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Frcst at the Yellow
Fever Centres.
Checking the Spread of th.9
Reports trom Louisiana, Tennes
see and Arkansas.
>? KW (JKLKANS, Oou 18, 1S78.
The yellow lever undoubtedly is Dear the oud 01 Its
sareer. I'll* disease cauuot increase under tbo pres.
int coal weather, aud u very tow days 10 all proba
?uiiy will close It out entirely. Many, however, arc
? till sick id llio city, una these at Ibis moment re
quire every care to guard tbom id ihe preaeul cool
ipe 11, which, It luvorable to those who bavo uot had
die dtseaae, Is yet uiost laiul to such as are now ?ut
leriug from it. List uiiflil 1 waul over a district
vhich ID tbo present epidemic bas presented mure
:ases tnau any lu the city, considering tue number
that inhabits it. Tbo boundaries of ibis district aro
Delard aud Thalia streets, Cuup aud tbo woods,
llure there are at the present muuieul 175 sick under
treatment aud several 1 noticed were still very ill. I
taw lour or llvo sick lu ono bouse; iDdcod, Id some
places every room and bed seemed occupied by them,
lu odc little couu?e tboro were tbree very pretty
girls (sisters), members o! one ot our olda>t aud most
reapectuble Creole families, sauly sttaiteued, like
hundreds ol others since the war, aDd here at one
tituo whs a most fcarlul struggle lor llle.
Uue sister more tliau the rest bad boeu desperately
III, aad tbe doctor lu charge said slio must die. A
im tuber of the Youuir Men's C'nriBlian Association
asked lor mu privilege o. attempting to save her. a
promise *as required mat be "would uot toriore
Her." Tno pleuge was ^ivcd; mustard piasters wero
upplled, cnampayuo treely udniiuisteied uua the llle
ot the youu,: girl w is saved. W lieu 1 saw her she
was ?ut ut all dauger, aud would undoubtedly live il
moderately prudent.
1 was sorry lo uoiko, now over, us 1 passed along
the most insane imprudence every where. Young
men uDii women, who nuU jusi recovered irout inu
lever, were slowiy dragging themselves about or
stand.ng at ine corners gosaipplng wiiu ibotr Iricuug,
while a biting cold norm wind Wim swooping dowu
Itio streets witb impetuous lury. My companion,
?ra < bud bad ?o much irouolo lo save tbsse very
people, was very mucb discomposed? naturally
enougn. The lever, in many cases, Iiad been moat
obstinate in ibis pari ol ibe city. Uuw patient bad a
couimuous (ever It' eighieeu, auoltiur ior ninc
ite i, da>s, aud 1 board of sotuo s..d cases ol sell
sacrifice hero, loo. One, a young girl, bad
biru the sols support ol a widow, d moiber aud
younger brothers aud Haters siuco tbo death ol ber
lather. }'orgetliug sell abe carried the uise.mo on
ber own persou tor lliree days, While in constant at
leuilauiC at tne bedildo ul a little bl ot her, un III the
poor girl was able to aland dp no longer, but tell
In114Hug to the Uoor. She wan carried to ber bed.
Eveiy snoun remedy was at ouce applied, but it w.m
then too late, =bo wus i.urrted to her grave In a lew
hours. Ibe inotber, as she spoko ol tbc uoblo lite aud
glorious deutn ol this orave girl, wrung ber bunds and
Wept uioat bitterly.
There are two j oiuta in ibe nis ory of tbe epidemic
in tbts district ? uicn are worthy ol uolice. Toe num
ber ol adults sick ol tbe lever bere nas beeu largely
In excess ol tne children, and ibe wbule number ol
Cn8es treated by the Youug Men's Christian Assoni.i
t on in this district a.one up to date has beeu 45J,
w ub only sixieeu duaiUs, giving a deain rate ol three
and one-nail percent, wmcb is something marveliou-.
Captain W. (j. Mitchell has beeu in charge el tins dis
trict since tbe Oral nppe iruuco ol the epidemic, aud
everywhere 1 iia,.r bim spoken ol m tbe highest terms.
Tbe Governor's Utile sou Frank in recovering. Dr.
Unoppiu inlorius me that in ma treatment ol tuis case
be adopted the water packing system with ice.
Tbe lollowing is me report ol new cases lor tbe put
twenty-lour hour?:?
B iard of Healin, new cases 43
Hoard ol llealiU, old cases (not beioro reported).. 4ii
Howard Association lal
Youug Men's Christian Assoc.at.on, newca. *... Oil
Young Muu's Christian Association, old cases re
ported Irom (jretna 14
Homoepittbic Association 1J
Total. 357
Moil ol the new case* reported by tne Howards
come iron. tbe lower districts, while those ol ibe
Youn,; Men's Christian Associ ition an J those ol the
Board ol Health com* Irom the upper districts, wim
?carcely *n exception.
The comber ol deaths tor tbe past twenty-lour boars
I* tbiriy-MX, an increase ol twelve since yesterday.
Ttio following are tbe uame*: ?
August Dulery, Kl-zabcth Baric,
Barbara La Valine, Loon i.John,
Antonio (jnnna, Jaiues b wiler,
A. Bernd, N ttohr,
A. Van Hooven, Willie Mr oil,
Louisa Melbourne, Miss Ann McManas,
Mateo Luaca, Cairle Mitchell,
Vici Vsieuci.i, W lliaum e L>euulietl,
Philip Bernard, Charles Benuclair,
Ana J. Kioele, Simon J Honuerd,
Joseph Moren, Joseph (jarcise,
Victor Kriand, I'ntlip Perueda,
Elzibetb HiMiiel, S. Uoltnisno,
Caroline Livallde, Henry Muilies,
Joseph Scbloeser, Jean Paul Kturo,
Ein tie Harder, Cuuicuu-a'/.eller,
Wi liam J. Murpby, Henry D. Monior,
Frank Monier,
Kttuen ol the ubovo aro cbtldron audcr twolvo
years of age. The total number ol deaths irom yel
low lever up to date is M.tillO. Mr. A. U. Uibbiii, -oc
rolary ol tbc Telegraphers' rteltel Assoc.allon, is very
The PI qu m ue (loervillo parish) Howard Associa
tion n.uke an uppeal'lor aiu, m wbich they say '-Wo
are still in distress. We have bad ovi-r l.llid
? ;ck. Tbe dcains have been over 120, wlm j oe.ihe
In the psst 4H hours, and TO cases tire uuw under
trcainnnt. We earnestly cell upon the good people
?I me country lor help."
Bato* Kocoic, La.?>ew cases, 36. Xsdeatbt.
Pattkkiwjsvillk.?Toere is no abatement o( the
fevor. Ten de.uns during the past two d .ys, luclud*
lug tnote oi Dr. M. A. Kocbe and C. O. Le Blanc, a
well known pluoter
DovaLIibo>VILLt.?There were 27 now cases and 0
death* during tbe past iweuty-lcar nours.
Ianokpohoa. ? UarluR the pasi two lays there were
11 ce? cases and 2 deaths. Tne lever is spreading in
the country.
Bykam.?All tbo sick are doing wcIL Tberu wua a
light Irost last uigbt.
Bay St. Loos?three new cases and 3 deaths
Cantos, Mlsi.?Hers there wero 6 new caites and 2
deith- l'lie country has not beeu heard Irom. There
was a slight liost this morning. The thermometer
it 44
Asyka ?Seven new cases and 1 death to-day. The
total II u in ber ul cases is 25J; deaths, MX Tbe lever I*
rprtading n the couutry. Thuro was a tight (rost
last aigliU
Dby c;ho?k.?There was one death Irom yellow
lover lier.- to-d .y.
Liiiajox turn, ii ?To-dsv there were two now
Cases and ouu death. A slight front prevailed this
J*A-? ChkisTiax.?Klgbt new cases, but no deaths
Qma.iid Jcxctiox.?Right new cases were reported
io day iu tnocountr>.
Moki.ai Citv.? Ibure are eight cases under treal
sieoi. There were i?u dealbs yesterday.
A despatch lo tho Upwards Iruiu McComb City re
ports iwcniy lour new esses aud one deatb.
liou.tr Si'kj>us ?I he new cases uumner sll and the
lentiis three It is luought ttie yeuow lever will
toon dieappear. ihere whs a llglit Irost Issl night.
The theruiomuter al seveu 1*. M. wa< 44. A heavy
Irost is <g| i<:ied to-nighi. Cotton picaing is livviy
and tbo prospects more cheeriuL Ine Isrmers are
waiting lor business to opeu.
Msmiuia*.?There bave been forty-eigbt deaths aud
Kb cases to date. There was a Irost tnis morning,
aud the outlook is brighter.
I. It AT T A.VOr Hi A, TenD., Oct. 1H, 187*.
Only two deaths Irom yellow lev. r have iioso ro.
ported since Inst night?Miss lJells Chamberlain and
W. D. Underbill, prmcipilol tbo High Krbool. There
aie teu new cases to-duy, tlin-e wuite and seveu col.
ored. Doctors now tbink we nave got tbe disease
uudor control. The ouly danger now is that tbe reiu
gees, numbering at least ten thousand, will rusn hack
luto the town too soon aud cant* a IreSli outbreak,
boute sixty convsioscenis ? ere disshargod Irom tbe
?are ol llie nurses and doctors to-day. The Belief
lomunllso ie now turning its alieution llie moaiie
el providing lor the destitution wmcb is certain lo
loltow me cessaiion ol the lever. People here will
? nil r much worse irom mis souree than towns not
di Voted to inseulaniuriiid. I.<r it must be rjultn a
lu'>iiIII before the lactor.es and tuins can get into
tipvraliou as nil.
1 be weamer has been void and ? raw wind, north*
west by north, haa prevailed since morning. At II e
o'clock this evening the thermometer stood ui 53
degrees, and it is steadily growing uulder. We snail
certainly have a sharp frost to-night. Unfortunately,
lor the present tbo cola will add to raluur than take
iroiu i tie burdeus ul the Relief Committee. Pi 11 y
couvalosceuis wore discharged Iroui hospital ibis al
teruoou. 1 lie Board 01 Health advisa refugees not lo
return until (bey declare It safe.
Buowksvillk, Tenu.. Oct. IS, 1878.
Seven new case* ol yellow lever have been re
ported bere^to-U.iy, among them Dr. W. G. Witre, aud
on* rolapse. l>r. Sberiusu, William Wariugiun .md
Kmina Wood are very ill. Mrs. liundtlad, ol at.
l.ouia, died ul twelve o'clock last Ultfhi. She bud
done laithiul service as a volunteer nurse, and her
death la deeply regretted.
itVLS IN Till COUN'tT.y.
Mkxi'uis, Tena, Oct. 18, 1878,
Tbe Hoard of Health olliciully reparia lourteen
deaths Iroui yellow lever during the past twenty-lour
bours ending at six o'clock to-night. The undertakers
report six additional Intoi meats of persona who died
outside the city limits. Twenty physicians ot-lbe
Hjw>rd Association corps report lorty new caaea,
eighteen of these in the city since noon. The fol
lowing persons are among ihose who hive died:?
Mrs. It K. A rat a, wile of tbe captain ot police; Albert
Morton, Mrs. Kate Bailey and Eddie Clark, sou of 1).
A. Clark.
Frost fell lust ulght st Garner, Mies., ninety miles
south of this city. The lever has appeared at Jack
sou, Tenu. l>r. G. W. Overall, physician on board
the Howard rellel train sent yesterday morning to
stations on tbo lino ol tuo Mississippi and Teuuessoe
Kailroad between this city and Grenada, relumed to
night and reported llndliig eue case ol lever at Horu
Lake, thirty-eight at heruaudo, twelve at Sunatobia,
ten at Tiloba, seven at Garner and quite a uumber In
tbe vicinity ol Grenada.
Yicksni'itu, Miss., Oct, 18, 1878
There was a light frost hare last night. Only a
few deaths have been reported to-day. Colonal
Floworoe is In a critlcalcondillon and not expectod
to livo through tbe night. This wauthar la unia voru
ble lor the sick, but la checking the spread ol tbo
lever. About Delia, La., the diaaaae is under good
U atkh Vallxy, Miss., Oct. 18, 1878
The outlook here is encouraging. We bed a light
frost last atghL Tbe yellow lever statistics to dalo
are as lollows:?127 cases; death", 44; aow sick. 57;
convalescent, S- acven new easea ure reported lor
the last t weuty-four hours.
Na.su villi, l'euc., Oct. 18. 1878.
The following has Just been received by the agent
ot the Associated Praia:?
llKLKXA, Ark.. Oct. 18, 1878.
The impresidon baa trooe abroad thai yellow Tevor exist*
here. There la uo yellow lever In Helena. Tbe general
health ot tue cliy I* good. No business bouses have closed.
Inert are U.uOU Dales ot cotton awaiting shipment. aud
thare l> uo destitution that tbe city la not willing aud able
lo relieve.
D. A. LBNT11ICUM, M. D.,
President Physical Sanitary Commission.
I>. McALPlNE M I).. Secretary.
OKoBUfa. McALPlNK, U.. O.
II. >1. (.KAN r, M. D.
T. W. J aCK.S. M. D.
Helena. Ark., Oct. 18. 1878 ?
At a larife met tlnir of citizen* of Helena held to-day It
>u declared t at there was no vellow fever here: that
the Hoard of llnallh. in declaring tbe existence ot tne
epidemic.did so In opposition to the opinion of tne me u
cai profession no.e, aud install parties can couie bere
with perfect saleiy. Jull.N UORNEK, tbairmau.
John K BvitkS. <s . ,
A. MsvxRa, 5 secretaries.
Wasiiixqto*, Oct. IS, 1878.
Inlormatlon having reached tba War Department
ol tbe sickness ol Captain 11 .ill, who was detailed fur
service on the steamer carrying supplloa from St.
Louis to the yellow lever sufferers, tbe Secretary to
day telegraphed bim to return homo by rail Instead
ol reuiuiuing with the vessel.
Surgeon Goneral Wood worth, ol tbe Marine Hospital
service, to-day lorwarded instructions lo Surguou
Keyes, ot tho leilol ooat Chambers, which carried
supplies down tbe Mississippi Klver, directing him
upon bis airivai at quarautlue b low St.
Louis to thoroughly clcauso lha toal and
everything upon her. She n.nal bo tbor
ou.'hly iuiulgaied au I the men required to bitha
and change liieir clothing. Any bedd.ng or olothing
to be destroyed should be burned aud uol thrown
ovorb iard, to bo lUhed oul ol the river by iho uusus
p 'ding. 1'be opinion is expressod hero that it lha
officers of the Chambers bad lolluwed instructions
aud allowed uo rciugecson board tba boat aba wouid
have bad uo lever auoard.
qcabanhne kcx.es?war qalyeston is
Galtkstok, Texas, Oct. 12, 1878.
To tui Editor of tuk Ukkalo:?
We bold that tuu learlui plague called yellow fever
dom uot originate In oar climate, and tbat il can only
bo prevented by proper quarantine, wliicu will ouly
be aula aud oOccuva under ibe administration ol u.e
general government. suiu or municipal quarantines
will give ad evur recurring epidemics, with thuir
muUiiUviliioua and torribio alteudanlB. tl
loria are beiug mn la is certatu quarters, ignorant ly or
maiiciouxly, 10 otiow that ibu poaiilence ta a product
oaure 10 the Gull titaWB under certain conditions,
aui' that therefore a quarantine agninat the tropica
is uuneceaBury. Uood local sanitary coudition.- no
doubt waijiaie tLa severity ol Ibu dUuase, but !m
' inuiriy irom its deadly gr.mp cau only beguued In
1 not wo?through u thorough aysteui o( quarantine
lawg luaintaibeU by the lcderal government.
Il In a yro.it mistake to suppose ibai ibu immunity
ol itiia c;iy is uue to cleau.iueaa. It is only lu lair
sanitary condition. Wo owe our suieiy i . a careful
quarantine njaiust ibe tropica aud all lulectoi points
' iu ibis country. M. A. J.
Mary V. Dunas bant $6 to ibe iurild ofllco yester
day lor ibe yellow lever auQoreri. Ibe amount waa
roans 4 by a theatrical entertainment at Long
fue following ndUitioual contribution wero re.
ceived by Mayor K.y l'he whole amoubl ,$140 <>*, was
aentto ibe Howard Asseolation at Edwards, Miu
Ueor.e V MH fli-la. U. through Cai>t?iri Uyrnei. kif.
teeuth precinut, *? lallo?? :-Maey'a atore, ;:J7 7">; lvlwiu
U4?r, ft'j 71: ,*riiarlcan lilatrlct Te'?gritpb Company, 40
?.. Bin it. .> n.? lintel. f7 4". Department ol I naafe
Uuiniiaita. <7 M; Woodcock's dm* alera, *3'>4 Total,
> $*i 1 Hit, "A friend," by Jultii L> .-<kidui<>ro. <>jii; hc'ima
i^oweBthel IMiiIkIid i'rivate >cbool laeeoad donation),
$j Ml; Captain MciJouald, I'.iclitb precinct. t.lijJ, inoi^e
O'ltourke. >o, 12 l.ewfa street 1 tent; Captain Copelaud,
of the thirteenth precinct, *17 <H.
J lie Southern li-nef Committee ef ibe Chamber of
Commerce met at uooo, Henry Hams ehairmau, pre*
aiding. l'Ua committee Have authorised tbu publi
cation ol the lollowiug card
| 1o tub Pvsbic?
Ilia oaiiiern K. llef t'ommltten of the Miamlier of
Comiaar ? berabf n.-tllj ili? puniie tbat they do not
Solicit larilier conirlbDliona to Ibu rullei lund. bat will r?.
aelvaaiub aa are In Ike coaraa ul irunauin.wu, and wl.l
apply tlietu with tlio b*Unea on band taaluly fir ilia re
i lief of lho>? la It deailtute by tua n:<mr.(u.
? IK M.V II KN I Z, Chairman.
Mr. J. Pierpobt Morgan, iraaaurer of the Cbnuiber
of Commerce goumuru Heiiel Commutac, ucknowl
edtiea li.a ruwipL of the loilowing addiiioual conirl
] b?uoUK
Hat In John Haiberlan i'a mtusaal (laat oollartloo),
I C7 Ju; eoatriballea boi.'? .Saw * or? ?"o?t ? ffle" ipar 1. I.
, J i,in^- I' ?iiu?"tui;. 11 I U4| ' onaraK^tiO'ial Cliur. b nod
I Society Ur.oul, I? 1 (per Ke?. A. I., llama;. t.A> citiaai.a
hi .?sauKeruaa, h. V , <l'HU"ii?l par I.. - Wbltaa. r,
ireaaurer, $4; C. A. A. T H . J B..*l;ll. Y.
\ li , 91 ; L. a. A A., ?ira I' II Merrlak, Vork,
, >1> Total, fl'.J >.l lJra*li?e?ly acknowladsed.
I rU>U,mri K*. lirand t jtal. ilUtf, P#j
I he committee ordered remittances lo be made aa
lol'owe:?10 lhuma< I.ay too, I'resid'ini Mouibern
Utuk ol >uw Orieaus, $l,uuu lor roliof of poor in iho
I suwuroa ol Klrnt dt?trlet, extelldluii to aWHllips aud
| along the eabaia uud uamoier lea; $1UU to Uia Howard
; ASSoeiaUM, at Baton Kougu, tu b aunt oy Ibutu Iff
1 ?p. < ial meraeiigor to Ciintou, l.a., for rellel ol Hie
i.nuliy 01 Kcv. i. A Ujilly. This Hinouul Wus Con
inouied lor ihw purpoae uy Mr*. O. 1 rimblc, of ibis
Ibe following telegram wu received:?
St.* UblsaSS, <<et. 1?. IN7H.
H1.111V 1!K.St.t, l.balruiau ,-uatbera Itanef Cuniuiiltee,
< Itm ir.;.r 01 1 umiuarc > Y ?
r.nl.i'ly -ubamtetiee At^oelatlon bavn eatahlfihad a
l,*'lla?' reahoif OieiSMlK -IK-Iaty, under Hie rhara ? Of
fllty ul tiio muat primln tit ladle* ol tbia city, to receive
OuBtii'iiHona 01 I'H'tbiiiK and MtSketa fvr tne Urtt i|? lit -
bar I mule aud liiinoie ueelttBtaa, aha urn inucb in ueed
at present, an 1 will be m ire ao durius tba Winter.
K II' 11,111 i !IK,
I'reaident I'ealtoily nubautence AaaoclHtion.
Mr. J. Kuanell, ol tne Culedouia llouae, Mo. 1 ...J
Jieade atreel, aenda |i iU lor bouoUt ol yellow itv< r
1 be r-iiilenU ol J.imniaa, I.. I., hsve conirtnuied
tl.HOi VJ in sid 01 tiiu sufferer"
A lecopuou in aid ol tii'' aull 'rers by ths Young
Mto't AmMMIiuI ol lue Piltk Waid Is to bu livid .it
I'ytli.igoraS Hall, Mo* 13'i m.i 13? Canal aifeet, Oil
Wedneiday evening, OstiitMf in
I lie Intel aiiioniit faiseil 111 llrnnkiyn thus lar lor
tbe dosthern sallerera ta t-'J, in.. 4i.
An atbietiu slid glauiatviial touruaujeut IS SB.
douDeed 10 take p'ace id Irving Hall to-night fur the
beuviiiof tbo suttarers. Sparring oxuibitioim will be
giveu by Joruau nuJ Win in, K 11 v and .^eudoui'
'?M"use," Keilly and Suuders, hdwards aud Ci-b,
Mailaliau and Co uru, Collins and Lawlor, uud a bum
bur or others ProlMtur L-ifllu wilt vivo bus classical
eutertaiumeut of the Khui.ii and Grecian at turn;
Professor* l)e Turk and L. Fredericks arc to sbow
ibeir skill Id sparring; Jotinuy l)wyer unit Miller will
buvu u coll ir iiod elbow tuss a, an a several oilier ou
leriaiuuiculs are lo enliven tbe evoniun's sport.
[from tho New Orleans Democrat.]
It will be esuemed a tavor if you bu good enough to
imparl tbo iuior:n.nu?u sought lor below uud em
braced lu tbe following question*: ?
la the Howard Association a body corporate under
tb? Uwa Ol Ibe suit ol Louisiaba '/
Are ine duties ol the several member* self-assumed
or imposed?
Do the members or auy of lliem receivo auy com
pensation, auu il so what, by way of reqmtul lor lime
aud cervices rendered t
Ju cane of lacliee, AiC., is the body amenable, and if
so to whom or wbat authority If
A carelul Inquiry developed ibe faotj tbat tbe How
ara Association was lormed In the year 1837, when
tbe present presuout, J. il. Vaudegrid, was au active
and etBoleui member. It wad incorporated uudor tbe
laws ol tbe dime, and Us ouarter waa tor (weniy-Uvo
1m lSti'J, when ibe charter expired, tbe country was
in such a condition that it waa impossible lor tbe old
members to reaasemuie. In wQon tbe lever
agalu Drone out, tbo old members, uuder tbe law,
secured a new charter, aud during tbat epidemio uid
yeoman service.
lu response to tbo query aa to wbotber tbe dutios
ot tbe members are seli-imposed or not, we would
?ay, iroui llie Intormaliou we gathered, mat every
n.ouiuer ol ibe Howard Association gives bis time,
attention and labor lo tbo sick without auy reuiuner
atiou or hope ol it. He devotes bis day toward the
amelioration ol tboss who are destitute aud sicg, uud
bis ouly reward is tbo gratification in this generous
act. ibe duties ol tue Howards aro sell-imposeil.
Eacb meuibi-r, sacrificing persoual aflairs, devotes bis
whole time to Ibe sick. Tbe members are not elected,
as in other associations, but their persoual Illness,
their peculiar qualities lor tbu trust are curetully
considered and ouly those deemed competent uro
No member of the Howard Association receives a
cent ol compensation lor tbe services ho reuders tho
sick. The uasociutiou knows no salaried ofllcers, as
the service* ol tbu gemlemiu connected with it are
entirely gratuitous. Tho rcqultul they receivo lor
their time aud services is the sal>slucllou mat tbey
have purlormed a duty to their lellow muu, and no
in response to tbo query as lo whether the ubodr
Is amenable" to auy uue, it is only necessary lo say
ibat the individual members stand ready to rcspouu
lo any Imputation as to their acta individually aud
colleOlive.y, no mailer who calls Upon them.
Nkw Haven, Conn., Oct. 18, 1878.
There is great excitement in Uuillerd over an epi
demic ot typhoid lever among members of tbe first
section Connecticut uryllery. Two members, Cor
poral Charles 1'ulmor and Joseph Courtuey, have
died, oleven olbera are su k, und two will not proba
bly recover. 1 be section, einnrcini,; forty members,
encamped last month, and twenty oi the tueu ate their
meuls at tbo caterer's tent, the Cateror being Webb, ot
Wlllimantic. An Who tiuvc been sick wore ol this
number. Hut tho Wiltiinunuu Infantry command
boarded at tho samo place uuu none ol its members
are sick except one. l'he physicians are uuablo to
explain the epidemic claims against the quality ol
tbe lood. water, canned beet, milk and bodding beiug
regarded us groundless. The local doctors caunot
trace its cause. Too Stalo Medical Hoard will inves
tigate tho matter lo-morrew.
[lit txlegbaph to the hebald. ]
Qckskg, Oct. 18, 1S78.
It Is not generally known that, though never de
tained either at Quarantine or by tho port physicians,
tbe Polynesian bad smallpox od board on the voyuge
out. Tue fact has been caiefully kept Irom tbe pub
lic. A girl died tue day belore yesterday, who had
the disease, ou board and three ol the crew are uow
dangerously ill with it In hospital here. It is
thought by the few wbo bavo beard of tbe matter
that tbe Governor must koow these fuels, though be
will certainly sail in tue same ship to-morrow.
WlLK SHBA11UIC, Oct. 18, 1878.
Tbe Hon. S. R. Msaon, tho nationalist caudldato for
tbe chief execullvo office in tbe State, spogo hero
last mgbl to 6,000 people. Tbe enthusiasm was very
great. Krom tbe largest ball in the city Ibo multi
tude adjourned to the public square. During his
address Mr. Mason i-uid thut be honored
General Hoyt for bis consistency. Tbe repub
lican* are a bard money parly. Ooneral
Iloyt is nominated on tbai platform, uud be talks It
wherever be goes. Senator Dill, tbe democratic caa.
didalo, talks greenbacks In greenback communities and
talks gold tu Newcastle.
a LI KHALI) reporter was given so audiencc tills
alieruoon by tbe uspirsot ol Gubernatorial honor*
udJ, alter an expression ot horror lor reporters ol u
cerium class, wus pleased to soy that tbe Hkhald bid
always treated biui courteously, lu respouso to the
general question, "How be bad lound toe DUI*e ot
public aeuttiuent throughout tbeSta'ef" he said:?
I have been speaking utmost uninterruptedly since
tbe 14tb ol May. 1 entered tbls cumpulgu with houest
motive# and II I lone ttio buttle it will not cauae a
blush to any ol my lrtends. Thu light now is between
Central Hoyt, thu republican cimdidatc, and itiysell.
Mr. Dill la practically out of the Qgnt; tio lias no issue
that is not republican or greenback. I ho principle
at stulce anil tbe only issue is the theory of tbe na
tionals as ugoinst thu hard money republicans. Tbe
nationals represent tbe one idea, tbe republicans the
Everywhere that I uuvo been l .rgo gatherings of
people have met me. lu the oil regions the Kieon
back strength is great. In iiutler. Clarion, Venango,
Warren. Forrest and Crawford It Is specially strong.
Tbe greeubucktrs will curry them all. MuKoun is
also sure and possibly Cambria connty. I ho light in
some ol tbo tiouvy greenback districts is for tlio elec
tion ot sntl-Cunivrou Legislatures. Iu Johnstown,
the republic <ns are selling out lloyt tor
votes for Cameron representative.-. I ?now it
and I have denounced It irmn the stand. The green
backers will elect their legislative ticket In Hunting
ton. Schuylkill county will give me lu,000 votes. 1
do not tbink tbut figure is out ol tbe way. Cumber
land county i? well organized. Dauphin county will
give us one county member, the city ol Hirri*burg
another and tbe county of Duupbin n majority for the
State ticket. The strongest local eflort lnj<. Hereon
?111 bo lor Congressman. The object is to beat Harry
White. We will surry Northumberland sure and also
Hr.dlord county, and possibly Monroe 1'bliauelpbia
was given up by Chairman Dewces in tho beginning
of the c imp -ign, but the past mouth bus seen many
change*. We will nave at least lorty thousand votes
lb the )ld Quaker City. lilsir county will be for us
it tbe effort to nnite tbe democrats as against tbe
C micron p iriy Is successful, an i I think it will be.
lu Ueiford the orgaaixstloti is comparatively new,
but we are promised tbe county. Dorks county, that
old democratic stronghold, will probably be demo
cratic, but by a greatly reduced majority. Heading la
lull oi greenbackera
Kkpohisk?Vioin wblcb o tbe old partlus will tbe
nationals derive the most strength V
Mi. Manon ?That is hard to tell. In the mining
distrteu and where tlie workingmcn predominate the
democrats will Net our aggression raesi, but m other
sections we draw largely from the republican musses,
lu tbe oil regions, which Include a number oi coun
ties, ib'1 voie will be a little mixed, and will be tor
Mason, Duugle, Africa and Agnew, and will hurt tba
republican majorities. We snail also hurt tbe domi
nant psrty iu Allegheny, Djupniu and [iorks. 1 have
discovered that we have liiousuid* oi sympathizers
in tne country wbo have Dot identified themselves
wan us, but who will quietly voto wltb u-. The
people want ? change. !'? nnsyivabis will be tho bin*
n< r green buck mate in tba Uuiou. You may tell tba
Mkkalo readers that.
Dl*ilUCT WUlTTUOfcNK'tf uauhum cut*
[BX XtLkOKAPll TO 1UK >? ERA I.D. ]
NasIivili.m, Oct. 14. 1678.
Jotin V. Wright, democrat, lo-day Withdraw irom
tbe Congressional race iu tbe seventh distriot, leav
ing the Uon. W. 0. Wlnttnorne and Jack Moore,
denioaratr, ami Ju><go A. M. llughus, republican. In
Hie corneal. Moore has little sirmgth oiu-nle ol bis
own eouoty. Whltihoroe's ulee>lou may now bo
looked upon as a mutter oi enr siDty, tbe repitblieans
counting only ouu-tnird ol the voting population. In
the Kuurih District Democratic Congressional Con
vention , l;sriion McVIill tit w s netniuaied on <beone
hundred and twenty-filth ballot, I he II< n K'lw ird
I Ooliaday, dumoerat, ?bo was in the forty-third
Congress, will run us an independent cundidate.
PoCOIIKRKP#l, N. V., Oct. 1H, 1876.
A despatch from Peeaskill says:?Dr. Wi Ilium May,
ol No. 21 West Niueteenth street, New York, and Mr,
Tui kor, a nephew of Augustus Mnliell, ol New York,
lell Foog liKeepaie Inuraday morning on the sloop
yacht Julian lor New Vi.rg. At f eessk.il they w?n^
usbore in the vaont'a skill, and rotnrnli g iho>kifl
sbipti'td a heavy sea and sank Young 1 tinker Was
drowned, bat ihu Dot tor succeeded in rsacbiur Hiore
in hi almost ex Ha os ted couditiou. Mr. Tuckor's bouy
bus oat liaea recovered.
fbi'M b*. John, n. b., and no xiiung*?
Washington, Out. 18, 1878.
Captain liowgate entertains lulls or do hope to
night ol the safely ol the Arotlc schoouer Klorcuoe
since the receut disastrous storm aloog the New Kng
laud coast, lie tbiuks the vessel lias cither strauued
upou bouia coast reel on bar way from St. John to
New I.ouiIod or bee a driven out to sea by the fury of
the storm and baa probably foundered la mm-oceuu.
She reached Si. John on tba 'Jtiih of September,
and sailed theuce lor her destination September 30,
sluce which ditto, not withstand Icy tha lapse ol
eighteen days and liar supposed proximity to wuterB
much frequented by coasting aud other vessel*, no
luliugs whatever havo been reouived ol her. She was
duo in New London Irom the 7th to the loth mat. As
it Is only a week's tail In lair weather between the
two poluiB, her noo-uppearsuce duriug this protracted
time would seem to Justify tho gravest apprehensions
lor ner saietv and that ol her adventurous crew.
Although the I'lorouca is a vessel ol staunch build
and bus supplementary strengthening timbers aud
braciug, sue is not regarded by Captain liowgate us
Quad for suca tremendous seas us she baa doubtless
encountered sinoe she la it Si. John. This Insuffi
ciency ts due mainly to bar small slse. She ib only
tllty-six tous register. Captain Tyson, however, con
sidered her, wh?n be made the selection in the sum
mer of 1877, every way worthy of tho
severe anu perilous service that would be
expected ol ber In the Arctic seas. While
not given to fatalistic or unreasonable conclusions,
from ibe cireumstaucus of tba caso Captain Howgate
Is lad by tbe casualty whlcb the advunoo vessel of his
expedition is thus supposed to have met, to deplore
more deeply tbitn ever tbe failure el Congress at its
iai t session to act in accordance with tbe reoommendu
tion ol its eomralttees relative to tbe North Pole colo
nization scbamv, as sucb action would huve kept the
Florenco in other seas, aud therefore vary probably
averted any disaster that abe may have suffered.
The olhcors and crew ol tbe Florence are as fol
Georgo ?. l'ysen, New London, master.
William Sisson, Now London, first mate.
Douniton Burrows, New London, second mate.
Elauzer Cone, New London, steward.
Orray Tult Sherman, Providence, meteorologist and
Ludwlg Kutuletn, Madison, Wis,, naturalist.
KI chard B. York, Norwich; William A. Aibln, Sag
Haroor; James W. L.oe, New London, and Joel B.
Bottles, Granby, seamen.
Cbaries Honry Fuller, Colebesler; Oavld K. Keese,
York, Fit, and John UcFariaud, New London, lundb*
NiiW IIkpfoko, Masai, Oct. 18, 1878.
Tbree survivors or the Ul-lated wbalmg bark
Sarah, whose loss ut sea, togethor with tho aullerlugs
of tbe craw Is graphically described In to-day's
UkRALD, a/rived at tins port io-day. Ihey wcro met
at the railway depot by a large crowd of residents,
many ol them beiug relatives of the lost mariners,
?ho hoped to gel some itilormaiion concerning tbe
laie ol'lheir Iriends. the loss ol iwonly-lhroe per
sons irom oue small city, has made a vacancy whiob
was paintully eviddul upou tho arrival ol the survt
a rukkajuiga or ill.
Previous to bur leaving noil tuare was a consults
tlou at tbo olttco ol mo ageDt ol tbe ship's owuers,
who expressed himself ns hardly willing to all iw ibe
vessel to proceod, but Captain Peagtts was anxious to
go, stuliug that ue aid nut wish to ruuiatu in port
over duuduy, and Qually, alter liavmir a lull uuder
standlug Imiwueu the Captain and the pilot tbat II It
wait thought nscuasary on raacbiug tbo mouth ol ibe
bay Ibe vessel sbouid corno back, aud, telling ilu
pilot to remain by tbe vessel as long as ba wouia
be ol aoy use, tbe agent gavo bis consent lor
Captain Paakes lo suit, aud even accou. pained birn
outside Pa mur's Island, aud caiuu back iu ibo tug.
Xno pilot does nut think tbat tho wtatber on Satur
day at tnu tluio tbo Sarah tailed was very bad; and
says all u*o anxiety Captain fcakus stoiuod to bave
was tbat tbo wind might haul to tbo south.
Tne pilot had charge ol tbo vessel until about a
mile east ol Mlsbauin Lcd^o buoy, and tbere loll bar
al hall-pa-t ten A. SI., at whiob time mere was a good
whole sail breeze iroru lite noribo .st, and tbe weather
was quite promising. Wlion the pilot Iclt tbe 3 irah
bbe was under inaiutopsail, maintop gallant sail, lore
sail and lorctopsail, with Jio liyiug, jib aod jibtopaail
staudihg aouut southwusl, so as to Ciear Block islaud.
Tbe pilot says alter leaving tbe vessel tbo wind stead
ily increased to agate, aud had bu alterward been on
board bo ifbould have counselled a return.
'l'be Sarab was u vessel ot 1-8 tons, nud after ber
last voyage was thoroughly rebuilt at Mattapoisetu
She was owued by John P. Knowles, second, and
others. The valuatiou ol tbe voaael aud outfits Was
$ 18.000, upon wbicb tbere Is no tusurauce. .Nathaniel
A. Irlpp, whose name was orlglually published as one
ol the crow ol tbe .Surah, did not go to sea lu her.
Captain Peukea leaves a wife, but no cbildrun, In tbbi
The following Is u lull list ol tue crew:?
Captain, Heurv M. Peakos, ol Martha's Vineyard ;
flrst mate, Frank K. Potior, ol Now Uodford; sveonu
mate, Ueorgo W. bills, ol Dartmouth; third mate and
boat steercr, Albert Kiuimcl, ol button Centre; car.
penter, Mr. Htleroerger, ol New York; cooper, ship
keeper aud carpenlor, Carl L. dtrune, of New Bed
lord; boat sleerera, Joseph A. Pi all a, Prank ."Smith
and James W. Rlounrds, all ol New liodlord, -toward,
Charles Sheaf, ol New Uedtord; cook, Henry Will
iams, ol New Hediord; senmeu, Joseph G. lteig,
George Samuels, John Williams, J, T. 1. Harding,
Metfil Deunuru, riortry tjouaalvo.-, Manuel Deundid
aud Joseph Pasen, all ol New lied lord, aud George H.
Thurston, ot Keeno; ordinary aeumeu, frranclico
Antolne Gomez, ot Dartmouth, and Wi.liam Stevens,
of St. Helena; groouband, Edwin Spriughast, ol
Kuchburg. _____
[by 1KLLORAI u TO the hkbald. ]
NaTciuz, Miss., Oct. 18, 1878.
Tbe cxcitemcol in Tensas pariah baa almost entirely
subsided, and the negrooa have gone to tbeir cotton
picking. A despatch was received to-day asking tbat
no further aid be sent to Waterproof. The lessee, so
lar aa we can laarn, amount to only tba death ol Cap
tain Peck and tbe wounding ol tbrca coloiod men and
tba burning of Mosa, Wiaa h Go.'s gin, with sixty
baiea ol cotton.
okioia or Tint TKouin.a.
Tbo oauao ol tue dilllculty was doubtless tne
nomination ol Meacrs. Cornell aod Kotiater lor
parish judge an I Sheriff, both republicans, by
tbe democratic party. Both bid become ob
noxious lo tho negroes and the negrooe presented
a ticket oa wpiub ware two ol tbe most consistent
democrats lu tbe parish, as a lusiou tioket, but it waa
reiuaud by ibe d> moorats, aud Cordell aod Kegistor
placed on tbe democratic ticket.
To-day there is considerable excitement In Concor;
d>a parish, opposite this city. Many <>l' tbo uegtoca
while tl.o uilllcultiea existed in iensaa leit their
bomes aud weut to tbo assistance ol their irieud*
They bave betu apprehensive that tbe van
ItOanue ol tbe Irlanda ol tbe murdered Gap
taiu Puck would be vlaltad ou them. A
party ol some llirae nannies* travellers
wss llred upon by tha alarmed negroes uudor tba im
preaaion th .t they were tbe sdvance gusrd ol their
eu> mies. Kortuuateiy no damage reaulted Iroin ti.e
volley axcopl the kill'ug ol a horse ol ono ol the
party. Judgo Mayo, who haa tbo conllilrnce ol tba
coiored people ol Concor dm parish, vianed tbe ne
groes, but lalled In quieting their al irm, aud lurtber
trouble may posaibly occur in that parish.
biAnrnRO, Pa., Oct. 1H, 187S.
Mr. atoCanillees, Sncrctary ol Ictorual Affaire ol tbia
Hiate, waa hung in sllasy here Inst nlgut, aud in all
tbo principsi towns ol tbu oil regions, hy ibu oil pro
duoera, lo wbum be haa reeonlly become ollens vo by
bia roport lu lavor ol tho oil aud railroad monopolies.
On tho breast ol tbe < Oegy weru tbo words, "Mo
Uandless, llwware I" and <i*ngllng from Ihe leel ??? a
placard lUKcrioad, "K. lib," supposed to bo the myatio
aigu el a secret organisuion ot auil-uionopolista.
HAHTroKU, Conn., Oct. 18, 1878>
In ibe United Rtatcs Circuit Court lo-day in iha
suit of tbe New York and Now Kuglaud Haiiroad to
obtain posseasion ol tba llaMlord, Providonee and
Kisbkill road, Judge Mbipnian made a final decree
> granting imnirdlate poasessio i. I no trustees oi the
Harlloril, Piovidence ami Kltukill mortgage ol
$1,< b'MXJO accordingly trauslerrod tnn property to the
New York and New Knglaiift niaa, and It la now
operated by the ocmpaty. Tho |6ii0,ooo itiirigaga
lipid by tbu city ol Providence has been paid; all ine
Hotting debt lias tn rn pnid and easn deposited In
i bank lo not ibe bonda not vei uraaenUit.
colonel's matrimonial CAHEIB?HIS VIC
Colouel Leroy Bouuinoul, who wag arrmlod at
Patersou, N. J., lute ou Thursday night lor
an attempt to murder bll nilsiresf, Agnes Helden,
was yesterday brought belore Judgo Warren in ibe
I'olloe Court, and, ufter an examination, committed
tu default ol $'Z,6dO ball. The girl is 111 a very crltl.
cat condition, bor forehoaa boin,' crushod uud
mutilated borrlbly by the repealed blows Iroin
the bat( ot the revolver lu the hands
of Beaumont. He bad, during the latter porilou
of the ussuull, taken her bend under bis leit arm
wblle with the pistol in bis rtgbl hand be dealt ber
beuvy blow* over bor (ace and forehand. Tbe girl was
a trifle belter laat night, but bur recovery la regarded
aa doubtluL
?bout two o'clock yesterday morulug, after bis
attempt to commit eulclde by banging himself with
bis suspenders In his cell at tbe station bouse,
baa been frustrated, Beaumont uiado another
most determiued attempt ou bis life. Either bis
bands liaa heeu insecurely confined In tbe hund
culfs put on alter be was cut down and resusouated,
or else bo has had assmtauce Irotu without, lor tbo
olli or lu charge, upon going to bis cell, louud bun
again at liberty to uso bis bands, aud upon a closer
inspection he discovered ibut on tbe floor of tho ceil
was u lurge pool of blood. Tbe prl.-ouer wus ex
amined und It was lound tbat he bad opened u main
artery in his left arm. Tben tbe question arose as
to bow be bad ellected tbe incision, aud tbe prisoner
waa more olosely searched, when It was found tbat
be bad secreted about bis person a largo seal
ring in wbicb was concealed a small blade, about half
an inoh in length, oporatod by a spring. A physician
was at once sutumoued, tbe flow cl blood stopped, aud
froia that time Beuuuionl bus noon closely wtilcliod.
A reporter of the Hkuald last eveniae obtained
tho lollowmg story of Beaumont's lilo irom Airs.
Susan Moore, tbo proprietress of a lager boer saloon
in Forsyth atroet, who claims to b? tbe Colonel's
wile. She said bis correct name was Henry Loruy
Beaumont, but that be sometimes went by tbo
aliases ol Colonel Leray Beaumont, Htnry Dovereaux
and"theCruzy Diver." On tbo 10th day of Jane,
1677, she was introduced to Beautuont, her name
then boing Susan Moore. She was a widow,
baving burled ber husband a your or so provious.
Beaumont professed to bavo b on smitten with ber, I
and beloro they were acquainted twonty-four hours
be asked bor band In murriage. Sho at first refused,
hut Beaumont Insisted, promising that she should
live in flue style aud prolesaiug to bo a man of tueuup.
lie said be belonged to a good Southern lumily, that
be had beou boru lu South Carolina aud that bo
owned property in Washington, It. C., South Caro
lina aud ouior Southern States.
His business, according to himself, was tbat of a
diver In the United Status Submarine Corps, wbicb,
bo suid, uHorued him an ample Incomc. He told Mr*.
Moore that he bad Just boeu granted a vacation lor
tnroe months aud promised if sue would tnurry him
to tuko bor to Uermauy to seo ber relutive*.
This last proposition mudo tho woman relent,
aud as Beaumont appeared to bo a mm
ol m?ana aud oduculiou, uud, as she was anxious to
visit Uermauy, She promised to be his wile. To use
her own words, she thought he wus a uood match.
Although she did not love blm she Imagined that
tune would make a difference, Beaumont in
sisted on belug married without delay,
und ' told bis iiin*need that be wished
to have the ceremony performed in Boston, as bn was
well acquainted there, She accompanied him to tbo
Hub, uud ou June 12 they were united by tbe Itev.
Henry A. Cooke at tbe ialter's residence in West
Canton street, lu proof ot Ibis Mrs. Moore showed
tbo writer bor marriage Oeriihcate.
tuk wira'a disoovsry.
Btaumont seemed woil acquainted In Boiton, and
took his wife into tbe most labhionable circles, wbere
be was well received. He also Introduced bor to totuo
ol the wealthiest people lu Lyuu, Full BiVer aud
otborfjpluces in Massachusetts. Ho bad plenty
ol uioney aud scattered it with a lavish
band. Ou the second day alter their marriage Beau
mont's wilo not'ced something curious lu bU actions,
which continued for several hours. H.j beemcd to b<i
very nervoos, aud acted as II be was oat ol his tniud.
When bo came to his seusos he told ber that she must
not bu irigutened whou ue acted lu that manner, as
be bad heeu an opium eater tor a uutnoor of years
and cou.d not give up the habit.
Altor a week lieuuuiout proposed to como to Now
York, aud ou bis arrival repaired to No. 100 fclltu
street, wbero bis brtuc nad u houso lurnlsbed tore
ceivo bun, the home of her first husband. Beuuiuout
Was only tuere a lew duyg when be told his wilo that
he Dud boou called to Washington ou urgent business,
and to ber ustonisbuioul stalled witnout leaving
ber one penny to keep her during bis absence. Ho
?aid be baa been called to Wasuington to look alter
some of his properly, and would bo back iu a fow
days, ileaumoul returned in a monin aud brought
with him plenty ol mouey, but iroin that lliue no
would remain at homo only two or three days
at a lime, aud on h<a departure be luvariably lull
bis wilo without niouey enough to buy a loal
of bread. He continued bis use ol opium to such au
extern that no could not sleep at uigbls, and used to
roam through tho rooms with a pistol cocked in his
baud, pointing ll occa-lonally at imaginary foes.
Very ofien be woald come to bis wile's btdside, aud,
placlug the pistol at hor head, would niako bur swear
thul hum luvod Uim.
At last, alter three months of marriod lifo with
Bcaumout, Bis wile, tbiukiug that be would kill tier
?u Home ol bis crazy moments, deturuiluud to sepa
rate ironi bnu. Wueu she louud Beaumont In bis
sober reuses sUo inloruiod UIUI of Ibis fact, aud
be oO*r*d uo objection*, but, on the cou.
trary, as she says, uu tbat same uigbt brought
tbe girl, Ague* Heiden, Into tbe bouse uod introduced
hor us bis new flatus. Mrs. Mooro win ualr 100 glmi
to get rid 01 bun, and told Mis* ll<lduu tbat sbe Honed
tUuy would net along well together. Mr*. Moore say*
tliut Heautuout Wis ii.lroduced lo Agnes llelden by a
policeuiuu uo llie llowery, Sliu ulso suys tbat Agnes
lull iiliu two luoulns iigo for a niau who goes by
tuc uua.0 ol "Liulc Uvorge." Miss lienleu lived
wail Ibis luau lu Twelltu .urecl, until Uuaumoul
louud bcr out, sod becoming airaid tbat be would
kill bcr, Agues It'll New York lor ber parents' resi
dence iu ralersou.
liuuuuiout leu back ou bis wit* when Agnus loll
In m, aud Mrs. Moor* a ays sue bad to support bitu lor
somo time.
iSil.1 ON Till SCKKK.
On Ibursdajr morning IStsumonl called at bis
wile's saloon, accompanied by Mr. Uoidou. tbe
lalbor, una Mr. Kasseil, tbe broiDor-lb-law ol thu
girl, i be ior*e were *oin*what uuuer lue mllueuco
oi liquor auu Unauiuoul suetnuj to bav* plenty ol
money. Mr. Ueideu asasd Mrs. M oorc w hether sbe was
Beaumont's wile, and stie ro|>Mu>i by s lowing bur mn<
riagc carliUcal*. Ucauuioui tlieu claimed lual be wa*
uivorcod aud wauled Mrs. Mooro to coluclde Willi
him. but tbls sbe reiused to do. Mr. lleideu becntuo
v?ry angry and asiced Beaumont what right he bsd
to marry nls dsugbter Agues wneu he bud a wile
living. Tb* latter made uo roply, aud was warned by
Mr. ileiueu never lo cross bis Ibresuold
again. 1'bis seemod lo exclia Beaumont,
auu bo drew a kulfo and alleiupted
lu cut uis throul. tie was seited, however, abd the
kuiie taken away Irom biiu by Mrs. Moore, lue 1st
ler, ulrald tbai bosuinoni wou d injure her, as lie
oi leu tbreulened to kill ber, coaxed uiui lo sua Mr.
Hoideu to iue lerry, and sue aem lor a coacli to laku
iii mii there, telling ibe driver il lleauraoni did uol
pay tbe bill to call ou ber lor the amount Menuiuoul
returned id ?n bour lu a dllluruu l coach aud Mrs.
Moore bid i,email. Mot being nbie lo Uuu ber b* ?sft
wilb Mr. liuldeii, who hid ooute buck witu blin.
mkh. sihihk'k coxviuriox.
-.Mrs. Moore a*;* more is auuin mysiery attached to
Beaumont. (the uever met any Ol Ins relative*. uod
never could Hud out where bu nuiuo the money
wblcb he w?s aooustoinod lo soond. Al one tune
iiu told her lluil b* Was attaoiied lo tbe L'uited
Males .luluuanu* corps, al auoilier ibat lie waa
employed a* a diver bv a coast wrecmug oompauy
on ."taien Islnud, aud iccordlng 10 III* last story lie
Was connected Willi U.'tierill NeWiob'S olllce. Mrs.
Moor* tumle inquiries ill all ib.'so place* mil was lu.
loriued that uo such uiab bad ever liuau uiuplayed by
Ab<?ut a y**r slnco lieiiuoioni made a claim on Ibe
Krie Hallway Ooinnauy tor daiuugea ocois oneu, aa ne
alleged, by a deKcuve piauk iu ibe dopol pin
li>rui al 1'iiersfio. lie had alulued from
tbe lOI'iO f. M. train, cuighl bis I iOl lu
llie crevice aud l*il. Uusuiuout prslended
10 have lamed binisulf, probably lor ule. Uu
brought at mat lime a toiler irum ab olllcur high iu
Ibe I'uilvd Stales service, deliiaiidiug ol llie Krio
Company mat ihey selile Justly Willi Ibe Coiouai or
11 should be made au IsSUc wild llie govern men I, as
lie w s iheu attached lo the i-uuuiariue corps. I'll*
Krie road settled wllb Boau mo in lor u law hundred
dollars, aud be then llirew away the cruicbes bu bad
used slbc* Ibe aocitteut.
TIIS 1114 K K N - K Y K11 *IIW?T*H.
Wlillo still bouiiliug about ou eruicuus littl Decon
ber bo Was out obu night iu cumpany w lib Agnes uu
Will.* Hireet, l'uior.-on, wneu a mere boy wboin
Hi* girl bad kuowu at school met llieiu
uud addressed ber Willi, "How u'y* do, Atglt f"
I he next luo!ii*ui ihu Oolonei h id Ins revolvur nut
and wan bisxii.g away ul ibe lad, who ran, one shot
dbly taking eiluct, in in* unn. Kor Ibis **c?p?do a
wairahi bas boon out lor lleauinoDt over kmee, but
Hio police w*re unable lo lay hands ou biui buiom
Thursday ulght.
1 ho troubl* buiwueu Uuuumuni aud Agnes arose on
tbitmubt irom his persistence to slay al the bouse
ol her lather aud to sleep up stairs. He
list! been pur mined to sleep on a Iouuko
below stairs the ulghl previous, the ilrsl
thai ho had h*cn In l'siarson for intiio time.
Upon the girl's rciussl lo allow linn lo sleup up tiair*
he suiced n Isrcn glass lamp aud h'Jrie.l il at ber
head. Il struck hor siioulder aud lolltcied a irignilui
wound. Theu, Irigbieued by uis wilu be*
i tiaviuc. Annua bawaad bat atausislar. m Mra.
[ Roadie, of No. 60 Cross street, to tako her homo wit?
her; :>ud li w4m while pussin.! uloug Murkel street
about an Hour ulterwurd that Heuuinont, who UuU lell
tiio house niter throwing ibo lump, drove luriously
up iu a back, alighted uiid shot ai Agues aud tlieit
beat bur with the weapon. He said bu thought tbo
was eouiK lo keep anappointment with a lover; lie nee
bis madueaa,
IVhen urreiteu Ueauinonl crammed a latge roll of
bauk bills, diamond plu, ruin and oibor urticles of
Jeneiry into bis mouth, au<l in the struggle to tuke
ilioin out again a cuusiderablo amount ot in >i:*y m
bills w.is cliuwoit and destroyed by iue inluriute i ui mi.
It is the gensrul linpre.-sian ol ibose who ku^w ins
Coiouel best thai bis proper pluue is in a iuuaitt
IjOCTihyili.r, Ky., Oot. 18, 1878.
Id the United States District Court to-day a case ol
rattier remarkable ebar<oter win called, binltb Raid,
colored, claims $10,1)00 from Milton Asherand other*,
wbo are denominated the beat citiions of Henry
oouuty, Ky. Hold claim* to bare been foruibly
driven out ol Houry coauty andor penalty
of death, in company witu bit family and
| relatives, on tbo 4th of Angus!, 1877. De
fendants churgo that they compelled R id
to leuvo to avoid bloodshed, which they uvor was
bound to occur in cage bo remained. Aa Held wu?
| telling a story in eflect Unit Mio wlvca and duuuhtcri
of certain reputable perilous ol Henry county b id
Oceii guilty of improper imiruacy wltn bimsell and
other male relatives these women would hav?
mobbed Rcld und bit iamily, uud hence there was i
desire on the part ol the best citizens of ibat locality
lo have unu leave their county.
Reld'f story is tbui be was ut work iu hi* gardon,
wbeu a number ol men csmo up lo his uouso aud .u
<|Uir?d lor Uim. Several oi the uieu surrounded liu
house while others went Into it, und several came
buck toward the garden where ho was ul work. Whoa
they saw in in be started to run, eight or teu shot*
beiuK bred alter luui, wblcb bad ttio elleci ol clop
ping nnu. They catuu up aud arrested him. All were
beuvlly urnicd with revolvers and navy plsiols. A
man caught bold of each arm and led hun lo lb*
depot ul New Cumpbellsburg, while otOera sur
rounded bis brother, Frank Held: his faihor-iu-luw,
Allen .Scott; his mother, Aduline Oliver; James Gur
rett, Charley Perry and Nelsou Garrou, all ol whom
were lukeu into Ibe dnpui strongly guurdoj.
Cockod pistols were placed at their beads and oacn
and overy one ol the puny wus mude to hold up liu
bauds uud solemnly swear lo leave the Slate, uever
to return, under a throat thai If the oath should ever
bo broken mstani death by buuitlng or boing shot
would bu tlia poually. They were all put on ma train
and led the Siute ul once, giuco lbs occurrence Held
bus beou living in Indiana, coming over lo uls trial
ibis morning in company with bis roluiivoe thai bud
been bauished witu htm uud a large uu in bar ol wit
nesses. Mucn excitement utiends the trial.
Nasuvillh, 1'eon., Oct. 18. 1878.
Your correspondent culled on Governor Junius U,
Porter to-duy and asked bun what action he proposed
to tako will) reference lo the guilty parties concerned
in the Jackaon-Kogera tragedy, ot Tasewell county no
torloty. He said tbat tbo crime having been oomrnii*
tod in Keuiucky, be suppoaed a requisition would be
made upon biin by tbo Oovernor of Kentucky lor
these parties. ? Whenever that is done," aald be Willi
empDaslH, "I Intend to have tbom arrosled. If may
can bo found in Tennessee ail tb? powoi
and authority of the State to aocara then
arrest will bo employod, but 1 can di
nothing uutil a demand mail be made npon mo by thi
Governor of Kentucky. As tbo case stands now 1 cai
do no more in Tennessee iu regard to them than It thej
were Iu New York. 1 see by the correspondouoe iu
tue Hjcualu thai Rogers, the murderer ol Jackson,
toils iho corrosponueut mat no oaunol be arrested iu
ieunessee. Ih*l la simply all beau, and be will soou
discover the lact should the Govornor ot Keutuoay
make a requisition on ma. ilia money, ol wbieti
ho boasts, will do biui no good. 1 b.ve
sent lo iue Attorney General of t'lalborua
couuty tor ull the lacts iu the -?me- It
seems not a Utile strange that the Jailer ol L'ba
uon, Ky., abould nave surrendered Jucsson wKhouia
warrant ircm tue Governor ot Kenluoky. Tbat Jailor
ought to be Investigated. 1 suppose ibat wneu lu
diciineuis tor kiduuppiug uud murder shull oe touud
Hie Guveruur ul Kentucky will send a requisition lor
the kidnapper* aud murderers, aud my requisition lor
them will oe promptly giveu, aud they win sillier oa
arrested or driveu Irom tbo Statu. The ideaol warder*
ers concealing ihoinsoives away In the mouuiaiu lunt*
nosies ol louuessee aud suocesalully deiyiug arrest ll
exploded. Illicit distillers not loug since murdertdjotiu
Coopor, a Icdural ollicer. Tney thought they coitlo
muruur a federal ollicer with Impunity and gal iree ol
arrest; uut a* soou as 1 received a telegram announc
ing li.o committal ol tbu oriuie 1 immediately tele
graphed rewurda lor them. Meu were put on their
trail, who tracked iheui ihrujgh a howung wilder
ness, inrougli lesoiuie mouulsiu pusses, and llnaliy
huulel them down, travelling buudrods of miles, and
hnailv overtaking flsWlM Emmerte alter a week's
laborioua Jouruey, uud Abo Wilson in about litres
wseks iu the mountains ol Western Norm Carolina,
Ollloers are uow on tho trail ol tue tbiru mm,
Hutson, a marine, aud hia capture II he ? ll li remaiui
iu the state is a mailer oi cerlaiuty. Roger* and till
party aro uow in these same mouulaina, but tbay lot
will bo tracked und huuted uowu aud toe law vindt
Aujaat, Oot. IS, 1878?
In tbe mailer ol the pardon ol Thomas K Doyle, tbl
liquor seller who waa sentenced by Itacordor llitckoil
to thirty daya' impriaoumont lor aoillng liquor wtiu.
out a licunav, Uoveruor Kobinsou tiled llio loilowlnj
memorandum ol reaeona lor ih* pardon: ?
riKini.nl' Doyle wu Indicted for selling liquor without
a license ou the Ultn <l*r of May, 1H7M. lie pleaded guilt}
by advioo 01 euunael. and ??> sentenced by tue Itoconer 10
imprisonment iu ilia I'enll. uiiarr 01 the uliy ol M* Virt
lor llio term ol tuiriy da/a. il appears irom tliu coriilleaio
ol l.ie Commissioner* ol bictiu And Ibo admission of the
District tuurncy thai III March last Mr. Doyla niadu ap
p Icatlon tor a license una paid the Hoard oi Kxelse 57.?
thereior: that the upDllcailnn ?a> favorably reported
upon, anil I Ml w.ia ulvan ? lu?m.< wui, h, iu ilia laUKUa^o
oi ibe Coiuiuiaa'onera' certincaie, was 10 commence ou ilia
1st ?f M.iy, M7M. and lo expire ou lue Isl of ?iay. IM7U. so
lliai llio <lay on a Inch hu ?u claimed lo have "denied I*
oik ol thine uti wulcli the Couiuiiaiiunars rerlily he bud
paid lor and eutaluO'l Ilia leiral right to kvll.
I he ant iorlll^a had no rlitht lo lake His Medina
money and then prosecute bliu because lUalr own tar
nlu s? Usa deiayud tna delivery ol Ilia license. Il i* kI?i. >1
lual nli mea ul hum/ <i.i rnadu uuuar a u.ie?PpreUeusiun
ol extrajudicial statements ol the Court, but tula doe> uol
alf.-et the merit* of the ease. Kor the reasou Orel above
Riven. tii.it hli prosecution waa lias.nl upon the meruit
lecimicall ty. and lila luiprlioniuent uitaiiy unjust and iiu
pr .p ir lie le lo-day oanluiiad.
D.itnct Attorney l'nolpa wrote a latter to tbe 0 >*?
ernor rciativo to the pardon, id wbicb heeaya:?"He
(Doyle) claims that 111* plea wan entered in view ol
and relying upon a etaioiuent puuiicly mad# by the
Recorder aouiu time since. luai bo abouid not lafliul
linprlaouiueut lor a Ural oQi-Uco, and II la true mat
n.rao eucb itnuouncotnuul waa made some time ago
by Hie llweorder.
Wahid koto.*, Oct. 18, 1879.
A letter waa received by ilia Secretary of tbo loU>
rlor to-day Irom i'rolosaor lfoydeu reporting bis ar
rival at Cboyeuho on Hie U.h ihSL, and giving newa
ol ibo safely ol tbeao portions ol tbe aurvuy expedl
tlou tliat are still in tbo Hold. Ho says tnat wlib the
exception ol aoino utulea aiulen Irom tbe Wilson de
tuciimeui no lo-.ses navj occurred to lue eurvoy dur
lug ibo aumiuur Ho reporta Ibat ibo work of tbe
survey, tuouglt interrupted irutn tlmo to time uy
?lor III.-, tin gouu OU ali'ttJily, and ibu! two tuna ol
specimens aro ou iiioir way lroiu UuXuuian.
WabiiikotoX, Oct. 18, 1878.
On motion ol Mr. Lolvb iiubmaon, Edward Uolatun,
Kaq., ol Clnoiiinail, Ubio, waa admtltad to practice.
No. 7. William (ilenny, nppellonl, va. Solomon
aud Marlba Laogdou ? Argument ooucludad by Mr.
K I'. cr iwiord lor appellant. I'be anil coines tip en
an appoul irom tbe Circuit Court Ol tlio Southern Die
irici oi Ubio, uud luvolvea ilo <|uuiiiou of oiodiiora
atucblbg luo pioporiy ol a di^ciinrgou bankrupt after
he bad uoea ho diaeiinrgnd, lllu iillo^utlon baing tint
liStig.loh lulled lo eohedulu all Ull aaaeia uud Ibal bi<
uaaigbeu took no pains lo aiuurtaiu wbetber be bad
il nio . full rdum ol ail bis pu**ea?ions.
No. V. K.lnn llillctl at ai., appjllauta, va Kanaaa
I'acillo ItnilWuy C Jill pint, oi iiL ? I'riS'ud.
No. 11- CUarlaa Uupoud, pl.ui.till In orror, Va. linn
Hull Wcygiittt, fkLCUir.a, lie. ? Diamuacd under uiu?
touutii rul".
No. 13. Mumpbia and Charleston Itallroad Company,
pluiuilU iu error va. Ibo Miute oi leuncaaee, et ul.?
Noh. 14, li 10, 17. Tbomiia S. Dobbina and Qeorgl
dpunck, pliniiiilla iu error, va. Viiu Uullod riiatoa.?
No. IU. Dnuiol Hand, plululift In error, va. Jo naoi
llogood, aubillluU'd, fir. ? l'naaud.
No. rn Henry Gnrke ei ai., appollanla, va. Mar|
A. aud Ueorge H. deaverna, ,Vu ?l'n>aod.
No. Ud. limMo Kigoe Uauaaua, eXocutril, ha., plnln
lt II iu orror, va. Hie Unit mi .stiiiea. ? Arguod by Mr.
\?. M aclarl Hill IIlid M r. William l?. Mlipm.in lor
plaintin in error, aud Mr. Solicitor Ueuerai Phiuipa
lor USiuituaiu iu orror.
Adiourued uutn Moudar at iMatra o'llnak.

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