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TUo loilowiuj letter baa been addressed to Comp
Irolier Kelly by 1'ollco Commissioner Krbardt on me
?abject ol levyiug assessment* upon attaches of the
1'olice Department for tbo purpose of carrying ou the
Tammauy campaign:?
No. UliO MCLBKMIV Strekt,
New Yokk, Oct. 13, 1S77.
ilo*. Jonx Kki.lv
Sib?A clerk in ibis department baa handed to mo
a circular Irom you and oilier*, detnandiug Irani tiiin
o contribution ol $Uu lo u Tammauy Hall campaign
luiid. 1 an inloriued that the employ da ol tins de
partment generally have been subjected to similar de
111 <im's from you, und tlila circular letter has beeu fol
lowed oy a parsouul detnuud Iroin Mr. Jobu D. New
man, your collector. It appears to mo that
tbo character and efficiency ol the police torce md
tlio interests ol good government aie more seriously
affected by your uctiou than is oven the slonder salary
which you aanoi-s. 1 have no official authority over
tlie political action ol rny subordinate*?1 desiro
Done?hut I prole-it ngaitt.-t tbo nt-sertton that they
owo allegiauce lo any party by virtue ol olbce id this
department- The polico have aliuoit absolute coutrol
over the conduct of elections. They are cliurgcd
with the enforcement ol law In a city where many in
lluenual jioliilciaus huvo long boon hibitu.il, llagrnut,
professional violators of the law. This depart nieut
lias in tlio service ol tlio city about twenty-six
hundred muu ut an annual expense o I some
$?1.J0^,4(;0. Those men are constantly looking lor
promotion or prolarsnce m agreeable duty or other
official advantage. To secure these benefits they
must rely uiion lidellty uud moritorious service, or
upon political Inlluence und favor. The efficiency of
the dupartmeiil requires that they should rely upou
the loriner. The present Commissioners, wi.hout
distinction ol party, hive labored to induce them to
ilo so, but we cau do littlo II the powers that make
tnd unmake Commissioners cnooso lo trend ugaiu in
the way from which bus conie so much disgrace, and
nullity our ellorts hy representing to Hie force that par
tisnu allegiance is to be the price ol official preferment.
Tho practice ol requiring these political contributions,
ll persisted iu, will be latal io the discipline, the
morale und the efficiency of the Police Department.
It our recent history ever repeats Itself, anil kuaves
and scoundrels flnu It easy uguin to overcome the
good votes ol good men by iruud and wrong, it will be
due in uo small measure to the fact that your com
mittee lucked either strength or Inclination to forego a
vicious prjctice, which lor the saito ol pouticul control
corrupts and weakens that branch of public service
that should pret>ervo the puiity of tbo ballot box,
public morality and respect of law. Very respectfully
youra, JOEL 15. KKHAKDT,
Chairman Committee Utiles ami Discipline.
Albany, N. Y., Oct 14, 1877.
The followln; Is Comptroller Olcott's letter of accept
Albany, Oct. 13, 1877.
llou. Krastcs Bkooks, Chairuiau, k<\:?
My Dkak Sik?Your 1'avor of ibe S?tb iu?L, Informing
mo ol my nomination by ibo Democratic State Con
vention us the cauduluto ol the jiarty lor the olllco of
Comptroller ol 1 bu State, was duly receivod. The
confidence maullosted iu me by the Couventiou in its
unanimous action in a source ol pride to rnu. fhat
confidence 1 will never ubuse. Having been indoc
trinated with democralic principles iu my youth I
came lo manhood ciiugtng to them, and Irotn them 1
have never departed.
1'leuse convey to your committeo my acccptanco ol
the nomination, and believe me, moat truly yours,
f. p. oLcorr.
Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1S77.
The Firth Assembly District Republican Convention
yesterday nominated Hon. Charles C. Sevorauco, ol
bpr.ngvillo, lirio county.
Elmiba, X. Y., Oof. 14, 1877.
At the Chemung County Republican Convention,
winch was tieid at Uoraohcads yesterday, Johu G.
l.owmuu was nominated lor Hie Assembly "and Archi
bald Robertson lor District Attorney.
At Coming yesterday tbe Twenty.seventh Senato
rial District (ireouback L.ibor lielorm Convention
aomtuaiud Kalpu iiouiiiuont, ol Elmtr,. lorSlato aon
. Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 14, 1877.
I b ? democrats of the twenty-second district have
dominated William Jlarvln lor Stu;e Senator.
Troy (N. Y.) Timet:? -'ibo republican party In Ohl
Is beaten aud humiliated, but the methods of the ad
ministration bave borne lruit, and that must bo re
garded as a jrrcut triumph iu itself. It only nood bo
succe. slul alter tbe name fashion on a lew moro occa.
frions iu or?M9f to turu ihe rnntitfj moo lo. ilw fobo ntm
tlie democracy, ?ud then, unquestionably, *rolorm?
W| I be in a condition to do its perlect work unenib,r.
rassedby the inu-rlerence ol republican official* alld
'machine politicians like Koscoo Cookllng.'1
Kim "a (X. Y.) Gazette:? "It is tbe first opportunity I
the pcoplo have had since the present administration
assumed power 10 oxpress their omulon of it. They
have done it aud iu an unmistakable manner Th?
slectiou establishes beyoud 11 question the tact that
llaves has succeeded most effectually in killing tho re
aU,u,D,8lr#,,on unu z ^
Huston Transcript.?"Tho roinlt of tbe Ohio oloc
tiun sliould make tbe administration at Washington
strongor with tho republicans and the people at lurgo
Ulsoniyby mstaning tne administration thai 1 b?
republicans can ui.me a rally anywhere, lis position
Bountryl'"1 com,uo"li ????" l<? the lavu?of "bS
Richmond ,Va.) .SVa/- -"Weli, wo hav, not
ereatly mistaken lhe mau, the President is lully pre
pared lor lli.s, and is ready and willing t0 .-boulder
the responsibility of his defeat. Tho measure of his
ambition ha* been filled in the pacification ol thocoun.
try, and he Is willing to go down to history on tint
one grand achievement, and whether tu.? urtat Jo
101 m iu tbe civil service he has undertaken bo sue
cesslul or prove , faili.ro the patriotic sentimentor
the country will still g,Vo him . redit lor the , I
and disinterestedness ol bis motive* And even wan
out a party we believe President Hayes will b, ^
to administer tbe government honestly and lustiv
dur.nj, the next lour years, supper,ed and sus.Ceu'
?II parties/?' " ?'0<1 "C"i by kl'? bL'6t mi"
J'uiludelphia Hmktin:-"In three successive guber
natorial campaigns tbe republicans of Ohio won be
cause, 111 tho lace ol a strong clamor lor repudiation
principles, ibey dared to im.ke a siroug demand lor
honem fulfilment of It# obligations by the/eder.l gov
ernmon'. This year they were ?cared by tbe
made by the repiidn.tionisis aud 1 bey retreated in a
dasiarjly fashion lr..m tne strong position in which
tlioy nud iiiwa.s oe ,t?n uown ibe enemy. Kieut on
tt'p ol luis in.-aoo Jooiery tlioir caD'tiuatc, Judge \\>.?
Up ttDii iiiiicje .1 tijioocti iiii. il wild Communism
1111.1 wiin assaults upon capital. From such di-dnn..--v
nuu lolly thousands ol Hie respeciaulo repuni.caiis at 1
Hie .state 1 mned away in complete ilisgits; ,lUd thev
am rigiu, lor ,f the i cpubhea,, p.r.y , u?" ot win
i< ss It ?*is dowu into file dirt ol Hocialiam and truck . s 1
to ibe men who want lo el,. at ibeir own creditor, ai d
no-e 01 1 he government it deserves 10 bo ocu.Ju n :
T V,"11'""" lu ?"JulB H'O I'liruen ol turn
sname.u dele.it upon the 1'rcsideut. Mo b ,s
Uitfl Hit] tUe dtuL<; ol MutO turh e ??> Lhtt i-imi ' I
J - I'fiuciples. It ,s ? ean^aIousIy unllu' fo?no?d
qu?ck y u'po'i/ihe i!(iwidonMio^i'n|r th*seCpr,Mipies>'ij* '
s Tttsttxvja 3r.rs.rri55
quick success1011. oeie.ns will cop,o m ,
SpriDgiield ItepyOIUan ? lr will probably be lound
that tbe labor vote gave il,e Suie lo the democrats, j
Indifferuuce to party ..sues, unusual schs.billiy to the
issues ol bp'ud aud butter, were ibtis1 H.a rtn..i hi. i
legrating and demoralizing lorces, and unless tha n'l '
parlies take t!.e,r stand on ground, moro .stlSc I
live than mere names or p,,t .cbievemenii th.."
disintegration will soon .wee,, the,,, bott, out of the I
Albany (N. Y.) Ar,nu.-"l be republican altitude is
one Ol violent und sanguinary reaction, aliKo with
tho party and throughout the Republic. While it is
oneol vigorous protest agafnsi tun shams ol the fid
Mliotitration It is in oiher rosjieets threatenino
pul;i.c IntereSIK, lu thai H proposes lo retiir,. 7." .?
inothous.rt the past at a tune wi,.?n .here is not !?
slit blest evidence ol tno uecesit.v, < v..n in t,lfl J ,
nro tho most disirustlul ol tue .south." "
tpringlleld (Mm.) It*p>Miran:?'The humllisf oD
ol tbe day belongs lo the republican party, which ,u
the l inpiro Stale, ml, proudly wears the letters of
?euutortftj dictation. It weakens and nrevaricatei on
pledges which have repeatedly been put lorth before
us (.Minis !o public support, .lull moro by n- couiii...
in, nee ol men it an by n* utterances ol pruicniio .t
i"ennl'. i Use;I with tho purpose und policy see.
ii 'iini i,ni,n i, iii spoil, ol debauchery, both 0| iii,?
nvii snrvicr and mo Congress ol tho Unifed state "
Worcuetor (Maw.) Spy:?"Mr. Conklmg'i homo
organs geitmg seared. On the day ultor ibo Con
'cuii^n l ey were wonderfully jaunty and deilunt.
r,)e doli.*' ^here luited tbem exactly. Mr. Conkling
Abl.s^t' hli ascendancy In tho party, bad
upon his adversaries, and everything
I u e ..~Xl>' ?? Ihejr would have It; but tho genei al out.
_rursi ol ^ceueui'o and insuhordiuiutou from the rcpnb
rlie.iu pr'vss ..f the Mute . startled Ibem. and now
tlioy neJ"" 'O Ifko a much lower tone. They are put
ii,.on ty? delenslvo aud find it necessary to cxcuso
?tini t'ley jtoriad in the other day."
^Orlr.m ? ?"A new p*irIy cm
b ive ?ha??e ol inrr ess if n do-s not lean upon an
ideu^'te^y popular with the masses and respond to
nn o*is'ti?* seniimeut or to a real need ol the country.
Mow, it M aet "? raklog up the portion ol tho repuD
Hear platform which had already been rejectoo as too
heavy a ourdun that Coukling or any onu oisc will
suececd in iorniing i now puriy. llay# is in a heller
plight than lie to attempt such an enterprise; but It
would be wrong for him to do it, aud his adm lulitra
tlon would play it butter r6tf in insiory were il simply
tocoutinue lo the en<l Ita work of pacification, while
confining imolf to the economic question* which claim
tho attention of both branches ol tan government.
ILakbisbubg, Pa., Oct. 14, 187T.
Governor Hartranft and Adjutant General Latta
having rolusod, by direction or tho Attorney General
ol' tho State, to obey tho aubpounas served on them
to appear bolore the <>rand Jury ol Allegheny county
to testify relative to military matters in connection
with the July riots. It was proponed to Issue
attachments compelling tlielr presence. The At
torney General, having been notified that he would be
granted a hearing ou the application to-morrow, left
lor Pittsburg this evening. The State ofllcials havo
not obeyed the sabpueuas served on ihoui. because of
a (oar that if they rovoaled some of tho secret* con
noctcd with the prosecution ol the late campaign
against the rioters the Stute might bo involved in
tl:e payment oi tho damages arising out of tao riots,
amounting to about $3,000,000.
One ol the main objects or the Pittsburg investiga
tion is to uncertain irom tho sworn statements of the
Governor and his Aajutant Generul the genuineness of
the proclamation issued at tho early stages ot tho Al
legheny county riots commanding tlio rioters to dis
perse. The proclamatl n in point had Gov
ernor Hiiriranfi's name attached to It, aU
though ho was In Nebraska at this time.
The Governor and Adjutant General will leavo
!or Pittsburg to-morrow should the Jutlue before
whom the application lor an attachment is lo
be argued docldo they must appear before the Grand
Jury. But tho probability is that they will refuse to
testily as to what the Atioruoy General is pleased to
term "ritate secrets.''
Svkacusb, N. Y., Oct., 14, 18?7.
The busluess portiou of thu village ol .lamcivllle, in
(ills county, was consumod by lire at one o'clock ibis
raoruiug. The burned district embraces seven acros ot
ground. Tho tiro wan tho work of an mcondiary, who
is known, but has not yet been captured. Throe
hotels, the Episcopal Church, Post oillce, six stores,
the Town Hall and fifteen dwellings aro among Iho
buildings destroyed. The loss is estimated at $00,000;
the insurance at $18,000.
Lowell, Mass., Oct. 14, 1877.
Two barns, owned by Millon Fox, wore burned at
Dracat last nlglit, together with 160 tons of bay,
eight cows, cram, kc. Loss, $12,000; insurance,
Quarantine Landing, S. 1., Oct. 14, 1877.
A (Ire broko out at ball-past two o'clock tins morn
ing >n Walker's currlago factory and spread to George
Howe's livery stable adjoining. Moth buildings wore do
giroyud. The tiro Is still raging, threatening tbo whole
block on both sides ol the street.
Milwaukee, Wis., Oct. 14, 1877.
J. M. B'ukley, Assistant Attorney General ol the
United States unJer 1'resident Jobuson, who lias re
sided In this city for a year and a half, bas disap
peared mysteriously. His muntul condition lor several
days past bus cuusoa some apprehension.
Baltimore, Oct. 14, 1877.
John o'Douoell and his wile Isabella entertained a
mutual lriend named John Uatoly at dinnor to-day.
An over-Indulgence in stimulants and a tlngo of jeal
ousy on the part ol O'Douueli provoked a quarrel, and
both men armed themselves quickly with dinner
koivos and began to curvo themselves up across
the festive board. O'DonoeJI drew the llrst blood, iu
?J'.'qLm" h oi iita. ait w.
iarf. Gatalv, whoso weapon Bad lost its point, re
taliated by planflni: It into O'Donncil'g groin, inflict
ing .i serious wound. Mrs. O'Donndl ruthod between
thu muraorons combatants and was stubbed on tbo
rigniarm. Tho room was covered with blood, and
the duel scone Is described as qono a thrilling en
counter. Alter the wounds woro dressed tho parties
were placed uudcr bail for trial.
Lawkence, Mass., Out. 14, 1877.
About twelvo o'clock last night John K. licatty, a
notorious rough, assaulted an old man named Timothy
Diiieon on Common street, slabbing blm in the left
side. Uinuen ran, ami Ueatty. in hot pursuit, mistak
ing John McCarthy lor the man bo was after, drove a
a knife into his temple, inllicllngafatal wound, licatty
fled und has not yet been taken.
Watervillk, Me., Oct 14, 1877.
Yesterday afternoon a number of workmen cm
| ployed by Kdwm Xoyes to move a lino fence separat
| log his Und from that of N'atlianlol Ui in.in wero fired
i upon by the latter, who had posted himself near tho
( fence with a rifle aud sbotgnn, and three ol tlion ?
I Joliu Fiood, William McN'illy and Daniel liutler?
' were wounded, (iiltuau wm arrontod. lie is the came
! persou ? bo shot biH own brother on Broadway, New
I York, last winter.
m DiePAItT.MKMT, )
KF MoNAI. OhrtCKR, {
V, Oct 16?1 A. II. )
War DierAitTMKST,
Offick of thk Cbiki
Fur Now Kngland warmer, partly cloudy weather.
areaB ol light rain, light, variablo winds, mostly Irom
mo south west, stationary pressure.
For tuo Middle Atlantic States warmer, clear or
partly cloudy weather, southerly winds, stationary
For tho South Atlantic and East Gulf Slates warmer
and partly cloudy wraihor, areas ol light rum, light,
variable winds, mostly Irom the east, nod siationary
For the West 0nIf Mates partly cloudy woithor,
raiu arras, southerly winds, stat'onary pressure ami
For leouossee and the Ohio Valley wartnor, clear or
partly cloudy WMtbcr, southerly winds and Higher
pressure, followed at wosi statlous by increasing cloud
iness and rain areuF.
For tho lower lake region southerly winds, partly
cloudy weather, rain arsas, stationary or highor pres
sure and temperature.
For the upper lane rogion and Upp?r Mississippi
Vail?y, warmer southerly winds, cloudy weathor and
rain areas, loilowed by rising baroniotcr and colder
northwest winds.
For tho Lower Missouri Valley, colder, during
weather, northwest winds and rising baromctor.
Tho rivers will rcmaiu siationary.
Cautionary Biguais continue at Sandusky, Toledo,
Detroit, l'ort Huron, Alpena, .Marquette, F.-,cauab.i,
Dinuin, Chicago, Grand Haven, Milwaukee and Sec
tion Oue.
The following rnuoril w'.ll show the changes In tbo
temper tlure lor tiiu past tweuiy-four hours, In com
parison with the corresponding date ot last year, as
Indicated by ilio thorinometer at Hudout's pharmacy,
Hkkalo Building -
ISid. WWrt. 1877.
3 A. M 4* :i0 >1:30 I'. M 07 ti?
U A. M 40 411 li I'. M <14 07
A. >1 <r>3 09 it KM .'.i
la M I'll h i la P. M !i9
Average temperatarc yesterday 59
Average temperature 'or oorre.-puuding dalo last
year 54
Martin o'Kourko, aged lorty-eiglit years, was ar
rested ih twenty minutes pi-t -even o'cioo* on Satur
day night by Oillciir Woods, of the Nlnili l're
cinct, as the returns at i'olic.e Headquarters shew,
lor Intoxication and disorderly conduct. He was ar
raigned nelore a police magistrate at the Jeflersoit
Market Police Court, wh > committed lum. O'lloiirlce
w.i? afterward conveyed to tho toinlis. There he was
placed in one oi tue colls, but his anions attracted
Hie attention ol his keepers, who thought he was
sick. The prison pby>loiiii was suinnioito<l, who
ord<red him to he removed to Ht-lievun Hosptta'.
The prisoner w.u r-x named liv j surgeon, who pft>
uouncod hi? slstll to have been ?r?ctured. He Has
thereupon taken to ihr hospital, where, at a int.-r hour
last night, lie was lying in ? very critical condition.
As he is double to speas u is not knowu how the Iruc
turo was received.
portion or the oocntbt in tub hands
Sax Fkamcisco, Oct 14, 1877.
Advices Irotn K1 Paso iibow a moat dangerous slate
of affairs. I'll* enure lower portion ol ?1 Paso county
la In possession ol a mob, and Americana throughout
the county have abandoned their homes and fled
to ?1 1'uio lor salety. Judge Howard, who killed
Louie Card is, at Kl Paso on the 10th Inst., suc
ceeded In making his escape to Mossila, whore he
still remains. Cordis Is said to hare been the leader
ol the mob, which is more desperato and threatening
in consequence ol his death. The Sheriff of El Paso Is
alsont Messila. but relusos to return with Howard, as
the latter would be immediately killed by the mob,
while the .Sheriff himself would be killed if he dares
to return without Howard.
Lieutenant Payne, who Is in charge ol the detach
meet ol troops, says lour companion will be required
to suppress the uiob. A large number of outlaws are
encamped near the county seat. They declare they
will light the troops It the latter nttcmpt to make ar
rests. Judge ttlaker is ou the way from Fort Davis
with troops to restore order.
Tho room id the University llttildlng winch Is <1 e
vottd on Sund.iy to tho uses ot the Amoricau Freo
Church and during the week to tho proper education
of the young idea, was last evening tilled with ail au
dience of about one hundred persons. Vet the lim
ited atlonaance comprinud a greater variety of ec
centric MidivtduuiUy tliun can often do found In larger
assemblage*. It was a rathor unhappy com
blnatiou of tho regular congregation and mem
bers of the Liberal Club. For some time before tho
boginuing of the sorvicps this mongrel crowd amused
Htollby mutual observance of one another's idiosyn
cracios. Some entered thp room with humility and
modestly took a quiet corner seat, while others stared
Inquisitively about thorn, smiled at tho simplicity of
tho arrangements, und afterward made themselves as
conspicuous us possible, lhero were short, inconse
quential heads with astonishingly lone hair, and long,
philosophical lioadu with no hulr at all. On one siuo
of the reporter sat a littlo old man with his pockets
fall of bymu books and his mind lull ot veneration,
and on tha other was a young, bard-brained "liberal,"
whose undeniable objoct was to scoff at the solem
Wbeu the lie v. Mr. McCarthy entered and surveyed
tho cnaractorof his congregation be took a vory long
drink ol water, gave an exfa hitch to his coat sieeros,
convulsively pulled down tils vest und Appeared to
think that he bud one of the most Important tasks of
bis lite boloro hint. Ho bustled to his desk as II itolng
on 'Ciiunge, and read tho opening hymn us though de
termined to make an linproesion on his sceptical
The roveronu gentleman took bis text (which be
explained was moro as a matter of lorm than any
thing else] Irom Acts xvtl., 28?"In liiin we livo and
move und havo our being." Ilo announced his inten
tion of reviewing hi.s debute, or Iccturo, belorc tho
Liberal Club oil Friday Inst, lie suid he had antict
putod u debate, not a mthii. II be had known tho
character ot the opposition lie would not
have unnouoccd tbo lecture. Ho hud made
a mistake, however, and would upologizo
therolor both to himself and bis congregation.
Ho had heard revelations concerning tho character of
the organization called the Ltboral i.lub, winch to near
would cull the bluuch ot shame to tlie luces und tbo
blanch of contempt to the hearts ol bis congregation.
Tins statement created quite a sensation among th?
liberals present, who looked nt Mr. McCarthy und then
ut one another, aud suiifed incredulously. The
preacbor next took up u new book Irom his desk,
wlucli he said be hud ueon reading all the night beturo,
culled "Isis Unveiled," tho authoress of which he
compltmonted unstintedly. Kioin this tie proposed
to lortify bis arguments against positivism, which
was the creed ol the so-iermel Church ot Humanity.
One ot the speakers on Friday evening h.id said to
him that Compte's positivism was the Bible ol this
Church. Mr. McCarthy hau reud au enitome of
Compio's work three tunes, and he prayed that God
would (org ive bun for the was to ot time. (Laughter.)
He relerrou to the personalities levelled ut him at the
Liberal Clubhand especially condemned course of
one ni^mbwr, "whose" only answer to Inn argument
against poatuvmu was a sneer at the tall of the scrip
broker tiiIrnitu. And yet, .-aid he, this member w.is
tho brother ol u mail whom positivism put into a
lunatic asylum. Another sponkor nt the club, he said,
had adopted an anonymous leitei us a means ot cou
veyiug sentiments winch the author was ushamcd to
acknowledge in person.
Mr. McCarthy then rtad, in ine lorm of a challenge,
an arraignment ol positivism which he would under
take to substantiate only before an audience ol miilo
adults The pollution ot positivism had been Its best
defence. In this arraignment he naid the leading mem
bers ol tho Church ot Humanity bold views as degrad
ing as any accepted by tho Oneida Community, and if
Abetr tenets were practised neither motnorliood nor
wtlehood could be respected, l'osltivtsni, be delarod,
was a cage of uuclcauliuc&f, lechery aud lewdness.
The liberals began to Icei uneasy under this sort of
thing and oueor two ot Hu m became ?o demonstra
tive ill it Mi. McCarthy hud 10 request them to be
more quiet. He then returned to tns experience in
the Liberal Club und said be had beeu accused ol per
sonality, but he must On personal to speak the truth.
Ho quoted Irom .Spencer und Huxley to show how lar
Coinjiic's doctrines were removed irom science, called
him a mitutac sou said po-uivisin was u cesspool ol
which ono could not get a lull smell without
being initiated. When the reverend gentleman arrived
ut certain points ol ins discourse lie lomented with
denunciation of the Liberal Club, aud in oue instance,
relerrtug to argumonts made by a member ol tho or
ganization, said that if he were there to repeat thorn,
and uoi in a lunatic asylum, ho would "go through
bun ItKC a streak ol hghtuing through u gooseberry
bush." In another instance when he becume excited
he begun a sentence, "You wen here wno are lathers
and mothers,'' which, ol course, produced a laugh
among tue lllioruls. Ho said he understood the Lib
eral Ciub, ot which he was au a social* member, pro
posed to turn liim out. ? Let them try it," he ox
claimed; "I'm galling used to being turned out. They
accuse me ol personality, but ihoy have not got to
one-hall the length ot personality that I can givo
them." At the end of tin hour and a ball the rever
end gentleman had become exhausted, and, wllll a dis
traught manner and hia necktie ornamenting the back
ol tns neck, he pronounced u hasty benediction.
Al tbe opening of the Kocktauii County (X. V.)
Court lust week ltobert A vary, acting lor l'rosecuior
Dickinson, euieted u nolle pro*. In ihe case of Janes
loisellona, ? nuit;Lo<l lor the murder 01 lleury and Caro
11no HulVniire. Tbo murder w.ig commuted leu yeara
ago, ami, Willi the ilisc barge of Coesellona, all hope
ol over discovering tlio perpetrator is aban
doned. Tnc victims were an uM couplo,
both ol thetu over eighty yours of age, who resided tu
a small snanty a mile distant irom any otlior habita
tion In tbe K iiuapo Mountains. They wcroaupposod
to be wealthy, and when the bodies were discovered
they hoih lav half nuroM the bed in iho ouo room of
the building. Their throats were cut and their
bratus battered out with a cudgel. The Iiouso showed
Minis ol' hiving been thoroughly ransacked, hut
no clew to the murderer could be found. Several
persoua weie arrcsto.i .on suspicion, among theui a
nephew ol tli? murdered couple, but no evideiicu
could bo obtained against them aud they were dis
charged. Although (Jossrllona was tlio person liviug
nearoal the llolliuires suspicion did not tail on uim
until a voar ago, when uu appeared to liavo suddenly
acquired con.-idei ablo wealth, fur which be tillered no
explanation, iheu a boy living m 1'ennsylvanla, who
had b*oii kidnapped by Cos?ellona, w.ia brought
forward, aud staled thai lie was living at
Cossollona's houxo about Hie nine ol the murder, hut
as it was long ago he could nut remember having
heard of Hal ihe lime, but bo did rrmeinbcr ibal
i.OHselloua returned lo In but one niglii about ten
years ago with bis clothes covered with blood, and
inking ine boy back a considerable distance Irom the
house, made 111 in a>sisl in digging a hole and burying
the bloody garment*. The cpol where the clothos were
buried was pointed out aud tiimn diggers unearthed
portions oi nn old co:it aud pantaloons. Upon this
evidence u Nyack justue leaned a warrant aud Cos
sellona waa arrested al an aoctiou sale at Cloater, N.
J., la.-t spring, llo was committed to jail and hna
been coniiuo'i there ever suue. The prosecution
thoughl iho evidence insufficient and put o(T the trial
fioui ono term to another until la.-t week, when a
nollf pro*. waa entered. Cotseiiona was discharged
from tlio County Jail, at Now City, on Saturday.
Frederick W. Hriwondorf, ngod flfiy-ibree yo.ir?,
? native of Gorinaoy, aul by occupation
a shoemaker, realdlug At No. 108 Htauton
?troet, was tnkcu to iiellevuo lloijm&l Inst
night sulTering iron an Incited wound of the
?oitii" nl bm irm ,|um ihovc tbo elbow. '1 lie pollco ol
no Eleventh prociuit ttul tlio iJociom at the hospital
??y ihatttiM 'totiu'i vta^ intlieieii wild suicidal ini< ot,
wiulv urn oicl'irl'i ftwmiy .-.ty it w,m nu accident, Md
i.cuurmd whllo bo Kim ?liuvlnf himself yomerluy
morning. After being adnnuxl to tiio borpitai Bru
gcuilori liecamo delirious and bud to be iomov?:u to
tbe insanu ccilu.
[From the Cblc&go Tribune, Oct. 12.]
An amusing ca.se was on trial ye?terday afternoon,
before Judge Moore, though the detail! will not bear
publication. The eomplaiuant waa Augustus G. Bart
lett, who brought suit to ileclare voiu his marriage
villi HkUio Kemp, alias Martha Uartlett. Ho la an In
telligent looking man. between thirty and thlrty-Qve
years of age, while flame is an black as the aco of
gpados. It seems that she atieuded him when he waa
sick, some three or lour years ago, and he married her
In Marcb, 187a. out ol compassion, or as a very poor
return lor nor kindnota. l'hoy lived together lor i>ome
lime, but, acoording to his story, ho leit her in May,
1874, and has not since lived with her. ho now charges
bor with grots Infidelity to her marriage vows, and
she retorts with a similar accusation.
Judge Moore, however, without deciding who bad
borne the loose reputation, dismissed tbe bill on the
ground that be bad never been married. Prior to July,
1S74, tbe law wna tbat all :n irriAges between a white
person ana a negro or mulatto were absolutely void,
and heavy peualtiea wero pronounced against such
percons marrying and against the person colcmniziug
any such murriaze. This marriage having been con
summated in 1873 aud the parties having, according to
Itnrtletl's staioment, ceiled to live togetber before
July 1, 1874, they are uot married at all, uud never bad
boeu. Mrs. liartiett or Battle Kemp, however, damps
lu r.voi Uiiant husband's happiness ny swearing that be
lived with her subsequent to July. 1874. This raised the
question whether he by acknowledging her a* his
wife has enabled her to claim relationship under tbe
rules ol the common law. Tbe poor man, therefore.
Is left with n ni3M threatening aud portentous cloud
on Ills title to himself, and anxiously wams'to Know
whether he li a married niau or not. 'if be marries
again ho may (lud wife No. 1 on his track, aud no
action he cau bring can settlo the perplexity. Ills
wile, by bringing suit lor separate maintenance or
divorce om ruiso the question, but perhaps sbe may
not choo.io lo do so. She shows no symptoms ol im
mediate declino or dissolution, and he having married
In basto Is likely to have abundant leisure lor repent
anco. In bis dilemma lie has takon an appeal to tho
Supremo Court, in the lorlorn hope that they will
declare him a married man, and thon give blm a
chalice to gel unmarried.
[Krom thu 1'sris I-lbertg.J
A letter from SU Petersburg nays that the Nihilist*,
who are anxious to luku advantage of the critical posi
tion ol tiio Kmpire and the nbseuco ol ibe army, uro
giving the police a good deal ol trouble. A domicil
iary visit tnudo at St. Petersburg led to tbe discovery
of a packet of letter?, which uidncrd ibo police to
elleot several urroala at Moscow and KiefT; and the ro
port is that a certain number of ofllcers now ui
the theatre ol war aro &or!ously com
promised. In a report upon this subject
the Minister of Justice says that "tun
government is powerless to stay tbe curreut of these
subversive doctrines; for they have deep roots, being
'the result of dissolute manners and au antagonism
always on tho lgcreu->e between thu paternal author
ity ami the children who will not submit, nnd ulso of
the compieto absenou ol religious principles not only
in tho families, but in the Stale schools, whore ro
ligious euucatlon is much neglected.'' The Minister
proposes as a remedy that tbe condition of tlio clergy
?bMla be Improved, and ho calls ou tho pubilo to de
nounce guilty parlies.
Can ad n,.
State of Penn'a...
V\ if*Inml
Cltv or Berlin
The Queen..
Mont a nil
P ( aland
State of Nevada..
City of OhoKtvr...
I Dcntmarton I
< >ct
I Nov 13.1
I Liverpool.,
| London....
I Havre.
CIahromt.. ..
| llamoitrtr..
i Liverpool..
Bremen ..
(Jlamjow. ?
(rlasgow ?..
I .iverpool..
(tlansow.. .i
H amhiirr;..
(illlH^'OW.. . .
I .iverpool..
|4 Howling (ireon
17 Bownufr Oreen
05 Broadway
HO Broadway
72 Broadway
HI Broadwav
lft B road way
117 Broadway
BW Broadwav
2 Bowl in ?r Or?en
7 Bowling Oreen
89 Broadway
55 Brand way
4 Bowline: Ore?11
61 Broadway
50 Brondway
72 Broadway
15 Broadway
'17 Broadway
7 Bowltnsr Oreen
12 Bowling Oreen
IT.) Brondway
1 Bowling Green
01 Hrofdwav
2 Bowling Oreen
7 Bowling Oreen
2<? Hron lway
01 Broadwav
*29 Broadway
COASTING AND FOREIGN TRAL?E.-Capt>i,ins or o(tlcer?
af vessels engaged in the coastlug and foreign trade observ
ing the displacement orr?tnoval of inn bnoy* are requested
to communicate the fuel to the II F.itALn, so that it inav he
brought publicly t<> tlio attention ?(thn proper authorities.
A letter addrossod "To tlie editor of the Hp.k.w.d, New York
city," giving ?* accurately a* possible tlie number and posi
tion ol displaced buoy* or the cause of their removal, will
?tntlice In all cases observed uIoul- the Atlantic aud Pacific
coasts of the Aiuoricnn Continent. When they am observed
on tli" coast nfEuropcnn countries or in tho Mediterranean
it li requested that Information he xniit either by telegraph
or letter to the London office ot the Nkw York 4(1
Fleet street. London, or to the Purls office, 01 Avunue <le
t'Opera, l'nri*. Where tins telrirraph is used despatches
mil* ho addressed "Itonnett, 411 Fleet street, London," or
"Hennett, <11 Avenue do 1'Opera. Paris." Where eases of
llsplacement are observed in tho waters of countries beyond
'I'D reach of the telegraph, us in Asia or Africa, captain*
may communicate Willi us upon reaching tha first conven
ient port. This information will be cabled, free olcbargo. to
,he Hmtlti nnd publikbed.
IIkrami has ndoptod a distinguishing Coston night signal
lor u?e on hoard tho IIkrai.ii steam yacht, showing whlio
bnrning tho colors r.'d. green, red, chancing from one to th?
otlier in succession, and can lie seen several miles distant.
Captains of vessels, upon seeing this signal, will oblige us
by preparing any marine news tboy may havo lor the Ship
Newt Department of the 11 KIUM).
Rgr Persons desirous of communicating with vessels arriv
ing at New York can do so by addressing to such vessel*,
care of Hkrai.p news yacht. Pier Not Eust Klver,-New
York. Letters received trora all parts of tlia world and
promptly delivered. Duplicates are re<|iilrod.
Sun risen f> 12 | Gor. Inland.. .morn 2 44
Sun sots '5 20 | Snndy Hook., morn 1 flu
Moon sets morn j Holl Gm?. ...morn 3 2!)
Octohkr 14, 1877.
Horseshoe. ...
Hospital -hip.
4 P.M
Mar. iber. | , hta
Incu.l Oeg.l ind. Wei
:*>.:iii| T:t! WI Clear
:?). it lis SW 'Mear
<'.4| SS'.V|Clear
New Vork | 12 I'M *30.1.'?"? 63j Wji'lear
PORT OK NKW Y0I1K, OCT. 14,1S77.
Steamer The Queen (Br), Bra^rg, Liverpool Oct 3 and
Queenttown 4th. with nidse inid It'll passengers to K W ,1
llurst. Mud moderate weather: Oct in. 10 I'M, pasted two
steamers boumi E: 11th. I AM. a steamer bound do.
Steamer Wimbbdon (Br). Watson. ijtverpool Sept 2i>, In
ballast to Mill X Radmann. Oct in. lut 4.'l 'Jit, Ion 5ft ."HI,
passed snip Marlborough (Br), Monroe. from Bremen for
Sow York ; I Itli. lat 42 17. lop ??l 47, bark Mary 8 Gibson
(Br), Sloan, hinra for Ix>ndonderry.
Steamer Nareutn (Aus), Kaicevich, Belfast 14 days, in
ball list to Hlocovich A Co.
Strainer P ('aland (Dutch) Dodoes, Rotterdam Sept 29
and Vlissingcn Oct 2, with mdue and passengers to Fuuch,
Edye A Co, Mud fine weather.
Steamer City of Merida Reynolds, Vera Cru* Oct 2,
Campeacliy 4th. Pmnreiio 5th ami Havana Wth, with indso
and passengers to K Alexandre A Hons.
Steamer Ashland, Doughty, Charleston, HO, Oct 10, with
mdse to J \Y ijulntard A Co.
Steamer Benefactor, Jones, Wilmington, NO, 3 days, with
inrtse t? Wm P Clyde A Co
Steamer VVyanoke, Couch, Richmond, City Point and
Norfolk, with mdse and p<n?eiisor? to the vjld Dominion
Htoainshln 0?.
steamer hatteras, Mallett, .Norfolk, with mdse to tbe Old
Dominion siesin*hli> Co.
Steamer New Yorg, Quick, Philadelphia In ballast to
Hogert Ar Morgan
Ship Derbv d?er), iluneken, Bremen .'14 dny%, in ballast
to Theo linger. Sent 2b had a hurricane from NNE; Oct (I
another hurricane from NNE ; Supt 20, lat .V? 2!*, Ion 2u 11,
spoke ship Tran?|uebar. from Bremen for New York; 2lst,
no lat, Ac. hark Adolf (iter), do for do.
Shin Anna Decatur, Bonine, Bremen .*14 days, In ballast
to order, Had fine weather.
Ship B D Metralf (Nor). Kuudsen, llarre 85 days, in bal
last to 0 Tobias A Co. Sept 'J'-i, lat 4"?. Ion 39. h d a hurrl
cane, comm'ticing at 8b and veering to N W, lasting H
hours; blew away three lower topsails and lore and main*
topmast staysails.
Hark Britannia (of Whitby). Arais. Liverpool via Dela
ware breakwater 32 days, in ballast to Benham A Boyoten.
Bark Souvenir (Nor>. Andersen, Plymouth 44 days, with
china clay to Punch* Kdye A Co.
bark Kortunn^Kispoli (Ital), De Martlfto, Bristol, K, .'Ift
day*, in ball ant To KuiiCh, Kdye A Co.
bark Drugl Dubrovacki (Alls), I'ercleh Cork 2* days, in
ballast to order.
Bark Amati dtal), Verengo, Dunkirk .V7 days, in br.iUnt
to order. Came the southern passage, and had light vari
iibio winds and calms; had no NK trade* ; rtapt 23, lat 2*2,
Ion 4*1 spoke bark buigl b (ital), from Limerick tor Balti
Bark Icnrus (cf Windsor, NS>, Cochrane, lilacs Bay, t;B.
8 clays, with coal to Peikin^ A .fob; vessel to C \(T Borteaux
Brig Susie .1 fit rout, Irickeit, Cardonas 15 davs. witu
sugar to Youngs. Smith A Co; vessel to Simpson, Clapp A
Co. Oct 4, 5 and 6 bad a revolving hurricane, sm?.e strong
variable galex.
Brig Lyula If Colo. Rose, St .Tairo Sopt 12 and Gtian
tHiiaino 2bth, with sugar to Brooks %1 Co; vetsel to Way
dell A* Co,
brig John Pierce. l)li?s, Baltimore, with coal to Brooklyn
Gas i o
chr Mathilde Krans (of Provinretown), ttiuatl, Buenos
Ay res "?1 days. In bnilast, to Brett, Son A Co. Crossed tbe
Equator sept !Of in ion .'i.'i VV. Sept IB. lat H 32 N. lou
'jb 10 W. snoke bark Loyal Ham (13r). from New York for
Au|ei, name date, Ac., bilk May Queen. from Baltimore
for Klo.) anelro. ,
Sclir A Lkura, Jorgeunen, for'. Antonio, J a. 18
days, wilt. Irtill to Win Poucln*. rrHMl to B ?' ?enberf *
Co. Had light wind* nod calm*; >ept -" off Cape
(Cuba), Mmke brig .-um?u B (fin. from Halifax lot St
J ago ; Oct l. Idt-Jl .V). loo 74 'JO, ?ciir Washington, from
Boothbay for Barucoiw . .
Sehi 'I* II Livingston. Ilntfyijua. Jacksonville &day*?
with lumber to order; rmrl to A Mudtfett.
Kchr Horatio Nichols. llapiitv. Richmond, Yd.
Kchr Joseph Marsli Brown, Virginia.
?chr Wm llenrv. Van Name. Virginia.
Bear Joliu l.e tubal. Martin, Virginia.
Schr Manual! Champion. Hirdaali. Virginia.
Kcbr Klla Warden, r artnan. Virginia.
Hclir H K Giles, Camp, Virginia
Kchr Flora Curtis, Lotigstrcet, Virginia.
SchrJennie Hall I.uveliina. Virginia.
schr Joaepn A Franklin, Bowker, Virginia.
Kciir Keliance, Taylor. Virginia.
8c r Sandy liuok, Pharo. Virginia.
hchr Karab ynlnu, l*e. Virginia.
Sclir John Hurley, Nortlinu, Georgetown, DO.
Sclir A C Lyon*. Jeffrey. Baltimore.
Kchr Klindit Holmes. lireen, Baltimore.
r>cl?r LAM Knowles, Wood, Haiti morn.
Kcbr Garrett P Wright, Cropper, haltimore.
Steamer City of Pltchburg. Springer. New Bedford tor
Mew York
Steamer Aruslinel. Hector. New Bedford lor New York.
Steamer Bolivar, (jeer. New [.oudon and Norwich for New
sclir Kanny Flint, Warren, Lubec for New York.
Sclir Nellie Chase. Randall, Portland. Me, for New York
ochr Jatuea Warren. Drisco, Kockland for New York.
Schr It B i.lbsou, Dorr, Han.'or for New York.
Schr l<adv Antrim, Carter, Wareham lor New York.
Schr Angler. Besse, Warehsm for .Mew York.
Schr Ada Herbert, Allen. Waroharo tor New York.
Schr S S Smith, snow, tVareham lor New York.
Schr Jobn Losler, Tisdale, Taunton for New York.
Scbi Plvmoutli Rock. BurKer. Boston for New York.
J-ehr Amerlciin Kagle. Brown, Boston lor New York.
Hclir John II Uould, ilawnin-, New Bedford lor New
schr Nightingale. Young, New Bed'ord for New York,
sclir Ian- ot fines. Legg, New Bedford for (ilasgow, NR.
Sclir ilclcu. ferry, New Bedford tor New York.
Hclir Palladium, Ryder. Somtrwl lor New York.
Sclir fella* Ross. I.ewii, I'awtiickot for New ^ ork.
Schr J M Freeman, bblridge, Warren, KI. for Now York.
Schr Florida. Bauley, Fall Itiver lor .New Yorg.
Schr S M 'I'yler. Hurl. Kail Kiver lor Now York.
Schr Kllza A Itrbecca Price, Fall Ktver for .New York.
Schr John Crocklord. Hart, Fall lilver lor New York.
Scbr James Parkinson, Sr. Kelly, Kali River for New
Schr Sallie T Cbartru. Tiefetheu, Providence for New
Schr John D drifting, Uould, Providence for New York.
Scbr Jh* II Y'oung, Barrett, Providence for New ?ork.
Schr Tun-rent, Thurston Providence lor New York.
Sclir Ve anon, Ponil, Providence lur New York.
schr M Mnnsou. Tyler, Providence lor New York.
Sclir Wni Whitehead. Titus, Providence lor New Y'ork.
Sclir John Stockliam. Hart. Provldeuce lor lloboken.
Scbr Mitrln Adelaide, Kent, Providence for New York.
Schr llnitry .May, llatcli. Providence lor New York.
Sclir Liftiie L Mill*, Armstrong. Providence lur Now
Schr K Piower, Hubbard, Providence for New York.
Sclir Alexandria, Fulklnghaui, Providence for New York.
Schr A T Rowland, Rowland. Providence for New York.
Sclir A (I Pease. Peane, Portland, Ct. lor New York.
Sclir Robert B Smith, Smith. Portland, Ct, for New Y'ork.
Schr J Porter, Burrows, New London for Philadelphia.
Scbr Sarah R Thomas. Arnold, New London for Philadel
Schr Texan. Davis, New Loudon for New York.
chr Louisa Franklin, Andrews, New L.>ndou for New
Schr Hattle S Collins. Rraiuerd. Hartford for New York,
schr (too B Mar kin, Williams. Hartford for Now York.
Scbr Lnuiartine, Davis, Stouiugton lor New York.
He ,r liannah Blackman. Arnold, l'awtncket for New
Schr Kutie J Hoyt, lleaney. New Haven for Now Y'ork.
Schr B K WilaO'i, Wilson, New Haven for Now York.
Hclir Addle P Avery, Thompsou, Now Haven for (ieorga
town, DC.
Sclir I ii?hion, t/arberry. Bridgeport for Now York.
Sclir Annie Chose, Uibson, Middletown, Ct, for New
Sclir Hamuel P Godwin, Willinms, Stamlord tor Now
Brl^ Lady Mary (Br). Re.\, New York for St Johns, NP.
Schr Kate Scranton. Pond, New York for Providonoe.
Schr Henry FaulkiuKbam. New Y'ork lor St Jobn, NB.
Sclir Moreliiiht, Allen, New Y'ork for Calais.
Scbr l.eoiuino, Stevens, New Y ork tor llostou.
Schr Win F Burden, Adams, Itobokan for Providence.
Kcl;r Volant, Rnlibett, Roudout for B.iuifor.
Schr J II Burnett, Riissinussen. Romlout lor Providence.
Scbr Olive. Patterson, Haverstraw for St John, N B.
Sclir B S Woolkey Ttrtoll. Port Johnson for Pawtucket.
Sohr Tarry Not, Church. Aiuboy for Prorldence.
Sclir J J Worthlnyton. Pitch, Amboy for Providence.
Schr Id.tlio. Thormlike, Amboy lor Fall River.
Sclir Alice B Basaett, Amboy tor Boston.
Scbr hdwin Francis, Philadelphia lor Providence.
Kchr K II Wilidln, Heath. Philadelphia for Boston.
Bark Concordia, from ??.
HriK Nellie Husted, Brewster, from Jucmel Sept 24, to
Brett, Son <Sc Co.
Ship City or Shanghai (Br), at San Francisco Oct 8
from Newcustle, NSW, reports flmt lodaye out had strong
gales from KSK to RNK. during wlilcli stove bulwarks, Ac.
Bake Mary Bkll Koiikrts was to be sold by the United
States Marshal at Bau Francisco Oct 12.
Brii; Tomaiito <>'p), from i'ascagonla for Ghent, which
put into Havana Oct 7 in distress, will probably have to
discharge for repairs.
Brio XnaiilK (Br), from 1'enssrola for Londou, before re
ported wrecked on the Loggerhead renf. Tortillas, struck
In foirgy westhor and heavy sea. which immediately
earned away her mainmast and galley, swept dock, un
shipped rnd'lrr. Ac. The muster and crow abandonod her
nml landed nn Loggerhead Key. On the receipt uf the news
ftrmi*h? by tlie steamer Rio ijraude, Key Won wreckers
went to tl><> brig's assistance, hut Undine that the cargo
wa< lumber they did not think it wqrtli saving. Steamer
Cora brought the master and crew and snrh materials and
stores u> could he saved to Key West, "n the 2<ith. and de
livered tlie same to hor Britannic Majesty's Vice Consul,
The materials, Ac, were sold at anctlou 2:?th nit lur
ft!: >5 45.
Srint MOKRO (Hr*. from Nova Scotia (or Martinique (be
fore repi'rtoil). with Ish, wok abandoned In a very bud con
dition, Sopt 27, 1st 20 .VI, Iimi nolo. Iler captain (lleusct)
reports having: experienced a succession ol trains from the
lHtli to tho 27th. The orew were landed at Havana Oct 7
by steamer Mississippi (Br), from Liverpool.
Senk Akxmoni, of Hew Haven, wrecked at West Hamp
ton, LI. will have anchors, chains and rigging savod. I!ipt
Kth.:ridge, who is expected homo ill a few days, lost his
gold watcli and chain, nearly KKJll iu money, all his clothes
and charts, and, in fact, all his personal property, barely
escaping with IiIh lite. Nothing else than what is above
mentioned will he save 1 from tho wreck.
Kt iin N A Karwkli,. Dlser, has been abandoned at sen,
nnd crew iandod at <!e*irgoiown, III), Oet 13. The follow
hie is the captain's reportLeft Hull Itlver Sept 21 for
Wood's Hole, with cargo ol phosphate rock ; weather bois
terous. Came to anchur at St Helena Bar and romained
until 28th, and then proceeded to sea. Mad a succession of
gales. On the 5th of October Jib stays gave way, and while
in the act of securing them (tllbert Lyman, second mate,
fell Irom aloft, striking on forward lionse, a dls
tnncc of fifty feet, and was taken np lor dead. Altor
examining him, loitnd he still lived, und took
him in alter cabin, (lave him all possible care.
On the Otli. while turning out close-rocled mainsail, Isaac
S Norwood, clil'-t mate, was knocked olT the main boom and
lost. A heavy so* was running at the time, and could not
launch the boat with safety. Oct s, stinng gale Irom SK
and a bad cross sea ut the time ; vessel making consiuern
ble water. At I'M discovered mast coat on mainmast to
be toru away and water pouring down in tho hold; the
wedges had worked out. mainmast working baoly, pumps
eont.finally going: founded tlie pump and found 5 ieet of
wot.-r iu the hold. Every effort was made to stop
tho water from going down, but of no avail,
as the deck was so full of water. Bet sig
ii:? I of distress to a 'I masted schooner, which
proved to be tho Alfred Brnhrook. of Taunton. Mass, Capt
Berry, bound to tienrgetown, DO, who Immediately bore
up for us. Asked him to lay by, n. my vessel was slukiug.
At 4 I'M the Hrabrook's host was lowered and took us
ahoarl. Saved nothing but what we had on at tho time.
We did not have time to get l.vnian out of thecanln; he
was about brouthing his last at tinio ol our leaving. Our
boat liHving swamped, tbe Hrabrook's boat nn
lowered and pulled toward my vessel agaiu In the
hope of netting l.ym.in out, ooud or alive. My crew
being worn out Captain Berry sent Ills men, but before
reaching the schooner she went down, llarncgai NW by W
411 miles distant Sue txuk in twenty minutes after leaving
her. Our obligations ?re due to CaDtuin Berry lor his
prompt rosponse to my signal jf Mistress, the skill mani
fested iu handling his vessel, anil above all for tbe kind
attention he bestowed upon ns in toe time ol our greatest
need. 11 he above Is the unknown sclir seen to founder by
senr Lena Hunter, at Baltimore.)
Halifax. NS. Oct 14 -A French hrigantlno was wrecked
on the 1st inst six miles NSS of Cape Race. Out of a crow
of nine only one was saved.
Intelligence from the southern shore of Newfoundland is
received of Improvement of the cod fishery,
Oui'iiKC. Oct II The schr Marie Olivine, before reported
as having been run Into hy the steamer Bnrl of Lonsdale,
while on her way down Irom .Montreal, is discharging tier
car*o at Eraser's wharf, preparatory to going Into dock for
Tbe scbrs Four Brothers, from Labrador for Montreal,
and Hudson, from Little (Ham Bay, at this port to-day,
dragged their anchors and came into collision in the river
this afternoon, and did each other considerable dutnago.
The screwing C W Jones went to thoir assistance and sepa
rated them.
12th?The ship Hoyal Charter, before reported having
been aground >?nlle on her way down from Montreal, was
hauled Into Bailie's wliar: this evening, where she will bo
examined by .liveri.
San Frakcjsi'O, Oct 14-The steamer Constitution was
pumped out and raise I to day. Ttiu amount ol damage has
tiot yot been asrectallied.
Siiirscil.tMXJ -At Bockport, Carloton, Norwood A Co are
getting out the moulds for a 13'*i ton bark to be built next
At Thomaston. Kdward O'Brien has finished planking
his ship, and she will probably launch in the course of m
week or ten days. Tills is said to bo the largest ship over
built on the Georges lllver.
At Tenerill'e Kept 2.1. >mrk i leoru-e A Miry, Chaee, of ,NB.
bound 8; Iim landed 1(?T> bill* tp oil: Petrel, ot .SB, lannod
lj up.
Hnrk Wbe itUml. Wallace. from Wlnnehah, WCA. for
Boot.HI. IK t 13. lat 41) :n> Inn Hit 4<).
Bark Schiller <Uar), from Bordeaux lor California, Aug 8.
Mi 18 S, Ion 14 W
Hark Joon A iiarvie (Br), from Bremen for Mow York,
Oct H, |,a 4?. 1..11 4.",.
Hnrk tteo Peake (Br), from Liverpool for Sydney, CB (or
Cliurlott?to#n, Oct 8, Im 48, Ion 41.
Mer .ant*, shipping ug'.nts and shipmasters am Informed
thn' ny telegraphing to the IH hai.ii London Bureau, ml
dealing "Bennett, No. 4<l Fleet siren, London," or to the
Paris office, addrosiin* "Bennett, III Avenuo de I'Opera,
firli," the arrival* at and departures from Kuropomi and
Kaatern port* of American and nil foreign vessels trailing
with tlio United States, the same will be cabled to thin
country froa or chargo.
Captain* arriving at and nailing from French and Medi
terranean ports will Dud tbo Parle officii the more economi
cal and expedition* lor telographlng new*.
AHTWFRr, Oct 1U?Arrived, shirt Klorkors (Nor>, Tallak
?en, Philadelphia; Calllopp (llr). Sinclair, do; harki North
ern Queen (Br), Oollard, Now York; Kronneviu (fler).
Hiirchnrd, Wilmington, NO ; Francis llllyard (Br>,Cann,
Hmiuwntsiiavicji, Oct 12?Arrived, berk Jeunle a Barkor,
Wsite, Uan goon for Zwyndrccbt.
deegitn, to Oet 1 a?tailed, bark Cblmoea (Nor). llaave,
Bkmm, Oct 13? Arrived. ihlp Carl (Oar), Brokelmaon,
flaw York; bark Hplea (Oer) Merer. do
Rdiivmcx, Oet 12?Arrivod, bark Lady of tba Lata (Br),
McKrmit, New York.
CARnirr. Oet la?Hailed, bark 8 A BlaiMdll. Sawyari
Konigjbkru, Oct 10?Arrived, ablp Maria Loulaa (Nor),
Jeuaeii. New York.
Livattrooi* Oct 13?Arrived, barki Advocate (Br), Smith,
Montreal: Unity (Br), Buctouche.
Mamkilum. Oct 12?bailed, Mary Keuteo, rnrKlo Jan
Kottrrda*. Oct 12?Arrived, bark* Leaaepa (Nor), Steen,
New York; Kriaete Bird (Nor), Vondar Lippe, do; Jason
(Nor), Thornen, Charleaton ; Andrea (Ore. k), Coechinni,
New York; Klty (Dntcb), Tlnhoit. Pensacola.
Ktkttin, Oct 10?Arrived, bark Km press (Oar), Vehlow,
New York.
Barrow. Oct 11?Arrived, bark Edina (Br), Duff. St Mar*
Buret'* Buy.
Bklvast. Oct 11 ?Arrived, bark Emma Marr (Br), Shield*,
St John. NB. .
Biti.nos Ames, Aug HI?Arrived, bark Peru (Br), Craltf,
Victoria. . _ _ _
Katonvillk. HH, Oet rt?Sailed, *blp O B Zaton (Br,
new*, for Baltimore.
Havana. Oct 7?Arrived, ataemera Kradarlco (Hp), Aver.
iKturl, Liverpool. HIkImIlipI iBr), Lindall, do via Coruune
(lor New Orleans !Uh) ; brim Olara (Bri. I.lubertt, Shields
borourli; H-icky Olen, Allen, Bonton: Tomaalta lSp>. Eqnl
n.lu, P??caicoitla lor Uheot tin dlatreaa) i ?cbr Theresa O,
tiutlerre*. ShieldaborouKh; -Hit, steamer SandriuKham
(Br). WatMiu. (ilaatcow: bark Elba, Pierce, New York;0:h,
slemuer Alba (Sp). Mareami,New Orleans
Sailed 7th bnrkx Pbare (Kr), David. Pancaifoula; Aube.
pine (Kri, Anlonl. New Orleans.
Cleared ?tli, barku America (8p), Kaxeneras. Now Or
lean*: Nueva Buenaventura (Sp), Bandrich, Savannnh;
O'.h, Proapotidad <.Sp), Mora, Not Orlounn,
Halifax, Oct 13?Arrived, ateamer Caspian (Br), Trocks,
Baltimore tor Liverpool.
Matanzax. Oct 7 -Sailed, schr Seirnln. Hall. Mobile.
Montmkai.. Oct 12?Arrived, steamer Canadian. McLean,
(ilasirow: kblp Indian Uhlol, tleruier, Liverpool; barUa
Nortliumbria. Nicholson. do; Lothair, Dosmnnd, Cow Bay.
Naileii r.'lh, l.ri)? Mairitie, (Jrqiihart, Montevideo.
(jUKRKC, Oot 12 Arrived, steamers Ertim i Lawsnn, Mills,
Swansea Tor Montreal; Constance, llobsou, Greenock for
do: Seousley. KorttWe, Newport tor do; abtD Koaeneath,
McVicar. Halifax for do. brig Ocean Monarch, Leroy,
Oreen 'Ck for do
Cleared 12tli, steamers Munltobao, Mcl)ouf;nll. Ulasprow;
Circassian, Wylle. Liverpool: barks Norway, Oinmuudson,
Fleetwood; Glasgow, Moore. Llvorpopl.
ALEXANDRIA. Oct 12?Airlved, ?ctar Norman, Windsor,
N Sailed-Solir Archer A Reevoa, Groton.
Pa<.?cd iid for Georgetown?Schrs Oliver Ames, frntn
Providence; D 1) Everett. Salem; Hattle Crowoll, Ron
" "passed down froin <ieorKotowt.-Scbr? M?ry E1 Look. Tot
S?Srr,: IWK Peveriatf0V ro riden c*; Joh<1 <;ri"lth?K?i
C?mbr?dK?fjohn R lialllday. Hobokcn: Searsville, Bos
t0H'f>HTQN Oct 14?Arrived, ititmcn Yeddo (Br)? Owen,
lluii K' New Braiuvli'k, uflnobMHr, HtJoUu.NB: w "J
CranVuioSSZ lUIUmorefNer-UH llallo,t. New Vork.bark
Mary Jciiiiim, Oakee. Palermo; hrlits Isaac Oarver. Gray,
Edith * Puller, do; Georire J5 \ oonjr, Marshall, do, ^^cliei ^
?*jun.*in Seaman; Kobort S Graham, Smith; Mary S Brad.
shaw Van Glider; Wm 11 Whlttaker, Earl. and S C Tryon,
^Bcfow-A^tiame'r^uppW to bo the Boadic. (Hr). from
Newcastle. K.
Sailed -Steamer Iberian. . ? ,,._j
BALTIMORE, Oct 13?Cleared, schr Mary II IlRnd,
" 14U??Arrived, .teamere VineUnd. Bowen. New York;
Ruleltrli. Oliver. Wllminrton. NO; sh'ps .'. if* hark.
I ewls Antwerp: Celestial Kmntre, Stewart, do, bark*
Oarrs (Nor) Olson. Liverpool; Bridgetown (Br), Crisp, do;
schrs UH Graut, Now York; George W Andrews, drover,
W?GrbRS Oct 12?Cleared. briir Hnrrv Smith, Weeks,
MBATH.' Oct'18?Sailed! brlit Antelope, Cole, Georgetown,
?Ld Kbe" KS0Reyn.rsTl,pi,lUdo.p ,la;".^nnie FWIL '
r.nvd ^ruXk.'B^rr. " Eli.e B cSnio C?l-.?nd?UB
Jflo J Ciiadwlelc, Norris, New\ork, Aetta M Barter, liar
t0BKVBKL?Y*'Oct 12-Arrlved. schr Kebecca II Quoon,
PC f,?A BLEST' ON '"Oct 11?Cleared, sclir B N Hawkins,
^Sal'ied ?B*rk?Ponema (Br). Cordon. Liverpool
13th-Cloared. sclira W L Bradley. Chase, Weymouth,
"lSti-AmveoT^tit^merT^cou. Klrby. Baltimore; sMn
Joaquin Serra (Sp). lsern, Havana; bri* G t Geary. Conk
""uANVKRS* Oct 12?Arrived, achr Lnclo B Ives, Irelan,
Phl)UTCPH''i8LAVD HARBOR, Oct 10-Arrlved. schrt
Helen of Provldonce, ??: Tempest. Cessnor, 1rovidence
for Trenton ? Ontario, Dow, Fall Rlvor for New \ ork; ? "U
Hanks Llnscolt, StJnlin, NH, for Phllalelphlt; Golden
Ewrle.'Kelloy. Providence for New York; Elius Ross. Lewis,
i'awtiii'ket tor Perth Ambny.
llth-Arrlved hrlK Charles Dennis. Dodge. Baltimore;
.rhr.tleo W Whltford. Biyant. from Providence lor I once,
Pit Ma?c?ia .VuDson.Jr. Tyler, and O F llawloy. Tyler,
do for New York; George S Marts. Marts. Bdirartowrn fo?
Baltimore? Lucv K Cogswell. Cheney. Philadelphia fo.
Newburyport; Campbell, Mathews. Vlnalhaven ,orvN''i
York; New Zeal snr1 Haskell. Fox Island. Me, Tor New Ynr,|
Phil Sherldao, Lindsay, Providence lor do. J K OmvoI
Wall Calais lor do; Oriole, Baker. Gardner for Phlla W?
nlila" Nellie Chase. Kundull, Bath for New York: Jarae*
1)1 verty Carroll. Pawtncket for Port Johnson; Empress.
Parker. Philadelphia lor St John, NB; AKnei \oiidk, BUs
Wiath^AM?SaTletT orl? Cherlee Dennis; schrs Goorae W
?ffinl Lncv It Coiruswell, (1 8 Martin. Phil Sheridan,
and Nellie Chaso; Winner. Nash. St John, Nl?. for 1* hi la
pnRT Sent HO-*lleared. bark Nellie Krett, Davis,
r.rrais fo? NiwTerk ; schrs PenWlv.,niu. MlUlwn, No
York; Oet 1. Z A l'alne, Jones, do; 7th, I ercy, Mitchell
''"koRTRRSS MONROE. Oet 14?Sailed, bark Qulckstop,
* (iK(m,nETO\VNn 6c * Oc\nr|^?Arrived, schr AUred Bra.
brKEVBW^s'T_sTnt 25?Arrived, schr Wnpella, Penny,
"Sl'vCfllASPOBT, Oet ?-In port, wtir wind, brig Ellen
Mitchell Eatou. trom Shnlee, NS. for Liverpool; schrs
'Steel, from Windsor lor Baltimore; 1 A Stuart,
lLon Irom do for Alexandria; Alma. Johnson, and t.nr
IhoiI Llbby from do for New York; Viola, Cole; Mairr.et,
Kietcher an" Rio, I'hllllps. from Shnlee. NS. for d?J
Gam.na hoblnson. for New York; Para, Brown, tor Boston.
*RW or.LEA NS. Oct 10-Bolow. barks Rebus (Nor),
from Atendal; Kln?ston (Br). Lindnren from Greenock.
14th--Arrived, steatners Mississippi (Hr), Liadall, Llvor
^Pamw! Oct 14?Arrived, Hchr John B Wood, Smith, Uos
l?Stiiled?-Steamer Memllnjr (Br), Llrerpool
NEW BliDKOKD.Oct 13?Arrived,scbs White F< *m. Tlx,
Georeetowii, 1>C; J M Baylee. Suow. Philadelphia; Res
roe Kolley andET Smltn, Gardner, Port Johnson, I I*
fiasard Howes, Elletbethport J Flore nee. Snckett. Haver
straw ; itaeer, Johusou, Klnirston, N Y ; Sarah Jane, Sleeper,
M wlne'd-Schra Wm D Marvel. O'Keete. Georgetown. DC;
American lean. Cros.ley. do; John H I'erry. Woods, I hll
adetphia; TW Spencer. Courser, llondout; Isle ol 1 lues,
^IWdout the hay 5 I'M, echr Jesse Murdock. Slocum,
WNEW^>KT!'o?'Tl!hi;M-Arrlved. Wm U Card, Foss.
|,h??lUd^idir Bcnj English, Chase, Sow York for New
"l^h-Arrlved, ?hrs Robert B Smith. Spragpe Rockland
for New Yo"" Ospray (Br). Fowler, Philadelphia for St
lohn MB; Arthur Burton, Coombs, do tor Boston;
Klaz.'Frlibee. New York for Portsmouth (and all sailed
th-!ailad?Schrs R G Waehbnrn. Messier. Providence for
Il'averstraw; Artist, Clements. Pocasset; Joe Carlton^
\VpM?ArrWed'!'schrs' Florence'' Nowell. Llnpo, Phlledel
nliia- >ar.ih W Blake. Ilriuirs. Somerset for Newark; Elm
f-Vtv Kelley. Pawtuck t for New I ork. Ilel -ii Mar,
>ickeraou; John D Grlrtin. Gould, end A S Emroy. Emroy,
Providence fordo; John Brooss. !? ox, do tor . erark.
Sailed ?Sctr Belle R Hull. Brush, Fall River lor New
Y VFW LONDON Oct 13?Arrived, schrs E M Baxter,
Philadelphia; J J Pharo. Alexandria ferGreton; Angler,
Wareham lor New York; A G 1'ease. Connecticut River loi
dUSailed~ Schrs Sarah R Thorani. Philadelphia ; Idelie
Y N F1?' H AVES k Oet 13?Arrived, schrs Vapor, Bartlett,
and Keadinit RRNo 41, Eldrldi-e. Philadelphia; sloop Em
',fpHtL ADE M*M I A, Oot 13?Cleared, sehr Sallle Coursey,
" Mth-A^ll?".'^-"''nerVJuniata. Catherine. Sav.onsh;
Persn iueii Aihi-rtson, Chelsea, ship Colclie-ier (itr),.Uet
tie London; baras Ramollno (Br) 1 ?llc01
rictta i.Nor). llolby. Bordeaux; schr Speculator (Br), Wilt.
bToi;T\.As\')e,M'e. Oct 14?Arrived, Ella, from New York;
Vm^IitIVioUTII Oct 12?Arrived, Hriu Zanonl iBr), Le
BUnc Li?V". CB-, schrs Francis L Godfrey. Wnoaton.
Philadelphia; Ida E Latham. Potter, no
Saile'l hclir J L Lamprey, Gould, I hlladelphla.
1'aWTUCKET Oct 12 -Arrived, schrs Ainnrlcan EaHe,
.New ove Phlladelphia; Anthony Bnrtou. Johnson. Port
^'salted?Schrs James Enifllsh. Barker, and Maria Ade
,rird|t;?VU)kNCK.VOet 13?Arrived, steamer Tonawanda,
Sherraan Philadelphia; schrs Henry h; Conudon. Milllken
. nr. sn,*edwell Rhode*. Baltimore; sarah J
irfli Kiaehnaii and John S Iletwiller, Powell. Phlladel
X. Mnsllr. CnOon. Mlllville, NJ ; G A Harden, Green,
?Itw><it,'i'ariire E E Blrdsall, Warren, Georgetown, DC J
p U K|r? Newton Philadelphia; Wm Wnod. Kelsey ?
Hi7.n M?^ NVokerwn- Tiniceut, fhur.tor; AUdle E Kmery
Emery; EmiIy, Provost; Alexandria. Falkln?bam. and
{?!,wnicaet; ' Westmorelend. Allen ; James Alderdlce.
Kockhl l, and Ann S Cannon. Norbnry, Philadelphia,
ST. aiMd Brooklnc*. Port Johnson; Irbaua Allen,
? on.-Kee^efBititstone. Wlckson. and Harves., Corwltt>
N<lU(*0|M()ND. Oct 12?Arrived. sehrsHB Metealf, Ilandr
Albany .Mary Ellen, Joues, ? indsor. Wis.
saiid -Sclirs 8 L ku.aell Suiith Bosion; ^aunaO Well.
Ewluc. Philadelphia; Mary Ha.ley, Oor??n,?e*tmi
SAN FRANCISCO, Oet ft-Arrived, bark Gen Oebb,
?sX'd-sSpe Pbilena Wlnalow. Cheney, Callao; City of
York ?llr) Anld. Portland ; Cumerla (Br,. Stewart. Clver
pool bark, rid a! Wave, Reynolds. Fort Madison; Auro
0lriearmir-BaikMljinalllo (Haw), Marston. Victoria; schr
ilulnnkiila (lUw). Hempstead, Honolulu.
saVVN'NaII Oct 14 ? Arrived, steamt'rn Seminole, Mat
tliAu'M Uonion; NarHLroSMa, Hooper, Baltimore; ship Tros
(\i?r) ' Brauer, Cllouconter, K; barks Therese (tier), Meyerf
Bremen; Oathella (Br). Monro. Liverpool.
%*l KM Oct 12?Arrived, steamer HarrishurR, Worth,
Vhlladalnlita schrt J Penrter. Jr. Welch. Port .fohneon;
Geo A pieVce! Baker, New York : Isabella Vhomnson. Col
1 :,!"aiVed?1Schr" Julian NeTsoujiowei, Baltimore, and other!
b"l"llOMASToN, Oct 11?In port, schr Joseph Flah. toi
^ 'w'a'i'k ILvM, Oct 12?Arrived, schr E F Cabada, Swain,
' s'sl'ud?Schrs Ada Herbert, Allen, New York ; Lady An
trim. Carter, do; Howton, Ntckerson, do; reerlesa, nmlth,
d WESTERLY, Ocl 11?Arrived, lchr M F Webb, Brown.
Port .1 ohnson.
umar W8KKM3$R5wri8X3sx$T|?rr yiccsv
ptiiA dock, oak bottom, *?mnd and in good condulou.
K. EASTMAN, foot 3tst it., K. H.
1 fk I, A It'.I. BOATS WOUD A.N I) OAK.tV ID
Alston. ??cb: cheap; ???ortmont of cithor iliwti .Mitt
tiouth N. Hthi'iiKN ROULHTH.

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