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do. flvos. 1881, reentered, 106a 10Q1,; do. d?., da,
coupon, 10fl>? a 108^ ; do. 4,'i'a, 1891, registered, 104
a 104%; do. do., do., coupon, 104j0' a 104?, ; do. lours,
1007, regi?tercd, 101 a 101do. do., do., coupon,
103% a 103 ji.
Stato boude at ttio Hoard wero dull, weak for Ten
nessee sslxes, now, which dold at 30 .'i, a decline of H j
District o: Columbia 8.86'a soi l at 75.
> Railroad bonds continue quiet, aud the only changes
were all advaoco of ,la in Altou uud Torre lluuto sec
ouda preferred, iu Krie third mortgage, New York
Contral sixes, 1887, und Lehigh uud Wilkesbnrro coo
sols; aud a declino of iu Northwestern gold sevens
and in ilock Island sixes of 1017 aud dt. i'uul sink
1 , lug lunds. Morris uud Essex Ursts sold at 115Dola
t ware aud Hudson registered bonds ol 1801 at 100, Han- j
mbal and St. Joseph eiguts, convertible, at 80>4 a
, 80!a; North Missouri tlrsU at 103)<J and C, U, C. aud
1. 11 r n Is at 108.
Tbo Loudon advices report consols higher, and
United Mates bonds a shade easier tliitu at tho clone
yesterday. Krio declined *4' per cent, to 8^*. Bar
^lvcr was quoted at &4>?'d. per ounce. At 1'uris routes
oso to 10S1. 100. and cxcliaugo ou Loudon was quo tod at
2il. 17'jU. l'ho closing prices In London wure:?Con
sols tor money aud accouut, 04;a' a U4;1,,; now ?y3 per
c^-'Ut bonds, 103J? ; flvo-lwonty bouds, of 1807, 105 ;
ten-lorty bonds, 107?t a 107^; fives of 1881, 106J?;
trie common share*, 83?; Krio prclerrod BDaro.i,
A 23; New York Contral, 100)*; Illinois Central, 7'J2<.
'"?'j closing prices ol Philadelphia stocks woro:?
llid. Anted.
City six's, new. 1112$ ll-j
lmtod Railroads of Now Jersey,..., lis ?
l'uiiusylvuulu llailroad 3J U'-l*
Reading Railroad lliX 10.',
Lehigh Valley Hailroud 40# 4o '4
Cutawiasu Railroad preferred 36
l'liiladoiphiu aud Kiio Kailrond OJj io;,'
Schuylkill Navigation prolurred 7 8
Normeru Central Ruilroad 16 17
Lctilgh Navigation 18
1'ittsburg, TltUiVlilo and buffalo h K ?a
liestonvillo Railway y i? >u
Central Transportation 32"^ '
mim.no sharks.
Tho clo3lcj? prices of mining hbnrc3 la >San Fran
cisco wore:?
Alpha 13',; IContuck 5
Belcher 0;^ Leopard
1:cat is Belcher 21
' Bullion 7
Con. Vir^lulj ii;>
California 28
Cbollar. 4<1
Con Udeucc........ u
Jirxioan lajf
Northern Hello 12*,
Overman 24.^
Ophir 54\
Knyinoiiil Lly 7
Silver Hill....
Caledonin 4% havag# J4^
Crown l'oim 7 Segregated BO.cher.. 35
Exchequer 4;'* Sieira Nevada
Uotlld & Curry 10,'4 Union Consolidated.. 7>^
Hale A: Vorcrjss ll.'a Yuilow Jacket 11^
Julia Consolidated.
Justice IX
I Eureka Consolidated. 35'4
2J? Ur.iud I'm* ii'j/
Alt- 2215
The sales oi mining shares in New York to day
as otllcially reported were:?
fiJO itlitfAinorlcuu ij'lu;.'. .11 100 ?h? Moose 71'
10 California..
li'.; Ilid 10'.
KllO .10
Oil ,
?iiobtnil . ..2' 1 l.iit, 3 asked 1<N)
10 hontuclt .?lin Com u'j 100
Ciiloiiouiii. ...4^4 bin, II asHoii 1U)
Imperial...lt? iiiu, l)i aakva 100
loo liui^'H .'iioau....ii
<1 > b.10
do . ?......... f>.i
do bo
-;'a UK)
1I'm 100
?J>2 KM)
<!<? ..
ilo ..
do ...
do ....
do b3
I'm LAcroKsOiK.
30j do '-jii
l"1 . b22 ,3ij
100 N Y A Col U30 2'.
J xclieauer 4>i bid
2>i bid, :il4 united
.1 ulia..
Crown Point ,7b.ti Loonu rd.....i bid.'l)i ujfced
HKCOMO lluAltl.?1 1'
100 aha American Cun.
loo do .. ti>?
100 do
loo (to (!??
100 do 6U
Caledonia. 41, bi.i 1i.h>
Imperial 1 bio. HNkvd lit. I
Coii.Vn... , J4 bid, 2.),iut?ed 100
10 Koniuek j'j a(U.l
Crown Poiut 7,'4 bid N nolle.. \\% blai YsUTagkVtt
loo ouiithin.. ^ K*y,ditKly..rt bid, 0>3 a#kcd
y,-)0 do Sierra Nrvndu H bU
J5M{ r 'lo -/? Yellow J?cfcdt....i:t!2 asked
100 Lacrosse c .1:0
?'"'in 2>i bid. 3^ uskod
lifouard I bid, I,', aakert
liKl.Mooso -ix?
IOO do 7?
ll<0 do 7'jJ
H*l do b3l> 7>i
do........,b3tl V i*
do s3 7?,
do ac
fitkj slis Am Fia;
500 l.auroK.ic
loOO do
100 do ,1.30
100 Kiux'? M be.n
100 do MM)
1!mi do m;o
ion do blO
100 do bio
Tiiiuu noAKu? 2:."0 e. m.
.11 10'J hlis Kiii:{'aM'n..((H)
,'JK luu do I III
.?JH aX) i.o bill
l(*l Muobo b30
'J'a ^'00 do 13)
IOO do 1,30
100 do 1,3(1
l'J(J N V Si Col..,, ..bl.i
The imparts of dry ^uoUti lor the week onding to
day wore $1)74,008, and tbu amount marketed $s;i8,080.
TUo lotal imports i.t dry itoods siuuo January 1
wero j>7(i,87u,y2tf, and tuo lotal amount luaricetod
Tho stocks and bouds of the rullman 1'alace Car
Company linvo liecu plncod on tho regular list of
stocks called at I ho Stock Exchange.
I'lio i^rcflsoirmnga ot the Burlington, Codnr Rupiug
and Northern Hallway tor tho week ouiling Oocember
14, 1S77, wore ;3'J,8.17 20; lor same week last year,
$21,082 07; increase, $l"i,&7G 13. \
The receipts oi grain and Hour at Chicago from De
cember I to 21, 1S75, 1878 and ls77?oigiiteen Uu-jness
Flour, hit Is.
O 410,47o
1)00 b7fl I
& ti.274
3H8.012 i
3,07>'>,u05 i
246,901 I
Kcci'ipts ol wi.eat at Milwaukee iroiu December 1
to 21, 1375, 1870 iinu 1877?uighteou business days
1875. 1870. 187/.
Bushels l,O?i,07i) U77,4jii 1,330,523
14 ?1:? Del St, llauson.
40'i ? I o
. i \Veat it l utuM, ? \ it
Ii*XI du H-f
do .
IOO Pficitic Mnil
li' >0 Kric i tail way
Fmdat, Uoc. 'Jl, 1877.
IVFFORK t.Uil?in .M.
?1 ?SS hako SUoro.l. ."iJ1/
?1 : !<? > Michigan Central. r>ii*,t
: i? m i
IOO (in .... ,
? ><?o Lake shoie.
11 *
J i< 0
JI ?
-'0<? Nortliwcatora.
100 do..
-00 U'?
'JiHt Nortb^v'n orei. .i ll
Jikm1, c. c ,v I
*?0 iiock i sjaiid
IOJ b4
lco St J'an! c
10<> Jit I'nul prol a'*
do >;j
'J1 m* Del, Lack A; W'u..
I'm do o
HM> d ?
?? N) Ohi-I iV M IXn .
.'(ii i h inibaH 1'aciHc
JOI) du...
i\n I"'!1,!
*i?7 10M-\,
'os no'..
(^loooUUlir Jon
9.V n M) U s J< >'
looo i h
4<? I .S li'H CO
10000 I S Ti'ji. 1J 44) ?, r 1"7
foiHKl I onr ii'*, .t ' j
7i?>?. 1 ? 1 -1 > hi . 7."i
MIK1". :,III ? l< ,k > I -i 61)
l<xmh> r m , r.?"'."?,'i7 i"-7c
loom. >i.i .t wu* v., i ,t iin
?JIXM Mil .t Ml'e h l.,c !I|?.
l&um.ObiitNK c o it la hu
:MKM> ilo :|J'.
llKNi Morrti A l.? I't II
looo Dpi* re^lis.'.'l 1" ?
11k... . rt< 3d 'oo.'j
|?MHKI 11, AY .V I*. Nl,'10 1> ' . ,
1H00 llnliAStJilB'i, C W. J
?JIKXJ do.. ... HI 1)2
3IK*. N \ I .'mi II'k. 'S7. 1114
;iO'Hi Nortll Mo Int.. I03}{
ikjo i", r, c .v i in. inn
7.h)?i Mica l/?n rt'*. * f 1 in11
3iN.il u.- oi Mo I.t, . tr.ry
lijiBi 1', Kt W A < lit 12<.
1 IK?> Alton<kI'll Jd |il Mil
1 "ii Tot A \\ ' i lit... I l.i
lUOi. tol ,V \V Ut. X <: 101
WOO Tol ii W ill 2<l, x
iNi v. '77, con... 70
3>N'0 (Jul ?\c Dm I -t lie 1"7
2IHK) Lull A W U con. 111.
l,'i mi Uk Cunimvri; .. 120
.'id oliuul Rx ...,b3 1H
07 L nUedHlaipiKx.be 47J4
11 m 1 MurlpoMi Miu J*|
in . Dui >v II Canal..be ,'l ,
.'ill do ,'illi
>0:15 I ? I
,f.:. o:. 1' S.'l'l
iim.1 r > .'i\
1.1.h> u s
?j.. ^ > .- r
50OU0 L' S I ^ j
?3 7
13 \. M.
10-40'?,r in7
IMS1..C. 1 (Hi
III! C 1 IK '',1
?IKHl HH ',
.11 be 104.4
A. ii.
l?!"i sli9 L s M So....
S'.O do
do .
l(iO \V>?t I T?l,\dbtii.'i
1<N*0 do
J (MJ 00...., .
200 do
ilo ..
00 ..
dO ..
700 'In 7.1
;(00 N'Vi'it )lad....bo lUi'j
|u. I.rie i>u
VOO Oo ?
31111 do. 3 ??...
JIJI) ilo blo
i?ii do f
|ll.l Ill' M?
jik. Mli'li 1 ?ntrul oo . . .I'm do H'?
;.Ki .1" .'.7 10*1 do HI,
100 Ii H * M .?>?. ,Ik.?3 )?
BUKOliK CALL?12:1 ) P. ,M. .
?2500 U S 4'i'fi c 104 H'O^b* Lnko Shore.... BOJ^
?j.hmM H 4'i? lo:j'4 > do oo
7000 J^ii of Col U*0o * 70 aoo bV/k
71M J
:m hi
4? k i
70 I
do...., b3 'uiJi
lo Panama. .. be 1 -?>
-?? Uiiton 1'acittc.bc.c 071J
100 du Oijj
I'M) tiu s:i (K, t
24 CI ^ i'itts mmr.be 77
I'MCbi k s \V bo :h ?
100 du H.i M ?
oo :w^
i"?> do ?
1 OO (JIU A X W pi.... b( o: 4
200 do K.f OLi',,
I'M) do oj'
10(M;1o .v 111 he.,3 in? .
looctol. M A ht P.b.oo H.i
100 du :I4%
lot) (Jlii, M A St 1' pf.be 71
<M> Ool, Ii X Wont , be 40%
I' m i do 4H>?
J(M> do 50
4<>o do....... e 50
.MOO do, o.'i 5iMn
:jOO du 501-4
1 IO r,Ft \V X Chi jrunr !W
I(Ki lluti St Jo pf..be
loo Ublo .t .Mimh be
1U0 do
.'tOO do b3
1'MI du
icxj ttUb Wttt'a U....s3 7l>Ji
500 do T?
1?m? do 7r?7;
l<m IU\ k 11 nd b? 5IJ?
5(10 Northwestern 84
loo NW pre!...
urn do...
.Vm Lake >horo..
If) ?
'JIM 10
?J< K?
do.... b3
.?:t (Ci
' Hj,
Km Del. Luc * \V Jiii11
:?U > do
?Jim 1I0
I7itij U>
II Ml do o
III 1 Union I'm; ?10
1(K) Oblo .V Miss Il l
1IVI do
loo do ?i
uo ba ?oJi
do .
1:15 P. M.
$15000 U 8 ?'* r. 1KS1. 10?X $li**HJ V 8 .V? 0, 18*1. l(m'4'
1.V1IIO (J 8 0i c. |MK|.. 1111 1IJOUU U 8 4Ji'? r, 1?01 104W
2(JU0 u S .V? r, 1881'.. l'H5?i
.fmmo Tonn d'?, old..1)0 311
_000 Teiili U'?. H"W.*?0 Htt
1 l'**J D of Col a-lii'.be 7">
Kimm Chi A \\V o 0 K b irj
lOOOIOt Wert Jd III... 77
ll?*lGl W 1 fli.Mi.lc HM1,'
2UOO 08
5(hJO Mich So nil)... 1 In
3000 J'ftV It ol M 1 htAll 1111^4 :|l?l
P. M.
13m?h? Lk S?.M 8... .-ill*;
isoo do nu'i
3JII Erie Bull ... . be 8fZ
-'hi Mich 1 Vntral....be 37'*
?J'*i do .r.7'4
III I'niiHiuii be 1-J4
31*1 Chi A S W... .lie. *3 lll'i
Km 34 J?
111 I H I K 1 ?u, V Si li lilt
3^0001*) ni.(!*i> b.be
.'ill1 *I MA.rjilMA-Mil.be
lUI rliH D1 A H I'd.be.c
uo .
1"U?UH VIA ? XlftUViV ?" Vu
lHiKl Weu U Tol be 7:>?j
IU Adu'iiH Ux. be !'7!k
in do ? IN
?JiJO Lk S A Midi 8. be (I I
aWiCbl A N W p....be my
(Ml do II2W
K*> Clll, M 4 St l'.iic.?3 .V. '
l(JO IlA'.r
1IHI Wab II I'ur C K.be 14',
rmlMtlii.KtW.tOK be DJj,
201 Oliio Sc .MUh bo Hi,
*>00 do 1
I loO
i-< XI
.b:< ?*>?,;
. *3 00
.c 00
do W?b
do b3 (Mi
do t?
11 HI
100 Col,C A I Ceil ..be
* ro 3 P. M.
y-jono u s .Vs. mi. c... ion?,; ran ?tu l s a .m s rr. rma
Nnki IMk ofOoiaav*. 75
lUOUUlii A -N \v i??... io?3?
11MJII (' III A S VV coll.. ldHfa
4KKKI.M A sPUt.lAM ttfs
III 1.I1, Ontario Sil .Mill 211'j
Km W e?t?rn Union ... 7>".i
KO do VftK
?Jim N Y C A II It KR.. Kir.', ami liar. .1 Si J Kit pi.
lUI Union f'aeitio liK. HH7, l(m 1 n.lo .V MIn b:?>
7IW L S A M 8 KU Ol?Ai 11*1 Ohio A Mi3, pref..
Si l(J do.
100 do
l(*l rill .t NW Kit. .bit
li?i Mil A .-.t 1' Kit
10(1 do
Jim Mil A st 1' KU pf
coiton : spor quikt ; fctureb closkd
Friday, Doc. 21?G P. M.
The trndo uiovoment bus bocu lirm durlux tbo past
week, audtto niarkeu, with law excentiuns, Btendy.
TUe ibroKtooing Btnta of aililiii in Europe prowiui;
out ot tbe Ilupso-Turkish war and the uaoertulotv in to
?b. movement* of Gro.it Urltuin In connoo.ioo with
II, BOW that it Booms to 1)C certain that the UussUns
w>il como out victors, has oxortod Its Inll.ioi.oo
in the bread,tuffs markets, which ht.vo b-.como
llrtnor aud mure active, without auy other an
parent cause, Chicujw. ... u.nul, iir.t took ,1.,, alarm. but
-New ^ ork miou followed hor lead. aud both wheat nnd cor .
are libber. Provision.. ?? tbo contrary, have be.-n .le
pre.nod, almost without exception. Cotton ha, l|k,.wi.a
been very quiot. ...id pr.ee* have larored the bnyer (1 ro
oorle. hare been quiet, and no ,,articular stir is anywhere
looked for until alter the holiday.. To-day (I r.dav) tho
market, wero all hut unusually quiet. On'Ch-in-e Hour
wa. .teady. Wheat ami corn (inner. Oat. were (lr.,.?r
or quiet. I'ork nominal. Lard ea.ler. Krt|,.|,u
were quiet. Oottonon the .put was quiet; tuti.ro* clo#ed
firm Coffee w... }?e. lower. ,SUK..r wa. q?|ot. 0|.? gen
erally .teadr. 1 ctroleuin was dull and nominal. Jt??ln
was ^uuchauged. but .pirit. ol turpentine closed a trifle
for^pe arl^ a5cf"rPot. and C>4'o. u 7c.
retfulu'*0XY W"S qUi0t* bUt Brm Bt tt ,3?-. Bold, for
?J?" '**? ? ***:?"
J?* C??r WM_ Ju?- *?*?Ked tipped. 4*c. a
c. t medium, oe. a /c.; choice green, 71*c n He
m,"ket '?r J<'? WM vcry d""- ??'l ?? aalo.
were reported from first hand, either here or at tl?? out
u.?lV1U?lMlOUS dm"" The .tock here to
K 1. I,hj4 hac. Mild coffee wan quiet. We quote ?
Ordinary earsoe., 1S*C a 16c.; fair do.. 1H0. ; ?ood do.
8>.c,: prime do., lUe. a l?i4e. ; extreme ran?e lor lot.
dev*. J.? ' 10 17!??- ?Wa.ifl.l.Uu
"f.,e; do- *"???"???.
a |M',C.; Miica.-ar 17e ? ; m?*Icm. l?.',o.
Kav,.'n1lU. 17c" 11 *&?
OORDAOic wan dull aud unrhuiited. \\',i nuoto
large >tud .mall ?l*e, nrr Ih 11 .. ? ,1 u o i o .?M n u 11 a,
bolt rope yar.it. lUcf a 17c. tf.rre ii
rope. !)ijc. a .?*, ; -New
COTTOH on the .not wa. quiet Quotation. ravine.! p?
I'ecembar*/m 4~a' 11.10 UeceB.beJ'*'1!' 'iMB a 11 18
J.??uary II 1.1 ii 11.17 January | " * } ?,?,
&.:::; ji:?: - ftg
? ",?? >i.7i! a 11.73 .h. o : ? V*? ?
J'"v n.77 a 117* ./uly ii i * '.'A1
Aupitt. 11.83 a ll.M., AnjJu.t.K5 ' H7
iro tiiail ",r,Cr >pot cuUu" lolioVln / quotation!
nro I'llhy on An.-rn-.iu standard of cla.?llic.itl< n .,7,, *
cotton I, more running in quallt, not ,u"^ tha? hiliVa
trade above or below i hu u-raui (.uotedi ?
Ordinary ! S' uT"' 'V"r?"Wr"""- ,?/??
Strict ordinary. 11.> ' jm' .,.V?
Ooodoidln.ry |.,.n \ -4
Jlnet Kood ordinary.. |ii?. In.' 10.i"
Low mldolluK n " J, -? i
strict low MlduiiDK .. 11 ?' III II I* J {;?
;;:!S !! fc!S !&% ??>
ill? iii-SJlB
s&S z&srsr&z: i
t'o.i.iinipilou T'''yn 7"T"-';'L
i^pvcoiatiou ^ ?JV ,
Tot din # TT'j |
li*1 we^?d."u r1 ?,V:.' '4I^* ''or'uture ueuverv tlie j
5? u "rA:Tivi7L?tr,i V;-Ji.""uttr-V '
l.at'O ,t I128c? 1.1." It I K2.IC ' 7o 1 1 .K" i
1' at 1 l..(7i'.. 1 ..'kki,it II :i?c J A"i,'ril iVlinVk-vi''1'
+;.? ll.Wte., Iini at li.iilc ? .1 one .!<?*a* 11 'jl'f
l'?> at 1 i>0^'. total. 14 Win i ale.. T?-day no t . ?' i' ii
leceuii.er, ^0 i ui li l.'ic . jint m 11 u? "ami n'rt..'
?January, ?t 11. ,h<) (l |, , -i i, V?"'
? t't i ll.Iie-. -?<"> at I 1.1'm* 7 "ut II I V o lu . /
?1 >7e '' 1 I'lM t ^|"."-'|'4' V2SV- l l^V:..! ?/V'Wi
"ii', -1 ii "Ml "l 11 -Mtticli. I'm III
I *-'7e.. .**1 at I I :t!ic I ijbi !l ..n hi
?| -? ?, a. II..W. 7i*i hi 11. :7e . Apr | MOO aV
iiVi'iit'i 1 i - 11 ? i May. 71.1 atil.Ml"
J, ': Juno. l l.7ic , Jim *ii i i 7'v i -(Mi ?t
ii.nc.. ?t ii.7iv.; ,imv. au. uT'n ;,;'. i
r'uU I- ? r Mepteiuuer I to I., t m,-iit, - .?7| k >?,
ten in ,.V'J Cl"MHl l.K I.lvr.-,' i.y I
7 !n I - a li! c Uipri U l o li nn I, .ie?m !
Km&y. v.;v <;" {
l> i ua. A< .-I In-.? wan no in., ortam ni. v,n. i: ? ? drum '
SUf-tUzr.T:-~e*r x'
... i, - < i, i n in .ii ii, ii- -Plln- to It.ar.
i.l . . '?<<e o wi-. quoted .It * . : 17< t , .. ' . i
? -r quiet. Woquut": -Ij > v , .; ' V .
W'.rpliiue ? m|UI> t i.i.il quo.p,] Hl <^4 o() Itoi-li^ue
t?;Vj ?< <ai...:t.?..x
i" ' ?* ;?7'. . lor prime, [."line - .ta-h
at '? '," '"1* .? u?" ^'i"' a" ' 'Himed
at ...I, fi.:i Uu.ckmlver wan > t ailv ut -Vie. a -Ji ?il.t
or?,n .1 lot,, out lot. ... I'MtlanU ... , utll . ?
for .,. ... ..ui; . .?,r,rm? ?uoll (| ?t ? ... j ?
Alum l.n.i-ii ?t. 11it4,t.mi at a'; .. ?" ,? . .... .
waa <|.|..:<-4 II lt.,? ?io, .11.1-1* .?.,,|,..aior n/.i'lere.l I'l.V
r-. " \ r. r'" ' ""c ?**-?1.1 ..... ,i. v . ,i | ? u
HU,"'i<?r?a.i,aiet ...i??to.i ?i -jh ;c. lor i c
.iifd iii "H spiii. i.iomiii t^ri>n'tyitfttjM')tn| utJl'.c lor
Ain?r,c?r-Ji??4c. rorpnuruereflii. libtf. ut,.. j/J' lor uo la
!" >'* '? a"', '?ll.rr wot. ? HIc.
ii .-".o lor tli.!lorni6, ?n.| . |-, ,.i?; n.. ill ..IU,. , v ,:
quiet at lie. a t.'jc lor rvltnud . itv ...... m>4,.. ? u> r
I". hJl'd at <i'r?5'? B12'''1 \I',,W '."a ??
.v '4 *"? ilii'iiiH wiih nrm uuoteii n hi.. 1
a|,lJk''lk'\|t0r,l"r?1!1l,?"<J i7' * ^ Oi.tett WH,i,uiei .
??i Vi told. 1 rtiMUIe noia.i. w,t>* i.iiim ,t j^,.
. 7?,I"'t',,,,4 w"? 'I a. 12 ,t 1
H'L #i n, o'V, 'V'-"1. " **<?? aon Kuiuae wan doM
aj fi III I. *| |? l.einu i ro .t w.i, <4 n >t ,.t 4j.t ?
'?*' <"??'? I'Uda wo,., uui.tud it ;!il" .?ol..tiiio.it
aa. qnota.1 ..I ta-. I... ?ri,ole and I4e. lor Dowdeieq. i.u.b
L'edJa ?? .< quiet at li',.- ? l'?V . Ho. |,.ka. lie i 11 i"
J "...per wore uull ai i'? ,i .1 v-. lor c om...... :i,
a ?>?C f?r ordinary I alii... ......a. |.?e| w,?? unlet at ?>..?'
J>jC. \'!ll.. .- tlirjo ntllia W.li iiuotn | at Jllc. Cl??tl|.. noun '
l O.UI Willi* W ,. .inotod ai I I ., ? u i|,,.
inoti'cl At 11;4c , m?lo, Hiui ?lo. common m*V f cur"
runcy. Licoricu root wa? quiet at Irou. 7e, tol .e.. c.irreiiev
lor neiecio.i Licorice pa.t al .lirla at :tOe.: .>nai.l> . .0 i.V
il'"' H.?rj2".awall tint..1111.. at
J?c. i larjB .nua.iua at .lie. i? :i4e.; f \ S M.iall .1
ift'l'ji ?"7r]*UO il'li ,J'' * ttttl"tt?li bone, wero quoted
at i. ,? .t I-?c. h,.l?am .-onalba w.?? muoIimi at 2l?r. a :n?e
Hainan, tolnwa. Iiei.l at -I I.. ? m l-n M.m.m /tmcrlcan'
quoted at 1n<\ a J*ic., Span int. at ?!? a ,n ..oiaii -al
root wan quoted ?t I Or. a lie. Hqulll. ware quint "t
Me. a lie. 1 oriliver oil wa. quiet. h.i<i quoted nt *i '
a #1 .1.1 tpr .Newtoatio aaii and #1 7-> a Si X"? tor Nor
wetnati. Kliubaro wan ...tint at prlcnn rn?Kiuir Iron. Vaj
to .(>1 |.i. .t I ..on were qu <teu ai l.l',e. a | f.. i,,r i-a-,o
tii.iHor wa. Ilrui aiol quoted at 17c. .1 17 jc. lor Jamaica
blea.'ho.; iiruot win uueted at 2".e a J?lr. Camomile Mow
er. were quiet; quoted al l.tc. aUOo.lor 1 iermau aii.i :iu
a.I.e. lor K..Him Seneca root ?an quote! at tli'.t a
liln.ei.K wa.n quiet and unchaimed. nwaet
luarjoraui wan quiet at 10c. a l?c To tut l.eitun wore
Held at ?1 'J 1 a *1 JO ior Annontura Valerian root wa.
quoted at l'.ic. a Jlc. Inr Kiutl.h and 11 . ? |5C
lor (.leiniiiu. > trnupa. Ilia wa? quiet. H o quota: lloi.d.l
fn?. eounuon.; do. do., ior export. :??1/0I11; tip,,
lean. 111,.. ? |.v Jalap wan quoted ?t 'JOc., tol.i liuni
"ainar wan quiet at I'lu 1 lie ?i.tiiibouu wan .1..1M.11I it
Unalibn.la wan .1 a ly at l.V. 1 17c. i.'arbon .t.< in..
n.enla W ,n quoted It n ,.-., KO d. Meed Wo o n.te ? -
t anary?-pani.il, .1 I'.T; sielly. j :Y7<i n 1.
Ii.itcn, $1 7(1 a fl m.i. Mn.vrna, if I 7'l . tl i?i; 'iifinn, Ki,.
jlaii, tl .ii l(ann-iieriii..ii,r,J7.>; l'.nirll.h,9'Jll,V I'arawi.y -
Outcli. Jlrnt, I?I>,C; do., neennd, Inc. .\iu.tard?ti le.te
7 4?. j (.alllornla, .1? ; yellow do.. ?'.4c.; -olmw Kllidlnb,
' ?? e.Oj<ll.lt cln i.ilcal. worn quiet lint II.m r. l iio
.uies ware id tun. .al ?oda at 1.V-, -?> ton. bleacliiuj,'
powder at $140. 100 drums cuustio soda at 4^6., 100 kti|3
hat soda at 3j?c.. end 10 i t??u? suit asi? ai 5*1 SO, nil
gold Lns-ntial oils wore fury quiet but steady. We
quoteOil ber?autut. Sanderson*. $3 50; oil teuton. Han
uersou's $2 50; liuuMO ? fttieat oil ro?e,$iO; anise. ?1 7 ?;
oil cussia, 83c., all ico'd; oil caraway. $1 ?o a $2 -r?"; oil ero
toil, $2 VJl.%; (it) citrouella, tWg. a #1 ; oil laVetnler, 75c.
a *2; do do. < MUehant>. fill; oil clove*, #'i 5o; oLi winter
irreeit, $'J 7*?; oil ssssatrM. inclusive, ?Klc.; oil pennyroyal
nominal ui ?1 a $1 25: ?*tl ??f t?.?y. .f 10. oil inirreucv
1'BATiiKBtf were quoted at 50c. a 5jc. i??r piline to cllolce.
and meady. Sales were 1.500 lbs. prime at 50c. and 3,000
lbs. strictly priiuu *t 52.
Fish 1 in? market w?s quiet i?t .*11 department*. Cod
Halt wore selling in bin ill l^ts at $5 75 tor Uoortfee ami
$4 50 l<?r <fraud Han*. No s.^lits ot mackerel or herriuK.
I' j.or u ami UtiAiN. ?l-eoeipts?? Flour. 10.471 kilt in. ; wheat,
52,0*0 bushels; corn meal, 200 bbls. ami 1.504 sacks. corn.
40,478 bushels; oat?. 12,7 to #!?? ; rye, 3.2O0 do., barley,
11,000 do.; uar ley malt. 4,360 do. r\our was steady, with
a lair demand tor export. some grades a .shade llrtuer i'lie
?ale* were 221,1 KlU bbts.. including State, Western and South*
ern, at the annexed quotations; ? Hyv Hour wus steed v.
with Miles ot 400 bbls. Com meal was bteudy ; the sales
were 200 bbU, We quote ;?
No. 2 State.... ..????????? ? ? .$3 0<' a <54 'K)
Suporiiue Siato 4 75 a 5 ]5
hxtra Mate 5 40 a 3 75
Choice State 5 75 a 0 00
Supmtlue Western ? 4 75 a 5 25
hxtri Western 5 4" a 3 75
.Miuuetota * 5 30 a 7 <>0
ICouud l oop Ohio, shipping brands 5 00 a 5 85
Hound hoop Ohio, trade brands. 0 0 ? a 0 50
Family l? 30 a 7 5it
City mil's 5 30 a 0 25
M. Louis, low extra 5 75 a 0 00
St. Louib, low straight ... 0 25 a 0 75
St. Louis, choice uuitbie extra 0 75 a 7 OO
St Louts. choice t.ituiiy 7 25 a H 25
Kyo Itour 3 50 a 4 45
Southern, No, 2 3 Ola 4 00
southern, ? upcrline 4 00 a ?? iM?
Syiitheru, extra 5 75 a 0 75
Miutheru, latnily 7 00 a 0 IX)
Coin meal, Western 2 OO a 4 30
Cam meai, Jersey ? - 05 a 3 1 >0
t orn meal. IJraiui.v wine 3 25 a 3 .'15
Corn ui al, puncheons 10 75 a 17 Ou
? Wheat was firmer. The sales between tin* calls were
1 ;>t M M HI bushels, ui ?131 I ? ? No. Ml:\\ auke" :*'?! ill.14 a ?1 .15
tor No. 2 do. in store ; JH 35,'j bid, afloat, 3? 1 37J* a ?1 'IS lor
No. 1, $1 31 tor rejected winter; .f I 45 lor No. 2 do 111 ?tore;
$\ 4'? tor Canada winter iu bond*, ^l 41 for No. I Canada
bprni^ in bond, $1 55 for extra white; ^1 i!2^ k?r So. 2
api'iii^, tor February; $1 35 lof No. 2 Northwest, ?ame
unlivery. The sales at the calls were lOfOOO bushels No.
2 splint;, lor Junuarv, at $1 32; 4M,iMi.ido No. 2 Northwest
I r.January al f I 35; 8,000 do. do. tor Kebruary at ft 35-g.
Com was ttruter. The saie.i between the call* were lOi.us)
busho'.s Oi'iC, for No, 2 mixed alloat; 04,tor
uo. iu store; 55c. a 5oc. tor No 3 mixeu, Site,
for uninert-haiitable, mid 50c. a 50c. tor uuuraded.
The sales between the calls were 8,0011 bushel* January
steauter at tttc. and 40,lK.ti| bushels do. -o. 2 at tW?c. O.us
were llrnier. Tue sale- closed .ts follows No. 1 whiie. 41^0.
u Uo.; No - do., HUko, a30^0, . .'>< . :i ?:<?.. a otto*; o*?
tra and No. 1 mixed. 30^0. a 3oJjC.: No 2do..30l;c.; No.
3 tlo., 3*'^. Ujo ruled steady. Hurley was tirm. The
bales were 10.00'? uushels; two-rowed stato at 78c liarley
malt ruled quiet; sale* wore 3 >0 InisUeU t <ro-rowcd State at
75c. .
Kit Dir.?Foreign dried was quiet. Woouote :-New raislus,
layer*.$1 7o; new louse utiucatel, $1 ou; olUlayeis, 2>1 30;
old loose muscatel, 00; uew Valoifcia raislaa. Oj^c.
Currants, tiew, prime, Oc.; newcltiou, 15e. Figs -in boxes,
10c. a 15c.; in 7)?e.; iu drums, ii)?c. Dates. 111 uiuts,
Ae. a 5>4C. lirnxil nuts, 4,Jc. Sardines, quarter boxes,
13^c.; ualt boxes, 20c. turuey prunes, orop 1873, sc.;
crop 1870, 8^4C.; crop 1877, yjgC. ; new Freuult, from 10c.
to 17c., accordiu/ to hi*u ; new ihdtemlsu prunes, 8l4c
New lirenoble wiiiuuts, 12e.; new Morbnt do., Oc. ; new Hur
dotiiix do., ; new Sicily lilbort?, 111)40.; shelled al*
mouus, iu hau,s, 33c. ; i'liiicevs alm*oid<?, new, In casus. 42c.
Hay ami mkaw-Wo quote:?bale hav tor shipping,
55c. a 00c. ; do. retail, 05c. a 00c. htraw?Lon^ rye, 50c.;
euort do., 4<k*. a 45*.
niiMi* ANU.J htk.?Jute Putt, were .toady.Sales wort about
1100 b.ilen hi 2*jo., time. We quoteAmerican ? 3}
? or mku.o ; #210 u #215or d-ume a,,,(,^i" , t?fi J.V
lor tiuurc??od; Kttftvia, cicmii. a *-1 ?\ K???? ii.V]' ,! *
1*270 a *373. It old; juie, 4!?C. a lie., it?lU; J? bUU*. -
currency, ciiuli; Manila liouip, 7c.: bi?al, ?*&<?'. ? l*t,e*4,04 14
5'uidk "-r!io m?rliet-*ruUd Hrui. Wo nolo anloa of MIX)
dry tlaiilornlu at 21'ic., gold. U'J day, R.Ti?,.
term.; 4 000 lexmt Wti.?, ? ?1?(' H^lb. On>iiT Mar'
2.77.1 ilry llueno. Ayro*. JJ'a lb? a " , i .-.1
Hellion); 12.0H0 dry salted I'ernwnbuM, 1.000 * ? t .alt id
Tn," l,M dry Texas Kip.. ti,7oO Hueuo.^Ayref. 700
Hogo. a ?u,l 150 Central a me ricuu ?"I'";, W ?,nt0
huSno. Ayro., 25 to 24 lb... 22,'>o. a 2Jc. i d*. 20to
?-> M.- "l'-.c a 22>ic.s Montevideo, ?'' ^ to .7,
a 22'4c.i torrioiiles. 21 to 22 lb*., 2Ill'jC. a 21 . 10
urttt.de, 20 to 22 b... 20c. a 20}*C.; Orinoco, -1 to
"lc a 21>ic. ; Oaliloruia. 22 lo 2o lb#..
V.,,'ricn o to 22 lbs., 18Kc. a I'.tc : Matauioio*. 22 to
lbs.. 17' a 1*1*0.; Vera Uiu?. 18 tu l!?lb?., li?i,.Jc. a
Kold. neiec'O'i; dry salted l?*??. -* *" 'v "he city
SL-w? statin
quo? :-NewYork (choice axoort l.op.h 1
f Mturn 8e a i-'-- - Wi.cou.in, 5c. a 8c.; yearlings. :Jc._ a
Oc ; old.. .11 -c. a 3c. cor It.: Oallloruias. 'oc.
" n.f,N _Thero was no movement In American pin In con
^;vin"rIn11 &L-^ni ".u,
5?I WaK ?55^7*
4 i'.KVl) was quiet and quoted at 4&c. a .?c., currrauiy, for
?no r^pi" lor tbe work were 70,113 .M?. and
* *7?bale*. '1 ho export. for tbo sani* time were JS.o.n
? vix '29,000 to KnsWnd and it,000 to lite , u?
tlnont. Wi
hide 2Ci?ft "? 22c.; tulddlo hueno. Ayr??, 2?c. ? 2-ja ;
5 nrifiimia. u:ic. a JU'ic.: U?. common l?nl?, 22c.
heavy Huoto* A/ro?, 2:ks a 24c.: do.
?j:ic : tlo. common hide, 22c. a 2Ac. 1.1*??*
.?'.l UiiantiK 4 vrofl 2lc. a 21^.; clo. C*Uforni?, 21c. ; do,
common nidc,"2uc'. ? 31c.; poor datunro.^commou Uido.
17M<)i.'!?:<. ? No* Or?0?n? 'ruled Meady: ?n!e? were 4R0
, w Orlonntt new rrop, !t>c. a ?i?*c. *. *dd www. ."Wtc. a 42c.
N ,vALST("r? *.-Tlf ntarkot lor nplrti. turpentlno c o.?d
? S.ndt firmer. IW> bbli ?o,d at :i:ic. Bo.in was riulet ami
n .liado rirm , ^nlrit. tttrpftitlnc. nierctiantnble
orllor :Wc ; r!l. ..rained, *|N?; ..rained1^1 70;
or J:, ?i> (71. niltli *2 J.'>. A<l*?Cfa I torn tVtinuni;
tar. +2 ? _|< 11" tin ti ?e 111'd ; .trained. SI 4i? I,id;
l"" rsr "il1 45 bir laVVo" "tu-rt. n 40. Turpemlno
?r""?dy; 'hard. $1 :??">; ?olt and virgin. fJ 1ft Spirit# .toady
"cftuj?Cotton.eed oil Tile loliowii.B were th? bid and
anked price. at lU. c^ ? 5,
''r0^ ?IV a/kmi. Cr.t year.
Hh^c Wd 4fl>4c a.ked. Llune.d oil ruled Ortn.
.j?i,c. i n. 1, 1 d oil. flOc.; lard, 72c. a 7.V.; uponn,
crude 81 05 a *1 07; bloaclie.i winter Kperm. IJI
1 ... #1 crude Northern HTw ;do. Southern. .i-V ;
bl*'"cb'd wit'or, 7" ; naturaI do . ?-o. ? extra d, 7.V..
hloacncuwiiiior. . 7- iiAtural winter ?!?*.,
7*cT win'ter^o*ob?<d "bP ^:; eru.le ?.n. Sound. 4.V.;
M"Vl*?o^rifArteHaed wa. .lili dull and nominal at Jala
p,le?" hr-aie. a. the l-.uoUum hxc,,'.... wore
r^uoU-'-Cruddo- J? ^ ?"V.
? - i? iilirrei. l?'.c. ?.k-d; <b>.. In eai.es
tSi?Si'*G? SSU.V
gsur,8?? *rsaxar*??
to prime, i ic. I-, .. nrtmA ??,. inc. Wemcrti, goo?l to
si ) lo. ; Stulo. uo?'U to pr.mo, ?riir?i? n?c a lie
prime, M . a 1 'loc" Jar"*r. "ood^o prhiie,
;i'r*:c^u":! 'c!.w ^ ^
toprOuo. tic. a IOC.. W.-ata-n. ?ood ??. "'XV.ern M a
llv" ''o"?y Jor^y and" Mary&id. p?r p-ir.* *1 M 7
"?.?? ?? *<^1?
tierccH, 440 keB an,I 1 lo \'"'"h "i^.'irrce. -l.;
te".ndU??.rdre^d ^
Hmoke'l lianiH were quot d at 11 ?v a ;
.mi <i\i>s 'A'fi .t in lii; wild slii/rt ?r . ? ' ..
aui' .'O do. d * called .booider. at ^
Mea.ly at Hie l-ilce^ W<- '{U-^;" \r .,|llltill mrH,.
f: "in,,()'i? f JO. "Wat"'bam. were quiet at *10 ??' a ^17 ^or
ij'ltnn Wi stern and ?i:i i#H ! )'r ' ' . ' r,.
" .... timeri city b avjr tollfbt,quutodai ?? ? a*> ,c .
lio?n*sra nriior, i M.Ha (...kkt i he cbi?lr^ call #n?.
and pir->>t |l(,i ... i;. i,..k i; .1 ati
?. ' V i 'X'XiJtv,' r 'ary ?H 27', Md.?rt 'M
uaiy. 1 ' ^ ^*42!, i, ked. The" 'I ? wi-ro
Si'.'.' utV^O'Viner.??' at ??' Ic.Tieeember
!.r January. - ?" ?Z,' U\t
?t, 7,. .o, p?v::. v-'-'t-rt.'^.nrd
Gutter?ti?u ' . '-1 r" i,.u imicch wore ol?
del.i lid I'.'i'tKiifty bu? tl.il lower grades aoio
tinned " ,l0111. f VYu .ii.ive Hate <;re?inory
nei.-c-te.i -..a .nil Western
?"'?'? V llai '. l' -o a 22-. -mace heeeip.v 1.104
cuiiiinou o line, at I-C ill0 /r,?|eH, .i.t tbo
N\, ,(UUte. i..n? i. ???<? >;?* \ ' H> t .,;. :>2c.
ii *J7c ; riliit? and l eiiu 'VAuin, - ?-?
- ;.s
, l.uuim.uia. ^uad to ndiue. lie?. " . '. I , . a .
7, a 7'?e. curreuc* ; H-nuaoii. In nnud. ?< .'<? a .1 .u.
>l?u.T/a Wtt. oneli ?n; ?? >ud .noted it'- a ?' 4?? ??'?'
r ft. ntt>-iiic ii it d .? ic.. uold, loi loieMn,
"pi.-1'ii} tleVce.a. d:.'. b-ls. ilia mar
Ki-v * I. .|Uiel ai ^S ' 2!i lor pilme ; 7j ueroo. told ou tr
V"snl'^"",|t.vw ?ai quiet but a??hai.Bed. IMIn-d wa.
;,i ?^vwr^r2ra"a.?w,:ii
and bu\'">. nu?. still. , ? . '|( r..||M, , common to
an, '" - '. ' r.cor.. lair i" ,i"ic ?. 7,... a i',c. ;
prima. U i > ' ? ' u ,,,? nif v.s' .e. S',c. i. ru?lieu,
rfi'c"" '.ilruered 0',0.*a !?,*??? u'r?nil' >tu.i, ? . ; oil . i aad
4 ,i .. 'Mr cat lea. O'.C. . white eM a' >. *
s'vl ; vedow e itr Vie. a7M'i <""< r tirade, In
cla .inc 1 i-i hi,(i? -jii t tierce*. 101 bbl?. and
lo'e^T . ?"??;**? ..alet liio ?alu. acre 10v?Mot
-t'!f S&f;;r ,;W,u? ^?V"
Miimo n ay ? ?a 1 aii I tint: 15; do rflfttMin,
II' iuun,".,Ui,,??.~.,,a1,:^. .V,\ *IV. .eriio.
1 m ,ii > i eke ; i 7 > ? ;0 . 'In., tern*, f > ?" a >i t.i.
I'.'i'ia' l'ii. ? Kentucky .eal ?a. I,ot .ery active.( 1
ontbraeea I'm hIKU at of wi'ic* M> lilid.'.
At lite lotion ,aj.. 112 bUd' ??/ r> , Seed
wt.r? .1,1 at uni * r ?* ,fni,r*,cl i.'aicana# New Knaland
leai was quii t. lb e S4ca.e? Ulilo. crop Is74
c",,, is,i?.ii. l r.. | M lioiiit.lu ero.. is,jl. at iiV .
nnii i?;?'ea'?. .u'udrle. at Ic a 10c.. 200 oalo. Havana ,?lJ
" Wm.'.'kkv* - lle'reipu-eae bbU. w Ui.kar ??. quiet; 50
bid. ...Id al #l lO demand, but tbo .I.k:k wa.
\\ ooi*. ?Iu< ?? was cry in tliolr vlown. 11?? h ilo*
S'.u.; I.OOO boxe.1 bacon (tbr?.iu.{lii iraij |? :h?
ti ruis; I??(? jiuckaROH otittwr, 4 "? .-nm >!Monx ortfant,
b.,1, ro.lli, oil prtvat.[ *?'??; ?',d8 J?, , ? ?ralu si, I.;
22* 1,1. lo Hil.tol, by ?ieain. . ^ |>|(, .,i,|,.
Htir.i do. I ant e*enlntf.;<<l..anil V , , r(klUi u,l.
2?. Od. To .ntworp, "y "'?VT i"! ., ,.?rnb 2 I... and br
lo Ham burg, by Meaiii.i.i**! ,j*v t,v .team, 75 ton.
I.M."- .tare It 17 a do I ..auvr.^Ijrrtj
l,.vjii cuae i canned mcliti, #10;5 000 gallon * ? hale oil,
5c 10hhl*. aMi's, !**lt4e.; :Wca?e* tuck*. .>lo. 4H00 stave*.
IJII JlH^s C'K'I?H J|C . 2* l)N('kl|tr04 I'lbti'Oii, |)rivtttd
I I 111 H ; 1,7121 bags coffeef *?e. ; Mi I 11 > ?!le? skins. #10 . (ki.MJl)
ll?a. tallow, 7* Mu* . .'?7 low* maple $10. Charter* ? - A >or
WBill.tu bark. Uetice 111 Irleste, with lihU. reined j?c
troleUin I'jd. ; a N'orw ^ III bark. from llallhoore tn a
rili" ei Continental port, reported with 2, ??*) bols. tfo ? 4*.
4*tfd. : hii A 111 ?? ricau bar'<. from I'hiladelpha to the Oan*
tinent (o\1>utc!i>. with 3.HOO bbli. retloed IVvrofcum. ut
4*. 3d. ; a ?ark. with H.IM) lit)111 do.. bene** to
Antwerp or Bremen, at 4* ; a Hr?tUU bark* hence !
to lioii'fon. wllli 3 4"0 bb|* tmpli t liu. Hi 4* ?? 4. ;
h Hr.tuh bark, fr ut I'inloielnhia to Hiisiol, with 2.700 tibl*.
refilled petroleum, at 3*. Oil. . Lon'on, 4s or Antwerp 4-. \
3d. t a Norwegian u.?rfc, from Jtaltimore to ea*t const In- i
Iniid, with 4,Ox) quarter* grain, lit ? ?*. tW.; an /.tuericati !
brig. lieuce to Cork 01 orders wlfh 3.500 quarters grain, at j
5s. l)d.; an Atuericau liark, 4yuS ton*, hence to t ormina,?
with Kentucky tmjucoo, ut 3Ks, Jd.; a HtJtish bri'-r, \
2IUI tot) h, hence to Hcrninda and Ui'tice to
Trieste, with a derelict cari.o of petroleum. on pri
vate terms; an American harlc, from Cortland to the i
iiiver IMntte. with 4t*?.000 feet of lumber at $14, net. an I
American bark lor s*iu* voyage, with 300.0UU i?*et of lum
ber at same price; an American bark, from Savannah to
Kiver 1'iatte with 3.V.i,<Nj(.) feet ol lumber at *10, net; a
British bark, with IMQJMYJ feet of lumber, iron: Brunswick
to do.. at $10, net; a Norwegian bark, 348 tous, hence 10
0>r< for order*. wnn oil cak* at 27s. Hit.
Kotis.? American ?hip Intrepil, built in 18ii8, gold to
Gurmuu accoitut ai $30,U00.
nkw yubk cattle markets.
F Kill AY, Dec. 21, 1K77.
nrit ami
Yard*. Jiff/?<*. Cot ft. Gutren. Lumh*.
Sixtieth street 015 23 327 3,037 ' ?
fortieth street ? ? ? 5,413
Jersey City. 2.008 ? ? ll.UOl ft, 420
Totals 3,013 23 327 0,3 Jrt 10.833
It 1 i' vkh. ? 11 ade alow unt steady. The HsrUa to hand
range Irom pix>r to choice. in g?uural coirsc ami rather
less isan than those reported fut several days tiast; ail to
liatiii bold ? 11 by noon I'rlcs were 7)gc. a 12c per Uu.
wcluhts 5?4 ca t. a^l I cwt. Kmm J lbs. a f?rt llin. ha> been
allowed net: jreiier*! xales on .'at ibt net. At .^ixtletli
streot yardtt T. (!. hiiftiinun Mild tor self l.s cart of lie; 111 ?*<!
catile, * ile? a* tollow*; :t!i | ttiuois Hteers at Ik*, pel lb.,
weight cwt.; HI Illinolh ftt^ers m per lb, weight
7,'4 cwt.; 80 llliuoih ?ie?Tfi at 'J^ j. par lb., weight 7 qwl;
ti2 111 Inula Rtuers at Iti^e. per lb., weiuht T}{ cwt ; II
lllinolH ?|eom at lie. per ib., weightUl4 cwt K. Samuels
sold lor t'urtisH ?k Co., 10 State staera at tte. ? per
lb., with .$1 on per head, weight 7l. cwt. T. iiiNU
said for Curtis* A;_i a. 34 >tate steers at 7kc. per lb., being
grass fed, wemiu cwt. II. Kuichard sold tor KanUlu
M Tlioiupsotl 50 co a rue grans led Missouri .steers at H'^c. per
lb., weight 7 cwt., fcunt; 1h grass fed Illinois steert at
I H\c. per lb., wei. lit tlf? cwt.: 12 Illinois hteeis at tl^e. a
1 l)g?. per lb , weights (3*2 cwt. a 10 cwt. ; 12 Illinois ht em
at 11 '4C. per lb., weight 11 ewt. Uoun k Thompson sold lor
Kankin A llioiup.au 103 Ohio steers at '.?>Bc. tittle, pur lb.,
weight 7*4 cwt. At Jersey 1'lty yards tjouey A Ucrherson
Htiid lor l*' r*tell!\jr 34 Ohio steers nt He. per lb., weight 7
cwt. : lor Kerr X Co. 1(4 Missouri steers at '.?' ic. per lb ,
weighL 7}4 cwt.; 1U Missouri steers at per lb.
weight 7'.t cwt.; tor II. C. Miller HI Ohio steers 31 head
ut lie, per lb . it head at per lb.. UUi *ad at lite, per ib ,
2 head ut 12c. per lb., weights cwt. a H? ewt. scant: lor
H Tailor, 2 i)lito steers at 12c. per lo,, weight H'i cwt : lor
Ilectcer X Long 10 Kent ucky steers at H'ic. i?er lb., wi igltt
7'4 cwt.; 0 Kent no icy steors at 11 ,\'c. per lb,; weight n cwt.,
strong. Ji. Vogel sold lor N. Morris, 44 graf>s led Illinois
steers lit 8>ae. aH?,4e. per lb., weiulit ti'4 cwt.; 3,"> illinois
steers at a li'-jc, per lb., with $1 on per head on lit head
sola at top rate. M Lotiterhach sold for VVaixel
A Ailcrt-m h> grass ted Illinois stuers at
H tjje. per lb., weight C?*a cwt. M. 0old?chmid6
hold for 14. d. Jeremy 3"? Inniauu steors at Oc. per lb.,
woigbt tl?.i cwt.. strong: for J Kobinsun, 31 Ohio steurs at.
\%ti. ft 0)4c. por lb , weight 7'.^ cwt.; lor J. Nutt,30 Ohio
steers at Ilkj. (with $1 oil'por head) a IO'.jC. per lb., weight
7\t cwt. Sieg 'l A Meyer sold for N. Morris H Illinois bulls,
live weight 1,40H lbs. per head, at 3^c. j ar Ib. ; 10 grasa
led It i?ol? sitters ut f '.|0. per lb., ivelt! lit 7 cwt. ; 4H Illinois
Mean at '.I'ic. p?r lb., in-iirht* 7 o? t. u 8 cart. rt. O'ltuniteli
sold for W hixim tV Ailortou 3J Illinois stoors hi lit. pur
lb., weight 0,1 -t cwt. \V. K. Dmlli'v sold lor limner
Hi (Jo. 17 Ohio tixtu lit Sc. pur lu., w.ljtht 7Ji cwt.; lu itias-i
Iroi Ohio steer* at 7',c. por lb , weight l)'4 cwt. ; 'J1 ktiish
lad Ohio ?leer* nt tf.'Ze. per lb., weight o'i cwt. Toffa.v <fc
hrnis ?old lor X. Morris |i? ?ru** ted lllleois steers nt njjc
ppr Hi., weliflit (1 owl.: 411 Illinois strors nt ttc. tt pur
ll<., weight Oip cwt. II. H. Rosenthal sjld lor N. Morris 04
grass fed Illinoi* mean ut Hjjc. per Hi . weinht# ?> out. to
ill, cwt. ; HI Illinois moi'rs nt Oo. par lb., will) .fi on per
head, weight 1% cwt.: is Illinois steers ut lO'jfc. perk'j.,
w lih !?1 cm per Head on 8 lieuil, weights 7'4 cwi. to 7', cwi.
tiiiKKi* AMD i.amii.h.?.sochantru ?lialever in the gi'iiuml
tonn ol trnno ; sheep mild at $1 .>0 a t:> 7<l per cwi.; lumbs,
ut d'ic. n il'n'o per Hi.; mixed Hocks, ?>I .V?c. n5^.jc. |>er Hi.
11 nine, I'.lluilt .t On. Hold 200 till in sIii'l'h, weUiit IH.U50
Urn., ut, i'Jc. pur lb.: 140 Olilo sheep. weight 111.850 lb?-. ut
4 \c. pur In.; 133 Ohio sheep, wuiulit 14,siK) lbs., ut ?ri;',.c.
per lb.; 170 mixed i'.hiiuiIh slump urd Iambs. wuiijlit 17.1 ID
lbs., nt 5,J?c. tier lb Davis & llnlleiibeek sold I* Michigan
sheep, weight -,l-ii lbs., ut 4J4c. per lb.; *4* Miciik'sn
sheep, weiglit 5,021) lb*., nt 5c. per lb.; 40 mixed .Statu
aheap i%d lambs. weight 4.730 lbs., at S'?c. per Hi ; MS
CunudiiT.nitjs, weight 7,270 lbs . nt 0)?c. per lb.: 114 Statu
luiub.i. welk'bt ll,0Ti0 llis.. atO'.c. pur lb. J. Klrby A Oo.
sold 32 Onlu sheep, woiglit 2,M3<( lbs., at 4\c. per lb.; 71
Ohio hbeep. weight (1,040 lb*., ut 5c. per lb. 8. Mcllraw
sold MO 8tuto nlieep. welitht D.980 lbs., nt 5jjc. per Ib.
V. i'. Iianraer noiil 140 State sheeti, woiglit 7.i lb<. per
bend, ut 4'!>c. pur Ib. Kline X I'idcock told 1S8 Ohio sheep,
weight 01 lb? per heud, nt 4?.je, per lb.; Ills Miunck.v
nlieep, wui.'ht us I In pur head, nt 5c. per lb.; 151 Keniuciiy
nlieep, weight 104 lbs. per liend, ill $'? Hi per cwt.; 142 Illi
nois nlieep. weight 1 23 lbs. per head, ill $5 70 per eat.
MIi.cII Cows.?A lew tulet reported ut $.18 a #55 per lteud,
cuii os liiolnded.
Vkalk ami Caltka,?Coarse qunlltr grass fed calves sold
nt 2i,c. a 2,'.tc. per lb.; nmootb ijuulliy veuln at 7,'ic. it 8'4c.
per lb.
IIikjs.?Trade very nlow: 14M Ohio hogs, average llvo
weight 104 lbs. pur baud, sold at $4 5t;.'4 pur cwt.
(iALVKSTON, line. 'Jl, 1877.
rotton quiet; middling, lO.^c.; low midilllug, 10c.: good
ordinary, Set receipts, ii,70"-' balus; gmx, 0 717.
Kxpnrts rn.istwi'O. IM?7 Sales, 1.2*11 Stock, 't.*i,J44.
Weekly?Nel receipts. 2H,8Ti4 liulen; truss. 'Jl11MJ. l-.x
ports?To (Irent Krituln, II.W; to i-'runce, 4 1 j.'i; to tliu
(loutluent, 1,405; coastwise, 8,h)!j, Hnlns, >>,194.
Nkw Oklkaks, Doc. 'Jl.lS77.
Cotton weak: middling, tojac.; low middling, lli'4o.;
good ordlmiiy, H*nC. Not receipts, 11.1115 bales; gross,
11,141 Itxnofta?I'e Oreat Britain. Il.mi5; 10 the Conti
nent. ! 1,240; constwKe, <>!>. Ssles. S.'.'iki. Meo'i. 27s,.-;JO.
Weekly ? .sot receipts, 7M..'I1IJ bales, gross, S>,'iSH. Kx
ports?To (iroat Mritaln, 1!4,17H; to Krniice, ls.MU; to tto
Uoutinent, 11,040; coistwiso, 4 <V"i7. .Sales. 41,0.%u.
Oiiablvstox, Deo 'Jl, IS77.
Cotton steady; middling, l('\,o. , low inid iling. ln>r. a
IO.lto.; tfood ordinary, 1'?'-j.c. Net receipts. ;i,i;7i bales
I'.xp'irts? I o tjreut I'.ritnin, l!,'i53; to the (/ontiniini. .~>'J1
S.ilei, !.'?*? Stock. 84M >. w i-eklr?Net reci'ipls.
l.uies I'.xports-To (ireui llritaln, 5.710, to the (,'on.
tin -lit, 3,070; coastwiso, :i,7t)8. Sales. 7.1KJ0.
SjtV*HHAii, Deo. 21, 1877.
Cult.in dull, nominally nnclianued . middling, 1 ? ???f.; low
Middling, 1<?'.?.c. ; good ordinary, '.l.'ic Net receipts, li, 173
li lies; gross, (i ml.i. I.xuoris?To ? ranee, l.'.'OS, coast
wiso, L',111 J. sales, l,7t*i .stock, 102.8811. Weekly- Not
receipts. HI.242 bales; gross. tU.lltl. Kxports- To (ire.t
ilrltsln, 11 lit; to Kranco, 0.03s, lo tile Continent, 3.203;
coastwise, 13,271. Sales. 51,7'XJ.
WiLKlMiTOW. N. C., Dec. 21, IS77.
Spirits ol tnrpentlne unlet At Itosin dull nt
fl 4.!'j 'or strained. Crude lurpeiilnui st"ady ai #1 Hi lor
hard lo lor yellow dip aud W 15 lor tlr^li. far steady
at ?>l 45.
Toi.kijo, Dec. 21. IS77.
V heit <|nlet; No. 1 whlto Michigan. -M 31. uin'ier do.,
spot and s lier Decemoer. $1 3d'a. seller Jnini iry. #1 111;
No. 2 rod winter, npol and seller December, ?l 28, ?e||?r
Jk iUSi' +i 28*,. Coin <|iliet; lilgti mixed, al',0 : No 2,
loot. 5'Ojc.; new. 47>ac.; rejected, 40c. ; new, 4-',',o.; datn
aued. 41 2o. : new, 37c. flats unlet. No 2, 2^'^'..; So. 2
While, .Djyt!. I lovoisue! Choice ^4 s'i; prime, .*4 7'l.
Dresm-d lio^s (liactive. Keceipts?Knur. 4l>l biiln.; wlicat,
3'. II iMisln is; c- rn. 22,'KHI do ; o*js, I (1 si nn Milp.
nients?Hour, 2l*i bids.; wheat, I5.IKI0 bus! els; corn,
22,11*1 <:o. Markets closed?Wheat inm . a'nlier Mlebi^an,
lieoemlier. lfi .IniiuArj', ^1 :t|, Kohruary.cl 33: No
2 red winter. .Innuarv, ^i 20; ,s.i .1 red, il I2'a; No. 2
tiring, if I 12. (urn i|iilut; new No. 2. spot, 47',c.; Jnu
uuiy, I4'0c.
lltiKii.ii. Dec. 21, 1X77
I'ioiir hi oo l demand; sales of l.iOO b .Is, nt tlia'iiangud
pr ces IVheat steady; sales ol 2 o r? No. I llilwiink""
(.mi nt $1 25; I oar white Hicliigaii at *1 3 i1,; 2 cars No. 1
tin. ut f I 40; 2 cars sample white <t tl l'i,4 ours N.'. 2
Milwaukee at $ I 2!. Horn inhiriteti ?temMiid. sa v? ol K
car#, in*w? on tr ick, nt 4.'>c. a ?!*<:.; 1 cur ilu., imi pilvut?*
trr.iM. ('AtH nominal. (|u >t^*i iVestoiii M , 'WW. ; Stiiio,
:ij?' a :i?c I;jr.* Snarnvn linrliiv ?iut>*t #nlci? 01 I,'?m
i us o ii tv.o-roiveil tituio nt 72c. IllrliwintA flrta : ?u!?n ut
'j,-* lo.l .. hi M 11 lor ciiy iin??i?\ Uni.n n'l !iO'kIiih
iinclt.i?l Iltji'elptrt l?y ruiIr<?at| -!-"Iour. olils .
wio Hi, bu?ii?tti: corn 14 ^m?1o.; ? nt?* rlo. ;
loirl'.'j'. do. . ryi?. hlo'iiem* liy r.ulroni
i?'lo it 10'?; wrli??t. I'll ?,lf) Inulu'is: rorn. ) Uo.;
iM! h. ?~,400 <!<?.; Iinrlo ., U.UOOuo. ; ; yu.
I'MICAi.o, !??*c 21. 1^77.
Flour 'loll HU<1 iincliAUi^afl. SVii- " in fair UciuhikI hi?0
liii:Ii?? r ; iS'? 1 I'liii' iuo *j?rinu, "r*' . ; .No. 2 <!o. ?t I ,
$1 i*5*1?. fusti: $1 ou1,,, lit>' etnticr ^' Iftd. .luuunry;
*! I , Kctirmirj'; No. Md??, 6lMJ*i rrjf?c;-ol, M7c, i'oro
tail I y .M'tivt? miiu Ai*liail? hlitlier. !*,?.'?cM r<iih r%i> *1 Dee uii
l.ui IJ vr ' i'i. .latnrirj ; 4Hl..e. M?i t ?? hi tr\ j r????* t- ?,
:? l1 Outs nubut *>t'mJv; J ?c,, cash nnU J ui*
miry; ?? K-. oru uy. 1 <y ait'l linn .it ? <r.
? mil ft||4 a lh!nM luwrr il m*',.-.
I)ri'*?<Hl lio^n (lull and Uroojiii ?; ui fl 4 > I't-.u
i i in i' il"Uinnil, out low?jr; rtl 7(i n III 7.?,
ra-l?; .f I I V2|a h ol I 7"?, January; ?11 H7/-3 m .J?l.! *.?u, Foh
rn?r\. Lara In Inir ilcrtnam, but lo.*or; $7 *7?>, caih . ^7 -o
a *7 72*4, Ducctui'in* ami .IntiUMry; .f7 a $7 H2'??. i ?
rum j*. iluiU month ?teitdj .iirti MUcoarik?*<l. VVlimkoy,
*?4 ii({, i:?i'oipt? I'liMir. lil.tMM bum.; wti??ni 78mm
hiniiO s; corn. 10,iwki r|o. ; oath, 22." il <i'?. : ry?-, :! ilt?;
ii.i.? ? >, ??? ?lo. Sint>nn*i?otir, l-l.otm whin.: wiioAt.
?>,i !hi ..n^Uos, ror 11, 2.? < # M t|o , 1 at*. IT.IKiO do,; 11 . r I ? v
0 / . .111 (Ui At ttiu c1??hm Wiioat -iotivt1. lit 111 ami I tuli^r;
? i ? 1 !^1 ?' aiiilarv . #1 I"*, a ??* 1 I'1*4, I'"o Uruar v.
t orn 0 -ol but ?*<1 <1 y. Oam Mi'-uiy ni l unnbao^il. I'ork
;>c. liltrii?'r. I*nr?l i?* litj.lifir. Mm 1> i.ii<1 to n.ty votuU to
titljoiii'ii lri?m on? o'ciock SuturUuy to \Ve4nji*aay, Ueietu*
.Nf.w VoftK Dec. 21. IH77.
The following U a nt itonicnt of t lie >**[*} net luciMpfc* of
cott m all port* Binco .Heplinibcr I. 1H77
Hilt* t'wim. liillr*.
tialvciJou 2."m 1.1:1.1 New York
Srw otloaiih ?H;{ 077 iloalon . 40.7 t-?
Mi'illr JIISM77 l*r??vlilon(6..... . I.i7??
4v * uh!??.... ????4,7.*?0 riillMUel^iiU. ll.H'l'i
I ll|f?tOl|.
Oliv J'oiiit 47.5MI
mm 1 ?ii 7'.?,J'*) l'o;t I.oval 0,j.">I
?ik . .. 2tJ7/i##! Ir.iliauola 4,44 ?
imofO .... 7.370 -
tal 3.117,307
ritiviDMix H. 1.. Dec. 21, 1877.
i'riiit nit c oths Inactive and uiichanKeil.
lOv.iXJi, liee. 21, 1H77.
h'tlRil' '| 11 let and llrin.
>p.inlsn Mold. JJiVj 22V,
K\cli nitfe Hat. On tli. I'nltnd Sialor, flo days, currency,
I '1 a 2 1 premiuiii, short siiiliyilo.. .i>4 a 3.', premium ; 00
davs. ijoio, 4'4 a 4?4 premium . short sittht ao., 51a o p n.
hi in in Oil l.tfnoen, 15 ? l.>,\ pr.miuin. On Pans, 2 a
Livrrtroot. Dec. 21. Ih77.
A lenillKf trraln circular, in Itn rettrenoe lo whent, n^yn
"The provincial uiMrkotM iliU wmIk uxliloli morn lotiu and
hu?'? in Hily lecovrrea Irotn the recent <1?pruA?l<>n on
coast i?n i on nMMii;e tra>lu l? uliu tirmer. On the n^ot
tlieie Im* boen a fulr hu?iueA* Aiuve 1 ueyday. Maize, ex
quay or tor ftifttire arrival, lia^ luiprovud.
'*Ai thli maraet to-U*y tuero wm a butter attendance
than u?unl A beat i?o11 to a noo<| e\t?*nt at extreme
price* ol our last, winter rod American realizing l?i. pei
cifutal a?tvanco. h'lour wae in moderate reqtii'it, wlHiout
chancce in |?rlc?j. Corn whs in i?m acilvo d* manu, but quo
tation- of i.tw and old American mixed were fully main
tained. "
tiik cotton tnadk.
IiIVKRpooim I>ee. 21. 177.
The circular of the Liverpool Oottou liroker*'* A????cia
tlon. iu it* weokly roview ot the cotton trade, *ay* : "t ot*
ton linn neon dun, with a li'nitoil d^tn tud, which wu* freely
supplied. 1'rlcea were Aoinowh.it irregular, and in iim.^t
InitaiiiOA heve deellned. Ain? rican whn irenlv offered and
prlco* have declined lfjU. he a Ulaud whh in tair d tuiuid at
no rally moadv price*. Kuturos, niidoi the influence of
uuprccoueutiy Urgo receipts at Atuerlcau ports anii tUo
somewhat gloomy Hp'ifMraace of politic*. have bean pressed
for Mile, imil although a v#ry Intro btuinet* wm dun*,
|iii I (inrMiH)') muriitn .' si owed a ue< iiue of ab ?t*t
oh din u i-ek Ihirttjc I'm* day the wm mors
ctteerffct end ib?* market dosed ?te?dy uc a tecovery of
1 lo llGd from the lowest pnc?.M
Sale* o? Ili<? week U7. *>?
Kxporter* took. .. . . ..... 4JVH)
Speculator* look I.MM)
TothI ?t .??k
Aiiurieta ... 17t.<r*?
Total receipt!*
American ft7.ix)o
Actu tl export
Amount of' cotton it 2/?7,i*Jii
American .. " 24< i.ipio
Forwarded from the *hip's side direct to spinner* . iU>
American sale* of the week ... 24,'WO
I-tvtiirooi,. t)?c 21-5 1*. M.
Cotton?Futures do* d ?lutl; uplands, low middling
c^au*e, iJeceuiber delivery. tlft-ltty. upland*. low middling
cUiimi, January and February delivery, ?i 3-1*14.
Livkrpool. L?tc 21?P. M.
? Product- lie-fined petroleum. 11 u. i?er gallon
I.OM ON, lief, il?*r M
Produce Refined p*troieua. 11 'tld n 11 l4tl. per gallon.
Su? ?r. 22*. (id i 2IS*. per cwt lor No. 12 Hutch standard on
the spot, and 22?. ??d. a 23 ?. lor do. aflo it.
Antwkm*. Dec. '21, 1K77.
hetroleuin, o25Af. lor Uue pale American.
Livm?I'o(?i.. llec. 21. 1*77.
I'ork?Eastern dull at 07s. ; Wr-hiern dull at tfaco-i?
Cumberland cut dull at JiHs. ; short rili nail at ijiu. ; iou^r
clear Uull at .'Ms. ; short clear dull a?. .14s tel. Hn'iu-hoiitf
cut dull at l?K shoulders dull at ?td. Hcef?India
tries* du latlKi*.; extra iu?*s* steady at 113s.: mime uie*s
dull at Lard IMmo Western dull at 42* IKI, Tal
low ? 1'rirae city dull at 4<)s. Spirits t urp<*ntiiiM steady at
'Jos. i? usin??moil steady at 5*. JIJ. ; flue dull at
|Hs (-heesc-tmerliMii choice steady at H4*. Lard oil
dull ;it 47*. Flour Fxtra Stat* steady at 2i*s <kl. Wheat -
No. 1 spriiiir Hteady at lis. Id No. 2 do. steady at 10s. 1)4. ;
vititer steady at tin. .'id. Corn ? Mixed soft. ??1 i. steady at
2J*s. iM.; prime niw Kteadv at 21>x. Ud. Cott ousted oil
Yellow American, none in ?lie market.
London, Doc. 21?4 P. M.
Olivet is quoted at 5i,la'd. per ouneo
Aux. 'kjcutiiinuham .1 CO.. it AN kilii's "A^b
broker*. 12 Wall st., uiuko desirable investments from
$."??) tipwarti. whleli frequently pay Iroui live to twenty
time* ihe.amount invested.
Stocks bought r -tfularly at the N? w York Stock Kxchatigo
und nrried a* L?ujc as desired on deposit of three per cent.
Kxpiauatory circular and weekly report o? the market
6'*ut tree to any address.
\l)\ \ N i IS ON KUHN ifl: lU'T. T'l AN OS." AC., f?
J\ stored at advertiser's wire houses. Address HTOitAGb,
staliou U.
? iciu-ou liberal tenuH. Apply to K. 1%. liAKUNO, 345
and H17 Hroudway.
At thk wall icxohaxuk. 4 wall at.
New York, speculators cau buy and sell stocks on a mar
^i 11 of one oer cent Orders by in iiI mav be sent direct to
this exchange ati?t exeouted as per instruction*.
jr pisii (Tknt-monky on~TTifk jnsukani;k
policies and mort^.i^es. JOS. 1!J'iiJ/l'KIJ), O'J Lib
erty ft., basement.
Kndowmeut lnsarau -o PoUcics aim Mortu'a^es; same
lou^ht; insurance ol ail kiuus otr.?cted with best cotupa.
nies. J. J. HAHKIOii x OO.. 1 lt> Hroadwiv.
n7:\v oki*a iff i'1th'.?Not'oM m issTons t^'nAiTTiKO
on any transact?f.u closed nt a loss to the operator.
2ih) mil -.0J M. nta.ne ?i., near Conrl. Agreements for
ibo mi I o or |iii i o im i?n i>l Stock" arc made nut at fimirea
ihowu un tiiu board: nothing iddnl fftf oonitllulnni, nor
are uny charge! unless tin' account Sa aeltieil Ht a prolil to
tint apucilamr, ii 11 <1 thuu only onc-aiMuent Ii on live siiaros
and upward,
Muff, lor aalt, cheap lor ciiab. S.T4 llroiul* uy.
?Ai: L!0 Ml'I i I sl r K U LAOT 1>KM|RKH THK AO
? |Uiiiii:?nco nt a wealthy, liberal pcnllcuian, who will
ii??l?t liur IIIt and ally. Address K0RKIUNER, box 1 s4
Herald Uptown olHoo.
ut.' lu Iriictioual luih til alock on 1 por oout margin;
pricca same ?s linger amoiinin. 11. .V. HUM AN* A IM).
~TT l.OtVKST KATKS?fJJ'i.nm fl) I.OAX" OS IM.
./V proved City Property; Llfo loaurauoo Policies cashed.
:w Hroalwny, room 1(1.
i.1 partner i- a member of tlui fcx.'hanire mnl excutea all
oidnra carelu!ly*liiinaolf. Mncka and Ikiiium carried mi Ionk
a-, desired hi llvo per cent margin, llunlciug lu all branches
II K.NICY t'ljK'VS A t:o.. No. Jil Now at., New York.
Ol'l I'H Of W Kit Ml, gARUO A Otfc, MO. n.'> IIROaIi*
way. Docemlier is, 1?77.? The regular semi-annual div
in.tiidol 4 per vent lias been declared by the directors of
this company, payaoln Juuuiirv l"> at our nllicu us ebuve.
The transfer Pooka will close January 5, at ?J 1'. M., and re
open .1 miliary 17.
II. H. PJItSDNS, Assistant Secretary.
7XstmT-tTi~k"uTax* df fuiiKiu.'at Six"'Per
cent, mi ({"oil Improved city Property, for two yoara,
with piivl.cgo of two additional; im coiumillion or broker'
Hue. AiHrcai J I.. 1?.. Ill Onirics at.
?n irood p lyiiiK property worth lour time* that amount.
17 Ablngtliiii square
(||| III V I III-. Nil I' A YIX (1 t1 IT i K A~l7jROAI? STOCK!
i/' '.a lint cI.ihi iiivo-1hi<? 111; '.5 or SO aharca fur mlo by
A. H. UlNOTTK, IH> liudton at.
(liiii wanthd.?amplk * hecdritt and
" Minima glwn; no broker! r.eeu answer. All
dreas itC*lNI'.ss, box I:t.i Herald nillce.
?!? ?> rr/w| uantko-on iiunu am? moktuaoe",
)< F v'oo u'inii Icn-niinlil pi"i ity. Addrosa or apply
to JaUI.S II, Qlll.NN, 84.1 Uroodwav, room 22; principal*
CMl (WWI ru '-"AN ON PIrAt n.vs-i city
iP?y.V/v""/IConl Bitate, at nil percent for live yoara.
ruii.ir kai.j.max>, aw? K?t ^i?t ?t
(WHt ?A\f .11 -KIKSI MditliiAi.i:. AI SIX
I. ? ?" / < /1' per cent on .V?* \orKclt' duwutown I'rop.
orty, worth more than double as now valu?d. AJdreaaAl,
lleinlit ullice.
Jj7= Him ro <IINI.I?W (Va.NTKO?ON flItKY
?5> I ? " ?' 'clwvs N?>w -Irr*ey Property, at alx por fc'ent.
Aailri'si ilAV .IKltHKY, Imx Ml Herald nfli?e
C'o4?.\ lirVKIMHIfa.
nissm.riion ok partn-rk*iiii*.?tIik copaut
iicn?hip lieretrtf'?rr oxtKCiti?? hnwt'^n tlio nndertii<no(t
inner ill" Drill nam* of !?<? Minmltli A. Ijusnrii* whh iliin <l iy
ved t?y in ii t it h I coiMtHit Mr. i^ibriel (Joi?lsmith ii
til ue iiiitiHiri7.u<hto hi^u in li>im<i?ti n
(* vKClKi. VIITI!.
I)nti"l DtfcemOor l'.i, 1^77. LA SA \I<L'S.
Tli? l/UtinehM hnretoloro miiisa -h el l?y tli? iibove firm will
l*e cotUiiiuoil li.vili" it n?J?,r-*lj<fn,.l. t?? whom nil jihii'Ih of tIt?s
firm imvc boiu m?ii-? ticil, hi tho ??M Miitnl, n. Ill Kant
Jloutton Hf., Nfw York. (lAlJKiKL liUl.DHMIYII.
HVHWKSH ol'HOtt rt'\ITIK^.
\ <11101) i:U?1M>S \|\N WITH \ ?MAI.I, I'AI'I- \
t?I c tii Wuy liulr intorcsl in 11 iiikiU pi'oUtfibi#) ?tntub?
' lmlie*l btiHitii'Mi. Imm retiring piirtuor. Cull at -HI1.,
| Jlowi-rv, mm Offd ^t?)r ft in
i M \M I Ki I" HlfTO HI IN- US'. 8K0UMKD MY PA
xv!em (roono|Mil\i ; a tfooii ulrouUy OMAbliftheii lu
Now Y<>rk, I'll11 to**I(>)il*i uuil H 'Ston; termn cish, or will i
j t.?^ e pare in 1.0ml property; MiiiRlwiory run 10 oh trivii fur j
hi*l I in t;. Apply lor liiruu (in/t II. ii. \V., box 1,(144, I'Iimi
v N \ OBXTLKMAS I! a VI n I j f.:n??i I'ASil MAY
J\ jnln rijii ii \ hi a p eawaut luunop-iiiai''K liualnnaa tlmt
I wii. yield ..-I ii.lkMI iirollt aiiliually. llii|Ulrj 4J lir^adwiiy,
1 Ml -(l'
tlnii witli a ri'lia ? In Imme w in will aopreela'e lione*iy,
[ cool liitlilia 11 'I alilllty ami w lorn Im roiil.i IiHk an inter
cat in llie liiutiiam, proyliliu.: everytli'im provaa aatl^lac
tnry. AililreM II., box l>>s Horald I ptowu oldc*.
i ?! IIAVI'. A VaLo' \lli.i. INVI.XTIOX til AVIXO
/\ ,110capital tjdevelnn it I will ?ell lor nlninai nli?t it
c.i^t in 1 ??t. in It, an I 11111 bard pitahed lor uiotiey. :i7 I'arx
I ^V'.i ?. rnpo-nia r> coi\i. I to inMiuluoluro in-w|i paunt il
I'1 -t I'll) w >li. iii?: yri'a ilemanit; iiiim -tino during
1 liul,'I iv. 1 N\*I*;I't?K, IUI t. Ke!i\ at., Ilrooklyn.
|) I.Mi N11IV* I N t Hl.h M ? rTK.NI> I f? I Hi. WIIOl'.K
I * 'i my lari;?. Im ,? ?'ii r Illicit lioaiiliti^ linina bit^inem,
I ueti; e 11 Partner with $1 ,ii:ai .r m-iro, 6r woubi ?*|l furnl
1 nr<' and ifuoil will low. Mra. HvKl i:, ueralil ntlb a
nv. -i t ? ii'hi \rher ? lie can m .ke .? t >,iai i. .Xiiply to t;.
i NT. .1 IIIN, >... ,.n..nlwav.
~ I)-Wax i i). pa mi v kr in an uvstkic
?.?''?'.-ai.inii aim mala irii .t to nir I .I r.,i?ri,o.
J Appi.v, nu t he pi-euiN. a. ?;.l :ld ?v., from 8 till 11 P.M.
ij I |||'.II H I I.I. Hi V A i IM.NKM I' . W Vt'riTi.iaai
I ?* ' ' vi' ltl v an'l hll VIIII.U-llieaa rnnnectloll" with
..ifi Im.ii.'^ iiu-i .i.-eii i".'. .ml lied ninoyeara. Stock an I
Hxture* Oh limnl *6M1i It-ViHI. ri> iinn< lor aalu ami pai
ti.Ml 'r nt intervtow. tl , i,ll?'? Hroailway.
(WUi ?4 <? i:N'fI.I-:MAN WITH #J.IK?I O^MI
.??" M M r,, .ii, rii. n *,. .?.11, adyrrtiaera In a l.ilxlm a III
i i tfiirnia 'ti l Mivi'ie #'i,tlii niniithiy; caali profit Mir...
t'all .it -\+ hunt l#tli i*.
t iT% ttr.iL KSTlTr. rim mai<k.
A >SORT'.IKXT or Ci tn> I. II I I' 1,1,I.Mi-; Mli|)KU?
^'\ itep.no . own proilm till. |iL?(i<llN ,v i'll'l.isM AX,
Arclilt.'i ta. till I'.nit 11 1 at
1,V\ ii::K iii.ucK. <it uors. inni a\' , AT o.-iusr.;
J'ni' luvcatment, or r<s.d. lor lui!>r?yeiiicnl.
V KMIKv'i >,su.N, Jr. 4 Pint at.
I/Ion SAl.K?A I, A RO Hi O K I'lCI'IRTY. I'.AhT or
. III. lit) w III. Riililh ol I'll I toll. 11 ? lit III i '"el >.ll tw.1 buai*
lieaa aire-ti ?ir .UK iniiil, u-... J llclil. .leplli ll.r u.'li In, c k
ill.le. t. parti a wialini .ur properir ibr tlielr ',?rn use,
or a a a aal" in vast in nut, t;ia> ad'l'cn < )>V-> I R, box '.*> P o.t
\\ e?l Nllil'.
1/ tile avenue, belw -en -'-U ami -Willi ala.; a line Wtlaluoaa
In.' .tl. n now o. ciipleo and pajmir a K"<"l t?ni. ?>it par
tlciiiara apply to li. K. J V Y> r.. ?'kl Meat UM at,
/ III. A IK si HaH'.aIN hVhR iirri'.Khll IN PiMuk
VTlyu ? II I I > Milton at., near Ilia tun. linn i?f Kulton end
M iircy aya.. litei.i-? near luria at'.ri i.rown alonu lloiiae.
L;i a4 .*lii 1 i abimt lliilib . !? rnirli plate ulaaa . rlrKHlit ITHa
fl\t u r.'fc, \ Apply to J AS. K. Ull Kr, ??> the protniaea,
or il Pin'- ?t , New V.irk
VV KS'i'< 11 KMT I'l K (OIVfY PRlll'K.RTV
F^akm run HAl.K-of aiioi r sixty aorks in
iut.li -iat.' "I rulllyall.ili. fenced 111 lota with atoue wall;
large orchard Willi choice kiln! ..I Iruit. almul leu acres i.l
tlmb r. " ell waiere.l with aprlnic: gnml bon>e, large barn
nml nt on11*1111 ; I lie o ? nnr la old ,ml csmint work j will
aell (i leaa than Hie worth "I It; terms easy ; situated
lu Yormown, Weateliesier connty, near HsptMt cliureh,
I' i lull particulars address OANIhL I>. OUKL.O- f?ekt.
kill I'osl nrtice.
level, .mouth rl. tl i>ilid . 1/|.'.<I I welllnu, lar|;e barn arid
I ..uti.uildinga. one mile tr?.m ilspot, iiu edite of ylllSk'e*.
i sl"C?,enipa, lanaln t at.-ii a i I a, handsome bin- k llorses, irnrih
price lor everything, only d)l; ^'J.tssi, balance
*:io-i jeaily. PKIRhU.V si Mroiidabitrc, l*a
i ilAXD-ft.MK t:OITA?jii AN'U STORK; I INK Ml I.it
i l'roiii oc*un i two iii11'*s Ironi Oeenn ??r >vo, c?i-:i
j mnen UhiTwo v? htk, price, $."? .'?4??; c?-l?,
i Ad'lreM WM. h HY HAM, 'teuton S .!
rpu i,i.r HAI.K ur a ikiuhi.k lliilf-K. parTI il.LY
1A lerttlshad ; tertna low to a ?i"id tenant tot a lew boardera
t .ken . eaay nl access , beautilul localiuu. Address IIUtnK,
I'assaic, X. J,
fP<? KKVr?AKrrU.' HOI afc OCft AN *.vXiK
1 WmkI1i n ?t<<ii i%v . 0 >pe May, N. J.. eleK*otl> urnUoed;
Nrrnimii.lUxtcrt 'tUtl*. 11*i.i oi<"ferttu. Addruttf S \ T.
FOX, t?!a and ? I<? wi? iIi.
V* ALl AHL?h FAd.M i?K Hii AfKh* KOit *>A LK~IN
? rbe ti?wn .<f K..??mUI?. I'mt r ? i,uHiy. N AdUreM
A. MOODY. Jfutetil*!* Powt office. UUter county. hi, V.
?? t ? 50 acre* I hi.U, iluwin/ ftprintf,'J ; mile* frotl
cilv.iu We?tohe?ter. H K KlhWAUf. rtl Cedar *t.
Bennett buiu>i>uj.
UksntfO on Nat-ati, ,%nn an'! Fulton ?t?.
Klrpf floor t<> let ; Milt able for uHuker*. luMirtuct' offices or
luwvert; wilt I'f lot lu^eUier or ttt purts; ?>? altered to suil
leiu;iit? it uemred . a<l*ot?<l fur otticu* ur ttorc*.
iU'Miioniiblti rent"*.
AUo *oinc ts!?izile Law Office* to let.
Take tli*? elet ator. Impure lor junior.
V/'nient*. citeH)? Stable*. Cheap Workshop* to rent, very
centrul. with si on; 1.o.ia* ?<n M or natfe* at ti and 7
pi*r cent. .1 A.MKH I^It'K. yuu Hudson ?t
rpci lfi*?tiTk" pouiTT^aojono kstahlishmem
J Nov &17. r?lM. <VJ I We?t Hid it., wltli fixture* cunidete:
iiautejiute po?n?eftidou. Apply to .^ALfbU ? LKVV, IMS
Htn iiv.
rti > i. i.j siimr* a no LoF:rs7 umm:nauT> hT."
X between hnmdwiiv ami Ohutdi *t.: low rent*.
A. JOl^HNKAY, 4W I ispnnurd st.
with private desk room lor dry trood* purports, mi (!liti|<
mil Mt.. between J*l and ii<J ?t*. Audreys 'J, Oil 1 Post ofUcu,
PnlUdelphl ?.
/? (11 ??mi v\. sruKh ami i?asi;mi;nt"io17kt!
v) *71. goo I location for bu?iu<s*; low rent; leaso; imme
diate |Mi?ne?iion.
i>\\i;j.ij\(; iioi sks to Let.
t n l'nriii*lie?l.
all improvements. llfttli .st , u?nr i>th ?v.
i>. II. KNAPP. owner.
X luenkn; Nilith ward. \\ . OOIJHS. 1(JK Hunk *t. I
ASKOOXI* VioOK, CttMI'I.KTlilA' i-1 K.-?i.sllKI>
tor housekeeping, lor gentleman uud wife; private
bathroom. *IOH Went -4tli.
V":VpVkni.siiki7ROOMS !'<)It HOL'SKKKKPINO oa
rV*^eu(leiiieu ; $2 to ; >(uod location. 4Uo West '.'3d Mt.,
liondon terriice.
\ Handsomki.v i?m'unisu?.o uoom^oTTkt. to
i Vone or two ^entleinun; tcrma uioderuio* l;^s Ku*t
1 Dili st.
VI 44 K\ti't Kl'H MrKLY KI KMSHf.rt
A-ltiiiini. also h hall Koom, wttUoUt hulk rat, for ueulli-men
only: rtnriHMi rn?tri4 ^
j'uiv*tk KAMiuv'lumo i'AKK.s ruu~I?T
clotiH, tinti Uotiso 1U Bust jxtii ht.. botwewn 5th and
.Mitdisou, will runt ? low 8l?>;?iitly luruUhod hoaiut low:
ll^ht li?tikoRueiituonly ^7i?ur weak, at 401 Wert
M7tU ?t.
Coiulortttlilo ftooiu hn .f.'l it ?wl|, lucludiuK k->> autl tire.
141 Kiut 'Jrttli it. KpIVreiii*)*.
XjlI.KGANT apautmbmth, brown ?to*k hopsb,
I'J 'ii Waat -'''ii fit., near UrauU (>pera lluuao. Aildreaa
WOOOstONK. ?irt W-JatjWUfU
EI.K(iANTLV KUHNIliHKD H(K>MS, ?Il l V vTK fl A I'll,
Ac., tu v?Btlumeil. ut hi?'li'ra'.o ratea; ulio Olhuo lor
jiii'dir: I'vi'rv eonvonienee. lis VVe.t 10th*
IruntNIMIKO H.AT TO I.KT-:rj:? IV hit I' Mill HI.;
* MM I'lour mid IffWHlt|HU
IMKNISllr.I) FluKVFltTsKMI', NT lO l.Kf. SUTT^
utilo for baMkiiifilll r.Mit $IJ per MtUl 71 ?<i in.
to BO NT nooy aND ii \ 1,1. ju.:>i:o.>M. r???;i-.rula
1? or separate. Cull on eweek. 31M Woit J4lli at.
IlttllT llulVKKKKl'INti -I.AiCl I I'j I'HO.N'T Hi Hilt,
Jiilu.'ly lnrnlihad, t?1 ? ><>; unotliur frout. ijS.'l .'iU. 417 4tli
Mnear infill. ?
KOOSThT TTh.V tsill'.u OR I'NKJItMsH Kl). -KINE.
location; terma moderate; front unit buck I'mloraiao
ii4l Bant :t"H? at. _____
Konm. nit convenience*, nt No. LIS Went l.'itli al.
Q(V BA8T 10TH 8 I".. M KAR J* Ho a I?\V A Y.?rVa*
adt/ni'.h'jil Rotfma, convenient to care utid reataurant*.
t JnMioil, to let lo HDiitlrinon. without Hoard; lircakf,i?%
If deal red.
iurn i7i\T nkTh ;io av ? kijh.n i -ii i'.i>
Kiiomi lor uentleiuuu nt iM."> monthly. with llro. .to.
,M AI' I ?' H ' (i A1' OUMHK St5 5r A.M> WA.SlT
In>flull ?ti(iiitru. ?Nicely tunnelled Konni to lot. wltlv*
out lioaul; onu lurnliliod Iront furlor aultuulu lor u doctor'*
office; iilso u ilanulount lor llcht liu?llic?a.
A" if i-LfeTSANl' KIBsT KhUOB Kb A*T,"VlXki? Wool!
HiiI<1>. ii room , bath and all modern improyenienta. In
brown Mono limine No. '< >n (till uv.; referuuco ie<|iiirod.
Apply to Janitor, on premiaea.
N?w. elegant. rnMni'd: moderate; Janitor; oriel win
now*; plnyitriitiinl; tine location.
A i* \ K i m k\ i s ft? i.ki Two ki.koani I'aki.ohh,
two roouin on lourth Itoor; all coiivuiilencoa. 1H!I Weal
tflh at. _____ _______
incuts: rent low. Uh; Kant t-fiIt t-t.
I'ltla: relit ('2- unit $24 to mii.iII UmilitM. -.ID Katl
1.1'. tljjoiilleis. II. Willi till til. ft Sam lieut, Ac. Apply on
prt'inl'ca. Tcrnia low
HOUMlCfi, IIOtniM, Ait... VtAMTKU.
In ttiil City II ml Itrookl VII.
\ liKM'l.hM \ N VV A !t I'M A SlITINii KIIDM A N l?
J\ Bedroom, altli lull Ire.-loin. Addru.a It , box 171 Iter*
aid office.
iiFa.vtei) v mkuium 51 /.k uoFitni re rwrr
?r order: below o7lli ?t ; prlre not ettiuodlaff #I"?.ihiO
c??n; poaw>aion .May next AUdreai lully, K. II. rt., box
7.'i font oltli'H,
\*f ANIKII I II HI'. 14 OH Kut'It I' N V UIINIS11 ED*
TV Koimiih in i nri vule lioute, b" I ween I4tt| nun J.li| m.,
eaat aide. Addreaa W.II. COOK. 'JI tiuxt I toll al. ^
IIO \t(l)Kil> W \1TKII.
I with excellent ii<?*ru hi UerumD lumily. Jl' i Ku^t 11th
helwcoti 2?i Hiui M?i it vs.
?jD~sroit\ kkon r, ha< k a.\d ii \ia, kooMh^ wirii
t3e\C?ll*nt taolo; lew bonrJora; iiiuaeriito prloot. UH
Wilt 21 it |{.
i? J n.K u hi ... it K It < K kUoM l?? . IT. A uiS
V' i -oiiulo Boom, or will* Hourd. li'JO VVo*t30(li hi., uuiki
Ntii hv.
ifcr: upwAiiu-Ai^V Fiu^r clahs taIilS"
) 9/I " Hour.], $4; Moii" Iioum' url?tocratlc ntsi^libur*
UtfHr iiroa*lMM?. 2.W I'itiiit )2iii Ml.
I 41 N> IVKi Ui i'l. Ki i . NKAK BKll hiiw \ >
lvKronl H??oin?, $12 tu $!?> fortwo. with Jinan!.
^7; irmmieiit, $1 '?'? dny: tablu Mnard. $4; htram heat.
J. ?"it lourtli. w ill or without pr-ivmu ti%UI?.
r?? riili WKKK FOK TWO I'Ut^oNS, at
iJ Wo?| L'tltli; htuOftoiiiM it om?, "itperlor llo.ird.
i \\ i hT iTni .n !?; a i: ii ki ?\ i>w a v - fcLki j ant
I' 'Uonma on hecnid floor, with Jlo-trd; titb!? ?iipoilor;
?Uv vii?m ti b hiihViL
ia;ja.s. :iorii 5 T? Fle iiX >r. m sx\ kuox^
X parlor or ftiurth atory, with Jioard ; hou ?? aiid
i iti.o lir?t cln?s ; rolsrnnc^H.
- - s\ i. riuTi S s ckli r k~\Thi?kd hkooND
9)9 )%n?ry from, luiuiu, Willi <r waliout Buurl.
i**) whim :i.*?Tn sr ? <\m?om;.ia kVk?mhnku
* l?lfliJr>l utory front. mm JCchiiu? l??r uoritleojou, wttu ii rat
Cll?M liOatltl.
/?(} MAlTlHON \V - i .Mi n.MKI.V Kl It M > M
\ ) tjniiil* and ?*iiih)?* ItooiiiH, wither without Jloard, nt mn#.
ci ?ito rate*.
<>1111 WI s I 4TI? -T ? Ki?O.M> III I.KI . VFTTU
/" J inn 1 > I, r-ri.n lof t W'i, SiO fl'i. $14 JHT .rrok.
h \.->l ill S r -T xir vlil>; oNK""M?:HbY mTk.
?f*!i?'.f ult'ovo Kdi ft, Oil N 'COBlJ Uoor, tu ail
iii?r! wile or tfi'iitl'*in? n
1 ladies and tucfe bo rderg.
*} 1 ~ EAST i'l... VVKKK] k7*OM I' .K
? > 1 9 lor, for two iwrftoim; alio Uonint hi -i.'? por Meek.
||-|| LhXIMITUN AV., NKA?4 7111*11 KT.-.MKV
f/?Jviioiilo l*?r? ies Well re<- iii'ooimI"'! will fiml 1 pleuft
net Horns in ti pr.t'iio family, witri r?up?*rior uccoiiiiuoclii*
tloii?, at a louver pricn tiiiin fun Ii* r down town
\'o enI'AKriKH wa.vtIn 1? 1 1 itsr oLahh
boiirdin^ neconunod?tloiiH should cull at rtANUA'
Ho irtliMK directory. I. I ??1 HroM'iwny.
|>? I AltO \V.\ M I Il-Klllt A SMAlal/ K4MILV; A SF~.
J lolio Monr^ wIlli private tstils; loCSlloil li. tw?*??u .?tIt
and ? till iivi. ; r r r???ioss e\rlianj*e?l. Audrey J. II., 1.1
Wiii *nb si* ._
1^1 .mi h \ ? \ : i m l \ 1 ^ WAMTKH (WITH "Si
1 without Hoard), To an hn-;h?li la^ly au<l kstiMsuisu wiiU
trt oemhlrsti, both over ftiri^j years nfd; clfsn and comfort*
ai'ie ? teriiuiimOer.il** llnx I? 1 ? llernltl ollice.
\ =S5
IlltOOIil^ \ HlMHU.
1(17 KII.TON HI., It ill to Kl.l >. Ki\>. MlNllrkiO
J ft I walk to New Vork ; Mosru, >M; furiiuneil ic?'nriu. f?|
WH? kly upward.
\T* NKW K.N'iLAMJ ItUlr.L. .*? It OKI hH> jfh
IfiM.nu, Ij.idvfliu i ;i'?? , 4 le.. .I'le ; weekly, In $:i.
/tin 110 I'i t.. SKUtUWAY AMD III -T ROOM
\^/7> |ter diy; wltli Hoard #l V). t.Hiernl deductlona
IJIIffi'.NIx" liol'SK, HKOAtlWAY ANII l/fil sfT?
. it...mi*, wi-akl) Hoard and Ituoiii, waekly, tH
upward; tmnlly ro*mili ?nt.
J> \ HOI) V HOT I, ITII >T., HKl.OW W aTniT,
I'lilladelplila. I? tlio only llrat fluai cheap lioiel In ilte
citv . Iim r"f?iiir^'i Ns. t" f- )>"' ?? ?> I'rulmiaor W.
I'AINK, V It , owner, Ilil? medical ? lllee at I'eahody;
aUo III a '1 .I'l II I'l I'? 'lie or llatarrh Vapor for .lie,
I ) KHT \ l> KAN I '?! WhnT Mill SI. II .HKIUfK.U
JVlli" price III til Hiniier to fl. wlih or wltliunt wine ;
ap iitnien' and Inrllialied llouiua to !el
.1 10 <? W Khlvl.V, "nil'. HAII.V. CoMKOlU aTiEr
_fr "iit Hioiik. i eiitrnl Hotel, JMI Cinal <t., neat
> rou m.k,
UAK'lr K'S .1 Aiti'.IIUl sl'.s, H II .1 vT." r' ltti.ll 1.1 D R5
.Hill *t.?Stoia<" liir furnlinrn. ItaKitat;*. uooda and
wurea of every Iienerlptlon. in ^eparite cloaei eomptrt*
nienla. alwa>t kr>'?aidblu. Ofton. :*?> We?t ;t4tli ?l
\r liOWKK I'mo.i I HAN KVhlt OKVi-. Ite.i?_
b^lnte, niarbfs ami hufdw?K?i| MsntsU; nsw???i iJsnthfni;
lanent Mild flnent iikm ?rtuistit in the country. T. II. Ml'hW*
Au'l lit I,, J. id nt and Hth uv. (.Ma-onlo iVmpief.
4 I t?ku IS Nr VI. t \l l#H >Al.!fl7.7i H r.KOitK
iV^lafi' H#d uiartile Manfidi. lsr^.*?t a?nortmeni In th?
oit). rKMvllY.N MI.AI'K t:t>MI'ANY,
60 lulu.i nquan . Ith av mid 17th nt.. Now Vork.
ui-iuulscturorv al *ti klttdt u( lists WorJfc

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