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Giants, in 'Hitless Wonder' Class, Again Win on 3 HitsYanks Renew Hope by Beating Cleveland in Close Contest
Demonstrate to Tinker's Satis
faction That flames Can He
Won on Few Hits.
nr Fnnnr.mcK o. mrb.
With full apologies to Jnscphus Hum
phries, the demon announcer, we take
great pleasure, ladles and gentlemen,
In Introducing baseball's latest Hltlees j a tight game by a score of 3 to 2.
Wonders. John Mcdraw's New York j Roger Pecklnpaugh, who Is a "red
(Hants. "!"n wl,n horns" In his old home town.
Using a formula employed so success- largely was responsible for the New
fully by Klclder Jones In the American Vork victory this afternoon. Peck hits
.league ten years ago while the govern-1 h "all harder In Cleveland than any
Ing genius of the Chlcngo White Sox, "here else In the circuit, and to-day
the (Hants have Just succeeded In prov j PaMeil Jim Hagby for a double and two
Ins- to some veteran Chi picture paint- singles, stole two bases ami scored two
. r ..... . L . i.. i
crs. inc.u.ung veterans o. ...e -n, .
wars, that miracles are as possiuio in
thla decade as In the last.
w .. v., i ti,i in...
If some soothsayer had told Jcy
Tinker berore Joe came on to New York
that his pitchers would hold the (llanls
to thirteen hits In the four game set
Joe undoubtedly would have grinned
anil , remarked "Well, that sure Is
mighty nue of ou to tell me such
cheering words."
That's Just what the Cubist pitchers
did hold the (Hants to a baker's doxen
of hits In four nine Inning games. Yet
It doesn't seem to count so much how
many hits one gets so long as they
aro obtained and are made to count.
That Is what the (Hants did, as they
won throe out of four games from the
Tlnlis. In ,.irh nf their three vie -
torles the made only three hits. Yes-1
terday on the Polo lirnimds they won. i
3 to the same score by which the I
locals iinne.id u three hit game last
Tinker All llrt I'll.
A week ago Tinker mot likely would I
have said. "That can't be done," but ,
accomplished It was. John Mcdraw !
says he nei- heard about thirteen being '
unlucky, When Joe Tinker was asked i
to expr?.s op opinion on the subject I
of- whether or not 111 luck follows the i
number 13, Joe Jut said. " " I
(inly one lilt whs necessary for the I
Olnnts to win yesterday, and from now
on Joo Tinker w ill exercise a care be-
fore he oidcrs bis plfhers to walk
... . - ... .;::., .. . "'
.r...e ,u ,, ... reroie .cnupp.
The lofilc of "electing Kerdle Schupp at
the goat wa.s (I. K., but the league
rules say nothing about managers being
unable to use pinch hitlers when rival
generala plan to humiliate light hitting
Kunners. ictiraw- merely waved .
.-.nupp asi.ie ami sent l.ohert to tho
front. The C.iants Ilonu. made a pinch
hit n-hlcn was a pinch hit. He knocked j
cut n double with the bares full, and
everybody Mow horna. '
. , irmr n nio st .
While J1.I111 sMcdraw nn well ha),.
nea wiin ine miicome or the series, we
,,-u. 1
can't nay much for Lawrence Doyle,
champion N I. batsman for 19IS. or for
Detorin M.-iv.. ll,il,er..ii ...l... i.A..
wear Lam's crown "next veir I T-.rrv
am, Dave can't ZWl wonier
Kanies inroiiCT n periscope. Doyle failed '
to strike a blow during the series, while
rtoberlenn' bat went on a hit istrikn I
nnii .i..i:niim . i.ijK.in ior a oo'iitie last 1
Thursday Dive t,ays If that club doesn't j
go back lo work iiretty soon he will ap-
peal lo the (lovernor to call out the
Jamie Lavender. the Montezuma
r,..,.. l... .' .7. " !
. .,i i-imi'i . iii iiiiii-7.iinn
".. uraniN a r(lrll
over mam nais in tiariem since pitch-1
ln that no hit game hist year, tried to
oer his second victory of the series. I
Lobeifa punch knocked him out In I
lie. mill, rremlergist and Seaton fin-.
Miedr and permitted only one lilt.
l ....... . .i.. .., .
and was going along pretty well until '
Tinker tried Ills tiHteKy on him. After ,
the gnme was won Tesieau wa wfin .
to save It, and this time It whs Jeff's
t.in. n l, .,,.,,1 i...,. h ii.
lowed only one hit In his four Innings,
th oik h It knts'ked in a run.
t Cuba First tu Tnlly.
The Chlcngo boys (-cored llit. .n
old Harlem serf. c)af Wilson, onened the
third Innlit by boring a single to left, j
1, ,...!. .i ,. u-j
llltclie.l lilm thiee bnlU anil nr. Ktrlliea ,
Ilollle elder, the bunion boy. drove a
double to left, placing Wilson on third. 1
,ii,u,i.r i I..., JIH..-...K neuii i.u tniru.
Mollwlt, who wa a right fielder yes-
""'!. Jl. 1" h0,h t,U1t.'. rU""' " ,
Wllsnn over ullh a uerllln. n.. i
The fifth round f.toved mighty fruitful
for the r.lants. Wortman made a good 1
stop on Kauff and then threw wild and
Merkle was shot with one of Lavender's!
uhtamed spltters. Fletcher sacrificed the
niur u. a nape. 11 was men mat ringer
n.iflieil a wireless out t" Lavender to
furor Lol.ert with n ian. That filled
'em tip, and the Cuba lay bark for a
double play
imi r.ciiiii.pie mil not wane into tne
Plders net liit.-nil Lol.ert took up
Fei die's cu.lsel nnd dotiblcd ,,ver third
:?: ,r,kLr'h "t
ing. On .Mann's throw home, a freak
affair with a hl; arc, Hans continued to
third. Tinker then sent Lavender away,
and Jamie was rather fussed up about
It As he wandered out lie spoke harshly
to Wortman on hln fielding, Premier
g.iHt cam.' In. and removed Burns and
Ilnjle without Lnbert scoring.
Tho Cubs closed with n run on "Teas"
In the eighth. Old Howdy Klllott, the
const rouch hnuser, walked In place of
Prendcrgast. Packard ran for the little
lound inwdy dowdy man, and flene.
moved up to second on Zeldcr's out.
scoring on MoIIwIUh single. "Molly"
stole, though Mr-r raw claimed Interfer
ence, but Mann faiinul, The score;
ab r h o a e ah r h o a e
7eor.:h . 201 1 2 lUlurn..lf ,., loo 1 00
Mullw I'x.rf 2 0 1 2 0 0llnyle,'.'h 4 0 0 I 60
"Mnn,lf ... too 2 ooproi.",b .. 401 i to
'im'an 3b., 401 0 n o.Knh'iaon.rf loo 1 00
Kelly..! ... 4 0 0 6 1 0 Kauff.cf . , 111 I od
Siier.lb, 4 01 S 1 OlMerkle.Ill,. 210 10
W.'rlm'll.ss 3 0 1 2 2 1 Kleteher.aa, 2 0 0 1 2 0
Wllann.e , 2 1 1 2 2 0 Rarlden.e.., 2 in K 2 0
Archer.e ion i oo Sihuiui.p,.. joo t oo
l.iivemier.p 20 0 0 1 ojM.nliert ... ioi 0 oo
I'mi'git.t.p 0 0 0 0 OOTe.reau.p 1 0 0 0 0 0
Klllotl .... oooooo .
tl'.nkanl, 010 0 oo Totals ...21 3 3 27 ISO
Seaton.p.,, 0 0 0 0 on
Tnluls... N i S 21 21
Hutted fm I'rendirEn.t In the elflith Inning
tlbui fm Klllotl In the eighth Inning.
Milled for Mehnpp In tl. fifth Innlnt.
I'lilcsuo 0 a 1 0 0 0 0 I 0-2
.New Vork , ., .00001000 I I
Two liaae tills- .rider, lienor, Ixiliert, Stolen
bsrSK- Saler. Molliilti, Ilurna Sacrifice lilt
riililK I Sai rlfae fir -Mollwlli. flonhle pla,
IfiTii'v Hiid liiile on haiea New Vork,
s ri.l.-Htfo. 4. I'irst base on errora-.Nesr
York, i IIH and ei.riie.1 rum -Off Schupp, r.
I, ll. I nm In fi Innlnss; off Tearrau, I hit, I
1 mi In I liinln.'s' nit Lavender, 3 hits, 2 runa in
4 I .1 nm i off Piendrrzaat, no hits, nn runa
in - 2 3 huilim- nrf Seaton. no hits, no runa in
1 lulling Hit In ,lli hr Mr Si hupp,
lelileil In Lnnnder. 1 IHerklel lla.e. on
lolbr-nn Si hupp, 1 f.Mllwlt1 ; off Teireau, 1
iniloli) on l.awtid.r, I lltarlden): off Set
Inn, I Hturrr i Slrmk oiii-Br Schupp, J
Maeender, Wll.onl , In Teireau. 2 fAreher,
Manal 1" Lsiender. 3 (Herreg, Rntiertaon
Kihuppl fmiilre. .Meaara. Klem and Kinalle.
Time of came I hour and 44 minutes.
Itnlie's Drive in Eighth Causes
Downfall of Cleve
land, 3 to 2.
Ci.kvbi.asb, Auk, 7. The worst of Hie,
Yankee slump teem to be over, and
from Bill Donovan to Jimmy Dug an
everybody In now looking for better
time. The Yank made It two straltht
when they won the first game of their
series from Cleveland to-d.iy, winning
Of the three Vmili rnna an, I h,.t..l .1-1. -.
- - ......
- mm um
I ''"f ' "',"' V" "ln!'
Ith ,llh Inning which drove In the
winning run.
t Ray Klsher drew the original Yankee
I pitching assignment, and after twirling
hitless ball for three Innings was
sloughed for seven In the next three,
Sharp throwing by Yank fielders, or
what Is called stupid base running hete.
blocked off two Cleveland runs during
1 these Innnlgs, and enabled Klsher to
leave the ga te with the score a tie at
2 to 2. Donovan did not rate to tempt
i fate any longer, and Malsel batted for
"'e Vermont boy In the seventh. Hob
Shaw key held the Indians In check for
,h remainder of the game, permitting
my n "It In his three Innings
Vainly tint Out Ten lilts,
Jim Hagby, one of Kohl's promising'
.veiling. ters from New Orleans, pitched'
a f.ilrly steady eanie. thourh the VnnU,. 1
I t.n.l......l... .. .... ...
tombntded him for ten hits, which !
some liiprnement oer their recent
recoru ot rour a ilay.
,. Th, aV1"'" I'"' aVrT l" '" ,
,irlr' I""'"- r Isher rather startled
7' ,vnel1 " "lappeil a two base hit
" 'r' "nd ok third while Turner was
'"rowing out Miller. Artie llofman. who
earning his pay since Joining,
,hc """. drove In Klsher with a single ,
, crnXrr- ,v'k drove to right for a
llofman lomplng around to third,
Vrck moved up to eecond on the
'"row to pin down Circus Solly. On
1 "'i' " grnunner io i urner iioriuau ru-
thrnwii ,.t , ,h. ..i.i i. u ...
- - , .Vul '
i o J.I. . ,
supeVs, fullv with Ita ill
WMIv r lim. in wVn.h.n,J.. "
n1.l0"a.l1'.'!1"'- . .
i ' -- nnu niu..-( uruKe h recor.i in
'"" ","""h run mi iwn miuui"'
"""" -"'" " pn.an ugiio en in
. "id ,'" comi on Speaker s out.
'Io"' doubled to left, scoring Chapmin
.miiii tonowed up tlie sttack with a
single to left, but Miller threw out Moth
st the plate. Wamby beat out a bunt ;
1 'lit
tor ine lo.irin mi or me inning, nut rip;
ok care of Turner s roller for the third 1
Indiana Tie roro.
The Indians tied the score In the
breaker doubled to right with
,' "? -" "? '!,:'h'" f"
, ' " r-..n.. .. ..... ... ,
ann ,nlm on ""nuns inne.u oin,
bul w"' ,tft wn I'vkltipaiiRh mu"-5.iI
" i' !
Tl" Vankees won out In the eighth
Inning. Peel: opened the Inning with a
nouoie 10 ten, aiut tpeaner ran tar out
and made a remarkable one handed
catch of Plpp's tcrrlllc clout, Peck went
w...... v. ........ . ...... ..... ......
.Inwn I,, thlr.l nfler tha ril..h. e.l
....... . . ,
w 11,11 ni'iruis i.nmt-u ... ...i.iriiiK
took second while Wnmby was throwing
out Oedeon, and then the Itube Htole
third, but was left by Iloone. The score
abrhoae, al. r h o a e i
al. r h o a e ,
firaner If. 3 00 3 0 0'Miller If
0 0 3 1 0
E'.'i'i', 2 ? h
llofman ct I o l : no
I'eekln ah.aa 4 21 3 '.'I
Plpp.Ih, .. .401 lo n 0
ttoth.rl.'. ..' 4o: 3 t o
rimi.tll.1b... 4 0 1 lo no
Olitrllll.rf.. 4 0 2 3 lul
Wam'nss.s. 4 0 2 2 .,0 (!ei1eon.:b.. 3 n n 30
Turner.21... 4O 0 2 3 0.liooiie.lb. . 40 0 2 00
Balleil for Turner In Hie ninth Iniilnz,
tllatted fur Flatter it. the aeicnth limine
2 I : ! ! ? J 1 IJ ' '
t'letelanrt .... 00010100 0-2,
Two base hlta-l'hapinan. llntti. Speaker,
Fisher. Pecklnpaugh. Mlolen ba.esi.e,kln.
..s .. n.,-ris. hu.-c-i.i..n.i..
liisleon. Malxl. Houble pt -Nuniinaker,
i.isieon, hiihi. irounte
1'eiklnna.irh and Pipp. Ifl on
Herel5d:N'l7 Wt"
rftt on liasea-l lee-1
.' j ' T"
,T5 .n'ff I'iXrr i'Sl 2 in-r
Sh.wke, t and 0 1. , 3. nrg - M.
i , "JL 'SXh' .ml nini , Tim. of ..i.T
46 rnlmite. '
-,,. ... ,h. Members of II
. " M"",,rr "
Team o lied.
I Baltimore. Aug. 7 Typhoid fever
, i,ali (ipmr.1ll.,.ri the baseball leagun of
. i. u.uimnre unit nhlr. Hnllro.id. nut the
,,mr ,cam representing the' Mount
?' '
iaivi- Kii h l o Mirmaicpr.t 10: 2 31 "-. - - ... -. y
'llaiby.p. .. 2 00 1 in,K,.her. 2 11" no '"P"; JJj i " 2 KorTeTJ'ih , i So
Smllh ... . 0 0 0 0hawkey.p , 00 0 1 0 - JJ 5 X Ji JJ;1," J
Toi.i. r..;;?., liu,lrii,:b. oo I :orollinacf 210 S on,
Totala 3. l.. - n. Enmier.sa 40 1 1 I OIBIsrkh'n c. 30 1 4 lo
nospuais or in oea ai ineir ih.iiivj. mm yit syrneuae
necessltatcd the Inoculation of most of iiinrjliaminn. .
the shop employees with typhoid serum.
Rnni of thp Mount Claro rnnn Hri ho
seriously III that they probably will be 'yilrA fr-t g.mel- It. H. K.
able neither to work nor play ball fnr'ninilra . . o o 0 0 0 4 1 i l t i
the rest of the season. t'llca . ... lootoooo 02 s l
- I'.itterle. De.aau and Flahar; Bryant,
Pittsburg, Aug. 7 The Orand Circuit
rai'lnc meei wnicil whs rrmnuitu . ..
open here tp-day was postponed on ac-
count of rn'n. The stake events which
in l.arn heen rleel.leil 'A' U he rut.
a-;.. v, .. ,,.
'til I"-.. I'M . I, - . .11. v. ,,,iti,ir, n . ..
he one of the best of the year All the
famous trotters nnd pacers In the n un
try are entered for the different speclils,
and most of them already are on the
ground and In fine condition
National and American League Records.
Nr w York, ill ClilcBgn, U.
Philadelphia, tit HI. I.nuls, rt.
Boston, at ('Inrlnaall. n (Aral),
Boston, 0 Cincinnati. O'fserond).
The Brooklyn. Plllaharg game waa
postponed on account of rain.
riayrd. Won. I.osl. P.C. Played. Won. I,nt. r.C.
Brooklyn M nn a.l ass Chlragn lti. si 44 Jim
Bnaton Ail nfl 3S .Hill Boston 103 AM 44 MSt
Philadelphia... 04 n4 40 .rt74 f'letrlnnd HI3 nr 4fi Jina
New Vork 04 40 4.1 .tVil New Vork 103 BK 4T M
Chlragn Umi 41 .14 .400 lirlroll ton nd tut j2H
HU l.oilt 10.1 4n .IN .4.17 HI. I nula 1114 fig Ml J110
I'lttabarg 04 41 Ml ,4a Washlnglon. , 101 ni no .nos
Cincinnati 104 xo on -I7n Philadelphia. . gg io to ,hm
HI. Lanla la 5sw Vork.
Chlragn In Brooklyn,
ritliburg In Boiton.
Cliclaaatl la Phlladelpkla.
His Double Beats Senators, 3
to 2 Sliotton Scores All
of Victors' Rons.
St. T-oum, Aug. 7 (American). St.
t.nula took sixth place from Washington
by defeating thorn In ten Innings to-day.
" to :. Slsler's double In the tenth
sroied Shotton, who had slngltd, with
the winning run.
Until the eighth Wellman allowed only
three lilts. In the eighth singles by
McRrlde, Oharrlty, Moeller and Shanka j
produced two runs and tied the score.
All St. louls' runs were made by
Shotton. The score:
sbrhoae! abrhoae
Mnellerlf.. 401 4 o OlShotlon.lt... 1 1 t 00
rnster,3li. not z lOiTnmn.ei u j
.shanki.if,. 101 J 0 01 Wallace lb.. 0S0 0 1,
Kii-e.rt 401 n ooiMlller.rf 101 4 oo
vyiiiianiatn joo 5 lOBisier.iD ; jj "
Mnrann :ti. 101 1 lOiPrslt.Ib..,. 401 4 H
4 00 1 1 0I.Mrsn id. inn z si'
-;-, ,-f ,.,,,,,, th, ,thth ,nnlngi
illin for Chtrrltr In the elrtth Innlnt.
Tnn eut when winning run was sen red.
Hinted for Vfellmtn In the ninth Inning.
Wtthlniton 000000020 j
HI Ullls . 101000000 1-1
Tun hate lilts Miller. Laftn and Blsler.
Stolen he Shotton, Morgan. Sacrifice hits
Slunk.. Tuhln, Wsllace. Martins. Double plan
l.st.n. I'rstt and Staler. Alnamlth and
foster lft on haaes Washington, fi St.
I.oiua. 4. Kirat base on errors Washington.
; Klrtt lisse on balls Off llallla. 1- off Arera.
1 off Wrllman, 1. lilts and earned rona Off
llallla, hlta. 2 rnna In 7 Innings; off Ayres.
1 hit and no runa In I 14 Innings ; off Johnsoa,
j ruts and 1 run in 1 M Inmnjs; off Johnson.
7 hilt and 2 msa In Innings; off llroora, no
hits, no runs In 1 Innlnr. lilt br pitcher Br
litoom. 1 l Moeller). Struck oat Hr (lallla, 1;
bt At res. 1, by Johnaon. 2: by Wellman. 1.
Wild pltrh-liallla Urnplrea-Meaara. t'onnolly
ami I hill Time of game 2 hours and 14 rain-
4 uti a.
Huh Crow Wins Double Bill,
J to 0 mill fi to 0 Toney Al
lows Only 2 Hits in First.
ItoHTus. Slass., Aug. 7 (National).
ine uravm noorea a nouiiie snuioui over
'lnclnntl to-day. winning the first
tame 2 to n and the second to 0,
T"" - ''1,,h-'1 tr'at am for ,n
l!r,l '" ""I contest, allowing only
two hits. ., triple by Maranvllle and
.... ...m-..,. i
i. etched support.
,,,.., rorinected only for six safe
lrlvrs , h, .cond ;, off Mm(y,
I but they were tlmelj and scored runs.
The scores .
flltST liAMK.
.111 1- h n a ' tali h n m
.irnh :b loo : joM'vilie.sa :n t 1
at. r h o a e
line. en ei sol 1 o a pal ru k,:t : n 0 1 1
il'ifMilirl e; 1 1 OlEi.m.:b.. 100 1 :o
fhas-ill . I On 1 0 llWilholl.rf 4 01 1 00
Mitchell.in 100 I 2'Maree.if . . 100 1 00
N-ale.ll . lot 0 0 0 Tnfl.hjr.lb 4 00 11 10
Lou I'n.rh iio oosmlth.lh :oo 0 :oi
o" I lurfn.e i ??
rniifv.p ion n 1 nmarnes p soo I 10
-ri.iner . 1 o 1 u eoi
, ;--
Totals. .. Mi:j7i:i
PntlH fur Knimer In the ninth Inning
nnooifloo n-c
ootoiooo i-2
Two bane lilt-Wllhll Tliree hase hll-
Msrsimlle. stolen lnse -Smlth. gacrlllce hits
-MMr.im Ills. Kcbii. I'i'llln.. Double Dlara
. ... . .... ...... . .
'.nm II n ".run Mlleneil IO r.nimer 1 Knneleny
fn ,rtll
mm to Konetchr. twt on basea
I'ineliinatl. , lloston. (. First base on errors
IliMtun. 4 llaea on balls 41ff Toney, 6; off
Barnes. : Hits and earned runs-jiff J
hl"S'l1,lni, niTlUtuSKr SX
lilt, and earnr-t rmis 4lrT Toner
2 and I In innlncs; off flames. I and none.
in S l.inlms till br plt.her-Br Barnea. 1 1
f It.iii.rlil. Struck ...It Bt Tones. 3: br i
iltini.rlil. sirurk i.iiI-Rt Tones. 3: ti
names. 2 t'nipires Messrs. Beron and Qnlf
names. 2 t'nipires Messrs. Heron and Qnlf-
Time of came-t hour and 65 mlnntea.
ah r hone abrhoae
Nealelf ml 1 0 CIMaran'le.aa 112 2 10
Housh cf.. 4 00 3 noiE-nn.:b . 2 11 2 0
KnVr.CI. 10 1 I 10!
ll'ihn.e .. ion 1 on Totals . ,,, K 14 o
Wlnjo .. loo n oo'
. J.01"1. M .....
'lUtte.! for Mn.iley In the ninth Inning.
i 1....1 nooiA.e.n
Ilmtnn .. 22002000 1-4
T ..... h,,., ,.,.. Th.-. k...
I K..netiln Home rnn-MaranTllle. stolen
bsws-Maranillle !, Sacrifice hlta-Wllholt.
i " ',! t, h ,-"""m Ira Si nV "Kan TaTi-tlA?
VliaH.':;!!.' A
' slls- Clff Moaeler, 2: off Allen. 1 Hits
j..d earned rn.-Off 'Moaeley . hits, t run.
i" ,., ."n'ou h;.,n,r T ,!
Allen. 1'
, I'm, ni cam-, nours.
ltrooCclyn va. rhl, ago. 3:30 P M. Air,
w I. PC. I
4f, M .
43 M 413
41 411
IT 54 ,1T
Svracu.e. M 11 r,l2'ITllea.
Uinf",',0" 5' V, VfWtflVL
ss:" u ,Y.hrrr.Tbrg."
R. H K.
00000000 00 2 0
riiliisr.i , , . V V " " V " u l l V
Hn-riM rrork ano I'Mtrann: KhmK
I Kirpp ami liruggy,
. He. on. I game- It. II, K-
Kimlra . .. . 2 1 0 0 0 1 04 7 J
,, , . .H I. " . " " . . 9 I
iiuiia.i.. r.nn..l ..a I.. .... imin. ....
, rugs ' ""'
At Wllke.harre
Allisnl, .. 0 0 S
oooi ' t2 s
i wiike.i,
arre,, 2 n o o 0 o i ol 7 3
llalterles Pevlnner and
Ilougliertv and llrlger.
At llarrliburK-
rt it r
o' 4 2
Peranlon ooooaoooo-
Hnrrlihurg . I 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 x 1 1
lutterles- Buckets and rtltter; Parsons
nn I Whest.
New Vork. Hi Cleveland, 'i,
Chicago, Tl lloston, I,
Del roll, 4 Philadelphia. 3.
Nl. I.nuls, at Washington, 2 (10 Innings).
New Vork In rieteland.
Bnaton In Chlragn.
Philadelphia In llttrnll.
Waihliglog la 81. Loill,
AinMnimr u " .TfT!- 2ZZ Z Ik' But the ahover rnr
MtMiride.M. Ill l niniiriirT. .-... v u V
1 1 1 .. a a a a sail aaan aa II I 1 111 lt la 1
if tint i ti -"v .1 , . - njairi ii ufun. in Krnunnn nrirci on nwii vichkip- was rnr irom fnrc 1 tha si r. - u ..i.i . rra,.n.iIH.n.i..n u .
tMM.'S'"' mo " n5!Tiortonn?.'. too ' oo quickly and all hands were disappointed ''V' 'tchcr Haley however, spoiled . r-atlor.al " Interscholastlc champion, 'was.
Avres.n ono o ooiOroom.o ooo o to ,h t th fl , , . . league ' !, 'hi i an , . .un'' Tn? ' debated by Jlachlshlro nfikaml. Kuma-
Jolinwin.ti. 100 o nm ",B oeiween ine leawue (ntcn(,r ma,e pair o( w throws and -.. ,i,.i,i.. .. n ' '
Cfflil. .1 an aaiIfiiu.K .f A n a a i
.iiiir, ii. .ii.., . .mnrii.u . v i' " iwi
rtAAirrnn .
Smyth and Nixon Best of Nine
Youngsters Retained
Three Passed Up.
By GBnnnie m. vxderwood.
A shower, only a short one but pack-
Ing a whale of a punch while It lasted,
dea.ni.n f kk... vixa - hn,.. v.- I
. l ..... i
, fore game time yesterday and occasioned
the postponement of the clash between
th Superbas and the Pirates. When
tho downpour came C. Hercules Kbbets
. . ....... .,
'K one look at the driving rain and
notified the Brooklyn newspapers and
' '
ine miicr mat ine game was on.
The game will be played off on Septem-1
ber 12, during the Inst visit of Manager 1
Jimmy Callahan's boys to the Flatbush
ball yard. Th, Ruperbas will entertain ,
th. Cubs at Ebbeta Field to-day. .
.l. ...t . . .
Thtfg Rtrmn lltttf llk-llhno1 nt Jnhnnv
Keiiiher. the promising young shortstop. ,
.... .
receniiy purcnasea rrom ine uenver chid
Of the Western Iaiue. renortlntT to the
superbas until the end of the western
League campaign. Denver is in fifth .
Place within easy strlklna distance of
" . . . . ' . ..
tniru pisce ana ieiuner s release uuiu
hurt the team's chance for finishing In
the first division. I'p to July 27. the last
averages available, Kelllner was batting
.110 and leading the league in run get
ting. In eighty-two game. Johnny had f'pl'n Uwe-Veah. Hume, tkrohle plar
iot i.u. . r.t it!. i W ill. Lalole ami Milnnl.. I-ft on bases-
Weeded hf.f From the Roots. I'lil. I. Mils and earned rnns-Off Myers, t Ker Henr nau to go some io win. i .ir-
I hits and 1 runs In l Innings; off t'otelenkle. ker wns excellent at passing. He re
President Kbbets yesterday announced hits and 5 runs In Innings. Struck out-Br i t.entedlv shot the hall i.ast Behr as the
that the nine of the twelve players be
released with strings attached earlier ,
... ii.r eenpiii. will ur rev.it. ru ...
Brooklyn club. The nine youngcters ate
Jimmy Smyth, outfielder and second '
UMeii.iin (i ine .iumre:u ii.irri.iili.'.i....
and Pitchers Leon Cadore. Ira Colwell
and Hunter Ooodhread of the same team
Catcher Mack Wheat of the llnrrlsbiirg
Vftu Vnrlr Qtnf. m'fr.ntlnn OlttHelrlee
Dave Hickman of Asbevllle club of the'
North Carolina league. Outfielder Al '
Nixon of Ileaumont. Texas League, and
Willie Zimmerman of the Hartford club
of the Eastern league. Larry Miller.'
Monty Trieste anil Jake Karst are the
only Dodger rookies tried out by Man-1
ager Hnblnaon last spring who will not
be recalled.
Pmyth and Nixon look to be the best
of the lot. Jimmy was taken from the
ounelil and stationed at secno oase lor
tne Hoyais and nas oeen pitting up
wintering gnie nrou.ni n- ...I..".... ... .Manager nuggins put in tnree p tcners
addition to hatting ..149. He ha. plaedln the closing Innlnss. all of whom ore-
such a corking game at -econd that hetrnted the Home team from scoring,
may be tried at short when he reports 1 Nlrhoff collected tliree singles and a
Ii Manager Itoblnson. Nixon ha been
batting .319 In the Texas league hnd
playing a great game In the field.
" " p '
'. ' '
I Heport nt Once.
any of these
..I. ..... a.111 1 0.II..I In tirilll th. nln.n
..r ... v..r.. ... .......
of the season. In the respectlxe leagues.
If Ivy Olson keeps on showing the form
he has displayed for the last fortnight
Wlluert nooinson win inn worry mu-ii
about the HrooKiyn snortnei.i. .ccnienis
In nf th. ilnr nluyers nileht necel-
.. . - .l- ,
suate some 01 ine rooKies ueniK i.un-u
upon to report at once to Manager Hob-
Inson What the Brooklyn rookies navel
lieen doing: I
. .. . , ... ..
Player, t lul. and Poaltlon. (1 B A FA
Smith. Montreal (Int I. n f . 2b U .3M ..".?
vi,n neanmont iTei.). n f 10C .3IS ;"
mJk.". " AaheS'lli S.r.l" o. f 70 ,3ll
ii--.Ia..iiv I. . n I ...
i V, ' u.. i;i,p i' , i
! Wheat llarriihurr iN S '.. c 2IS .S'.
Wheat. Ilarriaburt (N V !...
A r.lln In r.r.nl ..llehl,., r..,.e,l.
. ......... n . .. . , - .
i a. lore n.is sun 1.1 kiiihs hm.i io.i i.;
Ooodbred won 11 and loin T: Colwell
lost fi and won S. Ooodbred's winning
tiercentage Is .611 with a club with a
winning percentage or ,
Seoata After Pennlnuton.
Oeorge Pennington, formerly of the
... . u. - n...bl.... "on. siruiK o.ii l.T Ames, i; ot nieeie, i
I ommerclal High School of Brookljii. ,,v Wlllama. 1 ; by Ilemaree. 7 Wild pitches
Is about ready for another major league rtialmera. n. inaree. Umpires Measrs. n'liar
trial, according to New Kllgland League ami l'., Time of game-2 hi.ura and
crltlcf, Pennington, who Is with the minute..
Uiwrence club, has participated In ccinrti r iu uri hit n ACS
twenty-four games, winning thirteen SEIBOLU IN NO Mil CLASS.
and losing ten. He has struck out
nlnety-nlne batsmen and allowed sixty
bases on balls.
S-outs representing both Boston clubs
and the Pirates have been looking
rieorge over, and the timber com!er
e..n.nhl.. Imnr.... hv his tvnrll
The Pittsburg team appears to have the
best chance of landing the Brooklyn Ikjv .
and It would not be surprising to see
him Join Callahan's crew before the '
Corsairs leave Boston. Pennington,
who Is 21 years of Hge, went south with I
the Superbas In 1813.
In an effort to bolster up the pitch
ing staff of the Beds Christy Mnthew
son has sounded the recall of Stanley
Doui-un of Salt I-alie City. Dougan
made the spring training trip with the
i i nians, nui ... inpi.ru ... ... ...u. t.ii.iii.
. .. . .... i. , a . .... .f.. ...
by Charley Ileriog. With Salt Lake
, aw.. m - . r,- -
City, a .cond divumn team, tn.H f a
son Dougan ha. won two-thlrds of his
Matty wired President Herrmann last
night to get Dougan buck with the club
by nex. week If possible.
Hill McKechnle lias been sent to his
! . . ........ .. ,.,
m it h e w-a o r The 1 le rl t h I rd ' base mil n I las
been troubled with a sore foot nnd
Injured side for some time. JlcKecntiie
! was seen to be In pain In the recent
I Bed-Superba series, and he could llirow
only with the greatest effort. Physl-
clans have auvisea mil to rest up ior a i
week or two. He will rejoin the Beds 1
when they return to Cincinnati from
their Kastern trip.
Poor Keason for Minora,
Another month and practically nil Hie
minor league seasons will be over. The
piesent campaign has lieen one nf the
I most disastrous in tne History or mum"'
league Imfcluill. ttaln, to a large extent, i
lis responsible, .lupe has played li.no,'
with the gale receipts. A few of the III-
Hi fellows will lie able to show a balain e
on the right side of tho ledger, but ll Is
nafe to predict that the majority of the
club owners will be owing themselves
mr ney.
Tommy Lea eh II I aeon mated.
Tommy leeach Is having a hnrd lime
with the grand stand manageis In I
Rochester. Wee Tom Is about (is dis
couraged as any one person can be and
Is said to he toady to throw up the
sponge. The Hustlers, while last, are
by on means Inteinched In the cellar, hut
the llocheater scribes continue In pan
ths little fellow unmercifully. Leach
recently staled that the Hustlers have
five leaders. Draw your own con-1
in ll uu A m, w mm m mmmm i
n inn An nnnnnn
Mack's Cohorts Meet 19th Con
secutive Reversal, Tigers
Winning, 4 to 2.
Dbtroit, Aug. T ( American ) .
Charles E. Hughes. Republican Preslden.
till candidate, saw one Inning of the
Philadelphia - Detroit arame hera to-day
In whlca the Athletics went down to their
nineteenth stralaht reversal, the Tlsers
defeating the White Elephants, 4 to 2.
Should the Athletics lose to-morrow'
game they will tie the modern American
League consecutive defeat record made
, -
by the Red Sox In IS06. i , .
...""V.'-,"a Pr"nt w""
I'i'i'ui uiui- to oreaK into ine winning
' . I column to-day. as Klmer Meyers was In the class of the tennis which was played Johnston made a runaway In the sec
more abruptly g(,0. condition while his opponent, but despite this only one upset featured ond set. He permitted the Princeton boy
an "mjoMunlty to drive In a '
fo,,r '', ? i1." , 'Vi'm In .
nlng. m Haiey Tegh.lnlup.n ZnZ'T d?d
H'i l-wlon Witt, the young short- j
euic.j uy w.c
. . .. .... . i
'the opening Inning for a home run. then
t tiled out The score-
... .. ." . I..? .C?rP-
h;"' " ' r"Le .i,
mop. wno mc uove esxie n nrst nitcn n
11. I .( Th .
. .. 1
I'lllLAUEU'lllA (A.i, DETROIT f A.) . '
ill r h o i r
witt.aa . . ill J 30
too i loi
walsh.rf too 0 00
4 11 0 20
:oo i oo
4 11 4 00
toil OOCobb.cf.
I.a)ole.:b tu : r,o
m;';,; lb J t ! " to1
iv.k.U i l l o
llurns.Ib. .. 2 1 I 11 0 0
Hellmafi.rf, 21 0 0 0 0
Younr.:b... 10 1 1 4 0
Rakrr.e.... 100 1 0 0
llaley.e.. HI I 1
M,cr..p 10 1 0 lo;coTer.kle.p 101 0 11
Total,. Mllaur, Total... ..5..13l
I'tiiiiii-iriM. i a a a a i o n:
Ilrlri.lt . 0100200 14
Two ba.e hlt-llaley. Three base hit
i.ujoie. nnine rim win
Hacrlflce hlt-Mters.
lit' hnses I '"e ano Juinnia. ill on mwi-1
""'"' I Philadelphia, I, DUrcill. 1. liases on halls, tl lh m,-h between Ilehr and I'ar
llff Mtrra. C First base nn error-Phlladel. . 'n'r n"'cr' MI"' l."r.""" "
.. hr IWIraale. 3. Croplrea-Mrasrs
.V' mlnntS! K,"n'' T"'" '
Phillies Hcilt Cardinals 1V
to : Tally Xielioff Stars
With Willow.
Piiii.Uir.i.i'itiA. Aug. 7 (National).
Philadelphia won to-day's game from
St T . 1 , 1 1 I... bnnAtilnv Im.a 11 ff .h.
rubber In the fourth Inning. The score
was 5 to .1,
double In four times at bat. The score:
f,T .ot:is iN ) PHILADELPHIA (N )
abrhoae; abrhoae
I Mnnth cf
ill : 00 Paakert.ef ll! 2 on
: 1 o 2 1 ? NiehoffJb.. 4 0 1 0 0 1
:o: i o o luie.v.:b ,. loo : io
JJeacher It
!!J I !?iS.'i." i'il I !Sialo. !. Toronto. 0 iflratl
11 OV SS.30
'II 1 ii 1 I.uilerua.tb. too 1 ft t
4 0" 5 0 0, llancrnft.aa 4 21 r. id I
.o.i 1 10 Kllllfer.c. .411 T 101
100 0 o o Chitmrrs.p. eooooo,
00 0 0 A 0 Uemaree.n 3110 1 A 1 I-llnaJO
n,, o :,ssss' j.i o i.iEjsBr s S
I. l l l l Tola!.. .13 511 21 11 1 1 Baltimore. M 47 .MS Kocbe.ter IR &3 .41
Ilroltem.e 500 ? 00
i,nJ;,r ,00 0 (l
.(.on ' too a o oi
Total. . 3t J 11 24 I 2)
"""I for l.ti In the el.hll, Inning
ip.tn-,1 for I'halmers In the second Innlnr
. , .... ....... . . -
, ,, ., ' . . '' ' " i I -;
I'HHa-1-l PHI- 02030000 i 5
i Tm. base bitiiBe.cher. Smith. Nlehnf. Three
''se hit CVrhan Home run Kllltfer. Stolen
''"V.. !?'" r"." .. ""'I1'1' ",lsT-llornaby. Iletsel
aim miii.t i eri on naseaM i.uis, in: rnna
r'r..;.' "At nl". 1 .
bal!.-4)ff Amea 2
oeipiiia, , riri nase on errors
rhllsdelphla, 1 liasea on
i ' "aimer., i ' '''oisfee, . int. and
'A"'- .' ."t'VJ..--. ?2
f,.ltr inning, off Steele, no hlta ami nn runa In
inn ininiiK-. mi ii. k, i nn an., no run. in one
InmiiR off Williams. 1 hit and 0 runa In one
Inning-: off Chalmers. 3 hit. and one run in two
limine. . i(T tleniar.f. hit. and 1 run In Mren
Innlnc. Hit br plteher-lly Demai.e .1 (Wll
Wiikklino, W Va., Aug. 7. Harry
Seihol.l of the Wheeling Central League,
.club pitched a no hit, no run -same here
j to-day against the team from Muskegon.
Mich Five men readied first base, two
a. n remilt of errors, but none passed
1 1...
Minor League Results.
Southern Aaaorlatlon.
At Mobile C first ganiel
R. It K
4 1
"I!':,',""""'"" and 8chm,d,i Kroh"rt'Srl.lWI. 10iVr.hIni.rb" 4i.0,: j
Second game
It 11 R
, 1 & 0
, Mobile
I 4 1 1
I lliitterlea Cavet and Schmidt; llerbeit
' iUr-uli
. . ..u.i.i
I .l ' lllrtnlngham It. II. K.
(, , I H 1 1 1 m a, n CS I H
i . o
'''i, "-..rW. " Vn.r ilaur; ' K'rb?
,, ,j(0, (Callnl at the end of the sev.
,, inning; ratn.)
At Atlanta n. H. R.
, Aiuma- ..................... lie s
wninn. .veioericorn and rer
kins. Wllleit. Ilaraar nnd lluel.
,ni. other game waa acneaiuea.
American Association.
,n games were scheduled,
Pacific Coast league.
No gamea scheduled.
Kilty league.
C'lirkavllle, 2. Hopklnavllle. 0 (flrat).
riarlcavHle, s; Hopklnavllle. 0 laecond),
No other games were scheduled.
Tetas league.
Waco. 3; San Antonio, 0.
Houston, 4; Kort Worth, 1.
lieauiiioul. 3; Shreeport. I (flrat).
shreveport. 10; lleatiiiiont, 0 (aecnnd).
No other gnme scheduled.
Virginia league,
Newport News, t.'; Norfolk, 1.
Portsmouth, 0, Horkymounl, 2
Western Association.
Mu.kosee, H; Mhernuin, I.
llenhoii, .'ii Oklihoma I'll)'. I,
Fori Hii.il h, 3, McAlester, 1.
1'arla.Tilla.i cm day.
Houth Atlantic league.
Jacksonville, I; Charleston, 0,
Augusta, S: Columbus, 1.
Columbia, 3; Macon, 2 (first), Macon, 4;
Columbia, 2 (aecond).
Western league.
Omaha, 7, Topeka. I,
Wlihlln, 10, Ilea Moines. 0.
.Lincoln. 11 . PI. Joieph, 2.
Mom and Denver were not aeheduted.
North Carolina league,
rharlotle. 7; Clreenaboro. 2,
Wlnston.riaUm, 4; Raltlgn. I.
Durham, 4; Aahetrlll. I.
Johnston, Murray and
Voshell Victors on Courts
Throckmorton's Defeat by Mikami Only Upset in First
Day's Play for Achelis Challenge Cup in Seabright
Tennis Tourney Kumagae in Action To-day.
Play In the annual Invitation tennis
tournament of tha Beabrlght Lawn Ten
nis and Cricket Club was Inaugurated on
the club's grass courts at Seabright,
N. J., yesterday. Thirty-two of the lead
ing players In the county are down on
the draw, and among the others who will
compete for the Achelis challenge cup,
which was won the second time by R.
Korrls Williams 2d last year. Is Ichlya
Katnuitae. ths Jsnanese nlaver who has'.
' . "
created a sensation In this country.
Yesterday's htimlriltv h,l an effect on
Yesterday' humlrilty had an effect on
, ' i ,
!., I V. . . L. ..... . . 1. ....... . . . . I
peeled. William M, Johnston, rieorgc i
., ,.hll-.h q ,,, . v.,.1,.11 ann ii
M ,hurch. S. Howard Voshell and II.
'r hud comparatively little
"fCW f ,he ,hC"
K-ere initmtt in .hp., mmim
.v . ...
. "'hr, ""o Maurice
Mcl.ough n n last year's event, only to
lose to Williams In the challenge round,
lni fit Tt'IITinsviBa ls trisk nlm otiitsi round
' ""Jr. " r i, .' mXh ii .' '
llarrv S. Parker, but won the next two1
n tA il. ... . i C C a
Wllll.i K. Davis.' the national clay court
rhnmn nn wm nnnther In rlrn., ti set. nn '
did Nnth,mlel W. Nlles. the lloston star.
a,,d No. 6 on toe national ranking list. .
I.-T."? on
TJt-tV-t. "gLs.' lilies dronned the
... ... wi. .-u .nt. vrM. t
Hunter, the Cornell player, but was the'"' ' ..
victor, at 46. 64. 61.
Behr Forced to Oo gome.
..,,. . in lo nft. Likewise
t . 1 .-,. .,... ........ nn.
In his attempts to attain apeed and
I al- tWl. - A..nt..air.l. a ah tm tint!
n, . ..f .n r. S. tried for the
out or court. nen trieu lor tne
short game the ball-landed In the net
80 erratic was Behr at this stage and
so prettily did Parker force 1,1. forehand
Sift b&lTiZ flMt'se 6!Tr,,Wl
second set. He remarked to a spectator
that he needed a lot of spurring and It
! as the only way he could be compelled
to play on
on such a hot day. Hy forclnR ,
1 rr-.-- f
i COrPS OVPf Toronto ill Mom-
injr and Afternoon Tilts,
2 to 0 anil 7 to 1.
lalernstlonal Leagne Itesulla.
- ........
.o. .
....i..TTTk. ri..K.
Mantling of the CliiHa.
W I.. K '
M 13 .X! Toronto,.
4. .511
(iamea Scheduled for To-day.
Montreal In .NVnari.
n.'ihe.ter In Proildence
IlnrTalo In Itlchninnit
Toronto In Baltimore
Toronto. Aug. 7 (International).
Buffalo ended Its longserle.s here to-day
and afternoon games with respective
scores of 2-0 and 7-1 Both Buffalo
1 twlrlers. Tton anil Bader. showed loo
h .kill fn. the local hitters. Bailer.
....ii n.. ...... ....I 11,1.- .hnu-ei IOII
allowed only three hit
niiP,i onK. three hits. The scores;
i, V;,"? MO'TMVe-l. lllll!
eil.rf M 2 ooilir'h'ini.lf 40 1 J oo
, .. ir
I I . J.
Ja.k.on.cr loo . u i .nurraj,.-. . "
Carlat'm.Sta no 1 4 o (iraham.lt. io i 4 o
r ii vi a u"
'.! ? no
coo 5 o
MrU'ald-s" si - 6 0 lin:burn.:.s. coo 2 oo
Hill Jb. 412 1 2 0!Krltcheii.. 3-.1 o j n. ... ...... .,. , wuuiii nave running was responsltile f ir the el
Wii.ler.c. 401 2 Jl'Ti""!!' , J"1. JJ, "ncd him for his lack of nggresslve. tlon of Washington from the chatr
ri's'onV' !" S SrilTW'V i' IS " n"s' ! ship contest of the rnloi, Printer. P
IVunoik.p ooo 0 0 0' ;
...... r ., ,m"'
Tola f ..Jj ,,ln nlnlh ,nnlnf
, .,., hi,Mr'n..'nald Stolen bae.-K..pp.
wider. Murray, Blaikburne. Double pla)-
. n 1.1.. 1. t.nrn. Mlrnrk out lit Tf.on.
7f?.V ,MeT!:e!ln.?:rb..eOUo;,V
v. Ti.nn, 2; off McT gue, 2 ln nn nase.-iiur.
V V. '.-.' ... . t , ii..... Vm..
lit rr.si.u ... '"" V L . .
ao r n o a e; a., r n .. e
Kopnlf . . ' 5 0 3 o olTrnr.'le.Tb 3 0 0 2 4fl
Clian'ell.rf ill '-' o o liir'ilum If 400 2 oo
i. .ai.it.AAiVVIitiaa,aa-if 1 A o All
Hummel. 10 n - 3 s o 0' 1 nomp n.ri i 1 1 "i
McDonM s. 1010 1 iililickb'e.sa coo 1 2 n
O'Neill :h 30 1 0 lOKelly.e. JOO 4 2 1
i" '
, oaiier.ii
Onalow.e 30 1 4 OOTrout.Sb
3 0 0 1 4 0
100 0 3 olManiung.p, '.'0 1 0 2 0
Hiisaell.p ooo n oe
Krllchell 0 00 0 00
Touts,,. 31 T102T II 1
ei.. .1. 0 1 . e 11 ,
ll., i.J . U.nnlne In the elirhth Innlnr.
llutTalo . . . . 1 0 2 0 2 0 0 1 1-7,
Toronto 00001000 o-t
Home run-Ttiompaon. Three haae hlta-Hum-1
inel, Jackson, Two base hlls-farUlroin 2.1
KaorlfWe hlta-Channell 2. O'.Nelll, Onalow, j
Stolen haae Ki.pn. rltrnck out Hr Itader, 3;
l,r Mannlns. 2: br Ituaiell. 1 First haae on
balla-Off llader, 3; off Manning, 2: off llua
ell. 1. Ift on bases Buffalo. 7 : Toronto. 6.
I'mplrr s Messrs. nMfnr.1 and freeman. Time
nf same 1 hour and 2& mlnulea.
Baseball, Wledenmayer'a Park, Newark.
ilnila,3 It P M Montreal is. New ark. Air
Iliitpnlnta ,llm llnrry In Olympic
A. C. Ilnnl.
Although he gave away twenty-four
pounds In weight to Jim Harry. .Ilm
Ki.ilih nf Westchester outnolnted Ire.
land's favorite son In the feature bout
or ten 01111.IH in tne ..lynipic a. .
lust night, Smith won the majority
of the rounds, his stiff right hand
; punches to Jaw and body completely
mastering the more, rugged Harry.
Ills lale form flaMies did not entitle
hint In the popular decision.
Ill the seml-tlnal of six rounds
Knock (bit Kggers of Ilm West Side
easily outpolntcil Terry Martin, a negro
Win Donblra Final.
Minneapolis, Aug, 7 Selfoid Ste.
wagen and Trafford .lane, Mlnneaiiolls,
........ ........ .. j
.li-ir.iM i. ....... 1.0..,. , mm u.um .vinms.
also nf Mlime.ip.ills, In Ihe llual douhles
"' " , ,,.,,,,,,,-r.
round of Hie Northwestern tennis tour-
.lament tn.dav t I I -t 0 a I
liament io-.ia, 1 t, 1, u t,,
tactics In which he cleverly blended his
deep court and net attack Behr went
to an early lead and won, 1.
In the third set, which was the best
of the match, Behr by a characteristic
flashing finish won, t 4,
Joknatan an Easy Winner.
William M. Johnston, the national
champion, played easily. He depended
chiefly on his service and outplayed the
vminr Princeton star. Arthur H. Coffey,
I In the first set of their contest. The
fii-i-n rami. In to the
juuiiB bamuiiiinii . ' ' J --
'net except when he needed a point to
VE 11, at fi-S
fey a returna to take the act at 6 3.
clinch a game. Then he overnanaea v-o
to take the first game. Then me na
tional champion put the snap Into his
swift drUes and carried off the honors
at fi 5.
U llnw.ril V',.ahtl ll' ll fi . fine RlaV-
Ing ' at the Crescent A. C tourney last
week drew favorable comment, put nis
week drew fav
Wh taundl ,
sen Ice to the test against
time star, Charles Mc-
..i.j.tri.. ui. lite rni'iiu i,u,, -
...... . ei c i
- . n ... .....uu, -.". ht
nurcn won from ireu i.., inmi, un
veteran, nt 61. IS-0. Murray also had
an easy time of It In winning from
'." Coffin, at 4, 60.
Kumagne's opponent was Hernon 8.
,'nlc- chairman of the
ivn ..,,, ........ ....
t the score was 0. 6 3. The Japanese
h'V,, J 'Un
,n " '' i0!" ot
ignme. The heat affected Kumagae. but
n atiecten mm less man it urn mosi
Ilecause of this
he was able to put up a good game.
Interesting Malrhea To-day.
A number of Interesting matches are
scheduled for to-day. In the upper half
of the draw Nlles will meet Voshell.
The Boston player won from Voshell In
the Invitation tournament of the Nassau
Country Club a few weeks ago, but
' ...rro J.r lli-r l ill ..f.tr.c luni r.-
,..r..n .hi. -fi.rnnnn
1 Thl MiFt " b"""1 uno" ,h form
. . . . . .,,,., ,a
"...V'J imh.a dl""a'"1 tn-
I s" " ' ,Tn! ,m"t- , .
In Ihe brnclwt Mow Nlles and Whel,
- S. ieror.egl;,!e"hamP.on?Wd,:
l ;rJ through a default by Robert Le
. . . . . ... - ,
, , matches scheduled are the fol-
Inhn.ln ... .1.... l. . V,....If,ei
man match, Davis vs. Mlkaml, Murray
vs. Mun, Tallant vs. winner of Hoberta
Tllden match, Kumagae vs Beekman,
Behr vs. Lamed. The summary :
geahrlght Imitation Slnglea Flrat round
Nathaniel W Nllea nefeated Francis T
Hunter. 4 . --4. 2: H, Howard Voshell
.defeated Cliaries McMullen. 2. 61; E.
1 H. Whitney won from Hohert I.e rtoy by
Vi..,.r ;;;rA...;.
;''"; O'ge M 1 jurch d'f'a -d l-red
aerauii; ueorge .m, inurcn aereateii rred
erlek C Innmn. 61. C 0: Wllll.im M
Johnston defeated Arthur 11. Coffey, 4 1.
Willi. F. Davl. defeated Ed In MrCor
mlck. 3 . - 3. -2. Ha.hl.hlrn Mlkaml
I defeated llnol.l A Throckinorton, ; ,
1. 4 S; It, I.lndley Murray defeated n.
, It. Coffln. 4. 0; Alrlck H. Man, Jr..
I yon from Van Dyke John, by default;
Hugh Tallant won from Clarence J. Drlffln
hy default: Ichlya Kumnii. defeated Her-
nnn iT.ntlce. ft 0. 83; Leonard lleek .
mon d,ff ),, w M "iuii. 4. :; Karl
!' ."hr defeated Henry S. Parker. 44.
6. . . E ., i,rn,,i'rt,f..i.,i n- wit.
llam Hoienbuim. 6 ?. 4 c t 0
Double. Flrat round J. . 1'f.lTmi.n
T. Tllden 2d defeated S. Howard
and Frederick C. linns, 46, ; 5,
Thomas .nd Anstln Arr Hl.elpllned
hy Ban Johnson.
theBoMon AAmeloeM ThmS
s,m Louis Africans were indeHnlteh -
' " ?r'ca' "',"1.' ',PJ
. ' . . .'.--mm uou.ieui.
f7n;Tr par e pa Ion
' r Pa"" lpation
In a fist fight at
The suspension of
a blow to the Hed
. . '
Thomas Is considered
Sox In the r crucial uerle. with llm
series with
Wlilte Sox which bej-an to-dav.
James Lnnnln. president anil ow:
of the Boston team. Issued a stntem
iirir ii'-iiii) jurai.li villa? in mnNii ri'irr
j jui-hij ..k niunis pariici
patlon In the fight at St. Louis, ant
Palln In Ih light at St. Louis, and
!,,1,,'d; "" Thomas not gone after!
'" " i nomas not gone after
j ., .
Ksprrta at Hnlath.
Drit'Tii Minn An - Th t..,
. . ..' . 1 4 np 1 ell
rW'V- on the job coaching
n'- i.uiuui unm ior mo annual natlcina
,... . ..
1 Thee two brothers have no equals
I In this field of uport. and since th.r
I coaching nt Duluth an authority h.isi'
been ouoted as saylni- : "A n..l..th nr.,.
- - -
man can shoot a shell backward at a
faster clip than any other man can
.... ...
,' it rorwitroV
.'. ... .,...-
eight firsts, eight seconds and one third
ou nf flfty-elght starts: lust once dirt
,-, ,," i.l ,.i..j
the team finish unplaced.
hdward Ilanlan Ten Kyck Is the chief
coach and has been the only American
tn s'ln th. ivdII.i, nimnnnn 1 1.... ...
I SCUlla at London, lie Is aSS Sted hv his
brother. James Ten Eyck, who divides
his time between Duluth and his New
York business interests.
.Ilm Ten Kyck, Sr , nf Syracuse, father
.f the two hos. arrived her. In4,
to assist In the coaching.
Playera Who Will Compete In
Moi'liholm lleseh Chrlatlnnla.
CimiBTiANiA. Aug. 7 After an un
eventful vocage of twelve days the
fourteen American soccer players who
will represent the I'nlted States Football
Association In the five International
matches over hete this month arrived
here this morning with their manager
nnd unlner on Im.ird tin. steamship
rreiiernc vni, or Hie Scundliiiivlan-
, n laInr; nr. ,.,lly , toHr,ts
...,.,.., 1V.. ,0 .... r; ,
, ,ol.r,.t,lr . f ', Stockholm ' Oymnast c!
1 Sn.)rtl,' ,, ,.,,rt',, ,h.
' ni-Rot In titans, fo. Ihe trip with Secretary
soda tlon, who accompanied the team as
I ma linger. In the evening the American
Itmrly eiilralned fo-, Stockholm, where the
first of the three games to he played at'
. U.....H.I, ,.,,i.,.i 1 u .,.i,..i.i .'
" ... ...1 in iKf
pince un aiikufi 1.
. .
Hoeeera to Meet Tn.nlghl,
To discuss plans of organization for the
opening or ine reining .e.non the .Metro
! P'111"11 iitrl t Amateur Football
Lesiin will hold .1 gentr..! meet nt li, T....
, Ffl .nlnlh street .ill.l Madison
avenue, .11 tiio o'clock Ihla evening tp.
Nveour, ... " nu n ill.
plications nf prospective
I should be tiled with Ihe mi
Mundtll, 225 Oce
nieniiier imtia
nrrrinonilliiK aer.
Ocean avenue, Jsr-
J aey City,
Sot Get Firmer Grip on First
Place by Beating World's
Champs, 7 to 1.
Chicaoo, Aug. 7 (American) -Ch.,.
cago Increased Its lead for first pla, .
over Boston to-day by winning the fin
game of the series from the world
champions, 7 to 1.
Tha White Rox oulplned the visitor,
at all stages of the game. Leonard's of.
fe rings were batted to all corners of ths
lot and Russell received perfect support
Ness, Weaver and John Collins nia.U
sensational plays. Hussell had little jif.
flculty holding Carrlg.in's men sife.
eased up In the ninth Inning. Hoopers
triple and Cad's double resulting tn the
run which saved lloston from a shutout
Ness's home run, Itussell's stoa
home and a squeeze pl.t) executed
Ness and Schnlk were features, T'le,
abrhoae abrhna.
Hooper.rf.. 4110 o o w.Col'ns.rf 4 0 1 : n
Parry.Jb,., S00 0 to' Weaver ss 10 : t
Jones. p . . 000 0 I 0 KCollina.sh .1:. : w
Ijewls.lf . 40 1 4 oi Jaeksnn.lf. 411 s i
galijer.lb.. 40 1 lo noNe...!! . 4 ;i 1 ,u
Walker.cf.. lot 1 nnFvrM.f . 100 :
Oardner.lb .10 1 t 1 n'chalk e 4 1 1 5 t a
Wainer.lb. 00 0 0 I o.MV.MiiPn.ib 4 0 0 , !
Scolt.sa... 100 1 4 'lluell.p 11. 0 1.
Janrrin.sa. 000000
Arnew.c. .. lot H 0 0, Tolali ..:iJUo
Ionanl.p. 1 0 0 0 1 0
McNally.n) :no 1 no
Cady. .. 1 0 1 0 0 0!
Total....ll 1 T 54 13 l;
Halted for .tonej in the ninth Inning.
Boston oononr)r)ii
''hlcago 101:10:01.
Home run-Xesa. Tn bisn hlta Walks.
Jackaon. Cidr. K Collins Three base hlta
ea. Scbalk Hooner Mlnlen lue lln.-'l
F. Collins. Schalk Sacrllice hit J Collin.
t)ouble Plars-McMullln. K Collins and .Ve.
Weaver and K. Collins J.cft on h.ie K.
ton, 1: Chlcwn. Hase on ball-Off Jnie.
I Hlti and earned run Off lnnanl J hii.
a runs In 5 Innints; of. Jones. 4 hits : run. -n
J! off Russell. hits. 1 run In J Struck on.
By Leonard. 4: br Hussell. t Wild tut,he.
, Jfnr Jon' Umpires-Messrs llildehrini
and Owena.
Time of fame 1 hour and I
Ont of Town Tonnis Plnvora
Fail to Appear on Courts
of Onwcntsin Clnh.
La Kg FoagST, III., Aug. 7. Eighteen
defaults In the first round and fifteen In
the second round marred the second s.
slon of play In the Western lawn tennl.
chainiilonshlp tournament im the courts
of the Onwentsla. Club to-d.iy, out of
town players falling to appear or being
unable to leave matches in other cltlis.
Aa a result of this wholesale defaiUtln
only eight plnjieri rcMdlnu outside of
Chicago remain In the running for ths
men's slnglea title.
Maurice McLoughltn nnd Kenneth
Hawkes of Los Angeles, who will arrive
Wednesday for the first, socond and thl-d
round matches; Clifford Iockhorn, Kan
sas City; Selford Stellwagen, Minneapn.
Ha: Ward Paw.on, San I'rnnclsrn
Oeorge Northrup, Minneapolis, and H '.
Bever, Orlnnell, In., remain In the tour
ney. The attraction of to-day's jil.iy ...
the 7 7 5 inntch won by Halt n
Hurdlcli, Chicago, runner up lo He i
Ilyford In the State champion. hip fron
jrrv an(, jam Wpher and Hase n e
anions the leoilliK Chlcagoans st'll
' ""t' " nrsad B. Pnvle of
. f n Francisco
' II. C. Bests of Short Hills. N .1. '
hy default In the llrst round
', of "f"'0" b' ,n ' '
. Fwr)nd rnm,d'
1 -
nefeat Wnahlnaton Ten in by eore
nf rt Huns tn 2.
Isbiasapous. Ind. Aug 7 -Pooe
Pall Tournament here tnl arterr
"en the clnh lnt to New Vork
. ll. 1.1. ,.i..-i iiiviiiii.... K.,:i .' wii '
hy the umpire at the end nf the
, Inning this afternoon on account T -
with the score St. Paul . Clnc tit a.'
iThls game probably will be pli.e -o-
. . . . .
jniorrow. -ton rwroi, an,, st lmis
"' 7, ,. . , ,
R.lllev nllched "nod hill for V... Vn-V.
nl'ow'nT Washington only four lilt, h it
errors behind him save WashlnKtor .v-
however, were thrown away
Philadelphia wns defeated this ivr'
Irtl by Clevelnad, 11 to fi, Plttshu 1,
Boston and Washington have so f.ir he.n
eliminated In the touniniiient
scores of to-day's games follow
r. it r
, 'wH.hlnstnn' ". ' 11 a 1 M : i 1 . -
Halley and Wlgnnd, Hlanton ant !n '
I v 11 r
ci e e a nd , . ..41ooo:ns
Philadelphia . 2noonnen3
Haiterles deary nnd Henath. lie'
and Huppl.
W L.PC.1
Portland . M 21 TOT Law re nee
New London W r Mi'Npw linen
Worcester 47 IT Rivi riridrepori
W ' PC
X' 11 1"
I l "
-- . -.
rn -'
., 1,
t; 11 P
I 1
spnnrneid 44 3. un-iweii.
Lynn 4 10 Hi Hart ford
I At Pprlngfleld
1 Hprlngfleld . . 0 0 1 1 0 3 s n i - c "
naileries Lynns and Skiff l.a Ilo. irl
1 OJerholni.
imrworu . . . 11 w n ,i 11 1
At Lawrence 11 11
Lawrence, . 1 0 1 a n a n 2 t- i
N?w Inindon .. ooooonooo-i
natterlea Puller and I.aclgne. Fh
Fortune and litis. ell.
At New Haven II H R
New Haven. .. . 0020niosi-t '
Portland oosoonaao 5
n.Hterle. Wnodw aril and Iievisi
Turkev and fneatt,
At Worcester-- t I' i
Lowell , I I M M I I 1 '
Wnrre.ler. S 1 1 4 0 I 0 1
H.itterles- flreen 7.eUer and K.i" N1
Qulllan and Kreliug
Hrldgerort and Linn were 11 1 1 1.
IlliieJacUel C.ne. Ilown,
HI.OOMINIIT11N, 111. Am ' P
Jim niuejack-t of the l'"il T". e ' '
team to.ilav wns releatieil cnnilr "n
Dallas In Ihe Tenia l.eiieue 11 '
recently was sent bv tho lori
Cln.lnniill. the Ite.ls In turn re'ei- t -
to Milwaukee after a luier tun
The llrewera nnu 110 u.i 1,1
1 ,, , ,ppei him hi.k tn ll.vimi.r
lllruilnghnm .ind Denver ,1 , 1. Ir
I for IlllieJii.'Uel who nl our I ,ie
member 01 tne itrnnHllll ,.,i,-ri 1
I testa.
vv 44.1. SI Phone lnl.l II, .
Ralph (iruan i. .Ilni.ii Huff.
Waiter Laurel! is. Willie III' Iniril. 1I111
Itotlng ta-nlght, Harlem '.porllni; I
Hsmmala. Iloekawiv lli-i Ii r'.urti is.
.lagcs Burns re. tiller.

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