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OpeniDg of the Debate on the New
Tariff Bill.
Speech of General Banks in Reply
to Mr. Wood.
Myra Clark Gaines Moves on
St. Louis.
Wasiiixuto.y, May 7, 1878.
Mr. Wood's success in getting tho Tariff bill taken
tip to-day caused a flatter ot oxc'tetneut among tho op
ponents of tho ineusure, who are not only vory nerv
ous about it but very iutofcrart. The vote w..s close
UK) to 108?and every effort will bo made to take Mr.
Wood off the floor. This, however, is not an
easy tiling to do under the rules of the
House. TUo Appropriation bills are so (or
abend tbnl the Appropriation Committee, which alono
could put the Tariff bill aside, w<!l not he anxious to
do bo immediately. Thorn Is tlioroforo a good chance
for a tariff debate. Genera! Hanks opened tho ball to
day in a virulent speerh against tho hill and lu reply
to Mr. Wood. Wlion ho closed the republicans gen
erally gathered about him to offer thotr congratula
tions. Tho dobato will go on to-morruw.
Washington, May 7, 1878.
morrxtTT in st. loujs.
Mre. Myra Clark Gaines, after years of legal warfare
for the possession of va'uuble.portlons of the cities ol
Now Orleans and Baltimore, has begun suit lor
tno recovery ol some very valuablo parts of tho
city of St. Louts. Mrs. Gaines claims that
ber father, Daniel Clark, was tho rtghtlul pop.
eossor of lands in tho heart of tho city
of St. Bonis, embracing, among oilier Important
points, tho site ot tho Southern Hotel and property
in that locality, tho value of which Is estimated at
many millions of dollars. It is claimed that tho rec
ords will show an indisputable original titlo
vested In Daniel Clark, but which, iiko tbo
titles to property Jn New Orleans, liavo for
years boon in litigation. The history of tho
euccofsIvo lawsuits which Mrs. Calno3 has
bud to establish hor ownership to the Now Or
leans property as the ouly heir ol Daniel Clark, her
lather, Is woll known, and she says that equally
strong is her right, us his daughter, to tho possessiou
ot the ground now claimed iu St. Louis, Hrr
chain of titlo is very macn tho same as
those to tno Now Orleans proporly, which
have been lncontcstnbly established afier so many
years of IDigalloo. Mrs. Guiuos bus placed this case
In the hands oi Mr. Uobert Hutcneson, of Now Or
leans, and Judge it. Ji. Warden, of Washington. Tho
examination whir.h these gentlemen bavo thus lar
ni do does not warrant a positive expres
sion of oplniou as to tho validity of tbo
clulm, owing to tho possible cxislonco of
statutes which may deprtvo hor o! what, lu thotr
opinion, ib cquiiably her duo. Tho only question Is
whether tno laws of Missouri muy not bar tho
claim bv limititiou, uud uvon here it is said that
the contestant is determined to test tbo cou*tl
tuitoii'ality ot til legislation v%ilch may havo
been enacted to dispossess hor of the titlo to lands
which sho cl alms U without a flaw, Tlio euro bids
fair to arsuuio tho proportions of tho New
Orleans litigation, and will at loast require a
caroluI research uinoug tho old records ot ?>l Louis
to show that ber claim Id not Juetiy founded.
Chlcl Justice C truer, or the Supreme Court of tho
District of Columbia, rendered a decision to-day re
leasing from urrest, under a requisition from tho
Governor of Texas, tho detective, C. S. Dell, who
played so Important a part in the whiskey frauds trial,
and was a witness before a Cougrossioual committee,
when no gave evidence against General Usbcock
then privato secretary ol 1're.ldent Grant. It will ho
rent' mbored that Boll lestifled that ho was detailed
by Grant to look Into thocaso as made out by the Dis
trict Attorney ol St. Louis and report its strength lo
bint privately, and that no was prevented Irom re
porting to Gran! by Bnheock. Ben was arrested hero
last week by a man named Cunningham, who claimed
to bo an agoot of the Stato ol Texas. A hearing uroso
on ibo requisition, Dell's counsel routomHng that
It was detective, inasmuch as It contained only
ibo initials ol Itoll'* name and asserting, furthermore,
that Hell le..red to go lo Texas w.th Cunningham be
came bo had said thai be inieudvd to kill him us soou
?d lie reached Hint 3iai?. Tho requisition charged
Dell hud committed lu all nine murders. Hell ad
milled that ho had killed (be men, or at least given
orders to his deputies, he being alter the war a sheriff
lu TcXuS, uud thui they were desperadoes who
uonld net be captured alive, and that no ono
blamed him at tho time, lie also alleged
that be had arrested Cunningham while the latter
was holding a position as Auditor ol Mississippi, nod
that be h .d him sentenced to Alteon years in tbo
pooiientlary, irora which place, alter ue had aerve.l
a short time, he was released on a technicality while
wailing for a new trial. It was a curtained this alter
noon that Cunningham left the city on Friday
night last and that he Is not In New Orleans. Tho
reason given lor nis sudden departure is nis lo.tr of
arrest oil a requisition irem M isaissinpi. Dell was re
leased immediately, and It is van! now goes on a mint
for i unulngham. Doth ol ib^men huvu frequently
held POMIIMM a* dole* lives under the government lit
tho Post oibce and Trei?ory departments.
WAn>iMTa% May 7, 187R,
Mr. CocxnRi.t., (dem.) ol Mo., demanded tlio second
reading ol tlio Ilotiko hill to forbid tba further retire
ment ol United rtlete legal tender note*, which was
read a first Mmo yesterday.
Mr. Kdmispr, <rci?.> ol V|., objected, and callod for
tbu regular ornar.
The Pr.xainxsT pro fin. smd the mnttr.n to hire tho
bill rani u second tinm would be 10 order when tua
order lor resolution* about I be reached.
Mr. Hoar, (rep.) ol presented the petition ol
tho Mayor, Ald< rioeu and City Council ol Huston,
fnrnriiig the passage ot a bill firing a national reeoy
miion of tho valuable serrlcgs rendered hy Ron ?rnl
gau^ui .Rhieid*. Jlclerrod to the Committee on Mili
tary Aflairs
Mr. Duknit, (rep.) ol Ark., from the Committee on
I'ort Ofllce* and Post lloade, reported with umend
roenla the l'oat OWce Appropriation hill. Piecod on
the calendar.
lie also reported trom the anme committee the
imtnduirnt aubuiittel by Mr. Ma.xcy, ol Texas, Irorn
Ibo Coin rail tee on Post OlDoca mid Poet Koidn, ID ro
Iniioo to tlio subildy lor toe ilrnr. linn mall a team ah id
tcrviee, and said be reported u hack that tho Commit
1 ho on Post IJIIlcoa and Post J toads might .morn ft it us
an ameiidmonl to tne Post Office Appropriation hill
when that MM should ho considered by the 80 mi to.
Tne Com in it tee on Appropriation* had not formally ,
a a* to tho irnendracni.
expressed any opinion
Mr. KoRi'Uht, of Vermont, rcecrved all poinia of
order upon that amendment.
Mr. Mows, (rep.) ol Wia., from tho Com mil toe on
Foreign Ail or , retorted ** 1 sehsiitote lor the
eenute joint recolutioii in regard 10 iihin-se Immhtrs
nen a roneiirreut reaoletion on that aahjeot, and it
Wuh placed on (he calendar,
1 he substitute d< cl <res that the provision* ol Ilia ex
isting treaty boiwevu the Jsinpiro ol Cbiuu nuu ibo
United States allowing unrestricted immigration from
China to the United States might wisely u<> inoJiiiod,
and calls the attention of tlie Executive to'ltie subject.
'I'lta cull lor resolutions having been reached. Mr.
CoCKKhLL, 01 Missouri, culled up mo Uouso bid
to forbid the further retirement ol United St ilus legal
Louder notes, which wit road lor the tirst lime yester
day, tbut it might bo road a second tnuo to-day.
Mr. Mobhisl, of Vermont, moved tbut it bo referred
to the Cotumittoe ou Finance.
Mr. Coi'kKSLL auid he hoped not and dcutuuded the
yeas and utys upon the motion.
The bill was then road at length, wnou Mr. Coxk
lixii uiade the point ot order that it conld not receive
u second raiding to-day unless by a volu ol thu Senate,
as ho understood tlio hill had just boon road lor in
Mr. Coikukll then moved to tiko the bill up that it
might bo read a second lime. Agrocd to?yeas do,
nays ?'ft, uk follow*:?
Yeas?Moms, Bailer, Heck, Hootb, Bulior, Cornered,
Coke. Davi* ol III., Ilavis of W. Vs . lforsey, hus.is liar
laud, Gordon, Harris, lierolord, 11111, lagall*. .foliustoil,
Jones, ol Kls., l,amar. Mct'reery. McDonald. Maxey. Mer
?intuit, .Morusu. Ogleaoy, I'lumu, Kansom, saituders, Spau.
cor, Tliurinuu, Voorhaes. Wallace, Withers?3d.
X avs -Messrs. Allison, Anthony, Bayard, Cameron
of It Isconsin, Cvukllug. llaw. s. Eaton. Edmunds. f orty.
Hour. Ilotva. Kuril an, Klrkaood, McMillan, Matthews,
.Muenull. Morrill, Paddock. lianjolph. Kollius. oargeut,
Snu'sbnry. Wodlulg'i, White, Windorn?25.
The question being, shall tbq bill be rend a second
time, too yeas and aovs wore again ordcrod and it
was read? yeat 34, m?W till.
Mr. MoHitiLb. ol Vermont, then moved to refer tbo
bill l* thetoiamitluwou Ftuauee, aad said be cttaid
not sea why objection was raudo to ltd reioreuco, as
the Finance Committed had never attempted to
HiuoU)cr any bill.
run PBXsiov hill.
Fending riisetiFsioti the morii'ng hoar expired and
the Sonaio resumed the consideration ol the unfinished
business, being the l'cnslon Appropriation bill.
.Mr. Sarqknt, (rep.) of Cul., in eharge of that bill,
said he ww iu error yosiorday in staling that 22,226
names had boon added to the pension rolls this year.
Tliat was the uuiiioor estimated to be atldcd during
the wliolo year, uud 10,491 had been added up to this
The pending quostloo being on inserting as a substi
tute lor tho second section ol tQe bill the uioenilmunl
u lopied yesterday, providing tbat on tho 1st day ol
January, 1S79, tho term ol ollice of ull pension agents
shall expire, and tliereulicr honorably discharged,
wounded or disabled soldiers, or the wluows or
daughters ol such soldiers, shall bo appointed to said
Tlio Senate, by a vote ot yeas 10, nays 38, relu=ed
to insert the amendment as a snbiiltuto lor the sec
ond section of the hill.
Mr. Enxoxna moved to strike out tho second sec
tion ol the bill, which asagrood upon roads:?
From and after tlio p i--an) ot this act lu euro ol vacancy
from any cause ill" oflico ol pension iig.mt shall bo lllletl by
wounded or disabled I'lilou soldiers, or ibo widows or
duugnlcrs of Union soldiers.
lu support of bis motion Mr. Edmunds said tho
true policy wns to leave theso appointments with tho
Presidont and ms constitutional advisers.
rno motion of Mr. Edmund* to strike out tbo soc
ond sectlou of the bill was rujectod?yeas 29, nays 30?
as lollows.?
Yus?Messrs. Balloy, Bayard, Back, Bonth, Coko,
Gun ivor, Eaton, i'.daiuuds. Eustis, Garland, Grnvor,
llurris. Here ord. Hill, John-ton, Jones ol Florida,
Kellogg, Lamar. McCroory. .McDonald. .Mstthows, Maxcy,
Merrlmou. Morgan, llninloipb, lliinoin,hnttisbury, Wliyte.
Nays?Messrs. Allison, Anthony, Blnlno. Ilnrnsl.le. Hut- ]
ler, t.mnoron ol Wisconsin, t'ockroll, Conkling, Davis of
Illinois. Davis ol Must Virginia, Dawns, Dorsoy, Forrv,
Hour, Jngalls. Kermiii, Klrkwuod, Mc.illllan, .Mitchell,
Morrill, oglusby. I'iunib, flollins, SarKunt, Suuuiicrs,
Sgciuer. Teller, Voorbees, Wndloigb, Wlndotn-3t>.
Tbo bill was then reported to the Senate, tho
amendments made id the CommtUco of tho Whole
weru concurred in, and it was rend a third timo uud
Mr. Allison, (rep.) of lowu, called up the Indian
Appropriation bill, and la explanation thoreo! said tbo
Coiiiiiuuoo on Appropriations hud made very lew
amendments to the bill as it came from tho House.
The amoudmeuls were unimportant. Ho mown that
thelivu minute ralo bo applied to tbo dtsctiasiou of
amendments. Agreed to
A large number of arnondiuonts reported by tho
Committee on Appropriations, increasing tho appro
priation tor somo agoucics a few hundred dollar* uud
decreasing it a lew hundred dolla-a in other oases,
were agreed to: uiso au umcudmoot authorizing the
Commissioner ol Indian Allulrs to employ two spe
ciul indiun agents ul largo at a compensation not
exceeding $2,001) each per annum.
Mr. Maxcy, (horn.) or Texas, moved to amend the
ilousn bill so as lu provide lor the romovul ol tlio
Ness Perec* Indians of Joscpn's bund now held as
prisoners ol war at Fort Leuvenwurib, Kansas, to
idubo Territory, in-lead of to tho ludiau i'orrilory,
a* the House proposed.
Messrs. Max i t, J mi a i ls, Dokskt and others opposod
the removal ul those iuuiun* to tne ludiau Territory,
upon toe ground that wild auJ. uncivilized ludiau*
should not bo placed therein wtiere peaccabio tribes
now lived.
Mr. 1 xtMLLS, (rop.) of Kan., argued that tbo jjov
ori mem hau no territory in the Indian country which
It cnuld use as n reservation lor there Indian*, it
hud no right to send them tbero wllUouifho consont
ol other Indians in tho territory.
A lengthy discussion ensued as to wbetbor tho
Indians preferred to go to the Indian territory or
back to Ida no, what tho Interior Department desired
Hi regard to limit), AC.
Ponding this c i sens' Ion tho Senate, on motion of
Mr. Saroknt, went into executive ecsalon, and when
tne doors wuro reopouod, at twenty minutes past Uvu
P. M., adjourned.
Wasiiixgtox, May 1, 1878.
Im.modl.-upI.v odor ilia roading ol Uio Journal tlio
IluubO (Mr. Sampson, of Iowa, iu tbo chair), resumed
Hie consideration of I lie District ol Columbia '.Jovoru
mcnt bill, which, alter debito and amendment, was
passed In the following form:?
The bill provides lor u government ol tbe District
by three commissioners (ooo an engineer officer,
above the rani: ol captain, to be detailed by tbo Presi
dent lor three yours, utiles tbo detail bo sooner ro
voKO't; one to bo elected by tbo Senate, anil
t lie- ibi^| to be elected tlio House) Tbo
llrst is 10 receive no lurtbcr compensation
than bis regular pay. The other two are to rceoivo
lO.uOi) pur milium. Tboro iu la bo a council couauting
ol twenty.four meiubers, to be elected by tbo male in.
bubllantK ol me District. Members ol tbo i ouncil aro
uot to receive cuipottsatlon, but their secretary uiay
be t>aid f1,000 a year. The Couucil Is to uicot when
ever notified that tho Cemmuslonors have business
to submit to it, anu may tnvo-itjaio tbe accounts and
miiot oi any o Beer al the Uinntt, end abaii report
lb result tbcreol to mo Commls louurs. Contrucis
must bo approved by the Council and muai receive
too unanimous run .cut ol tliu C immisalonem. The
Council Is also to | ate upon eittinatna of nubile cx
peP'iltnre. The control oi all work exocuied Is to
bo vested in Ibo Engineer Commissioner.
Two subordinate officers ol the Eugtneer Corps may
alto be detailed by the President hs assistants.
Con truss is 10 appropriate tltiy per cent ol tbo ap
proved expenditures, and the other filly percent is .o
heiollecird Irom lalallon, the rit<<< not to uxoee i 11 'iU
on every lieu of rein anu per a >nai properly.
l ee interest ou ilio 3.06 bon is is to uo paid by the <
Secretary ol the Treasury (the amount to Oe deducted j
from the hall ol ihe expenditures lo whi ch ilio gov- |
eminent Is bound), litu this is not to lie construed
lino an acknowledgment ol liubllty for tbo prliini>ai. I
The 3|nltlli( Fund Commissioners nio ubotrUoti, gu Is ,
tbe Board oi lie .hit, whoso duties are to no porioruied j
by it nhyatciuii as health oilier, and by I
sanitary in.-pcciurs under lilni. The salary ol Ihe
health otlicer i? to bo tintl of tbe aaailury in
spectora is not to exceed $1.-00, and tbo aggregate
compensation ol clertta and uiier .isslstants Is not to
exceed $7,000. Tne Boards ol Metropolitan l'ollco, of
> irComunssloncrs ami ol ,-icbool Ti usices aro also
abolished and tueir powera are lrausierrod to tne
throe Coramlsaionors. But mere aro to tic appointed
nineteen traatees ol pubhc schools, of whom UVo nt
least shall be ol the colored rncj.
tiik TAhirr III Lb.
Mr. Hood, (dem.)oi N. V., thon moved (st ten mln
ulce p a?l two) to go Into Commit loo of the Whole ori
the 1 artII mil.
tin n standing vole the Shkvkkk an lion need the re
sult In he 7U to fill. Then a vole by tollers resulted
V4 lo 07, and finally on n vote by yeas and
nays ilio motion was agreed to?yeas 100,
nays Ion. Tbero was a gooj deal ol rxcuo
tne tit over the vote, and when the roil was finished
there was a small majority against the motion, hut
absent democrats were huuiod up and brought iu to
vole, and at lean four of them (Messrs. Bengali of
Texas, Houuk ol VVmron-ln, Fallerson of Colorado,
and Caldwell ol Tenuersee) woro luduccd to change
from no to ?ye. In Hits manner a bare majority way
obtained lor I lie motion.
The following Is the vote In detail:?
Vaaa M-a-rs Mken, Atkins, Ranulii*. Herbs, Bell, Pen
edict, Mia kbern, Bland, Mutant, llaoae, hues. Bright,
Broaden, ttaeaaer. Hnrchari, Cao-ll, Caldwell of feu
nes.ee, i.aoiweil ? Kemiieay. Candler, t'nnnnu, Chalmers,
Clarke ol Kentucky i l?rk ol lis unit, Cobb, < ook,
Defect. t ex at Okie, Cos e. .*>, ? fwt,nm as, Crittea*
d' n, Calhertvti, ll uli o' >s>rtli (! trollns, Dlbrrll, .rurlinm,
I. I..n, Plant, P.vans nf Milk t'aroltna, I'eltoh, Ftii.ey,
Porney, Fin, franklin. Falter, ilarth. tlanse. i.ih on. tied,
din**, '.I iver. Hamilton Harris ? ileorght, Harris ol Vir
? oils Harrison. Hariri !;:<?. Harissil, aichei, ilsnckler,
Il-nry. Howlit ofSew lorn, Hewitt oi Alabama, llerherl.
Homer, i!union. Kelley, Kern i. Klminoll, Knap, KimiiI,
l<an ier, I.lguu, I.lndc, Manning. Martin, Mayhem. driven
rt \ deWalion, Moflsmi. iiuhirow. duller, I'altersen el
California, Itea. Kea~an lllddle, Bobbins nf North cum
Ilna. Kot.eri ? i ol IjAiiislana, eaylef, r> n rlnton, Klenvns,
dm alia, smith ol Iteorgla, Noiithar I. sharks ,?|irin??r,
lilrael, rtiraekmnftnn, tonnsi-nd of Ihluola, Ttteker, Tur
ner Vance, W adds 11, Warner, Wliltthorne, Wlireltilon,
William*.>( Michigan, William* ?l Delaware. Williams of
Alatiiimn, Wll'ls of Knntu kj, Willta of .sew Vofk. Wood
and y ales ?ItRt.
N ?Ti?sMrtcti, llaeoii, llaker of Indiana, flay n?, Hick
nrll. Hlalc. fluvd. Hrcntano, Hrower. Mrhluea, Brings,
llrowne. Handy, HnrrOck, Butler, Calkins. Camp, Camp
h?l C v.woll, <1(0111, i I irko ol Me.r Jersey, < la an of
Iowa, Cola, Oollln-, Uoticsr, C np >, <'nmm< u*s. Cifttlof,
liarls nl i alllorola, Deer ar, llunnell, Iiwlvlil,
l-.sm?s, Krrett, f.rans <<f Pennsylvania, Kvans
nt liollnna. Freeman, Fry, (.ardlwr. Ilnr-lentier*,
llarmr, Harris nl M tsa ichnsnis, Haskell, Henden,
Ihnicrson, lilecorl,, llanter, lltinserioril, litter,
?loons or Ohio, Jof -cusen, Juyee, Kclchtier, KlllliHrer,
l,?l>haiu. I.sthrot., l.ind-i'j. >1 nsli. Marsh. Mo owsa. Mr
Klnloy, Meteall, Mitchell, rlnnroe, Mtirse, Neal, Norcrose,
Oliver, O'.Nettl. Uvert'in, Fate, Patterson ot New Vofk,
Hedrlle, MMdolph, IVellly, Kice of Ma.sarhnaetya, Kohartr.
ol Maryland, Mew,, K?binaon ,.f Maaaaehoselta a ran.
e iinn'on. Maim, enat <n, >chAlleiiherger, dlnrilck.-nti. dion
aer fitewsri, stone, dtrall, SwiMi, Thumps n, Thorn bur*.
Tipton. Tewueheud.of Ohio. Towttseuil of .New York Tur
ner, Van Vrifhea. W ill, Walsh. \V <r?t, Walton, Welch,
Wince ol I'eattsylvaalu, White of Indiana, W tllianis nt VI Is.
oonsiii. VVllilams ol Ore n. Hr-ii, Wrluht?InM.
AS ronn na the rakiitl o llm vole wna aiitinunced, a
motion to adjourn was nta ie by Mr. Covosn oi Micht
gmi, slid was Uelealed?yens, 3fi; liaya, IJfi,
iLb llbutio lbun, at twenty luiuutus past tbrooi*. $1.,
wool into Committee o! (he Whole, Mr. Kayier, of
unto lu tho chair, <>u iho Tarilf bill.
si-kkch or vu. banks.
Mr. Banks, (rep.) of Mass., took me floor and said
ttiHt II the bin would supply e sufficient revenue aud
would give to tbi' people the security which was ne
cessary, ho would ho willing to vote lor It. prariiM tt
wore a proper time to consider It. But every
one most conipreboud that the country was not la a
condition to consider lor e maple moment any meas
ure which would disarrange, disturb and, in eoiue in -
si nr. cos, destroy the industries at toe country. Mo
reviewed the linanclnl history 01 iho last low
years, and declared that tor the rousons tharein
developed be bad opposed this bill Irom
tbo breinning aud would under no oircumetanocs
vole for It. As 10 Mr. Wood's proposition
to dispense temporarily with the sinklug fund, be was
opposed to II. He bud bccti opposod to lhe immediato
payment ol the public dobt, um! had been In lavor of
lo tvuig It to tbe luture; but sttil the sinking lund had
been established by law, It was a contract, nod there
fore ho rejected the advico 01 the Chun man
ol the - Cominiueo of Ways and Means. As
to that geutlonian'i proposition uhout Iho
income tax, be was ai.-<> opposed to that
as inconsistent with the spirit ui American lu
itituiious and at variance with tho spirit and
letter ol tbe oouBtituiion. The Income tax was
a woipou ol espionago lu Iho hands of
a government. He said he had never gono for
the extrcmi-st doctrine of proicoiion, nor wcro his
oousiiiuoais insisting on tbe highest guiles. Oh ttie
ooutrary, ho stated that the silk uad woollen manu
facturers had themselves come lorwara ami proposed
reduntwea of a a* to*. But it wm not s* with tue in
dtistriea ?f the South, wnich ueld what tney could get
and pot what thu.v could. The duty on rice amounted
lo 1U8J4, ami the duty on sugar was high enough
to exclude the foreign production. II ihe cottou
manufacturers of New England many years ago had
roccivod the protection which they should have hid
front the government the cotton trace of tho United
Stales would tiavu governed all the markets ol tho
world. But they bad never received tho lavor to
which they were entitled on account of that which
they had achieved, not for themselves, hut tor tlio
cotton growing Slates that had grown powerful and
insolent and angry on tho prosperity which iho
New England manufacturers had creaiod. Ji those
manufacturers should be destroyed, us they might bo
by hostile log Dilution, that cotton .section ol tin- coun
try would go hack to iho point from which it started
They might ho dostroyod, but they never wont down
alone. They always took somebody with Ihem, and
that ''somcoody" was the power that had grown pros
perous by collon, which had boon at onca the source
and bane ol its blatory. The Heprisentutives of the
South might destroy iho cotton manufactures 01 tho
country, out if they did thev wouid destroy their own
power"ns well, lie uskod gouilemeu lo give their
serious consideration lo tins Tarilf hill which was
being forced upon the country at u time like tills,
when no mau know wli-.it the luture was to bo and
whether property In uny possiblo lorra?even gold
Hsell?was.to ho of any considerable or permanent
Passing on to iho consideration of tho wool ques
tion, ho asked what member lrom Texas or California
would assassinate tho wool interest of his Elate by
voting for this hill. Ho compared tho protection
givon by this hill to me woollen interest to the idiocy
of an engineer who assumed that by making mo
dykes and lov.-es or Holland and Mississippi equal to
the height of the sea and river we thus protected iho
property of the people. It Was no protection at all.
Tho dykes and levees must be mudo higher than tho
sea and the river, or tho country would bo overflowed.
DiviPKxna of woollkx mills.
Mr. Wood called attention to tho dividends paid by
tbe Massachusetts woollen mills, as shown by Mr.
Spollord's almanac, and he quoted the dividends lu
his owu (Mr. Hanks') district as uemg in 1370 15 per
cent, in 1871 17 per cent, In 1872 18 per cent, in 1878 0
pur ceut, in 187*114 por cent, in 1878 9 por cent and in
1876 lu per cent
Mr. Banks repilod that he also had in his hand a
copy ol the same ouok which showed the dividends of
New England manufacturing companies from 1870 to
1S76 The dividends in 1870 wore large, growing out
ol the foroluouzlit and intellect of tho manufacturers,
who had laid in largo supplies of cotton at the breaking
out oi the uio unpleasantness. But the dividends lor
1S76 (which wero thoso which should no taken
into consideration), averaged only 5 13 100 per
cunt on an aggregate capital of $82,000,000,
and there wcro thirty three of tho companies thai,
had paid no d'vtdcuds at all. How was that lor nigh ?
(Laughter.) Ho characterized tho proposition of tho
bill on woollen goods (? nd which Mr. Wood had
spoken ol as gentle reduction) us the assassination ol
the incsl important national Industry. But tho
fact was ihat tho Committee on Ways and Means did
not kuotv what it was doing on the woollen sections
of the bill. Aud that reminded b*in ol a war anec
dote, with which he flnisliod his speech. It wus
that ol acbaplatn who had volunteered to disirluuto
tbe soldiers' malls, but who found thai In cousequenco
of bad roads, interruption ol tho mails, the presoncu
of tbeoncmy, Ac., it was a bigger Job tbsu ho had any
notion of. And when one morning the soldiers came
to Iniii, one alter tbe other, wllh tho Inquiry,.''-Mr.
Chaplain, when will the mail arrivo?'* no got tired ol
uiiMvcrltig iho question, took a oourd. nailed It on a
Iroc aud wlib a piece ol chalk wrilto on It, "The Chap
lulu * noes not kuow whon tbo mail
will arrive," and a little follow crept bemud
htm audanded tho words, "Neither does he euro a
damn." (Laughter.) And Bo, said Mr. Bunks, the
committee did not know what harm It was doing to
the Industries of the country, neither did it care .
1 will llnlsh my speech tome other time, (Loud
Mr. Banks spoko lor nearly two hours, and bis
speech attracted much attention and was occasionally
applauded At its conclusion the committee rose.
Mr. Mnulbton, (inm.) of Miss., made a cottforonao
report on tuo bill lo rcgulalo tho advertising ol mull
letting. Agreed to.
Mr. Buti.bh, (rem) of Mass., introduced a bill to
provide for a tariff commission. Uolerred.
Tbe House, at twenty-live ralnutus past Ave, ad
Wasihxuton, May 7, 1878.
It is erpoctod that thoro will bo a vacant Urlgadler
Generalship next fall or wibtcr In the regular army
and mat General Miles will l>e promoted to Oil It, in
tho same connection titers is said to be a
strong movotuout en foot to create a new military
department, comprising Montana Territory, to bo
known as the Department ol tbo Yellowstone, with
General Miles as its commander. It is thought that
General Sherman is Inclined to favor this arrange
fejk or i.miian mount.*
Tho (car of troubio Willi tbo Indians has not boen
dissipated as yet, oh may bo aoun Irom tho following
extract of a loiter from ?n ulQccr at fort Koogh, dated
April 6:?
It Is the opinion ol all frotulersmon bore tlist this
summer the Sloox will tuako their uc?|K>r?(.a struirglo,
hoping thereby id get better t'-rin* w hilo they have
arnN in tneir hand and nro rapnbn <i| doiPg misc'ite'.
Tnev may be right, hoi give "Paddy" tfilet tho
mon, and don't nind lnm hand and lout with
red tape. K?ep the rod mpo us lar from
him us the scene nt warfare will he iruni
department headquarter* at St. Paul, and ho.ere Ilea
llios Sluing Hull and what is loitm his hoe tiles will bo
In tho same tlx mat wo pat Clilet Joseph in nlier
Howard tailed. Tho necessity ol a new dopiminont
Is moro apparent overy day, as we are ham
pered in everything by orders Irom St. Paul. It
Is nicer at Sb Pasl than it is hero; hat it Is time that
bead quarters -mould oottte nearer tho scene ol action
or els., lot us. Who are hearing tho privations and ex
posure and doing tho hard work, have a headquarters
ol oar own.
WAMUUturoif, May 7, 137S.
Chief Engineer Philip lnoii la ordered to expert
mental duty at tho Wt'hlaglM Navt Yard. Oom
modorc Eoxliall A. Parker is detached from comuiand
of tho Boston Mavy Yard and ordered to duty as
HupefMiteDdmt of the Nsvai Academy, Llouteneat
Qberlee 1'. Has* Is detached irom ordnance instruction
at tho tV shington .Navy Yard and gr tiled sit m..iiths
leave with permission to h ave the Uniiou Ut iles.
At a meeting ol ths Hoard of Manager! ot tho Cittoa
Exchange yesturdny iho membership ol lleury A.
Foster, w ho failed some tunc sgo, was declared at an
??lid, subject to roiustatemonl an provided In. tbo by
laws, and his Boat was ordered to bo sold by the Su
perintendent, at public outcry, to thu highest bidder
tor os-ii, on Krld y, flay IT, mo proceed* to bo dl
fined pro r<u< i among hit oredl tors,
1 he result ol tho oaHoling on the anion anient to
nrtieie k ol the onhsMlut ou, wMM r-airlcls the
membership to iliuse wu<> nsv" places ot bumucss In
this i iiy sod who arc principals, was to Invor ol It by
a vol>- u! UI to U.
The amendment to article 11, which provides the
trmisli-rring ol ihe assets ol member* who have imled
to i lio Snpcrinteiidont, to be dlvid'-d ma ra'a among
the creditors, w is oorned by a vote ol 8? to 11.
An nm n-imout to rule 4. l-y which Ihs fellOWlOS
Is added, "All ring ssttlemenls shall bo niiido at tho
bid prices peeled by the hupuritiiondeni at oao
o'clock of the day on wbioti tho nug is mado," will
b -posted lor tc.i days and go Into efflK t on Friday,
May 17.
The annual mooting of the Petroleum Exchange
was held ) estenley to henr the report of the difforout
odlcors. 'Ilie pre. idem, William Jay Ives, tu his
report says that the Exchange, wlileli op. ned on May
f, 1817, Pes been a grand rucceae; that by means ol
a circular, which already pays for itself, it lurnistics
inform .iion !o all parts of the country, Ihrongh tno
eg nay of the Ksobnnga (lie volume of business has
been largely I wc rented. Ihe reported sales, which
are only part of tbo real sales, aggreguto over
ft,DUO,turn barrels. The Exchange during tho past
year wonted smoothly and ih?fe wax no oor.vlnn to
call on the icrvieoe ol tbo Goiuplaint or Arbitration
Con-mule.I hero was only eno death among the
nMWb.-rs, that, of A. L. Richards. fhe present
prom."-a h ive been eeefft I lor .mother year at a
reduce,i reet . p. strong, the secretary, m vie a re?
!?,? ol the uiilefeni mem Digs held daring ilia year,
I'be tren tiroy's report snowed tno recalpm to have
been vS. 'iud and Mm cash ou baud 82,113 u3.
rnsr hack.? Luc second cxfiniphkd.
The Ural day of the spring mooting 0< tb? I'fosp?01
Park Pair Grounds Association, Gravesoud, Loug
Island. neg\u yesterday under favoiablo auspices.
Tuo weather wai otoudy in the lore pari
of the afternoon, hut It turned out to he
tjno, aud tno ironing was qpl Interrupted.
The track was iu spleudld condition and It was antici
pated that good time would ho made. The trotting as
a whole, on apcouut ol a great number ol ontrie-', guvo
geuoral satisfactton to the pleasure scokers. There
woro two ovents on the card.
f bo Orel raoo was tor a purse of $200, for horses
that bavo noTor beaten three tntuutes, mile heats,
host three iu Ave, In harnos3, aud lor which there
were twenty-three entrlos. Filtoon oj the nurnoor
came to tho post, and these wero a pretty evenly
matched lot-Olive, Richard F, Jack Sheppard. Mar
gucrite, Lady Gatchens, James M. Oakley, Arabian,
Jiidee Whv Not. Billy Grnon, Blnesora, Little Dnn,
The Duchess. Kadir an< Brother. Tho tallowing are
Befnre lb* start James M.
the cull in booKii.tr, maklng at^ens nsains the AeW.
Thoy rot the word 10 a good start alter along dtiay
on tho Qttconth attempt. Blossom at ??c4 *0Dt lo
the front. Jack Sheppard second, James M.
ttiird He was closely pressed by Ui'iy Green to
tho quarter m thirty-eight seconds. Going up
the hackstretrh Blossom trotted very true and
steady 'l'ho Duchoss passed tho others aud took
second place, James M. Oakley third, Billy Green
tounli. i'i ihis order tuny readied the hall-mile pole
ia 1:15. On rounding into tho homestretch tho
leaders wero bunched. At the finish James M. Oakley
came away to tho iront aud won tho be it without any
tnmble by a length from The Duchess, Blossom third,
Biiiv Green lourth. Time. 2 31.
Kt.f Heat.-James kl. Oukloy had trotted so true la
the drat hem that ho look iho lead at the quarter in
40 u seconds Tno Dutchess second. Brother third,
? b!ossom H)urth, hut us tuey trotted up the back
Kirmcn The Duichost cauio to hl? wheel, with Bios
som a length behind. Billy Green fourth Around
the turn Tho Dutchess huug to James M.
ttaklev's wheel, with Billy Greou in turn passing
Bios'-out in lite tuiuo unmoor at tho half, in l:10>i,
and as th?y entered iho homestretch the three were
well together. Coming down The Duchess had a
clear lead, but the tap was closed up by James M.
Oakley who won tho hen1 hy a loiigln front Iho
iiiiehoss with Billy Green only a neck behind tho
second homo. Blossom lousth, tho rest straggling.
T"rhlrdZiilat.?Tho horses got tr.o word with Jamos
M Oaklev uavmy. a little too nest ol It. At the quar
tcr in lorty seconds. Jamos M. O ikley led, with I ho
Dutchess oloso up, Brother third. Blossom fourtn.
o ne UP the backs rotcb James M. Oakloy had it ol!
1 is owu way, and at tho halt, to 1:19, ho had a clear
ni Lwo ienaths. Around the tarn James M. Oak
loy trolled finely and opouod out a gap of four lengths,
between hlmnoll and bis pursuers As tue driver ot
James M. oakiy swung Into iho homestrotch he pullrd
h a horse and .Murphy, who was sending Iho Duchess
it a rattling pace, catnu up to within a length of James
vi oakly; hut the driver ol Oakly then lot bint go
nuain, and finding that he had c.oar.y shaken
oil' all danger Jamos M. O.tkly won the
1,7.It anil race by two lengths ill 2:30.
Thn Duchesj was awarded second money
and Billy Groon third money. On finishing ol the
una uiuy horses swung Into tno hotuestretch,
wfinam MoMftbon's oay gelding Richard F. stuinhled
W'ihnadioDs to the ground, dashing MoManon
on? Ol ihc sulky TWleutly on tho track.8 When tho
? Lis cnusht it was ascertained that ne had but a
few scntlcnL on his hiud togs, ilcMuboa, fortunately,
WTuc?secSud trot was for a purse of $250, for
horsos that have never beaten 2:34; had flt.eon on
fries ana eight st.rters, vis.:?Bay maro Annie 0?
Fatty Lath Happy Jack, Lilly, Even John, Jennie L.,
Fatty Gaiu. n ? i?j , > contest WSH Close und ex
mf.ng and It was not until five boats were trotted and
darkness earning on the race was postponed until
hail-past ten o'olock to-day.
- The loUowingaro
Fuobfkot I'auk FA.It GU0UND8, Ghavksmdj, U*o
fir"st $00 to second and $10 to the third horse; mile
heat's the best three iu live, in harness.
1 Starters.
C. K. Denton's b. 8. James M. Oakly J * J
J. Murphy's b. m. The Doouesr Tot
P. Cleveland's b. g. Billy Grecu .. 4 3 6
D. B. Irwin's b. nt. Blossom.... 3 * #
"K Brown's h. in. LidyGutChons 9 8 3
U. 0. Wooiiuiit'a cd. nt Olive,.... 1* 11 4
O. Woodruff's h. g. Little Dan 6 5 7
J. 1L Ootd?milb,? l>. g* UroiUer 0 o 8
W. A. Allen's h. lit. Why Not... 12 7 12
JL G. Dobsou'sh. tit. Marguerite 8 9 10
J. Moore's Ulk. g. Kadir 13 10 9
J ,M Bishop's sp. in. Arabian *lag...........10 12 11
George Wright's b. g. Jack Bbeppard 7 dis.
J. Denton's t>. g. Judge. Il..ar*
William McMuhon's b. g. "Richard F. dis.
Quarter. Jla'f. Mile.
Klrnt bent 83 1;" 2:24
Second bout 40 X , ,'n t .'J 4
Third heat do 1.19 -.30
*amk Dav ? Purse of $2JJ0, for horsos that huvo
never heaven 2 :B4 ; $123 to first, $75 to sccooJ und $50
"o tbo third; mil. beats, tho cut three in Uvo, iu
Thomas Dunn's b. g. Fatty Lath 1 12 4 3
A. Summonit* f* hajipy k - 4 0 1 1
| J. Murphy n b. g Even John 7
J. Un-ielt's h g. Fnsgorald. 8 3 3 3 0
U. 0. Woodnut'nb. m. Annlo G 4 o 8 6 4
D. B. Irwin's b. c Iagc 5 8 6 0 5
J. Ik Cole's g. m. Jouuie L 0 7 7 7 dr
1*. Cleveland's Wb. in. Lilly. .???..,???? ? 3 8 4 4 dr
First heat....
tioeond heat.
Third hoat..t_
Fourth heat
Filth heat
Thcro will tie trot ?
that have never beaten 2:45 and 2:24.
J fa!J.
- :34,1a
.. 3'itf
1:10 la
2:3a1 j
A meeting of iho Hoard of Directors of tbo National
Rifle Association wan Cold at their rooms, No. j|3 fork
row, yesterday afternoon. fuoro were present e*.
Judgo Siantou, president; Major llehry Km ton,
Captain \V. C. Casey, I). W. Judd, Captain J. C. Story,
Major Josoplt Holland, John 1'. Wat era and Uoorge &
Hebcrmorharn, Jr., secretary.
The reports oi the secretary and treasurer for tlio
past month were read and approved.
The Committee on ttio "International Military
Matcti" reported Paving sent circular* of'lriritation
regarding it to tbo various rifle clubs throughout
the country, hut had not yet received replies iroiu all
ol mom. In connection with this tuujcct the secre
tary read tbo following inmuiuuicatlou Horn unvumor
McCIOlInn, of Mew Jerseys
Mr jit* or Kkw Jttraar, ? xnrtrnre Drr iht?? t. (
taejrroa April 1, im7K \
Mr I beri by consent to arm approve <d the imtarpera
tlen af the New J r?er Mine aifl.' A ?? mm it Inn. toe o jeet
hieo aeaueintion is Ihe lininuv-iuvtii of lit tonmi or
marstnieiKhip and Hie I Hirudin tlun of a system oi aiming,
drln and till - praoilce, us part <H Ills inllititry drill .1 tho
Natloual iiuani oi this MAM. \ our i/tieiiieiii servant,
riK.lUUI. M. dcCLKl.LAV.
Iton. A. P. .-TANTOM, I'reildont Nsttenel lilflu Asvoetal ui
I lie secretary also read a teller Irmn Major General
Win field N. llancock. United fiat** Army, acKuowivdg
Ing the rereipt ot ? circular letter, Informing tilui that
by A recobt change in mu bylaw* lie had been ion- |
silluun an ex otilelo honorary director ol the Na- j
lion.il It lie Association; also one (ram I.loulcnaut
Colonel Henry t. Morrow, United Stales Army,
nl Initio Hock, Ark,, stating that he hud i
received at-lent In relation in me soldier* i
oi hi* command j>urtioi|>uiiiig in tho National Military |
ItlQe match, adding that tNey -orere deeply intimated
In Ilia piopi'-ul, ar.d asking to bo inlorinsd as to
tho rule* and regnlatlona, tho distance to he Axed
end other munitions Also one from the secretary of
tbo Columbia Hung ll*iige Kifle Cluo, at Washington,
1> C., staling trie inteution o. lliut organization to bo
present nt tne oonveniion of riflemen, about to ha
?iold. and Intimating that the ciun would he reprt
?enl<-d on that occsdoti by us president, t oionci J. t.?,
I. Bnrns'det Also ana trom t.mitten int O. U. War
wick, Uniti d State* Army, at Newport Merrick*, tu
rrgsrd to the proposed iniernnllonal military match
t< he hold at Creed moor in September next, and ask
ing If clubs rep resan slug the Unltod Slates
Army will ho allowed to use nay rifle, or
only the regulation arm. Also one trom
George A. Wears, President of tho I tab National
Rifle Association, acknowledging sn ir.vitailon to tho
"Interna l Iota I Military Much," and setting lortli
that it was their intention lo have sent a delegate;
but there Is at pr sent so Utile Intercut manifested In
rifle prscilce there that thsy haro nhan-'onnd tho
Idea. Also one from Joseph Hoii no, -ecre'ary of
tbo Amateur Rifle ? 1'ihof New York, accepting an In
vitation lo assemble la lUa proposed convention of
rtfl men.
On motion all iba communications warn recolvod
and placed en file, and the secretary r< juoKtcd to
answer those of tbnni asking for tnfortuatioo.
I lie waut ot proi>er railroad facilities for reaching
Creedmoor wns brought dolors tlie meeting, and ntler
remarks by some ol the member* a resolution wsss
nuopted sppohiMn* lbs President and Metrctsrv a
committee to onntcr with the railroad authorities
with a view lo securing oclter nccnmmodatlons for
reaching the rnnge. It wns Also aeolden that bore
after no prises are to oe offered lor competition by tbo
n*?oeiaiK>n which are not actually in lis possession at
the time. Having elected Issue Stewert and William
lirady life members ol the association the meottng ad
Th# Board of Director* of ibn M trnpol'tsn Rowing
Association held a minting 1**1 evening at the Rtur
levant House, Mr. R. J. MeVtlle In the ehnir. A eoni
mittee ol two waa appointed to wall on th* Preatdetil
pud reuuest a report o( tbo conlcronco had wltU the
city authorities regarding tbe regatta to bo bold dor
Ing the eoralog summer. The Regatta Committee will
bold a meet lug on Tuesday nest, at Nu 156 Broadway.
The officers of the Vesper Rowing Association, of
Snug Ilurbor, 8. i,, for tbe curront year aye as fol
lowsPresident, 0. H. (jrundav; Vice President, D.
H. Rowland; Captain, J. W. K.lwardei Measurer, H.
8. Pratt: ifoerrtary. u. a. Irving.
I he Viking Rowing Association, of lloyone, N. J.,
wlil nold their annual regaltn on Hie 30iU msi. Tlio
olHcera for the year are: -President, K. W. Uifferd;
Vice President, W. B. Moorhouso; Treasurer, H. Bar
rah; Secretary, J. 11. Stoddard, Captain, C. H. Hatsoy;
Lieutenant, 11, R. j?unc?n, Jr.; ltegatta Committee,
Ji. K. Duncan, Jr., II. P. Godfrey sad J. H. Stoditard.
The Curinun Rowing Association hare eieoted the
following oltioers lor thoyear:?Prostdont, A. (1 Soa
lard; Vice President, C. G. Better; Secretary, V. <i.
Audubon; Treasurer, A. H. Wilson; C ^inoin, A. J. Keo
g*o ; Liuuienant, S. y Knapp, Jr.; Coxswain, H. A. S.
Martin; Committee on Membership, A. J. Keegan, J.
1'. Martin, Jr., Robert S.iul, Potcr Runt i>n<l 1). Do
Igmg; Trustees, George M. Cusbtng, IV. ii. Uender-ou,
WilliamR. Kimpp, A. J. swnrtz and R. J. Morrison.
Columbia Collego will bold its spring regatta on
Saturday, 11th insu There will be races of palr-oared
gigs; sis-oarod shells, eutries.lor wlitob may bo ex
pected from lha Seutors, Sophomores and Preshineu;
iour-oared shells?tbe College vs. Sobool of Mines;
and tlioro la some prospect oi a contest between the
fonr tbat go to England end n picked six. Ail tbe
raoes will be ono intje and rowed down stream,
The new schooner yacnt lulroptd, N. Y. Y.C, Mr.
Lloyd Phcbnix. was towed down ibo buy yesterday,
preparatory to leaving port ou au exioudcd ocean trial
trip. A largo quantity ol stores wero taken on bourd
at tbe foot ol East Twenty-oigbth streot on Monday.
It was rumored that the yacht would touoli at Ber
muda before returning.
Mr, N. J. Ilcrrcshoff, of Bristol, R. 1., is building a
catamaran, of the same size as the Tarn u tell a, lor pur
tlos In England. Sawyer, of this city, will make lior
sails, the rig nlso boln;: the sumo as that of the Taran
tella. Tho now douolc-hulled catamaran will be 30
fo<-t in length; mniuboom,' 31 fcot; Jibboons, 27 loot;
gall, 15 lect 0 inches, and the masl, above dock, 2<J
loot 3 inches.
The regular monthly meeting ol tho Brooklyn
Yacht Club will be held at their rooms. Court and
Moutague streets, lit fi evening.
Tbe Atlantic Yacht Club, of Brooklyn, will bold
their monthly mooting on next Monday evening.
'Ibo schooner yaobt I'riton, A.Y.C., Commodore
Thayer, went into commission on Saturday last. She
has siuoo thou noc-n down thu bay two or ihroo times
stretching her new canvas.
The sloop yacht Dolphin, A, Y.C., Mr. Jacob Coopor,
went Into commission yesterday.
The schooner yacht Atalautn, A.Y.C., Mr. Vcrmllye,
arrived at tbe loot ol Court street, Brooklyn, yester
day (com City Ltund, She has no u overhauled and
is new in commission for Hie season.
Yactn Atlanta, N.Y.Y.C., Mr. Aster, fToth City
Island, passed tbe Hsuald Station at Wbtiestoao
yesterday forenoon en route to New York.
51 r. Charles E. Chase, of Harlom, started on bis
cauoe trip yesterday morutug from Ibo loot of HOtb
street, East River. Precisely at six o'clock bo pushed
off from the landing opposite ??IInele Bill's place,"
and in company with Mr. W. Mlllner, Jr. (the latter
ic a working boat) proceeded up the Harlem River,
through Spuyten Duyvel Creek to tbe Hudson.
Tho tide was strong against tho craft, fcnd tbo
progress mado vory slew. Under Kingsbridgo
both canoeist and bis companion wore required to
wade a snort distance and push tbo Bubble, for such
is tho name of Mr. Cnase's craft, over the shallow
places; but at half-past eight o'clock the Hudsou
was reached, where Mr. Mlllner hade his frland
"Goodhy." In bis fragile crati Mr. Chase bad
stowed all tho clothing aud cooking utensils that
may bo noeded during the voyage. It is bis
intention to do bis own cooking, and to
sleep usboro !u the cauoe, over which in ond weather
a shelter tout will be spread. Ills supplies will bo ob
taiucd en route, lie desired to reach Turrytowu last
night, stopping at Vlinkers on the way. Tbe course
will extend up the Hudson, through Luke Cltamplalti
and tho Soret River; tbenco via St, Lawrouco and
canal to Kingston; tnenco among tbo Thousand
Islands and down tuo St. Lawrence to Quebec; thence
up tne CUuudiore to Luke Mcgautie sua by portage to
headwaters of aud down tbo Connecticut River;
thence through Long Inland Sound back to Now York.
The yacht canoe Bubble was built in Pebrnsry last
by Mr. James Kvorsan,:oi Williamsburg. She Is of
the Shadow model .ami ouukor built, the sidos of
white plno one-quarter ol an inch thick, arid
the deck ol Spanish cedar. Her length Is
14 Icot 4 Inches; beam, ut lop ol topstreak,
23 inches; at bottom, 31 inches; depth, 10>., inches;
weight, 05 lbs. Slio is provided with water tight com
pirtments, one at caob end, und will Uoat unuor tbo
weight o! Mr. Chase ami ult his traps, eveu though
the midship section be filled wtin water. The Bubble
Is propellod by a douhlc-bladed. Jointed, ssvon-fool
paddle, and Is flttod with three Hulls, tualu, Jib and
dandy. *
To-day tho Crickets and Now Havens play tholr first
ebintpionsbip game at Now Haven; Bostons uad
Providence, at Providenoe; llnrnelland Uttca, atUtioa;
R >onester nod Auburn, at Auburn; Allegheny and
Manchester, at Manchester; Trinity and Yolo, at New
Haven; Pittslleld aud bpr Ingllelfl, at Pillstluld;
Alaska, of stuton Island, and Kosoiuto, at Elizabeth,
Ou Thursday the Juspora, ol Muuhattau College,
play tbe Droakyus ou ibu Union Ground.
In a game at PriucctoD, N. J., yesterday, the College
uiao wero Uclouiod by the Athletics, ol Philadelphia,
by a tcoro ol C to 1.
A special meeting or the Statcn Island Crlckot Clob
was hold yesterday tu take action on the constitution
ot the recently lorimd Cricketers' Association. Alter
a lull discussion the club rcsoivcd that tliey recog
nised lu the proceedings ol the Gonvonuon many
practical rules and useful suggestions intouded lor the
better government ol the game ot cricket, and that
while they hoped to protlt by maay ol tho suggestions
and to introduce as experiment* such us may lie louud
de?lrnbic tney iie.mc4 it nnadvlsabla to Join the utso*
oiation lor the present j ear.
The Mtuteii ialiudCM tit. George clubs having re
fused 10 enter tbu association tlm Manhattan ib the
ouly local club that has adopted tho constitution
and rules. The .Stolon Island firm oioveu is lo play
tho Manhattan first eleven on Juno ttd, and the
iccond elevens ot the sumo clobs are to pi iy on July
0. i lit tho action of the X la ten 1-la.id Cluh may id
lerlcre, . s there are several mi uibor* ol me Sulen
Island Ciub who are also members ol tno St. Ueorgo
Cmb Should the Sta on Island eleven cnn'ntn any ol
the members ol the Ml Goorge the Manh ittma may
rulu-e to piny. hut tno ruin as udoptcd only
reicrs 10 iho clubs bolongiug to the nssoolatloa
and does not prohibit unv club playlug with an out
side "revolving" cluh. The auh|eoi will hn discussed
at the practice meeting ol luu Manhattan Club at
1'n spool Park to-day.
'I lie now prolcssioasl to the HUlcu Island Club,
Mr. Henry Kuasoll, Is so excellent croimusman and a
good "coach." Tliu grouud is In bvaulilul ooudilioti,
and tbo "opening day" will bo hold sumo liiuo next
woe k.
Kepubllcun iiull was IIlied with bcsutliui Ooworn of
all kinds yesterday afternoon? oarnntlons, tuburoscs,
llliea, azalea, cyprlpedla, iris, torus and orchid.:. It
was the occasion ol the May meeting and distribution
ol premiums of the New York Horticultural doctoiy.
Presidont dames M. I'aterson occupied the oliatr, and
secretary W. J. Davidson read the rninutes ol the
April raeotluG. ."41* new members were elected. Mr.
David t'-oiilis road an interesting essay ou sotuo ol tho
qualifications uacvssary for a good gardener. Tbey
were:?A thorough knowledge of his business, a
knowledgu ol tbo principles of Isndscupa gnrutmln <;
and greenhouse nrci.nocture, a practical knowleugeot
ail tho operations connected with gardening, a power
ol close I'bscrvatlou, the study to pieaso tno taste* of
their employers, a high sum lard oi morality, and last,
h'liyio: feast, a good Vila oonio lIlMMW concorn
ing tne dlderonoo botween amateurs and profession
als then arose, nut the manor wna Unally ruicrrud to
the hsocuiivo Gomnilitce. it was announced that Mr.
P. T. (Juno, ol Nowark, would address llie eoeiety at
their iisxt meeting in June.
Ou the report ol tho Committee on Plants tbo fol
lowing pi milium* were awarued:?fo Moolnow A Ou,,
Passaic, N. J., lor * collection ol loriy speoa? of na
live pi.anly, $:t; to George Anon, Month Amhoy, N. J.,
rollectioii ol flnWors, $7 ; fliomss Jonos, pardoner lor
Mrs Pisbor Howe, Brooklyn, specimens oi hydrangeas,
diploma; John llendurson, group ol dnnliii* and
monstrous tviieroees, sp<cwi notice; John Kiuu, .Uor
risitnis, N. Y., two mshos oi mushrooms, ouo ot
grapes snd one nf peaches, $6; C. 1.. Al <>u, ol Quocos
aeaiitf, X. Y., two Npeoimons ol gladioli iris and two
ol iiolygouaiuin (ItleM'l soul). SpOSlui notice;
Woolsow A Go,, colleoiion ef hardy flowering plant*
and sbiubs, diploma; Mm W. H. Uurgoas, Oion Gove,
I,. 1., collection ol rosos, $H and a special notice
j tt So, vwi iwniwn vi ? '' was i*, f n nisw w ? f* vim iivvivw ,
Isaac Bucbaoao, collection ol plants, $? and it speolal
notice; W. ttenneit, collection ol plants, $10 and a
special notice lor s vory Huo and luslelul wreath of
stepbanotis; Arthur Mntner, gardener to Mrs. Mor
sio, collection ol orchid*, <npioini:0. Zellrr, Kiot
buan. 1. L,, twelve seedling carnations, certiOoaio of
The ccriIdeate Of merit is the highest grade, nuxt
tho special unties*, ami lastly tho mouoy prises.
Alter tbu udopllon ol the report the meeting ad
journed, and tbo rout ol the aitornoou was spout in
inspecting the beautilul collootlon of flowers thai had
been galhored by ibo society.
The committee npn?lattDg ot member* of the West,
em Union and Atlantic and PseiQc telegraph ton*
panics held * meeting yc*tcrrf?y *nd decided on
cloctinga board ol uflicor* lor the Atlautie and i'mliid
Telegraph Company at to-day's meeting which shall
Include eight members ol tho Western Union and
seven ol tno Atlantic and Pacific;
ni:s. underbill's bdit fob a limited DI
A suit for limited divorce presenting eomo features
rather norei in this class of Itt'.guiloo has bucu
brought lu the Supreme Court by Mary E. Underbill
against her husb iod, Franklin Underbill. Tbo com
plalni una nostrer and couutor-nfllasvits submitted
to Judge Lawrence en an application for alimony and
couusol feo present a decidedly curious divergence of
allogod (acts. Both parties ure still young, having
beeu only so-ven years niarriod, be being a cleric lu
this city at the time of the marriage-a position n?
still holds?and sho bolng a toacher of xnuslc at Sing
Slug?a vocation sbe has boon obliged to resume since
the commencement of this eult. Tbo story on boib
sides, though long spun out in the papers, is capable
of being briefly told.
She banes bor suit upon a charge of oraclty. Altoi
reciting the commencement of their marnoa life at
SiogSiug end giving ? narrative of tnsir matrimonial
experience* at Su One is. vnore they real dog about a
year, she comes basic to (be old no nor.stood whence
they started ou their matrimonial journey, two chll.
drcu tu the lulorliu having beeu horn to thctn, only
one of whom, bowevor, Is now living. She charges
that he continually Irritated hor by his behavior and
mode of speukiug to her; that he accused her of im
proper cam ol the chiidreu, and on one occasion
pushed nor into a chair. Sho says that he was al
most continually sullen; had u habit of staring at her
in such a maimer us to Inghiou her, and onco told her
that ho "cuuld see tho very devil in' her eyoe." An
other charge she brings is that he treated
her father and sisters with disrespect, and wbeS
her sisters culled upon then: lie would slam the door
iu their faces, ebo tells how he kopt scolding her luiu
into the night. *
Tho defendant puts iu a proity strong general de
nial. ilo admits occasional sallonness huu irritating
remarks, but says both were tho result of momentary
pusMop. lie tlieu makes a summary ot conutoi
churgcs agaiust Ins wilo, staling "Uial
sbe has ueglcctod and refused to live
Willi him, to servo liim, to obey him;
has thwarted Ills wishes, opposed his plaus, squan
dered ins substance, despised his authority, rejected
his society, refused mm her own. aud has negiooiod
und beeu cruel to their offspring." lie siys that on
hor account ho guve up u lucrative position lit St.
Louis and cauie back to Sing Sing, uud the whole
trouble bus been because she would hot leave hor
homo there and come and live with htm la this city,
lie says, further, that sho insisted on bring
tug up tho cUtldren in tho hcroio method whicn
did uoi moot his approval and engendered uitioroesa
botwucu thorn. This "beroto method," as lie states it,
couslsted m (ceding tho chiidreu only at staled Inter
vals and never rocking or soothing tnom whon they
cried, but put them on a bed or on thu floor and let
ineiii cry it out, besides at times whipping them ana
locking them up In dark closets. Being u clerk in inis
oily, he weut every mgnt to Stag sing/ but on his ar
rival homo bo says, ,4nU wile was never thero to ineel
him, but ho always had to eat his supper alous
ana spend his evenings la tho samo maunor, whils
sho wus attending church meetings, promenading the
streets or gossiping." He adds that whenever he
was bold onough to alder with hor ou any matter she
was accustomod to tell him to shut up uuu mind his
own bustuoss, sho would do as sho pleased; she did
not care l'or ulm, sho did not love him und couldn't
audwouldu'l; she wished she was free; sho lovea
the minister and coala not help It, and if. lie did not
behove she would leave him and go home to hor
A dctallod recital Is given of tho Ineidonts of th?
separation. According to his story it was a bitterly
oeid night, and alter a war ot words sbe insisted on
taking tho children and goiug to her lather's, He
fluuliy persuaded her to remain In tho houso over
night, whilo be took tho curs and catno to New York,
where he has lived ever since, she still remaining
with her lather. Following the soparaliou, aa ap
pears by affidavits of various persons, In
cluding tbo Itov. Do I,oo Lull, pastor ot tbo
Methodist Episcopal Church In (Slug -Sing, of which
they were Do<n members, efforts yrore made to effect
a reconciliation, but without avail, 'ihe Uov. Mr. Lull
says that ho pictured to hor the "baneful influenco
upon tbo Church aud the cause ol religion," built
produced no good efleet. Her lather, Mr, Ebenezer
Fowior, takes-bides with his daughter uud coutlrms
hor story.
Succeeding the separation the defendant says ha
wrote ropcnied ietierti to his Wile asking her to come
to New York and live with Ulm. where ho woald pro
vido her with a comfortable borne, alio paid no atten
tion to lUose beseeching oplstles, aud ho flually wrote
her commanding tier to come, which mandate tho
treated with a like contemptuous disregard- The so
letters are oil embodied In the papers, nod with their
mingled expressions of ploty present a cqrious pbuscf
Of mairimoului life.
judge Lawrence's decision.
Considerable linio was given evidently by Judge
Lawrence to wade through the mass ot papers sub
mitted to him. Iu his decision ho refuses to grant
any alimony and counsel fee. A perusal ol the ufllda
Vila In the case, he says, leads him to entertain
serious doubts as to whether the plaintiff will ulti
mately succ-cd In thoactlou, aud as all the authorities
ore 10 the effect that aliuiouy and counsel Joe would
not bo allowed in sucn a case, denies the motion.
In March, 1877, the Special Term ol the Court of
Common I'leis, Judgo Vim Brunt, In tbo action ot
Jolin il. Morrie and others against selab finer, bold
Samuel H. ICau a all, an attornuy ot the oonrt, guilty of
contempt o( court and iwposod a lino of $7,2uO, lor
haviog advised filler to give, while under an injunc
tion order of the Court rostralotug hiin Irom dispos
ing ol hia properly, a written order upon the City
Chamberlain direotiug the Chamberlain to pay to
Charlos Dusenbury, trustee, Ao., a oortaln surplus
fund or $7,2UO which the Court ol Common Pleas, la
too action of Selah filler aguiust Martha M.
Wetleriob had ordered te be paid by the
Chamberlain to filler or bit order. Mr. Kandall
olaiined he bad not violated any order of tbo
Court in so advising filler, beoiuse the tule,to the
iund was in the trastee, his client, and thai It was
filler's duty to give tha ordor to his trustee notwith
standing too. luJunOliou order rostralnine him, Inns
mucn as filler nad by a deed ot trust conveyed this
surplus Iund to the trustee a year bolero tbo Injunc
tion order was mude and starved on fltlor In tho Morrie
action agalaet him and that lliler liad uu property in
euld Iund. On appoal taken by Mr. Kaudull to the
General Terra ol tho Common I'lcns the order of the
ttpeelal Term was alUrmrd, that Court, by Chief Jus
lice Daiv, deol iring, lu its opinion, it was a very clear
rase ol oouieuipl and a most audacious not on the at
torney's part in disobeying the ordor ol the UOurt re
straining liller and ins attorney, Ac. Mr. Kundall
thou nppoalcd to tho Court of Anneals Irom the order
ol aflirmaucu auu the latter Court beta so oontoinptof
court to liavo booi: commuted.
The Common Pleas, by Mr. Chief Justice Daly, on
tbo illiiig ol the remittitur Irom the Court ol Appeals
by Mr. Randall and oa his motion, entered an ordet
.'.! }? 4, at Spocial Term, making the ordor ol the
Court ol Appeals the order ol the Court ol Uotnmou
Pleas, ana reversing tbe.oritor adjudging Mr. Kaodatl
guilty of contempt ol court and donyiug tue motion
to punish mm lor contempt, with lull costs against
John K. Morris and others, the relators in the pro
ceeding. .Samuel IL Randall dtteroey lor biraeell aud
D. M. Porter lor me relators.
Two drafts by Elder A Co., ol Glasgow, on the Pa
cific Mail Steamship Company, one ot which was lor
$43,000 and tho other for $16,000, wore dishonored yes
terday. Tho dralts were sout through the Clydesdale
(linking Company to Iho Merchants' Bank, ol Canada,
for collection, and tho lutter presented them to the
Chase National Hank, Win re tho Peclllc Mall .Sloain
abtp Company keops an account,
Mr. Clyde, ol iho Pacillc M;ul, says that a number
of yearn sgu bis company aud fcldor A Ce. bud a Joint
contract In a line ol steamships rurniug to Australia.
Wnen tbo contract was closed auu Its aflairs bal.iucnd
It was found tont the buhinco due tbo I'acifia
Mail Steamship Company waa $10,000 Elder A Co
owed $30,000, and had paid only $70,0o0. Recently
tbo Glasgow Qrin claimed that, looking over tbulr old
account*, Ihoy found that the Penile Mall Steamship
Company was indebted to thorn f oJ.OO.l, and drew
dralts lor that uiuoiiiii. Tho company do not recog
nise thit debt and doclluo to pay it,
Mr Rogers, the secretary of trie company, denied
that there drafts wore PaciOc Mail paper, and con
tended that none of tbo Utter had gone to protest.
In compliance with the wialios ol many business
men In the northern lection of Westahestor county
and tho aootboru portion of Putnam county Mr. 0. K.
Kowler, civil englneor, of Pooksklll, has been engaged
lor a short time past in making a survey ft rt? tbe
feasibility ol a connecting railroad between Brewster's
?Station, Putnam county, on the line of the Harlem
Killrond, and Peekskill, Wesinheticr county, ou tho
una ol the Hudson Rivor Railroad, the main object
buing to make complete connection wtih the manufac
turing districts ol Southern New England
on Hie Hudson River lor tbo present, and
at no dials ut diy to continue the same
irom ilia Hudson at Peekskill to Turners On
the Kris. Mr. Kowler has made an examination
ol tho llrst link, coiuiueiinug at deep water on tho
lludsou River, touching the village of PoclcsKlll ul or
near tho old depot, and following the brook about
tbiough the centre ot tbe village, passing direct on
through Pbrnn link and JelTerson Valley to Lake
Mahopao, a distance ol twelvo and n hall miles; thence
continuing to llrewstors, a toinl dlalMico ol about
twenty-flvo mi leg, at a cost of alwiut $6(10,000, winch
amniinl is to be raised enl roly Upon I)ret moflgigS
bonds, .voiding the necessity ot bondln j the district
along tho lonlo. foe road <n to be n broad g.ege ami
cnlb-d the "Peckaktil and Urewtters Railroad." Tue
grado will not exceed 126 leal (0 the mile, and that
only for a short distance la getting out of the v>H*m
ol Pooksktll,

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