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The Movement of the Cali
fornia Workingmen.
Communistic Principles and
Sanguinary Threats.
Rapid Growth of a Terrible Pop
ular Power."
Vigilance Committees Organiz
ing for a Struggle.'
Sax Fkancjsco, April 29, 1878.
I have deferred sending auy communication rela
tlTe to the ngitutiou Hero among tbo working men till
1 could glean from iho leaders themselves a clear
understanding of wbut they really alined to accom
plish, ewhut means the/ purposed to employ, the
Whole Held of tliolr operations aud what was the
probability ol tbeir success. I havo listened to thorn
In the courts, In prison cells, In their halls, mass meet
ings, ou the streots, within the fumlly circle, and I
aim to give them a fair aud Impartial representation.
Whatever Ideas may be I rmed In the East of the
character or tne present leaders in this agitation and
ol their intemperate lancuaie, boastful or.d threaten
ing as It may be and (recently is, nu investigation
Into tho elemonts that are disturbed and the forces at
work licro toads tlio mind to the conclusion that a
new political parly lias assuredly been founded on iho
l'nclBc const, which will spread throughout the United
Plates as Chartism did over England nnd Scotland
thirty years ago, and unless some tcrriblo blundering
fatality should follow tho foolslops of its loaders it
may ono day become tlio dominant and governing
power of the nation. With such a fact possible, and
by many considered probable, I hero present to tho
readers of tho IUkald an intelligible statement, or
risumt, of w hat aro assumed to he facts und which tho
near future must, In a measure, soou confirm or as
emphatically controvert.
When the riots In Pennsylvania last summer woro
atlhctr worst, and too ??strikers" were apparontlv
"masters of the situation," the "hoodlum" element
ol this city, aided by somo unemployed men, thought
tbut tbe^r^iporiuniiy bad como to attuck the Chinese,
those who omployod thorn, and tho Pacific Mail Steam
ship Company, as tho great carriers between tho Asi
atic and Pacific coasts, wno had brought them to the
couutry, but, through the ro*?lv aid of a "Committee
of Safoty," composed of all classes oi citizens, tho
uprlflng was soon effectively squelched, aud but lit
tle proporty was destroyed.
Tne fooling of uneasiness then cxporionced by tbo
general public conld not, however, bo so easily got
rid of, lor the causo of irritation?the presence ol
the Chinese?remained, and it was clear to
every thinking person tlia^ so long as thero
was a largo number of citizens, male und female un
employed, and being reduced lo bog jury ana actual
s I a rva tioe?as hue occurred in some eesei?tberc
c..uld be no periuauoat peace In lliu city; and ever
since tho riot ol last July It may truthfully bo eald
Sun Francisco has cover boon wholly free lrotn ox
In conscqucucn ol this seoiniugly utuuiorrupted agi
tation it Is generally believed that "iho worklngiueu's
party" is bat tbo contlnnutlon aud enlargement of
tho rioious hoodlum crowd that tried to fire Clima
towu uud tho Pucllio Mail Company's property; but
Uicro Is no truth In tho allegation, and It is very silly
lor politicians to coniinuo to mako such statements,
lor they only aggravate tho working classes, array
thotn Hgutusi tho upper class uud blind tbu public es
to tbo true nature of the Issue that has begun hero
between capital and labor.
The now notorious Doiinu Kearney, tho "President
ol Hio Worklngmeu's Party," was actually in the
ranks ol the Committee ol 8uMy last July and uhl Ills
part in I bo suppression ol the rioters; ho bad no nihil,
utlon witli Die hoodlums whatever. Tboso riots old,
however, in one sense give rise to this new political
party, for .1 awakened in Kearney and othors of his
acquaintance a train of thought on the labor question
which soon afterward founa volco on tbo corners ol
the stioets, aud from that grow into an organisation
whicu numbers to-day? only six mouths irom tho
dale of Its birth?hundreds of thousands of active
working members and sympathizing friends.
As his name wouU indioato Dennis Kearney Is an
Irishman, from tho county of Cork, and is now thirty,
ono years of ago He came to New Vork when eleven
yours old and from that time onward, tor ton yoars. ho
tailed between Boston, Now York and llsltiiuoro in
the Connecticut. Bounding Bltlow, Joseph Choelonaud
sthcr vessels, lie arrived lu this city in IStw, us flrat
?Ulcer of tbt, .shooilug Star, Irom Alexandria, Va. Ho
folio woo tfco seafaring buncos* for about Ave years ou
this coast, (ben found w ork ou the wbarl as a lorctnan
of laborers and eoon niter he bocame a bone dr tyrann
ou a small scale. His personal appearance, from au
Intellectual standpoint, is anything but uttmctlvo
His liair comes low down on bis lotohoad and
Is thick and towsy, ol the buffalo style. His
laco is not repulsive, hot It Is not w.neing
or enchanting by any means, and bo
has managcu to got It well browned or takos
pride in keeping it dlriy. In bis habiliments he Is In
different to the allurements or the artist tailor, lie
Is elnuchy In his makeup nnd In his gait, or course,
he has honestly earned his costume und has a right to
Wear th it he pleases; but ill,re Is a suspicion that bo
Bilybt be less popular If bo dres*o.i butter. A Diog
rnes is mo'u to tbo likiug of tbo m aliunde than Is a
Bean Drummed, and Kearnoy shows his appreciation
of that predilection in sticking to tbo drayman's well
worn toggery nnd oschuwing new broadcloth.
llle training lor public speaking was attained at
Butiuay debutes on tbo social and political questions
at the day in a small reformers' bail In this city. He
is neither slow of speech nor del.cam in utterance.
Him language Is or the ordinary street slump, largely
Interspersed with strung adjective* and cursing
epithets. He seems perfectly indifferent about tho
Judgment ol others nnd evidently regards Dennis
Kearney as tho bent Judge ol what ho should say and
how he should any It. He is n splendid specimen of
en earnest, uneducated, amlillioas mao of me multi
tude, who is willing to risk Ins liberty for leadership
in a movement which ho no doubt believes ought to
kuc.oc.l, and ho tins most effectually impressed tho
? or king classes that ho Is pro eminently qualified for
tbu work li* has undertaken, though Hivreaie in his
"party already somo who are not afraid to soveroly
criticise htm lor both hie oucootl. language and un
bridled temper.
Kearney's stylo ol speech Is ol tho sledgehammer
srutr, and lie Is never particular about wlio gets the
Wow. He aeeu* not to aim et presenting a logical
sad colter, ht statement or bis grtevancus
which the masses complain of, nor do.ie he
Hop lor argument or indulge in elabora
tion, He deals in sl.arji, cutting seotcneei,
contenting h in,olf with sin.ng. direct and Indirect
attacks un tbu poncy of tho governing classes and ea
sortlons ol what constitute the rights of the miuaes
and their determination to vindicate those rights at
all hazards.
An excellent view of his extraordinary langu .go !i
lakeu lrotn ?ue ol bis speeobus, an.l lor which bu was
arresiud, tried lor ualug incendiary language and ec
"I am glad to sue tho cooks ol Snu KraucDco
preparing to mako 11 ebb nils. At the outset we bed a
greet deal to tay about powder nnd bullets, tat tbu
was so disugrceablo to our rulers that wo changed it J
to fiibtalis aud collnc. tV'n want you to ntnko thoso
fisbbails, and when they art ready we will Ore tbem
lor yon. f-ome one said to me this morning, 'You
are going to cut our Uiro-l.".' 1 told him, '1 don't i
care a d..uiu whose throat la cut bo long a* it la nut
mine.' Wo aro going to drivu tbeso Cbluaincu o .t. |
That is the object ot this naovomont. How we aro
going to do It ts the grand secret, which will
not be revealed just yet. Lust night I went to tbe j
City Hall, where tbe Legislative delegation was in i
session. 1 told tbcin 1 was a, reporter on the Open
L'lter, ana iliey said I could not come in. Otber re
porters went In and ward politicians wero admitted,
but the workingmen were not allowed a representa
tion. We have uotblng more to do with tbo members
ol tbo Legislature except to protest against tbeir pass
ing la.va to oppress us. If '.boy don't heed our pro
teal our watcliwora shall be 'hemp,' and wbeu we
meet tbem wttb tbe colled rope It will bo time enough
lor tboin to buve me up oelore tbe Grand Jury, us
ibey propose to do next Monday. 1 don't care a damn
lor tbulr Grand Jury. To hell with their Gi&nd Jury.
1 defy them. What do j care ;f tboy put me lu jail*
I cau make my head work my way ou', and when i
am once frco again 1 will aonlbllato every ono of these
bell bounda."
"Now wo are ready. We are re^idy to come right to
tbo scraicu and e^iel every one of the moon-eyed
lepers. We are ready to do'H." 'It the bullot fat's, tbe
bullet. Thai '11' mdst oorne in. - 11 tbo ballot lolls
we ere ready to use tbe bwllat."
Alluding to the milllounaires of the Central Pacific
Uailroad, #boso palatial residences are high on a bill
overlooking tbo city, be used tbo tallowing language:?
"1 tell you the tbiovos that Infest Nob lllll will find
themgolvcs bound band and loot with ball and chain.
Tboy know It, and tbey are solng to use every means
to got you to break tbo law uud turn our quiet meet
ings Into riots, but they can't do It. You dou't pro
pose to break into bouses, do you? (N'o.) They ear
1 bavo distrusted tbo Nob Hill miillonnsires. 1 plead
guilty, aud shall contiauo lo uisgusl tbem until 1
make it as hot as a soothing boll lor thorn.''
"Wc nro going to use lor. e now to carry out our
plans. Is that your wLh ? (All bauds up.) Lot the
Vigilautcs, It they dure, go outside tbe law. How
mauy ol you bavo muskets ? (Twenty or thirty bauds
up.) That's good. Form yourselves into a military
organization, and wlton tbo noxt steamer comes aro
you ready to march down to the whorl aud stop tbo
leprous Clilunmvn from landing? (Cries of 'Yes,
yes.'> 1 will make all tbo nieo'sary preparations
and buy up all tbe second band guns \vq can get. W o
will call upon tbo Mayor und tbo gcuoral govern mum
to help us ill our hour ol porll, and pra.vcut the Pacific
Mall Steumsinp Company, tbo ocoan pirates, Irotu
lauding tbcin."
Tho contusion ot Ideas In tbo last paragraph,
wbcrcin be threatens tbo Coiumlttoo ol Sulety, or
"Vigllatuys," proposes riot ul the wharf, and, in tho
sumo breath, says bo will call upon tbo Mayor and
the general government to aid hlui, may well induce
tlio reader to question bis sanity. Wore bo as reckless
In action as be Is in language tbo authorities would
soou take care ot him, but bo is not uaturaliy ci uel or
reckless In uct No one accuses bim of beam a turbu
lent brawler, lio bos for yoars been au advocate or
tomperanco umtug bis countrymeu, and as bo has
amassed a lair umount of money for u laborer be
is evidently, to somo oxtont, a man ol character and
Did he givo evidence ol bclQg a reader It might
well be supposed tuat lie had taken Hobesplerrc,
at his dtbul Id tlio French Devolution, as bis
model. 1 was struck with tbo resomblanco botw.en
tbo men aud their llral souttinouts. Ul course thero
Is n wido difference betwocu tbo intellectual Kruuob
tuau aud Ihu' uneducated Irishman. Tboy ltvud un
der totally dtfl'creut circumstances, and ihcro are, be
sides, many dissimilarities ul personal cburucicr ; but
Kearney has running ail through Ins ways ibo evidence
that be is thinking ol the rights ul mun more than
tbe rights of things, und tlio paramount of all bis
efforts seems to bo "tbo equal rights ot buuian
souls." Whether lw? has committed to memory the
sententious sentiments ol tbe World's noted revolu
tionists is oi little consequence; but be leaves no
doubt on a listener's mind that be is thoroughly tin
buod with tbem, nmt hud bo lived in au ora ol bloody
revolution bo would have been as ready as tbe wildest
fanatic lor liberty to hnvo Joined lu tbo cry and tbo
work ol "a bus l'ari*locratus-"
lu all revolutionary or reformatory movements tbo
first actors usually pass away, aud to this experience
tbe workingincu's purty has not been n stritugcr.
Several agitators preceded Kearney, somo ol whom
have gonu clean out of sight and others roappenr on
tbo groat occasions oniy. The present cbicl execu
tives arc lionnls Kearney, president; William Wcliock,
vice president, uud 11. L. Knight, locro'ury. Co
operating with those Is uu executive coiuinltloo ol
eleven ol tho energetic men who bavo como conspicu
ously oil lo tbu turlacu, and as lor as possible tbo
selection lias bad in view Ibo solidarity of tlio loroiga
elements wr.h tbe Kugilsu speaking rovolutiouis.'s.
Wcliock, the vice prosidnut, Is au Knglismiian. and
a inau ol rather good appearance, and owes consldor
ablu of ills pcrsoual attraction to tbo aovero traming
and drill of tbo llrltisb service. lio was u soldier
in tbe Crimean war, and eubscquotiiiy be truvollod
through tbo country as a "Uible Christian'' or lay ox
bortcr, ono ol u class ol itinoraol preachers very nu
merous lu Kngluud. lie married not long since a
widow with a ready mado family and a doxtn thousand
dollars or so Ho drusaos well and preserve* the sol
dierly cleanliness of his periou und clothes?.a con
trast lo Kearney. He la briiuijal ol Scripture quota
tions, uvoIUb tbo uao of Kearney's courso expletives,
but does not scent to bo a man ol any particular lorco
of cbaructor. Ho bun, no doubt, been usoiul a* a
lieutenant lo Kenruoy, and In tbut association no Is u
leader or tbo workiuginon, but bo is too mucb ot a
follower ever to stand long at tbo bead ol any active
movement tbal demands bold action. Ho ban been
credited Willi bemg tbo brains ol ibu ugitator cud tbo
director ol tbo concern; but that Is not so.. Secretary
Knight Is tbo usolul man. ilo can glvo proper shapu
and expression to bis thoughts on paper and on
tbo plallorui without auybody's assistance.
II' tbero Is any leaning wanted Kearney
lluds bis support In Kulgbt. Ho ban boon
associated with the press its a news gulberer, has
passed tbrougb tbo country's rough turning export
ouco sbd has done something at law. lie lud soiue
prominence lu a Suuday debating society boloro tins
movement began und bo readily tell In with Kcarnoy
at the beginning. Ilo is ccol, utunnorly nud retpocllul
lu bis language. Ho dislikes Kearney's conrsoiicss;
but ho thinks Mm honest and so submits to the lu
cviublo. lu Kearucy s moments o( enthusiasm and
excitability ho is dottmalio and forgetful or the rights
or others, und lo these mauilt stations ot ty.uuny
Knight is not slow to exhibit his displeasure, and un
less the great ugitator quickly mends Ms temper and
in.tinirs the tntrnle vorUia/e ot tbo iriuiuviraio will
bo ol abort duration.
1 visited tbo three In thotr prison celt on ono occa
sion mid wbuo there 1 bad a pretty good opportunity
ol taking in their individuality or character. Kearney
was wriggling un bis und ol tbo wooden bench,
hclctiiug and growling out bis oaitis and
complaints against tbo Hoard ol .tupervlsoro,
who lia.l deprived him of bis liberty. dim
moment was propitious lor a racy lulervlow, to which
bo readily consented, aud but lor tlie objection ol
W ol Iocs Kearney would havo given to tbo Hikald a
lull atateincut at that time ot tbair designs, org tinxa
lions and all that lie know. \V cllock was ulrni l
ol committing themselves to written words. Iu court
tliey had uhal.engad tbo correctness ol reported
speeches, and he, no doubt, saw that aporsonnl inter
view would be binding. Kearney than refused till
the trials wore over. Knight, 1 noticed, was ready
to bring It all out, and as 1 lound an opportunity in
the court room oa tbo following day to sposk witb
bim Kearney shouted at Koignt, "1 don't want any
thing published." Tbo emphasis on tbo "1" an
boyotl Kulglt; nevertheless, through the courier?)' of
the Chief ol l'ollco, bis coll door was opened Uio next
day, and lor two hours ho enjoyeuyiis liberty aud
wrote iu my prosenco lor tuo Nktv Youk Huxaidr tbo
erlielc 1 here enclose, and returned to Ills uasoctates,
who were loll to surmise wbutthoy plunseu. dtelore
1 saw tbo three men* togotlier aud heard ibem speak
I was dUpo.-ed to holiltlo the movement that has
made them so prominent, but there is in thorn
ail tbo elements necessary to do the work they pro
pose. Kearney is uumiilakably au enthusiast, aud
Juat iguonut enough lo aay anything that comes to
his tongue's end. All the argumonl lu the power of
mortals would not chauge an utterance with blm,
and perMia iott would he to biru su impertinence.
11c has started out with the war cry, "the Cbluoso
matt go," aod on that lie will harp until tDe aentl
moot becomes a fact. Huch a mau la luvaluable in
any movement whore masses have to be affected, and
though the party already cumulus men luuuitely his
superior in higher qualities he is likely to return his
position until his peculiar uaelulueas ceases to ho
necessary. His hold upon the masses is something
Wondcrlul, aud so long as ho Is at the head Uiere
Is not tho slightest danger of riot or pil
lage. Wnen he appears at a moetius he
is enthusiastically cheered, and they listen
to hiut with groat grattUcation. II tho boys arouud
his plotlorw oarry tboir praults too igr iu au instant
ho slops It with bis yell, "Slop that, boys!" No rep
etition Is uecossary. It matters not who the speaker
may be who utters anything contrary to hla uonons,
he attacks him at ouuo; and, It a resolution of prutso
or censuro has boon passed by a ineeiiug, if ho takes
the ooutrsry Uultoii be has no diUlctiliy iu reversing
iL llo has made tho party, and though much ot Ills
talk is offeurive to inauy of thorn they nevertheless
slick to him, and for tho moment he js their idol. Ho
is not, however, Iroui auyilnug hero written, to be
credited with craating the sentiments of the working
men ; he has only org.iuized them Into a powerful
party. The scutiuiouts have been forced upou them
long beloro Kearney opened his lips ou their
grievance.'', and ibo tie between tucui arbes
moro Iron; the luot . lhut his. tongue
acts like a safety valve ihiit lets oil their peni uu
sioarn thau Iroin any consciousness they nave ol his
superiority. Every sxpletivo that ho l.urls at u
uiillioncalro delivers tneni lor tuo moment ol the
burduu ol' their heavy grtats, aud they retire from
"the sand lot" whoro he addresses them every Sup
day with lighter hearts thau they brought to hear
Iu tho commcucsmeul ol this agitation thero was no
thought of orgauiznig a political party at all. Tho
prcseiiCoof tho oOeuslvo Cbinumau was all that was
then thought of, aud to get riu ol him was tno nri
uiary object ol tho uguators. llo w as IM Alpha and
Ouroga o! all nnraugues. At tho lust elvcilou
republican and democrat vied with each other
in the warmth of their dcuuuciatiou oi tno
heathen, ami thoir rpecchos wore prQluso iu
their promises to the working Caucasian; nut it was
hero us uvorywhero olso?when tho elections were"
over tho promises wero forgotten, and "John" was
still lolt in llio city and Ukuiy to remain undisturbed.
litssuiUUed with tho uoliucluiis us a cia-s ami annoyed
wlili deceptive prouiisus the luuocent tuougut popped
iulo homebody's mind thai tin) worktuguieu migut as
woll ho their own pollllcluus auu muks .1 puny ol
tholr own. The nttsrancu ol tho thought led to
thinking and to higher ambitious, and now nothing
less w ill satisfy Ihuu that tho government of tbu whole
country must be lu the hinds 01 tho workmgmcn, una
the loiioivtug aro the chtel poiuts ol tho youug poli
"IVo proposo to wrest the govornmout trom tho
hands ol llio risti; to rid the oeuutry of cheap Chinese
labor; to destroy laud monopoly in our riiaio; to pro
vluo decently for the poor aud uuiotTuiiuto, tno wo.tk,
tho helpless, and especially the youug; to elect ttouo
bill competent workingincu anu thoir Irtcnds to any
office whatsoever," ami by way ol being clearly un
derstood 0.1 the clilof point ol trounlo, they add:?
"This parly wilt exert all pouceubio menus 01 attain
ing lis tuns; but it will uol be domed Justice '.vlicn It
has power to 011 forco it. It will encourage no riot or
outrage, but it will uot voluutoor to repress or put
down or in rest or prosecute tho hungry and Iwpu
tionl who manliest their hatred ol llio Chluauien by
a crusade agaiust John or those wUo employ bun."
A more elaborate platlorm was Subsequently Irumod
and adopted at a canvoutiou ol dclegutca Iroiu all
parts ol tho Stale, but in tho lorogolug paragraph 1U0
essential points aro all named.
It Is not my purpote lure to sustnu or oppoao ibo
use oi Chinese labor, 1 tnuy, however, remark that
as far as i huvs bccu able to nolo the discussion tno
Chinaman is sustained by those who cuu use him to
thuir advantage, and ho Is opposed by all others. 'Tho
argument that tho lieathou'g pretence is debating
to"the young ol a christian population, or, on llio
other hand, the statement that 11 it lor the good ol tils
immortal tout that he should bo brought under Chris
tian influences, aro unworthy ol a mouieut's considera
tion here. The only thing to bethought ol Is the cdocl
of Chinese cheap labor in oompettliou with higher
priced American labor, aud the conclusion Is inevita
ble that the two workors cannot exist together.
Thero are Caucassians enough lu tho country 10
do all the work that Is required, and
If all tho Chinese wero banished to morrow thero
would null be white moo uuable to liud employ meat.
With that luet particularly visible here at me present
tirno, the agitation kept op by Kearney is welcome to
tho people all over the Statu, and It Is astonishing that
there has been so lllllo of not lu the localities where
tbu Cutnuniou aro numerous.
Kearney's particular aversion to them, 1 think, is
purely accidoutsl and sprung Iroin 110 deep well ol
Philosophical thought, lie stood bv his dray s during
tho day where uosts et Chinese workmen pud to puss
bun lu going to dhtl Iroin ifce utanuiuctorua wnero
they wero engaged. At suited hours Iboy go march
ing along more like a regular army than like work,
nieu. Tboy ure chielly ungogod iu the mautiiacture oi
light goods, und as tucy ure nearly all buchulors and
without tho expense of a luimly, they
can afford to dress und look hotter and
cleaner than tho hard workiug laborer In
paicliod up or ragged clothing. Witnessing this day
after duy in the busy centres of tnc city, and tiion at
night seeing us he dul so much squalid misery ut tho
homes ol the poor, whero children wore badly led,
worse clothed uud dirty, It provoked in him utidyiug
hate against the heathen, uud, iu tiro Chinese have
made tho nch richer, as they have made ibo poor
poorar, it w;is uu easy step lor tho agitator to inctutio
in the bitterness ol his feelings the men ol wealth und
nil who use llio Asiatics In uuy capacity whatever, lu
no city 111 tho world is thero visibiu such extremes in
adversity mid prosperity ns In thin Han Francisco,
e Hoc ted is so short u space of time. Tho city is not,
propurly speaking, yoi tiilrly years old, and we buvo
hare a lew men with fabulous lorluucs?not tho re
sult ol inheritunco Iroui u long lino ol anccstr>. hut
in most c uses Iroin the . peciul advuiitugcs 01 monop
oly Md grabbing. Tboso who have been the favorites
ol fortune and linvo beeu able to heap up weulm by
the million, dug irom lbs bowels ol the earth, may bo
envied, but all that they have accumulated honestly
creates 110 part ol the wurkingmcu's grievance*.
It should not uo supposed that bocuuso rough lan
guage im used ov tbo agitator* in their public addresses
Hint their auditors arc tbonisolvee ul ibu rubble stripe.
Egtruiy, Wellock and Kuighl arc ibo cunspicuuu
purilet; but tuey aro uotning more ttiuu Ibu accidvii
tul upheavals ol ibu cuusuialou between labor uuti
capuul. I lie workingiuou in the.r following arc gen
era by null dressed, orderly auU intelligent parawu*.
As mo outdoor uicetlugs nro nel.i lu a vacant lot
about tiio cootro ol tbc city the aidawulka ol Market
street, o jlli btloro Ibo assembling ai d alter the ills
missal, are crowded witu as respectable people an may
ba to'ou anywhere coming lroiu a popular lecture hall
or placu ol entertainment. litem la no pretention
to make it a dund.y torvico. It la wol, vanned to bo
regarded uu a nu.ns meeting ol earnest persons,
w no bavo tbo ttayiug quality to racb a remarkable
Utgreo, lliul tbev can alaad in tbo ?.tpd lor sev
crul hours without willluy, and should a poiliag
shower tlirouten to route tboin tboy arc tbo moru
rc-olule lo stuy the louver. During lira spcaklug u
rousing cboer ol Indorsement is Ircquenlly hoard, but
there is uo bruwlmg nud coulusioo. '1 he listening la
uUciiitvo and ti.o upprovul nainiatakably iu named
ibe pluilorin on "tlie and bill'' is prinililvo and
ability, allowing bat iltilo spaco lor tbo roaming pe
culiar to a certain elans of orators; but wbat tin- ag,
Utoria lose id tbia Wind of liberty tbey nans up lor
lu suwing tbo air an : luciul features wtiuu they liuvo
reached a climax. Kearney's ornis aro inpcrpc.uil
inolion, abd aluiu lie baa a point lo matte lie auudvuly
breaks out with:?"II you approve, all bauds Up;''?
aad neforo nine-tenths ol tne auditor* buvo bad iiiuo
to tbiblc ol tbo thing tbey ItaVa indorsed, their bauds
liavo boon up and tiio rellection on wbat they bavo
doao bus lo come allerward, uud It is in tbia subuila
slveni'ss or blind obudiuicu that lire Kearney move
ment has become a terror to iliu cliy. Tirern cau be uo
coulldcuce lu business wuiio tblartutooi iliiugf exists,
and lliv worst Icature ol ibe whole Ik Ibc dilllculty ?l
dealing wnti it, ibo city authorities tried to prevent
tiio ??KoarueyitOK'' lroiu liulding large mueiiug* by
the passage ol arbal has been styled lit "Gag law,?
rendering "Iticuudlurv language" addressed lo any
assembly of over a scoro ol pcrsouu punishable as a
lclouy. Ibo Legislature baallly ana am oat a Bad- :
lurenaly pus-oi mat law, but its iiuconstitetlooaiity
*>- iinri,cdi .loly iKSerted, and tno Minute b prac
tically a nullity. ke.iruuy and those wno tmilaie ms |
styio ol language I.av. .changed in uotliiog since, |
nu I est It be lor ibo worm, ana no persistent me tliey !
in r?|>e uiug thi Ir throats it. ainel Ibo Ctiiucsv tud de- I
bouncing I'onspicuouuly pubiln men who are inbar- I
liionlau? with tno agitators lliul tbero ta grout reason 1
to appiehuid danger iu its wor<t form, both to the
city and to individuals.
AS lUlrtl OP TlltilORISil.
An illusiraib ti ui tno aggressivu en .racier of ibo |
Keuruey tiioveuiont nud ibo drsad Ills preauucu lu- i
apnea Was lernlsoed about n inoutb ago ul a public
no cling id I'l ill's hall, rigtii In tlie coiuro oI tbo
principal business street. i lie bail bad been engaged
aoo a meeting c .lled in cousiuer tb? best in asurea to |
tin adopted in opposing ilia piiio.issiiig by mu Ulif
Fathers ol tlin auiei works that now supply loo city. |
About si.t hundred ol Ibc most substantial hu-ino.-s
men and property holders bad I'gn id tno call ul the ,
Meeting, and, us is u Mini eu each u< o ihious, b wit Ifceir i
revolutions ,il prepared and the names ul iBflucatlnl I
(.liiAous ready lo suhinit us an active comoiltli u lu i
l*?e We proper tuyattrsa to prevent what was bc
lievni 10 be a premeditated Meal lroiu tbo city oi
about S7,UU0,MU? Ibo nail was tleusely crowded, bold
ing prubtbly isStl two tifoasanii por-ons, aad olthroe
It is aaid tlial there wcro not More than one buiidrud
and twouty-live ol Kearney's luilowors yet in ibc
beisicruu i diu sod clamor lor Kearney he was actually
cliuscu chairman ol the uiouliug, lb - south invu who
had called It were brushed aside, their resolutions
and liio naiues ul thuir committee were ened down
and the paper! torn up before their oyea by Kearney.
It was tne 'most dl.sgrucetui public meeting ever be d
iu this city, and us toleration can omy bu uct.oiinied
lor on the ground lliat the best portion ol the au
dience saw m a ghiuou thai it Violence bad once corn
luenced tboro would nave been a Ie >rIuI load Ol III*.
Kearney oi cour-o rests his Justification on tho claim
that It was tba will ol the mealing Hint lie ibudid u.i
wliat be did; and efmi admitting that, It w is the
roughest uso ol sovereign will lever witnessed, and
I tuinll cannot well be roposted with ssl> ty.
a >*w viuii.asck CmmtTTKs taiKKb op.
In the piuceucv ul illsoidur and Ibrculeulugs ol vio
leuco it is hot to no woudcreu that tue -.tabiu men ol
the city should entertain Ibe thought of organi/log
for S'dl-dcieuce, and lliat tliauy are m lucllneil at the
present uiutnvm tbcro cm bn uo doubt. When Kcar
iioy aud Itia aasoelalca were particularly uoiev some
weeks ago 1 hud tno intimation trum a party inlly ad
vised oi what was transpiring tbol a new VigiUuee
eemmltuo was thill being organ Iked, aad siooo Ksar
ncy's laniarouadn at I'lati's Hail I am pretty certain
that all that it wautod IB tbo upportoulty to gel nt
him, and that ha will furnish that opportaulty before
long is likely cnougu.
doou alter be effected his organisation and begun to
look into politcs he arew Lorn bis pocket in i public
Meeting suverel loci 01 cord, one eud o' wb'cb ho
bud pre oared like a bang loan's nuosr. This he hold
up to the gaze ol ii;s uudiloi* and lulornud theui
toal that was one ol the unwritten planks ol his plat*
loriu, and the man whoproved u traitor to the work log
man's puny should be lie .ted to a traitor's dootu and
reCeivoa "dose ol heutp " On all great occasions be
exhibit* lb.* halter, t.nd whenever a recalcitrant is
limited the cry ol "Hemp!*' "hemp!" Is yelled vocif
arousiy. Singular enough, the very Ursi working
tu.iu whom they naiueu was elected ami sent to the
State donate, and within a low weeks from tlto ditto
ol bis electlou he lias boeu denounced ,s a traitor
to his party uud threatened with death by "hemp,"
and too agitators iucju what vltsy say.
.Sober linudud people every where will bo apt to re
gard Kearney's threats as' nothing more ttiau the
laVihgi oi a madman ; hut there is "method IU his |
madness" that deprives him 01 that liberal construc
tion upon tils sayings and do ngs. There are organ
ikcuciuosol workingiueu iu every ward ol mis c.ty,
numbering some llitoou thousand altogether, and iu
every couuty of tho stale, all bearing allegiance tutbo
central organization here, ol which Kcurucy is the
head, aud lout these clubs are Instructed to orguuizo
it aauelves Into military companies, to dril, and to
Isnru tho use ut arms. Is no secret, uud ihoy are doing
as i buy are told.
It is seldom liiub a club uicolliig is held without
some one llriug oil a liraue ol nbur.e against capital
ISIS aud urging preparations lor a day ol trouoie.
home blatherskites may imuu nothing ol whutihey
say, but there org plenty ol sober llsleuftr* who cau
argil ) ibeun elves into tho conclusion that, capital
Is the nn. my ol the workittguieu uud that u
struggle lor bread is lawitaule. ihc general lone uud
thu-tspirlt ot those who do speak is unmistakably
Cotuuiuulsttc, though tney inignievcu shudder at tho
use ot the term. It is impossible lor the teachings of
the loaders to ho hoard us earnestly by auditors with
out ibe Word taking root Iu the heart and producing
tho very work that is spokou ot, and that the work
nigmeu under thesa iigituto- H uro ripe lor bloody revo
lution is us certain us that Ke truey Is at their head,
aud already Kearney realizes that ho must hold them
It was ouly about two wccns ago ih.,1 a lecture w is
delivered In a public hull ou "The Labor 1'robleiu," ol
Wi.xu tho following Is u choice morctau :? '
"I'm- coiilllol will begin beloro the people are fully
prepared; hut tho .-truggie will on tnut account
be no loss desperate. It will not bo a contest
between armies ou tho npcu Held, but a worn ot |
devastation aud slaughter. Tho lustirgouts will
at llrst bo mowed down like stubble;
but, ucqulrlug caution by experience, they will |
expose tuomeelvos lea* in crowds and will roiuliulo '
with the torch, Aveugiug liros will hgitl the mid- |
night sky; jiroperiy el Irieiid ana ice will lull to- j
renter belore the consuming 11 .me; u Irenzy ol dendiv ,
bale Will seize men uud wouieil alike; assassination I
will wulk the streets ut uoouuay uud the uugul ol |
1.0 ilk will count liis victims ,oy thousands. Tho do- j
tails ol tne struggle no ouo can foresee, out the result |
Is clear, there will no a loorguuiz .nou ol tho social
?yaloin, aol because oce side will wiu tho light uud
the other be vunqui lied, but bucauso, no matter
whtcii side wins, roor.au zttiou wilt be uouu the less
a necessity. It is wril.su iu tho liuok ol Rue."
At u in ,ss meeting held ou tne same evening a body
ol tieruian* a-isud porinis.-Hin to lot in a club ot iheir
own in that ward, wn.ru they could spouk lo eacu
Other IS Uertuat. un.l tuolr i?< preaeuiut.vu innocently
stated, as an ..... um.'til iu lavor ot lUo icquo,,. tit .I u
this ?? .. (i tutcd every oik ol his associates aud
countrymen *woui i turnisn himself wun u musket."
Kearuty o.i tin same occasion tnada u loug ui.d euru
uhi i pe?. h denouuciug the press, tno hunk smashers*
and public cQioiehi iu general. II j hade duli.iuco lo
any vigilance committee, tie invited all who were
wiiliug to risk their lives iu defence ol the movement
to rui.-o their nuuds, aud all hands went up. lie ug.tiu
compared .-an Fr .ncisco Willi Moscow uud declared
thut the saiuo would ho the city's late II ever a con
11 ict with the woi kiugiueu urose. 1 ho vicious olc
mout would suizj too opportunity to burn Sun Fran
cisco down.
1 am no alarmist aud would rather write pleasaut
facts ol dun Frauclsco than uuytbing lo the contrary;
yet, intrusted as 1 aui, wttn tho confidence ol a por
tion ol the reading public, I cun uo uo less lliau
alllrm that timid people huvo apparently good luuuda
tiou tor their uimusiutsj. Men oi uiora tuau uruiuury
nerve, und otuors with uotniug at uako, may bo por
loctly indifferent to iue threats ol tne agitators, out
It is a solemn l.icl that every bruueb of business is
injured by tnls agitation. Money, the best barometer
oi public looting, is very emphatic uud cluur in Its
appreciation ol the present stale ol tilings, uud ovory
body iu business knows that there is uo coiilltlouoo
uuywhere, iteal estate, that lias always been tno
best collateral security in the money market, is not
estimated at hail lis former vuluo to-day. Savings
bauks are slow to accumulate oveu good names, uud
us a rulo they uro closing uccounts wnli old
customers. All auction sale ol property lo-Uuy hero
is litlio better than u luice; hut "across tho nay,"
In Oukluudi which ,-crveo dan Francisco us lirooklyu
does Mow Vork, there is every confidence, aud prop
erty maintains lis best Value. The best banks uro
exoeeuiugiy curciui and le-coiainodeiioii* are very
limited, seldom extoudiag bey eud their boat custom
ers, who mast he assisted.
'TliL city has been visited by ibe scourge of tire
Very disastrously ou suverul occasions, and when thu
threat ol exterminating the Cniuoco la spoken ol
there Is uo dount in any mind tii.l the buruiug of
ff?Liuutowu would be the lir.-t work attempted. How
luuon that could he controlled is ol coursu beyond
human ken ; hut II ever ihu torcu is uppilcd the pout
Up veugtuueo thul now Unas expression against tho
wo.iitny ouly iu words would thou do us icrnbiu
work, ihu extent ot iuis, il ouo.' began, uo ono can
tell, aud it is this iearlul looking forward lo the pos
sibilities ol evil which ties up the pursestrlug* uud
wlLUois up ovoiy subject ol enterprise, dan Fran
?Cisco id in thut precise poall.ou to-u.iy,
Laily one inoruing not long ago y our corrcrpondoiit
was sauntering ieisuroiy along into the business ueu
tro ol the city uud very unexpectedly the great ngtu
tor approached With extunded nuud. lio has a proper
appreciation oi the pun aud meets the proiesnou w ith
kindly greetings. 1 had t.eioro tried uusuccus&lully
to interview hnu, and sol improved lliu opporluoity
oi having a quiet talk ou the street. Ho upoko ficely
uud belore separating proiuisod lo wruo a statement
lor the Hi:HALO ol I,is programme and expedition.-.
Our street conversation opened witu a kindly sugges
tion in favor ol dunatur ileum-. There was uo uoin
b.M about Kearney ; no was very docile; his cifi.vor
satiou was iu a quiet tone, yet tuero was iu it ail iho
breaming u! auuienuiued purpose. 1 ho following
is substantially the interview:?
Counssi oNot.xi?lake my adv.co, Mr, Kearney, and
don't hung Mciiutor llonca. Adroit in my persons lu
luis city urn tioalllj la you aud i have luo idea that
it your purty hung lioucs Uioy will ruiaiiuiu.
Ksaknky?1 uiu not couccrned uhoul lueir threats
ugaiuai :uo. Uouca is a traitor. UcP.ru Ills election
he liurod bis nock uiid pussud Ihu rope urouul it in
tli* presence ol thousands aud declared that il hu be
trayed Uta party lie wanted llicm to bung litin.
that iiteruil) t
Kk.AK.NhY?Ho aalil so, at all cveou, and ho iiieaul
II; iuU any mall who I* a truitor duaarvo* to bo bung.
(JuMUt.-l'OXBIt.VT?Wi.ut la I li o Icuglh ol that ropo
you eany about with you?rix or eight icot?
I.KAKNhi?Oa, ita long enough to do tbo busmen*
for auy waiter.
CuHiti.Hi''..xi>i:XT?Now, hoar could you carry that
Into execution? lait uw aupposa that you wore going
to Uo It now. Don s is living in Oakland.
Kkai:?i.y?Go lor turn, itu would call lor protec
tion, loo police would deluiid bliuaul tho rcvuiutiou
Would begin.
eoaintNiusiiKXT?You look lor revolution?
Kkaiim.v ?It h certain to come, and sooner than It
U exp end. 1 li.iV* lu hold tliom buck, The wnolo
country i? ripu lor rovolutiou,
ConKKHI-OMlKYT? Hut yoU IlllVO DUItrttlS?
K akM Y?luuro la no tlounlo about ill it. The
p< op.o arc with un and wu can gut arms.
bOKItKal'OXUhXT?Uo you think tliu roVnluiloii will
b"glu halo 1
Kkakm.y ? No; 1 think* Il U mora likoly to com
mune* iu the 1'. isl. 1 inn in correapuudeneo with n
grout luuuy societies and they urge mu to visit Iticin ;
but 1 can't got aw iy Just yet
CoKKKI'ONOh.NT ? YoU Will, llMWOVCf, pi KO IIIC time?
KliAKNKY ? I tliiok 1 will go to Clu ago alid Now
Y nrk, il I < no't go any where else, alter tho Male Con
stitutional Couvuhllou la over.
Coaur.-eoxnKM?lu ilia moautimo you will do until
lug wIIII H >Dea?
Kiakni.y? Wo want hiui to r><slgu. Ho h.ia be
tratou us and bo slniuld ro-igu. 11 no docs thai mil
end inn.
ton it r imiknt?."appose he slioul'l not?
Kkaioi.y ? Well, no will cull rt oouvolition ol liono*!
men 11uin every pari ul the Wile, and it il :.l coiivclr
lion 'ircidoH lout he Is to l.o hull;, ho (halt homing.
tukklu'l'oliVkkV?it would be aeculnpliabOii by riot,
1 NllppOStf
Kkahsi.y -Well, the Irotdoui gained by tho lulled
hi.ilea v* ? buguu by riok
Hero ino l.teutenahl General took Irorn his iiocket n
copy ul loo Uptn Litirr, IUonlllui.il rtpiuiui.. HIV* ol
II.u workuiitiinin'a movement, and drew ill > ultoulion
to whit lie vailed ? well written odllorlila on Mia sub
ject." lbe writer iiivcij, is nguliial tho wide pro.d .
coriupllod III tho itfpubnu lie men holding office,
nil i tuat all promise* ul rolorm hud boon nut putting
out on* rot ?l lllteVu* to make loulu tor uuoiiii r . *t
en I id, il nnl worro, than llio-n wbo hid preceded
llism. Il.e power ot wuallli war par.iiuoiht, .ill.I
lliu hiiciossIui thiol wus lrented Willi Consideration
no long a* lie cooid Hoop out ol tun elutebo* ?l tli*
lew luo amkiugtueo w. re. tlivioloro, ju. s10?-? I in
Up'ettlllg nil politics! power ubu inking ttio rein I (>l
liuv?ruiii< in into luoir nwu uiin'ta, mid thy writer
continued;?"Am the clana who fuller nrn much the
?tron*e*i iiioy li?v? th? power vo*nlorce rulomiawuti,
hut it la beginning lu bo beli*V*U ibut it siuil no < o
lorced and oatiuot lie brought nboni by reconciliation
oi uiitrcnty. Mut iiivru is.i diillouiiy iu ?nlnremg is
form without going outside oi tun iiw. A ni.uir.A.v
HgltO lll.il IU it Ci'l IwlU e Veil I lie will submit himself to
be hanged, and It Ibuy ho the opinion ol all llial h?
merits tli it punishment br in* net*, mid ycl tws towig
Ing would l>? a breach ul tlic pi a m and pubinualiiu
uudor the alaVUt*. I hero liaVu hoi o times,
though, when popunr fcntlmnnl wins swong
? i.ougli lo ovsrr Uu tho law. 1 no lloulon ica party,
tor distance. Ihu * persons who upon lliui
occasion disguised ihetnaelvva us Itiillaila and threw
I. n belonging to other people into .tic water, clearly
Inn. no MKlfl to llu so Mill! ouUbliers, III the opiul ill of
many personam the lime, suoold nave been punished,
y ul liny wero not an I were sustained iu tlieir uniaw
tul act ny impiiisr soallniuni. And law is sucn a i|u?#r
thing, lien may bno? tluucs to uotray itim pony and
Voic lor bad bills, and lion* may do it, and yet tlrutie
suiso iiiou would hu tuo hrst 'o urge wio strongest pos
slblvieg.il IiiosnUios again .1 thoia* who should curry
bill the agreement under wiiioii Houes took Ins fdace
* * * J oh u llrown was lunged and li ciiar.il Grant
wn. ill ado President of tbo United .-flutes for doing the
h iiu" tiling, only lu the latter esse tho pet4M sonti
meni hud ripoueil. >l?y It nut oo that tho mission of
our party m to m> rip mi pcblio opinion that reform
uisy hccomo prautic tins ?''
Tim prima run Avu Au.wvsr.
Bali i raucisco la noi yst Urge enough to bo nblc to
boi.st Ot a thoroughly Independent Pr*M/'
there arc aw ot our paper, rich "
ill c 1 * tl til uvi '??!' ?" ? ?* - .j
lucrrated circulate 11. ;tio worsingmeh aro numerou ,
lucrrakto circuiuta -- .
at.d itier*' is ? uvclv merest iu cau-nn,: to ibt.r
prvjua.ee.-, uud uu!orkuuutely lor tuu c.ty me P*P?"
Shut urc mild euoujii 10 uvla?k corruption can give
JLIeuui. he.ruey excellent support wituoul going
oi lhe wev to do II. He a Initial particular well
necked. the AUa la tieroily hostile to tlJH1 **,ut"r
aud unsparing Hi IW Ueuuuciuliou ol him and hi**??
bociato*. TUo Alta la a high priced pupor. ami P u?**
lucii oil the wualih aud raspceiaUUtiy ol u* rcu<lcr*
end patrons. and la Una "Ppos'tion to Kcareay it
una i>u.iruu?, uuu iu : . ...it
ucaoubuiily supporuil by tut- mou ol wmmvtc* ,
capital. Tue Alta Una tarn uuxiuu* for Kuaracy una j
CUlMlal. 1 uc -inu u??? ? --
Liu lollo*crt n? eomui 11 ?u overt uct a^aiuai
tt7ioTeeyk?^r u'P*ieScaTr-ob.ble that Senator
Boue* tuiguibo the Ur.t vicinu. Kourooy'* tmmedi
utu follower* were very miter toward hnu ami did not
hvallate to say that hi* HI' *?' >n danger. One of the
briiilnoil lijf&u (?) umoug ibuiu tola iuj thai tbe Utl
iu^ wn so interne that ho looted lor the ns*as*iuatlou
ot i lie Senator. The Senator obtained a permit a lew
day- before the Interview given above to carry urius
and prooably lias lor aome time been unplea nilly con
scious of tils danger, should their ttirea.a ever
to realized Kcuruev aud the louder* would
swing to the nea**t lamppost*. stueo bo expressed
those ideas the sKUaliou hua changed greatly, h?
com in aud ot In* laoliou I* uo longer .o absoiutu as t
was and there aro symptom* ol it* disintegration, it
would seem that ihv w ,i ..inglneu W ho are ?''1
uud-oul Conimuuiiia begin to soo tho tendency ot
their iuriucr blind culhiis.usiu lor an irresponsible
demagogue and alo to realize the
alttiou *t? ioii dtinouittraiivo^ tb iu itioiu??.lvca
arrayed on the side ot order and conservatism It is
great enough to prevent an itchy, and only anarchy
oau give opportuuity tor' tea ft^Hi inout ot his upp?r
ent designs. * '
AH txpoamos OF DOCTiilM ? 111 A PBOMtNEHT
S-'AX Fax* CISCO, March 24, 1ST8.
To the Kditoii otr the Hkualo:?
'tlio workluguen's party of California wilt cow go
into history. H Ira* won Iu tlrsi victory at the poll*,
elected a Sur.a .senator, and bids fair to lake charge ot
ihu fSlato at au oarly day.
It will thuu sock ufliliation with the labor parties ot
the Uuton lor the purposo ot restoring our gsucr.tl
government to the peoplo and their triouds.
For the past twenty year* capital has ruu the politi
cal machinery ol tho wuojo country. The lucky muu
wae elected to otncc. Uo was Indifferently honest lor j
a while; hut little by little he began to Beck his own )
xsnds. Tho rights of tho people were Ignored. The |
vested rights or property wcro the chief |
euro of legislators. From securing what th?-y
had they proceeded to ucqulro more by polit
ical indirection. . impunity encouraged them to
depredmto on the public niouey and lands. Railways,
mines, commerce mud navigation were Drought under
the control oi semt-politicul rings. Thoy ran tho
banks, the great corporations and the government.
They made peculation a solenco. They did not s ru
plo at fraud, perjury aud lorgery when thoy scrvod
tbolr lurn.
California has been peculiarly subject to theso influ
ences. The land ol the State is In low hand*. All Hie
great tntorotils are in low hand*. All our oldco*, sala
ries aud public institutions uro Jobs, put up to till
tno pocieels ol tlie rich ruther than to servo tho publio
" At last comes tho choap laboriug Chinaman, when
the wliiies aro pout up by laud and money inonopo y,
aud the lucky capitalist like* the doctle sUve
bettor than tree melt and women.
mot her*. *oo?, diughiers are oat ot omptov
moul Tho young men cannot marry. Who can sup
port n wife and underwork a poor hUto ut tho same
time? thus thoy ruu to drink, lioodlumiam, crime
"file young women cannot marry. They can Und no
nlacos ol service, because the Chluanna I* thoro,
cheaper and more superHOrvlceable. Wnatreniaiusr
aurvutlou or vice or crime, rhousand* o
dronoi tho oooraro growiug up to lUis late. They
must bo without partuers. without lainlly or home,
vagabonds lu their uutive land.
1 tie Cnluamau Is doing " lor tho poor of Calirarola
what tho black slavo ol tho South did lor what wcro .
called the poor white trash-with tins ditlernuc. that
tho poor of tlio South knew not me cause of their
misery aud dogrodutioa and lougnl to sustain it. Wo
aro heller ihloriuvd. ,r??e?,.,?i
Wo know that Ohtnose cheap labor will, tr persisted
iu reduce us all to Hie condllloli ol tho Chinaman.
Wo have petitioned for his removal, our political
platforms promised his removal. Our ropre*enU
tivostoid us he should bo romoved. Uhdor these
promises wo havo waited long Hnd patiently. No. not
imtmutiy. Our patience booamo exhuustvd.
Last September Ueuuis Ksarnoy stood up beiore tho
workingmcu and said tliey muat take uielr own af.
fnira luio their own hand. Ho was a worker?a dray
man?"lardwb'fclng, with a .amity aud full ol *eu. lor
lua cliildrc-o aud lit* a-loplod country. He has mile or
o lelrumg or polish. A rough diamond, ho cuts
with a tlcry tongue. Ill* lioarer* re-ocho hi* enlhuet
ustn. Thoy applaud aud he llres up till tho mutual
flatno striken terror to timid soul* nnd makes ibum
upprehoud riot uud outr .gc. llut no such ihinuislu
leudud Sot III" slightest nreach ot the peace, not tlio
lca? actual idisorder #'? 1 ?">? ?"r
\ei though wo have bo .'h 2d,0tw strong.
Kearney wits soon Joined uy II. 1.. Knight and otUors.
A plallorm was adopted. U has but llvo point*.
deinmids:? , ...
Tlio absence of Chluesa elin?|) labor.
'lho leruiiuutlou ol laud monopoly by law.
The suppression ol money monopoly by tnxal on.
llccent provlaiou unu euuc-vtion lor nit tho chllurcu
?8tringont'laws against public plunder and corrup
UThe simple principles and tho stirring eloquence ot
wormugmcn soon brought out ihou-,and*. tne move
mout "praad lue a lire. Iu ouo moulb Its members
wuro coui,tod by iliu thousand. In two months It
in,railed Id ooo sober, ordetly, but resolute men
through tlin e.ty ol Hnu Krauc.MOo. IUo author,
tic* wuro al irnied. I hoClilu. so trembled. IhonU
Cempanio* addrersod the President.
cast in prison on charges ot mcenutarUra. Nothing
could bo more untrue. No proposition ?w?vor uiado
to Jvsiroy a Ibiug or kill a man. It wa.i simply no
cnue tna lauguago tlrod tlio boons ol the people and
com oiuud Uitin uit unu luuu that our unutnio* weio
airuld aud ou.u ait into prison.
'ibu bull was uiudu cxceamve. Charges wero multi
plied to get tbu bill up. Kearney wit iho cuo.iou
president, uud hi* bail waa $40,i>Wfora nilslomeinor.
Knight w.iavuo secretary, aud in* bull $'ju,ooo. limy
were call lino unwholesome dungooua and kept tburo
against oil law and justice.
In llin meantime William Wrllock li.nl Joined tlio
movoiuuut mid soon came lo Iho Hunt lor In* bold ut
terance*. Ibis wat tbouuiu ?( tlio luccudlarlsin. "fu*
Coiuaiiiad luu-t loavu California. Wo liuvo bscn pi
tieii long enough. We uro tu earnest How. Wo w ill
orginuo uud ariu. We will carry iliu ballot box uud
that dono wu will uro mat tlio will ol llm pcopie i?
oboyud .iod our country rid 01 ilia cheap ooolieslav?.:'
f our moniti* tinv<j clap-ou aiuco tbo birth ol tin*
party uud it is now a giaul ol gigantic mature.
A Slate beim tor die* in AUuioda county au t tbo work
in gtn ell (111 bis place, polling more vole* ttiuu both
iho republicano uud democrats put together. Work
ingtn* n ol America, behold iho dawn ol bettor goveru
mout! Itisupouux. Oaillorntaat thenar.telection will
have muu who wnl logi.dato lor the puoplu aud accoui
pi mi tint end* they desire. In tlio ineuuwblli tbo
iund drabber*, iho mouey monopolist*, tbo Chtuoeo
mix Cump.iniea uud tlio corrupt city otbciala are ou
aoa.oriug t? stay the movement. Alan! I?r Ibcm;
ouiy lo bo crushod under it* wiiccls I bey send laUo
deep Actio* to Oou;;r?-4*. 1'bov till tlio country wuu
almuiiug rupurt*. Titty make la.no cii.irgo.* against
iho leaders?Kuiruoy, Knight and Wolluck. iboy
hold tlieni in )ail lor word* >pokon at a public moot
In* lullowod l.y no riot, no disorder. They uold tliciu
iu a pen, uot III lor bug*. 1 hey pile up tlio bail to
(Ml.not), in oeiiiiica ol (ho cousiilutlou. i n* y pre
lend lo be ulr&i 1 o! nediliou and lutui re* lion, Wucroa*
Iboy are only airaitl that tbo scc|itro U shout to no
matched I rem ilium.
Iho workiogiiien a> California w III make Kill Hi alo
n mo lei republic. N" man *n *11 have inuru laud
than a Mpi.iro mi o. No mm sbsll luve ? iuiIIkio ol
d.dl.i' a wnile utlior* starve. No child ahull go onlcd,
unclothed or ui.oduuatard, and there ahall l>? no cticap
Slav to degrade aud impoverish the children ol mo
Having accomplished tlil (or ourselves wo will Join
liai.d i Willi the wot kinsmen ol the nation lo vl up
tlio hiui| lo rule- ol our I itbur*, honesty, eon .toy aid
exact jiihiico to ail.
Wo n.ivo no conception ol our exact strength, bnl
haViu : earned on# county In wulch we lia*l no special
po?*i wo li*Vu good re a-oil <o Oclii'Vo that the ie-1
are oQr* also when we need them. Weknowoi ten*
ol thou and*. Wu t.iivo br.uicuo* ovor all tk*'.itile.
Ai I aiy you, It will lie a miracle il yon a cornpllib
your cud Won, w liavo already perl or mod i m.ri
cle. Wu novo revolution /. :*l a .Mate in lour monib-.
In lour years, with tlio help ol workmguien in iho
gist, wu wi.i ink i thu I'll ion, ami ouce uior ? noiieal
poverty kboil to respected. II. I* KNItlllT,
fin.rotary Wurklngui' >n's l'irty, California.
i hni hci i.v aMlnuuh?MoNuolxmn i.i ks
1'HlVlLi.bKU 111 AN MOliOK*?AN l.Ml'OltlAN A
[From lb*' Hiii Franriaco Alia California, April 30 J
Koine Hnio ago a number of Ch !in-?o resident* ol till*
eiiy npplicd for eittxeo paper*, through tneir attar
hi')*, lo liiu Hulled Male* Circuit Court. Tlio appli
cation surprised Iho Clark of the Court, - ml tu* refused
to givo the paper*, referring the applicants to tbn
Judge, who sat a day lor busting tlio se*e. Tim usn
wa? hoard i si Monday aud liken under adv scinvnt.
Yest* runy Judge Sawyer rendered Ins Uociilun, which
is so inijiortant that wo give it m lull, lor relerence
liorc.ilioi, a? the ci.o will go lo tbu United State*
Ku pi tine Court, though lor ordinary purpose ol con
voying informal on si to tlio tlisposiliuu ol n case
the new* is contained in the following syllabus ; ?
? 1 Nitrraai.iiATios?tniVKss. a nailv.* of China,
ol Hie tluugoiioii raoc. i* not eoilllud to hecouie a
cit.a.n ol tin* United Htat*-< under the Itevi ed msi
nies a* iinnndol In 117b. (Itov. St., see. 1 t(M, aim-lid
Weill, It fit, It l.tdo. )
A Mongolian is not a "while parson" within the
meaning 01 the term m used la the nalaraltuttoc
laws el the t. uiled states.
Tbo lull text of ibe decision of Judge Sawyer, Ci?
cat; Judge, is given below; ?
lu the Circuit Court of tbo Called State* of tbg
Nil.tb Judicial Circuit, lu ami fur lUo District of Cull
loiula?to ibe Duller ol Ab Yup, applicant I or u-iu
raliiatiou?All Vup, a native and citizen of toe En??
piru ot Coiua, of the Mongolian race, presumed a pe
tition iu writuig, praying n??l no oe permitted te
make prool of ttie taoia alleged, and upou satiefactorw
| ro it being inane, and his taking the oath required
in such casta, he be admitted as a ctuzon ol the
United Stale*.
The pom ma state,J all the qualiUeatlone required by
tUe statute to eulitlo tbo pomiuuer to oe uaiuraliaecl
provided the staluio uuitioriz is the naturalisation of a
native of Cb.ua ol Ibu Mongol.au race, Tlie pennon
wag presented by U. 3. lirook,, a counsellor or Una
Coon. Uiu being the Ural application made by a na
tive Chinaman lor naturalization, Uiu members ol the
liar were i equesieu by Uiu Court to mako each sug
gestions jut let curia: us occurred to tti.m upou either
sldo of the question ; wboreutiua S. Huydenleldt, Jr.,
argued the caau very luily in oppoalllou to the appli
cation. Suggestions wuru aleo inudo by otbor mom
bore of tbe liar present,
1 bu ni.!y question is wnether the etatute authorised
tbo uatur .1 z at ton ot a unlive of China ot tbe Mongo
lian race.
lu all tlic wit ol' Congress relating to toe naturali
zation ol -Ulcus, (rout that of April 14, 1802, down to
lliu 1U v.scd ei.ilutee, Uiu language baa been "that any
alien, balug a lrce white port on, may be admitted t?
become a cit.* n, ' Ac. Alter tno adoption of the
Hiiru-uutji una tuurtcuutli amndmouu to tbe no
li on. 1 constitution?tbe lormcr prohibiting slavery
and tuc ' luttcr duci.iruig wno ebuil be citizons?Con
gress, lu ihu .ct ol July >4. 11?70, amending tno natu
ralization laws, added l it a following provision:?
'?That ibu naturalization laws are nereby cxluudod
to aliens ol African nativity anil to peraoos of African
ussceut." (10 nt it., gab, soc. 7.)
Upou tbo ruvistoti ot the statutes tbe revtsors,
probably iuadvertently, as Cougross dla uot contum
plate a change In ibu laws ill lorce?omitted ibe
words "whlio parsons," secliou *J,10b of ttio Uevisod
statutes, being tno section couiurriug tbo right,
reading"Au alien may bo admitted to beoouio a
cilizuu," Ac. no provisiou leiuuug to Alricuus of
ibu act ol 18T0 is qui ried luto tliu il vis?d.3tatoios lu
u -cpuratu section, wlncu roods as follows:?
"i no provisions ot tbiu idle shall apply to aliens ot
African nativity ma to pursous ol All lean descent."
(Section ?, 10b ) Mils suction was amouded by the
??Act to correct errors uud to supply omissions in tno
if. vised statutes oi the L nite'd statue," ol February
18, 187!>, so a* to read:?"The prom-dons of ibis title
uli.ill apply to ullcns, being iree white persons, and l?
aliens ol Alnosb tialiv.ty, and to persons of Air.cat
descent." (Key. aim. p. 1, 43 d; Is 3tat., 318) ana at
the statute now stands
I'd* quo-dions aro:?
t nit? Is u per-ou ot tbo Mongolbin race a "wblti
person witlun tbo tueaulug of the statute?
Second?Do those provisions exclude ult but wbtls
person, uud pursous of Airman nativity or Alrlcaa
descent <
Words iu a statute, other than technical terms,
should bo taken iu Ibeir ordluarv sense. I'lio words
'?Wbite person," us well argued by petition
er's counsel, lukcu in a strict literal lunso,
constituted a very iudelluilo description of a
class ol persons, wnerc none cau be said
lu bo literally wtnie, nud lb use called white
in iy i,e lound ol every t-nade, iroin lliu lignum!
biondo to tno most swarthy orunulte. put inesa
words, in (Ins country at luu.l. have undoubtedly ac
quired a well sullied meaning iu com nou popular
rpeucb, uud tl?J' are coiisisritly used in ttio sense s<
acquired lu tnu literature ol tUe country, as well ug
In couitatfh parlance. As ordinarily used any wiiert
in tnu United Slates one would sunicely fall to under,
stind tbe ptrty employing ttio words "a white
person" would luleud a pcrsou ol the Osucael in race,
in speaking of the various clustiUcalious oi races
Webster, iu bis dictionary, says:?"The common
ClussiUcuUoU is Hint ol' illuincnbacli, wbo inn km
Live. First, the Uuueaniau, or white race, to wniob be
long the greater purl ol tbe Kuropoan nations uud
thuse of Western Asia; second. Hie Mougoliau. or
yellow race, occupying larury, China, Japan, Ac.;
third, the Klblopuau, or negio (buu'k) race, occupy
tog ail Africa, except t#e North; lourtli, the Ameri
can, or red race, containing the Indians ol Norib and
South America; and bun, Hie Malay, or browu race,
nud occupyiug the islands of tnu iudiau Archipelago,"
Ac. I tils division was adopted iron, iiuUuu, with
some cliunges iu names, uutl l? lounued on tnu com
bined characteristics ol complexion, Uuir uud skull.
Lluu.uus makes lour divisions, founded on the color
of tbe skinFirst, Kuropean, whitish ; aucoud, Amer
ican, coppery; third, Asiatic, tawny; uud lourth,
African, black. Ouvier mukes tbruu?Caucasian, Mud
got, negro. UHiors inuko many more, but uuuo In
clude the wiillc or CuucuMuu, with the Mougoliau or
yellow ruco; uud uoue ol those Classibcalions, recog.
nlztug color as one ol lUo distinguishing characteris
tics, include the Mongolian in lliu white or wbllist
race. (Section '22, "New Amorican Cyclopedia," title
"K theology.")
Neitusr in popular language, In literature, nor la
scientific nomenclature do wo ordinarily. It evor,
find tno words "white person" used In a
seaio so couiproiicnaivo aa to include uu
individual of thu Mongolian race. Yet, lu
ull, color, uoe withstanding lis indoUniicneaa
us a word of description, is tuauo an itnporuul locior
in the laws adjpiud lor tlic uotornunaltou uud ehtssifl
culiou o: Ibo races, t uut nol aware tbul ll,o term
"wbilu persona," US used in the statute, as tlluy navo
stood from 1302 till ilu *latu ruvisiuu, w tg ever aup
posed to include a Mougoliau, while I Uud nothing in
the history oi tnu country, in comtnou or scionuuc
usage, or tti legislative proceedings, to tndiculo that
Congress into .dud to Include iu fiu term "wuito per
son" any oilier i lion an individual ol Ilia Cuucusiau
race. 1 do not Uud much in the proceedings uf Con
gross to show mat it Was universally understood in
that body, iu lis tecum legislation, that It oxouded
Moogolluus. At ibu timn " i Hie aiuuiidinaut, in 1 v,'U,
extending ibe naluruiizatluu laws to the Airman race,
Mr dumber made repealed and strenuous ellorte to
strike tbe word "white" from the Naturalisation laws
or to uccoiupilsli tnu sutnu object by other lacguago.
It was opposed un tbo solo ground (list
tbo ollect would be to authorize Uiu adicmsiou
ol Chinese lo citizen hip. Kvory Senator wnu
spoke upon the subject assume J taut they ware then
excluded by tnu term "While person," and that tbo
iMMonJiuCbl would udiiitt tbem, au i the uiueudmant
was udvocMied on Hie out) liuud oud opposed ou tue
otbor upuu ib u single idea, sesntor Morton, In tba
oourso ol lliu disc uis.ou,-.iiuI bis ainuii imunt in
voves thu wiuiu Chine-o problem. * * * Ilia
country baa Just awskeneil to Hie question and lo tbo
on< rinoua iu tg.iitude ol tbo quutlloo luvuiviag a pus
sibh iinmigratiou ol mauy umuous; tuvoiviug anotbei
civilix tliou; involving labor prob euia thai uo in tolled
0:111 soivu tlUMll iu ly an 1 Ume. Are you uow pre
pared 10 ?gtllu ttiu Cmopronlcni, Ibus in advauco
inviliugltualjliiiiuigrtitiuu?" {Conjietuunil <*to6i-,aparl
fl, l'OU-TO, page i.lTl.) Senator Mumavr replied: ?
"donalora undertake to disturb us iu our judgment by
reminding ae ft tb 1 possibility ol Ur.c numbers
saaruaiut; train Cuius; bat tbo unawtr 10 >11 tble i?
very obvious and vary id m | do. II lite Cbiue.f couio
here tbejr will cotno tor cli zeu.hip or moruly lor
labor, li titay come lor cinzjuship tlioo Iu this de
aire U? tljoy i;ive a pic iic<> "I Ivya.ty to our luetilu
tioim. And * or) 1* tin- peril tu auclt vow*? they
aiu poauelul and luuuairtous. Uu* cju their citizen
tblp bo lliu occasion of bdmituJof" {lb., b ,166.)
Meuy oilier Mouniora spoke pro nud eon uu the
question, tliia being the |ioint ot toe coulokl (lb., pagrt
Mil to 6,17*1. It was lluully delcntud, and 1 tie .intend
?wul cited,extending mo right 01 natural zatiou to the
Alriuau only, w?< adopted. 11 m clear Irom tlteee pro.
delink* that Congrsei retained the word "white" in
the n .. u r*li ait .on 1 .we tor the aale purooae ot ex-ludlog
lliu Cltluoeu troiu lUv right ol oatur.iiz&liou. A nam,
when it wae lound tti it trie term "wntte p Tkon" had
been ouiittud ta the H?Vl?M Statute*, It w?a roalored
by the act paaaed "to e irrect error* and to aupply
omisaiou*" in tho Kevlncd Statutes before cited. I poo
ropoi ting tit? a bill, dir. Poliad, ca iinuaii ot the com*
untie*. vxtdainod the vnriou* aiueoduienii correct,
log errara, uud upon tlio amendment to insert the
worde, "heme IN* suite pot sou#," aatd, "I'lie orig
inal i.atur iiizaiiou 'awa only o~.lutidrd to Iran white
piraou" " ? * A vary lew years enaoe (la
IS7U> ill. .Sumner, ol MimascbuaeilS, tbeu id the
nniiuio, moved to airiko out tho wind -wo.te' Irom the
Nalur 1I1S.1I1011 laws, aud It waa objects'! to ou the
ground lunt that would autboriae tbo intturanzitioa
ol that oiaas of AilaHe Idimtpruutt thai are ko pluuU*
lul ou ttio i'acillo coast. Alter oouaidnrablo ?tubal#,
Inalead ol striking out the aoru 'white,' it waa pro
Vii.ed that the Natural)/it.on lawe ahoold extend to
tbu Africans MM ptrMMt 01 Alrioin deadest " Alter
ospi lining tue ouiiiilaaiou iu tbo llensel rstalulos ho
ends:?"ibo member ol our coifimitto who n.?d tbia
chapter 011 the Naturalization laws to ex itntne ?a a
aub couiiiiilleu tailed to i.oima tbia change la the law,
or it WOttld bava been biuo/hi beloiB 111u ltouae when
tii# 1 ev 1 ston w ?s adopte 1 '* (I' n/rrttionul llecord,
\ol. J, Pail it, ae Hatha lsT6, o. I.oali.
I'poa tbia report lire mil idiunul was mado as
It now atsuda In I lie tlaWa I bus wbatcver lati
tudmariaii Coaatructiou m-slit otberwiaa ha givea
to tbo term "white pereeh" it ta enureiy
no r that Congfea* 111 leaded by this i?ni?l itiou
to exclude lloWgtdlarie Irmn the ripht of naturalise*
tlou. 1 mn, U 1 ropfv. ol the opiuiuu that a native of
China, ol iiif Men get 1 aa race, is not a white poraoa
w.thtu the 111c1tu11.11 01 tbo act of Congress.
the second qucauou 1* auaweted in tho diacuealoa
ol the Quit rtio aoretidbicul te intemtjd Is limit the
oper iilon ot the lWWfte?oa as it then ?i>od in tba Ko
Viaod bi..lui" . it would have i?en moro appro
priately Ill-tried In auction J,Id. Ibji.i win ro it It
lound (in aectio 1 'i.Hat ibe purp >aa la olear. It
a is certatuly lulili led to li i\e aodio operation, or it
wi.uid lift have if in adopted, the purposo uu
dfuutodiy waa to restore the law to the condittee ?>
w'neb it atoad belorn the rovtaifU, and to okdudo the
Chi nose. It * f 111 tended to oxiiudo aomo rimes,
and aa alt white siitn* and tho-a ol the Airlceu race
am entitled to natural!'. ilion u idor l..e words, it ta
dlflli uit u> perceive whom 11 c ?upi i-sulde uniors it
be 1 he 1 lh iM*e.
it loliuwa that tho pclltion tuusi bu doaieJ, and It It
ao ord red.
Ap'll M, 117$.
It, b. lirofka for pctmouor, H. tlaydonfeldl, Jr.,
annul curse, oppoaiug.
Tho l'llot Coiuntiaaloiiart met yoaterday, AmbroM
Nn 'W to the chair. A letter waa recaivi-d tram CapUiu
Colou, ol the ? P. Ur.niu, aaising win ih' r hta voaael,
which la 110 Ito. to too (op ti :ck, could psaa uuder
the br.dge calilax An alllrrnuiive answer waa aunt
to tbo writer, with the Information tut, at tho prat
em time, the bridge cablca were 1 IS leot high. Jacob
Ackernianw.it extmined and paaaed na s pilot. In
apeclur Conw.iy proaentrd hit report ol the raid ea
lh - a nasi pelfs, a which he atatvd that there waa nu
opposition ou the part ?> 1 the llabermee. It waa ae.
11pied, lh ? norti iit of dir. Kiuui, which wm p .imod
by Ira Ketnt'fut, .1 n ece 01 tlielote Coruuil'-loU' ,
w ia pVren 'a?d ny the Board and ordered tramed. It
la con ? idervd au 1 xcvllonl likcaraa aud will tie piac J
in toe 1.aiuiuiasiouvfa' ruvuia, thu Ueard than ad*

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