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£ocal News.
Escaped Prisoners.— -There seems to be but
little use in arresting and convicting rogues now
a-days, as it matters little “ where ” they are
locked up—-they some how manage to get off after
During the past week, a counterfeiter named
Gookin walked out of the Tombs jn female clothes
and a notorious burglar named Jack Sullivan
walked by the guard at Sing Sing, and made his
escape : while, on the same evening, an indefinite
number of convicts are said to have removed their
quarters from Blackwell’s Island, to some more
agreeable locality.
Jack Sullivan was sentenced for 11 years, and he
served about four.
Petty Thefts— Officer Boland.of the 6th Ward,
arrested Mary Brower, for stealing 2 finger rings,
and a pair of spectacles from Alexander Boyle.—
Mary was taken to the Tombs.
Richard S. Harrison was taken in custody by
officers McManus and Munson, charged by Mr.
George Pegle, of 150 Fulton street, with embez
zling the sum of fifteen dollars, —destination—the
At half past seven on Friday morning, officer
Van Tussel of the 11th Ward, arrested Wm. Lo
gan for stealing spikes from the yard of Brown and
Webb on the East River. Sent to the Essex
Arrest of Coach Owners.— On Friday, Mr. Hack
Inspector Huthwaite, arrested some half dozen
coach owners in this city, for running their car
riages without license. They were taken before
his Honor, Mayor Brady, and, after paying the ne
cessary expenses, discharged, on complying with
the requirements of the ordinance. It is under
stood that this course will be persevered in, until
every delinquent shall have been visited.
Vagrant Negress.— Officer Birmingham, of the
16th Ward, arrested at about two o’clock yester
day morning, a colored lady, named Susan John
son, aged seventeen years, for leaving her house, .
and running about the streets! Alas, poor Sukey
Johnson ! it is singular that you should have such
vagrant habits.
It is doubted than another instance can be found ‘
among the entire colored population.
Singular Charge of Felony. —Officer Green, of
the sth Ward, on Friday afternoon, arrested Jas. i
Musgrove, for felony—the accused having thrown
his wife off the dock at the foot of Duane st., with f
the intention of drowning her I I
Pecuniary distress is said to have originated the t
unnatural act.
Suicide.— A man by the name of John Gardner, T
hung himself on Friuaj; noon, m 31st street, near
2d Avenue. He was discovered, but too late to £
save his life, and was taken to his house in I
Twenty-eighth street, by officers Davis and Marks c
of the 18th Ward.
Missed Steps.— Margaret Goggen was taken in
custody on Friday night, by officer Conklin of the
4th Ward, for stealing a-pair of corsets—the loser
may be said to have missed stays.
Disorderlies. -Emma Gorlick, Ann Scott, Lizzy
Anderson, Rosa Johnson, Julia Jackson, Kate
Cushing, Betty Cuninghain, and Margaret Wash
ington, all notorious divinities of the Sixth Ward,
were taken in custody during Friday evening,they
being accused by the police with disorderly and
exceedingly unladylike conduct—doom—a cell for
the night.
A Skd Afair. — Mr. Thomas Mayliff, of Albany,
somehow wandered down into that disreputable
portion of Gotham, sometimes called the Five
Points, where he was relieved of his spare change
to the tune of $77. Officers McMannus and Mar
ron, during Friday, succeeded in placing their
hands upon a trail nymph named Margaret O’Neil,
whom Master Thomas charged with the theft, and
she was accordingly locked up to answer to the
offended laws for Grand Larceny. This is a sad
occurrence for Mr. Mayhfl, and still more so for
Miss O’Neil. Albanians are requested to keep
away from the Five Points. Next to Troy, it is
the worst place an Albanian can go to.
-Occident—At one o’clock, yesterday morning,
officer Dogherty, of the Seventh Ward, discovered
a female lying in a state of insensibility in the en
try of house No. 291 Madison street. It was soon
ascertained that she was severely wounded about
the head, having probably fallen down stairs (her
residence being at the above number,) and Dr.
Marsh, of 206 Cherry street, being sent for found a
terrible injury to the scalp, one side of the skull be
ing nearly laid bare ! The wound was dressed,
but, as yet, we understand, the sufferer can give no
account of the origin of the accident. Her name
is Mrs. Catharine Cairnes.
More Disorderlies.— Mary Gates, of the Eighth
Ward, at half-past nine, P. M., Saturday; Susan
Bennett, of the 7th—same hour; Rosa Kierman, of
the9th, at half-past two o’clock, yesterday morn
ing; Kate Brady and Molly Connor, of the 11th ;
Anne McCabe, of the 7th ; Ellen Smith and Mary
Ann Malone of the 4th, and Margaret and Cathar
ine Smith, of the 5th —were severally arrested,
charged with being disorderly in the streets, ana
other unbecoming doings. Some were dismissed
with a reprimand—some locked up till morning
and then discharged, and some of these sad girls
are still in limbo, working off bad gin.
Reportorial Scribblings.—Halls of Justice , Satur
day, Sept. 11, 3P. M.—Nothing doing. Justices
gone to dinner—only one clerk in attendance.
Business seems to have partaken of the weather—
dull and monotonous. Only one negro and a brace
of rum-cursed and foiled old women in the anxious
seat, waiting for the appearance of the magistrate.
Mr. Constable Barber in close conference with
Col. Snow—two or three individuals talking in an
undertone near the bar.
3 o’clock, 2 m.—Enter aged negro, much pock
marked—taking his hat off as he darkens the door
way, he approaches the desk with exceeding de
ference, and addressing Col. Snow, who is leisure
ly smoking his cigar.
“ She ’noleges whar dat other ring be, an’ if you
send a officer, she say you nab ’em sure!”
Col. Snow puffs away, and the applicant con
“De ear rings aint pawned yet, an’ I tink you
get ’em now if you send quick—you see Massa
Snow ”
“ We can’t do any tiling until the judge comes—
you must wait—or—call again—call in twenty
minutes ”
Nigger stumps off.
8 o’clock, 15 m.—Sergeant of Marines comes in
with a recruit.
“ Is the justice in?”
“No—he will be here in a short time—you’d
better wait.”
Enter some half doz- n spectators, loafers, &c.,
who lean lazily over the outside rails.
3 20.—Counsellor Russel comes in, hat in hand,
and hurries through to the back room—followed
by one or two other legal gentlemen, who linger
about among the congregation.
3 30.—Enter Justice Drinker, and Mr. Clerk
Sergeant of Marines brings his recruit up to the
bar, and the Justice puts the usual question.
“ What is your name V*
“ Thomas Jones.”
“How old are you?”
“ Forty one, next New Year’s.”
“ Are you married ?”
“ No.”
“ Well, put your hand on the book!”
The prospective sea-soldier places an exceeding
ly red and hard looking dexter hand upon the Bible
and takes the customary oaths.
“ There, sir, you can go.”
Officer and recruit both bow vamose.
3 40.—Justice Osborne takes his seat upon the
“Judge !” says an officer, lugging up a rummy
customer to the bar—“make a charge against this
man for stealing a pair of pantaloons.”
“ Who makes the charge ?”
“ This man here—Mr. Croft.”
Well, wait a minute—”
Prisoner is remanded to the anxious seat, and
as soon as the officer’s eyes are turned, slopes for
the door. Officer rushes after the fugitive, and
“Btop him!” “Catch him there!” resounds
through the room, and the prisoner is grabbed and
brouglit back.
“What is your name?—ah, I remember you—
John Smith—you are an old thief!—you’ve been
here before !”
“No I haint nuther; my name’s Jones— Sam
Jones, and I aint no thief if I did steal the trow
“Mr. Snow, take Mr. Croft’s affidavit.”
And after the charge was regularly substanti
ated, Sam Jones was marched down below.
3, 49.—A complainant approaches the desk with
a straw hat on his head.
“ Take off your hat, sir!”
Complainant removes his straw.
“A man’s been stealing my barrels and won’t
give them to me!’’
“ Did you see him steal them ?”
“No, but somebody else did !”
“ How many did he steal?”
“ One. ’Taint the worth of the barrel, but they
steal them every day,”
“What was the barrel worth?’
“Two shillings—they steal baskets and every
thing else.”
“You must bring the man who saw him steal
“ Won’t you give me a warrant, without I do ?”
“ I cannot do it, my friend—must have proof fo
the theft”
“But I can swear to my barrels—he fills them
with potatoes and puts them on board the boat—
the boat goes at 5 o’clock, and before I get back,
he will be off.”
“ I cannot help that—you should have brought
the witness along.”
“ Well, it’s strange that folks can steal, and no
body to hinder ’em!” Exit complainant, grum
3, 55.—A recruit for the Mexican service is here
brought m by a sergeant, and after being ques
tioned, sworn in.
Officer A. M C. Smith escorts Mary Smith and
Jane Snow to the bar, both charged with grand
They are now before the magistrate for exami
nation, and Justice Drinker, after cautioning them
in regard to their rights, directs the clerk, Mr.
Stewart, to proceed with the examination.
Mary says she is “ twenty-five years old, and is
entirely innocent—never stole any thing in her
Jane Snow is “twenty-eight years old, born in
England—does not say but that she might have
stolen tlie property —must have been out of her
Both the females were sent below, and another
recruit is svyorn in for the Mexican service, when
our hour being up, we packed up our traps and ad
journed the session.
Mem. — Recruits for the Mexican army are very
plenty about these days, since Gen. Scott has com
pelled a prospect of peace.
Robertson, the celebrated hatter of No. 89
Fulton street, announces his Fall style of hats.
Those who have waited impatiently for this an
nouncement have only now to leave their orders
at his store and their heads will be taken care of
for the next three months. His models of
grace and beauty, and by selecting him as your
artist, a material saving to your purse is effected.
For three dollars and fifty cents, Robertson per
forms the same service that a Broadway hatter
asks five dollars for, without blushing. As a mat
ter of course Robertson has the preference.
The constant tramp of armed men, near the
corner of Mercer and Broome streets, would in
duce a stranger to suppose that he was in a garri
soned city but the military that converge to that
point are some of our fine independent companies
who occupy the drill rooms of the Mercer House
one of the best furnished and best kept public
.houses in the city. Bar and larder are choicely and
bountifully supplied ; the reading room has all the
papers which are worth reading; two fine tables
are in readiness for the billiard players—in short
no one can suffer with ennui at the Mercer House.
0G- A negro, accused of violating a white wo
man, about a year ago, was arrested last week at
a camp meeting; which is a strange place to look
for a criminal, unless he went there to repent.
Citeratitre anti 2UL
t The Knickerbocker.— Th© September number was
. out promptly but did not reach this office in time to be
„ noticed in our last. “The Oregon Trail” a sketch ol
travel and adventures is continued; there are three or
r four poems much better than the average manufacture;
another “ Letter from the Gulf States,” “ A night in
1 Athens,” and other readable papers. The Editor’s
5 Gossip is full as usual of good tilings, and here are one
or two of them:
1 “We are reminded of a circumstance mentioned to
’ us by an old bank-netary of this town. He says that he
: has seldom presented a notice of protest, to a large
- amount, wherein he did not find the delinquent smok
ing a cigar. He had made up his mind to the dread al
ternative of failing, and his chief solace was the fumes
of the narcotic weed. Such a philosopher it was, who,
when our notary presented him with the protest of a
note for twenty thousand dollars, with the salvo, that
*he presumed it was a mistake, or an oversight,’ repli
ed, ‘ Oh, no; no mistake; it’s a reg’larbu’st!’ ”
“ We once heard a tradesman say, that he had pre
sented a bill all summer to an undertaker, who pleaded
inability until ‘ dog-days’had arrived; and when they
had come, he said:’T won’t be long before I shall be
able to pay you. Mrs. , who is always a cash cus-
tomer, and always gets the best of every thing, can’t
live longer than next week, and I’m sure to have her
job!’ Would Mrs. probably have hurried, to ob-
lige the creditor?”
The North British Review.— Leonard Scott & Co.,
have re-printed in their usually correct and beautiful
style, the last number of this quarterly, issued in Edin
burgh on the Istof Aug. The number contains 144 octavo,
closely printed pages, embracing articles on China, In
dian Politicians, The Scotch Law of Entail, Photogra
phy, Agrarian Outrages in Ireland, David Hume. Dr.
Chalmers, &c., &c. The North British is the represen
tative and champion of the Great Evangelical Party,
at the head of which stood the late Dr. Chalmers. It is
reprinted here for three dollars a year, or to those who
subscribe to any other of the reviews, for two dollars.
The office is at No. 79 Fulton street, corner of Gold.
The Countess of Morion: or the Triumph of Wo
man.—A novel by Frederick Soulie, translated by Hen
ry William Herbert, Esq., and published by Williams
Brothers, in a handsome volume of two hundred and
fifty pages. Soulie though but little known in this
country, is one of the most popular writers of France.
This work gives a fine idea of his power and style.
OkZ The French Boot Emporium, Mr. Young,
the proprietor, on the corner of Fulton and Nassau
streets, is stocked with the most elegant variety of
boots, shoes and gaiters which can be found in
this city. Manufactured under the immediate
superintendence of Mr. Young, of the very best
materials, and on French lasts, these boots and
gaiters, equally desirable for elegance and dura
bility, are sold at a very moderate advance on the
original cost.
Visitors to the Hell Gate Ferry House will
be gratified to learn that Mr. Dunlap, the enter
prising proprietor, offers additional attractions at
his favorite house, in the shape of chowder and a
clam bake to-morrow afternoon.
(Xj- At this season of the year, when our lady
readeis are engaged in preseiving Iruits, &c., we
cannot do better than call their attention to the
advertisement of Mr. Robert Hope Hart, No. 118
Broadway, where they will find the best of bran
dies, &c. &c., at prices to suit the times.
(Jtj-One of the papers Is poking fun at Mayor
Brady—calling him a great man and a great mayor.
An old apple woman who did not understand the
irony, was quite indignant, until the secret was ex
OO Those who are at all curious in regard to
the possibility of attaining perfect holiness in this
world, can have their doubts satisfied, as we see
by an advertisement in the Tribune, by calling at
the basement of 105 Fulton street. There is a
chap there, who takes some pains to let the world
know that he is ready to argufy the topic.
Tub S u.nday Dispatch, and all the other Sunday
weekly and monthly publications, together withall the
new publications of the day, may be obtained at the
store of Mr Rodriques, No 297 Spring street, near the
market. Also, a variety of pictures and picture frames
of the most splendid descriptions. The proprietor is
always willing and ready to accommodate his cus
Mr. Rodriquos, would inform the citizens of New
York, that he will receive subscriptions for any of the
* hiladelphia and Boston papers and other publica
ions, and deliver them to any part of the city at pub- ,
ishers prices.
BT 3 * COLUMBIA DIVISION No. 19 of S.of T. Sept.
11,1817.—The members of the Division are hereby noti- .
tied to meet at their Hall, corner Broadway and Grand
st., on Sunday morning at 8 o’clock, to attend the funo- 1
ral of Brother S. P. FOWLER.
„ By order, G. GALPIN, W. P.
E. Yenni, R. Secretary.
(Cz* U. A. O. D-COLUMBIA LODGE, No. 16.-The
members of Columbia Lodge, are hereby notified to
meet at the Lodge Room, No. 7 Catherine street, this
(Sunday) afternoon, at o’clock, for the purpose of ;
attending the funeral of our late Brother JOHN HILL,
whose death was caused from injuries received on
board the Ashburton. ;
By order, E. E. JONES, N. A.
John Witherell, Sec’y. <
ISIEDICATED SOAP.— Beware or a Spurious Article.
—An.alysis.— This delicous compound—so deservedly a
favorite with the public—is universally acknowledged
to rank foremost among modern inventions; and this s
celebrity is accorded to it for its astonishing powers of <
purification, as well as for its surprising medical pro- s
Serties. Its action on the human skin is so marvellous, '
lat, but for the enlightened state of society, it would ]
be accredited to the power of magic, and its inventor 1
probably suffer at the stake as a wizard! The days of t
necromancy, however, have gone by; but, Science, J
happily, wears a belt of far greater potency than the 1
golden one of the mighty Hennes. Certain it is, that
the transformations which dark, rough, chapped,
tanned or pimpled skins, are made to undergo, by a free
use of GOURAUD’S Italian Medicated § oap,—ex
ceed the power of magic! It is so highly medicated, .
that the entire host of cutaneous eruptions are.imme
diately cured by it; it is so emolient, that the toughest, -
roughest, hardest skin, is speedily made as soft and 1
smooth as an infant’s; its chemical properties are so t
powerful, that the tnickest epidermis which a tropical <
sun ever tanned into swartness, can be easily rendered ;
soft, pliant, clear, and brilliantly white; and it is so
highly scented, that a delightful fragrance will float 1
the live-long day around the person using it! f
For the mere purpose of the toilet, nothing can sur- 1
pass it; as a purifier and cleanser of the skin, nothing J
can equal it; as a shaving compound, it is the most deli- <
cious article extant, and no gentleman, who values a
luxuriant tonsorial, should for a moment be without it.
If it is valuable to the maiden, wile, brother, lather,
mother or lover, it is, if possible, more so to the help
less nurseling, whose tender skin, so frequently chafed
and sore, cannot have anything more delightfully sooth
ing applied to it than Gouraud’s Italian Medicated
OCT* Beware of Spurious Soaps, purporting to be
Medicated; and especially beware of a Counterfeit of
Gouraud’s Soap. The only place in New York where
Gouraud’s articles are to be obtained genuine, is at
his depot, 67 Walker Street, first store and west of
Broadway, New York.
FEVERS, AGUES; are really billions affections
and curable by purging with Brandreth Pills, and good
nursing. Read the directions in Dr. Brandreth’s pamph
let, which may be had gratis from the Agent for Brand
reth’s Pills. No disease can be received unless our
blood is in the requisite state of impurity; it is some in (
all cases, the principle is universal; for even water
must be adapted to the nature of the fish, or there will
be no propogation of the species. Th* soil must be
adapted to the seed, or there will be no increase. The (
climate must have those matters in it which will unite
and keep alive epidemical or contagious poisons, or <
they will become extinguished, as a lamp that is unsup- 1
plied by oil. So it is likewise with the human frame, it (
cannot be materially affected by epidemical or conta- £
gious maladies, unless there be those matters floating in *
the circulation which offer tlie appropriate soil. By i
purifying our bodies with the Brandreth Pills, which (
have affinity with those impurities upon which conta
gion feeds, we may always feel secure, whatever dis
ease may rage around us. True, we may have it, but it
will soon be over, our sickness will be the affair of a
day or two, while those who have been too wise to use i
this simple and excellent remedy, either die or have r
weeks, perhaps months sickness.
Sudden changers from very hot to chilly weather are
unfavorable to health, and it is a fact universally ad
mitted, that heat and moisture are powerful agents in
producing disease, and that constant dry and constant
wet weather are both favorable to its generation; it 1
does not signify what we call it, it may be ague, it 1
may be bilious fever, it may be yellow fever, it may s
be dysentery, it may be rheumatism, it may be bronchi
tis,* it may be cholic, it may be constipation of the
bowels, it may be inflammation of the bowels, it may «
be inflammation of the stomach, it may be a nervous ‘
affection; but still it is disease, and a disease curable by j
the Brandreth Pills, because they remove all impuri
ties from the body, all that can in any manner feed the J
future progress of the malady, no matter how called;
thus those pills are not only the most proper medicine,
but generally the only medicine that need or ought to
be used. At the present time it is every man’s duty t
who wishes to secure his health to use them; it is the £
dutyof every one who knows anything of their health ,
restoring powers to make it known to his immediate J
circle. For there are some alarming signs, which tell J
of the approach of disease. The sudden changes of
temperament are more to be feared and guarded against
than any contagious malady. :
Be careful of counterfeit Pills. All persons should be
careful to purchase at Dr. Brandreth’soffice, or of the re
gular appointed agents. They would thus ensure them
selves the genuine article, otherwise they may get a i
counterfeit, as a new one has recently been offered in '
this city. .
Free of Charge.— “ Vegetable Purgation,” a pamph '
let of 18 pages, is given to all who will call for it, free ;
ofcharge. at Dr. Brandreth’s Principal Office, 241 Broad- 1
way, New York, where the Pills are sold at 25 cents per
box, with full directions. Also, at 274 Bowery, 211 Hud
son st., N. Y.; Mrs. Booth, 5 Market street, Brooklyn;
45 Atlantic street. South Brooklyn; James Wilson,Jersey ,
City; J. S. Kenyon, Harlem; E. Wisner, corner Broad i
and Commerce streets, Newark; J. F. Randolph, New •
Brunswick, N. J. •
N. B. There is no surity that you get Brandreth’s
Pills unless you purchase only of the duly authorized
Original Depot and only office for the true, at twenty
one Courtlandt street, where these valuable cures for
all Burns, External Sores and Pains t may be found.
With the trade mark of the sole proprietors, Comstock
& Co., viz: the fac simile of HENRY DALLEY.
DR BEACH. Author of the American Reform
ed Practice of Medicine, can be consulted only at his
office, 239 Bowery, in connection with Dr. HASSELL,
an experienced and competent physician of the Re
formed School. N. B.—Fistula in ano cured without an
operation. Dr. Beach’s medical books for sale at the
nSr* PUBLIC HEALTH— Hot, Cold, Vapor, Medi
cated and Shower Baths, at the Old Arcade Baths,
No. 39 Chamber street, next door to Palmo’s Opera
This Establishment has undergone a thorough Reno
vation and as to Comfort, Attention, and every conve
nience, cannot be surpassed by any other Bathing Es
tablishment in this city. The public will please call
and judge for themselves.
PRICE CENTS, and no extra charge on Sundays
and Saturdays.
Ladies entrance, No. 15 Reade street.
Nine Tickets for sl. Season Tickets $5.
The subscriber begs leave to invite public attention
to his assortment of Wigs and Toupee’s, confident that
he can recommend them as unsurpassed for lightness,
elegance, and durability, in this city.
Those who would wish to fit themselves with a good
article, should call and examine before purchasing else
where, having supplied the most eminent men in the
country, all of whom have expressed the most perfect
Gentlemen from the South will find these Wigs and
Toupee’s are well adapted to a warm climate.
J. A. POZZONI, 566 Broadway.
CCz’ Read Dr. Ivans’advertisement in another column,
headed “ Sarsaparilla Syrup, only 4s. 6d. per bottle.”
(Cz'DR. CHAPMAN’S MEDICINES—As prepared by
him during his long and very successful practice, are
still to be had genuine from the proprietor at 89 Canal
, Street. These remedies do not require the necessity
of puffing them into notice, for they have stood the
test of upwards of forty years practice. Bee the adver
tisement in another column.
AND GREY HAIR.— Mr. Cltrehugh respectfully inti
mates that in consequence of the great success which
has for years attended his peculiar treatment of the
diseases of the skin connected with the hair, ladies and
gentlemen may now consult him daily on the various
diseases and changes to which the hair is subject, more
especially those arising from fevers, confinement, over
study, and anxiety of mijid. producing grey and weak
hair, baldness and frequently its entire loss.
Mr. C. has for 12 years given his sole and individual
attention to the study and cure of baldness and grey
hair, and during his practice has received the sanction
and approval of the principal medical faculty of the
city and many in Europe; the united recommenda
tions of the press, and testimonials of thousands in every
quarter of the country who have been benefited by his
The many vile and pernicious nostrums at present
advertised by ignorant and unprincipled empyrics, all
pretending to benefit the hair, induces Mr. C. to caution
the public against such imposition and quackery, as the
destruction and ruin of the hair will follow their use.
Office for consultation, 118 Broadway opposite the
City Hotel. Private apartment for ladies. Hours from
to 3 o’clock.
(CZ 1 WILLIAM DIBBLEE, of No. 263 Broadway, in
vites the attention of the public to his establishment.
He pays particular attention to the dressing of ladies
hair. During the last season, he was honored with the
patronage of the lady frequenters of the Opera, all of
whom have expressed the greatest satisfaction, and con
tinued their support. He also manufactures
These articles are of the best quality—the hair being
inserted separately, into the finest of silk net, jpves it
the appearance of growing from the head. Those in
want of a head of hair would do well to call and see his
assortment before purchasing elsewhere.
DIBBLEE’S J APONIC A JUICE, for cleansing the
BANDOLINE, for smoothing the hair,
M(ELLE DE BCEUF, for moistening the hair.
CASTOR OIL JELLY, an excellent article for pro
moting the growth of the Hair, are articles of his own
manufacture, which he confidently recommends.
EXTRACTS for the handkerchief, FRENCH POMA
TUMS. HAIR BRUSHES, COMBS, See., are to be found
Store of the Revolving Wax Figures,
263 Broadway, opposite the Park,
Also 637 1-2 Broadway near Blecker street.
Cream,) Pour Fortifier la crue des-Cheveux et leur
donner une upparence soyeuse preparee par W. J.
BARKER, Perruquier, Coiffeur, Broadway 319, en
face le Carlton House.
In preparing the PALMA CHRISTI, by a peculiar
and highly chemical process, a process which requires
three months constant attention, the glutine and the
offensive smell, which is its invariable accompaniement,
is entirely abstracted from the Castor Oil, whilst its
nutritious qualities remain unimpaired and pure, an
occasional use of this article, prevents the formation
of dandruff—promotes the growth of the hair, gives it a
clinquant appearance and makes it luxuriantly soft. To
be obtained only at BARKER’S LADIES HAIR DRESS
posite the Carlton House.
'• Beneath the rule of men entirely great,
The pen is mightier than the sword.”
ARE most certainly a splendid article. There is no
mistake in this Pen, in has all the smoothness and
flexability of the quill and will last a great many years.
Try them. B. E.Watson &Co, 45 William street, one
door below Wall st., and J. Y. Savage, 92 Fulton street,
have the exclusive sale of them. Other Diamond
Pointed Pens, sl, 51.25, $1,50, sold for $1,50, $1,75 and S 2
elsewhere. Gold Pens, carefully repaired.
3 The attention of the public is respect-
fully called to this most useful and
k amusing article. For the healthful ex
ercise of infants, it has been very high
ly recommended by the most eminent
AVy /7 Physicians and medical works of the
•BYty/ country, and approved by the thousands
XjLsxJx who have purchased them, as being one
/nVA of the most truly labor-saving inven
/tHons of the age. The prices vary from
dollars and a half and upwards.
For sale, wholesale and retail, at the
general depot, 311 Broadway.
GEO. W. TUTTLE, Inventor and Patentee.
And for Sale cheap 1 Pianoforte, 1 Sera-
P phim, and 2 Dulcimers, and a good assort-
X 2?. 5 ? merit of Guitars, Accordions and Violins.
*, . Apply to M. DUMSDAY, Teacher of the
Guitar. Singing, Pianoforte, Accordeon and Violin,
u erms moderate, at 465 Broadway, 8 doors above Grund
gma The undersigned is now ready to supply the
LgM public with his fall style of Hats. To such as
patronized his establishment heretofore; he
deems it unnecessary to state that he furnishes as hand
some an article, (at the same time as durable) as can
be purchased at any other store in the city, for the
price, strangers and others visiting the city, would do
well to give him a call before purchasing elsewhere.
N. B.—Childrens Fancy Velvet Caps, constantly on
hand. Also Caps of every description and style. He
also gets up caps in a neat manner for Target Excur
sions. THOMAS BOESE, 126}£ Bowery,
Two doors above the Butcher’s and Drove’s Bank
BATCHELOR’S New Invented Wigs and Scalps,
made of the finest natural hair, and adapted in the
most easy manner to the style of each individual, They
are entirely a new invention, doing away with all the
vexatious difficulties so long experienced by those who
wear Wigs. The public are invited to inspect a large
and well selected stock, containing every variety of
sizeand color; they will then be able ->to judge of the
Wm. Batchelor, inventor and only manufacturer, 2
Wall street, near Broadway. Please copy the address.
Batchelor’s Instantaneous Liquid Hair Dye, is far
superior to anything yet offered lor coloring the hair to
a beautiful and permanent black or brown, without 1
staining or injuring the skin. The wonderful facility i
with which this remarkable liquid effects the desired -
purpose excites the admiration and astonishment of <
thousands who are loud in its praise. Sold wholesale ’
and retail at WM. BATCHELOR’S, 2 Wall street, near <
Broadway. Price—Bottles for the hair $1 50, for the £
hairsl. Beware of counterfeits. 1
——— (
sweeny’s old stand. t
HARRY GANTER, (successor to D. SWEENY,) ]
would respectfully inform the patrons ot this estab
lishment, and the public in general, that he is prepared 1
to furnish all who may call upon him with the delica- i
cies of the season, prepared in the best manner, and <
served by waiters who are polite, prompt and attentive. ‘
The proprietor flatters himself, that as he has been in
this establishment for a number of years, under the I
former proprietor, he will be able to maintain its pre- I
vious reputation. At all events, he is determined that c
no exertion on his part shall be wanting to give all
entire satisfaction.
An ample room where pictures bright,
On roof and wall the eye invite,
A long Arcade, where left and right
Gleam baths oi Marble pure and white, r
Adorn that palace of delight—
Stoppani’s Bath. ;
If health’s rich glow has left your cheek, '
There the lost roses you should seek, £
Soon will return each ruddy streak, J
Soon strength invigorate the weak;
And one and all with praise bespeak J
Stoppani’s Bath.
The ladies, too, delighted say f
That their department’s au fait, f
For good attendance night or day,
And baths as pure as flowers in May,
They seek three ninety-eight Broadway. t
Stoppani’s Bath. ’
r CZ’ A Billiard Saloon has recently been added to the ,
establishment. j
CAN cure that disease in about twelve hours, the *
very worst cases in a few days. This treatment is ,
perfectly safe, not intended to stop the disease, but '
carry it off ana heal the parts. No charge is made if '
the cure is not effected.
can be cured in 12 hours, in all cases—never tails. It
agrees with all, in all cases, always improving the gene
ral health of the patient. If it should not cure the worst
cases in 12 hours, there will be nothing to pay. It is
placed at a low price, to be within the reach of all.
Office, 266 Broome st., N. Y. Newark Office, No. 6
Commerce st., under charge of J H. TOONE.
A HIGHLY valuable cosmetic for eradicating pirn- ;
pies, blotches, tan. freckles and ringworms, the <
use of the Lotion for a short time, will establish a clear <
and brilliant complexion. Sold in bottles a 75 cents <
each at 188 Bowery, corner ot Spring street.
I. F. Hough, Auctioneer.
AUCTION SALES OF HORSES, Carriages, Harness,
Saddlery, &c., &c., every MONDAY and THURS
DAY. commencing at 11 o’clock with Carriages, and at 1
12 o’clock with Horses.
For cfowwintion of Vehicles, &c., see Evening Mirror ’
an' J> ’ HENRY M RIGGS. T'ranrfotnr. <
JOHN ANDERSON & CO., Nos. 2 WALL, 213 and 215 ;
DUANE STREETS, Importers of Choice Segars, und 1
Manufacturers of the Honey Dew Fine Cut Chewing ]
and Smoking Tobacco and Snuff. Highest premium '
awarded by the American Institute, 1813, 1814, and 1815/ <
N. B.—All goods of our manufacture are sold on the
most reasonable terms, and warranted superior or they :
can be returned and the monev refunded
HAS removed his office to 98 First street, in the third
block East of the Bowery, where he will continue
to treat disease in all its variety of forms, in the same
successful manner as he has heretofore done. All whe
wish to experience the beneficial results of his peculiai
mode of treatment, can do so by calling at his Office. Di
Lapham, has had twenty-five years experience in th« '
treatment of all those diseases with which humanity i
afflicted. .
Respectable references can at all times be given.
N. B. On hand, a constant supply of the Great North
American Panacea, and Resurrection Pills, wholesale
and retail. Agents supplied on the usual terms.
THOSE who desire to purchase Tickles, Catsups
Sauces, Preserves, Jellies, Brandy Fruits and all
articles of that kind, will find them in perfection, whole
sale and retail, at Henry Scott’s establishment, No. 217
Water street. Mr. Scott believes that he has the largest
and best assortment to be found in New York. While
extending a general invitation to the public to call, he
would particularly address himself to dealers from the
South. They will find his goods suitable to their lati
tude, both in price and quality.
HENRY SCOTT. 217 Water street
and Western Daguerreotype Operatorsand Looking
Glass Dealers about purchasing their stock of frames
and mouldings in the length, would find it to their ad
vantage to call and examine our stock of Rosewood,.
Walnut, Maple, Oak, Root and all other kinds of fancy
wood, before purchasing elsewhere.
Also, Mahogany Og’s of all kinds and descriptions,
constantly on hand.
P. S.—Odd Fellow’s charters and certificates framed,
with all the emblems attached to it. Also, firemen’s
certificates, and pictures of any description frame in the
neatest possible style, and at the lowest prices. Like
wise ornamental gilding in all its branches executed
with dispatch. DOWNS & JENKINS,
119 Walker street, east of Centre.
Corner of Canal and Hudson Streets,
IS not only the handsomest and best conducted saloon
in its vicinity,but is supplied with the Best Oysters,
Liquors, &c. &c.
Oysters served up in Dibben’sown peculiar style, al
ways give the utmost satisfaction, even to the most
027* Families wishing Oysters, may rely upon always
receiving the very best the markets afford.
H. J. STORMS &, Co.,
Military and naval general furnish
may be had every article requisite for Military and
Naval purposes, such as Horse Equipments and Infan
try Accoutrements of every description. All styles of
Military Saddles, Bridles, Helmets, Fatigue and Fire
Caps. Light and heavy harness, suitable for all mar
kets, valises, carpet and saddle bags, trunks, &c. Alse.
muskets, brass and iron cannon, together with the uif
ferent guages for ball cartridges. &c. Belts, flags, knap,
sacks, tents and camp equipages; powder, ball, and can
nister shots; shiv, passing ana fire buckets. &c. .&c.
FOR clean sing the teeth and gums and communicat
ing an agreeable odor to the breath, the Ambrosial
Paste of orris and other fragrant ingredients, has boon
acknowledged far superior to any other dentifrice.—
Being compounded oi astringent materials.it hardens
the gums and makes them adhere more firmly to the
teeth, thereby assisting materially in preserving the
latter from premature decay. This Paste also combines
anti-putrescent and detergent properties in an eminent
degree and its frequent use is a sure means of keeping
the breath and mouth in a sweet and healthy condition.
Prepared and sold by HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist
and Druggist, 273 Broadway, in the Granite Building
corner of Chambers street. Sold also at ICO Fulton st.,
and Coddington’s, 303 Hudson street., corner of Spring. <
Price 50 cents.
81 Nassau Street.
WILLIAM WRIGHT, formerly of the Ram’s Head,
Fulton street, begs leave to inform his friends that
maybe unacquainted with the fact, at a distance, as
well as those of the city, that he has opened a public
establishment at 31 Nassau street, upon a scale of com
fort that cannot be surpassed by any in the Union. His
bar is furnished with tne best of wines of every class
Ale, Scotch Whiskey of the purest brands, Porter, and
■ every other article necessary for a well-stocked bar.
oi “Wright’s Retreat,” 81 Nassau street.
N. B.— There has recently been added a first-rate
• Shuffle Board, whore the lovers of this game may enjoy
THE most superior ANTI-BILIOUS PILL now in th<
market, and which are creating so much exoitemen
and are so greedily swallowed bytho BILIOUS, are Dr
Charles A. Van Zandt’s
They cure safely and certainly, without preventinj
the patient from attending to his business, and are tin
only sure remedy of BILIOUSNESS and
ever placed before the people. They open the pores
cleanse the stomach, restore the biliary ducts to health
ful operation, and perform miracles in the way of pre
serving health, and preventing the spread of dangerou:
maladies. This invaluable medicine will also correct;
depraved appetite, strengthens the nerves or any othei
debilitated part of the system, remove those dull head
aches which are premonitory of Liver Complaints, am
generally accomplish what it takes
All this is performed through a concise knowledge o
one plain fact, viz : that there is but ONE CAUSE foi
troubles of this kind, and that a medicine so made as t(
strike at the root of this cause, must of a necessity
all its subsequent results, which medical incompetencj
has so badly treated.
Yes—BILIOUSNESS involves an infinity of disorders
all of which render life a curse and death a relief. Bil
iousness is simply a manifestation ol disease of th«
Liver, and if not taken
will eventually send the sufferer to “ that bourne fron
whence no traveller returns.” Let a bilious affectior
have sway, and it will end in induration or abcess of th(
liver, producing, as it commits its «
ravages. Dyspepsia, Gout, Epilepsy, Heart disease, in
temal disorders of all kinds, foul stomach, Headaches
Mania, Hypochondria, Internal Spasms and Strictures
Hysterica, Shortness of Breath, Mucous Expectorations
Pains in the Breast, Dry Coughs, Sore Throat. Dropsy
Apoplexy, all species of wasting fevers, capricious ap
petite, or loss of it; Scurvy, Chlorosis, Jaundice, Neu
ralgia, Palpitations, severe Costiveness, and an hundrec
other fearful complaints which are too numerous tc
mention. We can prove to anybody’s satisfaction thai
these pills will completely renovate the humane frame
all these ills by driving away every improper conditior
of the bile and liver.
BILIOUSNESS being produced by a hot climate, by s
changeable atmosphere, by damps and fogs, this medi
cine, unequalled as it is. is just the thing ibr
Where men ore exposed to all the causes and effects ol
Where Liver Complaints seems to be epidemical:
When an excellent Cathartic is invariably the Preserve!
of Life and Happiness.
Let no one suffer hereafter, but buy Dr. Van Zandt’s
Anti-Bilious, Health Restorative Pills, and be strong, and
mentally as well as physically vigorous. The sedentary
want it, and can procure
In short all the virtues of the pharmacoepia are com
prised in these little pellets of life.
OZNo family should be without
Sold. Wholesale and Retail, by Wyatt & Ketcham,
121 Fulton street; Geo. O. Gunn. 311 Bleeker street;E.
M. Guion, 127 Bowery, N. Y.; Mrs. Hays, 139 Fulton st
V7. A. Van Zandt, corner Smith and Dean st., Brooklyn
and by druggists generally throughout the United States
Price 25 Cents a Box.
JOHN WARRIN begs respectfully to inform his
friends, and the public in general, that he has open
ed, an entirely new and extensive assortment of Fur
nishing Articles, all of which have been made expressly
for the Retail Trade.
J. W. solicits an examination of his stock, and trusts
the superior quality and moderate prices of the articles
offered, will ensure patronage.
The assortment will be complete and extensive, and
embrace all the newest and most desirable patterns.
Silver Ware of every style and pattern made to
order on the most reasonabe teriiis.
Silver Tea Sets, pitchers, kettles, baskets, &.c.
Silver Spoons, forks, ladels, knives. &.c.
Sheffield Plated Urns, castors, candlesticks, &c.
Birmingham Plated Ware of all varieties.
Table Knives and Forks in sets and separate dozens.
Table and Desert Knives in great variety, expressly for
silver forks—a new style.
Razors, penknives, scissors, &c.
Japaned Tea Trays, in sets, and singly.
Silver Plated do do
German Silver Spoons and Forks.
Do do do silver plated.
Girandoles, with and without drops, various patterns.
Solar and Lard Lamps, lacquered and bronzed.
Candelabras do do
Hall Lanterns, stained, cut, and plain glass.
Tea Bells, watchstands, candlesticks, &.c., with a great
variety of other articles.
Beart’s Patent Coffee Pots, an entire new article.
Gold and Silver Pencil Cases.
Having engaged with Mr. John Warrin as superinteh
dent of this establishment, I solicit the favor and patron
age of my friends, and flatter myself that an acquain
tance with silver ware and furnishing articles at whole
sale and retail, for upwards of fifteen years, will enable
me to offer Goods, that, for style, quality, and moderate
prices, cannot fail to give satisfaction to all who will
favor me with their patronage.
The assortment in this line will be the most extensive
and complete.of any in the United States. All articles
warranted equal to what they are represented, as they
are all manufactured or selected under the immediate
inspection of Mr. Warrin and myself.
AN invaluable remedy for Dysentery, Diarrhoe or
Summer Complaints, Bilious Cholic and Cholera
Morbus. The remedy here offered to the public is in
the fullest confidence of its merits. It is prepared in
four and two ounce bottles, to which is attached an
accompaniment to each, and when taken collectively,
they undergo a chemical change in the stomach and in
testines; render all acid or acrid substances harmless
(which always exist in the above diseases in a greater
or less decree) and thereby destroy tho nature and
cause oi the complaint. Jt is a remedy which is certain
safe and speedy in its operation, is perfectly harmless
in its nature, pleasant to the taste, and contains not a
particle ol mercury, or anything that can injure the
most delicate constitution.
The proprietor can assure the public without any ex
ageration of its merits, that it wtll cure 49 out of 50 cases
of the diseases above mentioned.
Being fully persuaded that if atrial is only made of
the medicine, relief will be had—and the proprietor
asks no better recommendation than a fair trial of its
N. B.—The above medicine has been in constant use
for the last twenty years, and in that time has cured
thousands of the above named diseases.
The proprietors are in possession of many valuable
Certificates of cures by the above named medicine,
which can be shown, if desired. Price 25 and 50 cents
per bottle, Prepared by the proprietors.
o , LAW & BOYD,
Successors to the late John Massekcr, Indian Doctor.
62 East Broadway, between Catharine and Market sts.
near Market st., N. Y.
Where will be found, always on hands, the most ex
tensive assortment of Roots, Herbs, Barks, Seeds Ex
tracts, Ointments, Syrups, and every variety of simple
and compound Vegetable Medicine, for all diseases
Wholesale and retail, at their old established Indian
Medicine Store, No. e,2 East Broadway. N. Y.
WH. THOMAS wishes to inform his friends and
• the public that be has two of the latest im
proved and patented Shower Baths, now in existence
and they are pronounced to be the perfection of Shower
Baths, and the best in world, without any exceptions
one ol them is a Revolving Bath, the other is the Double
Operative; this Bath has two different showers, the one
can be taken on the head the other on the shoulders, the
showers can be taken together or seperato, as you please
therefore you can have a shower from your shoulders
downward, without wetting the head or wet the head
at your pleasure. He has also on hand an assortment of
all sizes and prices, from fifty cents up to thirty dollars.
Please to call and see his hand-work bo for® buying
elsewhere. To be sold, wholesale and retail, at No. 199
He has also on hand a large assortment of Lamps and
Lanterns of all kinds, made in the best possible manner,
and as cheap as arty in the city; with all kinds of Lamp
Glasses and Lamp Wicks, Camphene, Spirit Gas and
Sperm Oil.
N. B.—Any order from the country executed with 1
punctuality, by remitting the amount, (postpaid.) by
letter to the subscriber. Lamps, Chandeliers and Baths
cleaned and repaired; with all kinds of japanning.
au «x, , r c W - H - THOMAS,
Shower Bath and Lamp Store. 199 Bowery, N. Y.
ttZ’ The proprietor of these Baths wishes to get a
moneyed partner or a person who will buy part or the
whole of the Patent, and he will manufacture the Baths
or him, or on other terms that may suit the parties.
THIS is a purely Vegetable Medicine, and one of su
perior efficacy, the articles of which it is com
pounded possess a chemical affinity, and act in harmony
with the laws of life and vitality. A good medicine re.
quires no puffing, it will recommend itself, and the pub
lie will duly appreciate its efficacy in all such cases for
vy-hich it is here recommended. Give it a fair trial and
you will realize more than you anticipate. In all cases
of Dyspepsia, Liver Complaints, Bronchitis, Rheu ma
tism, Asthma, Habitual Costiveness, Salt Rheum, Aftec
tions of the Kidneys, and other diseases of long standing
there is no remedy that has ever been introduced to the
American public, that can compare with the Great
North American Panacea, in alleviating and curing the
diseases above enumerated. The medicine is prepared
by a physician who has had upwards of twenty-five
years experience in the practice of medicine; it is high
ly concentrated, and requires only to be taken in small
doses to produce the desired eflect. Sold wholesale and
retail by the proprietor and his agents. Depot, No. 98
First street, N. I. It is put in pint bottles, with direc
tions signed by the proprietor.
DR. P. LAPHAM can be consulted in his professional
capacity at his residence, No. 98 First Street, between
Avenue A and First Avenue. New York.
“ Obstinate, inveterate and habitual Constipation
(Costiveness) not only' totally over come, but also
ERED in France by M. W’arton, 68 Rue Richelieu,
Paris.” Price 20 cents.
[fZ* This great remedy is a light, palatable and deli
cious food, called “ Ervalenta”—a vegetable Farina—in
some respects resembling arrow-root.
The above treatise and Ervalenta constantly ©n hand
at the National Depot of Warton of Paris, expressly
established for their sale, at HAMMOND & CO.’S drug
store, 278 Broadway, corner of Chambers st., three doors
south of Stuart’s marble building.
Booksellers and druggists abroad, desirous of intro
ducing the Ervalenta in their respective cities or towns
will be dealt with on favorable terms, by addressing,
jost-paid, “ The Director oi the National Depot of War
.on of Paris,” New York.
TYPES and all other Printing materials, manufactured
at Conner’s United States Type and Stereotype
Foundry, corner of Ann and Nassau streets, New York,
can be had at 18 per cent, deduction from old prices.
The undersigned respectfully inform the old patrons
of the Type and Stereotype Foundry formerly Known
as James Conner’s, and more recently as Conner &
Cooke’s, and the public in general, that they are pre
pared to execute orders for Printing Types, Presses,
Chases, Cases, Imposing Stones, Ink, Frames, and every
other article necessary to form complete Printing Estab
lishments, on as favorable terms and of as good a quality
as any other establishment in the United States.
Borders, Cuts, Brass Rule, and all other articles manu
factured at this establishment, at the same reduced
rates. New articles got up to order, on being furnished
with patterns.
The Type cast at this establishment is, both in the
style of face and the material of which it is made, par
ticularly adapted for service in newspaper printing.
New York, 1817. JAS. CONNER &. SON.
[TZ The Type on which this paper is printed was
cast at the above Foundry.
There is no Real Occasion for Sickness!
the universal
Being founded on the only principle in nature
on ivhich such a remedy can be safely and conscien
tiously recommended to the world,
As is daily being proved, not only by the opinion oi
Physicians, but also by the experience of every one
who takes them,
and alone sufficient for of most.
Sold in Boxes at 25 Cents, and in F’amily Packages
at sl, by Henry Johnson, 273 Broadway, corner of
Chambers street; John B. Dodd, 771 Broadway, comer
of Ninth street; J. &1. Coddington 303 Hudson corner
Spring st.; A. L. Winship, (Sand’s) 77 East Broadway,
corner Market st; E. M. Guion, 127 Bowery, corner oi
Grand. Also at 478 Bowery.
IS applied on the above terms. N. B.—For those who
apply it themselves it is for sale.
Internal or External, Bleeding or Blind.
Dr. Ingoldsby’s Specific has cured cases of seven
years’ standing, as can be proven by personal reference.
It is a vegetable preparation, pleasant to take and harm
less in the most delicate cases.
Never cause griping, or sickness of the stomach.
Liver Complaint ot years standing, has been cured by
these pills. Personal reference given. Office No. 198
Nassau street, N. Y.
Depots — Bates & Jordon, 129 Washington st., Boston;
G. F. Storrs & Co.. 21 N. Sixth street. Philadelphia.
INFORMS his friends and the public, that he has re
moved his rooms, (established in 1810,) from the cor
ner of Chambers street and Broadway, in the Granite
Buildings, to No. 132 Chatham street, opposite the Cha
tham Theatre, over Messrs. Gassner & 1 oung’s Grocery
Store. Prices for Pictures—from sl—upwards. Accord
ing to size, number of persons on a plate and richness of
the case or frame. Likenesses Warhantfd
A. Morand inform the public, that he was
earliest operators in the art in the United States, there
fore possesses a thorough practical knowledge which
few can claim. The Pictures taken at his establishment,
display, in the opinion of competent judges, all the
artistic arrangement of the highest efforts of the pain
ter, and have been pronounced by artists and scientific
men, unrivalled for depth of tone, and softness of light
Only 4s. 6d. per bottle—containing a full Quart.
FORFEITED if Dr. Ivans’ Sarsaparilla
W Syrup, is not as good,if not superior to any sold,
and the very best purifier of the blood—warranted free
from any vegetable or mineral poison. To preserve
health, purify the blood. To restore health, the blood
must be purified, and the cheapest, the safest, and most
speedy way to, accomplish this, is to use this great al
( terative medicine. No man, Yvoman or child, should
| be without it at this season of the year, and the low
price at which it is sold brings it within the reach of all.
There is no risk in using this medicine, either to health
or purse, and it is warranted to cure in almost every
case of disease for which it is recommended, or the
money will be refunded—that is, by a persevering
use of the Syrup, a proper attention to diet, and an oc
casional use of Dr. Ivans' Anti-Billious Vegetable Pills,
viz., King’s Evil, Erysipelas, Scald Head, Cancer, Obsti
nate Ulcers, Liver Complaints, Dizziness in the Head-
Palpitation of the Heart, Rickets, Salt Rheum, Palsy,
Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Asthma, and all diseases aris
ing from an impure state of the blood or habit of system
Price per Box, containing Six Bottles, $3, containing
Twelve Bottles, $6 carefully packed and sent to any
part of the United States.
Sold by the Proprietor, at 184 Grand street, west of the
Bowery, at 226 Bowcry, N. Y., and at Fulton street,
r ' OR,
lg Tie Path of Crime :
g Making a hadsome Book of 128 large octavo pages,
is DST* This is ne of the most Thrilling and Romantic
Narratives ofLife, ever published. It is founded on
j. events that actally transpired in the city of London,
d In addition to th interest of the narrative, it givesan
excellent desciption'of the trials and temptations of
jf beauty, when te possessor happens to belong to the
poorer classes oiociety—showing in vivid and striking
colors the thousamarts thafare employed to lure the
innocent victim frolthc’path of virtue
1! Vi
e ce
n r - ■
n iti
s, mo «
s > wh
r.) dis l
T .xutio. i’or sale wholesale
d and retail Dy WILLIAMSON & BURNS,
d ' *" Publishers, No. 41 Ann street,
j Also, for sale wholesale and retail by Burgess, String-
er &. Co., 222 Broacway; H. Long & Brother, 32 Ann st.;
n W. H. Graham, Trbunc Building.
i- V OL. 2.—Denio’s Reports, New York Supreme Court.
V Vol. 7.—Hill’s Reports, Supreme Court New York.
Vol. 25.—Maine Reports, Shepky, Vol. 12.
>f Vol. 30.—English Chancery Reports, now published
verbatim, with notes and refeiances to English and
American Decisions, by John A Dunlap, Counsellor at
Law; it contains Hare’s Chance y Reports, Vol. 4.
Vol. 4.—Pennsylvania State Icports, (Barr) Burger
r Suretyship.
Vol. 7 —Smede's &. Marshall's Reports Miss,
s Smede’s Digest Miss. Report;, 1817.
d Addison on Contracts.
y Vol. 2.—Sandford’s Chancery Reports, New York.
Vol. s.—Howard’s U. S. Repots, Supreme Court.
Vol. 9.—Metcalf’s Reports, Mssachusetts.
i Vol. s!.—English Common L w Reports, entire.
Vol. 14— Meesonand WelsbfsExchequer Reports.
Vol. I.—Barbour’s Chancery Re ports, New York, Suc
[, cessor of Paige.
!. Session Laws of New York 1817.
Vol. I.—Johnson’s Cases, scond ed. much enlarged,
3 with additional eases, and wih copious notes and refer
s ences to the American and Eiglish Decisions, by Loren
zo B. Shephard, Counsellor atLaw.
Vol. 6.—Bonj. Monroe’s Rep rts, Kentucky.
Vol. s.—lredell’s Law Repots, North Carolina.
Vol. 3.—lredell’s Equity Re»orts, North Carolina.
Vol. 3.—lredell’s Digest o North Carolina Reports,
s 1846.
Vol. lO.—Laws of the Unitd States
Vol. 2.—Richardson’s Eauty Reports, S. Carolina.
r Vol. 17.—Connecticut Rcprts.
Vol. I.—Kaufman’s Mackldy’s Civil Law.
s Vol. 6.—Humphrey’s Reports, Tennessee.
s Vol. s.—Arkansas Repots, by A. Pike.
, Vol. 6.—Kinne’s Law
1 Wharton’s American law, Criminal.
Barbour’s American (riniinal Treatise.
J vol. 15.—Ohio Report. Griswold.
Wheaton’s History of tha Law of Nations in Europe
and America to 1845.
Wh'ealon’s Internatimal Law, third edition, revised
and corrected.
Aobott on Shipping, ifth American, from the seventh
English edition, with tie notes of Judge Story and J. C.
Perkins, Esq., 1816.
Saunders’ Reports, I vols., sixth edition, much en
larged and improved, >y Edward V. Williams, Esq. 1846.
Hilliard on Real Pro>erty, second edition, revised, cor
rected, and enlarged. 2 vols., 1816.
Conkling’s Treatise on the Practice of the Supreme
District, and Circuit Curts of the United States, second
edition, much enlargei and improved by r the author.
American Military /aws anil the Practice of Courts
Martial, by John O’Jrien, Lieutenant in the United
States Army.
Barbour’s Chancery Practice, 2 vols., with a collection
of precedents.
Humphrey’s Precetents, 2 vols. A collection of Prac
tical Forms in Suits at Law; also, Precedents of Con
tracts' Conveyances,Wills, etc., and precedents under
the Pension, Patent ind Naturalization Laws of the
United States, with Annotations and References, by
Charles Humphrey, (ounsellor at Law.
Vol. I.—Kelly’s Rep»rts, Supremo Court, Georgia.
Vol. 7 Robinson’s Reports, Louisiana.
Vol. I.—Graham’s .’ractice, third edition, Supreme
Court of New York.
Dunlap’s Paley’s Agency, American Notes.
English Common Law Index, vol. 1 to 47 inclusive.
Gilchrist’s Digest of New Hampshire Reports, vols. 1
to 12 inclusive. - '"-■
Debates in the New York Convention Atlas and Argus
editions. ' ' *"•-
Vol. 3.—Green’s Chmcery Reports, New Jersey.
Dayton’s Law of Surrogates, Executors, etc.
Revised Statutes of New Jersey, 1847.
Vol. 7.—Blackford’s B ''orts, Indiana.
Rules of Practice o' Supreme Court of the State
of New York, at La ’-'quity, as established by
the Court at July 'h Precedents of Writs,
Orders and Bills <• ’ 's of Decisions.
Splendid Supr 'nparchment from
Copper Plate ’ *ors and'Coun
sellors Licenr .
The above aw Books,
and all th published;
Law Libr * on the host
terms, b S-StPv
x'fassau street
x SON,
Corner of Nass. ~ New York, and by
In 3 vols., containing 2288 pages, at the low price of $1
per set. Eighth edition, enlarged and corrected.
VOLUME Ist, 758 piges—contains a compendious Eng
lish Grammar, by Gould Brown; a Dictionary of
the English Language, containing some ten thousand
wordsmore than the largest octavo editions, by Lyman
Cobb, A. M.; a Dictionary of Latin Quotations, by Hugh
Moore; and a complete vocabulary of Law Terms.
Scripture proper names accented for pronunciation;
Christian names of men and women, Maxims and Pro
verbs, &c., &c.
Volume 2d, 781 pages—contains a complete Universal
Gazetteer, (with an appendix of all that is known of
Texas, Mexico, the two Californias, Oregon, &c.,) to the
present day; it surpasses any now published in valua
ble information. The population tables are brought
down to the last census, and are perfect. A very valua
ble epitome of Chronology and History, with an appen
dix containing a history of America, Declaration of In
dependence, with biographical sketches of the lives of
its signers, Articles ofConfederation, Constitution of the
U S., and Washington’s farewell Address, with other
useful matter; prepared and revised by a gentleman of
New York.
Volume 3d, 745 pages—contains One Million of Facts,
that are not only interesting, but highly’ useful to all
classes, by Sir Richard Phillips, enlarged by the late
Samuel L Knapp; an American Biogiaphy of Distin
guished and Eminent Men, also by the late S L. Knapp.
Note.— These volumes contain so much useful know
ledge, that the publishers find it impossible to do them
that justice which they merit, in the compass of an ad
vertisement; they only request the reading portion of
the community to examine for themselves, and doing so
will purphn,**, JAS. CONNER & SON,
Corner of Ann and Nassau streets
Fowler & wells, m Nassau street, prac
TICAL PHRENOLOGISTS, publish works on the
Sciencesol Phrenology, Physiology, Physiognomy, and
Magnetism, at wholesale and retail.
tions as to the most suitable occupations, with verbal or
written descriptions of character given whenever de
The Cabinet, or Museum, is open and Free to visitors,
day and evening.
C JOHNS, Thompsonian and Botanic Physician, an
• nounces to his friends and the Public generally,
that he is located at BAKER’S. No. 422 Broadway,where
he is prepared to attend to calls both in this and adja- I
cent cities and villages, cither night or day. There is
fitted up at the above number one of the very best ap
paratus for giving Medicated, and Simple Vapour and
Cold Shower Baths, also complete fixtures for giving
full courses of medicine.
The following diseases are among the many kinds s
which can be siiccesfully treated at the above No. Lo- 1
cal, Chronfc and Inflammatory Rheumatism, Scrofula, ’
all Mercurial diseases. Consumption in its insipient <
stages, (also great relief afforded in the more advanced
stages, with much greater chance for a cure than under
any other kind of treatment,) Erysipelas, Scald Head, i
St. Vitas Dance, Delerium Tremens, &c., &c. All such
as are afflicted with any’ one or more of the above named
complaints, and have been given up by the “Faculty,” <
as hopeless and incurable, are invited to call at 422
Broadway, and give the “ Bath & Co,” a fair trial,where <
every attention and the best of medicines will be admin
istered—charges reasonable. ;
Mrs. Baker’s “ Female Strengthening Cordial” is one i
of the best medicine now extant for the permanent and <
effectual cure of Female weakness and any other com- i
plaints peculiar to their sex.
Its peculiar properties are such as give strength and
tone to the wnole system, thereby giving energy and
vigor to both body and mind. The above medicine is
from a compound of 26 Vegetable Ingredients, the pro- ;
perties of which act mon the system in
removing the cause of disease. ’* 'so good for obsti
nate coughs, colds, and toar r ' nption in its first
stages. Fojf sale at thir 'ale and retail.
Price $4,(10, per dozj&F ’ingle bottle. i
Also, for sale, C arilla, Yellow
Dock and Bi’' aatic. Dysen- i
tery, Ditr >t Drops and <
Rheumati measure—a •
complete ~ «Mj*Medi- <
cines, on ha (
Physicians le prices.
All the abo ns. Sar-
saparilla Root
' k
NO. 205 . LKY, NEW YORK.
THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends and
the public generally, that he has just opened and
fitted up the store at the above number, where he will
be always ready to attend to the Shaving and Hair
Dressing Department. He has also added to his estab
lishment an apartment where he can furnish Warm
Cold, Shower, and Plunge Baths, of Croton water, at the
shortest notice. BATHS 12J£ CENTS.
Gentlemen will at once perceive the advantages of
being shaved, etc., where they can. without re-arrang
ing their dress or enduring further trouble, enjoy a bath
of any kind with good accommodations and at a cheap
rate. The subscriber believes that his bath rooms aie
fitted up in a style that is not surpassed anywhere, and
solicits the attention of such dwellers in his vicinitvas
properly estimate the value of frequent ablutions.
ANDREW MILLER, 295 Bowery, N. Y.
A CERTAIN and rapid remedy in all cases of Rheu
matism. Gout, Burns, Glandular Tumors, Lumbago,
Corns, Colic, Swellings of all Kinds, Dislocations,
Bruises, Old Sores and Ulcers, Fever Sores, &c. The
proprietors deem it unnecessary to dwell upon the
merits of this most valuible article, as its efficacy’ is too
well Known to need any comment at the present time.
So well satisfied are they of the virtue of the Lotion,
that they agree cheerfully, to refund the price ol the
article in all cases wheie it does not give entire satis
faction. Those afflicted with any of the above com
plaints would do well tocalland examine the numerous
certtificates from highly respectable persons, of cures
performed by the Lotioi,. Price 75 cents per bottle.
For sale, wholesale ani retail, at the proprietor’s de
pot, No. 36 Canal street, lear Broadway, and by all the
respectable druggists ii the country. Responsible
agents in the city and cointry can be supplied by ap
plying as above.
N. B.—Beware of counterfeits and imitations.
TURER, No. 468 Broadway. Also, Depot for King’s
and Bates’ superior Shower Baflis. The subscriber has
rented as above, for the convenience of those who do
not wish to come to his Manufactory. He has now on
hand and will keep for sale duriig the season, his most
improved styles of Refrigeratois of, every size, and
would merely mention his pationage throughout the
United States, as a guarantee for the superiority of his
King’s Shower Baths, a very superior article, always
on hand. Also, Bates’ do.
N. B.—Orders received at his Sore, 468 1-2 Broadway,
or at his Factory. 185 Church street.
HAVE received by the late arrivals a general assort
ment of Plated Albata Ware, consisting of forks,
spoons, castors, cake baskets, tea kettles, tea sets,
&.C., &.C., the most modern and fashionable London pat
terns, which are universally approved in England and
are now for the first time offered to the American pub
lic. They also have ah extensive assortment of goods
platedin the best manner upon British plate ana Ger
man Silver, all at reasonable prices and warranted. The
close resemblance which this plated ware bears to
silver, its durability and cheapness, (when compared
with silver,) its vast superiority over wares plated upon
a copper basis, have established its general use. in fami
lies of distinction in England, and commend it to the
favorable attention of the people of this country.
Spalding & Watt regild and replate candelabras,
lamps, candlesticks, urns, castors, spoons,
forks, the most permanent and beautiful style,
and on short notice.**- ■
r f
; r j
V t
. 1
■ f,
: j f
a r
. 1
' 8
2 ■»--->« •* ». i»i. xxuurs
for children, from 10 A. *L until 12. M. No. 181 Broadway,
N e w Y o rk. ‘ '
J O H M S T A T T S ,
(Late Firm of Statts & Barker,)
Has removed ivi62 fulton street, three
doors below Broa<!vay, New York. Just received,
• a choice assortment o Cloths, Cassimeres and Fancy
l Vestings. Made to Oder 15 per cent, cheaper than
Broadwry prices.
WILL be made on ew and second-hand Vehicles of
every descnptiQ, at New York Tattersalls.
! Wanted, for person going to the country, a few
second-hand Light M irons, with or without tops.
Also, two-seated Wagons for four persons.
- . Also, a lew new or scond-hand Rockaways, or other
. family vehi©les,H. MEIGGS, Proprietor.
’ HOPE H.rt, 118 Broadway, (Basement,)
■ i Al. oders for sale iplots to suit customers, Wines,
Brandies, Gm, Jamcia Rum. Champaign©, Absyntho,
3 ord / a U. , ass °rt°d botch Ale, London Porter and Brown
, Stout, Teas, Cofloe, Segars, all carefully selected and
warranted pure.
Rheumatic Balsam, Pain Extractor and Toothache
For the cure of Rheumatism. Nervous Affections,
Cramp, Stiff Cords and Muscles, Sec. The wonderful and
unparaleued success that within a few months has at
tended this great and newly discovered External Rem
edy or Liniment, as attested in the remarkable cures ef
fected m the cases of a large number of persons, of the
highest respectability, as also in that of the proprietor,
• who has been severely afflicted and almost cripled by
the Rheumatism and Nervous affections, and who has
found relief in no other medicine—induces him to offer
it to the public, in the confident belief that it is the best
remedial agent for the above complaints yet discover
ed. The proprietor has numerous certificates to the
above effect. Price 50 cents per bottle.
Read the following from the Truth Teller of Feb. 27,
1847, written by the editor himself, in regard to his own
case—one of very long standing.
We refer to an advertisement under this head in ano
ther column, and recommend it with pleasure to the no
tice of our readers. Wo can do so safely, having our
selves experienced the great benefits we derived from
its use. If properly applied we feel confident that it
will prove a certain cure for the Rheumatism, and we
earnestly advise those who may be afflicted to give it a
Arnest Fink, Esq. k kindly offered his name as refer
ence in the case of Ins son-in-law, Mr. Gardner,who was
entirely cured by me in eight days, of a severe attack of
Inflammatory Rheumatism, so that his hands, knees and
feet were all swollen like cushions, and he was not
able to move to save his life.
This is to certify, that I was attacked early in March
last by the Inflammatory Rheumatism, which rendered
me entirely powerlessfor several days. I applied to Dr.
Pinkney for relief, and placed myself under his entire
control. The Doctor personally applied his Rheumatic
Balsam, which gave entire reliefin the astonishing quick
period of five days. The weather during my illness and
since my recovery, has been decidedly unfavorable for
me, yet I have felt no premonitory symptoms of a return
of that disease
I take much pleasure in recommending Dr. Pinkney’s
Rheumatic Balsam, firmly believing that its use, accord
ing to directions, will produce a quick and entire cure
of Inflammatory Rheumatism.
S. M. GARDNER, 28 Spring street
New York, April, 1847.
The greatest External Remedy vet known for Con
sumption, Liver Complaints, Bronchitis, Quinsy and all
soreness and Pains in the Throat. Croup. Coughs, Colds.
Whooping Coughs, Headaches, Ague m the Breast, and
Pains in .the Breast, Back, Kidneys and Limbs : Stiff
Neck, Bruises, Swellings, Sprains, andpains of all kinds.
In most cases it acts like a charm, removing the pain
immediately. In regard to several remarkable cures,
the proprietor has several undoubted certificates, and is
permitted to refer to several persons of the highest res
pectability, who object to the appearance of their names
in the public prints.
The following affidavit of Charles Johnson, employed
by T. H. Leggett, Esq., in the Inns of Court, 27 Beekman
st., (to whom persons are referred) attests one of the ma
ny remarkable curks effected by this remedy
New York, Feb. 9,18-16.
Mr. Pinkney,
Dear Sir—The extraordinary cure which has been per
formed through your means upon me, compels me as an
act of duty which I owe you, as well as a means of bene
fitting others of my fellow citizens who may be similar
ly circumstanced, to make it known to the public, and
in doing so I assure them that no part of the case is ex
aggerated, and I would earnestly advise others troubled
with the same complaint, simply to give PINKEY’S
PAIN EXTRACTOR a fair trial, and they will not be
disappointed. For the last two years I have been se
riously afflicted with consumption, attended with very
severe pains in my side and chest, a very violent cough,
ta times threatening strangulation) and within the last
12 months I have been confined to my house as much as
six-weeksat a time, previously being so very weak that,
in going to my doctors I was obliged to rest o number of
times by the way. I was attended by a number of high
ly eminent physicians, some of whom told me I must go
the south, saying I could not live in this city through the
summer and winter; and others, who sounded my lungs
at different times, and told me I could not live over three
or four weeks. I had taken all kinds of medicine, but to
no purpose. About ten weeks ago I was presented with
bottle of Liniment by a particular friend, called Pink
ney’s Pain Extractor, which I used according to the
directions, and I found immediate relief, one bottle al
most having cured me, and am 1 new perfectly well.
In the above statement I have said nothing but the
plain truth, and feeling satisfied and solemnly convinced
that the use of PINKNEY’S PAIN EXTRACTOR has
been the means of effecting a complete cure upon me, I
recommend it to others, believing it will do others a
similar benefit; any one calling upon me can have un
doubted reference as to the facts above stated.
CHAS. JOHNSTON, 50 Frakfnort-st.
Sworn to before me this 12th day of Feb.
A. H. MICKLE, Mayor.
The above remedies are clean and simple in their ap
plication, and prepared in the most scientific manner.—
Price 50 cents a bottle.
Will cure the Toothache in one minute, and i educe
swollen faces in a very short time. Its effect is certain.
Price 25 cents a bottle.
alt Rheum Ointment, 2s. sure cure: Indian Vegetable
Ointment, 2s. forbad sores; Indian Vegetable Pills,2s.
for purifying the blood; Cough Syrup, for coughs and
colds. For sale at No. 6 First Avenue, and at the Prin
cipal Office, No. si Bowery, cor. Bayard st., Ferris and
Penfield, 55 William st,and of Agents who can show a cer
tificate signed by me.
THIS Bath is acknowledged by all who have used
to be superior to anything ever manufactured for
that purpose—took the premium at the late fair of the
American Institute, in competition with Bate’s cele
brated bath, and several others, and its highly recom
mended by the press.
It forms an ornamental piece of furniture for a bed
room, may be used as a Shower or Vapor Bath, and is so
arranged with hooks, that when not used for bathing
purposes, it is a very convenient wardrobe for ladies’
or gentlemen’s use. It occupies but 21 or 26 inches
square on the floor, and weighs but 65 pounds, when
Bate’s Baths, of the same size, weigh 115, thus render
ing it portable with perfect ease from room to room.
The construction of the Bath is such that the most
delicate female can manage it with perfect ease. The
fount is lowered to receive the water by a small crank,
which can be turned by a child; it is then raised, and
retained at any required height for a child, lady or gen
tleman. The bath is administered by pulling a small
cord, which opens a valve in the bottom of the fountain,
and may be closed at pleasure, thereby enabling a lady
of nervous temperament to take from one to five gallons
at a time.
It may be converted into a simple or medicated vapor
bath, by attaching a small apparatus with a spirit lamp,
which is sold with the bath if required.
Manufactured and sold, wholesale and retail, by
31 Ann street, New York.
Prices range from $8 to $lB. Steam Generator, with
its appurtenances, $5. Pei-sons at a distance desiring
further information relative to size, style of finish and
prices, can, by addressing the subscriber, be furnished
with a circular containing particulars. .
STATE OF NEW YORK. Secretary’s Office, Albany, '
August 3d, 1817.—T0 the Sheriff of the City and
County of New York: Sir—Notice is hereby given,
that at the next general election to be held on the Tues
day succeeding the first Monday of November next,
the following officers are to be elected, to wit:
State.— A Secretary of State, Comptroller, State Trea
surer, Attorney General, State Engineer and Surveyor,
Three Canal Commissioners, and Three Inspectors of
State Prisons.
District.— One Senator for the Third Senate District,
consdstinff of the First. Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and 1
Sixth Wards of the city of New York; One Senator for
the Fourth Senate District, consisting of the Seventh,
Tenth, Thirteenth, and Seventeenth Wards of the said
city; One Senator for the Fifth Senate District, con- 1
sisting of the Eighth, Ninth and Fourteenth Wards of
the said city; and One Senator for the Sixth Senate
District, consisting of the Eleventh, Twelfth, Fifteenth,
Sixteenth, and Eighteenth Wards of the said city.
County.— Also the following officers for the said city
and county, to wit:—Sixteen members of Assembly.
One to be elected from each Assembly District.
N. S. BENTON, Secretary of State.
Sheriff’s Office, >
New York, August sth, 1847. )
The above is published pursuant to the notice of the
Secretary of State, and the requirements of the Statute,
in such case made and provided.
. . p , J. J. V. WESTERVELT,
Sheriff of the City and County of New York.
[fz"’ All the public newspapers in the county will ■
publish the above once in each week until the election,
and then hand in their bills for advertising the same, so
that they may be laid before the Board of Supervisors
and passed for payment. See Revised Stat. vol. 1, chap. :
6, title 3, article 30, part Ist, page 110.
THE subscriber would inform his patrons and the
public that he has removed his Gentleman’s Ready
Made Linen and Furnishing Establishment, and now
offers a new and extensive assortment of articles in his
line, manufactured expressly for his retail trade Parti
cular attention is paid to the Ready Made Linen depart
ment of his business. His Shirts are cut after the most
approved French method, to suit the form of the wearer 1
strongly and beautifully finished, and will continue to
deserve the liberal patronage heretofore bestowed on
them. Gentlemen preferring to furnish their own
material, may depend upon having it made up in the :
most faithful manner.
N. B.—The subscriber continues the manufacture of
his celebrated Patent Elastic Shoulder Brace. This
article is patronize 1 and recommended by many of the
most eminent surgeons, and is but to be seen to be ac
knowledged the most perfect article of the kind ever
inqented, and will be found of immense benefit to all
persons, of either sex, who have acquired the habit of
round or dropping shoulders; those confined by study;
persons of consumptive or sedentary habits; those con
fined to the writing desk, &c , &c., will find this Brace ,
eminently beneficial. The subscriberappoints no agents
—has no connection with any other establishment. The
only place where articles of his manufacture, may be
obtained, is at his present location.
PARSELLS, 266 Broadway,
between Chambers and Warren sts.
Foot of B<Arn Street, East River.
MR. DUNLAP announces that he has opened the
Hell-Gate Ferry House for the season, and is pre
pared to accommodate families, parties, and others, who
may desire to enjoy pleasant pastime, or engage in the
sport of angling. The “Ferry House” stands in a ro
mantic and salubrious position, and affords its inmates a
picturesque view of the river, the passage of the Bay
State, Oregon, C. Vanderbilt, Knickerbocker, and other
steamers, and the continued movements of sailing craft,
together with the superior attractions of the surround
ing scenery, rendering said view both exciting and de
lightful. The Bar and Larder and the attendance can
not fail of giving general satisfaction. Boats and all
kinds of bait and tackle constantly ready. Fine horses
and vehicles can always be had to ride around Manhat
tan and Long Island. Oysters, lobsters, clams, and fish
of all kinds for sale at any time.
Whitson’s Stages leave the corner of Pell street and
the Bowery, at 5% o’clock, A. M., and every twenty
minutes after until 9 o’clock in the evening; fare 6% cts.
Murphy’s stages leave No. 3 Chatham street, hourly.
Extras are furnished at the comer of 86th street, for the
gratuitous conveyance of passengers to the Ferry House.
Mr, Dunlap trusts that nis arrangements will secure
general patronage from families particularly.
WM. L. BURROUGHS, patentee of the Ruggles
Engine, 113 Fulton Street, has just imported from
England and France, a large variety of Card and Job
bing Type, which, in addition to a selection from the
various foundries in this country, renders his assort
ment superior to any other office in the city. He will
give particular attention to Fine Work at a fair price,
but to those customers desirous of cheap printing, he
offers to do common work at as low rates as can be ob
tained at any other place, and much less than the prices
charged by runners who go about soliciting orders, be
sides pledging himself to give full numbers.
Every description of work, plain and colored, from
the largest handbill to the smallest card, executed at
short notice and at the time promised.
Merchants and others wishing Handbills and Circu
lars, can generally have them completed the day order
ed, by means of the Ruggles Printing Engines, of
which he has five in full operation.
WM. L. BURROUGHS, 113 Fulton st.
IS supplied with every material necessary for the
prompt, neat, and economical execution of Letter
Press Printing. Public attention is respectfully request
ed to this establishment, in the assurance that ample
satisfaction will be given—as regards typography, press
wotk and charges—to those who require fancy or com
mon, large or small work, cheaply and expeditiously
executed. Among the many advantages of this office
over every other, are the following superior presses,
which are not equalled in America or Europe, viz : the
Double Mammoth Cylinder Press, (the largest in the
world,) for immense Show Bills, Charts, &c., which can
not be done on a single sheet by any other press. The
Double Cylinder Napier Press,which prints 60C0 an hour.
Also. a superior Double Cylinder Press, built by L.
Nc ier in London. Also, an entire new Single Cylinder
Book Machine, built by R. Hoe & Co., of this city. The
Rotary Card Press prints 2000 cards an hour. Persons
wishing to have printing done, are invited to call and
THE patients of the late DR. G. W. CHAPMAN still
continue to be treated at the office of the proprie
tor. No. 89 Canal Street, two doors east of his late lo
cation, where only the genuine preparations of the late
Dr. C. may be had. comprising:
will be found useful in all cases of Bilious Fevers,
Jaundice, Dropsies in the Head and Chest, Worms,
Eruptions, and fixed pains in the Chest.
all cases of Dyspepsia. Liver Affections, and, in connec
tion with the Family Pill, a certain cure for Dyspepsia,
and all diseases of a consumptive nature.
DR. CHAPMAN’S COUGH DROPS, useful in violent
colds, croup, and coughs depending on liver and asth
matic affections.
—useful in Fits. Cramps, Spasms, Dysenteries.andpain
lul affections of the Chest and Bowels.
DR. CHAPMAN’S FEVER DROPS—useful in all fe
brile cases, and especially in Typhus or Ship Fever.
cure for Felons, White Swellings, and other diseases of
the bone.
These medicines have never failed when taken ac
cording to directions. Tobe had genuine only of the
proprietor. No. 89 CANAL STREET.
private Treatise,
ON the Diseases of the Genital Organs, their nature,
symptoms,progress, consequences and cure. Adapt
ed to the use of every individual, of both sexes. By
Joseph Ralph, M. D., author of the “ Family Physician,’’
and other Domestic Medical works, &c. Fourth Edi
tion. 312 pp.', with Illustrative Plates.
This is the only truly useful work on this subject
before the public. Not only all valuable information,
but the most perfect and rapid cure of each disorder,
is stated in the plainest possible manner, the recipes
for all the remedies being faithfully and unreservedly
given, and so plainly as to be practically useful to
every one in every place.
On the subject of self-pollution, its nature, conse
quences and only true cure. NEW and very interest
ing information is imparted, which all should possess,
especially parents and youth.
Again, which is of the highest importance, and given
in no other work, is the description and cure of those
(innocent) complaints which resemble certain disord
ers, and to which all are liable. Is not this work, there
fore worthy the attention of every person?
Price sl. Published by CLAY Jc CO., 32 Ann st, N.
IY., and all booksellers. Copies mailed, on the receipt
ofsl post paid, to any part of the United States. Ad
dress (post paid) CLAY & CO., 32 Ann street, N. York.
Single copies can be had of the author, No. 88 Green
wich street—mailed free,
«Wm WILL open his School for Dancing, at COLUM
OKvBIAN ROOMS, 263 Grand street, on Tuesday,
September 21, 1847, for the purpose of teaching
JS all the different branches of Opera, Stage and
Ball Room dancing and waltzing, in their most approv
ed styles, the terms are very moderate and no extra
charge tor Fancy Dances or Waltzing—among which
Shadows on the Water, Highland Fling, Clog Dance,
Wizard of the Wave, Dwarf Dance, La Polka,
Wooden Shoe Dance, Cracovienne, Chinese,
Pa* de Mazonetta, Army and Navy.Comique,
Sailors Hornpipe, Military Jig, Philaro,
Village Hornpipe, Polka Waltz. Cachuca. &.C.
In addition to the above, will be introduced national
Shcottich of Germany, from which the much admired
Polka, was first arranged. And the new and beautiful
waltz La Vif.lxa, after Megerbeer’s new Opera of that
name, in which Jenny Lind has become so universally
popular. Mr. B. is the only teacher in this country in
possession of the music of La Viei.ka, and is the first
to introduce it to the American public.
Private lessons to agree with the time of the appli
cant. Terms made known at Mr. B’s residence 282
Walker st., or at Columbian Hall, 263 Grand st., during
the hours of tuition For Ladies, Misses and Masters,
Tuesday and Friday afternoons, from 3 to 6 o’clock.
For Gentlemen and Lads, Tuesday and Friday even
ings from 7to 10% o’clock. Extra. Gent’s class 9% for
those who cannot attend at an earlier hour.
No. 217 Fulton Street near Greenwich.
MR. CARLAND, would most respectfully inform his
friends and the public in general, that he has leas
ed the above house, (formerly known as Johnson’s New
Yotk Dining Saloon,) and renovated and refitted the
, same in the best manner. The upper part of the house
has been also refitted and furnished in a neat style to
accommodate Lodgers by the night or week, at a price
to suit the times. His larder will be supplied with
every delicacy of the season, which induces the pro
prietor to believe his efforts will entitle him to a liberal
share of public patronage.
Roast Turkeyls Boiled Ham6d
“ Goosels Pork and Beans6d
“ Chickenls Veal Pie6d
“ Duckls Beefsteak Pie6d
“ Beef.6d Chicken Pieis
*• Pork6d Mush and Milk6d
‘ Veal6d Rice and Milk6d
'• Lamb6d Lamb Pot Pie6d
“ Pigls Fried Fish6d
Boiled Chickenls Fried Clams6d
“ Mutton6d Ham and Eggs6d
“ Corned Beef6d Chicken Soup6d
“ Pork6d Beef Soup6d
“ Fish6d Coffee3d
Suet Pudding6d Mince Pie6d
Indian Pudding6d Apple Pie6d
• Rice Pudding6d Peach Pie6d
Plum Pudding6d Plum Pie6d
Bread Pudding6d Pumpkin Pie6d
Apple Dumplings6d Custard PieGd
Beef SteakGd Hot Corn Bread6d
Veal Cutletcd IndianCakes6d
MuttonChops6d Boiled Eggs6d
Hamand Eggsls Fried EggsGd
Fried Tripe6d Toast6d
Fried Sausages6d Hot Muffins6d
Fried Fish6d Hot RollsGd
Fried Clams6d Tea and Coffee (each).. .3d
Fried LiverGd
HII. GUNTER desires to make known to his nu
• merous customers, and the public at large, that
he has enlarged, ventilated and thoroughly renovated
his Dining Salooh, and can now boast of as extensive,
niry, comfortable and neat a Saloon as the city affords.
The alterations, and improvements need only be seen
to be appreciated; and he only asks one visit, convinced
that all who call once will not fail to come again—and
frequently. His Larder, as heretofore, shall be bounti
, fully supplied with the most choice productions of the
markets, which will be served up, at all times, at the
shortest notice.
Roast Beef, 6d Boiled Mutton, 6d
Roast Lamb, ’ 6d Corned Beef, 6d
Roast Veal, 6d Pork and Beans, 6d
Roast Pork, 6d Beef Soup, 6d
Roast Chicken, Is 6d Mutton Soup, 6d
Roast Goose, Is 6d Chicken Soup, Is
Roast Turkey, ls6d Veal Pie, 6d
Roast Duck, IsGd Meat Pie, 6d
Roast Pig, Is Clam Pie, Gd
Oyster Pie, Is Boiled Fish, 6d
Chicken Pot Pie, is Rice or Mush and Milk, 9d
Plum Pudding, 6d Apple Pie, 6d
Indian Pudding, 6d Plum Pie, 6d
Suet Pudding. 6d Peach Pie, 6d
Bread Pudding, Gd Apple Dumplings, 6d
Rice Pudding, 6d Mince Pie, 6d
Custard Pie, 6d Cranberry Pie, Gd
Beef Steak, 6d Hot Corn Bread, 6d
Veal Cutlet, 6d Indian Cakes, 6d
Mutton Chops, 6d Boiled Eggs, 6d
Ham and Eggs, Is Fried Eggs, 6d
Fried Tripe, 6d Broiled Mackerel, 6d
Fried Sausages, 6d Buckwheat Cakes, 6d
Fried Fish, 6d Toast, Cd
Fried Clams, 6d Hot Muffins, Gd
Fried Liver, 6d Hot Rolls. 6d
Fried Ham, 9d Fried Potatoes, 6a
Fish Balls, 6d Tea and Coffee, 3 cts. each
Hash, 6d Extra Bread, 3d
Stewed Kidneys, Gd Brown Bread, 3d
Late of 11 Ann street. New York.
dersigned, at the approach of the travelling season,
deems it necessary to apprise those who may not be
aware of the fact, that, in order to extend his business,
as well as his limits of accommodation, he has removed
to G 6 Chatham street, within a few doors of Chambers,
and nearly opposite Duane, where he has opened a
Saloon, on precisely the same plan as his former one ;
but in extent, comfort and airiness, not surpassed by any
in the city. The enlargement of his sphere has been de
manded by the increasing patronage of the public, and
his present location has been selected as a central posi
tion for citizens as well as strange.ru. He therefore soli
cits the attention of the public, both, resident and tran
sient, to his new position, where they will find not only
the substantial elements of life in every required form,
but each of a quality that has secured him the reputa
tion he now enjoys, and which he is determined to main
As the above is the only establishment he either owns
or is in any manner nominally or otherwise connected
with, he hopes his friends and the public will remember
that this is the only saloon of the undersigned, and sole
proprietor, DANIEL SWEENY.
THE subscriber having fitted up in a splendid manner
the store
No. 71 PEARL STREET, (Facing Coenties’ Slip,)
respectfully solicit the patronage of those whom busi
ness may draw to the lower part of the city. The
proprietor having been engaged in the business for a
number of years, feels confident that those who will
favor his
with a call, will find everything to their liking and en
tire satisfaction.
The place is admirably adapted to Ship Masters, Met
chants, Clerks, and likewise to Country Merchants, wh
desire their meals in the vicinity of their business.
GEORGE BROWN, Proprietor,
Late of Lovejoy’s Hotel.
PJ. KNAUF, desires to inform his friends, and the
• public at large, that he has filtted up, fortheir
accommodation, a Splendid Dining Saloon, on the above
premises, where will be found, at all times, the most
choice substantials and delicacies, the market afford,
served up in superior style, and at prices corresponding
with the exigencies ol the times. It shall be his highest
aim to so conduct his establishment as to render it an
object for the residents in the vicinity, and the entire
public, to extend to him a liberal share of their patron
age. rz’ OPEN ON SUNDAYS. v
THE proprietor begs leave to call the attention of
residents in the citv, and strangers from the coun
try. to his collection of curiosities and antiquities, espe
cially to these relics of our revolutionary time which
he has been at great pains to gather together. He has
recently enriched this latter department of the Museum
Hotel, with the statue of William Pitt, which formerly
stood in William street near Wall, but which was sup
posed for years to be lost beyond recovery; and he: has
in his possession a portion of the leaden equestrian
statue of George the 111, erected in the Bowling Green
in 17G9, only to be dragged from its pedestal, in 1776, by the
SONS OF LIBERTY . These together with the Gonti
nental uniform, complete of an officer and the powder
horn of a soldier of the Revolutionary army, with a
variety of other rare curiosities, including a perfect
cabinet of gold, silver and copper coins, from the ear
liest coinage of Rome, down to the present day, be will
be at all times happy to exhibit to nis fellow citizens—
free of expense'
Corner of‘Battery Flace a.nd Washington Street.
THE travelling public are respectfully invited to the
above quiet, airy, and agreeable establishment,
which has been lately refurnished in a handsome style,
and it is the determination of the Proprietor to sustain
the reputation this house has acquired of being one of
the best conducted in the city.
Gentlemen visiting the Battery and its vicinity, will
find bis Bar furnished with the first quality of Ales,
Wines, Liquors, Segars, &c. ASA GARDNER.
JAMES 11. PERKINS takes this method of informing
his fi’iends and the public, that he has erected and
furnished in a very superior manner, the above Hotel.
on the corner of Division and Christih streets, and is
determined that it shall rank with the best. His Larder
will at all times contain the choice of all delicacies - tha t
can be found in New York markets, and neither trouble
nor expense has been spared to render his Restav.rant
worthy of a call.
His Bars will be with the best bran ds of
Wines, Liquors, and Segurs.
(O = ’ Private Rooms for Committees, Parties, Dinners
Suppers, &c.
Pleasant Sleeping Rooms for Gentlemen.
The Military of the city will find every conveni
ence they require at the above Hotel.
WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the pub
lie generally, that he has opened a N-jw Public
House, on the Corner of Broadway and Ninth St.,
where he will be happy to see all, and do all he can tu
give satisfaction to his visitors.
The proprietor would also inform the public that he
is prepared to accommodate Boarders in the best man
ner, on reasonable terms.
His bar will always be supplied with the best Ales
Wines, Liquors and Segars, of the choicest brand. In
fact every thing will be made A No. 1, and no one shall
have reason to complain of the articles or treatment he
receives here. Also, a Billiard Room, in which will be
found some excellent Tables, where the lovers of this
sport can enjoy themselves.
AN elegant resort, furnished in the most costly man
ner, has been fitted up by the subscribers at the
above number, and they feel no hesitation in asserting
that the European Coffee House is not surpassed for
elegance of furniture, or convenience of access, by any
similar establishment in this country. Visitors can
obtain at all times a repast of any description or magni
tude, and their bill of fare will embrace every luxury
that can be obtained in the market.
Private Rooms for parties. Lunch every day, from
half past ten to one o’clock, and a Bar stocked with the
choicest Wines, Liquors, and Cigars, of almost every
brand, imported by their direction, are offered to the
patronage of the public. ,
ABOUT the neatest and most agreeable place to enjoy
that healthy and manly exercise, “Bowling,” is ac
friend “Hooker & Storm’s,” corner of Duane street
and Broadway. He has just refitted and newly orna
mented their Saloon, so that in point of splendor and
comfort, it can safely compare with any rival establish
ment in the city. Lovers of the Fine Arts will find here
a choice collection of ancient and modern Paintings and
Engravings by the first artists. All who are fond of
luxury, without too much ceremony, and of attention,
accompanied with urbanity and be sure of
being gratified by giving him a call. A. B.
196 Grand St., between Mott and Elizabeth St.
THE subscribers would resuectfully announce to
their friends and the public, that they have opened
the above place as a public house, where they will be
happy to see all who may be disposed to visit them.
Thev would also inform their friends, that they have
had 'four Splendid Bowling Alleys, laid in the very best
style, on new principles. In fact the whole establish
ment is fitted up in a superior manner—the doors being
made of beautiful stained glass. The Bar in addition to
being neatly fitted up, is stocked with the best Ales,
Wines, Liquors and Segars that are to be had, and no
pains nor expense will be spared to make this one of
the best places of public resort in this part of the city.
All we ask, is, that the public will give us a call and
judge for themselves. lESTER D. MOOR,
CAPTAIN M. H. TRUESDEL, late of the North River,
having taken the above house, begs leave to inform
his friends and the public, that he is prepared to accom
modate families, or single gentlemen, with board and
lodging on reasonable terms. The situation of this
popular place is most salubrious—the house the most
commodious to be found—and the grounds connected
therewith, render it the most desirable and pleasant
summer residence, as well as for a daily resort, that it is
possible to find in the vicinity of the city. The table
will be supplied with all the delicacies of the season;
and no expense spared to make visiters comfortable.
The Bar is stocked with Wines and Liquors ol choice
brands, as well as Ales, Cigars, &c., of the best quality.
Moore’s line of stages leave the City Hall every forty
minutes, and a continuation of the Knickerbocker line,
every fifteen minutes—on Sundays, from Canal street,
every forty minutes.
npHE Proprietor would announce to his friends and
JL the public that he has opened the establishment for
merly known as the American Lunch, as a public
house and oyster saloon, where he will be happy to see
all, and promises to do his best to please and accommo
date. This he hopes to be able to do by keeping no
thing but the best in his bar and larder. In fitting it up
he has spared no pains or expense in making the place
convenient and comfortable. .
The House is kept open both day and Hight fortlie
accommodation of visitors.
No. 7 Mercer Street.
MRS. J. POSTLEY. late of Philadelphia, having
leased the above house, and thoroughly renovated
the interior with new, and costly furniture, adding hot,
cold and shower baths for the accommodation of the
boarders, is now ready to receive boarders. This house
will be found a most desirable residence for single gen
tlemen, being within a few moments walk of that great
thoroughfare, Broadway, and a few doors above Canal
st., in a quiet and retired street, free from the noise inci
dental to most houses of this description. To the house
there is a bar attached. The liquors and cigars are not
to be surpassed by any establishment in the city; and
Mrs. Postiey hopes that, by the untiring efforts of her
self and the numerous attaches of her house, she will
be able to give general satisfaction to all those who may
favor her with a call.
MONDAY EVENING, September 13, the perform
ance will commence with
NERVOUS MAN—Mr. McHhane. Mr. Collins; Mr.
Aspen, Bass; Vivyan, Anderson; Captain Burnish, 8.
Pearson; Lord Lounge, A Anderson; Topknott, Povey;
Lady .Leech, Mrs. Vernon. Mrs. Clackett, Knight.
After which
TEDDY THE TlLEß—Teddy Malowney, Mr. Col
lins; Lord Dunderford, Anderson; Henry, Dougherty;
Lady Dunderford, Mrs. Vernon; Oriel, Miss Kate Horn.
To conclude with
SHOCKING EVENTS.-Griffinhoof, Mr. Bass; Capt.
Spoff. McDouall; Mr. Puggs, W. B. Chapman; Dorothy,
Miss Kate Horn; Ktty, Mrs. Knight
Doors open at 7, and the Performance will com
mence at 1% o’clock.
Boxes, $1; Pit 50 cents; Gallery, 25 cents.
A.‘VV. Jackson, Manager.—Stage Manager,Mr. Stevens.
THIS establishment is now closed for the purpose of
re-modelling the interior of the House, and newly
painting and decorating the theatre throughout. On its
re-opening the Manager trusts he will be enabled to ex
hibit such improvements and alteration for beauty,
comfort and convenience as will bear favorable com
parison with any theatre in the country. The exten
sive patronage already bestowed on the House, de
mands from him every exertion in his power, and he
takes this opportunity of assuring the patrons of the
Bowery Theatre that he will use every endeavor to
merit a continuance of the many favors so liberally be
stowed on him, since the erection of the present edifice.
MONDAY EVENING, September 13, the perform
ance will commence with
VlCTOßlNE.—Alexander. Mr. Walcot; Michael,
Neafie; Macaire, Stevens; Mr. Bonassus, Taylor; Vic
torine, Miss Clarke; Eliza, Mrs. Herbert.
After which
TOMPKINS BUTE.—Mr. Thomas Tompkins, Mr.
Walcot; Spencer, Stephens; Sir Charles Crazy, Taylor;
Capt. Smith, Stafford ; Paddy, O’Brien; Lady Crazy,
Mrs. Madison: Eliza Smith, Wray.
To conclude with
THE FLOATING BEACON —Jack Junk, Mr Neafie;
Angerstoft’, Brandon; Ormoloft', Allen; Maurice, War
wick; Mariette, Mrs Madison; Christine, Miss Hildreth.
Doors open at 7 o’clock. Performance to commence at
half-past 7 o’clock, precisely.
Box 25 cents ; Pit, 121-2 cents ; Private Boxes 50 cents.
MONDAY EVENING, September 13, the amuse
ments will commence with
JL BARB 1 ERE 11l SIVIGLIA.—Count Almaviva, Sig.
Dominico Lorini; Figaro, Sig. L. Vita; Doctor Bartolo,
Sig. L. Battalini; Basilio, Sig Pietro Candi; Fiorello,
Sig. Piamontesi; Rosina, Signa. Fortunata Tedesco;
Bertha, Signora Teodolinda Gerli.
Tickets 50 Cents.
MONDAY EVENING, September 13, the perform
ance will commence with
THREE FACED FRENCH \i AN—Rap Jael Beaujour,
M’lle Cadetti, Francois Ravel; English Jocky, John
Sefton; Mr. Goubinard, Vacho; Therese, Mrs. Watts.
After which the elegant and daring achievements on
the TIGHT ROPE, by the Ravel Family and Leon
To be succeeded by BOLERO OF CADIZ, by Mad.
Leon Javelli and Mons. Henri Wells.
To conclude with
VOL-AU-VENT, or, A Night of ?\dventures.
Doors open at 7) 4 Z , performance to commence at 8
o’clock precisely.
Tickets. 50 Cents, to all parts of the establishment.
P. T. Barnum, Proprietor. 1 F. Hitchcock, Manager.
EVERY Day and Evening this week, commencing on
MONDAY, September 13, 1817.
Splendid Exhibitions and Performances, every afternoon
at o'clock, and every evening at 8 o’clock.
Open every day, from 7 o’clock in the morning till 10
in the evening, for visiters to examine the curiosities.
Morning visiters admitted to the afternoon perfor
who has long been the favorite of this establishment,
has returned from a highly successful tour, and will
replete with the most amusing Y'ankeeisms, at
to-morrow, Monday, both afternoon and evening, assist
ed by that charming Actress and Vocalist,
One week more of Campbell’s Celebrated Band of
composed of Messrs. Mestayer,Carter, Donaldson, Ray
mon J and Bryant, who give a variety of
Negro Songs, Refrains, Dances ana Ditties,
every afternoon and evening, in conjunction with other
magnificent exhibitions and performances announced
Also engaged, for another week, the celebrated
ORPHEAN FAMILY, or Kennebec Vocalists,
who give their Concerts m the Lecture Room of the
Museum every afternoon and evening.
Last Week of
Atwood’s Full-Length Portrait of
It may be seen at all hours, day and evening.
This Museum is enlarged by the addition of a large
and commodious Hall. 100 feet in length, which is filled
with the largest collection in this country of
and faithful and correct portraits of the
amFstad captive
who were taken in the year 1837, on that
alter they had mutinied and
They can be seen at all hours.
PETE MORRIS, Comic Vocalist,
Miss E. JULIEN, the Beautiful Danseuse.
MADAM ROCKWELL, tiie Fortuno Teller.
Admission. 25 cents ; children under 10.12 1-2 cents.
< from Rossini’s
Sung by the following Ladies and Gentlemen, accom
panied by the Orchestra:
PUCH, nossi.
Sigra. RAIN ER I,
Doors open at 6—Concert to commence at 8 o’clock
pSSiSct At the request of numerous friends, the Pee
Dee Ethiopian Opera Troupe, have made ar
rangements for giving Concerts the ensuing
week at the APOLLO, 410 Broadway, consist
ing of six performes, T. Backus Violin: B'. Stanford,
Banjo; G. De Burke, Celestial Chimes; W. Price, Tri
angle; L. A. Wilson, Tambourine and W. Suydam,
Bone Castanets.
J. POOLB' respectfully informs his friends
and the public, that he proposes giving a Vocal
Entertainment at the APOLLO ROOMS, Broad
way, on TUESDAY B2VENING, September 21,
on which occasion he will be assisted by Mr. John Glee
son, who will preside at the Piano Porte, Mrs. Wheelan
(late Miss McGloin,) and Mr. W. Irving, when a choice
variety of the most popular English, Irish and Scotch
Ballads, &.c , ice., &c., will be given.
Concert to commence at 8 and terminate at 10 o’clock
P. M. Tickets 50 cents, to be had at the principal Music
Stores and 108 Bayard street, &.C., &,c.
Corner of Duane and William Streets, N. Y.
THE subscribers, under the firm of Berger & Gala
brun, having refitted and replenished this spacious
establishment, are now prepared to receive company.
There are one hundred and nine apartments—con
sisting of dining saloons, sitting rooms, parlors, lodg
ing rooms, &c. The large hall may be used for balls or
public meetings. The cooking department has been
expressly arranged so as to furnish, at a moment’s notice,
refreshments for any number of persons from one to
three hundred, to be accommodated at the same time.
There are rooms wherein private parties may be fur
nished with dinners or suppers, and the tables will be
furnished with the best the market affords. Liquors and
Wines from the best establishments in the city; Pastry
and Confectionery furnished at the shortest notice.
There will a Lunch at eleven o’clock every day, and
no attention will be spared to give satisfaction. Men of
business, and those visiting the city, will find themselves
centrally and comfortably located, and the prices will
be found to be moderate. The Brench and Spanish
languages are spoken in this hotel.
Cornerof West & Hoboken,opposite Canal Street Ferry.
THIS spacious Hotel has been fitted and furnished
with new furniture, ajid is now open for transient
and steady boarders. Those in want of a quiet home,
cool rooms, and pure, air, are requested to call. This
house commands a line view of the North River and bay
to Sandy Hook, and Jersey shore, including Jersey City
and Hoboken. Also in the vicinity of Rabineau’s Salt
Water Baths, highly recommended for invalids. Suites
of rooms for families, and single rooms for gentlemen,
with or without board. The proprietor will at all times
make it his study to insure the comfort and convenience
of his guests.
Corner of Seventh Avenue and Twenty-B’ifth St
THIS beautiful Mansion, with pleasure grounds,
green houses. &c-, originally the residence of Henry
Eckiord, but more recently the private residence of
Commodore De Kay. has been opened as a place of pub
lic resort by the undersigned, where, from its elevated
position, a delightful current of air is stirring at all times.
In view of displaying the superior accommodations ol
the Eckford Mansion over any other similar establish
ment on Manhattan Island, as a respectable place of
recreation to families or individuals who seek within
the confines of the city a relief from a heated atmos
phere, the proprietors respectfully invite their friends
and the public to call this day, when bv a personal ex
amination they can assure themselves of the truth of,
our assertions. RICHARD E. DB'. KAY,
N. B.—Private Rooms for parties or separate compa
nies. Every convenience lor the accommodation of
those riding out.
No. 720 Broadway, opposite the New York Hotel.
THE undersigned, recently from Boston, having dis
continued nis extensive establishment in that city,
respectfully announces to the citizens of New York
audits vicinity, that he has commenced manufacturing
for Hotels, Private Parties and B'amilies, Ice Creamsol
every variety, and of the most superior quality. Wag
gons will be dispatched to every part of the city, every
afternoon and evening, and can be delivered in every
variety of pyramid, from half pints to four quarts. Par
ties purchasing them, will be relieved from all trouble.
They will be manufactured from pure cream, alone.
As this is the undersigned’s first experiment in this
city, he sincerely trusts that by always giving a supe
rior article, equal to what shall be first offered as
samples, that he may secure some portion of the public
patronage. Very respectfully,
Late of Lee’s Saloon, 253 Washington st., Boston
Corner of Mercer and Broome Streets.
The Proprietors of this House would respectfully
inform the public that they are prepared to accom
modate those who call upon them, in the nest style,being
determined that nothing shall be wanting on their part,
to keep up the brilliant reputation which this house
has hitherto enjoyed. The Reading Room is well sup
plied with the papers of the day. Bor those who fancy
a game of billiards, there are two excellent tables.
Private Parties can always be supplied with Private
Rooms and Suppers to order. There are also attached
to this house three excellent Drill Rooms, for Military
° Thenar is always supplied with the choicest articles
to be had in the market, and in short, every thing neces
sary to make the arrangements perfect, will be found
litre. -W. H. UNDERHILL,
N. B.—M. V. D. Dubois, will be happy to see his
friends at the above place.
J. W. ORR,
rwxrw,, THE well known Steamboat AMERI
r CAN EAGLE, Capt. Geo. 11. Power, hwi
taken her place in the iiborC Ferry, and
will run regularly during the season to Coney Island,
landing at Fort Hamilton, as follows:
Leaving Piei No. i N. R., (near the Battery)—»t in
o’clock, A. M.. 1 and 4 o’clock, P. M. Coney island,
(returning)—At ll.Yi, A.M.: 2J<, and 6, P. M.
N. B —No boats save thos«3 belonging to the Berry,
will be allowed to land at Coney Island, without a writ
ten permission from the Proprietors.
Through Direct—At 6 o’clock, P. M.—
From the pier between Courtlandt and
Liberty streets.
Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck
will leave on Monday, Wednesday and B'riday evenings
Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Crutten
den, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
evenings, at 7 o’clock.
at 5 o’clock, P. M., landing at intermbdiate places.
From the foot of Barclay s L eet.
Steamboat SOUTH AiM ERICA, Capt '1 hos. N. Hulse,
will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Briday and Sunday
afternoons at 5 o’clock. x „
Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. 11. Furey,
will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday after
noons, at 5 o’clock. . ....
The above boats will at all times arrive m -Albany in
ample time for the morning cars for the and West.
B'reight taken at moderate, rates, and none taken after
5% o’clock, P. M.
All persons are forbid trusting' any of the boats of t.ns
Line without a written order Zj’pm the Captains or
B'or passage or freight, apply on ?;oard or to 1. C.
SCUHLTZ, at the office on the warf.
fraews-. ON and after Sunday, July 18th th c :
commodious steamboats FRANK, ('apt.
Isaac Scott, and ROBERT ANNETT,
Capt. B'rederick Gaylord, will leave the foot of Canal
Street, every day (Sundays excepted) at 6, 8 and 19
o’clock A. M.. 2. 3 and 6 o’clock. P. M.
Returning, will leave B'ort Lee every day (Sundays
excepted) at 7>£, and 12 A. M., and 1, 4% aud G, P. M.
The boat will leave Canal street at 7, 9 and 10 oclock,
A. M., and 2 and 3 o’clock, P. M.
Leave B'ort Lee at 8, and 11 o’clock, A. M., 1,5, and 6
o’clock, P. M.
iIT’ For the accommodation of Pic-Nic and other
social parties, a boat will leave B'ort Lee at M.,
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.
Trinity Cemetery.— The 8 and 2 o’clock trips of each
day, (Sundays excepted,) will be extended to Trinity
Cemetery, the grounds of which have been recently
laid out in the most beautiful and picturesque manner.
Returning, the boat will leave the Cemetery wharf at
a quarter to 12 and quarter to G o’clock.
Stages will be in readiness at B'ort Fee to convey
passengers to Hackensack.
THE low pressure and fast steamer,
SANTA CLAUS, Capt. B. Ovkrbagh,
KwsxiTsiMrafiSMs leaves the Pier between Dey and Court
landt sts., EVERY SUNDAY MORNING, at 7 o’clock;
Landing at Rockland Lake, Caldwell’s. Van Courtlaud's,
West Point, Cold Spring, Cornwall, Newburgh, New
Hamburgh, Milton, Pokeepsie, Hyde Park, Elmore’s
and Rhinebeck.
Also, on Mondays, Wednesdays and B’ridays, at 4
o’clock. P. M.
fp=* B'or further information apply on board, or at 118
West st., upstairs.
- — A SAIL across the Hudson River to
HOBOKEN, and then a walk to the
jttKsSfewstnat ELYSIAN FIB'.LDS, along the exceed
ingly picturesque shores of the place, will prove the
most early accomplished and attractive oi all rural ex
cursions that can oe made from the city.
Ihe ground now presents a charming aspect, tho
trees bein" in leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf.
> -Ike walks are in excellent order, having been consi
derably embellished the present spring.
The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christo
pheY streets, are completely fitted up with awnings and
Night boats run from Hoboken to Barclay street until
11 o’clock.
Ferriage, cents.
WILL commence running iu the
order, on Monday, May 21th,
Leaving Manhattanvilie every half hour, at 6 o’clock
A. M., until 7 o’clock, P. M. Leaving New York at 6. 7
and 8 o’clock, A. M., and every half hour, until 8 P. M.
Fare to Fortieth street, cents; Bloomingdale, Mau
hattanville, and Ladies of the Sacred Heart, 12% cents;
Trinity Cemetery, 18% cents: Fort Washington, 25
All baggage at the risk of the owner.
B. MOORE. Proprietor.
SEPTEMBER 12 1847.
For Harlem & Morrisania B'ordham and Williams
At 5,30, A-M, Bridge
“7 “ At 5,30, A. M.
“8u 7 a
“ 9 “ “9
“ 10 “ “ 10
“ 11 “ “ H
“ 2 P. M.
“ 1 P. M. “ 3
“ 2 “ •• 4
after 2 o'clock every half “ 5,30 “
hour until 7 o’clock, F. M. “ 6,30
B'or White Plains For Croton Fa
At 7 A. M. At 7A. M.
" io “ “ 4 p. m.
" 4 P. M.
“ 5,30 “
If unfavorable weather the 1, 2,30, 3,38 , 4,30 6 and 7
o’clock trains will not be run.
There have been many attempts,
from time immemorial, to discover
S 3 a speedy and permanent cure for
pJ the Toothache. The discovery has
a * length been made! No tooth-
AiiKj ache, however acute, can resist
for five minutes the Clove Ano
dyne. It kills the nerve for eve)-,
I as far as its capacity to endure pain
/ ii/11 B/ is concerned. If this were univer
sally known, how much genuine
“ misery to distraction tending” would be saved! How
many a one suffers for days together from this greatest
of all
“ The minor ills that curse humanity,”
when 25 cents would purchase an antidote to-his dis
tress! As a poet says of the Iliad of Homer,
“I would not be without it in my house
For all the wealth of Crcesus.”
Prepared and sold by HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist,
(successor to A. B. Sands & C 0.,) 273 Broadway, corner
of Chambers street. Sold also, at 100 Fulton street and
77 East Broadway. N. Y. Sold also by most respectable
Druggistsin the United States.
(Cz’ Purchasers must be careful that they be not de
ceived by some worthless compound under the name
of Clove Anodyne. Examine the wrapper of the vial
before purchasing, and observe the name and signature
of Henry Johnson, on all the genuine.
JSTS Hard study, close confinement,
an excess of care, and dyspepsia
are the principal causes of prema-
Uo? ture baldness; and a more mortify
~ ' big circumstance than to be dep riv-
eaof the natural ornament for the
wssi-ot -- head, in youth or in the prime of
life, can indeed hardly l>e imagined. That preparation,
then, is best calculated to benefit the hair, which has a
tendency to equalize the circulation in the scalp, to
stimulate the skin, and nourish the bulbs that lie imme
diately beneath. The Genuine Bear’s Oil, imported
by the undersigned from Canada and the Northwest, is
superior for this purpose to any merely artificial pre
paration in the world. It is highly perfumed, and its
use has been strongly recommended by those who have
thoroughly studied the constitution and physiology of
the hair.
Perfumed and prepared for the toilet, by HENRY
JOHNSON. Chemist, 273 Broadway, cornerof Cham
bers st. Sold also, at 100 Fulton street and 77 East Broad
way. Large bottles 50 cents; small, 25 cents.
[C7 & Purchasers to be assured of getting the Genuine
Bear’s Oil, must purchase only such as bear the seal
and name of Henry Johnson, 273 Broadway, N. Y.
“ Waes me! a chiellooks unco grim
When the windows o’his soul grow dim.”
Tan NAH ill.
There are few bodily ailments more dis
tressing in their nature than the inflamma
tiori of the eyes, accompanied or succeed
ed by defective vision. Anything which
can remove these evils must therefore be
regarded as a boon, of which the value is not to be esti
mated in dollars and cents. The Roman Eye Balsam
prepared by Henry Johnson, is such a boon. Its merits
have been tested by long experience, as thousands have
derived unspeakable benefit from its application. Many
patients, after suffering from inflammation for years,
have been completely cured by using this delightful
salve. The redness and watery humor have gradually
disappeared from their eyelids: and they have ultimate
ly been enabled to read with pleasure, the smallest
print by candle light. Price, 25 cents a jar, with ample
directions for use.
Prepared and soldbv HENRY JOHNSON, Chemist,
273 Broadway corner Chambers street.
M KNOX’S Autumn style of Hats is now issued ,
and is one of the neatest and best samples of be
coming head gear ever vended at his establish
ment, 128 Fulton street. These hats are distinguished
fortheir adaptedness to every form and feature, and are
as characteristic of a gentleman as a gentleman is
characteristic of a handsome hat. The quality of the
material, and the method of making up, are unsurpass
able. Having furnished good hats heretofore; the sub
scribers now determined to give, in his new Fall B'ash
ion, better ones! KNOX.
a Are now ready for inspection and Sale at ROB
ERTSON’S Phoenix Hat and Cap Manufactory,
89 Fulton street, N. Y\. and at the Branch store,
ton street, Brooklyn. In again calling the atten
tion of the public to our manufactures, we do so with
the positive conviction that we are now offering better
articles in our line for the price than any other estab
lishment in the United States.
First Quality Nutria or Beaver Hats $3 58
Second do do do 3no
First do Moleskin do 3 50
Second do do do 380
Third do do do 250
(Cz" Caps at cori'espondingly low prices.
££&! (formerly known as the Phoenix Establishment,)
Dutch street, 103 Fulton street—The pro
prietor of this celebrated establishment is constantly
demonstrating the fact that a beaver hat can be sold for
$3,50, and a moleskin hat for $3, superior to four-fifths,
and equal to the best $5 hats sold in the city or else
where, equal in style, beauty of shape, completeness of
finish, neatness of lining, and every other requisite
whatever. This fact is a result of a system which if
more generally adopted, would put an end to much
ruinous extravagance, upon which so many tradesmen
have made shipwreck of their hopes. The success of
the above Hat and Cap Manufactory proves conclusive
ly that a low rent, the utmost economy in expenditures,
quick sales, for cash, with small profits, can compete
triumphantly with the most glaring and costly estab
lishments of the day, and the sacrifice of no point im
portant or unimportant, in the manufacture of a hat i
necessary to enable the proprietor to warrant a saving
of from $3.50 to $6, per annum, to each of his patrons.
The schedule of prices as below :
Ist quality Nutria Hat, $3 50 Ist do Cloth Caps, $1 20
2d “ “ 300 2d “ “ 100
Ist “ Moleskin, 3co 3d “ “ 75
2d “ “ 2 50
In addition to the current Spring style, (a beautiful
article) he keeps on hand an assortment of different
styles adapted to all peculiarities of form and feature,
and is also prepared to make to order, at short notice,
Hats, Caps, &c., to any pattern, at 103 Fulton street.
THE astonishing success and immense patron
age attending the New Hat Company, establish
now only nine months, induces them at once
to add to their beautiful three dollar Hats, a far superior
finish and more costly trimmings. Tlic Company re
spectfully assure the public that they stand pledged to
supply the finest Nutria or Moleskin Hat, that can be
manufactured at their standard price, three dollars.
The Company will introduce for inspection, their Ball
Style on the 17th inst, and invite the attention ol the
public to the elegant and superior finish, until the
opening of the season, which will be on the 25th August
—as usual, no Second Quality, no Second Price, and on
no consideration will old Hats be taken in exchange,
except from the patrons of the yearly arrangement.
New Hat Company, 148 Nassau street, two doors below
Spruce street and lb Bowery.
MMAY be had at 123 Fulton street, such as Pearl
and Drab Castors, White Beavers, of the best
material and neatest finish. Also, a variety of
summer Caps, Straw, Palmleaf and Leghorn Hats, of
the best kind. The proprietor offers the above stock for
the public, believing that the style and quality of his
Hats and Caps is not surpassed by any other house. He
would also announce, that his prices are as low as any
dealer. Low prices for a good article ought to bring
custom. G. VV. BURNHAM, 123 Fulton st.
No charge for looking at the articles.
MERCHANTS having orders for export, can be sup
plied on reasonable terms and with a superior
article, in cases of one dozen each. Also, Cordials ol
every kind by ROBERT HOPE HART,
118 Broadway. (Basement.)
®l)c Sunitaß Wispatfl),
By Williamson & Burns,
And delivered to subscribers in the City, Brooklyn,
Williamsburgh and Jersey City, at the rate of one shil
ling per month, by regular and faithful carriers. Per
sons who wish to receive the paper regularly should
send their names to fhc office. Those who depend upon
newsboys are apt to be disappointed, especially in
stormy weather.
The Sunday Dispatch will be sent by mail to any part
of the World at the rate of $2,00 per annum, payable in
all cases in advance.
A limited amount of advertisements will be inserted
upon the following terms
One Time, .... $1 QCI Three Months, - - - $5 00
One Month, .... 200 Six Months, - - - - 900
Two Months, - <■ . 350 I One Year,l6 00
Longer or shorter advertisements at the same rates.
All orders must be addressed, post paid and enclosing
amount of subscription, to the Publishers

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