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IIow a Disciple of Gambrinus was
Deceived by His Guesls.
An Action in Which Orv.lle L, Grant's
Name is Mentioned.
Herr Schneider, a Jolly disciple and subject of Gam
proprietor of tbo Teuton.. Assembly
TTb" nil It. rpcmlior. ?.lo| "?
1 Xlr. ,o .1,. ...?!?? ??? r,C
cssrr ir-rMt
aria from the opera of tbat name. 1
. Herr Scnneider discovered .or
cl tho entertainment Herr ^ ,u 0ein?
the first time tbat a small outran o| ^
exacted Irom me g 4lloa ol Juvenile He
sss- - wsTarJ".!!sst
lorwancoa. Uo ?t'P0^0^ ^resenting tbe fact
Court, Chambers, yeater >, oJ lbu uuuracter
that mis was niere.y * . puolic perluriuance;
stated and was not intended ? ? ?' /,,, nun. ami
,hat tho entrance lee'?? "?^1 Srmanoe might
that, bo lar us ue Wot , , Barrett to vaca'O tto
Bevor occur agaiu asg^d ? Ro01uson. counsel lor
injunction ajt.niiav him. saying it tue do
the society, appeared in opp - _uctl oxnihitluns
londant intended to give no uu> ( Uje JuU(,e
the injunction cou.d do h exceptional <>no and
thought itio Portf,^'"tt"gr?olua| injunction. He ih< re
fjy^sssriwud'E. ???
{ircutnstances. _
in March, 1872, Samuel F. Duncan, ?*??'*???
dent of Natchez, Mjsa., and a son of the late
Or Samuel Duncan, of the same place, who left
sn'osLte worth several millions ol dollar, died on his
way trom this city to New Orleans. No will being
lound among his eflccts, letters admlnl.tratloa on
ins estate wore granted to his brother, H. D. Duncan,
u- this city The property ol the deceased consisted
of three largo plantations In the South and personally
?r the value of about {20,000. The plantations, orig
inally ol great value, were estimated, in the deprcci
bled condition Of Southern pmpwty, to be woyh only
about $60,000. nio wiuow o^Mr ^'Vdower,
Km ma, agrcud ,10 *tC *4. ,'u00 Dur atnom till sue
a ivw ouudred dollars hav.ugbe V trulor UttU
sen by a lormer w.la *n?r lcuaQ wa? UlsC0vcrcd by
heeu released a W U ol Mr.i?uocaia
u loruior proprictoralib*-* lbo wm
..(the property was >?? e lt,e w.li elh.ris w. ro
'."air/'to com prom no mailers, but
visual1"course^ and^esterdayji was ottered lor probate.
The widow or Robert U. French has brought suit
mgalD.l the National Capital Lite
,U recover on a policy ol Insurance lor ?..,000 on me
It(e ol her deceased husband. Tnoongin.il insurance
was in lUc National Life Insurance Company ol tbts
K ate That company becoming insolvent a receiver
,0n?':i ,oi UioVroutid on Whicl. H was moved to
Lorporstiou. MiainiiU had no cuuse ol action
' v 1111* whom it rciUMUrcU. auU tniit that cum
company, lor wo in receiver ol tno cotnpany
nught fix a direct liability. Decision reserved.
In bis pennon, aubmiltod to Judge Darrott, in 8u
l,rcmo Court, Chambers, yesterday, Charles W. Trot
ler alleges .hot on January 1, H75, he was appointed
ti-Hl 'tieu In bankruptcy ol (Icorge W. Moore, Henry
A Uuvi'ii, Orville U Grant sndKugeno V. Ulunt, com
prising the firm ot George VV. Mooro k Co. On tue
em ot March the members were declared bankrupts.
Un October 4, 1374, in on action then pending in the
punreme Court, hut aliar the tiling ol me peillionol
Will am A II. ore A Co. to be declared bankrupts, _a
: VZ. tyo. George W ? bis >on. got pos.es
s ou ol -iu "ol/ the pro, arty ol the fi.m and ac;
c mod .rom one Suiuuiut*, me architect ol the new
,?ao,, ? , order on tho Collector ol tno lort, una
, 1 t<> pay tno amount until title thereto
is csiubiThoU. W alLin A. Moore bus paid none ol bo
;. M:t ' to me creditors, and reluses to surrender Hie
i ro ?Tt ol the Urm to tue ptntiouing receiver. l|o?
t M iiate o. facts the receiver in baiikrupicy
want.- i'-uvi! ol tile ttiuri to bring a suit in the In ilea
-1 iLck i ouri ?"uitist the Snprtiuo Court receiver to ? b
l!?il pna"ts-1un or the assets of the bankrupt Urm.
'lhe le.ive was granted.
( luaf Justice Curtis, o( me .Superior Court, has been <
occupied lor the iait w.ok In the trial of a suit brought i
by William A. and Henry O. Havomeyer against John
L. and Uonry H. Huveuiryer, tho lull lacis oi winch I
li.ivo already been published in the limt a i.b. Counsel I
la tbd ciso finished their summing up yi aterday, and j
alter an elaborate uud impartial charge by tho Chiei j
Jui.ce I he case *,n submitted to the )ury. ?no are '
ordered to bring 111 a scaled verdict this morning, '
'lite Bull is to r cover ISC.OOO, alleged damages lor I
breach by the duieodunis oi u contraol by winch
neither want to seii stuck Ol tho Hung Island Hit 11 Toad
without iho consent ot the other, rue corap..tint
alleges various understandings preceding the election i
lu Apr.J, li>76, under wincu butu wore to join in uu it
tempt io secure the board ot Direotora auu oust Oliver <
Cbarhfk, and lurtriwr, to tie up the stock a* above I
a ilfU. I p.- deloudants, on tho other hand, say that !
tbey were only bound hot to sc.I duriug a sort oi'iruco
ir.iui November 24 to Sovemoer 'M\ that thereafter
eilDer party < ould do ?* it pleas o in regard to tho
nock. Mr. John K. Parsons appeared fori he plain- 1
tills and H. F. Cram ana C. F. Mcl.oun lor thede
In .Suprorne Court, Chambers, yesterday, Judjjo
Barrett tntde an order contiuu ng au injunction fe
Itrnin i,g Mrs. Racuer, sued M John Doe, from tr.rtug
musical performancea at ber place. No, 16 bowery.
chiei Justice Curtis yetteruiy U en ltd an uppUcettoa
lor aiimony by the wile in suit lor divorce brought by
frcd I'. Fiiiith against his wile, Josephine i smith,
fhc route u us denied tin tho grouin. iti.u toe wile i.ad
iiev ousiy u.c< pied $1U0 ,n i eu oi any liirthtr cisitu
I i.o will oi the Mite i >r Char Ion A. budd, n prolnmor
n tho C utvermty Medic*. College, who died on in litb
list , was yesterday oil. red lor probate. Th ? testa or,
alio lelt Di i .ii'lrtn or descendants, uovised id his
? roperty to Ins Wile, M try k. it'.dd, and appointed her
lob eiecuirix.
The hearing ir. tho case oi tho contested will ol the
*te Mary 6i. 0.11 SWT, set down lor y o.iiornay, went
?v er ill to-nioi row on motion ol mi-Judge I m ? t. "i,
;uun*cl Tor a Bumosr ol the legatees, win .lrs.red to
esiiniue luto o nam (,ue?tiou.. urisuig out ol the di?
tiumliou ol the on tale.
Judge Jebuson, oi the United .States Circuit Court,
wcsieMay grafted s temporary ujenetion re-tr?ming
llie city eelhWiiies If tun sellin tie ital estate on
Broadway bo lung n ,: <t the i barter Oak I.He ln-'ir
?uco Company, ol Hefttord, und wliHh was seized itf
latiHy ucbbsaiiK'nis u . le lor the op< uing ol Church
meet, lu this city.
By Judge iii.noliue
Tbd BratgrMU lusurauoe (hiviugs bank vs. Clsvlu.?
"SETHi *k Seuis sod soother.?I think the |
| bond should bo amended u asked, and that Justiflca
i lioo should be lu double the amount.
By Judjio Barrett.
Folweil vs. Habcox.? KelerroU to Mr. Clarence A.
Seward, to beur uud doicrmiuc.
Loeb vh. >ch irer. ? Kocoiver discharged, allowance
fixed uud balance ordered to be paid.
The Mayor, Jtc., va. Martin.--Upon tho couacot
wiihin this motion may sund over to the flrat Mon
day oi Juuo,
Macdonaid va O'Brien.?Aa it la leit to the Court to
fix the compensation, I am ot opinion that $100 would
bo fuir uuuer the circumstances, and tbst ibo toosli
tutiou abould ba granted on payment ot that amount.
lu the matter 01 163tb street Upon tbe publication
ol llio notice, and upon the affidavit of McDonald, 1
um satisfied with the proceedioga, and the petitioner
may take the order.
flail va Kuuwloa.?Motion for judgment denied,
bui mot uu to place cauae on Bpocial Circuit calendar
lor oral Friday ot June grauted.
11 ell man va. Burxe.?Case nud exceptions nettled.
Malluy va. 8ult?ru el al.? 1 Uuvo looked at Innes vs.
Lansing, but cuu perceive no aiinllarity between that
case uud too present; upon turiher refleciou my
ujnuiou is htrougtbeuod thai where a receiver has
been appointed be ought not to b' discharged nor tbe
paitiea t>e permitted to discontinue until the creditors
ure s Hailed. To permit paities to briny such suits,
remove their usseia Iruin the reach ol executlou by
vesuuy ttiem In tbe hands ol a receiver, and then,
when tuey see lit, turn over such assets in such di
rect iou us they may desire, would be to permit the
equity powers ol the Court to he usod to hiuuer, do
lay and ueliaud creditors. I apeak of the principle,
not rejecting upon this caae. The appointment of tho
receiver is the test. Alter that the Court will s*o to
it that creditors ure protected, and that the assets are
uot withdrawn (rom us control.
By Chief Justice Curtis.
Feltucr el nl. vs. Van Suun el aL?Tho Injunction
order is coutinued in force so lar na it restrains the do
feuduut, .Susuuuah Van baun, Irom parting with the
Doles, or either ol them, before partneut, and Irom
pai'tiug with the proceeds ol any thai may be pulil.
Costs uf uioliou to plaintiff to abide oveutoi suit.
Uy Juage Sanford.
Gumpcrt vs. Strausse el ah?Judgment 'or defen
Uuiier vs. Tongue et ah?Order discontinuing ac
tion and cancellation of uudertuktng.
Smith vs. Smith.?Order directing the filing of tes
timony, Ac.
Tnrrell vs. Wlnfleld et ah?Ordor to file security
for cosia
Muc vs. Newton.?Ordered on calendar lor June Id.
Hosted, Ac., va. Ksthbone?Two cases.? Ordcrod
on day calendar for May 24.
By Judge J. F. Daly.
Mallc-r of Kennedy.?Motion granted.
Naycl vs. NageL? Motion granted and reference
Marzolf va. WutengeL? Motion granted, with $10
costs, to abide event.
Muticr ol Crawiord.? Application granted.
Musters vs. The Eclectic Lite insurance Company;
Roberts vs. Hill.?Keierence ordered.
By Judge McAdara.
Carpenter vs. tlarmson.?Delendanls are entitled
separate bills of costs up till Judgment and to one bill
ol costs upon argument lor new trial, $60.
McNulty, receiver, va Bcatiy. ? Mouou granted for
first Friday ot June.
Waiuwriybi vs. Ellery.?See Indorsement on papers.
Bcxion vs. O'bricu.?ordor vacated without costs.
Wagnor vs. Gross.?Motion lor contempt denied and
examu atlon oniorod to proceed.
Becker vs. Metropolitan Life insurance Company.?
Taxation affirmed (Wait's Code 209, note G, subdivi
sion 4).
Mai not vs. McCreery.?Judgment roil corrected by
deducting $48 10.
Kosouleld vs. strong.?Judgment for $163 72.
Hnmltou vs. Clark.?Justification dismissed.
Cold and Slock Telegraph Company vs. Little.?Judg
ment vacated,
J lank ins vs. Docker.? Motion granted.
(..'olcm (U vs. Levy.?Arrest vacated.
Lewis vs White.?Order resettled.
Murray va Luibcy.? Kxeoutiou set aside.
Marks vs. Ilaivie. ?Complaint will be dismissed if
terms nut complied with.
Witmurk vs. Kulucli; Hosenbaum vs. Crowley; Hud
son vs. McArlliur; Itosa vs. The Grand Truuk Railroad
Company; Abrahum ve. Kirk; Cuuper vs. Brooks,
Jticn vs. Bacbrich; Thau-in vs. Davis; Mauownch vs.
Da^vis; Levy vs. Colemnn; O'Connor vs. Bliss; l.ubcl
sky vs. Davis; .Scott va. Watts; Gardner vs. Dougherty;
Danroth vs. Rahnsr. ? Orders granted and filed.
Before Recorder Hackeit.
William and Denis Crowley and Edward Farrell
were arraigned lor trial yesterday by Assistant Dis
trict Attorney Bell, charged with baviug burglariously
entered llio rooms occupied by Pauline Goodman, on
the urat floor ol N'o. 62 Division street, on the aftor
noou of the 7th of May, and stealing wearing apparel
valued ut $HX?. Witnesses wore called lor the prose
cution wnu testified they saw the persons escaping
Irom the bedroom window ol tbe commaiuuul, one ol
thutn carrying a buudio. The properly wus traced to
a pawnbroker's e-tufillKhinent. The persons were sub
sequently arrested and hleniilild. The deloncc sought
to prove uu alibi, but tbe Jury found the prisoners
guilty. Counsel moved for u new trial on Hie ground
mat important witnesses could be produced corrobo
rative ot tne lads act lortu en bohalf of the defence.
Tbe prisoners wore then reinauded.
John Foley, uged eighteen, of No. 2 Juines slip, was
arraigned on tho charge of ielonious assault. It ap
peared mat on the doth of April last OlUcor Meyer, of
tho Fourth precinct, saw tfi.e prisoner pursuing his
brother iu the street. He fired three shots at him, one
ol wuicb took ellect in his loll snoulder. Tho officer
arrested the prisoner, who thoreupou expressed a re
gret that ne buu uot given his brother more. The in
jureu bruiher uid uot appear a* a witness, i'hejury re
trod, and during tueir absence the prisoner ploadeil
guilty to assault with intent to injure, nud the Recorder
sent hlra to the state Prison lor live years.
George Davis, aged tweuty-sl* years, of No. 192
Chatham Direct, w.?s arraigned at the bar by Assistant
District Aitorocy Dell, charged with burglary. The
prisoner, it appeared, entered the nonse or Mr. John
D. I.yon, No. 1,190 Droadwsy, on the 22d of April last
and curried oil wearing sppurol valued at $ 100. Not
couieni with this haul (liu prisoner, taking uu vantage
ul ibu Carnival Icsuvities, made uuothor raid on Mr.
l.yon'a bouse on tbo night ul the J5.li Inst, and suc
ceeded id purloining ? quantity of jewelry valued at
nearly $60o. lieitclivuu U'lounor si d l> icld, ol tbo
D.sti .ot Attornoy's ofllce, wore sent lortb to hunt up
the thief, with but tulle prospect ol Hading bint
lhoy finally pounced upon their man, wbo, upon
be.rig arraigned yesterday, pleaded guilty to uoc ol the
luUit-imouis. I no prisoner, an Hi-looaliig luilow, bad
nothing to say for bliuseli, and the Recorder sent hint
to the Mate l'rison tor the term ol ten years at hard
Thomas Helton, Daniel J. Hall uud David Marsh, wbo
were Indicted lor grand larceny aud receiving stolon
goods, wore yesterday arraigned lor trial. During tho
past six years property has oeen stolen, In all vaiood
ul about $40,0UO. Helton pleaded guilty to bis share in
ibu crime uud was remanded I or sentence. Hall and
Mursb altered a plea ul not guilty, Isidore (schilling
ami Chai lua Meyer pleaded guilty to obtaining gouus
uhd?r iul.se pieiences, and were sent to the Peniten
tiary lor six muiiihs. James W right, against whom
there were Uu luuicimeuls, pleuued guilty to (he
charge ol .stealing Iroru an express wagon a value con
taining .f6u worth ?i weuring uppurel, the property ol
Charies H. Grail, Not lot i'uaue atroot, on the 19tn
lush He was scut to the Mute Prison lor lour years.
Herman Woiimsu, Not 4'ifl West liurty-lhiru street,
picadod guilty lo the ludictment charging mm with
selling adulterated milk, id violetlou 01 the Hoard of
Health ordinance. He was hued in the sum of $5o.
lieloro Judge Sutherland.
George Samuels, the son of respectable parents, re
aidlug at No. b3i East Knueih atroot, was arraigned
lor tfial yesterday by Assistant District Attorney J.you
for grand larceny. Ibu youlb, who bore all the Im
press ol evil ua-notations, was stated to be most incorri
gible and u source oi constant aouuyaucc to ills lutnor,
wbu-e wearing apparel ha had stolon and pawned, wus
n iw charged wuii stealing, on ihegbiboi October, a
goii. watcu uud locket, the property ol Ui*s Hcribu
Mafkr, the resident governess mine house. When
arrested in ibu Mowerv ny uillcer MnUowuii, the pris
o. i cm wiei ed ms guilt uud desired io kuuw w nut
i.is ??old in u' wag |oiag to an about it. 1 nu prisoner
list a.ready sorted a short term. Tbo jury yesteruay
I mud u.m guilts nun .lunge Sutherland sent nun to
the Mate Prima lor thras years.
Minimis Corn r-' iuKHsaa-Held by Judge liar
reu.?Nos. 3, 21, 7b, yu, ItiJ, lie, US, 121, 122, l.>2,
1 , 14b, Ui. i.ali Iruin No l.il to So. 20O inclusive.
St. i.'.as i.oikr?llOKMAb Ti KM ?Hem by Presiding
.lu.,. llaVli and Judits Mrady and Daniels.?Nos. 83,
i n. 1DJ, 12,, 127, 146, 1411, 1*0, lid, 158,',, J69, 10,1, 99,
I-., IT'S, I so, 104, 106, lO't, U0, 116
i i nr .ii. ( Hi rer?m ixiai. fnia?Held by Judgo
Van i.i not.?.Case on?Milks vs. Martin. No duy
reikis Cocnr?CmcCiT?l'Sft 1 ?Held by Judge
Douohur. -No. I2i.'i, 2986, 2719, 4073 >4, 3291, .1971,
doll, d. .03, 17291*. ;:.,S9, .1413, I .si, 34H1, 4- 1,
2. 9 4.r.:- ?t 3677, u.i/w, i.1'76, 3?>ba, 3.47, 34bl, 4s2i>,
- .. i, 3431, .... I. 1:573, 3.. 19, 2721.
3 17, ? . 41 ;? I, 3:.75, ao!>9, C7ol, 37o.i, .i7o6,
? ?Jbr, Tit. Pari 2. Adjourn 1 lor u.u .eftit. Part
3 Mem by Jung- S um Vorsb ?No* 3191, 2776, 4..b 1,
14', 21/1. 1341., 3349, ;t04.., IIS.:, l02b :3, 449.1, 4l3,
4lU, 4-91. 1710, 953, 1 .'Is, 402 I. 4024, i.;i,23321, 373,
2884, .907.
m. rssios' ocsr- -1 rmcTsrn?p ,rt 1?Held by Chief
Jd-tic. Wiifiiun K. Curtis. ? V>?. 9,7. |l;14, 77o/g, Ohu,
972, 199.., IOV'i, 994, 811, llMt, .isn. 715, iu89, 927,
872. I'sriS 2 Mild 3. ? Adjourned lor me icrm
rPMHrm tin at - i.iiKsit I'KHM,?Adpiurned until
the ibirn Monday ol June.
Mrt'KNioa lot at?sriifit fnen?lleiu by Judge Man
fofU. ?Casd On. tlie Atlantic aud Puclllc Teiegiaph
C.inpsoy va Fmw (total. Mo day da. e tola A
Ci.MMoN Pl.hAa? i.kKSKal. 'I HUM. ? Adjourned until the
lli-i Monday 01 Jim.
bvSMi* Pcius?Eqcitr Tin*?Held by Judge J. ?.
Univ.?No*. 8, 34, 5, 20, 30, 1, 33, 8S, 0, 30. Demurrer?
No. a.
Ouhmok Pleas?Triai. Turn? Pert 1?Held by Judge
V?u Uoeoeu. ?No*. 237. llb-V. i;0U. 496, 74<>, 1223. *27,
15V2, 302. 12.01, 381,603. 766, 477, 1940, 270, 820,027.
0ws, .000, 1103, 1047, 111. J'uria 2 and 3.?Adjourned
lor tl.o lorm.
Makiak Cotiit?TmAi. Tsku?Part 1?Held by Judge
Sheridan ?Xot, 0205. 0500, 8394. 0100, 8401, 7957,
8875, 5413, 5987, 8809, 0844, 3-.00, 7796, 0047, 0252. 1'ert
2? Held uy Judge Gorpp.? No*. 2334, 8703, 3970, 4089,
5'28, 0272, 0357 , 8302, 8502, 6287, 9429. 0355. 0425,
6424. I'art 3?Held bv Judge Alter. ?Nos. 0221, 6255,
6210. 0427. 6429. 0433, 0480, 6438, 6439, 6441, 6442,
6442, 6444, 6446. 0447.
C'ol'kt ov Gsaehai. Rksstoxs- - Tart 1?Held by
Ilecorder Hacked.?Tlio Pcoplo vs. William Connors,
burslnry; Same vs. Jalnes FarrWI. burglary; Same vs.
William J. Maokm, burglary; same va. Kune Jucob
aon, grand larceny; aanio va. Kate Appleby, grand
larceny; Same vs. John Downs, grand lareeoy; Same
va. Herman Kohte, grand larceny; Same va. Joliu
Hrady, grand laroeny; Same vs. William H. Wilnama,
grand larceny; Same va. CUarlea K. Baker, John
Broderlck and Simon Silverstain, grand larceny; Same
vs. Joseph Lilia and Kuward Brady, pent iarceny;
Same vs. Bernard Kabn, receiving alulcn goods; Same
?a. Olivr Drain or, violation ol sanitary laws. I'art
2?Held by Judge suttterlaud.?Tbo People va. Thomas
Cualck, homicide.
Mary Barker has Instituted a suit tn the Supreme
Court, Kings county, ugaiust Mary Jauo Barker, to
recover an estate said to bo valued at $260,000, left by
ber lather, at TUuavIlle, Pa. In 1062, the plaintiff*
alleges, bcr lather, who waa at that time in poor
circcinstances, abandoned his w ile and two children
in Brooklyn, and left lor parta unknown. Aa mo
plaintiff grew up she obtained employment in this city
as a ballet dancer. In 1869 she was employod at the
Grand Opera Uouse, then unucr the management of
Fisk. She was among the number ol those who ware
severely injured by an uccidcul which occurred at that
place in the year named, and was an inmate ol an bos
pnai lor live years tu consequence of tho Injuries she
Sim..men. Her ruothor died two years aco, and lust
year Mary B >rker icaruod that her lather, who w.is
then dead, had been married to the defendant while
h:.i lawful wile was living, ami bo had umassed a vory
I arse fonurio in the pi! regions, Tho woman known
us his w/e has been administering on tbe estate which
tho plaibtiC cow seeks to recover.
The will o? ibe late Mary A. Jones, widow o/ Jenkins
TV. Jones, involving an estate worth $100,000, came
up bolore Surrogate Dalloy yesterday in Kings oounty.
Mrs. Louise L Farmer, daughter ol deceased, to whom
was lequenthod $600 n year, and sev. rul articles of
jrwe.ry. contests tho will. The grounds of the con
test are that the testatrix was mcupuhlc ol making a
will, and that ah the devises, with two excepilous,
were made under undue influences.
Id the action brought In the Brooklyn City Court by
Mrs. Mary E. Richards to recovur $5,000 damages
against Diedrick HolTmnu, a lager beer saloon keeper,
lor selling strong drink to her husband, the jury disa
greed and were discharged.
Potor Douton, alias Fetsr Donnelly, alias Peter C.
Darling, was arraigned before Justice Rilsy, la Brook
lyu, yesterday, ou the charge ol bigamy. The com
plainant In tbe case is Margaret Ann Donlon. It ap
pears that tbe accused was married to Margaret Ana
Farrell ou the 10; b of December, 1861, by Rev.
Father (iloason, at St. Ann's Roman Cathollo Church,
Brooklyn, In the fall ot 1875 he abandoned her and
left the city. A snort time siuco his whereabouts were
discovered and the lact learned that ho was residing
with another woman as ber husband. Doulon 1st
canal boatman and was arresteu ou a recent trip be
made to Brooklyn. Clara E. Darling, who also claim/
the accused lor hor husband, states thai she married
him in 18)2; that lie resided at that time at Frank,
lord, Herkimer county, in this State, and w is known
tS Peter C. Darling. She separated irum bin IB 1800,
met him again id IS71, alter an absence n! eleven
years, settled oil disputes between them and has re
sided with him ever since. Bho states further that she
was uot aware that he married again during the sepa
ration. The accused admits that be married boih
women, but says that he was under the Impression
Hint ho had secured a divorce irom his tlrst wile lu
18GU, as ue had employed a lawyer lor that purpose.
Tun prisoner, however, was not possessed ol any
divorce papers, and Justice Riley committed bttn to
jail to await a lurtber examination.
Ai.bast, N. Y., May 23, 1877.
Ia Court ol Appeals Wednesday, May 23, 1877:?
No. 7. Tojloy va Bacon.?Argument resumed and
No. s. Peck vs. Colllus.- Argued by A. D. Wales, for
appelluni; si. TV. Waters, lor respondent.
No. 94. Heubard vs. Houghtou.?Argued by W. A.
Beach, tor appellant; J. ri. uartoek, lor respondent.
Pioclnuiuiiou made and Court adjourned.
The dsy calendar lor lliurnday, Muv 24, is as fol
lows:? Noe. 0, 10, 11, 10, 17, 19, 14 and 12.
war?in what dischargeable.
Washi.vcjTo.v, May 23, 1877.
The following decision has been reuderod by the
United States Supreme Court:?
No. 239. William X). Stewart, administrator, et al.
vs. Kxrklol Salamon at al. ?Appeal Iroiu tbo Circuit
Court ol the Coiled Slates for too Southern District ol
Georgia. ? i bis: Case is brought to loroclosc a mortgage
executed by oua James Stewart, now deceased, upon
curiam real property situated in the State of t.uorgia,
to xecuro bis promissory nolo for $-H.UDO, and lor the
sale of the mortgaged pri'intsrs to puy the amount
due thereon. It does not diller iroiu ordinary suns of
foreclosure in equity, oxcopt In making tenants of the
proper.y partton to prevent tbein, pending the litiga
tion, from paying over rente to tbu administrator or to
the lieirs ut the deceased, among whom, it is alleged,
the administrator has unluwiully partitioned tbo prem
ises. 'I lie note ol Stewart bears dale on the sill of
January, 1808, ?ud is payable to the order ot Allen A
Cuits in twelve months after uaie, with interest. It
was made lor the accoinmo jaiion of Cutis, who in
dorsed it to lloruecai, to whom also ino mortgage was
executed upon inn purchase of certain bonds of the
Georgia and I'enancola Kuilroud Company,
in March, IMS, $li>.3?26 were credliod upon
tbo Lote. Subsequently tbo nolo and mort
gugo aero assigned to' Die complainants
'ino point ot contention is wbetner the nolo was
originally solvable in Confederate currency or in Hie
legal currency of ilio l ulled Stales The Circuit Court
must have UelU that it was solvable in legal currency
auu was so intended by ibe pat lies, lor its decree is lor
tbe lull amount claimed. In its ruling in tins respect
we tlunk the Court erred, it scorns to u? that Hie evi
dence uouudaLtly juhtilies the conclusion mat me
transaction, lor which tbe note was in part given, Was
in Coulederate currency. At the time Ibe raiironil
bonds were purchased, January 8, 1803, the treasury
notes ol the Confederate government constituted tbo
priueipul currency ol Georg.a, in winch business trans
actions were conducted. It Was lu them mat refer
ence was always uuide Wucu dollars wore mentioned
uiiiCsS cotu was specified. I'lns condition ol things
appearing, the presumption is tiint in the purchase oi
the r.iproad bon is the parties had those notes in con
templation. And the testimony ol Cults and ol oilier*
cognizant ol Ibe transaction, except Mordecai, is pos
itive that sueli wns the ease. The conceded lacis re
specting me trunsomioii had to ibe same conclusion.
I lie vuluo ol the bond* was estimated al lite tune lu
Couludcrato currency; they were sold for eigbi.v cents
on the dollar in that currency. Tho cash payment or
over $12,lMAi Was In ilio same currency. i'ne foO.iMXi
note given at tils lime was paid s lew muutiis after
ward in that currency, it is Inghlv improbable that
an exccpiiouul distinction was made wlin relercuco lo
the balance lor which Ibe note ol Stewart was exe
cuted. Certainly the presumption is strung ibo
other way. 'lhe transaction and testimony together
leave no doubt In our mimic on the subject.
Tue sum therefore in uutuul money which the uo.e of
Stewart represented aud which he prom nod to pay
must he dotei mined ny the value in coin or legal
currency ol tno United Mutes at Die time tbo note was
made alia mi tue place wbere it was made ol Confed
erate treasury r.uiet, equal in nominal amount to tho
number ol dollars spACKIOd, Ami as lbs payment is
en.lor*, d no ibo note lu the saine monetary terms
Which a re used in the bote >l*ell, Die presumption is
that tho payment was intcudcd lu be credited lu the
same scale ot vaint* II tbe parties intended other
wise, some proof on the subje.t should have beou pre
sented. 1 lie credit was made w ithout any explana
tion, aud there i* i.o evuieuon Dial the value ol tbo
dolmrs mentioned In tbe receipt was dlllerent irom
the dollars mentioned In th? note. As the matter ia
piesenied lo us the principal dsei/Datad on tho lace of
the nolo is on.y reduced lo tho amount specified iii tho
receipt. The true rule, therefore, foi n-cei taming
ino rights ol the panics iit the cat* is to uaiculsu the
Interest on Die principal o. Die note up lu the lline of
tbo payment, and having then deducted tho payment,
to treat the balance us tue debt llieti due?the amount
in money to b<- determined by tbo value lu Georgia of
Uonicderato not.* in r.oiu or Die legal currency
ol tno Unit u Maio* at the time tins nolo
was made. Iiitciusi should be calculated
on litis b.ilaiii.o lo the date ol the doc roe.
I PC note, w ith Interval, amounted, when the payment
wi s ma le, to $.>3,7*7 , the credit oi $10,826 reduced It
to $38,4<>2. This ainouui, st aled by the value ol Con*
federate currency in Uoorgin at the date ol tho note?
throe to oik?would lo.iKe a baianie duo iu lawful
money March 17, lstPi, ol $12,120. This amount, with
ii,luteal, will ooliaiiiulo Die sum which should bo ad
judged duo, and lor Its payment tho proceeds ol tho
mortgaged premises, when sold, should be aupliod.
Mr. Justice >'ield delivered the opioiou.
The body of Joint (Junior, the Victim ot tbe murder
at K'isi Williamsburg on Huuday night, 131b Inn.,
which had remained in tno receiving vault oi the
Cemetery of- the Evergreens since Wednesday last,
was interred jrMterday in Die family plot. Mrs. Gun
?cr's latin niatious and aposirophvs wore loud and con
tinuous; sue csllod upon bun lo revnul his murderer,
and be wailed her being lolt With *|g hlllo children. It
wu* Wlin difficulty >ne could be torn nwny irora tbe
coffin. At the grave whon the corpus was exposed for
Die fast time she mrcsAcd it. end opening it* raoiilb
begged it lo reveal the idoniiiy ot the murderer.
|Notb.?Letters iniondsd tor tbls column must be
accompanied by tbo writer's lull name and address to
insure attention. Complainants wbo are unwilling to
comply wub tbls rule simply waste time In writing.?
Ed. Hrhax.d. ]
To tub KntTOR or thr li k k ald :?
In udilition to tbe complaint mode In the Hbrald
on May 21 (asking why no seats are placed In Toicp*
kins Square Purk) 1 ask why the lamps that aro
placed in the park are not lit in tbe eveiilug, as tboy
ou^ht to be; It wouid make tbo place a much more
agreouble ouo. 1 am also anxious to Itnow why tbo
water Is not kept running br hydrants being placed
there, or at loast itcouid be kept running by tbe one
hydrant there at present. C. W. B.
To tub Editor or TttK Hbiiald: ?
Every oue must admire the excellent arrangemonts
on tbe ground tloor of tbo new General Post OlDce,
but It Is surprising tnero should not be a "general In.
quiry office." as at tbo London Post Office, where infor
mation cun promptly be obtained on any subject con
nected with postal mutters Ouch an office would
greatly benefit natives as wall aa foreigners.
0. Bl'RO.V.
To tub Euitob or tub Hbiiald :?
Let me call your attentlou to the condition of the side*
wain In irout of the Twenty-sccoud Ilegimeut Armory,
on Fourteenth street, neur Sixth avenue. This side
walk is very wide, aud originally ball of it was enclosed
with an ornamental wooden feuoo and nicely sodded.
But, as no intention was paid to It, lbs fenos, in the
course of years, gradually decayed and was carried
uwuy piecemeal by small boys till now only enough of
it remains to serve as a reminder ol what u ouco was.
The grass, ol oourse, whs soon troddeu out, and now
the ground is bare, trodden Uurd by tnauy loeU
To tub Editor or tub Herald:?
Can the Elevated Railroad Company bo so nearsight
ed as uoi to seo they lose all the Harlem wostslders,
not to speak ol west aide anu North New York travel,
by not extending their road? Wo are wailing patiently.
Why can't they sue itr TRAVELLER,
To tub Editor or tu? Hbhalo:?
1 would liko to call tbe atteutlon of Mayor Ely to tbo
fact tbut tba building uu the southeast corner of Fllty
ninth strsst and Filth avonuo is very dtugorouat Par
sons passing by olten got thsir lest stuck In tbe boards
In trout ol the buildiu., una boys go in undor tbe build
ing aud sometimes get hurt. 11 this building is al
lowed to staud as it is ibi-n the Mayor ought to bavo
11 lcnced up and tbe streets paved. A. H.
To the Editor or the Herald:?
In looking over tbo City Ktcurd 1 observed so article
relative to our municipal department Tbe article re
ferred to la a rubber capo about to be adopted by our
police force. Having been a member of that body lor
eight years, and having some .knowledge of ltB work
ings, 1 have como 10 the conclusion that tbls cape or
cloak busluess is like the bat afialr?a good deal ot
jobbery at tbe bottom oi both. It is tho boat Invention
that bus over been got up to prevent an officer from
perlorining bis duty. WUeobepuia ou his "martial
cioak," or rather tho police Dolman, bis urius are com
pletely imprisoned. Imagine au oil! er in contact
with a gang ot thieves weariug sach a coat. Why, be
Is completely at tbelr mercy; he cannot wioid hie
baton to any advantage, wbiub Is his aote dependence
in such cases. It is not this alone; two-tDirds ol iho
force, or probably more, are already supplied with
suitable rubber ciutbiiiB, wbioh they will have to cast
usidu lor un article utterly unlit lor them. The next
thing they will bavo to get la an imperial wig to
make lord mayors ot Ihetn all. INDEPENDENT.
To toe Editor or the Herald:?
Your correspondent of yesterday is quite right In
his complaint against the Dry Dook, East Broadway
and Battery Railroad Company's cars being run, as
thoy arc,over lbs walk in front of lbs Hbrald Building
auu 1 lully agree wnn biui Ibai the matter should be
looked alter by the proper authorities. Ills views are
thoso ol nuutboss of others that bavo ocoasiou to puss
tbat way, aa well as of a l'E DEB Till AN.
To tiik Editor or tiik IIkkald:?
Now itio bull icaaou hui oouiinonccd, don't you
think the boys wbo work all day and don't have a
chance to play In the I'ark, might have tho use 01 the
dock early In the morning? Bennies, there nro no
windows to break. BANK bTREEL'EKiS.
To tub Editor or tuk Hkkai.o:?
1 desire to enter a complaint against the ferry of the
New Jersey Central Ruilroad. Tho boats of this Icrry
arc without doubt tno handsomest that cross the
North Kivor, but the lights lurnlshed in the evening
are equally without doubt the poorest. The exorcise
ol my proiesslon frequently compels me to cross this
lerry alter dark. In the cabins there are, three In one
and lour In the other, ollensive oil lamps turned down
so low that It is impossible to read even the editorial
page in the Hkkai.o. To one entering the cabin troin
the Ircah air the odor Is sickuniug, and It is an actual
lact that delicate ladles liavo been nauseated by those
stinking lamps. 1 bavo seen ladies standing outside
in tho snow, rain or elect on cold winter nigbie rather
than remain in tho cabin in the words ol tho im
mortal Goeine, I would ask tor MEUH J.ICUT.
To tiik Editor or rim Hkkai.o:?
Allow me a little spaoo in your valuable "Complaint
Book" to call attention to the carelessness ol the
police. On the corucr ol Grand and Lewie streets a
crowd ol young rulllans Habitually insult passing
ladies and spu on their dross. Tno police ar aware
ol this lact, but they pay uo utioni ou to the conduct
ol those loaiers. WOMAN'S KlliHirf.
To tiik Editor or tiik Hkrald:?
Please call tho auontlon ol tbo Street Department to
the condition of Maiden lano Irotn Broadway to South
street. Il Btrgh should pass through this street somo
day and notice the horses struggling to pull the curie
una trucks out ol tho holes he might Intro uu excel*
lent opportunity of aisplaying his authority, not to
tno poor truck drin-rs, out to the department ol our
City to which ihia belongs. DAILY HEADER.
To tub Editor or tux Herald:?
Last Monday morning 1 entered car No. 17 of the
Broadway and Eighth avenue lino. At the entrance
ol the cur was a muu having h s boots blackened, and
1 nud io step over ilio liuolbl.u k's box lo enter tue cur.
It made It very unpleasant, it this to be allowed?
To ruic Editor ok tub Li skald
Cannot tbe police prevent cbildron along the car
routes from endangering tho Safety of passougcr* by
Hinging atones, dirt and other missile* Into the car*, as
they u?continually ? Yesterday, on the green curs, my
clothing was soiled by uu addled egg ibat wut thrown
In nl the window while passing through Second street.
1 he day before, while passing through Oliver street in
the Second ivenuo car, several largo ston a were
thrown in by a group "oya, any one ol which Would
have killed a porsou had it struck lnm in the lelupie.
Tue conductors seemed poriocuy indillcreiit to the
mailer in hoih cases. 1 Iuvm repeatedly been hurt
mollis manner, and have seen other* seriuuiiy ill
jure.I. I huso things arc cousiantlj happening, and
tne danger is all the greater iu the open cars used in
tho summer time. P>ohs? call public uioniiou to tho
luuivct, us it is absolutely uusufe to ride on some ol
too city car routes. VIATOR.
To tkb Editor or tiik Hekalo:?
1 have travelled all over the world, and I must con*
less Hut III no country have 1 found lb# "impertinent
guzu" so demonstrative us in our own. i Icel that In a
measure I must come to tbe ioscuo Ol tbo "middle
uged married men." In no othar country do tbo
ladies dress so attractively lor truvol or tho street. 1
behove the Unit ol tue "tyn to eye" encounter lies in
most casus with the "dear petted ladies." Travelling
our thoroughfare* 1 bavo met title "eye to eye" en
counter, and with the abashed leoliugs ol ? "middle aged
married man" 1 have turned iny head away In aisgusi.
Iu lact, 1 have been looked out ol couuteusncs When I
have tried lo iivoid lint "eyo to eye1' lucuuiuef.
"i ruih" thinks thai young gi-Qtloinon are excusable.
How strange I 1 shou.d nubs that il front more ad*
tp ii mi ion i tin married man would least ofleiid. 1 have
seen a iiioii walking with ins wile iu the evening When
a young iiiuii alone w.<s met, and alter bavlifg puasod
the wile *io|iptd, turned completely arouuo, gazing
at the "unknown." Ax much as tne sheet corner
loamr is delusion, I huva seen married ladles notico
them Iu un imprudent Way, thus giving enoourugo
inent to lliclr "I in pertinent gaze. " 1 have soon tne
stuno female gaze in theatres and other pulilie place*.
Man generally know wuh whom they can solely meet
lb* "eye to eye" encounter. Now, lauiei, II you ne->er
siaro at the gentlemen It it uot likely you will kuow
tbay aro atariug at you.
Tbe groat event ol tbe year id Brooklyn Is the par
ade of the thousands ol bright-eyed Sunday school
children, out on no lornier occasion has there been n
larger or more handsome display than that which took
plaoe yesterday. Tbe gross was green, toe deep blue
ol the sky flecked with fleecy Clouds, tbo atmosphere
cool and invigorating, and nothing, Indeed, was want
ing to make tbe scene enjoyable. "Children's Day"
across the river Is always anticipated with an enthusi
asm that Is only known 10 the little ones. They look
forward to it for weeks, sud make their prsparationt
to crowd a maximum of pleasure Into a minimum of
time with a disregurd of consequences to their mater
nal relatives that Is utterly reckless. Between tbe
schools ihere Is more or less ol rivalry as to which
snail make tbo bast sud largest appearance, and be
tween the hoys and girls themselves the ambition Is
equally strong to look their very best and make In
tbeir small way a sensation. Tho Utile world wus
therefore awake at en early hour yesterday, end in
all tho glory ot white dresses, blue sashes, kid shoes
and the Jauntiest ot hats and roundabouts they galh
erud among toe flowers and flags at their respective
Sunday schools, each to play his microscopic part la
tbo celebration ol tbo day. It seemed us il they were
all there, from the little toddlers who had to bo helped
along by some loving hand to tbe young ladies aua
gentlemen just passing through the bread and butter
plage ol hie.
tux PaRade.
The signal that tbe parudo would take place was
given at eleven o'clock, when the City Hall hell was
tolled for Uve minutes. The schools then formed In
line und marched to their respective rendezvous, where
thsy paraded in review bcloro the people.
Tbe Heights' division was led by Marshal Abiah B.
Thorn. The sohools in line were as follows:?
Church ol tho Pilgrims, 1260 children, 49 teachers;
Pilgrim Chapel, 4S0 children, 45 teachers; Gorman
Kvaugollcal, 385 children, 48 teachers; St. Matthew's
Kvangolioal Lutheran, 211 children, 21 leuobers; Augs
bury Chapel, 137 children, 23 teachers; Moravian, 121
children, 22 teachers; Proshytcruin, 450 children, DO
teachers; First Reformed Church, 40 children, 10
teachers; Centennial Mission, 350 chlldron, 33 teach
ers; Central Baptist, 255 children, 38 teachers;
Stioum, 60 children, 17 teachers; tit Anus,
on the Heights, 366 children. 30 teachers;
1st. Peter's, Protostuul Episcopal, 580 children, 70
teachers; Union Congregational, 205 children, 39
touchers; Reformed Ouurch. on the Heights, 124
ohildruu, 22 teachers; St. Peter's Mission, 106 chil
dren, 29 teachers; First Reformed Church, 300 cbll
drou, 37 loachors; ilethany Chapel, 488 children, 35
teachers; Johnson Street Methodist Episcopal Church,
160 children, 18 teaohers; First Reformed Presbyte
rian, 166 children, 21 touchers: Bridge Street Metho
dist Episcopal, 150 children, 21 teachers; City Park
Chapel, 770children, 03 teachers: Sands Street Metho
dist Episcopal, 460 children, 50 teachers; Second Pres
byterian, 226 cbihireu, 28 teaohers; First Baptist, 630
children, 01 leuohors; First Baptist Mission, lit)
children, 16 teachers; Wusbtugton Street Metho
dist Episcopal, 3c2 children, 30 teachers;
Concord Street Baptist, 117 chlldron, 15 teaohers;
Plymouth Cuurcb, 700 children, 114 loactiers; ply.
mouth Mission, 120 children, 16 teachers: Mayflower
Mission, 070 children, 70 teachers; Botbel Mission,
1,222 children, 68 teachers; Yhrk Street Methodist
Episcopal, 350 children, 48 touchers. Tho route of
march was along Heury, Clinton, Plerrepoal, Montague
and Jorulotnou struct a.
This division, which was led by Marshal William
Adams, paraded on Gates avenue, irotn Bedford avenuo
to Si. James' plaoe. The Sabbath schools la lute were
as ollowa:?
central Congregational, 1,038 Children, 67 teaohers;
CIrkou Avenuo Presbyterian, 464 ouildron, 68 touchers;
Do K.ilb Avenue Methodist Episcopal, tin# children, 6e
teacnors; Van Bureu Street Miasiou, 27 chlldreu, 0
teachers; Bediord Avenue l'roiogiani Dutch
Church, about 200 children; Marcy Avenue
Baptist, 665 clil:drcu, 61 teachers; Church
of tbe Reformation, 245 children, 37 teachers;
Grace Presb.vierluu, 200 cnildroh, 33 teachers; Park
Avouue Methodist Episcopal, 349 children, 29 teachers;
Bedford Kolorraed Protestant Dutch, 150 children, 20
teachors; Rciorinod Church, Prolcstani Episcopal, lib
children, 14 teachors; Clasoa Avenuo Presbyterian
Church, 404 children, 68 teachers; Franklin Avenue
Presbyterian Cuurcb, 477 children, 61 teuchors; Bed
lord Avenue Baptist, 605 children, 65 teachers; Nos
trand Avonuo Metliodiat, 324 children, 48 teachers;
Bud lord Avenue Congregational, 237 children, 34
Tbe lino or this division was us follows:?
Middle Reformed Church, 410 children, 17 teachors;
Fouth Congregational, 367 children, 40 teachers; Fourth
is.rout Sunday School, 126 children, 21 toucher?; Wur
rso Stroet Metbodlst Episcopal, :12s ouildren, 33 teach
ers; First German Methodist Episcopal, 12o children,
24 teachers; Christ Church, 220olnldreu, 30 iear.tiers;
Christ Chapel, 3u0 children, 25 teachers; Church of Our
Saviour, 442 children, 52 touchers; First Placo Meth
odist Kpiscopal, 260 children, 40 teachers; Strong
Place Baptist, 634 ouildren, Si teachers; Clin
ton Street Presbyterian, 480 children, 20 teachers;
Carroll Parle Mission, 200 childion, 33 teachors j Pacific
Street Methodist Episcopal, 202 children, 28 teachers;
William Street Methodist Kpiscopal, 126 children, 19
teachers; Mariner's Methodist Kpiscopal, 100 children,
12 teachers; Westminster Presbyterian, 210 chldren,
30 teachers ; 1'abernacle llaptist, 020 children, 49 teach
ers; Carroll Park Methodist Kpiscopal, 260 children, 25
touchers; Columbia Mission, 200 children, 24 teachers.
CttRTOR AV?Rl'i mviSIOR.
Hobert J. Kimball was marsbal ot this division,
wuicb wus composed as loilows;?St. Juines Protestant
Kpiscopal, 931 children, 37 teachers; Orphans, of
Church Charity Foundation, 300 children, 4 teachers;
Hutninerfield Metuodlst Episcopal, 372 children, 51
teachers; Friends' Hlblo School, 40 children, 8 teach
ers; Grand Avenue Mission, 403 coildron, 04 teachers;
Washington Avcnuo Uup'.Ut, 411 children, 50 teachors;
liurycu Mission, 275 children, 36 teachers; Church of
the Messiah, 245 children, 31 teachers; Atlantic
Avenue Mission, 209 children, 31 teachers; Simp
son Methodist Kpiscopal, 500 children, 75
teachers; At. Mark's Protestant Episcopal, 140
children, 10 teachers; North Kelurmoil, 250 children,
28 teachers; Clinton Avenue Congregational, 304 cliil
ureu, 44 teachors; Hanson l'lucu Baptist, 3uti children,
41 teachers; llrst independent Methodist Episcopal,
175 childron, 20 teachers; Lafayette Avenue Presoy
terien, 967 children, 112 teachers; Hanson Place
Methodist Episcopal, 309 children, 41 teachers; Na*u
roue Mission, 46 children, 11 teachers; Centennial
Ituptlsi, 3u9 children, 35 teachers; Fleet Atretl Mctnod
tsi, 450 children, 04 teachers; St. Luke's Evangelical
Lutheran, 260 children, 20 teachers; Fori Greeuo Pres
byterian, 400 ctnldrou, 45 teachors; Primitive Mothud
Ist Kpiscopal, Park avenue, 177 children, 24 teachors;
African Methodist t buroh. 26 children, 9 teachers.
The parade oi this division took pl.tco on Clinton
avouuo, Irom Gales to Willoughby avenues.
Robert Henderson was marshal ul this division,
which embraced I he churches nauiod below:?Wesley
Methodist Kpiscopal, 275 children, 28 tea hers; t'broop
Avenue Pros >yteriun, 400 children, 37 touchers; Puritun
Aundsy Acuool, 084 children, 80 teachers; At. Mat
tbew's Protestant Kpi-copnl, 160 children, 23 teach
ers; Ureen Avouuo Methodist Episcopal, 218 children,
3b teachers; Throop Avcnuo Mi-sion, 1,050 children,
44 teachers; At. Goorge s Protestant Kpiscopal, 187
children, 22 teachers; Au Peter's Evangelical Lu
theran, 250 cblldien, 3d teacher*.
The parade look place in Tompkins Avenue Park.
The marshal ol tho division wu* William A. Cook,
and the schools were as loilows:?Tompkins Avenue
Congregational, 3d I children, 38 toacbers; Rochester
Avenue Congrogaltonal, 67 children, 43 teaoliors;
Herkimer Atreet Baptist, rj5 culldron, 23 teachers;
Etnhury Methodist Kp.scopul, 340 children, 2.1 toich
ers; New York Avenue Methodist Episcopul, 105 chil
dren, 30 teachers; Germuu Kelormed ProiMstant, C3
Children. 9 teachers; Good Snrpliurd Protestaut Epis
copal, '296 children, 28 leacbert; Si. Aiepbeu's, 116
children. 20 touchers.
The line ol maroli was Macon street, Lewis nvcuue,
Mucdonough street uhd Atuy vesaui avenue.
This division, ol wnlcUA. J. U. Uodenpvl was mar
shal, was organized at loilows ?
Lafayette Aveuue Presbyterian, 967.children, 112
teachers; liotuiclieiu Mi??ion, 319 children. 38 teachers;
The Coveuant, lOo children, lo teachers; Brooklyn
Tabernacle, l,44o children, loo touchers, Second
United Presbyterian, lb2 children, 17 touch
er ; OtiVoi C11 a )>?? 1, 186 children, 23 teach
ers; Home Industrial, lno children, 12
teaeliers; Gospel School, 155 children, 27 teachers;
Memorial Presbyterian, 200 cbhdrou, 29 teachers;
Seventh Avenue Mothoitlsi Episcopal, 212 children, 31
teacher*; Sixth a venue Baptist, 17b children, '21
teachers; Eighteenth street Methodist Episcopal, 684
Children, 38 teachers; Church Ol the Atonement, 600
children, 40 teachers; Twelfth ?tr< ol Kclormod, 800
children, 54 teachers; Greenwood Baptist, 6i> chil
dren, 44 teachers; Park Longrogalional, 340 children,
36 teachers; German Protestant Lutheran. 176 chil
dren, *6 lose nor*; First Oerinan llaptist, 75 children,
lo leaabers; All Mints' Episcopal, 20m children, 29
Instead ol entering Prospect Park together at the
main entrance and being reviewed by Mayor Achrocdor
and the Hoard <d Aldermen, so at first designed, ihe
.Sunday sellouts inarched direcliy to the graud stand ul
the extreme oud ul the Long Meadow, where tney wore
nrrangod in an ninphithnatre, euoli school having its
place designated ny a large plscaru displayed upon a
pole. Hy nair-pnkt two o'clock, lite Itino at which tho
exercises were to begin, toe t eats wero sll filled with
tho teachers uinl scholars. No addross was made,
Cnuntermurcliihg on the green wa# then gone through
with, and iDo spectacle presented was maguitlcsnt.
At the conclusion of the parade tho tired childron
were eondumed to their school rooms, whore they
were entertained and supplied with un abundance ul
Ico cream, strawberries, cukos, candies and fruit.
Rarks?MoiirtA*. ?At the residcnoeof tbe bride's
parents. May Id, by the Rev. W. h miuv
0. Barks, of New Roeheile. H. T., U Miss Fanris
Mohgan, or Eeetobeeur, N. Y.
Browns? Uissrktt.? On Monday, May 21, 1977, by
tbe Rev. Father FurreR, James Biuwm to Mary
Ji ma Bbkxbtt* daughter of William and Ellen Ben
nett, all of New Yore.
Clark?Hewlett.?On Tuesday, Ma/ 22, at the real,
deuce ol tbe bride, by tho Ker. K. S. Putney, Andrew
1* Oi.ark 10 I?oTT 1 a, youngest daughter ol Charles
Hewlett, Esq., all oiNew York.
Martin?Dudley.?At tbe reeldenoe of tbe bride'a
father, Yonder*. Wednesday, May 23. by tho Buy. g.
D Burr, Chahi.es H. Martin to Joskfhixr, daughter
of Gilman Dudley. No card*.
Riki.u? Dietrich.?lb Brooklyn, on Monday evening
May 21, by tbe Kev. Cbarlee N. Sims, at tbe residence
ol the bride'* mother, 383 Pacific at., Geokok W.
K1K1.L to Tiluk Dietrich. No cards.
Bishop.?In Jeraey City, on Tueaday, May 22, Jambs
Street Ui.suor, aged 59 voar*.
Ruiut res ami Iriends ore respectfully invited to at
tend tbe Itinera), trom bis late residence, 44 Sussex at,
(old number), Jersey City, 00 Friday, 25m lust., at
tbreo P. tl. ilia reuiato* will be takon to New Haven,
Conn., lor Interment.
Bonsk. ?At Oroton, Conn., on ths 22d Inst.,
Eluaiikth, wile ol J J\ House and daughter ol tbt
late Edtnuud Fish, ol Brooklyn
The tnnerul will leka place at Oroton.
Brook.?In Brooklyn, 23d Inst., JoetPB Brock, lg
bis 78tb year.
Funeral Irotn bin residence, 277 Washington St..
Friday, May 26, at two R M.
Condon.?In this city, on Tuesday, the 22d Inat,,
Thomas A Condon, In bis 20th year.
Fuuurul will take place front bis late residence, 306
East 21st St., on Thursday, tbe 24ih inst., at two p.
M. Relatives end irlenda are reepectfully Invited to
Coyne.? Dennis Cotxb, on Tuesday, May 22, aged 36.
Roliitivps and friends are invited to attend tbe fune
ral, tbia (Thursday), at 2, Irora bis late residence, 65th
si. uud av. A.
Km elk.? On Tuesday, May 22, Charlis V. Q. Emils,
In the 21st year or his age.
Relatives and Irionds of tbe family are reapecifnlly
Invited to utiend Ills funeral, ou Tnursday niternoou,
May 24, at two o'clock, rrom bis lite residence. No. 76
2d st.
Fixes.?On Tuotday, May 22, Frank H. J., son of
Otto and Calbarlno Fiuck, aged 20 yoars, 10 months.
Kolatlvcs and friends ut the laraily are respectfully
Invited to attend tbe funeral, from tbe resldenoe ol
bis parents, 160 Vurtok st., ou Thursday, the 24th Inst.,
at hall-past one o'clock P. M.
Fowl.sr.?On Wednesday, May 23. Libzir, oldest
dauchu-r 01 George W. and Louisa K. Fowler, aged IS
yours aud 11 daya
Relutivrs and Irionds are respectfully Invited to at*
tend iho funeritl, at the Episcopal Church, Mount Ver<
nou, on .Saturday, May 20, ut two P. M. Carriages will
be in waiting at the depot for 12 M. train from 42d at.,
Vtu New Havon Railroad.
Hkvdrickhmx.? Ida, wife of Cbarlee Mendrlckson, In
hor 26tb yeur.
Ro.atives aud trionda are Invited to attend tbe fu
noral, irorn tbe restuotice ol W. P. Hendrlckson, 1,064
Mary at., Elizabeth, N. J., on Thursday, May 24, ai
oue P. M Carriages at depot tor 11:4G train.
Hoi.dkrmann.?On Monday, the 21st Inst., after a
long audsuvore Ili neat, Ei.izabith Uoldhkmann, aged
60 years, 5 months, 21 d iys.
The relatives ana Irionds of tbo family are reapcot
lully invited to attend bur luueral, on Tbursday, 24th
Inst., at hall-past ooo o'clock P. M., from her late
resilience, 432 2d av.
Hent.? on Tueaday, 22d mat., ol Intermittent lover,
Sarah a Hunt, wile of D. H. Hunt, at ber resldenco,
446 PulaBklst., Brooklyn.
Funeral wilt take place at three P. M. on FrldS)
next, at tbe bouse. Rolativea and trtenda are Invites
to attend.
Hyi.uk.?Suddenly, at PlalnflelU, N. X, on Tuoaday,
May 22, Mrs. Catharine A. Uylsr, Wile of Adonljab
Funeral on Friday, May 25, at batf-past two P. M.
Relatives and friends ol tbe lurully are respectfully in
vited to miend. Trains leave foot of Liberty at.. New
York at 10:3d A. M. aud 1 P. M.
Jones.? lu New York, May 23, James Jones, In lh<
63d year ot his ago.
Funeral from bis reildonoe, 826 East 39th at., Frl*
day, two P. M.
Kennedy.?William 1L Kennedy, late aaptaln of
sleumshin Clyde, Monday, May 21 1877.
Funeral Thursday, 24th May, 1877, at balf-pnst three
P. M., from bis lato residence, 193 loth *L, Brooklyn.
Relatives and fiionds nnu members of Greenwood
Lodge, No. 669, K. and A. M. ; Independent Lodge,
No. 186 V. and A. M.; Greenwood Unupter, No. 266, R.
A. M., and Clinton Cummandery, Na 14, K. T-, are re
spocuully Invited to attend.
Keens.?On Tuesday, 22d InsL, at twelVo o'clock,
noon, James L. Kerns, In the 73d year ol hie age.
A requiem mans will be celebrated lor tbe repose ol
his soui lu tbe cbapul of luo Immaculate Virgin, in St.
Vlncotit'e Homo lor Boys, 53 Warren st., at halt-pas)
niue o'clock this raorniug. His luneral will take piac<
immediately after tnuss. His Irieuds and acquaint
ances are Invited to attend.
KiNtt.?Iti Brooklyn, on Wodnosday, May 23, 1877,
ol scarlet lover, Jambs Hbnrt, son 01 James and Ellen
Kill*, ugod 4 years aud 7 month*.
Funeral will take piece from tbe residenco of liis
pvrents, corner oMih uv. and 19tu St., South Brook
lyn, oo Friday next, the 25th iiibL, at two o'clock, to
tho Cemetery ol the Holy Cross. Flatbosh.
LaZaros ?On the 22d mst, Edward, son of the late
Solomon Lazarus, ot Kingston, Jamaica, In bis 44tb
Funeral this day (Thursday), 24th, at ball-past nine
a. II., Irom 110 West 21st si. Friends uro invited M
Loiimkier.?At Greonpolnt, Brooklyn, E. D., on
Tuesday, May 22, alter a lingering illness, Joiiann
Heixricii Lohmkikr, aged 47 years, 6 months and IS
Tbe relatives and friends ol tbo family, tbo members
of Roland Lodge, No. Li, A O. of G. F., and tue incut
tiers of Ami h jgener Club uro respocilully Invited to
attend the luneral, 011 Thursday, May 24, at two
o'clock P. M., trom bt* lato residence. No. 180 West,
curuer ol Greene St., Grci-upotut, Biuoklyn, E. !>..
thence to the German Lutheran Cburcb in Leonarc
st., between Culver st. and Ureonpoiot av.; thence to
tne Lutheran Cemotery.
MiLi.ekd.?Alter a lingering lllncie, May 20, Mar*
oarnt, wile of Nelson Millord, in tho 49th year ol bet
Funeral aervioes at ber late residence, 57 West 4Stb
St., Thursday, May 24, at ten o'clock A. If. Friendi
arc invited t'o attend without further notice.
Mooitu.? At Konsvtllo, S. 1., on Wedueeday, May
23, Km:link L., widow of the late T, W. C. Moore, lu
tbe 70tb year ol ber age.
Funeral services wilt take place at St. Andrew's
Church, Richmond, on Saturday, May 20, at two
o'clock P M. Relatives aud Iriendsare iuviiod to at
tend. Carriages will be in wa:ting ut YunderbLt'a
I Lauding ou the arrival ol the twelve o'clock bout Irom
New York.
.MORGAN.?Oa Wednesday, 23d lust., Mart Morgan;
aged S.I years aud ti mould*.
Relatives and trieoda are invited to altond the
luueral, Irom lier sou's residence, 225 4ih at., Jersey
City, at eight A. M. on Kridiy, 2 .1b lost.
McCi.kaky. ? May 22, Tiiomas Sylvkhtkk MoClrart,
son ot late Thomua McCleary.
Fuuerai, 24th last, at two o'oloolt P. M., Irom 34
Howard uv., llroolclyu, is. 0.
MoNikksv.? on Monday, tbe 21st Insiat bis Into
residence. No. 339 Wast lltb Bt., Owbn 9. MoKirrnt,
aged 41 years.
i lie relutlvos and trlends of tho family, also those of
bis brothers, Kighi Rev. Francis aud Jauies I..
McXiemv, ure respecilully invited to aitcnd his
luooml, on Thursday, tbe 24ih Inst., irom St, Patrick's
Cathedral, at ten A. M.
Nkai..?Ou Wednesday, the 23d inst., of scarlatina,
Maymaud Philip, youngest sou ol John and Clara Neal,
ant d years and lo days.
Fuuerai at hall-past two P. M., ou Thursday, tbe 24lb
inst. at 862 3d uv.
London papers please oopy.
Phillips.?On Tuesdav, 22J Inst., Hkxrt W.
Frumps, in the 3?tli y^ir ol ins age.
Item nne will bo taken t-i Providence lor iotorraeot.
Providence (it. 1.) papers will please copy.
Kkij.i.y. ? On Wednesday, May 21, at o3<i liroorae st,
Et.lrn, beloved wile nt Himon Kslliy, age i 0-1
Tnc Iriends of tbe lainiiy are res .ociluliy invited to
attend tho lunernl, from St. Anlhouy'a Church, Sulli
van !>t., on Friday morning, at nine o'clock
Hons,?On Muv 22, Jays Louisa, wile of William
11 oss, aged 26 years.
Kein.itns to be taken to Cypresn Hills, from ber lato
residence, 11 Charles si., Ilrooklyn, nt two o'clock
Thursday afternoon. Kelatiree and Iriends are re
quested to atleLd.
dANiirouo.? At No. 128 East 26th si., May 22, of
pneumonia, I.awkkm-h Hkkkki.ry, son ol Elliot and
Elizabeth P. Saudford, aged 3 yean, 2 months and 20
day a
funeral service.-Thursday, st Kaynhsm, Mass,
MORWknckk.?tin Tuesilay, May 22, 1?77, Fraxcrs
Matiiiliia, youngest daughter ol Lutrany. uud Mathilda
M jgdiiicuu fchwuucke, aged 20 inontus anil 6 days.
funeral service at parouis' residence, Thursday,
May 24, at ball-past one P. M., troin 10 Watta st.
Knlutivt-s are respocilully invited
dHKirroN.?Mitaaia Kiuorway, wife of Pailo S.
Shoitun, Jr., lu tlie 31 et year of bsr age.
Notice ot lunerai neroalier.
^taccooi.k, A-.M Han Antonio, Texas, May 21. 1877,
Mr It. C. SrtcrtMA
Htrpiias ?Ou Tuesday, May 22. slter a shori Illness,
Mary, beloved wile ol Philip Htepoan, in tbe 34th
year ol Lor age.
Itolaiiyes and iriends of the family aro rospectlnlly
invited to aitcud the luueral, from tier laic residence,
No. 272 East 3d st., at one P. M., on the 2611'. Inst.
Ihompron. ?On laoeday morning, tho 22d lost.
Major Ai.r.ax Thompson, sou of the laic Major aud
Eleanor 1 bompsou, iu his 22U year.
Funeral to tako place Irom the residence oi bis
fmlier-in-law, A H. Forbes, Camden, N. J., at ami
o'clock a M.. Hstiirilay, M ty 20. Komaina to ue in
terred in Urcenuood i/emmery same day. Csrriagea
will bowamug loot ol CourtLindt *u, at 2:06 P. M.
rRAVRRs. ?on luesday, May 22, Kkidokt, wife ol
Michael W. Travors, in nor 33d year.
Kuiatives and frionds are invited to attend the in
bi-ral, irom her luie residence, No. 131 West 1Mb ah.
Thursday, two P. M.
Varum.? On luesday, May 22, Martha, Wile of
Michuei \ariun, Bf., in uer Suth year.
P.tiiaiivss and Iriomls are Invited lo attend her
lunerai, on Haiurdav, May 20, at ball-past ivt'o o'clock,
Irom her lute residence. Trains leave tirand Central
depot at 1:30 P. M.
WiaiA?On Tuesday, May 22, at her late residence,
ltHHh st., Ilnrlum, Kmku.nb Wki.lh, wife ol Wot 0.
The relatives and friends ol the lumlly arc rospoct
lullv ihviteil lo attend her lunerai on Friday, 2Mb
tn?t., *1 half pall one o'clock, from tbe liaptlsi cunrcb,
83d st.. between _'d *nd 3d uvs.
IVkxrhu?On Tuesday, May 22, it Mlllington, N. J.?
his laic residence, Tiiruiious, eldest son ot the late
Henry Wen/,el, of tnu city. In the 46th year ol bit ago.
Km firm CHAHim, No. 170, K. A M The ootnpsn
lons of this enspter aro hereby sumtuosed to meet ut
ilia rooms, comer Kivinptou at. and Howery, on this
(I hursday) evsmng, at Ave o'clock, sharp, to pay the
met tribute oi reaped to oar lato companion, Theo
dore Wenr.el. By order.
ItOHRRT R Bowxa. secretary.

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