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Great&t of All Athletic Honors Is That
S. TiOtios, Greek Farmer, Re
vived Intercut in It by Great
Victory In 189(1.
. r ftPRIX.TISR.
Of the many race and ofhlests 'com
prising the Olympic game programme
there Is, none, that rivals the Mnra'thon
race In dramatic Interest. Kxperts1 may
harp thaf "roal athletes duck the Mara
thon" and that the, race only1 la 'for the
plua;gcr that lack apeeil to compete -In
the shorter event. Expert mayiahower
the winner of a "real- athletic, event
with praises, hut no one can net away
from the fact that, to the ordinary ath
letlo enthusiasts of the world, the Mnra.
thon race overshadow all other con
tests and the winning of it deserves the
highest honor a contestant enn r-ntilnre
M the revlvnla of the ancient festivals of
the Hellenes. !
The Mil r.ith on race Is the oldest and
most classic of the events which core.. I
prise the Olympic guinea programme.
The race Is of peculiar "historical at.
tilflcancoi commemorating the famous
run of ilichllppldcs, mudc Imniorlal hy
the poet Drowning. ,
And the races commemorating the
undent run of Pheldlppldca carry with
them utcs h I most im dramatic and In-i-Pltlng
ns the one- Drowning wove around
the original Marathon. Thrilling Indeed
Is the story, of . I.oucs. the simple At-'
l lean farmer, who ho gloriously saved
lhe honor of his countrymen- In the first
or thu modern marathons, which few
tntcd the. Inaugural revival of the an
cient Olympiads at Athens In 1SI6.
tlrreka re lllacnuaolate.
The Marathon at the Athens olvtiipl.nl
of isn was the last event on the long
programme. Not n Oreek had captured
the laurels In any of the events which
preceded It.
1oues had cone In' from tlio hill.
Icailnp his little back country farm, to
witness tho games. Uut its event after
event took place and none of his coun-ttymen-
managed to win a prize he he
came Imbued with the Idea that he and
he alone muwt save the honor of his
country. And the simple Attlcan farmer
chose Hie last event on the lirograTme,
the hardest and most gruelling of all. In
which to accomplish his heart's desire.
The A tt Ion n farmer nrulr n 'povt
entry fi-r the M.irithon. He had no
tralnlns or preparation for the gruel
htin coiit'.-st. All that commer-ded him
w.ih tile UMJal Hlilelldld olivslnl. i-midl.
im-ii -i a iiiiur oi ma kou hiui hia ruri i
...... . . . :
in.H ioi a year ne nail iieen einninvj..! '
nfr i,.i
off and on carryimr destutches over the
rough country anmng the auIimii hllU'
.!" '':onuuerab!c -I'lrlt which
transported hfm out of lhe realms of
'he natural and caused lilin'to go so
rar an ut have .H.clcxgynian. prepare 4ilin
for the.losl rllt-M. of. .his church. Ixiucs
vowed ho wouUl .win -for 'irccoe w-dle.
""jWljlli! I.nlti, Ihr tlrnjinr. t
nntering the- contest with shch a eplrlf
It scaicely needle said Ire emerged.' i('
vl 'lor, and his race ig'u matter of Mil
Ictlc hlstor1: t-arly In the vontest' he
forced to the front with a determination
tc hold the place at all hazards.
The entile coursethe trail led from'
a little -stone house' on the field whejfe
the battle of. Marathon was fought forty
kilometres to the stadium, over prac
tically the same course' IMieldlppldea hi
fabled fc have run wna lined with'
ilroclnn Voldlfry 'iiid Orecian peoide.
Thniugh lanes' of his vountrymen fcbue
staggered along; thn excited, race mad
people 'Iicgging, bemeching and Implor
I s hlnf 'o hold his 'place and save the
honor of CJreece;
The scene as Loucs stagnered across
tie finish line a victor almost defied
doerlpllnn. The marble stadium be
came ii iiudlicivifc. In their Joy the
iteeks hr-ciinic hysterical. They wept,
tried. Unshed ard sung, in t'urri. The
Kins himself embraced' Loues fid per
sonally ercorted him .to tho, Jresalng
loom, later showlpg hla Kty , Jude by
iKklitB hlin from the little' Ick hill
farm and promoting him t' place ol)
lhe Klns own hodygtiitrc Je were
written In his honor and paans..of praise
were suiur In the streets and In the
theatres ;tnd churches for the savior of
the ui dcnT honor of the Greeks.
rthur .NpiTlnn's I. Ion Hearted Rae
Perhaps one nf the most eruelllng
races ever lUti and won yet lost was
'lie heartbreaking struggle of Arthur
Newton, the little giant of the New I
York A. ',, In the Paris Olympiad In
New ton u,i a Vcrmoot farmer boy,
After hi! graduaUd from high school he
enteieij fi.i ttiiouth College. While ut
li.irlmouth he plajed tiuaiterhack on
the football eleven,, and In one of the
urldlrnn buttles tinctured both of his
nip", wneu lie came out or trie hospital ' pc tnoutnt wouiu turn w:c iricii.
the doctors told him he never would be. He arose one morntnjr and started run
.ibli. to wall; uualu without crutches. r.lui? around the I'rado. or public square.
Hut Aitliur'H murvctlous will power In Havana. The citizens thought him
upset ti assertion of the learned medl-
ros, lie discarded his crutches and
eommeoccd to walk with the aid of two
i Hues, (li'inlually- h? strenklhened his
limbs ami soon dispensed with one of the'
-aii.-s J.uter he managed tq.gct uloug
without any a tflfclal aid whatever. .To
furthci strengthen his limbs he indulged
in Puis walks over the rough, hilly
country about Hanover, N, H and it
was only natural that he. later started,
to urn and Jog as well, To make a, long
story uhort Newton's legs eventually be
came strong enough to allow him to com
pete n ci.oss. -ountry races, and he de
veloped Into i ne of America's greatest
distance luuinrs,
U'b ril Hike Murphy Said.
The late luminted Mike Muipliy, the
celebrated, trainer, once xald of Newton:
"He is jniiile up of en per cent. Krlt.
The rest of him is sand," Newton's
wonderfully game snuggle In the Olym--pic
Marathon at I'arla In 1D0O would
tend to prove that what dear old Mike
Murphy said of Arthur was not far
from being the truth.
Tin- twenty-Hie mile Marathon course
'at Paris in IImmi led around the old walls
of the elly, pan of the trail being over
loads Hii'iu-s deep in duH and part
thiough the Htieels of Hie slums, reek
ing In mud ami rl 1 1 It-. The race was run
on olio of the hottest davs Paris ever
experienced. The bent enfolded the city
"ll lhe Seine like ii blanket, There was
noi a Iuee7c stilling ami the land lay
SMi-ping under, thn learful humidity.
For the llisl twenty miles of the long
lwent.lle mile trail tho leud see-wiwed
h-icn and fnitli among a tliu of tried unit
oe lung distance runners of ICiiglainl.
.-'id In Hi se duys the Kngllsh distance
iuiiik is nmc considered Invincible. About
the tweiitiith mile Newton came up und
tacked In behind tho three lirltnus, A
little later he shook them off and forifed
lo the front.
As he passed the leading Kngllnhnian
the Hilton gasped; "fJu ahead, you game
Utile Yank! I'm glad It's you und nut
. "
k ' !. fl ? V-xy s, -
I iz 'i'j rf?
rt'ViT'r mWii i'.iIsI'
? .' "!
v!iiLr " VL
Mrs. Frank Krinarda and the
0nl ' 'Par"y VCUS' wh08
tatlnB me!
. . . .i
; l.V.0nJi I Y i;h V.' "!"' ,i'P.UK'!
m legs seemed .dfiiRglllR loads of trad 1
. , . i . . -.r-"" j
inn in npempo oriiairiM? inn i .r ir,ni
. - .. .' r.
"lm onieinmg line a liunllnp Iron band
" . . ,np ,r?", lM
. . . i . ... . - . , .
VH-kee Trt, nnVf J.,nALS. .er;T.?r-i
,oltcrtd vcr the last few - . Z'
and. staggering across the flnb-li line", feli'
unconscious. , . ' '
"Vell. i brpught Old tjlary home in
frjnt." were the flrr words "Newton
gasped when lie regained ronseioOsness.
One can imagine Ills surprise, chagrin
SSltr J'-'q- Wi-itlSM
' in v ew or ihe rnV ,i ," ii .
. in .Mew or the Tact that the Kilgllsh
hS"". """1 '"tr-
the exception of 'Newton, had' pa'sseil
vre alleged to huve llnlthed ahead, of
"' ' i oowmami enjoy fas a mige Joke and no one expected the
it banquet immediately after-the race.lrtile man who thumped, thumped,
tliL'"vlctory" of the French four looked' thumsed around ihe tmru i i.u t,n,..,
decidedly shady
llleka TrAlnedMn' l.bmbpr L'soip
'Tom Hicks, calrying tire colors of the
CnnSbrldseport ilymnasium, laced to vie
toty In the Olympic Marathon tit St.
Ijouls In 1J04, For several months' tic!
fore the' contest Tom prepared hlmsoK
'In' a lumber camp in New Hrunswlclc.
AU'tne winter previous he- felled, 'trees
with Ills nx and "wraslled" log's with his
cant hook in the big pine woods of the
North. .
..r ''J"!?1
ii.v limit rns inrouKii ine iius.i. nil
"r.. ii.. b,
ea "dry o te
iL ,.?. J'.L .11
the,ptreni;th of the pines
HlCks raced to victory It
inmtiitMi, uui iiir ivm OHHJ wi ii.c 1
Olympic Marathon of 1904 hanss.Qii Hk
nerformance of lhe' heroic' Httl. -rnnnr
t ...... . :.'"
vwuni ... ...c uulHBa u. .nc su m.-
lie man from the Pear . of The Antilles '
Kellx was a native of Havana.. News of -
the Olympic Uames at St. I.ouls drifted
In to him ands tie. became Imbued with
the Idea of representing his country In
the Marathon tace.
But he belonged to no club who might
pay his expenses fiom Hhv.iuiii to St,
I,ouls. He was a poor, laboring man and
had not a cent nf hi own for ifwi-jur-
i.iiion. ne naseii iir.eni i"ii) .".
sporting men for money to pay h.ls ex- j
pentes to St. Louis, iiut the tequest wns,oi
rciuseu. nui ne uu mniu t cvom.-i.
demented. They .usked him where he
was going and why he wa. In. such a
tremendous hurry All the answer they
gol was a smile. Felix kept runnlns ott
and on. Only once Hid he stop tn ex-
plain to a gendarme what lie mjs, dolus.
He left the oftlcer debating 'himself '
whether- It was ilanserous to allow a .
poor, foolish fellow like Kellx to remain
at largo. Hut Kellx was left unmolested,
who finished fourth, Kellx Carvajal of (lell(, s;ime , le lMc'r ', y ..o.mtry la-t Sunday and he leates be
,"' , " ..I-.' to dolT his liat, he wan nreett( with h hlin i wreut record in the luml of
hpate only, petmlts the brlefe-t -'-froir thil even mi. passed ,he tremendous ''I" ' "" " "f I'"-
(totted around ine situate. sisier ot inis dog nimerl Home Farm
jThora, which will remain In Knsland
AMer He (in It Away II Went. imtll she Is mated with the famisjH win
.. . '. ultiit dog Seldon .Merlin.
Felix's all day running so impressed
some of the Cuban sports that they
chipped In and -gave him enough inoney.
to pay ins actual noai ou ..no.. t-a-j
penses from Havana to St. lmls. lp.it ,
Felix needed a suit of elothos, lie was
nshamed to go to the Pnited States In his
dilapidated suit or laboring men's
(Inthes. So he bought himself regalia,
And then helix unrortunaiciy goi lonat pnye.i an Itnpiut.iiil pan In the
gl-mhllng. Aim tne nrsi iiiiiik im- niiew
hlr money was iractcally all gone, He
Just hud enough to pay the fare on th ,
boat from Havana , to New Orleans.
Hut Senor Carvajal got to, St. Uouih. ,
How did he ilo It? Hy riding the liuinp.
ers and blind baggage. ri other words,
Felix "bent" his way from New Orleans
to Ht. Iiuls. Felix struck thu .Moulin
City a, week before the an,cs. I le aH
without miiney or. friends. " ; I
l .il-vajal lived he life of "''' ;
sleeping where he i;., ' " , ''
lay his head and not l,now ing "'.!" ' 1 ".la
hext meal was comlmr fn in. I en he
Sot ii Job at night as a d sh washer an
Kdll nil III a cneap rcsiauiaiu. n is
true that CarvaJ.il,1w,rkcd nil nlsht he-
fore the. clay of Ilia Marathon line
A Prince In llnaja
Whni. the clerk of the course called the ,
tr.en to their inarks liefore the atari the I popular win will, Its collie hitch line
llllle Cuban took' Ills 'iilace uiuomr Ihem. . , primnia Donna, which was pl-u-ed
Among thd starters wtri' two ftlllblooded
Apaches and a pair of birefooled Kalllin
frofh South' Arrlca," b'tt of the motley ap-
,'VT.s'M JfS-',-! V ", ! "nT''" " .'
rroiirirrf nlly
. n.mp.o. ,
a a
Ynunar Pourqanl I'na, otvnrd byjnmr. Ilrnvvn. I
U - inhly Carvnjal was the prince In rags.'
... .... ,,.. ' . , .
rt whl,e ""'d shirt, with a pair of I
lone i...iir .-oi ,,rr I,.. u. I.. ..i.i
pair of I
n n niiu rmwitnpn sniri. wun a nair nr
'.i.iuiik uouscrs cui on ai iiu knen in pvi. i
l .. .. . .. . .
' ,... -m..l...il,,., t ti - .,..b. ..
""""-vip vui mi til tin- rviiiru in trvi I
l'iit emulation of the ruulns trunks of
,h . "thnr "intestantx. wearing hea.vyl'H
woiklng brogans on his feet and a bat
tefed felt hat on his head, Carvajal, the
c.idji of his heavy black mustache stick
ing out at an impressive angle, looked
JUiiih plcturesiue und pathetic.
At the start the runners circled four
laps of the track and then the trail led
of':k thenlc'nla mear:
1 "'s ''l,ba" w'"' Kt UI Jrs
t and laughter. Kach time he nassed the
-Irr.iiidl,7i,.l ife res":,, id ,o , ,e Hdlcule
and Jeers as If thev were praise and
nlxance. The siiectators t:ok the affair
wuraniR snoes to nnlsli at all, let alone
oe among tne Mrst four.
The Cuban wont .mi ..f tim ii,.,i.ta i..
about twentieth laisltion. He ser-ii be
gun lo work up through Ihe pack, and
the messengers whose duty It ins o an- '
HOUnce the noslllnns of n, ...... . .... I
spectators In the grandstand brouuht re.
ports of -the Cuban fifteenth, the Cuban
.twelfth, the Cuban tenth." anil so .in.
., l.ntiKhter Turned to Cheers.
Meports weie llrst rciclved with laugh-
tUu ;i,;ZlZ,,:Rr:i!",;'r
.1.. ..... . ":." v . n".
"ers. and when Canajal gamelv
S.U"1,le'' l,,to xhe rc,'il and ihmimed
thumped, thumped aiound tlm track,
1 1. .,,,,1 at .
r " , V Z.r " , ' " ,ra,CK'
rss the thilsh line, staggering
nasamg tor urea n. "a n." in
ovation given to the winner. -
. A, lp ,,an(ue, t0 u, lllh,t , f,w
cienlngs j iter, given by the Mi-s url A. '
c cirvnUi. Hi her in puise. thanks to'
tti Ictea a few
Knmi. ceneioiu sr.ni ihmi.m. ,.i..i .,.i..j'iiv. and .natticulnrlv excels In forefae'e '
evening dress for tlir- llrst time In his
.life, responded In (lew ry Spanish to u i
1 toast to his iiatlw cour.tn. Few of
the guests undeislcod what he was say. !
ing, but the applause that greeted him
us he took his scat showed that grit ami
Ka.nciiess in a man will be recognized by
.portsmen whether it he il thed In raus
- bio.idcl.ith or hidden under a swarthy
.-sin i'i a sncain oi pmu anil white.
llmirr of Hrlnrliiiali Kennel. Ilua I v.ay Corker to her stilnx. This dog was
n .- . . u purchased from Mrs. .1. II. Able, Oxford
nrnieiet n born. .Kennels, at Tappan. N. Y
Airs. W A Wllhon. nwner of the! Hldgeway Coikei Is an aptly naincd
Ml iariiusii ivcnnels, at Asbuiy I'.uk, N, i
J iccently btou-iht over from KuKl.itid
the miniature Pometanlan tlomo Farm
Uracelet, a daughter of Chniniili.ii (iillev
(lorncolj, which claims aa Its grandslre
the noted winning dog Cluluplon Dragon I
Tllet. ,, , , .,.,,.., llf ..,
,eV ,p,nli Tliey came from strains '
W(,P, K1V(. S0l)lI Ul.CoUuts of thenwelves
!r tllr .;Kj, ,ow ring for a number
( jeais.
ii-nshes. M.-.a
mum llriilncr mail.
Imii.'i Heathci-, a oum: collie hitch
an, mm in lcient anows. met nil untimely
ili-nth from aastiitls. This trl-colur
datwhter "f Champion Kiuicklaydc King
Slain ex limia Hindis piobahly would
base lia a meat career hail she lived In
tr. I.inu Sells lientlnn.
li.u i l I ..t al... ..I
Ku , KhWHVi N. ., .,,. ,,,
the hi,,.. 'merle collie Alstead ileuti ,,, to
MHs A. S. HuIIci. of the livvlla Collie
Kennels at West Chester, P... dentin.,
a gi.o, American hied that ouglil lo
, (
M , shows, Inclmllnc Cli .
, .i. ,..t .i ... i
: : '"" ,. :"" " " j
Prliiinni lloiimi n Inner.
'Mi-i ui ine iiiioson coiinii shoiv a
,ifcl; an tt.c Plnauor,.! i: l ,.i
Mrst In a strnng class, Prlnuni lioim-.
Is Ih.. dam of the sensational winning
puppy, Pmuivood lippen.
Which Goes
Are Hedicnnd Host Doe of Any
HiTPtl t Nearly All
The outstanding feature of the bench
shows held so far this year hai been
the number of shows' at which a wire
haired fox tefrlcr has been returned best
dog of any breed In the show, At the
Westmlit-tcr, the largest and most rep
resentative hniv n the fnltfd Slates.
Champion Mat ford Vic reptated her win
of the j ear before and won the premier
honor. At the majority of the spring
and summer shows held so far this ear
II has been a wire haired fox tcriler
that has come out at the html of the
At the nrteenlh annual show of the
Long Island Kennel Club held at the
Oraveaind racetrack. Nrooklyn. Oeorae
W. Qulntnrd's famous International win-
per Champion Wire Hoy of I'algnton
annexed this honor. At the Wlssahlckon
Kennel Club's fifth annual all terrier
show at Chestnut Hill, I'a.. Qu.utard
again won ovr all with his great Cham
pion llaby Hastier, while at the Mlneola
show, held under the auspices of the
l.ailles Kennel Association of America,
a novice wire named Masked Marvel,
owned by the Vlckery Kennels of Itnr-rlngto.-i,
fll., was selected by the fltltlsh
Judge, Haines, as the most perfect speci
men brought before him.
At the 1 .ml Its Dog Club llxtuic at
Lowell, Mass., and the Houthamplon
Kennel Club show at the Meadow
Club. Southampton. 1,. J Mrs. Hoy A.
Kaltiey'e wire Conejo W) collar Hov won
the leading honors, while at most of the
big summer show- the same owner's
young American bred puppy Conejo
Highbrow was returned the best puppy
of any breed.
The question naturally asserts Itself
as to wnetner or not the wire haired
fox terrier has reached a higher degree,
of perfection than any other breeil. Most
fanciers answer j-ch, and It can be truth
fully said that there Is no breed known
to-day which can successfully cope with
the best that can be brought out In wire
fox terriers. There Is no gainsaying that i
the smart little wire haired tvko an. th
I observed of nil observers throughout I
dogilmn. Some fanciers would like to
'i-e some other breed come out ahead. '
i they feel that the little fox terriers
iac had more than their share of the'
I'lums. i
When lllldrctb K. Hloodgood's l.lark
" T'"" " 111 I
cocKcr spaniel rnamplon Durbar de-1
(e.lWtl , famou. u-vrollar Hov fn, Ihlthe It. II. Macy Co. team: August 12.
president's trophy that was hunar up for
' ""' ln 'how at the recent West-
Chester kennel Club's fixture at White
N- V.. the applause that greeted .
the ulaclng by Judges Honton and lv 1
Mumi irow., conclunlvely that the rln-.
Mund prox ,, conclusively that the ring-,
sldcrs were clad thai tho trrl.r haa
..... ... . . . . .. . . . . .
""i" -ir kumi inai ine icrrier nan
been dethroned. It h.. .nm ... ..i. I
pass that at manv recent shows funflra '
of other types of dogs have withheld I
their entries from the best In show spe-1
rial, snylin; that It was no use to show j
ngalnst such and such a fox terrier, as
the Judges were sure to gie It to that
The Judges do not give It to the fox I
terriers because they have a liking for,
the breed but because thev cannot find I
among the contestants a iIor of as high
degree of perfection as the little tykes.
Naturally breeders become discouraged
rial think that there Ih no chance to beat
. terrier, but that Is a wrong feeling, for
they should continue to bring their best
specimens of other breeds out against
the fox terriers until they can overthrow
them as the leading breed In America.
There is nothing to be gained by dodg
ing the Issue, for the fox terrier cannot
always win, ami a good cocker, bulldog
I or sporting dog stands Just as good a
."r. ".'Tr J'1 """'
. amiuuu li e maj u iiy m wins
huve gone to the small terriers.
British I'ekr In ow an Inmate of
the trilrn Kennela,
Mrs. A M Hunter, owner of the Ar
-f Pekinese ha- J,,. in,
,"',',e,1 ,rnm l-nglaiMi the sensational
r'11'1 '''' -','T T-lnn Tau ..f Aider-
lurne, which came fiom the kennels nf
Mrs. Ashton Cross, at Heech Hill, May
lord, Woking. Tslng Tail nrrlveil in this
, importiiui snows over I lie sea anil Is
spoken of
Tslmt Ti
"l"keu of with lilsh praise by the I'us-
join iia is.
rim Is I, l,Af. Ill I fill iliii. In ..nr.
und eyes. bone, coat and feathering. He
I' strong and Ihelv and a ino-t attract-
U " fhowy little animal that w ill do rt el! '
"ii the Ameiit an hemh.
mmrnieiri! -TTfJ-WV rnnVTR
tmcrlcnn llretl l'o
errler Added
to lti.spcr.ifl Krlinrla.
Mrs r, F Nellson. owner of the Hoe
linfi Kennels, has added the good Ameri
can hied wile haii'd fo terrier Hldge-
little tyke, for he is a corker In every
sense of the wold and is n home bred
that nlwiiys gives a good account of him
self ngalnst any competition, Harry
Pound Is the new kennel manager at
Hosecroft and lie will have the new dog
should nug
French Hull nn Vocation.
The Aiifi.ti fC.nnels of Frcm-h InlllilntrM
ate summering at Yoik Harbor. Me.,
where they are romplisr about over the
I estate of their owner, Hugh W Jackson,
.The doas aie In prime condition and are
Itapldly galnlin devehvmiciu and
letlenalh. Ciiainplon liamlii's Itlval,
which holds pride of place In this ken-
pel, was imtrr In better form, while his
eon, iliiniln's Itlial, Ji is m greatly lm
limed ilou since he got out In the npi'ti,
At picsent Italnelle Ihe dam of the scu
satlonil ivlnuliig Young Pouruuoi Pas,
Is Miiislns n line lit I ei- by ''haniplon
liamln'h Itlval.
I-' I lie Peklnuesr l'liiplea.
.Mrs. . McClure llalley has a won
ileiful llller of Pekingese puppies out
of her famous Sailee We.ner of l.lcurud
by Ihe Now.it i Kennels' Nanking Pao
Kwel, Among this litter Is a red dog
which be.ns great promise, lie has Ills
dam's gooil head ami a body and hone
like lis sue Sadie Weaver has pin
(lured mure winning American hied
V". ' ..' ""-..".""'.".
reKes iitan any oiner Pitch and the in-
' ler whl"li she iceciilly weaned hiui inure
i,iallly than an of its prcdeccsi.ors.
Itrcriilt In Knullali Uullilnw l-'niiry.
.loseph Long of New Haven la a re
cruit In the Kngllsh bulldog fancy, hav
ing tree th piirch.iMcd a promising
puppy by Womlciafl Dundee Mason ex
Highland Madge, Her breeding Is the
to the Victor
! With Amateur and Semi-pro Players
:l '.
Tlio Lcthtran Chur.-li Athletic League la
KtfiBlntt ll' Annus! Ii.itehall tournament.
I. ml ear the fnutcli nt Hi.) I-Jplphany won
the. .:nijtnp!unlilp. Tnl :iaon the league
l c-H'trlt'i: a MvIiir cup to the winning
tem and t!.rea medais for tha most sue
cfi.iiii iilacri,
M.inhattjn '.'nthollc Pli.ill League will
flnlJh ll reason on the Poto Urnunds.
I', rmls.lnn to pi ty tr-ere raa granted by
Harry Iltmpitemi. The game will be
p)ae2 .in Hunday. September 24, It will
be an amateur game and admlMlon will
he hy Invitation only, The league Is com
posed of the following rlutisi Hi, Catherine,
St. Aloyalu. Holy Trinity, West Harlem
Catholic Club. Ultnam Dranch, No, I, Ital
ian Catholic Club, Corpus Chrlatl and Ma
combs, Oceola Juniors would like ta heir from
teams averaging IS years. David Moran,
ill East Huh street, city.
Shamrock Juniors would like to book
games wlih teams averaging It yeara. Are
nlllng to travel. Would Ilka to hear from
a Komi Ditcher about 1 yeara of age.
Joseph Paul, Stl Hast I4th street, the
Blackell of Astoria have a few dates
open In Ailfutt and Heptetnher Car teams
aieraglhc III years, (lamea in bo played
on our home grounds. We hv an open
Inir for a pitcher. II. Wick. 47 Seventh
aienue, Aatorla, I. 1.
National A. C. of Jersey City have An
dint SO and Haturday datta open for home
club. W. A. Nnstrand, 410 Avenue A.
Baonne, N. J.
Colonial Cuhn ould like to book morn
ing Kama on Labor Day on home or op
ponents' ajrounds. We average II years
actual aye. The Colonial Cuba will cross
bala with the crack Ishams Junior thla
afternoon. It. Bchwartl, 1 17 East N'lnety
ftfth atreet, city.
Winona A. C. of New York, a travelling
seml-pro team, has several open dates In
August and Heptembor. William Donnelly,
: Ninth avenue, city.
Hlghhrldge Cubs wnuld like to book
games with teams averaging K years,
games tn be played at Dyckman Oval,
Fred ftrhnltser. ill West 171st street, city.
Tlnlon tt. II. C. wnuld like tn hear from
Htlllson-Tacnma, Hunts Point, Kmplre City,
Kunset A. A.. Cypreia Hills. Ggherta and
all other teams. We are a flrat rlaes at
traction and will travel within a radius of
100 miles. H. C. Toffler, JO Tlnton ave
nue, The Ilronx.
De I'evster Tlaeehall Club of Tlvoll.'V. V.
would like to bonk games In New York
city nr on Long Island, Ilushwliks, Jeffer
eons. Subway fllanta. Lincoln Giants, Lin
coln Stars and lloial Clanta. Address De
r,,,,r "aseball Club. Tlvoll. N. Y,
Pyramid A. C nine of the West Side will
play the Crystal Athletlra at Jasper Ova'
this afternoon at 1 o'clock.
Victor tt. H. C. Is desirous of booking games
vlth light eeml.prn teams. Will travel nut
,OMni '
"I'eet. city
irannm. ll) west rortirtn
Aces All stars will meet the Battery
Parks at Karm Oval this afternoon at
' '
rtoeedale B. B. C. of Yorkvllle would
like to close a few Sunday dates. Oames
to be played on our home grounds. U,
": -iny-alth street, elty.
following Is the baseball schedule for
ri'l UnlllK 1H II T IIMIFUHII FCnrtlUir IDf
Hr.'l.?.U.rJ V:..'.'. .'.'.r.n.n .1r,,!!'n."uF".: I
v. Underwood Typewriter Company; Au-
K"t 20, Red Stars vs. Brokaw llrnthera;
A"Jt :-r,1 51" VndlnJlfe'Li.m'b'.'r 'M
V.''IV. U."1:'- J,'n.?'K' f?,t".,.b'L.r:
p-ndlnK lih M.lowbroolt A. C '
X pending w l.h MeVdowbrool't A. C of i
John W.imanaker. at Philadelphia The ,
t ... . .... nun. . .w.
" ..m-i. . . iiitanciiua
games of Auguil 1J. :o and are Munday
Th. ' ... .- i.k .
" 5 victory over the Browning, Klnr
a-''Li UlilirlJ 1 iiT fflLili
Sandy, Hero of Alaska SlctJpc
Races, Will He ut Show
in Minnesota.
An exhibit of hern dogs, each the
owner of a Carnegie medal given as a
reward for some act of heroism. Is to lid
n feature at the Minnesota State Fair,
September 4 to 7. An Alaskan husky dor
driver will give dally talks on the dogs
of the Arctic regions, and a husky dog.
Sandy, will be the head of the group of
hero dogs.
Sandy l owned by .1. C Lewis of
Sioux Falls. N. p., and his owner has
refused an offer of l,00n for him. This
dog has led three dog teams to victory
In Ihe annual sweepstakes events at
Nome, Alaska. He holds a record of
having made the trip from Nome to Can
dle and return, a distance of 423 miles, in
41 hours and 28 minutes. Sandy Is a
wonderfully massile dog, with Immense
bone, a profuse shaggy weather resisting
coat and Is highly typical of the doj
which do the hauling over the Alaskan
Peke llrerl h- lira. Ilallry (ialna
Title at Southampton.
wll "'a of l.lenrud was placed
wlniifrs I" Pekingese at the recent
Southampton show she acquired the
necessary three points to gain a chain.
1 h n',"x Mrl1- A' McClure llalley,
'.'rT..tt,i''l,.0M,.u'r, ,nl"wn,''",'uJ
I"' uni1 companion but is the first dog
in in r own nreeuing wnicn nas won a
Mrs. llalley has owned ami shown
many big winners in this popular toy
variety, but she never was successful
with those of her own production until
Ournn came out and started her vic
torious career on the bench. Hesldes
being a sterling show specimen Mrs.
Ilalley's newly made champion has
proved her worth as a producer and Is
the dam nf several typical puppies.
Yoiiiik Wlrehiilrrd Fin Trrrlrr
CimiiIiik AIiiiik In (ireal Shape.
A young wlrehalred fox terrier of
American breeding that Is coming along
In great shape Is Q, A, Shaw-.McK'euu'
Itldgewny Dark Boy, a son of Cham
pion Wire Hoy of Paignton, ex-Cham-plou
Cromwell Cheeky. This dog has
done well on the bench and Is siring
some nice type puppies. His owner has
started a kennel of wires and made a
linstrlke when he secured this dog and
Klsmiiyu of Chuffs from Hcorge W.
II Is rcportcil that Harry llardcastle
will give up his kennel al Magnolia,
Mass., and devote all of his time to car
ing for the Shaw-McKean terriers. Hard
castle Is a sound Judge of a wire, knows
the game from beginning to end and will
get out some goiid stock for the Huston
Mh HrliiK Back Terriers.
Itussell Johnson, the noted teirier ex
peit of Philadelphia, Is now making an
extended tour In Knglitnd, visiting many
large kennels. Johnson has been an In
terested spectator at several shows since
leaching lhe other side and a well
founded icport says he will return with
,i couple of champion terriers. John
son knows a tyke from stem to stern.
More f'hiMT Pnpplea,
Mrs. Kdwattl Cecil Waller Is cole.
htatliiB tho arrival of two litters of
puppies in nor .'now kennel, Kach litter
numbers four pups, three are Jet blark
whelps, four rcda and the other pup la
of th much fought after blue hue.
of a Marathon Race at Olympic Games,
AI Jasper Oval ttlveratde, 6 Carmana
vllle, i.
At Chalsea Park Chelsea, Id; Hudson, t.
At Columbua Park Columbus, 2; Itutgers
Place, 1.
At De Wilt Clinton D Witt Clinton, ii
West ilth Street, 7.
At Astnr rield Reservoir, 10; Astor, I.
At Corlears Hook Corleara. 5 1 Colum
bus, 1.
At Hamilton rish Hamilton Fish, ;
Tompkins Square, 4.
At Corlears Hook Corlears, ; Itutgera
Place, J.
At Seward Park Hast lath Street, ;
Seward, 5.
At Battery Park Battery, 1; Chelsea, 2.
At Yorkvllle Tnrkvllle, I: Bast
Meadow, 4.
At fleward Park Seward, 7; Tomp
kins, 6.
' At West Ilth Street West Ilth Street,
Si Battery, 4.
At Jasper Oval Jasper Oval, Ben
nett, i.
At John Jay John Jay, 17: Yorkvllle, 0
ai Hamilton risn
East 12th street, :,
At Reservoir Oval
voir. S.
Hamilton Fish. 7;
Bennett, t; Reser-
At Battery Park Battery, 12; Hudson, .
At West 44th mreet West 44th Street, S;
Central, 4.
At queenshorn Park Queenaboro. It; St.
Gabriel's. 13.
At Seward Park Hamilton Flan, ; Sew
ard, :.
At Jasper Oval Riverside, 13; Carmana
vllle, 7,
At Columbua Park Columbus. S; Rut
gers Place. :.
At De Witt Clinton De Witt Clinton, I;
West 5llh Street, t.
At Astnr Field Astor, S; Reservoir, 4,
At Hamilton Fish Tompkins Square, 1;
Hamilton Pish, 0.
At Corleara Hook Corlears Hook, II;
Rutgers Place, 4.
At Seward Park Seward, 5; Baat 12th
At Battery Park Battery. ; Chelsea, !.
ai roravuie
-Yorkvllle. IS;
Best Mead.
ow, I,
At Seward Park Tompkins.
21; rw.
ara. 9.
At Jaaper Oval Bennett, I; Jasper, 7.
At John Jay John Jay, S; Yorkvllle, 4.
At Hamilton Fish Hamilton Fish, ;
East 12th Street, 2.
At Reservoir Oval Reservoir, (; Ben
nett. 1.
At West 44th Street Central Park. 5;
West 44th Street. 2.
At Queenaboro Park (Jueentborn, 11; St.
Oabrlrl's. 10.
At Seward Park Seward, 7; Hamilton
Fish. J.
At Columbus Park Columbus. 4; Rut
gers Place, I.
At De Witt Clinton West Cth Street.
12: De Witt Clinton. 3.
At Astor Flelit-teservolr, : Astor. 1.
At Hamilton Flan Hamilton Fish, 4;
Tompkins S'luarr, 3.
At Seward Park Seward. S; East 12th
Street. 3.
At Yorkvllle Yorkvllle. I; East Meadow,
At Seward Park
Seward. 3.
Tompkins Square, S;
At Hamilton Fish
East 12th Street. 1.
Hamilton Fish, 7;
At (Jueensboro Park St. Gabriel's.
Queenshorn. 3.
AtHeward Park Hamilton Flh. ; Se
ard. 3.
' ,"'"," ?I?"'rJl-.":ia,"i
.- - at - 1.1 I m
15 open. Telephone Barclay 5137, A M.
.i, u . .... iitirr jiHrrrr, 191 nwwici
street, Brooklyn.
A bl"h'' "m eompo-ed of salesmen
representing Llppman. Hpler A Jlahn will
"in CoMUnSr
""vin "com.nlir 'prk '
Co"',.ni' r'uJriJ
afternoon. The came will be played nn
llamond No. 1. Morris Dalshelm will take
hll Cohen will be on the receiving end.
Ed Hamilton, the fielding phenom, wilt
play shortstop for the salesmen.
Young Ulants would Ilka to book gamea
with teams averaging 13 to It eara actual
age. Have all dates open. Would like to
hear from Hhamrncks. Bronx Orays and .
teams nf like strength. Oames to be'
11 V a . 1 nnnnnmntm vm, ,.!. II tlumll.
1 ' ........... .- " . j .v. ... iimi. . if t npen nates in
ton. ::3 Viest 1 41th street, city. I August and fieptember (Sumlay after-
nooni. which they are desirous nf hook-
Tomahawk Redmen, a first class semi- Ing. William J. Homes, care of Elwny
pro team of routh Brookln, seeks games Social Club, 3C Ninth avenue, city,
with home teams. Kmplre City. Egberts.
Hushnlcks and teams of this class pre- ?l. John's C. C. w-nuld like to hear from
ferred, Jersey and up-State teams take light eemi-nrnfe.-lonal teams haling own
notice. Phone Main 1114, 7 to 9 P. M. A. ' grounds. John lloduar, 33S East Seven
J. Itosensteln. IJ7 Third avenue. Brooklyn, tlcth street, city.
I.enls De firoff Kr Son. wnuld like to
.telnay Civic and Athletic Association . close tew Saturday dates with any
team has nnen dale- for light semi-pro I wholesale grocery team In this city on
nines willing to travel. Krank Bartunek. I
OS Seventh avenue, Astoria, U I.
The Stelnway civic and Athletic Assocla.
tlon nine til rro.s bats lth the Unity
A. i' aggregation at Stelnway Park, In
Long Island Cltv. this afternoon. The
game starts at 3:30.
St. Charles, champions of the Holy Name
League In Oi eater Newark, seeks a game
?' .Tue" rnl"!lreM;faNSwn York"!.r i?h
ch.'Siplon. nlrn'oth" amateur league
In lireaier New York. We have enclosed
ground, directly nn trolley line, ten mln-
utes from tube station In Newark nr.
three short block, from I.ehlgh Valley .ta.'
linn lleorae U. Wal.h. S Kckerl avenue..
teams ;rglnir from 1 i to .,' '"'"
age. l .iickerman, 16 i.asi u.th street,
C,I' ,
Wat.oi, m.ebiill Club, a lleht seml-pro
WIlTon" Ovi." "nW,r& "AT ciSldwei!
.im.I Ti,. 'nrA; ' .
aienue. The liron
, , ;
Bronx Laurels would like to book games
with team, nieraaing 14 to 16 We are
willing to travel. Joseph Rosenfeld, U5
cauiuweu aienue, ine iironx.
Inlertale A
lale A, C lust Its first game of the
being defeated bv the Vise Field ,
season, nema oeieaieu ov ine ) se riaiui
I'luh nine at Intervale Oval last Sunday. !
The score na. 3 tn 1, The Intervales hae
all dates upeu for teams averaging '.'1
vears (lames to be plued at our gruunds
In West, hesler. Samuel llenlade. 104!
Southern Boulevard. The Bronx. 1
I'oughkeep.le Club ha. August 13. Ibor
O.iy (double headeri and all other date. In
September open, ilenrge llamnionlree, inn
Cornelia street, Brooklyn
nrtlBKN CI.AIIKR International Judge!,
leuga shlppeil all mer the rouotrs.
New York Kennels, 113 K. Oth St.. ,N, Y,
Beard your pet or show dogs tn tha
finest kennels In America. Don condt
tloned and handled at alt shows. Tha
beat of pedigreed stock, all breeds, for
aale Ardsley. N, T. Tel. :i-W Dnbbs
Tarry, fUASK H. ADPVMAN. (Top.
At Stud. Tt. SS.oo
Champion Lawton Rex
Puppies and rnn stock fnr sale.
O. Carley Harrlman. Iledfnrd Hills. N, T.
iBoalon tiat Itoad. M.yhaw Avsnua.)
JAPAMIbh, I'eklucrse sml pomernnUn '
puppies, for sale: ilnga at stud. : Ulaiii.
son Ave., Brooklyn,
Ilipplea and Grown Does.
lit S.ranloil Life llull.llni, Krranlnn, a.
nosrON TKItltlCIt PUPS hy rhamiilmi
nilflnii Htur, male ami female, :l innnth.
old, chaiip. . illlH. JOHN HPAKKri.
his, i--i uivuaun, neur riainusn ,e
in -Met" District
Passalra, a travelling semi-pro team
composed of minor leugue nlayera, have
open dates In July and r.uguet. Mnsholus,
Maroons. Fnrdham Lyceum, Dyckman F.
C., Hunts Point Athletics, Knights of St.
Antony. Empire Cllye. Farmers and
Sprlngrlelds kindly notice. William J.
tlltuty. in Barclay atreet, city. Phone
vqi uoruanui oeiween I una
Peerless A. C. seeks run'! with horn nr
'veiling teame averaging 14 years.
Michael O'Brien, 217 Heath avenue,
Klngabrldge, M, Y.
The. Mount Hop team will play the
flprlngflelds at Crotona Park at 10 o'clock
thla morning. Last Sunday the Mount
Hopes defeated the Aquinas nine. The
score was I to l. Young rtarry let tha
lostra down with two hits.
The Immaculate Conception Jra., averag
ing 14 yeara. have datta In August and
September, also Labor Dny, games to he
played on th; Immaculate grnund. Jnhn
Hatrlck, S14 East Seventeenth street, .New
York city.
The Laurel Cluh of the Bronx House
wisnea in piay rest teams averaging 16
vlll play on home diamond nr
opponents' grnun
nus. Address Laurel Club.
tsronx Mouse.
The Manhattan nasetmll Club, which has
&,.'.,.?d mon othera, Newburgh. Suffern,
Port Washington, c. would like to close
a. few Saturdaya and Sundays with clubs
! f.,n. re,0"a.n1' Inducements. The club's
record to date Is twenty victories and nve
defeala Address Charles A. Weiss. 141
Eatt Mnety. second atreet, New York city.
Harlem Rovers would like to arrange
fi1m,f." r"1 ,"',m" eraglng IS years,
lames to be played nn home grounds.
Have open from July 30 to first Sunday
J. St.mJ,"r' Thomas J. p. Byrnes. Ms
Kasfl:oih atreet, ctty,
TfTo f I iMt.llln. V ..... . ..
header" AUf". ' V.Kto"
header. September !. 17. 21 open to
larmera. Empire City. Flatbush. Sunset.
American. NMIni, nd ,eam,' Brrerng
Ive'n'it Bro"o2;nrJ0", 505 a'nm0"
iil'L8'" ! whlngton Heights would
afii. ht'tr. from ll?1"" P'yl" Saturday
n "? All games will be played
S7?.r rounls. Team averages H-17. nc-
ret.""c,y."m" s" "
a.nV..'.KB- S- c- wn",d 'Ik to arrange
games with uniformed teams averaging 15.
iL'HS1 "" 'lv August 13. so" and 27
open. Gamea to be played on our grounds
J.."Ph C. Klett. SCO West 170th atreet.
city. Tel. Audubon lt i"ei,
..mrlm,V.r? Athletics u. TTglit s.ml-pro
LTVtTi."?;". ,0.b00 "ne "Mh nines
A?.fI.PiVe1..nn n,"rnunds. Fast teams
SnufII"siW. "1 '"" I" travel. Adam
Spleles, 546 Broadway
Stelnway Civic and Athletic Association
has open dates for light eeml-prn teams
willing to travel. Frank Ilartunrk. 603
Seventh avenue. Astoria, L. I.
Intervale A. C. 'will cross bate this after
noon with the crack Fulton A. C. at the
Westchester golf links.
Elizabeth Stars of Ell.abeth. Jf. i t one
of the leading semi-professional travelling
club, of New Jersey, have a few opeS
'."'n.Al1"u"''. wnulrt "ke to hear
from first class clubs seeking a reliable at
traction. . .T. Ilnm rT'l-l...l. v .
I P.hone 3415.J Cnlonville from 8 A.' M. to I
Fast and sure hlt.lnv a.A... .
? ?h" habTncT of "trfu'Le.".
"f. ..ViiST ' ..'i1!! "'"e."
and shortstop seeks u position with a team
'in. Age 20
Murray, rare
McKv"f. 6 't .Slxty-rlghth treM,
1; A' 'ever. 6 'ljt sixty.,i
a. a 1 1 1 ...... . t t . . . . . .
would like I o close July 30 and all dates
in AUCUSt and M.nt.ml... ..I..
lams. 3S2S Barnes avenue. Wllllamsbridge,
Ilolton. Juniors would like to arrange
J. Ouieiev a;s r.. ,-r.iT ...... r:."r -
1' . . I . . . .
'he average of a light seml-prn team.
John Nuosha, 36 tt'n.hlnaton street, cltyi
Newark Athletics, who for the List
JJl. 'r" h"". earned a reputation as a
fenil-prn tiani. and who have
P'ed sue h clubs us Ironsides. Mllford
A A. and Meadow brooks nf Newark, would
like to hear from nines huvlng home
f.",,'h',.,.r. PJv.' .iv v-r',n''' :?9 Sou,n
""h street. Nee. ark. ,S. J
, X Vrk Huperha's seek games on their
l.oni. grnund. with team. ; averas.ng 17 t;.
;".' ,,ono,n- "lainbui
"ue. 1 1 y.
n..... .. ...,, hi.. . t,
"' A0,"" ' , w"' ?.n
"""'! "'t" teams aver.lgln 13 lo I;. e..r"
l.'Oth street, city
Mlll.on-Tacom Baseball Club ha. all
Sunday. In Augu.t and September open
fnr nrM cUtn ,,, .rh, homP Iroun,
nf the cluh Is nt Bronx Oval. Joe Hlg-
117 Chamber, street, city.
Millwood B. B. Cluh, I,', to 17, home
team, has .11 dates In .September. A. M.
,ni1 ,, M np,n fnr Hm, n illlnsr to travel
Peter Kutzelman. 181,1 i.eorge itreet,
Intervales hale all date, open for non
uniformed teams average "0.!; vears.
lamei 10 ne piajea on our urour.-is a: me ;
golf links In Westchester on suniiav morn- i throughout the !'nlt.-,l m-.i,.s r,.v ...
Ing. only, .sum IJekl.n.le. 104! Southern1.'",'"""' U1 ln" Stales fot sot.
Kmilevnrd. Bronx.
l.nyoU A A. has open date, for first
class home clubs. Thonnis P. Cirrod, As .
Kii.t llelilv. ninth klreet , Ill-
American Athletic and Social Cluh wo'ild
like to hear from ba.ehall player- and
from team, with home grnund- .1 lUni- ,
r. iin CiuldweN avenue, Th llrunk, or
telephone 3!lg Melrose
New Marlboro, Berkshire County, Mass.
Cocker Spaniels
Famous champions at stud.
Puppies and crown stock usually far sale
AlftrcnAl.n and Wire' Knx Terrier, for 1
.ale. Write for pedigree and price. liEO
HUHENSTKIN, Arlington, N. J,
Aiifi-nai.Ria i .Month, ni.i tin ti
ll 1 j, registered, W 11 UliW It SON, Middle. I
bury, Vl, j
41'ANKNr. arATTKlTs. grown docs and '
rupnles for sale; Imported slock. Miss
lark.en, 371 Bercen St., Ilronklyn. Phone
Prospect 715,
New York Sun
Encloted find 2c. sttunp. Please send five pedigree
blanks free of charge.
name. . . . : :;. :.::::::;r.:::.
TntMH4akt Barbed la lot ofonehundral lth kaual aid osraarlaajiis aa4 U.
draja Prtaaad In fed. tlue orbUek Ink lor 1 1, so. .1elU ered by Ball anywhere tatis UalS
uvea. Peavur added frlo sssualrlea CtecW r moaay sardacniuai aacsaapV araa7
J -U' ' -- ' '' .si. 1 ii, sn naaiiaf II
AiinminnnnA ntiAin
.John .Mindnii. Pnnions,
Ri'octlpr an (I FniH'ler, to
Jndjjo Hnlls.
The Queenaboro Kennel Cluh has an
nounced the names of the Judges who
will ofllclatc nt Its Inaugural A. K. C,
show to he held In Krhuetzcp Park, As
toria, t.. I., on September If). The list
Is a remarkably woll balanced one and
Includes many apeclalty and nil round
Judges that are sure to poll a big entr
(lancing over tho list the nnmo of John
Mlnturn as the Judge for bulldopa
stands out as a drawing card for that
breed. Mlnturn, owner of the fnmotia
Hockcllffe kennels, has owned mid bred
many of the best bulldogs ever seen In
the American show ring. He la a thor
ough sportsman. Sternberg, llreese and
Mitchell nre the nil rounders and they,
will unite to Judge the vnrlety and un
classified Sieclnl classes. The complete.
list of Judges follows:
Mrs. C. Davles Talnter, While Plains,
N. Y dachahuude: Mrs. Arthur 1.. Hol
land. New Tnrk city, Pekingese; J. V.
Hurkhnrdl, Astoria, I,. 1 t.rcat Dane;
C, V. Nellson. New York city, sportlnir
spaniels: l-'red l.elghtnn. New Vork Mtv.
collies; a. Sabo, Lynhrnok. L. I., jje'l
gian ami i.erman sheepdogs; John W.
Mlnturn. Syossct. U 1 Kngllsh hull
dnga : William Hurtenshaw, Brooklyn,
Airedale terrier?: J. V.'. Hrltton, Now
York city, hull terriers; Julius Fan
inann, Jersey City. N. J French bull
dogs; Joseph Dale, Hmoklyn. llirstnn
terriers: John White, Hempstead, Jf. Y.,
puiiuers, eciiera anil neagleA.
Y,ink H. Sternberg, Now York city,
bloodhounds, mastiffs, Newfoundlands,
Eskimos, Samoycdes, boxern, Pinscher
(I)oberman), Shetland Hheepdogs, nUin
terriers, Pomeninlans, Kngllsh toy
spaniels, Japanese spaniels, toy poodles
Maltese terriers, Hruasr-ls griffons, Ital
ian greyhounds, miscellaneous and local
J. Wllloughby Mitchell, New Tork
city, greyhounds, poodles, Dalmatians,
fox terriers, Sealyham terriers, Irish
terriers, S.xittlsli terriers-. West High,
land whlto terriers, Welsh terriers.
Dandle Dlnmont terriers. Hcdlington
terriers, black and tan (Manchester)
Vinton P. Hreese, Newark. N. J HuaA
slan wolfhounds, Irish wolfhounds, Scot
tish decrhounds, wlro haired poltitlnit
grllTons, whippets, old Kngllsh tdiccp
dogs, chow chows, Schlpperke.s, York--shlre
terriers, toy black und tan terriers,
Chihuahuas, members' and children'!
Messrs. Mitchell. Hreese anil Stern
berg, variety classes and uucl.iHlied
Hla Kno-ledse of the Pine Point,
Help II I in Develop Champions.
Theodore Offcrmnn, terrier enthusiast,
always has his weather eye peeled for a
irood floar of nny variety, but he Is es
pecially fond of Airedale terriers. His
knowledge of the flno points of the dm;
and how they should develop often en
nbles him to pick up a youncster tin:
others do nut deem valuable and make
It one of the leaders In Its division, Ills
latest triumph was with Vork S.ifetv
First, a younir doc that main did not
think hlphly enotiBh of to hu hut
which he saw at a (fiance was worth a'
camhle. This doir has done well on the.
few occasions when it has been shown
CKtU-s agree that It has a bright show
cateer ahead and will take some stop
ping when It fully matures. Safety Flrrt
is a beautifully colored son of Champion
York Ityburn Swell and score heavily7 .
In front, shoulders and o,u.irter.s, "
Wlllitluetle llefender Was a Pre),
uuenl Winner In Coast Shone.
Ch.imiilon Willamette Defeudei. ona
of the best known hull terriers on th
Pacific coast, died last week In Portland.
Defender, more familiarly known to .tia
many friends n Nibs was ownrst by
Mrs. fieorge It. .Story, and for manv
ears was a popular winner at th va
rious dog shows.
He was bred by Krank K. Wat Id ha of'
Portland, and was wludped August U,
190S, Ills site was Champion Kdge
cote Peer, dam lieneral Custer's Hell.',
and Is without a doubt the last bull tr
rier containing blood from the two won
derful champions. Woodcotn Wonder
for ten ears the leading winner in both
this country and Krigland. and of Kdc.
ih reel, .1 wiiiuvi al v.iiioux snme-
eral seascms.
Wee Mart el fines to Coast.
Mrs. Madae Thorpo has sold her fa-
mows winning nrhsiure terrier Chum-
plon Clayton Wee Marvel to a fancier
In I,os Amides mill a lllt.r of nnni.i.,.1
.,' ' " ,,. .', . l"lel"or Promising
I ''. ' K'nt e-e puppies to .Mrs, M, K. ll.irby.
I Nowata Kemnls.
The Dog Shop
Just oppoaite Altman'a
IS East 3Sth St.
Phone Murray Hill 0til
A special exhibition of Soulyham .
Terriera, West HiKhlnnda and Bos
ton Terriers; this week.
All other breeds for sale.
Mra. D. D. Dunn,
And How to Feed
Mailed free to sn; addreaa br
the Anuior
I lWt Slat Street, NeiVoik
on ww
: :
k sIHBIIilllliLHBilHHHfli

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