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Fair and warmer to-day and to-morrow;
moderate southwest winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 64; lowest, 49.
Detailed weather, mull and marine report on page 10.
In Greater New Terk,
Jersey City and Newark.
Copyright, 1918, by lft Sun Fjintlng and Publishing Association.
STRIKE RIOTERS encland doing full share
uuri runbt in
Third . venue Hail way Co.
'.int.' Xlll'llt SllI'VK'O III ?U
and .V.)Hi Streets.
French Premier Denounces Deputy Who Suggests
Peace, and Says Joint Action of Allies Will Be
Seen Soon in More Expanded Form.
Troops of Conquered Kingdom
A ie Bnck Fighting on
Their Own Soil.
Pahis. Sept. IS. Denountlng one
Deputy who intimated that the allien of
France are not doing their share and an
other who tnlkrd of peace, Premier
rose, cheering the Premier and deriding j
the olijt-ct of hip attack. Continuing. the I MOVING
Premier said :
"The licni'lii-ruus blow Germany tried
io strike, fallen, but would be irien
i x.i nil-: aiwit score
Krluiul stirred the Chamber of Deputies afresh. Kur forty-four )ears our .Stl'OllirJlold Is Kl'illg EvUCU-i
to a scene of wild enthusiasm to-day and r,mmrv "r':ed with a wound In her
delivered a speech which th.. Chamber ' V".rS urfa,iy "am' !'!" " IllVfltltTS. I liOffi- ,
rial Reports 'Assert.
speech which the Chamber
voted should 'be printed and posted on
every public building in France. M.
Hi Iron, the Deputy who suggested peace,
I wan howled down by hi a associates.
M. Hrlzon attempted to calculate In
L;ik'Mit!ss Lasts From ! eT .. . " ",c xuU" of ,he meB
- I muni. me. i-rcmier roue and
Til Miduiii'iit. Wlicn Cars la",,p",, ,n, rw a man in-
"You little know France. M. Hrlzon. If
Arc Withdrawn.
you think xhe can ieJl her hlood," he
J nald. "Whut peare would you make for
thin country t thin moment7 If peace
were made now It would be a ieace of
fun-head tlw nurco.p of ptestlge and
glory. If yuil wlxh the Ideas of Justice
to triumph pray ardently for victory,
otherwise thele would be a peace hu- ,
mlllatltig unit dlxhoiioiahlo and such a I
uu r reuciim.ui coum uceire, .
The Hole of the Allied
M. Houx-Costadau asked the Premier
Paths, Sept, IK. Serbian troop have
! set foot again on their own koII, Un-
Takes lTp Democratic Chal
lenge and Denis Smashing
Blows at Wilsonisni.
Albany ,.
Allegany ....
Itroome. . . .
Chautauqua. .
Chemung .
Cheat no.s..
Clinton... .
Columbia. , , .
ottlclal reports say tho Bulgarians nre re-, . uittva ATT TV oninntl r "r"Iu1'
moving their archive, from Monastic and' ARHIES ALL B SI OHM Delaware
earlier In the sc.slon to see to It that ,,p..(rn , VBCUate that .tronghnld. ' ,
there wn not mlv itnltv of net ton on, . ' iltne... .
aute effectives. , along tnc .Macedonian line.
Protests were made fiom vurlous patts I On the other hand. Ilia Hula-arlana and !
of the Chamber against any discussion , a9Mrt the ,.,,,.,,, and Hu-,
of the eubject of the proportionate mini-' , . . , , . . . .
ber of troops etiguxed from the different I ,iave "ol ''en able to hold the
war and a menace to future generations. 1 Kntenie countries, M. ltoiix-Coetaduu, , new line they had selected an the trong-
neverthelerii. perxlMed. aaylng that ,., anj mon taJ1Iy defended III the
llenonnrr Peace Talk. nince could lint i'Mctlto give the Moot, j
.... ,. , , of her children, mid that the AlK-s "UJ.
. . l,;l?eB,r1 .l',a It should make tlie ne. efary Hacrltlcex. The campaign In the outheajt thua
inHKiiiirt ifir in .'i'uifiAni nr inu i'.i.iii,fi 1 ..... . ...
to tiling the war to an end
ielT.. Vremler Helm il, In reply, objected to chunge complexion every hour and the
BIlUTOatS Art'OUtltlUUlielVd I- tryln to propagate, and It I ZiZto th.o Z doubt ' ,m tho VV-Vt. o?J !,l,Ua,!" '" ror",he m0m"U ,ne ,n0,t ,n"
my uuiy in uexiioy inn) propaganda, the Allien In Much a nacrt-d cauxe. Kng- erciuig in me wnoie ineaire or me
Your country. .M. Hrlxoii. has a xplenilld nn,i" np fli,t ,,U fr nl(l m world war.
:ll to 1 and .Make Only
Kiiiht Arrests.
Tik i!ilf.t dUorder tltW city
ftn unce tnc nroomyn car FiriKea
lis u.n iiiRiu wnen me i-once uepari-
... - I .1 I... .1 ...
.d nlchtx of vlgllftnce, had to accept
additional handicap of duty at the
Kro.n Forty-xeconil to Fifty-ninth 1
HeatNoriitl.o. Ill, Sept. 1. Illlnola
ha rlen to Charles E. lluglaes fairly
Jumped to meet him with the kind of
downright. Intense, enthualaem and ap
preciation that people have alt along
been expeotlng.
pax!. hl.li xhould make you love her. 1 any demnnd for aid. Italy lud made I The robein alt alonr hi. been can 1 " "Publlrj,n '
TIiIb country wax xelzed by the throat n,0 ,mxt efform xhe poxxlbly could. ., ''ro,"?,n alt along nan oeen, can n(f (o ra)1 , Jyj , d ollt upon
after her axxalianvhad t-axxed over the mnxiderlng the dlmYiiltlea of the moun- ",0 "umanlaiix make enough progree. to h , platform of hla private car Ju
bleeding body of Helglum. To thlx talnou. theatie of war In w.ilch ne uu- f'e " Central Power to choox. which 1 Jf
ciiuntrv. uiil. h in., ii.. i.ii..e ...i ,..t ..... .. i.-. iinUii,. u.ri..i:r..i . k d, ,....,!., before midnight to-night to get a lungful
! the champion of right and which haw her xoldlerx from acroxa the wo-ld they will hold and which relinquish? of Ullnolx ozone and rext hie eardrumx orleanx
Kiiltmi'lUmlltou. .
, Herkimer
I.lvlng.tin .. . ...
Madlwn ,
Naxxau ,
New York
Ontario ,
Orange ,
hagjjioured out Itx hlood In flood x, you nay,
be-! 'Stop the war: negotiate peace.'"
To-morrow," continued the Premier.
"vou will xe thlx Joint action exnanillna'
At thlx the members of the Chamber xtlll more."
The answer muxt come xoon.
from a din of arnlanie. he wa happy. )ego
...,iM.n. ..... ii. .i. ..... .e .1,. OImtco
- , Ifl.a. n v.oitiitini, pliid v. iiiii9ri, bui. ui nm
l. Impnexilon he had made In three poxl-
The Serhmnx nTler u ti Ik lit of de- . .,, , . , , .
perate fighting took the hlglUt rummlt p,,nch fllleJ ' ln Ptorl'1 ond
of the Kalmakcalan range, north of Hake Springfield, aure of the good will of the
Oxtrovo. which the liulsarlnn. Uad J,n middle Statex. It was In the air. this
. . I . ... .1 J . .... .... . fM1lnv .x . .A.,l.. e...M..t.l. .'In
w m w a atwnn! 1 vl u lt ,,PIr,l,i m me laxi man, ami 'i unmiic . v.. "
rUK Dob DAnliCKj ,l,,v "' 'he peak, more than a mile and n'ng imprexaion made.
a half high, in the face of counter at-
Queens . . .
Itravielaer. ..
Klchinond .
Kockland . .
Ht. Iwrrnrc
Saratoga ir.mt
jtackx, acconllng to a report
In the morning and early afternoon (srhenertady li.i
jit.l ln by tliouxatuLi of car atrlkern Horillllll Glilile,
ir.1 .(iisllumx kCDt the doIIcp reserves
' ilia W'i'wt 1,-nrt v.B.v.nl Vi tewif at.. 1
- I
unco. the bluecoata were outnum- '
(red tnenty or fifty to one and were
uialilo to use their weaoona. so cloaelv
nr tuev iieuieeu in ov tim I'luiifri..
"Ddrnnlnatlon of the Third Avenue
Fulliray Company to run three cars on
ii Fifty-ninth and an equal number
tin me. r onv-secoim xtreet croaatown
nun iti. in r an w.i iiiui.d.1 vsuii
. .... .'.. n . ...(1,. . v.iv . V -
irjirtcrx Mter xent a txremntorv order
ir.f Third Avenue to ahut down this
From 7 P. M until midnight the Weat
rorty-Kventh xtrect station resounded
llin .ll.lrmi, anil nnnntila. rni hnm Hlv
'.r bams arc In this prclncl. not to
rrer.t on a canir of creater or lexa
Quarrel. Shoots Wife and
"Then Ends Own Life.
1 naiomca
Followillir Hesei'Ve Board Chooses FrOIII T,le ''rench. Serbians and rtusxlanx the Coliseum there to hear him riddle ( Seneca. .
i ' .U'liii akr aiAllat.l tli& tn1lr. 4. fl I W'ttanti la aiunl.tiianaia e ti.l tf at at t -s Vi ... .
! V AV IHU HIT- lUI,.UI 1.4 lis Ufll J IQF """""'"II 1 IMH3II IIIIU IV K ua vt md, DTD
from K ami huy Peoria quit work to sieet ' fichohri.
him, iior than 6,000 pfrpons Jaoinied i iVhuyler
ft" ft Applicants Cnder Mod
ified Clayton Aet.
Herman Glade, 4.x, formerly a partner Waiiiinotov, Sept. 19. Out of
In the aportlni arooda firm of Shebler ft, total of 79 apphlng oui directors of .attacks wni spent at other
Olade. lift Park row. shot and killed his 1 ''"'lonal banks throughout the country agalnxt the Serbian, who
wife In their home at 1080 Hancock "io Ten, as director, of
street, Brooklyn, yexterday afternoon othcr banking Institution under the
and then took his own life. The police of i modified Clayton act. which now permits
the board to extend such authorization
where the national bank and private or
8tate Institution affected Is not in "sub
xtantlal comnetltlon."
In the New York district 134 anpllca-1 the Allies' right, along the Struma, I
tlona were granted and forty-eight ile- i things are quiet.
the Ralph avenue station said 'they
learned that the couple had frequent
quarrels recently.
Mrs. Sarah Jansnn. who lived In the
same house, heard Mr. and Mrs. Glade
quarrelling yexterday. after which Mrs.
Glade ran down xtalrs, pursued by her
.1 . i-. . . n . . i : . ... . , ,v l ,...
. , , . . . , n u u i , im uiiillllK r.l rrr- uiiuuiuir uicic
,.1'n.ll ml millw.l mv. uim.K il. f .1,. ,. V.iLA.ii.n, f n
VIMS ii. Th. Alan.rf.. . I """" i""
... .. . .. i iriF nnwn me xiena ner iiuniinnii iirrn
rjen jn unnreeeflented nltcti tliat l . . " " r ... . .
' . I ahnlc .ft 1... I , T n.l.l- tfl . r
'rur.ly.fle irxervea were hurried from y". ' 1 "...v.. .
1' II.. 1.1,11, .(r In M.M,ny. n tliAi.c-i
1m a .Inlainnn, fn.iilL'li lltklni? llllfl
She tried to get out the front Bnnou,10ement nnd defining "suhxtantlal
Ina and thus menaced Monantlr hi.vn not his own unhesitating: urogramme. and
J been molested In their new gain, ac- 20.0"0 lined the streets to cheer.
cording to the ofllclat communique of the
War Otllce to-day, which said no conn- Two Vairliagfleld "aeechfi.
!JL.JIit!Sk.-nl H"lnn,mP,', ' th' In two 'speeches at Sprlngtleld Mr.
. Hughex addre.-wed 10.000 perxonx, con-
ly the force of the Bulgarian counter i,im..i. , .,.m..i. ,rrln.
'J , .'..n meni of the President for hl complete Wayne
iiem uieir .bdlcatlon of moral authority In sur- 1 Wesirhmtee
ground. rendering to the unjust and undemo- Wromlnc.
est of Lake Dolran the Italians were cratlo of one class of labor and y.,.
active, engaging the Bulgarian . troops romD.llln Conlrr... to . the AdBm. I
rP.. lmJTr, "Kn.qnrm.Vl0' "" to last In Peoria
frencli .official report. The British on 3ld tipr.fl.,,, h, ,ot ,he ulnd of ap.
Inorl. ll.e Sllnatlim unrh.ns.d. K.r to ''i- appiauer ill. evu u
I The Allies' ri.ht. inn, th. i mm.. I "of sincerity ana gooa m. , ODiTUrDU.flll MMVU
It was oy no means a new nugnrs DIWJ I lILlHJJLt ITIU11
that swept through Illinois to-day ueal-
' HurTntw . . ,
Tinea . .. .
Tompkins. ,
' Ulster
Totala ... . .
Kepubllcan earolmsat, '73S.0.11
Cstder. Hacon.
. I37 'ittOAO
7W4 Mn
, 40M 2874
122 J303
. 1220 son
. I4S4 704
. 107.'. IA22
2ti2 14. VI
ftCt 720
. SH 020
2SW 114(1
WIS W0.1
072 IIO.I
limn s27
. .'.U.-.A 122.1:1
2.-.U 1,'iM
I2IHI 770
, 000 1HI7
4UH .170
017 .113
1041 1400
. 204x0 .'i0.l.l
H.Vt 23.1
4. Ill 1227
:ill.l IS2
, . M.VI 2HS.3
,. U3W. 0O2
. 1201 M40.1
. 40.1.1 2013
.127 1741
,. 1.144 tola
. MDi N02
, . M4I 1211)
2j; i.i2
. 312H i,-.:u
4S.1 4S4
t)7l SH9
, . 1M0 2!I22
1 13 174
71X1 320
Ml 201
. . I. .100
2111 100
7.14 51.1
227 1H)2
:..VI M70
xs 720
4.17 -.'111 I
. 1724 23.17
430 AA7
.101770 103110
K. Whltsaaa af New
Governor Triumphs Over
Senbury in Progressive
(areraor Ckarlea
Uenteskaat-Oeremer Kdwsrd
nf Onimdaia.
geeretary of Stats fraae la M. Bag of
f-amntrAllAMISnMe M Tm.I. nf K
fXSZSr" - Wow,bar'r 'hVLS FJ03I BENNETT
Treasurer .lame M. Wells af fires ,
"Jf'sKTw w""v"r-Fr-k w""m" Y A LAItCrE 3IAKGTN
I'nlted Slates Kenatsr Rakrrt Itaeea ef
New York,
Chief Judge f'aiirt of Appeals Frank II.
Aek fJSZTvSgt of Appeainih-lBiiriies's Hand Seen in the
bert W. Pound of Nlaaara.
Iiisllees af the Supreme Court, New Yark I
and flroni Counties John C. tark,
(leorge V. Mallan, 1'ernaa V tlavlt.
Judge of the Court of llvnersl .HeMlons
James A. Ilelehanty.
Vote for Bacon
Up State.
(iavernor Samuel Hralmry of N rk, ...... .. . .
uoS;Vm,,norThomM Kr'u,,r 'OTINt. TS LIGHT IX
Secretary of State Frank M. Stage of Kile.
4'omptrotlrr-Joseph W. Masters of Kings. A 1,1. TITK DI?TM VI' I'N
Altorney-tieneral W. W. Farley of Hroome. 1 11 L Itl.'I.V II 1 l.i"
Trenail rer Maurleo Cnhea of llroni.
tiglneee and (surveyor Henry K. Beelie '
of Oneida.
l':Vrt',,,,-w,,,,"",',M'c""b"ltt'IiiibIii'nii State Ticket Is
Chief Judge Court of Appeals Alrnet F. ...... .
..T"k."..,..?tJ"'V...-.. . .. ..... i Renominated Travis
Norton of Henaelar. .
.lust Ices of the Supreme Court, New York 1
and Hroox Counties lemon M. Dsrls,
Kolierl I.. I.ure. Richard .11. Mitchell.
Jnilze of the Court of tieneral Sessluns I
Also "Winner.
John F. Mrlntjre.
1 IVIilt man
I! of Captain Thomas V. UnderhllL , '"n,
competition" the board said:
"The board has considered each rase
on Its own merit", but has taken the.
Mroome. .. .....
Chenuinit .
F.trx .:
Jefferson ,
I iU
I Madison
I Nassau
New York
123 tOI
lit 20
121 Till
17 70
.11 12
i .1
1. 10 1,11
7? ts
I' ,V .'"1,1 u , .. 1. -. r . m.ila In . I, IU
' slit o( the disorder, bo handicapped
ire the notice.
Rniiflrea and Hombardmemls.
Kc.idrs those who were Injured after!
-et In, more than a score were
' ' drlke violence or street car
.- it the d.i light hours. All In
' . a day and night for New
i member,
i" p' t nut Marled with a bom
ii' n' sti.ke bieakers as they left
nuns ut Fifty-sixth street and
,i uiii' No sooner had tTle re
.ii'uliil theie nnd dispersed the
' rin another source of danger
ixilti mi'tit was dlncoi-ered and
a ad. 'intage of by the West Bide
"' ! Honfltes began to flare In a!-
" w y tlecl nnd It looked like an
' ' in' election night.
'c Wfr-i Forty-seventh street, station
illleil nii men and women who
i d imllce to put out Ihe fires,
i ri' dangerously near' 'the tene
' The police, on ' post In those
'iihuiiKiodx were unable to put out
" fame Inr the hnnflreK ill some In
' " weie blazing one or two stories
Finally c.ipt, Underhlll sent a
waKon ngnund the precinct flllcl
'a liluc-iiats, who used a flro hose f,j
. iiTdl hnurx and finally eliminated o !
-a in ini nisoriier,
me nt
mirror and tired a bullet into his temple.
Gtade had been u widower for sev
enteen years until two years ago, when
he married the divorced wife of Joseph
Miller oCitrooklvn. Mrs. Glade had two
cnuaren, i sroiine, is years om, ami .nat
Joacph, li. Glade had three children. i,.,i tn exist in cases where the resources
Mrs. Anna Farrow of Glemlaje, Freder- of ,. hanks are of such miiKnlttnle or
ick uiaue hi 1.1. a jeucrouii utriiuo aim r,f j,Ulan character that tno anility or ine,
M nine aiaae. who maue ner home witn i
210 Itallaaia r.ailnrej 'nahlng blows at Wllsoniem. but Iti
ann Ilatlana raptureti. WB nn n i,,,,,. renvlgorated and most
The Unlsnrian omciat report as teie. i contldent Hughes -a no. undine nimFcu in
graphed here, assert" that J.'iu men of the country of friends, let himself out ,
the Italian force were captured In 1 to every chain link of his physical ml nffl,,il nnllnti.. Tti..n..o 4 11 ,'.....?...
!shes be'wecn advanced detachment", mental power. He surprised hlx axocl. 1 J"inn iimiis .111
events of two days .itex by the power of his blows. They
mber 17, and there- knew he carried a ciushlng punch; they
apture of Fiorina had been merely waiting to see him let
It out.
Mllltaiy ohxervers now believe the Ullnolx got the benefit nf the nominee'"
, , . . I... 11,..,. I... Ulltlll lllllll li sunn ..in,; in ...a..- !.l!iirUii!ii, ,IU,.,HV. ur inn iciii -n w.
or Invar ably be cons dered a" Indicating dona mty up thp rerm Vnly fyuvfK nul pn0UKh ,1(, material In
...... v. ...... - ,ownr(I .Mnnnxllr anil I'rnep, insteau or one speech thlx morning at fcoriii to
meaning of the Kern amendment. tn yardar or the Strumu, the other , make half a dozen campaign addresses.
It s. However, me view oi me uoaru 0,,.M Unfa ot prot;ress. .Theie wax no evasion of delicate Issue"
xuoxianiiai cuuiikjuiiwii iiiuxi u.- -
general .posit Ion that the merj. purchase w)
In fan h'ltil.s rtf 4"nmiiimrt,liil lianor In ..' . ...
rhen i Glade turned and ran up stair. lhf, oprn markPt nr ,le maMns of time Jc"; a ''. ' ff ,'
the bathroom of Mrs. Janson's apart- or ,Vmnml oall!, on collateral securities ;r'f',V.i Interest
nt. There he stood in front of the . inari(ot. or the purchasing " "L..r!...
having a wide market, or the purchasing
of such securities, need not necessarily
Trainmen to Support the
Democratic Ticket.
her father. None of the children wax
at home at the time of the shooting.
Hllken Telegraphs lie Expects Her
t .' lioaidoa.
Nkw Iondon, Conn.. Sept. 19. JThe
tug T. A. Scott. Jr.. started In search of , S(1Ior Te.u
ine suomaruie orcinm biiuiiix uewn' "
o'clock to-night. j
barks Jointly to srant or to withhold
credit, or otherwise to Influence the con
ditions under whkh credit may he o1h
talned, might constitute them a dominant
factor In the general loan market, even
though the character of the deposits car
ried by the Institutions In question
might be quite different."
of Congscatlon
Prlna Valdcmar's Cargo.
Rai.timorc. Sept. I. A message was
tii i-til Vulliiii mil tint if
received here this afternoon from Paul ( Kratwixco'. who arrived jest. nlay hy tho
u. B. riiiKen, junior mcniner in me nun Scaiiilliiavlaii-Ainerlcaii liner nscar II.
or ncnumacner t uo,, Aiurrnxn repre
sentative of the Ocean Navigation Com
pany, who Is now In New Ixmdon. Conn.,
that he expected the submarine Bremen
Break the nuaan-Ruinanlan I. Ine In
the Uohrndja.
IIi:ri.IN. Sept. 19. German and Htil
g.itltn troops penetrated the nm Itu-manlan-Ituxslan
line In the Dobrudja,
the War Olllce announced to-day. Th"
line was broken nt severnl points be
tween tho Hanube nnd the Illdt'k Sea.
The line chosen by the Rumanians for
the stand parallels the railroad from
Constauza to Tzernavoda, where there
Is -a bridge.
The Bulgarian forces occupied yester
day the villages of Sotulul, Chlol and
Ya'sclut, capturing five guns nnd four
machine guns, They took the town of
or avoidance of doubtful topics.
I't'orrardl) Surrender."
He hanged the sinister hyphenates ovr
Cleveland, Sept. 19. Heads of the
railroad workers' organizations of the
country have begun a campaign to swing
the labor vote of the nation to President
Wilson. This became knovn to-day
when W G I.ce, president of the
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen. Is-
Or a rue ....
Ofeweico ....
I'm nam
HiiiwI.kt... ,
llli'linviiid .
Si. Lawrence
r.iti.M .. ..
i licnis-i.'Mly .
"i-lll ler . . .
the held. He announced that he pur-1 ... .... ., ., . ..,'.
'nosed to make American live-, rlirhts and ' a bulletin addic-ed to -he IM.lfl
property icspeeted by every nation on members of the organization rending at vm'
eaith lli said In so many word" that , follows I -leulirn
the Adamxon bill was a force bill and
wax a cowardly surrender to one class of
"Surely It Ix the duty of not only our
"Mllfolfc ..
labor, to the hurt and prejudice of other ow members, but all perora who work I TK ..
classes. Hi) arrayed In logical proces. i for a living to support cur frler.,1", nnd 1 Tompkins,
slon the Republican party's record of lf po.,,hie nCfrat our i-iemlexl at the 1 t'Nter ..,
coming election. Therefore
promise Keepmg an. ne exposeu reiem. ..lectio,,. Therefore u 1 Warren
lexsiv ine uemocranc rernru oi proniix. - Washington
breaking. Ile went further and hit gently tcaucsterl that the poiltlo itaki n , w-.lvm,
hinder than ever before, and he intends , by Piexld.nt Wilson and both branches wUtcfKMer
to carry thp same sort of lampalgn Into ,,f i-onguss he not Rirgotten and that n'l u V1)n,in,
Wisconsin to-morrow and Into Indiana members use cvci v honorable humiis .. '. ' '
llllll 'IIIU III IMF ...
to ictuln ill office recnrdlt'XH nf partisan 1
hi the meiiiitline thlues were nnnnlmr
i West Fifty. ninth xtrect. where each
I tiie three croxxtown cars wan show
tM with rocks and cobblestones by
'Kers nnd .sympathizers, who hud In
"i hert themxehes near Sixth avenue
'mil the stone wull at the southern
'iMenuiy nf Central Park.
liidei the cover of darkness, with
jreat piles of etones handy a tunnel Is
""tr course of construction there the
'1'ilicrs raked each car with steady voi
le) Mr la Felled hy Iran Holt.
Finaltv a heavy Iron bolt went sing
,r through the air and Into a car. Miss
rna Pollock of 712 Park avenue, Wee
kn, dropped unconscious to the floor.
The two TV. f rnlina.n nn that ear mult.
" "Jllv Into the park and ntopped the I
"uuarnmeiit tor 4 few minutes, and In
to arrive theie this evening.
"I shall be surprised," read the mes
sage, "If the Bremen arrives later than
That Hllken had definite information
concerning the submersible was Indi
cated by the hasty departure of his
father, who has kept In close touch
with the sltuatln.i. it Is understood that
Hllken, Sr.. has gone to New Umdon to
Join his son,
It wax Interesting to observe In char- beliefs those who have mvncd their lov
r K,. ..... ..!.! I.a... II.. .....1.. .. .. . . ...!.. I. tlilo, man thai tmntlfri ...... . .1 . . ... V, ,
iiviii i ijii-iinnKi'ii. 11, in in,.. ii,- ii-.,j 1 .iiaugniin, on ine sencnasi, i-epiemoer i ii ii-m- ... uw,. ..,..u .,,. Iul. lu lul. -juisi- ni lannr
legixtcieii American bark Prlnx Vilde. I Tln town w.,g rVaruated by the agencies have represented as lacking In 71 ix aimolincil lenient that 'lu'.lctlur ,
mar, which Hew the fisnlxh Hag less than population before the arrival of the virility and deficient In qualities that' of .1 xmil.ii' na'tin- will he l-uid h
11 ear ago. was seized by the Germans troops ! touch heart ax well " mind. The audi- VanvnS. Stone nf the tnionintlvc en'-'
In July while on her way from San Fran-. jn Hlebenbursn, Transylvania the rn.es :it Peoria and Springfield saw the pinro,h, y. 1 i-iri et".i!i nf the .oniluc 1
cosco for Ticllcboig, Sweden, with "Rumanian were rrpuls'-d southeast of real Hughex. the Hughes of the ringing, ; U,M ,, U' S. Carnr nf l!ie nieiren, I
cargo of grain, Hatzer hv troonx under Lleut..Oen. clear carvylng voue . 1110 MUgnes 01 in-1 u !,.,,,,.,, lo.nlghl that all
Totals . .
i'rnirressiie enrolment
0 I
:u 211
21 21
.III 17 1
13 .17
34U t'15
II f.H
10 7
1 22
I. 1 10
2 7
120 220
I Sill T.IS
S.7 tut
11 17
I 4
2V1 .'It ,
' KIT Ml
221.1 1 r.'ii
in.; 1, Ml
:i'4 'int
4:1 !.
II, 1 inn
:in ' 211
7U 12
31 .11
II 21
3M I2U
21 II
tan '-'.!
'.'Ill im
.111 2 1
71 in
to 2
.Vi .17
ii 7
1.1 IS
1.2 is
4 7 .hi
1.111 01
.VI l.t
lis ul
4.1 ;i
to, ;m
8772 .Isi'Ii
The bark was halted by a destroyer KlBn'b. They are being pursued. na s the rnse frvor . the Hughes nf a good w'armj ,nl, ,,,,,,,, hai( vll).,te, ,v the luxei -,
and escorted Into S Ineiiiunde. whrie . (irmaij War Ofllcr report fii-tlH.
handshake, of 11 ttrm gripping liatwl. or , n,,,, r ..duurial In the .'nmlng issue
the grain, which the German said they ' an eager and winning eye: the llug'icx , of (()(. rnrt, rrainmnn. tlie tialn-.
needed, was discharged. The Germans
then loaded tho bark with coal ami nr-1
dned her to Denmark, against tho prn
1 tests of her skipper, who. Nathan said,
I was held prisoner with the mate and
The tint Hanaa. formerly the Tim- Nathan several days, or until he prom-
mons. 4rhlch brought the Deutschland to , xed to do as the German" ordered
thla port, has been missing several weeks
and no Information Is to f had here
concerning her whereabouts. The pre
sumption Is she Is awaiting the arrival
of the Bremen In northern waters.
Nathan said the coal was put aboard
the bark by women and bovs, who were
employed largely In all the German ports
to take the plavcs of men who had gone
to the front.
Lord Tredr.ar Was on Way From I ,r ,a n p" ,'000
a. In r tin .- Ifflatnw.
.w York to in dim. rort. j
. O.'-i. 1 tl Thn I ... u ,.t .li. '
m. ... : ' t .. . i.osmo.-s, ("-in. w " .i ...
- iindiiiinio ine car was sent to me ' nritlsh steamships Dewa and i,ora
Tredegar, presumably oy suDmarines,
la announced by Lloyd's.
'm at Flfty.fottrth street and Tenth
whete Miss Pollock was treated
l.owry of tho Polyclinic Hospital,
no fc.il.l rhe hart sustained possible In
"'Ml Irpirle
Fiirther nest the mobs., were still ac
' When touted from the vicinity of
" a' I'lftynixth street and Ninth
t frtrller In the evenln they swept
'loan to Fifiy.fourth street, and at
awtitic made another atand, hav
4 's Mined reenfnicementH.
Hurl tonea and Onltlea.
A rar well tilled with pasengers was
' "'Iiiiir in f,r)nt f the iarn at that
I'flf.t liisngdidlng the presence of
o-ii'i, ni.fi elilliinii on the car, the strlk
' "i 1-', with stones and bottles. The
"i" attirward estimated that a crowd
11 mote n,iin 0lll. tbousnnd gathered hete
1 neoijinged the iloters.
r-.l1!11'" "m" t,14 reserves arrived the
.or,i,v 0,.,nrl)t ha(, Tia themselves
" lr"r mlxxiies and were stand-
' rnii,, ieerln. Without wanting
Il'4', ,,,e reserves went north
' 1 ") ninth street. Patrolman Carl
tof ll.e West Forty-seventh street sta
, "' '-'''iinhiiE .1 westbound eroastown
u "Ueil three rioters, who were
t hi -haige by the reaerves and
''' I hi the station house.
I hf Iflll'lK'f. iil.j, l.rnba a.i. . IF...-
....a. w, '.nn ,.v a.v , ut l
The British steamship Lord Tredegar,
of 2.S47 tons, passed Gibraltar Seplem
eat In Cnuntry'a History,
Washington, Sept. 19. The lowest
death rnte In the country's history Is
shown In preliminary vital statistics for
the year 1513, made public to-day by
the censim bureau.
The rate, 13.5 per thousand. Is based
on reports from twenty-live States and
Bnehnreat Admits Army
Forced ta Fall Bark.
nfcilAHKHT, via Imilon, Sept
nimhl.irp.lp Wlfr OhJecled In
lliishniHl' pinn to tin Into War.
Tlie iiollec nf Jersey Cit have hi en
that couui get imm uuwn 10 me mn ..,. hintherluKHl ntliciiil nicsn attnrk. .. .
thlnen that count and pile them atop of ?I" ,l '-f ,!. " .' i,jl..', .:?.r,, '"f-'mied of the disappearance 111 that
ii',.'" - anu ine Democratic national aim ion
m -
The numanlnn War Ofllce communication
isxued to-day sa)fi .
"On the north and northwest frontx
thr-e were sklrmlxhes of slight linpoit
ance along the whole fiont, e,ccpt In
the valley of the Stieeul River, where
the enemy attacked violently with su
perior forces, In the face of which we
fell buck slightly
driven by energy
It wan Interesting to observe the ef-1
feet of thlx speeded up personality upon .
at least KO.OOO persons that crowded
closely In the two big Illinois cities, to
see, If they could not hear, him. The ex-1
presslon of their faces, the significant
nods of their heada. the npprovlng
glances nil said ns plainly as the wot its
would have dune, "Thlx is n big man "
111 the two cities he addressed three
, audiences, all quite distinctive. The
gressiuual tickets.
Village In Silesia Are Inundated
ns Flood SiTeeps On,
llt.Tii.iN, via London. Sept. V, The
hiirstins nf a great dnm near Gnblowr,
lloheinl.r, has caused heavy loss nf life
momma' nutirexx ni I'eo na w-.-ix neiore me u.,.i ...... .,....
!. ine -nuni ironi iiion,-; ine imnunei itepiihllcan State coiiveiiiioii, 111 the ar- A le-p.itch from Hirx.-hherg. Silesia.
theie has been an exchange of guiltier.
in tho Doortirtja Sunday night enemy
attacks toward Knlgea, southwest of
Kobadln, wero twire beaten hack, The
lighting continues."
w a on her wnv to Por s,d,, 'n( cities with a total population
Jlan Port- rom New -nrlZ was "f about f.7.000 000. In 1914 th, per
cleared from New York hy Funch, Kdy. I cmiUM 0 deaths was 13 G, tlie lowest
& Co. According to the agents there
were no Americans on board so far
as they knew.
The Dewa. a British vessel of 3.X02
tons gross, was last reported as having
left Portland on July 19 for Avon-mouth.
been a steady decrease. The average
rate during the period 1901-100S waa
German Take Nlokhnd Bridgehead
and a, BOO Prisoners
ti-nifioii at the State fair in Spi'lngflen. ..... ...... otu i.r,.iu. i.,h t...,.., ir.i
y I I V UU. ll . . . ....... n IIKun.
but who were a typical rural audience
and that had to be won. At night In
Sprlnutteld he addressed probably fi.OOO
In the Arsenal.
At each meeting the effect produced
was strikingly similar. At each meet-
These Included many chll.
dren The disaster .Mine so suddenly
that It was Impnselble to give timely
warning to all ' localities. Messages
speak of wave" twenty feet high de- threatened legal action.
slrojliig everything III tliclr path over ixirhood of the mother's TiO'to It was hi
lly l.it week of Mrs. IMna Swift, wife
of Carln right Swift, a well to do resi
dent nf I'onghkeepxle. Mr". Swift, who
was in cars o'.d, visited her mother, a
widow. IIvIiil- at MnL-nnll.i and Tonnele
nvi'iiucs, several il,is ago and relatives and ln friend- had cart
have not seen her sliue. It Is said. Sh'
was then 111 a lllKlllv neivous state.
Mi-. Sniffs mnther-lti-l.iw in Pmigh
keepsie ircclve.l a telegtnm Saturday
night si itlng that the ynuiig unman hid
'made nwny with heixcjf" She xup
luiseil the mess. me vv.ik f i 0 ill Mrs. Swiff"
briitrer. 'jnlm .1 I'.wald nf 70 Tonnele
nveniie. Jim soy I'lly, hut the police have
obtained mi vcr llcitlnn nf thi" report,
A telegram frniii Pong hkeepsle last
to I
that his wife bad objected and
In the neigh
In one of the closest political Kiitl.
ever fought In thla State Robert Raton
has apparently defeated William M.
Calder for the United Statoa Senate
nomination in tho Republican pri
maries. Hacon'.x friends declare that
their candidate has carried the State
by about 6,000.
Colder carried New York city. Care
ful estimates based on up-State figures
Indicated, however, that his lead be
low Tho llronx waa overcome by a safe
Returns from 3.S74 election districts
nut of I..719 in the State showed the
following vote:
Calder, 10:,43C,
Bacon, 100,40:'.
Analyst of I'luurr.
The Apparent lead for Calder In the
above figures was qualified by tho fact
that the districts represented Included
virtually nil of the Now York city die
trlcts in which CaluVr'it strength prin
cipally existed, and that tho l.sif. miss.
Ins districts' were fur the most part 1 1
the State. The tiji-Statn districts W'h
certain exceptions were shnvvitii;
strongly for Raeoti and the us-.stimptloii
whs the missing districts would make.
Mm a winner. The Hacon plurallt.v,
however, will not Im hire.
Monroe and Onondaga countlex.
iboth of them with Republican leaders
I friendly to Calder. were slow In
ties- in them would offset H.icou's vote
In neighboring counties'.
About 300.000 Republicans n Neiv
Interest in the political situation.
The df feat of Calder will be attrlh 1.
in part tn Theodoto Roosevelt's ileelal.i
lion for ll.icon. but peihap more largep
tn the support he icieived fiom the nln
guard, led by William Itarnes Tli
combined Inlluenee nf Roosevelt ntul
Unrnex proved Irresistible.
Rronklyn stood by Calder. It" home
candidate. Il was siiportcd strnugl,
ton In New York tfuitity.
Three Parties- Ciinilldnle.
Gov. Whitman tallied the Progress, r
priimiTie- .mains .ludso Seabury, f
Tiiiiiiii,iii ,-,ini!d.ito fur Gnvcriior, .1 -I'epulill,
an .111,1 Piogresslvi' leaili is Im l
preil'i 1. 1! lv nniiia. Se.iburv did no'
dixpriv I).' s t ITlmlb whl.'ll hip flel.d
had una" . I lie ,M.-.,. d with l'r!H
Ive voter-
11 vi. nii i.mc Seabiii-.v 111 the Pin.
gres ,v,. pi iiii.ii . makes Wlutinan the
and date "f tme ..arties for Goi'.iot
for ixx.i: ni,i the iiiilcp"ndeii,i
Li ague priinarie.
Tlie lime nni- w.i-. a icl.iilvely easv
winner In the Repuldlf ,111 priniarle... Th.
polillclnt's Kni'i'.illv, linwever. wele sin
liriSell IV Hie My, nf the OtC polletl
by Sfiiamr William .11. Itcnnctt nf tin
city, who wax Whitman's- only rival fm
tin- Republican Governorship nomiiiiilmti
Reimetfa lute was eNplalneil on i.(
ground of lil Guard" support ll.irne
.1 pintf-vt vuti
iiirain-t Whlttimn lu retaliation fur his.
support nf Hughes in the, national con
veiitlnii and b iaii-e nf his failure In
make appointments 10 nilliv in s jit them
llel niiilis-s I'letiiry.
William F McCombx, u T.iinniatiy sc
lection, won the nomination fur I'nlttd
States Senator in thn Iiemo.-i-.itlo prima
ties The Tammany vote was cast for
him. ax was that which up-Stalo Demo.
tht xald that Swift had planned to go 1 orilL. 1(,a,lt.rs in alliunce with Charles
France to dtlvo a war ambulance and I j.- jiur,,,y controlled.
a stretch of twelve or more miles.
The villages of Dtsicndorf, Tlcfen-
e.i i..r a. 1 ........ .... 't.,lu " 1 nroxahammer and llaratz are
.lipirni "i in" ..... . ,-a.iu iiivri- . .. .
mindon, f-ept. m. f rom the Prlpet ' lug the evidence 01 re.11 lining, quickly
tlmated esterday that Mrs. Swift had
been taken to a sanitarium In Stamfnid,
'lurA Hri''M nn'4 Ton,h avenue, whore
" nien and boys sinned the crosstown
Cfjllliiiii,,! ... rkl.j n.
" . 1111. f UV.,
Brother of Lord Ashlinrton Hie 11 n
the Field of Battle.
London, Sept. t, Lieut. -Col. the
Hon. Guy Victor Baring has been killed
In action. Hn was Unionist member of
Parliament for Winchester since 1808.
He waa the sop of the fourth Lord Ash
burton and-was born In 117.1.
Col. Baring had travelled extensively
In the United States and Canada. He
served In the Coldstream Guards In the
lioer war. Ills brother, the present Lord
Anhburton, married Frances Donnelly of
New York, better known on Hroadway as
Frances Belmont, one of the "Florodora"
Something- Stronger Than Grape
.Inter Reported on If ) florrer.
Washington. Sept. 19. Secretary
houMhald supply Incluaa OOBDON SCOTCH
WHISKY, tha blfkaat trpa available. Aiv.
Daniels is understood to be somewhat
disturbed because of reports that some
thing stronger than grape Juice found Its
way surreptlllously nbosrd the May
flower during the recent trlpH of the Joint
American and Mexican commission.
It Is said olllclals of the Htnlo Depart
ment, renllilng that the Mexican cm...
mlssloners were accustomed to wine In
their own country nnd might find their
1 welcome Incomplete without It, broached
the matter or waiving Mr. Daniels's Iron
clad rule, against permitting hevcrigcs
of this nature to be taken aboard any
ship In the nnvy.
Reports from New London say that
"officially" nothing stronger than tea
was Imbibed aboard the Mayflower by
either the American or Mexican commls.
marshes on the north tn the Carpathians
on the south, there Is lighting along tho
Russian rront with varying result.
Resuming the offensive strongly, the
Germans report having taken nn Im
portant bridgehead on the Stokhod, driv
ing the Russlaim back ncross the river
and taking 2,500 prisoners In tho course
of the battle, as well as seventeen ma
chine guns, Lieut. -Gen. Clauslus was In
direct charge, under the command of
Gen. von Hernliardl. The bridgehead
was strongly fortified,
lletweeu the Sereth and the Htrlpa n
patrol operation resulted lu the capture
of two Russian olllcers and eighty men.
Of even greater scope seems to have
been a counter attack on the Nnrnyuvkn
11 ti Unitary of the Gnlln 1.1 pa lu Gallcla
and tlrmly won, wero too obvious to be
Progressive In Line.
The day In Illinois answered one vfry
Important iiiestlon definitely. Tho Pro
gresslve.s ale, nlmoHt solidly bark In line
with tho Republican parly. Medlll Mc
Cormlck. having access to the best In
formation In this regard, says that 90
per cent, of the Progressive- vote will be
for Hughes. There Is not the slightest
friction anywhere lu the State between
the (1. O. P. and the transformed Hull
Moose. They are shoulder to shoulder,
and Ihe Progressives Insist that Hughes
will carry the Htato hy 30o,ono ut the
least count, with the votn of the women
The dam, which was situated above
Tnnnwald, wan completed only a eat
ago. As the great mass of water wns
released it rushed down the Welxsen-1
ilesso Valley, carrying thousands of feet
of lumber on Its crest and hurling It
which the Germans say has yielded Ihein 1 leaning heavily to the Republican candl
4,200 prisoners to date. The Russians date.
deny this flatly, saying the Germans
were repulsed completely.
Berlin concedes that the Russians have
gained "small advantages" In the Lu-
dowa region of ine Carpathians, where
the actions are described as lively.
The Carpathians are covered with
Conflnued on Sixth Pagr.
Among the Republicans that came out
fiom Chicago with Mr. Hughes was Na
tional Committeeman Fred W. Upham,
Frank O. Lnwdcn, tho candidate for Gov
ernor; Frank L. Smith, whom Lowden
defeated for the nomination ; A. T. Ilert,
campaign manager for tha Central
Continued on Fourth Page,
Ing them as though they were match
wood. '
Hu re 11 Tell Parliament Nation
Will Defend Neutrality.
I.ns'niis-. Sent 19. Queen Wllhelmlna
with great violence against imiiuingx .0f Rutland, on opening tlie Dutch jrarlla
and bridges In the village In the centte , ln,,i m.d.iy, expressed thankfulness that
of '.he llnhemlnn gln Industry, destroy- 1 ti,,. mutiny hud not been Involved ln the
w.ii-.u. il divined Holland was prepared
I to defend her rights If necessary. She
I said
' "We eoiilliiiiiHn follow the line of dull
1 un-' iti'il by the law of nations fnrneuti.il
States, mid aie firmly resolved to defend
our iTiuepenut'lice anu maintain our
lights against whofver may seek to at
tack them. Our inllltar forces are lie.
Ing augmented, as also ate our stores of
arms and ammunition."
Refcrrll-g tnvhe economic life of tlie
Tun KmplitM-r Held for llmbes
sllnaT IIO.OOO In Duties.
sperfuf Colile lie ijifilY fo Tux St n
Panama, Scit. 19. Two employees (,f
the Treasttr) Department of the Republic
of Panama wera arrested to-day. charged
with the embezzlement of lao.ooo in
duties. Arrests of tin re more suspects
will be made to-morrow, these three be
irT charged with the theft of customs
It la rumored President Porraa will be
the first Vlce-Prealdent of th new Qoy-
country, which every day Is being more Governor.
Tin: antl-Taiiiin.iny candidate for the
nomination, Thomas F Conway of Clinton
county, put up a better Unlit thnn had
been expected Ile ran a clne ru e w-l'h
McCombx In poiae of thn up-State coun
ties, but was beaten badly in this city
The nomination of Judge Sean'iry for
Governor In the Democrat In primaries
w-nt by default, there being 110 r.mni
date opposed to him, The vote wax
' light.
, Progressives have returned so fully to
tho Republican party that only a small
part of the enrolled Progressive voters
took the trouble to participate In the
primaries, even with 11 contest between
Gov. Whitman nnd Judge Seabury to
excite Interest
Trail Win Fight,
The entile Republican Stato ticket ha
been renoiiiln iteil, The light against I'.u
genu M. Travis, Stato Comptroller, proved
Ineffective, The Travis vnto was sub.
stuntlnlly that clven to Whitman
Hooker, the anU-Tiayix candidate, run
tilng only a llttl" better than Senator
Rennett, the atm-ii unman canillilate M
iilfe.-ted hy Mm war, the Queen said that
the Gnvernment wns taking ateps to sup.
ply the people with fond. F.ITorts also
were being made to ameliorate condi
tions In the Dutch Rnst Indies,
In addition to the augmentation of
Holland's land forces, the Quean aalt,
the fleet was belnj strengthened.
Whitman nppe-us to have bviten Hei
nett In the Republl in primaries hy .11
least 8 to 1 : the full returns may "how
It to be 8 to 1, Only lu S.ii-utiiK.i count
did the Bennett vote reach 'ica v u
paotable proportions, a fai t atli.liui tlih
to the Influence of Krtgar T, Urael.ett 1
former Stats Senator, who hud been bit

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