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U a V j v.x- a-ro
Fair and continued cool to-day and to
morrow; diminishing northwest winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 74; lowest, 60.
Detailed weather, mall and marine reports on page 8.
NEW YORK, MONDAY, AUGUST 14, 1916. Copyright, 191. by the Sum I'rtnttng and PublUhtng A,octathn.
In flreater New Ynrk,
Jersey Illy and Newark.
TWO ti;n.
they Pour Across Strypa,
Koropicc and Zlota Li pa
- Invest West Banks.
' I
t...ff.i.r!nllll!ili Viw.nu If.i.l
" -' "i - .nv.-
treating From Pinsk
to llumnnia.
Gen. )otlimer in Full
Flight to Escape Trap
Set for lliin.
PttrocrsP, via London, Atlj. 13.
The Austrian lines oUuik tho .Stryp.i,
which they luvc held Hlncc early In
&5trmbcr. have crumbled nn.l lieu.
i'Ki Ilothmcr Is in full retreat nlong
the whole front, according to tile latewt
Uformatlon tecelveil by the Itiisslun
ififral Staff. TI.c Czir'.s urmU-.s are
row hammering; the Teuton second
lie along tl.c whole 2S0 mile front ;
Irom the l'rlprt niatHlicH to Itumjtil.i. i
.. i, ,i.... .. . i.i i
C.n. von liothmerH ..vsltli.n has
'.fn regarded iih iiuteiiabl? for days 1
454 the only wonder In military clrcl
re li that he has lud the courage to
mnd fjst for so long. tlen. l.ech
laky Is advancing In the rear of Von
Hnthmer's right llnnk. while Cieii.
ScJifrbatchoff Is closing In on Ills left.
The Austrian commander Is appar-
tntty muklng un attempt to oMcipe the '
rmh ,.., ,bl ,, , u,,, ,
r.wun trap li taking up n position I
tn a lfne running through Zlochow.
., .. t. ., :
i"iuuijii , oiAriuii) iu iioticx. '
rJitilv twenty mile to the west of liis
til line liefore Tnrnopol and Huczacz.
It l 'tated seml-ofllclally that the
Awtrians evacuated the Strjpt line
vtthnilt a battle. Their success In
rwchlnz and holdlnc the'r new nosl
lie" . considered verv tiroldemntlv be
R-js!an military ob'ervers. It !s
tn!nted out that the strength of lien
Ochltxky's position on both sides of the
Dnie.ter below llpllrz makes It ex
tremely unllkeJv that tho Austrlan-i will
tMile to hold that town. Their failure
no;u naiicz wou;il make tlielr new
ne mtle more nilvautateoux thtti the
Kwltlon on the Strypii, as tien. I.e.-hltzky ,
oii.il still la- on their right flank. i
The capture of Madvorn t strengtheiw 1
tks lft wing of (Sen. l.echltzkj-, and
omtdetes the Isolation of the Austrian
trmy In southern !al!c!a. The Au--
elms were endeavorlmr to reomanle
thls nrniv for the defence of ths Prntli
ltiinl.ui troops are p.-iurlng across the
trypa, the Koroplcc and the Zlota l.ltm.
eitahllshlng themselves on the western
Unit and pursulm? the neelmr An.,
trilns and flermans. Thev are cantor.
Ic large numbers of prisoners, together
lth heavy Mores.
Tho success Is wide In Its scope, from
tlmk to the Itumanlan border the Aus-tro-Oernian
army Is In retreat and the
H-slan line moves forward rapldl
The occupation of Hallcz. tha ra:t-
a centre, sometimes called a kev
W defence of Lemberg, Is believed to
imminent. On tho Dniester lllver to.
1 the Itusslatis captured Marlampol
another sector thev took P.idjalev
Mtrlmnpol Is south and a little east of
illlcz and only a few miles
SMiralcy Is northeast of Hall z.
The Ituaslans nlso cro"ed the ltys-
Itza-Solotvlnn Itlver, building bridge"
fur th .n... n,..t ,.. .. ii.. ii,. ,.f
!t enemy's artillery and keeping them
'paired under the same hot fire until
tlielr position mi safe on the wct sld".
tUpture of 1,000 men was made at this
W'n', which Is along the Halicz Itall-
between that town and Stnnlslnu.
the railroad following In general the
ours.; of the stream.
Gen. Siikharoff. on the upper Sereth.
J'J'he.l further home the wedae he I
-j.rtlnt- i..tntv Itrodv toward Leniberg.
And In the mountain region south of
Ma In, where the Ilussluns ate nt-
'rr..ting to force their wav through the
rrpathlan passes into the plains of
Hurgary, they made progress toward
JJblonltza. where tho railroad crawls
"rough the mountains.
something of the rapid movement or
the Hinslan tioops may be understood
Iroin :i description In the official rersirt
lliaineuvres nfdell. Scnerll.ltcnorr
trrmp., wim foueht their wav up the
"elk. taking towns as they went, then
tor'e(j tnelr way across. Troops pursuing
enemy ncrost the Kotoplce took a
itrongiy fortlfbd tiosltlon between that ,
vr ami the Zlota l.lp.t. then turned ,
with mid fought their way rapidly to
tfc Dri. ester, taking M.irlainpol as they
lie ,ns the .lulling of the (Inal po?!
'm n tne enemy's winter line of t nti
Heat, urn marked nil epoch In the cam-
ir,.. various corps to-day made nn
'ipvt to sum up with some accuracy
t!.r captures. It was repotted tint
''tn. Sakhaioff's corps took .107 officers
"'l 1C.59I men prisoners Iu the week clalr as a "budy" town to live.. In be
Irani August 4 to August 11, besides four cruise of the super-culture heie.
tnnon, forty-seven machine guns ami
"tf-ii luimb mortars.
In tho period from June fi until An--t
13 (Jen. Hcherbatohoff's troops took
I.M3 oifpers nrd fifi.lSS men prisoners
Hvd captured o' field guns, 2(1 machine
.ftJ"", .:i bomb mortaiH and other stoics.
The airny of (in. Iechltzky from An
'Jt 1 to August 10 took prisoner 171
TWrii and io,4."o men, with 'J Held guns
"wl 7 machine guns,
ny Attacks Were llrpiilsril.
I' npon, Aug. 13. The nlllclul state
""nt Issued to-day by Herlln dealing
llh operations on the eastern front
T that west of Zalocze Itusstun ut-
ContiHUftd on Btcond Page.
Federal (narnnHnc Prevented
TIiimii From Ucttiming
to Their Humes.
A considerable number of excursion
ists with children from Philadelphia and
various cltl's In New Jersey who came
tn New Yoric city yesterday for a visit
were compelled tn remain In the city
because they did not know they required
health certificates to again leave the
fifty persons upplled at the Green
wich street police station last night after
nlnly endeavoring to obtain passage
on the ferries and railroads. Many
other families, having no money for
,n,el M" spent tlm night on park
pencnes or on the beaches,
The United Slates
i-s Public Health Ser-' "'"""'"ecu "is intention oi eiuenng me. Hampshire. 4; New York, 43 : North Da
railroads and towns I I'rogrcsslve primaries on September 19 ' kotn. i. Ohio, 24: Oregon. ." : Pennsjl-
vice has warned
outside the State that children should !
not IM ti rou sin to tne city, in cases or
, necessity the ."rvloi- has Instructed the !
"r.M'. " v V"' . """V."1 "K '
traoneis to procure neaitn eertincates
at their home towns in orde- to return. ,
Th travellers must establish a resi
dence of nt leat twenty-four hours be.
fore they can be grunted health certifi
cates by the local anthoiltles.
Central Powers Said to
Heady to Proclaim New
Independent State.
fiptuot I'allt liriitrlt to Tin. Sin
I.ONIH1N, Aug. 13. The Independence
of Poland, with htr own constitution
nnd.r certain euarautces, Is expected to
be proclaimed by the Central Powers i
within a few days. n a renilt of the I
'nttfr.r.t.iA. I.liv..i tli llentlilll Climi
..ellnr. Dr. von !l.-.hmann-Holhveg. and,
Foreign .Minister ou Jagow and the I
i.mperor r rancis josepn ai i leiina.
,( ,)a!( ,,,. relor,',.(, mt ,0 ,wo
(iermau dignitaries went to Vienna be-
Vi'U! t. " i u , . ' t ut i
desiiatcheM from Pudanest and Vienna.
, , i vi ,,T, , '
v a Anisterdain. say that Poland wa.s
nu .... .n.n .innu"nii
These despatches say the proclama
tion of the Indtpeudencu of Poland
will call upon the Poles to form an
army of their own for national defence.
Poland will also he granted the choice
,,f ow" '"nstltutlon and home rule
u,'iVr f1'""1" guarantees they say. .
Munich newspapers believe Count An-.
drassy has been Invlteil to occupy
iit-ri fiiviivii in 04-ciiiiv :&
-ost In the provisional Oov
Poland Telegrams from
rrnment of
Vicuna say mat the neonle of Ilusslan .
l oiann win ne recognize.i no longer
as Husslan subjects, but ns "citizens
of the kingdom of Poland." with which
the Cholm district will be united. '
The despatched give the Impression
that licrmaiiy and Austria decldtsl to
take this action to forestall similar '
action on the part of Itussla.
l..tn...l n. . llnfr ..
o,,:;; rts ;,.;
I. ,I.j, t..ln..,l ...111 t,i,. .... 'i.ilniinmntis
giive - nmei.t
. an independent
in Itussla and the I
iu uussia ana .
i.nil bo
.iuner tate" betwec
(. - M,Pli i.ilwP.
ihlH has teen advocated bv the Or-
,,, Socialist, and In fact by a consider-
tho poles that they shall have autonomy
after the war and crmany and Austria
have given n simllur pledge.
An American commission which ha.s
bevn attenintliiL- t i iso to the relief of the I
o-niolatlc.ii nf Polnnd. u-hleli is siifYcr!ti2
from dlro need of food, hns found Itself
bloclted by the German (lovernment.
The Austrian tlovernment so far run ,
only partially yielded to the dem.vnd. i
4.lve the Seorr of Nix Ship to
Hefnie CrltlcUni. I
. ,. t. i
. ahhisuiii,., rtu i.t. .-ei.rei.irj
deslKiied to show that the battleships of
I 'it 1 1 1 1 1 M III. lilt Illlllllf lIKIlltllll M KlitltWUt'IlI
tho navy have nut fallen off In targetl
practice under hij administration. A
newspaper article entitled "A llltless
N'av.v ' ptouvned the statement.
the hitting recoid of six battleshlrs '
made In the battle practice In februnry
and March of this year, are Incorrect."
viilil Mr. I!inlel. "The fhlps were firing
If the februnry and March practice at
h reen lingets so feet long and "o fret ,
high. The correct scores of the ships
mentioned plotted on a battleship turget
"0 feet long, fin feet beam and DO feet .
frecboanl. based on the results of the
camera observations, were as follows :
".NeorasK.i, . r.us; i.uuisiairi, i.niiis;,as in ihwimi-iii nn proiwr purine sir-
Kansas, 1 hits: Virginia, 2H ruts; .New
Jersej-, 2o lilts, and Itlnde Island. hits."
Mr Dan e s does not say whether any '
of the .hots llred actually lilt the mov-1
nble target n-reeii. but demonstiates that
they would hav e hit had tho screen been I
!ls i,s s n battleship. j
Why Let NlileMnlfcs He lille f" j
Un llnntelalr 'nuilltltr.
ml t
MoNtci aid, Aug, 13. A protest rro,,J
" J .w--- -
against the practice or en niren roper
stl'".' " "I'l'ivBlk has brought
Arthur I. lleyer, tvim was a can-
dldate for town rommlshloner. a declara-,
Mis, John Ilajnes Uinl or valley rou
Hon that tho authorities
should en
cciirngrj the spoil
"Why let a lot of perfectly good and
useful sidewalks lie around Idle?" asked
Mr. lleyer to-daj-. "when they could he
filled with lively, healthy, happy faced
Why not, too, nnvu some open
nir roller skating links In the town
Mr, lleyer saw no noy regains .tront
filled .Mfiiriiiinu i'niiilldalr (oiu-
Inu to till' I'llltril Nlslra,
San Sai.vaiioI!, Aug. V3. Dr. Julian
li-ins, candidate of Ihe Liberal party of
Mcaiagu.i for Hie Presidency, who was
excluded from Nlcnisgua on nriivlng at
1 f'orlnlo on Tbuisday from Costa Itloa.
oas dei Ide.l go in ri.'in I'ranclscn and
thence to Washington.
On leaching forlnlo the exiled candi
date, who Is one of three, nominees for
tin. Presidency In the hlttetly, contested
rampulgn, was Informed that not only
Curlnto but ull other Nicaragua!) porta
were closed to him.
He Accepts Invitation of 15)
Progressive Lenders to
Contest Seabnry.
Governor Is Told Jndffe Should
He Kept on Bench
Record Praised.
ttepljing yesterday to an Invitation
addressed to him by nineteen Progres
sive leader, (lov. Charles S. Whitman
for tho Governorship nomination,
o Governorship nomination. ThH
that the most Inti resting primary ,
. .
fight In Ihe Slate tins fall will ba be-'
"". numan ami jujb n.imuei i
Seabury for the t'rogrenslve nomination,
T,, .,, lfM .,.it,i i.rn.
There arc about 46.000 emoted I ro-
gresslves In the Mate, it will be for
them to choose between the tlovernor
and Judge Seabury for their nominee.
As the same Invitation has been ex
tended to the other llepubllean candi
dates on the State tlck't. the Progres
sive primaries will be a hot light be
tween the Hughes and Wilson factions
in the organization over the question of
Indorsing the Jtepubllcan or Democratic
In announcing his acceptance of the
Invitation to enter the race with Judge
Seabury, (!ov. Whitman, who was nt the
St, ltegl yesterday conferring with some
of lila political friends, said:
"I appreciate the compliment extended
to myself and to the other members of j
the State administration by this request,
more particularly In view of the fart
that a local branch cf the l'nBride
organization In one of the borough of
the clt of New York appear to have
framed I. mixed t cket for the conslilcru
tl.iti of their ProL'resle friends In the
nppareui hope of helping Mr. Wilson and
lil. 1 lAtnm.r-i 1 1.. .. k..,..lt.lw
Aiprotr I.. ). v. AilmlnUtrollon.
"It Is significant and most gratifying i
that Prcgtesslves representing, as these,
gentlemen do. the leadership of their
M,,' thioughou! the whole State feel
that our present itepuiillcan aoinmisira
...... ... .,'. , ...i...ii... ,,i ,.,i
jflci, ,hc indorsement whlth they now
give." I
The Procresslves slenlni the Invlta-
ticu are Horace S. Wilkinson. William
Hamlin Chllds, Vlrgli K. KelU.gg. Will-
lam II. Hotchkiss, Walter A. Johnson.
Progressive Mate tJialnnali: vv vv.
ii,,t.cock. w. J. 7.. Kunzle. Klvin N. i:d-
Krllt rjawcroft. frank llaldwln.
Juhll cretary of the State
..OMInM- of the SlHte
. . - . . .tt.'t iitt
'.'..' . . . . - r. .. .....
JcH(M, Jr- ,,,rKe Jiepperger. ,
unIn,,, Kdvvard II. Itrown. Will-'
committee: Hugh .xenott. f raiiK i- bin-,
i..', Ivi.. tint', .i i:...r.. ih.m.ii.
jr Twelve of the signers arc members
of' sttate committee mid seven are
cunty oaalrmen, Klvln N. Hdwards
i.c(.-,K the Nassau'clialrmau, Col. Koose-
..,.- tv
v,,iv ii f the ilinrrs were dele-
,n ,h, rhieaeo convention, and
among them are some of the leaders In
'the attempt made recently at Syracuse
' ... ..
x 1
lO.lO'.V S 1
"The newspapers have recently stated
that a ticket which from the pertonnel
vhnj R(l a .r.,Kre4HU but a pro-
Is clearly
Wilson ticket Is to be placed In the Pro
gresslve primaries.
"Judge Seabury is mentioned as the
candidate for cur gullet notorial nominee.
We. an Progressive)', supported him for ,
the Court of Appeals In 1311. We be.
lleve be Is nn est client Jud.-e, but we
also believe that he can best serve the
people In a Judicial position.
"We therefore Invite you to enter our i
primaries, The makeup of the sug-,
eested ticket Indicating that It Is prob-
1 atily the intention oi us sponsors to suu-
"tltute nt a later date Hie Democratic
State nominees for the Progressives now
suggested, wo Invite your as.oc!ates on
(he ijepqbllcan ticket also to enter our
"Your record a.s Governor has been
, ... ....m- vnll to the votes of all
. i
..T,rouch" vour Civil Service Conimis-
0 nu n;,v ,, ,elled observance of
both "the letter and the spirit of the civ II
,prvir i.. an,t thus prevented u raid on
tllr state service by Mt serving' polltl-
C '"'you have sponsored a system whereby
the finances of the State will ultimately
,e brought under budgetary control and
Stale t xiK-ndlture thus greatly reduced.
and by the use of your veto power jou
have eliminated many appropriations for
which thero was no public need.
"The oulMandlng Issues in 191(1 are
national honor, military and Industrial
preparedness, governmental efficiency
and such economy In public expenditures
vice, j or mere, we poneve noin jour
record, you stand, for these we
itr as pro-
gressivcs si.-iiio. arm so slum tig. em-
phaslze the Invitation previously i.x- ,
tended to jou and jour associates."
It will take 1.3S0 names of enrolled
Progressives to enter the Itepubllcan
candidates In the Progressive prlmarj-,
this being based on the vole cast at the.
, hist State election. Of course they will'
be obtained eas!l Hut how much mp-
,)lirt ,ile Governor and his nssoclates will'
'command from the, party is u question,
" wa" leiimiaeu jenitiuu) io.il wniie
1 nltifty-ft.ur of the State committeemen
, rrt.ently idedged lliemselven to support
recermy lueugeu iiieinseiveti io support
ug,es, only twelve of these appear on
I . whitman letter.
j 0llr to K,.t i(,te8 In the primary
fr0ll, ti,e emolled Progressives both (lov.
. vi'l.ltm.ii, and .tndire stenhnrv mny iIa.
Clde lo do some campaigning, i ne tiny.
ernor conferred yesterday with State'
Clin rmiin Tanner anil senator Arget-, , . ..,..,..,,..
singer, who Is head of th Itepubllcan ' -. Aug. 4 (Monday) .-The Chi
State executive committee, and at C ' " wheat pit Is again made the oh
.Veioeir went back to Albany. J'"" l'" attack In to-day's Duilu
Tho (lOvcruor sees no reason for an
....nfll,.!.. 1 .nni'pnl Ion nf 1 teiillbll..:! OH.
The entire State ticket Is virtually sc-
. : : . V." -
Convicted siWjrr Will Serve Her
Two Yrara na 4'ontlcl Laborer,
' U'hvtwoktii N C Aug 13 fnder
' n v. diet Returned here o-n ght J. W
i SiauJ , ,.r for y imlfce chief nt Dra-
H i V J' ably w I bo turtie l
o Ills' vt-lfe ns cc.nvlet labor", w iVl
?. II Z J ,. iwo years sZtenee r,,e
he Is seivlng a two years sentence for I
The Jm y stipulated that the State be
given the privilege nf hiring him out
during his sentence nnd Mrs. Slaughter
n.lted for the contract. Slaughter also
vhb sentenced tn pay a fine of 1400 to
Mm. Thohiaa Weaver, widow of the man
he wu oVrjed with kflHnff.
May Hun to HSo. Is Prophecy
New York Expected to !
Give 45 to (J. 0. P. Man.
WAIIIISOToV. Alw. 13 Th. lirnnh.cv
based upon report from varloux section's ,
joo'a"""'" "ecto'I,tM wna'torth"
coming frojii Itepubllcan headquarters In
u statement made public here to-night. ,
Only :) votes ate necesary to elect.
The reports of the political forecasters. ,
a.s compiled by .Mr. Wlllcox's secretary,
lay claim to 300 vote., as "reasonably .
certain," with fifty "imssllite," twenty
five of which are "probable,"
The "reasonably certain" States are
given ns follows: California, II; Con
necticut, 7: Idaho, 4: Illinois, Sit; Iowa.
JV. KiTn ??: MH,l-ne-,i M'1'",cl:.V:
s-tts, 15; Michigan, I',; Minnesota. 12:
Montana. 4: New ler..v 14? viv
- -y "'r . .; ' .'T,
'. ' u-''..,',, , ,,:,,. ".
.V - ".'.! -a ' - ,
""' ''.
i nu oiiur twenty-nve votes, accoromg
to the statement, are to come from these
States: Arizona. 3 : Colorado, i ; Ken-
l(K.yi ,3 Ml(r'lamIi j, . MlfVourl. IS;
.et,v,,ska. s . New Mexico. 3 : Oklahoma. I
10; Indiana, 15; Wisconsin. 13; Wyo-
mlng, 3. '
Concerning these uncertain States the
comment l made: i
"T,iese eleven States have a total of
100 votes, and while none of them have
been placed as reasonably certain sev-
eral or them might well have been so
i'' ' ''"e i itci wiui .i Kursi
on twenty-five votes out of the lou Is
conservative to say the least, and unless
I prove to be a very poor euester Hughes
and Fairbanks will poll upward of 325
out of the total of 511 electoral votes In
John (iayiior. .lining Halton
and W. .1. I.'aflis Hurt, in
Railroad Accident.
Word was received at Ivl rn Head-
Manners mini .mago uw, .Maine, last
ht to the effect that four New Yorlt-
-. "". oi smmi ,ue wen snown ue-
t eel Ives, were Injured severely by a
' o.imoii on tl.e .Vl.ilne f en-.ral lladroail.
, .""is im......ho ... ,
,!" railroad station near a baggage cur
-"'od on a side track. T he baggage
wa" Mruck by nu Incoming train
v e rililLii Hi nil IIICIHIIIIIB iroill
nt..r .lrit .... i.u .iu, n.,w.n-
; . 1 . . . i;.""".
.ii.u iirifpu mii nu in iiiHiinrni nninnir
p tourists, knocking them down
'"'! four men. !
The Injured men. according to the le
ri""-". ' jhi ...ijnor. iinan irac.
tured mid Internally Injured : Jnme Dal-
ton. fractured collarbone, and William J.
Haftls, thigh fractured, all three of
whom are detectives, and James C.
Drown, compound fracture of the leg.
The four were sent tj n hospital In
Haftls, who Joined the police force on
N.'ni einl.er IT. Hlllit. nml lliltnn vim K...
. -3
mand of Police Inspector Cray In the
""t detective branch, i.aynor. who be.'
' a policeman on October 24. !-9, j
Is n member cf Lieutenant McKenna's
pickpocket siiuad.
PrealUent'a Secretary Jit r red When
tIpbIb .'olllile
" ""
Josoph Tumiiltj-, secretary to Presl-
dent Wilson, who arrived in New York
last night from Washington, natrowly
niissed a smushup when tiln toxical. In
which be left the Pennsylvania Station
teas struck at the Seventh avenue en.
trance by another tnxleab, apparently
rUshlug with a fare to catch a train. i
Mr. Tumuli v arrived on the fnn.i
c-esional Limited, nccouyianled by two
secret service men. He went nt once to
the Thirty-third street side
nI11i took a taxlcab for th
c of the sfitlon
tn Hotel K-iick
ne turned' Into
...i...,i... i.i. t.i i
.t... ......ii.. .in..v i-..
,!,, .1... nvenne !..?. ,i,m o,,,,,! 1 1
ti,. ,iei. ii..,i .., , ,,....i.
bio. but the two machines grazed d
Mr. Tumulty was shaken by the Impact.
I Motor llont Party llun on the
Unci. llescnrd hy Police.
Iteturiilng from an nil dny cruise In
the Sound, six members of the Lone Star
lloat Club, 153d street and the Harlem
lllver, ran on the rocks of Little Hell
(late list night with the motorboat Mon-
tana and were obliged to snend thlee
e , .. ,. ....... . ..... "'- ........
hours in the leaking craft before Patrol-
'""i ;iil"'J im...e,. ....u. nu ,i pome
..r,, i :-, ,,. .,
iienry n.inseii, i.iiuaiM. aim ins
brother refused to leave the l.o.it. a.
though warned that It might s.nl; at
any moment. Those taken ashoio were
Kiod I'.taun. Joseph r aunher. William
Salrer and Albert hell.
The Cassle, a 27 foot launch, carrying
John McLaughlin of K7 Oakland street,
Creenpolnt. and four other men. also was
forced on the rocks of Little Jldl liatn
1 by the tide. The boat was knocked about
si inucil mill sue saint lllimriiiaieiy .-iiur
1 the occupants were letcued by Capi,
Duffv. In rhar-e of the Hetsy, a boat
iiuit.v. in rnar-e
owned by the lie;
. WTjr;T "flAM
I w neni UAffl
t l..i,iirlni.ol nf c, il,IM
Depiirtment of t oiiectlon
'Ilnll llxpress" Sii j tirccd
S. lloiles III for future.
i, ,
I rprcss
I SilJ'S
Ill ii long iMtlcbi the paper
by the world war the
wheat gamblers of Chicago are sending
.-l.yvv-.itd the prices of grain fiotn which
mankind derives Its dally biead. amass.
nif ineir gams wiiu as iim.i couiiiincuon
li. the Kourbous used to gather taxes.
"That n nation which has been de
...ll,.,,! I... , lir.ul.l.fil . "I.,,, .ir.in.l ,.,
,,,.,... .... .." . ... ...
n.1.1 Ii. the cause nf llbeitv should e.no.
I rise a i odv of so-cillel businessmen
i o,i , .,1,1,. e I I I s if
I iJ.t I . 1 1. is . 'iv of An niiie. , .c
2 ,1
I e yer llci ' th full re "
' '' "
KoKenatnr Hair Vrry III.
PoiiTI.ANti, Mo., Au-. 14 (Monday).
foimer United Mtatfa Senator llugerm
Hale is near death at his home here this
morning. His on, Col. fredcrlck Halo
of Portland, was fcummoncd yetterdiiy
to hit fattier .bedside at miaw.or.th.
rniOlWHllO DDLlDlLi
XotnMc Drop Hotli in Deaths
and New Cases, F.spceially
in ltrooklyn.
our. io ivt H..M.1 to
Children From Churches I
in Frcenorl.
A decided decreaie In tfe number of
ltl ""'I new cases of Inf..
. . ..
! cheered members of the
Infantile p.irnt
the Health De
partment and the t'nlted States I'ubllc
Health Service jcMerday. The cool
leather Is responsible for this decrease ;
Ir. the ..pinion of tlm health authorities.;
vjMurini..i i. inn
t;c number of cases and the temperature
. . , . ,
11 le " "OIr"' '
of the fight ag.i
hoping for a long
and the men In chargo ' c rank I.. Doullug rccoiinm-mllng mat ,,,if, tunc were I'Ki.ouU ruses of 11.
ii.. ,.;.i,.,.,i,. ,.ro action be taken by the city govern- 400,000 dozen cgs In etorage In the
ilinSl IIW epHUIllll. iirt , , . ,.lnul III1V KtOlllilllie .r.lr..,.,.lH,.,. .11.1.1., TI,. ..............II...,
COol Mtell. '
ti, iv..,iil,r in ih. remain. in; il.ivs of
i! u mnnih nn.l enie.nher will deterinliie
"'M moM" nnJ S-Pte.nher w.ll .iMeimine
laigely wlether the number of rases.
which Is now fi,2'., will combine to In-
c - f,pp .,, ,n, r,,tH ot 1:05 or
Klll,)llH.. ,lnnsli. If the theorlea of
,,, hPiltlh authorities arc Inirne out th"
.,, ,,,. ... .. ,i,iu ,,.(, ..in -.,.'
slderably less than those teported last
"Tr.e total number of new cafes to-day,
141." said Commissioner llmerson yester
day, "Is the lowest number since July
wi:en SI eaten ere re porieu, i in
.leil,- i,v....iv.!.. nre ,.!, tlm lowest of
any day In August. Tho way In wnlcli
llMiukljn Is dropping off, both In cases
nr.d deaths, Is very encouraging, as It
shorts that the epidemic Is hur'.mg out
Pi that boroiuh,- Manhattan and The
Htonx itlnue to Ih h:gh The number
....... .....I.... t.. Th. Ilp,... I......IV-.
one. 'is the highest jet reported from that
b- rouch
s.n.lry C.,r, l'r.
Manhattan reieirted forty-nine cases
yesterday, which, although a hli:!i num-1
her, was seven less than the day befoie.
Iliooklyu droped from sixty-one. on Sat- .
urday to fifty-four yterda, and deaths ( Witi this pli.i-e of a possible railway
Ml from nineteen to eight. In yueens .trik that they had i ont-mpl tied mak- i
II-.. .l.-r:i.. Ill ti.-.K l.i.-irke.l. Illerell., .... I,. Hie I'lll.lli. .ercle Coin.
tltns onv h.xteen new cases ete:d.iy
a a,.,!,,.; thirty on the d.tv before. i
The epidemic has slured very few- lbs-
trll,t! ( ,h, 0lty. and cases continue to .
dut-im In the mot unexpecf.-d qu.tr-
it.rMi ,,oti inside the city uuil outside
Tho number of secondary cae. that ;
;s C3,C!, , whlcli a child contracts the ,
,iieae after another member of the
ri i.u.. uflur lannllier tueluliee or lliel
..... . .
lamiiy nas neen iKen in. is nenneiuyf
........ i . . itt i..
Mnil. TM peculiarity f the disease ,
seems to bear out the theory of Drs.
frost and I.avlmler of the Public Health
Service that nearly all adults huiI most
children are immune from tho disease,
which here and there picks out u victim.
Dr. Knierson said jesterday that the
Department of Health has offered to
take r-ire of Infantile p.iraljs's cases m-
urrlriir In small uii-Stte towns. He
m,ie the st'pul.itlon. however, that the
Department of Health must have a com-
...... t.i ..ru..nt. ....... i.,,l ...iili limn
? t;;;:
was made by Dr. Krnersun before a con-
,tTcf of health otli.ers f
)0,vn Hnd cities In the Sta
from various
t'oinnlalnt from 'atklll.
Dr. Unierson received a letter yester
day from It. S. llarrett, manager of the
C.itsktll information Hureaii. in i-.iiskui.
inserting that there Is not a single case
.n the Catsklll Mountains except at
i alro. which has two. Mr. liarrett
tailed on tho Health Commissioner to
torrect an Interview which he had given
out loiiceni.nit the Catskills,
Another letter was received from J. W.
Itapp, health otlteer of Ulleiivllle, N V.,
omplalnlng Hint recent publications In
, New Yotk newspapers are Injuring the
; own ami many inner sunmi.-i in w
the neighborhood
Kluht cases of
fight cases of pirnlysi- in the town
of Wit warning, which has a summer
I population of about IS.oOt'. were sent
back to their homes In automobiles and
o other cases have developed, accoul-
inr to Dr. P.npp.
inr to Dr. ItaPll
"i: lenvi le n nu vicinuy aie oeniK me-
credll.d becuuee of nil-fortunes else-
where which are being teportnl as hav-
" " '"rc" ,ht' ,"mU" ""Uor
Hundreds of persons anxious to leave
town with their children w.i.tcd In line
yesteiday at the mam olllie of the
Hoard of Health. A crowd of anxious
parents a'.so gathered at Wlllard Parker
- ..I .1 I. ..1.1... Vu..rl.'
Hospital io see me. i en r .,..1,1. .........
a thuiiMind tlillduii ate In this hospital
suffering from Infantile paralj-sls.
.More Serum I Ohtolneil,
. . , ,,., .,. ... ,.,
, IT X-InKhor .
hospital y.stelday obtained tllll J -four
half ounces of blood from six
.. h. -(. j,,,, ,u, (ih.oa,.,.. On
had the disease, one
- Vl)lunt,.,.rf, was Mrs, Lena Nam.i
mwskv. whose own child Is now at th
I ,.1.11.1 . I1..U' Ill fl...
.... u,,rrin Ihe disease. AI
- ,.....
though a thin, pain woman, the physl-
clans were able to take two ounces of
blood from her. Twelve children were
treated with the Imiimnu serum.
The observations of the physicians ad
...... ... ...... ,i... i.,... -a.. ...... n,u...
Vi't Its effect Is most marked when
' i.. ..,, 'nft,.r the onset of the
disease. After tho disease has tun for
eight days or more the serum does not
seem to give good results.
As a result of this observation the
......... uOII Iim ei.rrled bv dloirnoHl lelaliH
'"urn ..... - .- V , , . ,
n (11.lK,r ,h:,t It may be administered
as soon as possible, lu the co'tip.ir.
lively tare cases where It Is thought
that ' another child In the stiino family
In develoii.ng the disease the serum
will be i'.dininlHteied Immedlatelj,
I it n re b HiiHraiillne I'miulit.
The rnnstltutloimllty of the quarantine
.....uliiilnn iirohlliltlng children from at.
(.ndlug services iu churches at freeport,
i I I ..-111 lie tested before Justice Crane
,' s!,,,,,..,,,,. Courl. Ilrooklvn. this
, s , r(,Hult ot n umlllct jesterday
,,.tvvceli nienibers of tlie Catholic Church
, fif ((1r Hl,lv n,.aoMnCr and fcur police-
,., ,.,1,1.l.,i i rmat of tho church hi
the Health Hoard.
'I...... ...... ......... Iri.iil.l.. 1.1.1 Uiiii.l.i..
I line e.r e...,.- .......... .. r ,,.,,,, ,
....... .... ,... r ..III or 111. ..Ti Mil,.,.. I..
I .1... ..I.. I.I ... lliA ....il.l..... ...
''"" "" . ,."r ""
eider the churcn, so tn-.s .siiiiiiay tour po-
lkem"" 1,1 fr"Mt "f ','h,"'l'', iV'm"M'
l'H''ren away. Despite their activity
""' chlldten were taken Into the
''"llh l,y 'lult "f "" c'"'r.-
gallon. The ..Ulcers lad been ordeieilto
make no arrests, but considerable, excite-
naml was enured by their uttempts to
in event the children fiom enteilng. One
v.nman who ram to church Willi a child
fainted and was sent home In a, cab.
According to the police, one of tlioa
Conlinurcf on TXirf Pag.
TkAmrT AfTvnri miun flninil I ITnTin fTA 1IIIT 0 AM.
mm mm imu ummahu.) iu mum
Commissioner Hartigan Suggests Survey Be Made
of All Supply Sources and Trans
portation Facilities.
Ju'pph .1. Hartigan. Commissioner of
VVcl(,,)tH ,, MM,ur1I1, ,,, secretary of
. ....
nr'et .vunml t lr on fnoil KUhlltV
... V ... .. .. . . .
or (j,.()r(t(. w. I'eiKinn i cn.iir-
man, has cent u lettet to acting Mayor
of tralllc ill fiH.il slllitilies such as Would
follow a railroail strike.
AIn Hartigan suggested to the acting
f R.,
,..,. r fooi, .um)iv ich could be,
commanded in the event of a general
rallroail strike, and that the lnvstlga-
tlon shall Include the gathering of facts
relative to foodstuffs In storage In thlt
c tv or nenrnv n aces rr mat couui oe i
Inoiight here by other means of trans-j
ponaiiou i.'.an ny raiiroau.
Th s eliy, with It- population of moro ,
man u ,i".m, nepenos upon ine oui
side wot Id for the things It eats.
As New York doesn't produce, except
in an llintilteslinal Degree, the tilings
she eat.-. It Is admitted that a strike
which would pi event the admission of
tr.lnlo.id of foodtufts Into the c'.ty
would soon brhiK about a situation
th.it would be appalling.
M.Ik dealers have been sitting up
nights wondering what part of the 2,250,-
'Kiarta of milk the city consumes
dally they would be able to get If milk
trains stopped running by leason of a
htthll ,., ,, r,y .,,
twenty. four hours after mllk.ng time,
owing t' the gieat distance It has lo
travel It has to be brought In by trains.
Milk dealers have been so Impltestd
nil-siou t. compel th- runmtig of milk
trilns durhm a strike in order to save 1
the lives of hundreds of thousands of
babies ami otheis to whom the dally
supply of milk i a liccfsslty.
Mem Would l.ltst IllKht Da)
V(.1i.l, ..v... tl, n.iu.rl, I. .11 uilti
an v degree of certain! V how much Peer
j ll . e-lt ro ''-"".di,, J in ne"
" ""' ' ,. ., l ? ,r' ,fl '. . ' i! f
- - .. ".:. , ,i,- t.
metropolitan dlstiict from d:i to da
The amounts vary tamely on the quan
tities put in and withdrawn on contracts
for shipment. The ilailj- home consump
tion l tl.-iired bi some experts at fr m
, -'- ,o..rie
fiom 2.T50.00O to 4.1!5,flO pounds d illy
(ieorge 1.. McCarthy of the .Vndoiiril
;', oi itioner, the . tllc.al organ of the
Ainerban Meat Pakir Association,
w hc Mlrx 1 nwuM ,,f a" kl,,,u 1
RW HAM RfffTiirC.
O 1 VJTT11J 111 i L.ML.
.... i
1 OOtl li.Mflllir DtlUll
From Lake Tavay.
Alicvillf. X. C
Asiikvii.:.!.-, N. P., Aug. 13. The South
err. Hallway agent nt Lake Toxaway re
ported to-night tV.it the b.g dam there
!-d broken and that a flood of water"
.as racing now n :ne vnuej,
Me.sages have In-en sent from A-he-
vllle warning fire-n llle, Ande
Seneca and other poMils of the dang
Later th. Lake To.xaway Inn rep.
wiai me w ooie n.tni o io in-eo
a,v.,y, nnd thi: the lake was pntctlcally
drained. No seiloyn damaso was
'' ,T",!-aw,'.a-v-
... ...... i- .,,1 ...tii..,,. . "... j ...
water, loveiing r.T.n acres, with an
average depth of thirty feit The dam
was ,ni eighth of n mile long and llftj
feet high. The lake w.is constructed in
connection with a summer resort and
, . .. .1 II ..t lift. .... ...11a. ei...
,i,, a Miori- i'iiu oi iiiii.-n uiii.-e.
d.iin vv as. cons
irucie'i ai ii e'.-i oi i.M.v
Vli'tiloo Miiirt noil Minri In Itt'iil)
In Siiolls ( use,
WaSHINCTON, All 'I 1". SeClet.lrV
McAdoo Ins changed the strategy of ,
tlie Ailiniiiistr.itlou in ineetiiig the criti
cism of Mr. Hughes, The long and de
ta.bd c::pl.inatl 'lis with which Scre
laiy Ktdlield and Assistant Secretary
Sweet lint the Itcpuhlh an c.iudlilate's
charge of cutting off experienced s.ien
lllli1 men lo make political places for
dcriervlng DemocinlH have evidently
I n abandoned. Secretary McAdoo met
the same charge wilh the following
brief statement given out for public a
tl n to-day;
When sU'creiary McAdoo was asked
.i.... m.
,, id been relieved as AsslHant
Appraiser at New York and Daniel 1
f Inn appolnti d he said .
"'Mr. Hughes Is meielv pettifogging.
He Is welcome to a monopoly of that
Held. Tho Cl.ipp c.-im ie a very un
fortunate .'he for his purpose. If I
thought tint Hie public was ically In-
telested 1 would make a statemelU
about II.'
i'al.es lliiclinielits I'roni CoiismI
miiiiiiIIiius Arouse Suspicion,
PknsaciU.a, l-'l.i , Aug. 13. The French
ciulser Admiral Aube, which unevpect-
.1.1.. ...... ....... ...I .. I....
,.,.- ceieil loin i'.'ll Jri.in,.j, oil i"-
. . ...... . ...... I.. I r....l ...
' apt. l.rrmwi n o o" in -I "I
. .. ....... I ...b .- . I. ...I. .... .... .....I '
M,,,llcs, He received a packet of docu-
'"''- "'l,m "" Vmah l'"nml
m.i,. observers. Including pllotihete.
commented on the . rut. er's apparent cf.
fo.s lo get llrt hand Infonn.itioii of
,he I Soundings taken ov. r an It-
regular course aft?r she entered the bar-1
i1r caused eonslilenible speculation
i among marine men. Immediately nfter i
I welL'blng nnchor Cant Lesklvit con
.tinned to ascertain the depth of the
lie refuted to allow newspaper men to
go nhoarrt.
'of meats on hand fot local supply would
nut l...t longer than eight d..js. and this
.... . .' ' . ,. 1. .
. ' a''rimg 10 i-ran
i -msr of tl.e l'rner-Marry Company
publishers of tin- 'lodiicos I'ricr Cur-
nt eififs v.irles nt...,irilinf- In ..e.i.ftTw u'lth
i iii.ixliniiiii between ln."..nnn nmt IlO.nnO
cases unit a minimum of S3.000 cases a
The foodstuff In Horace, however, am
but n small part of the provisions that
New Yorkert. consume, and they wouldn't
r fnr If New Yorkers bad to depend
coWy upon them. The tiovcr.ument lias
i'nreI Unit im v 7 n.r m.iii. nf ilm mint
rBS supply of the country goes Into cold
storage ami oilier nnthorltles have estl
tuitteil the amount ut 10 i.cr cent.
Vrselatilr and l'rillt Demand.
The great volume of vegetables, such
as potatoes, turnips, corn, beans, peas,
&.:, that are brought dally to the mar
ket, come here by traluload ami by boat.
The amount that Is trucked here from
New Jersey and Long Island Is a trifle
compared to the whole that tnters Into
father Knlckerlsicker's market basket.
In the event of a lailinad tleup
f ranges and other fruits from the Pacific
States would be cut off and the only
similar fruits that tould be depended
upon to nrtlve would be those arriving
from the South by Ix.ats.
About the only food commodity that
, New York Is so dependent upon for Its
vi ry exl-tence whose delivery would not
be "'illy Inleireren with nn.l, in mnn
case-. Mint off altogether, would be fneh
tlsll. tile large part of which l limuvllt
here by boats much llsli arrives ny t.ist
freight and expres- also, but Hsh dealers
hae le- fear of a general railroad
strike than most men who sell articles
or food
one feature of n railway strike which
has disturbed many t-ople lias been tli
question of delivery of coal for Industrial
plants, which cannot be kept nolng unless
i .... . . . i i. i .. iu.n...
i.; !' u,...r.i ..me ,.f it,, fr.nl T,.u
Joiinmi, said yeterday. however, that a
foal famine wouldn't be felt for a very
bug time.
New Vol I; never had so ninny out of
town visitors any summer as it has at
piisent. The hot. Is are all crowded, ami'
It Is estimated that fully r,m',"ln such i
v-lslioi. are here. Any complete slop -
page of lallroid' would keep tlie-e
slrnm:er longer In tke city, but it would
tdve hotel keepers much le.-ison to worry
In prop-rlj- provisioning them.
i '
Track Walker Slciicd llcforc
Train nt Kxclianire
A tia l. walker iu t.ie lltnl-oti tube, at
f.xchaug" place station jesterday after-
i..,...- confused bv- a passing train
.,,,.,, . or.0 f.de onto another
....... ,
track, win re a second .rain ho had ri"l
notice,! struck and killed him. As a te-
.. Irn.ii,. thinucliiut the tubes was tied
stt'.t trafllo thmuKlnul the tubes was tied
r . .
IIP for nearly all nan a.nl gieat crowns
, - n.,i..,i,.. v....Pi,
iiouuii ior .'-') o.. , ...... ...
and the Cortlmdt street terminal iu New
Yolk wcie delayed or forced to use tho'
Tic tleup occurred at :. o'clock. The!
louipanv olllcl.ils ordered block tickets
given out to p.isseni;
is wa ling on t ie
stailous along Hie II
Tlie i itoye
.triet s'atlon -i Jersej City
. covering an
area of two block!
was Jammed with
. . . uhuttle
rv lie was estab-
,...i . i i ..,
llhd between the line station and Man
hattan, but It was Imp-iss.ble to give ade
quite service 111 this vvaj It was half
an hour befoie a dear route was re
stored nnd pe.ul ae long again bifoie
the tegular schedule was in operation,
Tbe l.i'nir Netv V orl. t nril T
liiiirrott on Three llntllestilps.
More ihan '.'On . ... t ii seameii will.
leave to. morrow aflc-uoon nt 2 o'clock
on the battle-hlH .Maine. Kentucky i.nd
New Jersey finm tin- .Sew nik Navy
Vnid for the tunning crule whleli the
Navy Depaiinient h.is developed from
the 'lialtsbuig Idea. Not all of this
uninfect are from New York, however
The enrolments come from nil over tne
lountrv. many from as fai West lis
S.t 1 1 l-'tanclsco. Jfoutinrv to the pledges tcpo. I, then,
The three ilieadnotnjhis w-.ll Jo.n the 1 bj their union lo-,i. The i.i i-. .... I
I, per ships of the sqiiadton taking ii.irt i heads went to Washingion b a. I ,g t o i .
.ti tlie rl'UlC" lit (i.Uillller's It.l.V, olt .Moil- ' selves for .1 Stllke even ull. i . ..till i
ttmk Polui, the entire outfit being iinder I fsscntlally iho situation was a tr,i .
i oinniaiid of Hear Admli al Helm. About but each side while cui-jiiig out th
' r.mi men lu nil will be liistiuctcd In conditions of an armisti. c biisn il itse.f
naval sttateft.v and sc.imrinsh.p, it Is j w Ith shot pi nlng weapons.
ThO Itriiiirl n Itepulse of llrlllf.il
Near tlnlrlrh.
CoNsr.v.STlsol'l.i:. v.ri London Aug. 1.1
I ti ltis.lt troops li.ive ng.in been le-
PlllSnl 111 .tie. ipoi.iuiui. .t iitiiu-ii mi
,ltlaceil tne
Tillklso volunteers near
the IliiphiMtcs region and
..(. I-I..I. I..
, ias.ieil III
i ...I ..ft 1. . . I, ...... .1. .!..(.. . I.. ...
. I, ue.ii.n ...... ,e.i.,r , s - .....
I Ing a number or i.-.iu aim iinuu.lc.i,
This is the nt.t icport of Ugliimg ,.-
I uveen Turks and llrlf.sh lu Mesopotamia
, hl,.ce tl.e surrengei- of lie,,. Townshend's
force oil the Tlgr.s several month, ago.
VI n a nt I'.tun lit llriiiitlon.
- . Komi:, Aug. 13. The lltn.i obscrvatoi j
1 lepcrts ili.u the centre of the crater nf
Mount una, now i,.uu icei neep, is in
lull eruption. ,
I 1-tva Is flowing to the southwest,
Managers and Union Lead
ers Leave X. V. for White
House Conference.
100.1100 TO STItIKE
Federal Board Said to Have
epeatcd lUmW Offer of
.lime 15 to Men.
Labor Crisis Threatens Tie
up of il5 XationalTraf
fic Arteries.
President Wlt'on tn-d.iy must icton
Clio thu differences between tho rail
road niatiigciJ representing thu 23..
sjvtemg of the country and th" four
union brotherhoods of Ino.OuO m tuber
or within twenty-foiir liourn the
i I'nitcd States will be In the tliroe.s nf
u tleup s-uch tin wan never eNpciletacd
lfore In Industrial lii."tor'.
With only oil" vole disfcnt ns
among the f.OO reptesentntlves yrstei .
jiy assembled In New Yolk a MnK"
x rn decided upon bj the ralltii.nl in
plojies. Not only did tiny I eject a. I
overtures jirolTeteii on behalf of tho
maus inn uiey repini..iieii uie.r louiier
romise to arbitrate tho i lu-ht hour d iv
mid tie time and n half nveit'mo pn-
v.lon the primary ground of ihsaf-
ft., tl,,j,. furthermore lliev Informed
,,, ,.V(rn i;.iriI llf Mediation and
Wn trying t establlsli nrbllrabl
premises-, that Its services uric .it ,r
Only it the President's Imperative be-
best did they hilt In the fn'll'in -it ,,f
their voted pint To dlgru'- Mr
Wilson's Interest thev -ei.te.l lo
go before him. Their four blot' e l .l
I inlets ami a . onmilt of twetitv-. x
members started foe Wa-h ncto'i a' in I-
(light. At tile same time . il"l"'C.tol
of nineteen iallro.nl in.m.i(r..i-. n .uled
toward Die While Ilo'i-e To d n "ie
whole question w'.ll be th-.'h.'l out be.
fore the President.
Letter from the President.
; .loseiiii Tuniulv. wr'.iiv
I'lblent. brought to New Vor
lett.i- froni President Wlls.
I posiric leaders:
t.i ti.e i p-
Tin- U li it.: lb
Augas- f! I'.'l
1 have learned with .- nvr
with keen dl.ipii.. ntuiei.t tl
.lfMe.-11'..lit ...,.... ..I.,.. 111. ii.
of the tu.tttcts In coutrnvitsv
lw.cn the rall-o.ids at'd th. i t ,
ployees pas piov.-d imp ss I '
general strike on the tailtoadi W u, d
at any time hav i inns! f.u le.i h.
ing an I InJ'irlo i- , ffi" t ui.ii. the
coiin'ry Ai this titre the i if,. . t
nilitht he disastrous. I fc; il ,i I
have the right, tin ref.ire, to in ii. 1
nl'd I do 1'. rel.y li quest, ,i tin !.i nl
of the liovi rnment, ih.it l t v
tlpal ile.-lsmsi is ai-lvnl ai I mat
, hive a P. lson.il confer, n.v vvi.'.t v.. i
i,... I ,. i . . .
" e n ni.on, ,...., -..
meet im at am t ine nm on. l.e
..... . , ... . " '
it.oii im. ii
Sincerely jmits
" 1 s
T.'e letter was b!r.-s. ,1 ,., , , ;, .
the Ml wing. I .llsha l.-c. . h.i.rn i ,,i.
' '' .mi- i.
t'-,rl "tson, pies;, b-nt t i-r of Italwi.-
' 'on,luc-ors . V.
s0... gt.l'
, I. ef
IStothcrhiiod of i: illro.nl Ihuripe. i '
S. Carter, president llrotln rhooii f !,i
rn.nl firemen. W II. Leo, pr.--diiit
Hi ithei hood of li.u'.io.id Tra.n ni-
l.nsf Hope Itesls In W'IIhiiii,
"I'nle.s the President of the l'n led
States Is able to llud a u.i oil' it n.-.i na
a st i Ike," apnouii'-i d Austin II. liarril
son, lenib r of the brolher'.iooils.
It l.ei-iinie evident that the union men
have no Intention tn nrm.t the presi
dent tn opi tl too Wide a hi em h i'l tin e
il.-ei nib .ition: they will Insist mi ci.
. i, inscribing his sc-ici.4. ISather than
follow la the dll-cUoii the ln.in.uis
want to lead they will dale federa' a.
tiifereiic.' and go throng'! With tin ir
annoiiuccl pin pi i.e.
To the managers the nspi t List i i
appiareil hopeless. Tiny have .-.im, to
te.illze from the im.'oiiipi'oini.liig ait. Hi. I,,
ptesetlted by the brolheliioods to Hi.,
hoard of mediation that the nun vv
siilfcr no illi'tatlou
Which I'.ic v feel
,s.o tense was ipe situation eiilv e
tciday lliel 'the inedlaioi- . . 1 1 - t t
i 'rtv
At Ihe I. me tn.-v
ail il M-, -iu .1
If tile slllke Would be called w I in I
coii.oli lallon of the Picsid.nls leqips
Tumulty st.ntnl f.n New m, on
I the Congressional I. lolled lb- h.ol plo.
( , cled only a few minim s mi h s j in .
,, iho einplov.es .is.eni.d io tin
Willi. . Motl'ie 1 H III ii is.i 1. Il w.is Int. l.
, halt the President's ,-n.!ai II..
1.,,.,.,.,! .,,h.itt,in l.i-l night .,u. n
time to pre pare for the iclilin ti., vv th
the factious.
Mediators Issue Matcmeot.
Just befoie be le.lihcd town th fob
bwlng stab melit was given .hi' li
the Mediation Hoard, of whe'l Jl ii ' n
A Knapp is ch. in in in and Will n . I.
t h.imbeie ao.l li. V. W ll.it g ; as
social" mciiibcis
After repeat, d i iToiis tn in ing about
an arbitration m' Hi. pending n"
trovercy between the i.iilroails aicl
,s.l. .mr.lm.es lit tt-.tm .ill. I V .t.VI

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