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Beaaties of the Theory ami Difficulties
in the Practice.
The Blind Faith in the Power
of Influenoe.
Manner of Making Appointments and
WasmI.\oro*, June 14, 1877.
The theory oI civil gurvice roforrn is very fsa
clnatlns. It it ? pretty gilded and supar-coatod pill,
oily when some ot tbe reformers coine to take It them
selves they make very wry laocs over It. Thus Wash
ington baa a large namber of "vlaiilug soreheads,"
who como na oivll service reiorinors to save tbe heads
of their friends. A droll case of tbta kind wu shown
mo tho other day. A olork In the Treasury Depart
mem was marked lor discharge on account of rather
flaring and various Inefficiency. Ilia Iriends promptly
came lorwurd to plead for him, and among the In
Ducnci's brought to bear was some, 1 am assured, on
?lio part of a newspaper which has beon con
spicuous lor Its advocacy of civil service reform
Tho strugglo lor his* retention was so ou.
trjjotle tbut It threatened to succeed, for per
?latency goos a good way with busy peoplo,
but at last this clerk was required to nuswer the quiw
Hon propounded gonerally about tbeso days In the
Treasury Department, whether ho hud cny relatives In
tho department. Heboid bis reply, verbatim
I littvo no RelitivH liy JbJud or inurig In
tho tre.sary Depurtiucu
On this return be waa counted out, civil sorvlce or no
civil scrvico. If you talk with Treasury and other
officials you may hear a good many stories not mucn
worso than this. For Instance, an Inlluontlal Congress
man la very anxious to have a reiutivo appointed.
Uo la promised that bla mitu aball go before the Treas
ury clvii scrvico examiners as soon as a vacancy hap
pens. Ho Is in groat basto, and wants it done at
once. '"But why can't your man wait ? few weeks r"
!? at last asked, and he frankly raphes, '-because I
?m paying his board at the hotel while he la
waiting." Again, thoro is a story of a WosU
era republican newspaper, whose proprietors
write to a member of the Cubiuet demanding tbut their
correspondent shall be promoted to a butter place la
the Department; "She is aa excellent correspondent
und has served us faithfully and done good work, au4
tho promotion Is duo to her merits and to us." And
the reply goes back taat us she Is undoubtedly an ex
cellent correspondent, her employers ought to ruiso
her salary and givo hor a better place in their olilec.
And away goes another friend ol civil aervioe rolorrn.
Buch things as these naturally sadden tho beans of
politicians and mouibors of Congross, and lorce them
to aeo that the i'residout's Southern policy 1a a failure.
The Treasury Department la niuurally the objective
po.nt ol the ollloo seeking cuuipaign in Washington.
Tbe Htate Department hus but little to give nway; the
Interior Department, under Secretary Schurz, is a
discouraging place, because lie bus been cutting down
tbe lorco and bis well known churucler as a tierce
civil servloe reformer has discouraged attack. But
the Treasury building oonlalned ou tbe 4th of March
Dearly 2,900 elorks and other public servants, nad tho
Treut.ury haa been tho main point ol attack slnoe the
M# administration enme In, in spue ol a big aign
hung out proclaiming that "there aro do vacancies."
On tho 26th of March Mr. Khertnau issued an order
of which the following is a oopy:
Jr. T.?c ,oro? ??"P'?re<! In ibis department, and lu
each division and bureau, wlii bo carciully limited to
prfauons there lor.
2. When the law doos not nx tbn number or com
pensation of employes. as in the 0ITemporary
P*'d.,roul aWropriauou? lor speci
fic purposes the number at no time shall excoed tbe
demands ol the service, and the compensation shall
SffilSS."11-paul ,or ?SS
a Knoh bead of bureuu In this department will b?
strictly holden to thu enforcement or the foregoing
rules, and will report in writing to this ofiluo within
leu days, and from tiino to titno theroJter, the m.mea
ol all persons employed under his direction who by
reason of Incompetency, bud habits, neglect of duty or
rTr,k .U01 to be rclumotl longer m the
y?rvl<y I. al?? those whoso services aro no longor re
quired for the conduct of business Intrusted to his
ciiarge. \\ ben a vacancy In any grade above that ol
cl.us 1 occurs in any bureau and the public sarvico rc
qulro* that It should bo llllod the bead of such bureau
will report In writing to tbls office tho uames of tho
persons ol a lower grade who by ro.ison ol industry
integrity and competency are most deserving of recoa
nitton by promotion thereto.
4 Appointments to thia department of temporary
clerks will hereafter be made only lor a limited time
Dot to exceod tho exigency which culls lor ilieir em'
ploymeiit?tho period ol scrvico to bo stated In the
letter ol appointment.
4. Hereafter no person will be appointed or em- I
?.?pa,l,U?ni unl08s " written application
lor the appointment or employment and all papor* and
recommendations pertaining thereto intomied for Ulo
In tins department shall nave been lllod in tbe Auuoint
meet division of thw office; and merely verbal Clu
or J*oommendalloue lor appointment or pro
motion \%ill not bo oDioftniucd.
?. Under the requirements of the Joint resolution of
Congress, approve.! March a, 1806, prtlereoco 'or ?.n.
{?ointment will necessarily bo given to honorably dis
chargedsoldiers or sailors ol tho United .States'- and
under the provisiona of the act ol March J 'lH7ft
directing the appointments or this department to be
so arranged a? to be equally distributed between tho
several States or the United States, tho Terrier" and
tho District of Columbiu, according to population no
person whoso legal residence is m any division oi* the
country above mentioned, which has received already
its lull number of appointments, in accordance wufi
Dsrtnient And 1,0 Whs de
part uen And all appoiotments will be subject to the
examination required by the provisions of section 104
Kevisou dtatut-a or tbe lilted Htates.
JOliiN SEKKMAN, iSoorotary.
A largo Dumber of the Secretary's political friend*
evidently thought this a ratbor eluboruto |oko. H? ,H
understood to bavo explained to a good luauy that ho
was "dead In earnest;" but it shows how dull people
no, thut some one turns up almost daily who doos not
it all believe that Mr. Sherman means It. It is under
lined thit the roports of heads or bureaus and divl.
?ions are gradually gone over, in order to dismiss ibn*e
reported for incompetence or bad liabita, and to re.
move also superfluous clerks; and while, outside of the
Bureau of Lngraving and JTInt.ng, not many removals
have boen made, there will he u reduction of the lorce
whenever It can bo done. lr Pn, foD,crH(.t
with 1 reaanry officials ho quickly learns that
there are ahuunant opportunities tor economy and re
form. Thus, In the B ureau of Snsr^ving and I'rintmg
It was discovered that a man had tho contract lor
waablog tbe rags with whlol. hauk noto and olher steel
plates ire wip>-j off, lor wbion service he got $v,ooo
per annum. Mr. Mcfbrrson lo'jud he could do It In
the bntldlng for $2,600 per annum. The rente paid I or
buildings uaed for Treaeury purpoaee hnve bceti gono
over, and though in most ca.ee nu.xpired leases make
reform itn|K>asible, it haa bocnpoastble to save already
over $.'>1,000 per annum.
ArroiMiMKsrs uaMoraw.
The manner of dealing with appumtments and re
movuls In the Treasury DepaiCmeut ought to bo pub
llely explained, because It would save a (food many
honest people the trouble of coming here and trio
%orryof getting up elaborate recommendations from
political sources. Hore >e what, on inquiry, I have
L la the Hure.iu of Rugmvlbg sad Printing 5*o per
sons have been discharged, and do one Is to be em
ployed In their places. Mr. Mci'herson tlnds that be
?a do the work with the remaining 400 and do it but
ler, and he thus xavea the government abontaibou
land dollars a day. Id making these removals he was
earefnl to select lor retention thojo whose record
?b*wed Iheia to havs been most capable and faitkinl.
II. TM Searstsry firder^d a redact len of tbe force In
?ther bureaus and divisions, where reports of the heads
?howid that the force waa aanoceaaarily groat or
whera the law required ? reduction. Tl.ua in (he
Lighthouse Bureau tea clerks were dismissed; In tlj?
Treaaarer's office iwsiiiy-ihree ; In tbe Kegixtcr'v slllot !
All these are reductions. au peri on > being ap- j
pointed to their places. lu tuo.?t of tue divisions no
change In proposed aud none Las bueu made. This is
true of elevon division*.
III. Tbere are cases where clerks are removed for
la competency or bad habits In ibeae eases tbe places |
are of courae supplied; but It is positively asMnwl by ?
Treasury officials thai uo merely arbitrary removals
of clerks have been or will bu made; no one la rotated
out ol office to make room for personal er political
favorite#, and there bave not seen mor? than 1U0
removals to far in the whole building, and these all tut I
cause?either incompetency, economy, or ttio lapse of ;
"toads" from whicn tbey weie paid.
tub mamas*!. or bblativkb.
IV. The latest order causing removals is that under
which the Secretary has determined to dismiss rela
tives of clerks also holding office. There seems some
thing whimsical and absurd aoout this rule, but 1 run
told that it was necessary m order to break up family
rings la the departments, thus, It Is said, a father
and his son, holding placet, aad perhaps both compe
torn, have bean known to axe their knowledge of lbs
department affairs and their tnllueuce to keep in a son
who was notoriously incompetent It Is asserted that
abuses of this kind hav? sprung up; but, alter all, it
seems the number liable to dismissal under lUls rule
will ba less than one hundred?some say not more than
fitly. but the Inquiry has brought out ions odd ousts
ol larnily oflics-holding. The late Senator iirowniow,
for Instance, coilaluly look good care of bis lainily at
the government expense. Here is a list of seven of
them, all office-holders:?
1. Cllffe, father-in-law of James Urowulow. son of
William u. Hrownlnw, collector of iiileruul revenue
r ilth renncssfo district.
? John Hrownlnw, sou ol William (i. urowulow, in
ternal revenue agent.
a Harry Aiken, son-in-law of William <J. Urowulow. I
Clerk United States District Court, Knoxville, Tenii. i
A capital officer.
4. AUen's lather, Register In bankruptcy.
6. Boy n ton, son-in-law of William G. Urowulow,
puoslun agent, Knoiville.
B. ham Muni, postmaster atCloveland, Tenn., brother
In-law of William U. Jirowulow.
T. William liule. postinansr, Knoxville. partner of I
William O. Urowulow in the publication of the Knox
vllle CUronuUt.
Ono wonders whether other SeuatorB bave been an '
carelul providers.
V. It should be understood by office seekers that :
political influence Is uut now nocdod in any casa. The
old system of piling up recoiuuiondatlons from Sena
tors, lleprcsentatlvos and prominent politicians con
tinues ; but applicants only wasto thAir time and
paper. A nolo of Introduction from any mspectablo ,
person is all that IS required. If tlu-ra aro iio vacancios
tbe applloant had bettor return homo at once; Iftbnro
are then applicants are givan permission to go before
a civil scrvlce examining board, and II they pass !
creditably they may poesibly have a remote chance to
get a $?<)0 clerkship Tbo higher pluoes are Oiled by
promotion for good semes from the lower urados. and
1 am told that since the 4th or March this rule
has boen earrlod out. The Treasury Department
now contains aoout 2,200 people, and thore will bo in |
all leas than 260 removals, most of which arc reduc
tions. A groat proportion ol the applicants aro nnablo
to paas even the very simple examination required for
a $yoo place. All ths depurtmeuts aro crowded with
applications lor office, most of thorn on the scoro of
tlie absolute poverty of the applicants, who seem to
consider tbe government an eleemosynary loan
VI. Ia the Treasury Department tbo luw requires
that the clerkships aud other places shall be distrib
uted among tbe States according to population. 1
believe this law applies only to tbe Treasury. There
is accordingly a table showing what number of places
each State is untitled to and what number It actually
has. Maine, for instance, is entitled to 32 places
and bus T7 in otlloe; New Hampshire is entitled
to 16 and has 02; New York la entitled to 210 ana has
232; Pennsylvania is entitled to 170 and has 210. Ohio,
by tbe way, wblch Is ontitlol to 133, bas in ofllco 132.
It la said lu tbe departmont that Secretary Sherman
bas bsen lodispcod to males Uhlo appointments any
where, lest be should bo cbatgud with favoritism.
VII. Ucnce, lu briof, appointments aro obtained in
the Treasury, und, in fact, lu all tho departments,
now, in tbia wayWhen a man or woman applies It
should be wub a short letter from some responsible
person, certifying to tbe applicant's character. If,
thereupon, U Is loand that the quota from the appli
cant's State Is not already full?a vory unlikely thing?
bo is told that wbcuovor a vacancy occurs?another
very unlikely event?he snail bave permission to go
boiore tbe Kxaminlog Board to be examined. If he
passes a creditable examination?a less likely
event than inuny think?he will tben be registered
on a preferred list lor appointment, to tako his turn,
as it is probable tbat others from bis Stute are already
on this list beloro hi in; and after all tbis trouble nud
much waiting be may finally got a *000 or $1,200
plaoe. I should ssy tbat In a hot summor a man or
woman would havo about as good a chance to be
struck by lightning as to get a $900 clerkship In Wash
ington In these days; bat still they come. Tho dun
culty Is tbey don't believe It. They think It is all a
sham. They go on believing tbat '?lullueuce" will do
It, 11? only tbey are perslstuut; aud tho 1'resldent and
his Cabinet owe it to the country now to adhere per
sistently to tholr rules; lor only by inflexiblo ad
herence can tbey get tbo great army of odlce-eeekors
and their allies, the politicians, to lot go.
kven when clerks are discharged bocauso
they aro not nocdod, or bocauso they are Inoompotsut,
they do not hesitate to bolieve that "Inlluciioo" will
surely save them. Tho word has hecomo p?rt of tho de
partment cant here, and you may bear a poor man or
woman say, In tho utmost soberness, "My inlluenco
will bo here to-morrow," or, "Here Ih sotno of my In
fluence, tbo rost of it has gono to California to spend
tho summer," or, "My Influence will be deeply
oflendod at this dismissal." Among the persons lately
removed "for cause" was a woman who, It was dis
covered, bad for some tlmo lent money to her Impo
cumous lellow clerks at the charge of ten per cent per
month. Another cujo was that ol a man who held a
third class clerkship and was found to bo worth over
two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Considering
tho number of competent persons awaiting and deserv- ,
Ing promotion It was thought safe to cast bun upou
bis own modost resources.
vim post Ulrica dkpahtmkxt.
I have snokun particularly about tho Troasury I)e- I
partmont In this letter, because that remains tbo chief I
object ol attack; and nlso because It has occasioned !
more grumbling tliuii some of the other departments.
It tbo staiuinsutH made aoove are truo of course tboro
Is no ground for ju.t complaint, lu tho Post Office Do
partmont tbe railway mall service bas for some timo
had In operation an excellent system of civil servioo
examinations and of making appointments In tbo |
Interior Department the system ol appointments
after examination, and of promotions for merit, is In
lull operation. It is not supposed in any e?*n that ??*.
anlnatlons give absolutely the best men; but Ibey 8?
cure at least more capable persons for the service than
msre political recommendations; and n* every one
who la employed is put at Aral on a temporary list
where his ability Is practically tested, and is promo
tions ar? made lor merit and efficiency alone, the sys
tem Is thoroughly practical.
I he President Intends that It (hall have a thorough
trial and a wider application. Ilia own share of tho
work of rvlorin is to divorce tbe general service from
politics. Ho move* slowly, but lie will take no slop
backward, ana you may any day sco some new step
takon. It Is not probable that he will toleraio tho
abuse pointed oat some days ago in the FIknalp, of
prnmmeut federal office-holders being members ol
Stale or local republican commute**, and where tnch
officer* wish to hold their In tie in I places, my belief Is
tbey would do well to resign thoir partisan
offices at tho earliest possible moment and in the
most public and conspicuous manner. When he
wrote the outer day, "No ollicor should be roquired
or pei milled to lake part in the m?nngom*oi of
political organtsutions, cauciwn, convention-, or elec
tloa cainpalgnr," he uisunt Just what ho said, aud if
lie should presently remove any of the numerous
collectors, surveyors, |>ostuissiers and other Inderal
office-holders who arc members and officers ol ret ub
liean executive and central committee*, thov will
have ihcmsalves to blauiu for not taking tbe Presi.
dent at bis word. *
Thoro will bo a good mulch ?*?*<* "f I'olo mm nftor- I
doiiu al tho Wc?tclionliT UruuuU*, an aotnn ton or
twelve ol tho member* ill bo praspnl, enough to
tuuko up un exciting conlc-Kl. Tbo jionioH nre li nking
very well nnd wilt he ready on tho ground* so llml ibo
Vlnvnrs oau rommoDoc tli*ir p iroo directir tho lust raco
nt Jerome 1'nrk m coneluih'd. I hi; jtionijd.i will ah
usual lio npfto tn mamlinra of tb<i ./ockoy Club and
their Irionan and aleo to tboko Inlroauoud bf any mout
her ol the I'olo Club.
The Corinthian Regatta or ibe Heawur.iiaka Yacht
Club lor second class sehoonor* and nroi mid stcoud
clan sloop* will t>e sailed to-day overtbe New York ,
Yacht Club cour.-e. I onus club I* due the crcdtt of
the introduction ol Corinthian yachting. and by hard
work tho members have succeeded :u establishing the
Heawanbaka Yacht Club a? one of tho loading yjcbtlug
organisation* In the country. Coriutbiau yachting la
rapidly becoming very popular, a* it uot only teat* the
merits ol tue model ol a yacht, but ul-.o the semi-an- !
ship ol the crew, wnlch is entirely composed ot arna- '
teurs. At first there was some little difficulty m ub
tainm* crewa, but, judging Iroiu the slxtoen eutrtoa
for to-day's regatta, there aru now plenty of goutle*
uien able and ready to take passage belore the mast.
The Regatta Committee?Messrs. M, Roosevelt Schuy
ler, Janice h. Kliiott, V. Wyilys Belts and Louts I'.
Bayard?have issued the following
Tue Soawanhaka Yacbt Club ukes plcusure in oiler
tug pr.to? lor a aeveotu Coriutbian race, to be tailed
iu New York Bay, on June 16, 1877. lor second clans
schooner# and flint und second data oabiu sloops. The
committee, in publishing tbe programme, would call ,
attention to tho aucocsa ol loi'Uicr rttoe*, and eagres*
the hope that the eltoru> of llie club to promote sou- j
uiaustup will be recocmzed anew by all yachtsmen and |
encouraged by a largo entry lor this race, which will '
be open toyaonts ot ?ov duly recognts. d club. Three '
priaes In ah are oilered ?one tor each clus* in whion |
two or more yacht* start. Classification?Sclioon
rrt?All uudcr uiuuty lent, inean length. Sloops?
Kirn class, all over dfty-llve loot In mean leugth;
second class, all ol hlty-live loci. or less,
tuoan leugth. Crows? Yachts must be manned
by amateurs exclusively, and each owner, I
upon enieriug his yaebt, shall submit n list of tho
name*, occupations una addresses ol his proposed
crew, which list shall bo subjeot to the rcvUioii ol tho
Regatta Committee, whoso decision shall be Uu*L
Yachts will Do allowed one man lor every dvo n et ol |
lengtu ou deck, and one lor any addition.il tractlonai ,
part ol live feet. Tins number shall not include tue ,
uwucr. A M illing mawtur or pilot, cook ami Stoward ,
may be carried, but none of them shall iu any way
KM-ist lu tiio management or wornlug ol tho yacut.
Kaon yacht shall be sailed, and, as tar i>s posaiwo,
stoereu by her owner. Aoy owner violating this ruin
lunulas urn claim to tho prize, bails?schooner* will
be restricted to hoadsalis, lorcsail, mains.ill and worn
ing galltopsulls. Sloops will be restricted to Ueadsails,
maiiilall and workup gall'topsall. Mo two ucud.-utU ol
s-itme name to be carried at the name time. Signuls?
Yachts shall tly tholr private signal* at peak.
which will tnko place at is near eleven A. M. as prac
ticable, will be a tlyiug one, aua tho Hum) ol euoh
yacht will be taken as she passes between the club
steamer and Port Wadswurth, Statou Island. The
signals lor startlui; will be giveu Mom the steamer a a
follows:?First?Preparatory signal?One whlstlo and
lowering ol the ulub signal ou the steamer. Second
Ten miuutes later, for the start, auother whistle and
tbe lowering of the club signal en the steamer, Ten
minutes will be allowed to cross the liuo, at the ex
piration of which there wtll be oue blast from tbo
whistle. "No yacht or yaubis shall be rulod out en
accouut ol failure to cross the line at the start witbiu
the stipulated lime, but the time ol sueb yacht or
yuchls shall be taken as lrom the expiration ol said'
time aliowod lor crossing tho line." a short blast of
the whistle will be given, If possible, as eaoh yacht's
time is taken.
tub cooasa.
Tho course will bo from the starting point aa above,
to and around buoy No. 10, on tho Soutuweat Spit,
keeping it on tho port band; thence to and
arouud the Sandy Hook lightship, koeping It
en the atarboiud band, and return over tho
samo course. Yachts must keep to tbe oustward or
buoys isos. U, 11, lii, on tho Weal liauk, and outside ol
buoy No. on tbo point ot Sandy Hook, going and
returning, and will pass between the ulub steamer and
Fort Wudswortb ou arriving homo.
The following yuchts have entered lor tho regatta:?
ilectiiui Clot* Sckvoncrt.
iltun Li nyUu Hrnm.
Jf'l. hu /''!? In. CupttiitL.
Kstclle sa 00?22 oo J. b. Smith.
1'ecrluM 70 08....18 10....J. It, Maxwell.
PtrtC CI Ml Moon*.
Vision M 84-100..20 1&-10U.. J. J. Alexandre.
Airow Oil 00....so Ok....Robert Center.
Nlautio. 04 10....18 11....R.1I. lluntley.
Second Ciorn Simtjit.
Active, 2X..1U 2....F. W. J. Hurst.
Kate 40 4;,..lH 8....U. K. Randolph.
Orion .>0 6t{..lo 1.... V. Com. W. Cooper
Windward 50 Oa..10 a....L. Willoughby.
schemer :;S o 10o.l4 5-10.c. H. I,ce.
Hope.......... .18 H.?Ai ? J.M-t*'? C. bwau.
l'etrel UO a.... 8 0>(..J. N. llvslop.
l'llgrini 4J 0....16 0....M. W. Hoymour.
itegiua 47 0....10 4.... W. A. W. Stuwart.
Wimlkoiue ? I'urdy.
11. \f. Ileechor. ao 0....12 0....It. M. Weed.
'I ho lollowing are thu crews as far as furnished:?
Kstelle?Kirst mate, J. 1'. Williams; soennd mate,
W. II. Scott; crew, C. 1*. William*, J. V. S. Oddie, C.
Thompson, ilryuu i'oulko, W. 1). Smith, Tom Warner,
Edward Brown, Q. Adoe, S. L. illoou, W. A. l'utuain, I
T. Bartow, D. Wright, M. Kellogg, X. D. Thorne, A. H.
Fairing ton, W. 10. Green leal.
Peerless?First mate, J. H. Husk; second mute, W.
H. H. Ilecbe; crew, Latham A. /"lsii, C. H. Meigs. N.
1>. l,awiou, ll A. lllood, K. L. Staxwcll, 11. L. Wash- |
burn, W. 0. Steele. 1*. S. Church, P. Arnold, J. It. j
sawyer, R Fields. W. T. Lawrouco.
Arrow?First mate, 0. K Cromwell; second mate, i
K. M. Cook: crew, Charles 1'ieters, H. D. Wood, '
William Hay, M. !>., A. U. Steveos, J. u. Uavidaon, ;
Uouverneur Morris, F 1. Leland, Ccorito HltchcocK, :
J. K. reaboily, K. .4. Howe, Thomaa Hitchcock, Ross
R. Wlnatis.
Vision?First mate, J. F. Thnma: snoond mate, L.
Hoppock ; crew, J. 11. Uncktuiiu, F. Do Fcyaler Foster, i
11. t.rocker, J. H. Dewer, H. MltCliell, K. Miteliull, J. j
Montant, 11. Hcmsen W. Fouike, U Uimbernat, 11. I
Uiuiberuiii, ll. Alexandre, N. Roosevelt.
Active?First mate, E. K. Chase; second mate, Van
Buaklrk; crew, J. R. Waller, A. Taylor, Anton, Havens,
C. Clelric.be, KUIson, C. Urlswold, J ltichardsou, R.
K ite -First mate, W. Bishop; crow, Huury 8. Wood,
S. F. Tempest, A. Perry llliveu, & M. whittleseii,
Reuben Carr, Henry W. Turner. Jobn M. Sawyer, T 1).
Aston, W. M. llingwood; Ruhstltuto, George To? nley.
Orion?First mate, F. T, Poet; crow, Thomas It. Bow
ing, l.yuian, Charles T. 1'earse, W. C. Sanger, R. How,
C. How, Mutiroe.
Windward?First male, Kirkwrlght; crew, Fisher
Geyclin, Oibaoa Full, W. i'billur, J. i'hiltur, lluath, Mid- |
dleton, Willeits.
Soliomer?First mato, Henry S. Van Wyck; second
mate, A. liryau Alley ; crew, W. K. Alley. R. C. Cornell, .
A. Montant, A. aimoiidc, S. Van Wyek, llenry Blood.
Hope?First mate, O. N. Jacobs; crew, 'I. B. Coxe,
Darnel RukscII, tieorgo Howland, K. J. Smith, A. L.
Swan, L. WaterlMiry.
1'etrol?First mate, F. W. llyslop; crew, Philip C.
Brown, IJ.TOUI, Frank Hughes.
Pilgriin?First mato, L.J. Wy His; crew, A. C. Sap
porta*, F. M. Billings, John Mitchell, H. A. Lambert,
F. 0. Lyon.
ltogina?First mate, Charles H. Stebbins; second
mnt<', Kmicn TtoOnevelt; crew, John K. Roosevelt,
Charles T. soadly, J. A. K. Tring, Alexander Van Ren.
aeluer, Juuiuh Siuiunton, J. L. Oross, Robert Vail,
Thomas 8. Young and Slduey Do Kay, aubmuute.
Tlio aloop yacbis Annie L.t ol ihe Uud-iou Hiver
Yuciit Club, and tbo Hurry Ilolme.H, of tbo 1'avouln
Yiicbt Club, will sail a mutch 1.110 to-morrow, i.turnng
Irorn tbo loot 01' Hovuutieili rtreat md Nona River.
Tbo prir.o will 00 a handKOinc (old modal.
I'hirttau yacbta wore at anchor ud tbo old club 1
bouae at Slaplclon ye.storday drying .?sails and itsplaciiig
llgbt apart aud topmasta carriod awuy in Thursday'*
race and fep?lri?g olhor damage*
Tbo Dread uaugfct, C. J. Dehorn, |g at Grraupurt.
Tba follow inf vaclita pinned tbo HritALii Tnlei'raiili
Siution at V\ hiicatooe, U I., ytMtoftlujr:?
(>> p Ic, N.V Y.O., Mr. 11. T. Livirgaion, troin New
Yin k for Nowport.
Pilgrim, uridgnorl Y. CL, Mr. Koyraoar, from bridge- .
puri tor Now Torn.
G?nevlo\o, l'rovldeneo Y. C., Mr. While, Irom New >
York lor Providcnue.
A M I; II If an" BULK.
Tbo Twonty-tblrrt (Brooklyn) rfjimcnt of Infantry, I
ol tbo K.'oventh lirigwdn, Hocood diviaion of the Sluto 1
National Guard, Co Ion ?I II. C. Ward in command, bud '
a atrong lorce ot third tilling mark men baloro the
bulla at Croi-ilmwir yttciday. II1010 were 300 mon ,
ol all ranka praefnl. Tim troopa camo on tbo Hold In ,
light marching order und In ilmo to comnunoo Bring 1
at hdll-pa^t ten o'o ock, Although tba weather was
oppreasively warm tlm regiment *?? ablo to ahoot
over all the Mix faiigea, the brat tline It haa boon ac
comphubi'il by a regluu nl iu o&o day tbtw season. Tbo
number ol otilatTd and 11100 who qualified in tho third
clw to nMot Id tl? Mcnit la l?o. Twenty-aix men
qu?iiliud at o()u and 4ou yurda to abooi lor tbo niarlta
man's biuigo.
'I ho tollnwlng arc Ilia aggregate totula of tboir acnrcs
at :;???> aud 4UU yard*:?
1. orporal Coli'.u, 41; Private Whiting, .'16; Corporal
Pinmy, 33; Private llnll, 89; Private Merrlam, 31:
Cnplain tfltntb, 80; lieutenant Wilkinson. 30; Capl.un
iliirdr, "M\ Private liragg, 2U, I'rivnla Mlack, 28 , Cor?
tmnii Walker, 28; 1'riviito Main, :i8; Private sUHtea,
Triviito hulion, 28; Hnrgrant 8ha?, 2T; Private Mil- 1
droih, U7: Private Head, 21; .sergeant Kennedy, 2*1;
cerKMBt Harndollur, 28} Private Unngan, *1; Corporal
Holly, *??; Private IJutchor, 2?>j Private (>0100. 26;
Private Miiaaub, 26; Private Heymour, 21; .Sergeant
Mellow, 1!\.
I ho following earned tbe Markninan'a Badge in the
flrai cIm* ni KW nn1 ".if) yarda Private Whiting, 315
Private- Itevktli, 2t?, Privata Hrngg, 2Jt; Private Watki-r,
?ii , Privuio rJoyuiour, 2i, Cor^orU Collin, 27; bar
gctot barndollar, 26; Prlvato Stack, 26; Sorgoaul ,
krooedy. 26.
Colorel Joun hodtne, who hi ?el! rem em beret nl
Creedinour, Ooilvuouui anil W.iuoindou uuuer tbe P"t
game of -Did Re'lahlo," vlstte.l ibe ratii!" y?- '
toMay la coBverautioa Cuionrl U'.dine ex
jircshu'i luiusell aH tx'iotf oppu*ed u> lue rale
of the Nation*! Kirte AnHocinttoo, wbieU ;
tnukeii uu tudivHiuui iliBtioO', ion bniweec native
burn uod adopted cUi/.ens l>y excluding tbe latter Irotn
tbe prtvilnge ol tompoling fur piece* uu ibe Americau
luuiu o! lt>77 Colonel Liodino bei'.evua thai :ip tllu oc .
caMOB which culled the rule Into eslsteuce ha> )'iis.-eJ I
away, ana the team .loin Ireland *?? dcfsalod three
lime* by tbe Amcnc-iim, tbe obuoxtou* rule itiell (
should liu.-n o a ot ?xUlona*
Tbo Sptrit of the Time} lnn lal wll! !>? thot lor to>d?y, I
al lbrw o'clock
1'bc mmnborh o!'Company (i, Sevouiv (.rat regiment-, '
Stute National Ojard. have b?-en presented witn a
Hxiaingtuu Crerdtnoor ritle, valued at $"A, for ootnpe
tiliou by ibu rilleuieu ol t&e ootmany. CapUin Abra
ham I* Webber baj older jU out hi> Oominaud to Htioot
al Creedmoor ou Mouduv nesi, tbe ttrsi cctupotilion
lor ibla prize,
Acaru.v. X. Y., J lino 15, 1ST7.
At a riUu match oa tbo 1'ori.v-hiiitli Range to-day ilio
fccrty.eight n regiment loam, o! Osuego, won the brst
ulj tbiru prises, vaiuea at f-Jau.
I'rofoisor WiHinn, Miller and Andre rhrittol met id
k Orioco-Romau wrestling match at Terrace Garden
laal evening, uaii the comparative nit-rits
of the ui?d vole decided. lor the present
at least, tu lavor of Miller, who won
from bit oppoueut two successive talis. Tbe ieeltnga
of the audience were strongly wttb Christol, who la
but Ave feet, flve^nobes in height and weighs but 100
pounds, wtiilo Millor stands flvo incbe* over blm and
weighs forty pounds mora Cbristoi's friends, nowover,
wore uot attained by the appnrunt dIHpurlty between
tue inoo and were conildent oi success. Miller's
friend* relieil mainly ou bis stri'nitth and srordupols, |
while Clirtaiol wua backed lor bl* enduring powers und 1
wonderful agility.
William J Austin was selected Judge by Miller, '
CUristol naming Wilheim Holgstar. Ibu two Judges 1
aimed tbu roitroe. to ardor to settle the match
during tbo svealng, it was agreed upon
that it bo laii should be oumiueti within
one hour each purly would be called
olT and sponged down before resinning the con
test If no fall should be obtained within throe hours
the winner ol tho first tall thereafter would bo declare.t
the winner of tho match. If only ouo lull should be
obtained boforo tbe tbree hours wero over, or il two
falls by tbe same party, tbe wrestler throwing the
other should bo considered the winner. Hut ir ono
fall should be obtained by audi si Je before the three
hours wort out, then the wrestling was to proceod
until ths second full lor uitber was obtained, tbe one
obtaining It being declared the winner.
At aboot half-past sight the men made their appear
suoe, and alter acknowledging la torn lbs plaudits
ol their friends, lacsd each other and began
tho slapping process which precedes an at
tempt ut a bold. Several attempts on both
Bides to secure a grip wero unsuccessful, whou Miller
as il tired of the pluy, rawed Obrlstol bodily in the
10 lb* ?ronnJ- ChrHrtol loll, bat
with the certainty of a cat alighted ou all lours.
u umel1 4,;*ln eame t0*nrd each other and
,l? . 'boulder wished and hanged one
another In tbolr eOorts to securo a grip strong enough
to voatarea throw, Finally, alter rolling and twist
?.*.ao.'1 ?,lll9r ,or "evoral minutes, Miller
again lifted Cbrlstol in tbo air and tossed him uway as
If In anger at bis Htuobomoss In being ovoroome. lint
Cbrlsioi a hands and feet rcached the ground first
and there sectnod little prospect for a fall on olther
sldo. Christol made one or two attempts to forco Sill
ier to tliogrounil, but wtli little success. Miller then
attempted to throw Christol bodily for tbo third
l1'"0' .t>ul 11,0 latter bold lirmly tu blm
and dragging him down, fell under hltn
In this position tbey romaiued Htruggilng lor tbu mas'
tery for a few moments, when Christol, nottiuR a Iresh
f.rJP.,.M,r#w M",or "" *ni' ov,f on his back, Crloe of
?Fall. ?'I'ttll!" und applnuso followed, but tbo
reieree decided thoro was no fill, mi Mil
ler bed but. oue shoulder ou tho ground
whorous the two must touch at tbe sumo time Thero
was evident dissatisfaction at tbo decmioa which
was expressed in serpent tongue. As soon as
the decisiou bad been given the meu went
at It attain, and aitor a short strurglo
Millor got tho * reiichman undor him and, bfter
a rolling match across tbe stage planted blm with both
shoulders touching tbo ground. Tbo fall wua doc id ad
for Mlilnr, to the groat disgust of Obrlstol's friends
who claimod it was not as fair as tba lull tlioy oaiiod'
lor him. '
tiih saco.vu iio it.
It Is almost needless to say that tho mou perspired
copiously under the lively work thov bail accoin
i'llsbod, sud tbo audlunuo poured out drops of sv in
patby lor thom. Tbo second contest, uitor a few In
troductory slaps to warm ono another up was fairlv
opened by Miller trying again to toss away bis opponent.
Tho effort, however, was a failure and tho men locked
again. Iu tho grapple Cliristol wss forced so uear tho
front of the stage that be was compelled to let go and
Jotnp Into the orahestra to escape falling unon
tbo footlights. Christol wliiiti up to this
time, tioeiiied to be waiting lor Miller
to become fatigued began tba aggressive
and made several attempts to forco him to the ground
Millers extra forty pounds, liowover, told against his
eUorta. Ha raised htm sevoral tunes and thraw 'blm io
the floor, but never with more than one .shoulder
down. It was now ton o'clock, ami tha warm
air hud had Its eflect on both men. Cbristot
looked used up, but, with as much courags as
when he ben ?n, lockod arms,witb bis lowormg antagon
ist und tugged away. Six miuutes later Miller, more
by a combination of weight and strength than skill
throw Obrlstol and held blm with both shoulders last
to tho boards. The fuil and tbo match woro decided
lor Miller, the time occupied beinij one hour and
twenty-six mluutcs.
The Mutual*, or Ibis city, wero badly ffrsteo by tbo
Crystals on tho Capllollno Ground yesterday. Tho
batting ou the part ol tbo Crystals was iree and bard
Sullivan, uf the Mutusls, played a flue gsme, making
four of tbo eight base lilts credited to tho Mutuals, and
souring two ol tho three runs. Following is tbe store ?
Oouuogaa 0--ia
Muiuil1 2000001 o o? a
A gsmo was played at Prospect I'trk, between tbo
I nions, of Uiilouvtlle, and Cooliuonlal*, of lirooklvu
Wlncli resulted tu lavor of tho latter by a tcore of II
Tbo .Stars, of Syracuse, defeated tt.a cfianip.on
Cblcsgos, at Syracuse by a large scoro. u.e x,arH
oui. baited and out-linldo<i tuuir opponents, niu k in -
iiiiii teen first bsso hits and but Dvo errors against
niue lirst Ua?e li.ts and elgbtoou errors by t'hu rlmiii.
pions. Following Is tbo scoro:?
*|i'r 0 2 0 2 0 0 1a 1-14 ?
Chi ago 0 o 0 U 0 0 0 I o 7 I
In a game at Providence tho I.ivs Oaku, ol l,>un do
featod i he Kliode Islands by a score or 4 to 0. ' I
At Itucboster tbo gams batwsen tbo Kocliostsrs and
Krles wss stopped by rain ut the close of the ilfiu
Inning, tba score stsndlng 3 to s in lavor of the
I ho Indiuitvipolls Club defeated the Aubnrns at '
Auburn, by a st ore uf 3 to U ' ,
'bo first game of tlvi series betweoti tho AllegbaiiV-' !
of Pittsburg, sad Manchester*, ior the lniernaimn?| i
cbampioiiBiiip, playsd at Maucnostsr, roultod in rnvur
of the former, by a score ol 7 to
In a Hume at Wilkeebarre the Crickets, of llioahum
ton, defeat'd ibt* \V iikesb.trres by a pcopu ol it to 1
lo-day the llal Words and .Si. I.HIJIS pluy on the
Lnian t.iouml, Brooklyn; Nameless and llndson at
Pro*peel I'ltrk; Ki.terpnso snd Hoboken at tho Con
toiuiial Ground, Jorsey City; Alaska and ilrsuso ?t
Orange; Mutual and WUoga at Caidioliiie Ground
Alpha and Mohawk at Tottenville, ,S. I., and C h*!*.. 1 '
MOU AllllcllC Hi i'illjfctfo)jifllila
TliS five Rimsian trotters, of which a d^scripiion ap
pesred lu yesterday's Hkhald, have been stabled ?t '
Htxamar's stable in II >boken i'he loliowmg sro !
tbeir names:?Tba Bell, the Hinging Hc'i, iiij[ ,sWau '
Little Hwaa ami the Stock Kxchango. They wore !
visited by s largo number of Sporting men froai thu l
city yesterday and much admired. All havo tails ?
which sweep tbe (irounti. No exhibition ol their
will tase piaco lor a month at l?*,t till t:ny have !
fully rocoTered from Hie laligum inciil. ntal to their
lonif sea voyage. Lieutenant Theooore Von Ismailoft i
hilt Uart'ln s Hotel, in Mobogou, where bo hts been
flopping smee his arrival, last night, for Wnshinaton !
to see the secretary of the l re.is.iry a i to admi'smn I
free of duty of his racing stork The l.ientcnant has I
brought with him two lour wbeeled raomg droscbklos
which liavo very small wheels, and a t"n?kio or Jtus'- I
sian (tarrisge, in uhKth three hors"? sro driven Tbev I
Will bo lauded to-dur from tho stesiushii) llerdsr. ill
addition to the celebrated Moscow driver lisnieloll
mentioned in yesterdi.y's ftanai.i>, he brings with Mm
s Mr I*rmlnoll, who w is lor many years a trainer for j
the >.rand litiko .Nicholas, and who bus nlso beon em
ploy ea at the it la nan stud, near Moscow.
The sidewalk In front ol tho lirunswlck was crowded
yesterday tnorumg wliou tbo tally Ho drovo up to re
ceive ber passongors lor tbe daily tr Ip to New (to.
ebelle. ( olonol Dolancey Kane was absent yesterday
and lownoa, the Knglbih guard, oe< npted the hex st-*i'
lbs live front seats of ths couch were occupied by Vfr"
and Mrs. Van Itensalner Conger snd friend* and ilio
reur and middle scats wero Ibsen by Mr. P?eiu urnl ladv
?tid Mr, J. B. ? tsln'T fill (I party. Tli# coacti hi trt^il
puiictuoiiy st tea A. M., and tbe drive out wo*
pleasant, but In theafternooa coming back the w"ath?r
was very snitry and tofd considerahiv on the liofKes.
Towaee. however, kept them up to their work snd
arrived at tbe Uruuswick at lour I*. M. sharp.
1 be las; will be the lirandeii da.ro' the meeting,
rill linpi runl neat will lie run. 1'ti* drat will be a
match lor tlO.uOO betweeu Mr. Pierre l.orlliard's bay
trebling Basil and E. A. ulahaugb's cbesmat colt
Clevrrjrook. This ;s lbs mo*l important inaicb thai
Uaa ukeu plaoe lor many year*. Id the buiuug last
night Cloverbrook had the call at alight odd*.
t>U wiuainj; Ihe Prt..kbcss Stake at ISultimore
and tbi Lieimont Stak? ui Jsroio* Ptrk last -'aturday,
leaaiug the putlic to lav tnelr money id hi* Jav?r on
that KOOMk Uut wutilliur he uill ou Ilia Unocm <*>
4a* la another tbit.g, :;* the .acker# of this tlaucocus
stable will, no doubt, bo in lorce at the race course
To follow this match thi'ra will be a race (or a pitrse
by three-} 'tar-old* that have not won a race '.bis year,
ibo distance one mile. Four capital eoim have eaiertU
lor ilia raoe, ami it right merry spilt may
be anticipated. The starters will be Loiterer,
CarJiual W oisey, .Sneutker's colt, by Lenoj
tiijftton, dam Kiun, and Colonel UcOu iol's colt
Uj (lyitonn.iu, Jr., dam Spotted l awn. I'be bolting
ou those clipi ?ra last uigbl was even on Lu.term, 4 to
1 agjiuat Cardinal Wots>??>?, 2 to 1 against Ibu itatau
colt and .} to 1 a^amm Colonel MaUanioi's colt.
The th.nl event will be '.or a pur-n of $l,oOO, given
by Jutnes It. Ki'fue, for til ages: the winner ?? :bc
Weeichcsicr anp to carry 6 llw. extra. Tom Oublttree
and Alhiouo will atari tor litis long journey of i?u
milt^ and a hall, Tom carrying 120 Hit., .ud the ail*
113 lb*. Tho owner of Athleuo Wageiel $."KMl Ian nlgfet
again -.t S2,600 that Kho would win the ruc<), and tb-re
wore many ethers willing to tako i to I thai the illiy
would boat big rum. That .the Is last aud a sucker
tutotbo bargain there can bo uo quusilou, and uu mat
ter who wins there will be a good race.
The lourlb race will be a dash ol three-quarters oft
milo. lor which there will bo screu starters. Those
wilt be Yorkshire La**, carrying 118 lb*.; Morphine,
106 lbs.} Mary11111 lbd. -r Madge, 117 lbs.; Kbadaman
tims, 122 lbs ; Ulster *1 Moray, llli I La.. and I'ora, 113
lbs. The botting last nl;:hi was 5 lol against Yorkshire
Lass, which w?s taken; 4 to 1 agalutt Madge, takoi,;
3 to 1 against Khadamautbus. taken; tl to 1 against
Morphine, ofl>:red; 3 to 1 against Mary, oil .'rod; 4 to 1
against Sisior of Mercy, oilured, and 4 to 1 ugtinst
Pera. oilured.
The aitb race it a froe handicap sweepstake*, llio
distunes ono mile und an oightb. >'or this rao* ten
bavo entered, comprising Kiddiostlck. carrying 112
lbs.; lied Coat, loo lbs.; Kxplosion, IIKIM; Ual?ay,
117 lbs.; Partnership, 114 lbs.; Courier, 116 lb*.;
Cbiqiuta. 117 lus. , Waco, lu3 Iba. ; Aumralind, U7 Iba.,
and Mnjor Barker. 88 His. There was not much botllug
on this event last night as II seemed a putxie fur the
speculators. Among tho bets made on the race were
6 to 1 sgainat fiddlestick, 3 to 1 against Explosion,
and 4 to 1 against Courier.
Tho sixth and last ovcul of the mooting will be a
handicap steeplechase of about two tulles and a half.
Eight horses arc named to start. Those are Troublo,
carrying 1T0 lbs.; Uendbeaa, U>8 lbs.; Waller, 167 lbs.;
Uullet, 157 lbs.; Coronet. U1 lbs.; liesoluio, 148 lbs.;
Uisk, 140 Iba, and doubltul l'i& lbs. Tbere was very
liltlo beitinK on this raco as tho other ovonts seemed
to absorb the attention of the speculators, the match
raoe being the Itrst in order and which no doabt will
curry tho bulk ol tho mouoy until it is decided.
A large numbor of (he lovers of trotting assembled
at the West Side Park, Jersey City, yesterday aflor
iiooq to witness two trotting races which were an
nounced to como oft Tho Orst was for borses that
had never beaten 2:90, and tho othor a sweepstakes
botweon three horses. The trotting In both contests
was very luterusilng. The following are the
WMT SlDI DKIVIXd I'AltK, Nkw Jkrpkt?Trottixo?
KaitiAT, June 16.?I'urso *lwo, lor horses that lmvo
uover bcaton 2:&U; $uii to Qrsl, f'H to Hoeund and $l-i
to tho third horse; mile heats, best three III flvo, In
barn***. Of eight onirios three cuiuc tor the word.
J. Ycrreneo's b. m. Hollo Aberdeen 13 11
C. 1)~vicIhou'k U in. Lady i'boru.jr. 3 1 3 2
P. Maueo's br. m. Flirtation 2 2 2 3
{Juttrltr. Half'. Mil*.
First beat 44 1:21 2:63
Second html. 44 1:28 2:58
Third heat 4:ij< 1 :US 2:64
Fourth boat 4:1 1:27 2:^7
Sauk Day Sweepstakes for $160; mile bcatJ, best
three in live, lu harness.
William Thorn's g. g. Maurice Day Ill
J. Duty's blk. g. Dick Crokor 2 3 'J
U. ?> buck's cb. m. Fauny II 3 2 3
Till IC.
Quarter. Half. Mile.
First boat 41 y 1:J2]^ 2:42
Second heat..., 'M% lfiU 2.40
Third boat 40 1:20 2:42
I'oiigiikksi'hik, N. V., Juno 15, 1877.
Tbo Annual rogaita of tho Contral Hudson Yacht
Club will take plnce on Monday next, and a muteh race
between tbo yachts Uaroduvtl aud Victoria ou tho day
Syhaoiihh, X. Y., Juuo 13, 1X77.
Tba Stuto Sportsman'* Conveutiou will poallttr.ily bo
Held on Monday ovooing, tho l?tb mm. The arrange
mcutf lor tbo various exhibition* mid ilio shooting
tournament uro complete and aatlslnetory.
lloRTojr, June 15, 1877.
The Juuo mooting at Beacon l'urk closed to-day. i'lio
woathur waa floe an<l llm attendance large.
Clash 2:24.? I'OfM 1*00; divided.
Honest Hurry, r. g Ill;
Nod Wallace, I). 2 2 2 .
I'm) sinTiti.'in, br. * ?'> A 2 *
T. A., !>. 3 4 6
l.lttlo Mary, s. m 0 & 4
t'Uurllo Mac, oh. g 4 0 0 i
tlmo, 2:2o 2:2(S ?2:2fi\.
Class 2 ::'8. - 1'urse t Sou; divided.
i'uwnr*, br. 1 1 1 1
Arthur T., br. g ?> 2 2 j
Julia ilellougill. b. 2 8 <1
Hello ol tturcMUr, Oh. in 4 4
lion Age, r. g 0 '? :i '
Krunk A., r. u 4 0 5
Time, 2 :;W '4?2 :.;o :27.
WabiiisuT'in. f>. C., Juno 15, 1877. i
The vreathor wax nluudy IihIi;, bat liie auendaiico ,
?t the raroa was good
lulu vm. aoi.bHNirif Mtlu'H Tim.
The flrst event wan a trot by l.ulu, with ni.Uo, Groat
K-.*teru, lor a purse ul $l,MO, u boat Ooklamith
Maid's time of 2:18>;, mml?? t?n the ?aula truek lust 1
hill, Willi udded to beat tbo Maid's livil Hum, 2 14. I
Thrfi boats warn trutied IU 2 .22 2:20 and 2 '21.
The drat boat wa* trotted br the mare lu goon style '
without making .i skip, but in the second haul she
broko nadty. In the third be lt ?ho trotted noil and
uia'!? the la.'i ball mile in 1:0n1
The second rutn wa* between VIomit Holly and
Frank A lor a special uuno ol f^uu. Mount liullv
wuh lu wugou uhd won the r.ieo.
Mount lluily 12 2 11
l unK A 2 1 1 1 2
Tunc, 2:4:1?2:44 ??2 4fl 2:47^-2 ?*.
Com *iu k, Ohio. June 15, 1877.
Tbi* was the foortb day ol Iba racing meeting ol tba
Columbus Jockoy Club.
Fmrit Hack.?1'iiMO tlfiO, lor all ages; $60 to ?<?<?>
ond. onn and ? quarter mile dash. Sunlight won tbo
race In 2:14'.,, l.ady Mac scoond.
rtKinsn Ka<i.?Columbus Cup, lor aHnge*. t'JO en
trance, play or pay, with $ i)t) u Mod ; $76 to kucond.
Two inilos and a quarter dnah Tbo raco waa wot by
Verdigris m 4 'i?v l(u s lluiler simond.
Tiiikii akh I.ast IUi k or rim Hkkikk. (Jlub parse,
(or beaten horses; f.'rfMo ?eoond; mile heat*.
Huraes heaUth oi.cu allowed J Hm. ; twuir, lit Ion,;
thruo tlnies, II lbs. 'I nu llrst race wa i won by j.<ok
llnrkaway, CruMan aoeond. Timo, 1 4t5'4. The Meond
in at wuk won l?V UipUud, distancing Jack Harknway
and Hill Kaiiiiders, Cruiyan svnond, wmcb mtu ibo
raoe. Time, 1:4U.
1/ilhvillb, Ky., Juno 15, 1377.
John Morntsey'i oiler ol $:;,ouo to bavu tlm r im
horsa Ten Hro?ck run at Snrntoga will not bo aorepud
by Mr. Hurler, and na the rreat hrrrsn la now nmd lor
o her purpoaua tban ruubing it is not likoly that h<t
will ever run again.
CaKuao, Julio 1A, 1877.
IJudd Dobia, with his nablo, otiDslaiing oiwol.lsmith
Maid, Voln?y and lloilii<;, arrirwl here froin hau
Kranotnco lust utght, l'he Maid l* In gooa rotidltion
and will soon be rcaily lor the turf again Hohio will
tn?ko lw? or mora additloua to bit alaute wbila lioro.
La3t Day of the Ascot
Coltuess and Ityls?tono the
flit CAULS TO Till H??ATJXl
London. Jugt 15, 1877.
This *U the fourth and last day of tbo Aatot
meeting. _
The moil !m|?ortani event 011 the card was the raea
for the Alexandra Plale. about three miiee. U brought
to (tie 1.0*1 only lour horses out of the twenty
lour subscribers, sb-l rcsuliod m a victory for Mr.
Houldswortb's bey coli Cjltncss, who won by eight
u n/tlis in 4 50. Mr K. N. Bail'a chestnut colt Ber
siglier was second, iho Duke of Hamilton's bay colt
Wild Tommy ihird aud Mr. Cornwall's buy coll Raba
K?H II. last
Tue latest bolting ou ibe courae was eeen oD Colu
ness, 76 to 40 anuinal Horeagtiar, W lo 1 against Wild
Tommy and 8 to 1 agaiust lUbaffas II.
Tint ALKXaxuha Platk, of 1,000 10VI, nddod to a
?wcepatakosol ii nova, eaeh, li forfait; lour J'"? " *
tonurrv 1*1 lb* ; live. l.Ki Ibe. ; aix aud sa*d. lw ?>*? .
mares and go dings allowed 4 lb* Wiuner.of any^kN
or i>rif worm -:,ooi> so vs. lu auy couutrvin le75-.u.
or nr tin* Ascot, Goodwood or lioncssior oup.,
or Alexandra Plate In D>?? or lMTrt, to aarry ft li>*
extra maidens lour yearn old allholiuio ol starting at.
l.iwed 7 lbs.; Jlvaand upward, 10 !ba.; 'gfj"*?
oui ol Kuropc allowed 7 lb*.; pure Harba and Arabians
allowed isW, aud no other allowauoo; allowance*
accumulative; the second horse lo
out Of Hie stakes, uud tho third horee to ????*!?
sinks. lo start at the new luilo post und go ouce
round, about throa luUoajiMaube. K?if...?
Mr J. 11. Houldswortb a b. c. Collnoss, by Kiug
Tom, out of Orocu*, 4 vetir* .. ?????
Mr. It. N. Itatt'a ch. o. Uoraagiior, by Slrathoouan.
out ot Kevolllo, 4 yours
I in ice of Hamilton1* b c Wild Tommy, by km*
Tom. out ol Wild Agnes, 4 year*. 1
Mr. Cornwall's b. b. Kabagns 11., by ltuy Ulun, out
?r Claudine, 6 year*
Time, 4:6Ul
TUB Wt!?.1K?? OOlMHBa.
The Alexandra Piute liai lallen lo a groat slashing
eolt standing Just on sixteen bands bich. Ha may uoi
be tho bost looking one in the world, but la n brtlllan.
goor uud uudoubtodly posnosses a lino turn of apeed,
Coltno.s uiado his first appearance in the Maw Stakot
at Ascot This event Is a raco which generally briugs
to light soma two-yoar-olds doatlned lo take a leading
part lu racing history, though aomewhul
singularly, out ol the number of good hors-i
which havo wou it. Galoplu is the only one who hus
subsequently carried off the Darby. CoIIoofs won ths
New Stakes in the eiyle ol a roally good animal. In tha
Hursibourne Stakes, at Stockbrldgo. and In tha Juij
b takes, Newmarket July meeting, be waa boa to a. Mr.
Savllo's bay aolt llmballo andColinots ran a dead beat
for tho Sussex Slakes, at Goodwood, when with tw?
other deleats Coltuoss did not again appear nntll April
18 last year, wbou Wild Tommy and Great Torn
showed him tho way In tho Post Sweep-take., lot
three-year-olds, at Newmarket. Ho then disappointed
his ownor with his performance in tho Two lhousaud
Guluoas, wheu that *oritable putzle. Petrarch, cap
turtd It, and. with another unsucosnarul attompt, ha
was proparod lor tho lierby. lu that event he ran
very lest, UuUhing slxtn, wlula at Aac?it, in
tho Klgbioenth llleiinlal SUkos, ha had tha
uiorit of ruunlug clean away from Petrarch,
whose form thou, bowovor, netd not bo rolarrod
to, as both King Death und Day Wrndham beat him.
Co I was also victorious at Goodwood, making
mincemeat of All Heart In a iweapaUkea over a mllo
?nd a quarter; while at York, in tha Great Yorkshire
blakes, one mile aud throe-quarters, It was thought
that oue or two ol bis competitors might have made
him a raco, but they could not ralso tho scmblance ol
a gallop with him. It wna troe at this time that Colt
neaa hud not beaten much subsequent to tho
Derby*, but tboro waa no denying tho fact that
bo was in every way an improved horao, so after hi*
York victory bo waa supported lor the St Lcger at -0
to 1 againat him. Ho sadly dtaappoinled bW frlenda
In tho l.oger In not making a hotter bid for place
honors, their being six In front ol him at tha finish.
Cotluess benaino sUlo from bla SU Logor exertion*,
and succumbed to Groat Tom In tho Don
caster Slakes, ouo milo snd a half. WitU
tho Ayr Gold Cup, ono mllo and a quarter,
Ayr September 2-J, and tho St I.eger Slakes, two
miles aud 105 yards, Newmarket First October meet
ing tho latter winuing all the way irom Skylark and
Camembart, and doi-ats in lha AyraUlre Handicap,
and ller Majesly'a Plate, Newmarket Socond October
meeting, CoIIuoh* retired lor tho aoabou. This year
be appeared twice belore coming W tho pool in tbo
Alexandra Piute. These ovout* were tho Kighteouth
Newmarket niounial Hiakus, Newmarkol Craven
meeting, and the Prlnco of Wales Stakes, Newmarkot
First Spring, on both ol wbloh occtuiona Skylark do
luaied him. Coltuoss wai bred by Mr. Morry, and
bought ut his yearling salo by Mr. J. H. Houldsworth,
In* present ownor. 1 here are few older colors on tha
Kngiish turf than tho green sud gold braid of
ti,e Hooldsworih family, who, for generations,
havo tooen numbered among lie respited
DatroaH, but though tha preaent ropraacnt
Uliv. of the family has at llmo. given
Urte sums lor yearling, bo baa l-een unlortunala With
the majority ol them, as iboy have turn- d out utterly
worthlesa. Ills vicior.es, a* a coo*?quonc?, at tno
A.col meeting h.ve l??on woll deserved. Coltnoss la
oug#ge.i in tho Twenty-HUH llenunek Memorial Siako*,
?l Goodwood; f he Champion Stakes, Newmarkul Sko
ond October meeting, aod is also iu tbo same etake to
be run in 1*78.
The race for tbn Ascot I'lalo brought oat a Sold of
eUtil lioreo*, uf which Lord Darlington's bay Ally
Kyl.iiotin prorod liersell tbo boat. Mr. Ala*. Itallaazi'rf
brown colt John il iy secured aocond place and lb*
Duke of Westniln-iier'H nay horee Dalbara third.
iuk MKrriao.
Tho Utoal betting on tbo course waa 10 to 1 against
llylstouo, 4 to 1 U(iitioai Jobu Day and 2H lo 1 against
Dal li j tu.
Tho Aacot PMte ol aim suva., with 60 aors. to the
tocouil, ndued to a hi tiwuigbl handicap sweepstake*
uf hi m v-. ua<:h, ti lorfe t, U declared, lor ihreo yeuri
old and upward. the winner of till A-cot Stake* or
lioyal 11 ant Cup lo curry tf Km ; ol any other baadi
cup altur Hit} weigbta uppenr, 6 lb*, extra; lowest
we iglil, T st ; on" in lie ami a quarter.
Lord l> .irtinjjton a b. t. liylstooe, by Hormlt, out of
h-ther s dam, i?y Mkirmnhar, 4 year* 1
Mr. Aiexunder llaiiar.ai's br. e, Jobu Day, by Jonu
Davis, out ol ilronkwutor, 4 years J
llukooi Weatmnisler's b. h. Dilbitn. by Cathedra!,
out or liertrude, 0 yeara 3
Tho neat, compactly made llylatooe, a racing
driUghlar of Ucrmlt, tho winner ol tba Aacol riato,
was bred by bur owner, Lord Darlington. Tba Milton
St ike* ), tlvo farlotigs, Dunnaaler meeting, laat
year, was bar maiden essay, when aba ni baiiiy
beaten. She nppoured tba sec >nd time in a match of
fl,000, & furlongs, 140 yarda, with Monkshood, by
Herniit-stephanoiis, which she won by four lengtna.
Ida Now Nursery flake*. for two-year-olds,
live fnrlongs, l.roa^ni her out the tbird time, whicb
xhu cleverly capturod by hail a leugtb Irira a Qeld of
gutieen. mi tho Kcaro ol tb.s winuiug a point ib rac
Itiil law wni raised. Tho conditions o( tbia rioo specify
th.u only ihnao hor*os shall bo eligible for entry who
have beau placod IIrat, second or tuird by the )udg<t.
ltylstono was objected lo on tb? ground
of her not having lulQlled thi* condition, bni
Ilia alcw?riM decided iliit aa son bad run
ami woii a* a match she h id b<>?a placed by tbejudge,
mid wo* tuaillled. This decision avuk.-d much coin
nn nt at tbo luiio. It waa neiti by muoy woll ror. od
In racing law tint a match is not racugui4"d aa ? rao
and IIm' winner ol a matefi doesn't Incur peaallv. Ry|.
stone, in lior last performance its a two-year-old, lUe
day lollowlug liar victory In the Saw Nursery tflakea,
a^.ua prme<l ahe po *er?e.| the gift of going l.y
m arly curry ins her 7 lb*, peii.iiiy to the front
in ilia llreiby Nuraery Plate, aamo mooting, lira,
fond, br I'arraeaati-Higlithoro, lo whom ?uo was
conceding 11 lira., <mljr beating her by a tiwad. HyU
stone s Ural appoorauco this year waa la tbe Asiot
rials, sue Wax entered in tbe One rbouaand Uameaa,
but did not atari, iho stable lielng represented by llel
pii.nlie, wlto ciplur*?! the race. Ity Istoue'x engage*
ment*. are the Twenty-imb Homme* Memorial stakes,
at Uoodwood, and tbe Kighieeutb B onmai stakes, at
Slock bridge.

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