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Tbat Miss Mary* Anderson i? Dot a* yet * perfect
actress Is a met doubtless guown lo herself as well ??
to others. Bui liiat ane has acamreJ a strong bold on
public liking ?ud lalriy de-crves it Is likewise a luet
to which wo rejoico to be able to testify. Froth
dence ol this wut bad last night at ihe Kiltb Avonuo
Tnestre, wbeu Miss Anderson acted "Evadae" to wbat
wan perhaps the most oompllratntsry audience Ibat baa
yei greeted ber Id tlio metropolis. To turu
out on a bad nlgbt to aee a dull play
la a tangible prool ol pbbllo Intoreai id Us ceutral at.
traction, and tboae who showed tbat interest ou ibis
occasion compared favorably lor numbers una sppre
eiaiion wub any gathering we bave seen lu tbe tame
walls during Miss Anderson's engagement. Wo cull |
"Kva'ine" a dull play; yet It baa a value abared with
oihor dramatic works once popolar and Dow passing
jul of public notice Id forcibly exemplifying cbangea
In literary laatea aud lorms. Tbe swelling period*
and magniloquent peripbrasos ol this tragedy?In
kearinu wbicb last night tbe well meant ellorts ol the
audience to suppress tbeir tlitera were amusingly Ire
quuui?contrast sharply witb tbe close ana pnhy
lorm* characteristic or today. On the other
baud, tbe opportunities given lu It to tho artists
lor large and heroic bundling are advantages not U> be
despised. "Evadue" was llrst acted IB 10^0, and is a
play written strictly to measure. It was meant, tbat
Is to say, lor C. Keiuble, Charles Youug, Air. Macready
and Miss O'.NeiJ, aud was carelully adanted to llioir
several abilities. auiel Is said lo buve alUrmed thai It
was very easy writing and lit tuuiid rhetoric does not
tnulce this dilllcull 10 bolicvr. Like most easy writing,
however, "Kvaduo-' Is very bard reading and siili
harder acting. Mainly louoded on Shirley's "Traitor,"
H is tolerably rich In memories of sbakospeare's
'?Measure for Measure," and other plays wbicb Ilia
author lound to his inlud. But evon with these
aids and embellishments the drama Is heavy aud
didactic and nails lor uotbtng less than llrst rite not,
tug to make It effective. In this it resembles tbe
"Apostate," written fur tbe same brilliant quartet.
Bui the "Apostate"?made lamous in this country
by the lale Mr. Booth's masterly acting ol 1'escara?
has a certain lurid splendor, a historic interest and a
variety lackiug id "Eradne. " The latter was originally
the more successlul ot tlio two, but this was oisinly
because ol us superior adaptation to tbe commanding
talents ol us cbief actors. Kerobla was ibea the
model ol tho dashing, chivalrous young lover;
Voujg the llrst player ot the Eugliih stage lor
(nsgniQcently sonorous declamation, Macready tbe
very prince ol elaborate and diabolical villains, and
Miss U'Neil the rose uud darling of beauteous heroines
lu white tuuslin aud dishevelled hair. Such a constel
lation was dazzling even in those days, and its lame
aud prestige have sent these two dramas with toler
able prosperity through two geuerauons tbat havo
uever even heard of "UeMsmira" and "Adelaide."
AH this Implies that "Kvadno," which is at best
lukiug ou an obsolete air, wants, as wo baro said, a
good deal ol clever acting to make It acceptable, it
can only be coaccdcd IB a partial degree
that this need was adequately met bv
last night's performance. Miss Anderson's lew
blemishes and many beauties sre seen m
Kvadno as lu Juliet, aad her handsome figure Is
better sdupted to the ttuluesque requisites ol the
former tbau to the girlish ideal ot tho latter oharac
ter. The young lady has dourly a strong love lor the
picturesque, and ber kuacK at posing, already olten
productive ol good ailed, will, with practice, develop
into u striking and original laciluy. She reads
"Evednt" with strongth and feeling, i( not always
with unimpuguable accuracy, and in the leading situ
ations save ber audience uamistukublo pleasure. Miss
Anderson was often rapturously appluuded, and ou
several occasious was summoned bclore tbe curtain.
Mr. .Studley is lor more at homo iu Ludovuo
than in Mcrcuuo. Ue gives ol the lortuer a vigorous
aud earnest picture, with plenty ol Ure and plenty of
riendish subtlety, uod, il rather roughly drawu, a pic
ture highly gratify lug to tho majority ol bis audience.
Mr. Mudley has worked bard witu Luuovwo. and givus
some of bis UifUcull speeches with undeniable power.
Mr. l'lympton, who sliou.d have plsyed Vicenno, lacks
weight and lorce lor Coloona, but his oousWnt and
evideat ellorts to please, and his rcspeol lor his work
sou the public, gam him credit even when he is some
times misplaced. There vu ratber too much shouting
as the pleco wore on, und the effect of "Kvadne" will
be Improved by pruuing this exuberance in future.
The value of suggesting reserved lorce rsther than
tbe limits ol physical possibility sbould ue
understood by every actor. Negleot or ignoranoe of
this principle Is ihe prolific parent of anti-climax,
tbau which ootbing is more lutal to true impresaivo
aess. "Evadne" was quite Btcely dressed sad set
upon tbe stage last night, and does tbe management
more crcdit iu this regard tbau did "Romeo aud
Juliet." Il is to be repeated to-nigbl and ou Wednes
day; but, if the number and pleasure ot the audieuco
were lo tlx the tenure of lu stay on the boards, the
tragedy might be protltably actod lor sonio time
:onger. With sll its taulis it has brought Miss Ander
eou still more into tavor aua thus has Justified its
After an absence of three years, darlog which Mtss
Bose Eytlngo has won many laurels, and none more
notably waribv tlisa tor bar Impersonations of "Cleo
patra," this favorite of iba New York public reap
pcared last oight at the Broadway Theatre belora a
lurgo sudicnce, which, notwithstandlag the luclemeat
weather, represented much of tha wealth, fashion
snd artistic taste of tho metropolis. The preparations
made by Mr. Dull'. tbe manager, In procuring oos
tumos snd portrsylng scenery appropriate to tha play
were elaborate and left Ilttlo to be criticised. Tbe <?
mounting ol tha different scenes was simply superb,
tod as pictures ot that which we Imagine lo be ancient
Egyptian beauty tnoy have rarely bean surpsssed on
any si ago. As regards tho general perlurmanco it
would scarcely bo just lo apply the barshest rules of
tudgmenl lu a tihuKesporiau play on' its llrsl night,
especially alter wbat Is kuown of tba recently varied
work ol the cuuipiny attached to this theatre.
It can hardly be expected that a week or tan days
would sulllce to maks ordinary actors perleot lo their
lines or expressive in thai emphasis wh.ch a critical
public demand to whom it has been advertised that
duo ot the works ol tho great dramatist
Is lo bo presented wub more than usual effect. Miss
Eytmge was naturally the llgure upon whom conceo.
trated the chiel interest ol the evening, and not only
by hor beamtiul elocution but ber corresponding
luxurtousness ol alliro hold the attention of the audi
ence whenever stio appeared on the stage. In fact
there was scarcely a phrase or a movement which
did not indicate the careful study which
the artist has bestowed upon this superb
hhakaspeurlan spectacle witu which ber name is now
more or leas Idcntiued. With a worthier support?
with su Antony, a Ca?s*r or an Ootavia equal to the
utterance ol the grand luspirstions ol the poet, sbo
would achieve an individuality as strong as thst of
any of the great character actors of the (lay. Physi
cally Miss Kyungo lias an advantage iu the possession
of a round, voluptuous figure, which makes nor a dan
gerous rival to uuy one who seeks to become ber
coniDcer, aud her conception of ine ideal ol Cleo
patra is one which corresponds with that which
most readers of Stiakespoare naturally associate witu
the creation. It was uot that sbe was ablaze with dia
monds, not that every uiovoineul produced a pictorial
wrinkle in her regal roles, sot mat uronnd her was
represented tho sceuiu drapery ol the ancitut days
which uisde ber the cynosure ol interest, but there
a as something in tho dark tlusbltig eyo ol tbe quteu
so sugsostivo ol tbe Kgyptmu loveligni, soiuothiug iu
the undulating grace ol her llgure su wiusome, as to
leave il no matter ol wonder that Antony should be
Ber slave.
Olio ol the exquisite features of the perlormance
thai stood uul like a hut relitj was the ballet id the
third set, wherein Miss Beitr Kigl, us the premier ol
Ihe Egyptian dancers, was tha recipient ol a Dund
Iuuio ovation. Much euro and expense b in evidently
been bestowed ou this tiurllou ot tho programme, and
between tho tublcafis, the limbing ol vari
solorod lights and ihe beautiful posturing u> sugges
tive music, lite audience enjo>od a geuumo sen.-uiioo.
All of me scuuery, co.mines aud properties ol
"Anlony uud Ciooputra'' are new, and the manage
ment certainly deservo crcdit lur their enterprise In
endeavoring to represent ihe best spectacular effect of
Which this great, play is capable. Willi more exhibi
tion ol power ou me part ol ?oiii? ol tbe subordinate
actors me play ought lo be oua ol tha successas ol
tba dramatic season.
Tha English version of "Hebe,'' with which tba
New York public Is lamlliar, waa preieoted al the
New 1'ark Thenire, in lirooklyo, lost evening. The
honors of tbe perlorinsnce are due lo Mr. F.dasoD.who
la a Ubtahed comedian and is careiui and original lb
whatever he attempts, ilisa Aflle Wesver did not
mtkn as forcible an impression ns might havo Iteen ex. '
peeled of her. Mr. Wells was a very Insipid Baby
Indeed, almost entirely without feature.
Dion Bouclcault as Conn, lo "Tha Sbaugbrauu,"
waa groeted by a very full uadienca last evening on his
?ppearancc at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Tho
presentation of tha pieco under the management of
Mr. John 1*. Smith Is excclloul, boiu in regard to the
teenery and to the cast. Mr. K. Limb, a favorite of
the Brooklyn public, and who has long neeu ill, filled
Jio rOU ot Harvey Dufl and received an ovation on bis
mtri* in the Oral scene. Mr. II. W. Montgomery, al tbe
i/nion stijuare Theutre, took the purl olCorty Knicheia.
If ism Lizne McCali, as tony*, inauliested vivacuv,
arennefs ot mauuer and paihetic power. Miss Emily
Bigl impersonated ArloO'Nenle and Mr. K. <>. Mmun
Captain Moltneaux. Mr. Boucicault's realistic por
trayal of Irish humor and sentiment possesses s ler
vor ami pli'iuretqueness winch are equalled liy tew
oibcr comedians, uud tho rollicking eutliunssin Willi
which no assumes ihe character oi Ins own treuiioa
Is especisliy efleclive. lie was gencron-iy applauded, j
On Tnsoksgiviug Day an extraordinary altcrnoou .
pertorm ihce ol "Tba Shaughraun" Will tuKo place.
wood's thratbb, bbooki.tn.
Of dramatizations of Dickens' "Bleak House'' ttiero
are uo cud, and last evening a new ouo was produced
mi Wood s Theatre, Brooklyn, under tbo tine ol
?Tom All Aioiicm." The dramatist Is Mr. H. A. Weaver,
who has mailt a different version irom sir we havo ,
belora ??*?- Thoro art ac?Ma la this ploy like those j
In "Poor Jo" and "Chesuey Wold," and tbore sre
others tbal uppoar !a ueiiber. For example. a scene
in tbe Snagsby ilornc la given, introducing Mr. and
Mrs. Chad bund. The play was written to diaplay (ha
lalouU ol Master N. S. Wood, we understand, who
Appears ?! Ja Manier Woo<l is loo largo for tb#? part,
winch la always played by ainall women, aod he has
not that sympathetic quality iu bis acting which Is
necessary lor tho proper i.iterpreiratiou ol tn? char
acter. I here were nonio good points Iu Master Wood's
acting, but tiia atylo was too heavy al limes ami at
limei, ?{tin, loolijht. Tbe evonm*'s entortalnracnt
was Drought 10 a close by toe performance of tbe
popular burlesque "Pocahontas."
Tho Hutchinson family sing to-night at Cblckerlnc
On Wednesday afternoon Theodore Tbom.is will give
a second public rebeursal at Stetnwajr liall, witb Miss
Mathilda Wilde aa prima donna aoprano.
Mile. Airalo begins a week's engagement at Booth's
Theatre oa Monday, December 3, opening wltb "La
Marjoiatue," which la 10 be foliowod by "Las Cents
Viergea" an.? other popular selections from her
ri^r/oirt 1 ho salo of seuts commenccs to-morrow at
tho Broadway Theatre.
"The crushed Tragedian" will be played by Mr.
Sothera for tbe last time on Tnauksgivtng Day at the
I ark Theatro matinee. "Our American Cousin" will
be produced on Monday next, and on the 17th Decem
ber he will play David Uarrlck. It would be dliBouli
to Qna in the rtpertmr* of any aotor on tbe stage t>ucb
a diversity ol style and character as is illustraied in
the respectiro parts of Dundreary, Sydney Spoonbill,
the Crushed Tragedian and David Uarrick.
[bt telegraph to the herald.]
Bostu.x, Maas, Nov. 26, 1877.
A vory lar?? audience, well tilling the immense
Music Uall, in spite of a pouring rain, gatborod this
evening to hear Mr. A. Oskey Hall. His lecture,
which oooupied nearly two hours iu its doiivory, pro',
ducod a most favorable impression, being in
some points enthusiastically applauded. Mr.
Hall spoke entirely without notes or
memoranda and as If addressing a Jury. He, iu fact,
enacted u trial, oolloqulug for couri, counsel, wit'
nessea, jurors, crier and Cupid, tbe interpreter. Oc
cisionally be rose to all the heights of bis old oratory
when tbe theme allowed It, but for tho most part bis
monologao was a string or witty allusions, saroastio
hits and scholarly sentenoes. He began with a pro
logue of ono sentence, saying be bad come from tho
homo of Bryant and Bayard Taylor to tbat of Long,
fellow and Holmes to beg the ruvor of their play of
laucy and tne excursion of their imagination
while he oonducted them Into the Pantheon
of history to bave an imaginary cauie c(i>brt. He
then described the Pantheon of History externally,
Mlsa Kboda Soothmayd, a woman lawyer, in highly'
poetic language, and later during the siiauoe described
with no little lugonutty tbe fanciful frescoea, tapes
tries, monuments, raltors, aisles, pavements and
oryptaof the interior wltb apt and faltblul allusions
to many ot the historical writers of eminence. But
why. b e asked, aro we beref Fatne has prepared a
wrcatn to decorate tbe tomb of that President who ac
complished most lor tbe lionor of bis country and the
good ol his people. Doubting, she has summoned a
court. Fame Is then described as she stands undor
the dome holding her ilttlo trumpet, which
w as denominated tbe cissslcal telephone ot the civi
lized world. The chair of tho Judgo waa covered by a
cMopy supported by tbe lour seasons. Time the great
dispenser ol justice in tbe tribunals of history and the
custodian oi iamo's awurd. and wboiu one ol his pro
bationury cniiureu call -Father," is the chief Justice.
Ho no longer boldn a scythe, but u sliver reaping ma
tlme?' DHnWOr? "" !K'Ur glHS1' bUt a w socood
v ? ,* no lauRPr M I,tt|hiors bud nim, a in el
lowed iagin about to pick the pockets of Hope or cot
away tbe cbnrais aod cbalu of memory so as to pledga
theut witn Atropos, tbe lateful pawnbroker. Aurera
was the clerk, holding tbe pen oi Minerva and a band
p ?'rr 01 Muw'a lor penwiper, so as not to soil tor
y Angers, It asktjtl wfiat was a court without
counsel, aod the aoswor wag a siagoandtool\*LiB
wttuouta play or actors. Accordingly the various law.
yers were introduced without bciug named, but the
?hffV.Pi,0D8?alWtt!* C0,nP',1"t'Dl?ry?wero so pblnted
that it waa tmpoatble not to recoguize in Fame's udvi
J?7.^n"in**k ?' u*f!lon ; 10 Washington's, Johcj
Jay, in Jackson a, Mr. Tildon; in Jvftorsou's, Senator
Bay.fd; in Madison's, D. 0. F.eld; in Van Buren's
Ad!m?^2' 'n Uuc'l?D"'?. ?*neral Sickles; lor the
Adamses, their two living grandsons; the Hob. Mr
Kepartee, lrom the land ol suusots, lor Polk: Caleb
h?u-ei?v B? llenrJf u??? lor Lincoln,
secretary Kvaris for Andrew Jobnson and lor John Tvler
the Count Johann.sbergor ot the Vintage of 184S wh0
Tnl'm.*!7*' ?f l*ehD'e"h,?e?, authorities, conun
drums and exceptions, and tbe very terror of w?t
oeisscs. Amoug tbo iaitor, as expert, was one wboM? i
picturesque head |waa described aa that liko an Apoa 1
tici s, ana whose presence at iho age ol elghly-lour^ag
a blessing, who bad known every PrssldentexceptTng
Wssb.ugton, and for some llftv years writteu noma
editorial upon all of them. The7 Muso"l.o 1. 5K
shorthand reportor, Harpocrates. the tub rota god of
silence, was crier, and Apollo tho custodian ol the
, wreath, as It lay upon a tablo ol dsizllng m,r
hie lrom the isle of Tharos. The de?cripuon
?f tho flowers in ihe wreath was ?
prose poem, and allusions to the daisies from tbe
graves of Manton, .Seward and Chase, who welded
whit rH,?ey "Ua, "nunoc' and u,at *ero coupled
wkn the rosemary for romembrance and pans os for
tbou^lii, were received with groat apuluuse. The
Jurors were the Christian centuries, and sworn on tho
S^k".'?, ?ib,K f ?" Juror i<a*n' another
tFreek, another barbaric patoii, others French and
some English, an mternreter'had to be prov.ded
1 imo selected Cupid, bt cause one touch ol uuiure
made the whole world kiu and his language the onfv
universal one. Cupid was attending oi, the ladle,
who seem of late to prefer him to the opera He wts"
mouo:? e??K?oe, like an usher it Z
altars ?f llymoo?lug bow or u-bite
do china about bis neck, goidei
at his watch chain, tbe quiver was In uta eveiidamn.i
tho fashionable shoulder bitch was duo to the wound
produced by tho oil ol lem.nlno curiosity thu ftil
m'0.0 h OI/.' tb0 1,mlJ of 11 rs- fsycha Timo aays
that the choice ol Interpreter is felicitous lor he
uT,r1,k"eW " Uw c"? Vxt>oat h*d a nnger in
it duriug some stage, ihe li rat century has a itomsn
general with the sword ol Vespasian, tho cruel tines
'"eiead," a la.nt toLcn oftha, Unc,
ol Ovid and a ray of tbe wisdom of Seneca When
ib? , ,,r,nclP,', c,uii0 be draws hia sword
that did duiy at the siege ol Jerusalem
and wants to light, but the Judge explnlnS
that lawyers' challenges only lead to duels of ukraHM
JiLrtTJl w.uuos against ,Ml0 and reputat^
asked n be has lormod or expressed an oplniun savs
he would like to know when in his early yoU"n i?
public career be could with Impunity bav' luruiod o?
exprei-sed any opinion ! Coun.-cl lor Fame tnteri.os a
s?ysthi? juror hsa a bad record auu is iu urreais iu
bis taxea and ineligible, but peremptorily challoniies
centory is described aa il un individua when
coming to book; tnua ihe Ultb centur/is ?n
oumomer wears a Uoihic iruu cuinss, gosticuliu-H
like a Vandal, carrieg tbe nom o. June 1
shield ol riieodoric, battle-axo of Ainu' uot
ZX W.**r" "" b"r4 J-roMa,
and bo too is peremptorily chaliencod. I he seventh
ceniury u excused; no is aeo, rallv iTu.,. '
The icntb una eleventh ceoturies wero excutod be
cause of tbo clurk (lerun (iiuv did in thn4?> \i i n* *
Tbe eighteenu, contury b^^^re^trupl^.
cause ... euuiaiad live ol tbe competitor*, l ua a.ni
teeuib lacks twenty-three years oi full Jur> aaa. Tbrlurt
being complete alter not a i.ttle luu and uehcloua
cssm over Jurr pre,?r.?lon, Fame's counse o "ns tb.
case in a short spotcll HD(I call, ' ? "?
witness, who Is received wuu ..umense al,w7> Z 1 .
proceeds to give the salient points ol . ?ri!
each President. The examinations aro lr* meui.?i!,U
terrupted aod exceptions taaen and queer Swhoruiea
fr jj.rr. ?,;?
Jr'-s? rr':;, -:r?
ot our daddios, the admission of Louisiana and Florida*
whichturiied?lierwardimoociu.n. ihurlow
turns some < lever bun mot, ut tbe expense oi Fiilmoro*
\oung Adsms makes a stirring speech for his grand*.
lather, who died lor Hie right ol pei.Hcn
1p*ec|i:,11(J?"er.',, s,ckloa makes a leiiuitous si>eech as
does W ill mm Alien Butler, whose |?oem of ??Noih'mir
i? .'i*r ^u'"a?*uy'' he ????" "? "ko, but now ho pre*
fers bo olhcr one, entitled "Iwo M ill ions. " Dudley
?ield makes ingenious points lor James Msdi-on
n hen the name ol Andrew Johnson is called there >?
no rosponsa, but Mr. Kvaits coming In atiologizos
or bent m,e becau.e of an accident to ?,,!
I enns> Ivanian nccommodation tram, and then urn.
ceeds to make a ? conciliatioh" ^|?eech. Counsel
lor Washington aud l.inooln die doCUmeniary
etidence, and Time charges the Jury iirincinniiv
in (heir favor, i ho jury retire un<i. r lead ol Apollo,
who tunes his lyre oh a couch inside oi the iun r.ioni
a "wfi?I?"? rl ,n*"l|)r uo"-. I'owevar, in court upon
a witness. I lie jury split up into queor crotchets.
fho seventeenth century, as lor. man, linally evolves
ix lor Washington and six lor Liucoln This it
rE? ? ? comi.rom.se vurdici. I be wreath is
il* *?., Ihen R *??ort and eloquent epdoguo 10
the. auotanco. Ihe alternations iro.u grave to gay
and the denumg ol the ninu.tng w.th ll.o instructive i
throughout skilluily managed, so aa to
Interest young and old. hlei as woH
gentlemen, and wbilo hitting harit
or I'hi".".^"0,lon" ""' "'""K "??"?. Perhaps tbo hit
?l the evening was tho appvaranee of the lady advo- '
H? MiLr0,udV0.'er",JO'(,r JI"nror- *'? "I'l fellow
ilriL. il . i"! objected to her ap- I
J,',!*', *"'d ''? President oi ihe "Society lor
VV /,c!.1"" "! 'en Against ilie Aggresstou of
un i I ,,ler C0Uo?1Uy With him waa bright, pungent
aurrin'e '"<liU *"*' ?f c""r"e. allowed, after a
the era oI good 'lechi^|"'"" l"? *??^-??rl? and
In St. Patrick's Caihedr.il on .Sunday lust Kev
Fuher F.r.ev, private secretary to His Emmei.ee
Cardinal Mccloskey, aft* r announcing that a collection
would bo iakeu up in all the churches ol tho arch
dlococe for tbo new Cathedral on Suuday next taid
tbat It would probably bo tho last oall made for Ibo
purpose. The former (onorooitf of the rsithiul, to
*8itier with ibo dulooaa ol tbo limes, prevented a
call belug made al an earlier dole, and ?o debts bad to
be oobtraded wblcb moat bow be mot. He alao aaid
that tho new Cathedral woo la bo opou to tbo public for
mapeotion on Thsnksf iving Day.
Mr*. Abb/ May AJoolt, wile of Mr. A. Brooioo Al
cott, ? lecturer add writer of nolo, dlod at ber borne
in Concord, Man., on Sunday evening. Mrs. Alcott
was a descendant on tbo maternal and paternal aide*
from two ol tbe oarlleat Beaton fainlllea, May aud
Bewail. Sbo was tho youngeat and role surviving
child of tbe late Colonel Joseph May and sister of tuo
Ulc Samuel J. May. Mrs. Alcott wai born In and for
many yeara was ? roaident ol Boatoo. dor associa
tions iroin ilrat to last clustered there. She was
? woman ol tho broadest philanthropy una
many elegant acquirements During ber rcnidrnce In
Boston ahe took a groat Interest In doing lor tbe poor
and making them do lor tbeiiiaelvea. She wrote
largely upon tin* ami kindred topics. Her articles
were widely copied. Their style wits most felicitous,
beuming witb descriptions and a huuior which won
largoly lor her cause. Her daughters. Miss Louisa M.
Alcott, author of many books, and Miss May Alcott,
the arlisi, Innorlt lor their respective Hues of work
In a large measure the epccisi capauitics of tbeir
William H. Camp died In Kowsrk on Sunday from
Internal Injuries caused by Jumping off a moving
train at one ol the Pennsylvania It all road stations on
Saturday ovenlng. On Sunday evening early alight
Improvement In hla condition inspired bope tbat lie
might eventually recover. A lew boura later a decided
reaction net in, aud ut twenty mioutea to twelvo P. M.
tbe lujurea man died. Mr. Camp was a nntivo of
New York city, born in 1825. When young be
inado his home In Newark with his undo,
the late Jehu U. Stephens. Ho was appointed
one ol tbe executors of tba estate of tbe latter geutle
inan, wbicli amounted lo about f 1,260.000. Mr. Camp
w?s prominently Identified with the business and
tluaiiolol institutions ol Newark and was known as an
srdeni democrat. He was often urged i? accept
nominations lor important positions aud always de
clined. He wan one of tbo New Jersey l'llden and
Hendricks eleotors u yejrago.
bihuop Marvin.
Blsbop K. M. Marvin, of tbe Methodist Episcopal
Church Soutb, died at bis residonce, la St. Louis, at
four o'clock yesterday morning of pleuro-pneumonia.
Satin. | OnlinatioiL |
Abissi la...
State ?l Pennsyl'a.
I'oinvi ania
City ol t heater....
The Queen
\t iaiand
stato of Nevada..
City ot Montreal..
State of Virginia..
City of Richmond.
state of Louisiana
P. (Inland
I lee
, Dec
I Den
II Kill Dure.
London ...
[Glasgow. . .
London ...
30 Broadway
4 Bowling i.reen
73 Brea-lwav
7 Bowling Green
*>5 lirondwav
72 Broadway
01 Broadway
15 Broadway
711 Broadway
<"!t Hroaoway
37 Broadway
7 Bowling Green
.2 Bowline Oreen
j-t B"Wllng Oreen
7 Bowlla< Oreen
*1 Broadway
II Broadway
72 Broadway
7 llowlinir Green
15 Broadway
37 Broadway
2 Bowling Oreen
20 Broadway
.*>5 Broadway
Bowling Ureea
72 Hroodwuy
HI Broadway
1 ft Broadway
17 Broadway
7 Bowling Oreen
J Bowling Oreeo
'-II Broadway
4 Bowling oteen
72 Broadway
V) Broadway
11 Broadway
7 Bowling Oreen
2 Bowling oreen
21) Broadway
155 Broadway
Sun rises 7 01 | Gov. Island eve 1 31
Sunsets 4 .V> Sandy Hook....eve 12 40
Mood rises ore 11 62 | dell Cats ove 2 10
JTnr. an
Bar ? <* iiia" "'i
Sandy Hook. ?I2P*!29 85|
I /lor.
Hmtr | fiw-A.
4PM 120.80
S I'M |2fl Hi
Nitw York, N'ov. 2<1?Noon.
The tine ball of tbe Western Union Telegraph Company
(by standara tim- of tbe United Hlates Naval Observatory
at Wasniogton) was to-day dropped correctly.
PORT OF NEW YORK, NOV. 26, 1877.
Steamer City ot Chester (llr), Tlbblts, Liverpool Nov 15
and Queenstown Itilb. with mdse and passengers to John
G Dale. Nor III. 72 H mllea W of Kiistnsl. waa iu company
of steamer Tbe (jueeo (Br), from Liverpool for New I or* ;
23d. lat 43 4(1, luu 57 3D. a brig rigged steamer bound W;
Mill, m uilloa B ol Sandy Hook, a National line steamer
bound K.
Steamer Denmark tBr), Williams, London Nov 5. with
raiiae and 52 passengers ?o K W .1 llurat. hxprriaured
strong westerly winds and bieh head sea* throughout tbe
pitasage; lat 40 13, Ion 10 25. encountered a heavy gale
from >Y, accompanied by Ireqiieiit violent squalls, daring
one of wbicb a dr? l>all exploded with a loud report, oioae
to the sbip; lat 40 32, Ion 34 85. paused a quantity of
wreckace. apparently net long In tbe water; Nov 13. lat
4M UO, Ion 20 ON. passed oark Somervllle (ol Nova Scotia;,
Iroiu i batham. N B. lor Seville,
Steamer Scotia (Hri. Oarvle, 1'alermo Oct 25, Denia Nov
3, Valeutla 5th, Malaga Htli and Gibraltar 7th, with fruit lo
lleuderson Brothers. Ilad strong NW gales the eutire pas
Steamer Colon, Griffin Asolnwall Nov 1H. with radse and
passengers to the Pacific Mail steamship Co. Nov 21, ijo
miles > of Cape Maysl, passed steamer Acapulco, heuco lor
steamer New York, Quick. New Orleans Nov 18, with
mdse to iiogert A organ.
Strainer Oenerui Barnes, Cbeeseman, Ksvaunab 4 days,
wim uidte to lien Yoiine.
st.-airicr Sao .lai'lnto, llasard. Savannah 3 days, with
mdse to Murray, I'erris A Co.
steamer .t Iti ol'Macon. Nickerson. Savannah 3 days,
wltli nnlse and passongers lo Ueorge Yonge.
Meamrr Bvaotnctor. J ones, IV ilmlnuton, NC.3dsys, wltb
mdse t > Win I' Clyde A Co.
Rte.inier 'ilh Dnnunlon, WalVer. RYetiMsohd. Clly Tdflfl
and Norloik, witli mdse to the Old Dominiou Steamship Co.
Steamer Wynok', Coueli. Norloik, with ludae to tbe Old
Dominion Stesinsnip Co.
Steamer ilatteras, Mnllett. Norfolk, with tndso to the Old
Dominiou Mtesinsldo Co.
Me iiner h C Knight. Chichester, Georgetown, DC, witb
mdse to J L Koome, Jr.
Hnlp rrincoport ml Liverpool), Blow. Newport. E, 42
days id halliVt to Boyd A lliuckeu. Is anchored at Sandy
Hook lor orders
Ship It llntiinsou. Smith. Antwerp 50 dayi, ballast and
empty barrels to r-now A Bursars.
Ilsxk I'anola, Lunt. Hong Kong .Tilly 8. witb sugar to A
A Low ? Bros, l'as.ed Mijrr Aug2i>, I'ape ol Oood Hope
Sept 24, S? Helens Oct In and crossed the Kquamr Oct l!H
In lou 37 .'fi VV ; took the .11. trades In lat 7 .V) N ; had
them very light, most ol the time irom ' to SHK, with
ram and squalls and inoch thunder and lightning; Oct 2t,
1st ? isl 8. Ion .'*1 10 W, >poke bsrk Darrie fc. Long, from
I'orlland for llueuus Ayres.
Bsrk Drlttno I' tlial). Landini, Liverpool, 52 days, with
eoai to order; ve?snl to Beuuani A Kovesen. Nov 23, leu
miles s? of Absecom. pa.soil a sunken ttoainer wlt!t the
top ol one mast and funnel above wa|.*r.
Bark ttotheaay (Nor). Iversen. London 40 days. In bal.
la.t to Puncb. r.dye k Co.
Bark Ariea tol Dundrei. Lambie, Gloucester 48 days,
with salt to order; v.j??el to O C llnlley.
Bark Ouis 'ppe t'apnrro (Ital), Capurro, Truro, E, 40daj a,
in ballast, to J C Seager.
Bark Varra Varra i.Sor). Boye, Bseelona, 45 days. In bal
la.I lo Louis Teteti".
Bark Jacob iwwei, Lnudberi;, Marseilleti 30 days. III bal
last to htincli. r.dye A Co. I'assed liinriltur Oct 23; had
hue wealner to 11altera*; slnca h*nvy easterly gales. Tho
Jacoh is aucliorsd at Sandy II ok lororners.
Bark Oatalle i?f New iisvcm, McDonald. Demerara 17
da) s, witii sugar and molassrs to II Trowhriogu's -oils
Had strong ,N mid NK gales, with very lioavv >ea, the last
Hi days.
Ilarli liranads, llodsiion. f'rogreso 22 days, with hemp
to Kcheverria A Co; vessal to B r MelcalfACo Nov III,
lat 3 ? 55, loh 74 4o. spok srhr rtao Bias, Irom Baltimore for
Porto t'Nhello.
Brig Ali'lra. I Indsley, IVrto Caiielio 15 ditvs, with e '(Tee,
Ac. to K Goroxa^ X .-on. Dad heavy K auu sK gales.
; elir Keusett, linptil, Liverpool Vl davs, with mdse to K
Talliot A i o. 11 a i I envy W aud h>V galea; lost Jlbboom
and spilt sslls.
Se r Mary C Drcker, Virginii.
? i~stemncr t:ity of Verat'rns, Deskea-whlch srrlved 25th
from Havana, reports Irom lat 2H, lou 7'i, to lat 37 30, Ion
| 74 3D. had variable oiads, nigh ernes sens and heayv rains;
Nov 23. |ii :ti? A.M. (V> mill's of liatteras. passed an Amer
| lean man ol-war. bar* rigged, h ive to;saino ilav. 4 I'M,
t off llntleras, steamer Niagara, hence for Havana; 2Mh. oil
I Ahsecum, bark Guerilla, from Bii'-nos Arres, b mini Ji.
*#-Barks llevlewer tllri, and Roma (Nor), which were
I ancuored in the lower b.iy, came up to tGo city 20ih.
lit>1 INI) SOUTB.
Sehr Madagasrsr. V' unit, Bsng> r, lor New'York.
Mclir Curiie 1) Allen, ,V wcomh. weiillcet lor New York,
sehr Geo 1? Washington, ilolbruok, Wclllleei lor New
.-<<;br J Kiinllsh. B iker. Kali Hirer lor New York.
8ehr Union, Oliver. I all Itlver for New I ork
h?hr Clisse, lugra iam. Providence for New Vork.
henr West Wind, Yea mans. Providence for New York.
HchrGeo A Pierce, Baker. New York for >alem.
sciir I'tnllle Bell Edward, Now York lor I rovidence
Silir i, Adams. Nickerson. Perl Join.son lor Bosn n.
relir .>1 aria Pleming, itiillauis, Atuhnv fnr Norwich.
Sihr Henry Aldcberl, Tooksr, Philadelphia lor New
I Rtfinxr WftMkr, Coach, Norfolk, ?*?Old Dominion
8t**m*lilp Co.
Steamer Ann Rllsa, Richard*. Philadelphia?Jas Hand.
Steamer Heanora. Johnson. Portland, M*?J F Ami.
Ship Favorite (iJeri. l'eier*. Bremen ?Theodore Ruger.
Bark Falmouth (Br). Manson, Liverpool?Snow A Bur
Bark Angloletta Bosso (Ital). Burlandn, Qeenstown, Fal
mouth or rljmouth lor orders?A Baldwin A Co.
Bark Caaaa Marittaiua dial), Caitello. Cork or Falraontb
for nrdora- Sli.?ovic^ A Co.
Bark Marino (Ann, Vatclcb, Cork or Falmouth for .or
der*? Funch. EJye A Co
Bark #nai ? Troop (Br), Ferguson, Cork for ordeia?Jaa
W Klwall A Co
Hark Lillian M Vlgu* (Hrt, Ylgtis, Dnhlln-J F Whitney
A Co.
Mark Vittoria (Ital), De Marllno, Tried*?Lauro, Storey
A Scarpatl
Bark Conqusitator* (Ital). Lacro, Marseilles?Funch,
Edv* A C ?.
Brig Anchincairn (Br), Cowell, Queenstown for order*?J
8 Tucker A Co.
Scbr Win Jones, Jonea, Para ?Burden A Pond.
Sehr George B some*, Norwood. Greytown. Nle?Stront
Schr Harmon CurtU, Curtis. Polut-a-Pltr*. liuad?li A
Yatable A Son*.
Schr John snow, Searey. 8t John. NB?A T llensv
Schr Ueorfleita. Lord, Peo*acnla-Benner A Pmkney.
Sclir M B Bramhall, Glllett, Xiivannah?Kvau*. Ball A
Sghr Wm II Bowen, Jackson, Proridence?11 If Jackson.
'I he following are at the ^outhwed Spit ontward bound ?
Bark seaward (Br), for Oueenatown : brig Julia Blake, for
St Johu*. PK, *chr B J Wlilard. lor Laguayra.
Ship Kuril. Alios (Br) llnghe*, from Calcutta, while on
her way up the hx?t Rlv.-r at 7 AM yeaterday went agrouud
off pier 1. hnl tot off on the rise ot the tide at II o'clock,
with ihe aid ut several tux*.
Bahk Joman Lamii (Bus*). BJorkqvoat, from Bordeaux
Oct 8 tar Philadelphia. in ballast, went ashore on Hereford
Bar. 12 milea nerth ot Capo May, night ot Nor 34 and be
came a total lo??; crew saved.
Umn Oasipkk, llaake, from Donla, Spain. Oct 3, for New
Yerk, w*nt ashore '24th Inst at Ragged Point, t'hinroteagne,
and, with cargo (fruit), I* a total loss. Mr Baker second
mini and a seaman wore drowned. Another report tarn
part ot the carirn may I.* saved. The O vu huilt at
Kennebec In 1806, 305 ton* register and hailed from thit
Baio Mitr Kick, Challoner, at Klo Janeiro Oct 17, from
Baltimore, encounter* l a heavy gal* on the passage, and
lost several sails.
Bkw Clara J Adams was tak*n late the dock at th*
Navy Yard, Portsmouth. XII, 24tb, for repairs.
Schk Muskngkr, which sank In the Taunton River with
a load of pic Iron. Itaa baen sot n >, discharged and hauled
on ihe marine railway at French's shipyard, Wier Village,
for repairs.
Mii Rsvtx Francis, from Amboy tor Hartford, yltta IV)
tons coal, dragged her anchors during th* heavy eaatarlv
fale nn th* night ef the 24th and went ashore on City
?land, she has a hole stove In h*r bottom, and I* lull of
wat r. her decks being just out ol water at low tide. She
will be raised as *o*n aa posalbi*.
MriiR Charlrs IlKRniCK, llarver. from York Klver
for Baltimore, captisert ana sunk, Nov 24. off Thomas
Point, Chesapeak* Bay. Two sailors (colored) wer*
drowned iu the cabin.
A Laruk sunken vessel, with lewer mast* about * feet
out of Hie water and topmasts gone, was aeen by United
Statea steamer I'owbatan (at Hamptou Roads. 2Htn), Cur.
rituck Light bearing NW hr N, 13 miles distant.
Bar.nkuat, NJ, Nov '.'6?About 20 barrel* cod liver oil
came ashore on this beacli on th* 24th. saoposed to have
ceme from the wreck of a brig sank off thl* place about eno
year ago.
Port Kads. La, Nov 20? Steamer Flttroy. 29 days oot
from Liverpool, arrived hero to-day, had two of her hollars
Jive war. but without doing aay damage other than re
aving the speed.
ST John, Nil. Nev 30?A cablegram te the owners of the
ship Kmpr**s of India, of St John, report* that tb?t vessel
ran ashore on an i*lan<( near thi the entrance of Rotterdam
harbor and bream* a total lea*. The crew ware saved She
ban a cargo of guaao and received order* at Queeaatnwn to
Sroeeed to Rotterdam Mie wa* Insured her* for $52,1)00,
esliles insurance* la several English companies.
Launched?At East Boston Nov 24, from th* vard of
Messrs Smith A Towusend; th* new bark before no
ticed. She waa towed to Atlantic wharf.
At Qulury Point Nov 24. from the yard of Messrs. Thomas
A Taylor, the new ship Red Cloud, of 2,100 ton*. She was
immediately towed 10 the Charleston Navy Yard, whare
the mast* will he put in, after which shu will goto East
Boston and be Btted out at once for sea. tier builder*
wer* Messrs 'lhotna* A Taylor.
Sal 1*1 from San Franclseo Nov 34, bark Thorn* Pope,
Adams, for a amiss between sessons.
Bark Northern l.iglit. at San Francisco 16th frem Aleu
tian Island., reports had a heavy deal of loggy weather aid
much lea during the aeaaoa; saw hnt few whales until Oct.
when near Herald Island, saw quite u good show;
passed ('ape Bant, on the paasage down, Oct 11 ;
came to anchor In Lutkes Harbor, St Lawrence Bar,
Oct 12, to try ont lard and make snug for the pa**age to
this port: on the Ifltli met a heavy gale from theW; most
of the ship* dragged their anchors; ths bark Cleoae parted
her cables and we ft aahore and bilged; erew went on
board the other fonr ships, ten on board on the Northern
Light: we were not able to get under way until Oct 21; at
that time It was very cnld, lea making last and laud cov
ered with anow; bark* t*rorea? and PaclBo left at the
name time; passed through Alential Islands. 173 passage,
Oct 2?: thence in port have had a very rough passage,
with the wind variable.
Spoken-Oct 13, let 1 N. Ion 23 W, sehr Francis Allyn,
Glass, from Parnambnco lor ?.
Ship Erlminta (Br). Love, from Chatham, K B.for Ade
laide, Oct 10. let 6 N. Ion 25 W.
Hark Loyal Main (Br), Martin, from Now York for Aaj?r,
Oct 8 lat 4 S. Ion 30 W.
Mark Scotland (Mr). Wetmore, from Havre for Sandy
Hook, Nov 13, lat SO, ton 7.
Bark Orion (Nor), Kllerhaasen. from Tarragona for
Hampton linads. Nov 8, lat 4D 50. Ion 27 38.
Aa American bark shewing "TFRK," steering W, Nov 13.
i lat A? N. Ion 14 W.
Au American veasel shewing JRLV. Oet 11, lat 14 K, Ion
00 R.
Schr Cha* If Foster, Coombs, from New Yerk for Neplee,
Nov 2. I 'it 37 ,15. long W ;KX
Tne Zephyr, front ? tor New Orloans, Nor 0. off Lon
AxrwgRr. Nov 24? Arrived, steamers Nederland (Belr),
Handle, Philadelphia; 26th, Hermann Ludwlg (Belg),
Greve, New York; bark Lima (Ger). Byrne*, do.
Sailed 30th, rhlp Tamerlane (Ger), Sldenburg, New
Tork; also the Artisan. for do.
Alexandria, E. Nov 10?Arrived, bark Pearl, Ryder,
New York.
Bristol, Nov 35?Sailed, ship Sally (Br), ARkln, New
Orleans; barks Avonport (Br), Porter. Hampton Roads;
Sultana (Br), Moshvr, United State*; 30th. brig Or Las*
k*r (Her), I>o Boar, Wilmington, NC.
Arrived 26th, ship George II Onlton (Br), Hamilton,
New York (**e below).
Brrrkn, Nev 35?Arrived, ships Inland Hease (Br),
Smith, New York; Zonave, Means, do; bark Queen of the
Fleet (Br), Willing, Baltimore.
Snlled 25th, bark Texas (Uer), Ilellenns, New Orlesns.
B RotTWg itsii avkn, Nov 24-Aril red. steamer Schiedam
(Dntch), Chevalier, Naw York (and proceeded to Rotter,
Critk (ont Naples), to tfov 25?Arrived, bark Alfred
Burt, New York.
Dublin, Nov 35?galled, bark Premtid (Nor), Nieheisen,
Fai.movtr. Nov 35?Arrived, barks Bristol, Foasett, New
York for Antwerp; Po (Ital), SchlaOlno. New York: 36th,
Lottie (Br), Inness, Montreal.
Galwat, Nov 2rt?Sailed, bark* Edwin (Br), Smith,
America; DetDno (Ital), Schlaffian, New York.
Glasgow. Nov 24?Arrived, *toam*rs Stat* of Louisiana
(Br), Stone, New York; 20th, Stat* ot (reergla (Br),
Cooper, do.
Sailed 23d, ship J C Robinson (Br), MarHII. Philadelphia.
Grkknocr, Nov 26?Sailed, ship Ramsdal (Br). Jarmao,
Nbw York.
Grnoa. Nov 22-Arrived, bark Brothers German (Br),
StsvaAv New York; brig Alice Ada (Br). I(*ed. Phlladcl
pIMA; 24;h. bng Mary R Leigliton, Lelghton. do.
<ialle<i )|3d, bark J W Hartiett. Bartlett. Baltimore.
GloucmtkR- Kov 20?Sailed, harks Weymouth (Br).
Durkee, Key West; Carmelle (Au*), Viecarlnn, New York,
IIavrr, Nov 24?Arrived, bnrk Lola dlr). Sheldrake,
Charleston; 2Hta, steamer Amerlqu* (Fr), Deloit, New
11 DLL, Nov 34?Arrived, bark Caria <Sw), We*t*rlund,
Wilmington. NC.
LtvKnrooL. Nov 20?Arrived, steamer* Hamboldt (Br),
Clark, New York; Itnu'lel (Bri. (Juino, New Orleans; ship
Camperdown (Br), Tlngloy, Savannah.
Sailed 25th. ship Rhine (Br), Smith, Baltimore; bark
Sklnladner (Nor), Olsen, Fernandlna; 20th, steamer Illi
nois, shark lord, Philadelphia, having repaired ; ships Sy|.
vanus Blancharu, Oakes. Tvbee; Oracle, Humphreys, Nor
Also sailed 20th steamer Massachusetts (Br), Walter*,
Lo PON, Nov 30?-Arrived, steamer Glenroy (Br), Don
aldson, New York; bark Shatemuo (Br), Roberts, New
Sailed 25th, ship President (Nor), Lie, Pensaoola; barka
Kate Harding, Watts. New York, alter putting back; 20th.
Ceder Crolt (Br). Young, l'nited Statea; A F Ktnneinan
(Mr). Crosby, Tybe* ; Urania (Nor). Jorgeu*en, Pi,n*aeola.
Larnk. Nov 24?Sailed, steamer Stat* of Virginia (Br),
Moodle (from Glasgow New V ork.
Motili.v., Nov 20?Arrived, steamer Sarmatlaa (Br\
Alrd, Montreal for Liverpool.
Naplrk, to Nov 20?Arrived, brig Mrronue, Joyce, Balti
OriiRTO, Nov 17 ?Sailed, brig Alice Tarlten, Lothroo.
United State*.
I'knakt i. Nov 25?Sailed,brig Francesco (Ital), Romano,
L'nited States.
Plymouth, Nov 25?Arrived, brig W II Tucker (Br), Mil
ler. Beaufort, 8('.
ytiKKNSTOWN. Nov 25-Arrived, barks llertba (Br), War
ren. Philadelphia; nrlgine (Ital), Cavassa. Baltimore;
Bath Palmer iBr), Smith, do; Souvenir (Nor), Andreason,
New York; 2rtili. Bsrto omeo riimoue (Ital), llaha, do;
Napried (An?), Matiealch, do; Hawthorn iBr), Whitney,
do; Folkvang (Nor), Irom ?? ; brig Sancho (Br). Loid,
New York.
Also arrived 20th. 0:35 PM. steamer City of Brussels
(Bri, Watklns, New York for Liverpool.
sailed lOlli. bark Kong Carl (Nor), New York.
RtO J ankiro. Nor 24? Arrived previously, brig Chowan,
Clements. Baltimore.
rallied prior to 24th, bark Aquidneek. Raffle, Baltimore.
hoTTrltnAR, Nov 25?Arrived, the Krancisca, from .
Southampton, Nov 25?sailed, h.irks Conte Gesa,
Ssapary (Au?), Cosullch, United statet; Fidente (Auil,
Rrxlosviteh, do.
,-winska, Nov 20?Sailed, schr Ll?<* Dewey, Davi*.
stkttin. Nor 23?S*ll*d, brig M*ry Fink, hpetcer, j
United States. /
Shanghai. Wot IS? Arrived, (hip Samar. Miller, Sydney,
St Hklkha. No* I?Sailed. tehr Lottie Beard, Perry,
New Bedford.
London, Not 20-Hblp Armstrong (Br). Bryan, from
Fleetwood fop Now Orleant, It ashore At Pliecritfl
Ship George II Oultoa (Br). Hamilton, from New York
via Qoeenstown. h?i arrived at Bristol with loss of tails,
bulwark! and anchor.
Bark Laura and Gertrude (Ger). Schntte. from Bremen
for Now York, hat returned to the former part with bul
wark! etove, forematt spruug, Me.
Bark Knchati tress (Br). .McCarthy, before reported
athof at Kothetay Bay, and th> Brltith tlilp Home. Cap
tain Killane, from Quebec for Greenoek, alto prevlouely
reported ashore. have been floated.
IIOLYn bad, Nov 2tt-Wmd 8. strong.
Plymouth, Nov 30?Wind 8, freih, with heavy rain.
-AcarvLro. about Nov A?In port, thlp Otago. Pennell.
from Nsnaimo.
Hfknos Aires, Oct 10?Arrived, brig Bllti tOor), Nlbbe,
New York.
??-ailed (.let 13. bark Botiito (Br), Prater. Pensscola.
II a in a. Oct 20?Arrived, bark George Moon, Sawyer, Car
llrnniCK. Nov 1?Arrived, tchr E II Drummond, Hlgglns,
Carjjbna*, Nov 2t>?Arrlred, brig MaryC Mariner, flt
cotnh, Portland; schr Audio Jordan. Leavitt, do.
Claarad 17lh, bark Lixxie Merry, Donll. N of 11 a tier at.
CiE.troxcos. .Nov 17?Arrived, steamer Carondelet, Bur
rowt. New York via St Ja(o.
Salied lSilt. tclir St Croix Iceland, Pascagoula.
Cairarien. Nov 12? Arrived, brip Lewis Clark, Smith,
Mniiiie; lfltli. Alexander Mcaeit, Peiers, Havana.
(?mahmittktow n, PR1, Nov 21 ?Cleared, thlp Jamet Dun
can (Br). Klckham, Queenstown; brig Vaulina (Br), Mc
Leod, do. ....
CiiRVKinaf, N8, Nov 14?Cleared, tchr C B Palae, Hllyard,
Dkmerara, Nov 3?Arrived, hark Antelope, Simpson,
New York ; brig Morning I Ighi, 1)111. do via Barbados.
Cleared Nov 5, ba"k Zepliyrlne iBr), Johnson. Boston.
In Dort Nov It). bark Antelope, Simpson, lor New lore, to
?all 13th via Turkt Island
bailed Nov 8, tchr Fred Smith. Brown. Jamaica.
Departure Bay. .Nov Ift-Sailed. thlp Kreoman Clark,
Dwlght. Hong Kong.
(? knoa, Nov 31?Arrived, brig L Staple*. Stowers, Now
Havana, Nov 19?Arrived, tchr Era C Yatot, Yates,
Salied 18th, brig Publlla (Sp). Ouordlola, Charieaton;
10th. stoamer Win O llewes. Morgan. Brathear City: brlga
Harry Vlrdeu. Collins, New York via Matauxat TClarabelle.
Tracy, do; 20th, bark Chippewa (Br), Robertson, New
Cleared 21tt, barks Toma'lta (Bp), Moranda, Savannah;
J Mnralot (4pi, Dalllot. St Mary't.
IIAutax. Nov 26-Sailed, ttetmera Sardlalan (Br), but
ton (irom Liverpool). Portland; Nova SooiIan (Br), Klch
ardeon (from do). Baltimore ; Beta (Br). Bermuda and St
Thomat. .. _ ..
Lk(.mohk, Nov 31? Arrived, bark Madre a Hell (Ital),
Scarpa'l. New York (before reported without date).
Montevideo, Oft 10?Arrived, bark Cato (Nor), Kroger,
Moutreal (and tailed 13th for Buenoe Ayrei.)
Matanzar, Nov 17?Arrived, bark Acacia, Anderson,
Port and: 18th. bark Cardenat, Colaon. Cardenaa; 19th,
eohr Mary Ann Md'anu, Kav-ntgli, 8t John; C C Berry,
Seary, Portland; 20ih. bark 8 ** llolbrook, Mitchell, do;
brltr Harry Virden, Colllne. Havana. ?
Salied 18th, brig shannon, Moore. N of Uatteraa; Wapite
(Br). Smith, do
Panama, Nov 11?Sailed, steamer Honduras, Dexter,
Ceutral America.
Pkknahiiuco, Oct 18-Arrlved, bark Belle Keith (Br),
McDonald. Antwerp.
PHOdiiKso. Oct Ml ?Arrived, tclir Potoal. Cutter, New
York land sailed Nov 13 on her return).
Sailed Nov 3, bark Granada, llodson, New York; brig J
W Hnnt. Hnet, do.
WiNra'orth. NS. Nov 17?Arrived, schr Ada H Allen,
Dudley. Philadelphia. (Geo Murphy, steward, of Maine,
wai lott overboard.)
Windror. NS, Nov 30?Cleared, schr Maggie D Marsters,
Biackington, Richmond.
A kd.toss an. Nor It?Salied, K J Garleton. Batter, Clea
luego ,
Antwkhp. Nov 0?Sailed, Guardian, Paine, seeking; 11th,
Tamerlane, Sledenberg. hugiand: 14th, Douglas Campbell,
Lordly, America; Prancls Hllyard, t.'ann. do.
Amsterdam, Nov 9?Arrived, Competitor, Knbn, New
Bhoiiwrrruavkn. Nov 111?Arrived, Hebe, Oramm, New
York (and left for Helmet).
Bkaomabir. Nov 13 - Arrived Ib Krlar'a Roads, Tbos Lee,
itendall, Quebec for Conway.
Bristol, Nov 14?Arrived at Avonmoutb, Uno, Haavlg,
Brest, Nov lO?Arrived, Modesta, Clacaa. New York.
Bremen, Nov 9?Arrived, Hermann (s). Ktichmaon, New
York; 1.1th, Evening Star. Natvlg. New York.
Salied l?th, Success, llichbero. North America; Bremen,
Hellmers, New York; 10th, Carmei, Donald, North Amer
ica: Angiitte, llllmer. Now York.
Bordeaux, Nov 13? Arrived, Cerro Alegre. Hamburg to
load lor nan Francltco.
Sailed 10th, Achilla Ctrcnvieh, New York; 13tb, Geo E
Thatcher. Thatcher. Baltimore.
Sailed from Pauiiiao 10th. Askoy, Mar cotton, Hampton
Roads; Koaa. Sorensen, New Orleans: iiady of the Lake,
MoKensle, New York; Milton, Kroger, do.
Bombay, Nov 13?Arrived, Anglo-American, Jordan,
t'AROtPT. Nov 14?Arrived, Rbeola (t). Allen, New York.
Sailed 14tb, Chat P Knight, McCarthy. St Catharines;
Hestia. Pntrb, Bermuda: Five Brothers, Randall. Havana;
Elite C Bepetto, Philadelphia
Oonhcantinople. Oct 27?Arrived, Prencesco, Iocignere.
New York.
Calcutta, Oct 17?Sailed, Gltsna, Wilklnaon, New York.
Caen, Not 13-Arrived, Cort Adelaer, Hansen. Mlra
Catania, Nov 10?hailed. B?rtha. Gaarn. New York.
Cartbllabare, Nov 0?Bailed, Cuore, Castellano, New
Dbal, Nov 13?Arrlvea, F.dmund Phlnnev, Berry. Lon
don tor Boston; A B Stranack, Munroe, Rotterdam for
Saqdvliook; 14tn. John Black, Deane, Us4?n for Rio
Janeiro: C M Davit. Krepman. do do; 1Mb, Algiers, Met
pan do lor New Orlenaa; Louise, Mlehelten, do for Pemsa
PuRRed 14th, Bon ansa, Webster, from Havre for Tyboo
Dovrb, Not 14?Passed. Eagie Rock. Haoitnoud, from
Dunkirk for Mew York; Montrose. Irom Man Francisco fur
Drni.iN. Nov 10?Arrived. Delva, Demntl. Baltimore;
Cons'ance (si, Montreal ;tl4tb. Fagil. Soreusen, Quebec.
Sailed 14th. Nordstjernr. Mlrainichl.
Klsinohr, Nov 0?Arrived In the Sound, John H Crea
don, I'ierce, Crnnttadt lor New York.
PAi.*oi7Tir. Nov 12?Arrived. Padre Franeisca, Marinl,
New York; 14th?Friito, Teilelten, do.
Sailed 14th. Padre Francisco. Leith; Nina Sheldon, Big
ley (from Antwerp). Now York.
Pi.t XTWOOD, Nov 14?Arrived, Favorite, Quebec.
GloiH'krtkr, Nov 12?Sallud. Quattro Soroile, New York.
GBiMsnr, Nov 14 ?Left the roadt. Kong Oscar, Irom Hull
for Baltimore; Herbert J Olive, SlewBrt, ftom Goole for
Guaroow, Not 13?Arrlred, Waldenslan (s), Stephen.
Gricknock, Not 13?Sailed. Anna P Odell, Ontbouse,
Demerara; Mtii Olentlnart, Hamilton, Bottoo.
Obahton, Nov 14?Arrived, Po*t, Gunderten, New York.
Gibrai.tar, Not 5-Cleared, Gluckanf, Weyergaag, New
York; Hth, Henry Norwell, Burgest, Trlette; h:le M
Storer, Wade, Oenoa.
Gknoa. Nov ll-?Arrived. Farnn. Glaveland, New York.
Cleared 10th. recilia. Ca*tagliolo, New York; 12th, Ode
rllia. Holland. Meaalne and New York.
IIcll. Nov 12?Arrived, Douglas (a), Montreal,
Sailed 14th, Geflon. .-srltn. Pcntaeoia.
lloi.mEAD. Nov 13?Arrived. Grasiella, Repelnad, Dvblln
for Mobile; 14th. Jat tl Meyrlck, Liverpool for Srdney.CB.
IIavbk, Nov 13?Cleared, Femwood (t), Clarke. Cardiff
and Nijw York.
sailed I4tb, Leamington, Savannah.
Hblvokt, Nov 10?Cleared, Jennie 8 Barker, Wait*,
H abbcro, Nov 13?Sailed, Johann, Kepler, Spielle. New
Arrived at Cnahaven 14th. Tbor. TborraMten, New York,
Sailed from Cuxhaven 9th, .Monte A, Olivari, Delaware;
Johaune Marie, Jahnrg. Savannah.
Liverpool, Nov 12-Arrived, Itoval Charter, Pront. Mon
treal ; Peruvian (s). Smith, <lo; Torxo, Kns, Quebec: Cll?e
(t). New Orleant: 14th. City of Montreal (s). Brooks, Now
York: Mlrairichl. Ilogers, Quebec; 15th, Jessie hearth,
Quebee: Helios, do.
Hailed 14th, Tne Queen (a), Bragg, New York; Barelaw,
Front. Pensaoola: loth, Adelgunde. Hansen, do.
Cleared 12th, Arctic, Dannavig. Baltimore; Julia F Car
ney, Collins, Havana: Ensign Put tick, New York; C C
Robinson, llanton, Philauelphia: St (/loud. Dorkee, Tyhee;
14th, Palermo, M'Lawglin. I'entncola; Quorn, Tlitimpson,
Seutliwfitt Patt; Nydia, Gwytber, lybee ; Moland, Euian
urlten, do.
Off the Bkerrles 8th, Telefon. from Liverpool for New
LoNnoK. Nor 12?Arrived, Argo. Amlroaten. Quebec; O
M Calms, Hell, do: I4tb, Immanuel, Jnhnsen.do; Utopia
(t). Craijr, New York mnd entered out lor doi
Cleared 14tb, Australia (s). Rait, New York (and left
Gravten I 15th).
Sailed from Gravesend 13th. Disponent, for New York;
Sir R P.'Sl. do.
LKfTii, >ov 14- Sailed. Ocean Pearl, Henley. Cuba.
LTNN, Nov 14-Sailed, Gloria, botsile, New York.
Londonhkhrt. Nov 13?Cleared, Glella Anna, Gnerelle,
Lkoiiobk. Not 9-Arrlred, Maria Aognsta, Ohman. New
Lisbon. Nov S-Arrived. Rtrsiiis, Caeaae, New York.
Sailed tltb, Keglna G. Cacace, .New York; Oiinda, Canha
do; GralN, Jolllffo, St .loliu.
Maarli'ir, Nov 1 i Ciaared, BJorviken, Anderten, New
York; America, Kausehe. do; l.etsepa, StorB, Pblladel
Sailed 13th. .'aton, Thoraen. Now York. ,
Mussina, Nov 5? Arrived, Stephen Bishop. Oilkey,
Madeira. Nov .V-In port, T Reutlek, Rote, from Bo-ton.
Malta, Nov 0?Sailed, Sarah k hoi ma. Johnson, New
Newcastle, Nov 13?Cleared. Crono, New York; I4tli,
Laarrstina is), Boston.
NEWronT. Nov H Arrived, Britrlda, Olsen. Mirainlchl.
Sailed 14th, Ocean Kxprets. Crotoy, Guadaloone.
PltvorTli, Nov l,%?Arrived, Nuuvo Veritas, Uertalotto,
New York tnd Queenstowu
Sailen I4lii. J J tr..ssmeyer, Mifka, New York; Filadel
fla. PoldriiKo, Sandy Hook
Portland, Nov 12-l'nt Into the roads. Linda (s). Halls,
from >hieids lor Boston; Brother* k Slsttrt, Aubrey,
from Hamburg for New York.
Proluiem. Nov 11?Arrived. Helen Douglas, Quebec (tee
below i.
Portsmouth, Nov 13?Put in. Bombay. Villa, from New
York for Dundee
Towed out to the Moiherbank 12tb. Romanoff, llealey,
for I'hiltdelphia (aod tiroeeeded 1 It In.
Qdrrnstown, Nor 14?Arrived, Chester (a), Ilowgego,
^alleil 14th, Hotterk. Liverpool (and put back through
stress of wrather) ; Verma Dublin.
Kottkrhab. Nov 10?Cleared. Albion, Nlelien, New York;
13tli. John Johnson. Wide. >andv lloox.
Hoithabpton, Not 13?Arrived. Come Vol, Ferraro, Bal
StiNDK.Ri.ANn. Nov 14?Arrived, Peerless, Ilowgego,
Qneiiei: via Shields.
Santaniikr, Nov S?Arrived. Ilenrlette. Bull. Quehee.
St Vincent, C V, Oct 22?\rrived. VitCount Canning,
Morrit, Swantea for Dohoy; Mahei Phiiiipt, on for lluil
Itlver; Kosa, I'ederson, Newport lor New York; Olivia,
Kvaat, Caroiff for Pensarola. Nov 1, L?dy l-.mma Bruce,
Glover, do do
Valkncia, Nov IO?Sailed, Alexandria (t). New York
via Gibraltar.
IIristol, Nor 12?The Arragou (si, arrived here from
New York, reports having lost boat Nov 1 In the Atlantic.
IlktCMARts, Nov 13?The Thomas (<ee, Kendall, arrivnd
in Cro-s Koails, Menal Straits,to dav, from Quebec, liouud
to Conway itiinber) ; exnericiiced verv lioavv wuatlier in
the Mlaniic and lost a small portion ol deckload and s-ilit
some stilt; on the voyage passed a great quantity ol deals
float lug about
Brkbkrhaven. Nov 12?The Tyro, Raymond, from Phila
delphia, experienced very severe SW ga|e? on tbe27ih,
2Hth ana 21lth October, from 1st 47 40 to 4n N, and Ion
to 3*> W.; Oct 27, shipped a sea which stovo ttarhoard
bulwarks end washed overooard forward house aud water
DBA I., Nov 13?The bare Indus, of shields. Suns, from
London for Ponsauola, hat been supt>lied with an anchor
and I3.'t fathoms of chain.
The hark George Henry, of Yarmouth N'S. Mekerson.
from Havre for Hampton Hoads. hat been snpplleii with an
anchor and im? latliomsof chain; ail In lieu ol othi-r> lost
yesterday during the gale.
Dvri.in. Nov 13 The lirlgaatlne Para, of St Ji liu, NB
outward bound trcm Liverpool, was lowed here thla morn.
In*. Both ber meets are gene * little above the deek. Ska
tk u? , <^U GawiUflr f?r St John (bricks and coal*.
. ii .V Hro,hers. of Yarmouth (XM. Cnun, from Brie.
t"l for llampton Ifnads(balla-t). was run Into No* 10. of
! '?'? or London, from Bristol fo*
Sanity Hook had cathead carried away and was cut duwu
i.? -("".'fr the 'Waiiur pructfilad. The bark
n^de for this bay where, on arrivaf. she let go both an
h i i . w,,lch ,h# Parted Immediately. the olliar
hoMlnu: ?luuala for assistance wore ra,d -. and some tuw
iTI /L *?**.* UP?? the aputh quay In safety.
u,,n bu?",j ?nd
Rijmxorb, Nov U~I he Scotland. Kozert, cimo luto hif
bur 91 h inst lor repairs: has tbe tea* probably above tt?
Pauoimi. Sot 14?The Grace. Haines. from London for
New \ ork. ha? put In with loss of (alls.
Klbktwood, Nov 13?The master ot the Norwegian oark
Ml mi. Arrived hero frooi Quebec, reports that at .f P\f Art
3?. in lat 4T.47 N Ion w\i W. h? pajau ?S^iTia.SSi
ve??-l.apparently hanliab. and grain laden. she ?i
(.Minted l>uek with a white atri?e; ruiiniuani and inlisn.
topmast none anil all ?aila blown away. The weather be
ing utormy ?nd a very heavy >ea runniug he wai unable ta
g. t uear her t<> aacertalu her name.
K*TAt, No* 6?Tile John Schuette. American schooner
from Wilmington for London (turpentine). put in hare No*
1 with rudiler Injured mid other slight damage. She In
having a new ru l<ler made.
OaaviekND. No* 13 -The ship Milton, fur Quebec, baa
pnt back with loae ol two anchor* and chains, off Raasgate
laet night.
i;)tb?The Lyman Cann. for Philadelphia, liaa arrived
here, having bean In coilialon with the German bark
Europe, for Calais. the former carrying awa* bowsprit. jib
l>oom, ali headgear and lost two anchors; the latter ear.
ryliig away bowaprlt. Jlbboora. headgear anl outrigger. In
the Downs yeatetda.v, rt a. M
OHtMMir, Nov 13?Tha Constance. Kerr, from thla port
tor 1'ybee (ballast). has rut buck t? the roada with loaa of
two anchor* and 1-Vl fatbonta of chain cable.
13th?Tha bark Couatanoa, reported laat night, baa coma
into dock.
llama. Nov 13?According to advteea from Marseille*
dated Nov 11, It waa not expected to aalve more than SCO
or 700 of the 3,336 caakk of petroleum which were on board
tha Ellen Steven*, Weaver, from Now York for Uette.
wracked near Agde.
LtTKRrooL. No* IS?Tbe maater of the 01l*e, from New
Orieana, report a having lust atarboard boat on tha 4tb dur
ing gala, and oa the 10th cargo shifted, throwing ahlp oa
port heaiu unda
14th -The Augvata. from St John, loat toDgallantmaat
through colllaien In the river to-day with the Mauuelva.
from Oiaagow,
Nkwhv, No* 13?The bark Monsoon, from Quebec for toil
port, with timber, weut aahore (before reported) about ?
mile aouth of Kilkeel harbor. Sbe atruck heavily off Car.
llngford bar. and made water ?o badly that tha maatat
deemed it prudent to ran her aahore. where she now Ilea
embedded in sand; mauler Injured bv the falling of tha
nilienmant. If the weather eontlnua favorable It la
thought that tbe entire oargo cau be aaved and the vessel
Nov 11?A letter from Sablea d'Otonoe, dated
Nov ?. refarnng to ths accident to ike Wealey Jk Seymonr.
states that at tha lime of the caaualty ahe waa not in charir*
of a pilot, but waa being etalated by a Oaherman, and eu
deavored to make tbe harbor two hours after high water.
The only damage ahe anatainad. however, waa the loaa of ?
tew sheets of copper, and ahe haa landed ber cargo in ex
cellent order.
I'vLLiiiu, Nov 11?The llelen Dong'as, arrived hero
from Quebec, experienced a heavy gate on Oct 38, in 1M
4fi N, ion 40 W , durlug which ahe loat her deckload.
Qikkkktowx. No* 14?The Buairia. Mann, from Dublin
for Sydney (Oil) (ballaat), haa put in with mainmast
Sukmrhkwi, No* 13?The Alphena Maraball, McPaden.
from Antwen) lor New Yurk, was towed In here on tha
night of the 7th inat by a tug, having been In contact that
morning, while at anchor, with a veaael, uudemtood to be
the Kverton Castle. ol Liverpool, and loat Jlbboom. head*
gear and flgnraboad, and damaged bowaprlt and bow*.
BOSTON, Naw 38?Arrived, aebra Rnth Roblnaon. RoganL
Genoa; J J >'pencer, Haskell, Beanlori, St).
Cleared?Steamer Nereu?, Hailett. New Tork; bark
Beatrice (Br), llowlby, Cork; achra Nettle Laitgdora, Col
llna, uijent. LI. to lead for fiavaanah ; Walter II Cheater..
Caae, wool'* Hole, to load for 1'enaacola; Nellie Brmra.
Koilry, Kound J*vnd. Me, tu load for Plilladelphla.
nailed?staamer Ked Star.
KALTIMURK. Nov 36?Arrived, ateamer Geo II Htoat.
Pierce. Newborn, NO: aohr Joaeph Kuton, Jr, Peteraon
New York. ?
Cleared?Sieamera Tuckalioe, Brown, Newborn, Ntjf
Wm Lawrence, llowea. Uoaton; bark fit Lawrence (Bnl
Doe, Demerara via Norfolk. *
Hailed?Bhlp 8t David, Now York.
BATH, Nov 33?Arrived, sehr Wm PiokorlnSt LoriBb
Portland to load for New York.
34th?Sailed, ahlpa Thomaa M Rood, Small, for Now Yotfc*
St David. Smailey, da
BKVERLY. Nov 33?Arrived, achr Island City, Alton.
New York. ^7*'
BRISTOL, No* 34- Sailed, achr Jatnea English, Birttr.
Now York.
CHARLESTON, Nov 30?Cleared, ablp Andrew J
Bartlett. Liverpool; bancs Rome, Otis. Have; Ji
Ward, Payne, Genoa; acbr Julia Elisabeth (Br),
Sailed?Bark Kacalada (Sp), Aatlenaa, a port in Spalna
brig l.ola (Hp), Julia, Barcelona
DaRIK.S. No* 111-Arrived, brig Nancy (Br), Kearna.
Limerick; 17th, bark (lien Monarch (Br), Steele, Sevan,
nail; brig Leah (Bri. Harris. Port Madoc; 18th, achr Lacy
M Collins. CiirtiN, New York.
Sailed?17th, bark Cohimbus (Br). Bnrrowa, Swanaea;
achr Je??e W ntarr. Burton. Baltimore.
^AN VERS PORT Nov 34?Arrived, acbr SalUo S God
frey. Katea. Philadelphia.
EIXiAltTOWN, Nov 23?Arrived, achra Red Jaoket, Klm>
ball, Perth Ambo* for Rooklnud; P M Wheaton. Barrett.
Uoboken for Boston ; Wiaoaeaet, Raokett, and WaabmgtoiL.
hreeman, Gilchriat. New York for do; Seventy-alz, Hob
inson, Richmond for Bath; Panny Hanmer, Brook a New
burg for Nantucket; llannah Stone. Chandler. New York
for Plymouth.
KORTRES8 MONROE. No* 2fl-Arri*oi. ablp ElUa A
Kenney (Hr), Kenney, Li*erpoul, aeoklng; acbr Hanry
Parker, Lewis. Demerara for ordeia.
Pa*an<t in for Baltimore-Brig D 0 Chapman Knight,
from Navaesa. '
. i'-aaod out irom BaJtiaioro-Ship King of A)Mria (Rt).
for Antwerp; barka Belle Stewart (Br). Hamburg; Sootlj
(Br). Antwerp; Enalmaioen (Kua). Wlabeaeb: Queen Vli>
torla (Br). Rotterdam ; J II McLaren (Br), Havre; Yam.
oydcn. Rio Janeiro; May (Rri, Qaeenstown.
Paaaed la for Nor!oik?Steamer Pedro (8n). from Galvo*.
ton ; Anrrera (Sp), Mnnila, New Orieana for Liverpool.
Paaaed out from Norfolk-8hlp hunda (Dutch), for Liven
pool; bark 1'eplta (Gar). Kio Grande.
Paaaodont from Riciimond - Bark Ada Carter, for Rla
S.lle.'?Bark Northwood, for St Andrewa: brig Charlotte
Buck. Philadelphia; nohr J L Taylor, Wr?t Indies.
GaLvksio.v ffov 31 ? sailed, bark Ui?io, Carney.
Havre ; brli Alknor (Nor), WIllialitMsen. Bremen.
33d?lowed to sea, bark Anita (Sp), for Havre.
(IEOKGETOtVN, DC, Nov 33?Arrived, schra John K
Shaw. Cox. New York ; Mattio B Union, Rulon. and Joasl* i
Le?ch. .lohnaon, do iand botn cleared for Hoboken).
Kr.Y WEST, Nov 3U?Sailed, ablp Reler (Nor). Ivenaen.
MOBILE, No* 26 -t'leared, ahlp Ton a wanda, Tnrley. Lin
ernooi, with 4.77H bales rotlon. '
M ACfllASPOUT, .Nov lit.)? Sailed, brig Hattie A Ana lor
Cien fuegoa; achrs Sab be a. Palmer, and Llirie Brewster,
rlinn. New Yor?. "
3l?t?Arrived, achr Annie Lee, Look, New York.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov 22?Arrived, sblpa Endrmlon (Br),
rarrai, Liverpool; Casmo (Nor). La*eriek. do; Jupete*
(Nor), Jacubeen, Barcaloua; barks Wm Jackeon (Br)
Allen Brlatol; Yotarva (Nor). Loronaon, Valencia.
Pont Eapb, Nov 36?Arrived, ateamer Pita ray (Brf, Oray.
Sailed?Ship Cromwell, Havre.
j tVy?1,'L)i'K' SaHad, eohr Plata, for Janoica;
J II Htlckney. W-eat Inuioa. ' 1
Hoy Arrived, ateamer Leopard.
Wllley. Philadelphia. ??a ,
ProvldeoeeK|Ir New W" 8Ued
8 ^TtMa" Y?k?
Woiu^on'ar^n^;.21^1'^- b'rk -??? <*>?
33d -Arrived, anl,, llalden (Nor), Jakobaen, London 1
bark Oaprey (Nor). Soreuaon, Hull.
Cleared?Bark |>ord Duffer.n (Nor). Ellington, 8t Ma*
,,n?.:..,ebr.A V Emeraon, Emerson, New York.
urn v i aft-Arrived, steameia Panther,
Miller, Newburyports Norman, Nlckerson, Boston; Ton a*
waada, Sherman, Provldoure; Defiance. Crocker. Pall
KtverjA C Htimera, Warren, New York; achr Carrie H
Richardaon, Itlchardaon, Malaga.
Also O'rlved ateamera Lancaator. Milla, Salem; Will,
lainaport, Tuttle, Boston; harka Veronica Madro (Ital).
Muraiorlo. Naples; Amy ftoa (Nor). Carlaen. Oron; lloms
(Br). Urarea, Bremen ; brig Mary Bartlott, Wllley, Malaga I
e> hra Helle Seamen. Rteelman, Wilminaton ; R 8 Church.
Kelly, Sew Bedford; Marv J Caalner. Neal, Bath.
Cleared?Steamer E C Blddle. Davis. New York; bark
Rosa d Italia (Itai), Podesta, Cork ; achrs Margee, Know
lortland; Laura N Ko?e. Allen. Salem; Veto. Stockley' I
Nawiinrynort; W L Abbott, Ludlam. Somerset; Bree.e.
Opdike. Derb>.Ct; Grace Coabing, Moaber, Providence;
M V Cook, Kalke'-berg. Bilstol. III. *
Alao cleared, bark I*lgtut (Br). Edwards. Wlaheach.
Kng; srhri Annie E Krana I'ervere. Lisbon; lloraca
Moodie. Brown, Boston; Sk*lark. Small, do; Gen Neringer.
b3.IL * rirfon. ilray, Soro<*rsot: Hell?
Seaaian, Steelman. Norwich; M A iiillet. Smith, Rllaabeth
hailed 2Mb, steamer* Rattlesnake. New Bedford: Read.
Ing, .New I^ondon; Achillea Kail Hivor.
^ Lawra. Del, Nov 3.">?Arrived, ateamer Whlekham (Br),
Afnott. Shlelda (ami aald at 3 PM lor New Orieaua) ; barkgi
E<!lth Carmlchael (Br). Glasirow: Grasiaaa (ltal), Nlgga.J
Cork; Llgaria (Ital). I'orm. Dublin.
Sailed Ship Marrianna ftth (Port), for Lltbon; brlga
Keystone, Rocay Oleu and Orbit, for New York.
OTth-A'rived, ship hquator (Uusn), Hull; barks Mary A
Mvahrall (Br), Tucker. Limerick; Tonne (Nor), Jobannsen.
Lisbon: Emina illal), Parafflni, uenoa; Panchon (Br)
Cain, London; achrs Alieaa, Plumiuer. Arecoba, Paole
iltal). Cret-I, Genoa; Caroline Premuda (Aus). t'ardlffi
Laurel (Brl Barcelona; Der Wanderer (Ger), Barroul
Motilamo (Hr), Belfast. %
m-Brig Charlotto Buck, Smith, from Kingetoa,
PORTLAND, Me. No* 30-ArtWod, achr Grace Davia.
Davit, Ca.ils ^
?'leared - Schr Kate Carlton, Matanaas.
2fllh?Cleared, bark Kapana (Sp), AbboMra. Livemool
,chr ^x.?d.;BR^
l i OVINCETOW.V No* 26 -1n port, ateamer Glanrna.
PRO Vi'll? ^W,Vrk'JU,lVed b* ,h*
fold?Brya^'. New' Y^k. 34"U#^ <J,0r*' W Wbi?"
Hailed?Sieamera McClellaa, Taylor. Baltimore via Nr
r ni:?ro"*w?r,Ja. Sberman, Philadelphia; schrs Rachel
iari ? ? o arker, and Emily Onrtia. Harding, do; V
Wind, Romer, Port Joliuaon; War Steed. Uookln P
Am boy; rbaa M Benlley, Baker; A 1 (,'ohn. Brown ;
W'?',h">??on. Pitch, and II ?
May, Hatch New ) ork ; Gen Banka, Llnacott. Portatn
(not sailed 23d for Philadelphia),
?i.Mh No arrivals or sailing*.
P \ WTO OK Ef. Nov 34-Sailed, schra JameaS Walt
Ann.* '."""O". Norbury, Philadelphia; Ball,
'?""?-.""''wnian. N, w York
MAN KRAN<<ISI<0, Nov 18?Arrived, brli Orient, W.
Hants, ( olninUia lUrrr
Sailed ?ship Yosemlte, .-aunders, Seattle; barka Cyane
Porrimaii. ( luunpene..; Wefir?oi. Wheelwright. I mpoua.
j'.f'b?Arnveil, Hrlg W llhelmine (Uer). Baae. Honolulu
J; eared-Ship st. .Nlrh.da*. Tobey, Calao and Qneenstow
(BV,'r.:,d?g.T,:toV{::vrP?::..(Br)' WlD"mor- "?"i
ri^,h7,t'i 'Hobertaon. Llverpoc
Manter, New'HedV^: C?rfc;
Wood., New Bedford.
*.?i i. ? ' ?'?'"Sailed, bark Peter Kohland (C
v.'h' Im""""! '"0i b?r,k'fheie.e (G.-r), for lla*re).
:'.th -I leared, achra C W Holt. Delay, Phlladelt
^ to load for Kail Rl*er.
.on Phiilde?p0hU A,r""J. AU
i e3o4o^-^ir.:lvrf: ;? ,;"ton. ?<??*'?? for siot
PoM ??'.? | " ? W?"?"ton. Philadelphia fo.
lortlnud. Carrie L (iodfre>. (lodfrev, and Virginia Hnr.
lf? ii ^'Johnson; iini Pickering. Kelly, New York' II A
Do W lit, Mauton. Gardiner for Norfolk '
Malle.i-steamer Lanea.ter, Milla. Philadelphia.
- ?th -In port schr ljoftin k Friend. Coithis (which sailed
"JiV i?I^ """,lelPl|l*- Having put back 34th), and about 75
! f. ."Jl *? houn^ aouth ami eaat.
Tonne'sen. Tinro^' N?' N?V :J?~Arrlve<1? b*rk SeDl" <?<"><
Y At nr>. HTK.VMIIOA'l'K, dtcf
"vAUflf"aHV.Trr rs yma
"mT,'.;gne".1;" Hro:il',r5r Adrtr8"" K *"TCHKL
s PUKDyI n^^Oaul ar"., *

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