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Hon. Kr. Smith promised, on babul) 0/ lb? Board, to
publish tbe luintiily tralUc.
UHT UOOPS mi'Olt'/B.
Tba Imports ot dry goods ai tba port ol New York
tor tbe week ending to-day were $777,492, and tbe
amount marketed $770,602. Tlie tola) import!! of dry
goods alnce January 1 were $39,S37,t>S4 and tbe total
amount inarKuied $40,079,833.
(?orernment bonus were steady aud quiet. Tba Syn
dicate, which on tbe Otb Inst, subscribed lor
$2.1,000,000 of tbe United States 4 per oent bonds, bare
lasued tbcir prospectus ottering tbe boud* to tba pobllo
for thirty dajs, tba last ol wbicb Is July 10, at par and
seemed Interest irom Jaly 1, tba date of tie bonds.
Buyers can pay for tbe boDda either at tbe time ol sub
seriptlon or any time prior to October 16 nexk
Ferns of application oan be bad at tba Treaanry
offices, at tbo national banks and tbe more prominent
private bankers all through tbo country. Tbo follow
ing wore tbe oloalng quotation*:?
Hid. Asked.
United States ourrency sixes. 122'4 1-2
United Staiea sixes, 1881, registered.. 110J,' llo){
tuned Stales sixen, 1881, coupon.... U4!?' 114 !4'
United States sixes, 1805, uew, reg.. lot! lufl.'i
United Stules sixex, 180I>, coupon.... 100100.1*
United Stales sixex, 1807, registered.. 100 li 100^
Culled States sixes, 18(17, coupon.... 112 jf 112>,
L olled Staiee sixes, 1808, registered.. 112)% ?
I'until States sixes, 1898, coupon.... llfijtf ?
I'iilied Siaies len-tortles, registorad, 112 112^
Umtod States tcu-lortlex, coupon.... 112Va H214
United Slate* Uvea, 1S81, registered.. 110X 111
I'ultcd Stales lives, 18SI, coupon 110\' 111
United States 4H's, 1891, rfgiaiered.. 1?J7,-?% 107 ^
l/u ileal Stales 4J*'*, 1891, eoujiou..., 1071,' 107);
Tbe revenue receipts to-uuv were $333,000; customs
reoelpts, $440,000; bauk uoiea reoeived, $1,360,00a
Railroad bonds were generally utoady. Tba only
thanges were au advance ol In Chicago and North
western consolidated gold sevens, and X la Mllwaukeo
iml St. Paul (1. ami M. division), Erie thirds and New
York Central sixes of 1888, and a decline of )i Paeitlo
?inking funds.
btati bon na.
Tbere was nothing dono In Siata bonds to-day at tba
?oard, except some galea of District of Columbia 3.(id's
it 78. In New Or leu as Louisiana consolidated were
luuied at 85)* a 8b%.
Tbe lollowing were tbe latest bids:?
klabamnS's, 1W) 40 N Y O's, gold loan. Hit. 117
t!uU?iii? 1**0. .. 411 K Y 6's, gold loan, VI. 117
Alabama 8!?, ltM? -41? N Y A*S, gold loan. fKJ. 117
Alabama 8's, lSBri 40 N l! il'*, old, J A J :>0
Alabama *'?, IS92 20 > 0 6's, old, A A O 2<i
Alabama 8'?, Irtiw 20 N 0 H'a, SC KR, JAJ.- MO
Ark.iu.m a?. Minded.. 2d N C OS. NO Hit. A JO.. 60
irk 7'a, L B A Kt 8 Ian. ?"* N C it's, NO KK.ulTIAJ 47
irk 7's Man A U iIU . S NC O's, SC KK.ofTA.tO 47
Ark 7'?, L K, VB Jt N O 3 M 0 Funding Act, 1U8M. 12
Ark 7'?, Ml?*,0 A II lllv 8 M 0 Funding Act.ilWa 11*{
Ark Ark. Can ItH... 5 K C urw,.i A J lo'J
Oounreticut fl's |10 N 0 naw, A A 0 10V4
Uin uf Col K,00'|, 1024 . 77V*' M C Special Tax.eliiH?l a
BeoriHa 0'k Htf N 0 Special Tax.rl*a?2 2
Ui-oriiia 7'?. n??r ...... 107,'a N 0 Special Tax.elaa?;i 2
ileor^l.i 7'?. Indoned .1(14 Ohio 0'n, 1"*1 107
iieor?;i? 7'?. irold bends IIOhio O'S, 1*86 Il4
Illinois omi U'\ l87t?.. 10M Klioda island O'S. 110
Illinois war loan 103 So I'arollnn 6's 40
kcmuckjr Us 100 So Oar li ?, J ii J 40
Uiulhl?na O'k. , 4il Hd i!?r 6'h, A A 0 40
l.uiiuimiH U'?, ti??' ? 40 So Car Vuad Aet, I860. 40
Luiiistitnn H'?, n, rlt li. 40 So tiar l.aml A-l 50
Louisiana 7's, I'en'ry. 4n So i ar Ld C, '??, AAO 5o
Loulniaiitt O's. levee.... 40 So Car 7'?, lsa>i 4i.?
Lt>ul"iaua S'?. ]?vr? .. 40 Sh Oar noli I'uod bd?. . 2
Louisiana#'?, 1)V, '75. Ti?nno??#B O's, old 43'{
l.ouisiuua 7'?, coniol.. Teunoanex?'?, new.... 4:i>a
Mlriiiiran H'?. ISHlf..,, 107 Tennoa'e# (V*, now ser. 4:t
UirhlMn 7'?, IKX) 110 Vlrirlnla O's. eld 31
MinnourlO'*. 1H7* 1US Vlrgliila li'*. u?w. -Ha.. 32
FundlnK l>e?, 1KW4-S... IW4 YirululaO's, now. W.. 32
Lonir Ixls'Ma lo'llO, iricl. ItH}, Vlru'iuia tl'?, oontoi'd.. H3.l<
Mo (V|, Aiy or 17n. '02. H<8 Virginia U'?, ex-mat cp 73fJ
MoO'n, II A St .1, iss'sii ios Ylrfinla fl's ren. 2d is. 43*
Mo O's, 11 A St J, im'87 IDS Vlri;iula 6's, deferred.. ft
Tbf> aaics of city bank shares were Merchants' at
118 and Metropolitan at 12V.
run.j OKI-mix stocks.
The closing prices ot Philadelphia stocks mh;.
tint. Atktd.
City sixes, now loi?X 110
L'Blind Kallroudsof Now Jersey 12i 128 If
Pennsylvania Ilallroad 'Jw\
Reading Kullroud 11'4 11,?(
Lehigh Valley Ituilroad 2S;, asjj
Cauwusa Railroad, prelorred 30 32
Philadelphia and Krie Railroad 7 8
jcbuylkill Navigation, prelerrod.... 7 B
Northern CeutruT Railroad 14 15
I.L'lilph Navigation 183i? 1S*<
PlttSDOrg, Tltimville and iluflnlo b\
Heetonviile Railway.. 12 l;>i$
Central Transportation 91 U3
nim.vu suakax.
The following were the opening quotations /or mln
eg slocks at Sau Kranoisoo lo-day-:?Gould 4c Curry,
!},; Suvage, 7; Ctiolar PoIohi, 3f>; Ophlr, 10; Uale k
Norcrosa, 6; Crown Point, 0; Yellow Jacket, 8;
Bcicber, 0; Imperial, 1; Virginia Consolidated, 33;
Zalilorma, 33, cx dividend; Ovorinau, 181?; ltay.
nund k Kly, 7; Kureka U. V., 3; boat k Utlcber, 10;
Kenluck, fi; Uaton Consolidated, 0; Alpha, 14;
Mendow Valley, IK; Slorra Nevada, 6; Moxloaa, 9.SJ;
Caledonia, 4, Silver lllll, 2 >4; Kureka Consolidated,
17; Justice, 8; Julia Consolidated, 2
The closing prices In Sail Jtanclsco wore:?
ilpha 17 Aentuck
[ielcher 0
Heat A Ooiober 20
Bullion o){
Con. Virginia 88
Lcililomix *34
Cliullitr 31)
Confidence 0
Crown Poiut bX
Kxrbtqtirr (>M
Ui.uld .t Curry V\
Ilule k Norcioss 0
1 nil.1 consolidated.... i\
Jnsiico 8%
Leopard 2>^
Mexican ll'^
Northern Hello *18
Overman lo?r
Opblr 18)5
Raymond k Kly. 1 %
Silver Hill 3^
Savage 7^
So^rvgiiicd Belcher.. 21
Hiorra Nevada 6
Union consolidated.. 7
Yellow JnckoL 10%
Kureka conoolidateu. 18
fcx dividend.
The solos ol mining shares as officially reported la
New York were as follows:?
Hi lOo *h> (iould it Curry
IOO Ilala A Norc....*U)
100 do
Iiki Julia *30
H?> Jiutlce li.'KJ
100 do
Ill) Leopard. a.'#)
do .........aU)
do e
do a
00 1/1
(Ui Ill)
100 Memphis....,
Mm Mernoiac be
I'll do . 0
adJ uo
ami du
UK) Moukii b3
U*l do 1)3
?K> du b3
do .o
On e
li'4 U>> do
2iiU lODRaym'd A l'.l>..e3UL
noAKD?1 :3U P. ?L
III 500 nba Lnopard .......
10 ?0I> do
7>?l do bl'A
Jul Marrlniac. .??... v.
1<? do *
11/? do b3
I Oil Moom .
|im?b? Alpha *10
Iim Belcher
Ill) du
IUM du nil)
|(?> Beit k U?lcher.ii30
IIK< Hull Kill
l(1i) do ?30
3l)li Bold nil
100 CUellar i'otuiii....
1< a a do ?30
IlXJ do ?30
50 Calllnrnia.
1 <M > OUvcland Mln Oo.
UK) do bn
Mm do........,.h:?
?*) do ?.'l
luiCoasol Vlr* ax dlv.
llKi do
UK) du
I ? K1 Coulidrni'e >10
1(K) Crown I'olut.
II) i do
liM do... kH-)
iiio do u:io
l'?) Exrbmioiir
lUOOvetmao.. >3
10i) aba Jtlnlia..
IK) >lu
1<K| Bolrbor alO
UK) do i Ul
lim tie-1 X Brb lier .mo
UK) Hun le t) ill)
UK) ...all)
UW do
UK) Cleveland
11KI do
1(K) ill
LiK) do
|ik> nmiHilanoa *:io
O) lo
15 de
sai.as Arrxn can.
lOOibaMooae >8 100alii Moots....... ,a3
41) |IK)
rw'j r?iio
7,'H fKKI
l)'? .H?l
7 1U)
1? MI
.V i)
do .
? o .
do .
do .
?::: 4
:::: $
.... M'!
b.". ?t?
100 Ovaitnan. ilO
iinoo U k f i J H's e.
UKXha 1>?I A II ....
Kumar. Jnne 15. IS7X
aiK) du...
?iD do...
UK) da...
UK) do ...
UK) do ..
uk) do ...
?KK) Weal fa.
11 du ...
.Vk> .,)?( ?Morru k U....
7iai do
21 K?
?V o
|i. i
do ,
UK) u<
,KKI do
jiKi Un rac nr....
(0 do..
150 N T tk ?i ...
I" i do..
Hil do ..
Mx>Lake Kbora......a.1
Vi' de
Jill du
Jim do
UK' ii.. b.'l
UK. ItocK Uland H11^
U*Vi Morrli k .vaaex... 55 \
m?i de 6f?
SOO de 04^
an <i
?3 01 \
.. PU
.. D'.IU
- Big
:::::: W
... .3 MV
:::::: d
11X1 Cbie k AlK.n Kit..
VKI Uel. 1. A tt RR....
?* m
l< N>
a r>
do .
do .
do .
do ,
do .
da .
do .
3:i ??
f^onx) DH?'ifilr.... 1 to*
jriOW d? bol|0>,
UK.AC *?'? 'HI e 111),
j.**<. do b e 114\
Ukk4C ri vao C '115, a..
10:15 AND 11:80 A. M,
jwio t'm 5-20 r a.. mew
3*y?K) V 8 5 2<) e 'H7.be 112)2
4'K?) IJ H 5'a IU VIC... 1U*
5000 1! H ,V? >nl, e IIOH
IOOOO U StTa, S,?. a<W121)j
l??Alil?? IIH.W \ >!.
|!|00<iHar A <4 H'a II7U U?i.b?N Y C k llud
4mm do...'... ...... 11?
li?<) tin. Rial* 7'?. lu<?4
?JOIKI K A ?t I' I k M d D"i4
I?>K)Ca M A ee aibda ?i'i
ft Ml au K'l
?M ?e W>X
UKi III Can lilt. .be
Vki LSI N .10 ItR
I .lot? du
2i K) do
VM du a
IOO do e
90(10 ErtoSd I"-"';
liOH I'.ii. 4tU o l '-i'i
MMlUSlJuH'lC.. S'i
?000 Mteh C.n 7'a ... loo?,
1(100 NYC U'a 18*3... lui'J
l<??) II U2d if ll'?
1UU? Obio 4 M Ml
Woo C P*e UK lit tu. lOT'i
3uj0 U Pae ? f 0*'?
20<*> do o-<
fll*m Tol A Wab 1*1...
4OU0Tol A W?b id...
l'y -b? MercL.mu H...
5 it.liooliUu H
lOO.Int >il M b.!
(Juickxilvvr pi...be
60 At A I'ac TbY ..bo
3o Ain K* bgx<l
6 ainiun Ex be
81 U .S Kx be*.I
1") Del X Hud Can. .be
da (3D
?.? UK be
102 if
40 V
i?j'? <1.
350 Ou
100 do *>?'?
XlJQ do
1"0 d> Ht ',
8o do
350 0 K of K J be 7
2M>) 1'bl 4 K I HU...be Wli
SM) do
lt*M do. ?
200 ito irj
30 KY.NUAIf ..biop* 140
1i * J
4'm ?
9 Mi
1* Ml
I < M |
do. __
do it 10
Si tO
?J 100
27>; -kxi
?-'7 ?? :tioo
Mloh ('ou RRocn.V
20 |*?u UK be
*2MJ W?s II Tel....beta
HJONYCA Ilud....be
tu_? aoo
02 w w?
tuK --
IHU trill.>14 .Sll> Kit be
100 .1"
100 Chi, it A Si Pul.. be
9 "J do
6i*) Morrla A K. KK.be 6.(
21 *)
Ji >0
-.'l K I
o M'j
do r... ?,
do o
do. VI
(to 6tl\
>lo 't>
do 66 V
do 0'. I.
loo Cbl A Alton lilt . 7ti
100 do ..lie 7*V
100 do 7U
10 d.. 7H
20f) Ohl, M A Q I'.K. bo 100
53 do Ul??i
HhKOKK P. 11
(10000 Dl. Col 3-fl.Vn.H 78 1700ah* Lak. HUore.*.'! 47W
do bit 4712
loot! IHInoU Con n'l r,:iC
3(h) Union rutftic IK.*11
4UJ d? ?H till
lODNortbw pref.....b3 4ft^
ltW N J Central it1?
10 St Paul Id',
4tm Del. Ij A W 31';
.VKJ do 333<
flflO dn e MM ?
I.'jIKI N V Can ti'?, k;?. KJHV HI*
7(Xkj TAW 1 ?t St li (I 70 K/IIO
7000 Tol A W I'd mort (11!,'
100(1 Noriliwat ecsb 84W
&000 0, 0, C A 1 1*1 . 1104
6(100 N Y Con 1*1 eon. I'-'"',
41 O iiu Weat t'u ....*3 o'.11,
loo Del A Hudiion -7'i
do .
do 27)5
IOO Paelflr Mall ltW?
100 N V C A lludaou . fl2>*
lijo do b3 ?2Vi
200 do e tiaij
In') do ?."? 02
|f? MioU C.ntral ...b3 3SV
20o Lalte Shor. c 471-,
1110 do b3 471.
do .
uo .
800 Morrl* A Kkhbx
H*i do
. a3 8:i*?
.... 33.,
66 H
6.1 ,
si 00000 a s n-ii, r. 'm. now
1000 U U 4Ja. r, 'Hl.bc 107r,
* P. M.
81000 U S 4}< 0. '01.. be 107JI
fEOOO Dl? Col 3.66'i... 78
3(?X1 Clil. B A Q 8'k... 118
loi?> Cbi, H A U7'?... 11IV
30OC1 N J C.n lat, n... lot)
3(K)0 li A St Jo 8'?, cou 83K
amxio fn l'?c RK lat.. 108
|60(*l Cn Pac 7'? 1 R. . 103
2i*?) I'aeKUof Mo lit IHO^
(W?*i do 100
rtOOOTnlAW Ul.Stl. d 7o
10t*?Ut V> l?t, ?8 x r. WJ
fUK 10 Con P lat.StJ br
100 aba I>al A llud. .be
11* I do.
tli H) do.
UK! do...
10O do.
38 Adam* Us,
100 L' 8 Kz....
0 dn...,.
loti W?a; I'll Tel..bo a3
vio da.
600 do.
2300 do.
300 do.
2100 do
700 do
100 Mleh C.n KK..?ho v. .
10 Un 1'ite HK be
SKCOND HQAltl)?! P. M.
t> (I aba L HAMS !U:.*:i 47
20, j
51 x?
tii ?i
do 47
do a30 4('^
b.'l 47
.*.'1 4<1
do .30 4(>'i
do 41 ] kJ
do 4t)'J
. .*3 4K,J
..h3 40'4
... ffi{
. b3 4(i',
..-3 41.'i
do .
do ?:i
100 M J C.n UK..be h3
30*J Mor A Ka Itlt.. ..bo 65tf
lOOChl AN W UUur.be
100 X Y CAI1R...DC *3
do tW
4'.* 40v) 0.1, LAW Ull.bc
2(J0 do.
5'*> do.
6^.1 do OIK
2O0 dr. 92
100 do e BOVi
2*50 do #2'?
100CMAU I KK..b?e Ul't
700 do b3 91Ji
l<?> Chi, MA8tP UK.be i??vi
100 00 |3 1:1s}
100 Chl.MASt P r>f. .be 4ll}2
a?of>Lg Ail i> Rll..be 47>?
?4000TAW.1H.BIL4 70
40(*t Tol X Wab, 2d tti (II \
S3 U
'?n lat". new ,88* ^
3'*) aba l>el A llud 27U 8(M
6t*> Woat I'uloii.
do 5.1
??:S0 TO .1 P.
ail) aba iatks Shore..*3
" do
do *3
ao ,
4> *>
do a. 1
do 6H7 J
do b.'l CO
47 i
do .
dQ ,.. ......,*3 GO
100 A A 1'Tol l?%
100 4m I ipreaa....?30 44>4
6 do 4".
100 i'Mifle Mail b3 l!i?
2*H) Mleh C.n 3U
2T*i do h3 .11)
:**) S Y Cen A llud.a.1
200 da 02 '<
11*) do H2V
1600 dn O2C
1100 do ou>;
100 do fn:'?
li*l III Cen *1'.) fil.'T
Lake Hiioro 47 >? .
500 do 47',
500 do h3 47
K*) d.. f3 4
OHO do . 4
7(*> 47 ?
1600 do 47tf
20 Union raclflo 117
lo) do ikl>k
loo do b3 ?l2
2??) 07
loo Plttibiiric 7o
K*? Norttiwunt pro!
11(*> iboctv l?land...b3 02
lOO St Paul pre I...
?V*) Dal, liitcli A W ...
UOii do
I9II0 do
200 Mottla A Kaarx....
loo do
10O do
?011 do
aim Gltlr A Allou kii
lo l-'ort Wit) no 87
50 do ttsX
34 V,
Friday, June 15?1 I*. M.
Tbo trade movoraeat baa txsoo ruiher now tiurinjj tbo
past week, although In some lew cornmodltie* nome
whAt accelerated ua compared wlih lusi woek. On (lie
whole, however, tliero baa been no Improvommii,
while lu mom arilclea quite tbo contrary In truo, buai
ucaa having, in tbe aggregate, been very moilernto.
Tbe leading articlea ol export, auch aaco'ton, Hour,
cralo, provlslon.% petroleum, Ac., bavo been
lb moderate request all through tbo weeg,
a iid tbo general tendency baa boon toward u
lower bail*, although few rmtl -al c!inn;tii have occurred.
On 'Change to-day (Friday) very llttlo w?? doue. Klour
was dull but unchanged. Wheat wut dull and entirely
nominal; i.flcreu pretty freely at prevtou* price". Corn
datl and lower to tell. Oat* firm. Wltlakey waa eatler.
1'i.rk wan quiet but firmer. Laril wai quiet. V'relt h'? Were
quiet, Cotton on Uie ?pot wai ateady; future* eluhed
barely eteady. ColTeo wa? firmer. St?c*r <r vi In better
d'tuinrA and about ntiiady. Oiia warn uteudy. I'etiolsiira
euiet, and naval utore* Arm.
Auu* acre Jobbing, at 4)<e. a 5a. for pot* and OJ jc. it 7e.
for po^rlik
Ami*"** w.M quoted at I2'^c , gold, for Iteyitiia.
llKBtwa* ?*a ateadj, with a lair demand, at 3 Jo. a 32c.
for Waatern and Southern.
Bhoob Couj? ?ii very quiet, at 31to. a Ac fur red tipped,
5c. ? tie. for medium and He. a 7c. for eholee gresu.
CorM*.?The market tor Rio vai firmer and V^c lilgbert
4,7'M bitga ex hmily i?ld at l!?'4c far barely fair. Mild
ooffee wnt quiet. We quote;?Ordinarv earjroea, I0y a
17c.; fair do., a le)%c.; good do., lOJto. a JOe. (
priinn do., iO'jc. a ; extreme raoue for Iota, IDtje.
a 22)fe. ? flantoa, (air to (omt. l!?c. a IttJlJo.. <tol I, 00
dava; Java, government bag*. X2o. aILtn.; do., gran* matt,
33e. a 24e ; Singapore. 10?. a -OXe '? 'ieylon, ism. a 21 o.;
Maracailo, Ifcc. a 20c.; Luruayra, L9o. a 20c.; Jamaica,
17,'in. a IHHc , St. lloiamgu, lMt^c. a H.^te.; I'orto llleo,
1 He. a 5HV.{ foata Idea. IHe a 21c.; Mexican, IH^o. a
I OH".; Maraaear. IMc. a 2le. t AncoMura, IM,'<e. a 2U>fe.;
Uiivanllla. lHc nJ'o.i ( ornftoa, 17e. a I we
OvurKBaOK irtoca remained dulet. We quoteMo
laaavt oliooat :tW km b. <eltb lien i?. $1 Vo ? <2. mir
? iiuuka wltb bewla W Inch. U l<> ntJMt: do., do., :iU-ini ti,
*1 '<0 a t>2 box ahookx "Hi. \ 7 5e. . ruin ilo.. $1: pip., do.
^?1 a 50; empty In a>lieail?. $0 50; uixipi. 1 1 lent, nrdl
narv te prima, IKRl a 1451 do.. 12 feet. do.. a (:?> per M
C'trnin -1 h" muritet waa very quiet at ItM^e. <-a?h tor
lake. Na aal' ? 0( iiuportanee.
iIoananK a at dull at unnlianK*d pilenn. Wr quote:?Ma
nila, larga and iinall ?l?? par lb,. 11 \a. a I ilo. eor
daco. boTt r.>pe ynrnt. H o. a IVe., titrreil Maulia. 14c ,
?j?al rnpe, H'?c. a ll'Sja. i New !C?alnu(t, tl^e. a I2t^c. ;
ltua*la Uen>p. tarred, I4e. ; Amartcau do.. 14a.; Uutaia
bolt rope. 17c
CiWttiA vu ttie ipot waatteaily at ycetarday'a prleea. h b
turen opeuod 5 a'i pointt low. r ni? ru ?rkei wut nutne
what irr'irnlar all day uuil elueaC barely tieady, will, a
decline fur the da> uf from 1 to 5 point*. I he olotin* prl ??
to 'lu*. oomp^reil with Tlmraday'i, weru a^ iollowa:?
Aiy, 'tins' 14. >rif(/iy, 7ttI V
June ll.Kiall.HI June 11.77 a U 7H
July 11.?*?? ? 11.'*0 July ll.r?? .? II H6
Antfiiat ll.nf.all.90 Aiuu.t 11 1.1 a 11.94
.'jepienibar..... II.'.*>a ? Haptentber 11 hh a
October 11.Ma 11,00 October 11.07 a II .M
>ov?mber ll.47all.4H November II 4?lall 47
bacilli her 11. 4M a 11. .V? Uecemoer 11.17 a 11 4H
January........ II.'ft a II >U> January 11.54 a II IMI
fahruary 11.77 a II 79 reliruary 11,7.1 a II 75
>ar<h 11.12 a H hKI March Il.nwall.irj
Quoiation* are haewl on Amerteau ataiidaru of eiaealflea
Uan, aud OB cottoa la *tnro rurulug in I|iiallty not more
tban hall a ?rado above i.t below tb- urade quoted ;?
I'T><<ia<!?. JT, Iin Tv in
Ordinary in I m |o I Hi in;tns 103-lti
Strict ordinary 107-1# 107 10 l>i|i|?i In ?-IH
Hood ordinary 10 III Ifl lnl.l lfl HU5-I? 10 15-18
.Itrivt cni.il . rdiu'y. II l-ltl II I-I<1 II i-l'l 1I.IIH
l.oa uixidiln:; ... I I'a II S II1. 11'a
Ntrlctlow mildlllia Hit 11 )j 11 / a II '?
M 1 <1 Hint; Il'i II I 11 \ 113a
ti'.od n<i.idli?? I-' 12 I ' H Ia
Strict KO'id nnTdl'K 12.1% 12^ 112 j
M luailua talr. I12;t I - a W'?
fair 1UM 13>J lit>* MS
-?laiaea?Oeed ordinary, 8 il-loe.; itnct neod ordinary.
10 ft-IOc.; low middling, lO^e. j middling, ll'fc. Kpoi sales :
wore as followe
rs Hay. hum Ki ttini). JW?4 |
Cpnauiuptloa.... 4*:t l'K! tuft ;
Speculation li*i - ? MO ,
Total 6M0 llC! 7'? 1 I
? Kor luture Unlivery Die sales Here ai followsYe?t?ri|.'y i
?Iter two J*. M.? June. Hon at I l.HOe.; July. 4im at il.Klc.,
Uuu ll .Hftc.; August. 2<?? Ht 11 ???.. 500 at ll.lMc.,
I.m at 11 :>.">? . 3i>i nt 11.Hrtc.: September. KM el II s7.v 1
8011 at ll.HKe . *10 it ll.HUc , ilk) at llHOc. ; OctObat. IUO I
at ll.ftsc., ll.Ni hi 11 00c.; November Itm at 11: Hel? '
ruary, 1U0 at 11.72c.; March. 100 si 11 *He, Total 8.M ?<)
bales. To-day up to two I' M. June. imi m II.73a., HKJ !
at I I.7M .. I'm at il line.. Km at it 70c, Mm ai ,
U.7:ie. -JIM lit 11.74c , I'm at il : July, 'mkj
at II,Nr.. 3.000 at 11.Sic., 7m i ai life.. :nu hi
II.7ltc.. .V/l Ht 11.7Hr., 7m i il 11 76c., UOO at 11.75c , :*K)
nt 11.7'lc . lid) at llK'te. 1<K ? ai II.Hie.; August. 8*10 ?l
11.UIIo.. imi .it 11 Ota.. -J.Iim at ll.U3c, mm hi ll.Mlo.,
I.HOB at 1 l.HOa.. 1.400'at 11.Me., I .Hint at 11 HKc. 7??t? at
II.H7C,, 2,H0i> at II .vie., ftOO at ll.Mfte , I,OK) at 11 site.,
!W0 at l1.M7d.. I,mm at ll.trtte., I.umi at ll.HOc., 100 nt
II.Die.. *00 at ll.lQo, Hi ll.ttic., 2?W at II !<4c., :??i Ht
11 Hfte.; Si-pieinlier, 1,11)0 ai 11 s:ic., mm at 11.m4c . Mir i at
ll,*2c , 2ui at 11.81c. I,W.IO nt 11.80c., ftOlJ at ll.tlle., 100
at ll.HOe., ft*) at ll.iftc, 4'm u; ll.H4o., 2m> a: Il.Klc.
mm at ll.Hrtc ; October, 11*) at II .-Ik- . 300 at 11.54a., BoO
at 11..Vic., turn ai II.52c.; November. I0o at 11.4m:.,: j
llscemher, &0O ai 11.40c.. liXi at II.4.1c.; J mil try J O .it
11.5 lo', ll'H) ai 11.50c., "Jixi at 11.He.: February. loo a|
11.Wit. Total. J.?.:mo bales. liraud total, l:;," > > hales.
Tlia receipt* ai tbe port-, were at follewai-Oalm>W, n?
timatnd, li bale*; -New Orleans SSiii Mobile. Si Savniti ill,
IH.'i; Charleston, J1 ; Wilmington, ??; Soi loik.l 4S; Baltimore,
New York, 1 iHi; Hnatou, 70; t'luladriplila. 04. Total,
l.'JINt. This day lust week. 1.648. I In.- iiav lam year, 1,701.
Total ninc,< Mepioiiilier I. :i,Mi*t,40ft bales to Iuat tiljfUt. Out
toll freights closed as follows:?To Havre, by ale am, V-,
eamprtiMil To liaiubitri;. by ateain, j^e .compressed. Ta
Bremen, ||V steam. tt-ltic., cniopreaa'ii. To l.lvntpjiol, ^>1.
a bM'Jil by dtaaiii i l>v a a 11 tie. compre>>cil. Maik-ji <j li ct.
IlKUur, ic.?The market waa extremely quiet ilirouirtioiit
ami prl>'ei were without import.iut ehunife. Opiiim not
vrry mil'li lieprev.eil aud unolail at 87)^, inild. In b<m<l.
hliellnc* wen, quiet at uaeliancd price? or lor l>. tJ.
ami ?_'ic. for V. n II., botli rurrciicy. t^inuliic mat quiet at
S-l ltlne vliriol was quoted at Morphine w n
qmileii al f I IHi a #?>. S?r<la were quiet, but tuiphaiiKed.
W n quot** :-Mu?tarii?hrowa Call lorn la, il)^c.; brown l'i u-iie,
7tit.; yellow Kngllub, ttNae. Oauary?I'rfma Itittali.fu "jui
8iu> ma. fj 1J|?; Sicily, Ig 7ft. 11 ruin, *1 iUi. Clarua ay. U'ac.
Coriander, TUn. Scneoa mot?Uuntuii at ilftu. C'ampbor w.i?
fltead? ai :cji'. a Site, for relknea in l>l.la.. on apot. Creani
tartar whh qniot at "JSc.. noid, for American; :i;io,
Kold. for French: 31 s? f'"' w?wilere<l io ibbla. ami UCV^a,
lVr uo. Ml lioxeii. Alcolioilca?i'liloroform nml ather wrru
qulat at 9Ae. for the former ami ,V>c. aUft*. lor the latter.
Hnrax wa.- unlet; uuotnii at 10c. a lu^r. for ri-llned city
and ti^c.. foriio. (California. Hitlamn tolu wan quiet ai 41 6Da
?1 tio. Burgundy plirh wan quote'l at5}|C. a">J4V. (,ua
ratia was qun'ed at :1ft a tJ iVj. Manna wa* quirt at H5o.
foi ail'*11, '.Hkv lar largo and 'Jftc. a !lfin. lor ^ort". Out' li wa*
quiet at (!' ,c. a7a, nolo. 1'ruailnte pnlanh wiia<(inei ?t 34,. a
am,'., a* t<> quality. Blehroinate iioia>li waa quirt at I%o. a
HS-e. Hal ammoniac wat doll at lO^u. a ln^c., uulu.
tiauiblar waa quiet at ,'jc., ?ald. Humaa waa dull at tft a
#1 'Ji>. Gentlau root wai quiet at .">o. a'?S,c. Oumla buds
were quoted at -tfia. a MMc Oolombo root waa qnoted it tic.
lor wbolo aud 14c. for powdoreil. liuin gadda whh linn at I If.
a 12c. : do. Talsa, lie. a 11.Sc ,1 mil per berries were dull at
2i. a il^jc., anil ordinary ItaTiaii at :tc a Xjae. Orange peel
was quiet ai 7a a Oo. Veuiea turuentlun waa noted at 1*<\
a 21 PC. i aatiie noap-Oouti while wua quoted hi l i'tc. t
lfto.; Marseilles pure mottled at in>au. a Ilq., Bold, anil
do. I'nmmnii at H-Ijc., eurreucy Kerbelle salts wiire steady
at !ll>tc for bbls. anu HU.^u. lor boxes. Iodine was llrm at
$4 Ml. Ioiiii.a potash was quoted at 5:1:?) a *?'' 40. Alum ?
Ihiimp waa quoted at 3)(c. a 2t'hlnritie potusli llrm at
-''jC, gold: do powdered, 2,1c., told. Tartaric acid
w:ii qnict at 44Sie., void, lur crystal, and -Iho. a 49Wc.,
currency, lor powdered. Cltrio add waa held at 7Ue. a 77c.
Ijic ,rice root wasqulei nt Irom 7u. to Iftc., currency, for se
inctnd. i.lcoriea pasta?(,'alabrla at 30c ; Spauisiiaolid.it
3ftc. a 2He., Kold ; I'lunatelll at 3<Ju.; small liutaliua st ?Hc.
a 3t>c.: lariiu liutaliua ai ,'Uo. a lie ; 1'. A S. sin ill at JtHjU.
a SOc.; ^erl*llHnn at 4'!e. Cuttlellsti boaes wero quiet at
27c. a 30c. llnlsain C'oiialtiU itai quoted at 42c. a 4Sa.
Sad run Was staady at 22c. for Ainerluan and (l> a
$!? .'O for Hpunlih. Oclaniral root wia held at Irom
12C. a Inc. Squills were quiet at rk\ a WO. Cod
liver oil was In fair demand at $1 7 > lor Ni?wloiiudl siul
nud f2 a $2 2ft lor Norwe|{lan. Khuliarb qulel at prices
ranging I rom $1 1> a $1 ftCi. Aloes warn quoted at ISc. it
14r. lor Cape. I.Inner was firm at 18c. a IH'-qC. flrer lainal-a
bleached. Krgot was quiet at If k.'. a 6fte. Quicksilver was
aii'itva at 47e.. uald, here, and 41)^0., void, in I'alifomla.
Cunioiuilc liownra wre iiuiet at 3'>c. a ,'lftc. lor tieruiaii and
40c fur old andfl 3ft for new I loin an. Ul.rcerlne waalnliur
demand at 2,>e. Sweet marjoram wasqtiiet at l,>c a ISc.
Tories heans were quoted at XI 2,i a $1 fill for Anunsiura,
and lirm wltli an upwanl tuudency. Valerian root was
quoted at 22c. a 3fte. for bngiiati aud Iftc. a Hie. lor tier
man. Harsaparllla wsa quiet. We quoteHon
duras, common, at 112a.: da. do., for export, :iftc. a 87o.,
(told; Mexican, ISc. a Iftc. J asp was quoted ai
2'?'o., gold, ijum damar was quiet at 1'ic a ISc. (lamiioge
was quoted at ti7c. Assafirtldn was staady at Iftc a
17c. Carbonate ammonia was quoted al IS**. ?<>I?L
Kivnnilal uils were uall lha sales w<rn J.i tons sal to,la
st *1 Jti. 25 do. soda asb at (I 7ft, 2ft do. caustic sniln.il
lit HO, list kejes hicarbnuatu soda at $4 7S, all void, and 2^
tuns bleaching powder at $1 tiO, currency. Kssratiai oils
were generally steady, hot qnlet. We quota Oil bergamo;,
MiudoiHon's *4 : oil lemon, Henderson's, ?1; Ihmseu s ttuast
ail rose, oil antse, fl 4ft: oil cassia, 87U0., nil koM;
oil curiiway, tl 40 a f3 90; nil croton, 92 1ft; oil cltro
u.'lls, K>c. a 05c.; ail layeuder, 75c. a $2; do. do,
(Mitebam), $14; oil cKitos. C3 "ft; oil wlnt-r^eeu. it! 4U;
ell sassulriui Inclueiie, 4Ue.; oil pennyroyal nominal ai
$2 7ft; oil ul bay, *17. ail currency.
Kkitiikk* weiu auotad at 30c, for prima aaoia and 20c. a
IPtc. lor mixed.
I' imi.?OmiMtli wiiii qatot, but iteady, under light hock;
small ?ulei were made to tbe trado at M 7ft for i.oor/e's;
bo Uraod Hauk lu stock at prosont. Itiero was uo impor
tant chance lu mackerel; good prime luta 'it shore were
scarce; choice lot* iold readily at 417 a jlit for No 1 mid
$:i a .fit fto for No. 2; a lew Novn Scottn mackerel worn aeil
ItiK in lot* at $10 a fin tor No. 1 and t* a tin lor large No.
2; a few lib I a. ol now mackerel ware received, but tlie trade
dn not buy very readily; a few am nil sale a were initdo at
*? fto a 97 tor medium No. 8 and ?H &0 for large dn.; ni> now
No. 1 or No. 2 have yet bocn received. Box herring ruli>d
quiot; barrelled horrlug were mill and nominal. \V?
quote(lodtl.li -Ueorgo's Bank, $4 7fi a $ft Mackerel ?
fetiore, No. I, #18 a **?; do.. No. 2, ?t? a #10; do.. Ma It, m
? (H V}; buy. No. I. #13 a #14; do.. No. 2 $H. do., lurtre
No. 3, ucw. MJ a #10. lion Uerrlua?Scaled, extra atave,
Ifle it I Ho.; No. 1, extra ttave, 14c. a IN).
Ki.ouh ANP Wkaiii.?tleoelpta?Hour. 0.77H table.; wheat.
ftl,2ftt tinalielt; oorn meal. 1100 bids. and IH'i bag*; corn,
bt.'tTl busheis; mil. O.HOO do.; rye and bailey, no
recelpUl bar'.ejr malt, luo bnabela. The fliur m.irkut
waa dull, bnt prices were unruinniiy the same. The an lea
were I2,<?*t bbl?., Including State. Weatnru and Southern. 1
hi tho annexed uuuiatlnm. Uye Hour we--quiet; lalee
weru 27.'. bbla. Corn mnal van quirt, with inloa ofl/Od
tibia. and bags at the revised quolat Ion a. Oat inoal waa
dull at 4rt 25 a #7 2ft for Western, and f'> 7ft a #H far
Ontario. Wo quote
No. 2 state #?') 40 a $ft IJO
Miiierttni Stute..... ft '>o a tl 2ft ;
hxtra mate., tt 7ft a 7 2ft
t'hi i.-e state . 7 lift a 7 7f> j
Sup. irtnr Weilem ft Tula 0 2ft |
Kxira Western ? 7ft a 7 ii 1
.UiimcHota 7 aft a tkiio {
Hound Iwup 11I1I0, shipping brand* <1 7ft a 7 lift i
Itwtud hoop Ohio, trade brand*. 7 7ft a 87ft '
Faintly 7 7ft a 0 26 i
St. lunula, low extra H 7ft a 7 7ft j
St. i.uiii*, *iralglit oxtra 7 70 a k mj ,
St. Louis. choice double extra. Sftiia H 25 |
St. I^iuia. cboicu family OT.ialO.Vi ;
Kya flour 4 fto a ft 7ft
Southern, No. 2 4 2ft a ft 00
Southern. an|ier11iie ft do a li 1?
Southern, oxtra ......... 0 7ft a H >t.t
Souther... family H 7ft a In .>0
Corn meal, extern 2 fto a 'i 'at
Corn meal, .leraev 2 4'> a :t 1ft
Corn 1ne.1l. llraudywine It 4 i a !l 50
Corn meal, puncheons . Ili 7ft a ?
?Wheat was dull und entirely nominal; 70,000 bnahcls
No. 2 Milwaukee *ol4 laat evening at #1 71111i1-t1.ro. Iil.'aai
do. red and ambor winter, 41 7ft a $1 16. Kye wa? dull
al 77c. a HOc. Tor Wetteru. and lifto. a falc. tor rtate. Hurley
and barley malt were ateadr. Heau* aere i|Uiei We
queie;?M'urrowa. #2 7ft a 42 MO; raodiunii, #2 Hli a 4H; una
beuna and red aldneya. #2 Hft a f:<. I'en* ware unlet but
unchanged. We i|UOte:?Canada Held. 111 bond. 41; black
eyed Southern, per two uunliel bait. 42 7ft a 4>'l; irre?n nev,
fllV"> a f,l 7ft. Corn waa dull, nearly nominal. The apot |
aalea were Wft,IKlO bualiela at ft7e. a ftSo for atoamer ralxnd
lu amall pareula; Mia. for Kaiiaiui mlxei; iiS'tn. a(y>c.
lor No. 2 mi xed. and .Vic. a Kir. tor ungraded muni, lor i
for' ard delivery the aalea were lo.ual buahela ?learner for
Auiriixt at ft7%c. At the 8:1ft I*. M. call ih<> alee- I
ln? prices anil aale* were a* folluwi:?t'aah, aienmer. ft ie. a 1
liOe. ; do., No 2, ftNc. a OOc. ; Jn <e, afoiituvr. Vie a a7a . do , '
No. 2, a6i|e a ft*;.c.; July, eteatner, ft.iaaj buxheU -old at
o61(e.; uo.. No. li, oHe. a ; Aairuat. ateamer, >T\c a
5Ho.; do., No. 2. lli/aai baali* la Hold at tpar. data were
iiulei but tlrm. with aal*a of 2ft.mi bnal-ela at 'lOc. a t> tr
lor Mute mixod, tlbe. a <>7e.. tor riiate wuitc.ftOc. able, far
No. 2 mixed and >4e. a "irtc. for No 2 while.
hKBIT.?foreign dried waa uuiet and eaav. We (jneie ?
New raieina?i.ayera. 41 no per box 1 inuacatel, f.' <V> par
box: Iaih Ion layer*. 41 >?i Valencia, '-V- l"'r Ik; Sol
tana, ti^c.; new eiirraaia, *}^e. ; l.entiorn citron. 17',c
Kiic*. la.iera. He a 12c. Date*. aVc. llraail nuia, 4\o. l ur
kev pruoae. Il^r. tor old and 7a. tor new. Kronen prnnea.
old, Oe.. new, lie. a 12c., acco'diux to alxe. Sardiuea. Vi
box. a. 12 >e_ ; W. boxea. IU,',e. Shelled ahnoada. in baut, 2.,c.
liar *mi Straw were 111 lair ileoiaiut. fricea wnre
ateady al T'lo a 7ftc for ahioplnir and H.*. a 41 lor retail. |
t-trv* waa nuoted at MOc. tor I .lie rvo
liuur aM Iutk. ? 'lliere waa <ery .ittia demaii l for Jute
bulla flenip waa aleo in verr liclit demaud. We iu?te :
Amerieau 1IT1 aeed, 4175 a H?i lor aio?l >. 421Ua />?!.? ir
double and ijllfJO a #13ft for iiuilrnsu- i. Ituana, . lean, t.to'i j
a W10, colli; Italian, 42<o a *275, ;oid; jut-, t kc.
a ??., ciirrenoy; Jaio Imiii*, .'I '> li.i:. a ^ '(U., currency,
e. ah. ou ap it; Manila lieinp, no.; feltal do., lie. , latle, Uc.. all
IllPM ? liter* waa more dlapvaiiion luaoilaati d te bur
and the uiuraut waa -11 k 1 ? 11 v ue'.tei in tear I'lwi aalea a era
U.tXai Mowturidiio, 31.W lb*. BTi-rafe, al 2.1c. *? d. f ur
lu out ti- . 2.77'i do, 4 Ilia., at 2.'tc.t fold, le-a U t-Mpor ?
cent: and on private termi,'170 Savota. lUIUeotial Ainetl
cau. Ilk 1 I'ajta .; M l Vora tiro*. I.JijS dry 1 aillorni 1, I ,??<TU I
?iry and d>> aaiied Maiamnr-t mi l 1,2 i t ?ry ? nli
lornia. Wo quot": - Haeno* Ayrea. 2ft to ~H It**.,
2.(e. a 2.'lJ?o. i do.. 20 to 2i> Iba. a 2>k)., Motite
viiieu, 2iiia to 22 Iba . 22!,e. a 2Jte. . Corfientea, 21 to
22 ll>a.. 20H?. a 21>.je. ; K10 Ura.ide. M) 10 22 lb* . 2tk.
a 21c.; Oriuoee, 21 10 ?1 Ilia., 2l>%c., Oallturnia, 22 to 2I>
Ilia, 2l^c ; Central Amnrlcan. J<> to 22 I.a.. IHc. a
I tic . Mai* nor a, 22 to 2 ft b*.. 17c a ll>c., Vera (.'rut. Mto
In Iba.. lft>,c. a Itii^c., ail gold, aelecied; dry aaltetl Texat,
2llo ill lb.., 14c a 1 ftc. ; do. Souiiiani. 24 to '?*) Ilia .
12c. a like. . city "laurhtar. ox. b<i lo rtn ib? . tt'40. a it1, .;
dew. cow. ?o to ikl iba. Sc. attire., ail curieiMy. aeicoted.
It Or*.?The uiarkel waa vur) dull and pricua were 2c.
lower. We <) iota ; Now Vork, cho ee, 12c. a Ifto. ,d ...eem 1
niou to prim-, He. a 1 2c.; 14aa;ern, "c * 12c.. Wlaeonatu.
Ha a 12c. ; yearling*, tiu. a !?>.; oida, all tfrowtha. 4e a tie.; I
I'.alitoiHia (Oomiual . 11V alfte.; ' >ro.;on 1 ti'mnnal t. lne.
a Iftt- Krntii vte, Kuimet Welle' Weealy llopt 'culai ? 1
Kciftiptaaod l.xporte- I'.ereipta foi the week tl2Ahalra; I
total reeelpta aince ept-ruber I |H7il. 77.1-H; total re- ,
ciiipt* (or nun p<. nod lu lH7ft. 7*.t.HKl Kxpori ci*arati> e-> 1
fer the week, .11 j oalea; total eiporia aince nnptemher 1.
ISi'it, :tu ftrtot total exnorta foraaia" nor.ml in IK7.1, 41,41't
li.ox. 1 h r? waa a dull and nominal maraet lor Aiuerl
en.II |II|| I ho -itof kol toriie i>oe la ataadlljr liu reaving
Hnotcli iJk wa* extremely dull and atocK waa ioora.<kiiii(.
fiirea were uneiiaiiged. Scrap wai very dull . 200 lima aoid
mi a very ew private price . quoted at t-:.'4 a $2 1 !?>)
Wo ijuote: American pi*. No. 1. tin 50a#'jo, No J-IH
a*i". do. fbrge, #1U a #17. Scotch i.'ottnei?. No 1, 421 fto
a f2t*. ijleugarn >ek. No. I. #27 a <27 50; kgltntoii, No. I, !
#Zi jO.
I,k.iii waa ttcauy at Oc. eurrenov, tor dotiiaetic, and 7c..
(u'd. lor furelxu.
I.katiikk Fbere waa more inquiry for hemlock troni I
tnanuUiturcra and boldera maul. -?li d coiianlaraine Aim 1
neim. The receipt* for tbe wenk were 0:i,'l7b utiles fid
20.J balaa. The exports for the aalii" time were I7,ftil0 I
atdM, vih . - l.5t?> ui Rnglaod aai:'4.1WI to tlie Continent |
Me quotei?lleeiloek-i.lgbt Hiiuiioa Ayroa 2IK a j:ti, .;
do. Cati lorn 1 at 22e. a #1! Ve. 1 do ei.mmoa litde. 21 V,e a 22c :
middle Kam.o* Arr.'?, jFie, a JOc.. do t allfornla. 2<4^c. a
24c.; do common Hide 3tle, a 24c.; Itnavy Hncnin Ayroa,
'2-ic *2?<;., dn. Caiilnmia, 2.tt|e a 240.; do common iildn.
2.i?. a 24c.; auud daruoged Mm-iio. Atri a, 21s. a 22c.., dn.
C.ailfo.nia, 2lc. a 2l>jt , do. conun in hide. 20c. a 21c.. poor
damaireu coiniuon hiue 17c al'V
Miii.aa-*.*.?,>?w Orioana wan negieetod and more or
tear nominal. Knralgn waa nuli-t. Vie i|iioie I rii a. ceil
tiifutral and tinged, t.'te. 1 44e clayed 4ilr a rate do,,
mii-eovadn rehutug, t?v- a ft it.; gr.n>ery. 4-V. a Sfta , Porto
llieii, .iO". a .1 -c , Knrliah lelandt, 4^V a tittc ; Now itrle ina,
good, .'iOc . prima, ftdio. . clu>leii. fate
Natal Sthh>*.?Spirit* turpentine waa lirin -. lit" bbb aotil
10 arrive at ai;^ I. atn waa Crui, with aale, ol 2u<l bbla
good atrulued at 41 Hft a 42 ; No. 2 at 42 'Vi a 42 l'i. Tar and
mtcb were tteady. with a moderate J dibina ui-mand. We
i|note Spirit* 'urpeutlne. aieicli iniabln oruer 22'ic * .t l?
on ?pot, and -tlUc. to a. rive. Itoaln-tl od .trained, #1 '1ft.
Pltcn. *2 25. Tar, #2 2ft. Advices (rum Wilmington w re '
a* tollewa : llodn drrn ; strained. 41 4ft; good do., 41 '?0.
I ar wanted, nnmitially 41 mi. Mirp-nline ?teadfi hard,
f 1 2ft ; aolt 42 10; virgin c SI Wi. Kpirl ih unaei I led. 'J-tt.C. bid.
I tiua, -l?i toll, ai-d oil?Sum user yellow aia moreaiilve.
The -an-e were IKib.da .tuly at ft I ^e. anil 2m 1 til/la An.nit
nt *2c. The call prima war? u? toltowi;?.luuo. ftile bid,
jo)fci'. asked; July.ftle. bid, ftie. asked, Augnat. olS<" tud.
.'i2lie a.k*d; teller year, I7t%u. hid. tet'.,!. a.ked l.in*e.>d
011 was ijuial. ihe aomlaal aakiag price waa 70c. Ottier
kiuua weri WMItUl M**41. Wt ^uwte t~Liuteed, 70c., lard,
prhua wiuur, Vic. utile.; *p?rro, erode 91 Sit; do., Ideached 1
winter, fl '?5;do., natural do,.#1 .?); whale, crudtif nrthera, i
7"o. ; do . M'utneru. ; blenched winter. 77c. ; nfttaril tlo ,
Tic. a 7.'?e,; ex;ra do. hi*.; winter bleached tUli. 4*c. w
50c. i crude lnh. !iMr. )? 40c
i'KTUuiKin ? iulined win rather <juiet and dow4
1*B{C. wl.l i*uit VijLe. 4?ked. lUowuhm *ere 6.0 ? ? Ibl# .
Ji.lv, l? i4nC . and -.<*W hbli.. prompt dellrery. at rt\e. and
lO.mn* c.?j?rn on prlvuttt ortim; 3,<J& ' bbl# cold at I'niladel
pliia ?ti i:;|.4c I??r .iuuo deliver*. Curr^ctio* ? The *aie of
rtUued reported In our la?t should have l>e?u |.#%??I
bbl?. At the J'croltum Kxeo#iiKe the ?ala# wore 5.IIU0 bbl#
United rejruiiir #t *1 Mil, 81**1 hid*, do. at SI ill V 8.1* mi
bbl* do. at $' Ul74 ?nd bbl#. do. at #1 H-it. We
i|u?tf :-Crude, in bulk, 7;ae..; do., iu bbl#.. l<kr* liuvd, in
bolt.. Itl'jc. bid. aaked; ?'o.. in ? k*i. IHc for Juno
au i 17>ac. ft?r July: uaphtba, 'J)?c. a |Oc for ordinary; re
fined at I'hlladeiphU. do at Baltimore. 1H.S?C
I'oijlihv w*h in fair demand at #t?**<l.v price* W#
?iuutu idvc fowl* ?8ta e *ud Jcr??y, 11c. a III., per lb. ;
Mate and tVehtvrn. !Hj. a )'Je. Turkey#?Mate ami J?r
#e>,_llc. a liie,; \Nu#ieru, 1'k*. a l?u. tiee#C? ?lcr?cy,
$1 50 .< ?1 75 per pflir; Western #1 a $1 &*> l>?r pair.
J'uck# ? Jereoy, *7c. a frl Sift periMir. WeHera. 70a. a HlHs.
per pair. Dre?ied poultry ? I uraey* weie quoted at 14c a
16c. lor good to prime Western, and 13c. a i5c for fair to
Kood ilo. Cilickliii -^prill|{ <|Uuted #t tSUc. a 2 V. lor /air to
good State and W?iiern. Caiue ? i'hjmou* w?r?* quoted ?t
fl 'ill n IW per dosen for tea. hered flight. Squab*-1'tiil
adeipUla quoted ht $1 h $1 ."*7 per dozen Snipe wa# sclli ?g
within fhu following rang* Yellow le'4, lar^e. $2 a
pfr d '*nn; plover. #*J '2?> :t oO; dnwttch. $1 75 a $?;
robin. 31 30; braut bird*. ?J0a a 50c. ; small #n!pe, 15c. a
120c. per do* en.
i'ii<iVi.?tu.N.s ? I'eeelpt#? 1'urlt, 05il bbl#.; lard, 1,015
tierce# and 2ti cot meat#, 6H7 paukairas; bacon, 26H
buxes; beef. ;n bbi*. and I,*i7<> ca#?a iHirk waa villi new
luctod but rather turner, and c,o ?d at the necond call ee
follow# ;?Jun?', 443 (>iii?4a; ^tUy?J13 05 bid, $13 70a#ked;
Auicuet, 70bld, *13 rtgiftuked: September ?l i wi bid,
Jfi i !?'"? a#Ki*d. The ?alen were 3,&JO bbU. at $13 tKJ 14
913 U4 for July, Kii3 Hft lor Au^UNt, and *13 03for S?ptein
ber. Spot Hitle# were *J<M)bbls. tuo#* at $ IN 1)5. Cut meat#
were fairly aoiive ; nule# were lOJKDlb#. pickled bellies, 12
Id*. hvri -iuu, .t 7c. ; 7j<? loom* pirklvii iiuins ill 11>t*. a lo'^c. I
unit pirkldit .hiiiild.r* ?t 7c. u 7'^c. ; 800 ?moknd
limn. $u111 ui lie u ll'.u., uud ?>"> >1*. .liimlilorK nt
HJiiC. ivm quiet :it T1,!-. for city l?n{
fllcur Mini 7c. u 7',ir. fur Wc.lcru lonu clear,
lieu! quiet, 'Jft Mils, .old vrlllilu tli? ri^uifl. We qi|.it?: -
jturriM. ?\tr* nu'>>, *1M . >< > n $ I I: pl.lii uim*. wl'J ? fl';
linck.l br?l. fl4 ? ?.l t li<iri?d city, ?xtm Inula uie>?, fU' I
u fv'-l. liittti.s were quiet liui fttflaujr at ol!l for cboictt
Wenter 11. UrMMvil ho<? wire quit - Urm at HS!?. u Inr
||??V> III liKlu, Mil tiVa. lor Ills*. I,Hill WM uulal. Tim
clnrlUK call price* with <i> fallaWR ' .luno, t>* T< > bid: -luly.
Din (Ml bid, 41' mkM; AilKU.t, #'.) U> bid, ,4M III u.kuil;
nailer ye?r. h."> bid, ahkeil: >oireiubur, ?"> H?
bid; Deveuiber, $8 H!i bid, #0 ??He(L I'be s?l?? were 7,fxK>
ticrcei ?t l)"?, $!i 07!,. #1) ID and H* IM for Aiii{imi;
Ml) a 09 j?r Uecuiipa'r, and .fS mi> a M.? far .eller
yi-ur. Spot Mite, wer? 'JiiO tierce, elly mi 7">. and
1 do. uow Wa.iurit nt ?>S 7.J it KcHueit
wan quiet: 11"? til. rot Oontluent ?old ?t ti'ic.
Bnttar?itloaipt,, S^2f> pnckng.,. Tbe m.rkot wn. quiet,
but ruiuiiinod ?lemly ut 10c, UlUC. forcuiumuu tu tino .Main
mid l'lc. to ISr far common to llm Wctern. Ctiori.?lit*
ioipt?, ^",74ii boxes The murkei mtim maud) but iaulln;
qmii.il hi 1 lc illicit, lor .Sii?i9 nod 7c. h lt?c. for Wet
"i n Kkk??KMalpta, 7t?l bhl?. 'I In* murk.t wu, quiet but
uiiclinnut .1. W e quale :- Linik laliind. N.w .Icrn.y and li.nr
by, l7o. ii lKc ; .sinta and iVtiiiaylvania, liH.lc. a 17c ;
W ettorn and ('anad t, choice, lf>>ao. a 10c.; rtoutli.rn, 1 .W ;
duck. lac. ii 17c.
CIOK.?Adtriuo. from tlie South report a very firm and ml
TiiiK-iiiK market tli.ro. Init tbeia waa no eurraapoodiiiK i?i
proveiuvut licre. t)nr inuruei, however, reniaiutd Urui,
mitii n lulr dnmand from t'm Jobbing tr.ide. We quote:?
tJ troli ii it. l.ilr, 0^,'c. a 1P40.: (ooil. il '^c. a ti.' ^c. i prime,
ik&JIt,; Loin-ilium, Inlr to prime, ti^c. a oVjc ; ['u'liit,
TXJc. a 7^''.. currency; Kuni;oon, in bond. rHiJc. ? fVa".,
StK.tKiMc ?Thu market whn quiet and Domiuai at lo*^c. a
lll.'nc. for choice cllj. No imlcn.
Muii iit. ? limro was mora inquiry fur raw, nnd the market
was about utoit iy nt our ranged uuotittionn; rtiXt nhiU. low
niUHi'ovndo nolil HI I'.^jjc. Kcliaod waa dull Hint KCncraliv
tower. Wo qui to: H air rullniuc. I'^c.; ^o id do , Ii |c. : fyiilia,
Ifroccry, fnlr to choice. li)J?c. a l"iic. ; do., contrlfuiral, hlid<.
and box... No. 1 to No. M, liMgu a llltjc, i do., tiionwa.ua,
hhd?. mid boxog, s.?c, a ; Plata Itlco, relhnnit, ronuuou
tn prime, i?'^c. ft I'^c.; do., irrao ry, l.ilr to rhalre. HiWn. a
1<>7,C. J rellned. ntuinlurd A, 11 >*<-. a 11 SiC. ; oir v, I I'.tc. it
11 2c.; crushed. IJ.'iC. i powarrad. l'Jjqe , ifritiiiiliifd,
Uc. a 12V.' ''ut loar, la-Jun a ISWn,: white extra C'h,
IO;Uc. a 11 ,'(c. i yellnv extra C'?, r<?J,a it lt)^,c.; other
jtrnJea, Including <Vn, a I0',c.
I ai.i.ow ? K? eiptk. Ill libit,, aud tt!> hbia. Tha market waa
quiet, but atuady. The galea were IK>,tXK? Ibi. at Ho. fur
Tin.?Tbe market wag ateudy, but rathor quiet. We
quotat?Banoa, lllKc.: Strnitu, ItiKo. a 17c.: RnclUU.
Itl'.e.; do., refined, l?l>4c., all goid. Piute*?rinircoui,
l>?Ti() ? *175: terue, K>7t)a#tl: coko, t-i 7j a #0; do.,
torno ,<A M it A'> 75,
Ion tri'ii,?1 here wa? a fair axport damuud for Kentnckv.
Thn private .xleg wore H60 hhtli.., all lor export, at 4.',c. a
14e. Tho miction .nl?< tvero tii lihdx out of TO nbdg.
offared, tha price, ranging from !'\'c. to l-'^c. Hicre ?nn
a quiet ninri.nl for .crdTaar. and tha prlcen were nteudv.
1 lit* hhIch wero li*i eggaa aumlricn at oc a ISc.; 71 caiiug
Connecticut, crop 1S7I1. lemnila aud lllluni, on private
tortus; I'M o??e? New hii^Uud, emu. 1M75. Ht lUe.. 1
?A"io. aud ."We.; I.VIcggcs I'rnn.rirHnla. crop 1?7^. ut fe,
!)U0., 'JZiXtQt tlld 24c., and 1-1 uaaea W'uc iiiiiii , crop 1 -?7M
nnd Isfli, attlVc. a 7c.; liOO bales Havana sold at 7.">o. a
$1 10.
WiimKKT.?neceliits, 34!i bbls. The market wag engiar|
4'i libN. sold at f 1 11 Si and 25 bbls. old at 51 15,
Wooi??Tiiere waa a lair dotunud for t.'itlllornla wlol, and
{irlcca wore Hrin. Kli-c es ware quiet, tlu new criqi out
lavlni; arrived in Bnllictent qnantitioi ta ndinlt of largo
tram.ictiaiis. We note snlag of l.tttk) lbs. low llreca. nt
:t? -.; I.IKni lbs. iiuvgagh.il co-ntil' g Vlri[inia at ,Ctc.; 5,1100
lbs. (ieor^ia wool at HOc., and a muail lot cf ?>
lbs. unarm do. at gama price; 1'2',<<K) lbs. fall
t'alll'ornla at Itlijc. a IXlC.; 27.1.0'sI Iba. suriug do at 210 a
2Sc.; 40,0'JI* lbs do. Kagtern Taia. at 27c. a 2Uc., ;kl,i**J
lbs. oiainiin W'gr tBrn foxai Ht lac. a IHc. , 4>J,oi?i ,ba. im
proved do. at 2:tc a 2.-tc.; and on private tarma, 2UU0U Iba,
Utah fieni o, f>,(s?i lbs. VirKlnla llooce. H.ixiil lbs. old madiuiu
Ohio, j.ikhi lbs. medium ui.washn 47,0110 lbs. Anstrulian
wool. l.UUi Iba. (ieor^ia, I5H bays sapor pullad, !IS battt No,
1 nulled. 17 bam No, 2 pulled, and .*> bacs laiuug' puiloiL
r?Hi.iiTs.?Ilio general movainiMit was wodar.to aud Ilia
niaravt tamo, but out specially chanced lor the day. Kn
g i teiunuts:-To Hamburg, par stomu, iK>0 tlarceg lard and
:?'? boxes bacnu. l^iu.irks. Iti.OjO lm?liolg (rain, JH >;
000 boxog extract logwood, HO; 100 b'da. pork, .V4';
HOO bags cotlce, IV; HI) balas laather. :i\, ana uionsure
m.nt iiwds. Hi' a !*> tnarka. F01 llrltlsh ports tlicrg wara
iiaaiifraKemanta of soaclai mention, (iritln room, per ataam,
to (itvarpihd, 41. s'liiidurd, and by (ail, gam. prlca; Lpn
don, itusm, ri^d.. lid lbs,, and filuaiiow. ?ieam. ."uL. 00 Ibg.
'Ihq tliroiiKh trelght lates on provisions Iroin tii. Wast t?
lilverpool arc: ?Via Boston, til'V^c. par lOOIbg. ; via it is I ti
rnor'*. 75S.ii : via Now Vork, lirm; no jITcrs. Ohartor.:
A Hritisli bark, trom BHliiumra to Kottoriimn, with 4.4U)
bills, reflnrtl petroleum at fo. lid.; a Ku.pimi bark (now nt
i'hlliuiclpbia;, henco to Oronstadt, with .>,t**) liblit. do. at
4s ,'tu. j a British bark, bunco to t'nited Kinttdmu
direct, with 2,7(*> bbl? rasliuum at 4g ; an Aineri
cna brm. henco to illrcot port, L'nltcd Jiiuudotu,
with 2.<>00 bbls. ralinvd botroleuin at t.. .'Id.;
a Swedish brtir, reported hanca to Liottenli'iric with 1,51*1
bbls refined petrolaum at 4s. !><L ; an Auieric.ni ship, hcui-e
to Java, smite days ax", w t'i 8n,(K)0 cases refined palroleum
at HO oeiita par ita^te 1 a .Horweulau bark, hoiica tu liotten
burjr or I'liriatiana with 4,'KX> bbls. rnllnnil petroleum a: 4a.
tel.; a Norwaiflatt bark, hence I" Kawcsstle with 2.<X>) bbls.
reliued p.tralaum, r.aliluaiu, rogin and gpirlts tur
pcntiua, bonis of 4s. per tdil. far rellnod pcltolollia;
u .Norwi'trlan bark, ruporicd Irani Philadelphia to hlainnro
far orders to the Herman Battle with 4 1**1 bbls. reiinad
petroleum ut Is. .'id. : a Nnrwnglait bar*, from Phlladclpiilu
to Ma nclilex or < 'ette Willi 2.?<?i bbls. crtido potrnleiim at
4s. 7il , a British bark, iienre to Koueii Willi ;i.i??' bblg.
nsp tlia at 4h. >ld ; an Americnu bnrk, heocn to Alicante
or Vai"iicla with KI,000 ca-es refliimf p.trolaum at 25^,0,;
a British bark, 8*vi ton?. trad le iliteiftnr wilt rnkl at
2g 'Id. : a llrltlsh hark. >o?i una, from Norfolk to tto Hultnd
Ktucdimi direct, with oak timber at ?2 per load.
K Hi PAT, June 15, 1877.
KfcOttfJT!! roit TWO lurs.
VuvU. flww,
Sixtieth *treet 74'J !!?( 7'*l
I'nrrleth ptroot..... ? ? ?
J'riiiy Oily 1.4WJ ? ?
Total? 2,204 %\ 7*1
Bkktka.?Trade ilnw on a iltcbl run ? ? |? im 11ty Iroin poor to
good; tevanil earhiiid* remained uo*old at uoon. Prlcoa
*Sr* a l*t^c. per lb., wfigtii* f? cwt. a 9 cwt. ,Haiea wr ro
#*fleeted from -Mi it*, a 57 in* not, a e-v top *teer* obtained
b* h?*. ntt. At Hlxtleth at reel yard* T. G. Kntltnait #<?ld
for l f ?**? car* of Ueirned cult It, Male* n< follow*: 40 till
rioi* moor* at 11 tyc. orr l!? . weight ?l cwt ; !>l llllrtoU ataers
Ob I J'iC per ib., weight 0^ cwi. , 114 Ilihioi* Meera at I.If.
per lb., wftix'H * cwt.. ."?4 Mianouri aleera at LWc. p?*r lb,,
wri^lii 7' i cwi ; 170 Mi*a<mri *tears ?t l2?fo. r?cr ft* , weight
7 4 cwt.; V*? .HIxhoiiiI Bt<*trftn( lllo. per lb., weitrlit cwt M.
kirchway gold lor arlf Mi In nicer* at Ifto, per lb.,
wni^bt H owl., M ini. (J. \V. Vail ?o|d loraelffH IllluoU
?taera, term* not obtained 8!ex*l ?t Meyer aold lor lolvm
'il Teinn dire?*t from the plain*, at HUe. por lb.,
weight 6 owl. ; IH li-mn bulla. live \chik?iI I,????<> Ilia, par
lia id, 41 4'?r. per 12* IJlory A ? ary sold f?r aOlvra Pi lllltiol*
ftiecra hi IJ'.jc. <i Mo. prr ih., weight 7^ t?wt. ; B4 Illin*?!?
?teem at U'ac a M V- pitr lb . weight 'i\ rwt. At Jemajr
ciiy yard* 'otiov .1 vi cl'licre<ii ??.id lor Weber A Do. 1/
Ohio itncr% hi L'c. a 121(0. prr lt?., weight <i'4 cwt.; lor
Miiknr 4 I .onir Ki Ohio oxen at a \'J\c. per lb.,
wriK'bla ii*{ cwt. a 7 ewt. : lor Iv *>w<ipa IH Illiiiom nx?n At
9v*. a KM, . per lb . weight cwi. ; for U Hdioniborjr .'III
Ol to tleem 41 12^4c. per |0., weight* 7 CWt *?l4 cwt.; for
M. Moonahine It. Ohio *teer? a. l^ks. per lb . weight 7 }.fc
cwt. Nowton aol.t lor ?*lf IH tililo ?tf>era at l.'le per
lb., w l/bi 7*%' cwi, Tofley A Son* ?ol?i :er S. I
Morria 'JJ fcxan nt*nr*. ?lfrt? I T om thA piAltm. hi )?c p?r
lb., woitrht ??ewt. .2 ioxan bull*. ilv? v?i||bl I..V*>lb? por
licao, at . por lb.: ft liiinuU ^teor* ??t l(i%c p?*? ib.,
wAifrbt tl cwt. . K PwlU-y t4)td for N M ?rn- ?i" Iaxaii
?t?*?*'?, dlrctil from lii? plahm, ?l l?>^c Art'-.r. p? r lb , *ai lit
f? fit. M Lmiiifrb,*rh ??oid i? r W ii*cl A All-rton i" llim m-* i
?t?**ra %t lUj^c 4 I to. p?i lb . wmi.; Ui n cwt. a
owl. H. Vovrrt ?old !or N MorrU ill' UliiioU ?t< rr? 41
12%*. a lilc i?tr lb , weifhl 7^-. i-wt. AI. 1?old?clnnldt told
lor J. A11I1 a: 1 llllnoit ?tuor? ai 1por It*., wolniu* 7 cwi.
a 7'a cwt.; 1H IIIiiioia ?io**r?i at 1.1c p?*r |b.t wllb tl on p?r
bead, weight 7>% cwt. , lor U .Hchoinborit A'J Oi lo slcor* '?t
l-\c. a !3Vc. par lb., wei.hi cwt rt. W. Hhcrman nold
for Salxci A Almrion 3*2 atlll fod illlaoi* Ma?m ai lie a
IU^%c. o?r lb., wolchl* H>4 cwi atiWcat.; 1*1 illinot? alrorfl
At )in4c. por Iti., waifc^l '* S cwi. [1. VVuixcl nold lor Vfc aix?t
Ai Vllrrtoi) '17 atill f*<l IIIm It ttcora ai l'2'ac. per lb wci^tii
li/4 1 wv.; 'M Illinois bVvrm at Ic bar lb., wotirlil rwt.
awn l?A ? I radc am all and slow. Miecp a? Id at
5Inc. a V1 pat : lambK in 7?iic, a ??>%c por lb. .Jnd<i k j
lilies Ingham **oid 2li7 tilil<? *href?. n n^tit -ni Iba. per liaad 1
at ?t?c por lb. ; I Hi n;i *fd lauiba, w?i?xlit .'14 lb* por brad* i
Ml ^c. por lb. Ka.-?? A Pldc^ca *old JW? (ihlo ffboop, wclxbt i
77 ib per hoad, at prr Ifc.; Htt Jersey lam wfi -bt |
*?4 lbs por boad, at l>^a per lb.; havl* A ilMilrnbock ? ld
Ml (ihlo altoep, we 1 (tlu 7.?*?> lb*., ai 5^(0. per .b . Minor, |
KhiOil X ? o. aotd IIS OMo thcrp, wet; hi 111.4^1 I
lb*.. *t Vfjc pff lb.; Ili< HlalO ali?**|i( WOlifbt '
7,UHMba., ni .>rc per Ib.; 10 Ktare Iaiiii.*, waia.it .?40 iua , |
at l?c p*?r Ih. ; HI7 kentnclty Itmba, \n-l*t'it tf.OAO lb*., al I
*t^5,c |?rr Ih. ; 1M Krhtue^y lariba, weight 7.WIO lb?., at
hCc. pot lb.; *227 Tonne??oa lamb?, weight 14.4^1 Iba , at \
7k?. par lb |
M1 \jcn I'<?wi-A few aaiet were effected at ii|f>a$70por 1
head. <-aJv h Inciudrd.
V'ralu -i.nu tJ ji.> aa.-Tradn ao ?mall l^jat quoiutlona were .
wit lilifld.
flow*,?One car load of (ihlo bOKi was ?oid on lira weigUt,
taruia aot obiAlned.
OAl.TK.iTox. J?n? l.">, 1877.
Oi'tlon .tronif ; in liuli U'.c . nil. ni I dil I iiitr. lOT.1". !
poml ordlu.r)' IQkc \,i tt-ript.. W -.Irt Bsiiurt,
pom.i?i.x. I ill). '?MnH. v<. hi.? K, l.'i. W Warkl) ri?l
rrclpi., 4HI> hup.i;. lo ilr.?i Krlnm. 3,1 Ot); tu Krmita,
1,H?'.?; c?m?h?I.., 1,817 a.l.^ ni.
Niw Oiii.*a*?, Jitn. 15, If
Colt'iii quint mid nominal, nildrilin^, ll,c., lew irld
rtlin-'. III?,. ; jiBo?| ur'ii'.Hr.r, Nut ioci*I|iU Sill* b.l.,.
Kxiiurt r? tba Coatin?nt, 4,.mwj M. rfai"?.
I, V'vi. Stnflk, iri.f 1!l. H.nklv- N>t rre.lpta, 2, >Ws Ron,
I..vuurt??I'i Qi'.hI llrlLln, 'oni . lo III. Coiill
oiiut, 11.TM i ..MlWiM, .'>,U"<W. MM.,. T|(KU.
Moiilc, Jim. U, Im77
< n?ion tlria; Bldillln? 11 '{a. . Inw iiiIiI<Uiuk, l'?V'.; ?"#|l
<?imi? %ry. 10c. Net r?Mil|<u H t.lo*. Kxporta -lo
Hi lt il'i. 6,'JJ'J; rntolwlM. <iU 11MI. Hoc, lO^Nk't,
Wp.klv u.t itcmpt., IM1. I xperta?T. Urewt Hntalu,
:>.X.d, oiut.iw, i.alrt. nal?a, I, I'M).
Jnnr 1.% IH77.
('utlnii hriu, lulildltnR. 11 l,r. . int. mlri<llliiif, ln*in. ;
gmii uplinary, lOl^t, Nat reoal|>t.. 11."? Ixlaa. Mian, 10.
Mock. Ii.'ii. W.aklr?N.l r". <-i|ita, l,o'>a; gr?aa. I.4iif>.
I t porta?To tb. <:an11? n t. J<H rrixi.U, l.KWi .h.Im,
ClfAltuwro*. .I?n? l.*>. 1H77
lottnii firm ; mliMllnit. Il',<j|i?w niilllnii. I If., g??4 !
orilmarjr. In1 ,c Srt rar.'lpt-, Jl mil.. )? kp.ir<a ? In lir .l
Hrltaln, I,WW I tiiiMaiif, Mo >ala? %'i, Stock. 2 * > 4
Weekly ret fer?i|.i>, . 4:t i i,>nMa- T. Ureal Krllitln,
l,Ut!?? co,iat<rlaa, 1,09t H I.a, li.vi
Ciwfuo, J una Id, 1*77.
Klonr tjiilal miU nuchanu<4, aalaa, l, *?) but.. W ) ea,
Ht.niljr; Mo. I Milw .uk.. cl.h, f I mi; 2 ilu $1 To a
? 1 71 i Oraualeti \T^.tefii lolxail, iMc. t orn nin.i
uucli.aKctL Mill t?*<t uucuaD^ao. Cak.l Ic.lgbK ?a
b im'?. 1/nit.
it,WIS ?
? W.7.17
4,!I7M !l .tiii*
H.V!lll MIA
1 chanr 4 l.aka rrral(it?-I.u?iil.?r, H77.i> *) l-mt, Canal alaip- ,
i in-'ui?? I.umber, *.***,(JUU leal. Klm.r ?l.ii.i.cd Uy r.ul. I,4'?>
UvrwAU), Jun* 1.1,1KT7. i
Flour flrfu auil in Inlr d mnml; >ale? Him M>ia at an.
MhiM prt?-?? Wham luMu iml; ???!??'J e.in kw. I wliito .
MicliUmt 4| {it, lloril 111 rnigf.i . option ?aloi. 1041*1
bufhvli No. 2. ??Ilrr Au.'Ud ?t Mr . 2ft,<1 m >lv. , ft2(M ; ,
ID.OU) dii, Ui>.. ?Iu?iiik iU'u<: kid, UM*? ukiJ owl*
*M? ?nU?, vn,??m ilu.,kini dtied,a(4iic 20,nl*i ]?, No. J,
t? miliar*. at Uj{ ?? "?l? i|iii? ; ? ?!*? Mil MlcJiigmi ..t j
? 4Mc Itya unxltii'tad. Mar.ay iiek'laclcil. M.?11
i|iiUl and unaiianiftd. otlinr iril.l.,, ithruunjtad. K..H. I
??ad irul. Iit> (toady. uuehaiwtd. Uataal irain'ila a?*4, j
?iUiiialj i: tu X?w Vorli. toilt 1 netu <? I Wheat. 4 ftVtki !
wirll, 4>(e a 4?<c lti--<*lpt< l>y Uk. ? inn,-, ?m?i bTo?.
Hy railroad?Klmu. I,!**)i>lil?,; whe.tt. > i ?j ha*i,#i?. ror? .
7,U<*i<lo.; oaiv 4.21*! tin.; rya, HOD ?ri .iliipioanu b? canal
tn tldavatar? Wheal. IH.4II' hu^lieln? turn. lM* rtV> d? ;
??u. win, 4."Ml di>. In Intarr.iadiaia i.oli.ti - \V mat. .'i.;i;M
tiii*lirU; ooru, 47.0MI do. By railraaa)??lonr, .V-'OTO hbl?? 1
wheat. Ml iiU5 liimlirUi aura, l'kV* i4 d?.; oata, ll,4<tid>i ,
rye. *10 do.
(>?10*00, J mm lil, 1*77.
Hour dull aail nai'li*ada<i Wilful la lair demand 2
?prin^. *1 4f?!4, omli if I H'* a *1 4T.'t July; (I 30*4, Autfuat;
No. :< do , +1 .12; rf jffclcd. .?fie Cora tltaily. Ju fair do
maud at 4.Vlu., fa?U: 4<ki., July; 47">e.. August: rejected,
4lc. Oat* nuicl but *1**11* , ca*ii ; :i7l?c.. July.
Kyo aaaiur al tWr H>?rl*y Uradj ; iinalianjed. Cork iu
fall ileinanu hi #IJ 70. e?*h unit J1U1 012 K5. Aujiif
i<*rd In fal' ilvniHiid at ?*>, ca?li; ( * 8U , J ul< ; *'?>
Au.ruat. Hulk niaala llroiai at 4*ac. tf'.a. .Hid MS* lor
? lionliitrn. ,-inar ril> and claar ?ill#-. ^ Ui?k y ?t??.|y at
$1 "7 Ki-ceiiun--rt,.Vm ?ibl?. flour h.IWhi inKheln whaif.
127.'**) do. norit, 44.i**J4?i. aai?. SOOU <lo l<arl*>. oUtp
uu'iitK -7,'Mi bblt Ibmr, bimbom wlioat, lli'ixn
Coin, JW,fir*I do oat>, 4i ?>? 'I", barlny At |)tr nltarnoon Ball
ol tlir Hoard?Uruln iinebaUK?<L 1'ork lower. $12 tii, Jitly.
Lardlowar 1 $h 72>a. July.
P?nytUKM;K. It. Juna 16, 1H77.
Prlut clot lit quiet but brm at U?t quutatioBH.
Lin-* root., June IS?5 I*. M.
Tmnv KKrotii ?TU? market (?r yarua and fabrlae hi
Manchester la liriu ami tending upward.
Cotton Futures steady; uplands, low middling clause,
August and September dulivcry, ?(*,?!.
Avrwimr, Jun? 15, 1S77.
Petroleum, '-"It. lor line polo Aineiwan.
Lomio.x. June I* -3:40 i*. U.
Produce?Tallow, 43*. :hl. it 411s. tin. per cut
l.lVKIIKUIll.. J llll* 15. 1S77.
The circular ol tha Liverpool Cotton Broker.' Association
in Its review of the wank say. i-?-,t ottori continues In good
di<mam! mid quotation* allow a general ml valine. A merle ill
is iu pioil request and quotations air- irouer.ilIv raised '41!.
hen Island in 111 Improved demand, but lias declined ,'?d. In
Id. Compared Willi a uinith ago. In futures a goou limi
ne-- has baen done. Flic market closes strong, and, iu
most positions, >?(i. higher than last Ttiursuay.'1
Sit Inn of tlis week 7'.l.is*i
K*pnrturs look...... &.<*???
Speculators look 10,011
Total "lock I.IKil.lkl 1
American U-dj.ooo
Toiul receipts Jil.iri.)
American . IH.iiii
Actual export .">,i?kl
Amount of cotton afloat 344 .on
American IM.IIUO
Forwarded front ihn snip's sldo dlrocl to spinners. 6,0 m
American suiea ol the week 54.1??)
LivkaruoL uuaix tiuix.
Livkiii'ooi., Juno 15. 1*77.
A leading rrmiu circular says:?"M heal lint decliu. il it
shilling per quarter in some cases. In tlie off coital mul
iirrlvnl tritilo tbu tendency is against sellers. Transaction*
hav* bscu small, only eleven cargoe having l.ueit f?r .ill.
sinc I'uesdav. Wheal mid maUe sell slowly iu hiiYui*'
lavor. the arrivals ol wheat and coru the past three ilnys
lta?j been good. Tbu market to ddy was thinly attended
and the miles of wheat consequently llnute.1 to very small
transactions. While description* liacltued il. per ceulul
mid red 'lc. Klour was almost uiis.ilnb:e an I 11 noted it
Is. per suck cheaper. For new corn there urns a limited
roqu?*t. sellers accepting ild. per quarter lens. Old was uil
ell 1 toyed.
>FW YOltg rHOPUCB ?i'llt?(!? KerOltT.
l<tVk.KPnui? June 15, IS77.
Pork?Eastern dull at 7<is,; Western lull at .Vis. ttsjuu ?
Cuniberlaud cut dull at Hits. : abort rib dull al IKK ; long
clear dull at ll'ia.; (Itort olosr .lll'l at 117s lid. Hams ?I<ou;
cut dull at 4ll?. Shoulders dull at 'J's. Keel'?India utess dull
st hil? : extra mesa dull at ft*. ; prune uiess dull a His.
I.ard -Priniu Western dull at 45s. Tallow -I*. line city dull
at 4'?*. Hd. Turpentine?(spirits dull at VH . ibl. Koslii-Com
in.mi dull at os. :id.; Hue null at |os. lid. 1 'heuse- American
choice steady at OHs. i.ard oil dull al 47s. Klqur Kvtra
State dull at -"?? tVheet?Mo. I sprin? dull at I'Js. Hil ; .So,
'J sprint; dull at lis. Bd. ; winter Stiulburii, none In ilia mar
ket ; winter Western, none in the market. Horn -Mixed soli
steady at 2ihi. 3d.
I.oSDON, June !.">?Kvanlim.
sperm oil. ?**1 a ?S'J per tun. Iduaeed oil, tJ7 10 a
?!7 15 per tuu.
IiivRKrooi., June 15?Kveninit.
Hadned vatrolenm, I Jd. per xullon.
IIavada. J una 15. 1877.
Hunan ware aaliva and daellnlui;; clnr.il, No. U. at
lHi;e. a IllkC.; muaeovadu. Interior to ftilr, at lU^u. a I lo.
Spun lab Hold. -Ji'ii a 1JT.
Kxchauge flat; quotations uuolinnged.
TH?no!f, June 15? .VJIOP. M.
Oonaoli. W 11 -1 <1 far hath money and the account,
1'urla advicea quoto Avu per ceut renwa IH4I. tl5... for til a
Hakis. June 15, 1M77.
Kxcbanco on London, 2Tif. 2<lo. (or short eight.
Tf 'pX'IBlim^itATKpioirg/ W UWf "a6
xVKndowineut tnaurance I*oilrle? unrt Mort(!**"a; aama
buugltt: lueuraucc of All kinds efl>ct<ad with he-it cmnn.t
llles. ,T. J. II AM It IO11 k CO., lift Nr.,ail way.
bonrtht and aold In kmnll Iota) ouniiaissicns W; mar
plus 1 per cent. UUXaK 1 Oo.
KI?W T'lloTcK~KIR8 IMHOKAMOg "sTookii K(ii
aula by K. S. HAt^K V, <V. Wall st.
Almprovail city Prapartfi (l^ii.iKKi at six per cent. :is
Hroadway, room 10.
due In seven rnoiitha, lor sale; security ample; mnnlu
over JIM 1.IK si. pattt owiilUK same took It (or perinanen! in
vcaliueiit, hut It obllce i to reaitia unexpectedly: broker*
need not answer. Aildreaa, with full name. * K'l'KSSIT V,
Herald oBaa,
/atbsra?Car ties .eeklim panuershlps adriacd ofileslrnhle
opportunities. K. O. LOt.'KK, lit'J sm at., near Brnadwav.
IrtHTA TR MDNKV TO (aOAN ON HON 1) A N l? y < till
Ut 1 if" <>n city and llrtHiklya Improved property. Address
box 5.4114 !'ost iifllee.
1 gallon; 91 per lartra bottle.
K VAN BEI/J,, KS < huinhora at.
I.ind s. rlp wanted, hv II<? tK A till , 4.1 Wall st.
Mtx7.NO ST'I("KM. "
We h 11 v itnd sell Mining Stocks at the American Mining
Hoard and Stock Kxelianiic or elsewhere on commission ;
our Mr. A. 11. Nlcolay la a member of the Hoard.
Hankers, lirokers and Auctioneer*. No. 43 I'lue st., N. Y.
Ksi abliahed M yoars.
Insuranae Mcrip lor sale iiv
namukl m. smith. 71 Waii st.
Tub rkjaiikkh of
WNDKK Ab'TUOIllTY ofaeoniraet with the SECKK TART
of niK TitiiAsrr.Y
TIIK UNI>KUHIil.\F.I> herrby ilve nonce thai Irom thl
date, and until July 1*1. at 'I P. M., they will receive ?ub
seriptious lor tha 4 I'F.K l.'RNT HIINUl.U LOAN OF TIIK
L Nl ri'.U sTrtTi S iu dcu inilnatious aa elated below. AT
PAK AND Al t'lU lill lNTKRKsl IN (JtiLD COIN.
TIIK HONDS are redeemnble alter thirty rears Irriti
July I, I <77. and carry Interest from thai date, pnvuble
?iu ii t?i ly, and are e.Nainiil Iron the paynianl nl taxes or
ilulli s to the I'nil oil Si alns, as wall as iium lav at ion lu any
loriu bv or unoer State. u,unicipal or ioa.>l aulhetity.
pall by eheok. I tailed by the HIKASUKHK OF TilR
i M1TKD STA'I Ks, to the inler of tlir lu I'lei aml niaileil lc
Ills a-'dre?a. The cneck is payable on presentation pronerly
Indorsed, at the .>niens|ol tow Treeaiiier and A.ai-iaul Ireaa
ureraoftbe United Mate*.
Till'. 41)H?iCl?lI'TIiijfS will be lor COUPON BONDS of
f.Vi and $lllii, and KKi,tSI'hl<i:0 .iTOi'K In denoinibatlnne
ol (.SI. $100. $>VJfi, 91.1**1, and ?I?*,?ji*j.
'i It i'. HilNDS, both COT PON and ttEOlRTKKHD, will Iw
ready for delivery July i 1*77
iiiICMSOF * PPLK'A riON will be Inml'htd b> tha
Treasurer nt W lahincton. the Ae>l?tant Treasurers al Hal
tlrnore, llasion, chlue^o, Cincinnati. New uriaaas. New
York. Philadelphia. St i.outs and sail Franct-co and l>r tha
National Itsnss and bai.kers generally The applluatloiis
must speeil) the imuuDt and detn iuiii.iili.ru required, and,
lor ri'ids ered stock the lult name tnd post ?R|ee t hirats of
the person to wIioib tha non la shall be made oayakle.
'I Wo PER CENT of the purchase money ronst a "cam panf
tha s'lbsnrtpilnn. 'the rnnietudir iaa) he paid al the
pleasure of the pari hlisi, ottber at llm of anbai ripllnu or
at any time prior to 'irtir er 10, 1"77, with loierest a ided
at foui per ceut la date of pavtnent.
THR PtYMKNTS may be mala In cold coin te the
Treasurer ol lit* United Stwtea at Washington, in Assls
tani Treasurers at Baltimore. Hasten, Chii'aao, ilnelanell,
,Ses f)r eena and Si. lertiia, and toUie Aseieti.at Troasnrar at
Sau Kmucisvo. wlib exibauge on Now York, or to tlihar
nl the unUersti;nod.
Rt:S THE I'NDKHSIONKfl will also receive. In lieu of
coin, United states notes or dralls on New York, at their
cvlu value On the da> of receipt In tha city of New York.
AUUl'HT BELMONT, k CO., New York
DHRXKL, Mom.AN k CO.. Nasi fork.
J. A W. SBLfOMAN k CO., New York.
DKP.Xri. A Co.. Phlladelnhu.
Jc*? t?. 1877,
"TM I.D Mil UR 91 SI OS A cII A lTKlJ MI?V:T
_? n/e .( Furiiltnre. Address M, stlkKWuOii, Herald
I'pmwa office
|)| || k WAN TRll I M X h 1)1 A I B f.V ON IM
?Ji?jOaU*Mrproved Ileal EstMa lully worth $|isi, >ifl
tills side Wo.Hliawn Cemetery ; brokers aud Irlflers aeesl
not answer. Address 4.H74 Mew York Post offers
11(1(1 ro LOAJi, AT ?? PBR~CKNT, FOK
w" M fa'/" "l/ftva years, on Improved Prop-rty.
F S, DRIitCOLL, Jt'J IVtrk piece.
$1 000.1101
rcil f-t'ilo. J. M. SIA.\ AI * A t lii III llruiiii wiit, r?Mii? J.
(JOPA II IN KIl.Hlftl.? >.
'LM'. KYk .Ml.sk. I KoOit YBaS3 ol,D ft PRH
r gallon, |l par large heula.
X. VAN IHUitWVkMkfiKli
"i &EMKMI riuvcK VOit K^uVrrriti. watftf
J\r.\C urrr ?A fumxtirt Factory on ri'iiHD f??t ttroitncf,
will* c ?n.j?lrtr 11141*1.in?*rf, hnl?!. 1 ai.4 r??uiui plarei fnr ?0
raoiuei lit ifter? (ir> ktti) and Jem>%t yard, miiiiklMl iwi
mile 'rom th* Court II nut, rm''i(n, ill. This wturjr
w * ran i*r ib? Imi rlfteu yr*r? with tr?*( Q|i to
ilm?, K for rent or 1 ? ne -??!?! i??r n rf**?or)ablii tine* in
o?Q*?H4u?m-? of tli? proprietor'* intention tow lo fc 11
Broker* tired 11m apply Addreka Ft'K.^ltuKE, bol (75
A'.inti, Max Willi <a?H DlirilKli* ni
piinliiup mu lnivr??t|it uo ?<iu *?taUiUhod mdpajlm
bu?fti<*??; no 10 but prtnetpala need addre*? KrtTAHLIrtHKlJ,
bo* llii n?r*lci
VaIJ.aHM* HAfK*f.~ !*HUKIj MaY7 1*77. KOR
?*ic A'?rtr ?? Ni K., t>?.% UH Herald 1 pt<?*nn!!ir?.
4 S IXI'Kli. >1 W AS 4)1,i) he I'A H LiSlI IvU HV*f
/\n**e; ?2 Vltl yearly guaranteed 10 invovtor. Aj?|?1/
LLoVu, 21) BniMOfif.
a Vfhj|TLhM v>. ns 1 ni iH'? m? ru$1655". astiTkas.
XXareiHn a larjfe ivietiuU-turinj; limine; *-411 ^unmntoe *
pr fit of lwt.nn par cent or on |niere?t will) lull *?cnriiy.
A>ldre?* VI., t#<>\ 115 Her ild office,
T !-!?i It I. PitOKIT utl4?-: l?i:slVKSS?KSTAlYiTlHliKD
iVl1' income or would t<il on *?rooiin( ?tii-t
buviii an^, Ac.: a prr?on with $ I *?i*l .;*n i no it i ro or addre**
Mr Mai h. lii- ?mIi ** . ihuv? loin ?t.
LM N K j t y K Will K K V ? KtiUit VuXkn Of7oTlM l**H
1 gallon ; r 1 per large botile.
X. VAN H !? LL. H8 Ch'ininem at.
EVtiusvLK (>K"nS KoV A I.TY ? A VaLL'AHUK I'AT
"til j'i?t United for ail iiuproved t'oaatinjr Sled for boyi
itnd u'ti In, no more broken limit* or ilr?Kicinif <if l??t unr
ilren*ef tbr.-uj.'li the anow; can b* tfiiMad in anv direttloa
uii.l 4iii|>prii Mt will. i?|> y to C. It. VAN IKHrtK, miwb'-i
1 ' A. >1. and J r M ,<17 Sg'jtti hi . third floor, front.
Pa : j.n 1 Kr.iii., ioii UwVvL UmSNflOJT*
wanted. Add. e.i*, with doterlpilon and term*, box
I.OU Post oftlce, >?* York.
VliTNfcN, W1Tll$I^^ThcTlTsc.K IK YOl?
ween Imii?.o?!>*. t'ail So 2 Clinton pleeo, room 2.
ii? a n ri-.ii -1\ i.sk^i.f.rrK foiily. with \\kas<%
tt to opMti a ?tor? in n nice run nif ic*turl?t <Hty; ?Uo a
berbe r. Addict Aai;o.s tiiM.1 S'. It?.\ . I'mi ill*. S A.
\ I ' A NIK I) ? \ I'AKTN KH WITH ~#1 ?Tl"f lXl<
?? 1 ml.' IfiHlliti it" aii'l i.ri>lt(?l>la ltu>ln?u Id tlia
AUilrasn M., Unit Jl > llnr*14 oflu-r. No brukcra wantad.
ff si"'Z' 1?. with $I..V>0 eauli to loeu ill* employer on irood
?emirin . k?kh1 wnv**, hou?? runt *nd f?awI free. Apply 01
?<li.rvh?.l. K. .iVKKSUN, 2.V? and'J ?7 Wr?| -#< ?t It ?t.
AmFiw W| 1'V IV HE R ~WA HTHD, To T A K K
?P')#lM/l/?nlnrjjB, In i'lilladelphle, ol e brench of a
!u'f V one ???t.ibiUliinent; lna*in??e ?a'o, p^rmnnrtit nud ex
tra profitable; invf?tium.ou iealred. Addren* ii, bo* 122
Herald ofticn.
iI>?JU.U" / w.inir partiiaralnp tlia nbovt nmount e<>uI<t ha
nit ?iy?Hiiil iiniiiiubly vmii'iirfU in ? limit aniun ub?J laauu
Im'iu.iiic Uu?luaM in thi*ciljr. l'?|iii?ll-i? ili'.nun
uu uppurtuiiilj inur a<liltag> n. A T., Il?r?lil olQca,
Aiihott?,1 at mi's. --In UrooKlj n, on Wednesday
eveumg, Juno 13, st thu residence ol me bride'i
parents, by iho Hev. T. L Cuvler. U. 1)., Wiluam A.
Aiihott, to Ki.li l,oi'isj(, Unncbicr ol l.ytuan A. Jaco
bin, nil ol llrooRlyn.
Oal-kk?Vknmilyr.?On Thursday. J una 14, 1877, al
the Itrighioii Heijbta Charou, New llruiit.iu, s. J., br
the K?v. \V. T. KnyarU, Kiiwaiiii a. Uaurk, ol NtW
lork Lily, and Conxsiu T., second Usuboler of Tlioo.
0. Yurtullyo, Ks<|.( ol Now llrighiou.
Ahi.ri.y?At Knit llampion, U |,f on Tliureday,
June U, J. c. Akkklv, iu ihu i;uth year ol his nya.
Kolsuven and friends are mvted to aiteud bis fu
neral, in Kasl Hampton, on .Saturday, lOtb mat.. al
lure* o'clock.
Train# ol l.obg Island Kalltoad leave Long Island
Cliy at 8:44 a. it.
Uaiiars.?At twelve o'olne.k on Thursday, Juuo 14
ilrs. II. II. UAKMks, ugtil U8 years.
Her relatives unu Iriends arc invlod to altcud bor
funeral, iroiu her Into r<xidonoi), Nn 2&0 luion at.
Brooklyn, to U?v (r-ulurdav), at Ihrue o'clock. *
lSKKkMA.x.?In this oily, hi bin lata rusidoiica, i Kasl
* si., Jamks VVii.i.iam Hkkkmah, Iu tuu tM voar ol
his ugp.
Nonce of funeral heroaiter.
Uksi.nv ? .Uier a lingering Iilnosa, RonstT Bga
LKY, Iti his t>Mh yeur.
Fuueral service! at lut<* residence. 2?l Wast lflld
?t.. Sunday alieruoon, Juno 17, at lour o'clock.
Huns.?0> Thursday, Julio 14, ls77, of consumption
Dhi.i.a a. Ulinm, aged j;; year*.
Funeral Sunday. Juuo 17, Ironi the residence ol bcr
aunt, Mrs. A. M. Chase, 120 West :uth st. Helativea
and friends are respectfully invited to attend.
Bullslo and luc.i papers please copy.
Booaut?On TbursJay. June 14, 1877, after a sbort
but Severn illn< *s, Jsnsih A , dsiighter at Jane Wyutt
and the late Itohort Wilsou, mid sistsr ol llarvey Wil
son, ol l.eug Hrsncb.
Fuucrul Ironi the rosideune of bar brother-in-law
Charles llazeiton, M> Wost lOTib st., on ftaiurday si
two 1', >1, lfiicrinrni at Creeoirood.
Hhkr.van.?lune 14. Thomas Hkkhvan, a native of
New Town, yuueuscouuly, Jrolaud, in the 35lb year o(
bis ace.
Ills friends aro Invited to attend bis funeral from bla
lato residence. No. 4Jft West mith at., on Saturday li.a
16ih lanu. aiiwo l'. H.
Urr.nkax?In lirooklvn, Friday, lath Inst.. Owki
Hiiksmaji, in the ftfth yo.tr of bia age.
Kclutivea and Iriends ol thu family are respoetfally
Idvitoil lo stiond tbe fuueral, Ironi hi* late residence,
7. lurk place, Brooklyn, on Monday, lHih Inst., al
balf-pasl nine o'clock A. M., and thence lo hi Aucun.
tine Church, 6th av. and liergou st., where a aoleuia
high uiu*s ol rc<|Uiom will bo offered up lor ibe repose
ol his soul. '
Ukoor.? Suddenly, on the 14th, Joa* s. Baora, a
native oi Olasnow, .icoiiand, aged 49 yeara.
It.natives and trends are respectfully invited to at
tend the funeral, Iroin his late residence, ifcifl Wrst 48th
| St., on Sun lay, st bulf-past one I'. M.
CAl'tnwsLU ?On Friday, Juno lit, at Koselle, S. J .
I A.\.\ Jank CAl'l.nwn.u in hor 71st year.
I Friends snd relatives aro respeeifally invited to ,iu
I loud luutral Hervioe.-. at t>livor .Street Uaptist Churoli
on Sunday, 17th, at hall.past tw.K M ^'"">11,
, Ch*twnot>. ?At Klisximih, N J.. Friday, Jun?
lo. tUar iiasiihk Ohrtwinib, oaly daugnter ot thai
l)?ib 1*. and ibo laic k'ranois B. Cnaiwood. in tbe *Itl?
y??ur of her age.
The PPhitivee iind friends of tho fsmily aro raapecu
fully inviled to attend the funor.il services, on Monday
v 'll 1S' l? SU Jonn'- Church, Kii/.abeih, ut iv^o'cIbc*
Cm a ? Suddonly, on Friday, Jane 16, at Oreenpelat.
ol dMea.^o ol the tirain, Auti.i h Mklvilm, son an4
only remaiiiiug child ol Uunry W. and )*%ry k, Clutn
Notice o| Mineral boreultrr.
Huti iiixvis.?on i?e 14th inst., Jamus HrTOHisso*
aged .SO years *
Uolative. and friend* of the latslly are reapactfalii
invited to utteud the luncrul, from his lal<- residency
^??^Madison at, on sjuuduy, the 17th insL, at eu?
Kaaouasit?On Tuesday. Juue 12, Jii>si>iah S. Kit.
soi'hmi:, M. I),t |a m,, 7^d yeur ol bis agn.
The iriends sod momliers ol the Mndio.il Koeletv of
the t on my of New Vork and lha fallows of the Ne?
Yors Acudemy of Me>lieineare respnctluily invited it
attend the fua> ral, from l.aigbt Sireet nuptial CliurCU
on Salunlay, Hie I'ith inn., at two o cloak.
I.r.kiiia*. on Thursday, June 14, Jamk.s f.amiiA.t
' a^'ed 5H years.
I- unoral on .Saturday, 10tb InsL, al two o'clock Iron
? bn? late residence, 7Uih st. aod av A.
L,oi Kwo io.?it liarlotn, Ibursdjy morning. Juno
| 14, ( HAKi.ka t,., second son of William and Imouena
Lock sood, in the sin year of bis year.
HeluiiVcs and friends of the f irmly are reapreilutlr
invited to atlrnil the funeral services al the reaidenci
of his |tar<mis, lift Wesi IJAth at., on Sunday. I7ti.
IIISU, SI I Wo O clock P. J4.
Vakki.im ?fin Thursd.iv, June 14. CATntaiva
widow of ihe Isle John Mnkslim "
lh? relatives and IrUnda ul tbe lamilv ara re
?lueaiod io atleiid ihe luui-ral, from Ibe rosidanca or
her sou in-law, Owen o'Rouike. Weal Itllb st oa
Hamrday, Jun? IH, al one n'e.oek p M. "
Mi-ai..?II Mii-iiinund V alley, ritaMn Island. Frldav
June l-?. Captain foi.i* I. M? am, uged 4n yeara.
Maine psiMirs |ilease copy.
Mi Amjisst, ?Friday, Juue IA, Many, infant daughlei
of Miaasai ..nd Margaret McAnnony, aged 6 mouths
and 17 dsys
Funeral from her parent's reaidenca, No. 0 Carmine
?I., on Sunday, I7tli, at 1 t o'clock
l'i>a.-Ai,.sew I loch vile, N V , Friday, June IV
1Si,,Joii.\ I i>k. in Ilia 77lb year of bia age
Kuui ral from ibe resldenea of his daughter oa
. Monday, ui hail past i wo o'coclt f. * Koiallreg'aM
faniler umice" "??n*d to attend, without
! n''"*r:,~?".J"0' li: A"!"t r?A*. w"?ow of the lata
i D ii fid I r??j, In her Hint
liar relatives and friends are mrital to attend th?
funeral, on Monday morning, st nine o'aloak, from kei
Isto residence, SO Su/To g at. , uia-a al hi. Marv'i
Church, at hall-poet lime o'clock.
l(nii.LT.? On Fr.day, June 1ft, Km.r* Ksim.t. aae<
t rlabd!*' P,,r'*U #'
lielaiives an I frienda are invited to attend th<
funeral, from ner lato resideueo, IV/ -tin a?. on ^a?
nay, litli mat., al half |>ail ou- o'nioek I'. M.
i Hiuit-Al i ba.batn Village, ,N. y one o'clock F. 11.
Tbur day. Juno 14. Is77. Mrs. Mast Kn;a.
funeral Moad^y. Ju e 14, at t< n o'clock A M. la.
tcrui"iiisi Kuril Ceini'K'rr, Albsay, N. V.
*wue.dsy. lunn i.l", Ma'bt Frarora,
ul Chsrles Saltan, al ner lata resiuencc, 1T?> Joniw
son st., Hrookiyn, aged OT yeara
Ka'alivea and Ineuda are res|i?clfally Invtlod ta
attend the fuueral, oa -sunday, at two o'clock.
Sai.o*osm. ? Mi?rs CaUiaoNR, sged 41 ysara. al bl?
residence. No .'3?t Wtsi ..I?t ?i ' ?
Notice ol luuural to-morrow,
Kmani'Bi. I.OIMIS So. ?t;>4. F. aru A. *?Hcwaova.^
Hrkiusk.i? i mi aro birnhy iuniDinn?| ig attend sa
emerg 'ul cuininn. ain>r< of tins lodge, helil si om
lodge room, 117 Wist J.%1 ?t., on Sunday, the ITth insu
ai nine o'clock A. M shartt, for tbe purpose ol attain!
inn the funeral I our laic worthy treasurer. Urolbei
M Salomons llrethrcu of ulster lod ea are cordialis
inVIled My order Ol FR.iNK MTRKi Master
I.. I.kiskr.soiim, Secreinry.
Ri'iihri-Ki.Mass <11, Friday, Jane 1ft, at aevrn a
M , afier a n. v. re lIIlie's, Ki.irtRgTii .SDMrrrsi.MAsit
Kiineral aerviov al the reaidence ol ner brother.in.
Iwo'p h Brookiyn, on .Salarday, leth mit., al
-err.-on Thursday. Juno 14. Fatriv. *Cl?rT a
years" C cou,">' r'PP*?'y. Ireland, 1?
The relatives sad friends are rripeotial ly invited ta
eltcnd the li.ueral, on Sunday, at oae o "l?k from 1. 2
late r,s.dene?, ft;u Heat a*lh at. ' Ut#
I RUSIaiW. ? Al Bay Slfgrn, L, L, on Wedn>?Haw
morning. June la, Mamori. W. Thfs,.ow, ageT^j
Kuneral at iwo o elock, to-day (Saturdiy), Itllb Inst
from his laic ra.idener, N? 7il7 Malison tv. u-.e, w
'rari-RR?Suddcnfy, at Naaael U?rkl.rd couiny,
.. ? Ti rkikr, wile frsnei. a Tar* r!
f llllf rul HTVIOO# m 4\?|i||(]( In-tlny II ||;i?l.|?AaAi lKr# ?

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