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The Stock Market Dull, but
GOLD 100 7-8 A 100 3-4 A 100 7-8.
Government Bonds Strong, States Dull
and Railroads Higher.
Money on Call Easy at 2 1-2 a
3 1-2 Per Cent.
Wall Sthkkt, 1
Tuisday, May 21?0 B. M. (
Llahte and etudes In 10 day's market were few and
feeble. In a quivering point ol view any second class
aspen eould bave produced better results wltu ita
foliage Iban did the market wilb its quotations. Tbere
was not fickleness enough In prices to excite tbe en
mlty of bears or to invito the admiration ol balls,
consequently things assumed tbe snape or a strictly
brokers' tuurket, which, as everybody knows, is lim
ited to very narrow fluctuations indeed. I.nko Shore
was facile princeps, as it well deserves to bo trom Its
capacity to afford amusement to small traders in tho
dullest ol limos; but It did not afford tuuob to-day,
for though it ranked tbe rest ol tbe market In
volnmo of transactions Its changes lu prtco wero
restricted to a quarter of ono per ccnu
Tho coal atocks wero less strong than on yesterday,
although the cessation of mining, which has been
ordered, will afford an opportunity to work off tho
supply on baud and prepare the way for an advance
in tbe price ol tbe product Itself. This ut least Is what ia
supposed will be done when tbo Board of Control meets
in June. Tbere wusa dip of over ono per ocnt :n Pacific
Mall, through an attempt to sell come long stock on a
market that was void of buyers, or which, at loust,
exhibited bat little of the oxlstlng Uusso-munta to
Invest In steamship properties. Thero was but little
activity in tbo grangers. Tho old dodge or selling
"puts" upon Northwest at figures near tbe market,
With the hopes of enticing buyers, Is still being pur
sued with indifferent success; there Is too much stock
In loo low bands to salt tbe wary, who
prefer to purchase iheir ptg as free from a poko as
possibla Tbe St. Paul shares ol both kinds showed a
small advance. Oreat confidence Is felt in tbo future
of this property, and expectations of u 3)4 per cent
dlvldeud, to be declared upon both common and pre
ferred shares, are widely entertained. The re
mainder ol tho list was steady and dull tnroagh the
greater part ol the duy, though tbo monotony was
somewhat relieved at the close by a slight decline
from the best prices of tho soscion.
or km.to r RICKS.
Tbe opening prices ol stocks at the Board to-day
were:?New York Central, 108)4; Erie, 12)4; Lake
fchore, 02)4; Wabash, 14)4; Northwestern, 60*4; da
prelerrod, 71)4; Bock Island, 109ta ; Milwaukee and
8t. Paul, 61: do. prelerrod, 77; Deluwnre, Lackawanna
aud Western, 80)4; Now Jersoy Cootral, 22)4; Dela
ware and Hudson Canal, 66)4; Morris and Essox,
81 >a; Michigan Central, 65)6; Chicago, Burlington
sudQulncy, 104)4; Ohio aud Mississippi, 9),'; West
ern Union, 82% ; PuciUc Mall, 10%.
The closing quotations at throe P. M. wore as fol
lows :?
Bid. Ashed. Bid. Asked.
Atlantic A Pac. 20)4 21% Kansas A Tea.. 2'..' -j%
C'lii .V N W. ... 60?w - ILake Shore.... 62% 02 .
Chi A $ W prof 71;, 72 Mich Central.. ISO 65!.
Chi. H I A P ..UWJi lOn'4 Marrls A Kt.ex 80*4 8"J4
Chi Hur.vO in V lue m.i
Chi.Bur.t y.tuV Mil A 8t Paul... 5liJ 51^
J'i 'i'u '?iH. M * P jiref.. 772: 771?
r?!*.Vi ? /'v^a. Murinoia I ;i/
Jv!j ? ' V 7)*, 7r'^ Mariposa pld... 1 % a
Chi A Alt pref.. m? MX) N V Central...,1G8 K*>,
cauio".... .... 10 1ft N J Central.... S?g
Del. L A W;... 5o'^ 5o?4 NJ .southern... ?? j'i*
Del A liurtC... 5.D? 5r,>i Ohio AMus.... II# ?(>
Adams Kx lot!," 10? I'aeific Mall.... Ih'fc m 4
American. PAnrnnt 118 * 122
t I' fcl hx 47,' a 48 J'in s Ft \V u 'V
golli.ir ACo.. oog ill (^uick?iiTor..** \7\ uL
i-h yvt yuick pfit ai
Erie pref 82 3d Ht L and "ii,
llarlein ... ....147 Ids ht L, K I! A .8 .. 4% |'T
linn A ht J 12is 12Ji ht L. K C A \ ?r Mil?
Han A ht Jo... 12)s PJ's hi L.KU*Npi'2nj3 2IU
II A ht Jo pref. 2hi+ '1 ol. Wati A IV .. 14,'2 14)2
Illinois central 77Js 7X Union i'aciilc.. CM tin-,
Kniisas Pacitio. 7)J ? W V lei 82)4 ?a>4
The following wore tho highest and lowest prices of
stocks to-day:?
Highest. Lowest.
Cblongo and Northwostorn 61 60)4
Chicago und Northwestern preferred. 72)4 71)4
Chicago. Kock Island and Pacific.... louy, Km
Chicago, Burlington and tluincy 108 14 104 \
C.. u. aud I. C 4)4 i'%
Deluwurc, Lackawuuna and Western. 66)4 66
Delaware and Hudson Canal 6tl 6i14
Erie 12 Ji 12%
liaunioul and St. Joseph 12-g 12'.
Haliulbai ami BC Josejin prelerrod., 29 28?i
Illinois Central 78 ?-**
Case Shore. * ?'
03* 02 34
Morris anu Essex 81)4 So1.
Milwaukee aud Su Paul 61)4 !>?>%
Milwaukee and SU Paul preferred.... 77)4 77
w..- v . ... ?
Hiiwuu.uu anu at raul preferred.... 77'. 77
New VorkCeulral 1imi. i
108). 108)4
New Jersey Central 2274 2 '
Ohio A Mississippi 'J
1'uCiUo Mail lliy. soy.
luiedo, Wabasn and )Vosier 14)4 14)%'
Uniou Pacific.. 09)4
\U IT ?
vo.ou i acme 09)4 68%
Wcsieru Union Telegraph........... 82% 82)4
The money market was easy all day and call loans
wait mude easily it 3 a 3)4 por cent, mid at tho cluso
as low as 2)4 a 3 per cent. The lollowiug wero tbo
rales ol exohange on New York at the undermen
tioned elites to-day:?Savuunah, buying 1-16 prem
ium, celling ). premium; Cnnrlcslou, very scarce,
9-16 premium, )* premium; 3L Louis, 81 premium;
Slew Orleans, commercial ),, bank ; Chicago, 26
premium, and Boston 1214 discount. Poroign ex
change was dull, witti actual business at 4.86 a 4.86)4
fur bankers' sixty days'starling bills and at 4.87)4 *
4,87)4 lor demand.
Gold opened and closed at 100)4, soiling In tho In
terim at 100)4. Carrying rate* 1 to 2 per cent. Loans
slss> made fiat.
Gold balances 12,071,787
Currency balances 2,093,881
Gold clearings Id, 112.000
Currency exchanges (02.636,137
Currency halsucus 3,823,262
Gold exchanges 6,661,797
(sold boiauces 804,037
Government bonds wero lu good ucrnanJ and strong,
glueing vary firm at tha lollowiug quotations:
llvi. A'he<L
Unlten Slates currency sixes 12o 'a 12n!4
United Btales sixes, 1881, registered... Ida'? lohs.
Lulled Slates sixes, 1881, coupon IU834 l"Vv
United SiuUs eixcs, 1866, new, regie.. Ki4)4 l')4S
United Matee sixes, 1800, coupon 104'. lor.
United ytutes sixes, 1867, registereu... 107'4 loi)4
, ... ... .v,;* iui;%
United Stales sixes, 1867, coupon 107 i( 1071*
United mates sixes, 1808, registered... P18 lhu
United Btates sixes, 1868, coupon 109 10'"4
Untied utates ten-lvrties, registered ... 1U7 1"7'?
United states ten.lorilea, coupon... . lu? loi.'?
Uulted Stalta fives, 1881, legtstcrsd.,. 10.14 106',
United States lives, 1881, coupon 106', 106*4
United Dimes 4%'a, 1891, registered... 103 103V,
(Jolted Matee 4)?'i, 1891, coupon 104'4 104',
United States lours, 1907. registered... Ml >4 101 ',
Untied Swiss fours, 1907. coupon ..... 101 101)4
Tbe London advices reported eeneole down to 9614
196)4 early In tbe day, but sabacquently there wan
in advance to 00% on more favorable rumors rossrd
tng the political outlook, wbich liad a strengthening
effect on securities generally. Unltod Stales bonds
ere % higher lor all issues. Illinois Central rose 1%
per cent to 80 and New Jersey Central'^ por eent to
83)4; Erie rose to 19)4; tb# preferred sold at 31)4 a
31)4. Bar silver is quoted it 63)4d. per ounco. The
Bank of Kugliud gamed ?32,0uo bullion to-day on
b iianne. At I'srls reutoa fell nil to 1091. Xdo. and rose
to 1091. 18)o. The clotlng prices lu London were:?
Uonsola lor money end scconut, 96,14; 00" Hi par
cent bouds, 105; five-twenty bonds ol 1867, 109 n
109)4; tcn-lorty bonds. 10?)|; fives ol 1881, lu?; Ens,
lomtnou, 13,>4; Erie, preferred, 31)4; Now Jersey
gentrsi, 22)4; Illinois Ccotrsl, 79)4.
State bonds at tho Board wero dull, with salsa con
fined to Virginia sixes oonsolnlaiod (sx matured cou
pons); District of Columbia 3-C6's aold at 79)4 * 7S>fi?
? decline of >4.
Haliroad bonds contiuus stiong aud prices generally
?dvaneed. Tbe following were the changes compared
?um lMt Dierioiu muup-ab adraaoe ol la Cta-te
tral PaclOc (California and Oregon branch), % in da
firsts (San Joaquin branob), >4 in Central Pacific gold
bonds, % in Wabash flrats (ex-coupon), 34 to C., C. and
l.C. firsts, >4 in Northwest interest bonds, Delaware
and Hudson registered bonds or 1804 and Ohio and
Mississippi sinking lands, % In Erie third mortgage,
34 in Laxe Shore coupon seconds and Chesapeake and
Ohio firsts (coupon on) and >4 in Union Pacific firsts.
rainauiLrniA stocks.
Tho closing prices of Philadelphia slocks were:?
Bid. J iked.
City sixes, new 11 -4i? lib
United Railroads of New Jersey... 120 120)4
Pennsylvania Railroad 27)4 2n
Heading Kailroad loJt S?
Lehigh Valley Haiiroud 86)4 3<>J,'
Philadelphia and Krio Railroad.... 6)4 7>4
Schuylkill Navigation prwtrrert... 0 7
Nortboru Central Railroad 13'? 14>4
Lehigh Navigation 16)4 17
Piitsburg,'fuusville and liullala .. 5 5)4
Hestonville Railway 734 7*4
Central Iransporiatiou 38>g 30
l'be official opeuing wining quotations at San Fran
cisco to-day were:?Tip Top, 134 ; Gould It Curry, 0)4;
Savage, 0)4 ; Choller Potosl, '14; Ophlr, 33; Halo &
Norcross, 0)4; Crown Point 2)4 j Yellow Jacket, 7)4;
Belcher, 2>;; Virginia Consolidated, 13; California,
20>4; Uvcriuun, 8; Raymond and Ely, 2)4; Heat and
Belcher, 13; Union Consolidated, 3; Aioha, 10),;
Sierra Nevada. 6; Mexican, 8)4; Enreka Consolidated,
3714, ex-dividend; Justice, 4; Utah, 0; Navujo, >4.
The closing quotations In Situ Francisco were:?
Alpha... 10*4 Julia Consolidated.. 7tg
Alia &;4 JiUtlCO 3 '4
Bulcncr 2), Kentuclt 2)4
Host .V Belcher 12.', Kussutb 1-10
Bullion 4 Leopard. 7-10
Caledonia 1*4 Mexican.. U'4
puiiipriiiu 10)4 Northern Belle 7*4
Cnoller 2b Ophlr 34)4
Confidence. 334 Overman 734
Consolidated Virginia 13 Huyinoud & Ely 4
Crown Point 3*4 Savage 0)4
Eureka Consolidated. f>8 Sierra Nevada 4 l4
Exchequer 2J4 Silver Hill 1'4
Gould & Curry 0>4 Uuion Consolidated. 4'4
Uraud Prise 3>4 Yellow JaukeL 734
Hale 4c Norcross 5;,
Tho total sales of stocks at the Board to-day nggre.
gated 74,130 shares.
Tho receipts and sblpmonts ol wheat and corn at
Chicago and Milwaukee wore as follows:?
Chicago?Receipts of wheat, 111,430 bushels; ship
ments, 7a,317 do.; receipts 01 corn, 364,041 bushels;
.shipments, 200,220 do.
Milwaukee?Receipts o( wheat, 120,100 bushols;
shipments, 08,000 do.; reoclptaot corn, 0,200 bushels;
shipments, 400 do.
The exports of domestto produce from the port for
tho week ending this dale woro $7,000,472, against
$0,548,536 tor tho corresponding week last year, nnd
$6,202,023 in 1870. Tho total exports of produce
since January 1 wero $133,702,070, against
$101,872,014 for the same' period last year, and
$02,081,007 In 1607.
The gross earnings of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids
and Northern Railway Company for the week eudiug
May 14, 1878, wero $30,578 65; same weak last year,
$16,023 80; increase, $14,554 76.
A decree bus been entered to-day in the Circuit Court
of Richmond approving and conllrmmg the sale of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, which took place on
tho 2d of April last, when the road was bought by the
committee In pursuance of the plau of reorganise
tion. Tho reorganization will now be perfected as
soon as possible.
mj I'utiOc Mali 10% 200 a,
200 do ioo d
.-,11 X V 0 * II K 10H% 40'/St r?u
2'XJ fc.no ,.c 12% 2'* J d
do U3 12% O KI St l'?t
do.... 12% 50 Wnliat
do c 12% loo Uol, l ock AW..b3 58%
do ?3 12% I'XJ do, 5(1(7
gnhore., 02% 300 do 60%
Tcksday, May 21, 1878.
C24000NJ0 1tt.ea.b3 7'> SOOthi North wait... t3 SOW
2< *J0 N J C con ante r.. 07 3'K) do i3 6o%
10001) 0, C A I 0 lit... 43% 100 do C 5<i%
1'jOU WlnonsASt flat 08 00 do SoJI
1000 XY Elevated lit 8() 8(K) Northwott pf 71%
1U0O0 Cent 1'. C AO br 01% 100 do 03 71%
41 tin Del A Hud 55 J4 ?") N J Central 22,'.,
201) WoKicrn I'liton.... 82% 40 do 22%
" - ~~ do b3 22%
do 22%
4(>'iSv Paul M
lio one ..a ill, 200 do,........... 5(1%
Sjo do b3 12% 800 St Paul pf 77
200 do 12% .">0 VValintlt 14%
4011 J- * ? ?
400 Lake .. ? JM$ -
(too do 03 0 0 no 50
20O0 do ..b3 03 300 do 65%
20O do c 02% 1300 do...... ...... 55%
101) 02% 500 do 55%
100 111 Central 7m 200 do b3 50
IOO <10 77% 200 do 60
100 do >3 77% ,3'KI do. 65%
400 00 77% 1000 do 55%
100 Rock Island tS10!>% 11 Mieli Central 05'.
20 do 101-s, 10u 11*11 A St Jo....... 12',
100 do bS 100% 100 Ohio A Mitt t3 11%
1(X) M orrlt A Kites.... 81% luoC, CAIO 4%
20-) do 81 200 do b3 4%
IOO Panama 12') 50 do 4%
HUO Northwott 50% 40 do 5
100 do .....b5 50% 200 do 4%
1(M5 A. M.
$1001 0UR5-20 e.'G5n.i3 104% $1000 U S 4%'t. 0. '61. 104%
7m CO U S 5-20. r. 07.. lo7'4 50<) do 104%
30kk) U H 5 2J. c. '07.. 107% 1000 L'S4%'t, r, 31.tic 103%
16000 U S 5't, r, '81 ,b3 105%
11:15 A. M.
$1000 U 8 5.20,c.'08.bc 1C0% $10000 U 8 ft't. r. '81... 105%
$1000 Va O't, c, ex m e 60 400 ihi L S A Mo 8. ,b? 027'
5(KI D C. 3-G >'? e. .. 71)% 50> do b3 83
5miO do 78%
6000 lturAC KAN, lit 00% ....
200 ' N J C 1st i on at 70 1000 do (I )
llUUO Dehitn A WH c. 41 lUUO do |3 03,.
ll.HX) CAKlO'1,'17 c.63 100 800 do 83%
4000C A N W I b ... 105% 13D0 Chi A N W ....be 30%
tool) WiiiomiAstP lit OS luo do t3 50%
lilt) tilcn Southern,*! l<x>% 100 do 5o?.
lOUU I, .Miore 2d,cun c lu3 500 do 5o?,
7uO<i DalAi i ud rli.Dl IW% 100 do..., e So'j
bUOD uhloAMIas e, t f. iih'% 501) do III.**""."."." SY'
5<MI Cen Pacific Kb . 107% 3(?) Co t3 5o%
lliOOCtil & N Vf ..
do ...... ,
?S( N J
do ??????.
do .
hu() Obl 4 N W pf,
. .b3
205 .WorAfc.i-iiox .be *3 Hl'%
13 N Y. X II A UatPd 150%
15o cut. Hur A 0 be lot ??
1( m .... i,. .a
50 X) do be 108
l(*x*> Cl'dt.SJ branch 00
130(Xi do be 80;
2i*ki H Pac of Cal Ivt. 03/4 2i*i do.. b3 72
4?*X)UPl?t 107% 1HC.C, CAI.^iC 27;4
2i'OI do 107% 100Chi A It I....be *3 1CX.)%
sinio uu Iieb3 li-7% 3d Wabavh be 14%
3(*X) t'ulon Paclhc. tf 1)8% 200 N J Central be 22%
4(KJ0 .tie Pacific 2d... 00 50 do 22%
4000 Erie 3d ...lt)7% 2'*) do |3 22
!*k?i II A"tJn S'K.c, be 02% luo do C 22%
li*X) t'.tOhlo l?t,c, i e 27 1'K) do 22%
600 NYUH'a. 1883... 103% 100 do 22%
11**1 P. fci vVACnl 2d 114% I'D do U30 22%
50*10 CotCAlC lit. alo 43% 1'*) do 22%
3**) do 43% :??) Chi, Mil A St P..be 51
4(XX) Tol.t W l?t, ox O. IOO 2O0 do >3 51
;***) AlmiiATII In.... 01 3 X) do b3 51%
boo i UiWi t.'88, a* e i)u% :??) do M,%
KKKKi .N.l'Astl) III.,6c 88% 4Ui d.i 51%
10 ?lis Am I * Hint.. UH% IMlUhl.MHA >tl' pf.be 77%
10 fcouitn Nat Hank. OS OiN) ill 77%
101 Wells b'ai|{ii hx .. >*?% K*l Dal, l.ackAtA .bcs3 65%
14 American fc.xprn** 48% 3m) do &.??%
HO no be 40% 200 do e 55%
111 do 411% 3m) do ............ 55%
| 3 Pull Poll Car Co.. 7*', I luo do 68
I'M) Del A I) Canal..he 55% .'at) ilo 55%
[ 2 O do 68
I l o I .. s3 55%
Ut) do 5.5%
3-K) 5.i% HI) do Hi..-.
200 KT II 7a I hoc 82% UK) do 104%
1(10 do 1)3 M2 % 2U0 New Jerrejr So ..bo I
1UO do *3 Ht.% 74 Kansas Pac..be >3 7%
11*1 KYCAll be b3 lis , UK) (ISO A st Jo be 12%
:?*) itria be ?3 12% 100 lianActJo p?.. .be 2h%
7UU do..... 12% 1U0 do.. 21)
1*10 do b3 12% 5') Ohio A Mill. ..be l'%
20 llarlotn ltK....bcc Its-, 2<*i Col U A lud O.. .be 4%
200 ? IcU i en...bct30 05 2(K) do 4%
2*X) Illinois Cen oo 77% 100 do s3 4%
lUUO Luioa Paciflt..bJ 01>% luo do.... 4%
HKFOItK CALL?12:30 P. M.
$5001) llltt of Col 3-65's 78)2 2" *) tht III Contral. ,b3 78
5(*Ki Can So deb etf.. 73% 2") do 78
&IXIO 0, C A I C let... 43% 2*) Pittsburg 78
IlOmi do 43% 7UU Northwestern 61
lull Krlo 4th In4 1'X) .Northwestern pf.., 72%
1(*??) St PkdI lit, CAM Io7% 20(1 N J Central 22%
5(**l M A St I'con 1 I. !<*)% I") do 1/3 22%
5-XiO L-horr, cp, lit. 112 100 do 22%
25 tilt Dei A llkdton. 55% li*> do 22%
f 1MI -10 6.5% lit) St Paul ,?????????. 31%
600 Western Union ... 82% 3<KI do. |3 61%
l(X) Psclflc Mall IU% 21*) do 61%
il*> do s3 18)4 I'*) llan A St Jo? pf .. 21)
1(X) do Il'% 000 Dal, Dock A Welt. 65%
21 N Y Cant A llud . los% 60(1 do 66%
IUO L'nlou Peel lie... *3 Oil;, 170) do 63%
11 a, do b.1 08}, 2i*' do b3 6.6%
40.1 Erie Hallway....b3 12% 1<X) do til 66',
g(* I do 12% 2X) do b3 3.6%
21*1 do 12', 3 1 Rock Itland l(n>%
51* 1 12% lou do I(*'%
100 Michigan Ccntrau. 'V.% ?*iMorris A Kite*. .. 81
SKI Cake short ?3 83 100 Kantoi A 'lexat... 2%
2t* 1 do b.1 83% )'?) Ohio A Mm b3 O'.
21O0 do 83 2'*>C, C A 1 C. ???..13 4%
IOO llllnolt Central.b3 77% 2o X J southern t
12:30 P. M.
$10000 US61.0. '81.13 105% $IUX? UdU't, ep. 'HI.. I(?i%
1:90 P. M.
$3(*X) 1T8O't. r. 1881 .. 108% $3(?xx) U85.20.e.'iI7.bc IU7%
1U5U0 IH 6-20't, ep, HI7 1(17% 8861) US 4%, r. '1)1. *oe 103%
2:30 P. il.
$'2(X)00 US 6-20't. c,'07 107% $I4(XK) U8 4%'t, r.'Wl. lo:i%
K l d JI. CD, 'Si... 106k l'XWO US 4't, ep, 1007. 101 %
til.COND BOARD?t P. *?.
$18000 D of 0 $86*0. . 7H% KxiothtL Hhara...b$ 83
3(**i CAN w co $ lida 101 % *)l do*,,,.,.,.?tJ '-2 ,
2 kk) D A II. rug, >4. 101% 2(K) do 82%
fiUUO D A (1. reg. "HI. ?->% f*?i ho 14%
IO *1 ? 6 ( mi ('?'>. 8.( 103% oOC'hIA.SW he 61',
OUUlNY CtuS't, '87. 10.% :t.Ki do 18 -6<l%
500U U A Mimecn 1 I. .'8% 2**1 ?lo .........t3 .60%
li***) U I'ac i?tm..l?3 l"7;4 3l*iChl A XW pf...,he 72%
13IKKIC. C A I c 1*1 III 43 4(?) ilo 72
.51**1 Can So deb cift. 73 80O Del, I) A AV be ?<?>%
2(*l *lll H A llud c.be 65% 200 do, Ii3 6.1%
100 Watttra In..he td 82% 3i?) do 55%
3 *) PtclHc Mall he lu% KK) Alb A -usq 82
K*i do.......?.?t6 111% 171) Cm nf 6J .?????*bo 22%
1**1 do 18% 17 do., 22%
i,*, do 1"% 1'*) Cbl A it L be 11x1%
lull Co 18 loo do .....C 11X1%
?)?*? do 18% 200 do 1"?%
3<*i do 18 % 2i?l do IUti%
i(*) do s3 1H'* ''SIC, C A I C he 4',
?2i*l do 18% I'*) do ,...b3 4%
In, 1-1% ioo Chi. M A 8t P .ho 61%
1'?I H Y C A I! It., .he I"8% VKM III M A. M I'p,.bo 77%
21*1 Krla KK....UC hi*l 13 SO I', ttW A Catd.be 1*2%'
nil do 12% 200 M A Assam... ..be HI
|:?k) do 124 I'*) do 8(1%
311U do. .,???3 12% Id) uo.... ,,.?,h3 8u/4
lixi'?kd Short ...b.e 03 1U) Chi A Alton be <6%
JW M W>4 200U1U0 dkMlld.NM*$ tJl,
2:30 TO 3 P. M.
$2000 NW cone g bd?. 101 200(hiCbt*NW SOW
llnOO NY C*? '83. 103* ??> do AO*
8000 Ohio A M 2dm.. 00 100 do >3 So*
soon Uu hue tkg fd ?*?* art Ohl. M k 81 P....t SI
2000 IIan A *1 J S'l.e 82* 300 do 51*
AoOO NJ C l?l.e d ?'d 70* 40 1 Chi. M A St P pf.. 77*
300 ?h? Urn A Hud .... As* 30 Morri. A K?..x.... HOW
300 Wo.tu Uu 82* 3>?i L?ol, 1. ,t Weiio... 5 >*
100 do 82)5 1"0 do SAW
2U0 do 82* 40O do MX
AO do 82 I li? do SAW
3O0 do S3 82* 5<? do 85
aoOPuiflo Mail 18* 700 OA*
2>*J Erin KK 12 * 3uO do AAV
40O Lot* shore >3 02* :k?) do SAW
3oO do b3 82* ;io? do SAW
100 do 02'. 2oOW?biuU 14*
100 Ohi t KI 100* 3no do 14*
200 do I OH 200 do 14 *
3UOC*BorNJ 22* ?I0 do b3 14*
400 do 22 OOO Ohio A MUe 0*
SMI do 22* AOO do ?*
200 do 22* 100 Ilea A St J 12*
lOO do 22* 100 8*1** In Mt 7
2O0 do 22* 200 Htiinta 1'ao 8
20 do 22* 200 Chi A Alton 75*
100 do 22* 100 Alb A Su?q 82*
SO K J Kit 120*
Tuksday, Maj 31, 1878.
1<X)alii B A El..be bl5 .10 1(A) aba Lacroaaa. ...be .38
1UO do be Wl .10 300 do 0 .38
Mai do be *10 boo da..38
5<lO do be .10 boo do e .3*
boo do be .lo loo do .38
boo be .10 boo do 38
1000 do bo .10 100 e .38
3t?i do 10 100 do 38
1000 do 10 10 Con V*. ac alb 13S
1U4) do 10 lOo Kind's Mount. .b30 lob
lOOOaehier bib l.bb loo jiout ISiou 1.10
100 do blO l.bb 10*1 do 1.10
1000 Dablouuga.. .be e .17 loo do b3 1.10
b<?) do be >30 .17 100 N Y A Colorado... IS
boo do bib .18 loo I'lumas 4.oo
boo do bb .18 100 do a 3 <i.<JO
bOO do bb .18 loo do (3 4.00
bOO do bb .18 100 do |3 4.GO
100 do b30 .10 100 do lie 4.00
bOO do b3 .18 Aid Wag.. .00 bid, .13 aaked
b'?*I do blO .18 ADi C?n 5 bid, 0 aaked
bOO do blO .18 Bobtail . 2.40 bid, 3S naked
bOO do blO .18 helcber ? bid. 3 naked
bOO do,.,,.. .. b3 .18 CalaUunla.. ? bid, 2S naked
1(d) Gold I'lacur. 1.3b California. 31S bid, .3 naked
loo do b3 1.3b Half A Nor... ? bid,Tasked
loO do b3 1.3b lloalll ? bid,basked
300 do..... 1.3b Keuluck...,. ? bid. 3 naked
100 do 1.3b Mooau ? bid "S aaked
loo do 1.3b Memphis... ?bid. 30aaked
10O do bb l.bb Aorlliern li. ? bid, to aaked
bOO Laeroaas... .be blO .38 Ontario.. .30 bid, 80S naked
100 do be ?3(1 .38 Kay'd A Ely. ? bid, 11 asked
100 do be .38 Hcaton ?bid, 2S naked
100 do,..., be .38 sierra Ner... ? bid. b asked
loo do be a30 .38 So Star ? bid, IS aaked
100 do bee .38 Un Con..... ? bid, 7s aaked
500 do bo .38
300 aba BerAEd.
...... c
do ....
... b3
Bullion. .. ? bnl, 4S aaked
Mclclier ? bid. 3 aaked
Caledonia.. ? bid, 3S aaked
Califor'a.30S bid, 31S aaked
Imperial. - bid, .00 aaaed
Con Vn... 13 bid. 14S naked
llahloro.-n. 17 bid, .18 aakad
Exchequer. ? bid, 3>a aaaed
UuuldaC'y. ? bid, 7S aakod
U l'lnc'r. 1.35 bid, 1.4(1 aakod
Hale A .Nor., ?bid. OS aakod
Justice - bid. b aakod
K Moont.l.bO bid, 1.8b aaked
Caeroaae.. .37 bid, .38 aaked
100 Caabier 1 bO l.ooparil .. .4(1 bin. .75 aaked
100 do 1.50 Moose ? bid, 7S aakod
1U0 1'lumaa 4.0O Ml Brosa. l.ob Lie. 1. lb aaked
HO do 4.Hb N'tUen Hell..7 bid, OS aakod
lno do 4.0."> KYI Cnl. ? hid, 3.1b aaked
300 do 4,05 Kayind.tKly.2S bid. ? aakad
100 do...* a.3 4.00 hlarra Nov . ?bid, 5.S aakod
500 aha BerA Ed. .be a3 .10 SOOaba Oahloueua. ,ao .18
1000 do be alt .10 1(?0 Lacroaso be a3 .37
1000 do be a3 .10 1010 do be s3 .37
3(A) Buckuya 37 bOO do 37
300 do 37 bOO do 37
bOO Dahloneira...,..b3 .18 boo do 37
500 do ae .18 lOOflold Blaeer .. ,bl() t30
3O0 do ao .18 100 Blutuaa beb3d4.l5
2U0 do ?nc .18 100 do S3 4.00
cotton: spot 1-lGo. lower; futures closed
Tdrsdat, May 21?6 P. M.
Business was moderate In neurly all brsoehos on
'Chang*. Flour was dull and doollmng. Wheat dull
and deotdodly lowor. Corn firmer. Oats dull sad
lover. Whiskey was steady. Pork dull and nominal.
Lard was quiet. Cotton on tbo spot was 1-lflc. lower.
Futures closed firm. Coffee ruled steadier. Sugar was
firm. Naval stores quiet. Petroleum steady. Oils quiet.
Asdks were quoted at 4^c. a tj.c. for pots, and fi^c. a
b\c. for pesrls.
AKTiuoar was still firm at 12t?e., sold, for regulna
Bkkswax was quoted et ~0\c, a 27J^c. for Western snd
Copras.?The market for Rio was steady and active.
Bales were 403 bass, 2,OCX) do., OCX) do., 3.500 do. and 2,?X>
do. Rio. sll sx Iiarald, on privato terms, axcept the lot of
500 bags, wblch sold at 141^0. At Baltimore the
teles were 4,600 bags, ez Traveller; 1,500 do,, ex
Amnion, and 1,4X7 do., ex May Queen, all on
private terms. Mild colfoe was quiet. We quoto
Ordinary cargoes, lt'.c, a 14\o.; fair do., 10>,e.
a good do., 17c. a 171gc.; prime do., 17>*e. a
1714c.; extreme range for lots, 14Lo a l'J)?e ; Santos,
lair to good, 10c. a lO^c., sold, 00 days; Java, govern
ment bags, 20e. a 21 tie.; do., grass mats. 20c. a 22%'c.;
Sinxapors, 17e. a lM>gc.; Ceylon, 15a a 18c.: Mnra
caitra. 13>ia a 10.Sc.; Laguayra, 13!,c. a l<I)<c.: Jamaica,
13a a 10c. : Hi. Uuinlugo, 13c. a 13V:-; Purlo iiico. 15c. _
17SC.: Costa Rica, 14c. a 10c.; Mexican. 15o a RiLa;
Macassar, 17a a DMs. ; Aagostura, 15c. a Cilia; Savaiillla,
13c. a 18)nc. : Curacox. 13c. a 14Wc
ConrxitAUK Stock.?block was dull. We quote,?MoL
see shooks, 32-Inch, with heads, 01 05 a $1 DO: sugar
shooas, with beads. 38-inch. $J a 42 50; do.. do , 30 Inch,
(I 5U a fJ ; bos shuoks. 50t a >f >c.: rum. do , $4: mpa do.,
f(!afi?50; empty Bousheads, 42 V): hoops, 14 leot, ordi
nary to prima, 433 a 415: do.. 12 teet. do., 428 a 43') per M.
Oorrxx was quiet at lfl\c. for laks.
L'okoauk was very quiet We quote Msclla, large and
small siss, per lb., I lite. a 17).a : do., cordage, bolt rope
yarns, 10c. a I7e.; tarred Manila, 14a : Msal rope, t)>gc. a
l(8?c.; New Zealand. 11 Sa a Russia. 17a
Cotton ou the spot was dull and l-10c. lower, futures
opened without change Irani yesterday's closing Ogur-s.
but advanced during the day and closed firm. I ho oOlclal
prices m-day. compared witn Monday's, were as tollowa
Hon (in;/. Mm/ JO. Tutflay, May 21.
May 11.10 a 11.17 May 11.22 a 11.23
June.. 11.25 a ? June 11.28 a ?
July. 11.34 a 11.35 July. II 30a 11 37
August. ...... 11.37 a ? August. 11.4oa ?
September. ... 1I.H7?I!.0N September ll'sia ?
Ortoasr 10.70 a 10 77 October 10.7Hal0H0
November Ml 05 aloud November 10.117 a 10.89
lieecmtxir 10 00 a 10.07 December 10.07 a 10.09
January 10 74 a IO 73 January lo.75alO.77
FeDruary 10.83alO.85 February . 1084S1U8H
Mareu...... 10 05 a IO 00 Mairu 1O.0I a lo.'.Hl
April II oj allot April.... Ii04all.00
?Current price- of spot cotton tlUe tollnwiug qiiolniion>:irs
based on .tmcrlean .lanOsrdolcU.silleatlon.sii.loiic.it.
ton in st ore, running In quality not more itinu half a grade
sbove or below the gra te quoted. :?
67"'*0'0. .((.v-tow. N. Urisnni. Trj>t?.
Ordinary 8 5-IM s 5-lrt 8 710 8 7-10
Strict ord'narv I) 110 0 110 I) 3 10 8 3-10
(iond ordinary 8 0 10 8 1)10 111110 llll-IO
Strict good ordluary. ID 110 1" 1-18 10 3-10 10 3 10
Low middling 10m, lOtd lotw ln\
Strict lew ratudllng. I<>V lOJn HijJ lu>.
Middling 11 118 II l-l? 11 3-10 II 3 16
Uood inldaling II 7-18 11 7-10 11 11-18 11 t).|o
Htrlcl good middling lilt UV 1174 HJi
Middling lair l2>a U.% 12', 12',
Fair 12j% ? 12X 12ft , 12jJ
?Htainod? U-od onlioary, 874.'.. . strlet good ordluary,
U%c.; Inw middling, 8 U lttc.; middling, 10 3 Kla bales of
spot cotton: ?
To-Day. Lamt F.n'g. T00U.
Consumption...... 251 143 387
Speculation... .?..esse.... 22 ? 22
Totals 278 143 418
? Delivered ou contract 21* 1 hales yesterday. For future de
livery the sales were ?< fo.lows:-Y> a erday, after two F.M.
Mar. 100 at 11.14c.; June, loo at 11 22c., 1.3o 1 at 11.2-10.;
40O at I l.24e , 'isiat 11 25e. ; July. I,5u<) at 11.32c.. 4,?> at
ll.:i;ic. 4"o at 11.34a; August, 1,'esj at 11.35c., l.iss). at
11 3tlc.,lloO at 11.37c.; Hepteineer. 8 ?) at 10.00.-. .snvem
ber, 200 at 10 04c.; December, 20 1 at 10.03c. intal,84'si
bales, Exchange-o.ic. paid to exchange 2<X)Jui/lor Au
gust. Yes erday's closing prices May. 11 18c. a 11.17a;
June, II,25c.; July. IIJ.o. a 11.3.5c. ; Augusl, 11.37a :
HeDteinber.lo.U7a a 10.118c.; October, 10.70c, a lo.V7o. ;
November 10 tl-ta a l".0'ic.; Decomoor, 10.08a a 10 l)7o.;
January. 10.74a a 10.75a; February, I'l.SJe a 10.85a i
March, 10.D5o. a IU88c.: April. i 1112c. a IIJUc.
Market llrin. Tranilerable orders will be Issuea
at 11:20 Sales to-dav up to two T. W ?
May, 200 at 11.20. 300 (no uotloe) at !l.24e . 200 at 11.200 ;
June, 21*1 at 11.23c., l.mai at 11.24c., 4>?i at 1126c , 2,ssi
at 11 20c.. 1.2'SI at 11..5a. 200 at 11.24c.. 2isi at 11.28c. ;
July, 4O0 at 11.30e . 1.300 at II.35c . 1,200 at 11 Itr , l.lXXI
at II 33c., 100 at 37c., 5011 at 11,34a. <00 at 11.33c . JJUOsl
II 85a, fit*) at 11.88a, 300 t ll.37e.; Anxust, l.uei at
11.:mo.. 8is) at 1 1,30c., l,500 at II 37u . 200 at II :?!?.,
I.O'S) st II 35c., I II at 1134c., 4<Si at 1138c, mm at
1137a. 20O at 11.38c.. 5(JU at ll.HUa, I, IN Vat 11.40a I
September. 500 at lo.Diai, 800 at lie., J io at ln?sa,
.'I'm at lUt)7a, 5(A) at IdOHe, 500 at Kt,l?7c.. 100 at
M>.i*8c.. jot) at lie.; October. 5O0 at lo.75e., *10 at
10 77c.; November. 100 at Hl.fifio.; December, :iis?
at 10.115c. Total. 28,30(1 bales. (Imnd total, 311,7(11) bales.
I be recefple at the porie were as fmlows:?ilalrrstnu. 185
bales; Now Orleaus, 4711; Mobile, 358; Savannah, silt;
Charleston. 379; tVilnluglon. 116; Nurlolk. 203;
New York, 304; Benton. 223. Total, 2.00H bait-.
Tine lay last week. 3,381) bales. This day last year.
2,048 bales Total since September 1, 4,128.(142 bales
to last night. Cotton freights closed as follows:?To
Havre, by staam If*, emnpre.sedi by sail, fta To Ham
burg. by ?te>m ftc., compressed. To Bremen, by staam.
11 Hie., eumpiceeed; bv tail, ,'ya Tu Liverpool, ftd. by
Steam; bv sail, 15411(1.. Compressed.
Fish.? The raaikut was generally quiet. George's were
very llrm and sales were made at 80 90; itraud Hank
quoted at $2 50a 83.
FuiOX ash hhjii*.?Receipts?rlour, 13,448 blila ; wheat,
335.1121 husoels; torn meal. 500 hble. auil 370 sacks : corn,
l(>7,23i bksliols ; oats, 54.354 d'>.; rye, 28,1*14 da j barley.
1.7.50 dm : barley malt, 2 8.(4 do Flour was unit and de
clining; In some caseslower. The sales. Including mate.
Western end noulhem, worn about I2.5(JU bblt., within
tne annexed range. Kya Hour ruled active, with tales of
about 75o bbls. corn meal was quiet, with sales of 450
bbls. Barley malt as will as rye were quieL We quote:?
No. 2 btatt $3 0Oa$;< *>-5
SuperBne Htate 4 25 a 4 5d
Kstra State 4 75 a 5 tsi
Choice tate 6 OO a 5 25
Superfine Western 4 00 a 4 u ?
l-.xtra Western 4 75 a ft (SI
Minnesota A 19 a 8 25
Itnoiid hoop ()lili>,slilp|ilug brands...... ..... 4 sh 9 isi
Round lioop Ohio, trade biands 9 23 a 6 89
Family 9 IV)a 11 00
City mills 4 75 a 5 111)
81. Louis, low extra 6 2.5 a 6 AO
St. Louie, low straight,.,,,. 9 9o a ? DO
St. Louis, choice double extra 8 00 a H 25
bis Lenta, ciioiea fkmlQ oousc X?4J
"T ?' !f ?
Ky* fl??T 5 W ? J 52
Southern, No. 'J 3 tWe 3 T5
.southern. luperttu* a.... 4 00 a 4 50
Souihein, extra ... 4 WJa ?? 5 1
SuutUuru family * 5 r
Oorti meal. Weaiorn 3 4<> ? 3 7j
Corn moiil, white Weatern ' IJ * it lt,\
Corn meal Joraey 3 0" * 3 !JJJ
Coru uteai, Brandywine 3 UO a 3 OO
Corn meal. uuucUoou* i*> a ?
-Wheal wni dull soil both spring and w*,llier W#J?
ciuedly lower. The (tales between tlie calls wore
bu*hels at if 1 33 for No. I while, $1 35 lor extra do. . el -J
a $128 lor ungraded red winter, $1 27 for No. 3 do., in
store; $1 19 a $1 20 lor No. Milwaukee and Hhoboyijsn,
$1 22 lor No. I; *1 17)4 for Ko 2 sprint ?od $1 26 tor May,
Northwest- at the llr?t call H.OrJ) bushels No. 2 red winter,
for May, sold at $131*4; I6.0UO bushels No. 2 spring, for
June, at $1 16)4. and CuOO bushels do., for J uly, at $T 14.
At the second call H.tKO bushels No 3 spring, lor June,
?old at $1 15)4, The following were |he bid and Hiked
urics at the second call*\o. 3 red winter, for May, J 1 2d
bid. $1 27 asked; do.. for June, $1 22 b?d, $1 2*? askad; No.
2 spring, for May. $1 16 bid. $1 18 asked; do.. July, $11- *
bid, $1 15 asked; No 2 Northwest, for May,
$1 18 bid. $1 21 asked, do., for June. $1 13S bid,
$1 19 asked ; do. for Julv Si 18 sssed. Coru was firmer.
The sales bmweeu th? calls were HHJ.iJOO bushels at ?>Oc. a
50'^c. lor steuiuor mixed". 50),c. a 51c for No. 2 luix-U;
4*.Sc. a 49c. for No. 3 mixed and 51c. for Kausas mixed;
uugraded mixed at 48c a 51c. At the Brst call 48,066
busneU May No. 2 sold at 5<i)4a . and 8.000 bushels Juno
No. 2 sold at ftOkUb At the second call 8,006 bushels June
No. 2 sold at 50)?c. The foliowiug wore the bid and asked
prices at the second call?May. steamer, 49v4e. ' ?d, ***?
asked; do. No. 2. 5o>ic. bid, o03*a asked; June steamer,
48c. bid. 48tfC aJted; do. No. 2, 49 >4 a bid,50c. asked ; July
steamer. 4hc. bid. 4h)4c. asked. Oats were lower. /dosing
as follows: ?No. 1 white, 37c.; No. 2 do., 33)4c. bid, 3<0%c.
naked; No. 3 do.. 8l)?c.: extra aud No. 1 mixed, 32c. ; No#*
2 aud 3 mixed 31c. The sales were about 90.009 1 ushels.
Fruit.?For foreign dried tho market was quiet. v\ e
quote;?New raisins, lay ore. $1 65; new loose muscatels,
$1 tM; old layers, $1 20; old loose muscatel, $1 50; new > *?
leucia raisius, 7 We*; new currants, 4c. a 6)?c.; new citron,
14*4c. Figs. iu boxes, 9c a 12c.; In kegs. 7c.; in drums,
Hates. Id mats, 4c. New Hrasil uuts, 4)?c.; old uo.. 3 4c.
Sardines, quarter noxee, 12?*c.; hall boxes. 19c Turkey
prunes, crop 187(1. 8)-4c.; crop 1877, U^e.; new Bohemian
primes 9c. New tirenoble waluuls, 12)?c.; new Marbol
u<?.. 8c ; uew Bordeaux do., 7>*c. New Sicily filberts. 9J$?*?
Barceloua, 7)*a .^helled almonds, iu bags, 37c. n 38c.;
priucesa almonds, uew, iu casks, 38c. ... a
Hay AMD Straw.?Thd douiaud was not very brisk, and
the arrivals beintr quite large, there was a teudoncy to
lower prices. We quote;?flay?Shipping, 55c. a 60c.; re
tail. 70c. a 89c. btraw? Long rye, 4?>a a *'?0c.; short rye,
Hump and Juth?The market was quiet, but steady.
We quote:-American dressed. $175 a $182 50 tor single,
$_1U a $215 for double, and $130 a $17 ? for undressed;
Kuseia, clean $2"5 a $2lo, gold, Italian, $270 a $275. gold;
Jute, 4>fc. a 6c., gold; Jute bulls. 2)4C? H 2J^c., currency,
cash and time; MaiiUu heuip, 6%c. a 7c.; Bisal, 5>4C.
5/iC ; Ltle. 5c. a 5>4c., all gold.
HiDKS ? I he market was very dull. There was quite a
wide Difference between tne views of buyers and sellers, and
as neither interest teemed disposed to yield there was no
important movement. 750 dry salted Texas sold at 13>4C.
and f M?
a 2O0 . Oorrientes. '21 lbs. to 22 lbs., 18c. a 10C.? Bio
Grande. 20 lbs. to 22 lbs.. 18c. a 18H? 1 Orinoco. 31 lbs. to
23 lbs.. I7J4c. a 18c.; Calilornia, 22 1? s. to 25 lbs., I8>ac.
a 19c.; Central Americau, 20 ins. to 22 lbs., 17)?e. a 18c.;
Matamoros, 22 lbs. t?? 25 lbs.. 17c. a 18c.; Vera Gru*. 18
lb*. to 19 lb*.. 16c. a I6)?c..all gold, selected; dry sailed
Texas. *24 lbs. to 30 lbs.. 12>,a a 13c.; do Southern. 24 lbs
to 30 lbs , |6e. a lufce. ? ?By slaughter, ox, 60 lbs. to HO lbs..
8^c. a 8)?c ? do. cow. 45 lbs. to 60 Iba, 7c. ? 8c.. all cur,
rency. selected.
Mora -There was a pretty good export demand and since
Saturday some 650 hales were shipped. There was also
some demand iroiu Bremeu. and, witu thu stock quite ie
duced, the murkMt ruled steady. We quoteNow \ork,
goad to prhuo. Hp. a 10c.; do., low to lair, 5c. w 7c.; east
ern, 5c. a 8c . Wisconsin, 5a a 8c ; yearliuus. 2c. a 3c.;
olds, all growths, lc. a 2c.
Lkaii was quirt and unchanged, domestic being quoted at
$3 63)4 h $3 75, currency. .
Lkatukk.?Tbo market was steady, with a moderate de
mand lor hemlock sole. We quote;?Hemlock--Light
Buenos Ayres, 2Uc. a 21c.; do. California, 20c.; do. com
mon hide, 19>)C. a 20c.; middle Buenos Ayros, 20o. a ?, ^c* ?
do. California, 20a a 21a; do. common Hide, U)4c. a
20)4a; heavy Buenos Ayres, 20c. a 2lc.; do. Calilornia,
2Ua a 21c.; do. common hi ie. 20c. a *21a ; gcod damaged
Hueuos Ayres. 18c a lVk*.; do. California, 18a; uu. com
mon hide, I7)4c. a 18c.; poor damaged common hide. 13c.
17c. i bellies. U% a 16c. _ . .
Mo Lass hs.-The market ruled steady but quiet for both
foreign and domestic. We quote:?(yuba, centrifugal and
mixed, 28c. a UOc. ; clayed, 31c a 38a : muscovado rsfln
lug. 31c. a 34c.; grocery, 33c. a 36c,; Forte itico, 34c. a
35c.; English Islands, 33a a 40c.; New Orleans, new crop,
common 10 fancy. 25a a 52a
Naval Htorki.?For spirits turpentine the mark-it was
steady, $1 35. turpentine steady; hard, $1; soft, $1 75;
Hulrtts Urnt, 27c.
Oils ?Cottonseed oil?The following wore the bid and
asked prices at the callMay, 48)?c. bid, 51c. n9**<i.;
48*4C. hid., 50c. asked; July and Auaust 48)4,0. bid, 4UK<i
asked; lirst balfyear, 48>|c. bid, 50c. uskau; seller year.
46 Sc bid, 47sc. asked. Linseed oil steady, JjBh
a lair Jobbing demand We quoteLinseed oil,, 59a;
susrrn crude. $1 03 a $1 05; bleached winter sperm. $1 11 ;
do. natural do., $1 12. crude. Northsru whale, hoc.: do
Southern, 5(?a; bleached wiutor, 62c.; natural do., 60c.;
extra bleached wiutor elephant. 72a: natural winter ex
tra uo. do., 79c.; winter bieaehed Ush, 50c; crude Bsh,
Sound. 45c ; Maine. 47c. a 50a
Pbtrolkom.?Behned wee easier A cargo was reported
sold at ll'.c. At tlie Petroleum Kxchsiue tho sales wore
15 lAMJ ubis. The market opened at $1 34)4 nnd eioseu at
|l>ta bif. 41 \v. ?? ?"'*?
7W?.; a?fc, in bbifc. ? "V-: r.Hs.d. In bbla.,,ll?t ?
11*.'a ? do., iu esses, I4)^c. asxed for ordinary brand*. Naph
111 a. 6a a 6)4?. for ordiuary ; rehned, at Fhuaueinhis, 11 Sc.;
**!??*i.Tur"? ihi "m?rliet wn. quiet with the t.udeuoy in
buyer * l?*or. We qu?ve :-pre.?a poultry-Turkey., good
10 prime, 17e. . tfki. froeen turkey., Vorinont, prime ?>u?U.
aiic .'Jfie. Kowl.?Wettern, l&e. . 17*.; Jereey .mi Hl.w,
13c. ? 14c.; chick,u*. winter, I'iillndelphl. Ury picked, ,?.>e.
a 4ikj.; Uo , .prin,. 3Mc. . SiJc.; Uo., yo.rilnu.. arv ptekoU,
Ihc Vlttc. Live poultry-Kowl*. Jereey, New York .?d
1-enn.rlT.n.n. 13c,. 14c.; fowl*. ^?h??.l?V
T.iil'm per pnlr, $1 ^ ? ?i!M?: U"?e. Weitnrn per p.lr,
tvie ? il Wild pliceon., prluie tli*cl>*. pordmen. i*l . ?#1.
wHU ?qii*L??, per Ucou. UOc. . Kn*II.U ...ipo, per
d?pE^V?*iunB. -Recoipi.-Pork. 143 hbl*.; Urd. ?I4 tierce.,
3". hi.iic.31 *eg? "Ud 11<? c*ee?; rut lueete, l.UHl pncKoire.,
lutcon 20 hbds. aud 564 boxes; beof. 84 tierces, 32 hbUk
and 5 550 cases. Fork dull and nominally cloeiog at.tim
eieeuud call ?? tollow. :-J une. 3u bR M hWi
July, t* hid. 75 u.ked; Augii.t, k. hid, 7^j
..'r j.t ? ;!?*> hl>l? ?p?t u>e?. .old on i.riv.t. term*. quoted
It it 05 . $U. t ut meal, were dull but without ma
terial chatiiio. ll.cou wit* quiet auil e??y at o
lor city lonj clear. B.el wa. quiet hut imcl.aiiKod.
iieel liant. 5<1 tierce* aold at <17. l)ro.?ed hou* """[
lower ana quot.il at 4e. a 4>,c , Including pi??. hard dull
a. ino ????? wctw j. .
a ?tl Tihi lor Jun*, fl 75 a ?rt H5 for July and Jki for
Auuuat. 'lh. ?pol .ale* wor* 30" tierce, city at $t> t|5,
about 1.000 do. VNo.tern at ,
?t ttl 75 and 100 do. kettle at <0doa*tllki Halloed
waa" qalei; 5o tierce* city No. 1 ?o'tl ?t
Duller?Itecelpta. 7,rail p.ck.uei. The market remained
Mead*, with a good demand lor line prade. we qo"'?
Ureamery. dtata aud We.tern. Jlc. a SL.; "tate tub*, jj"*.
2<lc. a 2ic.; do . lair to pood, 15*. a IHc.; We.toru, On*.
I .c a IMc ; fair to *ood. lie. a 14c ; low urade., old, .?c. a
He OhMii-?Kerelpie, 15,3*1 bouee. The m.rnl tl*
fairly aeuvo, out lower. Kuli cream quoted at Jt,c. a UJiC.
and .kiminrd at 3c alio b,(ir?-l?ee.ipu. 3,(..tOPhi*. 'H'?
market wa* uncliaui;ed quote: Loup l?lau4. New
Jer?ey and near by. 13>,c. a 14'.c.; Stale. I'.uu.yiyanla.
13c. a 13t.c. . We.tern. lie. ? 121,c.
Ulix-1 lie market wa* *t.?<iy and lulrly actiy*. W*
auot.Carolina, Ian, He. a o'.c.: pood to prime, H^c. a
itac.; cnoico. like a 7c; I'atua. 7c a 7'ao., currency ; Iu
bond 4c a 4Se-: ltanpoon. iu bond. J>?c. pnld. Mcr*.
fJan Talma^e'i tor.* ? l.'o., Ubarle-ton, ?. ti., r*port rice
crnp moT.m.nt to bate. May 21. 1S7?: MM-?a.5l?
casks; ssles, 32,340 do.; stock on hsnd. 178 do. Mar
or. i.r*u remained nominal at a .llirbt cecline, the quo
tation now beinp 5e a f>Hic, currency, lor domr.tle, ac
ui.XK.<,U|leceipt.. I tlerco and 131 bbl*. The market
wa. quiet at 7>?c a 7>ie. fu' prime ; S.ikkl lb*, choie* ?old
*Vuu*R. -Kor raw tbu market wa* Orm. Hale* wer* 524
hlid.. eentrlluual at P'.c.,UtH ba.a dm at He anil lOO hboc
inula.lc at 7c Kpli.ied wa. um*l. lilt ?teady at lata
p I'?.. We quote :?Kalr reliniup. 7t,o. .Rood do., 7!,c. prime
. ?,e.; do..Cuba, ceotrllngal. liopeiioad* and boxe., .No. H to
13 "Sc. * H'4c. : do. mol i.ae*, bopkhead. and noxpe, n .e a
a 7fc,c.
'IXLI.HW?Kecolpt*. 43 hlid*.. 115 lihla. and 13 ea?k?.
The maiket w?? aetlov. I no pule* wore 225,'JllO lb?. at
t>\e. a 7.-., ma.tiy at 7o.
UP. Tii* market wa* dull throiiirhnut. We quote: ?
banc*. 17?c. a lHc ; htr.il., 14,'*c a 14^.; hnpli.li,
lamb and tlap. 14,',c a 14V-1 do., rollned. nominally
14tdc, ail pold. I'letee?Cuareoat. 7> a fb, lerne.
37)4a*5 62t<: coke. Cft a $5 35; do . terne. tl 75a<5.
yellow extra, 7j,c. a So.: other rrade*. Includiiip C *, 7,Se.
a 7 kc>
'limxcco.?Tfcore wa* le.i inquiry for keutucKy, but ihe
mar.et rul*d ttrin; 2t*fhbdc?old at 2SC- a 12c. ; ?e#dl-af
ruled iteady, with *alr* ot 453 ca.e. Uoueetonl*. erop
IH77. on prlrat* term*; Ml eaee. .New hnaland. crop
|H7II. ?t lie * 33e ; 1 ><)ca?e. I'ounyrlTknla, erop IM7H, at
7e a I lc. ; 51 eain unto, crop 1.77. at 7o., and 751 ualee
Havana at Itk. a $1 IU .
W iii.KKT. ? Itccelpt*. .'HV4 bbl*. The iuark?t wa* ?te*dy ;
3" ob.a. "old at # I <"'>*? . . . .
KiikiuuT*. -Tlie marxet Iu peuerai wa. moderately ac
tive and rate, were well pu.t.lued. fcnpapement*?Jo
Liverpool, per *teuin. 15.1**) boxe* chee.e. 4"? : m??
bote* bacon. 30*. a 32a. Od. t l?,i**> bo.hel* Rraiu (relet
room), at Hd. : 3'?l tlarcea beef. 5*. ?KL ; HW pacaapep but
ter 4"e London, call. 50 olile. wax, 27*. Hd. 4<i too*
mca.ureraent pood*, 15* ; .HW en.** canuau pood*. -22a ?<l.;
1 i.pibul* pork. 9c ; and *l*atn,AW c*?e. canned inaat.,
,pI.. H.IXW nu.bel* pralo, H;L. 4d.. H" lb*. ; !?*? bale* hop*,
prlt aie term*, quntod at }|d.; 15 I (Mi* clover, 30c ; ll*)tl*roe*
I, *1 Hp Hd 11laMTuw, .team, 3.t*?> hoxet chee?e, .<?. i
;tr? ? package* butter, 4"*. ; fepi ea?e* e.unod poodt. 27*. ?W.
Hrl.lol Mil, I no bbl*. Il.ur. 2* Hd , aud *?*Uin, J.i*??
box*, eheeae, 45. ; 21*! c?.e? canned niual*. ;t>. ; Mk'
libix Hour, on private term*, quoted at 2* l)d. a .1* ; 7i*?
Mil.II pack.p** lard, 45. htettln, .all, I..VW tierce* l*rj,
on privet* term*. Ilrvmea. iir.m, H.'kki bu.beU pram,
Ik, m.r**; 1,2<W tlarre. lard and 50 boxe. bacon, IPO
mark*. 1**1 pac.ape* butter. 21, mark*; 3oO
beei and provl?lon?. 0 mark*; 15o hhd*. tobacco, 457
mark*. 15" ra?e* do., 14 mark*; 5,i?*i ?lde? l*aih*r.
4 mark*; 100 tob* luaclilnery and 5<) ion* me-anremeut
poiel* *) a I'"' mark*; |i*>bale, coitm. Se Charter.?
An Italian bark hence to Cork for order*, with :l,i?>i qoar
ler? uraln. 5e. l"f?d ; a .Notweulan bark, heuci t" do.,
Willi 3.000quarter. pr*lp. rt?. another, bene ? to do.. 3,i*W
oii.rier* D*. I two bark* reported, 3.5K) quarter, eaeb.
bene* to do . 5m l"t,d.; llrltl-h bark, hence io lerndon,
wilb 5,i.W" quarter* pr.ln, 5*. Hd ; Au-trlau bark,
hence to Dublin with 4.HUO quarter* praln. 5*. ? ; a .Nor
weal,in bark recently, hence to fork tor order*, with 3,.*W
on-.rtera preln.5* 10,ted., a Ilanl.h bark, lieuoe to to.pen
h.iaan with 4,'*W quarter* grain. 5*. IM ; a Hrltlah nark.
n?nce to Antwerp with 3.5O0 quarter, kraln, ft*. Hd :a
Itri11all nark, hence to Uor. for order with 2.4*Pi quarter*
Lf.iu Ha, a .Norwegian bark, henre to a Norwegian port
with 3,3**1 qnaiieii uriln In *blp'? u?p?. H* ?S;' ; ""
inierlcan *cbooner, 250 ton*. Ifoui I eu.acola to Hoetou
with ory onurd. at ST' per *.; a Norwepiatiii rip, Irom
I'lilladcpbia to Ihe Adriatic, a lib H,'*l"ca?e? r*nn-d |ift">
lenm. on prtvele term*. Norwegian bar*, hence to Am
.ter lant. with 4.HW bbl* rellued petroleum at 4*.; tier,
man "hip, henoe to llreoien. with H.Ot?l bbl*. do. at, 3a. Hd..
Ititb J line clearance ; *Brlti?h bark, henoe to Brlatol. with
3,100 bbl*. et 3*. IH)gd.
Uai.VMrroll, Mar 21, 1H7H.
Cotton nominal; mlMllnc. l'*Sn.! I"" mlouilBK,'?*]%*.:
Eourt ordinary, Ujgc. Nat racoipta, H4 bale*. ita porta
lumvln, 4 lit Mmk, 13 KI7.
NaW Obi.bah*, Map 21. 1*7*.
Cotton Hrm: ml44lln?, ln\f? : Ion middling. I<m.| (iiwd
ordinary, M'^e. .Nat raeipta, 47)) balaa; ?r?a?. ii.il,
>alca. 2,imo. rttoak. l<D.2*3
.tlnnim, Map 21. 117*.
Cot tall qui t anit firm; itlkMhn, ?<>* unit initf.
!?t,? t on ml urilinarp. Dr. Ntt Batata aa, HMt. oalaa, mju.
J 1,7
?took, 7 .Wit. HiL
OaitM lnu mUmag, lOjfe f M^lllCiua^ &4?Mi
oruiuwy, n, Met receipt*, 410 bale*. Sale*. 19U Block.
Oswkgo. May 21. 187H.
Flour unchanged: aalaa 1.23" bbl*. Wheat lower; red
State, fl 2U, wl.it# do. 41 311 Corn steady aud un
changed. B irlei lirm; tale* 20.00U bushels heavy No. 3
Canada at 7he. Corn nu-al unchanged. Mllllead easier.
Short* aud shlpttuffs, 415; middling*. 41*1. Canal Ireighl*?
Barley, 3He., to .New York. other* unchanged. No re
ceipt*. Milpiiieuts?1.10IJ lihl* finer. 3.000 hutliel* wheal.
8.HHII do. barley. 1W,IMI leet lumoer. tiraiii on canal
fmm Buffalo and Oswego for tidewater ye?terd?y noon?
l.nsa.i**' bushels wheal. I.4h2.uu> coin. 2j3,UO.i do.
oal*. 14.403 do. barley, 123.0OO do. rye, 23,nuo do. peaa.
l'KTKoir, May 21, 1M7H.
Flour dull aud heavy; white nominally 4 > 50 a f ? 73.
Wheat lower: extra white Michigan. 41 23: No. I do.,
$1 22 a <1 22'4 Corn firmer at 44c. offered for No.
1 mixed Oat* steady at 23**0 for No. I while and 28'4e.
for No. 1 mixed. Clover*eed dull: autall see* at 01 HO a
44. Keceipt*?Flour, 2.SOO Phi*.; wheat. 3O.0OO bushels;
corn, 1.31*1 do.; oat*. 2.3(kj do. Shipment*? /lour, 1.7'?*
bbla.; wheat. 2,0U0 liuhoUt corn, 4HO io.; oat*. 2.BOO do.
Cincinnati. May 31, 1878.
Floor dull and drooping. Wheat quiet; ied. 41 12 a
41 IS. Corn dull at 41c. a 42c, Oat* steady at 28c. a 31e.
Hya quiet, but Urm, at 00c a (32c ItarU-y firm: prime to
choice fall, 441* a 43c. Fork quiet, but -lendy. at 08 .V).
Lard easier; current make. 03 4a; Kettle, 7o. a 13ju. Kulx
ineala atrougar; aiiouidcra, 3t,c a l),c. ; ahorl rib middle*,
4',c. * 4>,c. : ahort clear do.. 4l4c. Bacon steady. iu lair
Oeuiaud. at 4c. a 434c.. >c. a h'ac. aud h>ac. a for shoul
der*, clear rib and clear aide* Wbiakev quLi. but steady,
at 41 H3. Butter, choice Weitern reserve, l2)?c. a 14c ;
prime to choice Central Ohio, Sc. a lie. Sugar steady, un
changed. Live lines dull: eoininou, 42 5(1 a 42 30 light,
42 H> a 43 111; baching, 43 a 43 IS; bulchora', 43 la a
13 2>; receipts. 2,SOU; Khtpiueuta, 1.100.
CRlCAdO. Mav21,lHTs.
Flour eealer, but not qnotnbly lower. \V heat excited, ac
tive. but lower aud unsettled: No. 2 Cbiuagu epriug.
ft OBfct, cash; tales at 01 U2^ * $1 Ho',. June: closed ut
$1 02*-a. ,1 une; 41, July; No. 3 do.,ti.'>c. a U7c.: rejected,
Hfc. Lorn unsettled, but generally higher; 387ac. bid,cash;
3H>4e. bid June; 38txc., July; rejected, 30>?c a 3il?,c.
nets steady, with a good demanl; 25a, cash, Jt^c.
24J<c., July ; 24c , August. Bye easier at 37c. Barley uull
ami lower at 4Mc. Fork unsettled, active, but weak an J
lower: 47 06 a 47 70. casu and Jnue; 47 S3 a 47 8g'a,
July; 4S bid. August. Lard in fair demand, but lower;
03 an, cash ; 48 50 a 07 52J4. J uue : 00 55 a 03 57*x, July;
03 60 a 03 H2S, August Bulk meats easier: shouldeia,
3kac.; short rib. 4,'ac.; ahurt clear, 4^c.' Alcohol. 33c. bio.
3tc. asked. Whiaaey nominally uuchauKod. Freights?
C'uru to Buffalo. l|?c. sic. Keceipts ? Flour, 10.'am bbla.;
wheat. 11 l,iak) bushels: corn 304,000do.;oats, 202,70(1 do.;
rye. 11,030 do.; barlov, 4,700 do. Bhlpmenls?Flour, B.OOJ
lib I*.; wheat, 74,'niO bushels: corn, 200,000 diet oats,
13'J.iklO do.; rye, 1,000 du.; narley. 7.IKXI do. At the rinse
wheat dull and a shade h>wer;41 00'4 Mar: 41 "2>? a
SI 02'a J une : UhNjc. bid July. Corn steady anil unchanged,
oats inactive and luwar: 2>c. asked May: 24*ac. asked
June and July. I'nrs heavy; 07 00 aakeit June- r7 7. *a
asked J uly; $7 05 asked August. Lard in fair demand, hut
lower; 00 .><) asked June; 00 ha asked July; 4*3 on asked
August. Tlieso prices are the lowest yet reached ir. the
provision market. .
Fkovidkncx, R. I.. May 21, 1S7S.
The print clothe market hue shown very little business,
and quotations, thunith continued at She., thirty days, to
% lier cent off, are barely steady, though oilers at 3 .> lHc.
lor oxtra ?V-4 squares do not meet the acceptance of sellers.
IilVKUi-ooL, May 21?A P. M.
Cotton?Puturoe qnlot, but ateady ; nplande. low middling
clause, May add June delivery, Hd. : uplands, low middling
clause, July and August delivery. U l-Wd.
Trade l.eport?The market lor rams and fabrics at Man
chester la quiet and nucha igcd.
l.iVKitrooL, May 21 -0 P. M.
Provisions?Cheese. Ada per cwt. lor the beat grades of
London. May 21?6 P. M.
Produce?Keflned petroleum, P>jd. per gallon. Spirits of
turpentine, 24s. Hd. a 2.">s per cwt.
LivxiirooL. May 21, 1R78.
Pora?Eastern dull at 53s., Western dull at 4r>s. Bacon
Cumberland cut dull at 2.'>a Ud.,suort rib dull at 211a, tid.,
long clear dull at 24s., short clear dull at 25s. Mains?
Long cut dull at 34k. Shoulders dull at 21s Beef?India
mess dull ut S7s., extra do. null at 103s. primn do. dull at
7H?. I.ard?Prime Wostern dull at 3fts Hd. Tallow?Prime
city dull at 37?. Hd. Turpentine ?spirits steady at 24s Hd.
Hosln?Common dull at As., fine dull al Ills. Cheose?Ameri
can choice uull at 59s. I.ard oil dull ut 39a. flour?Extra
Stato dull at 27s. Hd. Wheat ?No. 1 spring dull at 10a 5d.,
No. 2 do. dull ut 9s.. lOd winter dull at lOs.lOd. Corn
Mixed suit dull st 2Hs. Hd, lor old; do. do. dull at 25s. for
new. Cottonseed oil?Yellow American, nono in the mar
London. May 21, 1H7N.
The Mark bane bxj>rna, in its review o( tho Itritints corn
trade tor the past week save: ?"The abundant rainfall and
lower temperature of too pest week have occasioned on
prehension regarding cereals, especially on heavy lands.
A speedy return or dry and warm days Is needed to
allay the anxiety. Ray promises lalily, except In the
mid.and counties, whore much ?t It Is damaged. Oeneral
agriculture would he aeriousty Jeoparded by a continuance
ot the present cold, damp weather. Trade is excessively
dull, both in tho country snd In Mark Lane. Although
supplies of home-grown wheat still cumo forward sparingly,
tarineie here shown more desire to realise in spite of the
declining piiees. The offerings of English wheat at Mark
l.auo, although scanty, have been in fair condition, but
tbere was a decline nl Is. to 2s. per quarter on Monday,
and buyers showed little disposition to avail or
tbn concession. A similar reduction was nuccssary
to effect sales of foreign, ol which the Imports
Into London have been more liberal owing to alio
reopening of tbo harbor of Cronstsdt and the
arrival of some recent heavy shipments from Atlantic ports
of the United States. A largo proportion of the week's
supply consisted of red wneat. Oat of a total Import of
aboul iH.IIOI quarters nearly 40,INTO ware cuntribuied by
America and .sorth Russia. The tupuly it outstripping
the demand, aud as no fresh political complica
tions have arisen business Is vor> restricted, and
sales nro only practicable In retail. Should the
present adverse weather oontlnua a rally may speedily
take plnco. as tba imports, although largo are not so ex.
costive hut an unlavorahls state of tho homo crop will
exercise It? fall tuflne m e upon prices. Old malse la very
scarce anil Ilea not aharau the geueral downward move
ment; 30s. nor quarter is still obtainable lor sound
dry mixed American. Some firmness is alto observable
in new corn, although hiivnrs bare not shown much anxiety
to purchase in the lace ol the prospective supplies.
Tho arrivals si ports of eall during the week have hnea
fair. Trade ruled steady for American wheat. Russian
was not inueh wanted aud declined la, to 2s per quarter.
Melae was steady for sound cargoes. Barley was quiet.
The sales of English wheat last week were 44,730 quarters
at 52s. 4d., against 32 Hi*) quarters at 65o. 7d. at t o as me
time last year. The importa Into the kingdom for the week
ending May II were 1,U70,IHU cwtt. of wheat aud 171,979
cwts- ol dour."
London. May 21?4:30 1'. M.
Consols. far bath money and the account New Jer
sey Central consols, 73; Illinois Central, HO; I'ennaylvunla
Central. 2NJ<; New Jersey Ceniral, 23)4
London. May21?4 1*. M.
Silver la quoted to day at 53%d. per ounco.
^x"?uk I'UbHo'nrocK kxc ii'anuk,MTTfiuTrfnTF
?speculators can ezeeute tlinlr own orders on any active
Stoek on a margin or 1 per cent,
Commission on any nnrniiorof shares, front S to 3<XX
l lUpereent. Traneaetton* can bo made and elosod on
Huvrr 3, Kellar 3, or Cash; but margins are affected by
regular ealei only. Additional margins of not less than 1
per cent will be reeelred at any time bolore tbe stock telle
"regular" at tbe "wipe out" price.
A-Manhattan stuck kXcuanum, a.
. JH 11 road st. and 34 New at.,
1-ltt. buy 1-16.
and sell
all tbe active Stoek*
on 1-10 per rem commission,
in lots of from
6 to M) shares.
1-10 t per cent. I III,
Kndowiiienl In.urancn Policies and Mortgages: same
bought: insurance of all klnda effected with best compaoies
at lowest prstuiiims J. J. llAltltlCII A ' O.
Carrtagem, Ac., If ssored at advert ter's warehouses.
Address SIOKAuK. box I7h Herein office
AI.AllV UBnlttKH Tn K I.oaN OK sKVhttAl, II I. N
drsd dollars on amplo security and Interest. Address
L. C., llerald Uptown nfllro.
** 4 DYANCRs" ON 1*1 vMoti, KCitNITCKK. AO.?I<M
/\\Vesi :i:id St., west of 0th av. (storage office), without
to make the acquaintance ?t an honorable, elderlv gen
tlemau who would loan her fl&O. .sddrese SKOUlllTY,
llerald office.
It A NIIA I, II Kutiri'., Banker. 70 Broadway, N. Y. eitv,
ii avlng been for la sear, a member ol New York --stock
Rxcliange and \ ice President ol OoM Board, the highest
experience and character guarautesd. Storks, i.nld and
Beads; a to Morn I onirscts, ?ueh as "atrnodlea," "puts"
and "calls," ou large ac small amounts. nought inn sold
on regumr commission. an t Iiio.lerals margins. Painpulet
ralllied 'Wall Street." and stork tallies Containing valua
ble Information mailed on receipt ot K'c
ties dealt In st the Board bointu and sold esrltisively
on coin.: is.Ion and oarried at long as required on 3 par
cent margin . iu<<nsv atfv.nred at Ilia inaraet rata.
IIKNItY ? lihW ? A CO.. Banners. IN New St.. New York
In the above company tor the eomlng election win be
received for Mr. Henry Hart by Mr MllCllhLL, 2d
llroad st.
fflKU -1
X city or Brooklyn Property. Bos '? til Post office.
Uptown notbh wamtbii TnIhiksTi> ok sinulr
name C. B. 1,K BAKON, dealer In commercial paper.
2-i Pine at.
\itantko-a loan ok if.v?) n?ii mcndkkd '
Tf dollars -. no trlllers need answer. Addiese llAi.lilNO, i
llerald office
roiisirurtion ol a short railroad la thg West; unilateral
seciiT.tr win be given lor the laoney and share in profits of
OA ft. lie ' "
construction. Address ItAILKOAll. llerald office
worth $30,OHO. at sta per e-nt Nu minus nnr attor
ney's f -e. UllNN A OaTM aN. AM Broadway, room
'side business property; no brakera K C. A.,
llerald I |.iown office.
$*)() 000 t fl 'ltd ?N MOHtr.AOR
7 per cunt. Ill N K A UK A Y, I
O. A. HILL*. :.S Pino St.
$200.000,AT R,x HKK "KNT ",K nf*
'rears to loan nn mortgage. In sums to
salt, on first class ctly Preperty.
II. L UKANT. Mi Broadway.
TxIs8tnCWlS)T?f iTh PI KM OP Kile A l t,. I ASt
man A lirlgham It br
hereby dissolved. William Kd.all le
alone authorised to sign tlia name of the firm In liquida
tion and to tenia np tba affair* of the said puliirrship.
W 11.1,1 \ M r. USA 1,1*
Nyw Tnng. May 21, IK7H. DanIKI. iv . BiOOIlAM.
HtmiMF.ft* l?PPOUTt VI i i .Cs,
MAN WAflfP.6 "FTr iNYRsr* ttliPAl. AMoVIO
|$||?|) In paying business. OPTIC* DUl'iAd, bog
* K
All n
IIUMI.VKSg ofpohtdhitiib*.
_ _ oiled states aitti tua vita of developing uu old estab
lished u?>ii tu all km la of inerlcan woodwork (W isti
Loerds, pails. tabs. handles, shoo psgl, doors, brooms,
clothespin*. agricultural implements. Ac , Ac.) ; Ua luvitos
correspondence iroat luauulaciurers aud olliars alio have
roods ol auy kind suitabla lor European markets to offer
ellliarlorimiohaseorl.tr sals ou couimisaion; rskraMtl
shall required. Address aCti TSM AN. IK raid oltiee.
~A u5i FlOS A li OA HIT All FKOClfE ED FoK MES
.cliants. manufacturers and others; Iteal Estate ex
changuu for Business; Mining Interests. Ac . negotiated;
parsons with capital seeking hueiuess advised without
charge of approved opportuniiies. Kelorences ?Howard,
s.incar A Co., fancy g..ous, lilt Broadway: McFadden A
Reed. importers irlass. 0ft Warren St., and others liitliiOrt
A CARLKTON. Financial and Bust .ess Hrokers, 98 Broad
a sikA>IDK lit'The A.N il Land, WOKi H WO.OOU.
finest I.nation, Long Branch I'.ailr .ad, will bs given for
If.-1.IKIU .mortgage taken). If party will expend flO.iJUt) liu
prnviux It. .9., box 3.8*3 Host office
? shin or salary : incorporated Company. having toreige
established houses: sallslactory security; proOte guaran
teed. BifAZII.IAW, lleraid ofllce
man's Furnishing Business in a live town near city, in
cluding Hue House and tirouud, lor part cash anil Citj
Property or noar-hy Farm.
A HLOMQVlrtT. IV) Nassau St.
ness that will pay $33 per week. Call No, 253 West
34th st.
A -$10,000 WaNTKD.-A PABTNKR "WITH *10,1)00.
.re?i.lout ol California, or to go thero to establish a
luaiiiilnclory; product sold here; a monopoly; sure fortune;
no risk. Address, with rrdl name aud reference, U. Is.
KIND, lit St West 33d St.
perfect Water Filter (will soil for 30 coats), address
Oilr.MINT, Herald office.
J 1.1 .ck, fur safes, hank vaults, prisons, housos. As. 1$
High st., Brooklyn, top Hour
/Erie Railroad; a rare chance. RICHARD V. 11 Alt
NKT'l, 111 Broadway.
ed. in exchange for Board at lirst class Saratoga hotel.
Address OAltll BAnIS, Herald olflce.
dlished bust nets: profits large, capital small. BRAN
BKKTH, Herald office.
31 est iu eleaaiit easy busiuoss paying enormous profits.
Call 104 Wost 23d.
parties,?Meirliaris, manufacturers and private parties
temporarily embairasned eau llnd Immediate relief to any
amount, on moderate terms, on all kinds of Merchandise
and other good collaterals. All transactions strictly eoutl
denttal. Communications mast state full particulars to
assure prompt altentiou Hoods stored in our owu store
houses Atldrvss MKKQH A.VDIsK LOAN'AND FUR
CliAnlNU ASSOCIATION. Herald office.
llsbman preferred) ; treasure going to California.
FRISCO, Herald Uptown uflics.
I opvrlghts, promptly secured on moderitto term* hi
MUNN A CO., oiientiAc American Hatout Agency, til
Hark row, cornor Beektuan st.. Now York. Thirty yenrrf
licited irtitn parties desiring goods manufactured
from Iron or steel by a llrin having unusually good maim,
faclurlug faeillties, and who are willing to make and in
troduce any good articlo suitable lor the hardware trade,
titioti royalty ur otherwise. Address, In fiflt Instance,
CIAS p. I'tlORK. 105 Fulton et.. New York.
HKCI All P t Iff Mill Wanted- WIT III KR <Tm Sooi
to $6,000. Ftlieeu per oont guaranteed; old established
manuiarturing business. Address SPECIAL, box 183
llurald offloo.
$10.0011 to $13.1100, tu intrust U in a cloak aud suit man*
u'aetory. Address U. 8.. box 131 llerulit ofliee.
AhT'-. I> ?HA RTN K It WITH $1..'^^ AN K ST' A B
llsli-d Klslt auil Hr< duro coiuioisstou bnalneaa Address
J. S. it I. TCII IN SON, 31)4 Auu t b 2d st., Philadelphia, Hit
successful and paying inanulaoturing husinuaa in Can
ada. Address M., box 11st llerald nlHoo.
store on lOtri st , opposite Arnold. Constable A Co.
HUCCKSS Herald Uptown office.
TO i*3"" M,lt "ale ok whole ix.
M<^k?r *( " D#w *D ProfltI?t?l? buelnear. Xo. 43
JftHOO ?.Kl.K"ir C'-Ass sTuTukh
inirhu P?ftn?r with tlilx amount: tho.o mean.
134 Heralij'offle"*" W'lU """ ^LASU.'uox
*V/ 'required! ullant partnor preferred ; ula o.i.b
LtownTri,r?hl,^m",UBn'? Ad''r<"* *' ? ' b0X 1W 'l??t
$1.0()(O1hL?l7r'!!cLiAflK "ALr ixtkke?t"ix
Ad.r'e,, < <<N rKOL*ller?id ' e?",r?l
$l'/' -,00 4;a.^u wa.ni'..d-k7Th rniKD ixtbii
i.. i n Hetl Relate valued at $-10 000 mud
iisliifKA same Amount: best ol refersore and reasons for
X"1 " W- K'-UAKLe" Herald"ptowa
IKIIMKS, ItOOMh, ,vt .. \v AIVTKD.
A... thU City mitt Uriiuklyii. " ' *
iwli'ni "KsIKKS A WELL PI'KXIhllKD
Ai.?n?V W.ls"LAKOE UKyl'ltNI>liED K<>OMi
muntJT wUh ffi Br*1 cl"-. '?"?< about fj
m .nti. with im; nlirtm. Addre., u., a.is *>? o3(J "
VVn'Vil';U~KtOOM AN?1J HKDKOuM. riL'I I'.t IILK KOlt
above iltih'.t" !?' K*B,l"m*n ??" ?"?; in Oft lie
terma, box JHu'lleral'd Offico, l^r*'l.T*?'d?yAdJr6"' MW,U*
THUHi- aDULTH*Herald
M ItotiHokeetiiuK; rent moderate: two children ? w vv.u
or viAlnlljr. full partleulan to uSS*9
WiAN^rD":A ">v,*Lt' Ml>i>KliN HOUBB. IN (loon
..a 4?f kel*M? **" toll, ,t, aud Lexliniion
mid 7tli av?.. Inrnlahed Of unfcriilahod. for a family ol tluon
?'?? full particular, end
jowct ront per year. Addreaa O. O.. box 1,47s Poat office.
c" ?IUi rater.
WaNT?o~IN A """" NP.TiTl7Holt)IDOlTliDT Y (5
from Uilmorr a Uarden. a I'arlur and H.drkraadle.a
in*, fur youn* eoupi** to do Hunt house* upm^ ; ine *euil??
CmoulftlV fUrn,t- Ad'J^?,M, ,L -^1. URL K. UraaS
tt liouio. Iietwnen 4tli to tUii are : 14th to tMih ... .
rout <13. Addreu ntB.NOH. box Im Uptown Herald office!
Fin tin. Country.
Kactorj or part ef audi, with oteatu l'uwor, near tne
. l7# ??|irht'orho..d ..f N.a Vork. Aldreaa
particular,. S. K . box 141 llara'd ,are"*>
aoath alda ol Lou* laland. with lire or alx hedroonul
S?.''p!i?.oRec"x2w*V?'rlir t,", *e""'1 ld"r*" "?
VV ' .1? A syf ALL IJOTTAOK jriTit
llirna vliilt,. within 3 ? minute, ol I'ily llell saar ui>
r;",; ,:v.v: .'t*v v.t;' . 'Y,* ^ r,T"! ",v.ra ,c b? ?*>??? ??.
\V ANTKII-Pok TIIK jiv A stiM.i.
? r llf of sdnlls. a neatly furnished Oountrr 0?Htauei
h!ri?i# Pr?f#rr^- Ad ire.s, with particulars. H.1
m?#a i#si iioratu onire. *
f 1/V.<1T"'-'1"A'N,''N,J ACADEMY, A r.NIOM SOUAKR
^ ^^^11 *" ?umnar; private loaaona any
l.MaTKt C'riOft.
A , "I.v LAD* caS join i?EH*
an,p"rty fur
jRTTCmt'uV w" ii^Locr. '
re ferine.'"^" J1' m'"" 'Mldonce; beet
relcrer.cea. term, moderate. :t47Hth av.
iJLi'fl., KUI, I' It I .N. IC,L DKslKKs T<? i'L'Ki'llASM
d?eu RBH*P??'nafH il'i A?h"*1 '*r"p >rtr. AJ-f
' ' ^ ,Hldk* **** ^ciiemtrh ra. 3D Kssl 14th st.
UrKslEKN NO KM 11, sllnoL WANTM"" IT
and W^tZn Pr'nc.pal, aalary #J. ari; aevrral oatl.era
fell.Ilr want? l.^ V *'"' """ in...,c. city
wan . k , r f/ Herman an i ma.ic; Brooklyn lamllr
autumn no'w wanud."""' m*n' U*oh*" ,ur
- "ClfRRMlltllORX. SOJlnet 14th M.
AKTiKiriAL TKi.ru, f,. .iTfgriSi
^rV'V'.'i'1. Vora Dental Kooma, anj mh kJ
tunii.ilad ia.i ,,r MKADKR.
K1K? A^D KA KM, "
?# Ol lb. Improved Artlflelal Human Kya- .cknuwl.iv l
ul.1 w"? Dd"''j.!?l'--7 kL','".1'?,h"7".I nature |?
K??' '"h at . helweeu 3d and 4tl. ava
all M t V <. I..
A ? SI UK AD K nut UIIN I IU Kri, ~ PYa X< is?Iff-.
w/Srts a'sTohiwu ?!"?'?-? ???"???.
HI fee* sr. Corotueree it., u* at
11^.- iiisi'is ?iWf?
A T 77 HLEbOKkK .St., Ni Alt IIIMUiHaV -Vif.aVT
J" ttlamondA WaVehaa. #i.olU'1?? .fl
77 Hl'ee lis/st. ?' iHatiiorids, batches, A a.
At',1 '' '???.*?*AV. ah'i.k nu NOMf
^Vfor I ersuhai 1 ropertv; old Uold, dllver hou*hf ?d?
vaaces made. Ladles' offlce. WILLIAM A. WMiVHK.
Silver wi^r'L". """'a ; Walehaa. I,..Id end
rMlver VI are. sLxa, Ac., purchaiwd .1. Til DM. LYN,: ||.
"!;" MiNK iHuXiAxiiTmiM
S very line ; W elrr,.... br m.t.maul.t
iikl uv T. .ii aK I r# s?fit? helaw nianafsriurum' co,t j;
.loiliN T?>>. IfdlMewery.
I ) 1 a M'?N I ? is. WAT,DIBS, .ll.tVlMtt aT5
J/aoid. U.ana nermlaleA Aleo li,?? B??aa <m broken
II rii <111. 7..7 llro.dway.
Ujl7. v inamoxim, watciibe anS
M<r I Jewelry bon?hl and .old ; loaae nexotlMed on Pall
??nal 1 roperty ol every ileacrlptlon
1 ''(?7i'!i!"-"wtv- 'j,VhK 11 * a i.i, MKA.N.TTTrr
i ? ! I P''*?l? office; Dlamnnda Watrhea Jam.
airy, Ac., benxht and aolA Bunch, I.JUT Broadway.
U'antkD-a hood vbihcai, aSh"trO"T9E7T7)ill
" ?*?*aid !.fflee "",n* ?? 'e boi
VV 3.a. I, " v r, Tv ,in v ai.l tub" ?>?
laitaa1"^ r^. Srtvws*

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