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The Complications Growing Out of the
Kio Grande Raids.
Representative Schleicher on the
Existing Muddle.
Positive Denial of the Reported
Secession Scheme.
Washington, June 18. 1877.
fhe Hfbaud representative waited on Mr. Schleicher
tbla aveaiug, at bis residence on Capitol Hill, and
found him Just about to uuiold his copy of to- day',
paper. Doing prorapto I by a riutenieut of the corre
apoudent's purpose, Mr. h.e iuor rapidly possesaed
Himself of tbe contents ut 111 ?? iIkkald's despatch from
Maw Orleans ami letter nuiu Cincinnati, and, in
answer to tbe eurivsiiuiideut's questions, proceeded to
discuss tba several subjects as follows:?
CoBKBSfOKDKNT? Wnat truth ts tbere in the report
that a fresh statement of olaltns Is betas prepared to
present to Mexico ?
Mr. ScuLKiciiKR?To ouderstaad tbls matter wo sball
have to go back somo time. The raids ou tho Rio
Grande bavo been going on since lStki. Six years
afterward, in 1872, a committee was appointed by
Congress to taKo testimony concerning the losses by
theso raids. Tbis committee was knowu as the Robb
committee, Irom the name of the chairman, Kon. Mr.
Robb. The committee mudo tlic total amount of the
claims exceedingly high by estimating, not only tbe
actual losses, but the coustructive losses by interest
and increase. A great deal wua said against tuis
method of finding losses and there were other allega
lions discrediting the action ol tbe committee. Somo
persona who bad borne the heaviest losses did not
appear beforo the committee because their work was
ao extravagant mat people loat faith in their power to
anforco collection ol the claims. Tbe amount of these
unstated losses was very large.
About the time of tho meeting of the Forty-rourth
Congress tbe condition of tho country was such that
tbe inhabitants, including all tho claimants, fell so un
safe in their life and property that they were ssvsffed
to postpone tbe consideration of ibolr pecuniary claims
and let their representatives in Congress suite their
whole eflorts in getting protection from tbe United
States government. Stock raisers bad lound It Im
possible to live In the country, leit their
raucbes or farms and moved into tbe cities
for safely. Murders were of constant occurrence.
Undor these circumstances 1 never sttenipted, during
tbe entire two sessions of Congress, to bring up tbe
mutter of these claims, but contlned myself altoRether
to the eflort to get adequate protection for tbe frontier.
But lately I have had many appeals from my constit- [
uonts to have their claims acted upon.
On examining into the matter 1 found that only a
portion ol tbe Kobb committee testimony?namely,
the affidavits of good witnesses proving aotusl losses
could be nsed in arriving at an honest and fair
ssllmato of the aetual lossea To complete
the statement of losses for two classes of
claims new proof has to be taken, first lor
those claims not proved up belore tbe Robb
committee, and seoona, the lossea Irom the year 1872,
when tbe committee olosed their Inters, until sow. I
save advised ail tbe parties In my disirtot concerned
to prepare their proofs lor tbe next meeting of Con
gress. Tbe proofs will be taken only of actual losses
Irom tbe best oleeseeel witnesses and by lawyers ol
the best standing, so that tboy will come before Con
gress In as strong a conditiou as such testimony can
mske them. The party in Washington, thorefore, re
ported to b? collecting these prools, has nothing what
ever to do with the State Department or tho admin
istration, as has been mentioned in tbe Herald's
Despatch from New Orleans. 1 myself and tnose el
my constituents who are interested in these claims
and their attorneys are the only parties moving in tne
matter. I nitty possibly concludo to adviao those
parties to present their claims to tho Slate Depart
ment, bul 1 haro not aa yo1 C0MU,,CC| w,lh them M 10
my doing so.
lkhdo's position.
CoKRMPOirDKST?Tbe Now Orlesna despatch says
that tbe secession of the northern portion ol Mexico
is among the contingencies of the present sgiution in
Mexico. What Is your notion about tbe mattery
Mr. Scutjcichkr? All rumors that connect Lerdo
rlth sny secession movement of Northern I
Mexico show upon their faco tbai rfhev ore
not only entirely unfounded, but that tbe |
parties orlginuting them have no conception I
of circumstance# In Mexico. Mr. Lerdo does not st all
despair of becoming President of Mexico again. Tbe
only succossful movement that has been made so lar in
bis favor is tt^e revolution ol Alvarez in the State of
liuerroro, which State is In tbe extreme south of
Mexico. In the northern Siatos Lerdo has no personal
strength llis slightest connection with ?ny seces
sion movement In tbe northern States would be
like tho boginnlng of a drama with the suicide
of tbe hero. Ho could never show his |
laee sgaln in the central and southern por
tions ol Mexico, where bis main strongth
lies. His adherent. Alvarez, living In tho southern
part of Mexico, would kill him on sight? if he hsd the
cbauce. Lerdo sppreolates this so much that bo in
sists that the rumor roferred to was started by his
enemies .to ruin bim in Mexico, llo is ever atraid
of tbe slightest expression of Amcricau sympathy for
mm, knowing the extreme Jealousy of tne Mexican
people and their fear of American filibusters. To
my know lodge there Is not tho sligtitost founda
tion of truth in all this talk about Mexican secession.
11 such a thing s&ould ever como It would naturally
sriso with promlneut Mexicaus, uatlvcs of tbe north
ern States, because the connection and communication
betwoen those Slates and the rest of Mexico Is very
feeblo and slight.
Correspondent?Whst do you thin* of tbe proposi
tion monlioned in to-day's Hkrai.d to exchange these
claims lor a slice of Mexico ?
Mr. Sett lh ion Kit? 11 is a mere speculation, based
upon the situation ol sflairs. I know of uo ono in the
edmlulstration who proposes men s method ol adjust
ment, but it is an Idea which naturally arlaes. It is
known thai Moxieo will owe us a Brest deal ol money,
?nd, as she has not the pecuulary means to settle with
U!?, out b;is plenty of land, ii naturally occurs to every
body lust she may be induced to settle by giving us a
part of her territory. But I sm not aware of sny
plan lor tnis kind of setiionicnt. There is much in
li e clews of your correspondent toncerniug Chihuahua
tud Sonora. Thoso States .aro very thiuly populated,
to tuc timo of Spanish dominion in Mexico Chihuahua
especially was a very wealthy State. Sbe bad a largo
population. Immense wealth in esltle and iheep and
probably tho richest iniues In Mexico; but slier tlio '
estii'Ction of Spanish rule the Indians?tbe Co
n-anches. Apscbos sod Llpans-began regular incur
lions into tho State, killed ths slock as well a? the
p.ople and devastated the isrge haciendas, so thst
finally the whole open country was abandoned and
only the populatlou of tho walled towns remained. !
Tuc Indians would muko tboir excursions in
parlies of five hundred to one thousand. The j
Lai result was tbe complete Impoverishment
end depopulation of the country. The Mcxi
can population that remained have not showu any
recuperative power, so that the State ?till remains
foinparatlvcly desolate, and will remain so uutll some
energetic people sgaln develop Its resources. Tbe
condition of Honors is not much different.
Mr. Schlelchor hero ndv?rte>l to the account of tho
hauls boiwoen Moxicau troops on Amoric in soil. Tlio
eiibjeci seemed to amuse him very mncn. He went
the discussion of the Instroctlons given to
general Ord the Mexican, bate initiated tbe practical
part tl K. Part ?? Ni'a ?f??ft Mi?>4 i defeated
bU4 ol Lerd??'s rmtdiNMi iritM tk? lit
Iblv r*UI, IHMK lk*M tm MMy <? Rive*
ltd iltlitiM Ibem Il l a tabby tbtbf.
ieiluwa uteer Mk*4 bay < Ulna. ??? IM M*\<ae
paper id MaiaBiort* U| ibe earn* 4*7 l? is tyut b |
p?oed. but tH?iai a nth ug ?>m H, ml mmf*. |
liabed tba tailrautaai <? (i?*?Mi ???d aa4 ablwd lU !
people ol tbe laad mt am<i hMwiy ?? Ml if Mr tbe
protection at ibe r awl *?*>bbi ibe mwaifaiM
Atnari' *u invaitea. lu iaa t?aay t* give *? .sea al
? bat they Hub* ol 11m fttm?r u lU I |)M ?um i
Oao acuit ar.? irow Ibit Pb??r m worth aaliaa. Tbe 1
adlior ?ays Maiiou mutt kat* lal?a If *be oaaaat
r*|>'l tba ia?t*<>b ?( a tuouwtbd ?r. at ?at>. ftiaaoa !
hundred iroopt Iih a ibe ki|k*>i laawr a* iwaja
tba average Mttiot* kta mm M iba lb ?.raa4e aa4
bcace tit a editor t aniMMiaari ^atraaaa"
TUM utaai to was.
(From tba A?stib (T?b.| IhaxniM Mataetaaa.)
Wbau-ter a>) t? tha Mtli?| al pa jfli at ?t?
diatbe, Texaa weald bare ara vwr ??b Heaiba. tiaaaM
bare no more b?w itiete* ar abeu ?ae ?>.t.i.g i-e*" a
lions of tbe mti lUat Bextoe wewni lara?> a Teaee a?i
notbiug but security law ibbabitebU aat prmfinf
u?t( tba Hio Ui*od? aiia ate.ii b> r.i.way t* Itir
tercy au<l Magellan Tba trade briwaea l'tti ?ed
Mexico, If pwor war* rulWIM by laiMT* at rua a><
invasion (MM b)f ?ucMautirt*. aabi.i ba Hif W.
lud Iba |irn>|<trlty uf T ??a uUae atyrnantbt.
Tbo interests ol Mt tiei ana ui lata* ara idabio-aa, aad
nonet* 'n<liapeu*ai?lc '<? lb* l?r?ap?ril* of ??? f?|?al<
lie*. H'beu tba bcliaa al Mr. Mayea' > ai iii itxrtri
lug UtMfai ord to tevbde Meneo lor rata a? aa?.ga?d
io i iu < aae* kj.ec.lled ?a* aMrtrH rratywbafe w
Texan it waa nut baoauae wmr b?t Uf au? pmmat w ?*
tbut assured. Il tba govrraiavbt al Hati< utan a? ?t
lliat it cannol control it-o? n popuial ?b ba tba Da
tirande, what reanur< es .'an it bav< lor i..at.bg a?r ?b
tba I ultra Slates' llut il it la atrufcg enawgb to per
lurut til It plaib u'l an. M ?... ally be. .ret. u ae
must bring Mexico to a prop. r ?*u?e ?i ibi?re?i,?eei
obligations. I In vigorou* poll. y o! Mr Iran* re
quire* no apology No dbly ol ibe lederai gwrerii
lueot it claaier or moia iit|>arttii( tkaa tlalt' |r?
tactiBg our citizeb* from fora.ga aggrtbtioii.
[From tbo San Franctae* Cbroatcta J
Beyond a doubt tba propuaad iuea?iaa al Metse* by
our troopa would tbrattan tba auK-nuiay ot tbal e?bb>
try aod lu alt probability laad to ?tr. ?bul bntM ba
bad. But our eonuuue* aubuiwtiob ta tba mrumg
would be worna, and it Dot I* be thoa^ht af. Iba n?a
la now ripe lor a aailicnieuu ! ?>?? .|ue?tu< it ?cball
Mexico, can Mexico, eulorob bar o*b law* abd iba
lawn of nation* u|n>d bar owu cltitant. ar aiaat wa
undertuke tbat duiv - I'romitat will boi aoawar.
Tbey are as unsbtitlm-lory b* ilione ol tba Parte reia
live to tbe irebtmaotol ibe UtMIH ??bivct* ?? Bul
garia, and Huiitia'a danianua for auhatabitali
are not nearly a* wall tupporlcd at our? lor tfn it
protbctioo of our ly>rdcr agaluai Mturab autrbga.
Tbarc la no managbr In New York who datarrai b*.>
ter or our cltlxont ihun Mr. Mburicu Urau, and bit
benefit at the Academy ol Mutio latt aremag proved
bla popularity and ibe attract!raoaa* of bia pro
gramme by drawing together iw of me largest audi
encpH ever aecn in tbe Academy. Rrery nook and
cranny of tbat vast building waa at l?il at it could
bold. Our forotgn population was well rbprMeatcd, and
we doubt ii a tbird of tbe andienne were uatlre bora
citizen*. Tbo bill was a* varied aa benefit billi uauulty
ure. An actlroai "La lioulangcre a 0e? Ecus,"'one
from "La Vic rarlmeiiue" and "La fillu de Mute.
Angot" was tunu by tbo Krencb opera Company, witb
Mile. Atmdc, whoso latt appearanoe thta '*ta*nn
tbia wan. Between tbe first two act* Mllo. Aimda aauc
?'Uildebramlt Montrose" and "freity aa a 1'iciure"
In ber own peculiar style, aud woo the most ebibu
Kiaatic eucores. Mile. Almce's reaoner of aibgiiig
tbe so aoug* is tbo rofluement of rulgbriljr. Tbia
gifted artist, while abo does tbo moat uupardbnable
things on tbe sue*, smuses rather tbun shocks bcr
uudlencoa. Whether this is due to bsraelfor bar andl
cucea wo will not stop to Inquire. Ii we are to bare
oplru boufTo we cannot do bolter than to have II wild
Ainice. A iculnro ol last evening's performance waa
tbo tranapoaing of the sexea In tbe act Jrom "Mate.
Augoi." Uuplau's Mile. Lange, Kaoull's %UireUa bad
Aiuito's Ango Fiton were exceedingly amualn^
THIS play was not written to illustrate tbo Ku
rapMO war, as many Innocent porsons have in
lorrcd from Its title. bat, oo the contrary, the
war seems to havo happened to giro effect and a p.
proprlatenos* t* Ml prod <m ion. It Is bow
called the "Cross and Crescent," but ared
tbentro goers will remomber to bars seeu
It In tlioir earlier youth under the name
of "The Old Han of ttie Mountains." The subject is
quite as fre?h now as then, Tor tbe struggle between
the Moslem and tbo Christian is at present as bitter
as It was a thousand years ago. It is so old
that it bas become new, aud to the pres
ent generation Is ulmost an cntiro novelty.
As a literary production It is remarkable, for
in somo respects it is superior to Shakespenrn. It bas
more bluod than "M?cbeth, ' more thunder than
"I.ear," and Its blank verso is far blanker than that of
"Hamlet." The leadin.' persons aro projected In great
roller against a gloomy background ol religion and
crime, colored as when "some groat puinior dips
his brush in hues ol eartbquako and eclipse;"
tho Old Miin is drawn in great relief, and so are the
King of Jerusalem and Miles. Almea and iscult, and,
In fact, no one c*n turn away Irom some of
the scenes in wbicli these characters lake
part aud deny tbo gre.it relief. Tbe piece
is rich in dramatic scenes, attempted and successful
crimes. In surprises and mysteries'. The (lid Man is
fond of disguising himself in strange costumes?ap
parently meant to deceive the eye?ou which oc
casions his favorite conundrum is, "Who
am If Child, dost thou know!" But as
every one is always too polite to guess,
be throws off bis cloak and answers It by ox
claiming, "Behold! it is I, Hassan, the Man ot
tho Mountain," a reply which usually pro
voker a scrimmage.- I'be play bas stroug ele
ments of Interest, and to iIiom< people who are
not able to vtMl Kara or Ituxtchuk this summer, It
will bo au excollein i<iibattiule lor tbe excitements and
glories ot war. " Crescent and Cross " was well ro
ceived by tbe audience la?t night at Nlblo's,
and was proluced spleudidly, tbe scen
ery )>emg new and hoaulilui. Among tbe
most brilliant effects were tbo storming and oapture
ol the castle oI tbe Man ol ibe Mountain at the close
of tbe second act, a sceno full ol jplrlt an<l life, and
tbe bridal proeeesmu and battle which ends
tbo drama. Tbe costumes were gorgeous and
tbe magnificent Hago ol this tbenlre
gavo full opportunity for tho spectacular displays. The
acting was lair, hut uneven, some of tbe perforraors
being evidently unused to tbe delivery of difficult
blank verse. The principal bit was made by
Mr. Frank Mordaunt as Hassan. His broad and -
Impressive oloctition, his powerful votco and ferocity
ol passion mado him tbe great basbi-bszoulc of tbe
day. Miss Annie Ward Tiffany was effective In the
difficult part ol the herolnu, Almea, aud tho other
leading characters were well performed hy Mis*
Acnes Proctor and Messrs. Roche, Bradley and
The citizen* of the west side last night bad an oppor
tunity at tbe Grand Opera House of renewing their ac
qnatntance with Sroike, War, k ford and Fanny S queers,
Newman Noggs and Nicholas N'lckleby, John Rrowdie
and Tilda I'rlce, all very much in the same form in
which tbey so successfully appeared at tho Union
Square Theatre. The departure of the Vork mall for
Dotbeboys Hall, with a real Knglish stage coach of the
olden time, w?s reproduced, and, totioiher with the
pathos and humor which so judiciously mingles
throughout the play, elicited the applmse of the audi
ence. Uljou Heron continues to improve and shows
lite reauli of conscientious application to liar art, and
Messrs. Mioddart, Lemoyno, I'arselle and Uouilacc ex
hibited tboir usual excellent points in this perform
ance. Miss Norwood as Tilda Price and M:ss Sylvester
as Fanny Squcers wero very funny.
? Lionel Dolanoey Kono was out as usual yesterday
oo tbe regular trip of the Tally Ho to New Kochelie
aod return, and will continue on that route until
July 4, when it will be taken off. Colonel Kane will
then take a real lor two or three days, while
changing stabloa, and on July 9 will cotntnonce
running between Yonkers and New York. Toe
reason for leaving the New Kochelie route is on ac
count of tbe heavy condition of the road betweeu
I'alUam Hridge and New Kocbolle, which Is not good
euougli lor a coach roa!. Colonel Kane regreia leav- j
inn Ins old road, a* tic ius made many friends along tbe
line, and tne different hotels, especially tbe Huguenot
Housi, bave afforded good accommodation.
Tbe Taliy Ito will leave Youker? on the morning ol
tbo 0th ol July, at eight o'cloct, arriving in New York
at bail-past nine A. M., miu, returning, leave the
Brunswick at iiall-past four V. M., arriving at Yonkers
at ox P. M. This Is in order to accommodate summer
travel Irom Yonkers. Tbe road to Yonkers is now be
ing overhauled and will be In good order by tbe time
the coach starts.
An appeal bas beeb made in ibis city on behalf of
the sufferers in tbo Mount Carmel disaster. It la stated
that over one hundred unities have been ruined oy
Ibe recent tornado in that vicinity. Mayor Ely has
/jonssnted to receive subscriptions for the sufferers.
nbart y Him urw o'clock yesterday afternoon Ex
?HC*aiiMia*tn Morton aad Patteraoa. witn their
o*ee?el, u Ju<|? liieleadorf. entered tbe Tomb* Ho
lier Coon. to im*h tho complaint ol Mr. Mundy,
?befftag tt*a with laaata* licauee* In notation of law.
tbo CummiMioner* were prisoner*,
km prM-ttcaliy tt>*>jr vera iroo men, Jul
Hae *m ib haeiog i*e?ed order* to Sargaaat
WmdraiT t<n to arreat tUotu ib tbe ordl
aary maaaer, bet *impiv to Bollly them tbat they
wire aaaied ia eourt Comataaioa*r Murpbv did not
HMka b? ippearaeoe. but km aboonco waa explained aa
M?M?iab o, ike coaaao. for tbe Board booomiBg ro
ll->?? for bia apfeararic* at a luture data.
r??< 1 |M MB ?ei. iin-.i aod a lively ace no waa
aoi p.ted. aa Mr Mwauy. trmf l with |>ond*roc* law
bouk> Mee* .r mi> byr the Ju.ifo'- doak waiting lor
t*? km m> hart, metapaoricaiiy. the i ouri ol Ap
j. ? ? j? ? ? eo ai lit Cuiaiutaaiuoera. Tbe prlaouoi*
MM sandai-ied into ta? private examination
?* ?M i arm-Bod attb rliair*. At: bour
B 'to???og imum. and dill bo magistrate
BMM l> t* a, waoeMMBM mat .1 u*tic? Kunil.. wlio
tainted lli? wa rraai. eould laae . fMrgi ol the i xamioa
Mia. Jbmim I?u.rb?.irc BMNSBBB iranaactiDK thu
?ranter? t?o?iaree a! ti>e court, unmiadiul ol tbo proa
oooe e: Hw dietiaga>?ked prisoner*-.
a i-ar-tuak raix'HM aa.
xaerily Bl<er i-ar a ? ia*B Ciert Koakvell enlored
?>? MBM and f mix. !. iy aaauuaced tbat tbe caao
odjiHiri.ed ,..r MM ?e. k the aiwctator. looked
%i hi a. la MMMMMN HBMBBB siring- luaovntion
i?t a eM-rk to aai. Bru a MaMBf Tlian tli?- OiBTB
? ? aerea m uae ol iuu t'omruiaaioaar* and
tba part; io'i the c..urt room.
I? e'eeted speotaior* Miagbl to probe tbe B/atary
i.i *B"?aBM* **e Vterb, but be. apparently reliabinc
?MM par p* my. agBBBN < ? *i'un.* MMMNNi WWW,
buwerer t laMcd >ui ikat ? telegram had been re
BMWt Mew? .) i-uee umitti, wb<> wa? <iul <?! town, an
?o'ib- a# tfeet Be . eaiu aot aa preaeat aatll aext Men.
?* laeo.aaaT u*m.
Wboo 'oaoeri ur MuB'it bo> obi- aware ol tbe action
e( the Clerk ia adioort. i n? Lk> exaaitualiou wiUiOUt
?otiiy mg kiHa. be ?ki re???u wucu aaieaiatiBieai and
BMBB>BBMMBB t.j < bar*, t.-ri/* lb'' mMMB a? ??not
?>aiy irr??a ar ?>rt auaaaatmi*. ' Jeatice Utterbourir.
"i?ooi I Imo rree ia tmuttemrmi, bai, in aaawor
U> oooatiea*. BMM BB I BBMbJMB MbmAMB >u a nun
remai Iu 4TI ol way. Mr Muady fur.her claimed
Ui<i lotiBMb aa all warraaia re?l mat the prlaoaera
aaall ae kruo(Ut beiore aat antiag maciatraia. it w.a
ike . iiv j! ine J udgr jriiug lor Jadgo MiiitU to make
U<e adourameai or go la to tbo exan> oatiea.
tb. mailer, 'herelore, real* tti akeyaltoe until eoxl
Mi it-iat. Btr aa tbe Co?TiBiia>i->eera are coueerBrd,
bat Br Maady oaa<>aaoe4 Bia tnieatio* to apph io-da>
i?r ? warrant lor ih?- arreat ol Kiwtor k B>al, tb* at
loia ka -poro, oi tbo frt?u*e Huiidiaa. Bawod in Lis
orifiaa. pot.tie*, for aatttaf loger U-er iu luantitie*
leva taaii ?*e gallooa to bo droak oa tbo preuiiao*.
Tb* laaeiatigaBI* teioperaaeo ageei ol tba Brothar.
hood of > tirietiaa t brrcbea. ol Hraoklya, yeaterday
pr<*eate? tbe l?tatr?i Atiornav of Kiag* aouaiy with
tba aaw aeatjr lii|*af *ior* aad lager beer mIoub
krei or ly all e wbom Jc baataeea oa Third a ro
am-. ? .era aaagbt eeiim^ liqaor aa Sanday
ia> , h ^etecurea. Tk?Ca|itiia aiao baadod ia lo
tbe Board ol folio* aad Kiowa l ommtaaionora of that
atty a vertea ?< extract* iron tb* l.iqvor law
ol IU7, attb lb* r*'iue*t tbat the oAoiai* will sec that
tba law atiail be oofaiaed. He ^eoiea from tbe atatato
ia ao**tioa to abo? tbat it i* aa awfai "to aoi: mroat
or aptriinaa? li^aora or wiaea ia laaatttia* laea tban
Bva jaiioa* nrNMM banal a baagMa, aad MB mbbbb
eo ofletidiag akali pat a Bar ol |M lor eaoli violatloa ol
tbe law. >' lie alao a to a wo tbat It M uainwlul lor per
son* polling loakeepera* liceaae to uke pay from
Ibe pony win, oa playing billiard*, may
loao the game. and tb?t a Iterate aball
br brokoa f-i r playing aarda. domiaaaa aad
ether game*. Hoadfcmeu are repaired lo ire aaed uy
tbe txeiae t'ommuaioaara for any rio attoa ol tho
liueaae, aad woea aay Judgmoat aaaii bare beaa ob
tained aga.nat ti.*tu unarr IBM aot tbey aball aot ba
eotiUeu to tbe libcrttea ol tba jail, ( apkaiu rotter
aay* tbat boauaiaaa lor uoea*e koMera r^agbt vieiat
lag tbe taw will not be treated aa ordiaory dehtura,
bat mat ther nmit go to jail aad bo locked m a com
moa cell. Uy July < be eay*, tao ahottora will be op
oa **veral huudrod rum *bopa
Tbe weakiy meeting *1 the temperaa ?> orgaataailoa
IB Carnal Chapol, .So. IM Bo wary, ?aa largely at
taoda<l laat arening. Tfea BMMtc la o?f raf tteaal, XI
the audience join.ni', tbo leader fcmng ? vail known
coBtedtan, the lastrataonts a melodeon aad a
cornet. After rradnj the Scnpcnrta by ike Rrv.
Mr. !>ooley, superintendent ef tbe chapel, and prayer
by tbe Hev. Mr. McN-?alo, the Superintendent read iba
annual report of tba work of the organization lor tba
past year. Croat thta It appaarad tbat dMy-two meet
ing* have boen held aad *7* person* Bare aigned tba
pledge. At tbe and ol tba Aral aix mom tie a viaitauon
waa made at tbe 601 who bad aigned tbe pledge, with
tho following results:?Broke tbe ptrlge, 24; uot
found, 302; ont or at'y, 6*. bigbly favor
able (Home bad naited with tlio cbareb),
127. Ilia expense tnci'lental to tbe notation
waa paid by a special flotation iron a friend ol tba
chapel. Houatton* ol traata and paper* ?m tba *ut>iect
ol temperiuicn have bean rerel? e<l Iron iba National
Temparaboo ruliiicatiun ->o?iety, Han Wlllaru K.
Bodge, I> r. A Ion Ao Hall mil oibera. In all 5,immi tract*
and papors liavo been distributed. Tba lollow lag aro
among Ilia apeakert-wbo bavaat different times ad
drotwil tbe mealing* lie*. John P. Betker, Hon.
\\. ?. Dodge. He v. George A. rhaips.Dr. Monro H)il,
Dr. t5. P. Kowler, Kav. K. C. M irea, Kll*ba tlarrl*. M.
D.; Mian Linda lillbrrl, Itev. M. 1. - abiue, Rev. Theo
dore L. Cuyler, H<niamiu L. Mntth, Jerry Mciauiey,
O. M. Gariord, Oltfer Cotter, Her I>. B. irooge and
other*. Tho report makes no mention ol tba ilnan- |
ctal condiuou ol tlio chapel.
Tbe calls ol tba I're*ident tor signers to tbe pledge
wore Inleriperaed with tlio singing ol tcmperama
lotigs and tuo i>riol expressions of ioe experlt uee? of
tbose wbo bud before relorn.au. Tba ?rcuo w?s quite
a stirring MB lor ..bout *u hour
Una tali young roan, dro?sed in dark (ray, oama lor
ward and aaid be bad been doing wroug. wanted to re
lorro, anu would try his beat to da so. \\ ttb a trembling
haml lie M|B*4 bta name, with the remark. ?? ft.ai'a
the beat I can da I'm aoiiged to you. Mi Duolay."
Brotber llall, uow over sev?nty>l* years ol age. Lad
been a drunkard for over twelve jeara. Heacknoai- j
edged be bad b.-cu greatly benefited by iiia chan^i f
habit*. Ho aaid among ttia temperance apeecbea be
liked beat waa to see men come up and sign ibe pudg >,
ai one brotber baa just done.
The next apeaker wa? rather a haru tanking indi
vidual wilb cropped hair aud leaturea ol an uumiatak
able character. Ka bad evidently baa* lendtag iba lit*
of tbo bad and to it apixtarod Irotn bia eoaleeoon Ha
Raid be bad bean lor eigbl year* iti cr.uie au<l aigbt
yi-ara ;n priaou calls. Hut ibe Igbt ai beavea cam*
ibrougb m? priaon bars, nnd by the aid of ilia chap am
lie had been converted, an-i waa now. ba tbaaked Ilu4,
a Christian and a total aballaenco man
Mr. fioole yaatJ ilio pledge did uot tnclade tobaeoa.
but he did not are wuv It ohould no'. A Virioa?*1
aacond tho motion." (I.tuahtar, I
Ttia nt.i a KiaauK ??>.
Brolb*r Riover lad been iotx-r alt Iiia Iiia. but be
bad uot at tbe sama titue tiaeu working to
make other people rotier Ho detcr)beit a
maaa meeting tu Brooklyn u?t Sunday,
two tnlloa from Hie rivnr, fat wbich cleraymea
of three distinct religion* a*?ua addria*ed the imraei<>a
audience on tbe aubjeot ol inmperanea. Ha ralarrad
to u blue rtbiion on tbe lappol of ho eoat that had
been placed there by ont' ol tbe la<lioa who had lak*it
part in tbo meentiii, wbieli war on? n| tb<'grand< t
outdoor (lenionstrationa aver lie:d In Brooklyn ?a 1
regular "Murphy" meeting, if yoa mlgiit ao c.lt it It
wai a |lortoua iiebt to aao the ladiaa t:xing tliea? blua
ribbon* to the coata ol thoao wbo aigned tba pieuge?
huti'ireda of whom did ao, coming Iroai tie bigbaaya
and tbe hedge*, be might My, to ?ign it.
Tbe leader desired those in tba audtaaea wbo ba
lieved that a total abmnenoe life was tba heat life to
rue. A large portion roae. Ha then deaired tBoaa
who remained sitting to look upon tba total abattntaaa 1
A csll was made for all wbo had nat signed tba
pledge to coir.o up aud do so aft r tba n.eei ag ad
jourusd, walcb It did at mnoo'elo< k.
The Woman's Christian Temperanaa Umoa ol H <r
lam held a meeting yaaterday afteraooa la thaC.u
grogattonal Church, corner of .second aveaaa aad liitb
street. Mrs Vanderboeff prastdad. It waa anno*need
tbat a petition bad been prepared aad aigacd by bua
dreds ol Harlem womea aakiog tbo directors of t:.a
Morrtsanla and Harlem linea to dtacouitaae tba
Kale of liquor on th'-ir boat*. A com mlim J
Mrs. Sntptnan, Mr* Rigaby snd Mra. Horner Con
wa? aeiecie i to wait upon tHe president of eaen cor
poration and urge bun to adopt tba sujgeslion Tbo 1
ladiea ssv tbst tba bars on tba Hariem boats are
adding to the number ol Harlem drunkarda. Tbe new
society draws ita numbers Irom every ebur<b >a
Hariem aud intend* waging unrelenting war agaiaet
the rum tratne. Tba ladtas propoae starting cheap
coflee saloons around Harlsm Bridge as a check to
King Alcohol.
Mr. Tuck law's horse ran away at Jeromo Park yes>
Icrdsy and dssliod the wsgon against an unpedimeat
In tbe roscL Mr. Tuck'.ew was thrown and so badiy
bruised tbat bs bad to ba seat to bia boma at So.
Weal Fortietb street in an ambulance. At Jeroina
Fark Andrew C. Gill, ol the Klftb Aveaua Hotel, also
sustained injurios yesterday by a tail.
Washisuto*. June IS. 1677.
Governor Walker, of Virginia. called upon the Poat
nsaatcr Genetal to-d?y in regard to a fart mail to
Richmond an<1 a through mall to Montgomery and New
Orleans, which service will projwbly be Ar^rged as
soon as possible.
Tbe clcrk* of tbo Intertill Hevenue ofllco will bold a
meeting to-morrow lor tbo purpose of psasing appro
priate resolution* relative to tbe deatb of the late
Commissioner D. 0. Pratt, whose destb is tbe drat on
tbe 11*1 of those who have hail charge of that bureau
since its organization.
Hon. J. Q. Smith, Uommltsioner ol Indian Affairs,
rotarned to Washington snd resumed charge ol his
bureau this mornins.
Dr. Llndcrman, Kirector of the Mint, lett for tbe
Paotlic const this morning on olllclal buKlno*?. Tne
Secretary ol the Treasury baa designated It. E. Ptos
ton, Examiner of the Mint Bureau, us acting dlreotor
during tbe absence of Dr. Lmdormau.
Toe Secretary of the Treasury has directed that sec
ond cIshs medals rroognlzing gallant conduct iu saving
human life on the occasion of tho strandingol the baric
Tanner, near Milwaukee, Wis., in September Inst, be
issued to tbo following persons, namely:?Henry M.
Leo, K. A. Peterson, Burnt Ollson, Arthur Ollson,
Henry Sparks ond John McKonna.
The Ordnance Bureau of tho Navy Department has
adopted the slotted screw, or Frenoti system, in coti?
Tertmg 100-pouud Parrott guns ioto breech-loadcm.
This system bat also been adopted by several foreign
governments, which, alter careful experiments, has
been louud to be most suitablo for the conversion of
such gun*. At previously staled, a number of Parrott
guoa are now being nouverted Into breech-loaders at
the Parrott foundry ou the Hadsou.
Tbe lolloping circular has boon issued by Publlo
Printer Defracs ?
Omr.* or tub Prune Print**, I
Wanuimotox, I). C'., Juue 18, 1877. |
It ia now more than sixteen years since the estab
lishment ol the (iovcrnment Printing OOlce. Since
thai ttmo compositors. pressmen and bookbinders
have cemn here irom every part of tho coun
try for employment. Many of them ob
tamed It, and havo, l>y hard work and econ
omy, secured homes for ilieir families, which in
mauy instances havo not been entirely paid lor;
others, who <in not own liou*e?, r>>n'. them or board,
and nearly all have iamillos to aupport out of their
Uaily earnings. There are now more sober, industrious
and capable workmen ol this character here than can
at any time he employed. It would be unjust aud
cruel ?o discharge any of these workmeu moroly
to put ethers irom a distuuco in their places,
and it wilt not ho done. As letters bave been
received from a tirrat numlter of peraona nnktng
employment, it is ?Itemed best to adopt this mothod ol
miornilng all roacrned that it cannot be had, so that
th? expense of coming here may be avoided.
It muet aian ne understood that this establishment
cannot be made either a religious, political or cburit
able asylum It is a great work*nop?the most ox
tenaiva publishing hou?e in tbo world?and must ba
aanased with tho satna regard to economy as is oh
aerved by the managers ol similar private worshops, or
atae it wera betier tor tho rorernment to abolish it.
JOHN D. DKritKKS, Public Printer.
Some uys ago a number of clerks, wbo had boon
discharged by the recently appointed postmaster
froa tbe post office of one of tbe larger cities ol tbo
Weal, t ikited Washington to lay their grlevancea be
far* Pestassstf Geaeral Key aad to give aome advice
aa to the conduct o( taa administration. They repre
MM lltt thu aaw po?im??ier bad dlachargaU UHb*
ful aad alhriont clrrk* - llicmaclr?i-and appointed la
exparttafle4 and laelBc*nt clerk* In their itead ; and,
WMWf, tlial ill* preheat noataaater wan not
loyal ?? the admin latralioa, that by appntmntents and
Mkrr MU. ?? well a? by word* apoken, hp had man
treated ? hostility to the .Southern policy nf tbo admin*
Miration, (or wti.eli oflracpa ihuy naked but removal
and the apt ointment of (cine oue who would apprpci
ate thrrr political and ofllrtal deToiion. Tbo Post
maatpr General In lor mod thani that he would lake
their papera and lay the rate before the I'roxldent.
The following ropy of au autograph letter, written by
Jadre Key, chow* me retell:?
Pour Omn OtriiUOT.l
WAtmavroy, June lit. 1*77. j
I?.Aii fin* I have ne?n in* I'n-aident aud pra*enie>l
to liiui ibn |.apor< you bird in tlii-i dppurininut in ref
MMM the I'ntt iigirisi?? aid W" Muvp rare,
tally roneidered the 'mp Tear rrrord* ?e*m to lie 1
g?u>i uuj your MtllMayatMM, It appear* from 1
lit* evidence it the do|iartmpui tuat the ofllce la well ?
rnndorte.i at preaent *nd tliat a -pedal agent lias mado
a tayorahlc report a? to if* preaent nr^itmr.mlon and |
man >i'<'iarni, ?o ili.it the juiblic .a not auflariuc lor 1
the want of j,'0**1 aervirr The ollieo ta well managed I
now, ao thai the complaint* mid' ?r? more tn lb* ua- j
tore of a priTatr ihtn a public grievance. It may In-? j
and I do not unti.-rtakti to aay now that it?that you |
were am properly trailed by Uiu prcftont I'oniraaaler; I
hut yet he liaa a lor. ?? wfctati 'a discharging tfflciantty i
tli>' dutie* nf tiiPiitnrc. To remove the I'oatmaaier 1
might deprive th?*o paraon' ?l their poaitioo*. an tlio I
reaigaattaa nf the prwdoeeeaar of the lucniniieat dp. '
privpd you of ynura. a> 'hat it wrong ha* onenrrpd It '
would Ml bo redre??e-l toy aucb proeedaro, but might j
be inter ted and eiieii.ted.
rh? I'net tMBce it not a political inatilatton. If it
be true, a* you ataip. that the incnnihent oppaeaa the
|n>im-v of the adttitn ?w<iion, that lie hut a right to do 1
..od it ii ne veuae ol removal, unle?a iu hit /pal and
activity lie a<ak tin- l'o?t matter tn ibe politician.
Il ?nv one, wtioiher he rapport or nppnre Hip vimiii
titration, tietleeta lua duty ny being a nuty politician, I
or make* himself obnotioua i?y rea?oa of incoiitNler
ete aud loolub seal, he otifbl to !>e r' lnovpd Hut If '
he attende lattbtully to I.it dutle* tad mate* a good I
and e*er|xehle I'oai matter he ahonld not be removed,
tl.otifii he ?e* nt tn i.ppoea the admiBiatratton. The
I'reaidonv flnda no ? uflloient cauap tor a chaage lathe
Peat Otic*. Vrry truly.
D. II KKY, I'oatmaaier Oeaeral. j
tiii rnmitca or r*a*jr*rtifiia attywr??dutteh
op iMPiomM or ?rr*MiMiATM.
Waaaiaiivoa, Juae II, III7T.
A letter waa to lay addreaaed by the Traaaury {
Upperimeat to U* itapprriaiai ia<pe<-tor or dleamboaia
of the So* <ad dtMriPt wf Now Vofk with retard to ei
cartion ?i??m> r?. a rt^neo hanag bepa mala ror a
aiaadard bf which to regulate Hip a a moor of paaaen
gera. The deparimeni aa;i Mnaa It oiaply leavea
Waoch I nip an lor ihr r??poaeikility ml limiliai Ilia
a umber el pawaagara to eaea eteamor, aad ta aaaum
lag M be atmpt) ooaaplioa with tho miwh under wh wO
the laappeior ol baiia ta appoiai*d. ahich rrqairaa that
he aUaii ha fall* aaapptral t?i make a reliable patlmate
el the atreag'h, aoaoertbiee** aad ether gwaittiee ol
the halM H -leaai vp?aela aad ifcrir *^a<t m<<bt darmed
aeapattel to M?? aai?iy of life m aarigai or.
aa*p.>Ke4aum ne iaara.
The doparUueai baa w hathar ty u rrlitn laipoc- j
li-r* trim atatetory ob't?i oa? or tu male rules lor
loeu gb.daa^o, that baiag a mauer prtmart y deem*. :
tag apoa taa I'aaru oi '.p-r> aiag laaportwra, aui^eci, I
ho?avrrr4? lb*- MitKl af ibafHMMb Itule 7*
hanag rppa>?'d irii approval a?w taa i?r. .? ?l
low, aad tao depart???m will etert irom iaepertor? a
aw i Mebty to th? 'f ? laieat aad aieaaiag ol tbat
rale aad tb? etatato aa which it la taandPd The defy
? eaje aad aaea laapocw ei Ir^ueat t una i? etaar
a.aa atPamer* ta ardor io baw rannual taawieage 'if i
t tie lac* tbo* tli* ??^aipmei.ia ar> k pi a|> to tho orig
inal rasa rem vie aad that tao hatia aad fcettert are
eat raiy aala
TUt FlMlr.lil toMMIShlUK.
oMinurtoa o? rax aotgp ibk iimti
c*ac aa ruamTiu-iiuiif nnui utu
uon uoixaaa cuiitb.
M?avaa*i., iuae it. it"7.
Mr iaaapb floatre Q C. ooaaeoi, bafora the flurry
C inmi'aioa haa rvtaraa't beta :r?a llall'<t At lha
nrn maatiaa. aa tae |jib ia-i.. tie Amer>caa Meat
appooea the admMaioti at owaaaol at the mitiaga fhit
waa ovemled. aad are e>j?eeei war* almitiM. New
louadlaal ta ropreoaated hp liaa Mr Whytaway.
Maariae Dalfoee waa naan aa ahairmaa, aad Mr.
Iler^ua. ol tha Hr tiah foreign oihca, ea arrrvtary.
Tn* proredure af the ia?rt *>. m a aahMittei aad
agreed to with th* eaeeptm* el thp ^aoeliua of el
pan* affidavit*, *Li. u w.# tM>,*?i?.! i? ua it- part ol
t?roat llrit.nk Ihia pwtat oat ???til-' ?>y adaiuttag
altidaviia'foeofma -<i ? ?>?' 11?? Hr.tiea . a>* waa iupu
IIled. aad < r>aa<?i? ol 4 m?et vm aeo ? bial'iT) of tae
?anery uiflheiiie* ataco lha Am*rH?a Kara.ui.ua, and
ciaim* $i aawacea oa th* part af the !???
iniaioa, aad |g.au?,OSb lor N**l aaaiood far twaive
yeara, tit af atM.ii hove a.apa?Mt
Mr, Dvatra remrna ta HaMat att Wadaeaday.
iCkiMitVKMi rm hi- ui ifT.o* di aaoitt
l*x TIUGMra TU TNC 1?I?U>.1
Nr?r?rt. K 1., JIt. J?TT.
1 lie Suie ?ub-coramiti** i? uito a?????e ? i<?*
the reoepti<?? of ImMM Hsyes l ?i?i a ?HH?| is I
I'rovmence Uii? alternoob It w?? ?rui*?i' f * M
to have no liijuur* of say s>ud ?i en> ?' tbe |
I.ens, l>ut to hire a supply of [u?4r;r> It ,
wa? decided mat mere t* * |ra a 4 r"*is? * Mats
troops in iront ol tlie l'jf? 'Ire'ial ti.an t?n, I
ateiy utter the |>arade on i!t? .Nib A to -m^rr .if the
committee rsceited a letter trotn Mr Wiiumb M.
Kvarts, Secretary of Mute, wine tiaiea ibat tbe
I'rtvdontiai psriy visiting this ?:?ie on lb* -?tI !
would number twelve to linden i-ersont, tneladtag I
Mrs. Hayes an<: lour or ttrs older I ail tee.
Jfa!? Fsancisoo, June 1*, 1877.
A despatch from Wallawalla suys the stage Irons
Lewlstou brought news tnat the soldiers from Lapwai
and tbe lodiaus had fought about thirteen tnilee Iron
Cottonwood Creek. Young Joseph snd hm squaw
were killed during the ti;hu The Indians killed tis
Okadwuhd, D. T., June 17, I
tis CitKYKSNK, W. T.. June 18, 1877. j
On Friday last a small party of Indians made ? dash
uiiouMnniapalianc.be, nino miles from ibis city, and I
succeeded in running olT conrdur.iblo lire slock.
A party of twenty miners, bound for the Big Horn I
Irom this point, were tired upon by Indian- wuun
about sixty miles out. One of tbe minors was sligtitly
Annapolis, Juue 18, 1877.
Tbe Board of Visitors met st the Naval Academy
tbls morning, wbon tbe various committees handed in
their reports. A committee was sppolnted to prepare
tbe tlntil reports.
Tbe day was devoted to examinations, all of which
were concluded.
Ibc signal drill took place this afternoon, and to.
morrow the artillery and fencing drills will occnr.
TDK (.HASP PA 1.1..
Extensive preparations are being made for the
grand ball on Wednesday night, wben H is expected
that many prominent personages Irom various parts
of the country will be present.
1'ort Royal, June IS, 1877.
The corvette Osslpee, Commander 8. I. Breese,
arrivod Irom Hampton Konds this afternoon. She will
convoy tbe monitor Manhattan te Norfolk, Va., sailing
en Wednesday next.
fiimsom, Juno 18, 1877.
General K.. D. Townsend, Adjutant General United
States Army, left lierc to-day (or a visit to bis family
and friends iu Mas^achusetti- During bis absence As
sistant A'Mutant General Vincent will discharge tbe
duties of the department.
By direction of the President, First Lieutenant
Alberts. Cnmmins, Fourth artillery, hns been detailed
aa professor of military scieuoo and taetica at tbe Unl
versityjol Vermont and State Agricultural College at
Burlington, Vi
? DA.Nriu.it, 111.. June II. 1B77.
Though llllaett U a Mad ot Christian civilisation she
ban within tbo iMt few months given certain evt.
door#* of more reckless outlawry, ntrooious wMe mar
dors and horrible suicides thin Man beon known In the
Higto tor years. Kor maoy months past ono of tbo
boldest and best organized bund* ot borne thieves and
counierfelters which perhaps ever carried on hueine**
in the West bus reoently been discovered, and during
tbo last few days four ol (heir number were captured
and lodged in tall In Danville, Decatur and Pan a. The i
development"! whicii bavo jiisi come to light reveal a |
stale ul affair* showing the existence of outlawry in a
worse lorm than was evt?r known In tbe early history 1
of tbe Stale.
From Information which lias came Into possession
ol the Hkkai.o correspondent It seems that the hand
was tunned nearly two years ago, but did not curry on
operations vnry extensively until early this spring.
The number comprising the orcaulsutlon is supposed
to lie shout one hundred ami titty, their operations ex- j
tending oter Iowa, all Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin and
Nebraska. The leader is Maul to be Billy Scott, who at
one tluie was an Illinois farmer in good repnte and
commercial standing, bat who lost his property by a
life of dissipation, lie is surroanded by a number of
nnprtnctplod villains, who have tor months past been
osiug the disguise* ul (ternmns, pedlers and common
tar in bunds to effect their purpose of horse stealing
and countcrtetiing. In u number ol Instances
llie.r succeeded in getting np religions revivals and
spelling matches in order 10 bring large crowds
logrtber, wbcu at convenient times ineinbera of the
Can;,' would boldly, yet secretly, make their appear
anco .tad make of! wiih some of the best tnd ilnost
blooded ?n>ck I'hc various points of rendi tvous are
said to In- Danville, 111. ; lies Moines, lowu; St.
Joseph, klo.. snd Mwreooe, Kanraa, trom which
point* all operations ol tbe outlaws are directed.
Within the last lew months it he* been known that ;
counters-it currency In both paper and silver bus been i
iu extensive circulation in various parts ol Illinota
and Iowa, and lor some time past detectives have been 1
actively at work eudnavoring to And soma possible
cleu wmch would lead to tbe srrest of tbe criminals.
Aft AKKKrtT.
Only last Saturday two men, calling themselves I
Cbartey Durna. and David 1'resion, were arrested at 1
Decatur lor attempting to pane counterfeit money, and
froui disclosures secured the detectives think tliey 1
bs\o Mjiiiciei.t clew to warrant the arrest ol n rnimtior
of othefir, f-r.mo of tlretn tsraeri wttl Known m Ii:i
nois and other Western Pistes. Sevoral valuable
horses have been stolen during tbe last ten days in
various portions ol Central Illinois, snd the wildest
excitement now exists among tbe larmers, who are
using every precaution lor tlinir protection against all
?ot* of outlawry by this well organized band.
* BlCBBOKD, Va, Juno 18, 1877.
Scarcely a week ago the Hriiai.o chronicled the
nil'.eg of a package by a mail ageut on me Klehmond
and Danville lUilto id and bit saoseqneut suicide to !
?void ? trial, disgrace and punishment for hia oflenre.
In-day another startling case of rifling In the I'uet |
office here was omngut to light through the in
strumtatslity of Special Agents /. I.. Tid
ball aad W T. Henderson, of the 1'ost [
OTIee Department. "he name of tbe delinquent i
in this instance is K. 0. Mosby, a mall carrier and a '
Virginian, wbo might be aaid to uavo beon on* of ttie
K I. V.'? bacaaae nl his high ounectmn. Me is ro- |
late -, to several proniiD' ul laluillos and persona, sonio i
of whom at pre-en. hold high official position in thn
I tttMnt Mate* service lie is staled lo be a third
?oosia of tolaael Joba > Mostly. who exercised ssob
an extraor unary influence with Trosideni Oram daring
h.? adn. eistration.
( At'UNT III Ttfk ACT.
1 ne alary of Moehy's case I* ihst recently complaints
af ir,?*e. by riding oi mail peckagua bad beeu Irejuent,
aa ocurrtag in (lie delivery of letters In Itichmond. A
naiiiin-r ol registered letter-, conuiiniug various *utna,
aad iIikmIi addraeead to colored persons. wore deliv
ered. >ad aheii opened found to contain nothing, the
carrier, however, retaining receipts for ibn amount*,
a- if itroi-erlr delitered lo-day a de< oy let.
tar, ad'ireeeei 10 Mr H l*anip*on Waters. N", .
? I., vtiat Main aireet, win delivered by the '
prop* r districting olhcial in the Poet Olllc* I
lb M'>eby Mii<eg tbe tiunri of sis and seven A. M.
ib'tettai I'.nta.ned $.'> in on*-doilar billa. each one 1
being marked. It was not delivered to tbe adores* ;
At i>sif i a?t i ve I'. M. Mosby was arrested, when two ,
of ibe awlsd note, ware lound upon bis person. Me
we* ei oec* take* beiere United Stale* Commissioner
Atkia*. where lie waived an examination and was com
mitted in default of 16,000 bail.
raSMoc* rvaus sravics.
Mosby hadjuet returned from W asbiugton, where be
?tan an eppioatioa, strongly indorsed, fur lb* po<ittOB
Bksde faeaat by tae larceny and suicide of Wirdock,
lb- matt agent He is l<*rty yeara ol age su<i h.<s a
lam I). lie wag m tbe Uaiteu Stales navy previous to
tbe war. wa* a major m tbe conrederete srmy, and
until recaatly a practising >awyer at Powhatan Oatrt
M -aee la lb * State Tbe %.j*:r treat** qnue a sensa
tion bert, aalag ta tbe lam lv coaneetlons ot tbe cat
mm dill celebration.
A li'Bfral Holiday at the "Hub" io
Honir of thf Ocrasltt.
Oratiort bv W?nd? > Phillips, Richard
K'ottwngHam and Others.
[?T TmiJKMUra 10 TBI HIRAM).]
Roaro*. June 19, 1177.
Tbe ?SD.v?r?sry ?*? the butt)* nf Hunker Hlli >U
??ry frttrutilr H4 appropriately observed id Roston
and viciuity to day. W bit* tticre was no real general
oNUido deiuoaatralion o' aiiy uiagnttu to. there w?r?,
nevertheless, suob a multitude of company aad mm
nation celebrations itiai tne day ?i? ra.de a general
holiday aail nenrty all huamere wa? auapended, nol
oti.y In Bmioii. but IB lb* surrounding
ruiaa and town*. Over m Charleatown lb*
day wan mada more specially a carnival tban la other
hactionit, and the moaument and aurroundtng groanda
mada memorable by tbo strugcle a bundled and mor?
yaara ago vara visited by tbouaaids during the day
and evening Prominent citixens kept open bouse,
rifle sud military companies paraded, public and pri
vate buildings ware gay Iv decoraMd, and in tiieevea<
Ing liiara were brilliant diaplaya ol Urewnrka and oat*
door concert* in di(T?rent aecliona or tbe city.
Tba cblel and Indeod tbe only atrlctly literary ob
servance < or tba day ware ibe?e bald in lbe aitornooa
in tha Old Houlb Cburcb ediUoa, ol Revolutionary
lan.e. It waa tilled In e\ery part by n moat cultured
ami roflned audience, and the exercises ware ol a high
and Interesting order. Uon. John 1). i.ong, el
Hingbum, Speaker ol (lie Hou?o of Represen
tative*, presided on tbe occaoon, and in an
introductory apeocb reviewed, Uriolly and eloquently,
tbo nguillcunco ol tbe anniversary which waa bang
commemorated. He waa loliowed by Or. George K.
Kills, who in tbo courae or bia remarks uttered na
eloquent appeal, nut only lor taa Miration ol tbo Old
South, but alio of tbe old Stale House at the head of
Slate Htreei. Keferring to the battle ol Hanker Hill
nud the conflicting arguments nbout bow It waa con
ducted and by wuuiu tiis Amarican forces were com
mamlM, ho snM that ItO liad finally coma
to the conclusion that there waa so much con
tusion en the occasion that ana tlio?a
irliii participate!] were in doubt, and, tlierelore, It wan
idle lo pay touch need to the claim* or tbe diireront
bistorisns ?>( the presouu period. Hetoro concluding
bi* addruaalir KIIih said that there bad been much un
jlist criticism on the arfon of tbe proprietors of tbo
Old South uhurch In taking advantage of tbe popular
i>enllment in ruvor of saving it, by asking a round *um
oi niouoy lor llio property. Ibis tbe speaker claimed
they uad a right to do, lor. If the old Revolutionary
edifice was to be preserved It sboald be done by tho
patriot>e public, and not at tbe expense of any partioa
lsr religious society.
arRKrit or wkkubij. rinuui'.i.
Mr. Wendell 1'biilips, who lollowod L)r. Kills, differed
with him on ibis point, and. in sarcastic efoijuenoe
which pleased ihu audtense highly, lie undertook to
show how dearly the patriotism ol the people bad paid
the proprietor* lor the edirtce which they held in such
veneration. Mr. Phillips' oratory on tha Bunker Hill
anniversary wan :n !ii? most eloquent vela sod movod
ttio nudicuce to Irequent outbursts of enthusiasm. Tha
battle, be said, was uot an organised affair, but a grand
rally of tho people, aud it wa* mora than
likely tbat neither ? Presoott, Putnam nor anjr
one Hsu commauiied. I"he speaker lulled to aeo
that the country had progressed mucb In what waa
good daring the past i-eniury. Uolerring particularly
to tbo partia.ity on account of sex iu granting tho
right ol suffrage, and Its gradual drilling in lb? stream
or lutemperanre, there ts not one mau In a hundred,
ho said, who in qualltiod to walk In the company of
?uch men as Harry Vano and Rosor Williams. Wo
siiould, be said m conclusion, set ourselves forward
and not baelcward, snd light ourselves up, become tho
honest seiT'ints of troth, and trust to tba Ureal
Teacher for the consequences
nit. BOt.mm' ror*.
Kol'owiug ibo speech ui Mr. Pbllllpa lb* excreloea
ware pleasantly concluded by Oliver Wendoll Holmes,
who read hla |?iem ol 'lirmdmolher's story," pub
I tailed in I lie Usiiaj.u two yesre elnoe, In which sba
dtvcrihes her new of Hit- uattio ol Danker Hill, aa
aeon from a housetop in Clmrlestown.
ttl'NKRK llll.l- MOMLMU.NT *?-10CIATHt.l.
The annual meeting of ibo Monument Aasooiatlon
was more than u.iu.ill.v Interesting *ud unporuot,
linn. Richard Krothtngbam, (he blatortan aud presl
deal, made a lipeecb, in which be Mid tbat me coia
mltlee oo a statue to tbo mumory of Colon*! Wflllitn
Prcacolt ba<l given iho matter much attention, and tea
result wax a design which wsa submitted to tbe maul
ing Tbe be id is irom sujgetlioua on tlio Trumbull
picture of tbe buttle of Hunker >1 ul, and tbe forin Is
drawn Irom tbo eominon dsscriotioa ol his person.
The mean* lor Ho execution bare not tionn provided,
though it la un<irrMioo<l that several thousand dollar*
nro ni the call of ibe coram men. Mr. Krothingbam. in
urgiDK ibo prosecution of tho enterpriee, aaid thai
tn?re can lie no controversy aa to ibe part
winch the hero boro in ihia battle, lie wan at
tho head of the detachment that marcaed on lb*
ovoning ot .I'ino 1'I from Cambridge to Charlestown.
He gave ibo order that night to litre* up the redoubt,
irom a corner of wbicn now rliea tbe obelisk. Ha
atrectod the construction of tho second defence,
begun on the morning ot the 17 lb?the breastwork.
Hi; gent out the Connecticut troops uudor Capuiu
Knowlton, afier the Hrtliah landed, to oover biK lelt
nlug, and hence tho rail lencti poanlon at tbe basa
ol ilunker lltlL lie fought in tba redoubt
wlih a conduct and valor that won tbe ad
miration ol hlti contemporaries And wbeu
tnriber defence itecamo useiata be gare the
order to reireut. "Hat this," tbe accurate relation of
the battle adopted by the Committee ol Solely says,
"he deluyed till tbo redoubt waa naif filled with reg
ulars anu tbe i'rovincnila had Kepi the enemy at b?y
roinu time, conironting them with ihe bait onus of tbeir
? uii'ketr. " A large ?biro ol the skIII dUplayed by iu?
Provincials Justly belongs to Colonel I'reacott.
Let a Ailing statue testily t<> the dehl
of gratitude which hia countrymen owe bitn.
I<ei It stand by tbe aide ol tbe alatuu
ol Wsrren. The heroes were together la the awfnl
hour 01 battle, and what waa so bo?aiitully aaid of oaa
may be aaid of boiu"Their memory will beoudeared
to their countrymen and to the worthy in every part
and age of toe world so long aa virtue and value shall
be esteemed among mankind."
During tbe meeting unliable reaolotiona wera
adopted and tributea paid to tho memory of William
Appleion, Colonel Thomas Asplnwali, the Ursl vice
president; Admiral James AMlen and Hear Admiral
Charles H. Davis, all members ol the association and
deceased during the past year. President Hayes and
Kmperer D<>m Pedro of Ursxll wan made honorary
mem lent el Ihe association
HiitTrtmn, Conn., June IS, 1S77.
Ibis eveoing the Putnam I'balsnx, ol ibia city, cela*
hrated ihe anniversary ol tbo battlo of Bunker Hill
with a reception and banqnet, their ball belag decora
led with American and llritisn flags. About 'JOO per
sons wero preseut and addresses wera delivered by aev
er.il speskers. Ibe memory of General Israel Putnam
whs noncred aa the commander of ine American lorcea
at Hunker HilL
tbe nisci.T or a ha h i i.xdfb'h cruelty?AX
Charles Marmont, bartender of the I'oloo Hotel,
4to Fourth avenue, aud son of the proprietor of lb?
pl'tce, lust night kuockvd down a poor, dissolute loos.
Ing old man and beat him so cruelly tbat be died ol bla
injuries. Wriouce the dead roan c.imc or who ba la, no
one wis ablo to learn. A mile after dusk
he came along the afreet carrying a tin cm
in his band and waudered along irotn bouaa to house
until he camo in irom ot the Union Hotel, Wbero a
number ol Inger beer kegs were piled. Hetlde these
hn knell on the pavement snd began emptying tb?
draining* into hi* vei<?cl. Mar moot notic. d ibis pro
ceeding. and harrying out of ihe iiotel he threw tb?
old man upon the sincwal* snd began kicking
lnm about the body in spue ol big
groans and protestations The man was worn
out and decrepit and was unable to draw attention to
the plight be was In lor a time, and wben tbo bar
tender gave "ver his rough treatment be waa uuab!a
lo rise. As one or two bystander* burr ed up it was
noticed mat ihe ground underneath him wat covered
with blood, and a stream kepi flowing iroiu a wound
inhtillmb*. 1 hoy lifted Inn: np and i>aw tbat ba wan
dying. An ambdlaiico sent lor st once aud tba
?ansa ol tne i>uiiden effusion of blood was looked
after. It wss *ecn then tbst his leg bad been
diKoased and a bl<>w ir<<ni bis a^itllanl had cut it open
and severed ?n sriery. fleloru anything practical w.i?
done tbo wounded man expired. M trinont wu?
in rested and ibe t>ody of ihe deceatad waa aent to iba
Morgue. It ta thai ol a gray haired, gray whiskered
men, of fifty live year*, a book live leel six inches la
height, snd who wore s brown sack coat, plaid panta
loons, hickory shtri and brogan shoes.
Rosa Teas*, s mile Italian girl, was brought to lit
Central Office last mgbt. she bad been brutally beaten
by her lather, I.onn Toeaa, who waa arrested at Bet 34
. Inompson street. The Society for tae Prevent tea sf
I cruelty to Children vat aotlOed af tba oaa*.

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