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Merchants To Be Protected Against
Fraudulent Purchasers.
Accident to a Doctor and His Estimate of
Professional Losses.
A decision of no little importance to tlie legal pro
fession, but specially so to the mercantile commu
nity, lias just been rendered by tlie Court of Appeal*
in tbe case of Gustavus Abbott, tho boston merchant
who was recently convicted in tbe General Sessions
of false pretences and sentenced to State Prison for
three years. The Court affirms the conviction in the
Court below, ami ill doing so settles some interesting
questions of law. The complainant against Abbott
was V. D. blake, a merchant of Worth street, who
claimed to have sold him goods upon a credit, out of
which ho was defrauded, Abbott representing at the
time that he was solvent, whereas in fact he was in
solvent and had been for some time previous to the
purchase. Mr. William F. Kiutzing, counsel for Ab
bott. presented the case to the Court of Appeals and
asked that a new trial be ordered, contending there
were errors committed upon the trial, liistrict At
torney Phelps looked after the interests of the people.
The opinion of the Court was delivered by Mr. Jus.
tlcu Karl, aud iu consequence of its importance is
given in full below:?
The prisoner was convicted in the Court of General
Sessions, in the city of New York, before the Ite
corder, for obtaining goods of one bloke, in that city,
by means ot false pretences. The false pretences
alleged in the indictment wore that he had in his
business an unimpaired capital of $30,000, and that
he dbl not owe $35,000. Upon the triul there was
sufficient evidence that these pretences wcro made,
aud that they were false, and that by means of them
he obtained the goods. It appeared that at the time
he obtained the goods lie was utterly and hopelessly
insolvent, and that in a little more than two months
thereafter ho was put into bankruptcy. The falsity
of tho pretences was shown mainly by tlie schedules
of his assets and liabilities made by tho
prisoner himself in the bankruptcy proceedings.
They were, like any other oral or written declarations
of tlie prisoner, competent for tbe purpose for
which they were used. Tho Recorder charged tho
jury that before they could convict they must bo
satisfied tnat blake was induced by tho false pre
teuces to part with the goods, and there was sufficient
evidence to authorize tbe jury to find that he did so
part with the goods. He also charged tho jury that
if they believed the reprcscutatious were not such as
to mislead a person of ordiuary business capacity
they must acquit the prisoner, and there was evi
dence for the jury that the representations were of
such a character. The prisoner's counsel claims that
because the prisoner represented that he had a capi
tal of $30,000 in his business, aud owed uot
more than $35,000, there was no repre
sentation that be was solvent, and tiiat
therefore blake ought not to liavo been
deceived. But tbe fair import of tiie representation
was that he had a capital of $30,000 over aud above
bis liabilities; that be was worth that sum. It was
at least for the jury to say if that was not the pur
port of the representation and w hut he meant lllako
should understand. The iurthcr claim is made that,
as the prisoner was put into bankruptcy within three
mouths from tbe time he ohtuiued the goods, ho was
punishable under the laws of the United States
(United States Revised Statutes, section 5,133), which
provide that "who within thr> e months next before
the commencement of proceedings in bankruptcy,
under the false color and pretence of carry
lug on business and dealing in the ordiuary
tourso of trarlc, obtains on credit from any
person any goods or chattels with intent to detraud,"
shall be punishable by imprisonment for not more
than three years; aud that therefore lie could not bo
punished for this offeuco under the Stale law. That
law provides that any person who, with intent to
cheat or dclraud another, shall designedly, by color
of any talse token or writing or by any other false
pretence, "obtain from any person any money, per
sonal property or valuable tiling," shall, upon convic
tion, be punished. It will be seen that the scope of
the two stututes is widely different, and that thcyean
stand together. Upon the allegations contained in this
indictment the prisoner could not liavo been indicted
and punished under tlie United States law. But even
if tlie United States law had embraced in its terms
precisely the offeneu charged in this indictment it is
not believed that it would have nullified or super
seded the State law. As said by Mr. Justice Daniel,
in Fox vs. the State of Ohio (3 How. U. S., 410-434),
"tlie punishment of a eheat or a misdemeanor prac
tised within the State and against those whom she
is bound to protect is peculiarly and appropriately
within her functions and duties, and it is difficult to
imagine an interference by tlie general government
with these duties and functions which would be
regular or justifiable." (See also Commonwealth vs.
Walker, 10? Muss., 300.) Therefore, finding no error
in the record, the judgment must be affirmed.
Abbott is at present confined at Sing Sing State
Prison, where he will servo out his sentence unless
pardoned by the Governor.
A Huit brought iu the Court of Common Pleas by
Ovlde Dupre, aa trustee for Clara Itein, against Philip
Itein, aud in wliloh a decision wus rcudc-rod yesterday
by Judge Larrcmore, presents some curious und m
teresting complications. It seems, from tliu aver,
?acuta iu the complaint*, that the defendant, ltciu,
and his wife, Clara ltein, on the 21st of September,
1H74, entered Into artielea of Reparation, whereby the
defendant agreed with his wife and Dupre, as her
trustee, that his wife and himself should live separate,
it being also further stipulated that tho defendant
should pay to the plaintiff as such trustee ??_!."> per
week for the maintenance of his wife. In con
sideration of this the trustee covenanted to l>car
the defendant harmless iroui all debts of Ills wife.
Each of the parties was bound by mutual ?eonvcuants
to carry out this agreement. The plaintiff claims that
ouly three weekly instalments have been paid, and
that there is due to hint, as trustee, the sum of
$:i,*'Jo, tor w hich stun, with interest, he brought this
?nit. The defendant demurred to the complaint on
the ground of defect of parties plaintiff, it being
claimed thut the wile, us the real party in interest,
should be joined. The second ground of demurrer
put at issue the validity of the eg reel neat as being
against public policy and the -ullicicucy of the alle
gations in the complaint. Judge Larrciuorc, in his
decision, overrules the ffrst ground, holding thai the
contract with plaintiff wus for the benefit of another
and constituted him a trustee ot uu express trust;
that, lie alone would be liable to the husband for tin
wile's breach of coven mts, and that the action is
iroperly brought in her name. Ho holds, further,
rhat "the courts have never recognised nor
coliutenuueed any agre, nieiit between husband and
wife thul seeks. Independent of tbe statute, to effect
u practical dissolution of the marriage relation, aud
that the obligation of the husbuud to support and
the trustee to indemnify as provided in this agree
ment has Is en repeatedly upheld by express judicial
sanction when there has ben a present and ucttial j
sep"ration." Judge Larreuiorc then proceeds to cite I
numerous English ami American authorities in sup
port of this proposition, and In com hiding his re
marks on this question says:?"From the < sues cited ,
the conclusion follow* that !u articles of separation !
between husband and wife through the intervention
or a trustee the covenant OB the part of the liusbend
to pHy a stipulated sum tor her support
and that of her trustee to indemnify the
husband from liability for her debts are not
illegal or contrary to public policy," In discuss
ing tbe remaining question us to the sufficiency of
the allegations of the complaint. Judge Ijirretuure
Beys:?1'?The plaintiff has treat d the agreement iu
question us an instrument for the peyuieut ot money
only. Upon tins point I think lie bus misappre
hended the spirit aud intcnth>nnf the statute. The
contract on the part of the husband to jmy for the
?upport of his wite was environed by Conditions pre
cedent or concurrent which constituted the
consideration ot the contract. To set forth
an agreement of this character i'? ntrnm
and declare a breach of it for failure to pay,
is not good ph adiug. It dribs not app<ur
that tbe contemplated separation ever took place.
As tbe law only tolerates such an agreement when it
ran In: enforced by a third person acting in behalf of
the wife, all tai'ts by way of Inducement should be
pleaded to enable the t'ourt to decide win titer or not
a prima facie case is presented. Upon litis branch of
the demurrer the ileleudant must prevail, with leave
to plaintiff to amend liis complaint, on payment of
costs. I'pon the other issues of 11 use the demur
rer is overruled, with leave to the th fendaut to answ er
on payment of costs."
The socoutl trial of the suit brought by Dr. Alexan
der 11. Mott against the. Consumers' Ice Company was
concluded yesterday before Judge J. 1'. Daly in tho
Court of Common ITeas. Tho action was to fi-cover
fit), tits) damages for injuries received by a collision
between his carriage and one of tho defendant's ice
wagons In June, lsl j. The Doctor < lainied that on
account of his injuries lie was unable to pursue his
profession for more than ten weeks, nnd will, for the
remainder >f his life, be prevented from performing
more than two-third* of his professional work. The
defence is egeneral denial. On the trial Dr. Mott
testltt'sl as to'.lii i Meets of tile accident, -eying that he
rnttld not attoid to his professional duties, nnd
p?rtirtil*rl> to his night culls. He setd that before
tic Occident his income was fvMJKJtl and under, but
us ing to the act Went it. had only averaged *4,otsi and
fi}(Ouo per miuuti. on cross exstnluatlon, h could
not tell what income tax he hud paid during 1S71 aud
1872, but Mr. Bumlage, the deputy collector of inter
nal revenue, testifi- d that Dr. Mott bad rendered the
return* fur hie ine.ou1? for professional service* m
the following amounts:?For 1870, #:t,llo: for 180'J,
$2,295, and for 18(57, #2,502. The Doctor explained
this apparent diserepauey by explaining that he had
deducted from the amount of In* Income hi* ex pen sea
fur office hire and help, and for lueses on a farm
which he owned. Judge Daly charged the jury briefly
and a scaled verdict was ordered for this morning.
In the ITuited States District Court Judge Choate
rendered a decision yesterday on a motion made iu
the bankruptcy proceedings of William F. bourne to
expunge proof of debt made by Laniothc A: Co. In
1870 Lamotho A Co. contracted to sell William F.
Uearus 1,500 casks of wine, to arrive, at a fixed
price per case, less the duties, upou a
credit of sixty days, Bcarus' note being taken
for the debt. The wine was entered at
the Custom House by Laniothc k Co. and stored iu a
warehouse selected by ltearus. but iu the name of tho
firm. Bcarus withdrew U0O cases on authorizations
from the importers, soon after which he failed. Sub
sequently Luuiothe k Co. withdrew the remaining
000 cases, paying the duties ou tho entire consign
ment. llearnes' note fell due after the failure, and
was uot paid. It was contended that the firm had no
right, aud that the title and constructive possession
to the wine had been vested iu the bankrupt. Judge
Choate decides that the firm had a right, aud refused
the motion.
Francisco Di Jeane, the Italiuu who was committed
to the Tombs by Coroner Flanagan on tho 22d of No
vember last to await trial upon tho charge of the
murder of William pease, the liackman, at No. 10
York street, by stabbing, was arraigned yesterday
upon an indict incut fuuud against linn for murder
in Part 1 of the Court of General Sessions. Upon
being asked, through an interpreter, if lie had coun
sel, he replied that lie was too poor to employ oue.
Assistant District Attorney Lyons called the atten
tion of the Court to tho fact, whereupon Judge Gil
dcrsleevc requested Mr. William F. Kintzing, who
happened to no iu court, to defend him. Tho latter
consenting, a plea of "not guilty" was recorded, after
which the prisoner was handcufl'ed aud taken buck to
the Tombs. His trial will take place some time dur
ing the next term.
In the Court of General Sessions yesterday John
Sullivan was sent, by Judge Gildcrsleeve, to State
Prison for two years for attempting to shoot Officer
Steele. Lester Beach was sent to tho same institu
tion for three years aud six months for passiug a
forged cheek.
Vincent McGeepleaded guilty yesterday intheCourt
of General SessionR to defrauding stage companies
by depositing iu the money boxes pennies covered
with tinfoil. Judge Gildersleeve seut him to the
Penitentiary for three months.
The trial of Henry Baor and Marx Metzgar, charged
with false pretences, was beguu yesterday, in tho
Court of Oyer and Terminer, before Judgo Daniels.
Messrs. Howe A Hummel appeared in their behalf
ami Assistant District Attorney ltussell for the pros
ecution. It is alleged that the accused obtaiued from
Charles T. Seymour A Co. a large quantity of tobacco
through fraudulent representation. A large number
of tobacco dealers were present.
Tho second bearing in the case of Alfred and Felix
Salomon, sous of Fanny Salomon, against whom the
Commissioners of Charities aud Correction are en
dcavoripg, through the Court of General Sessions,
to obtain an order to compel them to contribute to
their aged mother's support, cauie up yesterday at
Judge's Chambers before the referee, William Moscr,
Jr. Major Noah and Counsellor Jaroslawski appeared
for the Commissioners of ChoritieH and Counsellor
Higgins for the sons.
There was commenced yesterday before Judge Bar
rett, holding Supreme Court, Special Term, tho trial
of the suit brought by Isaac V. French, receiver of
the People's Savings Bank. vs. Henry It. Van Dyke aud
Cyrus Lutrcll, former trustees of tho bank. Some
years ago the bank bought $70,000 worth of North
Carolina bonds, which were sold at a great loss.
Several of the trustees have paid their sharu of the
deficiency and the present suit is for the balance.
Louis Blumgart uud Max Hessclbcrgcr brought a
suit against J. David to rucovi r five pieces of browu
and blue union cloth, valued at #180 05, which, as
plaintiffs allege, the defendant wrongfully obtained
possession of and detains. The trial of the case was
commenced yesterday before Judge Larreniorc, iu tho
Court of Common Pleas. Tlitf defence is a general de
nial. Itirliard S. Newcombe appears for the pluiutiffs
ami Kiiuklc Ac Kngleharilt for the defendant.
In tlie Court of Oyer autl Terminer yesterday cer
tificates were read from Drs. Charles A. Bacon anil
Alfred It. Hills, appointed ut tho iustancu of the Dis
trict Attorney, that Charles W. Pontez, accused of
is implicit y in tho $04,0iaj check forgery on the Union
Trust Company, is unable to appear at present for re
trial. The case was accordingly adjourned for the
Davis.?No*. 2, 47, 51, (hi, <4. 05, lid, 73, 95, 99, llHI,
103, 105, 119, 120, 123, 123, 125, 127. 137, 138, 139, 143,
168, 171, 178, 179, 180. Call begins at No. 183.
Supreme; Cot'liT?General Teum.?Adjourned sine
Supreme Cocht?Special, Term?Hold by Judge
Barrett.?('ago on. No. 5ho, Kroneh vs. Mason et ul.
No day calendar.
Supreme Court?Circuit?Part 1?Held by Judge
Van llrout.?Case on, 1715',, Cooper, Jr., \?. The
Eastern Transportation Line and another. No day
calendar. Part 2?Held by Judge Lawrence.?Nos.
17(8',. mi, 3829, 2401, 2579, 3652, 2455, 1421. 1405, 159,
87, 1360, 1606, 1608. Part 3?Held by Judge Bono
hue.?No day calendar.
SUPERIOR COURT?General Term.?Adjourned sine
Superior Court?Special Term.?Held by Judgo
Spelr.?No day caleudar.
Superior Court?Trial Term?Part 1?Held by
Judge Sedgwick.?Nos. 384, 385, 386, 387, 115, 549,391,
103, 329, 949, 884, 488. Part 2.?Adjourned for the
Common Plea*?General Term.?Adjourned for
the term.
Common Plea*?Special Term?Held by J udgu Van
Hocmcu.?No. 14.
Common Plea*?KyutTV Term?Held by Chief Jus
tice c. 1'. Italy.?Noh. 4. 16, 17.
Common Pleas?Trial Term?I'art 1?Held by
Judge Larreniore.?Nos. 412, 413, 678, 1817, 1879, 262,
799, 801, 761, 802, 803. 808, 809, 810, 814. 816, 819, 820.
821, 822. 824 , 835, 21122, 826, 827 , 828, 829. 830, 891,
832.?Part 2?Held by Judge J. K. Baly.?Noa. 1041,
i 1472, 953, 550, 18l>5, 205, 6.11, 1222, 996, 517, 1588,
1428, 1964, 741. 1246. 110.
Marine Court?Trial Term?Part 1?Held bv Judge
Me Adam.?No*. 5104, 4888, 5100, 3919, 5132, 5146. 5X11,
4706, 5135, 4818, 4790, 5144, 3659. 4890,4211, 1984. 765,
2971, 5167, 5168, 5137 , 6143, 756 , 4797, 2987. Part 2?
Held by chief Justice Alker.?Nos. 4806, 4020, 3853,
4157, 4118, 3892, 4437. 3133. 5098, 5151, 541. 3923, 5435,
5204, 6205. Part 3?Held by Judge Goepp.?Nos. 5076,
1904, 6981, 4461, 5198, 4385, 4180, 0164, 4421,3221, 52W0.
6207. 5208, 52189, 5210.
Court oe General Sessions?Part 1?Held by
Judge Ollderslceve.?The People vs. Andrew Iloyle,
felonious assault and battery; Same vs. Elisabeth
Moore, felonious assault and battery; Same vs.
K/ekiel Saunders and John llieks, burglary; Same vs.
liose Ann Gregg, grand lareeny; same vs. Dennis
Boyle, grand larceny; Hume Vs. John Edwards, for
gery; Same vs. James Kearney, assault and battery.
Court or over ani? Terminer?Held by Judge
Bavls,?The People vs. Jienry Baer, talsc pretences.
Albany, N. Y., Doc. 18, 1876.
In Court of Appends, Wednesday, Beecmber 18,
present Chief Justice Santord E. Church and asso
No. 150. Bavis S. Bonnet aud another, respondents,
vs. Lavlbla H. Austin. Impleaded. A-e., appellant.?Ar
gument roautuod md concluded by Shermau M. ltogers
lor apprtlaut; Willtuin Green for respomleuts.
No. .i71. The People, plulntlir in error, vs. Frank
M. linker, deteiidaut In error.?Argued by s. K. l'ayne
for plaintiff in error; A. P. Laning fur defeudaut in
error; ease still on.
Th' day calendar for Thursday, Beeember 10. 1878,
is as t' lluwa:?Nos. 383, 64, 155, 157, 159, lot), 161, 38.
Washington, Bee. 18, ls7M.
The following were the proceeding! of the Supremo
Court to-day:?
on motion of Mr. Roacoe Conkling. John I. Mr
Cook, of New York city, was admitted to praetiee, as
were also Hiram T. Bcake*. of Ann Arbor, Mieli., on
motion of It, P. Spalding aud Charles J. Unwell, of
Burton, Yt., on motion ot G. It. Howe.
No. 771. JeVso H. Hettk-uaier, plaintiff in error, vs.
William .1. Sullivan. In error to the Circuit Court of
the United States for the district of Oregon.?The
controversy in this case relates to the title to certain
lands in Marion county. Oregon, held by plaintiff' in
error ami claimed by defendant in error under a
United States patent issued to Ids grantors. Sub
mitted by I. N. Dolph for plaintiff in error, and W.
L. Hill for defendant in error, under the twentieth
No. 93. William 9. l'orris, for himself, plaintiff in
error, appellant, vs. Erin at Hexantcr. Appeal irom
the Circuit Court of the United States for the Eastern
District of Pennsylvania.?Argument concluded by J.
J. Coombs lor plaintiff in error.
No. 94. M. J'. A E. J. Slaughter, appellants, vs. .
James M. GleUll et ill., executors. Appeal from the
Circuit Court of the United States lor the Western
District ot Texas. ?J his suit Was brought by Jostpli
Glenn against the present appellants to i|Ulet I lie
title to a plantation of 720 acres, three miles below
Jefferson. Texas. Submitted by N. h. iteration for
appellants, unit Isaac Collins for appellees.
No. 95. The County ot Daviess, plaintiff' in error,
vs. Alirisl UoiticKopcT. defeudaut in error. Error to
thi*Circuit Court of the United Stales for thu West
ern District of Missouri.?This was a suit to enforce
the pay nieut of certain interest coupons formerly at
tached to bonds Issued by Daviess county to the
Clilllieothe and Omaha Ball road Company to aid in
the construction ot It* road. Upon two ot tb*? -
lions in controversy the Court b low was divided,
AW -Whether the bonds in i|0csUoi( were lib gal
and void im the hands ol a bmut file, purehas' r lor
value, for tbo.,r< aavu that the railroad company to
which they ware issued vu not legally organized
until after the authorised vote of the qualified voters
of the county ami the order of subscription if
Afacund?Whether a loriuer judgment ill this court
in tavur of the present defendant upon other coupons
of the same bonds estops the plaintiff' in error from
pleading in law to merits herein. Argued by Joseph
Nliippen for the defendant in error and submitted by
W. P. Hall for the plaintiff in error.
No. sii. The Hank of America, plaintiff in orror,
vs. Virginia and A. D. Hanks?lu error from the
Circuit Court of tho Tutted States for the
Southern district of Mississippi.?This wus a
law to recover out
suit at law to recover out of tho sepa
arate property of Virginia Hanks sums due upon notes
given or indorsed by her lor'supplies furnished her
husband and used in cultivation of two plantations
iu which she owned au interest in her own right.
Argued by J. It. Chalmers for the defendant in error,
and submitted by A. H. Pittuiau for the plaintiff iu
No. '2'2. Otto and Bao et al, appellants, vs. Heuian J.
Kedtield?Appeal from the Circuit Court of the
United States for the Northern district of New York.?
There are pending in the United States Circuit Court
for the Northern district of Now York
sixty actions begun by sundry merchants
in IStif against Heuian 0. Kedtield, late Col
lector of Customs at the port of New York, to recover
excess of duty paid by them uuder protest on freight
charges and commissions between November 1, lwoit,
ami Jolv 1, ls.'ii. These merchants, ll'i in number
united, present a suit iu equity which is ill
tended to restrain the late Collector from pleudiug
the statute of limitations in bar of tho pend
ing suits above mentioned. U. G. tugersoll opened
the argument for the uppellants. The grounds upon
which tho complainants pray for equitable in
terference are delay in the New York Cus
tom House in settling the amounts to l>e
refunded; assurances front the Secretary
of the Treasuiy that the statute of limitations hail
ceased to run against these claims, and that it was
unnecessary to commence actions thereupon, and au
agreement by Mr. Rcdttelil not to interpose the stat
ute as a bar to sileb suits.
Ou behalf of the appellee it will ho argued by the
Attorney General;?
Firti?That u court of equity can interfere to re
move the bur ot the statute ouly upon the ground of
fraud, and teat the Collector was not guilty of fraud.
iiecund?That a verbal promise not to plead the
statute has uo oft'oct as an estoppel or otherwise.
Third?That the complainants' laches in not apply
ing for relief in the eight years subsequent to 'he
tiling of the pleas would be sufficient to prevent them
from obtaining it now, and
Fourth?That these suits at law must either be
treated as aguinst Mr. Kedtield personally or as
agaiust tho United States, and not, as is attempted,
aginst both jointly or purtly against one and x'artly
agaiust the other.
Adjourned until to-morrow at twelve o'clock.
The Chancery Court of New Jersey will dispose of
a case on the '27th iust. in which tho names of several
individuals who have figured prominently before tho
public are curiously intermixed. When tho late Chief
Executive of the United States had liis summer capi
tal ut Long Branch and took the cures of government
and a surf bath together, and before tho time when
he knocked his American beaver against the crowned
heads of Europe, his son, Frederick Dent Grant,
was a cbuui of ex-Collector Murphy's sou, Hieharil G.,
familiary known as Dick. The two genial youths,
appreciating the social attractions their respective
parents offered to intending residents ai tho Branch,
conceived the happy idea of investing the surplus
of their allowances in real estate, and accordingly
purchased some vacant lots not far from the solstitial
seat of government. After holding it a brief
period they proceeded to ornument it with that com
mon article in landscape decoration, a mortgage,
which they secured from tho Equitable Life Assur
aueo Society of New Y'ork, tho ex-President
"giving the boys a lift" by signing the
j bond. Finding tho mortguge an expensive
luxury Messrs. Grant and Murphy signed
over for a consideration all right, title and Interest in
tile lauds to uo less an individual than the eminent
chief of the anti-Naturalization Bureau, John I. Da
venport. This gentleman was not in the least ap
palled at the single mortgage resting upon his newly
acquired property, anil straightway added another
distinguished name to the list of those already con
nected with the property, no less au individual than
the ex-friend of the departed Kearney, ex-candidate
for Governor of Massachusetts and ex-brick thrower
of the House of Representatives, Benjamin F. Butler.
Of the manner iu which this great statesman be
came. connected with this sand lot at Long Branch
more auuu.
It would >eem that aiubitioUK fate slionkl have been
satisfied in linking together ho many eminent men in
a matter involving only u small piece of ground, but
it was not, and the cognomen of Judge Abrum J.
Dittcnhoefer, of this city, appears on tile records as
the dual consignee of the I,ong Branch lot. The drat
mortgage holders, the Equitulile Life Assurance So
ciety, are now foreclosing their claim, and the hear
ing will take pla< o on December Included with
the several defendants in the aetion?Messrs. Grant,
Davenport and Dittenhoeter?are their wives, "who
may claim some right of dower in said property.''
The list of great men connected with the little Sa
hara on the Jersey coast would be incomplete with
] out mention of the names of Mr. Jay Gould, General
Kiddoo, Bob Strahan, Charles Ducll and Henry
I Thompson. When John I. Davenport bought froiu
I Grant and Murphy lie received a loan lrum Mr.
Gould, and to secure this loan executed the mortgage
to Butler, in trust. After the execution of this inort
I gage General Kiddoo. Mr. Strnbau. Mr. Duell and ex
| Judge Dittenhoefer signed some papi ri. and to se
! cure tnem Daveuport made out another mortgage
j to theui, Judge Dittcnhoefer being trustee for the
? party. What will lie lett tor this host of . great men
to carry uwav when tile sale under the Equitable
mortgage is held will, it is thought, only be discover
able with a microscope.
The boarders and the landlady were before the
Jefferson Market Court Hi high dudgeon yesterday.
Mrs. Gallagher and her spouse declared that Mr.
Schubert and his spouse had milch abused tnem after
failing to comply with their simplo demand for
money. Mr. Schubert bad given Mrs. Gallagher
warning that lie would sojourn no longer with her
and that lie. would quit iter establishment right away.
Tbi reiipon followed a difficulty which was somewhat
graphically described by Bacliid, tlio colored cook iu
the polish n liullaghi r.
"Was there a g> neral row, Ilacliel, when Mr.
Schubert was struck this morning by Mr. Gallagher
asked Counsellor Is.-o Schwab.
"Well. 1 guess dere war a row: Jes a slight scrim
mage," said ltachel, tuldmg her arms and lacing the
?Tell us how it occurred, Rachel."
"How it Yurred ? How it Yurrcil. Why, dis y< re
wnr ill way it Yurred. Masr Scbuliert he com down
to br< U st aid Missis wor iu the dining room. M.isr
Gal'aglier w or dar too. Fust ting 1 kuow'd 1 hear
Ala r Seliulicr'an'Missis ugrowliu', and then Missis
she went 'roitn' de table aud Ma.-r Sehiiuer' wor
stau'in' dare too. He done gone push Missis, an'
Masr Gallagher smash hiui wid a tumbler an' dar wor
de debhil to pay to' while."
"Who lilt iirst, IU. hel r Vou must tell the Irutli
now," quoth Mr. Meliwab, who was dc.ending M.hu
bert lor the alleged assault on Mrs. ilailagher.
"I duuuo ehi.e. 1 dun no for sliuuh."
"Vou told lis yoll saw it all."
"Yes; 1 done tole you I saw it all, I did;" said Ra
chel, waxing wroth.
"Well, now tell this Court the truth."
"I done tole de truf. Nigga won't He fo* white folk,
'cos white folk won't Ho fo' uigg.t. Mass M, huhcrt
want his bektust. Missis done tole him he can't hub
it. Den dar war a muss."
"Is that all'/"
"Mho! Ain't dat nuff! Look at. nir arm. lilaek as
it ar you can see de mark of u glass dat wur tluug at
Mas'r Schubert by Mas'r Gallagher."
Nothing more lucid than tins could be obtained
from any of the witnesses, and as the combatants
were equally to blame and nobody was seriously hurt.
Judge otterboiirg advised theiu to return to Wash
ington place.
Wondering along Hheiiuan avenue, Newark, N*. .1.,
yesterday morning, a middle-aged woman with dis
hevelled hair and disordered garments was found by
the police ami brought to the station, as she was not
aldo to give a proper account of herself. Mulise'
qiieutly she was placed before Police Justice Utto for
"What is your name?" asked the Judge, In bis bland
est tones.
"Me uaine Is Ma lam Alary Bowers," said the woman,
witn emphasis. "I urn as dacent a woman sa ever
stud straight iu a pair o' brogeus," she continued,
??but I wiih burnt out o' house au' home in Torintou
on the night o' the bloody twel'th o' July, "i'waa sot
flr,. t,,?1 know it was?so as lo roa?t ino and mo
cliildher. Ave of 'uiu 1 have, God bless 'urn."
"What became oi you after th.it ?"
"They Ink tue t' de Newark Home. 'Twas do
heavenly home, dey sod, an' yas presided over by de
lluly Father. Dey sed it was a college whl Catholic
priests, dat a tug fat cross man. a doctor, was do head
man, auil dat 1 must marry him; but I m ii In t, for 1
found In-wasn't a towney o mine, but a Lutliery man.
I wielu t marry de best man dat ever lived if be
wiisn t iji) religion."
"Where do 3011 come from?"
"I guess I* are so Frtueh; but 1 w as born in Ire
land. Ale mother was a l'rilich dcsei ndaiit and luo
father-in-law is the squire of Month Germany."
"Who supp irts "
???Hi. the hellys. of Haldrrry, and Roger OTItirns, a
French count, of county Roseoe, Ireland, they send
me money to pay me board."
The luadani was remanded uml will he sent to tlio
asy lum whence it is thought she has escaped.
[Not*.?Letters Intended for this column must ba
accompanied by the writer's full name and address to
Insure attention. Complainants who are unwilling to
comply with this rule simply waste time iu writing.
Write only on one side of the paper.?El). Herald. J
To tius Editor of the Herald:?
There has been a great deal of talk lately about
heating the cars on the New York Elevated Kail road.
I came down the whole length of the road Wednesday
morning, and failed to observe anything that was
worth making such an ado about. READER.
To the Editor of the Herald:?
Fully agreeing with "Box Holder" that charging
$1G for a Post Office box is an outrage, and that $8
per annum would bo ample, the writer would in
<iuiru to whom a petition, having for its object the
above reduction, should be addressed? VINDEX,
To the Editor ok the Herald:?
Some time ago Mr. Aldrieh, receiver of the Mutual
Benefit Savings Bank, died, leaving the affairs of that
institution in an unsettled state. Why does not tho
l ourt appoint another receiver to examine and settle
the affairs of the concern up? The depositors would
like to get the remainder of their mouey if possible.
The "Complaint Book" has helped us to got two
dividends, and we hopo through it to get another.
Bellevle Hospital, New York, Dec. 17, 1878.
To the Editor of the Herald:?
From the account iu this morning's Herald we see
that you give the credit of taking James Murray to the
New York Hospital when It should have been given
to Bellevue Hospital. Tho captain of the Twenty-ninth
precinct telegraphed three times to the New Y'ork
Hospital for an ambulance, and not receiving one
teh graphed to Belluvue Hospital, to which wo re
sponded at ouco, arriving at the. Twenty-ninth pre
cinct in less than five minutes after the call was re
Trusting that'you will give the credit to Bellevuo
Hospital, to whom it belongs, we remain,
FltANCIS J. MARTIN, Operator.
JOHN liOETHALS, Jr., Surgeon.
To the Editor of the Herald:?
At present tho city Is crowded with the class of
swindlers known as "banco" or "bunko" men.
These scoundrels can bo seen on every corner of
Broadway, spider-like they lurk in passages and
hallways, ready to dart out upon every stranger who
looks likely to prove a prey to their wiles. Their
game is a very well laid one and likely to deceive.
Once in their clutches the uususpi ctiug
victim is "steered" to their dens, where
he is led to swift financial destruction,
rarely escaping without yielding up every
cent of money that he has in his pockets. These
banco thieves arc a dangerous set. Well dressed,
pleasing in manners and keen judgis of human na
ture, they rot) many victims. They put up at tlio
hotels, where they have undisturbed inspection
of the register of arrivals, and, until tliey are
discovered and kicked out, make many ac
quaintances, whom they lure to sure de
struction. Not one iu ten of their dupes
ever make known their losses. It does seem a burn
ing siiumo that this dangerous class should be al
lowed almost undisturbed to "ply their vocation" in
our city. Please eall the attention of the authorities
to these swindlers, and let the Herald use its power
ful influence to have them punished and cleared out
of the city that their presence disgraces.
To the Editor of the Herald
The arrangements for tho accommodation of the
public at this ferry need ventilating, although prob
ably few passengers have occasion to complain of
want of ventilation, for those awaiting the arrival of
a boat on the Jersey side to take thom across have
not only a generous supply of air, but also a liberal
treatment iu the shape' of a shower bath, adminis
tered free, gratis, for nothing. There is, indeed, a
waiting room, where passengers may s ek shelter,
but it is so absurdly placed out of sight of tho
greater number of slips that boats may come and go
without their knowledge. If a titiie of the attention
bestowed upon travellers by the Pennsylvania Rail
road were accorded to the terry passengers tho door
ot the ferryboat waiting room would be duly guarded
and the guard instructed to call out the departure of
the boats for Cortlaudt aud Desbrosses streets and for
Urouklyu. The conspicuous absencu of such a simple
contrivance compels passengers, in order to catch
the first boat, to stand in the draughty ferry
liouse, thread their way through interminable
strings of carts, druys and \ chicles of every
sort, and to wander from slip to slip
until the right one be found. In tho saute connec
tion I wish at the uamo ot morality and common de
cency to protest against tho simply bestial accom
modations of the so-called gentlemen's toilets. No
gentleman will, if he can help it, frequent those places
a second time. They would be degrading to civiliza
tion in some Western wild, but they ure a standing
and offensive insult to the population of two large
cities, wantonly offered by a wealthy corporation
which derives a very large benefit from the ferries.
Do, Mr. Editor, investigate and ventilate this matter
and earn the thanks of thousands who sliaro the
views and feelings of THE SUBSCRIBER.
A meeting ut the Board of Education wan bold
yofitorday afternoon, at wlifch the report of the Super
intendent of l'ublio Schools wax read. He reported
j tbst lso classes bad been examined, 1:13 of wliieb
; wore pronounced excellent, forty-tour good and tlireo
| fair. The Superintendent also reported having
j visited the Hound of KcTugo, at Haudull's
! Island, and examined tbo schools connected
I with that institution. Tho aggregate attendance
in these schools was sTs, The lust clause in tho
Superintendent's report stated:?"till tho lfith of
October last 1 submitted a report to your Hoard cull
ing attention to the fact tliut the rule limiting tho
number id' pupils to a class waa flagrantly disre
j garded in thirty si bonis ,.uo hfty-tliree classes, which
| were specified. Although no action in the premises
! lias yet becu taken 1 am gratified to be able to re
1 port t hat t In number of sticn violations of your rules
has lieen considerably iliminished by the voluntary
action of the principals themselves; eo that it ap
jiea-s from tm monthly reports made to uu that this
salutary rule Is violated now i!i only i i . lit schools and
fourteen classes. 1 respectfully iibtuit, however,
lor your consideration w hctl: t .my rule of the Hoard
should he set aside at the discretion ot those who
liave the Immediate dlriatiou ot the schools, iuoro
i especially a rule the slrie. observance ot which is in
i dispeiisuniy neeessary liir tin proper uud ofltcieirt iu
sfruetiou ot the pupils as well as tli' preservation of
. their health, now so freijiii utly endangered hy the
! evils of overcrowding uud bad veuiiiotloti.
Tim Board of Trustees, ot the Tenth ward, reported
that, "huviug hud their attention called in several
class rooms in Oramm.tr S hoed No. 42. not only by
persons directly Interested, but through the public
press, they have given the matter due consideration."
They requested that a patent ventilator should ho
put up ill the clues room designated.
A largo number of applications were received from
various tradesmen to be allow.ed the privilege of put
ting their patent ventilators in the several school
liouacs. Nome went so far as to offer to put up tho
apparatus without cnarge It unsatisfactory.
1'iie recommendation of Commander Henry Krben,
t'ntted States Navy, to the command ot the school
ship St. Mary's, by the l'resideutot the (tnited States,
was objected to by the Board of Education. Commis
sioner Wick ham raised the point t nut the appoint
lueut was made by iavuritisin. and that such a prece
dent should not l>e encouraged.
Miss Eliza M. ,Iai kmati was appointed I viueipal of
Female Department oi (Iranitiiar School No. ;iti. .Miss
.lackiuaii lias Ism u a teacher for twenty-two years.
A resolution to make a holiday of the Friday after
Christmas was adopted.
The "talk of the town" in Newark yesterday was
the report, published iu tho UKtiAi.ii that efforts were
beiug made to indict the Cominou Council tor alleged
Improper use ot tile public funds. It appears that
on Tuesday .Mr. William l'ltiine, att insurance agent,
went before the tirand ?Jury and made formal com*
plaint that the Common Council had repeatedly or
dered the appropriation of moneys tot- unlawful
purposes. At the last meeting of tile Common
Council a resolution was passed giving the reporters
of tin local papers?tiic regular attendants
on Council meetings ?each a <Ttm<riir of #100,
a thing that has been done tor a dozen years.
Tin resolution was promptly approved by the Mayor
and Ihe money paid out. Another resolution was
passed authorizing the Finance Committee to pur
chase fifty copies of a history of Nt wark, to be sent
to ms many American consulates, w ith a v iew to aid
in spreading ai road information about New,irk us a
seat of manufacturing Industry and skill. The satue
day that Mr. Plume went before the tfraud .Jury the
Mayor vetoed tills resolution, though it had passed
by an almost unanimous vote. Trifling as the whole
proceeding is it cutises morn discussion in Newark
than the lilsine resolution. Vesterday stibponas
wen- Issued by the Oraiui-lury, commanding Comp
troller Baker, Auditor Palmer and City Clerk siitph' u
| to appear Is tore them. They will answer tlm sum
J mouses to-day.
The following lalt'g were made on the Real Entate
Exchange December 18:?
William Parkin, referee?Foreclosure sale ?>f the five
story brick building, witli lot 25.6xl?M, So. 127
Molt st. w. a., loo ft, u. ot Hester st., to John Don
nelly !
Henry Wilder Allen, ixfcno?Foreclosure sale ol the
two four aitory brick building* with lots, each 25\
oh.o, So*. 336 and :t:m East 24th st.,s. &., 125 ft. w.
of 1st uvM to plaintiff- ...
Foreclohuro sale?P. II Jones. ret'oreu- of one lot.
2o\10>.ll, No. 304 East 111th st.. s s., HO ft. i? of
2d uv.; to plaint iff
MY J. T. Bovti.
Foreclosure sale?Bradbury <Chatwood, referee?
of the three story brick dwelling and two story
brick shop, with lot. 23x85.0x23. I s82.7, N? 14 i
West autii St., H. s., 19D It. o. of 7th nv.; to E. L.
BY .1. M. WI LLS.
Foreclosure sale?D. Mch. Shaw, referee?of the
live story brick warehouse, wit It lease of lot,
5??x2o7, ^33 West Broadway ; leased .March 8,
1800; toriu 20 years; to J. E. Scheriuerliorii
Total $4:1,214
The following in a statement allowing tiie real eg
tato trail auctions recorded in the Register'* Office
December 18:?
75th gt . h s., 15o fl. w. of 2d av., 2~?\lo2.2.; Nicho
lses Beti and wife to Louise E. Wiedersuiu Notn.
12th st., it. KM>ft. e. of 1st av.. 24 4x irregular;
Willielmina Bruuner and husband to Churh * \N .
Urn uner $500
Post l oud, w. k (hit No. 285), 25xiOO (23d wut'ii);
Ja oh Audrs and wife to Delia Wood, utV 0,000
I22d st.. s. s..3ooft. e. of lid av., 25 x 100. lu; Marga
ret Traiuor and other to Patrick Murphy 4,000
lHtli st., it. a., 175 ft. w. of 71li av., 25x92; Mary E.
Litbaucr and husband to Daniel lloguucamp 19,500
Maiigiu ?t.. w. s., 175 ft e. of Jbduucey st..25x100;
K. S. Dakin (rcloree) to Matilda C Bull (execu
trix) 6,< H X ?
&2d st.. s. s., 450 ft. w. ?d' Kth av., 25x102.2; E. B.
Schafer itoferee) to 0. E. McC. Bock 1,700
154th st., s. IOO ft. w. of Hth av.. 75x09.1 1 ; also
a new avenue, e. s , 25.5 ft. n. of 153d at., 70.7' .x
92.11 ,.\107.3; J. Meeks (rehire?) to Veruon K. Ste
venson 1,125
82d st.. s. s., 475 ft. w. of Hth av.. 25\I02.2; E. B.
Schafer (referee) to C H. Met'. Beck 1,000
82d st., s. s., Juoft. w, of 8th av., 25x 102.2; sumo to
game 1,000
81st st., n. s.. 450 ft. w. of 8th av.,25x102.2; stune to
stone 3,000
81st st., ti. s., 475 ft. w. of 8th av.,25x 102.2; same to
same. 3,ooit
81st st., u. s.,500 It. w. of 8th av , 25x102.2; same to
saute 2,500
Madison uv., w. h., 40.5 ft. s. of (50t h Bt., 20\SO;
Charles 14. 12 nut her and wife to Maria A. Wit
thails 30,000
72d st., s. s., 550 ft. e. of 111It av., 50.H.\IM.:i; also
72d st., s. s., 600 ft. o. of II tl? av , 00.1 xirregulur;
also 72d st., s. s., 000 ft. e. of 11th nv., 51.2x115.8;
Joseph Howlaud and wife to Robert L Kennedy... Nora.
20th st.. s. s., 125 ft. e. of Hth av.,50x85; Frederick
(Dock and wife to William A. Gracf 8,OQ0
81st st., s. s., 175 ft. w. of 1st av., 25.8x102.2; Jane
Luudinark attd hitshand to John 11. Deatto 2,100
44th st., it. b.,74 ft. e. of 11th uv., 20x75.3; Mark
Morgan to Hannah Ahren 4,200
14th st., n. s., 119 ft. o. of 1st av., 25x103.3; A. F.
Kerchies (rol'eroe) to Jacob Cromwell. 5,900
27th st., ii. s., 143.2 ft. w. of 7tu av., 2o.\96; A. Elbe
(referee) to Frederick W. Kuub and wife 6,500
23d st., ii. 150 ft. w. of loth uv., 25x98.9; Joseph
S. Auerbach (referee) to Susaniut W. Thorite 7,000
10th av., w. h., 75.4 ft. s. of 47th st.,25xloO; John P.
Kingston! (referee) to John D. F. Smith and others 10,000
34th st., n. s., 500 ft. \v. of 5th av., 25x98.9; Stephen
W. Phoenix anil others to Maria McKesson 35,090
Same property; Philip Phoenix to Stephen W.
Phoenix Nora.
Charlton st.. s. s. (lot No. 164), 24.3b.xlOO; Martha
M. Rotimlney aud others to Frances C. Cummings
and others 6.222
Sumo property; George Endioott and others to same 1,778
7th st., s. s., 100 ft w. of av. A, 25x90.10'i (20 years);
J. J. Astor to Henry Sottong and others ... $.350 \
5th st., n. lot) ft. e. of av. A, 25x97 (20 years);
same to Magdulena Muller 850
Chambers st., ?. w. corner of Broadway, 25x92 1171 ^
years); Bayard Clarke, Jr. (executor) to National
Shoe ami Leather Bank ... 8,000
Fulton st., No. 216 (4!a yours); William B. Corning
to John Tappe 1,875
1st av., e. s , 24 ft. s. of 4th st. (20 years); F. 11. Del
air * and others (trustees) to Caroline llaefele 500
Fulton *t. , n. s., 51 ft. e. of William st., 49.3x 119. ID
(21 years); Reformed Protestant Dutch Church to
John McKesson and others 4,500
Bod low, Edward A., to Benjamin F. Lee, w. b. of
Kiitg M's ?t.. n. of hast Broudway : 4 years $6,(XX)
Same to Maurice D'Meara, s. s. of Division st.., c. of
J .tferson st.; 4yearn.. 10,(XX)
Gloeckner, Bertha, to Michael Seitz, s. s. of Houston
st.. w. of Clinton st.; 3 years 5O0
Jerriiig. John 11., to Caroline A. Suydatu, n. s. of
lOJtli st.. e. of 2d av.; 5 years . 4,000
Loewer. V., and wife, to C. Stein, n. s. of 41?t st.,e.
of 11th av.; 5 yc.irn 12,000
McKee, John, ami wife, to K. Shufeliit, n. s. of 24th
st.. e. of Hth av.; I year . 2,5(H)
McKesson, Maria and husband, to William Watson
and others (executors, Ac.), u. s. of 34th st., w. of
5th av.; 5 years 27,500
Muttn, William If. and wife, to J. P. Webb, White
st. (lot "T"); 2 years 7,000
Van Vleit, Benson and wife, to Harriet C. Robinson,
s. ?. of 80tb st., w. of Lexington av 2,000
Boston National Bank to Charles Burleigh ^ $1
City Fire Insurance Compauv to Samuel S. Const nt 6,199
Cornish, Charles K., to Charles B. (innther 14,"Oo
1 locker, Clara, to Charles A. Hunk ^ 15m
Kuhn, Ahrahani, to Israel Stuinhurt 32,<kk?
Muller. Eva, to L. F. II. Wenk 2,400
Worden,Dora, to Mayer (lottlelh 5?)0
Same to same Ijkio
Valentine, Gilbert, to II. K. Borchard 2,900
Walhridgo. Olin (J., and others (excutoro, Ac.), to
Olin (J Walbridge (guardian, Ac.) 1
Ziegler, Jacob, to Charles E. Cornish 8,000
No loss (hau five Italian boys stood before Judge
Otterbourg at Jrflrrsou Market Police Court yester
day afturnoon chattering like magpies aud gesticu
lating violently. Their names were Matteo Seruliuo,
Kmilio Seralino, Francesco I'riore, Giovanni Palotiori
and Giuseppe Funella. The Seralinos were the coin
plaiuauts. The other three are shoeblac ks and were
the defendants. Before getting to the bar the shoe
blacks had been brought in by three stalwart officers
and planted in front of the clerk, Mr. Eugene O.ler
bourg, to whom the Moralities were making their
complaint?that the three prisoners had knocked down
Kmilio and taken from him fob. No sooner did the
latter set eyes upon tho captives than he made a
dnsh at Francesco and shouting. "Me taka my 1110
uetta!" tried to knock him down. Oiticer McSally
thrust a volume of Holy Writ between them uud pre
vented bloodshed.
The prisoners were arraigned, and Matteo Seralino
related how his brother Kmilio. who was about eleven
years old. had told him that he found the .fib in their
house, and in an unguarded uioiueut displayed the
wealth to the other three little shoeblu. ks, who,
thereupon, despoiled hint of the treasure.
"Well, Franc esco, what have you to say?" inquired
tin' Court ot the eldest prisoner.
"Kb! .ledge. 1 no gotta noting a say 'eept that a boy
Kmilio spcaka me in a Fourteenth street an' s cy to
me. 'Francesco, me gotta do tifty dolla. I catcli him
ill de bank.' Yon so- ? Kh! bene I he tauu do live dolla
<oil of bis boot, you know? Kb ' tukude nndda twenty
flvs dolla out of his shirt an ho gna me an' uudcU
boy some dolla. No knoeba down! No ateala. tlorpo
I di lia eho! N??!"
"What have you to say, Giovanni ?'?
"Judge, 1 spc aka you. you know, I cannot tell a II"!
I Me lio spcaka soiucding but <1> true. Mi- ' In y,
I Kiuilio, giva me #7; tie Francesco. f 7; de tiiuaeppo,
$7, an' koopa <le re-' for 'sell. Malta boy, Knulio.
i spenk.i plenty lie. Altm! He -?p.uV.i me, nc speaka
I you, lie gotta one watc h, .-.ella <lat wat ii, gotta oat
, money. Vitro! He spcaka plenty Lie. .Iiulj". yoil
giva li|c one c|l|cslloll ? What dat boy c| i \\ n)i odd< r
money t Mc, Frauee?cn, Giuseppe eiva it it money
{ t our ta lio; gotta dat money now."
Tile Judge. Who was a' a lo- - to ilis i.Ic jllst how
j milch credence could be p!a -i-.l in any <?? t'e a.I-\ ,
1 Huh incuts, -i lit them t ? tboir bono :- ,ii-li y t J?
' for the money . au I a ill iidin tie in Is or h.iu .u-i. iyf
Some of the morning papers yesterday in untieing
the death of l'atroimuu We lls, of the Fourteen h pre
ciuct, gave that othcial a history and a mission which
did not belong to him. Me w as never a Methodist
m.liister, nor ever a clergyman of any other
denomination. Except that his appearance was
sanctimonious, wtiieli, no doubt, gave rise to
the canard, he was a man who waa every
inch an officer, and was therefore more sc, uiar than
ministerial in his habits. The story about his dying
worth feO.uou ot #70,000 is likewise erroneous. He
was a man of ecuuouiieal habits, and used to consider
it a laudable boast that he could live on forty rents
a day. lu this tnanuer he sav. d a considerable sum
during Ids h.ug service on the force, but Ins friends
Claim that lie could not be worth more than fib.UUU
at the timeot his demise.
Drums?BsoTitKirros.?On the Isth inst.. In the
Chim b <>t the stranger*, by Key. Mr. Meetns, J ua.nk
M. Mkkms, M. D., and Grace, daughter ot the late
James H. MnoTHbiiToyt. of c'ltn iunall, Mhio.
Hini caih?(Iai)iii:b.-Ou Wednesday, Meeembor is,
at the result nee of the bride's parents, by the U. v,
Hubert Howry, James M. Hisi i.aiii to Ft i/\ < U.R
Tin tit. daughter ot John Gautier, all of this e.ty.
STol.rt?smith.?At Christ Church. Naples. Italy,
December 'J, by the lli v. Mr. itarlT, Ki.kasoii Mniii-.
Mt's, youngest .laughter ol hilw ni Sinitli, and grand
daughter of Thomas C. Morelinis, ot Ums city, to
Fill PKIU.'K VbnUsirs Mtoi.tk, of Nap.es, No . arils,
W i us is?IHii.i.ii.?In Brooklyn, luosdav, Mcciu
ber 17, |S7s, at the residence ol the bride's Illicit., dr.
K. W. Helitell, by the Hev. K. 11. Mlekinsoti, Mr. AI. i N -
MOtTH II. WlUH.iS, of New York city, and Alices Alcii.1.11;
II. Ill 11.K'.t, daughter of Mrs. Mary A. nod the h.to
Mr. John II. Butler, of Hiullllthdil, Vs. No calcic.
Norfolk ami Nufhdk |Va.) papers please copy.
Adman.?On Tuoaduy, December 17, Viroinik, in
her 7mh year, widow of the late John U. Adrian.
Kelatlves ami friends urc invited to att nd the fn
neral, frcciu lier Isle residence. 1 11 West IMill st., on
I hnrsdayr, V- <?< inber lb. at two o'cUn k.
A tif 11* It I'M si?1 At Orange, V J., on the I7lh 'iol?
Aha I... daughter of Natnuel and Sarah Arbui lined, <cf
Montelnlr, N. I.
lteialives and tricuds are 1'espvoUuiiy iuvilod to at
tend the funeral servient, at the Presbyterian Church,
Mouti Imc, on Friday, the 3"th inst.. at half-past two
1'. M.
Amis*.- Wednesday morning. December 18, Auk
<>. ly chlltl of Leopold and 11 iloue Amau, aged 1
mouths and 1 day.
Funeral l hi.r~.lay, December 19, at one o'clock
from 14ti Wavorley plan-.
Baulky.?lu this city, suddenly, December IS,
1878, Vmanoa A., wife ot Hubert A. Bagley. formerly
of Albany, N. V., in tin 'JOth year of iur age.
Funeral service# and iaturnuut at Troy, N. V.
Albany, Troy and Syracuse, N. Y., and Chicago, 111.,
papers please copy.
Bails.?Brooklyn, December 17, Caroline Lu.-k.
yonii v-t child of Jamis H. and Marv Field Hates, of
tuberculous mcuiugitis. age 1 1 years ami 1 months.
I'll oral at residence of her parents, ti<MS Hchermer
hoi'.i st., at ele'von o'clock i. .M., Thursday, l'-'th inst.
Bayard.?Tuesday morning, December 17, ls"8,
Sarah J.., wife of Peter M. Bavurd.
1'iU' : il from her iate residence, 44d West 22d St.,
Tliurs lay, Deeeniber 19, at half-past ten o'clock A. M,
11: clows.?On Tuesday evening, December 17, -Mrs.
M eliia Bi llows, in the 81si year of In r age.
i ral, Friday, el veu 7. hf., at her sou-in-lftw'n,
(1. King, Mount A. rnou. A'. Y.
Helen in.?At Washington Heights, ltitli inst., sud
deuiy. of pneumonia, Mrs. Hannah C. Belknap, in
tlni iibth year of her age.
Isuow.N. ? on Wednesday, December 18. after a long
and paintul iline -s. Hlcu'vui) lilto.es, native of Cork,
In ..in I, in the ."?71li year ot his age.
Friends of the family are respectfully requested to
attend the tltm-ru', trout his late residence, titles Mill
berry sf., at half-past one o'clock P. M., on Friday,
December "J??.
HrnniDoi . in Brooklyn, December 17, MissLovisa.
Br linn ion, in her MMlt year.
llelalives anil friemls are invib'd to attend the til
ucral, from her late r< -i deuce, No. 01 Adelphi si., oa
Thursday, at one 1'. M.
I'ENTKKNEKI.?At Ins resilience. No. 357 West 44th
St., December IS, 1078, PlRlTlD C'ENTEKNKBl, Ul tho
50th year of his age.
'Tile tuncrul services will lie lndd at the Church of
tho I ran 'figuration. -S'tli st., between 5th and Madison
avs., on Thursday, l'Jtli inst.. at ten uVloek A. .M.
('oiikn.?tin Til ifiilay, December 17, after a long and
painful illue- , F.knkstink. relict of Solomon t'ohen.
Relatives and friends of the family are respeetfuUy
invited to attend tile funeral, cu Thursday morning,
December 1'.', at half-past nine o'clock, from tile resi
lience of her son-in-law, Morris Levy, No. '.'lit Weak
doth st. Please omit tiowom.
Meridca (Conn.) papers please copy.
tioOKl .?On T lie: (lav, December 17. at his late ri
deuce. X'o. 39 West, gotil St., ('HAUNCEY L. OoOKE, M.
1>.. in the 71st year of hi- age.
Friends ot the family are respectfully invited to
attend Ins funeral, from Trinity Chapel, West 35th st,
on Friday, the 3" tli iusi., at half-past ten o'clock.
Couooean.?Mauy Connulvn, widow of tho lata
.lohu Corcoran, in tho tilth year of her age, a uativa
ol' Sunagh, county Longford. Ireland.
The relatives and friends of the family are respect
fully invited to attend tiie funeral, from the residonc?
of her son, Peter M. Corcoran, No. 85 Hester St., on
Thursday, at one o'elo k 15 M.
CBooKKtt.?At Mott Haven, December 18, of puriv
lysis, S. H. Cbookkh, aged 70 years.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
Cuonnan.?William Cuonnan, a native of county
Tippcrury, Ireland, in liis tisth year, on Wednesday,
December 18.
The funeral will take place on Friday, December 30,
from his late residence. :t!) Hamilton st.. New York.
Dixon.?On Wednesday. December 18, at his lata
residence, 435 East 5dth st., James p. Dixon, in tho
88th year of his age.
Prayers at the house, at one P. M.. Friday. Funeral
services at the residence of Miss Hubbs, ut. Bye. Car
riages at the depot on the arrival of the 10 A. M. train,
from New York, mi Saturday.
Feknky.?On Tuesday. December 17, Jane, beloved
wife of Patrick Feeney, lu the 45th year of her age.
Helutives and friends of the family are respectfully
invited to attend the funeral, on Friday, December
30, at lialf-pagt one P. M., from her late residence, 13?
AVbitc st.
FT.itms.?At Westchester, Tuesday, December 17, of
apoplexy, KnwAiitt H. Ferius, aged 38, youngest son
ot tiie late Cornell ami Mary Ferris.
Relatives and friends are invited to attend tha
funeral, at the residence of his mother, on Friday,
the 30th, ut one o'clock. Boat leaves Fulton slip atl
11:15 to meet tram for Westchester.
Nantucket papers please copy.
FtrziiiUHuN.?On Monday, December Hi. at her lata
residence. No. 8 Westervolt av.. New Brighton, 8. I.,
Alts. Catherine Fit/.uibhon. in her 03d year.
A requiem mass will be ottered for the repose of her
soul, to-day (Thursday), at. St. Peter's Church. New
Brighton, at ten A. M. Interment in Calvary. Friends
are respectfully invited to attend. Carriages will bo
in waiting at Tompkinsville landing upon arrival of
9 o'clock boat from New York. It is requested that
no flowers be sent.
itUAi'K.?In Brooklyn, on Wednesday, December 18,
nt the residence of liis daughter, Mrs. James Smith.
No. 381 Jay st., Martin uh.uk. In tho 7iith yeirof
his age. a native of the county of Tipperarv, Ireland.
Tho friends of the family are requested to attend,
his Mineral from his late residence, on Friday, De
cember 30. at two P. M.
Hall.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday. December 17.
Chaui.es S., third child of Hubert B. and Annie B
ilall, in the 7th year ot his age.
Interment at Greenwood.
Hanna.? \t his homo in Now Britain. Conn., oa
Saturday, December 14, James W. Ha.nna, aged 44i
years ami 9 months.
Hai Lkvuickk.?In Norwalk, Conn., December IS.
1878, Ella, wife of J. II. Haulcnbcck, in the 2'Jth year
of her age.
Friends arti invited to attend tho funeral services,
from tho residence of her father, George Beatt.v, on
Thursday, December 10, at a quarter to throe o'clock.
No dowers. Carriages in waiting at train leaving
Graud Central IX pot at 1 o'clock.
Hnmres.?Brooklyn, E. 1)., December 18, linnr-ccA.
wife of Charles liiggius, in tho 68d year of her age.
The relatives aud iri"iids of the family are reaped*
fully iuviiod to attend the funeral, <>u Thursday, 19th
inst.. at half-past aeven o'eloek P. M., from her late
residence, 102 Hart st. H"r remains will bo takeu to
Bedford, Westchester county, lor interment.
Hysi.kb. ?At ocstk, wife of Jaio'o llyslcr, in tho
4.1th year of her age.
Funeral from tier late residence, 08 Prospect place,
Thursday afternoon, Dei ember 19. 1878, at 2 o'clock.
Havana.? \t Port Hichutond, S. I.. Tuesday, Do?
ids r 17, William J., son of Emily and the late
Hob rt Havana, in the '20th year of his age.
Funeral services at the Hov. Dr. Brownloe's church,
Friday. Df-embcr 20. st two o'clock P. M.
Kit unan.?On Monday, 18th iust.. Maui; KikhnaV,
nil nat i vo of county Ismgford, pariah Abby Lara, ilk
his svd year.
lielatives and friends of family are invited to ate
tend the funeral, on Thursday, l'tth, atone o'clock,
from his lato residence. No. ll h 9th a?., thcucc to tite
Ccmt tery ot the Holy Cross, l'latb ish.
TjAWiik>?i'E.?On Wednesday morning, December IS,
at his la o residence. Cuyutalaike, Ai.ilmiam I.awiikm k,
son Of the late Samuel Isiwrcnee.
Mrt.LKu.?On Wednesday, December 18, Willis
IsLi.toN Mili.kr, aged It months,
j Funeral on Friday, at one o'clock P.M., from tha
[ residence of his parents. No. 144 Bond st.. Briioklyn.
| Mtmilk.?Iu Brooklyn. IX 'ember 18. after only thr<te
days' illness, of nniliguaut scarlet tcver. Okorok W.
Mihiuk. only son of O. E. and Sarah /. Moore, aged 9
years ami 8 months.
Itemaius will be taken to l'araratis, N. J. for inter
ment on Friday. Funeral strictly private, ou account
of nature of disease.
Mi'iieitv. ?on Wednesday. December 18, KlizabetB
F., wife ot William 11 Murpby, aged 2s years.
itcla: ives and friends aie respectfully invited to
ntt n I the tuueral, from Ivr late rn?i lence, liis Cly
ni r st., Brooklyn, K. D., ou Friday, December 20, ah
one o'clock.
i ?i.ni a . -On Monday, Decemher lit, 1S78. of heart
: d|vi use, Sahah I,< I'lsi , wite of Charles F. oluey. and
only daughter of .l.uucson D. and Augusta Itrewu.
The funeral s rvico will be held at St. lVter's Kpls
| ? pd ' huivli. West 2?dh I., mi Thursday. De ember
I I"', at one o cloi k. Tim remains will lie taken to
1 W oodl.m ii i ciiiclsry for intermeut.
I_ I i is. .ii W, tie - i . I1 ml-r is. at her lata
[V! , , .i i n: J.. oldest, daughter
i of ' 11 Minis .in I iIn Ini Mary l' ?tts.
Funeral will I ke place on Fri lay. December 20, at
j lia.lt past nine A. M.. from St. Lawrence's Church,
i Kuit 84th *t , where a solemn maaa of requiem will
. be Offered.
Udyck.?On December 18 at Oreenpoiut, B. Frahk
t.in Hoick, aged 27 yeara, sou of the late Ueury A,
lielatives and friends, and those of Mrs. John L
Boyd, are respw tfully ln< itc I to attend tho funeral,
from the Church of the Ascension. H lit at., Oreen
poiut. on Thursday. December 19, at one o'clock,
i w.thout further notice,
i Jam.ilea papers please copy.
NlMrsos.?Tuesday, December 17, 1878. MArtttck
Simpson, aged 2 years and :i days, at hia mother s resi
dence. 11 Clinton st.. ttrookiyti.
HTgvKSts.?On Tuesday, John ,1. Steves*. agod -IS
1 years.
llela'ives and friends are Invited to attend the fu
Ui d, mi Thursday , l'Jtb iust., at ono o'eloek P. M.,
; from Methodist Episcopal Church, B"iltord at.,
corner Morton.
The Brothers of George Washington Camp, No. 1,
I lilted si,if. . \Y ir Veterans, are requested to muster
at their cauip, Clarendon Hall, No. lit Cast 18th st.,
on Thursday. December 19, lsTs, at half-past eleven
o'eloek A. M., tor the pur|H>so of attending the fit
norai of Brother John J. Htevens, from the Churchy
corner of Bedford and Morton its. Itv order
W. R. W. Ohambkiib, C. M.
Thompson.? tin Wmlntiday, Decemher 18, KuBtnt
Thompson, Jr., In tin- il'tli year of his age.
lielatives aud trieuds of tho tuiully. also those of
his son-in-law, John H. Seal, are rcspectlully Invited
to attend the tuiieml. Saturday, two P. M., from bit
late ri'siileuec, till state st., Brooklyn.
Wai.sii.?On Tuesday morning. December 17, J ivute
W'ai.sii, agisl 8" years and l> mouths, a native of Dally
council, parish ot Trim, eouuty Meat It, Ireland.
Friends of the taniily an- respe tiully invited to at
tend the funeral, on Thursday, 19th. at one o'clock,
from liis late residcuoe, corner (iansuvuort and West
Walsh.? December 17, Mart Walsh, aged 84 yeara,
daughter of E- iii"inl Botirke, county t ors. In-laitd.
J iinefi l troiu lato reshh lice, -119 East 74th at., OS
Friday, Diveuib r 20, ill urn P. M. it< lativcn and
Trn mi . of the family arc Invited to attend.
Wik.n'Holz. ?On Tiiesduy, the 17th lust., after ?? long
illness. Jl-hii. Lvklks. ilaiighter of Johu D. aud Iter
garrtta C. Wienliola, aged ii months and 2 days.
I lie relatives and mends ot the faintly are rispocte
fully invited to .up ud her Dun ral. on liiuri-dky, thn
lot it list., at clie o'clock P. M., ircui the residence
of her parents. No. 8"-- West 8o'h st.
W ?iu.- oil D. i euibor 17, John W'immd, In liis 87th
yea r.
Friends ari Invited to attend tlie tune il, from his
late resiilt uce, 4o4 Adelplii s;,, on Friday, 20th tnu.,
at two o'clock 1'. M. l'leasc ouut tlowers.

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