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Washington, Nov. 23. 1878.
A* complete nacres* in illuminating by tbe electric
light in <l?y by day approaching nearer, uud an every
thing of interest on this all absorbing topic in lock d
for with the greatest anxiety by the public, I took J
advantage of a recent opportunity to speak with Mr.
J. IE Fuller, the electrician, of the probable effect of
recent Uiscoveriet upon vestid interests and the eco
nomic advantages to society generally.
With regard to the effect of general illumination
upon gas companies Mr. Fuller differs materially
ironi the expn-ised opinion ef many other electri
cians with whom I have conversed.
'?They will, of courtp. receive a severe cheek,"
said he, "which, probably, they justly deserve, and
w hich may, oud will, for a time at least, greatly re
duce the value of their stock; but in the end, and
that at not a very remote period, there in no
good and valid reason why they may not fti'ly
recover their temporary loss, and, instead of decreas
ing. increase their business to an enormous extent;
and there are now iuventors in Washington turning
their attention to thin subject with a view of carry
ing out the following suggestions?
"There in nothing more inevitable than that gas,
for illuminating purposes, will wry roon be reduced
to lens than one-eighth of the present production, and
tlist the elei tnc fluid, with ail its purity and health
fulness, will be substituted for it. Now. let the gas
companies of the United States agree at once to offer
rewards, sav, of #50,000, $2t>,0U0 and #15,000 for the
Irst, second and third best inventions in gas stoves
n which all the products of combustion are carried
Jffby the chimney, and the best adapted to all the uses
if the modern house, from the parlor to the kitchen.
Then let the builders offer similar rewards or prizes
for the best models of bouses adapted to the eeonom
ical use of gas fuel, and tin thousands and thousands
of American inventors, with (heir heads brimming '
full of brain, only waiting for proper inducements,
will toon furnish all that is required in this direc
tion. Then we shall see a new era in domestic in
bad fob anthracite combinations.
"The almost boundless fields of bituminous coal,
which for countless agos have lain undisturbed, will
then open and pour forth their contents to all the
large cities of the Union. The gas that can be pro
duced from this coal, while unfit for illumination,
h-is tremendous heating qualities, as has been fre
quently proven. aDd is mm-h less costly than our gas
as at present generated. This, I remark incidentally, 1
will of course put a quietus upon the coal monopolies
of Pennsylvania.
"There will be then no more setting up and taking 1
down of stove.*, and the inevitable and consequent !
'ami!y jars, there will be no more necessity for big- I
ging up coal in coal hods, no emptying ash barrrls.
No industry would suffer, but perhaps Dixon's stove I
polish, and even that would be wanted in making 1
?lectric carbons. When the electric light supersedes I
ga* then the manufacture of copper would be j
greatly increased for tbn construction of machines !
and conductors, and the value of copjier shares would ,
undoiibt-slly go up. Much house may also have a I
?mall electric motor for running sewing machines !
and machine* for other light work, there being a I
Jirge number already patented, but useless when run
r>y expensive battery currents. Those who expect to
work heavy machinery at. a distance from the gene- '
rater will certainly 1* disappointed. The same may j
oe said in regard to heating buildings by electricity. ,
1 o carry ont tueso views no material alterations would
>e required in the present gas plant, such as pipes I
fcc.; tne manufacture would be simplified, inasmuch I
is some of the component parts of coal gas, which '
produce the must heat, cannot bo burned openly in a
room on account of their nnhcalthiness, but in* such
a stove as suggested above it would be much safer to
burn than coal in our ordinary stoves.
"There is a very curio us tact In relation to thninven
tion of electric lights, and on' which very tew people
would ever think of unless their attention was called
to if specifically. I allude to the fact that the intro
duction of magneto-electric machines lis., rendered
very valuable many old inventions, which, with bat
teries, were useless, bnt now, with slight modifica
tions, they are wo.il adapted to the best modern elec
trio machine*. The attention of inventors lias betm
recently occupied, and is now in fact being occupied
in devising means for subdividing the current of
powerful machines, so that a large number of lights,
each of the power of a single gas burner, may be pro
duced in a single circuit, each independent of the
other and convenient and easy to govern like gas. re
quiring no very extraordinary intelligence to manage
and also in producing a meter by which the time of
burning and quantity burned rnav be registered
He veral iuventors claim to have ai-coniplishcd nil
these objects, notably Mr. Edison, as I am informed."
Inasmuch as Mr. Fuller intimated to me that he
had pateuls pending for the accomplishment of all
these object* 1 obtained his permission to question
th' examiner fn the Patent Ottl.e as to his system of
subdivision of tne light. The examiner assured ine
that by this system the current could be divided into
local circuits, in which the luminous points arc
placed, and that ea. h and all were abaobitelv inde
pendent ?f each oth-r. The luminous prints tor the
electric lights may be of carbon, porcelain kaolinUr
platinum, all of which w re trt.-d over twenty five
years ago, bnt tailed on account of the battery cur
rents then employed.
In regard to the utilization of the pre*- gt - as fix
tures. tnry wiU undoubtedly an be nsed in the new
lights, al-o the street lamp-posts, but the street
mains will probably be di#>nrded, for. aa above
stated, they would l>e required for gas fuel, an.) even
if they were not, the gas would soon destroy the in
In reply to a question by your correspondent Mr. I
Fuller stiit'-il that he hud never kept h.s inventions '
ws ret some tour previous patents, one dated October
Id, 1875), but that they were all publicly exposal in '
the machine shop where they were m.idc and
workr-d, it being a general machine shop. It is not
noreeaary to go into details, but in a few week* his
systems, under his new patent now ho|?-d to issue by
th.' Patent OAce, will be in i peration in one of the
inn at pnbllc location* In New York city, where
all will hare an opportunity of judgin" for
themselves of tbe mcr.ta of his plans fn.tn aetual
observation. There is one in itter In regard to
Mr. Edison that Mr. Fuller desired ni" to state and
.hat is, that be considered liim (Edison; the m> st fer
tile invenLir in the world: no one haa ever ap
proached him, and that, while knowing nothing of
ais lab: inventions or the electric light, he knows
?ro ugh of th. man and his former inventions to feel
lonfioent that, in tine, his most -'angiiinc expecta
tion* will ?>e fnlly realized. Jn,| thlt jt ^ h|kl gIvan
,ne siitij.ct of electric light one-half the attention ho
tail given to telegraphy he would have been far
ihead of all his eomp. titors in this grand and noble
Almost any color tint may be obtained bv the elec
tric light l.y e, rublning * ith the carbons "the proper
.hemiiwls during the manufacture or hy saturation
Mlerward. the natural violet rays, which are souie
whatohjectiouaWe, arc u'tifraliz. d by tits addition of
a tew grains in ? at h carbon of chloride of sodium
producing a yellow tint like the sunlight. Us'dsmi*
produces a very white light and is well adapted to
photography. A mixture of arsenic, on the contrary
nrodu *s a light almost devoid of chemical effect*
Various prnt.. salts and sulphates or the metals may
b. so combined as to pr> duce almost any desired
Mr Sawyer, of New York, has patented a nubdivi
rton of the e|e, trie current, wherein be places tbe
lights in branch circuits, running across from the
positive to the negative conductor; any numb, r so
arranged, which the machine will support. he
used and governed by switches. Ur also has a limp
pat. tiled similar to KoslofT?, and has so. iired tw. nty
nvs claims in hi* patent. It is sa.d to give a reliabl.
and steady ligiit, !? I* In , sealed glar- fuoe, ,?p
ptied with nitrogen gas. as art- all lamps of this class
that I ban* wtn.
Mr. Bash, of Clsvcisnd, Ohio, has made some rr
csnt improvement* in . arbon point and point lamp*
by Ouch lie i,?h BO owroome previous diftic'ii
?.es that he hi abl? to burn several such lamps in a
circuit rea-lily, which, it i? said, has never been ac
ooBipUshid before.
The po<ts that went on dirty at mid
night last night from the Serrnth preeinet aere
. banged, and before lesvltig the atation
captain M-Hwaiu" gave the men a lectur*
no discipline. Atter mentioning several caeca
tti.it occurred during the pact wn-k in tlie Seventh
prat (act that did not conic to ttie ear,- ? .* the pttlkw of
the precinct, tic requested ? careful supervision of
their poets. The men were kept in the station fully
tt/tecu mmntea
Peiectire Flevin, of the Fifteenth pfeein<'t,
last night arr' sled John Bookman, of No.
31 j HiJth avenue. on complaint of Mare
Lit Me, of No. m least. 'third street,
who charged him w'th having assaulted and fobbed
tier at a gold i hatn at fourth street and Bowery.
Iter kntan a?to be war a?n?hter employed in a Broad
way store. He wae h* kail up.
An nnknoun man fell into the l ast Uiver at pfe-* pt
yesterday morning and waa drowned. His hotly
was recovers 1 snd ?ent to the Morgue, where It bad
not been ldentihed last night.
"The ro is absolutely nothing new to communicate
in relation totlie profanation of Mr. Stewart's grave,"
said Judge Hilton last evening. The Judge lielil hi*
usual conference wi'h Iuspetor Murray, but re
mained only a fiw minuter, w hereaa he has hereto
fore spent an hour or two with him each day. The
police have all united upon the theory thatthe missing
hack driver. Kelly, had a baud in the outrage. His ac
tions on the night of the outrage, the lie he told to
aeoouut for hi* whereibouts when he returned the
next day, the large sum of money he displayed and
his sudden and unexplained flight prove almost con
clusively that he was engaged in some crime on that
night, and, so far as known, the Stewart outrage
was the only one committed at that time.
His fight was chronicled in these columns
at the time, and hia probable connection with
the roblicrv pointed out. All auliaequent informa
tion?and ft has been but little?concerning his mwve
meuts lias tended to strengthen that theory. The
police, however, did not lay much struts upon it
until every "dlmr possible clew In their hands had
lieen evlic listen, ami they were obliged to adopt this
or admit that tlicy could dis?-over nothing at all about
the perpetrators of tbe criiue. It i* suspected that
Kelly ha:, been frightened by the hue and cry raised
about hitn and has gone to Canada. Ivtectives who
had been hard at work on the case are returning to
their ordinary duties, ami the indefatigable letter
writers la-gin to weary of payiug postage on missives
to Judge Hilton Unless something is unearthed
within a ilay or two tho ease will likely pass into
history. and th- resurrectionists can shake hands in
quiet freedom with the Manhattan bank burglars.
The Herald is still in daily receipt of no end of
letters telling where the body is concealed or furnish
ing the names of persons implicated in stealing It.
Clue of there correspondents gave tho name of a cooper
who diKSp;s ar<-d on the night of the robbery and has
not since bi en heard from. It was stated that he hail
pr< pared a barrel for the reception of the body and
had hooped it up and tilled it with spirits after tho
robbery. The Hehalii investigated many surh
"clews" as this; hut, as they led to nothing, nothing
was written about theiu. In tho case referred to it
was found that the cooper, a theretofore steady
father of a family, had indeed run away with a
body, lint it was that of a young widow of
twenty-seven, who ia still alive and kicking. The
man is titty-two, and leaves a wife and two children.
Another letter gave expressions said to hive dropped
from the lips of tho janitor of a large tenement down
town, and connecting him with the crime. The man
proved to be honest in every respect, and the letter
was probably wri ten by some tenant who had been
dunned for his rent.
A private detective, who has an office on Broad
wsy, is the author of a story put in circulation yes
terilay concerning an alleged crime at a lying in
asylum in this city. As lie declines to furnish
names or locate the institution his statements
were received with caution. The detective alluded to
states that on Thursday last a woman known to him
made affidavit that about the 1st of October she was
taken to the house of "a prominent uptown physi
cian," who performed three or four surgical
operations upon her; that she was then driven to tho
lying-in establishment kept by a woman in league
with the physician, and while there wit
nessed what she believes to have been a
horrible crime. According to the story she
became acquainted there with a young
woman who' had formerly been a domestic with a
family in Forty-eighth street, and who was iu a dan- j
gcrous condition. Two days later this young woman
died, and?always following the story?her body was
placed upon a board, to which came two men of re
pulsive appearance, conducted by men of the estab
lishment. While the door of the room was
open for a minute she saw one of tho j
men raise one arm of the corpse with
his left hand, while iu his right he held a bright
steel instrument?then the door was closed. Next
day the deponent asked the mistress what had become
of the body of the deceased inmate, and was told that
it was taken away by two men. "I have," said this j
ogress very frankly, "to employ them to Ret rid of
the patients who die here, and they have to take the
bodies awuy at night so as not to arouse the bus- |
picions of tile neighbors."
The private detective, who asserts that this story is
true, was asked last night whether he intended to
arrest the guilty jgwsou*. He regretted, lie said, that
he would be unable to do so, as, uubappily, the
"prominent physician" and the deponent, "a lady
moving iu the best circles of New York aociaty," as
w ell as the woman who kept the den, had all left the
The Grand Street Gross town line of ears, that ran
between Grand and Desbroases street ferries, have for
the past two months started a car every fifteen rain
utos alter midnight until five o'clock in the morning,
when the cars run on their usual daily time. Of lsto
the drivers of these ears, which are of the bobtail va
riety, havn bee a molested and their lives threatened
by a gang of roughs who follow theni along their
route until a seelu.led quarter is reached, when they
attack them and attempt to get at the money bos iu
the front part of the car, which always contains the
sum of fit). From the start at Grand street ferry
until the car roaches Broadway the route Is uompara.
tively safe, bat it is after leaving Broad
way and passing South Fifth avenue and
down Drwbrussen street that the danger flies.
About two weeks ago. as one of the cars was passing
through Washington street, ii'-ar Ix-sbroaaes, It was at
tacked by four of the gang, who were concealed be
hind a pih of brt< k*. lac* waited until the vehicle
got quite near, when they sprang out together. Two
of them took hold of the horse, another entered
the rear of the car, it is supposed to
divert the attention <4 the driver, while
the fourth made s 'lash for the money box.
Fortunately -the driver did not lose his self-posses
sion. and, picking up his mr hook, he succeeded iu
beating them off. nnt not before they bad captured $'j
from the rorrpt vie. f)n several more recent occa
sions this ssme thing has occurred to otherdrlvers, so
to guard against it precautionary measures have bem
taken to give the offenders a warm reception. This
was discovered on Hatuidsv night, when s westward
bound car was stopped at Sullivan street by the driver
of one going in sn opposite dirortion.
"They are laying for you." ssirl the driver. "They
are in Washington and prepared to Jump in the car
when it comes along."
There was a sr nsatlflU among the few passengers
who interpreted the road employe's words correctly
and prepared t hem selves for an adventure in the heart
of tho city. But the action of a per?on among them
was somewhat reassuring.
"We have prepared for these tellows." said he, and
ho produced a fi rmidsblc revolver. He was an agent
of the company, artufrt to the tenth. afld ihvwtiguion
showed that such a one now does duty on all tho ears
that pss? across town du-ing the "ice ems' hours."
John Ward resides at No. 170 Morris israne, Hew
ark. and bss for twenty-seven years been in the em
ploy of L. P. Howell k Co., IcatfA manufacturer*,
at their office in New York. Irs position being that of
a porter. Out of his earnings Ward saved $'1,400.
which amount be had in the savings banks of Newark
and New York. A few days ago he heeamo alarmed
about the hanks and drew out his money. f**t
Friday night, with the money in his pocket, he went
on a bit of a spree and brought up in a saloon
on lb" corner of New and Washington afreets. New
ark. Here he displayed his money. A neighbor
named Thomas Boyle saw him home Next morning
upon waking up Ward rnsscd fl.WO. Yesterday be
went 1 atom fudge otto and made complaint that
Boyle had stolen his money. Detectives rimith and
Mi Mat;u? arrested Boyle, who i* hold to answer.
Boyle stoutly dei tea the theft. He says that Ward
was so drunk when he took him home that ho could
not stand straight.
Mr. Tviiif Bandsrlio. residing at No. 2.*>1 Conover
street, Brooklyn, cslIM nt tho Eleventh Precinct
Station House in that city last evening, and said that
his son Louis, twelve years of tge, had been shot tu
the foreheid by some unknown person about
three ?'clock yaattrdsy afternoon, tear the
fool i f < unnvrr ttreat, and was probably
fatally injured. The esse was at ooee InvestI
ga'c'l, and the police learned that the lad had
tie n wound'd by a stray hiilbt from an air gun dls
ehsrged by Mr. George riimow. of No. Idf- Partition
stress, who was tiring at s target*in his hack yard.
I?r. Hsrrigsn pr>'bed for'h? bullet, hut did not aw
' red in finding It. and "light hopes are entertained of
?he nnfortunste lad's recovery. ('rrnow ws? sr
rested and is hi Id to await the result of tho boy's in
Malcolm Hall, of No. 157 West Twenty -sixth street,
was ?c. used yesterday before Judge Mtterhourg, at.
Jefferson Market police i ourt. of having stolen a
clock werth $1'.? out of the ladles' sitting room of
thi i oh mini House iiu>t diiurdsy, On his p?r? >n,
alien h< was arrested, ten found several pawn
ti> k?us, a lini gold vrau !i and a diary containing the
names srid residences of persons o' wealth in this
i lly. There was likewise in this little cote hook a
diagram of a bank, with th? plan of tho ground floor.
to which was jtMeil footnotes of the pw^rwiyt, en
t.*an-vs to safes and strong roouis, and the oas-eat
means ot i|mm from the place. The street fronting
tin- batik *as luarked "Broadway, south comer ?f
bank," and the southern aide of (be building fronted
011 a croHH street u>>t named.
The prisoner was held in $2,000 to answer.
William Lyons, twenty years of age, of Xo. 420
East .Sixteenth street, came to tho FJghteeutli pre
. ciuct station house last night and said he v.a? stabbed
I bv an unknown man on the comer of Sixteenth street
! and first avenue. Two men were quarrelling on the
corner, when he interfered to prevent a fight, tine of
them drew a slur]) instrument aud thrust it into his
back. Si rgcant Vanning did not lielieve his story,
however, aud sent an officer to investigate the matter,
i He had not arrested cither of the unknown men at
, midnight. Lynns was sent to BelJevnc Hospital.
Andre BressanI, an account of whose operations as
J a confidence man has already been published in the
I Hkiiai.u, was reuiaudi d to the Central office yeater
I day by Judge Ottorbourg, at daffrraon Market Police
! John Sanders, a sailor, stopping at No. 8 Monroe
| street, was found last evening opposite No. 27 ('ham
i hers stri .*t with severe s>-alp wounds and intoxicated.
| He was treated in the Oak street station by tho police j
j surgeon.
i Kjcbard Plunkett. who wan accused of having em- j
? h'ttlnl a lark'" sum of money from the firm of Sloane
. A Co., No, C49 Broadway, was arraigned Is-forr Judga i
Ottorbourg. at .letferson Market Police Court, yestor- I
day, t>> be sent before the ltistrict Attorney to day, as
the prisoner, though arrested on Saturday nightonlv, 1
had alreaily been indie tod for tha offence of which lie
is accused.
KUcu Fitzsimroens was yesterday found uncon
scious in Water street and taken to the Now street
station hottse where, after five hours' sojourn, she re
mained insensihlo. Rhe was admitted last evening to
the chambers Btreet Hospital suffering from Briglit's
disease of the kidneys. Her resideuco was not ob
William Kelly, residing at Xo. 1.882 Fulton street,
was arrested on Saturday night last on a charge df
stealing $27 from the pocket of Samuel (iilbert while
the latter was sleeping in a saloon, corner of Fulton
street and Schenectady avenue, Brooklyn. When
searched the prisoner had in his possession flfi. He
was held to await examination tiefore -fudge Walsh.
Mrs. Ellen Zill. of Xo. <18 Jay street, who was so
brutally beaten by George Zill, her husband, on Fri
day night imt that her life was despaired of, wu# last
evening reported by tho resident physician at tho I
Brooklyn City Hospital to be doing well. Though
her skull is slightly fractured strong hopes of her
ultimate recovery are entertained by the medical staff
at the hospital. -
Since the morning of October 28 Lawrence Kennev
has been missing from bis home, corner of Myrtle
and Hudson avenues, Brooklyn. On the day in ques
tion lie had a considerable sum of money in his pos
Kossion, but gave no intimation of life intended ab
sence. The family of the missing man stated yester
day that though he bad not been heard from directly
they had heard that he bad gone to Ireland.
Adam Baltz. aged eighteen years, Charles Ward,
fourteen years old, and George Imryea, twelve wars,
were arrested yesterday by Detective Lenehan and
Officer Herman, of the Tenth precinct. Brooklyn, on
suspicion of eutcring the apartment of A. T. Mitchell,
bo. 77 Flatbnsh avenue, and stealing a watch and
other jewelry, valued at $191. The apartment was
entered by means of false keys. The boys are held to
await examination before Judge Ferry.
James Titrney, of West Brighton. S. L. Deputy Col
lector of Internal Keveuue for Kiehmond eountv, who
raided and destroyed an illicit distillery a week ago
on tho south beach, yestentay found three more bar
rels of whiskey buried in the sand near the s.imo
place. Tom Bnrke aud his wife, who occupy the
premises where the whiskey was found, say thev
j know nothing about a still located there. Both have
been summoned to appear beiorcCommissioner Wiiis
low, at Brooklyn, this morning.
, Samuel H. Norman, a commission merchant, of Xo.
/ Bowling Green, on the 27th hf September last,
| charged Polk M. Brennan, a car conductor, of Brook
lyn. with having stolen a diamond ring from bim.
I It appears a young lady charged that Ncrman
I had insulted her. Brennan put Norman off the car,
and after tho srufle the ring was missed. Norman
lias written a letter to ltrennsn regretting that he
made the charge be did against bim and exonerating
him from all blame in the matter, as the ring has
been returned to him (Norman).
The funeral of Mr. Robert Beggs, the journalist,
who died on x ridiiy, took plau-c yesterday from hi?
late residence, Xo. II Wayne street, Jersey City nud
was largely attended. Tlie remains wero encased in a
handsome casket and covered with u profusion of
floral offerings. Masonic services were held at the
house by I'na Lodge, F. and A. M., of which the dc
ceaaed we? a member. The remains were taken to
St. Mathcw*s Episcopal Church, In Sussex street
where the last sad riles were performed by Mat
Dean Abercromble. The Interment waa luthc Jersey
C-ity Ceiueterj.
Mr. V. Connor, the present County Clerk of Rich
mond rounty. It is rumored, will not recognize Mr.
Cornelius Hart. the newly elected elerk, as his suc
cessor on the grounds that hs cannot take the "iron
clad oath of offi<-?" in accordance with tho revised
statutes, which requires all Judicial officers to take that
oath. Mr. Connor .brims that lit. Hart had promised a
subordinate position in his office to one of his workers
at tbe polls before flie election, which would prevent
him from taking that oath. However, Mr. Hart has
already been duly awom in by County Judge
Robert Harriott, the pedestrian, so widely known
under the sobriquet of "Mi. key Free." who died on
Thursday last, was buried yesterday from his late
residence, on Newark avenue. Jersey City. The fu- '
li.ral was largely attended, among the promineut cit
izens present taring Sheriff Toffey, Justice Pelobet, 1
ex Uptaker Cos/ alien, Asa. mhlymau Stilsing, Alder
man Lawrence and Inspector Murphv. Several
oonipsnii* of the Grand Army of the Republic aud
a uumber ot political clitlts escorted the remains to
St. Bridget's Church, on Menwr street, and tticm-u
to St. I'eter'a Cemetery, where the body wus buried.
[From the St. Louis Democrat, Nov. 11.)
There will I* sincere mourning in athletic circles
this morning when the announcement is made public
that Charlie Leatnaa, the young gentleman who con- !
tributed ao much to the success of tlic entertainments )
gotten up by the Missouri Gymnasium, breatbed his
last just night at half-past six o'clock. It will be re- i
numbered that, six weeks ago last Saturday Mr. Lea- |
man fell frrro a horizontal bar at Louisville, sustain. !
ing injuries whirli paralyzed his lower limbs. He was i
carefully nursed by the kind ladies of Louisville, and
h.vl recovered to such an extent that it was thought
advisable to bring him home. He arriv/d here bv boat
last Thursday and was taken to b>* rasideare, Xo.
612 Walnnt street, where ho had lair, perfectly lt>?!
acloiis until last night, when his spirit passed away.
His lower limbs hail shrivelled to almost nothing'
and the once strong athlete was mora helpless than a
child. Had h? lived it wonld have hern as a cripple
for life. The deceased was twrutv-eight years of age
on the HOth of last December. He was a native of Ohio,
but is not known to have any near relatives. Bis ro
mains wero taken to Hinithers' undi Making estab
lishment, from whence they will be hurled <>u Tmw
day afternoon, at two o'clock. Young Iseaman was a
universal favorite, and his sad fate will be mourned
not only here but in Cincinnati ami I/iuisville. where
hia ekilftil performances had made htm a public pet
He tfWveiled one season as a profeasionaL bnt threw
Up his engagement to enter into business in this cltv.
[From the San Francisco Alt*.J
The proportion of IMegatet'arapbell to incorporate
flogging u one of ilm punishment* proper under tho
liv, wil! commend itaeK to (hour who have watched
the growth of crime as ouo of the moat effectual for
r~etivc* that can be devised for certain offense*. For
instance, the common practice of garroting; two
rwklr** fellow* rwtolve to "stick tip" acttt/en return
ing to hla horn > late at night, ami they oris rod to
carry their plan into rxncutiou by suddenly potior
ing upon the unsti?t>oeting ptrson. compelling him to
deliver up hla valuable* under thrrata of taking hia
life: or they overcome htm. and by a blow in the
ntnmarh and compression of the throat erndrr bira
! powerl*** for a time?long enough to permit the rill
Iing of hla clothe*. ft the garroter* < or need, they
are tolerablv safe trorn detection, and if thry fall and
are raptured then- lr very little terror 'n the prnnprwt
I of piinieliinent, in little that tilery frequently think it
1 not worth while to make any effort to prevent ron
! vtetton. If sentenced to state Prison the onii
' vieU are apparently aeked wliat I: ln?l of Idleness will
? la tu wt agrecali'e, and that soft billet which suit* the
rr?ttietic tastes of a gentlemanly gsrroler will he as
signed him. Instances hare been given within a few
j flar* ot forger* officiating as bookkeeper* and general
1 manager*, ami ctnbcz.rlem acting is chaperons for
I visitor---not even the badge of the prison garb to in
i torni the visitor that the "gentlenianlv" conductor
i had taken hi* etuplojer'* mou? y or had deprived the
, illy of It* revenue by appropriating it to private
I me through the agency of forged document*.
If, instead of consigning the garrotcr, the
forger ami the moan < mbc**ler to the comfort* of the
state Prison ami the luxury o' good clothe* and oaky
work, they rouId he *ert to tho public whipping Post
to receive thirty or forty la*he*, the number of < rim- |
j inai* Wfinld speedily da*1 reuse, and citi/en* would feid i
| inlinltely safer. Isith on the street and in their fount- .
| ing morn*. The dcgra<lation of the flogging would lie I
i a tenfold greater punishment than close confinement '
I fir hard labor In the prison*, which many of the '
criminal* very curiously avoid. Hom? tender hearted ,
people sav the pnnlshinf nt I* rrm I. but they slnnild '
retm-tnber that there I* nothing very cotwuling or !
soothing altont the a< tton* <>r tm garrotcr*, *ml if
re. kkss men will Jtifnp tipon in unsuep** ting . itirrn
*nd choke h<m into in enslhiltty, with th< aid of a
' terrtble blew In the stomach, they should experience
i a little taste of cruelty, if nothing else will work
| reformation.
brothers tried to capture him.
[From the St. Pant Pioneer-Press.^
The reader* of the Pi'>nt?r-I're*i undoubtedly read
the article in Sunday's paper with reference to the
attempted kidnapping of General Grant in the spring
of lHtVt, in which it was rsportel that the two
Younger brothers, the James brothers and .John
Jarrett were connected. With an idea of getting at
the facts in the case, the reporter, through the kind
ness of the warden, Captain Heed, was permitted to
interview Cole Younger, wlfo, lifter carefully reading
the article referred to, denied the thing in toto, and
pro -ceded io relate the condition of affairs at the time
as know n to himself and borne out by hiatory. Gov
ernor Allen, he says, never made any such proposition,
for being on confidential terms with hint and holding
many cuuvi rnations upon the situation and condition
of affairs, he would tut very likely to have known
something about it. Besides, (he James brothers were
at this time with (Juaut roll's guerrillas in Missis
sippi and never wer.- in Louisiana at all. Jim aud j
Bob were not in the artuv at the time mentioned, they
both liehig unite young, aged respectively fifteen and
eight years. Tltey were at home. Colo's whereabouts
and operations he rclnted as follows:?in the fall of
1WBI, he, in charge of one company, and David C.
Poole of another, under command of Captain John
Jarrett, with 'JOO men strong, acting as partisan
rangers in the detached service, caino from Missouri
by way of Texas. a march of nearly one thousand
miles, to drive off the freebooter* who were stealing
and carrying off everything of value upon the Missis
sippi River, and their first raid was made on Decem
ber at, 1HC3. Fights were hail at Omeka, Milligan's
Bend and Goodrich's Landing, from whictf they fell
back to Bastrop about (he "J7th of the same month.
They succeeded in driving everybody, save the set
tlers, off the river from Milligan's Bend to I.alte Provi
dence, a distance of about one hundred miles by thn
river. One thing only successfully resisted their
raid, and that was a camp of smallpox patients. They
naturally considered themselves unable to take that,
and retired in haste. There were no regular federal
troops in this vicinity at that time. There was conf
siderahle fighting, hokrever, and much hlnodshed
bnt all prisoners taken were treated as prisoner* o,
. At the conclusion of the raid the command went to
General Shelby's at Camp Whitehall, in Camden,
Ark., and Cole there joined the regular army. This
was in Jauuary. 1RM. Joe Lee remained at Moore
house parish, Biudrap, raised a battalion and opera
ted from that time until the. close of the war upon
the Mississippi River.
The siege of Vicksbnrg was in 1W5.7, and thai plarn
surrendered in July of that year, after which, and at
the tiiue of the alleged attempt at kidnapping. Gen
eral Grant was iu Virginia. The headquarters of tho
federal army were at Jackson. Miss., aud not at Milli
gan's Bend, while the commands of the Southern
army wort* vested in General Kirby Smith, com
mander ot tbi! trans-Mississippi department; General
Holmes, of the State of Arkansas; General Sterling
Price, of the army in the field; General Shelby,
of the brigade, and General Marmaduke, of the divis
During the conversation Cole became very much
interested, talking quite earnestly and describing the
seem* and incidents with much minuteness, in this
connection it may he remarked that the officers of
the Penitentiary have relaxed none of their original
vigilance toward the Younger brothers, but ever keep
a watchful eye upon their tnbveraents. The whole
discipline of the prison is excellent, being at a higher
standard than ever before known in the history of the
[From the Waco (Texas) Examiner.]
The particulars of quite a serious affair to the Agri
cultural and Mechanical College near Bryan have just
reached the city. Tt seems that a small sum of money
had been stolen from the room of aeadet named White
sides, ami another cadet,"a t>oy seventeen or eighteen
years of age, was siispeeted of tho theft. One night
last week Whiteside* and two comrades induced the
suspected cadet to accompany them in a walk, and
when they bad got a short distance buyond'the epilogs
grounds one of them suddenly drew a pistol and pre
senting it at his head ordered him to stand. They
then told him he must confess. The young man would
not confess, but. on the contrary, declared his inno
cence, whereupon they fastened a ropo around
his neck aud hung him to a tree.
After allowing him to hang a moment he
was lowered to the ground aDd again tokl
to confess, bnt. again protesting his innocence, waa
the second time drawn up. When the rope was slack
ened after the second hanging the body sank to the
ground, to all appearance dead. One of the three
young ruffians became alarmed at what had been
itone, supposing (heir victim dead, and ran away, but
the other two remained witn the young man until he
had returned to consciousness. Then, by making
threats, they exacted from hint a promise that he
would never speak of what they bad done to him.
Disregarding his promise, however, the injured cadet
went straight to President Garth*right and inform.si
hitu of tho treatiD 'nt he had received. The president
culled a meeting of the faculty, and the three perpe
trators were promptly expelled and started home.
The authorities'of Washington county learned of tho
affair, and ut once took steps to arrest the parties.
Whitestdes was arrested at the depot in Hempstead
ami taken back to Bryan. At laat accounts he was in
the Bryan jail. The other two, whose names wo have
not learned, had not been arrested when we last board
from Bryan.
[From the Ogdt nsburg (N. Y.) Advance.]
George Putney, of Lisbon. N. Y.. was arrested last
week for au attempt to murder Mrs. Samons. wife of
the late Stephen Samons. A few years ago Putney
married an adopted daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Samons.
Mr. SamotiH at hie death willed his property to his
witb, which at her death was to be inherited by Mrs.
Putney. Soou after Mrs. Putney died. I*wving~ati in
fant daughter. Putney thought that if Mrs. Samons
was out of the way the property would go to thechlld
and he would get it litiusetf. < hi the evening of Sat
urday, November fl. ho came in and found Mrs. Sa
luon*. as be supposfsi, alone with tho babe. Hr seised
her and attempted to break hi r neck by twisting her
head, lie supposed be had a tupliKlstd his purpose,
and threw her over tie- cradle, trying to make it ap
pear that she had fallen anil killed hwrir-it. There
was. however, a woman up stairs, who, hearing the
noise, came down and gave till- alarm to the neigh
bors. They at once came and found that Mrs. Xatnoria
hail revived and that Putney was again assaulting her.
They interfered and took the wouian anil child away.
On Tuesday Putney was arrested and taken before
Justice Mock, of Ogdcnsburg, and sent to Canton to
await thn action of the Grand Jury.
,Sulit. j /Mtf'WtfllMl,
Wlart.aalTl Nor 3H iLlrnrpnol.
Keythia. J Not 27 il.lvrrpool.
Italy Not '21 Iwridon .
Labrador... Nov 17. Harro ?
Vir??rt? Nov Si Jx.nd.tn.
Kophtillr Not 2n. Uvarptt'l.
Male of lomiaiatia.. Nov VH.jCIaagovr.
Colli rt 'Not 2K ! Ilanihnrr.
City of Borlin . Not !)ii. jldiorpirit.
Dot' ?u
s? latarant
htato of Indiana ...
CI it of Saw York ...
I Wiaitnlo
Tlio 9uoou jlhnt 7.
IU??4n I Dor 7
lit lit la ;i?or 7
Wt toning |H?r I'I
Nov :?l [Cla.K..a
Not Ml. Bromoti
Doo 4
Dot' 5
Dor .1
Dot! ft,
ItlTOrjMHll .
llaTrr ...
tilnaauw. .
2H Broadway
4 Howling iliorn
11 Hrnadw ?t
?Vi Broadway
7 B'.wltnx Urm
27 H tta.IT it
72 Itroidw.iV
HI Broadway
11 iCI Bi.iadway
tut Hi midway
7 Howling Uroan
.* How I in o 11 rot-it
4 Howling (Bona
HU Broad way
fil Broadway
- Hiimdway
HI Hroatlwa.v
ill 'lit K'oa>l?ay
lilrnrpont.. |!C Hrnadwar
I.lT?r|iool IhB Hroadway
Hri mnii.... I'd It, wllnr liroon
Olaaaow |7 Rowlinr Croon
II.it fpnol. | JH Mr.todway
l#r*ninir , D '" )" llfimlviirg |H1 Bnatlwar
4 Rowlinglirnm
B.thn* Of lljUtorpool,
tV. A. Mrhnlton llor II Itnttrrdam "at Broadway
Urnmark .(Dor II lotndon.... Nil Broadway
Canada . |Dor II jllavre.. . .V> Hrt adtray
Biiltir i . IDor 'I.iterpool.. :i7 Broadway
llortlar. Dot 12 llaiolntrjt . HI Broadway
t Ironaaia llrr II t'liojo 7 H,". ling I, roan
Erin I r>.f 14 LlTtrponl.. HP Broadway
lj|t> of Bmarrla . Doi 14 f.irrrpitnl.. HI flit Broadway
N'ookat . iDoi' MHromrn. J Bow Una iiroow
AI gor I a | Dm- 111 lldrnrpnol.. 4 Knwtlag (trwoa
No rati a 'Dr. 17 ,Ci-orpm I. VP Hr,,adw ay
California Drr D.dtumlon., 7 Howlingliroon
Itr-a'ne D?r IP.!Hamburg. HI Broatlway
Itrroftta I!>< r VI |lilaagow... 7 Rmvliiigiiroon
Wrarr fVt VI Brrnion.. V Bowling (ironn
Maaa Drr 21 iRofiordam jf> llroadwat
Von I arm ! Doc 24 I l.|r?r|H>ol.. |VH Broadway
tlr hai p hna adrrp'od a tll?lingiiinhlng footnn n'rht aignal
for itao on board iho III i;?i.it atoam yacht, allowing whilo
hiimlnr Ilia rolora rod. gooon. rod. changing from ono to tlio
olltoi In ?nt ramali.ti, and ran ho.aoon ?rrrral rollra dlatani.
fapin'ntnf TTHtrl. n|o>n ?orlua tlila aignal. will rhllgo na
hy prnparing ant marina nrwa the) may hatofnrtho Ship
Now* riroar1 mont of Iho ItKR.l'.n. a
4'ttASTINt. AMlPORKMN TRADE.?Captalwa or ..mcrra
of vrttatila anraaod in Ibr t oarllnR and fort lyn tradr obaorr.
Intr thr dt-pliirrtiirot or rrmoral of roa boo)a aro r?i|nratot|
to eomntnalrata thr fart to llio IImain, an th>( it mar tin
hrontrbt pnlillolv to iho atlrnllnn of thr propor anlhdtlllra.
A Irllar addraaaod To tlto odllor of tlio IIkmalp, Now Yaik
fity." FlrinK aa Hrrnralnly aa fwiaaltdu iho nuinborand poai.
lion of dtaplarnl linora or tlm rauan of thair rrmoral, will
andlro In all rnro? okoarrod til thy tlio ktlantlr ntld I'aolhr
rwaala of Iho itnorfoan Conllnrnt. Wlion thry aro nbaorrod
on tho rowat nf Enropran riointriaa or in tlio Nrdltorranoan
It la rooooatod that informatlnn ho ?onl otllior by toloyraph
or InMar In tho l.owdon ..dltoof thr Ntw Vnna IIthai p, M
Floot atrort. I ond. n. or t'to l'art? i Biro, ill AriWinn ila
l'?lprr? Raol? 14 Itrro tl,o to'raranh In naod do?pa'rlioa
may bo addroawd Hotttiotl, 4B K'ool atroot. Itondon,''t.r
Rrnnolf, til .Itontio do I'tipora. l*atta.M 14 liroo rnaoa nf
d'aplaoomont arr obaor. od In iho walora of oonntrloa hrjond
tho raarh of Iho toloyraph, oa ii# Aala or Afrlra, raptaini
Bui cainmonicata with ui u??n rearhlag iha Ant eon von
lent port. Thin information will bo cabled, fro? of char;?,
to ih? Herald an?i pitblitl.od.
ftjjr Person* lie?ironsi of communicating with vc*a?ls ar
riving at New York can (to so l?) ttddrcsiilX to such vwsoli
cart of Hrkald novi yacht, pier No. I Kaat Kiver, New
York. Letters received from ulI parts of the world aud
promptly delirercd. Duplicates are required.
HI'N' AND Mooy. . HltlH W VTElt.
Bun rixca 6 :.9 Satplv Hook ovo H3!)
S.in *eU 4 Gov."Island ova 2t
Moon net* itb 5 .i:i Hell (iato eva 11 09
AToc. 24.
TAer. 1
\hf) 1 B'lW.
.Sf/lfc of
11 'iiijirr.
bsndv Hook
N oon.
4 I'M
8 PM
12 Pi?
ik) W
nrti w
41 tvsw
45' Calm
POItT OF NEW YORK. NOV. 24, 1878.
repobtto ht the hetui i> kikam TArnr? ajw HEiui.n
Stay :Br>. Willis. Shield. 2<> dr.ys. with mdso to
J f Hod Mthi woathrr first part of psisape; thenre
N and VK gale* and high cry*
Steamer Niagara, rurtia. Havana Nov I'D, with mdaa and
.20 passengers to ./?? K W ?rd A t o. Nov 21, lat ihl 12. Jon
70no, passed steamer J-anraster, lrnm tialwielnn for New
Steamer Charleston. B?itv, Charleston 2 days, with milao ?
and passenger* to .1 W Ouintnrd i I'o
Steamer Rlrhmond. Rot ley. Itlehmond. city Point nnd I
Norfolk, with mdae ami passenger* to the lllil Dominion j
Steamship Co.
Steamer Hshtera*. Freeman, Norfolk, with md.e to the
Old Dominion Steamahlp t'o.
Ship iluldrcgn (N'orl, Knudsen, Rotterdam 94 day*, in
halla.t, to Funrh. Kdy? A Co
Rurk I'mtna (, Sraminell iof St John. NB\ Saunders,
Dublin 2tl daya. in ballast, to Srannnell Rro., Nov I",
during a anddmi squall from HIV, split upper foreiopaall,
main.nil and inirzen staysail.
Bark Entailer (Mri, ilughe*. Antwerp tin Dolewiire
Breakwater 2-*i days, ill hallast. to Boyd A lllneken.
Hark ti S Penorir iof St John. N'Hi. Penery, Antwerp via
Tyheo. 4t? dare, in hallaat to J W Parker k i 'o.
Bark Padre (Aus), Yellusig. Marseilles .Vf days. In ballast,
to rilorovirn k Co.
Bark Transit iof Annapolis. NS). Owen, Calais (Franee),
3."> daya. in hallaat. to J \V Parker k Co.
Bark I.lhero i Auai. Oellelieli. t'sgliari 70 day., with salt
to ordar: ve.sel to Slocovich k Co. Had heavy woather.
Scltr K f, Mnlford iof Bridgeport, KJ), Sltaw, Havana 12
day., with sugar to order; vessel to master. Nov IS. off
Hatteras. had a iieavy gale from 8K. lasting 12 hours. In
whlrh had foresail blown away. t
Seltr Cumberland (of Portland), Webber, MatiRixa. 14
days, with sugar to order. Had a continuation of h'nvy
gales all the passage; was 7 daya K of Hatteras.
8ehr David Carll, Hawkins. Haraeoa H days. with fruit
te Homer k Pearsall; vessel to B J Wrnberg k Co.
BchrCliae Dennia. Corson, Yirginia. ,
Sehr Pangansett. Ingersoll, Virginia.
Hchr J K Leach, fnman. Virginia.
Sehr II J Raymond. Cranmor. Virginia.
Sehr Joseph k Franklin, llnrkin. Virginia.
Bohr Only Son. Holland. Virginia.
Sehr I, II Hopkins. Predmore, Virginia.
Sehr A K Klndherg, Koliin.nn, Virginia.
Sehr Francis Shnhcrt, Crnnmer, Virginia.
Selir I) K Miller. Srull. Virginia.
Sehr C O Cranioer, Crnnmer. Virginia.
Selir A 1* Crunmer, Isard. Virginia.
Selir Carrie Holmes, Lyman, (ioorgetown, DC.
Itf Ship Oneida (of Searsport), Eaton, whieli arrived 23d
from Caliao, reports;?Passed Capo Horn Sept 4 and
sd the Equator Oct 111 in Ion 28 W; Sept 23, lat 27 I
crossed the Kqnsto- _ ?
had a heavy gala from NE. Ia;,ling9 days: Sept 4. off ( ape
Horn, .poke nark Birkhy (Br), from Iqniqno for Kalinoutli.
RwnutMrn?Brig I. k W Armstrong. Allen, hence 22d for
Arroyo, PR. having same day. 5:2<) PM. struck on Homer
Shoal, where she remained bill a few minutes with n slight
leak. Her jihhoora struck the beacon aud was carried away.
She will probably have to discharge cargo for repairs.
Sehr Yellow Pine, Clark, henoo for Charleston Nov 22,
having, same day. at <1 P.M. off Barnegat. collided with an
unknown schooner, carrying away llhbnom, cntwater nnd
started head. Damagn to the other aclir unknown.
Steamer (Jlancna. Hoarse. Boston for New York, with
mdso and passengers to II ? Ditnoek.
Stoamcr Cltv of Pitclibnrg. Kills. New Bedford for New
York, with mdso and passengers to Rarling k Davis.
Steamer Electro, Young. Providence for New York, with
mdso and paserngers to Isaac (Mall. ,
Steamer Nithpa. Hoanoy, Norwalk for Now York.
Sehr June McKay (Bri, Waaa, CJiarlottetown. PEI, for
New York, with potatoes to ordnr.
Sehr Planter, llntchlns, Providence fer New Yerk.
Brig ManzaniUa, Coombs. New York fer Portland, Me.
Sehr Sphinx (Br?, McKarheam. New York for Leekport,
Kchr Lightboat. Wood. New York fer Rockland.
Sehr Wnt A Crocker. Kelly, New York for Boston.
Selir Osprey, Crowlev, New York for Boston.
Selir (Jeorgle D Loud, Holbrook, New York for Boston.
Sehr Samuel Hart. Keliy, New York for New Bedford.
Sehr Mary 1, Varney, Weeks. New York for Provideuce.
Sehr K II Clark. McCann, New York for Hartford.
Sehr tteorge P Kane, Peterson, New York for New Haven.
Sritr C C Lane. Lane. New York far New Haven
- - " * - hot * ~
Sehr Sarah Brtlen. Bullock, llobolen for Providence.
Sehr A Heuton. Phinnoy, Ronduiit for Boston.
Sehr Fannie llaunier, Hr.ioks, RondouF for Nantucket.
ScUr Harper. Fletcher, Port Johnson for Boston.
Sehr Seatsvllle, Ynong, Atniioy for Detinia.
Pehr Ifreadnaugbl, fidlTlnV. Alexandria for Knw Haven.
Steamer Rbiwindda (Bri. for Cardiff; ship T.ennie (Bri,
AI ?? sailed. U S steamer Powhatan.
RrnAHKlt Crrsvr. late on tiio route from New London to
Sag Uarbor. has been sold to North Carolina. It is ssid Mr
t'ouistuek will have a larger host bail! to take bor place.
Bank Horner (Ruse'. tVikaudtr. from Bull River for Lon
don. with a cargo of phosphate rock, was abandoned in 1st
41 :?>. Ion 4tl 4o, in a siuking condition The crew went
rescued hy w ballug bark Reindeer, Capt Baker, and Ian.n-d
at Fayml. Nov 2.
liim C O Wuinsonf, at anchor in Hampton Roads from
the Pacific guano ports, war run Into at 4 AM. 24th iusl. hy
tlie British vtvaluer lienv-eirtoeh.'froui Baltisaoro tor Nor
folk. The bark lost her fmetopsail yardhracse and sus
tuiiied other slight damage.
Kill ViKisoiBr , Kyersoii, from Philailsliihia for Rouen,
heloie is.portud foundered, met Willi the disaster Nov 2.
Tim errw. excepting ihr eaptaiu and one seaman, who were
drowned, worn rescued by hrig Jalianii <Sp> and landed ul
Havana on ihe IIMh W lieu tlie Juliana fell in a ilk the Uark
shw was dlsiuaritled and had I ron, sight tonineteei of water
la hvi hold aud was fast siuking. and lliu last uiau lia.l
hardi* IsstI her d? k wlisn liw Iwjndeie.i. I hr hark was
luauwi with wheat.
Senk Aivaiiaimi. of Ellsaurtli, whlrh came ashore at
Cspt Isaac Matthews, of Ellsworth l"ho i its were I. Mil
likeu, male; Jae W Tate sod John Putter, seamen, af Ells
worth, and a hoy w hose uumr is net known Capt Allen, of
s, hr Clara Juir. of Luliec, reports lu ng in company with
t),a Alva-adit Oct 12. in the gale, and saw her strike on a
shoal oil Saukalr Head, the crew taking to t'.r rigging end
undoubtedly perished, a? the sea was rnnuing very heavy.
Capt Alh n wore ronml and ran clear of the sheet, working
into smoother water and anchored, lint was obliged to cat
away bis masts te prevent going ashore.
di ng IsaBkL At.a? UTO, from Now Y ork, which arrived at
Cedar Keys Nov IN, lost foresail mot foremast, as previously
reported; off Hatteras.
Sras Hscau.K tof Sayvillei. before reported ashore on
J.wies'Inlrf bar. has herrnno a tmal loss. Abont two thirds
.d her i argo of lumber was saved
Sena RirraPALV-Laiigan. of tilonceeter, Mass. was run
down nod sunk, off Tliatcher's Island, night of 22d Inst, hy
sehr Caroline, of Manillas, ( apt Langan was drowned The
ether members of the crew were saved and taken lo Port
land, Me.
SrrtR Joavwa Dori.qrr iJ-malts', French, from Halil.
more, with a cargo of enal, while beating in at Sandy Hook
7 PM 2itd hist, went ashore on tba Romer bhosl, wliere alio
Sent: Rcth "nt*. from Charleston for Philadelphia,
which put into Wilmington. Nl\ Nov H, leaky, resumed her
voy age g:ld.
Sen* Passiv Tkact from Chsrle lon for Phlladnlphis,
wkl-b nut WV WiUnhltrtim, NC, Hot 3d, in dlstres*. re
sumed her voyage 23d in it,
Si.imic Kuza, from Camdeu, N J. I.onnil to Tom's River,
wen* asb'Ro near Raenognt tcite'dsv murnlajr. She cot
afisst tlit' lifli the elfci taef Life Mat lag Crew No 17 in Uio
evening and was laks* to * ex's harbor
Hai Tieoat. N'er 2th- The storm en the l.ay last night was,
with tlm exception of the great hurricane of Oct 22. Ihe se
?ureal of the season. The wind we* from the north tiurtli
w ffft, and when at Its lisiglit it ranched at s.uiiepoints d->wn
the bar llfty miles na hour. Tlie steamer Helen. on? of tho
stanaelieet t?longiog to this port, was delay cd threi- or four
lionrs hy the storm At Itslf past nine this raornlnr the
Hflso parsed two vessels, lying near sach other, one ashore
n"d tlm other sunk. The sunken vo?s?l had g,,nn down just
off Kork Poiat, while the other was ashore near White
K<,c? Both tesoelswcif pungies. Not a vestige of life
could he dlsceverad anywV-r# around tliem. Their uumos
? ou'd not he asoerioineil.
tiAl.t asytvN. Nov Jit?The ta-o flies which have occnm-d In
tho steamer Tunis are attributed to Inccodisil-m as tlm
meat prnliaMoeause. hilt 'here is yet no evidence thai would
approach nosltiie proof Thsdimnm has not been accu
rately estimated, hut will probably lie atinuunreil today.
The steamer a as unloaded yesterday, washed out and the
reloading cemmenccd ks before, not a lisln of enttonthst.
was in her held at the lima of the lire will be paruillt"*! to
f, hark.
Ileavwnmt. LI. Nov 23-,'t park a from the . shin stove si t
flee to a heap of jank ou the dock of tho iliaip Sarah K
Tneker wliilfl at anehot in Ci-lil Spring llarher. and hefere
tlie flnmea cinitd l?e put out a largo part of tlie dock had
been burned
Boss E thrsms, of Cold Spring, hnnght nnd wilt rehnild
?ehr Peter Bitter, of Mlddleiown, before repnrtwl ashore in
l.lnyd s harbor In the gale of Met 22.
llAl trAX. Nov 22- Sehr V vtaaU Capf Potfer. loaded
wit)' potatoes, upset in the Canning Kiver on Wednesday
last Sho caught on s hnnb, nndPvhen Ihe tide left Iyer
? apslsed. She was loaded hv .laroh Walton, ami cmntaineil
7I??? hnihel -. The cargo a-as insured This van the same
vessel that upset lit the Corowallls Kiver last year.
PoNTt Asn. Nov 22? As the steamer Frsnrmila, from New
Tork, waa entering tlie dork Thursday night her propeller
came off It seems that the key whlrh holds the propeller
tightly on the shsft hud worked Innee or dropped mil.
WMIe the propeller was pttshinr forward the pressure kept
It en tks sheft. but the instant It was reversed to "hack
alter" It in pulled off It ne* eanirll t by the rudder pn*'?
and so n,d lost The Franenrla will go Into tlie dry dork
to hare the propeller replaced
(Jrgnvr, Nov 72?The hark Albert, the lest seagoing satl
Ing vessel to leave here tills season. bar been at anchor at
Indian l eva for i week, wind looind
The only seagoing vessel wintering In llilv port thie ma
son is the American 3 mailed aclir City of Manltowec.
Vi 'ca I'Assaiiv..- Hehr Cherubim ief Heafard. I>e1l. fmak,
lnft Balfitn-ive on tiet 22. paasril ottt of Cape llenry on thn
2?kh. and arrived at h; Pierre, Mart, Nov 2, making the pei
sage from Ualtlftiora in II dnj s and in II daysrn ?m lb?
IfArKfitn^?At r?op?r'M <">??*It, N*. N?v '23. hy N MfrKft.r,
lfAr*ritrt>?At r?oi#r'ii rr??^lr, N.t, N?v 23. hy \ WrKir,
a btrk 14i? f??t '27 tM? a?H nT1 *nd rejfifit?r
i?d "#w? tp??.
mt or rr?nr-M? Mr *?wim? w\<wk* i
Nofjr?|* h?*r?br lit?? that tha ?AUtar? H(fh$h?tif?c ?n
Ma?hfaa, !*?al fj>lat>d. haa h??n rfptaemi hy a m** h'liMltip,
aituat?^ **4 yards 8K from tho wfiit Hifbthoiit?.
^b? Ifgbt it a fix?d wbttt dia^trio light, uf tlit third order^
el ?voted 06 feet above high wntor mark, and in clear waath*
should b? *oen 14 miles. It will be put in operation on to#
1 ht November next.
The towwr in an octagonal wooden building, painted white,
and in flit feei high from bn-se to vane. Lat 44 807 N, leti
67 6 18 W.
Note?The two lighfta brought into on? rang? will now
lead 4 V, utiles south of the Murr ledges instead of in range
with tlietn a* formerly.
Hearing* magnetic. Variation, 17 degroea weaterlj in
Notice is given that, nfter Sept l"? tho color of the
light at the western entrance to the port, by tho little fort
at the bond of the rnole of tho J.utar.'tto, will lie red iintoin/
? 1 green, iik formerly.
Tlie Military governor ol Odessa niiiioiinee* that, on
iiccoutu of ihe withdrawal of the steamers, referred to in a
previous notice, that Nerved to guide and low ships into and.
out of port, to oat e**h of vessels bound to Odessa should
observe the following regulations:?K uter without a pilot,
leaving the guard ship on the starboard hand : in going out.
Icon<? if to port.
No vessel* nro allowed to on<?r or leare port before sun
rise or after sunset, and nonu are allowed io anchor any
v. here on a line between the little Fountain anil tho quaran
tine mole.
It is recoiumended that vossels should alow down and
look out for buoys that may not yet have been lifted, and
that may foul tho screws of steamers.
Since August 18. tho WorontrofT (VornntKOvakf) and
Kichelfeu (Kitrholevskh lights and th? rod light at th?
quarantine mole head havo boon relljrhtod.
Bv order of the Bureau of Navigation.
S K FUANKJJX, Captain V 8 N,
llytirographer to the Bureau,
r S ifvpRrvcRAFNir Orrio:. / m
WASHINGTON, li C,Oct 26, 1878. I
Arrived at Sun Franetem Nov Hi, l?nrk Northern Light,
Mellon. Fox IsUnds, with hbls nil, 35fty 11?> boon. .'i5tMJ
do ivory.
Sew Bedford. Nor I'll?Jtanrg* A Bourne k Son ?nld at
miction to-day, one eighth of brig Frnncee A Bamtow (now
at aim I, with nutflta paid, to Oils A Siaann for $1701).
Final, Nov 5? Arrivod nt thin port Oct 159. barks Com Mor
ns, \A iiislou-, N*B. with rtfill hhla xp oil on hoard, laving of
and on: BOth. Sunbeam, Tahor, do. ? bhla *p, landed, and
sniled Nov lllat, altip .lamea Arnold, Wilaon, do. clean,
laying off and on; Nov 2, hark Reindeer, Baker, do, 10.V1
bids an oil on board. Put iu to land thocrow of Ruesian
hark llopnct iseo Miscellany).
Hirk Mid**. f!npt hapham. of Sew Bedford, ha* boon con
doomed at the Island of Florets, and is being broken up.
Sho luid on board 225 bbla sp oil.
BaTk Majrnat (Nor), from Now York for Rotterdam, New
11. lot 41, Inn li5.
An American brigantlne. ahtiwing lot ten JQBK, ateerins
K, Nov I). I at 43 N, Ion 59 29 W.
.Morrlicnts. .hipping agent* and shipmaster* are Informed
that by telegraphing to* the IIkrald Tendon Bareau, ad
dressing "Bennett, No. 4fl l-'leet atroet, London,** or to the
Burls office, addressing "Bennett, CI Avenuo de POpera,
Barls." the arrivals at and departures from European and
Ksstern ports of American and all foreign vessels trading
with the L'nitod States the same will be cabled to this coun.
try free of charge.
Captains arriving at and sailing from French and Medi
terrariean ports will find the I'aris office the more economi
cal and expeditious for telegraphing news.
Avtwfrp, Xov 22?Sailed, ships Tabor, Taylor, New Yorkj
Riverside. Rich, New Orleans; S C Blanchard, Meady, Bio
Janeiro; achr S FThurlnw, Eaton, .
BiiaiKK, Nov 22?Arrived, ship San Stefano (Br), Corn
ing, Philadelphia; Shakespeare (Ger), Meyerdk-hs, New
York. ? t
Dunt.iy, Nov 23?Sailed, bar* Limn (Br), Byrnes, Dela
ware Breakwater (not previously).
Fai.wocti!, Nov 23?Arrived, hark Rrnljevlea (Ani),
Svellngo, Baltimore for Havre; brigs Pride of Chnlenr
(Br), pye, Charleston for do; Atlantic (Ger), Harder, Wil
uiington, N* C, for Stettin.
Off the Lizard 24th. stoamor Pommeranla (Ger), Schwea
son. from New York for Hamburg.
Hpli., Nov 33?Sailed, steamer Tllndno (Br), Steven*,
New York; harks Jafnhnv (Nor). Olsen, Baltimore; Kong
| Carl (Norl, Knndson. do.
Havrk, Nov 22?Sailed, bark Aspatogan (Br). Forbes, Del
aware Breakwater; 23d. ship Gnardian, Payne, New Or.
leans; bark Athlete iBri. Cann, Sonthwest Pass.
Litkkfooi,. Nov33?Arrived, steamer Kederico (8p), Aho,
raslnn, Baltimore; 24th, bark n L Booth. Young, New
Sailed 23d, steamer Wyemtng (Br), Gadd, New York via
Lkith, Kot 23?Arrived, bark Veeta (Nor), Thorsen New
Moving, Nov 24?Arrived, steamer Peinvian (Brt, Smith,
Montrwal for Liverpool (and proceeded).
Maiuua, to Nov 24?Sailed, steamer Knigbt Templar**^
(Br), Henderson, Now York.
Pkknau, to Nov 23?Arrived, brig Harold Haofager, frq*i
Qoi:)-v*towx. Not 23?Arrived, ship Bonanza, Loacli. San
FrawSaco: bark Kong Sverro (Nor), KlelMn, New Yorkf
nchr Brigadier. Norton. Bona.
Romans?. Nov 23-Arrlvnd, bark* Geo W Sweeney,
Hewitt, Baltimore; Mark Twai* (Br). MeWin, Philadelphia.
Sritrrin, Nov20?Arrived, hrlg Fido (Nor), Thorsen New
Youcual, Nov 13? Arrired, bark Coma Vol (Ital), Ferrari.
Now York, with luai of rudder.
Hoithkap, Nov 24, PM?Wind K, moderate; batv ?
Bakaooa. Nov 1.3?In port, schrs Annie I, Palmar, Lawlau
for Now York; Pliebe, Jfedoro, for do; Mary E Webbar
Mtiaiughliii, for Cbarloslon. *
Salle,I I.Vh, still K A de Hart, Blake. Now York.
CM*m.orrKTnw .\. PKf, Nov IS?Cleared, bark Jamas Peaks
(lln, Graham, Vurntistowu
11ai.ivax. Nov 24?Arrived, ateatnar lliberalan (Br). Rich
ardsoii. Haitiiuorc for Livorpool.
Sailed 23d. s.eauter Caspian (Br), Trocka (from Liror
pool'. Baltimore.
MnvvHt A I., Nov 22?Arrivod. steamer Harralooa (Br). Hal
crow, t^ubec
I'iraT Mri.i,K.tt a. NS. Nov 20?,bailed, scbr Cora, for New
I yd.
St I'itknv. Mart. Nov 2?Arrived, scbr Cherubim, Lank
Itul I int..re *
V AnauifTH. \s Nov 18-Arvivoil, achr Madeira (tit1), Me
Dousall. New York.
ALEXANDRIA, Nov 23?Arrived, scbr IVeddle L Porter
Bo-ton. *
cleared?Sle.ifuer E C Kniglil. New York ; achr C Hanre
bah. Bo-toll.
Pawed up?Scbr Uo?a Epplnger, from Trinidad forGeorsa
I'ss.od down?Sehra W L Abbott, for Bridgeport: K R
Church, for Providence; Mary J Cast nor. for Asptnwall (all
from Georgetown).
_ BOSTON, Nov 24? Arrired. steamer* Daniel Steinman
(Belgi, Dif Smrt. Antwerp; United States, Matthews Ha.
vannsb; Wm Crane, llowea, Baltimore; se.hr Swan <Bri
P.ve. St Johns. PR ?
Sailed fw.nt roads?Ship Game Coek, Nasv York.
It ALTIMORE, Nov 24?Arrived, -learners George Appold
Love!and. Savannah; Blackstone, Marsh, Providence- F\!
periiuont. Pierce, Newborn, NC; Martha Stevena. Chance
New > ork. *
Sailed?Steamer Gnillermn.
RANCOR. Nov 22?Arrived, brig Isaac Carver. Gray.
Mm ksport. to load for Bermuda
Cleared?Scbr John Belch, Hannah. Hioningten. Ct.
Sailed?.-chr Mary Ann Mrfaiiu. Kuranagli, Barbados.
H VTM, Nov 22?Mailed, selirs If A DrWitt. Man son. and
LTwioid Dnran, Warrrnton, Philadelphia; Grace Cashing
Mosier. New York. *
CllARLKSTgN. Nov 23?Clearvsl. achr Maggie J lav.
rence, Henderson. Philadelphia
24th? Atrlved. ship Urania itiori. Je-geneen, Port Roval ?
siiir M S Kiirwell, Rockland, Me '
' >*'led -Steamer Noevw Ponce .Sp'. Echavarria. Liverpool:
ship Pride of Wales (Br,. Hredieu: hark Mariner (Be
Havre; -ebr Atb-ri Maeon, Rose, New York.
EE KN AN DIN A, Nov 21?Arrived, strainer Tyhae, Holmes
New York and cleared to retain); Palma '(Br), Mnrrell.'
FORTRESS MONROE. Nov 24-Kaded, btrka Naaoleon
(Nor). Chrlstopliereon ifroni Belfast. Ii Philadelphia
'IV. kshur.v LSwenl. Karri from Limerick), Portland. Me.
G ALVESTON, Nov 22--Arri\ed. brig H II Steenken ;CrOT)
llnshsaeu. Rio Janeiro mot as telegraphed).
MORI I.E. Nov 2li- trriirl, si-hr J.indn, Boyd, Havana.
NEW ORLEANS, Nov 111?Clonrrd, stoamer Tappahan
tun k.Cook-iy, Havana ,and sailed from Port F.od* 2Hthv
2Dth?Ar rived up, -hips Oiieen of Heanty < Bri, Moulton
Llverptvol; Mine Adonia, Hawkins, do; John T Berry
hinmerron, Havre; harks Homcnlco l.enata (Ital), Farina
UiMiliitM'irrt; Anient*:* (Tt?l\4Vnnrl, 8t Thoiomt.
i ri?ur?d?ttobrtfttorife kI.v, Dttmt*irio,HhloUNhr>roBn^
' 'Jilb? \rrlf?fl Ttt'AOrator Br\ from Penuimhtieo.
>-?e Sniltwf, ship India (Br), White, Penm
| '.Mill?Arrived, ^chr Hnwhrnd W Hill, Higgjon, ITarrc.
i SMiiiKl? NU-Ainrr*: Airy Llvtrpoel; niTwdili (Bd,
! nrhr F.I (%'Hin*. Towiiffcnd, liaere.
i NKW HKflFORD, Nov Lill?Arrived, echm Kde Alhro,
Mrhanald, I'hirlotttUiwn, PKI; IfneYir>?r?. K#w
i Sitiletl ?8tammer PotlaviUe, Pierce, Plilledelphia.
N KW IIA YEN, N?* 2H-?Arrived, whr Phtrhe Ann, Wood*
bri.Ice, .N.I,
PFNSAt'OLA, >'or ai?Arrlrfd, ethr Royal Airh. Crow.
I ell. Hafverttin
PORT ROV % fSew 24? Arrired. Weefdm Texas,
I Ifine, .iRckcnnvlHti (and proceeded for Mew Yorh>.
.Called?Schr L II Rathliiini, t'rowell, West Indfcee.
i'Vlf liADKLPVIIA, Mov XI- %rHved, ccfir Mary Rleanof
(not \|?rr f. Allen* Wllkle, Prince Kdwerd Island.
*J#11?? Arrired, whip John Rutherford (Bi?. Rrowne!1,
Tondon*, Unrk t^lmmplon Momi*, I'lymonth; Alert
(1>an?. Kdflmen, Bordeaux; Ranavola (Br^, Prince, Xewcaa*
tie; lirit* Flira Morton, Lei and, (lalway.
Sailed?Steamer Saxon.
rnr.*TKf?, Nov JB?A ridded, achr Sarah E Allen, Allen, .Sf
Marc. Haiti (not arrired at Philadelphia),
PORTLA N l>. Xov J1 -Sailed, ahip State of Maine. Rmall
St John. NR
?Jd!d ?Arrived achra flattie Tnrner. Hopper. Wllmlngtori
St\ for iMwarinrntta; Wm Thotnaa, Liltlejohn, South Any
2iit! ?Arrived, achr Mahaska, from Hiixdioor far Xea
t'learcd? $ehr A K Weeka. Matanraa.
Hlf'HMdNU. Not 21?Arrived, atcamer Taaae Bell fav.
rence, New York.
^Sailori?Hohra Archer Jk Reaver. Smith. New York; Mar/
s"<N nuANclSCG. Nov l?-CI?*rad, harks Gladaton*
Jackson, Sydnay Catharine sudden. Ingalla. Port
Townasmd;! onsjlt.itioii, McDonald, Tahiti; schr W V
Meyer, e iilmmH, IVonoltthi.
Sailed?Ship Anvamitc, Ssnndar., Hcattla; hark Gragnn
CTt'v vV'. iV C'*' (Er.ia), ISifnnr, Gnayagnll.
..VVANNAII. Nov 24- Sailed, slcamcrs Camclia (Brf
Hramcn . Juniata. Philadelphia ; ship Earl Gran villa (Br?
'"'.ITTPZTh hIr< Klnri fNor., Genoa.
N,V Nov 23-Sallwd, srlira Ruth thaw
J.'i rsnnle Tracy, Tiltnn (from Charlvstnvj
tflM? Kl.f.*MK.OI M.
/ GlitoMi brsEASIiS itlitsE i. ii nil Have nri
slstcd surgical operation* and treatment barnhscn ra
stored to health hy Dr. HE \TII. I It) East XVth at ; thirty
yarn* testimonial* from amtuant cltiatraa and phyiiciana.
. OB-* bouts, (twanaoni and avralnga.

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