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Important Decision Regarding the
Statute of Limitations.
Hunting Guns of Napoieon lit. as Collat
eral for Board.
9omo time ajro Joseph Culllote! brought n suit against
trie city te recover f 5,000 damages fur Injuries ic
ccived 10 1373 by lulling ou tbo sidewalk ID Llleecker
street, the same being o.ut of repair. Tlio easo wi.a
brought to trial bclore Juago Van iloesen id the Court
ol Coinmou 1'lous und the Jury gave a verdict lor the
plalntuf for $500. Upon ngrcouioel botween connsel
judgment was suspended by the Court pending a mo
tion tor a retrial on tho ground that the suit was
barred by tho statuio ol limitation . The injury com
plained ot occairod on the 13th of Mnrcn, 1873, i<t
which Utne tho Code provided that injuries to tho
person might bo brought within six years alter the
cause ot action accru d. The plalntill oul not bring his
ncilon until April 7, 1S77. Before the sun was begun
and iu May, 1376, me Legislature uinouded tUo Code
by enacting tliat actions lor injuries to the t>< r?on
siinnht bo Drought within one year aftor tbe cause ol
action accrued. This was the period of llmilntion
when tho suit was commenced. Oil ihe 22d ol M ly,
1877, the period ol limitation was changed to three
vour;. The defendant, however, pleaded ihcoueyear
(imiiatlou whlcn was in lorco when the action was
begun. Tho sole question , brought up on the
motion wag as to whether ttio action was
i buried by ihe one year llmltatton enacted hi
187U. Judi;o Van Iloeacn holds in a decision
rendered yesterday lliut the Legislature has a right to
puts a statute which shall operate retrospectively una
sweep away any right oi action arising irout a torlt 1
?ut the inu utKio so to do must no plain. The statute ,
of limitation, he says, does not charge the obligations |
?l a contract wboc it is merely applied lo the remedy. ,
'Tho amendment ol 1S70 virtually destroyed the plain
lill's right ol action. It only gave him one mouth '
and loin days within winch to bring ins sun, and this j
the Judge minks was unuececsailly short, mid il the ;
action was on contract tbe defence would bo ruled out. ,
But as in la suit is lor a tort he holds the uelence lo bo |
jood under the stall t", and therefore give - .judgment !
lor Ihe Uefoudanl. Mr. John A. l-'osier uppeured lor j
Ihe piainnir and Mr. Mi ler lor ttie city.
'Tho trial ol Goorgo Weymau, alias "California ]
George," tor the killing ol William J. Gould by' n stab i
wound iu a Bowery saloon on tbo moruiug of tho 2d ot
January last, was rcsniued yesterday holore Judge till
dersloevo in Part 11. of the Court ol General Sesvlous.
It will he remembered that m tho cuurso of a sirugglo
which followed it couvcrsatton on wrestling the do
ceased received tho injury from tho effects ot which
bo died. A witness wus called by tbo deletion named
Georgo Stewart, alias "Western George," who lesti
Rcd that on tho morning iu question he was iu tbo
saloon when be met Gould who, persisting in wrest
ling with him, throw him to tho ground
and broke bis aim. lie subsequently mot Wey
mau uud told mm of the occurrence. At
ttiu close of the evidence, Mr. .1 K. f ellows summed
bp on hehall ol the prisoner, con tunning that the cir
cumstances entirely jttsull <i tho stabbing, lie alluded
also to tbo contradictory character of luo n stiuiouy
Tor tho prosecution, submitting that tho statement of
the witness who swore he called the attention ot tho
police otiiccr to the lucl tint he saw Weyman throwing
aw ay I bo kuile alter his arrest, was tlally contradicted
by the polic.- ufllcer, who sulci no iot^nd it Iu tire
Bowery several houi* utter, iio argued that Gould
was tho uggiossor Irum the begiumug, uuu tearing
lutul consequences lrout itig struggle wblcli ensued,
Woymuu wne compelled to duleud mmsoli. Assistant
District Attorney Herring replied lor the prosecution.
A clearer case, he slid, ol unju.-tllbablo homicide could
H? -1 lie presented. He contrasted Uio Charactor ol tho
?niios.es produced by the pnuocuiioh with those ol
the uelence .no claimed tn.it tuu weight ol te.-tiuiony
should rest Willi tno lormur, among whom Was one ol
tbujurors in the Lambert trial. Ho luristed that lite
stubbing was cruel and cowardly aud committed with
out tbe slightest provocation. Gould bud merely taken
Wcymab by ino collar in u iriemLy way, wnea too lat
ter. without cause, plunged Uio kiiilu iu his ubdonivn
tudlicd. Undo/ all tho circumstances Mr. Hurting
claimed that only a verdict ol guilty ol tbe ulluuco
Charged in the indictment Would sattsly the cuds ol
|usticc. Judge Giidctslecvo then charged the jury,
pointing oul tho law boarmg on tho ease. Alter a
brief ubsoi.co tho Jury returned a verdict o, man
slaughter in tho second cc.r.e, and ou motion ol
C?1 ncl follows the pit.-.onerous remanded lot seu
flie mil o( Kllcn Flnkionuer Hirnllisi John lKemp
n y, tried iniortt Judgo Van !lo??cn, is u r< markabie
on* In many rcspiots. 'I lie plaintiff, who is a widow,
resides lii .Seven! y-ll rat street, una in connection Willi
tier sou and iis successor oi her tuaba^| oarricd on
the paint ami oil Luiiiics. 1 ho ii< [ondtini la au cu
U incur, llio act ion wax brought to set uhiuu h bond
suu mortgage given by the |>lu? 11 ft to thu tie
letidwiit on the ground ul fruilil, till reprVMalMlvh
slut 4<ioeil, Dumjisey's aui-wer ik'Uk ii nil the wile, it
Hon.- of iruml, and suited tnnv ihe bund una moilgstro
was given to mill lor valMaBd a < 11,mess iruhsnu
U?i. I uo plahitill claims that the duiciiisimt induced
tier to porcha-a a bouse III Tweliiy-Or-t" street lor
tl'.i ,600. i>euip-ty, a- *ho 1 ubscqut u ity in fur tin. <t
hot lit it lie had purchased 1I10 prop riy Ml that pi ice,
by. lout tlio oauor 01 ino li'.u-e wished tlis consider
at.on put in tint iimu at | in,000, in lie ?ltil hot mill
Irts en dltors to know lie w in yetting ?1'J fii'O lor the
property. The pluntfl oijomea to ttins, mid 1 was
busily hum " d taut Hcinpao w >uhl convey to her iho
Bonn una lot lui ?iy 4im, iho letter tut*tiring iin> plain
(lit mat it was alt peneutly lair, auu wuul I he p hint
to ouruhaao u Iiouka. and bv abowiue tliU Ue?J ul
Kuirci.e M. iKcmujuis was l'ocontly u hoarder ol Louis
I boring, in this city, und bad in tils po .-cs.100 1 wo
hunting guua und u cigar case. When lie concluded
to return, to France ho left Micro articles with I tiering
as security tor u hoard hill 01 if4s Mi. With 111 luc
jinst mouth Joseph Uiuoris, a lrioud ol ,hu lurmor
ownor of iho art.clos, saile<t upon 1 hor.iig, ollurc-d 10
pay thu f4K Mi ni.U demanded possession ol tba prop
erty. 1ms was leiussd, and a suit was Itioruiipou
couimeuo a 10 thu Marine h nirt to recover po - . .1011
ot the projiouy, and an order ol arrest i -sa.-d against
the dcloi.dani, i n the pround thai he red couv'i rlcil
the property to uiu r.wu n o uud was annul to PaVO
lor i'-aii je. Before Judge McAdaui, in Chambers
ol llio court ye. lerdav, n m uion was in itio
on beh 11 ol doleudaul to vacate lUc wider ol arrest,
'ihe puiulill hid li.\ed lha Value ol llioproperly.it
(AGO, hut at-leiiduui Would only adnut that It w m
worth $40. hcqu'.'i", wtio s.ys that Iih lias be on lor 1
the past tour yours a "Captain ol llio Uoyul Adltunls |
trillion Court ol tpaln," and In lia: charge m (he 1
|uns that Were Us3il by the .Spanish nriny, assent, '
Iho valuu ol tho gun- 10 he Hi iuust Jhoti, uud that |
Uicy have inquired additional v dun by 1110 fact luat
they were onuohwuci l>y mo ale Kmpcror Napoleon
Ml. Hie Judge roterved lit* decision on the motion
to vacate the oiuur ot uirent.
C (J2s.SU LA li J U UJ8D1C HON.
Carl lobeisou, a Norwegiau sailor, procured Irom
tho Marine Court a warrant to srrovl Nils I'ylc, tiio
captain ol tiio .-Swedish bark Venous, lor an arnault
connnilted upon ttie t. tgh m us. poti outug brought
tutu court the dhicuduuin cuuu'ul moved lor h.s
client's U11 chart;", open the ground that, by the treaty
betweeu tho Untied Stales and Mvcdcn and Not way,
excius.vo jurisdiction to hear uu 1 Uulcrmiue such dis
pute:, where they occur ul *01 upon uawcdl-h v --el,
tivlWeeu Hwodleli .ubj.el*, is given to tho consul,
vtcc ronsai or eomnieieiai agent oi Swcd- n, und that
the ordinary tribunals ot thin count!) were thereby
deprived ol jurisdiction 111 the Jiemi.ua. Judge
HcAdaut held 1t1.1t the objection w .<? well luken, und
II in I the plaintiff's ouiy remedy war bnlore the
iwcdish Con. ui or bolero 1 lie courts or .Sweden and
Norway upuu his return thereto.
lu the ciiuiiuul branch oi ilia United Slates Circuit
Court yesterday, bolero Jucgo Jleuadicl, tho Grand
Jury presumed liidlciim his against Alexander Hal
taw, ex cashier ul llia Kubklll National Bank, lor
perjury, in m*k ig lalso Mult menu to the Comptrol
ler ol the I reasury as to the IInnil, I ii condition ol tho
batik; uod ?l*o uji iinsi l.tiiher it diield, rx.president
ul the liirryiuMu N iIiouhI IJ.iiik, iwr a mutnm nffooco
as regards tint latter 1 uiik. Jtlugv III 111 dirt souieiictd
Wiibaui II. ftiluorH,eevi', wlei piouded Ui.iy to mrik
lug A la ? 0 pi riehutloii ol John Mattery 1 u the gov
ernmcut houd u.ee, in ilin tirow, the H i-tunkP.n
lawyer, was imjdli ntil,go toirto in luouihs'Ihij rlsjr.
n.i nt 111 the Albany i'euiiuuliary and the payuieut ul
n liuo ol il.hiU
Tbe trial ol tlur uuiisc was rout nuotl y. rierday bo.
lorn Judge dliijmiun ntid u jury in the Liuilca Hiale.
iilsUiul Court 01 a suit UrougUt by tho Cuitvu Mates
govcrnuient afuin-t h Kii.cn, tV. i?. IV. tinmsru and
Kogetir Kelly lor the roe..very ol $|i>a,lsili, alleged to
lie llio proceeds received by ticli nil.iutu lor ll ale ol
111" hale* ol uultou Which livluliMt)U to the gOVeriilliClit
by proriaiohs ol law and Ilia law ol uulnit i he cot
ton was sui roitiiereU by Ui uerul Joeepu K. JoIiuhioii 10
Kir leueral lon e* lu A|irii, lstki, in Augu.ta, <? 1. dev
trVai depositions were reeil *ln?wiug the di-pusiiion ul
tkrouiUip, nail the rare will bo aouiluuvd to-day. .Mr.
I.. C. luyorsotl appeal's with Assistant t inted state
Oittricl Alloilny Utirick tor iho govt-rntiient itid
Mr. liuhusrd, Mr. A. cl duiilvan uud Mr. Hioiiias
auey a lor tuu dulehuati is.
$16,000 be could eel ibe same for about that price.
Bciicvtng ills statement* ? lie assented, and the pur
Chare wa* completed. t'u the trial It a.is iujUo to
rpl ear that th- owuer, woo lived in Vermont, bud
Di ver been n!! red Ibis sum, and Uial the house was
hi ugbi by Deiupsoy lu h.s own uaino lor $16,000,
subject to a prior inortynge, and thai Dempsey imme
diately couveyod it to the plaiuuiT lor $l'J,5uo, 111o
latter giving hint a bond and mortgage lor $1,50(1,
put lug to nilu iho UUlereuee, $2,uo0, lu cash. Juego
Van HoeoOD, iu Ida decision rendered yesterday, do
cl ired the bond aud mortgage iiuudulint and void,
uiiu orderod the tamo to be cancelled. Messrs.
Charles M Uall and ex-Uuitvd .-slates District Attor
ney .Samuel 0. Couriaoy appeared lor the plunilifr,
nin! Mcs-r-. 1). J. a f. A. No/es aud f). UcMabon for
tee defendant.
XI- Ivira S. Jones bus brought a suit lor divorce
against bcr husband, Victor 11. Jones, on u charge o(
adultery. The partus were married March d, 1S75.
Judge DonoUuo yesterday ordered u rclureucu iu Iho
Occasional rcmladors of Tom C. Fields coins up to
the surluco iu the courts. Shortly beioio Mr. Fields
started on bis foreign travels he was nppotutod a rof
croe iu the suit of Johu McKesson aud others agaiusF
William Halliday. An order was grunted yesterday
by Judge Douonuc vacating the reforouce aud direct
ing the- case to uo put on the gtucrul calendar.
Alter aslryuuous but luellectuul clfort to obtain
from Judgo Douobuc a stay ol proceedings In the suit
ol Kliaa C. Lion edict against the Weslorn Uuiou anil
Atlantic and 1'acilio Telcgr i(ft companies to prevent
the carrying out of it pooling arrangement, too (acts
of which have been fuhv published, iho cure utmo to
trial yesterday, before Judge Van. Brunt, in Supremo
Court, Special Term. Mr. litrxor, secretary of the
Western Union, gavo tho details ol tho pooling ar
riuigement. The trial will probably occupy scvorul
John lteilly, arrested somo time ?go by Cnptnlu
Ward, charge i wan the murder, in 1S64, of Onicer
O'Uileu, while attempting to arrest hint on a charge
ol burglary, was yoaterduy arraiguod lor the purpose
of fixing a ouy for trial. Mr. John O. Moll, who dc
fends the am used, after eon-dilution Willi Assistant
District Attorney I.yon hud iho case set down lor the
MOtIi lUSl.
Michael J. Haulcy, an emigrant, on arriving lu this
city wont to the house ol nis Iriend, Patrick Ward,
where he was p?oi eriy cured tor. llu reciprocated tno
hospitality by robbing a trunk ol clouting. Ho was i
yesterday convicted oi larceuy, and Keoordor Huckett |
scut nun to tiie Mute l'roou for lour your/.
Asm ci An Justice Ward Hunt, ol tho United States j
Supremo Court, a id sit to the equity room of the Cir- '
cuit Court during iho week beginning May 21, to hear !
appeals IU admiralty, and alter ward reviews iu bank- j
rupicy, both classes ol causes being those decided oy
Judge Bfiacmord. Uhlel Justice Morrison Watte will |
sui eclid Justice Hunt on May 27, ui.d will coaiiuuo
until all coses on tho calendar have Ueen called.
Solomou Col.en some iimo stuco bruu.ht a suit
aa tiusl Lrnilie Malieostoeu io recover lor goods soul
and delivered l he defendant answered it.at at tho
nine the goods wore bought she was a married
worn in; tti.it her husband conducted (be business
ai.u that too uiurchandi.se being used by him she was |
not liable. On the- trial u verdict was rendered tu
lavor ol the pl.uutill, trout which, however, uu ap
peal was taken to the Common l'loas, General l ei in.
hint Court yesterday uilirmed tho uecmlou ol tho
Court below. Holding that suo was liable lor tbo goods,
Mrs. Margaret M. Urahain uilogos tbut on August 6,
186 J, she gave to her husband ;?-Uj to deposit or her
as trustee lu the Union Dui.e Savings Dank; that tho
money was thus deposited, and u pass book, winch >3
uow in iter po. session, given tu her Uusbund; tnut on
January 25, 1870, her uusband left tier; that sha baa
never beard Irom him sinco, ami docs not know where
he is, and that she bat- s;uce frequently asked the
bank to pay her the tnouey, which it reiuses io do.
Aj plication was made to Judge Douohue lor tho ap
pointment of a guardian in place ol Mr. Uriham, and'
an order directing the bank to pay tu such trusieo
the money tu question. Tl.o application was referred
to William A. Boyd.
David l.evy, said to be a most expert swindler, was
yesterday arraigned lor trial before Recorder liacketi,
there being uo less than tire indicia.outs against him.
it is alleged that within tue past our months he lias
pocketed over $2U.Uutl irotu his transactions by means
ol lulsely representing tu numerous merchants tbut
h|j w is the auihi4izc i agent ol many reputable firms.
Detective Dorsey overhauled Levy in Hobuken, and,
inducing bill) to visit New York, arrested bun. iho
prisoner pleaded guilty yesterday, and on motion ho
was remanded.
Tho trial of tho suit of Andrew H. Kvans against
Kliza a. llyde, an executor ol her mother, Lucrutia A.
Brown, was commenced before Judge Van Hucscu
yesterday in the Court ol Common l'loas. The suit
is lor about $11,000, having been brought to recover
' "0 a week boar.i for tbu deceased and her invalid
daughter, from November, lSfid, to June, 1875. iho
pir..null married one ol M is. Brown's daughters; Ins
iiK'lher-ia-iuw utid Invalid daughter eamo to live with
huu, and they remained with hun until the death of
his wile uud his second tnarringe. Mrs. Hyde mnkos
answer mm when plaintul got married he wrote to his
wile's mother, in Madtsou county, income nod live
with him in Brooklyn and bring tier invalid duugluer
with her, and alio did so, brut .tug along lumiturc,
which the pluinlilT u?cd; that h r tip ttier attended on
tuv wilo when ?:ck, supplied money occasionally und
lent phiiutifl money, and that nc was $1,000 lu Mrs.
Brown's debt when i-tic clod.
Kttn Walcott, charged with threatening lo shoot
Mr. Bekfeu, tho broker, was vost.-riiny brought boforo
Judgo Douohue, in aupromo Court, Chambers, ou
wti-s "I habeas corpus and certlururi sued out by Mr.
William F. Howe, her touu.-el. Hue was attenUcd
by a ladv Iriend, both being elegantly dressed,
looking resplendent in laccs, learners und
massive gold w.'iich chillis about their
necks. Mr. Ilowo s.ila that he could prove In hvo
iniitutow mat the commitment ol tlto prisoner was
irregular. Aisisinut District Attorney l.c-iry luslsted
on an ..djournnu-m, over which t .<-ro was somo
wrnogltng, but winch roimcd in tho case going over
until to-day. Meantime Juage Douohaa threw out in
Ihtimalloh that he should do all in his power to put n
atop ?o the system ol blackmailing business carried
on so extensively m this city.
Sri-HKMK Cockt?Cuauiiki.'H?Held by Judge llano
hue. N 7, .'.1 *.?*.?, 7' 71, 78, S3, 92, 123, 13d, 231,
241, 2ba, 2t?i), 272, _7 4, -75.
Mi'Ki .MK Cm i t?Uf ki.iiaL T .I:.* ?Held liy Judges
1 Uriahs, Pahlola nj I'ollur.?N On. 27. 2S 29, 82, j't,
HO. a;, 101, lU2, 185, 104, 111), 111, 112, 7.", 78, 70, 113,
111. 115, 116, 117, I27. us, 131, i;;j, i;>4, 155, inn, 137.
tSt'TKKMK CoL'lIT?M'ItCl-AI. TkkM?llolil l<y Judges
Van Ilium.?lleniurr.T?.so.-. 33, s, n, 11. l.uw
Mi<l I icl?.*??*. 413, 34 '36, 414, 421, 4:31, 574, 306,
3*6. ld?. 411. I3u, 4.6, 444. 310, 1H3. 343, 37, *8, nil, 1H),
01, 03 03, 04, 233, 434, 350, 360, 442, 448. 4oO, 307, 443,
135, 332, 167, 72
M THSMK Coi'ilT?ClliCl'IT ?Part 1?H"ldby Judge
llurrett. ?No.-. MO ';. 821, 3218, 17ns 124, 3006, 293*1,
2447, 3230. 2 "13, 640, 1170, 104S 357, 298}*, 3241, 13 3,
2477 , 2723 2724, 310, 1101, 1116,1010, 1523 Part 2?
M'-iu liy Judge l.iwn :icc\?Mui. 1569,'82 Jl, 009, 1344,
1870, I P'S, 1431, 1C.7, 1611, 1015, ltii", 1671, 1092,
MKW1UM 15" I, O.'S, Mil 161'), 1;'.03, llV)4,
1', -i, Ii.oC, J.0-2, 801/0. Part 3?lltid by Ju-i,o Vuu
Vu': t.-t'.c? en?Nu 81 ) No uiiy calendar.
M. I'K.irioti Cnl'iit? lirxi it a t. Tr.i;M?Hsbl by Judges
M.slorl spclr lul I'le dmuu. ? No*, a, 0,8, 10, 11, 12,
13, 15. It:. 17, IS, 2' . 21, 23, 24.
.-i'i'Ki.i"ii Court- M'KCiai. TRUST ?Held by CbtiT
Jnftico i urtli??.so, 39.
Sci'i.Kiou Cot'si ? Iki.u. 1'kkh?Part I?Hold by
Judge S.f RWtek.?4(?S. Ii47, 04 i. Jstl, SlT, 82l, 823,
"VI, 051, 652, T|U, lll4, 860, 855, 754, 4-5, 200. Putt* 2
line :fc?A tjour.o i tor Hie term.
Ciim.mo.v Pitas?i/Kvi.t u 11.its?llcld by Chief Jus
tice C P. Duly nod Jo :???* Hob u-. o aud l.urrcmore.?
No-. HI. Si. 94, 30, 07. 09, 96, 07. OS, 99, loO, 101, 10J,
1)4, lCo, ltd. loV, IDS, 110, 111, 112, 113, 111.
Cosmo* I'm ah?1-otii v Tkkil?AdJuuruud for the
tcr n.
Co): ics I'i.k.i ?CsaMiii'x-;?llold l>y J uilgo J. V.
Daly.?No day cr. culnr.
ci'iixo.s I'lkAn?1'i.i.ii. I'm; l??i'nrt 1 ? Held by Judge
Vun Ho hen.?Nut 1177. 21*0, 1709, 2638, 441), 1061,
1431, 4 I, 21'."., 204. 673, 6*9, us'j, 6sl, 2304, 89 i. 220,
Oil, 1143. 1180, 148s, S?0, 2001, 1115, 2137, I WW, .43,
11.0, 2.i2.i, 215, 117, lis, 2750, 020},, 720, 1040, Ui,u,
2005 Part 2. ? A jouruod lor ihu lei iu.
,\i lUi.si Cm in ? i ma). I kh*?Part 1?Hi Id by Cbiuf
JlMllew \lker. ? N L 2580, 5 i 5 4884, 44 >1, 467s, 8998,
10.5. 4o2i>, lo27, 4/:2s, 4d-'J, I 30. '? Wl. 40 13, 4013
Part 2- llelil 1} J zidgu tloppp. - No 344.1, 4158. 4014,
.. . 8, 27 4, 874 , 4049, 40aO, ?>??, 2024, im4. 3314 8338,
.. 330", 5.109, as is, iisj. 4o*0.40?o, 4115 4453,
5771, 812), '78, 8041, 5840, 5049, J'.'sO, 36*7, 4140.4146,
414 ' 4171, 3 M. lsa? 425X1, a*50, 8'JMI, 4 !4'i, 4282, 3.01,
?ll.lls, 4. /.'/, 4H9). 45 21. 4331, 431.7. 40.0. 4 02. 4120. 4109,
?U O. 2/84, 4..04, 1400, 14'.), 41.1 Part 3? liulJ by
J ie. .?n no11.?N.i*. 2.',/. 3'i1 1.17. 181' Iti.'.OJ,,
21 CO, 4326, 23. .143 2343, 1431, 3474, 411! ..966, 196.
Cut or op i.i '.miai. .Mo.-.*?Port 1?lioul tj Ite
. 1 / r 11 icKetl 1 liu l'eoj/o- v Mary N.lbuhson,
roliu ry; .s.n , ? ? , I r.net P. l.dw ml-i, feb niou* as
ruuit null lis irry; * true s*. K.iwai Mitchell, fedouious
n.?.i mi no bat i ry ;.fin vs. Hmi'/ii Siump, leluuious
iihtmill mil bolnrv; rune \? John Cull/ban and
J slue .Murphy, burglary *, tSsui' v?. ilmiuiM Adams,
tor Imij , . uneri. Uliirne Cordon, burglary; .-auiu
v?, I.iislo Caiiipbi i , pr.ni Itrrony ; .''nine v,. in. >111 a*
Madden, grand larceny , : ./in v*. Ueriru le Hunt,
? 1 anil It (.< UV ; tat no yk llio.bar I Kane, grand luri.cn> ;
Mhiiii' v . I. ;w?rd Uirreil, Ai.d larceny; came vs.
Henry Key. grand I ireuuy ; : imrv I noma.- llogan,
lorpery; canro v . Mielun t) IverM, larceny irmn tne
iM iaon; mtuin v*. Khnit.i liuigih, larociiy Iront Hie
j/.rsou; iSaiiii: vn. John Moll be we, Inivnv (rom ilio
jirr,oij; Same rs. Henry K ml, | atit luiceuy; Maine
vtt. Jolin McCloeksy, ss*.Uil uud buttery; .-nine v*
J0I1 u Kuouey, misdcinvAaur.
II j"i U y yc?tcrd;?j aunt In a r.ommunlCAllon to
lb Hoard of Aldermen uoin natlnjf }lr. OtorguJosa*
lor Pollen Couiinissionur, iui>l:icuoJ Dow lttC, W'bo.lei,
wI.P/to term i,l olTieo has tX| ln 8. Alderiu.D Sau. r
tnorod Hint the hortilna'.Ion bo referred to (ha Cora
mlllno on Pollen and Itcnllh. Aldormuii Heilly oil
Joi lu I tu Mien a oourse. Hu whiiUiI to hear sninc
rtin.tr tshjf Hi" nam4 uiiouid bo relurred. He tup
ynse/l tbal the UmaiUM) nrua i lliornf the Sow York
I ri./'i, itid ?b4',/si/vl tbal i in m< iiimo urn >u be lukon.
I he iioiii.iia ion w*n rcinrreo to iho cuuiiuittoe by
II vol.- "l lo io 2, Aldermen llollljr and rv urn iu being
rauordod In ilio in jittive.
It is generally conceded mong tb<> fmnmioy Aldsr*
li.su that Mr. Joi.vr will not be uoitUruied aud that
>;r. tVlioeiiT will t.o.a ?.vi r m thu sains tiiaiiiinr luut
Mr. l.ibardl Keep* bl 1 | l n ?. Mayor Kly, however,
90U(H ill lbs nalim bl Mr. j/ no* III gn./d lailb ittnl
sesins to tlnu* that lie may be luiiArHitr, Utliers *??
Mil that 1 he tiohitnaiion ti intoi dci n , a tnsrs matter
01 inrni in order iliti ihu Mnynr miuiit coii.ply "lib
the law wl itu eoiupui / bun mm nil n n name to tbe
ll/iai'd ol AI ->-? 1 in. 11 w nliiii 1 11 u.iy? ullcr too csi'ira
tiou of tbe 1/ rui of it CoiDiimsiout'i.
Molyueaux Uoll, publisher, ot So. -US Broad w-.y,
bus bcou uujudicatod a voluutury bankrupt by Kcgtsler
D wight. iiu bud old debts contracted from 1S6S to
1970. The total liabilities nro $1112,Out), of wblch
inure uro secured $41,6(10. Tho priucipal secured
creditors are tbo Manhattan Savings Banlc, $25,600;
Mariou J. Lambert, $8,500. Among the unsecured
creditors are the estate of John Hiinpkios, $34,004 14;
Henry J. litirchlil, $10,035 23; K. G. Moore, $8,900.
ills ussuts consist ol debts due, $5,000; seventy-two
shares ol worthless slock, and u claim lor $11,000
against the L'uliod States government for eighty-six
titles or cotton seined at New Orleans to 1805 by order
oi General Canby.
Hciter k Onus, tnanulacturere of umbrsllns at No.
340 Broadway, have been adjuuieaiou involuntary
bankrupts on tho petition of their creditors, and the
mailer has been roferrod to Ktaisier Fitch lo lake
lurihor proceedings. The claims ol tbo potitioniug
creditors aggregate $53,313 35, and arc us follows:?
<J. A. Aulliuurdl k Co., $35,074 81; Winter k Hail,
$11,070 08; W. 11. He Forest, $0,750 04; Ohertuller,
Ahegg .V Co., $7,660 65; New York lluttoo Compnpy,
$173 48; Heppoler A: Karn merer, $437 63; Cheney
Giolhers, $381 05; Aiuniiudouii, Lane & Co., $1,057 03.
Smiou SteihieicU and Jacob Adier, butchers, loot ol
East Fouy-lourlh street, huvo been udjudlcuied vol
uuiury bankrupts by Register Dnyton. l'heir liabili
ties aiuouut to $32,350, wnicn include the lollowiug
cluiius:?.Sauiuel .Schuster, $3,900; lsuae Lauiorbaeo,
$4,2oU; Samuel lioscubuck. $5,000; Benjamin Wert
heiiucr, $3,157 20; Feist Samuels, $3,003 43; Chailcs
Kuhii, $3,737 38; Couey Mcl'liersun, $2,964 45.
The usscis consist of debts due amounting to $1(1,000,
the rest ol thoir property Having been sold under uu
attachment by Bt-ujamlu Wertheimer.
ltegister Dayiou has udjuctleaiea Samuel W. Holy,
ol tho laic Urtn ol It. S. \ 3. W. Holy, a bankrupt on
his own petuioii. Laving liabilities amounting to
$31,000 and uominnl assets. i'lio principal creditors
are J. M. Gillette, $6,000; O. U. Doty, $6,078; Anion
J. llalslinu, $5 0UO; M. Suuihwick, $5,000; Aldnch
estate, $3,000; New York -National Exchange Bauk,
$'2,200; 11. >1. Gl aires, $2,OOOT
Charms K. Holy, oi (he late Urm ol Hoty, Mansfield
k Co., bus oeeu adjudicated a voluntary ott?krupl by
ltegister Kotchuiu. There uro only two claims en
tered in the schedules uiid those are lur debts con
tracted by iho Urm, Now Yuri; Naiionui KxcUSbgo
BlUk, $3,300, and BcnjitUiU F. Man Ue4d, $8 390. Jho
assets lire nominal.
James O. Bertlioll, John It. Smith, und Andrew B.
Van Woert, composing Iho Into liriu ol Uerlholl,
Smith k Co, uie iu voluutary bahkruptoy be I ore
ltegister Bwlgbi. 1'uo drui lnibiiiiies iimiunt to
413,t00, nnd Bertlioll lias individual ll.iluilt.es ot
$2,500, aud ^until $3,600. They made an asaighinoul
to It. F. Crane in December, 1374, and their ubsuis
realized nbuui $1,000.
George il. Grower, ol tho tlrm ol Gerhard at Brower,
brokers, at No. 30 Lieaver street, bus been uujudicuteU
a voluntary bankrupt on I.is own petition, ills liubil
il.es amount to iioout $27,500, nnd liu has no usset.s.
The princlpul creditors arc Bird, 1'erkius k Job,
$0,180 68; i'aul F. Gcrh'irit, $3,000; George W. Laiu
com, $2,3oO; Margurut L. Constable, $2,272 60; Fran
cis M. W eiu, $2,070 40.
ltegister Liuiu bus adjudicated Llpplucott A Dos
raouu, buictiers, oi West Washington .Unmet, volun
tary baukrupts, ou ibeir own peillioh. l'lns arm's
liabilities amount to $23,000, and William If. Lippincoil,
Jr., bus individual liabilities ol $4,344 71, an 1 Cur*
ue'lius Desmond has liidiviuu.il liabilities ol $3,280.
Among tho claims uppoariug iu the schedules are tho
lollowiug:?1'Ulbp J- Carey, $3,400 73; snowder At
JlcCouviile, $3,000; W. H. Lijipinc.it, $2,2'J0 40;
I, C. Kastmuii, $2,372 50; Al. Duliobu.i A Co.,
$2,818 00. 1 he tlrm iioudu uu assslgumout las; J uly,
and the assighi-o bus realized from Ibe assets $3,500
casn aud huius tho bland, valued ul $1,500, and 730
acres ol land in Missouri.
The liabilities ol Morris Kobe, wholesale dealer in
kid gloves, ol No. 220 East Fiitv-third street, who has
been aojudicuied a voluntary buuKru|>l by ltegister
Jiutehuut, amount to $90,000 auu be bus no assets.
The j.riueipal creditors aro K. Koun, $10,31146;
Importers und Traders' N'ancnal Gunk. $13.274 37 ;
McDougalTIt Fool, $2,917; N. C. Kusseii, $2,217 76;
II. vnl B. Juusob, $2,200 25; Job.. McNub A; Co,
$3,300 60; Bauiuel Muuster, $3,464 25; .Segismuud
K.'iAi, $3,045; Max Weil. $3,403 88, He mtitle an as
Higumeut November 1(1, 1370, to Jotiu McNab and
toward Williams nnd does not know whui they
realized lioui bis estate.
Frederick Lewts, tho well known assignee, was yes
terday -appointed receiver ol tbo ilrui ol Kelior,
Wurmsrr .V Kingsbury, wuoicsalo clothiers ot Uro id
way, corner oi l.ruud street, by Judge Doiiobue, Tbo
uppoinlmcnt is made in recognition ol tuu expcrionco
ol Mr. Lewis, who bus successfully wouud up muny
large oaucerus, rvaliziug the luigust returns iro:u tbo
ussets lor the buaetli ol too creditors. The whole
matter resulted from a partnership quarrel, und it is
claimed that the assets will moiu man pay till the
liabilities, which amount lo $110,000.
At a mooting ol the creditors oi Thomas Manaban,
paper dealur ul No. 04 Duuiio street, held yesterday at
the ullice ol Jteghiler Allen, u composition Was uH'ciod
at thirty cents on the dollar in til men days, aud, pend
ing the examiuutlou of the bankrupt, tbo meeting ad
Iu the County Ciork's ullicu there were filed yoster
ilay tbo assignments uf Antonio A. Martinez to Julius
Jouasundol Louis Grcuhbauiu to Bainutl Greenbauni.
In tho mottoes made to tho ro*poctivo suits of
Kcilcr rt. Wocmscr and another; WoiTitscr and
anotftor v*. Koilor; Koiicr vs. Worm er and Aronson,
und Roller vs. Wormier, tho following decision was
given yesterday by Jud^o Bonoboo:?
The m?>liou? iu the first and mid cases arc both for tho
httino object? tho wlimmK up of the partnership und tho
ApjMiiftlinofti of .? receiver. The third motion l> mr the Ap
pointment of a receiver In that - mt-f, <f m partnertbip
clulnicd t<> exist between the plaintiff and dcieiidaiiis in
the hr?t aiKt s* con I Miit. und 0110 ti itiitiofiui person it u
place d.flcretii from that at wlilcb the partnership in the
two mat Miits is earned on. iho lonrtli i* a motion to puti
i ii tho dof -rtduuts in the first -.nit for u violutioii of the in
junction tu tlmt suit. The motion in tho third suit must he
denied the proof I* against the plniiititT in tho a ill davits
on the motion. In tho fourth met ion it is clear to nan 'list
tiie deimiunut* wilfully violated the injunction in tho iir*t
suit, but inasmuch as the c py injunction served 1 Ailed to
lia.o attached tho si^nnlurtror tlo- Juilgij v/lio issued it it
would not be right to puulsli, mr tue plaintiffs own fault
in tiiat respect ruay liavo eocoura.ed the violation
The two remaining raotfous may iu iii.posod of together,
iti.th parties auroe that the partn rslnp canuot continue,
H.i<i that u receiver Is nscessAry aud must be appointed.
The plaintiff in the first ease m.ihQ* no u inin.itiou. J'ho
pluiutlfT-. in the second ca o mane a claim that they should
ho udi ointed. In view of wtmt I consider the wilful viola*
tion of tho injunction, under eovor ot the technical want
ot a signature to the copy, it is not a proper exercise of di?
cn tlou to appoint as olliccr or custodian ?d ihe Court the
partis* who will take the presence of such excuses to die*
obey tho Court's or-er*. There Is no certainty that pwitics
who have done it otic? may not do It again. Again, it it?
apparent to m?, i. H n'y lr?uft tho stutcrn .'tils In
these cams, but from the pupcm presented to
mc In the matter of I4thauer v.'. K. ilor aud
mhors, that the process of the Court aud t e ussistancM of
creditor* have been used bvtneae dufenduuts not to enfo.cj
creditors' rights, cut tout 1 u?t c mice Keller. Where in
I t"e m ?tt i a w nt of good faith it "pparent on th part
of .i party it is hardly pmper to place liiui in a postikm to
make ituch u?o ci'Jierol the ciuditorR or their property.
A?i<U? in to these two .o uiuin the controversy evidently
is a bitter on. brtwcoii the.-g. parties, and that bitterness
i* not in In.or of putting either arty in iiosHomion of tiit*
Joint property. 'Mo* parti' il'fl- r widely as to their re*
s|active interests In the property nn ! the value of It. Some
niRlnti rested person should Maud between thorn In dts*
trihuting the pioperty, especially ms some of the creditors
are relatives tf the parties an 1 tiiflr debts doubted. .No
advantage should b?; given to oithor par;/. i redrricit
I.ewis is Mppoiutcd receiver, bond in $!?*),< w. Kx dud^o
CardoXM m?d diehard 8. Newcomiio appeared for Holier.
Mcvr . CUoatc, Ma.sb. bhepard und Leventritt far Worm*
scr A Klegs? ury^
I Olio SnUin, n youth ot eightcon, t,as on Sunday last
committed by Judgo W healer livo d.ys iu delimit Of
$.'i I<>r playing bill In tlx punnc streets. Y osier day
H'.hm naked permission to soc 111.. Honor, und phortly
thorcaliur stood lacing Judgo Wuceler iu tho Harlem
Court Suhm told the Judge that slne? bis incurc.ru
tioa bo bad bceu ui.uldo oiuicr to seo or cumiuuiiicalo
with Ins Irtcnd* I'lie run on. no sold, was I list tbo
manager attached to tno Harlem 1'riioii rolu-ud to tlo
liver >t Irit.r unions n loo oi nventy-hv.. cuts *>.
paid iu itdv.neo. nfttltn had no mouty snd w.ia
obligoil to oacupy s cell when bis litn l , |icrbu|is,
would bavs o iiiio forward sud |>?id inH uno hud itiry
boon made uwaro ol his |>roUicuinaul or even wbero
Judge Wluelor exhibited much surprise at this
?Uiratlit, and lurun.g to tho cbiol clerk iu<|ulrod,
??Ml. Crop or. how is this?''
"Well, Your Honor," replied the clork, "all ilia
prisons in tin*, any have mcs.uagors whose duty I. is
to convoy uium ige lor ilia luinuies at i OxtJ rale,
whiuti is rsKdUted hy tho hoard oi Charities und Cor
rectioo. lliey usually require pay luent in ndTanoo;
olborw ise tury would bo out ol pockoi, as iliarc Is bo
salary uuach. d to llicolhuc."
"Alia It a prisoner bus nr. luobay," ooutiuued Ills
Honor, "l'oen bis Irieniis will have to ilud liiui
out," wan tItu reply. "Well, it scvinr to (no a great
i.ullage that a mull lockod up lur n ninull ullstice cali'l
colitmUUHMUe with Ilia outer world except through llio
medium ol his pockui'iooK, and I'm going to Imvu an
ineeaiualiuu lino Ibis mailer." l lieu turning to Ihu
prisoner llio in.ghlrsle cried, "You're ditchargod,
,M>hi i." J udgo W net lor ullet ward told a reporter ilial
lie im alii lust what lie raid, and did not Intend 10 10.-.0
sight ol mo aiihyeoi.
It Is l.y no tnonns certain thai Mr. William It. Wig
gnu Is one ol llio indlriJuals who afford the romance
writer tho materials lor hourlraodibg tales ol edu
catoil gantlsuien baring been reduesd to the in censity
ol driving itrcut cars for a livelihood, but it is cor
tain Hint hit Bow guides a bobtail Uissckcr street
chariot along it. devious route, lor P. .worn to (lie |
lad ill the' Court ol Mpauiul SUa-.IOliS yesterday. Co
lortuuuttly lor little Jimmy CaulUoid Mr. Wisgaulaa
man wl.o roulisss the reapoiisibillly ol nu olllciiil pool- !
tion and p.rluriin hia duties coimeioulioualy. Couso- I
quuiitiy ?hell Jimmy cohsulted and uOuapirsU u lib ;
?undrv other iramxiii, calling it iu Ills vulgar way,
"pulling up a Job oil ill* Uriv.r," ho was only making :
liculiie for iiiiumiII. lot, oil.I Mr. Wigg u: mid been .
wrought up tu lha last degr.-u o. uxa. poraLiuu aud ,
liny by the little moo ol Qrouius who w ire stealing a j
ride on Hie roar steps ol hi* ear, ns was still until
flcnlly alsrl 10 detect Jimmy as he iliemruid to d?
rpall llio cusb Iiox on the trout platform. Jimmy cried
nu.i told llio ussal story ol Itiiug nu zud hy ml luko
h r "thi! Oder boy," but ho was MlUt lip lor tbo Spuco
ol lou days.
Tlio following sulcs were tua'do ou tUo Heal Estate
Exchange yesterday:?
Franklin H. Churchill. retiireo ? ForecluanrwDialeor
llio three storv iraaiu Iioumi. with lour iulM eucu
2S.BXI00, Noh. 343 to 339 lut av.. u. w corner
Bttli at , to Mary anil Joaephiiie Went !
Bornur.1 Ileiily. short If-Forectoouro site* Soo let
25* llXXll. i?u tlie i?uutb si an o t l?o?l llOCh ik, 1U>
it e ot Otl? uv., to Andrew Uiewit** Wjv
Frederick Suiytb. referee ? Foreclosure sale or nve
lots. .a, 1. 2.>x0J. 11. on West .?.. ''- w cor
ner at 7th av.; uhu laU. ?*?!? 25*?.?.l l. on .
w oat 12HiU st.% a- w. corner of 7th hv. ; to plaintiff. -iO.OOO
nv U V. H.UtSKTf.
j;h M. Cohen. retVrct?? orecioMire *a!e ot t helive
atory brick tenement, with lot liix#:!, No. 4.7 bitei
llUh bt , U. ? ,'S2S ft. o. ot Ut uv., to Jr. L. Ooltl g ^
A**''?iui'lar sala?JOrinV
three "f ry Ir nne house, with 0 1|XXI
Last Hist St., 73. I it ?? of 3d nr.. to plaintiff l.UUU
Burton N. Ilarrtxou, referee -Foreclosureisale ofTthe
five .tery apartment bouse, with.two lot., ten-etlher
in : i/.o hauxUH. Nos. hot. auu u.w Mth uv.,a s.,
&u.3 ft. s. ot o7tii ?t., to pi iiutin - io,tn?
BY J till N t. BIIVU
E. M. Bur-hard, referee- Foreclosure ?*1? ofI the
lour -tori Lrn'v.n stouo building, with lot _.jx10
No. 252 tla.-t 71th St., *? 1M ft. w. or 2d av., to
plain till' *
? nr fc. ii. i.ui?low. #
l'ubllc auction sale of tl.o live two .Wrr wd attlo
brick house... with live lots each 20.4x178. Nns.
112 to l,r.U Inclusive, 0. s , 122.J It. s. ol Houston ,
st t-i U K. !,. il.Milt VU VoVi
Also'uarlltion sals ol throe lots. e?<? Ito ttrfa. J. on
4tb av., w. a. 41.1 rt. S. ot B5th st.. to Daniel Oun- ^ ^
Aito'^oieelos"iir? sale-Muse. Ely, Mferoo-of the
lour story hrick building. with lot ? xl(K>. No. l-J
5th uv., e. s., 4B.C It. n. ot IOlli.St., to plaintiff ... JO,QUO
Totiil *107.???
Tbo following elatcmeut, fcliowitig ilic roul estate
transactions rocordod in llio Kogtstor's Office May 7,
1979, is obtained Irotu Augustus T, Dodiurty, Deputy
ntltb st. n. ... 243 ft. e. of uv. A 20X100.10; James
Wood* anil Wito to Margaret Benedict... .50?00
3d Vv n. o. corner #3d 17 Ux Irregular; also
'.3d st ii 'C ?? of nd nv- J^'fcifUlar:
Hermann Koeblcr and wile to bltka J-.Uinr...... o5.I*o
?>,?! h st o. Ol fill av.. 0 lots; Isabella *. Connolly,
" executrix, an others t? Oeorgo F. tiants? .. J. t io
214lb st.,u. v. corner of dth uv.. 4 lo;s; samo to
11* nTv'.VT c. cornor' of' il?tUst." 40.11 x70V wrno & oj(j
lull av., ii. c corner of 2iritii st. (4 lots); J. H. t.on- ^
??/'iti!7 t.U ""'Jiih'a'v."l:tsanie to sumo Noui.
Ilili av.,'II." 0. corner ot l2Jiu st., 40.11x74; same ^
Murray^: (Na 43) J. V. ii. Nett to Jolin'o/iliyU ???'
Ma,mm st . w s? IT., It. s. ol Dilaucei st. . 23x100,
Uuurad Hoelllch and wile to Coarlpi Uoi'Pf ??? 10,3.W
3d av., w s., ll..V3 It. ii. o. 02d st l?9xl00; Win.
Dittoiarand wile to t aroliue K. ease I
111th st . s . l lll It, iv ol ay. A. IU.tXlOO.il, Uu
doit,UJ.iusou to fc.oittb.tb Ixlurlt .. J 1.000
mi. AV.. w. *.. 20 It. r. Ol 31.1. SU. IHXFJ; AuyUsta
w : ecor ..nil husbaiid to ? u?nn Him Jj.jiai
lGtli st . h. a. 111-0 IV. w. ol av.lt . IH.OxlKl; Henry ^
Ills'.,11 uuii wito to nroliue Ivulobisck o? ,-tl
2>tIt si. WeBt iNo. 311). l'.'ttxOO.U; Mary H. Cogs
well to hc.dio Kramer ??;???? , o.isai
117th St. n. a ,224'ft e. of lOtli av.. 24x1 Ou.8; Jmuos
H dilis and wife to Sarall J. Benson Num.
?JiIkv o h. (lot mi, 01. 24lh ward), Mury A. Mark to
i.c.uV'u Wolimor ................. . Nora.
7.,*i, .r I'.asi (No. 3.?0), 25x102.2; Bridge* Curry
utid hits',and to H.uriolla M. Iloyd .......... 12,000
Sullivan St.. ?? s., 2430 It. li. ol i'rtuco St., 2I.BxlOO;
ti jur^c It. Christuiau and wife to Arthur M. .so.
loim'irVs'. 113 it." e. iif'ist uv.ViotolWki); Janica
UA ."yd u'.i woe to Bridget Curry . ... 12.000
I'clbamuv ,5oxlX) {21 th wart); Henry W. Bene
diet. Jr.. and wile luJaiues VVoada. 4.4UO
77tu st u. ?.. lil'JIt w. ot av. A,2 ).\l"2.2; Ludwig
li irih'clincB aud wile to Krnst Krender. Nom.
51 h a v.. W. *?, 21' tt. s. uf 3otb St.. 18x?3t W. 1'. Dixon
i relcreo) to Augusta . tsecor
USth St.. s a. 24\SI ft. W. of 1st ay.. iaoxioo.0, J
II Toouc trctcreo) to Ella Arnold .. out)
3d av (No. 440), store and casement. Margaret J.
ill '.ins to Joseph 1*. Mortimer; 4 years 51.20J
nu,..7,r* st ,No*. 3D and 32), Susanna 1\ LiliontUal
aim imeoauj to Haws A Duller. years... 8.400
Henry *t. lN?. 253). Margaret A. isteveus to Coorge
11 Hauldwtu; 10 ve 71'J
Althauso. John J. and wife, to Christiana Altbauao,
No. 141 Orectio ?t.; 3 years ..... $.>,000
Burgbard. Frederick nun wile, to Bernard Brcdor.
K <. ol Dolailcev st. (lot No. 2'J); 2 years.. ....... 1.400
Durvei. HenrieitU V*. and busbaud. In Curiiollus
Bennett a s. of42d st., o. ol bill av.. dyears 1,000
SauiO to sumo and uiijllior tuxccutors, Ac.), sumo
nroucity \ li o,u(.?u
FUch^r Josopli i-J. mid wile. to. the Humeri I Iro
Insurance Company, Son. 133 mid 135 Canal bt.; ^ ^
Fo.\ Vbarles'aud wiioi'o/ CatUeri'uo i tiuitilou and
mnttiur ioxccutoi. Ac ), c s. ol Lo.xiugtou ?v? u.
?l wltli su ; 3 years ,
Galuey, Mlebucl. to Jaiucs Moore, c. a ot 1st av..u.
ot 12lb st.; I year o.uiw
Hants. George K.. to Isabella H Conaol'y auu uu
ether toxeculors, Ac.), u. e. corner Ol Ulh av. and
12!)tb ?l ; 8 yours 3.200
Same to same, u. a of 213th it., e. of OlU av. { J
..onr!l 1,40J
Same to'iainc, n. o. coiner ot bth av. and 2lotb st.;
'1 ytittl'3 *##?#? ??? tease .sees 4>.>0
Haslett, \Vllliaiu II.. and wile to Jemima Fayno, u.
w coiner ol ttvb av. nud 3ltli St.; due.. ti.000
Kloblach, Caroline, to lluury J'lseboir. iu a ot ltlth
st. \v. ol av. U; 1 roar JnO
Lvod. Robert It., to J. It. Suiltb, s. s. ol 54th St., c.
ol BtbaV.; duo 10.UX)
Mct.lvuu, Jobu. aud wiln to Aiuhroso C. IvIUBslaud,
n ? of74tb ?A. w. of Lcxlugtou av.; 4 years 0,5t*i
Same to same (trustee, Alt). II. a. of 74th St., w of
l,cxlugloil av. . o rears 7,000
Same to Clara D. Sutton and other trustees, a. s. nt
' 7HU sl? ?. 01 LexnigUiii av.; 5years.. 0.300
Same to saine, n. s. ol 7 lib it ,w. ol JmiAiigton .,v.;
5 tears
Same t" Cornelius F. l.lngsland, n. s. ol <4tn st., tv.
ol Lexington nv. ; 4years.. ... O.oiX)
Samo to same, n. w. corner ol Lexluutou .v. and
74.1.. t.;0 years ... ^3"?
Same to James II. McUlyun. u. w. comer ol l exing
tun uv. inn?7tlb at : 1 year .... ........... 33,000
Murilta. 1'bonius .iud wile, to sarin F. I nderbili. e.
s ol iblhuv u. of2llli st ; 5 year, l.OJO
U'Douneil. ll.eli.rd and wile, to Morris Lit I is. w. s.
ol Bowery (lot No. lo7) ; 2 voars.. 2.0OJ
sc it l.n?e and liosbanil, to suluin.m IH-li. oxecu
lor, .te.,s *. ol BOtli st , o. ol Madiaon a*.; 4 year* 13,001)
SL Julio's College to tlie lluiisruut Industrial Sav
ing- Hank. roller.o grounds (Fordhain) ; I year 70,m*)
Stuulcv. f.lvir?, to Jusso F. Summis. a a ol 3 nil St.,
w ol' la-.'.tngtiiii a*. ; 3 years 1.3liO
Tuvlor Ceoige J. .m l w He, lo Arti.ur J. Duiiuelly, n.
s ef iibth ?t.. w. of lOtb uv.; ly-nr.. 100
Werllug, Kliti and lushand. to 1 nomas II. Siinon
stm and another, t. a of 77th it, w. ol av. A; In* ^
Austin. Arthur U , lo Isaiah Weil and other 910.330
tisstcy'gor. Eella and uiiollmr. to Ccrlsliaii ulp|i ... 5 on1!
Lnu ??. t'uiii a I. toJohu Hlsin 024
Kiteli. Tlo nias 4,., to filiarles l'ltt 2.0,10
ltusty. Fraal, lo Newoian \ oweti 3,t?si
Hi moo, J ou ii. to Joseph 3. Cairien 2,1)*)
Laloa Uinto saviugs InsUluLon w> John Caatreo .. h.3.si
haine to I'eter Arens. 4^sk)
Samo to Uuwn C. Fiuikney O.oi*)
Witty, Sylvester, to Anto ? William 2,()0ii
1NU biiAtWALK HiANDd CV?1; XIAE Maxou'h
Tlio Aldcrtucn devoted a considerable portion of
their time yesterday to a consideration of several
pondii if ordinances providiog for the orortion ut
newspaper stands, watering troughs and ccul hoses
upon the Sidewalks lu various parts ol tuocltv. lu
(act, nearly all their regular sessions aro taken up
with tlieso knolty and Important topics Sevorai
months ago Corporation Counsel Wnttuey decided
that the Common Council, undor the charter of 1873.
had no power to obstruct the siruots in tbo slightest
manner, aid, consequently, Mayor F.ly has vetoed all
resolutions sent to linn giving authority for sidewalk
stands. Notwithstanding tucn robufls tUu Aldertuen
continue to pass ordinances o( this description.
At yesterday's session scvoral vetoes of this charac
ter went considered by tho U.urd auii the resolutions
purs mI no; withstanding the objection#. The first veto
considered was that diving per ini?siou t JuniOi
>tvt oy to < reel a pest in irout 01 bo premises Mo. 72b
Klevunth avenue. 1 Ins resolution ltau becu Introduced
liy Aldertuali Carroll The Ma/or staled tbul the
MOMIKiii v,iis loo Vague and ui I tint specify lor What
purpose the pest wi s to he uaeu or wners It w is to be
placed, file papei was laid over. Another m. ss .go
tram tho Mayor vetoed a resolution ol Alderman
Me via permitting the erection ol a fruit sturiu in trout
ol the premise a Ma 27 Prima street. Next came the
veto el ,in ordinandi author.sing the placing of a
show window on premises at ThIfty-fillU street and
Wtxtn avenue.
Alderman ISigliu undertook to explain the law under
whlen the common Council was empowered to grant
aueb privileges, Ho moved ihat the resolution no
passed OVer the V to lu order that a lest cnae might bo
made lu go beforo tho courts sod ascertain beyond
doubt the power- ol the ouuunuu Council.
Alderman I'lhcKOey called attention to the ebargo
ol Itcconior Hack ell on tin* subject, remaran.g that
the la embers ol the Knord ranuaiigcr ol being "naolod
ijp' II may putsed any morn resolutions ou-lrucllng
the sli t els.
The rm.timi ol Alderman Blglln was adopted hy a
vote ol til to 2
Alderman Itellly next called up the Veto fiermutn g
the putting ol a newspaper stand uu tho corner id
Mew Church and Corttau It streets. Mr. Keilly ex.
plainod thai tho eland was intended for u hoy wno at*
Ivndeu a public school during the day aud sold tieyvs
pitpers luorniug mid eVeiilug.
Alderman W e hour argued that the charter of 1873
took away the power ol the Aidorutea to give auch
Aldermen Iteiily ca'.lod attention to the privilege*
that were given to llroadWuy merchant.; atnt other
rich men lu oustruct the sidewalks at all lieu is ol tho
i his resolution was also naaeod ovor tho veto by a
vuto 01 Ui to (I.
ihe last crusade yesterday Id tho Hoard against tho
streets was made by tldcrmsn MhelU, who moved to
take up tho ro.-oluiion don?muiiig Hanover square as
a public bland lor c.irtmcii. iuu ordinance bud, too,
reecivid ttie KxecOilVO veto.
A uerinan i'ntckuoy?Aro tho Urooklyn carltceh to
oicupy ib.a square?
Alderman Mieils answered In thoncgatlvo. *
AMermon 1'iucKiioy auggoaled isaviug out llio
llrookiyn cart men irom tho provisions ol me ordi
Aldirmnti Natter hoped tho Mayor'-, veto would bo
an mined. Complaints had boon made to him irom
a,-volul r -sldenis ul thu vicinity as >o tho nuisance
created by these carta '
After some further debate tlio resolution of Aldor*
limit sbuils was also passed over tbc vctoe
Tlie address ol Recorder llackott to the Orand Jury, (
published tn the Herald of yesterday, bioughl about
tbo following letter from Professor Chandler, Presi
dent of the Hoard of Health, to Mr. Francis H. Ami
don, foreman of the Grand Jury:?
Hkaltu Uki-aiitmk.st. No. 3-'?l Morr stkkkt. t
Slew Yoke. M?y 7, 1n7A I
Flaxcjs II. AmidOx, Esq., Foreman of Gruud Jury. Court
of General Seasides
8ir?lluviug uu&ici-d bv the morula* papers that vour at
tention hex beeu ufllcitillv called to curtain alleged iiui
saucu* in this city and to the action of the Hoard of Health
with reference thereto, 1 respectfully renin) t that ynu
will give this subject the most Ihorou.-n Investigation ??" a
personal examination of all places tn Una city Iroru which
oITonsive odors may emanate, and by au inquire as to tlio
action or tins Hoard !u respect to those o.tablUhmciitt
which are liable to nocouie nuisances. The Hoard ol Health
will oariif-xtly co-operate In such an investigation and will
afl'ord a I the assistance la its power to make it complete.
Very respectfully.
C. K. Gil AN DLEIt, President of Board of Health.
Sanitary Inspector Allan M. u Hamilton yesterday
presented u long report to the Hoard 01 Uualtb on the
condition of fat rendering establishments on the east
aide ol the city. No objocltonablo features appear to
exist among mem, but a great deal of stress is laid
upon tbo smells which emanate from Hunter's Point
and crossing over tho river give cause for goucral
Jlr. Km mens Clark, Socrotnry ol the Hoard, has
issued a circular, addressed to the petHt?ncrs m gat cat
the lat and jaoue folium establishments ou tbo west
side, requesting tbout to furnish specific luloruiatios
to tbo suiiltary inspectors In order that steps may he
taken to ubato the nuisance. Complainants who
reside above Fortieth street ure ruforrud to L)r. J. U.
Kwlug, ol No lui West Forty-oight street, una below
to Dr. J. I>. Rryaut, ol No OS West Thlriy-flHh streot.
Dobs <J\'?Barstow.?In Brooklyn, May 7, 1878, by
the Rev. Stephen G. Gamp, William T. Dodsox lo
AXXa S., yjuiiiiest daughter of the late Henry W.
Barstow, nil of Brooklyn. No cards.
l.uiBV?Toxkixm.?On Tuesday, May 7, hy tho Rev.
Or. S. H. Iyii.', Jr.. Guaklks ali.kx Liuiiy, ol this
city, to Km.a Vikgixia Tpxkixs, ol Philadelphia.
Philadelphia papers please copy.
Qfixuv?Fkkei.axi). ? I uesday, May 7. 1378, hy tho
Rev Joseph It lwerr. assisted by the R'-v James f>.
Wilson, Wii.liam II. Qb'ixav aud Jkxxie L. Fkkklaxd,
all of ihis cilv.
StkixiikkitxKit?Nash. ? On May 7. 1873, at Trinity
Church, Morrisania, by the Rev. Albert Hull* Joux F.
STisixiiitKfXKR to Ida 13., o;<io-l dnogntur of Lansing
8. and K.eniior N i-b. all ol this city. No cards.
Taylor? Faitouik.?At Trinity Chapel, Tuesday
evening, April ."u. 187s, by Rov. F. C. Etver, 1). D.,
Citptm Ai.fkui) B 1'aylob, United Slates Army, to
Carolkhc M., daughter ol the lite Jonathan Faltouto,
of ibis city.
Tiuyxou?Dkkoax.?On Sunday, May 5, nt Su
Patrick's Gniheurul. John TiiAVXort, of Brooklyn,
K. O., to F.i.izaiikth Oki.oA.v, of Boston, Mass.
Bustuu papers please cojiy.
Bauncm.?On Tuosdav, May 7, Jkrkm.au 0. Bar
'^Kolauvca uni' S^aro" r^pectfnlly Invited to nt
tend ito Ittiiwil. at Ills lu.o rosldeuoo, Fulton uv.,
above loom St., Morrieania, on Thursday tuoruing, bill
'DBlkwkrr.?In?Monicin 1 r, N. J., May 7, in tbo 33d
ycurqf borage, Uarrikt Elizadsth, daughter ol tuo
alTho" nu^af wV"taKO placo from tho
bor mother, Mrs. Mngovoru, Park St., Montclair,
two T. M., on Thursday nexu . Q
Hradly On Tuesday, ibo 71li lust.* at Spartan*
I.U.V, N 0.. Jamks C. Braoly, ot Now York, in tuo
24lb your of his age.
Notice of funeral beroaltor.
Ciakk ?lu Philadelphia, May 3. Maogik Cyrknk,
dauguier ot Ca*uiu Goorgo W. Clark, ol ship Ooo.
Toubody, aged 0 nioiilhs. . , .. .
CORCORAN.-on May 7, Ann, dau?"*r /?GaV,y
Elizabeth- Corcoran, a native of county Guiwuy,
lrTho^unorul will take place 9ih Ir.sL, at two P. M.,
from her late residence, 219 blast 2'Jlh st.
Ckanmku.?In Jersey Cliy ,'oui'l ucsday morning. May
7 at tlto rcslder.co ot her pareute, 194 3d St., Edna,
tlie miaut daughter of Edw ird aud Loucclia Cranmcr,
uued 1 year and 11 months.
1 no tricuds 61 tho inuilly are rospoctlullv luvltod to
attend tbo tonoral, 'his afternoon, at three o clock,
?roiu St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal Cl.uroh, 3d st.
Uknniso.-Uu Monday, May 0, Jambs Urnn.no, be
loved sou ot John and Cathuriuo Denning, ugod 10
yilUdattv?s and friends ot the rurally, and those ot bis
unclss John, Poter and James 8. Woods; also those of
his auiits, Mrs. Ellcu Kowan, Mrs. Anno Fcebon and
Miss Margaret Donning, are Invited to attend bis lu
uera! on Wednesday, 8lb ins.., at two P. M., from the
ri.Miiieuco ol bis pareute, 374 3d uv.
Dykk On Moud.iy, May 0, auddonly Lkyvis S., son
ol the late Henry U. and Adolino L. Dyer, lu tbo 34in
y ?U o I a 11 v< "sliud trlonds ol tho family, also mctnbors
ot 1 iviagston Lotigo, F and \. M., are respectfully
invited lo attend the funeral, Irotn his >ato residence,
154 West 36 th st., this iWodnosuajr) utlornoon, at ball
"Tvwra^fTllooaK, Co", F. and A. M.-Brktiir?n
You aro requested to aitond iho luuoral ol oar lain
brother Lewis .8. Dyor, nt Ills Into restdouco, 1J4 West
With st, this (Wednesday) alternoou, at hull-iMst^oiio
0 Dinkklspikl?Of peritonitis, on Monday, Mrs. S.
L In N't i i.Ai'i el., ot Lontlon, England, aged 23 years.
Heiultvos aud Iriends ol the l.iuily aro in vited to
attend mo luucral, irom her Into residence, Jib Li k
lifeton av., at twelve o'clock M., on Wodnesoay, tho
bin ol May. lDicrmetn at Woodluwn Cemetery.
Fai;an.?Margahkt Taiian, u native ot the parish
01 St Mary's. Bdlykernn, couuiy Westmoatli, Ire
laud in too f?ih year ol lior age.
Tlie irienus ol tho lamiiy are tuvlted to atlond tho
funeral, iron, her l.to res,deuce 444 U.cks, corner
Harrison St., Brooklyn, ?.u Tnursday morning, Ma, !), .
at tell o'clock ; i hence to St. Peter s < buroh.
Fisukk.? Uu 4th leal., Ann Eliza, wito ol Joseph a |
I 1 'rlie'relativos and Irlcnds aro invited 10 attend the
luncral Hum tho residence of bor husband, Na <t?2
SoatU 10th st., Phllauclphia, on Wednesday altornoon, ,
ul two o'ciock. ltueruieui nt Laurel Hill.
Jkiii ?On Tuesdny, May 7. ui lh?? residence ol hU
nirents Joseph, only son ol Eugono and Elizabeth
Jehi, aged 13 years, 11 months and 21 days.
LuscoRIl On Monday. May 6, Fannin LtscoMn, of
dkonsy. ju the 70lU ytnr ol her Jigc. |
Keiaitvos and ii .cnds arc invited to attend her fa
nerai at the Woodrow Moibouist Episcopal Church,
rt t a ten Island, on lhurslsy, IU? Win ion., ul hall-past
ni.u o'clock P. M. Carriages will bu in wmtti g ul
Huguenot Station to muct Iriends Irom New York
W m'aiin ? In IMiiladnhihin, at 1,724 tlpriug Gurdon st,
on April 24, 1*78. Ann, wilo ol Henry 11. Muhu, lu her
85MKAoa-On tho Tin mat., Carrik A. S., the beloved
Wl'to ol Michael J. Mead, lu lliu 28th vcar ol her age.
Tbo relttiivoa and irtiuds ol the lanitly arc luvitca
to attend the lunorai, on"?**? nl oni' P' '
trom her lalo ron lenco, 412 b.asi bbth st.
-ti I .mis (Mo 1 and Michlgau papurs ploaao copy.
McA.tDLK.-Oi TuSaday. M iy 7, 1S78. Mrs. Many Mc
Aiidlr, wite of Petor MoArule, *1 Suuuysiao, I.ong
Island City.
Notico i.l luneral boroalwr. i,
l'*)i lak Uu flaturdfty, Muv 4, 1S*8, nt Sa\annniij
Qa., aoruu. beloved wile o. Morris Pollak, aged -18
>Cltot'allve. and frlonds are invited to aticnd the
fuiier <1. from her I to residence, J2.? Last 13111 ft.,
on Wodnoaoay, tlie Klti mat, nt ten "clock A. M.
Aicmboisoi iho King Solomon Lodge ?. and A. M.,
and ol tlie Frte?lttia Verem arc res|HfOtluIly loviloi to
nllond tbo tuncral wittmoi turibt r nottee
' vVk tt -*e.Jdcnty, m ?tatui..rd. Conn., on Hun
day ? vo .ing. May 0. Jamks II. Macrktt, aged 69 yea"
l'uit*T<tl irom tbc rtsiidcucc ot Ul? brutliur,
j l ^ackctt. ou Wuanctsduv, tbu Sili iiiBL, at ii it* |
UHHi two I'. M. Carrion?M will be 1A waiting on tho
arrival ol the one (1) o'clock train from Urami Con
tralli poL Uuiaitvcs aud Ineuds are respcotluily in.
V'h?*It" ewn?At East Cbesior, N. Y., on Monday,
! \j ,y li. alter a short Hluess, John SukkWooo, iu tho I
! "'iluauvofs nnOMdends are luviied to nttend the lu
nernl. ut.8L Paul'sChtreh, East Cheater, on I bormlav,
Hav'J, at eleven O'clorK A. M. Carrtsges will bo iu
waitiug at the Mouul Vornun Depot uu tuo arrival ol
the 10:10 train from Uruud Central Depot.
MjtiwoN ? At lilt lain, .May 0, ol poeumoula. Lsssack
?dH^'^?la^on'n,ur,day. May ? at half
?mat ten A. ml, irom mo t.ranii Couirai Depot, 42d sl,
w i.? i t- pitrfini'tS will bo In WRltillft
'URI.KR -oud.teniy, ou Monday. May 0, Mra. Marv
yi'RYKii. in the 68tli year ol her uge.
Funeral aervt.es Irom hef law reiulence. No IW
Ulceckor ?L, fh Wednesday morning, May 8. ?!?'"?
o'elni g. Uamains mil ho taken to Now Jerccy lor In
UriTi?lm i..-At Mount Vernon, N. Y., May T.Guusrra
T7edatfyes' and*nonds fcaro?ro?peaUilly mtiled to at
Friday, M.ty 1 , oopot upou the nrrivil
irTno?PAR-On the Mb mat., Mart Ann Tno.-.p, relict '
0V,:^^m,b.r,rTea.;,er, 122 Clinton St., on
: sol. uihl^ irfli ef Robert W.tM.. fuilis, -god 28
'Tuncral from 123 ll.h on Thur.day, at two
C"tuo remains will bo brought m MM
W. Wkiss, partner in mo Una ol luckerma ,
rriends* ol tie Vara ijy mid ^^Tm^iml'to^.nond
Society aud ol inoi. u. i.
?*? s"" ?? ???
snr? s.s
leaves crand Cuutral Depot at 1- uoon.
The Stock Market Dull and
Government Bonds Strong, States Dull
and Railroads Firm.
Walt. Stukkt, i
Tuesday, May 7?0 P. M. )
Tlio Board Room lias remained to day us culm and
sluggish us the l'oal ol Uotliosdu and with no appear,
anco ol' operative niigols on oitbor sldo ot Uie account
to inovo tlio speculative waters. Even tho hundred,
share won were nonplussed as to what course to take
lu a market which offered no inducements to venture
in either one way or tho oilier, and hunt; as discon
solate about the portals of the Exchange as a peri at
the guto of hcuvou. With no activity- warranting the
nauio, tho mnrkot succumbed to the usual dull day
"sag," and lower prices wore gradually reached as the
day advanced. Tho more poitooful news irom Europe
may have holpod matters In this direction,
and tho wcuknos3 in Pacllle Mall, though
it would uaaor ordinary circumstances huvo been
ol no moment, was not without a depressing client
upon a market open to iutluoucos of this kind.
Almost the only bright spot ol tho day was to he
found in tho Pacific Mall corner of tho room, whore,
on the fabrication ot certain reports prejudicial t?
tho credit ol tlio company, quito an aclivo busiucsi
was transacted at prices which from first to Inst fell
oil' nearly two per cent. Although these rumors wore
positively contradicted, tho price at the close iulltul to
rally more thuu a (ruction, Irotn tho lact that a meet*
Ing ol the dirccllou was knuwu to have been cullod
lor this afternoon, and from the additional fact thai
nobody knew mo reason why It had boon called.
Northwosi uiudo a limber decline oi one per cent
during tho day, and tins, Ucspilo tho report of
u comparative incroaso In earnings for the
fourth week in April ot $100,320. As (or the olcctlon,
tho bidding for proxies still goes on, which would
eoem to intimate that so far it is no sure thing tor
oiiher side, though irom the constant loaking of stock
upon the market It is evident that some holders arr
satisfied u( tho result and are nothing loath to eBoapr
whllo opportunity oilers. In other stocks thero war
next to nothing doing, and oven this approxlmutlvi
quantity was dealt in at the expenso of drooping
figures. Almost tho only agreeable feature ol tho da)
Is tho continual popularity of the 4% per conl
loan, which was further cvidencod this morn
ing by a subscription on the part ol the Syndicate lor
an additional $5,000,001) ol bonds. This amount fills
the subscription up to $25,000,000 out ol the
$50,000,000 originally contracted tor.
Tho opening prices of stocks at the Board to-da)
were as lollows:?Now York Contrul, 100%; Erie, 11%;
1-ako Shore, 02% ; Wabash. 14%; Northwestern, 52;
Northwestern preferred, 72%; Rock Island, 105%;
Milwaukee and St. Haul, 51% ; Mliwaukoo and St. l'sul
prelerrcd, 75; Doluwarc, Lackawanna and Wosiern,
54%;*Now Jersey Central, 18; Uelawuro and lludsou
Canal, 55; Morris aud Essex, 7'J% ; Michigan Contrul,
71; Illinois Central, 70%; Union Pacific, 09%; Chi.
cage, Burliugtou uud Quiucy, 102; Chicago and Alton,
72%; O., C. and 1. O., 4%; Iisunlbal and St. Joseph
pioierisd, 27%; Wssteru Union, 81%; Aliantio and
l'aoillo Telegraph, 22% ; Pacific Mail, 20%.
Tno closing quatatious at three 1*. XI. wore:?
l.i.l. Afk><l. JUL jinked.
Chi A sw i?<51 Lnko Hliore li'274
Chi A NW prof. 714? 717, Mich Contrul.. 7(1 7i*74
Clii. Ilur A Q...10I 'a, XI.>rri? ft K?->ux. 79)3 7H74
c c ,V 10 3*4 47, Mil A St Panl . 5"74 61
C.O i I 25'i 3'l*? Mil* St Paul pl 7??r 7*^4
Clave A Pitts... 7574 77.1, Mariposa .. i *< 3
Chi A Alton.... 7il 72>, )|?ri|i?i? pril 1'.', .?
Chi A Alt.in pi.. 90 loo N Y neutral ...l'*U's 101)4
Com..Il'u Coal.. 23 2m X J Central,... 1H lH.'J
Canton 14 1" ^J eouliiorn.. 1 1*2
IM.Ucki W. ra'l fW# Ohio A Mum.... H)g H4?
licl A liiai Onu. 33*4 54 Ohio A Mil* prof 15 16*2
AOi.iiii Express. UH li lull'i Panlllo Mill.... 1974 I!*4,
American t-.x... 5"',' 6??* I'nnniiix ... ...l!Sl 123
II S Express ... is 4 Ii'b I'i lii A 1* t \\... 0***4 Ml
Wclls-Karuo Ex. *X'.i*4 lm (pncknltvor in 17
i. rit. II'. 12 Quicksilver prof 3U 33
llsrl'tra 1 WJa IW M 1. A i M 7 H
llan A St.I I I HX St U. IC 0 AN.. 4*4 ?*!{
II hii it St Jo pr.)i ~7Si ^ ^ U ^ 0 i N pi 2114 21} ,
liIiDoliOemral. 7?? 76'4 Tol. W A A .... 14'], 1? 2
Kansas I nclllc.. * s'4 Luton Fuel lie OKU 6U>,
Kuuius A Texas. 2)4 ;i Wont Union Iol MUX HI
Tho following wcro tho highest ami lowest pilcoa
of stocks to-ilay
II ighcst, LuwsL
Chicago and Northwestern 6274
Chtgngo and Northwestern preferred... 727* 7IK
Chicago, Kock isluud and I'ltclUu .16*74 105'4
Clev., Col. Cincinnati nud Iudhiuupoh*.. 2d 26*4
Delaware, Lackawanna nud Wostoru.. .'>4',' 53*4
Duawaro ami Hudson Canal 60 637J
1 i 1174
Illinois Contrul 76,'4 7674
Lnko shore 6-74
Xllctilgaii Central 71 66/,
Morris nud Essex.A 7V74 <9
Milwaukee nud St. 1'uUl 51?, o"7?
Milwaukee and .St. l'l.ul prolerred 75 74*,
New Jersey Central 1616
Pacific Mail HO4,; lM'fi
'I'olodo, Wabash and Western 14 *4 1474
Unluu 1'auiOo C'J *4 62*4
Western liuiou l'c-tcgrupii 8174 So.',
Tllk 10X11 MAkktiT.
Money <vn call was cu.y to-day at 3 a 4 por cent,
closing nl 3 per cent. Tno following wore tho rulci
ol exebnngo on Now York at Ik* undermentioned
cities tw-daySavannah, buying 116 premium, soil.
I'*4 7.i premium; Charleston, easy, premium, a-Id
a i, premium; Si. Lou *, PU premium; New Orleans,
par a 1-10 picinium, premium; Chicago, GO pre
mium, and lloiloa, 82), a20 discount. Foreign ex*
cbaugo was steady on the basis oi 4.85*4 a 4.84] lor
bankers' sixty day sterling bills, nud at 4.8874 a 4.88)4
for dotnund.
Gold was steady inivugboat the day at IOO74. Ths
carry ing rates were 17, to 2 per cent.
Gold balances 11,138,886
Currency balances l,DH,586
Gold cluaring*.... 11,136,'KM)
Corrcnry exchanges |SU,180.211
Currency bal.iuco* - 880,457
1.oh. tXcUauges 6,247,6x4
Gold buluuccs.. 1,460,600
Government houds were lu gcoii demand and firm.
Tho Syndicate to day tuudo a now subscription of
?5,060,000 lor the 4*4 per cont bonds, which ab-orbs
tho July Option. 1 me makes lu all J25,ooo,0:>0 taken
since the contract wus tnado with tho Secretary, 'lho
closing quotations wcro at follows:?
Jhd. Arl. "J.
United Stales currency sixes.... 119 H074
Liiilea States sixes, 1881, registered, loi74 1 97*4
(.'illicit Males M\es, 18X1, coupon... 167', 1**7 **
United Mates >lxe-, 1865, uew, regis. loil'4 1(4
United tiiutes sixes, lx*.5, coupon.... IU31, )o4
United Males hixor, 1867. registered. 166', 166)4
Uutud Siutes sixes, 18tl7, cuupou.... 106,', 1<<6
United states sixes, lx*ix, roglrtercd, 10x74 lo.ii.
United stales Mses, 1808, coupon.... I'm 101*14
Uailod State* teti-lortles, registered. 105*, loo
United sltaios leu-tortiex, cou|Kib.... lea;, lmi
United Hiates flfss, 1X81, roglxtorod. 104,', 1<?4?4
United HlMes fives, 1881, coupon.... loiij 191*4
United dlsles 4*a's, 18UI, roxixiered. 103', loi'4
Uiiitod ataiox 47e'r, 1X91, coupon.... lod', lo.i*,
llnlicd aisles lours, l'.*07, registered. IO074 169)4
Urn ted stales lours, U10T, coui?oii... I0074 I0074
The London udvicss ruport consols weak and down
to 95 a 95)4 lor ?n?n?T end ?o 95'< ? 86 >4 for the ac
count, us against 96,'4 and 95.', a 95)4 respcetlToly ot
the close yesierdsy. United 8UUa bonds show nn
adviuc# of *4 a *4 lor 4H's and ten-lortins and s de
cline of lor 1867'a Krio common we* steady at l'.'Tg
a I274. 'fht prsierrofl mlvanced 1 per ccut, to 31; New
Jeri.ey Central *4, to 19, and do oobnolldated firsts 3'4
per cent, to 787,. liar <;:lver Is quoted at 53 U-lod. por
ouuco A: I'iiTiSrcnto.r fell oil to lou . '26c. lho clos
ing (.rices in Lou Ion were as follows-?Consols lor
money nnd account, 95 u.Oa,^ ; new 4 ij per ccut hoods
106; live twenty bonds ol 1807, 108*4 a 198*4; ton
forty bonds, ln7;?,; llvos or 18X1, 106; Krlo common
shares, 13)4; d?. prolerred sbnrss, 31; New Jersey
Central, 19, Illinois Central, 7x>^.
stats Ron da
State bonds at tbo Hoard lo-day wore steady for
District ot Columbia 3 06's and Missouri Stato sixes

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