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Six MnMcns Said Nay to "Jlm
mlc," but (ho Last One
Weds a Fortune.
Gouverncur Morris's "The
Cradle Snatcher," Done Over
In Staffe Form by 3Iegrrue.
Seres Chaneee" at the Cohan Ttwa.tr.
itmmli Shannon
Frank Craven
Otto Krufar
lUjrwsril Olnn
...Charlra Drokata
Rowland !.
....Harry Lalghton
......Allan Thomaa
...Carroll MeComai
Marlon Abbott
....Anna Maradlth
. ...Emllr Callawar
Bieerly Wait
..Halan MacKallar
. ..Florince Duhon
Allca Carroll
....Lillian Spencer
Bill? Meiktn
Ctrl Ooddard. .....
Ralph Denby
Joi Cpinei,
Hnrr Oirrlion....
Anna Wlaaior......
Mra Oarrlien
UHf Trior
PaiaT WeoJ
Iraaa Trior,
Oaerrtana Oarrlaan
Katharine Mai
Battr willouihbr...
Maria Ml-dleten....
On condition that ha marry before ha
li It, Jimmie Wionnon will Inherit a
fortune. But although Jtmmte lei a woman
Inter, he la :o a sport; to he decides
to take a chance." He takea aeven
chancea In fact with aa many different
malda, each of whom In turn reject his
pronoiali. The hour of hla thirtieth
birthday approaches, and It b through
the unexpected Intervention of a friend
that Jimmle finally accompllnhea the
talk at before him and gels the real
woman of his choice Into the bargain.
fluch li the material out of which
Rol Cooper Megrue wrote "Seven
Chancea," which David Belaaco Droduced
at the Otorse M. Cohan Theatre laat
cvenlnr. The Idea for the play was
not wholly original. That much was
freely admitted. "Seven Chancea" la In
reality a itaire version of douvemeur
MOrrii'a short story "The Cradle
fastener'' and was tried out by
Mr. uel-sco last season under the
title of "The Lu.iVy Fellow." But
the play hud been written before
that by Mr. Mcgrue, and last
thrht'i nfferlnn was a rewritten ver.
won of the original. So "Seven Chances"
hi been ulnioat two years In arriving at
a metropolitan first performance, a fate
which often befalls productions under
ine direction or Mr. Belaeco. since the
manager l.i well known to keep many
plays "on the shelf" until he can give
hit bet attention to them.
It was .1 foregone conclusion that do
effort would bo spared to put "Seven
Chances" on the stage In the best Be
laico manner, nnd therefore the audience
which nembled last evening was In nn
nay dls.irpolnted. Stagecraft Is an art
In which .Mr. lleluaco has no equal, and
alt the painstaking care which has
chir.icterlieil hi previous productions
w manifested In this one.
He did not. however, stop short at
mere scenery and lights. Important as
thev are. n excellently well balanced
company had been selected to extract all
the humor from Mr. Megrue's lines and
i:u.illon. Including KVank Craven,
.aiio'c !at appearances were In "Too
AXTOINt:. I.uclen. of Larchmont, N. T.,
fuddenly, at aea.
Notice of funeral hereafter.
BUfS. At Beirut. Syria, on July St, the
Htv. Daniel Bills, O. D. Preiltlint
Irnerltui of the Syrian Proteitant Col
late, In the 93d year of hit age.
BO-KKN. Auguat 7, Ills. Jane F. nolken.
Strrlc.a Stephen Marrltt'e Harlem
Chitel. I0.0 Weit 138th atreet.
Wtilneailay evening, t o'clock.
COIT. In France, with the Hrltlih army,
on Monday, Aufu.t 7. 1SH. Henry Au
(uitui. ton of Joseph Hon land and
Adeline Il.ilch Colt, and crandeon of
the nev. Henry A. Colt, drat rector of
St, I'aul'a Fchcol, Concord. N. II., In
hli tnenty-aeventh year. Private In
Prlncr.a Patricia's Restment, Canadian
The American Irish Historical Society
announce! with deep regret the death
of ex.Juitlca Jsaeph F. Daly, a
number of the Society, on Sunday.
Auiu.t i. Meniberi Mill attend the
funeral at the Church of HI. VJncent
Ferrer, SUty-aeventh atreet and Lei.
Incton avenue, on Wednesday morning.
Auguit , at II o'clock.
The Board of Managers of the Roman
CathMIc Orphan Aaylum In tha city
fit New York innnunoM th. u
of Hon. Jo.erh Francla Daly, a mem- I
ter of t hie Board for over twenty-rive '
j3ri ana uounaii ror the pait six
teen ear.
The Board deilrei to record Its deep
orrow for tha audden dereaee of one
of lt oldest and moit dlattngulihed
Illi ler-lcse both ai Couniel and
Mtniger were Invaluable.
In remembrance of hie unielfiih de
votion for ao many yean to the orphan
r.ii of the asylum the UoatU of
Manisere deitrea to make thla publte
ejpieulon of Its bereavement iinil re
nueite that the membera attend the
funeral of their lata aatoclate In a body
from the Church of St, Vincent Ferrer,
i:t Kltty-aeventh street, near Laxlng.
ton avenue, on Wednesday, August .
Hl. at II o'clock.
RANCTS O'NEILL. Secretsry,
t. Vlncenfe Hoipltal Advisory Board.
Memben are requeited to attend, with
out other notice, the funeral of our
honored anoclate and vice-president,
the Hon. Joiepb. f. Daly, , to-day
EAfLKT At Chatham, N. JT, August T
Il, Thlllp Ayrea Eafley. Jr .on af
th. It.v. Philip A. and Martha Wright
Turner Knfiey, aged five years.
Tuneral private,
rARRlNOTO.V. At Overlook Hoipltal,
Summit, N. J Auguat I, lilt. Albert
Hartey Farrlngton, In hla saventy-flrst
funerji .,rvc w(n b, htd fht
re.lilence of hla (liter, Mrs. A. H.
niood, Mllburn, N, J on Wedneiday.
Augmt I, at I P. M, Relative, and
frleinli nd membera of Altalr Lodge
" 0, r. ft A. M of Brooklyn, are
"'Pectfully Invited to attend. Inter
nent private.
IIOO!Naon Tueilay, Auguit I, Henry
Herbert Hogins, n hla savsnty-iicond
run.ral ..rvlrei at his lata residence,
"oilyn, l. I on Thursday, August II,
' 5 P. M. Conveyances will be In
'"I'.RS to meet trains leaving Pann
Wlvanla and Ftatbuah avenue stations
": reaching Roilyn at lift. la
iirment at convenience of the family.
HAOONIOLE. Entered Into rait. Monday.
Augu.t t, Katharine CeleetlB. .wife at
I 1? .1 Hft Mealk, la lb eveaty-
! wlh year ef kar age.
Frank Craven and Carroll McComas jn "Seven Chances."
Many Cooka'' and "Under Flrej" Carrol
McComaa. Otto Kruger, Hayward Olnn.
Charles Rrokato, Harry Lelghtbn, Anne
Meredith, Emily Cnllawny and Beverly
West, to mention but a few.
It was In a familiar style of play that
these artists were seen last night. For
Rol Cooper Megrue, clever as he Indeed
l.i when It comes to the manipulation of
theatrical contrivances and for the un
doubted effects that are carried out. Is
not after all the great American play
wright for which managers In this coun
try have long been seeking. Mr. Megrue
lins the mechanical art of playwrlghtlnr
down to Its finest possible point and
therein does his art excel as It did In
"Seven Chances."
The story upon which the play Is
founded 'had enough humorous situations,
however, to mnlte the dramatisation In
Mr, Megrue's capable hands a wholly
acceptable bit of polite comedy along
.the lines of Mr. liclasco's last success,
'The Boomerang," nnd to assure It plenty
ot public patronage.
II amor Seasoned With Suspense.
There la much cleverness In "Seven
Chances." lota of humor, laughable sit
uations and a very good order of wit, not
to speak of suspense In just enough
quantity to make the piece highly Inter
esting at all times; hut after all, It Is
the mechanlcalness of the play which
rredomtnatee, though It does not mar.
Mr. Belasco's company did much to
make the play the" success which It
should obtain. Kronk Craven is a come
dian of excellent attainments and he dis
played them lth no mean ability In the
portrayal nf Jtmmte Shannon, who finally
wins a bride and a fortune at one nnd
the same time. Carroll McComas, who
was seen about a season and a half ago
In "Inside the Lines," made the best ' f
rather limited opportunities which were
provided her. She wait 'pretty and vl
v.icluus lit all tin es and was charming
as the central feminine character of the '
At for the seven maids who were the
recipients of Jimmic shannon's protesta
tions, they were nil that a mere man
could dealre. Otto Kruger, who Is un
derstood to have first come to Mr. Be
lasco's attention when appearing under
the management of Cohan & Harris In
"YounK America" at the Astor Theatre
last season, enslly .ranked along with
Mr. Craven In the excellence of hli per
formance, nnd It Is to bo rrcretted that
he has only been loaned, for this play for
a limited time.
All of those things served to keep the
audience In roars of hearty laughter
through the two or more hours of the
play, and they Insisted upon a speech
from the prcducer ufter the second act.
A large majority mut have left the
theatre with the firm -belief that "Heven
Chances" Is, another "Boomerang" and
deserves to be placed In the first rank
among the plays that have thus far been
put upon the boards this season.
COOPKnSTOWN. N. Y.. Aug. . Auto
miblle arlvil. nt the O-tr-sn-ga Itouie to
lav Include Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Dean. Mr.
nnd Mr. If. !chlln. Tuxedo (Franklin);
Mr.. A. N. Price. Mn. J. It. H.'atlurd, Mrs.
William Wrlgley. Philadelphia (Ucemo.
I.llel; Mr. and Mn William Johmtnn.
i-hrle Hiibbarrt, Chicago (ftevenal: Mr.
and Mre. F W. DrtMgla!. Mra. William
Ilolph. Chlrago (Cadillac!: Mr. and Mre.
riamuel Moore, Mrs. H. D. lluhm. New
Vork (Hud.on): Mils K. Klplln. Piping
Itnrle? Mle. K. Carlvle. Watertown: Nel.on
r. Hyde. Washington iHupmoblle) ; Jn.eph
F.rley. Mr, .and Mr.. Harry K. John.ton.
.lurh.it.r (Packard)
MANCIIKNTfcH. vi auk. . arrival,
by automobile at the Bnulnos Hnu.e In.
elude Courtlandt Van l.tef. New York
(itrIon): Mr, and .Mra. r reo . inyior,
Ml.a F. K. Talor. Mount Airy, Philadel
phia: J. M Dohman, Rolllngewnod, N, .L
(Cadlllae); A. M. Miller. Columhue: J, P.
rox, J. R. Cleveland (Velle); Mr and Mra.
K. ti. Broun, Klvertnn. N. J. (Fnnklln);
Mr, and Mra. II. K. Hlahop, Norwalk. Conn.
(Locomobile): Mr. nnd Mrr. J. Harvey
Reem. Mrs ("harlea K. Olla. Norton Olla,
Rllsabeth ntla. Mra. Kdwnrd A. Kltch. i
Vonken (Caillllac); Mr. and Mra. J. M.
Hoot, fhlcigo: Mr. and Mra. F. .1. Ilutrh-1
Inion. Montrlilr (Packard): Mr. and Mra.
A. W. Ilrown. Kmllr l.ukena. Helen I.u.
kina, Trenton (Overland): Howard
Baker. Mlnne.ipolla (Chandler): Mr. and
Mn W, 11, Thompion, Mla Thompann.
Ne.v York (Pierce): J'r. and Mre. D. Cur
tla, Lawrence Oirtl". Iloaton (Htuti): Dr.
and Mra. J. H. Tavlor. Mr, and Mra. C. B.
Whlttel.ey. Harlforil (I'noel.
lirtKTTON WOODS. N II. Aug. .
Mntnrlata reglaterlng at the Mount .Wash
ington to-day Included Wllllsin J. Ttoome.
yew vora u,"sir, I'Mui.j r.-i' hii
New I
Vnrir tVrm nkllnl! Donald
.1. Fanning, New
York (Catllllici: n. nij
:onie. ue-'
.. Miuirki' Arehlbald E. Dorr. Bo.lon
(llaynen; Tranrli M Ooodlng, Worreater
(Premier): Auguat Farnell. Pruttdenm
(UicmolI!)i Col. H. Urneet Blunt, Spring.
Held (Pierce): Cheeier F. Kngllah, Hnaton
(Overland): nr. 11. Jarrltt. Camden (Cad
lilac) : Benjamin Barneek. New ork ,
(Parkardli Kveratt W, Morie, Nw Vork,
(Marmon): Luther B. Wlllard, New York
(Chalmers) i Milvln B. Coyle. Detroit
(Packard): Clarence J. I'helan, New York I
(Cole): Mra. Frederick Long, New York
(I'lorce): Krod Uutferlrk. New York (Stod-i
dard): Warren Kodgers. New York lOyer-j
land); uoniri
(Merrer) . , ....
NEW LONDON. Conn., Aug. I. Arrival,
at the Mohican Hotel by automobile In
clude Mr. and Mr. W. , F. Aikam. W. K.
A.kom. Jr.. the Mknes (Iladya and Hazel
A.katn. Mllford. Conn. (ChaUn.rsl; Mr. and
Mn. K. Oalban. Mr. and Mra. V. Oalban,
New York (I'leres-Arrow), nr. and Mra
V W. Hoyl. Mlai D. Hutchlna, Mr. an I
Mri J, M. Nallegar. Chicago (Rulck): 'r
and' Mrs. D. D. Irving, Mrs. 0. Iteu.-h, H
It.u.eh. Crawford. N. J. (Htudeb,..r) i Dr.
James It. Oirhird. the Mlsiei Iaabellc and
Conitanc. Oirhard. Bead lag. Ha. (B.ilck):
Mr. and Mn. Harry Phil Ips. pea Moln...
la . Mr. and Mri. K. W, Johnaon. New
York (Ford);. Mr. and Mn. C. H. Haynea,
Mlas M, II. Auitln, Natigaturk. Conn,
(Ford); Mr. and Mrs. F. N. HaugMnn.
Mr. and Mri. H. I. Murray. Worcester
(Locomoblli): Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brooks.
Miss Dally D Brooks. New York (Cad.
lilac): P. r. rryes. Buffalo (Packard); H.
O. Hulbart. Nlw York (Bulck); Mr. and
Mrs" Jamai Jenkins. New York (Stuti);
Mr, and Mn. 8. W, Bowling, New Orleans
(Hudian): Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Clippa,
Mr. and Mrs., Frank W. Btoni .and parly.
New Tark (Loeomiilia)!, Mr. and Mn. U.
S, WllbrMgi, Boitan (Packard): .Mku
Nillla Farwail.. D. ,D.. Calcoek. Jr., N.w
Ort ifJosMu'dTi 'atr. ami m. fain W.
' li.iiiiif li 'mn ' JalBPt9jl
Weber Orerlare Is
CItIc Orchestra
vveners "iftr Freisehuts' overture, a
symphonic poem by Smetana, and the
"Coppellu" suite of Delibes, were fea
tures of the programme given by the
Civic Orchestral Society at Its concert In
Madison Square Garden last night.
Waltet Henry Rothwell, conductor, also
led the orcheitra In the march from
"Tnnnliauier" and the prelude to the
first act and Introduction to the second
act of "Lohengrin."
Antnlne de Vally, tenor of the Brus
sels Royal Opera and a director general
of the Belgian Red Cross, was the solo
ist, singing an aria from "Sigurd" by
Reyer. Another good slied audience
was present.
II. Wood! will prenent Max Marcln'e
four act nlav entitled "Cheutlna
ineniera ai ine riiunxe Tneatre in-nisni.
1-eeter 1mergan. whu nUyeil couniel for
the defence In ".luetlce" last eemion, h
been engaged by John D. Wllllaim for the
role of (otttoan In the dramatization- of
"Pendennli." In which John Drew will
appear eltortly.
Hlch.ird Umb-tl hi. aoembled the cast
which will preeent hli farce. "Th Illue
Kn elope," on lour next innn. The com
pany Includes Rdnard itarvle, Carrlv Rey
nold.. Ralph N.ilrn and Beth FrnnVlvn
juimie iii- nan netn .eieneri iy Oliver
Mnrnirn In ntiv th tillnf rrtl in
fnrthcomlnr production of "Up fuin nnl
month to begin reheareal. for his new play. '
"The Ilarber of Marlon. a." uhlrh I. luier
to be .een In New York. I
D. W. Urlfflth will iirrlv from An
selei thli week with the effect. nd equip
merit to be uied In the production nf "fn
tolerance." which open at the Liberty
Theatre August 22.
Arthur AtdrMge. well known for hl ap-P'.-.inca
In Cllhert and Sultlven operetm..
villi be one of the lolol.ti at the Htrand
rhoatra next week.
rT.h''. .olrl from Brazil." originally
eehe.tuled to open at the Forty. fourth
etreet Theatre next Monda), hai been post
poned until Auguat I'V
nvrt -rkVrtr.r,
Lord wlmbornr'. A;-nt I'rtMrsta
Aualnat Appraiser's Itallnar.
Judge Hay. In the Hoard of United
States General Appraisers yesterday, hud
ir.e tasK or deciding how much a ihjIo
pony is worth nftr r It has helped win
the international Om from America, and i
nlso how much difference the European I
.ii muitc hi 1 1 n valuation
. . ... I. ... .
The animals In nuestlnn were twentv.
fh'e which Lord Wlmborne of London
entered feveral days ago at a valuation
of $12,500, or ubout $500 apiece. Most
of them were from the string used by
hlf team when It defeated the Americans
at Westbury, I,. I In 1914.
Oovernmont appraisers held the ponies
were worth at leant f 1 1,(100. Duty was
collected at the higher valuation, but
Lord Wlmborne's agent lodged a pro
test. One f Iord Wlmborne's Importa
tions was uold lat Monday for 11,000.
Judge Hay reserved decision.
Aug. . Tha
team yacht Surf, chartered
bv Mra. car-
negle, the Lorenz. John lljbbnr.l. ami the
Hirena, ir. Henry narunslon! the pwr
yaiht Northwlnd. Charles Martin Clark;
the Aleln, Albert II. 1)1. .ton, and the Vn
tor, Philip M, .lohnann, and the iloop
ysrhta Mnpltn, Lii-chinont V. C ntid th"
Alice. Ch.rle. P.. Keeler. hve rr ved
The ..homier dit Clarl.k.i. I'hlladel
phla Corinthian Y. C, haa left here.
they never refused me a spark"
In an account of his 12-month, 12,000-mile motor boat
cruise through the Mioilnippi River, Great I-akej, St.
Lawrence Hirer, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico
thtt'i what Chat. E. Welltnan sayi of the
for Every Motor
aplltdsif PUgi ite
aili la ill lite, ill
la ir.i to nil enir
ir, mui crclt. aw
til kail, triitel 4
iciealiif ,
JtU price of ill ittl(.
'M Salmon Plagl li
oit aallit. II mi
in cio'i iapiir
roe, wilt! si lot XUm
tillig make, rttml
In otmelei.
Miaaiisi, ilictllc
itinlii ia4 llghllig
oouiu, laimiun 111
(galtlea mitIci la IM
iter Lull, it ral
fill at sat kill-
With Iks Crssa Hssagaaal Jaakat
Theie plug are practically indiitructible. They are poil
tlvelf gn end oil tight, and at nearly soot-proof ai human
Ingenuity can make any plug, Numerout caiei are on
record In which can equipped with Splltdorf Plugi hare
run 20,000, 25,000 and 30,000 milei without the plug, ever
having been removed from the cylinders.
3-S-7 W. 61st Street, New York City.
"Bully, by George, Theso Boys
Not Too Proud to Fight,"
He Says.
Westerners in the Stampede
Spurred On to More
Thrilling Stunts.
Full permission to bulldog any steer
In the Stampede outfit Is hereby offered
ns a prlre by Hill The Thompsons
I'hll, publicity agents of the series of
Western contests being held this week
at the Sheepshead Hay Speedway, to the
first person who guesses the Identity of
the ex-Prenldent of the United States
who was present yesterday who ejacu
lated, "Bully, by tleorge!" at the feats
he witnessed, who mingled freely with
the cowboys and cowgirls, who borrowed
a sombrero and rode upon a cowpony,
who swapped yarns with the old time
Westerners whom he met and who said
to the newspaper men present :
"An extraordinary spectacle, by
(leorget Typically American and won
derfully donel These boys are not too
proud to fight!"
The enthusiasm of Col. Roosevelt, for
It was Indeed he, was seldom more ef
fervescent. Yelling with delight, chuck
ling and cheering, his ardent personality
reached out over the track and Infield
and spurred the contestants on to feats
even more thrilling than usual.
At 5 o'clock he telephoned home to
hold his dinner until 8 o'clock or later,
that he was going to stay until the fin
lh. After the contests were over tho
Colonel, popped up on a pony, rod a
nroursl, talked with the boys and didn't
leave for home until nearly 7 :30.
With him were Teddy, Jr., Kermlt and
his wife and Dr. and Mrs. Richard H.
Derby. I'ollce Commissioner Arthur
Woods and Mrs. Woods Joined them
Like a boy at bis first circus was the
Colonel. Uesldo him sat Mrs. I.uella
Irwin Jones, who as I.uella Irwin won at
Cheyenne last year the title of cham
pion lady relay rider of the world. Mrs.
Jones was a contestant at the Cheyenne
show six years ago, when the Colonel
was there.
"Thin Is the greatest show of I In kind
I have ever seen," said the Colonel after,
ward. "It Is the real Western stuff, like
the Cheyenne show, only much bigger
and with more champions and better con
testants, "Why It's better than fifty movie
shows. New York Is wonderfully lucky
to be allowed to see It. Many of these
boys I know, and they arc wonders In
their line. To see such a spectacle will
make a better American of a man."
It was the steer bulldogglng and the
bucking horse contests that chiefly In
terested the Colonel, although when the
hone of Sidney Todd. In the pony ex
press nice. Jumped a "VO foot steel lrc
fence without touching It the Colonel's
amazement was great.
Hofore he left he healed the breach
I between the southwesterners and the
northwca.rrt.eri. which cuifil u batlla
fr'01"" trouble on Monday night. It was
learned yesterday, had not a ivaremilter
stolen the revnlvora nf n lmifler nf .mi.
of the fuctloiw In the feud. The Colonel
Induced Kd I.lndaey and Charlie Irwin
to shake hands and call It null.
The steer bulldogglng contest followed
the rain. The field was like a lake, but
the boys went out to show tho Colonel
they were us good or better than thn
men he knew lnvhls early days In the
West. In spite of the bad condition of
the Held one steer was thrown In 25 '
seconds, the fustest.lt has yet been
done, while anothorivns thrown In Si
Hf0.1l. '
The wild horse race yesterday was
the bis feature. The air, cooled by the
rain, seemed to make the hones more
frisky than heretofore. It took half uu
hour or so to get a dozon horses out of
(he oorraK Then, with two men holil-
lnK e-ie" horse, If they coul the rider
'"a lo saddle him and ride rim across
thc I'! Surprisingly iiulck time w.ik
, ..A I.
miilo In ."inlrtlir.fr by some of the men,
but when thc horses were let go they
bucked around In circles. Several of the
men got lnd falls, but no one was seri
ously injured.
The thow to-day .will begin at 2
o'clock, and a brand new bunch of bad
liores and Texa longhorn steers are
promised. To-morrow le motion picture
day. '
Play right and Brothers Chief
Rencflrlartea by Mother's Will.
Ilayard Velller, playwright, and his
brother. Frank and Lawrence, are
principal beneficiaries under the will nf
their mother, Mrs. Kll.abeth D. Velller,
hud yesterday for probate. The estate
consists principally of work of nr'.
Among the chief bequests are n Ibit
tli'clll Madonna In Mrs, Margaret Vell
ler. wife of the playwright, a IMysdiel
to Ks.inlt Velller and lilctures by ,il!ll. t,
Mlchettl anil Illco to Lawrence rller.
my 12,000 mile trip
Punctual payment by thli
Company of tnterett, whether
paid by the borrower or not, te a
service appreciated by lnveiton
aasurlng aa It doet an Income
which can be depended upon
with absolute certainty.
Last year the Interest payments
so disbursed by the Company
amounted to over fll.00a.000.
No Invtttor hat ever lott m dollar
Capital 6 Surplus, $10,000,000
i x-sr wtjr.B.T. irSRaUMaUaVklfa.
80 miton at. jgMlea.
Irnlat Burled In Pine Boa la Few
Honrs by Aelghssra.
HgLMA, Ala., Aug. 8. Because a fourteen-year-old
girl, Lelta Patrick, refused
to marry him, Charles Davis, aged 60,
shot and killed both the girl and him
self at her home, near Lamlson, Ala.,
near here.
Within a few hours his body had been
burled In a rough pine box by Infu
riated neighbors. Davla was a dentist
nnd was reported to have a wife and
children In Birmingham,
w York Broker Dies ob Ills
Yacht OS'Koalyn, I,. I.
Capt. Henry II, Hogins, a well known
Manhattan broker, who resided at the
Clarendon Hotel, Brooklyn, died yester
day aboard his yacht, the Llewellyn, at
nnchor off lloslyn, U I. For some flme
('apt. Hogins had been suffering from a
complication of diseases. He nn.l Mr.
Hogins believed that the salt air might
Improve his condition, and they fol
lowed their custom of living aboatd the
yacht during the hot months. Capt.
Hogins. who was 71 years old. com
manded Company K, Twenty-third regi
ment, some years ago, and was several
times elected president of the company's
veteran association. He wiis the senior
member of the brokerage 'Arm of Hogins
& le, of St Heaver street, Manhattan.
He maintained a membership In the New
York. Atlantic, Larchmont and Manhat
tan Heach Yacht clubs. Ha Is survived
by his wife and a son.
The Rev. Dr. Michael J. nrlffllk.
Tnor, N. Y.. Aug. . The Rev. Dr
Michael Joseph Orlftlth. pastor of St.
Joseph's Roman Catholic Church, Fort
Kdwnrd, 'Washington county, died to
day. He had published many books
timong them being "The Mystery Solved,"
"The Cross of Christ" and "The Meaning
of the Mass." He was 77 years old and
recently celebrated the fiftieth annivers
ary of hla ordination.
Rer. Martin D. Ilancoa.
The Rev. Martin D. Hancox, one of
the founders of the Zionist congregations I
In the Last, died yesterday at his home, 1
SI5 Uramti.ill avenue, Jersey City. He'
was 73 years old and was pastor of the
Church of the First Born at lirnmhall '
avenue and Grand street, Jereey City,
ior iweniy-cigni years, retiring in lI0
Two daughters survive.
Herbert Barnes.
Nrw Havkn, Conn.. Aug. 8. Herbert
Ilarnes, for many year prominent In
tho packing Industry, die. at his home
here to-day In his 83d year. He was at
one time a member of the packing firm
nf Swift & Co. of Chicago, and was one
of the founders of the firm of Strong,
Barnes, Hart Co.. packers, of this city.
Katherlne V. Magonlgle.
Katherlne Cclt!ne Magonlgle 78
years old. died on Tuesday She mi the
wife of John Henry Magonlgle nnd lite
meaner of H. Van Htirtn Mcgorlj:!. the
well known New York nrc'.iltect, of 101
Park avenue.
Thc more carefully you check milcatre
acainst cost, the more surely you become
a Firestone user. And that means Fire
stone Tires on all four wheels and for your
Nomine can equal the combination of
Your Dealer Will Supply You
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
"America's Largest Exclusive Tire and Rim Makers"
Bedford Are. & Sterling Pliee 1 QTI IK D--. J...-., U V M Bank Street
Brooklyn 1871-75 BrOftdway, IN. I. Newark, N. J.
Home Office and Factory: Akron, Ohio Branches and Dealers Everywhere
Makers of Kirnt Truck Tires Lenders Then and Lenders Now, in Quality nnd Volume
Called to Washington From
Newport, Though Yachts
' men Attend Dinner.
N'swrosT, Aug, (.With the sailing of
the Astor Cup races to-day and the din
ner to-night for the flag offlcem of the
New York Yacht Club at Lands End, the
home of Gov. Heecktnan, yachting was
the feature here. Several of the larger
steam yachts were out with parties of
guests from the summer colony, Includ
ing the Norma, with Vincent Astor, who
offered the cup.
Gov. Heeckman more than a week ago
made all arrangements to entertain the
d ig officers, but he had a sudden call to
Washington and left early to-day. He
asked cx-Commodore Royal Phelps Car
roll to take his place. The guest list In
cluded Commodore Hiker, Commodore
inrold S. Vanderbllt, Fleet Ciptatn Orcn.'
vllle Kane, Fleet tiurgcon Samuel A.
Bfown, several of the former commo
dores. Including Henr "Walters, Herbert
M. Sears and Dallas B. Pratt; Prescott
Lawrence, J. Gordon Douitlas, Vincent
Astor, W. Butler Duncan, Jr., August
Belmont, Major J. Curtis Qllmore, Jr.,
V. R. A.; Commander 3. K. Roblson, V.
S. N and Commander Kufus '.. John
son. TJ. 8. N.
Representative and Mrs. Nicholas
Longworth have arrived from Washing
ton, and are the guests of the Governor
and Mrs. Beeckman. Ex-Commodore
Kldrldge T. Gerry of the New York
Yacht Club was one of the veterans out
to see the race to-day, he being a guest
on his son's yacht Owcra.
Mrs. George Howard. Mr. Arthur
Graham Glascow and MhTs Anna fiands
gave dinners to-night. Mr. and Mrs.
Jerome N. Bonaparte. nlo entertained.
Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbllt has re
turned from New York. Mrs. Joseph K.
Lancaster and Mrs. John Lee Connablc
of Hoton, are visiting here, Charles
McKnlght of Pittsburg, and Mr. and Mrs.
A. F, Luke nnd Miss Fleck of New York,
from the yacht Katherlne, were guests of
friends here to-day, I,ewl Chandler of
New York Is at the Muenchlnger for the
month. Mrs. R. D. Pruyn of New York
la the guest of Mrs. Gilford A. Cochran.
Miss Anita Grosvenor Is entertaining
Miss Caroline Foster of Maililehead.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rldgeway of
Philadelphia, are guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Craig Diddle.
DP.. JOSEPH J. NOI.L, died October 17,
HIS (Arpral.r Anthony P. I.udden);
total ai.eta. I?9?.1G; net ratal. 2K.;it.
Mra. Mary A Noll, widow, principal hrne
tlrlary, receiving t : 67. 1 S . Itohert Alple,
.Mr.. KllznhMh Shhely and KoaallH King,
couatna, each received tt.lit. A.aet,: lii
Wrat i:iit atreet, appralsrd at 11:.. ".00: i:t
W'eat 15!d atreet, apprnlaed at tll.COO;
deposit!, l:V75i .lock, and bonda. 1211.
Decedent held bond, nf Northern
IMrlflc PUIIway appral.rd ut I:,SS1, b-m.li
Northern I'aclflc Terminal Company of
Oregon appral.id at :(.::.- :n nharei
I.oulavtlle and Naahvltle Hallroad, 1:9,520;
HOI aharea Atchtaon. Tinjeka arid Santa F
Tlallroad preferred, 150.010; .hnrea
t'nlon I'aclflc tlallroad common, f 30.17S.
P J. WHITMOIin n.WtltY. died Decem
ber U. 115 (Apprslaer Pateney), total
aa.eta. IS.7:: net e.tntr, 14.5:0. Jamea It.
Klngaley, not relatei, tenencairy
AI.1CK M HIOOINri. died March 17. tl
(Apprai.er Spencer); total Aa.eta, I7.1G8;
net estate, tS.IIS. Mae 11. Illgglna. al.ter,
principal beneflclary.
Jacob Koch, died April II, UU (Ap
prslaer Kopp): total aaaeta, 136,(00; net
e.tat. 131,25. Jacob A. Koch and Sophie
M. Koch, grandchildren, each received
112,573; Elizabeth Keber, 11,000, A.aeta:
Depoalii. t:,5t; Ufa Inaurance, 13.000;
mortgage., Its,:,
Mrs Daniel H. 8toe.hr of Oak Park. I
III., has announced the engagement of 1
her daughter Miss Grace Anne Stoehr.
to Robert K. Webster of this city, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Webster of j
Springfield, Mass. No date has been set
for the wedding.
Look at These Prices
'Then Note MileageRecords
of Firestone Tire Users
You cannot realize how much thc low
prices on Firestone Tires mean to you
until you know what mileage they give.
Ask those who use
quality of materials and Firestone work
manship. Thc low price is due to Fire
stone clficicncy and thc law of volume.
Extra quality broucht extra demand. Clrejt
demand broucht vast volume. Volume
broucht down price. You cct thc benefit.
Dairymen, Dealers and Others
to Explain Threatened
Hisc in Price.
Mrs. Julian Heath, president of the
National Housewives League, has called
a conference of milk dealers, dairymen
and others Interested In milk nupply
problems at the Icoguo headquarters, SS
West Forty-nfth street, next Monday af
ternoon at 2 :30 o'clock.
Thc confcerence was suggested by re
ports that milk producers are organlttrx
to demand higher prices from dealers
and thnt dealers will have to Increase
the retail price.
Among thoic who have been asked to
nttend the conference are John J. Dillon,
Ktatc Commlmloner of Foods and Mar
kets; W. it. Manning, secretary of the
Da laymen's Association ; M. Vary nnd
John Ocrow, who were on Gov. Glynn's
Milk Commission with Mrs. Heath, Na
than Straus and others.
Milk dealers declare agitation by the
producers for higher price for milk gen
erally recurs about this time every year
before new contracts aro made. The
dairymen nay they must get more for
their milk or many of them will be forced
out of business.
I.rglalatlrr Committee Hears of
rt.ftno a Year t hrrae Maker.
t'TtcA, N. Y Aug. S, The Legislative
committee henrted by .Senator C. W.
Wicks to Investigate the coct of milk
production, met nt Rome to-day. An
adjournment was anounced for thc next
two weeks to classify the data gathered
In the twelve counties thus far visited.
Hearings will be resumed at Coopers
town August 29 nnd 30, nnd nt Richfield
.Springs August 31, when the New York
Htnte Dairymen's Association will be In
The curiosity of the commission was
aroused to-day by the statement of n
Westmoreland dairyman that $.1,500 Is
paid the cheescmaker at thc cooperative
factory at that plnce.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Francis Hyde have
returned to their country place In Green
wich, Conn., after a trip to the Pacific
coast. On the way back they stopped
at Niagara Falls for a few days.
Louis C. TlfTany has started from his
country place at Cold Spring Harbor,
N. Y. for the Banff Springs Hotel In Al
berta, Canada.
Mr, and Mrs. lMwIn Gould nnd their
cousin. Mrs. Dwight M. Harris, who are
on an automobile trip, left New London.
Conn., yesterday for Hnr Harbor.
Miss Ixiulso Flelschmnnn, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Julius L. Flclschmann, will
1e married to Hi-nry C Yelser, Jr., of
Cincinnati to-morrow In the apartment
of her parents, SI." Park avenue.
Mrs. Arthur Wesley Percgn, who Is nt
her country place on the Rangely Likes,
has announced the engagement of Miss
t.eontlnc Curtlss. her daughter v a for
mer marriage, to William Tllllnghast
Hull, only son of the late Dr. William T
Hull of Newport.
Mrs. Henry Harrlman. with her
daughters. Mrs. Clmrles Rumsey and
Miss Carol Harrlman. will slart to-morrow
on a Wef,tern trip.
Miss Ir.rothy Grcnvllle Kane Is visit
ing her sister, Mrs. George F. Baker. Jr.,
In Southampton.
Mr. ami Mrs. James II Kidder nrc at
the nilltop Inn. Newport, for the re
mainder of this month.
Mri.. Joseph II. Wlllard will give a
dinner and dance for her daughter. Miss
Dorothy 'Willard, In Newport on August
W. MacNclll Hodcwald and his daugh
ter. Miss Marie Louise Hodi-natd, luie
gone to Har Harbor from Tuxedo Park.
Are You a Summer Sneezer?
If yon are. you will lie pirllrutirlv
Intereatrd In tliti Iwxik. Jmt pulil Islit-. I
Its Prevention nnd Curo
ir w. r. iim.i.oi'nriui. si. i.
treW-Knnirn .Sprthlisl In VMUrm't mi
nttt; I'riilnlUctnn in Ihr I'Mbvlrlphlit (,'rn
era! Ilotnltnt: I'rofn'nr iVmrrmj of Vrfi
a.'rlcj, Mrdicwi'Mrurgtrnl I'i'lleg?, t:r tic.
Thli lxnk ronics tn you ltli tlm li.icklnR
of nuthorlty lielilud It It represents the
rcaulta of year or Minly and the treat
ment nf tliotKuid. of i'.im- liv the coun
try's forcmo.t PMicrln. If 'mi nro n
aulTrri-r from lias -irvi r. or If sou have a
family, rhlliln n Im-Iiib rpiclallv llalilu to
tliU ill.tri'liK malady, oii -liniilil cet
thli hook nt onrrntiil Irani how to relievo
the miplcaHil symptonn mid to prevent
their reeurreneLV Von netil no loiter
dread vacation time nnd eati ito to tho
moimtaln. or Into the country with Im
punity, Ktery doctor and tuirso ihnuld
own n ropy.
aro. f.'Jom, m pnvrs, tl.SS; by mail, tl.tT
3.14 I'otirlli .Ue S. V.
1 lie 1 0(1111 r-imia ill ine v. . A.
fter Hie Miiih M.i: tnp ihl. I lieatrel
B E LAS CO !Yp"t V HV " "ao
w tn, 'rni,. .; Hut. 2-20
M. Kunltn J;n.n:'ii. I'lnt .Mat. Sat,
IUVIII I1M s- nreiema
A f'ome.ly hy Itni Cooper Metmie.
1 1 a vac I!,,, M , s ,
nrnixxtvtnoMnur Mn
HARRIS ..wrJ-,'-.f.. lire-. S:30
- - ------ m.i . lo-iiayx: .xai 2-2(1
with miim.i: i,i:wi:iiv.
.Matinee lii-iniirron .Klc. to ft. 50.
Timti. mPf, mWW Vk I'"'"
I ntv l
i.asr i nn i
i.a-i 1 1 in i i-f.if r.
i niuil.ir Mii,,rr ,,,,,v ! Uit -4.o.
A .Mll-lcil I ..i n h i-u I. DIHcr'f.t.
i " 'i -l K e s m
r wiay I',,,, j ,a(i 2;;i0
I - I ,sLtb ' lrV,' ' ""xiv
"Itll KIM IM lt I (H'lv IIHI?Ssrtt
5 0 C. ABrilSSMiN
I'ltlf'l--. m.. ... -. ...
l.iirr Iji flu i' t p
LONGACRE ,H ';'J,,,i
" "V. cr . r v, ii
Irlre rk- Wulk I i ,,. lg,lt
J''e Ti.ja (..r tin. ctilldrrn.
i. .7 '''I'"'. Morion A
i, J?.1' ?! 'i"ire. Inilnmr A Itrnwn
IlallyMut 111 iir.T.ll.iii(l."elhrrs
llellelon. I.eliioli.iile -cried Tree o ..
ii'iy. ir f.iuiino I'ltciiinitcK
li NiHcit I in "iin: innnv
I ! M - III! 1 .1..
' ' .-Ir.i I (hvh .. s..l..(i.
nr.il II Ittl.U' ( II ll'l IN In "I A. M."
Itii.tiH'K. ulth lt,tujiUlit
llirl.i .i. I . !.-. It, -mi,.
IVf-i ' u'tlnti Mtni'iiii?
ham imi UN ri.- r fn Mt;n r.
ID I H L I li i v-i" hi ii in i'av. '
lllu.ii.u. II . "V " i .l. i i, , hhI
I II " .s...-..ir U 'liirlu il. rlMi., I A. At "
MVtM.ll.li.tl.il (.r.lli- 1,1 Itllr, tt:i n Lolt
RRIRMTfll-'t lrlli'. tiimlii'.
D M I U n IUN Urmunrili. frliiu.i.r 4,
llrliilllc.il Hi'. li li i r.i uln'i 1 !.," mlii'is.
llltlMIKIA N AMt"-i:Mi:NT.H.
iTAR 1 Jin A I'lilton -M.'Mal.
7 tel. Alnln l-'ll Hatty.
Hill 1. 1 -.
Marine Roof
Hotel Bossert
Open Air Diniup, Dancing
From 6:30 P. M.
Dancinc. Kvety Evcnins Euept Sunday,
Muiiral ConctrU Sunday Evening!.
The rlancirm tim'er dirertbn of Mr. an.l
Mrs. Rowley D-m-ncs. The iew from
the roof is unturpissrd. C jinplrte pro.
tection aseinst the wi'athrr
I Monlifiie- HicVi Remen .St
Hotel li nnclnil in ic 'or mrr MSu
liatiin lluiUe ' le - .ln.n li llnniiiuli
II ill.
nOTl'l"- .IMI HK-TAI KAXru.
141h Street, near Fourth Avenua.
"PrFnce aoorge "ijoief
ruth Ave. anil Jl'.ri SU
Bislil rstia te urmamut (uaaia.

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