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Fair and slightly warmtr to-day; to
morrow probably fair and warmer.
Highest temperature yesterday, 64; loweet.63.
Detailed weather, mall and marine report on page t.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, AUGUST 11, 1916. eepvrlnM.mO, &l S Printing and nblli(o Ai.itfcidlloa.
rkMtP PPMII In Greater New Turk, f r.taennere
UJN jEjSS A Jersey CHr and Newark. I TWO CICNTS. s
Boies Penrose Makes Sensa
tional Charge on Floor
of the Senate.
Xiiinos anil Amounts of Con
tributions to Democratic
Chest Are Told.
f (n Aim TYPVTrra
Ui hAlilfi IS1
Aiiiaiiiir Vinlutim.K of Civil
Service Kulcs Alleged
by I'ennsylvaninn.
Vamiinuton, Aug. 10. Sensational
charge iifTcctlng the Wilson Admlnls
(ration were nuidc In the Senate to
day In the course of a political debate.
S-nator Holes Penrose of Pennsyl
vnnht submitted to the Senate u list
of contributors to the Wilson 1912
campaign funds who have been re -
wanltd by appointments to offlco or
offered such appointment. Penrose
dcclartd that of twenty-two Drmo
irats who were appointed to diplo
matic service none hud uny experience
and that every one was u contributor
to the President's; campaign funds
twtnty-two dlpiomMs displaced by
these appointment thirteen, accord -
ins to Mr.
'cniose, bud seen ut least!'.' 'i- ' vu.. ...
several years experience. I aeciareu a ngnt to tne nnisn arum!
Here Is the list (submitted by thef3ov- Whitman, and is looking for a
I'enns.vlvunln Senator: I ' :tronr man to run aalnst the Go-ern.ir
I'fctrln II. Crsiie, III.. olTrred Am
DSMaunnhip 10 HU9ia I."j;.00
A. II HoVv.l. N. IT.. mi.lmi.iM
A. S. l!urle.n. Tel., I'untiuiat-r'
w J l)rjo. Nfi, Strrriari' of
blate ;
John Uiirke. N. II.. Treasurer oi the
Uiiiteu Stlp
John II L'lHrke. Ohio. Juttlve
l.nitrd States Supreme Court
Hoirj- II. I'Uitun, Ahi., IVJeral lli.
lrnt juaai ,
H. f. l'UMiinlnx, Vs., Collector of
Jos-i!iu Daniel . Sccrcury of the
V M Daniels. New Jersey. I. C.
C. I.. Dirtier, Mo.t SurTrror-tjen.
I'lrderiik Uclanrjr. chkirsian Federal
Hume lloird
Jobn h. De Saull-s. N. Y.. Minister
.o I'liiriiay
A M liuckery, Aulatant I'ustnm-
Charle. Duncan. Oettjsburr. la.,
r('-uiij?lrr ,
Tijoais iCv.inj. y.. Conimlsaioner
ot l'jlrnt.
Thomas Ko. "aeran:clito. Cat., post-
Janu- V,'. Urrard, AmbjsiaUor to
tcir.mlc lirntlirm, a. t.' onp MIdIs.
Ui to Colo:n.)u
h'jkit II. linrdun, Ohio, wrEiant st
arm. of House
Ti mia Vi Oir.-ory, Teias, At-
t'lnirj.iirnrral i
J-ih T. Ilrirr.th. Ky,, Collector of
Inifrnal Kevin.ic
lifor.t W Kuthrle, I'eim.. Ambas-
J'jr lo Japan
U'l.lijtn llay.iril Hale, N. Y.. special
Auurius A. Jo;ir. N. M , Asalstant
fiwiarj of the Inlenor
Tiinnu 1). Jours, 111., offered Fed-
tral Keacrte lloanl
"uiiufii I! McAiino, S. Y., Set-
H ( g Tru.urjr
Willi :n K. Mi Combs, S. V.. offered
Ani,),i.,.i,Inr!ili to Fra.iec
. .:iif (' .M. Kjjiiohls. Texas. At-
t'linrr-iirupral anil Justice United
slat. - -iiiiieme Court
John Ha-wti Moore. Counsellor
state li-jurlmcia
llr iry Miirt.--nih.iii, Ambassador to
21i, -ill ti Mdmlsuii. lud.. offered
M uetry to I'ortiual
I rank II. Xll-a, Toledo. Internal
Hi venue CnlleUor
Frank J. .N..nan, IVnu., United
Sialei Marshal
J K Osborne, Wjo., Assistant Sec-
IHary ot Mate
rrei! c Pabu, Texas. Collector of
irf.ii-nc C Peufleld. F-cnn.. An-
ba.i.tor lo AuMrla
A J. I'elera. Mais, Assistant Sec-
(liar) of the Treasury
II M I'liKiHI. 111., odcrd Ambas
lauiiuliin in Huaula
Thoma. K. lliiah, N. Y Surveyor
of Customs
William C Kidflcld. N. Y Sec
a-l. ry of Commerre
Thoma. Rabb, lex.. Collector of
IjUi Sells, Tcias. Indian Co.-nmls-
A ,s -inoHilen, Ark
T werick J Miuison. Mast, Minister
o i.cntll.a ,
thai,,.. i Slieiktr, Mass., Aasiitanl
r dsiuer
ianiKl II 'niiiiii;i-nn. Jr., Col., As-
llant Attnrnejr-lieneral
"It v Vuk. .s J.. receiver cus-
,t'"na Mt i it o iiomlireo
C'mrlea Vniiik.i, III.. Minister ,o
It mniit.,
Cn s Vrnnuiaii, III,, Anslslant Bee-
n iry of A.-rti allure
Fin.V I- Wsl.li, Mo., ihalnnan In
i"ral llilaiiiii.a Commission....
I' "'ii'i Wi.i. Okla.. A.alatniu
aiii.rni j- lii-in-ral Interior Depart-
i ii
J "M, i: WHUrd, Va
. Mi-l'li
J'.t.n Mi III ii Williams,
I- II - .1 I'.in, II. 1 .
Vi., Camp-
II linii WltlH un, ,, J, .Naval Ofnrer
' i'onu n.fi -e
J"- ' i II Ku.,-ll. Mass., dadtiuid
C- Mi-fior Clinton ,,
'" II llruniMs, Mass , Jusliie
' i,l m'iips Stairpttio Cotiit.,,..,
ilxrlK A liou?la, Wsshlnxtoii, II.
, 1 tarrama iimiiispI
t am-. W Me.Mpln. N, Y Minister
I'J .Ni'llirrlanils
lleinoinls by Wholesale.
Si-n.iinr Penrose, who Is a member of
hi. Senate Post Ofllce Committee,
1'irifnl tli.it the President bad eounto
an cil nniovals of postmasters by the
wholiHile l.efoie their terms expired In
''"le to make, places for Democrats. The
heiistnr from Pennsylvania added that
-'.0 1 1 j .nlillilmi.il ornces had been created
by the Democrats and saved for their
partlians by exempting them specifically
from the civil service. This had been ac
complished through legislation In the ap
propriation bills. Mr. Penrose charged
Coatlnuctt em jTlrsV J?ee.
Sin: Sing Hears Junk Pcdler
in Case Admits Kill
ing Two.
Ossiniko. N. Y Aug. 10. News that
Charles S. Btlelow, who received a atay
of execution a few daya ago within un
hour of the time for his electrocution,
haa been proven Innocent of the murder
of .Charles Phelps and Miss-Wolcott, for
which ho wna sentenced to death, waa re
ceived late to-night by Deputy Warden
Spencer Miller, Jr.. nt Bin Bin prison.
According to Mr. Miller he received a
telephone call from .Mrs. Grace Humls-
ton, a New York lawyer who haa taken
a great Interest In Htlclow'a case, saying
that Irving King, the Junk nedler who
nai oeen mentioned in connection with
me case several time and who la now
under arrest on suspicion In the Jail at
Little Vnlley. N. Y.. broke ilown nml
confessed to-night that It wan hp. not
Stlelow. who killed the aged farmer and
ma nouaekeeper.
Tne alleged confession, accordlnr to
the telephone communication, waa made
In the presence of .Surrogate Lnrkln of
Vlnvnra mllnlw Tn.ll.. . 1. TI
vvfu.ivj, .urtae ut mc rcutr
James Pratt of Little Valley, Sheriff
r. m" or L,m,a vaiiey, hi
Nichols. Deputy Sheriff Whcaton
r.-xtcnois. Deputy Sheriff Whcaton and
i aereral other witnesses.
i The confeaalon. If the message la cor-
i rect, cleara not only Htielow, who at
! n.rr,nt i und"' of execution, but
Nelson Orren. now In prison at Auburn
ae an accomplice. It la aald that King
cleara both of them. King, himself n
Junk pcdler, waa aeen near the scene of
the crime at he time of Ita commission,
but managed to clear hlmaelf of suspl
clon at the time.
1 TlllllllinilY Chiefs ItllSV With
Rumor on Eve of Demo
cratic Conference.
Saratoga. Aug. 10. Charles F. Mur-
phy nnd the Democratic bunch that are
n ; her- in i.lcu n .. tl,.,i woiil.l cive
here to pick a State ticket would i;ic
I. ..... ,
! -morrow ,0 know whnl trulh
1 .
In the Republ can primarlee.
I The story, as It reaches the Tammany
crowd. Is that P.oosevelt, who oppased
I Whitman's nomination two yenra aso.
' h satisfied the renomlnatlon of the Gov -
.,.i.i ....i.. .ni.iin ..,....
, In New York this year, and for that
reueon will do his best to preent it.
Rooacvelt, the Tammany men hea
, , x.
turned down William M. llennett wren
I the Htate Kenator called on him the other
. day to enlist his aid, as he did not ho
I love Bennett could carry the prlmurie?
against wmtman. It is sua tne colunci Favors Sliding Scale.
wished to get Harvey D. Hlnman of Contmul,l(f( ll0 described the manner
Blnghamton in the race again, but that i ot paying the farmers, and said tho rtor
Hlnman, pleading poor health, declined. ' den company In eleven years has In
Five I.radrra Interested.
It Is asserted by the Tammany mn
who say they have It on high Itepub-
llcftn authorltv. that Ave imnirtsnt Ho.
1 ....i.. ...j ... .. ,... .i...,i..
! nterested In the nlan to aldettack Whit-
, man. It Is said al-o that Btato s-nator
Henry Sage of Albany wns
I lected to him an being loo closely id-it'l-
.. ...JM.I. l.i.l t,.l llnn.-l-
leveu ;.
'-intd with William iiurncs.
: ...ii .!,...,., war n th
knife on Murphy and his allies unless
the I roCentlon recommended Judge Sea-
bury for Governor. When the hour ar-
-....j . ih. m.Pllna- It IVUS found It
had been called off. the reason, It wn
reamed, being a promise by the Tarn
many leader that Seabury would be un
"Ta'rllerln th V nlshTcharle. K. Tre
mn of Ithncn. supposed to be Seabury
most dangerous rival for the Governor
If Mtirnhv nml liU 1 eutellntits could more, e nam m. i ,,.. wiint riuicuious, oui mai lie snoll 1(1 ilem. i i ,. i,.... .. r i... ..in.A ..... I Rllllll lis OV hoill iari inelit. Ti,
m I be sure that Iloosevelt really planned "It s an absolute cettilnty that w for f the rtr.te to the great mass of his fellow Turks, who Include nenriv nil tlio ot o-i ''' "'. "nl:rU"" ,', ' v, V' J T"Mrr "ilrt l'l'tants.. son,
I. 000 the defeat of Whitman It would help shall be obliged to Increase the price ' ' ' , mT0Mon of tll0 mankind how. prompted by malevolence ,Va, roop teeentlv 20.000. fled the city before It was taken
them, they think. In deciding on the of some, of our products soon - We do X,d,'' he asked. Should Denmark de- In some Instances and by Ignorance In " Tv,l nhi wmentrnttd In , onnpauy. with offices at Tw If h ?0 ft.. f ,R, civilians woio hurt.
: rxarr tx wrr'J?. M.rttbu;i,;,d -r mw,m k'- 4
- Wa had Se''w ' rTZX d
II. OOU a sun dance to-night. They were to would Impo-e a har Is il.lp upon th em. , p""'. many others In regard to the expression CONGRESS ClOSTWR HF.ITl IIP. avenue, a first 'K"an , ..Vu.slon of the "wildest flglit
hv. m.i in the court room over con- "I can imi " '' - loo proud to nght." He should i,nv ' ' ' coat uereme comiimn.i, ro. - ,i,.i,... fc!ii-
,hlp nomination, went to Murphy and , cp of ln,.i.. mMi -w depend nb
aid he was not a candidate and thai r0M nf production, which
. .... .... l.,(lr... nf U-il,lll-V.
This was hailed ns a great victory by
the SeaDury snouicin. , ,""V
time Dudley Field Malonc. Collector of
the Port of New York, declared there
was no truth in a mpuri 11...1 .
"knocking" Seabury.
Will' ate Mo Inilorsement.
But It Is virtually settled that the
eonferance will not recommenu neniiury
or any otner canuiiiair. .i.ii.n; i..."
.. .u... 1. ...!... f ......
formal recommendation, therefore. The
conference will meet, listen to 11 speech
by nepresentatlve John J. Fitzgerald of
F.rooKlyn, wno m t i""".. "i-i -
ulartorm mainly devoted to denunciation
of Oov. Whitman and the Hepubllcan
Lesrslature and adjourn.
Later Tammany, which has preserved
Itt, virtue In the conference, will let Its
voters know what to do and the tip
vlii ne ''.'" :. T . .11
branches In lluffulo. Hochcster, Albany
... l. .........I mil. Ill- tn 11m IIII..ST:ilP
,nl nthpr cities
The conference scheduled for to-morrow
is alrrody being derided as a Joke.
The delegates arc not In any doubt as to
tho small figure It will cut In tho selec
tion of the State ticket.
Kverybody is wondering why he
should want the nomination, for If
Samuel Untermyer wouldn't take It, they
say It Is pretty good evidence that
Wilson will run so poorly In this
Htate as to make a Henate nomination
worthless. The disposition among the
Tammany leaders Is to assume that
Untermyer knew when to quit.
There Is some talk of naming William
F, McCombs, formerly national chair
man, for United States Senator to com
pensate him for Wilson's ungrateful dls
regard of his services In the 11)12
William Church Osborn can have the
nomination If he will put up some
thing handsome In the way of a earn
fjjfu coatrutVen.
failing the spirit of the direct primary "The poor of New Vmk will be the ,avc i,rrn Instructed to sink all s
1 .. ih. niil.Hn hnnln ..i.i,. .nn-praru If the former Increiises i...,.n.i for eiieniv iinrtH earo'lUK nir
know Is' strong'for the spirit of the hlll ,irce for milk." said Miss Anna H. whlch consist wholly or In purl of
.l..!.. nrlmarv law. There will be no 1 .v.t!lan yestcrdiiy. Miss Nathan is head I lramnd. either absolute fir relatlxe
Borden Representative Indi
cates Company May Yield
to Farmers.
Dnir.vmen Arrange to Take
Lesson in Method of Con
ducting Strike,
Senulor Charlts W. WlcUa expressed
the opinion Inst night that a way would
be found to avert the threatened strike
of milk producers with Its attendant
train of hardships and dangers to the
children of New York city. N. Ilallock
vice-president of the IJorden Milk Com-
pany, also predicted that there would
be no strike and Intimated strongly that
his company would pay the farmers
more, beginning In September.
Hut the dairymen who appeared as
wltnesaea before Senator Wlcka'a com
mittee In Syracuse yesterday adhered to
the belief that they must have more
money or quit the business, and the
State Dairymen's League has arranged
to hear an address from the man who
conducted the successful milk strike In
Chicago, when the gutter- of that city
and the ditches of country shipping
linn. .... ...1. I . 1 V. ...Mir . Vi i
t.v..i ,. ni.iii; mill nmrv ,
,ltn... - .. ... .Un I ., ..
.inunii n vw tkf iailif.1 i.i.iii rum 1.1
price the distributers offered. From him
the New York State dairymen hope to
get useful hints on how to proceed.
Wlrka Optimistic.
Senator Wicks was In Albany last
night, after the day's work at Syracuse,
and was in n cheerful frume of mind.
He believes the revelations his com
mittee has obtained from witnesses will
bring about an Improvement In condi
tions which will make tho strike un
I necessary. The hearings to-day will be
held In Oswego.
Mr. Ilallock discussed the situation
i from the point of view of the dlstrlbu
1 tor with much frankness.
I feel that the farmers with whom
1 'hp. ,Bordf," "ml,i)' "J-41 1,1,1 be, per'
1 1 u'"," " V .. ,T
., ,cn, out nPX, moth." he said.
will be no milk strike, I am
This Is
the first Intimation that has
been made that the big
nrn ,Kol- to yield to the farmer' de -
mands. Mr. Hallock said he could not
make public nt this time the price the
' n...... .wn.. ! iiiin n rtx n.
. .., in.v.,. y ......... ...
i causo of competitive buslniws conditions.
But he wag frnnk elwUflx to say that
the Increase will be passed along to
the consumer, that It must be. In fact,
1 ''-"cau-c the margin of profit of th-
. oisirinmers is cr
small one mm a
i.- ......
"We hae no means of knowing what,
Hip farmers nro Its are. mil we an acrt-e
ihnt th.v aliiml.l tirodiiee at a nroflt and
not a loss, as so many oi inrai nnv-
testified they have done a, the barings
" which have been going on throughout
o- the dairy dIMrlcts of thl- State." said
Mr Hallock
e, i Mr. Ilallock.
not a loss, as so many oi mem navt-
' . ' . . . ,
creased tlio price to ine consumer one
cent, while It has Increase-d the prlre
. Pai" ine ;,r""r.. ":r " : i 1
.. . . . U. !.,. Tl... .
solution of the whole problem Is In a
' aiming sraie vi iin.n. v-
or,,lns ,0
veii" Ho
car. ho
the season, he asserts.
"The price of milk should be
acf?r,'lng to the season or ino
said, "like the prices of butler, eggs or
Hie winter months It Is only fair to all
.".i"- ,k, , r ... h r n
I opmile ilrin i more iiiiik in Miinniei m
j a fallacy. We sell Just as much milk
In December n In .Inly, and on the
I:! rr.r : '
Oi,r; -prom
..her products-at " '"" V, ,i' i,m.
- for the eleven mo,, lis jut ended ha.
- been one mill a quail.
- ' .-fe.nnnl. .'..!,,
s .. . iIr iiiillocli portlculaily is.itl
- ,,,, . tnr. futun-. "The futtrte
I., inep.aalna- lend ly. Pasteurization
i.'.... ir,..p.ip.i 1 lie ensi nf manufacturing 1
,a great ilea, mi 1 leei nun mis aim uu
iw.nc...... ...... - - .,.,.. iin.ttile to unveil lis miei, "- in ui"' nouru ; mat the Alistrlans In nnd around Lem- lnit .MIIIIItiniHii. """) ". su-.m-gy ,iuu a
.......nn.l Ihnt th. entiHiiirmr Mlioillil nflV
ether sareguarus aro ri-iis'iinioie. .nun , 0rrnlMll wnrslilp" "'"ro
cre wlso precaution which Is being ....n-nt.d shlna.
practised now at the huge dairy plants I Mk AH H.P""I
nt the behest of the Hon id of Health Is i)S,,0n Aug 10. The German Mill
the physlen! -.nmliintlnn to which oveiy lBt,.r , stockhohn has Issued. In behnir
man who handles milk In any w.iy Is nf Ills Government, a revised list of con-
. -yes, tne raimer sinmm ni- ii.i i'ir
.....n. nn 1.1. 11.1'PllT ttll'lll . I1I1II U'C
n imr inni vn ',,
of t10 nthan Straus pasteuilzed milk
laboratories, which are dispensing free
milk to thousands of tho needy nnd sell.
lug It ut a penny a glass irum timnmi
..nllniiM In n:irkl.
The noor will have to pny more for
! milk or go without It. she. continued.
. ,.Thry cannot pay more, mid If they go
without It their children simply will llc.
, Tn!lt )fl n)) mere Is to the iiuestlon from
1 ine consHiiiem pi..i...i..".
.., ,,, ,nw exactly how Just
.. ....,,!. n
grievance of the dairymen fanners is,
but I do know that the heaviest expense
falls on tho distributer, wno nils 10 ice
tho product, pasteurise it, Invest a deal
of money In euulpiiieiit and mrct a big
pnyroll. Of coure. Iho farmer has to
pay higher wages tlwwi a few years ago,
and tho cleanliness demanded now costs
him something."
She said sho did not knoiv what action
Mr, Straus would take If the pi Ice of
milk advanied.
Deficit of a0 " Vrnr on Kneh Cure
HYRAClisu, Aug. 10. Twenty or more
farmers who keep herds of dairy cattle
told the Wlcka Joint leglulatlve commit-
t7onNNed on Seoond Pagt,
Outspoken Allele Charged That the German Govern
ment Had No Excuse for Beginning
the War.
.Saiui. little Iteipaick lo ThsSc.
London, Aus. 10. Word has been re
ceived here that what caused the sup
pression of the Berlin Tapebfall on
August l was an article by Maximilian
Harden, editor of Ule Zukunft, who has
written muoh frank criticism of Ger
many's conduct of the war.
All the copies of the objectionable Is
suo of the rapefclatf that were mailed
abroad have been stopped by the der
man Government, but the correspondent
of Tmt-Hl'.v haa been able to get a copy.
Harilcn'a article rays that the German
Government never should have declared
war without consulting the Reichstag.
A translation of part of Harden' article
follows :
"Declarations that this wur waa an
Inevitable war, that Ocrmnny was forced
Into it all unprepared and nKnlnst her
will cannot be supported except by ex
tremist partisans. Undoubtedly the
conflict could have been avoided had the
Government desired to avoid It.
"Undoubtedly too it would have been
avoided had the Kelohstag been tuken
Into the confidence of our rulers Instead
of being presented merely with a recital
of actions taken Independently of It.
Bitter Debate in Lower House
as Government Tries to !
Force It Through.
CorxNUAOCN. via London, Aug. 10.
The first reading of the bill providing
1 for the sale of the Danl-h We-t Indies
a I to the I'nlted States ws Inken nti In
th' Folkethlnp. the lower house, of the
,"K'"aK- '-a" nna wl" l,e cotilinueJ
, to-morrow.
It I believed that the Folkethl
ng will
adopt th- measure, but It Is felt that
in.- iMiiusuiiiiff. or upper nouse, is op-
, During the discussion to-day there was
i much excitement In the House, and
. some women among the spectators
snfiiiivii j tii,i ., baiit"
"2 " ", . "' , ,
Several of the Ministers took part In
the debate and the statement was mode
In behalf of the Government that neither
domestl. nor economic consideration-,
' . . l . ' ni?.r"",,i"nIl! "L I '
"" ;',r "
i 11 ine salp wn rAlpi-fp.1 tin- rHii-nrnnmnt
would dissolve the Itlgsdag ur.d appeal
" iu.
einanre jnni'ifr uranoes uitwnnieu
u.-r,iiii,rui u..u u.. ..i.in..,.,-
i,,.. ,.. n,i. ,.. ,. ..r'.i,.. ith.(
m.- u.. ..i.n.......
, but... accede to the dere of 'the Fn.ted
I Foreign MlnlMer Pcakenlu- In open-
lug the debate recommended rat flcatlon
m.ni -, fr,A,i i ..11 nn.l n.l,1d ihnt
,.. ...i ,i... i.
llir i ti,i iniiiii nan u-'i inii'im 11.
nf .i,n iin,i. i,.,..im ,.f tli favorable
imrMioj... orlr.. hut liee.iuse retention of
ih. Llnii.l. misiit tin-MlMv Involve Den-
mark ln International romplrniiona.
J C. Chrlstensen. ex-Fremler nnd . 1,I,m bud used the eprcsslon In Tarlla
lender of the Left party, sild he was un- """ In and how Charles Sumner
.1.1. . 1...11.... ... ,mnf,i ihni Tipn. In 1GZ used nti adaptation of It In his
' mark was fore-d to sell or that there
1 vm anv International danger, as such
"ef :'' "e ""' " United
fl '
lTn-Mln.r f Finance In his speech
said that tho. who oppoeu Hie project
easy ta-k. because tn imvern-
Stone Want Inveatlitntlon.
Wasmisotos. Aug. Id. Senator Stone,
o chairman of .he Foreign Uelutlnns Com
mltlec. denniincPd to-day as "i.llshon-
, r- hi ict" the publication of the terms
or.i I to- 'rC(.llty for i.ur.lm- of the Danb-h
r f )r )n
gallon of bow a printed copy goi lino
the possession of two newspapers, l'resl
dent Wilson and the Danish Govern
ment had asked tnni anain "i
treaty bo held In confidence.
I trub.ind. says a despatch riom mai 1 uy
to tno .unrniav "pi
1 .. .... ....
nf l'nnnmn Arrives
, with Kssinr m""""
iiAVANa. Aug. 10.- Dr. ltiunon Vnl
' vresldent-elect of Panama, ar
"'j ' '. ,.llliy wm, hH fmmiy am
i I 'V; '
. The unity will remain 111 iiiivnnn un
!'' ' ,iri." ,Veeks and then visit the I'nlted
.i... ... , ...... ... ,,
i. ...i
'.. ....i .1....
At the same tune 11 is ninnnm. -i 11...1
.... ...i.r. nf Girman warsll 1)1
I 1 --
Rccnusc of the grave flhoitage of paper in thin
country, copies of The Sun, morning and Sunday, and
of The Evening Sun, are now non-returnable from
newsdealers, along with the Times, the World, the
American and the Tribune.
To make sure of getting your copy of The Sun,
every morning, every evening and every Sunday, do not
fail to leave a standing order with your newsdealer.
Huch action was taken In the matter of
the proposals for a conference on the
Austro-Scrblan situation that Sir Ld
wnrd Grey mode. They were rejected
before tho Itclchstag had ever heard
"Tim lmnerl.il Chancellor's atatemcm
In regard to the rcgrettablo necessity of
violating the neutrality oi iieigium u
nlan tnmln nflnr I ho lVPtlt. TIlCTO lUC
among us many Indeed who maintain
that the Reichstag should nave oeen
consulted before Issuing the declaration
of war. If that was Impracticable, at
least advice should have been taKon
from men like Prince von Uuelow. whose fo,mvln vigorously his victory ot Tya-1 foundation Into shape, and iho build
lonir exnerlence and profound acquaint- " lnS vigorously ms y"or "l , ng will bo ready to bouse thi sub ma-
nnce with the ways of diplomacy might
perhaps have discovered a way to stop
the war chariot from dashing us Into the
'Prince von Salm has declared In f)er
Tag that Germany will have lost the war
if .is the price of victory she has not
mado herself master of the c6ast of
Flanders. The Herman army hopea
for laurels other than these. Its vic
tory does not depend upon the realisa
tion of the dream of any such annexa
tion. .
"Now that the terrible events have oc
curred that have forever erased those
misleading woid, 'the Klory of war.' It
becomes necessary' to put an end to the
theory that nny war Is unavoidable."
Wilson's Remark Merely an
Old Latin Motto, Says
Senator Lewis.
! .
I Was ill koto v. Aug. 10. A waiting1
world Is now mformed as to what ,
President Wilson meant when he said In '
1.1 ,nh in ihl!l.lnhl.i that a nation !
may be "too proud to fight." I
Senator James Hamilton I-ewls or Mil-
I nn!,. . u.mocraiie nbln of the Senate.
laroso in that chamber to-day and spoke
with seeming authority on this "tool
proud to right" Incident. Tile nenaior ,
I. , . , !
, pr'"- ,''',
a" the spokesman of thoAdminltratlon
end It haa been reported that be might
. . ...... ...
i no sent to rnaeo xir. uugnes across tne
. .
1 untr.
I "The expression "too proud to fight'
used at I'blladelphlu by the President to
an audience of courageous Christian
.,,! .. ,i,i K-nnior I.wl.
1 - ' ' -
adantation of on old ouotatlon from the
classics ancient us the Scriptures. aUs
... ,,.... v.. ,,,,
r ,..'., , ...
. . . . , .--..in,,,
V'e ngt were to'o ,"oud to
I ;cpff, o , at w
rlr"' to nH
"r J" Jusiiro lo till.
- The l'resldent presumed
. .
and coru-clous of their
fight where
rleht would
leuigence oi nis au.ueiire io unit
Tne expression Is the ndantntlo
. . . . .. .
"n' from the Latin 'non dlmlcnro,i
i cere, meaning 'not to flj;llt Is
Senator Lewis related how Lord Chat-
, speech on the Trent affair In the Senate.
1 'r. 1 resident, snld Mr. Lewis. "I
often regret that resident Wilson can -
not And It compatible with his sense of
' "' dignity of his position sometimes to
- ntui ne
u.-pi.i.h ... nmHr ueirncp wnere
known. In Seiinlne I ...i... ii... ....I
President used the expression tint ns n
concession of weakness or cowardice but
as an assertion of strength.
Con! Train IMiiiikIir Through
TlirmiK From County Fair.
IllrJniiAMTo.N, N. Y.. Aug. 10. Klchtecn
persons were Injured, eight seriously,' responsibility for the legislative pro
when a northbound coul train on llie gramme nnd refuses to bind tlio Itepub
Delaware and Hudson Itnllrond ploughed 1 "'an Senntors against speaking or ad
throuuh n crowd which had been attend-1 vocallng the pas-age of any pending
lug the county fair Just as they uro 1 measure. The confi rence also expressed
bnariJIng n anuthboumi puaronger train 1 ,M' "Pinion that tho Immigration bill
In front of the Afton station at h o'clwk 1 o"-'1" to t,il"B nt session,
t'l-nlght. Tho coal train struck a bag. Home Senate leaders were pessimistic
gage truck, breaking It Into splinters t"-"1"'1" "bout an early adjournment,
which caused many Injuries ' 1 and predicted that the Senate would
I'.isscngers asserted that the engineer
.11,1 ..... 1.1 1.1
-. ,un woiPuc umii lie was
almost upon the crowd.
Itoli IllrUenhnuer II nine When
Family ! at Heaiirt. ' 1
NlIWAUK, N, .1., Aug. 1(1. Thieves I
The Jewel- were valued at J'Jil.ooo,
ami were owned by members of the
family. The bonds were valued at
entered the home or John lllrkenlumei- ', V ' , rt . Mere Palmer filed t hlml "y netr special irainm iiumuor...
at '.'S4 Mount Prospect nvemin In il.! i.irxie .Mirriu iiiinicr. niul to- , , Furgo, this afternoon. The
night and escaped with Jewels ami1'1'!, f"r !": " ? v' S '"7 Ifimbllcm nominee for President spoke ,
bonds valued at ' ,30.000. Hlrk w!' Zu"l X el Senni , ' ,or,m'rlJ 1 Mr a fov minutes from the tear pl.it.
hai.er discovered the robbery when I ,r 1 I , )un i in., ...,,1 , a ' Hlllsboro. after which with Mrs.
retur..e-d home .1,1. morning Vm a t ' ...I'f T f nd, T, ' L'l "ughes he alighted to shake hands with
ilviriiK. 1
Gen. Leehitzky Advances to
Within Six Miles of Oali
cian Stronghold.
Gen. Bothmer Finds Czar's
Forces in Rear of His
Army Along Strypa.
1'ETnoanAD, Aug. 10. The flullclan
stronrhold of Htanlslatl Is within rane of
i.. t tu-hliiki-
mlcnitsa, haa come to within six miica i
of the city. At the same time the
itUK.slan drive northwest of tho strong
hoUl hat reached a point three miles j
from It, and twenty from llallcr, an
outpost of the ,Iveinberg defences, v
Gen. Lechittky's Cossncks, In the face
of a gnlllng ftre from the haul pressed
Auatrlms, have forded the .lota Llpa
Itlver east of Stanlslau, which was the
mot formidable ibstr.c',c to their ad
vance on the city. The llUftlan ad-
vonco was made along the Monaster-1
ryska-Nlinloft railway, nnd along the;
wagon road, northwestward. i
Gen. Count von llothmur now finds
tho Itusslans In the rear of his ad-,
vanrnl positions along the Strypa and
In close touch with his troops. Hitherto
the flooded Dnleeter had protected his
right on the T.irnopol p.isuion. dui me
aiipearance of an offensive north of the '
Dniester and the flanking of Monaster-1
ryskn make it serious situation for the '
Teutonic right. Frantic counter at
tnckii are In proress, but the llusslan ,
wave seems lniiosslble to stop.
The fording of the Zlota Llpa by the
KiMslnt!., one of the mot daring ae-1
coinpllshments of their present cam-
..i.ln una lt InnMlitfi tvith I'm
Dniester. From this i.olnt It Is only I
twenty miles to ll.illcs, on the Pnlcflter,
one in me stroiiB'Si oi tne ouiiiiik
fencea of Lcmberg. I
The Hussions ale striking at Lem-1
berg also from another quarter. H-rlln
rt " tee' whelV '"th.Te'V" a
... .. .v.''i nJ nr n..i-
T'iie Rurslani' have been resting there for '
omo tIniH, following thr.lr cro.slnjr of
1. 1 s,.,, ,m,inr Hi. dlitleultlrs
nF that of the Zlota Llpa lllver.
During the ten day- of his present j
advance. Gen. Ichltxky has taken up-
...,. , i-.nnn ri.nt,Ar. n i.
! tlmated that the Teutonic losses In !
klP), anl woulniPd have been 10,000
more. The grand total of prisoners ,
total of prisoners
IIojTh army since
taken by Gen. Ilru
early June Is now 402,000.
lieu, llnriiiiion nrosinrs. uniieiatis
v. K.. :. iiitrrn.. vl.n.
! ..... , ., , , . .
i.i..ii.-, un. v. ....,--, ... -
natch to tna .Womlnp i-oM sas tnai
ln 'rdr 10 Mlm tho J'oi'U'-Tl1"'
''H'1-1 f!'""' H.trdoloff. Von Itothmer's
r"' ' ,i,ln ,f'ut" ei.ntim in
I through the newspaper correspondents
to the correspondent.'', according to this
despatch, that the evacuation of Ia-iu-berg
wa- not very dlMae!t.
, f
1 ,-,,
Illltl Oltomnn Tmoim Aldlnu
uslrlaus, Driapntf-ti Says.
London-, Aug. IO.A desjiatch
London-, Aug. 10. A desjiatch to the
i,y Trlrirnjih from ltntterdn
m sajs
,,r"u,,,,,",, "'" H'fu. to
I Limit LmlatHtlvr Pr01.r111.11.1r.
1 ...v,.v. A,,.. .0 v, -
1111111111K 111 nn i-iiiiy .iiijniii iinitiu oi i oil
gross were halted to-riny by the nrtlon
of the Hepubllcan conference of Sena
tors called to consider the Democratic
steerlrg committee's proposal that the
legMntlve programme he limited,
. ....... . .1 ... ...
The Itepitnllcans imssed a resolullon
that puts Upon the Democratic side the
" ' ""J"u"' "'"""
.i.. i., mat i.i-nioerg -is inn imineuiaieiy men- Governments shall pay for eacn laxapie cavairy anu cycusis oi tne isers.iguoi ,.
Oil lllr 111- I ... i... .... ,,. ... .i .. ai.n, .i i . . . ... ..... ... .... . i ..... .
.. . i .iiii. ii.i mr nuf.--i.iiir, nun iiiiii. urn- year an excise lax ot 1 per e'iu, on iii'-'.ir un- imniiu run-r nun ins iruuji-
er.ianil. i I .nitwri. ! mAii.-n-il III,. nrm !. . - 1. i....tM... 1., An. nf iunrMi.il llir.ilii'l. fliu .tcmlu .1.1 fern. ...1
,i nf fli ' ...-. hhi Iirtltu Ui nili-ll inii-iiH-i-si in r.i-rp . . .. v H(- .......
U OI Hie ...i. ...in i.A I . . 1 ... .... . , i i l I l....l t ..r ..n I ....i
. , iiuiii.ii ni.-p inn iun inv i'iujioi oiwiin jo per cent, or me capital invewiru hiiii.hwp n.n, uviin'tii.i.ii-, ui nn ninup e.iin--PSt
VIII- I tn ,r f,.m ,i. n'l-lill,l I . ... t .... ..... o ..... n.il I tlwttls.nmlK llf fill. 1:111 rfvlili.ntu nf llnrll
to con- T)lP rjencral eonced the Impression n ,,, nrofPs In rxcesa of 10 and not wildly happy and waving ttnll.ui Hag-
Will of Mr. Palmer Provides for Trn Mrt off Without Hcpubll
i:iliieiilan of (Jlrla After Kill. Venr. ,. lim,.,. nd III Wife.
DhTitoir, Mleh.. Aur, 10 llstahllsh-
mem 01 is Pin. en un leuciuiiK Kills;,-.,,.,.. ..
.n, I... It.tn.l a 11P.11- ,i...i e... . 11.. ...in -
school Is not designated. Probate court
otlU'lals say tho cniate iillinlllits to up
wind of Jl.a00.000. however, and the
entile teslilue Is left for that purpose
lifter payment of legacies amountliig to
The will province tnai gins unable or
unwilling to pay the cost of their houid
..I II,.. -. t.nnl nllilll Iip eilnp.it, ,H f.
charge. Girls of 10 jeans and upward
I will be admitted.
lilies r5IO, IMMI in Children of II nil
Ills Nephew's .Motor lilt.
Mkxk-o ClTr, Aug. 10. Gen. Cur
taiixa bus Indemnified the family of
a German rctililcnt of the capital, who
was lecently killed by 1111 automobile
driven Jiy the First Chief's nephew, Jesus
Cm ranxs,
The four children of the German,
Wllhelm Schemer, received 5,000 pesos,
or 11,(00 eseh. The money wss'ln gold,
not In paper currency,
German Submarine's Arrival
There Looked For Not
Later Than Monday.
Nfiw Lonpon, Aug. ID. The Herman
submarine Bremen Is comlmt direct to
New London. Sho Is expected not later
than Monday, nccordlnc to officials who
do not care to bj quoted at the present
It can be stated that New Lir.dtfi
will be tho terminal for the Kaslein
Forwarding Company's lino of subma
rines. Tho Deutachland would have
made this hatbor her destination In
stead of Haltlmoro had tho new $1,000,-
1 000 pier heru been ready.
The Scott Wrecking Company nas
started work on tho D00 foot Iron cor
rugated nnKhouso nt thj noithcril end
0f the State pier. Nearly 10'J laborers
and earnenters nro hustling to net tho
r's ,.Brgo by Thurrdoy of next week.
Norfolk Also Arrnlt Her.
NonroLK. Vn.. Aug. 10. llevorts that
the lliemen Is oft the Capes and will
pass Into Hampton Hoadi within tho
next twenty-four hours wero current
here to-night.
llrrlln I'rpfessea Imiornnee.
rtEni.iN. via I)ndon. Aug, 10. Olllclal
circles hero profess Ignorance whether
or not the Hrcmen has put to sea.
Committee Would
Levy on All Manufactur
ers Selling Abroad.
Wasiiinoton. Aug. 10 A net profit
Internal revenue tax on all manufactur
,iiin nn,i, ,n terpen corernments
, , . ,., . ,
as substltuto for the munitions tax In
th.- pending revenue bill Is being serl-
ousIy con!ll''r'''1 h- nunocratfl of the
Senate Finance Committee. It probably
will b. agreed on to-morrow for euhmta-
, . ,,
"" 10 ln" "c
Democratic caucus which wan
hvM to-night,
the first of a series of
meetings tunas on committee changes
The tax on munitions of war. Includ
Ing copper products, as proposed In the
House bill, has been Klvlrwr Democratic
Senate leaders considerable trouble.
. t'enate
Tliey h
ave been told by experts, how
ever, that the substitute virtually nsreed
on would not coatltute an export tax
and would be cotiHltutlnnal.
The propoed plan would apply par
ticularly to manufacturers who have
maile Inrite fontine out or tho European
I war. nnd would add mnn minions in
,h? revenue of the Government,
It Is
i nuui.-iiiiiuiiy iin ioiu'wh;
That evi-rv nerson or eornorat on en
, KnBV t!,'e Imslness of selllnir goods,
j ares or mi-rcha.ndli-e of any description
, to nny rorvlgli uoviTnineni or to ine
ngents or representn'lves of such foreign
In oces of 30 : .1 per cent, on net prolltsl
III excess of 30 but not In excess of 40
ncr cent. 4 per cent, on net proms in
excess of 40 but not In exect-s of r.O per
cent and ." per tent, on not profits In' about Gorltz and the ter ihle bombaid
excesi of 50 per cent I mcnt tlint " 1l','n under almost con-
"tnntly for so long the c'ty Is not badl.i
llnstelund to Answer fur illsmlaa.
eiiuiloved as a salesmnn for tlio con
ilt found his Jidi gom when lie.
1 n-tiini.-.l from camp July 1" 'IK'
''"fe,,.M0 W.,1lrtt.b ,m:,M 111,1 not
. 111! lll nu.. .-.,- .w .... .
1 e sterdro 'ullimildll) I'.vt-ll llrouglit
11 Mrnaurt- nf Itpllrf.
The atniiiphere jeptenlay was the
coolest so far of any day this week,
ranging Irum !3 d' giees to OS, the high
est temperature.
Theie w.u a good deal of humidity in
tho air, which condensed occasionally
Into light mists and drirxles, but nobody
minded these beeiiun. uf the relief they
bri.uisbt To-day. the forecaster sajs,
will probably be fair, with 11 slight rbe
In temperature, and to-morrow will be
slightly warmer stilt
The train crew look the applause to
mean the end of the reception and the
train started. It w.11. stopi-vd after
going tlfty fell with Mr. and Mrs.
HiiBlies following afoot,
"Don't run, mother," said the candi
date to Ills wife, "If we get left we'll
1 , , ' ' "a 'Wn 1
n """"
Faiiuo, N. D.. Aug. 10. Mr hihI Mm,
.irlr I-! llnuhes were ne.irlv left be-
limp Three mid it llpll Tona of , from Sabotlno to Civurlo defends the
.. , li 0110 and Gnrlzl.i to the west, nnd
llumb Ma.-I.ln... l......e. M()m j,,,,,,,, formK
Viiinna, Aug. 10. An nir laid on ti. northern edee of the Gojlzlan Carso.
Venice by Austtlati aviators who dropped Tho artillery action of the da, long and
sevenil tons of boirtb on the l-lty Ih ic- 1 nrefiilly worked out, lepii i-euled a pel
polled In an olllclal statement Issued , feet example of coiuoiilrateil llle .igainsl
here lo-iiluht, The stntement savs, I fortilled lines.
"Twenty-one of our aeroplanes visited 1 "Thanks to our nvbttnrs nnfl in the lib
Venice on the nlnht of August ti, drop-1 servatlons of buttery ullhers, the .ml.
ning thtee and a half tons of bombs, I turns of the enemy hail alt been mm ed
( nosing a dozen fires, one In cotton mill,
which Wis of such dimensions that It
could be seen for twenty-five miles, The
machtiea returned unharmed,"
Capture Important Posts
South of floritz, With
Strong Intrcnchiuento.
Wlwtiioniwlu 1V:i,l AVKIi T..
jl iiouiuiu.-), Mini nilliuvi
Civep Out of Bomb
'Proof Cdlars.
20j000 Fled Before Enemy
Entered Terrific Fight
ing on Bridge.
I-oNDo.v. Au(i. 10. Tho Italians aro
pri'sslnu; eagerly forwiml beyond cap
tured Oorltz, close on tho heels of tho
retreating Austrian. Tlio Duko of
Aosta'H troops have won now victories
nt several points south of the captured
city, In the direction of Trieste, tho
great Austrian senprt nt which tho
Italians aim.
To-day's victories for tlio Italians
were tho cnptiire of tho stroiiB posi
tion of HoHchlnl, south nf GorlU, the
piercing of IntrenchmentH northenst
of Monto San Mlchcle, ,-uul near the
villago of San Mattlnn, a llttlo south
of the peak. t
The Austrlnns .-nliultted to-day that
they have been driven not only from
the long defended bridgehead but
from tho town of trorlt7. Itself, abort
ing, however, they captured 4,100
Italians In tho action. Thu olllclal
statement Issued In Vienna to-day
"Owln' to the sitratlim liroticit .ibou'
by our evneii itlon if the Gnrita hrlilu.
head the town hah ln on ghen up after ,i
s.mgiilnaiy iviiul.iu of frikh ItalUn at
tacks on the Duberdo plateau."
King: llnters (iorlta.
King Victor Hmmanuel entered lioin.
day. riding with hlk cousin, tho DuK.-
of Aoi-ta, at the hi nd of detachments of
they had concealed In their houies. A
they reached the outtkirts thi-y found
i n aps oi wnunueu tiuii iie.iu Ausinans
Notwlthst.inclliig the desperate fighting
damaged. The principal damage was
caused by the cNplodlng of stniehousei
by the fleeing Austrian.
This was largely because Gel
Cadorna, tho Iiullan eommnnder, torn.
The stiuggle on the bridge over the
Isouzo wns among the niont furious of
the gieat war. After the Italian gun
had got .1 clean s.vecp to the cit.idol di -fences
of GorlU Itself from the height
of .Monte Sahotlno, San Mlclu-le, Monte
l'oitl,n, Monte S.in'.o and I lasso Fortli
the infantry got the command to take
the bitdiir.
Then ensued bloody fighting out oil
the bridge ltelf, whore It was bayonet
nnd clubbed rlllo and revolver hand 1"
hnnd fighting of thu most desperate
sort, struggling Italians and Austrian
cl.iiubeiuil about the bridge parupete,
and fully a hundred AustrtuiiH were
flung Into the water of the Isonzo and
drowned The bridge once taken, how
ever. It was with grcnti-r ease that the
oily wus overrun b) the Italians.
how gorItzIva's taken.
Troops Stupltled or Asih xlnlril I11
Clouds of lilts.
Tloitr.. Aug. 10 The operations whlili
led up to the capture of Gorltx are di
scribed ln tho following olllclal u.trrutlw
given out here :
"The attack begun on AnguM 4 In tb
Monfalcoiie eectlnn, against I lllls S r. nun
121, east of ltocca, We stormed n ver
powerful enemy works there, taking II.
lulboners, but the adversary had pl.iceu
In ah.uidiined trenches ipinntltles . '
bombs, which exploded, giving off cloud
of poisonous gases Jnt as our troops en
tried th" captured lines.
"Heavy mat-Mis of the enemy tin a
made counter attack", and our troop.,
s up. fled or iisplw Mated by the g is wen
foiled to fall back to their own trem-hc.
xieH.lv Fire on Whole Front.
"Gn August 5 the ai l.llcry sounded V e
enemy's whole fiont with the object of
distracting his nttitillnn and IIxIiik th"
ranges accurately. On the morning of
August 0 our batteries opened tiro sim
ultaneously on the rocky banter which
oft clearly on target maps and rmgi i
Cor the extension and IcagthciiliiK of llr
tiad heen calculated with the iM-cnte' .
nicety. Thua at' tho appointed tjjuo a

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