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i. .
Third Member Chosen ly
and Louis D. Brnndeis, se
lected by President Wilton to
confer with Cnrranza's envoys.
Wilson for Commission
Is n Catholic.
tl'AilitMOTOM, Auk. S. Dans for tho
ttlmnt of tlio border controversy
tttWtMn the United Htiitei and Mexico
hf mni! of a Joint commission mdo
prorresi to-day. Secretary I.anc of tho
Interior Department ntul Asuoclato Ju-
tlee Brandcl of the Supreme Court of
the United Ktntes have been selected as
two of the three American member of
the commission. The third member will
b announatd aa aoon aa he accepta the
"freildent'H invitation to serve. He
probably will be a Human Catholic.
The announcement that tho commit
loner had been (elected camo after
Mother conference to-day between net
In Secretary of State l'olk and Kllseo
Arradondo. the Mexican Ambassador
4etirnate. Mr. l'olk s.ild hn had been
Informed by tho Ambassador that Car
ranaa construed his last note aa an ac
centance of the President's note luiir
teatlnit a broattenltiK of the scope of the
tommlsslon'N work. .
Mr. l'olk and Mr. Arredondo will later
confer about the llmo and place tor me
fneetlng. It In understood that intun
rsldn resort on the New Jersey const
111 be selected.
It waa learned to-dny nuthoiltntlvcly
at the State Department that the mucs
tlon of the withdrawal of American
troops from Mexico will bo disposed of
and agreed to by both tSovernincnta bo
fore discussion of other subjects Is un
ti.rtakcn. .Knit lie llatlflrd.
The work of the commission niut tw
ratlHed both by tho t'nlted States ntid
Mexican Governments before It In any
way becomes effective, but this does not
mean, It la explained, that scpurato
questions dtscusred will have to wait
Until the commission Mulshes Its labors
feefore being ratified. Thus when the
question of withdrawal of Ocn. l'crsh
Int'a force has been threshed out. tho
decision will be placed before President
Wilson and Clon. Oatrna for rattflca
tlon. If It Is ratified the troops may
tart for home before further questions
arc decided.
The policy of Carra'ma's representa
tives will bo to forco this Issue at once
without reference to other matters. The
policy of tho American representatives
wilt be to make the withdrawal of troopa
to a great extent dependent won the
Study of border conditions, Carranta
will admittedly hold tho whip hand, as
ho can threaten to break up the confer
once at any time, and he realliwi that
this would make a dtatlnctly unfavor
able Impression for the President's cam
oaten purposes.
The Immediate military situation on
tho border dltiioscd of, the commission
Will be ready to proceed with its remain
ins specific task. Investigation to deter
mine whether Interests, untiring inter
ventlon have Inspired border raids. The
commission may make a trip to Mexico
to observe conditions.
Choice I'larnr Mexicans.
Secretary Lane has beoi In close touch
with the Mexican situation since lie en
tered tho Cabinet. Mexicans hero are
known to be well pleased with the selec
tlon of Judse llrandels. Tliey believe
that he has a natural sympathy with the
purpose of the revolutionary movement
lb Mexico.
The Mexican Embassy issued the fol
lowlnr :
"Eliseo Arredondo, Ambassador dftlg
rate of Mexico at Washington, received
to-day an ofllclal cablegram from Mexico
city which announces the surrender of
so-called (Jen. Mclcslo A'.barran with his
band of 150 malcontents, recently affili
ated with the Zapatista movement.
"The surrender took place In the
State of Morelos and It Is reported that
other bandfl ur asking amnesty and will
surrender In the course of the ensuing
week. This collapse of the rebellious
activities of the Irregular soldiery In
Morelos Is directly attributed to the ef
fective campaign which (ion. Pablo (Jon
sales recently has waged against the
evildoers and by reason of the complete
protection which (Jen. flonzalos's troops
have of Into furnished the lawabldlng
and peace loving c'tlitcns of Morelos.
"Minister of War Ohregon Is Informed
toy 3en. Lax-ruga that the Vllllata Col,
Herrera, previously In arms In the Stnte
of Chihuahua, has offered unconditional
surrender to take place at the town of
Santiago In that State, after which he
Will be sent to Mexico city."
Two Majors and Others Ask to
Leate llnrder Duty.
MCAM.KN, Tex., Aug. 9. Five more offi
cers In the New York division re' sned
to-day. The necessity of choosing be
tween being business men or soldiers,
which has already resulted In the with
drawal of three officers from the Seventy-first
Infantry and one officer from
the Fourteenth Infantry, brought forth
the resignations to-day of Major Pred
erlck N. Whitley of the Kirst Battalion.
Twenty-secord Unr'neer' Major Kl
mund T) McCarthy, adjutant of the
Third Hrlgade at I'harr, who had the
additional reason of poor health, First
Lieut. Lnwrince Otrdnor, aide to Hrlir,
Oen. Wilson; First l.lrtit. Arthur 11.
Chase of Company I), Fourteenth In
fantry, ami Second l.lmt, .lames F. Cur
tls. Jr., of Company K, Fourteenth In
fantry, f'apt. Howard cnmplorj of Com
pany I, Fourteenth infantry, resigned
several days ago. It, Is understood thnt
other resignations hi the division are
pending Llint, (iardner Is secretary
of the Plerce-Arrow Company in Buf
falo. Col. II It. llindholtz, chief of staff
has recommended to department head
quarters that the division be empowered
to grant thirty day furloughs. The
fifteen day furlough which can be al
lowed here lias been found not long
enough to enable n New Yoik man to
return home and arrange business af
fairs and valuable time Is lost when
a thirty day furlough must bo sent to
Ban Antonio for approval.
Col, John II, Foote of the Fourteenth
Infantry ' Mission Is proud of tho
health of his regiment Only thirteen
men out of l.OlM Hero untuned to quar
ters in the wnole month ot inly. This
Is slightly over per cent. Tor the list
ten da, Hi which the boa; est Mount
occurred, tho record was 1 II per cent,
Includ'ng a'-cs of dlReans to which men
had Nolumailb epoed tiionivclvcs.
Two of this class of cas's nrc the only
ones from ho Fourvemh which have
been removed to the Mm Held hospital,
at McAllen. '
The .SUty-nlntb Infantry waited again
to-day for tho arrival of Col, William N,
llabkell, but as on previous days when
the advent was announced over the,
grapevine telegraph, ho fal.ed to appear.
Three officers of tint Si.' y-nlnth were I
assigned to serve in Second Lieutenants
In the regular ami) lo-duy. They are
Second Lleuls. J. T. Prout of Company
F, W. 11. Burns of Company II and
Rogers D. Moutsciat of Company M, To
Whateynlts. they will bo dctullcd lias not
ytt '& announced.
isisiKrTssisB y --ifJ
isisisisisisisisMisisisB s-J
; J
isislislisiisisisH i
Conf(aud from First rage.
dren are taken to hospitals they will bo
robbed of blood. Commissioner tlnierson
yesterday was distressed at this attitude I
of antagonism that Ills helpers have j
found In certain congested districts of
the lower Hast Side, and the hiding of
of paralysis which has resulted. I
Copyright by llnrrt & lowing,
Messenger Hoy Looked
loxes anil Her Arrest
Kvelyn Sears of 174 West 107th street
was held for Special Sessions In '-00
ball by Magistrate Barlow In Jefferson
Market Court yesterday after pleading
guilty to a scheme which, according to
the testimony, was worked as follows:
The woman took an option on a vacant
flat at '-'"lO West Klghteenth street In the
morning, then left saying she mut get
Per husband's consent. A visit to a Fifth
r venue store resulted In n IL" hat, u 7
pair of shoes and a ".7u sweater being
sent to, the flat C. O. D. Meanwhile the
woman had returned to await her hus
band. When the delivery boy brought
the packages she took them inside, leav
ing him at the door.
After a few minutes she returned. She
only had a $20 bill, she said, and must
have lost the rest of her money some
where. The boy must take the goods
back to the store, where she would call
for them.
But the boy looked Inside the packages
when he got down stairs and found that
tl.o shoes, bat and sweater were gone and
old clothes bail been substituted. A po
liceman was called and arrested tho
Seram Only From Volunteers.
"In no Instance," he said emphatically,
"Is blood taken from any child In a hos
pital. Tho blood for tho serum Is given
voluntarily by persons who have wholly
recovtred from the disease. Such per
sona volunteer their blood for tho use
In tho horrfiltals for the possible cure of I
the stricken children, and If we could
only make them understand that It would
be n great help."
The Health Commissioner also made
an appeal yesterday for more volunteers
who are qualified to give their blood for
the preparation of the serum used In the
treatment of Infantile paralysis. There
Is a particular need for the scrum In
Brooklyn, he sold. Seven persons yes
terday volunteered, and at the Wlllsrd
Parker Hospital forty-four ounces were
Among the volunteers was Iiuls An
hung, IS, of S5 icwls street, Brooklyn,
who had the disease as a child. He trave
four ounces to be used In the treatment
of his little sister In the Wlllard Parker
Ten patients at the Wlllard Parker
Horpltal were given the serum treatment
yesterday. Two showed Immediate Im
provement, Their temperature dropped
and they showed other evidence of relief.
The eight other treated cases did not glc
Immediate response to the serum.
How Seram Is Kmptoyed.
Dr. Emerson yesterday Issued a bulle
tin on the serum treatment which fol
lows In part : "Among tho various
methods advocated for the speclflo treat
ment of poliomyelitis several deserve
mention as being bused on sound scien
tific principles. One of these consists of
using tho fluid withdrawn by spinal
puncture for relnjectlon ubcutaneouly. j
This method Is based on tho assumption
that the spinal fluid withdrawn from the
I atlent contains the virus of tho disease,
and that the virus Injected subiutane- ,
ously or Intramuscularly stimulates the
production of antl-bodles which, will aid I
Ir overcoming the Infection. I
"Another method consists In treating I
the patients by means of spinal Injec-1
tlons of blood serum derived from per-'
sons who hav recovered from polio-1
myelitis. Since It is known that the j
withdrawal of spinal fluid Is In Itself fre
quently followed by a marked lmproe-
ment a series of patients nave ueen
treated merely by spinal puncture with
out any Injections.
'The nhvslclans In charge of hospi
tal patients are unable to say what
aluo If any. the foregoing treatment
actuallv possess. It will bo only after
very careful comparisons between the
different series that any Just estimates
can bo made."
First Patient Discharged.
The first patient to be discharged as
recovered in the present epidemic was
Joseph Noble. 2 years old. of 313 Warren
street, Biooklyn. He was taken to the
Kingston Avenue Hospital June 14, and
when discharged yesterday afternoon,
was wearing n plaster cast on his left
nnkle as evidence of paralysis. The child
was taken to Dr. Bushmorc s clinic in
the Long Island College Hospital, and
probably will have to wear a brace. His
discharge was at the end of eight weeks
of quarantine.
A challenge was Issued to tho Health
Department yesterday by Pr. ft! ward
J. Birmingham of the New York Nose.
Throat and Lung Hospital, who has
tieen using the adrenalin treatment In
his hospital for Infantile paralysis on
the recommendations of Pr S, J. Melt
rer of th'o Uockefeller Institute. The
challenge Is to let him treat through
bis surgeons .'.00 or 1.100 vlctlias ot
the disease at the Kingston Avenue or
Wlllard Parker hospitals lie to supply
the surgeons an-l treatment free and
the hospH lis to do the nursing.
Dr. Kinerson'H reply to the challenge
was that the treatment of cases Is en
tirely put under the medical boards of
hospitals. "This department will not
require them to give liny treatment of
which their Judgment may not ap
prove." Commissioner F.merson yesterday also
made an appeal for donations, of white
enamel Iron cribs for the Infantile par
alysis coses.
"Wo have ransacked the market, nnd
wo cannot get nnywhere near as man
cots as wo require. In many hospitals
there are now two babies to a tot The
commercial supply seems to be ex
hausted. We need at least 1,000 cribs
at once."
A new hospital for tho exclusive
treatment of Infantile paralysis patients
will be opened Friday In the live story
building at 12 Fast Fifty-ninth street,
under tho auspices of the Now Yoik
Hospital, according to tho announcement
of Dr. Thomas Howell last night Tho
building wns formerly occupied by the
Now York Orthopedic Hospital nnd was
donated toy the directors of thnt Institu
tion. Dr. J. C. ltoper of the New York
Hospital will be In charge at the hos
pital with a staff of forty-five physicians
and nurses under him. Tho building wns
chosen In preference to another build
ing In Varlck street offered by Trinity
Church Corporation. i
"The lower Fast Side li being cleaned
up Inside the houses as It never has
been cleaned up before," Street Clean- (
inu commissioner r emersion emu
terday. A particular effort Is being
made to keep tho city as clean as pos
slbla to prevent tho spread of disease.
Five additional bicycle policemen were
nsslgrred to go on duty In Brooklyn cs
terday by Commissioner Woods to watch
for sanitary violations, and a houso to
house canvass In the Infected districts
Is being planned.
Jersey Hrsorta Complain.
Neighboring cities and communities
are making more strtngent regulations
to prevent the further spread of tho dis
ease from New York.
A committee of Indignant cltlxens of
Keansburg, N. J.. called on Dr. Charles
R Banks at the Federal Building yester
day and complained that they could not
keep their town free of New Yorkers,
who Insist on going theie, although they
are not wanted. They said that Atlantic
Highlands and other places along the
coast are having the same trouble. Dr.
Banks not I lied the steamship companies:
doing business to the Jersey coast that
they would be held responsible for chil
dren under 1(1 years of ago If permitted
to land without the proper certllle.ite.
No purulysls cases hao yet ben re
ported from Atlantic Highlands but
eight have been leported from Highlands,
about three miles distant. There are
tluee at Keansburg. threo at Bed Bank
and two at Long Branch.
Tho Montclalr health authorities have
served notice on Joseph A. Brady, post
muster of Caldwell, that If he enters
Montclalr within the next ten days be
will be arrested. The action was an an
swer to an order of the iMldweu neann
authorities giving Brady, who has a case
of infantile paralysis in his family, per
mission to live In Montclalr.
The rigid enforcement of the quaran
tine regulations at Trenton prevented the
appearance yesterday of Klsle Colyer, 12
ears of age, of Jumesburg, before the
Commissioner of the Motor Vehicle de
partment, on her way In answer to the
summons wltn Per lamer sne was nrm
up by n policeman and not allowed to
proceed. A fine of 120 wns entered
agnlnst her father for permitting one so
joung to drive his car.
Jersey Cases Also Incrensr.
The New Jersey State Hoard of Health
yesterday recommended that the opening
of the public schools of Trenton be de
terred until October. There were reported
139 new cases of Infantile paralysl-" for
New Jersey esli rday, ln5 of which were
In Newark, making a total of 1,213.
Forty-six cases of Infantile paralysis
In various sections of the State of New
York, outside New York city, were re
ported to the State Department of Health
(luring the twenty-four hours ended at
.. P M. eterdiiy. One death occurred
at New ltochelle. These additions to the
I tutu made n total of 74 deaths and 7
cases since the outbreak of the epidemic.
Health department officials were notified
yesterday that the construction of a hos
pltal to cost 130,000 was begun Tuesday
Col, Theodore Roosevelt began to taku
an active Interest In the campaign
against Infantile paralysis In Na,iu
county when he met with ther residents
at the country home of Henry B. Wal
i.ria.. ,.f li.talvt. fnr n conference at
which $10,000 was pledged to check tho
spread of the disease. A laboratory w in
be fitted up and Dr tieorgc Draper of
the State Health Department will be In
chaige of the work.
s:. .,, ,i.tv. ,M.H,M U'i.r. reiurted Yes
terday In Oyster Hay, Including another
rhlhl'fif W. O. (lav. whose estate iid-
lotns that of Col. Boosovelt. This
,,,ui,,. fi.ni. ruapa in Mr. (lav's family.
Seventeen new cases of Infantile par
alysis were reported yesterday In Con
necticut, making a total of 209 Ir. ths
State. Dr. John T. Black, secretary of
the Stute Board of Health, yesterday
""PHI beat tcMoru nun
can leant are from his
own mistake."
We do better nowadajra
w take the burden of mis
take! of jrotv aheuldera.
There ta a further adran
taje from Injuring against
title mistakes -It costs no
more than does plain title
Consult us when you buy
property or lend money on It.
capital . . S 5,000,000
urplus(anetnwd) 11,000,000
176 N.Y. l7SRcmi4M.,B'kiril.
aow raiioa St.. jisuua
went to New London to confer with tho
twenty-four health officers of New Lon
don county concerning the means of re
stricting New York refutsoes who nre
seeking to bring their children Into Con
necticut. The village board of Babylon. L. I.,
yesteray established a strict quarantine
so that no child under 16 years of age
may cnler the village.
Dorothy Crniler, JOS Wt Httti stresti
ml Psnsgsrns, 51 West Klghlh street!
t.en Merk, ii K.ist Hlghty-slxth itreet;
.Mfreil puceen, JOi! West Sl.ttv. ninth street,
Hubert James 179 West, Nlnetv.sevetith
street tlllverslils Ilo.pllKl): FMney t.lf
shin. IS Kniit lUth street (Itlverslde Bos
pllslli Joseph Aslorl. Ill Madison street
(Lincoln llospltsl).
The Bronx.
Kllssheth gsetsnn. i3 Turk avenue!
Mlrole Knpsi, MS Clermont faraway; n.
Kattor, ibJ Kelly street; Alice lltrgson,
Wcehawkcn, N, J. (Lincoln Hospital).
Jnseph Ankoeky, 5 drove street! Joseph
Koerner, 1S7 Melfosfl street; Anna Welt
man, 206 West Twenty-eighth street;
Dorothy Iiescliner, SJS Crescent street;
Albert Krdtnan, 178 Central enue; Angl.
Una Malteae, 117 Kvergreen uvenue; Kllen
ChH.stm.in, 44J Thirty-ninth street! Knut
ftrleptt, 744 Franklin avenue! Charln Bus
, sell, 70S (Hand street! Kdward Connall, S7
i Olive street; Warlngton Fields. Ml Dean
street! Anna Martettone, 24S .North Ninth
street! Jako Keener, lit South Klrst street!
Mary I'rato, JS Pacific street! ltohert Lang
, will, Kmmn Langwlll, 0 Twentieth street;
(leurge Medrath, l:i Fulton street; Hubert
Klsner, 201 Vnret street, John Hmlth. !7JS
l:ii Twentv-elshth street, tlenrse Uulnn,
17S Wyckoft avenue; Elisabeth llol.len, :
Prospect place; Albert C Dermllt, S94I
West street, Coney Island (Quenslioro Hos
pital), (Jaeens.
Sadie K.irp. It youth Chase avenue. Bock
swny Itesih. Oenrgi) rerlnittn, ISO Ttallrnad
avenue, Jamaica; Mary T Kalnt, SI Thirty
ninth street. Corona; Andrew Yunesirh,
llorkaway road. Hay Side; ttlchsrd llanlln.
19 Cos place, Corona, Harriet Itotborghe,
d; FalrMen' avenue, ltMgcwAnd; Sul Als,
322 Eleventh avenue. long Island City;
Anna llnulley, M0S Fulton street. Wood
haven: Stanley Silverman, Wuveerest ave
nue, Arverne, Harriet Johnson, 34 Johnstnn
venue. Jamaica, Mary Louise Stamm. 270
Washington street, Jamaica; Ethel Ham
burger, 42S Stanhope street. Hlilgewnod;
Warren Bidder, Berkeley and Ardniore
streets. Sprlngllebl; Norman Mellen, lis
Senhoret place, Brooklyn 1 1 II is.
liar's Mentha and .i-t ( uses ns He
ported l lloroiiulia.
Deaths and new cases of Infantile
paralysis reported by tho Health De
partment esterday follow:
Marts Hill. In, it K..-1 llsth street; Trunk
Carallu. :S) Wct T enty -eighth Mreet
Frank Scsllee, 3ii, Weal Twenty .eveoth
street; Henry Zemcel.i, 345 West Forty
fourth street. Klenor Long "I Went Vlli"
tleth Mrent . H"e 'rllrks'in. 2J Cherry
street; John t'heoesity, S.ln K.ist sixteenth
street, Sulvutore Urlppl, 73 J.imei, street,
Anna Mnnrtol, 15 Tenth nvenu. Catherine
Hallows), 121 Bast .Xxi enteenth street,
Binll I.lther. 107 Kt Kluhiy-nfth street:
linats Karllchiiro, Ht. Vincent's Hospital;
Mike Zanlstl. 101 Washlnston street, Harry
Dunn, 12 Monroe street. Flnl t'aoasiu
ens. SI West KlKhth street. Margaret Lap
pin, S Newton sireet; (Julntn Hhererend,
Sua l!.ist Fifty. elshth sireet, Perl Sulli
van. 510 Hist i:iht-flret stre.'t. Fanny
llell.ilre, 43S Km Klshtleth street, sitnnne
(inhls. 212 West KlKhtlelh street, Jo
sephine Fullin, 301 West Sixty-ninth
street, Anna Mandal, S4 Tenth aienuc,
Catherine Murphy, 2102 Amitenl.im ave.
nu, Francis Murphy, 2105 Amsterdam ave
nue; Frank Mctiermott. S72 Tenth inenue,
7.11.1 Anenna, 101 Wei Ninety. eeienth
sireet; Julia Klpchak. 01 West lKd
street; Carmen Cltrally, SS4 West 133d
street; Vincent Fatelman. SSS West Forty-
elshth street: Julia Srlnoss. 155 West
lOlst street: Merwln Fasan. -S West Ulst
street: Julius tlslsonskl, 14S3 Amsterdam
avenue; Raymond Johnson. J4 Columhus
menus: Lillian Sulncetta. 112 West
Thlrty-nrst street; try Itnhrer, 11
West Twenty-second stneti Fannie Ja
blnwsky, 2s-a Division street: Kd Kar
schak, II City Hall Place: Samuel Falman.
R Scammel street: Hay Krhurytu, 20S
llroumo street; Hose y.or lick son, 22 Cherry
street; Ham Zurlsleln. 25 Cannon sireet:
John Plitain. 1(1 Molt street: Clarence
Simon, 414 llrand street; Abe prhlllmnn.
137 Uroome street! Bstetta II list e I n. 23S
Kast 102d street: Bormeo McOulre. 100
East 102d street; Morris Mlrmcn. tls East
104th street: Dorothy Asslra, 20 West
USth street: Amelia Klfant, lit East lOMh
street: lluth Bexokler, U Alenue C: Joe
Moronlo, 120 F.ast Twenty-second street:
Hiilomnn Vass, 753 Fifth street: (lougemlne
Lostnnlts, 271 Esst Tenth street: Wldlim
Hrlckley, 331 East Thlrty-dlth. street:
Charlis Kurlatid, 233 East Eleventh street;
Frank (Inldsteln, 20 Kast Twenty-tlrst
sireet: Catherine Galloway, 421 Kast Sev
enteenth street.
The Brens.
Dorothy Kste, 14 Wilkin avenue: M.
Skoner, 134 Franklin avenuo; Hsrold
lllumenthal, 14S5 Vyse avenue: Lena
Zlnsituerla, 2I6 Crotnna avenue; O.
field. 5S5 East 140th street: Josoph El
klnt, 1S01 Southern boulevard: Anna
Brown, U2 South Howland avenue; Violet
C'rald, 734 East 22th street: James Foiter.
4,2 Uast 131th street: Tesile Jacobs, Ml
East 13th street: Harry Mahoney. r.3
St. Ann's ivenue; Herbert Baron, 712 Last
17th street; Ixuls Kati, 443 Claremmit
parkway, llabv Palmier!, Itl2 Webster
avenut; Etel Hellcnliock. HIS Intervale
Albert Johnson. 43 Elshty-elgbth street;
Leo HuRner, 171 Heventy-nlnth street;
Sylvia Fine, 4s Fltty-thlrd strut,
Msrlon Wolff, 4SI Forty-eighth sireet;
Annelo Railonottl. T Bay 2Sth street;
Alice Westley. 1713 Fifth avenue; Sarah
Haverna, 314 nsbnrne street; Herald l.ussl,
ill ltalph avenue, I'eter Felara, 411 Lib
erty avenus; Ma (luldsteln, 4 Jerome
rest- im., Foley. 504 (Irant avenue:
Louisa Ixielso. H01 East New York avo
nue; Henry Hosenberg. 1463 East New
I York avenuo: Florence I'arnass, 230 urea
ten street, Julius llnltiman. lis DnusT
lasa street; Sam I'rant. 017 Blake avenuv.
Daniel Nmok, 4S lllake avenue; Alvy.i
! Phillips. 15 Belmont avenue; Milton ftp-
rletiuutn. 1SI liarreil eireei; jumis
lelschman. 2743 West Third street; Nor
man Merksamer, 4105 Twelfth avenue:
Willie Castsgnettl. 272 West Sixteenth
street, Coney Island; Florence drey, 3s
la iTerts aienue, Hero FerrUnn, 2514 Mer
maid avenue; John Morgan, H3S New
Vnrk .i-.nus. Arnolil Smith. 1C30 Fortv-
' seventh street: Walter Mike. 1S45 Fifty
I elshth street; Beatrice Feld. 3J4 South
Filth street; Hubert Eisner, 201 Varet
street; Sophie Weteman, 144 Vsret street;
Frank uononue, Iiu riass sirevi; iiHrum
Mublore. 251 Scholea street; Helen Arnold,
253 Scholea street. Edward Cornell, 27
Olive street: Lilly Paris. 309 Mlddletnn
street; Itaymond Hlchsrds, 41 Mlddletnn
street; Frances and Aldnna Htrelnilti. S3
li.iilr afreet: Dnnatttta. Wllleth. 319 Man
hattan avenue; (lermaln Krouch. SSS Lor
liner street; Johnson Polumbo. 1 Jack
i son street: Sylvia Hchwartt. 110 Huron
street; Boneen Macaroni, it Hiloin,f
street: Leon Bernstein, 390 (Irind street.
Joseph (Inldrlc)i, 142 EiisTrtt ivenusi
Mitchell Kntsman, 102 Cook street, Merit,;
l.etermsn, IS9 folk street Smite It ,i,.r,
son, 320 ltuahwlck siemie; lenr ;c h
311 Bushwlok avenue: Nathan Hose , t'
313 Bedford avenue; Alex. ICavIm k , ii
llarllelt street; (leorge gulnn );j
WyckorT avenue; Harriet O'Brien in su..
dam street: William Brady, lo.'s Puiii
street: John Seroewlt, ID J I I'.ii-k ria's
Juseph Koerner, 257 Melrose strc ' '
(lladlce Sulitom, 13ss .M n . 1 1 .,,n .(,..,.
Milton Hussman, 540 Ko.clusko site.t it,,,;
othy Cull, 13 Hull street, I. lone . ,j
ltamhurs avenue: Joseph Sulai i .,
HamburR nvenue; Ellznlieth Wlik .,isi
(lnirKe strict: Martin Maramlii, . , ,1-1
avenue; Isadoro l.lebermati, .3i I .i ,UK
nieiuie; Henry Scanelll, 2x 1 o,l n, r
William Brandt. 1"3 Ensiern I ,ir.
Sidney Kklii, S75 DeKnlli nvenue j ,r,
KnenlK, n Cooper street, Albeit l.i-unun
17s Central aienue; Bernarn Snoih. i i
Baltic street; Norman ilrlmtner i. si, r.
Sdl street; M.ilk'urel Keartiev. ., p.,
street, Philip Ciis-ieco, 4- iti n trt.
Mary Campbell, 6 Cornell slle Kit e sir,,
fert, 711 Franklin avenue, Bometii. . Uih
237 High street, Hose II ntiibiirri r i. v(
sireet; l.nuls Mase. 20X lludsiiii ,ti
Katherltie LytiKarkos, 159 Mn.l- .n n ,. ,
Hubert Blllups. Ill Lawrence -r-
lam Sweeney 332 Myrtle aienue i t, - ,
Bradley, 71 North oxford sire.' H
Colston. 17 Prospect pine I'.Ui II
Men, 2CH Prospeit pl.n; S 'Hi I . . i
Fmlth sireet; Fle.l ll.iKell.lli I ' Sin.
teenth street: Frame. Peir' fsk), m
Twentieth street: Emni.i l.atu 0
Twentieth street.
William SrhliHhm, 415 Thlttiint' hi,.
nue, Astoria, Arthur Lonmar i .a ,(.
teenth avenue. Long Islan.l City, Comton
Harrington, Maniaou on tin, I i .NiiitiK
A. J llehimae, lit, l'orl-si --r. t
Corona, Mary smith, 2' Win Kiunie i ,,r
una; Anna Smith, 21 Wa iiiinii" I r.r.,,
I Edward (leliter, S01 Senna aiei. ;e n
Wood; I.. Karby. 315 Cooper street, I, ,,.
wood, Ellen Harrison. :t Lake s t.., ,
ICnroua; John Anion, 3tl Hi.in.i li. ,.
1 fine. ItMffelvood. J B. llllslaillio, . i,,
bier strict, Jamaica. Simon I'aiubslsn,
Little Neck road, Floral Park I'hxri.,
Arstnann, r,9 Walnut street Wnudhsicn,
Charles Wlttniaii. K.3B Seattle nitiu.
Oaone Park, Helen llehri ns. 95' Ibro I
avenue, osnne Park, Frank I'etirsnn,
l'rnst Hienue, South osone Park Matr.1
Nellson, 5032 Bexersort sire. t. l),mtnti
John Tarn. 32 Freedom street, lib bmon l
Hill; Joseph Ebet. BcrKfn l.aiollt.s rot-!.
Hlihnmnil Bill Circle, Sainuil Miilir, .x
Franklin street. Jamaica. Jostph Mlith, 'J
' AVssbltigtnn stnet, .lamat a I -it-. II,
I.lnd, 2IX Waslllliglnn stliet, Jalilillj
I Mera Joseph, 79 (lllbert street. .! al a
(leorso i'aruian, 1 u itaiiroaa an nue. ,!
males; Fred Scliaek. Borah slr.et Snnli
Jamaica; Warreti Bidder. Iterki Ii v uvrnu.
Springfield. Norman Malleti. Senlhurs
place, Brooklyn Hills, Kate l ine, 3. South
Park avinue, 1 1 A t n tints . Itrntamln S bn
ilel, 33 North Chase sienue. Batnni.l.
Charlotte Seby, 3fi South Batutnel aleim,
llatumels, Hal Schiller, 715 .Sea Ollt all
nue, Far Itoikaway.
Ituth Leahy, 444 Kl.i"l sieaua, Weil
New BrlKhlon.
I M sssssL. -atar aaVaVIIiit' KBaBBBsWif ""nSfBBUBMilfisLaiM s-Jy' fisEpV ' V
' 4gsL. ' "
New Prices August 1, 1916
The following prices for Ford cars will be
effective on and after August ist, 1916
Chassis $325.00
Runabout 345.00
Touring Car .... 360.00
Coupelet 505.00
Town Car 595.00
Sedan 645.00
f. o. b. Detroit
These prices are positively guaranteed against any reduction before August 1st,
1917, but there is no guarantee against an advance in price at any time.
OUR BRANCH IN NEW YORK, 1723 Broadway.
BROOKLYN, 1527 Bedford Ave.
LONG ISLAND CITY, 564 Jackson Ave.
THE BRONX, 607 Bergen Ave.
YONKERS, 219 South Broadway.
Upholding G afford
This "switch engine Garford " saves valuable time for its owners, the George Solms Com."
pany, large Brooklyn dealers in coal and building materials.
' The following letter explains their particular problem and shows how their Garford Truck
saves them much valuable time.
"Perhaps the attached pictures showing how I am using my five-ton
Garford may lie of interest to you.
"I urn a dealer in and hnndlrr of coal and building material nnd n
year ngo lout;ht n second-hand Garford Motor Truck, five-ton capacity. It
had been used then somewhat over n year, I understood, and I liked the way
it worked, so bought it.
"It has given me fine service and is most economical in the use of
oiland gasoline an Jin general upkeep. I don't know what I would do without
it. As is often the case in big yards like mine in Richmond Hill, it is neces
sary to move freight cars loaded with cement or coal or some like heavy
material from one p.trt of the yatd to another.
"Wc used to 'pinch' the cars along by hand with a pinch bar, n slow
nnd difficult process. One daynCt.irford salesman from your office happened
nlong and saw what we were doing. 'Why don't you make your Garford do
that for you?' he asked. No sooner said th-in done! So today our splendid
Garford servant -almost human it is! pulls or pushes a car full of material
to where we want it, then trundles itself around to the freight-car door and
almost loads itself with cement or whatever it is -and whisks it away to the
waiting contractor!
Yours truly,
It is Garford stamina, Garford punch, Garford endurance that makes such service as this
And you can get just as satisfactory results with the Garford in your business whether it
is big or little.
A phone call or a card will bring a Garford traffic expert who will gladly go over your
trucking problems with you.
Send for him today,
R. E. Taylor Corporation
l'.ustern Distributors, Curford Motor Trucks
Show Koom., 417 W, 42.1 Si. Show Ruuiita, .1.10 Crntral Ae. Show Room. 1 Jh4 Unlfurd Affc
Show Kixiiiu, 7i Ilrui'kline Aic. MlncuU, 1., I.
The Garford Motor Truck Company, Lima. Ohio
MjTiuf.imirrrK i(
Trucks of 1, 1 '.-. 2. A1;, 5 and 6 ton capacity
Tractors of 5, 7, and 10 ton capacity
Serrlce Million, U7 W, 4U St. Serrlc. Station , J 10 OnirJl Avi Srrrice Station, 1186 Atlantic A?n,
UOSTON.MASS. Sen Ice Station, 92 lirookilne A..

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