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Another Sinking Fund Bill
for New York City.
IIow It Is Proposed to Bemodel the
Dock Department.
An Effort to Modify Divorce
A "Citizen" Anxious to Take An.
other Wife.
At bant, May 7, 1878.
? TB*ra baa been ? sudden aod favorable cbnngo ol
tba wind which throaieoed to brew a storm bclweon
tbe Gorornor, tha Legislature and (be Mew York city
politician*. The veto ot the Sinking Fund bill arousod
tuch iaatant Ira in tha Assembly when II waa received
there, and wae met wltb such Indignation by Mr.
Hamilton Ftah and other ardent stateamen who
aoomeo disposed to tsko Hie Excellency, so to speak,
by tbo horns and throw biro, that many here have
boon expecting to witneaa the performance of that
difficult toat. Aa the heads of tbe Asaembly
cooled, howorrr, a anfllciont number could not bo
counted 10 back the enterprise. Moanwbtle tbe Gov.
eraor's reasons wero ro pungent, and, In tno main, ao
conclusive, tbat Comptroller Kelly, together with
some of the ablest Donnctors in Mow York, perceived
their loroo on consultation, and resolved at last to
attain the important object ot relieving tbo city tax*
payers by a alraignUorward and hn'adaome concos
lioo. Consequently a memorial was prepared and
aont to tbe Legislature yesterday, signed by a number
of prominent banker*, requesting tbat a bill be passed
to replaeo tbo vetoed bill which would meet tno Gov
ernor's objections.
Following that memorial thore arrived in Albany to
day a oommlttoe of lea or twelve, bankers, merchants
end others, headed by Aleeers. O. B. Potter, President
ot tbe Grocers' Bnnk, and W. H. Webb, with a bill, all
completed and In readtno,-*, drawn up with tbe ap
prowal of Comptroller Kelly and other Influential
officers of tbe New York city government,
who admit tbat tn* iormer bill contained
?*ver*l faolts that were due to oversight
to its preparation. Tbis new bill was taken' to tbo
Governor this afternoon aod read over to him by Mr.
Potter In tbe proseuee o,f other members of the com
mittee. The Governor signified his general satisfac
tion with Its tenor, and subsequently said to your
? correspondedt that it appeared on the first hasty pe
rusal to do away with atl or nearly ell the objection,
able features of tbe origins'.
To-night Mr. Daly, by request, visited the Governor
at bis residence and again submitted to him tbo bill
: with which, on the second and moreoarefnl reading, he
expressed hi rose If as still more favorably Impressoo.
Mr. Daly, who had alroady prepared a substitute for
tbo vetoed mossuro, which was printed In the
Hkrai.d a row days ago, la disposed to make no fac
tious stand whatever In tbe matter, but to cordiallr
support ilio new bill, In vlow ot Governor Robinson's
tancttou, and ot the inclination wbioh is al
ready shown in tho Assembly to aire >1
thore a welooma. In Uet, a *
able that Mr. Fish himteif, chairmen
ol the Assembly Committee on Cities will to-morrow
Introduco ibis lull and renounce bis previous Inten
tion to more the passage of tbe vetoed bill over tbe
veto. The new hill will then bo referred to iho Com
mittee on Cities, irom which, should tbe Governor's
foil approval of It he guaranteed after forthor exam
ination, It will doubtless bo speedily and favorably
reported. *
text or m* nii.r.
In Its present foriq it reads as follows.-?
Auction 1.?Tha fund known ?< tho "Sinking Fond of
n*i ?, w?*w ,T"r .,nr \ * Redemption of the i:ity
^ "?"?tinned, sad aav excess there m?v bo In
? ?a \? ". pmvfaing lor tbe parment of the
bonds and stocks of said eltv payable there
from es provided by lew. shall form a
fend for the payment of other bonds and
Storks ol aald r ty and county as by this .tstnte provided
All moneys and revenues or said city heretofore pledir-d
and appropriated ?o ?nd constituting and founding said
Sinking lund shall continue to In. and the sstne are hereby
plrdrod and appropriated to .aid fund until all of said
? bonds aod stocks of the eaid city ehnll he fully end finally
' cr . or tii* sinking rexo
hitc. Z?Tbe frrod known a. the slokina fond of the ettr
ol hew Tork. for tba payment of the Interest accruing and
JT!! th"o ',0t V <>[ ??'?? <??'/ ""<11 the same oe
I1"/ *?d ? nelly redeameil, shall be continued, and aftar
provldlnir for the Wmei.t of the Interest on the bonds
?"* J*"1*" of eeld city now payable theretrom as
provided by law, ?bellfnrm a fund which shall be trans
ferred after the year I87H to tbe "sinking rand for the re
demption of the rlty debt," and which transferred fund to
hereby. In addition to tho revennes and moneys aforesaid
pledged unappropriated to said laet mentioned sinking
fend nntll all the bonds and Hoots of said city as aloresaiu
?re fnilj Aud |m!4.
Mac M.?All money* now in tho Ireaaurr of laid eltr here
tofore eotl?cieii ana received In payment er on ncenunt of
??aetMuenta rand* and confirmed for local improvements
In unlit dir. and all moneys which ahatl hore
alter ha inllfrtnl and roc ilrrd In payment or on
account of ?s*cs*mems mane nnd conllrnicd, or which
nay tie made and confirmed lor local Improremnnta com
plated prior to the paeaa^o of this act ahall be paid Into tho
laid slaking fund for tbe redemption o? the city debt; nnd
the aamo It hereby, In addition to the revenues and inoneya
aforesaid. pledged and appropriated toaald laat mentioned
?Inking lund for the payment of bonda and atorka ot aald
ally, to l>e paid and redeemed therefrom at hereinbefore
klO. 4. Between rhe eltr and Ita creditor", liotdera of Ita
bond* and atocka at atoreaaid. there ahall he and there la
hereby dad a red" to he a coatiuet that the fnnda and revr.
nnea of the city and the Innda to he collected tram aaaeaa
menta aa aforesaid hr Ihia at at nle. pledged to the sinking
lord lor tha redemption of the eltr debt, ahall be iw-rumn
laird iuid applied only to the pnrpuaca of aald sinking luud
??ill all vt aald debt la ful y redeemed and paid aa herein
pro* Med,
rnovimvc ron tmk stockj ?np noun*.
Ire S. Nothing In thla act contained ahall be bald to
rvgnire or anthviiae the Ommlaalnnera of the Kinking
Fund to nee or apply any portion or part of tho accumu
lated fund* In aald "Inking land lor the redemption of the
city debt, or the rerennee of aald fund In any manner
whatever whereby 'ho aernrlty of aald tnnd lor the pay
ment of tho t/Anda and atocka ol the aald city for
erhldti said Bind la now pledged by law, and which are a
charge on aald land, ahall be diminution or Impaired. And
the aald bonda and aloeka ao aeeured by law are hereby de
clared to eonatltute a preferred charge on aald atnelng fond
?mil the aame are fully and finally paid anr. redeemed.
Sac. II. The Cotnmlaaloocra ol tho Kinking Fond am
hereby authorlaed and empowered to call In and redeem
any portion of Ihe bonded debt now e charge upon tbe
trenanry of aald elty other than rreeniie bonda leaned in
anticipation of thee Unction of taaea when they may dacm
It to be adraiitageoae lor the interrataol the city ao tunc.
And tor llili purpoae theaatd I 'nmmiith ner* of tho a Inking
Fund are hereby empowered and nnthorlred by concurrent
vote and direct tho Comptroller to taaue and aell or ex
change therefor, at not lea* than par. ''ronenlldated at >ck't
of aald eltr, payable a Itliln a period nf not leae than twenty
nor more than llfty ycara from the data of lam
theraef, and at a rate of Internal not exceeding
Ova per cant per annum, parable aeml-aonuaily;
and upon tho payment anil redemption nf any
|>ortlon%f aald bonded debt Ihe certificate llierof ahall be
ceneeiled by aald Commlaaloiicra. I he consolidated aloek
of aald city, leaned aa by thin aecllon authonted, alter
lully providing I.>r tha prafarred bonda and atocka of aatil
City aa In tha preceding eectlon apecltlml, ahall form a charge
upon the aald alnklng lund far ilia redemption ol Ihe
rfty debt, and any part o( aald debt tailing due
not exchanged for or redeemed Irani tha proceeds of cnn<
aolldalcil aloek. aa herein provided, may b> paid Iron aald
alnklug lund tor Ilia redemption of the elty debt, provided
eneh payment ahatl uot In any way Impair tha pre erred
claim Ibereua, na In tha preceding section apeelfled and
provided( aiao the < mumlaaloncra ol the Kinking Fund
ahall daam It In be lor the bait Inter eat a of tbe city that
anrh payment alionld be en made.
tax anon
Kgr. 7.?From tha aald atnklng fund for tha redamptlott
of the elty debt ahall ne paid and redeemed nil
preferred bonda and atocka of aald eltv lor the
payment or redemption nf which aald fund
la pledged aa atoreaaid. and other homla and
?lock* of aald elty aa by thla atatule authoriaed. and when
ever and aa often ae the Commissioner* ol aald Mnktug
Fund ahall eertlfV to Ihe Board of Katlmate anu Ap
portionment of aald elty that the accumulation* In
MMd alnklng fund ahall net be anflteient to meet
the payment of any bonda or atorka lulling dne In
the nasi following calendar year.lt ahall he the duty of
?aid Board, and It la hereby required to Include In Ihe an
aual eailmate for anch year, to be rnl*ed hr tax on the
Ml a tea. real end perannal, la aald eltr snhjrct to tax
? linn, ancli an amount to be app'ied to the pay
ment nf aeid bond* or atoea* aa ahall be certillrd
ky aald Commissioners. and the amount ao included In aald
?Sttmate ahall he paid Inte aald alnklng Bind and applied
M In thla aectloe apeelfled; provided, however, that the
amount ao to be raiaed hy tax and p*ld into tha alnklng
luud, aa In tbla aeetlon nrovl ed, ahall not Ic anr one ye*r
be Inaa than tha auni of p 1,1 aa>.(S a/ nor more than W2,0 W.UH
now rna novar la to aa aerugn. ?
Kgr. A,?For the payment of ail bonda and atocka ef the
Mid city heraa tor Issued pursuant In the prorlaion* of any
ttatute anlhnrlilng tha hum, and which by the provlalona
of aeeh atatule are payable Irem taxation, ether than rove
?na bonda Issued In anticipation el the collection of
taxe*. there thall be Included In aeid annual aatlmale each
year lo he raiaed hp tax on the estate*. real and perannal,
In aal'l city subject to taaeilon, a aiim aulllc cut. with
the areaninlatlon of Intereat thereon, to meet and
dlreharge the emonnt of an id bonda or (loeka
by the* time Ilia aame ahall he payaole, and
aeeh mm ahall be eertilled ta Ihe aald Hoard nf
Kstlmato and Apportionment by tbe Comptroller, and which
waad aum ?o raiaed by tax shall be paid aaaaallgr oa th?
flml day of November to the CoramIsstoeers of tho Sinking
Foul end shall be Invested by thorn I o the same UMaer
?? the revenues pledged to the aiuklaq fuud lor tho ro
demotion ot tho city debt.
asskiwbkkt bonus.
pK(. ft ? A*sca*rucut taitiii of eeul city hereefter Issued
pursuant to law to prwrlila for the expense ot lu?allm
proveiuenta- contracted lor or commenced alter the paasoie
of tbit act. e?d which exnense la to bo assessed upon the
property be null ted, ahull be Issued by the Conivitroller or
the city wheu auihnriied by tho Board of r.atimate aim
/?pporiionmunt at not leat than par for aoch porto I as said
Comptroller may dvteriulno. not excaediug ten joaraaud
bearing Interest not exceeding six par rent per anutitu.
?*r. 10.?Whenever any bon 1a or stock herein author
Ized to be Issued, or any boitda or slock of the city ol >ew
York, as provided by I.w. ahall he herealter Issued. other
than revenue botida or aoch bonda and sloeks aa
may be purchnaed lor Inveatinent by the com
miaslonera of the Sinking Fund, tho 1 ""'"'1.
ol autd citr ahall lurlte proposals I hero lot^by public adrer
tlaement lor not Iraa than ten daya. and en all award lira
aaine to the highest bidrler therelor. provided tha. no pro
poaala for bonda or atoeka ahall bo accented .or less loan
the par vulue of the anme. and said pr?l?"*?;?
he only publicly opened by the Comptroller ll1,th'f *
of Coram iaaaoners ol the sluking Fund. or suchi of the ma a
ahall attend at the lime aud place ?l.'fc'8e? UV" {{?
advertiaeraent therefor. The Comptroller, wi
approval of said Commlaalonera, aliail deierinlnawh.it.
it Why purt. >1 aald proposals ahall be accepted. *'*d up
thepaymont Into th. ei.y trenwnrv ol the amount. due by
the peraona whoae blda ore accented reapcetito''"?'?
catea tbem or ahall be Iaaued to them aa nulhoriaed by law.
The Holohan Kxciae bill occupied the oltention or
thu B'coale Judiciary Co mm nice ibis aifieruoou.
"?lr. George Bliss appeared lor "I'ho sabbath Com
mittee," aod made ?u urgument in l?v?r ol aa
arbitrary arrest clauss. which would bo ?l?e?
tive only ou Sundays. Mr. Atleruury. ol lb. ..me
organization pleaded to tbe same effect. Mr. Oil be r,
ol FraokliD; Mr. C.il.lerfleeve, Mr. HoIbIibu and Mr.
Grady also spoke. Mr. Mllispuugb, ol Newburg. ap
peared to adyocato tbe extension of tho provisions of
ine law to that city. The bill will probably be re
ported lor consideration on Friday next
senator Rockwell this orenlng unnouoced to Uie
Senato tbe death oi his predecessor ex TO"?'*
and morod that ont ol rerpoct io his memory the
Senate adjourn, a suggestion which was oarrlod.
Alter some discussion Senator l'.ccleslno s bill con-_
oernlng iho Dock Department ol the city ol New
York, identical with Dr. Hayes' bill pending In Hie
Assembly, was progressed in iho Senate Committee ot
the Whole. Tbe introducer of iho hill inovod, wnen
mo committee rejioried io tho Senate, to discbargo
the comnriloo from lurthcr consideration ol ibe bill,
and Ins motion that it be ordered to s third reading
was osrried. Tho text ol tbe bill Is as follows:?
Sectiow 1.-There shall be a ltepartraent of Docks In the
ellv "I New York. which shall possess end exercise, suojoct
to the provisions of this set. all the Dowers l.eretolors
vested hy law In the Department ol Docks. Iho
head of sueli depsrtmeni ahall be a hoard, which
shall consist <>r li.ree persons. who shall reside In the
city of New York, who shall bo known and designated as
tlommiaalonora of Docks, and whoso term of office ahall be
six years. The persons who ?l?all cumpuso the Board of the
Department of bock, ol the el*. ?t .>ew York, when this
act shall take effect, shall be i nraralssluuer* ot Docks, an
oer this act. mull June I. 1H7H. or their removal irom
office in the manner provided by law. All vacancies oceur
ilng hi the office of Oommleslon of Docks, by expiration
ot term or otherwise, mull he 111 ed by appoint
rarot by the Mayur of ths city of kew
us provided by law. The said commissioner, ahull moos
sua organise as a board, olcctlnfl one of their number to
be president tlioreor. The president of said Board shall he
elected annually bv iho meoiliers tberool. Any two mem
bers of tho hoard ahall constitute a quorum for the trans
action ol busiuoss Whon any member ? f s ild hoard shall
ernao to reside in Iho city of New fork his office shall
thereby bccoino vacant, iho president ol tho said Board
who shall hereafter bo appointed shall be paid a snlni j
S.'..i*k) per annnm. and the other members ol jo'd Board
hereafter npiwiutcd shall bo paid a salary of $-.500 per
rowans or tiik soaiid.
S?o o _The said Board shall havo exeinslva ehnrgo and
control, .Uhlect in tho particular, he rot n arter m ? n t Ion ed
to tho Commissioners or tlie Sinking Fund ol .be 0My J
New York, ef all the wharf property I elonglng
to tho Corporation of the City ^ o! Now
Including all wharves, piers, bulkheads and itmcj
lures thereon and waters adjacent thereto, and all
situs basins docks, watlr fronts, lends under water,
end structures thoreuu and the appurtenances, e ss.
meuls uses, reversions and rights belonging thereto,
wbtrh'are now owned or possessed hy the and corporation
or to which said corporation is or may become entitled, or
which said corporation may acquire under l'iellP",*'*,',"*1"
this act or otherwise: and the said Bosrd shall have ?<?'"?
Slve charge and control, subject us ainresiiU. ol the re
pairlnit. building, rebuilding, maintaining,
strengthening. lesslnx and proteetlng property snt
every Dart thereof, and of all cleaning, dredging and deep
ening necesoary In and sbout the ssino.
-slil Hoard is al?o hereby Invested, subject as aroresald.
witu tho exclusive government and recnlatlou of all
wharves piers, bulkheads and structures thereon snt
w a tors adj aco nt thereto, and all the basin. .1 ps und
dooks, with the land under water, lu said olt' "?J
owned by said corporation. Bui tlie ,ttld Beard
shall not have nower to change the exterior
lines of piers and bulkheads in tho city ot .kew
Y'ork as now. cslabllsbed by law. fbe duties and
powers heretofore perlormed and exorcised by any .ifficor,
uensrtmenkor bureau of the said corporation la and abonl.
all and any part of the said property, are horsbT tr"a",:'ri
red to and vested excluiivelr In tho said Board, but this
provision shall not affect the aforesaid powers or the ( oiu
missiouers of the Sinlinc Fend.
Sue 3. Tho said Bosrd si.ali, from tlnje Io time, prepare
or rause to he prepared, plant lor the whole or any part of
said water tront and the structures and improvements and
ulterationa to bo made thereon In r'"P?ct ,h.iV wben lt
hivii not ***** adopted, ana ?hall. wp?n i*
h? determined upon any such plan, submit the
same, together with all documeuts. speclbcatlons.
?stlmstas and particulars rolallug thereto. to
tbe (Vimmisslotters of the Sinking Fund, who
mav adopt or reject any such plan or plans In whole or In
part. II any such plan be rejected h* Ibe ertd Cuipmls
llOners ot the Finking Hind the said Board shall submit
Another plnn In place thereof to said Coraralsslomita or the
Pinking Fnnd Ihe plan or plans adopted by the said
Commissioners ot the (sinking Fund shall ho returned by
them to the said Bosrd wllh a cortUleato ol sueii
adoption written thereon, which certilieate shall
tniwifv tho territory or district which ?i?ld
?KIl cover and control, and acid plan nnd ??rtlflcatc hball
bo li!e?l in the office ol said BosrJ. aud shall be open to
nnbllc Inspection, and shall, from ihe tlmo or such adop
tion be tho sole plun sccordin g to which tho part or por
tion ol said witer front, and tho structure- snd Improve
meets or alteration, to bo made thereon, which are covered
by or Included In said plan shall thereafter bo
inade laid out, constructed or done, and shall
he 'the solo authority for making, l?J^M
mit eonetrnctinc or doing the same. The
suiil Board shall forthwith, alter tiling of such plan us afero
said, give public notice by odverllmmeiit lor at leas^. six
weeks or tlie adoption of such plan. The bulkhead eliajl
herealter he built. In all part, not already comm.need,
ol the best crib work, unless the Commissioners '' the
Hlnkiug Fund, alter a lull hearing, up-ra j.uUjs. nwtlt?.
ot all the parties Interested therein or deslrlug to
be heard therein, shall deeide that lUe interest ut the ier
pore.Ion ol tho city ol New York requ'ri-a It In_be hullIt
otharwlse. and shall approve and order a different plan aiid
construction, pruvlced that the said Hoard, with the con
sent aud approval of the Commissioners of tbe Milking
Fund, mar ttom time to time eh nge Ihe width and loca
tion of tbe piers laid down In any place.
rum-iiAs* and acupikk wihrvh.
Site. 4. The aaid Hoard la herehy authorized, an Meet to
the approval i>t the l.'oinaiisetutirr* or the Sinking Fund. to
acquire. in tho name ami fur Ik* benefit ol the cor|i<>ra(i<m
of tlia elty ol New York, any and all wnaif property to said
city to which the corporation ot llie aald city of NcwY.rk
haa not right or title, ami any righto. term*, easement*
and privilege* pertaining to any wharf property In aald
dty not owned by aald corporation : and aald Board may
acquire tho anme. cither br purchaao or hyproeeaaot law.
a* herein provided. Haiti Hoard may agree with the ownert
ol any aecu property, term*, oaromenta <>r prtvilegra 11 on
a price for the aamii which IgtivOttlshall Id jtWlMpg,
duly subscribed br the parties thereto, and shall pnrtlcn
Inrty and definitely describe and apcrlfy audi prop
erty, rlahta, terme. eaaetnenta or prlvliegea, and
the prlee agreed upon for the anm and shall
certify auch aareement to the Commissioner* of tha
Musing Fond, who ahall thereupon'give four wceka' notice,
by publication. onoe in oarli week. In the llmml. ot a
time and place when and where they will meat to ron-lder
auch agreement and to hear otjeciloo* thoreto, which
meeting may be adjourned from time to tlmo. In tho dla
rretlon o( aaln Commissioners of llie .-Inking Fund ; and if,
alter am'U hearing and due deliberation thereon had,
the aald Commissioners of the Sinking Fnnd np
prove ol aurli agreement, tho *uid lloaril ahall
take from audi ownera. at auch prtco, tbo necessary
ronyeyancea and covenant* for veatiuc aald property,
right*. terina. eaaetneni* or privilege* In and n-auring the
aatne to me Corporation ol the city of New York forever,
and the raid owner ahall be paid *nrh price from the city
treaanry ?a hereinafter provided. If the -aid Hoard ahall
norm it uecraaaty that the aeld Corporation alionld acquire
anv audi wharf property, tlglita, term*, eaaemeuta or
privilege*, and no pro * tbeiofor can be agreed upon be
tweeu loa owner* thereof and the ' said Hoard,
the tahl Board, with the approval of tho
l oicmle-dtmert of ihe Mttklro Fnnd. and not other
wiae, may dlrict the OounMi of the Corporation ol the aaid
city to take legal proceeding* teaciiulio the *amc lor the
Corp >ratl?n of the city of M? York, and tbo -aid Counsel
to too corporation *h*ll inkcitu sauic proceeding* to ac
quire the same a* are bylaw provided for tu* taalag of
private property In aald city for pnldlc atreot* or pla na;
and the provlalona of law relating tithe tak ug ofpr.v to
property for putdle *troet* or place* In salu city are hereby
made applicable, aa far aa may bo necmaary, lo the ac
uulrlng ofaaio t?roperiy. right*, lernaa. raaomeuta and prlv
llcgea; and the sanl hoard la alio authurlited and empow
ered to artjnlre In like manner tho tUI? to auch land* un
der water anil upland* a* *atd llo.*rtl and laid Uommlaalon
ara of the Sinking Fund ?h#lld**m nocevaary to bo takeu
for tha Improvement of Ihe water Ironl.
rtrvkiiiTPMKa rou i-opthapt wnttg.
Sro. Ik?When the plan or plan* mentioned la aeetlon 3
of tills act have been adopted tho *atd Hoard,shall proceed
according to sai l plan or plana go make the structiuc*. Im
provement* or alterations aperlDed In said plan or plans,
wltbout Interfering with the property or right* ol any per
son, except so far as may be necessary to Insure the
unfair and stability of the wharrea, piers, bulx
lieada, basins or slip* so to he constructed. All
work done under ami In puratianre of said plan or
plan* or otherwise, and all material* purchased or
furnished therofor, shall be done,ipurrlia*ed or tarnished
by contract. rx< ept at nereln otlierwiso pr ivnled. I'hc aald
Hoarn may eapead for repair* to aald wliarvea, plera and
bulkheads, and the stracltirr* appertaining thereto and
connected therwtth, and dredging, *iimi no* esetv-illng
f l.taai for any one plroe of work and material* naetl lltorin.
Without contracting therefor; hut all work, *o lar a* prac
ticable, or whlen can he *o tlone without loa*, shall he dona
by contract, ami no work aubatanllally one In Ita charac
ter ahall be aubdivlded.
Svo. 0.?When all of tho wharves,Pore, bulkhead*, ellpa,
dock* aad basin* belonging to llie Corporation of the Cltv o|
Hew \ nrk ahull he open lo tne public use the said Board
ahall regulate, subject to the approval ol the C?mmla*lotieie
of the pinking Snnd, tie cnarge* for wnnrtose and
dockage of all ve**el* admitted thereto, and inay, subject aa
aloreaai'l. alter ancu e arge-troin time to lime, but such
rate* Atial i In n.< uaae excited the rates established bylaw;
pr .vltled that tho rate* of wliarfqge on koala nnvl .atlng
the canals ol the ntate ahall not ha Increased beyond tho
present rate* or the ralca established Ity law. ami no re
-trillion ol Ihe amount of wharf and slip room ocruplcd by
them sliail he made ; and the said Board inay, auhject to
the approval nl the Commissioner* of the sinking Fund,
appropriate anr ot sueh wharves, pier*, bulkhead*, basins,
or allp* lo lite solo use of special klnda of rom
mori-c anil mav In llie name and lor the benefit
of the r irporutton ol aald cily, auhject to the approval of
tha satct Commissioner* ol the Sinking Fund, lease any nr
all ol sneli property lor a term not exreedlng ten ycara.
and coienanl fur renewal or ranewaia of aueh lease*
one nr more terms, hut not exceeding In the segregate
twenty years tram the date ol the lease All leases other
than lot districts appmprtsted as itlnresald to special com
mercial interest# shall tie made, alter four weeks' notice, to
he published In the 'Vy Keroru, at putdle auction to tha
highest Iddtler, and shall contain such covenants and urn ?
vision* In regnrd to appraisement at the commencement
and end of each term or renewal as ahull lie piescrlbed ami
approvsd by the said Commissioner* of the Sinking Fnnd.
All leatea made by said Hoard shall contain cov
enant* "X the part of tho leasee* to make
all needful repalt* on or about the property
lenaeil, and In maintain erd keep In good Condi
tion the property leased during the term or terina of lliu
lease nnoer the penalty of forfeiture of stirn lease nod
damage*, provide.i tuni aaid Hoar I mav. In their illatre
Hon. make leases containing rovnnaiiis that Ihe lessee*
ahall keep In good order and repair, at their own expense
the planking, ttrlnuplece* and mooring pile* uf said
wliarvv*. pier* and balkboad*, marring to aalu Depart
m.nt at Pe-k. tlio rebuilding and reoewtng o( the auder.
struciurc ibareot.
Sue 7-Th* raid Hoard. w.lh lb* approval of the .aid
(l?iuiab<iM*ri ol ? >?? finking Fui.A, aliall estab-lali an!
enforce alt needful rule? and regiilaiiuua ?? addition to
f.f? tSsfrZssrr? ?
ly ?' ."'Vo?,1 tf..r .?<i
proral Jf .aid Commissioner* at th* Sinking Fond. .hall8*
IJl r Alderiu'n anU Otmimoualty of tl?? city of ^ow
York ' and .weU Jill ???!! I* uro.*cute<l by lha (Jimiiwl ?o
a. all.**aid. ?ha 1 h* a mlademeanor. ponlsO
ihl.br ??ne not rxcjrdins *.'??>. or bjr imprUoumrtitnot
? seceding thirty day*. or liv hoth aueh Bne ?n?l Imprison
mint, on complaint of *ald Board.
rarmu ovkk noxay to tub city. . .
8ice. a-All rants becoming duo upon Ira.*, mada by tue
, said Hoard under the provisions ol this act. and sll iMMTi
litrominff duo fur louse* of auy of tl?? property, rifcii**
privileges or easements under to* authority or ^mrul of
?aid board, or fur wharfage. or on account ol said proprriy,
rights, jirivllcgos or oascmoiiis. and all Bnos Jitd
incurred ?r imposed under th* provisieos
allotber monrys arisiu: from or becs>n,inK ' U ''l>oo nny
contract, agreement or .ale mad. by the ??'? Board
belong to tho treasury ol th* city ot J*I.i ,ha said
be pn table to and collected and reeetptod for"JM1*?
Board and shall be paid Into the sinking fund for the r*
"?^"a-ThS'oa^n^iu- comp.ns.Uo. o. Mid board
th* rent of Its oflloes, Ui* cempenaaUiu id Its aupoiutees,
the ourchas# money anddamages awaided under the pro
Visions ol this act. upon the acquisition oi private prop
ertv the payments uuder the contracts inentlonod in
r zi -h ir .""'.r; tss-s* si"?
repairing. building and rebuilding Hie wharves. pj?rs ?nd
bulfclieudk bfloitclnr i?? th* ?"*<* corporation and i? ? ?!?fb
inland cloning ell", shall be raised by taxation and paid
onto? tba treasury ol snld eltv in th* .am* manner Mis
provided by law lor the p.yment of other anon.>
bf ssld corporation, sn.l no money shall be ospvndo
contracts made for the expeudliure ol money beyond
amount sunnily raised mid appropriated.
8kc It) ?The ssid Board shall keep or cause to be kept
lull and accurate hooka ol aeconnl. wherein all "fed
lures tnnde hy it under the provision, of this acl .haii be
!C.lso,Zr lo bo tiled In the odice of the Comptroller
?ha'll teip oi?c?u? su'eh 'ffim'bJkept 'in'.nch fortH's
"s?.ra A.
depsr,menl?as lu Iv- Jud.mmit m.^ot re, _ _
0I8k* ,r'J-TlT,.i*d il'osrd shell liavri have power, .object
.? ?ba aniiroval ol the Commissioners ot the clinking Fund,
! ! suit.ibie ami proper tor the transaction ol Its
fuia ueas?nd m fiirnieh the same, and to nopolut and employ
CTw52?FoTthS i5.K?i.r.u.bp^w*^?^r ?..o
r\ov York as the s.itne are now or tnnv lieronlter he
^ oVi. hv mw movided that the eairl Hoard may roinovu
??d?reet tlie removnl of any vessel, raft or Boat from any
or direct the re' ?han be moored or anchor -d when
P r Tld Hoard shall dosm such removal neross rry for tho
HoTve'men?^"X'utlon o. any work nndortnkou and being
d?8.#c',yi4 -Whenever, by or under tho provisions of this net
.k i ,'ni iir auiHOval ul the conimls?loners ot tho rlnklutc
hraWeXrNewYor" is required, each con. nt or
a ir^al when kivtu. .hell he In writln*. slRi od by tho
/'P.rm?n or oil! r proaldiug officer ol .aid c .mmlssionera
'.nd an an ?y Ih'r.ot sua l b. n.ooe In the minutes o tun
n^Mdluea "i the .rid commissioners ol the flasint Hind,
and sue'ico'..ent'ir approv.l shall he of or, Validity or effeet
UtiOf .873.
a Anril 1'i IH73 fltnl noctlou H ot chapter ??74 oi th j
other acts aud part, of act. Inoonsl.tent with tlte pr6
V1';ria-\,wVioV;hm"2. e^rod"n the Bret d.y of J.n
n?". 1870. m it a political nu.L ? ,
In th?coarse ol debalo on tbo Oltl
said that th* Dock CouimikBiouert ol Now \ortc
thought this bill was bcioro ibo Commute* of V""*
mcrco and Navigation, but wli?n ib*y !*?'
tboy lound that H bad boon reported favorauly by the
Coinmitteo ol Cillee. Tbcy buvo since conio up uero
and kiven good re.soos why thin bill ebouW not pwk.
It was said ilr. McCarthy, a political bill to put out
the nreeeot Iccnmbeut* and put in new one*.
Senator Pomeroy did not liiinlt tlio bill wee a politi
cal bill at all. The proeent Dock CommlMioners lor
tbe imet ??* years had wuaied their lutid* In u.eleita
experimenta?as, for Instance, pier No. 1, on which
tl.iIOO.OOO had been exjiendcd.
Ou tbe *A9ih of January Senator WtjfgialT introdneed
a tolU io amend article 3, title 1, of chapter 8, ol part
2 of the lleviscd Statutee, entitled "Ol divorces, dls
uolviog tne tnarrlogecootrnct."
an ?Vt'henover a marriage shall be dlesdved pur
auaut to the provisions of this article, the ocmplalnant
mav marry scam during the Htetlmo of tbe ilelenoaot; but
??da?audaatm.nvlctod of adulwry shnil marry Asnlii until
the death ol the coinplnlnan'.. unlos. the Oourt la wliloh
the Judgment ?t divorce was rendered shall in that respect
rnlili eicli ludginont, wtiirh modiOcatlon shull only be
rl ir?nt M ) Pn..l that the cemplattieat ha. re
S'^teTthat threehave elapsed since such reiual
?ZZ mi* thai the conitwol of to* defbadwnt Mnee tbe dl.
snintlon ot satd marrlsgs !>?? been nnttormly trooo.
In due limo ibis bill pasted the Setiuto. Pending
tie consideration in tbe lower bonne a rouiunttc rumor
i it at it bad been devteod in th# lutereat of a cit
"sen wno, baring been divorced on tbe ground el his
ownact icverat years ago, his lormcr wile having
beon mora than three years since marned, and he
himeelf being under an eDU?getnonl of marrtago Willi
a voung aud beauiilul woman, now seeks the legal
nr^iicco ot marrying the latter Irom her lather a
Some m this Slate, instead ot being compelled, as by
existing Slate itw, lo aecompony her ouiaido ot
the Stale lor Ibe poriormanco ol the now marriage
ceremony. However this may be. It was eo asserted
in the Assembly lo-day wben ibe bill causod a long
and tadroua aiacusalon on points oi law mieivpewea
^ints of morality. Mr. Gilbert .aid the
Jiving, an adulierer the right to marry over again
inn a step toward breaking down iha bar
Tier, ot aoeiety and endangering the happlnena
ol liomas, while Mr. llorgeu, wno citod to Uie liiot
that an adulterer may now lawlully remarry Dltcen
minte. alter bis divorce, provided In. divorced wile
ahould die within ibal lime could see no logic, moral
iuhcrwiee In Mr. Gilbert's argument. Mr. Pnrdy
JJok a band in delenco ol tho measure, which at
iJ^gtb waa ordered to a third reading by a closo and
dcceptlva vote.
Cnrcm.VATt, Ohio, May 7, 1878.
The legislative committee bnvlug in charge nn In
qulry into tho management of tlio foutbern Kail way
trustees brought out tbe laot to-day that tbe trustee*
of tbe road spent over $400 000 more than tbolr con
tract required them to expend (or steel rails lur tbe
road. The evidence went to shew tbat their contract
might bare been cancelled at the time tbe $10,000,000
grant was exbaneted, bnt the trustees, without
taking advantage of the lopso ol tbeir contract or
depreciation in price ot rail'', continued luetr agree
mailt with the Cleveland Uniting Mill, tuna entailing
a loss ot the above Mated amount ou (be city,
Daring the progresa ol the ?xamiuatiou a lurrocr
member ot the Citv Council awore I list soxio $20,(wo
bad oeen appropriated I rout the city lurnle for tbo
purpose ol influencing legislation in the State ol Ken
tucky, nod alterWartl Mr. Alexander Ferguson, ol the
Doard ol Trustees, testified that the money paid by the
Council was reimbursed Irom iho lunds in tno hunds
ct lbs trustees. This would reom to make oat a clear
case agutnst tba trustees, and give tho opponents ol
tbe present management ol iho road the opportunity
lor which they huve been seeking?to Impeach tbo
trustees and remove them Irom ofilce.
The excitement over the Southern Railroad manage
ment continues unabated, and tho aimoat unanimous
opinion la tout the trustees will have to either resign
or be legielatod out et ofllco betore tbo city will put
any more money Inio the road.
PiTTsncnoti, Pa., May 7, 1878.
Tbe slxtb annual session ol tne State Grand Orange
Lodge ol Pennsylvania convened in tne hall at tbn
corner ot Diamond and Uhlo streets, Allegheny City,
to-day. Tba lodge was called lo ordar by tba W. 8.
O. U. Brother William T. Armstrong. Among iho
prominent delegates present were Brothers Thomas
llcSnanr, 8. l>. S<?roiarv; O. D. Orcer, D O. M., and
James Irons, 8. <? I- Treasurer, irolu Philadelphia,
llustnesa ol niucii imporianoe was transacted. The
lodge holds a continued session.
Abyssinia i Any
ht. l.surtnt |M?y
Cltr of Brussels... I May
Rials of l.enialaua|Mar
Pommeranla (May n|ll*mmirg..;8l Broadway
lh ?Hmflion | (>?Ina
Ltverpowl .!? Bowline ttreon
Havre |5ft Broadway
Liverpool ,j3l-JI3 hreadway
llasgow... |7J Broadway
the Queen,........
Ilrvonia ............
Liopln. mm
W a Reii ol ten
Baltic... A
Cltr ol Richmond.
81 ckar ?...
A nswalla..........
City of Cheater...
Mam of ftevad*..
M,?r I
May II
May II
M ny II
May II
o ay It
May I ?
May 1ft
May Ift
May Ift,
May 1?"
May h
May 10
May I
May in
May lH
May lr
May 21
Ma* 22
Moy 22
?i av 22
M ay 211
May 2.1
Liverpool .
'.Ivrrpool .
.iverpool .
1 .ITS! pool .
Liverpool .
Llrsrpool .
Liverpool .
'Iiaajiow. .
l.l?er|i?ol ,
llavft... .
Llrsrpool .
7 Bowling i.rsen
2 Howling tiroen
'IB Broadway
37 Broadway
7 Bpwllng l.raan
211 Broadway
4 Bowling wreen
7 Bowling i.reeu
."VI Broadway
.17 Broadway
IB Broadway
01 Broadway
31-33 rtroadwny
It Broadway
7 Bowling Green
2 Bowling tireen
JB Bro.idwa*
4 Bowling ilraan
7 Bowling ilraan
ftft Broadway
si-33 Broadway
72 Broadway
ill) Broadway
Strum". I .Sal!', j DssttaaCioa l Ofic.
M?i? of Virginia..
Harder -
Mute I I
? ?
| Dssttaunoa
l.ivsrpool .
Brciuen. ..
Ltvarponl .
Liverpool .
J now
J uno
ttl Broadway
7 Bowling Green
37 Broadway
2 Bowling tiraan
2b Broadway
4 Bowline lireeo ,
72 Broadway
2 Buwllno ifrett
Sun rises 4 50 | Sandy llook....eve 11 35
Sun sets. 7 03 iivv Uluud.... worn 1'2 20
Moon dot morn 12 12 I H?H Gate morn 2 05
PORT OF NEW Y0RK..J1AY 7, 1878.
Steamer Wyoming (Hr). Jones. Liverpool April 27 and
Ourenatown 2Rth. with indtio nod passengerwto Williams A
Union Had strong N and NVV winda. with fog and rain
groater pnrt ot passage; Slay 7. off Fire Island, pasted
atearaer Nevada (Br). Irnm Naw York Inr Liverpool.
Meamer Bothnia (Br). tlrM token. LWarDool Anrll 27
and Queenstowu '.Ktli. with mden and paseengera to O U
Francklvo. April 24, off Fastaet. passed ataamar (atrlan.
lionud W; Moth. lat -Ml. bin 23. passed a Lerland line
steamer b mnd K; May I. lat 46 LI. Ion 20. pasted Cnnaru
steamer bound E ; 4th, lat 43 45. Ion 4(130. paasocl a l?n
mlnloti steamer bound F.; same date, lat 42 5H, loo 40 22.
passed Union steamer bound H: rtth, lat 41 25, Ion <12 HI,
passed National steamer bound K: aaroo date, lat 41 2U.
Ion 62 40, passed Jnmna steamer bound r..
Steamer (iellert (G*r). Baronds. Hamburg April 24 and
llarro 2()tb, with mdsn and passengers to Kunliardt A Co.
.May 4. had a brisk N W wlno with high sea, after which
had line trvailier with uoaasional log.
steamer Hlagdon iBr). Burrows. Cststnia April 6. Mes
sina IOth, Palermo 12th. Valencia and Gibraltar 20th,
with frolt to Phelps Bros A Co; vessel to J C Meager.
Steamer Hudson, Gager. Sew Orleans 6 days, with rndsa
and passenger* to Clark A Seaman.
Steamer City of Sayennah, Mallory. tisvannali May 5.
with mdse tn Geo Yooge.
Steamer Charleston. Loekwood, Charleston May 4, with
mdse to .1 W (pilot nrd A Co.
Steamer'Keaiilntur, Dnane, Wilmington, NC, 3 days;,
with indsii to W PCIydo A Co.
Steamer Isaac Hell. Lawrence. Richmond. Ae. with mdse
<te the Old Dominion Steamship Co.
Bark Dromons Sophie (Nov). Dslioaen, Newcastle. R,
44 days, with tndao to Kuucli. Kdye A Co. April IS, no lat,
Ac, had a hnavy northerly gale, backing aronod to NW, ,
lasting 4S hours; lost staysail; was ID days W of the Banks,
with llplit easterly winds nail tog.
Bark Amelia (Itsli. Laudanxa, Sllgo 53 days, in ballast,
to Knnch, Edyr A Co.
Bars Ada K Crosby. Crosby. Cardenas it days, with sngar
to Oriunell. Minium A Co; vessel to souder A Adams.
Ham Tillle Baker. Boynton. Cardenas S days, with sugar
to <> Amslnek ; vessel to Brett. Son A do.
Hark Prudent (Kr), Aillet. Matsnsas U days, with sugar '
tn Boycl A lllucken.
Brig iloo W Chose. Patterson, Mlnatltlan 22 days, with
mahogany, Ac. to .1 O A ard; vessel to J !1 Winchester A
Brig Elite Morton, Lei and, Cardenas 9 days, wttb sugar
to Mosot Taylor A Co : vessel to Miller A Houghton.
Brig Sullivan (of Boston), Yeaton. Same II days, with
si'gar tn Muses Taylor A Co; vessel to Mlllor A Houghton.
Settr Kensrtt. llermdOD, Cadis 45 days, with mdse to F
Talbot A Co.
Ruhr City of Chelsea, Goodwin, Tamptco, with mdse to
Parsons A Loud.
Sehr ll P. Klloy. Coffin, Cardenas I) days, with sugar and
rnolado to Bretl. Son A On.
Sehr Ceclle, Pender, Baracoe 10 days, with frnlt to Comes
A Penrsnll; reas-l to A Abbott, May 5, had a hoavy south
eriv gale, la-tlnz several Honrs.
Sehr Lexington, Leigliton, Jacksonville 7 days, with
himbor to order.
Sehr Cherubim, Lank. Jacksonville R dsye, with lumber
to G IIuntor A Son. Is boned to Albany.
Sehr Hubert Center, Rush, Virginia.
Sehr Ellen ilolgale, Booyo, Virginia.
Mtf 'oark Alma (Nor). Irora Bristol, which arrived 4th,
reports: -April 30, lat 34 35, Ion 04 30. boarilod sclir Lott*
!sa Jllrdsall. (of Toms Hlver, X.I), waterlogged and aban
doned (before reported): May 1, let 30 OS. Ion ? .passed a
brig showing signals II KBit. steering EN h.
gjyllarfcs Loulso (Nor), Irom Lonrrlg, and Oflr (Nor),
from Limerick, which were anchored below, came up totho
city 7th.
Steamer Ulanens. Bearsj. Boston for New Tork,wl?h mdse
and pasaougcrs to 11 K Dlinock
Steamer Woybossct. illnnchsrd, Boston for Baltimore.
Steamer Amos C Bari-tow, Kenny, Providence for New
Steamer Delaware. Smith. Norwich for New Yor*t.
Sehr Lntnartlne, Smith, Kail Hlver lor Now York.
Sclir allda. Cousins, Fall Hirer for New York
Sehr S K Laue, Fuller. Yarmonth. Mass. for New York.
Sclir Orient, West. Providence lor Now York.
Sehr Kxpodit.', Hackeit, Providence lot New York.
Sclir Henry Lemuel. Jnrvls. Providence for New York.
Sehr A II Lawson, .Vehrlioff. Provldcuce lor 11 avert!traw.
Si br Itescue, Holly, Newport lor New York.
Sehr T P Abel, ilogan, Newport for Now York.
Sehr Mary Natt, Hordou, Stonlngton for New York.
Sehr Freestone, Stevens. Portland. Ct. for New York.
Sehr J M Bralnerd, Piorce, Portland, Ct, for New York.
Sehr Cornelius. Pratt, Norwich for New York,
sehr Cicero,, unbolt. Now London for Now York.
Kclir Toxas,'Davis. Now London for Now York.
Sclir E M Welle. Kelsey. Hartford for New York.
Scbr J D J u graham, Smith, New Haven for Virginia.
Sehr Cora S Vungllder, vaugtlder, Bridgeport for New
Sehr Wm Boardraan, Walsh. Connecticut River for New
Steamer General WliltnoK Hnllett, New York for Bos
Bark John Marsh. Patterson, New York for Portland, Ma.
Rrlg Marv Ann Palmar (Br), Mathews, New York for
Haekvlllu, NB.
.jSelir Lookout.llBHklns, New York for Knetporf, Me.
sour Saldo W Ponder. Lincoln, New York lor Taunton,
fchr Id .. Deerlug, Xrw York lor Taunton.
Sclir Canny Kern. Katon, New York lor Providence.
rclirAnaioJ Hussell, MchufTey. New York for Portland.
Sehr Sallie Barton, Busby, New York for Stamford.
Sehr A Pardon, Lewis. Port Johnson for Prorldoucfs
Sehr J L Less. Davl* Am boy for Provldcncn.
Sclir W W bralnerd,Pitch, Amboy inr l'r.ivldnncss
fcetir Susan K Nash, Xasb. Amboy fur Stonmgton.
Sehr Mist, Muncy. Philadelphia fur Now Haven.
Sailed Inn the anchorage off the IlKRAr.D Telegraph
Station prior to t*>o Utn Inst?Schss n S Keadall. New Yorg
lor Newfcorypert; Nellie Clark, do for St John. NB.
Ship Otto A Amine (Nor), from Tonsberg March 2(\
Dark BJorvlken (Nor), Irow Hull .Mnrrh W.
Steninsr Abyaslnla (Br), Murphy, Liverpool Tin Queen*,
town? O I) Pruncklyn.
Mourner Anglia (Hr). Young, Olaagnw ?Henderson Brov
Steamer August Andre (belg), >-7107, Antwerp?Funrb.
Edye A < -'o.
Menmor St l.aurent (Pr). Laehesnes, Havre?Louis do
Steamer Stag (Br), WIHIa Havre?Inhn C Nearer.
Steamer Beverly, Wallace. Philadelphia?.Tunci Hard.
Stoaraor Oeneral Whitney, llalketl, Ueetou? II F 1)1.
Ship Da Dinar (Nor), Bolt, Liverpool? Beohotn A Boys
ship India (Nor), Hutchinson, London-Bock a an, Oer.
lei n A Co.
Ship I'. W Stetaon, Moore, London?Orinnell, Mlntnm A
Hark Nlmrod <Ana), Oorolimkib, Dublin, I?.lobe C Hen
K*Bi?rk Ltiaie Corry (l?r). Carry. Cork or PaliDoa'.h Tor or
dera?0 V) Itertan*.
Mark Ahiel Abbott, Chaae, Adelaide?Arkell, Tnfts A Co.
Hark Svalen (Nor), erondsen. Cork or Pa'mouth for
ordert?Pnnrb, Kdyu A Co.
Hark Laura (Nori, Laraen, Copenhagen ? C Tobias A Co.
Mark (ilrolmlna (Ital), .laeearlno, Gibraltar lor orders
Punch. Kdye A Co
Hark Tnmmassino (Ital), Caflero, Lisbon-l.anro, Storey
A Searpatt.
Hark Esther, llonlamln, St Jago?J If Winchester A Co.
Ilark Carrto l< lyler. Tyler. Union Island?taoorgo II
Hark .Handy llook. Nichols, Baltimore?Jamas Borland
A Co.
Bark Ham Hhepherd (Mr), Durtee, Sooth Amtoy-J M
Mrlg Modesta (Hp), Poems, Cibraltar for order*-J Da
Rivera A Co.
Ilrlic lilting Hun, Grilling. Barbados?L WAP Arm
Ilrlg Lydta II Col# (Br). Rosa, 8t .Tago?Waydell A Co.
Sebr Kale Newman, Newnina, Porto Cabello?Penlntun A
Co. i
Hrhr Anson Plimpton. Slotnan, Barbados?Francis W
Helir Millie Trim, lloynton, Demerara?P II Smith A Co.
Schr H A Palnn. Brown. Porto Plata- B J Wcnberg A Co.
Sebr Vinter i'utg.Finkliam. Mareaea?U J Wanbeeg A
iey tl.f ? I
hrhr Carrie (Br), Clark. Saekrillo, NB?P I Nerlus ASor,
Hrhr Florence Abbott (Br>, Moore, bt Johns NF? J P
Whitney A I ?
,-rhr M L Bt Pierre (Br), He'oy. St John, NB?Seatnmei
II roe.
Sctir Anna Fnr, Smith, Perth Amboy?Jed Fry# A On.
Helir Bertha J Follows, Smith, Newark. NJ?Jod Pryo A
setir A tl Harding. Harding, WallOaet, Mass?Doaat A
Clots _____
Steamer Nevada (Br), for Liverpool: ahlp Loretta Flah.
Son Frnnelacn: harks Chlgueeto illr), Havre; Aplirodlla
(Hr). Bristol; Victoria (Nnr), Dunkirk t Lea iNor), lyno
Doe* ; Vesuvius. Shanghai: brig Kiting Sun. Barbados.
Also ssiled.wsteamors Htag (Hr), forJIavTe. Wyanekn,
RlohlDoiid, Ac; Wry bosses. - ; ship 8 W rtetson, Lon
Mr O Pesohlt. ehlel olBesr 4>f the llambnrg steamer
Gellert, has our thanks lor special meteorological obser
vations. ntado la connection wllb the ilraaLP weallter tar
alee. .
HtrnuKR Citv or Nkw Rrnronp, ashore at Flsbera Island,
It peeallarly attnated, having a largo rock on either aide of
her and smaller St? nnder both Iiot bow and stem, ao that
aha hat In be rtlsed perpendteularty a coaple ol teat bnlore
she can Ix! Iinulrd either way, and nothing but pontoons
ran do this. Steamer Hantee took aboard at Preatia'
wliarf. New Lnndon, on Haturday the Bright from the City
of New Bedford.
Htpimvk Hruirot.r, at Boston, report* May passed a
annkfn sehntmer. with topmast* nut of water. Sails all sal
XIV hf W from Cross Kip lli.'btsbip. about out and a hair
mile* distant (sebr J C emits. bol ora reported).
Srrsnan Finrar (Br), the first rooaol of a now lorv
nlghtli line nf stoamera In run between (llaagnw end Mon
treal dnrlng the summer, arrived at the latter pert Nth
Inat. The vessel It one of llie Donaldson Clyde line el
steewiera plying between Glasgow and I ho River I'latte In
Uracil. Sh? It Iron plated and ahont 2,000 loas register.
Hans Trot (Nor), Omnndaen, from Penseeola for Catted
Kingdom, put berk to Penaacolo May T waterlogged.
Bark Ltrtoit Manse (Ital), Coamtlll, from Penseeola for
Hn'l. grounded on 1'ensocola bar oad got off May 7; dam.
oge unanuwtv.
Bane Hnrai.tST (Hr), at Qnsbee Oth from Lelth, took Are
during the passage out, end the cabin was considerably
damaged. .
Hani R oca I. a en. from New York for Hrdnay, CB. Is re
ported a total wrerk at Ht Esprit, Cape llroton. Hko was
owned by Archluald A Co, of North (Sydney, end Insured la
llsllfsa for Aio.nnu,
?rns Wii.i u I'tiTTan, of Calais, with a cargo of floor and
a deck Ina.i nl krioscna, from Boston for Ifalifa*. NH. woot
ashore fn Ibo Narrows, Eastport, Mo. threw mrarbesrd the
deck mad and put Into Eastport, May 7, with four feet ol
wnter In her bold.
Brnn Manet* M Rtrgas. Rivera, arrlvod In Mobile. April
|H, wltn 4 Mi i bags nl rofTee from KluJanelru. While at
lilo Janeiro th? e iptaln lost ten of his men. the mate and
stewsrd. by the tellow lever, and wn* compelled to ship n
? fresh crow. On 2"t:i of Mom:*, he hulled two more men at
L tea, who had dl?d of the same malady. On tba vttssl't at
rival *1 Mobil*, the IMvera waa orilrrcd to discharge at
quarantine before the could 0* allowed to i>r?ccoi to Mobil*,
which la objaalad to by Ih* owners, au<l the veaaol remain*
at quarantine undischarged. Ou Monday last the *chooi?*r
was boardad by a yaiir at thlavae, and a platol tight occur
red batwacu thera aud Captain Hirers and hit cabin hoy.
ilea of the |hiere* la supposed to barn beau allot, but tbo
C*ug atola aererni tacks ol merchandise,
Kcmr Htitnow. or Hangor. wrecked on Bailor's faland.
Ilarpsweil. ou Saturdey nlglit iu a tog, lies wltn matt Juat
abnre water.
Stub Alkxandkk Wii.kv. Uoachmto. from Naw llavdn.
bafora reported a* at lilttie Kg* llarhor. It unw aahora ou
Anehorinu Island. Tuckcrton. NJ. with four feat water iu
her liolo. harlng kuocked a hole iu liar bottom.
Sena C M Nfwirs. from Mobile lor Brcmeu. which put
Into Newport. HI, May J. with loea ol water tanks. Ac. re
sumed her royage AM May 7.
8a* Fkarcisco, April30 ? lloleta't acboonar, while being
launched on 8ttnrday last, rolled orer ou the wayt, and It
aaid to ho damaeed around the atornpoat. and had her
cnppof ecraped off. Slio will hare to go iu dock for re
SmrauiuJiKG?At Demarlseotta, Me, B Haggatt A Co
will build a 1500-ton ihip. Work will ba commenced at
Cleared at New Bedford May 7, achr Abblo Bradford.
? Flsh*r. Hn Aeon's Hay.
Arrired at Barbadoa April II), bark Parry. Nlckereon, of
Kogertown, with 40 bblt >p. Alto er.hr Fannie Byrnae*
Luco, SB, with 20 hble ep. rhey collided with
each other April 7 at tea, resulting Iu (be iota
to the Perry of one whele boat and boat materials,
ana topeailrard and Jlbboom, the displacement of darlls on
port aide, oasnage to beat hearer*, elide boerdt tnd cranes.
Thera wern atopic matorlali on board to repair, a id She
would sail In a few day* Tn* achr lost one hnet. dtriti.
head sear aud part of bulwarks amidships. Could repair
In a wpek. The accident occurred during the night, and
was etilted by the bark'* Jlobonm catching fntu tlio loo
ping lift of the achr't nialiibooni.
Arrived at Honolulu April H, harks Pacific, Know'es XI).
Panama via llllo, ana tailed 13th lor Aretle: llih. Ellis,
Mniray. do. from a crulsa, with 70 holt so oil, and aahed
13th for Arctic; Northern Light, Molten, do. from a cruise.
nailed from do April 2. achr C >1 Ward, Whitney. Arctic
ocoen ; Oth, i.arkt lltniter. Hmner.'N B. to enilte; Dtli. achr
General Lieruey, Tripp, Arctic; 13th, Helen Mar, Bauldry,
A letter from Capt Ilowland. of bark Platin*. of NB.ro
,portf tier at sea Maroh 2U. no lat Ao, with 1,130 bbls ep oil.
Ship Otngo. from Philadelphia for Belfast. May 2, lat 42,
Ion 57 OA
Bark Goo M Barnard, from New York for Antwerp. May
4. lat40 43. Ion OHIO.
Schr Annie Bell, of Boston, M or 4, 50 ratlee EBB of South
Spool lightship.
Kehr II ? Jackson, bound sooth, no date, lat 80 25. Ion
74 IB.
Abehdirr, May 5?Arrived, bark AJolne (Gor), Cording.
New York.
Bkacut II bad. May ft?Off. park Gratia (Nor), Fredrick
son, Panoacola for Huttnrriam.
Barcblona. Ma yl?Arrived, atenmer Franco!! (dp), ldo
yagn. Mobile; brig Mercadlta (dp). Faorngtt, Charleston.
Brkmkr, May <1?.Sailed, bark JohaDoo Marie (Ger), (Jus
tevna. New York.
BnanAT. to Mey 7-Belled, ehlp Alexandor Yoats (Br),
Dnnbnr, San Francisco.
CAanirr, May 7?Sailed, ship Honthern Cross, Hughes,
Ilong Kong.
Cai.ais. Mey 4?Arrived, barks Nosh (Nor). Salvesen,
Pentacole; St Lewrauco (Nor). Larson, St Marys, Ua; 5th,
Armonla (Ttal), Fodulo, New York.
Cabbnarvow, May 0?Arrived, bark Irone (Br), Perry,
Calcutta, May O-Snlled, ehlp Chlpman (Br). Lewie,
Durkikk, May 5?Sailed, bark Frl (Nor), Ostonsen,
Halted States.
1'xgoirrii, May 7?Arrived, bark Balder (Sw), Wnlff, New
Grrrkoce. May 6?Arrlvod.shlp Admiral Prins Adalbert
(Ger). Llobancr. Penssoola.
GiniiAt.TAa, Mev 1?Arrived, brig D*vi.1 Owen, Cbtd
bounie. Now York (beforo reported wlthont date).
Arrived prior to 7th, brig Edith Hall, Thayer, New
Orloans. with matt damaged nn<l loss or sails.
Passed Mat C, steamer Castalla (Br), Cringle, from
Slellv for Now York.
llCLL, Mar B?Arrived, bark Brago (Sw), Bcrglnna, WIN
mlnrten, NO; 7th, thlp Aalana (Br). Williams, Fensicola.
Sailed 7lh, hark Mora, Patersosi, Mlramlchi.
Havrk, May 0?Sailed, berk 8 J Bogart (Br), Reynold*,
New York.
Hamburg. May 6?Arrived, bark Thorgny (Ner), Slranee,
Wilmington, NC.
Irswicii. May 0? Sailed, bark-Amicitia (Ital), Marengo,
United btato*.
Livbupooi., May 2?Sailed, ships Borrowdale (Br), Kelly,
Portland; 7lh. Warsaw (Hr). Carry,New York; bark Alice
Cooper (Br), King, Delawaro Bruakwater.
Lordon, May 7?Arrived, etosmer Alsati* (Br), McKay,
New York.
Lritii, May 7?Arrived, stetraer Boa dire a (Br), Smith
Pbiladelphl a.
Lirrwick, May 7-Balled, bark Chelmsford (Br). Tyrrell,
New Yore.
Lissor, May it-Arrived, bark Acer (Nor), Oram, Plilta
delpbla (beforo reported wlthont date).
Nganr, May7?Salted, bark-Garlgilano (Ital), SAvareea,
United State*.
OruiTO, April 2S?Salted, brig Gloria (Itnl), Battle,
United Statee.
I'LTMOtrrn. May 0?Off. bark* Cesperl (Nor), Syvertsen,
from Beltlmoro for Antwerp; Surprise (Nor), Olten, New
York for Stettin.
Paviixac, May fl? Sailed, bark Hatvund (Nor). Uifenaso
(from Bordeaux). Baltimore.
<dt:xRRRT0WR. May 7?Arrivod. bark* Scottish Fatry (Br),
Wilson. Astoria: Paqiierette (Fr), Groundon. Boston
Also arrived 7th, atoamers llatnvia (Br), Monland. Bos
ton for l.lvorpool: Illinolt, Kbackford, Philadelphia lor do;
Spun (Bri. Grace, New York for do; Scandinavian (Br),
Richardson, Baltimore via Halifax for do (and nil pro
Rkv At., to May 7?Arrived, ship# Mary R HI get, Lang
don. Now Orloans; Matilda, Carver, Charleston; barks
Bolivar (Ana).Gsrnllmloh, New Orlenns; Vatco de Oama
(Nor), Andrcaton, do.
Stockholm, to May 7?Arrived, hark Boylesta (Nor),
Aamenaen. New York.
ForrnAnrroR, May 7?Arrived, eteninor Oder (Gor).
Lei at. New York for Bremen (and procoeded).
Tbirstr. to May 7?Sailed, bark Giallo R (Ital), Romano,
New Yor*.
Valvrcia, April 25?Arrived, brig C C Sweeney, White,
New York.
WATRnrono, May 1?Arrived, berk O L Weyer (Ger).
titolp. Iteaalort, SC.
Helled nth, bark Kate (Br), Anderson, Philadelphia.
Yoxontua. May 4?Sailed, steamer China, Frlel (from
Ilong flong). San Francisco.
IIoi.tiirad, May 7-Wir.d N. light.
Pltmootu, May 7?Mind W, light, fine; barometer
Ak-Iph. March 20?P?m), ship Mcatcagar. Gilkey, from
Yokohama for New York.
Aartswat.t., April 23-Arrived. erhra Sen Ala*. Fits
?erald, Baltimore (and nullnl 25th for San Illaa) ; 24th,
rank Aiwimd. Mather, Son Hlna (anil sailed eanie day fur
New Tork); F J Collins, Townaend, Philadelphia.
Hannano*. April 3u? In port, brig John Swan, Rntuball,
from itm-no* Ayrea.
Rsracoa, April 27?Sailed, eehr Louisa Walsh, MeDald,
New York.
I'duiano, March 28-In pert, bark Malberoagh (Br),
Fovnea, for .hew York.
IIAtana May 8?Arrived. eteamera City of MerMa, Rey
nolds New Yora for Vera Oaa: Columbus, Heed, New York.
llAi irAX. May 8?Cleared, bark lleaporia (Br), Strom,
rren, i.lvrtneoi.
M ATAOurx, April 22? Arrfeed, brig Adelaide. Stower. New
"dfcn. Htpnkt. 0I?, April 27?Arrived, eMp Bonanaa
(Bri, We betel, Liverpool (hihI proceeded to BtMllinnr.;)
1'AkA, April 9I>?Arrived previously. acbra llenrjr Whit
ney. Shepherd. Jackaonrtlle ; Wni June*. Junes .how York.
Port Aarono, Ja, April 24?In pert. schrs fl M Clark,
Cahoon; Mlnul's Ledire, Deaaley; Alice Price. , and
Aedle K Warner. Lewis lor Pliiladelphlai Chna R Washing,
ton. Ilnlbrook. for New York.
yceaeo. May 5?Arrived, ahlpa Rdward Cardwell (Rr),
Campbell. Oreeneck; Montana Dronntng (Nor), II enrich
ten, lAeeraenlt Pocahontae (Mr). Uoag, Glasgow; Went
ntlnater (Rr>, Morrle, Liverpool; Ronnie Dundee (Itr),
Maneon. do; Cynoenre (Hr), Halle, Newcaetle; Porganhall
LHr), Johnstone. Ureenoca; Matador (Her), Downing,
"Iidun; hark Royalist tllr . Rnrne, Lelth.
off Father Point May ahlp Lake lirte (Dr), Slater,
from (Jlasgow for Montreal.
M't'tAi, May 5?Sailed, hark Nleola. Harper, Botton.
ST Dnilien Citt, April IS?Arrived, eehr Hunoeara,
Ranndera, New York, to tail May 10 or 11 on her return,
r-tTiioaus. April 20-Sailed, bri* Randolph Payeou (Br),
Jones. Duayaallla. to lead for N of llatteraa.
Sitri.avawr., NS, May il?Arrived hark Mea Creet (Br),
Boanett Llmerlek for order* (and nailed 7th for New Yorki,
St Ioiia, N U, May 4? Arrived, bark Matilda C Hmlth (Br),
Smlib, flavra.
Cleared 4th. bark Ma (Br), Uoulttooe, Londonderry:
brlt: Blanco (Mr), Pouter, Dundalk.
VicvnatA, April 28? Arrived, ihln Belvedere,Jobnaon.
Ban Praneleco; barka Starr hound (Br). Faweett. do; 29th,
Mlcnon, Soule, Hong Rone.
Sailed April 20, ahlp Rrletaon, Thatcher, San Praneleco.
(Pita Smtnan Wrowtwo 1
brunt*. April 2S?Sellea,.lamea Dale. Quebec.
Httsrsoc*, April 2tV?sailed, Waldenelan (*). Montreal:
Wretern Bella. Quebec.
i.irrni'onu April 2*.?Hailed, Alette, Mlratnlehl: 2rttb,
America. Kanscli, New York.
livens* Anril 25?Arrived. Alf. Thorbjurneen, Belli,
more ; Madre Carutll, Mortoln, do.
Helled 2Mb. Hyrluira, I'ayeon, Hhelburue, NH; Concur
rent. Mlramlchl.
LriTti, April 20?'ailed, Keen, CohJovleR. Hew York.
8tiiKi.Dk. April >5?Arrlred. Von Bchack Iley, ffvera,
ALKX tNURIA. May 0?Arrived, kteamer B 0 Knight,
Chleheatcr, New I ork.
BOSTON, May 0?Arrlred, aehm Lney Graham, Smith,
Baltimore; K M Brookings, Dnnton. IWoeln Hirer, Mil.
7th?Arrived, aleamer Achillea. Baeon, Philadelphia:
berk Jote R Lopes, McDonald, London; kchra Nil Deeper
andnm, Cobb, Vltglala; Belle Hardy. Kelley, Baltimore.
(Seared- Bark Conquest, Ho wee, Berha loa.
Sailed?Hteamer* William Lawrenee, llovti, Baltimore;
Barke. nillndetphla; barka Kmme P lldrrlraan and Acacia.
BALTiMORK, May 7-Arrived, etenmere Oetorara, Rey?
nolda, and Allcnlown. Mlllt, New .York: Johnt lloeklna,
Ilaliett, Botton: Itaalolirb, Oliver. Wilmington, NC; Tnek
ahoe, Brown Newborn; barka Nokomls <Br> Caaetdy, Inn
donderrv; Adelaide, Bailey, Hie Janeiro: Mary I llaker
(Rr). sproal, Londonderry: echr II Preacotl, Morrlmao,
Cleared?Hleamera Austrian (Br). Wylle, Liverpool; J H
Walker |Br)? Dtinecombe, Align; Allentown. Mills. Hoetoi.;
ship Oakland, lleed, Cork: barka Mphun (Br), Bacun,
Uneenatowu ; Leon rancaldo (Itai). H??4ae, Hull; Aatren,
(Ital) Saaaon. Watorfortli Algeria (of), Rnbthaag, Oalway ;
Manlton. Srbleve, Hlo Janeiro; eehre Sllvar W ing, llnb
bard, Eteutoera; Annie Mailen, Couklln; Emma B Shaw.
Springer; H W Anderson, Rikock: L A A Btbsoek, fio.ltht
Huruli Worn 1, lllckiuau. and Lulu Hnow, Boston; Iter* J
Russell, Klot-lmiui, Brooklyu; Tim Pickering, Kelly,
_ SMloit?Bark* Manltju. Glenoids, George it Doana autf
Benobla .. 7-Fut I". xelir Sandy Hook,
B ARM KOAT INLET. Mar 7r?? . windr)01II1?.
I'bormw, from New Turklor B ?,nurtor. Ryder. Bel*
BANGOR. Mar 1-*-frrtv?<?; ''r'? "awu.1., llojl,
BAMOom. Mar 4-Arrlved, brig Reporter, ..........
faet: srhr; LoOuakia. Tieworgv, and Mary Augusta. II oil,
Philadelphia; l.laale Coehrnn. Hopkins, Now York; Danloi
Wester. Wtnslow, and Geo Klllxiarn. Dodgs. South Ala
boy; Until Tnoiuaa, Kimball, New Vork; tt atcliniam, liar
low, Snut bold, LL
Cleared?Sohrs Bangor Philadelphia: Maxurka. Ilo'meat
Lyra, Maraball, aud L M Slrout. Kern aid. Now York.
nth?Arrlvrd, sehr* Laura H Junes, Slovene, South Am
buy; Grand Inland. Crunch. New York.
HATH, May 3-Arrived. schraAlbert Maaon. O K Calada,
and ll'rn G Lewis, Boat tin, to load for Baltimore; Jnlm a
Dotwller, i'owoli, Boatun, to load for Philadelphia; Lvdia
11 Koper (of NorlulkL Emiua (I Edwards, and s S Iludx-in.
4th?Arrived, brif Anna L> Torrey, ilaakell, Boston!
aolirs Lottlo K Friend. Collins. Philadelphia; Hovenua
1'lilnney. New York; N W Xegeo. Steelman, Wilmington
NG: G W ltawley. Hawley. Virginia) Ellon Morrison Arna
Portland.to load for Wilmington, Del; Kendriek FUli
Hooper. Chlokahnnilny River; ftabellaTbeapaon. Carver.
Now Y.trk for Gardiner: Plow B'>y, to load at llallowell for
Albany. N Y'; John Middloton. Jr. Townaend. to load fot
Philadelphia; A T Rowland, llohlason, Hoaion, to load foi
Pliiladelpliia; Annie K. Mnrtln. Handy, Boaton, to load foi
Newaru, NJ ; Theresa Wolf. Gliampion, l'rovldenee. to load
for Baltimore; Mlaniubt, Roberts, Boothbay. tu load for
New York.
.-ailed?Schr E M Rueliler, klallnry, < ??
fttb?Arrived, brig Kataltdln, ??. passed up to load for
Philadelphia; aclira Telumali, Bennett, Philadelphia for
Gariiioerj Mnry 11 Rtoekbam. I teed, and Ira D nturgls,
Johnson. Philadelphia; Wnoto, Baker. Boston, to load hi
Georgetown, IK); Harriot H Brooks, do, to load for Phlla.
Sailed?Kehra Saylnrk, Small. Richmond, Va: John (
Pcwllier. Powell, slid Agnes it Bacon. Haley. Philadelphia
lllli-Sailed, schra llenry Adelberi. Msady, and Alle#
Cords, Taylor, for Philadelphia; L Q C Wish art, for Ball!
CHARLESTON. May 7?Arrived, eteatner City of Atlanta
Woolbull. New Y'ork; sclir .a V \V Simmons, Campbell
nooiruit, ,
Cloared?llsrk Tetiax Propeelte (Nor), Iloll; ecbr Waltet
W l'harn. Collins, New Y'ork.
Sailed?Steamer Gen W Clyde. Crowell, New York.
GOOSAW. SC. May 3?Arrived, burk Noah (Nor), (JJorul<t
"S bG A KTOWN EMny 4-Arrived, aehr Ollre Avery. Tup
per Now Y'orlc for Lvnn.
K a \ L3 .,*1 WAHMPlN an
jr. Now Y'ork for Lynn.
Nth - Several vessels anchored below, It blowlng'.a SB gals
* PERN AN DIN A, May 2?Arrived, bark YYlnaxor (Nork
A os. London.
Cleared 2d. scbrs A O Ireland, Towntend, New York; 4th
Pnlos. Mllebell, Brunswick.
PORTRESS MONROE. Slay 7?Arrived, barka VItI
(Nor), Peterson. Liverpool, xooklng; Vacttnn (Nor), hal
ter, Aberdeen, do.
Sailed?Ship Llsr.io Fonnoll (Br). Smith (Iron Liverpool),
PALL ItlVKR. May 3?Arrived, steamer Panlta, Smith,
from Philadelphia; selir S?y, Baker, Hobuken.
GALVESTON, May 1?Sailed, eianmor Klo Grande.
Bnlger, Now Y'ork (and left Lev Went 4th).
Hth?Arrived, steamer State ot Texas, Nlckerson, New
GLOUCESTER. May 8-Arrlvcd, scbr Sarah Cnllsa
Anderson. Philadelphia.
IIYANNIS, May^ 4-Arrived, sehrs Sarah Woostar.
Wooster. Bangor for New Vork; Virginia, Burgess, 1'orL
land lor Philadelphia; B L Sherman, Crockett. RockporY
tor New Y'ork.
Nib?Arrived, schra Marshall Purrln, Packard, ltondont
for Boston ; Sarah K Jonas, I'hinney, hliiubelhport for do;
K Edwards. WJpst, Hockport for Now- Y'ork; P Buylea,Snow,
from an Eastern port.
(iili?Sailed. sclirs H L Sherman. Crocker, Roekport for
NewY'nrx:./ M Bavlos, Snow, Newbnryport for l'hiladol.
fhln: Virginia. Burgess, Portland for do; Marshall Porrln,
'ackard. llondoiit tor Boaton; Sarah E Jones. Pblnney,
Kllsabethport fordo.
I'ansed by?Scbrs Z L Adams. Nlekerxon, Ktlxabethporl
tar Boston; Jas Martin, Brown, Boston for Philadelphia; 1)
M French. Clillds. for Boston.
KEY" WEST, May * 7?Arrtvod, ehlp Western Eraplro.
Crosier. Liverpool, for orders.
NEW ORLEANS. May 3?Cloared, sehr Charles B
Ho iker, Itosetlo. Mobilo.
7lh?Arrived, bark Los Bona Flls (Fr), Vora Crux.
C eared?stoumors Knickerhorkor, Kerable. Now Yorlp
I.acoilia (Br). Bnrl, Liverpool: alilp Prussia, McLoon, do:
bark Geo W Swennoy, ilnwitt, Rouen.
I'astks, Mar 3-Arrived, steamer Amy Dora (Br), Sl?
Clair. H avana,
sailed?Schr Oeo S Marts, fbr Posc.igoiilo.
7m?Arrived, bnrk I.ivingatonc (for), Havre, 1
NBWBUKYPOltT. .May 4-Arrlved. schr Naney J Day,
Monroe, Month Ainhoy.
Nf.W BEDFORD,! May 5?Arrived, schr Palladium. Uyt
tier. New Y'ork.
Oth?Arrived, scbr P L GodfYov, Wheaton, Philadelphia.
Hnilod?Schra S C llart, Kclley. Philadelphia; Mementoi
Whit", New- Y'ork; John II iionld, Htrlck.nnd. do; Hernial
K Brown, Kackett. do; t Heaton. Phlnoo.v. do.
Psjsod out the buy. sehr John W Boll, Springer, Warehaa
for New Vork
"? A ?Arrived scbr Amos Brlggx,
NEWPORT May 4. PM-Arrlved, schr Amos Brlggi,
Dunn? Providence for
una, Providence for Havvratrnw.
.Ylli?Arrived, scbrs Laurel. M'ise, Now Y'ork; Mott Haven
Collins, New York for Calms find sallod Oth).
till,?Sailed, sehrs Emma Soulbard. Fifsnatrlek, Orotoi
Point fur Providence; J Terry, Grrlson, Kingston. NY, foi
Nnntuckrt; sloop Mary Elisabeth, Hawkins,New York foi
New Bodford.
PM?Arrived, sehrs Whistler, hoefo, Taunton for New
Vork: Ada Herbert, Allen, Prevtdeneelor oo: Thomas Pot.
ter, linndy. Warren for ao; Elm City, Kclley, Poll River for
do: lluon-iti K Brown, Sackott, New Bodford for do.
Hnilod. sehrs Circle, Varney, Greenpnrt; Eva J Lewis,
Lewis. Pall River for New York.
7tb?Sailou a M. acbr C M Newins, Rodman (from Mo
bile). Bremen.
NEW TAf N DON, May 0? Arrived, echrs William H Jotw
dan. Providence for now Y'ork ; Sarah R Thomas. Ellsa
hethport for Boston; Warren Gates, Hobnkon; Charlie
Bucki, New York for
Sailed?Pehrt W II Miller. New York; George W Bald*
win, do.
POUT OAMBLK, April 29?Arrived, bnrk Victor, Ele*
vert. Sen rrendsco.
PORT BLA1CRLY, April 20-Arrlved, berk R K Ham,
Gore. Sau Kranci.eo.
POUT TOWNSEND. April 20-Arrlved. ship Alaska
Armstrong, San Kraoeleeo* barks J-B* Bell Pnx.do;.Vaf]
Glover, Lewis, dn; Dublin, .-loan, do; Ataluntn, Galtou.
do; Oakland. Stevens, do,
PKS-AOi?LA. May 4?Arrived, ship Fredrrnslandel
(Nor), Nielsen. Cardiff; barka IV?ppot iRws), Ilurstrom,
Martlnliiuo: Nerview (Hpi. Gornclee, liavanu via Port
Eads. Miss.
Cloared? Hark lorn Lyons (Br), Stevens. Newcoetle, E.
PORT ItOY'AL, SC. May 7?Arrived, steamer Cltv of
Dallas, lllti-s. Vow Y'ork (and proceeded for Pernaodlna).
PHILADELPHIA. May ??Arrived, aclira Abbie Gorton,
Corson, Havanuah; 11 C lilvertr, Nlckoraon, Pawtuckot.
Cleared ?Brig Annie Mumble (Br), Hideout, H? John,
Nil: erhre Rachel Heatnnn, .Seaman, Boston; Jot Raymore,
iiurd-ye. do
7th?Arrived, steamer Mayflower, Darljson, Now York]
bark Lnici Aceame (Itall. Vigilant, Rotterdam; achre
Amelia K Cobb, Bakar. Port Antunla: Breexe, Opdyke,
Perth Ambnr.
Alio arrived, steamer Equator, Hinckley, Charleston;
harks Cutter to a Accsme (Ital), Martlno, Hllgn; Uulseppo
dial). Perroue, St Vincent: sehrs 11 E llailerk, Mnnlo.
Pcnaacola; J A Clark, Woodruff. Urldyeton. NJ; Karab
Fisher, Chivoral. ltsppabannock River.
Cleared - Hloamcrs Bwitaortand (Uolg), Jackson, Ant.
werp; .inthracito, Griimiey, New York; Panther, Miller,
Nowhnrrport (aixl sailed) ; barks Msory (Nor). Wllg.
Gonoa; I.-iigia iloeca (Ital), Ollvari, Cork or Palmonih;
India (Nor), Meldell, Burnt Island (Scotland); Arietta,
Nichols. Gloucostor; brig ileergla (Br), llemenn, Liver
pool, NH: acbrs John II Converse. Colfln, Mataniaa;
Kirhard W Penhsm. Chase. Abaco; E R Emerson. Hears,
Hath ; John D Williams, Price; Aldlne. Denniaon ; B 8 Leo,
Lee; Annie E llabcnck. Lee, and Veto, Htockley, Boston.
lucWKS. Ilol. Mnv 7?Arrived, ship J C Robertson (Br),
Merrill. London ; barks Christina and Rcgina, from ??|
scbr J as II Gordon, Champion. Cardenat.
Passed np-Bark llattle Goody (Br), Croabr, Irom Bel
Hailed -Tn -s Hraall and Jono, for Para.
PORTLAND, May 0?Arrived, echrt Mary Weaver, Phil a.
delphia; Wm Rice. New York.
Cleared?Hchrs 0 I Willard, PblUdolphla; Pawn, Naw
Y'nrx; J W Fish, Walts, Virginia via Tennant'a Harbor.
Alsoeleared, steamer Che-apeake, Manienm. New York.
Captain Weeks (not Leel commands schr W E Lee,
whlen cleared for Cardenas.
7lh?Arrived bark Tnnjore, from Cork.
PO'lTaMOUTH. Msy .Y?Arrived, steamer Williams,
pori, (Villous, Philadelphia; achrs J W Mine, Chatfleld,
llvltlmnre lor Dover; Lainartlno, Barber, and Itnaioer,
MeFaddrn, Port Johnson ; H A Hoffman, Paxhloy. l'bliadel
pliia; sloop Una, Nnbd, Boston,
nth?Hailed, sehrs .satellite, Adderton. and Agrlcola,
Brookings, Boston.
PBiiVl.M'BTUWN, May 5?Arrived, sehr Boa Bird, Oott,
New York.
PROVIDENCE, May 0? Arrived, steamera MeCtellan,
Taylor. Baltimore vln Norfolk; Tooawanda, hborman,
Hcloir?llolnw Plold'e Point plantlnt oyatera, aebr Mary
Parker, Petty. from Virginia.
Sailed -Schra Charloa Dannie, Crane. Norfolk; Younir
Toeiet. Facomiro, Philadelphia: Wm II llopklna, llneb,
do: Wm Whitehead. Tltne, Cedar Rill, NY; 8 M Tyler,
Mart: llestlesa. Hnrnbani; Sarah .f Onrnoy, Corner; John
Htockham. Mart; Kra litvortr. Candy; Kllia Pbaro, Wat
eon; Loon, Wakelee; Hertba. Onnovor: Onrnat. tcwls;
Allna, Confine, and Jcasie Crowley, Crowley. Now York.
PaWTIJOKET, May 5?Arrived, aehr Miiekeo. Cuiloo,
Mtllvlllr. NJ.
Sailed? achre J U Fell, Bhropanlre, Now York; A H Haw.
ycr, Cook. do. ?
RICHMOND. Mar 0? Arrteed, steamer Old Dominion.
Walker, New fork ; ?ehra S W liunnell, Bunnell, l'lilladel
plila; l.onette, l.ooney. Charleston.
Sailed?Setir tilenwpnd. Ilaliett. Albany.
KAN PRANCIKOU, May 7-Clcared. sbfp Edith, Mnttaon,
Now York.
SAVANNAH, May 7?Arrived, ateainer* Clly of Macon,
Niekeraon, New York; .Ionlata. Catharine. Philadelphia.
Cleared -Ship Neptune (Her), Merer. Now York.
Sailed?Steamer Herman Livingston, DaRyott. Now
York; arhr Adelaide (Mr;, Kelly, Nassau.
ST 1IRLKNA SOUND. -C, April 30-Arrlved. brls Mag.
Rio (Br), Miteh, Dakar (Afrlra).
Cleared 20th, bark llanarola (Br). Prlneo, United King
SOMKRSBT, May 4-Artired, aehr Atnoa Falkanbnrg,
Early, Philadelphia.
(lth?Sailed, aohra .fnlla Ann, Mott, and OeorRa T Me
Dowell llaysarty. New York.
RTOSINOTON. May <1-Sailed, arhr A O Lnwaon, Mehr.
bof (from Weaterly). .tlott Haven, NY.
V1NKYARD II a VRN, May H?Arrlr?d, aehrn Lucy flam
mono. Hohltiaon. Mnchiaa lor Now York: VlrRlnla. Arm
?tmny. S? John for Maiemae (with Inea ot anebnr on Nttn
turket Rhoaia).
Paaaed by?Hclir Knto Miller, Sentl. Mobile for Ronton.
Balled? Stonmor Weyboaaot; aohra William Thomas.
James S Waienn. William It Hartlett, American Knyle,
Copla. Tarry Not. I'.llen Perklna. Howard Holder (fir).
Kati'ile llenmer, Fannie W Jonneton, Char ye, Llsaie J
Clark, William flee, Cottle Byrnes, Now tteRulna,
Anna it Price, Lacijnla, S J Unsay, K
Watermen. Macula P Smith, Anna K safford,
Arvtlo. Viola. Rlla llodedoa. Teanor, Red Rover.
Jane I, Nowtnn. Charlee B Koyers, M M Morrlmaa, Nod
Hninptor, Samnol Hart, Pereev, A J Williams. Plve
Rrothora. W II Whlttaknr, Sea Foam, Emma ttreen, J II
Maonlny, Caroline, Nellie sJcrreU.L M Cowpertliwalte,
Terrapin, Viola, May, Mnnafteld. loir I a M Jenkioa. II I 1
Kueaoll. Mayyln CttmtulnRS. CanrRlaha, D M French, Light
of the limn. Johnnie Meaeorre. 1 W Allan, J W llall, Jr.
Twenty one Krlenda. Mary llrnwer, Campbnll, 1) Sawyer,
David Fatiet. N II eklnner. Cnarles K Morrison. 1 T Tanker,
Samuel Caatue. Jr. Kate K UttTord. Ida L Howard. TA
Stewart, Nelllo Clark, Tlllla Vanderhoreben, /. L Adamt,
and Sarah Carina.
WILMINOToN, NC. May 7?Arrived, barka Rector
Steen (Nor). Alvobery, Lisbon; Kuorjri (Nor), Alien, St
WaKRH t M, May 4?Arrlred, aehr Eclipse, Dixon, Tmy.
W A It l,KN, May tl-Hailed, aehm Marrll Mifflin, Ferris,
Hehoken; Thomae Potter, Handy, New York.
WESTERLY, May 4?Arrived, aehr Ilaae, Rlebop, Port
Johneon. _ _ .
Oth Sailed, eehr Amelia AiiRtitta, Mott. New York.
fTfik saI.k?sUfCP TacTit akiadnKT'n Y.Y.crj
(?7nlM; fnrulahod complete and ready for Immadiate nee.
Apply, In person, to T. A. STMANtlK, 4'J llreeno at.. Near
Arnarylile; ?ho will sell *> ratios an hour. Inqnlre ol
JOHN MUNN. Yeeht Builder, foot Court at., Brooklyn,
wbera bunt can be aeon and tried.
F. II UOfl KB. earner of Tarantella.
Olont; rarrlee 4t); etanee. taet and a yood eaaloat; ma
chinery entirely new last acaeon. Addreae K. HDWaRdis,
lint .)? Post office, lloefnn, .Meee.
. M|Rt;KLLA%K(H S.
Trnrwirrgs r.iti u??ATirAiorrbgirtrK tub
teeth, nee BROWN'S Camphorated Baponaclona Denti
frice. 20 a.

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