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The Stock Market Active
and. Irregular.
GOLD 100 1-8 A 100 1-4 A 100 1-8.
Government Bonds Firm, States Higher and
Railroads Irregular.
Wall Street, 1
Friday, Dec. 6?0 P. M. J
The Ave hours of wear and tear to body and wind
Which constitute the so-called day's business upon
the Stock Exchange were productivo this morning of
very meagre results, both as regards the magnitude)
of transactions and the sharpness of fluctuations. In
fact, the two or three prominent points upon which
speculation has pivoted for a week or two hack have
been blunted by the events of yesterday and are no
longer serviceable for speculative purposes, Refer
ence is had to the Northwestern dividends, to the
meeting of the coal companies' .Board of Control and
to the Convention of ltailwuy Managers. Decisions
nioro or less satisfactory having been arrived
At by theae various interests the lingering
uncertainty which hal fostered speculation
ceased to exist, and the market grew dull
and vapid from a withdrawal of the pabu
lum which had kept it alive. There was enough
stamina stored up, however, to give an inclination
to prices either one way or the other. The official
report of the Northwestern Railway Company can
tot be construed otherwise than as being highly
favorable now and most promising for the future,
uid it helped to hold prices firmly to-day lu spite of
rigorous efforts made by the bear party to depress
(hem. The unanimity expressed by the railroad
managers at the meeting last evening as to pooling
arrangements and the strong safeguards adopted to
prevent any future tampering with freight sched
ules were also potent in giving tone to the railway
market. While tho grangers, after an interlude of
Strength, were forced to close no better titan thoy bod
opened. Lake Shore benefited to tho extent of one
per cent. This, too, despite a recurrence of the
sharp practice of "rigging" quotations, which we
have had occasion more than once to comment upon.
Tho cose in point hai>p<med in this wiseTho clos
ing prico of Lake Shore last evening was C8?;. Noth
ing occurred during the night to lessen this value
in fact, the action of the railroad conference tended
to appreciate it?yot at the opening this morning some |
half dozen brokers wero charged to offer the stock at 1
?W?;, which was done, though there were orders present
to purchase at higher rates. The trick succeeded, how
ever, and an official record of a sham quotation was
Secured, to the wctriiucnt of holders whoso margins
were wiped out, and to the dissemination far and wide {
of a false value to the stock. While the railroad
meetings worked beneficially that of the coal
companies' Board of Control worked tho reverse.
The action taken, or, more correctly, the ab
aeuco of all action, as to tho renewal of the
combination, is regardod as primit facie evidence
that the monopoly will expire with the
dying year. It is understood that the Lehigh
Valley people will stick to their demands for a larger
quota and that the other companies will refuse to
concede them. It is a case of E Plurtinu Unum,
which, being freely rendered, means that between the
two stools the combination is likely to fall to the
ground. The one chance left is that Mr. Packer may,
before the *J7th of December, surrender bit position
and stack arms?to tho best of our inform atlon Mr
Packer will do nothing of the sort. Closing prices in
the general market were nothing to brag of, being
altogether irregular and in most cases only a shade
removed from the opening ones.
The opening, highest, lowest and closing prices of
?tocks and gold at tho Nev^York Stock Exchange to
day were as follows:?
Opening. Highest. Lowest. Closing.
Gold 100Vj 100'; ioov loot; .
Delaware and Hudson 35 :Uj\ 34 V 351;
Western Union 0#*; 96'; 96*; 96 v
Pacific Mail 14?; 14* 14*; bl4w
Ohio and Mississippi. 7>; 71; 7>; b"*
Lake Shore OH1; CO* .08*' 691; '
Morris and Essex 79 * 79}( 7H1; 78*'
Northwestern 47*; 47V 471; 47 *
Northwestern prof... 77*; 77*; 77>; 77 V
St. Paul 35;; 30 #5*; 96 V
St. Paul preferred.... 73 73*; 72*; 73';
Del., Lack, and West. 45*; 46*; 43;; 44 >;
Eric Railway 1S'?' 18*; la?; is*;
Union Pacific CSJti 00 CM; cm;
Rock Island 118* 118V 1181; 118*'
Wabash b20* 21,* 21 21*
N.J. Central 27'; UH 27* 271;
Kansas and Texas.... 5* c.<; 6V bo*
Illinois Central 76*; 7C; 76?; 70*
C.. C. and I. C H C 6 bii*
Han. and St. Joseph. ,bl4 14* 14 14';
Han. andMt. Jo. pref..l>34* 84* 33?; b34
The closing quotations at three P. M. were:?
Hid. AA'tl. ma. AArrd.
At A 1'ac Tel.... 2U 2??; Kansas Pacific.. 11'. 11*
Olo A .Northwest 47'; 47', Kansas A Texas. W* ?)*,
Chi A X W of ... 77?! 77*1 Lafcs Shore m eov!
Clli. It I A I'ue ..118'?. Iltt*? VI Irli ti, it ii <!an (it) sun
Cl.i, HI A l'ac.118'; 118 Mlfhluau 1'eu... OH tlnC
Chi. Hur A y ...110*; 111 Morris A Essox. 78V 78*4
c. 04IC 5* 0 Mil A fit Paul... .85*? 3r,?
U. O A I 32 UK Mil A fit Paul pf 78 73>,
Clev A Pittsburg 82*; 83 Now York Den. .ill Y tl2*
Chicago A Alton 79 79?; Now Jersa.v Caa. 37* 37 W
Chi A Alum pref.lirj _ Ohio A Mis* 7* 7*
Canton 21 24 Ohio A Miss pf.. 15 10
Dal. Lack AW.. 44H *4* Pacific Mail .... 14'; 14 V
Del A iliitl Canal 35,'.; 35* Panama 121V 122V
Adams Express. 107 l?r7S; Plttstmr* A V W 90 V |Ont.
American Rx ... 4t?V 81) quicksilver.. 1(1*; 1|C
? 47., 47X Vaicksilrar prof. 82* 34*
Wells, I A CoLx US* DO St L A Iron Mt . lsV 14*
Ef'u Hp; 18?; St L. Kan C,t N 0*J (l?.
Harlem |40>, 144
Han A fit Jo 14 14*
. . 6*;
St L.Kan CAN pf 25 i
I'llloii Pacific... ?i
llari .V .St Jo prof 34 34V Western un Tel! 95te
Illinois Central.. 78 70* Walmsli 21V 21?J
The total sales of stocks at tho Board to-day aggre
gated 184,627 shares, which were distributed as fol
lows:?Western Union Telegraph, 31.200; Pacific
Mail, 400; Erie, 8,300; Lake Shore, 20,000; Union
Pacific, 3,000; Illinois Central, 280; Northwestern,
7,500; do. preferred, 14,350; New Jersey Central,
3.150; Rock Island, 1,134; St. Paul, 6,650; do. pre
ferred. 10,973; Wabash, 700; Chios, 660; Lackawanus,
52,050; Morris and Essex, 13,570; Hannibal and St.
Joseph, 425; do. preferred, 800 ; 0., C. and I. C., 1,150;
Delaware and Hudson, 3,830; Kansas and Texas,
Money on call waa easy at 3 a 3>, percent, with ex
ceptions st 2 a 4 per cent. The following wero the
rates of exchange on Now York at the undermentioned
cities:?Savannah. buying at par, selling at V ? V
premium; Charleston easy?buying par a 1-10 pre
mium, selling V a 3-16 premium; New Orleans,
commercial?{, bank V; Ht. Louis, par; Chicago
firm?buying 1-10 discount, selling 1-10 preinlnqi, and
Boston, 25 premium. Foreign exchange was firm and
higher, rates having been advanced to 4.821; for
bankers' sixty-day sterliug bills and to 4.87 for de
mand. Actual business was at cnncssaions. Gold
opened and closed at 100 v, selling In* the Interim at
100 V- The Clearing House statement waa i?
Currency exchanges 337.289,015
Currency balances 6,590,030
Gold exchanges 0,378.383
Gold balances 763,298
?and the gold elesringa at tho National Bank of the
State of New York were:?
Gold balances $930,000
Currency balances 933.0C3
field clearings 11,210,000
Government bonds were quiet and firm and q|osed
steady at tbe following quotations:?
United States sixes, 1881, registered.
United states sixes, 1881, coupon..,
Unitisl Htates sixes, 1866, new, reg..
lniitncl stilt cm MixctM, 1h?7# coupon....
United .States sixes, 1808, registered..
United States sixes, 1808, coupon...
fT*.t 4 I Ui II Itl.t 4ttit #..UA! A m
United States 4*'V 1891, coupon....
United states fours, 1907, registered!
United States fours, 1907, coupon.
Loudon advice* report a lower market, consequent
upon unfavorable uews from the North. Consols
Closed at 94 V a 94 V for mouey ami 94*; a 94 V tor tho
account, a decline of ?4 per cent as compared with
yesterday. United Htates bonds are unchanged at
lu0?4 for 4>?'?, 108,V for fives, 108*, for 1807's and
103 V
107 *
104 v
99 V
? loo?;
110 for ten-fortlesi. Erie declined %, to 18%; Illinois
Central %, to 78%, and Pennsylvania %, to 33. Erin
preferred wee unchanged at 32 and Now Jersey Cen
tral at 30. New Jersey Central consul, flrat# were
down 1 per cent from the last reported salu, being
quoted at 73. Bar silver la selling at 50%d. per
ounce. The rate of discount in the open market for
three months' bills la 4% P?r cent. At Paris rentes
are steady at 112f. 63c.
State bonds at the Board were 2 per cent higher for
Virginia plxcs, consols, second series; 1% percent
higher for Louisiana sevens, consuls, and >4 lower
for Tennessee sixes, new series, to which dealings
were confined. In railroad bonds the largest trans
actions were in Donvqr and Bio Orande firsts, which
advanced to 92%, a rise of 1%; the next largest trans
actions were in Missouri, Kansas and Texas consoli
dated assented, which advanced to 33, a rise of 1 per
cent. The other changes were as follows:?Jta ad
vance of % in Wabash firsts (tit. Louis division, ex
matured coupon), % In St. Louis, Kansas City and
Northern real estate sevens, of 1890, and % in North
west gold sevens. There was a decliue of X in Jersey
Central firsts, consols, assented; X in Wabash seconds,
ex coupon, and X in New Jersey Central adjustment
bonds. In 10 per cent Investment shares Harlem was
quoted 140% bid; New York, New Haven and Hart
ford, 153 bid and 137 asked, and Rock Island sold at
118% a 118%.
The closing prices of Philadelphia stocks were
Hiil. Asked,
City sixes, new 115 116%
United Railroads of New Jersey .... 129*4 130
Pennsylvania Railroad 81 % 32
Rowling Railroad 11% 12
Lehigh Valley Railroad 35%. 35%
Catawissa Railroad (preferred) 33 34
Philadelphia and Erie Rfillroad 0% 7
RcliuylkJU Navigation (preferred).... 0 7
Northern Oeutrul ltullroad 13 14
Lehigh Navigation 14% 14*4
Pittsburg. TltUHVille'and Buffalo.... 4*4 4%
Hustonville Railway 10%' 10%
Central Transportation 42% 43
The sales of mining shares at the New York Mining
Stock Exchange were;?
100 ?h? Hnckeyo 55 SIX) *h* Gold Placsr.bc .27
Ilk) lishlonegu b:*) .15 2U> do ac bJU .27
1UD do ...1)30 .15 3IIO Kossuth 33
500 Flmllnv 05 KDMoom) ?3 4.70
5<IO do '....*3 .115 100 do *3 4.70
5UO do *60 .05 100 do *3 4.70
100 do h3 .05 100 do bOO 4.D5
41') do k3 .05 20Mexicnu >30 .20
1U1 Gold Placer be .20 lOOpkir slO .32
100 do 1)C s3 .20 21B Trio sS .45
100 xhi Bar A Ed be .OK ) ah* Gold Placer.*30 .23
2tio l>aUiousga..bc b.'K) .15 500 do c .23
100 do be bOO .15 500 do c .23
UK) do be 1)3 .14 500 do. e .23
200 Laeroane bee .33 loCnnsol Yirgiuia.... 7%
500 do be s3 .:S3 500 Fiudley 00
500 do be .34 500 do .03
3UO do be .34 500 do 00
2<K> do be .34 500 do b5 .00
300 Gold Placer. ...be c .25 200 do. 00
50O do be 0 .25 10 Iadepoudunce..bc e 1.25
100 do be *30 .25 ltK) do ac 15*)
400 do be .25 20o Moose. 4.75
51s) do be 1)80 .20 100 N Y A Colorado.?30 1.45
100 do be .25 100 do s?) 1.45
3U> do be .25 1UO do *30 1.45
101) do be blO .20 100 do ?3U 1.46
500 do bHO .27
THI11D CALL?2:30 P. X.
5 she Bullion..be *10 5% 2<xi ?li* Phidlcy 00
5U) Bor A Kdith.be bJO .00 IOOO do 06
5<K> Dablonettn 14 IOOO do 00
50 Couaol Virginia.lie 7% louu do. 00
10 do be *30 7% 500 do s30 .06
UK) Moose bo 4.75 ltJOO do s3 .U7
lODNavuJo be .56 1000 do 07
100 do be bOO .60 5UU do 07
IIJU KohhuiIi 35 500 do "7
500 Liicrosso ac b30 .35 0<X) do. 07
1UOO Kind ley 00 loo do ac .08
300 do 00
The opening quotations of mining shares in San
Francisco were;?Alpha, 8%; Alta, 6%; Belcher, 4;
Bust and Belcher, 17%; Bullion, 4%; Caledonia, 2;
California, 9%; Consolidated Virginia, 7%; Chollar
Potosi, 35; Crown Point, 4; Consolidated Imperial,
>4; Gould A Curry, 7%; Hale A Norcross, 10; Jus
tice, 4; Julia, 2%; Ken tuck. 4%; Mexican, 33; Ophir,
36; Overman, 9%; Savage, 9%; Seg, Belcher, 20;
Sierra Nevada, 40; Silver Hill, 1%; Union Consoli
dated, 40; Utah, 14; Yellow Jacket, 11%; Ex
chequer, 3.
And the closing quotations were:?
Alpha 8>i Hale A Norcross.... 10%
Alta 5% Julia Con 2%
Belcher 4% Justice 4
Best A Belcher...... 17% Mexican 22
Bullion 4% Northern Belle 9%
Caledonia 2 Ophir 34%
California 9% Overman 9%
Chollar 35 Raymond A Ely 8%
Consol Virginia ..... 7 Savage 9%
Crown Point 4 Sierra Nevada 39%
Eureka Con 35 Union Consolidated. 40
Exchequer 3% Yellow Jacket 12
Gould A Curry 7% Bodie . 12%
Grand Prize 8%
The gross earnings of the Burlington, Cedar
Rapids and Northern Railway Company, for* the
week ending November 30, 1878, were $40,220 88; same
week last year, $37,752 72; increase, $2,474 16; and
the gross earnings of the Burlington, Cedar Rapids
and Northern Railway Company, for the month end
ing November 3(V 1878, were $129,494 46; same month
last year, $138,985 26; decrease, $9,490 79.
The earnings of the Chiougo, Burlington and
Qulncy Railroad for the month of October were as
Grots Earnings.
1878 $1,368,348 43
1877 1,290,113 89
Increase. 1878 $78,234 04
1878...." ..$769,789 54
1877 *. 591,691 34
Increase, 1878 ;$168,09H 20
Net Earnings.
1878 $608,558 89
1877 098,422 55
Decrease..... $89,80:1 00
The imports of dry goods at the port of New York
for the week ending this date were $1,029,008, and
the amount marketed $962,870. The total Imports of
dry goods since January 1 were $70,771,892, and the
total amount marketed $71,024,977.
Fbiday, Doc. (, 1878.
fftOOO Mo, KtTci.d 62* lia?)?h? Dal, L A W... 44*
150U0 do 52* iai?J da. 44*
liana. do 52* 2UUO do ?r,
2UUUO do 52* t*aj do 44*
SUOO do .S.. 5a 4<aiO do 44*
do 53* UIU do 44
liaajo iUh 53 300 do 44*
SUUOBoa 11 A E 1st.. 3<i 200 do 44
9UUU t.CKl N l?t.. 08* TOO do 44*
41 a A) do OH 200 do 44*
aUUO do ? US* 4UI do. 44*
UoooO.O A I CUd.... 1H 4<ai Ito 44'!
2000 Don A Bio O Ut 02 100 do 4l*
auuuo do 02k 1500 44*
13<??? do 02* a<JO 44;..
11 MX) 021a 700 do. 44*
ISO JO do Ml* 100 do 44) ?
160110 do 1H1?? l(JO do W 441!
HUU do K2* 2U> do...... 44?:
MaaiTAWl.StLd.xnic ss* !Vio 45*
2>?JO do 8H* 2110North,voatorii 47'.
7UOO do 8** 2(aj do ..... 47*
loo aha i'aclllv Mall... 14* 400 do 47*
?J?iControl of X J 27* liai Xorthwoatoiu prof 77*
WW Del A lludaon 35 100 do. olO 77'.
2IJO do VM 30O do 77*
400 do 35 IHdC,C.Ul) aS ?l
9UJ do 34* 50 (Id 11
liai 35 ?a> Union I'ueUlu 651
m>l do .?3 35 11X1 do..
201) Waatvru Union.... 145* 300 do..
1UO do Mo>, 200 do..
?cilla...?3 0.5*
siio do". i*-;* uuuoatpH^i,asti
100 do U5* 2* JO do Vila
100 d K6* 2m do 3.5$.
400 do U3* lull 8t I'anl prof 73
900 Rrlo Hallway is* 5oo do TJW
100 do 13* 4tW do 731
100 Ilttnola Control.... 75* 1S00 do 73
liaiO.C, CAI 31* 5o St L, knn C A X... 0*
1M 32 25 do u't"
HU> Lako Shoro 08* SUU Ohio A Mlu 71!
100 do I"*, IS Hock Inland lis*
200 do OH* 10 Chi, llnr A Qnincy lli>?,
llaa) do ?IU 2iai kau<na A Texan... 5*
liaai do ???i lno do *3 .-,5*
37iW do tei liai do .. b3 tl
ia?> do tus* 2<ai Morel? AKaaa*.,.. 7l>*
Ha a! do ??? ?kW do 71,i*
liai do e 00 5ia? do To'I
100HtLAHri?tpf..?ll Hat do...., TiAt
2MI0t I, Jt rt t prof ... 4* 4U) do 7ti
100 do 1.3 4* 4?W do 71M.
liai Dot, lawk A W.... 44.* 11 a) do 711
2iaaj do 45* liXI do >:l 7sV
2taX) do % 45 3UO do 70
10:15 A. M.
fraaaiu S3?. ?Hi.r.... nai* |U30( a i u 8 5-208 r,'?7. H.3
llKWU H5.aor.-A7.bu HKlta ikaal I S O'o.HMOc be 1U7?4
.Mail's 4* 0,'Ol.lM KM* ttMl U S 4* e. 01. bo KM*
10UW U 8 l>'?, cur 120
, FIRST I10AUP?10:30 A. M.
fnnriOLa7 ? ?ou 73k 14 alia Erie pf ......be 3fl*
UUaiXCire, AplAOct 10* 100 Mich Oon........be tilt
HUUT01111 d'a, 11 Mortoa 2H* 12iaiLakuSaMSo.be Hit1.
iwaai Va ii'm,c,2iI acrloa 41 1MJ0 110
?jiaaai X J Con lit, c a. 7n* Hiai do
21 *JU X J Can adj Inla. Ml* I DUO do do*
liaai ho* -u*i do tini2
loaj An. 1) In. Co 7'?. 40* 2UO L'alon PaclUc l.o <155.
a?aai Mil A St Fs 121* IIU do b3 (M
10UU MAStl'Ut.LnCd liai* 2HO do (MY
12?a*l Mil A Ht I'.c, ? f. K*l* 100 do ?3 ?.',*
liaaaiClilcAXW c c it b 108* Kio do mmT
5i ?*5 .In lirj* IOO do h3 ?16*
12irai .h> 1< 12* KMCIct* Htta, tf . hc S3
taaai Win A St P lit.. KM ftODCW* A XW...l>c.b3 47?<
liaai M A Laaox let. c SO 41*1 do 47*
liaai Deu A Klodlat. 02k 1UO d.. 1.9 47*
51 a *1 ir.'* 150 do 47*
9000 Long Dock bd?..liO* siaj do 47*
liaaici. v A Tol n b<U Kw* laai 47s,,
jrjuo trie, 5th mort. . ltai* noo do 47'*
faaai Mo, k A T,c, n.. 52* Maioblc A SWpf...b? 77*
nraaix V Con, latin, e 1211* liai do 0 77*
5iaaj Canada So lat, K 7..* ISijo do IT,
251 a JO do .o3 73* 100 do d 77'a
auuiiOlilo A Mlac, c nil* IMa) do 1,3 77*
500U do ....alO 10l>4?000 do b3 77*
lu*)C P lat, C A O b. 93% 430 Con of N J b<' 27',
JKki I'ou I'm- laud g.. 93 ltX) d<i ?3 27*
2<**> Union Pac 1st t>3 107% H*? du 27''
***) Union Pac lst.hS 10TV Km do 27"k
200O J'nlou Pacific > f 103% 237 Chic A Rock J ..be 1 i?%
4UXJ Pacific of Mo lot 104% 200 do 118%
C A I C 2d.... 1H 45o Chic, Mil k St P.be :&Vt
1WOO do 18% 14(10 do
lOOiOT k W Ut, xc ... lUO'T 100 do W.Jg
fiimo T4WI.HILd.xnrc 88% 14UO C, M A 8t P pf . be 73
5000 do, 88% do 73%
3UXlTAW24,*o... 77% 1173 do 73'f
1000T ft W con e. * e 39 1<?> do ?10 78'i
1000 Ut W Ut. '88,X0lO5)i WW do 78'J
2<XX) (it W2d. x c 77% (**> do 73%
10UO Naah.C.kSl L Ut 101 :*?) Wabnsli be 21
2U008tI.,lC0 A.\re7,'flo 88% 4CK) Canada Ho be 39
2*>*h? (in k T Bank... 2"7 2<> Pitts Ft W k t', g. 100'X
A'< Am Kx H?nk loo 7t*t Del, Lack A W. be 44 ,'
fit) Aiu Kxpresa 5o IHtlt * do 44',
37 U 8 Express 47V ??**} do 44 J
5 do 47', 01*1 do 44M
30 Del k Hud Ceil..bo 33% 22<*) do 44%
3??? do 33 7t*> do 44 I
11*1 do 35% 300 do a3 44',
1IJO do *3 35% 1200 do 44J,
200 do :U% 450MorrisAEsaux.be 70
100 Am Diet Tol be 20 U*> do c 70
8(X> West I'll Tel... .bee 85V 21*1 do 7*%
10(O do M5?J 7(*? do 78%
if*iu uo ;.. tn;t Itat at to-,
1100 do b3 96 1(*1 do *3 78V
11 *1 do 96% H**l do 78 V
11*1 do 99 41X1 do 78,'J
1<*1 do !WVi 2t*) do 7?
11X1 do 99% OtXl do 79%
1UO do 96%' 28 do 79%
71*1 do. b3 99% ltX) do ?3 7l>
lull do (*>*, 31*1 St L, I M A 8.. ..be 13%
4i*l do b3 !*'?!, U?) Kansas Pacific..bo 11
3t*l do MOM KAl Mo. Kan A T.be.b3 9'^
21*1 do 90% 300 do
5IW do
11*1 Hon A St Jo pf
2nnPacific Moll. ...he I4*J 900 __ do ,.... ... JW
22 ) N Y Cult A llud.be 112%
103 Erie be.bJU 18'J
BEFORE OA LI*?18:10 P. M.
$6000 La control........ 73?, 3l*)*hs Northw'n pf.sS 77%
do b3U 74 450 do 77'
do 73V 3UO do 77'
lUtXt NW cou 0, g bds. It>2j, 11*1 _ do_. b3 77'
1<*?> do 1(|2% 11*1 Morris A Essex.... 78%
4(*X10hio A M 2d. .1)3 73 2<*> do ?3 78%
S(X*IH llort A K let.. 30% It*) do 78
6tX)ON Y Elevated lat 97 112 8t Paul 3.7'
12t**i Bur. llilM lat 98% ll*? do 3o%
?**> do 98% 2008t Psul pruf b? 73M
21**1 Oront W?M 2d... 97 3l*t 73",
lot I aha Do! A Hail.. *3 :?*) do.
11*1 do. u3 35 100
100 do 34% 100 do a3
.1.. <U?? 145 Ohio A Miaa a3
ion 34*2 uiohioAmi**. as ??i
3(*1 Weatcru Union..Ml MO 3i?t do 7%
out do a3 u.j; 50 Ohio A Miaa prof.. 15%
3(X> do 95% 100 St L. K C * N pf. . 24',
2500 do 06% 11*1 do 21%
TOO do. U5?: 70 do 24%
000 Lako Slioro Mi 00', 200 Ilan 4 St Jo prof.. 34'4
000 do ?3 99% 100 do.......T 34
200 do 09'i 41*1 do 33%
5 Illinola t'outial.... 70 l(jl*l Del. Lack <k Woat 44'4
300 Union I'acittc 03V 2700 do 44'i
400 do ??Ja lt*l do h5 44
100 do b3 00 141*1 do 44
11*) Contral of N J...a3 27V 500 do 43V
100 do 27', H(*> do 4-1
200 Nortliwoatern a3 47*, ,K*) do b3 44V
100 47Si 2t?l do 83 44
l(*i do... 47V, loo do 44%
300 do 47*1, 700 do 44
1:31) P. M.
$10000 US 5-20, c. 1867 106 $10000 C S S's, r. 1881. U?V
80000 UH 5 a, 1, 1881.be 11M*? 4000 U 8 4?,'*. r, Ul.bc 104V
8-30 P. M.
f ioouo U 8 5-20, C, 1867 106 $1(X**1 US 5'a, r. 1881.. 100.V
0000 do b3 106 1IXJ00 US 4V'8, c, 18M1. 104'4
93000 La 7'a, con 73V 700 al>8 Lake S A M So. Ci>,\
3000 Bur, C It AS lat 08'J 4'*) do fit"*
21*10 do be (WJi 10o 111 Central be 7t).'4
5000C.Rfi Ptrix'lf.r 111" 201 Han A St Jo.... .be - -
OX*) AttiDilnip 7'i,a* 43 100 Union I'uelflc.be b3 HI)
2tXJO Winona 4i8tl' 2d U4 11*1 do 65V
lautO MIch Cent 7'h.... IIOV 21*1 do. 60V
2UU) L Sliora lat cu ra 113 500 du ('*1'-,
K*X) North Mo lat l'KlJi 2i*l do t>3 6tl'a
11**1 do 107 2U0Chi A Xorthwost.be 47V
a?xic. C*IC2d ... 18 4IX1CU1 A SW pf....bc 77M
21*X*) 8tL A Iron M lat llA'ia ?>(? do 77%
1(X*1 Alt A T If 2dpf. 78 100 do T7'4
?***) Ohio A M cn..alO IOI ?*) du 77V
25UW1 Union 1'aciUc lat 1(177^ .'tOChl A Hock I....be 118'4
1000 do HH 21X1 do ItsV
100 aim Am Expreaa.bc 41?7g 1U) Chl.JI A St P.bc b3 3.-.,V
10WellaFuraoKx.be 09 200 do b3 30
TOO Pa Coal 140 100 Chi, M A StP pf.be 73
100DelAUudCanl.be 35 51*1 do 73%
TOO do 35% 100 Wabaah be 21%
150 At A Pac Tol.,.. be 29 21*1 .do 21V
700 WeatomCulon. be i?5?f 71*) Dol, L A W. .be ?30 43
do 43%
11X1 Pacific Mail 88..be 14V TOO do
5 N Y 0 A Hud B..be 112', 400 Mo. Kan A Tex..be
2:80 TO 8 P. M.
31*10 do 1U1V 300 do 118;
1UXX1 Ohio A Miea 2d.. 73 100 Wabaah 21 %
4U00 AltonATU 2d pf 77 2U0 8t Paul a3 3'.%
60UO Don A Rio G lat D1J? 11X1 do :.5%
5000 do.... 01 5C*> du 35%
5(X)0 do... . 90V 100 8t Pun I pf. 73'4
7a..b3 110*J 300 do 73*,
4(*1 Northwestern 47% It*) 8t Louis, K 0 A N 9%
100 du b3 47% 2(K) St L, K C A N pf.. 25
ltX) do 27? IOO do 11
300 du 27',
tore, IUr. a 17c.: Ceylon, 16e. a 17r.; Mnraeaiho, fa'-c.
do 44%
do s4 44%
do **'*
do 44%
1U1 do c 4-1'4
2U)StL A 8au P....be 3%
50 du 3%
21*) HtL A 8 F lat pf.be 10%
400 Morria A Eaacx..bc 78%
100 do a9 7s%
201) do 79%
100 do a4 79%
200 do 79%
2U0 Erie be 18% tXMJ do t!%
200 do 18% 51*) do 6%
200 do 18% 200 St L.KC1N. ..bo 6%
100 do 18 V 21*) do. 6%
1400 do 18% 5 Ohio A Mia* ....be 7%
II*) Harlem pf be 142 82 Ohio A Miaa pf. .be 15%
2100 L S A M So..bc b3 09%
$3000 Mo.KAT ron.asa 52% 100 aha N J Central... 27%
15000 M o,K A Texan 2<1 17% 100 do 27%
ltXKX > U11 iou Pac l*tb3 108' 21X1 Rook I aland 118%
500o Ohio A M c..*iO 101 182 do 118^
lOOUO Mich Cen
12 alu Adatns Expraa 107 100 du 73%
600 Wealeru Union.... 96% SOU do 73%
100 du 99 400 do *3 73
600 do 90% TOO do b3 73%
ltXlO do 90 200 Han A 8t Jo 14
700 do 95% 25 do 14%
100 Del A H udeon... *3 33% 100 Del, L A Wo.tu . *3 44 %
200 dot 3.)% 1300 do 44%
fldtfl V-laa llallumti * 1NIZ NX) rin aft 44%.
SuuErle lUUw?y....:. IHjZ du s& 4-1 ^
200 du. WX) 18% 2U0 do ur*3 44%
100 Lake Shore....JlO 69% 1'*) do aft 44
300 do 69% 200 do .. .*30 43%
900 uo tXHa 200 do *30 43%
75 llltnoia Central... 79% 20O do.
100 Pitlaburg 82?, 2)*) do., 44%
10>1 Union PaciUc 69% 2000 do 44'.
100 do .. ......... 66^ 18l?l _ do ............ 44%
?100 do 47% loo Morri* A Estox.... 79
SOU do 47% 400 do 7t<%
llliO do.'?.'. 47% 100 do 78%
ItiUO Northwestern pf. 77% 1200 do 78%
4400 do bS 77% 300 do 78%
121*) do 77% KM) do 78%
100 N J Central c 27% 12l?) 7s%
11*) do 27% i:*0 do 78%
IOO du 28 loo 8t L A 8 K lat pf.. 10%
Friday, Dec. 6?6 P. M.
Bueltiena has been fair in nearly all departmental of
trade during tlie pant week, but eepccially aetiro in
none. The movement in brcadatuffa baa not beeu nearly
?o active aa during almost any week for. two or three
month* back, yet a fair business Use bean done nev
ertheless. Priest hsvc fluctuated, owing to combi
nstlons or reported combinations st the West to con
trol the market, but, after all, tbe demand for export
Is the great regulator, and will control priccsain tljo
future as In the past, navlng, perhaps, for brief pe
riods during which the speculators manage to as
auino coatrol and mnnipulaM a "corner." Corn linn movod
slowly in the absence of all speculative combination*. Gut*
liavo ruled pretty steady all through tlie wook. To day
a fair trado was dons In all the leading prod
ucts at pretty steady vuluoa. Ga 'CUaiago flour was
quiet. Wheat was Arm for winter, but qniot. '
Corn was steady. Oat* war* tinner. Barley was qalot
Whiskey wsa Armor. Pork wsa quiet and weak and lard
was dull and lowur. Cotton on tbe spot was 1 life, lower.
Futures closed weak. Groceries remained qulst. Navsl
stores, oil* and petroleum wero slao qolet.
Annas ruled quiet at 4%c. a 3c. for pota aud 5%'o. for
AsTtsusr was Irmly held at 12s. a 12%c., gold, for rog
RrkswxI wsa qulst at 27e.
Corrxx.?The market for Rio was quiet and %e. lower
Hale* were 2.1*14 bags Utu. axjlotnuou, and S(*l bags do.'
as Pascal, both us private terms; at Baltimore, 890 baga
Rio, as Humboldt, sold on private terms. Mild eolTee was
quiet. Sales ware 263 baga and 248 package* Mexican,
bags per city of Vera Crua, packages per City of M?rida>
price private. Wa quota t?Ordinary cargoes, 1 le. a ll%c.;
fair do., 14c. S 14%c.; good do., 14%e. a 14\e.; prime da,
15%*. a 15 %s.; extreme range fur lata. I Ic. a 17%o.; Kanfa,
fair to good, 14%e. a 14Vs., gold, O) days; Jara. govern
ment bag*. 22%r. a Etc.; do., grass mat* 23c. a 24c.; Minga
19%e.; Laguayra. Ifc. a l?e.; Jamaica. 14c. a Irtc.; t<? Do
mingo, ll%?. a 12c.; Costa Hlra. Ifte. a 18a,; Mexican, 13c.
lo%e ; Angostura, 19c. a 17a; Havanilln, 13c. a I7c.;
Curaena. I8%c. a 14c.
Coorxstux. Stuck was steady. Mo qnotoMola**a*
shook*. :cMnrb with heads, $1 93 a $1 tg); sugar shook*,
with heads, 38 Inch, $2 a $2 JO, do do. SU inch.$l 4<i r
$1 71); tin* shook*. 30c. afloj,; rutn do.,$4; pipe do., $9
*19 30; empty hog?heqd*, M hoops, 14 foot, ordinary t
prima, #.i:"lV*35 r d o. ,"l 2 fee t, do, 828 ,$*) por.M. 40
t'ori'xu was flrm at 19c., cash, for lake, but rerv quiet.
t'oMDAUK wa* atoaily. Wa quote:?Manila, large and
mnall *l*e, per lb., 1 l%c. a 12%c.; do., cordage, boll rope
yarns. I4e. a 17c.; tarred Manila, 12c.; Hisal rope, H%r. a
l(84c.; Rnsala, I7e.
("orrim on the spot wa* 1-I9c. lower and weak at the
tier Una. Trade waa moderate. Liverpool cAino l-32d.
cheaper for future* hut spot* were .unchanged. Katura*
opened 1 a 3 point* lower and rln*od * oak and 4 a 3 point*
lownr for the ilay. The closing prices to day, compared
with ye?terda|'a, wore a* follows;?
T Aereing, IhrrttJitrb fVMty, Itrrrm'vr 6.
Dscsmliar 9.93 a 9,66 Dooembcr 9.01 a 0.(U
January........ 9.14a 9.13 January U.lda ?
February 9 25 a 9.29 February 9.22 a ?
March. 9.37 a 9.38 March 9.34 a ?
April 9.30 a ? April 9 49 a ?
May M.tU a 9,?t May 9 38* ?
June 9.72 a 9.73 Jnn* 9.98 s 9 99
July 9.82 a ? July 9.77 a 9.78
August 9.87 a 9.89 August 9.83 a 9 85
?Sale* *f spot cotlon >?
7b /My. LaM t.rralap, JtJrK.
Cohsnmptlon 307 120 A27
In trxnslt. ? $V) 33<)
Totals 31)7 470 777
?Delivered on cnntiact 700 bats* yesterday. Current
price* of -pot cotton ttlie following quotations are baaed on
Americau standard of classlflcatluB, aud on cuttuu lu slot*,
running in quality not mora than hall a grade above or bo
low .ho graio quotod)^ g ,f
ft.*. Vw? i\?
Strict ije^oixiiiiury 3 6-W ? W-W ? 13 16
*"duiuf.idii.*Aw ,^19
jfy; B ?? g ?
Istain^-C'io.V' o'rdlnaey',' 7'te.: .trial good ordiaury,
71; low middling, 8J?c-: middling. 8)4c. 'orf, , .V
livery llio "iilu* were a* foll???;-Vw.tertliiy uftor two P.
M ?ftocuiuher, 8UO bales lit 7c., UUU ut ? ? ; J * \
ii.u'ic.; Juunary, **??> at 9.itte.. 2.490 at 9 I5e..HUB at V}4e.
February, B?)al 9.28c., I.?"? "? 9.27c., ifri'l'
March, **) ?t U.3Mr., 1,900 at 9.8dc..??*< at J-)?' . Al,r
1,3(10 at o.51o., at ft..Vk- ; May. ?'"'_>?? at
9?2c ' Juno, 1.3t*> at 9 74ea 'Jl*' at H-<dr- * , i
t. H4o., 2'?'?t ?>?-?>? Total, li mo hula. To-day up to two
I' M.December. 1,3U> baie. at U'UJ>'-' 11 ^ *l., i,,t
It'jo ubort uotlre) HHb. at lie.; 1,400 at tic.. 100 at 9.01c., *?
at 9.02 c., 1?? at 9.01c.. 5t? at '
I It*) at 9 12c 4(JOatU.llc.. i.40O at 9.10c., 1 000 Bt 0.1U-,
li)O al il-Je"^i,UJO at 9.UBc.\ suo at a IOC.. 6U) at tM*..
5utI at 9 ltlc. JOO at O.llc., lt*> at 9.U0C..SU0 at 9.10c.. 2i?)
at 9.<Mc., HOO at 9.10c., 5UJ at tl.lla.UOO at 9.10c. :
ary. 00)at 9.24c., SOU at 9.23c. 1,4*?> at O"1
0 23c..8oo ut 9.21c., 1.000 at a22c., 800 at, 9.-3c., at
9 22c., t**) at 9.23c, HlS* at 9.22c.. V*) at 9 21c., 1 ,?<?.at
922c., 900 at 9.21c , 2,?0O at 9 22c. ; March, TOJi at ?-**.
1,000 at 9.34c . 2 -KO at 9.35c 2,0?>at 9.84c.. SW'atO-^j
71 HI at 9.34c.. OOO at 9.33c , 3t?> at 9.32c., 1.000 at O.B3c.. 701
at 9.34c . raw at 9.33c., 1UI at 9.34c.. 700 al ?.J,lt ,
9.34c.. l(3o at 9.35c.. 4110 at 9.34c. ; April, 100 at 0.49e..??>
lit 48c. -MX? ut 9.-tie., 3UCJ At fl.49c\, 700 ul 0.45c., L A
9 48c iix) at 9.4f>t\, 2f.riO?) At 9.47c.; Mwy, 900 At 9.9Uc., 8* *J
at 9.59c., 1,000 ut 9.5Kc.. &W at ?-57?-. 100 at
9 58c ; Juno. 000 at 9.09c., 20O at ll.l?, o'?>
at 9217c., 200 at 9.t)8o.; July, 1UJ at J.79c., 2')
iht i) 78c 2tx> At 9.7t)c., 4tJ0 Ht H.?8c.; Ai?icu?t,
ata?6c. Total, ??a1a?. Or and OdAl, 77,U^ bjiUj.
Thu receipt" at thu pt.rta wurc a? fnllowc;?<?alyoiitou, 0.9t )
hafua: Sow Orlca.u, 22,745; MubUo. 6,(ntt; -Savau.iah,
4 4t?; Ohftrleston, 2,^01; frllni!iigtoii,?><W; ^ pi.tVjI.il
Baltimore,150; Now York, 1,923; noctou, 579; Phi adel
nliia 30. Vntat, 4H.232 hale". Tina duv laat week ? J ?
bale". Till" day la.1 yuar. 2?,005 balaa. Total cinoo Septet",
ber 1. 1,942,701 bale* Cotton ?rai?ht? eioaod aa folloWa ?
To Havre, by "loam, 11-llic.. coiuprc*?oa; by call, >">-?
To Hamburg, by .tt ani i.e.. eoutinc?.od. ro ?|rameu. .y
"team, ?af.. fontpre"?od; by vail, ,'ac. To Liverpool. 4u. a
9-32d., by ateani; by call,'ad.
liauuc AC?Optiiin waa Hrnicr. and ttitw hold at ?S 75,
cold iu bond, 84 so lor jobbilic lota, and 4*> 121b for I,ow.'
a. rod. rite lateat cablegram roporta tbu luaruot CtroBK Mid
advancing London, 10". Sbcllaca were-very lirnt but un
cltancod We 4uolc:-U. ?., 24c per lb.; V. S. I 2- c ;
diautoud IL, 23c.; diamond 1,22c.; irurnot. lHc.; tiit klui.
18c lliilulne waa (tuotod at .#8 U). Borpblue wac quotou
at 63 JO. Bochellu aalts were i|uiet at JHl?c. fttr burro'*
and 31 >,c. for boxoa. llluo vitriol waa quoted *l ?
tl'4c. ??'r ff f OmcttiU
A4 10 Iodide vrmn quoted at A* ?i V0,CK' '
vur quoted ut 4Hc , Kiild; California t|tiolctl at 41c., itold,
luiittiott. lit: 12a. Od. Alum?Lump waa quoted at Je. a 1 it?
Chlorate ?ota?li wai qimtod at 18c., K<>ld, lor cryetal, and
19c eoiu, for powdered. Tartaric acid waa uuotod ut
cold for cryaUl. ttnd 48e. a 49c. for powdered. Clt
rfcaeJi^anotod nt 59c. a ?*tc. Souoca root waa quotedi til
5uu utUe Ulnacue quoted at U5c. a jl 2o. Camphor waa
quoted at 20c. for refined. In bbla., on "pot < roam tartar.
waa ttrut and quobd at 31e., gold, tor American; 8l>?t. for
nowdored in bblaTuud 32.'4c- for dt... in_boxoa Alcohol
^v_Cbloroform and ether were quiet ut too. a 17c. fin the
former aud 55c. a tk'.c. for the lattor. Borax waa quiet; ro
fined cltv waa quoted at HSc. a 83^c. for bbla. andft^C. a9r.
fo *ca?ea Surguudy pitch waa quoted at ?c. a 7?. tiuar
auVwu* quoted ul 61 a 61 8U Muntta waa quiet ; quoVed
as B2o. for email. 75c. a 80c. for large and 34c. ? ? ?'
aorta. CuttlutiaU bones wero Brnt aud quoted at 15c. a Hn.
Balaam copabla waa quoted at 19c. a "2<tc.; beet Augoa
turn at 35c. Balaam tolu wita quotod at OBc. a 70c.
was Itruier; American quoted ut 25c., Spauleh ut #19 50 a
611 tialaugal tool w aa quoted atftc. a 9c. ftqullla *eto
uuiet at 7i?c. a 9c. Cod liver oil waa quiet aud quoted at
61 a 61 05 fur Newfoundland and 61 35 a 61 Do tor Not
weiriun. lUnibarb was qutol at uricea ranging troiu dev.
tojfl 10. CiUtger was quotod at 61">aC- a 20c.?or .luntalca
bioaebud. Carlionatu ummonlti waa quoted at lOSe. a 10c.,
gold, tiecordUtg to package. Baoda?i ha markat waa kouyr
ally quiet. We quote:?Canary, rtpaiflah. 62-??? Sicily,
62 15- Dutch. 61 7o: riutyrua.61 *15. lluiup?Buaaian, 61 4o,
Sinyrita, 61 40; douteatic, 61 25. Kapu?Uerman. W oO,
Kuultah 62 80; domealic, 62 40. t.?raway?Dutch, Brat,
7V do. totoitd, l?,c. \l u a turd?California browu 4e.,
vollow 7'ac.; yellow Lugllah, 7c.; llutch, 0,?c. h.rfu,,w"*
mioted' at 22c a 2.1c Cantotnile llowera wero quotod at
18c a '5e for tiorman a.td 21c. a 22c. for Boman. Swco
marloram vu quiet ut ltk- a 18c. Tone* boana wcroquoted
at 61 DO a 61 t? for Angoatura. Valerian root w?? quotedat
18c a 2t)c for Kngiiah and 12c. a 13c. for tieriiiau. ^ht'ch
waa quoted ut Oc. a it,V- Priteaiata poluah
23c. a 25c. Bichromate potaab waa quotod ut "V; (lam
bier waa quoted at 4*?c. a oc. butuac waa quoU-dT at two. a
95c. lMvfdivl wita quotod at $05 per ton. Uetillttu loot waa
uuiot at 3'Le. a 4e. Ca?aia buda w ero quoted at 34c. a3.i,?c.
Arnica Mowera quoted at 14e. Colombo root waa quoted at
?to a lttc tor whole and 14c. for powdered. Gum gedda waa
uuiotat ?',e. a I do. tale., lie. a II.Sc. Juuiimrbc.r
rioa were quoted at 2?4?. u 3c. tor eounuou, and 3c. a 3^0.
for ordinary Italian, orange pool wai qnijfc At tjc. Ji, to.
Venice turpentine wat* quoted At XUi\ t ujitiie noap Cojiitl
white waa quoted at 15c. a l5,Sc.; MaracUje* pure mottled
at L1 'uC a 12c\, gold, and do. contmou at 7 ,c. u7,ac., enr
wney' LicoHeo root waa quiet at front 7c. to 15c.
r..r "oleetod Licorice paste? t.aiubriu, 3Uc. w bpanlab,
bolid, 25c. a 2mc. gold; PlgnatelU, noue llere; ?jeaU
Gu/alliia 20c.; large (rttaailna, 31c. a 34c., P. a * ?
"iuall 2S>c.; Cerigliauii at 42c. E?"eulial oil" were in
moderate demand at late pricoH. Wo quoteOil bcM^a^
mot Sandoreou e. $2 du; oil lemou. Bandereou'e. 3o ?
62 ic ibiuaou'" Bnoel oil roeo, $7 60; uulae, 62 75; oil
75c . all gold; oil caraway, $1 25 a 62 SO; oil crotou,
61 so-'uil citrouella, 75c. a8f>c.; oil latrouder, 75c. a62, do.
LTiVtcmtm) 61?; Oil clove., 62 55 . 62 05; ell Winter
?eon fil l2>i; oil itwafrae, 45c.; oil of pennyroyal u.nni
5al uVlf a 61 25; oil of bay. $11. all currency.
1'xAIttKits were quiot, uud quoted Ut 47, ,c. a 48c. for
Prp^!?Tim market lor codfteh was quiot and without radi
cal change iu value*; ealee wore about 21A1 quiutuU at 64^-5
a 64 50 for Goorgo'e and 63 25 a 63 oO for Grand Bank,
u^t.ipol wore ituiut uud vaIuuh www wtill ui??rw ur lew uoiu
Macki^l were qu^miu extra. 618 a 6UD for
No 1 * ^35 fo'rr 2 aud 63 75 . 64 25 for No 3. Box
herring" wore dull at 21c. lor .e^led and 12c.
Portland "hero lierrlng wore quoted at $t A> a $4 jO aud
^.?^to^lour> 17.^bbl.;wh.at
i^h.UrUSati.'C?y? m5^do. ? har'ey.
II l?Vodci barley malt, 1,040 do. Klour wa? quiet. 1 bo
liie. iuciitdlng 9tutu. Wo*torn and Southern, wjn-c X6.2U0
t>bU 'within the uunexwd ranga Kyu !Wur wa? Arm, Willi
"ulea of 3U> hbi*. Corn tuenl rulod "to?dy. with aalos of 7.4)
withbi thu rauge. lfyo tva? quiot; 500btiehole lotato,
ou track. itt 37c.; W*e?torn qt.oted at 38>.c.a59c. Barley
aud malt wore dull. Wo quolo
- 3 WL)a 3 75
Supoi Bue State i*'!""."'.'.'. 3 9U a 4 15
Lxtra 4 25 a 4 .'i0
tihoico State g aria 8 (A
Superfine tV c.torn 3 HO a 4 10
Kxtra Western J Jg J J ^
KouuTi'i'oop Oiiio.'.bippii.g braud. 4 ?)a 4 24
Bound hoop Ohio, trado brande J BO a 4 ?o
Kun'i'y,,, JmS 4 Ss
City tuilU. iu). 4 so
ftt. Louib, low AXtfA.. 4 50 A 5 OU
St. Limit, low NtrAlffbi ??? J ~^ 2V
St. LouD, choice douhlo extra jSf SS
St. Louis, choice faintly J g ? ? ^
HyeHeur. :::::::::: assll siw
Southern No. J, 2 24 a 8 75
Siiiltliern 8 9(la 5 (W
Soutliorn extra 6uua B 50
Soutbcrii family j.. ., 7*
Corn tuual, W??torti. 4 ... ? ^
Gorn meal, white , ^
Corn meal. Jersey ,1 , o >14
Com meal. Brandy wine ? " _
iwb?rw? qulo"'"but' flriu for wliiiir^ TUo foltowing
wero the bMuWd a.ked price, at the "econd call :_i>ece.u
wero iue o ?^rd: do. January. 9Me. arted; No.
^.VtLvenliir WiimlAr. ?h. bid, 61 ? >2 asked; do.. Jan
unrv U8c hid,$1 tOJ* A?k?*t; do.,year,$1 pM,|l IX*ajikad;
Km?2 red' fi r DecemSer, $1 08 bid. 61 <?'? iwked; do., Jan
JJi'iii IJd fl nil*" askod; ho. 2 ambor. for Deeuni
ber56* Ufi bid. 6l' ?*> usked; do., January, 61 '*> hid, 61 t/T
l' I Tho Aldus mostly No. 2 it>d, for Dooflnibor aud Jau
uv.e bu.bel", including lUWU; bl?h
il. 'tor future delivery, at 61 ?1>. ? *\ ,H
gn ?? risl uurIi; 61 08 for do, for Doceniber,
at (*>!' for do for Januaey; 61 "8 for No. 3,
fJ T?i'??in liar "Pting 61 for No. 2 Mllwaukw, Vic. for
No's "Priug 61 ,IKS ? 6' ov for N". 1 white, and 6i?*?; for
So 1 rod t'orn ?u "leady. clo.itig at the "econd call a?
follows?December, "teatuer, 45'jC. nld, 451^0. asked, do..
No 2 4?l'.c. bid. 4V0. a?hed; January, steamer, 4oc- bid,
22; tdUd- do., *0. 3. 48c. \.ld. 48J4c. aaked; Kbru.ry,
|V. . iiitl 4lif uxkud * do,, No, a, 48c. old,
iirU??ked'. ' riio' sale, were hu.licU I)we,n.
ITr. "teenier, at 45V- a 44Ja?-. ^24,0211 hurts
"IlU. bu.hei'a at 46V-> *??' f',r -J"' -
4Hc for No. 2 white, 4.,'?c a 41V". No 8 mixed and
Ia c a 47c. for ungraded mixed. < hits decidedly .tronger
midLc t?i'?6-higher; demand good; atoek held with cou
ttdoueelu auticlpatbin of a further rlac W o quote sale, of
shout 18IUI1 bushel" within the fellow lug riutgo. L 11
,ll. 1% m xed rtl'se. to 82 So. i ungratled white, 8te to ?7c.;
ex trawbVt* nonil nal at 89c"; 'ha I white ; .No i do
8-tc ; Nil. 1 mixed, 31.Se. to 82c.; No. 2 do., aufce. to 31c.
*Km'iV?T'bere'was'a fair demand far foreign drle?l at late
..rblUi! We quote:-Now lay.r taUlna. 61 ?Ji now loo?o
vioseatel 61 w! new Valencia, 8c. a tij,;:. P?r Ih.; new ,ur
JLnu ai'r new citron, 13r,c.; new flgs. layer* 11c. * la*
Ilate* In frulla, 5SC. 6ruiil uula, bCc. Sardine*?guar
ter Ui'xaa, 11 Co.; half boxea, Hl^ ^rhey P^"1: ^
I1CJ7 4V.C. a 5e.; do., crop of 1878, .?>??.. a o^.c.. Bow
kVuu'ah nruaua. oc. a 14e Sholled alniorula, inc.; new
I.lo Waluttt" HVc. a 12c.; new Naplea do., lltqi-.: new
French do., 9c., ?W Sicily flllmrta, 8).c. a 8.V-; princert
U'!)kka"k.*?Sales wero 18,000Ibx yellow at 5*i?..a?d 17,(?)
'^Ov?C5u"n.-The market waa quiet. We quote :-0,',c.
for 1 is lb* Bi'sC. for 2 lb*, and 10.se. for J ., fb?.
HAY *3" Straw. -The market was generally 'l"let.^ Me
quote:?Prime ablpphtg hay S5c. a 40c.; retail, Ok., a 700.
kitriivw Loiiir ryo, 40c., And vkiurl fyu, *AHJ
IlK* r tl? Jtlit-Jute butt, warn quiet and steady, aa
wore also butt*. Wo quote?American tll"Ubie ?*?[*''
IiT-T "Inula drwaeed, 6180; undnwsed, $125 * 4l*l, Ku??la,
flein luifti WHhgold; Italian. 6J.t5aJ279.goM; Jala,
j. sitlr lute butt* 2V , currency, ca*h. and 2\c..enr
mn^nmi Manlll Immp.?,?. a 7c. 1 Sl?al. 4?4c. a Sc., ac
C,ir|orx-Pr"?lloi'i low and inotlliim gradei wcre lower. Tl'o
alihmtent" were Heavy, being 979 bale*. Wo .9
Yurk now crop, cbolcu to fancy, Mc. A Lhi. , f
t t ritnu 8c a l')c. i du. do., luV to fAir, ?5c. A 7c., KiwyPt
He alJc'; WesPwn. 1< tc. a^3e: yo.rllwg.4e. ?<9:ov
'._,t,? -j,. . :t,v ? Pacific coast hop*. 12c. a l.?c. rroia
Km met Weeka weekly hep circular;?Beeetpta ftir jlhj
week. 2,04" Pule"; total rvculpta *V'7 I^Ih77 ?1 710 em
??it*)^ total reeeipts for aanto period In 1877. 71.710. <x
m ? elrtrm.ee* fo! the week, 979; toWl export. ??"ce Son
U'liiber 1,18ft*, 7,812, total expotta for art* period in 187 J,
**??%> was firmly hold a? 64 a $4 12>4 for round Me
li s. - vvri*w 21e a itifvC.; do. ('AllforniA, Ailc ,
Hutinon j j , ? dmuiA^i'd Bniuva Aft*a,
JS?'- a iHi*..; poor damageo, all ?to?, ?c. a 16>ac.,
holfinV li>c. ** lUc * export and jobbiiitf UaIImAT, heavy, Lu..
* VieLAMrt.?Korelgn wae uuiet. Domeette wua In nrtder
ueinc iw.' i d" 'groce'y, ? a%k-, ; Krto Bleu. Jfm.
h :vrH;.'; KiiicHaH Uiaudi, 209. a iiOo.; New OtIaaii, now
C1'A1^Ht^lrt.-Ver spirit* turpeallne the market waa
uood 61 29. spirit* firm, 2UVc. tihl, 27c. asked Tar figta,
lirti Turrs ntlne firm; Iiar3, 61 A: ?"fl *nd virgin ?:. 8ft.
OIU.?Coltmieeed ell wae quiet uudcloaed at the c40lae
follow*: -Decemher, 48c. hid, 45r. aakod; "'?!",6rJrv/4J^f
hid 44lie, Aaked; February, 4Jk\ hid, 44?. waked; Mdlfth,
43c' hill, 44),c. asked; first half year, 42*.c bid, 4.1c ""h*"{
1 Jneeeti oil ruled firm. Me quoteLin?eed oil
Rim ixteto ? Oelcntta, HUo. a tK4c. Hpurm?'l-rndo, 1
MeAd.od wl..br ?l"?; natural. Irt- ( rude N.wthem
whale Oc.; do. Houthoru, 4Uo.i bleui-htql winter, ?a?c.?,
natural do , 406.; extra bleached winter whals.Mt-.
bleached winter eWphm.t, (KV.; winter bleaebed B.b, *??.
Cia.le ?el?-H..uBd,i*Jc ; Kaatern. *le. ...
picTBoi.xf*?The market wae dull, htrt nowilBAiiy ne
changed. Wt quotei-Crwde, l^barreU. 7*9. ?
naphtha, ; refined carg-o lota, Oc.; i-aaoa, 12c. asked
f'M- ordinary brand*; retinod, at Philadelphia, H/bc ; at J4al
tiuioru, Mr#c.
Rou?lfil?u>h report*:?uuitod ccrtiluatas foruda
nctrulouiii). New York. 2T,,tn*> bbU.; Oil <"Mtv, ?U. at
64>-c., K?,<*JJUu. utu'c . 2ti,0CN) do. at RVic., 56,000 do, at
d.OUU ?lu. at !#%?., iO,4>*? do. at UT^c.
lowest, kM^c.; ooauiiiK. ; cloatujf, -kid,
old. Total, Now York and Oil 4,'itjr oxchauit* a. li*7,?ssi hbl*.
PociTUV AM) Gamk?Gaud demand ami luir atipply. Wo
quoteTurkeys, 14c. a l?c. Fowls? Fhitadvlpliia. 12c. a
| tftc.: Ht ate an d Western, JOe. a IHc, Chickens?Fbiladcd
nhla, 15c. a l*i\;Htnto and Western, 12c. a 1 tic. Oooho?
Boston. IHc. >t 18c.; Philadelphia. 13c. a 16c.; Western and
rftatc, Be. a 12c. Ditckn? I'htladolphfa, ltk*. a 2tk*.; Statu
and WcHtern, 13c. a 16c. Louk Island, IHc. a 16c.; cancan
back, (U "m> a $J1 par pair. Teal?Groan wiiijr, 50c. pur pair;
blue wiug, 7oc. per pair; mill lard, 75c. a|il nor pair; wood
duck, Oihn per pair. Fbiladolphia squttbs, ^2 2". a $2 5Q per
doxou. Kugli?lt sninc, $2 50 per dozen. Woodcock. 75c. a
$1 nor pair. Stall rod pijuroon*, $2 per doxou. Quail. $1 5:)
a if 2 per dozen. Kcodbirds, 75c. a $1 nor do sen. Black
birds. 2<)c. a 46c.* per dozen. Guinea mwI, TSc. psr fdir.
Kabbits, SMJc a 4Uc. per pair. Whole deer. Mk\ a llic. per lb.
Saddles of venison. 16c. 4i 20r. per lb. lied heads, <5c. a
*1 25 por pair I'urtrldpes, #1 pur pair. Oronse, #1 por pair.
Piavi?iu(t,?Receipts?i'urk, I.I U bbl*.; lard, 5,tt77
tierces. n71 keps uiid IB3 esse*; rut luouts, 3.1H5 mckMfi;'
bacon, Ill) ticicrs and 2,387 JinAu., beef, 48 tierces, I hi
liblit tnd y,fH5 cwfti; Imof hums. 05 tierces ami 70 bids.;
dressed hops. 1212. I'urk vu quiet unrl weak: 225 bbl.. inc ..
sold at 87 (13, cu.li; 2(1 bbls. clear pork ut $Hi 75, mid P>
bliln. city family ui <W 30 a #8 75. The to I low I up were the
bid and asked prices nil ho second cullIlecoinbor, old
and MV.I711 ??kcd; .luiiiinrv. old. 17 3d bid, $7 45 asked;
do., now, 25 bid. #H asked; Vehrttury, old. 87 HO u-ked;
do., nuw.Si7VMd.fH75 asked; March, fn ??> Md, $h ?>
asked. Buenn was dull mid heavy. .Sales wero.Vltiercusclty
leap clour on private torin,, mid 50 boxei 8". 4e. at 4J<c.
Beef?75 bbla. sold on private terms. t'utiiiuut, wore ilult
mid lower, Sales were It),'**! lb?. pickled bellies, In Mm.
average, 5*4*.; l,(X*l fresh Iihiiih, 14 Iba. average, at ~|l,r '.
l,(**iThs. do. do*,' 12 Iba. average. (H.i'e.. mil !,(**> lbs trash
shoulders, 12 lb,. uvaruKO. at 2e Urc^soil lioir, worn 111 rlior;
c??y heavy to li>riil, Sjut*. a d'ac .aiid market jiiirs, 4J8c.
Lard wae dull aud lower. Salo, war* 1.2'UI tloner
Woatorn at fti U2>j, Jim do. city at He.; in*
tierce. No. I at M7.'a and 2,i**i tiorco,
rcfluori. for Conthicnt, at ^<1 42'8 fur future delivery tho
aalo, were 1,2.ra> tierce, January, at $HU6, and l,<*?t>do ,
Kebruury. at BU 1U ? BM l-la* Tho fnllowlliK worn the bid
ami naked price, at the aocoiid callLeeoiiiber, igj 27','
bid, $H "2>j uakod ; .lauuary, #11 U2.!, hid, $ii it"> uakodi kVo
ruary, $U lii bid, $H 11", naked; Uurcii,$c> if. bid, $ll 2ti aakud.
Hatter?Heceipta, 4.7H7 package,. The markut remained
iiuiot. We quote State, creamery, 2'ic. a 2Hc.; Woatorn,
24c. a 2Bc.; State, dairy, 13c. a 22o. J Weatern do., inc. a
17c.; Weatern, factory. 7c. a 14c. Cliooae?Keccipta, 11,222
boxoa. The market remained dull. \\ e quoteSlat*, fac
tory, fancy. He. a He.; Weatern do., poor to fancy, ". a He.;
Hkliumuil, do., lie. a fie. Euirt?Kccolpt*. HUi bhla. The
market waa utirhniitrcd. We quote ?I.oup Ialanrl, New
Jeraey and near by, *.Mc. a 2He.; St.ito and Peunaylvanla,
24c. a 2lic. , Weatern, fresh, 2dc. a 24c.; do., inferior, Id'Je.
l.r?'ic.; Canada, treali. 22c. a 24c.; do., iiifi-i ior, 14c. a 10c.;
limed, Stite, lef. a 17c.; Weatern. 14c. a Hie.
Kick.?TU? demand waa fair and tha market ruled Hteady,
We quote:?Carolina, fair to pood, V?e. a H'cu,; prime to
choice, tHjC. a 7c.; Leiitsana, l,c a l>',c.; Itaugooii, 2W*..
fold, in bond.
SPKLTBU waa oaay at $4 SH a fo 2S f*r dome,tie.
Stkauixk?Ueceipta?2i*J tlerr*oa and 12 bbla. The mar
ket Waa uctivur halo, wore HK1 tierce, city ut To. Uiid
lH.tKHlba, oh private term,.
Striate.?The luuikel for row waa ateady. Sules were 2<<l
hhda. Cuba at 7c and loH liUda. cuntrifliKal at 7>Bc. a TIJc.
Ueiiuud waa quiet and ateady. with a moderate supply. Wo
quote:?Fair reiliiiiiK, lifjc.; qood rutlulnp. 7c.; Cuha, cuu
trifuifol, hhtU. aud Imixos, No,. 8 to 12, 7l.tc. a 7;",?.; db.,
molaMea. hhd*. and boxea, Otxc. a *iKe.; i'orto Kico, reliti
Inp. common to fair, n'rc a t ',c ; do., do., pood to prime,
7c. a 7';ic.; reflned, atanrlard A, Hflc a H'jc.; off A, hi Jc. a
S.'?c.; cruahed, l''uc. a H,',c.; powderbrt, !''4c.; piminiated.
He.; off do.. a S*,c.; cut loaf, IHtc.; white extra O'a,
7,'sc. a 7?,c.; j allow extra 0'*, 0??c. a 7c.; other pradca, In
cludlnp O'a. 5'|,c. a U.J,c.
Tallow.?Kevelptr, 1 Ml bhla. Tho market waa quiot, and
quoted at 0'4c. for common to 6Jic. for prime. Salon were
2!S.<K*llhs. at t)',ic a ? 11-lBc. and ati.iXJti Iba. at tl,l4c. tl.'ic.
for common to prime.
Tin.?The market for pip tin was steady but quiet. I'late*
were in moderate demand. We quote?Baiieu, IHc. a llilje.;
Strait* aud .Molucca. IH!4c. a lti>ac.; Knpliali, lauib ami
Hup. lb'oc. a lh'ac.; do., rcliiied, lilc., all Bold; plutea.cliar
coal, Bp ifiu BO; icruc, <yi 37>x a B6 50; coke. d>'> a 2h;
do. teriie, $4 7it Br $f>.
Tobacco ?Sontucky loaf waa more actlyo, anil tho sales
were 8UO lilnls., principally for export, prices ranpinp from
3c. to lie. Seedlcat WO* quiet. The *alua were 4511 cases
l'enivsylvuulu, crop IS77, ut 10c. a 22c.; lWi caaea State,
crop 1H77, on private teruia; 12H caaca Wisconsin, crop
1877, ut 7c. a 14c., and 4i*> bale, Havuna at 85c. a $1 ill.
WiiiNKkr.?IiccoiptH, l.liUi libit. Tho market waa Qririer,
and 100 bbla. sold at fl I? a $1
Woot.?The market was only moderately active, but
prices remained ateady, ua a peneral thine. We note aalos
of 25,01*1 lbs. Ohio tloeco at 33c. a H4c., 5,(*10 lbs. Tlolnln* at
38c,, 2,5011 lbs. low coiubinp at 33c., 7.1**1 lbs. fine medium
Texas at 22c., S.ftoolbs. flno Texas at 28c.. 3,1*10 lbs. Texas
at 23c., 3,<**llbs. do. ut 10c. a IHc., 2,5txi ibs. scoured me
t diuni Oropon at ;>0*., 80 bale* ?iiimr pullerl ut 30c. >Hc.j
5.1**1 lb*, lamb's California at 20c. a 21c., 2.OU0 Him.
teeured California at 4bo., 20,000 lbs. fall California at
14c. a 10c , and ell private turuis: 30,1**1 lbs. State Uueces;
I lo.ixil Iba. unmerchantable,4,1**1 lhs. Hue unwashed, 15,(**1
I lbs. X and above ilhle, 4II.H00 lbs. X Ohio, hH.Otlii lbs. tlenr
pia, 1,1**1 Iba. black pulled, lH.OUl lb*, extra do., 2,5(?i Ibs.
N'o. 1 and No. 2 ilo., 2,bt*i lbs. super do.. 2..rs*llbs. Califor
nia pulled, 30,1**) Ibs. fall Texas. 11.(**> lbs. low Texas;
| 12)00 Ibs. medium do., 15,1**1 lbs. Texas,5O.U00 lbs. full Cal
lioruia and 5,00o lbs. Nevada.
Kukiohh.?l'otroloum tonuapo was In qulto pood do
ninnd. mainly for the United Kiiipdoiu, and rated were firm,
liralti vessels were also 111 fair request, but otherwise tho
market was qui*t, with rates not specially altered En
papeuieutsTo Liverpool, by aail, 200 tons oil cake,
20s.; soma small lots cotton reported at 7-32d.,
aud steam, U.000 bushels wheat, 7d., (HI lhs,; suuie
lots provisions quoted at 3bs. a 37s. and
A.t**) boxes cheese, quoted 47s. Hd. London, sail, 8,1**1
bushels prain, 7^d ; 2.5HO bills, flnnr, 2s.. and steam,
1B,(*A) bushels prain, 7} ,d.; 2,l*KI pack apes measurement
poods, 30s.; 100 tlurecs bocf, 7?., and 100 bbls. pork, 5k,
Bristol, steam. 8,U*) bushels prain, 8,'^d.. 00 lbs.; 800 bbls.
tluur, private terms; Hull, atoiuu, Kl.iOO bushels wheat,
H>^d., Oil lbs. ; lluuiburp, still, 20 tens black walnut,
ikJm. To Bremen, siul, por Uoriuau ship, 1,030
ton*, laid on the bsrth, 500 Idols, tobacco, 32s.
(Id. a 35s.; l,l**l tierces lard, 2lls. 3d.; 25
tons salt, 25s.; 3d tuna wood, 25s.: .Vi tons measurement
poods. 17s. Hd. Charter*;?An Italian bark, hoiicu to Cork
for orders, 3/S*l quarters prain, reported at Os. ; aNorwo.
plan bark, hence to Nanles, (ionou or Lophern, 5,5(*1 quar
ters prain at 21,800; a Norwopiarf bark, hence to Cork for
orders, 4,0t*lquarters prain, recently, 5s. (Id.; a British bark,
hence to t!a>onne, 22-01 quarters prain, 7s.; a .Norwoptau
bark, 5SU tous, Houcu to Bordeaux with Keutncky tobacco
quoted at 35s., uoniiuHlly; an Amorican schooner, 512
tons, honoe to Ooruuna, tobacco, at or about :?W. 3d.; a
British hark, henco to Liverpool, 0,5110 bbls. naph'hu and
residuum at 4s.; aitermuu bark. Iieuce to London, 5,(*?)
bbls. rellned petroleum, 3s. I'd.; an Amorican bark, hence
to Londou, 5,i**l bbla. do.. 3e. Hd.; an American ship, hence
to do., 7,500 bbla do., 3a. ihL; an A niecicau ahlp, from Phila
delphia to Trieste, 5,5ou bbls. do., 4s. 3d.
Oaltkstom, Doc. 6,187*.
Cotton ea?yt middling, fi)<e. t l"W middling, Mc.; good or
dlnary. 7Ec. Nat loeeipts, UAKJO baloa. Exports?To Groat
Britain, 1.7UQ; coastwise, It!.". Solus, 2 251. Stuck, 114,784.
WWslj-Stt receipts, 6f),3l ft boles; gross, 30B4S7. Exports?
To Uruot Britain, 17,371; to France, ti.U97; to tlio Conti
nent, 7,762; coastwise, 6,813. Baloc, 13,1*11.
* New Oulxaxs, D<?. 8, 1878.
Cotton weak; middling, 8)tc.; lor. middling. s'.,c.: Rood
ordinary, 7J, Not receipts, 22L745 bales; cross 24,1188. Ex
ports?To Croat Hritian. ? 427; to the Continent, 4.637;
coastwise, 7l'. Sales, 144,4**1. Stork.lH7,2t>M Weekly?Not
receipts, 77,421 bales; gross, 88,474. Exports?To Great
Brttaiu, 28,823; to Franco, 16,268; to tbo Continent, 28,188;
coastwise, 4,ltlti. bales, 52.5UU
Mouilk, Dec. tl, 1878.
Cotton weak and irrogular;tnlddliUR,8<ac.; low middling,
fie.; Rood ordinary. 74?e. Net rocoipts, 5,<i25 bales. Ex
ports?To tbo Continoul, 012; coastwiso, 1,1423. Sales, 1,04*1.
Stock. 4f >.27(1. Weekly?Net rocoipts, 24,tin. ? Exports?To
Franco. 1,427; to the Continent, 1,4*12; coastwiso, 12,48a
Sales, 13,64*1.
Batammar Dee.?. 1878.
Cotton quiet; middling, HUc.; low middling, 8 8-lile.;
food ordinary, 7X?- N'"t rocolpu, 4,473 bulus. Exports?
o tlio Continent. 12.37U; coastwise, 44*1. Sales, 3,4**1.
Block, 1*1.1*43. Wockly?Not receipts, 21,887; gross, 21,075.
Exports?To Great Britain. 8,4241; to the Continent, 27,130;
coastw lad, 4,051. Sale*. 10,11**.
CHAUi.i sroN, Doc. 6. 18?fi.
Cotton dull and easy; middling, sf,'c.; low middling,
"He.; good ordinary, 7J sc. a 8c. Net mclpts, 2,.K?1 bales.
Exports?To Franco, 8,127; to the Continent, 12*41 Sales,
l.lSRI. Stock, 83,131. Weekly?Not receipts, 18,772 bates.
Export#?To Groat Britain, 2.U37; to Franco, 4,* 1*7?- to tlia
Continent, 1,7541; Cuastwl.o, 2,IK'*'). Sales, 15 44*).
Wilmimutom, Deo. (1, 1878.
Spirits o< turiwnttiia llrtn at 2tl'\c. lloaln ttrm at (11 17)2
for KlraiuiMl. Crude turpantino ttrm at $1 25 for bard and
81 85 for yellow dip end virgin. Tar tirni at 81 tin. Corn
OfMiii), Doc. 8,1878.
Flour In fair demand; dear. $4 28 a 84 50; No. 1 spring,
f5 u 8"' 25; amber winter, 85 25 a SBttf)*, white winter, 85 SJ
a 85 Ik); doobio oxlra, 8'? 5t? a 8"' 76; new process. 87 25 a
$7 5g: Graham, 85 25 a fftSD; sales. 1,14X1 bids. Wheat
steady; No. 1 bard Pitlutli spring, 81 10; No. 2 Milwaukee
sprurg, 81; No. 2 rial Wabash, 81 <**; extra whip) Michigan,
81**4. Corn gulot; N*x 2 Tolodo, 44c. Barley in demand;
as las of Itl.iSlt bushels No. 2 Csusdn on private terms;
extra bright held at 81 21); No. 1 bright. 81 16; No. 2 bright,
8l"7a?T*R*. Itye qulot; Canada bold at 54c., In bond
(Torn meal and millfeod unchanged. I.ske receipt*?Barley,
35,-PR) bushels. Kailruad sbipuumts?Flour, 1,100 bids";
burloy, 8,000 bualioia
Burr tut. Doc. tt, 1879b
Floor fairly active; prices firm and unchanged; sales of
1,54*1 bbls. Wheat In light Inquiry; bolder- llrm at No. 1
hard Dnlnlh spring. 8) 11 a fl 12; No. I Dulntlt, $| 118 e
Tl III; No. 2 Milwaukee elflb, 146c ; No. 1 hard. 81 12; N.i,
hard Sheboygan spring. $ I lit; No. 2, 81, (lorn steadr
and In moderate doniund; rains, 25.***> bushels old
Kansas, at 41c.; 2,UU> do new Western, Wl'^r. a H7o.
OhIs giilet ami ajoady; sales of I.IBSI bushels white
at 2>ir. Baric* nniot and steady for g*?.d;
sales of 1,00H bushels Canada fair ai 8lie. Uye nomiaal, ask
ing >tc. for Western ; hut sale made public, ->2),e. llnrbj
malt in good trade Inquiry; prices llrm and nneluinged.
other nrtlelos nnchangvd. Railroad frelglits unchanged;
wheat. tjfflfc; roni Be.: oatr, f?',e., to New York. Lake re.
cvlpte?1 lour, 10,1120 bbls.; win at, 35,**4.* buKliuls; corn,
22,187 (hi. Ilalfroad receipts? Flmir, 8,4**> burs.; wheal,
25,54*1 bushels; corn, 36,1*1' do.: oats, I60T*) do ; barley,
2,(**i do.; rye, 1,244' do. Railroad shipments?Wheat,
74,n?i btils.; rorn, IRI.'RW bushels; oat*. 15,0<?l do.; barley.
13,(4X1 do,; rye, l.aodo.
Dktroit, Dec. 0, 1878.
Flour Arm and staady: sales of 200 bbls. white at 84 75,
Wheat easier; extra whits Michigan. ; whltrt, 04)gr ;
Itrwetnber, (tl1 gc.; .fsnnary, n5',,c.: April, $1 01. Coru (lull
and quiet; No. 1 yellow, 41k.; high mixed, 3lk.: No. I
do , J8t?c : N*x 2 do., 38c. Com llrm; not luueli demand ;
No. I Willie, 28c. ; No. 2 do.,27c.; No. 1 mixed, 28c. ;No. 2do.,
Tike. L'lnverteud?I'llmu. 83 4*1; choice, 84 05. Drusscd
hogs qaiet at 81 4 83 1". Rceoluts? Floor, 2eH*? bbls.;
wheat, 18,***) busliol*; corn, l.HU) no.; oats, 4,(V*> do. Ship,
ntcuts? Flour l,tM> bbls-; wheat, l,U*> bushels; cot it, 2,2' *0
do.; oats, 1J*U
Toijuhi, Deo. II, 1878.
Wheel dull; amber Michigan, spot. ;**?.; January. WW. |
No. 2 red winter, spot, December. I'fse.; January l?c., No.
Bred, Hb'^c.; Western anther, t(3'ae. Corn steady ; high
mixed. 86c.; uow, lUKr.; No. 2. tt' .e.; its*, 8Ue. I tats
dull; No. 2, 23c. Ilceoipta?Wboat. 32,11*1 busied., corn,
in.OUOilo. Shipments?Whoat, !l,i*l) bushels; ourn,3.0UU
Cimcinxaii, Dec. tl, IX5H.
Flour dull and unchanged. Wheat nominally un
changed; rod and while, M8e. a DOc . receipts. t,'?*lbushel-;
shipments, 44*) do. Com dull and drooping at 31c. a 33e.
Oats In gmnl demand at full prices; 22',c. a 25c. Rye
quiet hut ttrm st jtJc. a 52c. Barley Arm , good to prims
spiiug, 56c. a7-'?c. Pork steady with a tali demand tig*
Lard III good demand hut at lower rates; steam, 8*> 37<a s
8r> 00. Bulk moala dull; shoiiMers partly cured, 82 7l>; efear
rib, 8' 70; clear sides, 4c. Bacon quiet but steady ; should
trs, St. I clear rib, 4l4?. a 4Apx; clear sides, 4)p?- Whiskey
easier at 8> '*? Butter dnll and dmeplng. Sugar eulet
and unchanged Hogs Inactive aud lower; common, 82 10
a 82 40; light, $2 45 a 81 4*1; packing. 82 56 a 82 7";
butchers' f270a(B BO; receipts, 14,1*12, shipments, 1 877.
Ciiicauo. lice. 41, 1878.
Flour dull and nnchanged. Wheat quiet. Dm steady , No.
> red winter, BBMtL ? "7c.; Hut 3 Chicago spring, 86'jc.,
cash; sCIGc., December;8M? e,, Jsnnnry; 84', Fenroaty.
Corn steady. With a fair lUuoaud , 81,'sg, ble, aaah; 31'.?? .
Jannnry. Oats steady ami uuthanged ; 'Jk.cash; 2i''?e.
closed flrtu; 5*s?. a 86 "0. ansii or January; 83 Tu'j a
8". 7o. I cbntary. Balk meats dull and lower; shonluvrs,
82 42 a 81 50; short rib, 83 ?) #81 '*>; short clear, f.i To a
83 76, thi~?e prices fnr loose, cash. Whisker ?t*-a*lv and nn
ehangod, 81 '*>? Bacall'ts?Flour, 13,uui IiIjIh. L wheal,
INBaUO bushels; corn 'tM.ISK) do.; oats, 42,t*r> do.; ry*-.
6,<?r)do.; barley, 8,5tXi do. fiblpmniits?Flour. 17,'**) Dhfs ;
wheat,' )*?,***? bushels)porn, i,i*X) do.; oats, I'liso do.J
rye, 8,1 * *' do.; barley, 7.64*1 do. At the elnse wheat and
ceru castor, hut not qeoiabty lower. Oats steady and ah
changed. Frovialoaa steady aud Arm,
fallowing are tbu total not receipt* <>( cotton at thn baton
nomad porta from riopluuibor 1, 1078. to data, inclusive?
Hal'* haIn
Galveston 2U8.331 Boatou 41,73:
New Orleans 833,187 Providence. ....... 1 ,0l*i
Mobile 19R.&M Philadelphia 12,21?
Savannah 40I.363 City A \\ eat Poiut. 61.11:
Charleston 80U.1M5 Brunswick 11.244
Wilwlugtoe 71 sat Port Royal 5 ?B
Norfolk.. lSll.'tlll Ponsacola 111,741
Baltimore ?:.11S Iudiauula. S.UHt
N'.-w York S4,0?
Total 1.042.731
Livkkfooi., Dec. 0. 187H
This week's circular of tho Liverpool Cotton Brokers' As
oeclatiou *av?:?"Tba cotton market ??> depressed. A
moderate business waa done and quotations generally ara
reduced. For American the domain! waa limited There
waa an abundant supply, anil quotations are reduced 3-lCd
to a farthing. lu sea inland tliurv waa a fair buaineaa, and
holder., obtained full raioa. Futnrea ware dull and da
nreaaod and clonal at a decline of ->-32d. for user, 8-824. to
\ad. for luoro diataut positions."
rtnloa of the wouk 4V.0UU
American 38,flu)
Speculator* took 2,006
Exporters took.. 7.UJU
Fnrwurdod Iroui tha ship's aide direct to apiunar*.. 7.IJUC
Actual export 7.CXS.
Total receipt a 82,I**
American UH.iJUC
Total atock SUMAC
A inert cau 2UI,0UC
Anion ut of cotton itfloal SIO.UX
American JtS.iAC
tin aim T UAlia.?A leading grain circular aaya:?"In tha
wheat market there war little or uo variation. Trade waa
comparatively dull. On tha apot buaiuaaa duxing tlio pest
two daya hua been unimportant. Thia market tioday waa
thinly attended. The demand waa -low for "wheat upon
moderate transaction*, white receding a penny and red
American a penny to two nonce per cental fmtn laat Tuea
day. flour I* inactive, with the tarn in favor of bay era
Com ia ltolil for laat quotation and doea not go freely."
Bread-dulls?The receipla of wheat for the peat three days
wore 2U,0U() quurtura. Including 24.UUO American.
Livkiii-ooi., Dec. 6, 1070.
Pork?Prime mesa Pattern dull at 47a.; do. Western dull
at 41*. Bacon?Cumberland cut dull at 30*.; abort rib dull
ut 28s. lid.; long clear dull at 24a.; abort clear dull at 20a
titl. Ham*?Lou* cut dull at 3Hs Shoulder* dull at 20a
Beef?India tue?* dull at 0Ua.; extra do. tiriuur at ikia.
prituo do., market hare. Lard?Prime Westers
dull at 32a. Tallow?Prune city steady at 3tia. hi
Tiirpeutlne. Splrita dull at 33*. Koaiu?Common dull al
4a. tld.; tine dull ut Ida. Choc o?Aitiuricaii choice dull at
40a. tld. Lard oil ateady at 37a. flour?Kxtra State dull
at 24a. Wheat?Spring No. I market bare; aprlntt No. 2
new crop dull at 8?. ml.; now Western winter steady at Sa.
ltiil.; new Southern winter steady at tt*. Corn?New mixed
suit dull at 23*. ltd.; old mixed soft dull at 24. 3d. Cotton
seed oil?Yellow Aiuuriaau steady at 2U*. Rutin? Common,
at Loudou. steudy ut 5*. Turpentine?Spirits, at London,
steady at 21a, Ud.
- London Dec. 0?8 :'*) P. M.
Calcutta llnaeod, 40?. n 40a. 3d. per quarter. Rettned'pe
troleum, y \d per gallon. Linseed oil, ?24 3a, per too. Tal
low, 30s. per cwt.
Bukukn. Dec. 6, 1878.
American lard closed at 33*4 marks per HO lbs.
HsuBt'Rd. Dee. 0,1878L
Amorlcau lard closod at 3U marks per 100 lb*.
ANrarxar, Dec. 8,1878,
Petroleum, 22f. for One pale American.
Havre, Dec. 6,1MB
American lard clotted Rt 48f. per 30 kilos.
London. Dec. 0?4 P. X.
Consols, 114 3-16 for money and 1)4 7-10 for the account.
Brio, 18>J. Pennsylvania Control, 33. Now Jeraay Central
consols. /3.
Pari* advices quote 3 per cout rentes 112f. 63c. for the
London. Dee. 8?4 P. M.
Silver is to-day quoted at SOJJd. per ounce.
Tho most prolltahlo way of dealing In stocka Is by com
bining many order* and co-operating them oat whole, di
viding proff'tspro rata among shareholders, according to the
market. Knelt easterner thus secures all advantages of Im
mnnao capital andoxporlonced skill, andean use any amount
from 010 to $10,1**1, or more, with oqual proportionate sac
cess. "Now York Stock Reporter" and new circular mailed
fruo. Pull information for utty one to operate suceosefally.
LAWRENCE A CO.,57 Exchange pluco, New York.
Ay reasonable rates?money on lifk~axd
endowment tnsurauce policies and mortgages; same
bought; insurance of all kinds effected with best companion
at lowu.st premiums.
J. J. llABRICH A CO., 103 Broadway, box 1,000.
cltaugo would niako a favorable arrangement with a
Ranking house or others controlling busluoss. Partlee an
swering will ploase state real name and undoubted refer
ences will be givou and required. Address SAFETY, Herald
office. ,
-fLriagus, Safes, Ac. 108 West 33d St., west of Otll Of.
(Storage olHco.)
Brooklyn moktuAueh -monby loaned at e
per cent. E. K. BQWEV A CO., 02 Liberty ?t.
\j 11 nit Scrip; Chicago and Canada Suutbern Bonds and
Stock, miscellaneous and Invostment Securities bonght
ami sold. F. E. TROWBRIDGE, Banker and Broker, 7
Broad st.
Bonds, Union l'ucilic Railroad, Coutral branch (formerly
Atchisou and Plke'a Peak) Bunds, Cincluuati and rinrlng
liuld Railroad Bonds. Northern Pacific Railroad Bonds and
Stock wanted by WILLIAM R. JJTLEY. 31 Pine St., X.T
Chattel Mortgage on a Bno Brewery la Now York city;
property worth $"*i.UOU; lutorost 7 per cent. HERMAN
KIDDER, 108 Broadway, New York city.
Shore and Ceutrat Bonds?Holders desiring to proeerve
their securities from ex iitiqg jeopardy, will receive Im
portant information by nddreaalng Immediately, WRECK,
Herald office.
Money to loan new yoke or Brooklyn
Real Estate. Address ATTORNEY, box 18 Kqaiteble
?all's Stock Kxchsngo, 1.223 Broadway, corner 3Utk at.,
open every day from 8 A. M. till 11 P. M. Stocks bangkt
and sold on I per cent margin; contracts closod oat each
day and no wiping out of margin In tba Interval; eofi pa
your way down town and In toe evening Orders by ranll
nave special attention. McDOUOALL A CO.
\Vr ANTKD?$23,0UO OR $30,000 O* NBWJRR0BY
fv Property, near New York; worth over $IOO,MO. Ad
dress OWNER, box 1.370 Post office Also 8B4100 OB up
town Lots; lergest Interest peid in advene*. .
X (one liuudred) from honnrahle gentleman. I MUM ATE,
box 180 Herald Uptowa office.
hnft *? LOAN, in oold, o* ?N York
?P I UO.UuUand Brooklyn city Property, uns Stocks
and Commercial Paper bought and sold. 38 Nassau St., of
iKiicnltnnl Implement factory (both rah by ?a wthn
power;, alto general merchandise store and bonk, all aadas
ono management, will sell an Interest la the whole boslnaas
to a eoiupetent party, of good business quail Scatlons, hev
lng tho requisite amount of capital, aud wiU give hint the
management of either the store and bank or both, and will
pay fair salary for sorvlcce.
Location hi the State of Iowa.
Inquire of MAliudS JENKINS, 1? Chambers st.. New
York. .
iVcaah capital of NIO.ttw) wants a partner of good stand
ing anil dim actor, siteclal or actlvo, with <2.1,1 Utile WAIUJU,
to vstalilUb a good, legitimate, straightforward bust naps,
long Wanted in tills city; no Competition and good ruin liber
ation, and not one dollar risk; only parties with Al refer
ences and who do not want .to make a fortune la a weak
need apply; no agents will be noticed, aa this is no eaten t
or ration concern advertised)out. Address GENUINE,
Herald oMcc.
n-paytng buaim-aa: location hue.
Ml H Til MA YD. !W Liberty et., room 1E_
' town Restaurant. in complete order, doing a good heal
near. Vi|drnsn W. ,1. YOUNG. box 2M Herald oflrae.
CGentleman or experience in amubbmbxt
XlHisIeeea, with capital to Invest for now thing navsr
heard in thia country boforo. Address PROFIT, Herald
OthMV ' ' ' 1 '> I
IuweTneakt trade IN~oiiot!ER1 Eli ANd peo
visions in Nortli Puunsylvauin and Nouthorn New York,
lfeay wholesale hoiiao want* it, address DRUMMER, Mar
chant's lletoi, mi and 41 Gortlandt st.. Mew York.
AJand good address, who are willing to visit business
housoa and families in the intiwcsts of an InstlWllew of
broml coiiccpllon mid of growing internet to the public, nf
fording n generous roinpetisntion. msy spply to Rev. 0, T.
LKKD, 1i>i .Montague st., Brooklyn, between the knars ei t
and 5 P. M. __
London " agency wanted??Y an knulibh
gentlmnnn. many yearn resident la Aaicrlea. with high
est Loadoa connections, to rcprusent some reitable Bna rat
the sale of Orst class Aitisrioab goods or potent. ANGLO
AMERICAN. Herald office.
Railway sipplieb-paktnkr wanted" with
KVi.UXi to gBUUUU. A civil engineer, with large ac
qtiaiiitiinco and lunmoicr, wauts partner In above proltable
HlliM. Address CIVIL ENGINEER, Herald oicr
r>Lunch Ileater; moat nsefttl articla ever introduced;
wanted by every hotol and family. MIDDLETON, M
Bond st.
I'nlted States Patent for sale of a new Horse Nail He
chtne; tlmrm ghly developed ; fastest la the world; tnll
forgoim horsv mill* per minute; will show large profits; In
vestigation solicited. Address ilORBB NAILS, Herald
TV from |5,iwi to glujui capital, hi an old established
cliina factory, to enlarge the huaiaesa Address, with (htt
name, D. E? Herald olhce.
<it'> f U Wt -A YOUNG MAM. B3 YEARN Of AGE,
tpsS.I'UUiIslly eapable to Nil aay position, desires a
eltuaiion In seine good, growing lutsfnssa whan, after a
few mnntbs' trial, if nuitaally satlafactnrv, heeaaioveet
eiu> or two thousand dollars; oi would lead his employer
that amount on good aocurity. Address CLERK, belt 1*0
llerald olllce.
retiring psrtnnr In an anthracite coal mine
now In sticreasfnl ope rat ion; the production of mine Ic
.%"> 000 WILL Brv 0BR *
now In snccesstnl opeL_ , .. .
readily sold In Philadelphia: party baying will have charge
of Philadelphia office and atlond to coal sales and tlneaeesi
senior part net, having over twenty years' axioirlence, will
roniala to msnago mine. Addrees A., Herald BlRMh Sdfce,
Haunnl Hnnt'nbat'h ami IsaacLauterbarh, comj
tho H rut of H. Hoscubach <k Co., dealers lu'HMn aadfMst
iita<It* au assignment, without preference#,yesterday,
to kVrdlnaml Jung. The total llaliiHttea arw flJU^uo,
of which |85,00<? am firm ami $a?,(kiu individaat MR
of Isaac Latiterliar'h. The titan's aaauts am aamliwHr
$M,0UV, ami the individual assets of Mr. I sataikai ll
am nominally f-LVUO.
Joxoph aud Peter Low eniterg, dealers la clothiag,
in adit an assignment yesterday to Louis Bchwarx, glv
lug preferences to twelve creditors fur |T,m NT.
David K. Do Lava mad# aa aesigmateat yestsrdaa H
Samuel Ureeubeum, with prefereaoss of fLWfc

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