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HarlH-rs Promise to Extend
Walkout To-iliiy to Down
town Districts.
TpiIiI.v ItfiH1 Milkers' I'nion
- hi test to Threaten City
Willi Labor Trouble.
otlhl.ils f the barber.' union threat-
neil )rteiilay to Invade to-day with
t)rr .trlke the downtown business dls- had Just rileadel guilty to having stolen
trli-t and the hotel and theatre district. 1 'j'900 "'or'!1 Jwclry from lita em
.Vu,l.t...g that no barbers except In iXVL,
lower lla-t Side, Harlem and The IJronx Here Is his story as he told It:
are now on strike, they ald 10,000 of' "I frequented the Tenderloin and
tlw,e men hnve i.tilt work .n the.r ,ht.j ' tti?W eveVy'
for shorter hours and more pay. Df jewery ,tole. The life was great
Three thounnd burners answered the !
call of the union esterd,iy, said the of
ficial, and added that 400 boss barbers
have ugreol to the demands of the union
nl have signed agreements to take their
trcn bJi'k at the union scale of pay.
"We "III get the barlers out In the
Wall street, hotel and theatre districts
to-mntrow." eUlil C. M. Fledcr, vice
president of the Journeymen Harbers In
tcrnalloii.il I'nion of America. "Our
tl.keta are doing good work ar.d we
lair practically all the hopei on the
Cast Mo. Ill Harlem ami The Bronx
e.o.td up."
pjn.cl Trauberinnn, n strike picket
of the barbers, told union officials that
ll,uc had assaulted him for his ac
tivities. The l'n per Box Makers I'nion laid
p'l.ir icsterday to add 4.000 boxmakers
In Htooklyn to the 15,000 now on strike
i-i Manhattan, Offlclals complained that
,n spite of their complaint to Oommls
sinner Woods on Tuesday that Uiugs
have bren assaulting union pickets the
pollie have done nothing.
"There has been no abatement In the
nneuilts," said Secretary Morris Wield
roan of the union. "Scores of pickets
hate been beaten In Wooster and Qrand
' street", inoit of them at the Intersection
ef these two streets. If the police don't
p-ctei't us better we will complain to the
The Oeneral Council of Metal Workers
formulated demands for employees yet;
tereUy Pules employers grant these by
Fepiember 1 3J.O0O metal workers will
strike, said union ofllclnlH. The Travel
ling Hoods and Leather Workers L'nlon,
which claims to have 12,000 members,
rfued t make known the date these
nen will strike, but It Is expected to be
Friday or Saturday,
The Teddy Hear Makers l'nlon Is
preparing foi a strike. It claims to have
J. )( member'. The strike of the mem
bus uf tlu Human Hair Workers Is con
itiulrg. although some of the manufac
turer have signed agreements.
Carmen taken back.
0 Mrinslnte-il nnil Mure t'aaea Will
He Considered.
Twtnly calincn who had been dls
charged l.y the Third Avenue Hallway
f'lrW)- aflrr the settlement of the rc-,-etie
trfL-e ue- eeleisliiteel vesterelnv lif
ter a onferemv between union lcadei
anl ut'Uials of the i.illvvii-. It l px
sei ifil other clWmlet,cd men will bo taken
Edwin A M.iher. Sr., vice-president of
tl.e Third Avenue, and his son met WIU
lm 11. FltzgeralJ and Louis frldlger, at
tetn for the union, at the company's
offl'9.... 130th otrcet and Third avenue. It
i the first conference over the de
nnla made by the men for higher
wagr-i and better working conditions.
But before taking them up both sides
deemed It wise to consider the dismissals
ef 'In men.
"The. company officials met us with a
rp'.rlt of f.ilini'HS that we have not en
countered heritoforv." ;iald Mr. Krldlger.
'They told us frankly that had we got
together before the strike there never
ould hao been any strike. We dls
fiaueil the cases one nt a time. Mr.
Jlnhei- gave his side and e presented
cur side In many cases Mr. Maher
I'Kjk the Initiative and ordered the men
tack tn work."
There a r still other rases to be con
Meieil The union men and the Third
Aeim nftlclals will meet at 2 o'clock
this afternoon. At ":'J0 there will bo u
eonferonre between Krunk Hedlcy, gen
eral manager of the New York Railways
''empaiiy and the union committee rep
rifenting the carmen In regard to the
demand" for higher wuges and better
worKing conditions.
The demands on the Interborough
Rapid Transit Company will be made
public thu afternoon, Fitzgerald an-nouw-d
Studio closed until
September 18th.
i576 FIFTH AV (JD -COR. 47 J ST-
'12 omaTvdt76
Createit Men' Furnishing Store
I Fine Negligee Shirt
Newly Half Price
The Famous
Bates Street Brand
End-of-t he-Season
Silk & Linen, $1.65
Regularly $3.00
Soft Cuff. Onlv.
Bate St. Percale & Madras. $1.25
Reeularlv 11.50 and 12.00
$3.50 Bathing Suits at $2.50
Office Coats, 50c, $1.00, $1.50
Auto Coats. $1.00. SI .50, $2.00
beedfuM for Vacation
fchtki and Duck Trousers, $1 ind $1.50
Cr.y Fltnnel Shirts. $1.19, $1.49, $I.9S
, Khaki Shirli, 59c ind 9?c
letl'ier Bell. hlek. Isn. whit. SO-
Rortb Beach
i ill' IIiWII T. K. I3ITM T.
ee. lea 'tiereaseswei. tteiaaa
ateT,.""'."""' lorsels). 'IhurselaM,
11 1 f a
H aaVMMnVall
t inursaars.
till IO irtH.
i.lllMVAI. stl'l,
Purloinor of Jewels Worth
7,00 Tells How Hiph
He Lived nt 23.
There WHi no news In Jirtgc IIomI
Mey's pari of General ;Seivilonsv jester
duv. The clerk ooieel boredom, the at
tendant slouched under their load uf
In the dock tttood a young nun, fre.Oi
checke-l, well dressed. He didn't look
a If he should ho there. He wan tell
ing In forty .words n story an old an
xln Itself and n sordhl. The clerks and
attcmlantA yawned, so often had they
heard the same story.
He wa Irvlnic Itvendal of 4S6
Uroadway. He Is 23 years old, and
until He was arretted a few days ago
" , " ' ' "
Broadway, dealers 'in diamonds.' He
while It lasted. Here I am now, ready
to pay the penalty.'
He was remanded for sentence on
Continued from First Pagt,
which met yesterday In the Hotel Van
derbllt and wound up Its session. The
resolution follows:
Inasmuch as the Constitution of the
republic of Mexico was modelled after
the Constitution of the l.'nltcd States,
and that Its fundamental principles
are based on the fact that every man
Is a freeman, and that he shall enjoy
the right to worship Hod as his con
science shall dictate; that In the final
solution of Mexico's Internal affairs
the government of the United States
shall Ipetlst because It will be the
most Important factor hi the recon
struction of Slexlco that the rights
of all men to worship (lod shall be
preserved and undisturbed.
Hellglon In Politics.
The union also recommended that all
legislative bodies pass laws preventing
the use of Government buildings by
those who Insult or criticise arty re
ligious sect. Candidates for public of
fice who solicit support on the ground
of rellgloim ntllllatlons are condemned, as
well as the parties or Individuals who
violate the Constitution of the United
States by "applying tho religious test
to any candidate."
Michael J. Slattery. president of the
union, spoke yesterday at the final ses
sion of the Federation of Catholic So
cieties, denouncing the condition under
which Catholics must live In Mexico.
Slattcry said that the Governors of
many States and Dlat himself encour
aged attack upon the convents and Cath
olic schools, believing that they were
the real source of education, and for that
reason should be suppressed.
hen Huerta was overthrown and
the present oancl of pirates came Into
power they realized that an enemy
greater than Huerta would prevent them
from carrying on their destructive tac
tics. When Gen. Vlllareal presided over
the Aetuascallentes convention, which
was called to select a president to take
Huerta's place, he disclosed the real pur
pose of the revolution. He said that the
constitution prevented them from doing
the things they wanted to do, nut tney
must live a little while without the con
stitution, and he saw In the Catholic
Church the sole obstacle between them
and their desired ends. He said this
enemy must be driven from the I'ountry.
With that speech In their ears they went
forth and committed most horrible out
rages, and from that day tn this Mexico
has been without a constitution."
Besides Slattery's speech yesterday at
the federation convention there wete
short addresses by Col. Patrick Henry
Callahan of Louisville and Joseph T
Brennan of Boston. The sparks flew
thick and fast between Callahan and
Brcnnan, for they disagreed radically
as to the amount of toleration that the
United States extends to the Catholics,
injects to Boosting.
Col. Callahan, chairman of the re
ligious prejudice committee of the
Knights of Columbus, remarked :
"One of the purposes of this conven
tion Is to disillusionize non-Catlndlcs
who believe that we look on all things
through Catholic eyes only. The ques
tion of religious prejudice Is bigger and
more dangeious than the hyvhen ques
tion nnd Is more likely to deMroy our
institutions. . t, , . ,
"We have heard much this week about
the Catholic one-sixth of the United
eci.. i wnnt to sav a word In com-
ipllmcn't of the non-Catholic five-sixths
which naa Deen very umin "
permitted us to build up Institutions and
and to organize until our status here is
better than In many Catholic countries.'
"With all due respect to this promi
nent gentlemen." said Brennan In reply,
"what he says is syjy.
tolerance is soft soap. I can npeak
officially for Massachusetts only, but
there the non-iaunonc n'-ci'n
fair to the Catholic one-sKth.
"And why tolerance? We are Amer
icans with the right to Do nere. vc
need no tolerance and accept none,
Before ndjourmng, to meet nexi -r
In Kansas City, the delegates or mo
federation voted to change their consti
tution bo that they might have diocesan
Ituitead'of county ana oiaie rciircsun,.
tlon. As explained by Anthony Matre.
,innai .reretiirv. this revision meant
that the federation would have ion dioc
esan organizations to nanuie insicau u
it thfiusnni 1 county units. Ohio, he
r,oii,t,i nut. baa clahty-elght counties,
which would prove difficult to look after
when organized. Then too the federa
tion will change Its name to the Catholic
Federation of the United States."
The officers for 1916-17 are John
Whalen. president ; Thomas P. Flynn, J.
A. Coller, josepn rrey. j. J. iiyin-n,
Joseph McLuughlln and Dr. Peter elanz,
vice-presidents; Anthony Matre. secre
tary; C. 11. Schulte, treasurer: Anthony
Kuhn. marshal, and Chief Whirlwind
Soldier of South Dakota, color bearer.
Elections In the Cenlrnl Verein re
sulted as follows: Joseph Prey, presl
'dent ; Michael h Olrten of ChVago, and
William Burgess eif thlH city, vice-presl-dents;
August Sprlnghob of Milwaukee,
and John (J. Juenemanu of St. Paul,
secretaries V. W. Iminekus of Pitts
burg, treasurer.
President Slattery of the Young Men's
Union wasi retained in office and the
Illght Itev. Patrick J. Hayes. Auxiliary
Bishop of New York, was made splrltuul
director. . ,
Tn-iluy tho delegates of nil three con
ventions are free to return home or to
go on excursions mound the city.
Memorial for Nrtcro Troopers.
Ill honor of the troopers of the Tetil'i
Cavalry, I'. 8. A., who died at Carrl.-al
negroes of New York will hold memorial
services to-Mght In Snleni Mctlodist
Kplsceipal Chuich. 1U2 West 1 33d stree't.
Col Boeisevelt has written a let' ir prali
lug the heredsm of the troopers, which
will lie reail at tho service. A nUiil
from each e-oinpany of the Fifteenth In
finity, the new negro regiment of the
National Guard, will attend.
Pennsylvania Senator t'rges
Industrial Fortification
Tliroujrh Tariff.
Attacks Munitions Tax as L'n
uniform and Possibly Af
fecting Neutrality.
( Vashiniton, Aug. 23. Debate In the
Senate on the emeigency revenue bill to
day was marked by a long speech by
Senator Penrose urging Industrial pre
paredness to snfeguard the country
against commercial warfare nt the cloe I
of the Kuropean war.
"This tiuestlon of Industrial prepared
ness, said Senator renrosc, "has re
eclved definite recognition In the pending
bill In the provision relative to dyestuffs. ' mlnlstrntton with respect to the dlplo
This conccst'on made by ' those who j matlc controversies with Great Britain
abhor Impos'.s and duties and tend to the
thought that nearly all the expenses of
the Government so far as possible should
be raised by the taxes on incomes and
other direct taxes, seems to me to constl- !
lute a surrendes which gives up their shape for vigorous action uunng w
whole case, if dyestuffs require a protcc- I weeks of the Presidential campaign. The I
tlve duty and If they are essential to our ! President's political advisers believe that
Industrial Independence. I conclude that I
the snme argument can be applied all i
along the line."
Foresee a Trade War.
Beferrlng to the recent conferences of
lhe entente Allies reeardlnir commercial ,
plans that will operate to their own bene-
lit after the war the Pennsylvania Sena-
tor said: '
"In the face of these developments al-1
ready occurring and with the likelihood
spects of trade
fCttire. we are
ending revenue
:" .. .
of still more portentous aspects
war arising In the near
called upon to pass the pending revenue
,,.v..u.u .u..uL
for the menacing situation which will n-
evltnbly confront in as the war In l-.u-
rope draws to a close. The only recognl-
And In the Instance of dyestuffs.
"c are drifting to a system of direct
taxes at a time when nearly every civil-
lte.1 nation Is going In the other dlrec-
tlon. Before the outbreak of the war In
Hurone every nation In Kurone except
England had a protective tariff. If Ger-'
.' . . . . ... ,
tnaiiy had not had a protective tariff and
been able to meet a large part of her re- 1
qulrements rrom home proeiuctton tne
war would have been over long ago as ;
tar as uermany was e-onccrneu. aiiu
mere is every reason to i.euevc inae
with the close of the war new trade al
llances and treaties will be made which
will make It more Impcrtatlve than
ever that the Called States should get
ready for Industrial preparcdncf s."
Munitions Tna t'nnnlform. i pmctlcal compensation for American In
If n munitions tax U to be Imposed. I terests and which might provide timely
Senator Penrose said. It should be applied i "diplomatic victories" for home con
to all who sell contraband goods to na- sumption,
tlons at war. i
"Investigation discloses," he said, "that I British Counsellor ( all.
the munitions tax Is sectional, ununl
form, of doubtful validity, of question
oi'iJ i.,.niv nnil nkilsiinii.M it, oiativ
nther v 1 1 mleht 1... clnimeel to be 1
an "ashm of the c
-i ...I . 1,.., If I, la
ZZXVn exports and Is a elircct ta x
munitions tax already pay one Federal
tax : on earnings.
neutral Government eloere not protect
expeiiMrof suppVng'.i? ' 1 ItlrW'
to turn It Into a source or revenue it
would lay Itself open to a charge of
such Interest In the business as to make
It a virtual partner." i
BoTTii-.pAM, Aug. 23. According to
Illrel More Owner Hieiiieralcil iiiformatlou here the AineiiMin su-.uu-
When Take,, Before Magistrate. ,'lp .''"r.i0'. .,Ul!' rru'1
on August l, repoiieil having encotin
Sigmund Slmmetiiiuer of the New York tered off the IIp of Wight ,i e'.prman
Bird Stoic, Inc., I3U Sixth avenue, was siibinuilne, whieii tlffd ten or twelve,
exonerated yesterday when brought In- shots nt her without w.irnliii;, It W tie
fore Magistrate Marsh In Kssex Marki-t eiared, some of the shells striking the
court, eh.iigeil with being cruel to pup-, water close to hci but linllcting no rl A tu
ple; and birds In his store. age.
Kate J. Warner of the New York dpt. Barlow of the nwego sent a boat
Women's League for AnlmiN and W 11 -1 u 1 1 li the unite uml th.. shin-. iin.t
Ham II. Hill, eecretary of the Horse wn.
ere. mi-., itcceise-ti r.iiiiiii:ii.iuei n"-iiu. me liermilllS Illiovvcei hip nwego to pio
pupplcs In his show window wlthotr ( ceed.
water and of crushing a bird In his hand i -piio (.uhmarlne odlrer.' told the male
when Mls Warner entered the store and ' r the American vessel that thev flreel
rpinonstratpil with him. Slmnippauer ,,.a,,P t fiwegu did not stop' Inimp.
said he was ton good a business man In diatoly In ol.edlrmv to flags ,in,i slmmls
abuse his own slock, and a represent!!- j lU.h tlu-v illsplnyeil The signals could
tlve- of the Society for tin- Prevent.on of i no, ,,, ,e,.,,.re, from the Owego. It Ih
i rupity m .Annual nun in vunn ""
elltlons are gorsl In tho store.
Mllltla Heeelthler Than Itranlars.
Wasiiinhtom. Aug. 2:1. National
Guartlsmeii showed a lower sick rate
than thp regulars again this werk, War
Department ivrords puhllsheil to-elnj
show two deaths from nwndlcllls anil
one freim hi'iirlet fever among tho
guardsmen on the border.
Oil Kiploslem Kill l-'oremnn.
ClilCAOO, Aug. 23. A tire nnd ex
In 11 Standard Oil Company
warehouse here containing 3S,0Utl gal- lomliined 01 ganlzatlon of men at 11 din
Ions of gasolene and kerosene to-day re- ner at Hip McAIpIii Hntii last tilglit,
suited In thp death eif A. B. Young fore, more than 2nd being prospnt at the
nun at the storehouse, serious Injuries tables.
to eight firemen, lesser Injuries to n 1 Among the speaker were. F. A. Van
score of other firemen, and material derllii, Samuel .Mr'l',nlert. Allen G
ilamagn estimated between jr.ri,ni0 and Ho.vl and Italph H.iHiy C. U. Mitchell
175,000. iictrd its loast master,
. siccrcns MAY oc occurico T to f i" irv WFBT
With Sharp Will Furnish Ma
terial for Framing For
eign Policy.
Envoys to Knrope Now in
Daily Conferences With
Secretary Lansing.
Washington, Auir. 23. Walter Hlnes
ii... .l t ...i.n.. i.w in Loudon.,
. .,.i-..t,.,. I
who is rcic on leave, nm o.
ference with President Wilson. Indlca
tlimc are the simultaneous vlilts to
Washington of Mr. Page and Mr. Sharo.
American Ambassador to France, and
their dally conferences with Sccrclnry
Lansing are paving the way for a policy
of definite action on the part of the Ad
and Krnnce.
Since his recent return to the State
Department. Mr. Umslng has been tin-
usually busy In getting various matters
of this Government's) foreign policy in
only by this means can the criticism of;
the Administration's procrastlnatoln be
1 successfully answered.
.. Mcx,.an imbroglio temporarily
shelved, It was dccldeel, according to re-j
liable Information, to take up the broad
questions Involved In th British blockade
I.tmltanla Cnar a "Victory
' rrot.lems conceniing n sun-
"ln,r"" warfare could
f lo"K a ,5crman '.'"l? VV n, ' I
Inactive, whereupon announcement of the
nn(.VCi whereupon announcement of the
settlement of the Lusitaiila case might
c(imr ga tteiWe "diplomatic victory"
, ,,, la lla of ihf cn,npi,Bn
llu( , ,,,,,,. out a K(.ncrnl COurse
nice It appeared Important for the
r,.n.e,4,e, ... v... i,tt- t,r ii
col1(1 wt,out risking a serious dlplo- ". ?hJ 1",, ? 'V . Si! '
mat!c breacl) .1V0r ,.,1V ,,hl,,c of tht. I ho are or w hen he return. In a house
n,iltl.r, ln ,slim,.. Th, elovernment 1 " N','5J,'1 neventh street I hllaelelphia.
a,., n0, wl, h to lrmt,cr!, to thelw'rf roJ"rt two V,ome," Who i ,here
I)o!n. of ,....,.,. ()f,cntiing the F.ntente ar""" lushe Botwln. a white slaver
i..,,. ...i , , .....,
".'- .ii'- .., .tuiui'i ,...,m.., ,
thv ,pniatlo discuwioiis which 1
,K,t' necessitate either pressing the '.
euiestloii at Issue or bachlni: down. i
on this theory, which Is widelv enter-
talned among el'l.lomats here, the visits
of Mr. Page nurt .Mr. Sharp are proviel-
it. ti,e Statu Department with valuable
liilormatloii as to Just how far tho Ad-
ministration dare go. A general sum
miiry of tho long standing controversies
Is being gone over with a view to rench-
1 lug sonic e-ourse eif action which would
' fit le..f nil',. !, k.mlilfini'n nf ..litn liiliii-
Mr. Barclay, British counsellor, was a
Unlltr nt ,ne ti,nlc Department tn.elayi.vars. Ho was born In Genesee county
""" 1'resuneaiii.v tsjugiu iniormaiinn
SZS' S,'
concerning this cn.sp, about which olll-
Hjx"5r luw ",,n,,,,r,,,y h-" ,,,n"t
.. . '. n11.lMM,, ,
"""" 'f '
'Ten or Tvtelvr Mlmls Flrrel !
Hoot, Crew Itcpeirts,
nfter rxiiiniimtlon of whii li ilociimentH
ndiled. owing n the tlcail calm and the
1 ial..
! Tlie nwego unlonded at Itntterdam anil
palled for Ameilc.i on August ir,
iA'i'VT Mrn unit Old rr Dinner
Gtii'hiN of 4'onipnn.
Tho National City Company, which hm
aesnnieil the Immi ellstrlliiitliig org.iiilr.a
I linn of the National City Hank f New
. York ami purchased the Imnel biisim.ss
, "f N W Halsey e. Co., ri.leitalned the
U tse v rj I
irsnuiiiiaa aa,
Residents of Harlem's Little
Italy Flee lrom Fire Near
Huge Jleservoir.
Quick work on the part of firemen and
Consolldaled lias Company employees
yesterday morning prevented an explo
sion which might have wrecked a large
part of Harlem's Little Italy.
A fire began at 8 :4S o'clock In an ac
cumulation of oil ami paint drippings
near the gas company's huge tsnk on
the block bounded by First and Second
avenues and llOth ami lllth streets.
The (tames shot up eiulekly and soon en
circled tho tank, which contained H0O.O0O
cubic feet of gas.
Two nlarms brought the firemen. Fifty
'"t ert!tt ot the flames was another tank
containing fi,
000.000 cubic feet of gas.
While the firemen were working on the
flames with sand and tarpaulins the
Consolidated men were draining the big
tanks by pumping their contents through
pipes to tho Ldng Island City reservoir.
Itesldcnts of the neighborhood nnd
nearby buslnesa men realized their great
danger and fled from the district; others
sought refuge In cellars, expecting to
hear an explosion any minute. When
tho flro was finally put out the actual
damage was assessed at 140.
f i l ls of PollcPlllCIl I'lltlcr
Fire Accused of Inducing
Them to Leave.
At least seventy-five women who might
ihave been asked to testify against police-
I men under Indictment or facing Indict-
' ment In the white slave Investigation
have left New York, and hnve 'been traced
t0 nccord. ,
ns to Assistant District Attorney James
,:- s""t1'' ' Srnlth accuses friends of,
... ,...i ,ij , I
tho jiollcemeii of having compelled or '
persuaded these witnessen to leave town,
He said yesterday:
"Detectives from th District Attor-
ney's oillce hnve located most of the'
" " , " ' -"ll TL " .i,.i.
out r New rk and keep their mouths
ho pleaded guilty to one Indictment and
oukl. ....... -
"Rairtsl whom four more Indlctnenti are
"t,ur eletectlvcs nlso found In Paterson
'"'r.ei women wno are w.mte.i nere as
witnesses, They had worked In New
'"r ' airrcn, wion n as sara
' "r. eney now say ency ieu
.rK "nder a promise of Immunity
ii. mh en,, vice irusi uiacKiim ii mcy
stayed away until the trouble was over
and did not talk."
Former Justice of Special Sessions
Dlc at Prnii Van.
Lllzur B. Hinsdale, former Justice
of Special Sessions, died yesterday at
Penn Van, N. Y.. at the age 'of SI
. "-'-' 'i. "nil rauif eu ,e-
!'ufr"10 W .1:.,cr'
Hp bolpcil to found thp ftrpuhllcan
par; and was a leader In the l'nlon
League 'Muh. succeeding the late
Whltelaw Belli as chairman of the com-
tnltli'p nn unlltl.-jl refnrne. lie , level,
oped the North Shorn division of the
Long Island Ballrn.nl and helped to
bring about the consolidation which
made It the system It Is to.day. In
I"? he wrote the "Hlstorv of the Long
Island llall.-oad." Appointed to the
Iieni'h when llio Court of Sneclnl Se-S-
sloim was created, he served ten years.
l.ritpr hp rptlr.'il from thp law and from
all active business
Conrt Hales Personal l.rtlrrs Must
4iei lo llxrcutor,
' '
. Aug. 2:i Kdward B.
Wasiiimiton. Aug. 2.1 l-.ilward H.
.... ..- Il.ee i i-i - '" "".laSI WCeS iS IO" Plii.iii.ee r.i".-
tight to break his father', will. Justice Wr,u t July 2. and Itl.iimond's flfte.'ti
Stafford In the Disltlit .Siipteni.' Court ,0, t,r same mark. Mnnhnt'. n's 3!J
to-day di'iiured the personal tetters i wa! tp,. lowest wpek since tli.it bg. lining
, t t.u t. ,Ifl- tn.m.l I., l.lu
found nmiiiiL- the cITi'Cts of t ie ate
.liillli IE. .Mi'i.Pnn aim now nciu ny rrau-iwciP rew-pi- e'ases man sin c i"'
c's T. Honipr eif New York should he i beginning July 23,
if turned to the American Spcuilly ittidl
Tnift Company, executor of the estate.
An older dissolving the Injunction lo
pievrtit the return of the letters, whlcu
were given to Mr. Homer by the trust
I'.iin-.kiny fnr cxatiiliiatlein, probably w III
be piileied tn-mnrrow.
" " '
F.ffort Will He Made lo Fstnlillah
l.emcr Mnnhntlan lliite..
Ile'.irlngs will begin September 7 he-
fori" the Public sierviev Commission 'n
an effort to establish u lower rile far
electric light In Manhattan beglim'iig
.Inly 1, I1H7 In I'eiobi'r, ISIS, the nite
ease was linse-il with the decision that
the New York Kdlsuti Company mlglit
charge eight ceiilv a kltowitt 'intir li
Manhattan for three jenrs
M.i.vor Mltcliel idit.iliii'd the reiper.lng
eif the case In thp hO.o that the three
e.ir p.'ilod inlglil be shortened,
1. Altman&OIn.
A Nuinnilbeir off
Womeirn's TaaloirinrDa(dIe Suits
(siipenor qualaties)
vill be placed on sale to-day (Thursday)
at the extraordinariJy low prices of
$13.75 & $116.75
Women.' s Ready-ito-wear Department
(Third Floor)
Mill Awtutt. Km tyaxk
Ilcnltli Hoard Finds Host Ki
sults From Vsc in First
WniKT llt'l IPVVll OYKIt '
UIOI llhld r tA' "''
C.........1...... !..., L', .ii.wl tn lln
berOlldliry Cases hOUtld IO Ifl'l
Less Than in Measles or
Whooping Cotipli.
Because of the lack of serum for
lighting Infantile paralysis In New York
city, Commissioner IJmerson of the De
partment of Health announced yester
day that hereafter the available supply
drawn from the blood of persons who
have recovered from the disease will be
used alinort exclusively In the treatment
of cases In the first stages of Infection.
"Aii a result of an analysis of cases
of poliomyelitis treated with Immune
serum up to the present time It Is ap
parent that the best results are obtained
In the first three days after the onet
of the disease," the Commissioner ex
plained. "This Is similar to the expe
rience with the use of scrn In other In
fectious ellscases. The application of
this procedure will be limited largely In
the future to such cases as are reached
In the earlier stages of the disease. Con
tinued observation will be made of the
results of the serum treatment In se-
lected cases where extending paralysis
threatens life."
Dr. Kmerson agreed entirely with the
statement which Prof. Arnold Nctter
cabled from Paris advoe-atlng the use
of human serum In combating the dis
ease. The Health Commlvdonei- char
acterized the statement as Indorsement
of what the local authorities ure already
"Tho department has for some time
been using Immune scrum In all bor-
. ,, .. ai,n,(, ...h, ,
give, by the spinal metho.1
be continued throughout the .
,i.Jr, .ni u.i.nni. ihn
the serum heina
This will
city nnd the
department will welcome the cooperation
of private physicians who see cases n
the period of early or auspicious syrup-
Aot ( rrtain ADont iionseny.
Dr. Kmerson does not believe that the
. , , .., .... w .
of the past few days has been re-
,P"'I' 'or ,h' ""k'" Increase in the
numbr f ca!1CB. r,mimentlng on the
rejsirt that Samuel Dixon, lluilth Com-'
mlseloner of Pennsylvania, had proved
the housefly to be n carrier. Dr. ner-
i.i is .-i, nrf i,-
furnlslieel It will go a long way toward
ending this and averting future epi-
.eVen Immune volunteers gave fifty-
five ounces of blood yesterday at Wlllard
r.irker Hospital to he used in hip iii.iiiu-
racture of serum, nnd seventeen ounces
of normal blood were given by two who
i have not l.ail tpe eilse-ase. iM-snuc ine
appeal of the Health Department, luw-
ever, not one pet dog or eet with any
form of paralysis was tnnught to the
laboratories. One cat u.is offereil, but
the Mistiertcd naralysls prjvcd on ex-
nmlnntlon to he a case or iiroken imck.
one of the main causes for lack of
1 scrum Is the fact that no bloeid will bp
' taken from convalescent children we-igli-
ng unnr 70 rounds, which cllmlnatex
lrie majority uf recovered victim, and
,m0 wm (e t,,Upn ln other cse" with-
. out written consent by the parent
Tnere were lei new e'.l-es reiiuree'e
rUy. as agam-t II th- .U be-
fore, anil there were firty-tvvo deaths
ve-strelay. as e-ompared with thirty-tune
Tuesday.' Manhattan had f.2 eases and
2 diiith; Hrookln 43 new cases and
t -. .Ie.itliw In elneerw there We're' 22
ease- and nine deaths; In The- Bronx
10 cases nnd six deaths, and In Itlch-
mond thtee new eases. The total or
deaths; from the epidemic reached 1.7.12
with these rcpoits. and thp number of
cases now recorded is 7.123.
ln SliltP of tho fact that e'Slefda'--
' figures showed an Incirase over the pre
ceding rtay. CoinmiesnuiPr i.uii r.-oii i
conltdent that the epidemic Is on tin-
wane. So far the uveiage hit- been 114
.ases a day for this week, while List
wei'k It wus IS') a day Ai'tnrdtng Ii
'the inapt prepared by the department
the eases and deaths ate den easing.
Last wrvk tlie tlgures for every bor-
ough were lower than for several we-cks.
! nrookivii the total of 23S new cae
! t- iirookivn
I . . .. ... .1... It. ... Li.,,.A lli.
leetc SO. and n the entile- city tnere'
Mepnndari t uses ten,
But pollomyelltla bore oui Its reputn -
Hon us the "mystery nisease in nn'e
. ..M.l V. tt.n .!., ctt.ient ,m
..'.Ae,- rlc.tlk..' I tl I in .
riliuree e-"iiii'ii-'e ".' "" " I ,
secniul.iry cases. It was iIIhiupii'iI thai
there were fewer families with unite;
than imp victim In crnwilpil Manhattan j
and Brooklyn than In any other borougn.
in direct contradiction to the usual I
tliporv of Infectious dlsca-ps The 7. on"
,.,ses treated have i nnip trom . 7 IS f.nn- '
Pief. "f "horn 227 fiim'lles have bad!
more than nnp case euii litis -i ves u
.-i-,.ntagii of ::.3t'. er cent of secondary
r;,e, whlih Is about .lentliil with tlie'
j nvords for scarlet fevci, but far below
thoM- for measles nn-l whooping cough '
to c;ip each were ipporteil from 2"a
fnmle. In the rilv, Ivvpnty fninlllpp bad
i threp m,m, and only one had four and
,. p.,,) five '
j Hut .Manhattan's tiercentiep nf mp-
j ond.ir.v t isps wn I .1, BionUlvn's was
(t;. 'w,.e The Bronx and lllrhmi'iu'
ni.ti rated 7.1 per cent, tjutens h,n
I I per lent. It Is thought that the
1 excellent flinwlng for Manlwittaii nnd
I Brooklyn may bo ilnc lo thu quade fol
lowing iui iiii.l iPiuiiv.il of suspected
asps, hut even nt that Hip inorp ciowdpil
seel Ions nnttirnllj would bp e-xpeeted to
nae a higher percentage of secondary
case's, iint.-s,, )-, Front's theory Is to be
pppptr! th.it the germs are- not trans
.milled by human carriers but by dust.
Je-rse-y 1 1 s IIS .rw Coses.
Sixty-eight new e'sws were reported
jettrrday In New Jersey. Four new
rnmmmiltles were attacked, bringing the
number up to 210, and the number of
cases to 2,22.1 Tho new cases teported
wp.rc! Newark, thirty-four; Hayonne,
Asbury Parlt, Paterson. Plimpton, three
Pilf'h MlllllNim riti.t tit.. It. ft. .1.1 ......,
IlamniDiiion, lteiyenlleld, Itamist-y, Huth-
"rford. Florence Township, Hloomlleld,
Orange, nuttenherg, Jersi-y City, North
n'TKeri lownsiup, west .Now VnrK,
.Madison, Perth Ainboy, Mlllslnne Town
ship, Long Branch, Ocean Grove, Iln
worth and Salem, nnp each. The now
centres were Hammonton and Florence
Towihtp In Burlington count v, Madison
In Middlesex county nnd Matawan In
.Monmouth county.
The Massachusetts Department of
Health ypsterelay received reports of
elcveiip new ptiM-s. Thp tital for tho
Stilt., now Is 277. Six new cases were
illwnvercd In Connecticut, making a
Thn nit.. t.f.i i ...
...v. . im h mi irani oi ron vvnyne.
Itul., ordeieil (he opening of sclionls
there deferred until October 2 at the
mere eirierreii until October 2 at the
spreail of the ellsease. There are six 1
v,rrn tu uwu city, iieailli eitilciais or.v -
.Maine, llhode Island ami New tf.iinti.
shire nieeihir. in ii,i ,.., -.i,. .i , Hello, su Thlrn Avenue; rniil Poll, tn
V.7.i i , ' 5 .. .? c!,,rr''ny. di- nrM ,.,.; Catherine Kelly, 321 West
cleleu that no restrictions are neees- Twenty. nrth street, Tesv Conretts, f.31
s.uy henceforth for ttavellers within i West Klghiy.nfth street; Henry Merle, Ml
thesi- States. A uniform cprtlllralc was 'West Twenty. sixth street; Frances Melsnil,
adopted fnr lirrni, .r,, S"'J West Twe iityseventli street ; eleorgo
. ...!., i . .iJ ? ., r ne . . Thomas, J.M W.st THentvlllth street.
Mates where identification Is reepilred. Margaret feiiea. 411 West Kighternth street;
I Peter .Morris. S!i7 First avenue; l.llle Ku
.Manr.Vrn Ceases l'n Ntntr. i hakel, 421 Unst Si'venty-llflh street: Fred
" P !i"ie. ' Kr..,lli. 1.70 Mnillson iivenui', Walter No
The largPHt number of new cases In votnn). 83ii i;.vst Klsiitythlnt street: Mar
tha lilstorv of the enldemlc was renorteil '"r"1 Sailler. 3t Bast Hlglitleth street,
yestPnlny- for NVwPYr f, . p. Z n. AS!' .
. , --
ciumntr .New lork r!ty. Tliern wr 125
.new victims ami six deaths recorded,
' marl; previously set having ,
been sevPnty-nlne. ascs for a single toy.
or 102 cases In fori.'-elght hours. The
total of victims juts.de New York city
In this State now Is 1.-520. nnd lfi have
died from the epidemic. '
lesterd.iysj elenths were reported
from Huntington, Bed Hoik, K.ist Fish-
Illchmnnd. The new cases rrikirted were
as follows. Htintlngtoi , six; Oc an
Beach and Noith Tarrvtown. live each:
Potichkoeiislp Oviter"Hiv lteintisipul
i i, . J "JS'er imj, in mpsteail
anil I'.itcnogue, four each ; sTayvillo. a-
I vyarsing. Freemont and Fallshureh.
thlcp each; Porte'hester, Kast Flhklll,
lllw .oil. Port IVushlneton l.nwr. nrp.
IJast lellp. New llyele Park. Freeport
Northliort. lluff.llo newl l.lliertv. 1n
cllfT. Old Westbury. Hnslyn. Nyack.
,,.,,,,. r ,.A C. ., .,,
(V,iwal.,i.Hudoti. Brlnrcllff Manor.
i Lookport. Full mvllle. ScirMlal", Itriitus,
N'orth IVlham. It.ilihvinsville, C.teen-
' burgh. White Plains, Ttiekal O-wpgn,
Scrlb.i. Saratoga Springs. Mhldlegr v.
, i, .,.... w.,.,
, ...,,,, ...
' s.iyv .11". Dlx Hills, Fair Ground, "ne-
nnta city. Oneonta Town. Black V. ver
Illrhland. Gouverneur. Arlington. Split
Buck, t'outhaven, Bluepolnt. Cohl Spring
Harbor. Asharocken Ue.wli. Good
Ground, vptliury, Garden city Park,
Vaf rel, i:nst Norwich. Hayvllle, South
lc!ii-tead. Synicu-e. Auburn, Mlnettn,
i, ijhe. nie'i!nlni: Grove and
JhilUletown. one each
Besldeiits of Klvvrhuail and Southold,
,. , are up In arms ar.itnst the itinr;Mi.
, tine, calling It a "curtailment of personal
llhertv" to prevent families with healthy
i kh I'll, n rmm ente ring ami leaving the
iielKhborhood. Tlierc Is talk of bringing
a tet ease In court.
.Wis-. i ii I'onnty, L. I., reported in new
i-asc" .vesteriliy and 1 eleath. So far 271
cd"es have been discovrril in eiy-ter
Bay, llemp-tti'.iil and North lleinp-te.ul.
Willi ",7 death The nt;ie imvn of
lb nips cad Is iUai.intineil, no health cer
tificates being ri'i ognlxe-il The luch
w.i.vs .e"p gu.irdnl .ind cars nnd trilt"
ate wati l'fd eiosely There Is rnn-idi r
nlili' fe.l'ng ng.r.nst these strong preven
tive measure'". Th" pew e-nses jpstenlny
weic Fine port. 2, and Baldwin, S :i
ford, Hockvi.le Centre-. Munson. M inenla,
, Great Neck, Glen Cow and oyster Bay.
1 e'.icn. I n- i de.nn a 111 .muiiso'i.
There, were !' new e-.eses of p.ir,ilsis
, .n onk"rs .veterday. niakliig a total n
j dale of ! cases anil , ee.uh.
llnj's Dentils nil el New nse n Ite-
liorteel li- lloreiiiu lis.
Deaths and new cases nf Infantile
p er.ilys.s repoi-pil by Hip Hei'.lh Dp
parttucnt jestcrday folln-.v
, VleinliatlKll
i ,rr,. ' ., , a.t T-i.t -fl'tn
Amw Martin'.miii : nit i;,,! k"iy
I t'r,t .'teei. .lames liuml- "'.H7 Tenth ave.
nie. i. iw.ir.i iiar i t, .14. i i irx avenue
Inn. i l.ieiii. III iVi.t Thtrtee nili .treet:
It, met .links"!!. S2 ll.esl Vln-tv ele'ilh
iri't. Ilutli I .Ln.. l.'i'.i i:;.li t-lc Mie't.
Ml.i W .-I . ten. lit'.' AV'sst .".: e Hit ii Mr.-M .
Mero I'l ei-tilrur 2s lllee,lt.-r stleel. I'atll
erlne Keilv. ."!2I We-t T entv -tl'ii street .
jll i Iran lot tu. A4 l'l-' svenu-. Mj i l.irk.
Die llrnnv.
William Mil' liel 470 i:at HHth .tre-t;
Rrnarlu'sv e 4lri Street A e
Belber-Fitall Bags and
Suit Cases
Fitted irilh the pnUntrtl FIT ALL
itd'iuxtaUlc htiltlrr for toilet article
R:kr Suit Crne filleJ uilh
FIT ALL uJjmtMe holJt).
ALL aJru'Mr hilJei.
Belbcr-FITALL BaMs
Belbcr-FITALL .Suit Casos
.IiiIiii risnsRsu. .'in, ll.ut tth trr .
Seymour June, s.tl Iteveltt plaie. Anntnlle
Fiiterniiin, Ili:i2 e'rnlonu Parkway, Alfred
Klevuns, ln;s Hmitheru llmiicviinl, line
(lershnn, ."III K.i.t M'Uli strut,
MrtHikl ii.
Mnllle Itrrkmvltft. tnr, Hmilh Rlghth
stnet; Antmilii illim. M.'l I'unl: street'
Prunies Murrl.ey, ."sj Untei nvciiuas Mue
I'. -tin Alnliiin.i iivinui". I .111 Inn
l.umll.org, l.'is.'l Knsi Nltii't ..Kill treel,
rp'ilerlik Wnigp, lln.t Meienieenth etre't
im.l Avenue Yi HnMti lllnuni. .v.'ii Mratnga
avenue! Irving llsterni in. W' xnnth fei
mill .treoti lunillire ILllidee, '.'-It ."until
Third strieti llrnrec lnwee, '.'7.'1.' Wesl
Fifth elrri-t; .In-elih I'nscy lisll Mri'
avenue. Ilnrie Ili."iitli.il. ill.'l H enituca nv -line;
Walter linlnn. 4'M Horry lreil
'hnrles Mei'afrre), Illli I.iT.in rllii avenu ,
FraniTs lilnengllu, 4'J .Main Mri'ft.
Frank L.ignntn. I'.'il Iteni'Mti nnd (V'lnr
Manor, Qii4snt"riii Attrp Whatchy. H14
(Ihrrurdl avrniie, Wnmlhaven, Clmrl".
Itolwrt.. 'J4 North lllvl-lnti nvinne, Hoik
away llenehi Wltllaiii .M.inle, Ht: ll-m-
itlit nvpiiup, S lhavpii; e'l.ir.i Hellirri, -H1
lihey avenue. Month eizons I'.irk, l'r.mi'e-
Murnvlts. l."i Sioiin nv. nus, Arverue; Itoeli
Krnu. XV, .ueiiiii.l iniiiu. e'olloge I'oln!.
Viola lturke, el Ht. John' - ptnee. lllileoi :
Anna l.vnns. (is Filth ftret, luig I..ninl
City (died at Will. ml l'arki-r llo-pllnl)
Iisvlil Htelnmarrer. 512 l.lviiigtnn strpi-tt
Ituth Loss. 139 Klilrlilgo streeti John
rolla, ,2: Wo.lilnmmi strcrt; A. I'.ynn, 231
West Kli'Vrntlt strefti Anna Beney, 3&
donrs sitppi; i.uunril Aiilert. Jbl llieecser
slrcrt; Kiln Mnllnnsky, r,s Kei-onil avenue;
Henry Uims. C0 Firth street; .linephlne
Jireey. 31 IMst Twenty-foiirth street; ll-
vr "v!. ,f '.T .IT"
K,na lllerell. ti V.nn Twenty. tifth
fifth .l,aal-
naries roi, .-je i-ani 'i weniysixin streei;
Fred Llntw, S.17 Avenue Hi Slephsnl.t
vuiiii i ! " fttv rM-(-ini iim nun, lurry
imii 667 Klffnth im-nu'. .Murhall Clmbrr-
J'k''; f Wc. neili sir.
"''" !. Si? ;";
liuii r.ii'i w'nu i:rib .tr,.,,t ....... jtit
'In. 181 Went l?tnl niniu-: I'lnrrnn
W liV We'sV i:S.'i
.M.iurer, tin Wet Fifty-ninth street: .lolm
Mnlvey. t.32 West i::tii street: e.'hnrles
V:K cu.,uv''t- F 'Vi I '.V 'ife'
Mrloo Cl'& S? S,Sh ."viSSiS
I'irl ."eiitiiu, Mr. i-st n.nh street; Mnrv
Norton, 13! Wet Mttyihiril stre.t; eier-
nue; Anna fhrlsioferi'. 3I Hast 10M
ureei, isMnr liosenluTg. 3D I j:ast tooth
ireet; Thomas F, reemlinii. :o: Hast I07th
'reet. John icilrle-n. ten Cast 103.1 street.
Harry I'omernns. Pm P.. st lOHh street,
li.airip. e;ianii. r. n Cut lllltti Mtfnnl
T.sh Koposkln. !31 Hjst Nlm-i v-eighth
, "r",: "'"J "uln l.fickoroiT. 3:0 l!ist 103,1
' ! ""t'-'lh llubln, loo West 1431
The llretnt.
Panlel Hays. 37? Il.ist 13th street; nita
Allans. :sl Hist HSil slreei, Max Kltet.
f..'-H H.ist 13:nli striei, linl'y linlier. :i
hut Hist street. Ilert I.e.uh, S4S0 I.nrll
1 r. I pl.ee',, IMttnnl Murphy, 561 lloston
roail. ulge A.I mis, !i.'.3 Kast listh stre, e
Hymali lleltinnn. 71S i:.ist I7lh street.
elntl.i l.'iteir. ... :! Arthur avenue: M
Stork, i'ili; w, l.-i, r iiv.iiue
ItnioLle n.
'.serge rhnel i-r. '.ml t'i luughlnt w
i.orK Sehnl'i"r.
nu- Arm.ire -M. Vener. I '. v. ti.. ..
street, e'h.irle. Ilronn. 17: ejulni .ire-i
Vuuuht lU'ilb. 3 '.I ejuluo street lleorgi tte
"I- I'utnnni avinie. vrthur Kostt
.,i..,n en I.r7i.'e- ,i ij.ei-iel m
sen. ..'.'3 Knl' hero n ker ,'ev. iiu ,l.inie. I
M.illory. '.'4 7 Hsrklln-r street .1. In, M.ilinn
, ?I7 lle'ldmer tr
A be S hu' ill, '?
F'll.illtlg IHnll, VII, h.eei K"i',. 41 Miter
street. I.lfjte im.rr. ll.' Del;.,!!, .yen le
IMveard llawkln. .'l Ile.in street. Louis
l-71il tn h. e.'.i Fltleentli s'r, t 'lire
Wheeler, i0 Tenth street, lie It Iteynm I
liarf.eld piece e'hu'le. .1.1 it in, '71
Fort lireene ,a,..: HUdj, Kdglilu. '7.1
Amity .treet. M irle famp-mith. nil
Sivy. eighth tret: Mary llo.lonottl. :
Hey Thirty-eighth sir.-et, III, la Simon
. ktjjv reniy.seiiiu. avenue: l.ir.en
l.iry. 4111 Seventh avenue. Mjrv Morel.,
7." tlerry street; Antonio Angina. 233 i'ook
siree'. .lo.ejih eu.eidi Sj't l'n. ik. strei
llol.ert Kttlnsnn. tJrand "treei ii"
llergson. ll! Il.irrl.otl ,eenie .lerpeie
lt.en, '1 l.ee e- . Wli.etn nil. ,
I!", eiaklend tr"'. e l.nri 1 1.1 w.i
ton tr."t. Al.riliiiu Monk. IP! s ijt
lifh ,tr..:: m..:,i ii.iini... r..: .Sent,
S'Ve'itli tr. et Mar llltfln. rt" Kast
Flf'eenth street. l!i Mlgul'w 1 3 j-
I'lfe.nth treei. I' in. Ine Hub. u, - i
Hivenv rein, ..i k ILiie '.; W. sin luster
rued, I.M'iati l.uti'l'.e'i;. I'..: Ki.i Niii"t.
sixth tr. ,-t . Huth ltrel. 4 ,S. i- ,lere
iveiini . Ituth eioilin lli'iiklnson ave
nu- K.eth"r tie e lei,s,,'i,ti, t4'j Hale
HJ,",,";!' rr.',1,'!' 'l:.'' "'
.m Ad'istcln. 4n. V
iivenue. rwimiei lit Isli' iiwal.i, ,i Dunion
i leve ,.end ftreel .
Ii.eill.e .evlitle.
Ihnlly llatjllleek, ll.'i liran.l avenue, v.
torla. IVInltre.l lloee-rs. els I'.eine.'la slresi
Astoria. Ilenle! Ivorl.jr. 371 J ei Us. in avr
line. Long Isl.in,; lit! . Ttieoiline IMfnll,
.'5 Stsinw ay av enus. .v.torli IMieard l.eli
man, s: Best Tvve'fth street. IVhltestone,
, M.ers'.ere I 1). tlti. n. r. o I lir.ttidvle ee-enus,
ItbU'ewooil , le-onard Ueiss, iii e'entre
street. KMgeweiivl. lt..s.d e'.llinev JI.nl.
rii e avenue. I: mlinrst He. en l.orfen. i:il
Fo'ty tlrst strut, e'.irone. IVU'l.em llnrtls,
1 rortv-t'Jtli -tt'it. e'ntiin.i .le.iin li,ei
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, Horohy ll.ie.irt . M mi, 'ree" Wool
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P.. -lor "tree' Fnl m mrsi Helen Her.
' tn.in. Ite.tuers, 'e I.ntt .iietiue, Fnlnn
e'ourse. SvHI.t lltootn, I'.irka.ex Jmril-a
ii,k Leon .sc.lKiiian, I A.exander avenue,
, Arverne
I William lireiiui. Hl.htnoiii Hill roul,
New .spring VII. elediii lirein-t.. Itle hmoml
HI 1 mid New .s'liritik- V) . eler.eril lCtui.
ghi", r.llul' Ideal, M mth Ileal ll
We !( now sliowitiK
Ht;lbcr-Kitiill Ijajjs in 20 dif
ferent .st.vlo.-s, and Holbcr
i'itall suit casts in ti de
sipns, mndo of liand-boardt'd
(owliido, box calf, long urain
seal, and mat seal.
You can make the loops ,
of the FITAU, Adjustable ,
Holder any width you wish, ,
and it will accommodate ,
any toilet articles you want. I
lo carry thoe off your
bureau or .specially .selected
fittings, as preferred.
Hecaiise the KIT ALL is
readily adjustable, iL will
bold one p.. ii le as securely
a it will hold many.
.$8.50 to $22.50
$8.50 to $22.50

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