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Conner!, the Northampton Bank Robber, Escapes
from Ludlow Street Jail.
Two Doors Left Open While the Keeper
and Warden Go to Dinner.
The insecurity ?f I.ualow sweet Jail, ** ? place
af detention lor the unioriuuate pcniletiicB wbo lor
various causes arc deprived or their liberty, wo* again
ibowu yesterday by tl.e eu.sy c*i tpe ol William Con
nors, wbo was awailiun extradition to Massachusetts
on account ol ib? Northampton bank robbery, on
January 24, 1876. Connor*, lor whom a stay of pro
ceedings ban been granted, whie.i .va- to bo argued
to-day belore Judge Dan*, concluded that be would
not await tbe uuceruuu result u 1 the law, and upon
arsing from tn? dinner table coolly walkuu out Into
tbe office and thenco Into the afreet through tba outer
ioors, which bad been lull unguarded. 1'be Warden
It the jail, William Watson, had lolt about ton o'clock
on bii8.n<*s? and was away, and tb? Deputy Warden
'Warduer) woa In charge ol tbo Jail at tbo lira*. He 1
nag :it the dining table at iho ninia lime Willi Connors, '
un<t three minuted alter Keeper McCtrly, whose duty
it was to guard tbe outer doors, entered, be weut j
out und found the doors open uud Connors none. |
MiCarijr declares that these doors weie Jvlt j
securely locked, and thai the cnlv way tbrfl
Connors could have escaped was eiluer by picking |
the locks or by having lalse key*. The lock picking i
supposition Is Durdly tenable, as it would require too j
much time and attract loo much suspicious attention i
lor it to be success! ui. Tuo false key theory is equally
untenable il the Wurdeu und keepers wore laitbiul in ?
their dalles and worthy of their position?. Indeed,
tho escape boars a suspicious uppearunce, und SberlO
Keilly expressed bis opinion very clearly that it was ;
owing either to criminal complicity or culpable uegii- I
fence. The escape occurred ul three miuutcs belore
oue o'clock, and ti wus known at the uewspuper olllces
belore two. A reporter who visited Ludlow Sweet
Jail immediately ulterward lound Keeper McCarty ut
bis post, looking very longiuced. He was extremely
careful, having the stable door securely lockcd after |
tlie horse was lost, and denied entrance to tho ro
portsr, speaking to biu in no very ploascni lone
through tho iron grating ol tbo door. He was exceed
ingly reticent, and reierred alt 'locations to Mr. Hard
tier to be answered, which latter gentleman, no said,
would bo lound ut ilia aborill's oiliju.
ixtkrvikw with neei'Tv wardkx uAitbNkii.
At hull-past three o'clock a conversation look placo
ai tbe Sheriff's private ollice between ibat ollloial,
Deputy Warden William L. (iarduer, a number ol the
Sherd's deputies. Order ol Arrest Clerk Quincy and
11 r. bangs, superintendent ol l'lnkertun's Detective
Agency. At tbe conclusion of the consultation, at tbe
request of Sheriff Koiliy, Mr. Gardner made the lollow
ttifc staieuiebt to the reporters:?"l'be escape took
placo at three cuiuutes belore one o'clock this alter
noon. Connors bad been iu the dining room ut dlnnor
with me, uud Keeper James McCarty had charge of
the outer and innor doors. At one o'clock
tbo prisoner leu the tablo and went out
through mo ollice lo go upstairs, a* usual.
Keeper McCarty tiud Just come in to dinner,
leaving the doors locked, us he says. Just us MuCuny
bad tell the doors lue prisoner ielt tue dining rouin
lor lue ollice. Tiiree minutes alter 1 left the dining
room uud louud both doors open. Investigations
made showed tnul Connors was missing, und 1 at once
came hero and reported the escapo to the tflierilf. ihe
practice u lor thu keepers lo lock iho doors whi.e they
me at Jiuner, aud oue Is not placed on gu.>rd while tbu
other dines.'- In uuswer lo a question Mr. Uardner
admillod tb.il "Dutch" McCarty, ol Illinois, a
Iriend ol the prisoner, was auunllcd yesterday
as u visitor, permuted to go upstairs, but lett
between eleven and ball-pusi eleven A. II., and
thai in tub opinion the prisoner's escape was |
fHided by picking ihu lock or by means ol dup.te.ale
keys. Wbcu Mr. liardncr tell to report to the sheriff
he gave McCarty instructions to miiuii no oue and not
to talk to auy olio about Hie escape, uud especially uot
to reporters. "As there is no kxynolc on tue outside,"
continued Mr. liardner, "he could noi have been
aided from tbe outside. .McCarty lias hcen it keeper i
lor about lour years, and has aiwuys been considered '
Very reliable." j
auiutirv iticaLY'a ck.vsi.ijl.
Sheriff Keilly wan situug m the room during the
above lun-rview and at us conclusion tho Hkhald re
porter addressed Mr. Keilly us lollows:?
"Mr. Ke.lly, 1 suppose you will oiler a reward lor
tbft lecupiure ol the prisoner*" said tue Ukkalu re
"Yes, 1 will pay *1.000 for his return to Ibejall."
"Wiiut is your opinion, Mr. Keiliy, as to the cause
ol the escape t"
Addressing Mr. Carduer, who had stepped over to
consult superintendent Dangs, the dttsrill said. "1
aiu going to say something to the reporiers ibai 1 want
you to bear, us it allecis you." (To tbercboriers.) "1
believe that there has been complicity or ctilpaole
negligence on the part of Mr. Uardner or
Keeper McCarty, or both, in permitting tbo
escape. Mr. Uardner, being iu thiol command, is cer
tainly gu.liy ol culpable uegjigencu iu pei milling, in
violation of my orders uud the rules ol
Hie pnsou, tbe doom ol tho Jail to be
Irii unguarded lor one moment, day or
ulgbt. My orders ure thai there suall bo a keeper
there at all times aud. wilb quite a number of keepers,
Mr. i.ardner, a was your duty to have had a inaii
there eonsluutly. 1 know nothing personally about
McCarty except that ho wus highly reconimsaded by
Harden Watsou. i'bero is a man uamod Kornuu there
who I would trust with tbe City Hull aud its contents.
Ho would not have taken $loO,iM)U aud lei a fJOo man
esca| e.
^uperiuieudeci bangs, whose oihcers arrested Con
nor soui? month* ago. tia* placed liid oBicers ou Hie
ulvrt, aud the sberill bus deUi..;d a number ol tu^n lo
biako a thorough -carch lor the prisoner, A geuerul
alarm, giving u description oi the lugllive, wus sent
out by i he police an lb ori lies, and the l?r^e reward of
(1,000 which S her ill Keilly will oiler by advertisement
in to day's papers will stimuluto all iiio officials lo
]'in in t. e search. No doubt the movements ol
"llutch" McCarty, whore antecedents are sain to bo
boi ol tbe best, will he Closely watched, us it is be
lieved lus visit lo thu jail was either to uid ins lrleud
lo e?ca|KS or to attract suspicion Irom the really euiltv
parties to bitnsell.
At a meet Inn of the Com;niaaloncra of Public <'hari !
Ilea aud Correction. yesterday ruorulng, the trial of :
Keepera Van ryue ana Mack, ol tlio City Prison, lor j
allowing tlie eacape ol Joteph Klliott from it.o flu- i
pretnu Court, waa resumed. The aUtemeuta ol Vuu
Tyue ana ol Warden ymuu, ot the I'umha, wore heard,
ouo trying to ahow oy bia own account tuat lia wan
not reapenaiule lor the iorgcr'a auddcu departure, aud j
tbe other givlug tlio keeper .111 excilltnl lepuiatiou lor ,
efficiency Tlie Cotumi*eloutr?, alter consulting to
gather, However, concluded that Van lyne bad been !
uereiict in tuktug oil tlio shiicklea from
Kiilou ami hia partner w tiiout ordura irom tlio Court,
aud iu not notifying Keeper hack ol wtiut he had
none. Tliey uccordln?ly di-mHaed Van Tyue and cell
surod hit kM-otiiuie. Pu prevent a recurron* e ol sucb
escapes the Commiaelonera Ordered tliat no sliuc.?l05 1
aha.. be taken irom ? pr soner wben tnken 10 court I
w.tbout permission ol thu Warden ol the Court aud that
when ke?j ore take prisoners to court an individual re- |
a|>oii>iUilliy exists ou each and all ol tbeui lor he ame
ivtarn ol their prisoners to custody. It waa also or- !
acred that all pilaoners in a court room ah all ail to
Tbomaa Delauey, the youug man who *0 cleverly
alipperf through the tlngera 01 tuc polite 00 Tuesday,
and who ?u recaptured aaveral hours allertvurda, waa
brought to the lointia yeaterittiy. Mia every mov uncut
rm watcued with unremitting vigilance, aud he would
buve required no leas a potent agency 10 agaiu cited
b'S eacape than the wonderful lamp of Aladdiu. 1 tie
prisoner ap|>earad to etj?y the lion /Ing wo nkexpect
ediy thrn't upon h.m. Wben asked oy Justice -mnU
bow be managed to escape, he mere y abridged his
ihuuiocrs, aud said In an iLdcUo't aort ol way, glam>
U.g ut tlie threw Iron gate* of IU.j prim
ers' rulilog, "I got out ibrougli the guta,"
ills rearrest waa rfleded hy Olllccr Burke, ol ibe
Special service squad ID Washington street, uuur
Ipriog, on Tuiaduy night. Dvlauey had taken iho pre
caution to clip hie bair, shave nil hi* inuataoM un l
tbeufte hie clothing. luua disguised l.c Ion oomMra
lively sale, especial.y aa tie car^iuily avoided bis old
fiaubta. The alOcur. however, knowing him, aaw
through bia disguise and promptly took inm into cm
to ly, cauain* tueraby much rojoiclng emobg tbo
a dicer a of the Tomhe Court squad
Among the prisoner* arraigned at the Tom be Police
Court jraaterday waa Edward U. iiaisbt, alia* flaondora,
arreatod tha Bight previous, in Brooklyn by I>etecl??ea
>'ield and O'OoooOf, ot tbe Oiairict Attoruey'a offlce,
on tbo charge of forgory. tf the alterations ngainit
tbo prisoner ora true, ho M one ol the sbrewdaet
and aoat aucooMlal forgers In tbe State.
For many moo tha paat downtoft# mer
navo boeu victimised by forged oraera
for goods ranjlug In valno from 9*0 to $1,200. Tin
plan of the forgers appear* to bavo been 10 obtain tbe
signatures ol various brnis ou dillerent pretexts and
tli*u to lor^ie tbe same in orders (or goods uu other
firms wlib wbuu tney transacted bu.?me?s. Among
itic victims lleeced m Una manner are K. W Devue k
Co., Howe, .Sanger A; Ca, K. Faber 4 Co., Frail & U,
A \V. Dougherty, I.unman K Kemp and muuy oibtrs.
Tbe arms mentioned laid Ibeir grievance* l>olore tbe
District Attorney many weaas ago. aud the detectives
were promptly pat upou Uia ca.-?. li 'Oou beraino
evideul thai I lie Forgeries were tbe work ofuu organized
gang, and recently the leadership waa traced to Hatgbl.
A few ilay.- ago, ibe detectives located Halgbl at ibo
Uuu.-e ol iiia mother ,u Brooklyn, uud at uu early boar
on Tuesday night, tbe detectives entered Ibu premises.
Hi gbi wai sitting at the table reading a new-paper.
When ibe object ol tbe vi?il was mudo known, Ibo
prisoner's mother loluieil. Haiglil took hit ar
ret l coolly and refused to make any state
ment. At the court yeslorday iba detectives
a.-ked tbat lie bo rainaudtd 10 enable them to obtain
limber evidunca. Subsequently the oflieers arrested
F.dward Harnett, formerly u clerk in n Nassau street
stationer's, ou suspicion of being one ol tbe gang. to
lla Lht's resideuce the nlticora louud a jimmy, wbicu
luted mtb marks made in the door ol V in Hoseu .Si
la'? rniicy goods store, No. 7H3 Fallon street, flrcok
Ivd, viitrt ? barglary wua recently commuted. and a
further search revsalrd a large portion ol the goods
I'ollcc OUlcer Daniel Dovlc. or the Seventh precinct,
whom tue Coroner's jury bold responsible tor tbe death
ol Francis Williams, aa Kuglisb sailor, of No 35 Pike
street, was initialled to b.nl yesterday by Coroner
Cioker, Felur Mallou, ol No. lUi Nelson street, Urooa
lya, besoming U.s security, 'ilio jurymou say
We tiud that death was caused by peritonitis, duo to
rupture ol the bowe;e, ibe result oi injuries received at
the hand* ol ou'eer Dani> 1 Doyie, ol tbe Seventh pro
c.not, while arresting Fruucis Williams, at No. 3."> I'iko
street, ou Suuday morning, June 10 He <tiod at Heile
vue Hospital on Monday morning Uib lust. And wo
aie ol the opinion that the oQIcer overstepped bis duly
lo following said Williams into tbe bouso.
The room In which the inquest waa held waa crowded
by persons interested In the l'olice Department, and
Alderman tibials sat on tbe platform near the Coronet's
cbalr. Captain McBiwaine waa on tba bench inside
the railings, aud Doyle occupied "Alurdeter's Corner,"
a law leot away. Several witnesses woro beard and
tbo whole story oi tbe arrest ol Williams was related
by those who aaw it. Airs. Williams, tbo widow at
the dead aailor, tearfully told how the and Uer hat
band were annoy on their own doorstep at No. 116
1'ik'J street ou Sunday morning about ono o'clock,
when soma rufOau* came along and caught bold of
her loot. They tied, however, ou the approach of
Olllcer Doyle, whom they coud see down tbe block.
Wticu he reached No. oft lie ordered Williams lo go ;n
doors, anu tbe lutier said be would lb a lew miuutos.
and also auggesteU that Doyle rbould rather look to
those wbo were anuoylug bonest people Doyle bad
sotue lurther words Willi her husband, aud g-jlug up
tbe ateps at ruck i.iui witb bis club. The uiou clinched
ib tbo ballway, Willtums aa the deienduut, Doyle aa
tbe assailant, and then tba latter kicked the lormer
twice in tbe abdomen, lie rapped tor another otttcer,
and tua two togeibor dragged her busband. who wua a
sober abd orderly tuun, off to the station
house, whither sbo followed them. She claimed ihat
they abused him on the way. Alter they had locked
down their prisoner tbey came out and took her Into
cuaindv likewise, lioib remained In adjoining cells
till morning, und during tbe mgbt Williams tald lo
her frequently, am gona; latu dying." Tbey were
arraigned aud lined on a charge of disorderly conduct
at Kcsex Market l'olica Court, and not hoing able to
pay went detaluad. That night ber husband was aat
itring bo mucb that be bad to be reir.oved to Bellevno
Hoapital, where he died on Monday morning.
dotlk'h uarKNCK.
In rebuttal. Officer Uraiated, who aasiaied Doyle to
take Wiiliama to ibo station house, said he did not seo
Doyle strike Wiiliama witu the club aud did not see bis
partner kick him at all. Both mon were down in the
hallway when Uraiated came, Doylo uppermost, aud
Mrs. Wiiliama clutching bis club.
John Keid, of No. 3:1 I*ike street, testified that Wil
liams assailed und abused Doylo aud suw ihvtn tail In
ibe hallway when tbo latter weui to urrest him. They
ion, Doyle on top, aud Mrs. Williams look uu active
part witb ber husband agalnat the oMoor, He (tbo
witness) at the latler'a request, helped him to got
Williams into the atrael aud then Uraiated came.
Williams bud evidently been drinking. Keid never
aaw Doyle kick Wiiliama or atrike more than once
wlib bis club.
Cornelius Murphy only iiv wbat occurred on tbo
sldewulK ulier Williams wus brought out. but Mrs.
Mary Lockhart, ol No. flkuatreui, swore that Will
iams alio bis wile were quarrelling aad uiakiug yucn a
noise ou tue sidewulk beiore Doyle came tnai she
asked Ihctn "to lot people sleep;" she did not witness
what happened lu tbe buliway.
nvrgeaut Fuller, wbo wus at the desk when tbe
pruouura were brought in, merely uoliced tbat Will
iams had a alight cut ou his boad, and he couiplaiuod
ol no other Injury, .
Oftic'ir Doyle related tbat ho, at Mrs. Lookbart'a
sujigesnon, oade Williaius go ibto the houto, aud tbo
latur caught aud dragged b.ni into tho hallwuy. where
the wife also set upon Uuar; he struck Williuins
oucc?no more; lu the lall be was uppermost; but
be uerer kicked or otherwise abused deceased; he
would uot have como along a? aoou had he not beard
a womau crying fioin tbe bailway, 'Murder! watch!''
This closed Iho testimouy ?ud tbo Jury retired.
Alter au absence of twenty iniuutes tbey brougbt in
tbo loregoing verdict, rtien eoun.-ei moved lor tbe
oilicer'a udmiision to ball, und Coroner Croker granted
tbe request, lu ng the amount at $1,.~><JU.
A truancy officer led a small boy into Jefferson
Market Court yesterday afternoon followed by 1
several cbllJren, who took seats on the first benches !
and anxiously awaited further proceedings. The boy
was about ten yours old, and bis name was Peter :
Koouey. Tue officer's charge was so direct against I
little 1'oter tUut Judge Wundell coucladeu lte was a ;
conurraed truuut, and accordingly committed biro.
Suddenly In tbe centre of the court room sprang up \
a girl or about thirteen years ol age. with thick matted 1
hair and a wlldcxpie.'sion of countenanae.
"You bave no right to lock my brother up," cried tbo
girl, "lie uidn't do nothing and lie does go to school. "
Oue of the court oiiicers took ner by the arm md
said, "gtiutup! Slop your noiso I"
"No I won't suut up," she persisted, 'That's my
llltie brother uud lie shan't bo lockoU up."
Judge Waudeli then signified to tho oiiicers to allow
the girl to come .orward. She iinuicJi.Uely rushed
through tbo iron gate, came as far as ibu J udgo's bunch
uud took a vigorous boiu of tbe iron railing near by.
"Wnut is your name*" nsked tin; Judge.
"\lciiy hum Kouncy,' she answeri-u hi a shrill, de
fiant voice that could bo beard throughout tbe ci>urt
"Mary Aoo, you must keep <tulet," said tbe Judge.
"1 wou't keep quiet. I want my little brother, uud
you havo no right to lock hnn up." here the girl no
came :.o violent that the magistrate ordered the olllcer i
to put her In Hie box. Her bold on tbe raillnc was so '
touacious, however, tbat it was not without cunsrJer- j
ablo difficulty that two ol the men disengaged her bunds
.She wm carried inside screaming and kicking. Just
beiore the closing of the court Justice Wundell sent lor
the demonstrative youuu lady, and she cuuie out, ber
eyes blinded with tears and her luce crimson with pas
'?Will you bshave yourself now f" asked the Judge,
"and try uud be civilt i'ou ought to bu asbumud ior
Oi ilng in tho wuy you did."
"Imn'tu Uu ashamed, and 1 was civil," sho ejacu
lated l>etwo*u bur sobs. "1 want to take uiy litWo
brother home, and you ougut to be atbaiued to lock
him up."
.lurtiio Wundell (sternly)? "Take her back,*' and
Mary Ann was sent to keep bor little brother company
lor the night.
An incident of a ssd mid p ilntul natnro occurred In
fbe Kiltv-seventh street Court yesterday. A little
girl, of only nine yenrs of ug?, named Viury Ander
son, was brought Into the court room by an olllcer,
who had found her In Twouty eighth street, near
Third avenue, crying as il bor little heart would
??What are you cry lug about, little one?" asked the
ft bo started hack, endeavored to drv ber tears, an 1
said, between ber sobs, "1 am homeless. Mot nor s
bven sent to ibu islauil lor being drunk, father leit
?as long ago. No one knows me or will have an> thin;;
to uu with mo. Mr. Kane, the lanulord, turned iu
out ol doors and tbruw our furniture into the street,
and?oh h-b! ' Tbe little girl COUI4 tell no more, lor
her tear* and sobs canio back with redoubled force.
Near by wh?ru the cbi:d sat was the broken furni
ture and a urnse ol d. bris, the only thing left ol what
might once u.tve been to tier a happy home,
I lie Judge asked little Mary II trie wore hungry.
"I'm not; I nad sommninn to eat, end n wis so
nice.'' The olllrer oxpiaiueu she bud been given a
meal ut the station house, und de-cribed the raveuous
wuy sho "put away" what was set bofore nor.
I he i hil l was ?eut to the Probatory. the houae*
bold eiKcta still lumber up tho public street.
Mr. Ocorge W. Williams, of No. 13 Morton at roc w.iS
awakened about two o'clock yesterday morning by ihe
noise ol vlass breaking in the hallway ol his house.
| doing into the ball lie aaw a mau trying to open the
fanlight of one of the room doors. Ilie burglsr took
alarm and ran out ihe rear door, bnt was met in the
' alleyway by Mr. Williams, wno drew his revolver and
threatened to shoot bun il ho attempted to osoapo.
| Ulhetr fucaira, ol the Ninth precinct, i.mvud in tune
, to take the burglar luto custody. VV hen the prisoner
i was ibicen into the stution hou-o Mr. J toob Storms, ol
N ?. Hd Bedford street was making a onmpluint lo
tb o Sorgaeat oi u burglary that nad been committed
i on bis premise* tb<* night previous, lie recoguued
j the bat worn by Officer Hlteairn's prisoner as one
i tbut was stolen from his house aiomr witu ?40 worth
i ol clothing auu oiber ur' idea. I'bo accused gave Ins
I Dana as Veorge Wood, and is said by the pom." to bo a
: notorious thief, la his possession were inund several
I skeleton keys, chisels snd Jimmies. Justic Wundcii
I yesterday commute 1 him In fg,W0 ball to answer on
| mo separate coargca.
A gentlem id conversant with railroad matters re
cently mated that the milk freights on a ccrtaiu road
running to New York paid the current expenses ol tho
company, uml that the passenger tariff was ull net
proiit. This may or may not be true, but U Is certain
that lb* ircigbi oil milk is groaler tbau on auv other
commodity. The rales charged by the railroads iu
crease the price of milk to such an extent that retail
i dealers are tempted to dilute tbo fluid when It comes
into their bands to order to nuke u profit. Occasion
ally, when tbo milk market is (ull, ti.e
producers get less per gallon than the rail
roads charge lor freight. Thus, lor instance,
last week, when milk was a glut iu toe
market, larmers along the line of the Krie ro?d re
ceived 1 cell I per gallon lor tnilk, while the road col
lected 1ceuts pur Italian toil. Most ol the so-called
milk trams carry passengers, and at stations where
the shipments ol milk are largo the company <looi not
handle (be cans, hut insist* that farmers shall porter
the trelent. One, two or three cars are run Iiorn the
m;<in r^ad ou a switch, sou a Urakeiuau Is loll iu
cuarge to receipt tor the goods and tnako out a manl
iest while the tanners haul the c.ius. The charge per
ean lor milt, on tne Krie road is l>, ceuts per gallon or
jj cents per can Irom any aisianoc, the same laics
boldicg good between 1'ort Jervis aud New York mid
j Pasraiu and New York, i he retailer* iu Now York
' h.ive to pay furry toll hoth ways across the r:vor, and
! this expense brings the actual com. to more thitu is
(stated above. The Hariojn Ko.id, wtnoh delivers iu..k
at Centre street and Forty-eighth street, ohargi s 1)4c.
per gallou or 6Uc. percau; hut, deducting the lorry
toll ou the other route, the rates aro about equal.
Many dealers consider tbo Harlem ruto mucu lower
actually than tho Krie ratu, on account ol the saving
in nmu ihe lollowtng ilgures showing the average
number ol cans ol muk per day trau*ponoil over tho
diilereni routes lor the week ending .luua 3 will serve
to show the immense revenue reaped by tbo rull
Caw*. I
Erie Hallway, milk U.i92
Krlo Hallway, cream 2110
| Xuw Jersey Midland Railroad, inlik 1,1 ?>?"> j
1 New .lorney Midland Railroad, cream 100 1
| Harlem Railroad, mlilc. j
lludsou River Ruilroad, milk 476 j
Now Haven Railroad, inilK 7'JO j
Miscellaneous l.flUO
Total per day
JJKW YOKK's Mll.lv co.vst'tfpnox
Kuch ol there cans contains an average of ten fial- ;
ions, and a glance sulilces to show that New York city ?
alone takes 108,820 gallons ol milk por day, on every '
?' ailou ol winch tho companies collect 1 ;.j cents. ;
luring the month of May mo lino railway alone |
1 brought to town 1,004,10ft gallons of milk nud collected ;
for tne same the handsome revenue represented iu t
: tho fli'urex $16,112 97. The retail milk dealers in New
! York complain mat the charge ou in ilk is excessive, i
1 Orlciuully tho cnarge was 5 mills por gallon, but !
I during tne war, when all pricoa appreciate.). it was ,
| ruised to tho present high figure, ind tho rail
! road people hare since lorgotton to return lo prices
I lu keeping with tho times. Contracts are mude to
carry ireignt Irani New York to Chicago, 1,000 utiles, at
! *u and $17 per 1,000 pounds. A bari el ol Hour, wuich |
j weighs about twice as heavy as a can ol milk, can bo
i sent irom Now York to Port Jcrvis lor 2?oecls, wbilo
a can ol milk Is charged moro than twice that smouut
Irom Passaic to New York. These discriminations
auaiust milk, tho retailers say, aro unjust, and ihoy
have olten petitioned the Legislature lor rcltel witu
out success. A certain deuler in New York,
a short lime since, made an arrange
tnent with the American Express Company
by which ihe company agreed lo and did deliver tuilk
bthls store door, lu Now York, for 50 cents per can,
or live cents less than he could get it himself at tne
depot in New Jersey and pay lorry loll both ways, i he '
railroad people, discovering thai this means ol irnus- !
porting milk across the river was becoming very popu
lar, stopped the exprosa company Irom shipping in ilk
over the road; or, bettor, charged the same lretghi as
the retailers pay.
Tbo Law Committee ot the Board of Aldcrmon yes
terday gave a abort bearing to those interested in ibe
display ol fireworks on the Fourth 01 July. Tbo
lioard ot Firo Underwriters were represented by Ur.
llenry A. Oakley, about a dozen fireworit muuuiuc
tureis being also present.
It wus generally understood by those In attcndauce
that tbo visit to the Aldoruien was entirely uiincut*
sury, us au ordinance, already published in the
Usuid, la attlt la foroe, prohibiting ttie sal* ot fire
works on the national anniversary. Tho muddle was
still lurtber complicated by Alderman Lewis reading a
section of an act ot tbo Legislature, posited In 18', 1,
"in relation to storage una the keupiug ol combustible
materials in the city ol New York," uuder which the
Fire Commissioner* are giveu enure control an far as
custody ot ibe dangerous matter is cuuccrnod. Tho
following Is tbc section alluded to:?
No tlieworks, detunutinu work), iiirtri J;:es ponder tialn,
percuasiuii caps. collodiuui, nitrate of soda, nitrut! ofal.ver.
ether, plioephorus. mulches or expioidve compound* shall
hereafter lie manufactured, stored or ke^t upou tale iu tbu
clt) of New York, except at audi places. In nach maimer
anil iu each quantities us shall be determined by tiiu said
Coiuiuifttioaen In the a\erct?e ol liielr dlicrotloii. under u
permit by tbeui granted therefor, and urtojeet to be revoked
at no) lime by *.<id Commissioners, Kirawurks coaaistiu ;
ol i:tnne-.e -'raekera, rockets, blue light*. caudles, colored
pots, lance wheels and other work* ot brilliant colored lirea
umy be kept upon sale intervening tin llltii day o! Juno
and the loth day ot .Inly tu each yesr, by retail dealers. tin
tier ?urli reasonable raiiulitloiil an said i ouimini.onerc may
prescribe under a permit issued therelor.
Mr. Oakley remarked that tins law only alluded par
ticularly to storuge. I'be only object nought to be ot
luiucd by tbe Underwriters in tbu carrying out ot such
an ordiunnco wus in the protection ot lito and prop
erly. In tbe great 1'ortiand tlru the great danger
resulted from firecrackers, We Had uiuctv-tbrco tires
iu this city un the last Fourtli of July. Seven ol theso
wcro oausod by Chinese lanterns und seventy-six liy
firecrackers ana other llioworus. The speaker then
suggested that the explosion of Ureworks should 00 re
stricted to the public parks.
Aldermen Lkwik?The Common Council bas no con
trol ol tbe parka, and as tue ordinance ot lMjb and tue
act ot tbe Legislature of Is"! stand that body has no
coulrol over the mutter except as regards the tiring
or exploding ol fireworks.
Alderman Hiiwunu? 1 don't see bow any crdinnnco
can be stronger. It is positively prohibitory, and tbe
police are required to see that It Is enforced.
Mr. Kdwaru Linton, secruturv ol the I'yrotecimio
Association, expressed the opinion that the mum point
to be ascertained was whether or not thti Hoard of
Aldermen proposod to lukt any action ut this partic
ular time. Ho ulso hoped that some agreement mmht
be entered into between the Underwriters and fire
work dealer* so as to urevent thu oiilorceiiient ol tbo
ordinance on the Fourth ol July.
When tbe coniutittoo adjourned Mr. Oakley btated In
conversation that no attempt would bo made to en- |
force the ordinance uext montb, out that shortly alter
tbut duto ibe ilourd of Fire Underwriters and tho
pyrotechnic Association would uouler as to a perma
nent plan lor tbe sale, storage and explosion ot Uro
works lu this city.
At ? meeting of the Fire Commissioner* yesterday
tbo report of Kdward iireuot, loreuiuu ol engine com- |
puny No 34, wus received. He hud been appointed to
investigate tbe cause* of the late nupbtbu explosion \
ou the lighter Caution, und to learn In what quuu- |
titles that material was used by tho gas com- 1
I'auies. He reported Ibut OOU.UOO gniijua ol uapnihu
were stored in iron tunks ol only one-quarter inch
thickness iu the Mutual Oak Company's works ou
Avenue U, between Kloventli and Thirteenth street.-).
1 'tain 'iOU to 'KM gallons are uaed deny, and III* ma
terial is required lor the production ol various oils and
paws. The report wus referred to the Chief ol the
1 oiuhiisiiblts llnruuu, with a suggestion that tbe law
touching tbe mailer bo rigidly enforced.
In ibe matter of tbu suit pending in tbe United
Hiatus District Court, brought by tho government
tig oust cx-Uovertior Samuel J. Tlldeu to recover In
come tax claimed to be duo by him over and above the
income tax j a d by biui, complaint was yekterday Ihcd
lu tbu District Court by District Attorney Woodford.
Tbo complaint shows that the suit covors income tux
returns from the year 1 SOI to 1*71 Inclusive, as fol
lows:?1 or the year 1H01 tbo ex-tlovernor's income is
sal dowu ut It(XI,000, on wbtch $3,000, at three per
cent; lor i8W al $130,UOU, ou which $4,Mb is claimed
to be due ul the rate ol bvo per cent, lor IHtM al
f i'Jil.OOO, claimed |fl,'260 at live per cent. Aspeciul tax
that year (lslKl) on the same Income, at the x mic rate,
lor ls.il, fltio.ooil, due, If It,,000 al ten per
?euti tor 1S06, $o3),ixo, due, $;w,aoui lor 18wi,
$10;,0fi0 at live per cent, $A,.'.ob; for ltd", |l-4,a<X>
at live per cont, lor l.-fli. #1.hid ut bye jier
cent, *0,<l'Ji?; lor lse.lt. ?711,Mm at live per cent,
lor Ibill, *??.'>? i i<> ul >wo and u hull per cent,
flo.MT ?'(!; lor Hfl, $100,000 ut two and u hail per
cent, $?,&0l). The total ?uuis lor whiun recovery Is
sougtil amounts to 9141,44.! 6!). which, luclu'lmx in
terest and cost, foot* up to yl60,ouo. The answer to
the comulnlnt will be put tu in 1 short time, When
steps will be taken to tiring the caso to inuL
! Mr. 1'strlck II. Mnlvlhlll, formerly private secretary
to I nilcd Stale* Tieusurer t>jilnner, was arraigned
I ui Jeilcrson Market 1'uliue Court yisterday, charged
I with stealing a gold watch and chain, the properly of
his boarding house labdiady, Mrs. I.ouiso I'ruue, ol
No. 1CA West Twenty-ljril sliuot, ibe watch was
i tnlMcd aobiil a week go arid wus trace l to Lyucti's, in
H road way, near Wavcriey plsro. wnere Muivihtil had
I plH'.'gad it. Ue wa* arrested on a watrnnt on f|Ml/
ntghi al No. l?r> West fwcuty-first Htreei by Court
' OdUir Jolly He I'lcii'.cii guilty yesterday md *.n
I committed by Judge Wandeii ta il.nuv ball to answer.
(NtfTM Latter* intended Tor this column uiu*t bo
accompanied by lb* writer's fall itmo and address to
Insure attention. Complainants mho are unwilling to
' comply with tins rula simply wiuao lime In writing.
Write on only one aide of the paper. ? En. Huralo.)
i'o run Editor or tub Bauui*
Why is it that Hie Hell Line lCailroad Company never
stop iho cars which go down town at tho Utevaied
Railroad depot, ?iltj-uinib street Y 1 bave bacn com
pelled every evening to wait Uvu minutes or ti.k?? the
bob-tailed car and pay an extra five uouta tare at First
nvenue. By stopping both cars at the terminus of tho
Uevated Kuilro..u It Would save u good ileal ol trouble i
thomi son Ktutirr howdikh.
1 notice "A father'* Appeal ' tu ffgard to a dis
orderly crowd who assemble at the corner ql 'Ihotnp
(ton and Prince streots every evening Irom six o'clock
to alter ton and Insult peoplo who nr. quietly walking
either to iheir homes or 10 ,St Ambrose's Church,
wlitc ln>- loentoit at ttiic corner. II < aptain MnDoanell,
ot the Eighth precinct, would look alter ihi* liuttor
such complaints would not ue uiude. A BROTHER.
To Toa Editou or Tuu IIkhalu:?
Our lotlar carrier brought us to-day a samp Jo ol j
flour, properly Inclosed in a bag made tor the purpose, j
upon which be haid letter po?ln?o wuj due. On ask
m it tho reason ol thin Ho said that Postmaster Jafncs
bad given orders to tbut cllect, as the l'ost Oltlce De
partment wish to disioura^c mo sending ol Hour sam
ple* through the mails. Has the Postmaster any right
to inuke this illegal charge on third clasi mail mattur ?
To Tin Koitok or Tim Hkrjh.ii:?
Certain parties have been in thj habit of drawing a
not in l'elliam Bay and Wcnchestor CreoJc three or
four times a week. Is there t.o way to stop It? It is
last killiug tho flshiug thorn. 1 ho rd un old man n,iy
yesterday tbut bu had ilshed there lor lorty years und '
tho llshuig has never beon so had as it lias h ?eu for :
thi'Iu l two or threo years, i bilieye ther.) Is a law
u^aiu-t uslug a not in the hay. Why is it not pui in 1
loixe? A. H. H.
To Tin: Editor or this Hkkalxi I
Will you permit me to inquire how much longer our :
children (to say nothing of oursalve*) uro to ba ex- I
posed to death by the bite ol that useless Spitz mid ,
hungry cur thai has so long been permitted to roam at 1
will through our thickly populuted streets? Why ;
don't our city olllcials put Into effect the law tbey buvo
so wisely Instituted for their extermination t 1 am a
letter currier and compelled to go iu and out ol all *orts I
ol places. There is uot a day passes '.hat 1 am not
threatened with their bile, und in oue pluco
In particular, a largo tenement house, a savage
aud ferocious brute is kept by one of the occupants,
m>;ch against the protestations ol the other residents',
but he takes no notico of the dog or tho complaints
made when it attacks auy one. He suy tie will
not pay auy dog tax and whoever molests tbut dog
will got into trouble. 1 lear 1 shall be the lirst to gel
luto trouble, lor, if it attacks me agalu as it bits done,
1 shall shoot It on the spot. JUSTICE.
To thk Editor or tub Hrralo:?
There should bo one laoi placed bofore tho ladles ot
Now York in connocuon with their shopplug which
docs nol seem apparent to thorn, vise they would bo
more constdaratu to the waiting women who servo
them so patiently. These poor, tired aud overheated
clerks, laint with the long drawn out inisory ol stand
ing from eight o'clock in the morning until seven at
night, havo no chance ol rellel unless mo shoppers
would oouflno themselves to the hours between rino
and live, then these weary ones might have an extra
hour lor pure air aud relaxation without loss lo their
employers. Tue writer ol this was au eye-witness in
ono ol the largest stores on Sixtji avenue to the pro
prlt tor asking for a clerk whom lie missed Irom hor
post. The an.- wer was given tliut she was lytpg upon
the iloor, completely prostrated by beat aud latiguc.
She was at oj.ee dismissed lor twilled ol duty. Such
things could nol buppen (I the Indies determined to (In
ish their errands at uu earlier hour. We all remember
the pale laces that greet us over idles ol ribbons and
laces, and can we uot by pontile movement lit this
matter Oil tiielr heart* with joy and thanksgiving to
our C"d, Who teachuii us to bo mercltul? None no well
as wr>m?n know the trial suoh a lite Is to their own
sex. especially in warm weather, whoa there is so 1
much consequent debility. Than, by positive and
prompt action, make it possible lor the proprietors to
clo*e their Uoors at an early hour and scud their c:erks
home rejotciug. A LADY.
To tuk Kuirou or tiik Hkkalo:?
1 would liko to aay alow words ui regard to '.be man
agement of the monthly rccoptious givou (or tliu beue
lltol members ol ths Youug Men's Christian Assocla
tiou at their liull In Tweuiy-tbird strcot. A tew nights
uyu 1 uttonded oue ol tlieie receptions with a laJy
Iriend mid arrived at the ball a few minutes boloretho
perlormauco bognn. Uu euierlug tbo body ol the ball
wo were informed that all tbe south were taken with
tbo exception ol u few in tbo rear, where nothing could
be seen or beard, espociully on una particular n.gbt, as
tbo pcrlormance consisted ol sleight of bv.nd trick's, UK.
Nut buviiik ?' particular liking lor those scats wo re
paired 10 (lie balcony, where wu lound a ouuplc ot acuta
very Utile better ibau iboso uown stairs. Having been
scaled long euougb lo take a gl.iuce uroui.U tbo place,
what was our surprise lo heboid tbe numerous cbuice
Mt?aii) lu tho body oi tbo ball mat were bohllng Hats,
canes, umbrellas and other personal property while
the owners .sat. by apparently eujuyiug themselves
witnessing tbo elloris ol persons in tbe re. r who were
vainly trying to see a j>urt ol iho performance. Now
wliy cannot tbe managers procure a lew ushers to
show people to seats and also to see tbat tho best seats
are n>d niouopolued by pcrsous who want oue aeut
for themsoives and two injre lor their personal prop
ei tv. liy Inserting tins you will do u great lav >r to
many a MtJliiuc
To tuk Roitok or tiik Hkkalu ?
1 believe tbe dog ordinance wus to bare gone into
client on tbe 1st ol May, ami now, tlx weeks after
ward, persons are exposed |o us touch danger Irom
this courco as ever, ilany persons are bitten by dog*
lu this city every day, and In six weeks these persona
must umouut tu tbo uggrvyu'.o to u very lurge number,
all ol whom sutler moro or less pain, botb ol body utid
mind; anu protably tbla delay in onlorclug tbe ordi
nance has proved, or will In the end pro re, tbo death
of aovoral. 'Ibis delay seems to havu been cnusod by
uncertainty In the minds of tbe Mayor ol New YorK
uud the President or tbe Society lor Preventing Cru
elly to Annuals as to tho beat mode ol destroylug tbo
dugs so as to InQIct as little pain as possible, which Is
surprising in a city surrounded by water, and lu which
lb<*re la no scarcity ol rope and guns; agd they recin
to have been holding lormal coulircuoes on the sub
ject, during all which tunc the inhabitants ol this city
are in danger ill losing tlieir lives. Due would luvo
thought that one human lilu was ot more value tliuu
the lives ol a thousand dogs, but these partus aeeiu
to be ol u dillurcnt opinion, aud to suppose that butuuu
pain and guttering are ot lest! cohgojuruce than that of
dugs. These animals are as froo to-day i.s ever to
rove about tbe streets and parka, without either snug
gle or string. The Uaitvrr I'urk. particularly, swarms
w lib looae doga at all bours ol the day, these dogs be
longing to the tenement house people ol tho First
ward, who bave not paid, oor ever will pay, a cent of
tax on ihun ; yet no policeman ever thinks ol lutor
ii iiuf wltb tboni. XI. J.
To thk Kdttor or tuk Mkralv:?
I see some ouo ritlllng himself '?l'rofessor" answers
my complaint bonded "A Word For tho Working
Uoy?." He says the reaaou tbe polios do not lnterleio
with tbe ruuisollera la because they have money aud
politics to back tbrin. Now, perhaps tbla "Professor" is
some politician who bas lost bis lut position since our
Presidential election, aud being out ol lumls woul I
liko to blood tbe working boys. All rlgbt, Mr. "Pro
feasor," if your political mlluonce will secure ua a
place to Play ball ou Sundays nnuie your price and
the working boys will try to raise the luudM to buy
your Influence. You boast ot our police as being tbe
illicit in the world. Now, air, If you will go to
Messrs. Purbtuiaun's Jewelry store, lu Canul siieot,
ami look at the way in which thai succe.-slui robbery
wna committed you will think dinoront ol our police.
1 suw it Monday morning, aud 1 am poattivu tbat it
oould not bavo beou done without tbe knowledge of
the police, ihere are no abutters used to Una store
and two letsol gas remained burniug all nlgbt. 1'bu
sale which was broKen open was lot mors than
twenty feet Irotn the door and lacing tho front of the
store and no ponoemaii saw anything oi It. Now, let
us try to pluy ball in a v.irsnt lot, nil lencod in, and
tbo police will bo tbore In two minutes. F. 8.
To tuk Kuirou or tub Ukiialo:?
Your corraspondeni, previous lo lodging tbo facts
with ctic Sanitary iiuprrintendent of tho Hoard ol
Ili altb incorporated in his communication ol yester
day, ob the subject ol diseased moat in Washington
Market, uses the expression, "Hare ws a Hoard ol
HrnllbV Ho bus suios roceivcd prompt information
irotn that source that the violation of tbe Aambiry
Cods will bast ooco prosecutsd, and. lbs vtlouco well
proven, will be punished. The Hrrat.o resdin* pobllo
will ihua hove tlio answer, "There is it Board vl Health
ana it 1b early to iha lore. NOaH.
ItRADt^t?Rn>tKu? Ou Tuesday, Juuo 12 187T, by
Key. D. MtL. yuaekeubu.li, 0. D., Jons Bicaoux to
Clla Lot ism Bknskl, allot tlila city. No cards.
Ill w?-A-vsiik.?on June 4, at the ro*idnuc>J of the
bulla's mother, 2.V4 Talbot street, London. Ouurio,
Canada, by tbultev. Dr. Cooper, Alubkt Bu.nn, ol New
York city, to Jkxsik, elde?tdi<u?;bter of the Ul? Paul
AnstIO, ol Natru, Ontario, und granddaughter ol the
late Paul Anstle, K.|., oi Devizes, Wiltshire, England.
I<Al>u?Willi* ? III this city, at ibe Church el tlie
lluly Commumou, ou l'aesday, June 12, 1877, bv ilie
Iiev. Henry iloiioii, Wilijaii Fmwlk LaBU, ol ICIUa
belb, N. J., to Cakolisk, d.u;:htei of tbo late 1*. J.
Willi*. Baa., ol Galveston, 1'exas. No cards
Li.Wia?Livixusro*.?l?n Tuesday, Juno 12, at tliu
reniltiir* ol the bride's parent*, by Rov. Jobn A. Pad
Jock, I). I)., J. U, V. l.trau to M. l4>ei*A, daughter of
Charles M. Livingston, Esq., all ol Uiookiyn.
Mills ? Bi.owku.?-Un Tuesday, J uuv 12, lull, at tho
nvidence of the bride'., father, by Iliu Hev. Wm, IV.
Montgomery, Hauukck Milln, ol Now York, and Fmxa
K.. daughter ol Charles Bra war, ol Muruaronetk.
I'akiiim!?Winrnuit.?Wednesday, June 18, i>r.
Wii.l.am U. Pauuisii to Miss Joel* Wuii itkh, both of
Una city.
PaUio.xs ?J ? himho-V?A t ilayiliorr, L. L, ou the loth
mat., by lU?v, K. lliley, ^cut'Vi.kU Livixoarox Parsons
to rtii !t*A, daughter i>l ilrurtiub Joliiioti.
1'MiiUMi?Viklk ?On Tuesday, Juuo 12, at ct. i
Thomas Church, uy ilio K?v. Dr. Morgan, <3 ke
Wtmtu Pkrri.m? to Hbi.k.x Prams*, daughter ol l>r. '?
Augustus Siele. all ol thla city.
Hi a vh: -liArtuv At the Firm Presbyterian Church, !
Yorikers, Wednesday evening, Juuo 1!), Its77, Hora<*K
11. Tuaykk to Tj.\mk K., daughter of tUu Ute William
II. Barry.
Wilcox?Fiu.ni u ? tin Tuesday, 12th, by the Kov. ,
Ccora* I*. Ilil.liard, at St Joint's Ciiurota, Oneida,
Ci.i.umont H. WlUDt, ol thla ottjr, to A?;.\kS R.,
dau^httfi of A? J. 1 roucli. L.:i{.
Batsman.?A*. Sinti. V. J , ou Mo<irit7, Juue 11, \
Allot .4., duunbiyr ol Louisa li ai.d ilia late Benjamin ]
Butuinau, In t~iu 23d year of her aga
lielativcs aud Irieuds ot the laiiuly aro respoctluily 1
I0VU?4 10 ailend lb* funeral, trout hor la'o reside ic -, ]
at anus, oo Thursday, iho MUi inat., ut ouo o'clouic i
P. M. Train oq Newark bruueu ol Krie JUilroad will i
lonve Chambers hi. i.t 11:30 A. M.
BkH.NAK0.-Uu Wa.loosday, Juan hi, Jamks C., be- ?
loved sou o! KHza and John Bernard, ayed 20 yeurs, 1 |
moatli ulid 3 da> s.
Funurul will tuko place Irotu hii p.trcnts' resldeuce,
No. 07 Kan 4th Ht., Friday, ut two P. M.
Hljmia.m.?At Harlem, ou Tuesday, Juue J2, lsii, of i
apoplexy, Joux Bi.ii\iiam, In the J.'jth year of hn a^e. !
ilulutives uud Iriendn are reapectiuliy invltod to ut- I
teuii Uie li'.;jural, al hali-|>a>i ton A. M. Mine 14, lioui i
St. JosephM Cburob, tit li nv. and lethal., wh-.-re a |
uolrmu requiem man* will bo oll'ercl; tbonco to Col- I
vary Cemeiery lor luterineut. J
Uravto.v.?At the resilience ol V. 8. S|M)ncer. No. i
440 Wc?i --Id st., ou Tousday, Juue 12, lYiuuAJl L, I
son of Ceorie W. and Luoy A. Hriiyion, ol Lyouf, !
inc remains will bo taken to Uauduaky, Ohio, lor '
uiiei lueut.
Ciiouki.ikx.?On Wednesday evemug, J line 13, 1S77. |
ofdiopsy, AMKUA J u i> a if Ckomxlikx, reiiei ol How laud
Crouieilen, and daUKbtor of lh? lute Napbtalio and
Hetty Judah.
Funeral services will bo liald on Thursday evoolnx,
June 14, at eigtii, ut the resldouce of hor son-in
law, M. >'riediuau, 40U West 22d si. Hor letualna will
he taken to 1'hliiidelpbla.
Philadelphia and Yluksburg (Miss.) papers please
Dixon?At her lalo reaider.ee, Myrtle si, near
Myrtlo av., Brooklyn, K. D., Juue 13, Jasb, reltoi of
Hoory Dixon, iu 3AU> year ol bcr uje.
Mans ol requiem win beoll'vred iu Si. Jobn the Bap
tist Church, at niue o'ciook Friday, Juue 15; luneral
immediately alter. Bi latives and Irleuds are Invited.
Km.icott.? On Tuesday, Juno 12, William, the only
sou ol Auuie and William J. Klnoott, aged 6 years aud
2 mouths.
The luneral will Uke place from bis late residence,
between 103d and 104th sti., 2d av., ou 'fhuraday, 14tn,
at one o'clock P. M.
Fay.?Ou I'uosduy, Jane 12, altar a lingering illness,
Mrs. a lick Fay, n^eil 02. Born In couuty Longford.
Tho relatives and irlends aud bar brothers. Thomas
and Patrick Campbell, ure respectiully luvitod to at
teud the luneral. from her late resldeuce, 51 Uoerck,
coi uor ol Delancsy sl, atone o'clock, sharp, Thursday,
14 th.
Fkiidon.?On Tuesday, June 12, Captain Koukht
Fi.hoo.x, aged (id
ltniativcn and Inetids are respectiully invited lo
attuud tho luuorul, Iroin bis late retfideucc, ?3T West
4^th St., ou Friday, ui oue u'clucU.
i'nosr.?On the 13th lusu, Mahtiia JAUK, wife of
James Frost, aged 2i yo*rti. ' *
l'ba relatives aud irieudi of the latnlly are respect
fully invitcil to uttgud tho luucral, lu<iu her late resi
deuco, No. 30 0 uikovoort St., oo Fr>dr|y,at two o'ctook.
Fki'nkk. ?On Tuesday, Ibal2tli, alter a abort illness,
k' i/.a Fuuxkk. the beloved wile ol Udword I'ruuko.
Fu ;oral on l'htirsday, Iroin her Ute rcsidsuoe, 247
bit><i 39th St., ut onu o'clock. Fr>uuds are Inviteu.
Ghav.?Ou Tuesday, June 12, Umma, wile ol Tuoina*
B. <iruy, iu tho 4'jih year of hor ago.
Frieiius o( the lumiiy aro reapoctlully iuvited to a?>
t?nd the Mineral, iroin hor late residence, ib Vandaiu
?t., at hall past one o'clock, ihiuHduy,' Juno 14. Aldo
mem bora ol Wyoming Tribe, No. 4, 1. O. U. M., uud
sister tribes and memoorsof tho Great CouncilN. Y. j
Ham At Hunuibal, Mo.. Juue li!, Maiu'iia Pinck
MhV, wile of Theodore L. Hull.
Uynkh.?OB Tuesday, Juuo 12, ill consumption, M ak
UAHKT T. UVKKN, llio bolovcu WlfB of TllOtl)US Uj AM,
111 tbo 38lb your Ot her a?e.
Friends una acquaintances o( the lauuly, and lltote
ul tier brothers, cioorjjo and Frsuk Dowden, are re
spsctluily Invited to uttcud ber Innerul, on Friday,
loth lusL, at two o'clock', Irom bor late residence, u22
Kast 14tl) St.; thence to Calvary Cemetery.
Johnson.?In llrooklyn. Juno 12, Carolink Gkr.
tki'Iju, Uau^bti-rof Kov. I). V. M. and C. U. Johnson.
The relative! and irtead* aro invited to attend tho
Iuq'tuI, at St. Mary's Ctiurcb, Cmsson av., corner of
Willotishby, on Friday ni'>riiiiig, at eloveu o'clock.
Kk.n.nkuy.? On Wednesday morning, 13tli mat., at
tlio roaideuuu ol tier parents, 2i>2 k raiiklio av., llrook
lyn, Mary AiiNiiS. wile ot i*. J. KentiO'ly uud daughter
ot Wiliuin and Mary Cullon, aged 24 ycirs unci 8 day.'-.
tum r.il on Friday, 15.It mm., at ico A. M., Irom M.
Patrick's church, Kuul av., where a solemn fe^uiem
nuss will be oflcroil lor tlio io,>umi ol bor soul, and
thenco to Cu vary Cemetery tor Interment. Relatives
und tricnds ol the lauiiiy aro lospoctluliy m\ ited to at
Ki:.nm;ut.?On Woduesday, Juno 13, IS77, Mxiiv
Coyi.k, daughter of Timothy and Kluabcib Konnelty,
parish ot lialvinorc, county Weilmealh, Ireland, in
ttie 40th year ol her ago.
Friends ol the tuiniiy ure Invited to attcud tho lu
iiarat.on Friday, Juno lo. at one o clock, Irotn tho resi
dence ol Lur bluer, ilro. Walstead, 320 Kast UUtl st.
Lockwoou.?.-lata lord. June 12, Mrs A. Jsannkitic,
widow ot the lato John I>. l.ock^ood.
Funeral irom St. AndrewV Church, Filday, at lour
o'clock I'. M.
J.tnvixv.u.i.- Ou Tuesday, June 12, alter a lingering
Illness, Hkmhiktia, beloved wile ol Kinanuel Lowen
felis. iu ner 57th year.
Mutative <, iriends and members ol Temple Beth Kt
Tocbter l,odguNo. 1, K. H. 0. 1., Hebron Lou^o No. ft,
I. 0. A. 1).. Chevr* Abawatb Achun, arc respeatullv
Invited to attend the funeral, from ber late residence,
loW av. C, ou Thursday, Juno 14, at one 1'. VI. Omit
Mkyr'l? On Tuesday, Juno 12, at Flsbkill Plains, of
heart disouso, Frudkrick Wv.vi.ii, in the 87 tU year of
bll uqo.
Uelulive* and irieuds ol tbo family aro respcctmtly
invited to attend the luuoriil ibis afternoon, at two
o'clock, Irom hie tale rosldeoce, 1 M Duaue ?t.
Mi/Kfiir.? At Fan mount, V/cstcbosior county, AN!?
Mason Muui'iiv, u^'od 70, wile ol John Murphy.
Rclallvoa und triond* are invited to attend tbn fune
ral. irom the residence ol ber daughter, No. 3ia Cum
berland nt., llrooklyn. on Friday, Juno IS. at twj
o'clock 1*' M. lutciincut In Cyptoss Hills Cemetery.
1'ai.mkr.?At Albany, on the lltb Inst., Klikankth,
relict ot Jam** l'ulmer, au?d yoar.i aud 3 inoutlis.
luuirmeut In Ureouwood ou i i l<jay niornliii;
' Kamkay. ? Ou I'uesd.iy, Jtiue 12, Ikaiiku.a Kamsat,
wile ol John L. ltims.iy, aged 3s years, (i mooihs, 1J
da;, t.
Kelattvea and Inends ol tbo Iam:ly uro roii|ioctltiliy
I Invited to attend tbn lunerni, Irom her late residence.
776 Atlantic av.. llrookiyn, on TburstUy, at tbreo
o'clock 1*. M.
Qinnifow papers please copy.
Kt'8M?.i.t Suddenly, at Ins rosidonce. No. 14.'> Clin
ton st., llrooklyn, ou Weduosdsv, June 13. 1877, IV, s.
S. lit KSfcU.
kuneiui services at Norwich, Conn., ou Krlday, tbo
I'lth lilt.
Sayki:?? Oii Tuesday, Juue la, IS77, Jon* F.
Savkhx, ajjed 34 years and 5 months.
Itelulives aud mends ot the latnlljr, alio olllcers and
member* ol Metropolian lodge No. 3D, 1. 0. ofO. V..
aiu rn*|M!Ctlulljr invitod to attend tlio funeral, Irom bis
late residence, No. l.croy hl, oo Friday, June 15, at
one o'clock F. M., without lurther notice.
Sen?To tiik orrii'KRM M?mhkr* ov
.MKTHOHOLJTiJI I/lDOK No. 33, 1 O. O. K. ? lljlhlHiSKN?
You aro hereby summoned lo aiiend a special meet
lug, to bo held at tho lo l?u roomi, So. 71 South Wash
innion >"iu*re, on Krtday, Juuo li, at twelve o'clock
M , shaip, lor the purpose ot psyintf ttie last tribute ot
respect to our deceased biother, John F. Sayeri. By
order of flEOfKJK K. IU9SROW, N. 0.
John T. Scati.KNHfno, secrotnry.
Ilreihron ol aisier lodge* are fraternally inrited to
flavAOR.?Wcdntilay, Juno l'J, Hii.a* Truuma* d.t*
ao?, in the h'lil year ol hi* ?;r?.
UviuaiDs lo bo taken lo Albany.
A many aud Hartford pajiein please copy,
MILL.?t'n Wednesday. Juuo 13. Knnu Pni'i>e.\n,
duujbivr ot l.<'<?n iT'i and tbe late Maria A. Mill.
Kulalive* aud inend.i ol tbw Uiuily are ruapcullully
invited lo attcud tbo luueral services, lit tbe rutldeuco
of i.er father, Hit e'outb 4tfe it, llrooklyn, K. I)., on
Saturdiy, <u twelve o'clock, coon.
Staciiki.iikko. ?On Tuesday, Joue l'J, Or. latuoua
j Stai iiKi.H>:itii.
The funeral will take place from bis lute retldenco,
U4V Kaitolth st., on !? rwtay. 16th, ten A. M.
I in nu>w. ? At liajaboi'u, I.ontf lsiund, ou tVodnosiUjr
morning, l.'.th mat., Hahvkl W. Tkcslow, of Nuw
York, a^ed tri year*.
.Sottcu ol luneiul hcrealiar.
WAi/.m.? Juno 12, Hfci.t, duugbtcr ol I'atrick and
Mary Watsn, aged 0 year* and in months.
funeral from uer parents' renduooe, Cllntou av.,
West Hobokcn, on Thursday, at nine o'clock A. M.
Ward.?Suddenly, Juno 12, Kmt.v J., wlte ol George
K. WuM uud duiiybier ol tlie late ttawuel Joyee.
Funeral *ervK'?? at Kye, N. Y., this (riiursday). at out
o clock K M. Hclaiive* aud Iriouds are invited to at
tend. Train leaves Uraud t ontral IJspvl at 13 o'clock
M. Carriage* In waitini at Uyt,
Ths Stock Market Very
GOLD 103 A 104 7-8 A 105 1-8
Government Bonds Steady and Railroad*
Wall Srui^Kt, *
Wl-.PNi.dUAY, J in u 13?U K W. (
Business to-Jay snowed an iicreas ? ol 50,000 sliarei
over (but oi'ycMitrday, wan wvil spread over the llstanc
aggregated 2^3,00 I shares. Tnis accession wag due partly
to fresh aoiivtiy id the coal dburus as proiuptud by the
auction sale ?r tbc Pennsylvania Company and partly
from largo transactions in Wcitum Union, which ro
Nulled Irom the publication ot tUut company's quar
terly report. Uvcr 200,000 sliaius grc# out ol these iw?
speculation* ulone, leaving the remainder to the rail
r"uilt?. As bad uceii expected the prices at tbo ooal
s.ile wero off ou au uvcrugo ol 30 cents per ion trota
those obtained ut the previous auction t>y the sati.o
company, but ruled bettor than the rates ol the lust
Delaware and Lackawanna sale. Tbls was looked upon
us rather luvorabl* than otherwise and fcotnewbat in
tlio light in which n convict repaid* a re
prieve whou hopo is welly much tune. Consequently
tho IIret feeling ol depression winch hud been
lu irked by lower priced was recovered (rum and th<?
eloping figure* were considerably better than tho low
est bat not up 10 the highest or the day. Tho uiost
.utereaiing topic ol the morning was tho stiieiuual of
tho Wohtern Ciiion Company, Issued by the Board ol
Directors, wbicn at tho sumo time declurod ttio
cunlJinury iiuartorly dividend ol 1 >? psr cent, 'i'no
statement cannot be lookotl upou as au encouraging
one. Hecolpts huvo r.illen oil, as has been ruported,
under tho loss ol basilica* >vhich accrued iroiu tbo Cen
tennial Kxhibuion aud the 1'i'osiUcutial campaign an.I
under tho opposition or tho Atlantic and 1'aclUo line,
wluou has I'orood a serious roductlou la tariits to nil
points coverod by the competing wires, iue net
pi oil ti ior the ij'iurtor ending March 31 ware $600,619)
tor the quarter endini: Juno 30 they are
u.-.tmiated to bo $000,317, or $40,300 de
cline. The surplus on Murcli 31 was (128,677;
ou July 1 It In estimated that It will be $138,181, or an
increase o( $10,000 over last quarter. Tins gum, how
ever, u an apparent one, since $134,207 was in the
previous quarter charged off to construction account,
while in the current one uo such item appears. It
will be necessary, therefore, to get at the true knowl
edge of the situatlou, for purposes ol comparison,
cither to add the abovo amount to the aurplud ol April
1 or to deduct It Irom that of July 1. By tlio lormer
piocohS wo llnu tbo result to be a difference In surplus
lor the present quarter of #124,003. Again, tor the
current quarter's work deduct iuterest ou bonds ami
proportion ol the making lund ($133,000) auu 1',' pel
ecnt dividend ($508,030) Irom estimated net caioingi
($050,000), and uuu a sum remaining alter the abov?
disbursements of a littlo less 1..111 $10,000. Naturally
the exhibit was sutllcieotly unsatisfactory, nnd tnn
price fell oil Irom 01 to b'JJi under a heavy presstiro
to soli, though a rally brought it up to 00 bid at
the close. As tbo comparison botwoen last year's
business aud that ol this year, lor the coming
Ave months, can be scarcely other than to the preju
dice ot tho comp my, ior the reasons previously given,
the slock is likoiy to receive more attention in t?
speculative way than ha.-; recently been tlio case.
The Comptroller ol the Currency explodes the very
pretty story In which certain national banks figured us
"Iciteiug" with tlio Treasury by alternately loJglr.g
builds and druwing currency aud then repenting tbo
process, by depyin; that anything ol the kind has
been Uouc. Taken its u whole, tbo market was irrogu
lsr and levorish, with a general decline and a ln< k
lustre appearance at tho ond ot the day.
Tho following is the statement lor tho prosout quar
Tho uet profits lor the current quarter, end
ing Jone 30th ln.-t., based upou official
returns lor April, nearly complete returns
lor May, and estimating the business tor
June, will be t'.bout $660,317 52
Add surplus April 1 128.577 10
Total $778,fc94 02
From which appropriating
Cue quarter's interest on
bonded dobt $113,000 00
One quarter's proportion ol
sinking land 20,000 00
- >133.000 00
Leaves a balanco of .f 04"),&04 6i
A dividend of 1 >; per cent ou tbo capital
stock outstaudlog requires 507,213 00
Deducting which loaves a surplus of. $13S,081 02
In vlow ol Lhe preceding tbo commltteo recommend
tho adoption by tho Board of tho following: ?
llcsolved, That a dividend of 000 and oue-balf per
cent Irom ho not earnings ot tbo llireo months end
ing June 30 l>n uud Is hereby declared payable on the
14lb day ol July next, to stockholders ol record at tho
cloie ot business on tho 2uth day of Juno Inst.
rm coal stocks.
Tho other excitement ol toe day, the sale of 200,000
tons ol PitUlou coal by the Pennsylvania Coal Cutn
p.my, v.a.i the innocent cause ol u bull movement
iimuug tho coal stocks. Thai such should bo the cute
Miov.s ouiy ton plainly that among brokers, us wall aa
among ordinary hum imty, a little knowledge Is a dan
gerons thing. Had the bull* ol Wall street lusted more
uooply of the Pierian spring It is hardly likely
that such would liuvo been tbo case. To-d.iy
| coal sold at pricea Irom twenty-live to
thirty ceuta below tuoso or the 1'itiston sale
ol lust tuonth, as will be seen by a perusal ol the
figures in our u?ws columns. The lirsl ell'ects ol tbil
upon tho coal stocka wus ? decline to 31 tor Lack??
w.inna, 2">J, lor Delawuro and Hudson and to 61lor
Morn4 and Kssex. Altor a while it was aaid that
although this decline In prices as regards the Pennsyl
vania coal sale* was indisputable, yol ut a suie ol tha
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western winch took placu
later than this Pennsylvania coal sale tho
prices wore qulto as low as the present ones.
TIi.h Is certainly true, bat Is ineroly an
ad capt(tndum argument, lor wblla the Lackawanna
coal is ueliverable in Uobokvn, tho Pennsylvania com*
pany'? coal is deliverable at Newburg, making a dtf
terence to New York coal dealers ol forty ccnta per
ton (or trausportntioo. As a acquol to tbeso specioua
arguments, and aided by tho largo short Interest, tba
coal alleles advanced and closed at aomo of tha high
est tlgurea ol tho day.
Othnr stock.s wero steady and strong. New York
Central opened at 0-t;, fell to 91 J. and closed at02>|.
Lake Shore opened at 47^, toil 1 por cant and closed
at 47),, while tho other railroad stocks gained and lost
a traction alternately. Taken in Its entlroty tbd mnr*
ki t ?aa irregular, and tho lossoa on the ooa aide vrero
about counterbalanced by the gains on tho other.
Tbo sulea of active slock* at the Hoard to-day aggre
gated 2*2,8.13 aharaa, which were distributed as lol
low*:?No* York Central, l;i,(12 ); I.ake Shore, 39,400;
Wabash, 1,2-W; Northwestern. 40'J; do. prelorred,
1.000; Hock Islaud, 4,4U0: Milwaukee aud Ht. Paul,
2i.0; do. preferred, 2,'JiO; Pittsburg, 285: Michigan
Central, 1,400; Illinois Central, 200; Union Paoiflc,
100; Delaware, i.ackawanua mid Western, Bl.VOO;
New Jersey Contra I, 240; Molnwaro and Hudson Canal,
13,100; Morris und I.bicx, 26,001; Hannibal and St.
Joseph, 4d?; do. prelerrod, 1 >(J, Ohio aud Mississippi,
loo; Western Cniou, 82,000; 1'aoillc Mini, 600; Chi
cago, fiurlliifton and Quincv, 61 S>; Mariposa, 1,060.
oruuu, mi>:hmt a.mi lowkst.
The lullow ,ng ittoio showa tbo opening, highest and
lawcat pr!ua< ol the day:?
0inning, lhghr$t. Lowut
N. Y. Control end Hudson... t>a,'j 9i ?, tfl'j
Luke .Shorn V, >i 4??;*
Wabaah 1'4 1;, 1
< Northwestern 20 ?, 30>a 20;,
| Northwestern preferred 44-,' 4I?4" 44V
.Hock Isi.ui; i/t
Pittsburg bO 8o M
Milwaukee and hi. Paul iwtj 1 JO1*
Milwaukee and St. Paul pref. 4!i , 40 \ 4W
DoL, Lauk. aud Wealertl 31 ?? 3.. ', 31
Ohio and Mississippi 4 ^ 44'<{
Western Luiuu 81, fll/J <W.3s
1'aclUo Mail 1W iuIV
anvAioa and ok^LtNH
Tho following showa tbo advance and decline la

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