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pet on fire, it was discovered in timo to present
demage* An effort was also made to burn down an
other block of new bniidiegs in the same neighbor
hood. The second story floor of one of the houses had
been burned nearly through, but from appearances the
fire died out for want of materials sufficiently com
bustible. These daring attempts at incendiarism ex
cited the greatest vigilance of the authorities, and the
Mayor, after a close investigation of the matter, has
* procured the arrest of the man who had charge of the
Buildings previous to'the first attempt, and has drawn
from him a confession in which is embodied the most
astounding developments. He states that a man named
McCarty, the builder of the houses, engaged him to
fire the property, premising him as recompense for the
job two hundred dollars in money, a lot of ground and
more besides. He said the houses were insured pretty
heavily—one for s3ooo—and he wanted them burned
down, before the policy of insurance was withdrawn
by the insurance company, an event which he waa
fearful would take place from the previous conflagra
tion. He did as McCarty desired him to, and the re
cult is known. The examination is not yet finished.
The Brooklyn Grand Jury.—The follow
ing list of indictments, found by the Grand Jury of
King’s County during the present term of the Court of
Oyer and Terminer, were presented on Tuesday last.
Manslaughter, fourth degree, 1; Grand Larceny, 5 ;
Larceny, 2; Assault and Battery, 8 ; Burglary, 7; At
< tempt to Commit Rape, 1; Murder,!. .Total, 2.5. The
' Grand Juiy not having concluded their labors again
retired for further deliberation. John O’Sullivan,
against whom an indictment for murder was found by
the proceeding Grand Jury, was arraigned, and pleaded
not guilty. The prisoner stands charged with killing
his wife/some months since, on his return to Fort
Hamilton, where they resided. He brought home a
load of coal from the city, and ordered his wife to help
him unload, which she declined doing, as she was in
a delicate state of health at the time. It is alleged
that he then kicked her, from which death ensued.
William Brennan, against whom a bill for murder was
found during the present term, was arraigned, and
pleaded not guilty. The accused was proprietor of a
porter-house in Williamsburgh, and during a disturb
ance which occurred about a month since, shot a man,
from the effects of which he died soon after. It is al
leged that the weapon was discharged accidentally in
the scuffle. On Thursday last further presentments
•were made, but it was concluded that no case should
be taken up for trial till next Tuesday.
Mr. Pease and the Five Points’ Mis
sion—Some time ago the character of Mr. Pease, the
Five Points’ Missionary was violently assailed by cer
tain parties, who made a number of specific charges
against that gentleman which we did not believe at
the time were founded in truth, and we are glad to
perceive that from statements recently made they must
now fall to the ground. During the past week, Mr.
Pease has published, in his defence, letters from Mr.
James Donaldson, Mr. (Jharles Ely and Mr. H. R. Rem
sen, as well as the report of a committee appointed at
Niblo’s to inquire into his affairs, all tending to prove
conclusively that the business of the House of Indus
try has been properly attended to, and every cent of*
money accounted for, even to the last fraction. Mr.
Donaldson served as treasurer of the House for seme
time, Mr. Ely was one of the Directors, and Mr. Rem
sen was a trustee. While upon this subject we may as
well remark that Margaret Ryan, the original “ Wild
Maggie ” has made an affidavit to the effect that it
was Mr. Pease who first took her off the street, and
that on one occasion a man named McClain attempted
to coax her away from him. The girl’s father endor
ses this affidavit, and says if he has been made to say
anything to the contrary, he has been either mteuu
cerstocd or misrepresented.
A Fanatical 11 Blower.”—Mr. J. S. Orr,
who styles himself the Angel Gabriel, and who goes
around the streets attended by a private secretary,
warning the people to fly from the wrath to come,
seems determined to fulfil his holy mission “ in spite of
wind and weather,”* for, on Sunday last, notwithstand
ing that it “rained cats and doge,” he stationed him
self upon the City Hall steps, and spoke “ trumpet
tongued” to the unfortunate few who had- there sought
shelter from the rain. The Angel seemed to be some
what out of sorts, and did not blow his trumpet so
lustily as usual. Perhaps the weather affected him.
His private secretary, too, looked crest-fallen, and his
countenance bore anything, but a minted expression,
while the accordeon which he carried, gave forth,
whenever he touched it, an asthmatic -Bound, as if it
also felt the effects of the atmosphere. “ Who is this
Mr. Orr, and what does he do for a living?” is a ques
tion which’we hear often asked, but it is easier asked
than answered. We believe he does all his blowing on
Sunday, and probably he drops the Angel during the
week, and, putting on mortality, works at his trade,
which may be that of shoemaking, for ought we know.
It is evident that he wishes to become a mender of
souls {soles) at all events.
“ Individual Sovereignty.”—A rather cu
rious affair recently came off in our sister city of Wil
liamsburg, which fully carries out the doctrine of “ in
dividual sovereignty.” A German lady, of rather pre
possessing appearance, who is the wife of a kind, but
rather honely iQoking husband, took a fancy to a fel
low countryman, who in person had considerably the
advantage of her mate. The fascination was mutual,
and in the most business like way our heroine packed
up her things and advised her husband that she was
about to leave him to live with her new lover. No
persuasion could induce her to change her mind. She
accordingly left for her new domicil and left the hus
band to pine in loneliness. After the lapse of about a
month, the lady became satisfied that she had no
changed her condition for the better—that all hand
some m'n are not considerate lovers. In this dilemma
she neither took poison nor threw herself into the
river, as other silly women do under similar circum
stances ; but with all the coolness in the world, packed
up her moveables and went back to her husband, who,
as we are told, received his truant wife back again
with open arms. If this is not the perfection of “ in
dividual sovereignty,” then we don’t know what is!
City Mortality.—The number of deaths
the past wrek was the same as the previous week 484
Of which 295 were of a*d under the age of ten years.
The principal causes of this mortality among children,
are classed as Convulsions, (infantile,) 47 ; Croup. 19;
Dropsy in lhe Head, 26; Marasmus, (infantile,) 22 ‘
Measles, 7; Scarlet Fever, 14, and 31 still-boro, in
cluded in the return—being 166 of the whole number
of children. There were 18 deaths by fevers other
than Scarlet; and by Inflammations, 50 : of which 29 (
Were of the lungs. Consumption numbered 63. The
Dumber the previous week, were by Inflammation of
the Lungs 37, and Consumption 73—showing an im
provement in the diseases of the respiratory system.
That loathsome disease, Small-Pox, carried off 27 vic
tims—the same number as the week previous. The
sexes and nativity are divided thus: Men. 81; Women,
97: Boys, 157 ; Girls, 149. Natives of the U. 5.,315;
Ireland, 94 ; Germany. 40 ; England, 15 ; Scotland,s:
other countries, 15. The number of children being a
near approach to persons of native birth, establishes
the general bealthfulness of our resident native popu
lation, confirmed by the fact that of the week’s mor
tality, 40 were of lately arrived emigrants, having oc
curred at Ward's Island.
Bold Attempt of a Forger and Burglar
to Escape from Prison —At an early hour yesterday
morning, a bold attempt of a forger and burglar to
.escape from the City Prison, was frustrated by officer
McCluskey, of the 6th Ward police, it appears the
notorious Miller who was concerned with Cbauucy
Johnson in the Bankjof New York robbery, and a des
perate burglar named Donnelly, (who robbed Derby’s
stere in Broadway.) were confined in addjoining ceils
on the second corridor and for some two weeks past,
have been actively engaged in digging out a hole
through the massive wall, leadiing into the Court of
Sessions room. The daring villains had succeeded in
removing stones and plaster nearly sufficient to permit
them to crawl out into the Sessions Chambers, and
then their escape would have been unavo : dable. Fortun
ately the break in the wallW,,«observed by the keen eye
of officer McCloskey, just as the villains were about to
take their flight. Mr. Gray, the excellent warden of
that institution, immediately had the heroic felons
placed in irons and a strict watch will be kept over
them until they are tried.
The Travel from Jersey City to Newark.
—On Wednesday last the horses, omnibusses, stables
and other property of the late linp of stages from Jersey
City to Newark were sold at auction, and the line is
at present discontinued. Why this should be so, we
are at a loss to conceive, and we can account for it
upon no other hypothesis than that the citizens of
New Jersey would rather pay double price to supporta
monopoly than to travel on any other route for nothing.
While this line of omnibusses was in operation, a
traveller could go from Jersey City to Newark nearly
as quick as the cars for half price, but this did not
suit the Jerseymcn, for it might have interfered with
the railroad company. It is said that another line will
soon be put on. In the meantime another railroad
from Jersey City to Newark is proposed, which is to
be constructed on a straight fine. The route will be
south of the present railroad, and below the Newark
plank road. The Hackensack and Passaic rivers v/ifl
be crossed near their entrance into Newark bay. In,
the. Legislature, on Wednesday, Mr. Rafferty g&ve
notice of a bill to charter this company.
Another Seduction Case.—A feeling of
■faithlessness among our young men is decidedly prev
alent. Seductions multiply. Scarcely a week passes
that some youth is not brought up with a round turn
for his abort coming?. O.i Friday morning a young
German was taken before Justice Bogartat the Tombs,
on the complaint of Mbs Alice Martin, who charged
him with having seduced her under a solemn promise
of marriage, which promise be ruthles-ty broke, and
sent her word by h<r brother that he was married.
This statement, however, it is supposed, was only a
subterfuge which the amorous youth put forward with
& view to avoid “facing the music,” the infantile mnric
we mean, which is almost sure to follow a mitrimonial
alliance of such paities as are full of blood and blue
veins. We trust- that the young man ia question will
take a sober secend-thought and make the amenle .
honorable to Miss Alice. If he does qot his future will
be embittered every time he chances to hear the plain
tive melody commencing—
** O, don’t you remember sweet Alice,
An Ungrateful Girl.—ln Brooklyn, a
few nights since, a young female calling nerself
Catherine, went to the house of Mrs. Green, in Smith
Street, between Dean and Bergen streets, and wished
to be accommodated with board. M-s. Green to’d her
that she did not take lady boarders, but as the evening
was pretty well advanced and the weather cold, she
allowed her to stay there for the night. The girl re
paid this kindness on the fidlowing morning by rob
. bing her benefactress of a port monnaie containing
115 with which she made her escape. A deed like
this is far more reprehensible than a common theft,
for besides outraging the law of hospitality, ihe con
duct of the unprincipled thief may tend to throw bus
picion upon some really honest but unfortunate girl.
We sincerely tiust that this female imposter may be
arrested and punished as she deserves. She is repre
sented as being tab, of light complexion, somewhat
freckled, and her dress consisted of a straw hat with
pink ribben and a plaine delaine dress.
An Indignant Bail Giver. —Some time
eince we published the arrest of a woman named Ade
laide Edwards, with a long string of aliases, charged
with having picked the pocket of a poor woman while
in an omnic us. It will be remembered that she was
discharged at the time for want of evidence, but was
subsequently indicted by the Grand Jury, and on Tues
day last she was arrested on a bench warrant, and re
quired to find bail in the sum of SSOO. She had a
friend in the person ot a gentleman doing business in
Nassau street, who volunteered ?to lay down “ the
ready” for her appearance, and a bond was made out,
but before it was signed au inquisitive reporter at
tempted to take some notes from it, when the indig
nant bail giver, not willing that bis name should ap
pear in such a connexion, seized the document, which
be tore to pieces, and left his fair friend still in limbo.
The prisoner pretests her innocence, and says the
whole affair has been got up by a party of conspirators
who are “ down onto her.”
Wholesale Hog Slaughter. —An exten
sive pork slaughtering establishment has been in
operation since the 7th of January last, on the margin
of the salt meadows, west of Bergen Hill, and about 3
miles from the Jersey City ferry. It Is situated near
the track of the N. Y. & Erie R lilroad. It is conduct
ed on the Cincinnati plan. Its buildings, pens and
yards^occupy about 6 acres of ground. In this con
cern, <0 men at the most, have been employed at one
time, and 100 hogs were usually.slaughtered per hour;
bnt when 1 j a h ? rr y 130 por hour could be slaughtered
and dressed. About 25.000 hogs have been killed
since the establishment commenced operations. The
hogs have come m from the west by the N. Y. & Erie
Railroad, and the pork has been chiefly disposed of in
the New York market What a squeeling must be
kept up at this place. We should judge that the
mu6t he J T ?° against any disturbance
which their little connubial responsibilities may kick
up. J
Not Exactly Sound -In the early part of
the week, a man named Robert Hanna was arrested,
Charged with selling to one George Davis a horse
affficted with the glanders. Perhaps wa. of
opinion that all is fair in a horse trade, but the law
sjys do, and makes the offence a mi-demeanor. The
bargain was coDSnmmated at the Boll’s Head and Mr
Davis gave SIOO for the animal, Mr. Hanna selling not
only the horse but .the purchaser; at least, so Mr.
Davis thought, and the accused was held to bail in
the sum of S3OO to answer. Time was when Mr. Davis
inight have bought a whole drove of horses for SIOO,
at the old horse market on the outskirts o f the city,
Eea , r tbe Tea-Water Fountain, opposite Sandy Gib
?° n .v " e have seen an animal which was considered
P? rc * las «r a "first-rater,” knocked down for
«> . .’- arj<l ve *y likely Mr. Davis might have considered
that Ins purchase was a “ 2:50” horse.
W »I-UAM Ft7P.LO.va.-The
with Paul RltS? charged, in connexion
W the muriler of an elderly man
Mee Justice Staft’&j?'
L ter were imprisoned ’ last % MVJ a
r criminal charge. While there, a man named Washing-
• ton Secor, an ex policeman of thia Citv occurred the
next cell to them, he being also incarnated there on
a criminal charge. This man testified that Reed con
fessed to him the crime, and gave him all the details
This witness was subjected to a very severe cross ex
ammation by Henry 1.. Clinton, Esq., counsel for Raed
Becor ; s evidence was BO much shaken by the cross-ex
amination, that rhe Judge placed but little reliance on
it Ritter was discharged some two weeks since, and
on the day above-named, on Mr. Clinton’s motion the
Judge discharged Heed.
Abbest of an "Old Hand at ide Bel
lows.”—An old offender named Jack Wiley and a
companion named Wilks, alias Forbes, were arrested
on Wednesday night, and locked np on a charge of
purloining a quantity of jewelry from the store of Sett
P. Squier, No. 182 Bowery. Soon after these worthies
were taken into court a girl named Bertha M iss, re
siding at No. 84 Elizabeth street, identified them as
the parties who on the 25th ult., entered the above
premises for the purpose of stealing, but being detect
ed by her, one of them felled her to the floor by a
blow, and both then ran off. Wiley is. suffering from
a blow he received at the hands of a . German whom
he says attacked him and robbed him of $65. He
caused the arrest of this German, but the charge was
not substantiated before the Magistrate and he was
dismised from custody.
Commissioner of Stbekts and Lamps.—The
nomination by his honor, the Mayor, of George L.
Glazier, to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation
of Mr. ArenlariUs, does not seem to give satisfaction.
He is actively engaged in private business, besides
being a heavy contractor with the General Govern
ment. Under these circumstances he would not, it is
thought, devote that attention to the duties of the office
of Commissioner of Streets and Lamps, as under the
present circumstances will be required by the public
interest. We would suggest to his honor, the pro
priety of selecting a man who has no other business to
divide his attention—one who is willing to devote his
whole time to the duties of the office.
A Dangerous Thoroughfare.—The wagoa
of Mr. Henry Homage, living on the corner of Third
Avenue and 48th street, was broken on Thursday
evening, i» consequence of one of the wheels getting
into a deep rat or gully on or by the side of the Third
Avenue Bailroad at 51st street. Lieut. Colvin, of the
19th Ward police, reports that “ these accidents have
been so common of late, that they attract only a mo
ment’s notice, except to the unfortunate persons whose
property is destroyed or their lives endangered.”
Several accidents of a far worse nature than the above
have occurred at that point within the last three or
four weeks, and still the nuisance remains unabited by
the Third Avenue Bailroad Company.
A Scaly Item.—We learn that the fisher
men of Fulton Market are about to petition the Com
mon Council to allow them to remove to the Hook.
The present slip at Fnlton Market is both inconvenient
and filthy. Besides the slip is more valuable for other
purposes than the fish trade; while the point to which
the fishermen are anxious to be moved to, is on the
head of ithe pier, where the water is always fresh and
pure, and of less value for shipping, &C-, than the slip
now occupied by the fish cars. By the removal of the
fishermen to the Hook and Washington Market to
14th street, the lower part of the city will be greatly
An Ingenious Speculator CoRNERED.-For
several days past, a man of genteel appearance has
visited numerous stores on Broadway, Maiden-lane
and Pearl street, nnder the pretence of making large
purchases of goods; in most places he made the selec
tions and took bills of them, representing that his
funds weie deposited in various banks. In a house in
Pearl street he selected a large lot of hardware, and
informed the proprietor of the atom that his funds
were deposited in a certain bank. A messenger was
dispatched to the bank, who ascertained that no such
man as represented kept an account with them. The
suspected individual was then placed in charge of offi
cer Birmingham, who conveyed him to the station
house for a farther advisement.
Gentleman Kun Over.—Who wag that
gentleman who came so near being ran over by a hand
cart in Broadway, the other day ? The poor gentle ■
man was so fascinated by those elegant Spring style
bats and caps in Mealto’s window that he did not
heed the honest porter who came pushing his vehicle
hastily along the sidewalk. We are happy to say the
gentleman escaped all harm by dodging ia at the door.
We would advise others to follow his example. It is
the latest and the best dodge for any person who de
sires one of the most elegant castors which ever sat on
the top end of man. Melio is on the corner of Broad
way and Canal street.
Kobbery at Kalb Weeks’s, on Long Is
land.—Two men named Clark G. Primrose and Wm.
Stearns, were arrested on Friday, by officer Brush of
the 11th Ward Police, and Mr. Weeks, deputy U. S.
Marshall, on a charge of being concerned in robbing
the house of Mr. Caleb Weeks of Jamaica, L. L, of
money and property valued at S7OO. On searching
the accused parties after arrest, S2OO in money, one
gold watch, one silver do, seals, keys, breastpins,
rings, lockets, &c. to the amount of $275 were found
in their possession. This property is slid to be a por
tion of that stolen from Mr. Weeks, and by him iden
tified. The parties are detained by Justice Wood for
further hearing. „
Trinity Burying Ground.—We copy the
following from the Courier and Enquirer. We under
stand the fair authoress is the wife of one of the most
distinguished gentlemen in the State:
***** Poughkeepsie, Feb. 22, 1854.
Sir Sever*! of n:y ancestors ol the C and L
finely have long since besn interred ia Trinity Church
ya-d, and it is believed their ren-ains lie where the memo
rials which mark their resting place will be disturbed and
destroyed by the opening of the contemplated street
through that cemetery. I beg, therefore in behalf of my
aged mother, Mrs. Ann B , and myself, to have out
names added to the remonstrance against that proceed
ing. Yours, respectful: v, Mary C R .
k :
Charge against the City Register.—The
law of 1847 fixed the salary of the Register and required
all fees to be paid into the city treasury. On the 31st
of last July, the act of ’47 was repealed, and the Reg
ister receiving the fees of his office was obliged to pay
his clerks, and the power to appoint his own clerks
given him. Since its passage, the Register was in re
ceipt of tho fees of the office. Toe Register stands
charged with having appropriated these fees to his o -vti
use previous to the repeal of the act of 1847. The
Comptroller, Mr. A. C. Flagg, says that, from the most
reliable information obtainable, the amount due from
the Register to the Treasury is over $28,009.
Alleged Frauds on Immigrants.—Two
idividnals who have recently been engaged. in the
forwadiyg business in Liberty and West streets were
arweted on Friday last, on a bench warrant, the grand
jury having found an indictment against them for
defranding Immigrants. It is alleged that they have
teen extensively engaged in selecting tickets pur
porting to forward Immigrants to Chicago, which have
only taken the poor victims to Cleveland. On enquir
ing for the agent to whom the prisoners referred them,
they invariably found that no such agent was to be
found. The accused were each locked up in default
of $5,000 bail.
A North Kiver Steamboat on Fire.—
About 3 o’clock on Tuesday afternoon the steamboat
Arrow, frying between New York, Nyack and Haver
straw, while on her upward trip took fire opposite
Fort Washington,and bad it not been for the fact that
the wind was light at the time, and that the bait was
shell ered by it from the hills, another Henry Clay ca
tastrophe would very likely have taken place. There
wire seme 60 passengers on board, and a considerable
alarm for a time was manifested ; but, owing to the
admirable coolness and activity of Capt. McDonald,
the. flames were soon got under, and the boat proceed
ed on her way.
Annual Ballo? the Williamsbubgh Fire
Department —The Williamsburgh Fire Department
held their annual ball at the Odeon on Wednesday
night last, when a large and highly respectable com
pany assembled who "Danced ’ah night‘till broad day
light,” when they separated without anything hav
ing happened to mar their pleasure except the
thought that time was so fleet-footed. All the ar
rangements for the comfort of those present were most
complete, and especially were the floor managers en
titled to much credit for the admirable manner in
which they discharged their arduous duties.
Rooms for United States Court.—The
tlnited States Marshal, Mr. Hilyer, has made arrange
ments, sanctioned by the Government at Washington,
to hire the building corner of College-green and Mur
ray stret, with a view to the accommodation of the
different offices connected with the view of the United
States Court, (including his own.) Judges’Cnambars,
Grand Jury rooms, &c- The building is owned by
Mr. Stevens, and the rent is to be sl6 500 a year, on
a lease for two years from the Ist of May next. The
two court rooms in the new building on the Park
will be retained with a view to the trial of casuses.
Incendiaries at Work in this City.—An
attempt was made on Thursday night to burn down
the Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Bedford
and Morton streets. The plans of the incendiaries
were well laid ; and, had not the smoke been discov
ered by the police in time, the edifice must inevitably
have been burnt to the ground. An attempt was also
made to bum down the building situated at No. 55
Second street. The officers succeeded in extinguish
ing it, but not till the roof and the attic story were
consumed, the damage being about $1,200.
The “Tall Son of York” gone to Eu
rope.—There was a large deputation of policemen
from the 11th ward, members of the Ex Board of Ai
dermen and a number of citizens pre.sent yesterday,
at the sailing of the U. 8. Mail Steamer Baltic to wit
ness the departure of Ex Aiderman Wesley Smith
(the "tall son of York,” as be was nick named by
his colleagues) of the 11th district. The Ex City
Father intends to make a long tour over the European
continent and will probably not return to his native
soil until the latter end of the approaching summer.
Another Ward in Prospect. —Certain par
ties in Yorkville have applied to the Legislature to
create a new Ward, so as to consolidate that village,
which now lies partly in the Twelfth and partly in the
Niiieieenth, into one constituency. The proposition is,
that the new Ward shall embrace that-'portion of the
Twelfth and Nineteenth Waids lying between Sixty-
Ninth and One Hundredth streets, and between the
Sixth avenue and the East River. It is thought the
movement wili succeed, and should that be the case,
another W big Ward will be added to this city.
Contempt of Court.—A German woman
was brought before Justice Boswell at Williamsburg,
yesterday, for contempt of court. It appears that the
accused caused the arrest of a man on a charge of rape,
and afterward her Joss of character &e., was repaired
by tho payment of $9, which transaction took place
without the consent of the judge. The woman hav
ing been locked up during the night, and evidently a
"bad penny, was discharged with a reprimand, and
was expressly forbidden to make future similar com
Burglary.—During Friday night the mil
linery store of Mrs. Roberts; No. 149 Grand street,
Williamsburg, was entered by burglars, who first re
moved the shutters of the window at the side of the
building, and then cut out a large pane of glass.
The millinery arrangements were overhauled and
thrown about the floor, and a quantity of the goods
were tied up, but they finally decamped without booty.
It is supposed the burglars entered this store in mis
take for the jewelry store adjoining.
The “Safe” Game Again.—Williamsburg
is still ahead. Another flat, one of the Smith family
from Ohio, was swindled out of S2OO in that city on
Tuesday last, by two nice young men, one of whom,
who gave his name as Bennett, was arrested, but un
fortunately the one who had the dimes made his es
cape. Smith lent Bennett S2OO to bet on the little pa
per in the safe. Bennett of course lost, and Mr. Smith
was sold. When will people learn to read the papers ?
The Pardoned Policemen.— A “citizen of
the Fifth Ward” states in the Tribune of Tuesday
last, that it is whispered about among acquaintances
of Smith and Kennedy, the lately pardoned policemen,
that those two men have lately been paid about S2OO
each for services as policemen, while they were shut
up in lhe Tombs under arrest and indictment. The
writer wishes to know if it is right to apply S4OO of
the public funds in that manner.
The Burnt Clipper Ships.—The Great
Republic lies at Green Point, where she was taken
after being raised. Rumor says that she is to be fitted
up as a steam propeller. The Joseph Walker has not
yet been raised, though efforts are being made by the
Submarine Wrecking Company. The White Squall
hat been bought by Mr. A. Oakes Smith, shipping
merchantmen Pearl street, for $5,500. It is his inten
tion to fit it up as a steam tug for the use of the har
bor. Estimate for repairs is $50,000.
Abbest of a Female Burglar.—A girl
18 years of age named Theresa Welsh, was on Sunday
night detected in the butcher shop No. 443 Third
avenue, Which she had entered by means of a fabe key
for the purpose of theft. Money and mutton had pre
viously been missed from the shop, and on Sunday
night a watch was set, which resulted in the detection
oftbe thief. She confessed her guilt and was locked
up by Justice Staart.
The Reward of Merit. —The members of
the crew of the packet ship Cornelius Grinnell, who,
so bravely saved the crews of ship Columbiana and
of the British brig Frederick, are about to have a gold
medal presented to them by the Life Saving Benevo
lent Association of this city. A subscription has also
been started for the gallant fellows, donations to which
are received by Messrs. E. &W. Blunt, corner of Bur
ling slip and Water street.
In Hot Water.—ln the Sun of Friday
morning, the leading article under the editorial head,
n»ni n reflecting severely upon Ex-Alderman
v- "fi'ismsburgh, relative to charges pending
10-'iiiv L lm for 6ssault upon a school teacher, &c. Mr.
th* enf:a ped eminent counsel, and has taken
Mr Bf srh ln «Ji 8te > p “ ,0 inatitut e a libel suit against
hoeda h ’ he Ckuma tte artiole “ a tissae of false '
‘lO 8 o“ g> The mVieeS WiU c o~e O aUaTp n ast
During the storm Sunday last the
members of Hook and Ladder Co. No. 1. at the request
of Capt. Brennan, of the Sixth Ward Police tmned
out and demolished the walls which the S fire in
Centre, Duane, Elm, and Pearl-sts., had left standing
Previous to the demolition of these walls a number of
poor families bad lived among the rains, but fearine
that the high wind which prevailed on Sunday would
blow down the walls, they left their precarious habita
tions, and the walls were torn down as above stated.
An exciting scene took place on Fri
day evening about six o’clock, at the extensive drv
goods establishment of Lord 4 Taylor in Grand street
at which time a clerk who was engaged in lighting
the gas in the windows, accidentally set fire to some
fine fabrics, which blazed up like powder, and for a
while it seemed that the destruction of the whole stock
of goods was inevitable. The fire was finally extin
guished, however, with a loss altogether of about $3,009.
A plate glass window, worth about SBOO, was smashed
during the excitement, it is thought by design.
The argument in the Wail street case
was concluded in the Supreme Court on Friday fore
noon, and decision reserved. The argument in the
matter of widening the Fourth avenue was then called
on by Mr. Mott, but postponed to third Monday, (Mr.
Dillon for the corporation, owing to his .father being
ill, riot being able to argue it,) compulsory procsedings
in collection of assessments in the mean time to be
t-®” - The proprietor of a public house in
Grand street, named Kimball, was arrested a few days
since, by a Cincinnati policeman, on a requisition from
Gov. Conway, of Arkansas, in which State he etiuds
charged of being concerned in the burning of the Mar
tha Washington steamer and the Mississippi, in the
month of January, 1852. Mr. Kimball declares his en
tire innocence of any participation in the affair.
The investigation of ths circumstances
attending the death of two Germans named Dunkirk
and Weidmcister, who died at East Brooklyn some
three weeks since, as is supposed by poison, was to
have taken place before Coroner Ball on Wednesday
last, but was postponed in consequence of the illness
of two of the jury. It is about time the affair was
settled we should think.
About §IOOO worth of lace and mil
linery goods which are supposed to have been smug
gled were seized by the police on Saturday last, in the
house of a German named Wm Jost, No. 247 First
Avenue. Jost was very violent when the officers
seized the goods, and it was found necessary to con
fine him to prevent him from doing mischief.
Charles Trainor, the colored * man,
about whose child so much ado was made a short time
since in this city, on Tuesday last sued Rose Cooper
(the former mistress of his child, now in California) in
the King’s County Circuit Court, and obtained $775
damages, as recompense for expenses incurred in get
ting possession of his child.
On Monday last, two Germans named
Ferdinand Froplah and Christopher Ver man, were ar
rested on suspicion of stealing watches and jewelry
which were found in their possession. The property
consists of a small gold watch and chain with bine
turquois slide, two larger gold watches, diamond ring
with three stones and several gold finger rings.
The Brooklyn Common Council adopt
ed a remonstrance at the last meeting, protesting
against the passage of an act now before the Legisla
ture, which provides for the taxing of personal prop
erty of non residents of New York city. The remon
strance, signed by the Mayor and City Clerk, is to be
transmitted to Albany.
Two sisters named Grey were detected
in passing spurious half dollars to drivers of the Green
wood line of stages, a few days since, and taken into
custody. They were brought before Justice Blatehley,
of Brooklyn and held in SSOO bail each to await the
action oftbe Grand Jury.
Two youtg men giving their names
as Wm. Patterson and James Thompson, who escaped
from Blackwell’s Island on Wednesday night, by means
of a board or raft, were arrested at the Houston-st
ferry about two o’clock on Thursday morning by Offi
cer Calhoun. They were locked up.
The Brooklyn Common Council Com
mittee on the petition of operative Vartmen to increase
the scale of rates ger cartage one-third, reported in
favor of the same at the last meeting, and directed the
Counsellor to draw an amendment,to the old ordi
A German, named Otto Snyder, for
merly a waiter at the St. Nicholas Hotel, was arrested
a few days since, on a charge of stealing silver ware
from that establishment. The officer was in search of
other property at the time, and had no idea of finding
the silver forks, spoons, etc.
fiQv* During the past !month, 5,753 passen
gers arrived by sea at this port, of which 1,846 were
from British ports, 2,452 from French, 345 from Ger
many, 62 from West Indies, and 1,048 from United
The best piece of advice that we can
give to our readers who are bald or have a lack of
hair is to read Prof. Wood’s advertisement on the
other page, and then to proceed to 695 Broadway and
try the article.
A male infant about three months old
was found in the entry or hall of No. 126 Avenue C,
on Wednesday night last. Its unnatural parent was
not discovered, and it was taken to the alms house.
3© 1 * Anti-Nebraska petitions are in circu
lation in different parts of this city, and are filling up
with a rapidity which plainly shows the prevailing
sentiment on this important subject.
The Prespyterian Church in Bleecker
street, late under the charge of the Rev. Dr. Parker,
has been sold, with the ground on which it stands, to
the trustees of the Chambers street Savings Bank.
The city authorities of Brooklyn have
resolved to purchase a new clock for the City Hall, at
a cost not to exceed $2,000, the present one having
set its face against telling the truth.
The Stone Cutters of this city have
decided to demand twenty shillings per day after the
10th inst. Their present wages is eighteen shillings
A man named, Owen Mcfarland, was
seriously injured by failing from a scaffold in Erie st.,
Jersey City.
OSWEGATOHTE (N. Y.) trotting meeting.
Wednesday, Jeb. 15, 1854—Purse $25, for 4 yr. old horses owned
in St Lawrence county, mile heats, in harness.
C. J. Baldwin’s gr. m. Alice Grayl. 1
Wm. H. Tallman’e ch. h. Youoh- Mountain Eagle 2 2
Same Day—Subscribers’ Purse, $25, for all horses that never
won Match. Purse, or Sweepstakes, mile heats, best 3in 5, in
EE. W. Warner’s br. m. Lady Moscow. 2 2 11 1
James Flanagan’s br. g. Com M00re333 2 2
Bamiste’s (Ind’f) bi. m. Lady of Telegraphl 1 2 dr
G. Olds’ b. g. Zelmette ... •.4 diot.
Time. 3:10 - 3:08 -3:07-3:02.
Thursday, Feb. 16 —Purse S6O, S2O to the second best, for all
heroes owned in St. Luwrtnee county, mile he*ts, best 3 in 5
in harness.
Charles Lewis’s b. g. Paddy Mathewsl 11
T. R. T. ole’s bl. m. Fanny 3 2 2
H. W. Warner’s gr. m. Lady Sufi .Ik2 3 3
Wm. Freeman’s r. g. Pete 4 4 dr
Time, 3:03—3:00—2:55.
Same Day—Purse S4O, for horses that never won Match Purse,
or Sweepstake, over $25, Mile heats, best 3 in 5, in harness.
J. bl g Prenex Gardel 11
H. W. Warner’s b. m. Lady Moscow 22 2
Time. 3:03—3:00 -2:5b.
Friday. Feb. 17—Purse S2OO, tor all horses, mile heats* best 3 in
5, in hainess.
Wm. Kingston’s gr. h. Major.Ringgold t 11
Charles Lewis’s b. g. Paddy Mathews. 3 3 2
J. Barboo’sbl. g. Prenez Ga-de2 2 3
Time. 2 49 - 3:53—2:51.
Saturday, Feb. 17—Subscribers’ Purse SSO, mile heats, best 3 in
5, in harness
Wm. Kingston's gr. h. Major Ringgoldlll
J. S. Gilman’s br. g. Euiftw H 22 dr
Time, 2:50-2:50.
SATURDAY, Feb. 4, 1854—Trotting Match for SIOOO aside.
One miie, under the saddle. Mr. P ’s ch. g. Maj<yr Van-
a-usdell ’., . # 1
Col. M 's b. g. Sullan I 2
Time 2:38.
The “Major” is a green horse, recently from Ohio,
and scarcely acclimated. He crossed the score eisy a
full hundred yards ahead. Were it not for a serious
infirmity, which must soon unfit him for the Turf, he
would have paid the New York flyers a visit in the
SATURDAY, Feb. 25—Purse S2OO. Mile heats, be it 3in 5.
D. Davis’s Bullet i 11
H. Smlta’s gr m H->milion ; an 2 2 2
John Simerdi’ Dutc:.y 3 3 3
C. More’s ch m 4 4 4
T.-mc, 3:08 2:58-2:59.
Bullet won easily in three straight heats. We re
ceived the above report from a corrrespondent at Shore
ham, and as near as we ciuld make out from the
manuscript the above placing is correct. If there is
any mistake, we will, upon notification, rectify it.
Trotting on the Ice in Montreal. —The
Montreal Herald of Feb. 21 says: “A very interesting
trotting match took place a few days ago, on the ice,
from Samuel Rankin’s Point. St. Ancient, to Dundee,
& distance of fourteen miles, between the “Blue Bon
net,” owned by Sml. Rankin, and ths much renowned
American "Walk Over,” owned by Augus Mclntosh,
Esq. “Blue Bonnet” took the lead, and kept it at
bis ease, the American “Walk Over” following at
seme distance, not keeping in sight of the former the
most of the way. “Blue Bonnet” made his trip ia
fifty-one minutes, and was stabled some time when
"Walk Over” made his appearance, evidently a good
deal jaded, and the driver muon excited at the unex
pected even.”
Piscatorial Amusements.—The Buffalo
Republic says, hundreds of persons may be seen fish
ing on lhe ice iu the harbor there from one to three
miles from the shore. Holes are cut through the iee.
The fish taken are baas, catfish, pike, perch, etc.,
which, at this season of the year are of the best quali
ty, and are offered for sale in great umbers, ia this
market, at prices varying from $2 to $4 per cwt—ac
cording to the sort, size or quality of the fish.
Walking Match Against Tims.—The
Charleston Standard of Feb. 22 says: -'On Monday
last_ took place the much talked of walking match
against time. The bet being to walk six miles in fifty
seven minutes—the feat however, was accomplisehd in
the unprecedented short space of fifty five minutes fifty
six seconds, and the walker might have saved time.
The pedestrian is a young man from New York, and
is of rather slight build, but very muscular. His style
of walking ia probably the most fair ever witnessed.
The time oftbe various miles, as given by the timers,
was, 9.43, 10.03, 9.43, 8.45, 9.06, 8.46, thus making 55.
56, the three last miles being the fastest. There is
some talk about another match, to walk six miles in
fifty three minutes.”
New Variety of Speckled Trout.—lo
Capt. Stansbury's report of his exploration and survey
of the Great Salt Lake, he mentions the discovery of
Speckled Trout in Bear River, about thirty miles from
Fort Bridges, in all respects resembling the brook
trout of the States, except that the spots are black in
stead of yellow er crimson. They are taken in great
A Fish and Fowl Story.—The “ Oswego
Times” says that Mr. Alton, a fisherman, engaged the
other day at Dunkirk hauling his trout-nets, was sur
prised to discover an inhabitant of the water fastened
to them, weighing about two pounds, covered with
feathers, with small webbed-feet at the extremities, a
feattit r instead of a finny tail, and a head much resem
bling the teal duck. The apparent amalgamation of
the fish and fowl, was taken at the depth of seventy
two feet of water.
A Black Wolf—a very rare animal in this
country—of enormous size, was recently killed by an
Indian who rejoices in the military soubriquet of Cap
tain Pete, near the head of Black Lake, on the Nation
River, Canada. The Lily says:—" The Indian had
killed, on the evening previous, a large buck; and, on
passing the spot next morning, he saw the wolf de
vouring the remains of the offal of the deer. He shot
him, and, on taking his dimensions, found that he was
thirty-two inches .high at the shoulder, and four feet
six inches long from the nose to the tip of the tail. We
have done some service to the world by killing a num
ber of wolves in our day; the largest of which, a fine
old fellow, measured no more than twenty-eight inches
high at the shoulder. Wolves are growing a great
deal more rare than they were some years ago; not
withstanding this fact, a friend of ours, who was out
deer stalking in the early part of the present winter, in
a certain part of the country with which the reader is
probably not acquainted, informed us that he saw six
wolves in full chase of a deer. With a brace of ten
inch barrelled pistols, a good double gun and toma
hawk, what sportsman would not like to take the place
of the deer ?
The Great State Stake.—The principal
topic of Conversation in the sporting circles of the
Union, at the present moment, says thespirtr ot the
Tinies, is the prospects of the great post stake to be
run over the Metairie Course on the first day of April
next. The merits cf the various horses which are
looked on as likely to represent the different States in
tererted are freely canvassed. Opinions differ widely
in these matters, and lead to excitement, warm talk,
sad high betting on the various points presented. The
“PicayuM" says the course is in'beautiful condition,
while every arrangements for rendering it commodi
ousandelegant for the great occasion is going forward.
It appears to be the general opinion that many more
persons will be collected in New Orleans, to witness
this great State contest for supremacy ia blood-horses,
than has ever been gathered together by any event
in the Southern country. We learn that many per
sons who live in distant States have already made ar
rangements to be present at the grand spectahle.
Quails.—The “Milwaukee Sentinel” says
that there have been shipped from that port for New
York, during the past game season (ending Jan. 30)
more than eight hundred and sixty dozen quails. The
greater part of them were forwarded to the large
hotels of New York. The quails are caught by entic
ing them into traps—a whole covey being frequenty
taken at A time, leaving none to propagate their race.
Such a source of wholesale slaughter must soon result
in their utter extermination.
High priced Horse.—The Sandy Hill
"Htrald" says that Jas. Bigart, of that town, was last
week offered, by a gentleman from Kentucky, $5,500
for his horse Rattler, which offer was declined, his
price being $6,000.
A Monster. An Eagle, measuring seven
feet four inches from tip to tip of his wings, and weigh
ing ten and a quarter Bounds, was killed < n the Sth
inst., by Mr. Peter Parsiow, upon the farm of Hon.
Benjamin Enos, at De Ruyter, Madison county, this
otato. It was of the species known as the Rrown
Eagle, and is to be sent to the State Cabinet of Natu
re. History, to stuffed and exhibited in that collection.
Item® of in Srisf.
SS?* At Hartford on Thursday, about 2
o’clock, a new steam-boiler in the car factory of Fates
& Gray, burst, and so terrific was the explorion that it
broke the timber cf the building, tore powerful machi
nery in pieces, and prostrated the walls for a hundred
feet in length. But the saddest part of the story re
mains to be told. Of two hundred men at work in
the building at the time of the explosion, thirteen were
instantly killed, four fatally and eight badly hurt, and
at least fifty others more or less injured.
S&" Says the Wheeling Intelligencer of
March 4 : “ Yosterday morning about half pvst three
o’tlock, the steamer Thomas Swan, bound for this port
from below, came in collision with the steamer Fanny
Fern at the head of Little Grave Creek bar, eleven
miles below this city, by which the latter was sunk al
most instantly in about fifteen feel of water, an i one
man, a deck hand, known to have been drowned.—
Another deck hand is missing, and is supposed to be
also drowned.
Two men, named Anderson and Key,
were.tarrested a fe«v days since at Hagerstown, Mary
land, charged with being concerned with others in
the recent burglary at Mr. Wright’s hou4e in Phila
delphia. They are recognised as answering the de
scription of the burglars, and one is very severely
wounded in the leg. They have been Committed to
await a requisition from the Governor of Peans;!-
var ia.
A Chicago paper says there is at pre
sent a pigeon-roost, ten miles long by live broad, in
Franklin county, Indiana, swarming with pigeons.—
The roar of their wings on arriving and departing from
the roost is tremendous, and the flocks during the
flight darken the heavens. Thousands are killed by
casualties from breaking limbs of trees and hundreds
of hogs live upon them.
At the recent election in this State, cn
the propo-ed amendment of the constitution to enlarge
the Canals, 246,000 ballots were cast, nearly two thirds
of the votes given at the general election last fall. Of
the whole number 185,000 were favorable to the altera
tion. and 60,000 against it, showing a majority in favor
of Canal Enlargement, of 125,000.
S&" A Galveston paper states that the
New York and Pacific Railroad Company have re
solved to bid for the road through the State of Texas,
under the provisions of the late law of that State. The
Company deposit $300,000, required as a forfeit in case
of failure to comply with the provisions of the law.
They are also to give a bonus to the State of tsvo
million dollars ef paid up stock.
There were built in the United States
in 1853, 269 ships, 95 brigs, 681 schooners, 394 sloops
and clipper boats, 272 steamers—total 1,711: tonnage
425,572 49. Of the ships, 132 were built in Maine,
and 73 in Massachusetts; of the steamers 74 were built
iu New York, 57 in Pennsylvania, 29 in Kentucky, 35
in Ohio, 11 in Missouri, 14 in Michigan.
A tribunal at Copenhagen recently
sentenced a young girl (in accordance with the crimi
nal laws of ancient times) of eighteen, named Johanne
Wilhelmine Iveruen, convicted of incest, to have her
head cut eff with an axe, her body burned on a wood
pile, and the ashes scattered to the winds by the exe
Mg 7 " The engine companies of Providence,
B. 1., have, with one exception, voted to give up their
engines and to consider their obligations as fireman
closed. They have done this on account ot certain in
sinuations in the report of a committee on a paid fire
department reflecting upon their honesty and effi
Four steamboats lately arrived at St.
Louis from New Orleans, with about 750 emigrants,
nearly all Germans. Daring the passage there was
much sickness among them, mostly ship fever and
diarrheea. Between 60 and 75 deaths occurred, of
which number 31 died on one of the boats.
A lad named Bartholomew, aged 16
years, at New Haven, Ct, on Sunday last attempted
to committed suicide by cutting his throat, but a time
iy discovery of the act frustrated the design. -His
physicians say he will recover, though quite seriously
wounded. The cause of the act is unknown.
The Methodist church at Chestar Fac
tories, Mass., was blown up with gunpowder on the
22d ult., and so shattered that it is feared it cannot be
repaired. Carson League temperance meetings had
Deen holden in the church and the explosion is attrib
uted to the enemies of the Maine Law.
A few days since a firm in Detroit
effected a sale of 200,000 bushels of corn, at 70 cents,
delivered in Buffalo on the opening of navigation.—
The stock of corn there is very large, and constantly
increasing. The same may be said of all the western
The cities of Evansville and Lamaseo
have subscribed $250,000 to the the Evansville, Indian
opolis and Cleveland Straight-Line Railroad, and have
granted the right of way to the Company through any
of the streets running to the Ohio river, with the free
use of the wharf for freight and passengers.
The Auditor of Kentucky in his re
port says that in 1852 there was invested in pianos in
that State, $408,975. Averaging the value of these
instruments at $250 apiece, and the daughters of Ken
tucky are supposed to “slam-bang-whang” daily, some
two thousand pianos.
The French government continues its
preparations with activity, orders have been sent to
the fleets to put to sea at oqpc, and after taking up
troops at Toulon, Algiers and Civita Vecchia, to pro
ceed at once to the Bosphorus, where they are to await
further instructions.
Two of the most eminent, men iu Great
Britain are expected to visit the United States thia
summer. These are. Prof. Richard O wea, the eminent
comparative anatomist, and Dr. W. B. Carpenter, well
known as the author of the latest and most approved
work on physislogy.
The balance- sheet for 1853, says the
Canadian Colonist, has just been issued. The income
for the year amounted to the sum of £54,430,344; the
expenditure to £51,174,839 —showing a surplus of
In a population cf 16,500,000 in
Prussia; but 500,000 are put down as paupers. This
fact speaks well for the government of Prussia. In a
population of 27,000,000 in Great Britain and Ireland,
3,000,000 are recognized as paupers.
A gentleman residing in Spring Gar
den, while on his way home from Philadelphia in au
omnibus sleigh, on Tuesday last, was struck by a snow
ball containing a piece of ice, by which his sight was
entirely destroyed.
gSF" Anthracite coal of excellent quality
has recently been discovered in Blount county, Tenn.,
Dear the line of the Rabun Gap Railroad. Further
discoveries of copper have recently been made in Kuox
IS?-, The Virginia House of Delegates has
passed the Senate bill for the suppression of small
notes. The Senate refusing to continue the session for
thirty days longer, the Legislature adjourned on the
4th inst.
Rev. John Berry Meacham, pastor of
the First Colored Baptist Church in St. Louis, situated
on Eleventh street, at the head of Green, fell dead in
the pulpit, on the 10th, directly after reading his text,
at the morning service. He was over 60 years old.
During the last year 613,322 casks of
lime were manufactured in Rockland, which is a falling
off of nearly one-half as compared with 1851-’2. The
cause of the decrease is owing to the scarcity of kiln
JKJ" Lord Raglan, it is reported in London,
is to have command of the allied torses sent to Turkey,
and that the Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Cardigan,
Generals Evans and Brotherton are to have appoint
A State Convention of ciiizens was
held at Montpelier. Vt., on Tbuisday last, in opposition
to the Nebraska bill. It was fully attended, and em
braced influential citizens from all parts of the State
irrespective of political opinion.
“A fruitful vine” is Mrs. Frazer, of
Slack county, Ohio. She presented her husbaud with
six children within a year, having achieved triplets
each time. Mrs. Frazer ought to have a handsome
pension awarded to her by the Legislature of Ohio.
A little beggar boy in Cincinnati was
searched a few days since, and in his pocket was found
between seventeen and eighteen dollars ia dimes, half
dimes and coppers—all ot which he had collected by
begging in the course,>of the day.
A party of Indian chiefs from Ne
braska arrived at Washington on Wednesday last, to
make arrangements relating to their lands. They were
introduced to the President, with whom they had a
long and satisfactory "talk.”
The cotton crop of Texas this year
it is thought will double that of the last crop. The
amount of cotton already brought to the port; of Texas
is upwards of 30,000 bales, and the whole amount will
probably exceed 100,000 bales.
Hiram Covell, senior of the firm of
Covell, Stelle & Co., of Portland, Me., committed sui
cide by crowning himself in a cistern on Wednesday
last. It is not known what led Covell to the commis
sion ol the fatal act.
Count de Bongars, of this city, who
was a captain in the New York regiment of Volun
teers, and formerly an officer in the French army, has
been appointed to the rank of Major in the Turkish
The city of Cleveland has realized a
net profit of $19,349 over expenditures on its stock in
the roads to Painesville and Pittsburgh, during the
past year.
Valuable gold diggings are reported
to have been discovered in Franklin county, Pa., by
one John Byerly. Some of the ore has been taken to
Chambersburg to be analyzed.
According to an estimate which has
been recently made, the total length of the Mississippi
river and its numerous tributaries is 51,000 miles, ot
which 20,000 miles are navigable waters.
A vein, or rather bed, of copper ore,
has been discovered near Marietta, Ga. The bed is
said to be thirty feet thick, the ore yielding about fifty
per cent, of pure copper.
A cotton mill near Greenville, R. 1.,
wes destroyed by fire on the morning of the 3d inst.
The buildings, machinery and stock were insured for
inly SIO,OOO.
Advices from Mexico to the 19th of
Febinary, report that Santa Anna has issued a decree,
favoring the adoption of a system of reciprocity in
The party of engineers who are en
gaged in surveying a route for a ship canal across the
peninsula of Florida, will probably report unfavorably
on the project.
As appears by official report, the prop
erty destroyed by fire, in Baltimore during the past
year amounted to about $100,000; in Boston to $250,-
000 ; and in New York to nearly $5,000,000.
Judge Edmonds is now engaged in
lecturing at the West on Spiritualism. He has deliv
ered three lectures at St. Louis, and has appointments
for nearly a month ahead.
Nearly 18,000 pounds of game from
the Western piairies passed over the Central aud Great
Western Railroad on the 20th inst. for the Eastern
A beautiful seedling camelia, raised
by Peter McKenzie of Philadelphia, named “ Jenny
Lind” has been sold to Henderson & Son, of London,
for £2OO, or about SI,OOO.
Sixty thousand Russian soldiers have
been concentrated in the neighborhood of Kalefat;
and the Czar has given orders to drive the Turks out
ot Wallachia without further loss ot time.
A letter from 'ftebizond, received in
Louden, states that Schamyl, at the head of 10,000
Circassians, was. marching against Zakatila, an'im
portant military position of the Russians.
AST A freight and passenger train came
in collision on the railroad, near Camillus, this State,
on Thursday. The locomotives were badly smashed,
and a brakeman had a leg broken.
In consequence of the high price of
stock, several cf the bootmakers of Milford, Mass,
have temporarily suspended business, aud others have
discharged mauy ot their hands.
One of the bridges built by the Nicar
agua Transit Company, on the road leading from Lake
Nicaragua to San Juan del Sud, is made entirely of
E&f- Mr. Consul Sanders, a Washington
cci respondent declares, has made half a million of
dollaia since he went to London, by speculations in
Lake Superior copper stocks.
B&- William Buffet, a resident of Iras
burgh, Vt., was instantly killed a few days since by
the lallirg cf a tree which fractured his skull. Mr.
Pullet was seventy years old.
In London there are 120 “ Ragged
Schools,” attended by nearly 14,000 scholars, taught
by 221 paid, and 1800 voluntary teachers.
There are now forty-three railroads
chartered in Texas, embracing some twelve or thirteen
thousand miles ef railroad on paper-
The ice is now entirely loose in San
dusky harbor. The mouth of the bay, however, is
still completely blocked.
A camp of 40 000 men is being pre
pared at a place six miles from Constantinople, on the
banks of the Sea of Marmora.
There are about 150 canal boats of
all classes laid up in Rochester, which probably never
will visit tide-water again.
The English Emigration Commission
ers have made preparations to send 3,000 women from
the Shetland Islands to Van Dieman’s Land.
t&" In Asia, General Guyon had resumed
active offensive operations against the Russians.
B& There were 1101 deaths in Charleston,
S. C-, during the year 1853.
Cholera has made its appearance at
the Belize, Honduras.
IST An asylum for the Insane is about
being established in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
A proposition has been started in St.
Louis to erect a Crystal Palace in that city.
t&- War still existed between Honduras
and Guatemala at the latest dates.
John Martin, the Exile.—John Martin,
who is still in exile for his patriotic endeavors to free
his native land, writes to John Mitchel: “ Is there any
thing to be done for Ireland— to save her yet, or to
raise her from the grave I—and can you do it 1 The
idea of flattery between us two is absurd. I tell you
you are abler to serve Ireland than any other man I
know—if not to give triumph to our cause, yet at least
to give it dignity. Shall I not blame you, will you not
condemn yourselt? if you in any way wilfully damage
your power to save Ireland? You did damage your
usefulness in Ireland by something of intolerant stern
ness, by a want of kindly courtesy. Say that the op
posite fault is mine, and that it is a silly one. I answer,
(assuming that my faults are of aay importance tr the
world.) that the worst effect of the filly fault is to give
trouble to the proprietor of it; while yours offends Che
weak, produces fiction among the proud, alienates all.
And our cause needed and needs the help of all—the
weak end the proud, as well as the heroes end the phi
losophers. And there is something good in every maa,
—some latent seed of heaven, that, if warmed and
cherished by the divine intLieace of patriotism, will
bud and grow into virtue.”
A Mammoth Ship in England.—The Marl
borough, 131, screw, is being rapidly built at Ports
mouth. This immense structure may be truly called
the “ Great Marlborough.” , Every day tells upon her,
as she becomes planked, in discovering at once her
beautiful mould. Her run and counter are particular
ly handsome; her bow sufficiently sharp, with the
least hollow ; and, although so handsome, she is of
enormous strength. The ucien eof the day ha- b err
brought into requisition. Pier sides—taking the outer
and inner planking with the timbers—are nearly two
feet and seven inches ia thickness. She is also tied to
gether with diagonal iron braces, besides the iron
stringing. Altogether, she will be the largest, the
handsomest, and the most powerful man-of-war, that
England or any other country has ever built, being at
least 400 tons larger than the Duke of Wellington.
The Atmospheric Telegraph.—The inven
tor of this mode of propelling packages asks of Con
gress an appropriation of $5,090 to extend his line ten
miles. He avers that packages weighing 500 lbs. can
be sent 500 miles an hour by this method of convey
ance. Of course, then, a man aud his wife might be
packed up together and sent from New York to Cape
Horn in a dozen hours. They might order supper in
the morning, by the lightning telegraph line, and ar
rive in time to eat it.
Perfumery. —At a large perfumery of
Grasse, in France, there are annually consumed 80,000
lbs. of orange blossoms, 60,000 lbs. of cassia flowers,
54,000 lbs. of rose leaves, 32,000 lbs. of jessamine blos
soms, 35,000 lbs. of violet flowers, 20,000 lbs. of tiebe
roses, 16,000 lbs. Of lilac flowers, besides rosemary,
mint, lavender, thyme, lemon, orange, and other odor
ous plants in like proportions. The cost of the whole
is more than four millions of francs.
Slow Work.—The schooner Othello has
arrived at this port with a load ot lumber, 160 days
from Cutler, Maine. The news that she brings from
that part of the country will probably prove an in
teresimg relic of antiquity. She was abandoned off
Cape Cod, where she was picked up and carried into
Edgartown. Her history since that event is not re
corded at length.
Burnt Steel'.—Mr. Malberg, of Prussia,
proposes to regenerate burnt steel by heating it to a
red heat, and putting it, when in that state, into boil
ing water. Repeated experiments, instituted at the
Roval Polytechnic School, and at the Royal Mint, at
Berlin, have proved perfectly successful.
White Silk.—By crossing silk-worms, a
Polish count, named Bruno Bronski, has discovered a
process by which he obtains silk of a splendid white
ness. He has received brilliant offers to make known
his secret to the Russians, but has refused to do so.
He has offered it to the India Company.
In this city, Feb 15, by Rev. Mr. Starrs, JOHN MOGUIRH
Id this city. March 2, by Rev. Dr. Anthon. JOHN W. HAY
Ward aud saraii j. tyson.
In this city. March 2 bv Kev. Dr. Jessup, JAMES LAVERY
In this city, FeS. 26. by Rev. Dr. Jerome, CORNELIUS
In this city, March 3, CHARLES W- CASE.
The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the
fnneral from the residence of his brother-iu-1 >tw, No. 100 Clinton
etiee l , on SUN DAY. fith inst., at 1 o’clock, P. M.
In this city, March 4, after a short and severe illness, Mrs.
CATHERINE THORP, aged 53 j ears, wife of Samuel S. Thorp,
and daughter of John Wesifield, Esq., of Hudson, N Y.
The relative* aud friends of the family are respec Jully invited
to a’teud the funeral, without farther invitation, from her lite
nsidence, No. 9ti Ilester-st., at’J^o’clock, this (SUNDAY) day.
Hudson papers please copy.
In this city, March 4, at his late residence, 81 West Thirty
third-st., WM. HALE.
His relatives and friends are hereby invited to attend his fune
ral at 2 o’clock this (SUNDAY) afternoon.
His remains will be tak< n to Greenwood for interment.
In this city, Mar:-h 5, at his residence, 238 Eighth Avenue,
CHARLES E. STOUT, third son ot Jacob 13. Scout, of Fish
kill, formerly a resident of this city.
The friends of the family are requested to attend his funeral
THIS DAY. at 2 o’clock.
In tbid city, March 3, MILTON son of Wm. H. and Jana E.
SMITH, agrd 2 years and 11 months.
The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully in
vited to attend his funeral bom his father’s residence, 235 West
Twenty-first st., THIS DAY, without further invitation.
At Snawa? gunk, Ulster Co . on the I7th February, aftir two
days’ illness, Doct. WILLIAM EVEN, aged 59 years, 10
months and 2 days. Chemung Co., N. Y., and Chester Co., Pa.,
pap* rs please copy.
At Hackensack, N. J., on 3d March, Mr. ALBERT Z. VAN
SAUN, aged 53 years.
Hr. Van Haun was killed by being crushed in the machinery
of a saw mill. The funeral will rak~ place or Monday; the 6th
inst.. a 11 o’clock, A. M., from his late residence m Hacken
Fest OfSee, New York.--Jlfotiee.—Mails
for California &c , per U. d. M. S. ‘ OHIO,” will close at this
office, on Monday, the 6th inst., at 1 P. M.
March 4, 1854, ISAAC V. FOWLER, P. M.
I. (t. ef O. F.—The members of Enter
prise Lodge. No. 36 arehi.-eby notified to meet at the Lodge
room, Odd Fellows’ H*ll, on Tuesday next, 7th inst., at twelve
o’clock iu full regalia, to pay the last tribute of respuct to our
deceased mother, Jam- s Shil’on. M-mbers of other lodges are
respectfully requested to join with us on ti’is occasion.
.. John T. Wilson, Sec’y.JAMES HUR I’ON, N. G.
B-jeSs and Sisoes.—StilDuaa, 248'Gr -ea
wich street. Ladies’, Gemlernen’s, Boy’s. Missea’ und Child
ren’s Boots. Shoes. Gaiters, &c. c. eap. STILLMAN, 248 Green
wich si., (west side) near Murray.
spiritualism.—Change of Hall!—Free
Lectures, Prof. OWEN will lecture THIS DAY, at 3 and 1%
o’clock, P. M, at Academy Hall, (Perham’s) 663 Broad -va>.
Mediums will attend.
Etalpla Waliio Emerson will deliver the
uding lecture of the N. Y. A. S Society’s Course at the
Tabeibt cle, on Tuesday evening, Mtrch 7th, at o’clock.
Ac.mission 25 de.
ggr- WALL STREET Jlil R'i U..
Thirty Teats’ Experience of an Old
KU R 8 8 M KS. WIN BLOW woald call taa a-wo
tion of the Ladies to her SOOI'KING SYRUP, ur children
teething. It-will give immediate relief, reduce all infiam na
tion, making the process of teething easy, and is pasibivtty sure
to cure the dysentery and diarrhoea. Immense quantities ar®
sold all over New England.
PROOF POSITIVE.—We have sold very large quantities cf
Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup during thepa’t six years, and
ever 2t),(X>o bottles the lust year. We believe it the best meiiicinß
in the world for Children Teething, or for the etire of Dysentery
and Diarrheea in Children, whether it arises frtm teethiag er
any other cause. It gives universal satisfaction—never heard a
complaint from any one using it—never sold a medio no se uni
versally successful in relieving pain and effecting cures. In ail
oases above stated, if taken in season, relief i - and
Druggists, formerly of Bangor, Me.—now at No. 40 CorUaud
street. New York.
Bold by <?. H. RING, corner of John street and Broadway ;
BOYD A PAUL, .No. 40 Cortlandt. street, York; Mrs.
HAYES, No. 176 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Price 25 cente «
Also fcr Laie as above, CURTIS A PERKINS’S WILD CHER
RY BIT'l R’RS, for the cure of Billions and Jaundice Complaints
and General Debility. They quicken the blood, and give new
life and eue gy to the whole system.;: Price only 37X cents in
pint bottles
Htiiise Cajpentcrs Aw.-kel-An ad
journed mpeting of the House Carpenters of the City of New
York will be held at Convention H VI, Wooster street, between
Houst n and Bleecker streets, on MONDAY Evening next, at
7>z o’clock.
JfeEU ClarenetvJ!®, L. 1., Lqts. —There baing
only about 200 of these beautiful Lorn left, the Prourietor offers
to those who have not yet availed themselves of thi-f favorable
chance, (of not only getting a lot, but a House and Lot worth
SI2OO fer $94,) an opportunity to subscribe, until the 6ch day of
April next, when the drawing for choice will take place, aud
th- sales clo-e.
The Village of Clarenceville Is situate on Long Island, five
milet from Brooklyn* the Long Island Railroad nr-s dhoctly
through the centre of it. (The Depot is in the Village.) It is
also bounded by the Brooklyn and Jamaica Plank
adjacent to churches, school houses, markets, &c., and accessi
ble t» New York at all hours of the day, in less tnan half an hour.
Besides the Railroad, two lines of Stages continually run past
this propej ty.
The streets are all laid out from £0 to 120 feat in width; are all
graded and planted with beautiful ornamental trees.
It is admitted by all who »ee it, to be the handsomest Village
ever laid out; is exceedi - giy healthy and picturesque and has
an abundant supply of the purest water.
In addition to all these advantages, the proprietor, having
ercctid in Clarenceville five beautiful Houses, each at a cost ex
ceeding SIOOO, has determined not to dispose of them, bitt)
distribute them gratuitously among the subscribers to lots. Tin*
price ef eaehlctis fixed at SO4, payable in instalments o: $4
monthly. Title perfect, abstracts of which will ba furnished
Persons wishing to view tUe property can get free tickets by
applying at the office A public meeting for the admission of
members, will re held oveiy Thursday evening ar 7%, at Union
Hell 16** Bowery. JACOB PEOASE, Proprietor.
Office, 163 Hester st.
Pestage Stamps for Sale. —United States
Postage Stamps, in quantities to suit purchase’s—f-om one to a
thousand—for sale at the office of the Sunday Dispatch. 22
Beekman street, a few doors below Nassau street. Good State
money taken in exchange for them.
St. Kicbolas BnUding Association. —Of-
flee No. 16 Duane, corner Chatham street. NOTICE TO DE
LINQUENTS. In conformity with section 4of the “ Act for
the Incorporation of Building, Mutual Loan and Accumulating
Fund Ahbociations. passed April 10,1851. notice is hereby given
to all members whoso dues hrve'not been regularly paid, th it
nil shares on months’ dues shall remain unpaid on
the 13-h day of Aprii next, will be forfeited, tog ther with all
payments that may have been made thereon. By order of the
Trustees, ROBERT D. HART, Secretary.
New Y-rk, Feb. 22. 1854.
Building Lots at Ciarcaccvilis, L. I.—
A public meeting tor the ‘tdm’ssion of subscribers to these beta
tiful and desirable Building Lots, (with a ch*nce to get a House
and Lot worthslloo fo" $94.) will be held every THURSDAY
Evening, at Union Hall, 163 Bowery, at 7% o’clock, P. M. Sae
adveitlstment neaced vLAKENCEYILLE.
A Wonderful Blscovery his recently
been made by Dr. Curtis, of this city, in the treatment of Con
sumption, Asthma, and all diseases of the lungs. We refer to
“Dr Curtis’s Hygeana, or Inhaling Hvge ’-n Vapor and Cherry
Syrup ” With this new method, Dr. C has restored many af
dieted ones to perfect health ; as an evidence of which, he has
innumerable certificates. Speskingof the treatment, a physi
cian remarks :—lt is evident that inhaling—constantly breatt
ing an eg'eeable healing v- por, tbe medicinal properties must
come in direct contact with the whole of the arial cavity of the
lungs, and thus escape the many and varied changes prodused
upon them when introduced in jo the stomach, and subjected to
the process of diges’ioi). The Hygeana is fo r sale at all the
druggists’ throu<hr.ur. the country.— Fromthc New York Dutch
man of January 14 h.
k Sea advertisement of Medicated Inhalation in another column
,of tois psper.
Ur. foweH’s Self-Acting Fountains, for
the application of warm, oeld, or medicated water to the Eye or
Ear, in the form of jet, douce, or shower bath, are particularly
recommended to medical roan and others, as powerful auxiliaries
in the treatment of the diseases of those delicate organs, and for
nervous headaches, catarrh, nnd leucorrhce*. Te he had at No.
602 Broadway.
JB4a>~ Patent rarautoptic Powder Proot
Bank Lock. —Champion Lock, exhibited by A. C. Hobbe, at the
World’s Fair. Also Locks for Safes, Prisons, Stores, Ships,
Dwellings, Ac. A great variety of Bolts and Door Knobs, S-lver
Plated, Porcelain, Mineral, Brass, Glass. Espagnolettesfor
French windows. Sates. Iron Doors ana Chests made to order.
Silve' Plating. DAY NEWELL. 689 Broadway New York,
fsj" Dr. Glover’s Trues anil Bandage fasti
tute, No. 12 Ann st.—No.th’s new patent premium Truss, his
new elastic steel Shoulder-Brace and galvanic female Suppor ers
and Belts f'r Females and corpulent Persons. Instruments for
Bow-Legs, weak Ankles, crooked Spine, and every kind of de
formity. Entrance to Ladies’ Department through tbe hall,
with female in attendance. Notice name—Dr. GLOVER, No.
12 Bandage Institute.
Ladles and gentlemen, Preserve your
Teeth!—At four Scientific Examinations, where over 5.000
persons were present, Prof. JOHNSON was awarded four
Medals and four Diplomas for his Soaps. See that each cake is
stamped, Professor Johnson’s < rris Tooth Soap, as it is the only
article that wi 1 effectually remove tbe tartir, clean aud
the teeth, heal the gums, and improve the breath. His Medica
ted Soap is warranted to remove freckles, morph and tan, and
whiten tbe skin in a remarkable manner. His Chemical Erasive
Ne Plus Ultra Soap, for washing without rubbing. His Amber
Soap is the best in use. Beaumont’s Patent Starch Polish, to
assist in ironing. His French Liquid Blueing. Depot 317
Bowery Agents wanted. Paid from S3O to S6O per month.
BXS siiUfiasi Artsfiria! Eyes.-—This day, re
ceived direct from Paris, the largest and most beautiful collec
tion of Artificial Eyes ever imported. They are inserted with
out the slightest pain or operation, and when properly adjust
ed, will move and look exactly like the natural eye. Dr. Powell
requests his former patients to call immediately, to secure the
first choice. Dr. POWELL devotes his attention, as usual, ex
clusively to diseases of the Eye and Ear, from 9 to 4 o’clock,
daily at his office, 502 Broadway.
Trusses —No Pressure usiou fee Spine.
—Butler’s Recent Invention. The Patent Guard Spring is now
applied to Trusses and Supporters, in place of the old fashioned
back pad. It receives the truss band r.nd distributes its pressure
over the back without touching the spine.
for Hernia and Prolapsus Uteri (falling womb) are now tested :
they induce radical cures, and hence are fast superseding all
Others in use.
FREDERICK M BUTLER, Successor to Hull,
Manufacturer, No. 4 Vesey street,
opposite St. Paul’s Church, N. Y.
Trusses, Supporters, Shoulder Braces, and Spinal Instruments,
»J’ of new construction. A female in attendance.
The Patent Gas Regulator
Saves 25 per cent of gas,
Produces a better light,
Keeps servants from wasting gua,
Is self-acting, and needs no attention,
Prevents ytur walls from being smoKH,
Makes the air of your Louse more heakhy.
It can bo Keen in operation at
“ J<p. 262 Broadway,” and baordsred of
* All gas fitters.
Orders received at Kenyon’s Ship Letter Office, Journal of
Commerce office.
fc?* The Best Hair Dye.—Ballard’s new, im
proved, and enlarged edition is positively the best and cheapest
Hair Dye ever offered to the public. It will color the Hair any
shade desired, from a light Brown to a jet Black in twenty min
utes. Also, correct any bad coloring from other dyes, and will
not positively fade, soil, or wash off. The Hair also prevented
from falling off by using BALLARD’S Chemical Hair Fastener.
Office and store, No. 333 Broadway, opposite Broadway Theatrs
Wher* beautiful Samples. Diplomas. £c.. can be aaan.
Cards 1 Cards!! Cards! 11—Facilities
unrivalled—Printing by Steam—in quality of Work we admit
of no superiors. Hand Bills, Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars, Bills
of Lading, Receipts, and every variety of Plain and Ornamental
Printing. (Excelled by None, is our motto.)
FOLGER & TURNER, Printers,
118 John st., near Pearl.
Extra Pay, &e., to U. 8. Havy Sailors
ANI) MARINES.—AII U. S. Navy Sailors and Marines,
who served in any U. S. vessel in tbe Pacific Ocean at any time
from 1846 to 1853 and the heirs of such who died in the service or
since their discharge, can promptly obtain their double pay and
Bounty Land Warrants of
and (late) Purser U. S. N., 67 Wall st., (basement) jast above
P. arl bt.
N. B. —Also Soldiers’ Bounty Land Warrants obtained as
I®- Hyatt’s life Balsam—The certain «on
queiur of Rheumatism, Scrofula, King’s Evil, with every dis
ease flowing from great impurity of the blood, no matter of how
long standing, or from what source derived.
The Life Balsam is equally efficacious in the most violent
AND MERCURIAL DISEASES. The following certificates
will conclusively show that there is no medicine which can
compare with this powerful, safe, and certain purifying agent
and that it ha« also cured the very worst cases of CANCER,
Mr. J. Snyder, 211 Gold street, Brooklyn, was a helpless crip
ple for nearly sixteen years. His limbs and joints were thtown
out of their natural positions and sbape. He could obtain no
sleep, except from opium or morphine. After he had spent au
ample fortune in drugs, medical Attendants and Joss of busi
ness, he was restored to his health and to business by four bot
t’es of the Life Balsam.
The Hon. J.V. D. Fowler, 188 Stanton etreet, was for a long pe
riod as tortured a victim of Rheumatism as has ever survived its
dreaaful effects upon the system. His limbs at length became
swollen to twice their natural size, and he was fast sinking under
the disease. He testifies that after all else had failed, he was
perfect cured by the Life Balsam in a verv short time.
B. , 32 Grove street, was for more than a year no 30-
verel/Kfiffcted, that he hud to abandon his business, and w w
soox unable to walk or rent bis foot upon tbe ground. His lejs
and joints were swollen to double their'natural slse. and he was
except through opium or more powerful drugs. Mr. Rice visited
the Springs, and had the best medical advice, but could obtain
no relief un it the LIFE BALSAM came to his a'd A few bot
suffered any otter attack, though two years have since elapsed.
Tbe grand-daughter of Mr. Jones, 153 Nassau ct„ Brooklyn,
was affl eted with Scrofula iu the neck. Someof theu’cers pen
etrated to the windp’pe.
Mrs. Burton, 12/ Eldridge street. —This lady has suffered for
years, until life became intelerable; some of the ulcershad
consumed the flesh to the bonus and axuil. She was cured iu a
Mr. Jo-'n T. Diossy, Law Bookseller. 1 Nassan-st , corner of
Wall, who was devoured by horrible ulcers for 18 months, was
cured in almost as many davs.
Horace J. Gardner was 11 years afflicted with this dreadful
scourge. The disease had entirely destroyed his nose, and was
reaching nearly to the eyes, when he was induced to try the all
conquering Lite Balsam. A few bottles entirely healed every
ulcer, and restored the sufferer to perfect, health.
For proof of this great and unequalled cure, ths afflicted a- e
referred to his Honor Mavor Westervelt, before whom Mr. Gard
ner appeared and made affidavit on the 30th of June last, ex
hibiting his dreadfully disfigured, but perfectly healed, fea
Mr. N. Jacobs, whose place ot easiness is at No. 5 Market st.,
was long afflicted with the raest obstinate kind of scrofula, in
the form of dangerous old ulcers, which resisted and defied the
best medical skill, until Mr. Jacobs had recourse to the purify
ing. all healing Life Balsam, which soon removed every vestige
of this loathsome disease, restoring him to excellent health.
Capt. W. I. Brown, 97 Prince street, was a great sufferer from
this torturing disease At times he was confined to his room
and bed for weeks together. He was under treatment by the
very best physicians, and had to submit to an operation of the
surgeon’s knife, but all failed to eradicate the disease, until he
resorted to the LIFE BALSAM, a few betties of which perfectly
cured him.
Hyatt’B Life Balsam is daily curing the worst cases of these
complaints. It cured Mr. J. H. Goodwin of pain in the side,
breast, and spitting of blood, after he had been afflicted for
years, and was reduced to the last stage of weakness, and con
sidered beyond the roach of medicine. Mr. Godwin’s office is at
114 Elizabeth street. He is now in the enjoyment of perfect
health. Let the afflicted oall and see him.
Mr. A. H. Parker, 197 Centro street, was afflicted with dis
tressing cough, raising blood, pain in the breast, night sweats,
Ac. He was restored to perfect health by the Life Balsam.
In Asthma, it must here suffice to mention tbe case of MISS
COLE, a young lady, the daughter of Mr. Obediah Cole, 218
Third Avenue, who, for years required almost constant watch
ing in expectation of strangulation, and in whom thia disease,
although inherited from infancy, was entirely eradicated in a
few months. Let this and all oiher cases be put to the test of
personal inquiry, for the LIFE BALSAM is left to stand or fall
by this fair method of proof.
c/eats per bottle ; six bottles for $4. For sale by C. V. Clickacr
A Co., 81 Barclay street, and by druggists. Agent in Brooklyn,
Mrs. Havs, 175 Fulton street.
P. S.—Those who are afflicted with Coughs, Cold, Oonsump
cn, etc., will please ask for the Pulmonic Life Balsam.
i&y Sewing Duliinest—The most perteot of
ell ingenious inventions, are
They have lately boon much improved, and adapted to btbkjh
lira nxi linen, and oonvincing proof can be given no oiher
machines can stitch linen. Th® great
have become convinced of the immense utility of these machines,
and are freely lending money to those they employ to enable
them to purchase them. It is now understood by all business
men, who are awake to their interests, that machine work sells
mere readily and at better prices than baud work. For gaiter
fitting, and making corsets, mantillas, ladies’ dresses, and every
other trade in which sewing is necessary, these machines are un
rivalled. The machines may at all times be freely examined ia
operation, and specimens o? many kinds of work on cloth and
leather, of great perfection, be seen at the principal office, No.
333 Po-oadway. N. Y. I. M. SINGER A CO.
Weddlag Sards Farnlsiied la ttis most
appropriate style, by J. N. Gimbrede, Broadway, easterners
will also find a complete assortment of fine stationery, wedding
presents, fancy goods, Ac., and the most beautiful stock of white
silk bridal fans, in pearl and ivory mounting, richly carved. J.
N. GIMBREDE, Engraver and Importer, 588 Broadway, Metro
politan Hotel.
Th® Petersville Homestead Association
own about 200 acres of choice land in the vicinity of tbe de
lightful village of New Rochelle, on the New Haven Railroad.
The lands are elevated, and command a fine view of Long
Island Sound, and the surrounding country.
There are on the lands of Petersville several fine living springs,
and a number of good wells of pure water.
There are also on the property seven good dwelling-hduses,
of an average value of nearly 1,080 dollars each, and as many
good, substantial frame barns, whieh, with a small outlay, can
be converted into houses, suitable for families to dwell in.
The design of this undertaking is to furnish men of moderate
means a building site at first cost. Tne land is to be divided into
acre, half-acre aud quarter acre plots, giving to the quarter acre
members four city lots, or 100 feet square, for the small sum of
$75, payable at the rate of 75 cents per wook, and in the same
proportion for the larger plots, member drawing a lot
with a house or bam on it will be entitled to the same, without
any additional eost whatever.
This Association has also the New Haven Railroad passing
through the best portion of their timbered lands, on a grade with
the tract, and at just the distance to establish a depot for Peters
The Directors cf Petersville guarantee to every member a per
fect title.
There are no restrictions as to building.
The Company have about half the number of members re
quired, and to those who now join, ample time will be given to
pav up back dues.
Distance, thirty-five minutes from th® city.
For further particulars apply to the foilowing officers of the
F. A. POTTER, No. 2 Hanover st., opp Exchange, Pres.
Wm. H. HOYT. No. 230 9th av., Financial Secretary.
ROBERT BRADY at C. B. Hatch A Co.’s, 97 William st.
Regular meetings held every MONDAY evening, at American
Hall, corner of Broadway ana Grand st.. 2d floor, at 7 o’clock.
2®* $50,000 to Loan -on Diamonds, Watch
es. Jewelry, Ac. or bought for cash. Good city stocks, notes,
henos, ana mortgages, and bills of exchange negotiated. All
Wsin-es confidential Apply at the watch importing and loan
office, 102 Nassau street, corner of Ann. room No. 2.
FSs® Cutlery, tosaprt&ag over two ijaa
died different patterns of the manufacture of J. Rogers A Sons,
Woeenholm. Creoke A Co., with a complete variety of Scissors,
Boots and Gaiter Hooks, Tweezers, Nail Nippers, Ac., belonging
to the toilet. Razors ground and set, and cutlery renaired at
SAUNDERS, 7 Aster House and 387 Broadway.
The Only Prize ’-led al for Trasses
awarded to MARSH A Co., by the late Industrial Exhibition of
all Nations at tbe Crystal Palace, for their new Radical CustK
Truss, thus giving it, through their Surgical Commirtee, Profs.
J. Renwick, Willard Parker, J. M. Carnoehan, A. Clark, Drs.
Gaillardet, Ludlow Ellet P.;rkraan and others, the emphatic
imprimatur for which its inventor has labored so assiduously
for twenty-five years, and which had already bean anticipated
by many of the New York surgeons. The peculiar character of
thie Truss has been set forth in a complete and comprebecsive
manner by 8. N. Maish descriptive ot every kind of rupture, to
be had at De Witt A Davenport Tribune Buildings, and at 2%
Maiden Lane, New York, at 25 cents. An extensive list of
names of mercantile and other gentlemen cured by ihis Truss
may be «een at their office.
Surgical and Anatomical Machanicians, inventors, and manu
facturers of the invisible support for lateral or incipient curva
ture of the spine, for the- cure of club feet, bow legs, and all
other physical deformities; elastic stockings and kn?e-caps, for
radical cine of varicose veins, &c. Tbe Prize Medal awarded
for Suspensory Bandages, superior to any heretofore in use.
Also, a new and im roved light elastic shoulder-brace for ladies
and gentlemen. Office open until 9 o’clo ;k in tbe evening.
MARFH A Co., No. 2% Maiden Lan®, New York.
ifc? Sksatlers’ Patent Setafie ttazor
STROPS. —The oldest and most approved STROP now in use,
having been before the public for the last thirty years, can be
had at the subscribers, wholesale and retail.
SAUNDERS. 7 Astor House and 387 Broadway.
JKs-r Kew fceofcs on lhe Langs.—J-st Pub
tbe Royal College. < f Su r geons, London. TVte book gives a f ill
and plain description of the cau-e and SYMPTOMS OF AF
FECTIONS OF THE THROAT. Bronchitis, Confiumot'wu
on <1 Asthma, with iheir by th® Inbatetion of
Vapor. It i" IllHstrated ty Cuts, showing Bronchial TnbjL
Air Cells. Tubercle in toe FIRST, SECOND, and THLSw)
STAGE of CONSUMPTION, Cavities in th® Lungs aud the
INHaLFR with ms ruction for use. Also observations on Cli
mate. Cod Liver Oil, Ac. It should be in the hand* of every
invalid, and on tbe table of every family shronghout the Union.
For ptle er, all book stores, and at the office of the Autnor, 762
s®“ Consumption, Bronchitis at;d Asthma.
Dr. E. HUNTER, member of the Royal College of Surgeons;
Ac, Ac.—iu assoc ation with Dr. JAMES HUNTER, late one of
tbe visiting physicians of the “ Royal Infir ma for Disease* of
the Cheat Gity <«oad, London—have removed to New York
and opened rd office at 762 Broadway, for the exclusive treat
ment of Diseasa of the Lungs. Refer to Dr. R. HUNTER’S
Treatise on Diseases of the Throat and Lungs. For sale at all
Bock Stores, and at the Office of the author, 762 Broadway.
luiialatiun la diseases of the Lungs.—
This treatment for Consumption, Bronchitis, and Asthma was
introduced irto the United States by Dr. R. Hunter in 1851
It consists in reducing medicines to a condition of vapor and
inhaling them into the lun .-s. The temady is applied directly to
toe difeased organ. It does not impair the appetite or impede
digestion. It a tacks the disease at its very seat, renders tie ex
pectoration easy, re 1 eves shortness of breath, and by it.-* cheering
success, has estab i-hed the curabil ty of consumption-, even
after cavi.iesare formed in the lungs. Drs. R. &J. Hunter de
vote the r attention exclusively to diseases of the throat and
lungs between the hours of 9 A. M. and 3 P. M. daily, at their
office 762 B oadway, a few doors above Eighth street.
Jensy Says that all Cabinet Furniture.
House Furnishing and Fancy Qoeds, Merchants! from the coun
try now in New York for the purpose of renewing their stock,
should remember the ladies of their vicinity, by calling at
BLACKWELL’S Factories of Jenny Lind Sewing and Infant
Linen Stands, 64 Cannon and 31 and 33 Attorney sts.
& Card* —Dr. Powell, Oculist, Aorist,
Ac., will receive his patients, for the ensuing season, from 10 to
4 e’clock, daily, at his office, 562 Broadway, betweonßr some and
Spring streets.
B®-- To Druggists, Cirocers, Baiters, Coafee
tioners and others.—BUSH & GALE, Importers and Wholesale
Dealers, 186 Greenwich st eet, North River side ef the city,
offer for sale, in quantities to suit purchasers, a fresh and ¥ ell
selected stock of genuine Drugs, Medicines, French, English
and American Chemicals, Dye Woods, Acids, Dye Stuffs,
Faints, Oils, French and American Window Glass; Grocer’s,
Baker’s, Dyer’s, Hatters’ and Confectioners’ articles at the
lowest market prices. Physicians and country merchants send
ing to this establishment can rely upon getting prime articles,
and having their orders promptly executed.
1854,—Immense Reduction la fee
At the Silver Me 1 ’al Banjo and Crystal Palace Accordeon Depot,
Owing to the unprecedented quantity of Accordions and Flu
tinas sold by me the past year, I h»vs come to the conclusion to
reduce the prices of them to such a low figure as will enable any
pi-rson to buy one, thus making the Accordion and Flutina the
great popular instruments for the people, which has been my
great aim for the last nine years.
Our friends and the public will please bear In mind that the
quality of my instruments, in spite of the great reduction in
price'will be what they ever have been— the best in the world I
We challenge and defy competition.
Look on this Figure sq- And then on That.
8 Key Single Accordions, $1 50 Present Price 112J£
10 co do do 188 do do 150
12 do do do 2 25' do do 175
Bdo Double .do 3 00! do co 250
10 do de do 3 SO' do do 300
10 do co do 560 do do 450
10 do do, inlaid,do 600 do do 500
12 do do do 700 do do 600
12 do do, inlaid,do 800 do do 650
10 do, Doub. Box, do 950 do do 800
12 do 'do do 1100 do do 900
10 do FLUTINAS, 950 do do 700
12 do do 12 50 do do 9 00
14 do do 15 00 do do 1100
INSTRUCTION BOOKS, for the Accordion, at 1 shilling.
Guitars, $1 75; Vio’ins and Bows, 75 cents ; Flutes, 75 cents;
Banjos, $1 25 ; Tainborines, 50 cents ; Drumi, 75 cents;
Flageolets $125; very best Strings, 6 cents each;
Bows, 50 cents; Harmonicons, 37?£cts.;
And every other article cheap in proportion.
At lower prices than ever before heard of, as I am determined to
make mv Store the
A large assortment of
Fine Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds, Gold Rings,
Breast Fins, and other .Jewelry,
Will be sold equally low.
102 Chatham Street.
Established 1845.
ClaristadGro’s Bair Preservative and
LEAUTIFIEK, NO. 6 ASTOR HOUSE.—This famous prepara
tion is guaranteed to preserve the Hair in its full beauty ‘and
luxuriance throughout life. If the hair is thin, it thickens it;
if dull and dead looking, it gives it a magnificent gloss. It is
warranted to remove scurf aud dandruff, prevent the hair failing
off, restore it in bald spots, cause it to cut 1. and keep it in splen
did order under all circumstances and in all climates. Manufac
tured and sold only by CHRIST ADORO, No. 6 Astor House.
Composed of the same chemical ingredients as the real coloring
matter of the hair. This preparation, in five minutes, changes
hair of any color to a superb black or brown, without discoloring
the scalp. It acts on natural principles, and its effect ia more
permanent than that of any other hair dye in the world.
Sold and applied at No. 6 Astor House. Private rooms for ap
plying the dye. Price per small box, $1; double sise, $1 N}.
j®* Choke Presents for the Holidays®—
Chatham street, in Watches, Jewelry, Silver-Ware, Accordeons,
Ac. V.e ar® now selling cur Wutehes at the following low
Fine Gold Lepine Watches, four holes jeweled.s2o 00
Fine Gold Detached Levers, fall jeweled 25 00
Gold Enan.eled Watches, for ladies 32 00
Gold English Patent Levers . . 35 00
Gold English Patent Levers, Hunting Cases 50 00
Silver Patent Levers as low as sls 6015 00
Silver Lepines, four holes jeweled, as low asl9 00
Silver Quartiers, as low as 7 00
Together with a very splendid assortment cf French Jawe’ry in
sets of Bracelets, Pins, and Ear rings; likewise jewelry and
Silver-ware of our own manufacture, and every article In the
TARGET COMPANIES parading and wishing to purchase
PRIZES, will find our assortment of Silver Cups, Medals, Cake
Baskets, Ao., Ac., at unprecedented low prices.
Our stock of Fancy Articles, Poricmonnaieo, Ac., Ac., is also
- Constantly on hand our well known ACCORDEONS, thou
sands of whieh have been sold during tb® past year, and have
given universal satisfaction for their superior tone, finish and du
rability, which we are enabled to sell at prices much beloi? the
regular rates. Call aud be satisfied.
Also, a large stoek of Musical Instruments, such as Malodions,
Concertinas, Violins, Flutes, Guitars, Ac., Ac. All of the above
warranted as represented, or the money refunded. Do not forget
tl.e number, 100, in large gilt figures over the door,
61111 the Sains.—The change in the
weather, hot or cold—dry or wet—rain, snow, hail or blow, can
not make any change in the steady progress of the MEXICAN
MUSTANG LINIMENT. The demand for this invaluable ex
ternal remedy for the ills of flsh, is increasing in the same ra
tio as the demands for medicines used for similar purposes are
decrei.sing. The great and only secret of the Mustang, is that
it never fails to cure ! Let it be applied to Rheumatism, Stiffen
ed Joints, Sores, Chafes, Bruises or Burns, the effects are still
the same —magical I A permanent cure is wrought, and nothing
is left to tell tbe tale of suffering gone, but the gratitude of the
one who need the “Mustang” and found “it was good 1”
E® 1 " The married Woman's Private Hedltal
Diseases of Worn".n. Twentieth edition, 16 mo., pp 256. Price
sl. Years o* of mental ana physical anguish, to ma-
ny an affectionate wile, anS pecuniary difficulties to the hus
band might have been spared by a timely poesutick’n of this
work. It is intended especially for the married, or those con
templating marriage, as it discloses important secrete which
should be known to them particularly. Here, also, every female
—toe wife, the mother—the one either budding into womanhood,
or the other in the decline of years, in whom nature contem
plates fen important change, can discover the causes, symptoms
and the most efficient remedies, and the most certain mode of
cure, in every complaint to which her sex is subject. [Extract
of a letter from a gentleman in Dayton, Ohio :]—“Dayton,
May 1, 1852. Dr. A. H. Mauriceau, No. 129 Liberty-st. :—My
Dear Sir:—My wife has been perceptibly sinking for some
three years or more, in consequence of her great anguish and
Buffering, some months before and during her confinement—
every successive one more and more debilitating and prostrating
her, and patting her life in Imminent danger, and which was,
on the last occasion, despaired of. I supposed this state of things
was inevitable, and resigned myself to meet the worst. At this
time, (now about two months) I heard your book highly spoken
of, as containing some matters reaching my case. On its receipt
and perusal I cannot express to you the relief it afforded my
distressed miad, and the joy its pages imparted te my wife, on
learning that the great discovery of M. M. Dasomeux provided
a remedy. It opeued a prospect to me which I little conceived
was possible. But for this, ere another year would have passed
over my head, In all human probability my wife would have
been in her grave, and my children motherless.” It is of course
Impracticable to convey more fully the serious subjects treated
of, as they are of a nature strlcUy intended for the married, or
those contemplating marriage. For sale at 222 Broadway; No.
2 Astor House, by Dewitt A Davenport, and at the Publishing
Office, 129 Liberty st., N. Y. : Joseph Tucker, Mobile; alsd, T.
F. Peterson. 96 Chestnut-st. Philadelphia, On the receipt of $1
a copy will be transmitted by mail, free of postage, to any part
of the United States. All letters must be addressed, postpaid,
te Dr. A. M. Mauriceau, Office 129 Liberty-st, N Y, or Box 1,224
N Y Post Office.
SgF- Hair Restorative,— Pbalon’g Hair In
vlgorator, to restore the Hair, to cure effectually Dandruff, Scurf!,
Trill be paid by E. Phalon, to any person who can produce a Hair
Invigorator which can equal his an a beautiful and healthy restor
ative of the Hair. This truly valuable Hair restorative has bean
before the citizens of
over 20 years; during which time it has given the most perfect
satisfaction, and superseded«all other so-called Hair Restoratives,
Invigerators, ±o., many of which are in the dark bosom of obli
vion buried. Hundreds in the city of
have cars® to'rejoice that they were induced to try one single
bottle of Phalon’s Hair Invigorator, having triad most every
thing recommended for the hair, without deriving any benefit
whatsoever. Phalon’s Hair Invigorator not only prevents
but by its use preserves it to extreme old age. For infant? and
sbildren, whose Lair may seem weak or thin, their mothers can
apply nothing better. It removes the scurf, which is so apt to
cause weakness of the hair in
tnd which, If neglected, continues to render ths roots of thekalr
less productive the faster they advance to age. Ladies will find
the Invigorator a great addition to the toilet, but en account of
Ito delicate and
end ’the 'great facilities it affords in dressing the hair, which,
when moist with the Invigorator, can be dressed in any required
form, so an to preserve its place, whether plain or in curb. Prof.
i£. Phalon would again remark, when used on
it lays the foundation for a good head of hair, and would also
state it bats restored the hair when hundreds of dollars has been
expended in vain upon other preparations. It afao dresses
keeps it soft, silken and clean, thrice as long as any other prepa
ration. It will thange the harshest hair into the most healthy,
glossy state—imparting to it a most beautiful dark color—keep
ing both the skin and hair in a healthy and luxuriant state, until
tti© latest period of life.
From the N. Y. Tribune.—We know of no compound for the hair
wirieb, ae far m our experience goes, can -equal Phalon’s Chemical Hair
Invigorator. There is no remedy for the permanent cure of baldness, and
diseases ef the heed genrally, that has reached the popularity enjoyed by
this article. It imparts vigor to the roots of the hair, and promotes ita
growth to t>. rem&rmible degree. Judge Edwards, of Philadelphia, a man
over seventy years of age, Che top of whose head was as bald as one’s
hand two mouths since, has now the hair giowing fast by its esc. There
are many others, whose names we are not at liberty to give, whose hair
has been restored by Phalon’s Invigorator.
From the N. Y. Ssu.—A young gentleman, a friend of ours, living in
Bleecker at., wae attacked with fever—the hair on the top of his head was
dried off—the sides were covered with old, rusty, dry hair, filled with
dandruff j he has at this time a beautiful head, of hair from the use of Pha
lon’s Hair Invigorator.
Prepared by Prof. E. Phalen. N. Y.
EAIR DYE.—Phalon’s celebrated Liquid Magic Hair Dye, is
the best yet discovered for coloring the Hair or Whiskers, the
moment it is applied. The wonderful ease and certainty with
which this favorite and old established Hair Dye performs, is as
terisking. It'is for sale, or applied, at Phalon’s Wig Factory
No. 197 Broadway. Copy the address.
• Clareneeviilc.— Subscribers to Lots are
requested to pay all arrears before the 6th of April next, or they
will be debarred from choosing their Lots. A few more more of
these desirable Lots are to be had on easy terms, .t poly to
J. PEOA.RE, Proprietor, 163 Hester-st
Barker’s Cheveaxtonique.—The propri
etor of this article, during seventeen years experience in the art
of ladies’ hair dressing, has never found, among all that is sold
under the name of “ restoratives,” “regenerators,” 4c., any
thing that would restore the hair upon a lady’s head after it had
fallen off. It is comparatively easy to produce this effect upon
gentlemen, from the fact that the frequent cutting of their hair
strengthens it; but a lady’s tresses, which are never subjected to
the tonsorial scissors, may fade, wither, decay, and fall off, and
there is nothing to restore them to their original luxuriance.
There are preparations, to be sure, which may force out a few
stray locks, but they present “ a lean and ragged Took,” which x
detracts rather than adds to the personal anpearanee.
was produced by the proprietor after mucn experimenting, to
supply this important desideratum, and give to the ladies an ar
ticle which would induce so powerful a growth as to impart all
the original power and vigor to the scalp. In effecting this, it
of course became necessary to combine with it medicinal proper
ties for removing the complaints to which the head is subject,
for, after all, baldness is but a disease, and not, as many people
suppose, the necessary result of increasing yokrs. Hence the
Chevxuxtonique was so compounded as to be a sure eura for
Ringworm, Tetter, Scald Head, Headache, Incipient Erysipe
las, Inflamed Skin, and indeed all other diseases which affect the
It will cure the Headache in the shortest possible time, as also
eradicate Dandruff, and, by being free from all grease, does not '
clog up the roots where the delicate fibres of the hair first start;
but does what is all important, keeps them free and open, and
>hus producing in a short time a soft, delicate, and glossy cover
ing to the head as rich and lustrous as youthful locks.
One bottle is sufficient to prove its superiority over every other
article at present used fora similar purpose.
No preparation has ever been presented to the public which
combines such extraordinary qualities as this—so wonderful and
yet so simple that all are surprised it had not*’ been thought of
before. It recommends itself at once to all who use it, putting
to flight all the nostrums and thousand and one humbugs of the
General depot at Barker’s Ladies’ Hair Dressing saleon, No.
439 Broadway, and sold at all respectable druggist and fancy
stores. »
Large Bottles, 25 cents, at retail; a liberal discount to those
who buy to sell again. .
Only 75 tte.-LaueK’s Excelsior Matr Wye.
—A perfect Liquid Dye, instantaneous, permanent and harmless,
for coloring the Hair, Whiskers, and Moustaches, to any desired
shade, from a light brown to a jet black'. It will not injure the
hair or stain the skin, can be used without regard to time or
weather, and is free of all the objections found in other dyes—
ench-HB oad odor, turning red, impermanence, 4c. The chemical
affinity of this liquid for the hair is astonishing; the instant it is
applied, quick as an electrio spark, the color is sot, and is im
moveable, even if wp-’hed immediately. If the ladies knew how
much this Dye adds to their beauty when applied to their oye
bt oks, not one would be without it. Price", 75 cents per box.
The subscriber also applies the Dye at his Hair Drossing Room,
No. 5 Roosevelt street, three doors from Chatham. A private
entrance through the Hall for Ladies. Also sold at the store of
the New Hat Company, 148 Nassau street; C. Klauberg, No. 88
Chatham street; May’s Thread and Needle Store, 352 Bowery,
and No. 606 Fourth street.
£££- Bciuonct & Meyer’s lu'allible Liquid
HAIR DYE.—This is a new article just presented to the public.
The proprietors have made the human hair the study of their
lives, and having had occasion to use the thousand and one spe
cifics which ignorant charlatans palm upon the public, they are
enabled to judge of their injuriousness. After the invention of
the present Dye, they for a long while, content to satisfy their
own customers, made use of it only in their own business ; but
i‘s merits becoming known, ihey were absolutely compelled to
bring it before the public. Here it has been but a short time,
yet its success has been unprecedented. Requests for the ap
pointment of agents for its sale have poured in by every mail,
while the orders for the article itself hare almost exceeded the
ability of the proprietors to supply. Its merits may be curtly
summed up as follows: It is easily applied, and can ba used by
all wit ho'it danger, full directions accompanying each bottle.
It does not color the hair by scorching, like other preparations,
but acts upon It by a newly discovered chemical power. Recent
researches show that the hair is triangular, and in its natural
state possesses all the powers of the prism. To restore this pris
matic virtue is the theory of this Hair Dye. It also gives the
fibres tneir soft and glossy texture, and protects the sacs in which
all of them terminate It does not stain the skiu, and is the only
compound of the kind upon which perfect teliance can be placed,
as it never fails in giving a beautiful and natural black or brown
color io the hair,, whiskers or eyebrews.
The proprietors are prepared to furnish , it in large or small
quantities. Price $1 and $1 50 per bottle according to size.
Liberal deduction to those who buy to sell again.
In answer to the numerous inquiries from every part of the
country, Messrs. D 4 M. would say that if there be no agent
who sells their Dye in the vicinity where the party wishing it
rss’des, by inclosing Si a bottle will he forwarded. Persons
sending requests for the agency of it will please state plainly the
place or district in which they wfrh to dispose of it.
DEMONS'!' 4 MEYERS, Proprietors,
No 13 Courtlandt st. under the Western Hotel, N. Y. City.
g&- Fowlers & r&reeotog&aa aad
FUBLiTHEI’S. Ol’nton Hall, HI Nm»*h street. Office -pan toy
Unparalleled Bargains !
ExmoßDimy Arntfewig: i
At the
Celebrated Largest and Cheapest
In the United States,
. JVo. 99
English, French and German
O A*. lES. PI3TS.
Buyers will find the largest
Steck of Low Price and Medium to the most elaborate Au
busson. Mosaic, Medallion, and Velvet., Carpets ever offered in
the world at treniendoMs low prices.
Above ground, no damp Easements or Vaults under the side
walk to endanger the health of Lady purchasers, each Sales
Room is devoted exclusively to one description of Carpets. The
holesale and Retail Departments of this establishment have
been enlarged and an addition ef two extensive Sales Booms,
making a wonderful and gorgeous display.
Sales Boom No. 1,
FLOOR OIL CLOTHS.—An Enormous Stock of John Hare 4
Sou’s celebrated English Oil Cloths ; also, American Floor Oil
Cloths of magnificent satin finish, Fresco, marble. Italian, sad
Scroll Paintings, from 2s. 61., 35.»45.,5e., 65., to 95., per yard,
from 3 feet to 24 fest wide and 90 tong.
Sale a Rncm No. 2,
INGRAIN CARPETS. —Two hundred and fifty pieces of
English and American Ingrain Carpetings, all new style, in anu
factored expressly for this establishment, at unparalleled Bar
Sales Room No. 3,
THREE PLV CARPETS.—EngIish, Scotch and American
Imperial Three. Ply Carpeting of our own Importation; gorgeous,
splendid new style of pattern.
Sales Room No, 4-,
ces of Medium quality Ingrain Carpets, beautiful large and
small patterns, manufactured for the City incredible low
prices of 2s. 65., 35., 4?., ss. per yard.
Sales Itoom No. 5,
RUGS AND DRUGGETS—EngIish Druggets 4 yards wide,
80t)U yards of low priced Druggets, 1 to 3 yards wide at 3s. 6d. to
6s. peryard;/tiso an immense- assortment of Mosaic Landscape,
Axminster, and luffed Hearth Rug. also-2000 Tufted Rugs at
16s. to 245. each.
Sales Room No. 6,
STAIR AND HALL CARPETS. —50,000 yards of striped and
figured Hall and Stair Carpets at 25., 2s 6d., 35., 3e,6d , 45., 55.,
6s. and 7s. Also, Hemp, Dutch and Manilla Carpets for roomn,
halls and stores, cheap.
Sales Room No. 7,
MEDALLION CARPETS, with borders; Mosaic and Axmin
ster, of one entire piece, can be. fitted to any .- sized room from
$350 to S4OOO-
ROYAL VELVET, Tapestry and Brussels, from the celebrated
Factcries of John Crossly 4 Sons, aud Messrs.' Henderson 4 Co
aud others, England, all of our own importation, some of which
are exclusively our own styles, and cannot be found at any ©the*
Sales R«m>ih No. 8,
AUBUSSON GA RPETS.—They elicit the warmest commen
dations of every beholder, excel in beauty and durability, are
sold etmoderate prices, and Introduced in the market at this
Sale s Room No. 9,
VELVET, Tapestry, Brussels three-ply and twilled Venetiaa
Stair Carpetfag, remarkably cheap.
Sales Room, No. 10,
White, Buff aud Scroll Window Shades, at 65., 125., 205., 40 e. rc
to $lO per pair: Table and Piano Covers, Silver ana Brass S'air
Rods, Parkr Door Hats, Coir Matting; also, 45.3 d., ss6d. Whitt
and Check Canton Matting, 4c., 4c.
99 Bowery.
N. B.— Buyers, Etrargers, citizen*, retail dealers, aud mor
chants from abroad will find it to their advantage to examine thi*
anormoufc stock, at tremendous bargains.
One of th® most experienced upholsterersis engaged to cut aud
lay earpeta, oil cloths, and hang window shades, 4c.
Extraordinary bargains.—
Carpet and Oil Cloth Warehouse of
Consis-ing of—
Axminster Carpeting,
Rcyal Velvet Carpeting,
Aubusson Carpeting,
Tapestry ar.d Brus-els Carpeting f-om the celebrated facto
ries of John Crossley 4 Sons, Hendersons, aud others‘of
Three-ply Carpeting, English, Scotch and American
Supeifine Ingrain, do. do. do.,
Low Price Ingrain at the astonishing low prices of 23.,
2s 6d. 3s, 3s 6d, 4s, 4s 6d, to ss. Patent Tapestry,
Ingrain Carpels, Cheap Brussels, Twild aud Plain,
Venetian Stair Carpet, Axmineter, Chenille, and
Tailed Rugs.
Al?o, Floor Oil Cloths, a large and splendid assortment from
the celebrated manufactory of John Mare & Son, of England.
American Oil Cloths fron* 2(t to 24ft wide. Splepdid Satin Fi
nish, Marble Fresco, and Schroll Italian Pa terns from 2s 6d, 3s
3s 6d, 4s, 4s 6d, ss, 6s, to 8s per yard. Also, French Table and
Piano Covers and Door mats, Silver and Brass Stair Rods,
Checked and White Mattings 4-4. 5-4 6-4, wide Coir Matting,
Dutch Carpeting,,&c. Also, : ,Wi»dow Shades in endless varie y,
Gold, Flower and Landscape Patterns, entirely new designs,
from ss, 10s, 16s, 21s, 36s to $lO the pair. In short, every article
usually kept in a Carpet Store. Many of the above goods Lave
been impo ted expressly for this establishment, and cannot be
found in any other. Buyers should not omit to call before mak
ing their purchat es elsewhere, as thev will find i greatly to their
auvaniage. J. HYATT. Importer and Dealer.
Carpet Warehouse, 94 Bowery, N. Y.
kJ Millinery Goods, Ladies’Dress Trimmings, Ribbons, S’lks
Ac. The subscriber would respectfully inform the wholesale
buyers that he has opened a very extensive Wareroom adjoining
his old retail establishment, where be is prepared to furnish the
a discount from down-town prices. His past 12 year’s
experience in se ecting from European Manufactures, enables
him to offer an unlimited variety, surpassing anything ever be
fore exhibited at any Emporium of Fashion. The Jobbing
Trade are requested to favor hi” withqn early call,
M. H. LICHTENSTEIN, No. 90 Bowery cor. Hester-st.
PANES selling off at tremendous bargains, at BUR
DETT’S Cheap Dry woods Store, 191 Grand street, corner of
Fine Sheeting Linens, 2s. and 2s. 6d a yard.
Heavy and Fine Sheeting Linens, yards wide, only ss. a
Large Size fine Linen Towels. 93. ad; zen.
Elegant Double Damask Table Linen 2 yards wide, 4s, a yard.
do. do. du (Snow drop) do. ss. a yard.
Large Size Snow drop Linen Napkins, 12s. a dozen.
Linen Doilies 6s. a dozen.
Large Size Lancakt»r Counterpanes 13s. a piece.
Elegant Patterns (Large Size) Marseilles Counterpanes, only
$3 to, worth $6 a piece.
Fine Bird eye Linen Diaper only Is. a yard.
Wide Bla< k Silks, only 6s. 6d. a yard.
Superfine French Merinos, choicest colors, suck as Light Blue,
Rose, Crimson, Green, Ashes of Roses, 4c. &c , only 9s. worth
16*. a yard.
Shirting and Sheeting Muslins at great bargains.
191 Grand st., cor. Mulberry.
Collector of Taxes for the town of West Farms, including
Morrisania, Mount Hope, Motthaven, and all the new villages
therein, will beat the office of A. B. Tappen. No. 49 Chambers
st., N. Y., every day frem the 6th to the 12th of March, from 9
A. M. to SP. M. Lands will be sold for unpaid taxes after 25i.h
March.WM. BATHGATE. Collector.
Tin boxes and
25000 000 of various dz.es and descriptions, on hand, and for
sa e. at Dunlap’s Blacking, Ivk, Tin Box. Canister and Drug
gist Tin Waie Manufacturing Emporium. 36 Gold st.. N Y.
v G. EVERITT, Sole Proprietor,
ly ASONIO, O. U. A., 1.0. O. FZI. of t.,
Ivt and all other kinds of REGALIA, JEWELS. COS
TUMES, SEALS, EMBLEMS, and trimmings. Also, Flags of
verious kir ts ; Gold and Silver Stars, Lacss, Fringes and Bui
liou for E»>br6idery, of various Kinds, at reasonable ra e~, at
theoldesiablisbed Premium Regalia a..d Jewel Manufactory.
BALL BADGES. ROSETTES, 4c., made in great varie'y of
styles, and furnished at short notice.
Silk or Worsted.
ELIAS COMBS, 214 Grand st.
NITUREII!—GEO. BOYD, continues to manufacture aud
kcepc constantly on hand aj’er.eral assortment of
cf the latest styles, and warranted in every particular of the best
workmanship, at his'old established Warehouse, No. 113 and
116 WOOSTER street.
Bair Mattresses, Straw FalliasterA Feather Bods, Bolsters, and
Pillows, warranted pure, aud at aa low prices as any establish
inert in the city.
All articles purchased sent to any pari of the city and Brook
lyn, free of charge.
A call it* respectfully solicilod
on hand and manufactured to order, by
Corner of Ann, NEW YORK.
igp* Office and Revolving Chairs, Desks, Stools, 4c. Also,
Rosewood, Walnut, Oak and Mahogany Parlor, Library Dining
Room, Chamber and Kitchen Furniture.
V_X another large invoice of low-priced Glass-ware, from the
manufactory; such as TUMBLERS, ALE GLASSES, GOB
articles for Table and Bar Furniture, which we offer at our usual
low prices for cash. Likewise on hand and constantly receiving
a complete assortment of the new style Plated Silver Goods di
rect from the factory, such as Cake Baskets, Tea and Coffee
Pots, Urns and Setts, with a large assortment of all kinds of
Table Castors, with Cui anq Mould Bottles.
272 Pearl street (near Fulton.)
WlCK.—Only Arents for Hanna A Chxpenter’s fine Can;
die Wick, expreflaly for Chandlcra’ m«, from 1 to IB thiMda. For
■•la at ]p6 Felten airtMti
Hanna and beebe, commission
PAPER WAREHOUSE, 109 Fulton street, and 62 Ann
■treet, New York, offer for sale, on favorable terms, a very large
awjortment of every variety. Th« pubiio ax« invited to call and
XAixdne the tiMtt and Quality.
Mr. FORREST having kindly postponed his appearance until
Monday nex. March 13th
so triumphantly played at this Theatre for One Month, will. atthß
request of the Public, bo repeated EVERY NIGHT during the
present week.
MONDAY EVENING, March 6th, -
will be performed, for the 25th time at this Theatre, Seakspoara’a
Famed Comedy andjGrea’ Fairy Spectacle of
The Scenic Illustrations entirely new, painted by M. Heister
and hiß assistants. The Costumes by Mr. Wallis. The Decora
tions. Banners and Appointments b; M. Wallis. The Machinery
by Mr. John Furze. The Bullet produced under the direction cf
Mdlle Leeder. The Mntic arranged and adapted by Mr. J. Meyer,
produced under the direction of Mr Roberts.
Unequalled in any Theatre, and defying comparison, will aid the
perfoimance of this beautiful composition.
Theseus, Duke of Athens, byMr. I’ope
Ljsai-der, in love with Hermia, byMr. Lanergan
Demetrius, his rival byMr. Grosvenor
Nick Bottom, the Weaver, byMr. W. Davldge
Quince, the Carpenter, byMr. Howard
Snug, the Joiner, byMr. Fisk
Flute, the Bellows’ mender, byMr. Whiting
Fncmt. the Tinker, by.-Mr. Henry
Starveling, the Tailor Mr. Cutter
Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, byMrs. Warren
Heimia, daughter of Egeus in lovo with Lysandor, by Airs. Nag e
Helena, in love wiih Demetrius, byMiss A. Gougeuhelm
Oberon, King of Fairy Lund, byMad’e Ponisi
Titi'nia. bis Queen, byAirs. Abbott
Puck, or Robin Goodfellow, byLa Petke Viola
First Fairy, byMiss Fisk
Principal Dancing Fairies. Mlle. Leeder, Miss Adelaide Price
and Miss Josephine, supported by a full Corps de-Ballet.
For description of Grand Scenic Illustrations, Panoramic
Views, and Mechanical Changes, Grand Ballet Dances, and Vo
cal and Instrumental Music, see bills of the day.
To commence'with—
Begin at 7-
N. B. —The Box Book for Mr. Forrest’s engagement will be
opened en Saturday morning at 12 o’clock.
Broadway theatre.—a cakd
Ponisi respectfully announces that her Benefit will take place on
THUBSDA Y Evening, March Sth, on which occasion will be
perloimed, for the 23th, and positively the Last Tima but Two,
Sbakspeare’s beautiful Coineay and Famed Fairy Spectacle of—
so successfully and magnificently produc d at this theatro, where
for upwards of a month it has been nightly represented to crowd
ed and delighted audiances. The entertainments will commence
with the second act of
cast to the whole strength of the Company.
Box Book now open.
DAVIDGE begs to notify that his Benefit will take place
on FRIDAY Evening next the 10th Inst., when will be perform
ed, first time here, the Romantic Comic Drama, entitled—
Or, The Gentleman in Black,
The entertainments to conclude with the highly successful Fairy
Spectacle cf
,Tickets and places at the Box Office of the Theatre.
Principal Scenic Artist of this establishment. The public is re
spectfully inform'd ihat in compliance with the wishes of nu
merous patrons of the D-ama, and as a mark ef esteem to Mr.
GEO. HEISTER, for the talent he has displayed in his beautiful
ECenie illustrations of “A Midsummer-Night’s Dream,” so uni
versally admired by thousands of citizens, the Management has
tendered to this admirable American .Artist a Benefit, which is
appointed to take place on SATURDAY, March llth, bring the
SOtn ai d Positively the Last Representation of Shakspearo’s
Comedy and Fairy Spectacle, as produced at this Theatre, with
unprecedented success.
Will be published in a FEW days as newly arranged for repre
V r (to-morrow) evening, will be performed—
Sir Sampson Legend, Mr. Blake; Valentine Legend (son to Sir
Sampson). Lester; Ben, (youngest son to Sir Sampson,) Brough
ham; Mr. Tattle. Wai cot; Foresight, Thompson; Angelica,
Mrs. Hoey;JMrs. Frail, Mrs. Brougham. To conclude with
Admiseion—-Dress Circle and Parquette, 50 cts.; Family Cir
cle, 59 cts.; Stall Seats, $1; Private Boxes, $6 and $7-
Sole Lessee, Proprietor and Manager, A. H. PURDY.
Performances at 2 o’clock AFTERNOON, and 7 in the EVEN-
the Great and Original Drama of
As Performed at this house continually since the 18th of last
Uncls Tom Mr. J. Lingard.
St. ClaireJ. B, Howe.
Gumpton CuteH. Stone.
Eva Little Cordelia Howard
TopseyMrs. G. C. Howard.
Fletcher Mr. G. W L. Fox.
HarrisMr J J Prior.
Legree Mr. N. B. Clarke.
WiisonMr. Toulmin.
Ferry Mr. L. Fox.
Mrs. Bird Mrs. W. G Jonas.
Eliza Mrs: J. J. Prior.
Cassy Mrs. Bannister.
Ophelia... Mrs. Meyers
Emmeline Miss Barber.
Consisting of
And none others.
.Change of pieces eve’y Afternoon.
Admission, 25 and 50 cents ; Children half price t® Afternoon
Performances only.
Comedy of a
as successfully played at this Theatre,
with all its Splendor and Correct Magnificence—for the
27th aud 28th night.
On MONDAY, the Great Favorite, THE THOUSAND MIL
LINERS will be played with the Comedy.
On WEDNESDAY, a New Comic Play, called
THE LANCERS; or, the Discarded Son.
Now playing at the principal theatres in London. New Scene
ry, Dresses, Military Appointments, and Original
Music by Mr. J. Cooke.
All the Company will appear in this excellent piece.
An Original Farce is in Rehearsal, called
Bowery theatre.—i. p. wal-
DROS, Proprietor ard Manager; F. C. WEMYS9, St-.ge
Manager. Prices of on : Lower Tier of Boxes, 50
cents; Second and Third Tiers, 25 cents; Pit and Gallery, 12%
cents; Seats in Orchestra Bozes, 50 cents. Doors open at 6;
Curtain rises at 7 precisely.
Last opportunity.
It Will be acted
Barnum >s American museum.—
SECOND IRICMPHANt DRAMA of the new audio
which, in view of its
and its actually WHOLESOME PUBLIC EFFECTS as well as
of the
will be performed
EVERY EVENING at 7 o’clock,
ard on
attriting Picture of New York Lifb, dramatized, in four
parts, expressly for this Museum, by the popular dramatist of
this establishment, H. J. Conway, Esq , from the great work of
the same name published by Messrs. Stringer & Townsend.
Ola Nev.lle, a millionaire of New York Mr. J. L. Monroe
Mr. Grayson, his agent Mr. Bleeker
Henry, son of Old Neville Mr. Leviek
oS'ga wa£: ««*«• “> h:!::::::
A frtd Grant, a clerk in a Savings Bank Mr. C. W. Clarke
Hugh Huntley, a stepson of Old NevilleMr, Daly
Sam Nubbles, a Cockney importation Mr.
Jim Fogle, a sharper Mr. T B. Toyer
Biliy Patterson, a returned Californian Mr. F. A. Monroe
Napoleon Casar, a nig?arMr. G Clark
Von Crout, keeper of a Dance CellarM>. Setchell
PolicemanMr, Cunninguam
Judy O’FoghertyMr. Charles
Lucy Grayson, Mr. Grayson’s only childMistf Mestayer
Marla, her cousin Mrs. Palmer
Mrs. Grant, Alfred’s mother, attached to the Ladies’
Home Missionary Society Mrs. Bellamy
Araminta Bellair, a London stay maker Miss Charles
Child. Miss Colville
True Religion Mrs Parry | Time Mrs. Drummond
Rag Pickers, Beggar*, Cabmen, Passengers, Ladies and
Gent , 4c., 4c.
presented the popular and effective FRENCH LIFE DRAMA
as originally performed here for 118 SUCCESSIVE TIMES, with
extrsordinary success, and by one of the
including the ORIGINAL JUjIIO DOR HILLY in this piece,
Mr. C. W. CLARKE. Besides which, the
In their surprising and i raceful entertainments.
MEDIES, FARCES, 4c., as per bills of the day,
MILY, Ac., to be seen as usual.
Admittance to the MUSEUM, the PERFORMANCES and all
the CURIOSITIES, 25 cents; children under ten, 12% cents ;
seats in the first balcony and parquette, 12% extra.
KJ By particular request, Mrs. T. J. JOHNSON will give hsr
• Second Entertainment on THURSDAY Evening, March 9, at
Coset rt H-* 1, Henry street, Brooklyn. Tickets 50 Cents. May
be ebtateed at the door.
every evening during tbs week, at 7% o’clock and WS DNES
DAY and SATURDAY Af ernooas at 3. The entertainment
will embrace most wonderful scenes in Ventriloquism, Natural
Magic ai d the Celebrated Canary Birds. Admission 25 Cents.
Children 12% Cents.
The New and Magnificent Panorama of the
Is now open in conjunction with the great portion of
Every Evening (Sunday included) at 7% o’clock, and Wednesday
and Saturday Afternoons, at 3 o’clock.
Admission to both performances, only 25 Cents te all parts of
the hor.ee.
k_J SEXES I —ln a Lecture this (SUNDAY) Evening atStuy
ve* ant Institute, 659 Br rad way, by Prof. 8. K. SWEETMAN,
at7% o’clock. Subject—Marriage and its Prohibition in the
Popish Church—Licentiousness of Roman Catholic Priests-
Nuns and Nunneries—Popery and Jesuitism. Lovers of Ame
ricanism be thete.
\_J r largest and best ventilated in the United States. The at
tention of dyspeptics and all who lead sedentary Jives is directed
to the necessity of exercise to the prolongation abd enjoyment of
life. Convenient b»thing and dressing rooms are attached. For
terms, 4c., apply at the Gjmnasium, Nos. 159 and 161 Crosby
st., near Bleecker.
JZ®. WAY.—Strangers coming from abroad to visit the Crystal
Palace, cannot return hdme «sd say they have been at all tbe
places of unusual interest in the cifig, without examining the
magnificent and very cestly collection of Anatomical Matter,
showing the wonderful structure as well as the many dieeases to
which the human body is subject, contained in the spacious gal
leries of the Anatomical Museum, 300 Broadway.
Itwsssome short time since stated to a vari assemblage of
some of our most respectable citizens, by Dr. Valentine Mott, of
this city, who it is well knows cannot be excelled by any one
of his profession, “That it was a place that should be visited by
all classes.” Wednesdays exclusively-for Ladies, from 12 to 4
o’clock. Admission, 25 cents.
RlaiOV An D
BROTHERS, will remove on the First of April, from
their old stand, 396 Hudson to 542 Hudson st. near Charles-st.
Feeling greatful t» tbe public for the past favors, they hope to
merit a continuance of their patronage, having a large and va
ried assortment of Cabinet Furniture. Buyers would do well to
examine our stock before purchasing elsewhere.
PORTINGTON & BROTHER. 4, 542 Hudson-st.
Nos. 119 and 121 Prince st., third block west of Broadway,
grateful for the extensive patronage he has hitherto enjoyed, begs
leave to call the attention of his friends and the public in gene
ral, to the large and elegant assortment of
which be has on hand, suitable for
which for design, finish, and cheapness, cannot be surpassed by
any house in the United States. In connection with his large
manufactory and Warerooms, he has an extensive GAS FIT
TING SHOP, where all orders fo pipe-laying will receive im
mediate attention.
and Lamp Manufacturer, 135 Canal street, corner of Laight,
167 Greenwich street, corner of Courtlandt; 318 Canal street, near
Hudson. Camphene Distillery, cor. Bth avenue and Ganesvoort
street. Solar Lamps, Girandoies, Chandeliers, Brackets, Can
delabras; Lamps'for OiJ, Camphene, and Burning Fluid; Pare
Sperm, Solar, and Lard Oil; Camphene Burning Fluid. Alcohol,
Eplrita of Turpentine, at wholesale mi retell. Orders by poet or
ct’r erwiss.. nromntly atteoded to-
JL SPIRITS —The undersigned respectfully informs the above
that the true strength of all spirituous liquors may now be ob
tained, our instruments being made and adjusted from the only
original standard hydrometer, as made by John G. H Ronketti,
April, 1851. and certified by Dr. Chilton, April 30 1851, (ana
which is in our possession,) from which ail our instruments are
made; and in order to ascertain that such instruments are from
said standard, they wili bo marked as under, from this date—
“By John G H. Ronketti.”
J, PRENTICE, No. 1 Chambers street, manufacturer of stand
ard meteorological instruments, hydrometers, and of all other
instrumor-ts in the above branches.
W - HIPS ! WHIPS ! ! WHIPS !! I—o.
P. CALDWELL, having received a Gold Medal at the
American Institute for the best a,>ortment of Whips, would re
spectfully inform his numerous friends and customers, that he
continues to sell, wholesale and retail, at his stores, 260 Pearl
street, New York, and 4 North Fourth street. Philadelphia, his
splendid of Whips and Canes of his own manufacture
at the lowest market price, which embrace the most magnificent
French and English styles. Dealers are respectfully invited to
call and examine my stock before purchasing elsewhere as I will
stive my friends a good article for the same price that they would
have to pay elsewhere for a common one. C. P. CALDWELL,
260 Pearl street, New York, and 4 North Fourth street, Phila
Eye sight—e. s. franks, spec-
TA«LE MAKER, 62 BOWERY, (third door from th«
80-wery Theatre, New York,) Optician to the New York Eye
Hespital and Eye Infirmary, adjusts his Improved spectaeles to
weak sight with unerring accuracy, at a I'.w price, and exchange
them, without further charge, if not approved. References—
Doctors Dubois, Wilkes and Halstead, surgeons to the New York
Eye Infirmary; Doctors Stephenson and Rogers, surgeons to the
New York Eye Hospital; Doctors Halsted and Bulkley, phy
sicians to the New York Hospital; Doctor Wood, late Presi
denf'of the New York Academy of Medicine; Dr. Darling, ana
tomical demonstrator at the New York University Medical Col
lege ; Dr. Mott, Dr. Wallace, and Dr. Dixon, Editor of the
Scm>cl.” kc-
• ERS in Paints, Oils, Glass, Varnishes, 40., 4c., 118
CHAMBERS STREET, and 1112 BROADWAY, cor. 33d street,
have constantly on hand and for sale White Lead, dry and in oil,
White and Colored Zinc Paints, do. Fish’s Mineral Fire Proof do.
together with a general assortment of Paints, Glass, Brushes,4c.
Also Sperm, Lard, and Refined Whale Oita, of best qualities, for
family use. Also, the American Patent Soapstone Paint, the best
article for tin roofs (and leaky tin roofs in particular) ever offered
to the public. All of which they will sell at the lowest prices
for cash or its equivalent. N. B.—Leaky tin roofs covered and
made tight for one cent per square foot. Also, Ifrjuse, Sign and
Fresco patoting done at the shortest notice.
and CLAMS, Wholesale and Retail, Nos. 15 and 16 Fulton
Market, N. Y., East River. Saddle Rocks, Shrewsburys and
Chingarores. Hotels and Families supplied at short notice.
Shipping Orders received and promptly attended to. Pickled
Oysters always on hand.
Concert,— theodore eisfeld’S
Fourth Season will take place at Dodnorth’s Academy. BU6
Broadway, opposite Eleventh street, on FRIDAY, March 10.
JTSTRELS, 444 BROADWAY, above Howard st. No connec
tion with ary other Company. Open Every Evening. H. WOOD,
Business Manager; GEO. CHRISTY, Stage Manager. The
entertainments of GEO. CHRISTY anu WOOD’S Mmrtrels era
braee all the elements in Ethiopian Minstrelsy, the company be
ing composed of the oldest and most experieneed performers.
They are the originators of their own peculiar style, eonwHnng
of Overtures, Quick Steps, Choruses. Quartetts, Glees, Dnet.ts,
Songs, Ballads, Extravaganzas, Burlesque Leetures, Thrilling
Tragedy and keeentric Comedy, eompri&ißg together a melange
of the most talented and pleasilig soirees, ail their pieaes being
composed expressly for them, and which they defy Vie world to
equal. Doors open at 6% o’clock ;to ecramence at 7% o’oloek.
Tickets, 25 cents.
A. J Hall, 539 Broadway.—Open every night, by the celebrated
Buckley’s New Orleans Serenaders, the o.’dcxi established aud
most talented company is existence, being the first to introduce
harmony into an Ethiopian entertainment—the first to sing Ope
ratic Choruses, perform Burlesque Operas, 4e. ; likewise, all
Operatic Choruses, now suug by other “bands,” were first ar
ranged (at the expense of labor and talent) by Buckley’s Sere
nadfers. The management has the honor of announcing that the
Concerts of this company will still be conducted in its present
fashionable style—“fun without vulgarity.” Concert commen
ces at 7% o’clock. Admission, 25cevta. BUCKLEYS, Proprie
tors ; R. Bishop Buokley. Musical Director.
N. B.—Saturday Evening, March 4th, Benefit of L. SHORT,
KREUTZER, leader of the Max Marelzek’s Italian
Optra at New York, New Orleans, Boston. Philadelphia and
Mexieo, respectfully informs the public, that ne is now prepared
to give instructions at
upon the Piano, Violin, Flute, Guitar and In Singing. For
particulars address '‘Herr Kreutzer" at the music stores of Win.
Hall & Son, corner Park Place and Broadway, Schuberth &
Co., Chinese Buildings, and at the Washington Hotel, No. 1
LESSONS.—AII instructions afterwards Gratis, by Mr.
PHIL EICK. Mr. R. flattershimseifthathispracticalexoeri
ence before tbe public for the pest twelve yea s is a sufficient
guarantee cf bis ability to touch the above instrument. Terms
reasonable. Apply 123 Clinton st.
Mere than 200 varieties of Popular Books for the People. .
No. 8 Park Place, New York.
The undersigned, for many years in the Book Business at Au
burn, and late of tbe firm of Derby 4 Miller, has established
himrelf as abovej. and, in addition to his own, will keep a full
tuuply of the Publications of
MILLER. ORTON 4 MULLIGAN Gate Derby 4 Miller),
Constantly on hand, aud for sale at their lowest prices.
Our assortment of Agents’ Books is the largest tn the United
States, embracing the most Popular Bo ks in History, Biogra
phy, Poetry, Religion, Temperance, Narratives. Travels, Adven
tures, Agriculture, Popular Miscellany, Books for the Y’oung,
Ac. They are all of a good moral character, and are dispos.d <f
throughout the country mainly by agents, colporteurs and minis
teis. They are well printed on good paper and fair type, and
bound generally in neat muslin, gilt backs, and most of them
beautifully illustrated with engravings.
We have a great many Agents actively at work, who clear for
themselves from $5 to $8 ner day. Those most successful, take
sample copies of the books, and when they ascertain how many
are wanted, order the books direct from us, and deliver them
at the time agreed upon. Still, some Agents prefer to order
quantities at the start, and sell them from house to house, as
they go. There is hardly a family that cannot be to
buy ot.e nr more of the k’nds, and we have been informed of in
stances where a single family has Subscribed for the whole
list of books, yielding the agent a very handsome profit.
There is no < mployment more pleasant or profitable than that
of selling Books in the way proposed.
To all these desirous of aiding the noble work of dissemi
nating a Pure and Wholesome Literature throughout our laud,
wc offer a lare chance to make money, and to do good.
Catalogues of our Publications, containing full particulars,
furnished on applications (post paid) to
J. C._ DERBY Publisher and Bookseller,
8 Park Place (Second Floor), New York.
±1 HOUSE IN NEW YORK.-J. C. DERBY, Publisher
and Bookseller, No. 8 Park Place, second floor.—The under
signed, for many years in the book business at Auburn, aud
late of the firm of Derby 4 Miller, has established himself as
above, and in addition to his own will keep a full supply of the
pub ications of
MILLER. ORTON 4 MULLIGAN (late Derby 4 Miller.)
Constantly on ha»d and for sale at their lowest prices.
Orders iiom the trade tespectiully solicited.
J. C. DERBY. No. 8 Ovrk Place,
Directly over L»K--Jbrj|,
± v plete pr&etieal work ®n the Nature and Treatment ®f Vene
real Diseases, Strictures of the Urethra, Gravel, Prestate Gland,
and all other affections of the Genfto, Urinary Organs of the
Male and Female; 348 pp., iHustfateS by a great number ®f ex.
traordinary specimens of colored plates, equalling copper en
gravings in the delicacy of their finish, as large as life. By Dk.
HOMER BOSTWICK, Practising Physician and Surgeon.
[From the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal.]
“It may be ealtl fearlessly, that this is decidedly, and without quaiifie'
lion, equal to Ricord’a, the great French work, or Acton’s, ef Londonos
the sar .e family of diseases, and the fact ®annot be denied or conc.-a!e,
that he has produced a thorough, well-digested, systematic treatise, whis
far surpasses anything cf the kind on this branch ef practice hereteforeat
tempted in this country, and nothing car. prevent this able work from b*.
?ng spread over the land. Price, $lO. Office 504 Broadway.
“ ]sr. Bostwick is also the author of a Special Treatise on the Nature
ITY, eaused by Seeret Vice, or Self-Abuse- their terrible consequences,
progress, and cure. This is a subject of tne most vital importance to
young men, especially such as expact to marry. There are no eornplainta
more difficult to manage than these, and nothing but a scientific treatment
can cure them. Tbe Doctor has divided wminal diseases into three differ
ent stages, and demonstrated them in a masterly manner. He has devised
a new method ef cauterizing tbe seminal ducts,which is far superior t;> tbe
old plan, and Is attended with scarcely any pain. This is an important
book, and we look upon it as calculated to do great good. It is one of the
most truthful and useful works of the kind ever before published, one
should be in the hands of every young man in the land.”
Nearly 60,600 topics have been sold. Price sl.
Author or “The Family Physician.” Price 25 cents.
Author of a treatise on natural death, diet, longevity, hov>
to keep young, and render partwtiUon ©cater und safer. Prto*
76 cents.
Author of & treatise on the Cause of Quackery, Ac., Ao.
Fcr sale-at STRINGER 4TOWNSEND’S. 222 Broadway, and
of the Author 504 Broadway.
No. 20 Wall streer, No. 1 Nassau street, opposite the Castotn
■prit-tivre Idth'-wanblng Pindlny. RuHn<,
MIRRORS, 4c—TUESDAY, M»rch 7th, at 10% o’clock, at
sales room;. No. 442 Broadwav, GRUNDY, HOUGHTON 4
MEI.LCR will sei] as above a large and splendid aseortrne it of
first class cabinet furniture piano fortes, mirrors, 4c., finished
In th- most fashionable styles snd warranted of the very best
materials, such as ar« rarely offered at auction, and Contis’; i »
part as follows:—Parlor furniture, richly carved rosewood par
lor furniture, en suite; covered in brocade satin, brocatelle
plush of the richest styles, carved rosewood etagare? with mir
rcr fronts, ladies cabinets, rosewood and mahogany sofas, tete-a
fetes, divans, and ottomans, marble top centre, pier,, side and
fancy tables; essy Voltaire and ladies’ parlor cha rs, couches,
pier and mantle glasses, dining room, library and hall furni
ture, rcre-wood, mahogany ai d oak extension tables, tideboirds,
dir irg room chairs covered in morocco aud plush, library and
secretary bookcases, epkr didly carved ha’l stands, with mir
rors; and marble slabs, hall chairs, hat racks, Ac. Chamber fur
niture, caived rosewood, mahogany, oak and walnut bedsteads,
marble top dressing bureaus, washstands and commodes, printed
and en »mclled chamber suites, armour glasses, rosewood ward
re bes. mirror doors, mahogany do., ru-th, willow and uphol
stered seat cottage chairs, easy end rocking d 0..; couches, to
gether with a good assortment of pl tin m*hcgany and walnut
furniture, hair mc-ttrasses, palliasses, 4c., Ac. Also, several
rot-ewood 6% and 7 ectave piano fortes, of good tone and Lfinish,
!.cme of which are very costly and fully warranted.
Also, an invoice cf Bohemian glass, toilet sets, cut glassware,
biscuit figures, pearl inlaid fancy and work tables, &3.
Every facility for packing.
Ca.aloguts ready on Monday, when the goods may be ex-
HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Russell W. Westcott Auc
tioneer will si 11 by Catalogue ram or shine, »o morrow Monday
mernirg at 1()% o’clock precisely all the Rosewood and Mahoga
ny fu niture contsined in No. 72Eighth Avenuenear 14th
st. Rcsewcod, Piano forte. 2 Mugnificont suit s Rosewood Parlor
furniture, large Pier Glasses, 16 Elegant Carpets Ettegeros,
Beautiful Oil Paintings P.oaewood and Mah ’gany Beadsteads,
Bureaus and Washxtends to match, viw rich Stiver Ware, over
4CO Pieces China, Ivory cutlery. Cut ffeess Ware 4c., emb -ac
jrg over 300 lots of every thirg for the Parlor, chamber
or Basement of an Elegantly furnished house—to be sold with
out reverse. Ca’alogues at house, full Particulars, see Courier
and Herald.
Next to corner of Wall, NEW, YORK,
A. H. N. gives his personal attention to sales of Real Estate,
Ships and Stocks, at the Merchants’ Exchange, or anywhere in
the State of New York-
Regular sales every Monday and Thursday, at 12% o’clock, at
the Merchants’ Exchange, cf Bank, Insuranca, Mining, aud
Railroad Stocks and Bonds.
A Register is kept for the disposal of Real Estate, Stocks and
Bonds at private sale, and for the procuring of Loans on Bond
and Mortgage.
Shepherd Knapp, Esq. Hon. Luther Bradish,
Messrs. Condit 4 Jenkins, Messrs. D. &A. Kingsland 4 Sut
Moses Taylor, Esq., Hon. Obadiah Bowne, [ton,
Morris F,anklin, E q., Davis Collamore, Esq.,
Filas C. Herring, Esq., George W. Riblet, Esq.,
Andrew B. Hodges. Esq., Messrs. Loutrel,
Messrs. W. 4 John O’Brien, Benjamin C, Leveridge, Esq-
PRINTER, 61 FULTON ST., N. Y.—Wedding, Vising.
Ipvitaticn Autographs, Address and At Home Cards : Bridal
Envelopes. Sake Boxes, Silver Lace, Wafers, 4c., Ac.; Business
Cards, Bffl Heads, Bills of Exchange, Portraits, Diplomas,
Parchments, Book and Magazine work or every description, ex
ecuted in the bast manner and at the lowest cash price.
No. 23 Ann street, (corner of Theatre Alley,) New York. News
paper and Book Work promptly executed. Plain and Fancy
Job Printing, of every description, at the lowest prices, for cash
only. Cards printed on the Patent Rotary Press.
rlv The undersigned beg respectfully to inform tWr
ihat they have removed to their
Kos. 2s, 33 «E4». 33 Beekman
and trust from the facilities tLere offered by every modern Im
provement, to meet a continuance of liberal support,
Ponte of
Tarying from 100 lbs. to LOOT lbs. weight will be kepi on fennd,
eA well as a varied assortment cf
to which department over 5,000 matrices have been added since
the printing of their last specimen.
Every article necessary for the furnishing of oomplets Print
ing Offices furnished at short notice.
ti The subi-cribers would beg to call the attention of the Tri.de
to their Metil, which for durability has not beon equalled by
any Foundry in the United States. By a peculiar combination
of metals, arrived at from an experience of thirty’ years, they
are enabled to east type, which they feel assured will last one
third longer than that furnished hy any other Foundry in the
country. JAUES CONNER 4 SON,
Nos. 29, 31 and 33 Beekman street.
N. B.—The Type on which this paper is printed, is from the
above Foundry.
WAREHOUSE, Nos. 29and31 Gold street; Manufactoryun,
Broome, Columbia aud Sheri fl' streets. New York.
R. HOE 4 CO. offer for sale of their own manufacture, single
and double cylinder and type revolving Printing Machines,
Washington and Smith Hand Presses, Self-Inking Machines,
Proof Presses, Hydraulic Presses, with Wrought Iron cylinders;
Standing Presses of various kinds, Chases, Cases, Galleys, Fur
niture Stands; Imposing Stones, Ao.
Every article connected with the arts of Lotte? Press, Copper
Plato, or Lithographic Printing, and Book Binding, always oa
band, or furirisned at short notice.
Printers, publishers and others, wishing to purchase, will be
furnished with an estimate for an Office or & Bindery, In detail,
If desired.
A Catalogue of Prices, containing Cuts and description of
many of the mfech’nes, may be had en application, by mall or
They also man-ufacture superior warranted patent ground Cast
Steel Mill, Sit, Crosscut, OLrcuiar and other Saws, for sale ai
heir ware-rooms, and bys the principal Hardware merchants
hroughont the United States.
SCRIPTION at 38 Rose street, N. Y. JOHN G. LIGHT
BODY is constantly manufacturing, and has always oa hand,
every variety of Printing Ink, from the finest Black and Celored
to News Ink, which he warrants equal to any ever manufactured,
and at as low prices as can be sold by any regular manufacturer.
Orders for wax dod by railroad or steamboat to any part of the
countrv. by addressing a note to me at 38 Rose street, New York.
N. B. This paper is printed with my Nows Ink ; also, a great
msny-U the other papers In this city, Philadelphia, Boston, sal
ttmort, N-ew Oricanz, fend other cities and towns in tha United
• FACTURER, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in ail
Paper Hangings, Gilt Cornices, Drapery Muslins, Curraln Mate
rials, Bands, Loop Pins, Brasses, Cords, Tassels, Rollers, aud
Cambrics of all widths. Buff and White Linens, Ac., Ac. Also.
& large assortment of TABLE OIL CLOTHS, 458 PEARL
STREET, four Doors from Chathem street, New York.
igp* Orders promptly executed
VA Beds, Mattresses, Ae., at CRAWBUCK’B, No. 358 Grand
street, second door east ef Essex street, CHEAP UPHOLSTERY
aud FEATHER STORE. The attention of families about pur
chasing, is respectfully invited to the large aud beautiful assort
ment of Beds, Mattrasses, Paillasses, Bedsteads. Cots, Ac., Ao.,
all Of whieh have been purchased at low cash prices, and will ba
sold at such prices as to make it an inducement for ail to call and
examine the above stock previous to making their purchases.—
Goods sent to any part of the city, Brooklyn, or Williamsburgh,
free of cartege. Old beds and mattrasses renovated and made
O”er. W. CRAWBUCK, 353 Grand attest, etaoxd door east of
k. J GLESEY LEG, patronized by the most eminent Surgeon:
throughout Europe, and by the most distinguished of their.pro
fessienal brethren in this country, and allowed by all to be the
nearest approach to nature hitherto produced. Intro* need into
this country and made solely by WM. SELBUO, 34 SPRING
tirely new and useful substitute for a lost hand, which, by means
of a simple arrangement the tap is made to open and shut, the
fingers grasp, Ac. Further information on application, orbs
citer, post paid, atten.tori
Museum of mechanical in-
Duane street. New York.
This 01<t,estaMisli«l conoera Is still carried ou by the original
proprietor; large additions have recently been made te the ez
taisiye assortment usually kept, and Imported Tools are con
stantly arriving by Packets and Steamers from Europe. Amongst
other armies may be mentioned the eelebrated “ M. B.” BRICK
Also, Table Cutlery, Skates, Mathematical Instruments, Ac., Ac.
A variety of TOOL CHESTS always on hand, fuivdsked with
warranted Tools, in price from $5 to SIOO.
Edge Toels, Saws, Planes, Ac., of every description mads to
order, at thort notice. THOMAS JAMES WOOD, Proprietor,
52 Ch»th*m 6t.. comer* DriKn* Ch*mh«r«
is the greatest discovery of the age, aud ths only article
ever invented that will effec ually restore the hair to Bald Heads
and peimaneiuly .chsnge the gray hate to the original color cf
youth or middle age; removes dandruff, and imparts softness
and beauty; prevents all tendency to become gray or the hair
from fallng off; and the most skeptical will be convinced on ex
amination of testimonials at 695 Broadway, New York, where
the article is new offered for sale for the fiist time in this city.
THER, No. 16 North William st., near Chatham, manu
facturers of show cases in metal, brass, rosewood, mahogany
black walnut and silver. A goo d assortment kept constantly
on hand. Orders promptly executed. Old show cases taken in
AVENUE.—FOR SALE, the Lease of Five years, and
*ll cf pan of Fixtures. The honse is now doing a good every
day business: but the owner has other interests to attend to.
card .—t he^Undersigned,
manufacturers of Gold Pens and Gold and Silver Pencil
and Pen Cases, patented, would very respectfully inform the
public that they are opening (at their retail store, 277, (Irving
House) Broadway) a beautiful assortment of FINE STATION;
ERY, of recent importations, which, in connection with their
assortment of superior Gold Pens and Pencils, enables persons
to equip themselves with “ Pens, Ink and Paper, of qualities
superior to any previously offered in this city. A. G. BAGLEY
AGO., No. 12 Maiden Lane, and 277 Breadway, New York.
Benjamin j. pentz, notary
lowing States, authorized to take acknowledgments of Deeds and
other instruments of Writing, and to administer Oaths or Affir
mations for the States of
Pennsylvania, Ohio,
Kentucky, North Carolina,
Georgia, Mississippi,
lowa, Wisconsin,
New York, Rhode Island.
Office during the day, at No. 151 Bowery, under Bowery Bank,
and from 7 to 10 P. M., at No. 124 Second st.
BAND.—The Anrual Ball of Shelton’s American
Band wtil take place at the APOLLO ROOMS on Z
March 13 th. 1851.
T : cketb One Dollar, to ba obtained at the Band
quartern, 366 Brooma-st., or at the door on the evening
of th» Ball
The anjn u al ball of
will be given at NIBLO’S SALOON, on MONDAY z
EVENING, March 6-. h.
A cho ; ce programme of Dodworth’s favorite Dar.c
Music will be performed by the “ Grand Double
including (for the first time) the
composed and arranged, with instrumentation and Imitations, by
Harvey B. Dodworth. Imitations of the following habituee
of a Barn-yard are introduced: “Roosters,” ‘ Hen and Chick
ens,” “Geese,” “Ducks,” “Hogs,J’ “Cows,” “Turkies,”
“Doves,” 4c,, 4c.
A Musical Melange by the COR’SET BAND during the even*
ing. Tickets, $2 00.
VJof Capt. JOr N WILDEY will give a BALL at the «
on MONDAY EVENING, March 6,1854. Tbe Com--|s*L
mitiee, in placing this Ball before the public, feel
assured in ssyiog it will be the Bail of the i-eascn—
no pains w 11 be spared on their part to make it a socia
ble and agreeable affair. Tickets maybe obtained of either ol
the undersigned Committee:
Joseph Carlisle, William Higgins,
Jeremiah Besson, Jacob Newcorae,
Chas. H. Ring, Ralnh Bogert,
William Mackey, Lundy Ryer,
Joseph Skidmore, Charles L. Smith,
Peter Crawford, John Reynolds,
Alexander Yates, Horatio N. Wild,
William H. WcKimm, Abraham Bngert, Jr.,
Harvey Wilkins, Augustus Mayer.
GEO. B. SMITH, Chairman
Chas. H. Knight. Sec’y.
Shelton’s Band will Ke in attendance.
Ball.— mr. r. w. williams
JKsF* 263 GIFTS will be made to those attending the •
consisting oe
10 rich Ball Costumes, valued ats3so 00
10 Military Swordsfrom 52 50 to 515 00. . 1.. 60
10 Military Sashes.from 3 00 to 12 00 60 0C
30 Geld Ringsfrom 1 00 to 10 00 62 50
40 Gold Lockets Lorn 2 00 to 10 00 75 00
3 Silk Standard* 90 00
10 pair Silk Guide Colors; 100 00.
50 B) eastpinsfrom 1 00 to 10 00 67 (JO
100 Ball Costume Plates —(something to look at, if nothing
to reaa) 100 0C
263 1554 5&
The ladies will have a choice in the selection of a ball dress.
The book for subscribers to register their names, will be open
at R. Williams’, No. 368 Broome street, on Monday evening,
January 23—as no tiekets will be sold until 200 names are sub
scribed, from which a eomiuictee ef five will be selected, to .ex
amine the articles and report accordingly
The price ef tiexets Two Dollars, admitting one gentleman and
two ladies.
The above articles are entirely newt
MR. P ARKER has the pleasure to announce 4?
that his school up town is now open for the season, in z ft#’'
the large Assembly Room at Knickerbocker Hall, Bt,h
avenue, corner of 22d street. Days of Tuition. Tues- -vs/.'Sg
days and Fridays. Young Ladies’ Misses’ and Boys’
class, to commence at 3% o’clock ; Gentlemen at eight
o’clock. The first Assembly will take place on Wednesday, Ocu
sth, and be continued every alternate Wednesday during the
season. The location cannot be surpassed in convenience of aa
cess, the Eighth Avenue Railroad pusses the door throughout
the night, the Knickerbocker and Fourteenth street stages from
South Ferry and Wall street line pass the door, wjriic the 7tb
Avenue and K ipp 4 Brown’s stages pass within a block. Mr.
P. will give private lessons. Apply at the Academy.
Spring st) Mr. Wright would most respectfully inform /
his friends and patrons, that his 2d quarter will com
menee on Wednesday February Ist, at Military
which hr.s been thoroughly painted and refitted
last winter.) Dajs of Tuition for Ladies, Misses and
Masters, Tuesday and Saturday Afternoons from three till
six o’elocx. For Gentlemen, Tuesday and Friday Evenings,
from seven till ten o’clock. Private lessons given on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Mr. W.’s second quarter
at Phenix Building, 230 Grand street, Williamsburg, will com
mence on Monday Jan. 4. Schools and Aeattemies attendea.
Mr. W. will teach all the fashionable Dances? For further par
ticulars please inquire at Military liftil, or call on or addreuir.
Mr. W. at his residence, No. 279 Ninth st.
hrs th* honor to announce to his friends and -the
public that his school is now open for the second quar- z ctt
ter, at Knickerbocker Hall, Eighth Avenue cor. Iwentj
third st. Pupils can enter any time during the month,
as the school will continue open until May.
every other Weddesday, as usual.' Mr. Wallace’s much
admired Band is engaged for the season.
the celebrated Ccstumer feels it his duty to inform the /
ladies and gentlemen who wish to enjoy themselves du
ring the Ball Pesson, that the only place where a
can be obtained, is at bis
(the Largest Establishment in the United States,)
where every article for
can be obtained a* the shortest notice.
Committees will do well to call and examine before going else
where. as there are no swindling agents employed at the above
Balls or Parties attended in town or country.
Fings. Swords, Sashes aud Belts furnished on the most reason
able terms.
Broadway between Prince and Spring streets,)
have been renovated throughout. The Ball Room has
been beautifully frescoed, the Orchestra enlargrd to
double its original dimensions, tho gas lights doubled
:n number, the flo-’t prepared as in Europe to prevent dust; the 1
sr-pper room furniture is entirely new, and arrangements art
made to furnish I alls with the best of hot suppers. No pains or
expense will be spared to give eatisfaction to parties engaging
their rooms. Apply to
CHAS. COWTAN, Sunerlntendevt
—‘Daily Line.—(Snrdajs excepted) From East , &
River steamboat place, Pe.’k-lip—For New
’ven, tbe steamer TRAVELLER. C*pt. J. M. Lewis, will leave
as above every afternoon, at 3 o’clock. Returning, leave Nev
Ejaveu every evening st 11 o’clock. Freight taken as u,ual.
For HARTFORD—Direct—The new and eleg ant,
GRANITE STA i'E, Captain Joseph H. King, will leave t*
above every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon at*
o’clock. Freight taken and landed at tbe usual landings on th.,
N. B. The above boats have large and commodious state
rooms not inferior to any boats on the Sound, and every ar
rangeman’s for the safety aud comfort of passengers.
LAND BELLE will connect with the.GRANITE STATE at
Sajbrook, end forward passengers to the above places
same evening. Fare Through, 51 50.
Fcr further information, enquire of G. W. CORLIES, 283
Pearl siriet, or ALLEN 4 CO., Freight Agents, 118 South st»,
in 4 hou s—For fifty cents—Connecting r
with the Houftetonic, Naugatuck, and New (°L •
Haven R. roads.—The steamer C TA T T N nvr ~ir wfTOWwb i
Capt. C. Weeks, will leave from Peck Slip. E. R., every Mon
day, Wednesday and Friday morning, at 10 o’clok. Returning
—leave Bridgeport every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
mornfr gs at % of 8 o’clock. N. B.—Freight for Bridgeport
and above roads taken a- lowest rates. The Cataline has every
arrangement for the comfort and safety of pa singers. For
further information apply to G. W. CORLIES 283 Pea 1 street,
or AI LEN 4 CO., Freight Agents, 118 South street, up stairs.
TO LET.—Part of a STORE in Btekman
street, suitable for a Book Publisher or any business
that does not require a great deal of room, bnt whi ’h it is
desb nble to have on a first floor. Apply at this Office, 22 ifeiti
Be?kman street.
Amebioan magnetic’ sewing
by Machinery, so lo'g deemed impos lb’e, and never betorc
completely successful, is now u fix&.d and most important
now offer for sale. a. their rooms. 397 Broadway. New Ycrk, by
far the most peril et and valuable Sewing A'aahine that hive
yet been invented. These machines combine th*-great
with the iMPROVEsnr.’ ts or Thompson, who drst m td«: '.hem ap
plicable to tailor’s work, and of Coon, who, surpassing a')
others, has conslructed a Machine perfectly adapted to all
kinds of work, heavy or light,,fine or coarse, cloth, leather, silk
or linen.
This company owns tfe improvements and patents of
the three inventors who are named above. They are n<t
infringers npm the rights of tbe patentees. Those buying
machines will not afterwards be ca.led upon to pay th*
owner of the Patent SSO or SIOO for the right to use thorn
The machines sold by this Company are much mo e simplb
and less jjable io get out of ORnan. than any other. They
are made In perfect manner >.t the great Mac' ine -hoy.
of the Messrs. Axes 4 Co., and every machine is WaK .
For solidity and siMPiicrTY this machine has no equal.
For Tailors’ fine and particular work —for mantilla mak
ers, f. r silk aud linen sewers, for shoe and harness makers.
it is a most valuable invention tecuring an imaiease savings:
time and money, with great rupciioriiy of work.
These Machines have manifold and manifest advantages ove
all others. The stitch never varies in length, however short th*
turns may be—tho seams cannot rip or ravel, aud surp-sso*
anything made by other machinery, or by hand, for strength.
and beauty. They feed both ways wth equal facility. B?
means of a friction roller, preefeely the pressure that the opr
rator desires is secured upon the thread, the spool bting eu
tirely tret.
Many other points might' be noticed but suffice it to say, th*
American Magnetic Sewing Alaciiine Company, determinec
that they would sell no machine until they snow that they gave
the purcbat-er (sewing woman, journeyman tailor or wholesale
manufacturer,) the very best article in the worl i. Knowing
that they do this, by having sacured and Combined nt erotrt
expense, the three best inventors extant, they confidently
irvite all to call at their rooms and satisfy themselves uf the
gre'rt superiority of their woik—not price work but Tailors’
Custom Work. JAMES T. aMES, President.
Wm. V akewan, Secretary.
A. Hitchcock, Treasurer.
J.PAGNE —The undersigned respectfully request the atten
tion of dealers, and the public gen rally, to the merits of thia
superior wine. Although it has been but lately introduced, un
de; its present designation, yet a discriminating public have
already discovered in it an old standard and highly approved
wine. Th? present proprietors,
with an honorable delicacy, ' not wishing to .encroach upon the
purchased privileges of another bouse, have successfully endea
vored to establish for it a position in the name of the senior
partner, Charles Heidsieck, under which brand it will continue
to be known.
We would lfe?ro state, that the comparative consumption of
this wine, sinAs ita introduction, has exceeded that of any other
brand now in vogue, with a constantly increasing demand.
P. S.—lMPOßTANT —Connoisseurs of Champagne Wine are
respectfully notified that the genuihe wines from, the above
house are branded “Charles HiedsiecK,” in full n the'abel,
and that all other wines assuming the same name are not genu
ine. The baskets of Charles Heidsieck have also a distinct
mark, as follows : “Chs. H.,” with four red stripes of willow
onrihe cover. This change from “C H.” to “Chs. H.” ought to
be especially observed, in consequence of the appearance of
baskets in the American market bearing initials resembling
their own. A careful observance of these marks will prevent
all mistakes. T. W. BAYAUD 4 CO.,
' 100 Pearl street.
KY has recently been bv Dr CUR MS. for the cure cf
Asthma, Consumption. Bronchitis, Coughs. Colds, and all Lung
Coir plaints, by Medicated Inhalation Dr. CURTIS’S HY
SYRUP has accomplished the rao«t wond srful cure< of Asthma
ard i onsrmption In the City of New York and vicinity for a few
months past, ever >nown to man. It is producing an impression
on Distates of the Lungs never before witnessed by the medical
prof- ssion. [See certificates in hards of Agents ]
The Inhaler ts w’Ortr on the breast, under the linen, without
tbe feast inconvenience, the heat of the body being sufficient to
tveporate tho fluid—su. plying tho lungs Constantia with ahe il
ing and ag eeable vapor, passing in’o all the air-cells and pas
sages of the lungs that cannot possibly be reach :d by any othor
medicine. Here is a case of
Brooklyn N. Y.. Doo. 27th, 1853.
Fcr about eight, years I have hem feve.relv f.filic ed with
the Asthma; f r the ia>t two years I hare suffered beyoneial
my powers of description; months at a time I have not been able
fo sleep in a bed, getting what, I could sitting in try chair.
My difficulty of breathing, and my sufferings, were so great at
times, thr.t lor hours together m,. friends expected eaoh hour
would be my last. During the p-ist s : x years 1h ve h;«d’he aid
and attertaai.ee of soma of celebrated phy deians. but
received no permanent benefit, and but iitt e relief. I
length had the gaod fortune to procure Dr. Curtis’s II- geana or
Inbalii g Hyg. an V*-por aud Cherry Syrup. At the time I firs
obtained it. I was suffering under one of my most violent attacks,
site was in great distress, almost tuff eating for want of breath.
In less than ten minutes from the time I applied the Inhaler to
my stomach, and took a teaspoonful ef the Cherry Syrup, I w&-
relieved in a great measure from the difficulty of breathing, and
had a comfortable night. I have since continued it with the
greatest possible benefit ai dsm now comparatively well. God
only knows the amount of seffering this medicine lias relieved
me from. My advice to the snfferix.g is—try it.
New York Dec. 27'h, 1853.
I can e to New York in the ship I’elevrapu ; my native place
is St. John, New Brunswick ; when I readied this citv, my
health was very poor ; had a very b«d cough rifeed a good deal
of matter which was frequently mixed with blood ; bad pain in
my left side, and was very weak i-nd emaciated. Sly friends
and physician pronounced my ease Consumption, and beyond
tbe reach cf medico e. I accidentally heard of Dr. Curtia’s
Hygeana, or inhaling Hvgean Vapor and Cherry Syrup, and
obtained a package, which I veril believe was the means of
saving my l ie. Soon after wearing the Inhaler, I found it re
lieved the pressure on ray lungs, aud after a white tne dfeaasv
made its appearance upon the surface under the Inhaler. I took
the Cherry Syrup as directed, and continued to do so, my cough
gradually growing better, until it enti-ely left me, and I now
consider rayself cured. I still wear tbe It haler, as the use of it
is rather pleasant, and believing it strengthening and purifying
to the lur gs, I feel unwilling at present to dispense witn it.
Fold by BOYD 4 PAUL. No. 40 Cortlandt street; C. H Ring,
corner of John street and Broadway. N Y. Price S 3 a package.
N. B. Any person inclosing $3 to BOYD 4 PAUI, or Curtfa
4 Perkins, New York, will receive a package containing a bot
tie of Hygean Vapor, one of Cherry Syrup, and an luhaler. in a
neat box, by express, free to any part of thj United States ; 0.-
four package/- for $lO.
Doctor doi s’ syrup of alumi-
NA.—We would respectfully draw the attention of our
friends, during this inclement season, to the extraordinary in
cresse in Pulmonory Complaints, and -tror gly urge them to trv
that new and singularly efficacious remedy—Dr. Dads’ YRUP
OF ALUMINA faithfully believing that, for the care of Coughs,
Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Ho-*fsene>, Bleeding from the
Lungs, and in fact, all Diseases of a Consumptive Nature, it has
no equal.
Ihe Proprietor has selected the following higl ly respectabL
parties for reference, from a muss of names, who speak of 1.
not only from their own experience, but, in many instances, for
fifty others:
Maitin Waters. Esq., 10 St; Luke’s Place.
Senator Barr, Esq.. 52 Franklin st.
W-. W. Hincnen, Esq., com. merchant. 11 Old Slip.
L. K. Sanborn, Eiq., com. merchant, 94 Pearl-st.
W. F. Biough, Esq , 117 Fulton-st.
Mr. McMahon, merchant, Full River, Mass.
John Murray, Esq., Ferry Buildings, Newburgh, N. Y.
Col. Fuller, editor New York Mirror.
Alderman Herrick, edi'or New York Atlas.
Col. Geo. W. Ward, editor Philadelphia Ledger.
John Hurley, Esq., Master st., Kensington.
Wm. 11. Lee, Esq., furniture warehouse, 193 Fulton-st.
T. Hutchison, Esq., Stouvenel 4 Co., 567 Bro id way.
Wm. Lynch,
P. B. Parker, Esq., 19 Jeroloman-st., Brooklyn.
C. W. Van Buren, Esq , 156% Fulton-st.
Robe t Aspelin, Esq.. H. K. R. R. office, C.mal-st.
Mrs. Maria Gannon, Newbmgh, N. Y.
Madame Burkhart, 214 Tenth-st.
' Mrs. AVra. H. Lee. 458Greer.wich-st.
Mrs. Corney 199 West Eighteenth-st.
Ar.d'Btti others.
For sale by A. B. 4 D. Binds, druggists, cor. of Fulton
anu William-bts ; Ruebton, Clark & Co.. 16.» and 273 Kroadwav,
and 10 Astor Piaoe; Burton 4 Steele, 433 Broadway; Wm. H
Le ny, 298 Hudson-st; E. M. Guion, 127 Bowery; Mrs. Hayes,
Fulton-st, Brooklyn; Thos. J. Hayes, 146 Atlantic st, Brooklyn;
druggists generally; of the proorietor, aNDRRW WADIE 117
Fulton-st; and Mrs. Andrew Eadie, 45 North Moore st.
Prepared expressly for mini ters. public speakers, and
artists, for tale only at Jollie’s
By tbe above declaration, we do not wish to be understood
that in every case DISEASES OF THE LUNGS can be subdued;.
but we pledge ourtelves that ue will (FREE OF CHARGE ) con
vince and satisfy every reasonable and reflecting mind who will
but take the trouble to <all apon us at our
Between 24th and 2Sta streets, N. Y.. that the principles and
treatment we adopt for the cure of this disease, must ofnecesvitg
in tbe early or forming stages succeed. Wbere the 0.-dinar/
inodes, as Blistering, Emetics, Narcotics, God-liver Oil. Ao .
have been employed with the greates exactness,, and have utter
ly failed, the remedies here alluded to, have succeeded beyond
expectation. These remedies are prepared upon principles here
tolore unknown in the medical world, and can only fail where
or becomes so before the system can be brought under their in
are frequently in-plicated in diseased Lungs ; but as a personal
interview only, can prove satisfactory on so importanta subject,
it would be useless to enter into an illustration on paper, as L
would be very difficult to anticipate questions, and explain to an
anxious enquirer, comprehensively, the principles we contend
for. We invite Ladies and Gentlemen to call, and investigate
fer themselves, and we shall be happy to communicate any in
formation that may be desired in relation to tbe subject.
Analytical Phy dcian.
J..4JL TERATIVE PILLS—For the exclusive use of Females-
The Pills are prepared aud used by Madame Boivin, lata Chief
Midwife to tbe Maternity Lying-in Hospital, Paris: author of
several works on Diseases of Females; Lecturer on Midwifery,
Ao., &c. They hare been extensively and successfully used for
manv years on the Continent, and through the whole of Europe,
for the follow tog complaints, viz: Obstructions, Suppressions,
Green Sickness, Head Ache, Pain in the Side, Palpitation, Loath
irg of Food, Disturbed Sleep, aud all Interruptions and Irregula
rities of the Menstrual Periods, from whatever cause. These
Pills are recommended by the Medical Faculty ot Paris and Lon
don. For saie, wholesale and retail, at 444 Broadway, N. Y,

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