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gjlljBIIMg '
' , i " ewV ,
Probably (air to-day and to-morrow;
continued cool; gentle winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 61; lowest, 35.
Of tailed weather, mall and marine report on page 10.
. 1
" " " riMC PTrMT1 'reter Nw Vrfc. 1 KI'JJ
nm vAnrr Tiir-.XT A V aCDTinWUKTP 1Q 1Q1fi n..r,,. 191. bu the Sun PrinUno and PubHthing Association. UJNfc 1 j,y city and Newark. I TW o t RT.
HEAD OF 28,000
President T. V. O'Connor
Voted Towei' by Men in
Secret Meeting.
Submarine Howled Toward
New London 18 U. S. Navy's
Latest L Type.
Mitchel Invites La
bor Leaders to City Hall
for Conference.
Women Used as Bait to Filch
$250,000 From Wealthy
Nkw London, Conn., Sept. 17, Ob
servers on Fisher', leland law a sub
mnrlne heading toward this port to
night and telegraphed that the long ex
pected Bremen had arrived. It proved
they were mlitsken. The vessel they
saw was one of the navy'a submarines
of the new L type. ,
But tho excitement the false report
caused among the representatives of the
Eastern Forwarding Company and the
rapidity with which they.got Into sctlon
were enough to convince every, one here
that they expect the Bremen at any
hour. ,
Paul llenkel and Capt
to expose ART fokgeues giye up FREE TRADE;
Mrs. Van Rensselaer Adam.3, His Guardian, and Com
mittee of Artists Seek to Thwart Plot to
Send Him Back to Asylum.
PRINCE ALBERT, second son
r of the British Kinp;. invalided
home from the navy owing to an
London Chamber of Commerce
Devises Posf-Waf Suprem
acy Programme.
Victims Prominent in New
York, Philadelphia, Baltl
.rnore and Chicago.
Chicago, Sept 1". Eight members of
an alleged blackmail gang, charged with
using the beauty of their women mcm-
Frsderlck ber and the fascinating powers of their
Fearing that tho subtle Influences 1 all the Blakcloc which are known to
. Im In rtv lt PtintV
wncn secretly opposed the release vi "X',, ,-i , onnoW-ei.rs who have bo..ht '
Ralph Albert Illakclock from the MM- main-lock nnl paid large wmi for them
dletown asylum for the Insane will I will he anxious to hive the Indorsement , , HfrS of I'll it 0(1 Kingdom to
lie stronger titan ever because of tho of the artist himself. Kyt-r since It has ... .7
org.n.zed effort to locate and punish the , h.
art fakers who have for years been mltnlom, t his paintings, owners of
forging' the paintings of the famous jilakelocks have been In constant anxiety
artist. Mrs. Van Rensselaer Adams, his , to determine whether they will be num-
' I.......I ....mMO- III. .'lelltYl.
egat guardian, lias hidden him In this -"
Three days ago Mrs. Adams took him
away from Lynwood Lodge, Englcwood,
Mm. Adam Aeon..
The Intention of tho rommlttee to get
ih frauds has appar-
h. o 111. th. ..,. .,,i,..ii,,.a i... hi. 1 entlv reached the ears of tho guilty, and
Hlnsch boarded the tug T. A. Scott aa 1 m.i. rnnf.rt.ri tn mulct wealthy mcnU..nu .i.t. .... ...1.. some hint of their campaign to oppose
.v., 1 a .v.. .... .a .,,.1 . " : ' ...c ..vu ...- ,.- iU1. ..,, ,,. frishleneil Mrs. Adams
i.Tm i. J! iT k. .iiV ' wmen ""t of more than 1250.000. rounded
He Favored News Reaches !
WASiiiNfiToN, Sept. J". Division of 1
the countries of the world Into economic '
strata separated by tariff walls and
classified as allies of the Ilrltlsh Em-1
plre, friendly neutrals, unfriendly neu-
,v,i. ......nfiiti frlehtcncd Mrs. Adams trals and enemy countries. Is urged by
to. sea to search for the submarine. . "- rounnee. wim an meat stuuio, so mat ne . , frtlng Klakelock away irom any the Lnn(t(m ch iml.er of Commerce In
Newspaper men followed them In are in custody or Federal auinorities ncre might again give to the world more one Who might attempt to get mm oacu )h( m 00tm,,t0 nrogra'ntne for
launches. Some of the newtpaper men to-day and will be taken to 1'hlladelphla of tils moonlight masterpieces. . i the asylum for the Insane. '
returned when they met the L boat, but for tr.a, Since then the whereabouts of Blake- u in,, been definitely learned that a I-rltlfli post-war trnde domination et to
the Scott continued to scout In the ... ,l,'! hss been n sicret. Mrs. Adams , nUmb r of spurious palntlnps purporting reach thl country.
waters of tho Bound. B. Je band. Inc lud ng returned t the Marlborough Hotel In , hac ,.om from Illnktlock's brush T(, c,pjr 1(. ,,,, fr ,,,, .,.,,,
Men who hav.1 entirely correct .TK irf ( T .ruulon tho chamber coneludcs In
am PTV'C C1ITPPTVP before In their Information an to the i"",c nciaw in a lamuonume Kor thu nw thn(t H,nC(t fUt hnH bern ;"V Mr Atlain- Riven these a ni-ecim lopun, vny hi wmrn huh
I IP 1,11 1 L nil 1L 1 LMf .-. .. ...... 1 ...1 Hldf nnnrtment imtol. Thev urn a ecu net I u ...... it-.-. ....-..... 1 1 m 1r' .!' AM..ettM. 1 1 1 ..1 .1....
v-. w - .jcriiian unuerwaier jnirriiriwc, nu inr- 1 . " ------- imihirhi iu hm- wutnii-.i uiiruiiiMi nvi-uurr
Air .aLaw. 1
Take "Iminciial)lcv Posi
tions Organized to l)o
feml Thiepval.
German Brigade Kouted in
Old Time Battle in High
Wood Sector.
Herman underwater enterprise, who pre
1 dieted the
i and otherwise
Camiell Sa.V Struggle HaS day tho Bremen has been lost. They
tune, whether she was sunk or captured.
to Assistant lltrlct Attorney- Just been received here, that abrogation
arrival of the Deutscniana ' " " ""' " """" ' or iter ngnt to iioetatc ttie artist sue , wmam i:mbree. This output or l ima- nt .., f.lV0reJ t.m" treaties,
!V.?.r!rJ'B YVrk S.Xuea'hJouS.d "XJ' a.,. Mbb "hLnA 'nc.udlng tha, wh the m.ted States. U
... ... ,.. .:,", "7. efficiency or
Cost Comimnies and Pub
lic B,232,000.
Whether 38.000 lonsshoremen em
ployed alons the waterfront In Man-'
hsttan, Brooklyn, Queens. Itlchmond.
Jersey City and iioboken ahnll go on
strike In sympathy with the carmen.,
tie up all the shipping In New York
htrbor and Incidentally prevent the
fiport of war munitions to tho Allies
traa left yesterday In the hands of tine
mn, T. V. O'Connor, president of the
International Longshoremen's Asso
ciation. The members of the New York dis
trict of the organization, representlns
forty-two locals, four of which have
slrtady voted to rtrlhc. in :i secret
metlng at J64 West Twenty-thlr-1
Mrect voted yesterday afternoon full
The submarine expected at New Lon
don within a few days, they said. Is the
riAittBittilanfl IVh.lht.p h. will enme In
under the same name, or whether she "er charge against the men
! will be called the Amerlka this time they
' are not positive. Hut that the Deutsch
, land Is making a second trip they are
willing to assert flatly.
Their scheme, according to Hlnton t.. wPrc effort had been made to 'create
Clabaugh of the Department of Justice. ,, ntmosphere which would revive his
was to compromise their victims anil genius Is significant, because It heralds
i..t f tunelilne maue iir.n,.".
Blakelock away from an environment 0i,t to releafe HlakelocU
" 1.1. ..1 Kl
in,, " all.
was beKUn neaiij i. .-n
rn". wWoh had already risen In value
then blackmail them. Impcrsnnitlon of organised effoit to expose the faking "J Lerln.l ro still higher. The
Department of Justice officials Is an- artists and dealers who for years have ., harvest was quickly
nri'n ueceivinK even connoisseurs oy
ring of
inevitable. y
Kree trade, England's iilstorli- policy,
would be aban'dnned under the rliitin.
ber's pbiii, nnd a series of graded lar.ffs
proposed in line with the present war
crouplng of th? nations.
All Impiirts, for Instance, would be
Upper St. Regis Lake, Get
Out .Tust in Time.
Alleceri Method of llnnd.
The women confederates hi.' said to
have won attention from wealthy men
and then. It Is alleged, the men threat
ened their victims with prosecution un
der the Mann act.
marvellous Imitations of Mtakelock J'anUH by Into the following classes:
work fakvis hngiiu puttliw spurious Wholly manufactured goods, semi-man-
To Itnn llona ForKerlea.
In the art galleries, at '",,1,m
iislna every effort to keep lllakelock In
lbs asxlum until the output was i-om.
Mrs' Adams and Messrs. Watrous and
Palngerneld will confer with Kmbree as
soon as their Investigations have reached
1 tnge whhh warrants prosecution.
This will probably take several weeks.
Mr. Watrous Is now in ins suiiuim-i
I'hiitn American ITis Ass.H'litlon.
ufactured goods and jrllcle solely used
aa rw materials In IriluMrles, manu
factured foodstuffs and raw foodstuffs.
Cradunted Unties
All parts of the ltrltl"
ro tiled.
Harry W. Watrous. secretary of the
National Academy of Design: lllllott
nattigerfleld. also a memb'r of the nc.ul-
Those arrested gave the names of emy, nnd Mrs. Adams, aetlng a
Henry Russell, Kdwnrd Donahue, Helen an official romnilttee, have romplcted
Kv.rt. trs Prani?.H Allen. Mrs. Kdward elaborate til.ins to run down everv
lAnU... T.HiA. rt...a, It. lrnr.U si.Urliiila lllitUw1r...U ti. ntlni. 1., .v w,.iw. ' . n.... ti...... 1 .ilA flMMI. A.
L". 1 1 . U. HONUr ' ... . ....... . ....v-n, ....)..(. .p., ..A.....v..,nt,,.1. ni I IIP II I.I l " - - -
Prneker Anil rienrce lllnml. tleor-.'e lr- This has not been done before, be- u -r...,,.. miUe.l with him last nlsht would pay tw i'-e as much . other net!
win. alleged director of the group. Is cause some of the Imitations have been j ovfr ti1L, telephone. , truis, glMng preference! in oiner i o-
'i still at large. so well conceived that even Watrous,. i ers, and Including neutrals which might
The chief charge agalnt the band l who Is more familiar with lllakelock's w..lk u'ntroas. ' swung Into the Teutonic commercial
TWO GllCstS at Wild Air, On the alleged kidnapping f Mrs. Heuinn methods than any man alive, bus been ,n"nl " ..... I ostein, would pay a :lll stealer surt .
' II. I llnoril Of mil IIICi;iIIM. Hill' HI llieu iv-iuni, UIPLC III." luninitu..-.. , I , ullu uu entuii ."nn.ft.n ......... ...... ....
I alleged victims nnd wanted as a tjov- With lllakelock out of the asylum and ' spurious paintings on the market which maxjmum duties, running up as ldh as
! ernment wltne. She was spirited away fast reaching a normal mental eondl- have been sold for substantial sums on ,ipr fent.
to Canada, it Is chHrgeil, at the time Mie u'". me i.ikiiik nriisis ami oeaier. 11 is me neuei 111.11 inr ,..-n...v.. itouuniy. u is rinnai-j in h-i"m
was wanted to tertlfy against the band, declrd, know that the forged paint- works." said Mr. Wntru, "How mtny ,hat this ehnnge from fj'S trade to pn
!i Umpire and
Its allies would pay the minimum duties
friendly neutrals whlc'i allow tin 1'nlled '
Kingdom the moM favored treatment Sl'COIld Soil of KillU' of Great
Iii'itaiii luviilidcd Follow-
inir an Operation.
I.omov. Sept. IT. I'rltiee Albert, sec
oml sun of Klt.i: lieotgi, has been In
vallib'd home on ai i ount of an iib.lomlnat
London Sees Signs of Great
Lowering of .Morale of
Kaiser's Troops.
Lonpon. Sept. 17. Neither tho most
strenuous resistance nor h.it-tlly sum
moned rfs'nforcemetitH could stop tho
onrush of llrlllch nnd French on the
Homme front to-day. The fiermans
were forced from strong positions nt
both ends of tho line nnd bwitcn In
trench fighting, artillery duel:., aerial
combats and hand to hand IlshtltiK In
tho oxn,
Then; was no slowing down of tho
I l'.rltlsh iitt.'uk.H that hnve swept the
('.(iinans back for miles In the past
three days. 1'rltNh troops stormed
nenily two inlleri of Herman trenches,
ran. SMITH 's, N. V.. 8ept. I. Four
buildings of the summer camp Wild
Air. owned by Mrs. Whllelaw Iteid. o
futhority to President O'fonnor to call upper St. Regis Ijike. near here, were
a strike If. In his Judgment, such dfstroyed by lire early thts morning, nnd
Chief OrTrnees.lii Prillailellihla.
"Tlie chief offences eba'ged ngnln.l
the banil oeruned In Phlladclphl.t. and
for that teason thek- will be taken there
for It la!." said Clabaugh to-day. "They
will be arraigned for preliminary hearing
here Tueday and will be started for
ings -in be recognised by the U-reator . s problematical, but that Is what we tPrt0 n,,ui.l net a Nearly tevenuv of ab.- h.i- n't oillclal comtnuulcnti'in ulilch lieictofoto tin y found It I'n
of the oi'slnals nrd they dread tlie mtend to discover if possible. With the about i37..."ii,i""in.
retlon should bo taken In the Interest three young women had a t-.arrowesc.ipe p,,!,,,),,,, "immvllately afterward."
of the carmen and of the lonushore-
mi lresl.lent' IW'nnnnr. hnwivw mOfd
... .... rescnea 11.
.nnour.rcd that no decision will be Th. flre (UrtC( , a cnb,n eup, ,,.
retched before Thursday ut the .,,. tnt&tn Nichols, daughter of ....,.. mr. ono rrnm nnother.
,W-w ...... - ..
O.P5s'j'e wlneit will follow.
lllakelock's removal from l.jir.vood
T.diTe, where he had been only a few
days, to a eenre retr'it In New York in
dicates the trenglh of the Influences
which r flahtlng him. When Mrs.
Adam's oMalned his release from the
Mlditletnwn asylum and had herself ap
iielp of lllakelock himself then- Is no Kiere prei aiitlon is in red in iln- r-
ilouh' we ehall 1-e able to lilentirs ine ,,oll ( Hurf. neutral nations to ptc
originals and expose the fakes. Some v( nt t,em f.l)m m iking coinnier. Is1 al
of the Imitations have been handled by names with enemy co'intnes after t:,e
very clever artb'ts, so this work will i v-nr jo the detriment of tlie ItiltMi "in
take time. plre and the Allies. The dlllicultles are
Another thing mus; oe i.iaen mm spoken of ns follows :
i ..... i i . .
'... ,. ,, , , itossllile in tak. In
ll tllMlt'l alion .old- to.it liiy 1 111
1'iliee. who ba- nnilei gone an operation, Thlrpvnl, Thcv took
I dolnu v.ell, but It will be mine tl.no
before be Is anle to letllrn to anv dlltv
' long, the equally formidable vvork at
I'rlnee Albeit while eerv Ing as n tr.id- Mouiiuet Farm ami inado 1.000 vanl
shlpnian on board Ibe battleship CoIIIiir. . oK,, ,,,,. t.,i,..',
tl'" I'Kl-tl of
the supposedly
lmpresnnble Danube ttenoli, n mile
.nOiner tiling mini w HP.rn ." spOKI'll Ot HS lOUOW" ; SIO"0.il oo i.w.no niv on..,. -r, . ob.nit r'nor.-nlett,. Xlilr.l.v-1 l.
consideration nnd that Is the possibility "it lmJ,t also be remembered that our wood nt the outbreak of the war was anoiu t. oun cieur . iniepval Is
ftom the fl.mes. Mrs. Held was re- Clabauili raid there were fifteen ,,, ......m... ,ltlnt nlivs!. .1,.. i ,i.ikr. br have fakes In .111.. t.ris .rtiuiMiniiN mil in stricken with ani.er,dleltin and one rated seriously threatened.
from her cabin Ufdre the flames lindwn "victims of the gang, and that the p)an( adlljrc4 Mm mrtlUy able to 1 their possession have not placed them force wtth other foreign countries which, on. The t'rliiec Is SI years old.
"ISffiii . -T,!nr t i.- hm vnrv "tnnag his own affairs It was consld-: on the market, but wltl hold them until t s a.umed. must be abrogated before
prMi.Mlr'' will reath ' erert a decisive victory. the present agitation has passed. any preferential trade arrangements cm
Maor ('nils n Conference.
llcsntlme, however.
.Major .Miicaci .,.,. ,.ailr, hv the sound of
sill tr.ake another effatt to eod the strife (.-rilck.l(,i opr.,.a her bedroom door e.n.1
Mtwtcn the street car companies nnd fOUnd the tlspies darting lo-.arlJ her.
IS. ,i.l..n. uti.l riMvn, r. rmrnlv.N of tltolIRA the Other tWO gll'lf Slid
.Vpp'.n, by n conference which he has th.y made their way nut ar miin.ii.rii ne i.f the pang tienry "-'
' . . . , . ,, ,, peril. Miss rtenrth found the passage pn.,i n a brol'a-r of William Hale
cdltd for noon to-day at Illy I all. .from jer ,(,rnom -tp tp, door, of the Tnompeon. Mayor of Chicago, and had
1 ron the Mayor's Invito, on I 'i' c-al,ln cut off by t!, flames, and she was vmt thh ,,u,,rt ,, h'.ot that was near
!;?"no,r' ,ulll'"m.uB- HBernld. the fof , , ,ea ,rom ,,ck window, ten rm,summ.itlon. but was n'.iped In the
s rlke Itader of the carmen; Hush Vt ti the ground. hvl bv tho intd.
! soon as tney got oui,o; innr Clab.Mixli salil ltus.wll was siroi.mn 111
the girls gave the alarm., -The , uAtutdav with a w!l dressed
1 Blshon Nichols of California; Mis
Augusta Bishop of New York ard Miss
Helen Scarth. guests of Mre. Reld! Miss
The suthnritles refuseil to teveal the
nntiies of the vlctlri. fs.or.e. It wa.i said,
ate men prominent In political life who
were victimized vvhll" ul the Republican
convention here Inst June.
. An elaborate opium outfit was found
III one o' the apaitineiits tabled.
Federal authorities salil to-nnni I'm
The nlnlster strength of the unilercur- "At Dresent 1 ib no: knur whete ,e made with the British l;nipli as a
rent ((Torts to keep the artist Incarcer- lllakelock has been taken, as I did not whole. In sil.lltloii the Putted K'ligdnm
ated did not assume Us full significance h"ar of Mr Adams s action until 1 reau has most favored nation clauses viitu
until recently. Then .Mrs, Adann learned
of the fear of exposure entertained by
the nrt f.ib.cis who were at work oppos.
lr.K the release of lllakelook, and not be
cause of hi mental condition.
The ( ul'iilnatlnn of the battle between
lllakelock's protectors and the dishonest
nitlsts and dealers Is expected this week.
lllakelock Is now In a new studio, and
about It In the newspapers. I shall le- certain foreign countries, including tin
.urn to the Uty about the 27th of the fnlted States, The, it is assume 1
i:.ir1y last winter eleven of lllakelock's
paintings wire sold at the l.amlcrt tale
for $U,,'.':im. This did not Include his
most famous lanvan, "Moonlight," which
brought ISO.tml and which hail been of-
ferxl at one lime to the late Benjamin
with or
Siiliiiinrlnes unit Mines etlve
uuut 11 ml s.c'tciiiher.
Unn.iN, S pt 17 1 by wli'lers to Say.
v l!i ) - An ('Hi- -al Adiiuralt.v statement
lestied to-il.iy save "During August
ho.-tile mei' liant s!t s, totalling
l?n.!T'i i.iiij ciw. itn 1 .tr. ti,l'tr;i1 mer.
Bntlrh trade domination aim would ihn'ht h.ps, totall.iis n.MiS toi.s. mrry-1 the front on which they attacked sue-
'is 1 oi'tr.ib.iiid of war to enemies, weie tes.ifully to four ni.les.
would haw to le terminated
without compensatory iidvnntni
Hrlllsh Trnile Domination.
I'reneh llitenil (inln.
South of the S.iintm' the rrencli drove
the Hermans out of tl.e parts of Vei
mindiivlllers nnd Iterny Uiey held
and trok all the t tenches float Vennau
dnvlliers tlnoiigh Den. ( out t to lluiny
aa well, a dlsjance of tie.nl three miles.
They made more culls Ju-t 1101 ;h of
I'.einy. towatd llarleix, which extend
Ktayne. general organizer of the Ainer
nan Kederatlon of I.alsir In New York,
nd Krnet Boelmi will call on the Mayor
Vhire -AM he 11 general discussion of
it ..rise situauosj.gain ., . uae y -.i . hunt!n. trophies. '.The . ,,,, , .. ,,,., 1, H ,a!(i and wa
in, 3. 01 lames from the first cahltj set thll one w ,t ,, p". a, t!lP ,lmc. lt D :.'d. nnd w.i.
(0mPIOni.se. I . . , ,a 1, n.-.r.l.t.' "
eal.ln next In the line was the h!g on vj.,.n hellevea to have been the In-
containing the living rooms for the, camp t,nri,ri victim. Itusel had .a camera
... ... -...! ..HW.a . Tl,. . . . ..... .11 ...... ..
the committee has agents preparing a Altinan for tl.SOO, He was willing to
eompalui of lnpertlou by the artist of pay l,0'iu. but that sum was refused.
fl.e unkm me,, were delated ,
an Lie mvuaiiot, inev am 1101 aoaio . ... ...1 ,..
1 .. .. ... . .. . .m... . n line, ana s le nwucinvini nw.i.
1 i.ie s g tjest ineir enoris in cueti n ---- - the islets
ivmpathy strike among the Industrie lnter of the flre a sow. as the Jlrls
l!Kd will, the transMatlon system. In ' "roused the camp. S Ith ! J
ih. ,1,.. ti,i i, u to uriu. t the guests were 'Mrs. 11. M.nt. Twonim
TAX SLEUTHS GET $21,000,000.
ne city, tneir nun is i" urine ni mv "-- .. , .... ,..a.n iiu. 'nhl
..u.. .1... ..-.,,.,..,p . nt Mr. and Mrs. ugden Mills Item.
Tl who have refused to rccojnlrt Most of Mrs. Reld's personal .effects wer.
The Tidewater
I'.. salons anil Fraud In Internal
nevrnue Stniiprtl, S 1leiloo.
WAsmvfiTov. Sent. 17.- -Internal tev. 1
"'h ir5Lu ' naSTtoaa I -ue sleuths during the flsea. year ,?,
Boatmen's fnlon. not be checke'd'untll It had burnsd four SJ.'Vrt.' ... ,,.;,i from the
..,'i'iij stiong, niemoers 01. wiiien untune -.iti. . - ..Anatirv ii-oartmen; o .s?crfiar) .it--
ne coal received at iidew-aitr, vmeu ,
:t night to go on strike. No date was! HOOD APPLE CftO? "FORECAST.
t for the walkout, that day hliutng on
tie outcome of n conference that will be , SormBf ttni Hamen hat
I'M between representatives of the I 1 . . .,
union and President O'Connor of the , Drrlent In Qnnllly.
Imernatlonal l.ongfhoremen's Assocla- (-ommlssloner John J. Dillon ef the to frandn. evasions ahd errots. says Mr.
State- rifpsrtment of Krrofls tt'id Markets M,..tdo.
said last night that the report which The cost of collecting Internal rev enir
Refused l.O(M.0 Bribe. fu"hed here yestenlay from .the bureau reeelpts during the fiscal year 131. he
When It was pointed out to President of crop estimates of the Dsparltitutit of , ,Qds. was only 1.4 per cent., and tin
O'Conror yesterdav that a ear ago he Agr'culture at Washl.ton and which average cost of collecting the internal
. . .... . T . .' - . 1 .. . . .M. . .' . .1.. n..(.l i'.:irn I !! 1 I .
IMU mused a bribe or more man forecast a gooa crop ui ajijnsii. revenue i.r ,. ...
Stores of Women Faint as Re-, Kniliiisw Official
jected Suitor Seeks Aid in j Gut New System With Aniei
Winning Girl.
i'a 11 liusiness Men
be further! d under the chambet' plan
by a reorganization of tlie coiiMh-tr eer
vice, anti-dumping laws, the formation
of a ministry of eommeire with a seat
in the Cabinet, and the founding of a
large crnle.il credit bank The All!"
would b ask.., I to give llrlt'sh shipping e.n's, with toim.iu
pieferenlial tieattne 't nfler the war and
In Impose epec. il tiNC on ( neinj ship
ping tis'nif their ha. bur-.
In nddltlo) to i.ie discriminatory
' tsilfl.. rulijeets of countries ihw at w.i-
vlth Ureal llrltnln vvoi.ld rot le allowed
to Woi'K "v" "r 'rade in l.ngl.ind cNoept under l i.ui f
liceute, enemy uumoi'.-s oou-e noi 10 no
business except unilci 1. cense issued
against a deolt.
American trade epetts nre evpected
to show the keenet Interest In tlie
Chamber's reeo:umendattnn, The pin-
poeal to abrogate Ann ilea s most favored
i.f the Central
Soon after both armies had struck
deetiojed by submarine..
The dtstrtirtlim bv Mibmai Ine s from ' were called upon tn face desperate
September .1 to Si'p'.emb'r 11 of twenty- counter attacks from ti.e i!e,:nn!is. Tho
! ;: ineicliii t ve e's in nosiii" nciiir-
agKK gating :..::'-.
th- I'.rgllsh I'rmuiel ami cm the
Atlal'l.e. was i,l-o .tm,iillt"Ti.
l i aibliib ii, seven neiiiri, vessel.,
vv.'h a tot ! loiil .ige of lo.lirli. nrie
sunk ".e . or 1 in: to pitssv I iw. because
thi.v I'iiii.cd loiiir.ibaiul I i Ihiglaiiil or
A,l(v to.nlfih.
This Is 'pointed to as evld-n e of the
rrist etllclencv of the Bureau of Inter
nal Revenue, the expenses of which, In-,.'fllm-
tlin Held force wie 1'j,sii'i,0ho.
1h 2I.fl00.O0fi In added taxes was due
nathonroRT. Conn., Sept, 17. Cinxed
by unrequited love and thinking that the
priest could help him, Joseph l.yne.s of
R-ooklvii, a soldier In the United States
army f r twenjy years, tried to drag the
Rev. Patrick J, Mcdlvney, pistor of St.
Ci.ai'M I'hinch, from the altar to-!
da;, iaii-ini; tlie !' o'clock mass to end
in it general commotion, with scores of 1
women fainting and other In n panic.
Most of the (.uinmunlcnnts feared the
Wasiii.ni.toS. Sept, 17.--A iuiifrtei.ee iir I ion commercial treaty with Kngl.tinl
between Btltlh Umbassy oRlclals and ' the plan for piefereutl.il tarlfle ale
. yegarded by 'fllciils , ere as plgnillcaut
repre-eniaiive ui.ioiu.iii .iitr,.-.i f th trend of IhiHland'.s e.ononi:.
tltms vvl.'ch have suffered ft on. the Brit-
mall leiisorshlp Is being arranged
llnnlsh leiimhtt I Mink.
l.osnov, S pt. 17.- A Lloyd's despatch
from Copenhngiii to-dav aniioimces thnt
the Danish earner J N. Madvig. of
I.TCI tons gro-s, has been sunk. Tlie
ciew was av.d.
by the (inlusy with a view to walking
out -oine plan lo expedite the handling
' eomiverclal iiiail thiough the cen:oi'
ellles. It Is hoped a system may be
agreed up. in elmlhir to that now In
operation for expediting shipping pa
thought nnd plans. The Chamber's re.
port has been called to Secretary Lan
sing's attention.
fanatic was attempting to kill the nrlest ' 1 1
or mow up me cnurcn
.... 1.1,1.-,1 n iinur ..i in..,. iiiini,.-, a . . .. -. i i -" ., ,.. i,ynes w'Hiien until rainer jtctiivney
MO.DOO from C.ermans to call a nation- ynrk. met the ejtpectations ut aia-e , and ist ; ' ' L",.". ' had completed tlie communion ses.v;e
lfl Br b.. r.t Inn.liirnmiill 1111(1 IllllS TllA hSllSf V9( IHai IOT IHB lowest 111 tie IllhOO Ol (OH . , .. ... , . i .
rum. ... . ---- .iivi.--. . " . , . ' KIIO loeo ooe loe l,"V, i,l.-olIS III Hie
ran .tie Miipment of war supplies o ior whole country ., ,u,ii .-- i. u . TtnirnTQ congregallnn were kneeling In pi aver,
.Miles ard that a strike now would be i,u,hels each - would be produced a t SURTJAX WIJaLlXtu, Mn uuunia. H;p,,ed up behind him and grabbed hi,,,
ef slil to c.etnnny, he said : against 76.B70.000 barrels for last year. . t , The priest called f..r help and a number
'Th men who own the car lines and Commissioner Dillon said that While i Qnl..(01, Qf .New York lleilral nf men ran forward and nverponered
l.ave iefus,.,i to recognize unionism have the crop of apples will be normal In nun.-1 nnlanee I lAtn-ss, who was arrested and sent to
Hid been shipping munitions. We are j,cn,, i quality most of the fruit Will . Still .lin in i' Illllrldc Home for examination as to his
Irhtlng fop unionism now. The crux of , he below the best grade. He attributed j j,s c,unij.,y remains to be satisfied, sanity. No weapon was found on him.
'His whole situation Is the war which ,,s largely to thf fact that there was
vpltal has declared on the union. Tlie HUCh a heavy yield on' the trees last
(apItallMs have announced that they ate, year.- A shortage In oat and corn was
silng to stamp out unionism In New nueiy. according tcr present'lndlcatlons.
York and the rallying try of the work- the Commissioner said.- ' ' '
'izrrcn Is one of selt-protcctlon.
The ntomlse of President O'Connor to
fll out his men undoubtedly would be
C'' itr.at psychological value to tho car
rn in getting other unions Into their
ftht But President O'Connor, ruddy
iheekrd, smiling and alert, made lt clear
'Hterdiy that neither he nor his men
l' l annuuticed their Intention to strike.
There wns some doubt expressed yes
frday niuuiig union men as In whether
I'rcsliimt O'Connor would really call a
'trllte. it was pointed out that O'Con
l.'ir v.!i. in,; likely to ask his men to
I'll t work when utlier union heads took
t'i measures to help tho striking enr-
whlch are placed In specal pouches
i id rushed through with minimum
The cnnfeience will be held soon l'l
New Viirk with Sir Richard Crawford,
cummer' hit rulvber nf the embassy, as
the chief irpresentallvc of the British
(lovcinineni While any arrangement
which may be privately mado Is e;.
peeled to be satisfactory to the State
Department, olllclals said the negotia
tions with llreat Britain regarding 11
Wllsou Considers I'lnu XnuKested
by llnleh Hnvoy.
Wasiiinoton. Sept. 17. President
Wilson will decide very soon up n the
course of action wnlch the United St iles
U to pursue with lefercnic to the latest
Ilrltlsh order lestrlcling American trade
to the S.-andlnavian countries- The
State Dcpat intent has sent the latest
data on this subject to Shadow Lawn
llntlsh rrpu'sed iveiy att." k made on
the'r new positions, dot..: li"Hij i'r.u
ihiu In th, lierm.iii r.ni'' w'tli a tilleiy
file. The I'nii. ii als , rep-tl-Ci eccr
ibrniin attack made mi their
Une of the liei'uan attacks upo'l Bilt
pi tieiiut.es between Klers a id Mirtill
pulcii. on the lin" of the lug Hrlti'.i
gains of l't ulay, led lo a tight of n !. lid
lint has no' been s-en on tlie wet let it
liont In many a month hand tn hard
lighting between thousands of ttoops In
tl," open. The Ililtlsh won It, thinning
back the German with heavy losses au,
In confusion. Tlie oillclal statement to
iilnlit describes thu :
Between Flits and Martlnpulch on
enemy brigade advancing to att nk In
tho ditect'oii of High wood (Foiiie,.u
vcoul) was met b t.o o! on" 1 1 1 1 : c 1 1 o 1 1 .-.
ir the open II id I to hand tlKluing in
SOeil, In Wh'cl. v.e v.ere completely suc
i'1'isi'u!, the cm my I c'ni' dispersed and
tliiuv.ii back with heavy I s-cs."
11.111 ierinnii Prisoner.
It. all of to-ilayV operations the mini-
Kvervliilng olse Is mopped out for Billy Father MrUlvney said the man had bee,.
Sunday's New Yo.k campaign. A Hlle tioubllng hlni for some time,
lis been selected for his tabernacle nt Lyness. who Is about CO years old, has
168th street near Ihoadway. The date been emplojed as n guard at the Rem-
picked Is March 1, 1917. with two months ington Ami! and Ammunition Company
of work certainty and an additional for the last year nnd a half. A few
month held open by the evangelist If months ago he fell deeply In love with
he thinks the city requires It, But the waitress la a restaurant, She encour-
New York ministers where do they nKCI his attentions for a time, but soon
stand? That 1 what Ma wants to know, married another man. Lyness Inimedl-
Such of the ministers ns have re- aAiy began to act rpieerly. talking lo
tutned from their vacations were asked himself continuously about the girl.
-.m. m. hvnroseronlune has been In a confidential lettei vesieniav jusi walking the floor of his room all night
fu.i her all summer, had his first ac- i what their attitude will be The coin- alut living y on coffee. He was never
ci.lent late Saturday night. With Ida mlttee. of wmcn James
legal mall Interferences would not b together with the stiRgestlins which Mr.
afi'ivted, Tin. British leply to the last , y Happard. the Dulrli Mlnlstci, has
American protest is expected here dally. , ,, , ,
Kmbassv olllclals said to-day that the "nade towi.,.1 -tlnlnic this (iovernmcnt
recent wlthdinvval of the "letters of as. to follow n course that will protect the
Ill llydroarronlan. Uamnceil In
Mht Fllstht.'
Nr.wror.T. Sept. 17. W. Earl. Dodge.
riiranee for American ami nmer
norteis to sell certain coniniodllles to
Holland and the Scandinavian countries
Is merely temporary hihI thnt such let
tei s will again be gi anted When surplus
stocks In the neutral countries affected
aro reduced.
After passing over Prudtnce Island
they prepared to alight and came down
...... ......i... v. . .nfrtiiir. iln the. Inner
rr.n tl,,. l, PL.I., tr, .ml the Ju"' - " ' IT
,.. ' ""' ','" j , .. harbor so as not to imerirre wun nop-
i'tcrcts of his men In Jeopardy by
'Hiring a strike If he saw no chance . Mruck the. water somethlnf.
?r sue es3 through the support of other .' ,ht to be a piece of ..submsrued
Url0""' ! wreckage, plerc-d the nose of the boat,
ii.arlnir a hole several Inches long. To
-..U..S n, lirrni ii ., ........... ,
Speers is K'nou-M to soeak to a woman afterward
lator. Ktederlck Eden, he went up ' chairman, meets to-night and wants to Tluru wer(. ,hri.0 women where he ii7 ii- ... c.,.
out i 10 :4B for a moonlight flight ov'er I know what decision to reach. As a re. hoarded, at 2114 Seavlew avenue, and lie "'' A,", ,,,
suit ot me rce,uni.- Hum ..i . i".-- would r.ol nonce mem except 10 slum . .Million .Montn,
tors yesterday It Is believed fairly certain ,. rtoor In their faces should they come .,.P,., ., ,,e ealle.l i.non to lve
ht stonilnv will bs assured of earnest i,i, i America will te called upon to give
support and cooperation,
I Ho gained the Idea that Father McGlv-'
l'l""' . ... . . ,1 OH HHtll"! ." ,'.. ...... (.111.1 ..!.V,I,- .,
i esnvnsa on the tinner West Side and .... i,.i i,i. ,,.i ti.a iri i .,.u me
in The Bronx yesterday developed that ,,,. ,rri.,. i, i. nt Lnm. n ,n.,n,. hig
irmnv ministers ore strongly In favor of .-i.. ,n..ni m nttraet the urim'. Belgium
nliav revival. A lew me not so ,,.ii. ..k.is., h nlnnnea m h.m
sure. HUl ll is rrninii.cu ue ununuui j,lm.
that none of mem win oe an ouispogen
at least i.oue.uuu n iiiouiu iii-ie.i.i oi on min i " P.o.o,loie of the Hitdsnii lloat Club.
o $5(10,000 a month It has been donat- of the citizens ot mner neutral natione fl . . .. . ...
g for the feeding of the hungry In that undue restrictions which may prove hi u.ht In U N o .1 Iv M Nta
rlglum. It wassnnnounced yesterday by to be contrary to Internally law be " ' f ' ' ' t , ' , ,', , V.or
e commission1 for relief In Belgium, lemoved. This argiiment woo d be par. ' ' ' .
lights of Holland as well as the rights
of the United States.
The Inquiry which Secretary Lansing
sent to the Amerlian l.'inbassy In Lon
don yesterday nns merely of toiit ne
character and called for moie infoima
lion on the subject.
Diplomats hcio believe that the activi
ties of Holland In utsiug the United
States to prct-s the demands mi behalf
of all the neutral countries greatly
sttengtltetis tl.eleg.il case which the Ad
ministration may make out
This Government will be In the posi
tion. It Is explained, to liiss! not only
on behalf of Its own citizens but nlo
But Vlnrill lira WecL lleeehits
Were Best III I'lfteen Years.
The sertillh.g "f s -eel cleaneis' blooms
was Co", y Isl n.il - s'.c.in snug esterday.
As the Wli't W .nas s'veot up tl'" inn iks
cif the carnival icvelry bo.ii.l.s were palled
mi oil U,e s.ile shows', the llles, the
photo s luetics, ti.e peer guldens linn oer oi prisoner laiicn ny iioin arm es
wh it not. totals Just about a thousand. The
Tho carnival week redeemed an tin- French took 700 and the Mi itlsli '.'.".n, Of
suices.fill summer Receipt fell tills these 21 ale o Ulcers Tlie llrlt'sh got
veil' because of the poor weather on quantities o' t .lies equ'prnent when
iiolidajs and the Pifaiillle pitilysis. the (,'etinuns ll.il from ths I'juube
Howevei, the Huongs vv h ' Hocked to the ttem h,
Ishi'-nl In the 1 i.-t week enceeile.l 111 mini- All accounts agree tlfot the official
bers and pind.a.illtr im) othei In tlie statement which meiilions Die abilnlai-
fourteen veals l the celebration. Re- nient of the r'Hes and equlpniei t 111 the
tuuis for' the week wire so per cent. Danube tiei.cli simply gives pohit to a
Hl.n,, j.j condition that has existed on the Sodium
Fiom it 'police standpoint there was 1 front recently, the Increasingly low
also a ni.nkeil iiupiovenienl The week morale or inc i.erman troops .-ouner
bionght fewer than loo aiie-ts, whereas In trenches sma-hed by Itrlt.ih shell flic
In other veari It was rot uncommon to bave run from the following Infantry at-
sei?.. aim in a nUht i;owdlui was at hick In disorder, but seldom bofo.e hive
a pirtnlu'n. they abandoned niinii equipine-at. they
As long as the warm we.ithtr lishs dldto.di.v.
Coiirv wi.l keen open House on S.iturrt.lv To-daj'a Iliilisl. atl.icks were allied at
afteiiioons aid Simdavs. The v!s'tr's Thiepval, Practically all were made
vesicnlav weie est mated in 7."i,oimi, a J1"'' south of the Alc le. at almost the
lioi'tnern exiremuy oi inc r-ouiine sioni
The taking of Mouqtiet farm and Dap
uhe trench puts Thiepval In gic.it d.i'ijj' t.
as both positions ate just ens' of il.e
town. The rains about Colli'' elelte s'il
further east, also ii.al.e Thiepval an un
comfortable position
huge n , 1 1 . i . t m of whom weie bathers,
Illveiside llilve Itesldenls Wnlch
Itesciie In orlli lllver.
Tho tweiit -live foot gasolene launch
AHIoiiila. owned by dull Splndlcr, vice.
the " ,"""''",.'," ",l attention or whether no planned to harm V, , , u,t leularlv effective. It Is added, against
;oep tne aircnip up uqurv wni.ftuni opponfni,ii ui i
THwled out on the tall of th craft ntid The-flret pVn wan to have tlie New
It -lit.,-. , f Im Ts aiullInriT AFUtli
r''nnor thought the timet appropriate there they were found wjiet and cJld york revival begin In .lanuary. but Sun-1
i"r ,r tiir i. the attention or tne nfler iney nan uiio ..i my or ai imnuvi"i i ........-
' rplr.it liiteresis what ho and his men than nn hour. ' quires more time than originally had
....... . . .. i I i .- -I, .....a In 1. CliArororn tlin nit
"rmipo .s iienarturts from tne con-' . ijeen miwiiv.. . ... ...
tr.irt slL-i ed moie tlian a year ago, I jjkvtSl ITER OWN MOVIE PLAY.
I'm President O'Connor laughed yes- MAKliO tttt VVin
bnl-iv at Ho- suggc'dlon that a strike ...,. tk.iii hv
th. puit of the l'tigshore.nin could flhlW Arlr.ss Provide. Thrill by
1" r(,ns.rii,.fl us a hroneh of (contract nnd Mjinv nst'lh'fr flsrht.
.. ....... i . e.,.s.
i.r.ng pis mu vviirun possinie rang" '
i rro'e utlon,
Dorothy Jacobs, 6 year old, a motion
hliaii-illalelv folloii'lnir tlin lileetlmr of tllCtUre aCtreSS,
wis I'll gshoieinen
"i ' ht- n preseptat
'"'tiri.'ii. ipcliidlng
i'l ill til., ii.'tin.. li i
'I'll the men would be In session all , general alarm was sent out
'lint and would vole em the question
nf to whether or not they should g
"'i fttlke If they din not receive wages
mounting to C0 a month.
Meantime, the teamsters' union, par-
pnnement until March.
Train lilt. Mntori Nit Dead.
Ot'AKKRTOWN. Pn.. Sept. 17. A party
of sU atitomobllljts. all from South
Bethlehem. Pa., wero killed when their
daughter oi Mr. and car was struck hv a train at n railroad
CUTS $1,131,223 MELON.
Owen. Bottle Machine Co, Declares
II Ik Caali Dividend.
Tcit.npo, Ohio, Sept. 1". The Owens
Bottle Machine Company of Toledo ye-It-relay
eleclntcd a cash dividend amount-in-;
to ll,131,'.':3.:."i to stockholder of
record on September 22.
Tlie regular quarterly dividends nf
i niii.u,., Vsjs 'the llr llkli coiiieiuion eiiai eiance, uus
, Purchases In the United States have , sl.i. Italy and the other Lntente Allies
averaged f lii.00O.O0o month recently. ln-lsl on the strict u.a'hteniince of the
'the funds coming from this and other 'blockade regliii and that "'y
countries. But even this Is not enough "real Britain musi pr lect their Inter
in f..d the children nronerlv. nnd thev csts as well lis lle-r own,
. .... . . . , ... - . .. ., wit,. ,.,,wl Ions nr lliilliiml sire
loglciilty followed out the- United Slntes
mav take tho matter up with other
Aim lo Win High Ground.
Another Important aim of the r.ttao'.s
was to cover nil the high ground now
occupied by the Germans who hold
Thiepval, and the terrain a l.Ule back
of It, as the high ground was occupied
on Friday by the taking of Co'irci l.-itc.
Martlnpulch and i-iers. Prom a IIHle
mirtli n,l east of ThlellV.il tlie irrou.ld
c i i.i .,- io r, mi in it low ine otii-ii .i...... -
lug boat to shoie, vvheic several streams s'opes down n, i.rnnil.ouii wuhi,. in
nf water were played on her ami the,
tlie put out. The il.llllilge wa.t $800.
Result nls along itiveislilo Drive saw
the Twentieth iViitmy Water llo.it of
the Coiiiiiihla Yacht Club go to the res.
cue. take vvcinici. cm ami low the burn
must have more nourishment If they are
to reach healthy maturity.
W, L. Honnold, who has Just arrived
to succeed Cupt. .1. F. Lucey as director
of the commission, said yesterday that
one of the great problems to be solved Is
lh alnsmlng Inrreaie of tubercular
,,:LT TTJXl ? PhlP 7oU0l ii West Forty. cwlnK near here to-day. The virtlnw , ,
, delegates, n tree ,g I s. . ' ' ' , oomo hf)m( Katur-1 were William HunMrker and his wlf. ' a 2
,;ge"he t::".! '!- with visions of ,, .,. a. Knelt, his wife and two CU- , J"""
hall, It w.i? announced . kidnappers, ndtllled the police and a dren. waH a0,meecl
general alarm " em. .,..
At 8 o'clock yeslerday morning the ,
police discovered Dorothy asleeb nt the i
home of a Mrs. McDonald, ut 312 West
per ci'tit, on preferred and J jier cent, trembles both anions children and adults,
mi common were ciecntrcei, aim aiao an
Scandinavian countiles with a vl. vv to
Joint action. Ho far as can be learned
the question of applying retaliatory leg
Islatlon against Great Britain Is still In
the burkgroutid,
The State Department reauz.s me an-
of R per cent, on com-
Germany has consented, Mr. Honnold I VHntilBes ns well as the p.wslblo dlsntl
aid, to reserve nil of Belgium's crops vantage, which would result from this
Advertise for Sale Her Household
I'.floots In Montclalr.
Mn.vrci..in. N, J., Sept. 17. Mrs,
Dwisht P. Dllw'oith, whose husband was
niurdctiil In Van Coillandt P.itk Sep.
teiiiln-r "i. has advertised her householi
German are strongly luticn. lu-d.
The British .iitn.i. tint' w u the Dan
ube trench nnd Mnuqucl farm was begun
last evening, and continued dining the
niglit. The tight for the Danube trench
was of the kind that the Brltuh Tnmmv
call "nasty" The lieiih, In icallty a
whole svsKin of Intel locking Ireuclies,
was fortified with nil tin- Ingenuity
that Geim.ui niglmits e-ouM bring to
bear. . ,
Besides the actual Intrcnchmenls, up.
nroiichcs, saps and cian-nuniciitiou
CoiiKnued on Fourth Pat-
Fotty-iilnth street, fine expiatneu mat
sl.el.ad met' Mrs. McDonald'.' daughter,
of her own . nd .cospt.d h.r Invl
tation to ipend th. elcht at bar hoa.
Italian tlc-eupy Albanian Tortn
Lomion, Sept, 17. The Italian force
have occupied Paliocreslro, five miles
from Arfyrocnslro, In Albania, nccord
Ing to an Athens despatch to the Ux
changs Telegraph Company dated Sat
iiici ...oiviii oi u.e ines- ror tne run population, nut wmin tne .dure. As matters now stand Great effects mr sine, nun n is asume,i mat """'"' "V, ,', ..,. , with coo.
noutUs to 2.5ni.S3H.03. It harvest has been fairly good It will not ! J .s ., record as willing to pay she will b-avo Montclalr and iclui n to o.i.nbers. s o, K, '' 'y1' ''.
meet 40 per cent, of requirements. 1 ,,hVli of damages to American trade Kansas City, where she was visiting l';''''-..... '.".. .V t,...'..Vi wi.lV eewl..
"Tlie commission, which has now been ..,- war. and Is apparently con-- when the traged ocunieti, " " ."'.... ,i n ,t,.
of llnleh Bulb. I,, operatlc.ti for two years, will probably tu,unK , proceed oi. that basis. The She ha,. , en led herself to a llntervlev.-- i..m. '.:', uSajlit att.u-it. In front
Breord Csrso
The Holland-America freight steam
ship Poeldyl;, hi yesterday from Rotter
dam, hrouglil i:,&uu initcn nower ouina,
have to deliver during the next year
about 1,250,000 tons of foodstuffs Into
Belgium and northern France, calling
the largest ergo of It. kind .ver Im- tor an fPd' ' " .
ported to thei. .hor. In on. viml . 000,000," added Mf Honaold,
iiAlnnlnir of n worldwide commercial
system of retaliation might afreet this
British policy, It Is said, besides costing
th. United Stat, billions through the
loaa ot trad.
rrs since returning to Montclalr. and
only on one occasion was she seen In
public, when she paid a visit to tlie iost
office. The h"e t 39 J North, Fullor
ton avenue, was rented.
s.ives nreii.ircel iigl
of It all was an elaborate system of
bathed wire entanglements,
British gun flre of tremendous Inten
slty had cut to piece, the barbed, wlr.
Hi Jb

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