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[by telegraph to thk herald.]
NcwroKT, K. 1., June 13, XS77.
A very ooUblo weddiug took place In this city ml?
afternoon, the bridegroom being I'rosldeut D. C. UU
uian, ol the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, anj
the brido Mis# Lillle Woolsoy, uieco ol ex-President
Woolsey, ol Vale College, aud sister of Susun Cooiidge,
ibe well Known nnthoress. It wus a private aflair, but
iixty invitations being issued. Among the guests were
ix-1'resident Woolsey, ot Yale Collego; Hon. Hovordy
lobnson, ol Baltimore; Jobn Laiarge, tbo artist, and
family; Edwin L. Godkin, editor of tbe Xatinn;
Colonel T. W. Uiggicson, Colonel G. K. War
ing, Jr., and olber literary gentlemen, besides
aoveral aumnier residents of this place. Tbe bride,
who 1* an accomplished young lady and whose figure is
tall and elegant, was dressed in wblte silk, with veil
uud wreatb ol orango blossoms. Tbo bridegroom and
guests assembled in ibe reception room ol tbe ele
gaut residence ol tne bride aud awaited tier appearance.
M)o soon descended tbe stairway, procedod by several
children, her nieces aud nephews, each ol whom car
ried a bouquet. Tbe bridegroom then escorted nor to
tbe parlor, whero the Episcopal marringo ceremouy
wax performed by Kev. George J. Maglli, of Trinity
Church. A reception lollowed, alter which tbe bappy
couple look the alternoou train lor Boston, and m ill
sail lor Europe in a few days. The bridal presents,
wbicb were numerous and costly, were deposited lu
tbe third storv el tbe bouse, where the lavored gueds
got a glimpse ol them. President Gilraan will not re.
bum# bis dune* at tbo University before fall.
[by telegraph to the herald. 3
St. Locis, Mo., June 13, IS77.
There Is inuch indignation upon the stockholders ol
tbe Commercial Eire Insurance Company, which mudo
an assignment yesterday, aud anumoerol them boldly
express the opinion that there bas been something
very rotten In tbe management ot its aflalrs. Joseph
Bogy, sou of United Slates Mcnutor Bogy, was presi
dent ol tbe company and Us active manager. Senator
Iiogy was the heaviest stockholder, uud he states that
lie is a loser to the extent ol $100.o00 in cash, and that
the disaster will ruin him financially if his creditors
are not indulgent. Joseph bogy loses $00,000, Including
a lull mortgage on his residence and all his properly.
Tbe Hogys have always stood high in St. Louis, and
their names were taken as guarantees ol the sounduess
of tbo insurance company. There are eighteen other
stockholders, all St. l.oulsiaus. There will l>e
?ssets enough to reinsure the policies, ag
gregating $40,000, but there does not seem
lo be uny probability that tbo stockholders will
realize ativtlnnx beyond nu Inslgnitlcuut percentage.
Homo ol tne stock tins boon paid lor at par within the
last one or two years; it is staled now that tbe com
pany has been seriously crippled over since the great
Chicago lire uud that it hus been doing a dospciute
business ever since.
Joseph Bogy was also president of tbe Exchange
Bank ot this city and to-day resigned that position.
His friend* represent that bo Is completely crusbod.
Krkdekick, Mil, June 13, 1877.
Tbe funerals of the live victims ot the I'oiniot Hocks
Baltimore andOblo Railroad disaster of yesterday took
place into afternoon, between the hours of four and six
b'clock. Tbe entire city is in mourning, while tbo bells
bave beon tolling all day.
si'ith auaixst tiik compact.
Suits will be entered at once against the company for
(mounts aggregating to $'_'00,000.
All tho nineteen wounded are improving, except one,
Mr Greon, who will probably die of his injuries.
No positive causo has been astigued by tne company
for tbe accident, hut a thorough investigation will take
place on Friday next.
Washixotox, June 13, 1877.
Rear Admiral A. Murray, id command of the North
Pacific station, in a despatch to the N'ivy Department,
dated Mazutlan, May 24, reports the particulars ot the
loss of thostoamur Jity ot San Francisco on the 16th
ot May, heretofore published, and says owing to tho
pood rannagnmcnl of Captain Waddoll. of that vossel,
aud I lie perfout discipline of the ship, no lives were lust
out ol total ul 'Mil j>ermint, many ol Uiom women, dlil
dr n un<l infants. Admiral Murray says It givos him
pleasure to rnako tlila statement, hs Captain WadUell
was formerly u lieuteuant in the navy, llu also speaks
in the highest tortus ot the humane, i-elt-sacriiluiug
and galluut conduct ol tho captain, oiTiccro and crew of
the little Mcxlcan gunboat Mexico in transporting
thu wrecked passengers ana crew to Aca
pufco, a i, a gavs it titer i is some recognition
from our government. In conclusion, he
says the passenperi all concur in tbe testimony that
C.ipiain Waddclt did everything that skill and couruco
<ould do lor tbciu and lor his xblp, which ho was the
last to loave. Indeed tho officers, crew and passengers
seemed to have conducted themselves bravely and
Pokt Koyai., S. C., June 18, 1877.
Tbo United States steamer Essex, Commander
Bcbley, from Norfolk, Va., arrived here to-day.
Piiii.aoki.fiua, June 13, 1877.
Secretary Thompson, accompanied by Congressmen
Kolley, O'Neil, Kreoman and Mariner and a number of
naval officers, to-day paid a visit to the League Island
Navy Yard. The party thoroughly Inspected the yard
and the iron-clads now stattoned there. Tho .Socretary
expressed himself as being very favorably Impressed
with tbe location of the yard and with its availability
as a rendezvous lor monitors and other men-ol-war.
Tho Secretary aud party loll tor New York ibis after
Karkisduko, Pa., June 13, 1877.
Ezra Newcomer, aged twenty-four years, died tn
tbe York County Hospital last evening from starva
tion, having partaken of no food for fifty-three days.
Newcomer became insane through domestic troubles.
Soon after being married he bad difficulty with his
wife, and they agrerrt lo separate and divide tho
household ellects. Afterward she sued for mainte
nance. lie was imprisoned, and Insanity followed.
1'ltlLADKLTHIA, Jlllie 13, 1877.
The Evening 7V/<\<7/vy</< this altornoon publishes tho
following special -?
Fairvucw, Pa., June 13, 1877.
A terrible tragedy was enacted In tho mountains
near here last night. For a long time the squads of
tramps through thu region have made tho place a ro
?ori. Yesterday afternoon four or five ol thero out'
easts stopped there. In the evemns they wero joined
by quite a number of others. 8on?o of the party were
well supplied with liquor. The whole gang indulged
pretty Iroely, the carousal beiug kept up till a late
hour. About midnight two of them became engaged
In an allegation about a woman, one of tho party.
The quarrel terminated id a general fight, nearly ail of
the tramps participating in il. Two ol them, known ns
'?The ftranger" and Uill Ctrr, were so severely
?tabbed that they died shortly alter the end of the
Ight. Tho rest of the party scattered In various direc
tions, and as Do ? lew has Dcun discovered of their
winTeaboiits It is thought they hav>- managed to eg*
cape. One of tbe tramps told an old man here the
ati.rv of the tragedy, but be was not detained. The
affair is being investigated. This is tho second tragedy
of the kind that has occurred m this vicinity, and
naturallv enough some alarm has been occasioned
among tbe lew people living about bore.
Nkw Havk.v, June 13, 1877.
Company D, Ninth regiment, N. Y.8.N.G., ol New
York city, under Captain Auid, with Downing s band
of? twenty pieces, arrived in this city this morning
They were escorted to tbe Union Armory by tbe Na
tional Blues. Company D, Second regiment, C.N.G.,
Captain Phillips, where they were formally welcom d
to the city by Lieutenant-Colonel J. N. llucon, of thu
Second regiment. A Her visiting tho public buildups u.d
piaeoa of interest, tbey reassembled, and, in company
with tbeir escort marched through some of the princi
pal streets ol the city to the City Hall, where Mayor i
shelton reviewed them aa tbey passed. A dres* pi
ra'de In tho pnbllc square was witnessed by a larne
number ol spectntori and the visitors wore often ap
pla tided lor their fine field movetnenis and drill. The
officers ol the Second regiment, C. N. ??., entertsined
the officers and Invited guests of the visiting company,
sod a fine collation was spread In the armory lor the i
men. They will leave lo-filght for homo by the New
Y?rk boat.
Kali. KtrteK, Mas*., Jane 13, 1S77.
The directors of tho Wampanoag Mill, in view of tho
turpi aa ob hand, yotetl today to bnild anothor mill.
Hjktvohd. Conn., June 13, 1877.
A terrible tragedy, growing out of tbo love of two
mm for Mr*. Bissell, n well-to-do widow, ol West
Hartford, occurred lu tbat town at a lata buur last
night. Mrs. Biaaell'i busbnud died mysteriously last
winter, and atoriea of poisoning on account of ber in
timacy with an employ^ on ber husband's form were
freely circulated, but were sol at rest by the rerults of
a post mortem examination. Some time after tho
death of Mr. Uissoll, the employe, John McGuire, who
had continued lu the service of the widow, became
disagreeable to ber. and was finally discharged In
April, Mrs. Bissell paying birn, according to
her story, seven months' pay In advance?
$140. In bis place sne eu gaged one
Kilsha M. lvt'S, who bccamu quite a favorite.
McGuire was not satisfied with tho settlement ninde
with him, and demanded oue-third of thu estate. The
firm refusal of Mrs. Bisfell to uegollnte for bis parift
cation on any such terms enracod the man, and ho
threatened one more visit, at which she must accedo
to his demauds. Ives appears to have been apprised
of tbis, and to have prepared himself.
f.ast night McGuIre came to Mrs Bissell's house,
and, accosting ber ss she was sitting at a window, ex
claimed, "Aren't you irolug to give me that money?"
To which Mrs. Bissell replied, "Not a dollar." An In
stant later the report ol a gun was beard, and MoGuiro
foil dead, ptorced by fourteou buck .shot, tired by Ives,
who was concealed behind a lilac bush at tho comer of
ihe building. After flrlug he coolly walked into tbo
kitcnen, put tho instrument of death in us usual place
rind calmly awaiteu the arrival of the officers or tho
law, to whom be delivered himself without any attempt
at resistance.
X'Ul'lKK'g isjvwr.6.
McGutre's wounds were lerriblo; three buckshot en
tered his neck (severing the windpipe), three into the
breast immediately over tho lungs, and the others
were scattered ovor the chest.
Ivies' DF.KKXCK.
A briof bearing w<\s held bolore a magistrate to-day,
and the case was continued to next Monday to await
tho presenco ol importaut witnesses. Ives is remark
ably tool and sell-possessed about the affair. He
claims that he was justified in his act, on the ground
thai McUuire bad threatened Ills life, nnd whs known
to carry a revolver. He also statos that McGuire bad
choked aud abusod Mrs. Bissell, and thrown stones
through tho windows lu bis Joalous wrath, and com
mitted other offensive acts to such an extent tbat tho
Bisselis and their neighbors were afraid of bnu.
Ives nas been lodged in jail in Hartford to await fur
ther examination.
Mrs. Ui.-soll was much affected by the affair, and
whon Ivo.s was led away to jail wept bitterly. She has
made public a singular letter received from McGuiro
a few days ago, wlnnli gives a cluo to his motives for
pursuing her. The loading points of the wretchedly
written missive tire us follows:?
u'ouirb'b urmaxds.
1 have waited long enough to see you, and I want to
know if you aro going to give me what you promised
to give me whon you got the title on the pluco, and
that was only a tnird ol what you promised to do, and
that as soou as you got tho deod of your
place. I never will ask you again. You know
It was you that brought me Into everything, aud
r. was not my fault. I never will trouble you nor
never be seen In this towu afterward. If you do not
agree to tbat I will wait until 1 gel what I am lookiug
for, if it was to be live yoars, and that Is you, ana
tbon I will go when 1 have you with me. You know
wben I was tliore you pressed me to do so, and you
have not done it No longer than last week it was
you that brought me to tins. Last winter you olVered
mo more pay and 1 would not take it. You know you
damned ray soul, and I will put the rest whoro It be
Atlanta, Juno 13,1377.
Special despatches to the Daily Constitution from
sixty-six counties give 2,000 majority for the Conven
tion. There are counties, oil the line of rullroad,
to bear from. It will probably require the ofllcial
count to determine the result
Acoista, Judo 13, 1877.
Itetuma from flfty-tbreo counties glvo 2,946 majority
for the Convention. Returns come in slowly. It will
take sorcrai days to dociue the icsult.
The enthusiasm creutcd in tlic Synod, on Tuesday,
by the report on Foreign Missions, and by tbe ad
dresses ol tbe returned missionaries In tbe evening,
van continued yesterday, when tbo delegates to mo
Synod subscribed, in tbelr own bebult or la tbo name
of their churches and Sabbath schools, tbo sum o(
$.r>,0oo toward a reduction ot the debtor $.".0,000 which
is now pressing the mission work down and discourag
ing the missionaries.
Mr. Benrdslce presented the report or the Special
Committee ol'synod ou llope College, Holland, MlcD.
This college, as well ns tbe town In whlcn tl U located,
was inunded oy tbo late Dr. Van Unite, who was at its
head lor more than a quarter ol a ceniury. The Kev.
Dr. 1'lK-lps, its present president ana tlnanclal ageut,
lus been connected with It lor olghteen
years. It has ninety students, and during the
past year thirty of theso became Cbris
tians. In tho academic department there Is
not ono unconverted student. Tho endowment
lund ol the Institution consists o( properly ol various
kinds valued at $S;'),000, but $20, duo ol tins sum ure
set apart lor Incidental oxpeusee, leaving $0.r>,000 10 be
devoted to education. But ol tbis only $:i5,000 is
really productive, and the revenue tberclrntn amounts
to $2,62.% wnile the expenses of collecting tbo same
are so that tbe actual revenue tor college pur
poses is only $1,191.
At the alteruoon session an addition o! $42o Tor the
mission treasury was made to tho $6,000 raised in tho
morning. Or. C. D. Ilurtrunll was elected Vodder lec
turer for 187'J by 102 nut of 127 votes. The result was
made unanimous. Tho Synod also elected a Hoard ol
Education, with Dr. Hutton, or this city, chuirmnn,
und a Board ol Domestic Missions, with Dr. Ormlston
chairman, and a Board or Foreign Missions, headed by
Kev. Mr. Cobb, and a Bourd of Publication, with
Dr. (iordon chairman. A Synodic.il Bourd or
direction to answer the place ol an executive commit
tee was also chosen. Fraternal detonates wero nUo
nppeinted to tho General Assembly ol tbe 1'resbyterinn
Cnurch, Norib, and also to tbe .south, and to tbe United
und Hulorintd Presbyterian bodies; also to tbo Pres
byterian Church in Canada, the Kclormed Episcopal
Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church or the
United Sta>es. Tbo most eminent men were chosen to
bil all these positions. Tbo Synod expects to adjourn
Jobn Canavan, formerly a meinbor or the firm of
Canavau Brothers, pharmacists, ol this city, died at
the Alexian Brothers' hospital, in Chicago, ol quick
consumption, on the tllb lust. Deceased was born In
Bullymtla, county Antrim, Ireland. During Ma H?
uence in this city lie held prominent position! In tbo
Pharmaceutical Society ol New York, and was lor
some years Vice President of tno Collego ul Phurmacy.
Ills iilu was devoted to his pfotcssion, :n which he at
tained the highest place, acquiring the especial esteem
of tho medical and druggist fraternity. The remains
wcro sont to this city lor interment.
Judge Kleazur K. Poster, a prominent citizen or
Now Huven, died of heart dlsoaso, at bis rosidenco, in
that city, yesterday. Hn liad held various Important
oittr.es and Has a rival lor the republican nomination
lor (iovernor over Mr. Iluckindism, In 185$.
Mury Campbell, the mother ol tbree children, two
boys and ono gtrl, wis arrested Inst night at her rest
dene*, No. >'U7 Kist Eleventh street, ou the complaint
ol tbo officers ut tho Society lor tho Prevention or
Cruelly 10 Chillren. It appears that some months
ago Mr. Campbell abaudoued 01* wile : n 1
loll town, it was siatcd, with anothor woma .
His wile began drinking and lias not cured lor Iter
children ol laie. and the neighbors nave complained
about her conduct to the society. When ihcoflliers
went to nor apartments in a dingy rear t>'ii<-mm.t ihe.v
found Mrs. Campbell very inuch Intoxicated and her
children, Josepn, aged eight years; Edward, aged live
years, md Mary, aged six mouths, almost dying from
starvation. The children were taken to Police llond
qu irlers, whero they were pliced in tho charge ol
Mairou tVebb.
The steamer oaseo ran into sn oyster sloop at the
loot ol Delancay street, yesterday evening, and cap
siji'.'d it. Tbe msster and Ills son, ?ho had been
thrown Into tbe water, wore picked up by deck
bands of llie Osseo.
.John llatligar, a bartender, lately out or employ,
mcnt, committed suicide last evening at No. 13 Kidgo
street by shooting himself Ilirough the head. I wo
we. before he bad attempted to end bis lile with a
In hi* room, at No. S3 West Tblrty-Cblrd street,
Aiireu F. I.iudtnboin whs found yesterday afternoon
lying dead upon bis bed besmeared with blood, und
with his band still clutching Die pistol irom
which Iho fsl.il bullet h id been discharged. Ho was a
c iiiou speculator who li id coni'< Irom the South, in
vested ills money und lost a gre.it part oi II. He had
lived in Dcninson, Texas, for a long time, having como
there Irom Franee, in llie capital of which hi* rurally
are still living, lie came to New York about live
montb! ago.
A meeting of the Medico-Legal Society was hold last
evening at tbe Academy of Modlcins, No. 12 Went
Thirty-Ural street, Professor Frank H. Hamilton, pres
ident, in tbe chair.
Tho committee having charge oi legislative meas
ures In promotion ol tho aanllory condition of the
public scboola of tbia city reported partially, tbrough
Mr. 1). 8. Kiddle, aa follow*:?
The intention vii to present tn the society at this meet
ing * synopsis ol the labors of the committee lor tlie pint
year mid n half, Out circumstftuces intervened to prevent
till*, and the full report is necessarily postponed until tbe
society resumes its session* utter the vacation.
It in?) uot be out ol place, however, to allude briefly to
tlie bids introduced in tlie lull* Legislature at ilio instance
ol jour committee to promote toe health of school children.
Tlie nii'inbers of tIf society are aware tlint there were
two bill introduced?vit... one fixing the minimum age of
ndinlssion nt six years, nnd liiuitiug tlie attendance to one
aesth n a day of children under eight years of nge ; nnother
for tlie Hppoiutiuent ol an assistant superintendent of
schools lor medical supervision.
With regard to tbe tlrst mentioned bill the benefits to be
derived Ironi it are incalculable. Of eliilureii under the
im? ol six yearn there are upward of 17,n *> now attending
the lower grades in our public seliools. who could not fail to
be greatly benefited by the passage of such a law. tbe ad
vantages ot which are clearly siio-vn In n eommu-iiration
from a principal In one ni the public schools, published in
our second report, Irom which we quote the following ex
tract bearing nil this point : ?
'The children return to school in the afternoon after par
taking ol a hearty dinner (which i think you will concede
Is hot conducive to increased mental effort), niton fatigued
by play, and during tlie warm months overheated, so that
the afternoon session i? a tax on the vitality of both teacn
?rs and scholars, without any corresponding menial
TI.O'O Interested In the health of school cliillren may
satisfy themselves us to the correctness of these suite
menu by observing the little ones ou these swelteriug days
returning to kIiooI after the noon recess exposed to the
burning rays ol the midday lun, wmle in the school
to lie Cooped uu in crowded ro< m< during the entile
afternoon, without any recess, in constrained position-,
cramuied lor tbe annual examinations, tortured hy drill
exercises (or exhibitions (the usual programme at the close
ol the school y aarl in order to gratify the vanity of school
officers, who ?eem determined to mil these schools regard
less of the physical well-being of tbe pupils and tlie re
quirements of sunitary laws.
As it all this were not enough, the Introduction of cor
poral punishment is now inor ted nnd this question Is now
bofuro thel.-chool Board for its action.
The second bill ill relation to sanitary supervision of
schools has attracted a great deal ol attention and has re
coived tho unanimous indorsement of the medical profes
sion Further particulars are deferred until the report al
ready alluded to is made
lu conclusion, your committee cannot refrain from ex
pressing their gratification at tlie approval by (be public of
the efTorts of tnis society to promote the health ol school
children. Tills has been evinced hy the th inks ol parents,
the favorable conimonts ol tlie press and the prompt nasi
ago by tlie Senate of this State ol the School Health bill.
Proloseor Isaac Riiy, ol Pbil&dolpbis, read au In
structive paper ou ''Tefctamenlury Capacity."
Alter tho meeting ?u.s over tho members ol the
souicty adjourned to tho residenco of Profesor Frunic
11 llumillou. No. West Thirty-second street,
whero a reception w.is held, at which Professor Kay
was introduced formally to inc guests.
Stateot I'enn'a... I.ltine
11 ammonia. iJune
Britannic i June
J une
I uue
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J ii in
Mosel...... .......
Russia ...
State of Nevada...
>1 aas
City of Richmond.
State of Virginia.
..... l-lutie
J nne
J uue
| D'ttination j Offtnt.
I Glasgow.... 172 Broadway
llliimburg . Itil Broadway
.'Liverpool. iS7 Broadway
P C ni and JJnly
City of Berlin...
Mate of Indians
City of Chester...lJuly
Wisconsin I July
LI verpool..
London ...
Glasgow.. .
Itreraen ...
till liroad s*ay
7 Rowling Green
2 KowIIiiptireou
29 Broadway
4 Howling (>reen
55 Broadway
72 Hroudwuy
.'>(1 Broadway
81 Broadway
15 Broadway
BW Broadway
55 Brondwny
7 Bowling Ureen
7 Bowling (ireeu
2 Bowling Green
4 Bowling Green
72 Broauwi y
2 Bowling (ireen
7 Bowling iireeu
61 Broadway
H7 Broadway
31 ? Broadway
4 Howling tireen
61 Broadway
5ti Broartwav
15 Broadway
7 Howling Green
7 Bowling Gie?n
2 Bowl'n: Gieen
'2 Broadway
ILIvernool. ,|.T7 Broad wu.
ILiverpool..115 Broadway
I Liverpool.. 130 Brondwny
Sun rise! 4 28 | Roy. Inland oyn 11 08
Son sots...... 7 32 j Sandy-Ho'tlc evo 1U 23
Moon sets cto 10 35 | Hell Gato morn 1 63
Steamer Russia (Rr), Conk, Liverpool June 2 and
0'inenstown :id. with mdse mii<1 passengers to C G I'rauck
Steamer Ilerdar (Or), Brandt, Hamburg May 30 nnd
Havre Jnne "J. with incrclianitlse and J?III passengers to
Kunliardt A i!o. Was detained nelow 4 hour* bv fit,: : hod
wsterly wlndm up to the Banks. tlienie southerly winds
with To* nnd rain; June t', lat 43 44. Ion 4!*, panned an Ice.
Steamer Franco (Kri. Trndelle. Havre Jnne 2 via Plym
outh 3d. with mils* und passengers to Louis ite Beblau.
Steamer Columbus, Reed. Havana June (?. with mdse
and pat-Bangers to Win 1" Clvde A Co. Was detained out
side Sandv look hour* by fog.
Steamer Knickerbocker. Kcmhlc. New Orleans ft days,
with mdse and passengers to Clark A Seaman
Steamer Richmond, Kelly. Lewes, Del. with mdso to the
Old Dominion Steamship Oo.
Steamer Niagara mew. Jl<m tons), Curtis. Chester, Pa,
In ballast. to J-s K Ward A Co.
Bark Cora Green (of Bangor), Collins, Demerara 20
days, with sugar to II Trowbridge's Son*; vessel to K II
Bark Kerrar > Terio (Ital), Cuomo, Trieste and Gihraltur
43 ilavs. with empty barrels to Kuneh. TCdye A Co
Bark Lir.rle Ireilale lof Liverpool), Mnssop, St Vincent 10
davs, with sugar to ord?r; vessel to master
Bark Leonora (Kr), Mahr, Havana 11 days, with sugar to
S A W Welsh; vessel t-> master
Brig l>ai?y McCarthy Messina March 5 and Gibraltar
April 13, with Irult to Baring Bros; vessel to Swan A Son.
Sehr Leon*, Codfrey, Corpus Chrlstl 21 days, with bones
to J H Brown A Co.
Steamer City el Pllchburg. Spii igje. New Bedford for
New York.
schr Marshall Perrine, Heckwlth, Boston for New York.
Sclir Ouward. Gorham. Nantucket for New Vork.
Scbr Kstellu. Rogers, Wood's Hole tor New York.
Srhr Ida, Hearing, Taunton fur New York.
Schr Meoiator, Mavis, Kail lliver for New York
Schr K II Lnngall. l!rown. Providence for New York.
Schr K Meiwln, Burc- . Provldance for N?w York
Sclir Henry Globs. t'ofQu, Coliasset for New York.
Schr Texas. Smith, New Loo 'oil tor New Y'ork
Sehr II T Potter, Anderson. N w London for New York
Sctir llcnry Fr- ncli. Bunnell, New Loudon for New York.
Sclir Addle P Avery, Thompson, New London for Baltt
Schr Joseph Marsh, Brown. New London for New York.
Srhr A'nn Amelia. (fWt. Tfnrnci for New York
Schr l.amaitluc. Smith, Now Haven tor Nee- York.
Selir.l B Carringtoii, Parker, New Haven lor Baltimore.
Schr Annie t'lia?e. Gibson, New Haven lor New York.
Sclir Reading Rll No 43, Adams llurtford lor Now York.
Scbr Hattle Lou, Wright. Hartford for New York.
SchrUsor.fi- Standi!!. Tryon I'or'lanu, ft. for New Yorlt.
Schr Robe t Smith, Smith, Portland, Ct. for New York.
Scbr Kanntn J Russell, liankln, Portland. Ct, for New
Scbr Merlin", nail, Bridgeport lor New York.
Sehr A A K Baker, Brown, Bridgeport for Sew York.
schr Mary A Bice, Dee. Bridgeport for New York.
Schr Joseph K Polls, Rowland, l'orl JelTerson for New
Sclir llane, McNnuiee. Groeuwich for New Tork.
Steamer Tlllle. Lwing, New York for New London and
scbr Pacific. Pease, New York lor Rockland,
*chr Pointer. Dill, New York for Providi nee.
Schr Win White lead. f tns. New Yotk lor Boston.
??rlir T W Spencer Tronser, e? Vrk for New London.
Schr Kate Churcn, Weeks, New York for New London.
Schr (?corgia, ilrcutt, sew b'ora lor Boston.
Sclir Abide *? R'ysnt, Bryant. New York lor Providence.
Schr Kaniiie Bntier. Slienn >n. Sew York for Boston.
Sclir --rah llabcock, Sidney, New York for Bridgeport.
Sclir H Itieker, Bicker, New i nrk lor Bridgeport.
scbr Arlamia iBr>. i-.<er-it V- Yotk for SlJotin, N B.
Sclir Klor:i \ Sawyer, Nutter, Hoboken lor Boston.
Schr Saliso Palmer, tor Portsmouth, Nil.
Schr Belle, Simpson, Hoboken lor Newport.
-?elir M W Grilling, Stockton, Hoboken lor Maldon.
Sehr 1-lya.snr. Kiios. \mh >y| or Providence,
Si In i willftht. Reed, Rondout for B ioihhay.
Schr Senator. Granr, Itmidom tor Portsmouth, Ml.
Sclir Oiiiekatep, IIiilclilnson, Rondout for Haverhill.
Schr I'anthea. Nickerson, Konilout forClisrlostown, Mass
Sclir Loiii>ik. Healer, Newburg lor Providence,
Sclir Julia Baker. Baker, N'eabnrg for Providcneo.
Sclir.i C Harris, smith llaverstraw f??r ? tonrnrooK.
Srhr Shamrock Lynch. IIaverstraw lor Providence
sclir II A Denilng, Boartlinan, l-.iltahethiiurt lor Hart
Schr Ann Klira. Bobbins, port Johnson for New Bedford.
Scln Maeuie Bell, Hall, Port Johnson lor Rockland.
Schr J II B?rtl?tt. Kellr. Port Johnson for ? oston.
sclir Marv II Siockham. Reed. Port Johnson for Boston
Sclir Mary E Hayles. W nsson. Port Johnson for Bridge
Sclir Kll*a A Hebecca, Stoddard, Atnbov for Providence,
m' lir Carrie L III*. 111 x, Port Johns'n lor Koothhay.
M-lir Helen Hoaell, Nickerson, Amhoy for Boston.
Sch Wm T hlmer, Trlbble. Amhoy for N>-w London.
S oO(. Centennial. H ?ynor. Ne? S'ork lor Greetiport.
Ship liter f) Walleit (of Yarmotllb. MS), lla'Aeld, fi?m
Calcutta Feb J?, to Boyd A (thicken.
Steamer Scythia iBr), Haines, Liverpool vlaQueenstown?
C G Francklvn.
steamer The Queen (Br), Bragg. London via South
amptoii?t W .1 11 ii rat.
Steamer Hindoo (lift, Mitchell, Hull, K?Clias L Wright A
Steamer State of Pennsylvania (Br), Stewart, Glasgow?
Ail-tin llnldivin A Co.
Steamer Clarlbel (Br), Kerguson, Kingston, and Au*
Caves? 1'ltn, l''or?nod A Co.
SteamerCity ol New York, Tlmmertnan, Havana?K Alex,
andre A Sons. . ?
Steamer tien Barnes, cneesman. Savannah?Murray, Ker
fl si* ariier Gulf Stream, Crowe 11, Charleston?J W Qulntard
Steamer Anthracite. Grumlev. Philadelphia?Ja* Him.
Hlilp UhIk (Nun, Bull. Havre-Flinch. Kdye A Co
rturk AmalQ (Iiul), Ku?so. Penarth Koad* (or order*?
JoUn C "out;er.
Bark Christina (Br), Andrew*. Cork or Falmouth for or
ders?Scammeil Bro?.
Bark Tilde (Am), Tuulaieb, Cork or Kslaiouth tor order*
? Slncnvlch A Co.
Kurk Klll.if i.Nor), llmi.-e. Queenstowu, Falmouth or
Plymouth fur orders ? Benham k Boyesen.
imrk Prindseste \isxaiidra (Dan). Davis. Cbristlanstadt
(St <;roix> via Norfolk?Roche Bros k (Jo.
ifri^tto (Qkr). Jackmaon. Alton* for order*?Punch,
Kdv? Jrt'o.
Brig Favorite, Woodward, Polnt-a-I'ltre, Guad ?II Trow
bridge's Suns.
Brit; Hunita (Br). Dunn. Harbor Urace. NF?R P Cnrrie.
Sclir Jacob h Ridveway, Townsend. I'ara?Kurdett A
Scbr Euitna L C Wlnsor, At wood. Baracoa?B J Wenberg
k Co.
Sclir Edwin Janet (Br), Koberts, Harbor Island, Bah?
Win Douglass.
Sclir 11 L gangster (Br), O'llara, St John*. NF?Dovale
k Cu.
Sehr Rate Clark (Br), Guptlll. St Andrew*. NB? Jed
Frve A Cu.
Sclir De Mory Gray. Brewster, Charleston?Mlaght A
Scbr Eva May, Andrew*. Portland, Me?Miller A Hough
Sclir I'olnter. Dill. Boston?Clias Twlng.
Sclir J M Bralnard. Hall, Huntington?II W Jackson A
Sitirldii Palmer, I'almer, Bridgeport?Htamt(.rd Manu
inrturiiK.' Co.
Sloop G A Jam*, Jarvi* South Am boy, NJ?Wei.ver A
Sloop Fred Brown, Hull, Pruvldenco?Frank Pidgeon, Jr
k Co.
Steamers Soytlila (Br), for Liverpool i The Queen (Br>,
London; Hindoo (Br), Hull; Labrador (Fr), Mavro; City
ul' New York, Havana; (l?n B.irne*. Savannih; Gulf
Stream. Charleston ; Kichmoud. Lewes, Del: barn* Nave
sink. Shanghai ; Mills >u, Yokohama; Potropolls (Nor1,
Stockholm; Northuiubria iKr), North Shields; Martha
Relcl (Hr), Belfast ; briirs Mary Jane Wilbur (Br , Goole;
OlhfKvrre (Nori. Plymouth; Homely (Br', Pasoeblae; Di
rlu-o ll-llast. sclir* Mary S Lunt, Polnt-aPitre; Speedwell,
Governor's Harbor; Tam O'Sbanier, Port Howe (Cat
Island); Acadia illr), i'uhit-a 1'ltro: l)e Mory Gray,
ChatIcaton; Sunny South. Wilmin^tou, NC.
Slur Fi,orkw(?k Tiikat, from Mauritius (or Glasgow with
sugar. ran aground May 2ft at the tall of the bank, but wit*
towed off by twa tug* and arrived at Glasgow 30th.
Bark Katk Auhks (not Mary Anne* of and Irotn St John,
NH, for Newport, K, was ashore June 12 on Mild Inland,
but would probably lie ^ot off.
Bark Canada (Ger), from Darlen. grounded in the river
at Berwick June 1, but would probably float after discharg
ing lior deck load.
Bark Athkxa (fieri, from Now York for Bremen, which
put back to New York May 2ft leaky, lias discharged, been
placed on the sectional dock, her bottom repaired and re.
calked, and on June 12 alie was being retreenalled In her
uppor works.
Schr Caroi.ink J Kir.iki.k, aabore at Block Island, la full
of water ami last breaking up. A portion of (lie coal may
lie saved If the weather proves favorable; also theaals,
riggln;. chains, anchors. Ac. Four of the cr-w arrived at
Newport Monday night In the achr II B Anthony: the cap
tain and mate remain on the Island to look after what may
be saved from the wreck. The Block Island Wrecking
Company receive 50percent on all savod from the vessel
and 00 per cent on the car;;o.
Soir Maky Pattk.v. of Bangor, Me. provlnn*!y reported
abandoned, was again passed lu lat 32 N. Ion 7."> 14 W,
waterlogged. ileen lit the wat r. torenmat standing, main
mast gone. about a fee; above tho deck; hull considered
(lanceroua to vessels ou that track.
Sciut Ma?ki. F Staples (of Harringtoni, from New York
June s for Polut a I'ltre, put back to New \ork June 10 full
of wnter. liming sfoveu her bow port, supposed by striking
a spar or piece of timber.
A Viskki. bottom up, of about 250 to 300 tons, was passed
May 30, in lat 40 N, Ion 34 \V.
The expense* on *hlp Caatlne. from llatavia at Falmouth
while at St Thomas amounted to $X,!?I9.
Liv**poOL, May 31?Two bates of upland cotton allghtly
damaged by fire, marka 8 C X. anit B I' L. were picked n'p
in Itt 50 40 N, Ion 11 W, by the Herbert Beech, at this port
from St John, N B.
Norfolk. June 12?Tim achr Joseph W Allen, from Rich
mond for Wilmington, Del. which lost her malnmaat In
James Klver a few day* aso, left the Navy Yard yesterday
niomitiK, having hud the broken maat scarfed.
NKwroitT, June 12?The contract to remove the wreck of
sehr E F Meany from Saybrook B<rwas awarded by (Jen
Warren to-day to George W Thompson, of Boston, for fiMJO,
Ills beincc the lowest bid,
Dutch Island II auhor, June 12?Scbr Wm Connors, Win
ford, from Ilohoken for Boston, anchored on returnlnic I'M
11th. but soon after lilted anchor to change position mot
fouled with sclir Challenge, of St Geotiro, Me. Irom Fall
ltlver for New York. The Connor* drifted across the bow<
ol the ('lialletiK'. the hitter's Jlbhoom went thronuh the
mainaall of and hnne the Connor* by the maiuboom topplnr
litt; the latter then iwunir round with tho current, had
boat stove, alio curried away port cathead, Jibboom. jib and
flying Jih iruya of the Challonge. The vessels then cleared,
the (Jonnnrs agaln iinchorlnc; In a mora suitable position.
Sa\FiiAKi'tsro, June 5?The latest news from Honolulu
in reenrd to bark Brontes is that sh- is literally falling to
pieces. Her timber* have been dropping out one by one,
and her stem had to be lashed together. She will be sold
and her boats and outfit brought tn tlila port.
Vkssf.i.s Sold-Steamer Kaloluh has been purchased re
cently hv Mr Gcorgehan and other parties at Baltimore for
the Choptaok ltlver trade.
Ship Anna Decatur. 1.210 tons, built at Portsmouth. Nil,
in IR'iil, yellow metalled in 1H73. has been sold for $23,000,
to go under the German flair.
Ship Asia. *4<) tons, halllni; from Bremen, baa been sold
at Amatordnm.
ririg Wiley Smith, 12ft tuna, built at Pugwash, NR. In
IRAK, haa been sold to M??rs rltirlalr k Love 11, ot New
York, tor f3.V >. to be used by stevedore*' raea am a boarding
pUc in Vpper Quarantine. New Vork.
Sclir Aurelia. 4<*> ton*, of rioston, lia? been purchased by
Cyrus II Flauder* and other*, of N*w Bedford
SiitPRtJiLDiwo-The llnrlan A Hollfnjsworth Co, of WII
niitigton, l>et, have just laid tno keel of another large
coasting atenmor for the Morgan line of New York and
New Orleans steamers. When completed she will make
the fifth now scre.v steamer built for that line In the past
two years.
Pnaey, Jones A Co. also of Wilmington, are building two
revenue cutter steamers tor the government of the United
Status of Colombia, to tie used tint tbe Atlantic coast.
T l ev have two steamers In course of construction for tue
Soutti American river trade, besides considerable other
At Pliipsburg. Me, Capt C D Rogers has laid a keel for a
schooner in the Bowker yard. Mr Minott Is abont to send
two vessels to Florida to bring a frame for ? large ship to
he built in his rard.
Arrived fit New Bedford Jim* 12. bark Cieoriro A Susan,
fleyer, So':til Atlantic Ocean. St Helena April 23. with 1 tf I
bbls up and 7'fl do wh oil. Sent liome on the rojm^o 1150
libis sp and 4rt<( * h oil. Has on freight 8883 ^u]h up and wh
ol'and .VKI lbs bone from bark Desdemona. 14,874 gals up
oil Ironi bnrk Kithle?n, SSfll do do and 11.833 do wh from
bark llnpa On. unit 25 bdls bone from bark Rousseau.
Sailed from do 12th, bark Itelndeer, Baker. lor Atlantic
At Talrahuano May 2, barks Morning Star, Lewis. NB,
having taken .Vi<) bills in oil this reason; Abro Marker.
TImrher. do. 35(> do <1o: Falcon, Ilerenilen, do, 2<lOdodn|
John A Winthrnp, Shiverick. do. oil a* beforo reported;
John Oarvur, Collin, do do, refitting.
Ship John De Costa, Htisans, from Philadelphia for San
Francisco. May Kl. lat 27 N. Ion 41 VV.
Ship t?a<hl -r (Br). Trefry, from Musqnash. NB. for Liver,
pool. May 22, lal 4J. Ion ">4.
Uark St Oeorge (Br), .Moore, from Cardiff lor Anler, April
25. lat 3 N, Ion 2ti W,
: Bark llenry Norwell. Burgess, trom Oporto for Arcban.
1 gel. May 21. fat 41* 3m, Ion Irt <?H.
Bark Kate Hnrrill (Br) Morrill, from Dublin, bonnd W,
w?* seen May 2<*, lat 50 34, Ion 31 (M,
Brig Chance (Br), from Boiton for Curacoa, Mar 27. lat
2H, Ion .">!).
Alcoa Bat, May 12 ? Sailed, brig Lucy W Snow, Hall,
A.tiwunp, June 13?Sailed, steamer Rowland, for New
Biiistoi., Jnne 13?Arrived, ahip Rolf (Ger), Andersen,
New Vork.
Bri-*gf?, June 13?Arrlvod. ship McDougall (Br). Davis,
New Vork.
Sailed 12tli. ships Sophie (Oer), Cbrlstnir.T, Amorlca;
riiland (fieri, Janssen. Baltimore.
CorFNMAom, June 8?Arrived, bark Chas Tottln (Swe),
Neilsen, riilladelphla.
Cam/., June 8?Arrived, bark Emma (Ital), Contango,
New Orleaos.
Dunkirk. June 12?Hailed, bark Liixlo bright ?Br),
Wright, New Vork.
DK(HiMKt>A, June 13?Arrived, bark Proirresi (Nor). Nell
sen. Baltimore.
Daistxic, to Jnne 13?Arrived, bark Skjoldmaen (Nor),
Lund, Baltimore; brig Trenmore (Nor), Christmsen, New
Oi.asson Dock, June 12?Arrived, bark 8ntaraa (Rus),
Fllnkenburg, Darion.
Kavkk. June 12?Arrived, ship Crnsader (Br), Durkee,
New Vork; bark Sokoto (Br), Ooudr, do.
Ilit.t., June 13?Sailed, bark llerllia (Nor), Oaaru, New
Hamburg, June 12?Sailed, bark Europa, Modley, Bos.
Sailed Oth (not 11th). brig Clto ( Dan), Jansen. Wilming
ton, NC.
lN.ttsitowkM IIk.ap, Juue 13?Sailed, berk Noel (Br),
Knowltou (from I ondfinderry), Baltimore.
KostusiKRU. to Juue 13?Arrived, hark Lady ofthe Lake
(Ur), MeKensle, I'hiiedelphie.
Ltv> Rroot, June 13?Arrived, steamers Leon (Kp), Urrl
ola, Baltimore; Minnesota (Br), Burwrll, Boston
Sailed J3tli. steamer Ohio, Morrison. Philadelphia
Also sailetl 13th, hark Valkyrla (Br), McCJname. Penia
I.oxno*. June 13?Cleared, bark Olale (Ital), Digoiifndo,
United States.
Nkwcasti.k, Jun} 13?Arrived, bark Gylfe (Nor), Korn
?trom. IVnsaeola.
1't.rMiiDTii, Jnne 12?Arrived, ship Cnrl Linck (Her), Ka
gel, rhiliidelphla for Hamburg.
Qc*KKrrowjl, June 13?Arrived, steamer Spain (Br),
Orace, New V irk for Liverpool. with steamer Oily of Her.
I in (Br), Konnedy, from do for do, disabled In machinery,
111 tow.
STKTTIX. to June 13?Arrived, hark Norrten (Swe). Nor
man, Xewirk. NJ.
WnsroRD, June 8? Vrrived, bark Hemisphere. Consldine,
Holyhkad, June 13. PM-Wlnd KNK, lUht.
An.'kk, April 13?Passed, Vark Korser (Dun). Grove, Hong
Kong ',,r Ne? York.
AMisrot.is, NS, June 4?Arrived, brlf Jlary (Mr). Dodge,
Now Vork. _
Bombay, Mny 14?In port, stilus Prince h rederlck tHr),
Clogite. for l.lverimol; Oily of Boston, Crosby, lor llaire;
Algonquin (Br). Dogter, toi do ; Oen Domvllle (llr). Stan
ton, fordo; Wra Douglnas (Mr), Dourlasi, fordo: Alex
Yeats (Br), Dunbar, une.
Bahia. May I2-ln port, barks Osborne (Br). Jemee. for
New York; Lujnl Sam (Mr). RalM, lor <to; Petrel <Bri?
Job... for do; Jon hjcrfln (Sw>. a'*?*t0{*'r joftka
(Daii) . MelUi, for tlo; Gil (Port),
bark U?a (Br,. Maiw.ll,
Campb.ll; Viscount (Br). ^
(BM. llfiUecock. f?r New Virk; Lnc b ?????' 7)r;?.?.,?d
Oltaua (Br), lor ?lo; Arrlo (Bus), lor ? s?n Kr*n
(III), tor do; I anon ?*"'??" (H?:Jiuu,"' Sarah lllnneU.
Cisco; Han Jauquln, Walt.. for Manrltlu } j ucr s Willi,
Klddar. from l.lv.rp.ol arrived 7lto. linc^ tf,rk- i;eiU,
pritchitrd. unc; burku Kalnbow (Br), for *cw
Col?, for Hoitoti. . luhn K liolbrook.
Thomas; 7th, barks H ? Bills, Pt.jff. |r|n|, Barbour,
rena P Smith, \*arr.o, I'nrtUod; H.or*a ???> ??.
Klnlav, N ?? Mutter**; schrs llel. n Mart*. Atwo(Vi ao;
ui? D?liio?. Duli n?. do; Reboot* I <"? Mattl. B Russell.
7th. bark Masonic, Kite. U?; Sth. brtir
Athertou. do. ...,..,1 hark DH Bills, St
CaiiiaiukK, .lotio 4? Arrived, bar* u
Tbom*? (and sailed lor Oardena*). ,. | . Harden**;
r>*.led 'Jd. brliss KllO.. il M??r*V K?; , P'p.noVr ll.n
Snri.r Hloom (Br), Lamon. N*w York, 4th. lt Vvill
?>y Matanza*; Ann (Br). Jamleson. do; ??h. not.r
'?KStn. 5?Sailed brl* Joaqm?. (Br). O.rd
"?'h*tiu""nb''June 8-Cleared. *hlp AlBom. (Br?.
Gr,r^^r:y.ri ll-Hailed. brt? K I M.rryman, L.cr.w.
N AWrrtverd-Jun. 10. bark St Lawrence (Br,. Do.. B.ltl
"lUTA-A J.me 8?Arrived, steamer LU.Ie ll.nderMn;
Miller. K?y We.t; brl* ft"?,,T^ue";on? H*rti,md; brl?
nhla; tltli. bark John J Marsu, rattersou,
*aa tgawsyfo
for N ol llatt?ra?; ytU. ateamer ?. ty ? Howes. Sagua
Progreto ami \nriiCrui, sclir I<> rus
I.?*sred'IuV,?b arK (ie.or.a \?*.t (Br).
Hm ita*. Juue 13?Arrived. bark Mary J ???"
bTr?lV.d'!io"h. sclir S U Irwin (Br,. Orlffln. New York;
11th brl- 11 B J?iiw (Br). Uolllt?% Liverpool. s Mar
Cleared Otll, hrltt 0 II Halls (Br). Bennett (from St Mar
caret's Bay,, lll!{nbrldr>. <>B. |.hiui..? Philadelphia
Sail'id 11 tU steamer Mercedlta, t>bau? y. ? >
andNew York (..?taHby.K?riipo'?ed) d (Br)
'"silled 8tli, bark Klorencj I. Ue?u>*ar.
tarns- oris O.orire llnrnharo. Staples, oo.
Potter. Walls, do: Minnie U Ijond. H?It d<^. , f(ir N,w
In port nth. IUp, bark* Kllaa "" lior,|?n (Br>.
^r5^0dT^a^r^.f^ O^?? do; sohr, Nellie
I'owrrs. Stac It pole, N'rk ?at . Kro-'?r. Sydney.
\1 ontiik a I., if nno ?*-" Arrivou, outk ft* * ,i i*. iu>rkr
Cl?- 1 Uh;Vteamer St.Wlo (Br). Irrlne, Newcstle. l?.l>?rk
MSSStia=i? M?.
PVt?^rj?n. 0?Cleared, ship Coronet (Br). Artl.ur.en.
"ffl1: .'uue
n;Vhi~rart:A.a^rreSvcnl?n, 'Uverpool; Ue.
?.U.l^X N>pt uoe." NordhI.?S: Water ford; TwII.Rl.t.
TK?S?rA%27-B..l.d, bark I.ollna (Br). Gilbert.
brlss Kudorus, Prince, do for do, L<ora inri,. ?'*>
'?S?Ued 6th. barks Misle Carney. Bostwi; Selota (BrK
"fsi"tIo"\ NB. June 12-Arrlved. barks Byron (Nor).
OhrlstensVn, Chiwnte via Halifax; ^ ,n,1l"?irl(BrsLrreu,
Newport F.\ 1 ?tli, brln Emily Raymond tBr), Starrett.
?a? ?&?:;? ?
br^'o^nw'(br>l*MoreUe?d?^Bi'ly*hannon; 11th. .hip Tyro
port, brls Conrad ,Oer>. for New
n^AV'rt^Cy S?In port, bark Hose. Klch. Menr.es.
IPr.it STKAMI'-n KtlSStA.!
May 111?sallfd, Constantla. Kafn, America.
ALMKBM. May 35?Sailed, Flschettl, Catorls. Oarthaiiena
an|?Rmo,Y]PMl?. June I?Arrived, M A Nelson, Oorsw.U.
HtBKkwicNic?M?y31-ArrlT.d. Perssrerante. Bmio. BaltU
mBrKW<:KN, May 24?Cl.ared, Berirenseron. Mortensen,
BORDKAP*. May 2P-Procr.(I "C J f Quebec.
SJ.JL.V \lav 13-trrlvrd. iValla, Vance. Calcutta.
CAPMiVr, May 31-Arrlved. Nuova Battler. La Oomraaro.
^Cleared?>th. Saponin., Conifdon. Singapore (tnd sailed
fJVjirtH(T*June 1. B.rti. Blpelow. FerK.j*?, f-ondon lor
N1^?"lk'l?. Nederland (s). Uandlc, Antw.rp tor New
Kn,?sT??'Mar TH-Arrlred. Xenla. W^rrfWds. Calcuttn.
DLH ts May 31-Snllrd. Or.we K Cann for St John NB;
BSSSiCV ?,raMV New <
I,0K?^rn?BTa^J?:ra M CtuM.
?TmootuWe^-*7rlved. 01?a, Mathon. DaHen f, r
K?s"ue'd 1st. Mabaraf.th (s), Stephenson* (from N.w York),
"offthe Llr.ard May 31, New World. Hammond. London
f0p?*esedVt?be I.le of Wl*ht 31st. Oxo. Dahl, from Lynn for
Baltimore Ar?i?ad Assvrlan. Conlon. New York.
Salted May 31 Kol.t Porter.'Oood.ll, Klo Janeiro; June 1.
Peter Crar. Munroe. Baltl
mS:A^uAM:^^0-^-!l:tA?^U (*). Knox. Menton.
Arrived, Olympla (*). B?lt. (?asSow.
*Uai.l?] May 8?Airlvad, Mary WlKrln*. Dext.r, Cap.
T*HoLr..KAP, May 31-Sailed. A?nes Oswald. Mitchell.
V'joiie 1-Arrived. Prinr. Resent, Horwig, Darlen.
"i^wTci?: lMi>U3i-S??r<J. AspotoR.n, MrKensle. New
Y?irN?.SHOWltK Hkad. June ?J-Arrlved. Ahkera. Astrom.
YlL|krIt?roXi?- 1-Arrived. Woowng. FUl.er, Portland.
Barnes. Svdne>. < ? . ll? x. liansan, H()mb(| . c s B?vll?.
Russell. Wuebec; nnmhlj-n, Sandy llook ; Mary
A Marshall PhllllP?. Cardiff and I'ornnmbueo; Juno f,
t leared May 31, Bl rn Wm|dw||r(L Hon.bav; Revolving
nuadiiiA>: ?lune 1, . . ? vu* Wnvlnrer. 'fhurber, do;
VtriiS Rlch'Ibnct'o; ftoviewer. Brown.lflydncy.CB
Off the ^:.liees Hist. North American. Tucker. Llv.rpoil
r?LoSpo??rjune 2-Arrived. Canada (.), Snmner. N.w
NKitrlusTwf"*"? 'mversVJnn- l^BraVll. Roach.'
dpohMRUSit, Mky 30-Hailed. Maid of L1anBoHen. for St
J?p";.vNu"'o. May 2S?Arrived, Dorian (s), Sotttbwlck, Kndl
(and ??"?d'5;Xn.U5-A?riT.'d, Mallevlll.. Harlow. Ran
QUKKNSTOWW, Jtliie - '?
??"sailed **ay ?',.?^'^(PJl8^^'oVl^,llrtnit':,'l*elvisrt^?r
MvTn^ouo. Hansen, Hull; Alma. Wox
hol.il. Yarmouth. . ?ryn. lt?cW. New York.
liinvi ns* May 31 ?nailed, Berk.ley Ca'tle. Tor Q,,e^e^;
8oMirat-A?B. M?y 31-Arrived. S.t.ceso, Simpson. Bo*
^STAVAltc'it. May 23?trrlved. Mlmer. Foren,.n. New
YSwi*K?ttT!<D?. May 2t?Arrived. Alma, tlraob.. WilmlnK
'"stki?!* May 37?Arrtv.d. BJornst.rne Blomsen. Neil
Beform. B.ntsen.Ht John.
NB- ... ??>?Arrived. Beatrice, ltnwlby, N.w Yor*.
^ne'l-ArnvcIir'sybU Wynn? Bnchard. N.w
ALEXANDRIA. June ll!?Ariived, ?cbr? Lvdiit Middle
ton, l'lill?d?lplii?; Kllni Moor*, Providence (itnd millml lor
Snilrd?Schm rtenrnvllle. Ronton: Abbott Devcreux, do;
Uaiijr K l'i?tkliiir?t. Alljn'ii I'ulnl. Ww M??oti. I'rovlUenie.
I'lissrd ilon n - Scliro John T Mnn?on. Kinily II Navlor,
from itMirfffhwil.
IllIHTON", June 13?Arrived, steiuner Centipede, Alo*?tl,
riiiliKlclni'.lii. Oil New Bedford; bnrlm K?I?ik. Ilrown,
Cud!*: Knnny Lewis iBr). Kdwnrde. (Jenon. t.'ommo'iore
i)upunt. Nleholi. Cedlr.. Krimcl? H F?y. Hollhi., Ji?v?;
llernltl. Meyer. Mack River. J A. eclim .M*rv linker. Thump
?on. A*un: lieorne K Voulif, Marshall, I'"?iai*oiiIa ; ,1 Paine,
Siiiit.li. Bangor, Million!. Mhaw. itoerKetowii, III!; A M
Aoker, I)AitRoti, South Amboy ; Ttiornun Wolfe, Champion,
Helow-Schrs John Sliummi, Irom Savannah; Ool H W
Rnxeu, Irom Mlraitoane
Cleared, it'^'uern Aries, Whelden, "hliad. Iphia ; lien Whit
ney, llMlielt. \?* York : whr* M Uotk, Cuok, Klrhniond,
Vh: Kll*n Usui, Hnynes, Kicliinond, Va: c K Hllison,
Kniery, llAltlmore : I. A llose. Kose, Alexandria; While
Swan, Tlirfttfiie M 1'ierre. Mart.
HALTIMOKK. June 13?Arrived, steamers John* Mop
kin", IfnlleiI, Boston: lloopei. Savannah. J
W Oarrett, New Vorlc; hark Edwin (Nori. Ilerloseti,
lilnee Hnjr. CB;sehrs Clias K Morrison, Smith, Ronton;
Jtlin K Shitw, Co*. New York: lien Borland. Hpi-iirliin,
At nuarantlne?BrlR Robert C Wrlcht, Clerk. from Rio
Cleared? Barki Reformer (Mr), Ilrown. London; Kin
IrAclit (Uer). Mtmwlleh, KUInort; aehrs MArj-Jane hii<1
Kllmiheth, Mcl'hersoii, San Salvador; John II Krnm,
llowen, llo?ton.
Sailed?llnrk Carplone: aclir Lewl? Klirinen.
Bhtl'KOKT, St.', June II?Arrived, briic M?ni{le (llr?.
Hush. Dakar, tt'C.i.
7Ui?Cleared, bnrkt Otto (Ur), Dariner, Brake; Albion
(Nor), Krederleksen, Cardiff.
BKLKasT. Jiiin; 10?Arrived, ecbr Orion, l'ltttemon. New
York and Seeraport.
I Jtli?Helled. ?clir Mery, M?fee. Roekport, to load lee for
Wilmington, NO.
BATH, J tin* II?Arrived. .rhr. Dlone, McDonald. WIU
mlacton; <?*" Oushlnir. HantllUW. New Tork.
Sailed?Sehr. Isaac Rich. Studley, Philadelphia; Geo K
''cVi'aIt*Mv S'tI)N, Juno IH?Arrived, steamer Equator.
Hinckley. Philadelphia; schr. Hell* Ru?*oll. Smith, do.
Albert Nla?on, Baltimore; TUu? K Plll.bury, Pitcher, Bath.
t aXVAKE CITY. June 13? Arrived, ?ohr Arthur Bur
ton cl?bI. M?rbl.b.oa (and .ailed 13th f.r Porta
DUTCH IKHNI) HARBOR. JuneB?Sailed. achrt Cyn
,1,1,, Jane, Gardner. Providence for .New \ora; Helen.
Sciirle Kmt (ireuiiwlcli for do _ ,
loth-Arrived, achr Allda. Latnbort. Rondout for Haver
'"ai-n Hannah K Brown. Sackett. Wareham for Mew
Y^rk C L Uverhfg Sear" K.ill KW-r for do; XV II Harn.lt,
luSir A.rUobn "ii "t Boatoo: XV N (jailer. Rgbert. Sew
York lor do: ?> 1- llti.ue, tJleu lenlng. Iloboken for do- Julia
: ? . Heiill Kali River lor Pl.lladelnhln; Atno. Kalaen
. ' u "PV. Bristol lor ilo; Muskee. Cullen, Providence lor
New v,irK tor Deuol.port; Uainnia, Robin
Lowell. Port John.ou fo,
Salem (and alUulled AM). w ||oU d,.1hj., 8l J?Un.
?l:,r iJhM UnliU' D ? R Kellev, Kllla, 1'rovldence fo?
NB. for Philadelphia: u x n . i*imileii*i! \?r
do t V7m;?;w-?!!SrKnwrtd MM*.iVh/llon"
wood. Hall River for ? ^ York lor Lynn; Krance.
Pltti. V* llllanison. XX'arren lor ^ir rthV.rp* Be.too
lor'New Vnrk ; Storm, Stabb, do for do; Scud. Allen. War
''itASTPt"RT* Jmi e 0-Arrived, brig Sultan, ftom Calal.
'"u'tb'-Arrlved, brl r Dal.ev Boyutou.
silled?Bark Eleanor Vernon, Copp. Sackvllle. NB. to
10KDGAUTmVN.,'julrn-Arrlvod. achr F Nel.on. Uol
eri-on. ?ie<ircot"wn Norfolk. Ford, and ilerculea,
Kwaie^ l hfladnlphlV; Mhra?Rlchard Law. Hawkln., an,
Jun^-X^ed! .teamer State of Tex a*
SOMMJ?V.ST*R?Ji?e. 12-Arrived. .chr Paragon. Mo
r*KirYfflt June'V-Put In. bark Jo.o II Lopo*. Mo
Donald, AWnrado lor llavre. mahogany laden, short of pro.
''lUBBO, Jnne 7-Salled, achr Paragon. Morang. Nen
YLYNN. Juno 7?Arrived, achr J J Little. Gandv. Phil*
dS?h-Arrived, a.-l.r. Mary A Trutoor, Olson. Philadelphia.
BW?W ORLEANS. June II ?Arrived, steamer Mayaguei
(S^ii?r;ed?-ftte?merRWm (MIe'we? Morgan. I *w"u?; icbi
U Booth,
NKXV1IK OPO RD* J one 11-Arrlved achrs Angler, Hard
Ing. XVareham for Sew York; Lady Antrim. Carter, do fo,
db!LeiXnW.dC1,r;C' JhB'^.on^'Perkln. PhUadeV
pbla: M K Itlley, Iron, do; Andrew Neblnger, Smith
dZuld-kteamer Centipede. Mowatt (fto.n Pblladelphlal,
Sailed *? r#.,airad boiler; *chra VXaudorer. Nye,
KtiVlda; AteU ^BnUer, New York: Garland. Llbbey,
dO|UM.?theDb?0v-sih?Abel XV Parker. Dean, PhlladeL
P'liVrwPO,RThJ?oe 12?Arrived, scbr* E L naboll Fall
Rlvr for Phlfn?l?*lphla; Hmillc Belle,
vl?Vrtpk? V?iiaM II Tripp. Nickenon. OUiitbam fordo: S
Now \ork, {JWJ' ? white. N?w lle?ltord for
V J jone*'Pblnupy Port .Johnson lor Bonton:
Kletwf U?Mrd? Port John?on; Kate Kallabau. Horton.
Providenre via l)utcb lalund for J?ew \ork.
Th e enTt'e r "bou n d v e??l?? a lied and re^"J?ey.-. wlht
*ji,u* LONDON, Juno 12?Arrived, NcbrN Silas Wrignt
HnbiikeHarriet Lew!., do for Newport; John A Law,
A'sailed?Schr< Orion. Harrl.. New York; Ilalilo V KeUie,
Alexandria; J P K"?* (Iron. Baltimore.. Tauuton: Oregoi
v;.? York) Ronton: K M Baxter (from ?), do
NEXX' IIAX'EN-'.lane IS?Arrived, schr John Brooki, fo*,
KioRThUl5feoVKRY. June 5-Arr,ved. .hip War Hawk,
DPIuEaD^KLIMIIA* June 12?Arrived, brig Abbjr Tbaxter.
_ liriwtiaild* ?ehr? K Hamner, XVlruma. Nantucket;
L?8l!?VeHng?Cor*en, Providence; B B XVheaton, Jarvi..
ateamera Norfolk. Ford, Fall River; Bev
Thark^ObUo dial). Trueco UnU;
fUreo*?r. Smith, Sun^iw: A ? Hsfford.
? Loudem; II N Squire. Crowell. (??lre?ton.
Vl?o TrrivTu. -?ean"ra Ilor"ule,. Swa.ey. Kali River;
wiit irtriit ViCreerv New York; bfls Herbert II Ray*
Klll?Knl?bl,*?treery..>e - till.lor,
l?,M1d'^SonWUe- Maggie Capron. 11 anklm. Maurice
Ri've1!^'Alice Karrcll. Hone. <lo: Nancy Smith. Hadgkln*on,
New York; Clara. Llpplneott, do; J 41 Managan, Klchard?
' *?cie"re r-SteomeraJuniata, Catharine, Savanna!.; Harrla.
v>iyi? o ii )nn. U|.xon Snow, doi Tonnwftndrt, Shot*
i"'- IVoVldeS^: Ann RH*a. Wcbardi, New York land all
?t i. . ?ciivri A Airne* (Br). ?i?noon, Bremen: Re
Sorter ilyder Kn?t Booth bay; acbrn Nellie Starr. Poland,
porter, li>u^r, r. Wallace, do; Oeergo Fallane,
Anama ion ? N Aqntre. Crnweli. (Ilonce.ter; L B Ive.,
Anaraa. an.. m Boston; liiorgo Nevenger,
< rT,\. PheUea Fannv Hanmer XVlg.-ln?. Nantucket; Salllt
RnBat.man Ch.rre-?own S L Simmon.. Gandy Kail lilver,
, Bate ? . \pwiove Lvnu: Reading RR No .!.*
MeD^lltt Nyack"; M S Scull. Barrett. Charleaton; Mell
vlllr. Robert!. Newbernj M K (Jrabam, smith. Boaton,
R<>S?o Vleared atoiuner ?1Hunb? Shackford, Liverpool ; wbrt
crnti11CSK x. VSrtJii:
Trowant. Saon . Nathan lyUnorn^ B .aton; Jamea
K'Sr./.n K V.rd.l d " Van (iiider. Van tillder,
? T?Ne. Bedford: K Magee.Magee.
d?? Y 'I "0, T'| niekman llerlng. Savannah; Martin 8
Sm iTliSm* t b^BeiTe rly * * A He ii OreeS". Nickeraon. Boston,
M,T,^,V)eWri8-7.Xd,|.. bark Geo M Barnard,
BV.r;V.lIr0H.VkTv!oTe't (Br), lor M..eqn..h; /a. Mnlr (Br),
for St Johu. NB: Inverarr (Br), (or Naple.: ColonUt (Br),
Y,i?ORTLASD. Me. Juno 13?Arrived, achr Island Cltf,
^Cleared 12th. .chr Klva E Pettenglll. York, New York o.
Pnrovl'DKNCE. June 12-Arrlved, achr S II Burrow.,
Sniu0ili.'-sVbnt,P|>"sawyer. Cumminga; N Holme., Dow;
Mln<(iias. Pl.llllpa;.Nightingale, Xoung, and Annlo B Ja
C?PAWTlTCKKT. June 12?Arrived, ?clir Kate k Mary,
''sS-SctrsAnnS Cannon. Norberry. Philadelphia; J
? RI*riI MO*!?*I1 June*12 -Sued, bark KongOacarll (Nor),
rhrlitlanaou. Aiken'. Landing to finish loading oil for
EHr\fi*FRXNCISCO, Juno 5-Cleared, .teamer City ol
IStiT?cVenrrd, bar"^ Belle of Oregon, Merrlman, Cork Til
PSCAnVA,NNAli. Jnne 13-Arrivco. brig "8 Thiago," Li*
b#12tb?Arrived, stearaera America. Blllup., Baltimore!
sun Salv* i?r, Nickor?on. Now York. ?
Sdilc?l-Sl6iimor Herman liirinp"*ton, M^Uory, New
SALI- M. .1 une 11-Arrived, Bteamer LnucnUor, Mllli,
-Schr KArragnnselt, Shaw, Phllndelohiik
S^rnUS, Jnne 5-Arrivetl, nchr J M Hronmil, Douglas,
Ps'>lroKitSF.T. June 11-Arrived, .chr Mary Kreeland,
rll'ltn?' ir'l Ilirf1'1 ' ll-Atrtvo<l. Hbn Mappahannork,
,7vil.?r? frmn I? Johnson; John Metier. .New York
r 1\>wm.rt' XV... Xlavo, Troy for Providence; Zacb Taylor,
New YorkVor do" Camper Lawson, Branford for do; W
11 .|V. Tr.ninn lor do and about 12 other schra. all hound R,
all giuf.'g "micr weigh at 11 AM, 12th, with a light sW
*VI\BYAI?D IIAX'KN. June 12-Arrivnd. bark S.n;pris?,
\verlll Medina for Philadelphia; achr. Ll".le Young,
vinai Philadelphia tor Boston; Richard Peterson. Eiii
|U?h do w do : Alice B -rd., Taylor. Georgetown. DC lo,
. \ - ,n.. r. linker Huker. do for do ; lannh?u*er Ken
?edv Baltimore for do; R il Shannon. Wllsou. I'lilladelph.
for tjyun; Lottie K Krieud. Collins, do for Gloucester: J B
Atkioaon. Kndsor, do for Portland; Owen P Hinds Clen
denin, Wnot?awken fordo: ()uw?rd, Lowell, Port Jolinmu
lor saieiut Rowena Arabella, Smith. New X ork for Pror
Incetown: Catherine Royal (Br). Boudrot. do for Charlotte
town. PHI. Southern Cro.. (Br). Patterson, Shulee, NS,
Passed bv?Schr South Shore, XX'hltmore, from Rockport,
Ms'a!"erd-?B8rki David Babeock. and Surprlae : schrs Corvo.
Siorlu Petrel. Wm H Durrea (Br). 1 5 Trafton Ev.jyn,
vlexandrla. Pearl. Mary Brewer. Minnesota I ac.flc, ? on
ro\ "c ite-d, Lucy Ames. P C Selln!l?, J O Roger., J C
Ndflh. Whitney li'>ntp, A M Acken, h^cort (Br), Hwn,ii A
''pitIllumed. ?cbrs Louisa Blrdsall. Steelman, Philadel
_I,,_ |_r Huston ? Joshua S Bragdon. Jones, Port Johnson
for do Kalie Collins Kattala. Thliadeh.bla lor Salem : Al
Imrt w smith Lorlng. Baltimore for Portland; Georgia B
MeKarl Tnd lUrrYngton. Philadelphia for Bath ; Nellie Carr.
Dorruy. Perth Aiul.oy lor Saudy Pelnt. Me. . _
Smiled?All veMfl* herore reporter except ?cnr? Treat
orer, Lake, Llir.le J Clark and Southern Croa* (Br).
VV A HE 11A M, dune II?Hailed, *clir* Joneph llay, Butter,
riilliitlelpliin; Thorn** Burden, Cliurliuck. do; S S Smtin.
Snow; Lady Antrim. Carter, and Unifier, Harding, New
received by 'f. UESMOND, lleitt Builder, 37 I'eck tlip,
city. ________
close mi e?t?te ; letuili. A'2 lest; beam. 14 feet, deptli
hold. <> feet; ill ult. rimnlnp. carrying coal mid water, 7leeti
term* eauh. Addre** N. I\ T.. box i4<> Herald nfllie.
long: fait and able; iu perfect order; or ran be char
I.Ted. W. T. COLE. Verier*!.
Osii >et Ioiib. I druilirht. Compound engine*; economical.
li??i . nerfeet order; lnindwilMlr ontllttM, Apply aboard,
t?at -Mtli ?t., Ilrnoklyn.
It' anted - S I I*.A.Vl \ ACn r, t.'AP.tMi.ii Ut' OAitKt -
vf hi: from 20 to :Ki prnt-erwrn fi<r pleamire; Will l>*f
I rum *><*) to *XOl). Addree* M A88A0H 17SETTS, Herald
3il ?|ii.ire or liirg?r , goort running order tdrnui(llt eight
feet /wldren* DaWsOn, bo* 2.H79 I'oit office. New Vork
rtly. _
Ith, tKo l.e,\.; I'ine in? Sheet Lead.
COLW I,I.I. I.K AO < ()., tCI t'entr n and 1,3l'J Broadwsv.
Divorces olirtCy.? any' siaik;- "Fa* wiib.v
divorced. AMERICAN LAW AGENCY, removed o|>
opptlte City 11*11, ?!'<?! Hr.>*dw?y.
tamed without publicity. No advance payment*.
FKEOKRIOE KINti, Lawyer, U St. Mark's ?!??*

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