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Sporting News
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, AUGUST 6, 1916. Copyright, 1911. y tike) flun rrlnf.nf and PublUMng AnoeMton.
Alexander and Behr Lone
East Makes Almost a Clean
Sweep in Intersection
National Doubles Cham
pions Alone Save West
From Whitewash.
Tho East again overwhelmed the West
t tennis yesterday, winning two out of
three mutches on the courts of the West
Side Club, making the final score n
the Interactional contests 6 to 1.
William St. Johnston and Clarence A.
Grlfto, the national doubles champions,
cored the only marker for the West.
defeating Karl Bchr and Frederick H. .
Alexander, 75, t3, 2 6 and 63.
But their match was overshadowed by
the other doubles contest, in which H.
Norris Williams, former national cham.
plon, and Georgo M. Church beat Willis i
E. Darts and R. Llndley Murray, S 8, 1
-!, 2. 1 and 3. The play
here was lightning fast, and It made the i
previous match seem amateurish by com.
In the final singles contest, played as
the Initial event of the day, Nathaniel
W. Nlles defeated Roland Roberta In
straight sets, 7 5, C 3 and 63.
Some Real Tennis Hare.
The Davis-Murray, Williams-Church
match was a slixler from the start.
The four youngsters vied with each
other In pulling off circus plays and no
get was too hard for any one of them.
Both teams charged to the net and
Simmered away at each other with vim.
titor and surprising accuracy. Rallies
were minutes In duration and frequently
the gallery could not restrain Its en
thusiasm until the point wns scored, but
burnt forth before play was ended to
applaud a particularly good shot.
Church was at his best, and that Is
Bilghty good this year. His work at the
ret was a revelation. Nothing came too
fast for him nor toj far away so long
as it was In bounds. Ills overhead play
was consistently strong, and it would be
hard Indeed to find any department In
nicn ne was lacking.
Nor was Williams far behind him I
Probably as finished a player as there Is
In America to-day, the former national
cnampion played every shot In perfect
form. Given steadiness Williams Is
a hard man to beat, and yesterday he
was fairly steady. The Eastern team did
not pl.iy well together, but for the mat
ter of that neither did their opponents,
and the content was rather one of Indi
vidual brilliancy than of team work.
Davis Punishes the Ball.
Murray seemed entirely himself again
after his collapse of the day before. His
service was the most difficult to hit of
any displayed In the series. His long
court drives seldom went astray, and his
remarkable energy carried him all over
the place.
Davis disclosed himself to those who
were familiar with him only by name as
tall, rangy, broad shouldered youth of
Imperturbable calm and. considering his
build, amazing travelling power, who hit
that little tennis ball with the fine, easy
wins of a woodman felling a tree. When
n caught one squarely It went singing
Wong like a rifle bullet. All In all the
two teams were evenly matched, and a
contest between them on another day
Wtnt very well have a different result
Sonthpaw Service Pass!.
Murray began service, and his left
Jnd hook bill had both his opponents
In trouble. He reeled off a love game,
But Williams cami back on his service
jnd tied It up. Davis then uncorked his
free hitting wallop and put the Western
ers In front again at 21. Church los:
jj" '"vice and Murray followed suit.
"Illlams evened the score and then each
f"! in rotation lost a service game.
The play through all this was brilliant
"i Ihe extreme. The Easterners played
consistent net game, forming a bul
wark through which their opponents
could not break. Rut on the other hand
"either could W! Hams and Church dis
concert their opponent with shots to
the far corners, nor with vicious slams
t their midsections. Murray and Davis
ere continually coming to close quar
ters, and 'the slambang rallies now fa
vored one side, now the other.
Davis won his service and the score
stood 1540 against the Easterners, but
In the crisis their opponents suddenly
lost their punch. The score soared to
oeucc and Church and Williams received
n ovation when they finally dragged
the game out of the fire. Rut the Call
fornlans kept dogKedly at It and won the
next two games and set.
Fym then on the match went seesaw.
The Easterner ran off two fast sets,
jut w ere stopped dead In the fourth.
In the fifth, however, they were not to be
denied, and carried off the set and match
t 63.
Williams ind Church
Davis and Murray
4144132416414 4466
WjMlsmi ,nrt church..! 4 1 4 6 4 6 4116
Ejvu and Murray, ... 6 0 4 1 4 1 1 1111
wllllama and Church.. 4 4 4 4 1 4 1 7116
Davla and Murray. ... 1 4 1 2 4 1 4 6141
jyuilama and Church 14 15 6 1 1161
Uavls and Murray.,. 4 0 4 7 4 4 4176
Williams and Church 4 4 1 6 6 6 4 1 4114
"avis and Murray... 00934716 1171
This Match More Sadat.
The Hehr, Alexander-Johnston. Orlf
in matin was another sort of affair alto
6it..r. It was slower, although It did
not lack good tennis. Beh and John
Jton contributed most of Ihe action.
This does not miir thai nprtnatra, foil
Vthlnd them In playing, (or that waa not
i -
lHJlP sssslisssBiiH .
. 1 IMCBirilb. 1 -s V
Coast atara mho defeated Behr and
West Hide
the case. Rut when there was any great
travelling to do the rotund Griffin and
the aging Alexander handed the tickets
to their partners.
Johnston was there with his wicked
forehand drives. They did not always go
where he wanted them to, and sometimes
when they did the agile Hehr or the
ttcady nnd earnest Alexander was there I
... iJ.CIII. 1114k IIC ...ll.u ... ...
Jut the stmo, and once In a while they
skipped through without any oppoBltlon.
(rlttin played his usual Imperturbable
rame. .Strolling onto the field the very
picture of the rolypoly brother who
shows up at the club on Saturday after
noon, apologizes because he hasn't
played since last season, and then pro
ceeds to prove It by bungling all over i
the place, Irlttln oon showed that while
M" chubby figure may not bespeak
chamulonshln tennis, he has an edu
r.l.A.1 i.i r. I nmu nn IIUCBhTll' mvm Iiml
simply no nervee "at all. He set them
up for Johnston, and sometimes Johnston i
killed them. At other times, with an
t.lr of bland innocence ho shot them i
v. here the other fellows were not.
MCitr ItlUVU it LH.II Ul'll-J
Piaking many dazzling shot, partlcu-!
l;rly overhead, nnd llubblng a few not
Ilehr pHvcd a characteristic game,
many easy ones. Alexander feu nts
partner ta the bent of his ability, and
contributed many hummers himself. Hla
service was nothing to expatiate on, and
Johnston repeatedly passed him after
be had returned service and started for
till nut.
Host the Lane Set Went Astray.
Rehr began service, and that was
nothing to enthuse about. Rut he won
the flrtt game practically unaided by
flashy overhead piny at the net. Johns
ton came back with the cond, through
his sp'-ed;- tervlce and his fast drives
to Alat.i'ider's alley after the return.
Roth teams were gultty of gross care
lessness In this game, the Callfornlans
colliding In going after the ball, their
opponents going to the other extrema
and letting the last ball go between
them without let or hindrance.
Orlffln's service waa rather ansemlo
and on the second round the Easterners
had no trouble making tho score 3 5.
With Behr serving It looked like a quick
finish to the set. Hut that game went
astray nnd threo more after It, putting
the set In the other column.
The Becond set went to 3 3, when the
i const players spurted ngaln and letl
Ilehr and Aiexanacr ngm mere, ino
Easterner pulled the third net out.
After a rest they plunged lnto(the fourth
with vigor, but were toon turned back.
Johnston and Orlftln:
448044 2, 1644 4457
Alexander and Hehr:
6 1 7 4 4 1 4 4 1 2 2 0406
Johnston and Griffin:
14 3 4
4 6 4 6-11 6
Alexander and Djhn nn
Johnston and Griffin:
4 2 14 1
Alexander and Behr:
Johnston-end Grlfjln:
Alexander and DehM j j j
6 6162
4 6264
6 411
4 111-
Yoath'a Mad Pursuit.
Of the Robert s-Nlles singles there Is
not much to bo said. The wily Nlles put
his younger opponent through a mara
thon race. ll simply put tha ball first
In ono corner and then In the other,
while the Callfornlan raced gamely after
If the youngster's energy had beeityXj, church, Llndley Murray. II. A.
witelv directed It would havn been suffi
cient for three matches. HLs stroking
too wns good In tho main.
There was not tho margin between the
two players that the score would indi
cate. A llttlo more experience and this
thin, hard working youth will be heard
from further In tho tennis world.
Nlles vs. Roberts.
,f'r,t B,,T4 11 0 2 4 2 4 3 4 4
4 46-
llnl,.tt.... 4 1 11 4 4 2 4 2 6 2 1
J 41-
H n Iff till attM
Nlles 4 6 1 2 1 1 6 0
Hnberta 06644267
Third set ......,. -
isjiie 26444646 4 1 4
Roberts... 4 4 1 4 2 6 0 1 1-22-1
It was not a good tennis day. Early
In tho nfternoon the humidity and heat
were excessive. Later, as If for the
volcanio Church. Williams, Davis-Murray
match, the air cleared and a coot breeie
prang up. About' (,000 people saw tho
matches; .
Eastern Victims in Tennis
Aleinnder la doable match
Willett Overcomes Rnzzctt
Without Loss of a Game in
Western Tournament.
Lake Fonr.sT, 111., Aug. 5. Only three
out of town players competed In the
opening round of the Western lawn ten-
nls chnmplonshlp tournament, which was
',cned here -Y " tn courts of the
Onwentsla club. Two of the visitors
were beaten, W. K. Graves of St. Louis
i0.n , ,.. Tn,. W.W .,e r-hin
2. i 3. and Cralir Culbertaon of
- - ...... .
J-ulsvllle succumbing to the surprising
l'1'', of u HHams, Lvanston, 62,
c :
K. W. Willett of the Longwood club,
Ronton, was the only victorious stranger.
He went through his sits with A. O.
Hazzett of Chicago, winning by 6 0,
60. Walter T. Hayes of Chicago
easily won his opening match from J.
W. Hoppe. Chicago, C 2, 61.
H. C. lleste. .Short Hills. N. J., and
Ward Dawson, San Francisco, partner
of Maurice McLnughlln In holding the
I'aclflc coast double title, arrived here
late In the day but did not play. Mc
Lnughlln, W. H. Johnston, national
champion, and others prominent In the
net game are due to arrive here late
In lesser matches to-day Jerry Weher,
Chicago, defeated E. H. Kabrlre, Chi
cago, 6 0. 6 2, and Ralph Rurdlck,
Chicago, won from II. C. Wolff, Chicago,
by default.
H. Xorris Williams Will De
fend Acheiis Challenge
Play In the snnunl Invitation tennis
tournament of the Weabrlxht Lawn Tai
nts and Cricket Club will begin to-morrow.
The club has received tho entries
of the leading layers in the East In ad
dition to Weatern talent. Among the
players will be It. Norris Williams, who
will defend his title. Williams has two
letja on the famoun Acheiis challenge
cup. which haa been In competition since
1903, and has been won by some of the
most famous players in the country.
Includfil In thn double entry aro the
names of William M. Johnston and
Charles J. Orllllu, Alexander and Rehr,
Williams and Nlles, nnd Mlknml and
Kunmgae, the Japanese champion. The
doubles will atart on Tuesday nfternoon.
All matches will begin on tho arrival
of the 1 o'clock bont from Cedar utreet.
11, H. I'rcntlce, chairman of t lie tennis
committee, will act as referee. The lead
ing entrlt follow :
William M. Johnston, K, H. Hthr, II.
t LMIkatnl. I. Kumn.rnc. W. J-:. I).-ivl. (1.
Throckmorton, N. W. Nlles, Alrlek II,
Man, Jr., Leonnrd Reekman, Charles H.
Garland, D, Mnthey, V, Inmnn, C, J.
Griffin. E. I'. Lamed, itnlnml Roberts,
S. H. Voshell nnd E. If. Whitney.
The double entries Include: William
M. Johnston and C. J. Griffin: V. II.
Alexander nnd K. H. Rehr. R. N. Will
lama and N. W. 'NIleN, Leonard Reek
man and E. II. Whitney, II, Mlknml and
I. Kumngae, E. 1'. U'inied and V. In
man, R. H. I'rentlco and Holcoinbo Ward,
Roland Roberts and It, A. Throckmor
ton, William M. Hall and L. E. Muhan.
CnAwrouu Notch, N. H,. Aug. &. j,
Whuelrlght of Cohassct. Maas., to. day
defeated F. It. Hudlong of Providence, R.
I., n the final match of the Ktato lawn
tennis tournament, 62, 61, 62,
thereby retaining the title which he won
last your.
Outbnttod by Cubs by More
Than 3 to 1, Locals
Triumph, 8 to 2.
The Giants won a soft, flabby game on
the I'olo Grounds yesterday. McGraw's
clan maccd out only three hits, giving
(hem but ten blngles for Itt last soventy
two hours, whllo the Cubs smashed out
ten between the hours of 3 and 4 :40
I". M. In llnrlem yesterday. Under cer
tain conditions three hits can go further
than ten, and such "?n'J!tlcns nrose In
yesterdays HIT, The Giants won by a
score of 3 to 2.
One of the lending reasons that sad
news Instead of glad tidings were flashed
to Charley Weeghman last night was
the Chicago error column. The Tinks
erred live times. New York runs sprouted
from two Cook wild throws and lifted
the Glnnts to victory.
Claude Ilendrlx, who waa a very clever
worker against the Glnnts during the
days before the'wnr. when he was a Pi
rate man o' warsman, was as stlnny
Willi hits ns were Vnuehn nnd Laven
der, the Cub pitchers who tolled before
him earlier In the week.
Claudius took the waiver cure a few
weeks ngo nnd has shown remarkable
pitching recovery. Weeghman Intended
t slip him to Kansas City for I till Wort
man and cash, along with Kddle Mulll
gan and Alec McCarthy. However, Res
taurant Charley could walte neither
Hcndrlx or McCarthy out of the league.
One club, said to be the Giants, refused
to waive on Ilendrlx, so Weeghman de
cided to keep him, h!lc Pittsburg took
back McCarthy.
Ilendrlx Making Good.
Since then ilendrlx has gone through
a great reformation. He beat Ferdle
Schup In ten Innings by a score of 1 to 0
the last time the Giants were In Chi. and
he pitched stellar ball all over the Atlan
tic seaboard.
Slim Sallee. the left handed Sheriff
from HlgElnrt. couldn't keep the Cubs
from striking they struck him ten times.
t rlti j Mollwltz. who came Into this world
via Kolberg, Germany, was the leading
hlcago striker. He matched the three
lilnnt hits himself and threatened to
strike some noisy bugs with the ball,
rred and the ed Giant fans had quite
a feud. Snllee let the Cubs have their
hits, but arrested a lot of them when
they tried t hit him In the pinch.
Arthur Fletcher and Charley Ilerxng
continue tn have n depressing effect on
visiting batsmen. Nothing depresses a
jeJlojymnjreJJmntohave sure htt rnn.
verted by several rapid" motions into
putouts. Fletcher made the banner play
when he pulled down a foul from Hunlon
ders bat In front of a distant left
field box.
(loots Seere In Second.
The Giants scored an absolutely honest
run In the t-eeotul Inning when they
Miui'iini iwn or tnetr three hits on Ilen
drlx. II. Mk Kauff singled to right as
:i starter, and nn the hit and run play
Hen flew nil the way home on Merkle's
double past the lean Mollwltz. Fletcher
sacrificed Fred of Toledo to third, where
he was left when Rarlden fanned and
Kelly squeezed Sallee's liner.
I me inns madn quite a fuss over
j New York's second run. which hardly
fVltllfl Itfl.'A I . . . .
....... .,- ,nB;.ru rt pure ioou lesi.
With one out Doyle bunted, and Ilen
drlx s throw skidded on Larry's shoulder
Into a far corner In right field, the cap
tain taking third. He scored on a sac
rifice fly by Herzog, which Flack caught
only a few rods behind the Infield, but
Max made a horrid throw.
The Cubs scored one in the fourth.
Knabe singled to left, took nnother base
OM Hurns's fumble, third on Mnllwltz's
single and scored when Wormian forced
Fritz. The Giants finished scoring In
the fourth, when with two out JMder
made a remarkable stop on Fletcher be
hind third, but spoiled It with a low
throw, Artie taking second. He scored
on Rarlden's single.
Zimmerman Falls tn Plaeh.
In the ninth Heinle Zlmm fllwered In
the pinch. With one out Kelly and
Mollwltz singled. Zlmm, batting for
Wormian, popped to Doyle. Wilson
singled Kelly home, after which Rowdy
Elliott, former Coast League manager,
who looks the part, mnde his N. L. debut
nt rather an advanced age. He was
batting for Ilendrlx and put the exit
out Into tho box score with nn easy fly
to Hums.
Tinker opened the gamo with not a
single member of last jear's Cubs In his
lineup, .elder, Flack, Mann. Knabe,
Wilson nnil Ilendrlx ere Feds, while
Xlollwltz, Kelly and Wortmnn ore Cubs
of only a few weeks standing, Tho score :
abrhose ubrhoae
Zelder.fb . t 0 1 4 0 1 Rurna.lf.,., 3 00 4 ol
Flack.rf... 2 0 0 3 0 0 l)oye.:b.... 4 10 2 to
Archer. . 1 0 0 0 0 ( llerzor.sb... 3 00 1 3 0
Salcr.lli .. 0 00 1 0 1 Itiib'lnon.rf 4 00 1 0 0
Mann If.. . 4 0 1 2 00 Kauff.cf.... 311 I 00
Knabe.vb,. 4111 2 0 Merkle.lb.. 301 I 10
iii-uj.ri, .iii. u v.r teirner.ia. zio 3 39
Moll'.lb.rf. 4 0.1 6 OO'Uarlden.c... 3 0 1 3 0 0
W'rtni'n.as 301 1 2SSallee.ii 3 00 1 1 4
Wllsou.o. .'4 0 1 4 3 0
Heiidrla.il. 30 1 o 11 Totals 213 3 27 9 1
i.inrmaii., iou o oo
tKlllolt..., 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals.. ..J.1 "ID "I :
Untied fur rink In the rtghth Inning.
Watted fur Wormian In the ninth limine.
tllatlid fur Ilendrlx In tho ninth limine
( 'hols en 00010000 12
New nrk 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 x-3
Two lia.e hlt-Meikle, SarrlHre hlU l'lark,
Kletrhir. riarrlneu By llrrzuc. l ft en bases
-New ork, 4: Chicago, 7, Klrt tae nn
errors-New York, 4. lia.e nn ball-4)rr Hen.
ilrlx, 1 (Hums). Earned runs-(IIT Sallee, !:
off ileiutrli, 1, Strmk out My Hallee, 2
Welder, Ki llr) ; by Ilendrlx, 3 (Itarlilin, Itoli.
erUun, Meille). L'iiilie-Meri. Jtlem and
:mlle. Tlmu uf Bairn -1 huur and 4Q minutes.
President llnll Will Give an.nno to
Tram If In First Place.
ST. Lot'lB, Mo Aug. D. President
Rail of the St. Louis American League
club to-day offered n bonus of in. ono
1I0 the team If It went Into first place
for a day.
Ho also offered n suit of clothes to
every man on the team If It could get
Into the first division for threo days.
William J. Evans, a young right
hnnder from the North Carolina College
of Agriculture ami Mechanical Arts, re
ported to Manager Jimmy Callahan nt
Ebbctii Field yesterday. Evans Is a lean
six footer who was 22 years of ago last
month. He tips the beam it t 175 pounds.
He never has played professional ball.
For his college this season he met with
only one defeat ln fourteen games.
Series With
liuumann's Wild Heave in
14th Inning Gives Tigers
3 to 2 Victory.
rtcsnntY- Ana R. Thna nnflr old Tan-
kees still are able to make all games !
close, yet they cannot grab off the long 10 ln "le game of tne aoume dim.
end of the score for themselves. At Na-,Tho vlc,orlr wa ho cthlh consecutive
vln Field this nfternoon they went down ono for tho Supcrbae. It was the sec
to their ninth straight defeat-thelr sec- HM1 "'-esslve Hujiorba ahutout of tho
ond of the week to go Into the fourteenth ViraU and lho ,lftl whitewashing tho
Inning and the fifth defeat that went Corsairs have been treated to in eight
against them by one run since the losing Knmcfl- ,lul ln tho ,con1 melte 'oun,f
streak began nt St. luls a week ago to- Mr- Mnmnux done put an awful crimp
day. An error by Paddy Haumann. who In Rronklyn'a winning streak, the Pirates
threw the ball to tho right field stand on' pounding Pfeffer nnd walloping Dell, the
the easiest kind of a play, ennbled the Dodsers going down to n 7 to 1 defeat
Tigers to get the verdict In the four-,' Uncle Wllbcrt Robinson cent out the
teenth frame. 3 to 2. ticat Pfeffer to make It nine straight In
Outstanding everything else ln a battle the second game, but In the third inning
that ebbed nnd flowed from one side to J'ff I an afoul of n navago Corsair tlug
the other ami bristled with tense sltun- King soiree that netted the Pirates five
tlons was the pitching of Goorgo Mo- luns ami decbled the Issue thero and
gride. The Yank left hnnder drew n re- then, Inasmuch ns CMamaux' wad making
markable ovation from tho fans several tho Superbas Jump through, roll over,
times In the closing Innings for his brill- lay down nnd do any little trick ho
lant performance. He pitched thn entire wanted them tn.
fourteen frames for Donovan, ns against When Mamaux Is right he Is ns hard
reven by Willie Mitchell nnd seven by to lick ns Jess Wlllatd. And Al yester-
Hlll James for the home club. diy wns a bit more than light. To be
Mogrldge iilso "tarred nt bat with two Hire tlio Dods'cru nicked him for eight
singles nnd a dauble, one hit figuring hits, but when hilx meant runs Hrooklyn
prominently In the run which put the blngles were scarcer than tmrouged
Tanks in the lead In the elevnnth Inning, cheeka on the burlcsqMo stage. Ten
On the bases, however. Mogrldge did not Rubins went out o'er tlm strikeout route.
scintillate ns he did In the box nnd with Mnmiux whiffing McCarty threo tlmeo,
the bat. He ran wildly In the eleventh Mnwrey twice, otto Miller twice nnd
and was an easy out nt the plate when Johnston, Getz nnd Stengel once. In the
Judicious base running would have Inches, the Dodgers couldn't hit Mamaux
caused him to pull up nt third and pos- with the firo erblal forty foot pole.
slbly l.elp In the scoring of another run 1 . ,
Mninnnx Deserves Mintont.
Mogrldge linn tlaaea Wildly. 1 Rronklyn'a lone run was unearned,
In the thirteenth Mogrldge hit a long coming In on the error platter, but at
double with two out, and then ran Into ,,1!U " WJS Mamaux error of omls
an easy out nt third when High grounded P1""' n" muon ns Doc Jolinston's error of
to Rush. I commission that enabled tho Superbas
Fifteen Tanks stranded on the paths to ring the scoring gons. Obon, first
tell a tale of helplessness in the pinches j '! In the fifth, larruped a lucky trlplo
that has been the marked characteristic ! to left. Otto Miller fanned. Ruckcr
of the tram through the lonu lo'lng grounded to llltichman, who fumbled the
sirfak. Donovan's men collected thlr- 1,;'H long enough to allow Olson to score,
teen lilts for twenty-one bases, while the , but who had plenty of time to get
Jungaleers were getting eleven for thlr- ltucker at first had Mamaux covered the
teen bases, nnd yet they could not win.
Inning after Inning the Yankees had
a chance to score, only to have om
batsman or batsmen fall down. At other
times the same hitter would pound out a
single. During the long battlo every
member of the team hnd 11 chance or two
I tn .irlve In T-ln
JJJlJnrespotnlect onee
jnArU.e ,Iof.m"mi came through once.
1 ne eicvemn inning was cventrtil In 1
the fact that the Yankees poled three I
nus oir 11111 jamcs. This was the first
time since they left Chicago more than
a week ngo that they got more than two
hits In one Inning.
The three hits produced only one run,
so this part of their record still holds.
They went eight Innings without getting
more than two hits, nnd they hive now
gone ninety-one Innings without collect
ing mora than one run ln nny Inning.
Banniann I'nforlnnate.
Paddy Raumann. who played a brill
iant game at third base most of the
way, wus unfortunate In being mixed In
the run which tied up the game In the
eleventh, and later In the 'run which
fiirt rum, mm iiuer 111 in" run which
decided the game. Nun.imaker's throw-
nln hi,,..i in .1... i.ir..u -n.is nreii rcie.isru lo me inoiimonn chid ' iniru jn.,,. i uu
oof tho tunners whom Nunny failed . " 1 Jnicrnaitoitai l.rvigue. Keating Vehiilterf' 401 oo'i. M'C'riT.lb : 1 7
check at second carried runs over, has been sent to Richmond tn eai-e the ni,u.'n,jh. 2 00 15 onVheat.lf .. 411 0 Oo
' I...I.KI ill mi ii.iiuii p,iiiM ... .. . . ... ... Tlll r II, 1 II II 1 U U
In the fourth Inning nnd Hush In feelings ot the fans of the Virginia W.isner.f . 1 0 1 0 3 0Tuisha.:ti. 40 I 5 J
home after Roger slngli
The Tigers knotted the mum In the
same Inning, and the deadlock lontlnued
until the eleventh. With two out In the
eleventh Nunamaker singled past Young
nnd Mogrldge lined to left for a single.
Plpp batted for Miller, who hnd struck
out three times befoie. Walter walked
Hnfnian dropped, n single Into right,
chasing Nunamaker home, but Mogrldge,
who roundi d third with head down, ran
Into an easy out, Hellman to lt.iker.
In Detroit's half Rush hit one at Hau
mann, and the ball hopped away from
Paddy for a single. After Rums, trying
to sacrifice, had popped to Mogrldge
Rush stole second. Cobb's single to ecu
tic sent Rush home, but Ty was cut
dewn trying tn reach second on tho
throw In. Veach ended tho Inning with
a grounder to Mutl"ii.
After Veach hid been retired In the
fourteenth llvllmati grounded to 11. in
maim. Paddy made a clean stop, took
n'm nnd threw to the grand stand. Hell
man was at third when the lull c.itne
back. Mullen then tared back for n line
catch of Young's pup fly for what should
have been the third out. Raker's l-lngle
Ik centre ended tho same. The scores:
ah r h o a el nh r h o a e
.xiiirr.ii... (oo 3 oivitt.3li. ... HOD 3 r. I
Itlrh If .. . 10 0 o ooillu.li... ... (11 4 3 0 1
Ilnfman.ef 7 0 3 4 1 oi Huni.,lli. . . do 111 11
i-ccK-ffn,.a. sii i a urntiti er
Mlllleli.ll . 7 0 2 21 2 0Veni)i,ir
Olitriiur.rf. ,i o i i o o; Hellman rf!
(lslenn..'l r. oo o I'if'IVminr ,'h
Ilaiim'n.Jb. r. 0 1 1 9 l'tairise,e...
Nun'aker.e si 2 6 11 llakrrc....
MntTldte.p 0.1 ; 0Mehe.p..
1'ipp 0 0 0 0 ool.lanies.p. ..
, - - -,tla .iiu.'h
Totals. ...M 2131lt: JilFuller .
oil 4 01
li o i i oo
6 11 2 l n
i; o j r, 2 ii
2 0 0 7 2 0
3 0 1 3 0 0
2 0 0 0 2 0
100 1 10
1 0 0 0 0 0
n o n 0 oo
I Tolnl. M 3tn; 23 4
Hatted for Miller In the el. ienth Innlnr.
t'Pnn nut when ulniihiit run nm kinred.
tHatteil fur Slllilull In thn srtenlli Inning.
Ulan for Stunuce In the si unlh Inning.
Now Ynrk, oooioooonoioo o-j
Detroit .. oootoonoooi 00 1-3
Tvtn lia.e lilta Mullen, MogiMne Three tune
lilts Ifufman, .-. k ltl.alictl. Stell'll liase.
llition, Hush, Fuller, I'ulili, serlllis hlts -.
M I Her. (iisleuu, staiian'. liuuhle pluis Husli,
Young ami Hiinu; Vltt, Ymiiii and lluin:
Hush nnd Young. la'ft mi bases Ne Ymk,
14: Hetrott, l'. Fli.t tm.e on eirors. New
York, 2: petrelt. 2. Hiise. on I nll. -on Mm.
Crl'lce, l: utt Mlti'liell. it nil Jnuiia, 1. lilts
ami earned runn-Off Mi'iirliliro, II lilt, uinl I
run In II Innings; nlT Mllihell, n hits ami 1
run In 7 Innings: eg .lumen, 7 litis unit 1 tun
In 7 iimlniia. Hit liy plti her- lly James, 1
(Haumann). Slrmk nut- Hy Mutihlco, 4; ,y
Mitchell. C: by James, 2. I'liil'lli-s Mis. la.
(l'l.ou:lilln ami lltaiis. Time of gamu-3 Inula
ami 1 minute.
Ilt'MHON, N. J Aug, 5 Iii a one
sided polo match for cups presented by
A. 8. II. Jones tho Rumson Rlueii ,e.
feated tho Whiles tn-iliiy hy a score nf
10 goula to 1, Lclaml 11, Itnss, playing
No, 3 fur the llluw, scored seen of tho
ten goals nnd his all round play featured.
A large gallery of summer residents
watched thn gaum from tho clubhouse
verunda uud auluiiiobllcs,
rarltle Coast league,
Fan Francisco, 4: fait l.al.e, t.
Vernon. 3: I,na Angeles, 0.
Oakland, i; i'orllaud, (.
ine ejeyentn. yy - ""' ;
The Yankees began the scoring In the r1"1; 1 srn.on. .
fourth Inning, when Mullen's double I Iirlnt Keating s leading trouble was
along the left Held lino chased lVck,,,;'t l' na plu ked out of the minor
California Stars on .Forest
Superbas Win, 4 to 0;
Then Bend Knee, 7 to 1
Marquard Shuts Out Corsairs, but Mamaux Breaks Up
Brookljrn's Winning Streak Pirates Pound
Pfeffer Hard.
Reuben da Marquard de Marquis en
thused a large crowd at Ebbeta Field
V'terday by kalsomlnlng the Pirates, 4
bag instead of standing like a wooden
Indian In the box.
"'.r ',ff?'r "d iI
ond InningH, the Corsairs clouded up In
the third and rained lilts and runs all
over dear old Flatbush. Raron Fischer,
I the ex-DodJer started it with n slncle to
1 rght' ond'took tlilrTTon Mamaux'a safe"
Given by Yanks to Richmond,
He Intends to Start Anew
Carroll Drown Adrift.
Ray Keating, the young snltball
' 'llcKr. "f "V Yanl.ee, who as left In
. . .. . , , L . 1
! , ltk '.m' cl,ln lnflt we,,t WM,t' 1
CII1I1 -.ftrim V....L-- -nnl)A.l l...l..t.
leagues ton joutis lie was only
ei.-hteen when the Yanks bought him,,,'""" ''"-' "-'
just four years ngo from the Lawrence I j.'"?!1" " - J J J ! PilI!.Apr.i.nin. Aug. S -Milton Wat
New ICngl.ind club In 1912. There he "rT"0'5 h;"",n,1";:,,ohn, n ls, jlonie k?"', a !'' ,!c.1" tMlll"r from h
was a sensation, winning twentyflve I runlwheaT stoFen b J-v - tl"n' "Uttwirlul Alexander
-anics and losing ten In l'.'U, nnd win-
nlng twenty-six and losing eleven In lf12.
lie came to tho lniiKees during August
of thnt year, and though he lost all four
games pitched he looked very good.
Ilarly In 1913 he was the only reliable
pitcher Chanco had on h! staff, but he
hurt his nrm and hns shown only
tlashe.s of form since. Keating himself
Imagined he wns unlucky ln New York,
and does nut mind making a fresh Mart
In the minors, ns ho Is now only 22 ears
The Yankees also have unconditionally
released Carroll Drown, the former Ath-
letlc pitcher, who had been wurklisr out
a wirtlmo contract Drown eeems to be
nil through, ns he has been turned back
by Louisville, Memphis nnd finally by
Hooky Mount, a class C team. The cluh
probably n'ttlcd with him for tho balance
of tills year.
I'libolda I'm pi re I'.nanu'a Derlalon
III llrntra-l'iitia tinmr.
Roston, Aug. r. The protest of the
Huston Nationals ngalnst a decision of
t'lnplre ll.isin In a game here with Chi
cago on July 2.1, which the Rraves
claimed cost them the contest, has been
dismissed by President Tenor, accord
ing to an announcement to-day by Presi
dent Houghton nf the local club.
The league executive ruled that the
umpire's decision which gnvo Zimmer
man of Chicago three bases nnd a run
on a throw Into the dugout hack of first
base was correct, This run, which came
In the eleventh Inning, gavo Chicago the
game, 3 to 2.
National and American League Records.
New York, at Chicago, 2.
Hrooklyn, 4 l'lltsi.urg, n (first).
l'lltsbiirg, Tt Hrooklyn. 1 (second).
Ml. I. .nils, 21 I'hllailelphlu, O.
Iloatnn, It Clnrlnnall, o (first).
Ilnslon, 4i Cincinnati, ,'l (second).
Plujnl. Won. Lost. P.P. l'lajrd. Won,
Hronkljn nt Mi :t.i .ii-jh riilrngn inn mi
liosiiin in r.a an jtsu liostuu khi ,7
Philadelphia... Pit M 40 ..170 (leielund mil ,-,u
New York IKI 4H 4.1 ..Mil New Ynrk lixi r.a
(lilciign Ill) 411 M .411.-. Iletrolt lot .V,
Nl. I.nuls H)'a! 4!l ft 7 .441 St. I.nuls 111'.' ft-.
l'lltsbiirg 1)1 41 X .-tail Winhlnglon... mi mi
Cincinnati loj ail U3 .nss I'lilludrlplilu, ., INI in
No guinea are scheduled, all trains I .New York In Iletrolt.
brlnv In toe Lust.
smash to centre. Pfefer then tightened
no and fanned Raird and It looked aa
If tho rally had been spiked, but Carey
dispelled the Illusion.
Max tripled to centre, scoring Fischer
and Mamaux. fichulte doubled to left,
scoring Carey. Costello tripled to right
centre, registering Schulte. W. John
ston's single to left scored Cosiello nnd
then Wheat ended the agony by corralling
Farmcr'a fly.
Barker In Fine Form.
Ruckcr took up tho Brooklyn pitchers'
burden In tho fourth and till Chief
Meyers batted for him ln tho seventh
U- r I 1.1.1 1 ,
iiciii inu wvipuirs imicns mm rumens.
Only twelve Pirates faced tho Georgia
southpaw In those four Innings. Wheezcr
Dell mounted the rostrum In the elgltth.
nnd Carey's double. Hchulte's single and
steal nnd W. Johnston's belt to centre
put two more Corsair counts over tho
Jake Daubert, who pulled a tendon In
Friday's game nnd Is suffering from a
charley horse, started tho first game, but
cave way to McCartv n the tlilnl n-
gave way to Mccarty n the third n-
nlng. Mccarty, who has been doing
wonueriui wors; wan ine sues, anu ne-
hind tne uat ror iirooxiyn. niaea a gut-1
terlng game nt first baso during the rest
of the first game and throughout the sec
ond. Daubert probably will rest up until
the series with the Cubs starts on Tues
day. Ilcsldes losing the first game to Hrook
lyn, Pittsburg also lost the services of
Hans Wagner, who returned to the game
!.. ;. i.. e ,,, ,,.,..i,l.'
of the charley horse. In the socond ln -
nlng of the first game yesterday Hy
Myers drove a hot grounder at Wagner.
The Dutchman made the stop all right
itnii iiut:n ii; uui v 11. pi, nut ,11 uat,
split open the little finccr of Wagner's
right hand. Hans had to retire and
probably will be out of the gamo for
several days.
Brooklyn's Great Defence.
Marquard pitched great ball ln the first
game ami was accorded brilliant sup -
port. Three llghtnlngly executed dou -
bio plays decorated the Dodger derence.
(i,i, tit nn.1 fnnner nn first In the
third. Carey grounded to Cutshaw and
be and Daubert made a two ply killing of
he and uberV a two ply killing
Carey anu cooper.
Mowrey, Cutshaw and L. McCarty s
double jilsy on Hlnchman and Schulr. ln
the seventh was followed by a sensa-4j-r4uiUig-catxii-of.IiLrmer's
J.lne tiy
Hv Myers. With one down In the ninth
Sc'hulte singled and Hlnchman walked.
R.rniii lilt tn OUon. forcing Hlnchman
.... a nA tn Mr. 1
Carty doubled up , Schultt.
Olson walkeil in tne mira ra viri,ij,w,, t'lnis-Davrtipiirt. Seiereld and M,.
Meyers singled him to second. Carey ler; .MeNslly, inia....e,i Lett nn hasen
trapped M.irquard's Texas languor, 1 "0,'In- M Linns. First ln on error
forcg Meyers at second and doubling y . Z 'i
up Olson at third. Singles b Jonn-f earne,) r,m. off M.i., f, an.i il In s off Da'
ston and McCarty brought Rube In, how- wntiort. 10 and 2 In :: nit vri(i,(t.' 1 ami 0
ever. Doubles bv Chief Meyers and In 3. If 't bjr piie!ir-Hv Wjikoff 1 iScr.
Johnston gave Rrooklyn anoiner ,
the rtfth. nnd Wheat's homer with John
ston ahead ln the eighth fattened the
Rrooklj n total with two more runs. The
si. h n n r at r h o a e
1 r 01.1 ,ionns n ri j 1 - 1 "
... .... ... - - - - i,,,,; 4H ,
M'r2hss 3''0 1 sn.on.. .. 2 0 0 1 30
s. hnititt.e.. jn: 1 l ilJ Mejers c si: 7 00
Cooir.i. . 30 1 0 1 1 Marquard.p 310 0 20
hlt-MiCartr. Double plays-Olson, cutsliow
nnd Diubert; Carey ami Halrd: Monrey.
rm.haw and McCarty: Olson. Cutshaw nnd
McCarty Uft on basrs-I'iil.biir.-. r,; Hrook.
lyn. S. Flr.t bs.e on errnr-HrooUlvn. Fir.t
bass on b,l!.-Oft Conner. 2 (Johnston. 01.
son): nfT Marquard. 2 lllliuhman. 2) Earned
runs m i onjirr, a sirurK mil iit m e
nuard. S (Balrd. 2: Carey. Fanner. Cnoperi
I'aswsl ball -Sohmidt Umpires Me. rs
Harrison (plate) and Ricler (haietl. Time
of fame-1 hour and 3. minutes.
snt'ONP) GAME.
piTTsnmr, n.) i hkooki.tn(N)
an r ii o a ei ao r n o a e
Il.llrd.3b... (Oil I 0 O'.l .Inhn'n cf. Id : 0 A
Carey.cf . 4 2 2 3 00 1. MiCa'r.lb . 00 ? 10
N-hitlte.lf.. (21 oo'Wheat.lf
3 0 2 2 0 o
'lll",!"-r' l"" 1 0 oTul.liim .:b 4 n 0 l (0
I'o.lellnrf 3 1 1 2 0 0 Steliael rf
WJnh'n.tb 10 2 li 0 l'Mnurei 3b
Farnii'r.Cb. I 0 0 3 0 0'OI-nns. .
A Mi C'y .a 3 0 1 1 l .l'O Miller (
Fiachrr.c 4 1110 OiUl'fc rti-r.p. .
Mamaux.p 411 0 1 O 'll Myers...
------ Itueker.p. .
Totals.. ..36 71027 lt.l Meiers .
.VI . I ,
cm i a o '
4 1 2 2 :o 1
4 0 1 s oo i
ooo o 00'
ioo o no
loo o oo
l o o
n o ii o no
1 0 0 0 00'
- ... .
I Total.. 3.1 1 27 10 0
Untied for Pfeffer In the third Innlnc.
(Hatted for ltneler In the seventh tuning.
jnaitiii ror Hell In Ihe nintli Inning
O n r. n n n n
0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Two base hits Carer, Si hulle, Monrer. i
Three has,. hlts-Caroi, Costello, Olson stuhni
liases-M iiune, lineal. Iloulile plal - ('utshmv,
MiS'arli and Olsmi laft mi liases I'lllsluiig,
3: Hrook!) n, 0. First base on ernir-Iln.iil.hu.
I. liases on balls Off lllieker, 1 (A Me
Cartlii). off famaiiz, 2 (.1. John. ton. Wheat)
lilts and earned runs Off Pfi ffi r, A lilts, 5
ruin In 3 Inning: on llmker, tin hits, no run
In I Inning, off lull, 4 lilts, 2 run. In 2 In
iiIiil's on Mainaui, no run.. Strmk ont-Hy
I'fiffer. 3 (lllnrhinan, paint, Farmer) i l.v
llueker. 2 (IV Johnston, Fanner); br Hell. 2
1 1 ',..l, i. Mamaus): hr Mamam. 10 it. 11.
.... 1 t XIIM-- XI..- .
...... .-. .i...,,.,, , llllsil'Ui
Stengel, fletr), t'lnplre. -Messrs, lllcler (plale)
mil Harrison (bases). Time of game- 2 hours.
Detroit. .11 New York. 1! (U Innings).
Chicago, Tt Washington, li,
( lei eland, 11!) Philadelphia, a.
Install, 4 St. I.nuls, I (first),
HI. Louis, (I Huston, 3 (semnd).
lost, p,c.
4il ..-.s:i
4a .7.7(1
Washington In Chicago.
I'talludelphlu In Cleveland.
iioilon In 81. Louis
" 1 " "''
. lull, If . lin 1 0 0 11 MiTri.pl (Ol . " "
Hills Courts
Lose (0 Red Sox in First Giimc
of Twin Rill After U
Straight Victories.
8t. Louis, Aug. 6 (American). Ros
ton broke St. Louis's winning streak to.
day by taking tho first game of a double
header, 4 to 1. St. Louis, however,
moved Into sixth place by taking tho
second game, G to 3, Washington having
lost to Chicago. Errors by Pratt and
Lavan combined with timely hitting by
Walker nnd Lewis accounted for. St.
Louis's loss of tho first game.
Rostou's Infield cracked In the fifth In.
nlng of the second game, three errors.
mmil,.it ll-ltll n .Inlilils -,....1 .. ....
, ---,-- . ..uuu.v D,ai, ,t u.irv ,,n
'halls nnd threo singles otf .Mays, netting
ic.iw me inns. v ykorr replaced
Mays and held the locals scoicless tbeie.
after. Tho score:
rinsT riAMn.
, abrhoaei ab r h o a
Itonper.rf .. t. I 3 1 0 0 Shottnn.lf... 3 1 0 2 a 0
Itarry.lh 320 0 4 oiaii.mi, 11. 1 m
U-wu.lf..... 30 1 2 OOj.Miller.rf... 401 1 10
I tiaiin-r.lb... 3 1 0 is ou'si.lir.'ib.
4 1 n 2 1
- V. .J?a
,."'?'',' - SXiJ. ''""".' 403 : 1,1
, i?!' ?oo0 ? I'&re.d.e. ? S ? 4 "0
1 1. aoy.c 301 1 0 0 l.a.in.s..,.. 301 2 11
40 1O 7 v Hamilton. 11. ;oo 0 3 11
TolaU ...32 4 7'K 17 0 Tutsls ..31 i 7 27 14 3
eiereld lilt hy I.aran'a halted hall.
IloBtoil 20002000 a 4
M. Luulu 10000000 0-1
Tu l.u.e lilts- Miller, 1'rall, Klmre. Threw
base hit WaKer, stnhn base-Harry. Sacri
fice hits-l,eiM. Marsaii., (Saltier, Harry. Aus
tin. Iieul.le play I'ratt, l.aran Mil Sl.ler.
- "1 " cs-ii-Mi..n, 6, m. iA.ui., . first
mw im i-rii'M- n,ion. 3. linn. ,.n lialls-Off
'Mmie, 1, ir liai.iiliun. 2. lilts and earned
' '"""("r ?,l,,,e. " n,l 1 I" 9 Innlncs; oir
: .'!;'"I',V,'"; 7 In,,'-' Innings. Mnrt ..nt-
1 mETa,,,1 in.l-."a.S,',,Tlnl;
i nuur aim id Illlltllle..
BOSTON (A ) I .sr. I.OL'lS (A.)
ah r li o a e' ub r h o n e
Hooper.rf. Ill 4 0 f. shotton If . .-. 2 2 1 0 0
Harry.Hb... 301 : si An.tin.jb... 311 1 10
Kulh .. .. ion n no Miller.rf.... 301 1 00
tc.Nalt.v,:b 10 13 0llSI.ler.ll).... 4 1 I 10 10
Tnutair r Al n 11, Ik... .L .. .a . . .
Holi'iil.ih'. 101 7 20 M.irin.ef! ioi ; Jo
; '''".(, 3 j 1 0 00 seveietd.e.. 2oo 20
1 '' J JJ fc; J J fj
. tifnrlkcn 100 0 00 Dawnp't.p, 410 0 3 0
I .tanvrin.... 1? lotti
1 Thomi. e 401 s n
1 wl't'V' ... . ; '
Totals ..
27 H I
SOalner.... 1 0 0 Hi,
.rosier 00 0 0 0.
Ilitted fur Harry In the .erenih Inning.
-A '!!'' Xorscn.injbc-ia:irih-.tiHins- .
t ..lied for Hy, Itoff In tie iii nt li Innlnr.
IKati for -Mas. In the sixth Inniiv.
S',,,"' OO0002001-3
st- I.iu 00103000 a a
V&Z ti ,.SBe"
,--.;,;,;-;-'- " V'SKiT
f .in., v.llll.
inur ui t.iine- . nniirs ami 17 minutes.
Watson. Dip; Tlisr.it Hnnder,
Kalsominos Phillies
Score, 2 to 0.
) aim m. louis uelenteil 1'liH.i.
delphla 2 to 0.
I Tli visitors got their first run bv
i hunching three ,lnnte ,n .1,. lL.Z!L i.
" ' r ,' ''"S'" m th' seienth In-
i n'" 1,10 nnother In the eighth on
n" singles iumI a s'nlen base by .Smith
win had forced Watson.
lloth teams played errorless ball In the
field. The score:
. T .'' ' Ihrlinai
ii i i " Pisr.ert.ef . (01 0 oo
iWs.'h. r If mi
i lnruhv a 411
Wilson rf ' I '
i-r. ... o v i iii.mi nun .
2 0 0 2 (O
30 1 1 00
4 0 0 J 0 0
( 0 0 ( 10
3 0 1 12 0 0
5 0 0 X 7 0
( 0 j 4 (0
2 0 2 ft o
1 0 o 0 0 0
( 0 n l)il. v ;ii . .
( lMi.mirf ...
3 1 ' Wh.lle.l.lf
' ' A'l.interil. 111
1 ' ollii,,,t .
.' '. ' Klthler
! I ' lb t i, hi- r p
L'l.iulh ,
,7 10 0
(ill- il
s,,,, ,.
. n ii o
ii i
i i
H . 3 .
l.'7t I .11
31 n T 27 1 0
Iinttoit fr Ham-reft In lh ninth Innlnc.
.;;. ';.,. n-'
Cl I ....1. AKA.- ...
"ii"'" M-.iiM v U e O 'I O O I) O-O
"'.' llll .SlexniHler. Stolen base-Smith.
f)oulo Mh). Il.iriislii. ll.t.i.l in.. I .tin....
' w H"" "'"I Miller. loft nn .u..- st lands
i! rhlla,lililila. , liiisi- nn imlN- iur v.
4. 'T Aleiander, 2. 1 :n t I rim-()(T
i ..n-n.ier . inn, mi. m v imnng. struck
t."'". '.' iomioii.t. i l lupin's .Mi s.ra (Cllal-
0-1, ,'""" '"''ne ut game -I Imiu ami M
t minutes.
Crltlelsin nf t'lnnirrs tn lie Consid
ered Here Wcdiiiiii ,
Roston. Aug. fi A spirl.i' meeting of
the National Lragun to i-.ins d. r rnt .
clsniH of umplr'ng mnile by JinM,,,, ,,,
' other clubs will lie he'd In New- Willi
next We.lnnil iv -i, I..,.. , , ...
I.. ' . ' ' lO'lllli.l"
tlon icce veil to-d.i ly I'n-Mibnt H.iugh-
ton of tlio lih-.il i luh from Pnsident
Telle r.
It Is understood tho attltiiilo of sev.
er.il of the iiili'.tiMtois will lu the sub-.
Ject of protest an, d:-. iiss,n, Pns.ileiit
llatigluou s.tld he would attend the meet
Sn Sn lliiuuins, WIiii Denies Any
OrTi'r fur lingers lliirnab,,
I 'n 1 1-tn:i.ft 1 1 x . Aug fi Aliil.-r Hug.
gin -, manager .-f tin S l.o- - i'.h-.I nals,
denied 111"" t"-d l.v II at Cl, llev llbliels,
owner of tho llri'.'Khii lindgei i oileieil
111 m "f.n.non. .'i)ii.,n even f. .' r ,r
lliil.-r Ho i.' by, jiMithfuI shortstop nf
, 1 " ' " ' " 1
I "Kbbils . i publicity getter, nnd ,f
'"' "' h'" '' ,l - '" t nlfhiind tn a
1 1 lend ii"' me- it was In see his li.linu
! In in int. ' said tlm f.tnli'iitis,' ni:in,iKcr.
Tun llrnuniea Iteiessed.
v viiv ii.t i: Temi lug ;. VmsIivIH
li.-l ire I fr,-,,, ,ho SI l.oill. Aiui'i h n
I 'ui if i nh I'll her M'C.itio unit Outllelilrr
To I in, tn roport August 12, iiiiin,,er l.ee.
uiiu ii.is neon pmyiug nun .nii.iiviii,,, i,u
"!"' '"'J0""" ,u i1'' l'nl"- 'll bo returned
I xx i,t ii itio i,t.w men uporl,
en.i . i
i-jypaii i uvcifjif..
HtfWVvr'WaUrsw. -
, AisWaUii s,-, i.
. . ..... J .... -. . .

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