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Batored at the Poat ornc l N Tork as
Setond Class Mall Matter.
Ratwrriptloni by Mall, PMtpald.
DAILY, Par Mouth
DAILY. Per Tear
SUNDAY, Pr Month
SUNDAY (to Canada), Pr Month..
SUNDAY, Per Year
Fnaeinx RiTta.
DAILY, Par Month
SUNDAY, Par Month
. M
t M
8 M
1 IS
i n
pvrviwn sttv pee Vtir..
THE EVENINO 8UN(Fortlgn).Pir Mo. 1 01
All 'hacks, money ordtra, Ac, to
a4a payable to Tna Son.
Tttsdart of Thi Pes leaving town for lha
aummtr mantha ran have th dally and
aundar and evening edition dellvarad te
tham tn any part of thla country or Europe
tkm Ik, , ..e.s iiwiu. Anarfmt
chaniad at oftan a desired. Ordr through
nawadaaltr or dlraclly of Publication Office.
Ttlaphon S!00 Beckman.
Published dally, Including Sunday, by the
Bua Printing and Publishing Association at
150 Naiaau atraat, In the nnrouth of Man
hattan. Nw York. President, frank A.
Muneey, 1J0 Nassau atrsali Vice-President,
Krrla Wardman. 1.V) Nassau ;tri: Sec
ratary. n. II. Tltharlnglon. 180 Naaa
atraat: Treaaurer, Wm. T. Dewart. l&o Naa.
aau atraat.
London offlca, 40-3 Fleet atraat.
Part offlce. 8 Run da la Mlehodlar. off
Rua du Quatra Septemhre.
Washington offlca. Hlhba Building.
Brooklyn offlca. Room soa. Eagt Build
ing. SOS Washington atraat.
our Irlrnds uha favor m ulth man
Mtipit and 111 it rollout or publication trtth
(a Tfaia rtltcttd artieln rttvrntit thru mf
fa all rairt send ttampt lor fasti purpotr.
Wkat Brought Agreement on the
Trolley Lines.
That Mayor Mitcmm. has been able
to bring the striking trolley men and
their former employers to an agree
ment to consider term of settling
their dispute I largely due to the
public sentiment that has been reg
istered In opposition to n strike. This
sentiment favored neither the man-
agements of the road nor the lead
era of tlie men: between them It was
admirably neutral : In mump liwtiiiiees
with a plague on both their houses.
But It revealed an Intense piirtlsnn
shlp In behalf of its own vital needs,
find did not hesitate to express It,
What pay the men got, what divi
dends went lo the stockholders, work
ing conditions, term of Investment:
In these thing the great public
bowed llltle interest. It wonted
transportation lu pence, and this It
demanded tn n way strike leader,
company agent, strike breaker and
public officer could not mistake. It
called for the ierfnrni:ince of their
duties by all concerned, .mil against It
the most siuliliorn could not persist.
We hope the arrangement nmv un
der consldeintlon will provide for con
tinued operation of the cars under
condition satisfactory to all. If It
does not popular opinion may lie de
pended on to compel the oiicratlon of
the eti r. .
How Gallant It Kansas?
The Flr-t Coiiarc district of Knn
aas, In which the Democrats have
nominated Ir. Kv.v. Harpimi for Jtep
resentntlve. Is the northeast comer
of the State. It Includes the eltle-i
of Atchison, where F.n Himv. lives;
I-envenvvorth. whore certain less de
sirable cltl.ens are coinHllod 1,0 live,
and Topekn. which Is the home of the
woman nominee.
The present 1lepreentntlve Is a
Republican, I..u:i. Iluvn Antho.nv.
Jr., who Is serving his llfth term. In
1014 his vole v.iw :tl..S!t, the Icino
cratlc candidate polling 'Jti.'JTH votes
nnd the Progressive iV-iM). A.ntmonVs
plurality was thus 1l.:tl0 and his
majority I.
It seems sad that the first woman
to be nominated for Congress hy n
major party should face such an ap
parently hopeless light.
Uncle Sam to Open Up More Land,
The Government Is soon to oieu
to entry and settlement In Oregon
nnd California n tract larger than
the State of Rhode Island. Much of
the land Is near lines of traffic anil
Is said to have considerable value fur
farming purMises. The met lux I by
which It will he allotted thus he
comes nit Important question tn hun
dreds who will bo In the scramble for
the best quarter sections.
Intf-rosi In the Government's way
of disposing of Its lands has heen In
creasing ns the public domain bus
been decreasing. The most historic
and picturesque opening was the great
rush for the lands of Oklahoma. The
oretically, the prizes were to go to
the swiftest, to the person who should
first reach a claim from the border.
In reality, they went to the: winner
In long tedious lawsuits. Many of
those who actually made the race
found upon their arrival at their goal
that they hnd been anticipated by
norno "sooner" In hiding. Litigations,
fights ami disputes growing out of
this first grand rush put an end to
this method of allotment. "
The plan of "land lottery" was
adopted at the net Important open
ing, that of the Cherokee strip. This
was also employed In the allotment of
lands in Minnesota and several other
northwestern Stntes. If the tracts
to be opened for settlement were
large enough to give every one reg
istering a chance there was no ap
parent Injustice In the system. Hut
where the tracts were small nnd the
number of registrations large the
hardships to persons living at a dis
tance were evident, The amhltlotis
land seeker from a distance had to
Incur tho expense of travel and hotels
In order to secure an equal chance
with persons living near the place of
The unfairness of this system, It
has been suggested, could he over
come by permitting registration at
different points throughout the United
On account of the size of the tract
and the value, of the favorably lo
cated claims some similar method, or
at least a method that la an Improve
ment over those previously tried, may
be Introduced In the com Inn distribu
tion In Oregon and California. Giv
ing away land la apparently not such
an easy matter as It might seem;
for thus far no one has found a
method that will accomplish It with
Impartiality and fairness.
Parktr on Wills.
Some time ago the Chamber of Com
merce and the State Bar Association
appointed committees to see what
could be done toward preventing un
necessary litigation, which, ns every
one knows, cumbers ail the courts In
the land. The committees have writ
ten to various lawyers of eminence
asking suggestions as to how best to
proceed. Among the replies made
public la one In which the Hon. Alton
R. I'ARKfa achieves an epigram of the
first order. He says that one of the
simple rules for the guidance of lay
men should be: "I)o not try to do
business In heaven."
Mr. Parker formulates this com
mandment because It has been as
certained that there Is far more liti
gation over wills than over any other
Item of human affairs, and because It
has been estimated that 82 per cent,
of will contests nre of a preventable
character. He soys:
"Every lawyer knows that the princi
pal cause of will contests Is the eager
ness of the business man to control the
management of hl affair after his
death, and the effort of his attorney t
carry out hla post mortem plana by cre
ating by hla will a complicated tiust.
The drafting of such a will require the
greatest legal (kill, and few of them,
even though drawn skilfully, stand the
scld tests."
This seems simple and obvious, yet
It Is Ignored every day by men whose
unconscious egotism will not Krmit
them to believe Hint the world Is big
ger than any Individual. Yet these
men nre proud of the fact that they
have built businesses Hint will live
after them. And moot of them be
lieve In evolution at a law of con
tinuing el-tenee.
They should read I'arkir on wills
end try to believe that If they have
l.cen sufficiently well behaved here
llielr constructive talents will Imve
glorified scope elsewhere. It Is not
likely that heaven is a place of en
forced Idleness.
The Turkish Kail lire nt Sues.
The presence of n Turkish nrmy
east of the Sue. Indicates the revival,
of the plan of the Teutonic Allies
to drive ngalnst a most vulnerable
point of the British F.mplre.
Field Mnrshnl von hkh Goi.t. early
In the j phi was entrusted with the
tormatlon of an expedition for the In
vasion of Kcjpt and the capture uf the
northern end of the Sue. Canal. He
collected a considerable force at Alep
li and Damascus and prepared a sjs
lent for supplying the troops In the
mnrch across the Kr-Tljitlm desert.
Before he could move, however, many
of the German trii" "ere recalled
lo Kurie and the Ottoman forces
were -tnt elsewhere to repel the Bus-i-litn
The ottoman Government hnd a
twofold pui'iNi-e in reorgiini.ing the
exeilltlon. They planned Ihelr at
tack when the Intense heat would be
to the advantage of their troops in
ured t desert lighting- They were
seeking, ill--' i. lo prevent aid from the
Biltlsh-Kgyptlan army reaching the
Arabian revolutionists. The Turks,
according to latest rcHirls, are still
holding out at Medina against the
forces of the Shereef of Mecca ; they
arc. loo. In Hie control of the lied
Jax railway despite attempts of the
rebels to destroy the trucks at several
IMilnis on i lie route. The loss of this
railroad would cut off eommunli'iiHon
of the garrison with its base of sup
idles mid Hie fall of the city would
be Inevitable.
The. defences of the canal were evi
dently stronger than the Turks hml
calculated. These had been strength
ened at the time of the o.ccted at
tack by Von ukr Got.Ty.'s forces; the
army In Kgypt was also Increased by
additions to the Australian and New
Zcnlaud trisips. The Turks, too. must
have found the defenders better able
than they had expected lo withstand
the severe conditions of desert war
fare, for the British report that their
soldiers pursued the routed Ottomans
and made a.l-lfi prisoners.
The movement must have been well
organized to' have advanced so near to
the RrUlsh lines. Had it succeeded
of Its purpose It would have been a
severe blow to British prestige In the
Kast. By Its failure, however, the
British are still secure In the iitnlrol
of the canal and are In position to
mennce the Ottoman power In Asia
by furnishing more active support to
the revolting Arabian.
Hummer Relaxation for New York
Policemen. f
Fnder the guidance of the Hoard of
Health the policemen of this town
have been Instructed to keep their
bouses or apartments "absolutely
clean." Only one out of 'j.Vl or more
restaurants In Manhattan could win
from Hie Department n cerilticnle of
absolute cleanliness; the tsil U-otneii
have nn Interesting Joh ahead of them.
0,iie of Ihe things they must do is ;
"Do over all woodwork dally with, a
damp cloth."
An excellent, tin unimpeachable
rule. I,et the patrol man, refreshed
and rested by his routine duties, In
vigorated hy extra service necessl-
tilled by the philanthropic activities
of the trolley union leaders, attack
the woodwork on his return from his
tour, whistling ns he mops, Nntu
rally, the woodwork In the stations,
In the courts, In the public Institu
tions geuerally, undergoes this heroic
treatment. Does the Board of Health
see to It that the woodwork of Its
offices la gone over dally with a damp
cloth? Of course Mayor Mitciikl'h
home Is thus treated; he would not
sanction an order affecting his sub
ordinates to which he did not give
obedience himself.
The policemen nre to allow no dry
sweeping. Dry sweeping Is the rule
In the streets of Hie town; the way
farer must don n gas mask If he Is
lo escape the dtit and dirt, the germs
and litter, that city employees nnd
tradesmen stir up. The policemen
nre to order themselves differently.
They have time so to do, being notn-.bu,
hly Idle In the hot months.
However, the regulations prescribed
for policemen's children seem to non
poljcemen somewhat difficult of en
forcement. First of all, the policemen
are told to "keep your children by
themselves ns much a possible" ; they
are not to go to "moving picture
shows or other places where children
mny gather." However, the parent
patrolmen must bear In mind that
children should not be kept In Hie
house"; I hey ought fit be "out of dooin
us much ns possible." but not "In
nctlve contact with other children of
the neighborhood." Passive contact
apparently Is not dangerous; kissing
Is active, and consequently prohibited.
If there Is a public shower hnth In n
school In the policeman's vicinity the
older children should be sent there
every day; Ibis Is "perfectly safe."
Crowding In the reception and dross.
lug rooms and on the adjacent streets
obviously falls Into the category of
safety first.
Children need froh nlr: they
should be out of doors ns much as
Mssble: "It Is perfectly safe to let
your children go to the parks utid
piny tiyrether." It Is not easy fur the
children of ordinary persons to avoid
crowds in the porks and playgrounds
on hot summer days: but the jsillce
man may wear Ills uniform and with
his hilly enforce nn Isolation the off
spring of others long for and cannot
It will he nn Interesting summer
for Hiliccmen, Their welfare lias
been taken In hand by the .same
genius that decreed nn examination
into the cost of street cleaners' wives'
Where find rights.
A corresindeiit. "A. S. II.." re
proaches us for having quoted Hie
sa.vlng of Nveoi kon Hint Gnu fight
tl, l.tr. ..I ,1... li... ,,-!..- I II.
V ; .....-....,...-. ,rsKlSf , MFCOn. r(.p,,rt.
He prefers the utterance of l'nii.ip , IJo,);,r,ment of Commerce that
II. of Spain: "No nation, however 1 there Is a Rood demand for pocket
siitnll, can lie oonqucrcd if it lie true 1 knives in Bussla. He does not say that
to itself." and he savs thnt I'lllt.lP I ,hp corkscrew attachment Is no longer
mleht well hnve added: ".W. nation "'""W"- " nsaumed.
Hint Is not true to Gon cnti be true to rcilll!l0 of mnck Tom and pollomy
Itself." elltls, Now Jersey halts the picric and
Is It not more Just to say that no 'the picnic,
tuition that Is not true' to Itself can' -
be true to GonV
i Our correspondent hnsien to add:
"But think not that I am saying that
because Gop can. from the stones of
the Held, raise up children unto Aiinv-1
ham we should tuke no steps to
protect ourselves. That way IlesIul. b,,wn Feathered lane and Tre-
But Is not the (mining of the heav
iest battalions n essential step
toward self-protection?
It matters not In what cynical
spirit Hie nisi .ai-oi.kiV tuilile Ills as-
sertlon If lie sMke the truth. It mny
lie thnt Gon lights on the side of the
heavlest battalions not liecnuso they
.... , , , . .,...... ,i,..i
un- iu-i-ri ) inoni-v m-i,
i-ttiik-4 nre swollen with the men of
Hint nntloti which Is most divinely
conscious of Its right and most fully
resolved to establish the truth or,
falling In Hint, to perMi.
Wlmborne Again.
It was on a plea of wwiikne-s that
Huron Wimiiokm: wn oxnuorirteil
from .bliime for Hriiiittlng Hie Sinn
Fein rebellion to be fomented In his
uilmliilstriitlon ns I ,oii I l.leutetuinf
of Ireland. He usscricd at the in
vestigation that hi ovvcrs had boon
usurped so completely by the Chief
Secretary and the t'nder Secretary
that there was nothing lie could do
to prevent the conspiracy.
In the face of all tills Huron Wim
iior.nk has been reapHilnled. Per
haps the Government believes Unit
he will not slumber again. Perhaps
it Is content tn have n complaisant
Lord I.letitennnt, steered by new men
nf the Government's picking. What
will he the mnrnl effect In Ireland
of Bnrnn WiMnoasr.'s reinstatement,
coupled with Hie abandonment of Hie
new system of government?
Lonely Lodgings.
An advertisement In n Sunday
newspaper says :
"German author desires room anil
board In one family house, In lonesome
and healthy location; no other room
ers. Hox 3 IS, Hohoken, N, J."
Two places immediately suggest
themselves. One Is Kinsamkelt Isl
and, the very name of which sug
gests the solitude attainable there.
It Is In about 78 degrees north lati
tude, north of Siberia, mid has n
lion 1 1 1 1 f til . exhilarating atmosphere
nil the year round. Information
about Kinsamkelt Island Is rather
difficult to obtnin, but doubtless room
and board can readily be obtained In
n one family Iglisi with some reputa
ble Ksklmos.
The other place is nearer Hohoken.
It is tolerably healthful and It can.
If the inhabitant wishes, he made the
lonesoniest spot on Ihe fnce of the
globe, so lonely that the Icy wastes of
the far north nre friendly by com
parison, If this suits the German
author he need only come to the
island of Manhattan.
The Sun lakes this occasion lo re
affirm Its faith In the goodness of
everybody esteemtd contemporaries
and the boya in the street when help
Is needed. The trouble doesn't have to
be a big trouble, the Are doesn't have
to be a dlsaatrous conflagration, to
Illustrate nncw this eternal and blessed
fact of friendly human nature.
England haa expected every man to
do his duty excepting her poet laureate
and has not been disappointed.
The Democrats of the FlrBt Con
gress district of Kansas have chosen
n woman as their candidate for the
Inwnr hnnsft. Till units nxnlnln that
nnj.thlng tlkolv to happen In Kansas,
ciublm kvans h tunas om nave ex-
''7" " h .
th(y Wfre undtr ,he candidate's
I lint. Mr. IIL'oiies will set them off on
bis Western tour and some of Mr.
Wilson's policies will e blown up.
An American correspondent who has
..n t!. Clonem! rannrls Hint "Cab.
TELNAU la a small, stout, thoroughly ' but with fifteen slrls In one room, half trained nrmles of (treat IlrlUIn when
French Frenchman." By the same of whom were walling for work. talk-l01ir ,1,,lf nn,1P'' nM'' w,holly untr.i neil
token. Hl.vpR.vm-RO Is a lame, heavy lug and playing gnmes w'hen the supei In-! forebears threw down the gage of bat
thoroughly German German, nnd It lending woman ns out of the room, It t'0 wl,M l,",t mighty Power? Uas Go.l
may be suspected that even Ham looks 1 was mi Joke. Wo had to pick out the W,M ,hp ,,lll,, "f Alva when he. with
like a man who could wear the kilts
If various leading Democrats nre
right In calling criticism of the Ad
ministration "treason," there's going
to be a lot of traitorous talk In this
country from now until November,
The worklngmcn of Trafalgar Square
who branded Iho Kaiser ns a "com-
jnu, malefactor" and demanded that
he be hanged after the wnr forgot that
the Ogre of Europe was allowed to live
out his life on the rock of St. Helena.
Furthermore. William II. will never
seek sanctuary under the Hrlllh Hag.
New Vork, Illinois and Pennsylvania
pay more than half of Ihe Income and
corporation taaes. Thr unci.
Then they must be ungodly rich and,
according to. the Democratic theory,
should be squeezed some more.
Pcnor Caroanza's literary style pos
sesses sufficient vagueness to suggest
thut he may yet develop Into n Friend 1
of Humanity.
The nntl-suffragists nre complaining
bitterly that they are In constantly In
creasing danger of having the ballot
thrust upon them. They nre seared
by n bogey. There has never lccn,
ll'cre never will be. a compulsory vot
ing lnw.
Among the fishery products in which
America Is preeminent the most conspic
uous Is the oyster. Thr Kvrnlnii fntl.
He is not ns conspicuous In color ns
the lobster. In silence ns the clam. In
Wall Street as the sucker or In the
newspapers ns the ehnrk. Besides,
this Is his vacation time nnd on the
menus ho Is ns Inconspicuous ns
mlncc p!c.
A Spot That Might Profitably Receive
Official Attention.
To tiik KniTon or Till Sc.v Sir: Can
something he done to improve the con-
.lt,ln ..f (he fl ul.le nf Cnl,.,.!!,- i.-a-
r.iont avenue?
This section of Ihe avenue has more
apartment houses than any other and
Is occupied hy families with young chil
dren : yet they nre ohlltcd to play In and
Inh.ile the .hist, rllrt nnd nllh nf nn nn.
paved and uncleaned street.
This being an age of preparedness (71.
'precaution on the part of our efferves-
""nt Health Department In conjunction
, wun me iieparmient or ingnways might
. . . , . , a
be (he dawn of efficiency.
J. Too.
Nr.w Vork, August 7.
How Much Groan Ha Keen Gained
hy the Two End Hans."
To THS KniTOR or Tnr Srsc Sir; Thr
news columns have Ilurton Vance liken
ing our generous Colonel lo llenedlrt
Arnold and "Captain" Va'nce Mcf'or
mlck telling the faithful that Hughes's
address was "disappointing to the fans."
Two Ad-Vances for the Democratic
eaupe. Hut Captain V. was brought up
on maes play to gain ground.
Fiikpkrick A. Kino.
Fl-.AMts-nilAM, Mass., August i.
Mr. Hughe Would Neter Have Made
Bryan Secretary nf Stale.
To tiir Kpitor or Tnr Se.v .Sir; In
answer to the Innumerable questions as
tn what Mr. Hughes would do upon tho
occasions ol the different crises to
which w have been subjected, he could
Justly reply that he would avoid surh
oicaslons by nott having to sit at his
Cabinet meetings "at Ihe left of a man
(o whom he owed the privilege of so
doing, a man whom Germany and all
the world knew would sacrifice manv
l.usltanlas for the sake of supposed
pear. J. P.
Hkihi.anp Falls, August ft.
Teiaa Hopes.
Frnm thr Houston Tnal.
Irs l.sndrllh. hn iimM In M!r llh
u. In T'nnfiiae, l ml nn:y th pro can
didal for Vlca-I'raaldent. lull h l a
nallie of Tat. We m-ntlnn lha mttr
fnr Ihe purpoM of ramlmllnr lh people
that th day li rapidly spproschlns when
Texas will furnlfth all the psrlies nlth
Ihelr Presidential rnndldates and take nor
all Ihe oSlcea shbh r more than itn
I'nlltlral Note.
Not a Utile ronfiiNlon hit heen eauseii
Iiemoiratle national hearlqiiirt-ri hy
ntl'iindersHnillnga rllna from Ihe ml-
tnkrn hief tlm ihe gentleman hn . In
i tune ihere the man who ln "Junt
Utile lilt of lUaven" o iffcitlvrly
The ulnger Is Mr John MrCnrniark, Ihe
national chairman Is Mr. Vanra Mrl'nr
mlck, and he lll lie gratified If no fur
llur efforts are mule In hae him reveal
the quxllty nf his nlee in son
.larmlng News Krnm Ihe land nf Slradv
To Tlir EMTnn or Thr Srv Sir: Iteclp.
rncal conjugal fidelity Is totally extlnrt.
Nlr lUvev, I'nnn , August 7.
The (.real Incentive.
Knlcker What dn you think nf Govern
ment osnershlp nf railroads:
Hneker rinaj look at lha opportunity
for pork In building alatlnns.
The Ko4.
Knlrkar Smith aaya ha whipped th
Bocktt But th itraam doiia't know It,
Tke DIMcnlt Art of Wrltlag Without
Comma or Semicolon.
ToTHEKniToaorTliaHUN Sir.- Homo
surprise has been expressed that tho
rutins In ha Caumanl trial has no
commas and semicolons In the docu- I the heaviest battalions" ; possibly It read
ment. This Is quite a common thing In "heaviest artillery," but that Is Imma
Kngllsh law documents of a certain ' terlal.
class, and at good nchoola of typewrit- 1 have read Tur Hiss- from ns lung
Inn the Ktudents nre tausht how to 1 back ns m memory serves mo, anil
write n legal document without commas, .somehow that quotation did not seem lo
semicolons, colons and even full stops, me to bo worthy of .vmir great papir.
not lo mention the fact that no correc-1 The quotation Is atlilbutecl to Napoleon
tlons with an eraser are allowed under j ! It la somewhat significant that .Nn
any circumstances In such n document, poleon t. died .i prisoner at St. Helena.
It Is quite an nrl, ami I frequently ' To me the quotation has always sounded
had lo write such documents at n ivnn. but Utile short of Impious, ami It cer-
wrltlng i.rtlce where I was employed In
London, Kngland.
Of i-niirn v.fv iri hii.rf ii.. jm.
ments. as It meant writing on all four
pages of a foolscap paper without a
tlllMtnltff ft Hit u'lllimit ant alnna t. 1
min-h n.nier rnnld lw ,nll,l uo'llkr,,!. i
new kmx.. fr. ih i I
set tlio-dret word out la spaced capitals,
or rnlher first two words, as one was a
conjunction usually.
This was very difficult, ns the compll-
unions In the wording to prevent pOS.
sihle aml.lKUltv were such that half the
Mm- e girls could hardly understand
what It was nil about. Where ono sen-
enve goes on without u stop Mr six
foolscap pages It had to contain many
11r,,iii ,...j ... ,, u ...
tenres without confusing the mennlug.
Sometimes we had to make, the right
band margin us straight ns tho left
hand one, which meant ( mint lue spaces.
Wmtmocnt, P. Q., August .1.
Thut Remarkiilde Perception In Which
Man la Outclassed.
To tiik KniTon or Th St'N Sir: I
was living during the winter of 19U.ll
at Prospect place. Ilrooklyn, on thxISIr Ualahad, "Ills Mreuuth was as the
ground floor. 1 had In Ihe house an
Kngllsh blue llelden setter named Shep.
One afternoon a member of the house
hold lay III and Shep was Jn Ihe bed
room lying beside the bed. Presently
the sick person called me In and said he
was afraid roinetlilng was the matter
with the dog, us he continued to give
low harks and growls in spite of com
mands to be still.
Shep wa about ten years old and I
icmarked to the Invalid when t heard
faint footneps In the room above; "The
old fool Isn't acquainted et with the
people upstairs and doesn't like their
walking around."
The hour was about half past I. I
added my eomjnands to the Invalid s,
but I could not quiet Shep. At the end
of a few minutes the noise, of the want
ing upstairs' iicnsed. Then the dog
slopped growling. I thought no more
aliout It until about R o'clock, when I
heard excited talking In the h.idways.
doing out. I found that the apartment
overhead had been entered by thieves,
who had stolen many things nf value.
The members of the family had been
anay all day. but the return of one of
the children from school at 3 o'clock I
tlxed the hour of the theft as before that
time, s As the only evidence of life up.
stairs noticed by me when the dog was ;
growling was the footsteps, there ran be
no doubt that the footsteps to his keen
canine Intelligence suggested a criminal
So strange was this manifestation of
a higher sense of discrimination on the
part of the dog that If my knowledge
of his agitation at the sound of tin
strange footsteps had not heen the same
as that of the sick person, I might have
bellevnl myself mistaken.
Another singular feature was that the
family upstairs had moved In only about
two weeks before. In that brief time
the dog had learned the character of
Ihelr footsteps so well as to know the
tep of thieves. That was the only
time he had shown that he took note
of the walking overhead. !. K, II.
IIiiookltn, August 7.
On the Fine Art of Turning Around
Inside nf a Column.
To tiik Editor or Tiik Hvnsir: A
tragedy, this lack of print paper! What
will the gieat army of Up readers do'
Will the typewriters cease to pound out
the best seller with Its hundreds nf
pages of weighty thoughts? Will the
artistic tjpe several feet long disappear
from the newspapers? Will writers liko
those of old come again who had
thoughts before their little pencils
touched the paper, nnd when they did
something entertaining slipped from the
facile lead?
Such writers could turn around In
side of n column nnd knew when they
were through, too.
If It could bring again the writers as
nf old, who had Inspiration and Imiglna
tlon, the shortage of paper would be a
blessing nt Inestimable value.
Jamfs n. Pfwell, Jr.
Atlantic Citt, N, J., August 7.
Pork and the Militia.
To Tlir. KntToa op Tiik Son Sir: The
present unpleasant predicament of the
mllltla ran be traced tn "pork." As
matters were some time ago the mllltla
could not be ordered out of their sev
eral States by the Federal authorities
except for certain specified reasons. Un
ci Sam's strong box. however, looked
so Inviting that means were perfected
wheieby the expense of the mllltl i.
part nt least, was assumed hy the Fed
ci.il Government, but there was recip
rocally Imposed the duty of serving
n net ever oidered as a uulii pin quo for
Ihe "pork." The framers nf tho mlll
tla "pork" bill must have been asleep
or they would have made Uncle Sam
pay all the bills without having any
control over the mllltla. Some patriotic
UoncrcFsm.in will no doubt have the
law amended so that theie will be no
strings attached lo the "pork,"
Great Is "pork" and millions of Ameri
cans ale Its prophets, N,
NoRw.vt.K, Conn,, August 7,
hreplng a Kansas .Inn In Ihe family.
Fmm thr fnirktr rity Rtrnrit
Arrh lloneoutler of DentnnU haa an
nniinred his llenuhilc-an ranillilaiy for
rnunty fierk, and the Pemm-rati have
almost decided to run Mrs. noneculter for
the same office
Hint of Aligns.
This Is th weathsr, old hoy'
All nf the enrn Balds shout
In a rlotnua till of Jocund Joy
To the pumpkins snugslsd about.
Tli pumpkins echo Ihe thrill,
All lolling there heloiv.
Whin the enft sweat rain swpt o'er tha
, You can almost sea them grow.
This Is Ilia ssather to charm,
To rlpan plum and pear,
Till avery orchard nn vry farm
la rioting avfrywhara.
Itoitei BtTViecs KtLLts.
Not With the Heaviest Battalions, hut
With the Faithful.
To tiik KniTon or Tiik Hun Sir: Some
days njrrt I read In your newspaper the
ouotntlon "Ood fights on the Mac of
talnly Is tliouahtless nnd untrue.
Take, the great originator of tho phrase
las nn exnmple. Was the Almighty with
him when be Invaded Humla with his
roiinlless tioMs In his mad attempt at
unlvers.it domination? Was the Al-
mighty Willi the well apMilnted and
me poner 01 in" Krrnirsi m n.iumi
'behind him. as mialdo to conquer the
'""e "'"' bank which no forms part
,,f modern Holland? Was fled llh
h''vl"' baltnllons when the Slss
rolled back the splendid army of i hHiles
, ""' ,,olrt' or ,vllh ,nP victorious Kngbsh
. ho" ,na" nf Aro ,lr,,vc ll,onl fr,,m
I'r:'n?.'!7 ..,.,,
,,h"1" "' of " ",'"r''
' !,,l "if "', "" "I"" k"':w ,,r!,or J"1""'
1 he whi-reof be spoke: "No nation, how-
ever small, can bo conquciid If It be
true to Itself." He mlstit have added ;
j No nation that l not true ta !od can
I be true to Itself.
' No nation that sets class against
I clas. that teaches dhrnntcnt with the
! success of others, that teaches that ma
terial well being Is the only ajllmate
good, that teaches the rlshts of man
and forget' the duties of nun to Hod
nnd his fellow man, no such nation cm
go on living.
"Thrice armed Is he who bath his
quarrel Jut": or, as Tennvson sings of
strength of ten because his heart was
pure" Thee saying" are not cynical
or smart, but they nre from the hi arts
of men who believed In lo. anil lu Ills
Justice and power. The war has been
seised tijion by many as evidence. In
deed proof positive, of the failure of
religion. This to my mind Is pi oof
positive of the failure of a lark nf le
llglon. The world for generations has
Is-eii losing Its old religious fnlth.
We have In the place of the Almighty
erected n new nod In the likeness of
ourselves, which we call Humanity or
some such name "We aie taught nnd
believe thnt man can lift himself and
purify nnd perfect himself. We are told
that the thoughts anil Ideals of the aver
age of mankind must ever tend to higher
and better things.
As well expect water to run up hill
or a man to lift himself by bis l.iot
straps. Man advances, when he does ad-
l vance. from forv-es without himself,
from the teaching and example of those
mortals who receive from time to time
In all ages some message from or some
glimpses of that which Is about and
without us.
Do not think I am saying that because
'Gd can fiom the stones of the Held raise
up children unto Abraham we should take
no step to protect ours. Ives. Ti.it way
lies madness. Our God works by and
through men, and it is His will that
men should use the xmer He has given
them; all that I am striving to siy at
this time Is that the nation which be.
lieves that God Is on the side, and on
the side only, of the heaviest battalions
has lost Its f.ilth nnd lu so doing has
lost its greatest protection.
Nkw Vork. August 7. A. S. H.
Mexican Condition Forcibly Pictured
bj (Ine of Fifty Thousand American.
from thr On Ms of Xogatrr, .lr.:ium.
As a muter nf fact the history of
Mexico before tile dvs of Klaz Is an
exact counterpart of the history of
Mexico since the i.ts of Mar. I. e,
rape, rubhety, murder, rapine; and lilaz.
and niaz alone, sevrd the situation In
that unhappy eountry as It was thirty
jears ago.
Now, when I came to thl countr.v
seventeen vears ago life, llbcity and
property weie Just as safe In Mexico a
in the I'u ted States, and our llftv thou
sand loal and true Americans in Me.
Ico were happy and can- free, with the
possible exception of one thought that
would ever and nlwavs occur t them
when they contemplated the future and
reallred from tlielr knowledge of the
Mexican people and their hlston, that
the ultra happiness, of MexiUi depended
entirely on the life of one single human
being, namely Porllrin Plaz, and so tbej
wondeicil what would become of them
and of Mexico when Hon Purtlrai, 111
the u.ituie of tilings, should pass away,
Whori that thought would depress
them they reasoned: "There are tft
thousand of us here In Mcxko, and we
have millions of dollars of our good
American money Invested hete, and ls
sldes, the Monroe Doctrine makes Uncle
Sam the self-appointed trustee, for the
safety of the lives and property Interests
of every other foreigner In Mexico, nnd
our people will never desert us In our
hour of rued, nor permit any harm to
come to other foreigners here; and so If
the Mexicans attempt to slart a ievoi.
tlon Uncle Sam will be bound to stop It
in tho very beginning, nnd In the Interest
In',"' humanity because he will be protict-
Ing the Mexican against himself.
Hut when the hour of trouble came
what was the result. In the nam., nf
High Heaven, what was the tesulf
Your American brothers ami sisters In i
Mexico found themselviH abenlutely
without a country !
Why a Tip?
To tiik KniTon or Tin: Scn sir: lie
frrrlng to the origin of the word "tip,"
which vour correspondent "H, .1. I).'
asks about, 1 have read that In the ,m.
don loffee house where Samuel John
son and his colleagues met there w is
a box Into which the guests dropped
their contributions, which were dls.
tiibuird among the waiters, "to Insure
promptness"! this wns abbreviated to
the initials "T. 1. P." Next ! I., c.
Gl.KN Hlisir, N. .1., August 7.
What Hn the Herman Pence Meetings
To run F.pito or Tnr. ?r -ir; I nt.
ways had a notion that the defeated fne
was the most anxious for psate Th
tlilrl-n so-called peace meeiinics thvt
took plaee In as man) Herman cities Utely
seam tn give the lie tn my fnrmer bellsf
Kiary speaker In those nestings brought
forth itermanv's great arlilevemrms in
this nnr. I( the Central Powers have son
the war. what's the Idea nf having all
these ll.irniimllke demonstrations lor peace
that make Germany the laughtuc atnek of
the world? Would not li be more senMhla
to let tha Alllea do the asking?
Ptaisg Uncaasniita.
Ntw YoK, August S.
Judge Wllflcy. for Six Years Resident In Mexico. Deaeribes the Situation
Resulting (From President WIImb'r Policy.
To Tiir Editor of Tna Pun Sir; In
view of the fact that rresldent Wilson i
and his supporters continue to put forth
the contention that American Investors
In Mexico are responsible, for the senti
ment In this country In favor of Mexi
can Intervention, nnd since there are
those who charge President Wilson with
resonslhl!ity for the ruin of Mexico
and Ihe consequent demand for Inter
vention, I submit that the time tine come
when these contentions shquld be sup
ported by the proofs. If American In
vestors In Mexico hnvo organised for
the putposo of bringing on Intervention
the fact Is susceptible, of proof nnd the
evidence should be forthcoming. On the
oilier band, If President Wilson Is re
sponsible for the destruction of that
country and the consequent necessity
for Intervention, those nets of his which
mnke, him lesponslblo should be pointed j never been dono bc.foro In the whole his
cut sperlllcnlly. My purpose Is lo tot tory of Mexico. And he nnally forced
out n feu salient facts In connection , recognition from a hostile Washlnston
with Ihe recent history of Mexico which I Administration: but the forced recognl
buve n bearing on these two contentions, etnn of President Wilson came too Ute.
I lived In Mexico continuously during I Tho forces nf disorder had done their
the six years prior lo dune. 19IS, and work. Mexico was In ruins, her credit
know personally all, or nearly all, the , gone and tier people starving,
pmmlnent American Investors In thnt jt s not my purpose to dseu ths
country. My observation tins been that wisdom or unwisdom of the President's
until very recently they were opposed ' refusal to recognise Huerta, or of hU
to In-eivenlion, It has been their unl- ' decision to Identify himself with the Tar-
mrm practice to support the duly con-
stltllted authorities of Mexico. Ths I
etippoited Idas and In the main wero
siiipoitlng Modern when he was over
thiown. Gladly would they have sup
ported C'jrranxa had President Wilson
permitted Id in to set up a stable Gov
ernment. They have never meddled In
Mexican politics, either In Mexico or
lu Washington. They have only asked
for the protection guaranteed thctn by
our treaties with Mexico, nnd this they
guierally received until the advent of the
Administration of President Wilson.
The proposition that they hnve organ
ized In this country for the purpose of
fostnlng a sentiment of Intervention Is
absurd on Its face. The fact Is they
ate helpless and at the mercy of the
Mexican and Washington Governments.
Should they undertake such a course,
Ihelr properties In Mexico could be de
stroyed In a day, They nre devoid of
power, their Intliieiirr In this country
is negligible. The contention of rresl
dent Wilson's friends that they are re.
sponsible for the Intervention sentiment
In this country Is too preposterous to
merit serious consideration.
The situation with President Wilson Is
different He Is clothed with power, nnd
has elected to use It. I shall undertake
to show that he officiously Interfered In
tin. domestic affairs of Mexico which be
should have let nlone and thnt by Ihe
bungling manner of this Interference he
made himself responsible for the ruin
of the country. While protesting con
stantly that he would never Intervene
In Mexican affairs he has In fact in
tervened continually since he came Into
power. He first Intervened by force nf I
arms tn dejinsc Huerta. He threw his .
influence In f.ivnr of the fnrranza rcvo- .
Itiilnn, but after he and Cnrrnnza had I
overthrown Huerta he threw the moral
influence of his Administration In favor
nf the hniubt Villa, who had headed a
revolt against his chief, C'arranzn. It
Is the opinion of all nf the leading Mexi
can, among both tin. Carranzlstas nnd
(he Vllllstas. that this act of rresldent
WIIoii broke the backbone nf the Con
stitutionalist movement and defeated his
Mexican pnllcy. This I- the act
that marie him responsible for the ruin
of Mexico. The feeling among leading
Mexicans was t the time and l now
general that had President Wilson
promptly recognized nnd substantially
aided Uarranz.i Immediately after the
overthrow of Huetta Villa would not
have revolted. It was the Villa revolu
tion that destroyed Mexico. In point nf
lestructlveness the country never expe-
rlenced any revolution comparable tn
Mexico was In n fairly good condition
when Huerta left It, but when the Villa
revolution ended It was lu ruins. Car-
ranza was never reznrded as a strong
man, and It was generally believed
tbit he was Incapable nf giving the
e'oiiutrv a strong administration. The
jfrcllng. however, was that be had
I never had a fair chance. When he en
tired Mexico city, after the overthrow
of lliii-rta. Villa, bts leading General, was
Us F.ffect on Manner and Moral Things Thnt Hit the K.ve of a Motor-
Fearlessly Set Forth. It on a Hot Siinilnv.
To tiik KniToit or Tiik Scn Sir; The Citizen? luenkmc 1" er bet c is
tionibone. ns a bused by the average then stnopinc in the heat of r
popular band, is the muckstlck of music, scatter the fragments so w nit
It rakes deliberately among 'the baser ; Ilellevllle pike that no motor .ir ''i
emotions Its timbre Is a summons to escape.
license That shuddering sinned chrn- Motorists getting out of rr. '
matte Inflection, which Is Its distorted , sweep n trackway through the bm n
contribution, which Is so barbarously glass.
overdone In n certnln sort of band, Is Pedestrian spreading out nrr'- iv'
a direct pander to a low and brutish road to compel cars to stop
musical Intelligence and slides the skids A man In half of a Palm r.ci-1- n'
under the shocked soul of art. lying In the position necessmv re
There Is a positive vicious Indecency pair a loose transmission shif
In Its loose appeal, a calculated raw ' A shaded gravel walk hcMde v n
lewdness that affront both good taste crete road; nnd nil the mi v - i
and good morals. ing on the rond.
Sn evnellv Is Ibis true that nne can A town marshal opening 1 n "'"r
piedieate the utnss type which will most
loudly enjoy it ns closely as the gross
feelings It evokes.
No other musical liiftrument, not even
the human volie at Its most nninvil, can
dig up the ruder passion so Mirelv.
Wntch Its step across the features nf
Its victims at the next b-ind concert nu
ere unable to escape.
K. Wtt son,
August .'.
Sw.vnTitMonE, Pn
Hardships nf the Drug Trad In Missouri.
Voiil thr f',l. Cntiply I ruitrr
Tlu senile nil of liont ,rtgn c ct Jn'l
In Hole count) "lien VV T Mer. s
i,. eicht eirs in jai'.'wht'e his eiiin-r
iv, Mnrg.n, drew- n 11, eon fine and four (
ears in Jail for llleeal liquoring
Tn the Danish Weal Indies.
Sugar and speller
And mnt and coal
Climb hei'.er -V-Her
To r'' h Ihe foal.
Hron hretd and wire
And hutter and hoi
Mount eer higher.
And so do rrvvats.
Thnmri voure almost lost
In the southern ess,
Vnu lenl the hlith cost
Procession w ith eaff ,
Five hundred per lent
In some fourteen ear
Wins acknow lodgment
Prom Hit hemispheres
Miiaici Mossii.
on ths eve of revolt, and Presldytit wn.
"n was Inclining toward Villa, Tho
consequence was that Carranza's al.
ready loose grip on his troops was mi.
terlally weakened. He had to ml wit
a loose rein In order tn rule nt nil.
This resulted In depredations and abiiMs
hy his soldiers, which lowered his pre.
tlge and lost him the confidence of th
country. The situation would have hsen
different had President Wilson rendered
htm the support he had a right in en.
pect. The feeling Is universal In Met
Ico that the President's falture to sup.
port Carransa at this crucial moment
Is the vulnerable spot In his wh!
Mexican performance. H Is rleir thnt
had ho done this Cnrrania's rhancn
for making good would have bn In
finitely better than they now are. u
should also be said to Carrnnna's credit
that he won nut In a most formldshla
revolution. In which Ihe moral Influence
of the Washington Government wan
thrown squarely against him. This hid
rnmw revolution. I will stale, hnw.
ever, that In my opinion he should hav
done neither, I think he should have
let the domestic politics of Mexico se.
verely nlone. Had he done this his pn.
slllon would now be stronger than It is
The point I wish to make Is, that when
be deposed Huerta lie thereby assumH
responsibility, nnd thnt by aiding VM'j
In his revolt against Cnrrama he mad
hlmsnjf responsible for the cnnseiiuenest
of this act, which were the destrueilnn
of tho country. This conclusion rannn;
be teslsted. The responsibility cannot he
escaped or shifted. After he put bis
hand nn the situation. It was In his enn
trol, and he became responsible for wliv
The rresldent Is also responsible fee
the deplorable situation resulting from
the Columbus massacre. His manner of
handling that eploio was another cap
ital blunder. He should have held the
'arranxa Government responsible f r
this outrage, not the bandit VI1U He
bad recognized the fairnnr.i Gove-n-ment.
Our expedition Into Mexico wa
a violation of Mexican sovereignty and
nn act of war. It was doomed lo failure
In nd vance, nnd was calculated to pro.
duce tho friction with the Carranza Gov.
ernment which It did produce. It was
clear to all lit the time that Garraria
must of necessity resist our troops or
rpenly confess his Impotency In control
the situation, which, of course, would
mean his downfall.
Had President Wilson demanded of
the Cnrrama government the prompt ex
ecution of Villa nnd his hand and stih.
factory guarantees for the perm.uien'
safety nf Americans who dwelt nlnng
the border, nnd at the same time made
It clear that Its failure promptly to
comply with this demand would be fo.
Int.e.l lit net.ml InlAn-nnllA-t hi ,lu
i . '.. i,.,i..i c.,.. ,ki
pose of establishing permanent pears
throughout Mexico, such a course won 1
hnve commended Itself to the good Judg
ment of mankind and to the C'ariantx
government. Carranza would hnve ur
dcrstood that his government wnu'l
hnve tn not n .Inn In sneh ntitraffea re
I M(1Jlfo mun vrnrp ,n a
dependent nation. All nf the authnr'tlea
n International law hold that :
Intervention in the interna: affal'- f
another State Is Justifiable when a r r
his fa I en Into such a strife of nnu
end mt-rule ns unnvntdihlv tn dls'
pe.-iee, external or Interntl, of Its n- t
hor, whatever the conduct or potie, nf
gn ernment mnv he in that re-pe, ,
My contention Is thnt Piestdmt W'l-
,, Hi,IJ(j nnt j,nvo meibllcd in r
, In.
mestK affairs of Mexico at all, but t
having decided to onno-c IluerM md
sustain i.iirranza, he should have .r.
red out bis policy; and that his fa -
consistently nnd tlrmlv in do t
brought Mexico to her present plir'n '
nlso contend that the course lie pu :el
n handling the Coliinilois ep,od, e.
sponsible for the situ, it. on of ute re -dented
gravit.v whloli the two n.it
pew facing. 1. rimers It W' r t"
Nkw Vork, August 7
party'" iupcIi basket to see wN
r 1
n i
child without a health ceittl i
concealed therein
The driver of a ear using I ' 'in
to light a cigarette, lnv.ng 1 ' '
In the cam of Providence
A middle igeil eolinle tlvmc i "
r" children's puhtnoht,es
vv Ith motor,
i A family lunch party un lor
with a llrelcs cooker,
S.irsaparllh drinker m n
trolley car t-ninshing the bo'i i
I hlghwny.
' Motorists stopping nn a Hi
'meadows road to pick cit '
kind that were gilded nn I h
I -n
'Parlor walls In U2
children pl.iv iiu in 'he i 1
a iin of 110 degree w'n
field was only twenty ro. a
Father of famllv ur'ns h ,i
lunch kit to grease a neg'.c
A worn in driver 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n c ' '
ror so that she could see ior '
stead nf the road behind her
A feather boa in the l'ms
overhanging tree.
f -1
i - r-
Among Ihe SunSnwer f. Iflsl.
Tiem thr fefeln Cip'li.
"IVovn where 1 ilne frimi 1
,Mr IliKk Kllb of Torek, ih
1 "they still nre ligh'in-t Hi Its' '
i tyehurg "Th-it s mnnme i
erly retorted, When 1 wis ri s
Iolil hnm' to II In P'l'rusr) Ills
criticising the strate of the l n
mandar at Bull Bun."
m sr i -

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