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How They Endanger Publio and
Private Interests.
Shall the Government Have Control of
the Railroads?
la pursuance of an invitation from ? number of
prominent business bouses?U. B. ClaUia it Co.;
Phelps, Dodge k Co. ; Grnnell, Minturu it Co. ; and
bankers and issurunce ulflcers like James 11. liruwn,
A. J. Ltrexel, George T. liopo aud Cieorgo Opdyke, Mr.
Bimon Sterne delivered last evening, at Steiuway Hull,
a lecture on "Tbe Hallway :u its Relation lo Public
ana Private Interest." Mayor Ely presided, and Doth
aa the piatiorm and in tbe hall woro many conspicu
?ut representatives of tlio business interests ol Near
Mr. Sierue bojian with in outllue of the astonishing
growth o! tlio railway interest ol Una country, repre
senting now between live *ud six thousand williooa,
and controlled by uuly a lew moo, and thou con
tinued :?Wnat would tho peoplo ot tin* State have aaid
to a proposition to place the Hudson Kiver In tho
handa ol a private corporation* Would not tbe result
have been tlio establishment ol a tyrauuy over aud
the enslavement 01 tliu coiumuuity by a corporation
obtaining aud exurcising a coairol over tfco people's
great highway ol couimuuicatlou ? Now the railway*
ol the couutry, although tho other channels of trade
bavo atill remained Ireeaud open, practically monopo
lize the carrying trade of the couimuuity.
Tbe railway exercises political puwur. First, by
reason of us boiug a great employer. As a matter of
UjtrU Ue cvrj't tlio employes will lollow tue uncon
lealed inequation ol the employer toward ono or tbe
?thur ol the political parties or nominees. Sec
and, by tho expondituro ul mouejr in olectious. Mr.
Gould staled belere a legislative committee in 1874
that ha waa a democrat Iu democratic districts, re
publican in republican districts, In u douotiul dis
trict he waa doubtlul; but In every district and at all
times be was au Kile muu. In the same examination
he admitted that he soul money freely into tho nu
merous districts ol tho state lo influence nominations
aud elections lor Senators and members ol the Assem
bly. He cynically observed that ho tbouuht those iu
vestments better than to Wait until tbe men got to Al
That tbo railway lutorosl of our Slate tuggoitt and
uoi uulrequeuily dictates appoinlmauU ou legialalivo
railway committees baa loug been au upou secret.
Do you thiuk thai u is an accldeut which puu Mr.
\V aguer, tue drawiug rooui car niaaulaciurer, ai ibe
bead 01 tbe Senate Railway Committee 01 tblt alator
ll was quite haiuial thai ?? lu this country thould
have uiauo the same error thai was made u t. tig land
by kU|i|JOHiUK thai competition would do lor the rail
way wual ll does tor other businesses; but it la amas
iua' tbai with ixperieuces ul the hauds ol our ranway
interests much tuoie severe tuau loose ol Euglsnd
wo have uot luujl ago discovered tbat lu that respect
*o have made a serious mistake. We Have bulll a
number ol railways to compettug paim* where onu
uiignl bavo suUced, as :t it perfectly well understood
among railway meu that uo railway, ?veu when it la
most actively employed, it> workon 10 auyiuing uiore
loan a uiero percentage ot Its maximum capacity.
Mslcc, wtien railway companies couibiue?wbicb tuey
do quae aa olleh, ll uot otteuor, than compete?wo ure
Compelled lo pay interest ou au expenditure ol ibreo
tines as much capital aa is necessary to construct *
line worked lo lis maximum capacity.
Mr. Kink, our icadiug railway expert, aud Who lias
HOW cnarge ol tbe pooling arrangements lor ibo ureal
trunk lines, admit, lu bis work on railway transporta
tion that railway competition ine-*ns railways at war;
and tbat this stltle has nothing ol tbe true ctcuieul ol
lompolil.ou iu tnezn ; tbat long tieloro aucb a "compe
tition'' breaks out tbere is a culling ol lalea?a neu
tral demoralization ol liiu market, wlncb is likely to
luiare more tbuu benettl tbe ttnpper; tbat those warn
generally eud iu combination, winch, however, having
(ecu lound inellecluai, bavo developed into poolings?
kuotber term lor a copartnership oetwoeu tlte truuk
lloes sharing as copartners ibVesliug uillereul amounts
ol capital uillereul proportion. ol iuo general prollt.
Jim 1 cannot believe lo bo wilblu tho legal limits ol
lbs corporate powers 01 these corporation*. iuo last
pooling arrangement placed M?w York oiiy on a par
with Philadelphia aud Uaitimoro as to rales, except
no additional charge of six csnts mileage, Ims ig
bores ao Isr as .Sow York is couccrbeo, its enormous
volume ol tiaUlc as compared wiiu oluer ones, and
inus destroys me competitive advantages wuicu wo
ought lo derive irom tms iucrea?ed iratllo.
llkSl'tra Ot' STOCk WATKHINO.
Mr. Kink, iu a labie attached to in* essay on trans
portation, shows how gre .1 Hie advautiigua oi iu
created tralUc are by a comparison between tue cost ol
cany lug luu pounds per nine on the main Hue ol tho
NasnVine and UouisViile U ulroad aud ou Its Glasgow
biauch "Ou It* maiu tteth it cost one aud uliie-teulU
cents per inne aua on its Glasgow oraucb uinelt-cu
and sevenieeu ouobuiidredtb ccuia por mile. You
may well as* why we uo uoi gel the beuelll ol ibis
enormous trahic, aud wuy should not the btulo ul
New York insist upon making lie great lino o?^ rail
wav concede this adviutuga lo the city ol Now \ ork V
The auswer is tual had n o Now York ial.*aya lu
Biaiaed capnaliSed at Ibelr coat and bad the Leglsla
ture done it? duty as lo tho leo per cent limiiatiuu ol
dividends tbo auiu aud city ot New \ org would by
(bis time U..vo reaped the beueut oi this increased
truffle, out llie t*U per cent limitation ?as permuted
lo be evaded by a watering ol slock Irau luleiitl) made
ly iijc Kric, and iu tne ca?e ol the New \ ork Central
maue upou a valuullou ol Its properly in litiU, iuo
lime ol the bignest prices iuo uouutry u<s ever auowu.
'1 be ellect ol this valuation, though not Iruuau eut lu
Wiuracler, is serious ludesd lo Hie people ol our alutc.
Although pi ice. ol nil kiud. ol piopenv have receded
Irom those lliat ruled in 1 Mi'J, aud inua the value lunu
nut upou tuis rahWuy should now be expressed in
much smaller Ugures, sucn reducnuu ol vaiues did uoi
toiuu lo paas in this lusiauce, because duriug the
la.t mue years the prollts ou tue lucreased traOlO
? men would have inured to Hie beuelll ol tue com
uuulty at large weut lo makO eijihl per tout divi
dends upou the Watered aa well as tne origlbul stock.
Bad a mount, lu tu 1S8U suJdouly beeu raisoJ upon ,
the plaiua cl Cent ml New York, which would have
tuut us oil Irom tue West or have culoiced au ll j
pcnditure oi |.?U,ou<J.UUO lor ihe i urpo.o ol miiiiel
lug it, we would Uave been compelled to Have torue
expense aud l? stagger duder ihe load ol paying J
interest uuou thai aiueuut as a pcrreiual tax upcu ;
our trsniporiatiou tasuvard and acstward. \\ nai
ibis natural oustacle would uave been *as artlhuialiy
tod arbiirartly created lor pr;vato advantage by tbe j
fleilaraiiou ol a stock dividend WUICh raised the
arnouul Ol tbe capital ol the New Y'.'rk Central Kan
road upou which lUterust Wa? tu t>e detnauUed and
tnerculttr out ol tli? commerce ol New 1 ork
?liy. While our proUts were m/U and taxes low ibis
did uot see iu ol much muii cut, bui ailu tue gre*?t t
burden ol our uiuuicipal taxes, tbe geenuena ol com- |
petition witu loimerly dtspiaou riv. 1-, this is a tual- ,
ler ol serious wouteui. Don l lorget ihat trau.poi- 1
taliou cuarges are iu the ualuro ol laXi s, and ll
luaket but little dlderenco to jrou wiieiner you aro ,
Called upon to pay lUleiest ou $ jo.cOU,oUO into liiu |
iruasury at Ihe * Ol ty-socond ttreel depot or tbat at
Ibe City Mall.
niac'MiMixAilo.va AUAisar *aw voBK.
Id addition to lUis general uilscniei ?r.slng Irom
allow lug our ranway corporation to be wiiimut proper |
dtate control we uow come tu the special g'leVaUcea I
Dirutioned in Ihe Very able report leceutly uiuile by
tbe Committee ou Railroad Transportation ul Ihe
Chamber ol Commerce?? committee compoeol ol
lucu representative merchants as SiiiiiIi, achulls,
Hberinan, Tueroer, Uodge, Uooih ai.d Aruuid. lu tho
Aral place they show tout puiuug N'< w York ou u
aeeu.ng cq'iauiy a. 10 irei.ht cliurgos is iu reallly
?eiug New York great iiju-uce, aa il doea not take
into coneideratiou the value aud bul* oi our irainc.
Xbey show that the sehenulo rates Irom New l ork to
Myracuee, wuicu rang? Irom Uliy cents lor lirsl class
Ireigbil uoau lo iweniv-turee couta lor lourtu claas,
? re disregarded lu IsVor ol a low wi.olesale dealeis,
? ho get coutratta lor all classes al IWelVu ceuts per
bunured. I l?us our ranway seta up aa tbo
toveruiuenl does ae a sort of proleClof
VI special lul.re.li, lu the dea|ruclioU ol
ethers assuming uot only governmental lunetlons,
tut luuclioua wuicb ought net lo bepeimitted lo
toverniueui naoll. lueyaisoauow thai g ?ods are
Ibipped iroiu boslon to CtiiMgo at ininy-Uve lo loriy
eeuia per buuured. while uuring a gr-iner part ?l tne
test w iuler ibe rates maintained al $1 l or huuured I rout
Slew York lo Ctncugo, and Irom I'bliade.ptna to ClilCJgo
at seventy cents p? r hundred, re.uinug in this sir.hgu
louuiliou ol alia.is:? Inai goods stored in New York
?ere shipped lo llostou to bo loraarded lo iua We-l
lb rough New Vork al u seviug ol aoineiliuiit like uliy
iwr cent over direct aui|?0?enla Ifoiu New Vork ; and
Sme merchant iu Unci, ol Now York seut
L?aos oi salt lo Uostou ft ship them loClncago, with a
HIV ol placiug hiunell ou au eqosli>y Willi the Uoetob
'"'ihu'ropori lurihor ?lio*? mat from Jauuxry uutll
Mrptemuei, llil, tl.rougu ireighis Irom Liverpooli lo
"bicgo ou lourln Ci ..s heavy ?oous were carried at
about tbo tains iate. as the Ireiglil cbargee liom biV
!^l toN.w Yo!k. hhowiug mat ibe .a.lwaya l?r
,iii,o-t a year were ?nliug to pro rale with Ibe
thui liu.-s for through suipminls iroui Liverpool lo
Luieago at rales raiigiug irom liny to s.venty-iive per
M.Tlower on tue tame c.a>. ol goo.lt thab they were
charged irom New York to Cuicago. And n? llosloo
and tbe i>rand Truuk Kaiiaay, lreigi.lt. aiaco last
November, of Ibo lounu cl iss, Irom Liverpool lo I
CblC-o Ire tower ll.su the . D .rge ol lb. lo.esl |
railroad Heights irom New York to Chicago. lint
js^mJM ise^ija.l/ ll ae ol rtt. I. ...? uur exorbitant
'.rim SI cu .rges had much to do win. arivtng our
imp..It commerce aweyjbut tint, tl.anks to Ihu
?on. in lit' e aud our nubli. olllcisla is laat being re.ue
died, . Ul ll all element only ?l the Uiai.y which
are diverliug tbe currents nl "Ur trade. Ilieiepori
lurihor shows tbat iiotwubslaiidliig the pooliug ar
ran go i neu i* under or sboil weigbtt are common WtlU
? p?cial shippers, particularly by the Baltimore and
Uluo road, aud a largo number of details ai? given
siiowiug mat the very claasihcailoo* wbiob have ueau
eutered into by itio pooling railway* aru discriuiiua
lions against New York. Remember, liio amount of
our trade entities us 10 better terms than oibar cities,
lor tLe same reasous that tUe railways make batter
tarms lor ibe man who thlps a cur load as compared
with bitu who abips a barrel, and iba railways mslst
thai Chicugo is t>y the reason of tbe volume ol Us
business (luilependeui 01 competition) entitled to
lower charges lor goods C'irrioU to .New York matt
L'uvacr Kocbester is.
first, :is between the railway manager* and tbe
stockholder-. There should bu greater Iscllily 01
calling stockholder* together. Too Kugllsb law pro
vide* It r ?euil-aubunl inretiuga. It specifically pro
vides wuat tbe leports shall coulaia and tbe manner
lu which tbey shall be made at such meeting*. 11
protocts the meeting Irom its orcauizatiou and pro
tect* the stockholders legally us to ..try step to be
thkeii at sueh meeting, for Uiu purpose of secur.ug a
thorough investigation and examination ol the atlairs
ol tbo railroad, aud gives to ainall stockholders a pro
portionately larger share ol power by oue vote on
each share up to ton, <>uu vole on each live shares
thereafter up to 100, and one vote lor each
leu shares lor block* iu excess of 100. Not only ..re
greutcr facilities lor stockholders meeting lor tue pur
pose ol cousultatiou uflorded by the Kuglisb law,
but by the organization ol the new commission a
stock hoiuer has a specUl tribunal iu which
bis urievaucos will be considered, auu il well lounded
redressed. The Kugliah system lor tbo purpose ol
bbViug continuity in direction adopts the method ol
clas'ltlcallou of director*, which, however, 1 helievo
call be better urriveu at by the udoptiou of a system
ol miuority of representation iu bourns ol uircutiou.
To illustrate my meaning: At present those wno ob
tain a majority ol votes at any corporute election gut
the exclusive management ol tbe railrouu iu their
tiaud?. This gives to the manager* ol railway* an ad
vantage so great as to amount to an t>bu>e. lleuce the
msuagemeut become* a close corporatlou within a
corporatiou, scarcely moved or controlioJ by the laoi
that it is elcetive, because the election machinery I*
in its own liauur, and it elects th>' wuolo ol tbe mun
agemeut at a siusle time. The whole oi tue miuority
is unrepresented, and it is thoreiore disregarded, as by
no possibility cau it accomplish iepre*?ntunou. 1'bo
application ol the principle ol minority representa
tion iu tbe election ol railway corporations is much
luvro readily accomplished than its adoption iu the
political machinery ol the country.
Second, a* to the public.
IK re we trosd upou delicate ground. Is autocratic
countries having a trained buroaucracy, with u thor
oughly houest ?el ol officials, the remedy la easily
louud. It would be either purchased by the dlaie of
the railway* at their cost or uu absolute control
through a uepartmeut ol goveruuiont. Here, uutll
our civil servioe has been improved, such radical
romedies aru tncousisleut with our inetboua ol gov
ernment. What we can aecure, however, is thiougb
u staudiug snd peipetual trlbuual such us tbe itsil
way Commustou ol England aud UaMACbusetts, tue uu
lorcement ol uullarmity iu account*, publicity ol con
tracts, aboiishiug ol special rates, prohibiting of pool
ing, aud a taiill ol rate* wblou, though Iruiued by tue
railways, shall be auveNlsed lu advance, anu shall be
the samo to every person atandiug upon tho same
Ibe railways may make if they ploasn a cur load a
unit ol ireiitbt cburiiee, aud thus draw the line be
tween wholesale auu retail, or mako, if tbey please, a
lurtber distiuutiou baaed upou tho unit ol train aliip
iiieul. Hut every shipper who ships by tbe car load or
abips by the train load or ships but a pouud should be
placed upon precisely tuo same looliug us evory other
shipper who ships a train lull, a car lull or a pouud.
In otuer words, the common carriers should uot bo
]ieriuilted to build Up oue individual aud pull dowu
another, or build up one towu aud pull dowu an
otbor, uud there should be a strict limitation of the
rates ol prom, based upon au actual and uomtnai cost
ol road winch should bu permitted iu tbo way ol lolls
upou a public highway.
Tlic bill which 1 drow at request ol ibo Board ol
Trade uud Transportation. snd wbich lor lour year,
bus been before tl?o Committees ol our Legislature,
uud is now ibere, provides lor ibe organization of
u commission ol three ottli.ers, lo whom lb. reports
beretoioro made to iu? bute Kugin?cr'* U?pttruue-t
butill ber.elter bo made, and wuo, luslead o! being
colunched lo pdulish *u?uv?r roporu* I.beiiejlow
uuuies send, cau uacerlatn lli? truiu ol thctn by p.r
?ouul iuv.aiig.ilou, cau compel ibe lliug of all cou
1..1.H wiib railroad coiupauiee, with directore und in
K ruPori ol allaol.uqu.DOI..
ou the pari of lb. railway, from Ibair nie.UUg the
lusi expectation ol ib. public, keep them wubiu the
Muud. chartered right. oy aclioosaiaw.
umi ruuorl 10 lb. Legislature Ui. results ol ib.lr in
vestigation wiib sugge.uoua 01 such remedial moaa
uroaa.tuey way deem propor in lb. prrniMn.
Publicity i. il?? ?u* Hr**1 re010<,J ,D lbl* cuuulry
agaiual almost all it* ills. Il ia not a vary aatl.lec
lifrv uor u very quick r?u?ed*, but II ui on. which In
vol'vc. io lis adoption lb. l*a.t danger.
oovaR-iMasTAb aiTsiiviBiosi aovocat?b.
The suggestion made iu oppo.iuou lo our auueme ol
controlling our railway, by publicity and a commie
aion id tbal, wnil. wo may thus control oui"*n '"J1'*
w.iy wbatcoutiol may no exercised overibe enn
sylvauia Central, over tue Baltimore aud Oulo. over
the Grand frunk, &c., by un.na of a cuuimwioii lo
tuia stale * I his bring. up the larger que.tiuu, wblcu
i would rather auggeat luau attempt to solve. Pl?r
bau. il l. not po.aibie in luis Slalc, on ibo one band,
either io biiug our rnaswrs lo lurrnn, or, baviog
oioulu lueiu lo term., hud comiori tb.r.lu, becau.a
oilier great railway ourporatiou. aro permitted to
escape couirol by our aiaior olales negloclini: lo do
lUT?eUauc'cc.a which ha* attended Ibe ucltonoi tbo
United Stales Seuale dealing With lb. great Paoitto
tail way. point, out lb. way lo reiu.ay Um dilUculiy.
Wuui'ouaio ol a siugio Sislo could ha*, wiinslood
ii.e uower ol Ibe Uuiou and Cooiral I'aciUc Kaiiway a.
U,o senate ol tbo Uuited Status witb.tood Iheao two
r\-?.Uyb.aiory ol legislation ol every State through
wbicli a gr.al corporallou pas.es make, au.wvr to
tliiu iiucry. Some lew ol ibo Lulled si-le. Senator,
iu .y be v.uttl and approachable by money, and a lew
oilier, atoug ibo Hue ol ibe rou.e., and IU affiliated
hue- may bav. been templed oy e*p?ctaliou. ol Iu
lure laVor. lo eapouao ibe causa ol lbo.0 inouoi.oii..;
but lIn-re w.r? .o uiauy senator, coimug irom dl.
irulb wbere luo railways couid eXtrciao uo u.Uueuro
ihat they w.ro iude|K.ud?nt iu tunr cour.e and not io
bo ?w?rved from ib.u uuu of iiuiy.
II ib. irao.poitiug monopoly ol this country ha?
become too pow.nul lor tb. oonirol ol ? ain?l. Stale
? ud bold. ?acn oue lu boudage, our oniy remedy may
In- aa io railway?, to wipe out State lm??, lo enlargo
Oy' liiipllcallou lh. meaning auJ acop. ol lb. woru.
"reaulaliou ol comm.rco" iu the cou.utuliou oi Hie
Uuilcd Stale., and io ooiaiu coniroi ol our gr.al r.jil
w iy? tnrougb uaiional legtuiatum. I ho try ih.tt tin.
u c.litralllatiou uoeii not irikhlcu uie, o.cauao
wbeilicr ceiitralitaiiou m oujecllotaole uepend. upon
lauetli.r ll l. *?"d or bid aud whether It .uper.ede. a
Uetier or a wor.e nyalem. Lou^ ago 1 leH that tbo
ruilw iy aud Ul.graph bad made ihi. couuiry ono ua
Uou aud toal Siaio linea w.ro iu inauy lii.ianoc. a.
inuc'u a hindrance us tliey ire a promoilou ol iruo
loeriy U !? qulio easy, II not much e;u?l?r. uow
lor a legislator at Wa.blugtoii lo bo luioruiod as to
ine coudliiou Ol allairs iu uuy romot. pail ol tbi.
country aa n was bait a century ago lor a legislator al
Albany mlorm??l ?? u** couditiou ol in
?be ctiy oi New Y?tk
I bo lolluwiug preamble aua r?Mlattoos were ?Uoptca
by iuc iiieuiiii^:?
? h?r-a> lh? ralalloni rulillng b.lw??n rsllroadi. and lb.
Mibno u?*e r*cei??a bill little attention durictf tbo iMt
uuarterufs >e"l"'f. ??d 1,1 lhu .real e?Uli?lon and d?
velopia.i't "f lrau.?oriati?ii ?y.lein I.Ki.latl..ii lia.
breti nilndually in l?H.r.at "I III. great eor|?iratli?i .
tim'ruli.ug our tra?>uotlallmi liue.; aud wu.rea.e. iain
0?i?et? and suua.* Iia?e crept lino tb. msoag.iueoilof
iuairiiioo.ru H.aiiwa.a wii.eii i.ear luavlly ,iy..u b. t-ro
due Dg and comiu?rclai inl^ro.ta or our city aud state;
'"IT,:,liatlu Jn.tlc.to.il nit.re.i., It l? Important
tit it! ??*. ele. t^ aii'l e? slioula >>e taoro.^llW luv.r^tl
Latio b ..i " i-gi." "ir. al thi. mat. loth. ..dihaitb.
r.i .Li., s M.tiOa ?.iw?ea In* pu' lio and liio.u Wiiy inn;
? . and tout oi it. ttit-hw .>.?aii -aid i?. ?i|ull*bly adjusted,
r, t l?", end :... Le^.-latura t; paM tbe J-lu.
ra< uliou? now iieMIRf in tb it body lor llil? puri oae.
!;'Ii?"I III" toe eiMS?n? -.1 Nrw \.A -t noUHng
troin t eir railroad, nut JatllC. aa ll may '?PP"*r *. lr' *
lu I lo i eatl.slb'N "I lb" I acta; but Ibat tbe^. hlgbwat.
win ii roeeiK.d lb?ir Iranclil.e. and privilege. tr.,m Hi.
liuUllil ai o t "o.u? duile? wincu H"y aro bound
K..o .a". mat lh. ui >ew \om n,-.r an. iro
du.tb. .uiiiaitl.al .ulliir.il.' for tb.lr -.e.n. eo.-. UI to.
. U. ration in .xlaud.iia a niin ual tormiual M.,..i. ?. I ?
..or rallrna ... tl.at ill. .rooting ol tne?'' I. au .atli-.t of
lh. d**alr? .f tb. .tlitau. ot New \ork to aff.ird all proper
aei iu.. to tli.tr rallr iad-. am miti in return tile_i.ia.aa
I ri 'l lUOTe ni.e? .n. uiil urant to till. e?ly and Mate all
i?rlvil?tfoa t" lir iu?ir itAiur *1 wi*?wiNW
"'iVeio'l.od. Tl'.l a coram III., of fllteen p?r?oii? b. ap
ooi il.-1 l?y Ibe nt.lr, WHO pow.r to till tacsiirle. aud to
^."toiJir uaiuo-r. to c ui.r wllb tbe r.pre-,nl.tU..ul
otir prlntlprt llo.n WllU a ti.w ol improving ir failllll.t
ami ?U.l.iog our ade.nlage. lo tlm utmoal.
Hi. following commule. was appointed In accor.l
?uco with the ?*>o*.:?K. B. Iburui-r, ?jior*.
Cbatie. t?. Siimli, Aii.bro-. .Snow, William A U.le J.
K Toann-uil, John ClsUin, A. B. MIHer. I'. \ an V ol
kHliburgb, W. II Wiley, C C. Uedge, W. T. lloolli, b.
e. Jadray, Jamoa M. lirown and Oarwlu It. Jam.ia.
To th* Euitoh or Tit. Hshalb:?
I with to mak. ? ?Inteni.ul a? lo my connection
wllb tbe coupons ol the Kn. ItaUroal. on account ol
Which t wa* arrested. In the Or?i piac. tb. only <>n.
of lb. parilo. 1 bad ?een previous io my ?rr..t wa?
C'bsrl.s a. Porter, wuom I bad known lor .om. libie.
On Thursday, lb. 4tli met., Porier came lo my ^llloe
end said tome:?Mr. K?rn, I ba*. a Utile bueinee*
wbich I would like you lo attend io lor me. 1 ha*,
bore tweliiylhree coupon, ol Iho Ursl mortgage
bond, ol tue Krie ltallroad. ouch ono 135 gold, wbich
1 want you io collect lor me. They will amount, with
tbe gold preiriluin, In about ?H14i posaibly a llltle
l.ah 1 will allow you lhe odd dollar* o*er |?00 a?
your oommiMion." He ?.*? m? tbe uau.i power
ol utloruey lo cjiiojI Hi. ...ii* In the cour.a
business 1 went lo tbe l.rlo P.ailrosd olllce ?ud pre
sented ibe coupon, anu power ol alloro.y aud mado
li.f uhu.ii dumand l?r pay went, and leli lua p.<per?
wllb tuo oflic.r. aud look tbe imual receipt iu iba
n.tiue ol and lor my principal, Mr. I'orier. [ wa. lold
lo come ue*i uay. tfn.nl Called nut d.j I wit. loid
10 wait and wailed ti.r over ail bour aud a ball; tb?a
Caulain UaVia came lu, i.ud alii r tbe olllciais hud
.tioaen ?itu e.on olbor b. stepped up to me and
uud asketl mo wl.ero I bad reenvod the i-oupon.. I
lorn lulu Irom Mr Porter. Kroin hi- manuer aod
Iiua.lions 1 perceived mat lli.ru wa.eoiuetbiug wrong
fina l* they announced au inieMloii ol srre.tmg me,
and I Ib.u lUaielod Ibat an -.lllcar .i.ouid be sent
lo arrest porter beiore be cou d go. any alarm and
ran ..way ii iliere w?? aaytbibr wrona. Pori.r w n
urieslt d and lli. u staled be bad placed lueiu lu iny
liaiid. lor r-ii BclioU, aa abote ataied, aud llial lie had
reri ive.l lb-ni Irom a Mr. Ursai. Ho loot Captain
liana to (Irani, who io,d where ho hud received tbein.
We were then taken lo *ew York aud wllb tb. oih.r
man locked up. Upon the ?lamination wo were hon
orably discharged ana tbe complainant withdrew the
charge. 1 uevsr board 01 Oraac boiuro ibo arrest ot
furitr. 1 bad knowu 1'orter lor sooio time and Irom
common talk 1 bad tbo impreaaien thai bo waa a
youug man possessing a good income. So wbon bo
came with Ibo coupona there waa nothing In tbo tact
to aurpriao me. Tbe commission allowed me, $14,
waa certainly uot ao extravagaut aa to make me or
any one elae auspicious or to give me reason to sup
poio tbat 1 waa beoouitng a party to any unusual
truuaaction. 1 never knew or suspected tbat tbo
iraofaction waa not u bona fide business oue.
EUGENE KKKN, 307 Kultun atreel, Brooklyn.
Mr. William U. Vanderbllt yeaterday aent tbo fol
lowing reply to tbe Chamber ol Commerce in relation
to the charges made by that body tbat the Now York
Contra! and Hudson Uiver Railroad Company bad en
tered into a combination to discriminate againal Xew
York and Us mercbaota in Ireighl cbargea in lavor of
other porta
.Saw York. April 18, 187a.
Gsoruk W ilxo.x. Secretary Chamber ol Commerce : -
tlfcAH .Sir?1 aw lu receipt ol the reaelutloua ol tbe Cham
ber ?f Commerce adopted ou ibo 4th ot April, Ther* ia a
grave error iu tbe assumed lacta upou which tlio reaulu
lious are baaed. Ti.e >ew turn Coutral and Hudson Kiver
Haiiruad Company has not entered iuio auy coinbiuatiou to
discriminate agalnat .New York or ita inercuaiita iu height
charges iu favor ot any oilier port. t>i> tbe contrary, tnis
cuuipauy baa eudsavored to do away witb the dltlereni'u
which Iia? hereioloru exi.teil, aud, iu couierl wilb tbe hue
Kail way, aucceeded alter a long aud dsaperate alruicgle lu
abolishing about a year a go tueae discriminations.
This result placed tbe New York sliluper u.,ou aa equal
footing and gave to biui tbe same advantages a* were eu
Jojed by tbu tueicbauta ol auy rival mty; certainty uo
more could reasonably be asked lo require tbe .New lurk
rdude to curry freight to aud froui the at a rale wuicli
would disregard tlie excess ol coat ol ti auspurtailon trout
I'biladelphia aud Hailliuore lo and Irom foreign porta
would give lo t.ie New York luercbault such auvantages a*
would deatroy tbe commerce ot tin ae cilio*. Iben roaua
would uoi submit to tola, nor would these citiea permit
t lie in to uutil tbey liad beeu exbauated lu tbu struggle to
luaiutaiu a lair equilibrium.
1 be New York roada buvo put tbia cltr ou an equality
witb Ibo moat fuvoiej rival. To tbia poaitiou they are
thoroughly committed, aud ibey will alaud by It under all
circumstances. The real reiuaina witb the merchant*, ho
loug a* tiieir upportuiiitiea are aa f??orauie aa thoae ol any
oilier party ibey cau uouipele aucceaafuiiy with all comers.
Ibey uo uot need-nor ougni Ibey lu aaa their railroada -
to precipitate a war of extermination ou bebalt ot a prlu
cibiu winch la uppoaed to all established rulea of trade,
bucn a c.iutract would permanently injure ibe roitda, do
rang^ ail buaiueas during ita continuance aud result iu no
guod iu the end.
lu my c?mmuuioat!oii to the aald comuiiltee of tbe Board
ot Aldermen 1 tuily explained my ?iewa ou thla question,
aud nad boped the aiatenienta lliou made would prove sal
Uiactwry. Kespocltuily your.,
W. H. VANDKKB1LT, 1'realdeut.
Dr. Abraham W. Lozier, ol Mo, 314 Weal Kourtoeuth
street, baa bucu adjudtcatud a voluntary bankrupt on hia
own petition uy Register Fitch, ills liabilities amount
to $07,1)00, of which $00,560 are seen red and $1,350 un
secured. Tbo loiiowmg are tbo priuclpal secured
creditors:?Equitable Lite Assurance Society, $29,000;
J. K. Barnsdall, $18,000; cxecutor ol Gillian Mngbee,
$4,500, Charles Griffltb, $0,000; Hull-Dime Savings
Deug o( Orange, X. J., $4,5u0; Howard Savings Insti
tution, $3,300. Ibo hecuruy consists ot mortgages
on the house No. 323 Weal Thirty-lourih si root, Nos.
100 und 108 Summer avenue, Newark; two lota at Wvat
Orange, eight acres at Llewullyn Park, eighteen lots
on Madison and Monroe avenues, Elizabeth; nix plots
at Cranlord, filloeo lots at East Parkuway, Brooklyn,
twenty-two lots lu Douglass street, Brooklyn, una u
Louse and one sore on fullaade avenue, Yonkors.
lie bat uo assets except three patents, which lie con
siders worthless, aud debts duo amouutiug to $200.
Jumoa Gill, liquor dealer, ol No. 90 Pearl street, lor
inuriyol tho tlriu ol James Gill ft Co., has gone into
voluntary bankruptcy belore lte^iaier Eetcbuui, huv
lug liabilities uuiouunug 10 $93,500, ueariy all of
wbicb were conliwctcd ou tbe urui account. Tbe
priuclpal creditors are;?J. Lansing Van Scboon
heron. $40,000; Amasa 1'. C. Dodge, $10,000; Houry
E. Mcrriu, $5,000; Geisou Kectiiying Company ot
Chicago, $5,000; Georg* & Thomas >'arthiug, $4,000;
G. C. C. C. Marrio, $4,000; William L. Waller,
|&,5cK); M. & E. Salomon, $2,030 16; Bryco ft Smith,
$2,000; Schroder ti Brother, $1,000; H. Batjer ft
Brother, $1,000. He bus uo sssets; ull ibo assets ol
mo tlriu ol James GUI ft Co., lucludlug tba books,
went into luu bauds ol Seth Jonnnou, lu August. 18i0,
upou bis being appointed a receiver ol the estuie of
tbo Urm oy tbe supreme Court, iu fcuppleuieniary pro
ceedings by J. L. Vau Schoonbereu, upou u judgment
lor S24.525 19 recovered by him uguiusl the Urui, sud
?cr? by Una bold.
AlbertL Muuson, dealer In book* and patents at
Ma 1.1U3 Broadway and lonnorly ol the ttrui of Muu
sou & Wiikia.ou, baa applied lor reliol in voiuutary
bankruptcy. Hi* liabtliliee amount to $10,6bO, aud
ho nas uu aascta. 1'ue priucl0ul creditor* are saoiuel
Coil, $3 000; Dovell It Hiuge, $4,123 24; Henry 1'.
Muusou, $2,000; Lottit U. Todd, $1,048. and Ii. U.
Dowolla ft Co., $l,0OU.
Kegttier Kiteu nun ndjudioatod Joshua Vuu Urimmcr,
ol the luturuatioual Hotel, No. 17 Park row, a voluu
lory bankrupt uu btaowu petition. tbo liabilities,
wuicu amount to $33,000, are principally lor borrowud
money aud good* -old to tuv linn of i'ugli & lirini
mer, and extend a* lar back an I860, lie u*?? $1,100
on accommodation paper. Tbe lurgctil creditor* are
tlio followingJohn G. Mitchell, $14,600; A. U.
Wright, $6,000; George W. Meeker, $4,U0t); tslalo ot
George Lewie, $2,000, aud John J out*, $1,000. lie
Jiax uo aaaeta.
Weaiuy K. Adams, agent for oopylng prc?ses at Na
6 ilurry at reel, ua< been adjudicated a bankrupt ou
111* own petition by ltoguier Dayton. Unknown lia
bilities are about $7,600, in addition to wtiieb lour
creditor* havo claim* tbo ainouul o( which ne i* un
able to slato in bU achedulos. Tlio largeal creditors
are Cameron. Auioorg hi Co., $4,300, aud J. C. Kill*,
$1,000. tie baa no u.-sota.
1).uielC. Birdsail, lawyer, has applied to Register
Dwigutlor lua ducbarge Iroui baunruptcy, aud tue
Komaier Ua* laauod an order lor tbo creditor* ;o abow
uuuae wby be abouiU not bo dlacuarged, returnable
ou May 14. lie lailod m 1875.
At a meeting ol llie creditor* of Hiram II. Durkee,
dealer in cooperage a'octc at No. 02 Pearl xireet, wlio
lailml iu October with nalnlitioa amounting to
$140,000, lie.o at lbs ofllte ol ltegialer Davlou, tue as
aigneo'* accounts were paaaed aud a llual ulvidoud of
two aud a quaiter pur cent was declared.
In tbo County Clerk's oUec lucre was filed yester
day tbe a aigutucui ol George K. Chiae to Sylvauua
Tbe lollowlug la a summary ol coinmcrcial lailuros
tbrougbout tue country during the quarter ending
Marcb 31, 18*8:?
So. of A uinunt of
Statu and lerritorlet. fatlurri. Linh.Uttct
Kasteru States 630 $ll,olO,v;4
Jitddle males ?60 32 274,iiliO
Nouilieru allies 4U ll,i/00,t>20
W i atom Status 1,218 2&,0>4.U$1
l'aciuo Slate* aud Territories.. 10.) 2,074.130
Totals 3,36$ $62,0*8.820
The total number ol lallurea lor the correapoudiug
qu .rier of last vtar was 2,r6'J, with liabilities uiuouul
iuu lo $64,638,070. for the quarter ending March 31,
lhTll. tbe t.iliurea were 2,8u0 atid tlieloaiea $b4,U44,160.
In tue Uomiulon ol Cauuda the number ol |.tliures
durum the pa*t quarter were 666; liabilities,
$U, 100.U2V. During tue Hr<tt quaiter ol 1877?failure*,
672; liabilities, $7.67b,6ll. Kirn quarter oi 1870?
Panuroe, 447; iiablimes, $7,417,238
01 tbe lour sales set lor yesterday but one took plsco
on tbe Heal Katato Kxcbaugc. H. V. Harnett, by order
ot the executors, sold tlie throo story brown siono
Iront bouse, with lot lT.fxOO. 11, No. 22 Kiat 12tflb
street, aoutb Mdo, 2vs 11 loci eaal ol Viltb avcuue, lo
J. U. Quest, lor $O.UOO.
The lollowlug statement, showing tbe real estate
transactions recorded In the Register's office April 10,
1878, i* obtained iroin Auguitu* T. Docharty, Deputy
Register :?
M iUl?..ii ar.es., 17.4 t? n. of 74 th at. 1(1.8x75;
Walter M. Ilulii lo Mary <1. Uililer. $14,000
Wa-linmton a? , w. a., (lot .No. I IU. map of Boltnont,
Jit ward) ; C. M r ry (trusts?) tu Julio K. null
inau Mom.
Aluauy pest road il.'t? Noa. 43.44 and 4 ., 24th wardi;
Henry W. Jobnaen anil wile lo John r, I dlliii,.... Itl.UJO
U3d at, Weal tXo 334), UtHLH) \N atiiiutfleii It.
Inlie and other* to hdw I'. Hraoatreri Noa.
Jane at., a a..'VS Oit. w. ol Hth ?>..->ii..'iirre*el?r,
I'hariea A ri 'per anil wife lo J u.la V I.air.I Nora.
Pi.raytli at . w a. (iota Ne*. 24 and J'n. ,'MlxltlOl
Jean ?orayth and ?ifetonlmoa < uiiiilua SUO
fait li at..*, a., 3IS? It. w. ol 6th av.. MalUUi I'rtar
Cliryatrtl W wary o'Maara ... Moot.
?4tb at.. 11. s . W> It. m ol Lvxlnrteu ?v . IH"xl<Ja6;
.1 aWtea P. t'. t'mupnell to Janii'? tle<liir,-rt, Horn.
CttIi St.. n s.Xiill. w. el Lexlnntmi ar.. h.ihIki.%;
0 r Macl-ean ireleree> to James I*. 0. t ampbe.l 8,?iw
2d at . s a., a*) It e uf W aahliigmu a?? 29xlUU; 8.
11 ntlTord treferee) to Joint P. Miuo- 7,000
3.*Slh at.. Weat (Me. 41'.). yeari; Benjamin V'luyd
to Krederlik (ieblmru 97*20
Spr in k at, (No. 21 J,. 3 year a; Ueurge I aual to Jolm
iloetiel 7 JO
C'llllns, John f and wife, to Knickerbocker I .lie
Iuxuranre Company, Albany po?l roan, lots Net
4.1. 44 ?nd 4'i; I year $10,000
Dlealuaon, liea ie V II. an.I Ituaband. tu .Metoal
Llie iHsaranee Ijoinpany. n w. eoruer ol Lexlna
ton a* aa<i Will st. s i ye <r to.uuo
Kiae e. < bar ea aim wilt. to i<eorge V. Hrlatnw. e. a.
el 1st a*., s e? Walnut at. (2:M ward); .1 years .. 7U0
KUi k, iiu-ta* A. ana wlie, lo .isevb xiimidt. ?. a
01 Hit a* . n ol ?lei at. ; 2 yeara 'J,6UU
Hi ifitiuiin Hi.plna. to Heter -elinaltl, p. a. of Kord
liaiu av.jlnt St. ?), U4tb VMS; IS y-ara .. . S,fiOU
tt inaiia, William t< , to t mt?d Matea 1 ruat Com
p*uy. sNa. 23 ttowmxv . ft 10f(XJU
AiiheJ*mcfTs u? morti;auks.
Cox. i.tvinlla W. aud etlters isxeeutora), id Levaa
tia W. Cei Nom.
Oillmenn. Charles, to KreneiIck ulllrnann aud wile $ll.t>s)
tti-hra. a uu K. lexeewtrlx). to Kobert J. Itruwn ... o.BHt
Murpliy. Jamea, to Allee Kay ... 4.UU0
John A. Ryan, of No. 261 I'earl street, appeared be
lore Judge fliimner yesterday against Henry J. Clin
ton, wiiotii uu charge* Willi having siolen a quantity
ol toilet goods ironi his establishment. Climou was
oouimuted in $6ov to answer.
[Not*.?Letters intended for this column must be
Recomputed by tbe writer'* lull two and address to
insure attention. Complainauts who are anwtiiing to
comply wltb Ibis rule limply waste time lu writing.
Write only ou one side ol the paper.?Ed. Hkkald. J
A RAILROAD nuisance.
To tui Kditok or Tim Hkkald:?
While 1 am lully aware tbat signal lights are a very
important item Id tbe management of tbe runnlog of
railroad trains 1 do uot believe tbat tbo presence ol a
ball dozen of tbern, more or less, in a close passenger
car is at all conducive to elibor bcaltb or happiness.
I ruler 10 tbe praolicu of placing such lights in the
oar previous to starting. II any one is in doubt us
to wbetber bis olluctory nerves are lu an active con
dition or not let bitn enter tbe rour cur ou tbe 0:15
1'. M. train from here ou lb* Newark brunch of tte
Erie Kailwuy. ? Cannot tbese lanterns bo leltonlbe
platlorm just a* well? W. F. M.
To tqx Ehitob ok tiik Hkkald:?
Can any one Inform tbe public why it la that col
lections of foreign pictures olTered for sale by dealers
are novcr spoken of by tne press but in the most com
plimentary terms T The "art critics," wuo urc usually
uuuiercilul In tbeir remarks upon tbe works ol tbose
artists who are so unlortuuato us lo be boru Amen
cans, write notbiug but unqualified praise when a
collection ol Eurupeau pictures ure placed upon ex
hibition. surely all audi pictures are not above
criticism. Suppose tho co lectiou at prosent on view
at the Leavitt urt room* ti.ni boon painted by Aiuer
cans what would be said about thorn? AMATKl'K.
To tiik Editou ok tiik Hkbald:?
Is or is uot the Aster Library a first class institu
tion? Is it too much to expect to llnd such a well
kuown and well advertised boolc as "Kemp's Yacht
ing Debiuning" among tbo shelves ol unylibrury?
Or does the decay of our maritime interests
justily tbo Astor authorities in ussuming that tbo
race ol naval architects lias diod out in America and
its interests uro unworthy ol reprosoutuliou in the
wond ol books r Wny, sir, oven the Cooper Union
bus a nutter selection ol works on naval architecture
abd shipbuilding than the Astor. llut uresumuuiy
since no admission ts charged the public has no rignt
to expect much or lo complain, only il one loses a
day's time uud wears out shoe ioalhor lit a
tramp to a first class library lu lull confldouce of find
ing tbe only modern work ou tbo scienco of yacht
desiguiug, coming as it does lroin such a well known
source as tbo ednnr ol the Lundon field, it is slightly
provoklug to Uud tbat at host the Astor Library Is
oehtnd most Nassau street secoud huud bookshops.
U1U TOl'MAal'.
To tui Editor ok tuk Hkkald:?
I reside ou ouo ol tbe principal streets In tbo
Nineteenth ward, which Is kept clean by private con
tract, tbo city sweepers haviug abandoned tbo work
uitogotbor. 1 pay a largo sum yeany lu taxes
for keeplug tbe streets swept, and yet the rosl
uonts of tne uppor portion of tbo city aro obliged to
pay private sweepers lu order to bare their streets
kopt cieau. Now, 1 would ask Mr. Kelly If tnis is not
a proper subject lor relorin 1 .-otno tiiuo a*o the
writer luquired ol ouo ol the beads ol tbo oily govern
ment il tbe expenses ol the various departments
could not bo reduced one-ball, or, in other
words, the city icovcrned at nail the present cost. Ho
replied no bad no doubt ol it. lu tuese trylug
Unaucial times tbe citizous ol New York should know
anil unduisiauu that lilty per cent ol the sum puid in
luxws noes into the pockets of u sot ol men who render
no scrvicea to tbo ciiy, but are liko tho bummers
who follow on tho skirts ol au army and draw ru
tions without exposing ibcmselvos to tho dangers and
hardship* of tbo campaign. it. L. T.
To tbk Editor or tiik Hkkald :?
I notice lu the Hkkald of the IStb a reply to
"College," slating that if ho would remain at either
eud ol tbo routo bo would see thai tbo steamer Shady
Side made the regular time. 1 travel un her morning
and evening, aud for the last two weeks it has taken
her Olty to sixty minuteB to go up and down. Il they
touk that patent boater oat of ber boiler sno might do
better. F.
To tuk Editor or tuk Hkkald:?
I cheerfully respond to the request of your corrc
spuudout "Depositor" to siuto tbat Mr. William S.
Opdyke was the trustee ol the Third Avenuo savings
Hank who promptly paid tile amount ol bis llabillt.es
upon tbo "trustees' bund," with interest.
S. II. HUKD, Koceiver.
1 no carriage luctory of Truutmen ti Co., No. 128
Wont Tweuty-nluib street, was early yesterday morn,
log entered by burglars tbiough a rcar window they
liad lorcod opeu with a Jimmy. 'Ibey baa re cbed m
upper Uoor when George F. Smith, u night watchman,
wbo slept ou Ibe ouo ubovu, board tbeni moving about
the place. lie burned io a window and gi.vj aa
alarm, and tbeu, i;8 OlUccr Mallblaou, u( tbo
l'weniy-uiutb precinct, came to Join bim, tbo crash ol
glass in tno rear oi the building caught Ins car. Uo
came upon the opou window, through winch Ibe bur
glars bad tUecled an entrance and by which It was
dear to seo they had departed. A glimpso ol two ti.cn
scaling au adjoiuing lence caught the oltlcer's eye at
this inoiuent, uud be and tbo walchiiiuu went
in puisuit. 1 he chase was un exciting oue.
'Ibe burglars were luimliar with the locality, uud
by diut of leaping leotes aud dudging tbiough
cellars they mmugudlo reuch the strict and d?su
into the building ut Mo. lai West Twenty-eighth
street. Their pursuers were close bebiud, auu the
sleop.ug inmates oi the bouse wrro au lustant luier
startled into wakululuesM uv ibe scrambling oi loot in
tno hallway uud tile t raatnug oi glass us tlie lugmvo*
burst ihiouiin ibe skylight to tno root. Tlie chose
wj? now transferred lb the housulopn, aud what Willi
tno i run tic effort* ol the thieves to escape aud 'he
khoanug ol tueir bursuursthe whole neighborhood Was
aroused. At ieuKlli, us tbOoltlcer leaned iroui one root
to another, he cauia luce to lace witu oue ol tue bur
glars crouchiug hi the shadow ol a chimney. Hrt se
cured hiui, auu, renewing the search, louutl tbe sk.v
ligut ol No. iuoWosl Twenty eighth street open. A
Uesceut brought tno pursuers up >u the otuer culprit,
who had secreted hiin.ell in a cU|.oo.ird. I lie two
men?John McCarthy, ol No. 1JS V* mt Twenty-eighth
atrecl, auu Johu U llri.'U, ol No. 116 West iwruty.
lourth street?Were urriugucd m the JdKrson Market
Court yesterduy uud coniiulttcd m fl.uuu to answer.
Mary Connolly, a blcur-eyod, tiilapidi-tod looking
woman ol iorty, stood brtore ibe botch .it the Kilty*
sevcniu .Street Court yosterd iy. Ibe charge agaibst
bar was gross intoxication. Judge Olterbourg was lu
Ins sest a?d ?lie tiiaue a desperate attempt to smile
pleasantly at mm.
?'How Ion* since you were oo:nmittod to tbo Island
bvlore, Mary t" asked the Judge.
Tbe prtsouor held a pleco 01 cracker In her loll
baud, wulch she kept munohiug lu Ibo moat uon
clialuat manner, uud soemed not to understand tbe
Judge's (|uo>l.oii.
? How long since ycu returned Irom lllackwoli's
Island t" ail! asked the Judge. In a louder voice.
Mary st.il kept 011 uiuucbtug liur tracker uud was
perleelly ouliviou.i to tnuiurs regarding Ulaukavll'a
?*Uid I not commit you soma time ago to Ibo Island
lor three mouths lor urunkenucsa and disorderly
conduct ?"
??Never was drunk in my llle. Your Houor," calmly
answered Mary. ??You must be iniataaeu iu tne
woman. "
??When did you leave the Isitnd, 1 ask you again t"
??Uul" said Mary. "1 leli Ireland nine yours ago,
aud sorry 1 am thai I did, lor 1 mot with uotulog but
hardship ever sinco."
??Kor lying to me and to improvo your memory 1
will commit you to the isiaud this time lor throe
tuoutua iu dolault ol |1 UUO bail lor good behavior.''
Tbo prisoner merely ejaculated tbe words, "All
right, Your Uouor," and kopt on munching bor
It was only a potty quarrel growing out ol an angry
word that inaugurated hostilities in tbe rear tene
ment bouse at No. u2J West 1 wenty-sixth street ou
Thursday ntglit, but it seemed likely to end in a se
rious uCray bad not the appearance ol tbo police boen
timely. In the rooms, hallway and stairs on oue
Qoor of tbo bouse Ofliour Mnuitis, wbo waa llrat to ar
rive, lound a dense, struggling mass of buuianlljr eu
gagod iu cotiOict Cluus, tiro shovels and flaurons
were being wielded Willi telling client. lllood w?s
atreaimug irom soins lutes aud moat ol thi ui
were covered with bruises. When Ibe com
batants Were separated the lour ringlead
ers were taken into custody. At the
station bouse an inve-ugation resolved the quartet
into a pair oi compiainanis and a like number oi ueieud
unls In the J<.llor-on Market I'olice Court yesterday
they appeared lu these capacities, Auu and Kdwurd
liunuuti ou tbo one Hide auuKlitit Atkinson uud Patrick
Wiues ou tho oilier I'be ntruggle lu Ibu baiiWiy
had left sad tracts ou all Tbe evidence snowed that
the uvlendunis were in fault, aud they were accord*
logly committed to answer.
A civil ault list been commenced by a young girl ol
eighteen, named lloao t'nierberg, against John Kane,
a butcher, doing business at No. 4U'J I'earl street. Ttio
bbanff yesterday arrested tbo deleudant. Uo was re
' leased on glv.ng ball to the amount ol $500. Accord
ing to the papers id tbo case Miss Unterberg was a
domestic iu tlie employ ol Kane. Do fnurs uy Ij?i,
as uilegrd. Kane and Ins on assaulted her ?iiB ?
shovel wtiile alia was sweeping out ibe yard contrary
lu their directions. striking bar on ibe bead and leys.
1 bo son caught ber by ibe neck and both attempted to
throw Per luto ttio cellar. .Hlio states tbat ana Is no*
In danger ol losing tbe slgbl ol tier left eye. A cer
tificate ol Dr. 1 in iterator I, o( No. 5u0 I'earl street,
stales tliul Mis* (Jnlerherg Das been seriously injured.
Damages are laid at $2,ikjO.
Tbe Houston TeUpram, April 11, contains a cold*
blooded accouut of tbo assassination of Walter Oerlng,
a luli-blooded negro, wbo bad seduoed and eloped witn
a wblto girl, tbo pretty bloude daughter ol ? termer
named Maguire. 1 bo lonu Desdimoua, when torn
Irom her lover's habitation?a miserable cabin?de
clared hor unalterable ulluction lor him, and it was
found that be bad gono to a luagiatrato to obtain a
liccuso to marry. Ou some convenient cbargo (lor
miscegenation la not a crime in Texan) ho was arrested
and wai recklessly brought into Farmer Maguire'a
neighborhood, where the residents were mostangcrod
sgaiust hint. Tbe Justice of tbo Peace gave him tutu
tbe charge ol a constable named Joe Holland.
Says tbo Houstou Telegram:?"Joo took him to an
uuoccupled bouse, locked a trace chain around his
neck, drove a stap.'o iu tbe lloor and locked tbe cbulu
to that also. Deputy bheril] Mori us ibeu went to
supper ut Holland's, and about eight o'clock returned
to the bouse wnoro tbe nuiiro was. Joo Hollsudatked
Morr.ss it be thought tbe nogro couia get away. Tbe
deputy replied no, unless somebody came and
look bim away. About ball-past nine o'clock Mor
riss saw a crowd ol 111 teen or twenty meu on
horseback und trmod with doable burrel shotguns.
They rode up behind tbe store ol Mr. Johnson, tele
graph operator, uud liitcheri their horses, tbo nion not
wearing any masks or disguise. About ten o'clock
Mr. Morriss weul to the telegraph olUce una sat down
in Ironi. Johusju camo out uud suggested to blm
that tio bad better go over to bis store nud lay down,
mat bciug next to the bouso in wmcb the negro was
chinned. The oilie r duclmiug Johuson proposed to
go uud got a glass ol beor. 'llie olllcer weui, saying,
however, be did not desiro any ol the beverage men
When tbey got wlihni thirty leei of tbo store,
behtud which the meu were, oi.o ol them stopped out
Iu irout, uud, drawing tils suoigun on Morrlas, ordered
blm and his couitiuuiuu to hail. Morriss asked wuat
he warned. He replied, '>i'be keys ol tbo bouse where
I but nigger is," aiidresstug bimseii to Jotiusou. The
olhcer stepped off live or a:x loeiliotu theui, while
Johttsou del vered to ibe mau u key. Ho aud Johuaon
stood awuile ou Ibe sumo spot to watch lurtber
proceedings. The mob all llieu came out, aud
walked together to the door ol tbo bouse. Observing
tne oUcerand his Irteud watching tneui they ordered
ihem to leave, which they did, thu oillcer saying,
"Johnson, we have no business here, uud we hud
better leave." The two walked back to the telegraph
olUce. Alter tbey got there uud Just us ibe door was
opened they heard uue ol tbe meu, who uud uow en
tered where During was, strike tno prisoner. It was
u dull lick, as il some one ol the party had struck or
Blabbed him with a knlie. It was followed by tbo
ruttliug ol the cuatu on the floor.
Tbe prisoner bau evidently been asleep, nnd tbo
blow hud beeu given to awaken him. This dull sound
ol u lick wus followed by a loud exclamatiou, "Oh 1"
Iroiu the prisoner, lu a lew seconds the snooting
begau with shotguns, uol pistols, there were quilo a
number ol shots, prouabiy Ulieeu lu all. Ai every
report the negro screamed aud hallooed till the last
lour shots, when his voice wa.-s husned. Immedi
ately alter the shoouug the mob loll, and reinouuung
their horses rode away iu the moonlight.
Filtseu minutes ulterward, und when tbo lynchers
wero weil away. Deputy Morriss, accompaniou by
Johnson, went to Justice Holland's bouso, woke bim
up, aud wub bim wulked over lo look at tbo negro.
Tnvy lound him lying ou bis lace ou the lloor, with
bis lelt hand under his body und right extended. He
was dead and his otolites on Ure. A portion of his
pantaloons aud the back ol bis shirt had alreauy
burned ofl. Ho had in Ins body more than two pounds
ol lead. I'tio latal snol was a load ol buckahot mat
eutered under thu lelt shoulder aud went through ibo
heart. Deputy Morriss uud his companions put out
the lire. Justice Hoiiaud closed the door, leaving the
corpse lying ou the floor and saying be would bold
tbe inquest ic tbe morning.
In tbe Jefferson Market Polioo Court yesterday ap
peared John L'lurns, who koeps a liquor store at the
oorner ol Twelfth street and Seventh avenue, and who
wsa one of Mine, ltcsloll's bondsmen. Messrs. Walto
and Meeker, agents ol ibe Society lor the Prevoutlou
ol Vice, prelerred against him threo charges ol ex
cise violatiou and one against his bartender. Tbougu
Mr. Laurits caltnly dcclated that the cutuplalut wus
groun<iiusH Hie court thousut hi lo hold him lu $100
ou euou charge, puitiug bis bartender under ino
same amount of baiL
Salt baa been begun In (lie King* Couuly Court, by
Albert l'reniper against James Dohen, to recover
11,000 dauiaues for allegad assault aud battery. Toe
plaintiff, who la twenty-two jrwri of age, waa atrnck
auU kicked by tbe deleuuaut on March 3 laat, and w >a
lu couaequeuce, be claima, prevented from attending
to hla buaiue*a. Tbo uolcnuaut, wbu la forty years oI
age, aiid married, allege* that tbe Hsaaull waa ooin
uiuu-d in defence of bu aou, ugod eleven yturb, wbo
?u? beaten by tbe couiplalouui. lie alleges ili.it uu
mediately prior to tbe assault tbo plaintiff had
seduced a It-male lueiuber of dulendani'* luunly, aod
tout tbia badju*i come 10 hi* knowledge ut the tiiuo
ol tbe ugiauiu i be plaiutlff, lu liu aoawer to tbe
fatter, deuita all tbuae allegations.
Wlllliiin Urcor, tbe caual boatman wbo aacaulltd
Mr*. Walluiuu on tbe caual boat Mystic, waa yeater
day iranaloired to Jersey City from tbe Tombs, a
uqutsiison Uavioi; beeu obtained Irotu tbe Uoveruor.
Oteer waa arretted in tbe canal boat four Uroiborc, at
tbe tool ol Canal street, Thursday morning, on a war
rant iitxuvu by Juuge Davis mi the rt queal of Fred
erick Wuiiuiaii, hunimud of ine asasuiked woman,
tireer waa ordered olf tue M.vatic by lira. Waltmau,
when be struck ber with a aluog anoi, knocked In r
down and kicked her in tbe abdomen. Mr-. Walt
uiun'a conuitiou ai tbe time ol in? aaaault reuaera ber
recover* doubiiui.
James Sallivsu w? brought boloro Judge Blxbf, In
the Tombs 1'ollce Ceurt, yesterday morning,'charged
with attempting a theft in a aboe aiore at No. 108
healer atreet, kept by Utury iteddebaae. Tbe prepri
etor, wbo livo* on tbo floor over tbe etorc, baa a airing
attached to ibu door lu such a manner tnat when it la
opebed a bell will be rung lu bit room above. He
wua awakened by ibl* boll yesterday rooming, and go
lug down alalr* louud two nun in tbe abop. Oliiut-r
Kdward llreniian, of lite fourteenth precluci, anealed
one ol liifui?James Sullifau?but tbe other escaped.
No good* b id been nloleu. A pick.ock, euli wiilcb
lie bad opened lbe doui, eja- louud in Mulliean'i pos
session. fie Wit beid lu fl.MU bail to auawer.
Thomas Byrnes, late or King Slog, Charles Churchill,
aliaa Kentucky Uill, and Henry McDermott, otborwiso
knowu aa "Wiudy" McDermott, were arrested Thurs
day night by Detectivo llaoley, ol tbe Central Ofllce,
oo complaint ol Daniel iKiwung, wbo claimed they
bad cbeated bim oui ef $14 at a game of cards. 1 buy
were arreaioa in I lager beer saloon, alter a stubborn
re-islsucet .
Mlcbssl J. Han ley, s toamster, of No. 28 New Cham,
bora atreei, waa brought befors Juuge Dixby si tbo
'1 oin us 1'oilco Court, charged with tb* larceny ol a all*
ver waicb, a pair of pantaloons and aouie currency, lu
all valu<d at $30, from I'airick Wsrd, of No. 104 West
'I hiriy-liiit a tree i, oo March 11. He waa arrested by
Officer Nevin, and pawn ticket* representing tbe
properly were foaud lo bis poeaeaslou. lie was held
in $1,000.
Miss Msry E. Vogel, residing st No. 160 Susses
street, Jer*ey City, while lilting up minlateriug to
tbowsntsol ber Invalid buaband lato ou Thursday
nigbt beard a fumbling at mo ironl door. Mlie went
to the door and opening it, loond a young man, carry
ing a bunch ol keys In bis band standing on tbe stoop.
Sue asked what be wsuted, and be eeld be was look
ing lor m man unnicd Keilly. llr*. Vogel
told bun thai no sueli pernou lived tbeie
I.nd the |e IOW started oil, Saving >hal
It Wi.s all rlgul. Mr*. Vogel did not think it waa all
r.gbi, ?ud toilowed bun unill she moi Olllcer Conway,
i>y Wnotu ?ne uad tbe luau arrested. Helore Judge
Da via, yeaieiday iiiormng, tbe man deecribed uimaelf
aa Michael l.enhey, of No. 71 Vanvorst street. He
aald tbat he had some difficulty with Die aunt, witb
whom be waa living, and had obtained tbo privilege
of ii Iriend to roum with linn in a houae in 8u>*ei
street. I ho Irii nd lurniabed him wltn m key, bui lie
had niistaksb tbo bouse. Judgo Davis told him that
ho did not believe In* story, and lutumittod him to
tbo l'oniteuliary lor three month*
Tbe prospecttug ana inventive genius of A merle*
has made fabulous fortune* in patents, mitiiDf, oil
well*, machinery, implements for peace and war; oar
lur, skins and cotton are Kuowo and u*ed all over the
world, aud yeur after year we become more and more
Independent of other nations lor necessaries and la*,
urlev. We supply tlio world with agricultural imple
me in h aud also with niuuv article* wbieb once upen *
lime we were obliged to import or do without. Yet
with all tbU progress ono oi the moat Important in
dustries has been entirely neglected, and thai la lb*
production ol tho textile* Jute, flax, hempand ramie.
In the official report ol the Department ol Agricul.
turo lor 1874 (p. 208) It Is slated thai notwlib
standing tlio Illness ol our soil and climate lor ibc
growth of flbrous plants, and tbe constantly
Increasing demand lor their products, no
advantage Is taken of tbe Inducements to add to lb*
wealth ol tho country by means of them; rather on
account of neglect there Is anuual loss and reduction,
lleiup, )ute, flax aud ramie might well beooine Staple
crops ol tbo country, keeping witbin our borders tb*
millions ol gold anuuully sent abroad for crude llbrea
and their manufactured products witb which wecu
not dispense. As appears <n not too closely estimated
accounts not less thuu $'10,711,960 gold was paid lata
tbe cotters ol' loroigu nations in 1873 lor Imported
materials and their products which might bavo been
reaped upon our larms cr manipulated in oar fac
tories. Not only this, but tho diversified soil and
climate ol the United States, together witb cheap laad^
a (lord facilities lor production In exce*s ol bom?
demand?, placing it within our roach to be exporters
to those nations whicb rely lor their auppllea upoi
other aud lar more remote countries than this, aol
of tbe udvantuges ol this trade wo have deprived
ourselves. Kuropo depends lor ber flax principally
upou Rug.-la, aod distant Iudla fills ber treasury wim
tho proceeds ol her exported jute?a trade of aaeli
large and increasing importance that it is becoming
the great st&plo ol Bongs!, trenching upon bltberto
leading staples and even upon tbe production of food
grains. l'be conversion ol raw flax Into any oiber
labrtc than bagging, rope and other coarse product*
is not an industry of large lmportanco In this country.
According to the decennial cousuu ol 1870, the amount
ol flax used lu tbe manufacture of bagging waa 4,073
tons, lu tho same yoar 1,927 tous oi raw flax ware
Imported, and ol manufactured (by yard) amounting
lu value to $12,710,066. Flax is cultivated in tbla
country cbielly tor toe seeu, which commands good
prices front lue linseed oil mills.
From a statement ol the .Missouri State Agricultural
Society we learu mat lu 1808 tho flax crop of U>*
previous season is estimated at 2,500,000 bushels ol
seed aud 02,600,000 puuu-Js ol tlbre, ol wuiob leas than
a.ooo,000 were savod aud prepared lor use. It wai
staled iu the annual report ol the Agricultural Depart
ment lor 1800 tbat the muuulaciure ol bagging alone
(Jute und tiemp olteu entering Into tbe fabrio witb
llax) employed lourieeu lactones, runniug about 140
looius, wbile 137 were employed oa jute aud Ml
ou ueuip, euougu, It was supposed, to manulaotare
the ooVerlug lor 3,000,000 bales ol cotton; at thai
time it was estimated that lour-llllbs ol our flax flOM
wore wasted, aud tile lact was ottod that la tbat year
$23,000,000 was paid lor foreign fibres.
Jute is not prouueeu lu tbo (Jutted State* to an e&
teut worthy ol particular mention, although tbe prao*
ticubility of its successlut cultivation in seversl oi ib?
iSoulbcru States aud iu California la lully established.
'Ibat it is *u?cepubio of belug made a staple and
proUtabie crop iu those sections, meeting with the
r.qureinonis oicltmato and soil, is not auy longer ?
doubtlul question. Tuo government directed it*
attoutiou to tbe practicability ol introducing Jute Into
ibis country iu tho year 1800, ahd having procured
irom ludia aud Iroiu France supplios ol seed a dis
tributiou was inado tor purpoaes ol experiment la
1800-70. Subsequent distributions were alao made,
iu the annual report lor 1872 tue lollowing view waa
takeu by u correspondent ol tue Agricultural Depart*
"Kamioand jute, flbrous plants wbleb promise greal
Value, uuvo receuuy boeu iutroduced luto tbe United
States, aud to some exteut buvc been diatnuuted by
lue department iu tbe Southern Slates, the climate ol
wbich is adupted to tbeir succosslul production. Of
tbe lorinor little progress has be on maue in it* uso
because machinery baa not been invented by wblea
ila tlbre may bo separated; but its vaiue, in view of it*
fineness, streugih aud beauty, will yet command aa
exercise ol lugeuuiiy which will make ila culture a
probtabie industry. Tho latter has already taken it*
placo iu the luauulacture of carpets and oiber labric*
us a substitute lor coltou, wool, ttsx aud balr. Kaei
oi these, it may be safely predicted, Is deatined to oc
cupy au important piaoe in lue products and loana
lectures oi tuts country, aud it la uot tbe least impor
tant consideration thai they may serve largely to dl*
ver.uy tue crops ol our Soutberu Slate*?a *abj?ci
wbich has commanded mucu aitoniion, because el
the undeniable ueueUts whiuu will result iberelrvm.
Our best amhoritles attest favorable experiment!
made iu Georgia. Soutb Carolina, Florida aud Leuist
uua. A Soulu Carolina planter, noting tne precarious
eoudltiuu ol the sea island coilou crop, was couvinoed
tfiat jute, ou aecouiH ol tue cheapness and simplicity
of ita culture, was the proper substitute, lu Loaiai
aua a company entered upou lu promotion ou a large
scale. Keierrmg lo tbe quality, experts in tbe jut*
trade gave it as their opiuiou ibat tne flbre, ae IC
ieugth, .irenglb aud color, was luiiy equal to ibat of
ludiu. ll Is alio estimated that the. rich land* ol
Florida, Louislauu. Tsxaa and Mississippi would, Witb
f.ir cultivation, yielo 3,&oo pounds, or un bale*, ol
Ubre to the acre, iu pi.ee ul ons-uutb thai amount el
cotiou; thai the caterpillar would uot touch it, and
thai, il planted arouud coltou fields, It will protect
iheu'i iroiu voracioua luaecl*."
AS A I'KIXK, Wiru ritlVILXUK*.
In 1871 iu? uuv?:umoui 01 India offered a pnxo of
?j,uuu to 100 inventor oi mo dual muciiiuc or prooesa
lor tue ^rapuralion of lite libra of Ibe liOkmtrut hins
(popularly ki.owu under wuo uiun ol rbeea, rami*
uuu China graa?), aua lUo leriu* ou which macblnea
would be .iuiuuiuU to couipatillou ware widely pub
liabcd lu India, Kuropu aud Ainerlca. it any peraons
declared their luteutiou* lo compete, but ultimately
only uuu ui>cbiii? waa actually orougul lo Uh plaoeoi
trial, llio inaoniue, having uteu carelully lealed al
Sabaranpur lu the auiuiuu ol 187i, waa lougd Imper
fect lu Kuuia luiporiaul reapecla, uuil tba inventor waa
adjudged not entitled lo tuo loll reward. U? waa,
buwever, presented witb ?1,600 IB couslueratlon ol
lb? partial uiouauro ol succc-a* bo bad obtained alter
great peraeveruuee.
!M uir.-r of ibu government or India aiUI hoi da
good and lb* original circular waa reuewed and re
publieued under uale Augual 31, 183 7, and lb era la
uo douul bul ibai India would gitu ample encourage
ment lu any ruapouaibie party wbo could give aatia
laclory evidence ol a practical uoiuUuu ol lllia lb
lereatiug mecuauical problem. India could wall
altoru lo add anoiuer cipber lo ibe or no and even two
lor ibut mailer, because tlte production ol lia libra*
would provo luore remunerative lturn many olher ol
Ita untold aouice* ol vtoalln. Uul why should
Yankee ingenuity enricu loroign countriea whan ou
owu aon la more Iban equal lo tba requlrenonia ol
producing ibu enure aerie* or Uoroua plaata and
mili'uu* upon million* can ba prevented irom going
abroad and tbla now luduatry will giva cuiploymeul
lo ibe uiasaea whose bauUa are Inaalive Irout lorced
idleness r
Ilia United Siato* has expended coondarab:a monay
id experiment* with tba lour principal flbrooa plantar
bemp, jute, II >z aud ramie, and moat enoouraging ra
aulta bave been ubtaiueo, bul now wo arc at tba mm
point witb India; wu waul Uiu mucbiue to deeoriloat?t
ureaa or preoare Ibe Ubro.
lleru la a graud induairy promising lab u Ions re.
lUins. Wby should uoi aoioo inducement ba held out
lo Ibia aame Yankee mgobutty wuich la anliaiad lor
India, and keep tboaa couutloaa miiliona of gold at
Our peoplo ara gradually awakening la tba la
poriaucu ol tbero textile*, and almost every day we
read ol aoniu uew txperliuoul la tba column* or o?r
exchange*, bul bo oue luirui* aa yoi to have bad tba
cuurage lo atari with Ibe enterprise. Tbe reaaon Id
probably that the liaatmant ol ibe material la Ml
wen enougu uuueraiood, a difficulty wblab can only
be overcome wbeu aome encouragement la ottered la
experienced men lo lake up ibe aal^aot with a bap*
ol amplo remuneration
No more ardent patron of iba rod aad gab eaa fed
found in all tba Teutb ward Iban Uaatave Schmidt.
1 bat ha waa a very Nimrod amoeg men bo ota av*r
pretended to doubt till Jobn Lull threw oat nm ??
Kinuaiioa* the other day about Quatave'a veraalty. Tba
mighty banter at the lime waa sitting In M& Luta'a
aaloou, in Kivington si roel, and anfoldlug marvalloaa
experience* in the bird abootlng line, wbao ibe pro*
prieior became Ineroduloua. Uotuve waa al onoa ap
in arms. "t'ou aoe thoaa gecaa," ba aaid la tbo
lowaat ol Dateb, and he pointed to tbe hack yard,
wbere thoae lowl airuited and gabbled. "1 will W
you lor what I kilL We will see." With that Uualave
produced a double barrelled gun, planted blmaalf al
tbe lower cud of the stloon aud biased away. Saab
au uproar ensued aa that sequestered locality baa not
beard lor rears. Then Mr. Schmidt deliberately paid
lor a brace ol fuwi be had deoapllated aad took
hi* *eat the embodiment or e*ti*iaelioa. There
were inquiries about what waa goiag aa.
but Mr. Luis appeared stricken with some inward
convulsions union he tried in vain to repreae. Tbo
tignillcsuce ol these ay mptoina waa clear when Henry
Steinberg,wbo lived upstairs, burst Into the plaee aad
charged aouuildi with tbe aiauguter ol bia geeee. Tba
kporismau, alter dnviug oil uis anauilant, Went lb
quaat ol Luis, whom lie louuJ conveUed witb laagb*
? er. lie charged In in with taking money under falat
preisnce*. lu wmcb l.un said lltal be had notfreea
queauouad about ibeir ownerabip al aM?
T lie retull ol Ibe whola iroui.le waa tbal
Steinberg and Sebtnidt applied In the Kasex Hartal
j Police Court lor a warrant to arreai Lull, bat tbe IM*

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