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Field Narrows. Down to Eight Survivors in Southampton Singles Tennis Tourney---Local Golfers Get Busy
Lust Year's Pcnn State Cham
jn Scores Over Pell in Fea-
tnre, 57, 6-i2. 62.
gOl'THAMFTON. '. Y Aug. J3. Those
who acoff at the efficiency of the chop
troka witnessed an artistic exploitation
of what It may accomplish, when Josepii
J. Armstrong, the former Pennsylvania
State champion, mastered Theodora
Rooatrelt Tell here to-aay Jn the t v.irth
round of the Meadow Club cup single.
The defeat of l'ell, No. r. of the national
ranking list, marked the first true re
tarsal of the tournament. The score
wtl 5-T. 2- I
Armstrong has been regarded as a .
tlanterous opponent ever since the clever I
manner In which ne wereatcu icniya
Kumagae at Ixingwood. There wai
nothing ahowy or fantastic about his de
feat of so able a general of the turf as
PIL He alternated deeply driven niots,
ehoti that had plenty of pace and went
tinging to the marlc, with chop drives
which barely sailed the ball acrom the
net. It was the latter that proved the
point winners.
Pell had to take the ball on Its hop
plnjf bound of only a few Inches. It
47 a difficult stroke and one that gave
him no opportunity to decide what he
would do with the ball. He got It back
across the net as best he could and
trusted to luck.
In the first set t'elt got a lead of
t - on games, only iu nave AiinitrviiK t
settle Into a steady driving to carry the I
ttllr to games all. In that net he broke
en service at the critical time, which
cave Pell his one set of the match. The
other sets were all In fnvor of the Penn
ijivanlan. He led on the second and
finished with four games In a row, dur
ing which he tricked Tell at the net and
made sensational -rccoverlcn as Pell tried
to drive to the corners. Armstrong won
the match with five consecutive games,
during which he always displayed mas
tery of his ranking opponent. The point
icorea follow :
First Set
Armstrong. I 3 4
Fell 7 3 0
Second Set
Third Set
n A it 4 4 4 0 11 J
4 4 4 4 2 4 It 7
(013454 4 71
: 4 o i l i :
4 17 4 3 4 4 4114
OICU: 1147
Waahbora a Winner.
The balance of the singles, as the men
drew Into the round before the semi
finals, marked no departure from form.
Watson M. Washburn, the playing
through winner of the cup last season,
contisi'd In hl first match, as he hail
reached the advanced position through
a UK-oration of defaults.
Washburn played the short court game
moat ably against Joseph A. Richards,
who Is recently from the West, The pe
culiarity nf Washburn's nipping croesflre
ihrt, a blending nf elbow In drive and
tolley. baffled Hlchards at first. He han
dled the slanting ball better In the sec
ond set. to be beaten at 6 0, 6 I.
R. Norrls Williams 3d. former na
tional champion, coupled with Washburn
for the eml-flnal round. Williams played
at disappointingly u he has done all tr.i I
week here. Ills backhanders refuted tn
cross the net. He heat Frederick C.
Bagga, as he has nosed past the others,
chiefly by ability to niRncruvre for plac
ing to win at the score of 6 3, 7 5,
which In Itself was an admission of
Williams's weakness,
Roberta' Slovr Starf.
The San Kranclsco champion, Itoland
Roberts, made a slow start against O.
Colket Catier. the Harvard giant. Once
the seventeen-year-old California mar
i el was going full tilt he hud Caner at
his mercy, tmashlng nil around him for
a J 3, 4 , 6 2 victory.
The appearance of William A. Larned,
exen tlm's national singles champion,
In the doubles wl:l hla old partner, Will
iam J Clothier, and the first actual com
petition ot William M. Johnston and
Clarence J, Crlftln, the national title
holders, divided the attention of the gal
lery with the stirring rompstltlons in the
alngtes. The doubles held the' courts dur
ing the afternoon and wre hotly fought
to nightfall.
Lamed held something of an ovation
a he competed In the doubles with
Clothier, The national winners of other
iaia plajfd welt. They displayed all of
the pretty variations of the lobb anl
drive game against Harold Walnwrlght
and lieorge Helm. The youncr pall
sttled Inlo thelv game and made it
tiff going for the veterans In the sec
ond tet before they eventually pulled out
tht match nt f 10 8.
Johnston and Urlllln provided the cloa
lux feature of the day. Tho Pacific
toait Mars faced Htunley Walnwrlght
"4 A. M. Hyde, the latter the furmcr
Harvard plaer. This contest soon de
veloped a lively succession ot ratllcs.
for the pairs shunned lobbing and bom
tarded each other to the limit of forc
Mndcr.s and overhead shots. The order
of the service In this match was Hyde,
Johnatnn, Walnwrlght and Griffin,
On the champion side of the net John
ston plajed right court and Griffin left.
A few games wcro necewsary to get the
cnamplons Into their stildc. Onco they
re meeting the cItIvcs from the op
PMlie ii'de thcre ua, a finality about
jnt.r shots that gave Walnwrlght and
'Jlde little opportunity for returns, no
thai the) scored at 63, 62.
The Sumniarle.
Fourth Hound Watann M. Washburn,
jaw I oik, defeated Jo.eph A. Ilnliarils,
V.'TI orl fl Richard Hunt, liar-
iirtl dir.. te, Reginald Tool., Mir Harbor,
Vyi . 1 J"'epb .1. Armstrong, PhlladU
defeated Theodore Itooaevell l'ell,
t loik j j, c . 6 S; William J.
' latlilv, Philadelphia, defeated It, f. Siod.
Ne Vorli, 63, 4 :: Roland Rob.
r.','' ''n I'ranelseo, defeated O. Colkat
..!' X 1 S'l"'nhla, C v. I- .. i
f 'Ni l MlHin. :d, Philadelphia, defeated
f .'i""lclc a IUgg. New Vork, ii J. 7 S;
iMV .. ''"ker. New V4. defeated Fred
ri k ,' Inman. Cedarhuret. 4. 44:
rne T Hunter. New York, defeated
Hunt ijtto ,sim, Austria. 41. S 1.
Min Doablrs, First Hound Htunley
ll.vil r.lrh.'. Bn'1 A' Hyde defeated
. L'V tekliiny and Douglas H. Wat
by ilefoun
.o0n'1i'..',u."d -Le It. Maban and Wat
l'...i. ' ybburn defeated ltdmuud W.
I i"" ''d p,iriner hy default: Frederick
,.' S"' and llaahlshlro MHcuml defeated
(lVfeai."iJr?,,h.l'r '"' William A. l.?rns,l
fall ' v ' .vM"'."" "' Partner hy de.
fetiia i ,'"hPardsi1n and L Preston de.
I" "hJrd.nn and W. Keltman, 43,
' ir'er .i.i "!"'! .,l',.n'1 nni1 " lk.l
lilk.r "''d Arthur II Coffey and Irving
A m...6 . s- 'r' a"d Joseph J,
Wa"?., '"'.K ''"'I'd A, J. Illddle and W.
MM I H, L. Oakley and legl.
'oil, "rk "'''"' : Major and Klon II.
ton. mi ' 1 I. -4; William M. Johna.
Walalli '1'lfnn defeated Klatilev
t"i i" !-i "'.V "'"'V " Trevor. Jr.. de.
l-i m, J' "nd II. Klebblns.
lira. i ,,q "" Non a Will.
Ual ,'L.'(, ,1;4 I'1' Martin and fi. Mc-
WnilL',',1 l"Tn '-William J. Clothier and
r ih ' A -'V,1""1 defeated Harold Wain
rr.S.!i.i"'.; .."'" Helm. 4:. 14 l:
feat.! tc m,V' ni1 I'athUhlro Mlkaml
vaaer, -, ij.
The Sun-Press
SARATOGA, Am, ail Twrat -
Saratoga Aeabrlattoni weather clean
776 ril?'T ACaV-'Bi-f-o1d. Fllllea.
Time. 1.041-5,
. s VII. i.ilS
LONO Trainer. P. Coyle
ttl.l f
10 ( S
114 ' I
10s J
ill I :
iw -.
J47 Mia. Puttie ....
4j ILoric
M2 IJacnii.((. . .
Ml (Hidden star... .
"ii li!". Herrmann
104 4
8rratrhed.-.IXA.1i.t u-.i... n.it.
Ithleen followed earlr bice In a Jort.'d
"rjuniratu in Homestretch, men Ore out
Klt1f1 In Ham.......... . k. - . .
. "rv'"y. fnd. 'ma Frank, outrun In
iiomratretch. dnaed with a rutli. but could
racing stoutly at end. Lorao had a world of
put on. Favour outdated.
SECOND RACR-Steeplechaas. Tliree -
x-urse. iw aiiora. rime, ,3V At not.
leiiow -Miitlcal Slipper. Onner. NOKT1IWOOD STABLE. Trainer. J. K. Frarllni.
, . . .Marl good. Won pulled up,
'!!.'.",' ?'". . Wt.f l. t I li, in. I Jockfj, Op. CI. PI. Sh
; Hill Dudley-.., . lit 1 I 1 1 f Allen- MO 4-1 -
- Harroon 1W J ;i : 2 J. Williams.. .S. -
. IKatly Light.. .. 1M : a hell IMoyle T-5 1J-I0
jtaS f.rTf-WMenVra
n"orff7wV.r,td "d "nUVd- ,V,T10U,
ii.K uuoiey went to front at break and.
778 2L""! f?Vr&M"A Ju;'-r.ur;.:-
Time, l.B. At post. S.M. Off. in.
Cherry Wild. Owner. MARRONE
H'nn .Irtvin
naie same.
Index.' Horae.
!o. of Paradlae.
71 Bob i Olga
,711 Good Counsel .
"a Uuliet ...
win i.
1U 1
104 I
2 1 l P1 I
j ; :m l
H S .V 3'
1 ! 4 l
m r.( ;. i'
i c t, 6
iMir (.are
hl . tl..i...... . I .
Da nterfleld .linoinc mora e.rl aiwe.l
arte.1 as paimaker throuihout and. thoutb
M. 11. ... I , . . 1 , .. ....... ........
ro run? "but the rider hall otheV noilon.7.K,!d th- SSSSl Ke'pV lVinsTh." mare bic
during early stazes and when Shilling did let her dosin she waa all In.
..."-.. . 1. : . z 7, T, :: . -
779 ,Ti,,.RACET71L' .Andn.V . 7.woSrar'0,,.l 9lVrl0,n.f.,i- ,
' Tune. 1.11 4-j. At post. 4.0:. Off. 4.01. Winner.' rh., c. S. by t t mil Speedmasl
Owner. 9. ROSS. Tralnet W. II. Iirookt. sflart bad Won easily. Place drirlni
Imlex.' tiorae. Wt I fit i, i, iJ Fin. Jockey. Op. CI. pi. si,
.'t'h'matum .. . 116 l l ' P lji.i-lToxirr i.j w - j
IS- fflS5i;P m j & P h VoJSS,'. l & ,.! I"5 I
:tf. Uasll ii 1 4 41. ( (ij i Mutton a-r, .:,
6$t' l!!emlock 101 ' J 6 i (Schuttinger .. IS 1i s i
titaMumrapntH In the .lonny .nlng that prevailed for th(. er'enV. went I
to ftont with a rush In first fnrlonr. waa never threatened at any stage and won easily at
end. Woodlrap waa oft well and iluse.it to pace throughout. Held others, though not!
inreaiemng winner. iTageuy naa no excue
FIFTH RACE-Three-year-oMe and upward. One mile. Purae. oo. Time. 1.41 1-5.
At post. 4 m. Off. 417. Winner, ch. f.. 3. Harrixan-Prinress Tulane. Owner. J.
1.IV1NOSTON. Trainer. It. R. Brandt,
Index. Hpraa. Wt St. S., i.
TCn' ,.lulla L !? 1 t' i'4
iM' lllayberre Candle 177 3 J'
ts tHarry Shaw L0 4 (' (
::.3 Onat 97 i "
L'hlelel 1IJ i I I
Siratched Fllttergold. Woodward. Sprint.
hne 1.adv Trreia.
Julia L. posaesaed a brilliant turn nf earlr speed, went to the front at the break, always
I..I.. ..wt .n.l IKno.h l.ltln olf I (be eml .enre,l e everlT n..ln..
.. r .l.ii .'c... ... i.u;n (roni the
losinr so much around that tt probably rost her the race. Harry Shaw, outrun In early spiii-ncd with mud 11 nd all except Trox
taxes, doted tome ground last part, but wat beaten on hit menu by tint two Had no Kr were covered with clay from their
ex(ue Chiclet 'Walled all the way heailx to their heel.
701 SIXTH RACK-Twoyear old. Maldena
lOl At post. 4..--1- Off. 431. Winner, eli. f..
t.ll.3U.. ir.iri. . . iic.i..
Index. HerV
734 Fantani Uila.
til IPhanlom
e:i' llird Lore .. .
741 i Ponce de Lena,
til lOldt and KnJs.
753 Right
fTJ iN.meaake
ti: iHerei
77 Comrade . . . .
i.:r;i t.ii v.. .
lit I
10 "
Sratched Ruchanan Brady, Napoleon,
Fantam Rata assumed command nn the first
tn do her betl to stall off the bid of Pltanloni
back, made wide tutn rnttruix hnmeetretih.
inn (aire i-amc ill eijni .i neju .,, .innn ",i"i n.-i, in, nni mrr- were '
prominent throiuhout. but darkneas due to alorm prevented one from knoaing definitely
the position of others In early stages. '
IMnys Kent Course in 5 in
Title Toiimoy Miss
JJiisciitlial Wins.
Gr.AM ItAPins. Mich.. Aug. 2!. Mle ,
1 1- t.-.i ... r.-i ..,-i. ne I
.7 , .1 -k 1 . Z' Zt . , ,he
St. Louis, p.avrd the best golf 111 the
aecond match round of the women's I
Wcatcrn championship at the Kent ""f , m-' mnic piloted by Cox
... ... 1 1 ..1 i-'1"1" ,l" sUllluii driven bv the veteran
Country Club to-day when she maile an . t .. rHC(.d ncc, ;,;JRY"n"
S9 while bcatli: -Miss Iaulse Fergus of 1 entire course In all three beats, the
Glen View by S up and 6 to pla). MleflTra-,k marc getting the first two heats
Kaiser, who wot, the medaM.i the uuall-: "!"' ' T ; "'"fee nosing
fylng round on Monday, was going so
well when her match ended tu-tlny that
ehe played out the bye holes, and man
aged tu finish a sttoke under 90,
The defending chan-iilon. Mini hlalne
Rosenthal nf Ilavlsloe. plajcd her sister.
Mrs. K. M. Heineld. formerly Mle C.ladva
liosentnai, to-aay, ami iue imr uuiuiti
won easllv. the margin ot victory belli;
7 up and to play. Mrs. W.F. Ander-
son of Hliisilnle. who Is a tdMer of Rob
ert Gardner, the national nmateur cham
nle. wlbi Is a t'ltiter of Hon-
the national nmateur chain-
,ten by Mrs. F. C. Letts. Jr..
, who ha. been p'uyliiij e-1
pion, wan beaten
of Cincinnati
callent golf since the tuurney began
The oeml-tinal round will l played to
morrow, M!s Itosenthal playlrs; Mis.
U'tts and Mlm Kaiser meetlns Mlsa
Vera Gardner. The suinmnry :
Championship Division. Second Round
Ml." KlSn. Rosenthal. Uavl.loe. best Mrs.
V M Helfleld. Ravlalne. 7 and 0: Mrs. F
C. Lets. Jr Cincinnati, beat Mrs. W. F
Anderson. Hinsdale. 3 and 1: Miss Vera
(Urdrilr " Ol.r? Oak. beat Mis. F.IUabeth
Allen. Hock Island. 3 and :: Miss Laurie
Kaiser, Fiosamoor, beat Miss Louisa Fer
gus, Glen View, I and 4.
Ca.se. ro.(Ponemene of Brent. In
. ,..
Second nr at To-irncy.
Tlnln Inl.rfered with the SOCOOd (lay's
. ",: 1 ..,.h..v i, r.
coir.peiiiion in in nniiwiii.. ivi.i
nument at the Hudson County 1 'arlt
range in Jersey City yesterday. jiici
double York round, tho feature of the
.i.-ii-'. sirnrrnmme. was being comesieu
..linn lnniter I'luvluo nut In an appear-
snce lute In the afternoon. f)r. Hobert
t'. i:imer of Pittsburg. American round
title holder. led In the neuritis for tho
York title, making lilts at a distance
nf 100 vanls, for a total of 207 points.
Homer Taylor of Greenfield. Mass., was
second at the time of the Interruption,
nlth 51 hits and a score of 1S5.
The competition will be conll iued to
day, when It is expected that the Vorl;
round will he completed. The Columbia
round for women nlso Is on the pro
gramme fnr to-day, as is the national
round. The first event to-day will bo
started at ! o'clock.
Beata LavldUw, It nnd 4. In Tosarney
am Hhenecoaaett Links.
N'gw London, Conn.. Aug. 23. Hamil
ton K. Kerr of Greenwich, tin favorite In
the amateur golf tournament at tho
Bhenecoasett Country Club, came
through the second round without much
difficulty to-day. The former Connect 1
cut champion played Mnlcolm Laldlnw of
New 'York, and won by 5 up and 4 to
play. The nummary:
First Flight Second round Hamilton
K Krr. (Jreenwlch, beat Malcolm Laldlae-,
New York. B and 4: II. L. iJika, Hartfn-d.
v'r.nk (I. Junes. M.ninhls. II and fi;
I W. Wvlle, Saginaw, beat P. McQuillan,
Philadelphia, 4 and 3. .....
flerund Flight -Hecond round A. Hunt
ington. New York, beat Harold Judd, Min
n.Vpoll. 4 and S; Philip Cnrbln. New
Britain, beat W. P. llopwood, Minneapolis,
6 and : Chtnay. Hartford, beat f, .A.
Corllaa. Nw York. I up (1 horasli
a. H. Hyami Id, New Orleans, keat F. W.
Kills, KMa City, art I.
Racing Chart
flrat day of merlin of
track fact.
fire and a half furlongs.. Purse.
Winner, b. f I. by Semprontua Boema.
Start good. Win drlrlnr. Plan same.
Tin. JCClie.
"' (Connolly
S IKeogh
II. Shilling...
manner, forced Lora Inln auhml..lnn ..hen
with winning lead and. nn,lrr hn.l n,l.
. . l . .. . I , ' , ,. ... .
flrat.half. allnped through on Inalde entering
not get up Mist Putale. flow to begin, in
early apeed. but milt cold when pressure wn
r'ar - nJds and upward. About two mllel
s.i:. on. j.u. winner, to. a.. I. b Odd-
thouah Jumping in dangerous manner, tlnlahed
,0 thC ,,m H,CrO0n Un,MUd Hi"",m 'nJ
ch g axed,
Trainer, E.
Wailani s art idol
nnjl.ua. aiarc gooa,
1 Fin.
I Jockey, On.
PI. Sh.
H. Ill-iillins... J
J. McTaigart
J. Ilrown 1.',
Hughes 1J-A
It. Shilling.,. 7-r,
lllll to
llian he e.er dl.nllted In hi. r.ln.
hmtled riaht at enl to stall off bid of oueeii
had lift excuse. Juliet appeared as If willing
Start good. Won drlrlnr. Place smie
V Fin. Jockey. Op. CI. PI.
li IMcAteo .. .. s ; ;
3H 5 (.Msrtln ... .. 7-'. s-.", 1-5
( S Schuttinger. S-!. S.:
4 ILouder ... .7 r
' i IJ. MeTanlrt 3 7-L' IU
Half Rock. Celandrta: Rhine Maiden. Wooden
loside .in .round iin.i 1, .V,
Five furlont.. Purae. 1100. Time. 1.01. .
S. by Olanjbala-Tata.iner. Owner. R. T. '
" ,un in, line, iinir .arne,
Km. JoeUer On
J-S '
" .
; 1
r I
i' J. McTaggart s
:: 'ijpslllo
" ..-ehuituifer,,,
r Lyke .
7 It. Hoffman.
s1 Danes . . ,.
! I How an
10 ill lloriniin
Moonlighter. Seylla. Rootlet's Raby,
Suiiernal. 1
furlong, waa hustled all the wav and forced t
at tn- end. Latter broke In front, was shuffled
and thouah (losing stoutlr (ould rot set up. '
Simuts Over St. Frisco, (icers's
.tnr Stnllion. in (irand
Circuit Meet.
Ci Einusn, O., Aug. I'S. Mabel Trnsl
and St. l'rlco In t!in Western ii.,.fi.
VS "" """'"'t the thrills lay
,ht. Nrth ,tl,ndnl r!r(.ult ,,.,.,
Irs. With the wind hlnu lug n gulp along
out the winner In the third heal
It was n great race urd stirred the
big throng to wild enthusiasm. Mabel
Tra.sk waa the favorite, but Ht Frisco
gave her 11 great battle In the first two
heats. The second he-t vvna stemie,!
; 111 . :oi, remarkably fast time consider
I "K the high wind. .St. Frisco nosed nut
tlii TrilB tiiFA I.. (I.a.. tt. l-.i t ...a - a
, 'h .f,".,, W'nZtor .r-
nmn nj me aa.uoii purse,
. Miss Perfection, the favorite
-1. ng off to a
.... .
.....n,,,,, nun ,n me nrst neat.
n" ' "'7 ',0.xt ,w" ,vn"
V, ' "uZ "' U"iine' V'" lm1 won
first heat. The summaries:
: . """ -..lii in im inei 11r.11,
Mis. Perfection, b. in., by lien, Wstts
(sic)isneni p
llsrel lailn;. ,h, ni tir John A Mc.
kerrmi (Mcllunougli) i
1 1
im-.i',!, nr. g., iiy ineiHloilus (.vie
llniM .... : 3 5
, -re. I.le. h. h.. by Peter the (ire.t
, (Murphr) 4 4 3
H-rry llsiniiton. br. I,., by Al. Stanley
i (Whitehead! 3 t a,
, Jun or Watts, hr. h.. by (ien. Watt.
(Ilea) ... 5 g
tirattan Roe, b. g., Iiy Montana (Irattan
Vir.nieiii ,
Time. !:im, S:0tSi, Jiiou,
:;15 CLASS-PACINd-PUItSK, ji,;oo.
Young Teald, b. h., by Director Todd
(Cox) 1
u...in. ...I., .1. 1 .... .:.'
1 1
1 Twiill.) . .Z'... '....'.'T.. -
3 3
rrter (.., 11. g Iiy Itobert I'. (Snow). . t
Contenllnn U., b. m.. br Cop, de Oro
".?') 3
4 4
"i.'iis vioooi.na. n. li.. by Woodland
nor (jersey) , , , 4 r. 4
, Trojan, b. g., by Milton s. (Wilson)!!!! C 6 5
nine, :. . ;;o,ij, :;io.
TUB WESTKRN lil'.siliivi; -;;oi TllorriNf!-
1 uiini.. ivw
Mabel Trssk, rh. in., by Peter Hie Creat
i i :
Rt IT'lsco, b. h , by Hen Fianrlseo
((leej-s) ... i ;
Virginia limnetic, b. in,, br Mn.o (llnr-
.1 3 1
Laramie Lad, b. g , by llnsler llo
I McDonald) r,
Sadie S,, br. m by Arehdule (Mi'Malioui 4
The Clio, ch, li., by The Natlie (Valeii.
tine) a
Time, 3:01, S:04i;. 5;07i
3:07 CLASS PA I'l Nil- Pl'IISF., II. :m
(ieneral Todd, b. h., by lieorge Lerltt
Todd I Ilea) I
While Hul, h. m., br I'arlnllll (Durfee) 3
('nulls, br, in., by Ciimnier (Cm). ., . 7
Altntsood, (. m.. br Alanmasl (Murpli.i) 3
Hal Usf. b. h., by Hal Dlllanl (lledrlrk) 4
Aconite, b. h., by Aqulllen (llimdnlnl, i
llondalln, b. h by The Iw.ndsnnia
(Daniels) ...v 4
Time, 2;0ij, 2:05i,, 5:061;,
0 i
WInej Northern Xew Jersey Cham
pionship In Playoff.
HUTHgRFORP, N. .1., Aug. 2.1. The
Hujherford Tennis Club won the cham
pionship of the Northern New Jersey
Tennis, Association by defeating tho
(llenwood Tennln Club of Mast Orange In
u playoff of the tie for first honors In
two nut of three matches.
Robert Campbell, llulherforil, wan de.
feated for the first time this season, I,.
F. Hobble nf Glenn ood turning Ilia trick,
ti 3, 61. H. Gardner, Rutherford, bent
A. Snow, Glenwood. 16, H 6 and 81,
and then C. 1... Wood and Clarence Brocfli
won the title for Rutherford by easily
beating O. Emerson and W, Munn of
Glenwood, ( 1 Mid 0.
Ultimatum Proves Worth as
Mud Runner by Winning
the Adirondack.
ra.nslorm. mixed with Jhunder and
lightning, the first of the season hero
Blnce tht racing meetlnu started, broke,
i,,.i . ,,i-.i . i.',.a Thin
J , " J , .. . ... .!.
caused the race ror the Auironuacn
Handicap to run off In bllndlm; sheet
J of rain and over n track nnkle deep In
I . ...
The new condition ot weather and
track caused the form of tne handicap-
imri Id hfill tin mid ihm rvtHlncf mPIl
V-'were all at sea as a result. Scratching
wa" e order of the day In the last three
.... , ...
rdtep, unci cno neius m iiuipivi weic in.-
tiM-ioiii- out dnn i
u . ..... .t.t..i..i iA nunn hu '
reliance In intlmntum'a chance In the
fourth, nlul lie ordered hla other colt
t'rnnk, the winner of two handicaps here,
withdrawn. I'ltlmatuni opened up fu-
ineltn i.l 1 in .-. I.i.l (hnru U'lia n arml
tiiiinir. nr, Tr.,i,n- .m, I h,.e ..l,la mme
tumbling down, while Cltlmatum-s rose
ti 3 to The betting moil were afraid
mh,,,. ,i Jh'iu rt.lm.iiimv rne
I'ltlmatuni could not run In the mud.
They ere not u are that the grand dam I
I,,. ,f,. ..i, .,. u.ie. - .,,, ,i,, 1
Vf ,no loU "".wlft, a mare that neer
lust a race In heavy going, t lllmatuni :
proved true to his breedlns. and romped ,
to the front quickly and opened up a gap '
of four lengths. ,
Despite the rain that blew pitilessly In
ItoulTd"."-! i'hi I"? TnU
"""ed to hold his lead to the end. and
"on by open daylight, with Woodtrap,
'Second and Tragedy third. The last
1 named was outrun from the start, and
.clearly showed that she was not a Rw,d
j mud runner.
Jorlrta Corrrrd With .Mad.
When the jockeys dismounted they
looked ns though they had been In u
buttle. The rain had caued the dye in
the color to run ami those wearing red
colors, particularly Ilisll were red
11 r" ..'" ' ' " ' ' "leu. were liu
oer tiieir trouners. Their faces
, "... 'l l" "l" ' ,0 1
''f, ' ,JurlnI the running of the llftl
...... .... . v... . .
scarcely n uietitiguisneu. The jockeys
except the pacenmkers becume blinded
by the Hying mud and Muuea and those
In Kd'uml and third place were the tar-
sets tor the bullets of slush thrown up
i,y .it(. iiceln of the leuilerK
ThU iid.rev ...,lli;..ii liiourilil le,ut,
dfc."1 ,f , ,',,1,crr' c ln,ul"; "', t-'
llftll luce. Julln I. rivorc.l l.v HM,t
1 ,.Rht, runn il.ched to the fmnt ami
' "or lead to the end, Hayberry
' nt.illo ran third, neu the rail, nnd was
splashed freely with the mixture of I
mire atld wntec Infkev Milli, Uhm
,,V,i . nni .111. ' . ,
unable to sec anil pulled to the outride
ii iue ne.iu cu ine aiictcn. 1 nis cost
him several lengths, Ha berry t'.in,Ilr
closed fait In the final fuilotig, but Jutt
failed tu win,
I'niunin Ilnlti Itnrlj I'hnlrr.
I'iilltiim Hala. 11 t.i iblc unite uf Cinm
Klrc. the Futurity fuvntltc, was the
car'y ihnlcc lor the last ince and closed
a weak favorite. She was established 1
the rlioii'n 011 the streiiKth nf a fast '
sprint thiiitiKh 111" stretch before the
l-.i,,- The fuel (hut ulia 1. .. .1. i
of Olamlul.i, 0110 of tho greatest mud
Horses nr Ills day. causeil this prefer
ence among the turf upcculiitors. Fan-,
lam Hal, 1, llltc L'ltiumtum, piovcl ivoithy
uf her lineage and made 11 iiinawny vie- 1
tury. leading by ojicii (lav light all the I
The afternoon's racin
opened (in tin-
der a blazing sun ..ml Intense humidity. ' J",'",-1 " " D Pltisrn."
The Hack was drv .did fast before the 1 P had nn Interest In the llaltlmore
term nunc up, and a complete ti.ms- ' Itite'natlnnal league club before the
formation took place Inside of ten min- Federal League war. I do not know
utes. Kathleen, the Wot em ciacl; filly, , whether he retained It. after Haltlniore
annexed ttie HrM race In can) njlc, al-.was shirtrd to Itlchmond, and then bncl.
thotish carrying top weight, 121 jionnd.i again.
Lorac was the cmly favorite, but at' '
fiost time the Western turfmen, led by
the Kentucky delcgatlnn. backed Kath
leen until she was even cludco at Ii to 5.
Lnr.ie looked like an ea.iy winner to
the lan furlong pole, whole she col-
lapse,! mi completely that she finished
t a i. I-.. .1.1 . l . .
! he u'lt " "
The Meeplecha.e was a rlian'.er of inln.
thorn, fm,,, i,.(...n .v.-.,. n n..
,-,.,.,! ,,,1 ni 1 lllllll llll lilt-
j hap sfrom l.efpro the Mart until the .In -
, in. vv e inc. tnree eoiiteat.iiiii nut
n. wnilp the. three eonteMants. HIH
' tmdley, Ksrly LWht and Itaccoo,,, rre
s,-alP,,i!n to the post llac-oon threw her
rHn tv,u.; ,,,, ' r""ut"V
I, ... . ' '
junipcd the fence and ran among the
staliUs. It was ten mlmitcn t.efoie the
Itarly Light fell the second time over
" "
t'le routTc, and Jockey Hovle urtM liadlv
shaken up and hruhsril. He was uncoil
scloiiH for n few minutes, but recovered
Ills senses tinder tKatinent. Itaccoon
fell ill tl, l,l, a (mini e.A... 1. t .
after rolling over once was remounted
and took the place honom. Meanwhile
lllll Dudley, alwnys In front, had romped
nome aione,
Joe Marrone came back after hid sue
rcei with Transit yrnterdnv nnd can
Hired Ihe third race to-day with Pain
BcrfleW. H. l'hllllps, the best ildcr In
the Weil, again hud the tnniint on the
Muirnne linrses, nnd he tonic Palnuerflelil
to the front nnd kept him there. In win
by u bend from the Queen nf Paradise.
( lark nnd Peters Lend In nnuey ',
llniiillenii for Tnjlor Cnp.
I Manciii:sti;r. Vt Aug. :n. - Ninety.
, six itnlfcrH roinpcti-l nt Ihe ltkwminli
Country Club thl;. ninrithig In nu elgh-
3 1 troll hole Inejej haiiilli iip for the Ar
S'thur Taylor meniorhil cup. C A. Clark
'of Philadelphia, with an :illovv:ince of
I eight slroki", was tied with N. W '
I I'elen. of l-tnglewnnd, who waa allmveil !
nine stiokcH, at 2 up. Max K. Mnrstnn 1
of llallusrnl. the mil.- enlil.nlo.il l.l.,
: ..., , V I. '. '
Si from setalch, broke even with bogey.
The ending scores' .
.. .. .1. , iiii, . ii ....
C M (larl.. I hllac.eipbla ill. up, .V,
W Pe ers, Itnglewnod (91. 5 up: I'. II,
l.lndenbirg, Cnliimbus mi, I up: H, II.
Knight, Mellon (III, I up: M, It Marslnn,
Hilliisnil 10', even: W A. Harbor, Jr.
1-tk'iitnok (31, eien w. L. Harry, llallusrnl
l!i), ivii; S. H. Ilioiui', Ibiltiisrol (7i. 1
dniin. T F. Alb n. Heal si lnl mi, 1 ilmvii:
W W. While. Itnglelioinl I'l). doitn: ,
Hale, llrooklaiin ill'l, I dnn: J II. Win
son. Jr.. Sciiriliilo MM, 1 ilium; 1, w.
Ilali.li. Clnilnnail l!i, dinn: (innrge II
Crnikrr llrnnklllie (31, 3 iloiui, P. S. .Vine.
Lxughllii, Sciiisdnle !, 2 dnivn: M w
Littleton. Ilsnlen City l0, J dnlini SI, It
Howe, Itllglevvonil (101, i ilov nl C. S.
Clark, Itkviannlc (3), 3 iloiui; w, (j, Mc.
Knight, Ibillusrul (3i, .1 ilnnn: (;. A, l'rilr.
lor, Hrnokllnn (HI. 3 ibinn. It, C, Moore,
lldlllmnre mi, 3 iloim: (ienrge Van Ken.
ren, lliiglewond (Hi, .1 ilnn: Alan W. Wil
son, Merlon (10), 3 ilnnn: II, I'. Fairbanks,
Chev Clllise 114), 3 iloiui, F. T. Filllnn,
Agnwain (ID. 4 ilnnn; ( It Morris, Hnl.
tntrol l). 4 doniii II II Whnplea, Hurl
ford -1i. ' ilmvii: L. M. Williams, Mai.
field IK), dnivn. v II Mariin Sc,itn
S ' t .I .vi'iVi (leorire Orvla Hard ."li.
?i'. .,,T.u,,?eV.,Mon,rln, J.
(3). 4 down; (I. A. Paul. Hackensatk (t).
a cm rvn: F. W. Ilniiard. F nr da iloi. 7
dnsrh; H. W. Corning. Cleveland (10). I
down: Ueorge D. Norton, Bcaradala (II),
I down.
Chicagoan Wins l-4 Ounce Ac
curacy Test in National .
Champs. ;
William Stanley of the Illinois Casting
Club, Chicago, won the quarter ounce nc !
I of the National Association of Scientific i
.vngiine; uiuns, hel In Newark, N. .1..
yesterday. Ills percentage was 99.4.
Z'i Tasl "own by re! '
celvlntr four demerits on one cast.
U. M. Towne of the Chicago Fly Cast-
t-'iib waa second, with a score of vv.S.
nod C. J. McCarthy, also of the Chicago
n.. r.iqli ,,,. .. ,,.,,
of 9.t There were twenty-one entrleH
in inm event.
Thft fiprntwl
Jough cm Z rt on account o dark
'Jn Hlwrn T m"SM&.
In ill a tnl .-tlh a ami ,t in" faai na.t
record. C J. McCarthy was second, with
si or reet. and it. c. Leonard or
the Newnrb tlnll n.i.l Ifli. i..Hnn 'l,,h
. u.-....n
was third, with 4 feet, when the contest
was called off. This event will lie rnn-
tlttued to-day when the tournament re-
Other contests on the programme In-
cludc the "glit dry fiy accuracy, one
(U,lrter OUtlCe d Stance bait. lieaVV tackle
distance lly and light tackle accuracy fly. '.
Tom Mac Nulty
In a scented note yesterday a fair
correspondent queries: "What Is the ,
follow up In golf?" My dear lady, to
the best of our knowledge, cloves la the
I best thing we know of.
The Clanta have a great chance to
win the pennant provided the Dodgers,
Ilravcs nnd Phils kucciitnb to Infantile
Since Johnny Kvera has been out of
the lineup Umpire Hyron goes to the
dreslng room at the end of each game
singing "The Knd of ,i Perfect Day."
If the Athletics can keep up their
l'r"enl "f''1' ,h"' ',1'0'1, 'nn'' ' "v
ent, ,,la(.c by December 31.
The only way we can explain It Is that
Kddle Plank and Jack Coombs are In
their second childhood.
!..( v.ie Huh. MirnliJ.il ennldn't
' pitch much bisetiall for New York, hut
...... ... - - .
h; a ,,ar , Hrook'lyn. Md'traw
sends tuts of stars to the big leagues.
Drar Tom When doe. the
fait raring
eaon sun at Helniont Park
Monday, August :
Desr Tom A bets that llstty hut cut
the ItoMons this ear II bet that he
dlil not. Who Is right?
A wins. lie sunt out nosmn wnn rour
lilts cany 111 tne spring.
Dsr Tom In the I..t erlej with th
Ileds how mvn game did the (Hants win
and how many did they lose-
AL K A It P.
Lost one : won two.
Dear Tom- (11 Man en 0rt bis., battr
atrlkes out. eai' her lllls-es las: strike.
1 (ii both runner, adiaiue, the man on
nr.! going i, m-itiiii nil, I in- i-m.r run,
(n first CI Is Hess, the pitcher on
the Irntl.l.lea, the pitcher who ll.ed to
pitch for Ronton A IMS.
1 I) Ittinners 111.1 advance, but bits
man Is nut If first base Is occupied
(2) Not the same plaver.
II. .1- Tom Will von nlease .tite In vour
l'nrttng column whether I'minle Mack Ins
D'ar Tom -. the ltml" Johnson now
tillli Hi. Ml l.oui. Itrniiii, (be .nine
Johnson who piaei wnn the vanks
..... ..... .... en n'lr . iii,,t'
No . the plajer with Yankees was Otis
i " iijuii. me reiie.iiiiin.i.
Uriiiiw ric vv el terwel cut. eco-cd a tech-
1 .... . . - ...
1 "' "J 'C'..
'".' " '.
" ' "" '" i1".' ' " "' ' ""
I"rtHiir 4 Mill, last night. Lore stop
' voluntarily afler Itvan had Mugge
! I'"11 "-Ith a couple o right uppctv
,i,a Itinnn i nn, itti h, I eet inn tin
...... .
.. . .
I . , In""B" " V. . , .. .,
I . 7 " ., '. ' ,, ' vv, '1 11 '
. Anthony Mellow: 11. the West side,
1 1I..I.... ...-Mi. 1 at.n n, Inn linl ( 11
iikiii 11 L-is,iii i-.i-n niiiiii.il ...ii mil in
'the tin omul scml-vvlinltip.
I'HILMUtl.PIIIA, Aug tl Young
Abeam defeated Jack lllnckburn. the col
ore I light heav Height In U louiiils at
Aliearn uere.lieti .lara nincKourn, me coi-
the National A. ( in-nignt. liiacKnurn
took the lend for the first Inn rounds
Abeam then cut loose nnd gave niackburn
a bad body bentlne lie had the colored
boy all In at the end.
Sealnn lines to llensler..
riirc.viKi. Aug. 53 - Pitcher Tom Se.ton.
I I'M" , ?.'! !1 . i ," ,, W ,, L
nils American ' V.MicUtloii dull to. day
i under no optional ar'eme"i He expecis
J"ln ,h' "o0""r" Thuridar.
Here tuid There in Field of Amateur Sports
Frederic!; W Itiibleu, chairman nf the
natlnii-il rlianiplnn.lilp committee. rster
ilii v t( lived the list of names of the alh
lelm who ill'l l' prcseiit .he l 111. nn
nl tho National A A t tllulil liiec.
ehediiled fnr Weeiii ililc Park, In Neunrk,
i.i.iimlnir Sctitember Tuelitv.four llldl
I..... I.n..i, niiiti In.ltr ,1 In (be Coast Vhmik tc
tlnll lllliong I'lii.e lion lllll riiiiie I. a. I
being Fred Miirr.i. Fred Kelly. Frmk
.slnni.'ili and Harr l.i'ere,jg, Tile ciiiu
team list and the emits In whieh
the athletes nl!' inlupete follow Fled
Kellv, Los Angeles A C. I"" Old ' vnrd
."' '";....u "l:. ' l1!"?"
ciriininnii. nnu iifinii iii oii-.i-e,,, proie tie siMisaiion mrr tli nurd les
In 14 :i-. .ecoiuls, euualllnr: nrld's record: ,Vt s itiinlni h guiiie. In Flatbu.h Af
Itarl Thomson i.ns ,viu:ie v i i.i ni.u tl.r , , ,,.r. .t by tin Maine lollcgbin Ihhi
:'5i m hiirdb-s and running high lump, I Jj nni-.i iv ib." nolle, r n. aihlete dici-iieii
VVrle Murray, lavs Angelea A, i' ..'(I yvrd i f, ,'.;'r ' , , V ," r, "',r," "A't ''!
I bin' hurdles: .Meredith l,...c. Los Aug"!- !,"t ' I '' lt ''l'l''llll
. , c. '.'I'd vnrd Inn hurdle, nnd running , 1 r"" " " "' " "' 5 " "
broad jumps Fred Watklns, Los Ample. 1 . " .
(' pule vault: liny lliguiird, l.n An- The lat conclave of the pnun bnurd
, i-lc A i" Javelin and all around: Freeh mf rcgl-.tr.il Ion i nininlttie l acbeduleil for
sinumn Oh-mnlii Clnh. San 'riinca,'n. '.-iii'ilie Ann id nn I, vim,!-. ItmplojceK ,ih
.and 440 vnrds, picsent Junior national
iiunrui nine i-iintiipiou: i an i,oept,irt oi no iiinioi nun curt un- mi ine cut uii.it.
the (ilvinple Club. San Francl.io, 44o,seiernl utlileti. arc iloivn for a suspension
varils. r A. Ilnenlsh, Calednnlnn Club. San ; foi liifractloiis of rubs.
Francis, -n, 44n nnd sso vnrds. F.dgar Smut. -
r.llyinpl. Cliih of Sail FranrKco. one ,,,,, , ,,,,.. irr.i,.l, r Is training har.l.r ih,..,
' ) "ircn: & d huviic. TV w.
,n. Olvninle Club, sin Fianil.cn. running
b-oad Jump: II. Llv-rsedge, Fnliersltv "f
illfiirnl... Javelli, and 1(1 pound shot: Gllle,"', r,r '"""". ' "T !"., VS
Mllbird. Cllvninlc I'llll
mile run' Henry Willi llll.. Snnklllie A (
n Sp il'.ii W ish,, Ion and -JO ar,l runs,
Chester Fee, Multllumnh A, A. C Port
land, Ore,, Javlln pole v-alt and nil
around cliaiuiilonsiilii, S.1111 Ilellah, vluit.
nomiili A. C. Portland, lire,, pole null'
mid lavelln. W Hummel. Multnomah A
c. Portland, (ire,. 44U va-,1 high hurdles.
1- i i j in etniiie .v i . rcniiii, iinsii,, on"
I ""! 'Hnton Irtrsril. Urlghalu Young Fill
V'rslt)' nf I'lal... running high juuipi Alma
itlchard nf Provn. Ctah. hut who retire
tenia Cornell I'nlverslty In college competl.
Hon. running high Jump, in pound shot,
discus and all around championship; Hub
ert L. Nourse nf Bolaa City, Idaho, Javelin:
A. Nlppo, Lea Angeles A. C, thraa mils
Pin-pell and McMillan Shnic
Honors in Qualifying
Round of Tourney.
The annunt
tournament of the New
Tork " . which the Heral.
l,o chief prlie, began nt Van
Id Cup
landt Park yesterday with about threo '
score entrants. The eighteen hole quail-, the Klondike ut thl. time, nverniinlng tli
, , , . i. "'irmer current that (nines out of the liar-
rylnfr lound was played In the morning, ,nr. In ucb a ('hanging temperature he
and the first match round wad disposed '.rhy'lh. 'it1,",. r""U-" "alklnK
of In the afternoon. i , The pecuilvrlty of angling at the Klon-
... .. ,, .... , , .... , "ke Hank, at this time 1. that with a
Walter Purcell, a left handed golfer, i heavy atmuMdiere it I. dimcult t rind e
hfi l,1nniFa in .1,. v.n. v,.rif rjnlf PI11I1. a tly the lidge where flh enngrcgatt' l)n
nnd K, H. McMillan of the Scottish-American
tlolf Club, both Van Cortlnndt Park
(irgunlxatlons. tied for the medal nt it
Purccll's score being 3 37, 75. nnd Mc-.f""" the poor fishing all day,!" made u
Mlllan's 42-33. 75. a great streak of b he last ha f hour ..f good Idling,
good ,;olf on the hill, saving the day for " VI'1,'"",An?"'r;,l ,
Mp.MIII.iii. Three rnlf.r. Ile.1 for third1 ..ral". ' ' Hfrgen ltearll will '
MoMllllli Three rnlfer. tleil for third'
.MC.Minati. inree gouers lien tor mini
place ut iC. one of them being John Y ;
Klernn of the New York Newspaper tlolf
Club, who had never played In n tournii-1
men! hefnre. The (In for (lie nied.ll will
be iilavr.l nl? Inier.
Favorites Come Throaan,
Most nf the favorites came through '
safely In the afternoon, and us Purcell Is
In'the tipper half of the draw nnd Mc-,
Mlllnii In the lower thev wire nicked as !
, the two mot likely to reach the final.
I There was one extra hole match. H. H. I
Martin of the New York Newspaper tlolf
Club defeating J. V. McDonald of the
I New York CJolf Club on the nineteenth
Considerable comment was cairted by
the presence of a colored golfer, 1". C
Simpson, who Is a locker boy at Slwanoy.
Although paired with a deaf and dumb
man he qualified with an 81, but was
beaten hi the afternoon.
The Suinmarlea.
OiUllf)lnt Hound. First Thirty-two Walter
ii, ,....n v.... vi. .! : ..-.. f n
McMillan! hrnlll.h.Ameriean Ii r. il--il73i
J, F Klrrnsii. Newpaier r.olt Club. It ::
T4. J P. Hruyere. uualtachil. 4'-3S T4; J.
r"";1."-;1-- 5.-7-?' nV, .;.!
Ciuid. N.l u (... (0--3, ,,: J t Rlildell,
Crc.ivnt A I'.. .".!- 33 tS! H. J Walters, Jr. ,
V V II (' 10 .U- -fi. . M f'.-n.n,..- V V
Carpenler. N.
oliliell, N. ()
..'" "
I (
C II- V Ts. D. O MiCnlinell.
C. li- ".--:: H A Union S Y
3J C A Roberts. e 1179: M
mer. d'l.itt.iched, .i -(!;:
: (5 M Ivory, un-
Harrison, N (t
. Scotti!i.Americnii
,? M v. .,
attached. s--M- r, v
('. 4V .3379: A II Klaht
(I f io4) .v.); Martin Srhrrllier, 41
R. II Ilrooke. X. V (J c, Mj
Mrlinnald. N Y (7 C. (3-3;-!l:
J. F
J ' I .
1'r.i.r K.tfilll.b. ftm-l,..,i H M i!t..-.kl
W K. Tracy. N Y (I C. 43 3S-SI . II. 11.
fl,,,,,, Wn.MII.li
Dunn. Scottish American ( C, 41 1 :
V K Flaiuh. Newmispcr (!. C. :j-r: H: J.
Kenned) unattached, ;-i:-M: Kdward
Rlmdenburz. unatta.lied. 4140- VI: F. C
simpsnn unattached. 7--t'. " ! !
nr. N V (i C 311 S.'J A. W Webster
imaltac hiil. (0-.(j ClareiKe llrieger. 1111
atlaeheil. It II- S3: A S Richmond unat
tached. 43 -10 -vlj T T Resati, imaltai'h-l.
II t; II p. Martin, Newspaper i. C,
41-4.'- .!
Other icores. Ralph Seelrr. nna'taehed 41-a-
at: William (iilllan. umttm-hed, (n .-:
L P Frrgiisou, N Y (i C . Il-i."-v: A.
Sleinmctr. iinaltaclied. 45-C t: O David
v ; y ,. t. )V w j!,,,,,,
lioilum (R It : K W lliller N Y (I C
11 3-(t; A .1 l'lislies-, N V (1 r 4
IV- sT; c Pert.ch, Si-hnolnieii's i; (' . 4'.- li
st. K. C Hell, sicotli.h American H V C
!.--: w H Framis S"sitts!i Anieriesii it, '
r 4t II S: W ('h.irm-ni, Si-oiiisli.Anien.
an 1? C !' -tr : F II llo.it, N Y r.
(' 4: 11- : J P Had ItHe. nn.itta-hed. 4a
(l -'.i: T. J Tohin. .un.iltacheil. It l ': II
(' Hill, unattached. IV-"I: It II Keener.
N Y li. C. b, I"-MI P Hinsgiii. unit
laehrd 4T f. ".'! .1 A K Thorllnr. unat- ,
t.-ll lied, 4s- 115; M .1 Foley tl'iatt acliej, ,
l 11 I. .1 IiimialHUt. N V 1'. C t -i
J F lijliin Mis.-nn.rtt II ::
15 W Ilemtse. S Y (i C .'-' J
(.rlnikr N Y (! C (' I' H. (i M. I.a
preol'l. unattached. Is Is frf
Fust Tlnrli two, First Itouml 1'unell le
fe.ited schrellier 4 and Mit'oneell defevted
Frns-r -' and 1' lie'iuedi defeated llrilere, ,
. up' H.-leiier defeated Hammer ( and f:
Ilrooke ilcleted Kierm. ( and ': Linton de
fc.ii.-d Weli.tr-. " vnl I: Dunn il-b-mil A
M CarpeiiKr. 4 and ": Regan defeated ll.irri
son ( and : McMlllin defeated Klsht .' un:
Hiddell deleiteil inipsou ? and ; (binld ie 1
fe.ited FllU2ll. 7 and 1; Robert ilefe-lted
Hiibmond T end "-. UlindenlMirc I'cfeitel .1
11 1'arnetite" and t: Ivory defeated Cinvlor.
1 lip: Waller. defeHed Tr.u v t and Martin
il'lealed McDonald, 1 tin ill btdesi
I'lr-l Usee -1 wo ji ar-olds : selling. M fm
ai '"ess
!ln,l.. llnr.e
Wt Inlet llors. wt
tj, ,,. y ini ::i Torusie .' IT
t3t: i'lssln; Fancy'li' -.'si 'Ksienka 11'
1 mi .v , 1i ITI Main irt Nan I,
, itfl, itolden Fox l"
I a n.AA. IV.nr -ss. j.Ma an.! ts n t r rl I
, ,lPr., ,., . ,ellliic Aimnt iwn mues,
in.ies Horse
VVI 'Inde. Hol.e
IT', ti'.l sAlierfelde ,
1 11 tfl' Rai-bfbolt
AT. rinta
n.1.1 .11 .....
hsndlcsp. fix
Wt 1 1
iinr, tvi 'lii'lex Horse
:- Psn Mild I'l tl IMusnn
1 1.a It.... ..1 III IT1.II ti'nli.
I !
I :t( mVmI,i,c (Si. iioyol Marivr
"'' " ''".rli ir
,...,,,. T. An,.tepsin three .ear old.
' filin l.l'V srn w iiuir iii.i'iinn
l . . , ... . ...n.
Inlix Horse vvt lndx urns. IV
TC'i ir W .lolin'nli'i '".' 'Lady Teresa 101
-J- lUlie Till. lie 111, ,1.1 jesee jr. . 11
fs "VVond sbofs 111
Fifth llsie I'lllies. tneiesroMs; enndb
nnnt. llie nnu n 111111 i,ni"i,s-.
Index llnr.e Wt 'Index Horse. t
I-A". Mother .M.HTeel" "K. ITeelte . H
Tin li Me Hois lie Storm Nymph l.'n
-ii , Li...l. I1.V . M.rp. T II ill Inf. I
iti; llis) 105 "5 Queen Frr.int IM
Slith ltsi-e -Feur enr olds snl npwsrdi sell.
nr. One mile ami s rmiong.
Indeg llnr-e vvt'lnlcx Hnrse W1 I
77 sVnlusns M Reelhnven ... Pitt
t.-ii sl.gfrllnw III I'd sllninterlleld 1 '
7u', llcnubllean . Ill' Trovato ,. . l-v
- ssnliher . I'l tJ Day Day ... 105
7f7 .lii-U'et 101'
s"ie iMv.inil. spiirmllee sllow.nce rlslmrd
ii ilk l're.1 Murrnv nil mplc club,
l'i:i'irli-ii, F.'o aud '.".'Otaid hurdles.
Trunk I, .Irldlles. star il 1st an, e runne
if Far Hock i iv ii y High S, honl, vv 111 he tic
serai li ni'in In the I 'wo yard run. the
fealure nf the game, tn 1 . .tllgcl III the
riiv.i, ,i i u i u e i-iiii at v :ir
I am, III iirn-'iiniiti 'in- 11 1 ii-i nu'ii,
j l',,iti -ilv, men I ' toe the nnrl. In the
t I hoiie.md. and .lenlilliw tiecssarll) w ll: have
to be nt lit. bct to stage his usual
! triumph.
.-)' Idler believes llinl r A rreii.ii
'bile .Win ulnn room, tmiilglii. Although
.v.sr riiicVii'iiMihe'lifir eV:,!p,r !''
t'.1 ". . ' ...'I'.'.' J.'.'.V. .' "! ."
I ...; ...... ., ,.i I " .. Vi.., ..'..,,',!.,ri,HV.
ihiy nrii-r lv ii.ul hroUrti th nni) t.ivJiii
it'' I ni ir nniri' uuni I'lTlfi In
. - - .
, Tn-nlghl, Umpire A. "., 107th St p)rk Av
1 Lltd JOHNSON v. IRISH I'ATSV ci.ivi-
Washington Park, To-morrow Mahl.
Rod and
Sandy llok
A.M. P.M.
4.24 4.4H
ft:l4 7i.;i.'V
ft:.vi ill"
:42 lias
( The ll"rMh(r)
A.M. P.M.
ii. 4 7.I2S
fi:.'i4 (I 'I.-,
n -.w n:.-,7
7.22 7:3
Auirut31 ,
Annul v.,, ,
AliKUt L'H, ,
AtlKlM 27, ,
....." in
. ....v.vt
. ...r.:.17
11 :.";!
I'erullaiillrs of Klondike Hanks.
Capt. Davo .Martin of the lllralda of
Sheeprhead Hay, hu him been flhlng- the
Klondyke Hank for n w-ek or more, snlil
eterily that a peculiarity that he had
notlc'Ftl of laii' va that many sea bane,
pontic, bl.uktHi nnil lluke were hookfil
! Ill" llhermen In the head, bark and
olhlr tun. ..r It... I....I
1 Although the lilRh lmok men on his boat
; srttrrday li.nl n nli, at oild tlme recently
the Il-li 1 1 . t not m-ln keen In l.lk" It"'
Vnt of .old w.,"r hVch MvlngJ i in it
a day of sunshine tl.h can usually be found
the mnlnetlt tile uhchor reaches the hot
turn. In heavy weather the boats drift
around until the exact ranif" Is found,
often Just before leaUng time, and ns a
maae up
. lat" ' Inline of Ilergen lleacll will a'
,,r tlllm,)rr ,)f ,h vntp,i nr.ers
League at their meeting tn-nlght i 'h.
World nudllorlum.
'i round l luke Wins Tool.
Samuel Wllfon nf 13,'.x Lexington n
j line, iiiikIIiik last Saturilay from tli n
j Ion. ('apt Itllly lioddard, at t Ii - il,e
grounds off r"andy Hook, caught uuk
xielgllng from 1 to ;.(. imoiolN. il. letter
,n ,n" ,h" "Inner of the pool,
Htaten Islanders iet lllg Weakllsh.
Heventy-three weakllsh weighing from 1
1 4' pounds and 3!i large croikers war
M'T. rn.tr.hi."I.'l.?',r.,,r 1'hlng one day
,n,; ,ir,M, 'iVi,. "rhe V-ntcu was the larr-1
st ( aptaln llaepenny has brought In this
'season The tlshlng p.irtj Included the fol
lowing .itiiten Islanders: La Valid, Martin,
liro.Mieti r. Wurtbtilllllc r and llovle.
I Oil u tirettoilft trill lb-, join, nnrler.
I brought lii 173 weakllsh, though not so
large u their most recent catch.
l luke Hooked In Tall Win I'rlie.
The Two Hds Asi,ncatlon on Its annual
fishing trip held reienlly brought out US
members, who nhed froiii the i:imar, (.'apt.
(Iu Uuu of Nheepuhiad Hay. fen bass and
lluke were caught
HrM prlie nf H itent to Otto Von Hover
for h ten pnund tluke. lldward Clark took
eeiimu nrixe w tn a
tnund nuke. Mr
Clark hooked t. ,h In the tall
High Hook .Man At.o I'rlie Winner.
Fl.hermen In tne M J n III at ibr
Kl""..).,-li.kl! onunda ' caught sea'ba.;
bin, kllsh (in, I lluke
i Tliomn. r M.rr. of i:.s w..i si...-.
eighth street wn. high hook m mi and prlie ,
winner He had If. sea bass. : blackllsb and
i the iirlze winning lluke. which weighed 'i 1
.l..i..i. ... ... . . . .'
i iioiimiM- fe, -nn, 1 n.l... i. ,. .
'owner of a 4 pound lluke.
won third nmney with
i ban.
was award' d in rac
'fhorty" Itlvelio
I (-j pound sea
fluke Inside ndy llnok, 1
The Waterwtteh ri.blnp iilnl, ..mUi.
Ing of Mm.r .Miller, Str.iusn and Hrnphv,
011 the motor hnit LI, ll.ili T. Ililde SanJv
Hook on Sundin, (.night 4 nuke The
' heailem ll-li aH taken by Ju'ius Strauss
; f i'JII Mse .ivenue, The Hronx, and
writhed ,i, pounds,
' Flrt s.napier. lilting In Jamaica.
I . . ..,.,, . , , .,
write, that In inblltlm to weaktlsh. snap
..... ..... ... in. it,,uiii, .1 iini.1 .-ii iiav.
p-r are idling now Hi .l.i'n.ii'.i II. 11 cm
Siindav Judge lloneil of Wnark .111,1 J.
rno d nf Hronkllll. Ilehlllg t 'gelher.
caticli; 1; weakllsh aver icing ?.'t p niims
eai h In weight ,',!,, I .-0 anappers. .Messrs
Frillk. HuglleH. gel, .lollatls.ili and lllltr
angllue nn the same day with rapt. Cor-
neli I, jn we.kll.h.
I'll krrel Uln. Cbaiupngiie Dinner.
.1 Mi r Trailer nf plii'a.ie phi 1, after
the in., .ir I,.. at riicei In i'hiiuew.c Ilav lor
the Tli-'ii.c I 1.' n 1 I up wager. ,1 .1 . ham
pa ne dlunir net I'rlliv that ho 1 uld
1 a'-h enough l..h i.n .1 1 ui "-i.i - rod to
make .1 tn,-,i' V linili.itn Mi',-, iti 1 Hip
well Hun t'.be.i. too Mr i-'m ..c-. how
ever, i-allglll 1 lie nn'v II. tl. e-io,:gh I,
make a tneil" .111, 1 vnm Ills wager Tile
lull W..IS II d ki 'el .111,1 Hdghel s J, i-ltl Is
Una I'.i.il, High Id, nt. nnil Free Trip.
Ilinrv 11,0 er of ria e.t Corn se, ord
stlee ,-ii b-,js- I (be Wbl'.bi ,,11 Sillrla
al fie ltlbcr,,i grotln 1 whs high hook
and il i a I wn.lier ll-ul to make Hie 1l.11
1 oinp.ete, I'aje Frank ILiuinor -i .b- I ,
fr.e t rip tl, kei. Mr liner had 1j hlllllp
b 1 -k sea b.is. r, lluki' and 7 large ra -k
, rt-It. Ills llrsl prUe lluke, a 7(3 muoJti
won It ',11
Miles, It.ilt and rbowiler Free,
III lllo.len re entlv ,1 was llllereilel n
the foi'.owtng a t 1 rtl. 'nierit In thu "Tiiv-
c.er :
"Dl'.ltP SUA riSIIlN'lS Till P.".
Thl" month pronil'" . 10 be the men
ruece.fif In the blr r of tlie s'eaui.r
King I'hibp. r. hi, h leav. I'oruiet.i.i
Wharf i.eti il i , ,1 11 M. for til, n-ll-1-ic
g-ftnn,K nn ler It- ,. n n in I nf ''up'
Itllll IMl 1,1 N.
I.vpcrl, n,-e Meeting
VM'nt' Yi'Ul "
1 In I (1 tli f'C linieiit-
United Angieis League.
lliur... iib.-.'I. HMil P. V
World Xlldllerllllll.
I ap ,1 Kin, nl llcrgen
He I 11 ii .peak Ha
news nf much interest
Weakfish and Fluke
ilei Them Uh ie l i" ii "mg In iliol
Kus' SUl, H i rl ih II tin .1'uul a lliy
.it ii ,.-i i i ' 1 1 ' .i
i, vt m iii i nit wi.i:.
K .
I'rnn'ier an , N ill
II ,t .in I Tii-4.li
,1 iir il i and ii'Shi
I org Iir in -h, N J.
WEAKrlSH "'"," ' ,' ""' lie.,
" t",lY J! 1 1 J 1 V'"'i .
dajs, IS simdac. for four 'lei r)
mc .ntinc
P. met
d;ii'y v M . deborn Dm k,
1, Vv, . . i'.'"r.'." i"" 1
die Hrege treble Hu, knr
M'MHV, rusn A. V,
limes ll.l.oriit llmli, Sheep.! eml,
dalls, M. LI'S RAF
D.lllr. esiepl Vlj'1 A Frl., lesrc.
I. .III SI , l,ibl'en, r. 1.1 V It
II. sll.-r.v 7 A M I'm,' II '.'
MTFItNDDV I'l-HISi;, 1:30 P. M,
,,'.i.-i ll.lltet' I lie. ( TIlU-s.
and Sii Fun- II no In,- bill
miiii i: : a. m. m miw
lis It luscbi-r a Shentn
ill lla Ciipl, lll'.UT.
, Olllie'jiy. S i"V(,EV, (j.V. C," nVnnkl ..n"
l.tliH- ti'-joir- ,,, ,-v: iirr i, ,J
bisii i
Pnci MflNT n',! "siiis-isr. a. itaiiscr-et'.,
. btLIVIUIII M,,e:.-I:e.,l nay. !jKSr5S.
A M dally from Me.., 11.
'er. Cat1.11 sl. Capt Charlie
leave. Sheep. head lla. 1
P M everyday. Capt. Joe.
t 'leolirt'l'. "I ll,v
, dillv Ostium I hie c
Nl.tl.vlAN.N llltos.
Hv.s tl.lilng, Iciuc. o.lioiii'a ib I.
Slid ,.lic, liny, v A M, dully
CA PIliFlIN A M ilnili A M Sunday
oca riotun imi- n,i, iLSheepshcad n.i,i
ROSE R. I!. Inv.'M.'
.11.11 -b .
I A, M. ilnili 1
I Hell A Itrnsl
. stiindiiv .
i duane
7 A. M v, ri
inirsle Ml Kit
.1 iy frutii Ca- ,
STR. GEKEVIEVE !V''.V" 'l""'-.: I;"
Shamrock Ts .
ll-s lliini.e's 11,.,-k, Slicc,.lieail la).
SlindJ) 1 A VI.
lltlirC leaves Canal - a I 3il A M Sun, I.i
AUHtO Fine Si -n Capt M II IIIDI'll
aiETriclvt TliurH and Sun, ilrnnd s. c 30,
III. ii is.,- Il,n,;t3li Cnpl l Werlheliu,
AI'TF.IIMMIS FIMIINd - I'. l, lluke.
Ifeagh, Wrege'a Hock, Capt. Drolllnger,
Gun News
. Ifland
A.M. P.M.
a im t,:u
iV.VI 11. ns
n.31 (inn
7.12 7:22
I -ill n I
A.M. P.M.
8:41 h:.M
Ii 2.1 li::il
n :.'( Hum
lo.io to.iia
A.M. r.AM
a :27
7:10 7:20
7:411 7:.1
8:21 a:34
IMward Tllsnn. During the past fsw
weeks unusually large catches of cod, hake
find deep sea pollack, which are quite
large, are being brought In by patrons,
("apt, Dlxnn's expert knowledge of lln
best plsrei to catch plenty of nsh Is the"
magnet that Is drawing the targe irowds
that take the trip dull). Many ladles are
nlso among those aboard slid a matron Is
In attendance during the trip. Lines, bait
and rhowder are free to all,'
I regret that my time limit would not
permit me to make one of these trips.
It makes one tlilidi of cold neather anJ
our own cod Ashing time. .
I LtrilTKNUEfta.
N 2 4 Sixth avenue. Aug 2J.
UM.ITRV "pedal IrliM s A. M. etery
TTnilDI day. Come enrly and have
a good dav's Uass fishing. Capt. FRANK
HrNDAY. 2 A. M.
Ill flFI INF A. M Dally
vi n Be h . m w.
.Saturday after
e.."n 8 o'clock. A.
iiron Steamboat do
iVs8 ocean 'TAURUS'
lieephea Fishing Mr. "WHUW
Dally at I A. M. from Pier I, N. R . ONLY,
liar. Restaurant. Dalt, Tackle, etc., under Cu.'s
Mtaagemcnt. Sttwardeis In Attendsnce. Fare II
SPEEDY C 4 P1DC fintlll
ocean 0i ware uuu
It'll. tl iniuviil'mnvn . . ....
I , ianer7 t ier, i :so a, 31. nauv except Jion
61ewnrdesa In Allendstlefl. Nn l.lniinr.
'Halt A Tarkle-on Hoard Tickets at llatterv,
i I'AUK, Weekdays tl.OOi Suns. A Hols. SI.S0,
Edward vom Hofe & Co.
In Amvrlcaa. Our iplendltlty iulpptti
iiiiiuuiii ana lactory unair on toot.
i 95 "d 97 Fu"oa S"' New Yark
, n.F.NTY sr. n.as, i'or(;ik fi-kke.
CIRAI nA"""' aHr A' M" t"n'ay
vjlfL.L .30 A.M. Capl.D. Martin.
Abose steamer are the fastest, largest aat)
aafeat from Mieepshrad liar.
M. .1. R. III. SI'NDAY a A. M.
6.30 A. M. M n 8 A.N
I'l.LNTV SKA IIAs, si,
Fiam Stleette.ltt tiay.
CAPT.. I'ltKIl UKHiK .(l:s) HARM,
) Fan- tmlii-lln,: l-eilt,"
Ilan lnriiin. f'nnl.
formrrlj- n? Nftr rker. Ph. Rij7 llnrtnu
.0 M
dalU, Sunday r 30.
Dock. S'pshead t!a
4 M lal y, Sund-iv, '
r.undis. Ho k Siturdal
I'l.ll.NTV l l.l KK!
I fLLi, Inc. bait. -t is. SI. .10, Inc. bolt.
Lou.- beach or Cholera Hurlon Pros .Caiiartie
I" -hit 1 D Cenlnck. Haunt St.. Ja
ma I n.-iv rapt LltTKtt HA.MM, Mgr.
Te. 1 .'i pirtv T Hunimeln.
C Ulni Leave. Silver Wave Do, k, Free.
uLLilnUA '"'rl ,l''1 ' evcept Moo arrli.it
,.'ii tin in trom I 'en it siutloiiaml
f 1'. trol'c. from t'lty Line. Mindai pap'r
train nnd 0 titrn.bv Fate Im bait 1
from ('artuan'e Iioik.Wr-, k Lea I.
uiiiy e,.. t,t vn. H, yri t n ,7
train. Sun., I ,o train Cnr. II ;o.
.IA I'vllMAN
Will rharter to pllinte partle. Mou or Frl
bid f ' (I'l er dm
-eiv sijea I Mm
.1 A t Tu
Thurs .
, iti.
M .
li-m.r. n 1 ,
lis." I emeu I'enet'.
Dm s Wink I end IIhIIi evr
M" 11.. e t; ttsiii sui.'iiiv r, ct
iisln l ine ii z. n nils,. n
fAPT fOF II 1:
Vfll l.JULlll. ,
ive. mil-on .. Fre
irt. T-4.', dalli ev ept
A I rl ".a sun
dm. Fare In, halt
II i". I'apt Joe Hainiir
GEARS E M t'"'s Murrnv's. Wreck Lead,
OCjnOltm. every we.kilay. . 4; iniln :
(Iiy. fi'.'S train Fare i '.0 m. Ml HIIAY,
IIAss, ls.
Haj, ,v M ilr.il . .
A M lllll Stephen.
Has., lint, Hatii! ,v. v I e.
Il.ii U. Wre ii Lend FVK.KV
II V l'.( . VKIS, art j; .,i,
Where Bait Can Be Had
Ksch Tuesdsy. Tbtimds) And S'stiirdsy. from
.,,111 1st to ll.t, 31t. Tlllt SUN will ptibli.u
. Hit of names and addrrisea of dealers ek'i
I sell
.,..1.,. who do not sell lire belt h.r. it,.
' wild, "isrkls only" or "no half following
lh',,h ,,.
Abbey A Imbrle, II Vesey et Tsckle only.
Ainsti Plain Taikle A Halt store. 75 Amstd mr.
Iiruuuer. ,1 . V Washington Mkt Til 67..S fori.
Hall i Tscklo licpot, 17V7 1st ar. Wallarh.
llellioalili. ::': M ST., 1s t IIS A lln at.,
Iiainiianii. John. 371 W Itjlli st,
llerliei.3K F. Sit Ii st Mould. Tel M'lnsyHIII ZK
Ilukei, I'lilllp.wi vllh.ll sv lldst unre. o i,t
llinwn'i Halt Hcpot, 3317 M ar , ur t:i st L."
II rii.iiifsk.lks.i AlS.t 'HleAbsll 'il HUAuiL
Femes. T .1 . Sv .Inlin st Tnikle nnlr
limi ts. 1 -Ir ,)5iW lMst, Hilgtstn C.Ai rs'flsli.
llillll. -b'lin. (7v W 4Jd st Tel 4.M llrjmnt
Frsnl. Scliebler I n 110 Park Una .No ball.
Fia.se Co. 17" Fulled st 'lall.1 ill
Fticlis.ll 1st si 'i 'On hsrd Flddb rs.bslt
11 iierdenai'ii .Sl.'f Ai l a ,nr 14." st. Ikl onlr
lilts,, Ii I. '-a' Ainstil'lsni sr., 1'iW Te
Hoihsisef, I'.M: II .llll Til VI Mijriar Hill.
Ki lli-iiiian.sojo -tl ai l."'ih T Mulr lOhii It, . r.
klnfe Co. II Ui"'li'si Tsikle inly,
ivirllsnd's.'.'Cb'intl'ers tl 'IWb- fr"g,,i-!grainlta.
I;,, .11, A , ii" th s Taill 111
1 eii nllnil. 7,", I". is" st .ni I peel ar No bait.
M I i.a, .1. '.-Of 11 3441k TM '..5( Murrsy lllll.
M. bus Its-! -d HV '"', Bu t Ik ft ta sis.
Miliiip-illiuiill il'snrci loin li.VVi'.iy .1. Yi halt
llllii It. Coi '.' Ctlrilnl.'l. st .Nil bfllt
illlii'a KM si i. 1l " T.I -V llilliln TklAM,
pi 'it A II . KI C'i st., ,M st r.l tsj Plata.
Hitter. 'Id i'!'tl ''ml . Wsslilllgli.il Market
l'ell .1 II. 3' 1,1 e11' Tsikle unit
cl i'l-i'II, D, 1"1 lliat.ii.r 15 'I aikle A bait.
1 1...11I Slim, II . :A F 1Mb 'I I'' "f L St.,
lli.H-niuis.ei', 211 F, Mli II iw a n- 'I'nkle ..nit,
SalltHil. HI-' 11,1 'I, ''"I Malilnittnn st Tel,
hem's Hull D.-pnt i'-. '.'111 si . nar tli st
SlliiibBc'i, J .A S..11 'I r ,epp bV.II. st Tel.
bclouirlr's'lr II (l.t.vlli ai I.I ...'llrjant
t. s . Ml I ar I scklc i.nli
sin, I.i. 3110 d si . islth st Til :;-A Met.
1 1,,.,,. k. II . I-' I -d i" Tin He ami bull
Tailor Met .M " I '"' W I 4M Tn.kle only.
ill ro I.I nr .nr loth Ph jv-oni, TAB
Abhelu, P , 4M Knlck st. Tel 515 Ft'greea.
1. ,iirin, A., Ml liiiuil st. 'Id M5 stags
purine A ''" LUity ' ' Si lienck
Mn.-sten, II'-"1 Fulb'li st , TtOs lint Sliedder.
b ,,1111111 r, I7D7 Filllnn st , Held at l..'.-, lleilforat
Ml, ti.ii ). I'll II way Tel No ball
Mil, Fid". -I F . -1 fi'Uit si Til SIK Main
l(i,.i-r Fishing Ti l,le,77. W',,,ii,iaii nt nr vtait.
Until 10 lliiib'lilnnk ill . Illdccnmi.t ,Ni, pan,
K.liillif 'M I lolbllsli ni l'i III'. I'le.pe,
S-Iiw Mi A -sen. ''' Millie ar I'. 111 nl, inkers.
Slide. Wn , ( I'li.sl.ln.' 11 1(1 I C Magg.
V.alirlnn r. r'. Virile sv TellltlW ll'itl,',
1 Aiker. II. O , Seiiati n, .N J,
. Dltanard. 44 Hunk tl. Tel, 3U3 Mkt. PalL
I f.tmtng. 14 ferry at .Neeiai.. Halt. Tel KUfAL
MolyBux,F.W!44-44 twart arJ,C. TkL oaU
mc . r if

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