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njrondway and Buttermilk" a
Romance of a Vacation -
in Maine.
Stir Hn a Bucolic Comedy
With Songs and Her Own
Humor Aids.
liroadway and Buttermilk" MulM
rittott Theatre.
Mra. Mary Denby llltn lxwII
Mr". Amanda Hodge. . . Jouphln Men
nuth Dmhy , Fayed Here
A Drnby Tommy Rod.
11a Jor Dunworthy Hanes,
ltapley Holme.
F.Mrldre Pickens ...Wallace Owm
Mmf. Nadlne... Blanch Ring
Harry Whit. Charlea Walton
Hank Wool wine Chart.. Wither
Cell. Hodge Kta Martin
Tom narrow ....W. P. Carl. ton
Franklin Abbott. ...... ..Calvin Thomaa
Willard Mack, who promlaes to domi
nate tho New York stage later In the
season when his three other play are
ready for performance, came forward
somewhat unpretentiously at Maxlne El
liott's Theatre last night. Blanche Ring
was seen there In tlila author's "Broad
way and Buttermilk," which was due a
vrek ago. but succumbed to the heat.
When Miss Illng acted drat In what the
programme last night called a comedy
there was no music In It Purists might
till say that the play is without music,
but there was undeniably singing by
Ults Ring, who la so closely associated
In the public mind with her counlet
that the experim-nt of separating her
irom tnem was pruuauiy round to be
a mistake. But It was In Its combina
tion of country and city life that the
piece made Its strongest appeal to the
Miss Bins; Is at Air York Mllllaer.
It was to the star that the play looked
tor Its Hrondway elements, while the
fcuttermllk was presumably typified by
the populace of the little country town
In which Miss Illng, a milliner from
New York, was spending her vacation.
Thero was enough In the life of th
Maine village to test her knowledge of
the world, nnd there were later the dlN
Acuities of her own as well as of other
r.ear.3 to seme. Kor Mr. Mack o ar.
ranged that his heroine met In this re
mote snot her old lover. Then, of course.
there must lie aonga and scenes before
they are put on the former emotional
bails. There were to assist Mlsa Ring
almost sinsera numerous enough to form
a small chorus.
The scheme of Mr. Mack's play was
not in tne least deranged by the synco
psted Interpolation. It bore no such
c'ort relation to life that a song or a
dance could destroy the Illusion. In
deed "Broadway and Buttermilk" seems
rather fearful to contemplate taken seri
ously and without the merciful Interven
tion of ragtime here and there. Mr.
Mark still writes actors' playa. They
alaas sacrifice ethics and probability
for th theatric effect. Dramas of this
kind, especially when their Intent Is
om'.". are not going to suffer from any
further Indifference to probability.
Ken- Play Hood Katertalnaaeat.
Fo In lt present form "Broadway and
r.uttf rnilll:." with the aid of Blanche
lllns's rrelstlble humor and her nat
uralness ii Its delivery to the public,
tniko most agreeable entertainment.
Something of tho actress's former un
flagging gayety was missing at. moments
Ut nlRht. There was. however, enough
of It to delight her admirers, and as a
'!!" milliner from New York she had
tl.e best noaslblc opportunities to reveal
the complete sophistication her style.,
51ie Is always a welcome visitor 10 tne
Sew York stage. It was agreeable,
moreover, to aee her under conditions
appropriate to her position.
Mr Mack's play is altogether conven
tional in fiction, abounds In speeches
which are generally bright, while some
times others come far from hitting the
mark. In the character of the village
hoy acting as n "property man" In the
local "op'ry house" he has Invented an
emuilng type, although 'he playa on this
theme somewhat too persistently. The
bucolic figures from the fiddling barber
to the village fashion plate are entertain
ing enough.
Helen lxiwell. who can be occasionally
rathetlc in a sincere fashion as well as
auaintlf ronilc. reealed all her good
riualltle as the boarding house keeper'
in the lllage. V. I Carleton. wno nas
r.ot been seen for several years. Is still
handsome and youthful. All the char
acters were well played, which was not
an unimportant element In the flrat night
success of Miss Ring and her play.
Mr. and Mrs. John Vernou Bouvler,
Jr., who are passing the summer at East
Hampton, I.. I., announced yesterday
thu engagement of their daughter, Mis
Kdltli Kwlng Bouvler. to Phelan Beale
of this city. Miss Bouvler, who was
introduced two years ago, Is a descend
nt on her father's side of John Grlf
fifth, who was First Lieutenant of the
Seventh Regiment, Maryland line, dur
ing the Revolution. Mr. Beale Is a
fin of the late Jesse D. Beale. On
his mother's side he Is a grandson of
Judge John D. Phelan of the Supreme
ourt of Alabama. He was graduated
frnn, the University of the South and
later from Columbia Law School. No
late has been -et for the wedding.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick M. Delano
live announced the engagement of their'
'lauehter, Miss Cornelia B. Hanson, to
i:nlRn fllenn H. Haston. U. 8. N.
Mr. and Mrs. John Condon of Marl
fcirn. y have announced the en
gagement of their daughter. Miss Lillian
Nahrlla Condon, to Norbert A. .Rafter
f IIS Washington street, Flushing. Mr.
"after Is a member of the Tenth In
'"dry, N (!. N. V.
M;V I.o.vnoS. Conn., Aug. 1J. The
J isrr nlmunrr ysrhts Intrepid. Lloyd
'lii.ni miti ii,,. Alcjon. Henry W. Put-
haw arrived hre.
, Th. t.4 in yacht Var.i'ila. Morton F.
I iii' ami the Ucrvla'... iihn tV, Hlrd, and
' ("I'-r vaiht Wcotlan, It. II, Raymond,
Joi. if, .r,
1 i ii-ini )chla !.orratne, John W,
uliinni alli n,, Allrls, Alfred I. du Pont,
'" uulltl.iry achoontr yarhts Vagrant,
ar 1'i.mmodnr Harold H. Vanderbllt,
"'I the IrlK. Vernon C- Brown; tht
fiHMipr jmtin Katoura. llobert E. Tod;
Ihe Q'irrn Mali, Jlandon Chubb; the KUna,
Mortr,,, pint; the Mavia, Hamutl T.
ul.l.,rit. and the power ysVht Whirlwind.
Jullin KMaehiiiann. are In this harbor.
f't'l.tlK.s- Suddenly, on Tuesday. August
U. at his ruldenre, 311' Welt lOId
Irr.t, Charles Oulden, In his ssventy
third .r,
Vil'nria and relatives are Invited' to at
tend th, funeral strvlcts at the Central
, Probrterlan church, corner of. Madison
avnu and Fifty-seventh strett, en
I .' Thursday, August IT, at 11 'CleaU
h initrmtat private.
1 ;iiyiW$ jHalala '"'H 1
H fihifik'rA''iKL iaaLaLB
r aaWaaaaB
1 HiHyHr'aaaBraaaaaaaH
lillTl? ' r ,. "Mak'aflaiMlaaaaaaaaa
ifli) . .. ..ihuxWr mmm tBSKKKnEKm mm'-
Blanche Ring and Charles Withers in "Broadway and Butter-
milk," at Maxtne Elliott's Theatre last night.
Agree to Repeat Stunts I'ntil
Sunday to Raise 817,000
Due Them.
Several hundred of tho cow boys nnd
girls who appeared last week at the
Sheepshead Bay Speedway In 'The
Stampede" have arranged to repeat their
Wild West numbers every afternoon nnd
evening until Saturday in the hope of
raising enough money to pay their ex
penses back home. '
When the show closed last Saturday
the management owed the performers
114.000, which they had earned In prises.
Vm 1 1 tit at In t-kfi lit i tniitiot' itunil til 1
Westerners considerable embarrassment.
Although the performers were given
three meals a .lay. some of them aw no
chance of getting home until n meeting
Was held yesterday afternoon.
At this gathering Harry S. Harkness.
president of the Sheepshead Bay Cor
poration, was present. After the meet
ing It was announced that half of the
$34,000 would be paid over to the West- I
erners. This S17.000, In the shape of a
certified cheek, was ready In the city
last night. It was said, and will lie
divided up among the 'company to-day.
This windfall helped them out to some
extent, but still more must be raised
this week.
Tlie Sheepshead Bay Corporation has
turned Its property over to the riders
for the rest of the week, nnd ."00 of
them, along with the Indiana who ap
peared in the show last week, will re
pest their atunts. All the m; ..y taken
In at the gate will be apportioned among
the rider. If they raise another 117.000
there will be enough to take the entire
troupe back to their homes. Many ar
rived here with only a dollar or two In
their pockets.
The second edition of the Stampede
will consist of bucking horse acts, bull
dogging, relay races, trick riding, lariat
throwing and roping steers.
Civic Orchestral Society's Concert.
Llsat's symphonic poem "Orpheus," a
Hungarian march by the same coin
poser, a suite from Bizet's "Carmen"
and a Strauss waltz were features of
the Civic Orchestral Society's concert
In Madison Square (larden last night.
Paolo fjnlllco. pianist, was the soloist,
playing a Hungarian fantasy by 1-lszt.
Walter Henry Rothwell also conducted
the orchestra In Wagner's overture to
"The Flying Dutchman."
WATK1N9. N. V.. Aug. H. Motor srrl;
als at the dim Springs Include: hdnard
T. Btoteiliurv. Philadelphia (Delauna)
Httltvlllet; Mr. and Sirs. I. L. Hltchcork.
Miss Hitchcock, William and John Hitch
cock, Jackson. Mich. (Mannon)s Mr. and
Mrs. C. H Uovla. Itoeheater (Cadillac) ;
Mr. and Mrs. D. II. Mearham. Cincinnati
(Cadillac); Mr. and Mrs. B. Ituah Wendell.
Miss Stvage. Cazenovlu, X. V. (Packard):
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hunter. Pittaliurg
(Packard): Judge and Mr. Frank II. Hart.
HurTalo (Plere.Arrow; Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Thome, Buffalo (Franklin), Mr. and
Mrs. 8. T. Cushlng. Mlas Thomi m. Mlaa
Johnson. New York (Flutl: Mr. id Mrs.
Jehn H. Moor. Mlas l.arkln. Mt. (.'atherlnra
(Packard l : Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hmlth,
Uneonta: Mr. and Mn. W J. Wiley. Utlcii
(Wlntoa): Dr. and Mrs J, V. Hoe. Mr.
end Vrs. H, L. Trosell. Tlffln. Ohio (Oldsi;
Ml. and Mrs. J I. B. Btawart Canton. Uhlo
(Wlnton): Mr! and Mrs. C. W. Underwood.
Buffalo (Wlnton); Dr. and Mrs. Deltt B.
Cssler. Baltimore (Dodge).
WATERBURT. Conn.. Aug. IS. Motor
arrivals at (be Hotel Elton over the Ideal
lour Includa: Mrs. rrank look, .ure.
Oeorge Burr, Mrs. Anna Burr, Mrs. Anna
Bangs. Mlas Look. Northampton. Maaa.
(i'ierc: ansa ai. ruia. jitb. . i-"im.
VnrV il'arkard): Mr. anil .Mrs. r.
(Jodtrev. Miss Pettlgrew. New York (Pack
ard) ; Mr, and Mra. C. Buahnell, Mlas Ed-
nee uusnneii. caroiyn iiuannvu. iiuii.m
(Cadillac): Mr. and Mrs. fleorge Oray
Ward. Mrs H. Hough. New VorK ( Fierce) i
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Savage. New ork
IBtutz): Mlas ryie, w. neon i-yie. iier-
nardsvllle. ft. J. (Ucrtppa) : Mr. and Mrs.
W. Murray. New Haven (Chalmers).
by autnmohtl at the Kuulnox House In
clude: C. 8. Mellen. Audrey Miller. Ray
mond Miller. :v. . uampueu, nioiKormar
(Stearnai; Mrs. II. B. Taylor, C. ( Klin-
mona. Boston (carKarni: .nr. anu jir. -It.
Blaine. Miss Margaret Ulalne, Oraham
Blaine. Taunton (rirarnai; .nr. snu .nr.
L. (. Bond. Miaa Bond, Mount Vernon
lliMaAnl! Mr. anil Mrs. Edunrd C Nny-
dar, Dr.,and Mrs. Orrln Frlea. Philadelphia
( lOCOmODliej ; aira, i. jbiiuaiirB, .,i,ni
M. B Ladd. Philadelphia (Pierce); Mr,
and Mrs. Thomas (;. Itesd. Now lork
(Csdlllar); sir. ami Mrs. narian i ac.
Mlas J. A. Psse. Mrs. Thomas Wlrter, Mli.s
11. Wise. Tl. aller, Philadelphia tUuIck);
Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Mintser, .. i. .nintier,
New York (Chsndler); L. K. Anderson.
Mlas Agnes Carr. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Caas.
Chicago iPlerc,): W. H. Cliappeii. Jew
vora (isuirai: ire. .tiuntui ,,i, on..---
maker, Philadelphia: MUs Amy k. au
Hum. wilmlnttnn. t)e .! V. M. Mayfle Id.
(1. I.lndeav. N'ashellle (Pterra).
cnorEiiaTun n, .. u. i.-ii '
mohlls arrlvala at tho O-te-aaga to-day In
cluded Mr. and Mra. C. II. Oravea. Mr. and
Mra. K. T. oorr, sir. ureen. .-eiv mr
(wlnton): .r. ann r. . i-yn, .urunu,
(Pierce Arrow); Mra. Theodore Voorhees
Drayton. Mr. and Mra. Wood, Phllaueipnta
(Standard) ; Mlaa a F. Baxter. Mla M. I,
Dltmas. Brooklyn (Packard): Mr. and Mrs.
H,nry D. Held, East Orange (Locomobile):
Mr. ana Mr, vv . i. r- rjiiur, .".
Orange I Miss Julls E. Carpenter, j-nin p
Manor, A. I. lamrfli an "'
r u.nn.ll Un. J. Kranne II. M is M. V.
Hulllvsn, Boston (Pscksrd); Mr. and Mra
Anuraw u. nuw. en." mni., uu
,,..iii.ci Mr .ml Mra. It. Wli'kwlif. Mr.
and Mrs. T. A. Clark Cortland. N. Y. Mar-
man) Mr. ana r. Aruim n. yntu,
Hneheater (fltute): Mr. and Mrs, John M.
Frl.s. Philadelphia (Wlnton): Mr. and
Mra. II. H. Adams. Ureenwlch, Conn. (Cad
illac); Mr. and Mrs. Church Osborn, New
T MTUND,''1 VI.. Aug. 15.-Automoblls
tourists arriving. at th Hotel Berwick In
'lid Charles 8. M.llen. Amory Mellen.
Raymond M.llen. W. H. fnP''li, N
Havtn (8tarns): Mr. and Mrs. Walter J.
Lang" Miss A. Ksne, Hoboken (( adllUc):
Mr. and Mrs. IHney L. Olasler, New York
(Flat); Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Bingham, New
Yhrk (Packard); L. B. P alg e. Mlaa Ruth
Wsstervalt, Park Ridge (Paige): Mr. and
Mrs. B. B. Ralston. Pittsburg (Whit): J.
c. OSden. R. F. Allen. R. F. Anderson,
PsInKld (Franklin): Mr. and Mra. Will,
lam' . Watsrbury. Mr. and Mrs. M. .1.
Tenklsa. Mlas Mrgurtt Wat.rbury, Al
frad atsldea, Ww Tork (Hudson sad
Attractions Every Night for
Merrymakers Admiral
(Jives Beccption.
Nswpokt. Aug. 15. In addition to ten
nls week, this could be railed dance
week here, with a dance on every nl-jht
Monday night there was a dance at the
home of Mr. nnd Mrs. Oliver Clould Jen
nlngs; to-night a dance followed a large
dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. Perry
llclmont at Belcourt ; to-morrow night
n dance will be given by Mr. and Mrs.
Pembroke Jones at Sherwood: Thursday
"Isht Mr. and Mrs. Rtuait Duncan will
have u dance at Bonnie Crest; Friday
nBht a ball at Narragansett Pier will
lie attended by many from here, and
Saturday nl-tht Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Payn Whitney will Klvo a dance at their
Bcllevue avenue home.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Perry Belmont enter-
tnlned eighty dinner auesm to-night.
iney were semeu m iwu ioiik iiiuieti,
eai'h of which had Its individual decora
tion of flowers.
Mrs. John R. Urexel and Mrs. JCIbrldgn
T. (Jerry both gave dinners to-nhiht.
Admiral Mayo, commander in chief of
the Atlantic fleet, and hfs utaff and the
officers of the flagship Wyoming gave
a reception on the ship to-night. Twelve
hundred Invltntlotw were Issued.
Included in the throng nt the Casino
on the second dav of the Invitation ten
nis tournament were Ambasador and
Mmc. Hakhmeteff of Russia, Ambassador
and Mme. Rlano of Spain, with their
staffs, and the representatives of other
d'jMomatle embassies.
The first of three polo matches to be
played here this week ended to-day in a
tie between Newport and Philadelphia.
Wrller Killed
In France.
by a Fall
CltAni.ESTON, Me., Aug. 15. The death
In France of Miss Elizabeth C. I,o'd.
fashion wrlttr and Illustrator for a New
iorK newspaper, was announced In a
cablegram received to-day by her
mother, Mrs, Rlbrldge Lord, from the
American Consul In Paris. The cable
gram said she was hilled by falling from
n winnow or Her apartment last night.
As .Mi's Lord's last letter, received
four days ago, was written In a happv
vein and said that she was In good
health and prosperous circumstances, I
It bi'Uoved here that her death was sc-
cltiditul. She was 32 years old.
Dr. John A, Mct'orkle,
Dr. John A. McCorkle. noted heart and
lung specialist, died yesterday at his
home nt 149 Clinton street, Brookbn, at
the age of C9, after an Illness of more
than a year. Dr. McCorkle was one of
the foremost fighters against tuberculosis
In the Country, giving frequent lectures
on the gse'at damage It does yearly. He
was president of the Long Island College
and nt one time had charge of the college
hospital. Ills contributions to medical
publications were numerous. He Is sur
vived by a brother nnd a sister, who live
In Warren, Ohio. Ills body will be taken
to that town after the funeral on Friday
afternoon at the Church of the Pilgrims.
Charles Gulden.
rhsrles Oulden, " manufacturer and
Importer In business at 4S Kllzabethl
street for fifty years, died last evening
at his home, 318 West 102d street. He
was born In New York tn 1843. He was
a member of the Washington Grays,
uhlch later became the Eighth Regi
ment. He was a director of the Qer-
mania Hank, n trustee of the Citizens
Pavings nank and a member of the
Chamber of Commerce, the Merchants
Asoclatlon nnd the Heal .Iistate Hoard
of New York. He Is survived by a wife
und five children.
Adnlph Kern.
Adolpli Kern, chemist and organiser
nf detlnnlng corporations, died yester-
dav at his summer home In Par Ilock-
away after nn operation for appendi
citis. He was born sixty-one years ago
In (lermnny, coming here In 1870. He
was In ("ripple Creek, Col., during the
mining boom, and later organized the
Vulcan Detlmilng Company, being Its
general manuger for ten years,
Rllaabrth Taylor Hawkins.
Miss l-lllr.abeth Taylor Hawkins. "
years old, 11 member of nn old Long
Uland family and descendant of Kld-;r
Ilrewstcr. who came over on the May
flower, died Sunday nt her home. 250
Henrv street, Brooklyn. Hhe was born
at Se'tauket, L. I. Her father, Urewster
Hawkins, was a ship builder. She l
survived by a sister and'a brother.
William A. Crook.
William A. Crook, son of Mrs. W. C.
McKeeby nf Hyracuae. died at the Mln
turn Hospital on Sunday of Infantile
paralysis. He was a mechanical engi
neer, a graduate of Htevens Institute,
and a nephew of Dr. Joseph MacDonald,
Jr., managing editor of the American
Journal of Hurgerv-
CtoMP tvtotittttM'mit TOO
$500,000 PAID FOR
Christie-Miller Collection Not
Bought for Huntington,
Says George D. Smith.
Most Valuable Set Is Do Brv's
'Voyages to America,"
Valued at .$20,000.
Oeorgo O. Smith, who, as announced
yesterday In The Sun, purchased the
Brltwell Court library of the late S. It.
Chrlstle-Mlller of London, paid about
$500,000 for the entire collection. Mr.
Smith denied tho report that he was rep
resenting Henry K. Huntington or other
private collectors In this country In the
sale, nnd said thnt It was his own per
sonal venture.
Tho Chrlstlc-Mlller collection of Amer
icana is said to be otio of (ho most
famous of Its ktnd In the world nnd hai
000 volumes. Mr. Huntington's collec
tion contains about 7S per cent, of these
volumes, and he is expected to make an
offer for the remnlnlng 15 per rent, to
complete his own library.
A retail appraisement of somn of the
sets and books shows the high prices nt
which sonio of them are held. The set
of Theodore I)e Dry's "Voyages to Aincr
lea," In Oerman nnd I.atln. consisting of
102 volumes. Is valued, according to Mr.
Smith, nt JiO.OflO. This Is the highest
price of any set In the library.
Some of the Appraisals.
Other appraisals. Interesting because
of the rareness of the liooks and the
amount at which they are held, follow:
"A Discovery of the llarmudas"
(Bermudas), by Sir Thomas fjates
(1610). valued at !7.r,00 ; description of u
farewell given Sir Francis Drake before
one of his voyage", rare. If not uniciue
(1558), valued at $10,000; "Plalne Path
Way to Plantation'," by Richard
Eburne, no copy In the British Museum
(1(S2). valued nt $5,000; "New Mexico,
Otherwise the Voyage of Anthony i:s
polo," by Anthony de Hspejo. valued nt
$8,non. "A True Discourse of the I.nte
Voyages of Discover! for tho Finding of
a l'asage to t athaya (the northwet
passage). In three volumes, by (leorge
Best, valued at $4,000 : "A Brlefe and
True Report of the Newfoundland of
Virginia," by Thomas Harlot (15S5),
valued at $15,000 ; "A Narrative of the
e.i ni '"'""" ;, """e 01 tne
M,he ,'" n"V
," by William Hubbard (177), val-
at 3.50o; "A Voyage Into New
M I... M.l.. I 1 -... '
valued nt $7,000; "A True Reporte of
the I.nte Discoveries and Possession of
the Newfound 1-atnles," by Sir Ueorge
Peckham (1583), valued at $7,000.
Division of the Collection.
The collection Is placed under five dif
ferent headings: South America, Vir
ginia, New Kngland, Newfoundland and
the Northwest Pas-sagc, the second and
lllliil ,'1 tlirar iii( 1,11- iii,n, t,ii,r, ... ii . .
The earliest book In the library Is one '
enntnlnlnir llio flri.t I Hill 1 m 111.1 It IntlK '
containing ine nrst i.aiin iiansiuuons
mil and third of the letters to
Charles v.. in wnicn uonez iicscrioea ms 1
conquests (1524)
Abundant material cunccmlmg the
early history of New Kngland Is con
tained In the (Thrlstle-Mlller collection.
Including the vojngo of Capt. John
Smith. The voyage of the Mayflower In
Wlg& Born 'math . Hi&il
allllllllllllllllimaT r mf JMf JAalat at af M M MM A a n MatA V 4aaaWi.aMaUaaHaaaaaraK v I
HjH j From the sun-bathed fields of Virginia B-fTJfi I
ipM j comes the finest-quality cigarette tobicco j USr 1 I
ylMitm j on earth. Tobacco experts say 60. Iilj I
ItWAW And it is this hifihest-grade Virinia 1 1 " v . . .
rmWtm tobacco that is in Piedmonts they're j!nfr:-:-::' ' ..
ALL Virginia! Golden, lively, mellow ,1yM-. :.gT ''"VCfxV 7i
WJIM as Virginia's sunshine itself. WAMW: - b.: J ll
That refreshing liveliness in a cigar- i .Bil,!
HbbbbbI ettc. that is known as character, is nresent ,W)mmm , SXAii --:
IB from tip to tip in Piedmonts because l(i-WB' H :vXv' V'' . II
V-aaH 1 I I nnne hut Virdinia tnhaeen mm tflve this 1 I'lli l . 'l-'Mv 1 .1 VA. UAv -'V I
cAaracrVrtoaciga: ' VW W'W " I
pspBH I I i aub i lie value u ir inc iiuanoi in, i-.i i i j'l .J ,11 -tf i rffrfjs!f II
'aTal M l ,i . i-n, . . ' I i J ' , I i I ,' '' ;!: ' II
eaPr.YTTi Ml M pacnase oj rtcamoms, pirose . R.'li' )VUVfs!l !Hf II
mm ummj; mmmrm 1
Ii 'MIH it I I I I I KWWNW'.W , ' -tr:-Ti t UV...-. I ( I
Kil l ntarte- ' . '
w ji1 i Jin ii wa m&mihwm-. - nisi mmmMi. mmm
Uwi I Tha rid .rta. nOualirv aaaiBfSaSaMa 1 1 i IPlBBK.'aS ' UM.'J.Wr.. mmMm flivAi-M
I ' i 1 aBseli
Exempt from Taxation under the
Latct, of the Btate of New York.
The rmt Mortae Participa
tion GertUcatea we now offer la
a ahare In a apecllc guaranteed
flrat mortgage covering property
In Greater New York, the prop
erty being designated In the cer
tlflcate. The certlicatea may be pur
chased In amount of 1200 .nd
upward and yield Interest
payable aemi-annuaUy. They
enable m Investor to Invest email
or large amount at any time
and have lntereat earnings begin
at once.
So Investor hat tv$r lost a dollar
Capital G Surplui, f 10,000,000
170Bw7.N-V' 178Btmenat.,BMjm.
3SO mxoa at, Jamaica.
li'JO nnd the struggles of the Pilgrim
Fathers nro recorded In "Good News
From New Kngland," by lMwanl Wins-'.ii-.v,
which Is also a part of the collec
There are many first editions. The
voluino of Harlot on the "iscovcry of
Vlrglnlu, mentioned ns being valued nt
ll.i.OOO, bears the coal or nrms or King
Charles nnd King James 1. and King
James VI.
The books, Mr, Hmlth says, are now
being packed and will at rive here within
a wefe or ten days.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Whltewr'aht Watson
have Kinio from filen Cove to visit Mr.
und Mrs. Stuart Duncan at llonnle
Crest, Newport.
Mr. und Mrs. Krneat Lorillard arc at
Northeast Harbor, Mo., for August,
Mr. and Mrs. Kdwlu Gould have ar
rived nt Bar Harbor and nre guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Dave Hennen Morrl3.
Mr. nnd MrsySherwood Aldrlch have
gono ti Sr.ratfga to remain until the
end of thai month.
Mr. nnd Mrs. (leorge H. Hull. Jr..
ata visiting lien. nd Mrs. J. Fred Pier
son at Itoselawy, Newport'.
Lo Marquis de Pollgnac, who had
been making visits In Newport nnd
liostou, started yesterday from New
York for San Francisco to visit Mr. and
Mrs. William H. Crocker.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard 0. Brokaw. who
had been passing some time nt South,
amptun, are at the Plaza for a brief
Mrs. Charles S. Mellen has returned
from Iler countr. place. Council drove.
Stockbrldge. Mass.. and is at the Van-
rt , ... h
II It. Frazee. In conjunction with Daniel
V Arthur, sill prenent Marie Cahlll In a
nimeity by Otto llauerbach thla season
Krhearsala will commence on September IS
amt the caat will be announce, later.
Adriald and Ilugbea will present a
djnclng feature at the 1 'a lace Theatre neit
afrit, tlrac La Hue will remain a second
week at tho same playhouae,
"His llrldal Night," a fare by Lawrenre
Klalng, nlll be presented at th Republic
Theatre to-night, Th play features the
Dolly slatera.
T,'e itate of th first performance of P.
... ,lrim,h. ..,,., mm "itunt.r.ne."
i,., ,,,. chanced Jrom Au.u.l 22 to Sen.
lemDer ii at me uioeriy -rneatre.
Th. Hnmlrp Theatre will rnnen Vnmtav
evening. August SS, with a return engagr- '
ment of "HyMI." with Julia .Handeraon,
Donald Brian and Joseph Cawthorn.
litis Skinner returned to the ilty yester- 1
day tn liegln rehjearaala forwhta new toin
edy, "Mister Antonio," by JJooth Tark-
Jacob L. Ilains Told Huslncss
Men Ho Represented Re
porters' Society.
Sun, World nnd Tribune Act
to Cnusc Arrest of
Jacob l-cwls Italus, who for more than
a year has been soliciting mruey from
prominent men and women, representing
lilnielf ns the colleelors of n reporters'
benefit society, was nrresled yesterday
ami held for tho Urand Jury In Jeffer
son Market Cotnt on the charge of re
ceiving money under false pretenses.
llnlns's nrrrct was due to the efforts
of Tliu KfN, M'nrht and Tribune, which
had received complaints from Itnlna's nl
leged victims. Although hn hns obtained
money from kindly disposed men
throughout the city who thought they
were really helping a reporters' fund, the
charge on which he was nrrested was
for gettliu; $5 frmn Dr. Arthur V. Payne
of the .Matbrldge Building, Broadway
and Thirty-fourth street.
Italns, It Is charged, appeared In Dr.
Payne's oillce on July and offeted his
services as n publicity ngent. He satd
he co'tld boom Dr. Pa) lie's buslne.'s, as
he Mood In well with "the hns." Dr.
Payne said he did not care for any pub
Then Tialns asked n subscription for
"the bojs'" benefit fund.
Doctor filvea $.1.
Dr, Payne gave him In the piesence
of n trained nurse, and when he had
gone thought his manner was suspicious
and called up seeral of the newspapers.
Including tho Tribune, which paier
llalns told the physician ho represented.
While this charge was being Investi
gated Italtii showed up Iat Monday l
f.ie silk house of Samuel Klseman & Co.
of No. 114 Hast Twenty-third ktrcet. He
talked with Samuel L. Felber, one of the
firm. II" told Mr. Felber he represented
seveial Influential newspaper nun and
offeted his services :m n prers agent, lie
gave Felber a card of 'he Advance Press
Tiffany & Co:
Hall.Mantel.Desk and Traveling Clocks
NOTE i The duty on the Tutkiih tobacco that (roes
into a Sc package of 10-called blended cifrarettei is
greater than the cost nf the tobacco itself I Hut Pied
monts, nude of highest-grade Virginia tobacco, have
all tht valut in tht rigartlltibtame there it nt July
on Virginia lobarco ni tttan rtt'sitn marint isj.
ntranct, nt nxasttful hanMing,
Service, In which he asserted hs was
editor nnd manager.
Felber had Just received a warning
over the telephone that a conversation
overheard on the porch of the Brighton
Beacn Hotel had titntea no was to do
swindled. He was suspicious nnd con
tinued to tnlk to Italns. Bains then took
from his pocket a bound book of letters
purporting to come from various news
papers testifying to the goon service or
the Cooperative Press Association, dated
FeHier asked nermlsslon lo copy the
letters nnd then told Bains to come back
yesterday to confer with him anu tits
partner. After Italns had gono Felber
called up The Sun.
The three newspapers In tne mean
while had obtained a warrant and detec
tives were waiting for llalns when ho
arrived at 1G0 Nassau street, where he
has on oillce. He was arrested Imme
diately. Held to Grand Jary.
lleforo Magistrate Frothlnghnm In the
Jefferson Market Court Italns was rep
resented by counsel and asked for nn
Immediate examination. Dr. Payne and
Felber appenred against him. On re
quest of Assistant District Attorney
Samuel Kcker he wns held to nwalt the
action of tho llrand Jury under 91,000
More than n year ago the Prrts, now
amalgamated with Tub St'N, received
complaints from Wall Street men that
they had been approached by a man
representing himself ns n Press reporter
requesting a donation for "tho boys."
The request was cloaked with tho offer
of a news or publicity service, but al
ways ended with nsklng for n contribu
tion. Some of the men gave llalns
checks. In somo Instances for moro than
a hundred dollars.
Knlns's activities nt this llmo con
tinued while ho whs employed by tho Co
operative Press in the Mall nnd Express
Building. He was caught In the net of
mnklng u similar request from tho man
ager of a bank and was brought up to
the office of the Kvtnlnp Malt, which
paper he adopted for the occasion. He
was discharged by D. 15. O'Brien of the
Cooperative Press on the demand of the
Press nnd tho KiTiilna Mnll.
When he nppeared In Fclber's) office he
still hud In hut possession what purported
to be letters owned hy the Cooperative
Prcs-i Association. O'Brien yesterday
verified the fact that lie had discharged
Bains. Bains nn the stand said ho had
not been discharged.
One year ago tho Vrsj and the Tforhf
turned over to the office of the District
Attorney n mass of material which they
collected tracing Italns's operations. This
Is still in the hnnds of the District At
torney, rsragnay President Installed.
Ast'Nciov. Faraguay, Aug. 15. Tho
new President of the Republic of Para
guay. Dr. Manuel Franco, assumed oMce
Arrlred on the French liner La Tountn. yes
terday. Frederic Allaln. Owen Merlon.
(J. Form. F, Msaoun.
F.rneat E. Lloyd. Capt. Damont.
I lie I fnnleat Spots In the V. it. A,
"'f 'Tftw sir-.K iaiop this Theatre)
LYCEUM 15 "t, A llway. Eve. S.JO.
.5. Mats. Thur. a? Hat. at 2:W.
"If you still enjoy Shaw
you ought to o
"Ileal Acting Mlw M unlock has done."
nnd a notable raat Including
Charles ( 'herry A Ferdinand (loltachalk
In the
- World.
s:30 P. M.
RE aern HtHSI. K.atS:30.
Bfc,-"3V'V Mala. TomV A Hat. S:SO
(!F.. r.nUAU'C ll'way, 4.1 St. r.ees.af -0.
M, vniinn w Man. To-May flat, 330,
ITS' "Exoiptlonally Funny" World
"UfglPflMa? Datld Belaico pri easts
7 Chances
nnnno Mats. today Asat.aao.
with MAIII1K KKN'Er.
I TKf. I
asio ,
hth bt.I
40c to SI. SO
tiitoMnvw a m TirHMii.K.
SHUHERT44"' w' ,r 'ay. Meg's Seal.
tltrill lt IKH'klNH nresenta
y in
A Comeily of Hero ami Hereafter.
atRih T Th"B Jlls' K.of irwsyOPEN'
lOin 9 Is NK.XTTl'KNIMV.MeataTom'w
J(MI,S T. I In a New Coramly.
C oUMcbuDT S LUboAac
M I Hy Mark .Swan.
I YRIP 'M w- "f '"ay. Kga. 8-20.
kinilf SI..VI Mallnee To-day 2 20.
rfrfflCAL K A T I N K A
rACINH :'th and ll'wt . 20
vnSI RU Mai,. T.wlay A It
ropiuar Mat. lo.ilav SI SI. 50.
A Musical Comely That la Different.
THEATBK. Era. S:30
I'honn llrranb aa.Mata
Wed. (Pop,) k Bat.. 8:30.
l'(rt:i.aK MAT. TO. DAT, Mo ta tt.SO.
HI (iri( HAtlKKBACIl.
Kim. a.sn
CVVrt I Mats. To-Day (l'oi
To-Day (Pop.) 8a.a;30
i:vi:h. wiiom.xomk au cuits.
n.i'.KF.mrsir.nArn i.a Btrr.rraace
riirnarn, nansan v
(Irlle V t'orpa de Battel.
Il'wnv A 47 St. r.1n"n!'araeanrt
)allvMat.2.'.r-l. '
Drlliloua lemonade Kersrd rree ( AU.
H. N. 114 RT In
Dr. Sucden's Alaskan I'lrturet
STDNt :.." PILLARD ,(V;IV.V!.,.,
ll'a A I VllltN M 4 Id .N
1 71 11 M. , III "Illi;
NiKin In SlllOXillll ,(ltir
II mi I' M Ihlrand t'rch.A folol.t
Hay and Msht Hathlna,
Prlre Cake Walk hi err Frl. Mcht.
Free Tuj, (or the flilldrto.
NfAVtat. o1:l IHf.NH I'lUVkl.lV A
I Oil T n II Kurliin iiri'iui, "Worl I
D III 111 I U H i iiii'iti," Marry (,'onpar
llrlslilon lli ai ti. I'imlllii Mirr, ntbv
rgl a n j Ju and lulion Nire.
1 AnMiit. Daily. Tel. Muln 1891.
14th Street, near Fourth Arenat.
Prince George Bote!
rifth Av. and llth AS.
,i raua to swrnaaaBt guss j

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