'i.
City sixes, new 113 113>e
I'nlied KullroaiUol New Jersey 130% ?
Pennsylvania Railroad 33% 33%
Reading Railroad U% 11%
Lehigh Valley Railroad 32 32%
Cuiuwlssa Rxilroud, preferred 30 32
Philadelphia and Krla Railroad 8 u
Mnbuylkill Navigation, preferred..... 7% A
Northern Ceutrul Railroad 17 13
Lehigh Navigation 18% 18%
Oil Creek and Allegheny Railroad.... 6 5%
ilestonriile Railway 14 14%
Central Transportation 34 31%
The following were the opening quotations for min
ing stocks at San Francisco to-dayGould Ik Curry.
6%; Savage, 2%;Ohollar Potosl, 22%; Ophlr, 0%;
Hale & Noreross, 2; Crown Point, 6%; Yellow Jaakbt,
5; Belcher, 4; Imperial. %; Virginia Consolidated, 20;
California, 27; Overman, 12; Raymond & Kly, 8; Kureka
O. V., 3; Bast & Beioner, 11%; Keatuok, 3; Union
Consolidated, 2)4; Alpha, 8%; Meadow Valley, 1%;
Sierra Nevada, 1%; Mexican, 5%; Caledonia, 2; Sli
ver Hill, 1%; Kureka Consolidated, 16: Justice, 4,
Julia Consolidated. 1.
The cloaiug price* la San Francisco wore:?
Alpha.. 2>j Keutack 31*
lieicher ..... 4 leopard 1'*
Ileal k UolcUer 10 Mexican A>,
It u I lion 3 Northern belle 10
Con. Virginia 2.1 Overman ttv;
Caiilorntu 2tti< Opliir u
Cbnilar 20'* Raymond A Ely. (It*
Confidence 3 Savage 2'a
Caledonia 1H tieg. Uelcber. 11'
J Crown 1'oint. 6>? Sierra Nevada 1'*
Exchequer 2 I'mon cinaolidatod.. 2',
Could .t Curry .1 ^ Yellow Jacket 5
Hale A Noroross 2 Eureka consolidated. IT
Justice 4 >4
The following were tlis soles of mining sbaros In
New York us olllolallj reported:?
loo.l.a Alpha UMii ?', ion ?h, Eureka.... bSO
100 do W 100 HaleANorcruaa jM<) ...
II*' Belcher M7, lKJ.luatl.o ,,|30 4'.
100 do 1?0 M?f US' do 4),
KM* Beat A Belcher., Ml 11', l<ai Leopard bMO lit
KM* do bMO U'l l"i do b.lt) ll*
KM* Bullion. .?? 3'* I'M? bMO 1>?
11*1 do aft) a?, ion do ?:io lJ,
|i*i Calllornla ?:io OMlJ 2K) do .. H*
100 do b:to 2W>* lot d? blO 1?,
!<?> CbulUr fotoul h:*> 2IH lot Merrlinae 0'.
I UO<> . ? ,? I'M
r Kotolt.bHO 21*2 H?M
lOO do ?ao 21 '* 11*1 do a
liuCeoiol. Vs. b:?> :!t"4 ino ?io ?
I'M* do 2* loOOphlr 10
I'M* Coiift.lcr.c* ?... I'm* Overman a MO lov
10O do TV:W? M moo HaymuntlAKly .?:*) (J),
II*) Crown l'olnt. . ?:*! tt** MOO Hratoo. ur aC
100 Eureka ?30 17)J
rkcoxd hoard?1:30 r.x.
100 alia Helcbar........ H\ IK) ah* Htiklll *10 HU
1<*> llesi X belcher.... II'. li*i.' nailer 4'4
100 do II'* Uio Matnuiau ?.1 r.
1H) Bullion Ml* 1K> overman... bMO lot*
11 *j ChIIInmla bMO 2xW 100 KayuionJ A Klr.bM tf*
Ithj (.'hollar 1'utoai 21S l'?? do e lit,
200 Cleveland 7XJ |i?IHsa?on be 2K
IKiConaol. Va UK) 2etk |i*i do Jt*
IUO do aMO 2H li?i do 2'J
I'M* Confidence.. ..bMO 2K ICR* d? S'J
luocro?.n i,uliit...?MO n>* ii*t do ai
11*1 .It (It* l'*l do bit 2'*
li?) Eureka bMO 1714 IK) du bM 2
100 d.. 17;J
The following Is tbe ofTloial report of sales st the
New York Open Stock sod Cold Exchange, May 21,
FIIIBT OAI.b? ? 40 A. M.
fAOOO Am gold. liM lOtl IM-Ui IK.aba Hack lalnnd... 0I'4
IK: .ha Erie OK 100 1**1. 1, A Waal .al 421*
200 N V Central BMJ? too l.ake Muora *H AM-*
HKTOXD CAI.L?2-.30 P. M.
32.VJOO Am gold.... b4 100)1 100.ha Krle *3 rCj
IK* ?ha Luke Mbore.... g..ouo Am gold 100,'*
100 do *8 S2'J
third t'.AUie?3:13 r. x.
ItKmO Am sold.... 100 l.vin at*) alia Wo*t Villon ,?3 02V
lKl.bah.rle tl?* Iki |<ock l?l?nd.. .b3 irt'T
2'?I N V Central bM PM\ 2KI l)al, Lack A Weak. 42'*
2(?) Lake sboro a-'l ft'dV 100 do 42'*
4ki do DM ">;t '* 100 At Paul le',
100 Mich Central 42>,
Mokdav, Way 21. 1B77.
$1X000 14 W e cp V bda 02 4tk) ah* Nortliwal prPd 411'J
IK*) dn iilJa IK) do 40t,
MK'I do. 1)2 Hu5 dn 41''.
Miaul do. I>3 02 IK) be All'*
Mir a I ?l?i I'*) do A"'*
? u a Ml do 1*2 1400 d? ?'
.Vaai U Pucitle lit ... Ii"t'4 Am do 4i'f?
.Krai do c Ik If J Hi) do 4?S
Mui ,hl N Y C A llutl , 1)4 2M) do 41V*
Iki do Hl'a 2<?) do.... bM 4l)S
7(K) WK* OKI f.ake sbora AM'a
41 at do 14', 2000 do AM'l
.V'll ilo t'4 .IK) do AM'*
2K> do DM?, loK) do, AM'.
r>K) tin a.'i 118* :pai do AM'*
IK) do I'M), Vai do &M|j
401D0I A lluilaon. ... MM1,. 11"0 do *M 02
;?*) do MM Hi '2"0 do ait AJft
mat tlo MS 1' *J do AM
|K) tlo ...aR M7>J 7K) do A2J4
liaai Waal t'lilon.. UM 2fa) Rock f.land !*?"?
ft *1 do 027, AKl do I'A Hi
MK, do 02)* run Mi'.,
10 do 01 2100 do OA!,
Ilia) do ?>2S 4m do OA',
2K) do 0'2'a a*) It ()?.!{
Am do 12)1 l"0 do a? Oft'*
IKK) do .8.. 02'* MOO OA1,
1 ui? do 112'* du 0A)<
2 AOO do 12'J AK) tlo P'.'a
? 2J0 do H2*? 1"0 do ?..){
IHOPMiasa...., 0^ 7K) tlo all
? am* Mich Central 4A^ 2'*) do OA'S
tu41 do 41 4<?)81 Paul ... 90
Aoo ?'>'< ?>"0 tlo 10*
IJtlO do 4A>; 100 do IM'a
ika) do t'N 90" do...... IDlJ
|;a*l do 4.)4, lK'Bl I'snlpralarrod.. AoJ%
?V*) do 4AS 1 IK) tlo 81
1KW do 44'* 1"? do Al)<
Mi at do 4 >', I'"* do *3 A1
IKI do 0 ?.*>'? Ml*) du Al'{
fK.ll 4 A IUO do *3 All,
ftat do c 4'>!< at) tlo Al
iki do 0 48 IK) do A"?<
2Kl tlo 41*1 Mai tin ftllM
7K* do 44V 600 do (M'Ji
400 do 44), 800 do. OOJa
*W do 45 *k> Morrle 1 Eemx.... AR'a
WO d? 45 HI) do
MUNoritavnlaii. 23ft lm) do a3 8" ft
1U0 do 23^ 18W_ .do. ?*
.'?III d.. 231? lik) Del. Leek A Weat 42
?-1H.I do 24 I3IKJ do 4'-"
7i?) do 24ft 2<m do <-,ft
H?) do .. 24ft UK) du o 42 ft
2<JII uo 24ft Hi HI do 42H
1CW do 34 13m) do 4 2 >4
3m> do 23V 101)0 do 42
Ilk) do ?5 23*. 1(W do 42','
200 do 23*; 2m W do 42
lm) do 22). ,i(il do 417?
MM do 23, 7iki do... o 42
tfv'i h.. ?>'<!* -Mm ). .in ? ml
10ft do 231* 2H0 do ?ik? 41 Hi
IDft do 23?, 300 do ?3 41ft
UuO do 23), luu Gen ol'New Jcreejr 8ft
KIHST IW1A III)?10:30 A- M.
~ " I aha L f< ~
$4000 A7'aM OARIlllR 5 Orm >li. L S A M Ho Kit 53
2iW0 MH'aH AbiJ I, '87 lti7ft 2i?) Ohio A Mitt Klt.bc 5J?
2i*w'faui) 8'e, new... 437, luo uo o V
5mK) Jena U't, at.. 44 HmCh, HurA<J lilt..be 1U2
-ft & * ??
HMO do 43', amOhANWKK.be 23 Id
2ikkk> I,? 7'a. con lie Uftft 2IW do... 23ft
&ikki N J Cen Itt, con 57 41?> to 24
MKK) do 37 ft 100 do 24 W
!i( M NI M .1 l'??n pon .ri*i 1 11 If) tin _ _ 114 W
2mm N.I Ilea cut ... 53 11(10 do 34,
6<)UU Lab A W b con. 38ft 2i?i do 24ft
llkam do 2rtft 151) do 24
3UUII do be, b3 27 Ilk) . do 23ft
Hkk W Mil A 31 1' 7'a, ? 1)5 2u0 Ch A SW pref. .bo 4'-'ft
aal Mil i Oi I) ? . ? Cfl/ *.i u i .1. iUV.
sum Mil A 3t P 0 a I.. S7ft Mai do 43
lliiiUtMllilUl, H5 lm) do 4i?7(
2ikk) CUlo A N W lit., lUrtft 2m) do 5l?
5mm I'AN W C c ? bda 82 71k I 50 ft
litkk) do 31ft lik) ilo SO?|
5lkk) M A Kb 2d. ...h3 1l>5 "*" ?
1000 M A ha 7'a, '71.. 08 2tk) do M)V
BlkW U A 8t ,lo 8'a, o. 82 lm) do 5u'J
Mkk) Ohio A Ml?a con 1)1 lm) do Mift
3001) Con Pee t'd bda lliftft Hkl do Soft
?>l M MI <1.. 11 t* ?7 lm) <4.. ftl I
2ikm do ... Httft liw do ??? 't
2lkk)C A K 1 A PPa. limft mm do ??'.
4ikt) do 118ft lmiMorri-AKaltlt.be IW
7mai do .. utljf 800 do 88',
4003 Col, I' A t 0 I at. 20 Hk) do e 8Hft
21 kki T A W Int. ex o. lk>ft Ilk) do 08ft
?' W I 4? ?? I w A w t lHI A IIP J ?JO. .ataeeeeaae I
5(kK)C. II A O y 7'a, 0 liuft ll? I do 8s'.
35 aha 11.LA M Gal pf 2ft SKk) do 88
2tm do .bo 4 lOOhl A M Kit ...he
?Ji H)
(1 o
1 KM)
JtiOCh X aNW pref .be
.V Ml
do...e*e ?3
KM) Morris \ Kh ilK.bc
do c
K? )
film) U I'ne KR hi... li)7
UUOii do 107ft MX) do SO
5mm Uniou Pac a Pit. 88ft lllk) do Mlft
lm) Illlnoia Oan Kit ... 58ft 41k) I'ln A It 1 lilt.
100 do he 50ft III do
?k) J'ao II 83 Cube, l?3 21ft lm do 85ft
III H'nlU.K.ar K* I... Mi Mffcl .1,. lift 'Z
J It
85 ft
II) WnlM-Par K*?. .he *4 3(>? do.... 85'
l.'Mi AnifKomi Kx. ..ho 47), 3mi du 85ft
50 do 48ft lm) do -3 05ft
5 do 47 Hm do 05 ft
100 Del A Ilud ll,...be 37V !KKi do U3 0.3',
13 do 3->ft 4i"l do 05ft
Ilk) do 38ft 5iki do 85ft
8k I do e3 38 Km) do 3 85 ft
HK) do a.'i 38', 23 do opo 03'J
t.?> .1.. ^ lit.)"
Hk) do 38ft ail do 05?J
11)0 do 38ft Ilk) 0 115?,
Hk) do US', 700 do 35ft
2D0 do 3s ft 3mi oo 05?
HW do 38*, 2ik>0hie,MA8tl'KK.bo 18ft
I'M) Weal Unluu Tel.bo H2ft Km do 20';
smi do a3 82ft Km do 2D
Wk) ilo 82ft 101) do hill)
mm do 32ft III do.. 13ft
ilo *3 02ft HWChle.MAHt Ppf.uo 3D',
2im do... 82ft 5mI ilo 5dft
7ik) do 02ft IKK) do 51
2ik) do ...,b3 82ft 5<k> do.
2ik) N Y 0 A llud H.bo DM'; lick) do
180 do all 33?, 31k I do 5lft
10.) do s3 33ft 1300 do 51
20U do 84 lira do a3 5uft
225 4? 34 ft (IX) do 58
Hk) do 84 |mi Hao A 8t Jo HR . 13ft
2mI ......all 33ft 150 do bo 13ft
11 NY, Nil A U lt .be 152 HK) do l ift
3 ilo 152ft 208 do 13ft
03 Oan of N J bo sft liai do 13',
llkjO. 0,1) A I UK.... 27ft 100 ItAStJUKpl.bu.bii 23'*
2m> Mien Can KR . be 44', .100 |Jul, Look IV..bo, c 41',
?mi oo 44ft 23H0 do 41ft
44ft urn d" o 41 ?
do ...
do ....
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do ...
?JI M )
?bKM) L SAM So itn.be
r?( m t
44ft 4") do 41 ft
44ft ftk) do 41ft
44', 1 Hi W do 41ft
44ft 21W du u 41ft
44 ft :xm do
41ft U'k) do 41',
4-4', ."kki do 41'
44 ft 1100 do 41.'.
44ft 11M a do e 4H
44', 2tk) do ?5 41
44ft 3DU 41
44 21W do aM 41
43Ji 28UO 41ft
44 2100 do 41ft
44ft 35tk> ilo 42
53 tkkl do
53ft MW do
53 'I 7(M) do
53ft 24(1) do
53 351k) do
52'; li'kk) do 42 ft
52 ft 5UU do 42 ft
42 ft
42 ft
AlOOOODUOol 8.?3'?.b3 74ft
340U0NW. ce? b...b$ 81ft
5IK) II ,It 8t Jo 8'a o.. 81ft
UKKOBK riU/-!":.')!) 1". M,
,b3 74ft 100 aha KW Bit pf 4h'<
I. '4 lilt" li Ml ,1,, 41.1
Hk) do 48ft
HOI do 4u ft
HXkW Un Pne lat 1<?7 " Ulkl
llkk) On Par c a 1 08ft 24 Wab Kit rocotpta.. 4ft
MIX) K A at Pld a f... 87ft 50 do .3)2
:im 10 N J C'en 1 at cou. 58 .Hk) Rock laland KK... 351
2o00 N J Oen mm 55.ft (kki do 85';
lmioo llarleiu Ut c ... IIS l.'HW do ?3 85
100 aba Url A II (Janal. 38ft 200 do 84ft
200 do 3S-S 21 k) do 84 ft
31k) do a3 Ms ft Mk) do 04 ft
ID.) do aM 38ft Ikk) do 04',
? la ?lUl7 ill MI rlr. OAS'
lU'.l '?*?! un JH'i
21k) do 38 ft 4110 do 04ft
MK) Weet U? Tal...il0 82ft Hk) mft
13'k.) do tU 82?; 3IKI do 84ft
SO Am hx 48 Hk) 31ft
2ik) Pae Mall K8 21?; 2<m do 34ft
4<k) do 0 82 800 do 85
lik) do 22ft' Hk) do 35'
2ik) do 22'. Hk) 8t Paul UK 18
limNYCA UKUH.aM 33ft lm) At Paul KK pi 5u~
100 do tU 83?; 21 kl do 50ft
TOO do 83ft 7ik) do ?? 50ft
UK) III Cen KR 38'. *ki do Suft
liK) Mich Can Kit e 44ft 55 Chi, H A y ItR lir.'
Ilk) do 44ft l'k) Mor A P.a |(K HMft
mm do 41 4fki do iisft
.VK) Lake Shore KR.... 52'; Ilk) Ohio A Mia, or. .bU 12
7lk) do .3 52ft mm Dal, L A W hit ... 42ft
101) do . ail 52', llkl do C 42?
2ikkl do 52ft |;k? do 4
27O0 do 52ft I2'kl do 42ft
dm) do all 32ft 100 do .3 42 ft
7lkl do 52?, siki do 42'
MOO do 52 ft Hkk) do 42
21 k) do 52ft 211k) do 42ft
r.iV\ VA>tl,M.a.4a.n 111? <4*1 LT 'MM! ii. _?? A. a
50) Northweatarn KK. 33ft
Hk) do 2'H, 20U0 do 42
llkl do 23 5O0 do 42ft
llW do.... 227,' It'k) ,do 42'
" . - " 42ft
2100 do
do.... .
do ... .
2 K)0
2 r. m.
fllkKkl 1JH 5.30,r,'85, n 111ft $30000 OR 5-HO, e, H)7.. 114ft
imkk) US 5 20, e, '85, n III ft lmmO U H tf'a.cur 123ft
imam do -aill'7 imam .I.. if.(2
HKjOO do alt 111); lmajo do 12 ?
? BOA III 1?1 P M.
$.'* kX) T#
1000 Te
ann O'e old..... 44 Ilk) alia Mich (Jen...,.3 43
1000 Tenn U'a new... 44 4u L d A M 6 It 11. .he 32ft
HWO lia Kiatu 7'? new H>7ft Ilk) do, "?n1
llkki do 1o7 300 do 52).
Hkk) S J Cen lat near lusft . mi do tU 52',
2iKkl N J 1,'au lat con. 37ft 22m) do 52',
31 Kki do 57ft 3m> do 1,3 52
likki MArtt P.lA.Mdl? no Hk) Ohio A N IV... ,bu III;','
15llk) 0 A X W o c it b. 01ft IIM do...., '23
low du- HI ft lOChie A 5 W pL.tie 43ft
|v "J 'HH leetaa ? ? * " -'II H'Olllll it 11 11 |)1 . . I)C " i
HKK) II A St,) 8 ? con 82ft |mi ,|u MP,
4ikk) Unluu Pacaf... INI1. 4ml do 5U1,
eiam uinou racu... i?>', -ami no
2ir.K)Tiil A W lit * u. IKl.ft Hkl aim
i"??i North Mu lal.be H)2 :*?? do 48?,
7tW0Chlc. K A (J 7 a., lloft I ? N Jer>ev H It,. lie Lbift
H> aha Dunk of Com.. Hi7). limj Uhlc A It 1 K U.be Of.'
HI do Km 21 i*i 05',
ID do 108ft 2I?> do 05ft
100 SUr, L A M del pf. 4 7m) 35
lmi 'do 4jj Hk) do.....'. ...... i?4'ft
HK) du 4ft 21k) 847
llkl A A Pen Tel b o.l>3 21 IHik) 05
7'k) \V Union Tel....be 02ft 2mi do 81',
12tk> do 82ft ima) do IK),
H*) Amerlcitn Km...be 48 Ikki do 81ft
KM Del A llnd Cel..bo 38); 3mj do .. HI
lmi do 38'; imiochlc.MA4tP.be 18ft
lmi dn...M *2 33ft dmi Chi, SI A ?t P pl.be Mift
2m I do 3s |(W do
Hill do..... .'blft llkl do
ilk) do 3sft 5mI ' do 5in,
lik) no 3Hft 4m> do.
oho Ms')., 3'kl d> i....". 60 1
20(1 do 38 Ilk) do ?3 43?
.'a>l do 30", |Mik) do Ml
Hkl do 38ft HHP, It IV A C ed.be 88
3iW do HOft 2iki II A 81 Joe K lt.be Lift
2iK) 38ft lmi no 18?
Jim ilo J!1 ft IMlll A st Jo- |?r?l he 25
5(W Piio Moil 8 S Co.be 22', 2lk| 81 LouU, K< AN. lie I ft
lm) do 22ft 2miSi L, KCAN pf. ho an ft
50(1 do 22)4 H kiDel. LeeK A W.oo 42>
fkk) do 22 ft 701) do 12'
500 do 22 K5IK) do 42
em I do 22ft 4ik) 417.
llkk) do...., 22), M'W do a.'l 41ft
omiNYCAlIRK.be 83ft 7'ki do 41',
" - " ?? >?.? , > -. ^i",
3'k) do 83', 11)1) do 4>',
Ilk*) do 83ft imk) do ?3 41'
Him do .3 1131, llkk) 41',
?VK) do 83ft 28kl do 41ft
2im Mleh Central....be 44 l.bki do 41ft
2'ki do 43ft 2mm do ,3 41 ft
llkl do 43', |mm do 42",
|U0 do 44 (KW do 4*2
lik) do 43', 5(11 do 42ft
? 43ft HM) J
41)0 do 43ft 8k) do 42ft
Mm) do 43ft Ilk) Mor A Kate* KK bo 08ft
l<> :t I'. II.
15.h?C?ii Ji'l Bunk. 3(*? *U* 0*1. L Jk \\ett. 43*
li*j Dal A Hudnon 8I?'< 3<io ii<>
luo do :vn> do
41*1 uo. ;<!?'? I'"' do
II*) do S'.dn 5(J> do
,V?) do 3D !'*?
MINI do Uti'f 2"l do
1 (rI do..... 3 III '.I'*) do
r**i do ;???: 4? -u >i<>
4i?) do ?'!, 3i*) do
lino do 3? ?*) do 4.i).
1I?) do ??) -nx.) 43>J
31*) Mar L .* M Cal |>ld 4J, 3'?> do 4.;*,
)**) Wemeru Union.... H2V 3'"i do 43.
31*1 do b3 H2'f ?**> do 43',
131*1 f* *) do 43 ?.
M*> do .3 113', 14'*) do 43',
31*1 I'nelflc Moll 23', II**) do 43',
200 N Y 0 A Hud....*3 03J, mm d 431,
:?I llnrl. Ill Ill', 3i*) do...., 43 ,
m<n Mich Central 43', |i*) do 431,
W*l do 43', 4i*l do 43V
1**1 il ? 431, 4'?0 do 43'f
|i?) Lake Hhoro... .uro 523, I'm do >3 4.1
3'HI do 52 , 5 *1 do 43',
1*1 do. *3 33', 4i*) do 4.1',
2HO Korthwatlara 23u 3 ") do 13',
21*) do 211'. 4l*i do 43',
ICK) do 23'J Hi *) do 43 ,
I'M* do 23V |I*<) do 43 V
in*) 337, 2'.*x) do ... 43
|i*) Nnrthwoatarii |ild. 5D', I V*) do 4.1','
100 0?nti*l of N J h?? 8'*) Ohio A MM*
li*) KouK Inland bll 05 lmi MoirM A Kna.\.... BO
H) *) do I?4% 320 do ??'<
3IKI S? l'nil pfd ?3 Vlv, 3 *1 do HOW
UK) do f*)V 2') do Illl',
800 do 30', 3"0 do It.)?
|l*l di fto I'*) do Ill",
li*) do fiO'n' 3i*i do 7o
)(*) do..., I>3 5o', I'*) do hip',
H'?) Dot. Lock A IV,?t. 43't 7i*i do ill)
2o0 do 43', lUOCt.le, B A Qiilncj.. 102
500 do 4.1
Monday, Map 21?0 P. M.
Bualnaaa wad avarywhara modarata or vary H?b? to
lay, and this was capaclally 10 of articiaa axporiad to
Great Britaio, from wblcU place there were no eabiex,
owing to tUo fact that to-day la a holiday. On 'Change
flour and wheat were dulL Corn doll aud lower. Oata
quiet. Wlmkey aleady. Pork dull, uuohangud. Lard
dull, nonnualiy unchanged. Freight* were quiot.
Cotton ou the ipot waa quiet, but unchanged. Futures
closed ateady. t.ufl'ec was dull. Sugar wue quiet, but tlrin.
Oats were steady. Po' roleuin was quiet, ltosln dull aud
spirits turpentine numlual.
Corrkk.-There was a very dull market Tor iiraslle. The
earKo of I.XIO hags Kin, ex Lynet, whs taken from stock;
1,560 bkga itlo, ax (Jrty Kagle. sold at Baltimore at a pri
vate price. The slock ol tllo here to night In flrsbliande le
108,758 bags; at Oalveston, 7,<*W do.; at New Orleans,
3,757 do.; at llaltliuore, 41,416 do. The stock In second
bands at New York Is 74.1l.VI bags; at New Orleans, 3..500
do.; at lialtliuuru, 01. tit >4 do. Total stock, 267.663 baits.
Afloat and loading for 1?lilted dtatee to April 23, S3,660
bags; purchased lor United States to May 12 (Including
13,000 ttautoa), HO ,1X10 do. Total visible supply.
400,063 bags. Wa quoteOrdinary cargoes, 16c. a
16i?ct fair do., lH^o a 10c; good do., lOJgC. a 111
prima do.. 16\c. a 20c. | ektreme range for lota,
16c. a 21J^c.; Santos, fair to good, lHJjc. a 10c.
gold, 00 days; Java, government bags, 22c. a 2bc.; do,,
grass mats, 23c. a J4c. ; Singapore, lH^c. a 20Vic.; Ceylon,
l.ic. a 21c.; Murucallio, IMVjo. a 21c.; Laguayra. luc. a
20(40.: Jamaica, IKc a 20c.; kt. Domingo, 10>3o. a ltl!?o.t
Portu lllco, Ih'.c. a 21c. ; Costa ttlca, ISc. a 21c.: Mexican.
lHVt'c. a'Joc Macassar, I fie. a 21a,; Angotlnra, 10c. a 21c.;
Havanllla, 18)Jc. a 21o.; Guracoa. 17c. a 2<ic.
Cotton en the spot was quiet at unchaugod prices, riie
markst lor Intures <'P?ned steady and Improved during Iho
day, nud closed steady, with the pricos showing an ndvuhce
fur the day ol from 2 to 6 points.' The closing prices to-iluv
compared with Saturday's, as follows I?
Sithir<luu, .Woo in. Jfrmlaii, Jfor'Jl.
May 1" So a 10 62 Nay |u.H4 a 10.60
June 1o.ho.iPI.h3 J una pi.Hit a 10.67
July 10 trj H lo.ua July lutat a to o7
August 11.01 a ll.od August ll.isla II 07
(September lo.ieia 1 l.iri Soptrinber II "! a
October 1U.6S a III IX) ticlober,,,,??? ? |oH I a P'.04
Nov luber 10.7Salo.H0 November 1 1 02 a in.' 3
December 10.711a lo.hl December IIIAH s I".x5
January . 10.03 ? 11.07 Jnunary KkHSall
February ll.o7aII IO February 11.1 .'I a 11.16
March .. II 2Vi ll.'io March 11.23 a 11.32
?(Juuiuihiu* ais based on American standard ol clusslllou
tloo and on cot'ou In store running lu quality uot more
than half a grade above or below Hie grade quoted.
I'phihU. Afcihum-o. AV'e Dr/rvius. laivts.
Ordinary 3 ll.|tl 0 3-pi ;i 3-16 O 5-16
Mtrlet ordinary 0 llltl 0 OKI U 11-10 Oil 16
hull' 1 ordinary. ... 0 13 10 1113-10 lo l-ld lo 110
Strict good ordinary. II) 3-10 10 3-iti lo 5-10 lo i-ltt
Low middling ....10', l"'i l'Oj '"'a
Strict low middling po. pi's P''? I" 4
.Middling . .... PiTJ lo's ''
linoil middling ..... 1 11 n I I lu ll't ",q
Strict good middling. It's It's 1 11 j 11.iq
Middling lair . IP, I I II', JlJs
Pair 121, |2'q I - a I
?stained?Hood ordinary, H 13-IOc.; strict good ordi
nary, O 7- 10c. ; low middling, UlqC.; middling. P>V,c. Spot
sales were a? billows; -
IV/'"?(/. ,<Mif. Ace'y. TV.ir.
Kxport 37 ? 37
Consumption. 201 111 313
Totals 23S 114 332
? Delivered on contract, Jo i bales. l"?v fuluru delivery tho
sales were as lollows :?Saturday, altar I P M ? Juno,
I'M) baler at 16 66c.; WXI at lUfUc.', 7'"? at 10.630. 300
at 10.62a ; July, oou at lu.U4c , 206 at |il.U8e , 1,300 at
pi.'.rJc.; A a, ast, VP a i at I l.oic., I'X) at ll.iXio.,Ooil at 11.02c.,
I,3iio at If.Olo ; Saptomber, 6'" at lie..; 13.til, O.jih
hales. I'o-day up to Iwo P. M.?Juno, 5t" at |0.63c.,
3 hi at PI.H7c .5oo at Pi Hoc., prist ln.HHc.. PHI at lO.Hlic .
li?i at PI.IXJo.; July. Htm at I6.tt.3c.. 700 at Pl.lXlo., 2O0
at IU 07u.; loo at 16.06c., 2UU at Pl hOc.; August,
2i*i ut 1 l.irjc.. 2t?l nt 11.01c. HX' at 1 t.<J8?., 2<KI at
II.04c., 1.41*1 at 11.Ode., loo lit 11.06a.. 2IHI lit 11.07.;
September, loo ut ll.o4c., Pxi 11.05o.,4t*l at 11.04c,; lie
tobur, lOo at 10.u4c.,2i*> at lfk?3o.; J an nary. 3.4> at 1 la.
Total, 6.000 unles. iiraud total, 14,600 bales, l'lte reoeipt*
at the ports were a? lollowstlaivoston, 42, New Orleans,
1,41X1; Mobile, 364; Savannah, 270; Charleston, 210; Wil
mington, 5; Nnrlolk. JOS; lialllinore, I; New York, >4;
Host,in. 70; Philadelphia. 36. Total, 2.630. This day Inst
week. 4,130. Tills day Isst your. 4.261. Total since Scp
tamhor 1, 3,6341,202 bales, to Saturday night, thitluu
freights closed as lollowsTo Havre, by steam, S?c.,<
pressed; lo Hamburg. Irjr steam, compres-cd; to Ore.
men, by steam, J,e ?> V,c., compressed; ??? Liverpool, ft-trtd.
by steam; hv sail. n-32u., a.impressed. Market unlet.
X'l.oLit A.fn Hhai.v ? It uoipts?flour, I'.i,txtl hble,: wheat,
14.Hon UuOielt; cum meal. 233 tibls anil 72obags; corn, |
113,1X11 oiisiiels; oats,tXI,214 do.; rye. no receipts; barley,
5fX) bushels; barley tnall.22.HPI do. The flour market nilud
iliill and to -ell lower pticus would have hud to he occupied
The unles were 6 000 bble.. including Slate, Western and
Southern, at lliu annexed quotations. Itye Hour was unlet
with a dowuward teU'ieooy, the sales were about 2(k> linls.
Sunertiue SiAle *2 7, Z ?
lSxlra State 7 40 a 6 u)
t.'Uoicu state M (6 4 a 6
Suuertlno Western " 7 >a 7 2.?
Extra Western 7 33 a 6 in
Mlr.ues.it.i 6 IXI a 10 txl
Humid hoop Ohio, shipping brands 6 ' a I a 6 2o
Hound liouti Ohio, trade brands 6 75 a U
Family " a 10 60
Kt. Louis, low extra 6 2 ? a M ' ?>
St. Louis, strnlglit extra ? 2>' a 0 ?"
St. Louis, choice donbiu extra 1"' a pi .6)
Kt. Louts, choice faiul y 10 60 a 11 30
Hye Hour ?"? - ' ? ? 1'
Southern, No. 2. II 00 n 6 f i
Southern, superline 7 66 a 7 60
Southern, extra 6 60 a 10 .i')
Koutliern, family I" a '"J '*|
Corn meal. Western 3 26 a 3 .ai
Horn meal, Jersey 3 4<> a 3 00
Corn uieal llraiidywlue 3 7.> a 3 hii
Luru meal, puiichuons 17 6o a Id i ?>
? What was dull and entirely noiulual, with bids at lie
cldodly lower prices. Hye was steady; 6,(xjll tiushele htato,
sellers'option. July, sold at fl lu. Parley was dull. Har
lev icalt was qtliel at K.?c. a 63c, lor two rowed State end
txic. a #1 03 lor loar-rowed Statu, l/'orn was null and lower.
The ?ala? were aboui 75,0011 bushals. ut ti.'i'uo. a tt.'OqC. 6 r
stoamer and No 2, tfY'v1. a 66c. for low mixed, and talc, a
6/,'jO. lor steamer yellow. X'or lorward delivery the sales
we're 130.IXXI busnels steamer mixed, lor May, at 03c.;
16,1X10 bushels No. 2 mixed, for June, at Oil ?63tse, ;
'Jii ixxi bushels No. 2 mixed, lor July, at 05c., and 7.5.U00
bushels sieanier mixed, lor do., at 61 '?o. ? h'Jc. tlnte wme
quiet nud lower lor No. 3 mixed The sales were To.OOU
bushels, at 71c lor extra white. 67c for No. I do., 33c. lor
No. 2 do.. 4llo. a 5Uc. for No. 3 do., 7tku lor extra miked,
I Wo. for No. I do., 526. for No. 2, l7c. Tor No. 3 ami 42c for
rejected. . . ...
UUNWtxs Wo note eala of I.tXHI rolle bagging nt I2'?c.,
11 kmi* and JOT*.?Jut# UutU wor? firm, but ?|uiet. Untiip
was also quiet, but bleaoy. Seles ol Jolo bulls were
?41 Ml hales. Ol) tho spot, at M'jC.. currency, ca-h, ami
bales lo arrive i-Mey shlpiucn11. nt 3V|(t,, gold, sixty days
' i 7. _i v IT. . .Isol l..s .li.rl.
We quote American dressed, 6175 a oleu lor slugle. 621" a
$213 lor double nud $l3u a $1 ;5 lor iindre-seu; Kus.ia,
clean. *2'i'? a f2lu. gold; Italian. 627U a #273, gold ; Jute,
? ... currency; Juto butts, 3*?c. a 3'to., eurrei
cash, ou spot, aud 3Vqc. a 3 '..e. .gold, to arrive; Manila hemp
Sc.; Slsai do , Uc ; Istio. 6c , all jrold.
Moi.as.ixs.- New Orleans was Hctiie and llitu.
Korelgu was also fir lu at 62a. for 56 tost. \V o quote
(hiba, centrifugsl and mixed, 3tic. a 44a.; clayed, 4 ?i a
.'XK-. ; do. muscovado rellmiig. 4'a 32a.; grocery, 45c.
a 33c.; I'o.lo Itleo. ,e>r. a tXie ; Knxllsh fsUnds. 46c. a
55w.; New Orleaae, good, 54c.: orime. 67e.: choice, tXJc.
Nai \i. hTouKS.?The market lor spirits turpentine was
dull and entirely nominal; about 266 bole, sold lit lots at
32vie. Kosln whs dull; 3..XSI bbla. good strained eold in
Wilmington on private lerme. vie quoteSpirits tur
pentine. merchantable order, 33)$c. n 34c. ltosln
Strained, 11 1*1; goo.l do., $i H-i. I'lteli, .J2 2.i. l ar,
6.136. Advices Iroin VViliulnirtou were ns follows:?
Kosla flrm: strained, 81 4.6; good do., 61 6U. rar steady,
i'l 3.i turpvmiue steady; liard, 61 OOt soil, 62 2.6. vir
gin. #2 Oil. Spirits IIrui at IXic Slock In yard-ltosln,
27,627 bbl?,| tar, 6,1*13 do.; turpentine. Hindu.; spirits,
1,663 do. Afloat?Kosln, 2,626 bids.; tar, 17 do. (turpen
tine, nonet spirits, 637 bbls
Otis ? ( "lion seed oil?Males of rnHned summer yellow
were 11" bbls. J uly at 51 J,c. aud 166 libls. August at 53a.
Kor May. 46,tqa. old and 51c. asked; Juno, 4'.lc. hid, 501,1.
asked, July, 56c. bid, 52c, asked; Auuiist, ,62c. bid, .i?c.
asked; seller year, 47c. bid, 46 c. asked. I.lu
seed oil was lest active, but tery Urm. Wo quote ?
Linseed, 7 >o. a 7'k.; lard, pilule winter, 65o a l"o.;
sperm,crude, 61 80; Jo., blenched winter, ifl AO; do., natu
ral do., #1 .56; whale, crude Northern. 7iic . do.. Southern,
iMC.; Idt-acnwit Winter, 77c. ; natural do. 74c a f.Tc.; extra
do. rxie. ; winter bleached lien. 4h?. a 6U?.: crude Iteh, 36c.
'' Pi Tuoi.au*.?There was a quiet but steady market tor re
riiiad S(las were H.IXVU bid-, lor May delivery at lt',e A
lair Imainets whs Hccompllshed at the Petroieutn c xcl.ange,
lite sales umbraelug 16,6" b .ls regular it ?2 66',; lu.'ssi
hole., trior's option ttiiriy nays. 5.IXXJ bids rognlnr at
T2 tf^ji. aud 3.IXXI bbls. do do. at 62 u->l, ; crude, in bulk,
60. a H'qe. . do., in libit., 10'qc. a l'i.',c.; rellnod. lu bbls
14c. a 14',e., tor July; do., ill chs?s, l,'-4c , na illiu, |Uc.
for prima city, re&nfld at Pblladolpma. I3jqc.: do. at
llaltimore. 13,qc.
I'oUbTBV ?I'nere waa a lair datnauil for all kinds nt
steady prices. VVc quoto t ? Livo low Is Stale and Jersey,
12c it 1 *e. per lb.; Htate and Western. 12c aide, fur
govs?atate and Jersey, 15c. a 17*,; Wo,tern. 1 ."?**. a lilc.
tle'ese? .irrsey. fil 6u n 62 per pair; Western ?H s.fl 25jo-r
pair. Ducks? Jvr.er, H7e. afI 25 per pair; We.torn, 7Hu.
h w ie. per pair. Dressed poultry Turkeys were quoted at
17a a Flic, lor xood to prime Western, and 15c. i 17c. lor
fair to good do Cltickvns were quoted at 12c. n |.?e for fair
to good Western lianie?Plcemis wera quoted 11 a
$2 25 per doxeu tor feathered llight. Squabs i'iiilaaclphin
quoted nt *2 66 a $2 75 per dosen.
Pltovisioxs?deceipts?Pork, IXi bids.; lard. 1134 tlcrcee.
162 kegs. 6 boxes and hu bbls ; eul men-*. 1.427 packages;
bacoe, S33 boxes: t>eel, 61 tierces and f*r hoik. Purs was
du.I, out wiltioul decided cliHiixe, IhechKiiifi call ' prices
wrre as lollowsJune, elf "5 bid end .*14 66 asked:
July, $l? 66 bid and 614 63 askud t Aucllll, #14 6.)
bill and #15 16 asked. The sales were (.66 bids, at
#1 4 75 lor June and #14 111 lor Julr. Miss
was quoted at #14 :*>, cash. ? at meats wore qmel. Put
generally -toady; IJ.'sXIIbt. plckle.l 1. iiles, lu lus. average
moSU hi ? Hiiioktui hums wore ij'iiHeii ?t lie. !??r i - it#*e
iivi'Tiivjc, .iiiil nimkfd stioulilor* hi flu. a li>t#i>n was
1111 id 1 nud nt 7)jij. or citv And Jor SV?*?t?ru.
30 bbl?. ?o?u williin ibe V%? qo Bhrryln,
fxirtt nieN* $13 '*> n $14 Th). piniM mom, *1J a 413 ??'>.
on' kev f-lx'i: vierctd fi?> ??.\irN IndU t'3? ?
J.'S Hr?*f Imnift-tV) bbU. At $St2 lor cbntcr v\??Hiorii.
Iioki wmrn dull, with buvort ?ud ApArt, ciiy
heavv t?? li/bt ?|Uot??i At ft 7c. leNril van dull, "ut with*
out <1 'tided cbfiiiirn, unci closed at tliw stcoiid "cAii ?*ft 'rtj"
1'iwft!?"Juii0, ivo bid, .f.o ??7>? Ai*k?d . Juiy. $tl 72'., old,
4*0 77V? HNktd; Au^um, $0 HOb'd,#l> ^7,'a A?k"d^ Iho Mlfi*
wtro litre#* At for Juut. ami #*? 70, $i? 7 ?'.,
Ann 7-'? lor J uly. rtpot wtrc 'J tiercr* city At ??iao.,
jUDdu* im?w Woittrn At aiiU do. d?>. ou |?ri At#
ternm. KtUntd wa* quiul imU ^uottd Ml |o'4c. for itowill
AfiyricA, 10c# t'outliient ajii ^c. fori uba. Hiitter -He
Ctipu, 4,'k>l pA<-kAk?*s. TUtrt was a continuta uond at
iiiAnd, but urictt woru aa?v. W# qnoi# uontinuit in flnt MAto
At Ifkj. a ei.?o. nnd cmnmou to flti?* \V'?*taru hi l??c. a - lc,
|.?c. a 14>>c. for n?w M*t# And a Me. lot n?w
? rn.
ICiob.?Tber? w?s r fnu itpiunnil for rtnmentlo sort* mnl full
prteoa ?#r? obialuvti. yl* quuta C^rolmn, l?tr.>V?c.
I ??' ? | " I " ' M ?' I . I: f? , I I I , ?? ? ? . i? ? ' ,
good, ?> Bc a dlqc,; prim**, ?i'4c. a f'? ,?? , Louiimnii, fair,
a do., goon, ? hH',o ; ptttBN, 7>Au. n 7^40., curruiicjr.
Rangoon, in bond, ? *nc. n gold
Hluabl?Tliore was a very moderate movement in raw,
!?nt tin* market remained %*er> firm. We note sale* ol I'M
Ini/h centrlfBgal at He., fws? lihda. ??n the ba*U of IVi*' a
in'4r tor good common to pood refining; also tk"? oags
Mexican at *Hr- lair Nnturday. Refined wan quiet and
easier. tV? quote Kali refining. l??*uc.; good do. l<?'1{c. s
Cuba, yrroc ry, lair to choice, in ,<?. a in?4c ; do.. ?*n
trtiugal, hiids. and boxes, >o. SMoNo. 1 n luj^c a 11 V-;
do*, molNMtl, Mid*, and boxen. *',.c. a ; rnrtn iti i,
refining. common to miuic. ?>Jic. a lobjc. ; do., grocery. fair
to choice, 10^8, a KPgf. ; refined, nt audard A. 11 a 11 %?\ ;
i*f1' A 11 He a 11 He , crushed, ; powdered, lif c. t
propitiated, liHn. a I-Hc. . cut IuhI. I2??C. a 1* V' ; wlilte
ostra C's, lO^e. aU4gc. ; yellow extra il's, a 1"HC ?
oilier grades, tin tuning t/'s, lu- a lni?c
fttlUKixit. Receipts, 10 buds. The market was quiet and
nominal at IQH?. a IO74C. for priino city and IttHc* a
for prime Western.
Txi.i.ow, I tie market wan dull. The sales we.o I'm,(aid
lb*' at h1 jr. for prime and a small portion at M VMtk
Whiskkt. ?Receipt*. HH7 belt* The mat Wet was strong;
sales |?a) hbia. at $1 II
Kuku.mts.? A fair demand ruled for petroleum tonnage
for charter and berth room, per steutt, eith rates held
steady tor charterii.K tonnage and stronger lot accomoi
tl in on the berth to Hritish pmte. par si cam, for provisions
especially l.nxup"m#nu Tol.hwtpooL per me <m pram
room quoted nominally st ltd. Mii^ii. ; boxes cheese
(upon contracts) at pacKages provisions, in
cluding a lot of baron, at 4'Hi. , the quoted prlci w ti
4'Je. ltd. asked for bacon To (ilnsgdw, per steam,
bushels grain al &d. To tfrittoL, per steam, lU.UXi
1 ?":*% k *?<*? bn,M eh..;.,
buahal, Jr,," a, ?", c.nrkT" "ETbl, ^rlVd"?', V"'*"2
Iuarka; 7 > tone meaeurenient gooila partly .run. at mi
m.fk.-A, ,.?pu?.I1(, j,,, |.?r.. ? *.k?a,k? ?
*Utoi.a, beoc* to H N,,r?,>i?,,,,,,V ; ir'"u "u !'
riiA i,m rt-. *??"? .r.s-'ui^wi,"
*> bbU. cru?Jfmi(l tiuwhtlm *t 4*.; u lirltUU .ark (,.u
ton*. )ifoc0 to fluvre, with 4.'2<x> bbU V, . v?tr, ?.m u7
burg* tXn?;,rkufc"i '<? s re in o n or ui.Si
J nil* elea 'anr.: . S^V^WmVL? lK4 ' 1J,h
niuuth, wlili U.rtWJ butt U<? *? U Kith iu,!l ^JICm to *'
W1*- 2? rtrttTTi:
10 ( If* fur urdera, with cotton at 7-HW1.: an Aiitn u l rl ,
Momiuv. May 21 1S77
Mourn rou TUH r*?T wk*L
I"*-./, SlU!?U
fiSSasfcr^ T *? ?
J?"y^y ?M1U. a _ii 1.1,urn iu,i,7
KrI.iv;:::::;:1 alo; i) v,? *??
.Io'w Vtt^l>l<TtU? ?w|'|0It"bit "V" |hl*
. ? Wlis froni C^HPSH to choice * nricHK ??." . i ?. j L if
weight 717 ...I 4. 5f" M, "l,.,llllrl ?leer. at lie. ptr lb.,
w.tu #1 w ;e,"? hN.:';"l,r'w.:Ttr" v.Ilc "ur 1L,i
Miaautirl a.ori at lie. p,r"|h 7 r,.,cwl?1: 'i
W'lirht Vl?cwi lTuv ?' i? J? i i ' t"' h?r bend,
f?L. 'V ,??'** '"? j ??. ni.o'u it err. *,U
? ,a?: 4 '*'?? V?rlT. Wrlrt'i l'.',''TwV ?' Wbuloej
I Vwi"" 'r u T,l,,r>Klllc " '-?? U" III. woight
IiUn.d* at.'era at lia pVr'^"weight t' cu!"'?' V" V 'w '"2
7 owi""T'nh"111 reU """*"* "90r' 1"V' \ "r ".""rliu*
ill, i V Jll,l,"i" ?'?"? ?' 11 V imr III . woliriit ; ?
Hl2-! Vu*""" I1l0-,'4 Uc' l,or ">?' wltllili, 7 1-wt a H*cwt
? ?t .Mover M'ill ii?r *eivf?h l?i? Uliiioin hU-ciN at KM r
^r,;.;v v^t"'" 7f 1,,l,BuU ",Bu" ?? Wp?
wi'lilit k' ?', ?!. Vi'i .v .l 't"ur, "? 'K "I .
wajKjil 7',' ?-wt.;' :"l7" (lllitul. UZ'A *t i}'*o Jg
SiMUvN* >Torrl.AlH',m?,,V,,jr.J,"nU '"""v * "carrion
i i a.tV rr*8 ,H liihiolg ito?Tj. at Kic alio i,Hr n.
wulKiit ll>i OWt. t IKI llliiiom Rtnari at HI'.I'. owl. n U V.o n, r
?1 T'v; at I'a'oV jo 00?
''?,'.So|,o,ol.or, 17 lllu.'.w .[ooi/.a
I I.. jii ' ' >1 *' *?jl?jl I v-4 CWl ; ol lilt it in b itnoia at
lie. I jt. par III., wololiL 7,'j owl.; 2H Illmula atoira at
K iiin ui "tit|CtiPflin"' C. Kami .olit |.,r II
K ilin !?_? Willi loll Illliiuta ?Itii'in at 111' .0. i,or |t,. w?m|lt 71;
III - I I ll'lV.lrrB "' "'V rr lb for lb., waiKbl 1)
ii oit 71 .1. ?*7' . '"'V " He. I>or lb.,
otui, at li^c per'.b./wnUht li'^.^t rillnol.1'.'^:
II li 1 ' a 11 '"0. pm lo., wel^lit 7cwt ? 5
llllnuit built at 4c. ? 6c. por U.; for J. Hmau 111? Inlodi,
afewv r1"1,'?'"njer?''"?bia
? cwt., Mount; 35 Illinou steeri nt lO>gc. nor ll? *w*iirh't
. cwt., wltb.VJo ?n pcr h?a?L 1" Z'KZ .!f.?d
! ^||| .?-rr 1 Illliiol# altera at juv,. . ,r
lb. with ...0., on pur lioad on 411 liatd, aud ?l
in per lioiil oil 1h linitii, wrlirht H1, cwi ? It
lllinula ateeratt Uc. ptr lb., wclitbt 7 ml For A v'oeol
? I-an,lieu 1 llaola atuera at loo. per lb., wi ipln 11 i? t p)
.1 , wt".S S :W?,M 10U ,H'r ? w V *' "" par lioitil?* o|}?!il
r: iP- cwi".m! ,,,r hA??*'^Wb?i
"ax1 ^ r ?: Vt ruw
por lb., wtlpbt 7't cwi.; for Mrow,, 4 (V tii
? till lull Jlil'ioia Ktaora nt ln'.'i; por ||, ,1,1', i,
rl? l17uun l WVX '1 "'or: *'? h- "I'i ro- A Mor
ra 17 lllinula atuera at 1ii',c. per lb., we Tub t li'. iwr ? it
iiiiitoia aleer* ut luWc. ner lli...wMiir!it ?;> ?T?#. i t * V
Hoid fur .V Mormd IlAnois sterrL ut JKc. per lb whhfi
on par Uaad, welKbt tl cwt.; ai llliriuia ateera at'JoVo net
7 4 "?}? ? f -l'-'. at 110. per IU weight Vt eai
a ' 7' uwl ? ,l?V"Tf*I 1 m' i"'4U w?i?b?. 7* cwt.'
7'a - wt l 7k ^t AWaT" 141 "V weljtbla
Vm . ??? .I. V ? '*? ?wermim aolu lor Waive! a
b'lTwo| .|,t t"''ewVt'T,rr l',ni"i4' -,''rr ? 44,111 f ?? I'"r
111 ?i. wtiLiit ?>a cert.. 10 Iiiliiiiig Mtcera ut l?M:a ,?,f (t,
y," |*f|!i H M. LauterliaeU aold lor V\ ulxel .1 Allertoii
II 111 in... .tear, at In ??. per lb., w3,Kl.t t.' ca t l ||
nola ataora at 1 lc. per lo . wlib el on ptr l.tad on 1 held
wt.gl.t. 7 OWt.. aoant. aud 7cwt. i foVll! Klot, " t S
'"hii'i'i"" *l H!c"* *'^1 contt on per head 1
nit'l l'",c. per lb.. waiKl.t? .V* owl. J,,a ?W " 1 , nt'
?aurl altera at !0wltli ?| tuner load ami I'lL 0.,
lb with .VI cent, utr per bead o? ?/, benUwelol't (IciV P
.ufjl>K'r n"i" *""!? alow; no adauoct in r.itea
taltt poaalble at enrrtot price, bbee'i aold at 41 ,. , - .*
| or It.. laruba at liV a Me p, r lb Ka.e i i>,.i? '?' 4 ?;
d.iU \ Iriiinlit lainba, WolKht ;,l lba ptr liaaii. 01 di,i ' per'di' ?
luldlor week ending May 1U. M77, lOAli iboep tuio U11L'
ni W 75average per bead. .Imld * KucklnglM,,, .".[J t;;*
Oh o a ieep, welgbt 7h Ibt. per bead, ai 41,0 .?ril. ? Ml
Ob ?? tliaep, weight MH 1 be. per bead, .it I V L? h .',.7
Ohio alt nop, weight *4 lba. p'er band. ,t 4 it, ./.t.lr'J
week I>ndln,r !lay ]H, M77. .I.Jt*) ai.Miiind , ?
at ? average per bead f.,r lain be aud *4 average oer'
l.eac for abeap. It. Newton .old 4n Oalawaro lamb. w!luht
? O lba. per head, at He. per lb.; ll'i Delaw ire laniba' wo! - t
rwl Ilia, par bead, at |He. per lb.; I7h tlhlo ibaaS wilg .??
be par head, at f4 10 per cwt.; .V? Ohio alieet weir.l.i n
?a. per head. 4,V. ,,?r lb.;'WW Obb, I w.lji.
li. per bead, at.i vo per lb. J aid Ohio abeep, wtl^bJ d-i
? a. per bead, at .V.c par lb. Uavl. A lUllenb.ok wM JVt
Oiuii alieep. woik'bt Hi I>,a. per li.-ad at e o,.r n? . 7.
Ohio ehaep. weight W1 lba. per head.'at h/.e. per lb'? 77
Ohio aheap, weight til lb., per liaad, at lie pL lb no.,!
iin.t.a, weight 41 lba. par head, at par lb 1 I *1 s.a,
latnbi. welgbt. f?4 lira, a 7.7 It... per to all. .t ii t'.m I -V.
Mate iatitba, weight 55 lba. ;.or to ad, at si,c. p../,f,
Killott A l,o. atiltl 121 State abaep a clef it K 5;t'i' IP,
4 go. per lb. ; JJ1 state al.eop. weight 10,47(111. at 41 ?
per lb. ; .ill State aheap, weight .i.lljii lb, Hl 6V.e' 1 ,.r I?
.he.V"wJuh.p'.7^,hti";K? 444 lb ;"a&I
wtti'.nii t,<? tb*.. ut .ike. utr ih ? s 1 ?,o 1,
weight l,!MOIba. at 7e p?r Jo'V ^"Vohlo .heeH
ili.ttdl ItM., at 7.0. per lb.; 7s Kent... ky Uiub^ wrl^ht 4 4IUI
M'mr^e'neVlP !''V.V 'C<4>' w*"r'ht ?'?*"
l^'.nt sVip^lb J K"',,"!44> ""'h-l'l 12..V.S
c.h^',M?elndWed~A f'", '0lr, <"r"',,a M W" ? *'*< "?><' ??U
1 1:41.a 4si. 04Ltk?.?No aiuootb quality v#ala to ha.nl
Oiiarea quality ealvea alow of -ale at 4c. a tie por lb '
li#ua.-No aalea ou live weight; 2 oar loada held on aale.
<i Al.TKHTMjf, M?J* 21. 1?77.
Cotton nominal: middling, lfHgC.; low middling,
good ordinary, !)Wc. Xn rtiCilph, 42 bnl?i. hxnort*? l'o
(treat Hritain, 4,822; cowtwlse, 135. Sales, l,5Ht. .Stock,
Nkw (M'I.kim, Mny 21. 1*77.
t utton?Moderate demand; supply poor; nildallug.
IOJ^c. ; Tow middling. 10c.; pood ordinary, d'?c. t ????
roipts, I.41M bales; gross, 1,573, Export*?To Oreat Hrli
Kin. 7,754; to the Continent, !.o?o. Hales, 2,5oo, Natur
Uuy evening, 1,300. Mock, 150,735.
Monti k. May 21. M77.
Cotton steady; middling, lO^c.; low middling, oJkc.: pood
ordinary, de. Net re<elpts. 1?H hales; gross, JbML hale*.
300. Mork, 26,752.
Savannah, May 21, IH77.
Cotton firm ; middling, lOt^c,; low middling:, H?c. .pood
ordinary, IF|C. N*?t receipts, 270 hales; icrns., 27'*. Ex
port*? io '??*? Channel, 32; coastwise, 307. hslcs,
Mock, 4,5* Kb
Cm tm.KSToN, May 21, 1*77.
Cotton quiet: middling. 10,'gts .low middling. KH,r.;
good ordinary, f?c. Not receipta, 21*. 1 bales. Export* coast*
wiis, 1,5UH. Males, 103. Htock. 12,3 h?.
WlliSl.iQTuR, N. C., May 21, 1*77.
Spirits ol turpentine quiot at d'?o. Kohiii quiet, strained,
$1 4.1. Crude turpi!Milt* steady ; hard, $1 (JO; yellow dip,
42 25; virgin. 42 5U. lar ?toady at 41 55.
litliTALO, May 21. 1877.
Limited demand Tor flour, wheat and corn ; prices tending
downward. I* tour, 25c. a V?e. lower on low and high er>?<ies
respect.\cly. Wheat In lijclit demand lor milling purposes ;
?it jr mil lor* running light. Corn dull and closing weak;
quotable at close at 54c. a .Vie. for cat go lot* Outs, rye unci
h irltjr uainlnail) uin diatiged til tbe absence ot sales Malt
iu light trade demand; held tiriu seeds?Only retail sale*.
I r visions easier, but not quoiainy lower. Other
article* nnchaiued. Hail freipnts tin* hanged. ? a
rial freights lower . quotable to New York, t??lta Included, at
5c for corn and 4c. Ijr oats sale* Kh-ur, 4 *o bids.: a heat,
7 car loads So. I white ai 42 <>7 a 92 IO, 1,200 bushels-No. 2
Milwaukee spring at $1 HO; <ore f> < ar loads Io edo high
mixed, in car lots, at 56c. a 57c a f?0c.; 3 car loads hi h
mixed for need, at 32c.; 1*533 bushels *smpif No. 2 at 55'-c,
H' ColptS i r lake ?Chinr 7,565 bid* *. wheat, 23,<M)| bushels;
corn, 71.710 d".; oats, 53,030 do Keoelpts by railroads
Hour, 4.7<?n hhls ; wheat. 15.rusi hushela; corn, 23.HU0
do.; oats, 14.730 do.; barley Htsidn.; rye. :t tksi do. -hip- I
merits !?y canal tottdo water?Corn. |U7 432 bushels; wheat, j
20. *56do.; baric), H.55H do ; oats, 23,253do To inieriuedt.it ? |
points?Corn, 24,3**1 bushel*; wheat. fl"?' do.; oats. 525
do. By railroad?Elonr, f 450 hbls ; whs it, TV.fVki i, usual*; 1
corn. 23,000 da.; oats. 'it.'X) do,; harloy. hiki do.; rv?*.
3,1k do. drain in store and hi elevators?Wheat, 2"'? 2*6 '
bushels, com 537,1H2 do.; oats I *0,130 d<?.; tie< ley, *1 ;t.*l
do.; rye. 20,142 do.; malt, f 00,90 f do. drain afloat In the
upper and lower lakes hound fOf this port Wheat, 2>2.0:*i
bushels; corn, 391,300 ?|o.; barley. hUHKiO do. drain
afloat in Erie and Oswego canals hnund for tidewater -
V\ h?*at, 437.1??* husheis . corn. 1.132,335 do.; oats, 137.253 j
do.; barley, 73,*UW do.; rye, *3,1*13.
ChiCAOO. May 21, 1H77,
Flour dull and nominal t Western extras, 47 a 43; Min ???
so*ado.,$N 5u a 413. Minnesota patent process, t? 25 a
$11 .VI j winter extras. 413 a fll Wpejit dull, weak and
lower; No. 2 tjhicago spring. 41 5h. v.\%* 41 Juno;
II inly; No ldo.,4l 4(?; rejected. 41 1*2. corn ac
live but tower; lM '4c., cash : 4w*^c,, J une; 51 ?,'< Jnly;te*
Jected, 44c. date In fair demand, but lower. . 'V*?, cash;
4 ?c . June; rejected, 3oe. a Mi'4c. Hye heavy at /5*. Wai
lev dull and nominal at 75c.. May. rork uni t led hot peri
erally lower; 413 M<'|. cash or May; 41 ? *?* a 13 -7'.,
June; HI4a4!l02jj. Jul v. hard steady, with a ftir de
mand ; 43 25, cash ; 4 ? 37July Hulk meats steady ami
unchanged. Whl-key steady, with a yood demand at 41 07.
Keeeipts Flour, 7,t*?0 bt?ls ; wheat, tl.isgl hosnrU com,
37,<"HIdo.; oats ftiMOMo ; rye, 7.VilMio ; hnr<ey, ft.5fK? d ?,
HnlpuiHiits?Kioar. tt. ?33 bble ; whoa*. n.iKjo uusueis; corn,
223,*S*> do. ; oats. 15.000 do.; rvo..l.lS>) do; barl y, 1,7'M
do. At tli' afternoon eill ?>f the Hoard.?VA heat ho ivy and
lower, 41 55'- ? 41 -Vi, June, fl V J,. July. Corn i c.*vy
and lower ; 4VT;c., hi I, Jure; 5t)?j|c ..July. *>?ts unchained.
Fork heavy an?l lower; 413 1.5, June; fi3 h.i tld, July,
i^ard woak and lower; 33 2 ' asked. June; f .r 27>it July.
I'MOTtOKMCk. II. I., War 21, \*T7.
Printing rlo.ln qnlat; light .nlaa, priest titml> maln
Ititind at for mantlaru and axtra t'.-l* >4.
Kl \ \til I t|?
\ i ItK v- o% Mti.V. TtTiTtT: ,i..Skv on ' L.tr? a.^U
lV i n<i<i>rnirni Ininranea I'ollr.n* ami ?ntnt
bought i Inauranca of ail kind, nff^rtarl with hi*>t camp oilnt
i. J. 11A H H11; It * CO.. IIJ ftrna'lwnjr.
t i nrock i'kivii... .i..- HJoit.tr ai ci, iHic.tf
j \ market rata, mi l pparatloa* ma la agam-t '>!? ?; Ho t
Knagllt ?u moilnrata maraln,. P.kplan itorr oain|. let Iran.
TbSUUiiiOb 4 VU., ttanltara, tfrwaara, o<J Broad it., >. Y.
Mom p.
ilOUABAKTEKU STOCKHOI DK - are rerjo.-sied tw
sond their iiituwi ai.<J amir *seea wit hour d-fnr |m the wider
elgned, or to their attorney, Edward L Andrews. Bag., '4
Pr.inuwn , In ardor that utiMIN lor the pr ??< tloo of our
iutereataBi.il' be adapted '
I A S. Br.I N MAIMER. Broadway. N. Y.
"a ny amount or KKAur mo.vc. *?? loan 7yi
.ft. approve! city property at >?< per rent. DMVR#
Bit VAN. H2 Lloerty, uvar At end aril In-iran 0 Oomp in v.
A t aS wiL.Ltam tT.?4luoki loi'dKT and sol.n
.ftm small lute; commissions, oue-eigmb ; mi
cent. HUM
A -iro'l.amiTr 'i n vkrti?its-7 per' oenr net fob
ft..873.0U) la taaS.riKL rii, advertiser, :nrg.iy maim
laetiiriug, requiring c teii, li'sm iob Wen estate, larl idi <
llti.iat btiaiBeM 1'ioparty on Broadway, which ha *1.1 nail it
price ueltniir. st piesenl low rentals, over 7 par cent Ir a
excellent tan ante, which will be guaraotaed inr tarin of
yeare; buildings new. In cnpltal order; property aure to ,id
tanee in price and rental. Please aav* ootuinWelun : >r
both partlea hy addressing direct MAN L PAUTv HER, I. .x
17d llerald office.
totntTBT HSSE (uriTALidTs; iiSvifts*
'1'apor, g rod bank rufurenou, tor lale.
Eft LAV IX. 38 I'lnr. room 3.
ljeeni ; country property 7 por cent. Apply I'm# >i.,
room 12.
MlMI Nti ttOCKsi ?
We buy and s II Mlulug Hlooks at the American Mining
and stock Exchange or elsewhere on commission.
Our Mr. A II. Mauler U a nieuiber ni the boariL
Bankeri, llrokera and Auctioneers, No. 42 fine at., N. Y.
B Y "TO LOAN?AT 6 A * D~7 1' ER C E N T ; NEW
and Hrooblyu Improved l'roperty.
(I. HTaKK. I'd) Hroadway.
of $2.of*' I" $M,OOOt aonte at six tor cent: moderate
charges; no delay JAMH-4 HlClt'h. 2t*i Hu.aon at.
ONLY To luan-Tn mkw j khshTyT
A. Ii. MBLLICK, Jr., S Pine aL
1.V Wanted to borrow, five Hundred Thouaand <W s ).t? n i)
linllare, tor one year; van lurnllll undoubted security; ret
erenrae given and rn.|tilrutl ('all at Astir House, room
122, Irom 10 in 12 M , ll to ?? I*. M.
Officii of
Commission Stock Brokers
No. 2d l.itoAP St., Nkw Yokk, May 10, 1877.
Wanted -
I'rnaloa on Mlahlgsn Central ltallroad atock, to be used at
the nest uutiuul electlou.
Wo will pay for unit oue-half nfone per cunt.
lliilCillvl.SS V BURNHAK.
M wlileli good Hoard aud lioutu will ho glrau. Addrc,?
A , box 171 ilurald office.
wanted?hv v lady imissksmxi" amiT
aw" Myiiihty uii l rellneuiunt. balntr a superior bonae.
keeper; will {l?? beat ltno i ? for eoeurf v; lioux,-ftret alasa
nnd itt> tn a ii. Addrese c'lf TIi AVEM L K. Herald liptuwn
c*1 ( ) I 11 I j ) LOAN WANTED?AT 6 EEli CENT. ONf
O ' ''.UvM Miuuu .end iiiiirigMgis, on a property worth
say. Addioas (!., box 4,070 I'oat office.
?>j- 7w W\ ESTATE FL'NOg To LOAN 702 TEN
h??J? J.l/t M/vente at 7 per cent, wlthoui any charge to
borrower; nLo a lurgu uuoiiinl at d pur cunt on i nod prop,
77 Cedar at.
(57 - 7wvn estate yTFndk to loan?a andTT
0 I ??l ft/years, at <? par couu frlucip.ils addras#
SOLICITOR, llerald office.
0>O(III mill "at six PER CENT rOR 'Wfii
tpAiUU.UUUytiirt, to loan ou mort^ip-e, lu auma l?
suit, ou tlrat claaa city f rop-rty.
H. L. ORANT, li5Broadway.
S5fn "(imi'AT '? PER "CENT TO I.ovN "(JM
.U UUmort*ai?o. H lit) EIV E It.
ro..ui K, Post BtiMu
?Ji? /? fly.vJV/" /cent funds for Sorond and Laasobolil
liurlKuuaa. Address ATlDHNKY, itatiou D.
Tp'PARiY to t AKfroiiA"ft(nr'6?r")f""WtRHf"^t?irAf?i
/Lapartinant bouae, Willi a dlnintt rmnn attached: ayming
man preferrnd; experience iu a tir?t oinai faouan or hotel on
European plan reiiulalte. T. A. J., Ilera d offiue.
T valuable" ixoLoiiYB ih'sinrss in riire
, \ State ol North Carolina toraalo; aureprulMii complete
mooopoly, P. V., llerald office.
t V sale of tho pest portable family fruit Drier; ? 11* lor
(7.>; l iyoar. unexplrnd for deicrlptlre olrculara and teruia
add rate J W. KAILKNEU. Patonteii, Slamlord, Cuun.
JV.toKrapli Oullery 22 miles Atom New York. Ill a larita
manufsoiurlng city of 2A.UU0 Iuhahiiante; only tbrao room*
in ilia city, hut vory low 10 a llrst maaa and reaponaibla oiw
e alnr; hialriinn'iils lor view work. AUdruae IIAUK.VIAN.
New Briinawlck. N. J.
\ ny lady wishing to invrmt Ra.uuo in a rR^
2 V-pei inl.ie buslnen aa allout partnor can rualuu lurtuuo.
tOBTPNB, Uarpft,
A 'yoI'no man, with ?aoo. wanikd as" cashier
III a lit at class restaurant at the aoaaido; good salary or
put tpprsbtp. 38 Waal 3etb at.
madialely; must adenneo ihik); aeourlty uivan; money
refunded in live days; uooU salary; employment duriuj
summer. Call tu ilay, MAN.V<iKH. H M..cio.itsi st.
tinsluess paying large protits. LLOYD, 2U liroadwey.
Ap v n i x I it wanti??bar. bIbbb. iob ouai)
dining suluou. lodging, elnh rooms. Ac.: well estab.
lished : paying largely ; responsible. Industrious party can
tuake money fast. mMITII, 17 Centre at.
Billiardh.-koi: mai.'k, "half INTEREST in TUB
lineal and heat paying Milliard Room In Araoriea; a
anuare working man wanted mora than uapltnl; a fortune
for llie right party. LUTiiKR, Pel 2lS llerald offieo.
\flourishing buainesa, aslabllshed 10 years; tlie leading
core In a thriving village ol d.Utlf) Inbabltauta. Stoek of
Is and I.e.CO of Store Tor sale at a bargain. UUKCH A
CI'ltTIss. Lit tin f ills, N. Y.
/eliusor wanted; good elianoe. Address O. C,a euro
Daman A full, 44 lieokman st., Na? York.
rlmi at., for sale ; a good stamL Apply during the day.
Ill AVE a small BTOdK or rlNB LiqtTORB! wxA
axebauga lor Jewelry or Diamonds. DIAMONDS, llerald
Partner wantkd-in huhntantial business";
fl.UXl reguired; fd.UX) guarautoed llrst year. Call 28
West 2:t?h it.
Ofclf-Llgbtlng Cigar Lighter, can oe aotd for 2.1 eentg
each ; they ire the son and shapa of a silver dotlsr; a lie an.
tlfol thing lor the pockak Addraae CllANDOK A KOSH,
Dill and 171 Hroadwaf.
rjri<> XKYiFapbhTand mahaZi.vr pub lisiTeusvI
1 Advertiaai having atnpla factHllaa in BagBih ar faaalgp
lain, u tge i, large asuerlanoe, InHuemdng adyei tlsiug iiutron
ago, desires tu ooutract for coiuposilion and printing lor ona
or more newspapers or tnitgncine* at low flgurue; offitC
room II desired. Address COS M I'd, llerald.
ditiea ?wanted, a Famtnlk with aiuV)
?v ? ? M/,( snlial t > eanraaa Oils Htato for a u w thing.
1 0 Broadway. rodPi H.
<1 find ~~'A fUlYBD, A PARTNBR IN AN BSTA<
O I." H/l/tiillslied Produce Couinilsston business. Hot
111) llaraid office.
Osif.r/I/Ueountr farm. 'JM acres. Address OltANtili
i if NTV, box s H Post office.
.-llin -fA'tTNER WANTED -If ,|\' -.i a ?itg
O?s.t/' " 'sthree hours fromcit-; pr. .til-$d>i,igi yearly.
Add roes WAKIHY. beg lMh Herald Uptown offlea.
Nw L (Win r" A''.i s s! ?a LADY WITH \ Iti it'll
V'ts" vJ' 'amounl wanted as partner In a deeldedl- .rm. I
paying and rsllahlr business. Addraaa RELIABLE, Herald
L'pioan Branch office.
C; I (Will ?FOB SALE, 4 OOOD PavTno Ul'sf.
O I ?" ' '/" '.iiess, eslabhslied IKV). good location, cheap
rent, s itislactory selling leasous giveu. Address BUnl
N r Nd, station A. New t nrk.
- m il j w"antkd 1in a well ehtarlibmbS
O^' ?s' ?' ?l.nikiug bnsluuss lu Virginia from a ">o<i
business man with a like sunt afruudr Inn-sled, Inr the pur
pose of organising a National Hank In'a town ol f.issi |p.
Iiaultunta; rich cnnniry and no hank within tu miles; party
Investing can have, II desired, pei manent situ dlon ai a l.ilr
salary and tie pleasantly situated For partlenlars mlilres*
liox 2.7IH post offieo.
I'ont (Wicii ivotu ??;.
rii? foreign aial>*for ill" weak mulln/ Saturday, May .r?,
l"77, will clo?e at tl<ls oflice ou tt'tduriilij Hi 11 A. M., lor
Burope, Ii> iienin?til|i Algeria. r|itcorr*?r">n.|.
one r franca lo be terwarded ny thl* mramar mint bo
ap.cially aalilreated?, n*4 at II A M. lur Trance direct, by
ateaiuautp 1'crrlre, via II arm , on Thursday at II il A. M ,
lur Kurope, by nioninitilp C'mnniaranin, tih Plymouth,
i liribtiuip ami tlaialiura; <m Saturday at II :lkl,V. II., j.il
iltrmatiy, *?.. by ?teem?lilp Nreaar, via Southampton and
II "inert oorr ??pnmlei.ee for (treat llrltala and franco to
be forwarded lay tUlaataaiuar muat buapcclally addrataod),
n i l ai IJ M., lor turope by aioamahip ? elite, via
ti wn (correspondence for Omneny. Scotland and north ol
Ireland l" l a lorwnr ted by tlila (learner muat or specially
h i lr?i> ' i| , an I ai 12 It lor Scotland and North ol Ire
land, b.i Mouonlilp California, rla Muvllls and ttlai : > /.
I lie ate .inert Algeria ami I'eltic ilo not lako mail* lor
Denmark, Swed"n and Norway. The mal a lor lla'll,
and King-ton. ,1a . will learo .New York Mar 34. I he malla
lur the Waal ladle*, via Havana, will h ave New l i lt
May l'i. I l.e'mall* lor China and Japan will leave
KM Praneieeo Nay M The malla for Australia, Ac., will
leave nan franci coJnnaJO, T. L. J AllKa, Realm Miar.
Nl w Vhna, May 111. 1*77.
WHTRD TO 1*17111 il Y*K.
J\or %t> rent a anltable place for a coal yard. S. ()., llerald
it rir.nar'* Tool* Addreaa w,, boi 230 HeratdvUro.
I if AN IT. i ??IlK VOI.V1 .N<i STAND, WITH m i' s"
II aary machinery, lur thow window. Box..*7 RlaluUuid
11 dlaiii Ota, with cniabinatldlt leek: Matt be mod're
ttfl? and hut little uaed Add.era, atatinii aiae and prlea,
.'ill'. A CO., Herald olllee.
t i - I I i) v .NH I. HI. i< iv \V A I. * I I till wt.A.ti
re I'arililoii, for prlrate olllco. Addreea J. J. C., IlarsH
nth 'o.
IV ATI 11 KM. .1K U KMl V , AC.
?i7 IkuaM'aV. Room ?> Loans nkooh.
l on Diamond*. Watcliea, Jewelry and I'arauual
Property of evary deacrlptlot) Mima bought and ?"ld.
.1 A M r ft f. MaTH1 We.
late ol 671 Broadway, corner 4*.'i at.
i T MR NROADWaV, Nr. A It SHT sT.~LOAN* >*iTt7r>7
j\ I'at' d on Diamond*. It at"h"?, Htlejnrware, India Hhawla,
Ac. , iiioiae' privet" olllee 1110. M. LYNCH.
AT dl I MO.V SU(. Alih?ir7.'?,yn>.? DIAMOND*
Wat. baa, V..limbic*. A.'., boiiirtu, eold.eeaehanpedt
I unit ei'eol ."I on diamond*, weletie*. Ao.; e?tab|i?hed IHJB,
J. II. HAItttlNOrlK, 31 L'aion a<tuara.
I r 77 lil.KlcKKlt ST. NKAR HKOAD W A1 -MONRT
j\ dvaiic-d mi In t'lioiid*. Waled* t. Jewelry, A".; al-?
Fa-t nbroi ere' Ticket* bonitht of Diamond*, Vt atchea, Ac.
"7 Hleocaar >4.
JOifta. old Hold and Diamond*) Iraih bargain* at vary low
price* ilnily.
J. II JOHNSTON, 180 Bowery, earner Broome It.
Jmi riv under New York Hetel?Now olTer thou fine ee>
*.o .'d *tu"k ol DtenioniU, \V*tci.e*, Cbalna, Sterling stiver
Tint" hi i ?< id Jewelr.i IV> percent lea* than Imported ea I
wbolt.iila priua*. Near ^1 ?t <t.
Money on ihamondh. ri/isT Sc.?dTamoni>!s
Watebe. Jewelry, Silverware. Seal Saci|iiet, SUk*. A" ,
boot'lii, ai <1 -out ba< k at a very imall idr oKUHUia
C. ALLLN, Jeweller, 1,IU0 Broadway, bear 311th tie

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